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canine nutrition homeopathy and natural health care training and behavior Volume 3 Issue 2 March April 2012 DOGS NATURALLY for dogs without boundaries VETS on VACCINES Why not KIBBLE NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING special NUTRITION ISSUE INTUITION PUBLISHING Editor Sales Dana Scott Julia Henriques Ellen Kohn Vic Neumann Photographer s Sandro Avila Promotions and Events Nicole DiBernardo Administration Mr. Dee Dogs Naturally articles are selected for their general interest and entertainment value. The authors views do not necessarily reflect the policies and opinions of Intuition Publishing nor does their publication in Dogs Naturally constitute an endorsement. Information offered in Dogs Naturally is for educational purposes and is not intended to replace veterinary advice. ADVERTISING For information on ad rates deadlines and requirements email sales Dogs Naturally reserves the right to reject any advertisement submitted. SUBMISSIONS Dogs Naturally welcomes submissions of articles artwork or photography. Submission constitutes permission for Dogs Naturally at its sole discretion to use the submitted materials in whole or in part without compensation to the submitter. Detailed information on the format and requirements for submission is available via email. Please email submissions and requests to dana SUBSCRIPTION PROBLEMS If you are missing an issue have a change of mailing address or have a subscription-related problem please contact customer service at subscribe PERMISSIONS This entire publication is copyrighted. Contents of Dogs Naturally may not be reproduced or reprinted in whole or in part without the prior written consent of Intuition Publishing. MISSION STATEMENT The goal of each issue of Dogs Naturally is to document the various concepts of and approaches to holistic dog care. Dogs Naturally seeks to support pet owners breeders trainers groomers vets and health care providers through education and open communication. The goal of our editorials is to present varying viewpoints on natural care. SUBSCRIPTION Bulk or wholesale subscriptions are available at reduced rates. To subscribe call (877) 6651290 or visit www.dogsnaturallymagazine. com. Dogs Naturally is published six times per year. INTUITION PUBLISHING 5065 10th Line RR2 New Tecumseth ON Canada L0G 1A0 E-mail info Web site editor s message Last issue I speculated how much time my 14 year old dog Libby had left. I was completely blindsided when days after New Years my Simon developed all the signs of a brain tumor. Simon was only ten years old - an age I consider young for my dogs. It so happens that Simon although raw fed was vaccinated for everything under the sun for his first year of life - the time before I wised up and started to seriously challenge conventional thinking. Although an outwardly healthy dog it became obvious that Simon suffered from chronic disease. I can t help but wonder how much those thirty or more vaccines he received in his first year of life contributed to his early demise - even though it was years later. Simon was a dog with a huge heart. Simon was one of the most talented field and obedience dogs I ve worked with and he was so enthusiastic about well everything Every time I sent him for his dumbbell or sent him off the line for a bird he would leave me with a wheeeeeeeeeee and I would chuckle. It wasn t so funny when it cost us four straight High In Trials one weekend (we lost five points for each and every wheeeeee ) but Simon had such a love of life his enthusiasm was infectious and it was difficult to stay angry with him. Sadly Simon had to be retired from the field when he began losing his sight at just four years of age. A year later he had to be retired from obedience because of debilitating elbow dysplasia. It saddened me to see a dog with such spirit relegated to the couch but in typical Simon fashion he treated our daily walks with the same enthusiasm as his cherished training times and he saw every waking moment as a gift. Simon took on a new job and became our self appointed puppy-sitter. Simon would teach each litter of puppies how to play tug and the importance of bringing a toy or ball along on outings. Over time his elbows fused and he was able to romp in the fields with us blind but happy and pain free. I had begun to believe that Simon was indestructible. Then sometime over the Christmas holidays he began to veer off to the left when walking. Within a couple of days this became a curious circling behavior and I feared the worst. A few days later Simon became so disoriented and distressed that it was clearly time to help him cross. I was devastated to see such a vibrant dog fade so suddenly and decisively - but Simon chose to charge headlong into death just as he had in life. Victor Hugo wrote Those who live are those who fight. Until his final moments Simon fought adversity every day - but did he live I feel tremendous guilt over Simon s death but I can t reverse what I did in the past. What I can do is promise Simon that his life - and his death mattered. I m still alive and I promise Simon that I will continue to fight. I will fight for Simon and I will fight for all the other dogs who lived a short but large life - mercifully unaware of their mortality and that we somehow had a hand in it. Godspeed Simon. Dana 4 March April 2012 Dogs Naturally Magazine feedback Just wanted to provide some feedback in regards to the Dog parks to go or not to go article by Debra Ekman CDPT published in Volume 3 Issue 1 Jan Feb 2012 issue of Dogs Naturally magazine. Personally I found the article to be biased towards the Not go side of things. There was no mention of the positive effects of public dog parks. Many dogs do not receive enough exercise to begin with or even just basic exposure to socialization opportunities with other dogs... for many this is their only chance to interact with others and visit with their dog friends . There were more details in the article to scare people away from bringing their dogs to parks rather than encourage them. Given there are a lot of good and bad behaviors dogs can learn from each other however the bias here was really towards the bullying and predatory behaviors with no mention of the positive aspects such as exercise peer socialization or learning proper play from more mature dogs. People can project way too many irrational human fears and negative interpretations of dog behavior as it is which can be harmful to dogs and I think this article encourages that. This can cause owners to unnecessarily restrict their dog s opportunities based on their own view not necessarily the dogs . Dog parks provide a vital avenue for dogs to be themselves interact freely and naturally with each other...there aren t too many other avenues where this can occur. One of the section titles was if you insist on going ... really not the best choice of words as there are many dogs that love going to dog parks and would insist on going themselves for the fun and exercise they receive. I can certainly agree that some dogs don t belong at parks due to health reasons and there are some owners that don t know how to handle themselves or their dogs as mentioned in the article. The benefits of repeated exposure to other dogs go a long way towards reducing the chances of potentially harmful dangerous interactions with other dogs outside of the park...I m surprised this wasn t mentioned in the article. The article did a good job in pointing out some myths and misconceptions of dog behavior and some of the inherent risks. However by suggesting alternatives such as dog sports and other dog friendly events seems self contradictory as many of the same risks as dog parks apply. I think public dog parks deserve more support from citizens and local governments because there just aren t enough safe places to let dogs be dogs in many urban centres. It s also a place to meet and greet your neighors both human and dog. This magazine is full of articles referring to holistic and natural approaches to dog health so I think a more balanced approach on this topic could have been taken. Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully consider this response you have a great magazine that more people should read Cheers Dennis Borges Dear Dennis - I appreciate your thoughtful response. You are right that I emphasized the negatives because that s the side that few dog owners think about. Trainers see so many dogs that are forced into dog parks in the guise of socialization even if they show signs (that their humans miss) that they don t want to be there. And we see others that are injured fearful or reactive because of their exposure to other dogs at dog parks. If all dogs got along and all people were attentive (and knew what to look for) dog parks could be a terrific outlet for dogs. What I want people to do is to think about it Is your dog appropriate for a dog park Does your dog want to be there Are you aware of your dog at all times Are you willing to leave if your dog bullies another dog or if your dog is uncomfortable Debra Ekman CDPT I just had to tell you that I am over the moon that I found your magazine and subscribed about an hour ago I ve attached a picture of our raw fed naturally raised Fur Kids for you Teeghan is on the left and Doogan on the right. Over the past 17 years I ve coached people with raw diets and supplements and reviewed numerous dog foods for them. This summer I decided to start recording my research as so many people began asking me specific questions about raw feeding supplements and inoculations. I started participating in a blog and then our oldest son created a blog page for me which I am working on currently. That is how I found you You popped up on a site I was looking at and I saw Purdue Vaccination Studies with Catherine O Driscoll s name and knew it was worth reading You are what I ve been looking for all of these years I can t stop reading your articles Five years ago when we got our third German Shepherd Teeghan I was fortunate to find Dr. Karen Becker who lives in our area and her book. I did a little adjusting to our dogs diet to mimic hers and she has been our personal vet ever since Thank You Thank You Thank You for presenting these types of issues I will definitely be promoting your magazine and putting your articles up on my blog page You are GREAT Best regards to all Karen Murray ) SEND US YOUR LETTERS Letters may be edited for length and clarity - please keep them brief - and not all letters will be published. Please sign your correspondence. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Dogs Naturally or its staff. DOGS NATURALLY MAGAZINE 5065 10th Line RR2 New Tecumseth ON LOG 1AO Email letters Fax 877 665-1290 Dogs Naturally Magazine March April 2012 5 DOGS NATURALLY the magazine for dogs without boundaries Contents Volume 3 Issue 1 FEATURES 12 HOMEOPATHY IN JOINT DISEASE A homeopathic case study that shows how effective homeopathy can be in treating joint disease. by Will Falconer DVM WHAT YOUR VET REALLY KNOWS ABOUT NUTRITION What do vets learn about nutrition in school and who is teaching it A vet looks at his own nutritional training. by Andrew Jones DVM TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM is an effective way to approach chronic disease. by Nancy Joyce PREPARED RAW FOODS MAKING A CHOICE Information on commercial raw foods that can help you make the best choice for your dog by Ward Johnson THE HEALING REVOLUTION Is veterinary medicine evolving or moving into the dark ages by Peter Dobias DVM ZOOPHARMACOGNOSY Animals self-medicate in the wild. How you can offer your dog the same opportunity. by Eleanor Goold LYMPHOSARCOMA A homeopathic approach to this common and devastating cancer. by Charles E. Loops DVM KEEP IT SIMPLE When determining behavior changes in your dog sometimes the simplest answer is the best. by Ronni Ann Hall COLUMNS 4 5 7 8 10 49 52 56 58 61 62 EDITOR S MESSAGE FEEDBACK CONTRIBUTORS ASK THE VET with Dr. Gerald Wessner THE APOTHECARY Calcarea carbonica 10 MINUTE TRAINER Door Dashing Dogs NUTRITION WITH LUCY The Importance Of Pigments I NEED THAT Product Reviews CLASSIFIED SECTION Holistic Products and Services DOG PEOPLE Catherine O Driscoll SECRET GARDEN Dandelion COVER 14 VETS ON VACCINES An eye opening foray into how prepared veterinarians feel they are to make vaccine decisions. Written in their own words the leading holistic veterinarians discuss a very troublesome topic. by Catherine O Driscoll NUTRITIONAL RESPONSE TESTING Learn how a refined form of applied kinesiology can determine your pet s nutritional needs. by Elizabeth Cutright DVM KIBBLE NEVER A GOOD OPTION What does cooking and processing do to kibbles Are they a suitable diet or are they nutritionally dead by Roxanne Stone MSc _____________________________ COVER DOG Indie Edgeside s Grand Indulgence V Anatar RE JHD 9 month old Bernese Mountain Dog Owned and loved by Julie Bacon Virginia Photo Julie Bacon 32 30 34 37 40 43 46 Page 30 50 54 Dogs Naturally is published six times per year by Intuition Publishing. Principal office 5065 10th Line RR2 New Tecumseth Ontario Canada L0G 1A0 Intuition Publishing and Dogs Naturally Magazine. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Postmaster Send address changes to Dogs Naturally 5065 10th Line RR2 New Tecumseth Ontario L0G 1A0 Digital subscription rates are 14.95 per year. Print subscription rates are 24.95 for US residents and 29.95 for Canadian residents. Bulk subscriptions are available at reduced rates. To subscribe call (877) 665-1290 or visit 6 March April 2012 Dogs Naturally Magazine contributors NANCY JOYCE lives in Ottawa with her Chihuahuas Zara and tiny Tia. She has a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and uses this knowledge to educate pet owners on exercise nutrition and overall well-being (for the pets of course not the humans). WILL FALCONER DVM devotes his entire veterinary practice to the homeopathic treatment of animals. His practice Alternatives For Animal Health is located in Austin Texas. ROBERT AND PATRICIA PETIT share their passion of photography in New England where they reside with their two dogs. They feel strongly about using holistic health care for their canine companions. As editorial photographers they are drawn to candid evocative moments. Dogs have always been their true inspiration. Dogs Naturally Magazine March April 2012 7 on TS VE VACCINATIONS this article published through the kind generosity of Answers Pet Food practice been able to correlate any particular illnesses in animals with vaccination If so please name the illnesses you have been able to observe. Do you still vaccinate animals and if so do you have any concerns about this If you don t still vaccinate why not and has this impacted your income Do you have any feelings about pet owners who follow advice to vaccinate annually Do you feel there is any professional pressure on you to keep quiet about the vaccine issue What are your views on the profession you belong to What are your views with regard to the influence the pharmaceutical industry has upon the veterinary profession Do you believe that the pharmaceutical industry has too much influence in veterinary teaching What are your views on government and government regulators with regard to the veterinary vaccine issue Do you believe that conventional veterinary medicine with its reliance upon vaccines steroids NSAIDs and antibiotics is doing more harm than good What in your view are the main causes of ill health in animals The first veterinarian I m giving voice to however is anonymous and he is speaking through a client who describes his actions rather than his words. He sets the backdrop against which the other vets speak and he is possibly representative of the 50% of veterinarians in the UK who according to British Small Animal Veterinary Association conference proceedings still vaccinate annually. It is also illustrative of the law which allows veterinarians to demand procedures that aren t necessary. The veterinarian s client is a senior citizen on low income so she takes advantage of the PDSA scheme. This is a charity in the UK which offers subsidised veterinary care. When I suggested to my vet that my dog didn t need an annual booster she said and that core vaccines need only be given every three years if at all the vet asked how a layperson could possibly know anything about it and who were these supposed experts He wouldn t discuss the subject. When I visit my vet for check ups and refuse the annual shots I am made to feel that I am an irresponsible pet owner. The lady has now received a letter from her vet telling her that unless she vacci- by Catherine O Driscoll I decided to send a questionnaire to my holistic veterinary friends after receiving an email from a veterinarian whose daughter was brain damaged by the MMR vaccine. Her email added to conversations I have had with veterinary friends and my experience of trying to effect change at the government level made me realize that veterinarians who challenge current vaccine policies often feel isolated and unsupported. I devised a questionnaire and sent it to a dozen-or-so veterinarians who have spoken publicly about the over-vaccination of companion animals. Some of these veterinarians forwarded the questionnaire to colleagues in their holistic network. This was not a survey. The questions were designed to draw out the experiences and views of vets who are aware of vaccine damage. These were the questions Do you believe that your training in veterinary college was adequate with regard to animal vaccination Please describe your feelings on this. When you first went into practice did you observe any unwanted vaccine effects in the animals you treated Please describe. Have you through observation in 14 March April 2012 Dogs Naturally Magazine In the world of alternative medicine many pet owners know about acupuncture Chinese herbs and chiropractic care. But few know about a refined form of applied kinesiology called Nutrition Response Testing.SM gans. In this scenario the testing muscle will then go slightly weak. This is how NRT determines the organ is ailing. The NRT assessment further determines what stressors are affecting the body s individual organs using homeopathic electrical imprints of stressors. It was designed for humans by Dr Freddie Ulan of Ulan Nutritional Systems. Stressors are identified as toxins food allergens or infections. These stressors have been clinically shown to interfere with the body s ability to heal itself. In my practice we have adapted the technique with the support of Dr Ulan his staff and other veterinarians and local practitioners to help our patients achieve greater health. One of our first successes in NRT was a 13 year old female spayed Cocker Spaniel by the name of Bella. Bella had been my patient over many years and had been worked up for advanced aging issues and extremely elevated liver enzymes. Her Nutrition Response Testing.SM or NRT is an assessment of the neurological reflexes of your pet s body to determine the usage of nutritional supplementation for optimal healing and improved wellness. The neurological reflexes are determined by applying pressure to a strong peripheral muscle (for example the triceps via an extended arm) while simultaneously applying pressure to acupressure points that correlate to organs. When an organ is weak it will cause a mild amount of electrical energy to be drawn to it from the peripheral muscles. This is due to a slight loss of blood flow that is created at the acupressure point when touched. This phenomenon works much like hypothermia would blood is shunted away from the peripheral muscles to maintain blood flow in the most important core or- Nutrition Response Testing SM a different kind of applied Kinesiology by Elizabeth Cutright DVM 30 March April 2012 Dogs Naturally Magazine Traditional Chinese Medicine by Nancy Joyce Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient medicine known for its ability to promote good health and resolve illness and pain when other modalities have failed. TCM is thousands of years old and includes a variety of modalities such as acupuncture acupressure moxibustion auricular therapy tui na massage food cures and herbal therapy. TCM can play a great role in producing and maintaining good health in our pets. Some TCM concepts that are important to understand include Qi the Meridians Yin-Yang and the Five Elements. Qi Sometimes referred to as universal energy vital force matterenergy ki or prana Qi is difficult to translate precisely as its nature is inherently versatile able to manifest and be different things at different times. When we look at the Chinese symbol for Qi part of it means vapor steam and gas and the other part means (uncooked) rice. Qi can be as rarefied and immaterial as vapor and as dense and material as rice. At the basis of all is Qi all the other vital substances are but manifestations of Qi in varying degrees of materiality ranging from the completely material such as body fluids to the totally immaterial such as the mind. Zhang Zai (AD 1020-1077) clarified the nature of Qi All that is void and empty is full of Qi which in its state of condensation and thus visible is called being but in its state of dispersion and thus no longer visible is called non-being. When dispersing Qi makes the Great Void only regaining its original misty feature but not perishing when condensing it becomes the origin of all beings. In summary Qi is in a constant state of flux and varies in density depending on the level of vibration. When Qi is dense it takes on a more physical shape and when Qi is dispersed it gives rise to subtle forms of matter and energy. Qi manifests simultaneously on the physical and mental-spiritual level. The Meridians There are 14 main Meridians interconnecting channels that allow Qi to circulate throughout the body. The channels flow from the tips of the fingers to the head throughout the torso to the tips of the toes in an orderly fashion. The Meridians plunge deep into the torso to connect with their related organs and are more superficial at the hands and feet hence many acupuncture points are located from the knees and elbows to the tips of the limbs where accessing the Qi can have strong effects in balancing the body. Many illnesses and injuries are either caused by or accompanied by disturbances in the flow and balance of Qi. These disturbances blockages excesses or deficiencies can be restored to balance by tapping into the appropriate Meridians through various acupuncture points. Yin-Yang Theory The concept of Yin-Yang is simple yet profound and although one might seem to understand it at an intellectual level it is an ever-evolving study of the ebb and flow that permeates every aspect of our lives including health and disease. Yin and Yang are constantly changing into one another just as day gives way to night and night to day. The cyclical patterns of Yin and Yang can be seen in the seasons the sun and moon heaven and earth sleep and wake left and right hot and cold and so on. From this philosophy the four principles of Yin-Yang 34 March April 2012 Dogs Naturally Magazine prepared RAW FOODS ...making a choice by Ward Johnson Take a stroll through your local pet store these days and you ll be overwhelmed by the selection of dog foods available. From kibble and canned to frozen and raw pet food companies continue to innovate while many consumers feel overwhelmed by the sheer mass of variety. While most shelf space is still stocked with kibble there are new categories of pet food that have found their way into the mainstream and are proving that they re here to stay. Also known as dry food or pellets kibble has dominated the pet food market since the advent of processed pet food in the early to mid 1900 s. Kibble was originally created to provide a convenient way for people to Photo credit Patricia and Robert Petit feed their pets and to give food processing companies an opportunity to market byproducts and waste materials as a profitable source of income. The health of the dog was not a primary concern. Kibble is the most convenient type of commercial dog food available because it requires very little effort to feed. Simply open the bag and pour it into a bowl. Kibble requires no preparation it remains edible for a long period of time and it does not need to be refrigerated due to the high heat and preservatives applied during processing. The major disadvantage of kibble is that it is cooked which destroys the naturally occurring nutrients and enzymes in the ingredients and thus requires them to be added back synthetically as a final production process. This is why you ll see upwards of 20 or more vitamins and minerals on the ingredient label of your average bag of kibble. These added nutrients aren t as easily absorbed by the body as the nutrients inherently found in whole foods. Sweet potato for example is full of natural Vitamin A. Because sweet potato also contains the 40 March April 2012 Dogs Naturally Magazine The Healing Revolution why you should trust nature instead of drug companies by Peter Dobias DVM There has been a lot of discussion recently about why veterinary visits are in decline. Here is a thought or two on the topic of the evolution of veterinary medicine. Living in the space age When I was growing up my teachers often loved to describe the future. They told us vivid stories of fast trains space travel aircraft hovering over streets and buildings looking nothing like what we knew in the real world. Since then many things have changed. It is 2012 and the future that my teachers described is now the past. However in my imagination the modern world was supposed to look like a freshly painted canvas where everything was futuristic and new. Instead the present which was the future of the past is a strange hodge-podge of the past the present and the future. We use iPhones computers and Skype as a matter of routine and instead of being grateful for the technology we complain that it is not fast enough. My teachers didn t tell me that in 2012 we would still be driving the fume-spewing cars that people used to drive 100 years ago. But what makes me the most disappointed is that our health care is chronically stuck in the past. I know I know - some may say that we have made incredible progress because we are able to transplant organs perform triple bypasses and grow test tube babies. I agree that on the technology level we have made progress. However as a society we are still riding the wave of a medical system that is based on the belief that putting toxic chemicals into our bodies will keep us healthy. It is like trying to purify drinking water by pouring sewage in it. Dogs Naturally Magazine March April 2012 43 Raising the Bar The Art and Science of Homeopathic Medicine 3 FuLL DAyS oF SPeAkeRS & WoRkSHoPS A SPECTACulAr mArkETPlACE of HomEoPATHIC goodS & SErVICES SPECIAl EVENTS fIlm PrEVIEWS & morE. Witness the evidence for homeopathy first-hand from labs & clinics worldwide Partial speaker list includes Nobel laureate Dr. Luc Montagnier Miranda Castro Amy Rothenberg Jeremy Sherr Dana Ullman Karen Allen Rajan Sankaran ... many many more Introductory workshops Fun with First Aid No More Morning Sickness Homeopathic Insights in Dentistry Integrating Homeopathy with Nutrition Herbal and Allopathic Medicine Your Beautiful Bones Homeopathy in Times of Crisis 7 t h A n n u A l J o i n t A m e r i c A n H o m e o p At H i c c o n f e r e n c e Presented by The National Center for Homeopathy in association with Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists American Board of Homeotherapeutics American Institute of Homeopathy Council for Homeopathic Certification Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians Homeopathic Nurses Association Homeopaths Without Borders North American Network of Homeopathic Educators North American Society of Homeopaths 2012 APRIL 20 22 2012 Hyatt Regency Reston Reston VA (near Washington Dulles Airport) Supplement the Love o New Lallok atur y N better taste BioVITES Proactive Anti-aging Multi BioFATS plus Vitamins minerals digestive enzymes natural fibres antioxidants and toxin blockers to improve immune system energy digestion and protect tissues and health Pet-complete Omegas Essential Omega-6 plus Omega-3 improves overall health Healthy skin & lustrous coat Mobility & joint health Heart & aging NASC certified quality assurance Research supported and guaranteed effective - See the difference Scan me to receive a FREE copy of Your Dog s Health 1.888.379.3135 Find the complete line at select Veterinarians pet supply and health food stores.