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canine nutrition homeopathy and natural health care training and behavior Volume 3 Issue 3 May June 2012 DOGS NATURALLY for dogs without boundaries PUPPY VACCINES Fleas and Ticks saving lives with TITERS NATURAL HEALING switching Puppies to raw essential oils for lyme disease for pest control editor s message For once in my life I m speechless. I ve no idea what to write this time around. I m missing Simon terribly and it seems that his loss started a tragic cascade in our household. Before Simon s ashes were returned to us Aaron started showing the same neurological symptoms. An MRI confirmed our fears Aaron is now dying of a brain tumor too. Of course I immediately blamed myself and promptly removed all of the cordless phones and wireless devices from the areas where the dogs spend most of their time. I tested our well water the pond water I questioned their food and virtually exhausted myself trying to find a reason why two healthy dogs could suddenly be stricken with brain tumors just a month apart. Then one day I came to terms with the fact that I can t control everything in life. There are things I can control such as making sure my dogs get plenty of sunshine fresh air and exercise. I can control the quality of food that goes into them as well as their drinking water. I can control what drugs chemicals and toxins they are exposed to - to a certain extent. But there are also things that are beyond my control. Life became a lot easier for me when I learned to worry only about the things I could control and to just let the rest go. The reality is life has its ups and downs and our happiness relies not only on enjoying the ups but in recognizing that the downs are I have two beautiful young puppies sleeping contentedly beside me at the moment. This is my first litter in nearly four years and I was so excited about it. Once again life dealt me a blow and I lost five of the seven puppies. I was feeling very sorry for myself last month - but I survived and so did these two wonderful puppies. If there is one thing that showing and living with dogs has taught me it s that we all have to pay our dues. Hopefully one of these puppies will stay here with me and soon I will be taking her in the show ring and taking her out for swims and walks with the rest of the pack. Some of these days may bring us a rosette or I may be suddenly struck with the glowing realization of how lucky I am to have the beautiful and wonderful dogs family and life that I do. On these days when I m rewarded by life I will feel like I ve really earned the privilege to enjoy the gifts I ve been given. I don t know what will happen tomorrow but today I ll enjoy all of the little heartbeats at my feet because that s all I can do. And I m OK with that. Dana 4 May June 2012 Dogs Naturally Magazine feedback Letters Your devotion to dogs is inspirational Can I please compliment you on putting together such a wonderful magazine. I read both November and January editions back to back - and in the process learnt so much I have had two Staffordshire Bull Terriers for 14 years and suffered the heartache of losing two last year to cancer. I am convinced that annual vaccinations and inappropriate diet were contributing factors I have two Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescue dogs now and feed them both a raw diet and will not continue with annual boosters I look forward to future editions of the magazine - Nigel I just read your editorial in the January issue and tears came...knowing that you are you and in the world and devoted totally to the welfare of our canine companions and in Canada (good country still). This all rekindles my faith and hope and you are an example for me to follow my heart...I hope Libby is comfortable in her moment still. - Judith from France Dr. Cutright who recently wrote on Nutrition Response Testing in the March 2012 issue wanted to make some clarifications. Firstly that although she used the acronym NRT for Nutrition Response Testing in her article it actually respresents a different procedure and not Nutrition Response Testing. She also wanted to remind those inquiring that this is a nutritional analysis and the stressors she mentioned including infectious stressors were better described as immune challenge as infectious would indicate a diagnostic not analytical test was performed. I noticed an error in the Apothecary article on Calcarea carbonica. If you haven t caught it yet....Last sentence it is Sulphur that shouldn t follow Calcarea not the other way around. Calcarea is ideal and often follows well after Sulphur. - Charles E. Loops DVM Facebook Lyne Gagn I just can not get enough of this magazine wow always great articles thank you. I share all your articles with my group http I hope my Plume will be chosen for the cover. I m so happy that I found a magazine that has the same belief that I do I feed my dogs raw don t over vaccinate and treat them only with natural products. I have had a boarding kennel for six years now and I accept raw fed dogs and only ask for one rabies vaccine one DHPP NO Bordetella. Thank you Melissa Vrooman Had a great time walking 4 miles on the treadmill last night (60 min) and reading up on my newest edition of Dogs Naturally The time just flew by ) The vaccine feedback article was wonderful Simone Clark Thanks DNM the dogs and I just received a special present of chicken jerky from Tumbleweed & Eddie s - they get three paws up If any of the dogs could manage it it would have been six paws but they aren t that good at balancing Tunia Harrison Hyland My favorite holistic dog mag Twitter Lucida Puppy Fund DogsNaturally has a great deal of info on parvo. It hits home especially with the recent bouts at our fellow rescues it s a must read We love our friends Check out our website Facebook and Twitter pages to stay up to date on the latest stories and news as well as events contests and exclusive giveaways. Go to dogsnaturallymagazine & dogsnaturally. Dogs Naturally Magazine May June2012 5 DOGS NATURALLY ON THE COVER Volume 3 Issue 3 20 20 ESSENTIAL OILS FOR PEST CONTROL A look at the shortcomings of many essential oil products for controlling bugs and how to find better products. by Frances Cleveland 28 28 PUPPY VACCINATIONS Puppy vaccination schedules have three major flaws that can harm your puppy. Learn the difference between vaccination and immunization and what that means for your puppy. by Dana Scott 22 STARTING PUPPIES ON RAW FOOD Many dog owners are hesitant to feed their puppies raw especially large breed puppies. Here is a simple guide to start your puppy out safely. by Dana Scott 34 TITERS 24 FLEAS AND TICKS How a simple blood test can save lives. The ins and outs of titers and vaccination. by Don Hamilton DVM Spot-on flea and tick products contain many harmful ingredients. Learn what new products are on shelves and whether or not they are safer alternatives. by Deva Khalsa DVM 37 NATURAL HEALING FOR LYME Lyme disease can have very damaging effects on dogs. Often antibiotics are used to treat symptoms but you can treat Lyme successfully with herbs. by Stephen Harrod Buhner COVER DOG Dogs Naturally is published six times per year by Intuition Publishing. Digital subscription rates are 14.95 per year. Print subscription rates are 24.95 for US residents and 29.95 for Canadian residents. Bulk subscriptions are available at reduced rates. To subscribe call (877) 665-1290 or visit Postmaster Send address changes to Dogs Naturally 5065 10th Line RR2 New Tecumseth Ontario L0G 1A0 GIDGET A six year old Border Collie adopted through Midwest Border Collie Rescue Gidget is owned and loved by Laurie Minarcik. Gidget and Laurie live in Illinois. Photography Stephanie Stanger 6 May June 2012 Dogs Naturally Magazine COLUMNS 4 5 8 12 19 EDITOR S MESSAGE FEEDBACK CONTRIBUTORS ASK THE VET GIVEAWAYS 27 46 48 50 53 10 MINUTE TRAINER NUTRITION WITH LUCY I NEED THAT CLASSIFIED SECTION DOG PEOPLE FEATURES 9 YET ANOTHER ONE It appears that we may be on the brink of another massive pet food recall. Discover the hidden secrets in pet foods that can harm your dog. by Maria Ringo DHMHS B.GS 14 THE THEATER OF LIFE Musings on life and death. by Peter Dobias DVM 16 HUMAN PARASITES Dog owners go to great lengths to avoid fleas ticks and worms. What can we do to avoid human parasites by Catherine O Driscoll DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTIONS 40 HERBAL SOLUTIONS FOR PARASITES JUST GOT A LOT MORE EXCITING Many dogs are affected by internal parasites. Discover how you can treat these problems without harmful chemical wormers. by Patricia A. Griffiths 40 FWGE FOR CANINE CANCER Now Online Offline and Mobile enabled iPhone iPad and Android enabled No APP required No huge downloads Save the OFFLINE version (on PC and Mac desktop) with one click. Cancer is occurring in our canine companions at an alarming rate. Fortunately there are safe and effective alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation. by Dr. Steven Eisen 40 Dogs Naturally Magazine May June2012 w w w.dogsnatural ly SUBSCRIBE TODAY 7 INTUITION PUBLISHING Editor Advertising Photography Illustration Promotions Dana Scott Julia Henriques Vic Neumann Robert & Patricia Petit Linda Boileau Nicole DiBernardo contributors PETER DOBIAS has been in veterinary practice since 1988. In 2008 he decided to sell his thriving holistic veterinary practice in Vancouver BC Canada to dedicate his future years to disease prevention and transforming the face of veterinary care to less invasive and more natural treatment methods. He believes that we can create a healthy and long life naturally. Dogs Naturally articles are selected for their general interest and entertainment value. The authors views do not necessarily reflect the policies and opinions of Intuition Publishing nor does their publication in Dogs Naturally constitute an endorsement. Information offered in Dogs Naturally is for educational purposes and is not intended to replace veterinary advice. ADVERTISING For information on ad rates deadlines and requirements email sales Dogs Naturally reserves the right to reject any advertisement submitted. SUBMISSIONS Dogs Naturally welcomes submissions of articles artwork or photography. Submission constitutes permission for Dogs Naturally at its sole discretion to use the submitted materials in whole or in part without compensation to the submitter. Detailed information on the format and requirements for submission is available via email. Please email submissions and requests to dana SUBSCRIPTION PROBLEMS If you are missing an issue have a change of mailing address or have a subscription-related problem please contact customer service at subscribe PERMISSIONS This entire publication is copyrighted. Contents of Dogs Naturally may not be reproduced or reprinted in whole or in part without the prior written consent of Intuition Publishing. SUBSCRIPTIONS Bulk or wholesale subscriptions are available at reduced rates. To subscribe call 877-665-1290 or visit Dogs Naturally is published six times per year. INTUITION PUBLISHING 5065 10th Line RR2 New Tecumseth ON Canada L0G 1A0 E-mail info Web site MARIA RINGO is a homeopathic practitioner teacher animal nutritionist and co-founder of Carna4 Dog Food a small ethical company producing synthetic-free whole foods for pets. In 1986 she co-founded Sojourner Farms one of the first commercially available raw foods diets for dogs. She lives in Toronto Ontario with her family and may be reached at maria LINDA BOILEAU is an internationally-syndicated cartoonist and illustrator who has published more than 3 000 cartoons in high profile publications including The New York Times Washington Post Chicago Tribune and USA Today. Her work has appeared in Pelican s Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year for 21 years in a row. 8 May June 2012 Dogs Naturally Magazine Yet another one the reasons why there are so many pet food recalls By Maria Ringo DHMHS B.GS There is a good chance that at some point in the next month you will be reading about another pet food recall due to toxins found in pet food. Even people without pets were riveted to the news around the widespread panic that happened back in 2007 when Menu Foods brands were found to contain lethal doses of melamine. Melamine is what they make kitchen counters out of so what was it doing in pet food Melamine contains high levels of protein believe it or not. It was added to a vitamin mineral premix manufactured in China in order to boost the nutritional profile of the mix. Bags and bags of this premix virtually all made offshore are shipped to North American pet food manufacturers every day where the mixture is then added by the scoopful to pet food recipes in order to meet AAFCO minimum standards for certain nutritional requirements. Check the back of most pet food packages and look at the chemical names listed at the end of the ingredients list that s the premix. Dogs Naturally Magazine May June2012 9 PARASITES When I was asked to write an article about parasites for this issue I didn t immediately think of fleas and ticks but of the veterinary pharmaceutical industry and in particular the veterinary vaccine industry. Funny how the mind works The definition of a parasite is An organism that grows feeds and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host and also One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return. Essentially a parasite is something or someone who takes without giving. Now perhaps I m being a bit harsh. Pharmaceuticals have their uses they do give something in return for the massive profits they generate. Who hasn t been grateful for an aspirin at some time Antibiotics whilst coming with unwanted effects have definitely saved lives. And vaccines Well vaccines appear to have halted epidemics. So why would the databank in my left brain throw up the vaccine industry in relation to parasites I think it s because the vaccine industry sells vaccines that are not needed denies evidence of harm and misleads bribes and even coerces scientists into helping with the sales effort. Truth and compassion have been replaced by marketing men who talk of sectors and segments compound annual growth rates and multi-billion markets. According to BCC Research the veterinary vaccine market will be worth 5 billion by 2013 and the dog vaccine market is one of the fastest growing stars despite or maybe because of the over-servicing of this market segment. Pharmaceutical industry chiefs typically receive compensation in the tens of millions a year The industry appears to be not so much about healing the sick or preventing disease but about takings. All the while there is a growing backlash from people whose children and animals are living with or dying from myriad vaccine effects which the vaccine industry does its best to deny or cover up. human By Catherine O Driscoll Illustration by Linda Boileau 16 May June 2012 Dogs Naturally Magazine DNM Giveaways Every two weeks we are giving away a great new prize. Go to giveaways or enter on our Facebook page at DogsNaturallyMagazine. No purchase necessary. ENTER TO WIN May 15th to May 31st Win a Cocotherapy 16 oz jar of extra virgin organic coconut oil plus coconut chips. May 1st to May 14th Win an Earth Heart five piece set - a 2 oz bottle of Canine Calm Travel Calm Guard Well and 2 bottles of Buzzguard (Outdoor Care in Canada). June 1st to June 14th Win tea for you and your dog from California Tea House. One pound of Machu s Blend herbal tea for dogs and a nice tea for you too. June 15th to June 30th Win Simply pAwesome snacks Liver Slivers Apple Cranberry & Cinnamon Too Spiced Sweet Potato Casserole Peanut Butter & Banana Toast Blueberry Peach and Green Bean & Parsley Potato Surprise Giveaways Check our website and Facebook page for surprise giveaways. You can win one of four 8 oz bottles of Hyalogic s JointLogic Complete Care liquid (HA MSM Acetyl Glucosamine). No purchase necessary to enter or win. Each giveaway ends at 11 59pm EST. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. Winners will be announced at giveaways. Contest open to US and Canadian residents 18 years of age or older on the date of entry. Void where prohibited by law. Complete contest rules and regulations can be found at giveaways. Dogs Naturally Magazine May June2012 19 essential oils for pest control By Frances Fitzgerald Cleveland It is important to protect yourself your home and your dog from fleas ticks and mosquitoes. These little pests can cause you and your dog a great deal of discomfort and in the case of ticks can carry potentially dangerous diseases. Many people search for that all-natural remedy to use on their dog so they can protect them from insects and their dangers and also protect them from the damaging chemicals found in spot-on products. Over the years my clients have called to ask if I make an all-natural fly spray for dogs - one that will repel ticks fleas and mosquitoes. My answer has always been no. Creating an all-natural fly remedy is very challenging and I can t ensure that people will use the product as directed. My closing comment to these inquiries has always been If I find something out there that I like I will let you know. So far I haven t found a product I can fully endorse and some of the natural products I discovered on the market really raise some concerns. One product promised to kill fleas on contact and listed its ingredients as Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate...2.1% Undecylenic Acid...0.5% Other Ingredients...97.4%. What are those 97.4% Other Ingredients How can we know if they are potentially damaging or toxic Another product contained cinnamon oil. It didn t say whether it was cinnamon leaf or cinnamon bark oil. It is important 20 May June 2012 Dogs Naturally Magazine starting PUPPIES on raw food As I write my delightful little twin puppies just under five weeks of age are happily slopping up some minced turkey egg and goat milk. Hopefully one puppy will stay to live with me and the other has a lovely home waiting for her where her new mom will feed her nothing but raw food. By the time these puppies go home they will have eaten chicken turkey beef pork lamb venison rabbit and more and they will do so with little in the way of tummy upsets. When you bring home a new puppy that was not raised on raw it can be a bit trickier to get him started - although really not that difficult. There are just a few guidelines you need to follow to avoid digestive upset as your puppy transitions from kibble to raw food. Before I start I would like to address the issue that many people have with feeding large breed puppies raw. I ve raised every litter and puppy in the last fifteen years on raw and have never had one of my puppies fail his hips and elbows. Yes it is important to balance the calcium and phosphorus content in the food but it s easy to do with raw food - and in light of the dog foods that were recalled due to excesses of some nutrients the ability to monitor the nutrients in raw food makes it a safer option than kibble in my opinion. Here are a few tips for getting your puppy started on raw with a minimum of fuss - and minimal stains on your rugs Start cold turkey It s not wise to mix your puppy s raw food with kibble. Because kibble requires a different pH in the gut to digest it will make your puppy more susceptible to the bacteria in the raw meats. He is capable of handling this bacteria just fine but once you add in artificial foods the meat will sit in his digestive tract twice as long meaning there is a much greater chance of harmful bacteria building up. Start with one protein source Regardless of whether you are preparing your own raw or are using a prepared raw food it is best to start with just one protein source like chicken or turkey. Give that one protein for a good week and if there are no signs of digestive upset start your puppy on a second source of protein and so on. Balance the calcium and phosphorus five week old Labrador puppy enjoying a chicken back This is fairly easy to do. If you view a turkey neck as a nice meaty bone then your puppy s diet should be half to two- 22 May June 2012 Dogs Naturally Magazine Puppy Vaccination too early too often too much By Dana Scott In January 2010 breeder Cindy Williams was enjoying her litter of four beautiful Newfoundland puppies. The puppies were big and strong and at 8 1 2 weeks the puppies were examined by the vet before venturing off to their new homes. They were treated to the usual puppy wellness check including a health exam microchips and first vaccination. All of the puppies passed with flying colors. Ten days later a female puppy Gracie began showing less interest in her food followed by vomiting and diarrhea. Soon afterward one of her brothers exhibited the same symptoms. Overnight Cindy noticed a curious twitching around Gracie s head and mouth. Cindy brought her into the vet clinic first thing the next morning. At the clinic Gracie was given IV fluids steroids and antibiotics as well as valium to calm the twitching. The treatment didn t have any effect however. Later that evening Cindy was horrified to see that Gracie s brother Doc began twitching as well. In the meantime Gracie was suffering continuous seizures that were not responding to any drugs. Later the next afternoon Doc was seen by a neurological specialist who declared he was suffering the same battle as Gracie. By the end of the day both puppies were suffering terribly and Cindy chose to let them pass. She requested an autopsy as their litter mates were at home and she was worried about them. When the autopsy results came in it was confirmed that the puppies had distemper. Cindy was surprised by this the dam was vaccinated there Cindy began speaking with veterinary immunologists and learned that it was possible that the vaccine she had given her puppies a modi- were no unvaccinated dogs on her property and no outbreaks in her community. The puppy run was also enclosed and Cindy supervised the puppies when outside so she was certain that racoons did not get in that area. fied live combination vaccine (Da2PP distemper adenovirus parvovirus and parainfluenza) could have awakened in her puppies and actually caused the very disease she was trying to prevent. She didn t know how to pursue this any further apart 28 May June 2012 Dogs Naturally Magazine from reporting it to the vaccine manufacturer and the CIFA the Canadian department for veterinary biologics. Cindy kept her two remaining puppies and vaccinated them at 14 weeks with a recombinant vaccine and thankfully they escaped further harm. Then nearly two years later Cindy received a chilling call it was happening again. Bastian and Bella were two beautiful Newfoundland puppies who Jeannette Many Horses was delighted to welcome into her home on January 7 2012. These puppies were bred by a caring breeder of 40 years who like Bastian and Bella were the picture of health when they jumped into Jeannette s arms for the first time. As they grew and flourished Jeannette concluded it was time for their second set of vaccinations. On January 20th the puppies went to the veterinary clinic for a checkup and for their vaccinations a combination vaccine from a different manufacturer but with the same components as the vaccine Cindy used. Jeannette s vet also added a monovalent killed coronavirus vaccine. On January 25th five days after their vaccination both Bastian and Bella became lethargic and had very loose stools. When Jeannette called the veterinary clinic out of concern she was told that this could not be a reaction to the vaccine as the puppies would have exhibited symptoms sooner. She was advised to do nothing and that the illness would likely pass on its own. Two days later Bastian began shaking and pacing and his seizures and pain continued unabated. The following morning on January 28th Jeannette received a phone call. Cindy had been informed of Bastian and Bella s illness by another breeder and immediately contacted Jeannette to warn her of her own terrible experience. Jeannette decided at this point that it would be best to let Bastian cross. On the morning of January 30th Bella also joined her brother. One day later on January 31st the unthinkable happened. Jeannette learned that Bastian and Bella s litter sister Sophie who lived several states away also succumbed to distemper just nine days after her second vaccination. rus found in her puppies. In other words Bastian and Bella died from vaccination with 100% certainty. Then Sophie s DNA also results came in proving that she too died from the vaccine virus. Many veterinarians and pet owners have suspected for years that modified live vaccines have the ability to revert to virulence in the host. These five puppies all died from their modified live vaccinations and were relatively unscathed by the recombinant shots. However simply switching to a recombinant vaccine will not render the vaccine harmless as you will see below. Pay now or pay later Like Cindy and Jeannette Georgia was aware of the potential damage of vaccinating too often. Georgia however decided to not vaccinate her Great Dane puppy Easy at all. Easy was a vibrant puppy but Georgia later became concerned about recent parvovirus outbreaks in her area. She decided to titer Easy when he was six months to see if he was protected against parvo. Easy s titers came back as low for parvo and Georgia felt pressured by veterinary advice to vaccinate him. She took what she envisioned to be the safest route possible and had Easy vaccinated with a monovalent parvo-only vaccine since his titers showed protection against distemper. The vaccine was delivered to Easy s scapular area and three weeks later Georgia ran a second titer which was now positive. Easy was protected from parvo at least. At the age of 18 months Easy developed osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in his scapula right where the vaccine was given one year ago. Six weeks later the pain became too much for Easy and Georgia helped him to cross. Any vaccine given at any point in a dog s life has the ability to kill him or cause serious harm. If pet own- Cindy did her research and raised her dogs on raw food and vaccinated them minimally. Bastian and Bella were vaccinated with a recombinant combination vaccine at the breeder s home and soon afterward departed for their new homes. Like Cindy Jeannette suspected her puppies got distemper from the vaccine. After she received the necropsy results Jeannette sent the puppies DNA to Michigan State University for testing. The results showed a 100% match between the vaccine virus and the distemper vi- Dogs Naturally Magazine May June2012 29 T S ER IT Protecting your dog with this simple test makes good sense By Don Hamilton DVM Photo Robert & Patricia Petit After three decades of veterinary practice I believe vaccination to be a troublesome aspect of medicine. My own observations along with insights from those who taught me indicate that vaccination is fraught with misunderstanding. Furthermore vaccination in my experience is likely responsible at least in part for the vast majority of chronic disease we see in human and non-human animals in the modern world. For this reason I do not generally recommend vaccines. However there is also an inherent risk in not vaccinating. Vaccination does in fact prevent some acute illnesses like parvovirus and distemper virus in dogs and panleukopenia virus in cats. While puppies are at much greater risk than adult animals for contracting infectious diseases adult animals are not without risk. I have seen unvaccinated adult cats for example who became infected with panleukopenia virus and some of these died. I do not recall seeing canine parvovirus in an adult dog but it can occur. I have seen canine distemper in an adult dog although thankfully not a fatal case so far in an adult. Vaccination therefore has a certain benefit. It 34 May June 2012 Dogs Naturally Magazine NATURAL HEALING for dogs with lyme Oddly enough there is no definitive medical text on Lyme disease. Even more oddly a book I wrote in 2005 Healing Lyme has become the closest thing to one in print. This is because at the time I wrote it I analyzed all the peer reviewed research papers on the Lyme bacteria and correlated their findings in one place something no one had done before. The interesting thing is how much difference it has made in Lyme treatment. For the first time the disease began to be somewhat understandable. Because Lyme disease can appear as arthritis or heart disease or severe neurological problems or gastrointestinal problems or partial facial paralysis or limb atrophy (as well as a multitude of other seemingly unrelated conditions) the disease itself often seems unintelligible even malevolent to those who have it. And this has made diagnosis extremely difficult for both vets and physicians. Many people with Lyme have been misdiagnosed for years as having multiple sclerosis psychiatric disorders or lupus for example. But it turns out that the Lyme bacteria are pretty easy to understand once you really spend some time with them and begin to understand what they do in the body and why. Lyme bacteria are a parasitic organisms as many bacteria are. They need a host in which to live. And because they can t make all the nutrients they need themselves they scavenge them from their hosts. Most of what they need can be found in collagen tissues. So once they enter the human or animal host they begin breaking down collagen tissues into a kind of soup in order to feed. Where they break down those tissues is important. If it is in a joint then the result is Lyme arthritis. If it is in the heart Lyme carditis. If it is in the central nervous system it will cause neurological Lyme with associated brain fog difficulty thinking and remembering tremors facial paralysis loss of limb function and so on. This is the secret to understanding the disease and how to treat it. Once Lyme bacteria move to a site rich in collagen they initiate inflammatory processes that begin to break down the collagen at that site. Then they decrease certain aspects of the immune response essentially the parts of the immune system that can affect them (in particular CD57 cell counts). So in order to successfully treat the disease three things need to occur By Stephen Harrod Buhner Dogs Naturally Magazine May June2012 37 PARASITES herbal solutions made simple By Patricia A. Griffiths Parasites date back thousands of years and are as old as the animals they feed upon. They can be as small as one cell such as giardia or several feet long such as tape worms. They can be internal (round worms whip worms heart worms etc.) or external (fleas ticks and mites). They include fungus yeast and mold infections. Parasites can be transported by insects including ticks and mosquitoes. Their eggs can be passed from one animal to another through their feces or through eating or drinking from the same bowl. Parasites can be picked up from drinking untreated water or even from the food we eat and the ground we walk on. Some of them can be transmitted to humans. Even yeast which is a normal part of our intestinal tract can get out of hand and become destructive through the use of modern medicines. Symptoms of a parasitic infestation include diarrhea nausea cramps change in appetite foul-smelling gas bloating restlessness coughing fever anemia fatigue muscle pain wheezing and coughing followed by vomiting. Your pet may not have all of the symptoms but if he has two or more of these symptoms parasites should be considered as the cause. A visit to your veterinarian will confirm your suspicions. Once it is decided that your dog has parasites you have two choices. You can either follow the parasite treatment your veterinarian prescribes or you can choose a holistic treatment. Many people shy away from holistic treatments because there are so many to choose from and it s difficult to know which one is best. Most of them do work but they have their pros and cons so let s take a look at some basic ingredients in a good anti-parasitic formula. First you will need an herb that will kill parasites. Long before the development of modern drugs man learned how to quell the tide of these little pests by using certain plants. Nature has provided in every part of the world plants that will keep these little squigglers at bay. Here is a list of some of the more common herbs used in many formulas. Keep in mind that none of these herbs should be overused as they can cause complications so care must be taken not to give more than is recommended. 40 May June 2012 Dogs Naturally Magazine FWGE for canine cancer By Dr. Steven Eisen One of the most emotionally distressing things I ever experienced was finding out my dog had cancer. A few years ago my beloved Lhasa Apso Fergie suddenly collapsed by my wife s feet. I was devastated to see her lifeless and lame body but she was still breathing. We immediately rushed her to the pet hospital. The next day we were informed that she had a tumor in her spleen. Emergency surgery was indicated and we had the spleen and tumor removed that day. Thankfully the surgery was successful and Fergie remained in the hospital for a few more days to recover. The tumor was biopsied and the lab results came back showing that Fergie had lymphoma. This meant that if we did nothing at all she would most likely have only a couple of months left to live. The veterinarian explained that chemotherapy had about a 50% chance of extending her life for up to another year. As a Doctor of Chiropractic who had studied holistic medicine and nutrition for more than 30 years I understood how toxic chemotherapy can be. Many chemotherapeutic agents are derived from nitrogen mustard gas used in chemical warfare. It s not only toxic to rogue cancer cells but to normal healthy cells as well. So much so that many individuals who receive chemotherapy suffer significantly from the collateral effects. Knowing this I immediately embarked on a fervent mission to quickly assemble a protocol of safe effective natural and non-toxic treatments. The results more than ful- Dogs Naturally Magazine May June2012 43 Supplement the Love o New Lallok tur y a N better taste BioVITES Proactive Anti-aging Multiplus Vitamins minerals digestive enzymes natural fibres antioxidants and toxin blockers to improve immune system energy digestion and protect tissues and health BioFATS Pet-complete Omegas Essential Omega-6 plus Omega-3 improves overall health Healthy skin & lustrous coat Mobility & joint health Heart & aging NASC certified quality assurance Research supported and guaranteed effective - See the difference Scan me to receive a FREE copy of Your Dog s Health 1.888.379.3135 Find the complete line at select Veterinarians pet supply and health food stores.