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Description: Herlife Magazine of South Florida. Young Entrepreneur - August 2012

plus HERLIFE MAGAZINE KEEPING WOMEN CONNECTED AUGUST 2012 Young EntrEprEnEurs Making a DiffErEncE The Best Travel Clothes & Identity Theft Protection HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 2 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM content AUGUSt 2012 WElComE hEAlth SpotliGht BEAUtY inSpiRAtionS CUlinARY RECipES content HERLIFE 6 8 11 12 14 16 18 22 23 24 26 28 34 35 36 40 42 44 46 48 SCEnE And BE SEEn lovE And RElAtionShipS 18 Young EntrEprEnEurs Making a DiffErEncE Boca Raton is the first city in the state of Florida to implement the national program Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA ) for budding entrepreneurs ages 11 to 18. We share how Sara Brenes Sabrina Ungerman and Rebecca Zerbo launched their own businesses with the help of the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce. mothER S pERSpECtivE SpotliGht 12 24 tREndSEttER WoRkinG WomEn StRAtEGiCAllY EnGAGEd SpotliGht FinAnCE DEfining Your path to sustainablE fitnEss the first step on your path to fitness may not be the one you think. in fact it may not even include the word exercise. how is this possible you ask Simply put many people start out with good intentions only to mistake strategy for fitness goals. the first step in creating a fitness plan that lasts relies heavily on that second word--plan. fun faMilY gaME night iDEas Cell phones video games and computers are a prevalent part of many families lives these days but they don t have to rule the roost when it comes to entertaining the troops. REAl EStAtE tRAvEl tiE thE knot CAlEndAR HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 3 Staff and Contacts Publisher and Editor-In-Chief Karen Alleyne-Means karen 561-899-0433 ext 105 Chief of Operations Shawn P. Means shawn 561-289-4491 Senior Marketing and Brand Development Director Denise Rossi Strategic Marketing Manager Rocio M. Davis Vivian Hunt Account Executive Advertising Information Editor SFLSales 561-899-0433 ext. 101 Candi Smith candi Creative Director Ashleigh Thomson ashleigh 913-402-6994 Design and Production Todd Grantham todd 913-402-6994 Art Director Elana Bell elana 913-402-6994 Contributing Authors Chandra Blackwell Lisa Taranto Butler Kristen Doyle Vicky Gilpin Carl E. Johnston Kathleen M. Krueger Natasha Logan Candi Smith Kathy Stump Laura Wynn Marista Yzaguirre Contributing Photographers Gina Barca Kristen Doyle Chelsea Erwin Dana France Lorie Rebecca Kay Renz Christine Rose To contact HERLIFE Magazine 10751 Oak Meadow Lane Suite 201 Wellington FL 33449 Phone 561-899-0433 Fax 561-641-0473 2012 HERLIFE Magazine of South Florida is operated locally by KAM Enterprises Inc. an independently owned and operated franchisee of HERLIFE Magazine LLC. To reach national headquarters call 913-402-6994. 2012 by HERLIFE Magazine. All rights reserved. Although some parts of this publication may be reproduced and reprinted we require that prior permission be obtained in writing. HERLIFE Magazine is owned by HERLIFE Magazine LLC and is a free publication distributed locally and is supported by our advertisers. It is available in selected specialty stores doctor and dental offices medical spas hair and nail salons tanning salons public libraries and numerous other high traffic locations. Please call for a location near you or if you would like copies placed at your business. We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles and advertisements nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised. We welcome your ideas articles and feedback. SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscriptions are available for 26 (for 12 issues). Please go to or mail a check made out to HERLIFE Magazine to the above address. 4 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 5 HERLIFE welcome t he Entrepreneur ial Spir it In the beginner s mind there are many possibilities but in the expert s mind there are few. - Shunryu Suzuki-Roshi Rebecca Zerbo who were all participants in the 2012 Youth Entrepreneur Academy (YEA ) sponsored by the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce. These young ladies exude the qualities of a HERLIFE young woman. They are confident persistent creative and intelligent and possess the will to win. Sabrina the CEO and Founder of the Embrace LetTM company created a bracelet in remembrance of those men and women who serve our country. Sarah The Shark Whisper is teaching others on the importance of sharks. Did you know that sharks are essential for a balanced oceanic ecosystem Our last cover girl Rebecca who actually won the national YEA contest in Washington D.C. last May started her business in order to stop bullying in school from her own personal experience. Positive Pocket is something that all schools and households should embrace. Parents need to speak to their children about bullying. We all need to be more accepting of one another our cultures and our differences. If we were all the same it would be a boring world We were so impressed by these young ladies and their supportive moms who allowed their children to find their way to create companies and non-profits that they could stand behind. Girl Power at its finest photo by da na france of s ugar bel l e photography i n this month s issue of HERLIFE Magazine we are introduced to several young entrepreneurs in South Florida. We are very excited to introduce our three cover girls Sabrina Ungerman Sarah Brenes and Tonya Johnson from the Office of Small Business Assistance (OSBA) is a great community resource if you are looking to start a business or perhaps find funding for your company. The programs OSBA provides are designed to assist entrepreneurs in developing the skills they will need to effectively and efficiently operate a profitable business. Bruce Lewis is an extraordinary man in the community who has always mentored young professionals and helped them start their own businesses Our last entrepreneur is Dawn Gerulski-Chapman who says the best ways to know if you have a winning concept are if you have people wanting to invest in your business financially and also if you have highly talented people wanting to work with you. Dawn is the owner and operator of Chroma Salon in downtown West Palm Beach a boutique salon that knows how to treat their customers right. Stop in and tell them we sent you. So for all of the entrepreneurs out there I tip my hat to you follow your dream to the path of success. to o r de r you r s u b s cr i p t i o n a n d s t ay conne c te d with H ERL I F E So c ie ty go to H ERL I F Emagazine .c o m 6 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 7 HERLIFE scene and be seen Runway Fashion Show & luncheon at mar-A-lago photog rap hy by christ i ne ros e photography luncheon in the White and Gold Ballroom. the Jewish Guild for the Blind s mission statement is to foster independence and dignity for individuals of all ages who have lost or are losing their vision by providing individualized programs and services to foster physical and emotional well-being. For further information about the Jewish Guild for the Blind please visit t he Jewish Guild for the Blind held their annual fashion show and luncheon on February 28 at trump s mar-a-lago Club on palm Beach island. the show featured fabulous pieces from designer Badgley mischka s spring collection and a scrumptious 8 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Yvonne Boice hosts Andrea Bottner of RAinn photog rap hy by kay re nz A ndrea Bottner was Yvonne Boice s guest of honor at a private luncheon for women recently held at lucca s Restaurant at the Boca Raton Resort and Club. Bottner a strategic advisor to RAinn (Rape Abuse & incest national network) was on a mission to South Florida to grow grassroots support for the organization s new public awareness and engagement campaign. during the luncheon Bottner spoke to a group of women handpicked by Boice as potential steering committee members for a new initiative RAinn will be launching to put an end to sexual violence. during the luncheon the women discussed many issues surrounding the topic of sexual violence and Bottner detailed the hotline number and online services RAinn provides to help victims. this was a very important conversation stated Boice. Women need to know where to get help if they have been a victim and all women need to know how to offer support to others.this is a topic that must be discussed and be focused on in the media. For more information or to learn how to get help please visit HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 9 10 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE love and relationships Ask m ar it s a by ma rit sa yzaguirre photography by lorie rebec c a Q A How do I encourage my husband to help more around the house with the kids We both work full-time and have three kids. I am frustrated because I can t do it all myself. - Denise from Boynton Well Denise believe it or not you re not the only wife I ve heard complain of this. We re stuck somewhere between the past and the present. Years ago women were expected to be the caregivers and homemakers. Nowadays with more women entering the workplace we need to find balance within the home. A lot of women haven t and they end up stressed out trying to do it all. The first thing is put the pen to paper and figure out what your day typically looks like then circle the things you can handle and place a line through the things that stress you out. Next meet with your husband and write down a list of chores and responsibilities then begin dividing up the responsibilities of the home putting his name or your name next to the items that need to get done. Most husbands are willing to help but remember that you re not married to a psychic. So add some structure and communication to the mix. No one likes chores but continuing to do it all yourself and acting like everything is okay will get you nowhere. Maritsa Yzaguirre (Ritz) is the owner of Peace of Mind Counseling Services. A graduate of NSU psychological studies she is also a nationally certified professional counselor. Maritsa focuses on helping couples and families communicate and enhance understanding. Just like anything in life relationships take work. Email your questions to Maritsa at Maritsa HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 11 HERLIFE health defining Your path to Sustainable Fitness by l a u ra wy n n out with good intentions only to mistake strategy for fitness goals. The first step in creating a fitness plan that lasts relies heavily on that second word--plan. Losing a pre-defined amount of weight such as ten pounds is not a final fitness goal. Running five miles is not a fitness goal. Doing 100 abdominal crunches each day is not the ultimate target when planning a permanent health regimen. While these are all great accomplishments and may very well be a large part of the activities you perform to become healthy they are more accurately described as milestones on the path to reaching your true goal which is permanent fitness health. Knowing how to reach your goal is the key. There are many resources to help you create steps to achieve your goal such as reading books browsing the Internet or consulting with a fitness professional. Take advantage of the knowledge and techniques available from your personal trainer. He or she will likely be more than happy to share any information that will make your personal goals easier to obtain. To be effective ultimate goals need to be long-term. This is important to understand because fitness cannot be achieved overnight or in one week or even in one month. The first step in achieving true fitness is to identify and understand your overall fitness goal. It is at that point that you can create a sustaining and reasonable fitness program to get you there. People often say they exercise to be healthy. While that s true it s vague. Without goals that are specific measurable and tangible it s difficult to reward yourself and stay focused on long-term behaviors. Once you know what you want the next step is to figure out how to go about creating a plan. To achieve the long-term results defined above it s crucial to divide the process into short-term goals. Shortterm goals are day-to-day goals that will in the end help you achieve your overall fitness goal. These will include positive habit development like eating breakfast getting a minimum eight hours of sleep and drinking plenty of water. Consistency plays a big role in the pattern development necessary to achieve your goals. 12 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM t he first step on your path to fitness may not be the one you think. In fact it may not even include the word exercise. How is this possible you ask Simply put many people start According to Sami Papacek Wellness Program Manager at Kansas City Cancer Center and The University of Kansas Cancer Center a fitness plan that will last needs to be stick-tuitive. A stick-tuitive plan has a few important qualities. It will include activities that get visible results meaning you have to be able to see that it makes a change in your body either physically or in how you feel shared Sami. If you are simply taking a walk every day then you may notice results at first. But once that initial excitement wears off what is going to get you out of bed when you are tired If you do the same exercise routine and your mind is bored so is your body Sami recommends that your fitness program stays fresh by changing up your fitness routine every six weeks make it fun and don t choose exercises that don t fit your personality (some people love biking others don t) try new things and new classes and don t feel you have to commit for a year with a long-term contract at a gym get a trainer for at least a few sessions so you can learn the basics that you should be able to continue on your own check out YouTube or other websites for free or inexpensive workout ideas and sign up for a community events where you walk or run because being with others can offer a great sense of motivation and pride as well as a change in your fitness plan. Give yourself enough time to achieve your personal expectations. Reaching your goals will require patience. In the end giving yourself a realistic timeframe will help keep you from becoming frustrated and disappointed. Create a reward system in order to maintain interest and increase the likelihood of longevity. Consider non-food prizes to avoid reversing the results from achieving your goal. It s a good idea to pair with a buddy who will keep you accountable since your reciprocated enthusiasm will be support for one another. Wellness is not just about exercise--it s also about being emotionally healthy. We tend to treat ourselves better when we feel good. We choose better meal options and are naturally more sociable when we feel productive. Knowledge is power. Now you know how to effectively create a sustainable fitness plan that will work for you. Additional sources for this article are and Daniel Man M.D. P.A. Board-Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery Fellow of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Over 30 Years of Experience Q Dear Dr. Man I m a small woman who s only 5 1 tall weighing 102 pounds. I have a completely flat chest. I m you will be the one living with your decision. Many women believe that an augmented breast will not sag which is not true. The tendency of the breast to sag is related to the loss of skin elasticity and how thin the tissue is surrounding the breast. If you choose an implant that is too large it can actually cause the tissue to stretch and thus cause more sagging to occur. With regard to silicone versus saline there are benefits and tradeoffs for both. Studies have shown both saline and silicone implants to be safe and effective. Before the FDA banned the use of silicone implants in the U.S. about 13 years ago over 90 percent of surgeons preferred silicone over saline. The reason is because silicone implants feel and look more natural can be more predictable and are considered safe. In 2006 the FDA lifted the ban on silicone breast implants. Silicone implants have been reported by patients to feel softer and more natural than saline. They also have the ability to naturally adjust as you move. This does not mean however that they are the right choice for every woman. Saline implants can feel more firm than natural breast tissue. They have been known to ripple and this can be felt if the breast tissue covering the implant is insufficient. However adjustable saline implants can be useful in some women whose breasts are very asymmetrical or in women who have had massive weight loss and whose skin has stretched a great deal. Adjustable saline implants also allow the surgeon to fill the implant after surgery in an attempt to achieve the desirable size and fullness the patient desires. The type and size of the implants that are best for you depend upon what you want and what your breast tissue will allow you to have. I encourage you to discuss all of your options with a board-certified plastic surgeon during your pre-operative consultation. so embarrassed by it that I won t even wear a bathing suit in public. I want to get implants but I don t want big breasts--I just want some breasts. I told my friends and family my intentions and they said I m crazy for wanting only a B cup. They said that if I am spending the money I might as well go bigger. Is it crazy to want to go so small Also how do I choose between saline and silicone I ve heard mixed reviews on both. Please advise me. A There are many factors to consider when getting breast implants. When you meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon for a consultation he or she will be able to talk to you about your various options. In the meantime I will provide you with some basic information to help you understand the process and considerations when choosing breast implants. There are two main factors to consider when it comes to the size of your implants the size of the breast in proportion to the size of your body and the characteristics of your breast tissue. Every individual differs in these areas. The ideal breast size should balance with your height and weight measurements. The size also largely depends upon how much natural breast tissue you have. For example a woman with more breast tissue will need her implants filled with fewer cc s (volume) in order to get the size she desires. All women are different. While a DD cup may be perfect for one woman it may look too big on another. Since you are a small woman it is not unreasonable for you to want smaller yet proportionate breasts. There are many women who come to my office who want smaller natural-looking breasts. This is your decision to make. Try not to let your loved ones influence you as Dr. Daniel Man is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has dedicated his life s work to helping people look younger and improve their appearance through cosmetic surgery. He is a noted author artist inventor and educator. Dr. Man has been featured on major television networks as well as national and local magazines and newspapers for his work as both a plastic surgeon and an artist. Dr. Man has a private practice in Boca Raton Florida. Email your questions or comments to info or call 561-395-5508 for an appointment. SpECiAl AdvERtiSinG SECtion HERLIFE spotlight Bruce Lewis Mentor Extraordinaire by kat hl een m . kru e ge r p h o t o g r a p hy by ch e l s e a e rwi n i 14 t just comes naturally I guess. That s the initial answer Bruce Lewis provides when asked what motivates him to give of his time and energy to mentor young men entering The Men of Excellence program serves to celebrate the leadership vision and service of outstanding African American men who are making a vital contribution to the lives of citizens around the world. Six men from Palm Beach County received awards in various categories with Bruce receiving the Business Executive Award. This is not the first time Bruce has been recognized for his contributions and leadership in the business community of South Florida. In 2009 Success Magazine selected Bruce as one of South Florida s 50 Most Powerful Black Professionals a distinction worth noting. Although Bruce has served on commissions chaired United into the world of business. Bruce Lewis is the owner of L.B. Limited & Associates in West Palm Beach. However Bruce s reputation in the community goes far beyond that of simply being a respected business owner. His name is well-known as a leader in many circles. He has been honored more than once for his contributions and leadership in the local community--most recently on June 9 at the 2012 Men of Excellence Awards Gala. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Way drives and participated in many other community efforts the one aspect of his influence that stands above all the rest is his mentorship of other business owners. He has an open door policy when it comes to new business owners seeking guidance from someone who has already walked the journey that they are now embarking upon. He has mentored 31 different small business owners during the past 22 years. Grapeseeker The Mosaic Group Caf Sweets Bakery Urban Farmers Development LLC Cousins Law Firm and TI Electric Inc. are just a few of the small businesses to which Bruce has served as a mentor. One of the business owners he mentored received an award alongside Bruce at the 2012 Men of Excellence Gala and a second had been hired to serve as the videographer for the event. For Bruce teen years and went to college at the University of Minnesota on a two-year tennis scholarship. Today he still plays several times a week and is a United States Tennis Association Certified Tennis Instructor. Some of his tennis time is spent as a volunteer teaching underprivileged kids how to play the game just as his two mentors had done for him decades ago. Those two men who taught Bruce how to play tennis are in their nineties now but when Bruce travels to Minnesota to visit family he still takes time to visit his mentors as well. He s never forgotten what a valuable part they played in his life and continues to express his gratitude by staying in touch with both of them. Bruce certainly deserves the title of Man of Excellence. There are lots of men who are successful at business but not all of them are also successful leaders in life. Bruce demonstrates his excellence in his attitude and his actions that Although Bruce has served on commissions chaired United Way drives and participated in many other community efforts the one aspect of his influence that stands above all the rest is his mentorship of other business owners. the presence of these men living out their lives in service to the community was a much greater confirmation that his mentoring efforts have paid off more than any award could ever provide. What good is the information if I don t share it Bruce says of the wealth of knowledge and understanding he has gained and passed down to those who have called on him for guidance. The foundation of my passion is really the way I was raised. I had a very strong mother who raised five sons by herself. We had to share everything from passed-down clothes to the beds we slept in. I grew up believing that sharing was a normal way of life. It wasn t just the sharing within the home that influenced Bruce s passion for mentorship. As a boy growing up in Minneapolis Minnesota Bruce benefited from a couple of men who reached out and became male role models in the life of a boy whose father had died when he was only nine. One of the great gifts that these two men gave to young Bruce in addition to their time was the gift of tennis. They taught Bruce to play the game and play it well. He played tennis all through his continue to benefit many young entrepreneurs in South Florida. For me there is no greater feeling then the feeling of empowering someone else Those words from Bruce Lewis are ones that men and women who are seeking leadership roles should pay attention to and would be well-served to emulate. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 15 HERLIFE beauty hollywood makeup Essentials Since eye-catching eyes are one of the most essential components of a Hollywood look ensure you have the necessary eye brushes. A tight angled eyeliner brush is one of the best things for applying perfect eyeliner. An eyeshadow brush will easily apply color to your lids without putting bacteria back into your makeup compact. And a crease brush is longer and very round at the tips. It s extremely soft and is used to gently place darker eyeshadow into the crease of your eye. If you wear color on your eyelids this is a must-have. Laura started by finding a natural-looking foundation that matched my fair skin tone. The mineral-based foundation did a fantastic job of covering without being too heavy and blended in naturally. She continued to build upon my foundation by applying concealer under my eyes (where I tend to have dark circles) and on areas around my nose and cheeks where I have rosacea. Her makeup brush was like a magic wand because as she continued to blend those hard-to-cover areas on my face disappeared She colored my cheeks with a neutral nectar-tinted blush but there are a variety of colors available. These included a brick of four colors that can be swirled together or used individually or you can use a bronzer to give your face a sun-kissed look or skin enhancer which adds a dewy shimmer. Once by c andi s m i t h finished Laura spritzed me with a hydration mist to set my makeup for the long day ahead. Laura decided on a smoky eyeshadow quad in subtle earthy tones but which still created a dramatic effect The high-quality glminerals eyeshadow is full of color is easy to apply and lasts all day without fading. She started by applying a tawny base color over my upper eye area followed by a chocolate brown applied to my lid then a deeper brown lightly used in my eyelid crease. And the darkest brown was used as a liner both under my lower lashes (applied lightly in a thin line) and above my upper lashes (applied as a thicker line that Laura then smudged). Since my lashes are fairly long Laura only needed to use waterresistant mascara in blackest black to bolster their length but explained that many women are turning to medical products like Latisse and Rev taLash which help natural lashes grow in both thickness and length. She emphasized that putting quality mascara on eyelashes is definitely an important part of getting a red-carpet-ready look. And while my brows have a naturally nice shape to them they are sparse. She showed me a trick where she used the eyeshadow quad colors to fill them in and have them match the rest of my makeup. Laura finished my Hollywood look by adding a touch of lanolin-based berry-tinted lip gloss. The overall effect was not over-the-top but definitely gave me that wow factor I wanted. As I checked my look in the mirror all I could do was smile and say Hollywood here I come I m ready for my close-up Source for this article Laura Madsen Aestheticare Spa laura W hen I see blockbuster bombshells I often wonder Do they always look that fabulous Not surprisingly most of them have their makeup artists to thank. I had the recent pleasure of having my very own professional cosmetic makeover applied by Laura Madsen a licensed esthetician. I was excited to see how she could transform me from ho-hum to Hollywood Laura explained It s all about the products knowing what to use and how to use it that makes a woman look fabulous whether she s in Hollywood or not. After applying a great moisturizer as a base and priming my eye area with an anti-aging eye cream she introduced me to glminerals a line of mineral-based products renowned for having properties such as formulations rich with antioxidants pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that don t include perfumes or chemical dyes and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as green tea extract zinc and Vitamin C to help improve skin tone. Laura used a variety of makeup brushes for each step of the process but you can limit the minimum number of brushes you need to own to include just a few essentials. The foundation brush is flat with a rounded end used to apply either powder or liquid foundation. Many women use sponges or fingertips to apply their foundation but brushes are one of the top secrets to creating flawless skin. Powder or blush brushes while very similar aren t exactly the same thing. A powder brush is larger and not as densely bristled and blush brushes are typically rounder. Use these brushes to apply powder or blush using the gentle side of the brush not the ends to avoid ruining the bristles. 16 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 17 HERLIFE inspirations by ka th l e e n m. k ru e ge r pho t o g r a p hy by d a n a f ra n c e ha ir a nd m a ke u p by re b e c c a s o rga n i c s s hot on loc a t ion a t g re a te r b o c a ra to n ch a mb e r o f c o mme rc e 18 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Florida. Boca Raton s youth are some of those creators of innovation. To nurture the young entrepreneurial spirit in our community the Boca Chamber Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA ) was established. The first Florida community to join this national program for mentoring of students ages 11 through 18 interested in small business development they had no trouble filling their inaugural class with boys and girls willing to commit to the intense 33-week program where volunteers from the business community would walk them through the steps of creating a start-up business and developing a foundation for success. Florida S outh Florida seems to be a natural spawning bed for great ideas. IBM s concept for the personal computer was born here and great new ideas continue to be birthed and developed in South Atlantic University Adams Center for Entrepreneurship a partner with the Chamber shares the same vision as the Chamber relating to the importance of entrepreneurial education. Three of the young ladies who participated in the program have had a significant measure of success with their businesses. Each business idea was fueled by the desire of its founder to make a difference in an area that they are particularly passionate about on a personal level. We have chosen to share the stories of these three young ladies with our readers not only that you might applaud them in their achievements but that other women regardless of age would be inspired to pursue their passions and make a difference in their community and the world. S ara B reneS T he S hark W hiSperer Sharks Yes sharks. Sara Brenes has been fascinated by them since her toddler years. The first books she chose out of a myriad of choices available were ones with pictures of sharks on the front. However it was the viewing of a film Shark Water with her mother when she was 13 years old that turned her fascination into a driving passion. Both mother and daughter left the film in tears and hearts breaking over the devastation to not only the sharks but the entire ecological balance of ocean life due to the killing of millions of sharks each year. Sara s interest in sharks grew into a major passion. She began diving at age 14 and with the help of her mother at age 15 she created a website and formed a non-profit organization. The Shark Whisperer was born They began raising funds and awareness by setting up a table at various event venues selling shark-related merchandise and educating people on the value and the plight of the sharks. Since then Sara has become somewhat of a celebrity in marine life and diving circles. She has been provided the opportunity to dive with sharks in many areas around the world and frequently speaks to groups as a shark advocate. She s been featured several times on local television newscasts on the radio newspapers and in diving magazine articles. Some L.A. producers are even considering filming her for a reality television program. Sara has no desire to promote herself. She sees each new opportunity as a means to reach a greater audience with the message of The Shark Whisperer--a message Sara is determined to get out. As of June 2012 The Shark Whisperer has raised over 6 500. All the funds raised are donated to non-profit shark preservation and advocacy programs Sara keeps none of the funds for herself. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 19 S aBrina U ngerman e mBrace L eT TM When Sabrina watched a news story showing a little girl crying because her father was returning from his tour of military service overseas it sparked a discussion about military service with her mother. During the conversation her mother shared with her about the Vietnam Conflict that had been in the news as she grew up and the lack of respect and honor that were shown to military personnel when they returned home. She also mentioned the Missing in Action (MIA) bracelets many wore during that time to honor and remind people of the soldiers whose fate was unknown and families who were still waiting for news. When Sabrina a 7th grader entered the Boca Chamber YEA program she needed to come up with an idea for a business or product. She told her mom that she wanted her product to be bracelets like the ones you told me about that can be worn in honor of our military personnel. Sabrina began researching MIA bracelets on the Internet watching news related to military personnel and their families and actually talking to military veterans about their experiences. As a result Sabrina was able to locate a Florida company that made the type of metal bracelets she was looking for. When Sabrina explained her concept of selling bracelets to honor and help military personnel and their families to the owner of the company he was extremely supportive and helpful. Having his own personal interest charity for which he raised funds he saw Sabrina s idea as one that could have an even broader application than her passion for support and honor of military personnel. With the help she received from the Boca Chamber YEA program Sabrina was able to write a business plan personally present her business concept to a group of investors and launch the Embrace Let company. Embrace Lets are available in a variety of different styles and the funds raised from the sale of the bracelets are being contributed to a scholarship fund that Sabrina has established which is called Scholarship for Hope. The scholarship funds will be used to assist military personnel and or their families. Sabrina s mother describes her as being shy but having a quiet strength that includes a determined independent will. Sabrina s motto is Do things with integrity and good things will happen. It is easy to see that her motto is being both lived out and fulfilled in Sabrina s life. r eBecca Z erBo p oSiTive p ockeT Rebecca Zerbo has had to face and overcome challenges literally since the day she was born. Even after corrective surgery as an infant Rebecca has to wear special shoes to accommodate the differences in her two feet. Becca as her parents call her has been turned away from athletic pursuits in which she desired to participate because of her small size and often found herself the object of ridicule during her elementary years. In spite of those struggles Becca maintained a strong self-esteem. Her parents often marveled at the internal strength of character they saw in her. In middle school Becca had a very upsetting experience with bullying. An older student tossed her band music across the floor cursing at her 20 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM and calling her names. Emotionally distraught she cried through the rest of her day and even failed her math test as a result. Unable to change her class schedule Becca would have to face the bully again the next day and the rest of the school year. When Becca came home from school the next day her parents were surprised when she told them that she had a wonderful day. Becca took a little piece of paper out of her pocket that was covered with cellophane tape. It s because I had this Becca explained. The night before Becca had sat down at the family computer and typed up positive thoughts that she had used to encourage herself that evening. Since the thoughts made her feel so much better she decided to bring them with her to school to help her through the day. She carried the laminated piece of paper in her pocket and whenever she would start to feel bad she would pull it out and read the encouraging words. It helped When one of her teachers asked what the piece of paper was Becca told her it was her positive pocket and thus the name was born. When Becca came home from school the next day her parents were surprised when she told them that she had a wonderful day. Becca took a little piece of paper out of her pocket that was covered with cellophane tape. It s because I had this Becca explained. When Becca s grandmother heard the story she asked for a positive pocket for herself then her grandmother s friends all wanted one and Becca s teachers all wanted one. The effectiveness of the positive pocket spread like wildfire and pretty soon Becca was having a hard time keeping up with the requests. Now Positive Pocket has its own website and both kids and adults who are struggling with self-esteem issues are benefiting from pulling free packets of positive words out of their pockets during the day just like Becca did. Positive Pocket was such an innovative and socially impacting idea that it won first place in the YEA s national competition. Becca was presented with her prize a 30 000 scholarship at the U.S. Chamber Summit in Washington D.C. last May. Sara Sabrina and Rebecca are all incredible young ladies who have not let their youth keep them from pursuing their passions and taking on the challenges of starting their own businesses. Their stories should serve as an inspiration to all of us You can learn more about these inspirational young entrepreneurs on their websites and For information on the Boca Chamber Young Entrepreneurs Academy visit the Chamber website at or contact Beth Johnston at the Chamber. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 21 HERLIFE culinary canning ucts. Other products are not as obvious to spot but are still preserved using one of these methods. A good example is corned beef which is a salt cured brisket named for the corn-shaped pellets of salt used in the preservation Today probably the most common type of food preservation is freezing. A little thing my sister taught me is to pick my tomatoes and peppers in the summer and put them directly in the freezer. If you take the tomatoes out of the freezer let them thaw about halfway and run them under warm water the skins will fall right off and they can then be easily chopped for salsa or tomato sauce. Since they are still partially frozen they are easier to chop uniformly and will retain their juices. Canning is for the most part a precise process. It s imperative that you follow directions regarding the amounts of fruit sugar and pectin for jams and jellies. I ve actually used apple peels and cores which are a natural source of pectin instead of powdered pectin found in stores. The sugars in jams and jellies also act as preservatives. Timing is equally important. The amount of time fruit is boiled in the jars can determine preserving by carl e. johnston if you have perfect jelly or a hard wasted mess stored in pretty jars. If you don t boil long enough you will have more syrup than jelly. When this happens to me I simply act like I intended it to be this way call it a coulis and watch people immediately begin to respect my Frenchness. colored Mason and Ball jars filled with fruits and vegetables that had been put up for winter all carefully lined on kitchen and basement shelves. Everything was homegrown and generally the work was done by the women of the household. Our extended families were not wealthy and they were generally simple folks who worked in mills factories and farms. The preserves and vegetables were simply a way of survival to make the most of the yearly harvests. The jars were loaned and traded and when empty used as iced tea glasses. When I saw those jars it always reminded me that we were not well-off like people I knew in the city who had garbage disposals microwaves and vegetables in cans. It s interesting now because the economic appearance has reversed itself. You will generally find these decorative and delicious homemade offerings at more high-end markets like Dean & Deluca or Zabar s. But I also see them in one other place--at the farm of my little sister Yvonne. She reminds me so much of our mother because she s a farm girl at heart and cans and preserves just about everything they grow on their land. Preserving is a broad term and can include methods such as salt curing smoking fermenting drying and pickling (which uses vinegar another product of fermented produce). Long before we had freezers the methods listed above were used exclusively and all discovered by trial error and probably pure accident. All of these ancient methods are still in use today and their method of preservation is used to sell prod22 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM i n the 60s and 70s we used to travel by station wagon to family gatherings in rural areas of Louisiana Mississippi and Illinois. One thing I remember that my family members all had in common were brightly preserving is a broad term and can include methods such as salt curing smoking fermenting drying and pickling (which uses vinegar another product of fermented produce). Canning vegetables meat or seafood is a bit trickier due to the absence of the preservative nature of sugar and acids. These low acidic foods can produce clostridium botulinum (which tends to prefer lowoxygen environments and is commonly found in soil) which can cause botulism. This bacterium is destroyed by high temperatures and if you are concerned with your own canning skills you can boil the canned product for ten minutes. There are methods which simply require boiling the jars for a specific amount of time at 212 degrees Fahrenheit generally between two to three hours. Using a pressure canner is a preferred method. This cuts down on processing (or boiling) time by at least half and ensures a more consistent temperature distribution. I won t bore you with actual instructions or recipes for canning although if you Google making jelly or canning vegetables you will get thousands of versions of basically the same methods one of which will certainly please you. Most are very similar and have simple directions to follow. There are also charts available on most sites to guide you in actual processing times for different foods. Sources for this article are and Bacon Cheese Breakfast muffins recipes an d p ho tog rap hy by kri s ten doyl e HERLIFE recipes ingredients 1 egg 1 cup milk cup vegetable oil 8 bacon strips cooked and crumbled 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese 2 cups all purpose flour 2 tablespoons sugar 3 teaspoons baking powder teaspoon Kosher salt teaspoon garlic powder teaspoon cracked black pepper 1 teaspoon Zatarain s Creole Seasoning instructions 1. In a large bowl beat egg milk and oil together. Stir in the bacon crumbles and shredded cheddar cheese. 2. Add the dry ingredients stirring as you go incorporating just until blended. 3. Grease muffin pan and then fill cups full. Bake at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes until cooked all the way through. 4. Cool for 5 minutes and remove from the muffin pan placing on a wire rack to cool. Best served when warm. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 23 HERLIFE mother s perspective Let the Games Begin Fun Family Game night ideas by l i s a t aranto but l er INDOORS OR OUTDOORS Depending on the time of year you may want to choose indoor board games for a cozy night in or if weather permits challenge each C ell phones video games and computers are a prevalent part of many families lives these days but they don t have to rule the roost when it comes to entertaining the troops. As much other to some favorite outdoor games where you can use your outside voices and skills. INDOOR FUN Nothing beats a good old board game. Favorites like MONOPOLY and SCRABBLE are always a hit but check toy and department stores for new games on the market. Anything active like charades and drawing games are always exciting and call for a little creativity. Check out garage and tag sales for game boards and puzzles. Many times these cast-offs have been entertaining families for years but are still in good shape contain all the pieces and are a fraction of the price. OUTDOOR FUN Good weather calls for good fun in the backyard. Older and younger kids will all appreciate some basic relay games like egg in the spoon sack race and three-legged race. Divide teams evenly by skill level or if your family is smaller in size pair up with everyone once. Use small inexpensive inflatable balls to aim into trash bins or buck- as our children may want us to think they are mortified at the idea of being cooped up rolling the dice with dear old mom and dad they just might welcome the switch from normal plans and even enjoy family time without disturbance from modern-day media. So why not plan an easy game night to get back to basics and bring the family closer together while fostering a little friendly competition Whether you are already gaming or just getting started here are few ideas to pump up the family fun. PICk A NIgHT With parents work and kids activities weeknights may be a bit hectic so choosing a weekend evening or Sunday afternoon may offer a bit more peace and quiet. Either way pick a convenient time and then decide if you want to get your game on each week or once a month--whatever works best for your brood. 24 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM ets. Feed your fitness frenzy with a make-your-own obstacle course. Set out old tires cones ladders hula hoops and jump ropes to concoct a kicking course. A DIFFERENT TAkE ON FAMILy FUN gAME NIgHT AT THE AMUSEMENT PARk Plan ahead and visit the local amusement park or even a county fair to partake in a little carnival fun. Enjoy a few games of Soda Bottle Ring Toss Milk Bottle Throw or Guess Your Weight Age. Afterwards nosh on a caramel apple or salt water taffy. If budget is a concern try making your own games at home. A duck pond dart game fishing game or penny toss are easy and inexpensive when homemade. Use candy or small trinkets as prizes. Make the evening merrier and invite the kids friends and their parents over for a night of carnival festivities. BOwLINg If indoors is where you ll hang then head to the local bowling alley. Take your time sizing shoes and choosing the right ball. Teach children the correct way to roll and keep score. There is no time limit so discuss your rolling techniques and high-five one another after a fantastic roll MINI gOLF Mini golf is much cheaper than playing eighteen or even nine holes at your local public course so decide your budget and play as much as time allows. Some mini golf courses offer interactive holes with obstacles such as volcanoes or spraying water. Do some research to find a great course for your family. kIDS PLAN Now mom and dad can rest and siblings get a chance to take control Have the kids work together to develop an easy game that everyone can play. Let them be in charge of the rules and equipment while you enjoy the competition that your children create. PARk PLAyINg If your backyard space is limited or if you just want a change of scenery head to a local park and take advantage of what the city has to offer. Get old school and play HORSE on the basketball courts or doubles in tennis. If the park has a lake try your hand at fishing or paddle boating. Pack a simple picnic for a full evening of family togetherness. Game night can be taken to new heights just by thinking outside of the box. As your family event becomes a household tradition expect kids to become more talkative and open--a sign that they are comfortable and relaxed. By practicing teamwork and using imagination family game nights will make memories for a lifetime. Sources for this article are and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 25 HERLIFE spotlight a successful business with a lot of style by ka t hle en m. k rue ger phot ogr a phy by chel s e a e rwi n W hat are two good signs that a young entrepreneur has what it takes to be successful in business How about having some of the best in the trade asking to join your team That s a pretty band works in the world of capital management for business it also stands to reason that he knows a good business investment when he sees it. Dawn never wanted an engagement ring before they got married. She didn t need the symbolism. So Rob just considered the investment a belated engagement gift one that meant a lot more to his bride than a shiny rock on her finger. As to sign number one having your peers ask to join your team Dawn can lay claim to that one too. Dawn describes the team of professionals at Chroma Salon as an eclectic group of some of the best stylists in the area--each with their own area of specialty. good sign It demonstrates that you ve developed a reputation among your peers as being a leader. More than that you re someone they trust and admire enough to call boss. The ability to attract financial investors is another good sign that an entrepreneur has what it takes to succeed in their business venture. When someone is willing to place their money behind your dream it says they have faith in you to accomplish your goal. This is true whether it is a total stranger making the investment or even someone as close and connected to you as a family member or your spouse. Dawn Gerulski-Chapman owner of Chroma Salon in West Palm Beach fits these two signs of a successful young entrepreneur. Not only has her husband Rob supported and encouraged her in her venture to bring her vision into fruition it was his idea to invest their savings in the start-up of Chroma Salon. Dawn has good reason for her claim that He s the world s most amazing husband She may be right. When you take into account the fact that her hus- Julio - Barber shops are hard to find these days and so are highly skilled barbers. At Chroma Salon Julio is both stylist and barber but it is his barber skills that set him apart from the rest. Not many men are willing to trust their necks to a woman with a straight razor in her hand but they ll gladly make an appointment with Julio s razor. Esther - One of Chroma s color specialists Dawn says that Esther is one of those unique people who is just naturally talented as a stylist. She has a dynamic personality and approaches each client and 26 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM appointment with pure professionalism. Stacey - Look for the curls Stacey has used her own natural curls to her advantage. Although she is first and foremost a color expert Stacey is the go-to person whenever it comes to dealing with natural curl. She s got it all figured out. Thalia - Fresh in from Philadelphia this young lady represents the strong emerging talent within this team of highly experienced salon professionals. Even though she doesn t have the 15 years of experience as do of the other stylists her freshness provides a strong challenge to keep in step with the times. JoAnna - Dawn felt especially honored when JoAnna asked to join her team. Dawn had worked alongside JoAnna when Dawn took her first job as a stylist working for JoAnna s mother. Dawn always saw JoAnna s mother as a mentor figure one who exhibited the qualities of professionalism and integrity that Dawn continues to live by today. Chroma the name of the salon means color in Latin. Dawn chose it for its flavor more than its meaning. It has a strong almost masculine sound to it but with a softer feminine ending. Of course Dawn is the leader of the team and sets the tone for the entire salon through her exemplary and personalized client service. According to Dawn it s just part of who she is--she doesn t know how to operate any differently. Many stylists make it a point to get to know each of their clients and what they like and don t like so that each client is treated uniquely. Dawn s approach to her clients goes beyond that. For me each appointment is unique Dawn shared. Dawn recognizes that a stylist plays a much bigger role in a client s life than simply providing their styling skills. Dawn s clients have been coming to her for years and keep coming back because she cares about them as a whole person. They are more than a head of hair and her means of making a living. Each client is walking through her own life s journey with its own joys and pains. Chroma the name of the salon means color in Latin. Dawn chose it for its flavor more than its meaning. It has a strong almost masculine sound to it but with a softer feminine ending. Dawn after all is more than a business owner or even a professional. She s an artist with a truly personal and creative flair. Chroma Salon is located in the Whitney Building at 410 Evernia Street Suite 117 in West Palm Springs Florida. You can contact the salon by calling 561-899-0337 or visit them online at HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 27 HERLIFE trendsetter beauties in bloom 28 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM p h o t o g ra p hy a n d s t y l i n g by ch ri s t i n e ro s e p h o t o g ra p hy w w w. l i l a n g e l p h o t o s . c om h a i r a n d ma k e u p b y d a rc y g o icoche a o f s o u t h f l o ri d a ma k e u p art ist r y mo d e l s a my w e g e n e r and e l i za v e t a d y mo n d o f b mg mode ls HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 29 30 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 31 32 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 33 HERLIFE working women thE by vick y gilpin Best travel Clothes orking women travel the country in increasing numbers for job training professional conferences and to network on behalf of their corporations. Not only do we have The best travel clothes have a number of specific characteristics W to remember numerous details associated with travel we also have to consider how to choose the best travel clothes. Although choosing clothing seems to be one of the easiest decisions many factors contribute to these choices. that set them apart from your professional clothing. They are able to transition from daytime meetings to evening events with little to no effort other than an eye-catching accessory. A bright scarf and jewelry should draw the eye making it more noticeable than the clothes themselves which is important if a jacket or blouse may be worn later in the trip. This wardrobe is chosen with regard to color and material. Personal style and first impressions are important but materials that resist wrinkles and colors that resist stains necessitate careful thought. Unfortunately natural fabrics are not always the best choice. An exception to this rule would be a broomstick skirt which is meant to be stored twisted up to retain the crinkles so it is excellent for travel. Additionally it is remarkably comfortable. A major point to remember is that the best travel clothes should be comfortable. Obviously you want your clothing to fit well in order to make the best impression. However pick something a little looser than normal particularly to fly in or for days when you might spend most of the time sitting around a boardroom table. This is a better option than wearing something that will cause you to notice it after hours of being cinched at the waist. Although many women choose solid colors or items revolving around one solid color in order to make the most efficient choices some fabrics or colors are better able to resist stains or an unkempt look. Some women enjoy tweed and plaids for this reason particularly in autumn. Others prefer items that have color gradations to disguise water droplets from bathrooms with unreliable hand dryers. A debate exists over whether the best travel clothes should be high quality or somewhat expendable. On one hand finer quality clothing usually has a better fit encouraging positive first impressions as well as comfort. On the other hand which is going to be more traumatic getting ink on the sleeve of the nice but less expensive blazer or on one from a high-end store With increased costs of travel the most efficient way to fly is to pack one carry-on bag. Make every inch of space count by ensuring that each article can be used in a variety of ways. For example not only should pieces be versatile for various types of events you might encounter (such as brunches board meetings focus groups and receptions) but they should also coordinate with every other item you pack. Stick with a color scheme that allows you to mix and match items. Black discourages obvious stains but you should also consider items in a color palette. The important part is that the items work together in a versatile way. However some articles are integral for the intrepid traveler. If you can fit a t-shirt and pajama pants in your bag you will thank yourself as you try to wind down at the end of the day. In addition many conferences and business trips encourage dinners offsite so you may end up walking several blocks from your location. This may not seem like a lot but if you have been standing in uncomfortable dress shoes all day those few blocks are going to feel miserable. Therefore your shoes must also be able to fit a variety of situations. If not you want some comfortable shoes to wear in the evening which must also work with your professional clothing unless you also take one business casual outfit for this very situation. The best travel clothes vary from situation to situation and from woman to woman. However the major components are comfort imperviousness to dirt and wrinkles and versatility 34 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 35 HERLIFE spotlight Office Small S of mall Business is BIG Business in Palm Beach County That s the slogan of Palm Beach County s Office of Small Business Assistance (OSBA). We often hear about what local communities and governments are doing to attract and encourage the development of big businesses and large employers. But in reality employees of small businesses not large ones comprise the majority of the workforce in most areas. In addition small businesses are much more likely to be locally owned and operated than larger ones. According to a study done in 2003 in Austin Texas by the American Independent Business Alliance 45 percent of dollars spent at a locally owned small business stayed in the local economy while only 13 percent of the dollars spent at a national chain store remained in the local area. That means that the revenue generated by these small locally owned businesses have a big impact on the local economy. Palm Beach County has long recognized the value of small businesses to local economic stability and growth. Its Office of Small Business Assistance is evidence of that fact as is the goal the county has set that a minimum of 15 percent of purchases each fiscal year be provided by certified small business vendors. Small business certification is a business development initiative that helps small businesses gain access to and participate in Palm Beach County contracting opportunities in the areas of goods and services construction and professional services. Businesses which are registered with Palm Beach County and meet the minimum requirements for small business certification must fill out an application and submit it to the OSBA along with all requested and required supporting documents and a non-refundable application fee in order to be considered for certification approval. When a business obtains small business certification it increases its opportunities to contract with Palm Beach County and also gains a listing in the online directory of certified vendors a valuable amount of exposure for small businesses desiring to increase their visibility and reputation in the area. As of May 2012 the OSBA had 627 vendors listed in its directory of certified small businesses. Another benefit of certification is increased opportunities to network and participate as a prime contractor or subcontractor with Palm Beach County. Palm Beach County has an interlocal agreement with the City of West Palm Beach and the local school district. This allows Palm Beach County certified small businesses an opportunity to apply for certification with these entities without the need to provide duplicate supporting documentation. Additionally these entities will include the certified small businesses in their vendor directories and when issuing calls for bids and awarding contracts. The Office of Small Business Assistance has its own section on the Palm Beach County website osba. Along with the vendor directory and contract bidding opportunities businesses will find a wealth of information regarding starting a business the certification process and Business Assistance by ka t hl een m . krueger p ho tog rap hy by chel s ea er w i n doing business with Palm Beach County. They ll also find information about OSBA s compliance program. Once a business receives certification it holds that certification for 36 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM three years. However Palm Beach County believes it has a responsibility to hold its vendors accountable to remaining in compliance with the certification requirements. Therefore the OSBA has developed a compliance program that provides reviews of vendor operations after they ve been certified and awarded contracts with the County. Everything OSBA does is framed around its mission promote the economic growth expansion and increased productivity of small business enterprises in Palm Beach County.... Tonya Davis Johnson is the director of OSBA. She leads the charge in encouraging small minority and women-owned businesses to become certified vendors with Palm Beach County. Ms. Davis Johnson is proud of the advancements Palm Beach County has achieved in this area and cites its involvement with the Palm Beach Partners as an example of the strategic networking alliances that OSBA and Palm Beach County have developed. When a business obtains small business certification it increases its opportunities to contract with Palm Beach County and also gains a listing in the online directory of certified vendors a valuable amount of exposure for small businesses desiring to increase their visibility and reputation in the area. Palm Beach County will be participating with the other Palm Beach Partners in the Sixth Annual Business Matchmaker Conference and Expo on September 19 at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Palm Beach Gardens. The conference provides power workshops to bring attendees up-to-date on the latest technology and best practices available to assist businesses in reaching new levels of success. All members of the Palm Beach Partners are represented giving small business owners an opportunity to interact and familiarize themselves with the process of contract procurement with each of these entities. The Palm Beach County Office of Small Business Assistance offers a wealth of resources to small local businesses. The office is located at 50 S. Military Trail Suite 202 in West Palm Beach. For more information on the Palm Beach Partners Business Matchmaker Conference and Expo visit the conference website at HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 37 38 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM The Office of Small Business Assistance (OSBA) is responsible for monitoring conditions affecting small businesses within the marketplace that can provide goods and services to Palm Beach County thus creating an environment that encourages the growth and development of small businesses in Palm Beach County. The programs and initiatives offered by the OSBA are designed to assist entrepreneurs in developing the skills they need to start and operate an efficient and profitable business. These programs are tailored to support the growing number of small businesses in Palm Beach County. OSBA s primary services are certification contract compliance training outreach and referral to resources for financial or technical assistance. SMALL BUSINESS CERTIFICATION PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY O Your business must be domiciled in Palm Beach County. O Your business must be independently owned and operated. O Your business must provide a commercially useful business function to Palm Beach County for procurement purposes. O The applicant business together with any subsidiaries affiliates must meet the size standard for small businesses based on gross receipts averaged over a three year period as follows Construction related business must not exceed 9 million Commodities must not exceed 5 million Professional Services (CCNA) must not exceed 5 million Professional Services (Non CCNA) must not exceed 4 million Palm Beach County Office of Small Business Assistance 50 South Military Trail Suite 202 West Palm Beach FL 33415 osba (561) 616-6840 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 39 HERLIFE finance IdENtItY thEft PRotECtIoN it s more than Your Credit Score hile this poor economy may have made us all wiser consumers there s at least one area where we still need improvement identity protection. The Federal driver s license work ID passport visa voter registration card and any information related to your health insurance. Cell phones and laptops tablets that process mobile applications are quickly becoming targets as well. PROTECT yOURSELF Self-protection is critical and requires that you develop some good recordkeeping habits. Preparing an emergency kit that contains all of DETER DETECT DEFEND That s the FTC s approach to identity protection. But where should you start The first step is to track down all of your personal data. Make certain that you document your personal financial and medical information. It s critical to know the signs of identity theft which include you stop receiving bills and notices from creditors you start getting billed for items you didn t buy you receive bills for credit cards you didn t open or you receive unsolicited credit cards. If your credit report includes unknown debts or unfamiliar credit inquiries approvals if you are unexpectedly denied credit or if you are offered a higher interest rate you may be an identity theft victim. Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist Joseph Campana tells consumers to protect all aspects of their identity not just their credit report. Campana says it s most important to guard your name Social Security Number (SSN) and date of birth. He emphasizes that you should remove your SSN card from your purse wallet and you that you shouldn t carry a checkbook. Other areas you may need to secure include any types of financial accounts checking savings investments or lines of credit and online accounts ATM debit cards 40 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM by kathy stump W Trade Commission (FTC) reports that identity theft led consumer complaints for twelve consecutive years. The FTC the government s identity theft watchdog estimates that as many as nine million Americans identities are stolen annually. Some prevention experts note that identities are lost over 19 000 times per day at the rate of 799 times per hour 13.3 times each minute. Identity theft protection entails more than checking your credit report. Take charge of your identity and avoid possible financial and personal ruin. your account numbers and theft alert information is a good place to start. If your wallet is stolen or your computer is compromised you can quickly access the right person. Time is of the essence to prevent further damage or loss to your accounts. Update this list often. Checking personal and financial information often and reviewing bank statements and credit card bills line by line every month are other important habits to develop. Some thieves will charge small amounts for several months to avoid detection. Investigate anything you don t recognize. Write checks with a gel ink pen to avoid check washing. Request and review credit reports annually by accessing them via the reporting agencies websites. Identity theft victims are entitled to a free credit report but you can request a free report for a refundable 1 fee. Close unused accounts and shred unused credit and debit cards. Use hard-to-decipher security codes and passwords. Avoid birthdays and anniversaries or combinations that are easy to guess. Don t use the same password for all of your accounts and change your codes annually. Finally shred all unnecessary papers with your name address or other identifiable information. This includes credit card offers because identity thieves will pull these from the mail change the address and use your name to secure credit. RESTORATION In the event that your identity is compromised act quickly to prevent further damage document all conversations and keep copies of all correspondence. The restoration process can take between 40 to 175 hours to complete. Some homeowners insurance policies may reimburse expenses incurred from identity theft. If you pursue further coverage look for a plan that restores your identity versus resolving the crime. If you are a victim place a Fraud Alert on your credit reports and review them. A fraud alert prevents the thief from opening new accounts in your name. You only need to contact one credit reporting agency they must contact the other two on your behalf. Next download the FTC s guide Take Charge Fighting Back Against Identity Theft and consider securing professional assistance. Campana recommends hiring a professional if the theft involves more than credit fraud. However he cautions consumers to carefully review the scope of services and make sure a licensed professional will be handling your case. Close any affected accounts and place passwords and or personal identification numbers on all new accounts. Speak with a security representative at each business following up in writing and including copies of any documentation. Finally you need to file a police report keeping a copy for your records. Then file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Sources for this article are and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 41 HERLIFE real estate By AgENT OR FOR SALE By OwNER Will you offer your home on your own or hire a realtor Most selling agents ask for three percent of the sales price while the buying agent may also get three percent. That s about 9 000 on a 300 000 house before any other fees and costs are added to the mix. If you don t mind dealing with open houses advertisements and For Sale by Owner websites then do your research and try selling on your own. If not search for a knowledgeable and experienced agent to handle the duties. PRICE IT RIgHT Pricing a home seems to be the toughest part for sellers. Many times we believe our home is worth more than what the market is getting. Most experts recommend pricing lower than other homes in the neighborhood for a quicker sale and to keep the home from going stagnant. Do your research and look at comps in the area. Price above what homes have Selling Your home in a Buyer s Market by l i s a t aranto but l er already sold for but below other houses currently on the market. If you need to sell quickly then pricing the home is key to moving onward. UPDATE yOUR PAD If you want a fair price for your home updates are necessary. Even low budgets can handle some basic remodeling. Pick projects that will give you more bang for your buck. Complete any projects you can on your own and hire a professional for others. Consider offering buyer s incentives like paying for closing costs buying new appliances or negotiating furniture into the deal. CURB APPEAL Offering an appealing curbside view is crucial to getting people in the door. If buyers don t connect to your front yard they may not step foot inside to get a glimpse of your recently renovated kitchen or updated master bath. Check a few things to make sure your view from the street is superb. Is the house in need of paint Chipping paint and dull colors can lessen the value. Trim shrubbery rake leaves and discard yard debris. The mailbox and house numbers should be clean and painted while buying a new doormat and a few potted plants will welcome would-be buyers. SET THE STAgE Staging accentuates the positives of a home and invites the potential buyer to see themselves in your house. From decluttering to depersonalizing staging a home can make or break a sale and allow the homeowner to enjoy a rejuvenated space until the deal is done. CLOSE THE DEAL Be ready for an offer and know what you will do when you receive it. Take into account the monetary amount and any contingencies. Most buyers will pay for an inspection so be ready to fix issues or negotiate further. Know your limits--what you can afford and want to do to close the deal. If everyone is satisfied with the terms then poise your pen to sign on the dotted line. After all is said and done celebrate with a glass of wine and get ready for the fun part--buying your next home Sources for this article are and their home for a little while longer or throw caution to the real estate wind and list their abode in shaky economic times. In a buyer s market the selling odds aren t as favorable but there s certainly hope of hammering that SOLD sign in the front yard. Here are a few ways to make sure your residence resonates with buyers and sells at a price with which you can live. EvALUATE yOUR STATE In such a waning economy this may not be the right time to sell. Can you wait for an upswing in the market Financially do you have to get rid of your home These are questions to ask yourself before listing. Is selling now worth the time effort and money that will go into the entire process Lean real estate times typically mean getting less cash for your address. Crunch the numbers when it comes to what you owe on your current home how much you will spend in updates possible realtor commissions and any other fees you may encounter with a sale. MAkE A PLAN How long can you keep your house on the market How fast do you need to sell How much money do you want or need to make These are all questions important to deciphering a selling strategy for your home. The longer it takes your home to sell the more costly it becomes so consider entering at a lower price to sell faster. Set a realistic timeline as to when you would like your home to sell. If the goal is not met reevaluate your situation and set new expectations with necessary changes made to your existing plan. 42 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM t hese days no time really seems like a sizzling season to put a house on the market. Would-be home sellers everywhere are contemplating whether they want to tough it out and live in HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 43 HERLIFE travel ACRoSS AMERICA travel. According to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association a family of four can save an average of seventy-four percent by vacationing in a motor home. In addition RV travel has great advantages--it s like being at home and away at the same time You can discover unknown places while enjoying the comfort of a familiar environment. Ready to embark on your RV adventure Read on for ways to make the trip as smooth as possible. PLAN OvERNIgHT STOPS IN ADvANCE As a child I was a much bigger fan of road trips with my grandparents (who basically favored winging it) than with my parents (who planned in meticulous detail). Now thanks to the night my husband and I spent almost two hours searching for a hotel room in Ohio having unwittingly stumbled up against a Ham Radio convention (the idea of which grew funnier as we grew increasingly loopy from exhaustion) I now realize that winging it is far more fun when you re the one snoozing in the back seat. So it s a good idea to prepare a list of RV camps and hotels along your route before your trip. You might also try to determine if any big events will be going on in the area and make reservations in advance if necessary to save yourself from your own Ham Radio heartache. DON T OvERBOOk In order to really experience each place you visit plan to stay at least two nights a mere one-night stay and a coffee stop on your way out of town in the morning means you will likely miss the good stuff. You may think you ll have the energy to explore each new place upon your arrival but after you ve been on the road for several hours to get there you may discover that you re up for little more than a nap. In order to make real memories plan on a full day for exploration. It may require planning 44 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM rV ING by ch a n d ra bla ck we ll i f you think Recreational Vehicle (RV) travel is strictly for the senior set take off your granny glasses As the economy forces many families to limit vacation spending RVs are becoming a choice mode of vacation fewer stops and seeing fewer locations but this is one situation where you won t regret choosing quality over quantity. kEEP yOUR TANk HALF FULL You ll be logging some major miles and are bound to encounter huge stretches of oblivion with few (or no) opportunities to refuel. Many of these areas are also technology voids where you may not be able to get a good cell signal to call AAA. Making sure your tank stays at least half full will help prevent you from winding up at the side of the road staring at a faded sign that says 15 miles to the Love Shack while your travel companion tries to flag down a friendly-looking truck driver. CHECk wEATHER AND TRAFFIC REPORTS DAILy Weather can change dramatically within a few hundred miles. While it s safe to assume that you re not likely to encounter a blizzard if you re traveling in the summer you could still be headed into a weather situation you d rather avoid (scenes from the movie Twister come to mind). Similarly an unexpected road closure could end up taking you 300 miles out of your way whereas with a little advance notice you could possibly choose a shorter (and perhaps more scenic) alternate route. DON T FORgET yOUR SURvIvAL kIT Here are a few key items you ll want to have on hand before you venture forth spare tire jack and tire iron road flares flashlight road atlas or GPS water and non-perishable snacks credit card and a few hundred dollars in emergency cash. Now all you need is worthy travel companionship some awesome music and the spirit of adventure and you and your RV are ready to hit the road Sources for this article are and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 45 HERLIFE tie the knot Krist i Eric Tied The KnoT March 30 2012 by c a n d i s mi th phot ogr a phy by gi n a b a rc a o f b a rc a d e s i g n s p h o to g ra p hy k risti Johnson (formerly Chapman) is 31 years old and grew up in Jupiter Florida. She graduated in 2003 from Florida State University where she majored in Finance. A couple of years tral Florida. Eric grew up playing football and continues to have a great passion for the sport (which Kristi is learning to love). Eric is in sales for an insurance company and loves to spend his free time barbecuing--he is known as the grill master in their house. The couple both grew up in south Florida but it took them moving 600 miles to Atlanta Georgia to meet. A mutual friend of theirs loved that they were from the same area and decided to set them up. The first night they met almost didn t happen because after graduating she moved to Atlanta where she and Eric still live. She is a sales rep at a healthcare IT company. Kristi loves to spend her free time with friends and family cooking and playing tennis. Eric Johnson is from Stuart Florida and is 33 years old. He attended the Naval Academy and graduated from University of Cen- 46 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Eric got lost and showed up two hours late Thankfully Kristi decided to wait because both knew immediately that there was something different about one another. What was supposed to be one drink turned into hours of talking and getting to know one another. Neither Kristi nor Eric wanted that first date to end They have been inseparable from that very first night. After dating three years Eric and Kristi decided to take the plunge and buy a house together. They spent the first day moving in and unpacking boxes. At the end of the day Eric called Kristi over to look at something he d found wrong with the house. After moving all day this was the last thing she wanted to hear. It took her a moment to figure out what was truly happening Eric was on one knee and proposing. Kristi never thought he would be able to surprise her but she had no clue it was coming. It was such a special way to start their new life together The happy couple tied the knot on March 30 2012. Their wedding party had ten friends and family members. Kristi s bridal party included one of Kristi s sisters Eric s sister and her three best friends from high school (also known as the four moons ). Eric s groom s party included Kristi s two brothers Jeff and Adam and his best friends from childhood Jeremy (his Best Man) Scott and Brian. It went without saying that there was no place they would rather spend their special day than at home on the beach. The newlyweds honeymooned at a Secrets Resort in Montego Bay Jamaica. They wanted something romantic and relaxing and it was the perfect fit with mountains beach and sun tuxEDos MakE-up hair cakE briDEsMaiDs DrEssEs briDal gown local businEssEs that sharED in thE loVE legends by Romona keveza Bridals by lori Atlanta GA Alvina valenta Betty from Sweet tiers Juno Beach Susan marie with Salon Results Jensen Beach Christina with Salon Results Jensen Beach tux Shop palm Beach Gardens harpist Esther Underhay the Elegant harp florist Simply Flowers Jupiter photographEr Gina Barca with Barca designs ViDEographEr Brett hammond VEnuE anD catErEr Jupiter Beach Resort DJ dJ lou with paragon Entertainment HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 47 HERLIFE in the city C al en dar of E ve n ts NOTE All calendar events must be submitted by July 30th for consideration in our September issue. Please include event location date details and contact information and email to karen Events considered for publication are normally limited to community wide charity events or events hosted by our advertisers. We cannot guarantee that all events submitted will be published. AUGUSt 1 Lighthouse Art Center Summer Enrichment Art Camp DATES August 1 August 17 TIME 8 30am 5 00pm LOCATION School of Art 395 Seabrook Road LOCATION Sheraton Ft. Lauderdale Airport DETAILS Come out and celebrate with the 1825 Griffin Road Dania Beach DETAILS Don t miss the largest business expo ladies in support of a great cause. Zuccarelli s will be holding a girls night out to raise money for the MS Foundation. There will be live music raffles vendors food and more. 5 entrance fee. MORE INFORMATION To register as a vendor of the season presented by the Broward & Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce. MORE INFORMATION or get more information contact CJ at 561-686- Tequesta DETAILS Learn from professional artists and explore Master Artists throughout history creating drawing ceramics painting 3D and mixedmedia projects. Have fun traveling through art movements and create your own Palette Passport. Weekly art techniques and projects range from Pop Art to Renaissance to cartooning. MORE INFORMATION Katie lighthousearts. AUGUSt 11 Command and Control DATE August 11 TIME 10 00am 12 00pm LOCATION Hyatt Place Hotel 295 Lakeview 7739 or email zgirlsnightout AUGUSt 17 Boca Ballroom Battle DATE August 17 TIME 6 00PM LOCATION Boca Raton Resort & Club 501 Avenue West Palm Beach DETAILS Come learn how to be more efficient org or and improve your task management training. Breakfast is served from 9 30am 10 00am. Cost is 300 per person. MORE INFORMATION To register send an E. Camino Real Blvd Boca Raton DETAILS Come out and watch the 5th Annual AUGUSt 4 Wine and All that Jazz DATE August 4 TIME 7 00pm 9 00pm LOCATION Boca Raton Resort & Club 501 E. Boca Ballroom Battle benefiting the George Snow Scholarship Foundation. In a spinoff of Dancing with the Stars compete for a Mirror Ball trophy at a cocktail reception and dance. Tickets start at 150 per person. MORE INFORMATION email to rassad Duffy Jackson Quintet DATE August 11 TIME 8 00pm LOCATION Arts Garage 180 NE 1st Street or Camino Real Boca Raton DETAILS Treat yourself to more than 100 fine Delray Beach DETAILS This incredible jazz drummer will wines for tasting Bogart s Bar & Grill Deck 84 and more. 50 for general admission 100 for VIP admission where you can try your luck at the roulette tables craps and enjoy the entertainment from the classic Vegas showgirls. MORE INFORMATION Chasity Navarro at be holding court behind his drum kit while swinging ferociously and cracking wise He is an all-round entertainer who has backed such legends as Duke Ellington Lionel Hampton Dizzy Gillespie and Benny Carter. Tickets are 20 to 30 in advance. MORE INFORMATION AUGUSt 18 Barrelhouse Chuck DATE August 18 TIME 8 00pm LOCATION Arts Garage 180 NE 1st Street cnavarro Delray Beach DETAILS This legendary blues piano great has AUGUSt 9 State of Florida Success Expo 2012 DATE August 9 TIME 2 00pm 9 00pm 48 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Zuccarelli s Presents Girls Night Out DATE August 11 TIME 6 00pm 10 00pm LOCATIONS Zuccarelli s 4595 Okeechobee recorded with some of the biggest names in the genre including Jimmy Rogers Buddy Guy and Hubert Sumlin. You can also hear him on the soundtrack of Cadillac Records Tickets are 20 to 30 in advance. MORE INFORMATION Boulevard West Palm Beach AUGUSt 23 Eat to Beat Cancer DATE August 23 TIME 5 00pm 9 30pm LOCATION Royal Palm Place Boca Raton DETAILS A Boca Festival Days event Eat to Coconut Creek DETAILS Please join us for our annual bowl-a- Sip PRIME s signature 5 Ketel One Martinis and listen to smooth sexy DJ beats until 12 a.m. MORE INFORMATION 561-865-5845 thon where your company can enjoy a unique team-building experience while supporting a great cause. Teams are made up of five to six people. Individuals commit to raising 100 and pay the 20 bowling fee which includes two games of bowling shoes and the event t-shirt. Events like this help support us teaching over 50 000 students about financial literacy and the global economy. MORE INFORMATION AUGUSt 25 Change4Change - C4C2 DATE August 25 TIME 4 00PM LOCATION Cheers Food & Spirits 941 East Beat Cancer is a 60th birthday celebration for The Pap Corps which raises research funds for all types of cancer. Participating restaurants will be donating 20 percent of their dinner proceeds from 5 00pm 8 00pm to The Pap Corps and at 8 00pm there will be a cake-cutting at the stage area in addition to a free concert by The Wild Cats. MORE INFORMATION For a list of restaurants Cypress Creek Road Ft. Lauderdale DETAILS A rock and roll benefit to help kill AUGUSt 24 PRimE Society Friday DATE August 24 TIME 9 00pm LOCATION Prime Delray 110 E. Atlantic cancer. The Super Fuzz (aka The Chris Alvy Band) Behold The Wolf L3-16 True Blue Rock n Roll Dundee Andy Mendez & Friends The Sidekicks Freddy s Final Shot Comedian Wayne Felber. Save your change and drop it at the door. Raffles giveaways midnight balloon release and tons more You don t wanna miss this MORE INFORMATION please visit Junior Achievement s Pep Rally at the Alley Bowl-A-Thon DATE August 23 24 TIME 7 00pm LOCATION 1130 Coconut Creek Boulevard Avenue Delray Beach DETAILS Check out the ultimate Friday night http steve.quinto1 gathering spot in Delray Beach starting at 9 p.m. and enjoy complimentary tequila tastings from the girls of Milagro Silver and 5 tequila shots HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 49 hot deals Celebrating over 30 years of family tradition. zuCCarellis 4595 okeechobee blvd. West Palm Beach Florida 561-686-7739 lashes by dr. Man To purchase call 1-800-232-5508 or go to nCogniTo fiTness 420 State Rd. 7 Suite 174 Royal Palm Beach FL 561-389-5635 Mention you saw this ad in HERLIFE Magazine and get 10% off when you spend 50. Mention you saw this ad in HERLIFE Magazine for 10 off lashes. Mention you saw this ad in HERLIFE Magazine for 50% off massage. 1st time visitors only. Restrictions apply. Expires 12-31-12. Healthy Skin Care LiPSenSe Contact glamlipsnMore or 561-289-4491 for details. elish a llC 16244 S. Military Trail Suite 120 Delray Beach FL 33484 561-498-1414 ChroMa salon 410 evernia street suite 117 West Palm Beach 561-899-0337 Mention you saw this ad in HERLIFE Magazine for a free skincare consultation. Mention that you saw this in HERLIFE Magazine and receive 10% off our 7 piece Mini set (perfect for travel ) - normally 55. Partial highlight starting at 75 full highlight starting at 130 mani pedi for 38. Cannot be combined with other offers. Expires 8 31 12. Restrictions may apply. To have your business lisTed Call 561-899-0433 eXT 105 50 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM C hristine Rose Photography 561 543 0466 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 51 52 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM