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HEAV BOARD & StAff HEAV Board of Directors Anne Miller President Williamsburg Patrick Ryan Vice President Purcellville Linda Linder Secretary Manassas Rick Boyer Board Member Rustburg Cherrie Moore Board Member Virginia Beach Advisory Board Lauren Bell Virginia Beach Yvonne Bunn Murfreesboro HEAV Staff Anne Miller Interim Executive Director Yvonne Bunn Director of Homeschool Support Lauren Bell Convention Director Diana Un Office Manager office Carolyn Birney Financial Manager Anna Shealy Administrative Assistant Lora Howard Administrative Assistant Publications Staff Maureen Bittner Director of Publications & Marketing Mary Kay Smith Magazine Editor editor Melissa Barnes Editor Kathleen Lansing Advertising Director advertising Kathleen Dillie Update Manager Karen Sweeney Update Content Editor update Chris Update Editor Arielle Potter Copy Editor & Above-the-Fold Writer Maya Barnes Update Layout Laurie Sitterding Editor Michael Grice Webmaster Alyssa Mulhearn Web Content Editor Susannah Miller Graphic Designer Jennifer Covington Social Media Manager SEnD ADDRESS CHAnGES tO Home Educators Association of Virginia 2248-G Dabney Road Richmond Virginia 23230-0745 Fax 804-278-9202 E-mail office Phone 804-278-9200 or Web For fastest service send your former and new addresses. Check your mailing label to see if you are a member if not join today The purpose of the Virginia Home Educator is to provide information resources and encouragement to Virginia homeschool parents. The views expressed in this magazine do not necessarily reflect those of the Home Educators Association of Virginia. All Scripture quotations are from the King James Version unless otherwise noted. The Virginia Home Educator is sent quarterly to Virginia s homeschooling families without charge. To receive a free subscription sign up at To inquire about advertising or submitting an article please contact HEAV at PO Box 6745 Richmond Virginia 23230-0745 or e-mail us at advertising or editor HEAV reserves the right to edit for style and space or to refuse any submission deemed inappropriate for our publication. Permission is granted to reprint any news items from this magazine providing proper credit is given all other material is copyrighted. For reprint permission please contact the editor at editor 2013 Home Educators Association of Virginia SUBMISSIOn DEADLInES Spring 2013 (Issue 1)--December 1 Summer 2013 (Issue 2)--March 15 Fall 2013 (Issue 3)--June 15 Winter 2013 (Issue 4)--September 15 Cover Photo Credit jpmediainc 12 11 Features 11 12 16 18 Invite a Child for the Summer Hannah Beck Departments 4 5 5 6 From the Editor Mary Kay Smith Sponsoring a Child Lindsey Smith NEW From Our Facebook Page... Letters From the Director of Homeschool Support Yvonne Bunn Eight is Great Joy Hayden Including Other Children in Your Homeschool Brian Bittner 8 Freedom Watch 22 Classified Ads From the Editor Mary Kay Smith I just returned from the African bush. This visit home was a little unusual because friends and I stayed at a private game reserve where animals came right up to our thatched cottage. The first morning there a mom and baby kudu ambled past vervet monkeys came to inspect and a family of warthogs popped by. Even a warthog is cute when it stands right at the patio watching and blinking trying to figure out humans. Red- and yellow-billed hornbills and guinea fowl also stopped in and hung around as though they were expected to tea. We had constant visitors. One night a bush pig came shuffling out of the veld to see what we were having for supper. He stood there studying us over his long snout as though he were looking over reading glasses. He had a tiny string of a tail and altogether looked a defeated sort of fellow but somehow that just made him endearing. The third morning one of the yellow-billed hornbills came and tapped at the glass door. When I went out to see him there also stood a beautiful majestic male antelope--an nyala. The nyala watched my movements curiously and his ears followed the sound as I spoke to him. He seemed so serene that I finally went to him and scratched his nose I was so excited for all of these close encounters It s a funny thing about the African bushveld. It is home to a lot of animals and I grew up in it so I love it but in a way it s kind of ugly-- tufts of yellow grass scrub bush occasional aloes and acacia thorn trees. It always looks the same. Unlike forests or jungles it doesn t really fill in over time so whatever you see today looks pretty much as it did fifty years ago and as it will still look in another fifty years time. So why do I bring all of this up When I was sitting on the verandah I saw animals come and go. In a one-minute period a 4 tHE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCAtOR WIntER 2012 crested barbet might land and fly off again a blue-headed lizard might scamper up a tree or a mongoose might run by. There one moment but gone the next leaving no trace. Look away and you miss it. It was a picture to me of the brevity of life. We also come and go and the veld won t show much of a hint that we passed by. As the band Kansas used to sing All we are is dust in the wind.... So how can we leave a footprint This issue is about doing something that has long-lasting impact--including other children in our lives. As homeschoolers we re doing a good job of caring for our own children but some of our readers have suggested we should focus on including others too--maybe in a big way through adoption or foster care or to a lesser degree with things like child sponsorship or teaching in a co-op. I hope that after you finish reading you will be inspired to include one more child in your life. Are you A member Register early for the convention and ticketed events. Save 10 on convention registration. Shop earlier in the Used Curriculum Sale. Get discounts on products and events all year long. Join HEav Today Just 35 per year Join at from our facebook page... join the online conversation Outside the Box Q Any suggestions on a good phonics program for kindergarten Jennifer I d recommend The Ordinary Parent s Guide to Teaching Reading. I ve taught three kids to read--and am teaching the fourth--and this is the first thing I used. It s a no-frills simple very thorough way to teach reading. You can add an explicitly Christian element with well-chosen readers. My favorite Christian readers are published by Rod and Staff. Christina We chose to wait until at least age six to do formal academics (pencil and paper lessons). Kids can learn TONS about phonics orally. Songs nursery rhymes and being read to--all those prepare Looking for a fun artistic easy-to-wash-away paint for reading. Look into Rod and activity for your little one s Staff s ABC series too. bath time Try this You need foaming Shannon We used A Beka s shave cream food Handbook for Reading. We made coloring a container (a silicone muffin pan is great) it fun by using Play-Doh shaving and paint brushes. It works even better in an egg cream and sandpaper letters. Besides carton because it floats. Reprinted with permission from Jill Dubien. this we did LOTS of reading--Bob books For more great ideas visit her blog at Usborne books and library books garten is all about making learning fun and creating positive memories of learning at home with Mom Q What does homeschooling enable you to do that perhaps you could not do otherwise rather than have to wait until after school. (We do it as part of our homeschool day.) I also love having the freedom to take her on field trips since we like to travel a lot. The best parts are spending time together and making a lot of fun memories while we are learning. Cari I love that we can school through the hottest months of Texas summers when even the kids don t want to be outside. Then we take extra time off during times of great weather Debbi We got to participate in a Salvation Army food give-away at our church last week that happened at lunch time. My younger daughter is going to be volunteering at our church s preschool twice a month and is babysitting for a friend while she goes to grief counseling. We couldn t do any of those things (and more) if my girls were in school. Jodi We can have my daughter s violin lesson in the morning--and also practice the violin earlier in the day when she isn t as tired-- Q How do you limit screen time Jennifer One year I made my children earn it five minutes per every subject completed in a timely manner each day. It worked great until they discovered that they could bank their time and ended up in front of the TV a whole weekend. Besides I wanted them to learn that I expect them to work hard--not reward them for doing it. Courtney There are no video games during school time and only thirty minutes of WiiTM each day with no rollover minutes. Special extensions are granted on occasion. We have no cable or satellite dish so television is not an issue. NEW DIGITAL FORMAT now get the same great magazine on your tablet & mobile devices--for FREE Visit the-virginia-home-educator. Letters tHANkS tO HEAV Thank you for making homeschooling so much easier All your information links to bills headsup about legislation questions answered local events discounts...we re all lucky to have HEAV Erin Asamom on Facebook Thank you very much for your support. We really appreciate your organization and the information it provides. We also enjoy watching your webinars. Molly Comfort NOTE For those who are not able to attend HEAV s Success Seminars at the Richmond office the HEAV website offers webinars that can be viewed at your convenience. There is a free Introduction to Homeschooling webinar along with others titles such as How to Begin What You Really Need to Know Know the Law Notifying and Testing Demystified How to Choose Curriculum and Homeschool High School Path to Success. MAgAzINE ARtIClE Thank you very much for publishing Rick Boyer s article I Am Your Child s Future Employer. I read it with interest and took impeccable notes and will weave its contents into a lesson plan for my children. Please thank Mr. Boyer for his continued awesome work. And thank you HEAV for keeping track of my address change and keeping me on your mailing list so that I could read this article It completely changed my Sunday morning and was a much-needed reminder. You are doing an awesome job With kind regards Kerry O Brien Smith Scan Me From the director of Homeschool Support Yvonne Bunn Sports Access Two ViewS S ports access for homeschool students is a controversial subject and has been debated for years by the public educators legislators the media and homeschoolers. With the upcoming legislative session the debate will continue. HEAV has invited Delegate Rob Bell (R-Albemarle) a long-time supporter of homeschooling and sponsor of the sports-access Tebow Bill and Rick Boyer a national homeschool speaker writer and father of fourteen homeschooled children to share their opposing viewpoints on the topic of sports access. Home Educators Association of Virginia believes parents have the right to educate their children in conformity with their own convictions and that parents have the right to choose the means by which this education will take place. We support a parent s right to direct his or her child s education. As the founding Virginia homeschool organization HEAV s primary purpose has always been to protect and strengthen the rights of parents to educate their children at home. Our by-laws define our responsibilities to parents and the public which are to provide information support resources and encouragement to build positive relationships with our legislators public officials and the media and to initiate legislative changes to protect and advance home education and the rights of parents to teach their children at home. HEAV understands the interest some parents have in providing athletic opportunities for their children. We know some homeschool families want sports access some do not and some--though they are not interested for themselves--think the opportunity should be available for those who are interested. However since actively promoting a return to public school is not consistent with HEAV s stated purpose HEAV has remained neutral on sports access. Just Say No Rick G. Boyer S hould home-educated kids play on public school sports teams I say no. Yes I know about Tim Tebow. And I consider him a hero. Yes I know you pay taxes that support public schools. And I agree that it s unfair for you to be denied access to programs that you pay for. But I think it is very unwise to send your kids to play on their sports teams. Have you ever been in a supermarket and seen a friendly lady giving away little chunks of cheese or sausage on toothpicks You know what she s there for. She s there to give you a free sample of a product the store carries. The store hopes that you will like the sample and want more. If it works you will buy a product you probably weren t planning on buying when you entered the store. Public school programs work that way too. Homeschooled students participating in sports music or drama have a good time. Some of those students excel and get the added pleasure of being praised and admired for their ability. And suddenly public school is no longer threatening or sinister to them. They have seen its very best side and they wonder what else they re missing by going to school at home. They hear from their new friends about all the fun they have at other school functions--the pep rallies the parties the dances. Sounds pretty good--especially if you don t know about the down side. Those of us who fought the battles for educational freedom in 6 tHE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCAtOR WIntER 2012 the 1980s don t have a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings for the public school system. We know that it was intentionally designed to break down a child s loyalty to parents siblings God and America. That s why we don t care to expose our kids to the bright side of that system. We don t see a need of giving them the free samples that may make them want more. What about Tim Tebow--a homeschooled kid who won the Heisman Trophy and is now a pro quarterback--sharing his faith admirably and unashamedly As I said he s a hero to me. What about the other kids who have played public school sports and have not been sucked in I know a homeschooling mom who protested to me that her boys played public school football and not only resisted the ungodly pressures but actually witnessed effectively to their teammates. She s proud of her boys and I m proud of her for raising such boys. I still think sports access is a bad idea. Why Because for every Tim Tebow who kept his faith and stuck with home education until college there are others who took the bait and pressured their parents to let them attend public school full time. I ve been in the homeschooling movement for more than thirty years and though I m unaware of the statistics on this I ve observed enough to believe that for every Tebow there are several kids who got sucked in. I ve spent thirty years watching homeschoolers take the road back to Egypt succumbing to the preconceptions they absorbed in their own youth and the enticements offered by schools. Not everybody who tastes the free samples at the grocery store buys the cheese but enough do that the store finds it worthwhile to keep the friendly lady at her post. Don t forget that the public school system has requirements for sports participation. If you don t want to face the possibility that Tebow Bill Y would expaNd opTioNS foR HomeScHooleRS Rob Bell ou ve homeschooled your son for years but now he s a teenager who wants to go to public school--not for the academics but to play football. The coach has said he would love him to try out and he might even be able to earn a college scholarship. Besides your boy loves to play. What do you do In much of America there s no dilemma because twenty-nine states allow homeschoolers to play high school sports without enrolling in a public school. Virginia does not but we can change that by passing a Tebow Bill. WHAt StOPS HOMESCHOOlERS fROM PlAyINg Individual schools can set their own internal rules but when the time comes for the actual game the competition is governed by the Virginia High School League (VHSL). The VHSL has rules that effectively bar homeschoolers from playing including the take five pass five rule that requires students to take and pass certain classes in school. The VHSL prohibition applies even to those schools that want homeschoolers on their teams. Opponents of the Tebow Bill claim that a student can t truly represent the school unless he attends classes in the building or that it is unfair to have different rules for different students. Some fear that the homeschooler will take a slot thereby bumping another student from the team. But WE lIVE HERE tOO These arguments miss the point. Homeschool students are being legally educated pursuant to Virginia law. Their parents pay taxes that support the school. Besides not every athlete walks the halls of the school--dual-enrolled public school students who take classes at a community college can play sports even if they never set foot inside the high school. It is only homeschoolers who are excluded. HOW DO WE fIx tHIS For several years I have proposed the Tebow Bill which would give local schools the authority to let homeschoolers play. To keep things fair it includes requirements that students pass their homeschooling tests live in the school district and follow all the rules of the team. There would be no reserved slots or quotas. This option is not for everyone and the Tebow Bill would not require homeschoolers to join high school sports--it would simply allow those homeschoolers who are interested to try out. From its beginning the homeschool movement has emphasized providing choices and empowering parents and this bill gives parents an option. Although some homeschoolers worry that a Tebow Bill would open the door to new homeschooling regulations I believe this is no longer the primary challenge for homeschoolers. In the last two decades homeschooling has expanded eight-fold in Virginia and has become a truly mainstream educational choice. Many homeschool students access local schools for partial enrollment classes or extra-curricular programs not governed by the VHSL. All of these have made homeschooling more accessible to parents and none have led to new homeschool regulations. The biggest benefit of course is that a Tebow Bill might enable some parents of homeschooled athletes to continue homeschooling all the way through high school. HOW yOu CAN HElP As I visit co-ops and support groups I hear that a clear majority of homeschool parents support the bill--even if they don t plan to use it themselves. However in the General Assembly we are still several votes shy of passage. You can help by contacting your state legislators sharing your thoughts and introducing them to your students so they can see who might benefit. You can also testify in Richmond. If you want to stay involved sign the online petition at With your help we can make this change and expand choices for homeschoolers in Virginia Delegate Rob Bell (R-Albemarle) is the patron of the Tebow Bill (HB 947). Bell was the recipient of HEAV s 2006 award for Outstanding Leadership in Advancing the Rights of Home-Educating Parents. the school will impose conditions on how when and what you teach your kids then you d better think long and hard before committing to their programs. Some will say that sports access gives Christian kids a chance to witness to public school kids. I say that if we can t find a way to reach them without sharing their locker-room culture we re pretty short on creativity--or motivation. Some will protest that sports provide the opportunity to win college scholarships. That s true but there are many many ways to earn scholarship money. Some students don t find it necessary to obtain a college degree anyway. God bless Tim Tebow. I m glad he has succeeded. But I ve seen far too many families take the road back to Egypt. Tim is the exception not the rule. Just say no to cheese on toothpicks. Rick Boyer is a homeschooling father of fourteen. He and his wife Marilyn write and speak on homeschooling and parenting topics. Visit him at spxChrome tHE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCAtOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 7 u.N. tREAtIES ON HOlD In September an attempt to ratify the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) by unanimous consent was defeated by Senator Mike Lee of Utah. Senator Lee objected to adopting an international treaty that overrides domestic law without a discussion or vote. The Senate is not expected to take up the measure again until January when the lame duck session is over and the new Congress is seated. Senator Lee presented a letter signed by thirty-six senators stating they would oppose efforts to consider any treaty during this time period because it is important for the senators to have a clear understanding of these treaties. It is unlikely that the CRPD or the Convention on the Rights of the Child will be acted upon until January. For more information see SPORtS ACCESS MEEtINgS The Virginia School Boards Association (VSBA) initiated three meeting to discuss homeschool participation in Virginia High School League activities. The Task Force included representatives from several public school organizations including the Virginia High School League (VHSL) the Virginia Association of Secondary School Principals the Virginia Association of School Superintendents the Virginia Parent Teacher Association and several superintendents and school board members. The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers represented homeschool interests. The Task Force was charged by VSBA president Joan Wodiska with identifying issues of concern from all parties. The group reviewed data from other states that allow access. They discussed the VHSL eligibility requirements and the appeal process. During each meeting there was time for public comment. Although the purpose of the group was to discuss sports access with the expectation of developing common ground the meetings concluded with no recommendations and no definitive conclusions. RElIgIOuS ExEMPtION CHAllENgE Andrew Block director of the University of Virginia s Child Advocacy Clinic analyzed Virginia s religious exemption in his recently published article 7 000 Children and Counting An Analysis of Religious Exemptions from Compulsory School Attendance in Virginia. The report raised questions about the government s responsibility in overseeing the educational progress of religiously exempt children. Virginia is the only state that does not require religiously exempt students to meet specific educational requirements. The report questioned how school boards grant religious exemptions and asked the Commonwealth to determine if the law is being applied uniformly. The article challenged legislators to consider whether the present law balances the religious freedom of parents with a child s right to an education. Block hopes policymakers will want to take a second look at Virginia s religious exemption statute. HEAV will carefully watch for any attempts to amend Virginia s religious exemption statute during the 2013 General Assembly session. We will diligently defend our religious freedoms. Earn a University of Virginia Engineering Degree from Home Begin your studies toward an engineering degree at a Virginia Community College. Earn an Associate s Degree in Engineering Science with a GPA of 3.2 or higher. Then through the PRODUCED program enter the University of Virginia Engineering School to complete a Bachelor s Degree in Engineering while connecting with engineering employers all from your hometown community. Now through PRODUCED you can change the world... from home For more information stop by the HEAV booth 224 at the June Convention in Richmond Visit Contact jgroves at UVA Engineering School Charlottesville VA 22904 8 tHE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCAtOR WIntER 2012 Patrick Henry college Restoring the American collegiate ideal Education for truth Truth for leadership All for Christ... At Patrick Henry College we re helping our students grow into the leaders of tomorrow by offering the same classical liberal arts curriculum that shaped many of our an emphasis on timeless and a campus country s Founding Fathers. With academic disciplines environment that Patrick Henry College is equipping future the culture fosters spiritual growth leaders to shape and serve the nation. Patrick Henry cChrist & for Liberty ollege For To find out more visit us at 888.338.1776 Patrick Henry College is certified by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia and accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools. tHE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCAtOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 9 VALLEY FORGE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE WOODBRIDGE CAMPUS AN EDUCTION THAT HONORS AND ENRICHES YOUR FAITH VFCCWC is certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia (SCHEV) with accreditation through VFCC by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). Easing the financial burden of college is our primary focus without sacrificing academic excellence. Degrees are offered in several academic majors such as Christian Ministries Pastoral Counseling Psychology Theology and Business Administration. VFCCWC is conveniently located in Northern Virginia with easy access to I-95. Small Classes - Varied Schedule Day Evening Online and Independent Study Classes - Advanced Leadership and Discipleship Training - Modern Classroom Technology and Blackboard In addition VFCCWC offers Dual Enrollment to eligible high school students in public private or home school. Get a step ahead of the crowd by beginning your college education now 13909 Smoketown Road Woodbridge Virginia 22192 703-580-4810 woodbridge 10 tHE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCAtOR WIntER 2012 Photolyric fOR tHE SuMMER ach summer more than 4 000 children visit host families in thirteen states and Canada through The Fresh Air Fund s Volunteer Host Family Program. The independent not-for-profit agency has provided free summer vacations to more than 1.7 million New York City children from low-income communities since 1877. By 2011 close to 9 000 New York City children from low-income communities experienced the joys of summertime in friendly towns and at five Fresh Air Fund camps in upstate New York. fRESH AIR fuND StORIES Julie Lohr of Harrisonburg Virginia was inspired to become a Fresh Air Fund host after hearing their public service advertisement featuring Mariah Carey. Since 2000 the Lohrs have hosted a Fresh Air child from New York City every summer. As a stay-at-home mom and home educator Julie wanted to make a difference beyond the four walls of her home. I think it s good to expose all children to another way of living. Also as a home educator it s good to expose ourselves and our children to different lifestyles and cultures and hosting through The Fresh Air Fund is a great way to do that. Dejanhay has been visiting the Lohrs for the past eight years and last summer they also invited another child Jesco to stay with them for the first time. When Dejanhay and Jesco visit the Lohrs make the visit a fun staycation. The kids enjoy doing the things they can t normally do in the city camping in the yard catching lightning bugs and eating s mores. You don t have to do anything fancy it s just the idea that there is a backyard with grass and not just pavement--that s a big experience for them Julie says. For Julie the greatest part about being a host is the opportunity to make a difference Invite a Child HANNAH BECk E in a child s life. When the kids get off the bus they re reserved and careful but when they get back on the bus at the end of the trip they re vivacious and happy. Life isn t just what you can get out of it it s what you can do for others and how you can affect someone else s life in a positive way. though Kathy and Steven are family. This is my last year to participate in the program but I already have plans to go down and visit them in the winter. When I first arrived at the Rhodes home I was shy. My host sisters Jessie and Katrina showed me around the farm and suddenly I wasn t shy anymore. T Fresh Air Fund here are no financial requirements to host and it is not only two-parent families with kids who can host. Volunteers may be single parents childless couples or empty-nesters. Each Friendly Town is managed by a committee of volunteer leaders who select host families after reviewing their applications visiting them in their homes and checking their personal references. The Chairperson checks in with the children while they are visiting sometimes organizes activities for host families and the children and is always available. To learn more about how to become a host family in the Virginia area please contact The Fresh Air Fund at 800-367-0003 or visit them online at HOW tO PARtICIPAtE IN tHE Lanell T wiggs didn t have to think twice before agreeing to be a volunteer host when her local Fresh Air chairperson approached her. The moment Emanuel or Mano as he prefers to be called arrives in Yorktown he replaces his yeahs and yups with yes sir and yes ma am --something Lanell insisted on from the day they met nearly five years ago. We have been very blessed to have him. It has worked out really well. He and Jackson our youngest have a great relationship. When asked if she had any advice for prospective families Lanell responded A handful of families in our community are involved and if they don t have the best experience the first time they always keep trying. It s a great opportunity for the whole family. Susan Bell fell in love with the program after reading about it in a magazine. She saved the article until her daughter Abigail was six years old and then she and her husband David signed up. Susan said that in these five years Abigail and their Fresh Air child Elizabeth have become extremely close and get along like sisters. The two are inseparable-- baking cooking and playing board games. When Elizabeth comes we make memories. Initially we just wanted our daughter to have a different experience but we ended up getting so much more. It has been truly rewarding. I have loved watching her grow up We encourage people to volunteer to host for The Fresh Air Fund all the time 11 Steven & Kathy Rhodes also of Harrisonburg have been involved in The Fresh Air Fund for more than twenty years. Jaquette spent her first summer with them in 2005--a tradition that has continued for the past seven years. Now age eighteen Jaquette feels as tHE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCAtOR WWW.HEAV.ORG I Sponsoring a ChIld Lindsey smith and when they write back you get a glimpse into their lives too. My sister and I were teenagers when we decided we wanted to sponsor our own little sister. We chose a girl named Ana from Guatemala. During the years we have sponsored her we have had the opportunity to get to know her through our correspondence. She asks us about our family interests and jobs she asks us to pray for her family and often she tells us she prays for us. VISItINg yOuR CHIlD Most organizations give you the opportunity to visit your child either independently or through their own sponsor trips. These trips can range from more of a tourist venture in which you visit your child s sponsorship center and village and do some sightseeing to mission trips where you are put to work. Child sponsor Rachael Snavely knows about this experience firsthand. I ve been sponsoring a child through Compassion International since I was sixteen. For me sponsorship is a long-term commitment until the child is no longer in the program. Right now I have three kids--a young man from the Philippines an older teenage girl from Indonesia and a preteen boy from Colombia. I have been on two Compassion tours--to Colombia and Indonesia. When I went to Indonesia this past summer I did something different. I visited my parents child Dion. I wanted to make a good impression as well as be the link between Dion and my mom and dad. My parents knew this boy and loved him and I wanted the sponsor day to reflect that. The day turned out to be wonderful but the best memory came right at the end. I d been thinking all day that if Mom were here she d give him a hug. But I was me and rather nervous about hugging a ten-year-old boy I hadn t really known until that day. But right at the close when we were saying good-byes Dion spontaneously leaned over and hugged me I ll treasure that memory always. It s the sort of thing I d spend any amount of money or time or effort for to know my children are real--not just names or faces or drawings flipped through a brochure for David s Hope International an organization that partners with a local pastor to provide orphan care in Kenya and stopped short at a picture of a beautiful little girl with a smile as big and bright as a rainbow. I instantly fell in love with this precious child and knew I had to sponsor her. David s Hope is one of the many Christian organizations that offers child sponsorships. For an average of 30 40 a month you have the ability to radically change a child s life--to rescue him or her from poverty by providing education food clean water hygiene training and medical care to offer a chance to learn about Jesus and to give hope for a bright future. Although each organization operates its sponsorship program a bit differently there are many common threads. CHOOSINg yOuR CHIlD You will start by either picking your child through a picture or by choosing someone in a particular country or region. My family s first sponsored child was from China because my sister had a special interest in the country. After you begin sponsorship you will be able to correspond with your child. Often you are able to include small flat gifts with your letters such as stickers bookmarks pictures or postcards. The children love to hear about you and your family 12 The Bible is very clear about God s heart for the poor and needy. David s Hope International tHE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCAtOR WIntER 2012 woraput or letters. I can talk with them and play with them and hug them. I m already planning my next trip Rachael s grandmother Jan Snavely has been sponsoring children for more than fifty years. Jan and her family were missionaries themselves but chose to sponsor children in other parts of the world. She remarked We realized that God had done all these wonderful things for us so why couldn t we do something for somebody else Jan and her husband taught their children to be interested in other people s lives through sponsorship. BIBlICAl MANDAtE The Bible is very clear about God s heart for the poor and needy for the orphan and the widow. Psalm 10 14 says But you O God do see trouble and grief you consider it to take it in hand. The victim commits himself to you you are the helper of the fatherless. And Psalm 140 12 I know that the LORD secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy. James 1 27 declares that Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this to look after the orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. God promises blessing for those who do as He commands And if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed then your light will rise in the darkness and your night will become like the noonday Isaiah 58 10 (NIV 84). SPONSORSHIP IMPACt How much of an impact does your sponsorship make Here is what three of the children sponsored through Compassion had to say Poverty had told me I was hopeless I was nothing--and I believed that. Yet [My sponsors] told me you are beautiful you are precious to us and we love you. The words touched the very depth of my heart and soul. A girl who had been abused before being sponsored said [You] put into our minds that we are special that God sees our needs and that God sympathizes with us. And He taps people He uses these people to be God s hands to help us to aid us. That girl went through Compassion s Leadership Development Program then on to university. She now works with children and sponsors two children herself. Another girl from the Philippines trained in classical ballet through sponsorship and is now in college. Her goal is to be a prima ballerina and then teach ballet. She also sponsors a child of her own. It is a cycle. When you sponsor a child you rescue him or her from poverty. That child then has a future and turns around and helps the next one. All the children interviewed agreed One act saved my life. That act was sponsorship. Every time a letter arrives from one of my sponsored children I get excited. I feel as I imagine a parent would feel when I read what my kids have been learning lately their accomplishments interests and dreams. Even though I am not physically involved in their lives I know I am making a difference. And when they close their letters with the simple but beautiful phrase I love you I could not feel more honored to have such precious little siblings in my life. Lindsey Smith a former Virginia homeschooler is a professional ballerina with St rling Dance Theater in Kansas City. She also teaches ballet in local studios and teaches dance movement as therapy to formerly trafficked women. SponSorShIp organIzatIonS Lindsey smith T Child These are just some of the organizations that provide child sponsorship that you can research before making a commitment. Many of them also offer special one-time or short-term projects to help impoverished children. AfRICAN CHIlD SPONSORSHIP serves approximately 200 orphaned children residing at the Daniel Hoover Village Mission School and the Oscar and Viola Stewart School for the Deaf outside Monrovia Liberia. These boarding schools are maintained by African Christians Fellowship International (ACFI) and are mainly supported by individual donors and churches. COMPASSION INtERNAtIONAl is a Christian child-advocacy ministry that frees children from poverty enabling them to become responsible fulfilled Christian adults. Compassion works in partnership with local churches to help more than 1.2 million children in twenty-six countries. DAVID S HOPE INtERNAtIONAl partners with a local pastor and organization to build long-term sustainable solutions for education medicine and orphan care in the Eburru community of Kenya. EVERy ORPHAN S HOPE hosts annual Bible camps for AIDS orphans in Zambia and constructs homes in Zambia s AIDS-affected communities. Eight orphans and one widow assisted by local churches build new lives together as a family in each home. fOOD fOR tHE HuNgRy responds to help shelter feed and clothe survivors of natural disasters and does long-term development work with the poor to transform impoverished communities into healthy productive places for children to grow. INtERNAtIONAl CHRIStIAN AID provides financial support for the daily care and education of destitute children in India Honduras Mexico and Nicaragua. PARtNERS INtERNAtIONAl serves God s servants in the hard places of the world advancing their vision for planting and growing the Church and transforming communities. WORlD VISION is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice and offering basics like nutritious food clean water medical care and education. tHE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCAtOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 13 ManoAfrica 14 tHE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCAtOR WIntER 2012 Providing affordable year-round testing services to homeschoolers and private schools for 25 years Introducing a new line of tests available from Seton Testing CAT Test IOWA Test TerraNova 2 Test CAT 6 Test Prep Material Algebra Placement Test Visit our website for ordering and details. 800-542-1066 testing tHE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCAtOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 15 OuR StORy BEgINS On our very first date my husband Mark told me he wanted twelve kids. Not taking him too seriously I went on to marry him the following summer. However once we began our family it became clear to me that he was serious about following through on his Cheaper by the Dozen dream. I wasn t necessarily opposed to the plan but after delivering five kids in seven years my very tired body screamed for a break. By then we had begun our homeschooling journey with our eldest children and I was knee-deep in the overwhelmed stage of motherhood. Homeschooling pregnancy potty training allergic asthmatic children and sleepless nights had taken their toll on me. Despite the fact that Mark was a supportive involved father I felt I was at a personal crossroads either we continue homeschooling or we continue having children. Although many of my friends had been able to handle even bigger families while homeschooling I felt I had reached my limit and was not able to do both with excellence any more. After some soul searching we agreed to commit our energies and resources to homeschooling our five kids. gOD INtERVENES A year or so later my Bible study group was doing an assignment in Henry Blackaby s Experiencing God. One of the homework questions asked What are you doing that has eternal value Since the human soul is the only thing on earth that is truly eternal the question convicted me of the importance of investing in people s lives and providing opportunities for them to come to the Lord. Like a heavenly whisper in my head God impressed upon me that we could grow our family through adoption. Adopting an older child who was already potty trained and sleeping through the night and who didn t have our allergic asthmatic genes resolved a lot of issues for me. 16 Eight iS Great JOy HAyDEN This could also allow our only daughter to get a sister while offering an adoptive child an opportunity to be raised in a home that would steer her to the Lord. Having gone on missions trips to Costa Rica Mark s heart was very tender toward the children there so that is where we focused our attention. A missionary friend in San Jose agreed to assist us with the adoption and soon the wheels were turning as we geared up for the adventure. It would be a four-year journey that would ultimately result in the adoption of a sibling group of three beautiful children an eight-year-old girl a sevenyear-old boy and a five-year-old girl. They fit neatly in between our birth children giving us eight children--five sons and three daughters--between the ages of five and thirteen. Now that s a perfect family HOMESCHOOlINg ADVANtAgES Homeschooling provided many advantages to our adoptive kids. We held each one of them back a year in their schooling to give them plenty of time to learn the language and adjust to their new life. Within six months they were fluent in English and were catching up to grade level. Also homeschooling allowed us to control the influences on their lives. Because of hardships and instability in their past and because they were also making cultural adjustments we felt it was best that we have as much control as possible over any outside influences in their lives. Furthermore we were building a new and improved family so homeschooling afforded us the opportunity to spend our days together forming our new family identity and adjusting to our new family dynamics. Feeling as if we had already missed out on too much of their lives we treasured all the extra moments we had together by keeping them home. Now that they are leaving the nest we particularly appreciate how special it has been to have shared all those school days as a family. On the flip side our biological kids benefitted from our homeschool flexibility as well. In their elementary years they were eager to take Spanish lessons because they had a purpose for learning the language. Their desire to communicate with their future siblings gave them a practical reason to apply what they were learning which was a great motivator. Likewise they were highly motivated to learn everything they could about Costa Rica and the Latin culture giving us the opportunity to do unit studies on the geography the native animal plant life and of course the foods. Suddenly they were adventurous when trying tropical fruits and other dishes. One of the biggest homeschool advantages was the flexibility to travel to Costa Rica as a family while we spent a month finalizing the adoption. Not only tHE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCAtOR WIntER 2012 did this allow them to gain an appreciation for their new siblings environment but it also allowed them to begin bonding with their new siblings right away. Immersion in the language improved their Spanish greatly and they learned many other lessons by experiencing a foreign country. Upon our return to the States it was again wonderful to have some schooling flexibility as we caught up on missed schoolwork and established our new family routine. HOW WE ADAPtED Over the years we have made some observations about the three amigos. When they left Costa Rica they left everything behind. The only things they got to keep were their names. Interestingly enough they wanted new American names. It was a symbol of fitting in and belonging to their new family. We looked for specific ways that would allow them to identify themselves with our family. Surprisingly one of the first things they wanted to know when we got home was What are our chores They understood that having a chore meant they were contributing to the family. One of my favorite memories is the moment they entered their new home for the first time. Immediately they gravitated toward our bookshelf which seemed like an odd thing to be attracted to. Their photographs were among the others on our shelves and it thrilled them to see their pictures already displayed as part of the family. I am sure God orchestrated that moment because the bookshelf was not in a prominent location that would have otherwise gained their notice so quickly. tEEN yEARS Another observation pertains to the teen years. Although we often referred to our family transition as seamless and marveled at how well our adopted children integrated in our family it would have been foolish to think that they had escaped without any wounds or scars from the hardships of their early years. Certainly it was perfectly reasonable that these feelings existed but we did not see evidence of them until the tumultuous teen years. When we let them know we were supportive of them talking to a counselor or someone else they deemed safe they were relieved and found it beneficial. This allowed them to give voice to those emotions without feeling as if they were burdening us or letting us down in some way. Looking back we realize that the lack of outward manifestation of issues did not mean that inner conflict was not present. Because adoptees don t necessarily have all the facts about their biological parents or the situation surrounding their adoption they sometimes fill in the gaps with things that may not be accurate. This might include fantasizing that their biological parents were kind when in fact they were abusive--or abusive when in fact they were kind. Or they may believe lies about themselves in order to justify why their parents chose to abandon them. It is not always easy for them to differentiate between the assumptions and the facts so talking it out is helpful. Being biological siblings our adoptive kids were blessed to have each other in whom to confide and be consoled. tHE T Adoption PROCESS he adoption process was difficult and it was probably best that we did not know beforehand the challenges that lay ahead of us. Here are a few lessons I would pass on to others considering adoption Bevery convinced that God has called OuR StORy CONtINuES Our family is entering our final year of homeschooling. Our eldest son recently got married our second son is working for a consulting firm downtown four kids are in college and our two babies will be high school seniors in the fall. As we look over our lives so far we are humbled by how blessed we have been. Could we have done some things differently Yes of course. However there are two decisions we would never change adopting and homeschooling. Both have brought incredible blessings to our lives. Joy Hayden lives in Northern Virginia. Over the past eighteen years she and her husband have been instrumental in the creation and administration of elementary (TNT) and high school (TECH) homeschool co-ops in Reston. Joy has enjoyed teaching World as well as American History and serving as yearbook advisor. Mark and Joy look forward to seeing what adventure God will have for them in their post-homeschooling years. God may call you to take this step of obedience do not assume that He will provide an easy button that will allow your adoption process to be speedy or trial-free. In fact the adoption process is almost always a character-refining process--which is just a nice way of saying it is really stressful. It will be a test of your determination so once you are firmly convicted of your decision persevere through the frustrations and disappointments. Even though you to do it. You are laying your current family on the altar and offering it up as a sacrifice. Adopting a child (or children) is going to change your family forever--there is no turning back. Although there will be many blessings there is a lot at risk and when hard times come you will need to be convinced that God has directed your steps. You don t want to have any doubts about your decision once the adoption is completed. Be obedient if God shifts gears on you. Originally we planned to adopt a girl who was a year or two younger than our daughter. However it became apparent that we were never going to be offered a girl. Instead we were offered sibling groups--each of which had three siblings. Although this was not what we had originally planned we knew God was calling us to move ahead in adopting siblings. As we look back we can see that even though their bond with our biological children was exactly what we had hoped for it was an extra blessing for the three adoptive children to have their own biological siblings present-- especially when the pre-teen and teen years arrived. They share a deep bond that was a source of security and stability during that time. 17 tHE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCAtOR WWW.HEAV.ORG inClUdinG oTHER CHildREn in yoUR P arents who homeschool their own kids already have a busy and hectic schedule but they can still benefit from teaching other children too. By including others in their school life parents have the potential to enrich the lives of their own families as well as the families they touch. tEACH IN A CO-OP One way to involve others in the homeschool life is through a co-op. Co-ops are organizations in which members of a community join together for a common cause and benefit--such as education. Parents who teach in co-ops may be homeschooling children of their own yet they still sacrifice more time and effort to teach other children as well. Why The reasons are multiple. Joy Hayden a homeschooling mother who has started two large co-ops says it seemed more worth while to do labor-intensive activities such as messy lab experiments turning the house into a castle or holding a mock election if a larger number of kids were participating. She also found when working with others that she held herself more accountable and worked on ways to teach more effectively. Teaching transformed from merely teaching her children to teaching many children and the effort and time she invested in helping them enriched her life. 18 BECOME A COACH Another opportunity to involve other children in your homeschooling is to coach an activity such as debate or sports. Some types of learning have to happen in groups. Discovering his son s and some friends interest in debate Brian Roe formed the Northern Virginia Debate Group and coached it for five years. He had the satisfaction of seeing his students develop confidence in public speaking and improve their ability to take a stand on a subject and defend it. Although some parents coach a team to spend time with their child many parents coach teams their children aren t even on--just for the satisfaction of passing along a skill. Coaching a team is very different from teaching a class. While teaching involves communicating information in an understandable manner coaching requires adapting to the needs of multiple children and identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Parents who coach bring children together and get them to cooperate with each other--an essential skill parents with more than one child often already possess. SHARE yOuR SkIllS Teaching a specialized skill is another way to include other children in your life. Dr. Leslie Roe a homeschooling mother has a special Homeschool Brian Bittner interest in sewing and embroidery techniques. She is a licensed Martha Pullen sewing instructor and has studied under nationally recognized leaders in heirloom sewing. She taught a mother-daughter embroidery class for several years but also spent significant one-on-one time with two young homeschooled women who loved being with her and learning some of those skills. Leslie enjoys special friendships with them to this day. Leslie also invited two of her son s friends to join his chemistry lab. This smaller-scaled teaching arrangement both allowed for personal and meaningful interactions with her son and gave him some time with his friends. The other families also benefitted greatly because they had no background in science and were thrilled to have her expertise. SHARE yOuR tIME Yet another way for parents to get involved in helping others is a far more personal one. Some parents who homeschool their children suffer from illness or have a child whose illness prevents them from teaching efficiently. Initiating that first offer of help to those families might be difficult but the benefits it produces are priceless. One homeschooling mother chronically ill with Lyme disease helps fill out her children s coursework by using a co-op program tHE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCAtOR WIntER 2012 one day a week. Her sister also helps. She comments By helping I get to continue homeschooling even though my own children are grown. I am fulfilling Proverbs 3 27 Withhold not good from them to whom it is due when it is in the power of thine hand to do it and I get to spend extra time with my nephews who are a lot of fun. Another homeschooling family has two children with chronic illnesses one of whom lands in intensive care regularly. The mom says that friends who find ways to lessen the strain help immensely. A couple with whom they have been friends for years rescues them regularly. If she needs to head to the hospital at midnight they drop everything and step into her life allowing her other children to maintain their daily routine. She says Knowing that I have that safety net is a massive gift because our life changes minute to minute. Her sister occasionally makes meals for them restaurant gift cards arrive in the mail sporadically and sometimes someone goes grocery shopping for them. Another friend contributed by washing the family s linens and she found it a huge blessing to have fresh fluffy towels and clean sheets. Contributing to daily life in a seamless way while providing friendship and support --not telling them how to do it differently but rather coming alongside and just loving them as they are--is the greatest gift to give a family contending with chronic illness or loss. Knowing they are not alone helps these families grieve freely and share what can be an unbelievably heavy burden. CONCluSION The fruits gained from including other children in your life are invaluable to all the families involved. Philippians 2 4-5 says Let each of you look not only to his own interests but also to the interests of others. Have this mind among yourselves which is yours in Christ Jesus. (ESV) Though it takes extra effort homeschooling parents cannot go wrong by including others in their mission to educate their children. Former homeschooled student Brian Bittner is attending Lord Fairfax Community College. He plans to graduate and transfer to a university later in the year. When not in school he can be found writing fiction and working on photographic arts. 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QuEStIONS please contact Joni Isaac at isaacjl HOMESCHOOlINg CAN BE MuRDER Army wife and homeschooling mom Jeanine Talbot isn t thrilled about living beside a graveyard but when their dog finds a fresh corpse amongst the Civil War veterans there s a mystery to solve. Don t miss this novel by Susan Lyttek available at Bread making appliances and supplies for making fresh bread in your home electric and manual grain mills for freshly ground flour mixers for bread-making (and general mixing needs) food processors bread machines bakeware and utensils cookbooks wheat and other raw grains beans yeast raw-unpasteurized honey dough enhancer lecithin gluten and just about anything else you need to make bread at home Grains and beans available in 6 gallon buckets 1 gallon pails and some items available in 2 lb. bags. 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She s enjoying new opportunities a campus life filled with friends and professors who believe in her as a student and a leader. Ready to join our family Learn about Regent s homeschool-friendly admissions policies. 888.718.1222 G Associate s Bachelor s Master s Doctoral On Campus Online v irg in ia beach v irg in ia Christian Leadership to Change the World Hope Ammen Sophomore Cinema Television tHE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCAtOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 23 UNG120787 non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage 2248 G Dabney Road P.O. Box 6745 Richmond VA 23230 Permit no. 297 Richmond VA 23230 PAID 30th ViRGiNia HomeScHool aNNual coNVeNTioN More info on pages 3 & 14. Train up a child in the way he should go... Your First Stop for First Principles from The Heritage Foundation A cItIz tIon oDuc En S Intr n S A cItIzE thE Ion to Duct EncE Intro EPEnD of InD Ion rAtIon tItut DEclA E conS ConAnD th United States the T ce and liberty ever Independen ents of human tradiation of political he Declar the greatest statem s of our together are t achievement liberty. 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