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HERLIFE MAGAZINE KEEPING WOMEN CONNECTED 3 PLUS EAT LOCAL AT HOME FINDING THE PERFECT HAIRCUT MARCH 2013 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM RULES FOR A HEALTHY DIET SPRING FASHION TRENDS JANE HARTEAU MINNEAPOLIS TOP COP HOT DEALS GOURMET OIL & VINEGAR 952-303-4220 3840 Grand Way St. Louis Park MN NUTRISHOP Maple Grove 763-424-0470 St. Louis Park 952-657-5721 APRICOT LANE BOUTIQUE 952-582-1951 The Shops at West End 1669 West End Blvd. St. Louis Park 10% off your entire purchase when you mention HERLIFE Not valid with other offers one per customer. Expires 3-31-13. Don t forget about your New Year s Resolution Let us help you with 15% off DETOX-LGCTM. Detoxify cleanse and rejuvenate your liver gallbladder and colon. Exp. 3-31-13. 40% off one regular priced item.Valid until 3-31-13. Cannot be combined with any other offer. TUSHIES AND TAILS CRUISE HOLIDAYS OF EDINA 952-922-4800 50th & France Edina MN C EST CHIC 612-339-1600 200 Third Avenue North Suite 109 Minneapolis MN. 10% off entire purchase with code HL1002. Book an Ocean view or higher stateroom on Royal Caribbean or Celebrity and receive an Onboard Coupon Booklet - 250 value Free personalized fashion seminar for you and 5 friends Includes wine appetizers and 10% off purchases for the evening. Call to reserve expires 4-1-13. SIGN UP FOR OUR HOT DEALS NEWSLETTER AT WWW.HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM herlife contents COVER STORY JANE HARTEAU Beginning with a street beat and rising through the ranks Jane harteau combines strength integrity honesty and leadership from a woman s point of view in her new role. A focus on balance empowering others and education keep her moving forward through the glass ceiling. 24 is it fun for me or good for me is it low-fat or low-carb is it fast food or good food By following the three rules above you eliminate the necessity to focus on food diets and dieting. contents 8 12 14 18 20 22 24 28 30 36 38 Welcome health Beauty Spotlight Culinary recipes inspirations Mother s Perspective Trendsetter Green living Spotlight fine Things home Tie the Knot in the City 12 if you feel like your hairstyle is in a rut maybe it s time for a fresh look. But when you do make a change take your face shape into consideration to accomplish the most flattering style for you. 14 research has repeatedly shown that music is a powerful fuel source for children with countless benefits reaching into adulthood. read about the benefits of making music with your little ones. 40 44 46 48 28 6 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 7 herlife welcome CHARACTER Have an inspirational woman in your life If you or someone you know has a great story that you think should be told please email us at llee W of my favorites. ho are your favorite characters We all have our own both the real-life variety and those in our favorite TV show movie or book. What is it that draws us to these characters Perhaps it s their humor positive attitude quirkiness or strong will. Simply put a person s character is what leaves an impression on us their character makes them a character. And with that they have the power to move and inspire others garner a good laugh and so on. Life is filled with all sorts of characters from our favorite over-the-top characters on TV (Amy Poehler s Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation tops my list at the moment) to the real authentic (and sometimes still over-the-top) personalities that we surround ourselves with every day. One of the beauties and occasional challenges of character is that it s really ingrained in who we are and it can t be changed much if at all. You can strengthen elements of your character or minimize other parts but at the end of the day you are who you are and that makes us Like HERLIFE Magazine on Facebook to stay current on great discounts special events and behind-the-scenes details HERLIFEMagTC all our own characters. To me that s what makes life so interesting. In fact there are those great occasions when you meet real-life people who personify for example your heroic fictional characters. They re right there in front of you they re the real deal and we have the privilege of knowing them. I felt that privilege when I had the chance to get to know our cover girl Chief Jane Harteau. She s the real deal. She s a police chief just like in the movies but she is also strongminded friendly (so accessible) and hilarious Her leadership characteristics are through the roof. She s a real life hero. One Help us be green Please share the love and recycle when you are done reading this issue. pho to by mic helle lockw ood Lindsey Lee Hutchins ph otogr aph y 8 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 9 STAFF AND CONTACTS Editor-In-Chief Lindsey Lee HutcHins llee 952-210-1549 Senior Account Executive dapHne Keute daphne 612-592-1016 Editor MariLyn isaMinger 913-402-6994 Creative Director asHLeigH tHoMson ashleigh Design and Production todd grantHaM todd Art Director eLana BeLL elana Intern Justine tutewoHL Contributing Authors cHandra BLacKweLL BetH BLair ann e. Butenas sHerry L. granader JoHn HutcHins KatHLeen M. Krueger HeaLtHer L. noBLe pH.d. Linda r. price VerycuLinary.coM Contributing Photographers aManda nicHoLe pHotograpHy MicHeLLe LocKwood pHotograpHy cHris Mcduffie pHotograpHy MoMento iMages VerycuLinary.coM To contact HERLIFE Magazine 7455 France Avenue South 405 Edina MN 55435 Phone Fax 1-866-827-6851 For Advertising call 952-210-1549 HERLIFE Magazine of Twin Cities is operated locally by LBL Publishing an independently owned and operated franchisee of HERLIFE Magazine LLC. To reach national headquarters call 913-402-6994. 2013 by HERLIFE Magazine. All rights reserved. Although some parts of this publication may be reproduced and reprinted we require that prior permission be obtained in writing. HERLIFE Magazine is owned by LBL Publishing and is a free publication distributed locally and is supported by our advertisers. It is available in selected specialty stores doctor and dental offices medical spas hair and nail salons tanning salons public libraries and numerous other high traffic locations. Please call for a location near you or if you would like copies placed at your business. We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles and advertisements nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised. We welcome your ideas articles and feedback. Subscriptions are available for 20 (for 12 issues). Please go to or mail a check made out to HERLIFE Magazine to the above address. 10 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM SUBSCRIPTIONS herlife health MAkiNg HEAlTHY FOOD CHOiCES USiNg THE RUlE OF THREE and dieting. In other words you can get on with your life. Carla D. Spencer MBA RD LD CN explains it this way The rule of three is an extremely easy way to eat healthier without having to be focused totally on food to the exclusion of other priorities in one s life. Because the rule of three states that every time you eat you must eat one portion each from three different food groups with one choice required to be from the protein group and the other two being either vegetable fruit sweets or grains this approach becomes easily integrated into everyday living. This approach has a primary advantage in its ability to avoid making sacrifices in preferences family choice meals settings cooking requirements socioeconomic status educational level or many other factors that frequently are quoted as the reasons people fail when they attempt to eat healthier. For example it is possible to eat even at McDonald s and be successful with a hamburger (protein) one-half bun (grain) and small salad. The key is to eat single portions and to eat across many food groups. So let s look at the three questions. First Is it fun for me or 12 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM I b y lind a r. p ric e f you answer the following three questions you have one of the easiest diets around. It uses the rule of three to determine healthy food choices Is it fun for me or good for me Is it low-fat or low-carb Is it fast food or good food By following the three rules above you eliminate the necessity to focus on food diets good for me We all know that a milk chocolate candy bar and cheesecake are not really good for us. They are too full of sugars and fats. However they are both so fun for me. Often these foods have no nutritional value and should be limited in a healthy diet. Thus if I indulge in these treats I should also indulge in a really good protein and one veggie fruit or grain. I can live with that. The second question Is it low-fat or low-carb Low-fat and low-carb means fewer calories and probably more nutrients than high-fat and high-carb foods. A good trick here is to avoid refined white foods such as breads and potatoes. Pizza doughnuts potato chips and white rice do not fall into the low-fat low-carb category. If you stick to whole grains such as barley brown rice buckwheat bulgur quinoa oats and corn and legumes such as beans lentils dried peas and peanuts you are getting low-fat low-carb foods. Low-fat milk yogurt cheese and other dairy products are wise choices to get all the protein and calcium needed in our daily diet. Fruits are considered low-fat low-carb choices. They are simple carbohydrates that are easily digested. They are loaded with vitamins minerals and fiber to fill us up. All of these foods are packed with nutrients and fiber that help us feel full. Our third question Is it fast food or good food McDonald s Big Mac with a side order of fries and a soda are not good for us. They are fast foods full of fats and carbs and we all know it. Good food is brightly colored (carrots oranges plums pumpkins squash bell peppers and beans). Choose fruits and vegetables from a rainbow of colors. What micronutrients one doesn t have the other probably does. Good food need not take forever to prepare. One of my favorite sources for really good food that can be prepared in less than 15 minutes is in a magazine produced by a major weight loss program readily available at supermarkets. If you live alone you have the added advantage of preparing a big pot of chili or soup freezing the extra portions and cooking only once. Even if you lose weight by following the diet a good idea is to get in a little extra exercise especially if you give in to your weaknesses. No one wants flabby upper arms or muffin tops. We need the exercise to tone up the flab. Exercise will also boost our metabolism (helping us lose weight) stabilize our blood sugar and reduce stress. The Rule of Three diet has its advantages. It s easy to follow and easy to understand. It doesn t require you to track points calories or portion size. You can do these things if you have the time and the desire to do so but it s not necessary. Since it relieves the stress of tracking what you put in your mouth and time needed to do so you are freer to enjoy life and more importantly food--glorious food. Sources HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 13 herlife beauty FiND THE PERFECT HAiRCUT FOR YOUR FACE SHAPE b y b e t h b la ir you. Hairstylist and makeup artist Amanda Shackleton said There are definite rules in place about what cuts work on different face shapes but be careful not to take them too literally. Most people are a combination of different shapes so it s not an exact science. What we try to achieve is a balanced look. For example if you have a long face our goal would be to shorten the face by adding volume on the sides. I would suggest staying away from straight one-length haircuts parted down the middle. This will only lengthen the face. Go for a style that s parted on the side with shorter layers starting just below the ears. Adding a little extra body with a few waves directed away from the face will lighten and lift the sides. Proportionally it would be the best way to go. If you re interested in some more suggestions here are some cues from other experts. I f you feel like your hairstyle is in a rut maybe it s time for a fresh look. But when you do make a change take your face shape into consideration to accomplish the most flattering style for an oval face shape said Gavert Atelier s style director Mika Fowler. The great thing about oval-shaped faces is that they can pretty much pull off any style and a bang isn t always necessary. Some stylists say oval is the perfect face shape because you can do just about anything hair-wise with it shared celebrity hairstylist Nelson Vercher who also suggests asking for a long-layered haircut that gives lots of body with short bits around the face. in order to create a softer jawline. You never want to do a heavy bang for this face shape as it only exaggerates the face shape. When asking a stylist it s best to request a drycut Mika said. You want to see the hair in its natural form how it falls off the head and where the appropriate cut will take place that has an organic less shapely feel. Also if you re into color I recommend light color around the cheekbone area as it adds more softness around the lower section of the face. As for keeping the style Mika has a secret she recommends. Most people are not too familiar with dry spray waxes and I live by these. They are the perfect product for styles like these as they create dimension and shape without it looking forced or too tamed she said. The way to pull this look off is always to go for a laid-back feel that is not polished. Square Face The square shape can be tricky so you have to be careful to make sure your haircut hits your face in the right place as the sides of the jawline can be a problem said Nelson. Request a short choppy pixie cut with lots of texture cut into it and a softness around the face. Mika chimed in that wavy hair that is not too straight or curly flatters the squareshaped face. Someone who has a squareshaped face needs fringe around the hairline Round Face The round face shape can be hard if you don t get your length right said Nelson. It will make your face look rounder if you have short layers on top or too much length on the bottom. Ask for a mid-length cut with shorter layers on top for volume. Continued on page 16 Oval Face Wavy or curly hair is ideal for flattering 14 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 15 If you have a round face straight or wavy hair works best and curly if you want to really work those arm muscles with the blow dryer said Mika. You want to make sure that the bangs you are asking for are not heavy bangs but more of a side sweep bang she continued. To fully achieve this look you want to make sure there is height on top of the head so the recommended product for this is a root volumizer. Heart-Shaped Face All hair types work with a heart-shaped face shared Mika. Although Nelson pointed out Heart-shaped faces can get lost in hair fast so it s very important to have a mid- to short-look as a haircut. Ask for a mid-length layered bob with bangs that can be swept to the side. When aiming to flatter a heart-shaped face consider a mediumlength side fringe coming up behind the cheekbone area to give the chin support for a dramatic style recommended Mika. In addition the drastic fringe takes less attention away from the cheekbones creating more on the lower section of the face to even out the look entirely. Amanda also suggested longer side-swept bangs for heartshaped faces. This will disguise a larger forehead and bring it in proportion to your jaw. Sources and nelsonvercher. Bumble and bumble makes mousse modern 16 Apple Valley Burnsville Eagan Cedar Cliff 651 454 1390 Eagan Eagan Station 651 456 9454 Savage Marketplace at 42 952 226 5310 Southport Centre Cobblestone Court 952 891 4112 952 435 8585 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Photos by Jeff Tracy of Estate Images C When Trends Become Timeless The AGA range provides a strong period aesthetic with modern cooking conveniences. The uber-trendy single-bowl apron front sink although a current hot look was also current when the house was built and is a timeless utilitarian element. One current color palette speaks to the more moody masculine vibe seen in movies such as Dark Shadows and TV settings such as Holmes residence in Elementary. It also happens to be full of classic colors like the rich blue in this remodel. Don t know what an AGA range or a live edge is Visit us in this kitchen during the Parade of Homes Spring Remodelers Showcase March 22-24 entry 46. Sparrow and Stoll LLC provides complete and collaborative interior design services to the Twin Cities residential market. For more info go to www. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 17 ADVErTOrIAL lients often ask us how to include current trends in their projects but not in a way that will quickly date their home. Keep in mind that trends reflect who we are. If we re careful in how and where we use them they can become timeless. The following elements from a recent project in a 1906 Lowry Hill home explain how. Using reclaimed wood is a valued way to save a resource so we teamed up with local artisan Bj rling & Grant to create a one-of-a-kind maple island top with a live edge. The natural beauty of the wood will add timeless warmth for years to come. This reflects the sensibilities of the era in which materials were not wasted. The island is highlighted by three visible filament fixtures that have both a contemporary vibe while evoking the era of Thomas Edison. Visible mechanics are a hot trend we re seeing in light fixtures and furnishings with industrial elements. herlife spotlight minneapolis 2Night b y an n e. bu t en as ph o t o g r a ph y by m inne a p o lis 2 n ig ht . c o m a veritable online venue of the most-anticipated and highly celebrated events in and around the area. When owner Mary Ziotas first moved to the area from the east coast in 2008 despite keeping herself busy working as a registered dietitian her natural inclination to want to know what this new city offered led her to establish this website as a means to filter and showcase premier events in the Minneapolis St. Paul area. I love to travel and whenever I go on vacations I m always the first of our group to scout out the area expressed Mary. When I moved here that same curiosity inspired me to launch this site. I wanted to remove the hassle of searching for What s going on tonight and to give the residents of the Twin Cities area a convenient place to find out what events galas concerts fashion shows festivals and more were going on in town. As jack-of-all-trades when it comes to operating this business Mary s tenaciousness and ambitious desires have encouraged over 15 000 users to date to rely upon her website to keep them informed and up-to-date on the latest happenings in and around the city. And 18 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM A re you new to the area and at a loss as to what exciting events and activities await you in the fabulous Twin Cities area Are you a veteran of this town but eager to expand your horizons and discover what truly is in store for you and your entertainment desires Look no further than minne- the best part It s absolutely free to sign up Every Wednesday morning we send out a weekly newsletter to our members that includes three articles three Happy Hour references and five event listings between that Wednesday and throughout the weekend explained Mary. A super-sleuth of sorts Mary scouts out the action in town and brings it to you. This energizing website is a one-stop shop that gives you the opportunity to see what s happening. Don t just settle for the usual weekend activities when a wealth of exciting events is taking place daily some probably just around the corner from where you live Choosing an event to whet your appetite for fun or expanding your social network has never been easier. This is where the best stuff is delivered to you daily so no grand opening happy hour wine tasting fundraiser or even beer pong tournament will slip past you Website users are not only treated to the latest and greatest in content and information but they also have the opportunity to participate in numerous giveaways such as tickets and gift cards to promoted events or businesses. And with a team of talented photographers the gallery of photos on the website never ceases to entertain and delight as they capture the excitement of all these amazing events. We send out photographers every weekend all over the metro area taking photos as a tool to provide more exposure for both the event and venue Mary noted. Our motto is if there isn t a photo it didn t happen. Mary has definitely taken her business to a whole new level by virtue of the relationships she is building with people in the area. I have enjoyed the ability to come to a brand new place not knowing anyone let alone where I can find the best cup of coffee or a great place for a cocktail to now meeting interesting and influential people every day she smiled. Although she hails from a much larger location Mary likens her geographical transition from the Big Apple to the Little Apple as she affectionately calls it as truly inspiring. The Twin Cities is a hidden gem she said. I personally believe this area boasts fantastic local talent aspiring designers amazing theater and James Beard-award-winning restaurants. The culture here is unbelievable and you would literally have to have blinders on not to notice how amazing it really is. In addition to showcasing all of the local events Mary welcomes people to email information to her as she strives to cater to what her subscribers want. I keep the content on the website pertinent to what people want to know and I always respond to feedback she expressed. From restaurant openings to concerts to fashion events we continually provide the most up-to-date information to keep everyone in the loop. So if your typical Tuesday evening Happy Hour has lost its luster or you are craving a place that serves the best burgers in town and then want to follow that up with a concert that is out of this world turn to Your social calendar deserves a new look. For more information visit or email Mary at mziotas HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 19 herlife wine FRENCH WiNE AND CHEESES b y s he rry l. g ra na d e r N othing goes together better than French food and wine a combination rooted in the tradition of savory flavors paired with the perfect wine for an incredible meal. The French are notorious for enjoying a glass of wine with meals something that is often enjoyed on a daily basis The Flavor aromas determine the flavor of the wine. For example a nutty aroma in a wine often develops into a chocolate-coffee note of flavor. The aroma and flavor are closely related. Even though the rules of pairing wines with French food may sound complicated it is much easier than you think. A good rule of thumb is to pair a wine with food that matches its intensity and flavor. For example a spicy white wine goes well with a flavorful chicken dish and a strong full-bodied red wine goes well with steak in a decadent sauce. for a little bit of luxury. The pleasure of sipping wine enhances the dining experience whether in France or anywhere in the world. The rule of drinking red wine with meat or white wine with seafood or chicken dishes has gone by the wayside. Simply enjoy your favorite wine with French food for a special meal and forget the strict guidelines. The secret is to understand the basics of wine tasting for pairing a variety of wine with food especially French food. Here are some factors to consider when choosing wines. Aroma the bouquet of the wine is how it smells when poured into a glass. It can be nutty floral earthy or fruity to name a few. Sometimes the bouquet can be a combination of aromas that create a wonderful wine. Acid wine offers sharp and sour notes that determine the level of acidity. Think of biting into a sour apple and how that feels on your tongue. Body can be light heavy or creamy when you taste it and is really a matter of personal taste and opinion. 20 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Here are some suggestions to consider when creating French foods Sauternes with bleu cheese. Chardonnay with chicken scallops lobster and brie. Sauvignon Blanc with shrimp acidic pork oysters and whitefish. Pinot Noir with salmon fatty fish and duck. Zinfandel or red white Burgundy with turkey pheasant and quail. Red Bordeaux with lamb. Beaujolais with traditional pork. Cabernet Sauvignon with beef venison and grilled meat. Burgundy with braised meat and game. Of course champagne goes well with everything from appetizers to desserts. Julia Child has shared the splendor of French food in this country through her extensive cookbooks and cooking shows bringing hard work and delicious creativity and fun to every endeavor. The movie Julie and Julia documents her start in the cooking profession in France with Child played by Meryl Streep. Child s story is intertwined with that of blogger Julie Powell who decides to spice up her uneventful life as she challenges herself to cook all 524 recipes in Julia Child s cookbook Mastering The Art Of French Cooking. It is truly a delightful movie. If you have the opportunity to visit France it is impossible to avoid the endless window displays of mouth-watering sweet delights and pastries. The French love to eat desserts after lunch dinner or simply enjoy them in the afternoon. One of the most popular desserts is the French Fruit Tart (Tart aux Fruits) or a Beignet a doughnut filled with comfiture a confection fruit or jam. Try them all. To create the best meals in French cooking it is important to use the freshest ingredients available. The best food in France can be found in restaurants using local ingredients that are in season and cooked to perfection. The best French cooking is regional so when traveling through France find a restaurant that serves local produce. Southern France features foods cooked in olive oil fresh tomatoes and other flavors of the Mediterranean. The area of Normandy offers dishes cooked in butter and cream. Sauces are made with wines from the area for a local flavor whether it is meaty stew or a light delicate dish. Pairing food and wine is like a good marriage as each strengthens and enhances the other for an amazing dining experience. The best match is what pleases your palate based on your personal preferences. There are no rules to follow when choosing your favorite wines and recipes. Enjoy the wide variety of flavors and aromas of different wines keeping in mind that the food can both complement and contradict your wine selections. However if a dish is light in nature then a white wine usually goes well with the flavors while a steak and potato dish does well with a fullbodied red wine. However it still boils down to personal preference. Enjoy French food and wine whenever you have the opportunity. Bon app tit Source Darling Renny The Joy Of Eating French Food Great French Dishes Made Easy HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 21 herlife recipes BAkED MAPlE-MUSTARD CHiCkEN rec ipes and ph otograp hy b y v er y cu l i n ar y. com Serves 4 Prep time 5 minutes Cook time 40 minutes ingredients cup Dijon mustard cup maple syrup 2 Tablespoons rice wine vinegar 1 pounds boneless skinless chicken thighs Chopped rosemary (optional) Directions 1. Preheat your oven to 450 degrees. 2. In a small bowl mix together the mustard maple syrup and rice wine vinegar. 3. Coat a 9 x 13 baking dish with cooking spray. Place chicken in a single layer and season with salt and pepper. Pour the maple mustard mixture over chicken turning the thighs in the mixture so they are fully coated. 4. Bake for 40 minutes or until a meat thermometer reads 165 F. Baste the tops of the chicken with more sauce halfway through. Let the chicken rest for 5 minutes before serving. 5. Serve over mashed potatoes and spoon extra sauce over the top. Sprinkle with some chopped fresh rosemary. 22 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM BEEF gYROS Serves 6 Prep time 20 minutes Total time 30 minutes ingredients cup plain yogurt cup chopped cucumber 1 Tablespoon chopped onion teaspoon chopped fresh mint teaspoon salt 1 pound sirloin cut into thin one-inch strips 2 teaspoons Greek seasoning 1 Tablespoon vegetable oil 6 soft pita breads warmed 1 cup cherry tomatoes quartered 1 large cucumber julienned Lettuce leaves (optional) Directions 1. For the sauce combine yogurt chopped cucumber onion mint and salt in a medium bowl. Set aside. 2. Toss sirloin with the Greek seasoning. In a large skillet heat oil over medium-high. Add sirloin and cook stirring about 3 minutes or until cooked through. 3. Divide sirloin strips among the warmed pitas. Top with tomato cucumber and lettuce (if using). Drizzle the sauce over the top. Serve immediately. For something unique shop Mainstream Boutique. Visit One of Our Minnesota Stores and receive 20% off 1 item Mention this ad to receive discount. Limit 1 item. Expires 3 31 13 Cloquet 1306 Cloquet Avenue 218.879.5544 Apple Valley 15322 Galaxie Avenue 952.423.7344 Mendota Heights 750 Main Street 651.686.2850 Chanhassen 600 Market Street 952.974.1564 New Prague 123 E Main Street 952.423.7344 Golden Valley 679 Winnetka Avenue 763.545.2969 White Bear Lake 4729 Highway 61 651.334.6664 Maple Grove 15501 Grove Circle N 763.315.0812 Woodbury 755 Bielenberg Drive 651.739.8111 Savage 14025 Highway 13 S 952.440.4020 Stillwater 421 S Main Street 651.351.2802 msb_herlife_3_13.indd 1 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM PM 2 9 13 12 44 42 23 herlife inspirations b y j oh n h u tch i n s c o wr i t t e n wi t h lind a r. p ric e ph o t o g r a ph y by m o m e nto i ma ge s ha ir b y l i s a h er m a nn o f s im o ns o n s s a lo n a nd s p a ma k e up b y brea n n a s t urg e le s k i o f s im o ns o n s s a lo n a n d s p a just that. On December 4 2012 she made history by being sworn in as the first female chief of police for the City of Minneapolis. Her historic journey through the ranks holding every position from sergeant lieutenant inspector to deputy chief and assistant chief has been a success with plenty of challenges. Needless to say she is a female leader in a procession dominated by men. According to Harteau only 2% of all the police chiefs in the country are women and of the member cities in the Major City Chiefs Association only three are women. Many people simply don t know how to react to a female police chief but Harteau is clear and strong in her approach. I may be the first female chief of police in Minneapolis and one of a few in a male-dominated profession but my approach is not to act like a man but to stay true to myself and be who I am. Staying true to herself has taken her where she is today but not without pain. In 1996 after a pattern of constant harassment by some of her fellow officers directed at Harteau and her life partner (and patrol partner) Holly Keegel the two women courageously filed an antiharassment suit with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights. The suit was resolved in their favor but not without wounds in their personal and professional lives yet Chief Harteau s resolve work ethic and positive attitude kept her moving forward in the profession for which she has such a passion. There s no family history of policing in her family but Harteau says she always wanted to B reaking through the glass ceiling takes courage persistence and a strong will imagine breaking through and then leading the fight against crime. Jane Harteau did and does do more and play an active role in society. In that role she consistently gives the best she has and focuses on treating people fairly doing the right thing helping the victims and arresting the bad guys. It sounds simple yet it s anything but. Police work is much more than patrolling the streets and leading a department is much more than giving orders. Chief Harteau takes pride in a department that is already educated and well-trained but wants to improve it even more. We are in the process of building the next chapter of policing and the next chapter of our department. I call it Minneapolis Police Department 2.0. Sixty four percent of the department is over the age of 40. With an aging department Harteau believes it is critical to begin recruiting hiring and training the right people now. Building on the experience of the Department and establishing improved training and education programs Chief Harteau will ensure new officers are well-equipped for longterm careers in law enforcement to the benefit of the citizens of Minneapolis. Chief Harteau s emphasis on education goes beyond the department. In addition to her full-time job Harteau teaches courses at two different universities. She is an assistant professor at St. Mary s University of Minnesota where she earned both her bachelor s and master s degrees. She also teaches in a course nationally for Northwestern University s Center for Public Safety in the School of Police Staff and Command. She has also co-authored two books and has a long-term desire to write more. With Keegel Harteau wrote two books on personal safety one for women and one for seniors. The two were compelled to write the books after seeing the same victims over and over in the course of their police work. Harteau and Keegel HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 25 and the knowledge she has gained with others to help identify and explain leadership from a woman s perspective and from her personal approach. I believe leadership is less about our individual power and more about our ability to empower others. I have been given amazing opportunities and I am truly blessed so I continually seek ways to give back and get others involved. Chief Harteau recognizes that empowerment of others and giving of yourself in both your professional and personal life takes balance. She is blessed with two wonderful supporters at home to help her with this balance Holly her domestic partner of 24 years and Lauren their 13-year-old daughter. I often tell people that my daughter will have her critical years when I m having my professional critical years. She is going need me and my community and department are going to need me. I can t say yes to everybody simultaneously so I have to be selective. As an exceedingly proud mother (Lauren is in orchestra and was selected for the honors program) Harteau knows this will not be easy but she s up front with everyone in the moments she needs to pick and choose. Lauren had a concert on a night I was supposed to meet with a large community group as their keynote speaker and I chose to decline. I want people in the community to know that I truly want to be there with them but I do have to keep that balance. As many of us recognize in this day and age it s difficult to get away from work and be fully engaged at home with our families. As wanted to help stop the cycle of these two groups being consistently victimized. Taking a self-defense course is great Harteau says But unless you continue to do it it s not going to help. The key is prevention how to keep from becoming a victim not how do I fight my way out of a situation. The hope is that fewer women and seniors will find themselves in such recurring situations. In the future Chief Harteau would like to continue writing and drawing on experiences encountered throughout her professional career. However appealing writing true crime stories may be Harteau says her focus will be oriented toward leadership from a female perspective. Everything that I ve read on leadership for the most part has been written by men. However as Harteau notes women and men don t approach leadership from the same frame of reference and experiences. There s no right or wrong way it s just different. Chief Harteau wants to share her experience 26 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Chief Harteau notes between iPhones and iPads you really never have a moment away. However she Holly and Lauren make a point to gather at the dinner table often and spend quality time together. We have family night and we always try to involve each other in activities like reading the same books or working out together. And sometimes our work and personal life intersect in wonderful ways. At the December 4th swearing-in ceremony Lauren pinned the badge of office on her mom s uniform as those in attendance applauded. With Chief Harteau at the helm the department and the citizens of Minneapolis will certainly have cause for further applause. With a focus on education and strong leadership she will continue developing the Minneapolis Police Department into a more effective force against crime and for good in the community. We can look forward to years of excellent civil service from this focused courageous and caring woman. I may be the first female chief of police in Minneapolis and one of a few in a male dominated profession but my approach is not to act like a man but to stay true to myself and be who I am. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 27 herlife mother s perspective MAkiNg MUSiC WiTH YOUR CHilDREN by hea t h er l . n obl e ph . d. points for elementary school-age children who attend weekly music lessons. Their minds are stimulated for curiosity and the enjoyment of learnou do what you can to encourage children to eat healthy foods and have a balanced diet. After all today s food choices foster growth for the days weeks and even years to come. Feeding the mind is equally important and research has repeatedly shown that music is a powerful fuel source for ing. Studies in neuroscience have evidenced that children who participate in learning and making music have larger development in neural activity as compared to others who do not train in music. Inherently if you are creating music this activity requires greater use of the brain. So extensive neural circuits are built fine-tuned and repeatedly used. Music also provides ample opportunity to build and practice concentration and memory. Music training requires an adept focus for learning creating and appreciating all the sounds made. Sounds are then stored in memory and recalled at later times such as the lyrics or melody of a song. There is ample opportunity to practice effective memory storage and retrieval. The intellectual skills used for music transfer to many achievementrelated skills as well. The understanding of music assists children to consider how many pieces fit together to form a whole and how multistep problems might be examined and pieced together to find solutions. These are required skills for the academic arena including mathematics engineering science the arts and working with computers. Music is of value at any age. The key to including it in children s lives and having it benefit them is to be mindful of any and all expectations for those involved. There is a growing amount of evidence that birth to age nine is an optimal window of opportunity for develop- children with countless benefits reaching into adulthood. For many children music is a point of entry into the world of sounds which ultimately leads to language development. When children hear music they try to decode the sounds and words. The left side of the brain is stimulated which is directly involved in processing language. The brain s circuits are then wired to reflect the variety of sounds encountered in addition to supporting the child s flexibility with self-expression skills. A child learns how intonation rhythm and volume vary. These skills are foundational for social competence. Music is also an appropriate outlet for emotion. Children learn how to express themselves through creating their own music in addition to understanding others emotions when listening to others creations. Children then appreciate the value for communication both expressive and receptive. Listening skills are especially valuable for discerning others emotional states from their speech and any other sounds they might choose to make. Music is then known as a tool to convey emotion but also it can be appreciated as a powerful method for impacting others emotions. It can lift one s spirits or calm one s fears. Some research studies have actually measured an increase in IQ Y 28 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM ing musical appreciation and skills. During this time children s mental capacities are ripe for such opportunities. Infants can first be exposed to music by way of their parents who hum and sing while swaying and swinging the baby to soothe. Musical games might be incorporated and simple instruments that are purchased or homemade can be explored. Simple routines such as bath time could be accompanied by a created song with the child s name included. Musical expertise is not necessary--simply the enjoyment of music is of value. Parents can serve as role models for enjoying the The intellectual skills used for music transfer to many achievementrelated skills as well. The understanding of music assists children to consider how many pieces fit together to form a whole and how multi-step problems might be examined and pieced together to find solutions. process by singing and dancing. As children become toddlers they are increasingly able to identify beats and melodies along with instruments. Informally children can be encouraged to choose songs of their liking for listening alternated with parents or others also choosing songs for variety. This also might be an appropriate time for attending classes. Programs to explore include Kindermusik and Gymboree classes. By age five children are increasingly adept at following formalized lessons. Nevertheless likely through this age the overarching expectations should continue to be greater exposure to and understanding of music rather than honing any particular skill. By about ages six through ten children have developed greater physical strength and stamina. Skill development with a particular instrument may take a focus. At this time the goal of any music lessons may shift from simply exposure to actually improving performance ability. Regardless of how involved children may become with creating their own music many benefits come from having access to a wide variety of tunes. Parents can be a powerful part of the learning process attending concerts with families and discussing tastes for different artists and genres. Just as you wouldn t want a child eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at all meals ensure variety in music. Serve up a buffet of different rhythms tonalities keys and cultures to best nurture development. Sources and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 29 herlife trendsetter MAiNSTREAM BOUTiQUE 1 1 m e t ro a re a l oc a ti ons 9 5 2 .4 2 3 .7 3 4 4 w w w. m a in s t re a m b outi que .c om p h o t o g ra p h y b y c h r i s m c du ff i e ph o t o g r aph y m o d e l re n ee cardo so o f we h m a n n m o de l s a n d t al en t i n c. ha ir a nd m a k e u p b y heat h er g r ack a n d c a r r i e v a l t a k i s o f c o l e s s al o n an d spa s h o t o n l oc a ti on a t b u r n s v i l l e pe r f o r m i n g ar t s cen t er 1 2 6 0 0 n i c o l l e t a v e bu r n s v i l le m n 5 5 3 3 7 30 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 31 herlife trendsetter 32 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 33 herlife trendsetter 34 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 35 herlife green living MEMBERSHiP iN A COMMUNiTY SUPPORTED AgRiCUlTURE by k a th l een m. kr ueger (CSA) members to help either with weeding and planting duties or with the gathering and distribution of produce during the harvest. fied food while making a commitment to sustainability and green living. For some households the idea of CSA shares is appealing but confusion regarding how the process works is enough to deter them from joining in. A s food prices climb and families become more concerned with the impact of their eating habits on the environment the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movement is skyrocketing in popularity. CSA shares make it significantly easier for families to eat local genetically unmodi- How Do I Get My Food In most cases CSA farmers will designate one drop-off point for everyone or invite shareholders to pick up their own boxes at the farm. Very rarely do farmers deliver boxes straight to shareholders homes due to both time constraints and the costs related to maintaining full delivery routes on a weekly basis. What is a CSA Membership When you join a CSA collective or purchase a membership from a local farm you ll almost always be entering into a shared risk and reward agreement. When you purchase a share you ll be agreeing to accept the weekly bounty whether it s great or small. Your CSA farmer will send what is in season and ripe--very rarely do CSA shares entitle a member to a specified weight or amount of food. You re contributing directly to the budget of the farm as a whole and reaping the rewards in terms of fresh wholesome and usually organic produce. Because contributions from CSA shareholders allow farmers to concentrate their time and effort on producing high-quality crops rather than financing and marketing during the busy harvest season small independent farms are able to sustain themselves. Before entering into a CSA agreement it s important to remember that you re not contracting to buy a specified amount of a particular product with your contributions. In most cases the farmers themselves will put together the CSA boxes that go out for pickup so you ll be receiving what s in season among the crops that have done well. Droughts and other unforeseeable environmental conditions may affect the viability of certain crops which will affect your farm s ability to supply those items. Many farms also require shareholders or 36 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Learning to Eat Seasonally Transitioning from buying the bulk of your produce in the grocery store year-round to working with what s seasonal and on hand in your CSA box can be a challenge for some families especially those who have never eaten seasonally before. Your CSA box won t have squash in June because squash isn t actually in season so early. Being able to buy any vegetable or fruit item you like at the grocery store regardless of season is a possibility because those items aren t grown locally may be genetically modified and are rarely organic. Your CSA box may also contain produce items that you re unfamiliar with meaning that you ll have the opportunity to expand your food preparation horizons in order to make use of some of the things in your share each week. Be Realistic If you purchase the right share to accommodate your family s eating habits you should have enough food each week for several meals. However you almost certainly won t have enough fruit to meet recommended daily allowances especially if you have growing children. Some CSA farms don t cultivate tree fruits so you may not receive apples peaches or other orchard fruits at all. Your CSA share helps you to eat local in-season produce more easily but won t eliminate the necessity of shopping for food at the market. Many of the families that find a CSA arrangement disappointing do so because they have slightly unrealistic expectations at the outset. It s also important to remember that your first few CSA boxes will come in the late spring or early summer meaning that they ll initially be filled with lighter fare. Peas baby beets radishes and salad greens make up the bulk of most early-season boxes with the heavier squash potatoes and broccoli crops coming in late in the season. Don t be surprised to find your first few boxes filled mostly with green items. When a CSA arrangement is approached realistically it can be a wonderfully rewarding experience. Food will come to your table at the absolute peak of freshness after being grown in organic conditions without genetic modification or resulting from questionable farming practices. Children in the family can visit the farm and help during volunteer hours allowing them to gain a greater understanding of farming and food production while learning to try new foods with an open mind. The best way to ensure that your CSA experience is a positive one is to talk to the farmer. Most understand that inexperienced newcomers aren t sure of what to expect and are happy to answer any questions you may have and give you advice. Sources for this article are and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 37 herlife spotlight b y l i n da r. pr i ce cow ritte n b y kath l een m . kr u eger ph otograph y b y ch r i s m cdu ff i e ph otogr ap h y F rench women don t go out and buy new clothes to keep up with the latest trends. They accessorize. A new scarf a new bag and they are all set. This is how Pam Pappas Stanoch describes the French flair for fashion that she has captured at C est Chic Boutique located at 200 Third Avenue North in Minneapolis. Pam combines a love of international culture with her strong entrepreneurial spirit. C est Chic Boutique is Pam s way of sharing with the people of the Twin Cities the wonderful flavors of international culture and design that she discovers on her travels. As founder of Athena Group International a corporation offering services in global strategy intercultural communication and global training Pam is constantly traveling the globe. In each country and city she visits Pam is on the lookout for unique designers to add to her list of exclusive providers for the boutique. In Paris Pam has a tremendous advantage. She is able to attend the ready-to-wear show in Paris and talk with French designers on their own turf and in their own language. The shopping experience at C est Chic Boutique is truly unique and in a class of its own. Freshly-discovered European designers provide one-of-a-kind offerings in both clothing and accessories. On her latest buying trip Pam purchased jackets from Eva Tralala that can be worn indoors and outdoors. These jackets reveal a classic yet contemporary look that is key to chic European styling. You ll find Tralala uses a distinctive combination of subtle colors to make her own unique statement. French-Canadian designer Joseph Ribkoff also provides his versatile fashions to the offerings at the boutique. Ribkoff uses geometric prints and strong colors in his designs. Ribkoff knows women s bodies. He does an amazing job of dressing women. He takes shape and form and really just makes all women look beautiful whatever their body type these dresses look fantastic Pam explains. Marie Reberat a skilled designer from Nantes France is another favorite of Pam s. Marie s capes spats gloves and boas provide colorful highlights and clever details. Her accessories add a stylish touch to any outfit infusing a bit of fun and unconventional whimsy. I look for these small magnificent designers Pam says as she explains the philosophy of her boutique. These are the kinds of things I want represented in my store. When traveling in Europe Pam is continually window shopping looking for clothing and accessories for the boutique. On her recent trip to Paris she discovered this season s hottest color was royal blue it was in all the store windows. But don t expect C est Chic to be filled with dresses and suits in royal blue. Instead the Boutique will capitalize on the French secret for keeping your wardrobe fresh and trendy by offering scarves bags and other accessories that highlight this hot new color. I work with these very small designers but this is not haute couture. This is pr t- -porter [ready-to-wear] and our store is really based on a look and that look is taking your wardrobe and accessorizing it. To help their clients achieve this sophisticated look the knowledgeable staff of C est Chic Boutique will teach you how to make the most of your look by using your existing wardrobe in a new way simply by accessorizing it. The Boutique also provides seminars for clients demonstrating how to create your own special look and 38 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM distinctive style. The seminars cover all aspects of style and dress including how to choose hats that fit your facial structure and hair style how to travel light by accessorizing and learning beauty techniques from a French makeup artist. All of the seminars are informative free and fun. C est Chic Boutique also stocks its racks in the French manner with a limited number of items in different sizes. When I buy something I buy one in each size. So if you are going to spend 270 on a tunic there are only going to be three or four other people who are going to own that tunic. Since the Boutique is the only representative for the designers except Ribkoff in the United States chances are you will never see another person wearing your outfit like you might with clothing from department store chains. Pam s global focus isn t limited to her business efforts. She started her career as a French teacher and she is actively involved in several charitable organizations including Books for Africa. She already has plans to spend six weeks in Africa next January volunteering as a teacher. France Turkey Italy and the Czech Republic you ll find these countries and more represented in the items at C est Chic Boutique. Pam has brought the international fashion market right to our front door. For further information contact C est Chic Boutique at (612) 339-1600. The boutique is located at 200 Third Avenue North Suite 109 Minneapolis and on the web at HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 39 herlife fine things lOVE HONOR AND CHERiSH TO NEWER TRENDS iN WEDDiNg giFTS ...b b y c h a nd ra b la c k w e ll ut it s ugly she lamented. As my newlywed friend and I stood side-by-side before an array of fine china she d already forgotten the lesson she d burned into my brain when she herself was a bride-to-be Thou Shalt Adhere to the out of dinner duty by claiming that he or she can t cook. Alternately a couple that prizes the luxury of shared languor might enjoy their own personal chef to prepare them a gourmet dinner while they cool their heels on the sofa. Wedding Registry. However now that she was on the other side of the wedding it seemed my friend could not abide the china pattern selected by other friends of ours. Therefore she was about to do the (previously) unthinkable choose an off-registry gift risking the possibility of getting them something they already had or being the fourth person to give the happy couple off-registry champagne flutes. Luckily weddings and gift-giving have come a long way since that day nearly 15 years ago. Marrying couples and gift-givers are thinking way outside the Crate and Barrel these days. While the need for a good set of wine glasses or cookware is not likely to abate anytime soon there are a number of growing trends in wedding gifts that can express your wishes for a lifetime of happiness--and create a lifetime of memories. One such trend is the move towards experiential gifts. More and more wedding guests are choosing unique and memorable experiences that the bride and groom can enjoy together. Experiences can range in price from less than one hundred to several thousand dollars and there are thousands of experiences to choose from in almost any region and for any personality type (from adrenaline junkies to couch potatoes). In most cases if someone can dream it the newlyweds can do it. Love Takes Wing Send your newlyweds sky-high with the experience of flight. For a more romantic couple a hot air balloon tour of the city (or a nearby picturesque town) makes an ideal experience to share. Similarly a helicopter tour offers the same type of adventure--with an engine. If your favorite duo is a force to be reckoned with give them the gift of becoming fighter pilots for a day they can engage in simulated air combat and practice for a lifetime of facing down enemies together. If you re a semi-traditionalist at heart and still cherish giving gifts that people can hold in their hands and keep for years you can step outside the punch bowl in terms of creativity. A little thought goes a long way toward creating a tangible gift that will also live on in the happy couple s fondest memories. Meanwhile they re likely to have forgotten who gave them that blender by their third anniversary. Making Memories This gift will require a fair amount of dedication (and a little bit of stealth) but will more than make up for it in priceless memories. At the couple s wedding take as many candid photos of the couple as you can. Choose the best ones and mail them incrementally to the happy couple over a period of time. Maybe one a day for a month or one a month for a year (if you re going with the one-year plan save the best for last and put it into a lovely frame as an anniversary gift). Each little shipment from you will be a sweet reminder Continued on page 42 Newlywed Nourishment For newlyweds with a sense of culinary adventure a gift certificate for a private cooking class leads to a fun and edifying shared experience--and squelches any possibility that one partner will get 40 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 41 of their special day...and may even be serendipitously timed to engender a little post-marital spat forgiveness. Happy-Ever-After Holidays The first year of wedded bliss is chock-full of things to do (bank accounts insurance forms sometimes a name change or two) and things to buy (furniture appliances and maybe a new home). Often holiday considerations fall to the bottom of the list. One thing they may not be thinking about is holiday decorations. A personalized ornament to commemorate the couple s first married Christmas Kwanza or Hanukkah makes a great gift no matter what the season Throw in a set or two of simple ornaments some seasonal candles and a pack of white lights (which are a safer choice over multicolored) and they re well on their way to starting holiday traditions. The best part about wedding gift-giving is that even if you choose an out-of-the-box gift tradition doesn t have to get tossed with the bridal bouquet. Today s wedding gift trends offer a unique and ideal complement to traditional registries. The most important part is that any gift you give contains all your best wishes for a lifetime of happiness. Sources and 42 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 43 herlife home HEAPiN HElPiN OF HOSPiTAliTY CREATiNg A gREAT gUEST ROOM by c handr a blackwel l pend on how much you enjoy having overnight guests--and how long you want them to stay. The Basics (For the One-Night Host) Aside from a bed there are a few basic items that will make sure your guests feel comfortable in your home. You may choose to have towels set aside specifically for guests or provide their bath time provisions from your own stock. But at any rate towels that are clean and do not double as sandpaper should suffice. Have an ample stock of bathroom basics. There s nothing worse than running out of toilet paper--except for running out of someone else s toilet paper. Make sure your guests have plenty as well as a handy supply of other staples such as tissues cotton swabs etc. Chances that a guest will forget his or her toothbrush are slim--but there is still a chance so it couldn t hurt to keep a spare handy (it s a great use for the freebies you get from the dentist). In the rare event of a forgotten toothbrush you ll be the hero. And while it s true that almost everyone these days sleeps with a smartphone on the nightstand it s still a good idea to have an alarm clock in the room in case the phone battery doesn t make it through the night. And some guests do prefer more old school methods of making sure they get up on time (but you have our permission to draw the line at providing a live rooster). The Three-Star (For the Three-Night Host) If you still consider guests enjoyable after the first day and want to up the ante a little you can include (in addition to the amenities (mine was red) and then to the next level of adulthood a spare room that served to give your sleepover guests the privacy of a closed door while also serving as your home office weight room craft room. Then one day it happened--you moved from Adulthood Lite into full-on grown-up mode as evidenced by one key accoutrement in your life a fully dedicated guest room. But there are guest rooms and then there are guest rooms and the difference is all in the details. The things you choose mostly de44 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM I listed above) some nice homey touches that invite them to linger for t usually starts with a futon. The simple no-frills means of providing overnight accommodations for visiting friends is both affordable and functional (it s a sofa and a bed ). Once upon a time its presence in your living room was your fledgling foray into Adult Living. From there maybe you moved to a Jennifer Convertible a couple more days. Consider leaving a small carafe filled daily with fresh water (add cucumber or lemon slices for an added spa-like touch) on the nightstand. Gone are the times when people traveled by wagon for days on end and arrived weary dusty and starving. Since airplane travel doesn t provide much in the way of sustenance these days it s a nice idea to have some snacks awaiting the arrival of your visitors. A simple cheese and fruit tray or a plate of fresh-baked cookies will instantly make them glad they came. As valiantly as a host may strive to make a guest feel at home it s harder to convince a guest s psyche that it s at home and psyches tend to cause insomnia. In that event supplying a variety of magazines is always nice if only because it keeps sleepless guests entertained sufficiently to avoid waking you up at 2 00 a.m. to play Crazy Eights. Puttin on the Ritz (For the Stay-Awhile Host) If you so love having houseguests that people affectionately call you Five-Star you ve got luxury linens fluffy pillows and cozy atmosphere down pat. But here are a few additional ideas to keep your guests coming back. Though humankind has bravely soldiered through the last decade s crackdown on carry-on liquids even the most seasoned traveler surely harbors occasional fantasies about arriving at a magical place where all grooming needs are anticipated. You can make those dreams come true by assembling a basket of bathing and hand washing supplies that will keep your guests feeling clean happy and loved. Nothing says I m glad you re here like loungewear. A cozy robe awaiting your guest s arrival is the ultimate in VIP treatment--that is unless you re willing to throw in a massage and a pedicure. Take your welcome snacks to the next level by equipping your guest room with a fridge full of goodies for a midnight snackstravaganza (drinks fruits sandwiches and bon bons) without the exorbitant fees of a hotel fridge. Although your guests will probably sleep like babies in the comfort of your luxurious accommodations it never hurts to ensure a peaceful night with the soothing sounds of a rainforest babbling brook or rolling sea using a white noise machine. Throw in a sleep mask and bedtime tea hot chocolate service and your houseguests may turn into roommates. Lastly don t forget a comment card because how else will you improve your service Happy Hosting HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 45 herlife tie the knot Lindsey Michael by m a rily n is a m ing e r p h o t o s by a m a n d a nic ho le photogr a phy L 46 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM indsey (Malinak) Thoreson attended the University of Minnesota Duluth with a double major in marketing and political science. As an only child whose father passed away when she was 16 Lindsey knew she would deeply miss having her dad walk her down the aisle. She and Mike made some unconventional choices for their wedding and the day s celebration and she believes her father would have loved the event Michael Thoreson graduated from high school at The International School in Stuttgart Germany and to this day many of his friends still call him Germ. He attended college at both North Dakota State University and The University of Minnesota completing a degree in mechanical engineering. Lindsey and Mike currently live in Blaine Minnesota. Lindsey and Mike met when he arrived to take a training class at her workplace. The typical trainee is a nerdy engineer type according to Lindsey she will never forget the day that Mike drove up on his motorcycle and grabbed the attention of all of the women in the office. Lindsey was the lucky one to catch his attention and says After a few months of semi-flirtatious emails Mike said that we should go get a beer sometime. I didn t write him back for three months after that because I was too nervous. Then one day I finally texted him When are we going to go out He answered three agonizing days later suggesting we meet that night. And that text exchange led to a change in their lives Mike s proposal was thoughtful simple and included their family. The couple had just adopted a puppy and one day Lindsey went to The wedding day was planned as an outdoor event and for weeks Lindsey pored over the Farmer s Almanac and relentlessly checked the weather. Fortunately the day dawned with a perfect day forecasted and the prediction became reality with 72 degrees and a cloudless sky. The afternoon ceremony was officiated by Mike s favorite uncle who became ordained for the event and was short sweet and very personal for the couple. After the ceremony the guests enjoyed the grounds of Minnetonka Orchards where Lindsey and Mike had planned games for them to play and picnic tables and a sun deck are available for relaxing and chatting. At 5 pm a delicious dinner was served including pulled pork and turkey sandwiches salad and LOCAL BUSINESSES THAT SHARED IN THE LOVE BRIDAL GOWN The Hope Chest Bridal Boutique BRIDESMAIDS GOWNS The Hope Chest Bridal Boutique HAIR STYLING Melissa Johnson Mel s Beauty Shoppe PHOTOGRAPHY Amanda Nichole Photography DJ Ultimate Groove Entertainment take her out for one of her million potty breaks. As she started to hook the leash she found a ring on the puppy s collar. When she turned around Mike was standing there and said Will you marry me Lindsey started to cry and immediately said Yes The puppy was also so excited she didn t make it into the yard for her scheduled potty break. The blissful couple tied the knot on June 2 2012. The wedding party included four attendants for both bride and groom. Lindsey s bridesmaids were her best friend since her childhood years and three best friends from high school. Mike s Best Man was his youngest brother and groomsmen were three friends from high school. other simple accompaniments. During dinner Mike s brother gave a fantastic Best Man speech that kept everyone entertained as it contained a marriage proposal as well But it was all in fun and the proposal was actually to Lindsey After dinner the group enjoyed more drinks dancing and yard games as well as a bonfire with s mores. At the end of the day guests staying at the hotel hopped on a party bus to Maynard s where the party finally concluded for the night. Lindsey and Mike honeymooned in Fort Myers Beach Florida where they stayed in Mike s grandfather s condo. They had the place to themselves with the snowbirds having returned home and enjoyed a very relaxing getaway. CATERER Divine Swine Catering CAKE JKB Cakes VENUE Minnetonka Orchards JEWELER Jared HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 47 herlife in the city MARCH All calendar event submissions must be received by March 5th for the April issue and adhere to our guidelines. E-mail llee for guidelines or to submit entries. Brought to you by HERLIFE Magazine and Women of red house records A 30th Anniversary Concert DATE March 1 TIME 7 30pm LOCATION O Shaughnessy Auditorium St. Catherine University St. Paul DETAILS The O Shaughnessy and Red House Records are proud to present a special 30th Anniversary concert featuring Lucy Kaplansky Heather Masse and Claudia Schmidt. An event designed for acoustic music fans of any generation the show will include everything from traditional folk songs to contemporary Americana tunes to jazz standards. For more information visit events 12-13 Women_of_RedHouse.html 1 LOCATION Lake Harriet Bandshell DETAILS Not Irish No problem Race the TC 5K or 10 Mile and be 100% Irish for a Day Long sleeve technical t-shirts for men and women who pre-register Keep warm with free hot beverages Use the Sweats Check so you can pile on layers after the race. Enjoy festive post-race treats. Win fun prizes for the best costume For more information visit events 100_irish_for_a_day St. David s Center 2013 Make Them Shine Gala DATE March 9 TIME 6 00pm LOCATION International Market Square DETAILS Featuring live music with George Maurer Trio wine tasting with wine critic Bill Coy beer tasting live and silent auctions dinner and more For more information visit gala. Ballet of the Dolls Presents fashion Ball DATE March 1-March 2 TIME 8 00pm LOCATION Ritz Theater 345 13th Ave NE Minneapolis DETAILS Ballet of the Dolls and Grant Whittaker Style once again join forces to create a fundraising event like no other This year s spectacular will be redefining style eras past and future and creating true fashion revolutions. Enjoy a night of adventurous and high-entertainment performance that combines dance music theater video fashion and more For more information visit 10 The Wedding fair DATE March 10 TIME 11 00am - 4 00pm LOCATION Minneapolis Convention Center DETAILS The Wedding Fair is the largest and most respected bridal show in Minnesota. No other bridal show even comes close to bringing you as many options to experience in one fun-filled day This is your chance to gather information see all that s hot trendy new and exciting while gaining advice from nearly 200 of the Twin Cities leading wedding experts. Visit wedding-fair for more information. 2 Minneapolis Polar Bear Plunge DATE March 2 TIME 11 00am LOCATION Thomas Beach Lake Calhoun DETAILS The 2013 Polar Bear Plunge presented by Minnesota law enforcement is a unique opportunity for individuals organizations and businesses to support Special Olympics Minnesota athletes by jumping into frigid Minnesota waters. For more information go to location Minneapolis. 16 Dodge Nature Center Annual Pancake Breakfast DATE March 16 TIME 7 30am LOCATION 1740 Charlton Street West St. Paul DETAILS Come enjoy pancakes with pure maple syrup followed by a naturalist-led hike to learn the process of maple sap collection and syrup production. The breakfast will be located at Garlough Environmental Magnet School 1740 Charlton Street West St. Paul which is across the street from the Dodge Nature Preschool. For more information visit Mile 9 100% irish for a Day TC 5k and TC 10 DATE March 9 TIME 9 00am HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 48 home improvement and Design expo DATE March 16 TIME 10 00pm 5 00pm LOCATION National Sports Center Blaine DETAILS Explore up to 150 exhibitors featuring the latest products and services for starting your home improvement project. Talk with the experts and get free tips and ideas. Meet builders remodelers landscapers designers and other home improvement professionals. Expo includes two stages for ongoing speakers presentations demonstrations and entertainment. Visit for more information. 19 P nk The Truth About love Tour DATE March 19 TIME 6 00pm LOCATION Xcel Energy Center DETAILS P nk Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter pop culture icon and recently named COVERGIRL has confirmed St. Paul as one of her stops on her The Truth About Love Tour. For tickets and more information see Celebrates Youthful exuberance DATE March 24 TIME 3 00pm 5 00pm 24 Bloomington Symphony Orchestra LOCATION St. Michael s Lutheran Church 9201 Normandale Boulevard Minneapolis DETAILS Each year the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra is proud to present the next generation of musical talent while introducing music that might be new to the audience. In the final concert of the BSO s 50th Anniversary season they will celebrate the Chinese New Year by presenting Spring Festival Overture by Li Huang embark on an adventure with the Prelude to Hansel and Gretel by Engelbert Humperdinck dance a series of waltzes in Maurice Ravel s La Valse and celebrate happily ever afters in Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov s Cappricio Espagnol. The orchestra will highlight young talent by playing Mozart s Symphony No. 10 written when he was a teenager and by performing with the winner of the Mary West Solo Competition. For more information see 24 rihanna DATE March 24 TIME 7 30pm LOCATION Xcel Energy Center DETAILS Worldwide superstar Rihanna is bringing her Diamonds World Tour to Xcel Energy Center with very special guest A AP Rocky. For tickets and more information visit HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 49 50 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 51 52 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM