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Description: Houston's Hispanic Luxury Lifestyle Authority.

& LUXURY LIFESTYLE E-X-P-O Presented by May 22nd 2016 Produced by magazine Martin Gondra Frediani Publisher Manuel Candia-Reuter VP of Marketing Judy Nichols P.R. 5090 Richmond Ave. 460 Houston Texas 77056 713.758.0550 The 2016 edition of the HOUSTON EXOTIC AUTO FESTIVAL & Luxury Lifestyle E-X-P-O is our once-ayear opportunity to enjoy all the luxury and exotic brands into a single event. Including luxury dealerships top performance aftermarket exhibitors auto clubs and a variety of magnificent brands from non-automotive industries the show offers hundreds of private owners and collectors the unique opportunity to celebrate their masterpieces and compete under several categories in front of the most enthusiastic and demanding audience. Fabulous trophies will be awarded today to the winners selected by a team of judges and the public. Presented by FARMERS Insurance and produced by LUXCIOR magazine in partnership with the most prominent names in the automotive and luxury industries we are driven by our passion for cars. Presented by Farmers Insurance Agency owners enjoy an outstanding investment opportunity with exceptional financial and business development support and tools unlimited earning potential with residual income plus the opportunity to grow and operate their own business. There are many benefits and incentive-based bonuses throughout their career and also the opportunity to purchase or sell any of their residual renewal commission rights or even build that legacy for a family member. 2925 Briarpark Drive Suite 500 Houston Texas 77042 713.972.9911 V.I.P. LOUNGE & LUXURY LIFESTYLE E-X-P-O Benefiting PROUDLY SPONSORED BY THESE PRESTIGIOUS EXHIBITORS HOUSTON CENTRAL 4 The XchangE courtesy of Frank M. Rinderknecht founder and president of Rinspeed Switzerland. Imagine your life... WITHOUT DRIVING A In just a few years this will be the future of the Houston Exotic Auto Festival. all-new seats reminiscent of the relaxing business-class seats of major airlines. The basic idea behind the seats that offer a host of adjustment tilting and swiveling options comes from Otto Bock Mobility Solutions arguably the most renowned manufacturer of medical prosthetics worldwide. This results in more than twenty possible seating arrangements - a world record. The futuristic TRW steering wheel with hands-on recognition drive-mode-manager display in the rim and transparent multifunction keys with ambiance lighting can simply be parked in the middle of the instrument panel together with the innovative lightweight steering column with bionic design from Georg Fischer Automotive. This feat is made possible by the multi-redundant steer-by-wire technology developed by Swabian Company Paravan similar to what can be found on modern jet aircraft. It is therefore no wonder that the smart automotive visionary with a wink negates the famous advertising slogan that has become a popular phrase Not even flying is better from now on utonomous driving is set to become reality in the near future.Whilethemajorautomakersareputtingthefin ishing touches on the technology the Swiss idea factory Rinspeed puts man at the center of the autonomous car. At the Geneva Motor Show Rinspeed presented the XchangE study to the public in a world premiere. It demonstrated how cars will move us just a few short years from now in both senses of the word. Frank M. Rinderknecht describes the status quo like this So far hardly anyone has taken this to its logical conclusion from the perspective of the driver. After all traveling in a driverless car will no longer require me to stare at the road but will let me spend my time in a more meaningful way. And then he poses the key question How will the interior of a vehicle have to be designed to let the now largely unburdened driver make optimal use of the gain in time The Swiss company provides the answer with an all-electric touring sedan by the name of XchangE . In best Helvetic tradition it was engineered by 4erC and built at Esoro. The vehicle features 6 Prototype of the XchangE by Rinspeed. 7 8 It doesn t matter where you go. . . it s how you get there. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Houston 1530 West Loop South Houston TX 77027 713.297.2837 Thank you .. and H ouston Children s Charity is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for Greater Houston s underprivileged abused and disabled children who have been otherwise left behind. The scope of their support is limited only by the availability of resources and their goal is to leave no legitimate request for assistance unanswered. It all began as a fundraiser for Lara Ward s own children s school fivebucksaheadforaspaghettidinnerinthehighschoolgym of a private Christian school. Over forty-million dollars and thirty years later her drive to help children in need ranks her among the top Executive Directors of children s charities. Over the past 19 years through an array of capital and operating support HCC has provided program services for over 300 agencies and more than 1 000 000 children. In addition the Becker Emergency Fund has provided over 100 000 to assist families in an emergency crisis situation. icapped accessible vans to families and equipped transportation to organizations with a similar mission. Including our 2015 van recipients HCC has awarded 89 passenger vans 28 handicapped accessiblevehicles 3boxtrucks 1carand2vehiclemodifications to 93 agencies and 28 individual families. In 2001 Houston Children s Charity introduced the Limbs for Life program. This platform provides myoelectric and body powered prosthetic devices at no charge to families with children who have tragically suffered the loss of limbs. Fitting these children with prosthetic limbs as soon as possible after traumatic amputations or injuries helps them to reclaim their lives. Thanks to the generosity of their many supporters scholarships are being provided to enable underprivileged youth to attend college potentially breaking the cycle of poverty in their families. HCC has awarded scholarships totaling 240 000 to deserving Houston area students through the Houston Children s Charity Scholarship Fund. In 2006 Houston Children s Charity has pledged a gift in the amount of 1 000 000 to establish the Houston Children s Charity Family Emergency Fund at Texas Children s Cancer Center .Thisfundisusedexclusivelyforthefulfillmentoftheneeds of the children and the families of children under treatment in Texas Children s Cancer Center. Through our Chariots for Children they provide special purpose vehicles used to deliver mobility freedom not otherwise available. Thisprogramisdedicatedtoprovidingspecificallydesignedhand- The doors opened to the HCC Closet with GREAT success. Appointments are made giving clients an opportunity to shop with dignity in the boutique-styled rooms while selecting items for 10 each and every member of their family. The unique and special feature of the HCC Closet is that all donated items are provided at absolutely no cost to their clients. The ever-growing list of essential supplies needed for academic excellence should not leave families struggling. HCC s Back2School program provides school-aged children with a foundation ready for great accomplishments. Overall this annual project has helped more than 19 000 children. They believe that ALL children should walk into school on Day One with a backpack and basic supplies ready to expand their knowledge and pave their road to success. Too many of Houston s children do not have beds and are sleeping onthefloor.Anopportunityfor ABetterNight sSleep isprovided through monthly bed distributions. Through this program every child s opportunity to sweet dreams starts with a twin mattress set bed frame sheets pillow and blanket. To date HCC has provided over 6 800 beds to children. In 2010 Houston broke the 1980 record of 32 days over 100 temperatures and ended up with 46 days over that 100 mark. Can you imagine spending 46 days in that kind of heat without an air conditioner In 2011 out of need in our community HCC launched Kool Kidz. Many families don t have an air conditioner and with our Houston summers it can be brutal. This program has allowed 98 families the opportunity to stay cool during the hottest months of the year. Each year during HCC s annual Easter and Christmas Parties Christmas Toy Distributions Adopt-A-Family programs the greater Houston areas underserved get to experience some of the joys of life. Along with these events additional Sports Outings and Cultural Event help disadvantaged children expand their horizons. Helping the children of our community provides a positive outlook on their futures and the future of our community. HCC is making progress assisting one child at a time and measure its success by the number of children s lives that are touched. HoustonChildren sCharitybenefitsfromasteadfastExecutiveDirector and a hands on Board of Directors that carefully decide howtoefficientlyandeffectivelymeetchildren sneeds. Their supporters come from all walks of life. They are people who understand that caring means giving of themselves. You will often see members of the Board of Directors which provide over 40% of the total funding working hand-in-hand among volunteers chaperoning children at our Annual Children s Events. More often than not volunteers feel they receive much more than they give. LUXCIORmagazineandtheHOUSTONEXOTICAUTOFESTIVAL & Luxury Lifestyle E-X-P-O is proud to partner with Houston Children s Charity in this event. Please join us in this effort to make a difference in our underprivileged children. Please support HCC through the silent auction. To obtain more information about Houston Children s Charity please visit Come visit us at Houston Children s Charity Silent Auction table. 1 1 Judging Starts at 2 30 PM THE EXHIBITION & COMPETITION BENTLEY COMPETITION RULES Participants will have to conform to the following simple rules 1- Privately-owned vehicles only. 2- Vehicles must fall under one of the specified categories. 3- Owner must be present. EXHIBIT AWARDS There will be awards for the best exhibits. 1- Dealership Exhibit. 2- Aftermarket Exhibit. 3- Non-Automotive Exhibit. 12 COMPETITION CATEGORIES EXOTIC SEDAN LUXURY SEDAN E.g. Rolls-Royce Bentley Maybach. E.g. BMW 7 Series Porsche Panamera Mercedes Benz S-Class Audi A8 Jaguar X Maserati 4 door Aston Martin Rapid. E.g. McLaren Koenigsegg Ferrari Lamborghini Porsche Alfa Lotus Audi R8 Aston Martin Vantage or Vanquish BMW i8 Maserati GranTurismo or GranCabrio Mercedes Benz AMG GTS. EXENTRIC CLASSIC Any brand model. Any model older than 1975. THE JUDGES A team of judges will be in charge of selecting the winning vehicles under five different categories PLUS a Best of Show . There will also be a People s Choice Award picked by the public. The judges have been chosen for their expertise (or good taste) and reputation in the luxury auto industry. Carmina Zamorano CEO Carnan Properties Dieter Lehmann Crave Luxury Auto Emilio Aragon Rolls-Royce of Houston Luis Galan owner Autodynamica Motors PERFORMANCE Romeo 13 F V irtuosi OF HOUSTON We will be delighted with a select representation from this extraordinary orchestra playing for our enjoyment from 2 30 to 4 30 PM or20years VirtuosiofHouston smissionhasbeentocreate a pre-professional climate and performance op portunities for Houston s most focused young musicians (11 18 years of age) regardless of race religion or financial status and to bring an expanded repertoire of chamber music to Houston. VirtuosiofHouston(VoH)isapremieryouthchamberorchestrafor gifted instrumentalists created to increase education and performance opportunities leading to a music profession for Houston s middle to high school age musicians and to bring an expanded repertoire of chamber works to Houston audiences. The chamber group is smaller than a typical symphony orchestra allowing theseexceptionalmusicianstoexperienceincreasedconfidence leadership responsibility and skill through individual attention from two world-class conductors. Talented young musicians focus on a chamber orchestra repertoire under a unique co-conductor structure of instruction and direction by two professors from the University of Houston Moores School of Music. Franz Anton Krager Professor and Director of OrchestrasandAndrzejGrabiec ProfessorofViolinthefounding artisticdirectorsandconductorsofVoH activelyparticipatein30 pre-concertrehearsalsperyear.VoHholdsauditionseachSpring andFallbeforetheseasonbegins.VOHensuresthatourunique music education and professional performance opportunities are available to all who meet our artistic standards by offering tuition support for those who need it. According to a public opinion survey conducted by Americans for the Arts 91% of respondents believe that the arts are vital to a well-rounded education and 96% agree that the arts belong to everyone not just the fortunate or privileged. Local school districts cut elementary art and music programs andinsomecasesonlytheaffluentareabletoaccess the arts. Forthosefamilieswhoaren tabletoaffordVoHprograms financial assistance is available. WHATWEDOANDWHOWESERVE Our 2015 2016 season orchestra consisted of 52 members from 32 different zip codes and three are homeschooled students. We provide between 4 000 and 20 000 in tuition assistance to low-incomestudentsannually.Anystudentthatqualifiestobea partoftheVoHorchestraisacceptedregardlessoftheirfamily s financialcircumstance.Nostudentiseverturnedawayduetohis or her family s inability to pay the tuition. The distinct desire to provide all potential students the opportunity to engage in activities that they may not be exposed to otherwise is what drives our community impact. 14 VoH programs focus on expanding music education and performance opportunities through chamber music rehearsals and concerts a concerto competition master classes a small ensemble program and a small ensemble summer workshop. VoH performs four major public concerts each year. Two of those concerts are at the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts Zilkha Hall one free concert at Jone s Hall for the Houston Symphony s Youth Orchestra Festival and one at our annual fundraising dinner and concert. We open each season with our OpeningNightConcertinDecember.TheYouthOrchestraFestival is in January. We have the Annual Immanuel and Helen B. Olshan Annual Concerto Concert in April which features the two firstplacewinnersinthewinds pianodivisionandthestrings division. These concerts provide our students unique opportunities to perform in world-class venues typically experienced only by musicians who have already completed their university studies and achieved professional standing. FormoreinformationaboutVirtuosiofHouston 15 Another Fabulous 16 Production