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Description: Arajilla Spa Menu 2013/2014

rajilla L O R D H O W E I S L A N D TREATMENT MENU FACIALS Ayurda Signature Facial Our signature facials include face hand and feet marma point massage which bring balance to the body s energy system and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated from head to toe. Choose from Vata facial (for dry skin) Pitta Facial (for sensitive & oily skin) or Kapha facial (for oily and sluggish skin). 60 125 Indulgence Golf Leaf Facial A traditional beauty secret gold has been used for centuries to restore youthfulness. This indulgent facial is toning and stimulating. 24 carat gold leaf is massaged into your skin followed by a herbal face pack leaving an exceptional natural glow. 60 145 Indulgence Silver Leaf Facial Silver has been used for centuries for its cooling and healing properties. This treatment gently calms and soothes inflamed skin. The skin is left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated resulting in clearer and happier skin. 60 145 Kamalasundari Facial A natural healing facial that exfoliates soothes and increases cellular regeneration. A special custommade pack of fresh fruit and botanical herbs leave your skin totally fortified. 60 145 AYURVEDIC CONSULTATION WITH CONSULTANT SCOTT ALLAN Consultations are suited for those who are interested in improving their general health and for anyone who feels they need support direction and guidance for health conditions and deeper healing. Programs are tailored to your specific needs so you can easily achieve your goals. During your Ayurvedic Consultation with Scott he will assess your body type (constitution) identify imbalances assess your state of mind and work to identify the root cause responsible for the imbalance whether that be diet lifestyle environment work or family related. Diagnosis will be done in the form of pulse tongue examination and iridology. After this you will be given a detailed step by step program of how to achieve your goals ongoing assistance and follow up consultations can be done in the form of skype email or phone call. Additional costs for follow-up consultations. 75 110 MASSAGES Abhyanga Massage A full body massage using Ayurda oliana oil to soothe calm and nurture the body. Rhythmical strokes help to improve energy lymphatic flow blood circulation skin texture and muscle tone. All leaving you feel with an overall sense of wellbeing. 60 125 Marma point massage A full body massage using warm Ayurda oil to soothe calm and help remove aches and pains perfect for after a long hike. Rhythmical strokes also help to improve energy and lymphatic flow. Included in the massage are specific strokes and energy point work on the Hands feet face and head restoring balance to your body mind senses and soul. 90 185 Shiroabhyanga A nurturing head and neck massage using warm oil to distress and relax. This treatment helps improve dryness and hair loss while calming the nervous system and strengthening the mind. Leave feeling revitalised. 30 75 Herbal Steam The specialised treatment helps to expel toxins released during a massage by opening the channels through a warm steam bath. 15 33 THERAPUTIC REJUVENATION & HEALING Shirodhara Treatment 90 Shirodhara begins with a soothing hand and foot massage to aid relaxation. Your therapist will then begin the flow of warm oil over your third eye for 30 minutes. This is then followed by an Indian head massage. Shirodhara induces a state of absolute serenity. 1 Treatment 170 3 Treatments 440 Kati Basti Specific musculoskeletal treatments for lower and upper back pain stiff and tight shoulders & sciatica. 60 75 110 150 Chakrasparsha Massage Ayurvedic vibrational healing massage is designed to harmonise the chakras through the application of herbo-mineral paste to reflex points on the feet. Combined with the chanting of mantras and colour visualisation this provides a powerful therapy for deeper healing. AYURDA BODY RITUALS Ubtan Body Mask The ritual is an Ayurvedic beauty secret which has been used as a cleanser for centuries. It involves a full body massage followed by the application of herbal powders called Ubtans to cleanse the skin. The therapeutic benefits of the Ubtan will be enhanced while you are wrapped in a foil blanket. To complete this experience the treatment will be finished with a warm soak in our herbal bath under the beautiful canopy of the banyan forest then the soothing and hydrating application of Ayurda s Hand and Body Lotion which will leave your skin feeling invigorated and baby soft. 105 200 Rose Foot Ritual This traditional foot ritual begins with a rose footbath followed by warm oil massaged into the feet cuticles and legs bringing about relaxation. 60 110 Body Polishes The treatment begins with dry body brushing followed by the application of warm medicated oil before the traditional dosha specific scrub is prepared and applied to the skin. To complete this experience the treatment will be finished with a warm soak in our herbal bath under the beautiful canopy of the the banyan forest and the soothing and hydrating application of Ayurda Hand and Body Lotion which will leave your skin feeling invigorated and baby soft. Choose from Detox Blend for skin that is cellulite prone and has a tendency to retain water. Rejuvenating Blend for normal sensitive skin this body polish eliminates toxins and removed impurities. Hydrating Blend for dry and maturing skin this traditional Ayurvedic hydrating recipe polishes the skin whilst warm oil and coconut milk soothes. 105 190 ARAJILLA SIGNATURE SPA PACKAGES Abhyanga & Herbal Steam Abhyanga & Shirodhara Abhyanga Herbal Steam & Shirodhara Abhyanga & Rose Foot Ritual 75 120 120 120 158 290 328 220 AYURVEDA Ayurvedic science is a holistic health care system that achieves your natural balance at a physical mental and emotional level by incorporating it s unique and ancient principles. Ayurveda is a 5000 year old science and recognised as the world s oldest healthcare organisation. Its very unique principals are still used today by qualified Ayurvedic therapists and doctors by incorporating the belief that our body is governed by 3 intelligences or doshas Vata Pitta and Kapha. Ayurveda looks at treating the root cause of problems not merely the symptoms. Ayurveda shows us a simple way to unfold the light within. AYURDA AYURVEDIC SKIN CARE Ayurda in sanskrit means bestower of longevity which it achieves through its skin care range and treatments. Ayurda products are based on authentic Ayurvedic principles that nothing should be applied on the skin if it can not be taken internally making this a safe non-toxic range. The herbs used in Ayurda products are grown in the Himalayan mountains tendered with care and are hand picked and sun dried. In keeping with Ayurvedic traditions all products undergo a blessing ritual before shipment. SPA ETIQUETTE To make the most of your spa experience please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time. Wear loose clothing that you don t mind getting oil on. As part of our cancellation policy we require all bookings to be guaranteed by a credit card number. We require 24hr notice for any cancellations. Cancellations without notice will incur a 100% cost. Arriving late will give you less time in which to enjoy your treatment. To ensure that the next guest is not inconvenienced we will always finish your treatment on time regardless of your arrival time. Please also give yourself 10-15 minutes after your treatment to enjoy and relax in the surroundings of Arajilla Retreat with a warm cup of herbal tea. To make a spa reservation or discuss a personalised package contact Spa Manager Scott Allan by emailing scott or telephoning 61 (0) 2 6563 2273. incorporating the SPA MANAGER & AYURVADIC CONSULTANT YOGA THERAPIST Scott Allan Kim Allan Lord Howe Island NSW 2898 (02) 6563 2273