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Description: Dimensions: Your Last Print Copy on Its Way | Print Option for Dimensions | Meet the New SECA Editor | Student Grants | Thanks to Stephen and Karen | North Carolina Partnership

SOUTHERN EARLY CHILDHOOD ASSOCIATION October 2013 Volume 8 Issue 5 What s Happening at SECA Inside this issue SECA Board Adopts Dues Increase for 2014 The SECA Board of Directors voted at the summer meeting to increase SECA dues by 2 per year on September 1 2014. Dues are now 20 per year. SECA By-laws require that members be provided notice of a dues increase 6 months in advance of that increase. State dues as determined by individual state associations are added to the SECA dues to determine yearly membership dues. States that include NAEYC membership in their dues structure (AL FL GA KY OK TN TX VA & WV) add the cost of that membership to state and SECA dues. SECA dues include all individual member benefits as well as support to state affiliates. SECA By-Laws Article IV Dues for each class of membership shall be determined by the Board of Directors. The membership shall be informed through their state affiliate boards and by written notice from the SECA office at least 6 months prior to any dues alteration. The increase in SECA dues will be the first increase since 2004. This notification is being provided in accordance with the By-laws. Dimensions Your Last Print Copy on Its Way Print Option for 2 2 Dimensions Meet the New SECA Editor Student Grants Thanks to Stephen and Karen North Carolina Partnership 3 3 3 4 SECA Endorses Code of Professional Ethics We are pleased to announce that the SECA Board of Directors has endorsed the NAEYC Code of Professional Ethics and is now one of two organizations listed as an endorsing association. The statement was previously endorsed by the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI) and adopted by the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC). The endorsement also applies to the Supplement for Early Childhood Program Administrators and the Supplement for Early Childhood Adult Educators. For a copy of the Code and the Supplements go to http and click on Position Statements. You ll also find more detail about the components of the Code in our November 2012 issue of The Leadership Letter. Look on the website at http www. southernearlychildhood. org leadership Page 2 What s Happening at SECA Making the Transition Dimensions is Going Green You ve already experienced in 2013 one issue of an on-line version of Dimensions of Early Childhood. Providing the issue on-line accomplished several of our goals for the journal. We were able to produce the journal in full color a particular treat as we highlighted the state winners of the SECA Exemplary Outdoor Classroom Contest because the cost of production was limited to graphic design work. Availability was en- was available 24-7 to all members. No more lost copies--particularly a problem in the summer since we mail to closed schools and members aren t there to receive their copy. No delays in receipt because bulk mail doesn t always move very quickly. We reduced the cost of pro- bers at the same time. You have one more printed copy of Dimensions of Early Childhood coming your way at the end of October. Take a moment to compare the product that we can deliver with the online version. You ll find hanced for members. Because we could post the journal on the website it ducing the journal by eliminating the printing and mailing costs which totaled around 20 000 per issue. This allowed us to make the decision to defer a dues increase and to enhance the value of the journal to mem- Full color for the on-line version vs. a color cover and black and white pages in the printed version. Easy access to individual articles in the on-line version copying the old-fashioned way for the print version. We know it s a change but one we think will benefit everyone. Just Can t Give Up the Hard Copy We ve Got Another Option We know that some members are disappointed that we re not making the journal available in the printed version any longer....I ve got all my journals in library boxes and on my shelves sue that will be published at the end of February 2014 we ll provide a subscription option to receive a print copy that will be mailed to you. year. You ll be able to purchase this subscription on-line through the SECA store or submit a paper application through the mail. You ll also be able to access the on-line version as a SECA member. Look for details on the SECA website by December 1 2013. We ll also promote this option to the membership so watch for information. However it will require that you We listened to you and we ve subscribe and pay an additional found a way to provide a paper fee to receive that copy. We re copy but it will require you as a pleased to be able to offer the member to pay an additional fee. new subscription (3 print issues per year mailed to you) Beginning with the first 2014 isfor an additional fee of 15 per Page 3 Meet the New SECA Editor Dr. Mari Cortez of the University of Texas at San Antonio assumed the position of Editor for Dimensions of Early Childhood on October 1 2013. Mari is currently serving as the Chair of the Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching at the University and brings a wealth of experience in the early childhood field to this new venture. The fall 2013 issue of Dimensions of Early Childhood will provide a more in-depth look at her background. We are delighted that Mari has agreed to work with SECA to support the further development of our journal and to bring a new and diverse perspective to the role. You will begin to see her contributions in 2014. Welcome Mari Student Grants Available for Conference Student groups are eligible to apply for up to 1000 in matching grant funds to support their attendance at the annual SECA conference. SECA began this initiative several years ago and it s designed to support our emerging leaders in experiencing a high quality professional development opportunity. A Letter of Intent must be submitted by December 2 2013. The application is available on the conference page of Our students with Don Monopoli at Just for Students in 2011 the SECA website under registration. Thanks to Stephen and Karen January of 2013 brought an editorial transition with the departure of a long-time SECA editor Janet Brown and a new editorial crew took the helm. Dr. Stephen Graves a former chairman of the SECA Editorial Committee agreed to take the editorial position during the transition and Karen Leffler of Mississippi agreed to assist him as a copy editor. Their last issue will be the fall 2013 theme issue our last print edition. With a new permanent editor it s time to say good-bye to Stephen and Karen and thank them for their service to the Association. Thanks Stephen & Karen 2013 SECA Board of Directors Southern Early Childhood Association 1123 South University Suite 255 Little Rock AR 72204 Nancy Cheshire (WV) President Kathy Attaway (KY) President Elect Richard Hardison AL State Representative Joanna Grymes AR State Representative Phone 800-305-SECA Fax 501-227-5297 E-mail info Sister Roberta Bailey FL State Representative Anita Dailey GA State Representative Maureen O Brien KY State Representative A Voice for Southern Children We re on the web Cindy Ramagos LA State Representative Beverly Peden MS State Representative Marti Nicholson OK State Representative Crystal Campbell SC State Representative 2013 Executive Committee Nancy Cheshire President Kathy Attaway President-Elect Sister Roberta Bailey Fiscal Officer Melissa Smith Secretary Lisa Maddox-Vinson TN State Representative Cille D Ascenzo TX State Representative Susan Barnes VA State Representative Melissa Smith WV State Representative Carol Montealegre (FL) Member-at-Large What s Happening at SECA is written and produced bi-monthly by the Executive Director of SECA. Interested persons may sign up for free access to the newsletter at Floyd Creech (SC) Member-at-Large Go to the SECA website for e-mail addresses for the Board. A North Carolina Partnership The Board of Directors is dedicated to finding ways to enhance our outreach to students and to bring them into our professional associations both as members and as emerging leaders. At the summer meeting the Board voted to support a proposal from faculty and students at the Fayetteville Technical Community College Early Childhood Club in North Carolina. They proposed that both SECA and NCAEYC (the North Carolina NAEYC affiliate) join together to provide an entry level program for these students that will be unique among our states. SECA and NCAEYC will provide a year of free membership to this student group with the only cost to members being the NAEYC dues of 31. The students will receive all member benefits for one year and then will have the option of joining within the regular membership structure. It s an exciting experiment to see if we can support the establishment of this student group and make it attractive to future members. SECA and NCAEYC have been in discussions about how we can rejuvenate our relationship since the SECA affiliate in the state failed in the early 1990 s. Those discussions have led to a productive dialogue and this project.