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Description: Student Leadership Development Fund | Something New: The SECA 3 C's | 2014 Nominees for SECA President-Elect | Our 2014 SECA Award Winners | The 2014 SECA Leadership Summit

SOUTHERN EARLY CHILDHOOD ASSOCIATION December 2013 Volume 8 Issue 6 What s Happening at SECA Inside this issue Student Leadership Development Fund Something New The SECA 3 C s 2 We re Changing the Schedule I ve just spent the last hour clearing my e-mail system....about 1 000 emails later it s running a little more smoothly That said we re very aware that everybody s in-box is often jammed ...both with messages that you want to receive and spam that seems to multiply overnight. During the last two years we ve endeavored to limit the amount of content that we re sending your way to avoid being that organization that seems to pop up every day on your system. With that in mind we re going to modify our schedule for our e-newsletters and What s Happening at SECA will go to a quarterly newsletter. The next one we ll send to you will have all the 2014 conference news and photos and we think a quarterly schedule will provide sufficient coverage to make sure you know what s happening at SECA and with your colleagues in the other SECA states. You ll still receive six (6) issues of The Leadership Letter four (4) issues of the SECA Reporter and the monthly Public Policy Notes---we ll just consolidate the information contained in six issues of What s Happening to four (4) issues during the year. The first issue of 2014 will be available on April 1 2014. 2 2014 Nominees for SECA 3 President-Elect Our 2014 SECA Award Winners The 2014 SECA Leadership Summit 3 4 Don t Miss the November Member E-mail If it zipped right by you make sure you check out the member e-mail archives on the website to access the November e-mail. Three of your colleagues from Alabama wrote a great article on using music in the early childhood classroom. Dimensions Print Subscription Now Available If you are one of those members who prefers to have a printed copy of Dimensions we now have a new subscription option available to you. For an additional 15 per year we will mail you a print copy. This subscription will provide you with both the print copy and access to the on-line versions. What Do You Need To Do Two options are available 1) You can go to the SECA website to purchase your subscription on-line. Click on the Store button at the top of the home page and then on Dimensions of Early Childhood. You ll find the option to purchase the subscription as the third item on that page. Membership status will be confirmed by the SECA office prior to fulfillment of the subscription. 2) You can call the SECA office at 1-800-3057322 and we ll sign you up. Have your credit card ready Your subscription will begin in 2014. Page 2 What s Happening at SECA Applying for the Janie Humphries Student Leadership Fund We wanted to give you a brief idea of how the Fund is going to work and what to expect. We ll provide more information to the state affiliate presidents at SECA 2014 but this information might give you a head start. Each year the SECA Board of Directors will authorize the funding that will be distributed through the Fund. This will be based upon revenues earmarked for the fund including the proceeds of the annual Silent Auction and any donations made to the Association. Initially the Board has voted to make 250 per year available to state affiliates to support the following activities Promotion of student mem- bership. Development of student affil- will be responsible for administering the grant funds and financial programmatic reporting to SECA. States may submit more than one application per year with funds not to exceed 250 per year. If several affiliates chapters exist within the state the state affiliate may choose to distribute the funds among those groups for authorized activities. Applications from state affiliates will be accepted in the SECA office from March 1 through November 30 of each year. The application will be available in January on the Affiliate Board Resources page of the website. iates chapters within their state. Provision of initial start-up capital for student affiliates chapters. Provision of leadership de- velopment opportunities for those student affiliates chapters. Funds will be available only to state affiliates any local affiliates must work with the state affiliate to access the funds allocated to that state. State affiliates The SECA 3 C s Coffee Content and Conversation We re trying something new at the SECA 2014 conference. The SECA 3 C s Coffee Content and Conversation is an attempt to provide options for presenters outside of the traditional conference format. (We were also looking for a format that would substitute for the traditional Research Theater boards handouts..etc. Technology would take its place.) SECA issued a Call for Proposals this spring and invited presenters to submit a shortened presentation. We asked for a 4-7 slide PowerPoint presentation on a topic of interest to early childhood educators and promised a 20 minute slot to each presenter. We were thrilled that this format intrigued some of our presenters and for 2014 we have scheduled three presenters for the session. They will each present within a 2 hour timeframe with time for questions interaction and a cup of coffee Make sure to check this session out. It s scheduled for Friday afternoon January 17 2014 in the Heritage Room from 1 003 15 p.m. It s another option for the greening of SECA Page 3 Nominees for SECA President-Elect The SECA Nominating Committee is pleased to announce that the following individuals have been nominated for consideration as candidates for SECA President-Elect. Beth Parr of Georgia Carol Coleman Montealegre of Florida Linda Novak of North Carolina (formerly of West Virginia) The Nominating Committee will interview the nominees on Thursday January 16 2014 at the annual conference in Williamsburg. They will certify the candidates for SECA President and those individuals will begin their 2014 campaign at the conference. Congratulations to our 2014 nominees Novak Montealegre Parr Our 2014 SECA Award Recipients 2014 Outstanding SECA Member Debbie Ferguson of Tennessee 2014 Friend of Children Ellen Galinsky 2014 President s Award Toni Cacace-Beshears (VA) L-R Celebration of Children (LA) Dr. Lynn Darling (MS) the 2013 ECAO (OK) Conference Committee (Johnson & Sutherlin) 2014 Marian B. Hamilton Awards Rich Scofield Scholarship Carolyn Hudman (KY) 2014 Helen Harley Scholarship Recipients Morgan Janke (VA) Kelly Tivey (TN) Kenya Wolff 2013 SECA Board of Directors Southern Early Childhood Association 1123 South University Suite 255 Little Rock AR 72204 Nancy Cheshire (WV) President Kathy Attaway (KY) President Elect Richard Hardison AL State Representative Joanna Grymes AR State Representative Phone 800-305-SECA Fax 501-227-5297 E-mail info Sister Roberta Bailey FL State Representative Anita Dailey GA State Representative Maureen O Brien KY State Representative A Voice for Southern Children We re on the web Cindy Ramagos LA State Representative Beverly Peden MS State Representative Marti Nicholson OK State Representative Crystal Campbell SC State Representative 2013 Executive Committee Nancy Cheshire President Kathy Attaway President-Elect Sister Roberta Bailey Fiscal Officer Melissa Smith Secretary Lisa Maddox-Vinson TN State Representative Cille D Ascenzo TX State Representative Susan Barnes VA State Representative Melissa Smith WV State Representative Carol Montealegre (FL) Member-at-Large What s Happening at SECA is written and produced bi-monthly by the Executive Director of SECA. Interested persons may sign up for free access to the newsletter at Floyd Creech (SC) Member-at-Large Go to the SECA website for e-mail addresses for the Board. 2014 SECA Leadership Summit The 2014 SECA Leadership Summit will be held on Wednesday January 15 2014 at our annual conference in Williamsburg Virginia. The Summit will begin at 2 00 pm and conclude at 6 00 pm. A reception honoring the 2014 SECA Outstanding Member Debbie Ferguson of Tennessee will be held immediately following the Summit. The focus of the Summit for 2014 will be planning for the future and the session will be conducted by Howard Mason of New Possibilities Associates of Louisville Kentucky. During the afternoon Howard will do a brief presentation about change and will also introduce the participants to a new type of discussion format and process the World Caf . The session is open to current and emerging leaders. If you The 2013 Leadership Summit would like more information about the Summit or would like to participate please contact Glenda Bean at gbean