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HERLIFE MAGAZINE TWIN CITIES JANUARY 2014 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM KEEPING WOMEN CONNECTED BRIDAL trends TRAVEL hidden jewels across the country HEALTH preventing cervical cancer fabulous recipes to ring in the new year watching over those we love most HERLIFE CONTENTS features 22 12 20 28 08 12 Welcome From the Publisher Health Protecting Yourself from Cervical Cancer Beauty Where to Save and Where to Splurge Culinary Secret Supper Clubs Recipes Oatmeal Craisin Cookies & More 22 26 Inspirations Cover Girl Sini Ross Spotlight Minneapolis Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors Trendsetter Bridal The Day of Your Dreams Green Living Green Weddings Mother s Perspective Babysitter 101 44 40 Working Women Smartphone Apps for Professionals Spotlight Riverdale Travel Home Pantone s 2014 Trends Travel Little Known Cities with Interesting Histories In the City January Calendar 42 44 46 14 28 36 38 18 20 48 6 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE WELCOME editor s note so often in casual conversation random tidbits are dropped when I was a bee keeper for two summers... or that reminds me of the time I golfed with Warren Buffett... That is when I have to stop them and say Wait you did what How did I not know this Some of the stories are extraordinary others are funny little situations or random occurrences what amazes me is how nonchalantly they re delivered. Maybe that s part of the secret as to how these folks find themselves in these seemingly random or unique life experiences they re not overwhelmed by them. They welcome the unexpected In this season of new mantras and resolutions how about that as a good one to adopt This month s cover girl Sini Ross certainly did. From marrying Swedish royalty to selling Western clothing in Europe to starting her own business here in Minnesota Sini takes life as it comes and does so successfully with ingenuity imagination and smarts She can even show you a Norwegian Folk dance or two if you ask nicely... Here s to the wonderful and unexpected coming our way in 2014 I s there someone in your family or group of friends who never fails to surprise you with their random life experiences It s not only their great real life story it s also the fact that you ve known them for 5 10 or 30 years (and know nearly everything about them) and you re just hearing a particular story for the first time. I have a few friends like that. Every p h o to by m i c h e l l e l o ckwo o d p h ot o gr a phy L ind s ey L ee Hut c hins stay tuned... 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We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles and advertisements nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised. We welcome your ideas articles and feedback. 10 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE HEALTH protecting yourself from cervical cancer Abnormal vaginal bleeding such as after sex after menopause or between menstrual periods can be a symptom. An unusual vaginal discharge that might be tinged with blood can also be indicative of the cancer. Lastly painful sexual intercourse can be a sign. If a woman experiences any of these symptoms it is highly recommended that she see a health-care professional immediately. Women should not wait for symptoms to make an appearance. They should undergo screening regularly. A Pap test is the best method available to detect changes in cervical cells long before they might become precancerous or cancerous. If it is found early cervical cancer is one of the most successfully-treated cancers. In the United States in the last half century the death rate from cervical cancer declined by almost 70 percent. This striking statistic is due to medical advances in finding abnormal cervical cells and then following up with additional testing and or treatments. As with most cancers there are risk factors that also should be taken into account. HPV is actually a group of more than 150 related viruses and the chances of being exposed to some form of it are high. However women can equip themselves to be as protected as possible beyond seeking yearly exams and Pap tests. As you might guess it is recommended to use condoms and have fewer sexual partners. At the same time these are not sure-fire ways to avoid HPV. Condoms cannot fully cover every possible area of the body that might be infected with HPV by h e a th e r n o b l e p h d appearance of good health. She asked if I was fully relaxed. Uh no. That doctor s office was the very last place I wanted to be and funny enough I really did not understand the full purpose for my being there. I knew many women had such yearly exams to ensure their health but it was beyond my knowledge that I was taking one of the most important steps possible to protect myself from cervical cancer. It was years before I understood that most cervical cancer is caused by a virus called human papillomavirus or HPV. The virus can be passed from one person to another through skin-to-skin contact often in the context of sexual intercourse. There are different kinds of HPV and not all of them lead to cervical cancer. This viral infection is actually quite common and most people are able to naturally clear the infection from their bodies. However some types of HPV carry greater risk for becoming cancerous. When a woman becomes infected with a riskier form of HPV and if the cells are going to change and become precancerous or even cancerous it will be a process that takes some time. In the interim it is possible that no signs or symptoms will be present. However when cells have become cancerous there is greater likelihood for noting some changes. 12 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM I don t remember exactly how young I was but I do remember some details of my first visit to the gynecologist s office for a pelvic exam and Pap test. After I was back in the examining room I was first met by the nurse who checked my vitals. She took my pulse and blood pressure and commented on how both were quite high given my age and and having only one sexual partner might still be sufficient for exposure to the virus. Nevertheless these are sound recommendations. Also know that smoking should be avoided. It s believed that tobacco substances damage the cells of the cervix and harm the immune system thus leading to vulnerability for HPV infections. Other forms of immunosuppression including drugs taken to suppress the body s immune response due to an autoimmune disorder or to manage an organ transplant also increase vulnerability. Additionally cervical cells are affected by a woman s diet and overall health. Ensuring a consistent intake of fruits and vegetables while maintaining a healthy weight are highly recommended tactics in fighting off HPV infections in addition to boosting overall health. A few other risk factors include prolonged use of oral contraceptives multiple full-term pregnancies and a family history of cervical cancer. Research indicates that the risk of cervical cancer increases the longer a woman takes oral contraceptives but that risk is then reduced after the pill is stopped. Women who have had three or more full-term pregnancies are also at increased risk for developing cervical cancer possibly due to more unprotected intercourse hormonal changes or weakened immune systems. Finally there is no escaping family genes so be aware you may be at greater risk because other women in your family had this cancer. Cervical cancer is scary to think about but now that I m older and know more the yearly exams feel vital. I d still rather be somewhere else than that doctor s office yet I know I am doing one of the most important things I can to protect myself against cervical cancer. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 13 HERLIFE BEAUTY makeup and skin products where to save & where to splurge by h o p e f e rg u so n toners clarifiers moisturizers scrubs masks serums and creams are all part of the savvy woman s skincare vocabulary. With a plethora of brands price points and purchase points to choose from how do you know the best use of your dollar What ingredients and products should you choose to meet the unique needs of your skin That depends say the experts we consulted. Aestheticians and med spa professionals recommend that you consult with a professional who can evaluate your skin type. Then you can determine where to save and when to splurge. They frequently sell professionally supervised products meant to be used in conjunction with the professional services that they provide. Med spas and aestheticians take great care to research the medical grade products they use and recommend to clients and this is frequently the place where the splurge is worth the result for your skin. Jennifer Linder MD a board-certified dermatologist and chief scientific officer for PCA SKIN said Identifying which skincare ingredients are B ack in the day a woman s skincare regimen might have consisted of a bar of soap and a little cold cream. That s not true anymore. Nowadays peptides antioxidants humectants retinoids soy kojic acid hydroquinone Vitamin C glycolic acid salicylic acid and minerals followed by cleansers valuable worth paying for and using is a daunting task these days. I always look for supporting credible science on an ingredient before I suggest it to patients or use it myself. There are many new categories that are gaining popularity like stem cells and a wide variety of peptides yet only a few ingredients in these emerging categories have any compelling science to support their efficacy. What determines the price of a makeup or skincare line It is usually the percentage of active ingredient and the research dollars behind a brand. According to O The Oprah Magazine an over-the-counter hydroquinone cream to lift dark spots may have 2 percent active ingredient compared to 4 percent in a prescription formula. As for makeup higher-priced brands usually have higher-quality base ingredients a more luxurious feel and vibrant pigments. However a lower-priced brand if under the same corporate umbrella as a more expensive line can frequently take advantage of the research and development that went into its higher-priced sister. According to the website Divine mascara nail polish and lip gloss are areas where you can save since you need to replace mascara every three months and nail polish and lip gloss formulas are similar. Highpriced lines...are selling a lifestyle choice as much as they re selling cosmetics. The real truth is (that) designer cosmetics are usually made from better 14 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM raw ingredients and are better quality. Foundation is also a product that can be selected based on your budget combined with your unique skin needs along with the safety considerations of reasonably frequent replacement. Scientific research over recent years by dermatologists and professionals in the cosmetics and aesthetics industries has led to the development of many products and formulations that can significantly improve the quality of your skin and many of these are being included in cosmetic products. While retinoids and peptides address wrinkles and sagging by exfoliating and thickening the skin antioxidants such as Vitamin C brighten skin and fight free radicals. Glycolic and lactic acid are great for exfoliating and salicylic acid combats acne. advises women to focus on active ingredients which may be included in both splurge and budget choices. Peptides stimulate collagen production and antioxidant enzymes. Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative that increases production of collagen and elastin and addresses wrinkles and sagging by exfoliating and thickening the skin. Antioxidants such as Vitamin HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 15 HERLIFE BEAUTY C brighten skin and fight free radicals. Glycolic and lactic acids are great for exfoliating and salicylic acid combats acne. Moisturizers should contain ceramides and hyaluronic acid which are naturally occurring components of the skin that help enhance and restore the skin s protective function. A moisturizing mask especially important in the colder months that uses allnatural phytonutrients found in fruits and veggies vitamins and antioxidants is a strong recommendation from dermatologists. Some aestheticians and dermatologists also suggest that if someone is going to spend money on one high-priced item it ought to be an exfoliating mask. Then there is the ubiquitous sunscreen. Whether you choose to splurge with a medical grade product from your aesthetician or opt for the convenient value brand please don t skip this step. We all should be aware by now that a minimum SPF 15 applied in the correct amounts should be included in your daily makeup and skincare regimen. Skin care professionals across all segments of the industry stress healthy eating consuming foods rich in antioxidants omega-3 fatty acids vitamins and protein all containing ingredients that help prevent wrinkles and are known to soften and brighten the skin. Nevertheless the most important part of your skincare regimen can be had for pennies or for free. Drinking enough water is key to keeping your skin healthy say the pros. Not only can water make wrinkles less noticeable it also increases blood flow and releases toxins. Focus on drinking the recommended eight glasses of water each day to keep body and skin hydrated. HLM 16 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 17 HERLIFE CULINARY secret supper clubs by c a n d i sm i th food industry authorities. But what they do have is the desire to share delicious food with other like-minded epicureans. Since the turn of the new millennium foodies have been doing food their way--opening their cookbooks and homes to virtual strangers who are all seeking the spiritual mecca of enlightened dining. According to Jenn Garbee author of Secret Suppers Rogue Chefs and Underground Restaurants in Warehouses Townhouses Open Fields & Everywhere in Between there are at least 100 secret supper clubs nationwide. Michael Hebb an innovative and influential cultural figure entrepreneur and activist described by The New York Times as an underground restaurateur impresario and provocateur is usually credited with spurring the secret supper club movement. His inspiration in starting the clubs was that people having discussions over an open table can change the world. Secret supper clubs are part dinner party and part supper club--a place where diners often meet one another for the first time and are will18 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM I magine that you and your taste buds are about to embark upon an adventure that s the equivalent of a culinary speakeasy. It s an invitationonly affair and even then there s no guarantee you ll get through the door. Welcome to the world of secret supper clubs the latest eateries which don t have signage advertising budgets or even approval by ing to pay a small donation in return for the chance at new culinary experiences. Since many people aren t cooking in the traditional sense (families are getting smaller mothers are now in the workforce) the experience is just as titillating as the food. Details are usually sent no more than 24 hours before the event and some have been so creative as to have a scavenger hunt lead you to your destination. The clubs were found mostly in big cities on the coasts such as New York and San Francisco but they re now moving to the center of the country and can be found in Austin Chicago Kansas City and Atlanta. Since most events operate under the radar (avoiding tax and licensing requirements) they are usually found on the Internet or via email blasts that individuals have signed up to receive. This secretiveness and exclusivity often drives demand which means there will be more diners interested in attending an event than there are seats available. Imagine a sold-out house for every event you host Secret supper clubs are hosted by a wide variety of people ranging from those who love to entertain and cook to budding chefs looking for their big breakout. As clubs start out they are often quaint and special driven by the love of food wine and a culinary like-mindedness. But sometimes a club will outgrow its roots both in size and popularity. While some people won t blink at a 100 donation for a plate others find it s not within their price range. But for those looking for truly unique course offerings often paired with three or four wines the price is fair. They don t even mind that they don t get to choose from a menu and instead are left to the whims of the chef. So are you ready to duck into the deep unknown of underground supper clubs Start by doing a search of clubs in your area and sign up. provides a listing of international and national clubs. Pick a club convenient for your location and schedule provide your email address (and usually a few details about yourself such as sex age and how you learned about the club) and then wait for your invitation. You will eventually receive an email providing you the date of an upcoming event. If you respond that you d like to attend depending upon the popularity of the club you will be placed in a lottery. The host will pull from their attendee list either randomly or based upon what they think will be a good mix of people. Once you ve been invited honor your commitment. Remember if you don t show this leaves an empty seat that someone else tried very hard to fill Be prepared to arrive not too early but definitely not late. As any gracious guest should do bring a bottle of favorite wine to share with the diners. Dress business casual unless told to do otherwise--you don t want to be the only one overdressed at the affair. But most of all be prepared to try new dishes and meet new people who love food almost as much as you do HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 19 HERLIFE RECIPES oatmeal craisin cookies with white chocolate and coconut Makes 24 cookies Prep time 15 minutes Cook time 12 minutes ingredients cup all-purpose flour teaspoon baking soda teaspoon ground cinnamon teaspoon salt 1 stick unsalted butter at room temperature cup brown sugar cup granulated sugar 1 large egg teaspoon vanilla extract 1 cup old fashioned oats cup shredded coconut cup white chocolate chips cup dried cranberries directions Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. In a medium bowl combine flour baking soda cinnamon and salt set aside. In a larger bowl combine butter brown sugar and granulated sugar beat with an electric mixer until light and smooth. Beat in the egg and vanilla. Add the dry ingredients just until incorporated. Add oats coconut white chocolate chips and dried cranberries until evenly combined. Drop scoops of dough onto the lined baking sheets a few inches apart. Bake for about 12 minutes until just set and light golden rotating the pans halfway through baking. Let cool on the pans about 2 minutes then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely. HLM recipes and p hot ogr ap hy by ver y c ulinar y.c om Krista Wolter Intuitive. Experienced. Real Estate Agent. (612) 247-5106 20 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM tex-mex migas Serves 4 Prep time 15 minutes Cook time 10 minutes ingredients 8 large eggs 2 Tablespoons skim milk 2 Tablespoons unsalted butter 2 Tablespoons vegetable oil 4 good quality corn tortillas cut into 1 2-inch strips then into 2 inch rectangles 3 cloves garlic minced 1 small sweet onion diced small cup bell pepper (I used red and yellow) diced small 1 medium jalape o finely diced cup pepper jack cheese 2 scallions chopped salt and pepper directions In a large bowl whisk together the eggs and milk set aside. Heat the butter and oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Once the butter melts add the tortillas and cook stirring until they are golden and crispy. Add the garlic onion bell pepper and jalape o. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Cook until vegetables are tender about 5 minutes. Add the eggs to the skillet reduce heat to medium stir to scramble and combine until most of the moisture has been absorbed. Season with a sprinkle more salt and pepper. Remove from heat. Serve hot topped with some cheese and scallions. HLM recipes and p hot ogr ap hy by ver y c ulinar y.c om HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 21 HERLIFE INSPIRATIONS w ri tte n by k a th l ee n kr u e ge r p h o to gra p hy by c h ri s m cdu ffi e h a i r & m a ke - u p by m e g h u m e o f s avi n g fa ce sini ross Sini s life journey has taken her halfway around the world and back again. It is also one that demonstrates both her courage and her tenacity when dealing with the ups and downs that come with life. C risis equals opportunity. That s the mantra that Sini Ross owner of BrightStar St. Croix Valley has developed for her life. I ve learned not to be afraid to take risks Sini said. BrightStar is a franchised provider of in- by noble families and had always been passed down from generation to generation to the oldest son. It is very rare to own land in Sweden. Here in America we take the opportunity to own land for granted. Sini lived in Sweden for ten years with her first husband. She learned the nuances of the culture and particularly those of the Old Families. Sweden is more laid back and social than Minnesota Sini explained. We had a party to go to every weekend. And the Swedes love to sing. She enjoyed some of the social traditions carried out by the Swedes for their parties particularly their means of introducing guests to other party attendees they might not know. The hostess would assign the seating placing you with a different person each time Sini recalled. The gentleman known as the Cavalier would be responsible for upholding a conversation and for dancing at least one dance with you. Then you were free to mingle with those you already knew. That way you would get to know new people. Sini says that she found the common idea that Scandinavians are reserved to be untrue. The Danes are very vivacious and the Norwegians are always very lively Sini insisted at the same time noting that the Swedes tend not to like things that are flashy or loud. They tend to prefer things that are classy elegant and discreet according to Sini. The Swedish word lagom just enough is how they describe it. She also noted that Swedes are much more group-focused in their thinking. They like to consult with many others prior to making decisions Sini explained. When Sini first moved to Sweden she worked for an architecture firm for about three years. Then the economy took a nosedive in 1991 and she joined the ranks of 27 percent of the population in unemployment. This was when Sini truly learned to see a crisis as an opportunity. With few jobs to be had and her limited Swedish language skills Sini decided HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 23 home care services. BrightStar St. Croix Valley is one of five independently owned BrightStar locations in the Twin Cities area at this time and Sini s location is starting its fourth year of operation. It isn t the first business that Sini has started she also owned a company in Sweden that imported and sold Western gear. Her life journey has taken her halfway around the world and back again. It is also one that demonstrates both her courage and her tenacity when dealing with the ups and downs that come with life. Sini faced her first major life challenge when she was just an infant. She was born with hip dysplasia and had to have her legs in a cast for many months. Sini s father took that situation and turned a limitation into a benefit. Since Sini was unable to crawl due to the cast that kept her legs immobilized her father would take her to pony rides. This experience instilled in her a deep love for horses and also created a special bond between Sini and her dad. He taught me how to change the oil and to do many other things that were considered male jobs Sini recollected. She just laughs when she experiences indications of gender bias as she did recently when a gentleman expressed surprise to learn that she was the sole owner of her business. Sini s original career path was architecture. She received her degree in architecture from the University of Minnesota. It was there that she met her first husband who was Swedish and a member of the Swedish nobility. I still laugh about when I met my first husband and he told me he was a landowner Sini shared. Until the 1960s land was typically owned only HERLIFE INSPIRATIONS si n i a n d h e r sh i b a i n u ko ko m o Owning and managing BrightStar has been Sini s most challenging career to date but she says it is also the most rewarding. She believes in taking risks but still encourages people to think things through. that self-employment was the best option. Taking advantage of the cowboy trend popular at the time among Swedes and Europeans she started importing saddles and cowboy boots. The business thrived turning into a mail order catalog business that covered five countries and also had two retail outlets. That was when I learned that I loved being an entrepreneur Sini shared. Although Sini s business was a great success the same was not true in her marriage. When I got married in my early 20s I was caught up in the glamour of it the tuxedos the long dresses the parties Sini confided. The defining moment for me was going to a party held at a castle. I saw this husband and wife who were miserable. They even lived at two separate ends of the castle. I looked at all the monetary stuff and knew it was not worth it. My life there was pretty empty. I really needed to dust myself off and rebuild my life with a sense of purpose. Weighing the pros and cons of staying in Sweden to run her business or returning to the United States where she would have the support of family and friends as she began to raise her daughter as a single mother Sini decided to sell her business and return home. Rather than trying to start over as an architect working long hours at a lower wage Sini chose to begin a career in sales. It was a good choice. She did very well as an employee with Xerox in the commercial print division but she knew that some day she would want to own her own business again. 24 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM When digital media began affecting the demand for print media Sini saw the writing on the wall. She decided it was time to make a change and began looking at franchise opportunities. Having just gone through the experience of working with family to try to fulfill her mother-in-law s wish to continue living in her own home she thought BrightStar seemed like the perfect fit. BrightStar offers both medical and non-medical care wherever people call home which is one of the things that attracted Sini to the franchise. The home-care agency the family had hired to assist her mother-in-law provided only non-medical caregivers. Grandma Nancy was hiding her symptoms to avoid going back to the hospital or nursing home. If we had had nursing oversight we probably would have had her with us longer explained Sini. Sini has learned much about the needs of families in a variety of care situations since she started BrightStar. It isn t just the elderly who need caregivers BrightStar provides services for all ages. We had one family in which both parents were executives and might have to fly out at a moment s notice Sini shared. The child didn t have any special needs. They just needed a dependable nanny-type service that they could call on. In another situation a couple with an autistic child was planning a much-needed respite trip out west. When the family s caregiver canceled at the last minute BrightStar was able to provide them with highly qualified caregivers so they wouldn t have to cancel their trip. Providing on-site care for individuals being released from the hospital who need 24-hour supervision during recovery is another service that BrightStar offers. This might be in a traditional home or apartment or it may be for individuals who are already residing in an assisted or independent living facility. When distance is a factor for families BrightStar provides a major level of comfort and security giving family members the assurance that loved ones are being well cared for. They can call any time 24 7 if they have a concern. BrightStar also encourages families to make use of a free tool via the Internet called It provides updates and an interactive calendar that they can use to keep track of appointments and the tasks of the assigned caregivers. Our caregivers report directly to our director of nursing Sini offered. She puts together a plan of care for our clients and can also act as a liaison between the doctor and hospitals if the client needs it. Sini gives a word of caution to those who hire caregivers who do not have this kind of supervision be aware of the risks you may be taking. BrightStar does thorough background checks on all their employees. They make sure workers are certified in CPR and first aid. They also provide worker s compensation and are insured and bonded. When you hire independent caregivers you are taking on a much bigger risk. Owning and managing BrightStar has been Sini s most challenging career to date but she says it is also the most rewarding. She believes in taking risks but still encourages people to think things through. You should have plan B and plan C is Sini s advice. I don t have much of a bucket list said Sini. If an opportunity comes up I m going to take it. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 25 HERLIFE SPOTLIGHT by k a th l e e n k r u e ge r p h o to gra p hy by m o m e n to im a ge s he titles applied to Sharon Krumme s profession have varied during her 35 years in the financial services industry but she feels the current one of Financial Advisor remains the T most appropriate. The number of women serving as financial advisors has grown significantly since she launched her career with Piper Jaffray in the 1980s but the female gender still remains greatly underrepresented in the financial industry. Sharon Senior Vice President-Investments at Minneapolis Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors is certainly one of the most tenured among them. There should be more women serving as financial advisors Sharon insisted. I would love to mentor a young woman choosing this as her career. There are many facets to a career as a financial advisor that Sharon appreciates such as the independence and flexibility of schedule which have helped her balance her roles as a career woman wife and mother. However it is the close trusting relationship that develops between Sharon and her clients that she enjoys the most. Our business is service-centric Sharon shared. Knowing that I am enriching the lives of my clients and providing them with clarity and confidence regarding their finances is the driving force that motivates me each day. Change is the one constant in life. Some of the changes in our lives we can plan for others interrupt our lives without warning or permission. Major and even minor life changes will inevitably involve or affect our financial position in some fashion. It is during these periods of transition that Sharon and her team at Minneapolis Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors often provide the most personalized and trusted service to their clients. As a small boutique practice within Wells Fargo Advisors Sharon and her team see clients dealing with the two major life transitions of aging parents and divorce on a regular basis. These life situations are often emotionally charged. The topic of an individual s finances is also one that evokes strong emotions. These personal matters require sensitivity on the part of advisors to the priorities and goals of their clients this responsive- MINNEAPOLIS WEALTH MANAGEMENT GROUP OF 26 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM ness goes beyond more than financial matters to all-encompassing life values. Minneapolis Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors offers a number of valuable resources to help provide practical guidance as clients navigate through situations. In addition they provide unbiased counsel based on a thorough understanding of both financial portfolios and personal priorities. For adult children of aging parents Sharon has this advice--don t wait to engage in a conversation with parents about their current and future plans and financial goals. From these conversations you can learn ways to keep your parents on track or together explore opportunities to help them better manage their finances. Most importantly this kind of conversation is a way to help you take better care of your parents when they need it. It s never too early for parents to put legal documents in place that express their wishes. Before visiting with an attorney it s helpful to have a basic understanding of the five most important estate planning documents a will durable power of attorney health care power of attorney living will and revocable living trust. Parents should also review their beneficiary designations and properly title their assets in accordance with their estate planning documents. Going through a divorce can be one of life s most painful experiences. In addition to the emotional stress one has to make her way through the process of undoing the many financial connections created over time with a spouse. Untangling the finances of a household and trying to achieve an equitable balance of division is seldom easy. Sharon and her team assist their clients in the process of discovery and safeguarding their assets during the critical weeks and months leading up to the divorce negotiations themselves. Having a trusted financial advisor working alongside their attorney provides clients with a much stronger support system. The final stage of transitioning into an entirely new financial situation following the divorce is another part of the process in which the experience of a seasoned financial advisor can be invaluable. We realize all of these types of conversations can be difficult and we offer guides and personalized advice to our clients to help them navigate these life events and more. Sharon affirmed. Sharon her partner Robert Grant and their two registered client associates Jessica Cripps and Dustin Neumann distinguish themselves with their innate ability to tune into their clients core values and approach to life. Our goal is to utilize our tenured experience and longevity in the markets in order to help you create a unique plan that works for you and your family over the long term Sharon explained. We value what matters most to you whatever that maybe. HLM You can contact Sharon Krumme and her team at Minneapolis Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors at minneapoliswmg. com or by calling 612-342-0564. Wells Fargo Advisors is not a legal or tax advisor. Wells Fargo Advisors LLC. Member SIPC. CAR 1213-00330. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 27 HERLIFE TRENDSETTER the day of your dreams photography by momento images hair & make-up by meg hume of saving face model giana ballard of wehmann models & talent inc. this page dress and headband from posh bridal boutique bouquet by wisteria design studio bracelet by sbg designs opposite page bouquet by wisteria design studio cake by buttercream bakery table design & floral centerpiece by wisteria design studio table linens napkin & napkin rings flatware stemware plates and chiavari chair from apres party & tent rental HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 29 HERLIFE TRENDSETTER this page dress from posh bridal couture headpiece from c est chic boutique bracelet by sbg designs opposite page dress from posh bridal couture jewelry by sbg designs table design & floral centerpiece by wisteria design studio table linen candle holder napkins flatware plates and charger from apres party & tent rental aprespar HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 31 HERLIFE TRENDSETTER this page floral design by sadie s couture floral and event styling goblets charger plate napkin table linen and runner all from linen effects this page dress from posh bridal couture jewelry by sbg designs cake by buttercream bakery HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 33 HERLIFE TRENDSETTER cake by the sweet boutique headpiece from c est chic boutique earrings from posh bridal couture 34 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 35 HERLIFE GREEN LIVING green weddings P Location by l i sa ta ra n to b u tl e r one of nature s lovely locations. Invitations Although many couples choose to help the environment with evites and word-of-mouth invitations nothing says Please Join Us more than a good old fashioned letter from the U.S. Postal Service. Look for invitations made from 100 percent recycled paper and forgo the excess envelopes and RSVP cards in favor of tallying responses via a wedding website. If Aunt Dorothy isn t comfortable with the computer give her a call to check her attendance status. On the flip side stay away from using the environmentally conscious cause when it comes to sending a thank you acknowledgement. Appreciation of gifts is best said with a handwritten note not an email. The Gown It s tricky to find a reason to wear your wedding gown twice unless you save it for renewing your vows in the future. If by chance you and your mother have similar tastes altering her preserved dress and making it your own might be a perfect fit. But if you are looking forward to choosing your own gown (which is understandable) check out the wedding dresses at vintage stores and consignment shops. These days wedding gowns don t have to be long and white. Choose a style and color that touts your tastes as well as your thoughtfulness for the eco-future. As for the wedding party consider letting them wear something they already own. It s doubtful you will find a former bridesmaid donning the tea length teal tulle dress she once wore in a wedding for another occasion. Give your wedding party guidelines such as black dress knee length but lanning the perfect wedding can be exciting and unique to your personal tastes. Friends and family look forward to sharing a little bit of your and your partner s style while congratulating you on the start of the rest of your lives as a couple. The path to a beautiful wedding can be earth-friendly as well as fabulous. Why not put your best foot forward with a few green wedding ideas and begin your marriage journey with an eco-friendly footprint With This Ring The engagement ring is the official launch of a wedding journey but most large mining practices take a toll on the local environment. You could try to lessen your carbon handprint by investigating and purchasing an ethically mined gem but often this information is too vague to decipher even with careful examination. Why not go vintage and use a family heirloom to seal the deal or buy a used engagement ring that you both adore By combining antique gemstones with recycled metal just about any preservation-minded couple can make beautiful bling for the beloved left hand. One of the first major decisions a soon-to-be bride and groom must make together is the venue for those vows. Since hotel ballrooms and large resorts typically use lots of electricity and water why not incorporate nature in your plans from the get-go Small churches parks farms and meadows can provide an amazing backdrop for the most beautiful day of your life. The changing leaves of autumn can provide a variety of colors and textures while a spring wedding may offer new blooms and a touch of greenery. Think beyond the standard setting for the base of your big day and congregate in 36 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM let them choose something they can easily repurpose for another fabulous event. Food The catering at a wedding is the talk of the party--either a scrumptious success or a failed food flop. Ensure the conversation about your food is fabulous. Organic food can be quite costly compared to typical catering so make sure to account for the extra cash in your budget. Choose a farm-totable caterer to cut down on waste and electricity. Fresh food needs less packaging and less time in the fridge. Include your caterer in your plans to provide a zero-waste reception (or at least pretty close to it). Some eco-friendly caterers will donate or even compost any leftovers. Parting Gifts Although most couples may feel their mini-gift is usable when it comes to wedding favors they typically get thrown in the trash. Why not chuck the idea of wedding favors all together Instead leave guests feeling giddy after making a donation to a charity of your choice in their name. Or go the edible route and give your guests a homemade treat or delicious delight from a local bakery or farmers market. Try to resist adding more packaging. Perhaps the treat will be devoured on the drive home. The path to a wonderful wedding can be beautiful but excessive. Why not make the first steps to your union eco-conscious yet memorable. By using all of these tips or just one of them your journey will start a little more earth friendly. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 37 HERLIFE MOTHER S PERSPECTIVE babysitter 101 by h e a th e r n o b l e T 38 he plans are in place and you re ready for Friday night This will be your time the break that you have badly needed. You and your friends will be meeting at your favorite restaurant and you have already begun savoring the sights and tastes the evening will entail. The last thing you need to ruin this perfect picture is very least check whether the sitter knows how to call for help in case of an emergency. Introduce the sitter to your kids and observe how comfortable they are around each other. Provided the interview is going well check on the sitter s expectations and needs including what time frames they are available to assist your family and how much they desire to be paid. Ultimately you are hoping to find a babysitter who enjoys the company of your children is trustworthy and knows how to stay safe has the necessary attention and patience to attend to your children s needs and has the capacity to remain level-headed and competent during any emergency that might occur. Second check references. Though your potential sitter might sound great the best way to really know how well she or he may fulfill the job is to find out about prior experiences with other families. Be specific with your questions. Did the kids enjoy their time with the sitter Were there any dissatisfying or upsetting occurrences Is the babysitter still someone the family would call upon to watch their children If possible also ask the pay rate the babysitter generally received. This can help with the next step. Third if you proceed with the babysitter formulate the amount of pay you are willing to offer. A younger babysitter with less experience will likely accept an amount at the lower end of the average range whereas someone with more experience and special training will want greater compensation. worry about whether you have a good babysitter who will meet the needs of your children--and your own needs. If you do your homework ahead of time you will have all the bases covered to ensure your kids are in good hands. First find the right babysitter. This is the perfect opportunity to draw upon the wisdom of other parents who live nearby your coworkers or your network of friends to seek recommendations. You might also consider joining an online network to browse for sitters and access their references. Once you have identified some good prospects take the time to screen them. You can start with a phone interview and if at all possible meet them in person with your children nearby. Now is the time to be selective and sensitive to any gut reactions you might experience. When you talk with a babysitter share information about your children including their ages and any special needs they might have. Ask about the sitter s prior experiences especially with children similar to yours. Also ask if the sitter had any special training including basic first aid and how to rescue a choking infant child. At the HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Determine the going rates in your geographical area by again calling upon your social network of friends and co-workers especially if references could not give you any ideas. It is always good to know what others typically pay so you can offer an acceptable amount. Fourth and finally once you have identified your babysitter prepare to further orient him or her to some of the ropes with this new job. You might schedule the start time at least 30 minutes in advance of your expected time of departure from the home. This will give you and the sitter the opportunity to review how best to care for your children including feeding and bedtime routines. Show the sitter where various supplies are kept including diapers clothing and food. If there are any special rules you want to make sure the children follow be explicit about them. Ensure you have written emergency numbers next to your phone or posted in a central location in the home. Aside from emergency services include a number to reach you and another number to reach a responsible adult who is nearby (e.g. neighbor friend). For any future babysitting jobs you will need less time to orient your sitter. However for your comfort and that of your children it s important to review this important information especially before the first time you leave the sitter with your children. It also provides further opportunity for your children and sitter to feel increasingly comfortable around each other while you are still present. Then the only job remaining for you is to go out and know your children are safe and doing well. You have taken the steps to ensure your children are cared for fully. Now it is time for you to take good care of you HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 39 HERLIFE WORKING WOMEN best smartphone apps for busy professionals by c a tie w ats on professionals. In fact there are so many apps available that deciding which ones to download can be a bit overwhelming. To help you network share work and stay organized while on the go here s a sampling of ten of the best apps for professionals. All of the apps discussed in this article are available for free in the Android and Apple app stores several are also available for Blackberry and Windows phones. Evernote is a note-taking app that allows you to jot down notes and create to-do lists and then share them across all your devices. You can also store images and audio memos or use the clip feature to save entire web pages. If your job requires web research Evernote lets you collect all of your information in a single place and update it from any of your devices. If you travel for work you can use Evernote as a central location for your itineraries maps and scanned travel documents. Dropbox is a cloud storage solution that allows you to upload documents photos and videos and then access them from a computer tablet or smartphone. You can also share your uploads with business colleagues friends and family by emailing them to a file in your Dropbox. There s no need to worry about hackers data encryption and two-step verification keeps your uploaded data secure. According to the Dropbox website more than 200 million people around the world have simplified their lives with Dropbox. CamScanner turns any smartphone into a document scanner allowing you to use your phone s camera to capture images printed text or handwriting. The app allows you to crop the scanned image and adjust the lighting before exporting it to PDF printing it with Apple AirPrint or sending it out via fax or email. The app also integrates with Google Docs and Dropbox so you can store and share scanned documents. The official CamScanner website reports more than 60 million downloads of this useful app. Google Maps takes advantage of your smartphone s GPS to show you where you are and help you get where you want to go. Simply type in your destination and you get estimated travel time along with voice-guided turn-by-turn directions that can be used for walking driving or public transit. Live traffic info is also provided. If you don t know exactly where you want to go you can do a location-based search for restaurants and businesses read reviews and ratings and get directions. Skype lets you communicate with coworkers clients family and friends with a free instant message voice or video call. You can also conduct conference calls via 40 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM W hether you ve recently purchased a smartphone or have had one for quite some time you may not be aware of the power that you have at your fingertips. Besides allowing you to make calls take pictures and browse online your smartphone provides access to thousands of apps designed to boost the productivity of busy Skype. Millions of people have discovered that Skype is a great way to save money on long distance calls even while using a smartphone. Communicating with other Skype users is free making calls to non-Skype users is available for a pay-as-you-go or subscription-based fee. Square provides a mobile solution for client billing. After you download the app and register you ll receive a free credit card reader that attaches to your smartphone. Use the reader to swipe a customer s credit or debit card payment will post to your linked bank account within one to two days (there is a 2.75 percent transaction fee per swipe). The app also allows you to send receipts via email or text message access real-time sales data and manage your business online from the Square dashboard. Indeed a mobile job search app allows you to tap into the Indeed. com database and search through millions of job postings around the world. Besides searching for jobs and saving jobs of interest you can create alerts that will notify you by email when relevant new jobs are posted. You can also create an Indeed Resume and apply for jobs from your smartphone or tablet. LastPass is a solution for the problem of tracking passwords for all your online accounts and websites. After you download the app and create a LastPass account the app will store the username and password for each site you log into in the LastPass vault and then use the stored data to automatically log you in the next time you visit the site. Once the app is installed the only password you need to remember is your LastPass master password. According to the LastPass website the app uses government-level encryption to keep your login information safe and secure. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 41 HERLIFE SPOTLIGHT RIVERDALE TRAVEL wr it t en by k at hleen k r u e ge r p h o to gra p hy by m o m e n to i m a ge s browsing online for travel ideas but she does encourage them to talk to one of the travel specialists at Riverdale Travel before clicking on the Buy Now button. We can usually get them better prices she explained. More importantly they often save their clients from making poor choices due to a lack of information. Sandy and her mother started Riverdale Travel in 1986 because of their love for travel. The travel specialists who work through Riverdale Travel share that love for discovering new places and have traveled to most of the destinations their clients are interested in visiting. There s nothing quite like hearing first hand about the accommodations at a particular hotel or what restaurants to visit and what to order. Who uses travel specialists like Riverdale Travel to book their travel Anyone booking travel or lodging can benefit from the expertise available from trained and experienced travel agents. They know how to get the best deals. They know how to bundle packages together that go beyond just plane tickets and hotel rooms and encompass the full experience you re looking for. 42 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM T he Internet is a great place for people to find travel and vacation ideas according to Sandy Anderson travel specialist and owner of Riverdale Travel in Coon Rapids Minnesota. Sandy doesn t discourage her clients from The current trend is toward experiential travel Sandy said. This means that travelers want to build unique experiences into their travel beyond simply the destination itself. They re going on safaris in Africa taking hot air balloon rides in Utah and hiking up mountains and into wilderness areas around the world. The travel specialists at Riverdale Travel do the research necessary to bring these trips together so that the overall experience fulfills or often exceeds the expectations of their clients. Destination weddings and honeymoons continue to gain in popularity. Coordinating all the details of any wedding is a big job and every bridal couple wants their wedding day to be perfect. Trying to accomplish this perfection for a destination wedding requires the experience of a travel expert who knows how to make sure you have all the proper paperwork in place and is used to working with the on-site providers on a regular basis. With a travel specialist coordinating all the details the wedding party only has one person to deal with. If there s a question or a problem their travel specialist at Riverdale Travel will be there for them. This provides security that you don t have when you handle all the arrangements yourself. Riverdale Travel has 11 full-time travel experts in their office who each have at least 10 years of experience in the travel industry. In addition they have more than a dozen independent travel specialists who work remotely as part of the Riverdale team. This means that Riverdale Travel clients have access to the combined experiences and knowledge of two If you have a dream you want to experience the experts at Riverdale Travel can help you make it happen. Their connections with on-site professionals in destinations both in the United States and many of the other popular travel destinations around the globe mean they have been able to accomplish amazing feats for their clients. They have helped fans get backstage passes at performances. They even assisted one client in gaining a tour of the crypts underneath Rome. Ask it if it can be done and they ll do their best to make it happen for you. They know what times of the year are best for traveling to different destinations. They can advise you in choosing an all-inclusive resort or in traveling off the beaten path to experience the authentic culture of the region you re visiting. Sandy advises anyone considering a trip in the coming year to plan well in advance. She also encourages you to take the time to interview agents before choosing the one you re going to work with. You can call and dozen travel agents at work for them instead of the limited experience and knowledge of just one agent. They have agents who specialize in cruises Disney vacations Mexico Southeast Asia and many other destinations. The majority of the travel booked through Riverdale Travel is vacation related. It may be a family vacation a romantic trip for a couple a girlfriend getaway or a destination wedding. Customized trips are also being provided as company incentives to sales teams or as giveaways to customers in special marketing promotions. chat with one of their travel specialist at any time but to assure that your specialist has plenty of time to devote to you scheduling an appointment works best. We take our responsibility very seriously Sandy insisted. We want to make sure that our clients get the most for their hard-earned money. HLM Call Riverdale Travel at 763-323-3665 or visit them at their office at 2740 Main Street Coon Rapids Minnesota or online at Riverdale Travel is part of Travel Leaders Franchise Group. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 43 HERLIFE HOME pantone s 2014 color picks & trends by c a t i e w atson accessories can define your space and express a specific mood and energy. For example using soft muted tones creates a feeling of peace and relaxation while combining vibrant primary colors can produce a sense of fun and adventure. The interior design industry is highly aware of the importance of color and focuses each year on trend forecasts provided by Pantone the world s recognized authority on color. In addition to providing standardized color guides that help manufacturers reproduce designers color choices Pantone color experts identify color palettes that exemplify the spirit of the time. Paying attention to Pantone s forecasts helps fashion and home designers make the right color choices seasons ahead of the height of a trend. In 2013 the company revealed its forecasts for the most important home color trends for 2014 in its publication PANTONE VIEW Home Interiors. The trends are sorted into nine creatively-named palettes Techno Color Physicality Sculpted Simplicity Fluidity Collage Intimacy Moda Tribal Threads and Eccentricities. According to Lee Eiseman executive director of the Pantone Color Institute With consumers seeking distinctive styling and considerable substance more than ever before it is critical that retailers and designers be aware of future color trends. To successfully entice consumers colors and color combinations must be appealing evocative transformative and most importantly on target. 44 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Sculpted Simplicity This color trend encompasses unassuming colors that take a back seat to shape form and structure in the home environment. Several neutral colors that have been popular for the last few years are included in the Sculpted Simplicity trend off-white mauve travertine silver and gray. For contrast deep blue black and iron gray are also included. Intimacy This trend is made up of a happy marriage of warm cool and neutral tones Gardenia white Lotus pink Rose Cloud Caf Cr me Fawn Liquid Lavender Evening Haze blue and Opal Gray. As the name implies this palette is the perfect choice for a cozy bedroom retreat. Physicality Pantone describes this color trend as blending colors that represent power and energy with neutrals that evoke introspection and calm representing a challenging yet invigorating game change for home design. The palette includes three neutral shades of gray along with grape lavender olive green moss yellow and rose brown. Collage Pantone describes this color trend as representing found objects that are well-worn and imbued with a sense of nostalgia--the kind of items that might be used to create a charming collage. The color names in this palette harken back to a more romantic time Tea Rose pink Rhubarb red Pumpkin Spice orange Cascade blue Provincial blue and Sheepskin beige. Techno Color Technological innovation has touched every aspect of our lives including the world of design. The Techno Color trend is characterized by vibrant jewel tones and deep hues that are often used for reflective surfaces on electronic devices. Colors include silver emerald green turquoise blue purple citron orange and jet black. According to Pantone intriguingly inventive color combinations are possible with the Techno Color palette. Fluidity If you re drawn to bright beachy color schemes the Fluidity trend could be finding its way into your home. It includes a bright blue called Dazzling a lighter shade of blue called Scuba two shades of coral two shades of violet seagrass green and sundrenched yellow. According to Pantone this trend speaks to the inevitable human need for life-sustaining cool water tones. T here are a variety of ways to change the interior of your home but few are as effective as changing the color scheme. The color choices you make for wall treatments furniture and Based on the accuracy of Pantone s previous forecasts you can expect to see these color combinations appearing in stores and homes over the next year or two. Moda The drama and finesse of high fashion can be translated into home design with the Moda palette which includes deep red purple violet amber green and two shades of gold. According to Pantone dramatic and theatrical effects can be created by combing the colors in this palette. Tribal Threads The mauve and turquoise Southwestern color scheme that was so popular in the 1980s has been reborn in the Tribal Threads trend. This time around the palette is darker and reflects an international sensibility with colors that include Kangaroo brown Incense tan Curry orange and Arabesque blue. Eccentricities Pantone reserved a separate palette for those who are comfortable bending the rules of design with color combinations that are witty and adventuresome. Eye-popping shades like Lemon Zest neon Green Flash Nectarine orange Skydiver blue and Rouge Red can be contrasted with darker colors like Fudgsicle and Pirate Black or the more neutral Marshmallow white when using the Eccentricities palette. You can see samples of the each of the Pantone color palettes on the Graphic Design USA website for ideas to color your world in new ways. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 45 HERLIFE TRAVEL interesting histories by l i n d a r. p ri c e little known cities with H vacation. 46 idden jewels little known cities with interesting histories exist all over the United States. Most people living outside the area know nothing about these gems. Several of these cities around the country are highlighted below however there are a great many other cities and towns excavated mound as an authentic setting for artifacts discovered at the site. Another fabulous place to visit is Jerome Arizona billed as the most vertical city and the largest ghost town in America. Jerome was a copper mining camp that produced an astonishing 3 million pounds of copper a month. Its population peaked at 15 000 souls in the 1920s. As copper prices waned the city slowly died. The remaining 50 to 100 people declared the city a ghost town. In 1967 the city was designated a National Historic District by the federal government. A population of approximately 450 people has reinvented Jerome as a tourist and artist community. Artists craft people musicians writers and hermits are among those who populate today s community. Many of the historic buildings have been rebuilt after the fires of 1894 and 1899. The slanting slope of the mountain pulls the buildings and helps create the photographer s paradise. Jerome is within easy reach of many Arizona cities 90 miles from Phoenix and 60 miles from Flagstaff. You can even make a day trip to the Grand Canyon. Bar Harbor Maine located on Mount Desert Island on the Eastern seaboard has spectacular coastal scenery and well-known celebrities. that are just as fascinating. Visit your local tourist agencies or go online to search for historical or unusual places to visit on your next One of my favorite places is the Kolomoki Mounds State Historic Park located six miles north of Blakely Georgia off U.S. Hwy. 27. This fascinating park includes the great temple mound two burial mounds and four smaller ceremonial mounds. The mounds were a center of population and activity between AD 350 and 750 by members of the Swift Creek and Weeden Island cultures. It is estimated that between 1 500 and 2 000 residents lived in the area. There is some evidence that these people were of Mayan descent and had migrated from Mexico around AD 200 to the coastal areas of Florida. From there they trekked inland and north to what is now Georgia. Visitors to the Kolomoki Mounds State Historic Park museum can view part of the HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Acadia National Park is only a few miles from downtown. From spring to mid-October tour boats will take you whale-watching or to see the lighthouses. You can enjoy the sandy beaches brisk sea air and fabu- ago. The salt makers return is scheduled for August 15 to 17 2014. A girls-only getaway is available at the Northwest Women s Surf Camp. The camp includes yoga on the beach surfing lessons and catered lunch. Another option is the Couples Weekenders as well as group and private lessons for all. For the history buff Bagg Bonanza Farm records the history of the working farm during the western expansion. When Jay Cooke went bankrupt trying to build the Northern Pacific Railroad Northern Pacific allowed stockholders to redeem their deflated stock by purchasing large tracts of land at prices competitive with those of the land sold by the federal government. A tract in excess of 9 000 acres was purchased by J. F. Downing a lawyer from Erie Pennsylvania. F.A. Bagg worked for his uncle and received a quarter interest in the farm upon Downing s death. Using his inheritance he moved one mile from the Downing homestead and began his own bonanza farm in 1915. Located in Mooreton North Dakota Bagg Bonanza Farm earned the status of National Historic Landmark in 2005. The main attraction is a 15-acre farm with a fully restored 21-bedroom main house. We have only scratched the surface of mid-sized and small cities and towns in the U.S. with interesting sites to visit. It s easy to find bed-and-breakfast inns in most of these places. Prices are lower and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. Again contact local tourist bureaus for the latest updates and plan your vacation accordingly. Let s see. For my next trip I am going to... HLM Bar Harbor Maine located on Mount Desert Island on the Eastern seaboard has spectacular coastal scenery and well-known celebrities. Acadia National Park is only a few miles from downtown. From spring to mid-October tour boats will take you whale-watching or to see the lighthouses. lous seafood of Maine. The Mount Desert Oceanarium hatches lobsters to return back to the ocean. Visitors can view mother lobsters hatchlings up to two weeks old and the lobsters being released back into the ocean from mid-May to October. On the Pacific Coast 80 miles from Portland is the town of Seaside Oregon. Each year the Pacific Northwest Living Historians re-enact the salt-making process as practiced by the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery in 1805-1806. For 48 hours historians in full period dress resurrect the historic events of more than 200 years HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 47 HERLIFE IN THE CITY january 31 Crystal Ball 18 Get Your Rear in Gear Booty Ball 2014 DATE December 31 LOCATION International Market Square TIME 8 00pm - 2 00am DETAILS Come welcome 2014 at International Market Square s tenth annual Crystal Ball New Year s Eve celebration This event features five floors of fun the Twin Cities best DJs award-winning lighting and more Tickets start at just 40 Purchase tickets and find more information at DATE January 18 LOCATION Tuttle s 107 Shady Oak Road Hopkins TIME 7 30pm - Midnight DETAILS Come to a totally awesome 80s party to benefit the Colon Cancer Coalition. Enjoy appetizers entertainment by Brat Pack Radio 80s costume contest with prizes for the best male female and couple a silent auction and more For more information check out 1 Wells Fargo WinterSkate 18 Animals Books DATES January 18 - 20 LOCATION Minnesota Zoo and Children Weekend DATES Ongoing through February 2 LOCATION Landmark Plaza DETAILS Take in beautiful downtown St. Paul while gliding across the free outdoor skating rink during the winter months. Bring your Wells Fargo check or credit card for free skate rental and head down to Landmark Plaza for open skating starting at 11 00 am. For information on parking skate times or directions visit DETAILS Celebrate reading and wildlife at the zoo all weekend The Minnesota Zoo offers fun activities for all ages including story time talks with zookeepers making books and special animal appearances Questions Visit 18 Lake Harriet Winter Kite Festival 11 Keith Urban DATE January 18 LOCATION Lake Harriet TIME Noon - 4 00pm DETAILS Come fill up the sky with kites of all colors on Lake Harriet Bring your own kite or buy one on site. Minnesota Kite Society experts will show off their skills and give tips to inexperienced kite flyers Other fun activities for the day include ice fishing horse-drawn wagon rides snowshoeing and more Go to for more information. DATE January 11 TIME 7 00pm LOCATION Target Center DETAILS One of the industry s most electrifying live performers four-time Grammy Award winner and American Idol judge Keith Urban will be coming to Minneapolis for his Light The Fuse Tour 2014 with Little Big Town and special guest Dustin Lynch Catch the show at the Target Center in Minneapolis at 7 00 pm. Purchase tickets and find more information at 23 St. Paul Winter Carnival DATES January 23 - February 2 LOCATION Rice Park DETAILS The city-wide event features ice and snow sculptures sporting events the Torchlight Parade gallery shows the Beer Dabbler and plenty of wintertime fun It s a winter wonderland perfect for all ages. Visit for more information. 16 Jerry Seinfeld DATES January 16 and 17 LOCATION Orpheum Theater DETAILS Jerry Seinfeld America s premier comedian will be performing his signature stand-up routine. Seinfeld has been hailed for his uncanny ability to joke about the little things in life that audiences everywhere relate to Show times vary. Get your tickets at before they sell out 48 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 25 Art Sled Rally DATE January 25 LOCATION Powderhorn Park 821 E. 35th Street Minneapolis DETAILS Enjoy the winter weather and learn about art in a new way at the seventh annual Art Sled Rally. South Sixteenth High Jinks is a group of artists and neighborhood residents seeking to enrich the spirit of community life in Powderhorn through free public events with a focus on artistic expression and out-of-the-ordinary spectacle. Watch the mass sledding event take place and take in the creativity of the artists Visit for more information. 25 Casablanca An Evening of Old Hollywood Glamour DATE January 25 LOCATION The Great Hall & Winter Garden at The Depot Minneapolis TIME 8 00pm - Midnight DETAILS The sixth annual American Cancer Society Young Professionals Finding a CURE Gala celebrates the American Cancer Society s lifesaving work and commitment to creating a world with less cancer and more birthdays. Go to for more information. 28 Evita DATES January 28 - February 2 LOCATION Orpheum Theater DETAILS Evita Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber s Tony Award-winning musical returns at last Catch the musical that tells the story of Eva Per n champion of the poor and beautiful First Lady who rose from the slums of Argentina. Show times vary. For tickets and more information visit 31 Minneapolis DATE January 31 Boat Show s Anchors & Ales LOCATION Minneapolis Convention Center TIME 5 00 - 9 30pm DETAILS Beer enthusiasts and boaters alike can gather under one roof to enjoy a night of craft beer samplings at the 2014 Progressive Insurance Minneapolis Boat Show s first Anchors & Ales. Taste a variety of brews from top craft breweries while escaping the frigid temps to shop hundreds of the newest boats and marine accessories and enjoy some early summer fun at the region s largest boat show. Visitors can also grab a bite from Seven Sushi & Steakhouse and listen to boating music from Jambo Joe Bones on the new Boardwalk inside the boat show. For tickets and other information visit All calendar event submissions must be received by January 5th for the February issue and adhere to our guidelines. E-mail lhutchins for guidelines or to submit entries. Brought to you by HERLIFE Magazine and HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 49