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Description: The Outpost Magazine includes a special Dove Hunting section, Early Teal, Getting your Shotgun Ready, Louisiana Deer Numbers, Gummy Bears vs Wild Hogs, Treestand Safety, Urban Deer Hunting, Colorado Mule Deer, Recipes, Music and much more.

2ND ANNIVERSARY E A R LY T E A L S E A S O N DOVE HUNTING DOVE HUNTING CHECKLIST GETTING SHOTGUN IN SHAPE WETLANDS BIRD POPULATION MULE DEER IN COLORADO TREE STAND SAFETY TIPS HOW TO URBAN DEER HUNTING SURVIVAL VIDEO DEER NUMBERS UP IN LOUISIANA 1 RADIO FOR THE GREAT OUTDOORS WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM RECIPES GEAR THE OUTPOST MUSIC & MORE ING COMBO AYS A WINN ALW PARTIES & Made with 100% Real Cheese AUTHENTIC MEXICAN RESTAURANT STYLE 1.00 COUPON CLICK HERE 2 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM VEC TOR B U T TON S. COM http 5MveCGisXgg 3 FEATURE STORIES GETTING SHOTGUN READY TO ROCK With bird season here it time to get your gun and yourself ready. PAGE 23 SPECIAL DOVE HUNTING SECTION The number one rule of dove hunting is that you can never have too much gear or too many shotguns PAGE 29-37 EARLY TEAL SEASON Texas duck hunters should see more action during the upcoming early teal season thanks to near record numbers of birds and an anticipated typical migration pattern. PAGE 40 4 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM TABLE OF CONTENTS LOUISIANA DEER NUMBERS 17 COLORADO MULE DEER 13 19 GUMMY BEARS VS WILD HOGS 21 38 TREEESTAND SAFETY 44 URBAN DEER HUNTING BEAR ATTACK 47 WETLAND BIRDS 50 GEAR 54 RECIPES 56 HOW TO... 63 SURVIVAL SHELTER 70 PHOTO OF THE MONTH 72 GUIDES 76 BACK WOODS MUSIC 66 5 HAVE YOU MISSED ANY ISSUES OF THE OUTPOST MAGAZINE THEY ARE ALL RIGHT HERE COME ON IN 6 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM W W W . T H E O U T P O S T L I F E . C O M 25 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 7 The Outpost Magazine proudly supports the production of and we encourage our readers to do the same In the Mind of the Maker Click here to SUPPORT the making of a truly special movie http support You build it in your mind. Your brain is your computer. Edward Couvillier master boat builder in the mind of the maker A movie about memory imagination and building a boat. BOATBUILDER FILMS PRESENTS A DOCUMENTARY FILM BY C.E.RICHARD IN THE MIND OF THE MAKER c KRISTI GUILLORY & DANNY DEVILLIER e MISTY TALLEY g BRIAN C. MILLER RICHARD p JOHN DUREL j JOHN DUREL & C.E.RICHARD a C.E.RICHARD AND CONNIE CASTILLE k C.E.RICHARD 8 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Editor s Letter for our remembering how much fun we have had hunting over the years. What kind of traditions are you sharing with you kids It doesn t have to be hunting or fishing. It can be anything you both enjoy. However since you re reading this publication you probably have a passing interest in outdoor sports and if you haven t shown your daughters and sons how much fun this pursuit can be you re missing some of the best times of your life. The memories of being in the field with your kids will most likely get you a little choked up with nostalgia later. And after all that s the point. This issue of the Outpost celebrates the opening of the fall hunting season with some news you can use to have more success with pursuing dove and blue-winged teal. We also have tips on getting your treestand up without killing yourself how gummy bears are being used to fight feral hogs the latest counts on wetland birds how to get your shotgun ready to rock and about a dozen more fascinating tid-bits on life in the great outdoors. Let us know how we re doing. Shoot us an email and tell us your favorite opening day memory. I answer every one and love to read them. Later It s easy to get nostalgic on opening day of the fall hunting season. In fact that s the point. The human species has survived for thousands of years because we have learned everything we know from the previous generations. Having positive memories being nostalgic is a powerful way for lessons and traditions to be passed down to the next generation. Many of these lessons are so important to our survival that they are passed along genetically. The urge to hunt is surely one of those traits which has become hard-wired in the human psyche. It is quenched every season when we are allowed to pursue nature s bounty. Sunrise on opening day 2014 found me and my son Chris at our family farm in West Sweden Texas walking on the same land his great great grandfather walked before us. While August Young was most likely too busy trying to wring out a living from this property more than a hundred years ago to take time to hunt doves our connectivity to the previous generations of Young s was palpable that September morning. The doves which darted down the fence row and ducked into the ancient oak and mesquite trees have been making that run for hundreds of years and we are just the next set of humans who delight in trying to capture something that they have and we don t. However this experience was much more than harvesting a few dozen doves. This time was special for me because I haven t had the chance to hang out with my son for the past few years. Since he was working in Japan I got to see him about once each year and there were so many relatives and friends who wanted some of his time during these brief visits that we had almost no time to talk much less hunt. This year was different. We had about three days of shooting laughing and getting to know each other again. The whooping and hollering at hit and missed dove provided the perfect environment Art Young Editor The Outpost email me at art 9 FIELD NOTES FROM OUTPOST READERS I am an avid hunter and really like your magazine. I just signed up for the sweepstake and would love to win it. If there is any way possible that I could go with you guys that would be great Hank I just signed up a while ago for your hunting sweepstake with Lorrie Morgan from Facebook and didn t realize that I would be getting you magazine for free. Thanks for sending along. Went and read a few back issues on your website too. Keep up the good work. Ed Little Rock AR Love your magazine Barry Bibb I look forward to getting this every month. Have started listen to The Outpost radio too. Really enjoy the mix of music. Would love to hear more hunting updates too. Great job Tim Dallas TX I am impressed with the diversity of topics that you guys cover. I am a casual outdoorsman but you guys touch on so much more. Thanks for the subscription. THE OUTPOST Perry Owensboro KY Gorilla Marketing LLC 770-675-7200 Jason Martin Partner Art Young Editor in Chief Contributing Writers Art Young Jason Martin Photo Credits Jason Martin Flickr Commons Kirk Driscoll Burnt Pine Plantation Art Young Sandy Earle Wendy Willis Frank Lannom Michael Allen Brian Hansen MOJO Decoys Leslie Ryan McKellar David Kelly Cover photo by 10 THE OUTPOST is produced and copyrighted 2014 by The Outpost Media Group Reproduction in whole or part without permission is expressly forbidden. HigH Performance L o n g L a s t i n g D u r a s H o t tm n o - t e a r fac e s e n v i r o n m e n ta L Ly f r i e n D Ly maDe from 100% recycLeD m at e r i a L s a L L W e at H e r 1-888-390-5548 B I G G R E E N TA R G E T S . C O M WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 11 HAS BEGUN Introducing the best hunting arrow ever Maxima RED TM. The enemy of superior consistent accuracy is Dynamic Spine the flexing of an arrow in flight. Broadheads can make this flexing even worse. The new hi-tech carbon Maxima REDTM is engineered with stiffer ends to contain and control Dynamic Spine to the center of the arrow or the Red ZoneTM . The result is a breakthrough in broadhead accuracy and simply the best hunting arrow ever created. Shoot BetterTM 12 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM THE OUTPOST DEER NUMBERS THERE ARE MORE DEER IN LOUISIANA HUNTERS SAY LAISSEZ LES BON TEMPS ROULEZ In spite of reduced habitat a recent report released by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) shows that hunters are seeing and harvesting more deer after nearly a decade of decline. Hunters still say they are frustrated by the lack of deer in the Bayou State but LDWF officials estimate that sportsmen and women bagged a total of 166 200 deer during the 2013-2014 season a number much higher than recent years. Hunter interest seems to be up as more than 270 000 turkey and deer tags have been issued last year. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 13 The deer harvest improved during the 2013-14 season the LDWF noted in its report. It was one of the coldest winters on record with many sub-freezing temperature days across much of Louisiana. Cold weather increases deer movement as they forage for food resources to maintain the calories they need for body maintenance. A low acorn crop combined with the cold weather made deer more vulnerable to harvest in food plots where many hunters primarily hunt. Biologists stress that increased harvest numbers does not necessarily mean there are more deer. Wildlife officials say the state s deer population is reaching stable levels estimated at around 500 000 animals. That number is still a far cry from what Louisiana hunters were used to in the late 1990s when yearly harvests averaged 250 000 deer. According to the New Orleans The Times-Picayune areas in southeastern Louisiana are still suffering after intense river floods in 2011 and 2012s brush with Hurricane Isaac. We have some habitats that are declining and some that have already declined said LDWF Deer Program Manager Scott Durham. We ve reached a different carrying capacity than we had a decade ago. It s a little lower than it was but I think it s leveled out. We re at a new stability. LDWF estimates that 81 percent of the deer harvested last season were taken by modern firearms with primitive guns bagging 12 percent bows taking five percent and crossbows rounding out the count with 2 percent. 14 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 15 It s about Time. It s about Certainty. Welcome to 401K ProAdvisor Isn t it about time somebody was firmly focused on improving retirement outcomes How has your 401(k) plan been performing How much commission is your provider drawing from your plan That s where 401KProAdvisors excels because our team of dedicated retirement plan specialists are qualified to provide a comprehensive suite of retirement plan services. Creative Plan Design Customized Education Ongoing Plan Review Plan Benchmarking ERISA 3(21) & 3(38) 403(b) & Pension Consulting To get the whole story call George Richerson at 770.436.4097 or visit Securities offered through Triad Advisors Inc. Member FINRA SIPC. Advisory Services offered through Wealth & Pension Services Group Inc. Wealth & Pension Services Group Inc. is not affiliated with Triad Advisors Inc. 16 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WHAT S HAPPENING TO THE MULE DEER IN COLORADO Fewer muleys has Colorado wildlife officials concerned. In just a span of eight years Colorado s mule deer population dropped from 614 100 to 390 600. From 2005 to 2013 the state s mule deer herds dipped 36 percent and is now currently 125 000 animals short of the goal set by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). It is not unusual for deer populations to fluctuate especially in the West but officials say there is something worrying about the recent decline. Unlike previous times in history when mule deer populations have bounced back we re in a time right now where mule deer populations are continuing to decline CPW s Jody Kennedy told Colorado Public Radio. According to The Denver Post Colorado hunters see about a 45 percent success rate in mule deer hunts harvesting about 35 000 to 40 000 animals per year. In the face of dwindling deer numbers officials have already slashed the number of permits available and eliminated most antlerless deer hunting. Yet the problem continues and experts say that hunting is not the source of the problem. It s mostly about civilization encroachment. We re all guilty of it. The last 10 to 20 years there has been a lot of growth in homes in the country with the new roads driveways dogs horse pastures and traffic. It takes away habitat and puts stress on the animal said CPW biologist Brad Weinmeister. Deer decline can be due to any number of issues including migration barriers disease loss of habitat predators weather and competition with other wildlife such as elk. The CPW is now working to engage the public and seek input with a list of seven strategic priorities WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 17 Improving habitat quality create separate landscapes for deer and elk to minimize competition. Managing predators where predation may be a problem. Preventing habitat loss and work with industry and private landowners to mitigate the impacts of energy development. Reduce the impact of highways on mule deer movement. Reduce the impacts of human recreation on deer (ATV riding and other outdoor activities during fawning periods shed hunting in mid-winter). Manage doe harvests. Monitor and survey deer diseases. The CPW is especially concerned with deer along the northwestern West Slope where mule deer have declined by as much as two-thirds to only 32 000 animals. Conservationists in the state and region warn that the steps to a solution must be taken sooner rather than later. 18 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM THE OUTPOST URBAN DEER HUNTING WANT TO REDUCE THE CHANCE OF LYME DISEASE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD BRING IN THE DEER HUNTERS animals per square mile. Researchers found that after hunting reduced deer to 5.1 animals per square mile residents reported a similar 80 percent decrease in cases of Lyme disease. IT S LIKE CUTTING THE GRASS Howard Kilpatrick one of the co-authors behind the study noted that there are currently only about two or three reported cases of Lyme disease a year compared to 10 times that number during the height of the deer population. He attributed much of that change to the heavily regulated bowhunting season in the two communities. I compare it to cutting your grass Kilpatrick said. You just don t do it once in the spring. You have to keep at it. The same goes for a deer maintenance program. Even in highly urban areas whitetail deer can be found munching on the carefully manicured lawns and gardens. It should therefore come as little surprise to many hunters that Lyme disease and other deer-related illnesses have a direct correlation to the number of deer living near a residential community. Scientists with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection s Wildllife Division recently published a stydt that found urban deer culls were highly effective at slowing the spread of Lyme disease. According to the study researchers surveyed the residents of Mumford Cove and Groton Long Point in Connecticut over a period of 13 years. As with many East Coast communities residents there say deer populations have ballooned in recent years growing as dense as 80 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 19 Urban deer hunting is rising in popularity but is still a controversial issue on the East Coast. While wildlife officials hunters and conservationists generally support management programs animal rights activists often oppose these measures in favor of nonlethal methods. Others say that hunting near residential communities can be dangerous. When deer hunting was first proposed in Mumford Cove and Groton Long Point there was some intial debate over the feasibility of the season. After years of successful hunts however surveys show that most residents are overwhelmingly in favor of the deer hunt. That did not stop some protesters which Kilpatrick said mostly came from outside of the communities. Everyone has their opinion he said. Every deer is going to die somehow. They ll either be shot by a hunter hit by a car and crawl off the road or be eaten by a bunch of coyotes. To say that one is more humane than the other is difficult in my opinion. DEER OVERPOPULATION CAN CAUSE PROBLEMS According to urban planners and wildlife experts deer overpopulation can spell a number of problems for a community including degraded forests and destroyed gardens and they can even pose a threat to motorists. Perhaps the most worrisome is the threat of Lyme disease. This illness is spread by infected ticks and can cause early symptoms such as fever headache and fatigue. If left untreated Lyme disease can cause chronic symptoms that affect the brain joints nerves heart and eyes. Although chronic neurological symptoms only occur in a small percentage of untreated patients it can involve debilitating pain and cognitive problems. Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne disease in North America. Health officials advise wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants when venturing into deer territory. Insect repellent will also help ward off deer ticks. 20 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM GUMMY BEARS VS. WILD HOGS The feral pig problem in the Southern fast becoming a crisis that wildlife officials are calling one of the more pressing environmental issues for the region. Texas Oklahoma Louisiana Arkansas Mississippi Alabama and Georgia all have experienced overwhelming feral pig destruction of farms waterways and wildlife habitat. Wildlife biologists have long known that where there are large populations of these hogs the numbers of other wildlife deer turkey quail and ducks go down. What s even more troubling is this invasive species is poised to grow exponentially. HOW ABOUT A GUMMY BEAR PORKY Researchers at LSU s AgCenter are searching for ways to curb the pig population but their latest development may be a bit sweeter than expected. For some time the center has been experimenting with introducing sodium nitrite--a highly toxic chemical to swine--into the pig population but wild hogs seem to be put off by the taste. In response researchers began using gummy bears as bait. I like using gummy bears as a way to hide the salty and bitter taste of sodium nitrite said AgCenter animal science researcher Glen Gentry. According to these scientists sodium nitrite is a yellowish powder that can induce methemoglobinemia in pigs a condition that occurs when oxygen is leeched out of the animal s blood causing it to become sleepy and lie down. In large enough quantities it is fatal to pigs. Humans and most other mammals are less affected by the toxin because of a naturally-occurring enzyme that can combat the process. Pigs do not have as much of this enzyme and are much more vulnerable to sodium nitrite. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 21 YOU RE GETTING VERY VERY SLEEPY When using sodium nitrite the animal suffocates from the inside out Gentry explained. While that may not sound very pleasant the pig is usually asleep during the process and is not assumed to feel much pain. The use of the chemical in conjunction with bait is also considered a very effective form of population control. Wildlife officials have used hunters and trappers as well as sharpshooters to cull the pig population but those efforts are being outpaced by the reproduction of these pests. Due to their fast breeding cycle and large litter sizes scientists estimate that roughly 75 percent of the pig population must be culled very year to keep it stable. In addition to being a menace to farmers and landowners uprooting seedlings degrading forests and contaminating waterways with coliform bacteria pigs are also having a significant negative effect on wildlife. Research has shown that deer detection rates can be up to 49% less where hogs occur. Hog populations affect deer numbers through direct competition for food resources and fawn predation. Hogs also carry infectious diseases such as Leptospirosis brucellosis and pseudo-rabies. 22 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM GETTING YOUR SHOTGUN READY TO ROCK With bird season here it time to get your gun and yourself ready. If you re like most people you haven t picked up that gun since you cleaned it after your last duck hunt or spring turkey hunt. Hopefully you gave it as good scrubbing and oiling before putting it back in its offseason storage place. If you re a lazy slug and didn t clean it well after your last hunt you definitely need to get some cleaning and lubricating done before getting out in the field on in the duck blind. After this chore is completed you might also consider getting those eyes and hands back into hunting shape too. Here s how you can get your gun and yourself ready to rock and roll on opening day. HOW TO CLEAN THAT NASTY GUN Most of us (yours truly...especially) are hard on guns. As a result I ve always used a simple pump action 12 and 20 gauge shotgun for bird hunting. If you ve seen that YouTube video where the two guys purposefully try and clog a shotgun by tossing it in a mudhole and slapping more mud on top you have some idea of how tough we can be on guns. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 23 In one year my poor Remington 870 was (1) dropped in a muddy stock tank during dove season (2) dragged by its sling through a corn field during pheasant season by a less than obedient but fun-loving dog and (3) covered with mud and water from walking waist-deep in a rice field during a goose hunt. As you can see I m not worthy of an expensive well-crafted shotgun. I d just ruin it. However after every hunt I get out my well-worn ancient cleaning stuff my scrubbing spray and clean out the barrels and working parts and oil em up. I ve used that 870 every year for the past 20 years and it s still the best shotgun I ve ever fired. Plus it is practically indestructible. Even by me If you are lucky enough to have a cool shotgun such as a Benelli autoloader or even a workhorse like my 870 try to keep it out of the mud and muck and clean it every time you bring it home from a hunt. Here are some suggestions. First off remember what your daddy or granddaddy told you many years ago assume the gun is loaded... every time your pick it up. This is especially true when you re about to clean it. Every year hundreds of people are killed or blinded by shotguns that were supposed to be unloaded. Before you start the cleaning double and triple check that the gun is empty. FOR A PUMP-ACTION SHOTGUN Point the muzzle away and keep fingers off the trigger Press the bolt release (usually in front of or behind the trigger guard). 24 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Cycle the pump action. Repeat until no shells are visible in the magazine tube or in the chamber. Be double-sure your firearm is unloaded. You do not want an unexpected boom while cleaning your firearm. FOR AN AUTO-LOADING SHOTGUN Be sure you always handle your firearm safely. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction treat the firearm as if it were loaded and keep your finger off the trigger. Pull the bolt-grip back and release it. Repeat until no shells are visible in the magazine tube or in the chamber. Keep your ammunition separate from your shotgun while cleaning. CLEANING AND OILING Cleaning a pump-action shotgun doesn t need to be a lengthy process. As long as undue amounts of sand or dirt has not gotten into the action the shotgun should function reliably. If you need to do a more extensive cleaning or are using an auto-loading shotgun this is the process No stripping is needed opening and closing the bolt as required is sufficient. If the gun is extremely dirty don t gamble on having a ruined hunt take it to a gunsmith and have it professionally cleaned and oiled. Wipe down all components using some paper towel (or cloth but this is less important to be lint-free). Remove as much of the thick caked-on carbon buildup created by the friction of use. Also wipe off any old oil and all unburnt powder buildup. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 25 Be sure to wipe the ejector and the area around the chamber. You will find certain areas turn the paper towel black (clean these areas more). Spray solvent (preferably designed to be safe to continually contact your skin like M-Pro 7) on all possibly dirty components. A liberal amount of solvent is better than not enough. Let the solvent sit for a couple minutes. Make sure any area with dirt carbon buildup or unburnt powder has a healthy amount of solvent on it soaking in. Scrub the whole gun with a brush (no metal bristles -- like a toothbrush). This works in the solvent and loosens up the buildup on the gun. Try to get into all the nooks and crannies. Wipe the gun clean with lint-free cloth (you can buy pre-cut cloth but a clean old shirt or socks also work). Get everywhere you put the solvent (should be pretty much everywhere) and wipe it until it wipes clean. Wipe down the whole gun (inside and out) with a solvent-soaked lint-free cloth again and look again for any areas turning the cloth dark and clean it. Use the pick to get off any thick chunks of carbon or powder buildup or buildup in tight parts of the gun. The most common area with carbon deposits is in the chamber. Buildup occurs in the corners of the pieces of metal. Swab the barrel with a cloth soaked with solvent. Repeat with clean cloths (still soaked in solvent) until a cloth comes out clean. Then swab it with an oil-soaked cloth this coat of oil will protect your barrel from oxidation (rusting). 26 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM A quick-and-dirty method for a less precise cleaning would be just to run a bore snake through the barrel. Oil all the components requiring lubrication. Often the manual for the gun will have specific areas needing oil but a quick look at where the gun is wearing will give you a good indication of the needs. Be sure to oil the rails for the bolt and the bolt itself. Try to keep oil away from the openings into the firing pin housing (oil is a collector of dirt and powder buildup and buildup around your firing pin can prevent it from firing). Wipe down the whole gun and remove any excess oil. GETTING YOURSELF READY Consider the typical situation of opening day of bird season. Unless you independently wealthy you have to work for a living and those precious hunting trips are few and far between. Most likely you ve planned this trip since mid-summer. You ve gotten all of your gear guns and ammo in the truck and on opening day you find yourself out in a dove field waiting for the first flock to coming cruising in - ready to meet their maker. As the sun rises the first doves of the season are seen coming your way. You remember to keep you head down and tell yourself to wait until you see the white of their little dove eyes before you swing your shotgun and take the shot. All goes as planned until you take the first second and third shots and miss with all three. Very likely this scenario will be repeated for about the first or even second hour of the hunt. WHY You ve probably not picked up a shotgun for several months (see making a living above) and your shotgun- mounting mechanical skills not to mention your eye-to-hand skills are not even close to where they need to be in order to hit a tiny bird flying by at about 50 miles per hour There s only one way to avoid this waste of ammo. Get back into hunting shape by hitting the sporting clays range a couple of times a week. This practice can be greatly enhanced when you bring along a buddy to help you determine whether you are shooting ahead or behind the targets. If you re lucky enough to have a shooting instructor at the range having him her watch your mechanics and follow-through and give you some advice can also pay big dividends on opening day. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 27 DOVE HUNT CHECKLIST 28 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM The number one rule of dove hunting is that you can never have too much gear or too many shotguns In the rush to get the latest gear and guns you can sometimes forget the basics. Here s a checklist to print out and make sure you don t forget things like (1) A valid hunting license with a migratory bird stamp It s amazing how many people forget to get a new license. Game wardens however never forget to ask for one when they stop hunters for a friendly chat about the weather. (2) A favorite shotgun or two Pick one that you re prepared to lug around for several hours in the sun and (if possible) bring a backup that can be used if the primary gun malfunctions or you happen to accidentally smash it against a tree when you miss the 15th straight crossing shot. (3) Appropriate shotgun shells In most cases for dove hunting this will be number 8 shot with 7 a second choice. Be sure to bring enough for you and your hunting party. The ammo companies estimate 3 birds are shot for every box of 25 shells. Do the math and don t run out of shells just when a hundred doves are flying into your area. (4) Camouflage or drab-colored clothing Even though that torn sleeveless white Lynyrd Skynrd t-shirt makes your muscles look bigger doves can see a white or bright color from a mile away. Wear something that helps you blend into the natural setting and wear a hat or gimme cap to cover that shiny receding hairline and forehead. (5) Sunscreen Skin cancer is not macho and early September can be brutal. (6) Insect repellent Look for something with DEET and something that repels mosquitoes chiggers and ticks. Put this stuff on your clothes and on directly on your skin. There have been many cases of West Nile Fever and Lyme disease. Don t tempt fate. Put on some repellant. (7) A light-weight game vest or belt with big pockets In the heat of shotgunning it s nice to have a quick place to store the downed you can keep on shooting. (8) Water bottle Did we mention the heat could be brutal. Try and get a bottle that will fit in your game vest. (9) An ice chest with lots of ice for the birds and beverages (10) A set of large re-sealable plastic bags to store birds in the ice chest (11) A shotgun cleaning kit (12) Game sheers or a good knife to field dress the birds (13) A light-weight hunting stool for when you re waiting f or the birds to fly by If you have all of these items you re good to go. Oh wait. Don t forget the dog. She s been waiting for dove season since winter WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 29 TIME TO GET OUT THE SHOTGUN TIPS TO MAKE YOUR DOVE HUNT MORE PRODUCTIVE THIS YEAR 30 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Even though the opening day of dove season has come in most places there s something magical about getting out in the field for the first time of the year. Dove hunts bring back memories. It could be of family members who used to join in the fun but are now gone. Maybe it was teaching your son or daughter how to lead a bird. Or it could be of surreal days when for some unknown reason you couldn t miss For most wing shooters it s been a long hot summer and the opening of dove season begins a period of hunting that can last through the spring. Dove hunting can be frustrating. The aerodynamic challenge of hitting a dove in flight with some shotgun pellets is like trying to hit a bottle rocket in flight with a stream of water from a garden hose. It can be done but it takes some serious skill. With the help of a light tailwind this small bird can typically fly by a hapless hunter at a speed of 50 to 60 miles per hour. To the casual observer it appears that doves revel in mid-air acrobatics which are designed to frustrate and ultimately defeat all but the most skillful and mentally tough hunter. Did we mention that these small bodies can streak through the autumn sky at a mind boggling rate They re so fast and so agile in flight that the ammunition companies estimate the average hunter harvested an abysmal 3 birds for every box of 25 shells. One of the best parts of dove hunting is the ambiance of the sport. Dove hunting is very much a social event and this means part of the fun is getting out with a bunch of buddies and swapping lies. However no matter what anybody says taking home more doves is much more fun than missing every one that flies by. Here are 5 ways to down more doves. 1 Plan the Hunt and Hunt the Plan Most people grab their shotgun shells and gear throw them in a vehicle and head out to the hunting lease or property the day before a hunt. The next morning they get up early and get in the field and start waiting for the skies to open with thousands of doves all eager to be shot and all flying directly into range. Unfortunately most WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 31 hunters are disappointed on the first day of a hunt because there was no reconnaissance before hitting the field. This is a mistake. Let s face it most people hate to plan it sounds like work. However a dove hunt can be more productive and more fun with some preparation. The easiest but no less important task before opening day is to get over to the skeet shooting range and get used to swinging your shotgun. Even practicing with one box of shells can result in eye-to-hand coordination improvement and make a big difference on the first few doves that come into range. Another important preparation tactic involves getting the lay of the land. Scouting the fields for doves before the hunt will pay enormous dividends when you come back with your shotgun. Use binoculars to find where pockets of birds are feeding. Look for birds in trees and telephone wires. Watch the flight patterns of birds from feeding field to water. This can enable a hunter to place himself between the feeding field and water. Especially in the early season doves are known to take recurring flight patterns down fence rows and tree lines. With proper recon the hunting party can be placed at strategic positions that ensure getting a steady stream of doves. 32 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 2 CHOOSE THE RIGHT GUN AND SHELLS FOR YOU Contrary to some self-proclaimed experts there is really no right or wrong shotgun for hunting doves. Some really great marksmen can get their daily limit with a 410 shotgun. However most hunters find the small pattern of a 410 requires superior marksmanship and they prefer the wider pattern of a 20 or 12-gauge shotgun. When selecting a dove-hunting shotgun a good all-around choice is a 20 or 12-gauge autoloader with screw-in choke tubes. Pumps double-barrels and over-and-unders work fine but because doves are fast and difficult to hit many hunters prefer autoloaders which allow three quick shots before a bird gets out of range. It is important to remember that repeating shotguns must be limited to holding only three shells ( plugged ) while dove hunting. This federal regulation also applies to pump action shotguns. A 20 gauge gun is lighter to carry and has a little less power than the heavier 12 gauge and after 4 or 5 hours in the sun the weight of a gun becomes a serious consideration. The 20 has less recoil or kick than a 12 gauge but the larger gun allows the hunter to reach out a little farther to knock down a high-flyer. Some parents start kids out using a single shot 410 because it is lighter and the single shot is a safety consideration. However as noted above the 410 can be frustrating to a young hunter because the tight shot pattern is not very forgiving and requires more skill than say a 20 gauge would. A smaller youth-sized 20 gauge gun is a better bet for kids. As for shells the best advice for dove hunting is to stick to smaller shot sizes 7 8 or 9. It takes only a few small pellets to down a dove and smaller shot sizes offer more pellets per charge. For instance an ounce of No. 8 shot has 186 more pellets than an ounce of No. 6. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 33 This last second change in flight path suggests that the doves saw the hunter recognized the imminent danger and changed direction to avoid it. When a hunter dresses in clothingthat blends in with the natural surroundings perhaps camo or maybe just drab colors and makes a point to position himself under a tree or around high grain stalks the odds of doves changing paths are reduced. Having a camo billed cap or drab hat that covers the naturally shiny forehead also helps the shooter to avoid detection from the oncoming birds. A dove hunter can also improve odds when his position takes advantage of the dove feeding patterns. Doves tend to have breakfast at daybreak so if a hunter hopes to take advantage of a sleepy-eyed doves he needs to be in place between the birds roosting areas and feeding field. Typically doves will feed and then beat a path to water and after this they tend to nap during the heat of the day. A well-hidden hunter who has positioned himself between feeding field water source and the trees where the doves roost will realize more success. One Texas hunting guide opines that the best all-round shot shell is a 1- or 1- 1 8 ounce load of 7 s 8s or 9s. Heavier loads allow somewhat longer shots but you may go through several boxes of shot shells during a single hunt. Your accuracy could suffer if you start flinching due to a sore shoulder. 3 HIDE AND WATCH Where a hunter chooses to position himself in the field has a big impact on his success in getting birds. It s critical to find a spot that allows for some cover. Doves have incredible eyesight and from way up there they have a great view of any guys with shotguns in their hands. Every veteran hunter has stories about times when a group of doves were flying directly toward the area where he was stationed in a direct path for a perfect shot and for no apparent reason at the last second the birds veer off and go out of range. Even though the frustrated wing shooter might think he hears the sound of doves laughing as they dart away doves can t laugh. However they might giggle...just a little. 34 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM As for the evening hunt guides note that doves tend to eat their evening meal as late as possible. As light begins to dim or clouds move in about an hour or two before sunset the doves start moving to water. A good hunting intercept position for this time is the underbrush around the water source. 4 THE BEST SHOOTING TECHNIQUE FOR DOVES Out in the field on the first day even veteran upland bird hunters forget about good technique. Good ones correct this after about 5 or 6 misses but a hunter who hasn t held a shotgun in about 9 months is likely to miss most of his her early shots unless proper technique is used. The most important concept to remem- photo by David A. Brown 35 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 39 ber for shooting doves is to point and not aim the shotgun. There is a circular pattern of shot coming out the end of the gun and any one of those little pellets can bring down a dove. Many opportunities to shoot a dove will be crossing shots where a dove flies from left to right or vice versa. In this scenario the odds of hitting this little bottle rocket are dramatically improved when the hunter uses the water hose shooting method. The objective is to think of the shotgun as a water hose and to spray the bird with shot. A simple method of leading a dove involves lining up the crossing bird with the sight of the gun then starting the shotgun swing from behind the bird swinging through the tail and then the head. When a little daylight can be seen the trigger can be pulled while continuing to swing past the bird along his trajectory. It s important to keep eyes on the bird during this process and continue to focus as he falls. When the hunter is property camouflaged and covered by bushes or trees doves will also fly directly into blind where the hunter is waiting. The best strategy for these straight on shots is to wait until the absolute last second to shoulder the gun and when the bird is within 20 yards take the first shot. Be prepared to take the second shot if this first shot misses and the dove veers dramatically left or right. If the first shot misses there is a moment of confusion when there is a good opportunity to make that second shot. 5 STAY MOBILE AND LISTEN CAREFULLY As noted above doves have distinct flight patterns. By watching them over the course of a hunt or preferably before the hunt starts hunters can position themselves to intercept the birds and get a better shot. This can only happen if the hunter remains mobile. If the birds are moving down a fence row or tree line out of range its time to move over to where they flying (when possible). With multiple hunters in a party this might be difficult however the hunter who watches the flight pattern and adjusts accordingly will bring back more birds than someone who sets up under a nice shady tree and never leaves his spot. Hunters who know what to listen for can also improve their kill ratio. Doves in flight make a distinct sound. The sound of a dove in flight is a high-pitched whistle or squeaking sound. The mourning doves rapidly beating feathers also create a soft whistle when they are in flight. 36 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM photo by David A. Brown It may take a few times but eventually a wise hunter will recognize that sound of doves flying and will be prepared to see one or more doves come out of nowhere. Many times a group of doves will approach a hunter from his backside with very little advance warning except for that very distinctive dove squeak. When they come into view usually over the backside of the camo tree or bush a going-away shot is possible. OUT STANDING IN A FIELD Nothing compares to an opening day of dove season. The smell of gunpowder the rush of adrenaline when a tough shot is made and camaraderie of friends all make this an outstanding sport. If you re lucky enough to go hunting this year stay hydrated follow these tips and have a great hunt. HOW TO CLEAN A DOVE http watch v Q0brO8wH658 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 37 Davy Crockett Couldn t Have Made Up This Bear Story Jerry Hause 60 is a veteran hunter and when he ventured out for the opening day of bow season on September 1st he never expected to be hanging off a tree limb fighting for his life. I was thinking If it gets me out of this tree I m a dead man Hause told local media. According to news reports the encounter with a black bear occurred while Hause was driving elk toward where his son who was waiting in a treestand near Abernathy Creek. The hunter said he was taking a break when he noticed a black bear about 80 to 100 yards away. Hause says he originally thought the bear was a cub and decided to leave the area before its mother came around. However he soon realized that the bear was no cub and estimated it at upwards of 250 pounds as the animal began charging at him. Armed with only his bow and a few arrows Hause decided it would be better to climb a nearby tree for safety. I ve been doing this for 40 years and I m not confident enough to be flinging arrows at a charging bear Hause told KPTV. While fleeing up a tree may have been a good idea with most other predators black bears are agile climbers. Hause told reporters the agitated bear followed him up the tree where he was hanging from a branch and began biting him in the leg. Wildlife biologists who specialize in bears note that black bears occasionally fight for dominance while in trees and are known to throw each other off often to fatal effect. Hause knew that if the bear managed to peel him off the branch he would be in considerably more trouble. That is when the hunter decided to use his position over the bear to his advantage. Unconsciously or not I pulled myself up enough that I kicked with my right foot. When I kicked with my right foot I think I hit him right in the nose and he let go instantly and dropped down said Hause. The shaken hunter watched the bear leave and then waited another 10 minutes before he dropped down. He had sustained lacerations and a deep puncture mark to one of his legs when the bear bit him but was able to hike back to his truck and call his son who drove him to a nearby hospital where he was treated and released. Wildlife officials say that bear attacks are rare in Washington which hosts a population of 25 000 to 30 000 black bears. Almost all bear attacks are the result of a surprise encounter or conflict with a sow and her cubs. State wildlife officials advise that if attacked by a bear try to fight back aggressively and if overpowered curl into a ball on ground and try to protect your head. It might also be a good idea to bring along a gun just in case. 38 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM HAVE YOU MISSED ANY ISSUES OF ISSUE XI ISSUE II ISSUE III THE SEEING IS BELIEVING SUNGLASSES REVIEW UTPOST WADE FISHING THE SURF THE NEW LAKE EFFECT ON FISHING WOMEN WITH WEAPONS WILLIE NELSON HEROES HOW TO KEEP A HUNT ING DO G IN SHAP E IN TH E OFFSEA SON ALL HAIL KING MACKEREL READING STREAMS HOW TO TRICK TOMS TALKING TURKEY RECIPES TAXIDERMY HUNTING AXIS DEER CATCHING CRAPPIE CATFISH RECIPES BETTER BANK FISHING PLUS FACEBOOK FLASHBACK & BLACKBERRY SMOKE They re all waiting for you at our website WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM GO AHEAD. CAST A LINE AND REEL THEM IN WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 39 OUTLOOK GOOD FOR TEXAS EARLY TEAL HUNTING SEASON Pairs and small groups of this tiny dabbling duck inhabit shallow ponds and wetlands across much of North America. Blue-winged Teal are long distance migrants with some birds heading all the way to South America for the winter. Therefore they take off early on spring and fall migration leaving their breeding grounds in the United States and Canada well before other species in the fall. Texas duck hunters should see more action during the upcoming early teal season thanks to near record numbers of birds and an anticipated typical migration pattern. Prospects for early teal season are looking very good especially compared to the last few years according to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Waterfowl Program Leader Kevin Kraai. First blue-winged teal populations are near record high and production reports are excellent. Additionally unlike last year s very late spring nesting efforts were more on time this year and thus should result in a timely migration that will overlap better with our teal season dates. Texas hunters can take up to six teal daily during the 16-day season. The possession limit is three times the daily limit which cannot be applied before the third day of the season. Biologists say habitat conditions across most of Texas are much improved from previous years. The coastal marshes and prairies were rapidly drying out late this summer before some very welcomed rainfall the end of August put more shallow fresh water on the landscape and freshened up salty marshes. 40 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM For many Texas duck hunters TPWD s Annual Public Hunting Permit (APH) Program allows economical access to quality hunting on the state s wildlife management areas (WMA). With a 48 APH available for purchase wherever hunting and fishing licenses are sold hunters have regular access during the season to some of the state s prime managed wetland habitat. The hunting is typically good but as TPWD biologists are quick to point out there are no guarantees when it comes to migrating ducks. Information about these areas and TPWD s public hunting program are available online at The ponds lakes and reservoirs of central and eastern Texas could use some additional water biologists suggest but hunters that seek out the shallow waters of many of the water bodies that remain will likely encounter many of the migrating teal leaving the breeding grounds moving though the area daily. Playa wetlands of the High Plains also received good rainfall early in the summer and some are still holding water that will attract early migrating ducks. These wetlands are very dynamic and many are rapidly drying with recent warm windy days and could use some additional rainfall to assure their presence on the landscape into the fall. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 41 THE OUTPOST GET YOUR MOJO WORKING One of the most effective pieces of gear for early season teal hunting is the MOJO Blue Wing Teal mechanical decoy. The flash resulting from spinning wings of this deke have proven to be a powerful attractor. The Outpost asked MOJO Outdoors spokesman Mike Morgan why this mechanical duck gets the attention of teal. The wings of this decoy spin at approximately 400 revolutions per minute he said. That means it can be seen from 4 to 6 miles out by the ducks. Long before the hunter sees the ducks the ducks have seen the flashing wings of the decoy and begin to slow down and take a look. For many veteran duck hunters there is no comparison between traditional floating decoys and this MOJO mechanized deke. It has a realistic looking body extremely fast wings MOJO s patented direct drive system and it comes complete with a 3-piece pole and operates up to 16 hours on 4-AA batteries (not included). While this decoy is designed specifically for teal it has proven to also attract any time of puddle duck. This mechanized decoy is available at any big-box retailer and most independent outdoor sports retailers. 42 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.GUNDOGBROKER.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 43 ARE YOU GETTING YOUR TREESTAND UP Whitetail deer season is quickly approaching and many hunters are preparing their treestands for the season. For some this will mean an unplanned trip to the emergency room. As we do every year The Outpost wants to remind hunters to make pre-hunt checks to ensure treestand safety and use appropriate safety gear to reduce the chance of accidents in the field. Each year a few hunters are injured when they fall from stands or their stands fail. Nearly all of these injuries can be prevented if hunters follow some basic treestand safety rules Thoroughly check and inspect the stand and all safety equipment before use. If a stand was left on a tree or in the woods since last season all straps should be replaced with new straps specifically designed for treestand use. Older straps may appear safe to use but they can be weaken with exposure to weather and sunlight. In addition straps left on trees for long periods are under continual stress as the tree grows and may break when placed under a load. BE CAREFUL Only use treestands and safety equipment that meet or exceed industry standards recognized by the Treestand Manufacture s Association (TMA). A list of products that are certified to industry standards recognized by TMA is available on the TMA website . Always wear and properly attach a Full Body Fall Arrest Harness System (FBFAHS) anytime you leave the ground including while ascending and descending. Older devices such as single strap belts and chest harnesses are dangerous and should never be used. Many new stands come with a FBFAHS. In addition there are numerous comfortable and easy to use FBFAHS that can be purchased separately from a stand. Use your safety equipment properly and practice before you go hunting. Read understand and follow the manufacturer s instructions. In the presence of a responsible adult practice with your FBFAHS near ground level and experience what it feels like to be suspended. Know how to recover if you experience a fall in your FBFAHS and be sure to have a communication or signaling device that you can access if you are suspended in your FBFAHS. 44 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM After you are in your stand and have properly attached your FBFAHS use a haul line to lift your equipment including your unloaded firearm or bow into your stand. Never climb with a firearm or bow attached to your body. Always let a responsible person know where you will be hunting and when you expect to return. Provide them with emergency contact information in the event you do not return when expected. The Treestand Manufacturer s Association website provides information about safe use of treestands and safety equipment. You owe it to your family and yourself to follow these simple safety rules. Don t let a tragedy ruin your deer hunt. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 45 46 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM THE OUTPOST WETLAND BIRDS THE STATE OF BIRDS 2014 REPORT RELEASED More good news for duck hunters. A new report from the U.S. Committee of the North American Bird Conservation Initiative shows encouraging population gains for some wetland-dependent bird species. At the same time the report s authors warn about the future implications of the continuing loss of ephemeral or temporary wetlands in the prairies of the United States and Canada. Some species such as northern pintail and black tern which rely heavily on ephemeral wetlands have experienced long-term declines. The State of the Birds 2014 reports that some wetland-dependent bird populations are at or near historic high levels including mallards gadwall blue-winged teal green-winged teal and northern shovelers according to annual breeding bird surveys conducted in the United States and Canada. CONSERVATION EFFORTS ARE YIELDING RESULTS Many wetland bird species are doing very well said Duck s Unlimited s Chief Scientist Dr. Scott Yaich. We can at least partially attribute this to collective wetland conservation efforts across the continent. But two decades of unprecedented above-average rainfall in many key breeding areas are in large part responsible for duck population increases that are masking the loss of wetland habitats documented by other studies. We continue to be very concerned about the accelerating loss of wetlands in important areas for birds and what that will mean when we inevitably enter another dry period. The report points out that ephemeral wetlands in the U.S. Prairie Pothole Region declined by 74 340 acres between 1997 and 2009. This region is North America s most important breeding area for waterfowl and is a top conservation priority area for Ducks Unlimited. Northern pintail populations have been declining for several decades and are currently 20 percent below their long-term average. The State of the Birds 2014 is authored by the U.S. Committee of the North American Bird Conservation Initiative-a 23-member partnership of government agencies and organizations dedicated to advancing bird conservation. The report is based on extensive reviews of population data from long-term monitoring. It looks to birds as indicators of ecosystem health by examining population trends of species dependent on one of seven habitats grasslands forests wetlands oceans aridlands islands and coasts. This year s report is also a five-year check-in on the indicators presented in the inaugural 2009 State of the Birds report. More information is available at WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 47 48 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM http 5MveCGisXgg http watch v mdXrLU7Ax0I WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 49 TP O ST O U With a Halo XRAY series rangefinder in your hand you will never miscalculate a shot again. The Halo XRAY 900 (Z9X) and Halo XRAY 600 (Z6X) rangefinders from Wildgame Innovations offer superior functionality at a great price. The Z9X is capable of ranging up to 900 yards and the Z6X reaches up to 600 yards. Each model comes standard with AI Technology to account for slope to the target. AI stands for Angle Intelligence which gives you the most accurate distance measurement compensated for all types of terrain incline or decline. Both the XRAY Z9X and Z6X feature 6x power magnification scan mode and crucial trigger fast readings. Both also come equipped with a durable nylon case and feature a sleek ergonomic design that easily fits into your palm and allows for a stable range. Halo X-Ray 900 (Z9X) Laser Rangefinder Features Laser Range Finder Maximum of 900 yards to reflective target AI Technology accounts for slope to the target 6x Magnification Scan Mode allows for constant ranging Precise to - 1 yard Water Resistant 1-year warranty Uses 1 CR2 Lithium Ion battery (Included) Premium Nylon (Included) Suggested retail price is 199.99 Halo X-Ray 600 (Z6X) Laser Rangefinder Features Laser Range Finder Maximum of 600 yards to reflective target AI Technology accounts for slope to the target 6x Magnification Scan Mode allows for constant ranging Precise to - 1 yard Water Resistant 1-year warranty Uses 1 CR2 Lithium Ion battery (not included) Premium Nylon (Included) Suggested retail price is 149.99 Whether bowhunting whitetails in the Midwest elk hunting the eastern slopes of the Rockies or practicing long-distance shooting the Halo XRAY 900 (Z9X) and Halo XRAY 600 (Z6X) are rangefinders to depend on without breaking the bank. For more information on the Halo Z9X and Z6X visit 50 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM G EA R HaloXRAYRangefinders Great Quality and Great Price Judging the distance is critical in big game hunting. All those practice hours of perfect groups the most-accurate bow or gun money can buy might as well be thrown out the window if distance is misjudged in the field. O Hunt in Comfort With Redneck s All-New Portable Hunting Chair You spend hours in deer blind waiting for that monster buck to amble by. Now you can wait in comfort. Redneck Outdoor Products has introduced the all new Redneck Portable Hunting Chair. Specifically designed to make your hunt a more comfortable experience the Redneck Chair will allow you to log those long hours in pursuit of your trophy. The Redneck Portable Hunting Chair sports a silent swivel seat capable of 180 degree turns and three independent height adjustable legs that allow you to hunt effectively on uneven ground. The flexibility of this chair combined with its steel black powder coated frame has created a tool fit for any conditions the season may bring. Being able to pick up and move quickly is easy with this chair as it collapses in just seconds and with it s extremely durable nylon carrying strap moving while carrying the chair is an effortless task. Before entering the woods this fall take your comfort into consideration with Redneck s revolutionary hunting chair. The specifications of the Redneck Portable Hunting Chair include Load Capacity 400 lbs Adjustable Seat Height Black Powder Coated Steel Frame Removable Washable Seat Cover Self-Leveling Feet The suggested retail price for this hunting chair is 99.95 and is available in many outdoor sports retailers and online. For more information call 877.523.9986 or visit If you d like to win great gear like this keep watching The Outpost Facebook page for more details. Just LIKE the page and watch for the contest. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 51 U O TP ST G EA R R ST U TP O G EA Got a Light Buddy Zippo Introduces All Terrain Grill Zippo the brand of lighter that GI s in World War II first used is introducing a new product category and outdoor sportsmen will be snapping to attention. It s a real grill that goes everywhere noted a company spokesman. Built from high-quality materials and loaded with features to create an optimum cooking experience in any terrain it s the perfect grill for camping tailgating or in the backyard. O There are many cool hot benefits of the Zippo All Terrain Grill. First of all it has plenty of fire-power 16 000 BTUs. It has a rugged cast-aluminum firebox & lid and efficient twin-burner technology. It boasts a seady & consistent flame thru entire firebox and the continuous flame-control valves provide precise flame height adjustment. The Zippo Grill also has an anti-rattle transport system the lid-lock pins keep grate & lid quiet during travel to and from the deer lease. The grill runs on both 1 lb. or 20 lb. propane canisters providing short or long-term cooking options. The extension hose with safety flow-control coupling monitors fuel-flow & prevents unexpected leaks Other features include Heavy-duty porcelain-coated grate Optimum heat retention for searing Push-button ignition for reliable lighting every time Push-button storage & integrated tow handle The unit folds down for space-efficient transport storage The easy-fold spring-assisted x-frame helps lower & raise grill quickly & easily The oversized stainless steel work surface & utensil hooks ensures food-prep & utensils are organized A Thru-lid thermometer helps maintain optimum food temps Rugged rubber coated all-terrain wheels make moving simple High output & efficient firebox holds heat longer for prolonged cooking The Zippo All Terrain Grill is sold at outdoor sports retailers grilling specialty stores and online. The suggested retail price is 399.95. For more information visit http outdoor.aspx If you d like to win great gear like this keep watching The Outpost Facebook page for more details. Just LIKE the page and watch for the contest. 52 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM O Everyone Loves a RedHead Early season deer hunters have a great option for camo. The RedHead Tech Soft Shell hunting jackets and hunting pants have several special features that make them a great choice for early season bowhunters. The addition of zeolite known for its ability to capture odor molecules adds a scent control benefit to this already high-tech fabric. The bonded soft shell of the pants and jackets provides a durable fabric that stands up to tough hunting conditions while the soft fleece on the inside will keep hunters warm without bulk. Strategically placed darts at the knees and elbows allow the fabric to flex so it s easy to bend and move. The jacket has several other features for bowhunters. First jacket sleeves are tapered and a zipper locks down the wrists so nothing gets in the way when shooting. Plus a roomy chest pocket on the jacket is the perfect place to stash a rangefinder or other gear. In addition treestand hunters using the RedHead Tech Soft Shell jacket will appreciate being able to wear their fullbody safety harness underneath their jacket. A port on the back of the jacket allows hunters to pull the tether out for a quick connect to the tree strap. The pants are designed with hunters needs in mind as well. They include two zippered cargo pockets that are easy to get into when sitting yet lay flat when hunters are standing. In addition ankle zippers make it easy to pull the pants over a pair of boots. Some of the features of the RedHead Tech Soft Shell Jackets include Bonded soft-shell construction combining the performance and durability of an outer soft shell with a warm dense fleece on the inside Reverse coil full-front zipper with zipper garage Chest zippered utility pocket with lock down sliders Two side zippered hand warmer pockets Integrated lock down zippered wrist closures Left chest security pocket 100% polyester. Machine wash. For more information on these jackets visit the Bass Pro Shop website http RedHead-Tech-Soft-Shell-Jackets-for-Men product 13030105563112 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 53 U O TP ST G EA R THE OUTPOST RECIPES DOVE JALAPENO POPPERS INGREDIENTS 20 De-boned dove breasts (10 doves 20 breasts) 1 container cream cheese 1 package bacon 10 fresh jalapenos Toothpicks 1 Tbsp. Tony Chachere s or other seasoning of your choice DIRECTIONS 1. 2. 3. 4. Pre-heat grill Rinse dove breasts Slice jalapenos in half lengthwise and de-seed Combine cream cheese and Tony Chachere s Mix well (seasoned cream cheese adds extra flavor) 5. Spread cream cheese seasoning mixture into opening of jalapeno 6. Top jalapeno cream cheese with a dove breast 7. Wrap in a piece of bacon 8. Secure with a toothpick 9. Repeat until all dove breasts are wrapped in a jalapeno 10. Grill poppers over medium heat for 20 minutes or until bacon is crisp turn occasionally. 11. Let poppers cool for about 5 minutes and then oh my god enjoy. 54 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM CAJUN GRILLED DOVES INGREDIENTS 8-12 doves 1 4 cup olive or vegetable oil 1 2 cup Creole or Cajun spice rub DIRECTIONS Coat the doves in the oil then toss in a bag or plastic container with the spice rub. Let the birds sit in the fridge for at least an hour and up to a day. When you are ready to cook them get the grill hot but leave a cooler spot where there are no coals underneath or if you have a gas grill turn off one burner. Make sure the grates are clean and right before you put the doves on the grill wipe down the grill with a paper towel soaked in vegetable oil. Use tongs to do this. Put the doves breast side up on that cool side of the grill for 5 minutes with the grill cover down. Move the doves to one side -- you re searing the wings and legs here -- and grill over the hot side of the grill (with the cover up) for 2 minutes or until the side is nice and browned. Repeat on the other side. Finally flip the doves so the breast is facing the flame and grill for another 1-2 minutes or until the breast is nicely browned with a little char on it. Let the doves rest for 5 minutes before eating. Serve with wild game dirty rice or a wild game gumbo. LIFE IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 55 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 71 ANOTHER ICE COLD SIX-PACK OF HOW TO S Each month we scour the Internet to bring you a completely RANDOM set of video How To s. The only common threads are that they relate to enjoying the outdoors and they make you say Hell I can do that So without further ado (and who likes ado anyway) here an ice-cold sixpack of How To s 56 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM https watch v hiPADo9eq9A If you read our piece on feral hogs in this issue you know how fast this porkers reproduce. The only way to get them undercontrol is to harvest more. Therefore this video is appropriate. Watch this kid get two for the price of one. As predators bass like to lurk around undergrowth and wait for a free meal. This means the best way to catch them is to get a persuasive lure like a crankbait down in that growth. HOW TO KILL TWO FERAL HOGS WITH ONE SHOT HOW TO USE CRANKBAIT TO FISH FOR COVER BASS https watch v u88O9xrPRlM&index 3&list PLD75DA63DD1F83C4E WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 57 The pigs have invaded paradise. The state of Hawaii is beginning to experience the destruction from feral pigs that the mainland states have been dealing with for some time and some in the state are ready to call in the hunters. As any outdoor sportsman can attest the combination of a fast breeding cycle aggressive rooting habits and adaptability make feral pigs a land-owner s even one who considers himself a conservationist worst nightmare. Because of this the city of Kaneohe Hawaii may soon be joining forces with a local sportsmen s association to deal with its feral hog problem. PIG PROBLEMS ON THE ISLANDS The swine are wreaking their usual havoc in the 400-acre Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden a piece of land valuable not only for its value as a collection of rare and endangered plants but also as flood protection for the city. While Hoomaluhia is still a popular 58 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM http deer-meat-how-to-process-your-own It won t be long until whitetail deer will be strolling into your crosshairs. Once you nail one the real fun begins field dressing and (if you re REAL ambitious) processing him. You may not BE from Texas but you can fish like a Texan. All you have to do is learn how to hide the hook...Texas style. HOW TO PROCESS YOUR OWN DEER HOW TO FISH A TEXAS RIG http 1vPgBG5 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 59 https watch v -U7qAUTpUdI&list PLD75DA63DD1F83C4E&index 3 When you ve caught a mess of fish the best way to get them ready for the table to is smoke em. HOW TO SMOKE FISH HOW TO RUN A TROTLINE In his song Country Boys Can Survive Hank Jr. sings about catching catfish from dusk to dawn. If you re trying to survive in the wilderness and there are some catfish in the river the most efficient way to catch em is to run a trotline. Be sure and check if it s legal in the state you in. However if you re WAY off the grid somewhere that might be the least of your concerns. https watch v Qbtl3zEWdFM 60 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM RADIO FOR THE GREAT OUTDOORS The Outpost Radio is the first radio station dedicated to hunting fishing and the great outdoors. You can hear us on your smartphone desktop or tablet...just about anywhere. The Outpost Radio is a mix of great music and information that celebrates the outdoors Give us a listen. Click on The Outpost logo below to listen now WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 61 ISSUE VII ISSUE IX 2012 DEER HUNTING SPECIAL EDITION MAKE THAT 300 YARD SHOT SHOOTING THE MOON MOUNTAIN BIKING OUTPOST FICTION OUTPOST FICTION C QUAIL HUNTING PATTERNING A SHOTGUN GETTING INTO SHAPE FOR OUTDOORS SPORTS DEER HUNTING CHECKLIST HOW TO CAMO YOUR GUN VIDEO THE BUCK STOPS HERE SCENT CONTROL CASHING IN ON WINTER VARMENTS WHY IN-HAND SCORING OF BUCKS IS ON ITS WAY OUT FIELD DRESSING A DEER VIDEO RATTLING ANTLERS CHEF KEVIN GILLESPIE PLUS FLOUNDER RECIPES TOP 12 CD S OF 2012 & MORE... PLUS VENISON RECIPES SQUIRREL HUNTING & MUMFORD & SONS HAVE YOU MISSED ANY ISSUES They re all waiting for you at our website WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM GO AHEAD. TAKE THE SAFETY OFF AND SQUEEZE THE TRIGGER. 62 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM http watch v kBsOM1RR4jo https watch v C7SvZPSVxv0 BUILDING A SURVIVAL SHELTER If you are reading this we assume that you get out in the woods and water from time to time. You never know when a situation may arise that causes you to need an emergency shelter. Why not have a base of knowledge of how to contruct a debris lean to hut. Depending on your situation weather and environment will determine exactly what kind of shelter that you should build. Let s hope that none of us need to use these tactics. But you really never know what may occur. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 63 THE NEW OUTPOST RADIO IS LAUNCHED Radio for the Great Outdoors The Outpost Radio. At any given time on this unique station you can hear Stevie Ray Vaughan followed by Blackberry Smoke followed by George Jones. While all of this is going on you can be given a chance to listen to podcasts that feature tips on hunting whitetail deer or catching crappie in the Atchafalaya Basin or learning why blue quail would rather run than fly. In the words of more than one recently converted Outpost Radio fanatic I ve never heard anything like this station. Exactly. This combination of music and outdoor sports information presented 24 7 available wherever you are worldwide on your mobile device has never been offered. Until now. If you can do without the little girl pop stars and auto-tuned crap that passes for country and rock and roll these days you might want to try The Outpost Radio. If you want to know the weather wherever you re sitting in a duck blind it s here. If you re on the way to hunt pheasant or fish for walleye and you d like to know if anybody s seeing any this might be your new favorite radio station. The stories in The Outpost Magazine are about the simple joys of living an authentic life. This includes outdoor sports such as fishing hunting camping hiking and biking. It involves good food and strong drink and it also includes music from every genre that sportsmen and sportswomen enjoy. Unfortunately most of the music you hear on traditional (terrestrial) radio is so sanitized analyzed and peroxized that the tunes and words are cotton candy for the brain. Plus most of the outdoor sports radio programs come on the stations between 3 and 4 am. That s a little too early for most of us. It s is for this reason that we joined some friends who are experts in the radio business and launched The Outpost Radio. We re calling it Radio for the great outdoors and that s more than just a catchy phrase. A typical radio station would never play the diversity of songs you ll hear on 64 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 65 RYAN ADAMS IS BACK WITH HIS BEST YET There are probably many reasons why Ryan Adams decided to self-titled his latest album but one reason must surely be the personal nature of these songs. It s been about three years since he released Ashes and Fire which got mixed reviews but the music critics and more importantly the music fans are going to eat this one up. Produced by Adams himself at his own Pax Am Studios in Los Angeles the new record is the North Carolina-born singer songwriter s best yet. This album is driven by electric guitar hooks that have a 1980 s vibe. It s easy to hear Tom Petty and Bon Jovi influences throughout the collection songs and they absolutely resonate on the album s first single and arguably best cut Gimmie Something Good. This song is a hit pure and simple and it sets the tone for the rest of the album. After one listen to this tune there seemed to be something unusual about its chorus which professional musicians (no doubt) picked up immediately. It took us a while but it finally became clear that Adams was mixing up his pitch selection by using a descending chord sequence. This makes for a cool yet subtle hook on this song. Listen to it and you ll see what we mean. 66 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM http watch v 802vbfZe9io As with many Ryan Adams records there are several anthems on his latest and nobody does them better than him. Tired of Giving Up is one of these inspiring power-chord beauties. As he is touring to support this album you can bet when this song comes up on the set list hundreds of fans will be moving their lips to the words of this song. There s a good reason this collection of hits is killin the Americana and Rock charts. There s not a filler cut on the record. There all good in their own way and if you like big guitar hooks and unforgettable lyrics go buy this record. You won t regret it. Stay With Me Trouble and Am I Safe follow the same path of the first cut and like it they will infiltrate your brain with their almost mnemonic power. It s as if someone told Adams to write a few songs that have the potential of becoming rock n roll classics and he said OK how about these For something completely different Adams added My Wrecking Ball Shadows and I Just Might to show off his somber and quieter style. These are perfect for controlling the flow of the music on the album. I Just Might will remind many of the Bruce Springsteen vocals and lyrics on his Nebraska album. In this time of downloads where the buying public can vote with their money on the most popular cuts of an album it will be interesting to see which cuts become the most popular downloads. One of these will certainly be the cut Kim. This is a sad and beautiful song which begins with an acoustic guitar riff and then builds an emotional crescendo to the chorus which is unforgettable. Again this is textbook song-writing and Ryan Adams pulls it off like nobody else could do. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 67 BARE-BONES BRILLIANCE http watch v h1n7FAsiezo SHOVELS AND ROPE Photo by Leslie Ryan McKellar Anyone who loves Appalachian music knows how violent some of these songs can be. There are stabbings death damnation and those are the more uplifting lyrics. There is a Gothic quality to mountain music and the harmonies can take your breath away. If you took those types of lyrics those harmonies that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up and mixed in a touch of some garage punk you d have the latest music phenom Shovels and Rope. This band is actually a duet made up of the husband and wife team of Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst. They trade-out playing various instruments sometimes he plays guitar and she plays drums and sometimes it vice versa and manage to get a sound that is powerfully unique because of their amazing voices. They have a new album entitled Swimmin Time and it is stunning. First off what about that name After the couple got together in Charleston S.C. and became musically and romantically involved they wrote and recorded an album in 2008 comprised of mostly murder ballads (why is this not surprising ) This album was entitled Shovels and Rope after the tools used to string up desperadoes and bury their victims. 68 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM According to an article in the Wall Street Journal the couple chose to call themselves Shovels and Rope in part to enjoy the residual name recognition from this earlier album. Plus they used the name because the band was just the two of them singing and playing rudimentary instruments including a kick drum they had rescued from the trash pile. We were two people doing the most we could with a minimum of stuff said Cary Ann Hearst. Swimmin Time is destined to be a classic of unforgettable characters. There s the exuberantly demented angler ( Fish Assassin ) the arsonist with an ear for melody ( Bridge on Fire ) and the unrepentant murderer ( Ohio ). If these tunes didn t convey enough darkness the final cut of the album is entitled The Thresher and it is a slow dirge which is based on the true story of doomed sailors aboard a sinking submarine. The subject-matter of these songs should not keep you from listening to the two voices which render them impeccably on the album. In a similar fashion of the AP Carter family singing Diamonds in the Rough or Dr. Ralph Stanley purging his soul while singing Death or Pretty Polly the voices more importantly the haunting harmonies are forces of nature. The first cut on the album The Devil is All Around may be the best one of the collection. The lyrics are simultaneously defiant and humble but the two voices of Trent and Hearst are almost angelic. The are combined in a manner that no auto-tune gizmo or philharmonic orchestra could ever match. This is bare-bones brilliance. If you love hearing something that is completely different from the usual dreck you hear on the radio you owe it to yourself to give a listen to Shovels and Rope. It s music that s hard to categorize but after listening to it you will be changed. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 69 Photo by Drew Kelly PHOTO OF THE MONTH 70 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM HAVE YOU MISSED ANY ISSUES OF THE OUTPOST MAGAZINE THEY ARE ALL RIGHT HERE COME ON IN WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 71 Horseshoe Hill Outfitters offers world class hunts in locations across the United States and in Canada. We take pride in our ability to put hunters on trophy class animals in all of our locations. SASKATCHEWAN TROPHY WHITETAIL & BLACK BEAR HUNTS We hunt in the Northwest Forest Region where Trophy Whitetail hunters have been traveling to for decades to harvest B.C. bucks that score 160 -200 and weigh 300lbs and Black Bears that stand 7 and average 400 pounds in the Fall Our camp is 3.5 hours North of Saskatoon Airport where our hunters fly into. Our Trophy Whitetail and Black Bear area consists of over 110 Square miles of prime habitat to let bucks and bruins mature and get old . We have a 150 minimum on Whitetail to help ensure that we do not shoot those 130 -140 two and three year old bucks that will grow up to be Northern Monsters someday. We offer 1 week of bow muzzleloader (velvet hunts) in early September and 1 week the end of October. Rifle season runs during the month of November during the rut. They are conducted out of heated blinds deep in the forest with transportation being snowmobiles or UTV to the stand locations. All of our hunts are 5 full days with guide meals and lodging included. Hunters can expect to see lots of deer and several mature bucks per day hunting over baited areas. The license is over the counter and will be bought when you arrive (375). Trophy prep and taxidermy available on site. If your ready to put that monster on the wall and experience a hunt of a lifetime please call asap for availability. Groups of up to 8 welcome. Our Fall Black Bear season is from August 25 -Sept. 15th. The hunts are over established baits and hunters can expect to see multiple bears per day. Color phase bears are abundant in our area as well. You will have a 90% opportunity at harvesting a mature bear and a distinct possibility at a book bear SASKATCHEWAN HUNT SPECIALS Trophy Whitetail (Rifle Muzzleloader Bow) Only 4000 - Save 1000 off regular price. Black Bear (Rifle Muzzleloader Bow) Only 3000 - Save 500 off regular price. Please call Bob with any questions 724-290-9338. 72 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM What one has not experienced one will never understand in print. Isadora Duncan P.O. Box 983 Reitz 9810 Free State Province South Africa Matt 27(0) 72 540 0057 Jacklyne 27(0) 82 091 5903 Fax 27(0) 86 538 3660 info likhulusafaris WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 73 WWW.GEORGIAALLIGATORHUNTING.COM (229) 251-9929 74 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM THE OTHER FALL TRADITION For 39 years we have been keeping the Bird Hunting tradition alive by producing lasting memories at the Plantation. Explosive coveys outstanding dog work and up-scale accommodations are available just one hour east of Atlanta. Season runs Oct. 1- March 31 Come just once and you will be a customer for life 1161 Blackwell Rd Newborn GA 30056 (706) 557-0407 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 75 THE BACK WOODS Doyouhaveafunnyhuntingorfishingpicture Doyouhaveajokethateveryoneshouldhear Email 76 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM them to art HAVE YOU MISSED ANY ISSUES OF THE OUTPOST MAGAZINE THEY ARE ALL RIGHT HERE COME ON IN WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 77 CAN YOU SWING A SHOTGUN OR CAST A LINE LIKE YOU USED TO PROBABLY NOT Maybe your shoulders and arms are sore. You might need some upper-body rehab. Before your next adventure try this. The all new Stand Up Grinder by Hudson is perfect for the hunter or fisherman whose shoulders and arms have been worn down by repetitive motion. Why go the gym when you can build upper body strength while you re watching the game on TV. Don t let soreness or the onset of arthritis affect your hunting and fishing fun. To shoot better and cast farther order the Hudson Fitness UBE now. 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