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Description: Professional women discuss what drives them to accomplish the feats they have.

Women of Distinction To empower their lives and live in a way that allows them to express their strongest values to unfold the essence of who they truly are and want to aspire to be is a great feeling. We all have greatness in us. -Tina McDermott Owner International Marketing Company Success is measured by much more than the bottom line profits. Each day is an opportunity and no matter what challenges the day brings be grateful for everything. -Leslie Nist Owner Mallory s Marvelous Muffins Deborah Helitzer Sc.D. 2013 Recipient of HSC Excellence in Population Sciences Research Award Prevent mental illness Help in a crisis Promote wellness http contents... 6 42 34 45 features 11 Bonnie PreBula Astrology Consultant Owner CEO Consultant Service Inc. General Manager Gaia Hawaii-Indigo Angel s Light Center Consultant Artist Walker 14 BrendaPhysical Therapist Special Education Pediatric nist 16 leslieMallory s Marvelous Muffins Owner Teacher Walker Physical Therapy and Educational Services 19 Missy Mastel Auditor Owner Mass-Tel Principal Forensic Communications 26 rori CorBin Footings Inc. President Co-Founder Also available as Digital Download on your device Women of Distinction MAGAZINE Is your company missing that next big marketing tool Editorial E d i t o r - i n -C h i E f Marissa Bacchi Contributing WritErs businesses thrive when they have professional videos to help explian who they are what they do Holli M. Narvaez Felix Pons Angie M. Hoffman & Production ProduCtion dirECtor Antonio Meneses Contact us to see how we can help you market your business with video production Editorial Coodinator Rachael Raffna sElECtion CommittEE Anne Silar Kimberly Diehl Rebecca Valuch Women of Distinction Published by National Association of Distinguished Professionals 560 Broadhollow Road Ste. 310 Melville NY 11747 Phone 631-465-9024 Fax 631-465-9035 http deBorah helitzer sC.d. Professor dePartMent of faMily and CoMMunity MediCine - alBuquerque nM If you ask Deborah Helitzer about the most important advice she received in her life she would say it was from her grandmother who would say from talking comes talking which means that if you talk to one person they will lead you to another. It also means that one experience will lead you to another which is how Deborah would describe the meandering professional path she has taken. Upon graduating college with a degree in communication Deborah was unsure which direction to take. One option she had was to follow in her father s footsteps into the advertising industry. He had a very successful business on Madison Avenue in New York City and there was the potential opportunity to learn about and eventually take over his company. She joined the firm and worked in various positions until it became obvious that to earn the respect of the firm s employees she would have to leave the company to build up her knowledge base. Through several subsequent jobs in advertising she realized that the focus on selling and buying was not motivating for her even if she was learning valuable skills. She was certain that there was another path one that would help her to focus on the welfare of others. Deborah knew there was a way she could use her communication training and advertising skills to contribute to the health and wellbeing of people less fortunate than she so she decided to go back to school to get a graduate degree in nutrition education. 5 While she was preparing to enroll in graduate studies Deborah became an intern and then a nutrition communication research analyst at the Federal Communication Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection Division of Food and Drug Advertising in Washington D.C. She worked under the guidance of Dr. Kate Clancy a renowned nutritionist who Deborah considers one of her early women role models and mentor. They worked on regulations for the advertising of low fat or low sugar foods the need for regulations arose because there were no standards for the definition of low fat or low sugar and therefore there was potential for large corporations to mislead the public about the nutritional value of their food products. Deborah s role was to help the craft language for the public to understand what these terms really meant. In lieu of regulations the corporations consumer groups and nutrition experts agreed to form a coalition to develop guidelines for advertising foods and Deborah was asked to head up the coalition called the Network for Better Nutrition. Deborah began working with the CEO s of major corporations such as Nestl s and Quaker Oats educators such as Joan Dye Gussow from Teachers College advertising executives such as Richard Manoff and consumer groups including the Consumer Federation of America and the Center for Science in the Public Interest. It was a very exciting endeavor and Deborah was able to merge her early work experience in advertising with her passion for promoting the health and wellbeing of consumers. In this effort Carol Tucker-Forman became her next mentor and role model. Dr. Forman was an experienced and well-respected advocate for consumers and her work epitomized the benefits of collaboration with organizations and individuals with different perspectives an important insight which Deborah continues to rely on in her work today. IN HER CAPACITY AS DIRECTOR OF THIS COALITION Deborah gave a presentation at the annual conference for the American Public Health Association. She was approached by a faculty member of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Dr. Sandra Huffman who encouraged her to apply to the doctoral program. Another example of from talking comes talking she was to embark on what would become a somewhat serendipitous time in her life making connections finding one experience that led to another and continually building on her prior experiences. Putting in night and weekend hours Deborah was able to complete the prerequisites to enter into Johns Hopkins and was accepted into the doctorate program. During the five years she was in graduate school although Deborah had started out in her doctorate work for nutrition communication under Dr. Huffman over time she developed a broader perspective of how communication could be used for other public health problems. Over time Dr. Debra Roter became a mentor and role model and she remains a friend and colleague to this day. While Deborah was working on her doctoral studies she needed to earn money to cover the cost of tuition room and board so she got consulting jobs working with the Academy for Educational Development (AED) a non-profit organization in Washington DC committed to using social marketing (health communication) to improve health in the developing world. There she was mentored by two women. Bette Booth an expert in international development had lived in several developing countries. She guided Deborah in the use of communication skills for the benefit of the poorest in Africa Latin America and Asia. Ximena Downey another employee of AED mentored Deborah in being a professional woman. Never go out of the house without makeup Ximena said. To this day Deborah says she thinks about that because women are judged not just about what they say but also about how they look and dress. Deborah makes an effort to dress professionally every day and she guides other women to find their style and feel comfortable projecting a professional image. During her part-time work with AED Deborah functioned as a consultant to Haiti Nigeria and Panama on public health problems of importance to these countries. While working at AED she was offered the opportunity to take a full time job living overseas. Deborah moved to Malawi Africa to work side by side with staff from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on their Combatting Childhood Communicable Diseases project. She contributed her social marketing communication skills to a team of 6 epidemiologists sociologists and entomologists working to prevent dehydration malaria and immunizable diseases like measles and polio. During this time CDC agreed to let her conduct her doctoral research on a topic that was part of the project helping pregnant women to prevent malaria. Another example she says of from talking comes talking . She conducted a study about language and culture learning that Chichewa women were reluctant to take the chloroquine a very bitter antimalarial drug that was distributed to pregnant women in prenatal clinics. Her research results found that the bitter taste of chloroquine was similar to that of an herb that women used to cause abortions. Deborah went on to design and evaluate a program that replaced the chloroquine distributed by clinics with sugar coated pills of the same drug. The program was successful and she found her work quoted as a seminal study about the cultural aspects of malaria prevention in the book The Fever by Sonia Shah. (Deborah interjects It is interesting that a colleague here at UNM working on malaria just read that book. He and I had never crossed paths. He called me and said I just read about your work in Sonja Shah s book I never knew you did this work Sometimes you get a little bit of street cred from work you did a long time ago....probably most often without even knowing it. ) She went on to complete her doctoral program and over time developed an expertise in program evaluation. Not long after graduating she accepted a faculty position. Twenty-five years later she is still working in the field of public health education and research and she still loves it. While the topics of her research are different the principles are still the same working with women listening to their stories forming coalitions and using the power of communication to make a difference in women s lives. She says that her expertise in science and research allows her a seat at the table with other women who bring other areas of knowledge to solve problems of importance to the communities with which she works. In her role as a faculty member she writes research grant proposals conducts research teaches and publishes her work on top of her administrative responsibilities. Her job is complicated and a 60-hour workweek is typical. Over time Deborah has emerged as a leader building on her effectiveness in previous positions. Her leadership style has materialized over time as she has developed competence in leadership skills confidence in herself and given herself permission to follow her gut instincts. She has a reputation for honesty and transparency which she has learned are not always valued. In her current position as an Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Education in the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center she oversees 11 research education training and career development programs as part of her role for the last three years she has also been tasked by the Chancellor for Health Sciences and the President of the University to build a new College of Population Health. As a member of the academic medical community Deborah is involved with a few professional associations for example the American Public Health Association and the Association of American Medical Colleges. In these associations she has had the opportunity to evaluate programs and to contribute to faculty development for younger women. In addition Deborah contributes her time to reviewing grant proposals for the National Institutes for Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She also spends a great deal of time reviewing scientific articles for journals in her field. Whether it is helping a student prepare a lecture or a faculty member write a grant Deborah finds gratification in enabling others to build their competence and watching them flourish. At this time in my career Deborah says that s what is motivating for me . When asked what advice Deborah could provide for someone starting out on a path of as an academic Deborah reflected From my experience I have discovered that being open to new ideas and information not being afraid to ask questions and listening to the answers being humble and admitting when you don t know the answer asking for help when you need it and being willing to take risks are all important. It is also now more than ever important to be a team player which has its own challenges patience mutual respect and cooperation. An academic needs to be able to communicate it is one of the essential skills for teamwork and collaboration. However like most people involved in academia and research Deborah considers herself to be somewhat of an introvert. She says she gets most of her own strength from being alone and listening more than talking. As she has grown in her leadership roles however she has had to develop the capacity to be comfortable communicating to larger groups of people whether in a public speaking role at a committee meeting or one-on-one in a social setting. This is one of the areas in which she gets professional coaching. When Deborah mentors other young faculty and students she shares her own experience and examples of the challenges she overcame for professional growth. She encourages each of her mentees to be honest with themselves about their particular challenges as a professional and face them head on as growth opportunities rather than as deficits. As a woman we are always beating ourselves up when we don t have the skill base we need. We just have to get over it and move on. As an example Deborah found the need to understand more about the business side of academics. Once she recognized this as an opportunity to take courses in business management rather than a weakness or deficit she had a more positive attitude about it and as a result she feels she can now more effectively manage the financial responsibilities of her job. Deborah gets frustrated that women feel that they must first know everything before entering into a new role or taking on a different position. She says That s just not the case. Each woman needs to feel confident and know what skills she brings to the table then admit what she doesn t know ask questions and ask for help and be open to learning. If we knew everything about a job before we took it what would be our opportunity for growth Outside of Deborah s professional life she says that her personal and family experiences have played a formative role in helping her to develop into the woman she is today. Deborah can remember back to a time in the eighth grade when her father encouraged her to take up typing in school stating this would help her to find a job while waiting to meet 7 LOOKING BACK ON WHAT HAS HELPED HER TO BE SUCCESSFUL Deborah reflects that one of the ways she has built her career has been through her ability to generate resources from state and federal agencies and foundations building a little business within the academic environment. Keeping herself busy with the search for more knowledge and different experiences Deborah has traveled all over the world working in China 11 countries in Africa Panama and Haiti. It has been a journey and one that isn t likely to stop. She is internationally known for her research and is invited to work both in the United States and in other countries around the world. Deborah states you grow best if you take it one step at a time one year at a time learning something every step of the way . Being motivated is not an issue for Deborah she finds a great deal of strength in her own accomplishments. That people find value in her work has been very encouraging for Deborah throughout her years in academia. Her colleagues honored her with an award for the best Population Health Sciences Researcher in 2013 which was even a greater compliment because she was chosen by her peers for this award. Deborah shares that her women role models helped her to adapt to the culture of academia. Faculty members interweave research teaching and service for continuous learning and positive feedback. Much of the wisdom comes from teaching she assures us that she has learned more from her students than her students have learned from her. As a faculty member she has been able to showcase her own skills be productive develop confidence in her expertise and make contributions by offering her services to improve the health of others. As her career advanced so did her skills she naturally began to identify her own path one progressively leading to other new endeavors. She took what she had learned in advertising applied that to public health and nutrition moving into the sector of consumer social advertising which then led to other opportunities to conduct research on programs that improve public health in communities. Another example she reflects of from talking comes talking . As Deborah describes she is always on the path of discovery and so we asked her to sit back and think about what some of her professional inspirations have been. It s difficult to pinpoint just one Deborah explains. As she looks back on her career path she realizes that she had several women role models and mentors who inspired her early on. She also gets inspiration from the community members on whose behalf she has worked. More recently she has been inspired by the opportunity to mentor other young women. a doctor or lawyer who would be able to take care of her. Not thinking much about the meaning behind that statement at the time it wasn t until later on in life that she understood the negative side of that perspective. Of course her father was thinking that Deborah would never be able to support herself financially. But it also reflected the thinking of the 1960 s a period when women were not encouraged to find their own passions and career paths. But when Deborah and her sister had left home to move on with their education she watched her mother struggle to find her own path. Observing the negative impact of being focused solely on supporting the lives of a husband and children Deborah made a decision to focus on developing a career of her own. As we have seen this decision set Deborah on following her own meandering path. She went off to Africa with the man who would become the father of her children eventually they came to realize they were better as friends who coparented than married with children. Deborah found herself a single mother of two at an early time in her career when she was just beginning to discover who she wanted to become professionally. That was an incredibly stressful time for me and for my children Deborah said. Luckily the life of a faculty member is more flexible I could work at home when my kids were sick and I could work around the soccer games and the horseback riding events. But it was important for Deborah to set her priorities and let others know that her family came first. Life for a faculty member is never easy but for Deborah as a single mother it meant working countless hours in the night after the kids went to bed and on the weekends when they were visiting with their father. Sometimes Deborah felt she was on a 24-hour tailspin going from working all day to working at night to getting her children ready for school in the morning. She felt a prisoner to day care and her nannies. She always seemed to be the last person to pick up her children from after school programs and they taunted her with prophecies that they would be left out on the curb in the cold (it never happened but obviously they were just as worried about it as she was). She had nightmares that she would have a car accident and actually once rushing to get to her car from her office she got hit by some students in their car not watching as she crossed the street. (She says she managed to call the school from the ambulance to find another parent to pick up her children from school before they reached the emergency room.) She reached out to a professional chef to fix meals once a week that she could pop out of the freezer when she got home from work. She learned to use a crockpot and spent her precious savings on a housekeeper so she didn t have to spend time cleaning the house. She learned to be resourceful. She organized a monthly dinner club called Mommies and Kids Night with other single parent families in her community - to share resources ideas for survival and strategies for problem-solving. She feels that the benefit of all of this was that she developed an inner strength and determination to succeed. While Deborah and her children were on this journey together there were many challenges and situations they had to maneuver but they did. Being a single mother meant 8 leaving meetings or missing conferences and these things had an impact on her career. At the same time she was upset to hear her children claim that she loved her work more than she loved them. The tug of war was painful. Deborah knows that her productivity was slower when her children were young. She had to make many career decisions based on her home life and she is sure that her career also impacted her family not always for the better. She said I was tired when I came home and I wasn t able to be the most patient mother. I have nightmares still about the times that I took out my work frustrations on my children. No it wasn t easy at all . Now she hopes her children can look at the hard work struggles and challenges she had to make a better life for her family and see that there are benefits that result from putting forth what seems to be superhuman effort. But also she jokes she has also set aside a fund for their visits to a psychologist just in case. Deborah observes that the members of the newest generation of faculty members seek careers that have worklife balance. For Deborah there never was a real balance of career and family she doesn t think there ever really is something called balance for a professional woman with children. She said the important thing is to decide what your priorities are set them and execute them to the best of your abilities. As a mother you work with your own emotional and mental teeter-totter there is vision you create about how it will all unfold but balance no there is no balance it s a mistake for young women to believe that they can have work-life balance. They can have work they can have a home life but they will never be in balance. About 12 years ago she re-married and they became a blended family of four. As their children became more involved with their school activities she had more time to volunteer in the community for example she was a board member and then President of La Tierra Segrada a giving society to support medical student scholarships. And over the years she has taken leadership roles in the Jewish community on the Board of the local Hillel Chapter and on the Board of a local Jewish community school. She is also currently a member of the Board of Trustees for Wasatch Academy a college preparatory school in Utah. But family will always come first. She knows that with children there are always times when the family needs more attention and she understands that her work will be impacted. Deborah observes that women seem to come into their own when their children have grown and left the house. She feels that now she has renewed energy and a broader vision. Deborah feels that this is her time. She is exercising with a trainer and taking regular yoga lessons. She is sending herself on a yoga retreat without a computer or email or even a smartphone. She seeks more gratification in her work wanting to make a contribution to the careers of others more than continuing to growing her own reputation. She believes that her leadership roles give her the opportunity to bring other women along and hopefully make their transitions a little easier than hers was. There is beginning to be more of an openness in academic medicine to the benefits of a diverse community. We have made some progress but there is so much more to do Deborah says. I feel fortunate to be able to use my leadership to help move this agenda. I am only one person but I know I can have a broader influence and impact.........and that is very empowering. Another example of from talking comes talking she says with a smile on her face. Actually come to think of it I would have to say that my grandmother was the most important and influential role model and mentor I ever had. What kinds of knowledge and skills are being added to the curriculum of health professionals and what is being replaced Medical professionals of the future need to learn communication psychology teamwork population health health systems administration and finance. Biology chemistry and neurology are being integrated into the curriculum in different ways so that there is room for these new skills. What preparation do students need to have who want to be accepted to health professional schools What are the most important qualities of an executive in higher education To maintain relevance executives need to see innovative opportunities for new educational pathways and not be stuck in old models for example by reshuffling programs in colleges creating new programs and most importantly being willing to eliminate programs that are no longer relevant. The traditional medical or nursing student was excellent at math science and had reasonable proficiency in another discipline like psychology or English or education. Now students who are skilled at health communication psychology business economics or political science are also considered to be good candidates. What obstacles will women face in higher education in the future What approaches are different in higher education than they were 20 years ago Education was formerly considered a way to gain knowledge but now we should be focused on using education to gain experience. There are many opportunities to gain knowledge through access to information through technology for example but there is no way to gain experience except by doing. So programs that include experiential approaches and problem solving will be much more relevant to today s students. Women represent 50% or more of the students in higher education but still less than half of the leadership. The challenge for women will be to overcome the gender stereotypes and help to show that their skills of teamwork and collaboration will make them better leaders than the current perceptions that benevolent dictatorship and leaders who know more than their colleagues will be more successful leaders of the future. What institutional changes have to be made to help women stay and thrive in academic medicine Institutions have to appreciate the value of having a diverse culture and find ways to integrate diversity into all facets of the institutions. For example they have to value the contributions of individuals who work part time as much as those who work full time and give them access to the same professional opportunities (e.g. promotion tenure and leadership roles) and benefits (health childcare and continuing education). How can we prepare today s students for the workforce of tomorrow We can t possibly predict what our students will have be competent at in the workforce 20 years from now but what we do know is that they will have to be adaptable to change and that they will have to keep learning to keep up. Our educational programs therefore have to teach skills of teamwork change management continuous learning leadership and communication. How is academic medicine changed over the last ten years and where is it going The focus of academic medicine was on training doctors nurses and pharmacists individually and hierarchically. Now the focus is on training interprofessional teams meaning that these different disciplines need to be prepared to learn together and work together as the medical fields change to emphasize efficiency safety and quality. How can women help each other to gain more parity in leadership opportunities In my research it is evident that women who are sponsored by powerful women are more likely to be successful than those who have to climb the ladder on their own. As women we need to be conscious of helping each other rather than competing against each other. What qualities of women make it difficult for them to be taken seriously Women are either seen as too soft and emotional or aggressive and bitchy. We have to learn the difference between professional critiques and personal criticism and help women colleagues to interpret and react appropriately to comments that engender emotional responses. contact Deborah L. Helitzer Albuquerque NM Professor Department of Family and Community Medicine University of New Mexico 505-272-1887 9 Bonnie G. PreBula oWner Chief exeCutive offiCer Consultant astroloGy Consultant serviCe inC. General ManaGer Gaia haWaii-indiGo anGel s liGht Center Consultant artist - honolulu hi AS AN ONLY CHILD BONNIE G. PREBULA spent a lot of time helping her father with daily chores on their 100acre Washington state cattle ranch while also tending to household chores set forth by her mother. As an only child Bonnie worked hard to satisfy her parent s requests even though her father had wished he had a son instead. Finding the good in her childhood Bonnie has the confidence in her adult life to do pretty much anything in life and doesn t fear the stereotypical career roles of woman or man. I have had quite a diverse and interesting career path Bonnie admitted. But every step along the way has been filled with success self-accomplishment and the satisfaction of knowing I am directly helping others live a spiritually healthy life. After graduating from the University of Washington with a Bachelor s Degree in Science in Pharmacy in 1960 Bonnie took a position as a pharmacists in Bremerton Washington. In 1975 she moved to Hawaii and was hired at a pharmaceutical company where she became the first woman pharmaceutical sales representative in the Hawaiian Islands. By 1991 she had opened her first of five pharmacies again becoming the first woman in Hawaii to own a chain of pharmacies. After 20 years of owning and operating her businesses Bonnie parted ways selling her last pharmacy to CVS in 2010. 10 Upon moving into her Hawaiian neighborhood in 1975 she met an astrology teacher and grew very fascinated with the subject. Deciding to focus all of her attention on becoming a practicing international astrologer she became a Certified Mind Science Practitioner through the Religious Science Church of Honolulu. Consulting for clients Bonnie used astrology cycles and mind science creativity to produce marvelous results for both she and her clients. Providing astrological consultations for both individuals and businesses Bonnie imparts clarity to clients and offers them guidance in forming compatible relationships both business and personal. Working with an individual s birth date time and place of birth or launching date for a business Bonnie makes clients aware of their inborn characteristics and how these characteristics are influenced by current transits of planets. She also helps reveal her clients strengths warns them of their weaknesses and aids them achieve their fullest potential. Currently Bonnie uses her consulting training in astrology and mind science to assist several CEOs in different companies in tapping into their potentials to create extraordinary results in their personal lives and careers. She interprets innate natural positive potentials and predicts astrology forecasts and timing giving them maximum results for their businesses. In 2012 Bonnie began offering her astrology services at the Gaia Hawaii-Indigo Angel s Light Center a metaphysical center for those seeking a path of spirituality acceptance and understanding. The Center is dedicated to providing the best possible environment for those seeking growth in their personal path by providing services that are directed towards aiding each individual to grow in their own divinity. The specialized readers and healers at Gaia Hawaii Center are all unique in their field of service. Just like Bonnie each reader specializes in specific areas but are all versed and capable of helping just about anyone. Expanding their service-based center into the retail realm the Center strives to meet only the highest quality of retail products. All goods offered are chosen with conscious thought and direction from the Spirit. Bonnie quickly moved from being a service provider to general manager for the Center. She has been instrumental in doubling the retail space and amount of readers and healers providing services and recently facilitated a merger with another spiritual healing-based company. Also an artist Bonnie creates original Hawaiian pieces based on astrological charts. To sell her artwork she had opened gift departments in the pharmacies she previously owned and started Holiday Gift Gallery and Studio in Honolulu. Today her artwork can be purchased online or in the Gaia Hawaii Center. Bonnie s most recent artwork is a line of Astro Bears which are specially created in the colors of an individual client s astrology chart with the natural gem assigned to their Sun Sign of the Zodiac in a pendant for the bear s necklace. Also included in the Astro line are key chains and pendants created from the client s birth chart s colors and gems. She offers spiritual d cor soft sculptures and wearable art too. Her most popular wearable art is her very popular pin weaving necklace. Much of Bonnie s art has been published online and in magazines. To grow and become a more diverse artist Bonnie recently traveled to Italy for leather mask making and figurative art costuming classes to include in her multi-media artwork. Married for 55 years Bonnie and her husband have three children and two granddaughters who are both scheduled to graduate college in 2014. Bonnie is also a licensed minister who officiates weddings on the sunny island of Hawaii. 11 Do you find a lot of women holding prominent roles in pharmaceuticals today Yes. I think it is common to find an ease of entry for women in the pharmaceutical field. What particular qualities do you think women have that helps in a career working for a pharmacy I believe women have a natural empathy and understanding which can be very useful when interacting with patients and customers. What is another useful characteristic for someone working in a pharmacy Another helpful characteristic is a woman s intuition. If honed it can be very helpful in the diagnosis process. Why do you find astrology fascinating For me I use astrology as a very useful tool for planning timing and implementing projects. Astrology has been rejected by a lot of the scientific community. What is your opinion Astrology is a complicated study of applied astronomy energies. In some ways astrology may seem scientific. It uses scientific knowledge about heavenly bodies as well as scientific sounding tools like star charts. Some of us use astrology to generate expectations about future events and people s personalities much as scientific ideas generate expectations. Some claim that astrology is supported by evidence or the experiences of people who feel that astrology has worked for them. What aspects of business do you find the most fascinating I am very interested in the startup and growth of any type of business and I use astrology and mind science tools to help CEO s maximize their potential in these areas. What is the study of mind science Mind science is the scientific study of the mind and its processes. A trained mind is like a trained muscle. With trained techniques the mind can be used as a very powerful tool to heal and create. What is the first lesson of mind science The first lesson is to watch your thoughts and your self-talk for these are the starting points of your creations. Why did you become a licensed minister What is your next professional goal I love weddings and saw that I could fill that niche of officiating for weddings on the beautiful beaches and gardens of Hawaii. I am enjoying fostering creditable metaphysical counseling to help people in their personal and business lives. These modalities have many useful tools for example the psychic mediums aid people in communicating with loved ones who have passed on. This has been a very unusual and comforting experience for me as I have had contact with our son who passed away. He has a view well beyond our realm and has been able to communicate it to me through three different mediums in the Center where I work. contact Bonnie G. Prebula Honolulu HI Owner Chief Executive Officer Consultant Astrology Consultant Service Inc. General Manager Gaia Hawaii-Indigo Angel s Light Center Consultant Artist http http http 808-983-3344 12 Brenda Walker PediatriC PhysiCal theraPist sPeCial eduCation teaCher Walker PhysiCal theraPy and eduCational serviCes neW york ny Pediatric Physical Therapist and Special Education Teacher Brenda Walker has spent her entire career working with special needs children making a positive difference in their educational and rehabilitation process. Based in New York City Brenda has worked with children in rehabilitation centers and schools doing early intervention and intensive therapy for nearly four decades. I became enamored wIth pedIatrIcs durIng my fIrst rotatIon at rusk InstItute for rehabIlItatIon In new york cIty brenda remembers. I love workIng wIth chIldren because of theIr zest for lIfe curIosIty creatIvIty and sImplIcIty. After graduating from New York University in 1970 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy Brenda started working as a rehabilitation therapist at Rusk Institute. Returning to New York University in 1975 to earn her Master s Degree in Education Brenda continued her post-master s degree education at Yeshiva University as a Developmental Specialist in 1979 and is at the dissertation stage of earning her Doctorate of Education in Teacher Leadership from Walden University in 2015. After completing her education Brenda left Rusk Institute and founded Walker Physical Therapy and Educational Services. As an independent provider Brenda contracts her physical therapy and special education services to daycare centers and public charter and private schools. She has worked closely with the New York City Board of Education Virginia Day Therapeutic Nursery and Home Therapy Associates and is a senior therapy analyst for the American Board of Disability Analyst. 13 Working with the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) and Committee on Special Education (CSE) as an independent contractor provider Brenda works with children from the Preschool of America Tutor-Time Nursery Kipp Academy Elementary School Dewitt Church Daycare The Epiphany School St. Jean Baptiste School for Girls Our Lady of Sorrow Solomon Schecter Jewish Day School The Reece School Love Me Tender Preschool and multiple public elementary schools in New York City. Although working with children can sometimes be challenging the reward to get them back to a functional capacity is the driving force behind Brenda s success. She has learned to be flexible when working with children and grows personally and professionally along with them. They inspire her just as much as she inspires them. To help aid the children obtain a higher level of functionality Brenda started a physical therapy technique called Deep Seat Corner for dyspraxic and autistic spectrum children. This corner helps the child to center their body and gather all four quadrants of their body into the center. They find it very relaxing. It is also a way for them to collect themselves when they are feeling agitated. Physical therapy is a very fulfilling profession Brenda admits who couldn t ever image doing anything else. I would find it quite rare for anyone to leave physical therapy to pursue something else with the exception of upgrading into a similar medical profession. Brenda is a member of the National Association for Special Education Teachers and the American Board of Disability Analysts. For over 35 years Brenda has been studying at the Martha Graham Dance Studio. She loves modern dance and finds it to be a great stress reliever as well as a great way to burn calories. She also enjoys traditional and academic art and visiting historical sites especially old mansions due to their architectural and interior design. Brenda loves spending time with her children and grandchildren too and helping her daughter professionally who is a preschool and elementary school teacher. What is pediatric physical therapy Pediatric physical therapy is a branch of rehabilitation for children 16 and under who are in need of compensatory work on their bodies to achieve or maintain age-appropriate physical functioning. What is Special Education Special Education is a branch of education that works with children 16 and under on acquiring their cognitive skills in the 3 R s reading writing and arithmetic. What is a Special Education or Physical Therapy provider or Independent Contractor Both terms basically are the same and distinguishes the professional from the status of employee but is rather selfemployed. They can contract their services to an agency or directly to an establishment. What are some of the types of children that you work with The majority of my clients have a diagnosis of dyspraxia (poor balance or clumsy) or are on the autistic syndrome spectrum (poor social and verbal skills). I am license to teach kindergarten through 12th grade. What age group do you teach in Special Education What age group do you work with in physical therapy In my daily work I treat children from the age of 2- to 13-yearsold. In the past I have worked with premature babies adults and the elderly. Where do you teach or treat during the day I do not do homecare. I work on the site at public schools charter schools private schools and daycare centers. What education is required to be a physical therapist A minimum of four years is required at a university. Some places require five years when a master s degree is earned. The new trend is to get a PhD in physical therapy. What are some of the specialties or subdivisions of physical therapy Brenda Walker New York NY Pediatric Physical Therapist Special Education Teacher Walker Physical Therapy and Educational Services Physical therapy has expanded over the years. Some known divisions of the profession are Adult Rehabilitation Pediatric Rehabilitation Geriatric Care Hand Specialist Sports Medicine and Neonatal Therapist. What are some of the setups of the profession contact The multiple practice setups include hospital privatepractice office private doctor s office rehabilitation center sports center public private schools and home-care. 14 leslie nist 15 OWNER MALLORY S MARVELOUS MUFFINS BASKING RIDGE NJ Balancing work and family is challenging but becomes especially tricky when you have a special needs child. For Leslie Nist it all began at a church bake sale with nothing more than two muffin pans a toaster oven and a passion to help people. Inspired by her daughter Mallory Leslie opened Mallory s Marvelous Muffins in 1991. I have a very high standard for an exceptional product delivered in the most effective and efficient way while offering that old fashioned personal touch. Customer service is key and exceeding expectations is always our goal Leslie said about how she runs her 23-year long business. The best part about being able to run her own small business is that Leslie was always able to take care of her daughter who has Asperger s which is a high functioning form of autism. She needed to be available for her many needs and owning her own business was the answer. One of her greatest gifts Leslie admits is her ability to comfort and nurture people and she was able to do that through her baking too. She finds a tremendous amount of satisfaction in hearing that she made someone feel a little bit better more hopeful happy or comforted in her baked goods. Loading and unloading trucks is probably one of the toughest parts of Leslie s job. There is a lot of physical labor involved and she really gets her hands dirty. But nevertheless she gets to go to a place she loves everyday doing what she loves a place she calls Muffinland . In the beginning of her career however she lacked the luxury of having employees. She wore many hats was in charge of all the aspects of the business and spent many more hours working as a result. It took a long time longer than she imagined to afford to hire a staff. But once she did everything really began to fall into place. Success is measured by much more than the bottom line profits Leslie added. Each day is an opportunity and no matter what challenges the day brings be grateful for everything. What may appear at first to be a setback can actually be a blessing in the long run. Getting some distance in perspective to see the other side is also a good idea. Mallory s Marvelous Muffins specializes in comfort foods. Gift baskets are freshly baked to order and shipped the same day to assure freshness and a beautiful presentation. These delicious gift baskets are full of muffins cookies scones brownies and crumb cakes and can also include a variety of herbal teas coffee honey and preserves. Mallory s Marvelous Muffins gift baskets are the perfect gift idea for any occasion as they are universally loved by all. Leslie has found though that most of her business is in sympathy condolence gift baskets. As we all know a time of grief and loss is most difficult and Leslie can help deliver love and prayers in a comforting basket. Leslie worked for a short time in real estate in Maryland before moving to New Jersey and starting her business. She currently raises money for autism awareness through her volunteer efforts with a non-profit organization called Fill A Need Foundation which helps those on the autism spectrum like 16 her daughter Mallory and those with other developmental disabilities. She hopes to be instrumental in helping them build their campuses in every state to serve the needs of the forgotten population that is the over 18 young adults. Life for them she believes should not end with high school graduation. She also supports Susan G. Komen for the Cure and The National Down Syndrome Society by donating a portion of her muffin baskets sales to the organization. A graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a bachelor s degree in 1982 Leslie continues to work hard to be able to provide for her now 27-year-old daughter who still lives at home with her. She is a very positive person who believes that anyone can live out their dreams. She is especially enthusiastic about helping those with disabilities to do the same. Leslie also has a son Scott daughter-in-law Natalie and twin grandsons Liam and Hunter. She considers herself very blessed to have her parents and sister living close by as well and always finds time to spend time with them as much as possible. Leslie also had a sister Alayne who passed away at the age of 42 and had both Down syndrome and Asperger s. All that I am and all that I do has everything to do with Alayne Leslie said lastly. Was it your dream to start a muffin company No. It was never even on my radar. I had lemonade stands since I was 10-years-old and knew back then I was an entrepreneur. It was my desire to extend my gift of compassion and nurturance that led me to start Mallory s Marvelous Muffins. found that a gluten-free diet will help improve behavior health and focus with children on the autism spectrum. What is a Hooperdink What have been your biggest hurdles over the years in business The Hooperdinks are a cast of personalities in the form of a puppet that we have developed here in Muffinland to entertain you. It is a work in progress and some of our preliminary videos can be seen at www.heyhooper. com. Lack of time is the number one thing I still struggle with. My creative juices flow 24 7 but my commitment to family has forced me to put many of my projects on the back burner for now. What prompted this Hooperdink project This was created in loving memory of my sister Alayne. She was a huge Jim Henson fan and so I watched Sesame Street with her and my kids ever since it came on the air. Does Mallory work with you in the business As an Aspie Mallory prefers to work behind the scenes as opposed to face-to-face with people. She has developed wonderful social media marketing skills and handles much of that for the company. What makes your gift baskets better than your competition I don t think in terms of having any competition. What I do is a labor of love and the special care with which we do everything here is evident. It s all done for love. What advice do you have for people out there who have great recipes and want to do what you have done Be sure it is something you enjoy as you will work long and hard at it for little return in the beginning. I think you have to be realistic but never compromise on your heart s desire. Do you see yourself franchising this business I am really not sure about that. I think that might be in the future for Mallory s Marvelous Muffins. What are you most proud of about your 23 years in business There have been some very difficult years and to have weathered those and remained a small business that is still in business today puts a smile on my face each day I go to work. What do you see next for Mallory s Marvelous Muffins We are currently working with the Fill A Need Foundation and focusing on some new gluten-free baskets. It has been contact Leslie Nist Basking Ridge NJ Owner Mallory s Marvelous Muffins http email 908-698-7791 17 PRINCIPAL FORENSIC AUDITOR OWNER MASS-TEL COMMUNICATIONS SAN FRANCISCO CA Missy sue Mastel CPa 18 Women can get on a path of math and science in the most circuitous way. Missy Sue Mastel had always been interested in justice and fair play and was often the one mediating games and conflicts among her childhood peers. By the 1990 s as a student at Georgetown University Missy recognized a serious dearth of accountability and justice in corporations and the government so auditing seemed like a great field to explore how companies governments and people conducted themselves. After four years of auditing with KPMG in San Francisco California and Perth Australia I founded Mass-Tel Communications in 1996 Missy said about starting her firm. My focus is creating the best practices in auditing and accountability for organizations that use telecommunications services and products. The vision Missy had for her company in the beginning was to create a sense of accountability among firms telecom and data carriers whose main business objective was percentage of market share so that customer service billing accuracy and customers needs wouldn t fall by the wayside. By showing the savvy CFO or telecom manager that they could hire someone like herself with outside expertise she d be the one to pay attention to the details and get a healthy dose of financial justice for them. Sharing this vision of justice with her clients has altered the way that businesses view their vendor relationships distinguishing core competency in IT from best practices in organization and design. Missy also began sharing vision with her employees asking them to embrace not only the kind of confidence they could provide to clients but also what the company could do for its believers and local community. Governments and firms change CIOs regularly bringing in new philosophies and structural ideas. This is innovation and it s fantastic. But making those work Deciding to move a company to the cloud or between carriers requires not just a vision but a best-practices execution with an eye on the resources of the company Missy said about the 19 complexities of her job and the dedication it requires. Evolution in telecom happens all the time and it is the needs of customers that drives much of that change. Eventually something revolutionary will happen that will change the way a company does or should do business. Missy has restructured and redesigned telecom infrastructure for a wide variety of clients from Fortune 20 companies to bowling alleys cookie companies and micro-lending institutions. She has also assisted states in developing robust and welcoming telecom programs for other state agencies and their citizens. Without forensics and fraud controls people may think they are cutting corners for the good of their shareholders not recognizing the detriment to another stakeholder group Missy said about the importance of forensics auditing. In telecommunications in particular market share is such a compelling metric that authenticity and accuracy gets marginalized. It isn t easy to be a rules enforcer but companies are grateful for people who can approach such a job with compassion and humility. A different perspective can be useful to find errors or better ways for companies to tackle their issues. Missy was invited to write the seminal book on telecommunications auditing Telecom Audit published by McGraw-Hill and believes it has contributed to her success by getting her name out there and introducing accountability in the field of IT. It also solidified their offering and helped create the program that has saved organizations and citizens millions of dollars. Having graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor s in Accounting and International Management in just three-and-a-half years Missy then earned a Master s in Theology. She and her husband have two children and share the motto that says If you can envision it we can do it . She enjoys playing electric guitar in her family band and has a pet pig Luna who would be the best topic for a children s book if she ever retires to do it. Many people would say that telecom connectivity is a commodity with no growth. Why do you still do it Telecommunications reinvents itself all the time. Just look at Google glass. Very smart people invent new devices incorporate new technologies and then other people like myself show businesses how to use them to their advantage. Is it hard to find the time to write consult and live a life too I believe that if you find interesting projects and really invest yourself in the moment whatever it is that you are doing you stop worrying about the past or the future and that time almost expands. Thus you keep doing things you really love doing and time never runs out. What is the most exciting thing you ve seen recently The most exciting thing I ve seen recently are new industries and the faces of the people who lead them. Communication is at the heart of every organization it is like the nervous system and these new companies are building synergy in their companies by being creative with their communication. What advice do you have for young people entering the workforce Pay close attention to the socio-economic gap between the upper and lower classes. It will be the game changer for your generation. Every job functions as a redistributor of wealth and getting your arms around who you really make money for will determine your success or failure. How do you feel about Google Google is great but innovation is happening everywhere. Google just mass produces it. So even a small company can put two great minds together by using connections and create something bigger and better than they had before. Do you have any other advice Is it unusual to be a woman in telecom There are plenty of women in telecom but I admit they do not make much of a splash. I think women overall are challenged to operate and innovate just like men but are judged poorly when they are not supportive and nurturing in their roles. It s a tough place to be but I know some women who can do it well. Don t try to choose a career choose work you love. Choose work that doesn t feel like work. If you start every sentence with Everyone knows that... consider the demographic and statistical analysis. If you cringe when you read typos consider editing. Try to be who you are and get paid for it you will relish the opportunities to learn and truly enjoy your successes. Where will Mass-Tel Communications be in the future Do you balance the dichotomy between innovation and nuturing Telecom is exciting and innovative and consulting really offers me an opportunity to be a thought leader while still supporting and nurturing my clients and staff. But making a splash is really about writing and teaching for me. Right here. The larger the large companies grow the harder it is for them to get to the edge of their universe. Consultants give corporations a highway to the edge to see best practices in the marketplace and how to get there. As long as companies sell connectivity Mass-Tel will be there to keep things fair and just. Where will Mass-Tel Communications be in the future What have you written in your field Actually I have written quite a few articles and done a fair bit of speaking and lecturing over the years. Some people think that Telecom Audit was my first book but I actually wrote one in college on Women and Theological Practice. I m finishing another text on Cloud decision management really honing in on forensics of the cloud a word that is still too sexy for people to be paying much attention to the costs and opportunity costs. Right here. The larger the large companies grow the harder it is for them to get to the edge of their universe. Consultants give corporations a highway to the edge to see best practices in the marketplace and how to get there. As long as companies sell connectivity Mass-Tel will be there to keep things fair and just. contact Missy Sue Mastel CPA San Francisco CA Principal Forensic Auditor and Owner Mass-Tel Communications http missysue 415-820-9070 20 Paz dia Belino EDUCATOR AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY - PHILIPPINES CANADA NIGERIA BOTSWANA For 45 years Paz Dia Belino had been working in the teaching profession in various capacities. Specializing in agriculture and home economics she has experience as a community development officer lecturer teacher of home economics clothing construction fashion and fabrics animal product technologist laboratory technician cartographer in quality control food and management and has taught adult education and cooking classes. No matter where in the world Paz was living there was always a need for qualified teachers. As an educator my role in any organization was always to disseminate knowledge and information while showing others how to implement practical ways to make their life s status better Paz said. And as a teacher I tried to inspire students to work to the best of their abilities to be independent and to achieve self-reliance. Inspired by her parents who were both in education Paz decided early on that she wanted to explore the teaching profession as well. Her father was the dean and professor of mathematics calculus and demography while her mother was the head of the home economics department for the same university in the Philippines. In April 1957 Paz graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Agriculture in Los Banos Laguna. With a double major in agriculture education and home economics she was hired immediately after graduation as a home economics teacher at Alicia Agriculture and Fishery School in Payo Catanduanes. Later known as Catanduanes Agriculture and Industrial School it was the only fishery school in the Philippines at the time. Recognizing her proficiency and knowledge in the education the school asked Paz to write the course syllabus in home economics. Continuing her ministry of education Paz began teaching home economics in the Division of City Schools in Manila. She also taught night school for establishment workers and was the cafeteria manager for over 3 000 students. In addition to teaching in schools Paz supported her ministry of agriculture as an animal products technologist for the Bureau of Animal Industry in the Animal Product Division. 21 After marrying her late husband Paz moved around quite a bit. As a veterinary public health expert of diplomatic status her husband worked for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and was stationed in several different countries in Africa. When his position moved them to Nigeria Paz began working at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria Kaduna. She lectured in agriculture education home economics and adult education advised on diploma courses in home economics and edited theses of diploma students on their required six month field work. Paz also wrote course study outlines for home economics specializing in clothing construction handcrafts foods and nutrition for women and out-of-school youth and worked in the model village homes in nearby villages. As part of the Nigerian central government Paz was also included on a panel of advisers for the Ministry of Agriculture. In her free time she was a member of the Women s International Club and she also volunteered with the Rotary Club by making blankets and quilts of patchwork that were distributed to the lepers and blind community. After her husband was relocated again to Botswana Paz took a position at a senior secondary school as a home economics teacher class adviser and external examiner on the final year Cambridge exam a prerequisite to enter college. She was also involved in the ministry of social welfare and community development and home economists and was appointed as the community development officer to assist in the education and improvement of Lobatse and Gaborone. To help promote women s project exhibits in the Botswana International Trade Fair Paz organized home economic workshops and seminars and helped women learn or perfect a new skill. She also spent her time volunteering for the drought relief efforts for three years distributing food and drinking water to remote villages as part of the Dutch Reformed Church which was funded by the Netherlands government. This work afforded Paz the opportunity assist in the education of community development for these remote villages. Working in these three developing countries Paz found several common issues each one had inadequate funding from the local and national government and they lacked buildings equipment and facilities to accommodate the growing number of students. As a teacher Paz had to improvise make adjustments innovate replace outdates facilities and improve existing devices while teaching work simplification and time and money management. Whether I am educating a student or teaching a woman a new life skill I try to instill ambition and hard work to get them ahead in life Paz said about her education efforts. I suggest they be well informed on all recent and available technology stay up to date on their specialization by reading and most important believe in themselves. 22 Although Paz retired from formal teaching in 2003 she will always be an educator. Involved in numerous volunteer opportunities her most recent work was through the Brentwood Community United Methodist Church from February to June 2014. Paz spent a total of 105 hours distributing food and clothing to the needy in Brentwood California. Paz and her late husband had four children together two sons and two daughters and five grandchildren. All four children are professionals married independent and gainfully employed. The teaching profession can be a very challenging task but it can also be extremely rewarding. I believe all people regardless of their circumstances have the right to be educated. After all knowledge is power. When you taught did you address any current technologies Yes. Teaching home economics includes teaching new technologies. There are so many new inventions and advances in nutrition diet and disease food technology and the food industry such as food preservation and new processes to improve food packaging and safe food additives. As a home economist is it possible to be employed in clothing and fashion establishments Yes. In this role I have had experience in quality control of jeans shorts and t-shirts in a factory in South Africa supplying super stores like The Gap Old Navy and Woolworth to local and regional markets. What differences do you teach when comparing today s agriculture with techniques used many years ago As a home economist what business ventures are possible in the open market There are many You could work with restaurants or fast food chains (food handlers waiters cleaners table appointments and receptionists). You could also work with craft stores or hobby shops (employing people to do handicrafts curtains costumes costume jewelry printed t-shirts and more using local materials). Others include supplying home cooked food orders to stores coffee shops offices and convenient stores as well as manufacturing scrubs for doctors and nurses for hospital staff and workers manufacturing safe children s clothing linen costumes and accessories or working with factories to manufacture school uniforms athlete uniforms caps and other accessories. The knowledge of basic agriculture dates back to ancient times. Many centuries later you can still find a small percentage of farmers practicing antiquated ways but modern machinery and the scientific methods of using chemicals have taken over in the industry today. And more schools have opened to help farmers improve their farming methods to increase produce which increases income. How did you impart your knowledge and information to the community as a whole To share my knowledge I lectured at agricultural schools taught courses and did demonstrations on home improvements childcare and family relationships. With your knowledge in agriculture what is one type of business possibility available in the market today You taught home economics and agriculture. How did you break through to other professions I got involved with anything that would help educate or assist others. For example I offered assistance with home improvement home furnishings home industries and interior decorations which related to home economics. I also managed school lunches the cafeteria and nutrition for sports programs and HIV nutrition for adults and infected children which pertains to my knowledge in agriculture. A plant nursery with a greenhouse is a great opportunity because every homemaker wants a house plant to add to the interior decorations garden and surroundings. It is a healthy venture. Nutrition is a basic industry in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. What can a home economist do to improve their meals We are seeing a larger population of elderly as the population grows and medical care is allowing people to live longer. A variety in their diet according to their conditions of health must be monitored but individuals must also enjoy what they are eating. Is the agriculture industry relevant in today s society I believe present day farming is an important industry because fresh fruits and vegetables need to be on the shelves of food markets on a large scale. I also believe that the dairy and meat industry is very important because children need protein to help them grow and develop brain power. What do you attribute you success to in your life s career in the field of agriculture and home economics I always worked hard tried to have a positive attitude and believed in myself and in that nothing is impossible in this life when you put your mind to. contact Paz Dia Belino Philippines Canada Nigeria Botswana Educator Ahmadu Bello University 23 rori CooPer CorBin MA TRS CDS PRESIDENT CO-FOUNDER FOOTINGS INC. - MONROE NY A series of unimaginable events is what ultimately led Rori Cooper Corbin to a career that involved working with developmentally disabled youth and adults. At the age of 16 Rori was in a severe car accident that put an end to her dream of someday working in theater arts and dance. Becoming depressed by those events Rori turned to music to process her very strong emotions. And it was music that helped her begin to heal. Several years later Rori became pregnant only to discover that her unborn child had been developing without a brain. Losing the baby was another life altering experience that threatened to swallow her whole. Again though she turned to music to help her heal. As I began to feel better after the car accident and then losing my baby I realized that this was due in large part to my music and the freedom of expression it gave me. The music reached me on a deeper level Rori explained. I didn t know it at the time but music would be a big part of my future in working with disabled children. After studying at Adelphi University and State University of New York at Purchase Rori applied for a position at Willowbrook Developmental Center in Staten Island. She was selected to work with a large group of girls ages 5 through 12 who had been abandoned by their parents and left in the care of the state. It didn t take long for Rori to fall in love with those girls. 24 They had nothing and no one yet approached every day with optimism. Rori saw strength in them that she had not seen before. During her time at Willowbrook Rori was well aware that the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) was investigating the center trying to expose horrible abuses that people were suffering at the hand of the state. She began assisting the FBI by supplying them with information which turned into a dangerous proposition. Her efforts resulted in a letter of commendation from the FBI as well as from the Commissioner of Mental Hygiene. Fearing for her safety Rori left New York for California only to have New York State contact her several months later to ask if she was interested in working at an institution in Rockland County. Rori accepted. New York s intention was to close the Rockland facility and place its residents back into the community. It was Rori s responsibility to work in the unit that designed programs and services to prepare these people for eventual entry back into society. She enjoyed this position and felt fortunate to work with a team of young staff that were all selected for the purpose of designing services and delivering programs that would brighten the lives of the clients and give them a purpose. Rori eventually earned a graduate degree from NYU and was an NYU Fellow. This period in Rori s life felt exciting and fulfilling realizing just how fortunate she was. Lucky to have a career she enjoyed she was also a mom to three beautiful girls with one on the way. But her youngest daughter ended up being born premature. Doctors had told Rori that she d probably have cerebral palsy and severe brain damage and was advised to put the baby in a center and go about her own life. performing arts to enhance the education of children in underperforming schools too. Through Footings Rori also developed a sexual awareness program for developmentally disabled adults and the I May Not Be Perfect But Parts of Me Are Excellent Program for teens. Both programs explore what it means to be a man or woman and methods for living and socializing in today s world. Along with ClubRec these programs have been awarded with many grants over the past 25 years. The people that Rori has worked with throughout her career have no doubt come into this world with many challenges through no fault of their own but have also served as a great inspiration for her adding They are not looking for pity nor want our patronization but simply seek to be accepted and valued in society for who they really are. Rori retired from her life s work at Footings in May 2014 after working over 35 years in the industry. She and her husband have provided developmental knowledge and services throughout the lower Hudson Valley Region of New York. Retirement offers the opportunity to consider new and exciting opportunities so at the moment they are considering turning the page and starting a whole new chapter in their lives. Together Rori and her husband have four daughters and eight grandchildren. Their oldest daughter Joannah is an author whose first young-adult novel The Immortal Game which earned the Daniel Rosetti Award. Daughter Hope holds a PhD is a professor in Washington and serves as the US Representative on an international body that looks at health promotions and policies. Daughter Drew their third daughter owns a business with her husband that specializes in high-end foreign auto repairs where Drew was named Young Business Woman of the Year receiving her award in Washington DC in 2006. Laurel their youngest daughter who doctors thought would have no quality of life is a physician s assistant practicing interventional pain medicine and is a previous scholar athlete where she earned a varsity letter in three sports. Knowing what I knew I could not send my baby to any of these centers Rori explained. Remembering what music had done for me all those years ago I used my talents and energy to design a series of funny little songs and games that would teach my daughter and help get her limbs moving. When other families saw what Rori was doing and the progress her daughter was making they began to call and ask for help with their children. Not being able to turn them away Rori co-founded Footings Inc. to provide strengthbased non-traditional programs and services to children at risk and all those with developmental disabilities. Rori served as President and Chairperson of the board of directors for Footings and oversaw the day-to-day operations of the agency. Their ClubRec Afterschool Program was widely considered one of the best programs for children in the greater Hudson Valley area featured on the Animal Planet Pets in the News and The Discovery Channel for their innovative use of animals that taught character education and worked with children in developing and understanding social relationships. The program utilized the creative and 25 Do you have a phrase or saying that has influenced you professionally Yes Give a man a fish feed him for a day...teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Education creates opportunity freedom and a successful life. We have strived to help develop responsible fully contributing citizens in our home and through our work. Is there a decision that perhaps you regret now or wish you had acted differently Other than your work at Footings what gave you the most enjoyment professionally I owned a healthcare consulting company working with hospitals and insurance companies as well as medical schools and universities in clinical trials and behavioral health hosted a weekly call-in radio show for three years in New York dealing with general health and wrote a weekly column that gave me another chance to educate and influence behavior around health. In the late 90 s I had the opportunity to go to Washington and work as a member of a high level government advisory group on developmental disabilities. My family did not want to leave their home so we stayed. I wish now that I had explored more options that would have allowed me to develop Footings and also influence national policy. What are you most proud of professionally When you are pregnant you dream about your child and their life. When those dreams die the grief can swallow you. Footings gave me a way to keep that dream alive by knowing that in some small way the lives we have touched and influenced for the better will serve as a legacy to my son. I worked so that others could have the life I would have wanted for my son. What trends are you seeing in your industry now We are seeing the very strong push to managed care forcing the smaller agencies to merge or go out of business. The state only wants to deal with large mega agencies which is unfortunately a trend around the country and mirrors healthcare in general. What hard lessons have you learned throughout your career I am a glass half-full person and trust people to be honest and responsible. Some people are not worthy of that trust. What does the future hold for you professionally What are the problems you foresee with this approach That page hasn t been written yet but the world is full of possibilities some of them mine. We are already seeing small agencies consumed by large agencies due to capitated rates thinning of service options and necessary staffing reductions. The long-term effect is I fear large community institutions where cost containment is primary and client care is secondary. It is only a matter of time before the politics overwhelms the system and the people in it. What advice would you give those just entering this field There is a shared humanity that transcends disability illness etc. We all want pretty much the same things from our lives. Who do you credit with your success My parents were very driven and worked hard. I also credit my husband whose love and quiet strength has seen us through some rough times and made sure I smelled the roses. contact Rori Cooper Corbin MA TRS CDS Monroe NY President Co-Founder Footings Inc. 26 tina MCderMott CnC CPt OWNER INTERNATIONAL MARKETING BUSINESS - BOWIE MD Tina s focuses as owner of her international business are to coach train and help clients unveil the essence of who they truly are to help people make a shift in their paradigm. Seeing a real need for corporate women to find a way that they could be home with their love ones versus spending more time with their children s portfolio of pictures in their office and be able to make a good or even better living was very inspiring for Tina. Today women are challenged with balancing home and work it s not easy for them to find the time for family let alone themselves. Tina says that this is becoming more and more the norm for women. They are tired feeling the onset of health challenges earlier than years past. As far back as Tina McDermott can remember she has always embraced the entrepreneurial spirit. She loves owning her own business because it allows her to help others bring out the greatness in them. It gives her the opportunity to have a greater impact on the life and health of many not just locally but globally. Tina gets a tremendous amount of pleasure and joy helping many people move beyond their own self-limitations so they can express their strongest values and achieve what is important to them. To empower their lives and live in a way that allows them to express their strongest values to unfold the essence of who they truly are and want to aspire to be is a great feeling Tina said. We all have greatness in us. 27 Feeling very fortunate because she has had many mentors in her lifetime one of Tina s favorite mentors is Zig Ziegler who taught her that if you help many to get what they want you will get everything you want. Tina s ultimate favorite mentor however is good friend Madison Burgess. Madison s a very successful entrepreneurial woman whose mission is very clear to help as many people through health wellness and financial freedom as possible. She has taught Tina to ignore fear and that has helped her to become the blossoming entrepreneur that she always knew was inside of her. Tina is deeply grateful for all she s done for her. Tina s sister Anna has been her inspiration but her illness sadly took her life. What Tina s learned from her courage throughout her life illness and her passing is that relationships in life are the most important asset we have. Plus to achieve the greatness that lies within us we must be willing to be avid students to achieve the things we most desire in life. According to Tina in order to be successful in our industry it takes getting beyond your own self-limitations. We all have them and can t hide from them they ll find us. The most important fundament principle to help you move beyond limiting beliefs she says has to do with believing in who you are and that you can be more have more and become more. You begin to create belief by making the decision to start the life you desire by becoming a student of learning. Then study what you ve learned inside and out practice it to reinforce what you have learned and and then put it into practice. Bob Proctor calls it The Leap Frog Theory. We have all heard the phrase Repetition is the mother of skill Tina said. Most people will watch a training video take an online class read a book and never pick it up again. Sad but true. There are three reasons why. Number one is that they don t know what to do. The second reason is there is no clear defined and duplicable training system. The third reason is they don t have great leadership skills which is fundamental to the success of any business. You must learn to be a leader through leadership books seminars and mentors. Keep on studying learning and growing throughout your entire life and you will become the great and successful entrepreneur that you are. There are challenges with owning your own business and the rewards are much greater. Tina has the opportunity to work when she wants to work with whom she wants to work and decides how much she s worth and most importantly she is living her life by her design not someone else s. If you are not following your own dreams and goals she says then you are following someone else s. Whose dreams and goals do you want to follow Tina helps people build a path to a better life a healthy and rewarding lifestyle with time and financial freedom. Her business has the roadmap and blueprint to guide individuals from the beginning of their journey until they reach the greatest heights of success. 28 Why did you start your own business I started my own business because I am like my dad I love to work for myself. Also I love to create my own programs and allow my own personality to shine as opposed to conforming to other people s ideas and programs. I don t fit into someone else s box so I create my own box without sides. How did you first get started in this particular field I saw a need for women to have a better quality of life with more time for themselves and their family. My passion grew out my own imbalances in my life and at one point I was so sick tired and financially stressed when it came to how I made money and how I took care of myself. Throughout my own process I saw a tremendous need for women to have a better quality of life. Why have you remained true to this career path I get a tremendous amount of joy and satisfaction helping entrepreneurial women achieve their health and financial goals. Has anyone been influential on your decision to start your own business Of course my sister Anna. But I also wanted to help the masses and in my current business I wasn t able to do that and I really wanted to make my mark in the world. What were some of the strategies you incorporated in order to make your business a success I became a professional network marketer became proficient with communication skills so that the people I talk with everyday have a pleasant experience regardless of their decision and became inviting which is the most critical skill I ve learned throughout this entire process. I ve also learned how to effectively recruit more business partners and customers and acquire more leads. What are some of the hardest feats you ve tackled so far Learning to effectively communicate can sometimes be difficult especially in this industry. Over the past year I had to relearn these skills which have helped me become even more successful. What s the best advice you could give clients I ve seen time and time again so many people give up on their dreams and walk away due to self-limitations or lack of belief in themselves. It s important to hold tenacity close to your heart and never give up on your dreams and what inspires you. What does your previous background include that makes you qualified for this role I am also a personal fitness trainer and wellness coach. What are some of the contributions you ve made so far to your industry that you feel stand out I have worked in collaboration with my team leaders to create a comprehensive clear and easy to learn training platform for our growing team. What are some of the activities you participate in outside of your typical work schedule to contribute to your field Every Saturday we have an education training call with our team. We also hold community education events focused on training and education. contact Tina McDermott CNC CPT Bowie MD Owner International Marketing Business http info 410-570-5170 29 Why be a WORK AT HOME mom Have the Time to Build Your Family We train and work with an elite group of moms that have discovered new found freedom and wealth with an honest ethical home business. Discover Financial Freedom at HOME Take the first step toward enjoying your children and your LIFE more. Breathing New life Into the American Dream Visit 30 isaBella Pizzano OWNER ISAMARI ART STUDIO - BLOOMFIELD NJ residences in the tri-state area Isamari Art Studio has been providing perfect d cor for the professional appearances of establishments and homes. From corridors waiting rooms luxurious lobbies and private offices to great rooms and sitting rooms Isabella s abstract art is a beautiful addition. Isabella offers consulting services to her collectors helping them make decisions on wall decorations and also provides selection delivery and installation. Flexible and knowledgeable of her clients taste and background Isabella never imposes her personal opinion but gives honest and expert suggestions instead whether she is selling a piece of her work or another artist s piece. Exhibiting her art in numerous national and international shows Isabella s work has been shown in over 25 prestigious shows in the tri-state area so far. Her artwork has been printed in five publications including Visual Journeys Eye on Abstracts The Artistic Touch 5 A Walk Into Abstracts Vol. 5 Birds of a Feather Collection and International Contemporary Artists Vol. VIII. Sharing her talent and love for art Isabella teaches in local galleries and institutions by giving workshops on collage and water media monotypes. In her free time she likes to go sailing hiking and whitewater rafting. She also loves photography and visiting museums and galleries other great art forms that tend to inspire her quite a bit. Married with three adult children Isabella s son is a podiatric surgeon her older daughter works in the communication and speech pathology field and her youngest daughter is a fashion designer for Saks-Fifth Avenue in New York City. 31 ARTWORK IS A CREATIVE TOOL THAT CAN TRANSPORT a viewer into an imaginary world just like a powerful movie can. Whether the artist takes you to the tip of a galaxy to the bottom of the sea or somewhere in the woods widely known Abstract Artist and Art Studio Owner Isabella Pizzano tries to do exactly that with each and every piece of her artwork. You ll find that Isabella s art voices not only emotion but also captures creativity and enhances in any space. She s been doing this now for 16 years. The way I work reflects the way I feel about the philosophy of life all colors are layered occasionally introducing collage while each passage is a new and exciting experience. I never know where it will take me next Isabella explained. I do not plan my paintings they surprise me on each stage of progression and overtake me as a natural force. My hope is that the use of a variety of forms and brilliancy of color in my work will establish an emotional communication with the viewer. Born in Rome Italy it was there Isabella earned a Bachelor s of Fine Arts degree where she specialized in clay sculpture interior design and scenography. Several years later while in China she was offered the opportunity to experience a cultural art exchange with local artists as well as conduct several workshops and demonstrations of Western Art Techniques. Years later she now resides locally in northern New Jersey. Deciding to follow her heart and open Isamari Art Studio Isabella did so only after closing her fine art gallery that she had owned for the previous 16 years. Working closely with businesses corporations and personal Why would someone choose an artist with experience to decorate their walls What if the buyer has a different taste than the art consultant An experienced art consultant will have an eye for decorating and can suggest the best solution for their walls. An expert artist can provide different solutions more suitable for the collectors taste and safely direct them to a satisfactory result. What happens in a no-sale situation The potential collector will have information on new trends in contemporary art and on different techniques while the art consultant gains the consulting experience. What is the process when a new client or an existing collector calls for assistance I see clients by appointment only. During the first visit I view the space bring images and ideas and interpret the taste of the client. On my second visit I ll bring a selection of artwork. When do you do the actual installation The artwork will be delivered and installed after the client makes their final decision and a required down payment of 50% is then made. What happens when the collector wants a variety of artwork such as photography oil painting realistic images and portraits If I cannot provide the desired artwork I will suggest names of renowned top artists from all over the United States and give that information to the collector. How do you price your artwork My art work is very reasonably priced and in proportion to the quality of the artwork and the skill of the artist. I will not provide poor quality prints or posters with unattractive frames. Do you suggest collectors match their art to the couch wallpaper or other item in the room Personally I would never suggest to match a specific item. Art stands by itself to give you pleasure. I don t think it has to match with anything. How long will it take from the moment of approval to delivery Delivery depends on the situation but generally takes anywhere from two weeks to two months. What if the client has a large space or spaces to decorate but wants to purchase a piece of artwork that is one of your smaller images The size of the artwork is not an issue. If they need a piece in a larger size I can custom order a C print of the image on metallic paper in any size desired. This print will look better than the original and will be mounted on gallery style Plexiglas. contact Isabella Pizzano Bloomfield NJ Owner Isamari Art Studio http isamari7 862-324-1945 32 Joni M. Jones rnBC-Cddn EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR FOUNDER KOALA CARES LLC - BLOOMFIELD NJ Joni M. Jones was accepted into nursing school after graduating high school at the age of 16. Receiving high scores in the mental health section of the nursing licensing exam reflected her passion in mental health and psychiatric nursing early in her career. After completing her training at The Charles E. Gregory School of Nursing in 1979 Joni took on various positions working with patients diagnosed with mental disorders for the next 35 years. After Joni s son was born with autism she became an advocate and educator in autism creating a non- profit organization known as Baseball for Autism Awareness. She became board certified in mental health and psychiatric nursing certified as a developmental disabilities nurse and now both a young and adult mental health first aid instructor. In 2013 she founded Koala Cares LLC. For years people who attended my nurse education groups repeatedly requested I become more available to the community and now here we are Joni said about her motivation to start Koala Cares. Believing in grassroots efforts Joni knows just how important it is when change is needed. We changed how we respond and treat individuals diagnosed with autism and HIV and now it is time to do the same for those affected by mental illness and substance abuse Joni added. Koala Cares is an organization that offers training in both young and adult Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) to the community including professionals. Participants learn about mental illness and substance abuse. They learn how to approach and assess a situation and respond by using a 5-step action plan. MHFA is evidenced-based and provides consistency in offering care. A published author Joni s work includes Developmental Disabilities Nurses Consultants in Mental Health Settings Expert Witnesses in Special Education Cases and What Makes an Effective Special Education Attorney A Parent s View. She also wrote for HIBU community magazine and the Toms River Times Nutrition and Health. Throughout her career Joni has been acknowledged multiple times for her efforts. She was awarded with the Meridian Orion Award a Humanitarian Recognition Award from the New Jersey State Council Columbiettes a Meridian Polaris Award an Elizabeth Kellogg Award an Excellence in Nursing Riverview Medical Center nomination a Faces of Hope Award for Outstanding Service to the Autism Community and multiple other awards and recognitions. Through motivation education and support I like that I am able to empower others to make their own decisions and be the best they can be. I pride myself on what others refer to as a natural gift Joni said. 33 Where did the name Koala Cares come from Mental Health First Aid originated in Australia and was initiated by a nurse who is affected by mental illness. The Koala bear is the mascot. Who is the training designed for Why Mental Health First Aid Everybody. In fact family members friends and co-workers are the ones most likely to notice when there are behavioral changes in an individual. Hopefully in the future MHFA will be required of every professional and teacher and be as widespread as CPR. Mental Health First Aid offers the standardization necessary to provide the consistency in mental health education. What is meant by evidenced-based What is the current approach we have toward behavioral health Outcomes supported by research. In areas that training research or data was not available a consensus was taken from top organizations and professionals in the field. I believe we have a public health system that waits for an individual to decompensate or for a crisis to occur before we intervene. Once we help and stabilize individuals they are left without the functional resources. As a new organization what challenges have you encountered Obtaining grants and simply letting interested parties know of our availability. Is it true the MHFA is recognized as an early intervention Early learning of the signs associated with mental illness in our youth can help lower the risk of the later diagnosed mental illnesses associated with post-traumatic stress bullying drug-use violence and suicide in our adolescents and young adults. What makes Koala Cares stand out as a training organization to invest in Our focus is only on education and training. Other non-profit organizations may be distracted with many other obligations. As founder my resume is available to show a long history of motivational speaking and successful advocacy. Participants have responded favorably to the passion. Why is early intervention that important Research reports success with early intervention. This can change the path for many who might have suicidal tendencies drug misuse and reduce the risk of violent reactions. How can people support your growth as a new business We would like to be equally considered for grant opportunities are available to network with others and are open to organizations or individuals that would like to sponsor or attend trainings. contact Joni M. Jones RNBC-CDDN Bloomfield NJ Executive Director Founder Koala Cares LLC http mbmrja 908-783-5285 34 GRAND CHIEF EASTERN WOODLAND METIS NATION - YARMOUTH NOVA SCOTIA CAN after a PoWer struGGle With the Mary lou Parker in Mary Lou Parker and her husband walked away from the Nation. Three years later they reformed with just five members. Now with 16 500 members strong as Grand Chief Mary Lou helps the people of Eastern Woodland Metis Nation Nova Scotia Canada find their culture and rich heritage while educating them in leadership. Leadership is based on inspiration and cooperation not domination and intimidation Mary Lou believes. As a leader I am patient think positively plan my work and work my plan and never give up on myself or others in the Nation. In the formation of the new Nation Mary Lou faced many obstacles helping her people to accept their Metis Aboriginal heritage and to realize how fortunate they are by being the best of two distinct peoples. Her ability to assist the Metis Aboriginal peoples as well as non-aboriginal people understand who they are and how to embrace it is the driving force behind her role as grand chief. Mary Lou brings together educates and teaches all people to live a full and good life to embrace existence and to obey the laws. She is inspired by giving advice and teaching leadership to others in her Nation and experiencing the complete joy whenever a member achieves their goals as a Metis. As a woman and a leader Mary Lou knows the importance of persevering and trusting in one another. Women are natural leaders both in and out of the family and the women of Eastern Woodland Metis Nation are One Voice One Identity and One Family . 35 Metis nation 1993 A non-profit organization Eastern Woodland Metis Nation is funded by dues alone and Mary Lou s dream is to one day raise enough money to erect a cultural center where they can promote the understanding of the Metis Aboriginal peoples and the knowledge that they are not a blanket of one size and color. They are like a patchwork quilt she explains made up of many shapes and colors but all joined together by a common thread. Mary Lou is a lifetime member of the Royal Canadian Legion and was nominated for the Governor Generals Medal for Leadership in 2013. As a past president of the Atlantic Provinces Korea Veterans Association she volunteers with the organization from time to time when she is called upon. A high school graduate since the age of 16 Mary Lou did not have the funding to go to college. She grew up as the second oldest of five siblings in a small town with a humble background. When both her parents grew ill when she was very young Mary Lou learned responsibility rather quickly. As a result her family grew up extremely close and supportive of one other and looking back Mary Lou wouldn t change a single day of her childhood and how it was spent. Widowed Mary Lou s husband passed away in 2011 after being married for 41 years. She has one daughter one son three step-children four grandchildren six greatgrandchildren and one great-great-granddaughter. Her daughter is a retired military leader of a spousal support group and her son is a retired entrepreneur. When was EWMN formed It was formed in 1993 when I was 5-years-old. Why was the group formed The group was formed so that Metis Aboriginals could learn about their heritage and culture. How is the Nation supplemented We are not subsidized. We are a dues run society only. When was your organization registered In 1997 we were registered provincially and in 2011 we registered federally. When was the Grand Council formed The Grand Council was formed in 1997 and consists of a panel of nine members. Has the Nation received any grants from the government Yes. We ve received three grants for crime prevention in 2002 2003 and 2004. When was the first meeting for Eastern Wood Metis Nation held It was held in September 1993. How else have you made the public aware of your existence I have held workshops at our local library visited schools and advertised. I also worked with local Royal Canadian Mounted Police with crime prevention. Does EWMMNS help any charities Yes. We donate to the Children s Hospital Activity Book Oncology Cancer Foundation Leukemia Fund the Heart and Stroke Foundation and we give bursaries to the local schools. What is the EWMNNS future for the We hope to obtain recognition for our nation and education our people about our heritage and ways of life. contact Mary Lou Parker Yarmouth Nova Scotia CAN Grand Chief Eastern Woodland Metis Nation http ewmnn 902-742-9679 902-742-3304 36 Monique JasPers OWNER SEXNCARE - BOULDER CO Early in a blossoming career in the fashion industry Monique Jaspers found herself having a hard time dealing with her personal life in particular her sexuality. Dissatisfied as a woman who was unable to have orgasms Monique wanted more from her sexual experiences. As a result Monique immersed herself in personal transformation work. Confronting her own sexuality exploring both her guilt and shame her desires and fears and confronted her inhibitions and embarrassment Monique educated herself and opened to a whole new array of possibilities in the sexual universe. While I was going through all of those challenging experiences and emotions I decided that I wanted to help others who were in a similar position to where I had been Monique said about the idea to start her own business. I felt their suffering and predicament and I knew I had something tangible to offer. To help women with their sexual issues Monique co-founded Sexncare a store online community and educational resource where she could speak offer advice answer questions and create a different safer kind of environment than those she was seeing generally on the internet. Joining hands with others with a similar vision to create a powerful sex-positive culture Monique assists in helping end the suffering and torment that so many people have about their bodies and their sexuality. Through Sexncare she has 37 created a beautiful helpful supportive setting on the internet where women of all cultures ages and persuasions can feel accepted and inspired. She believes the open creative energy of women is essential for the health and survival of the greater human family. The sensual sexual energy which is the most natural universal energy is the foundation of this expression. Before coming to the United States to start Sexncare Monique lived in Holland and had a successful career as a hair and makeup artist. She worked with models and celebrities from all over the world and her work could be found in contemporary fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle. But eventually she decided to let go of this career to focus on her own path of personal exploration ultimately reaching a point of fulfillment and understanding that would guide the next phase of her life. Today Monique sees herself as a spokeswoman for sexual freedom health and education. All women have an innate sensual sexual beauty and deserve to live in their own personal unconditional freedom and love without fear or remorse Monique added. Why do you feel that your business is so important in today s world First of all so many people feel bad about themselves. I believe people should be empowered to accept themselves their desires their expression and their bodies and give permission for exploration and freedom beyond shame and guilt and especially beyond self-judgment. What are you offering that is different from what is presently available in the marketplace Well go to any website for fashion sex or movies and all you see are perfect skinny airbrushed models. All of that promotes comparison and self-judgment so deadly to a woman s self-worth. At Sexncare we have a flavor of sexuality and sensuality that doesn t exist. It is all-inclusive innocent and playful and we give permission to explore. Our online store is classy sophisticated and all-embracing a reflection of how we see women. What is your key message At Sexncare we believe that every single human on the planet has an innate sexual sensual nature no matter what size age color culture religion or upbringing. If people live in their unconditional freedom they are loving delightful creatures who deeply care for each other. Why do you emphasize education on your website Education fuels exploration and understanding of your own desires which in turn spawns creativity and good health. Let us not forget that sex is good for you and there is whole lot of new scientific literature now coming out to support that. What is your vision for the future Millions of women all over the planet living a sexually free fulfilling life for themselves. You have many innovative ideas behind your company. Do you also develop products We will be launching a brilliant new product in the near future that will empower men and women to express themselves and take care of themselves in a very practical way. It is something new for this decade and it will improve everyone s sexual health and well-being. I predict there is going to be revolution in sexuality akin to what happened in the 60 s. Where is the marketplace going for sex products in the next few years With the popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey books suddenly women everywhere were grabbing for the paddle and the blindfold. When the movie comes out next year everyone is going to start buying whips and Kegel balls and that is good for the industry as a whole. However I see the next wave is going to be in education. Without it everyone will be stuck at first base. Sexncare is going to become an industry leader in helping people with their sexuality educating encouraging and supplying alternatives to the more traditional lifestyles. Once educated only then will people buy into the next big thing otherwise they ll be stuck in what they know nothing really new can happen for them. Why do you think some people are very uncomfortable talking about their sexuality We learn to be uncomfortable at an early age but sex is the most natural thing in the world. Show me any person from anywhere and I know they have desires. Repress those desires and you have perversion pain and suffering. How can the world attain peace freedom and harmony We can achieve peace freedom and harmony through love care and respect. Make that the cornerstone of human and sexual interaction and everything will flow from there. Do you see your brand and your vision in the global marketplace I see a new sexual sensual revolution across all countries and cultures and I see myself and Sexncare at the forefront of this revolution. contact Monique Jaspers Boulder CO Owner Sexncare http monique 38 LICENSED THERAPIST OWNER OF HEAVEN SENT CONSULTATION - CASTRO VALLEY CA There are some people in this world that have the ability to easily lend an ear and reach out a helping hand to those in need. For as long as she can manages her office by screening for referrals billing medical insurances and maintaining confidential progress notes and treatment plans for her patients. She serves as a consultant to numerous agencies in her community by interviewing hiring and training the mental health staffs. Carmel received her AA degree in General Education in 1994 and continued on to earn her BA in Psychology with a minor in African American studies in 1997. She later earned a promotion as a case manager and mental health worker at Vasquez Health Center after receiving her MS degree. Tired of sometimes feeling like an outsider among her peers and colleagues Carmel received a Marriage and Family Therapist license in 2006 and has since been providing support and inspiration to many. When she s not at her own practice Carmel is helping more people in her community through the Women Therapist Center in Berkeley California. There she s part of the Therapists of Color Peer Consultation group. She is also a member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and is an Ordained Elder of the Shekinah Faith Church of the Millennium. Throughout all the drama of her clients lives Carmel knows that she needs to take care of herself to continue being an effective therapist. Her parents taught her that anything can be accomplished and Carmel continues to live life without boundaries. Residing in sunny California Carmel surrounds herself with loving friends wonderful parents brother and three adorable nieces and nephew. 39 CarMel t. ross remember Carmel T. Ross has been this person. After the death of a classmate in high school grief-stricken friends turned to her for comfort in such a sad and mournful time. It was then that Carmel realized she held a gift and has since dedicated her life to helping others. Immediately after high school Carmel worked as a youth counselor at a group home in San Jose California. One year later she was a rehab therapist providing support for mental health patients. More opportunities came as she advanced her career as a case manager and mental health worker but Carmel still felt a void in her professional life. On a leap of faith in 2006 she opened up her own practice Heaven Sent Consultation in Castro Valley California. The start of a new business was not without difficulties. Carmel began with just 100 a business card in her bible and the demanding task of distinguishing herself among thousands of mental health therapists in Northern California. Carmel was able to stand out and found her calling as the only African American Christian therapist in her community. Doors have been opened for me to bring mental health topics to the faith-based communities Carmel points out. My faith in God and the love I have for my community allow me to provide mental health services that would not be readily available. In addition to owning her own private practice Carmel CarMen nydia Chaves OWNER LIFE AND HEALTH FOODS - WINTER SPRINGS FL Carmen Nydia Chaves had spent her life caring for her parents in-laws husband and children always putting herself and her needs on the backburner. For over 45 years she also helped junior high and high school students prepare for the next phase of their lives as a teacher and at night and on weekends she worked with her husband at their health food store helping customers with their nutritional needs. The stress of putting everyone else first combined with poor nutrition Carmen found herself being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997. Refusing to have surgery or chemotherapy she researched natural treatments changed her diet and engaged in a strict health program and in under 11 years her breast cancer was under control. The following year in 2008 Carmen s husband had a stroke. They closed their health food store and Carmen retired as a school administrator to focus on his health. She spent the next four years at his side again disregarding her own health. On December 6 2012 Carmen s husband passed away. It was then that she decided it was time for a physical and another mammogram which unfortunately showed that her breast cancer had returned and was larger than before. Refusing chemo again she left the office with the understanding that she had to return to her quest for a cure. I want to share my story publicly because I feel we need to treat our health issues by forming a partnership with our doctors and nutritionists in order to choose the right nutrients to help us improve and repair our bodies Carmen said. Carmen quickly turned to her Heavenly Father for guidance. She began by taking rechargeable nutrients which hydrated oxygenated and corrected pH balance on the mitochondrial level which help to energize and clean toxins out of cells. She paired it with a soil-based rechargeable nutrient that keep toxins organisms and metals out of the cells. Living with cancer Carmen continues to be monitored closely by her oncologist and he s pleased with her year s improvements. A caregiver at heart Carmen decided to share her health and wellness products with others by starting Life and Health Foods an online business that sells products that allow the body to repair itself inside and out at the cellular level. Because she s never considered herself a sales person she initially found it difficult to approach potential clients to check out her products and their many benefits. But her story and health are a testament to them so her confidence as a healthcare consultant grew and grew. Now putting herself first before all others Carmen enjoys walking on the beach reading and studying scripture. She belongs to the women s organization in her church and helps those in need by taking meals to the sick often helping ill mothers by taking care of their children from time to time. She s also very fortunate to have all four of her own children living very close by in Florida and she is so grateful to be able to enjoy them all as well as her 10 grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. 40 ENTERTAINMENT EXECUTIVE MILLENNIUM ENTERTAINMENT FOUNDER D AIPA S VAULT LOS ANGELES CA dana staMPs Although I have only been an e-commerce entrepreneur for one year my goal is to have a long standing presence in the fashion industry providing beautiful accessories to customers and to someday become a household name Dana said about her vision for the company. As the owner and operator of D aipa s Vault Dana s daily tasks involve everything from sales and marketing to operations forecasting merchandising and client relations. Dana s biggest challenge has been finding enough time to run the day to day operations of her business while continuing to work full-time in her executive position. Dana attended California State University of Los Angeles earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics in 1987. Her extensive background in the entertainment industry includes theatrical home entertainment television marketing and distribution in finance and accounting. Working full-time for Millennium Entertainment while juggling her online business Dana is the vice-president of participations and financial reporting. She is responsible for providing suppliers feature film producers and Millennium with profit and loss statements that provide monthly quarterly and yearly financial views of profitability for all parties involved in the distribution of films. Before working at Millennium Dana worked for MGM UA Entertainment Company Walt Disney Company and the Goetzman Group where she consulted for Walt Disney Studios Warner Bros. ABC Television Disney Home Entertainment and First Look Entertainment. Through her experience Dana now understands that although it is a glamorous industry it is also a very difficult industry to break into because there are so many competitive people and egos vying for her position. To attain her level of success Dana has developed some tough skin has learned quickly not to take things personally and ries to always remain confident in her abilities. Dana is involved with Mychal s Place UCLA Mental Health Development Center Susan G. Komen For the Cure Ronald McDonald House and the University of Colorado Women s Advancement in Health Research. Although I have made great strides in my career and as a business woman those factors do not define who I am as a person Dana said. My goal in life is to take my experiences and achievements and use them as an opportunity to build a deeper connection between women by working with women s organizations to mentor uplift encourage and inspire women of all ages to become their best self from the inside out. Dana Stamps initially began her career in the entertainment field while she was still in college back in 1983. Over the last 30 years she fell in love with the glamorous environment excitement and creativity of the industry. Her love for fashion also blossomed and eventually it became the inspiration and fuel that Dana needed to step into an entrepreneurship role. In 2013 she began designing beautiful handbags and footwear which she now sells on her online specialty boutique D aipa s Vault. 41 PRESIDENT ULTIMATE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT INC. - CALGARY ALBERTA CAN Founded in January 2000 Ultimate Property Management tries to encourage her staff and others she is associated with to do their best and have pride in doing a good job. Her own self-satisfaction has many times been her only reward since a thank you is hard to come by in this business. Each new day is a new adventure and she loves it. Certain things have not and will never change in this industry Judy noted. You must be organized dedicated detailed a people person and you must genuinely care about the clients and treat the properties if they were your own if you want to be successful in this field. Judy is one of the founding members and former board member of the Association of Condominium Managers of Alberta. She is also a former board member of Canadian Condominium Institute and is an Alberta Real Estate Broker. Being affiliated with these organizations she has had the opportunity to network and build business relationships with many contractors of which she hopes she s been able to educate and make a lasting influence on how to improve overall customer service. Judy attended William Morton Collegiate in Gladstone Manitoba. She also attended and completed Success Commercial College in Winnipeg for accounting. Crediting her parents for instilling great work ethic her father who worked as a farmer and her mother who was as a legal secretary always pushed Judy to be her best. Judy has one daughter who works for the federal government and three grandchildren. 42 Judy C. Walker Inc. was formed by President Judy C. Walker after working tirelessly in the field for over 16 years. A very demanding field to say the least Judy s progression and success up until this point came with a lot of blood sweat and tears. It all started in 1974 when Judy was working as a building caretaker in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada to supplement her income. After a year-and-a-half she moved northwest to Fort McMurray Alberta and began working for Northward Housing (Syncrude Employee Housing) where she managed furnished trailers and move-outs of terminated employees. In 1980 she moved to Calgary Alberta and began her career in condominium management but after seven years in the industry she lost her job. A few months later Judy was asked to join a property management company as a working partner. It was her first venture into entrepreneurship. We sold the company in 1994 and I worked for the new owner until 99 when they sold it Judy explained. In January of 2000 I started Ultimate Property Management Inc. As co-owner and president of the company Judy oversees all operations. She trains her property managers and personally manages several condominium complexes. Being in the trenches helps her to stay current and assist and advise her managers and clients. The continuous daily challenges meeting new people and making a difference in the value and appearance of condominium complexes keeps Judy interested. She takes pride in her work and always Chief Mrs. Julie lola oMoniyi OWNER LOLA S BEAUTY GALLERY AND SUPPLIES - WINNIPEG MB CAN innovation purchases and customer satisfaction. Julie is also a South Winnipeg Technical Center Program Partner where she provides internships at the salon for students in the cosmetology program. She also involves the salon in the Pride Ebony Pride Fashion Show where the salon provided hair styling services for the models. Julie is a member of the Better Business Bureau Manitoba Chamber of Commerce Manitoba Hairdressing Association Nigeria Association of Manitoba African Association of Manitoba Afro-Caribbean Association of Manitoba Immanuel Pentecostal Church and is past president of the Okin International Club of Canada. Julie volunteers with Folklorama participates in R.B. Russell High School s annual career day sponsors a child through World Vision and supports Siloam Mission and Cancer Care Manitoba who both highly recommend the salon to their clients. Earning a Diploma in Business Administration from Mount Royal College in 1982 Julie returned to school in 1991 to complete her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from the University of Calgary. A woman of God who is known as a caring loving and compassionate personal Julie loves to tend to her large family and those around her. Her husband Chief Isaac Omoniyi has been Julie s rock and biggest supporter for the last 37 years. They have five children four in Winnipeg and one in the United States and seven grandchildren ages four through 13. She loves spending as much time as she can with them traveling reading and going to church. 43 Chief Mrs. Julie Lola Omoniyi always had a great passion for hair so when she was unable to find a job after graduating college she decided to go back to school to study cosmetology. Receiving her diploma from Jacobson s Beauty Academy in 1983 Julie then purchased a humble two chair 600 square foot salon located in the basement of an apartment building in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada naming her salon Lola s Beauty Gallery and Supplies. Being new to Winnipeg I lacked the sufficient collateral or co-signers needed to secure bank financing to open the salon Julie explained about the financial difficulty she experienced. In order to overcome this barrier I placed the family on a tight budget sold the family car postponed plans to buy a house and dipped into our savings to purchase the salon. That was over 25 years ago. Julie became the western Canadian distributor for the Chicago-based company Leisure Curl. Lola s Beauty Gallery was the first distributor to introduce hair extension to Manitoba. Her salon quickly became known as Manitoba s 1 Home of Hair Extension Center. The longevity of the salon since that time is based on Julie s ongoing response to the customers needs and her ability to keep up with the trends in the market. Adherence to the core principles and strategies which have served the salon well remain critical to the success of her business. As managing director chief executive officer and owner of Lola s Beauty Gallery Julie oversees all operations pertaining to the salon including the employees production della siMPson kari Brizius Mother and daughter Della Simpson and Kari Brizius had always wanted to work together. In 2011 their wish came true when they purchased Relan LLC and finally became business partners. Relan which means reinventing fashion began as a way to change the world by trying to eliminate the number of vinyl banners thrown into landfills each year. Relan started by designing and selling unique products that were primarily found in boutique stores. But Della and Kari wanted to do more. It made sense to try to make a bigger impact they needed to collaborate with those corporations who were using these vinyl materials year after year. Seeking to educate these big firms on the value of repurposing this waste which consisted of some 600 000 tons of vinyl annually into valuable marketing materials Della and Kari married their backgrounds in design environmental sustainability social responsibility and sales making for a perfect partnership for Relan. Our goal is to have an impact on the future of people our community and our planet Della and Kari agree. When you create a company and align it with your goals in life you will find that every day allows you to share that passion and enjoy what you re doing. Relan takes billboards and banners and turns them into messenger bags totes coolers tablet sleeves purses 44 accessories tags and sports gear. First they clean the billboards by using eco-friendly products and minimal amounts of water. Then they efficiently cut the material and create patterns to produce unique handcrafted products. All of Relan s products are hand sewn in the USA with careful craftsmanship and quality control. Della serves as Relan s CEO and manages the operational side of the company. As president Kari covers the sales and business development. As a certified Women s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) womanowned business Relan is involved with organizations that are aligned with its mission. Relan was recently selected as a member and a top 500 For-Benefit Company with GameChangers500 organizations that define themselves as For-Benefit rather than For-Profit and utilize business to not only make money but to also make the world a better place. Relan is a member of the Maker s Coalition Do it Green MN and ReUse Minnesota where Della also serves on the education task force. Relan also supports ProAct and Momentum in various sewing projects. Passionate about living a healthy life and true to their business Della practices and teaches yoga bicycles reads and loves being around her grandchildren. Kari loves being active as well and enjoys spending time with her family by going hiking biking visiting the beach or just being outdoors. CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER PRESIDENT RELAN LLC - MENDOTA MN PRESIDENT CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER ELLESOMAR COMMUNICATIONS LLC BROOKFIELD WI Boasting extensive aviation experience and a zest for sports Lesley A. Poberezny wished to start her own business Association and Jet Support Services Inc. She recently worked with her father on the Tribute to Bob Hoover a former air show pilot and United States Air Force test pilot. Adding to Lesley s marketing experience she has held positions with the Experimental Aircraft Association Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club NeoCloud Marketing and M3 Marketing. Her responsibilities have included everything from entry level marketing tasks to stadium event services social media marketing and celebrity sports booking events. Lesley s father has been the catalyst in her desire to work in aviation. He spent four decades leading a major aviation organization and as a member of the United States Aerobatic Team was a world aerobatic champion. His determination and drive has motivated and inspired her. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Lesley holds an MBA with an emphasis in marketing and a BA in Corporate Communications and Public Affairs with a minor in sociology from Southern Methodist University. To help promote her services Lesley is a member of the Social Media Club and the American Marketing Association where she also was coordinator of the Programming and Events Team. She competed in a USTA 4.0 Women s Tennis League and attends all types of sporting events and aviation related events and airshows. Residing in Brookfield Wisconsin Lesley enjoys golfing and spending time with friends and family which includes helping her elderly grandparents get to their much needed appointments. She is also an avid Green Bay Packer Milwaukee Brewer and Wisconsin Badger fan. 45 lesley a. PoBerezny that incorporated both aspects. She accomplished this in May 2012 when she formed ElleSoMar Communications LLC a social marketing consulting firm. She came up with the unique company name by combining the French word for girl Elle which is pronounced like the first letter of her name with So for social and Mar for marketing. ElleSoMar has allowed me to utilize my lifetime passion for aviation and sports to work in industries that are exciting inspirational and engaging Lesley said excitedly. While I focus on creativity I pay special attention to detail because I want my work to be produced at the highest level of quality. As the owner and sole employee Lesley must do all tasks herself including everything from creative thinking and strategic planning to daily implementation of various tasks. She is responsible for ensuring the successful and timely delivery of her quality work and is committed passionate and confident in her ability to satisfy all of her clients marketing needs. Lesley works as a freelance marketing consultant identifying new sales channels for each client. This includes investigating researching implementing and evaluating new revenue generating programs planning and executing events and designing websites banner ads brochures and sales support materials. She prides herself in only using the latest technology tools and programs to help companies build and maintain their brand image. Some of the companies Lesley has worked with include Cirrus Aircraft Company Citation Jet Pilots Owner-Pilot linda l. sPauldinG rn BC CiC Ebola bioterrorism hepatitis pandemic influenza these things don t frighten Linda L. Spaulding. In fact her job is on the front line tracking isolating and conquering dangerous microbes that threaten our health and our lives. From hospital infections to tropical disease to possible pandemics Linda has spent the last 22 years studying and educating people about infectious diseases. As the owner and chief executive officer of Florida-based InCo and Associates International Inc. she began her career in nursing. Now her career tries to stay ahead of the next infectious disease on the horizon. In 1985 Linda relocated to the Hawaiian island of Oahu where she began her career as an intensive care unit (ICU) nurse moving into the area of managing an ICU. While she worked as a telemetry transplant manager she had the opportunity to cover for the hospitals transplant coordinator which led to assisting in a heart transplant. When I saw the surgeon take out the old heart and replace it with the new heart words could not describe the feelings I had Linda explained. Everyone stood there holding their breath as the surgical team tried to get the new heart to beat. When it did the surgeon looked at me and said Now take this patient back to your unit and make sure he doesn t get an infection . Linda s patient recovered in her telemetry unit and was discharged home infection free. That moment was probably 46 PRESIDENT CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER INCO AND ASSOCIATES INTERNATIONAL INC. LAKEWOOD RANCH FL the first time she realized how important infection prevention was. This experience is what began her career in infection prevention and when an infection prevention position opened up she jumped at the opportunity. InCo has grown over the years into an international infection prevention business and works in all areas of healthcare. Linda has traveled as far as Tokyo where she developed multiple infection prevention education programs that were translated into Japanese and used to educate hospital medical staff. Well recognized in her industry Linda has received many accolades including a 2011 Hero of the Year Award for Infection Prevention from the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology a 2011 Women of the Year Award from the National Association of Professional Women for demonstrating excellence and dedication in her profession a 2007 Tampa Region Award for Emergency Preparedness and a 2003 National Educator of the Year Award presented by Infection Control Today. Recently Linda became a certified MIR surveyor for DNVGL Healthcare. She will survey hospitals who want to reduce their risk of infection through an innovative assessment of infection risk. The certification is called Managing Infection Risk or MIR. This certification will assist hospitals in understanding their strengths and vulnerabilities so they can continue to make healthcare safer for all patients. Jones rn Bsn ClnC During her 29 years working in bedside nursing Lorna Jones has cared for every type of patient from premature infants to geriatric. Helping people is all Lorna has ever wanted to do whether it was in nursing or in her role as a certified legal nurse consultant. I love taking care of people. There is nothing better than seeing a premature baby get to go home healthy and strong or a grandmother go back to the comforts of home to again enjoy her family Lorna said regarding her tenured career in healthcare. Lorna s areas of expertise include Newborn Pediatric and Adult ICUs. She is an experienced breastfeeding educator maternal and child float nurse charge nurse for both the NICU and cardiac floors and car seat technician with Safe Kids. Lorna has done extensive work in cardiac peritoneal dialysis IV insertion ventilator use and tracheotomy care. Using her vast knowledge as a healthcare professional Lorna started LJones and Associates in Owasso Oklahoma in 2013 by becoming a certified legal nurse consultant. Her services include screening or investigating cases for merit defining medical terminology and translating it into terms that a non-medical person can understand reviewing hospital policies and procedures and other essential documents defining standards of care assessing the alleged damages and or injuries identifying factors that cause or contribute to alleged damages and or injuries and identifying and recommending potential defendants and or expert witnesses. Working in the hospital environment gives Lorna the ability to understand the complexities and nuances of the medical records that can be missed by non-medical professionals. 47 lorna OWNER CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER CERTIFIED LEGAL NURSE CONSULTANT LJONES & ASSOCIATES LLC - OWASSO OK She has seen and worked with both paper and electronic medical records and has been involved with its big transition. This knowledge helps when identifying and reviewing relevant medical records hospital policies and procedures and other essential documents during a case. Lorna then summarizes translates and interprets medical records depositions and past testimonies and develops written reports for use as study tools by the attorneys. To aid with case development and trial preparation Lorna interviews plaintiff and defense clients identifies locates and interviews key witnesses and experts analyzes and compares expert witness reports serves as a liaison between the attorney and healthcare providers testifying experts parties witnesses and other consultants prepares interrogations attends depositions trials review panels and arbitration and mediation hearings and helps prepare witnesses and experts for deposition and trial. Lorna is a member of the American Nurses Association National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants and Oklahoma Nurses Association and is the second viceregent for the Tulsa Oklahoma Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution a group that helps veterans by sending essentials to hospitals overseas who also supports the veterans hospital in northeast Oklahoma and sponsors Honor Flights for the WWII veterans. Married for 28 years to her best friend Lorna s husband is a journeyman tool and die maker. Their son is an Eagle Scout who graduated from the University of Tulsa with a mechanical engineering degree. They also have an adopted daughter who is expecting twins in mid-2014. Melissa Wren WilliaMs AUTHOR FREELANCE WRITER EDITOR WRITE4U GRANBURY TX Melissa Wren Williams s two best friends include a pen and paper. Writing her first short story in the second grade and her first novel in seventh Melissa has spent the last 20 years as an author freelance writer and editor. She loves to be able to entertain through her writing and help others make their businesses and books successful through her remarkable skills as an editor. Writing is in my DNA. It s a gift God gave me when I was born and I can t imagine not being able to write Melissa said. Getting to work with different people and having the privilege of weaving words together whether professionally or creatively is my lifelong inspiration. Graduating from Texas Tech University in 1998 with a Bachelor s Degree in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in English Melissa spent several years in London England Texas and California working in advertising and special event planning. In 2005 she moved to Washington DC and worked in communications for the US General Services Administration working with the press and writing speeches for the commissioner of PBS. During the five years she spent working in the nation s capitol Melissa wrote the psychological thriller Serial Vengeance. The book thrusts readers alongside a famous Washington Post journalist who is willing to put her life in jeopardy for the story of a lifetime. It raises the question many people find themselves in each day How far are you willing to go to seek the truth and justice In 2009 Melissa moved back to her hometown of Granbury 48 Texas and worked as a journalism and writing teacher for Lakeside Baptist Church Academy as a feature writer and columnist for Hood County News and as a freelance writer for Granbury Showcase magazine Lake Granbury Living and Erath County magazines and StoneWater Church. Currently she edits and helps aspiring writers with their books and dreams of becoming published. Melissa started her own freelance writing and editing company Write4U in 2013. She pens everything from professional business copy to human-interest stories poetry and creative fiction and non-fiction. Working directly with clients Melissa finds out exactly what they need in terms of writing and editing services and is flexible in meeting their goals to build a healthy business relationship. In 2013 Melissa released a book called Cancer Chronicles One Man s Journey to Glorify God During Illness. Serving more as a guide as to how to live while glorifying God through the suffering he shared with Christ as opposed to focusing solely on cancer Melissa includes Christian quotes and Bible verses with the intention of readers using the book for self-reflection and in small group studies. She is currently in the process of writing a sequel to her thriller and has future plans to write a faith-based devotional. Despite major illnesses losing a father and other life challenges I ve discovered that my purpose in life is to love and enjoy God and try to glorify Him through my actions Melissa added. At the end of the day His love and direction are all that matter. nanCy e. laWler CMP When Nancy E. Lawler CMP began her career in association management at the Society of American Florists she had no idea it would lead to an amazing career in event planning down the road. After a series of promotions Nancy was offered the position as director of meetings. An exhilarating step forward Nancy knew that she needed additional education to bring her career to the next level. So in 1993 she sat for the newly formulated Certified Meeting Professional test becoming one of the first to hold the event planning certificate in the history of the course. VICE-PRESIDENT OF EVENTS AND EDUCATION NATIONAL ASPHALT PAVEMENT ASSOCIATION - LANHAM MD team building event marketing managing budgets crisis management and financial issues of events non-dues revenue generation strategic planning and building the premier educational source for everything that pertains to asphalt. Nancy s current focus is on education and events the World of Asphalt one of the fastest growing tradeshows in North America new avenues of education such as webinars regional conferences on specifically hot industry topics and working on a cooperative agreement with the Federal Highway Administration which includes webinars conferences and in the future an international meeting. Nancy is a member of the American Society of Association Executives and Meeting Professionals International. She s had the experience of managing event aspects on three Presidential Inaugurals and turning around several failing annual meetings. One of four women captains in her boat club Nancy owns a 34-foot Sabreline trawler docked in Mount Vernon Virginia. A lifelong amateur artist Nancy works with watercolors pastels and oils. She showed her work for the first time in 2014. It was not only well received but a very personally rewarding experience for her. Nancy is a mother to three children Matt Elizabeth and James and seven grandchildren. Matt is a lineman for the Park District of Chicago Elizabeth is a CEO of her own cloud security company and James is in management for Omni Hotels. Her grandchildren range from 1- to 12-years-old. I love the variety in event planning working with the membership networking and working to build relationships with vendors and new people at hotels and other venues Nancy said about the everyday excitement of her job. Along with my team I am committed to the success of each meeting and the execution of every event. Invited to work with National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) an association that was initially started when President Eisenhower began the federal highway system Nancy was put in charge of the annual convention legislative fly-in or congressional action days committee meetings VIP events the World of Asphalt tradeshow and regional conferences. This position started in October 2003 and Nancy spent 10 years in this role before being promoted to her current position as vice-president of special events and education. As vice-president Nancy manages the latest education to NAPA members to give them the edge they need in a competitive marketplace. She completes tasks that include 49 FOUNDER CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER THE LOVING ARMS INC. - LITTLE ROCK AR Becoming a registered nurse was Noveane M. Jones s dream for as far back as she could remember. Unable Alongside business partner Danny West Noveane is in the process of starting Los Brazos con Amor Home for Veteran Women a long-term care facility. The facility will serve as a home away from home with ongoing efforts focused to improve access to healthcare for returning veteran women and others who need a safe monitored and structured environment. Noveane and Danny will ensure that welltrained and caring staff is in place to provide holistic multidisciplinary and individualized care according to care plans that meet each resident s needs. Working closely with advisors from the medical and nonprofit community in Little Rock and Pine Bluff Arkansas Noveane plans to get the facility on a sound financial and operational footing creating a viable and profitable business of long-term care practice. I am only one individual but with a myriad of advisors and supporters willing to unite and work as a team my dream of opening up this facility will come to fruition Noveane said confidently. Noveane earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing with a minor in dietetics from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff in 1999. As a member of the American Nurses Association Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary Vetfriends Soldiers Angels Women of Valor and National Professional Women Noveane brings her military and nursing experience with her reciprocating all that she s learned to others. 50 noveane M. Jones to fund her own education however Noveane instead enlisted in the military. She served her country as a Women Army Corps member and later as an army personnel until 1976. After marrying GI Curtis Jones and starting a family Noveane s dream finally came true. She attended and graduated college passed her nursing boards and immediately began working. Noveane worked as a staff nurse on a general surgery unit orthopedic unit express care unit and finally at a VA home. I have always wanted to be of service to those in need and cannot imagine a more rewarding activity than using my learned skills to help others obtain or maintain optimal health Noveane said about her career in nursing. The satisfaction of providing the best care to those in my charge has been the driving force behind my career. The female role in the military has changed dramatically since Noveane enlisted. New laws have made it possible for female soldiers to enlist for combat duty and as result women are exposed to the same injuries as their male counterparts. While working for the Arkansas Veteran Home Noveane was exposed to several female veterans who had expressed their wish for a facility that would cater to their own special needs. Hearing this news as a female veteran herself Noveane wanted to make it happen and establish a home for women veterans. Phyllis J. roBerts Most people live in one place for their entire life but not Phyllis J. Roberts. She left her job as a high school teacher and her home state of Ohio in 1983 to pursue a career as a contract specialist with the federal government. Over the next 30 years Phyllis would move five times to advance in a career in which she now fondly recalls. I enjoyed working for the government around the country and negotiating the best bargain for the taxpayer Phyllis said. The business travel was exciting and the people I met were professional motivating and inspiring. Now retired Phyllis began her career as a contract specialist in 1983 and through her natural ability as an educator spent the last 15 years of her career as a professor of contract management before retiring in January 2014. During this time she instructed military personnel and civilians in the United States how to negotiate with government contractors. She travelled to military bases abroad to teach as well as performed other duties and responsibilities. Retirement is anything but relaxing for Phyllis. She is currently a board member of the Defense Acquisition University Alumni Association in Virginia a member of the National Defense Industrial Association and a member of the Semper Fi Community Task Force. Funds are raised to aid wounded warriors and their families so they can spend a week in Alabama for recognition for their service to the nation. RETIRED PROFESSOR OF CONTRACT MANAGEMENT DEFENSE ACQUISITION UNIVERSITY SOUTH REGION - HUNSTVILLE AL Phyllis invests her energy supporting research efforts for various diseases and disorders. She volunteers and participates in events to help find cures for diabetes cancer Alzheimer s Multiple Sclerosis Parkinson s and the March of Dimes foundation. Phyllis is an active member of the National Association of Professional Women an organization where successful women empower other women. When she is not helping others she enjoys reading golfing and still loves to travel. A career such as Phyllis has taught her just as much as she has taught others. She learned how to be a team player and become a leader maintain dignity and professionalism at all times but most importantly to be positive and to have fun. She has passed this wisdom on to her students and has witnessed their success in the contracting profession. Phyllis lives by a famous quote of Mahatma Gandhi that says Live as if you were to die tomorrow and learn as if you were to live forever. Another one of her favorites is from Audrey Hepburn As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands one for helping yourself the other for helping others. Through her contributions to society Phyllis has demonstrated that she incorporates these into her daily life. Residing in Harvest Alabama with her loving and supportive husband Clarence and three wonderful cats Max Beasley and Tarzan. Clarence is also a retired professor of contract management. Ironically they worked in the same offices for 24 years but did not meet on the job. 51 reBeCCa BeCCa vauGhn PROVIDER SERVICE MANAGER RNNETWORK - BOCA RATON FL Intuitively Rebecca Becca Vaughn knows that when you put the client before the business amazing things can happen. So it is no coincidence that the company Healthcare staffing is no different from any other industry in that they have aggressive growth goals that help their business prosper. The difference is that the decisions they make could severely impact a patient because they are dealing with their lives. So it s important that Becca place the proper nurse with specific qualifications with the correct patient every time. An active member of National Association of Professional Women HerFuture and Women s Prosperity Becca is also a certified public speaker and often speaks at all three of these organizations on leadership success and personal empowerment. She also speaks at her local chamber of Commerce and for various other women s groups and nonprofits. A yoga enthusiast with a fondness for the chakra system and mediation Becca has since implemented a once per week yoga and meditation at her company. She also started a family business called Chakraful Expressions which is a line of t-shirts that boast positive affirmations on them based on the chakra system. It s my intention to make a noticeable effort of spreading good vibes out into the world Becca said lastly. I know that may sound simplistic in nature but it s the truth. Becca s husband Jeremy is a firefighter in Fort Lauderdale Florida and together they are raising their four children. Family is one of the most important things in their household and they spend a lot of quality time together. she works for today has the motto of Putting People First . When managing a Fortune 500 company previously Becca found that she and her team were not only over worked but underappreciated and they were left feeling treated like sheer numbers on a spreadsheet. Because this didn t align with the person or leader she thought of herself to be Becca began on a mission to find a company that did put the employees first and she found it in RNnetwork. I have a true admiration for the human being and thrive on helping both my clients and my peers. I enjoy working in sales because I believe that if you have an amazing product or service than you are truly helping people Becca said. Being a leader within my new company also allows me to help my fellow colleagues. When Becca first started working for RNnetwork traveling nurse staffing company in Boca Raton Florida in 2013 she knew immediately it was a perfect fit. Aligning with her own professional mission the company s prides on leading the traveling nurse industry while enriching healthcare simultaneously. They are committed to quality through people and service and they believe in their employees. Becca serves as a recruit manager for a team of five recruiters specialized in travel nursing. A fast paced industry a lot of details go into getting a nurse placed within the right facility. Becca serves her team by helping them remove obstacles so they have a clear path in which to work. 52 CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER HIGHLY FAVORED COMMERCIAL CLEANING SYSTEMS CHARLOTTE NC Busy working full-time as a line supervisor for a technology company Sharon White Froneberger wanted to make a career move. Her long hours gave dusting interior window and mirror cleaning and supply management. In addition to cleaning services Sharon s commercial cleaning company also provides landscaping services including mowing edging tree trimming weeding and mulching. The relentless desire to succeed has caused Sharon to do two things sharpen her sales skills and increase her confidence to go out and ask for business. Although there have been bumps in the road along the way Sharon has managed to stay focused and make any necessary changes that could potentially affect her path to success. While Sharon continues to enjoy a fruitful career she also believes that it is her destiny to assist children with the proper tools necessary to succeed in life. To make a difference and influence the lives of the youth she has been toying with the idea of opening a childcare facility. Now attending Montreat College Sharon is studying business administration and is expected to graduate in May 2016. She believes her degree is the key to continually moving forward in her career. Inspired to leave a legacy for her grandchildren they too have all been a very big influence in Sharon s life both personally and professionally. Volunteering locally spending time with family and friends and reading inspirational spiritual and business material are all important to Sharon. In whatever time she has left at the end of each day you ll find her baking and cooking for others in the comfort of her kitchen. 53 White froneBerGer sharon her little free time to spend with her three young children and she wanted more out of life. Motivated by the desire to keep the breezeways to her apartment clean she obtained licensing and insurance to form her own commercial cleaning company. One month later in 1997 Sharon contracted her very first customer. The cleaning industry has provided my family with a very comfortable lifestyle Sharon said about her 18-year long career in the industry. We have been able to enjoy some of life s great experiences and even have time to take family vacations together each year. As CEO of Highly Favored Commercial Cleaning Systems Sharon s mission for the company is to provide high quality service that extends beyond clients expectations. She offers flexible working hours tailored to the clients needs professional courteous and experienced staff customized cleaning services credibility quality and integrity. Sharon tries to diversify her company within the commercial cleaning industry and is always open to other industry opportunities to promote her business. Sharon s staff is experienced trustworthy and efficient. Their clients range from multi-floor office buildings to small one and two office suites and they also offer carpet cleaning floor stripping and waxing cleaning of break rooms OWNER CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER APPRAISER ALLIANCE INC. - INDIANAPOLIS IN After working in the appraisal industry for more than two decades Sherry Heston decided it was time to go into business for herself. Experienced in training appraisers on utilizing software programs effectively drawing sketches on paper and the computer and pulling comparables for properties Sherry knew she had what it took to run a successful appraisal firm. watched her expand her business to 23 appraisers over the period of 20 years which in turn gave Sherry the tools she needed learn how to run a successful firm on her own. Doris who is highly respected in the field provided Sherry with the proper guidance support knowledge and skills necessary to run her own company. Two years after Doris retired Calvert and Associates closed its doors. Seeing a great opportunity in this Sherry founded Appraiser Alliance Inc. in the big city of Indianapolis Indiana and many of Calvert s appraisers came to work for her. In recent years Sherry has been able to expand her business outside of the state of Indiana and now has appraisers in Michigan Ohio North Carolina South Carolina and Kentucky. Sherry is a member of the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors and president of Greater Home Place Neighborhood Association a group that provides events for the community and promotes projects to improve the area. She is also an assistant Girl Scout Leader a member of the Girl Scout Service Unit a constituent representative for her area and cookie manager. Sherry and her husband Kerry reside in Indianapolis with their daughter Katrina 20. Kerry owns a home maintenance and improvement company Heston Construction. Katrina works at a daycare facility and is engaged to be married to fianc Kyle Swartout who s currently serving in the US Army. She plans to join him in Japan at year s end. sherry heston I love the diversity of what I do and enjoy the many hats that I get to wear Sherry said about her daily responsibilities. Although I m not an appraiser I have the knowledge and experience to be one but I prefer to be the one behind the scenes keeping everything going. In 1987 Sherry started working for her first appraisal company as a secretary. At that time the appraisers were using typewriters to complete appraisals had to develop film and used double-sided tape to mount photos in the office. A year later the firm gave Sherry her first computer. She taught herself DOS programming found software related to the appraisal industry and began to teach the staff how to use them both. Sherry was later trained by the office manager in accounting tracking appraisals making new client contacts and acquiring new business. Taking so much knowledge with her Sherry was able to work for several other firms afterward in both residential and commercial business before meeting Doris Calvert in 1990. Doris owned Calvert and Associates Inc. When Sherry starting working for her as a full-time office manager it was just the two of them. Working side by side with Doris Sherry 54 indEx CarmEl t. ross Licensed Therapist Owner Heaven Sent Consultation Castro Valley CA carmel.mft http 510-909-4712 dElla simPson & kari brizius CEO President Relan LLC Mendota MN dsimpson kbrizius http 612-619-3893 580-917-1274 CarmEn nydia ChavEs Owner Life and Health Foods Winter Springs FL nchaves http 407-417-1004 lEslEy a. PobErEzny dana stamPs President CEO ElleSoMar Communications LLC Brookfield WI lesley http 262-409-1222 Entertainment Executive Millennium Entertainment Founder D aipa s Vault Los Angeles CA dsh http linda l. sPaulding rn bC CiC President CEO InCo and Associates International Inc. Lakewood Ranch FL spauldingl http 808-282-5738 Judy C. WalkEr President Ultimate Property Management Inc. Calgary Alberta CAN judy.walker http 403-287-3056 lorna Jones rn Bsn ClnC ChiEf mrs. JuliE lola omoniyi Owner Lola s Beauty Gallery and Supplies Winnipeg MB CAN lolas 204-772-3506 Owner Chief Executive Officer Certified Legal Nurse Consultant LJones & Associates LLC Owasso OK LJonesandassociates http http http in ljonesandassociates 918-899-2163 Melissa Wren WilliaMs Author Freelance Writer Editor Write4U Granbury TX mel http 682-587-9054 shErry hEston Owner Chief Executive Officer Appraiser Alliance Inc. Indianapolis IN sheston http 317-844-3445 nanCy e. laWler CMP Vice-President of Events and Education National Asphalt Pavement Association Lanham MD nlawler http 888-468-6499 noveane M. Jones Founder Chief Executive Officer The Loving Arms Inc. Little Rock AR thelovingarms http 501-918-8999 Phyllis J. roBerts Retired Professor of Contract Management Defense Acquisition University South Region Huntsville AL reBeCCa BeCCa vauGhn Provider Service Manager RNnetwork Boca Raton FL becca.vaughn http 800-864-6323 sharon WhitE fronEbErgEr Chief Executive Officer Highly Favored Commercial Cleaning Systems Charlotte NC info http 704-759-4644 YOU WILL NEVER LOOK AT A BANNER OR BILLBOARD THE SAME WAY AGAIN http http