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Volume 6 Issue 6 November - December 2015 DogsNaturally Be your dog s hero Why Are Pet Foods Making PEOPLE SICK CELL SALTS Vestibular Disease REBALANCING WITH HomeopatHy VEGANISM For Dogs anD CanCer ENERGY HEaliNG MEAT OR POULTRY IS THE 1 INGREDIENT Raw farm-raised A generous helping of garden VEGETABLES CRANBERRIES for health and taste Antioxidant-rich for their exceptional nutritional value ORGANS & CHICKPEAS Nutrition Example Beef Dinner Ingredients Beef beef liver sweet potatoes chickpeas beef heart beef kidney beef spleen green beans cranberries dried eggs tricalcium phosphate calcium carbonate choline chloride dried kelp turmeric rosemary parsley thyme oregano salt mixed tocopherols (preservative) zinc proteinate iron proteinate copper proteinate manganese proteinate sodium selenite calcium iodate vitamin E supplement thiamine mononitrate niacin supplement calcium pantothenate biotin vitamin A supplement ribo avin supplement vitamin B12 supplement pyridoxine hydrochloride vitamin D3 supplement folic acid rosemary extract. Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein (min) 38.0% Crude Fat (min) 13.0% Crude Fiber (max) Moisture (max) 5.0% 20.0% Calorie Content ME as fed 4 030 kcal kg 114 kcal oz (calculated). 2 0 1 5 Bravo LLC All R ights R e se r ve d. homestyle complete With Bravo Homestyle Complete freeze dried dinners your dog can enjoy the natural goodness of Bravo raw grain free diets in a whole new way. When mealtime comes around simply mix with warm water wait 15 minutes and serve. That s all it takes to make good happen with a healthy highly nourishing meal dogs love Available in three convenient sizes. 6 lb resealable bag makes up to 30 lbs of food 2 lb resealable bag makes up to 10 lbs of food 3 oz single serve pouch makes up to 1 lb of food Visit our website to learn more about Homestyle Complete and nd a Bravo retailer near you. 866-922-9222 DogsNaturally ON THE COVER Volume 6 Issue 6 16 10 16 24 ENERGY HEALING Channeling energy from you to your pet can have lasting and healthy healing effects. By Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte WHY ARE PET FOODS MAKING PEOPLE SICK Natural flavors aren t necessarily natural and this is what makes them so dangerous for you and your dog By Jodie Gruenstern DVM CVA VESTIBULAR DISEASE Why this treatable disease is often mistaken for stroke and how to treat it. By Karen Shaw Becker DVM 32 32 42 52 GENTLE BALANCING WITH CELL SALTS How to help your dog rebalance using the natural powers of cell salts. By Maria Ringo DHMHS CCH HOM VEGANISM FOR CARNIVORES The debate surrounding the foods that are appropriate for your dog and how to balance a fresh whole diet. By Rodney Habib HOMEOPATHY AND CANINE CANCER The causes of cancer and the gentle remedies you can use to treat your dog. By Sarah Griffiths DCH CPN COLUMNS 8 9 14 Editor s Message Feedback Secret Garden 37 55 66 Giveaways Apothecary Classifieds COVER DOG Jake is a four year old working Cocker Spaniel. Jake enjoys agility flyball and gundog work and also has a job as a therapy dog. Jake lives in Northumberland UK with Rebecca Ashworth. Photo Rebecca Ashworth Dogs Naturally is published six times per year.. Digital subscription rates are 19.95 per year. One year print subscription rates are 29.95 for US and Canadian residents. Bulk subscriptions are available at reduced rates. Custom label magazines are available to approved retail locations. To subscribe call (877) 665-1290 or visit November - December 2015 5 There s something about seeing dogs running and playing. Pure joy. Happiness. Our mission here at Dr. Willard s is to help keep your dogs happy and healthy for as long as they live. Eases Joint Pain and Discomfort Improves Hydration Enhances Digestion Soothes Minor Irritations Restores Moisture Calms Stress Reactions toll free (888) 379-4552 Editor in Chief Dana Scott Managing Editor Julia Henriques Editor at Large Rodney Habib Copy Editors Jessica Peralta Joanne Keenan Staff Writers Rita Hogan Jessica Peralta Sarah Griffiths Joanne Keenan Marketing & Digital Content Stephanie Sant Kailan Hollywood Customer Relations Carolyn Fagan DNM Store Karen Scott Graphic Design Angela Foglesong Judith Broug The information offered in Dogs Naturally is for educational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to replace veterinary advice. Advertising For information on ad rates deadlines and requirements email sales dogsnaturallymagazine. com. Dogs Naturally reserves the right to reject any advertisement submitted. Submissions Dogs Naturally welcomes submissions of articles artwork or photography. 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DOGS NATURALLY MAGAZINE INC PO Box 694 Beeton ON Canada L0G 1A0 Web site FEATURES 20 20 28 38 46 56 60 64 56 60 DOGS BONES AND CALCIUM Follow evolutionary principles for good health and nutrition. By Ian Billinghurst BV Sc Hons BSc Agr Dip Ed THE RADIANCE OF REIKI How you can connect with your dog on a deeper spiritual level. By Kathleen Prasad WHOLE PLANT MEDICINE PART 2 Take advantage of seasonal plants to improve your dog s health. By Rita Hogan HISTORY OF HOMEOPATHY Why the discovery of a homeopathic nosode is important today. By Richard Pitcairn DVM PhD PATCHING THE PAIN AWAY How to reduce your dog s pain with these original patches. By Linda Tellington-Jones OBSTACLES TO CURE How the 21st century lifestyle makes it hard to practice homeopathy. By Julie Anne Lee DCH RcsHom HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE It s the season of giving. Start shopping now for the perfect gift for your dog this holiday season MOVING It can take a few weeks for changes of address to be recorded so be sure to give us plenty of notice before you move. MISSING OR DAMAGED Contact us if your copy is damaged and we ll send a replacement out immediately. Periodical delivery can vary so please wait until the 15th of the issue month before reporting a lost copy. CONTACT US (877) 665-1290 subscriptions November - December 2015 7 EDITOR S MESSAGE I have a painful sinus infection today and I m staring at this blank page miserably because I don t want to write. I d much rather be curled up in bed with the dogs. That s the problem with publishing and deadlines ... sometimes there s just no time to be sick. It s also the problem with dogs ... when you re feeling crappy and tired suddenly walking them becomes an unwelcome form of torment instead of the usual happy break in the day. But hey I d do anything for my dogs. So I shuffle along and give them time to do their thing when all I really want to do is just curl up in a ball in the middle of the field and lapse into a nice little healing coma for a day or two. But on the rare day when I m too sick to even consider taking them out it s like they understand and they re happy to quietly hang around the house and dutifully share my bed and shred my tissues. I think we have a mutual understanding that we re a pack and we do things as a pack ... so if one of us is feeling under par we all take it like the team we are. As Chili gets older and less mobile this is becoming quite evident. Most days she s happy to come outside and lie on the grassy hill and watch us walk around the property. Unless we go in the direction of the pond then she ll happily toddle after us eager for a swim. So we all walk slowly ... really really slowly ... so Chili can have company on her way to the pond. Once there we just hang out and swim instead of roaming so Chili s not left alone. Chili surprised me one day when it was a sweltering 90 degrees outside (that s sweltering in Canada) and for some moronic reason chose that day to follow us out to the far corner of the 100 acre field. When I turned back and saw her she wasn t looking so good in that sweltering heat I told her to wait there (which I m reasonably certain she didn t understand but it made me feel better about alienating her) and I ran back to the house with the rest of the dogs to get the car. I turned the air on full blast and started driving into the field and spotted Chili panting and slowly creeping toward the house. Once she spotted me in the car she wagged her tail and promptly sat down happily waiting for her air conditioned carriage to arrive and whisk her off to her stupidly expensive memory foam double donut bed where she had big plans for a nap for the remainder of the day. Normally dogs in the car means going to the trails for a five mile run ... but Chili can only walk for about 20 minutes. So on cool days we take Chili and let her toddle along the trails like a little drunken sailor then put her back in the car where she patiently waits for the rest of us to complete a more aggressive exercise schedule. And nobody complains ... we re all happy to be accommodating for family. But this plan fell apart once Chili discovered the magically appearing climate controlled ride became an option. Now she s discovered she can walk as far as she wants and not have to bother trying to get back to the car ... because it comes to her So somehow I now have a part time job as Chili s personal chauffeur. She ll amble along until she doesn t feel like it anymore then just sit and wait expecting the dogs and I to go get the car and pick her up (with the air conditioning on of course). But she doesn t realize this isn t a terribly safe option when we re on the trails where the visibility is poor and the car can t reach her. So on the days when Chili decides she wants to accompany us we have to change our plans and either walk on the property while she watches us or go to the big soccer fields outside of town instead of the trails. That s hardly as much fun for me and for the younger dogs but Chili s a part of the family and if she wants to go then we all have to sacrifice and go someplace a bit less fun. So that s the arrangement our little pack has agreed to. Realistically Chili won t be with us that much longer so as irritating as it is being her unpaid personal driver it sure beats the alternative. I ll happily cart her little brown butt all over the county if it means I get to spend just one more day with her. Dana 8 November - December 2015 FEEDBACK Letters All I can say is this ... if I had known about Dogs Naturally before my Corgi Slim was stricken with cancer I may have been able to give her more time. She died one week after her ninth birthday. Way too young and now I know why. I wish more people would listen to what is happening today with vaccines and toxic flea treatments. I m happy I found you for my new pup (a Corgi of course) but am sad I could not do more for Slim. Thank you for all your offerings I have utilized more than the magazine as I am also an Academy Member and LOVE it Thank you Denise Houpt You are just as stupid and unintelligent as the idiots spewing that vaccines for humans cause autism and the sad thing and I m sure that you know this already that the masses fall for anything but truth is truth and you are a fool and I feel sorry for anyone and their pets who even give this a second thought because you will do nothing but endanger people s pets lives with this garbage so sad. Nicole Krill Dana thanks to you and your magazine I have totally changed the way I feed vaccinate and medically treat my dogs You came at the most appropriate time for me because I had just put my Malamute to sleep because of health issues. I had to have another dog because life without a furbaby just isn t worth living. I bought an Aussie pup and that led to two more Aussie pups. It was then that I found your Facebook page and realized how little I knew about proper care. As luck would have it I had just finished puppy shots and was able to stop any further assaults on their immune systems. I switched to raw food and what a wonderful difference it made for all three of them especially my first pup who had always had digestive issues. Now thanks to you I am learning about holistic medicine for me and my dogs. I just wanted to say thanks for totally changing our lives around. I know from some of the comments that are on your page on Facebook that you take a lot of heat from the know-it-all vets and their assistants who are afraid to learn something new but knowledge IS power and for those of us who feel like we want to learn and not hide from the truth ... I thank you Jan Ludvik Facebook Shkira Miles I am a registered veterinary nurse working within the charity sector and am extremely passionate about dogs their welfare and owner education. I think that your page sends a very positive and powerful message about dogs and their fantastic abilities and our unique relationship with dogs. SEND US YOUR LETTERS We would love to hear from you Your comments and letters could be published in the next issue of Dogs Naturally. Send your emails to letters or mail your letters to Dogs Naturally Magazine PO Box 694 Beeton ON L0G 1A0 November - December 2015 9 HEALING 10 November - December 2015 This magic ingredient can offer wonderful support for the health and healing of your pet. Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte is a holistic home visit vet living in Australia. He came to the holistic way of treatment through needing to explore alternatives to heal himself from chronic fatigue syndrome. You can read many entertaining and informative veterinary stories at his website T he experience that cracked my reality open to the idea of energy healing was with a cat in England many years ago. A lady came in with her cat and told me it was off color. I examined her cat and when I palpated its tummy I could quite clearly feel a lump about the size of a tennis ball. I explained that this was very likely to be a tumor and that she should come back the next day so that I could operate on her cat and see what was going on. The prognosis was not good. She came back in the next day. I re-examined her cat and the lump ... was simply gone I palpated that cat s tummy for about ten minutes trying to find it again. I was confused ... the cat had a lump How could it have vanished What the hell was going on here When I told the lady I couldn t find the lump any more she told me she d been up all night shooting golden arrows of love into the lump. For a very conservative medically trained fellow this was a bit hard to wrap my head around. It shook my world deeply and started me on my exploration of energy healing work. The Healing Sensation I remember when I first directed healing energy with my mind and body. It was amazing I could feel this force flowing out of my hands and interacting with the energy of another human being. I d been struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome for what felt like lifetimes and this work helped me feel better slowly but steadily. It spun me out a bit too. How could I fit this into my training as a veterinarian with all the patterning of hard science In the end it didn t matter. The proof was in the experience in the tingling wonderful energy I was directing with my mind out through my hands into another human being seeing their physiology react to it. I was fascinated. In my mildly Aspergic way I got obsessed with this energy healing work. One of the exercises was to practice distance sessions by working with a pen on the outline of a human on a sheet of paper. For weeks I d practice this every day on myself up in my little studio room away from the main house at our family ranch. Animal Reactions I noticed something very interesting indeed. Every single time I sat down to practice my crazy white Staffy dog would come rattling up the steps and sit at my feet. I sat down at that desk and wrote and did many other things all the time but it was only when I was practicing energy healing that she appeared without fail. I was fascinated by her sensitivity to this work. Once I was well enough to work again I integrated energy healing into my practice. At first I felt kind of subversive as most of my colleagues weren t very open-minded about it. Mind you most of the clients November - December 2015 11 Feed Us Kale weren t even aware of energy healing at all so I had to be careful about how I approached it. Every single pet I laid my hands on got the benefit of this wonderful profound gentle support to health and wellbeing. I remember one day in the hospital where I was working. There was a cat in one of the cages who d just had major surgery. She was in a bad way and had an awful dying look about her. I stopped by her cage and did some energy healing with her. I held space channeled energy into her body and worked with some colors for about 15 minutes altogether. A nurse who was open to this sort of work stood with me and watched. She could see a real difference in this little cat by the time I d finished and so could I. I still wonder if that session was the difference between life and death for her. Every single pet I laid my hands on got the benefit of this wonderful profound gentle support to health and wellbeing. Whole Energy Body Balance Turn Nutrition Holes into Whole Nutrition with Deserving Pets Canine Everyday Essentials I ve created an energy healing system over the last 15 years that I call the Whole Energy Body Balance technique an intuitive flowing combination of bodywork cranio-sacral work and energy healing. I use it all the time and I ve seen positive shifts in many ways (physical mental emotional) in the hundreds of pets who ve had sessions. Benny the ex-racing Greyhound started playing with toys for the first time in his life after four sessions. Secret the upset Maremma (her dad had a new baby with his partner then moved out) had been barking all night messing on the floor. One session and she was a different dog. What s the quality of their training The teacher is key here and even after one or two days of training I see big differences in the pets students have treated. What are the teacher s qualifications background and experience If the training is robust students should have to perform some unpaid sessions and be assessed for proficiency. Check their qualifications Ask for testimonials Or even for the phone number of two or three clients so you can ask them about their experience. Trust your gut And your pet s reaction to the practitioner before and during the sessions. (It s normal for pets to sometimes be restless and fidgety if old trauma is coming up to be released. Observe the practitioner s connection with your pet.) And notice any changes you see in your pet. If you have three or more sessions and nothing s shifting in a good way look for someone else. Here s a take home lesson for you. Energy healing is only very rarely a miracle cure. Please don t neglect veterinary attention with a good holistic vet. Use energy healing as an important facet of an integrative health care plan for your furry family members. If any energy healer suggests not using a good holistic vet in parallel with energy healing I d be out the door immediately However energy healing can help with problems where a more traditional approach is no good at all and can provide wonderful support for any health issue. And yes sometimes it can cause an honest-to-god miracle to unfold Watch Check out our all natural Flea & Tick spray that really works TICKED OFF Free Shipping On First Orders Money Back Guarantee Proudly made in the USA There are a lot of other energy healing modalities out there. Reiki is probably the best known but Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Brennan Healing Science ThetaHealing Bioenergy Healing Chakra Healing Pranic Healing Polarity Therapy restorative touch Healing Touch and shamanic healing are some of the more robust and mature modalities. Believe me there are hundreds more modalities but some of them are useless ungrounded airy fairy New Age nonsense. Energy Healing Modalities Don t Count On A Miracle Choosing A Practitioner Finding a professional energy healing practitioner for your pet can be hard. Here are a few suggestions. 12 November - December 2015 SECRET GARDEN Usnea barbata Family Parmeliaceae Part Used Whole lichen Common Names Old Man s Beard Beard Lichen Beard Moss Actions Clears heat moves damp resolves toxicity U snea is widespread lichen (a combination of algae and fungi that grow together and function as a single organism) that grows on trees in cool moist places on every continent. Depending on where you are you can find usnea on trees such as spruce fir oak pine and cottonwood. It can resemble moss but is not related. It s strongly antimicrobial and is a gram-positive bacteria meaning it can kill a wide range of invading pathogens without killing healthy bacteria (as antibiotics do) while keeping gut flora healthy. Usnea is antibacterial antiviral antifungal and antimicrobial making it a sound choice for a myriad of ailments infections and wounds both internal and external. It can be used for pain relief helps to draw phlegm to treat mucous membrane inflammation in the mouth and larynx it s highly indicated for strep throat candida and lung infections. As a lichen usnea absorbs from the environment so take special care that your collection is in a non-toxic environment free of heavy metals or other environmental pollutants. When making any plant medicine know your harvest or collection area well to be certain it is not roadside where there is potential for toxins from vehicle fumes or near where chemicals are sprayed as these can leech into the root or the aerial parts. Usnea is a symbiotic combination of an alga and a fungus. The outer part with its hairy grey-green sometimes yellowish color contains the antibacterial properties the inner part a thin white thread that is elastic when wet contains the immune stimulating properties. When treating urinary tract and bladder infections usnea combines well with echinacea Oregon grape root marshmalStephen Harrod Buhner writes in Sacred low and corn silk in dogs and cats as well Plant Medicine as people due to its antibiotic properties which are most specific to the urinary kid- Usnea helps fight off infection in the trees ney bladder and respiratory systems. It s and thus serves a crucial function in mainsafe to use with animals people and chiltaining rainfall patterns. A potent aspect dren with no known contraindications of Usnea s power is that of the power of except that it shouldn t be used during TREE. pregnancy and should be avoided with gallstones as it will increase the release of bile. Usnea can be made into a powder or used whole and applied to skin infections as a topical antibiotic with quick healing results. It is not water soluble so the medicine is best extracted as an alcohol tincture brewed as a tea used directly on skin as a poultice or powder for abrasions or infections including abscesses or made into a salve. Usnea has been used historically in veterinary medicine to treat many types of respiratory infections including pneumonia and upper respiratory tract infections as well as for viral immunity and urinary tract infections. Joyce Belcher is an herbalist formulator of pet supplements and herbal medicinals for veterinarians and is the founder of Herbs for Life Inc. She lives in York Maine with her husband two dogs and two cats they are all rescues. Visit Joyce at 14 November - December 2015 SICK Why Are Pet Foods MAking PeoPle 16 November - December 2015 When natural flavors in pet foods are making people sick at the manufacturing level should we really be feeding them to our pets Jodie Gruenstern DVM CVA has been practicing veterinary medicine in Muskego Wisconsin since 1987. She is a certified veterinary acupuncturist and food therapist by the Chi Institute. Dr Jodie is the owner of the Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex an integrated full service small animal practice as well as owner of M arketing is first and foremost in the processed pet food industry so we see photos of vibrant colored vegetables and juicy chunks of meat fish and fowl dripping in gravy and juices. In descriptive appetite-whetting prose the packaging lists all the benefits healthy attributes and natural flavors we ll find within. What s not to like Plenty according to an anonymous former food chemistry laboratory employee In an August 2015 interview she explained why she won t feed any pet products containing natural flavors to her dog Look at pet food labels and see how many foods contain natural flavors. The FDA allows vague terminology in the labeling of many foods. Manufacturers say this vague terminology is necessary to protect proprietary tastes and smells. So what does it mean when we see these words in a pet food ingredient list In the United States natural flavorants may include any of the following The essential oil oleoresin essence or extractive protein hydrolysate distillate or any product of roasting heating or enzymolysis which contains the flavoring constituents derived from a spice fruit or fruit juice vegetable or vegetable juice edible yeast herb bark bud root leaf or any other edible portions of a plant meat seafood poultry eggs dairy products or fermentation products thereof whose primary function in food is flavoring rather than nutritional. In the United Kingdom natural flavors are simply defined as A flavoring substance which is obtained by physical enzymatic or microbiological processes from material of vegetable or animal origin which material is either raw or has been subjected to a process normally used in preparing food for human consumption and to no process other than one normally so used. November - December 2015 WHAT ARE NATURAL FLAVORS Most people believe natural flavors refer to healthful extracts of real foods. Not necessarily. Many are harmful chemical derivatives. Many endanger the employees who manufacture them Some damage the individuals who consume them. Natural flavors can be so dangerous that the facility must provide additional ventilation training in proper handling provision of special equipment to protect workers from carcinogens and employee access to MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets). Unfortunately these guidelines are often not followed and human health has been compromised. The result for me is autoimmune disease with fatigue a compromised respiratory system and shortness of breath. 17 Clearly the problem is that if the label says natural flavor you don t know exactly what that includes. The goal of adding a flavorant is to mimic or enhance a natural taste and aroma. There are hundreds of natural flavors. Not all natural flavors are bad but two of the most notorious natural flavors are monosodium glutamate (MSG) and diacetyl. If we re avoiding these products ourselves shouldn t our dogs too Flavor is produced by combining taste and aroma. Food chemists know that the better a food smells the more we ll eat. Flavor diminishes when products are manufactured in large batches. A small homemade brew of beer contains its own natural flavor. In a large brewery this flavor diminishes. Manufacturers commonly add additional natural flavors to enhance the aroma and taste of the product. MSG is heavily used in Asian cuisine and other foods as a flavor enhancer. It s also the main ingredient in products used to manage coprophagia the practice of a dog eating its own excrement. Apparently it alters the flavor of the fecal matter Diacetyl is put into microwavable popcorn to imitate butter flavoring. Food flavorings containing diacetyl are used in other snack foods candies baked goods and pet foods including canned foods dry kibble and treats. Be sure to check raw pet food labels as well. ARE NATURAL FLAVORS DANGEROUS WHY ARE NATURAL FLAVORS ADDED TO FOODS The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) says Diacetyl is a natural byproduct of fermentation and is also synthesized by chemical manufacturers. It is produced during the natural fermentation of beer and during the roasting of coffee. According to a university professor and food chemist with experience in the production of diacetyl its safe use is controversial. He explains that at levels where diacetyl is normally present in foods it s safe. When diacetyl is extracted and synthesized in large volumes to become a food enhancing natural flavor it becomes a danger to employees who inhale it and a potential danger to those who ingest the residues produced from the processing. According to this same expert source the safety of diacetyl is dependent on the combination of proper synthesis and raw materials. If an error occurs in this process a carcinogenic residue can be produced. This is a secondary metabolite which is banned by the FDA. A good analytical chemist in the facility should test every batch for the unwanted presence of this type of substance. Some analytical chemists don t know to test for this and some don t have the correct GCMS (gas chromatography-mass spectrometry) equipment to detect this potential danger. The production of diacetyl is a global process. The FDA doesn t want carcinogens to be present in natural flavors nor in human or pet foods. However they don t control all global manufacturing guidelines and many manufacturers are unaware of this danger and how to detect it. In a letter to the editor of the New England Medical Journal a PhD scientist stated that due to its chemical structure (and the way it interacts with certain raw materials) diacetyl should be considered a carcinogen and banned by the FDA. SOME PET FOODS WITH NATURAL FLAVORS Hill s Ideal BalanceTM Breakfast MedleysTM with Country Chicken & Egg Hill s Prescription Diet w d Canine Freshpet Select Chunky Beef Vegetables & Brown Rice Dog Food Recipe BENEFUL Wet Dog Food Chopped BlendsTM Wellness TruFood Baked Blends Adult Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food BLUE Freedom Grain-Free Indoor Chicken Recipe Innova Adult Canned Dog Food Iams ProActive Health Indoor Weight & Hairball Care Dry Cat Food Merrick Grain Free Real Salmon & Sweet Potato Adult Dog Food OSHA admits that many current MSDS do not reflect any new information regarding health effects and respiratory hazards associated with diacetyl. They recommend that chemical manufacturers convey information that animals exposed to diacetyl experienced damage to the nose and upper airways including severe damage to cells lining the respiratory tract. Evidence indicates that exposure to flavorings containing diacetyl is associated with adverse effects on the respiratory system including bronchiolitis obliterans a debilitating and potentially fatal lung disease. This is so common in the food industry that it s called popcorn lung Just think about how many pet owners share their microwave popcorn with their pets In 1908 Professor Ikeda of Tokyo described the MSG taste as umami. After isolating glutamate as the source of umami taste from the traditional Japanese kelp broth Ikeda invented a method to isolate glutamate from wheat protein (gluten). Ikeda developed the seasoning monosodium glutamate (MSG). Today MSG can be made by the fermentation of starches such as sugar cane or molasses and then does not contain gluten. Glutamate Meow Mix - Tender Centers Tuna & Whitefish Flavors Natural Balance Limited Ingredients Diets Sweet Potato & Venison Dog Food MSG 18 November - December 2015 is a natural necessary amino acid. MSG is the sodium salt of glutamate. According to David Wolfe author of Superfoods The Food and Medicine of the Future and Dr Russell Blaylock author of Excitotoxins The Taste that Kills MSG is a byproduct of soybean chemistry and is an excitotoxin. Excitotoxins can cause brain damage especially in developing babies. Small amounts of MSG have been shown to cause nerve and brain damage in young laboratory animals. Glutamate is a natural amino acid that functions as a neurotransmitter. When it s in excess in the body from consuming high concentrations nerve impulses are rapidly fired to the point of exhaustion excited to death New York Times bestselling author and holistic MD Andrew Weil says he would rather not eat products containing an MSG additive. He warns his readers to look for no MSG on commercial broth labels. Many people believe MSG may be a cause of their migraine headaches. How many pets are irritable or seem to have unexplained agitation or discomfort Could they be suffering from a headache or abnormal neurostimulation from a hidden source of MSG in their food or treats Aggressive and phobic behaviors seem to be on the rise in humans and pets. Similarly the number of canine and feline patients with nasal and oral cancers seen in veterinary practice today is epidemic. To think that we may be unintentionally feeding our pets neurotoxins and carcinogens on a daily basis is horrifying What can we do to stop food manufacturers from adding natural flavors and let us know what they are First read labels and stop purchasing foods with natural flavors Certainly many natural flavors may be harmless but until we can be assured of the presence of only true safe real food ingredients in our foods is it worth the risk to consume those that may have serious adverse effects Consumer demand can change manufacturing practices and cause industrial changes much faster than government regulatory efforts. Your awareness and efforts to share your new knowledge with other pet owners will quickly impact the pet food and treat business. When diacetyl is extracted and synthesized in large volumes to become a food enhancing natural flavor it becomes a danger to employees who inhale it and a potential danger to those who ingest the residues produced from the processing. November - December 2015 19 DOGS BONES & CALCIUM PART THREE - HAVE YOU BEEN TO YELLOWSTONE LATELY 20 November - December 2015 A raw whole foods diet according to evolutionary principles invariably results in greater health and longevity for our canine family members just as it does for wolves in the wild. Ian Billinghurst BV Sc Hons BSc Agr Dip Ed received his veterinary science degree from Sydney University Australia in 1976. Dr Billinghurst is a pioneer in evolutionary nutrition for pets and published his first of many books Give Your Dog a Bone in 1993 later coining the term Biologically Appropriate Raw [or Real] Food. In addition to his busy small animal practice Dr Billinghurst conducts research and consults on evolutionary nutrition lectures all over the world and is currently working on a number of new books. Visit for more information. W hen I graduated as a veterinary surgeon in 1976 the concept of feeding according to evolutionary principles had not formed any part of my training. What had been part of my training was the idea that when clients were attempting to formulate homemade diets they would need to follow the current nutritional standards. These non-evolutionary foods lack the ability to coordinate healthy physiology in the way real foods do they are unable to take full advantage of the body s complement of homeostatic mechanisms. Notice I used the word alternative to describe any nutritional paradigm that does not follow evolutionary principles. This is deliberate. On an evolutionary time scale we have been using non-evolutionary foods to feed our dogs for a mere eye-blink when compared to the length of time our dogs have eaten their natural diet. It is therefore imperative that we view these modern feeding programs as both temporary and alternative to what dogs are designed to eat. This was particularly true in terms of calcium and phosphorus levels and the ratio between them. We knew that both of these factors were critical to skeletal health in growing puppies. We were also told that if we recommended processed pet food and instructed our clients that it should constitute AT LEAST three quarters of the diet calcium and phosphorus levels and ratios would become a non-issue. However if we wanted to help our clients get the balance right when constructing homemade diets ... we were mostly left to figure that out for ourselves. I would have loved (back then) to have the information presented by Steve Brown in this magazine s Raw Roundup 2015 on the subject of Balancing Calcium and Phosphorus in Homemade Diets. Steve has spent much effort in developing programs that meet AAFCO and EU standards. Back then we did not have this sort of information to guide us. We followed a few rules of thumb such as the amount of calcium carbonate required per pound of meat and that was about it. The information provided by Steve in his excellent presentation is absolutely vital when formulating homemade diets for dogs that are NOT based on evolutionary principles. Such alternative nutritional programs have their balance sitting on a knife edge making it critical to get calcium and phosphorus amounts and ratios exactly right. TWO CHOICES So the situation today is that when we abandon fake industrial food and set out to formulate nutritional programs for our dogs we have two basic choices. We can use the program our dogs evolved to require or alternatively we can attempt to use modern nutritional science. From my point of view as a veterinarian I ALWAYS leave that choice in the hands of my clients. My role is to provide information to advise to prescribe but never to insist or bully my clients into adopting a particular course of action. The choice must remain theirs. My role as a veterinarian is to provide sound information. That sound information must include the full knowledge of likely outcomes for each of the alternatives available. November - December 2015 21 In the early and late 1990s to help facilitate this I wrote two books Give Your Dog A Bone and Grow Your Pups With Bones followed by The BARF Diet in 2001. (Note the word bone in the title of all three publications.) These three books encapsulated a simple but profound message By following basic evolutionary principles with no reference to current nutritional standards or knowledge anybody can produce the perfect diet for our companion animals. When fed according to evolutionary principles our dogs experience optimal physiological consequences. This results in longevity combined with maximum freedom from degenerative disease. Nothing can be simpler or more scientifically legitimate than to base nutrition on the established principles of Darwinian evolution. and joint health. In this case we no longer have to ask Have I supplied the boron vitamin K magnesium vitamin D calcium phosphorus vitamin A protein and essential fats together with any other bone forming nutrients (known and unknown) this growing puppy requires Additionally we do not have to concern ourselves with the question Have I supplied them in a balanced fashion Such questions become both redundant and unimportant because we don t actually know the full spectrum of nutrients required for correct bone growth We know some of them (and I have mentioned a few) but we cannot be sure these are the only ones and in addition we don t fully understand how they interact and balance to produce functional and healthy bones and joints. What we do know with certainty is that when we feed raw whole foods in the amounts kinds and balance as determined by evolution bodily physiology reacts normally. This is why evolutionary nutrition is the only nutritional milieu that gives the body its best possible chance of being fully and completely healthy. When We supply our dogs With the foods they evolved to require - correctly balanced - there is no need to ask have i supplied all the nutrients my dog needs for perfect groWth reproduction and maintenance When I presented at the Pet Food Forum in 2003 one of my conclusions was that the nutritional and health outcomes inherent in raw whole foods are where all nutritional research aims to be. In other words when you feed an animal according to evolutionary principles you circumvent all that research and arrive at the Holy Grail the gold standard the ultimate in pet nutrition. THE YELLOWSTONE EXAMPLE In 1997 during my first lecture tour in the UK (presenting the basics of evolutionary nutrition) my wife and I crossed the channel and spent a week or so in France. We were in a tiny hotel room watching TV and I came across a program presented in English. It was about the return of wolves to Yellowstone National Park. Wolves had been absent since the mid 1900s with the last wolf recorded as having been killed there in 1926. The loss of wolves from Yellowstone had resulted in a rapid increase in the elk population which in turn resulted in over-grazing. This caused a grave decline in plant numbers and over vast tracts of land the soil dried out and there was severe erosion. It was not only pasture plants that suffered there was a decline in the numbers of trees such as aspen and cottonwood. With no wolf competition the number of coyotes rose dramatically which in turn caused a perilous reduction in the pronghorn antelope population. In short the elimination of wolves from Yellowstone had produced appalling ecological problems relating to natural balance. More enlightened times saw the decision to restore that natural balance by re-introducing wolves to Yellowstone. This program began with the release of 31 Canadian wolves between March 1995 and January 1996. There followed a rapid increase in wolf numbers reaching 86 by 1997. Without going into details the re-introduction of wolves to Yellowstone (a natural part of the ecosystem) has seen its restoration to health. NO QUESTIONS TO ASK When we supply our dogs with the foods they evolved to require correctly balanced there is no need to ask Have I supplied all the nutrients my dog needs for perfect growth reproduction and maintenance By supplying the correct kind amount and balance of raw whole foods nutritional balance is assured and is therefore irrelevant. This principle is 100 percent applicable to ensuring sound bone 22 November - December 2015 When my clients feed their pups according to basic evolutionary principles We observe the almost complete elimination of clinical orthopedic disease and this includes pups of the large and giant breeds. HOLISTIC RESPONSIBLE DOG FARE WHAT THE WOLVES TAUGHT US There are many lessons to be learned from this story. The one I am most concerned with is that the wolf pups that were conceived born and grown in Yellowstone since 1995 have reached adulthood with no signs of orthopedic developmental problems. No hip or elbow dysplasia for example. This remarkable feat continues to this day. It does so without the guidance of nutritional standards. There are no bags of complete and balanced scientifically formulated kibble to guarantee wolf health and survival. There are no radiographs to ensure only sound breeding stock are used in the breeding program. There is not a single white coat or stethoscope in sight. Not that I was surprised. This was exactly what I would have expected. When my clients feed their pups according to basic evolutionary principles we observe the almost complete elimination of clinical orthopedic disease and this includes pups of the large and giant breeds. The Yellowstone wolf program was yet another confirmation of the power and the simplicity of evolutionary nutrition. VITAL OPTIMAL sustainable BALANCED TM LEAVE IT TO NATURE I should mention at this point that just as modern science has tried to re-invent the nutritional wheel with industrial foods based on grain so too the park rangers attempted over many decades to restore the health of the park with artificial wolves. They replaced the wolf with a program of culling. For 30 years they trapped and killed the elk. Although this prevented further degradation to the park it lacked the power to restore this pristine wilderness to the genuine health it had formerly enjoyed. Does this attempt to replace natural systems involving the custodianship of the wolf with scientifically formulated methods have a familiar echo It was only by returning the park to its natural or evolutionary order that health was restored. And of course for many years there was great resistance to this idea with many arguments raised as to why the natural order would not work. This too has a familiar tone. Just as the restoration of the evolutionary order had restored the health of Yellowstone the return of our dogs to their evolutionary program of nutrition has the power to restore their internal ecosystem to its natural balance. This is the only truly successful way to restore genuine health to our dogs and that includes bone and joint health. SAFE humane RESPONSIBLE TASTY DOG FARE RAW bistro .COM November - December 2015 23 VESTIBULAR DISEASE Karen Shaw Becker DVM received her degree in veterinary medicine from the Iowa State School of Veterinary Medicine and is certified in veterinary acupuncture and homeopathy. Dr Becker often lectures about species appropriate nutrition and co-authored Real Food for Healthy Pets. Dr Becker is also the veterinary consultant for Mercola Healthy Pets the largest pet wellness website on the internet. system tells your dog whether he is right side up upside down turning tumbling or falling. The vestibular organs also coordinate information with data coming in from the eyes and touch sensors in the paws and other parts of the body helping the dog keep his balance and see clearly while moving. There are actually two forms of vestibular disease the peripheral form that develops outside the central nervous system caused by disorders affecting the inner ear and central vestibular disease which originates inside the central nervous system and is rarely seen in dogs. Peripheral vestibular disease is caused by irritation to the nerves connecting the inner ear with the brain. The affected dog loses his balance and has other signs of vertigo and dizziness. The condition can be very frightening to a dog owner especially the first time it occurs. Fortunately most cases improve quickly with supportive care and treatment of any underlying cause(s) for the condition. W hen a dog exhibits odd behaviors imbalance and loss of coordination your first thought may be that he s suffered a stroke. What you may not realize is that these are also signs and symptoms of vestibular disease. The sudden onset of symptoms can be disturbing to a dog s owner giving you an understandable sense of urgency to get the problem resolved. However the disorder isn t life threatening and dogs who are otherwise healthy usually quickly adapt and compensate such that symptoms start to improve within a few days. CAUSES Causes of peripheral vestibular disease in dogs can include chronic and recurrent infections of the inner and middle ear overzealous cleaning of the ears resulting in a perforated eardrum trauma from head injury stroke tumors or polyps meningoencephalitis hypothyroidism VESTIBULAR DISEASE The vestibular system is what gives animals balance and a sense of spatial orientation. The vestibular organs of the inner ear send vital information to the brain about body position as it relates to gravity. Information from the vestibular 24 November - December 2015 Your dog s loss of coordination and dizziness can have a logical explanation something that can be resolved with proper diagnosis and treatment. certain drugs (e.g. amikacin gentamicin neomycin and tobramycin) loop diuretics certain ear cleaners All of these things can irritate or damage the nerves of the inner ear and cause inflammation. Peripheral vestibular disease can be present from birth (a congenital defect) and it can also be idiopathic meaning veterinary medicine hasn t yet identified a root cause. An infection of the middle ear is by far the most common reason the disease occurs in younger dogs. In older dogs we have to consider a brain tumor as a potential cause of the syndrome. Causes of central vestibular disease (the less common and more serious form) include inflammatory disease infection trauma or bleeding in the brain loss of blood flow and cancer. Symptoms of vestibular disease include head tilting loss of coordination circling and stumbling staggering falling and rolling as well as nystagmus involuntary rhythmic jerking eye movements from side to side or up and down. Dizziness and loss of balance can cause excessive drooling nausea and vomiting. If the disease affects only one ear head tilting and circling will be in the direction of the affected ear. If only one side of the head is involved only the eye on that side may develop nystagmus. Congenital vestibular disease usually develops before the dog is three months old. Certain breeds are predisposed including the German Shepherd Doberman November - December 2015 25 Pinscher Akita English Cocker Spaniel Beagle Smooth Fox Terrier and Tibetan Terrier. VESTIBULAR DISEASE IN OLDER DOGS Vestibular disease in geriatric dogs is often mistaken for stroke. Vertigo can be particularly intense in older dogs with symptoms of nausea difficulty or complete inability to stand up head tilt nystagmus and circling. The condition can make eating and drinking or even going outside to potty very difficult or even impossible. Supportive therapy is often needed in the form of IV fluids and supplemental nutrition. Many older dogs are really stressed by episodes of vestibular disorder so natural calming agents like the amino acid L-theanine as well as herbs such as passionflower hops skullcap valerian and chamomile can be beneficial. Other remedies such as tryptophan GABA flower essences and homeopathic remedies can be very helpful in calming an overwhelmed older dog. Vestibular disease can be very frightening to a dog owner especially the first time it occurs. Fortunately most cases improve quickly with supportive care and treatment of any underlying cause(s) for the condition. Puppies born with congenital vestibular disease often adapt well and are less affected by the condition as they get older. In geriatric dogs symptoms typically resolve in one to two weeks though the tendency to tilt the head can remain indefinitely. If a middle or inner ear infection is present the infection must be addressed to improve the condition. If an underactive thyroid is the cause the vestibular disease will resolve when the metabolic condition is managed correctly. If a medication is the root cause discontinuing the medication can bring complete resolution but sometimes there is residual hearing loss. If there are cancerous tumors the outcome is generally less positive. Central vestibular disease usually has a poorer prognosis than the more common peripheral form primarily due to the potential damage to the brain stem which can be quite devastating overall. As with the peripheral form of the disease if an infection is identified it should be treated. If there is an inflammatory condition it may respond to treatment initially but it can progress to a point where it may be untreatable. I ve had some success in managing these patients with acupuncture treatments. the condition is determined to be central vestibular disease an MRI or CT scan as well as spinal fluid taps may be needed to identify the root cause. If an infection is the root cause it must be resolved. TREATMENT Nausea and vomiting can be alleviated with natural motion sickness remedies including ginger peppermint and a variety of homeopathic remedies (which may include Aconite Cocculus indicus Bryonia Argentum Causticum and Conium maculatum) but there is no one specific treatment that reliably manages congenital vestibular disease or the geriatric form of the condition so it s important to consult an experienced homeopath. Dogs with the condition require supportive therapy including nursing care and confinement. Rehabilitation therapies (stabilization exercises) may be beneficial to help patients learn better body awareness and improve their physical stability. Dizziness can prevent a dog from walking normally or at all so food and water may need to be placed close by or brought to the patient to encourage her to eat or drink. Some dogs even need to be handfed until they re feeling better. Many dogs need assistance in getting back and forth 11 26 13 4 05 spot. from their potty PM DIAGNOSIS A physical examination including a neurological assessment will determine if the vestibular disease is peripheral or central. If the much more common peripheral form of the condition is identified an otoscope will be used to look deep into the ear. Sometimes x-rays are needed along with blood tests culture and sensitivity testing and cytology to help eliminate other potential causes of specific symptoms. Your veterinarian may recommend a surgical biopsySixthPageAldaronEssencesAdHorz.pdf if tumors or polyps are found. If 1 C M Y CM MY CY CMY K 26 November - December 2015 Dogs Naturally Presents Led by some of the world s best veterinarians and canine nutrition experts this LIVE ONLINE and INTERACTIVE event will deliver more health boosting diet plans and ideas for your dog than you can shake a stick at BECOME A CANINE NUTRITION EXPERT March 4-6 2016 LIVE AND RECORDED SESSIONS WORLD LEADING EXPERTS JOIN AN ACTIVE COMMUNITY FUN INTERACTIVE ENVIRONMENT SAVE THOUSANDS Save 60% Only 100 Special Pre-Launch TICKETS AVAILABLE GET IN FRONT OF THE LINE TO raw-roundup Sign up for Pre-Launch rates at The RADIANCE Of REIKI Simple ways to rediscover inner compassion and heal with our dogs. T 28 he word Reiki can be translated as true self which points towards our inner power of compassion. One of the misunderstandings of the way Reiki works is that we as practitioners are somehow doing the healing to someone else however from a traditional viewpoint Reiki is seen as a path to rediscover our own inner self-healing power which when practiced can create a certain radiance of healing around us from which others can benefit. Because dogs are so sensitive to our inner states of mind and heart they can become stressed when we re angry or worried. On the other hand they can also benefit when we re in a balanced space of peace compassion and joy. In this article I d like to explore how we get separated from our true self and how Reiki techniques can get us back in touch with our inner compassion so we can support the dogs we love. Who Are We Really And Truly This isn t an easy question to answer because it s difficult to sense. We learn from an early age to hide our true selves behind walls of fear anger and worry. With all November - December 2015 e to investigat ing forward ing out. uce Lee co m Br ra diat ergy space the goo d en Bruce Lee showing interest after I start the breathing exercise. Strong conn ection estab lishe d thro ug Bruce Lee is h Reiki. saying can I share this peaceful sp ace w ith yo u Kathleen Prasad is founder of Animal Reiki Source and president of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA). A Reiki practitioner since 1998 Kathleen has studied the traditional teachings of Reiki with the International House of Reiki since 2006. She has taught Reiki to the staff and volunteers of organizations such as Best Friends Animal Society and The San Francisco SPCA. Kathleen is the author of many books including Reiki for Dogs and Everything Animal Reiki. For more information visit or these walls we ve built up over the years it becomes very difficult to reconnect not only within ourselves but also with the world around us. We can reconnect to our true selves by lowering our walls and opening our hearts. By addressing this question we can remember who we are (compassion) and understand our true purpose on this earth (helping others). Finding Our True Selves This can also be difficult as we constantly dissipate our true selves through the stress and busyness of multitasking. You may be doing this right now Be honest are you carrying out several activities simultaneously including reading this article In today s world we re rarely able to stop what we re doing relax our mind and body focus only on this present moment breathe deeply and just be. Try it right now Stop let go of your thoughts close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Not so easy is it Yet even with just a few deep breaths we can begin to feel an inner shift towards peace. This peace is the power of openhearted presence. Fortunately our dogs are very good at helping us practice this because they re so in the moment themselves November - December 2015 29 The Healing Challenge If we could somehow lower our walls open our hearts and bring all our awareness to this present moment it would cause a profound healing change in our lives. We would remember that we re all connected all one. In remembering this connection our hearts would overflow with compassion peace and joy in other words with healing. It is this beautiful awareness of our connection to others that creates the space where we can access our inner healing potential and power. In this moment we will also be standing in the middle of our true self. In this moment we will also discover the true healing power of Reiki. focus on mindfulness training our awareness to come back to this present moment helping our hearts to open and our minds to find peace. An open heart combined with a peaceful mind creates a beautiful healing radiance that can be shared with everyone around us especially our dogs. space that radiates out from us and that our dogs can share. I would like to share one of these tools The Breath Of Light (Adapted from the Joshin Kokyu Ho as taught by my teacher Frans Stiene) In order to radiate a compassionate joyful peaceful space that heals we need to balance the body emotions and mind. This is a powerful Reiki exercise to use daily be sure to invite your dog to sit with you while you practice because her presence will likely make it easier Find a comfortable position to sit near your dog. Relax your body and close your eyes. Rest your hands on your lap comfortably or rest your hands on your dog if she comes to sit in your lap. As you inhale visualize your breath as a beautiful healing light flowing in through your nose and filling your body with light all the way down to your lower belly. As you exhale imagine you can expand that light slowly through your skin and out into the space around you. Do ten repetitions of this breath and when you are finished place your palms together in front of your heart and sit quietly in the peaceful light you ve created with your breath. Slowly come back and open your eyes. Notice how your heart and mind have shifted in such a short amount of time. If your dog is sitting with you notice how her energy has shifted too mirroring your peacefulness. Oxygen is life. Healthy breathing is good for our immune systems our metabolism and every single cell in our bodies. It is so simple and yet breath is the very foundation for the energy we radiate into our world. The Power Of Reiki Reiki helps us uncover our beautiful inner light and radiate it outward to help others just as the sun nourishes the earth. Reiki meditation techniques help break through the walls we ve built so we can connect more easily with others. Reiki techniques By practicing Reiki daily we can strengthen our ability to radiate compassion peace and joy more constantly so that these qualities stay with us even in times of crisis. In this way we can offer healing to others including our dogs. This isn t easy to do when we re emotional and scattered which is why our daily meditation practice is so important. Our dogs are attracted to us when we approach their healing issues from an openhearted tranquil and balanced state of mind. They also appreciate when we don t want something from them (a response a reaction or a specific outcome). In other words our dogs appreciate when we learn how to be Reiki (be present with an open heart and without expectations) with them rather than do Reiki (try to fix this or that problem) to them. If we put our dogs at ease by radiating a beautiful peacefulness they want to be with us. On the other hand when we feel worried stressed or emotionally upset about them they may avoid our attempts to share Reiki. Reiki offers many tools to help us shift into a serene happy and comfortable Why Do We Focus On The Breath When we face difficult situations in life sometimes we forget to breathe. Perhaps our breath becomes shallow or we might even find ourselves holding our breath from stress or anxiety. This is very unhealthy for our bodies. Training our breath through daily Reiki practice will help us remember to breathe when times are tough. Oxygen is life. Healthy breathing is good for our immune systems our metabolism and every single cell in our bodies It is so simple and yet breath is the very foundation for the energy we radiate into our world. 30 November - December 2015 So don t neglect your breath train it through a daily Reiki practice of The Breath of Light. Remember to practice every day because then when things get difficult it ll be easier for you to fall back into your healthy breathing habits because you ve been practicing More Ways To Practice Reiki Breathing During the day any time you feel stressed remind yourself to breathe. Even if you only stop to take one breath of light if you do it with your whole heart you will feel better. Even one sincere and mindful breath can help shift your body mind and emotions back into balance. Once you ve practiced this Reiki breath sitting down with your dog bring your practice outside into nature try it while standing outdoors. Allow your eyes to open and softly gaze at the ground in front of you. You can also try this practice while standing out under a tree in the yard with your dog or perhaps at a nearby park. Next try this Reiki breath in a walking meditation. Allow your eyes to take in your surroundings while your body gets some exercise. Practice the breath while you walk your dog. This will get your body moving and you ll find you can breathe even more deeply. You ll feel your movement supporting your breathing to send healing oxygen through your arms and legs and through your entire body Notice how your dog responds positively to the shift in your energy. The final result - both of us completely relaxed in a beautiful peaceful space together. Through this simple Reiki practice you ll be able to remember your true self a self that is bright shining and powerfully able to help others. Learning how to radiate healing compassion is so simple and yet so profound. Just as the sun shines to support the earth allow your inner light to radiate out to help the dog you love Keeps your best friend active... at any age Making Miracles Happen...Naturally 100% Organic Herbal Remedies Photo Porter 10 year old Golden Retriever November - December 2015 31 Cell Salts Gentle Rebalancing With 32 November - December 2015 These low potency homeopathic remedies made from minerals each have a specific application in the body. Maria Ringo DHMHS CCH HOM is a licensed homeopathic practitioner and co-founder of Carna4 Dog Food a small ethical company producing synthetic-free whole foods for pets and Sojourner Farms one of the first commercially available raw foods diets for dogs. She lives in Toronto Ontario with her family and may be reached at maria S ometimes the body just needs a little salt. While there are numerous homeopathic medicines available to help rid the body of disease there is a lovely subset of remedies called cell salts which act ever so gently at the cellular level alongside medication to assist a sick animal towards health as well as keep a healthy animal in good shape. form salts conduct electricity and are then known as electrolytes the most wellknown being common table salt NaCl sodium (metal) chlorine (gas). Electrolytes are what go missing when you have diarrhea or exhaustion from a long illness. Being low on electrolytes makes you feel sad tired and out of energy. The body needs them to recoup and heal this is why salt is such an important foodstuff in every culture on earth Products aimed at restoring energy (such as sports drinks) contain electrolytes. Living cells require electrolytes in perfect balance in order to thrive and replicate. Cell salts provide a safe dose of these constituents whether applied to cases of excess or deficiency. (called provings ) of silica lime salt and potash (potassium) showed how powerfully medicinal these inorganic substances could be. The popular homeopathic remedy Natrum muriaticum is sodium chloride an electrolyte we use to flavour our food. Hahnemann was the first to scientifically prove through human experimentation the medicinal value of simple table salt. In 1873 Dr Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler of Oldenburg Germany wrote an article entitled An Abridged Homoeopathic Therapeutics in which he describes attempting to use those inert substances in the body that are natural to try to heal the sick. He developed his biochemic theory by analyzing human tissues and discovering that our cells are made up of water organic matter and inorganic matter which is mostly minerals. Later that year the great homeopath Dr Constantine Hering wrote about these minerals again in an article entitled Twelve Tissue Remedies ... and the name tissue remedies stuck. Cell salts are a set of 12 very low potency homeopathic remedies made from minerals each with a specific application in the body. Also known as tissue salts tissue remedies or biochemic medicines there are only 12 of them so each can be relatively easily understood and applied at home. Chemically speaking a salt is an ionic compound made of two oppositely charged ions one positive ion from a metal plus one negative ion from a non-metal often a gas. Opposites attract so when bonded together the overall charge of the new molecule now called a salt is neutral. The ionic bond is strong and forms orderly crystal structures in solid form. In molten History Of Cell Salts In Medicine Dr Samuel Hahnemann (1755 to 1843) was the first to begin thorough research into the pathogenetic effects and therapeutic uses of the apparently inert substances in the human body. His studies November - December 2015 33 Schuessler is credited with incorporating physiological chemistry and pathological function into the therapeutic application of each of these 12 substances. Thus the tissue salts are now commonly known as Dr Schuessler s Biochemic Therapeutics or Schuessler s 12 Tissue Remedies. Think about organs that need to be able to expand and contract the bladder the lungs the arteries. These are the body parts which when not functioning properly might benefit from a course of cell salts. Any medicine potentized above 12x does not contain molecules of the original substance only the energetic resonance. This means that the cell salts DO CONTAIN a microscopic amount of the original mineral substance and thus act on a physiological biochemical level in the body not strictly an energetic one. Taking a cell salt is a bit like taking a microscopic mineral supplement. How Do Cell Salts Work Health is a state of continuous normal cell motion. Just as a plant thrives according to the quality of soil around its roots a cell needs minerals in salt form for optimal function. Every healthy cell has the ability to absorb or reject substances around it. This property is suspended when the cell has suffered a loss of one of its salts due to some irritation or injury. Cell salts rebalance the cell to restore full function. According to Schuessler s theory any disruption in the molecular motion of the salts in a cell creates a chain reaction leading to vulnerability to disease. Restoring the natural balance of salts within cells is the goal of biochemic medicine. The inorganic substances Schuessler deduced as being required for all the cells of the body are potash (potassium) lime (calcium) silica iron magnesium and sodium. Each cell salt has certain body parts in which it is most abundant and useful. For example Calcarea fluorica is calcium fluorine fluoride of lime. This salt gives tissues elasticity and contractile power and gives relaxed fibers strength to bounce back into shape. It is especially found on surface of bones teeth enamel joints epidermis of skin vascular walls and all connective tissue. Indicating symptoms include hard knotty bone spurs or growths cracked skin loose teeth varicose veins hemorrhoids stretch marks stoney hardness in glands. tHe DiFFerenCe paraCelsus between a poison anD a meDiCine is in tHe Dose. Using Cell Salts There are 12 cell salts in total and many books available on how to use them. There is also a product called Bioplasma that contains all 12 cell salts in one tablet. If you suspect your animal could use a mineral boost but are not sure which cell salt to choose try the Bioplasma. Always ask your homeopath for advice if your animal has a serious condition. Cell salts may be found in your health food store or natural pharmacy. In addition to Calcarea fluorica 6x mentioned above these are the cell salts Taking large material doses of even innocuous substances such as water can be unsafe throwing the body off balance. A huge dose of a mineral taken by mouth must travel through and past organs which could be overwhelmed poisoned in other words before it reaches the target organ. In all healthy organisms animal and vegetable the salts are found in infinitely minute amounts in the cells. Therefore the appropriate way to introduce a therapeutic dose is in similarly minute amounts. This much was known in the time of Schuessler and Hahnemann. For this reason Schuessler prepared his compounds according to the homeopathic principle of the minimum dose thus ensuring safe yet effective levels by giving the smallest dose possible. Homeopathic remedies are diluted hundreds of times to potencies of 6c 30c 200c 10M 50M and more. The tissue remedies are made by triturating salt compounds to a dilution of 6x (and rarely 12x). Calcarea phosphoricum 6x (calcium phosphorous phosphate of lime) For growth repair and strength of bones and new blood cells essential for proper growth and nutrition of the body Especially found in plasma of blood saliva gastric juices bones connective tissue teeth breast milk muscles nerves Calcarea sulphurica 6x (calcium sulphur calcium sulphate plaster of Paris) Cleans the blood body fluids and skin removes waste especially found in the bile of the liver 34 November - December 2015 Ferrum phosphoricum 6x (iron phosphorous phosphate of iron) Restores tonicity to muscle cells to the intestines to the uterus attracts oxygen to the cells to speed healing (anti-inflammatory) Especially found in hemoglobin and hair Especially found in intercellular fluid muscles nerves epithelium hair intestines Natrum sulphuricum 6x (sodium sulphur sodium sulphate) Aids and regulates the excretion of fluid from tissues undergoing oxidation (opposite of Nat mur) and furthering normal secretions of bile ducts pancreas lungs and intestines Especially found in liver and digestive organs Magnesia phosphoricum 6x (magnesium phosphorous phosphate of magnesia) Anti-spasmodic helps ease cramps pain paralysis convulsions nervousness Especially found in muscles nerves bone brain spine sperm teeth Kali muriaticum 6x (potassium chlorine potassium chloride) Breaks down fibrin (white secretions) to prevent blistering skin eruptions exudate of all kinds promotes new brain cell formation Especially found in blood corpuscles muscles nerve and brain cells intercellular fluid Silica 6x (silica oxygen silicic oxide flint quartz) Gives strength or grit to the spinal cord brain hair nails and connective tissue boosts purgative functions promotes suppuration (ripens abscesses) restores skin Especially found in connective tissue bone brain and skin cells Natrum muriaticum 6x (sodium chlorine sodium chloride table salt) Attracts and distributes fluids around the body to aid metabolism cell division normal cell growth and digestion by maintaining protective fluid around the cell membrane Found around every single cell of the body Kali phosphoricum 6x (potassium phosphorous potassium phosphate) Antiseptic nerve nutrient calms the nerves sharpens mental faculties Especially found in brain nerves muscles Dosage is two tablets dissolved under the tongue once or twice per day depending on condition. If your animal spits them out try tucking them into her cheeks and if that doesn t work dissolve two tablets in one cup of water and feed by spoon or by pouring into a clean water bowl or just let her chew them up. Generally a course of cell salts would be one bottle use it daily until it s finished. Cell salts may be combined if more than one is needed. Natrum phosphoricum 6x (sodium phosphorous sodium phosphate) Acid neutralizer that aids the assimilation of fats and other nutrients breaking down lactic acid to remove the cause of jaundice migraines and indigestion of fats from lack of bile Especially found in nerves muscles joints and digestive organs Kali sulphuricum 6x (potassium sulphur potassium sulphate) Carrier of oxygen to promote formation of new cells and hasten the breakdown of old ones therefore applies in third stage of inflammation (yellow secretions) November - December 2015 35 DOG LOVERS WANTED Take Your Canine Nutrition Skills To The Next Level With DNM Master Courses And Certifications. Dr Karen Becker And Steve Brown Will Start It Off With The Canine Nutrition Mastery Course. HERE S HOW IT WORKS ... STEP 1 TAKE THE CLASS Each Mastery Class is several hours of online video training and contains downloadable handouts and exercises. Most classes can be completed in a weekend if you re working on them full-time but 7 to 14 days is the recommended consumption time for each one of our courses. STEP 2 PASS THE TEST At the end of each core module you ll take a brief quiz to ensure you understand the basic concepts covered in that module. Once you ve completed the quiz for each module you ll then be able to sit for the final exam (which is taken online) and upon successful completion you ll have earned your certification. STEP 3 CLAIM YOUR BADGE Upon successful completion of the course and exams you ll receive a personalized badge and certificate. Our badges can be displayed on your website email signature or LinkedIn profile and your digital certificate is full color printable and suitable for framing. CHECK OUT ALL OF THE CERTIFICATION COURSES - COMING SOON GIVEAWAYS You can t win if you don t enter Visit giveaways today. You can earn additional entries for sharing and tweeting on Facebook and Twitter. 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Contest open to US and Canadian residents 18 years of age or older on the date of entry. Void where prohibited by law. Complete contest rules and regulations can be found at giveaways November - December 2015 37 MEDICINE Rita Hogan is a canine herbalist and co-founder of Farm Dog Naturals an herbal product company for The All Natural Dog. Rita combines nature with her love for dogs by offering consulting that focuses on dogs as individuals mind body and spirit. Her practice incorporates herbal medicine complementary therapies and environmental stewardship to help dogs and people find balance and partnership with nature. You can connect with Rita through her website WHOLE PLANT N ature offers us living medicine with each passing season day after day month after month year after year. Herbs plants flowers fruits and vegetables provide fresh whole plant medicine throughout the year. Living seasonally gives us access to the earth s cyclical energies which provide a primal connection to plants and animals that our world of convenience has forgotten. and animals are connected through the building blocks of our DNA and our shared DNA arrangement. This interconnectedness predisposes humans and animals to whole plant medicine and an innate need for nature. By incorporating plants and the natural world into our daily lives we can benefit from what each season has to offer. Even though we don t look like plants and animals we re the same living breathing molecules of energy in constant motion and flux. All organisms are made of the same DNA. What makes each organism different is the amount of DNA it has and how its DNA is arranged. According to the National Human Genome Research Institute humans share 85 percent of our DNA with dogs. What distinguishes us is that we have a larger amount of DNA and 15 percent of it is arranged differently from our canine friends. If you can keep your head from spinning DNA is quite a fascinating topic. What does DNA have to do with whole plant medicine Plants and animals have what Evan Eichler of the University of Washington calls ancient DNA. Animal and plant life share so much ancient DNA coding from way back when plant and animal life diverged approximately 1.5 billion years ago. Plants humans Whole Plant Medicine Through Seasonal Living Homeopathy herbalism and flower essences all forms of whole plant medicine can easily be incorporated into your dog s daily wellness and preventative care regimen. One of the most effective and overlooked ways to embrace whole plant medicine and seasonal living is through food and local plants. Food has a huge impact on the quality of life of our companion animals. Most of our dogs aren t free to forage in the wild they depend on us for daily sustenance. Sadly even with our best intentions many dogs end up eating the same foods day in and day out. This method of feeding raw or otherwise can lead to food sensitivities and in many cases vitamin deficiencies and disease. Many veterinarians and doctors consider food some sort of isolate being devoid of harmful effects. The body doesn t segregate what we consume into separate compartments of food and 38 November - December 2015 PART TWO SHOP AND GROW LOCAL TAKES ON NEW MEANING AS YOU FOLLOW THE SEASONS TO INCLUDE A VARIETY OF PROTEINS AND PLANTS THAT CAN IMPROVE YOUR DOG S DAILY WELLNESS AND QUALITY OF LIFE. medicine. Everything an organism consumes is either to its benefit or detriment. Everything. For this reason feeding a seasonal variety of proteins and plants can improve your dog s quality of life. Modest amounts of wild or organically grown parsley kale sprouts carrots berries celery roots pumpkin squash garlic and leafy greens chopped fine can provide a variety of detoxifiers and nutritious additions filled with different sources of vitamins minerals and amino acids. Making The Most Of Each Season Farms farmer s markets and community supported agriculture (CSA) are resources for local vegetables plants greens and non-GMO meats. From March to November you can find dandelions chickweed couch grass mullein plantain and other herbs growing in your backyard and neighborhood. Check with a local herbalist or plant enthusiast about the herbs growing in your area. It s fun to make whole plant medicine with fresh herbs I especially enjoy making tinctures. Tinctures provide fully preserved whole plant extractions you can use for years. My favorite herbal tincture dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is easily made. While many herbalists tincture the roots I prefer tincturing the entire plant while it s in flower. I dig them up making sure to leave a bit of root in the ground so they ll grow back the next year. Dandelion tincture can help support your dog s kidney and liver function during the winter when things can get a bit sluggish. November - December 2015 39 Make Your Own Dandelion Tincture Here s what you ll need S S S S S S 1 pint sized Mason jar with lid 80-100 proof vodka or brandy (called the menstrum) 2 bunches of flowering dandelions with roots 1 piece of unbleached muslin 1-4 amber glass dropper bottles Dig up flowering dandelions with a trowel leaving a bit of root behind. Cut the root free and remove dirt by lightly washing. Pat dry. Chop all parts except the flowers into small pieces and place into a Mason jar. Pour the menstrum until it reaches the top of the jar and cover tightly. Label the jar with the common and Latin name of the plant what parts of the plant were used the type of menstrum and the date. For example Dandelion (Taraxacum offcinale) whole plant in flower 100 proof vodka June 1st 2015. Store the jar in a dark place. Shake mixture once or twice a week for six weeks or more. Uncap and strain liquid (called decanting) through unbleached muslin into pourable glass container squeezing the liquid from the pulp mixture. Pour into amber glass dropper bottles and label. Compost leftover pulp. For support and nourishment during the winter months I recommend dosing from one to five drops a few times per day for periods of two weeks on then two weeks off. When supportive medicines are concerned especially alcohol based tinctures (with animals) I prefer drop dosing because in my experience small amounts of tincture act energetically by stimulating physiological responses and helping the body help itself. Buying Whole Plant Medicines When purchasing medicines online you can find many herbalists throughout the country selling high quality tinctures infusions salves and medicinal teas with seasonal plants. I start by searching online for local providers. For example when I searched tinctures Olympia Washington a listing popped up for Sean Croke of Understory Apothecary. He s a local herbalist offering ethically wildcrafted herbs organically grown plants and tinctures. Other websites like poppyswap. org and can connect you with herbalists selling whole plant medicines throughout the country. Do your research when purchasing plants herbs and medicines from people online. Here are some important questions to ask How to prepare it S S S S Where are the plants sourced Plants should be locally or regionally sourced from the location of the herbalist making the medicine. Are the plants wildcrafted organically grown grown outside or inside (Preferably outside and always grown organically or wildcrafted) When were the plants harvested S S Naturally the best for UUAll Natural Food & Treats UUAromatherapy & Homeopathics UUFlower Essences UUFun Toys Collars Leashes & Bowls UUClothing & Unique Items for the Pet Lover PETS AND THEIR PEOPLE New items added to our web store daily 262.363.3338 Over 35 Varieties of Holistic Pet Foods Free Shipping on Non Food Items through 12 31 2015. Use Coupon Code DogNat 40 November - December 2015 S S S S If purchasing medicine was the formula made from fresh or dried plant material What is the date of production Do they provide full disclosure of the ingredients used in the formula What solvent menstrum was used in the manufacturing process Acceptable menstrums are 80 to 100 proof grain alcohol or alcohol and water Everclear alcohol brandy vegetable glycerin or apple cider vinegar. Finding Guidance When locating an herbalist again start locally. With some patience contacting a canine or animal centered herbalist through a careful online search shouldn t be difficult. Holistic vets can also be a source for herbal guidance. In my experience holistic vets have a vast amount of herbal knowledge and will usually work with you over the phone or internet if you can t find one locally. The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association ( provides a directory of holistic veterinarians. By tuning into nature s subtle energies and seasonal fare it becomes simple to practice disease prevention and make beneficial choices. Whole plant medicine in all forms provides a naturally innate plan for a thriving existence. I encourage you to discover the world of whole plant medicine and the plant allies that make it rich. Get to know them slowly savoring each moment. Enjoy. THE BODY DOESN T SEGREGATE WHAT WE CONSUME INTO SEPARATE COMPARTMENTS OF FOOD AND MEDICINE. EVERYTHING AN ORGANISM CONSUMES IS EITHER TO ITS BENEFIT OR DETRIMENT. November - December 2015 41 V the 42 November - December 2015 word Veganism For CarniVores With ethics and emotions at the source of this debate it s a balancing act where fresh organic foods and expert advice are still priorities. Rodney Habib is a multiple award-winning blogger writer lecturer teacher and founder of the Top Canadian Retailer Award store Planet Paws. He has made numerous TV social media movie and radio podcast appearances including ABC National News BBC London Global National News TV and the Pet Food Documentary Dog Food Mythbusters. Rodney is Dogs Naturally s Editor at Large and today Rodney stands on the front line amongst pet owners who demand a change in the ever deteriorating world of pet food. A close friend said to me once At the rate we re depleting this earth if we all (pets and humans) eat meat this planet is ultimately [expletive deleted] vegan diet. They say they don t need meat to thrive and should be fed an all-vegetable diet with artificial supplements mimicking the essential amino acids and minerals. Another supporter of the cause states there s a range of healthy vegetarian alternatives available. Our widespread reliance on meat-based diets causes enormous suffering ill-health and premature deaths for literally billions of food and companion animals annually says Australian-British animal ethicist and president of Animal Consultants International Dr Andrew Knight on Some owners believe their pets will live longer healthier lives as vegans like Bramble a Border Collie from the UK who when she died age 27 was the oldest living dog in the world. According to her owner Bramble lived on a vegan diet of rice lentils and organic vegetables. Recently a magazine in the UK showcased an article about my journey and the fast rise of my career as a pet nutrition blogger. It was a very sweet and endearing article and I was on cloud nine for about nine minutes. Yes nine minutes of enjoyment until ... the experts came rolling in with their comments on social media rebutting the article. When entering the arena of social media with information you d better be prepared to get beat up However I m not here to discuss the few negative comments I received but rather a topic I want to address after getting lambasted by a certain group. A Growing Movement Quite recently a movement has been quietly growing in the pet world that shockingly doesn t really involve any raw or kibble feeders. This movement is the pet vegan or vegetarian movement. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) claims the nutritional needs of dogs and cats can be met with a balanced The Bigger Picture Others may be making the switch to reduce pollution or to preserve Earth s natural resources. Or they love animals and are ethically opposed to eating them or feeding them to their pets. November - December 2015 43 The average starch and sugar content of meat fish eggs insects plants fruits berries and vegetables is about four percent. Most dry pet food is 40 percent carbohydrate. - Richard Patton PhD Veterinary homeopath Richard Pitcairn DVM PhD summarizes some of the issues This is very important work. In our time we cannot sustain the use of animals as a major or primary food source. It is simply not possible considering how very inefficient it is to feed edible grains and other vegetable sources to animals so that they in turn will be eaten. Even more important are the very real health effects from feeding at the top of the food chain. We don t know the levels of pollutant accumulation in the tissues of animals but in people it has been found that well over 100 chemicals are now resident in our tissues especially in those that regularly eat meat. Avoiding animal flesh in our diets very much reduces this toxic accumulation. Lastly from an ethical standpoint our food animal industry results in very great suffering for large numbers of animals and it is logically inconsistent to treasure one animal (the one emotionally close to us) at the cost of other animals being treated inhumanely. To find alternative diets for dogs and cats that do not include meat is very important work and needs to be done. There s nothing wrong with feeling this way as we re rapidly obliterating our planet depleting it of its natural resources while creating massive factory farmed operations all over the world. Animals are raised in terrible conditions just to be inhumanely slaughtered and then fed to the population. With all the horrific images of abused animals in factory farms popping up in my newsfeed I ve converted to a pescatarian diet myself and am slowly making my way towards vegetarianism. But is this fair to our pets Should we really try to convert facultative carnivores (dogs) and obligate carnivores (cats) into herbivores I m not going to touch this question for a zillion reasons but I ll blame it on my word count restrictions for this article (Editor s note Rodney you re already 1 000 words over your limit.) Instead I d like to focus on the options for pet parents who want to make the switch. Analyzing The Options So are these options safe Let me switch to my pet nutrition blogger mode here and head over to my lab to dissect some of these processed dry green kibble options for you. Take a look at the ingredient list of the first random bag I grabbed Natural Balance Vegetarian Dry Dog Formula Brown Rice Oatmeal Cracked Pearled Barley Peas Potato Protein Canola Oil Potatoes Tomato Pomace Vegetable Flavoring Lecithin Flaxseed Potassium Chloride Choline Chloride Inulin Taurine Natural Tocopherols. Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein 18% minimum Crude Fat 8% minimum Crude Fiber 4% maximum Moisture 10%. It s The Carbs On paper the ingredients initially look great However on closer inspection of the guaranteed analysis I found that the carb content is around 58 percent. Is this a normal value (especially with today s pet obesity epidemic affecting approximately 60 percent of our pets) To quote Richard Patton PhD on pet obesity and carbs The average starch and sugar content of meat fish eggs insects plants fruits berries and vegetables is about four percent. Most dry pet food is 40 percent carbohydrate. Fat is not the problem. This has been known for over 100 years and it has been proven unequivocally by the scientific community. In other words carbs are the problem. After checking the carbohydrate value in most of the vegetarian kibble options they all seem to hover around 50 percent or more. Considering Dr Patton s comments these diets sound kind of high in carbs don t they Okay but let s say for a moment that a chubby pet isn t a big deal. Are there any other problems Commercial Vegetarian Pet Food Dr Andrew Knight believes There is absolutely no scientific reason why diets comprised entirely of plant mineral and synthetically based ingredients cannot meet all of these requirements and several commercially available diets indeed claim to do so. As pet parents surf online trying to gather information on switching a carnivorous pet to a vegetarian diet most will find that the popular vegan or vegetarian sites all refer pet parents back to the same group of pet food manufacturers who believe they ve created the ultimate dry version of green food. Well the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) research team recently tested vegetable based kibble and canned diets to see if they were sound. A cross-sectional study of 13 dry and 11 canned vegetarian diets for dogs and cats revealed that 18 of the 24 diets were found to contain all amino acids in concentrations that met or exceeded minimum AAFCO recommendations. However six diets did not meet all amino acid minimums compared with the AAFCO nutrient profiles. Only three diets were compliant with all AAFCO pet food label standards. Says AVMA Because vegetarian protein sources are often poor It s Not Balanced 44 November - December 2015 sources of specific essential vitamins fatty acids and minerals vegetarian diets must be appropriately formulated and balanced. ( doi abs 10.2460 javma.247.4.385) The AVMA concluded that most diets assessed in their study were not compliant with AAFCO labeling regulations and there were concerns regarding adequacy of amino acid content. How on earth would a pet parent ever know if the bag of veg-food they were feeding their pet was complete can estimate that when half of the food is of vegetable origin there will almost always be some degree of contamination. If the food is mainly of animal origins the chances of contamination are greatly reduced. Hopefully I don t need to explain any further what happens to our pets when we feed them mold. Liver failure is just one possibility. The driving force claimed by green processed food manufacturers is to move away from toxic 4-D meat based kibble to a clean vegetable based protein source of kibble. For the average pet parent this seems like a great idea. Realistically though according to current data one would only be leaving a toxic meat problem to risk a potentially more toxic plant problem. So logically the next bag to assess one would think would be the veterinary prescription version of vegetarian food. It s made by the big guns is it not Great Let s take a look at this trusty veterinarian vegetarian line of pet food. Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets HA Veg Option Starch hydrolyzed soy protein isolate vegetable oil dicalcium phosphate partially hydrogenated canola oil preserved with TBHQ powdered cellulose corn oil potassium chloride guar gum choline chloride... A bag of starch and soy for a vegetarian belief system ... sounds deliciously yummy. But wait a minute ... is soy good for dogs Not according to veterinarian and author W Jean Dodds Soy interferes with the thyroid gland s ability to make T4 (thyroxine) and (T3) tri-iodothyronine hormones necessary for normal thyroid function. In dogs the result is hypothyroidism. In a 2004 study analyzing 24 commercial dog foods containing soy researchers found that these products contained concentrations of phytoestrogens in large enough quantities to have a biological effect on our pets And to make matters worse hydrolyzed soy protein often contains large amounts of MSG (monosodium glutamate) which poses a myriad of health risks such as obesity nervous system disorders and more. Skip The Soy What s The Solution Ask most practicing vegetarians today and they ll tell you the importance of consuming fresh whole organic bioavailable vegetables. You ll probably never hear them rave about the benefits of switching from a meat based box of a processed packaged product to a vegetable based box. I m not going to tell you whether your dog should eat a vegan or vegetarian diet but I believe wholeheartedly that if you opt to switch your pet s diet from meat to plants you should do it the bioavailable way with fresh whole organic foods and stay away from the processed toxic easy (commercially produced) versions. Seek the advice of an animal nutrition expert. Don t try to just wing an incredibly hard balancing act Elaine Connelly rn cecp elaineconnelly1 And last but not least are the ever-so-popular vegan pet food companies that use the following label claims Our kibble is corn soy wheat and gluten free. Sweet Right Well no unless you live in a bubble it s not. I saved this last dangerous issue for my grand finale. If you ve been following the media lately you ll probably know we re suffering from a massive mold problem hiding in plant-based ingredients all over the world. Here my friends is where the leak in the boat starts to get bigger Pet food protein is changing as traditional sources such as fish and meat byproducts are replaced with plant-derived proteins. These proteins are more accessible and affordable but they may be accompanied by harmful plant-based toxins say University of Guelph researchers. ( 2013 06 is-your-pet-food-safe ) Trevor Smith is an animal and poultry science professor who after 35 years of mycotoxin research at Guelph is a world leader in the field. Instead of worrying about bacteria spoilage or disease contamination like we have in the past we now have to focus on removing mycotoxins. Although we have no exact numbers we Beware Mycotoxins to reduce the effects of stress on your pet s body identifies and releases trapped emotions reveals underlying causes of health imbalances Energy Healing The Emotion Code The Body Code Quantum Biofeedback works with balancing energies to reduce stress Certified Pet Communication Mending Call to Learn More Today Your Pet s Health . . . We offer local or long distance services. 440-478-4073 Wealth & Wellness Integrative Health Consultation & Services for People & Pets Journey inc. November - December 2015 45 nearly a century ago led to homeopathic nosode The exciting discovery of a the effective treatment and prevention of canine distemper HISTORY OF HOMEOPATHY Discovery Of The Distemper Nosode D istemper in dogs was first described as a recognizable condition in 1905 by a French veterinarian Henri Carr . With time it was learned that distemper is seen over the world affecting a variety of animals including dogs of course but also coyotes foxes wolves ferrets skunks raccoons some of the larger cats (though not the domestic cat) and even some primates. It became more of a problem for dogs as there was a movement of people and therefore their dogs from the country into towns. Distemper was a highly contagious disease that could easily spread and many young dogs were affected by it. It is like a childhood disease such as measles affecting young rather than older animals. It was a difficult thing for veterinarians to see at the time as so little could be done to save these animals. The vaccine that we are familiar with began to be used about 1950 and has become the standard means of protection today. Since the use of this vaccine the typical pattern of distemper is not so often seen in dogs any more and if it is seen at all it is usually in more isolated areas where vaccination is not done. However back before this vaccine was introduced veterinarians were trying to find solutions. What I would like to explore with you today is how one veterinarian came up with a wonderful solution using homeopathy. In 1929 veterinarian Horace Jervis of Sharon Connecticut published a monograph on his success using a homeopathic remedy derived from a dog sick with this illness (Treatment of Canine Distemper With The Potentized Virus Dr Horace B F Jervis Ehrhart and Karl 1929). He introduces his monograph by saying After a period of about twenty-five years of fruitless struggling with distemper having to contend with it day after day in an (extensive) small-animal practice ever and always having the same disappointing results losing the same large percentage of my patients all the time I was led to earnestly seek some way out of this most trying predicament. So of late years I have turned absolutely from the old and 46 November - December 2015 Richard Pitcairn DVM PhD graduated from the veterinary school at the University of California Davis in 1965 and has focused on the use of nutrition and homeopathic medicine in clinical work for the last 35 years. He and his wife Susan authored Dr Pitcairn s Complete Guide To Natural Health For Dogs and Cats which has sold more than 400 000 copies. In 1992 he established the Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy and in 1995 he co-founded the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy the first professional organization of practicing veterinary homeopaths in the United States. Visit Dr Pitcairn at dominant school of medicine and have taken up the study in earnest of homeopathy. And right here I wish to say that my one regret is that I did not take it up years before. Dr Jervis discusses the ravages of this disease and the almost invariable death that followed its appearance. This condition of affairs to one who besides being a veterinarian is a great lover of the dog is most disconcerting. To have case after case brought to one and see so many despite one s earnest efforts die whilst one stands by without any way of stopping this terrible arch-fiend is simply heartbreaking to say the least. How often has the earnest practitioner asked himself - cannot some means be devised to put a stop to this feeling of helplessness Cannot the ravages of this enemy be stopped by some means Where is one to turn The thought naturally came to me that as I had taken up the practice of homeopathy why not turn to her in my dilemma I took the matter up in real earnest feeling convinced that the fruit of the great Hahnemann should throw light on the subject. I accordingly bent every effort and spare moment from a busy practice and I herewith append the results of my labors truly a labor of love at that as it meant the possible saving of many a sweet little dog who otherwise would be swept away by this ruthless disease. Dr Jervis had a homeopathic remedy made (by one of the prominent homeopathic pharmacies in Chicago) from the secretions of a dog sick with the distemper disease. With this preparation treatment of dogs with the disease at a variety of stages - both very early and also late stages including more development of symptoms - was tried and with very satisfying results. ... it has turned out to be a very great boon in the conduct of my practice. Since commencing the use of this product the death rate in my distemper ward has been very materially decreased and I have real- November - December 2015 47 Since commencing the use of this product the death rate in my distemper ward has been very materially decreased and I have really for the first time in my years of practice felt a sort of load being lifted from my shoulders. Dr Horace Jervis 1929 ly for the first time in my years of practice felt a sort of load being lifted from my shoulders. Can you imagine the excitement and satisfaction that this veterinarian felt Dr Jervis goes on in his article to describe the use of the nosode and its application to various stages. Distemper starts as a respiratory infection involving the airways and the eyes with fever (often high) loss of appetite and very low energy - just wanting to lie about. Typically the eyes will start to discharge pus after the first day. Oddly enough this can be followed by apparent improvement for two to three days with return of appetite and energy and then the next stage begins with again fever loss of appetite vomiting and diarrhea of bad-smelling watery stool with mucus and sometimes blood. This second stage is when pneumonia will develop so you can see by now we have a very sick puppy. If our dog survives this part then there can be a skin eruption and later nervous symptoms like muscular spasms even seizures. Still bad as it is many dogs will recover from this but not all. If they do not die then in some there can be ongoing seizures. Dr Jervis said that the nosode he had prepared helped all these stages but not the dog near death. Then it is too late. He found treatment of all but this late stage was very successful often dramatic in bringing about quick recovery (and there are other remedies more suitable for the dying dog). Preventing distemper A most exciting development in his work was finding how effective this remedy was in preventing the disease on exposure. He treated dogs coming in with what appeared to be the early signs of the disease and saw after giving the nosode the progression just simply stopped with no further disease at all. Wonderful Finally he did an experiment with two puppies someone had given him (I know not necessarily the best thing but we doctors often do this sort of testing). He put them in the kennel where the dogs with distemper were kept during their illness so the puppies were constantly exposed. As well he gave them the nosode as possible protection. They were there in that exposure for two weeks yet did not become ill or show any symptoms at all. To push the test a little further he then injected each puppy with a small amount (1 cc) of fluid from sick dogs (he does not identify what he used likely blood or a discharge solution). After this heavier 48 November - December 2015 exposure they did develop a slight cough and a tiny nose discharge briefly but that was it - never really being sick or uncomfortable. It was all very impressive and quite encouraging. Dr Jervis describes his satisfaction with this method at the end of his article and what he is referring to here is the common experience of veterinarians that dogs brought in for surgery can become ill on going home because they were exposed in the clinic. Since I have been employing this method not one of my surgical cases have been reported as being sick and believe me you mighty soon hear about it when they go down with distemper even long after the period of incubation is past. He continues There is no doubt in the mind of the writer after nine months use of this agent that it is a most promising thing and I have gotten better results with it than any other I have ever used in all my years of practice. substance (plant extract mineral animal material) to a person who is sick and that substance is known to produce very similar symptoms as this patient has due to their illness it has the effect of stimulating the return of health. It engages the mechanisms of recovery from disease including the immune system and gets it to work better than before. Think of it as a stimulus that because of its similar effect pushes the organism to respond more vigorously in its process of recovery. The important point to emphasize here is that the substance (medicine) to be used must match the symptoms of the patient. This is why you will hear the expression of homeopathy like cures like. So in this situation of distemper if the original material is taken from a dog with the typical symptoms of distemper then we know the symptoms this extracted disease material will cause. Then we can use a remedy (medicine) made from this material to treat other dogs coming in with those same symptoms. What is a nosode An odd word to most of us. It comes from a Greek word that means disease. In homeopathic practice it refers to harvesting the product of a disease - like blood urine vomitus skin discharge whatever seems most typical of the disease - and making it into a homeopathic remedy in the usual way. This usual way is a process of dilution in alcohol and water (which sterilizes it) and also agitating it between each dilution step (known as succussion). This outcome in homeopathy is referred to as a remedy in potency because it then becomes very potent - powerful. The number after the remedy refers to how many times this dilution agitation was done. Though Dr Jervis used a variety of these potencies he did often use a 200C potency in treatment which means this step was done 200 times to make the medicine. So if we are to give the full name to this remedy it is Distemperinum 200C. Where did this idea come from Early on in the development of the homeopathic method this idea had come up and was tried. The basic rules were worked out as it was used in the treatment of human diseases. The very first nosode made was from the fluid taken from a little vesicle (sort of like a small blister) due to scabies mite infestation. Made into a remedy it was called Psorinum (silent P ) and is still used today. Then other nosodes were made from gonorrhea and syphilis. Later homeopaths have made nosodes for the common infectious diseases such as mumps measles tuberculosis etc. In working out the rules for this it was found that not all diseases are suitable for this approach. They have to be rather fixed conditions not mutating or changing much. The reason is beyond the focus of this article but I mention it so you know that not all diseases can be treated this way. Why would we do this The answer goes back to the fundamental discovery of how substances can be used to stimulate the body to regain its health. The original finding by Dr Samuel Hahnemann was that if you can give a Why not use the virus You might be thinking Would it not make more sense to make a remedy from a culture of the virus itself Actually no. November - December 2015 49 A most exciting development in his work was finding how effective this remedy was in preventing the disease on exposure. He treated dogs coming in with what appeared to be the early signs of the disease and saw after giving the nosode the progression just simply stopped with no further disease at all. OK this may seem complicated but stay with me if you can. If the virus is the trigger of the disease how the disease will manifest in a particular dog is not always the same. Though it seems like the cause is the same in each case how it comes out is not the same always. Here is an example. Imagine a person getting a bee sting and having the usual response which is a raised painful bump very red with a white ring around it and very itchy. But another person may respond to the sting by not being able to breathe yet another by collapsing in shock or having their face blow up with edema (fluid). The bee venom has the potential for different effects depending on the response of the individual affected. So if we make a remedy from the distemper virus there are in a similar way a variety of forms it can bring about. But if we take the product of disease from the sick animal then we are acquiring a particular pattern of disease manifestation. Does that make sense We are being more specific by doing it this way. We have seen how the disease shows itself in this particular dog so we know how it will act as a remedy whereas the action of a remedy made from the virus is less predictable. This holds true for most conditions that making a remedy from the disease in the individual is more reliable and useful. It follows then that nosodes are not made from bacteria viruses vaccines etc. but from the manifested disease itself from something taken from the affected individual. But hold on you might say I have used remedies made from the virus or the vaccine and they worked. There are people and veterinarians who use this approach and you may indeed see effects from using them. However if you observe over time you will see that the results are more variable. Sometimes there is improvement but there can also be worsening or improvement in some symptoms only to have other ones come up. It is not as simple as the symptom went away. If it were that simple why not just always use steroids Our purpose as health practitioners is always to restore optimal health. That is our goal our purpose in taking on this role. So We know coconuts Discover the power of coconuts. Richest natural source of Medium Chain Fatty Acids Supports skin and coat health and reduces allergic reactions Protects against infection antibacterial & antiviral Supports healthy immune response to foreign microbes Supports healthy gastrointestinal function & nutrient absorption Promotes healthy thyroid function and metabolism Provides antioxidant protection for healthy cell function Supports healthy brain and nervous system function Recommended by Holistic Vets and Animal Nutritionists USDA ORGANIC Because Pets are Family. All-natural Human-grade LEARN MORE 630.578.6752 50 November - December 2015 what we are discussing in this article is the best way to do that. Does this make sense to you If so congratulations as you will have an understanding of what a nosode is how it is made and how it can be used. Using Distemperinum in treatment In my practice I generally used Distemperinum 30C giving it twice a day for three days in dogs having the presentation of typical distemper. I did not see a large number of these cases but those I treated responded very well. However I think other potencies could work just fine. Some of the dogs with later stages such as seizures often needed other remedies following use of Distemperinum after the initial recovery. Using Distemperinum as prevention In the same way as Dr Jervis did you can prevent the disease from developing by using the nosode. We don t have space here to go into detail about this use but I will emphasize that it is most applicable to use in young dogs that have been exposed or during an epidemic of distemper. I had definite success using it this way. Generally I used the same schedule as above - Distemperinum 30C twice a day for three days. To be honest I don t know if that many doses are necessary but I felt better giving it more than once. Using the nosode can get tricky if it is used for a long period of time or if given to dogs who have already been vaccinated. It can be upsetting and may bring about symptoms that are latent but exist because of the prior use of the vaccine. If you have a previously vaccinated dog and would rather use a nosode to prevent vaccine problems it is really best if you work with a veterinarian who can guide you through the process. In closing A nosode can be a very useful tool if properly used. Avoid using one for long periods or repeating it excessively. The best results in preventing disease with a nosode are in using it with young animals that are exposed. A nosode does not have the same outcome as a vaccine it does not produce immunity - though immunity can naturally develop in a dog exposed to the disease but protected by the nosode. Lastly if at all possible use it alone and not mixed with other nosodes or remedies. The body can get confused if you try to get it to do too much at one time It is interesting that the work of Dr Jervis was not taken up by the veterinary profession - pretty much ignored as far as I know. There have always been some veterinarians that embraced the homeopathic method but most did not having no interest in it. As we know it was the later development of a vaccine that became the method of prevention of the disease. The vaccine has done this has prevented distemper from occurring at least in the typical form. We also know that there can be problems with the vaccine - other health effects not anticipated. Perhaps this alternative approach of using a nosode will catch on yet We can hope so. November - December 2015 51 CANINE CANCER These gentle non-toxic remedies can be used alone or in conjunction with other therapies at all stages of the cancer battle. Homeopathy & T he incidence of canine cancer has reached epidemic proportions. The National Canine Cancer Foundation reports that nearly half of all dogs over ten will die of cancer. Genetics play a role in the types of cancer that each breed is susceptible to. For example Labradors and Boxers are prone to lymphoma while Rottweilers are prone to osteosarcomas. There are several that affect our canine companions and though they all have a different prognosis and symptom picture they can all be aided by homeopathic remedies. A homeopath considers cancer a chronic disease so each animal s individual constitution must be thoroughly reviewed. In the eyes of a homeopath each case is unique but there can be obstacles to cure that mainly come in the form of external changeable factors. For example an unhealthy diet would be an obstacle to cure especially when it comes to cancer. Often the homeopath will adjust the diet and recommend nutritional supplements or other therapies. This helps the cells function at their best and gives the body the best chance of using homeopathic remedies appropriately. While there is no easy solution when it comes to a cancer diagnosis homeopathy can be used to support the healing process reduce side effects of chemotherapy and provide palliative care. Homeopathy is truly underrated when it comes to cancer and it can greatly reduce suffering. It is a gentle and non-toxic alternative that can be used alongside other therapies or alone. The factors to consider when a dog is diagnosed with cancer must all be discussed between the dog s owner and veterinarian. Therapies will vary depending on age breed cancer type diet day-today life environment and individual personality. CONTRIBUTING FACTORS TO CANCEROUS STATES The following factors will affect the outcome of each cancer case. Your homeopath must consider all of these when choosing the best protocol for your dog s disease. DIET The leading factor in your dog s health. Poor diet greatly increases the risk of all types of cancers. Species-appropriate nutrition is one of the best ways to prevent cancer and give the body a fight- 52 November - December 2015 Sarah Griffiths DCH CPN is a classical homeopath and clinical pet nutritionist with an extensive background in the husbandry of wild canines and felines. She consults with local veterinarians and for 3P Naturals a raw pet food company based in Vancouver BC. Sarah runs free raw pet food education seminars in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia Canada and helps pet owners with raw diet planning troubleshooting and individual supplementation. She is the proud guardian of Rowan a raw fed harlequin Beauceron. ing chance. Cancer-fighting nutritional supplements (usually in the form of foods high in antioxidants) can be extremely useful. GENETICS All the above factors will play into your dogs familial or miasmatic susceptibility to cancer. Depending on the breed your dog will be more susceptible to certain types of cancer. Unfortunately the practice of inbreeding has resulted in genetic weakness among many breeds. You can help or hinder that susceptibility. LACK OF EXERCISE Dogs are meant to roam and travel. When they live sedentary lives their vascular and metabolic abilities are compromised and this is a known contributing factor in the development of cancers of all types. OVER-VACCINATION AND SUPPRESSIVE DRUGS Animals who ve been repeatedly vaccinated and those who ve had long periods on immune-suppressive drugs are at risk for cancer. Talk to your vet about preventative therapies and weaning your dog off medication (or at least reducing drugs to a minimum) with the help of homeopathy or other holistic measures. THE CANCER MIASM A miasm is a disease picture that helps homeopaths find the best remedy for the individual animal. Miasms have specific physical and mental symptoms that make them easy to recognise. Homeopaths believe that miasms are the origin of disease. In humans the cancer miasm can be defined in psychological terms such as feeling a lack of control over life situations or demanding too much of oneself. Dogs have a survival instinct to be one with the pack they have an innate need to be in tune with their family and their surroundings. If there s unrest in the home dogs can be masters of internalizing stress being stoic and faithful family members seemingly without a care in the world. November - December 2015 ENVIRONMENT Where your dog lives and sleeps are exceptionally important as is the air he breathes. Does he have a comfortable and quiet place to rest Do you smoke in your home Do you live next to a loud industrial area Does he live primarily inside or outside Is he alone for much of the day These factors can play a role in the development of cancer. 53 As a survival mechanism dogs tend not to show how stress can affect them. In homeopathic terms we could define dogs individual ability to internalize stress and discomfort as part of the canine cancer miasm. Certain dogs are more stoic than others when it comes to stress and may hide it from us which can turn into physical chronic disease. The cancer miasm also includes these mental canine symptoms restlessness hurried hyperactivity obsessiveness and anxiety. Dogs displaying this miasm may have a fear of thunderstorms. Animals living in extended states of fear may also be at risk of developing cancer and may become ill after a period of fearfulness. It may be the result of an abusive situation the trauma of a car accident or other injury. Other dogs may express states of depression with no physical cause. Physical cancer miasm symptoms include all cancers but also other autoimmune disorders such as diabetes allergies arthritis hepatitis and any number of immune deficiencies. Hepatic (liver) insufficiency has been linked to cancer development which can stem from intoxication (prescription drugs or poison) or metabolic disease. Physical symptoms will range greatly based on the type of cancer and the vitality of the patient. Cancer also can occur within the other four basic homeopathic miasms psoric sycotic syphilitic and tubercular. CONIUM The homeopathic form of poison hemlock the symptoms include breast cancer debility cataract cysts emaciation eye disorders jaundice liver disorder depression muscular weakness nerve disorders numbness paralysis photophobia prostate cancer stomach cancer ulcers uterine cancer vision disorders and weakness. This remedy is particularly useful in palliative care situations for older animals with cancer. DOGS DISPLAYING THIS MIASM MAY HAVE A FEAR OF THUNDERSTORMS. ANIMALS LIVING IN EXTENDED STATES OF FEAR MAY ALSO BE AT RISK OF DEVELOPING CANCER AND MAY BECOME ILL AFTER A PERIOD OF FEARFULNESS. ARSENICUM The homeopathic form of arsenic the symptoms include abscess allergies anemia anorexia anxiety cancer pains chills colitis diabetes dropsy diarrhea ear disorders emaciation fatigue fear fever gangrene gastric ulcers and cancer gastroenteritis glandular swellings hepatitis jaundice kidney disease leukemia ataxia lung disorders malignant pustules nervousness remittent fever rheumatism numbness paralysis restlessness sciatica septic fever sneezing disorders of the stomach or tongue ulcers vomiting. Useful for the end stages of cancer and has been known to help dying animals pass on their own. HOMEOPATHIC CANCER REMEDIES Please don t try to treat your dog s chronic disease on your own consult with a trained homeopathic veterinarian. CARCINOSIN The cancer nosode Carcinosin is made from actual cancer tissue and can be used as part of a homeopathic protocol as an intercurrent remedy. The symptoms include ailments after abuse allergies hyperactivity mammary cancer cirrhosis constipation diabetes dwarfism ailments from fright lipomas (fatty lumps) hormonal imbalance polyps anemia adverse vaccine reactions fever swollen glands diarrhea worms. ANACARDIUM Made from the marking nut (plant remedy) the symptoms include ailments from abuse anxiety constipation dermatitis fearfulness heart disorders hypoglycemia paralysis poisonings rheumatism dementia skin disease spinal disorders vesicular eruptions vomiting warts. These are only a few of the many useful cancer remedies in homeopathy. Any remedy may be useful for individual cases. Potency and repetition of remedies will vary with each case. STAPHYSAGRIA Made from the seeds of a southern European plant the symptoms include back pain bone disease colic colitis coughing cystitis cysts dysentery eye tumors glandular disorders hip joint disease iritis lumbar abscess nausea rheumatism sciatica self-abuse styes tooth decay disorders of the testicles warts. 54 November - December 2015 THE APOTHECARY Calcarea phosphorica Calcarea phosphorica or Calc phos is a calcium salt of phosphoric acid composed as is evident from the name itself of calcium and phosphorus. We don t have to think very deeply to understand how important this compound is in living beings. B ones and teeth are basically made up of calcium and phosphorus. The body uses 99 percent of its calcium to keep the bones and teeth strong while the rest is used for intercellular communication muscle contraction nerve function and clotting of the blood. these puppies and young adults to absorb calcium and phosphorus enabling them to thrive and to normalize their development. These deficient pups may appear thin and weak with slow dentition along with spindly long bones. They may also be slow in learning to walk. You ll be amazed at the difference Calc phos will make Calc phos is also very useful in osteoporosis the adult equivalent of rickets. There are many predisposing and direct causes of this but suffice it to say that Calc phos can come to the rescue. I ve used Calc phos with almost 100 percent effectiveness in very young puppies in closing open fontanelles which otherwise would not close. A very high dose like a 10M should be used for these cases. This is in contrast with the low frequent doses that are more useful with growth or assimilation disorders. Don t forget Calc phos in the last two weeks of gestation of the pregnant female. With a low alternate day dose you can help tonify the uterus and promote calcium uptake necessary for the puppies bone formation and the production of milk for the bitch. Another wonderful application of Calc phos is to help with the healing of broken bones and fractures. The incorporation of this remedy in the treatment can significantly shorten the time needed for healing. Like all remedies if used correctly and wisely miracles will happen The main function of phosphorus is to maintain strong healthy bones and teeth and secondary although no less important is its use in the production growth and maintenance of healthy tissue. Understanding the function of these elements in the body we can appreciate the important role Calc phos can have in both young growing puppies and gestating and lactating female bitches. Rickets a disease of young growing puppies is fortunately rare in the industrialized world these days. It s caused by a calcium deficient diet. Although treatment consists of improving the diet Calc phos will certainly hasten the resolution of symptoms. However very often we see puppies who are just not developing well despite an adequate or even superb diet. They seem to have problems assimilating available calcium and phosphorus. Calc phos can be instrumental in helping Dr Marcie Fallek s practice has been 100 percent holistic for the past 20 years specializing in classical homeopathy. Her upcoming book Krishna s Flute the Spiritual Journey of a Holistic Veterinarian chronicles her life journey with the animals to whom she has dedicated her life. Read book excerpts on her website at November - December 2015 55 PATCHING THE PAIN AWAY 56 November - December 2015 Tapping the electrical potential of the skin with light therapy has produced remarkable results in the reduction of pain and inflammation in dogs of all ages. Linda Tellington-Jones is the founder of the Tellington TTouch Method a revolutionary approach to animals. She lectures at universities zoos and veterinary conferences. Her work has been featured for more than 40 years on TV and in countless publications internationally. She has written 21 books that are translated into 15 languages and has teachers of TTouch in 33 countries. Linda lives with her husband in Hawaii. Photo Gabriele Boiselle I was introduced to pain patches for humans by my sister Robyn Hood eight years ago. My interest was piqued by the company s reference to cellular communication a primary intention of Tellington TTouch . It echoes my intuitive seeing of light in the cells in 1976. In the case of injury disease or anxiety there appeared to be less light in the cells which became brighter with the basic one-anda-quarter Tellington TTouch circles. In a private meeting in 2006 with Dr Fritz-Albert Popp the German physicist credited with the discovery of biophotons he stated the light represents the communication between the cells. The effect of Tellington TTouch on cell function was substantiated in a pilot study conducted in 2011 at Dr Popp s International Institute of Biophysics in Neuss Germany. In the years since I began using pain patches I ve observed remarkable results in the reduction of pain and inflammation and often a dramatic improvement in focus and energy in dogs of all ages. HOW DO THE PATCHES WORK When stimulated by body heat the organic crystals contained in the patches reflect low levels of infrared light. The patches target specific deficits by producing a specific effect when placed on the body. Among other effects they reduce inflammation and muscle and joint pain. They contain no drugs no chemicals and are natural safe and non-addictive. In clinical studies the patches have been shown to reduce pain in horses by 94 percent. They are also effective for reducing pain in dogs as you will see in the following examples. November - December 2015 57 The giant mastiff Walter wearing pain patches. Walter is a senior ambassador at Happy Dog Ranch Foundation a rescue center for animals in Littleton CO. Photo Pam Beets I want to stress however that no adjunct therapy should be relied upon without first consulting a veterinarian to eliminate and treat all possible causes of illness and injury. The patches are not a panacea they are effective complementary therapy. As you will see in Ruby s story the patches helped her return to her normal energetic self but not before an underlying illness was treated by her veterinarian. can jump up on his own most of the time and is very proud of himself. Sandee continued to patch Gussie and his energy remained high for at least nine months that I know of. down with amazing ease for his age and size. His quality of life has been improved immeasurably by the patches. PEPPER S STORY Pepper a 14 year old Jack Russell Terrier my sister Robyn rescued several years ago was severely compromised in both cruciate ligaments. Because of his age Robyn chose not to do surgery but rather to use three specific types of patches designed specifically for pain reduction to reduce inflammation and to support the immune system. Robyn left the patches on for several days at a time as long as he showed no lameness. As the effect of the patches appeared to wear off and Pepper would begin to limp WALTER S STORY I was present in May of this year for Walter s 12th birthday. When I first met him two years ago he was failing fast and heaved his massive body from a lying position with difficulty. I suggested we try the patches on him placing them where he appeared to have the most pain. Since that time Walter has been wearing a variety of ten patches placed on joints and along his spine with great success. I was delighted to observe Walter on his birthday this year trotting around the ranch getting up and GUSSIE S STORY My first success with the patches was with a 14 year old Portuguese Water Dog named Gussie. Having spent his youth competing in agility and water dog competitions Gussie lived in a pack with a three year old and a nine month old which created problems because his arthritic movement and elderly demeanor made him unable to keep up with the younger dogs. The energy patches come in a pair a tan and a white patch. I placed the patches on him just ahead of his hips about an inch on either side of the spine and waited to see if there would be a change. The results were delightful. The following morning on their walk for the first time in ages Gussie was pulling at the leash leading the pack Gussie s owner Sandee reported I was really surprised when instead of walking slowly behind us he took off in front of all of us and he was pulling enthusiastically looking back at me with joy We walked farther than usual. He no longer needs his stairs to the bed - he Ruby rolling the ultimate expression of freedom through the back. Photo Kim Carneal 58 November - December 2015 Robyn would simply replace the patches and the dog would move soundly again. Robyn managed to keep Pepper out of pain for the last year of his life in this way. RUBY S STORY Ruby is a 14 year old Beagle who has six herniated disks. Veterinarians have urged her owner to balance her love of long athletic walks with her need to keep still. Acupuncture and daily Tellington TTouch alleviate the heat along her spine and keep Ruby active enough to walk a gentle mile each day. Recently Ruby s vet was away on vacation and two days after her regular acupuncture session Ruby became much quieter than normal. She asked to be lifted where she normally would jump and she slept a lot and resisted going for walks. Her owner remembered a pack of patches I had given her and placed a pair where Ruby had the most heat along both sides of the spine just forward of the hips. Shortly thereafter Ruby perked up enough to go for a short walk but this was not the dramatic turnaround seen in the studies above. A visit to the vet revealed that Ruby was also suffering from giardia. After 48 hours treatment together with the patches but in the absence of acupuncture Ruby was her frisky happy self again careening up and down the hills on her mile-long walks defying her age and ranging far ahead of her owner. What You See Is What You Get NOT JUST FOR PAIN Success with these patches is not limited to the conditions described above they have also been reported to help with severe anxiety noise phobia and fear of visits to the vet. Don t be afraid to experiment with placement. You can safely use them without being an expert. Applied kinesiology and intuitive placement are often the most effective. As with many complementary therapies have no fear of experimentation. The maker of the patches LifeWave ( has completed dozens of clinical studies that prove the patch products improve health and wellness. The company s website provides a great deal of information on the clinical studies as well as the science behind their products. Kimberly Cox Carneal is a Napa California-based writer web designer and blog manager who has worked as a staff writer at Tellington TTouch Training since 2007. Sustainably Sourced Non-GMO 100% Plant Based Ingredients Healthy Dog. Happy Planet. November - December 2015 59 The 21st century presents even greater challenges to homeopathic treatment and health but we have the free will to make healing a priority for ourselves and our pets. CURE Obstacles To Julie Anne Lee DCH RcsHom was a pioneer in opening owning and operating the first licensed strictly holistic veterinary practice in Canada the Adored Beast Veterinary Clinic. Julie Anne regularly teaches and lectures to veterinarians. For two decades her focus has been to empower the public on making the best choices for the ethical treatment and holistic approaches with their animal families. With the launch of her Adored Beast Apothecary she offers her personally formulated products many which focus on obstacles to cure educational support and the fierce dedication she is known for. To find out more visit H olistic veterinarians students and clients are often surprised by the way I practice homeopathy yet equally surprised and happy with its success especially in cases of deep seated disease or severe pathology. I m a diehard disciple of our great founder of homeopathy Dr Samuel Hahnemann. I ve witnessed tens of thousands of life changing events with animals and their human families because of homeopathy. Having said that I believe we live in a very different time than Dr Hahnemann (1755 to 1843) especially our animals. What would you do if your homeopath naturopath therapist or yoga teacher told you to stop smoking put your cell phone down for at least two hours a day turn off your computer three hours before bed stop eating at fast food restaurants stop watching TV and go outside stop daily NSAIDs or unnecessary drugs start meditating balance your stress ... and if you didn t follow these instructions you simply wouldn t heal. What would you do Not abiding by these recommendations is what we call in homeopathy an obstacle to cure. The great thing about being human is that we have free will we can choose to help ourselves heal or not to make healing a priority. But we do have the choice In Dr Hahnemann s day obstacles to cure were very different. If he was treating a disease like chronic pneumonia tuberculosis or bronchitis and his patient recovered brilliantly but the disease would constantly reoccur he realized that living in a cold damp LIFESTYLE We all do our best to avoid things that are harmful to us and do things we know are healthy and fun we wear seat belts helmets drink safe bottled water eat our fruits and vegetables exercise de-stress have sex drink smoothies have a martini ... I think you get the picture. 60 November - December 2015 home was an obstacle to cure. The homeopathic remedy would not lead to a full cure and would need to be repeated this is called homeopathic palliation which I ll discuss later. Here are some of Dr Hahnemann s obstacles to cure Wet damp moldy homes Filthy living conditions Rat infestations Dirty drinking water Lack of personal hygiene Overdoses of mercury etc. given by medical doctors Blood-letting by doctors a medical doctor Hahnemann was ahead of his time. He was constantly counseling his patients to Wash Walk in nature to clear the mind Eat healthy food Stop seeing doctors who prescribed toxic drugs Move out of damp conditions Can you imagine another doctor giving that advice in the 1800s This was at a time when a menstruating woman was considered deranged Hahnemann was truly ahead of his time. Look at your dog as you would a person. Even though dogs anatomy is very different especially their digestive systems a cell is pretty much a cell. What kills and damages our cells does November - December 2015 His personal view was that by far the most frequent ... of chronic ailments already existing are caused by grief and vexation. As 61 the same to our dog s cells. Just as we avoid processed food in favor of raw fruits and veggies for their antioxidant value we can follow a similar approach for our dogs. They require healthy living conditions minimal drug usage and yes low stress HOMEOPATHIC PRESCRIBING AND TERMINOLOGY Classical homeopaths are practitioners who give one single remedy and watch and wait. Non-classical homeopathy is to give a single remedy that could be prescribed in many ways - for example twice a day for a total of three days. MY PHILOSOPHY FOR 21ST CENTURY HOMEOPATHY I m sharing with you what I see as obstacles to cure for your dog. These views come from my experience with over 35 thousand Complex prescribing or combination remedies means several animals in the last 15 years at my holistic veterinary clinic. These remedies mixed into one formula. beliefs may possibly be controversial with some homeopaths and When I first graduated I was the first to scorn the non-classical veterinarians if so I apologize but since suppression of any kind is one of the leading causes of disease not to speak my truth approach Then I opened my mind and heart to my two mantras above all do no harm and the art and science of homeopathy. I is unhealthy so here we go realized that to reduce suffering and pain as quickly and curativeSUPPRESSION OF NATURAL INCLINATIONS ly as possible and provide the best quality of life possible required the art and the science. I have truly seen miracles with classical Fifty to 100 years ago dogs were allowed to run around and be and non-classical and combination approaches. dogs. In England they we were referred to as open latch or open gate dogs the neighborhood dogs that everyone knew. Here is an example of a study that used a combination remedy They were given bones by the butchers fed table scraps they to treat women during their ninth month of pregnancy. Ninety had sex fights and puppies. Some grew to be old but others died women were given the 5C potency of the following remedies young from distemper they didn t visit the vet often if at all Caulophyllum Arnica Cimicifuga Pulsatilla and Gelsemium. They were not vaccinated didn t get monthly flea medication. Their were given doses of this combination remedy twice daily during lives were diverse free healthy and wholesome. the ninth month. This double-blind placebo-controlled study The care of our dogs is now at the completely opposite extreme which is where I see many obstacles to cure and the start of ill health and chronic disease. They may be shut indoors for 23 hours a day. They re often alone leading to boredom and behavior issues. They re spayed and neutered before reaching puberty and before many body systems are developed endocrine glandular hormones skeletal... We can t avoid the fact that we re removing major organs that support growth and continued health. If they don t develop properly there is potential for long-term problems that can t be cured because we simply can t turn back time or stimulate organs that no longer exist. They re over-vaccinated and often vaccinated with an inappropriate dosage for their size. They have monthly pesticides applied to their bodies. They re often over-medicated have too many minor surgeries and anesthesia. They eat dead processed food. They are not allowed to play vigorously with other dogs. Their tails and ears are docked (amputated). They re constantly around cell phones and computers. I even know some toy breeds that sleep on top of the computer for heat They ve lost their free will and have to be polite meaning no growling at disturbances no peeing on something they want to mark as their own. They can t sniff people s groins even though that s where they get the most information showed that women given the homeopathic medicines experienced a 40 percent shorter labor than those given a placebo. Also the women given the placebo had four times as many complications of labor as those given the homeopathic medicines. HOW I PRACTICE HOMEOPATHY We viewed every case at our clinic with new eyes and every animal was treated as an individual. Over the years it became clear that most of the animals we saw lived with some sort of obstacle to cure. My choice became to step over the lines of classical and non-classical prescribing and look at the reality that all of my clients were doing their best and adored their animals. These animals were treated with love and respect but they still live in our world with the stresses and expectations we all face in the 21st century. They rarely complain they revel in our love and give unconditionally back to us but I wonder what they would do if they had free will My animals teach me to be still patient playful show my anger with dignity my sadness with intensity and my love with childlike enthusiasm. They take things in stride while life gets in our way with cell phones work driving kids to soccer stresses of marriage and money. Our animals are the sponges that soak up the stress. It s not realistic to think we can remove all the obstacles to cure we face with animals. We all have the best intentions which our animals know and they adapt to so much. What remains is the damage done that we cannot fix (spay and neuter over-vaccination puppy mill defects like tiny tracheas). I KNOW THIS SOUNDS DEPRESSING BUT IT S NOT Homeopathy can be given in a way that is a monthly weekly even daily gentle reminder to show the body what it needs to do to avoid pain to remind the kidneys of their function alert the If they had free will most dogs would be living eating and behaving very differently. So what do we do 62 November - December 2015 thyroid gland and remind it that it needs to function at a certain level even though it s missing its supporting hormones that come from testicles and ovaries. This can help the body not only survive but thrive I ve seen everything from birth defects severe skin disease Cushing s disease to cancer and beyond respond brilliantly to this type of homeopathic dosing. PALLIATION Palliation is when you continue to give a remedy daily or weekly to maintain the effect of the remedy but don t confuse conventional medicine palliation with homeopathic palliation. Both reduce the violence of a disease and also ease symptoms without curing the underlying disease. Drug palliation it s the drug that numbs the pain suppresses the acid stops the itch by suppressing your dog s immune system kills bacteria along with all the good flora that strengthen the immune system and comes with a long list of side effects that require more drugs to treat them. Homeopathic palliation reminds the body of what it has to do so it is the real ability of your dog s body to stop the pain stop the itch to kill the bacteria and even (in the case of trachea defects mentioned above) stimulate the trachea s ability to work beyond its defective size And the list goes on ... EVEN THOUGH DOGS ANATOMY IS VERY DIFFERENT ESPECIALLY THEIR DIGESTIVE SYSTEMS A CELL IS PRETTY MUCH A CELL. WHAT KILLS AND DAMAGES OUR CELLS DOES THE SAME TO A DOG S CELLS. JUST AS WE AVOID PROCESSED FOOD IN FAVOR OF RAW FRUITS AND VEGGIES FOR THEIR ANTIOXIDANT VALUE WE CAN FOLLOW A SIMILAR APPROACH FOR OUR DOGS. to make the cure possible the homeopathic practitioner must yield to circumstances in his prescriptions as to diet and mode of living and in so doing he will much more surely and therefore more completely reach the aim of healing than by an obstinate insistence on strict rules which in many cases cannot be obeyed. Well you can t obey if you don t have free will and you re surgically altered I wish that all holistic animal practitioners could just agree on one thing Above all do no harm and support each other in our beliefs in our art and science and together as a whole bring the change to animal health we all want to see. HOMEOPATHY UNDER ATTACK We need Western conventional medicine for certain situations and yet I m not alone in my opinion that homeopathy is the most powerful medical modality in the world The World Health Organization has cited homeopathy as one of the systems of traditional medicine that should be integrated worldwide with conventional medicine in order to provide adequate global health care by the year 2000. According to World Health Organization (WHO) homeopathic medicine is the second most widely used system of medicine in the world and is fastest growing. May 16 2002 Those quotes are from the early 2000s and yet homeopathy is under attack. I see two reasons When a modality can kill pseudomas bacteria stop hemorrhagic gastroenteritis deal with skin disease dissolve crystals provide incredible quality of life in cancer it becomes a target of companies and associations that survive on all of those diseases and create fear in those who have a closed mind and heart. The second saddest reason is that historically there s a belief that homeopathy requires you to commit to one side of the fence or the other. Either you re a classical homeopath or you re not. The tension between the two weakens the energy of the entire modality and keeps it stuck in a place of quackery in the allopathic eye. I m going to leave you with a quote from Dr Hahnemann that sums up my opinion on obstacles to cure and monthly weekly daily dosing Owing to these causes therefore and in order specially formulated for senior dogs 13 them the with products is vibrant new 7 Keep In Dog Years herbal medicinals and pet supplements all organic no fillers Handmade in small batches Follow us herbsforlifeinc Herbs for Life Inc. York Maine 207-451-7093 800-510-9597 Visit our all-new site 63 November - December 2015 FREE RANGE CHICKEN BISTRO STRIPS BY RAW BISTRO Your dog put these delicious crunchy healthy treats on his list for Santa Human grade chicken (meat bone heart and liver) dehydrated at low temperatures with organic ground flaxseed for heart skin and coat plus organic fair trade ginger as a digestive aid and natural antioxidant. Buy online at CALM MY DOG KIT Life can be stressful and these natural unscented sprays can help. Calm My Dog is for daily use and common stresses. Calm My Stress is for calming before and during intense stressful situations. The Calm My Dog Kit also includes Calm My Pet Music for natural relaxation and healing. Visit to order. DR WILLARD S VIBRANT PET WATER DROPS These incredible Drops can help your dog in countless ways Add to food or water to improve digestion increase nutrient absorption and boost vitality use as an eyewash or to clean ears or teeth soothe hotspots or other skin conditions. Dilute and apply to sprains or arthritic joints to ease pain. Order at pet-products ENDLESS MT. OIL BLENDS FOR PETS These fabulous all natural essential oil products are blended to be safe and species appropriate for dogs horses and cats. There s something for every doggie need with blends to help with allergies ears anxiety flea and tick calming muscles and joints wound care digestion and tumors. Visit to learn more and order. HANDMADE JEWELRY AT END OF THE LEASH You probably have an animal lover or two on your holiday gift list These gorgeous pet themed pieces make the perfect gift for dog or cat owners. Unique earrings pendants necklaces and more in hand stamped copper and sterling silver are available online at Holiday Gift Guide 64 November - December 2015 GLANDEX FOR DOGS Boot the scoot with Glandex If your dog suffers from anal gland issues here s a proven solution. All natural ingredients include fiber to help anal glands empty natural anti-inflammatories probiotics and digestive enzymes to support a healthy gastrointestinal tract. 100 percent beef liver makes it easy to dose by sprinkling on food Buy it at HOMEOPATHY FOR DOGS BY DONNA HAMILTON Donna Hamilton has been using homeopathy for decades and has written a guide to help caregivers manage their dogs health issues. Available in print or digital versions the book is intended as an easy to use reference for beginners. Also available are remedies color coded to match treatment pages in the book. Learn more at homeopathic-book-remedies MADRA M R S MUD Dogs love mud Now you will too with Madra M r s luxuriously unique mud baths naturally absorbing doggy impurities and smells while nourishing the skin. Turn bath time into a nurturing spa experience. Cleanse protect and rejuvenate your dog s skin with four exceptional formulas Soothing Shed Safely Mobility and Flea Relief. Order at ORGANIC COTTON FLEECE DOG BLANKET BY ALL NATURAL DOG BEDS Winter is coming and your dog needs to stay cozy as the temperatures drop With a double layer of heavy organic cotton fleece this blanket is perfect for snuggling and is breathable stain resistant durable and washable. You might want to get one for yourself too Available in three sizes. Order at 4-WHEY PET HEALTH BUILDER BY HAPPY DOG NATURALS This all around immune support supplement containing 100 percent undenatured whey can optimize your dog s health in many ways It reduces yeast and improves gut health acts as a detoxifier boosts immune function and delivers glutathione known as the master antioxidant. Cold processed without acid treatment 4-Whey comes from sustainably raised pasture fed cows. Read about it and order at November - December 2015 65 MARKETPLACE Veterinarians Rockledge Veterinary Services Holistic health care for your pets 401 Huntingdon Pike Rockledge PA (215) 379-1677 Marcie Fallek 248 Alden St Fairfield CT (203) 254-8642 40 Exchange Place TRS 3rd Floor NY NY (212) 216-9177 Deva Khalsa VMD Yardley PA Phone consultations by appointment Allergies digestive problems alternative cancer therapy behavior liver and kidney conditions. Homeopathy Allergy Elimination Herbal Therapies JMT. (215) 550 4474 Modern Dog Comfort Care Kits Comfort Care Kits provide natural healing and wellness soothing flower essences plus healing essential oils in one handy kit. Formulas for all life stages. Balance through Scent Essential oil Aroma Mist for dogs & their people. Relax Breathe Focus. trainers Dog Days Cage Free Daycare and Boarding 811 13th St San Diego CA (619) 546-8390 Boarding and daycare Canine Affinity Where healthy dogs shop Northwest Indiana s premier natural pet store Schererville and Crown Point The Raw Connection A healthy pet store 26200 Carmel Rancho Blvd Carmel CA (831) 626-7555 Carnivore Planet Health Wellness Vitality for Pets Specializing in biologically appropriate nutrition with whole foods supplementation. Take a proactive approach to your pets health and visit us today (951) 461-9700 Ben s Bark Ave Bistro 701 Pleasant Grove Blvd Ste 120 Roseville CA (916) 797-DOGS (3647) Pawsitive Karma A pet boutique and spaw 2821 Castro Valley Blvd Castro Valley CA (510) 886-4729 HOWLISTIC Healthy Happy Dogs & Cats San Diego s best source for holistic food and treats and Eco-friendly products california Pawsitively Heaven Pet Resort 10051 Kitty Avenue Chicago Ridge IL (708) 636-DOGS Willow Farm Pet Services Boarding Grooming Healthy Foods & Treats (802) 886-5000 Paws-itive Experience Pet Services LLC 114 Beach St Rockaway NJ (973) 625-2495 The Positive Puppy Dog Training LLC Idaho s only IAABC Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (208) 578-1565 Holistic Behavior Solutions Dog Training & Essential Oils 29 Lertora Road Branchville NJ (973) 713-0175 HealtH care serVices Salon Fido LLC 1807 Main Street Cross Plains WI (608) 798-4464 My Bella Pets Pet boutique and grooming salon 120 N Market St Ligonier PA (724) 238-9663 groomers My Pet Carnivore An exclusive line of frozen raw pet food. Just meat bones & organs from the best local sources. Shipping to the lower 48 and delivering monthly to MI OH KY IN IL MO KS IA and WI. (317) 694-4749 orders Holistic pet supplies pet retailers alaBama Pets Love and Happiness Your Local Pet Store Holistic foods and natural supplies for pets and their people 905 Meridian St N Huntsville Alabama (256) 429-9112 paws Outdoor K9 We provide the highest quality products that help you and your family enjoy a healthy life through the outdoors. 685 Marketplace Plaza Steamboat Springs CO (970) 761-2278 Willow Run Feed 5700 West 120th Avenue Broomfield CO (303) 466-5971 Willing Responsibility - Winning Results colorado arizona Classified Ads Startingat 30 per issue Marketplace Ads starting at 90 per issue Book your ad now at sales Bark Avenue Pet Supply We are passionate about improving the health of your pet through better nutrition. 3109 E. McKellips Road 104 Mesa AZ (480) 832-2510 The Pet s Choice Feeds & Seeds for all your Pet Needs 155 Main Street Deep River CT thepetschoice53 connecticut 66 November - December 2015 Groovy Cats & Dogs Helping discriminating pet owners discover the path to wellness through all natural nutrition for their feline and canine companions. Tampa FL Three Amigos Natural Pet Supply 4613 University Drive 238 Coral Springs FL (954) 326-1002 A Natural Pet Pantry Natural. Organic. Holistic 1078 S Tamiami Trail Osprey FL (941) 244-2260 Lux Paws Only the Best for your Pet 9000 SW 192 Drive Miami Florida 33157 (786) 306-9192 florida All American Dog - A Barkery 430 Ogden Street Somerset KY (606) 802-6419 KentucKy Become a Holistic Animal Practitioner Sequential homeopathy Anthroposophy Nutrition and more Individual Mentoring plus Clinical Practice All For The Pet Join our rewards program and start saving money 551A Baltimore Annapolis Blvd Severna Park MD (410) 647-0339 The Big Bad Woof Holistic & Eco-Friendly Pet Supplies for the Wild Animal in your Life (201) 291-2404 & (301) 403-8957 bbwoof maryland Sttt yyr jyrney today Fido s Market Better for your pet Better for the Planet 5354 McGinnis Ferry Road Ste 202 Alpharetta GA (678) 240-0440 georgia Pets Gone Healthy Your Health Food Store For Pets 505 Boston Post Road West (Rt. 20) Marlborough MA (508) 485-3881 The Cape Cod Dog 3 Main Street Unit Eastham MA (508) 255-4206 For all things Canine or Feline make a bee-line for The Cape Cod Dog massacHusetts Go Dog Go The Healthy Pet Place 100 Main Street Oswego IL (630) 551-DOGS (3647) Nature s Feed Natural pet food supplements grooming supplies and more 2440 Westward Dr Unit C Spring Grove IL (815) 675-2008 Four Muddy Paws Two locations to serve you 1711 Park Ave. St. Louis MO (314) 773-PAWS(7297) 2127 S. State Rte 157 Edwardsville IL (618) 692-4PAW(4729) illinois PetX Supplies and Tack 132 W Highland Rd Suite 101 Howell MI (517) 546-6740 Louie s Pet Beastro The More You Know The Better You Feed 990 W Midland Road Auburn MI (989) 662-7001 louiespetbeastro micHigan Four Muddy Paws Two locations to serve you 1711 Park Ave. St. Louis MO (314) 773-PAWS(7297) 2127 S. State Rte 157 Edwardsville IL (618) 692-4PAW(4729) missouri November - December 2015 67 Classified Ads Starting at 30 per issue Marketplace Ads starting at 90 per issue Book your ad now at sales Amy s Animals Holistic Canine and Feline Nutrition Center 205 RT 23 Wantage NJ info new Jersey Wilmington NC (910) 256-2128 2066 Kildaire Farm Rd Cary NC My Best Friend s Barkery High quality pet food raw diets treats supplements toys and more 176 Shawneehaw Ave Banner Elk NC (828) 898-5625 Little Mountain Pet Supply 4234 S NC 9 Hwy Tryon NC (828) 863-4500 Mountain Dog and Friends Highest quality foods nutritional supplements and everything else for dogs and cats Highway 105 South in Foscoe 126 Taylor Rd. Boone NC 28607 (828) 963-2470 A Dog s Life of Chesterland LLC 12654 West Geauga Plaza Chesterland OH (440) 729-7722 Nature s Pet Market Grooming Wash SunnySlope Shopping Center 4555 Liberty Rd S Salem OR 97302 503.362.4555 NaturesPetSalem Salem Natural Healthy Affordable Pet Foods Supplies Grooming 2015 Best of the Mid-Willamette Valley texas Bark Avenue Market & Bakery Pawsitively Healthy Eats & Treats 5615 Colleyville Blvd St Ste 230 Colleyville TX (817) 656-2275 Whiskers Holistic Pet Products 235 East 9th New York NY 10003 (800) WHISKERS new yorK The Lucky Dog Barkery The store your dog would build 8320 Preston Center Plaza Dallas Texas Virginia Animal Connection Virginia s healthiest pet store Over 500 varieties hormone GMO free foods treats USA sourced. Nutritional consulting. Solutions for allergies & immune support. Eco-friendly green pet gear. Charlottesville VA (434) 296-7048 Patton Avenue Pet Company Proper nutrition is the foundation of a healthy and happy life for your pet. 1388 Patton Avenue (828) 505 8299 109 Patton Avenue (828) 255-7737 Asheville NC Unleashed The Dog and Cat Store 2460 Wycliff Rd Raleigh NC (919) 858-6460 7414 Creedmore Rd Raleigh NC (919) 521-4963 1319-P Military Cutoff Rd nortH carolina Lucky Dog Pet Spa A small town store that s a super store Like us on Facebook 503 S Main Street Montrose PA (570) 278-7078 Healthy Pet Products North Hills (412) 366-0700 9600 Perry Highway Town of McCandless PA South Hills (412) 831-3700 1742 Washington Rd Upper St. Clair PA pennsylVania The Natural Pet Enrichment Center High quality pet products 8715 Ridge Rd North Royalton OH (440) 237-7161 oHio wasHington Cobber s Pet Pantry LLC 1415 Blake Street Enumclaw WA 98022 (360) 825-PETS(7387) Committed to providing all pet needs for optimal health and happiness. Grooming self-service wash and dog training available. 68 November - December 2015 Classified Ads Starting at 30 per issue Marketplace Ads starting at 90 per issue Book your ad now at sales Civilized Nature Providing the Health Behavior and Play resources for the natural care of your pets 1527 Highlands Dr NE Issaquah WA (425) 868-3737 Naturally 4 Paws Silverdale WA (360) 337-2444 Natural Pet Pantry The Educated Choice 830 SW 152nd St. Burien WA Burien (206) 248-1079 10600 NE 68th St. D Kirkland WA Kirkland (425) 739-4738 Bow Wow & Woofs Your 1 stop shop for raw foods healthy treats and so much more 8115 Birch Bay Square Street Ste 111 Blaine WA Veterinarians canada Main Street Veterinary Services London Ontario Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Acupuncture Titer Testing Homotoxicology Natural Nutrition Integrative Veterinary Medicine A True Alternative Dogs cats and pocket pets info (519) 203-2000 Back To The Bone For raw feeders we provide a wide variety of ground proteins w bone meaty bones supplements and healthy treats. 495 Walkers Line Burlington ON (289) 337-4577 The Bone Natural Pet Boutique The secret to your pet s health and well-being start from within 145 Kingston Road E Unit 6 Ajax ON (289) 660-BONE (2663) info K9Raw We have everything you need to Raw feed And then some... 94 Alpine Lake Rd Trent Lakes ON (705) 455-2095 info Rawsome Dogs Rawsome Dogs is dedicated exclusively to offering wholesome raw food diets. Woodstock ON (519) 421-9305 rawsomedogs Heronview Raw and Natural 7692 Ashburn Rd Whitby ON (905) 655-5747 leolvr Crown K9 Services Balanced dog training raw pet foods and pet grooming. Complete pet care affordable prices. 91 King Street East Stoney Creek ON (905) 906-4945 lynn ontario WAGGIN TAILS VETERINARY SERVICES wisconsin BowWow Meow Unique items for pets and the people they own 221 Lincoln Street Wisconsin Rapids WI (715) 213-2212 A Dog Days Inn Stay - Play - Train - Groom 2525 Eaton Lane Racine WI (262) 634-7297 Ronna Kabler DVM Holistic Care for Animals 508-662-3236 ronnakabler bad dog frida Really cool things for good dogs and their people 2094 Atwood Ave Madison WI (608) 442-6868 bark Finer DeTails Pet Spa Grooming Boarding - Skin & Coat Care - Nutrition & Supplements 2 E Hudson St Mazomanie WI (608) 795-9837 BECAUSE YOUR DOG S BODY IS A TEMPLE TOO. Boo Boo s Best the most wholesome healing nutritious and delicious food you can put in your best friend s bowl Receive 20% off at Enter code dogsnat20 at checkout. Nothing Added High quality healthy natural single ingredient treats and raw food - all 100% Canadian meat and 100% Canadian made Located in historic downtown Cambridge. Visit us online at pet retailers canada 2015 Boo Boo s Best. All Rights Reserved. November - December 2015 69 Classified Ads Starting at 30 per issue Marketplace Ads starting at 90 per issue Book your ad now at sales Domestic Carnivore Raw Dog Food - Natural Treats Grooming 244 Governors Road Dundas ON (289) 238-8000 BauHound Haus Inc Healthy foods for dogs and cats 276 Main St E Milton ON (905) 878-5550 Big Country Raw Food for Dogs Naturally Ontario Affordable Raw Food Choice Home Delivery throughout Ontario Order Online or find your Local Retailer at (905) 957-2717 info Bones Pet Boutique Ontario s First Raw Food for Pets Store 1500 Upper Middle Rd Suite 5 (North on Brant Left Upper Middle) Burlington ON (905) 336-7338 Raw Performance Dog Food Top Quality Raw Dog Food 22 Secord Drive Unit 13 St. Catherines ON (905) 650-3121 A Dog s Breakfast Raw - Nutrition - Health 1010 Mayor Magrath Lethbridge AB (403) 329-3354 CHOW Bella Health Store and Grooming Salon Suite 100 - 235 Milligan Drive Okotoks AB (403) 982-9979 Su rE s senti pe SuperEssentials for Dogs and Cats A Synergistic Blend of Superfoods Organic Non-GMO All Natural Ingredients Chiaseeds Nutritional Yeast Lecithin Kelp Spirulina Chlorella Mearl Red Marine Algae Nettle Pyrophylite Clay TM For the Ultimate Enrichment of Your Pet s Diet Dogsense Boutique Specializing in health and behaviour 312 Broadway St Nakusp BC Dog daycare training & boarding Fully stocked store for all your feline & K9 needs (250) 265-0091 dogsense True Carnivores Vancouver s original raw food store. Advocating healthy dogs and cats through nutrition since 1996. We offer nutritional consulting and solutions. Free delivery in the lower mainland (604) 267-3647 Planet Paws Pet Essentials A natural approach from head to tail 95 Montebello Drive Dartmouth NS (902) 465-PAWS (7297) BritisH columBia Use code DNM2015 for 20% Off al s TM SuperCharge Your Pet s Health noVa scotia Metro Pet Market 1637 Victoria Avenue Regina SK (306) 352-9663 sasKatcHewan It s Raining Cats & Dogs Winnipeg s natural pet supply store 620-B Academy Road Winnipeg MB (204) 489-0120 manitoBa Bailey Blu Pet Boutique 6152 Sherbrooke St. W Montreal QC (514) 507-4526 baileyblu QueBec yuKon territory The Neighborhood Pup 1154A Front St Whitehorse YK FallRiver Labrador R etr ievers Naturally Reared Specialty Winners Family Members Dana Scott Ontario Canada alBerta Fetch Haus Specializing in products made in Canada & USA 3 4946 - 53 Avenue Red Deer AB (403) 346-9063 info FallRiver Registered Specialty winning Labrador Retrievers raised 100% naturally Raised in a loving home with strong vital immune systems. Taking reservations for winter 2015 Dana Scott Breeders 70 November - December 2015 MADE EXCLUSIVELY FROM WHOLE FOODS AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS. First & Only Full Line of Pet Food with NO Synthetic Vitamins or Minerals. Packed with carnivore appropriate high quality proteins - natural source of taurine. Substantiated for all life stages using AAFCO feeding tests. Probiotics and digestive enzymes are added to support healthy digestion. No Ingredients from China. FAMILY OWNED IN AMERICA S HEARTLAND