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Description: Targa Newfoundland is one of three internationally recognized Targa motorsports events in the world. The 2016 edition takes place September 9 through 16 in eastern and central Newfoundland. The program features maps, schedules, features, profiles, driver bios and more. For more info, visit The program is produced by Inside Track Comm., in conjunction with Targa Newfoundland.

2016 TARGANEWFOUNDLAND I SEPTEMBER 10-17 TABLEOFCONTENTS 04 Office of the Prime Minister of Canada 08 15 Years Racing Round The Rock 12 Event Schedule 15 Prologue and Leg Maps 16 Spotters Guide 17 Past Winners 22 Spectator Safety 05 Office of the Premier of Newfoundland 06 Welcome to Targa Newfoundland TARGANEWFOUNDLAND I 3 4 I TARGANFLD.COM TARGA NEWFOUNDLAND 303 Thorburn Road Suite 2-D St. John s NL A1B 4R1 President I Robert Giannou Clerk of the Course I Bill Goodyear General Manager I Darren Sheppard Deputy COC Course Ops. Coord. I Clare Eagar Stage Operations Coordinator I Matt Dowden Steward I Doug Howell Technical Advisor I David Lambert Technical Inspector I Joe Dowden Scorer I Janet Brake Incident Response I Tom Norris Medical Response I Wayne Broughton Community Operations (Avalon) I Leah Ryan Community Operations (Bonavista) I Mike Cooper Community Operations (Burin) I JoAnne Brinston Event Photographer I Megan Best The 2016 Targa Newfoundland program is proudly brought to you by Inside Track Communications Inc. 95 Trinity Street Suite 101 Toronto ON M5A 3C7 416-962-RACE (7223) It is with great pleasure that I extend well wishes to everyone attending and participating in the 15th annual Targa Newfoundland event. Again this year we look forward to the tradition of welcoming dozens of drivers and their teams for another exciting race. This year drivers will travel across the Avalon Bonavista and Burin Peninsulas. The race route offers 1 700 km of stunning scenery and rich heritage attractions to those participating in Targa Newfoundland Our communities will be flooded with enthusiastic competitors that will bring thrills and tourism revenue to their local regions. As always we see Targa Newfoundland as a great opportunity to enhance the tourism industry and promote our province as a leading travel destination for motorsports enthusiasts. I would like to thank the organizers sponsors and volunteers who work tirelessly to make this event possible. It is because of your hard work and dedication that this event continues to be such a great success. On behalf of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador I offer my best wishes for a memorable and safe race. INSIDE TRACK COMMUNICATIONS INC. Editor Graphic Design I James Neilson Contributor I J. Wally Nesbitt Sales I Derek Rockel Sales I Brad Hulton Sales I Lindsey Broad President I John Hopkins Vice President I Greg MacPherson Treasurer I David Weber Secretary I Rob Morton Program Photography IRalph Saulnier COPyRIGhT All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without prior written permission of Inside Track Communications Inc. is strictly prohibited. TARGANEWFOUNDLAND I 5 AN IMPORTANT MILESTONE TARGA NEWFOUNDLAND IS CELEBRATING ITS 15TH ANNIvERSARY IN 2016 ROBERT GIANNOU I PRESIDENT I TARGA NEWFOUNDLAND W elcome to Targa Newfoundland. It is now our fifteenth year. the two day Motorsport School to an exact schedule is no small achievement. In fact it is quite a remarkable one. On a broader spectrum the event will bring some 6-7 million of economic activity and provide some 6.5 million of advertising value for the province which results in an annual contribution of 3 million to the province s gross domestic product while providing significant job equivalents and community benefits. In 2016 our marketing strategy has been successful in that we have attracted a broader range of competitors one of the largest fields ever and a host of new sponsors. The spectrum of these partnerships has once again been expanded through our co-marketing arrangements with international companies such as Shaw Direct Hume Media Lucas Oil Inside Track Motorsport News a monthly publication and the annual Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo held in Toronto. Speaking of Lucas Oil this year will see the creation of the first Lucas Oil Challenge the winner of which will receive a free entry into next year s Targa. We are also back on the airwaves with our review television show which will be filmed this year and for the next three years. It was heavily missed by our fans and we are glad to say we ll be back on a television near you very soon Targa Newfoundland has established a very significant footprint in the motorsport world of North America. It s an internationally sought after event that provides exposure to millions of possible competitors sponsors and fans. In a very measurable way this has increased Targa s visibility in Canada s most significant marketplace Ontario and Quebec. In its 15 years Targa Newfoundland has become more than a competition it has become a family. We have achieved a 55% competitor return rate calculated year-on-year which is actually greater if one considers those who return after an absence of two years or more. Once again Targa Newfoundland 2016 is an entirely new event and a new competition. On behalf of the Board of Governors our thanks go out to all of our sponsors the host communities and their volunteers. We also wish the best of luck to the competitors who are taking up the challenge. Enjoy the adventure TNL What an achievement Once this year is complete we will have run 640 stages in 84 different host communities. Furthermore the 2016 event will be one of the most challenging events for competitors as there will be a total of 51 stages covering almost 450 kilometres. This is the largest number of stages we have ever run and includes a fantastic new stage grouping around the communities of Terrenceville and Grand Le Pierre on the Burin Peninsula. This new stage grouping includes one of the longest stages yet run in the history of Targa. It is just under 30 kilometres in length. The 2016 course also has 14 new stages to challenge returning and rookie competitors alike. To add to the prestige of winning Targa we have created the title of Targa Master which will be awarded annually to each of the division winners. Then every five years thereafter the division winners will face off and complete for the title of Targa Grand Master. The focus and goal of the 2016 event will be the same as that of the past years to increase the level of competition while working with the communities and volunteers to ensure that we run a safe and timely event. To that end we have again followed our annual practice of adjusting and upgrading our safety plans for each community. The new and revised 2016 plan will be supervised and audited by a group of eight safety audit course cars staffed by trained experienced and certified crews. These factors when combined will ensure that we all will have a safe and fun event. The event s Board of Governors is a fantastic group. These people Ms. Janet Brake of Gander Mr. Bill Langdon and Mr. Bill Goodyear of St. John s NL Mr. John Hume of Toronto ON Mr. Mike Davenport of Orillia ON and Mr. Mark Williams of Maryland US have each in their own way provided significant assistance and guidance throughout the year. They and our 12 departmentheads have donated so much of their personal time to help organizing this fabulous event. It is also a credit to all of the communities who host the stages and their volunteers. To run a nine-day event which includes 6 I TARGANFLD.COM 15 YEARS RACING ROUND THE ROCk vISIT TO TASMANIA THE CATALYST FOR BIRTH OF TARGA NEWFOUNDLAND Organizers of the 15th anniversary edition of Targa Newfoundland expect the largest field in the event s history with over 50 entries. By J. Wally Nesbitt coverage and we were welcomed with open arms from the various communities. They realized the benefits for their local economies. As the Targa Newfoundland prepares for the 15th edition of the Rally Round The Rock Sheppard explained that although the rules and regulations have remained relatively static the event itself is ever changing. Because we race on public roads we need to use what is given to us. At one time we were a traveling circus we d stay in a different town every night. Recently we became more centred in Clarenville so that the teams and drivers can come back to a familiar bed every night. We re always trying to discover new routes for new stages with less transit between starting points. Ultimately we d like to move towards population centres with the hopes of racing in front of larger audiences and attracting a broader business base. In the earlier events competitors regularly raced in excess of 2 200 kilometres. For 2016 the planned race distance has been reduced to 1 662 kilometres over 51 stages plus transits. We got evil in planning this year s route said Giannou. Almost 20 percent of the racing distance will be new stages but the part that the competitors will like the best will be the reduced tran- R eturning from an adventure to Targa Tasmania where he navigated while Doug Mepham raced his Classic 1971 volvo 142 GT in April of 2001 noted motoring journalist Jim kenzie pondered the possibility of Canada hosting such as event. I thought if you had an island like Tasmania where you could sort of keep control of things if you had a place with a welcoming population like Tasmania and if you had a place that could use some tourism dollars like just as a joke I said to Doug Targa Newfoundland He had a quizzical look in his eye and said I know someone who might be able to make that happen said the three-time Targa class winner. Approaching long-time friend Robert Giannou about the concept the notion took hold and development work began on the project. Once it was determined that Newfoundland could provide an ideal location for the event plans were finalized and with the blessing and financial assistance of the Newfoundland provincial government and then Premier Robert Grimes in 2002 the inaugural Targa Newfoundland began. There was a very positive reaction from our first Targa said General Manager Darren Sheppard. It was something entirely new for the media. They were all over this new race with their 8 I TARGANFLD.COM 15 YEARS RACING ROUND THE ROCk vISIT TO TASMANIA THE CATALYST FOR BIRTH OF TARGA NEWFOUNDLAND sit times. There will be shorter distances stage-to-stage. Giannou also noted that since the original Targa Newfoundland in 2002 86 different communities have hosted stages and by the end of the 2016 rally there will have been 640 stages completed. With an average stage length in excess of 400 kilometres rough math estimates that the total distance raced will be more than a quarter-million kilometres or approximately six times around the earth. Another fact that Giannou is justifiably proud of is the drop in rates of incidents from a high of 18 percent in 2006 to just two percent over the past three races. The reduction can be directly attributed to the highly-recommended Targa Driving School that focuses more on navigation than driving skills. Previously the general rule was that the driver was in charge but what we ve done is rethink that concept. We ve followed the lead of the airline industry where the co-pilot the one who s reading the gauges and directions is in control leaving the driver to simply drive. That s why our incident rate is down. For the 15th anniversary edition of the Targa Newfoundland there will be four distinct divisions for participants to choose from. The Targa division is for fully-prepared racing vehicles and is sub-divided into Classic Modern and Open classes. Grand Touring is more a navigational rally where timing speed and distance are integrated into a combined scoring system. Although not a competition the Fast Tour and Quick Tour divisions are for car owners who have the desire to drive their vehicles as they were meant to be driven without actually racing for points. The Fast Tour is a full five-day event while the Quick Tour class is an exploratory division allowing entrants to experience the Targa in a one- to three-day span. New for the 15th anniversary Targa organizers have created a Masters Challenge for the GT and Targa divisions and have invited all previous winners back for one more run at the rally. The driver who accumulates the least penalty time will be rewarded and recognized as the Targa Grand Master. Drawing competitors from across Canada and the US the 2016 Targa Newfoundland will not only showcase the finest driving and navigational talent but will also present some of the most eyecatching and awe-inspiring automotive machinery. Spectators will have the opportunity to witness such European models as BMWs Porsches and Audis competing against the best from Asia all the while being challenged by premier North American designs. In the Targa division Newfoundland s own Billy Anderson will be attempting to repeat his 2015 Modern class winning performance aboard his 2002 Mini Cooper while Orillia ON s Mike Davenport will again be at the wheel of his Subaru WRX in an attempt to reclaim his 2013 and 2014 Targa division crowns. For the classic car fans New Brunswick s Doug Brown has entered his 1959 Corvette and will be facing off against a pair of 1949 Cadillacs entered by American drivers Lloyd Dahmen and John Daniels Jr. In a matchup of the extremes in Fast Touring the female driving duo of Carol Patterson and Carolyn Webb will pit their 1953 MGTD against fellow Ontario native krishna Suganthan s exotic 2016 Lamborghini Huracan. There will be more eyes on us this year because of the 15th anniversary celebration and we want to make this Targa Newfoundland one to remember. We expect to have one of the largest fields we ve ever had and the largest in recent memory. Our competitor return rate is over 60 percent we must be doing something right to have people come back to Newfoundland year after year concluded Sheppard. TNL The 15th anniversary edition of Targa Newfoundland will feature reduced transit times between stages which covers 1 662 kilometres this year. 10 I TARGANFLD.COM TARGANEWFOUNDLAND I 11 EvENT SCHEDULE &STAGE MAPS SUBJECT TO CHANGE CHECk TARGANFLD.COM FOR UPDATES REGISTRATION SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 10 8 30 8 30 15 00 1st Car Start Road Closed 11 45 a.m. 11 30 a.m. 12 15 p.m. 1 00 p.m. 1 20 p.m. Road Closed 2 30 p.m. 2 35 p.m. 3 00 p.m. Ceremonial Start at CFS St. John s START P-1 Targa Flatrock START P-1 Targa Flatrock START P-2 Targa Flatrock FINISH P-2 Lunch Service Point P-A Cape St. Francis School Meet & Greet Flatrock Community Centre START P-3 Targa Bauline In FINISH P-3 3 10 p.m. 3 45 p.m. 4 10 p.m. 5 00 p.m. 1st Car Start Road Closed 8 00 a.m. 7 15 a.m. 8 30 a.m. 8 20 a.m. 9 15 a.m. Road Closed 9 30 a.m. 10 00 a.m. BEGIN LEG 1 CFS St. John s START 1-1 Targa John Curran Memorial 1 FINISH 1-1 Service Point 1-A Oasis Lounge Conception Harbour START 1-2 Targa John Curran Memorial 2 FINISH 1-2 Service Point 1-A Oasis Lounge Conception Harbour START 1-3 Targa Marysvale FINISH 1-3 11 00 a.m. Road Closed 12 00 p.m. 11 30 a.m. 12 30 p.m. 1 15 p.m. Road Closed 2 15 p.m. 2 30 p.m. 2 45 p.m. 3 30 p.m. Road Closed 4 00 p.m. 4 15 p.m. 4 30 p.m. START 1-4 Targa Turks Gut FINISH 1-4 Lunch and Service Point 1-B at United Church Hall South Street Brigus START 1-5 Targa Makinsons 1 FINISH 1-5 START 1-6 Targa Makinsons 2 FINISH 1-6 Service Point 1-C North Atlantic Goobies START 1-7 Targa Black River FINISH 1-7 START 1-8 Targa Garden Cove FINISH 1-8 Service Point 1-D Georges Brook Start START 1-9 Targa Harcourt FINISH 1-9 6 00 p.m. 7 00 p.m. 7 30 p.m. START 1-10 Targa Burgoynes Cove FINISH 1-10 END LEG 1 Eastlink Events Centre Clarenville Eastlink Events Centre for Car Show (closes 9 00 p.m.) HUME MEDIA NORTH BURIN PENINSULA LEG 2 TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 13 1st Car Start Road Closed 8 30 a.m. 12 I TARGANFLD.COM 7 15 a.m. 9 00 a.m. BEGIN LEG 2 Eastlink Events Centre Clarenville START 2-1 Targa Boat Harbour MEET & GREET Bauline Waterfront START P-4 Targa Bauline Out FINISH P-4 END PROLOGUE CFS St. John s CFS St. John s Car Show (closes 9 00 p.m.) LUCAS OIL AvALON PENINSULA OUTBOUND LEG 1 MONDAY SEPTEMBER 12 Registration open at CFS St. John s (Closes 14 00) Technical Inspection open at CFS St. John s Car Show Starts at CFS St. John s ACTION CAR AND TRUCk ACCESSORIES PROLOGUE SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 11 FINISH 2-1 9 00 a.m. 10 30 a.m. Road Closed 11 00 a.m. 10 30 a.m. 11 30 a.m. 12 00 p.m. 1 00 p.m. Road Closed 2 00 p.m. 1 15 p.m. 2 30 p.m. 4 00 p.m. Road Closed 5 00 p.m. 4 00 p.m. 5 30 p.m. 7 00 p.m. 7 15 p.m. Service 2-A Crew Brunch Community Centre Boat Harbour START 2-2 Targa Petite Forte FINISH 2-2 Service Point 2-B At Ultramar Station Jacques Fontaine START 2-3 Targa Harbour Mille In FINISH 2-3 Competitor Lunch Harbour Mille Fire Station START 2-4 Targa Harbour Mille Out FINISH 2-4 Service Point 2-B At Ultramar Station Jacques Fontaine START 2-5 Targa Grand Le Pierre In FINISH 2-5 START 2-6 Targa Grand Le Pierre Out FINISH 2-6 Seafood Snacks at Terrenceville Fire Hall START 2-7 Targa Terrenceville Out FINISH 2-7 END LEG 2 Eastlink Events Centre Clarenville Eastlink Events Centre for Car Show (closes 9 00 p.m.) SHAW DIRECT SOUTH BONAvISTA PENINSULA LEG 3 WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 14 1st Car Start Road Closed 7 45 a.m. 7 15 a.m. 8 15 a.m. 8 30 a.m. 8 00 a.m. 9 00 a.m. 9 15 a.m. 9 20 a.m. Road Closed 10 00 a.m. 10 30 a.m. 11 30 a.m. Road Closed 1 00 p.m. Road Closed 1 45 p.m. 12 00 p.m. 1 30 p.m. 1 45 p.m. 2 15 p.m. 2 00 p.m. 3 00 p.m. Road Closed 3 00 p.m. 2 45 p.m. 3 30 p.m. 4 30 p.m. 6 15 p.m. 7 30 p.m. 1st Car Start Road Closed 7 45 a.m. 7 00 a.m. 8 15 a.m. BEGIN LEG 4 Eastlink Events Centre Clarenville START 4-1 Targa Open Hall FINISH 4-1 TARGANEWFOUNDLAND I 13 BEGIN LEG 3 Eastlink Events Centre Clarenville START 3-1 Targa Lethbridge 1 FINISH 3-1 START 3-2 Targa Brooklyn 1 FINISH 3-2 Service Point 3-A Pie s Esso Lethbridge START 3-3 Targa Lethbridge 2 FINISH 3-3 START 3-4 Targa Brooklyn 2 FINISH 3-4 Service Point 3-B at Midway Irving Charleston Breakfast available for purchase at venue START 3-5 Lockston FINISH 3-5 START 3-6 Trouty FINISH 3-6 Service Point 3-C Lunch at Parish Hall Trinity START 3-7 Targa Trinity FINISH 3-7 Service Point 3-D at Hometown Foodex Port Rexton START 3-8 Targa Port Rexton 1 FINISH 3-8 Service Point 3-D at Hometown Foodex Port Rexton START 3-9 Targa Port Rexton 2 FINISH 3-9 Service Point 3-D at Hometown Foodex Port Rexton START 3-10 Targa Champney s East FINISH 3-10 START 3-11 Targa English Hr FINISH 3-11 END LEG 3 Eastlink Events Centre Clarenville Eastlink Events Centre for Car Show (closes 9 00 p.m.) k&k INSURANCE NORTH BONAvISTA PENINSULA LEG 4 THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 15 EvENT SCHEDULE &STAGE MAPS SUBJECT TO CHANGE CHECk TARGANFLD.COM FOR UPDATES 9 15 a.m. START 4-2 Targa Tickle Cove FINISH 4-2 Road Closed 9 45 a.m. 9 50 a.m. 10 15 a.m. Service Point 4-A at Harty s Service Station kings Cove START 4-3 Targa Open Hall FINISH 4-3 11 15 a.m. Road Closed 11 45 a.m. 12 00 p.m. 12 15 p.m. 1 15 p.m. START 4-4 Targa Tickle Cove FINISH 4-4 Service Point 4-A at Harty s Service Station kings Cove START 4-5 Targa kings Cove FINISH 4-5 START 4-6 Targa keels FINISH 4-6 Road Closed 2 15 p.m. 1 45 p.m. 2 45 p.m. Lunch and Service Point 4-B at Coaker Centre Port Union START 4-7 Targa Melrose FINISH 4-7 Road Closed 2 45 p.m. 2 30 p.m. 3 15 p.m. Service Point 4-C at Chard s Service Station Port Union START 4-8 Targa Trinity Bay North 1 FINISH 4-8 Service Point 4-C at Chard s Service Station Port Union 4 00 p.m. START 4-9 Targa Trinity Bay North 2 FINISH 4-9 Road Closed 4 30 p.m. 4 00 p.m. 5 00 p.m. Service Point 4-C at Chard s Service Station Port Union START 4-10 Targa Little Catalina In FINISH 4-10 6 00 p.m. 6 30 p.m. 7 30 p.m. 1st Car Start Road Closed 7 30 a.m. 7 00 a.m. 8 00 a.m. BEGIN LEG 5 Eastlink Events Centre Clarenville START 5-1 Targa North West Brook FINISH 5-1 9 30 a.m. Road Closed 10 00 a.m. 9 15 a.m. 10 30 a.m. 11 30 a.m. START 5-2 Targa Hodges Cove FINISH 5-2 Service Point 5-A at North Atlantic Goobies START 5-3 Targa North Harbour In FINISH 5-3 START 5-4 Targa North Harbour Out FINISH 5-4 11 45 a.m. Road Closed 1 45 p.m. 1 15 p.m. 2 15 p.m. Service Point 5-A at North Atlantic Goobies Lunch Town Hall Cupids START 5-5 Targa Cupids 1 FINISH 5-5 2 30 p.m. START 5-6 Targa Brigus 1 FINISH 5-6 2 00 p.m. 3 00 p.m. Service Point 5-B at E&E Drive In Brigus START 5-7 Targa Cupids 2 FINISH 5-7 3 15 p.m. 4 15 p.m. 4 45 p.m. 14 I TARGANFLD.COM START 5-8 Targa Brigus 2 FINISH 5-8 END LEG 5 Water Street Brigus Finish Medal Presentation & Champagne - Brigus TNL START 4-11 Targa Little Catalina Out FINISH 4-11 END LEG 4 Eastlink Events Centre Clarenville Eastlink Events Centre for Car Show (closes 21 00) INSIDE TRACk AvALON PENINSULA INBOUND LEG 5 FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 16 LEG 1 LEG 2 PROLOGUE LEG 3 LEG 5 LEG 4 TARGANEWFOUNDLAND I 15 SPOTTERS GUIDE SUBJECT TO CHANGE CHECk TARGANFLD.COM FOR UPDATES DRIvER DOUGLAS BROWN CO-DRIvER kENNETH BROWN CLASS TARGA TEAM RALLY FOR THE BLOOD CAR 1959 CHEvROLET CORvETTE DRIvER JOHN HUME JR. CO-DRIvER JUSTIN CRANT CLASS TARGA TEAM HUME MEDIA INC. CAR 2004 BMW M3 DRIvER LUDOvIC LOGNAY CO-DRIvER LAURIANE LOGNAY CLASS TARGA TEAM LOGNAY RALLY TEAM CAR 2010 SUBARU WRX STI DRIvER FRANk LOGNAY CO-DRIvER LARISSALOGNAY CLASS TARGA TEAM LOGNAY RALLY TEAM CAR 1984 AUDI QUATTRO DRIvER LLOYD DAHMEN CO-DRIvER SHANE kENNEY CLASS TARGA CAR 1949 CADILLAC SEDANETTE DRIvER PETER GUAGENTI CO-DRIvER MATTHEW RHOADS CLASS TARGA TEAM BAvARIAN AIRLINES CAR 2002 BMW M3 DRIvER JOHN ROBINSON CO-DRIvER GEOFFREY MILLEN CLASS TARGA CAR 1995 BMW M3 DRIvER TOMAS CASALS CO-DRIvER BRAD MELLO CLASS TARGA CAR 1995 BMW 325IS DRIvER SIMON TOMLINSON CO-DRIvER STEWART WIGG CLASS TARGA TEAM NOTHING SILLY RACING CAR 2000 vOLkSWAGEN GOLF GLS DRIvER LINDA GOODYEAR CO-DRIvER MARGARET MORRIS CLASS TARGA TEAM GOODYEAR DENTAL RACING CAR 1986 TOYOTA COROLLA (ART BY CLEM CURTIS) DRIvER kENNETH RYALL CO-DRIvER JOHN MYLES CLASS TARGA TEAM HANG A SHORE RACING CAR 2005 CHEvY CAvALIER DRIvER BRADLEY NULLMEYER CO-DRIvER ANDREW NULLMEYER CLASS TARGA TEAM BANDIT RACING CAR 2004 SUBARU WRX STI DRIvER BILLY ANDERSON CO-DRIvER MAX CLINE ABRAHAMS CLASS TARGA TEAM RDF RACING CAR 2002 MINI COOPER S 16 I TARGANFLD.COM DRIvER JIM kENzIE CO-DRIvER PAUL STAGG CLASS TARGA TEAM I AM YOUR FATHER CAR 2014 NISSAN JUkE NISMO RS DRIvER MAURO TONIETTO CO-DRIvER ANDREW GUCCIARDI CLASS TARGA CAR 2002 SUBARU WRX STI PASTWINNERS MODERN 2015 No. 103 Billy Anderson Max Cline Abrahams 2002 MINI Cooper S 2014 No. 715 Matthew Oldford Brian Oldford 2004 Subaru WRX STi 2013 No. 17 Dan Aweida Tina Aweida 2008 Ford Mustang FR500S 2012 No. 710 Paul Dyer Justin Crant 2006 Mitsubishi Evo 7 2011 No. 715 Matthew Oldford Brian Oldford 2004 Subaru WRX STi DRIVER JOHN DANIELS JR. CO-DRIVER JONATHAN POTTER CLASS TARGA TEAM TEAM BALLENA CAR 1949 CADILLAC SEDANETTE DRIVER BRyAN BuRSEy CO-DRIVER DON KJORVEN CLASS TARGA TEAM uNDERBITE RACING CAR 1991 MAZDA MIATA 2010 No. 715 Matthew Oldford Brian Oldford 2004 Subaru WRX STi 2009 No. 975 Steve Millen Mike Monticello 2009 Nissan GT R 2008 No. 904 Andrew Comrie Picard Jen Horsey 2008 Mits. Lancer Evo GSR 2007 No. 110 John Paynter Clarke Paynter 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STi 2006 No. 917 Keith Townsend Jen Horsey 2005 Subaru WRX STi 2005 No. 603 Ernie Jakubowski Bill Comat 1981 Porsche 911 SC 2004 No. 706 Roy Hopkins Adrienne Hughes 1989 BMW M3 2003 No. 706 Roy Hopkins Adrienne Hughes 1988 BMW M3 2002 No. 902 Bill Arnold Tamara Hull 1999 BMW M Coupe OPEN 2015 No. 11 Jean Luc Bergeron Vincent Trudel 1999 Subaru Impreza 22B 2014 No. 557 Mike Davenport Brad Benson 2015 Subaru STi 2013 No. 555 Mike Davenport Brad Bensen 2002 Subaru WRX Wagon DRIVER MIKE MERCER CO-DRIVER COREy PROSSER CLASS TARGA CAR 1992 MAZDA MIATA DRIVER MARK RITTENHOuSE CO-DRIVER MARK LAITENBERGER CLASS TARGA TEAM DBM RACING CAR 2008 MITSuBISHI EVO 2012 No. 805 Andrew Comrie Picard Brian O Kane 2006 Mitsubishi Evo 7 2011 No. 125 Rob Pacione Brian Maxwell 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 2010 No. 807 Jim Kenzie Brian Bourbonniere 2009 MINI JCW Cooper S 2009 No. 105 Frank Sprongl Rod Hendricksen 1983 Audi Quattro A2 2008 No. 105 Frank Sprongl Rod Hendricksen 1983 Audi Quattro A2 2007 No. 110 John Paynier Clarke Paynier 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STi 2006 No. 107 Jim Kenzie Brian Bourbonniere 2004 MINI JCW Cooper S 2005 No. 105 Jim Kenzie Brian Bourbonniere 2004 MINI JCW Cooper S 2004 No. P356 Jerry Churchill Jim Roxbury 1963 Chevrolet Impala 2003 No. P001 Tom Hayes Andy Vann 1954 Studebaker Commander CLASSIC 2015 No. 202 Mike Mercer Corey Prosser 1992 Mazda Miata 2014 No. 369 Jack Rogers CJ Strupp 1965 Ford Mustang DRIVER IAIN DOBSON CO-DRIVER JEFF THRESHER CLASS TARGA TEAM OHIORS CAR 1970 FORD ESCORT RS 1600 DRIVER RON BARTLEET CO-DRIVER JuSTIN RuSSELL CLASS TARGA TEAM HuME MEDIA INC. CAR 2002 BMW M3 2013 No. 54 Ben Gill Dave Didcock 1978 Ford Escort 1800 RS 2012 No. 182 Scott Giannou Ray Felice 1981 Porsche 911 SC 2011 No. 182 Scott Giannou Ray Felice 1981 Porsche 911 SC 2010 No. 406 Scott Giannou Ray Felice 1981 Porsche 911 SC 2009 No. 411 Roy Hopkins Adrienne Huges 1969 BMW 2002 2008 No. 411 Roy Hopkins Adrienne Hughes 1969 BMW 2002 2007 No. 411 Roy Hopkins Adrienne Hughes 1969 BMW 2002 2006 No. 604 Glen Clarke Evan Gamblin 1979 Porsche 911 2005 No. 504 Bill Arnold Alan Ryall 1972 BMW Bavaria 2004 No. 504 Bill Arnold Tamara Hull 1972 BMW Bavaria 2003 No. 504 Bill Arnold Peter Guagenti 1972 BMW Bavaria 2002 No. 404 Len Cattlin Gayle Cattlin 1965 Ford Mustang GRANDTOURING(EQUIPPED) DRIVER JACK ROGERS CO-DRIVER C.J. STRuPP CLASS TARGA CAR 1965 FORD MuSTANG DRIVER DONALD SAWyER CO-DRIVER SKyE SAWyER CLASS TARGA TEAM TEAM GuSTO CAR 2006 JCW MINI COOPER S 2015 No. 1009 Marinus Damm Renee Damm 2012 BMW 328 Xit Wagon 2014 No. 1333 John Hume Sr. Craig MacMullen 2013 MINI GP 2013 No. 1135 Jon Riddell Brian de Lange 2008 BMW 135i 2012 No. 1888 John Hume Sr. Craig MacMullen 2011 BMW 335is 2011 No. 1027 Justin Crant Justin Russell 1997 Volkswagen Golf Trek 2010 No. 1032 Justin Crant Justin Russell 1997 Volkswagen Golf Trek 2009 No. 1035 Ferdinand & Christopher Trauttmansdorff 1990 BMW 325i 2008 No. 1005 John Vandemierden Stu Lehmann 2008 Lotus Elise 2007 No. 1006 Michael Martin Cathy Martin 2003 Porsche 911 GRANDTOURING(UNEQUIPPED) 2015 No. 1799 Carson Scheller Lauren Scheller 2003 Audi A6 2014 No. 1709 Rev. David Burrows Jason Fancey 2014 Scion Tc 2013 No. 1002 Terry DaSilva Graham Austin 1980 MGB DRIVER HAROLD VANDERSCHEE CO-DRIVER DENISE VANDERSCHE CLASS TARGA TEAM BAD DOG RACING CAR 2006 CORVETTE Z06 DRIVER MIKE DAVENPORT CO-DRIVER BRAD BENSON CLASS TARGA TEAM 2015 SuBARu STI CAR DAVENPORT SuBARu RALLy FOR THE KIDS 2012 No. 1709 Rev. David Burrows Jason Fancey 2012 Scion FR S 2010 No. 1017 Alan Townsley David Fuhrmann 2003 Acura RSX 2009 No. 1025 Alan Kearley Greg Martin 2004 Mazda 3 Sport GT 2008 No. 1025 Alan Kearley Greg Martin 2004 Mazda 3 Sport GT 2007 No. 1025 Alan Kearley Greg Martin 2004 Mazda 3 Sport GT TARGANEWFOuNDLAND I 17 spotters guiDe subJeCt to Change CheCk targanFlD.CoM For upDates Driver gorDon MaXWell Co-Driver Wayne lorenzen Class targa teaM MaXzen raCing Car 2008 Mitsubishi evo Driver eDison Wiltshire Co-Driver Marg-o Wiltshire Class targa teaM ezra ChaplainCy Car 2007 saab CoMbi turbo Driver Doug MephaM Co-Driver bruCe leonarD Class targa Car 2006 Mini Cooper s JCW Driver paul MCgeehan Co-Driver Christopher Covington Class targa Car 2004 subaru WrX sti Driver riCharD atkinson Co-Driver Jonathan Cole Class targa Car 1995 aCura integra Driver DaviD robinson Co-Driver tobias bourDeau Class targa Car 2002 auDi tt Mark 1 Driver robert patterson Co-Driver Don MaCneil Class targa teaM MotorWorks raCing Car 1989 porsChe 911 C4 Driver bert hoWerton Co-Driver sean english Class targa teaM piho raCing Car 1995 bMW 325i Driver terry Da silva Co-Driver suDhir panDya Class granD touring Car 1980 Mg b Driver Doug kavanagh Co-Driver aaron bennett Class granD touring teaM teaM shark Car 2015 subaru brz Driver Marinus DaMM Co-Driver renee DaMM Class granD touring teaM DaMMralliers Car 2001 porsChe Carrera 4 Driver Daniel zeiter Co-Driver robertas Matuzonis Class granD touring teaM Free raDiCles Car 2016 bMW 435 Xi Driver John huMe sr. 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Do not view the event close to roads. Stay away from the roads and behind any yellow taped areas. BE A SMART SPECTATOR BE AWARE OF RED TAPE AND STAY AWAY Never spectate on any ground below road level at any stage. Never stand directly in the path of oncoming competitors. Even if the stage turns or changes direction these areas are used for run off if a competitor misses the turn. BE AWARE OF RED TAPE AND STAY AWAY Always try and keep a solid object or natural barriers (ditches rock outcrops trees poles houses) between you and the oncoming cars. Avoid sitting down. You may need to move quickly. If possible vehicles parked in driveways should be parked at least 15 metres (45 feet) from the edge of the active roadway. Other spectators may not have chosen a safe vantage point. Be proactive tell them of the hazards and recommend safe viewing points. ROAD CLOSURE TAPE Red Tape indicates a forbidden area. NO SPECTATING IS ALLOWED NEAR THE RED TAPE. NEVER STAND NEAR RED TAPE OR RED TAPED AREAS. Yellow tape indicates areas where a spectator can view the stage. Spectators are not allowed to move beyond the yellow tape. RECOMMENDED SPECTATOR AREA Do not stand in prohibited zones as you will risk removal and or prosecution by authorities. Some communities set up Designated Spectator Areas. Safety Marshals patrol the entire stage. They are wearing easily visible vests bearing the words SAFETY MARSHAL on the back. They have the right to direct people away from prohibited zones. Police are also on hand to assist these officials if spectators fail to obey instructions. CLOSING ROADS Closure schedules will be published in the Public Notices section of the daily newspapers announced on radio and sent as household flyers to homes along the stage route. THREE HOURS BEFORE ROAD CLOSE TIME THE STAGE SET-UP VEHICLES will arrive to help prepare the stage. These vehicles are equipped with flashing yellow lights. Marshals will start taping private 1) Stand at least 15 metres from the road 2) Choose the high ground 3) Never stand on the outside of a turn 4) Never stand behind red tape 5) Always stand do not sit to watch 6) Counsel others ThINK SAFETy areas approximately 90 minutes before the start of the stage. Roads will be limited to local traffic. AT ROAD CLOSE TIME roads will be closed to public traffic and intersections and access roads blocked. Five minutes before the road is closed there will be a long siren blast to indicate that the road is about to be closed to local traffic.The ROAD CLOSE VEHICLE with SIREN and FLASHING RED AND BLUE LIGHTS will pass through the stage performing a stage safety audit and road closure. TEN MINUTES AFTER ROAD CLOSE TIME the Course Check vehicle will traverse the stage performing another safety audit. Maximum 15 minutes after RCv CSv will enter to perform the final safety check of the course. After this the first competitor will enter signifying the start of the stage. After road closure do not move onto or across the road. For approximately one hour competing cars will pass by every 30 seconds. TNL 22 I TARGANFLD.COM