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Nautical Mile March 2017 P U B L I C A T I O N S Inc. Serving SW Florida since 2003 Venice to Bonita Beach Local an d Since 2003 INFORMATION Boating Fishing EXCLUSIVE page 47 Get your Fishing License over the phone in 3 minutes (888) 347-4356 Bonita Boat Show page 55 Jessica Potts and Katrissa Rowell take over Pine Island Sound NauticalMileMagazine (239) 283-0200 Pineland Marina (239) 283-3962 Ship Store - Boat Sales - Haul Outs St. James City AUTHORIZED DEALER Sales - Service - Re-power .com www. MARINE 14.50 06502 10 oz Tube Largest selection of fiberglass around Starting at 72 BATTERIES Quart 12.95 core & We re the Do-It-Yourself boat parts store. Experienced staff with the knowledge to answer your questions. Gallon 31.40 5-Gallon 139.95 Stainless Props 299 Starting at 95 Rod Holders Aluminum Oil volt temp and trim gauges Props Starting Starting at 3.99 15.00 99 at 95 Open s Sunday No Shipping No Waiting 4 Southwest Florida Locations SW Florida s Manifold Headquarters GLM 51110 3 Riser V6-V8 (Merc) GLM 51140 4 Riser V6-V8 (Merc) GLM 51220 GM V6 (Merc) GLM 51230 GM V8 Small Block (Merc) GLM 51240 GM V8 Big Block (Merc) 108.99 108.99 199.99 139.95 179.95 GLM 51420 (Port) GM V8 Small Block (OMC) GLM 51330 GM V6-V8 (OMC & Volvo) GLM 51430 GM V8 Small Block (OMC & Volvo) GLM 51520 GM V6 (Volvo) 51330C Original OMC Riser Chevy V6 & V8 169.95 149.95 179.95 139.95 129.00 GLM 51320 GM V8 Small Block (OMC) GLM 51410 (Starboard) GM V8 Small Block (OMC) 51148 Dry Joint GM V6-V8 (Merc) 3-Year Warranty Fully Tuned Manifolds Increase Horsepower 159.95 169.95 149.95 GLM 58221 GM V6 with 3 Riser GLM 58231 GM V8 S.B. with 3 Riser GLM 58241 GM V6 B.B. with 3 Riser 599.95 499.95 499.95 Hot Dipped Galvanized Increased Water Capacity Extended Lifetime GLM 58222 GM V6 with 4 Riser GLM 58232 GM V8 S.B. with 4 Riser GLM 58242 GM V8 B.B. with 4 Riser 599.95 499.95 519.95 Lower Cost & Premium Features N. Fort Myers 1156 N. Tamiami Tr. Fort Myers Beach 15600 San Carlos Blvd. Naples 989 S. Airport Pulling Road Port Charlotte 4694 Tamiami Trail 239-997-5777 239-437-7475 239-793-5800 941-766-1044 SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 04 from the publisher of the Nautical Mile Between traffic and trade shows we can really tell it s season Boat and trade shows are lined up and we ve had a presence at almost all of them. The next one this month we ll be at is the Punta Gorda Boat Show it s on March 9-12 downtown Punta Gorda. Tickets are only 3 kids under 15 are free. The weekend before that (March 2-5) is the Bonita Boat Show at the Bonita Greyhound Track. This was previously the March show at the Lee Civic Center and has become a popular event for the southern end of Lee county. Home shows are actually our favorite they draw the most new readers for us most of the crowd is new residents. Our show booth is pretty easy we let people take a free paper while we read a book... I need someone to hold the fort down on Saturday March 11 in Punta Gorda from noon till about 5 if anyone out there is interested. I m a sponsor and participant for the Decades Party in Cape Coral that day I need to get home in time to dress up like Fonzi At that event I d donating a table of stuff called the Fisherman s package which will be a about 1500 in fishing tackle. It s a fund raiser for the new Cape Coral Animal Shelter. Tickets are 75 and it s a blast they do it every year. Wicked Dolphin Rum Distillery March 11. The picture below was at the first of a series of fishing seminars. At the last minute I thought I might want to say Bring a folding chair and I m glad I did. Over 100 people showed up at Old Pine Island Marina & Tackle to hear how to catch the big ones. Below Capt. Chuck Downs did a talk specifically on TopWater action . This is happening every fourth Saturday (10-noon) of the month through April 22. Free to attend raffles I m the host and the speakers are very educational. A special thanks to the Marine Trading Post and MirrOlure for the above they send quite a box of lures as raffle prizes as they always do for our local fishing events. My night classes are moving along nicely. People are fascinated with adopting the thought of an entrepreneur into their personal life. I m applying for multiple grants to give it a kickstart. It s pretty hard to put into words- I m out to teach people that if they can think like an entrepreneur they can do almost anything. It s not business it s a mindset. I have monthly talks I work with local government and the school system and it s turning into quite a worthy project. The Reel Anglers Fishing Club announced that their membership has exceeded 200 and the Cape Coral Tarpon Hunters are more active than ever. The water issues are not gone but there s most likely been enough of a recovery to have a great fishing year. If you re looking to explore a new dining experience on the water the new restaurant at Stump Pass Marina has opened. Nestled at the end of Maryland Ave. and directly on the Intercoastal Waterway at marker 17a it will become a favorite place to dine and have cocktails. They are also a PET FRIENDLY restaurant which is unique these days plus they have a snook estuary living under the docks. Daily feedings. Help me rock the house for the Cape Coral Community Foundation on March 30. It s worthy of supporting See page 61. Enjoy our 80 degree winter thenauticalmile SW Florida s LOCAL marine resource guide 05 Nautical Mile Monthly Contributing Writers 08 16 18 20 25 27 34 36 38 45 50 53 54 56 58 59 60 Dave Sully Jim Hutchinson Sr. Bob Moro Alyssa Grabner Capt. Dick May Capt. Charles Epranian Barb Hansen Lynette Brown Snook Cowboy Dockside Dennis The Quarles Team Capt. Chuck Downes Robin Griffiths Kathy Thousand Capt. Rob Modys Capt. Bill Russell Capt. Gregg McKee TM Local a nd 2017 Moons Boating Fishing P U B L I C A T I O N S Inc. First quarter March 5 Full moon March 12 Last quarter March 20 New moon March 27 First quarter April 3 Welcome to Lee C 2017 Annual Lee County Boat er s Guide ...available now ounty Boating Contact us Nautical Mile Newsletter Get ongoing updates on the local marine community upcoming boat shows and coastal events. P U B L I C A T I O N S Inc. PO Box 486 - Bokeelia Fl. 33922 Office (239) 980-5803 Fax 790-1370 thenauticalmile Sign up for free at Advertising Inquiries (239) 699-7394 Let the Specialists at Frantz EyeCare improve your quality of life with the following Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery Bladeless WaveLight LASIK Dry Eye Center of Excellence Treatment of Eye Diseases Facial & Body Rejuvenation Routine Eye Exams Jonathan M. Frantz. MD Medical Director Total Eye Care 12731 New Brittany Blvd Fort Myers (239) 418.0999 SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 06 N OPE s y 7-Da INSHORE FISHING FISHING CHARTERS Full selection of rods & reels SPECIALIST FULL SERVICE TACKLE OUTFITTER LIVE & FROZEN BAIT Squid - Threadfins - Sardines - Worms Crabs - Chum - Shrimp - Bonita - Ballyhoo Dry Chum - Herring - Octopus - Ladyfish Cigar Minnows - Mullet - Block Chum CUSTOM ROD BUILDING & REPAIRS One of SW Florida s Largest Selections of Inshore & Offshore Tackle (239) 540-FISH In Cape Coral on Del Prado near Savona Pkwy. 3714 Del Prado Blvd. Cape Coral Boats up 33 Beam Ship Store Sales & Service Parts Dept. Boat Bottoms Crane service Fiberglass AWLGRIP Gel Coat SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide TM 07 pontoons Ship Store - Boat Sales - Haul Outs Pineland Marina MARINE (239) 283-0200 (239) 283-3962 St. James City Sales - Service - Re-power AUTHORIZED DEALER SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 08 Meet the Marine Unit Deputy Ryan Justham Deputy Ryan Justham is a real anomaly in the Marine Unit having been born and raised in Florida and a lifelong resident of Lee County while most of his colleagues migrated to Lee County from other parts of the country or the state as in the case of Tony Smith. At 34 Ryan is the youngest member of the unit but since he joined in June of 2012 his longevity affords him the radio ID of Marine 2. He became a member of the Lee County Sheriff s Department in 2005 at the age of 22 having graduated from college with an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice after completing high school. He subsequently went to the Ft Myers Police Academy. His interest in police work was forged at an early age. He explained My dad worked a lot with narcotics when I was younger and he was an Auxiliary Officer with the Fort Myers PD. I grew up listening to their stories. He decided then that he wanted to pursue law enforcement. As was the case with all of his marine unit colleagues he worked the road when he joined the department spending time in West District which comprises considerable areas of waterfront along with a stint in East which includes Lehigh Acres as well in his seven years on the road. During his time on the road he experienced what virtually every law enforcement officer fears but is prepared to do firing a weapon at a suspect something that surprisingly few police officers ever do in the course of their careers. He explained In 2010 I was involved in a shooting while I was working the road in Lehigh. A guy shot and killed his brother and was hiding in the house. I wasn t the first one there. I had never been to the house before. My understanding was that he had a mental illness and he wanted suicide by cop. I located him under a bed. He started shooting at me and my partner with an Uzi submachine gun. When he started shooting I was in the doorway maybe eight feet from the guy. We were ducking rounds the whole time. My partner took cover in the bathroom that adjoined the wall and we returned fire. I had an AR 15. The subject succumbed to the deputies response. For their part in the episode both Justham and his partner Sgt Pat McDonald (since retired) were awarded the US Congressional Badge of Bravery by Florida Congressman Connie Mack. Two years later Justham made the switch from the road to the water. Again unlike his fellow marine unit members Ryan did not have an extensive background on the water with his experience limited to recreational fishing with virtually no other experience. When asked why he joined the unit he replied They put the posting out. It sounded like fun so I put in for it. by While others had to wait a considerable time for their appointments Ryan was at the right place at the right time and was appointed after only about a month. With his considerable lack of waterborne knowledge the learning curve was higher. He explained I could drive the boat like a fisherman but the way we operate and the way the guys in the unit operate it took a couple of years. Having learned his craft well over his five years in the unit he has had a number of interesting experiences many of them interestingly involving animals. Of one of those happenings he noted We got a call about a cow that was on an island and it looked like it was in poor health. It was by itself. Myself and a couple members of the Ag (Agricultural) Unit went to the island located the cow and ended up loaded it onto a Department of Resources vessel. Then we transported it back to the boat ramp and loaded it onto their SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 09 livestock trailer. We had to use a couple of professional cowboys and their dogs to find it. When we found it it went down into the water up to its belly. It ultimately took ten people to effect the rescue. They never did find the owner and the fate of the cow is unknown as the Ag Unit took over the operation. Continuing the the animal theme Justham also mentioned a couple of manatee rescues. He observed We had one up in Matalcha Pass by the power lines and the other was in the Spreader Canal. The first one had a crab buoy and line wrapped around it. The second one was a boat strike. Being that the manatees are large creatures even the young ones it s not just a case of hauling them over the side. He added The FWC has a net boat. They drop a seine net (known in some quarters as a purse seine) around the manatee and then the net is pulled in and the manatee is muscled into the boat. We got the manatee with the line wrapped around it back to the Matlacha Park and they were able to remove the line. There were actually a mother and a calf in the net. They were both released from Matlacha Park. The other manatee rescued was struck by a boat in the spreader Canal and suffered injuries that prevented it from submerging. A net boat was also used in that operation and the manatee was taken for treatment by the FWC. He kind of sees his specialty as saving animals as along with the cow and the manatees he noted a raccoon a bunch of pelicans and diving ducks among his rescues. He did allude to a rather exciting episode on the water which didn t involve an animal rescue. It resulted in saving a boat from ending up on the bottom. He explained When I first started in the unit the lieutenant and I were sitting in the office and heard a Mayday call come out over the VHF receiver about a boat taking on water in the Slow Zone near Big Shell (located near the mouth of the Caloosahatchee River). We caught up with the boat which was still running about forty miles an hour at the Cape Coral Bridge and I got one of our water pumps while the lieutenant pulled our boat alongside. I jumped from one boat to the other at about forty miles an hour. We managed to pump the boat out. We were able to get the boat onto his lift and out of the water. It turned out that the stringers had become separated and there were two cracks that ran the length of the hull. If the boat s captain would have stopped the boat would have sunk. Hence the need for the jump with the pump. It was a bit nerve wracking jumping from one boat to the other at forty miles and hour he deadpanned. In his off hours Justham is an avid hunter and he ranges far and wide to pursue his hobby. He observed My dad and I bow hunt for deer in New York and we also deer hunt in Georgia and I do a lot of hog hunting as well. We bow hunt gun hunt and dog hunt but we only bow hunt for deer. His other major activity is trying to keep up with my son he laughed. Being relatively young despite twelve years as a deputy Ryan declared For the next step in my career I want to be a detective. That s something I ve always wanted to try if that were to come along. He added that he was perfectly happy in the Marine Unit should that not come to pass. Lee County Sheriff Dept. V.O.I.C.E Unit dlsully99 SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 10 Never miss another event Annual Customer Appreciation Day Ft. Myers We ll send you a reminder when they re close- Hog Roast and Fishing Seminars annual banquet 25 YEARS No Spam No Soliciting Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with local coastal events E-Mail Address F RE E Fishing Seminars Annual Black Friday Sale Saturday mornings 7-10 SW Florida Fishin Dredging Pile Setting Floating Docks New Dock Construction Seawall Construction Boat Lift Construction Rip Rap Erosion Control Dock Repair Boat Lift Repairs Free Serving all of SW Florida Estimates (239) 259-8696 Lic CGC1511928 SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 11 Waterway BOAT LIFT COVERS ve a i ty a n d r e c e i e r il Tour our fac r boat-lift cov ou i s c ou n t on y d e Sinc 1995 SW Florida s Original BOAT LIFT COVER Company When you want QUALITY ENGINEERING & PRICES 15040 Tamiami Trail Punta Gorda SW Florida s Original BOAT LIFT COVER Company All aluminum construction. Over 6 000 covers installed. Engineered for local & state code Lee County Charlotte County (239) 340-8429 (941) 505-0237 SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 12 Braggin Board Jack letting us know that Bass are alive and well in SW Florida Rods Rods Bob Outdoors with Vince Parkinson & Millie Rods Reels Reels Reels Dr. Dustin with a Keys Grouper Signe with a 20 Sheepshead (Don t cut her head off next time) Send fish pictures to Lines Lines Lines theNauticalMile Plus 995-2280 (239) SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 13 Before After The leading expert in piling protection restoration and repair in SW Florida Formapile has a US Patent Developed over 40 years ago Independent laboratory testing Engineer certified Above damage from a worm that lives in saltwater called a Marine Borer . They can start destroying a piling within 3 months of it being in the water. Formapile offers the only true 10-year manufacturer s warranty Call for a free piling inspection (239) 471-3998 SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 14 Always ample parking Be o n t he Water NOW and Wet-Slips and Dry Storage for rent now 190 Rack Storage Facility p for One-Sto g in everyth d you nee Dies now el Fuel a va i lable Fishing Guide Services - Open 6-6 Every Day Full Service Marina Ask about member fuel discounts Ice Beer & Snacks - Ethanol-Free Fuel Deep-Water Access with no Slow Zones Ship Store Tackle Shop - Live & Frozen Bait Full Service Department with Certified Mechanics Island Girl Charters Pine Island Charters Floating Kayak Launch Taxi Service to Cayo Costa Guide Services and Boat Rentals 24 hour service to the islands Island Girl Charters 13921 Waterfront Drive Pineland (239) 283-3593 Gateway to the Islands (239) 633-8142 SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 15 Sightseeing - Shelling Lunch Dinner Cruises Private Taxi Dolphin Watching 24 HOUR SERVICE North Captiva - Captiva - Cabbage Key (239) 633-8142 Boca Grande - Pine Island - Useppa SW Florida s PREMIER Water-Taxi Service Departs from Pineland Marina SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 16 Sea Sickness Jim Hutchinson Sr. A few days ago I stopped by the Marine Trading Post on Cleveland Avenue in North Fort Myers to pick up a couple of items for my boat. As usual when I stop there I ended up roaming the aisles and filling my arms with things that I just cannot live without. That is a story for another time however. While looking at the teak cleaners I overheard a woman telling her husband she is tired of getting seasick. She told him she loved going in the boat but she could not stand getting sick. I didn t get involved in this conversation but felt it was a coincidence. We had a repairman last week to fix one of our appliances. He had gotten a new boat and took it out for the first time to fish the offshore reefs. It was very rough and he became seasick. He said there were 5-6 foot seas and the boat bobbed excessively. He had no problem while moving but when they anchored up he became sick. I was a young boy when the idea of mal de mer first arose. My father took me out on a head boat in the ocean off New Jersey. It was blustery and the boat was rocking and rolling. My father believed seasickness was all mental. He took me up in the bow against the rail where the boat bounced the most. We laughed shouted and I never felt a bit seasick. Later we laughed quietly at others tossing their cookies. I don t think seasickness is all in the mind but it is a big part of it. I have been in the ocean and the gulf many times on very rough days and I have never gotten sick. I believe my father s attitude that first trip has a lot to do with this. Research tells us that seasickness is a form of motion sickness originating in the inner ear affecting your balance. I have fished with many seasick anglers. At first they are afraid they are going to die. As the symptoms get worse they fear they are not going to die. The worst of the symptoms are dizziness nausea and vomiting. I have a few tips for someone going out in a boat who feels he might become sick. Don t think about it too much and avoid talking about it. There are some medications that might help the situation usually antihistamines. I am not a doctor but I recommend taking an over the counter medication the night before the trip. If you wait until the morning it is probably too late. Dramamine is the most well-known of these. Doctors can prescribe a patch that is worn behind your ear. Be sure to SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 17 check how any medication will react with other medications you take or physical conditions you might have. I believe the patch should not be used by people with glaucoma. The night before the trip watch what you eat. Don t eat dinner late in the evening. It does not have to be a light meal but stay away from greasy and heavy foods such as roast pork mashed potatoes and gravy. Once you leave the dock stay out of the cabin and especially the head. The head on a boat can be enough to make you sick even when the boat is still at the dock. The air in the cabin can be musty and conducive to making you queasy. The middle potion of the boat will be the most stable part of the boat while underway. Just be sure to avoid sitting or standing around exhaust fumes. Looking at the horizon can help to settle you. Alcohol does not help a sick sailor. If you are susceptible to mal de mer stick with safe carbonated drinks like Coke or Pepsi. Take food that is on the lighter side. Pretzels are a good food that sits relatively well in your stomach. I have been known to provoke others to the rail in distress when I whip out a bologna or liverwurst sandwich on a rough day. I can be cruel that way. If you start to feel queasy stay outside. Try to think about other things. Stay away from others who might be getting sick. If you have to get sick be sure to do it well over the side at the stern if possible. Just please do not do it upwind of me. jamesghutch1 SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 18 One of the benefits of being the Commander of the Fort Myers Power Squadron is that I get to hang around with some pretty interesting nautical characters. Chap Vail is one of them. He s an honorary citizen of Bob s World. Former Commander of the SanibelCaptiva Power Squadron certified Vessel Safety Examiner USPS Certified Instructor holder of a USCG Master s License w Towing Endorsement former marina boat rental and salvage company manager owner and on and on. Over 60 years of on the water experience. So when he gets excited about a new boat I take notice. Come check out this new flats boat he tells me. It s incredible Well I m not much of a fisherman so I never considered buying a flats boat. Double or triple the price of a pontoon or deck boat with lousy seating Nah. Want a Bimini That s extra. I was skeptical. But I do confess to a private terror every time I take to the water. I ve written about this a lot and just about everybody s done it I m talking about running aground. The one thing I like about those boats is their tiny draw-18 inches or so. Oh you ll get wet and you d better stay pretty much inshore unless the water is calm but you can almost go where no man has gone before. No need for Scotty to beam you up your beam is floating nicely thank you very much. But Chap is persistent. How about 3 inches of draft At 50 knots. This boat s gonna change the industry Chap says. So I find myself at the Sanibel boat ramp with Chap and his friend David Maile Marketing Director for Dream Boats Global taking me for a tour of this sleek new 21 flats boat hybrid. What if I told you that you could have a sleek center console boat loaded with safety features that can handle heavy seas with minimal Bob Moro splash for less than a third the price of the competition they tell me. The boat is screaming yellow with a Guinness World Record logo calling me from the helm. About 12 years ago Ralph Brown set out to build the world s most seaworthy flats boat at an affordable price (more on that later) and he just may have done it. Skeptical He took this 21 Intruder across the Atlantic and through the remnants of two hurricanes and a tropical storm setting a couple of world records in the process. The monocat design is hand laid fiberglass with closed cell foam packed in from the bottom of the boat to the top of the gunnels. Brown added a Kevlar layer for strength and rock protection. The extraordinary handling comes from the combination of specialized pontoonlike sponsons with integral keels that walk over waves and a center tunnel drive that directs chop under the boat rather than into it. That tunnel also injects air into the seawater creating a frothy mix that raises the level of the ocean when it exits the transom and lets the prop bite into this mix while barely touching the original water surface hence the 3 draw. There s a huge whale tail just above the prop to vector the thrust. This boat looks bad Let s go for a ride The combined effect was pretty amazing as Captain Chap flew me up the Miserable Mile at high speed and hunted for every boat wake he could find. I kept waiting for the BANG I kept waiting for the roll. I kept waiting for the water bath. No bang. No roll. No bath. Try doing this in a competitor s boat Chap shouted from the helm. He and Dave kept ticking off the benefits of this tough boat. Too much to mention in a thousandword column and I wasn t about to pull out pen and paper but here s a few We had nine guys standing on a gunnel and the boat barely moved. You can fill this boat with water and it ll still fly. The dual 4 scuppers will drain the boat in seconds. Try filling a competitor s boat that way. The only direction it will move is upside down. This boat won t flip . (Brown has this ability trademarked he calls it Swamp StabilityTM ). They ve sold about 50 boats so far including a smaller 18 design. The Army the National Park Service the Federal Fish and Wildlife and NOAA have all bought one or more. Chap wants Brown to build a bulletproof helm canopy to augment its fighting capability. (I told you he lives in Bob s World.) As a United States Power Squadron officer the one thing that impressed me most is that this appears to be the safest flats boat you can buy. SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 19 Ralph Brown also wants to sell a ton of these boats to emergency response teams. He s cutting a shrimp door into the overbuilt gunnels to allow rescuers to pull victims aboard. There s an optional shroud for the prop to protect it from debris and he s working on a PWC jet drive to take it up rivers and flood zones. It s Outrageously RuggedTM Maile pronounces It s unsinkable . I m thinking it s a nautical version of a jeep or maybe a Lamborghini. The boat weighs as much as your average flats boat but because it skims the water it needs a lot less power. So it burns a lot less fuel. And goes a long way between fill-ups. OK here s the best part Brown will sell you this boat outfitted with a new trailer-for about 30K. Or you could buy onethird of a nice conventional flats boat. Brown used up much of his life s savings bringing his boat to market and he s now looking for investors. Want one Talk to Chap. chapv Have you picked up the Nautical Mile Magazine s Boating and Fishing 2017 guide yet It s awesome. Many thanks to Marine Trading Post for helping to make it happen. You can find our new 2017 Boater s Guide at both Lee county Marine Trading Post locations. FT. Myers Power Squadron Lt. C Bob Moro P Monroe Canal Marina Marine Supplies - Boat Rentals Dock Rentals - Live Bait Tackle Shop - Beer - Soda - Ice Boat & Kayak Rentals Daily - Weekly - Monthly open 7 days (239) 282-8600 Because every day is a gift Boat Ramp with parking for 40 trailers in St. James City BOAT REPAIRS - FISHING CHARTERS STORAGE - FUEL 3105 Stringfellow Rd. St. James City SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 20 Sea Scope The Clown Frogfish fins. Another amazing feature of the clown frogfish is that they exhibit biofluorescence. Biofluorescence is different than bioluminescence in the way that biofluorescence is the absorption and reemission of light from the environment. Bioluminescence is the natural production of light by chemical reactions occurring within an organism. When the clown frogfish is illuminated by blue or ultraviolet light it re-emits that as a red color. This assists the fish with camouflaging and communicating with other creatures. Habitat The clown frogfish lives in tropical waters of the IndoPacific area. They are often Characteristics The clown frogfish is a rather peculiar creature to look at. This fish can also be referred to as the warty frogfish. They can grow up to 6 inches in length. It has an extensible body and soft skin covered in small spines. The color of their body camouflages with its surroundings. This aids in protection from predators and helps them lure prey. The clown frogfish has the capacity to change their pigment patterns and colorations in the matter of weeks. During times of coral bleaching the fish turns plain white to blend in with its environment. The dominant coloration is black and white passing through ranges of shades of pink yellow red brown cream etc. Some of the clown frogfish are heavily spotted and are easily confused with its close relative the spotted frogfish. One characteristic that differentiates the two species is that the spotted frogfish has red or orange streaks on all of its Alyssa s Alyssa Grabner found in the center of the Indian Ocean and in the western area of the Pacific Ocean. The clown frogfish is found in sheltered rocky and coral reefs. The adult frogfish like to be associated with sponges reaching 20m below the surface of the ocean. Their habitat lies between isotherms that have a temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius. Diet As all frogfish the clown frogfish is a carnivorous fish. They attack all small animals that pass within its strike range. They move slowly wait for the prey and strikes in as little as 6 milliseconds. Its mouth has the lower jaw projecting out which allows it to open up wide to consume prey that are the same size of their own body. Alyssa Grabner seascopearticle Joseph W. Starowicz P.A. Your SW Florida Waterfront Pro (239) 940-4580 Joe Whether you are in the market for an affordable condominium or a luxurious waterfront home Joe promises to deliver the individual attention and honesty that you deserve. You also have his experience which is cumulated from my time as a licensed home builder 20 years in the mortgage industry along with buying and selling homes since 1979. SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 21 FULL SERVICE LUMBER YARD ks oc D Beautiful and long lasting Beautiful Five vibrant fade-resistant colors N ew C ap e Water Coral at Tar Display pon Po int Wood-Free Not a composite Decks & Porches PLASTIC LUMBER Easy Retrofit Spans 24 joists to replace old decking 3 Southwest Florida Locations Ft. Myers - 10871 Kelly Road Y 50 R EA R WA Y NT RA (239) 267-6857 Cape Coral - 1005 SE 10th Street (239) 573-6857 Charlotte County - 3055 S. McCall Rd. (941) 474-0099 FULL SERVICE LUMBER YARD Beautiful and long lasting SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 22 Join our Pier Club fish or launch your boat 9 times get the 10th time free Jug Creek Access - No Slow Zones Bokeelia Boat Ramp 283-2244 Drive to the end of Bokeelia Located behind Captain Con s Seafood Restaurant 10 Launch oven for 10 to 15 minutes or until fish are cooked through. 4. After draining the cooked Rice add the Zest and Juice of the Orange and mix well. 5. Serve the Fillets over the Orange Rice and Sprinkle with chopped Cilantro. Public Access Boat Ramp 1 mile past the post office North end of Bokeelia Acres of Parking PANKO CRUSTED SHEEPSHEAD 4 to 6 Fillets of Sheepshead 1 3 C. Flour seasoned to taste Capt. Dick s Recipes 1 C. Panko Bread Crumbs 1 Egg slightly beaten with 2 Tbsp. Water Zest and Juice of 1 Orange Cooked Rice 1. Dredge Fillets in seasoned Serves 3 to 4 Flour then the Egg Wash then Panko Breadcrumbs 2. Heat 2 Tbsp. Oil in saut pan and cook Fillets until they are golden brown. about 2 minutes. 3. Place saut pan with Fish in a pre-heated 300 degree The new book contains 375 recipes collected by Capt. Dick from all over America and particularly in the Gulf State area where he operates Easy Rider Charters fishing service. Bokeelia Fishing Pier 7-7 Daily - 8 a Day - No License Required Join our Pier Club fish or launch your boat 9 times get the 10th time free Night Fishing Thursdays 7pm to midnight 10 per person Drive to the end of Bokeelia Located at Captain Con s Seafood Restaurant Great fishing for Snook Redfish Snapper Trout and more from our 300-foot pier 10 Ramp (239) 283-2244 In-Water Marina Facilities Ainger Creek Marina Placida (941) 474-2487 Boat House The Cape Coral (239) 549-2628 Bob & Annie s Boatyard St. James City (239) 283-3962 Boca Grande Marina Boca Grande (941) 964-2100 Bonita Bay Marina Bonita Springs (239) 495-3222 Burnstore Marina Punta Gorda (941) 637-0083 Cape Coral Marine Centre Cape Coral (239) 541-2988 Cape Haze Marina Englewood (941) 698-1110 Diversified Yacht Services Ft. Myers Beach (239) 765-8700 Everest Marina Cape Coral (239) 458-6604 Fish Tale Marina Fort Myers Beach (239) 463-3600 Four Winds Marina Bokeelia (239) 283-0250 Ft. Myers Yacht Basin Ft. Myers (239) 321-7080 Gasparilla Marina Placida (941) 697-2280 Gator Creek Marine Punta Gorda (941) 639-3446 Gulf Harbour Marina Fort Myers (239) 437-0881 Gulfside Marine Matlacha (239) 282-0443 Legacy Harbour Marina Fort Myers (239) 461-0775 Marina at Cape Harbour Cape Coral (239) 945-4330 Monroe Canal Marina St. James City (239) 282-8600 SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 23 Better Service - Better Boating Moss Marine Ft. Myers Beach (239) 765-6677 Mullock Creek Marina Fort Myers (239) 267-3717 Old Fish House Marina Matlacha (239) 282-9577 Owl Creek Boat Works Alva (239) 543-2100 Palm Island Marina Placida (941) 697-4356 Pineland Marina Bokeelia (239) 283-3593 Port Sanibel Marina Fort Myers (239) 437-1660 Prosperity Pointe Marina N. Ft. 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Myers - 2455 Fowler Street Naples - 895 10th Street South SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 24 Balcony Embrace the mentality of an Entrepreneur and watch what happens the entrepreneur s People with impressive backgrounds on specific topics offer free talks discussions and Workshops monthly. Follow us on Coordinated by Third Draft Enterprises and brought to you for free by and David Schuman Insurance Cape Coral s First Real Estate Company Free Jets Pizza Watch our series of 2-3 minute Topic-Videos at SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 25 March in Pine Island Sound If the weather remains mild in March the fishing should get better every day. One of the keys to warmer water temperatures is the air temperature did not drop to 50 degrees or lower at night. If it will only go down to around 60 degrees at night and stay in the mid to high 70 s during the day the water will warm. When the water gets to 75 degrees or higher the bait will start to return and with the bait Mackerel larger Trout Cobia Blacktip Sharks and keeper-size Redfish will also return. This usually occurs in the last two weeks of March. Until the bait returns and I can cast net a bait well of Whitebait and Pinfish I will be using live Shrimp . Gulp Shrimp and plastic swim baits such as the ZOOM. Currently I am catching nice size Trout using two methods. On a warm Sunny day I am finding Trout in sand holes on shallow grass flats sunning themselves. I am using a swim bait on a 1 15 oz. weedless hook. Long casts are necessary to keep from spooking the fish and as a result I have downsized to 10 or 15 lb. braided line for longer casts. To maximize my casting distance I am using a 7 to 7-1 2 foot long rod with a medium light tip. Cast your bait into the grass or sand hole and give it short snappy twitches as you are retrieving the bait. Allow the bait to sink between twitches. If the Trout are not in this type of shallow area they have moved to deeper grass flats. In that event I will move out to Shrimp. Drag the bait along with short twitches on a sandy weed free bottom. March is usually a great month for Sheepshead. They will be found on rock piles Oyster Bars and around pilings under docks and bridges. I use a small 1 hook a small piece of peeled Shrimp and just enough split shot to get it down to the bottom. For leader I use 15 lb. Fluorocarbon. Keep a tight line so you can feel the bite. Take plenty of bait because they are famous for stealing your bait. Other popular baits are Sand Fleas Fiddler Crabs Tube Worms and even Red Worms. Keep the bait small because they have a small mouth. Due to their boney skeleton the fillets tend to be small. As a result I favor baking them whole. You will get three times the meat from them. The Snook season opens March 1st. If the white bait is back this will be your best live bait. Small pin fish works well also. If neither are available purchase large hand picked shrimp. Fish for them around snags oyster bars and any other structure where there is current. Plastic jerk baits work well and my favorite hard plug is the Mirr O Lure 17 in grey back and white belly. This is a suspended bait so let it sink a couple of feet then give it a sharp jerk then allow it to sink again. March is the beginning of great Spring fishing. Let s get out there and fish Capt. Dick May 3-1 2 to 5 feet of water over a grass flat and switch to a rattling cork with a 1 8 oz. to oz. jig head on a monofilament leader about 3 feet under the cork. For bait I will use a 3 inch Gulp Shrimp in White or Glow. If the water is under 70 degrees I will also tip the Gulp bait with a small piece of Shrimp. When we begin getting tides that rise to 1-1 2 feet I will be fishing for Redfish under the bushes. Until the Whitebait returns I will be using live Shrimp on a 1 0 bait keeper hook with 30 lb. monofilament leader and a to 3 8 oz. slip sinker rigged Knocker Style. If you catch a fresh Ladyfish while Trout fishing cut it up into small steaks and fish it for Reds. When using Ladyfish I do not use a sinker so I can skip it up under the bushes. If the tide does not come up fish for Redfish out away from the bushes in sand holes. Anchor your boat within casting distance and throw your bait into the hole and be patient. As soon as the bait fish start returning check out the passes for Spanish Mackerel. Watch for diving Gulls and troll a small Clark Spoon around not through the schools. Use a short piece of wire or pre-made wire leader ahead of the lure to reduce cutoffs. Watch out for their teeth when unhooking. Pompano should be on the beaches and even on the inside. The hot lure for them right now is the Silly Willy rig. Tip the larger hook with a small piece of SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 26 Largest REEL Selection Around Largest LURE Selection Around Where fishing info and lies are FREE Fishing Charters 574-6950 Live & Frozen Bait On-Site Boat Rigging - Motor Repairs Custom Cast Nets - Rocket Trailers - Custom Rods Consignment Boats - Star Rods - Marine Supplies Cast Net Repair - Rod & Reel Repairs 405 NE Pine Island Rd. - Cape Coral SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 27 s aul P Mobile mechanic and more Service - Repairs - Electrical Mobile Marine SERVICE (239) 464-0753 comes to fishing. Spending more time on the water obviously increases your odds of catching more fish so when you have the chance get out there and fish Even if the kids catch it all it ll still be a great experience for everyone. If you d like charter information or just want to talk fishing give me a call. enthusiasm and excitement of our youth are almost palpable. Folks who don t fish never get to feel that feeling of pure joy when your bobber goes under or you feel that fish slowly tightening your line as he swims off with what he thought was an easy meal or when a fish nails your bait like a freight train. Occasions of Hope capt. c h a r l e s e p r a n i a n Most folks who fish know that on any given day the best experience of ones life could occur. Conversely any given day could be a total zero (yet still a great experience). The amazing and cool part about fishing is what you DON T know. That s what keeps many coming back for another day on the water that unknown factor. Fishing has been described as a perpetual series of occasions for hope . I love that line. If you ve spent any amount of time angling you know this feeling well. You are always poised with anticipation about what may come and yet you have absolutely no idea if or when it will. To me this explains why I sometimes see the look of an excited 5 year old in the face of a 60 year old angler. Capt. Charles Epranian You can have the best of equipment the nicest boat and even years of experience and still the kid on board could just as likely catch more or better fish than the most seasoned of anglers. That s the hook. That occasion of hope come true . Fish don t care what kind of rod you fish or what kind of boat you run. They are predators out making a living and the randomness of life sometimes shines on a particular angler in a day. This explains why That harkening back to when we sometimes the 9 year old catches everything while his were kids patiently (and frustrated dad catches next to sometimes not so patiently) frshfsh5 nothing. Life is often random waiting for the next bite and (239) 410-2515 and that is a good thing when it when it does come the Bait & Tackle - Ship Store Artificial Bait & Accessories Rods & Reels - Beer - Ice Marine Accessories Located at Laishley Marina boat ramp Open 7 days from 6am-8pm (941) 621-4190 120 Laishley Court Punta Gorda SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 28 Aluminum Welding and fabrication (239) 458-3860 2408 Andalusia Blvd. Cape Coral Specializing in custom marine products since 1994 SW Florida Online Weather Station SW F lorid a Di ve S hop s Capt. Pete s - FT. Myers Dean s Dive Center - Ft. Myers LIVE local web-cams - Weather Forum Marine & Tides - Lightning Tracker Hurricane Information - All of SW Florida - DepthFinder s - Port Charlotte Fantasea - Port Charlotte Gaspar s Dive & Board - Englewood Naples Scuba Diving - Naples Scuba Marco - Marco Island Scuba Quest - Cape Coral Scubavice - Ft. Myers Scuba Ventures - Naples 8 choices of radar options 26 YEARS OF DOING IT RIGHT Your Perfect Pine Island Port Open 7 days 7AM-5PM 1990 - 2016 View our 24 Hour We bCam Water Taxi Capt. Emmy Girl Charters Storage Annual or short-term Service Boat Rentals The 2017 rental boats are in. Up to 10 People o FISHING CHARTERS Minutes to OUTSTANDING fishing locations Inshore & Offshore FACTORY TRAINED Wet Slips Dry Storage Boat Lifts Floating Docks Ship s Store Bait & Tackle Non-ethanol Gas Fishing Charters Security Patrolled Fishing or Cruising Certified Yamaha Technicians Warranty Service & Parts All Outboard Repair Fiberglass Canvas Detailing FlaLazy min g Sightseeing Sunset Cruises Dolphin Watching Center Consoles Dual Consoles and Deck Boats Full Day Half Day Weekly Just minutes to Cabbage Key Cayo Costa and Boca Grande ING NT DIN RFRO ily WATE ne r Da &D Lunch in 16501 Stringfellow Road Bokeelia Fl 33922 Service Dept Hours Mon-Sat 8am - 5pm (239) 283-0250 SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 29 The Nautical Mile is by far the most successful coastal information source in the state and we re expanding it s coverage area north through Sarasota. We re not looking for an employee we re looking for a person to manage from Punta Gorda through Sarasota as more of a business partner. Couple days a week no stress great money and a 15-year track record of success with a 98% customer retention to follow. You MUST live between Charlotte and Sarasota. If this interests you lets talk. Publisher Founder Nautical Mile thenauticalmile (239) 980-5803 DOCKS - BOATLIFTS - CANOPIES The difference is Quality. We ARE the difference Specializing in Custom Docks Boatlifts and Canopies Serving SW Florida for over 25 Years (239) 267-5566 Custom Docks and Boatlifts Professional and Courteous Staff Custom Canopies No Money Down Till We Start Your Dock Fully Insured - Longshoreman s Coverage F ree Estima tes SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 30 Nautical Mile s Coastal Cork Boards 10 000 monthly from Venice to Bonita Beach 650 Year Based in SW Florida and serving Mariners from Alaska to the Virgin Islands (239) 549-0271 . The Captain School Inc Mariners Helping through the Maze ense OUPU - 6 Pack Lic Master to Master Upgrade Towing Sailing s ul Pa hanic obile mec e M and mor Service Martirnae Mobiplaers - Elec ic l Re i an d an d Pine Islral area Cape Co 53 ) 464-07 (239 888-728-2474 Fami Hu ly Owned Since 1984 Parts and Service Open to the Public bs - Springs - Axles Guide Poles - Lights Deemaxx Disk Brakes HD Keel Guides - Hardw are We TraiRent l ers FT See page 24 www.rockettraile . Myers - Reels Tackle - Rods www.ritean 2360 Crystal Road Complete selection of terminal tackle for the serious fisherman 16450 l S. Tamiami Trai Ft. Myers BURRIS INBOARD OUTBOARD STERN DRIVES 905 SE 9th Terrace Cape Coral PROPELLER SERVICE New & Used Propellers OUTBOARD SHAFT STRAIGHTE NING RECONDITIONING - SKEG REP LACEMENT 1 4 mile north of Alico Road on US 41 239-772-3222 . com BOAT TRAILERS ROCKET INTERN ATIONAL Balcony the entrepreneur s SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 31 673-7850 Unleaded Ga soline Premium Gaso COMMERCIA line L 100 to 8 500 Non-Ethanol Gasoline - Boat from Punta Gallon Deliveries s Gorda to Naple Dyed Diesels Off Road (239) 349-5 Ultra low Sulfu 322 r Diesel- On Ro ad Motor and Hy draulic Oil and lubricants 50 to 4 000 Ga llon Deliveries Non-Ethanol and Diesel Punta Gorda to Bonita Sp rings RECREATION A L (239) E 46th Lane R I C 842 S E E L LiceCe T 0000346 ns EC Cape Coral State www.LeeCountyF uels.c om ock Lighting ift Wiring - D ystems Boat L ical S Marina Electr www.AcraEle Signs Wraps Graphics (239) 772-3000 735 NE 19 Place Cape Coral www.HighImpactS Gerald Cowan OD Optometrist Located in Sam s Club - Cape Coral No membership required Eye Care (239) 800-6032 t shop Cape Coral Prin Cape Coral 919 SE 13 Ave www.GatorPre 772-8200 C A R S HUCK S Auto UTO AIR EP ERVICE Full Service Repair s Cars - Boats - Truck reign & Domestic Fo anges Maintenance - Oil Ch Tire Rotation Transmission - 5575 Doug Taylor Circle St. James City Safety INS URANCE Harbour Boats - Jet Skis Motorcycle Auto - RV - Golf Ca rt - ATV Wind - Homeowne rs - Flood 10480 Stringfel low Road 4 St. James Cit y Fl. 33956 We don t just ins ure the island life style.... we LIVE the isla nd lifestyle And that s why we get it right www.safetyharb 283-6136 PI Road 458-1940 CC Pkwy 257-3270 N. Ft. Myers 731-5500 Ft. Myer 2015 & 2016 1 Dealer in the WORLD The HOTTEST Boats in SW Florida w SH De rs Marine The Choice of Serious Fishermen POWERED BY a N e ar l y 30 in Flor Years i d a Ft. Myers Marine The Choice of Serious Fishermen 2137 FOWLER ST. 239-334-7871 WATER BAY BOATS HEAR eck & Bay Boats Fish the Legend SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 34 Is your boat a Gadget-Free zone barb hansen I recently sold a boat to a client. The seller had named the boat CP Free. Not wanting to insult the seller by saying something like what kind of a name is that I waited until the deal was nearly done before asking what the significance of the name was. The boat owner told me about how his business required him to always be plugged in to his cell phone. Rather than the kids being guilty of never putting their electronic devices away in this case it was Dad who was always on his cell phone or checking email. It got to be so bad that when he bought the boat for the family to enjoy the kids named it CP Free as in a Cell Phone Free zone. The name was also the mantra for the family while cruising. In fact whenever they were on the boat everyone had to put their cell phones and other electronic devices in a basket. No one was allowed to use them while on board. That got me thinking about the technological changes that have taken place in the 30 plus years we have been in business. Naturally many of those advances have brought a lot of good to the world advances in technology medicine and robotics that we could not have imagined three decades ago. However there is a time and place for View from the Marina everything including a time to disconnect from phones I-pads computers games etc. Being on a boat spending time with family friends and the natural world is definitely one of those times. We were on a boat in Alaska a few years ago and there was a teenager with his parents on board. He would sit in his family s cabin with his gadgets playing games and what have you missing most of the beautiful natural wonders all around us. His parents literally had to call him on deck to come and see the whales porpoises glaciers and whatever else came into view while the rest of us were on deck all of the time in jackets hats and gloves so we wouldn t miss one bit of the natural splendor that was before us. Here at home (and I m sure where you live too) there are an increasing number of restaurants that are rewarding customers who turn off their cell phones while they dine. I have also heard other people say that when they go out to dinner everyone has to put their phones in the middle of the table. If anyone has to use their phone during dinner they get to pick up the tab for all at the table. I d like to see something like that extended to boats. They all should have a gadget-free zone unless they are being used as a navigational and or weather aid. Instead of looking down at your phone look up and around at the beauty that surrounds you. We have a friend who suffers from such a serious texting and Facebook afflictions that she misses what is going on in the world around her. Rather than enjoying the sunset or watching the kids fish off the dock she is sitting there with head down tap tap tapping away missing that special time together. That is the time when she could be talking with her children about the birds that flew by or the fish that they caught. But if you do get a text tweet or a call while on board or with family and friends it would be OK to politely message back -- Sorry can t respond I m in a GFZ for the next few days. I ll get back in touch when I return. I like that and I think it would work. We all need to disconnect every now and then. Barb Hansen manages Southwest Florida Yachts yacht charters and Florida Sailing & Cruising School a liveaboard yacht school. Contact her at info (239) 257-2788 Cape Welding Fabrication & Repair Full Shop in North Cape info .com N. Cape Facility and Mobile Service available... www. CapeWelding SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 35 AUTHORIZED we know DEALERS San Carlos Marine 3300 Palm Beach Blvd. (239) 334-3424 Ft. Myers Marine 2137 FOWLER ST. (239) 334-7871 Sales - Service Re-power Fast Service Buying Power Skilled Mechanics SW FLORIDA s LEADERS SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 36 The Florida Circumnavigation Saltwater Paddling Trail Has anyone ever thought of hiking Appalachian Trail the Pacific Crest or paddling 99 miles across the Wilderness waterway in the Everglades Sometimes you can taste it smell it and dream about it. This is how it starts. My family recently started a HUGE adventure The Florida Circumnavigation Saltwater Paddling Trail otherwise known as the CT. We started on January 3rd 2017 launching from Big Lagoon State Park in Pensacola Florida. The CT is a beautiful paddling trail that is 1 515 miles starting at big lagoon and ending in Jacksonville. Only 20 people have complete and we are the first family to ever attempt. If you ever plan a kayaking trip to Big Lagoon be sure to check out the log book. It s located in a box by the kayak launch. We enjoyed flipping through the pages of other adventurers. As we paddled we looked for gators. We headed towards Robinson Island which looked like a giant sand mound. Along the unmarked path of the CT we saw many cormorant s herons and beautiful loons. Also a few dolphins came to greet us which was a nice treat. As it got close to sunset we took a break explore the sandy beach at Robinson Island. We had fun climbing the huge sand mound. When you got to the top of it and looked down it looks like a giant volcano crater filled with grass and brush. We left before dusk in order to get our kayaks up to shore to the take-out spot. Day 1 was complete. It took us 9 days to finish section one which was 35 miles. We had several days of challenging winds and cold temperatures which caused a little bit of a delay. That s OK. For us it s about the journey and making memories. Nature Tours and More Just like the Appalachian Trail the CT has Trail Angels that watch over and provide hospitality to the paddlers. We are thankful for the angel that brought us chili on a very cold and windy Florida day. The CT is getting pretty busy. It s fun to see so many people embark on such a great adventure. Nature Tours and More paddle 322-9290 (239) SW Florida Kayak Outfitters Gulf Coast Kayak Matlacha (239) 283-1125 Estero River Outfitters Estero (239) 995-4050 West Wall Outfitters Port Charlotte (941) 875-9630 W G E SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 37 SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 38 Snook Cowboy March is one of those in between months when you really want to catch a fish. It s not quite winter and it s not quite spring and the day you get to fish may not be the best weather wise. Being a transition month the winds seem to be persistent and the wet weather is always a possibility. In Florida and the weather sticks to you and it s actually uncomfortable at times. That being said this month will also present those cool calm mornings out in the bay and on the flats that present those chances to catch a nice fish whether its a Snook or Red. The weather hasn t really been that bad this year the only thing we had to contend with was the persistent outflow from lake Oceechobee I spelled it wrong last month... and red tide that killed a bunch of Catfish and Mullet. That s all over now and the fishing has been just fine. I usually fish around the flats this time of year as it guarantees warm water and there is always a fish in a pothole or laying just off the Mangrove line soaking up the Sun. The water tends to be a little clearer this time of year so stealth and patience is key if you re going to have a successful day on the water. Most of you know I use 40 test when I fish for snook but this time of year I ll back down to twenty five pound test and get extra distance on my casts when I m fishing for reds so as not to alert them of my presence. Having rod and reels for different scenarios can make all the difference in a fishing trip or tournament. Check with the guys at Cape Tool & Tackle Capt Rob s or Lehr s Economy Tackle for the perfect setup. They won t steer you wrong. I want to thank John Lynch and all of the members of the Reel Anglers Fishing Club of Cape Coral. The club is a fan of the Nautical Mile Magazine and they were kind enough to have me be their guest speaker last month at their monthly breakfast meeting at the V.F.W just off Cape Coral Pkwy. There must have been close to 200 people in the room and i was thrilled to see such a large crowd for a single club excited about fishing. We talked about the Moon and the Tides mostly and a few in season techniques for this year It s still relatively warm so we focused a little bit about blending our seasonal techniques in order to match the warm winter we are having in Florida. They were a great crowd and I hope to be invited back again. Thank You. The further we get into Spring and closer to the months of May and June the snook are going to move back inshore and the daytime temperatures are going to steadily rise. The weeks prior to the New and Full moon will present the most comfortable and productive windows of opportunity to catch fish. Knowing the catalysts for and conditions for a given feeding event will give you the upper hand on the fish you are trying to catch. These methods are as effective for offshore fishing as much as they are for inshore fishing. The catalyst is the same albeit the methodology is much different but the fish is still feeding regardless. Once you tune in to the common denominators that persist in the natural world you can then fine tune your methods according to whatever variables are presented in that time I.e Weather Season Water and so on. The common denominators such as Sunrise Sunset Moon Rise Moon Set and Seasons are like clock work and guaranteed for perpetuity. Till Next Time Love & Light 239-878-2665 snookcowboy SUMMER is here Residential Commercial LIC CAC1814975 (239) 573-2473 We know you hear a lot of talk about service that s why we do more than just talk. Our climate control experts provide industry-leading customer support every day on every job. We will happily lengthen the life of your existing AC equipment or recommend a new energy efficient air conditioning system that will save you money while keeping you cool. SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 39 50 YEA RS OF SERV IC EXPERIE E NCE Trop ic Tr ailer We sell the best and repair the rest FREE TRAILER INSPECTIONS - NEW & USED TRAILERS WE BUY USED TRAILERS - CONSIGNMENTS WANTED PICK-Up & DELIVERY - TRADE-INS WELCOME I-75 EXIT 141 9541 WORKMAN WAY - FT. MYERS SALES - PARTS SERVICE - HITCHES RENTALS - CONTAINERS SW Florida Boat Ramps & Water-Access North Port 21 Port Charlotte Englewood 33 32 29 28 27 26 24 23 22 25 Punta Gorda 31 30 Boca Grande Placida Bokeelia 14 15a 11-12-13 9 3a 7a 1 Matlacha 6 8 10 7 Cape Coral 3 2 Captiva St. James City 15 4a 5 4 FT. Myers Beach 17 18 20 Sanibel 16 19 Bonita Springs 1- Burnt Store 2- Yacht Club 3- Everest Horton Park 3a- Rosen Park 4- 3rd. Span 4a-Tarpon Bay Explorers 5- Punta Rassa 6- Centennial Park 7- Franklin Locks 7a- Alva Community Park 8- Ft. Myers Shores 9- Judd Park 10- Marina 31 11- D&D Bait 12- Matlacha Park 13- Ole Fish House 14- Bokeelia Fishing Pier 15- Monroe Canal Marina 15a- Pineland Marina 16- Lovers Key 17- Mullock Creek 18- Weeks Fish Camp 19- Hickory Bridge 20- Imperial River Ramp 21- Nav-A-Gator Grille 22- Laishley Park 23- Ponce De Leon Park 24- Darst Ramp 25- Riverside Ramp 26- Harbor Heights Park 27- Charlotte Beach Park 28- Spring Lake Ramp 29- El Jobean Ramp 30- Uncle Henry s Marina 31- Placida Ramp 32- Indian Mound Park 33- Ainger Boat Ramp 34- South Bay 35- Indian Prairie Canal 36- Harney Pond Canal 37- Clewiston 38- Belle Glade 39- Okee Tantie State Park 40- Moore Haven Ramp 39 35 36 Lake-O 40 37 34 Family owned since 1995 we offer a fresh approach to personal insurance always doing what is right for the client Just like our name implies we offer options working with a variety insurance companies. We also help low income seniors apply for extra help with their prescription drug costs. Life Long-Term Care Medicare. Call Kathy Thousand (239) 201-4560 Got Medicare Get Options Get Insurance Options SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 40 Let s Go Fishing SW Florida Fishing Guides Fishing License (888) 347-4356 Captain Charles Epranian TripleTail Charters frshfsh5 www.FishPineIslandS ell a s Gu Russ Captulfin aBtill ide service Co G gcl2fish li om ineIsland.c www.FishP k Captain ChucChaDownes rters Walk the Dog starfisher2 om www.WalkTheDogCharters.c Captain Justin Snau High Tide Charte rs snauff.js gmail.c www.HighTideCha ffer RECORD SETTERS Captain Gregg Wild Fly Chart the Available at your favorite bait shop The Snook Cowboy Kayak Fishing Trips snookcowboy ers McKee gmckee1 ho www.WildFlyC .com NauticalMileMagazine www. SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 41 Robin Anne Griffiths What is a Coach We all want to get better. What s stopping us Life coaching is a relationship you develop with a qualified person that has a talent to uncover things that are preventing you from getting what you want. You create a plan and work hard together. They help you discover they help you find talents you didn t know you had and they show you how to tap into your full potential. Coaches are used by almost all of today s most successful business leaders professionals executives entrepreneurs actors and CEOs that want to take their life retirement or careers to a new level. It starts with a free talk in a coffee shop where Robin asks a very important question one that most people really don t know the answer to What do you want Robin offers six-week and eight-month programs that start with a spot on the floor representing what you want. Then you walk 10 feet away and look at it. Then she says What do we need to do to get you there Then you both go to work. It s personal and it s not easy but it s very rewarding (239) 699-7394 Speaker - Personal Coach - Author Robin s Restart A free woman s focus group helping today s woman overcome ..... ANYTHING RaGriffs SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 42 Tournaments Offshore Rodeo & Reggae party Champions for Children Bobby Holloway Pine Island Elementary Derby LCEC United Way Bricks & Sticks fishing Filet & Release Backwater Series Flatsmasters Lee County Sheriff Bass Tournament Doc Ford s Tarpon Tournament Bert s Redfish Challenge Groups & Clubs Power Squadrons Boating Classes Charts Class GPS Instruction Peace River San Carlos Bay Cape Coral Ft. Myers Venice localusps venice Englewood (941) 474-2426 Nautical Mile contributing writers Barb Hansen Capt. Bill Russell Lt. Bob Moro Capt. Charles Epranian Capt. Chuck Downes Dave Sully (Lee Sheriff Dept) Capt. Dick May Dockside Dennis Dr. Jonathan Frantz Capt. Gregg McKee Jim Hutchinson Sr. Josh Ward Kathy Thousand David & Kyra Quarles Robin Griffiths Capt. Rob Modys Snook Cowboy Alyssa Grabner Lynette Brown Capt. Justin Snauffer Capt. Roger Newton Schools Classes Captain Schools Ft. Myers Sailing School Charlotte Harbor Sailing School Florida Fly Fishing School Learn to Sail Fishing Clubs Tarpon Hunters Cape Coral Ft. Myers - Reel Angler s Fishing Club SW Florida Marine Industries Assc. Punta Gorda Isles Boat & Trade Shows Cape Coral Outdoor Expo SW Florida Boat Shows Home & Boat Shows Suncoast Boat Show (Sarasota) Fly Fishing Meetings joe Full Service Marine Supply Visit our showroom at 645 Commercial Park Place in Cape Coral Next to the German American Club (239) 574-4844 DECKS & DOCKS Lumber - Pilings - Bumpers Dock Lighting Filet Tables - Ladders Dock Boxes Composite and Wood Decking SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 43 RE E F Fishing Seminars Inshore - Offshore Fly Fishing - Proper Gear Live and Artificial Tackle Baits & Rigs - and SECRETS TM Free bo tt waters led and snacks L o ts o f Raffle Prizes 4th Saturday of each month through April March 25 April 22 (Bring a folding chair) P U B L I C A T I O N S Inc. 3187 Stringfellow Road St. James City Seminars are from 10-noon (239) 283-2548 HUGE Selection of Fishing Tackle Rods reels terminal tackle Boat lifts and dry-storage Complete inventory of marine supplies Nautical apparel hats shoes and sunglasses Saltwater Clothing Center Hook & Tackle - Bimini Bay Salinity - Red Zone - Buff Smith Optics Located 10 minutes up Monroe Canal off Intercoastal 12 3187 Stringfellow Road - St. James City (239) 283-2548 SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 44 Englewood Bait House Fine Capt. Ted s Boat Towing - Fuel Deliveries - Jump Starts Disentanglements - Covered Ungroundings T&T Fishin Franks Downtown Laishley Rio Villa Bait & Tackle Shops Anderson s Bait & Tackle 15675 McGregor Blvd (239) 334-3474 D&D Matlacha Bait & Tackle 3922 Pine Island Rd. (239) 282-9122 Dick s Bait & Tackle At Diversified Yacht (239) 765-8700 Capt. Robs Bait & Tackle 3714 Del Prado (239) 540-3474 Cape Tool & Tackle 405 NE Pine Island Rd. (239) 574-6950 Chiquita Bait & Tackle 3816 Chiquita Blvd. (239) 540-0052 Fisherman s World 16650 San Carlos Blvd (239) 466-8686 Lehr s Economy Tackle 1366 N. Tamiami Trl. (239) 995-2280 Master Bait & Tackle 4465 Bonita Beach Rd. (239) 992-2553 Rite Angler 16450 S. Tamiami Trail (239) 466-7326 Seven Seas Bait & Tackle 4270 Pine Island Rd. (239) 283-1674 Snook Hut Bait & Tackle 1407 Cape Coral Pkwy (239) 257-3615 TNT Bait & Tackle 14369 Pambar Ave. (941) 625-5367 Jasper s Bait 10530 Stringfellow Rd. (239) 823-6422 Englewood Bait House 1450 beach Rd (941) 475-4511 Fine Bait & Tackle 14503 Tamiami Trail (941) 240-5981 Capt. Ted s Bait & Tackle 1189 Tamiami Trail (941) 627-6800 Laishley Marine 3515 Tamiami Trail (941) 575-7628 Fishin Franks 4425 Tamiami trail (941) 625-3888 Downtown Bait & Tackle 120 Laishley Ct. (941) 621-4190 Fisherman s Edge 4425 Placida Rd. (941) 697-7595 Rio Villa Bait & Tackle 113 Rio Villa Dr. (941) 639-7166 Fisherman s Edge Cape Tool Lehr s Jasper s Bait Capt. Rob s Snook Hut Jasper s Bait Boat Chiquita Bait Bait Box Rite Angler Anderson s Report more bait shops thenauticalmile Ft. Myers Lee County (239) 945-4820 Port Charlotte (941) 625-5454 Serving all of SW Florida Assisting Boaters Since 1983 Your Road Service at Sea SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 45 What If The other day my neighbor s boat sank at his dock behind his house. The boat was lowered from its davits by the boat owners father. He then left to do something else and two hours later the son came over to help the father but the boat had already sunk. Unknown to the father the son had removed the drain plug. The boat had a canvas cover so the water coming in could not be seen when the father was tying the boat to the dock. The bilge pump should had kept up with the incoming water but there must had been another SNAFU. This got me to thinking how simple and inexpensive it would be to connect a float switch to the existing horn on the boat. This float switch would be identical to the float switch that turns on the bilge pump. This switch would need to be installed higher in the bilge than the bilge pump float switch so that any water that is sloshing around while the boat is accelerating and getting up on a plain does not turn on the switch that blows the horn every time you take off. I would connect this warning system to the other battery that is not connected to the automatic bilge pump. This way if the battery is dead because the pump has completely drained the battery or the pump burns out or gets clogged the horn will at least get people to take notice because it is on a separate power supply. For the price of a simple float switch and some wiring you will have one more layer of protection. This is cheaper and easier than raising a boat and the long labor intensive job of cleanup. My beer is cold my wife is happy life is good. ddoherty Dockside Dennis is a local Cape resident boat owner and his dockside marine services and expertise are available for hire. DOCKSIDE DENNIS 12 VOLT ELECTRICAL TROUBLE SHOOTING 239-541-1497 SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 46 32 1- Four Winds Marina (239) 283-0250 21- South Seas Resort 2- Monroe Canal Marina (239) 472-5111 (239) 282-8600 22- Sweetwater Landing 3- Moss Marine (239) 694-3850 (239) 463-6137 23- Jack s Marina 4- Old Fish House Marina 31 (239) 694-2708 30 (239) 282-9577 24- Bonita Bay Marina 5- Burnt Store Marina (239) 495-3222 29 (941) 637-0083 36 6- Ft. Myers Yacht Basin (239) 321-7080 35 7- The Marina at Cape Harbour (239) 945-4330 27 10 Placida 8- Tarpon Point Marina 5 (239) 549 4900 Boca Grande 34 9- The Boat House Tiki Bar 26 (239) 945-2628 33 9a- Cape Coral Boat Centre N. Ft. Myers 23 (239) 541-2988 22 20 10- Gasparilla Marina 25- Jensen s Marina 1 Bokeelia 6 (941) 697-2280 (239) 472-5800 16 11- Sanibel Marina 26- Boca Grande Marina (239) 472-2723 (941) 964-2100 12- The Landings 27- Uncle Henry s Marina 9a 4 (239) 481-7181 (941) 964-0154 12 13- Gulf Harbour Marina Pine Island 28- Cape Coral Yacht Basin 28 9 Cape Coral (239) 437-0881 (239) 574-0809 13a- Ft. Myers Boat Club 29- Gator Creek Marina 21 Boathouse 7 8 13 13a (239) 454-2629 (941) 639-3446 Tiki Bar & Grill 14- Diversified Yacht 30- Fisherman s Village 25 2 (239) 765-8700 (941) 575-3000 The most 15- Big Hickory Marina 31- Laishley Park 14 convenient Sanibel 11 (239) 992-0991 (941) 575-0142 3 17 16- Pineland Marina fuel access 32- Stump Pass Marina Ft. Myers Beach 18 (239) 283-3593 (941) 697-2206 on the 17- Salty Sam s Marina 19 33- Whidden s Marina (239) 463-7333 Caloosahatchee (941) 964-2878 15 18- Snook Bight Marina 34- Inn Marina Bonita Beach (239) 765-4371 (941) 964-4600 24 19- Fish Tale Marina 35- Palm Island Marina (239) 463-3600 (941) 697-4356 38 20- Jug Creek Marina Wiggins Pass 36- Cape Haze Marina (239) 283-3331 (941) 698-1110 Water-Access Fuel Appeti Hot & C zers - Salads oo Beer To-G Baskets ld Sandwich es - Favorite and a lo ORE - ICE t more EAT I SHIPS ST N N BAIT TAKE OUT OZE LIVE & FR 0 Octane Diesel and 9 Gas Non-Ethanol aily Open 7am D k f as t F r om B r e a l to Last Cal The Boathouse Tiki Bar & Grill at the Cape Coral Yacht Club 5819 Driftwood Parkway Cape Coral Marker R78 on the Caloosahatchee River (239) 945-BOAT (2628) SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 47 SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 48 The CRUISE & RENDEZVOUS Club is also planning a 3-day outing to 1000 FT. The outing is scheduled for March 13th thru 15th. You will need a reservation to join this activity. Call the Squadron for further details. The WEEKENDERS is a popular and growing group who meet for lunch at one of the many water accessible restaurants in the area. Plan to attend the Weekenders meeting on Monday March 13th. It is at these meetings that everyone discusses the next lunch location for the following Saturday. Boating Course beginning Saturday March 4 2017 from 8 15AM to 12 30PM.This course is recognized by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators. The State of Florida recently passed legislation requiring ANYONE born after January 1 1988 to have passed a safe boating course and obtain a Boating Safety Education ID card which is valid for life in order to operate a boat with more than 10 HP. Each student will receive a card certificate from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission upon completion of the class. The course consists of two sessions on consecutive Saturdays. The second session will be on Saturday March 11 2017 also from 8 15am to 12 30pm. Topics covered include hull design docking anchoring handling boating emergencies reading channel markers and many other topics to make each boating experience safer and more enjoyable. Successful completion of this course entitles the boater to six months FREE membership in the United States Power Squadrons with the purchase of a 12 month membership. In addition students who join the squadron will also be eligible for a free 3 hour On The Water training session. The cost of the course is 60.00 with a 20.00 cost for a second person sharing the instruction materials. The cost includes lunch after the second Saturday class. The course is being taught at the San Carlos Bay Sail & Power Squadron Classroom located at 16048 San Carlos Blvd. at the corner of Kelly Road (across from ACE Hardware). Students can register online at or (239) 466-4040. Cape Coral Sail & Power Squadron February is the middle of winter. Instead of shoveling snow we are boating fishing and enjoying our world class beaches. The Cape Coral Sail and Power Squadron enjoys the season as well with many activities on tap. The March Safe Boating class (ABC Course) starts on Monday March 6th at 6 30 PM. Classes are held at Squadron Headquarters 917 SE 47th Terrace. The Safe Boating Course consists of six 2 hour evening classes held from 18302030 on Mondays and Wednesdays. The test is given on the last Wednesday and there is a reception for the students afterwards. One of the most important aspects of this class is learning the local waters especially important for new boaters to this area. NOTE TO THOSE NEW TO FLORIDA Anyone born on or after January 1 1988 who operates a vessel powered by 10 horsepower or more must pass an approved Boater Safety Course and have in his her possession photographic identification and a Boating Safety Education identification card issued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. ALSO NOTE persons under 14 years of age or under are not allowed to operate personal watercraft (Jet Skis). To rent a PWC you must be 18 years or older. The Cruise & Rendezvous Club is sponsoring it s annual Lobster Dinner in March. The dinner will be at the Squadron Headquarters on Friday March 15th at 6 30. Local Waters Chart Reading Course The San Carlos Bay Power Squadron a unit of the United States Power Squadrons will be conducting its popular Local Waters Chart Reading class on Saturday March 18 from 8 Am to 12 noon. The class will be held at the squadron classroom located at 16048 San Carlos Blvd in Fort Myers. The site is close to the corner of San Carlos and Kelly Road and across from Ace Hardware. The class will teach students how to read our local waters Chart Number 11427. Students will learn the basics of latitude and longitude how to find where they are and how to get to where they want to go and how to take bearings. While we have a very limited number of charts in the classroom students are strongly urged to bring chart 11427 to class. Charts are best purchased online from Ocean Grafix. Be sure to order the MAPFOLD version of 11427. The cost of the class is 45 for a single and 65 for two people sharing the materials. The cost includes a divider and a plotter. Students can register on line at Or call 239-466-4040 and leave a message. America s Boating Course Offered by the San Carlos Bay Sail & Power Squadron The San Carlos Bay Sail & Power Squadron a unit of the United States Power Squadrons that serves South Fort Myers Fort Myers Beach Bonita Springs and Estero will be offering America s Sanibel-Captiva Sail & Power Squadron (239) 233-7380 localusps sancap Email- education Venice Sail & Power Squadron (941) 493-2837 Email- donandsusanp SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 49 Island P aradise Captiva Pass ISLAND RESTAURANT North Captiva Florida Cayo Costa North Captiva Redfish Pass Island Wear - Local Artists Jewelry & Unique Island Gifts Island Restaurant - 40 Boat Slips Kayak Tours - Beaches - Fishing Queenie s Ice Cream - Pet Friendly od ning Seafo Award Win Blind Pass Island Bazaar 40 Boat Slips Captiva Island Ba zaar St. James City Pet Friendly Sanibel N26.36.000 W082.12.875 (239) 472-1200 SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 50 SW Florida Real Estate by The Quarles Team C21 Sunbelt First time home buyers quickly determine the booming real estate market is resulting in rising home prices and increased competition for the most desirable properties. The S&P Case-Shiller national home price index recently estimated that 2016 prices are within 4% of the peak in 2006. We have not seen quite that much rebound locally but low inventories last summer made the situation challenging. Buying that first home requires some fortitude and the process may be intimidating. To stay on track it is important to figure out the home buying process. Buyers should research and be equipped with basic information and also be willing to ask for help when needed. An experienced real estate agent can keep a buyer apprised of area sales trends and recommend the right mortgage brokers. Finding the perfect home may not be realistic but buyers can find the RIGHT home. If possible wait for a home in a particular neighborhood or design style to come on the market. Be realistic and try not to fixate on negatives that cannot be changed ie. the number of bedrooms or distance to work or school. Remember things like paint colors landscaping etc. can be altered. Putting 20% down on a home has become more of a guideline than a rule. Today not being able to put that much down does not mean buying a home is out of reach. Government sponsored loan programs from the FHA Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac provide loan options that require down payments as low as 3%. VA loans don t require any down payment. As always buyers should keep an eye on their potential total monthly payment as private mortgage insurance could significantly impact the overall cost. Even private lenders are offering more competitive loan options. Being informed getting the right help and having a healthy dose of determination are the best ways to turn a dream home into a reality. Did you ever wonder how many hours a month you work to pay your mortgage To find out where homebuyers can work the fewest hours to afford homeownership GOBankingRates looked at the home listing prices mortgage rates and the household incomes in the 50 U.S. states plus DC. Ranging from just 30 hours a month in Ohio to 88 hours a month in Hawaii the amount of time Americans spend working to pay their mortgages is vastly different depending on where they live. Florida is the 9th most in the USA at 59 hours which is the price we pay to live in our paradise. That s the bad news but there IS good news. According to a recent USA Today study Florida is the 2nd LEAST expensive state for public college tuition. Only Wyoming costs less. The Florida average in-state tuition and fees are about 6 360 and out of state tuition and fees are about 21 570. Furthermore Florida is the BEST state to retire according to Wallethub a personal-finance website. States were compared and ranked on affordability health care and quality of life factors with data gleaned from various public and other records from the Census Bureau the FBI the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics United Health Foundation Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other sources. States were measured on quality of public hospitals adjusted cost of living tax friendliness on pension and Social Security income employment opportunities for those 65 and older crime rates volunteer opportunities tax rates cost of in home services physicians and nurses per capita and more. The best states for retirement were Florida Wyoming South Dakota Iowa Colorado Idaho South Carolina Nevada Delaware and Wisconsin. Our experience bares this out as we are busy helping our new northern friends obtain a piece of the SWFL paradise. Want to talk real estate or pleasure boating Follow us on Facebook or contact us through our website. The Quarles Team David & Kyra Quarles Much more than just a sign in the yard SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide Monroe Canal Marina The most supported local marine publication in the state of FLORIDA The Nautical Mile 51 ELECTRIC T E C H N O L O G Y Inc. DECKS & DOCKS FIX Joseph W. Starowicz P.A. Your SW Florida Waterfront Pro MARINE SUPPLY The Quarles Team David & Kyra Quarles Cape Welding David Schuman Insurance BURRIS PROPELLER SERVICE Mike Shevlin Realtor Broker Marina Lee County Port Charlotte Authorized Full-Service CATERPILLAR Marine Parts & Service Dealer ISLAND RESTAURANT ROCKET INTERNATIONAL BOAT TRAILERS Gerald Cowan OD Optometrist D&D MATLACHA Guide Service Wild Fly Charters Snook Cowboy Waterway BOAT LIFT COVERS TM Gulf Harbour Marina P U B L I C A T I O N S Inc. PO Box 486 - Bokeelia (239) 980-5803 thenauticalmile SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 52 Boating-Access Restaurants K 1b- Marker 34 - Cactus Jacks - TP Hoolihan s - Dale s Dockside - Rumrunner s - Fathoms - Tiki Bar - French Roast - Marina Club A I J M H Englewood G L D B F Placida E C Punta Gorda - Marker 92 - Nauti Mermaid - Pinchers Boca Grande 1b Cayo Costa 8 9 10 Pine Island Cape Coral 12 14 1a 17 1 15 Boca Grande (941) Eagle Grill Pink Elephant 20 Captiva 18 11 13 16 5 19 3 7 Ft. Myers Beach Sanibel The Nautical Mile Florida Fisherman s Platter Grouper Shrimp and Scallops Either Grilled Blackened or Beer Battered and Deep Fried Golden Brown served over our famous Black Beans & Rice 2 6 Bonita Zekes Bayside Bar M- White Elephant Pub Lazy Flamingo Boaters Welcome Free Docking For the freshest meal bring us your catch serving it underwater any fresher we d be if our seafood were Bokeelia Lazy Flamingo 3 Inc. GPS N26.42.057 W082.09.381 4 Locations Lazy Flamingo 2 Inc. 1036 Periwinkle Way Sanibel 239-472-6939 Lazy Flamingo Inc. 6520-C Pine Ave Sanibel 239-472-5353 16501 Stringfellow Road Bokeelia (239) 283-5959 Located at Lazy Flamingo 4 Inc. 12951 McGregor Blvd Ft. Myers 239-476-9000 in Bokeelia Live Music on-the-water 7-days a Week Daily Specials - 2 for 25 s Happy Hour 11-7 1.55 Drafts - 6.55 Pitchers 3.25 House Wine - 2 for 1 Jager Shots Dine in or take out - 3930 Pine Island Rd - Matlacha 2 Locations Water-Access in St. James City ne w Busy oral C Cape tion Loca Live Music d Fresh Seafoo Dine on the Dock Million Dollar View 4271 Pine Island Rd. - Matlacha 239-282-3232 SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide Walkin the Dog with Captain Chuck Downes twitches then pause so the bait settles through the water column to the bottom. Repeat until the jig gets to the boat. There are several soft plastics to try. You can use either jerk bait or a paddle tail. Some of the soft plastics you might like to give try are Zman New Penny Scented Paddler Zman Rootbeer Gold Scented Paddler Zman DieZel Minnow Pearl Blue Glimmer Berkley Grass pig DOA Cal 5.5 Ark Glow DOA Split Tail Jerk Cal Bait in Gold Glitter and White and Zoom Salty Super Fluke in White Ice Another technique I like to use is a small DOA jig head 1 16 oz in either red or chartreuse. I prefer the DOA because the hooks are sturdy and there is a barb by the jig head that allows you to hook your bait to so they do not slide down the hook. If you are pitching into the mangroves or up on a flat this is all the weight you need but if you move into deeper water you may want to go to the 1 8oz. size jig. When fishing with jig heads while using paddle tail bait I try varied retrieval rates until I entice a strike. This changes when I switch to jerk bait. Throw your bait at a designated target. If you do not see a fish make several casts around the boat or as close as you can to some structures. When you cast let the lure sink close to or even hit the 53 I have given several seminars and written a few articles on my favorite way of fishing here in Southwest Florida. That method would be top water plugging. Although I really enjoy this method of fishing it not for everyone. And it is not productive in several situations. The first situation that comes to mind is weeds or grasses floating on the water. Once a blade of grass a leaf seaweed or anything else attaches itself to a hook on your lure it literally renders your lure useless. So just reel the lure in and clean off the hook. The second situation is windy conditions such as trying to cast into the wind or choppy water created by the wind. When these conditions occur try switching off to a weedless hook and some soft plastics. The weedless hooks that I have found to be very effective are by Owner and they are called TwistLock 3 0 hooks with a 1 16 weight molded into the hook. If you are in moving water you can move up to a 4 0 hook with a 1 8 weight molded in. Attach a soft plastic by screwing the nose of the lure onto the screw at the hooks eye. Then bend the lure so that the hook goes through the belly and the lure hangs straight off the back of the hook. Tie the hook to your leader with a loop knot. Take a test drive - make a short cast and retrieve the lure to make sure it swims correctly. Than make a cast at the targeted fish fans cast around the boat or pitch up tight to the mangroves oyster bar or sandbar. If you are fishing a paddle tail use a steady slow retrieve so that your lure stays just off the bottom. If you are using a jerk bait make your cast and let your bait settle to the bottom. Give your bait a few bottom. Make a couple twitches with the rod that will swim your bait up through the water column reel in the slack line let the lure sink and twitch your rod. Repeat this action several more times until the lure returns to the boat. There are many more soft plastic lures on the market that may work for you. Some of the soft plastics I like to use are the Gulp Jerk Shad Chartreuse Pepper Neon Gulp Shrimp in Rootbeer Chartreuse Strike King Red Fish Magic DOA Paddle Tail in Chartreuse and white or dark gray and white and MirrOlure Marsh Minnow Scented. Remember that there are so many more soft plastics and artificial lures on the market that with a little research you will find the ones that work best for you. There are also light factors I take into consideration when selecting what lures I am going to use at use on a particular day. Early in the morning before sunrise I like to use dark lures. As the sun comes and becomes stronger in the sky I like to move to lighter colored lures. Then in late afternoon and into the evening I return to using darker colored lures. I hope some of this information is helpful in selecting some of your lure arsenal. Always remember to listen to experienced anglers in your area that fish for the same fish you are targeting. If you have any questions about any items in this article feel free to contact me. Until next time tight lines and enjoy our fantastic waterways. (609) 412-7328 starfisher2 SW Florida s LOCAL marine resource guide 54 A N D OM R R o b i ns robin griffiths company she begin to teach me about corporate structure politics internal and external relationships as well as giving back to others and the community. Her spirit was open and friendly. She had patience and instead of finding flaws she saw opportunities. Although this was in a corporate environment she taught me so much more about life on a personal level. Her outlook in her personal and work life was blurred when it came to her style and class. Everyone was treated with the same warm friendly person that looked to get whatever was needed done. Sometimes this very type of person is in our life to teach and mentor without us realizing they are there. If you think you may value from learning from another but don t have a mentor in your life take a few steps to learn from those around you. First step is to make a commitment to search out people you would like to emulate their way of life. Think about what you are missing in your life and what you could improve upon. If you are looking for a different type of lifestyle then search for people that appear to live the way you would like to live. Observe how they think and handle different situations in their life. How do they treat others their spouse children parents or co-workers What are their work ethics spiritual path or community service What are the qualities that you find attractive that can be incorporated into your life Do they have empathy and are they honest driven fun or humorous By looking for these types of people you will often find you need not have them guide you with scheduled meetings. By observing them you will learn more about what your differences are and if you The Role Models in Our Life The role models in our life.... Some of us are fortunate enough in life to come across one special person. This is a person who finds it in themselves to give to others in the form of teaching or mentoring. Many of us actually pursue mentoring in the workplace and other areas of our life today. We have companies and clubs that have mentoring programs to get us up to speed and knowledgeable of the organization. These are well worth programs but not what I am talking about here. The type of teacher that I am speaking of is the person who will give their time and energy to help another learn and grow. This type of mentor does not look for recognition for their efforts nor do they announce their intentions. They quietly use their knowledge to help others become better without looking for gratitude but only the satisfaction of guiding another. This person does not set up rules and they do not reprimand admonish or make anyone uncomfortable. They lead by example with grace and dignity. Many times the people they teach or help don t realize the effort until much later. I was once so fortunate to have this very type of person in my life many years ago. This mentor was also the person I worked for at the time and from the day I started with the are willing to make and accept lifestyle changes. While we are talking about mentors and teachers you may be the very person that someone is looking to learn from and grow. If you can reach out to others with guidance or just friendship you could change a person s world. That is exactly what my dear friend and mentor did for me. My friend passed away a few years ago. After our work together led us into different directions we kept in touch with phone calls and an occasional lunch. She was always a shining example for me as to the type of person I strive to be today. I can only hope that I can provide and be that type of person to another to help them on their life journey. I think a role model is a mentor someone you see on a daily basis and you learn from them. Denzel Washington RAGRIFFS SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 55 SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 56 Top-10 Cronic Conditions in Adults 65 Age family genetics and gender make it nearly impossible for older adults to avoid becoming a chronic disease statistic. Eighty percent of adults 65 and older have at least one condition while 68% have two or more. With these kinds of odds you might wonder if there is even anything you can do to prevent the onset of a condition or make managing an existing condition easier. The answer is yes. Here are ten common chronic conditions and suggestions to make managing an existing condition easier 10. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) - stop smoking 9. Alzheimer s Disease & Dementia exercise & plenty of sleep 8. Depression - exercise & healthy diet 7. Heart Failure - Follow doctor s recommendations 6. Chronic Kidney Disease - Early detection & treatment 5. Diabetes - exercise & healthy diet 4. Ischemic Heart Disease exercise healthy diet & plenty of sleep 3. Arthritis - exercise & healthy diet 2. High cholesterol - exercise stop smoking & healthy diet 1. Hypertension - exercise healthy diet & limit salt & alcohol. Are you starting to see a pattern here It looks like eating healthy getting lots of sleep and exercise along with quitting smoking and moderate drinking - are the keys to good health as we age. Of course family genetics does play a role. So if fishing isn t exercise enough you may want to consider some of the above changes. Did you know that many Medicare Advantage plans offer a free fitness membership Here at Insurance Options we offer many Advantage plans that include free fitness memberships. Turning 65 soon Just become a new FL resident Why not give us a call and see if an Advantage plan with a fitness membership makes sense for you. We want to keep you healthy for that next fishing tournament Today s article was compliments of the National Council on Aging. Call click or come in today. You ll be glad you did kathy Insurance Options Inc. 1401 Viscaya Pkwy. Cape Coral (239) 201-4560 Call click or come in today. You ll be glad you did Protect your boat this season Protected basin on the Caloosahatchee (239) Brackish water for less bottom growth Floating docks for better surge protection Full time dock staff and 24 hour security Storm prep and mechanical services available N26.31.760 W081.56.778 437-0881 Peace of mind at Gulf Harbour Marina SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 57 The popular Ladies Let s Go Fishing University returns to the Gulf Coast March 11-12 at the Greater Pine Island Elks Lodge. Hosted by the nonprofit Ladies Let s Go Fishing Foundation the event offers classroom instruction hands-on fishing activities conservation and networking with other anglers on Saturday followed by fishing opportunities on Sunday March 12 out of Matlacha. Perfect for women men and teens who want to learn local fishing educational events on Saturday from 12 30 4 30 pm feature speakers on conservation inshore backcountry and kayak fishing equipment usage and more followed by a hands-on fishing skill practice for releasing dehooking conservation knot tying kayak fishing lure usage fly spin and net casting fish fighting techniques and more. Saturday s events conclude with a networking reception. On Sunday participants can opt to fish from flats charters pontoon deck boats or from kayaks with guides followed by fish filleting. There are no classes at the hall on Sunday. The Greater Pine Island Elks Lodge is located at 5630 Pine Island Rd Bokeelia FL 33922. Women to Get Hooked on Fishing at Ladies Let s Go Fishing University Greater Pine Island Elks Lodge March 11-12 2017 Registration and information is on Other LLGF events include March 25 Stuart Surf Fishing April 18-24 Costa Rica April 21-23 South Florida Weekend May 20-21 Clearwater June 17-18 Keys Fishing Adventure July 29-30 Homosassa Scalloping Sept. 9-10 St. Augustine Oct. 20-22 Keys Seminar Weekend Nov. 17-19 Everglades Chokoloskee Dec. 1-3 Miami Seminar Weekend Cuba Second Trip TBA May Contact Phone (954) 475-9068 info Featured on national network television and more the series is supported by major ladiesletsgofishing partners including Recreational Fishing and Boating Foundation Mercury Ranger Boats Magic Tilt trailers Penn Humminbird Minn Kota and Fish Florida. Annual sponsors are Freedom Boat Club Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Treasure Cay Beach Marina & Golf Resort Sunrise Resort & Marina AFTCO Guy Harvey Future Angler Foundation Seaguar and Harbor Financial Services. Registration includes instruction use of equipment hands-on training networking fundraisers and more. No equipment or experience is necessary. CRUNCH DOWN PI Road 458-1940 CC Pkwy 257-3270 N. Ft. Myers 731-5500 SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 58 captain rob modys surface. A good pair of polarized sunglasses is also a must. It will help you spot those fish just below the surface and give you a chance to cast a lure their way. Good luck out there and be sure to look for me if you are fishing the beaches of Sanibel or Fort Myers Beach. I love wetting a line along our beautiful shorelines. When I m not writing or fishing I m usually teaching fishing tactics via class instruction and seminars. Even though I ve retired from full time guiding I still spend a great deal of time talking about fishing. Durning my sessions in front of anglers one thing has been abundantly clear. The majority of anglers in our area don t own boats. Yes quite a few do but most are on foot and fish wherever they can get access. A great many fishing questions that I receive through email and on my radio show also trend that way. As a matter of fact most of them do so I thought I d put together a short how-to on beach fishing in and around our area. One of the biggest differences anglers will notice about fishing along our shorelines is the way we actually fish it. You can forget the big rods with the pyramid sinkers and the multiple dropper rigs. We don t normally cast out as far as possible to catch fish. That s because the fish we are looking for are right at our feet. Yep they are located in the small ditch or drop-off at the water s edge. There s a good reason for this. That s where all the bait fish are. Instead you should be casting horizontally to the shoreline so all you need is a medium size rod about 7-foot in length. It should have a fast tip and be matched up with a reel that s also in the medium size range. Spool it with monofilament or braided line. If mono go with about 10-pound test and for braid use 20-pound test. I prefer the braid because it s much thinner in diameter than the equivalent monofilament fishing line so more can be put on the spool. That can come in handy if you hookup with a big fish. Add about 3-feet of fluorocarbon leader before tying on your terminal tackle. Personally I prefer using artificial baits when at the beach. They are so much easier to use since you don t have to worry about keeping them alive. Most work as well if not better than live bait thanks to recent innovations with soft plastics. A few favorites among beach anglers are the Zman D.O.A. Berkley Gulp and Zoom. In the hard bait category it s important to match the bait that s seen along the water s edge. Check out Rapala YoZuri and Mirrolure just to name a few. Keep them on the smaller side and I d recommend a balance between lipped and lipless offerings. Pack light because the successful beach angler stays on the move. A base station with a beach chair and a small cooler isn t a bad idea but the more ground you cover along the shoreline the more fish you are going to catch. I use a medium sized fanny-pack to hold everything I need. Lures pliers line-cutter bottled water aKeep your eyes open to find the fish. Look for diving birds along the shore and also keep an eye out for fish busting bait on the Saturday mornings captrobmodys (239) 851-1242 SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide 59 GOOD FISHIN AHEAD With spring break happening all across the country and visitors flocking to the sunshine state this is our busiest and most hectic time of year in southwest Florida. On land you can expect traffic jams and long lines at every restaurant while on the water a few good things happen far away from the hectic pace. Snook season reopens for two months (March & April) anglers will target and catch possibly their largest trout of the year and the silver king aka tarpon are making their way back into our waters. When asked what is my favorite fish to catch my answer is always snook. I become addicted at a very early age and through the years they have remained my favorite. Of course over the years a lot has change with snook regulations. As a month season in March and April then three months from September through November. Along with a fishing license you will also need to purchase a snook stamp to possess one. Snook of any size are a blast to catch and the bite should heat up over the coming month as their appetite grows with the warming waters. If you want to catch large sea trout right now this month may be as good as it gets. Locals call the large trout gators this is generally a trout measuring twenty-four inches or better. Most all trout of this size are females and generally laden with eggs preparing for the spring spawn. That s the reason that we can only keep one fish per angler over twenty inches each day. Trout regulations are four per day per angler while one of the four may exceed twenty inches. Thanks to these strict regulations we are catching large or gator trout in good numbers and chances are good you will too. Just to get an idea how the rules have changed backing up to when I was a kid again sea trout regulation were a twelve inch minimum with no maximum and each angler was allowed one hundred fish per day. Of course there wasn t much fishing pressure odds are there are more anglers fishing from one boat today than the total anglers fishing the waters around Pine Island on a given day back then. As the water warms this month tarpon will make their presence Captain Bill Russell known along our coastal waters. Although they don t really have a season the unofficial tarpon season generally kicks off in May however there is the possibility to hook a tarpon at any time this month. As the days get longer and the water temperatures rise more and more tarpon are moving into our waters from the south. Large schools generally arrive in gulf waters from Sanibel and south first then filter inshore. Mid-February there were a number of reports of tarpon schools already off the coast so hooking a tarpon could happen any time. That s just a few of the fishing options that will occur over the month. As we transition to the warmer season it a good idea to have a variety of tackle rigged and ready and keep your eyes open you never know what may appear. And if you get a day on the water even if the fishing isn t great it sure beats a day on land. young boy there was no closure and the size limit was eighteen inches with four a day bag limit. Now when I look at an eighteen inch snook it s hard for me to believe we once kept that little thing. Regulations have been adjusted and readjusted every few years leaving us with the current rules that apply to Florida s gulf coast. Snook must measure between twenty-eight and thirty-three inches with a daily bag limit of one a two (239) 283-7960 gcl2fish Guide Service SW Florida s LOCAL Marine Resource Guide Wild Fly Charters Capt. Gregg McKee seriously big fish are around I ll bump it up to 60 fluorocarbon. I ve only had a handful of tarpon wear through that size shock leader. Use anything heavier and the fish is more likely to see it and less likely to eat the fly. 4. Use sharper hooks. It s hard to find tarpon flies these days that are not tied on pre-sharpened cutting edged hooks. If you re tying your own flies then spend the extra money and get the best hooks possible. My favorites are the SSW style Owner Cutting Point in size 2 0. They re wickedly sharp and penetrate the tarpon s mouth better than anything I ve seen. They also have a small barb that holds beautifully but is still easily removed from the fish. A package of eight costs around 6 but they re well worth it. 5. Use your drag. This is the most important thing of all. When I was guiding down in Key West my buddies and I had a rule that three jumps from a tarpon counted as a caught fish. After the third jump getting it up to the boat was just a formality. Everyone should consider this since it s easier on both the fish and the angler. 60 March means that tarpon season is right around the corner here on Pine Island and this is an article I ve published before aimed at those of you who are new to the sport and hoping to land your first silver king with a fly rod. Here are five things I ve learned over the past 21 years of chasing these fish for a living that will both increase your odds and hopefully simplify the process. 1. Use a lighter fly rod. You really don t need anything heavier than a 10-weight to catch the majority of tarpon you ll encounter off Pine Island. Mid-range saltwater rods are not only easier to cast but their lines hit the water with less impact. This is less likely to spook fish especially given our calm conditions most of year. Yes there are some true monster tarpon that swim along the Gulf beaches but concentrate on the smaller ones before you work your way up to the 12-weight . 2. Use a heavier leader. If you re not trying to set a world record then there s no reason to use anything less than 20 test for your class tippet and I ll even go up to 30 on occasion. That s more than strong enough to let you muscle any tarpon to the boat quickly. This is important since a long battle especially in the hot summertime water is a sure way to kill these fish. Get them in fast and they re less likely to become shark food after you release them. 3. Use a lighter shock leader. The 20 to 30 tippet is great but I still like to tie in 18 of 40 fluorocarbon as a shock leader. Even small tarpon have a mouth that feels like a cinder block so something a little heavier at the hook stops them from rubbing through the leader. In the spring and early summer when the As a beginner I lost way too many tarpon because I babied them during the fight. I d give them too much slack and barely pull on them for fear of breaking the light tippets. In other words I was so afraid of losing the fish that I d eventually lose the fish. That changed one summer when I had a client nearly pass out from heat exhaustion while fighting a really big tarpon. He actually dropped to his knees on my deck but managed to hang on to his rod. It scared the hell out of me since I thought he was having a heart attack. While he chugged some ice water I took his rod and cranked down the drag all the way down on his Tibor reel hoping the fish would break itself off before the guy dropped dead on my bow. Instead of that happening when my angler recovered he quickly found himself in complete control of the tarpon for the first time in over an hour. Five minutes later we had the 100 pounder next to the boat and both angler and fish survived the ordeal. Start off with a light drag but right after that third jump is the time to really beat on them. Since you re not going to keep any tarpon so don t be afraid of losing one. Best of luck out there and hope this helps. 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