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50 F YI PLUS Central Florida Lifestyle & Spring-Summer 2017 Resource Guide 50 Plus Lifestyle Profile Mark McEwen 50 Plus FYI Network Orange County Commission on Aging Seminole County Triad Senior Resource Alliance Present Visit for Exhibitors & Activities May 12 2017 -- Friday 3800 S. Econlockhatchee Trail Orlando 32829 (South Curry Ford Road near the Greenway 417) 9 30 a.m. to 2 30 p.m. Renaissance Senior Center Speak with the EXPERTS I I I I Agencies Health care professionals Area service & resource providers Professionals who provide valuable products and services for the active 50 lifestyle FREE Amaze Yourself... Handwriting Analysis FREE The Company Players Meet Jazz Legend Miss Jacqueline Jones Fred P. Hodes on Classical Guitar FREE Variety Show Spring Summer 2014 FREE Admission Free Parking Food Trucks Door Prizes 2 Spring-Summer 2017 3 Hi to All You 50 PLUSers Spring-Summer 2017 50 Plus FYI Lifestyle & Resource Guide Produced by 50 Plus FYI Resource Network--a Florida 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving the resource inform-ation needs of the 50 community of Central Florida (both professional and lay populations.) We are 100% self-funded receiving no monies from any organization or agency. Publisher Linda Cavanaugh Executive Director 50 Plus FYI Resource Network Editorial Contributors Inv. Barbara Fore Investigator Retired Elder Crimes and Services Seminole County Sheriff s Office Miss Jacqueline Jones Singer Dancer Actress and Our Entertainment Muse 50 Plus Lifestyle Profile Author Adeline Davis Cover Story Photography Jim Peters Resource Liaisons Lynn Marie Hurtado LynnMarie Mary Kettler Mary We survived The Election and are moving on to the heat of summer You re invited to join us for our Spring 50 Plus FYI EXPO at the Renaissance Senior Center (3800 S. Econlockhatchee Trail Orlando) on Friday May 12. (Details are on the back cover.) Come and have some fun. This EXPO is a great place to find information about resources to help maximize your 50 plus lifestyle. There s FREE admission and parking Meet area experts--service providers agencies health care Our 50 Plus Profile cover story is Mark McEwen. His role as CBS weatherman brought him into Amerca s homes but in 2005 Mark suffered a life-threatening stroke that brought him to a new career opportunity. Read about his endeavers to make the world brighter by spreading knowledge about stroke and reaching others who have suffered from a stroke. How to Spot a Stroke on page 10 salutes May as Stroke Awareness Month. Check out our new flip format launched in this issue Flip the Lifestyle Guide and peel back the back cover to find the revised edition of our Little Black Book of Resources. representatives and other professionals who provide valuable products services and assistance to our 50 community here in Central Florida. Don t miss the free handwriting analysis Broadway quality entertainment door prizes and food truck brunch. See you at the 50 Plus FYI EXPO. Linda Cavanaugh Executive Director 50 Plus FYI Resource Network Publisher IT Advisor Karen Stein-Ferguson BS MBA JD 50 Plus FYI Resource Network 220 Freeman Street Longwood FL 32750 ReachUs 50 Plus FYI Lifestyle & Resource Guide is printed by Checkmate Publications Inc. exclusively for the 50 Plus FYI Resource Network. No part of this publication may be reproduced without publisher s written permission. Publisher reserves the right to edit submitted materials and refuse advertising. The publisher assumes no reponsibility for errors or misprints in copy or in any customer approved advertising copy. Publisher is not liable for statements made by advertisers or writers. All information and advertising is published as a service for our readers and inclusion does not constitute endorsement by publisher or staff. 2017 407-265-0534 Mailed from Non Profit Mail Permit 504 Senior Resource Alliance 988 Woodcock Rd Suite 200 Orlando FL 32803 4 Spring-Summer 2017 TABLE CONTENTS OF Mark McEwen Some days you just have to create your own sunshine . COVER STORY 6 14 More than a Stroke of Luck How Acting FAST Can Save Someone You Love 18 FYI Scam Alert Charity Scams 16 FYI HealthWise Chronic Cough -- Causes and Cures 13 FYI Hospice & Palliative Care Cornerstone Hospice & Palliative Care 12 FYI Legislative Update -- There Ought to Be a Law How a Bill Becomes a Law 50 Plus Lifestyle Profile Mark McEwen former CBS weatherman stroke survivor. . . 20 J. J. s Spotlight Miss Jacqueline Jones Check the FLIP side . . . Little Black Book of Resources. Resources listed in the Little Black Book section of this magazine includes the most frequently contacted sources for products and services (government nonprofit and for profit) from our database created for our Central Florida first responders. The complete database can be accessed in Little Black Book of Resources at Spring-Summer 2017 5 50 Plus Lifestyle Profile Mark McEwen by Adeline Davis Normally childhood family dinners consist of small talk and forced vegetable eating. However for former CBS weatherman Mark McEwen eating broccoli was the least of his worries. Growing up with two brothers and three sisters turned the McEwen family dinners into nightly talent shows. His sisters sang his parents laughed and Mark had to figure out how to turn the spotlight on himself while also guarding his food. The answer Comedy. Mark s comedic abilities went from helping him stand out in a big family to helping him stand out for millions of TV viewers. But before Mark made the world laugh his dad a colonel in the Air Force and his mom drilled home the importance of being nice. According to Mark this has taken him further in life than just about anything. Mark s journey to the spotlight began when he left the University of Maryland. Though his dad was not pleased Mark followed his passion and soon had a gig as a rock and roll disc jockey first in Baltimore and later in Detroit Chicago and New York. Of course comedy never left Mark s repertoire. He soon started performing stand-up routines. Much like at the McEwen dinner table Mark quickly learned how to utilize his time on stage as well as how to recover from what every entertainer dreads a silent crowd. It s awful says Mark. But part of the gig is coming back from that silence. It s like being a professional athlete. You re supposed to forget the bad shot and hit another good one. This positive mentality aided Mark when he lost two of his jobs in New York. Thankfully he did not have to wait too long for another good shot. In 1987 Mark was hired as the CBS weatherman a position he held for the next 16 years. Mark s one-minute spot as the weatherman helped to open doors in the entertainment industry as well as bring unexpected happiness to the viewers. On September 11 2001 Mark was in L.A. for the first Latin Grammys when he was told a plane had hit the World Trade Center. Upon flying back to New York Mark remembers seeing the hole in the ground where the World Trade Center had been. But the hard part was just beginning. It was the only time -- the only time you could cry on air says Mark. The guests were people who lost someone in the towers or were sure their loved ones were in the rubble alive. It was awful. It took a long time for broadcasting to come back to being what we did. As the weatherman Mark was given the chance to go outside and see firefighters and policemen who had come to help from all over the country. One day Mark came across policemen from near his hometown in Anne Arundel County Maryland and he invited them to come on the show. They showed up in their dress blues and hats. I was so proud that those guys were my guys says Mark. Mark also describes his weatherman job as being the sigh between the headlines and hard news. Once again Mark s position reflected what he had learned at the dinner table. He utilized his sixty seconds to make people laugh. In his 2016 TED Talk Mark describes his weatherman years as the great wall he used to get to China. He was offered an entertainment position at CBS where he went on to cover 16 Grammys 16 Oscars the Golden Globes the Country Music Awards and three Winter Olympics. During this period in his career Mark utilized his mom s be nice motto to help him stand out. In fact his smile landed him both an interview and a first name basis friendship with Whitney Houston. She had just sung I Will Always Love You and was coming up the aisle says Mark. I asked her if she would please talk with me and she stopped because I told her we had air Spring-Summer 2017 7 conditioning. I took her hand it was like lightning. Mark was only able to ask Whitney one question but she was on his show the next day. Whitney is one star in a long list of celebrities Mark has interviewed. He describes Stevie Wonder as delightful and joyfully reminisces about the time Joni Mitchell played Just Like This Train for him after an interview. In fact one of his most prized possessions is a ring he received from Garth Brooks. Another is the torch he ran with during the 1998 Winter Olympics. At the time Mark had a bad knee but he managed to incorporate comedy into his upcoming run in a segment titled Mark Don t Drop the Torch. It didn t hit me until I gave the torch to the next person says Mark. I couldn t believe I had carried it. The 1992 and 1996 Winter Olympics also gave Mark many memorable experiences and although he was not an anchor he enjoyed trying new things. You can show me something. Show it to me. And I can figure out how to do it says Mark. Live TV does not mean anything. When the camera goes on it s show time. With the cameras rolling Mark tried both dog sledding and steer roping. During dog sledding he ended up going too fast and turning over but 8 his why is this always happening line soon became a running joke. His CBS career went on to include five presidential interviews and many more celebrity appearances. To this day he considers Garth Brooks and Tony Bennett good friends. In 2004 Mark accepted a position as a WKMG anchor in Orlando. However in 2005 a life-threatening stroke halted his plans. Imagine you re underwater in a swimming pool and all you want to do is swim to the top says Mark. That is what having a stroke felt like. When his stroke hit Mark was 30 000 feet in the air on a plane to Orlando. His situation worsened when the flight attendant wheeled him off the plane and left him alone at curbside. However his angel Mark with Adeline appeared in the form of a potbellied man who came outside to smoke saw Mark and dialed 911. To this day Mark has not been able to find out who the man was. Statistically only one out of ten people survive the kind of stroke Mark suffered. He was in a coma for two days in the hospital for a month and spent the next year in rehab learning how to walk talk and even swallow. I have a second chance at life says Mark. I do not fear death because I have kind of already died. Physically the stroke affected the right side of Mark s body and his speech. However he does not view these as setbacks. His children and wife Denise were his main inspirations during his recovery. He switched to using his left hand and realized people were not as aware of his speech difficulty as he was. He used to feel self-conscious about asking where the milk was in Publix but after the local paper wrote four articles about him he now welcomes people approaching him. I always say you rarely hear stroke and lucky in the same sentence says Mark. I want people who have been in my boat to say If he can do it I can do it. I want to dance at my kids weddings. Spring-Summer 2017 During the last 11 years Mark has reinvented his career to spread knowledge and reach others who have suffered from a stroke. On May 1 2008 Mark published his book Change in the Weather Life After Stroke and has maintained his blog Mark McEwen s World for over two years. So far it has received over 300 000 page views. Besides writing public speaking is another way Mark has been able to share his story. He gave his first TED Talk in 2016. As usual Mark finds comedy is the best way to connect to his audiences. Stroke is a furrowed brow kind of thing says Mark. If I can make them laugh they remember the hard stuff but they like what they ve heard. Mark s stroke also gave him a new opportunity to make the world brighter. He is currently working on a show for PBS called The Comeback with Mark McEwen. The show will feature people who have overcome struggles. I want to show good things. The light as opposed to the darkness says Mark. This past November Mark also was given the opportunity to perform in a black adaption of The Christmas Carol called Christmas Is Coming Uptown. The show had three performances and was held at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. He only had five lines but loved the experience. The show acted as another chance for his kids to see him on stage embracing life. Growing up Mark remembers seeing that white kids could do anything while black kids could only do four things. Therefore Mark has utilized his career to prove that anyone can be successful. When Mark was offered the chance to cover the Country Music Awards there was a reason he said yes. I wanted the audience to see a black person doing anything says Mark. Because you can do anything. A plethora of pictures decorate the walls of Mark s office. In all of them Mark is seen smiling with a celebrity about each of whom he has a story. In reference to Mark s book former president George H. W. Bush said Mark s words will make people laugh and cry but mostly give them hope. The smile and comedy instilled in Mark at the McEwen dinner table will no doubt continue throughout his career. Adeline Davis resided in Oviedo for ten years until she began attending the University of Tampa in 2015. An honor student she continues to pursue a major in English. She has over seven years of experience working as a staff reporter page editor for school newspapers. Authors Diana Gabaldon Madeleine L Engle J.K. Rowling and Robin Pilcher are some of her inspirations. I Spring-Summer 2017 9 When Third Thursday of the Month Where Florida Hospital for Women 601 E. Rollins St. Orlando Fl. 32804 Education Room First Floor Time 12 p.m. 2 p.m. STROKE CLUB MEETING Who Anyone who has had stroke family members caregivers Questions call Karen Kalich 407-303-5600 Ext. 1104589 May is Stroke Awareness Month 10 Spring-Summer 2017 Orange County Prescription Drug Disposal Locations Spring-Summer 2017 11 Legislative Update There Ought to Be a Law How a Bill Becomes a Law Either house may originate any type of legislation however the processes differ slightly within each of the two houses. A legislator sponsors a bill. The bill is referred to one or more committees related to the bill s subject. The committee studies the bill and decides if it should be amended passed or failed. If passed the bill moves to other committees of reference or to the full house. The full house then votes on the bill. If it passes in one house it is sent to the other house for review. A bill goes through the same process in the second house as it did in the first. A bill can go back and forth between houses until a consensus is reached. Of course the measure could fail at any point in the process. Bill Requirements Each bill filed in the Legislature must have three parts A descriptive title beginning A bill to be entitled an Act along with a brief statement giving the Legislature and the public reasonable notice of the subject of the bill. An enacting or resolving clause Be it Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida The body of the bill. Committees The committee is the heart of the legislative process. Committees can and should do the fact-finding groundwork. The formation of committees breaks down the membership into numerous small groups. Opportunity is thus afforded the Senate for closer study of a bill than would be possible in debate on the floor. In this preliminary screening the committee will hear from the legislator who introduced the bill. It will hear too from other legislators who either favor or oppose the bill. The committee may go outside the Legislature to learn the opinion of interested persons who may be well informed on the subject of the bill. The committee can subpoena for witnesses and for records. It can also use the research facilities of the Legislature to analyze the situation here and in other states. Citizens who wish to be heard are also allowed to speak at committee meetings. Technically both the Senate and the House sitting as a committee could do all these things. But committees can and do perform the work more efficiently and thoroughly. The volume of business in today s Florida Legislature is considerable. It would be difficult to complete if the entire body attempted to study every bill upon its introduction. Basically there are standing select and conference committees. A joint select committee may be appointed at any time by the Senate President and the House Speaker. It functions like a select committee except that it includes members of the House appointed by the House Speaker. SOURCE The Florida State Legislature I 12 Spring-Summer 2017 FYI Cornerstone Hospice was started by a group of volunteers who saw a need for hospice services. One dedicated nurse with a vision and passion for patients care their dignity choices and peace started caring for three patients one at a time. The organization today serves patients in seven counties including Lake Sumter Polk Highlands Hardee Osceola and Orange Counties. Cornerstone Hospice is a local community based not-for-profit hospice licensed since 1984. of Cornerstone Hospice and provide invaluable services to patients families and staff. Cornerstone Hospice & Palliative Care caring for their loved ones. Bereavement services and grief support are available to family members for up to one year after the death of a patient. There are rewarding volunteer opportunities for the community to become involved with Cornerstone Hospice. Volunteers contribute their time energy and love to the mission The best time to learn about hospice is before someone in your family is facing a crisis. With so many questions Cornerstone Hospice offers answers. Contact 866-742-6655 or I Cornerstone Hospice involves the family and offers professional support and training in Our care is provided within the familiar setting of wherever the patient lives and calls home one s own home assisted living facility nursing home independent care facility Hospice house or inpatient unit. When you or a loved one is diagnosed with a life-limiting illness every moment matters especially the moments spent with family friends and enjoying your favorite activities. At Cornerstone Hospice our pain management and palliative care experts help to make the most of life s precious moments. Through Hospice care patients maintain dignity self-respect and personal control over their lives. Spring-Summer 2017 13 More than a Stroke of Luck How Acting FAST Can Save Someone You Love by Pam Ruben While National Stroke Awareness month takes place in May for my family it takes place all year-round . . . My mother s stroke was diagnosed by her manicurist (and was later confirmed by the ER) just about two years ago to this day. We are forever grateful that Olga noticed the changes in my mom and reached out for emergency help. While I am not suggesting that you leave your neurologist for a consultation (or a mani-pedi) with your nail stylist I am proposing that all of us working with seniors in our daily lives become advocates for the older adult lives we touch. When my mom walked into the salon on that fateful day Olga immediately recognized that something was off. My mom was displaying classic stroke symptoms with one side of her face drooping and her speech slurred and unclear. My mother had been feeling unwell all day but was unable to put her symptoms together on her own. Olga acted FAST when presented with a very different version of my mom and called my sister right away. Moments later my mom was zipped off to the ER. Olga (excuse the pun) really nailed this one looking out for her client and possibly saving her life. Mary Carter Eick owner of Griswold Home Care in Seminole and North Orange Counties shares a similar story experienced by one of her home care aides who are senior advocates in their daily work with older adult clients. Recently the aide was working with a regular client who just didn t seem to be himself. With a long-held affinity and training for the elderly combined with knowledge of the client and his habits the aide reached out and contacted the client s son for additional input. Though the senior wasn t a poster child for stroke like my mom it turns out he too had experienced a stroke. With stroke symptoms sometimes obvious and sometimes not how do we know when someone needs immediate medical attention Longwood neurologist Bruce Hoffen M.D. suggests following the Act FAST (Face Arms Speech & Time) acronym promoted by the National Stroke Association as an effective way to recognize stroke symptoms. Dr. Hoffen shared If you suspect someone is experiencing a stroke start by looking for drooping on one side of the face. Ask the person to raise their arms and check for one arm that may be drifting. Since speech is often affected ask them to repeat a simple sentence listening for signs of unclearness or confusion. If the person is experiencing any of these symptoms time is of the essence get emergency help. If a stroke is caught within a specific time window special clot- busting drugs may be able to reverse damaging effects. Less obvious symptoms that Dr. Hoffen points out are sudden trouble seeing balance and coordination problems that come on quickly and in older adults sudden severe headaches when there is no known cause. How will my family celebrate this second stroke-aversary (as Hallmark has not yet made a card for this) After spending time with my mother and appreciating her hard-won recovery we will follow the advice from Emily Newman of the Orlando Senior Help Desk who was there to give guidance and advocacy two Springs ago when we needed it most. Emily shared After acting FAST and your loved one has received medical help now is the time to slow down and surround them with a circle of support to help foster healing. Pamela Ruben Jewish Pavilion Marketing Director authors a series of blogs titled Tidbits from the Sandwich Generation. This series is about managing the multigenerations. If you are sandwiched in between raising a family of children or young adults and caring for aging parents this blog is for you Check out additional posts at blog. Send comments to pamruben 14 I Spring-Summer 2017 Spring-Summer 2017 15 FYI HealthWise Chronic Cough -- Causes and Cures When should I call my doctor If you have had a cough for more than three weeks it may be chronic. When something is chronic it means it lasts for a long time. The following are some questions to help you decide whether you should see your doctor about your cough Are you coughing up thick yellow or green phlegm Are you wheezing (making a whistling sound when you breathe in) Are you running a temperature higher than 101 F Are you losing weight without trying Are you having drenching sweats in bed at night (the sheets and your pajamas get soaking wet) Are you coughing up blood If you answered yes to any of these questions call your doctor. He or she will want to find out if you have an illness that is causing the cough. If you answered no to all of these questions one of the causes listed below may be causing your cough. Smoking Smoking can cause a cough that doesn t go away. If you smoke you need to stop. Talk to your doctor about using nicotine patches gum inhaler or nasal spray or another method to stop smoking. Allergies Postnasal drip caused by allergies can make you cough. Postnasal drip is mucus that runs down your throat from the back of your nose. If you have postnasal drip from allergies try to avoid the things you are allergic to such as the following Dust Smoke Pollen mold and freshly cut grass Pets and certain plants Cleaning agents and room deodorizers Chemical fumes An over-the-counter antihistamine-decongestant combination may help stop your allergies and your cough. Ask your doctor or pharmacist to help you choose one. Medicines Some medicines can cause chronic cough in some people. Some examples of medicines that may cause cough are the following ACE inhibitors for high blood pressure Beta blockers for high blood pressure migraines or glaucoma Call your doctor s office to find out if any of the medicines you use could cause you to cough. If you are taking a medicine that can cause you to cough your doctor might be able to prescribe another medicine for you. Don t stop taking a prescribed medicine unless your doctor tells you to. Asthma Coughing can be a sign of asthma. In some people with mild asthma a cough is the only symptom. Your doctor may ask you to try using some asthma medicine to see if your cough goes away. If it does you probably have mild asthma. Your doctor will help you decide the best treatment for your symptoms. Heartburn Acid from your stomach may back up into your throat. This is called acid reflux. It can cause heartburn or cough. Acid reflux is more common when you re lying down. If you have this problem try raising the head of your bed about 4 inches. It might help to avoid eating or drinking for two hours before you lie down. An antacid (such as Tums) or an acid-blocking medicine (such as Axid Pepcid Tagamet or Zantax) may be helpful. Two other drugs esomeprazole (brand name Nexium) and omeprazole (brand name Prilosec) are also available. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist. SOURCE American Academy of Family Physicians I 16 Spring-Summer 2017 407-855-9732 Call us today www. ROBERT BRYANT FUNERAL & CREMATION CHAPEL Serving you with a Simple Alternative 321 E. Michigan St. Orlando FL 32806 407-240-6080 Call for Free Brochure ALF 11165 Contact Us Today for a Tour WinstonHouseALF We are a residential home located in Maitland. Red Fish Trout 407-415-8038 43rd Annual Golden Age Games November 4th 11th 2017 Sponsored by City of Sanford Recreation Department Florida Inshore Fishing Charters Full Day Half Day Split Day US Coast Guard Licensed Fully Insured Live Artificial Bait 352-223-7897 Mosquito Lagoon Indian River Canaveral National Seashore Archery Basketball Shooting Bowling Golf Horseshoes Swimming Table Tennis Pickleball Tennis Track & Field And more EVENTS Questions about MEDICARE I can help you understand how Medicare works... understand your Medicare options... choose a Medicare plan that is right for YOU For more information contact Sanford Senior Center (407) 688-5129 407-401-2276 Call Claudette M. Williams Today Independent Agent Go to the website or Kim.Eltonhead Advance to the Florida State Games in December. Contact for state game information. Spring-Summer 2017 17 FYI Scam Alert by Retired Investigator Barbara Fore ECPP FCP FCPP Elder Crimes and Services Seminole County Sheriff s Office Charity Scams Charity scammers use deception to steal money from people who believe they are donating to legitimate causes. They siphon money away from those in need and use it to line their own pockets. Scam artists often exploit natural disasters and other emergencies to play on donors sympathy and take advantage of their generosity. Protect Yourself from Charity Scams If you are considering making a donation take time to research the charity and make sure it is legitimate. All charities soliciting within the state of Florida (excluding religious educational political and governmental agencies) are required to register and file financial information with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). Call 1-800-HELP-FLA (435-7352) or use our online Check-A-Charity (https CSPublicApp CheckACharity CheckACharity.aspx) tool to find out if a charity is properly registered. You can also find out how much the charity is spending on administration and fundraising and how much money goes to actual programming. Here are a few more tips for choosing a worthy charity and giving wisely Don t judge a charity solely on an impressive-sounding name. Many organizations have names similar to well-known charities and organizations. Know who is asking you for money. Be wary of emotional appeals and be suspicious of organizations with only vague plans for dispensing the funds. Ask the charity or organization why it is asking for donations. What purpose will be served Ask questions and do not donate until you get satisfactory answers. Some solicitors use pressure tactics and may even offer to send a runner to pick up your money. Reputable charities will not rush you to make a contribution. Never give cash. Contribute by check and make it out to the organization. If you decide to make a donation online look for indicators that the website is secure such as a web address that begins with https (the s stands for secure). 18 Spring-Summer 2017 Thank-you gifts for donations add to fundraising costs. You can donate directly to a charity and forego the gifts. The charity will then have a larger percentage of your contribution to use for its programs. Be conscious of groups or individuals who solicit by telephone mail and door-to-door. Other groups to be wary of are those who solicit on street corners. While they ask for charitable contributions little is known about their charity or charitable purpose. Be aware that many telephone appeals for funds are made by paid solicitors not volunteers. The solicitors often work for a for-profit firm hired by the charitable organization. Telemarketing is expensive and may entail substantial fundraising costs. Some organizations have 900 phone numbers. When you call the number the cost of the call is automatically billed to your phone. Before dialing make sure you wish to donate the price of the call (it may be expensive) to that particular cause. Oftentimes the elderly are taken advantage of because of their vulnerability. Elderly consumers are encouraged to discuss charitable giving with a trusted family member or friend. Keep Good Records Always obtain and save a printed copy of your donation or a receipt showing the amount of the contribution. Not all organizations soliciting in the name of benevolence are true charities eligible to receive taxdeductible contributions. If this is important to you ask about the organization s federal and state eligibility for receiving tax-deductible donations. Typically such donations fall under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3). File a Complaint To file a complaint about a charity use our online form or call 1-800-HELP-FLA (435-7352). Spring-Summer 2017 19 I by Miss Jacqueline Jones Singer Dancer Actress and Our Entertainment Muse J.J. s Spotlight New places functions festivals and roads coming alive all over town AAHHH I hope there s a positive side for Central Florida residents to go along with all this. That way more of you will be able to enjoy the events vacations of course the night life & sightseeing. There s enough for everyone Can you believe it Spring is here We didn t have a Winter-- by Florida standards Enough weather stuff. Darlings Next wonderful Food & Wine Festivals are in bloom from Mt. Dora to Disney I ll be blooming too at Peppy Bistro in College Park Saturdays May 13 20 27 -- first show is at 7 30 p.m. -- Full bar good food & good service Info reservations 407-420-1755. Time to close. Maybe I ll see you in Sanford at Alive After Five or at one of Cranes Roost Festivities Remember to relax have fun & thank God for the moment. For you seasoned residents get ready 50 Plus FYI Resource EXPO is comin at cha May 12th (Friday) at the Renaissance Center (3800 S. Econlockhatchee Trail Orlando 32829.) Lots of info & goodies plus LE CABRERA with yours truly John & Theresa Segers plus a couple of surprises Til next issue darlin Jacqueline Miss Jacqueline Jones is a Diva Extraordinaire She has entertained throughout the world from Russia as diplomat entertainer for the Forum for US Soviet Dialogue to USO Tours in the U.S. and overseas. She has been honored with many awards including Queen of Mardi Gras in 2001-2 by Universal Studios Women s Summit Award 2001 Grand Divas 2002-2003 of The Central Florida Jazz Society and SCAC Artist of the Year 20092010. E-mail her at missjackiejones Check out her website at Don t miss our 50 Plus FYI EXPO on May 12 2017 20 Spring-Summer 2017 Info for 50 Plus by 50 Plus Right Here in Central Florida Stay Informed . . . 50 Plus FYI Lifestyle & Resource Guide FREE 50 Plus FYI Little Black Book of Resources FREE 50 Plus FYI e-ZiNE FREE 50 Plus FYI EXPO Don t forget . . . sign up for FREE quarterly 50PlusFYI e-ZiNE at www.50PlusFYI .org Mark Your Calendars Spring EXPO 5-12-17 Fall EXPO 10-21-17 EXPO Details Spring-Summer 2017 EXPO 21 Become a 50 Plus FYI SPONSOR Get the word out . . . Let our readers know who you are what you do Details 407-265-0534 click here or Spring-Summer 2017 22