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Fish and chips shop for Sale Fully Equipped. Good Location Very Busy Price on Application Contact Mr. Singh 07913062299 Vol 13 Issue 637 FREE Skip Yard For r In Stoke- on -Trent Area Skip Yard For Sale. rEst.25 yrs. r 55 Skips (2 ton 3 ton 5 ton And 10 ton) r Fully Based Transfer Licence. r 2 Lorries. r Open Lease. r Good Cliental Base. r2 Mobile and 1 Land Line Telephone inclusive. r Rent 130 VAT. PW. r Price 55k Contact Mr Singh 07972871666. 5th October to 11th October 2017 U.K s Largest Circulated Free Punjabi English Newspaper RAI & SONS BUILDERS ALL TYPES OF BUILDING WORK UNDERTAKEN - z z B F C B . . . . . . z fi Tel 0121 358 4539 07973 147255 07723 315127 07792855562 . (Small Business Commissioner) z . B AG z B i i i AE fi z . . . . Number Plate For Sale Price 1995. 00 Tel 0121 422 1663 MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 2 z z z z AB - z z z z E - - z - z z fi z z z - z AG z z z - z z . z z z ( ) AH i i z ( ) i i z z z i B H z I CHEAP BRICKS Adviser Mr. K.S.S. Anand Heritage Correspondent Mr. Joginder Singh Dhesian Sang Full & Half Loads. Nationwide Delivery Available Call 07908 656 263 TRADE INQUIRES WELCOME 01902 618 488 Editor Dr. Karwinder Singh Raikoti Aum Tent Hire ABA-E G FIC GGHDDECIAF Heat - z i - z Mann Jitt Ltd. aim to make sure all services provided by those who advertise in this publication are genuine. However we are not liable for the services they provide. Mann Jitt Ltd. does not endorse any products or services advertised in the publication. advertiser s statements are independent of Mann Jitt Ltd. We do not accept responsibility for any unsolicited comments photos or artwork. Mann Jitt Ltd. accepts no liability for any losses or damages occurred to any company oraganisation or persons due to any advertisement or article in Mann Jitt weekly. Please seek legal advice before buying hiring or contraction through any advertisements published. MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 3 For any kind of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables No Look Further Just Pop In Best Quality Affordable Prices. hr iksm dy qwzy PLW Aqy sbzIAW leI hux quhwnMU hor ikDry jwx dI zrUrq nhIN[ swfI dukwn qy AwE mncwhy PL Aqy sbzIAW lY jwE[ qwzy PL Aqy qwjIAW sbzIAW hI ishq nMU qwzgI idMdIAW hn[ s qy idn Ku ly 391 Dudley Road Wolverhampton WV2 3AY Pon Aqy PYks 01902 546 543 email mail MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 4 B AG z z z z z z z - z - . HE . z z z B B B B ED z z z z B AII B AC AD A z z z - z z z AI AB F MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 5 . . . z fi . . z fi . . - z AE B AG Religious Workers Required. Applicants must be capable to perform all religious rituals according to the Sikh Rehat Maryada. Must be fluent in Punjabi and English reading and writing. Main duties Morning and evening Kirtan Doing Path in the Gurdwara and at some one s residence. Preference will be given to UK resident. Wages according to UK employment Law. Last date for Application - October 15 2017. Send your applications with CV to Gurminder Singh Kandola General Secretary AHFB - - - - z Mobile - 07791545695 OR Mohan Singh Sandhu Stage Secretary Mobile - 07825371355 Leamington Spa and Warwick Gurdwara Sahib Techbrook Park Drive Warwick CV34 6RH Tel. - 01926 424 297 MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 6 - i i . . fi fi AH . z z AIGC z AIGF z z . z z i ( ) - fi ( ) z i AIFG AIII AIIG z z i - fi E i ...... A i ( ) i - B Verticals Rollers Venetians Real Woods Faux Woods Conservatories Perfect Fit Blackouts Full pallet of colours and styles to choose from all manufactured child friendly by design i i A AGE MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 7 i i B fi z B AIIC i z ( ) B B z - - BC i - ( ) - z z z z z z z z . i z . fi I - AH B AG Quintin Watt Secretary WC & HS MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 8 i fi z z z i z z . z i z z i z - i I z z z . ( ) - z i z z - AIHD i i z z z z z . . z z z z. i i i z z - - - fi - - z ( ) z ( ) - - - - fi i i z z A.C z z - A z z i z z i i i z i i i z z z z z i z z z i i i i C i z i z fi z i z z z FB z BF z z z i z i z z MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 9 Glassi Junction Bar & Grill ij Qy mMglvwr nMU vI Awpxy mnpsMd dy pMjwbI KwixAW dw luqP lY skdy ho[ Awpxy pRIvwr nwl vI Aw skdy ho[ 35 sItW dw rYstorYNt swbqy qMdUrI murgy bwr iv c hr qrHW dI ifRMk muPq kwr pwrk Come and enjoy your evenings & weekends. Families welcome even on Tuesdays. Open 7 days 11 AM to 11PM 131 Willenhall Road Wolverhampton WV1 2HR For table bookings Tel 01902 454040 or 0773455837 IE fi z A - fi 01902 544 785 078888 35994 Tel 0121-553-3501 MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 10 z - z i - - fi fi i z - . . . B - z fi . . fi i fi z z . . fi fi fi i fi fi - .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. fi .. .. fi .. .. .. .. fi .. .. - i i i fi fi fi i i fi i fi i - fi - z - - z - i i - - z . - MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 11 ( ) fi - - - - - z i - - - i - - . - - - i - fi - - - - - - z z - - fi - fi - z z fi - - z - - - - z . - - - - ( ) fi fi - ( - ) - U U fi fi ( ) U U fi fi fi z fi z z fi - A E fi C (GB) (GC) (FH) B AG AA ( G B ) z A MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 12 z z F G z F z z i z . z - z - z fi z z z z fi z - fi E B E CB AD A z ( ) B AE B AG z i - z z . - z z z - fi z fi fi z z - - z . z i z z z z z z z fi z z BE z -B AG BE BE z i z . . - z z z z AD BE BE z z z z z z z . z i - i z z i AA.C MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 13 . . . i fi - z - fi - - z . . . fi D H G AIHB fi fi . . z D z B z - z z - ( ) - z . . . z . . . . . . z MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 14 fi fi fi AH fi fi fi fi fi DG BC A z z fi fi AA EA z z ( ) fi . C AIDH z fi z z z H C AIDH z z BE.CF z - z AI.CI z z z z . z z fi fi CA BA AE EA F BD fi AE E AA H fi fi IG EDF HE . . . ( ) HE . . - B BH C - H.HH BHAI DOOJ CELEBRATION Dear Devotees You will be delighted to know that SAIN SABHA Wolverhampton is going to celebrate its 33rd Bhai Dooj on Sunday 22th October 2017 in SRI KRISHNA MANDIR 123 Pen Road Wolverhampton. All the members are invited with families and friends to grace this occasion. Your attendance is greatly desired to pay tribute to Baba Ji. PROGRAMME Tea & snacks on arrival. Hosting of the flag 10.00 AM. ANOKHA GROUP WALSALL. RAJINDER KUMAR (BILLA) AARTI LANGAR Full service of Langar will be performed by MR. SURJIT DEWITT COVENTRY. DMn DMn bwbw sYx Bgq jI smUh swD sMgq jI Awp jI nMU jwx ky KuSI hovygI ik vulvrhYNptn sYx sBw v loN 33vW BweI dUj dw idhwVw 22 AkqUbr 2017 idn AYqvwr nMU sRI ikRSnw mMdr ivKy bVI SrDw Aqy Bwvnw nwl mnwieAw jw irhw hY[ smUh sMgq dy crnW iv c bynqI kIqI jWdI hY ik Awp jI pRIvwrW smyq hwzrI Brky jIvn sPl kro jI[ ies idn dI s&lqw quhwfI eykqw sdky hI hovgI[ y Awp jI dy dws sYx sBw vulvrhYNptn pRDwn sqpwl bwdl mYNbr- divMdr GeI pRIqm isMG sohx lwl pMCI nirMdr kumwr p lx[ ON SUNDAY 22TH OCTOBER 2017. BABA SAIN BHAGAT JI (1400 1490) G i F z z i z z . . z z - Contact 01902 341348 Full Name Baba Sain Bhagat Parents Bhai Mukand Rai & Mata Jivani Spouse Bibi Sahib Devi Birth 1400 (Amritsar) Other info 1 Hymn in Guru Granth Sahib ji. Promoted Bhagti Movement. Worked to abolish caste system. Was disciple of Bhagat Ramanand. Children Bhai Nai Death 1490 (Kanshi) MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 15 AD-A -B AG D Phoenix Park z z z z z z z z z z I z . z z z i - i z z - z i i z z z z i - z z z ( ) z z i i z - i - z z i i i i - i z - fi z H i B AA ( ) fi . . H fi fi . . . . E MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 16 I z z z z IB i HDD i I CB i z z i ( ) i i z z z H CB fi F - CE fi i z z z z F z z C HD fi fi z G z . . z z . . z z z z z z fi fi fi z z i z z i - i AE-AE z z BC B AH z fi z MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 17 z C -I-AG F z z . z z z MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 18 T T T T i z fi fi fi z fi fi fi fi fi T T T T T T T T T T - fi z T ... T i T z T z z z z z z z z T z ....T z ....... T AD z - - ( ) i fi i z - - fi - fi - i - fi MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 19 z z z C - z z z B AE fi - z UK z - z . G z - z z z B AF z z z z fi F z - AIIB z AIIG . . . AIIH i - A - i - z - fi A 3 MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 20 A z i A fi z z z fi - z z A z i z z fi i i - z z z z fi i z i i z i fi - z i fi z i - B fi fi . . . z z fi z z z . . z B AA z z ( . . .) . . . z . fi B AA z z z z MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 21 i z i B i (B AA) DF C AE% BG - ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) - ( ) i fi i z fi (i ) fi z - - i z - . i fi - z - - - z i i i - r r ( )- - - ( )- - r z ( z )- z - r ( )- - r - - - i fi i fi z - ( .) MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 22 . . . B B AG z BB AIIE z fi AIID AB z CA B G i AA B A B AB CA B AB I C i z fi i z z 28 2012 z z z z 22 - 3 2016 fi z z 10 2016 z z z z i 22 2017 z i z . z z z . . .. . . . . . . 11 z i z z fi z z i z fi 2012 z (. ) i - ... B BB fi i - ... (BB) - ( fi ) fi fi D E fi - - z - z z z DG ( ) z z z z z AIHC z AIHC z AIHC AIHC z HC z z z z z MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 23 fi fi fi z fi fi fi fi fi - fi fi fi fi C CE z AA z IE z FE G z z FE z E DE DE E z A - z fi z - fi i i - ( .) fi ( ) - - MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 24 Government appoints Paul Uppal Small Business Commissioner to champion voice of small business Secretary of State for Business Greg Clark has today announced the appointment of Paul Uppal to the newly-established post of Small Business Commissioner. The appointment of the father-of-three from Birmingham marks an important step toward ensuring small businesses have the support they need to thrive and grow - a central tenet of the Government s Industrial Strategy. As Commissioner Mr Uppal will lead an independent office world for new entrepreneurs to establish and grow their own businesses. Business Secretary Greg Clark said Small businesses are the backbone of our economy providing jobs and opportunities across the country. I am delighted to announce Paul Uppal as the Thought of the week Once your mind goes from if to when your resolve will immediately start removing the worries. Written in 2013 by Brian G. Jett --- Kentucky THE SIKH FEDERATION AND FAKE NEWS On Sunday 24 September the Sikh Federation (SF) put out a categoric statement titled Sikh Lords face the axe which was picked up by the Times of India (TOI). A House of Lords Committee is looking at ways of reducing the size of the House with particular concern over those who attended infrequently and contributed little to the work of the House. The House has made clear that ageism should not enter the deliberations. The SF maliciously circulated this misleading statement in order to embarrass Lord Singh and Lord Suri who do not subscribe to their ill-judged policies. The Electoral Reform Society responded to a SF tweet on the matter with the comment shouldn t the public decide who stays and who joins. The NSO is in agreement with the view that individual peers should be judged on both merit and contribution. In response to the disparaging and categoric statement Sikh Lords face the axe and the subsequent TOI fake news headline Lord Singh addressed the speculation on Lords reform and said I appreciate the Sikh Federation s concern but would like to assure them they should not worry excessively. The same sort of thing was being said when I was appointed six years ago. What is important is the contribution we make. Since entering the Lords in 2011 I have made more than 170 contributions to debates and questions to the minister and am a member of several Parliamentary Groups. In my spare time I have written and broadcast on the relevance of Sikh teachings to the modern world and lectured widely in the UK and abroad including the Vatican UN the Parliament of World Faiths and Oxford Union. He went on I think we should all draw inspiration from Guru Amar Das who was appointed Guru at the age of 73 and continued his Guruship until he left for his heavenly abode at the age of 95. As Guru he expanded the institution of langar set up 22 dioceses or manjis to promote Sikh teachings furthered Sikh commitment to women s equality by condemning the practice of sati sanctioning the right of widows to remarry criticising the wearing of the veil and championed many other social improvements. tasked with empowering small businesses. The role will be crucial to supporting small businesses resolve disputes with larger businesses and will help drive a culture change in payment practices. Mr Uppal and his team will provide general advice and information to small businesses on matters such as resolving disputes including signposting small businesses to existing support and dispute resolution services which will be delivered through the commissioner s website. His priorities will reflect his 20-year experience as a small business owner in the real estate sector where he saw how even sound businesses could struggle when faced with a culture of late payment by customers. Mr Uppal said Running your own business can be a very lonely experience and my priority will be ensuring small firms feel supported as well as helping to create an overall impression that business isn t necessarily cut throat. In fact successful businesses are built on integrity entrepreneurial spirit and trusting relationships and I want to highlight that Britain can be the best place in the first Small Business Commissioner. His extensive experience as a small business owner makes him perfectly suited to champion the interests of small business and bring about a change in culture that will create a level playing field for everyone. I wish Paul luck in his new role and I look forward to working with him in the future. British Business Bank programmes supporting 3.4 billion of finance to over 59 000 smaller businesses over 50 000 Start-Up Loans worth almost 340 million a network of 39 local growth hubs which make it easier for start-ups and existing businesses to access the support they need and an additional business rates package announced at the Spring Budget providing 435m of further support for businesses facing significant bills in England. The office of the Small Business Commissioner is expected to be operational by the end of 2017. Theresa May Says She Does Not Want Yes Men . Theresa May has claimed she does not want a Cabinet of yes men as she defended not having sacked Boris City to shine bright for Diwali festival of lights Diwali the Hindu festival of lights will be celebrated in the City of Wolverhampton on Saturday 14 October. The City of Wolverhampton Council has teamed up with the Shri Krishna Mandir and other organisations for the annual Diwali Mela at Phoenix Park in Blakenhall from 4pm8pm. It will feature music and dance including performances by the Pargan Bhandal Company and dancers and Dhol drummers. The lights will be switched on at approximately 7.30pm followed by a spectacular firework display. There will be a wide range of stalls and refreshments and the Mayor of Wolverhampton Councillor Elias Mattu and Wolverhampton South East MP Pat McFadden are due to attend. Councillor John Reynolds the City of Wolverhampton Council s Cabinet Member for City Economy said Diwali is the biggest and brightest festival in India and we are delighted to be helping to celebrate it here in Wolverhampton once again. The event at Phoenix Park is always great fun for all the family featuring excellent entertainment and a fantastic fireworks display. Entry is free and for more information please visit Johnson. The Conservative Party conference in Manchester has been completely overshadowed by the foreign secretary s decision to set out a series of personal red lines on Brexit. In a series of TV and radio interviews on Tuesday morning the prime minister was repeatedly pressed on why Johnson still had his job and laughed off questions about whether he was unsackable . Weak leadership is wanting to have a team around you that are only yes men she told BBC Radio 4 s Today programme. Strong leadership is actually having a team around you of different voices. MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 25 Council signs Armed Forces Covenant FURTHER EXTREME RIGHT-WING GROUPS BANNED IN THE UK Scottish Dawn and NS131 will be banned from tomorrow after their proscription as terrorist organisations. An order laid in Parliament today will proscribe Scottish Dawn and NS131 (National Socialist Anti-Capitalist Action) as aliases of National Action which was proscribed in December 2016. As a result from 29 the organisations s action will be criminal offence carrying a sentence of up to 10 years imprisonment. The neo-Nazi group National Action was banned last year following an assessment that it was concerned in terrorism. The order laid means that it cannot operate as Scottish Dawn or NS131 which have been identified as alternate names the group has used. Home Secretary Amber Rudd said National Action is a vile racist homophobic and anti-semitic group which glorifies violence and stirs up hatred while promoting their poisonous ideology and I will not allow them to masquerade under different names. By extending the proscription of National Action we are halting the spread of a poisonous ideology and stopping its membership from growing - protecting those who could be at risk of radicalisation. Our priority as Government will always be to maintain the safety and security of families and communities across the United Kingdom and we will continue to identify and ban any terrorist group which threatens this whatever their ideology. National Action s online propaganda material featured violent imagery and language inferring that violent acts including the attack on the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando and the murder of Jo Cox MP should be emulated. Decisions about proscribing or extending the proscription of a particular organisation are taken after extensive consideration and in light of a full assessment of available information. Mayor of Wolverhampton Councillor Elias Mattu and Cabinet Member for City Economy Councillor John Reynolds and Lieutenant Colonel Lee Mulholland Commanding Officer of 4th Battalion The Mercian Regiment put pen to paper at the Battalion s regional headquarters in Fallings Park Wolverhampton. It was the final event of Wolverhampton Business Week and businesses and partner organisations attending discovered how they can play a part in supporting the Armed Forces and the benefits it can bring. In 2012 the City of Wolverhampton signed the Armed Forces Community Covenant - a voluntary statement of mutual support between a civilian community and its local Armed Forces Community. Today by signing the Armed Forces Covenant the Council are further affirming their commitment to the Armed Forces and the ways in which they can provide that support. The Covenant pledges that those who serve or who have served in the armed forces and their families should be treated with fairness and respect in the Srinagar Security forces foiled an attempt by the Jaishe-Mohammed to storm a BSF camp near the high-security Srinagar airport on Tuesday killing all three militants in an operation that also claimed the life of an assistant subinspector of the force police said. State Director General of Police SP Vaid said the three terrorists who had sneaked into the BSF camp had been neutralized . We are carrying out search operations inside the premises to rule out the possibility of planting of explosives he said. Officials in the know of developments said there was prior intelligence that a Jaishe-Mohammed operative identified as Noora Trali had brought in a suicide squad into the city. Briefing reporters later Inspector General of Police (Kashmir range) Muneer Khan said the over-ground network of the terror group had been identified but did not divulge any further information. Asked specifically whether Jaishe-Mohammed was behind the attack Khan said Such attacks have been carried out only by this group. Assistant Sub-Inspector BK Yadav was killed and three BSF jawans injured when the three militants entered the BSF battalion headquarters at Gogoland adjacent to the airport. The old airfield being manned by the Indian Air Force is also located in the area. Civilian air operations which were suspended for nearly three hours in the morning resumed at 10 am. I personally went to the airport and ensured that the public does not face any problem in catching the aircraft Vaid said. Piecing together the chain of events police said militants entered the BSF s 182 battalion headquarters through a damaged perimeter wall and started firing in all BSF camp near Srinagar airport attacked ASI and 3 militants killed communities economy and society they serve with their lives. Cllr Reynolds said Many people in Wolverhampton already show their support for the Armed Forces community and 2017 has been a very busy and productive year for Armed Forces Community Covenant activities in the city. Lieutenant Colonel Lee Mulholland added The signing of the Armed Forces Covenant by the Mayor of Wolverhampton recognises the great value the council public bodies and key regional employers place in our Armed Forces and reinforces the excellent relationships we have built on over several years for the benefit of our serving members their families and our proud veterans. It has also excelled in work around employment - being awarded The Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) Silver Award by the Ministry of Defence (MOD). This work includes establishing a work experience scheme for veterans within the council and a successful pilot project for young people wishing to join the armed forces who might not meet the initial criteria as well as working with military partners to provide recruitment opportunities at jobs fairs. directions. Three BSF jawans were injured in the beginning of the attack and one militant killed in the retaliatory fire a police official said. After this the two remaining militants moved in different directions and took shelter in different buildings before being killed by security forces. Yadav s body was recovered during the mopping-up operations. Normal flight operations have resumed and passengers were boarding flights said Sharad Kumar director Airports Authority of India Srinagar. The 182 Battalion is entrusted with the security of the runway of the Srinagar airport. Jaish-e-Mohammad the Pakistan-based militant outfit has claimed responsibility for the attack. A caller identifying himself as spokesman of the outfit told local news gathering agencies that Jaish militants had carried out the attack. CJI s poser in Kerala love jihad case Can HC annul marriage New Delhi The Supreme Court on Tuesday wondered if a high court could annul a marriage between two adults while hearing a writ petition under Article 226 of the Constitution. A Bench headed by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra posed the question during hearing of a petition filed by Shafin Jahan (27) the man who married Akhila a Hindu girl after she converted to Islam and became Hadia. The Bench also sought to know if Akhila an adult could be kept in her father s custody against her will. On a petition filed by Akhila s father KM Ashokan the Kerala High Court had annulled the marriage and handed over her custody to him. Jahan has challenged the HC s verdict before the top court. Ashokan alleged it was a fraudulent conversion. Jahan is seeking recall of the order for an NIA probe. On behalf of Jahan senior counsel Dushyant Dave questioned the court s order for an NIA probe into the case. He said two senior BJP leaders were married to members of the minority community. Will Your Lordships order an NIA probe into these marriages too Dave asked. An NIA probe into Hadiya s marriage strikes at the very foundation of a multireligious society said Dave. On behalf of the NIA Additional Solicitor General Tushar Mehta opposed it saying it was the court which ordered the NIA probe and there was a pattern to conversions and such marriages in Kerala. Pattern or no pattern the question is can the high court annul the marriage by exercising its powers under Article 226 of the Constitution the bench said. The Bench posted the matter for further hearing on October 9 after Mehta sought adjournment on the grounds that ASG Maninder Singh who had been appearing in the case was not available. The top court had on August 16 ordered an NIA investigation into conversion of Akhila a Hindu girl to Islam and her subsequent marriage to Jahan a Muslim man in Kerala after the NIA hinted that those involved in these conversions and marriages had links with SIMI a banned organisation. The NIA s preliminary report submitted to the top court had hunted that it did not appear to be an isolated case and required further investigation. Sharif s indictment deferred till Oct 9 Islamabad Pakistan s ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif today appeared before an anti-corruption court for the second time in a week but his indictment was postponed till October 9 as his children who are also been named in the high-profile Panama Papers case failed to appear in the court. Sharif s sons Hussain and Hassan and his daughter Maryam are co-defendants in the Panama Papers case and are currently in London with their mother Kulsoom who is undergoing treatment for throat cancer. Sharif 67 got a brief reprieve when the Accountability Court decided to postpone his indictment till October 9. He and his children and son-in-law Mohammad Safdar -- are now expected to appear on October 9 to be formally indicted. Sharif could be jailed after the indictment. MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 26 City to Go Orange and help to end gender-based violence Residents businesses and organisations across the City of Wolverhampton are being encouraged to Go Orange and support an international campaign to end gender-based violence. The annual United Nations Orange the World campaign takes place over 16 days between 25 November the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls and 10 December UN Human Rights Day. Organisations across the City from small community groups and charities to schools and large public sector bodies including the City of Wolverhampton Council and West Midlands Police are being asked to Orange Wolverhampton . In doing so they will not only raise awareness of gender-based violence - violence primarily committed against women and girls including domestic abuse female genital mutilation forced marriage so-called honour-based violence and sexual violence - but also the help and support that is available to victims in the City of Wolverhampton. Councillor Paul Sweet the City of Wolverhampton Council Cabinet Member for Public Health and Wellbeing said Genderbased violence in any of its forms is illegal and totally abhorrent and we are committed to working with our partners to identify and support anyone who is the victim of it. Organisations and individuals are invited to respond to the challenge what will you do to Orange Wolverhampton Individuals can also show their support by wearing orange clothing on Go Orange day - Monday 27 November - as well as sporting orange ribbons throughout the 16-day campaign. Last year many people asked if they could make a donation to local support services and I am pleased to say that we will be setting up a JustGiving page this time. Anyone worried about or suffering from any form of domestic violence female genital mutilation forced marriage honour-based violence or sexual violence should call the relevant helpline The Haven Wolverhampton 24-hour Helpline for women and men on 08000 194400 National Domestic Violence helpline for women on 0808 2000 247 National Domestic Violence helpline for men on 0808 8010327 Wolverhampton Adults Social Care team on 01902 551199 Wolverhampton Children s Social Care on 01902 555392 NSPCC FGM Helpline on 0800 028 3550 Karma Nirvana helpline for victims of so-called honourbased violence and forced marriage 0800 5999 247. In an emergency always call police on 999. Haryana Police arrest Honeypreet from near Zirakpur Chandigarh Haryana Police on Tuesday arrested Honeypreet Insan the adopted daughter of jailed Dera Sacha Modi hits out at Virbhadra says govt on bail in Himachal Bilaspur Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday laid the foundation stone of AIIMS at Kothipura in Bilaspur. The 750-bed hospital would be built at a cost of approximately Rs 1 350 crore. Addressing a rally at Lenhu ground the PM said AIIMS would not only benefit people of Himachal but also the tourists coming from all across the world. He said The accidents in Himachal are fatal due to the state s topography and AIIMS would instill confidence among the residents and tourists that there is facility of best treatment in case if any mishap. He lauded the Union Health Minister J P Nadda for launching Indradhanush scheme for immunization of children. Modi said We re making a campus where over 3 000 people will work together. This will employ a lot of people. Refering to IIIT the PM said that coming of IIIT in Himachal is advent of a new era and a milestone towards modernisation He said I have fulfilled my promise of one rank one pension... three installments given to Army men. It was not easy to implement OROP due to financial constraints but soldiers are my priority e said the Union government would invest 15 000 crores in Himachal in 13 projects which includes roads and transport. Taking a dig at Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh he said that government was on bail in Himachal . He said Some Congressmen came to meet me and I asked why you don t change the CM to which they replied that how can we change when the whole party is on bail. He called for ousting the corrupt government on bail. He said that the BJP would fulfill the dreams of Himachalis . Modi did not mention the CM face of the BJP for the upcoming Assembly elections. Union Health Minister JP Nadda thanked Modi for giving a number of projects to Himachal. He lauded the PM and said the only way the people of the state can pay him back was by bringing the BJP to power in the coming Assembly elections. Former chief minister Shanta Kumar goes down the memory lane and remembered his struggle from Kashmir agitation in 1951 till date. He recalled the sacrifices made by freedom fighters and appreciates the Prime Minsiter for fulfilling the dream of martyrs . He said Abhar tab pura hoga when the PM would come to Shimla for oath ceremony of BJP chief minister after the Assembly elections. Former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Prem Kumar Dhumal said Bilaspur is the land of gallant soldiers and martyres. Dhumal thanked the PM for restoring special category status to Himachal. He said that in 13 finance commission the increase of devolution funds was 50 per cent but in 14 finance commission the increase is 234 per cent which is the maximum in the country. He said the PM was lucky for teh BJP as the party won the Shimla Municipal Corporation after 31 years after Modi addressed a rally in Shimla. On his arrival the Prime Minister was received by Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh Union Health Minister J P Nadda Governor Acharya Devvrat and Leader of Opposition P K Dhumal. he PM before laying the foundation stones of AIIMS inspected the online model of the hospital. He also saw the steel plant at Kandrori in Kangra and IIIT in Haroli constituency in Una district online from water sports complex in Bilaspur. Former chief minister Shanta Kumar state BJP chief Satpal Singh Satti Hamirpur MP Anurag Thakur state health minister Kaul Singh Thakur and Transport Minister G S Bali were also present. Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh from near Zirakpur in Punjab. Panchkula Commissioner of Police Arshinder Singh Chawla confirmed the arrest saying she would be produced before the court on Wednesday and the police would seek her remand. He said she was arrested around 3 pm from Zirakpur-Patiala road. He said that the police would take action against those who had given shelter to her during the period she was on the run. Earlier on Tuesday Honeypreet in an interview to a TV news channel said she would surrender before a Panchkula court . In the interview she said she would also file an application for bail in the Punjab and Haryana High Court. She said all allegations levelled against her were baseless. She alleged that she was being shown in bad light by the media and others. She alleged that the government had wrongly implicated her in a sedition case. She said she went with her father Ram Rahim to the court like any daughter would do and that too with the government s permission. Every daughter remains with her father I went with him. Have you heard me saying a word where I instigate people. I had gone there (to CBI court in Panchkula) with a hope that my father will return by evening but when he was held guilty I went into depression how could I think about anything else I was totally devastated she said. When told that her exhusband Vishwas Gupta and a few Dera followers had accused her of having illicit relations with Ram Rahim she refuted the allegations. Priyanka Taneja alias Honeypreet who tops the list of 43 people wanted by the Haryana Police in connection with the incidents of violence that left at least 41 people dead and several injured following Ram Rahim s conviction said she was seeking legal opinion on her next step and was likely to move the Punjab and Haryana High Court here. Was I present with the arsonists (during the mayhem in Panchkula on August 25) how are they levelling such allegations she said while sitting inside a car at an undisclosed location. Honeypreet has been on the run following the conviction of Ram Rahim in two rape cases. Haryana Police had issued a lookout notice for her. Honeypreet has been accused of hatching the escape plan of Ram Rahim after his conviction. Honeypreet in her thirties accompanied Ram Rahim when he was brought to the special CBI court in Panchkula for the pronouncement of the verdict in the 15-year-old rape case on August 25. Honeypreet was last seen with the Dera chief outside the court and in a chopper arranged to take Ram Rahim to Rohtak jail. She had appealed to the court that she might be granted permission to stay in the lock-up with the Dera chief as a helper which was turned down. MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 27 Bangladesh signs USD 4.5 billion loan deal with India Dhaka Bangladesh on Wednesday signed USD 4.5 billion third line of credit (LoC) agreement with India for its infrastructure and social sector development. The agreement was signed in the presence of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and his Bangladeshi counterpart AMA Muhith after the two leaders held talks here. Economic Relations Division Secretary Kazi Shofiqul Azam signed the deal on behalf of Bangladesh while Managing Director of the Export-Import Bank of India (Exim) David Rasquinha signed for India. The new Indian line of credit worth a staggering USD 4.5 billion will be used to fund 17 major projects in Bangladesh which include electricity railroads roads shipping and ports. As with previous LoC agreements Bangladesh will pay an interest rate of 1 per cent a year. It will have 20 years to pay back the loans with a grace period of five years. Bangladesh has developed significantly on the socio-economic front in the past seven years Jaitley said following the signing of the deal. We have stood by Bangladesh s attempts to develop and we will do so in the future. This significant agreement is a continuation of that effort he said. Speaking on the occasion Muhith said Bangladesh and India have excellent relations at the moment. They stood by us during our independence. We hope they will continue to do so in the future Muhith was quoted as saying by the bdnews. The USD 4.5bn deal was announced during Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina s visit to India in April. Jaitley s trip to Bangladesh was used to finalise the agreement. Under the agreement Bangladesh would have to purchase 65 to 75 per cent of the services goods or works from the Indian market with the money to be provided under the third LoC following the precedence of the previous two nearly identical agreements. Bangladesh has two other LoCs open with India the first one was signed in 2010 and the second one in 2016. These LOCs are collectively worth Tk3.06 billion but till last year the Bangladesh government has been able to use only USD 576 million. Some projects under the first LoC of USD 862 million faced delay in implementation while the physical works of the 14 projects under the second LoC of USD 2 billion were yet to start. On One Belt One Road US backs India says it crosses disputed territory Rise of India is opening new opportunities President Kovind Djibouti City Rise of India is opening new opportunities for collaborations and the Indian diaspora has an important role in building bridges between India and the world President Ram Nath Kovind has said. Addressing the Indian community here on Tuesday President Kovind who is the first Indian leader to visit Djibouti spoke about India s high growth trajectory and said it is opening new opportunities for collaboration. The rise of India is opening new opportunities for collaboration. Our diaspora has an important role in building bridges between India and the world he said. Kovind who arrived here on Tuesday on the first leg of his four-day visit to Djibouti and Ethiopia his maiden trip abroad since taking office asked the I n d i a n diaspora not to leave their roots. We should not ignore or isolate our roots no matter where we stay he said. He said it s a great honour for him to be the first Indian president to visit the African country. This is no coincidence but a conscious decision. Our relations with beautiful continent of Africa are special in our hearts he said. The ocean that connects us may be Indian in name but belongs to all of us. Let it bind us together as it had centuries ago he said. The President a l s o thanked Djibouti for helping India in evacuating Indians from Yemen in 2015. Operation Rahat that we carried out from Djibouti spotlights our unflinching commitment to our people abroad he said. Operation Rahat the name given to the evacuation process in Yemen was orchestrated from the African nation of Djibouti which lies on the other side of the Gulf Washington The Trump administration on Wednesday threw its weight behind India s opposition to the ChinaPakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) saying it passes through a disputed territory and no country should put itself into a position of dictating the Belt and Road initiative. India skipped the Belt and Road Forum (BRF) in May this year due to its sovereignty concerns over the nearly USD 60 billion CPEC a flagship project of China s prestigious One Belt One Road (OBOR) which passes through Pakistanoccupied Kashmir (PoK). Having returned from his maiden trip to India last week wherein he met his counterpart Nirmala Sitharaman and Prime Minister Narendra Modi US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis today appeared to be a strong opponent of China s ambitious OBOR initiative. In a globalised world there are many belts and many roads and no one nation should put itself into a position of dictating one belt one road Mattis told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee during a Congressional hearing. That said the One Belt One Road also goes through disputed territory and I think that in itself shows the vulnerability of trying to establish that sort of a dictate Mattis said apparently referring to India s position on CPEC. Mattis was responding to a question from Senator Charles Peters over OBOR and China s policy in this regard. The One Belt One Road strategy seeks to secure China s control over both the continental and the maritime interest in their eventual hope of dominating Eurasia and exploiting natural resources there things that are certainly at odds with US policy. So what role do you see China playing in Afghanistan and particularly related to their One Belt One of Aden from Yemen. The Road Peter had asked. camp office in Djibouti a country neighbouring Yemen and across the Red Sea was set up to ensure smooth implementation of Operation Rahat. The evacuees were taken to Djibouti from where Chandigarh The United Nations-Water on Wednesday they were brought back to invited Dera Sacha India in Indian Air Force (IAF) aircraft. During his visit to the Sauda Chief Gurmeet two African nations the Ram Rahim Singh and President is expected to sign his adopted daughter agreements on Honeypreet to support institutionalisation of foreign its World Toilet Day office consultation and greater function. The event economic cooperation with would be held in Ethiopia. India s bilateral November.The invite trade with Djibouti stands at to the duo has left many shocked and puzzled as Dera USD 284 million in 2016-17. Chief Ram Rahim is in a jail for 20 years on rape charges India has extended a line of while honeypreet has been arrested by the Haryana Police credit of USD 49 million to for sedition. The tweet has also raised questions on the Djibouti mainly for choice of people invited by the UN-Water to raise awareness constructing a cement plant. in support of the event. UN-Water invites jailed Ram Rahim Honeypreet for World Toilet Day event shells Line US resumes premium processing of all H-1B visa categories Pakistan Poonch forof Control areas in third day Washington The US has resumed premium processing of H-1B work visas in all categories months after it was suspended temporarily to handle the huge rush of applications for the work visas popular among Indian IT professionals. Premium processing of H-1B visa was suspended in April to handle huge rush of new petitions. In September the country opened up some categories of the H-1B visas for the fast processing. Premium processing is now available for all types of H-1B petitions US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) said on Tuesday. The H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows US companies to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise. The technology companies depend on it to hire tens of thousands of employees each year. As mandated by the Congress every year USCIS can issues a maximum of 65 000 H-1B visas and 20 000 to those who have earned higher education in STEM subjects from a US higher educational institution. H-1B visas to several categories like those in academic and research institutes is exempted from the Congressional-mandated limit. When a petitioner requests the agency s premium processing service USCIS guarantees a 15-calendar-day processing time. If that time is not met the agency will refund the petitioner s premium processing service fee and continue with expedited processing of application. Meanwhile Kenneth Juster nominee for US Ambassador to India during his confirmation hearing said that H-1B visa had been an important part of the India-US relationship and there is a consensus that it should be corrected to high quality jobs. I think there is a consensus that it (H-1B) should be corrected to high quality jobs. I think that message from my understanding is being heard in India as well in the United States Juster told members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. However actual details on what will be the final policy on H-1B remains to be determined. So I m not really in a position to represent the administration on where they are Juster said when asked about his position on H-1B visas by Senator Chris Coons. The Trump administration is currently reviewing the H-1B visa policy as it thinks that the visa is being misused by companies to replace American workers. Jammu Pakistani troops on Wednesday opened fire from automatic weapons and shelled mortars at forward posts and villages along the LoC in Jammu and Kashmir s Poonch district. The Indian Army is retaliating effectively and the firing is still on a Defence Spokesman said. Pakistan Army initiated unprovoked and indiscriminate firing of small arms automatics and mortars from 0845 hours in Poonch sector along the Line of Control (LoC) the spokesman said. On Tuesday an Army jawan was killed when Pakistan Army violated the ceasefire along the LoC in Poonch. Naik Mahendra Chemjung who was grievously injured in the Pakistani shelling succumbed to his injuries in Poonch. On October 2 two minors were killed and 12 civilians injured in cross-border shelling by Pakistan along the LoC in Poonch district. Five children were among the injured the youngest being five-year-old Zobia Kousar. 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In the face of intense global condemnation Myanmar authorities have staunchly defended the security operation as a legitimate crackdown on Rohingya militants who attacked police posts last month. The conflict has curdled religious tensions inside Myanmar fanning Buddhist nationalism and a hatred against the Rohingya that has been steeping for years. In a video posted on screenshots from videos posted by the militant group known as ARSA (Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army). On Sunday the firm behind the beauty pageant announced Shwe Eain Si had been stripped of her title for breaching contract rules in a statement that did not mention the video on Rakhine. But in a reply posted on Facebook Tuesday Shwe Eain Si said these accusations were groundless and linked the move to her comments on the Rohingya. One of the company s complaints the beauty queen wrote was that she failed to project a decent image of a pageant contestant . Yes Shwe Eain Si made a video about the reign of terror brought about by the ARSA militants in Rakhine State but that was hardly qualified as a failure to project a decent image of a pageant contestant her post said. Miss Universe Myanmar was not immediately available for comment. It is not the first time Myanmar s nascent beauty queen scene has been rocked by drama. Earlier this year a prominent transgender pageant winner was detained after a famous actress sued her for defamation over insults posted on a popular celebrity gossip page. And in 2014 a Myanmar beauty queen was dethroned for alleged dishonesty and bad behaviour after which she ran off with her crown to South Korea. her Facebook last week Miss Grand Myanmar Shwe Eain Si accused the Rohingya militants of leading a media campaign to trick the world into thinking they are the oppressed . Shots of Shwe Eain Si speaking to the camera were interspersed with graphic images of people with bloody gashes across their faces nude babies and Bihar JD-U leader accused of killing daughter-in-law for dowry Patna A Janata Dal-United leader in Muzaffarnagar district had allegedly killed his daughter-in-law for dowry and a case had been filed against him officials said on Wednesday. JD-U leader Arun Kushwaha has been named an accused along with his wife and son for killing his daughter-in-law Reena Devi for dowry. An FIR has been lodged against Kushwaha wife and son for killing Reena Devi for dowry and police have begun an investigation police officer Rambalak Yadav said on Wednesday. The allegation against the leader of the state s ruling party has surfaced just two days after a massive campaign against child marriage and dowry was launched by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Reena married Dipak Kumar in 2015 and they have an 11-month-old kid. According to police Reena s father Mahesh Bhagat a resident of Vaishali district in his complaint said his daughter was killed by Arun Kushwaha along with other members of his family for dowry. - 12.99 D.J. Dynamic Soundz GEA ICA BDII Tel 44 (0) 845 130 5040 Contact Mr. Prithi Singh 07944939290 MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 31 Novice executors of Mission XI Million Many personnel hired as coordinators for ambitious flagship programme had little or no connection with the sport New Delhi Archana Kumari is a freelance researcher and administrator. Mayank Bisaria a graduate from Delhi University is pursuing a degree in accountancy. Vinay Singh coordinates office services by implementing administrative systems. Going by their credentials one would not assume that these three are involved with football. However these persons with varied interests had been on the payroll of the FIFA Under-17 World Cup s Local Organising Committee (LOC) as state coordinators for the Union Government s Mission XI Million programme. In fact the list of coordinators obtained by The Tribune under the Right to Information (RTI) Act has led to some shocking details tumbling out. Out of the 49 coordinators designated for the MXIM programme LOC s RTI reply revealed that at least 11 neither possessed any qualification as football coordinator or administrator nor were they associated with the game at any point of their professional careers. Also there were four MXIM coordinators about whom LOC only made a passing reference of their association with football but their achievements weren t disclosed. In some other cases the professional qualifications of the state coordinators mentioned in the RTI reply were sports features for the largest English daily in the Northeast PE teacher in a school in Dehradun and law graduate and worked as a legal advisor . However rest of the people in the list did have a mention of their football qualification and achievements like representation in the state age-group teams licenced coach from AIFF AFC or NIS Patiala AIFF instructor and diplomas in football management. These coordinators were entrusted by LOC with the implementation of the MXIM programme in their region and conducting workshops in over 37 cities and 12 000 schools across all 29 states and Delhi-NCR region in coordination with a Gurugram-based private event management firm. Uneven salary Another discrepancy in the appointment of these coordinators as highlighted in the RTI reply was the glaring mismatch in their salary structure. Sample this while Amlan Das a regular columnist for a Northeast paper mainly focussing on alternate career options was paid Rs 35 000 per month for his job as a coordinator Bilal Ahmed Punjabi from Jammu and Kashmir an AIFF D Licence and grassroots coaching certificate holder was paid Rs 25 000. Another example is of Archana Kumari who was paid Rs 30 000 per month. On the other hand Milton Ghosh from Tripura who is working as a coach with the Tripura Football Association and had played senior Nationals was paid just Rs 20 000. The list of coordinators shared with The Tribune is replete with many such disparities in salaries of qualified football coaches managers and administrators and the ones with no knowledge of football administration. All these coordinators were appointed by U-17 WC tournament director Javier Ceppi LOC U-17 WC project director Joy Bhattacharjya and MXIM programme head Sonia Minocha. The discrepencies raise key questions What were the criteria in selecting the coordinators Where these posts advertised for or were the candidates simply chosen on discretion How many schools covered It s been also reported that the Sports Ministry AIFF and LOC failed to reach the target of covering 11 million schoolchildren across the country under the MXIM programme. According to a report in an English daily around 1.5 lakh children were covered in Delhi as per the figures provided by LOC. The claim however was not found genuine. For example LOC claimed that 4 650 students were reached in four schools under the Kerala Educational Society in Delhi. But it was found that neither any official involved with the MXIM project visited the school nor was the school aware of the students being part of the programme. But LOC marked the school as covered under the MXIM programme. According to the report a similar pattern of offering misleading figures was followed at the Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV) Delhi Cantonment and KV Pragati Vihar. FIFA U-17 WORLD CUP 2 DAYS TO GO Oz coach finds his players scared Chandigarh When was the last time you heard Australia being scared of the opposition It has generally been the other way round. However a 4-1 drubbing at the hands of India in the j u s t concluded ODI series seems to have struck fear in the Australian hearts. And the admission came from none other than Australia s stand-in head coach David Saker who feels the team was playing a little bit scared . While denying it was the personal form of the players that was responsible for the recent debacle Saker attributed the loss to the lack of confidence in the team after they lost 12 of the last 13 ODI matches outside Australia in the past few months. It s not mainly personnel I think it s mainly just their mindset and where they are in their games Saker told Cricket Australia website ahead of their first T20 in Ranchi on Saturday. A lot of them are playing a little bit scared which we try not to do. We try and make sure they play with a lot of freedom and express themselves as much as they can. But when you re losing you play scared and you go insular he said. I think there s little bits of that. It s not dramatic and we know we can fix that. I think the talent is there Saker added. The coach though conceded that a wider review in ODIs was needed if they wanted to defend their World Cup crown. Obviously our away form has been quite dreadful so we have to have a look at that he said. The next World Cup is away (from home). I don t think it s all doom and gloom. I think there s some talent in that team. But there s no doubt we have to probably re-jig a few things and see where we re. He meanwhile remained optimistic about their chances in the three-match T20 rubber saying Bringing almost half the squad in who haven t been here for the four weeks so far is going to be exciting. Australia have made wholesale changes to their squad for the T20s with Jason Behrendorff Dan Christian Moises Henriques Tim Paine and AJ Tye replacing Pat Cummins Peter Handscomb Marcus Stoinis Matthew Wade James Faulkner and Hilton Cartwright. In Twenty20 cricket we re definitely going to go out there (to) express ourselves and have some fun he said. Looking for revenge in Beijing Halep sets up rematch with Sharapova who beat the Romanian in US Open first round Beijing World No. 2 Simona Halep set up a mouthwatering third- round clash with Maria Sharapova at the China Open after the Romanian s opponent Magdalena Rybarikova retired due to illness trailing 6-1 2-1 on Tuesday. Halep survived a break point in the opening game before powering her way to a 5-0 lead with two breaks of her own as Rybarikova struggled on serve and committed 19 unforced errors en route to conceding the first set. The 28-year-old Slovakian conceded the match early in the second set after a medical timeout giving Halep an opportunity to avenge her US Open first-round defeat by Sharapova. The Russian who has never lost to Halep in seven previous meetings beat compatriot Ekaterina Makarova 6-4 4-6 6-1 to record a second consecutive three-set victory in Beijing. Defending champion Agnieszka Radwanska made hard work of her 75 7-5 victory over China s Zhang Shuai dropping serve while trying to close out the match at 5-4 but recovered to set up a third-round clash with Russian Daria Kasatkina. Twice Grand Slam champion Petra Kvitova dominated American qualifier Varvara Lepchenko in a battle of left-handers the Czech winning 88 percent of points on serve to progress to the third round with a routine 6-4 6-4 victory. Kvitova faces fifth seed Carolina Wozniacki next in what promises to add another intriguing chapter to their eight-year rivalry. Number 12 seed Kvitova holds a 6-5 lead in her head-tohead record with Wozniacki having won their last two matches in straight sets. Fourth seed Karolina Pliskova hit nine aces as she edged out German qualifier Andrea Petkovic 6-4 6-4. American CoCo Vandeweghe was forced to retire early in the second set against Daria Gavrilova sending the Australian through to face Czech Barbora Strycova. Nadal survives Pouille fright to progress Rafael Nadal came within a whisker of making an opening-round exit at the China Open as he was pushed to three sets by Frenchman Lucas Pouille before winning 4-6 7-6(6) 7-5. The world No. 1 who was beaten by Pouille the last time they met at the 2016 US Open lost a close first set before saving two match points in a second-set tiebreak to level things up. Nadal needed all his experience to keep Pouille at bay in the decider and the match looked to be heading for another tiebreak before he pounced to break Pouille s serve for the first time to go 6-5 up. The Spaniard held his nerve to close out the match in clinical fashion. Juan Martin del Potro stormed into Round 2 with a comprehensive 7-6(4) 6-4 win over Uruguay s Pablo Cuevas and will face third seed Grigor Dimitrov who battled past Bosnian Damir Dzumhur 6-1 3-6 6-3. Eighth seed Nick Kyrgios breezed past Nikoloz Basilashvili 6-1 6-2. John Isner the number six seed also pulled off a routine 6-2 6-3 victory over Tunisian qualifier Malek Jaziri. Alexander Zverev served seven aces as he beat Britain s Kyle Edmund 6-3 7-6(3) in the day s last match. MANN JITT Weekly Vol 13 Issue 637 5th October to 11th October 2017 32