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Description: Annual Review 2011-12

Eucalyptus an Australian icon celebrating the Eucalyptus as an australian icon EUCALYPTUS AN AUSTRALIAN ICON 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS About our Benefactor Chair s Overview About Us Governance Projects Funded Finances Looking Ahead 2 3 4 4 5 9 9 2 ABOUT OUR BENEFACTOR In 1928 at the age of thirty Klaus Bjarne Dahl ventured from Norway to Australia to take up the position of forest assessor with the Forests Commission of Victoria. In 1946 still with the Forest Commission of Victoria Dahl was appointed Head of the Victorian Forest Assessment Branch. In 1948 Dahl became the Chief Australian Paper Manufacturers where he stayed until 1961. During this period he travelled extensively throughout Victoria New South Wales and Queensland. Throughout his life Dahl purchased land and managed forests as a private investment and with other fortuitous investments grew his private wealth. During his career Dahl the Australian bush and in particular a love of the Silvertop Ash or Eucalyptus sieberi so much so that he bequeathed all his property to the Forests Commission of Victoria now the Department of Sustainability and Environment to be established as a Trust focused on eucalypts. Dahl recalled I was once a Chief Forester and I owe [the] Forests Commission of Victoria a great deal of gratitude for giving me in 1928 the opportunity to make good in my profession. Dahl died in 1993 and his estate has been professionally managed and grown by Perpetual Trustees as directed in his will. CHAIR S OVERVIEW Welcome to the second Annual Review for the Bjarne K Dahl Trust included in this second review of the Trust is an overview of our operations to date information about the grants awarded in our Small Grants Program and details about what lies ahead of for the Trust. This Review covers the period from January 2011 to June 2012 this period has been very productive and also very rewarding. We have made many important decisions including a commitment to fund a major project over three years Eucalypts of Northern Australia expanded our small grantmaking across Australia and developing the Strategic Plan for 2012-15. This Strategic Plan will direct our resources and efforts over the next three years and is available on our website. The Plan was informed by two commissioned scoping studies one for eucalypt conservation across Australia and the other for education related to eucalypts occurring in Australia. The Trust has received an overwhelming response to our Small Grants Program over the past eighteen months. across all Australian States and Territories. The Trustees and I have been delighted to be able to fund so many environmental networks individuals Aboriginal Corporations and Landcare groups. The Trust aims to build on the success of this program and will run further Small Grants Programs on an annual basis over the next three years. In August 2011 Professor Pauline Ladiges AO FAA and I were fortunate to represent the Dahl Trust on the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network (AEGN) Northern Territory Field Trip to learn more about how philanthropy can work with indigenous conservation and land management. We visited Darwin Kakadu National Park and Arnhem Land and were warmly welcomed by the Djelk and Warddeken Ranger Groups at Maningrida. We then travelled to Kabulwarnamyo Outstation in the stone country between the headwaters of the Mann and Liverpool Rivers in remote Western Arnhem Land where we were generously welcomed and hosted. The input of Barry Trail of the Pew Environment Group and Amanda Martin AEGN made this a very informative experience. This Field trip reinforced to us the importance of the eucalypt savannah woodlands across Northern Australia. As a direct result of this trip the Trust has formed a partnership with the Environment Centre NT and we have now The Board of Managing Trustees would like to warmly thank those who have helped to make the Trust what it is today especially the people and organisations who have generously given their time and expertise on a pro-bono basis. We are grateful to Mr Peter Seidel Partner Arnold Bloch Leibler Lawyers and Advisors for his generous pro-bono legal advice and to Mr Andrew Brookes Chief Executive Helen Macpherson Smith Trust formerly We thank Marc Savis Private Client Adviser of Perpetual for the management of the Trust Funds Ms. Amanda to the environment of the Trust.The Trust is also pleased to be a member of Philanthropy Australia Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network and the Friends of Norway. I have been fortunate and delighted to work with our most knowledgeable and passionate Board of Managing We are very excited about the year ahead and implementing our Strategic Plan. Please feel welcome to visit our Alison Teese Chair EUCALYPTUS AN AUSTRALIAN ICON 3 ABOUT US Bjarne K Dahl Tust 2011 12 ANNUAL REVIEW GOVERNANCE Members of the Board of Managing Trustees Ms Alison Teese (Chairperson) Mr Ken King Prof. John Miller OA Prof. Leon Bren Prof. Pauline Ladiges OA FAA Mr Greg Wilson Secretary Ms Kylie White Delegate to the Secretary Department of Sustainability and Environment Victoria The Bjarne K Dahl Trust is a philanthropic fund established from a bequest from Bjarne K Dahl to focus on the iconic Australian trees the eucalypts . The Trust was formally established in 2007 through an Order of the Supreme Court of Victoria as an independent Trust separate to the Department of Sustainability and Environment of Victoria. In 2009 the Board of Managing Trustees were appointed and the Trust formally commenced operations in 2010. OUR VISION We envisage a public inspired by and appreciative of eucalypts. 4 OUR MISSION legacy we will direct our resources towards areas that have the greatest potential for impact in order to promote establish cultivate and conserve eucalypts and educate the public in these matters STAFF (Concluded Aug 2011) (Commenced Aug 2011) OUR FOCUS The establishment promotion cultivation and conservation of eucalyptus trees and The education of the public in the establishment cultivation and conservation of eucalyptus trees. PROJECTS FUNDED The 2010 11 Small Grants Program commenced in late 2010 concluded in December 2011 and consisted of four granting rounds. The principal purpose for the Small Grants Program was the as the provision of information and education about eucalypts. EUCALYPTUS AN AUSTRALIAN ICON projects across Australia. All the applications have helped to inform the Trustees of the community s efforts in the areas of eucalypt conservation and education involving eucalypts across Australia. ROUND 2 Assessment of tall eucalypts in north-eastern NSW for World Heritage listing NSW National Parks Association Improved Protection for the Nationally Endangered Miena Cider Gum Tasmanian Land Conservancy Locating and recording water trees Promotional & educational photograph book of East Gippsland s eucalypts Ms Jill Redwood Regional variation in the Salmon Gum communities of the Great Western Woodlands WA 11 000 10 000 12 645 10 000 8 000 15 000 Trees after YASI What next James Cook University Watch Them Grow Armidale Pine Forest Committee Total distributed in round 2 10 000 14 500 5 PROJECT FEATURE Regional variation in the Salmon Gum communities of Bjarne K Dahl Tust 2011 12 ANNUAL REVIEW Eucalyptus salmonophloia or the Salmon Gum is an iconic Western Australian species found in remnants and along road verges across the Wheatbelt and throughout the Great Western Woodlands. It is a remarkable species able to survive in such an arid environment regenerating of ascertaining regional variations in composition structure and function and determining what environmental gradients and conditions are driving the patterns. The project has been very successful and has expanded knowledge of the distribution composition and function of the Salmon Gum woodlands in the Great Western Woodlands for future conservation purposes. This project features on the front cover of this annual review. 6 aim of this project was to co-ordinate a network of interested botanists and trained individuals to undertake site-based surveys of Salmon Gum woodland communities across the Great Western Woodlands of Western Australia for the purpose ROUND 3 Arboretum planting to showcase WA gimlet eucalypts Eucalypt Arboreta Enhancement Eucalypt Demonstration Planting Project for Dairy Industry and General Community Pullen Pullen Catchment Protecting Our Eucalypt Forests 7 470 14 900 5 030 10 000 Total distributed in round 3 7 PROJECT FEATURE Improved Protection for the Nationally Endangered Miena Cider Gum Tasmanian Land Conservancy The nationally endangered Miena Cider Gum (Eucalyptus gunnii ssp. divaricata) is endemic to Tasmania s central highlands where it has undergone severe decline over the last three decades. The aim of this project was to survey over 22 000 hectares of land within the core and intermediate range of the species to improve current knowledge about the distribution and health of the species and determine the management requirements of the stands. A key of twenty new populations of Miena Cider Gum. As a direct result of this project a case study is being prepared on the Miena Cider Gum for the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) for its case study series. Image courtesy of Steve Pearce ROUND 4 & assessment of practical approaches to regenerate Wheatbelt Woodlands Bjarne K Dahl Tust 2011 12 ANNUAL REVIEW 15 000 15 000 11 440 13 000 11 950 5 000 8 650 12 500 10 000 Documenting the history of Eucalypt Science in Australia Doggrell tree Protection Area Como Kin Kin Ecological Thinning Trial at Bush Family Reserve Eucalypt Discovery Walk Eucalypts of the Castlemaine Region- Expansion of existing workshop project Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens Arboretum Interpretive Signs for Eucalyptus of the Region Guide to the Eucalyptus of Fitzgerald Biosphere Myrtle Rust a new threat to Australia s biodiversity Recovering the Nationally Endangered Mt Compass March gum (Eucalyptus paludicola) on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia South East Queensland Eucalyptus Seed Collection & Propagation Taxonomic revision of Eucalyptus wimmerensis Total distributed in round 4 Total distributed in 2011 8 14 880 6 000 2 600 GEOGRAPHIC SPREAD OF DISTRIBUTIONS 21 21% 8% 4% 21% ACT AUST WIDE NSW QLD SA TAS % 4% 4% 17% VIC WA SPECIAL GRANT AWARDED As part of our ongoing support the Trust awarded a special grant to the Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne to assist with the 2012 Eucalypt Festival a celebration of Australia s most iconic plant. The festival provided a fun and engaging suite of educational programs to facilitate our community s discovery and exploration of the diversity and beauty of eucalypts. The funds from the Bjarne K Dahl Trust enabled the Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne to include additional free activities performances and programs in the Eucalypt Festival which greatly improved the visitor experience and family engagement at the festival. 7 000 EUCALYPTUS AN AUSTRALIAN ICON Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne FINANCE S and income tax exemptions. The Trust s assets are managed by Perpetual Trustees as an ethical and socially responsible investment fund whereby investment companies are subject to a rigorous ethical and socially responsible investment screening process. The Trust banks with bankmecu for our operational publications section. COMMUNICATIONS grants awarded our 2012-15 Strategic Plan our latest brochure annual reviews and many of our other publications. All of the Trust s internal and external communications (where possible) are via electronic means. This includes the use of iPads by our Board of Managing Trustees for our Board meetings which has proved to be a great success. 9 LOOKING AHEAD In the coming year the Trust will continue to operate as a grant-making body by continuing with our successful Small Grants Program on an annual basis. Our major focus will be to implement our new strategic direction by delivering the activities and programs that are directed by our 2012 15 Strategic Plan. A copy of the plan is available on our website. We are most excited about the following major activities which will form the basis of our work not only in 2012 13 but in the period up until 2015. Operate an annual small grants program focused on the conservation of eucalypts and the education of the public in areas of conservation propagation cultural and historical Develop partnerships to fund a number of large multi-year projects focused on the conservation of eucalypts across Australia and Bring together eucalypt conservation experts industry and partners to share and discuss the future of eucalypt conservation at a biannual forum. THE EUCALYPT IS AUSTRALIA S GREATEST ASSET AND FINEST AMBASSADOR THROUGHOUT THE WORLD Stan Kelly Eucalypts volume II 1976 STAY IN CONTACT All information about the work and activities of the Bjarne K Dahl Trust will be shared online on our website Mailing address Level 13 200 Queen Street Melbourne Victoria 3000 enquiries Find us on Facebook pages Bjarne-K-Dahl-Trust 1402628426624 P 61 3 8648 6510 F 61 3 86486480