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Description: October Issue - Breast Cancer Awareness

HERLIFE MAGAZINE KEEPING WOMEN CONNECTED OCTOBER 2012 Nancy Brinker HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Is it Possible to Retire Early Spa Retreats for the Not So Rich and Famous Founder & CEO Of Susan G. Komen For The Cure 2 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM content oCToBer 2012 welCome healTh BeaUTy SpoTliGhT iNSpiraTioNS CUliNary reCipeS content HERLIFE 6 8 12 14 16 18 22 23 24 26 28 34 38 39 40 42 44 46 48 SCeNe aNd Be SeeN 18 NaNcy BriNker--a SiSter S Love UNiteS the WorLd agaiNSt BreaSt caNcer Until 1982 the name Susan G. Komen was only known to her family and friends. But when she lost her battle with breast cancer in 1980 her sister Nancy Brinker decided to honor Susan by creating an organization that has changed the world. The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation is now in the consciousness of millions of breast cancers survivors and their supporters and has raised over 2 billion dollars toward breast cancer research education screening and treatment. moTher S perSpeCTive SpoTliGhT TreNdSeTTer NoN-proFiT SpoTliGhT worKiNG womeN love & relaTioNShipS FiNaNCe real eSTaTe 12 40 tamiNg the hUNgry tiger you hear them at the worst possible times and you feel them after your evening dinner--hunger growls and groans blaring from your belly. why are you always so hungry so often iS it StiLL PoSSiBLe to retire earLy it seems as though some things just keep increasing the national debt credit card rates and the age of retirement are just a few. according to analysis of Census Bureau data by the Center for retirement research at Boston College the average retirement age has risen from 60 to 62 for women and 62 to 64 for men since the mid-1990s. Travel Tie The KNoT iN The CiTy HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 3 Staff and Contacts Publisher and Editor-In-Chief Karen Alleyne-Means karen 561-899-0433 ext 105 Shawn P. Means shawn 561-289-4491 Chief of Operations Account Executives Rocio M. Davis Vivian Hunt SFLSales 561-899-0433 ext. 101 Candi Smith Bianca Elysse Ungerman Ashleigh Thomson Advertising Information Editor Intern Creative Director Todd Grantham Design and Production Art Director Elana Bell Lisa Allen Chandra Blackwell Ann E. Butenas Kristen Doyle Dr. Phil Heller Carl E. Johnston Kathleen M. Krueger Linda R. Price Candi Smith Catie Watson Contributing Authors Karen Alleyne-Means Gina Barca Dave Bardt Kristen Doyle Downtown Photography Dana France Gol The Taste of Brazil Allen Gragg Christine Rose Contributing Photographers To contact HERLIFE Magazine 10751 Oak Meadow Lane Suite 201 Wellington FL 33449 Phone 561-899-0433 Fax 561-641-0473 2012 HERLIFE Magazine of South Florida is operated locally by KAM Enterprises Inc. an independently owned and operated franchisee of HERLIFE Magazine LLC. To reach national headquarters call 913-402-6994. 2012 by HERLIFE Magazine. All rights reserved. Although some parts of this publication may be reproduced and reprinted we require that prior permission be obtained in writing. HERLIFE Magazine is owned by HERLIFE Magazine LLC and is a free publication distributed locally and is supported by our advertisers. It is available in selected specialty stores doctor and dental offices medical spas hair and nail salons tanning salons public libraries and numerous other high traffic locations. Please call for a location near you or if you would like copies placed at your business. We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles and advertisements nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised. We welcome your ideas articles and feedback. SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscriptions are available for 26 (for 12 issues). Please go to or mail a check made out to HERLIFE Magazine to the above address. 4 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 5 HERLIFE welcome Not a l i fe S e n t e n ce Cancer is a journey but you walk the road alone. There are many places to stop along the way and get nourishment--you just have to be willing to take it. Emily Hollenberg many. A cure must be found as cancer does not discriminate--it affects the young and old women and also men. My wish and hope is that my children s children only read about cancer because a cure has been developed and now it is only in our history books. With the celebration of my birthday this summer (which is the same day I was diagnosed) it also marks the fourth year of my survivorship I will continue to do my part in Saving the Ta-Ta s. As October begins Breast Cancer Awareness Month and also this month s issue of HERLIFE we are elated that Nancy G. Brinker is our cover girl. If you are not aware Nancy Brinker is the founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Her love for her sister launched the global mission to end breast cancer started for her sister but continues for women everywhere. Other spotlights include Frank Reider who shares his story about overcoming breast cancer (yes men can get it also) and Eileen photo by da na france of s ugar bel l e photography i am sure that if you put your thinking cap on you could name a few people that have been touched by the BIG C. Cancer has become so widespread these days and impacted the lives and families of Velez-Vega who shares her strength as she battles Hodgkin s lymphoma. The business profile this month features Rachel Magaro of RM Imaging. It is important that women and men go for their yearly screenings and her office offers mobile and fixed site diagnostic centers. Take an interest in your health care and if something just doesn t feel right be your own advocate and demand to get it checked out Cancer is a word not a sentence. John Diamond To o r der you r s u b s cr i p t i o n a n d s t ay conne c te d with H ERL I F E So c ie ty go to H ERL I F Emagazine .c o m 6 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE scene and be seen Junior league of Boca raton (JlBr) volunteer retreat photography by dow ntow n photography and occupational strengths. Jackie reeves the league s president states The Junior league provides non-profit funding but a major differentiator is our skillfully trained and effective volunteers. we volunteer side-by-side with the non-profit staff and volunteers to help improve the conditions and programming at the various organizations. in many instances we have helped launch non-profits. we consistently look for new methods to improve and distinguish our training and elevate our impact on the community. participants found the training informative and insightful aiding in JlBr s mission of developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. T he Junior league of Boca raton (JlBr) takes training its volunteers very seriously recently JlBr held its Governance Council Board of directors retreat where volunteers in leadership roles took part in the Birkman Training method a non-clinical instrument for measuring human behavior 8 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM polo with pedro Fashion Show and Supper at Cafe Sapori photography by christi ne ros e w ellington s and palm Beach s finest trotted out to Cafe Sapori on February 16 2012 to sip dine check out apparel modeled by local polo and equestrian celebrities and most importantly to raise funds for the ymCa to build a new childcare facility at 2085 South Congress avenue. The polo with pedro series of events commemorates the life of polo patron and noted philanthropist pedro morrison while raising money for one of his favorite charities the ymCa of the palm Beaches. For more information about the ymCa of the palm Beaches please visit or call 561-968-9622. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 9 Dear Dr. Weinstein Since Rosie O Donnell s heart attack I heard that women present differently than men with heart disease. What should I be looking for Anxious in Seattle Dear Anxious As my wife constantly reminds me women are different from men. The fact is when it comes to heart disease they really are different from men. When compared to men women are twice as likely to die within the first few weeks of having a heart attack. Women between the ages of 40-59 are up to 4 times more likely to die from bypass surgery than men of the same age. Why the scary difference Part of the problem is that by the time the diagnosis of heart disease is made the female patient s arteries are already severely diseased. That s really important because if you compare women to men with exactly the same amount of disease there is no difference in outcomes This means that heart disease in women isn t really worse than in men--it s just that many physicians do an awful job of making the diagnosis in time. Part of the problem for patients and doctors is that the most typical presentation of angina in women is an atypical one. Women as a rule do not get the typical squeezing chest pain that radiates to the left arm. More than likely women will have unexplained symptoms of fatigue excessive shortness of breath indigestion flu-like symptoms cold sweats or fluttering in the chest. These are called anginal equivalents. If you have these symptoms I would contact your doctor right away or go straight to the emergency room. Sadly it doesn t get better when the right diagnosis is made. Only one out of three stents placed in arteries are used in women. Even the standard use of aspirin occurs more in men than in women. My advice is to be your best advocate. Recognize these symptoms and don t be persuaded that it s only stress or you are overworked. The truth is there are some differences we can live without Dr. Lawrence Weinstein MD is a board certified cardiologist and Director of the Department of Cardiology at the Bethesda Memorial Hospital. His office is located at 10301 Hagen Ranch Road Suite B-550 in Boynton Beach Florida. Please phone 561-200-3583 for additional information or an appointment. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 11 HERLIFE health Taming The hungry Tiger by l i nda r. pri c e often y ou hear them at the worst possible times and you feel them after your evening dinner--hunger growls and groans blaring from your belly. Why are you always so hungry so sabotage your workout by overeating afterward. Plan ahead and know what you will munch on throughout the day. Aim for a nutritious snack or small meal made of whole foods and produce. And keep portion sizes to a minimum. Just because you are eating healthy doesn t mean you can overdo the good stuff. EAT BREAKFAST Mom was right. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a hearty but nutritious breakfast reduces levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin which helps keep you feeling full and satisfied so the rest of your eating day is not disrupted by unhealthy food choices. Be mindful of your first meal though. If you are a cereal eater make sure to eat a lean protein like yogurt or egg whites with your bowl of Cheerios. The protein takes longer to digest diverting you from those vending machine munchies. SNOOZE TO LOSE Disrupting sleep disrupts hormones which causes us to eat more. Our body doesn t metabolize as well after a restless night. Also the more we are awake the more we eat Get some rest and see your doctor if sleepless nights persist. TAME YOUR EMOTIONS Boredom stress and loneliness can trigger overeating. Recognize your high-risk times and know how to interpret physical food needs from just feeling funky. Break out of the emotional eating pattern by deciphering why you are reaching for food when you are not hungry. BE FINISHED WITH FAMISHED Although hunger can feel fierce we often can control our animallike cravings by simply changing our ways. By utilizing a full force of healthy tactics we can tame the hungry tiger and get our bodies and minds back to life. Information for this article was found at and Are you truly ravenous or could other things be happening that make you feel like you need to make a beeline for the bakery and buy all of the buttercream frosting The truth is we may be getting morethan-adequate nutrition but feel famished due to our lifestyle mindset and habits. Here are just a few tactics to tame the hungry tiger and eat food for energy and not for other reasons. HYDRATE Don t down that doughnut. Gulp some water instead. Many times we think we are hungry but we just need to hydrate. Drink an 8-ounce glass of water at the first sign of hunger and then wait 15 minutes. If you still feel hungry then nosh on a healthy snack. Also check your urine throughout the day. Urine should be slightly yellow to almost clear if you are adequately hydrated. A dark yellow color warns that you need water. ExERCISE INTENSITY You do the right thing by exercising regularly but why does it seem like after a run on the treadmill you want to run to the fridge The problem could be in your workout. We often think we are burning more calories than we eat but our regular routine just isn t cutting it. Make sure to get your heart rate up by incorporating intervals into your workout. Intervals are short bursts of high-intensity activity that allow you to burn more calories in the same amount of workout time. Invigorating exercise can give you a natural energy boost while the adrenaline you produce will keep your appetite in check. ENTITLEMENT So you have gotten a powerful workout in for the day and you re ready to reap the rewards and chow down. Not so fast. Just because you got your sweat on doesn t mean you can saddle up the feedbag. Don t 12 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Daniel Man M.D. P.A. Board-certified Plastic Surgeon and reconstructive Surgery Specialist diplomate of the american Board of Plastic Surgery Fellow of the american Society for Laser medicine and Surgery Winner 2012 aesthetic Show Best overall Surgical make over Nominee 2012 aesthetic Show for innovative Skin rejuvenation - Best Non Surgical Procedure expectations exceeded T by sh aron beverly surgeries right in his office accompanied by a board certified MD Anesthesiologist. I felt very secure in the hands of two medical doctors a certified OR technician a registered nurse and a Critical Care Registered Nurse for my overnight stay in the Recovery Suite. Virtually painlessly an IV was inserted. Everyone was reassuring and gentle. The atmosphere was low-key and before I knew it I was asleep. I awoke in the Recovery Suite. The nurse made me comfortable and was so attentive. It was a much better experience than I d had in the past. The next morning I was taken downstairs to Recovery Suites which has private bedrooms with adjustable beds televisions WiFi and private bathrooms. ime passes but gravity tugs hard with a determined heading below the equator. A turkey neck wrinkles even my lips and ear lobes listed south. As for my body well suffice it to say it was in competition with Key West for the moniker of Southern-Most Point in the United States. I felt that my husband just didn t understand. Each time a birthday rolled around he would ask what I wanted. Lipo and a face lift became my standard reply. And each time he said Pick something else. Until two months ago. Dr. Man and I renewed our acquaintance in his office. He had operated on one our sons many years ago and before that his dad was my surgeon when I was living in Israel. Photos were taken with frontal and side views. A computerassisted program took years off my face. My turkey neck was made slim and long again. It erased my jowls gave me back my upper lip and shortened my earring-pulled lobes. My forehead lost its lines and my eyelids no longer drooped. A longing tugged at my heart. Wow I wanna be her and I want it now My husband and I picked out a surgery date that same day. I was grateful to Adriana Dr. Man s Patient Educator. She unhurriedly answered my questions and told me what to expect regarding recuperation time. I underwent medical testing to determine if I was fit to undergo several hours of anesthesia and surgery. With my bag packed and feeling excited we arrived at Dr. Man s office before 7 00 a.m. Dr. Man and his staff made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. With his AAAAFS Certified Operating Suite he performs Lana and Gladys the RNs were wonderful and concerned with every aspect of my care physical well-being emotional comfort attending to the surgical sites administering medications giving me hyperbaric treatments etc. Never rushed they took time to help me and explained how to properly care for myself post-surgery. Khalil Gibran wrote Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. I m not a beauty but now I feel beautiful. As time passes gravity s shifted from south to north and time is no longer my enemy. My expectations were exceeded. For more information please visit or call our office at 561-395-5508 to schedule a consultation. Dr. Daniel Man is a board-certified plastic surgeon with 30 years of experience who has dedicated his life s work to helping people look younger and improve their appearance through cosmetic surgery. He is a noted author artist inventor and educator. Dr. Man has been featured on major television networks as well as national and local magazines and newspapers for his work as both a plastic surgeon and an artist. Dr. Man has a private practice in Boca Raton Florida. Email your questions or comments to info or call 561-395-5508 for an appointment. SpeCial adverTiSiNG SeCTioN HERLIFE beauty easy elegant eyeBrowS by a n n e . b u te n a s tinue to miss the mark and then realized one simple aspect of my regimen that I rarely observe--the eyebrow. I have been fortunate that with time and age my eyebrows have remained consistently the same. No flyaway hairs. No unibrow look. No gray hairs. I once had them waxed but vowed I would never do that again. Yes I am a wimp. In my arsenal of make-up supplies I have one lone eyebrow pencil that has seen better days. I occasionally fill in my eyebrows with a deepened brown color and then rub it in. It looks natural but does not really make an overall difference in my appearance. By addressing the eyebrows however we can create a stylish difference in our features. In order to figure out how to get those stylish looks that seem so effortless to Hollywood celebrities and fashion models it is important to first determine the shape of your face. There are essentially four types of faces round oval heart-shaped and long. If you have a round face your face is nearly as wide as it is long with your cheeks being the widest part of your face. With an oval face the cheekbones are defined and your forehead is wider than your chin. If you have a wider forehead but a less outstanding chin then you have a heart-shaped face. Finally if your cheekbones forehead and jaw are the same width and your chin is defined this is recognized as a long face. For round faces it is best to tone down the fullness of it by creating a high arch in the brow. By doing this you draw the eye up and down making your face appear longer. For oval faces a soft angled style works best on the brows. If you have a heart-shaped face styling the perfect brow can minimize the sharp angles of your face. If you have a long face you will want to style your eyebrows to make the face appear shorter. This is achieved by flattening the shape of the eyebrow as a horizontal shape tends to keep the eye moving across and not up and down. 14 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM i am a make-up junkie I have a drawer full of supplies that promise me a new look improved features and diminished lines and wrinkles. By all accounts I should look like a super model. However it seems I con- Before heading to the mirror determine the natural arch of your brows. Then you will need a couple pairs of tweezers a slant-tipped pair for thicker hairs and a needle-nose-tipped pair that can readily grab those pesky shorter hairs that are difficult to reach. Before tweezing it is recommended that you brush the brow hairs straight up. Before you begin plucking use a white eyeliner pencil as a guide to draw the desired shape of your brows. Next you have to pick your eyebrow pencils wisely. (I won t mention the time I got ready in dim lighting and accidentally used my black eyeliner pencil on my brows.) If you are blonde it is best to match your darkest brow hairs to the pencil color for definition. If you are a redhead use sable. Brunettes are advised to pick a color that is one shade lighter than their hair color to soften the look. For those heading into the afternoon of life and finding grayer hairs in their brows taupe works best to reduce dull tones. Now that you have filled in your brows with the right color it s time to add definition and shine And there s no need to purchase expensive products to do this. Use a dab of Vaseline for added shine. For a fuller look (think Brooke Shields not Eugene Levy ) brush the thickest part of your brows near the inside corner straight up and apply the gel. If it is extra color you desire use tinted brow gel. To maintain the look of your eyebrows regular maintenance with a professional shaping every few months works. For fine brows tweezing does wonders for controlling the hairs. For medium brows waxing is a great option to remove more hair at one time as opposed to the tedious and painful procedure of plucking individual hairs. If your brows are on the heavier side threading is a wonderful option that removes thick and thin hairs at the same time. The important things you need to know to create perfect brows are the shape of your face the color of your hair and the density of your brows. The rest is simple With your fabulous new look you ll be showing off your elegant eyebrows in no time Sources for this article are and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 15 HERLIFE spotlight ImagIng Inc. by ka t hle en m. k rueger phot ogr a phy by al l en g ra g g B eautifully decorated with comfortable seating in a relaxed quiet atmosphere with friendly sensitive staff. If that sounds like the setting of the reception area of a boutique spa to you you re visit. The radiologists for RM Imaging are physicians specializing in breast imaging. Rachael is proud to have such high-quality team members on her staff. RM Imaging Inc. is strongly involved in community events related to breast cancer awareness and treatment. During October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month RM Imaging adopts a logo specific to raising awareness for breast cancer that reads Fight Like a Girl. Rachael s husband a graphic designer created the logo for the business to use during October. Roman Rachael s 10-year-old son also gets in on the action by hosting a pink lemonade stand at Breast Cancer events. The staff also wears t-shirts with the Fight Like a Girl slogan and pink boxing gloves on them throughout the month. Patients who have services scheduled during the month of October also receive special discounted rates. They don t confine their support to what is going on within their own business either. Rachael owns and rides a pink motorcycle. You ll see her accompanying the pink fire trucks from the Pink Heels Tour in Deerfield Beach as they parade down Hillsboro Boulevard. RM Imaging also supports events sponsored by the American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Diagnostics for breast cancer and osteoporosis conditions which affect women disproportionately to men have continued to see advancements in technology which are greatly lowering the risks for women in both these categories. Early detection is key. Breast ultrasounds are commonly being utilized in conjunction with yearly mammography and are playing an integral role in the early detection of breast abnormalities and cancers. When an area of a woman s mammogram raises concerns or suspicions the radiologist will often request a breast ultrasound and or spot compression magnification views for right. In reality it s the description of the reception area of a local diagnostic center RM Imaging Inc. in Boca Raton Florida. Like a spa women receive compassionate one-on-one attention at RM Imaging however the services offered are quite different. RM Imaging offers digital mammography bone density scans and digital ultrasounds for their patients at their centrally located facilities in Boca Raton as well as throughout the tri-county area in various physicians offices through their mobile testing. Rachael Magro is the president and founder of RM Imaging Inc. Born in Canada Rachael moved to Florida with her family when she was 14 years old and joined the U.S. Air Force immediately following graduation from high school. It was during her service as a medic in the Air Force that Rachael was first introduced to ultrasound technology and decided that it was the area of medicine she wanted to pursue as a career. After receiving her certification as an Ultrasound Technologist Rachael opened RM Imaging and the business has continued to grow and thrive for nearly 20 years as one of the few independent imaging services available in the area which is not owned and operated by a hospital. Word-of-mouth referrals have always been the primary source of new patients for RM Imaging. Little or no wait time comfortable surroundings and highly experienced staff are some of the reasons why patients including many local physicians choose RM Imaging and refer their friends and family. Many of the staff have been with RM Imaging for ten years or more meaning patients see the same familiar faces each time they 16 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Word-of-mouth referrals have always been the primary source of new patients for RM Imaging. Little or no wait time comfortable surroundings and highly experienced staff are some of the reasons why patients including many local physicians choose RM Imaging and refer their friends and family further clarification of the area in question. To aid in earlier detection breast ultrasounds are also routinely performed on women who have a family history of breast cancer or who have a personal history of fibrocystic breast disease or breast cancer. Bone densitometry another service offered through RM Imaging is a very simple fast and yet effective means of detecting bone loss at very early stages. It is recommended by the Women s Health Organization to have a DEXA scan (bone density) over the age of 50 or postmenopause. With the results of a bone density scan an individual s doctor can more accurately diagnose and treat osteopenia or osteoporosis. Debilitating bone fractures from falls are also decreased in the aging years when osteoporosis is being properly treated. Rachael and the staff at RM Imaging Inc. are proud of their contribution to health and wellness in South Florida and appreciate their many loyal patients who return each year and have helped them to become a significant part of the medical community. If you haven t visited their facilities before stop in during October and get to know them. Watch for that pink motorcycle on the street with the pink fire engines--that ll be Rachael making her own personal statement in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Visit RM Imaging Inc. at 2499 Glades Road Suite 303 in Boca Raton or call them at 1-800-IMAGE-12 or 561-361-8090. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 17 HERLIFE inspirations Nancy Brinker A Sister s Love Unites the World against Breast Cancer 18 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM by ka th l e e n m. k ru e ge r phot ogr a phy by da n a f ra n c e o f s u ga rb e l l e p h o to g ra p hy ha ir by mi ch e l l o e b f ro m s a l o n ma rg ri t women who were diagnosed with the disease. There wasn t anything particularly unique about Susan s experience with the disease or surrounding the end of her battle when breast cancer finally took her life in 1980. So why has her name become synonymous with breast cancer awareness and the fight to find a cure The answer is found in her sister Nancy Brinker the founder and CEO of Susan G. Komen for the Cure ( Nancy and her sister Susan were very close so when Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1977 Nancy was there to support and encourage her through the three years of surgery chemotherapy and radiation. During that time Nancy promised her sister that she would do everything she could to stop the devastating progression of the disease and remove the social stigma attached to it. It was a result of this promise to a dying sister that the name Susan G. Komen became attached to what is now the world s largest non-profit funder of breast cancer research. Nancy and group of supporters founded the non-profit in 1982 in honor of her sister Susan. Breast cancer is a very open subject these days but that was not the case when they began in 1982. The non-profit had an uphill battle newspapers balked at printing the words breast cancer no one talked openly about the disease there were no toll-free numbers no Internet and few if any support groups. Minimal treatment options existed for breast cancer patients and limited resources were committed to the disease. Nancy s commitment to follow through on her promise to her sister has never wavered. It s never seemed like work I ve never had a choice Nancy said. Whenever I get tired I think about my sister and the millions of women like her and especially those without the knowledge or means available to get help. While it s never enough I m so glad that there s been measurable progress since we joined the fight. The color pink has been the trademark of the Foundation since its inception in 1982. Nancy chose the color not only for its representation of women in general but in honor of her sister Susan as pink was her favorite color. The pink ribbon that is now so widely known as symbolic for the fight against breast cancer had its origin in the first Komen National Race for the Cure logo of an abstract runner outlined with pink. In 1991 the pink ribbons were distributed to breast cancer survivors and participants of the Komen New York City Race for the Cure. The following year Alexandra Penney editor-in-chief of Self magazine wanted to bring even more awareness to the magazine s second annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month. She did this by creating a ribbon and enlisting the S usan G. Komen had no idea that her name would become internationally known and recognized when she was battling breast cancer in the late 1970s. She was one of thousands of cosmetics giants to distribute them in New York City stores. Today you ll find the pink ribbon symbol everywhere but it remains most prevalent during October National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Komen Running Ribbon stands out from all the other pink ribbons however in both its design and its meaning. The sense of progressive motion forward is evident as is the shape of the individual runner with head forward with legs in stride. It particularly symbolizes the fact that one individual can make a difference. Today the organization has invested almost 2 billion in breast cancer research education screening and treatment. More research is being done. The federal government now devotes more than 900 million each year to breast cancer research treatment and prevention (compared to 30 million in 1982). Although the dollar amounts are impressive those are not the numbers that really count. It is the increased survival rate for breast cancer patients that tells the real story of the difference that Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure has made in the past 30 years. The five-year survival rate for breast cancer when caught early before it spreads beyond the breast is now 99 percent (compared to 74 percent in 1982). Breast cancer survivors are now the largest group of cancer survivors in the U.S. Her sister Susan wasn t Nancy s only close experience with breast cancer. Two years into her work to bring breast cancer awareness to the forefront Nancy found herself numbered among the statistics. In 1984 Nancy was diagnosed with breast cancer and began her own battle with the disease. All the support that was being put into place for women suffering from the disease was now made available to the very woman who had initiated the fight. Nancy has often expressed her gratitude for her co-survivors who helped her get through that time. The one individual that she never fails to mention in that role is her son Eric Brinker. Although he was only eight years old at the time Nancy credits him with providing the hope and strength she needed to make it through that frightening ordeal. Because of Eric s very personal ties with the effects of breast cancer on his family he perhaps has a greater understanding of the value and importance of the mission of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. However breast cancer is not a disease that is limited to women. Men can also be victims of the disease. Although the incidence and mortality rates for breast cancer are much lower for men than women men are often diagnosed at a much later stage of breast cancer than women because they are less likely to report the symptoms. To bring more awareness to the male side of the disease and to encourage more male involvement in the movement Susan G. Komen for the Cure created the KoMEN initiative. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 19 KoMEN seeks to motivate men to get involved in the breast cancer movement as co-survivors or breast cancer patients themselves by raising funds for educational social support and outreach programs and by participating in these programs. The campaign will involve compelling and inspirational stories from high-profile athletes celebrities and everyday men whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. The aim of KoMEN is to acknowledge the role that both men and women play in the fight to cure breast cancer encourage men to share life-saving information with the women they love and highlight the fact that men get breast cancer too. Nancy s efforts to enlist every segment of society from the individual citizen to government leaders in the fight against breast cancer was given special recognition in 2009. President Barack Obama honored Nancy by presenting her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom the nation s highest civilian honor for her work. She was also named Goodwill Ambassador for Cancer Control by the United Nations World Health Organization in that same year. It s never seemed like work I ve never had a choice Nancy said. Whenever I get tired I think about my sister and the millions of women like her and especially those without the knowledge or means available to get help. While it s never enough I m so glad that there s been measurable progress since we joined the fight. Of course Nancy does have a life beyond the Foundation though most everything she does connects to it in some way. Nancy is an avid collector of Hungarian art and has often used this interest to raise funds and awareness for the cause. In 1986 Nancy was appointed to serve on the National Cancer Awareness Board by President Ronald Reagan and she served as Chairman for the President s Commission on Breast Cancer under President George W. Bush. Nancy also served as U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Hungary from 2001-2003 under appointment by President George W. Bush. More recently she served as U.S. Chief of Protocol from 2007-2009 a position where she was responsible for overseeing all protocol matters for visiting heads of state and presidential travel abroad. In addition to these appointments Nancy has served on several boards of directors over the years many of which related to the healthcare industry. Nancy s hard work and commitment have made a huge difference in lives of millions of breast cancer survivors. She has truly honored the life and memory of her sister Susan G. Komen. The name of Nancy Brinker may not be as well-known but it is one that we all need to remember and be grateful for the next time we see a pink ribbon. 20 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 21 HERLIFE culinary root vegetables and Their many Uses by c a rl e . j o h n s to n r oot vegetables are probably the most versatile of all the vegetables. They can be eaten raw braised boiled roasted and stewed. I thought I had seen all their uses until this happened. vitamins and minerals which are absorbed from the soil they grow in They are typically planted in the summer and harvested in the fall. When I was growing up we kept our potatoes under the house on a bed of straw covered with pickling lime. They always lasted well into the winter months and as kids retrieving the potatoes for dinner was always an adventure or a nightmare depending on how dark it was. Most root vegetables are great hearty additions to cool weather dishes like stews soups and slow-braised meats or simply roasted and served as accompaniments to any meal. Root vegetables are also full of complex carbohydrates (which break down into sugar in your body) and give you energy. They are low in calories and fat and contain essential minerals such as potassium phosphorus magnesium and iron. Root vegetables can also improve your mental health with their high concentrates of antioxidants which help to remove toxins from your body. Carrots sweet potatoes and turnips are high in Vitamin C and betacarotene which help clean the blood and prevent high blood pressure. Beta-carotene is also good for your eyes and can help in the prevention of cataracts and certain cancers. Onions and garlic are great for your heart. They can lower cholesterol and blood pressure by preventing blood clots. They also help to build up your immune system which can prevent common ailments like a cold or the flu. Since they are high in fiber and nutrients they can also help satisfy cravings and aid your digestive system. We all know about potatoes carrots and onions but the list of beneficial root vegetables covers a much broader spectrum. The most common types of root vegetables are taproots and tubers. Taproots grow vertically downwards forming a central root from which other roots sprout. These roots are typically energy storehouses for the plant thus the elevated levels of nutrients. They include carrots beets turnips celery root (celeriac) rutabaga parsnip and radish. Tubers grow more horizontally and shoots will sprout from the top and roots from the bottom. Tubers include potato yam Jerusalem artichoke and daylily. Enjoy your root vegetables with a new admiration for their many characteristics flavors and benefits. Sources for this article are and Once we were returning from a very large catering job with a very big truck at about 2 o clock in the morning. We didn t want to unload the truck and didn t have a lock so we decided to back the truck up against the building. We accidentally backed into the gas meter and broke a two-inch gas line leaving natural gas spewing into the cold and windless night. We ran and called 911 and within minutes firefighters arrived. Fortunately no fireballs or explosions had occurred. The fireman asked Is that your kitchen followed by You got a potato I thought A potato Are you serious We obliged and gave him the potato. And then with a loud chunk he stuck the potato on the broken pipe and the leak was sealed. And surely lives were saved. A few weeks later we sent a bunch of potatoes to the firehouse. Just in case. Every day when I arrive at work my day usually begins with root vegetables. Chopping onions mincing garlic peeling carrots and prepping potatoes--lots of them. We serve about 600 meals a day including breakfast lunch and dinner all fresh and all from scratch. I could tell you that it typically takes 22 cuts to medium-dice one onion or that 13 to 70 Idaho potatoes sliced thin will fill a hotel pan to make a gratin that serves 40 people. But there are more interesting things to know about root vegetables. And if you like to buy your produce locally and seasonally now is root vegetable season. When I see the faux fall leaves and plastic gourds filling the planters and Christmas commercials on television I know that it must be late September. I start thinking about things like oven-roasted rutabagas and beets and carrots with brown sugar. Pur ed celeriac and potatoes with roasted garlic. Sweet potatoes with honey and sweet cream butter. Turnips and turnip greens with hot pepper sauce. Roasted parsnips with horseradish. And of course the ubiquitous king of the root vegetable kingdom--the potato in all of its mashed fried boiled saut ed and baked forms. I love the fact that root vegetables are most commonly served in hot dishes and harvested when the days and nights begin to get cooler. So we know root vegetables can be used as an improvised catastrophe prevention tool. But did you also know that they are a valuable source of 22 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE recipes Shrimp and pesto pizza with Goat Cheese recipes an d p ho tog rap hy by kri s ten doyl e ingredients 4 (6-inch) round pizza crusts or flatbreads 2 heaping Tablespoons pesto spread 20 small-medium shrimp peeled and deveined 1 Tablespoons olive oil 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese 2 ounces crumbled goat cheese 2 garlic cloves finely chopped salt and pepper instructions 1. Preheat oven to 400 F. 2. Place your crusts on nonstick baking sheets. Evenly distribute and spread the pesto over each crust set aside. 3. Coat the shrimp with the olive oil and then sprinkle with the garlic and some salt and pepper. In a large saut pan over medium-high heat sear the shrimp for about 1 minute flip and cook for another 30 seconds. 4. Place 5 shrimp on each pizza then sprinkle with the mozzarella and goat cheeses. Bake for 20 minutes until the cheese starts to brown on the edges. Let cool for just a minute or so and serve. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 23 HERLIFE mother s perspective recognizing Treating infant Skin problems by l i s a a l l e n had children though know that a baby s first year is rarely without some type of skin issue that gives us pause. Most commonly lumped into the general category of rash infant skin issues range from uncomfortable and annoying to medically worrisome. The reason babies are more likely to experience a rash or skin ailment is because it takes approximately a year after a baby is born for the epidermis to fully develop into the protective barrier necessary to prevent harm. A baby s skin is thinner less pigmented and does not regulate temperature as well as more mature skin. The most common skin issue that affects infants is diaper rash. The environment created by constant diaper wear--moist warm and shaded-breaks down the skin in that area. When the elements of poo and pee are added the elements are even more ripe for irritation. Keeping the skin as dry as possible cleaning with gentle products using skin protectants like petroleum jelly or a zinc oxide cream and allowing the bottom to air dry as often as possible are ways to alleviate this recurrent skin issue. Another common rash is called intertrigo. A rash typically found in skin folds especially in the neck it most often affects chubby babies younger than six months old. Depending on the amount of friction in the affected area the baby may or may not notice any discomfort but you will likely see a red raw and weepy rash that looks worse inside skin creases. This condition is exacerbated by excessive moisture that collects in skin creases a combination of drool or spit up and a lack of air circulation is to blame. Doctors advice washing the folds of skin with water and applying a zinc oxide cream or petroleum jelly to prevent irritation. Miliaria more commonly known as prickly heat is a rash that occurs on the face neck back or bottom and looks like a mass of tiny red bumps. This rash arises from a baby s inability to regulate heat well and is a reaction to anything that might overheat the child. Prickly heat does not occur just during the summer months but might result from over-bundling in 24 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM T he fact that the phrase smooth as a baby s bottom is considered a compliment implies that a baby s skin is the epitome of what we all yearn for clear vibrant and beautiful. Those of us who have tight clothing or being strapped into a car seat. Thankfully the rash usually recedes in about 30 minutes once you are able to regulate the temperature of the baby s environment and dress in loose cool clothing. Cradle cap is another skin issue that is very common in infants. Technically termed seborrhea it is a rash that can appear not only on the scalp and eyebrows but also behind the ears on the neck cheeks and chest. It is most common in babies under 6 months old. The cause of seborrhea is not known. The rash will look different depending on which part of the body it appears. On the scalp and eyebrows it often looks like dandruff but sometimes can look more like yellow thick or crusty scales. It also looks scaly and cracked when it presents behind the ears but on the chest and neck it might appear pimply. When it appears on the cheeks it is usually red and bumpy. Regardless of location it is an unsightly rash but is unlikely to cause discomfort or bother a baby. A small amount of anti-dandruff shampoo can be used to wash behind the ears on the scalp or on any other areas that are affected. Many parents rub a bit of olive or baby oil onto the scalp to loosen the scales and then gently brush them off. Eczema is a rash that affects approximately 20 percent of babies. This itchy rash can appear anywhere on a baby s body starting at about 3 or 4 months though the diaper area is typically not affected. Babies can inherit a genetic predisposition to eczema especially if there is a family history of allergies but extreme weather conditions soaps and clothing can also instigate the dry patchy areas that are typical of a mild form of eczema. In a more extreme rash the skin can appear wind-burned and the baby might suffer from redness oozing and pus that eventually crusts over. Medical professionals advise washing the skin with a gentle fragrance-free cleanser and applying moisturizer on damp skin twice a day. More extreme cases may require a steroid treatment to reduce inflammation. Information for this article was taken from HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 25 reider Survivor P ink ribbons are the symbol for breast cancer awareness but that doesn t mean that men are exempt from the disease. Frank Reider knows the truth of that statement due to his own personal experiWhen Frank was still a teenager his uncle a physician instructed Frank on the importance of self-examination of his breasts. Two of Frank s uncles had died of breast cancer and both his mother and grandmother had developed breast cancer. This strong family history of the disease put him in a higher risk category. This understanding of the potential for male breast cancer established a routine of periodic breast examination for Frank early in life a practice which paid off when he discovered a small lump near one of his nipples much later in life. All of his life Frank had always been physically active and in good health but genetics can often ignore even the most healthy of lifestyles. Just prior to discovering the lump Frank s daughter had encouraged her father to have the BRCA test performed which tests for the two breast cancer gene mutations BRCA1 and BRCA2. Frank tested positive for the BRCA2 gene mutation. According to it s uncommon to test positive for either of these gene mutations. Only about five percent of breast cancers are related to these gene mutations so the positive test did not necessarily mean that Frank would develop breast cancer. As a matter of fact Frank was told that the positive test would be more of an indicator of the larger risk factor for his female offspring than it would be for himself. 26 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Frank ence and family history. HERLIFE spotlight Male BreaSt CanCer of by kat hl een m . kruege r p h o t o g r a p hy by go l th e ta s te o f b ra z i l That information did not stop him from continuing his personal breast exams as a routine. In late November 2010 shortly after receiving the BRCA results I checked myself again and noticed a major change in the form of a small hard almost cubical nodule next to my right nipple. Frank immediately contacted his doctor upon discovering the lump and a mammogram and sonogram were scheduled. Both diagnostic tests indicated that Frank did indeed have breast cancer. Within a week all the necessary tests were performed and the lump surgically removed. Biopsies confirmed that the cancer had been caught early and that the cancer had not spread to the lymph nodes or any other organ. I was operated on the first Thursday in December 2010 and worked at my restaurant with full houses both Friday and Saturday as if nothing had happened Frank says. Frank credits his periodic self-examination and immediate contact with his doctor upon discovery of the lump for avoiding more serious consequences. It is frequently the delay of men to recognize and seek treatment for their signs of breast cancer that make it an especially dangerous situation for them. The direct and potent discussion of the subject with his uncle in his teen years provided Frank with a preventative defense mechanism that many men who experience breast cancer have not had. Any of these symptoms are adequate reason for a man or a woman to contact and consult with their doctor. Early detection is the great- frank credits his periodic selfexamination and immediate contact with his doctor upon discovery of the lump for avoiding more serious consequences. it is frequently the delay of men to recognize and seek treatment for their signs of breast cancer that make it an especially dangerous situation for them. est defense any individual can have in the battle against breast cancer. Increased awareness and improvements to diagnostic techniques have greatly increased the survival rates for breast cancer patients over the past few decades. Frank has a great testimony of the importance of self-examination and early treatment for breast cancer in men. As mothers wives grandmothers and sisters it is important to learn from his experience and make sure that the men in our lives are aware that they are not exempt from this pink disease. If there is a history of breast cancer in the family it becomes especially important that ALL members of the family structure be made aware of the various symptoms of breast cancer and the importance of early detection and treatment. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Make sure the men in your life are as aware of the symptoms as you are. It made Frank Reider a survivor of breast cancer instead of a victim. Passing on the information may save another man s life. it s important for men (and women) to understand that a lump in the breast tissue is not the only symptom to watch for. Below are symptoms which the Mayo Clinic lists as possible signs of breast cancer in men z A painless lump or thickening in your breast tissue z Changes to the skin covering your breast such as dimpling puckering redness or scaling z Changes to your nipple such as redness or scaling or a nipple that begins to turn inward z Discharge from your nipple HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 27 HERLIFE trendsetter Baby i m a rock Star b l o o mi n g d a l e s b o c a ra to n 5 8 4 0 g l a d e s ro a d b o c a ra to n f l 3 3 4 3 1 5 6 1- 3 9 4 - 2 0 0 0 www. b l o o mi n g d a le guess jet black dress photography by christine rose photography hair by tabitha woodfork and makeup by faimy vanleeuwen of pure bliss salon and spa llc models elke guignard and yuliya sirotinskaya wardrobe provided by bloomingdale s boca raton day of the dead jewelry provided by danielle maree of couture by lolita 28 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM adrienne landau raccoon clip scarf c by bloomingdale s cashmere shell in black dkny paillette sequin skirt HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 29 elie tahari celine blouse paige denim printed jeans 30 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM inochi fox vest from maximilian fur citizens of humanity jeans - elson straight leg HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 31 vintage havana tank - silver sequin paige denim ponte legging 32 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM michael by michael kors lace up tunic michael by michael kors faux leather stretch legging HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 33 HERLIFE non-profit spotlight When asked what advice she has for family and friends who have a loved one going through chemotherapy Eileen says Don t ask if you can do something for them. Just do it Eileen M. V lez-Vega by kat hl een m . k ru e ge r p h o t o g r a p hy by d ave b a rd t lymphoma had returned after nine months of being in remission she was angry but not discouraged. What do we need to do to get rid of it was Eileen s response to the unwanted news her doctor had to share with her that day. Eileen has always been an overachiever. She is a natural ball of energy who loves a challenge and has led a full life in the arenas of both career and family. She has a Master s Degree in Civil Engineering and works for a private consulting firm as a project manager in the Aviation Division as a pavement design engineer for airport rehabilitation projects. She has served as an officer at the local regional and national level in the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Society of Women Engineers. In spite of many career accomplishments the honor that Eileen values more highly than all of them is the privilege of becoming the mother of her little girl Anna Isabelle. 34 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM T he cancer is back. Those are the four words that every cancer survivor dreads to hear and Eileen V lez-Vega is no exception. When she got the news this past February that her Hodgkin s Eileen was five months pregnant with her daughter when she was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin s lymphoma. Eileen put off starting chemotherapy as long as her doctor would allow for fear of the harm it might cause to her unborn baby. Eventually Eileen s health began to deteriorate they could wait no longer and chemotherapy was begun. In December 2010 Eileen still battling her cancer gave birth to a beautiful and healthy little girl. This little girl was and is Eileen s greatest motivation to go through the misery of chemotherapy and keep fighting against the cancer that attacks her body. When Eileen was diagnosed with cancer her mother left Puerto Rico to come and stay with Eileen and her husband in Florida. She stayed through the entire recovery process--cooking cleaning and encouraging. When the baby arrived she was there to help while Eileen continued her chemotherapy and recovery. It is important to Eileen that her own daughter has the same opportunity to grow up with the kind of close motherdaughter relationship that she has had with her own mother. Not to be overshadowed by his mother-in-law Eileen s husband amazed her with his loving commitment and his encouraging support throughout the ordeal. Also an engineer Eileen s husband took time off from work to be with her for every one of her doctor s appointments and chemotherapy treatments. She saw him assume many of her household chores as if he d always done them. He has a strong Christian faith Eileen says and has never complained or expressed any doubt in my full recovery. During her months of chemotherapy Eileen s co-workers and friends also rallied to show their love and support. When asked what advice she has for family and friends who have a loved one going through chemotherapy Eileen says Don t ask if you can do something for them. Just do it No one wants to call and ask someone to run errands for them or to come mop their floors for them because they are too exhausted to do it themselves but when family and friends step up to the plate and just do those things their generosity will never be forgotten. In February of this year when Eileen got the bad news that the cancer had returned she began chemotherapy treatments again. By the time this article has been published Eileen will have already had her autologous stem cell transplant (which will come from Eileen s own bone marrow) and have completed her two-month stay at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa for the recovery process. Hodgkin s lymphoma is a very treatable type of cancer not all cancers are. The five-year relative survival rate for Hodgkin s lymphoma is almost 88 percent. Treatment advancements in the last 50 years have significantly improved. If you were diagnosed with this disease in the 1960s your survival chances would have been only 40 percent. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) raises public awareness regarding the wide variety of cancers that are classified as lymphomas or leukemia. LLS also raises funds to promote research and improved treatment of these types of cancers. It is medical research which took the survival rate of Hodgkin s lymphoma from 40 percent to 88 percent. This is one of the reasons why Eileen has become such a strong supporter and advocate for LLS. Eileen supported the endeavors of LLS in 2011 by joining the Light The Night Walk to raise funds for cancer research. She is already making plans to participate in the walk again this November. To read an update on Eileen s journey you may visit her Caring Bridge site at visit EileenVelez. Information regarding the 2012 Light The Night Walk and other events sponsored by the Palm Beach Area LLS can be found at pb. To learn more about how you can provide support and funding for the work of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society visit their main website at HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 35 hot deals Celebrating over 30 years of family tradition. zuCCarellis 4595 okeechobee blvd. West Palm Beach Florida 561-686-7739 lashes by dr. Man To purchase call 1-800-232-5508 or go to nCogniTo fiTness 420 State Rd. 7 Suite 174 Royal Palm Beach FL 561-389-5635 Mention you saw this ad in HERLIFE Magazine and get 10% off when you spend 50. Mention you saw this ad in HERLIFE Magazine for 10 off lashes. Mention you saw this ad in HERLIFE Magazine for 50% off massage. 1st time visitors only. Restrictions apply. Expires 12-31-12. LiPSenSe Contact glamlipsnMore or 561-289-4491 for details. elish a llC 16244 S. Military Trail Suite 120 Delray Beach FL 33484 561-498-1414 ChroMa salon 410 evernia street suite 117 West Palm Beach 561-899-0337 Mention you saw this ad in HERLIFE Magazine for a free skincare consultation. Mention that you saw this in HERLIFE Magazine and receive 10% off our 7 piece Mini set (perfect for travel ) - normally 55. Base cut and blow for 99.00 or hair cut for 50.00 . Expires 10-31-12. To have your business lisTed Call 561-899-0433 eXT 105 36 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM The Office of Small Business Assistance (OSBA) is responsible for monitoring conditions affecting small businesses within the marketplace that can provide goods and services to Palm Beach County thus creating an environment that encourages the growth and development of small businesses in Palm Beach County. The programs and initiatives offered by the OSBA are designed to assist entrepreneurs in developing the skills they need to start and operate an efficient and profitable business. These programs are tailored to support the growing number of small businesses in Palm Beach County. OSBA s primary services are certification contract compliance training outreach and referral to resources for financial or technical assistance. SMALL BUSINESS CERTIFICATION PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY O Your business must be domiciled in Palm Beach County. O Your business must be independently owned and operated. O Your business must provide a commercially useful business function to Palm Beach County for procurement purposes. O The applicant business together with any subsidiaries affiliates must meet the size standard for small businesses based on gross receipts averaged over a three year period as follows Construction related business must not exceed 9 million Commodities must not exceed 5 million Professional Services (CCNA) must not exceed 5 million Professional Services (Non CCNA) must not exceed 4 million Palm Beach County Office of Small Business Assistance 50 South Military Trail Suite 202 West Palm Beach FL 33415 osba (561) 616-6840 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 37 HERLIFE working women Apple s iOS runs on the iPhone and iPod Touch as well as the deciding which Tablet is right for iPad. If you use one of these other gadgets then you ll already be familiar with the iOS interface. Many people believe that Apple has cornered the market on usability and that iOS offers the optimal look and feel. Another advantage of iOS is the availability of hundreds of thousands of apps that can be downloaded from Apple s App Store. The main disadvantage of iOS is that it s only available on the iPad so there s no price competition. Google s Android which is available on millions of smartphones is also offered on a variety of tablets. Android is considered the leader in multitasking. This means you can easily perform several activities at the same time such as watching a video while surfing the Web and reading email. Android also offers seamless integration with popular Google applications like Google Maps Gmail and Google Talk for video chat. While the iPad is only available with a 9.7 inch display Android tablets come in a variety of sizes. Android s biggest shortcoming is far fewer apps when compared to Apple s iOS. To get a feel for these two different OS flavors try out some demo tablets at your local electronics store. If you decide on the Apple iOS by c at i e wat s on your shopping is over and you can buy an iPad. If you re more interested in Android you ll need to narrow down your choices from a growing field of tablets. a laptop the tablet has become an indispensable mobile gadget for many early adopters. You can watch videos take and share pictures use video chat read e-books play games and browse the Internet anytime and anywhere all without having to lug around a heavy laptop or squint at a tiny smartphone screen. The iPad s hefty price tag (the latest version starts at 499) has caused many consumers to hold off on purchasing a tablet. It has also caused some people to question the usefulness of this next-generation gadget. Although a tablet can be used as a digital portfolio by decorators designers artists and other professionals who make heavy use of graphic images and photographs the lack of a fully functioning keyboard means that a tablet is not a laptop replacement when it comes to professional applications. The vast majority of people who buy a tablet are looking for a fun way to enjoy online multimedia. If you ve decided that you want a tablet gaining a basic understanding of the technology will help you find the tablet that s right for you. Apple has retained control of the tablet market for the past two years but now there are a growing number of alternatives. If you re looking for specific features at the lowest price it pays to do a little research before you start shopping. The majority of tablets currently use one of two operating systems iOS or Android. The operating system (OS) is what keeps everything running on a computer smartphone or tablet. The OS also controls the look and feel of the on-screen interface. Each OS has a different look and feel and a different set of strengths. Here s a quick summary 38 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM e ver since Apple introduced the iPad tablet in 2010 other computer makers have scrambled to introduce their own version of the tablet computer. Blending the best elements of a smartphone and Blending the best elements of a smartphone and a laptop the tablet has become an indispensable mobile gadget for many early adopters. If you re looking for a budget-friendly tablet and plan to do a lot of ebook reading you may want to consider Amazon s Kindle Fire. Although the first generation Kindle was marketed primarily as an e-book reader the second generation Fire supports web browsing email and gaming. The Kindle Fire s seven-inch screen makes it easier to tote than a full-size tablet. It doesn t have a camera or Bluetooth support (useful if you want to stream video to an HDTV) but at 199 it s half the price of the iPad. The Kindle provides access to more than 100 000 movies and TV shows to rent or buy on as well as free streaming for more than 10 000 titles. The Apple Store also offers tens of thousands of movies and shows for sale but has no free streaming program. If you re looking for an Android tablet that more closely resembles an iPad some of the top models currently available are the Samsung Galaxy Tab the Asus Transformer Pad the Toshiba Thrive and the Sony Tablet S. These tablets come in a variety of sizes and range in price from 345 to 545. They include many of the features available on the iPad as well as some additional features like detachable keyboards on some models. You can find complete reviews and price comparisons for these Android tablets and more on leading tech websites like and (which were used as sources for this article). HERLIFE love and relationships Th e S tu pid Qu e s t i o n by dr. phil heller photography by karen alleyne-means w hen serious illness strikes we have a choice when approaching this stressor. Remember it is not the actual stressor but the way we handle it that determines our success. Initially one may be shocked or numbed when receiving a difficult diagnosis. It is always good to take a friend or relative to be the second pair of ears to hear all the information accurately. At that moment some people enter a world of denial not tending to the important treatment regimen while others may exaggerate what they are told and become depressed. The key is to summon your inner strength as well as your support system and not fall prey to hopelessness martyrdom or victimization (Why me ). While we maintain hope we need to realistically accommodate and not succumb to the illness. We know that the human body regardless of the illness will always try to move toward health. It is programmed for survival. It s our bad habits or elements within the environment that work in opposition to our healthy program. The body tries to be forgiving as it works toward finding a healthy homeostasis. The doctor will provide a detailed treatment plan which we are expected to follow (lack of compliance has often been a problem in treatment). Part of your realistic accommodation is to take an active role in your treatment. This is your life and your health is worth it. One of the first tasks is to find the right specialist. I agree that their training is important but... you also want a doctor who will work with you. You need a physician who will take the time to listen not one who is on the run or preoccupied with other reports or phone calls. Your doctor should give you eye contact and encourage questions. Ask whatever you want and remember--the question not asked is the stupid question. The more productive your conversation is with your healthcare professional the better the outcome. Your caring doctor would not be offended by your getting a second opinion and may even offer some alternative treatment suggestions. If your doctor rushes through the consultation by giving you two minutes in the examination room is demeaning or does not respond to phone calls in a timely manner you need to take charge and seek an alternative. Taking charge is the healthy part of your accommodation toward wellness. As you move toward wellness maintain your mental strength and value your support system with family and friends. Share your feelings and hope as you work on a realistic treatment plan. Dr. Phil Heller is a licensed Clinical and Forensic Psychologist who has testified in many high profile criminal cases. He has conducted Social Investigations for Family Court and provided Parenting Plans. Dr. Heller has commented in various media on forensic and psychological issues. He has practiced in Boca Raton Florida for over 32 years working with children and adults. Please visit his website at or call 561-994-4565 for an appointment. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 39 HERLIFE finance is it Still possible to retire early by l i s a a l l e n for Retirement Research at Boston College the average retirement age has risen from 60 to 62 for women and 62 to 64 for men since the mid-1990s. A combination of factors including declines in traditional pensions and retiree health benefits changes in how Social Security benefits are administered better health continuing education and less strenuous job options have factored into the increasing probability of a later retirement age. Early retirement was a common occurrence after World War II. The phenomenon was attributed to the availability of Social Security benefits the expansion of employer-provided pension plans and the introduction of Medicare. That trend stopped in the mid-1980s and the average age of retirement has steadily increased since then. Of the factors that contribute to a person s ability to retire the Social Security system has been cited as a major factor. The formula used to determine benefits has changed to make a longer work history more advantageous and the earnings test which temporarily withholds Social Security payments for people who earn more than set limits was removed for workers who exceed full retirement age. Most people reach full retirement age when they turn 66 or 67 but there is also now a delayed retirement credit that increases benefits each year one delays claims between full retirement age and the age of 70. 40 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM i t seems as though some things just keep increasing the national debt credit card rates and the age of retirement are just a few. According to analysis of Census Bureau data by the Center Another important factor is the decrease of workplace benefits available to employees. The shift from pensions to 401(k) plans made retirement inherently more risky because 401(k) plans leave management of assets and control of spending to individuals. That fact combined with the decline of employer-provided retiree health insurance plans incites employees to remain in the workforce until they qualify for Medicare at the age of 65. Of course most people live longer these days than in the past. This translates to a greater number of retirement years that must be financed. Continuing to work later than generations past gives some the ability to save and shortens the amount of time they must rely on savings in order to survive. Because many people in their 60s are healthy and able-bodied and because many more people now hold advanced degrees many knowledge-based occupations are conducive to advanced retirement ages. The question of retiring early is as personal as any other milestone question and is determined by a range of factors that extend past money and budgets including issues like personal preferences and family circumstance. The number one question most people ask first is how much of a nest egg they need to retire comfortably. A general rule of thumb is that it takes 70 percent of your pre-retirement yearly salary to live comfortably in retirement. Factors like whether or not you still carry a mortgage if you plan to build a dream house or travel the world might mean that you will need the entirety of your current annual income or more to be able to cross those things off your bucket list. Creating a realistic list of both needs and desires for retirement will help you determine your financial needs. Estimates are important to determine how much saving needs to be done long before retirement is an option. The easiest way to start is to analyze your current budget both in terms of income and expenses. Projecting how those expenses will change is important for example you may pay off your mortgage before retirement but it might be safe to assume that your health care costs will increase. Every person s situation will be different. According to a 2011 study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute only 42 percent of U.S. workers have tried to determine how much money they will need to save for a comfortable retirement. Enlisting the help of a trusted expert who understands not only the intricacies of financial planning but your desires in terms of how you wish to spend your retirement years and what you wish to leave as a legacy is a vital first step in determining when you can retire. Many planners have websites with a variety of calculators that will let you analyze information on your own without an appointment or consultation for their services. Keeping a strict budget and monitoring any circumstances that change will help you plan realistically for your perfect retirement age. Sources for this article are and (which includes online calculators). HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 41 HERLIFE real estate hidden Costs of home ownership The by kat hl een m . krueger eowners. With home ownership comes many new financial responsibilities that a renter would not be expected to pay. Some of these unforeseen expenses are ongoing and others are unpredictable expenses for which it s more difficult to budget. GROUND MAINTENANCE With a rental property maintenance of the grounds generally falls under the landlord s or property manager s responsibilities. When you own your own private home lawn care landscaping pool maintenance and snow removal all become part of your responsibility. Hiring someone to perform these services can add up quickly especially when the lawn requires more frequent mowing than expected or snowfall exceeds the average amount during a winter period. Even if you have the time and inclination to maintain these areas of your property yourself there are still expenses involved which are above and beyond your mortgage such as lawn mowers weed whips snow blowers and various hand tools required which can add up quite quickly. In addition there will be fuel needed each time you use the equipment occasional repairs and if you have a pool there are plenty of chemicals required to maintain that beautiful clear blue water. Pools and lawn irrigation systems also require electricity and water to operate which can increase your summertime utility costs considerably. If you ve purchased a condominium or another form of housing which includes association fees to cover outdoor maintenance items then you will know what these additional costs are going to be before you purchase. However even in that situation those association maintenance fees can be adjusted periodically to cover rising costs of maintenance and cannot be counted on to remain static. HOME MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS-- THEY NEVER STOP When an individual or couple is shopping for their first home maintenance and repair costs that may be required after purchase often don t come to mind. And if they do their lack of experience with those items may cause them to underestimate the costs involved. Some of the most expensive maintenance items that need to be considered are siding window and deck painting or staining and roofing replacement. These items can require thousands of dollars to accomplish. Inside the house flooring may need to be replaced. All of those wonderful appliances included with the home purchase or purchased 42 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM i f your mortgage payment is less than you would pay for rent you ll save money right Unfortunately applying that simplistic formula to housing costs has been followed by a very rude awakening for many new hom- prior to move-in will eventually need repairs or more likely replacement each costing hundreds of dollars apiece. Furnace air conditioning and plumbing fixtures require regular maintenance and repairs to keep them operating efficiently and may need replacement if they re older. If these critical pieces of equipment fail you can count on the furnace going out on the coldest night of the winter and the air conditioning failing on the hottest day of the year when all the service companies are too busy to fit you into their schedule. There isn t a property manager or landlord to call when your toilet overflows or the A C isn t cooling properly once you become a homeowner. Not only do you have to pay for the expense yourself you need to spend time finding a repairperson and may also need to take time away from work to be home when they find time in their schedule to visit your home. UTILITIES INSURANCE AND TAxES OH MY The costs associated with heating cooling and even the operation of electrical and gas appliances may come as a shock to some new homeowners. There are many homeowners who have purchased older homes at low prices only to find that the lack of insulation combined with an inefficient furnace or A C system lands them with heating and cooling bills that are higher than their monthly mortgage payment. Asking for copies of the previous year s utility bills should be a must-see on your pre-purchase checklist. Home insurance and taxes are two ongoing expenses that often experience perpetual growth the longer you own your home. A general guide for budgeting for these expenses is one to two percent of your home s value for annual property taxes and 25 to 55 per month per 100 000 of home value for insurance costs. Knowing you have home insurance to cover your home in the event of damage is reassuring for every homeowner. However a 500 or 1 000 deductible can be another unexpected expense in the event that damage does occur. Knowing the excluded items on your home-owner policy is also important. Flood insurance for instance must be purchased separately. Homeownership remains an important part of The American Dream. However as the high rate of foreclosures tells us it is important to count all the costs before making such a huge purchase. Source for this article is HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 43 HERLIFE travel Spa retreats for the Not So rich and Famous by chandra bl ackwel l among the rich and famous to treat yourself to a spa vacation. The spas listed below provide the very same well-planned meals fitness classes and overarching sense of serenity at a mere fraction of the price of more well-known pricier resorts. PAMPER YOURSELF Ixtapan Resort Hotel and Spa (800-IXTAPAN or Although this luxury spa limits guests to 1 100 calories a day you ll hardly miss those other calories with the wealth of other relaxing distractions. Ixtapan Resort s all-inclusive spa program includes daily morning walks aquatic exercise steam baths massages facials and gymnastics. Included in the price are mudwraps loofah baths manicures pedicures yoga and massages. Avandaro Golf and Spa Resort (800-SPATIME or This mountain resort takes a more relaxed approach to health favoring rest over exercise (though it offers tennis swimming golf sailing and horseback riding) and massage over treadmills. Try the weeklong Spa Sampler which includes accommodations all meals seven spa admissions three massages and a variety of spa treatments. GET A MAKE-YOUR-Ex-REGRET-IT PHYSIqUE Tennessee Fitness Spa (800-235-8365 or For a mere fraction of the cost of other health programs Tennessee Fitness Spa will get you beach-ready with a full day of exercise sessions water aerobics and fast-striding hikes through the western Tennessee woods--all at under 1 000 per person. Deerfield Spa (800-852-4494 or This sprawling country home on 12 acres of Pocono forest offers carefully prepared meals averaging 1 000 calories daily a dedicated staff of physical therapists and a full-scale exercise program that includes hiking swimming and yoga. Deerfield Spa has book music and video libraries for evening relaxation and your wind-down to dreamland. GET YOUR GLAM ON The Oaks at Ojai (800-753-OAKS or The Oaks at Ojai is an impressive country inn that offers a remarkable program of daily exercise classes and lectures. Gourmet-quality meals are free from salt white sugar or white flour and contain 1 000 calories per day. Weekly packages includes two spa treatments per person. 44 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM T here are reasons to be glad you re not a celebrity one being that you re not accosted by paparazzi every time you emerge from yoga class. But now there s another reason you no longer have to be Vdara Hotel & Spa (866-745-5654 or This Vegas jackpot boasts a state-of-the-art fitness center a full-service spa where you can reward yourself for that hour on the elliptical with your choice of massages body treatments and skincare services. Vdara Hotel & Spa lets you take your five-star treatment to the next level in one of six specially-designated poolside spa cabanas where you can indulge in spa treatments poolside. That s the life. CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE Red Mountain Resort (877-246-4453 or Guests at this retreat nestled in red sandstone canyons work out on highend sports equipment swim in a heated indoor pool enjoy hikes and rock climbing choose from numerous exercise classes daily and feast on meals designed to cut fat and cholesterol. Red Mountain Resort takes a serious approach to nutrition that can result in permanent weight loss and is considered the best fitness resort for the money. Regency Health Resort and Spa (800-454-0003 or This South Florida retreat features a strict vegan-vegetarian menu and educates guests in healthy living. An ideal program for anyone looking for long-term lifestyle changes Regency Health Resort features a rigorous schedule of aerobics and health lectures. Workout programs range from basic training boot camp to evening dance classes to yoga and meditation and your stay includes three meals daily all lectures and activities and two spa services. FIND YOUR OM The Spa at Grand Lake (800-THE-SPA1 or Though its nutrition and exercise programs can be designed for weight loss this retreat is no longer strictly geared toward diet and fitness. With 75 acres of rolling countryside a package that includes a nightly massage and dinners served by candlelight The Spa at Grand Lake is the perfect place to simply relax and kick stress to the curb. Rio Caliente (800-200-2927 or Rio Caliente is Mexico s premier holistic-health-inclined yoga-oriented spa and mineral hot springs where guests alternate between meditation yoga tai-chi aquatic and non-impact aerobics and hiking. Set on over 30 acres of gorgeous terrain the spa offers a low-salt low-fat vegetarian diet and enough peacefulness to achieve a significant sense of well-being. Sources for this article are and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 45 HERLIFE tie the knot TIED THE KNOT April 21 2012 by c andi s m i t h phot ogr a phy by g i n a b a rc a o f b a rc a d e s i g n s p h o to g ra p hy Jupiter when she was in middle school. Amy graduated from Jupiter High School and attended college at Flagler College in St. Augustine Florida with a degree in Psychology. She currently owns her own company Caring Connection where she provides support coordination for developmentally disabled individuals. Joel Selke is 45 years old and was born on a United States Air Force base in Germany. Joel grew up in Rogers City Michigan and moved to South Florida in 1985 after he graduated from Rogers City High School. He works as a supervisor in the cable TV industry. Joel enjoys slalom water skiing at Okeeheelee Park in his spare time and spending time with his friends and family. Joel and Amy met on the dating site EHarmony . Their first date was to the zoo and they both knew on their first date they had met someone special. They dated for a little over a year when they got engaged. Joel proposed to Amy at their house when they were having a party with some friends. It was late and they were all in the back yard hanging out and having fun when Joel decided it would be the right time to propose. He pulled one of his friends aside and explained what he wanted 46 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM A my Selke is 37 years old and was born in Colorado Springs Colorado. She moved to South Florida when she was four years old where she grew up in Greenacres then moved to to do. Joel came up with the flashlight game and with the help of his friend they convinced Amy to be blindfolded and for everyone else to have flashlights. Amy had no idea what was going on and truly thought they were playing a game. While blindfolded she was spun around a few times. Then his friend told everyone to shine their flashlights to the moon and then to shine them to the ground. When they did Amy s blindfold was taken off and Joel was on his knee with all of the flashlights shining on the ring. It was so sweet and Amy was totally surprised and had no idea Joel could be so creative. The happy couple tied the knot on April 21 2012. Amy s attendants were her sister her best friend from college and her sister-in-law. Joel s attendants were two of his friends and Amy s brother. The ring bearer and flower girl were Amy s nephew and niece. The wedding ceremony took place at Trinity United Methodist Church the church Amy grew up in. The wedding day was shared with their closest friends and family and was a day filled with love. Guests who could not make it were able to leave special voicemail messages that were played during the reception. The newlyweds went to Michigan for their honeymoon as there were some family members (including Joel s mom and brother) who could not make it to the wedding. They were able to spend quality time with family and sneaked off for a couple days to enjoy Mackinac Island. LocaL BUSiNeSSeS that Shared iN the Love BridaL goWN david s Bridal BrideSmaidS goWNS david s Bridal hair StyLiNg Beauty to Go PhotograPhy Gina Barca Barca designs FLoriSt maria e. Jimenez Floral designs dJ Skip Kelly entertainment cake publix Greenwise market veNUe hilton Garden inn palm Beach Gardens JeWeLer Jared traNSPortatioN molly s Trolley ceremoNy Trinity United methodist Church HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 47 HERLIFE in the city C al en dar of even ts NOTE All calendar events must be submitted by September 30th for consideration in our November issue. Please include event location date details and contact information and email to karen Events considered for publication are normally limited to community wide charity events or events hosted by our advertisers. We cannot guarantee that all events submitted will be published. oCToBer 4 Indulgence DATE October 4 TIME 6pm LOCATION Hyatt Place Hotel 104 NE 2nd DATE October 11 TIME 6 00pm 9 00pm DETAILS Your reason for putting on your pink bra and walking in the American Cancer Society Making Strides walk is as unique and special as the story that motivates you. MORE INFORMATION Please visit Location Player s Club 13410 Southshore Boulevard Wellington DETAILS Girls Night Out which is held on a monthly basis is designed to be a night of girl chat fabulous drink and food specials music by DJ GFY and lots of shopping Over 25 vendors are expected to be on hand on the upper level of the Player s Club displaying a wide variety of quality juried merchandise to tempt the women as they enjoy time with friends a glass of wine and some delicious food MORE INFORMATION Schlick at Ave Delray Beach DETAILS This intimate gathering features Invisalign Day Hosted by Perfect Smile Dentistry DATE October 13 TIME Appointment Only limited to first 20 hors d oeuvres and wine amid live music and complimentary personal services ranging from mini massages and reflexology to henna art and this year s most stylish hair and makeup trends. Indulgence benefits the nonprofit Achievement Centers for Children & Families. Tickets are 50. MORE INFORMATION Contact Christine per office LOCATIONS 12300 South Shore Boulevard 208 Wellington & 7593 Boynton Beach Boulevard 200 Boynton Beach DETAILS Invisalign Day is the clear alterna- pcrcatering or call (561) 795-0080 or for vendor information contact Gross at mbg or call (561) 793-4926. tive to braces day. Attendees will be eligible for the following free consultation free records (x-rays impressions etc.) 10 percent discount off your Invisalign treatment free one-hour facial with Sanda Gane and up to 24 months no interest financing available. MORE INFORMATION For Wellington King at for VIP ticket information. (561) 866-9068 oCToBer 6 Third Annual Ghost Light Society Soiree DATE October 6 TIME 8 00pm 11 30pm LOCATION Parker Playhouse 707 NE 8th oCToBer 13 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 2012 of Broward County DATE October 13 TIME 9 00am LOCATION Huizenga Park 32 East Las Olas event call (561) 204-4494. For Boynton Beach event call (561) 732-3203. AVDA s Thirteenth Annual Race for Hope DATE October 13 TIME 6 30am Registration 7 30am - Start LOCATION Anchor Park (A1A) Delray Beach DETAILS Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse Street Fort Lauderdale DETAILS The Ghost Light Society of the Boulevard Ft. Lauderdale DETAILS Your reason for putting on your Broward Center for the Performing Arts cordially invites you to the Third Annual Ghost Light Society Speakeasy Soiree. MORE INFORMATION Email pink bra and walking in the American Cancer Society Making Strides walk is as unique and special as the story that motivates you. MORE INFORMATION Please visit (AVDA) promotes violence-free relationships and social change by offering alternative choices to end violence and domestic abuse. Stay and enjoy great post-race party with free food beverages music face painting raffle prizes and much more MORE INFORMATION Call (561) 265-3797 ghostlight or call (954) 468-2181. oCToBer 11 Girls Night Out Benefiting Your Bosom Buddies 48 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 2012 of Palm Beach DATE October 13 TIME 9 00am LOCATION Meyer Amphitheatre 105 Ever- ext. 109 or visit nia Street West Palm Beach oCToBer 20 A Pink Strydes Affair DATE October 20 TIME Doors open 7 00pm show starts at Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Intuitive DATE October 21 TIME 10 00am-2 00pm LOCATION Crowne Plaza Hotel-Ft. Lauderdale per person. MORE INFORMATION RSVP 561-376-3848 Salon 1-5th Floor 455 State Road 84 Fort Lauderdale DETAILS Tickets are 69.99 per person. oCToBer 27 Women in Distress 14th Annual Safewalk-Run 5K presented by Pollo Tropical DATE October 27 TIME 6 00am Registration 7 00am race starts LOCATION Tradewinds Park 3600 W. 8 00pm LOCATION Palm Beach County Conven- tion Center 650 Okeechobee Blvd. West Palm Beach DETAILS This event will support Breast Space is limited. MORE INFORMATION Order tickets online at or call (855) 577-7284. Cancer Awareness. We will do so by celebrating women on this day. Tickets are 30 and can be purchased at Salon Voila 2161 Palm Beach Lakes Suite 206 West Palm Beach. MORE INFORMATION Contact Vanessa at Sample Road Coconut Creek oCToBer 23 Discovering the Orchestra Woodwind DATE October 23 TIME 3 00pm 5 00pm LOCATION Carmen s Restaurant at the Top DETAILS In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month over 1 500 community members including 75 teams will take to the pavement to raise awareness about domestic violence and help Women in Distress reach its goal of raising 140 000 which can provide nearly 1 500 nights of safe shelter for adults and children affected by domestic violence. MORE INFORMATION Register now at (561) 308-4595 (561) 687-5009 oCToBer 21 Pathway Hypnotherapy & Intuitive Counseling LLC Presents Past Life Regression Seminar By Keli Raymond-Pescatore CHt of the Bridge Bridge Hotel 999 E. Camino Real Boca Raton DETAILS The Allegro Society support group of the Boca Raton Symphonia. Tickets 25 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 49 50 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM C hristine Rose Photography 561 543 0466 Keeping Women Connected... 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