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Description: November 2012 On Air Personalities

HERLIFE MAGAZINE KEEPING WOMEN CONNECTED Angel Investors Helping Entrepreneurs Realize Their Dreams NOVEMBER 2012 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Art Meccas Little Known F elicia odriguez R On Screen With Channel 25 WPBF s COMPLIMENTARY COPY 2 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM content NOVEMBER 2012 WELCOME HEALTH BEAUTY INSIGHT SPOTLIGHT INSPIRATIONS CULINARY RECIPES content HERLIFE 6 8 14 16 17 18 20 24 25 26 28 30 36 38 39 40 42 44 46 48 SCENE AND BE SEEN 20 FELICIA RODRIGUEZ SOUTH FLORIDA S FAMILIAR FACE Some people are lucky to find out early in life what they want to be when they grow up. Such was the case with Felicia Rodriguez who caught the broadcast journalism bug in high school. Now in her 14th year as a news anchor at WPBF Felicia loves making a difference in the lives of her viewing audience whether it be forecasting the weather or sharing details of her personal life. MOTHER S PERSPECTIVE SPOTLIGHT 14 40 TRENDSETTER NON-PROFIT SPOTLIGHT WORKING WOMEN LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS FINANCE THE POSITIVE IMPACT OF ORGAN DONATION Debra s younger brother was experiencing kidney failure and had begun dialysis. He needed a kidney transplant. Along with other family members Debra submitted a blood sample in order to determine if she would be a suitable candidate as her brother s donor. HOW TO DETERMINE THE FINE PRINT ON CREDIT CARDS The times they are a changin especially when it comes to consumer law and credit card regulations. In the wake of The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 (the Credit CARD Act) which was signed into law by President Obama on May 22 2009 consumers are being hit with revised contracts and lending agreements from current and future credit card issuers. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 3 REAL ESTATE TRAVEL TIE THE KNOT IN THE CITY Staff and Contacts Publisher and Editor-In-Chief Karen Alleyne-Means karen 561-899-0433 ext 105 Shawn P. Means shawn 561-289-4491 Chief of Operations Account Executive Vivian Hunt SFLSales 561-899-0433 ext. 101 Candi Smith Bianca Elysse Ungerman Ashleigh Thomson Advertising Information Editor Intern Creative Director Todd Grantham Design and Production Art Director Elana Bell Lisa Allen Sue Andrew Dr. Phil Heller Carl E. Johnston Kathleen M. Krueger Natasha Logan Linda Maranno Gail K. Silverstein Candi Smith Contributing Authors Karen Alleyne-Means Sue Andrew Gina Barca Jo Blanco Dana France Corey McFarlane Christine Rose Contributing Photographers To contact HERLIFE Magazine 2875 S. Ocean Blvd. Suite 200 Palm Beach FL 33480 Phone (561) 578-8592 Fax (561) 828-5975 2012 HERLIFE Magazine of South Florida is operated locally by KAM Enterprises Inc. an independently owned and operated franchisee of HERLIFE Magazine LLC. To reach national headquarters call 913-402-6994. 2012 by HERLIFE Magazine. All rights reserved. Although some parts of this publication may be reproduced and reprinted we require that prior permission be obtained in writing. HERLIFE Magazine is owned by HERLIFE Magazine LLC and is a free publication distributed locally and is supported by our advertisers. It is available in selected specialty stores doctor and dental offices medical spas hair and nail salons tanning salons public libraries and numerous other high traffic locations. Please call for a location near you or if you would like copies placed at your business. We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles and advertisements nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised. We welcome your ideas articles and feedback. SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscriptions are available for 26 (for 12 issues). Please go to or mail a check made out to HERLIFE Magazine to the above address. 4 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 5 HERLIFE welcome On-Ai r Pe r so n a l i t i e s Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. William James to their community. I know that you will also enjoy learning more about them. I am also reminded that this month is Thanksgiving and there are many things for which I am thankful. First of all for my family who support me on a daily basis and where I derive my energy and strength of purpose as a wife and mother. Second I am thankful to have another year of being able to share our vision of bringing South Florida s unsung heroes to our readers and being able to meet so many wonderful people along the way. I would also like to thank our veterans for their daily sacrifices in keeping our country safe on the 11th. Last but not least Shawn Happy Anniversary I really don t think he reads my editor s notes so tell him Happy Anniversary on the 11th for me if you see him (laughing out loud). He is a person whose actions I do not have to question. The things he does make a difference. photo by da na france of s ugar bel l e photography T his month we are very pleased to highlight some of South Florida s on-air personalities. Each of these individuals brings a dedication and passion as well as a commitment To o r der you r s u b s cr i p t i o n a n d s t ay conne c te d with H ERL I F E So c ie ty go to H ERL I F EMagazine .c o m 6 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE scene and be seen Girls Night Out at Zuccarelli s to Benefit the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society photography by ka re n al l eyne- m eans O n August 11 Olimpia Zuccarelli s sponsored a girls night out for local men and women in the community. The purpose of the event while encouraging a night of fun was to raise awareness and donations for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Olimpia s cousin suffers from MS and she did this in his honor. The event was well-attended and featured local vendors live music food and networking. Zuccarelli s is located at 4595 Okeechobee Boulevard in West Palm Beach. 8 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 9 SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION Doctor Lawrence Weinstein Dear Doctor Weinstein I have high blood pressure and I am overweight. I have been working out for the past 5 months a minimum of 4 days per week and it is not doing any good. How do I lose weight to lower my blood pressure and what am I doing that is not working Frustrated in Boca Dear Boca According to the National Center of Health Statistics 2 3 of Americans are either overweight or obese. The answer would seem simple right Increased exercise along with a decreased intake of calories should result in significant weight loss. If only life were that easy The truth is both dieting and exercise may be sabotaging your effort to lose weight. First your goals may be unreasonable. Men tend to lose weight quicker than women. (Note to husbands-flowers can offset difficulties from this physiologic difference. Candy...not so much). Set a reasonable goal of losing about one to two pounds per week. Exercise can make you hungry. If you burn 200 calories but satisfy your needs with a 300 calorie low fat muffin do the math. A good workout can make some people feel like they deserve a reward. That rewarding chunky strawberry smoothie can pack 450 calories. You may have reached a plateau. When your body becomes more efficient it burns fewer calories and your routine workout may lose its effectiveness. If that happens try interval training. Alternate moderate exercise with vigorous activity and this may smash that plateau. On a dietary front prepare your meals ahead of time to avoid making bad choices. Read food labels. They are your friends Many of those healthy high energy drinks are filled with sugars and calories. Think before you eat Remove all junk food from the house to avoid bad choices. Eat more high volume foods. They usually have fewer calories and fill you up more. Some foods can actually help you lose weight. Salmon can increase your metabolism. Flaxseed walnuts and soy milk help to promote weight loss. Almonds can minimize food cravings. Finally if all else fails see your doctor. You may be suffering from a medical condition like hypothyroidism that may prevent you from losing weight. As Fernando would say it s better to look good and to feel good and you know what I mean Dr. Lawrence Weinstein MD is a board certified cardiologist and Director of the Department of Cardiology at the Bethesda Memorial Hospital. His office is located at 10301 Hagen Ranch Road Suite B-550 in Boynton Beach Florida. Please phone 561-200-3583 for additional information or an appointment. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 11 Wake Up to Wellness by m. cecilia lacayo m.d. board certified in anti-aging functional and regenerative medicine W omen today are facing a 24 7 lifestyle no matter what their age relationship status or occupation. So it is more important than ever to feel energized when you first research aimed at the early detection prevention treatment and reversal of age-related decline. At Boca Weight and Wellness Institute we provide the template to reach that optimum. We address symptoms of low energy and poor metabolism with a focus on the biochemical and unique aspect of each patient to restore physiological psychological and structural balance. On your first visit we will spend one hour together reviewing your detailed history. This is the time where your personalized description will help determine the direction required to begin the discovery of the underlying cause of your complaints. Boca Raton Weight and Wellness Institute cares about your outcomes. Our patients are from around the world and around the corner. We utilize the safest and highest grade supplements nutrients and hormones. Call to make your initial appointment and regain your energy today wake up in the morning and to keep that energy all day long until it is time to settle down at night. Although our days are longer than those of women a generation or two before it is possible to maintain a powerhouse of energy. When we become tired irritable unable to focus lack ambition gain unwanted weight or feel depressed we develop susceptibility to illness and in turn elevate our stress. There are multiple reasons we feel these de-energizing issues on a day-to-day basis. If these symptoms are familiar to you specific tests can be performed to determine the underlying cause or causes. Testing such as Adrenal Cortisol (Stress Hormone) and DHEA Salivary Nutrient Deficiency Evaluation Hormone levels and Heavy Metal levels provide detailed indicators that reveal how you deal with stress. These individualized particulars indicate whether you have toxic overload are deficient in specific vitamins minerals or anti-oxidants or if your hormones are imbalanced. With the appropriate treatments Boca Weight and Wellness can help adjust your body back into a more balanced state. Once balanced you will begin to function with improved energy. Hormonal and nutritional balance are pertinent to your well-being energy and vitality or simply put they are THE PATH TO A HEALTHIER LIFE As I spent over 20 years caring for the elderly in the field of geriatric medicine it became apparent to me that I wanted to provide clients with an optimal quality of life up through the end of their days. I became certified as an advanced fellow in Anti-Aging Functional and Regenerative Medicine a medical specialty and field of scientific Cecilia Lacayo NEW L O CATI O N Glades Twin Towers 2300 Glades Road 260 West in Boca Raton. The Boca Raton Weight and Wellness Institute is located at Please call (561) 955-1633 or visit them online at M. Cecilia Lacayo MD MBA FAAFRM is the Medical Director and Founder of Boca Raton Weight and Wellness Institute. Her credentials include 2011 Advanced Fellow of the American Board of Anti-Aging Functional and Regenerative Medicine 2008 Board Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Hospice and Palliative Medicine 1998 Master s in Business Administration Medical Management 1992 became Certified Medical Director Long-Term Care 1985 became Board Certified in Family Practice. SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION HERLIFE health The Positive Impact of Organ Donation by kathle en m. k rue ger to determine if she would be a suitable candidate as her brother s donor. After her match was determined she made the decision to be her brother s donor. She underwent an extensive medical exam to rule out any medical conditions which might exclude her as a candidate and endured a social and psychological evaluation as well. Being ruled in excellent physical and mental health the transplant was scheduled and Debra donated one of her kidneys to her brother. That was in 1994. It has been over 15 years since Debra voluntarily underwent major surgery in order to provide her brother with the chance to extend his life. Her brother has just turned 50 and is still living with Debra s kidney in his body providing the necessary organ functions he needs to survive. Debra has lived a healthy life with little evidence that the loss of a kidney has taken place outside of the massive scar which circles halfway around her torso. Debra was a living organ donor an option which does include serious risks for the donor but can avoid the wait for an appropriate match from a deceased donor. In either case the recipient is provided with a greater potential for living a longer life due to the replacement of a failing organ. Kidney transplants are the most common organ transplant--as close to 90 percent of those waiting for an organ donation are in need of a kidney. Liver transplants are next on the list with over 15 000 individuals listed on the transplant waiting list in the U.S. as of March 2012. To demonstrate the disparity between the need and the number of donors--in 2011 a total of 14 144 individuals served as organ donors and over 6 000 of those were living donors. Yet as of March 2012 there were still over 100 000 names on the organ transplant waiting list. With nearly 7 000 people dying each year due to a lack of available organs for transplant the need is great says David Fleming president and CEO of Donate Life America. In spite of extensive efforts to educate the public there are still several misconceptions regarding organ donation. For instance many 14 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM D ebra s younger brother was experiencing kidney failure and had begun dialysis. He needed a kidney transplant. Along with other family members Debra submitted a blood sample in order people assume that their organs would not be accepted for transplantation due to their health history. Medical history is taken into account when selecting organs for transplant but any individual regardless of health history can offer to be an organ donor following their death. The fear that having yourself listed as an organ donor will affect the efforts of hospital staff in performing life-saving treatment is totally unfounded. A patient s donor status is never a factor in treatment by medical staff. There are also no medical costs incurred by a donor or the donor s family when an individual donates an organ as a living donor or after they have deceased. Based on Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network s (OPTN) data as of July 24 2009 over 80 percent of kidney transplant recipients and 70 percent of liver transplant recipients were still living 5 years after their transplant operation. Many like Debra s brother have their years of life extended far beyond that five-year mark and have also gained a much higher quality of life due to living with healthy functioning organs. Donate Life America has set a goal of increasing the registered number of organ donors in the U.S. by 20 million by the end of 2012. Although a family can make the decision to offer the organs of the deceased for donation after the fact having those wishes personally recorded ahead of time prevents any uncertainty during a time when family members are grieving their loss. Debra gave a gift to her brother how much greater the gift of a stranger who simply adds their name to the list of registered donors and allows their loss of life to be a gift of life sight or healing to others whom they do not even know. According to the Life Source Donor Registry one donor has the potential of impacting up to as many as 60 different people through their donations of organs and tissue. Donor registration is simple. You can log onto to get the facts about donation and register today to give a gift of hope to someone who is waiting. Sources for this article are the author s personal experiences donatelife. net and United Network for Organ Sharing brochure titled Living Donation Information You Need to Know. Daniel Man M.D. P.A. Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery Fellow of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Winner 2012 Aesthetic Show Best Overall Surgical Make Over Nominee 2012 Aesthetic Show for Innovative Skin Rejuvenation - Best Non Surgical Procedure What is Rhinoplasty R hinoplasty is a surgical procedure used to reshape contour and adjust the proportions of the nose. Most people have nose surgery to straighten the bridge of the nose reduce a UPCOMING SEMINARS Meet Dr. Daniel Man in person Register Now Space is Limited Call our office at (561) 395-5508 to RSVP Or go to our web site at Date November 5 2012 Date December 13 2012 Date January 10 2013 Time 1 00pm and 2 30pm Time 1 00pm and 2 30pm Time 1 00pm and 2 30pm bump on the bridge of the nose alter the size or shape of the tip or narrow the base of the nose or nostrils. There may also be medical reasons for nose surgery especially for those with breathing difficulties due to blocked nasal passages (deviated septum).The nose surgery procedure used to reshape the nose can vastly improve breathing. Surgeons work inside the nose and nostrils separating the outer skin from the underlying bone and cartilage. The nose is then contoured to a more desirable shape. What sets Dr. Man apart is the technique he uses throughout the procedure and after. The first major distinction is the high level of accuracy achieved by years of extensive experience and proprietary procedures developed by Dr. Man that allow for the minimization of bruising and swelling. The Rhinoplasty procedure takes roughly two and a half hours but may be longer if more extensive reconstruction is required. The surgery is performed in our office under general anesthesia. After Rhinoplasty a tape (acting much like a splint) is worn for seven days. Nose surgery is the most common procedure performed on teenagers and can also be performed in conjunction with other cosmetic surgeries. For more information please visit or call our office at (561) 395-5508 to schedule a consultation. Each seminar will have 3 Raffles of 2 areas of BOTOX valued at 500 DR. MAN WILL BE SPEAKING ABOUT THE FOLLOWING TOPICS SRP Skin Rejuvenation Peel (The Gold Standard by which all other treatments of peels and lasers are measured) NFL Natural Face Lift DMMD Treatment amazing results with Dr. Man s new innovative skin rejuvenation treatment New Liposuction technique using Dr. Man s one-of-a-kind ART Bed Gynecomastia new procedure with minimal scaring gives men a new opportunity to take a load off their chest Faster Healing Techniques post-plastic surgery procedures Vaginal Rejuvenation with special guest Dr. Eli Livnat Dr. Daniel Man is a board-certified plastic surgeon with 30 years of experience who has dedicated his life s work to helping people look younger and improve their appearance through cosmetic surgery. He is a noted author artist inventor and educator. Dr. Man has been featured on major television networks as well as national and local magazines and newspapers for his work as both a plastic surgeon and an artist. Dr. Man has a private practice in Boca Raton Florida. Email your questions or comments to info or call (561) 395-5508 for an appointment. SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION HERLIFE beauty Hair Today Gone Tomorrow exploring hair removal techniques by gail k. silver stein S ince I live in sunny South Florida where we bare it all in our short shorts bathing suits and tropical attire hair removal is like that proverbial white elephant in the room--everyone knows you need scar tissue and spots. If you re patient and cost isn t a factor try Vaniqa a topical prescription cream of eflornithine applied twice a day. Although not a hair remover Vaniqa stops hair from growing back by blocking an enzyme. It can be used by itself which could take months for results or with other hair removal methods like lasers. If you apply it after laser treatments as an adjunct it can help retard and then stop hair growth says Joel Schlessinger M.D. president of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery. White hairs got you down Since laser treatments aren t the solution for white and non-pigmented hair Vaniqa can be the answer according to Dr. Schlessinger. Safe for all skin types Vaniqa costs around 80 to 225 per tube but isn t recommended for hair removal of large areas because of its steep price tag and practicality of coverage. Another popular hair removal method is waxing a technique that can be used all over even your bikini area. Even though it must be repeated every 3-4 weeks or so this versatile method can be done in the comfort of your own bathroom or at a salon. Cream-like wax is applied to the hair you wish removed and cloth strips are placed over the area. After the wax hardens the strips are removed and with them unwanted hair Lauren Adams got her eyebrows waxed at European Wax Center in Boca Raton and immediately fell in love with the concept--so much so that she purchased a franchise opening this month in Boynton Beach. Lauren explained European Wax Center uses an exclusive stripless Comfort WaxTM developed in Paris. This type of hard wax does not adhere to the skin only the hair reducing the pain associated with waxing. And unlike typical wax Comfort WaxTM is made with 100 percent natural beeswax and without irritating alcohol preventing the wax from hardening and breaking. Best of all you re in and out in 15 minutes There are two types of waxes widely used--soft strip wax and the newer hard stripless wax. While not all hard waxes are created equal they tend to be gentler on your skin and give you smoother pain-free results. Whatever option you choose the good news is that there s a method to suit everyone s budget time and comfort level. So get out there and show off your carefree legs and hair-free upper lip Sources for this article are and Lauren Adams of European Wax Center in Boynton Beach. to do it but very few want to talk about it. Unwanted hair in the underarm leg facial and bikini area presents women with a plethora of removal choices. So many options abound that it can be quite confusing and overwhelming. So hairs I mean here s the scoop on the tried-and-true possibilities for a silky-smooth you. The first method shaving is like a dear friend who s always been in your life. Whether using a specialty razor or an electric one this technique is one that a majority of women still prefer. It s quick inexpensive and familiar. In today s market there are numerous disposable razors and various shaving creams available for all skin types. What about the urban legend that shaving causes hair to grow back thicker or more plentiful According to dermatologist Bruce Katz MD this isn t true. As far back as 1928 research has proven that shaving didn t influence hair growth and this result has been confirmed time and again. The downside is that it requires repeat removal and often some nicks cuts and bumps. Many women find longer-lasting results from depilatory creams or lotions. The main ingredient in these over-the-counter affordable hair removal products are chemicals created to zap proteins that make up hair. Not usually recommended for hair in the bikini area these creams make stubble less noticeable and hair regrowth less frequent than shaving. Depilatories make an excellent choice for unwanted arm facial (but not eyebrows) and leg hair. Laser hair removal is one of the more costly methods of removing hair but it lasts longer than depilatories. Pulsed light or lasers actually destroy the hair s root and this technique is safe for all over your body. With prices ranging upward from 150 to 500 this process requires five or more sessions and an annual touch-up. While lasers are best suited for dark-haired light-skinned women they re less effective on blonde hair. And African American women need a special laser to offset the possibility of dark spots and scarring. Looking for a more permanent solution to your hairy dilemma Look no further than electrolysis a removal technique designed to kill the cells responsible for hair growth. Using a small needle that goes down into the hair follicle the process can be uncomfortable but tolerable with the use of numbing cream. Electrolysis can run 10 to 25 sessions since each hair follicle has to be worked individually. With a price tag of 40 to 90 a session it can become costly. Also scarring can sometimes occur and for that reason electrolysis isn t a good fit for women of color as it can lead to 16 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE insight Bill Adams Co-host of The Jeff Elliot Morning Show on WIRK 103.1 ph oto graphy a nd a r t ic le by s ue andrew B ill Adams never planned on a career in radio. Jobs were scarce when I graduated USF so I decided to give radio a try for fun. I literally knocked on the door and asked for an internship...surprisingly they said yes He started out as a producer on WBZT and was asked to fill in one morning on WIRK. That was 18 years ago. When he talks about this current role you can tell he really enjoys it. I love that our show is family-friendly. We re safe to listen with your kids on the way to school and entertaining for parents. I ve even got my elder daughter as part of show now--she announces the Palm Beach County school lunch menu About country music Bill says I m so impressed by the talent and how the artists are so appreciative of country radio and our listeners. I m always amazed when I hear country songs on other stations. So many top artists like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood have their roots in country. Married with two daughters Bill and his wife Lauren recently purchased a European Wax Center franchise in Boynton Beach. It s been a wonderful experience and every day I m amazed at how many listeners tell me how much they love to wax both men and women. Their Boynton Beach location opens late November but HERLIFE readers can sign up now for Grand Opening specials including FREE services during Premiere Week. Go to locations to join the Boynton Beach Grand Opening guest list. Listen to Bill weekday mornings from 6 00am 10 00am on WIRK 103.1. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 17 HERLIFE spotlight THE H by kat hl een m . kru e ge r p h o t o g r a p hy by c o rey mc fa rl a n e ot topics dysfunctional interaction and always irreverent--that s the standard description for the KVJ radio KVJ SHOW right However with radio now being integrated with the Internet you can also see the video of their naked attempt at entering the record books on the station s website for validation that what you pictured in your mind was just as hilarious in reality. Outside of the studio you ll find Kevin at softball games with his three kids and his wife. Virginia is the mother of a little girl named Magnolia. She is also recently married thanks to Jason who introduced her to his buddy Kevin from Buffalo. Jason remains the elusive single man but Kevin and Virginia have made it their goal to bring that to an end within the next year so he can more actively share in their world of parenthood and spousal adventures. His two co-hosts are quick to advertise his availability He s single and ready to mingle We re just like our listeners the KVJ co-hosts say. We have good days and bad days. We have our personal quirks and our insecurities. Jason is definitely the quirkiest of the bunch and has no problem making himself the punch line. Every week listeners send in their Jason blunders to be replayed and listen for his latest update on sightings of Bigfoot or his unexpected personal confessions in regard to crying in the middle of the night for no apparent reason or tales of his childhood watching documentaries of Jeffrey Dahmer. In addition to giving out big laughs to their listeners the KVJ Show has a special charity that they support and they take very seriously. Little Smiles is a local West Palm Beach organization that is creating little show that airs on Wild 95.5 from 6 00 a.m. to 10 00 a.m. each weekday morning. Regular listeners to Wild 95.5 know that KVJ stands for Kevin Virginia and Jason the trio that has been spending their mornings together for the past eight years and allowing their audience to listen in on their craziness. Kevin Rolston and Virginia Sinicki are the original dynamic duo who began the morning show together while Jason Pennington added his craziness to the mix a few years later. The uniqueness of each individual and how the three interact with each other has been the winning recipe for the program--one that couldn t quite be duplicated with any other group of personalities. It s their openness in simply sharing life together their penchant for wacky ideas and lots of laughter that have kept their listeners tuning in over the years. For example in September of this year Kevin and Jason stripped themselves of all their clothing in the radio studio and attempted to break the world record for how many balloons could be popped within 30 seconds while naked. Okay so they did leave their hats on but other than that it was bare skin and body hair bumping up against each other with only balloons in between. It s radio so you get to visualize the 30 seconds in your imagination 18 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM smiles for kids in local hospitals hospice and shelters. Kevin Virginia and Jason are strongly committed to this organization and their mission. It s like a local Make-a-Wish foundation Virginia explains. Wild 95.5 has been a sponsor for the organization since it first began operating in South Florida. They help the organization deliver dreams come true to children who are dealing with serious health issues. Sometimes that means providing them with a new toy or electronic game at other times it may be arranging the opportunity to meet a celebrity or attend a sporting event. One of the testimonials on the website reads Why are you called Little Smiles You should be called Big Smiles Kevin Virginia and Jason are in the business of giving out smiles (and all-out laughter) on a daily basis through their morning radio program so giving out some smiles to kids and families who are much in need of a reason to smile is a natural outreach for them. The fact that all three Kevin Virginia and Jason allow their listeners to truly share in their lives is part of what has made the KVJ Show so popular. When Virginia was planning her wedding she had their fans help her decide which wedding dress she should choose by posting pictures on the website. On their Facebook page you ll find a photo of Kevin s feet red and swollen after being bitten by fire ants. Just the normal stuff of living life but with a few more laughs added in to keep the positive energy flowing. You can find the blogs of Kevin Virginia and Jason on the web at listen to them on online or tune your radio to 95.5. IT S THEIR OPENNESS IN SIMPLY SHARING LIFE TOGETHER THEIR PENCHANT FOR WACKY IDEAS AND LOTS OF LAUGHTER THAT HAVE KEPT THEIR LISTENERS TUNING IN OVER THE YEARS. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 19 HERLIFE inspirations Felicia Rodriguez 20 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM South Florida s Familiar Face by ka th l e e n m. k ru e ge r phot ogr a phy by da n a f ra n c e o f s u ga rb e l l e p h o to g ra p hy ha i r by ta b i th a wo o d fo rk m a ke u p by ka th e ri n e ma c d o n a l d wa r dr obe by b l o o mi n g d a l e s o f b o c a ra to n s hot on loc a t i o n a t wp b f - p a l m b e a ch ga rd e n s your job is most of us want to hear that what we do matters to someone. Whether you re a television news anchor like Felicia a stay-athome mom a teacher or a waitress it s always encouraging to know that your hard work is making a positive difference in someone s day. When Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne hit three weeks apart in 2004 Felicia and the rest of the WPBF meteorologists spent several days working around-the-clock trying to make sure that up-to-date information was being broadcast to viewers. It was one of those situations where you do your job hoping it helps someone but you really don t know if anyone is even listening. A month or two after the storms Felicia was emceeing a luncheon. Afterward several people in attendance came up to her to express their gratitude. You got me through those hurricanes one said. Another hugged her and said Listening to a familiar voice describing what was going on outside you were our eyes and ears thank you for getting us through it Felicia added I never realized the profound impact our storm coverage had until that moment. Felicia was born in the Bronx T he most rewarding part of my job is knowing that I ve made a difference to someone. That statement made by Felicia Rodriguez is true of most people. No matter what Working for a small station in Panama City Beach Florida there wasn t much glamour in the job. She was her own cameraman and reporter. She learned to tote her camera on her shoulder and pull together all the pieces needed to create a news story. It was hard work but it paid off. Within a year Felicia was offered her first morning anchor position. Now Felicia has over 14 years serving at WPBF the ABC affiliate for South Florida. As a morning anchor she gets up while most of us are in the middle of our dreams and arrives at the station by 3 30 a.m. She anchors the morning show from 5 00 a.m. to 7 00 a.m. each morning and puts on her meteorologist hat when needed to do the weather forecast as well. A few small spots are done during the Good Morning America show and then she finishes out her anchor duties with a half-hour at noon. Today women meteorologists are a common sight on our television screens. But that wasn t the case when Felicia first started doing the weather. The station was supportive on multiple fronts however when she enrolled in school to get her threeyear meteorology degree. Although her official title is now News Anchor she still contributes to the meteorology area as needed. Viewers who have been watching WPBF over the years have gotten to know a little about Felicia s personal life as well. She s never been shy about incorporating her personal life into her news presentations. It s part of why her audience relates to her so well. but moved with her family to the Miami area while she was still in school. It was her high school TV Production class that first gave her a taste of television journalism. She served as her high school news anchor for their internally-produced news program during both her junior and senior years of high school. That was the end of Felicia s search for a career path she was hooked on broadcast journalism. Getting the job as news anchor in a high school production was much easier than trying to land a job in broadcast journalism with a television station after she had finished school. Felicia spent over six months sending out r sum s and interviewing for positions before she finally landed her first job in the industry. Viewers who have been watching WPBF over the years have gotten to know a little about Felicia s personal life as well. She s never been shy about incorporating her personal life into her news presentations. It s part of why her audience relates to her so well. They ve seen her struggle with her emotions when her family was welcoming her brother back from his tour in Afghanistan. They got to share in her surprise when the station aired a piece on her family talking about Felicia s upcoming wedding. Details of the wedding planning became parts of the show and you can go online to view video from the big day. And what does this news anchor tune into on her television set You re likely to find her remote set to the Food Network. Felicia loves HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 21 to cook and entertain especially during the holidays. Felicia has a Puerto Rican Catholic background and her husband David has a Jewish background that means their table offerings can provide a cross-cultural sampling at times. Her two stepdaughters have learned to enjoy the Puerto Rican staple of rice and beans while Felicia has Television personalities are just like everyone else. They have celebrations of joy and they suffer heartbreak and pain. They have their strengths and their weaknesses. The difference is that they like Felicia need to put themselves in front of television cameras each day and try to present themselves as composed and focused on the task at hand regardless of what emotions concerns or excitement that might be going on inside of them. learned to make some of the traditional Jewish recipes like noodle kugle and Matzah cookies that David grew up with as a child. Thanksgiving means a big family gathering ranging from 25 to 30 people in their home. I am the oldest of four kids so when you add the spouses grandparents nieces and nephews we end up with my big fat Jewish and Puerto Rican Thanksgiving. Felicia has a favorite Cheddar Squash Casserole that she likes to serve on Thanksgiving along with pumpkin bread that she makes from scratch. Her favorite dish on the bountiful holiday table won t be her own however it will be her father s special stuffing which includes beef diced potatoes apples and raisins. Turkey Day just wouldn t seem right without it in Felicia s opinion. As much as Felicia loves food and cooking her regular viewers know that she has made some big changes in that area during the last year. She has lowered her intake of carbs and sugar and began exercising three to five times a week. In just 5 months she lost more than 35 pounds and dropped 3 dress sizes a big enough change for even her viewers to notice. The best part is all the support I have received from viewers. They are so complimentary and encourage me to keep going Although she enjoys her time in front of the camera Felicia says that some of her most memorable moments at the studio actually 22 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM happen behind the scenes during the commercial breaks. We are like a family at WPBF I ve been there for more than 14 years and we all like to have fun and let off a little steam in between newscasts. That close knit family suffered a huge loss a couple of years ago when Felicia s co-anchor and friend Kristin Hoke died of cancer. It was a loss that had an especially deep impact on Felicia. Over time it has gotten easier but not a day goes by that I don t think about her or look at her wedding picture on my desk. Felicia has maintained a close relationship with Kristin s husband Eric and their daughter Bella. She also participates in The Race for the Cure and the Bluewater Babes Fish for a Cure in memory of Kristin. Television personalities are just like everyone else. They have celebrations of joy and they suffer heartbreak and pain. They have their strengths and their weaknesses. The difference is that they like Felicia need to put themselves in front of television cameras each day and try to present themselves as composed and focused on the task at hand regardless of what emotions concerns or excitement that might be going on inside of them. Sometimes that s difficult to do but having the support of great co-workers a loving family and a great viewing audience makes it easier when you re having one of those days like we all have from time to time. When Felicia shared the welcome home for her brother Angel after his tour in Afghanistan with their viewing audience she received several phone calls thanking her for sharing that very personal and touching moment with them. It s the phone calls emails and in-person expressions of gratitude and encouragement that Felicia has treasured the most over the years. It s what keeps her getting up at 2 35 a.m. each morning while most of the rest of us are sleeping soundly in our beds. View videos of previous shows and the daily schedule for Felicia s show at HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 23 HERLIFE culinary Cooking with Wild Game by c arl e. j ohns ton sneak up on things and kill them. His hunting gear consisted of a wellused gun and a thermos of black coffee. He hunted because his father hunted and because it was key to feeding his family. When I was a boy I used to hunt with him. We would wake up at 5 00 a.m. drink coffee and eat Honey Buns. It was generally cold during deer season so I would wear five or six layers of clothes hats gloves and electric socks to the point that I couldn t put my arms all the way down or bend my knees. Once dressed I would have to go to the bathroom--I think this is the reason we got up at 5 00 a.m. After trekking through the woods looking for tracks and ruts until we found the most advantageous spots we would sit with the only interruption being our quick lunch of cold sandwiches or Vienna sausages and crackers and more coffee. We would sit for hours on end waiting and listening for the slightest disturbance that would signal the approach of our prey. After a successful hunt the game was skinned and quartered and taken home where my mother would take over. She would filet and carve the meat and individually wrap each portion in butcher paper label them and store everything in our freezer. We ate venison wild turkey rabbit and squirrel not to mention the wild fish we had caught in the summer. In those days wild game was a huge portion of the average American s diet. Our family as most others eventually moved away from the country and into the cities where we lost our natural connection to the land. We relied more on factory farms and formerly wild cows chickens and pigs became our main choices at restaurants and in our homes. These days wild game is more of a delicacy than a necessity. Wild game is served in upscale restaurants across the country and is generally quite pricey. Elk venison wild boar antelope rabbit and quail are all available commercially for restaurants which begs the question--what makes it wild Several years ago I was a guest at a venison ranch with other chefs and spent a weekend enjoying the outdoors and dining on the different varieties of wild game offered by this particular purveyor. I ve been to longhorn and cattle ranches and the biggest difference I noticed is that the fences were much 24 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM M y father was a hunter. He didn t have fluorescent orange hats deer feeders guides motion sensors camouflage face paint laser sights or any of the paraphernalia now used to taller because deer can jump higher than cows. The game is harvested processed and inspected for commercial sale. I guess the answer to the question is that wild game is wild because it is not produced in nearly the volume or as widely accepted as factory farmed cows chickens and pigs. Wild game is good. Just like cows chicken and pigs have different textures and flavors so do deer quail and boar. The meats tend to be leaner so I find that a slow moist-heat cooking method like braising or stewing helps preserve the moisture and will produce a more tender offering. Brining or soaking the meat in milk before preparation is a tried and true method of reducing the strong flavors that most people these days are not accustomed to tasting. I remember when free range chickens were all the rage. The first time I bought one I was surprised at how lean and tender it was. And the flavor was like chicken with chicken flavor added. This is wild game. If your wild game comes from your Uncle Frank Ted Nugent or the neighbor with a camouflaged mailbox chances are it s bona fide wild. There are plenty of recipes available for wild game and I find it interesting that most every recipe calls for lard suet bacon and even chicken stock. The alternative is just to cook like you always cook. Experiment and discover the flavors you might not experience on a daily basis. Fried squirrel with biscuits and pan gravy rabbit stew frog legs and chicken-fried deer steaks were all some of my favorite meals growing up. They provided me with the protein energy fat and vitamins that all meats have to offer. I never became a hunter like my father. Hunting was no longer a necessity and became a sport. As a chef I have served my share of roasted elk loin with juniper berries and merlot reduction pan-seared quail with truffle aioli or venison tenderloin with shaved fennel and walnut butter. And every time I m preparing these dishes I think about wearing five pairs of pants two hats and electric mittens watching my dad bring home the bacon. HERLIFE recipes Pumpkin Black Bean Soup recipes an d p ho tog ra phy by ver yc ul i nar y. c om Ingredients 2 (15-ounce) cans (low-sodium) black beans rinsed and drained 1 (15-ounce) can diced tomatoes cup butter 1 medium onion chopped 4 cloves garlic minced 3 cups chicken broth 1 (15-ounce) can pumpkin pur e 2 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar 2 Tablespoons sugar teaspoon nutmeg teaspoon cinnamon teaspoon allspice Heavy cream Directions 1. Pour the black beans and tomatoes (including their liquid) into a food processor or blender. Pur e until smooth. Set aside. 2. Melt butter in a soup pot over medium heat. Add the onion and garlic and season with salt and pepper. Cook and stir until the onion is softened about 5 minutes. 3. Stir in the bean pur e and the remaining ingredients. Mix until well blended then simmer for about 20 minutes or until thick enough to coat the back of a metal spoon. 4. Serve with a generous drizzle of heavy cream. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 25 HERLIFE mother s perspective Should You Stay Married for the Sake of the Children by nat as ha l ogan U nfortunately most of us know at least one married couple who constantly bicker in front of people. Worse yet they often do it in front of their kids. If asked why they don t just get child acting out being withdrawn and having fewer social and academic skills. And sadly some of that conflict is misdirected toward children which results in a double whammy of not only having parents who don t get along but also being on the receiving end of those distilled emotions. According to Carter it s not impossible to fix your marriage but you must determine how high-conflict your marriage is how unhappy you are and whether or not you can fix these things. Americans used to have two mindsets when thinking about divorce you either just stayed married no matter what or you divorced and were expected to fight. Finally William C. Spohn a Presidential Professor of Ethics and the Common Good at Santa Clara University weighs in that too many Americans buy into the myth that children are better off if their parents divorce. Statistics show that 45 percent of all American children can expect their parents to split up before they re 18 years old. He explained that marriage used to be viewed as an ethical obligation to others--yet now it s seen as an obligation to one s self. As such the standard for a successful marriage became individual happiness and parents started putting their interests before those of their children resulting in a high divorce rate. Studies conducted on large populations of divorced children over time show that the effects on children were devastating. Children from divorced families had greater emotional problems early sexual experimenting delinquency teen pregnancy drug use and more school drop-outs. Spohn further explained that long-term studies show that their parents inability to sustain the relationship that counted most to them and the subsequent loss of connection to their fathers seem to have eroded these young peoples sense of identity and ability to trust others and commit themselves. He agrees that in the case of marriages with severe abuse and physical violence (which comprise about 10 to 15 percent of marriages) divorce is justified and better for the children. But for the remaining marriages marked by emotional disconnection dissatisfaction or affairs adults are more resilient than children and should not only stay in the marriage to help their family flourish but to also improve their relationship. Sources for this article are and divorced they state that they are staying married for the sake of their kids. But does it really benefit children for their parents to stay together in an unhealthy relationship According to licensed social worker Mel Schwartz Divorce needs to be well considered and navigating the children through this process should be undertaken with insight reflection and empathy. But what about the kids who grow up in intact homes where they witness parents who are unloving conflicted and unable to agree with one another Few consider the consequences that modeling this type of bad marriage behavior ensures the likelihood that our children will probably repeat those behaviors in their own marriages. Or what about the parents who mistakenly believe that their children don t know anything s wrong. This results in the parents normalizing a dysfunctional and disappointing marriage instead of telling their children the truth. Being honest with your kids that your marriage is not exactly how you wished it would be allows them to note the failure and aim higher for their own marriages. Schwartz reiterates that more than any proscribed model for mar- riage the best thing we can show our children is a level of authenticity-- one where we face fears and challenges head on and don t back away. If making the choice to stay married commit to the process and model that commitment for your children. If your marriage is disappointing and does not provide for joy in your life then be honest about it and face it. We show our children how healthy relationships function when we face our fears embrace them and choose to stay married from a healthy place of growth and hopefulness not to succumb to the deprivation of a joyless life. Christine Carter Ph.D. sociologist educator parent and author of Raising Happiness researched many studies about whether parents should stay married or not and determined that it is the quality of the parents relationship with each other not whether or not they re married that has the most impact on children. Since kids learn from their parents how to handle conflict any anger or negative emotions a couple display around their children is going to have a negative effect. This can often result in a 26 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 27 HERLIFE spotlight 3 LOUD Women by kat hl een m . kruege r p h o t o g r a p hy by j o b l a n c o p h o to g ra p hy We S love our cocktails We love to eat and We love to chat . ounds like a pretty typical group of girlfriends don t you think And that is just what has made the Internet-based 3 Loud Women rise to the top in popularity so quickly. Energy a private practice where she devotes her time and energy to counseling family mediation and parenting coordination. Allyson is just as lively and loud as the other two and challenges the view that therapy is all work and no play. Therapy can be fun according to Allyson. While Allyson hands out advice on personal relationships and parenting The Florida Keys Girl Stephanie Goldberg Glazer is all about wine food and travel. She authors an award-winning blog titled If you re looking for restaurant reviews that tell it like it is Stephanie can tell you what to order where in Key West and along the Overseas Highway. She is also a wine connoisseur and a lover of a good time here and abroad and shares her adventures in all three of those areas with the viewers of 3 Loud Women and the readers of her blog. When she s not tasting and traveling Stephanie runs her own travel agency and personal assistant company. Stephanie also owns Babka Bars a gourmet dog treat company named after her dog Babka. She started Babka Bars to provide healthy solutions for dog treats. The third member of the 3 Loud Women trio is another versatile entrepreneur The InStyle Diva Teana McDonald. Taking all of her It s a lifestyle program who was created by three real-life entrepreneurs that have decided to let the rest of us join in their three-way conversations about everyday things from food and wine to style and business to therapy and wellness. 3 Loud Women is fun informative and yes on occasion just a little bit--loud At their six-month mark earlier this year 3 Loud Women already had over 7 000 followers on their social media channels and had garnered high-powered sponsors for the program like IKEA Sunrise where they ve taped a number of their programs General Motors and the Brinkley Morgan Law Firm. Part of the synergy that makes 3 Loud Women so appealing is the mix of personalities and passions that come together through the three co-hosts. Allyson Tomchin referred to by the other two as The Blonde or Therapyhead is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is the founder of Directive 28 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM passions and putting them under one umbrella Teana demonstrates that branding doesn t need to be limiting. The style division of her brand features My Little Diva Accessories which sells fashion accessories for little girls and her social media division Get It Done Divas offers social media marketing services to businesses organizations and individuals to keep their brand InStyle. The 3 Loud Women program fits under The InStyle Diva Inc. s entertainment division. Teana s desire to share her success and inspire other women to pursue their dreams has put her in more than one spotlight. Besides co-hosting the 3 Loud Women show she was a co-host on NBC s Miami Moms and is the current President of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). I want to use my creativity and determination to support and coach women on how to let go and watch it grow The InStyle Diva says. It s a lifestyle program that was created by three real-life entrepreneurs who have decided to let the rest of us join in their three-way conversations about everyday things from food and wine to style and business to therapy and wellness. Giving Guilt the Finger has been one of the most popular series for the program. Women tend to carry a load of guilt because they can t meet their own unrealistic expectations of being the supermom the top professional the best wife and the conscientious daughter and friend all at the same time. The series encourages women to take their focus off the guilt and re-focus in positive directions that build them up instead of bringing them down. If you assume that the viewers of 3 Loud Women are all female you are incorrect. The program has also attracted a small but loud following of men. Men who view the program are generally looking for insight into the women in their life and how to strengthen their relationships with them. 3 Loud Women clues them in on how women think. The fact that all three of the Loud Women are married means that male female relationships are a natural part of the conversations that go on between them. You can watch 3 Loud Women on their website on their YouTube channel 3LoudWomen Facebook 3loudwomen and now on AT&T U-verse Channel 19 during Good Morning Florida Keys. No need to record it on your DVR--you can watch any episode any time online. They re looking for some more loud women and loud men to share in the conversation by leaving their comments and feedback. Get loud HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 29 HERLIFE trendsetter True Treasures Inc. c ry s ta l tre e p l a z a 1 2 01 n . u . s . h i g h way 1 n o rth p a l m b e a ch f l 3 3 4 0 8 (561) 625-9569 www. tru e tre a s u re s i n c . c o m alexis sessilee long pleated halter dress photographed and styled by christine rose photography hair and makeup by faimy vanleeuwen of pure bliss spa and salon llc of west palm beach model olivia of mega models miami wardrobe provided by bloomingdale s boca raton accessories provided by pure bliss spa and salon llc of west palm beach shot on location at true treasures consignment 30 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM sue wong dress HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 31 alexis halter dress 32 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM alexis olivia sleeveless tank top alexis emeline pleated asymmetrical skirt HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 33 laundry by shelli segal strapless dress 34 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM laundry by shelli segal halter dress HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 35 HERLIFE non-profit spotlight In DISTRESS by kat hl een m . krueger p ho tog rap hy by wom en i n di s t res s WOMEN violence offenses get reported which would bring the total count of domestic violence instances in Broward County to over 14 000 in that year. Women In Distress of Broward County Inc. (WID) provided services to 3 141 individuals during their 2011-2012 fiscal year. The organization is making a significant impact through their services yet thousands of individuals and families still go without the help and support they need to deal with the violence in their homes. Too often there is a misconception that abuse is confined to a limited segment of the population. Having served the community for over 38 years Women In Distress can attest to the fact that victims of domestic abuse come from all walks of life. Domestic abuse happens in homes of every economic strata education level and ethnic group asserted Mary Riedel President and CEO of Women In Distress. Another fact that is often overlooked is that not all victims are women. According to State of Florida statistics for 2011 79 percent of the recorded victims of domestic abuse were females. The remaining 21 percent of the victims were males. Being able to serve all victims including males in a more complete way was a big factor in the Women In Distress expansion and move to the new Jim and Jan Moran Family Center campus last year. The mission of Women In Distress is to stop domestic violence abuse for everyone through intervention education and advocacy. 36 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM I n 2011 Broward County Law Enforcement recorded 7 051 domestic violence offenses. Although that number may astonish you it doesn t really tell the whole story. It is estimated that only half of all domestic Although women remain the primary recipients of their services men teenage boys and even senior citizens come to them for help. The new Moran Family Center now allows WID to provide emergency shelter for a much broader spectrum of victims including female and male adult victims of all sexual orientations teens with their families large families and other individual and family situations. Although emergency shelter for victims of abuse is a very important part of the services provided through Women In Distress it is only part of the programs and services that this vital community service organization provides. WID has a 24-hour crisis hotline which provides a source of support and information for anyone dealing with domestic abuse issues. Victims are also provided access to counseling and therapy services through the non-profit and referrals are made to other community resources. All these services are free and confidential and available in English Spanish Creole and other languages as needed by victims. Services are open to all victims regardless of immigration issues. As one of the oldest and largest domestic violence centers in the state of Florida (there are 42 centers statewide) Women In Distress has as its overall goal to stop domestic violence abuse for everyone. Education and outreach services also are important components as the agency seeks to break the cycle of domestic violence. In partnership with Volunteer Florida and the Children s Services Council of Broward County WID has an AmeriCorps program that is now in its sixth year. Through a 12-member program the agency is able to utilize federal state and local funds to provide education and preven- tion programs particularly focusing on children attending kindergarten through fifth grade. The AmeriCorps members at WID also provide education on other related topics such teen dating violence and bullying. Abuse takes on many different forms Mary reminded us. Abuse can be emotional physical or even financial. Mary didn t step into her role as President and CEO of Women In Distress without having served her time in the trenches. Mary has served as a volunteer in the organization and also as a board member. Those who serve alongside her in the organization call her an amazing spokesperson and leader. She needs to be in order to take on the task of bringing the organization to the place where they could double the size of their facilities and relocate at the same time. The mission of Women In Distress is to stop domestic violence abuse for everyone through intervention education and advocacy. Although women remain the primary recipients of their services men teenage boys and even senior citizens come to them for help. As the only state-certified domestic violence center in Broward County and one of the largest centers in Florida Women In Distress has a big assignment to fulfill. They could never do it alone. It is the tremendous support they receive from individuals organizations and businesses in the area that allows them to keep moving forward. The agency has an annual budget of 4.7 million funded by a combination of public and private support with a staff of 100 and upwards of 250 regular volunteers. In spite of the great strides they have recently accomplished the leadership and staff of Women In Distress still have dreams of providing additional services and increasing their impact in the fight to stop domestic violence abuse. They offer plenty of opportunities for the community to become involved in those dreams through special events volunteer positions and financial support. Everyone needs to work together to bring an end to the violence in Broward County homes. Information and support is available 24 7 through the Women In Distress Crisis Line at (954) 761-1133. Additional information about Women In Distress of Broward County Inc. and the Jim and Jan Moran Family Center can be found on their website at or by calling their main office at (954) 760-9800 x 1244. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 37 HERLIFE working women Angel Investors Helping Entrepreneurs Realize Their Dreams by l i nda m aranno funding to expand. Your friends and family don t exactly have deep pockets and you need more than what your local bank can lend you but not enough to seek out venture capital firms. Where do you go Angel investors might be the answer. The term angel investor actually originated from Broadway and was used to describe wealthy individuals who provided funding for theatrical productions. In the business world the term is used to describe an individual who invests his or her own money in a promising new business. This approach differs from venture capitalists who invest other people s money from sources such as pension funds insurance companies or foundations. Generally angel investors provide seed money for start-up and early-stage companies with individual funding ranging anywhere from 5 000 to 100 000 and more. Venture capitalists on the other hand are more interested in investing in later-stage businesses with funding usually starting at 2 million or more. Finding a number of different individual angel investors to reach your funding goal can be both time-consuming and challenging. Focusing your efforts on finding an angel group that is a good match for your particular venture is a much better option. Angel groups are individual angel investors who have joined together to invest their funds collectively. Group members meet regularly to review business plans from hopeful entrepreneurs and work together to conduct due diligence to determine which new ventures present the greatest opportunity for successful investment. Although the number of women angel investors has grown in recent years currently women comprise only 15 percent of the angel investor community. However a relatively new organization called Pipeline Fellowship hopes to increase that number to 50 percent in the near future. Founded in New York in 2011 the Pipeline Fellowship identifies women philanthropists from diverse backgrounds across the country through a rigorous screening process and trains them to become angel investors through education mentoring and practice. Selected fellows commit to invest in a woman-led for-profit social venture in exchange for equity and a board seat at the end of their training. Most start-ups require small amounts of money usually less than 500 000 and angel investors are often the primary source of this 38 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Y ou have a great idea for a new product or service and an impressive business plan but need funding to get started. Or perhaps you ve already been in business for a couple of years and need much-needed seed money. Angel investors typically offer more flexible agreements for the entrepreneur and require less stringent criteria to be met than traditional financial lenders. Most angel investors are former entrepreneurs themselves and can offer vast knowledge and expertise as well as important contacts to help a new business succeed. Because angel investors take a significant risk by investing their own money in a new business venture they expect a large return on investment (ROI). The average angel investor ROI can range anywhere from 20 percent to 40 percent of the individual s initial capital investment. Earnings depend on how long it takes for a start-up to reach critical stages of growth. Although level of company involvement varies for each investor many angels expect a percentage of company ownership and or a seat on the new company s board in exchange for their investment. Individuals seeking funding from angel investors must be comfortable with the possibility of giving up some control of the operations of their company. A good place to start your search is the Golden Seeds Angel Network which is the fourth largest angel group in the U.S. The group has 250 members and the majority of those angel investors are women. You can also check out the Pipeline Fellowship and Women s Capital Connection mentioned earlier to learn about their application guidelines and requirements. Another great resource is the Angel Resource Institute which has an extensive list of angel groups nationwide on their website with links to details on each group. When searching for angel investors there are a number of factors you need to consider. First you will want to seek out investors who have proven expertise in your particular industry. It s also important to do as much research as possible about prospective investors you are considering including the companies they have invested in previously and their reputation and character. A call to the owners of companies these individuals have funded in the past should provide valuable information to help you find the right match for your new venture. Sources for this article are and HERLIFE love and relationships H o pe Spr in gs by dr. phil heller photography by karen alleyne-means actors portray a couple married 31 years who are imprisoned in a routine void of any intimacy be it emotional or physical. The couple she with hope and he with reticence travel 1 500 miles for a week with a New England marriage therapist played by Steve Carell who I must admit does a pretty good job disclosing the issues and offering exercises to the couple in an effort to develop intimacy. Intimacy is a sharing of each other with respect and trust. Being intimate allows us to share our deepest thoughts and feelings without being scoffed or rejected. Streep s character says she wants him but he wants it. They are so engulfed in defenses that they dare not think about sex because it hurts to think about what they are missing. As a result of their estrangement the couple developed an alternate lifestyle sleeping in separate rooms and following a routine even though the husband says We have been married for 31 years. The couple s defensiveness and his resistance create obstacles for the therapist. Carell shows a serious side in his role dealing with the couple with a determination to work through their issues even sexual fantasies. While there are rough spots in the therapy the couple progress to an enchanting evening. Jones recognizes the need for romance and Streep feels once again like a young maiden being pursued by her lover. The champagne and strawberry evening builds seamlessly till they are invaded by a Viagra Moment. Immediately she feels he is not attracted to her and they both recoil into their familiar defensive postures which last the entire trip back to the Midwest. Hope Springs is a fantastic movie but as professional as their therapist might be he forgot to inoculate them to possible pitfalls or stressors that might occur as they attempt being intimate after an extensive dry period. If intimacy and understanding had been established prior to this encounter the couple would be able to give understanding and comfort to each other rather than assuming the worst and maintaining their defensive postures. I picked up on the enthusiasm of my patients and enjoyed the movie along with everyone else in the theater. Hope Springs has a great ending as the couple did learn about intimacy and sharing with each other and their offer of hope for other couples becomes an exciting possibility. Dr. Phil Heller is a licensed Clinical and Forensic Psychologist who has testified in many high profile criminal cases. He has conducted Social Investigations for Family Court and provided Parenting Plans. Dr. Heller has commented in various media on forensic and psychological issues. He has practiced in Boca Raton Florida for over 32 years working with children and adults. Please visit his website at or call (561) 994-4565 for an appointment. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 39 R ecently many of my female patients were excited over the opening of a new movie called Hope Springs starring Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. These seasoned and extremely talented HERLIFE finance How to Determine the Fine Print on Credit Cards by l i s a al l en closure Act of 2009 (the Credit CARD Act) which was signed into law by President Obama on May 22 2009 consumers are being hit with revised contracts and lending agreements from current and future credit card issuers. Though the Credit CARD Act was designed to eliminate unfair credit card practices that had resulted in thousands of complaints to regulators and legislators the credit card issuers have not made it easy for the average consumer to understand the fine print. The average American consumer has a ninth-grade reading level but the fine print of credit card agreements is written at a twelfth-grade level. Despite the Credit CARD Act s edict to make terms and conditions easier to understand the onus rests on each consumer to not only read the disclosures and information that arrives in the mail but to understand it all well enough to determine their own financial future. Taking the time to not only read but to work out the terms of the disclosures and statements is vital--not understanding the credit card or other lending agreement might lead to missteps when managing the account. A common error is not understanding the full cost of missing a payment which often results in not only a penalty fee but a higher interest rate to boot. One missed payment can cause debt to increase exponentially in a short amount of time. Rather than simply reading the information consumers should actually gather old statements and sit down with pencil paper and a calculator to better understand the true effects of their changing terms. Calculating how much extra money making the minimum payment due will cost over the course of a year might be enough of an education to diligently study the fine print. You should be aware of a few basic terms found in the disclosure chart which are mandated to contain specific information. 40 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM T Annual Percentage Rate (APR) This is the rate you pay annually. It is either fixed or variable. Some issuers charge different typically higher rates for balance transfers and cash advances. Additionally a penalty APR might apply when payment is not made by the due date and is an automatic increase. Some issuers opt to not impose a penalty APR. Grace Period This is the amount of time you have to pay your bill in order to avoid paying interest on purchases. The grace period is the time between the close of each billing cycle and the due date. Not all grace periods are equal so checking to see how many days elapse is vital. Annual Fee Not all issuers charge an annual fee. Those that do will impose either a flat fee or a percentage of the balance. Transaction Fees Some issuers charge a fee for cash advances either as a flat fee or a percentage of the balance (whichever is greater). Foreign transaction fees are listed here as well and vary by issuer. If you are traveling abroad this section of the disclosure is particularly important. Penalty Fees The issuer must disclose their fees for returned payments late payments and over-limit charges. Credit card statements have also undergone significant changes and now contain a Payment Information box designed to help consumers understand the true costs of leveraging credit. This box uses the actual balance at the end of the billing cycle to calculate three factors how long it will take to pay off the balance if you elect to only make the minimum payment how much you must pay monthly to pay off the entire balance in three years and the amount of savings between those two calculations. Studying and comparing the Payment Information boxes of different accounts can help consumers understand which cards are costing them more money and might help determine if consolidating balances or accounts would be helpful or detrimental to your financial health. Reading the fine print won t always be a dreaded task and doing so also alerts consumers to the benefits of being a loyal and responsible card carrier. Rewards programs rebates and other information are also disclosed in the fine print. Sources for this article are and he times they are a changin especially when it comes to consumer law and credit card regulations. In the wake of The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Dis- HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 41 HERLIFE real estate Are You Ready to Buy a Vacation Home by ka th l e e n m. k ru e ge r E veryone has a dream of that perfect place--somewhere that you can retreat when you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For some that means a cabin on a lake with a cent from what it was in 2010. The downturn in the real estate market has meant that some of those dream homes have become much more affordable than they were a few years ago. Taking on a second mortgage and the upkeep of a second home is still a big financial commitment. However owners of vacation homes have found that there are some options available for offsetting those costs and in some situations to even bring in a profit. Vacation home rental is fast becoming a popular way to minimize the cost of a second home and still maintain its availability for private use. According to HomeAway 70 percent of the owners listing their vacation homes on their websites during the 4th quarter of 2011 were generating enough rental income to cover half or more of their mortgage and 51 percent cover at least three-fourths of their mortgage. That extra income can make a second home much easier to afford. Time cost location--there are plenty of things to take into account when considering the purchase of a vacation home. Another question to ask yourself is whether or not you want your vacation time and money tied up in one location. Variety is the spice of life for many people and having one primary destination for the majority of your downtime may not satisfy your wanderlust. Each family or individual needs to take the time to research their options. If a vacation home has been on your want list for a long time then the current real estate market and the possible returns on vacation property rental fees may be all you need to make that dream a reality. If you re not certain you re ready for that step then it is best to spend another year or two renting your accommodations and exploring the available options. Maybe you ll find someone else s vacation home to rent that fits what you re looking for and you can simply schedule it for an annual visit. Your options are wide open Sources for this article are and fishing boat and a sandy beach where the kids can swim. For others it s a rustic mountain home with a stone fireplace--a cozy place to relax alone or with a few friends. Tropical breezes and the sound of the ocean surf come to mind for a few others. Plenty of people rent out cabins at resorts or other vacation properties when they go on vacation. It provides a central place of stability and relaxation is much roomier than a hotel room and often less expensive when you are able to prepare the meals yourself. So how do you know when it is time to make the leap from renting vacation accommodations to purchasing your own vacation home The top two considerations when it comes to buying a vacation home are time and money. How much time will you spend there and can you afford it Time Commitment There are many families who have built or purchased their dream vacation home only to find that they spend very little time there. These individuals may have not taken a realistic look at how much time they actually spent away from home on weekends or vacation prior to purchasing their vacation home. Unless you have reached a period in your life where you are planning to cut back on your working hours retire or can work remotely from your vacation home it isn t likely that you will spend any more time away from your main residence than you do now just because you have a private getaway that doesn t require reservations. Another factor that should enter into how much time you spend at your vacation home is the location. Is it close enough for you to drive for a weekend stay or does it require extra travel time by road or air to reach it The more convenient your vacation home is to access the more time you are likely to spend there. Of course convenience is a relative term. According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 47 percent of vacation homes were within 100 miles of the owner s primary residence while another 43 percent had vacation homes over 500 miles away. For some vacation just isn t vacation if it s within driving distance. Financial Commitment The concept that vacation homes are for the wealthy is also debunked by the NAR survey. The median income for the households in the survey which purchased vacation homes in 2011 was 88 600 and the median vacation home price for 2011 was 121 300 down 21 per42 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 43 HERLIFE travel San Miguel de Allende Budding artists and writers along with their more experienced compatriots have been quietly escaping to the creative haven of San Miguel de Allende since the mid-20th century. Workshops and classes in metalwork various styles of painting sculpture and music are all hosted in the wide array of galleries. Studios scattered around this central Mexico city focus on music visual art and literature and are the stuff of legend albeit that of a more obscure nature. Sunset Strip The glitz of Hollywood has done little to camouflage the seedy underbelly that characterizes everything from early-20th century noir to the by kat hl een m . k ru e ge r over-the-top decadence of the 1980s which put the Sunset Strip on the map in all of its flamboyant debaucherous glory. The Strip calls to mind memories of spandex and eyeliner in their entire hair-metal heyday which makes it all the more surprising to discover an emerging gallery culture in the once-sleazy neighborhood. Despite the effort to establish a reputation in legitimate art circles the Strip still boasts a tongue-in-cheek self-referential sense of humor emerging gallery Eighth Veil takes its name from the infamous Seventh Veil exotic dance club next door which was forever immortalized in the M tley Cr e anthem Girls Girls Girls. have become so intertwined with the history and culture of various visual arts movements as to become nearly pass . Art aficionados on a quest for the less obvious might even skip the cities of their birth in favor of more obscure communities. Whether your tastes run towards hip street art subdued museums or high-end hidden-gem galleries you may be surprised to find that there is more to the global art community than initially meets the eye. T he term art mecca conjures up images of Impressionist-era Parisian museums the wonders of Renaissance Italy or the gritty glamour that characterized Warhol s New York City. These areas Prague and Berlin On an international scale artistic communities are popping up in a number of unlikely spots. Forget tourist standards like the Uffizi or the Louvre--Europe s most exciting and unexpected artistic hothouse is Prague Czech Republic. Away from the tourist traffic that clogs Old Town unassuming and often difficult-to-spot galleries dot the breathtaking architectural landscape. Despite a largely-failed movement to paint Prague as the new Paris in the 1990s the artistic Czech community is still going strong. However the gem galleries in Prague these days truly are hidden. Be prepared to venture off the beaten path to find the true artistic pulse of the city. While Prague was declining in visibility among trendy movers and shakers in the art world Berlin was emerging as a major cultural center. European creatives have been landing upon the city in droves over the past decade taking full advantage of the reasonable rent and open-minded attitude. Galleries are springing up around the city at an astonishing pace while major collections tour museums regularly. These two cities once war-torn shells of themselves have rebounded in major ways to become heavy hitters in the global art community. Artists enclaves are nestled in surprising places all across the globe. Toronto Art connoisseurs with an appreciation for the rich cultural diversity of North America have dozens of up-and-coming options from Toronto to Mexico. Ontario which is home to many of Toronto s largely immigrant population has helped to usher in a sense of global culture to the northern city hosting artists from more than one hundred different countries who display their work in dozens of galleries and museums. Surprisingly Toronto has also begun to emerge as an unlikely hotbed for graffiti art. Atlanta Developing artists have discovered an unexpected niche in Atlanta Georgia where King Plow Arts Center Fine Arts Atelier caters to emerging talent from various backgrounds and walks of life. The majority of the participants in the Atelier workshops are women most of whom are married with children and families. Despite the demands of running a household a respectable number of the participants have gone on to enjoy successful gallery showings around the city. Marfa In west Texas a tiny burg called Marfa is making serious waves in the art community due to its simultaneous wealth of galleries and museum culture and conspicuous absence of the corporate trappings that mark other American towns of its size. Bereft of traffic lights and major chains Marfa s success as a purist destination can be mostly attributed to artist and developer Donald Judd who moved to the community in 1973 attracting scads of like-minded colleagues. 44 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM From the most ancient cave paintings to the most avant-garde modern installation pieces there s a vibrant and abiding artistic culture to be found in the largest metropolitan centers and the tiniest rural communities alike. A sense of adventure paired with a willingness to explore and a trustworthy guide can open doors to an entire world of artistic experiences. Sources for this article are international and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 45 HERLIFE tie the knot Leigh John and TIED THE KNOT November 27 2010 by can di smit h photography by gina b arc a of barc a des i gns photo g ra p hy hometown). An accomplished pianist and avid runner she has learned to enjoy the sport of golf which is her husband s favorite pastime. John Griffin is 47 years old and is a native of Minnesota. John started working with a real estate firm at a young age and has remained with the company for 30 years. His travels throughout the country led him to Miami Florida where the couple met in 2006. They live on a golf course in Pembroke Pines Florida where John spends most of his free time. The couple met when John was relocated to Miami Florida for work and Leigh was hired by the same company. They knew each other for a few years before they started dating but realized right away that they wanted to marry. For the proposal John took Leigh to one of her favorite restaurants in Miami where they had a romantic dinner by the water. They went for a walk afterwards along The Intercoastal where he proposed. It was a very private intimate moment which was how Leigh had always envisioned it. The happy couple tied the knot on November 27 2010. Leigh s Maid of Honor was her best friend Jennifer and the bridesmaids included her sisters Rondi and Kristen and John s daughter Ashlee. John s Best Man was his son Brandon and the groomsmen included his brother Kevin and his friend Jorge. The wedding took place in Coconut Grove about 30 miles from their home. Since their families live out of the state the wedding was a smaller more intimate affair of about 40 people. The church where the wedding ceremony took place was a historic landmark in Coconut Grove and just a few miles from the reception site Grove Isle Hotel & Spa. The weather forecast for that day was rain but the sky cleared up by noon allowing the couple to keep their reception outside overlooking the Bay. From the live saxophone music to the photographs of the couple dancing along the water with the sun setting behind them it was a perfect day. The newlyweds took their honeymoon at The Royal an all-inclusive resort in Cancun Mexico based upon recommendations made by family members. 46 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM L eigh (Bennett) Griffin is 37 years old and has a Bachelor s Degree in International Studies and a Master s Degree in Business from Wright State University in Dayton Ohio (which is her LOCAL BUSINESSES THAT SHARED IN THE LOVE BRIDAL GOWN Alfred Angelo BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES White House Black Market HAIR STYLING Avant-Garde Salon and Spa PHOTOGRAPHY Barca Designs FLORIST Ocean Florist DJ Ubis Music & Lighting SAXOPHONIST Arabesques RECEPTION VENUE CATERER Grove Isle Hotel & Spa CAKE Cake Designs by Edda WEDDING CEREMONY Plymouth Congregational Church JEWELER Barclays Jewelry HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 47 HERLIFE in the city C al en dar of E ve n ts NOTE All calendar events must be submitted by October 30th for consideration in our December issue. Please include event location date details and contact information and email to karen Events considered for publication are normally limited to community wide charity events or events hosted by our advertisers. We cannot guarantee that all events submitted will be published. NOVEMBER 2 Walking with Anthony Presents Movement for Change Time to Soar DATE November 2 TIME 7 00pm 11 00pm LOCATION Executive Airport Ft. Lauder- choice is Hospice of Palm Beach County. MORE INFORMATION Please contact Mary Lou Bedford at (561) 790-6200 or Marylou National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Monthly Dinner Meeting DATE November 5 TIME 6 00pm 9 00pm LOCATION The Westin Hotel 400 Corpo- dale Jet Runway Caf Hangar 9 6000 NW 21st Avenue Ft. Lauderdale DETAILS A fundraising event to support Fall Fest Community Awareness hosted by The Wellington Marketplace DATE November 3 TIME 10 00am 12 00pm LOCATION The Wellington Marketplace rate Drive Ft. Lauderdale DETAILS Attend a NAWBO dinner meeting and interact with other women business owners for support and networking. Each meeting has a theme and relevant guest speaker. 35 members or 45 guests. MORE INFORMATION Please visit spinal cord injuries (SCI) victims and honor individuals who are making a significant difference to those affected with SCI. The event will honor Dr. Allen Levi Chief of Neurospine Service and Fellowship Director at Jackson Memorial Hospital and present financial grants to two local spinal cord victims. Tickets are 200 per person. 100 percent of the donations will benefit those who need support on their way to recovery. MORE INFORMATION To purchase tickets 13889 Wellington Trace (corner of Wellington Trace and Greenview Shores) Wellington DETAILS Blood drive toy and food drop or contact Teana McDonald at teana Wellington High School Marching Band fundraiser and balloon art for children. The tenants of the Marketplace would like to welcome everyone out to get involved in the community and the plaza. There will be a sidewalk sale special offers from tenants and a scavenger hunt with prizes. MORE INFORMATION Please contact NOVEMBER 9 Palm Beach Partners Business Matchmaker Conference and Expo DATE November 9 TIME 8 30am 6 00pm LOCATION DoubleTree by Hilton & Execu- please visit or call (866) 954-3344. Bedonna Flesher at (561) 371-3668. NOVEMBER 3 DATE November 3 TIME 7 30am LOCATION The Wellington Amphitheater NOVEMBER 5 TIME 1 00pm and 2 30pm LOCATION 851 Meadows Road Ste 222 tive Meeting Center 4431 PGA Boulevard Palm Beach Gardens DETAILS This event will feature workshops 15th Annual Wellington Com- Free Seminar with Dr. Man munity Fitness Run & Walk DATE November 5 Boca Raton DETAILS Come and meet Dr. Daniel Man and seminars that will provide information to Small Minority Women Business Enterprise (S M WBE) owners. One-on-one business matchmaking appointments will be made available for conference participants to meet key staff from Palm Beach County the South Florida Water Management District the School District of Palm Beach County the City of West Palm Beach the City of Riviera Beach the Center for Technology Enterprise and Development Inc. Forest Hill Boulevard Wellington DETAILS The Palms West Community He will be speaking about skin rejuvenation natural face lifts vaginal rejuvenation and much more. Space is limited. MORE INFORMATION RSVP at Foundation is pleased to present the 15th Annual Wellington Community Fitness 5K Run & Walk. This has been an annual event since 1997 focused on bringing residents together to promote health and fitness while supporting a charitable organization. This year s charity of 48 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM (561) 395-5508 or at (TED Center) and the Paragon Foundation of Palm Beach County Inc. MORE INFORMATION Please visit NOVEMBER 14 WOAMTEC West Palm Beach Business Building Luncheon DATES November 14 and November 28 (Every revenue while working toward the greater commissions in life. MORE INFORMATION Please visit to register to attend and learn more about the event. NOVEMBER 10 Destination Fashion 2012 Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbour presents Emilio Pucci s Spring 2013 Fashion Show Designed by Peter Dundas DATE November 10 TIME 6 00pm LOCATION Bal Harbour Shops 9700 Collins 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month) TIME 11 30am 1 00pm LOCATION Embassy Suites (formerly Crowne NOVEMBER 17 SalsaFest DATES November 17-November 18 TIME All day fun LOCATION Greenacres Community Park Plaza) 1601 Belvedere Road West Palm Beach DETAILS Where women come together to keep their priorities in order of FAITH FAMILY & FINANCE (Career). Women On A Mission To Earn Commission (WOAMTEC) is more than a networking group. It is a premier business-building organization designed to appeal to the business woman who is already successful and simply wants to grow more. It is not designed just for commissioned salespeople but for any strong female who wants to increase her company s bottom line and overall 2905 Jog Road Greenacres DETAILS Join our sponsors for this Sixth An- nual Central Palm Beach County Chamber Hispanic event featuring hot salsa music dance and food plus all-day family fun. Business non-profit and vendor booths available. MORE INFORMATION Please visit Avenue Bal Harbour DETAILS Help raise funds for paralysis research at Destination Fashion 2012. Hosted by The Buoniconti Fund the star-studded event will include a live performance by Enrique Iglesias. MORE INFORMATION Please visit or call (561) 790-6200. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 49 hot deals Celebrating over 30 years of family tradition. zuCCarellis 4595 okeechobee blvd. West Palm Beach Florida 561-686-7739 lashes by dr. 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To have your business lisTed Call 561-899-0433 eXT 105 C hristine Rose Photography 561 543 0466 Keeping Women Connected... For advertising rates and information please contact us Phone 561-899-0433 ext. 105 Email SFLSales