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Description: HERLIFE Magazine January 2013 Health & Fitness Issue

HERLIFE MAGAZINE jump start 2013 HEALTH & FITNESS ISSUE DESTINATIONS for WOMEN CREATING an with the KEEPING WOMEN CONNECTED JANUARY 2013 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Dr.Lanalee Araba Sam COMPLIMENTARY COPY EFFICIENT WORKSPACE OB GYN WHO LEADS BY EXAMPLE HEALTHY MIND BODY & SPIRIT . SOUTH FLORIDA S PREMIER ESTATE BUYING CO. CORPORATE OFFICE 2875 S. Ocean Boulevard Suite 200 Palm Beach Florida 33480 PINECREST CORAL GABLES OFFICE 1522 San Ignacio Avenue Suite 4 Coral Gables Florida 33146 CONTACT Palm Beach Broward 561-351-5553 Miami Dade 305-506-7000 info PREFERRED ITEMS WANTED 19th Century French and Italian Furnishings Mid-Century Modern And Designer Furnishings any pieces by Francois Linke Paul Sormani all sorts of Objects D art Sculptures Enamels Ivory Bronze Jade Jewelry Paintings Chandeliers Lighting Rugs Meissen KPM Sevres Porcelain Baccarat Lalique Daum Galle Tiffany pieces Royal Vienna Marble and Alabaster Sculpture Russian Chinese and Japanese art pieces and all sorts of unique antique pieces. Call us before your estate sale consigning or auctioning your contents. We ll pay more...guaranteed. We are the most complete powerful estate buying group in South Florida handling treasures ranging from a 5 Limoges plate to that million dollar piece of art. House Calls from 6am-11pm daily Pay & pick-up same day available Email all photos to info 2 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 3 boynton anti-aging ira m. fine m.d. Tracey -R.N. Cosmetic Consultant Tiffany Cosmetic Coordinator 10075 Jog Road 202 Boynton Beach FL 33437 561-375-8800 boca raton weight & wellness institute call for appt. 561-955-1633 2300 Glades Rd 260 Boca Raton FL 33431 ncognito fitness 420 State Rd. 7 Suite 174 Royal Palm Beach FL 561-389-5635 Mention you saw in HERLIFE for BOTOx 175 per area no limit on areas. First time clients only. Receive a Free Body Composition and Analysis ( 80 value). Learn how many calories you need to eat along with your percentage of lean muscle lean mass fat & cellular water levels. Mention you saw this ad in HERLIFE Magazine for 50% off massage. 1st time visitors only. Restrictions apply. Expires 6-30-13 ONliNe BOOkiNg FOr yOur CONveNieNCe at www.ilashedOut.COm must use COde hllashed wheN BOOkiNg ONliNe appOiNtmeNt md beauty labs medical sPa and wellness center Directed By Daniela Dadurian M.D. 561-655-6325 lashed out 10045 belvedere road suite 11 Royal Palm Beach FL 33411 561-318-7139 chroma salon 410 evernia street suite 117 west Palm beach 561-899-0337 Mention that you saw this in HERLIFE Magazine and get 100 off Ilipo Ultra . 99 Full Set of Eyelash ExtensionsFirst Time Client Only with Mention of this AD on Any Business Day Not to be combined with any other offers or Hold em Texas Style Lashes. Women s cut and style for 52.00. Shampoo & Blow Dry for 32.00. Expires 3-31-13. 4 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM hot deals style new york by michele Jewelry handbags and gifts boutique at Pizzazz hair design 6231 PGA Blvd. Miarasol Walk Palm beach gardens (646) 942-8141 stylenybymichele lashes by dr. man to purchase call 1-800-232-5508 or go to style bar hair bar & day sPa 2875 S. Ocean Blvd Ste 108 Palm Beach 561-585-9788 Mention you saw this ad in HERLIFE Magazine for 10 off lashes. Mention you saw in HERLIFE Magazine and receive 10% off your total purchase. Expires 6-30-13. Free Eastern Western fusion Thai reflexology with any hair color service or Free sun kissed hair with mani pedi purchase. First time clients only. Located on the prestigious isLand of paLm Beach Celebrating over 30 years of family tradition. zuccarelli 4595 Okeechobee Blvd. west Palm beach florida 561-686-7739 sanda gane cce cme clinical esthetician 13005 Southern Blvd Suite 231 west Palm beach fl 33470 561-753-3331 Palm beach executive center 2875 S. Ocean Blvd. Suite 200 Palm beach fl 561-578-8668 FREE Receive your 1st laser hair removal treatment. Your choice Lip Chin Underarm Bikini Line No move in fees Free internet & phone with reception services 1 month service retainer with a 12-month agreement Mention you saw this ad in HERLIFE Magazine and get 10% off when you spend 50. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 5 STAFF AND CONTACTS Publisher and Editor-In-Chief Karen alleyne-Means karen (561) 306-5055 Chief of Operations shawn P. Means shawn herlifeMagazine.coM (561) 289-4491 Account Executive gina Mullins-cohen Advertising Information SFLSales (561) 899-0433 ext. 101 Editor candi sMith Intern Bianca elysse ungerMan Creative Director ashleigh thoMson Design and Production todd granthaM Art Director elana Bell Contributing Authors Beth Blair ann e. Butenas lisa taranto Butler dr. Phil heller Kathleen M. Krueger natasha logan hallie sawyer candi sMith Veryculinary.coM catie watson Contributing Photographers Karen alleyne-Means dana france iMage1 christine rose Veryculinary.coM 2875 S. Ocean Blvd. Suite 200 Palm Beach FL 33480 Phone (561) 578-8592 Fax (561) 828-5975 To contact HERLIFE Magazine 2012 HERLIFE Magazine of South Florida is operated locally by KAM Enterprises Inc. an independently owned and operated franchisee of HERLIFE Magazine LLC. To reach national headquarters call 913-402-6994. 2012 by HERLIFE Magazine. All rights reserved. Although some parts of this publication may be reproduced and reprinted we require that prior permission be obtained in writing. HERLIFE Magazine is owned by HERLIFE Magazine LLC and is a free publication distributed locally and is supported by our advertisers. It is available in selected specialty stores doctor and dental offices medical spas hair and nail salons tanning salons public libraries and numerous other high traffic locations. Please call for a location near you or if you would like copies placed at your business. We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles and advertisements nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised. We welcome your ideas articles and feedback. SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscriptions are available for 26 (for 12 issues). Please go to www.herlifemagazine. com or mail a check made out to HERLIFE Magazine to the above address. 6 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE contents DR. LANALEE ARABA SAM Many women when living with abuse hide this fact from their friends and family fearing they will appear diminished in the eyes of others. Fortunately that s not the case with Dr. Lanalee Araba Sam. When she found herself in an abusive marriage not only did she muster the courage to leave she shares her story and uses her many talents as an OB GYN to help women find their own strength and value. 22 Let s face it. Let s draw some blood today are the last words we want to hear at the doctor s office. It s easy to ignore our bodies when our health is good and things are running smoothly. contents 8 12 14 16 18 22 26 27 28 30 32 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 Welcome Health Beauty Love & Relationships Spotlight Inspirations Culinary Recipes Mother s Perspective Spotlight Trendsetter Working Women Finance Real Estate Spotlight Travel In the City Scene & Be Seen 12 It happens all too often. After a busy and tiresome day the night continues to exhaust weary parents as they try to get the kids off to sleep. 28 Nobody likes making mistakes with their money but when the economy is tight there s even less margin for error. 40 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 7 HERLIFE welcome IT IS LIFE Have an inspirational woman in your life If you or someone you know has a great story that you think should be told please email us at karen It matters not how strait the gate How charged with punishments the scroll I am the master of my fate I am the captain of my soul. William Ernest Henley Invictus Like HERLIFE Magazine on Facebook to stay current on great discounts special events and behind-the-scenes details HerlifeSouthFlorida willpower and determination to start the year off on the right foot. I have also been guilty in the past and have created a to-do list I d forgotten about by the end of the third month. But with life changes I have learned that you should not let the detours or setbacks derail your attempt at achieving your goals. It is life That is the theme of this first issue of 2013 our Health and Fitness issue. We are proud to introduce you to people in the community who can help you achieve some of those items on your list. One thing I want you to remember as you embark 2 013 is here ready or not Every year most people write out a list of resolutions probably a repeat from the year before that they do not complete for one reason or another. I know there have been several years that I had the right attitude Help us be green Please share the love and recycle when you are done reading this issue on your journey is to control the controllable and don t sweat the small stuff If you take the wrong turn you can find your way. Using a GPS is not considered cheating and neither is utilizing the skills of a professional. May 2013 bring you health prosperity and wellness. p h o t o b y d a na f ra nc e of s ug a rb e lle p ho t o gr a phy 8 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 9 Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves ensure justice for those being crushed. Yes speak up for the poor and helpless and see that they get justice. -Proverbs 31 8-9 NLT The purpose of the Freedom Climb is more than climbing a mountain. It s about being a voice for the women and children throughout the world who have none. It symbolizes their arduous daily climb to freedom. Find out how you can partner with the Freedom Climb at THE FREEDOM CLIMB c o Operation Mobilization P.O. Box 444 Tyrone GA 30290 I info The Freedom Climb is a ministry of Operation Mobilization (OM). It supports OM projects focused on at-risk women and children specifically with those who are exploited enslaved oppressed and trafficked. OM works among the most marginalized and least reached people in the world and has 6 100 workers from 100 nations serving in 118 countries. Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves ensure justice for those being crushed. Yes speak up for the poor and helpless and see that they get justice. -Proverbs 31 8-9 NLT The purpose of the Freedom Climb is more than climbing a mountain. It s about being a voice for the women and children throughout the world who have none. It symbolizes their arduous daily climb to freedom. Find out how you can partner with the Freedom Climb at THE FREEDOM CLIMB c o Operation Mobilization P.O. Box 444 Tyrone GA 30290 I info HERLIFE health HEALTH TESTS having problems starting your family will get you some answers sooner FOR YOUR rather than later. Checking the calculation of your body fat or Body Mass Index (BMI) isn t about vanity--it s about maintaining a proper balance. Many of us have no idea where our bodies fall on the healthy scale and this is a good test to find out. You may be happy with your weight but if you still have a high amount of body fat for your frame then you are setting yourself up for health issues later. Getting this number into a healthy range is more important than weighing what you did in high school. Getting an eye exam even though you have good vision is an important part of checking on the health of your eyes. Eye conditions like glaucoma usually have no symptoms so having an exam every three to five years is important. 20s 30s 40s AND Your 40s Having your blood sugar checked may sound like a strange test but it s necessary to see how your body metabolizes sugar and handles your body s resistance to insulin. If diabetes runs in your family or you are slightly overweight it is recommended to test earlier. Problems with insulin regardless of the risk of diabetes can lead to heart disease the leading cause of death in women. The American Cancer Society recommends that mammogram testing start as women turn 40 but the U.S. Preventative Services Task Forces says it should be done every couple of years starting at age 50. The mammogram helps detect cancer cells that the yearly breast exam cannot detect. It can t prevent cancer but testing can hopefully catch it early before it spreads. 50s by h al l i e s aw y er already done. So what tests are we talking about and when should you take them Here s a timeline to guide you through the decades L et s face it. Let s draw some blood today are the last words we want to hear at the doctor s office. It s easy to ignore our bodies when our health is good and things are running smoothly. But that s exactly when we need to be tuned in. Waiting to run health tests only when problems arise may mean the damage is Your 20s Having an annual pelvic breast exam is especially important if you are sexually active. The Pap smear tests for sexually transmitted diseases as well as precancerous cells that lead to cervical cancer. The breast exam is important to start as well so that your doctor can feel for any abnormalities. Basking in the sun is part of being 20-something so taking an annual trip to the dermatologist can be a total drag we know. But ignoring your skin s health may keep you out of the sun permanently if you aren t careful. Getting a quick mole screening will give you a baseline and will let you know which moles to keep an eye on. It s recommended to get this done yearly. Yes it sounds like something only older people do but getting tested for cholesterol early will help prevent heartache later literally. Heart disease is the number one killer of women and early detection is key. If it runs in your family it s important to get ahead of this one and stay ahead. You won t need to have this test again for five years if results come back normal. Your 50s and beyond When Katie Couric s husband died of colon cancer she made it her mission to educate the public about having a colonoscopy test. He was an athletic and vibrant man in the middle of his life but what he had dismissed as fatigue from a stressful job was killing him. He died at the age of 42 of a disease that is 90 percent curable. Katie had her colonoscopy performed live on TV. Again early detection is the key. Seventy-five percent of those who die from the disease are over 50 years of age. If you are at all at a higher risk because of family history it is highly recommended to start testing earlier. There has been some thought in the medical field that chronically low levels of Vitamin D are loosely linked to breast cancer and also leave our bones at risk for osteoporosis. Talk with your doctor about having a bone density Vitamin D test and ask how often you need this test taken. But note that as you age the risks of deficiency increase. The takeaway from this medical advice is that being proactive is a Your 30s This may be the time when you are settled down and ready to have kids. However improper thyroid function can throw a wrench in your efforts to conceive. Getting it checked out early especially if you are 12 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM much better approach to your health than wait-and-see. Life is already short don t help things along. Source HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 13 HERLIFE beauty HAIR DO S & DON TS b y bet h bl ai r Do trust the experts To start Rolando Cevallos of Paris Salon in St. James New York says to go easy on products and trust the experts. Overuse of hair products can result in lifeless and dull hair and can cause more damage than good. A good stylist who cuts and colors your hair is in tune with your head and is the best professional to give recommendations for shampoos gels hair spray conditioners and the best brush to use on your hair. Many women make the mistake of buying hair products that can literally strip color or dry the ends out. Overuse creates more damage so remember to listen carefully to how to use products and which ones to buy from your stylist and not a television commercial. Celebrity hairstylist Rochelle Mosley also suggests minimizing your shampooing to only a few times a week. Shampooing every day is completely unnecessary and can dry out your hair she says. Do eat well Dr. Jeff Donovan M.D. a hair loss specialist for Hair Club explains that the nutrients you ingest will be reflected in your hair. Dr. Donovan N explains Spinach and broccoli help to produce sebum an oily substance secreted by glands attached to the hair follicle. Sebum conditions and moisturizes hair helping to prevent it from drying out. He also says low-fat dairy products are ideal for increasing calcium intake which in turn helps repair worn-out and damaged locks. Legumes are packed with a B-vitamin called biotin. Peanuts and beans help combat and prevent brittle hair by increasing its elasticity and promoting thickness and ow that the New Year has officially kicked off why not add one more resolution to your list--have great hair this year. We turned to the experts for their insight and advice on perfecting the perfect locks this year. It turns out that there are a lot of do s and don ts that we all can benefit from and you might be surprised to find there are even foods that can guarantee great hair. 14 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM shine he says. As for whole grains Not only do whole grains contain Vitamin B which as mentioned above promotes overall hair health but they also supply the body with zinc and iron two key minerals that aid in regrowth and repair of hair follicles. breakage during and after extensions are removed. Invest in real hair extensions that use micro cylinders. The beauty of this type of extension is that they lay flat against your scalp resulting in no lumpiness. This type of hair extension can be easily colored. Remember to use a sulfate-free shampoo. Your hair is the one accessory that you have with you all the time. It does not matter how new or expensive your dress or jewelry might be. If your hair doesn t look great nobody notices the dress. Do yourself a favor always have a great color and cut you will always get a second look no matter what you wear. Mary Bruggeman Generations A Hair Salon Do keep up with what s hot Unlike the 1980s hair trends today s styles can be subtle. Pageant recruiter and brand strategist Shekinah Mone says hair trends this year will be big loose curls high buns ponytails and lots of color. Jeffrey Mayo Eufora International Global Educator and Stylist says the perfect side part is another hot 2013 trend but this look can also enhance our attractiveness. Mayo reveals Everyone has a strong and a weak side of their face. To find it hold up a piece of printer paper to one side of the face. Notice one side droops slightly more than the other. The heavier side of the side part should always go against the weaker side of the face. Once the side is chosen to make a perfect side part try combing from the outside corner of the eye in the front to the middle center in the back to ensure symmetry in the hairstyle. Don t choose the wrong extensions Hair extensions have been a growing trend for some time but we discovered that not all extensions are the same. Rolando Cevallos shares Hair extensions are beautiful giving wonderful confidence to a women s overall image. But many women make the mistake in selecting hair extensions that can cause major damage specifically Sources Mary Bruggeman shekinahmone .com and Thanks to our experts good hair may be one resolution that s going to be pretty easy to accomplish this year. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 15 HERLIFE love and relationships ACCOMMODATING FOR ACADEMIC SUCCESS N by dr. phil heller photography by karen alleyne-means ow that we have enjoyed the holiday season and are planning for the New Year some of us may be at that moment which we have considered since our children were born going to college. This is an exciting time but what if your child has Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) While education may seem cookie-cutter in its process some chil- dren have special needs for which schools have accommodations. There is a 504 Plan similar to a contract between the teacher and the child and their parents offering extra attention to the child s needs which may include additional time when taking tests or doing homework. Seating arrangements closer to the teacher are part of the plan with emphasis given to developing the child s organizational skills. Some parents may have detected the learning problem early providing a trail of special accommodations through the years. The College Entrance Examination Board and other standardized tests allow accommodations and may even suggest it but the need has to be shown. Any psychological evaluation conducted toward this end must specifically demonstrate the need for accommodations such as extra time on exam parts or the use of a computer for writing tasks. Nearly 10 percent of American students have been diagnosed with ADD and are headed for college but preparation is needed. The learning problem is not an excuse but a reason for accommodations. Parents are the hidden resource in education who during this time limit their input as the child goes away. Prior to leaving parents should help establish organized routines so the student can manage work and play. Parents can stay in touch and monitor progress without prying. They can note minor problems before exacerbation. Once the child has been accepted into a college and the decision is finalized check with the proper department to learn if there are special support services where their freshman can turn for accommodations with their classes. Many colleges offer services such as extra time for tests help with note taking recorded lectures and tutoring. Not every student takes medication but it s best to keep this information confidential only to be shared with the professionals who can help. Parents can encourage their child to set goals utilize the resources available and recognize that those valuable accommodations are a means for the student to realize more of their innate potential for success. Dr. Phil Heller is a licensed Clinical and Forensic Psychologist who has testified in many high profile criminal cases. He has conducted Social Investigations for Family Court and provided Parenting Plans. Dr. Heller has commented in various media on forensic and psychological issues. He has practiced in Boca Raton Florida for over 32 years working with children and adults. Please visit his website at or call (561) 994-4565 for an appointment. 16 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 17 HERLIFE spotlight Dr. Cecilia Lacayo Boca Raton Weight & Wellness Institute by kat h l een m . kr u eger p h o t o g r a p h y b y ro b in ro s lu n d a nd im a g e 1 Y ou can stop yo-yo dieting and lose weight permanently. According to Dr. Cecilia Lacayo Medical Director and Founder of Boca Raton Weight & Wellness Institute this simple statement demonstrates the subtle but radically different tients in developing a treatment plan that involves her four R approach remove all offending agents replenish deficiencies regenerate or repair damages and restore the entire body to healthy function Offending agents needing to be removed may include environmental toxins that have built up in the patient s body stressors inflammation poor digestive health unknown food sensitivities and destructive dietary ingredients like sugar. Deficiencies in nutrients hormones and other necessities for wellness will be optimized. Regeneration begins with the first two processes of removal and replenishment and then combines with the body s natural healing abilities to repair damages and regenerate new healthy cells. This regeneration needs to continue until the individual has restored their relationship with food to its proper place and their body to healthy operation. The approach to weight management and wellness at the Boca Raton Weight & Wellness Institute is very specific and individualized. Rather than simply telling you to eat a healthy diet or restrict your calories you ll be taught how to eat healthy in today s environment-- how to choose between good better and best in nutritional values. Instructions are given regarding food preparation methods to maintain the highest nutrient values. These are combined with nutritional shopping tips that help a person transform their eating habits in very practical ways. Dr. Lacayo is a specialist in her field one of the few physicians approach to weight loss that patients experience at the Boca Raton Weight & Wellness Institute. The difference between dieting then regaining the weight versus improving your ability to lose weight permanently is the focus of Dr. Lacayo s weight loss programs. The goal is to treat the imbalances in the body to improve the way your body truly functions. Assisting patients in restoring health to their bodies is the primary goal of the Institute. Dr. Lacayo works with her patients to achieve healthy lives which includes reaching and maintaining healthy weight levels. Dr. Lacayo compares herself to a private investigator. Her role is to assist the patient in finding the root causes to their problems. In order to do a thorough investigation and uncover all the clues to the puzzle she examines much more than a patient s medical history. She doesn t simply want to know about your dietary habits but also about stress environmental toxins hormonal imbalances or side effects from medications. She ll also take your current lifestyle into consideration as she formulates your treatment plan. Once the root causes for weight gain and other health issues are uncovered Dr. Lacayo works with her pa- 18 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Board Certified in Anti-aging and Regeneration Medicine. She has done extensive studies in all of the above. She has a particular interest in cortisol levels what has been called the stress hormone. Cortisol is a hormone that is the focus of studies in many universities today and when out of control can generate unhealthy fat...even while dieting. At the Boca Raton Weight & Wellness Institute patients have access to many different treatment options including the detection and treatment of heavy metal that can be detrimental to your health IV therapy of vitamins and nutrients to improve energy levels and boost your immune system bioidentical hormone replacement for both genders and many other weight and wellness programs and treatments. Each patient undergoes a very thorough evaluation before any treatments are recommended. The recommendations are then explained thoroughly in order to allow patients make informed choices regarding their path to a healthy weight and a healthier way of living. If you re dealing with weight issues fatigue food allergies thyroid disorders fibromyalgia insomnia stress low libido or anxiety issues Dr. Lacayo and the staff at the Boca Raton Weight & Wellness Institute are there to offer answers and help. They don t believe that the degenerative affects of aging need to simply be accepted as an unalterable path. Energy and vitality can be restored for those in their earlier as well as later years. Health and wellness can be achieved at any stage of life by taking an integrated approach to healthcare that focuses on treating the whole patient and not just the symptoms or diseases. Boca Raton Weight & Wellness Institute is located at 2300 Glades Road Suite 260W in Boca Raton. You can call them at (561) 955-1633 or visit them online at HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 19 Daniel Man M.D. P.A. Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery Fellow of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Winner 2012 Aesthetic Show Best Overall Surgical Make Over Nominee 2012 Aesthetic Show for Innovative Skin Rejuvenation - Best Non Surgical Procedure Winner 2013 Aesthetic Show Best Overall Patient Enhancement liposuction of the love handles and the abdomen. This keeps the blood supply intact while removing unwanted fat from these problematic areas. The skin is then separated from the lower abdominal wall without the risk to the patient as caused by the standard more commonly used procedure. At this point the skin lift is performed in the center portion of the abdomen and repair is done underneath it. Using this advanced method reduces the trauma caused by the standard method and also allows less pain and a shorter recovery time. With this advanced method patients are able to return to normal activities within four to seven days whereas with the traditional way of performing a tummy tuck a much longer recovery time is needed. Patients report great success after having Dr. Man s advanced lipoabdominoplasty for abdominal fat and excess skin or after having several children leaving their belly skin marked with stretch marks and sagging flabby skin. Patients report that no matter how much weight they lost or how much they exercise they are not able to get rid of their muffin top and loose skin. Dr. Man recommends special exercises prior to surgery in order to allow for faster recovery and recommends climbing stairs a few days after the procedure without a need to hunch over. After recovery patients report a flat stomach with a non-disturbed belly button and are able to fit in tighter clothes. Patients are able to go back to work in seven to ten days without a need for heavy pain medication. During the procedure the underlying abdominal muscles are tightened in order to improve the definition and the firmness of the midsection of the abdomen. Most patients coming in to consult with Dr. Man are often mothers and formerly obese patients who lost significant weight. One of the other benefits of this procedure is the removal of stretch marks and sagging skin A from fLAB To fAB in 4 dAys and patients are able to hide the incision within their new bathing suit. Dr. Man asks patients to bring in their bikinis so he can hide the incision inside the suit line. If you would like to learn more about the advanced lipoabdominoplasty procedure and how you can realize your aesthetic dreams visit our website and schedule an appointment with Florida s top Plastic Surgeon and the recent recipient of the 2013 Best Overall Patient Enhancement award by the Aesthetic Academy show judged by peer review of physicians from the United States and abroad. If you have any questions please contact Dr. Daniel Man Board Certified Plastic Surgeon 851 Meadows Road Suite 222 in Boca Raton call (561) 395-5508 or visit online at dvanced lipoabdominoplasty procedure delivers excellent results for both women and men with unwanted excess of abdominal fat and skin predominantly caused by holiday binging. This procedure is safer and more effective than the traditional tummy tuck or lipoabdominoplasty and is first done by the BEFORE AFTER Dr. Daniel Man is a board-certified plastic surgeon with 30 years of experience who has dedicated his life s work to helping people look younger and improve their appearance through cosmetic surgery. He is a noted author artist inventor and educator. Dr. Man has been featured on major television networks as well as national and local magazines and newspapers for his work as both a plastic surgeon and an artist. Dr. Man has a private practice in Boca Raton Florida. Email your questions or comments to info or call (561) 395-5508 for an appointment. Doctor Lawrence Weinstein Dear Dr. Weinstein As I get older what medical tests should I get R.M. in Boynton Beach Dear R.M. It seems as if we spend most of our lives being tested. As we get more chronologically gifted ( older to those who are not politically correct) the consequences become higher. For example getting a mediocre score on your SAT may prevent you from going to Harvard but failing your colonoscopy can put you on the wrong side of the grass Getting medical tests when you are having symptoms is one thing but knowing which tests to get when you are well is quite another. Medical testing should have value. Tests should detect potential health problems when they are small and easily treated. When the results of unnecessary tests cause patients to undergo invasive procedures or be exposed to large doses of radiation they do more than waste medical dollars--they are putting patients lives at risk. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) publishes guidelines as to what screening tests are appropriate for patient populations. A general checklist for women would be as follows In your 30s A full gynecological exam annually with a Pap smear included every three years Blood Pressure every 2 years with pressures less than 120 80 and annually if higher Cholesterol testing every five years more frequent if levels are high Skin check monthly on your own in front of a mirror. Melanomas are more common on legs. In your 40s add Blood Glucose level Every 3 years after age 45 Mammography the common recommendation is annually Vitamin D level Every one to 3 years depending on your levels In your 50s add Colonoscopy Every 5 years Thyroid levels Every 5 years unless abnormal Eye exam Every 2 years until age 60 and then annually In your 60s add Hearing Test every two years Bone Density at least once between age 60 to 65 Vaccinations annual flu vaccine pneumonia vaccine and tetanus booster every ten years While these are all important don t forget to exercise regularly watch your weight wear seatbelts stop smoking and wait an hour before going into the water after eating. Well maybe not the last one but it s something my mom always told me. Dr. Lawrence Weinstein MD is a board certified cardiologist and Director of the Department of Cardiology at the Bethesda Memorial Hospital. His office is located at 10301 Hagen Ranch Road Suite B-550 in Boynton Beach Florida. Please phone (561) 200-3583 for additional information or an appointment. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 21 Dr Lanalee . Araba Sam HERLIFE inspirations SOUTH FLORIDA S EMPATHETIC OB GYN 22 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM by kathleen m. krueger photography and makeup by dana france of sugarbelle photography wardrobe by bloomingdale s of boca raton she had a seemingly successful private practice as an OB GYN physician and surgeon and was loved by her patients and respected by her peers in the medical profession personally she was on the brink of despair. Today Dr. Sam no longer puts on a mask of professionalism to hide her personal pain. Instead she is speaking out on behalf of women professional and non-professional who are slowly being drained of life joy and purpose by toxic dysfunctional relationships they come home to every night. Each day we each have a choice. We can take one step forward stay where we are or take a step backward Dr. Sam said. Dr. Sam started taking steps forward in 2008. The first step was to take her son and walk out of her home leaving behind the now ex-husband whom she had allowed to isolate her from friends and family rob her of her self-worth and confidence as a woman and much of her financial independence as well. Each day following she has continued to make the choice to take another step forward in a positive direction for herself and her son. Those forward steps have now turned into an all-out sprint Every morning when Dr. Sam gets up early for her me time she gives herself the invaluable gift of an hour of physical spiritual mental and emotional refreshment listening to an audio book as she exercises. Since 2008 Dr. Sam has lost over 30 pounds of excess weight she had gained after her son was born in 2004. She began by playing on a women s soccer team. After an injury in a soccer game she decided to transfer her athletic participation to something less likely to cause bodily injury to her most vital tools as a surgeon--her hands. Subsequently she trained for and ran in her first triathlon in July 2010. Since then she has become a triathlon junkie participating in over 22 triathlons along with 2 half-marathons and numerous charity-based 5K runs. One of her secrets to continually moving forward is to use little motivational tricks. I love books but I only let myself turn on my audio books while I exercise. It makes me look forward to my exercise time each morning. Those are the things Dr. Sam is doing for herself but that doesn t mean her world has now become self-focused rather it has simply gained balance. She takes time for herself so that she has the energy both physically and emotionally to contribute to the world around her as a mother through her profession and through her volunteer and philanthropic contributions to the community. When Dr. Sam walked out her front door in 2008 she did not find herself alone and condemned to be unhappy as her husband told her I would walk out the door each morning and put on my Dr. Sam mask. It looked like everything in my life was fine but behind closed doors everything was falling apart. That s where Dr. Lanalee Araba Sam B.S. M.D. F.A.C.O.G. was just a few short years ago in 2008. Although No one expects the Ivy League professional to be the victim of abuse emotional or physical. We re supposed to be too smart for that Dr. Sam shared. It is more common than people realize. Frequently it is a crippling shame over having let it happen that keeps women from speaking up or asking for help. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 23 she would be. Instead she found all the wonderful people who had been pushed out of her life right there waiting for her-- particularly her older brother two younger sisters and her friends. Her brother Garth actually left his monkhood in Thailand to come and live with her and her son for two years while she found her balance--a sacrificial gift which can never fully be repaid. With their help and support stability began to return to her life. Wanting to provide this same support to others Dr. Sam offered her services as an ardent fundraiser and speaker for Women In Distress a local advocacy and support organization for women in abusive relationships. She found she was not the only successful woman who lived this dual life of misery at home while smiling picture perfect for the public. No one expects the Ivy League professional to be the victim of abuse emotional or physical. We re supposed to be too smart for that Dr. Sam shared. It is more common than people realize. Frequently it is a crippling shame over having let it happen that keeps women from speaking up or asking for help. ward she was delivering one baby after another often meeting the patient for the first time when she entered the delivery room. The majority of hysterectomies were being done through major abdominal surgery rather than using the newer laparoscopic technology that she had been trained in which was much safer for the patient and required less recovery time. It seemed the male-dominated profession of OB GYNs at that time felt their priorities were more important than those of their patients. This real-world employed physician experience coupled with the birth of her own son became the driving forces behind Dr. Sam s decision to strike out and establish her own private practice where she felt she could provide women the type of medical care she believed they deserved and that she as a physician desired to provide. Today Dr. Sam steadfastly commits to delivering no more than four babies in any given month as part of her VIP Obstetrics Package. However with each of those deliveries Dr. Sam is there and available for the parents during the entire labor and delivery. She has seen them during each prenatal visit and gotten to know them on a very personal level. Many of her patients end up becoming personal friends because of the bond that develops during their nine-month journey together and the intimate sharing of the birthing experience. Obstetrics only makes up about 10 percent of Dr. Sam s medical practice. The other 90 percent is mostly related to surgery. Dr. Sam is DirecWomen In Distress is just one of the ways that Dr. Sam gives back to the community. She is currently serving as the Chairperson for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation s March 10 2013 Cycle for Life in Fort Lauderdale. In addition she is also an avid supporter of the American Heart Association s Go Red for Women movement as well as The Freedom Climb s efforts to end human trafficking. Even when Dr. Sam was struggling in her personal life she never let go of her number one passion--improving medical services for women. When Dr. Sam first began her medical tenure in South Florida she joined a large medical group. Her experience working in this environment was not what she had envisioned during her years of medical school. On the obstetrics 24 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM tor of Gynecologic Robotic Surgery at West Boca Medical Center and has performed hundreds of robotic surgeries in recent years as well as teaching robotics nationally. Robotic surgery allows even greater visibility and precision for the surgeon explained Dr. Sam. For patients it means much faster recovery time less blood loss less pain less scarring and shorter hospital stays. The women who come to Dr. Sam are usually women who are determined to take charge of their own health. They ve done their research. Dr. Sam may be the second or third physician they ve consulted for an opinion before making a healthcare decision. Dr. Sam strongly encourages her patients and other individuals to do the same. Understanding your healthcare One of the options Dr. Sam is providing in her office at Elite Obstetrics & Gynecology is the Essure procedure for permanent birth control. Essure is a non-surgical sterilization procedure for women that can be done in a matter of minutes right in the doctor s office. options empowers you to make informed decisions instead of relying solely on the advice of one medical practitioner who may have a limited perspective regarding treatment of your condition. One of the options Dr. Sam is providing in her office at Elite Obstetrics & Gynecology is the Essure procedure for permanent birth control. Essure is a non-surgical sterilization procedure for women that can be done in a matter of minutes right in the doctor s office. Beyond a standard doctor s appointment there is no down time from work and the results are just as permanent as a laparoscopic tubal ligation without any incisions at all. For women who suffer from constant heavy menstrual flows Dr. Sam offers simple office ablation procedures which are performed in her office in a matter of minutes and are very effective in alleviating the sometimes intolerable bleeding that plagues many women. It s done without hormones and often also decreases menstrual cramping and pain. Mother triathlete volunteer physician and surgeon Dr. Lanalee Araba Sam is all of these. First and foremost she is an advocate for women. Whether it s on a professional level through her position as Diplomate for the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology leading her Dr. Sam s Elite team as they run the Women In Distress Safewalk 5K each year or sharing one-on-one with another mother of an eight-year-old Dr. Sam is determined to encourage all women to keep taking one step forward. Find Dr. Sam and Elite Obstetrics & Gynecology online at Their address is 2466 E. Commercial Boulevard Suite 101 in Ft. Lauderdale or call them at (954) 776-4877. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 25 HERLIFE culinary FACTS ON FATS AND COOKING OILS H b y n at as h a l ogan ow many of you remember being in your grandmother s kitchen watching her dip into her trusty can of Crisco or seasoning her dishes from a jar of bacon drippings Grandma knew that our bodies required fat to function. In addition to carbohydrates and protein fats complete nation process injects hydrogen into vegetable fats under high heat and pressure resulting in the saturation of what was previously an unsaturated fat and creating a chemical configuration not found in nature. This is done to extend the shelf life of vegetable oils. Trans fats lower HDL cholesterol and raise LDL cholesterol levels increasing the risk of coronary heart disease. Determine if the dish you re preparing calls for unrefined or refined oil. Unrefined oils are salad oils and are best used in marinades sauces and salad dressings. Since they should not be used at high temperatures they are best for light saut ing and low heat baking. Unrefined oils are processed by cold-pressed and expeller-pressed methods which provide the true bouquet of whatever plant was the oil s original home. Because of this unrefined oils can dominate a dish or baked good and are often used as flavoring agents. Refined oils are extracted from clean oilseed or oil cakes by solvent extraction for further refining to produce clear oil free from foreign matter. If the oil is bland and pale it has been fully refined bleached and deodorized. Refined oils have little flavor and aroma and work well in delicately flavored dishes. They are best for baking saut ing stir-frying and oven cooking. For all baking grease your baking sheets and pans with refined oils. All oils are sensitive to heat light and exposure to oxygen. Oil that is rancid will have an unpleasant aroma and acrid taste and its nutrients will be diminished. It s best to store oils in the fridge. Refined oils high in monounsaturated fats keep up to a year if refrigerated while those high in polyunsaturated fats keep about six months. And if you follow your grandmother s time-honored recipe which calls for bacon fat store it in the fridge and use within a few days. Or freeze tablespoon-sized portions in a muffin tin pop them out and store in an airtight freezer bag to use later. For baking coconut palm canola and high oleic safflower and sunflower oils work best. For oils that can handle heat and are ideal for frying try avocado peanut palm and sesame. When it comes to saut ing consider avocado canola coconut grapeseed olive sesame and high oleic safflower and sunflower oils. And for dressings dipping and marinades you ll find terrific flavor in flax olive peanut toasted sesame or walnut oils. Sources the triad of major nutrients our bodies need. Our brains are comprised mostly of fat which makes up its cell membranes. Fats and oils stabilize blood sugar levels and provide raw materials for making hormones so we should incorporate fats into our daily diet. Fats and oils work the same in our body but fats are solid at room temperature while oils are liquid. Triglycerides are the chemical form of fats in food and our body. Think of fats as a building and triglycerides as the bricks that give it shape. Every brick contains three fatty acids saturated monounsaturated and polyunsaturated (the tri ) and one glycerol molecule (the glyceride ). Each type of fat has a combination of fatty acids that comprise its bricks. For instance olive oils have more monounsaturated fatty acids than saturated or polyunsaturated fatty acids making them a monounsaturated fat. Saturated fats are the most chemically stable which allow them a longer shelf life and the ability to withstand high cooking temperatures. Found primarily in animal fats and tropical oils some examples of animal fats are butter cream and tallow. However two of the most highly saturated fats coconut oil and palm kernel oil come from vegetable sources. Interestingly the fatty acid composition of animal fat can vary depending on the animal s diet. When choosing a fat for cooking monounsaturated fats are hearthealthy because they maintain good HDL cholesterol levels while lowering bad LDL cholesterol levels. They are best used for light cooking or raw in salad dressings and sauces. Oils that are predominantly monounsaturated include avocado peanut sesame lard and duck fat. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are more likely to become rancid than saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids especially after exposure to oxygen light or heat. Oils that are predominately polyunsaturated include walnut grapeseed soy corn and fish oils. They are best used in their raw form should never be kept beyond their expiration date should be used at low temperatures and kept refrigerated in dark bottles. The worst kind of fats are trans fatty acids which are chemically altered man-made fats found in partially hydrogenated oils. The hydroge- 26 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE recipes BARBECUE HUMMUS rec ipes and ph otograp hy b y v er y cu l i n ar y. com Makes about 5 cups Prep time 5 minutes Ingredients 2 (15 ounce) cans chickpeas drained and rinsed (reserve cup liquid) 3 whole garlic cloves cup tahini cup lemon juice 1 teaspoons paprika 4 Tablespoons barbecue sauce 1 teaspoon Tabasco 1 Tablespoon white wine vinegar 1 teaspoons salt Directions Put all the ingredients including the reserved chickpea liquid in a food processor. Pur e until smooth and creamy. Serve with pita chips crackers or veggies. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 27 HERLIFE mother s perspective HEALTHY SLEEP HABITS FOR KIDS kids from toddlers through middle school aren t getting adequate sleep. Most experts agree that nighttime sleep habits are what separate a good night s rest from unsuccessful slumber. Dr. Tom Jackson psychiatrist and author of the article The Four Pillars of Good Sleep Hygiene for Kids stresses that sleep hygiene is essential. Sleep hygiene refers to the set of habits that promote consistently restful and sufficient sleep at night and alertness during the day. Like teeth brushing or daily exercise instilling good sleep habits early on in life helps promote the retention of those good habits I by l i s a t ar an to bu t l er t happens all too often. After a busy and tiresome day the night continues to exhaust weary parents as they try to get the kids off to sleep. Whether it is pleas to stay up later requests for sips of water or tales of a nasty nightmare some kids just can t seem to go to bed. According to the National Sleep Foundation two-thirds of throughout a child s lifetime. According to Dr. Jackson the Four Pillars of Good Sleep Hygiene include a bedtime schedule a bedtime routine environmental conditions of the bedroom and daytime behaviors and habits. Bedtime Schedule By following a regular nighttime routine chances are children will rest easier and faster. For a sleep schedule to be successful there must be a regular bedtime and regular waking time seven days a week. If the pattern must be changed during the weekend parents should allow just one hour in either direction for the adjustment. A weekend schedule may be harder for adults to stick to than children because of the difference in our activities and sleep patterns but adhering to the weekend routine is critical for weeknight success. 28 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Bedtime Routine You know the drill. Have them take a warm bath put on their PJs brush their teeth read together and settle in for the night. But about an hour before bed also steer clear of a few sleep pitfalls such as avoid heavy emotional conversations (now is not the time to discuss grandma s sickness or struggling with schoolwork) don t allow TV and video games (need we say more ) roughhousing running and playing (save this for Saturday afternoon) extended good-nights (kids know how to work their parents so if we continue to answer their calls to their bedroom we are sending signals that we really aren t serious about bedtime) caffeine (chocolate caffeinated teas and soda keep both kids and adults awake) and too many liquids (overdoing water juice and milk will only have your child getting out of bed or lying in a wet one). Older children might benefit from a light talk about the day s events or future plans as a way to wind down the evening. Board games card games or puzzles are not only relaxing but offer family bonding time as well. lating air can do wonders for relaxation. Try a small oscillating fan or ceiling fan set on low. Keep the rest of the house quiet as well. Little Susie will find it much harder to get shut-eye if Mom and Dad s TV is blaring the news. Lastly make sure children know their beds are for sleeping only. Avoid playing games eating watching TV and using cell phones in bed. And don t use a child s bedroom for punishments or time-outs. Kids should associate their bedroom with relaxation and safety. Daytime Behaviors and Habits Today s activities can influence tonight s sleep so expose children to sunlight as soon as they awake. This helps set circadian rhythms for the rest of the day. Monitor television Internet and videos. Aggressive and bewildering games or images can cause nightmares or stress. Confront any emotional issues children may be facing. Moving divorce bullying or a death in the family can all impact a child s sleep. Some prescriptions and over-thecounter medications can have sleep-interfering side effects. Doctors can typically recommend alternative medications. Of course with any changes in habits and behavior it may take a while to see results. Most experts agree that changes in sleep habits are just like any other habit--they take time to develop. Give your child at least a month to adapt to new sleep patterns. Who knows Maybe their new routine will also give you sounder more restful sleep. Sources and Environmental Conditions of the Bedroom No one can sleep in an unpleasant environment. Make sure to set a comfortable bedroom temperature. Typically a cooler room is a better option than an excessively warm room to keep nighttime awakenings at bay. Choose comfortable pajamas and bedding and if your child likes a stuffed animal or doll let them take their friend to bed for extra comfort. If children need a night light make sure it isn t too bright. Also circu- HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 29 HERLIFE spotlight marcus nisbett ncognito b y kath l een m. k ru e g e r ph o t o g r a ph y by im a g e 1 noah b. (left) lost 174lbs domonique r. (center) & mary d. both lost 90lbs N ot everyone wants to be or should be a bodybuilder. This is just one of the simple observations by Ncognito owner and personal trainer Marcus Nisbett which sparked his innovative approach to fitness and health. At Ncognito in Royal Palm Beach Florida you ll find massage therapy into his fitness training. Marcus chose to ignore that advice. He recognized what a positive role massage therapy had played in his own recovery from an injury. He wanted to offer his clients the best solutions for their bodies. Marcus truly believes that he has become a much better personal trainer due to his training in massage therapy. Marcus moved from New York to Florida and fulfilled his entrepreneurial dream by opening Ncognito in 2007. Marcus and his staff of trainers and massage therapists work together to provide the most innovative health and fitness services available. A private or small group fitness session can be immediately followed by one of six different touch therapies offered by Ncognito Swedish Massage Trigger Point Therapy Shiatsu Sports Massage Myofascial Release and Reflexology. Touch therapy has gained greater recognition within the medical community as a critical component of both restorative health treatment and the maintenance of a healthy body and lifestyle according to Marcus. Many of the clients at Ncognito are members of the medical services community. The personalized services of Ncognito fit into their busy schedules and the privacy afforded in the more intimate setting of Ncognito is an added bonus. A massage therapist cannot offer diagnosis or prognosis in regard to physical conditions said Marcus but medical professionals acknowledge the benefits of touch therapy through their referrals and personal use of our services. Marcus developed a unique system called the Nisbett Protocol which combines specific targeted exercises with flexibility and touch therapies to assist clients in reaching optimal fitness and wellness. The a very different atmosphere from most any other fitness center you ve been to. The setting is more intimate with smaller group sizes and private shower suites. The personalized offerings are geared toward those who are serious about their personal health and fitness but need to fit it into an already busy lifestyle. Massage therapy and personal fitness training are integrated to provide a fully balanced approach to optimum health. Accountability and motivation are key components to achieving health and fitness goals according to Marcus. Both are integrated into the personal training programs at Ncognito. Sessions provided by the fitness professionals at Ncognito allow complete individualization in the development of your training program. Nutritional guidance and the use of therapeutic massage techniques round out the services at Ncognito. These offerings create the proper balance between highenergy fitness training and the restorative healing of massage therapy and proper nutrition. Having gained a strong reputation as a personal trainer in New York City Marcus got more than a little flack from his peers in the industry when he decided to enroll in the Swedish Institute the oldest and most prestigious school for massage in the world. Other trainers counseled Marcus that he would decrease his earning potential by integrating 30 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Nisbett Protocol targets two unique groups of clients athletes desiring sport specific training and those with medical issues which can benefit from corrective exercises and treatment. Athletes who desire to work on specific areas of physical development or who are recovering from an injury can receive the specialized attention they require by the highly qualified professionals at Ncognito. The Nisbett Protocol is being utilized by golfers tennis players equestrians triathlon athletes and others to improve balance posture and core strength. For those looking for targeted treatments related to medical issues the Nisbett Protocol is being used in several different areas. Individuals recovering from joint surgeries such as rotator cuff surgery knee replacement and hip replacement are utilizing the Nisbett Protocol in addition to their prescribed physical therapy. The Nisbett Protocol has also been beneficial to many individuals dealing with ongoing pain management for conditions such as carpal tunnel sciatica and thoracic outlet syndromes. Those who suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes lupus and mul- tiple sclerosis have also found improvement to their quality of life through the integrative therapies included in the Nisbett Protocol. The nutritional program at Ncognito is led by Registered Dietician Adam Lax. He oversees the various nutritional and weight loss programs offered through Ncognito and is available for personal consultation with clients regarding the nutritional aspects of their health and fitness goals. Fitness training touch therapy nutrition and motivational inspiration make up the foundation of Ncognito. However it is their unique integration in personalized programs that makes their cumulative affect reach a higher level of success than simply the sum of the parts. Through Ncognito South Florida has gained access to what is sure to be the coming standard in fitness centers. Ncognito is located at 420 State Road 7 Suite 174 in Royal Palm Beach and will be opening their second location soon at 915 N. Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach. Call them at (561) 389-5635 or go online at We here at Ncognito Wish to extend a heartfelt Thanks to some of the wonderful people who have a hand in our growth & success Dr. Maria Bago & Vincent Apicella Premier Family Health & Wellness Dr. Andrea Harper Dr. Cathia Rene & Family Fit2Run Brenda & Crew Duane & Sharon Miller Jose Miolan Karamba Printing Julie Tannehill Phelps Media Group Perfect Oil Wellington Green Mall Steven H. Machiela CPA & his beautiful wife Stefani (pain in my ) Todd Durand & Walter St. Surin Core Capital Dr. Serge & Maryse Thys So much love such a short time Darell Sherry & Frank Creative Marketing Products Dr. Jerry Singer & his lovely wife Lauretta Dr. Alex Chernobelsky & his fabulous wife Pam Rick Shockley & Christie Banks Sunny 107.9 WEAT Dr. Brian Miller & his wonderful wife Jen Jessica Clasby & Marylou Bedford Central Palm Beach Chamber Shawn Means & Karen Alleyne-Means HERLIFE Magazine WholeFoods Market Roseanne s Beautiful Arrangements Laura Vogel Esq. Elizabeth Tringali MMS PA-C Dr. George Wong Mr. Stuart Mears Diana Ponce Mike & Julie Long Michelle Visage xoxo Mary & Dale Dipersico Sheila Diaz SJD & Co Dawn Dallin & Richard Ashton The Beauty Lisa Shelly & Gloria Fecher Nationwide Insurance Carlos Vazquez Busy Body Gyms to Go Ingrid and the Crew Chase Lake Worth & 441 Sabrina Wong-Spence Friend client & trainer Carolyn Lane Mark McCrazy X102.3 We miss you bro Noah Mark Blaustein DJ Extraordinaire Joey Grill Friend & mentor James Munro Taught me to surrender Blue Martini Byron G Aynesh Johnson Grant Johnson Rob Jaeger Hedgehog Consulting Nicole Vazquez Capricious Salon Thank You for 5 Years of Trust in sending your Patients Family & Friends From Your Friends - Karine Geno Ebonie Sebastien Dan Adam Nikki & Marcus HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 31 HERLIFE trendsetter CAROUSEL DAZE black and gold laundry dress by shelli segal 32 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM styled and photographed by christine rose photography model kat citta from bmg models hair and makeup by christine rose for wardrobe provided by bloomingdale s of boca raton shot on location at sugar sand park HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 33 ivory mignon sequin ruffle dress 34 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM sangria ginger bcbg maxazria dress HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 35 ivory studio w dress with beaded bodice by sue wong 36 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 37 HERLIFE working women CREATING AN EFFICIENT WORKSPACE b y an n e. bu ten as I t took begging and pleading along with serious warnings of my office being a fire hazard finally resulting in those unexpected yet necessary words from the lips of my husband If you clean this place up I will get you a new desk and a new computer to make me realize that yes my home office was a mess and totally inef- to my office the ambiance is suggestive of a very busy and frequently multi-distracted individual. Who has time to clean up There is work to be done and deadlines to be met. While it may have looked unkempt to outsiders to me it was organized chaos--emphasis on the chaos. Two weeks later the new desk ensemble arrived and the new computer soon graced its luxurious mahogany finish. I was in heaven. The real trick however was to keep my office in shape user-friendly free of distractions and clutter and conducive to a productive and positive work environment. I refused to fall into old habits. One of the biggest challenges next to the files documents and pa- ficient in promoting productivity. By this point not even the dogs wanted to hang out in there with me. So one afternoon last spring when nobody else was at home I grabbed some trash bags and began to dig through the rubble. By nature I am a very clean and organized individual but when it comes 38 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM perwork that can pile up throughout the workday is all of the computer and media accessories. When you have a computer printer and fax and utilize the Internet there is the added element of unsightly wires and cables. Not only do they look messy but they are also obstacles which can prevent you from getting your work accomplished. Take control of your office space Those wires cables and cords should work for you not the other way around. While you can go to most any home improvement or office supply store and find products that help store cables and cords there are also some easy solutions right in your own home such as bread bag closures zip ties and binder clips. Be sure to keep a keen eye out for any potential fire hazards. As elementary as it sounds keep paper and other flammable materials away from an electrical outlet. Also do not put cords under too much stress as that could cause them to break or fray. Running cables under a carpet or winding bending consumer cables repeatedly or too tightly can cause this to happen. Also bear in mind that we are merely addressing consumer-level cables and cords. Anything that involves electrical wiring should be handled by a certified electrician. To get all of those cables cords and wires organized first unplug everything and then untangle all of the cords. Next plug those cords back into the computer and other accessories one at a time ensuring they are not getting tangled up again. As you plug them in lay them in a cord basket attached underneath your desk (IKEA makes a great one but you could probably just fashion one yourself). Before you plug in the other ends of the cords group the common cords together and tie them up with zip ties or the bread bag closures I referenced earlier. Be sure to leave some wiggle room for cords that periodically have to stretch to another destination such as DVI and VGA cables. Next place the surge protector and or power strip into the basket and plug in the loose ends. Due to varying lengths of cords you will most likely have to double-back on them so keep common cords together once again and zip tie them allowing for that previously suggested wiggle room. You may have one or two cords that need to be loose to be used in other locations periodically. Just be sure to keep those following the same path as the others. You would be surprised at how hiding those unsightly cords and cables contributes to the welcoming ambiance of your work space allowing for increased productivity and motivation. For an added idea designate a charging station for cell phones iPads iPods and more at a separate location in your office keeping those gadgets away from the desktop tools and thereby reducing the clutter of your desk area. However as a writer I believe the most efficient work space for me involves a sandy beach a lounge chair my laptop the natural lighting of the sun and the soundtrack of the ocean. One can dream right At least now I can get to my desk without getting caught up in a bunch of messy wires and loose ends. I have tons of other loose ends with which to deal that have nothing to do with cables cords and wires. Sources and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 39 HERLIFE finance MOST COMMON MISTAKES PEOPLE MAKE WITH THEIR MONEY by c a ti e watson N obody likes making mistakes with their money but when the economy is tight there s even less margin for error. Here are some of the most common mistakes that people make with their money and tips for avoiding them. saving three to nine months of living expenses in an emergency fund that can be accessed at any time. Spending money on late fees Everyone has been late with a bill payment at one time or another but some bills carry a stiff penalty when it comes to late payments. For credit card companies late fees are big business. On top of being charged a late fee of 15 to 39 your credit card interest rate may be increased when you re late with a payment. The solution Set up automatic payments from your checking account. As long as your checking account balance covers the payment you ll never be late again. Not knowing the size of their debt The best way to tackle debt is by facing it head-on. Unfortunately many people would rather bury their head in the sand when it comes to understanding their debt. You can get a good overview of your debt history and current debt status by accessing a free credit report at This website is the only authorized source for the free annual credit report that you re entitled to by law. Your free report will also show your credit score and provide suggestions for improving it. Not taking advantage of retirement plans Does your employer offer a 401(k) or other type of retirement plan Not participating in an employer 401(k) program that offers matching funds is like throwing away money. Even if matching funds aren t part of the package you can enjoy tax deferral status and avoid paying management fees for your retirement investments by joining your employer s plan. Not tracking expenses A surprising number of people have only a vague idea of where their money goes each month. They make enough money to cover their bills but they find themselves coming up short or unable to save. This could be due to weekly shopping sprees as well as small daily expenses that can really add up. If you don t know the facts about your spending invest in a financial app or use a notebook to track where your money goes. At the end of each month add up your expenses by category to get a clear picture of your spending habits. Buying a home too soon With home prices and interests rates down many people feel that they ll be missing out on a great opportunity if they don t buy a home now. The right time to buy a home is when you ve saved a down payment of at least 20 percent and are sure you can comfortably afford monthly mortgage and insurance payments. Before you start shopping for a home make sure you can really afford it by using the mortgage calculators at or Not having a budget After tracking your expenses for a couple of months or longer you should have enough data to create a budget. If you don t like the sound of the word budget then think of it as a spending plan. Write down all your nondiscretionary expenses for the month such as mortgage or rent utilities insurance and credit card payments and then decide how much you can set aside for discretionary spending and savings. If you combine a spending plan with expense tracking you ll know for sure when it s time to steer clear of your favorite stores or start eating at home more often. If you find over time that your plan is no longer aligned with your needs and goals don t be afraid to revise it. Paying for bottled water This may seem like a small expense but few consumer goods have a higher mark up. Americans spend about 4 billion per year paying for water that they could get from their home faucet for a fraction of the price. According to there s no proof that bottled water is safer than most tap water and the production transportation and disposal of nearly 30 billion plastic bottles each year are a major source of environmental pollution. Save money and protect the earth by investing in a reusable bottle. If you really don t trust your tap water install a water filter on your kitchen faucet. Sources and Failing to save for emergencies Financial emergencies come in all shapes and sizes from an unexpected car repair to the loss of your job. People who don t have the cushion of an emergency fund are often forced to borrow money from family or rely on credit cards for emergency expenses. Experts suggest 40 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 41 HERLIFE real estate RESEARCHING YOUR REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL b y k a thl een m. kr ueger W hether you want to buy or to sell a home choosing the right real estate professional for the job is one of the first decisions you will need to make. It is also a very important one. If you ve watched any of the reality shows on Broker vs. Agent One of the designations within the real estate industry that is commonly misunderstood is that of a broker versus an agent or salesperson. Anyone who provides guidance in regard to real estate transactions should be legally licensed by their state to do so. Each state has requirements as far as education and each has a real estate licensing exam which must be passed in order to operate as a real estate salesperson. However to be licensed as a real estate broker additional requirements must be met because there are additional responsibilities and liabilities that apply to those agents who chose to take on a broker role. The primary difference between the two designations is that a broker has a managerial role. Real estate agents work under the legal umbrella of the Home and Garden Network such as Property Virgins or House Hunters you know that a good real estate agent or broker can be the key to finding the right property for a buyer. Likewise a savvy seller s agent will work hard to get you the top price in the shortest amount of time. Choosing someone to represent your interests in such an important transaction should be done only after you have completed some serious research. 42 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM their broker. That broker carries the full weight of liability for the actions of the agents that operate under his broker s license. In order to become a broker an individual must also meet certain levels of education or experience in addition to passing the broker s exam. References and Referrals Statistics are limited in what they can tell you about the performance of any professional. To get some personal insight into how a real estate broker or a particular agent treats their clients ask for references and ask your friends for recommendations and referrals to real estate brokers who they have used in the past. When speaking to references ask about how responsive the agent was to their calls and questions. If they sold their home through the agent were they satisfied with the efforts of the agent to market their home and meet their financial requirements If the agent represented them as buyers was he active in searching out properties for them to look at or did the buyers have to suggest properties to the agent Did the agent demonstrate an understanding of their priorities The answers to these questions can give you a picture of either a successful relationship with the agent or a frustrating one that you may want to avoid. Your real estate broker or agent can make the purchase or sale of your home go smoothly or make it a bit bumpier than it needs to be. Take the time to interview and research each professional before making a commitment to engage them in service. Purchasing and selling your home has enough stress on its own. Your real estate broker should be the one who helps decrease those stressors. Source Qualifications to Seek In most cases the professional you work with directly will be an agent not the broker himself. However there are plenty of brokers who still get involved in individual transactions in addition to overseeing the agents who operate under their broker s license. The obvious first qualification is that your professional has a current real estate license for the state in which he is operating. Each state has a governing agency which lists current real estate licenses. Take the time to verify that your agent or broker is currently licensed by visiting that agency s website. Years of experience is the second key factor to ask about when interviewing a potential agent or broker. Be careful not to measure experience just in years ask whether they are a full-time or part-time agent. You will also want to ask for their sales record statistics. How many closings did they have during the past twelve months What was the average price range on those home sales Were the sales primarily in one area or do they represent a broader spectrum These types of questions will give you a fuller picture of your agent s experience and how well it fits with your real estate needs. Asking for these same types of statistics for the real estate broker where the agency works will give you a similar picture for the firm as a whole. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 43 HERLIFE spotlight Dr. Claire Campbell Offering Retraining for the Brain by kathleen m. krueger photography by image1 H as vertigo put your life in a tailspin literally Is there a part of your body that used to work fine and no longer does Would you like a solution to these problems that doesn t require medications or surgery Then you may want to contact Dr. Claire Campbell of Hope Health and Wellness jury. Both patients were thrilled with the positive progress they had been able to achieve through Dr. Carrick s non-surgical treatments. It was seeing the amazing results that could be achieved through these types of neurological treatments that inspired Dr. Campbell to go beyond basic chiropractic medicine and become certified in neurology as well. In addition to traumatic brain injuries chiropractic neurology has shown great success in treating vertigo and other balance-related disorders. The whiplash and brain fog that often result from auto accidents are also very responsive to treatments offered by Dr. Campbell as well as migraine headaches and many symptoms related to sports injuries and strokes. Athletes and other laypeople have also found the neurological exercises used in chiropractic neurology to be helpful in improving concentration memory and coordination so they can perform better on the field at work or in the classroom. According to Dr. Campbell the brain training exercises used in her practice are nothing radical--they are not even new discoveries. Chiropractic neurology simply takes the concepts and understanding that have been developed and taught in neurological medicine over the past few decades and applies them in new ways. The neurological exercises she employs in conjunction with chiropractic manipulation will sometimes be related to color or light other times they may involve eye movement exercises depending on the needs of the individual patient. Dr. Campbell s patients often come to her through referrals from in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. Dr. Campbell is a chiropractic physician however she also specializes in neurology and is a Board-Certified Chiropractic Neurologist. Dr. Campbell s post-graduate study in neurology designates her as one of the fewer than 800 Board-Certified Chiropractic Neurologists worldwide that specialize in providing non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical treatments for a number of complex disorders. What makes this new approach to healthcare so valuable is that chiropractic neurology uses the body s natural ability to heal and adapt through neural plasticity. By making small changes in the body or in the environment the brain is actually able to change or retrain itself so that function can be restored to the body and nervous system. There have been several news stories regarding the use of chiropractic neurology to treat patients with traumatic brain injuries. ABC s Nightline featured a segment in August 2012 where they interviewed one of the pioneers in chiropractic neurology Dr. Ted Carrick and two of his patients. One patient was a woman suffering from severe vertigo (lack of balance) and another was a teenage athlete who had suffered a brain in- 44 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM other practitioners medical doctors or chiropractors but patients are welcome to contact Hope Health and Wellness to schedule an appointment with her directly. When Dr. Campbell isn t at Hope Health and Wellness treating patients she enjoys spending time with her fianc e also a Chiropractic Neurologist working out at CrossFit cooking traveling and just relaxing at the beach. Having grown up in Marquette Michigan where snow and cold are in control of outdoor activities for at least four to six months out of each year she has great appreciation for the warm temperatures yearround here in Florida. When Dr. Campbell came to Florida to begin her chiropractic practice she was thrilled to be accepted into the team of professionals at Hope Health and Wellness which includes individuals operating in a variety of disciplines including Chiropractic Sports Medicine Massage Therapy Pain Management General Medical Practice and Physical Therapy. With two locations and an integrated team of medical professionals Hope Health and Wellness offers one of the most comprehensive treatment facilities in the Palm Beach area. Dr. Andrew Hope DC CCSP is the founder and medical leader of the Center. Dr. Hope has been certified in several specialty areas including Chiropractic Sports Medicine and Manipulation Under Anesthesia. He is also the developer of a new treatment protocol for back pain called Dynamic Spinal Decompression which is accomplishing amazing results for many patients suffering from low back pain herniated discs sciatica and spinal stenosis. Hope Health and Wellness has two office locations 4290 Professional Center Drive Suite 101 in Palm Beach Gardens or call (561) 721-9696 and 655 N. Military Trail in West Palm Beach or call (561) 686-0120. You can also find them online at Whether you are looking for traditional chiropractic treatment or feel that you would benefit from her specialized neurological training Dr. Claire Campbell encourages you to schedule an appointment with her through the Hope Health and Wellness in Palm Beach Gardens. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 45 HERLIFE travel DESTINATIONS FOR WOMEN boundaries trips to foreign explorations. I by b e t h b la ir war photographer in Vietnam. We also include hands-on cooking classes on many of the tours and try to meet with women expats living in the country so that the group can get an idea of what it s like to live there. Thanks to Beth s experience you ll feel comfortable treading into new territory but what makes this experience even more attractive is that these trips benefit others. On most tours we build in a giving component through the WanderTours Giving Program says Beth. A portion of each person s tour cost goes to a program to help the locals. We ve donated to nunneries in Bhutan and Burma and are working on building water tanks to give clean drinking water to villagers in Papua New Guinea. t s nothing personal against the men in our lives but sometimes a girlfriend getaway is just what we need for rejuvenation laughter and catching up. We know that not all ladies like the same type of trips so we found a handful of ladies-only getaways that will appeal to everyone from inspirational weekend-long excursions to adventurous test-your- Exotic Tours Visiting the unknown territory of a new region and culture may seem intimidating to some women but when you opt for guided tours much of your hesitancy should float away and put your mind at ease. WanderTours founder Beth Whitman has been traveling the world for more than 23 years and today leads women-only tours to exotic lands such as Bhutan India Vietnam Cambodia and Burma and new women-only culinary tours to Santa Fe New Mexico and Seattle Washington. These are small group tours that focus on culture and in the case of the culinary tours food says Beth. By keeping the groups small (between 5 to 15 people) it allows us to do things that large groups can t manage such as having dinner at the home of a tribal family in Northern Vietnam or visiting the home of a famous Culinary Class in France Every May and September the owners of Raison d Art which is situated between the wine growing regions of Gaillac and Cahor in southwest France offers a seven-day women-only Culinary Adventures retreat with onsite chefs Carol Cotner-Thompson and Pamela Salzman. The week taps into the region s culinary history as guests learn to cook locally inspired dishes with local fresh ingredients and entails five hands-on cooking classes wine tasting and various outings including a cheese farm vineyard tour shopping 46 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM at the local outdoor markets and visits to the local medieval villages. Besides fabulous memories ladies leave with a notebook full of the week s recipes. Shopping Getaway Lucky for us ladies almost every city has a variety of girlfriend getaway specials. Dunwoody in Atlanta Georgia is one such destination that knows how to cater to the ladies with its reputation for shopping spas and dining. The key to this getaway is signing up for the Girlfriends Getaway Club Card which offers fantastic hotel rates and packages think slumber party fun with champagne movie rentals and breakfast and discounts at nearby restaurants and shops. You may want to bring an empty suitcase for this trip. Great Minds CampExperienceTM held at the Keystone Resort & Conference Center in Colorado is a one-of-a-kind weekend-long annual retreat designed specifically women with the focus of teaching and inspiring ladies through fun activities fascinating workshops keynote presentations boutique shopping spa treatments and hands-on adventures in a gorgeous setting. Get ready to laugh network and learn at this Rocky Mountain ladies-only getaway. Surfing If you and your friends are water adventurists at heart then WB Surf Camp Women s Surf - Yoga Surf Retreat at Wrightsville Beach North Carolina is a must-do. Spend six days enjoying yoga classes beginner surf lessons and stand up paddle boarding. In between tour the backwaters of Wrightsville Sound take a boat ride to secluded Masonboro Island explore the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital and even learn the history of surfboard design at Surf City Surf Shop. Sports Tour If you want to take your adventures a step further head down to Costa Rica for the BikeHike Adventures excursion. Tropical rainforests white sand beaches and active volcanoes are waiting for you along with hands-on escapes of biking hiking yoga whitewater rafting zip lining horseback riding and plenty of pampering. These nine-day women-only trips combine thrilling adventures that will likely keep you and your gal pals returning year after year. Glamping Combined glamour-camping will never grow old and one perfect setting for this is the Wyoming mountains with Rangeland Hunting Adventures where your group of girlfriends will head out into the Big Horn Mountains by horseback for a weekend of outdoor fun camping hiking fishing and trail riding. This glamping adventure includes pre-built tents complete with a chimney and pot-bellied fireplace cots meals and experienced guides. Sources and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 47 HERLIFE in the city LOCATION Palm Beach County Convention Center 650 Okeechobee JANUARY 2 STOMP DATE January 2 TIME 7 30pm LOCATION Coral Springs Center for the Arts 2855 Coral Springs Drive Coral Springs DETAILS The STOMP percussion dance troupe was founded on one notion there is music in everything. The performers use everyday household objects such as basketballs trashcans newspapers and brooms to create musical rhythms and amusing choreography in a stunning display of physical theater. MORE INFORMATION Boulevard West Palm Beach DETAILS Free to attend. Whether you re building remodeling decorating landscaping or just planning your next project to give your home a new look then you will want to visit one of our Signature Home Shows The Shows feature hundreds of area home specialists all in one location. Everything from furniture accessories remodeling ideas interior design kitchens and baths appliances home theaters home improvements pools and spas patios landscaping and the list goes on. MORE INFORMATION 18 MusicFest on the RiverWalk DATE January 18 TIME 6 00pm 10 00pm LOCATION RiverWalk Stage behind City Hall 121 SW Flagler Avenue Stuart DETAILS Third Friday of the month. FREE open air concert. Enjoy live music food beer wine vendors kids activities bounce house and our beautiful waterfront. For easy parking ride the free Sailfish Shuttle from Osceola Sailfish or Kiwanis Park. Information or vendors should contact Rachel Snyder (772) 370-2030 Snyder Marketing Solutions Stuart Main Street or Thondra Lanese (772) 286-2848 MORE INFORMATION 11 Freedom Climb Luncheon DATE January 11 TIME 11 15am LOCATION Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty-Six 2301 SE 17th Street Causeway Ft. Lauderdale DETAILS Freedom Climb a project of Operation Mobilization invites you to participate in one of South Florida s most important fundraising events. Tickets are 100 per person. Sponsorships available. MORE INFORMATION luncheon 19 Grand Opening The Fair Trade Boutique DATE January 19th TIME 10 30am -6 30pm LOCATION 64 S. Federal Highway Boca Raton DETAILS Come out and celebrate Boca s first Fair Trade Boutique. Fair trade is an alternative approach to conventional and is based on a partnership between producers and consumers. Simply defined Fair Trade means no child laborers no sweat shops The best way to shop. We carry organic clothing yoga gear jewelry scarves handbags gifts organic make-up and much more. Ask about our Free yoga classes MORE INFORMATION Call Nina at (561) 826-8226 Stuart Boat Show DATES January 11 January 12 TIME 10 00am 6 00pm LOCATION Dixie Highway North of the Roosevelt Bridge Stuart DETAILS 39th Annual Stuart Boat Show. Land and Water boat exhibitors service industry and retail vendors to promote the marine industry and provide public education for safety and environment. Admission 10. Kids under 10 get in free. Parking is free. Vendors should contact Allsports Cathryn Allen (954) 522-5288 or George Allen (786) 236-0728 MORE INFORMATION Michele Miller Operations MIATC (772) 692-7599 24 16th Annual ArtPalmBeach DATES January 24 January 28 TIME 12 00pm 7 00pm (closes at 6 00pm on January 28) LOCATION Palm Beach County Convention Center 650 Okeechobee Boulevard West Palm Beach DETAILS ArtPalmBeach 2013 is considered one of the most influential contemporary art fairs on Florida s Gold Coast by both critics and art enthusiasts since its opening in 1997. This year s fair will debut the most Palm Beach Home Show DATES January 11 January 13 TIMES January 11 12 00am 8 00pm January 12 11 00am 8 00pm January 13 11 00am 5 30pm 48 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM extensive program in its history by encompassing premiere events special exhibitions topical lectures special museum tours site-specific art installations art performances and exclusive VIP programs. One day pass is 15 in advance 20 at the door Multi-day pass is 20 in advance 25 at the door Children under 12 accompanied by adult are free. MORE INFORMATION 25 Tri-County Networking Group DATE January 25 TIME 11 30am 1 00pm LOCATION Pampas Grille 651 Okeechobee Boulevard Ste. 150 West Palm Beach DETAILS Looking to expand your business don t eat lunch alone. Come and network with business professionals. Category Exclusives meet the 4th Friday of every month. MORE INFORMATION For information about the group please call Shawn at (561) 289-4491 26 2013 Race for the Cure DATE January 26 LOCATION Downtown West Palm Beach DETAILS The South Florida Affiliate of Komen for the Cure is working to better the lives of those facing breast cancer in the local community. They join more than a million breast cancer survivors and activists around the globe as part of the world s largest and most progressive grassroots network fighting breast cancer. Through events like the Komen South Florida Race for the Cure the South Florida Affiliate has invested over 11.6 million in community breast health programs in Palm Beach Martin and St. Lucie counties. MORE INFORMATION Perfect Wedding Guide South Florida Bridal Show DATE January 27 TIME 1 00pm 4 00pm LOCATION Bahia Mar Ft. Lauderdale Beach Resort 801 Seabreeze Boulevard Ft. Lauderdale DETAILS Shop in style simplify your wedding planning and meet quality wedding vendors. No matter what stage of your wedding planning you are in we have something for you. Pre-register online at You can win honeymoons and many grand prizes but only if you attend Tickets 10 at the door. MORE INFORMATION All calendar event submissions must be received by December 30th for the February 2013 issue and adhere to our guidelines. E-mail karen for guidelines or to submit entries. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 49 27 HERLIFE scene and be seen Project SHIP Foundation Fundraiser pho to graphy by chr i s t i n e ros e grateful that Project SHIP entrusted the task to us. Charisma simultaneously designed B Remix D TBB s premier collection of vintage pieces with a modern edge. We are bringing more fashion headliners to inspire our local fashion community she added. TBB is a lifestyle boutique whose mission is empowering women to live life beautifully through fashion hair care makeup services products and inner beauty programs. For more information visit The Beauty Boudoir at and the Project SHIP Foundation Inc. at O n September 28 the Project SHIP Foundation Inc. brought Project Runway star Korto Momolu to Palm Beach to showcase her Spring 2012 collection for their first annual fundraising event. The Beauty Boudoir (TBB) produced the runway show. Charisma Adams co-owner and resident Style Glambassador has a background in special events and the beauty and fashion industry. She shared We re so 50 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM