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THE CSU CHANNEL ISLANDS BRAND CAMPAIGN A Communication Strategy November 2012 OneWorld Advertising Digital Media San Francisco OUR VISION CSU Channel Islands is the campus of innovation building a better future through our graduates partnerships and programs. Using a novel learning approach that combines subjects cultures service and handson collaborative research and exploration we prepare graduates to be leaders and key contributors to our community and global economy. Together we are solving the problems of today preparing the leaders and innovators of tomorrow and contributing to the vitality of higher education. Together we innovate. Join us. Richard R. Rush President CSU Channel Islands Table of Contents About Purpose Objectives Communication Platform Experiences We Offer Shareholders Brand Concept and Strategy Communication Strategy Creative Concepts Expressing the Brand Experience Media Strategy Social Media Return on Investment Acknowledgements 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 20 22 27 31 32 Note Photographs in this planning document watermarked FPO (for position only) are not for reproduction without rights purchase. 1 ABOUT CSU Channel Islands is a rich experience which affords robust and imaginative expression to our many stakeholders both present and prospective. Through our communication we can engage them in deeper ways to join in celebrate and further build our exceptional University. To do so a communication project was initiated by the University s Communication & Marketing office in 2012. Students prospective students faculty staff and the input of donors and alumni have informed the creative direction we take here. The resulting Communication Strategy is one step of a strategic process. We started by examining and aligning many benefits of our University s offerings to the interests of stakeholders. We defined an overarching experience to frame our messages and stories. Now we begin to express the Channel Islands experience as a branding campaign . We will create media products and interactions guided by this document. We will mount our campaign to engage with stakeholders encouraging them to experience and support our and their University. We are excited and proud to share the CSU Channel Islands brand. Join us. 2 PURPOSE This Communication Strategy offers direction to develop publish and use the concept of our brand campaign. It describes an approach and provides examples to achieve defined objectives. It also encourages us to live the brand. Live Yes. What is a brand A brand is an experience that promises and provides great value for us as University stakeholders and for the University itself. The CSU Channel Islands brand is an experience that we are proud about because it is significant and authentically our own. Proof points stories and effects validate this experience excellence of education and career preparation and a world-class University never seen before in Ventura County. The utility of our brand is to focus our external communication consistently and persistently about our University. CSU Channel Islands is an experience worth living fully whether you are a student donor alum or member of faculty staff or local business organization or community. Join us. 3 OBJECTIVES Our institutional objectives are to increase Donor interest and contributions Student enrollment Community participation through internships and partnerships Our Outreach objective Communicate the unique and high value of CSU Channel Islands to students donors alumni ae and the community while making faculty and staff even more proud of what they know. 4 OUR COMMUNICATION PLATFORM At CSU Channel Islands our excellence Is founded on a culture of innovative sharing and accessibility knowledge experience and resources Is evidenced by students having direct access to the brightest professors an interdisciplinary approach to learning multiple opportunities for internships and real-world experiences Offers the educational assets of a world-class University distilled down to a civil dynamic and intimate campus culture Produces a high-quality education and career preparation for students which will impact the region and beyond better than many other institutions Allows us to stand unique in Ventura County peer to all California universities and beyond Our University is well-established after 10 years and poised to expand our assets influence and impact in major ways. 5 THE EXPERIENCES WE OFFER STAKEHOLDERS Our brand is based on the innovative ways we bring together people disciplines and resources. We have stories events courses personal bonds internships construction programs and a wealth of proof points to demonstrate and express our brand. FPO For Students Faculty and Staff A student culture of sharing. Together we share experience and knowledge. We support each other. We are inclusive. We respect diversity. We promote growth of the whole person. We are a safe environment where everyone can achieve their personal best. High access to professors. Together we provide students with exceptional access to professors and instructors. We maintain a low studentteacher ratio. We bring multiple academic disciplines together so that students learn better and prepare for careers better. Interdisciplinary learning. Together we apply diverse disciplines to a single subject. We bridge across traditional academic divides. We achieve deeper and more creative critical thinking. We translate this broader insight into better judgment and action. For Local Community Community linked to University. Together we connect with the community to achieve mutual benefits. We bring University students to local internships. We prepare bachelor and graduate degree-holders to work in local industries. We share our students faculty staff and facilities for community projects and learning. We will make available a state-of-the-art event and cultural center for community use. For Donors and Alumni Excellence open to donors. Together we swing wide the doors of a world-class University to donors so that they can build expand and leverage our state-of-the-art facilities and programs to have a major and lasting impact on the world. 6 OUR BRAND CONCEPT AND STRATEGY Together we innovate. Join us. CSU Channel Islands brings together people disciplines and resources in ways that innovatively allow individuals to surpass the norm and achieve excellence. We have long nurtured a unique culture of sharing access and low-hierarchy. We avoid silos. This culture accelerates personal growth academic excellence and career preparation. Our DNA allows us to grow dynamically as a world-class University. The underlying theme is having the intelligence creativity and even the guts to bring these elements together. Innovation may draw on tradition but innovation creates fresh ways to meet present and future needs. For each individual who joins us the experience can be exciting inspiring and empowering. We make this experience ourselves. We are a unique opportunity for students faculty staff donors alumni e and the local community. 7 COMMUNICATION STRATEGY Convey the excellence of our academics career preparation and institution by the high quality of the stories and experiences that we tell. In those stories and experiences demonstrate how our University brings together people of all kinds diverse disciplines and resources to advance our excellence. Reflect the Communication Platform and the Experiences We Offer Stakeholders. Identify what is unique. Point out what is exemplary. Find authentic stories but craft them to be relevant for each group of stakeholders. Invite stakeholders to express their own experiences of the Brand. Use communication channels and touch points that stakeholders prefer. Repeat the Brand Story there persistently and consistently. 8 CREATIVE CONCEPTS Audience prospective current students teachers and community Body copy At CSU Channel Islands students make each other extraordinary. Every day they share ideas learn from their diversity and give the kind of personal support that people expect from lifelong friends. It s why students learn deeply here and prepare for their futures so well. Together we innovate. 9 CREATIVE CONCEPTS Audience prospective current students teachers and community Body copy At CSU Channel Islands students make each other extraordinary. Every day they share ideas learn from their diversity and give the kind of personal support that people expect from lifelong friends. It s why students learn deeply here and prepare for their futures so well. Together we innovate. 10 CREATIVE CONCEPTS Audience Audience prospective current donors and community Body copy Everywhere you turn on campus innovation is happening. Students are conducting stem cell research. A professor is advising Gulf Coast ecologists on the best way to restore their shoreline. An economist is predicting what will happen to the housing market in 2014. Your University brings together enormous opportunities to impact the world. Together we innovate. 11 CREATIVE CONCEPTS Audience prospective current students teachers and community Body copy At CSU Channel Islands students learn from the brightest professors and scholar-practitioners. Class sizes are small. Instructors know every student s name. Often they work together one-on-one. Sharing knowledge so directly is a better way to learn. Personal attention helps students achieve their own academic excellence.Together we innovate. 12 CREATIVE CONCEPTS Audience prospective current students teachers and community Body copy At CSU Channels Islands students have one-on-one access to all of their professors and a supportive campus culture that s perfectly suited for exploring ideas beyond the classroom learning new subjects and finding future success. Together we innovate. 13 CREATIVE CONCEPTS FPO Audience prospective current donors Body copy Over the past 10 years CSU Channel Islands has provided a better learning experience. Our programs give students an interdisciplinary outlook. The Ventura County business community has partnered with the University to provide hands-on learning opportunities. Donors have contributed to create state-of-the-art facilities. Join us to find out what we can do together. Together we innovate. 14 CREATIVE CONCEPTS Audience prospective current students teachers and community Body copy A better way to learn is to see a subject from different perspectives. At CSU Channel Islands we have courses that are interdisciplinary. This combines diverse knowledge and experiences because that s really how the world works. Together we innovate. 15 CREATIVE CONCEPTS FPO Audience prospective current students teachers and community Body copy CSU Channel Islands is bringing NASA scientists climate science experts local teachers and students together in the first ever Summer Climate Science Institute and Camp. This brings real world knowledge into the classroom and a bit of change to the planet. Together we innovate. 16 CREATIVE CONCEPTS FPO Audience prospective current students teachers community and intership-providing businesses Body copy At CSU Channel Islands working side-by-side with professors industry experts and professionals is an opportunity for every student. They bring theory into practice. They learn how problems can be solved. These are more than field trips or internships to put on resumes. These are the lessons on which to build careers. Together we innovate. 17 CREATIVE CONCEPTS FPO Audience prospective current students teachers and community Body copy At CSU Channel Islands we bring theory into practice. These are more than field trips or internships on our resumes. This is informing generations about the past present and future issues affecting human society and the natural world. Together we innovate. 18 CREATIVE CONCEPTS FPO Audience prospective current students teachers and community Youtube channel 19 CREATIVE CONCEPTS Audience prospective current students teachers and community Out-of-home posters to attract attention and build excitement. FPO Audience current students and teachers Campus flags 20 EXPRESSING THE BRAND EXPERIENCE Core messages authentically show how the University brings together people disciplines and assets on a regular basis to achieve excellence. Example messages support the Core Messages. These examples may show how a single person (e.g. a guest lecturer or an intern) or an event (e.g. a NASA workshop) or an resource (a donation) has been brought into our University or an industry or public service setting. In all cases the underlying theme is bringing together or working together in innovative ways to achieve excellence. 21 Of course there should be a Call To Action to contact and learn more about the University. Style Many messages commence with a mantra which can be written spoken or sung. It conveys our enthusiasm mutual support and pride. Text succinctly explains just enough detail to whet the appetite for more of this experience. Quality Ensure that text and images are thoughtful and crisp. It is more compelling to demonstrate excellence than simply state a claim that we have it. 22 MEDIA STRATEGY Use paid media to guarantee a level of audience exposure to messages allowing sufficient reach and frequency for a large portion of a target audience to have opportunity to notice and respond to messages. The amount of media budget should relate to the return on investment. The ROI is measureable. (See the Return On Investment section.) Since budgets are limited presented here are types of media that both are relevant and less expensive. While television commercials might be ideal and guarantee certain types of exposure digital and social media plus publications read by University-bound students are more affordable. In all cases a web micro-site should be established to express the brand for example a distinct url such as Likewise brand messaging should be woven into relevant areas of the existing site such as Home Page Future Students Parents President s Welcome Visitors and Community Mission Statement About CI Media Strategy audiences If budget is limited most messages likely will focus on institutional objectives with prospective students and parents donors and alumni ae and internship-providers. These messages will also communicate with others such as existing students faculty and staff who encounter them. Media Strategy audiences Prospective Students Objective students who seek excellent academics and career preparation should enroll in our University Call To Action visit landing micro-site (download info). Attend University orientation events visit table at University fair. Participate in social media initiatives. High School Students Description Sophomore junior and senior students age 15 17 Media Online radio for example Pandora and Spotify. Internet radio can be purchased on a demographic basis allowing us to more closely target this age group Multi-media products for students and their parents. Example Next Step U (magazine website digital magazine mobile phone app) sent to 1 400 California and Nevada high schools five times per year. Next Step U provides information for high school students making decisions about colleges and career. This provides a relevant and targeted environment for the advertising message Search Engine Marketing such as Google AdWords Bing Ads Online Display Networks and direct publisher sites targeting the education vertical and relevant interest content for these students (e.g. gaming) 23 Social media see below Out-of-home media in malls as possible near teenoriented stores (budget permitting) High School Student Counselors Media Next Step U also reaches this audience Direct Mail Special Call To Action Contact recruitment office site for presentation Community College Students Description Freshmen and sophomores age 18 - 24 Non-traditional students age 25 Online radio for example Pandora and Spotify Community College Newspapers - These provide a targeted reach of prospective college transfer students. Target community colleges that have strong transfer rate opportunities. Student newspapers are typically distributed on campus weekly or bi-weekly Search Engine Marketing such as Google AdWords Bing Ads (see High School Students above) Social media see below 24 Donors Objective learn more about and help to expand the facilities of our innovative and world-class University now established after 10 years in Ventura County Call To Action visit landing micro-site. Accept a future invitation to attend a University event. Talk to Development office. Description Probably 45 affluent individuals and established local families Large businesses who might fund a sports team or Engineering department Media These media reach affluent individuals families and large businesses. Prioritize media based on budgets and availability in markets Mix of select radio (NPR News Talk Sports) Local business publications such as Los Angeles Business Journal and Pacific Coast Business Times business sections of local newspapers such as Ventura County Star Out-of-home media (transportation billboard other TBD) in key business districts Alumni ae Objective keep in touch with campus news participate in the alumni association and contribute to expand this innovative and world-class University also provide job referrals and internships Call to action visit landing micro-site. Accept a future invitation to attend a University event. Ask to get involved by offering internship expertise lectures. Description Ages 22 35 approx. (the school is 10 years old) Media Internal communication of direct mail or opt-in email lists by CI campus Social media see below 25 Local Community Objective keep CSU Channel Islands students top-of-mind for internships and the University itself as a place to attend or hold learning events (such as the NASA teacher-student camp) Call To Action visit landing micro-site. Offer internships or job openings to students and graduates. Offer job-experience lecture. Description Business owners and local government leaders and managers Media Local newspaper to reach the surrounding community Out of home geo-targeted around campus and in key neighborhoods these media can provide broad reach of the community Publicity Public Relations about Campus achievements Public invitations to relevant events Internship providing businesses Media Search Engine Marketing and Online Display Campus Community Objective in our community increase excitement inspiration empowerment and participation by expressing what is unique and valuable in the CSU Channel Islands experience. Call To Action visit landing micro-site. Participate in social media initiatives. Bring out personal stories of collaborative research and exploration learning experiences methodologies. Description Students Faculty Staff Media Internal communication of direct mail or opt-in email lists by CI campus Campus radio (when available) Social Media 26 Media Grid Geography Online SEM Display Social Media Traditional Radio Online Radio College Newspapers Community Media Business Internal Products Out-of-home publications Comms Prospective students (Main investments) Ventura Northern LA County Southern Santa Barbara Malibu Central and Northern CA High School Student Counselors Ventura Northern LA County Southern Santa Barbara Malibu Central and Northern CA Donors Ventura Santa Barbara Malibu Santa Monica and Northern LA County (Calabasas Agoura Hills etc.) Ventura LA Santa Barbara Counties then Claifornia then beyond. Alumni ae Local Community Ventura LA Santa Barbara Counties then California then beyond. Campus Community On-campus Note Internal comms are mentioned only in reference to a wide range of channels and media ranging from events campus light post flags mailings to alumni ae meetings with community leaders promotional items etc. 27 Teen social network and Twitter use trends over time Based on teen internet use SOCIAL MEDIA Our Communication Platform is highly suited to social media. Part of our excellence as a University is founded on our innovative ability to share knowledge opportunities and expertise openly. We have a wealth of experiences and events to report observe and share. We encourage people to Join Us. That s what our use of Facebook Twitter YouTube and other platforms is already helping us to achieve. Source The Pew Research Center Internet & American Life Project Teen & Parent surveys. Methodological information for each survey is available from http Data-Tools Download-Data Data-Sets.aspx topicFilter aff4e2b-7c23-4fdc-9ca6815efd56 Social networking site use by age group 2005-2012 Prospective students and alumni ae are heavy users of social media. The more they learn about our campus authentically through social media the more they will be excited to join us. Note Total n for internet users age 65 in 2005 was 100 so results for that group are not included. Source Pew Research Center s Internet & American Life Project surveys February 2005 August 2006 May 2008 April 2009 May 2010 and May 2011 and February 2012. 28 FPO The Zen of Surfing class page is a great example of using best practices on social media. It is a) often updated b) uses good images and photos and c) provides useful information like where to meet and weather conditions. All of this makes it a good showcase for outsiders and prospective students. FPO FPO 29 Now we plan to build this momentum to express the authenticity of our brand. We ll follow at least these four strategies 1. Streamline access to content Our campus has a lively main Facebook page which increasingly shows our innovative spirit through news photos events contests links and Likes. Many other social media feeds also show our pursuits and interests. To accelerate the sharing of this content we can transform our present Social Media directory page to be more prominent attractive and complete with selected additional feeds. We can promote these Channels of Innovation as a social media hub of the campus and encourage more entries about student life academic programs classes sports clubs and important topics. We ll also request these external feeds to identify their University affiliation and backlink to the hub. A Channels of Innovation hub on our website Many University-related social media feeds are available but unconnected. Let s show more selected links present them attractively and encourage more content and use. Streamlined access also will help to expose prospective students to campus life. 30 2. Together We Innovate Content Good content is the heart of social media. We aim to create a YouTube Channel showing our innovative learning vision and experiences such as Interdisciplinary approaches by students and faculty Faculty initiatives and achievements Real-world learning and internships Professor staff student interactions The benefits of donor inputs Alumni ae perspectives Increasing the utility of social media will likely attract more people on campus to pay attention join in and contribute good content. Since social media can be the quickest way to learn about events and news we encourage event organizers to announce events via Facebook Events and post on the main campus page show the event and participants with videos and photos as soon as possible after event share articles and links to further information link to other relevant social media sites 3. Build Excitement We also plan to use Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories to generate more awareness of the CSU Channel Islands Facebook page. We ll target social media advertising geographically demographically and by user interests. We ll tie analysis back into our website analytics to get a deeper insight into our audiences which keywords they search demographic data geographic locations (where people live that express interest in enrolling) which pages they search and time spent (which pages provide useful information) measuring what sources of advertising are working for us 4. Social Media Learning We will provide how-to demonstrations and case studies to those on campus who wish to learn more about how to use social media to build their communities of interest. 31 RETURN ON INVESTMENT Results of the communication program should be measured quantitatively and gauged qualitatively year over year. Prospective Student inquiries and enrollments Number GPA level geographical source high school community college social media monitoring may also be carried out regarding number of connections and type of mentions. Donors Number attending events contributions by number and amounts gauge of interest and connection to campus vision Community Number of internships and partnership relationships Campus Community Number of students participating in campus- associated social media number of brand-related stories or media contributions gauge of brandrelated communication and interest actions by staff and faculty 32 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We appreciate the efforts of the many people who helped to develop this branding campaign including those at OneWorld Communications a marketing communication firm in San Francisco with experience in educational and multi-cultural communication and branding We have endeavored to combine a breadth of input by stakeholders with economy in order to advance the project in a practical manner. Special thanks to President Rush who continues to guide this project as well as members of the President s Cabinet faculty staff and current and prospective students and graduates who gave their input at various stages. We look forward to your participation to help bring this branding campaign to life. Thank you. 33 PHOTO ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This planning document is intended for internal use only and not for commercial use and distribution. Several images shown are For Position Only (FPO) and are not intellectual property owned by OneWorld Communications or CSU Channel Islands and not to be published without CSU Channel Islands obtaining the right to do so. 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