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An Academic Home as Remarkable as Her First. Hope Ammen grew up in an environment where academic challenge and a spirit of inquiry were celebrated and encouraged. Today the former home schooled student is experiencing the same in her classes at Regent University. She s enjoying new opportunities a campus life filled with friends and professors who believe in her as a student and a leader. Ready to join our family Learn about Regent s homeschool-friendly admissions policies. 888.718.1222 homeschool G On Campus Online A Rated. Top 2% Nationally. American Council of Trustees and Alumni v irg i n i a b e ach v i rg i ni a Christian Leadership to Change the World Hope Ammen Sophomore Cinema Television HEAV BOARD & StAff HEAV Board of Directors Anne Miller President Williamsburg Patrick Ryan Vice President Purcellville Linda Linder Secretary Manassas Rick Boyer Board Member Rustburg Cherrie Moore Board Member Virginia Beach Advisory Board Kevin Mulhearn Acting Treasurer Yorktown Lauren Bell Virginia Beach Yvonne Bunn Murfreesboro HEAV Staff Anne Miller Interim Executive Director Yvonne Bunn Director of Homeschool Support & Legislative Affairs Lauren Bell Convention Director Diana Un Office Manager office Carolyn Birney Finance Manager Anna Shealy Administrative Assistant Lora Howard Administrative Assistant Publications Staff Maureen Bittner Director of Publications & Marketing Mary Kay Smith Magazine Editor editor Melissa Barnes Editor Kathleen Lansing Advertising Director advertising Kathleen Dillie Update Manager Karen Sweeney Update Content Editor update Chris Update Editor Arielle Potter Copy Editor & Above-the-Fold Writer Maya Barnes Update Layout Laurie Sitterding Editor Michael Grice Webmaster Alyssa Mulhearn Web Content Editor Susannah Miller Graphic Designer Jennifer Covington Social Media Manager Angela Palomo Transcript Editor SEnD ADDRESS CHAnGES TO Home Educators Association of Virginia 2248-G Dabney Road Richmond Virginia 23230-0745 Fax 804-278-9202 E-mail office Phone 804-278-9200 or Web For fastest service send your former and new addresses. Check your mailing label to see if you are a member if not join today The purpose of the Virginia Home Educator is to provide information resources and encouragement to Virginia homeschool parents. The views expressed in this magazine do not necessarily reflect those of the Home Educators Association of Virginia. All Scripture quotations are from the King James Version unless otherwise noted. The Virginia Home Educator is sent quarterly to Virginia s homeschooling families without charge. To receive a free subscription sign up at To inquire about advertising or submitting an article please contact HEAV at PO Box 6745 Richmond Virginia 23230-0745 or e-mail us at advertising or editor HEAV reserves the right to edit for style and space or to refuse any submission deemed inappropriate for our publication. Permission is granted to reprint any news items from this magazine providing proper credit is given all other material is copyrighted. For reprint permission please contact the editor at editor 2013 Home Educators Association of Virginia SUBMISSIOn DEADLInES Fall 2013 (Issue 3)--June 15 Winter 2013 (Issue 4)--September 15 Spring 2014 (Issue 1)--December 1 Summer 2014 (Issue 2)--March 15 21 16 Features 12 30th Annual Virginia Homeschool Convention Information 16 Dropping the Baton Israel Wayne Departments 4 5 6 From the Editor Mary Kay Smith From Our Facebook Page... From the Director of Homeschool Support Yvonne Bunn 21 The Gift of Time Jamerrill Stewart 9 Freedom Watch 22 Classified Ads Cover Photo Credit jpmediainc From the Editor Mary Kay Smith I have been arguing with my GPS recently. I was in Pennsylvania driving along my well-known route when I came upon a barrier. The road simply closed. I took the forced exit and was immediately in a dilemma--no signs on what to do next or how to get back on track. So since I was now in unfamiliar territory I did the obvious thing I pulled off the road and plugged in my GPS. The GPS thought I was in Kansas. It routed me through 1 045 miles and informed me it would take sixteen hours to arrive at my destination. A couple minutes later it found me and changed information. Much better. Except it didn t know about the road closure. So it sent me about five miles on a country road heading in what I was pretty sure was the wrong direction. Of course that was where I also lost my cell phone reception. Sure enough the GPS led me back to my route--right below the place I was stopped the first time This time a construction worker was present at the barrier so I joined a line of cars that must also have made my nice little loop to ask for human directions. These worked. On my way home I kept the GPS plugged in just in case the route was blocked the southern way as well. No problems--except when I approached Leesburg and decided to drive through the town rather than around it. Now I have often thought my GPS would like to tell me off when I don t want to follow its directions. I am amazed that it simply says Calculating route rather than Why don t you just do what I say or Fine. Have it your own way then Of course the tone of voice doesn t change and it s really not supposed to care but this time it became insistent Make a legal U-turn. Go on 15 bypass. Make a legal U-turn. Go on 15 bypass. Make a legal U-turn. Go on 15 bypass. Over and over. I was already way past the town and my GPS was still directing me--backwards--to take the bypass. I unplugged it. You know when you re on the road you not only have to know your destination but you really also have to have some idea of how to get there. It s good to map it out yourself. You want to know your direction be able to recognize markers along the way and find alternate routes. Parenting and homeschooling are like that too. You have to know your objective. Plan it out. Know when and how you want to get there. Maybe there will be the occasional route change along the way but when other voices come your way disagreeing with you trying to make you go backwards saying Make a legal U-turn go on the bypass you need to be able to evaluate them accurately. Is that advice really getting you where you want to go or is it time to unplug Because if you don t maybe you really will wind up in Kansas. 4 THE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRInG 2013 from our Facebook page... Amy would like to hear from those who homeschool year-round. Can you share your thoughts on pros and cons join the online conversation Outside the Box Oh what you can do with two plastic soda bottles a zipper spray paint and Jennifer Pros You can take and frustrated they actually play dates etc. I feel hot glue Plastic-bottle time off when you want or like doing school--even just a like a lot of learning apples make smartneed to. You can take extra little bit--most of the time.) happens with all that looking catch-alls time on a subject without re- Cons You could possibly end we do just not the kind for paper clips ally being behind. You can take up feeling like you are never we do for school. thumbtacks advantage of fabulous weather done or end up running out of and sundries. From our Pinterest page. Reprinted with permission from Country Woman magaand go outside. You can take curriculum activities before the Kimberly It just works for us. zine. vacation when rates and gas year is over. Also doing school Consistent routines keep kids prices are down rather than when other kids are out may and adults happy. The biggest benefit is that we can choose at the same time as everyone be upsetting to your kids. our vacation times and be more else because of school schedules. You don t have to do the Donna I like the idea of flexible. We are not cramming several-week review at the schooling year-round but prac- 180 days into a set time frame. I m wondering if beginning of every school year tically it doesn t work for us. I I do not count field trips as anyone has any advice to re-teach skills lost over the need the break and so does instructional days--don t need on how I can develop summer. You keeps the kids my daughter. Plus it s a good to Plus there isn t any rush to my four-year-old s listening busy with a structured sched- time to travel. My mother-in- start no flustered kids trying to skills. He is a smart highly active ule year-round. (I find that long law is here and wants to spend end projects on time no wasted child with selective hearing. periods of unstructured times time with my daughter in the materials etc. I can end a lecture Amy First I would schedule a hearing test with an for our kids leave them bored summer. It s good to have sum- day at noon to go outside for audiologist just to make sure that it is just selective mer time to plan and do house lessons and not feel guilty about hearing and not impaired hearing. Keep in mind projects craft projects more taking half days. that there are all different levels of impaired hearing just as there are different levels of impaired Does anyeyesight. My son was three when he got his hearing Taken from a Review of the Virginia aids. He can only hear some things without aids it body have State History curriculum by Anne Miller depends on the pitch and frequency. That being a recommendation This [The Virginia State History said with your son it is likely just his age but it s for fourth-grade Curriculum] is my all-time faalways good to make sure because the earlier an history curriculum vorite non-politically-correct impairment is discovered the better the chances overview of Virginia history. are to help with speech and communication skills. Southeast Educational AssociMelanie Establish eye contact before giving inates (SEA) has put together a structions and have him repeat them back to you. nuts-and-bolts curriculum that If there are more steps than he can repeat there Nancy I had my children write to the Virginia covers the basics of Virginia history names dates are more than he can remember Chamber of Commerce to get information. Even events...just the facts. We first used this set of though it is all available on the Internet I thought that having them formulate a business letter was good practice. Then they had to put together a book with information they had researched about the state complete with a table of contents. There are also LOTS of field trip choices for Virginia history. trish Read biographies and other books about history do a couple of projects. Visit as many historical places as you can for hands-on first-person activities. Enjoy fourth grade. You might want to get some beautiful books on the states memorize the states and capitals and find places on maps and globes. six workbooks when our older children were elementary age my husband would read the text and have the kids answer the questions out loud. We also used the lessons as a springboard for field trips and unit studies and when the children grew up and were in high school we had them repeat the course on their own. The Virginia State History course comes with six work texts and an answer-key booklet. Each consumable work text is approximately twentyfive to thirty pages long and is appropriate for fourth grade through high school. Jennifer Sometimes physical touch when you are speaking to him will help...a hand on the shoulder a held hand a gentle honk on the nose if it s playful etc. You get the idea. Make up a special code for just the two of you that means Mommy really needs you to pay attention here. DIGITAL FORMAT Now get the same great magazine on your tablet & mobile devices--for FREE Visit the-virginia-homeeducator. Scan Me From the Director of Homeschool Support Yvonne Bunn H EAV has grown up--just as homeschooling has. Two thousand and thirteen is our thirtieth anniversary In 1983 a group of parents gathered around a card table in the hallway at the State Capitol to sign up for a newsletter that promised to share information about homeschooling developments and to pass a homeschool law. They named the group Home Educators Association of Virginia. Since that time HEAV (pronounced H.E.A.V.) has continued to protect and improve the law for thousands of homeschooling families. Through the years HEAV has grown into one of the most effective statewide homeschool organizations in the nation. EARly HIStORy When HEAV began parents were homeschooling quietly with no laws to protect them. Some children were instructed to hide under their beds at the sound of the doorbell during school hours. Truancy officers actively searched for parents who didn t send their children to school. Police officers handcuffed a mom in front of her children and led her to jail. Courts were ruling against parents with religious convictions. Beginning in 1979 the Virginia House and Senate commissioned joint studies of homeschooling. More than 200 parents and interested parties attended two public hearings--but to no avail. Dr. Mary Kay Clark and attorney Jim Knicely in counsel with John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute spearheaded efforts to legalize homeschooling. Today s well-known homeschool advocates testified at the early hearings Dr. Raymond Moore Dr. Rousas John Rushdooney Jessie Wise and an assistant superintendent from West Virginia who had passed a homeschool law the year before. Proposals from the state superintendent from the Rutherford Institute--and even from the education subcommittee--all failed. In 1983 HEAV wrote letters to legislators appealing to them to pass a reasonable homeschool law. Finally in 1984 Senator John Chichester and Delegate Jim Dillard sponsored homeschool legislation that passed. HEAV initially opposed parts of the legislation as too restrictive but soon realized that once homeschooling was legal the law could be improved in the future. cONVENtION GROwtH Knowing it was important for homeschooling parents to come together for encouragement and to learn from each other s experiences HEAV made plans for the first convention. A whopping 300 people attended the 1985 convention Over the next decade HEAV conventions were held in churches a civic center high schools and universities before moving to the Greater Richmond Convention Center in 1995. More than 12 700 participants filled that center in 2012. HEAV held its first annual commencement ceremony in 1988 with just four homeschool graduates. Now we must limit the number of graduates to 200 in order to accommodate family and friends. PuBlIcAtIONS GROwtH HEAV published the first Virginia Homeschool Manual for the 1986 convention. After several updates and revisions it is still HEAV s best-selling book and remains the most comprehensive publication on homeschooling in Virginia. It is on library shelves throughout the state and is now also available in CD format. HEAV s fledgling mailing list grew as more and more parents began to homeschool. We transitioned from a four-page typed newsletter to a computer version and began selling ads in 1989. Soon after the newsletter expanded to a magazine format with the gradual addition of color pages. In 1998 HEAV began producing an additional information-packed weekly e-mail Update. The Update now goes to 11 000 homeschool households in Virginia other 6 THE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRInG 2013 states and numerous countries. HEAV also developed its first website in 2000 which has since gone through several redesign processes along with the development of a new and more efficient database. ORGANIzAtIONAl GROwtH HEAV hired a secretary in 1987. She ran the office from her Front Royal home for eight years--until it took over her living room dining room and parts of her kitchen and her husband said No more In 1995 we rented office space in Richmond and hired our first office manager who oversaw the work of faithful volunteers. Homeschooling mushroomed Phone calls and requests for help were constant. Our first executive director came on board in 1999. In 2003 the office had to have more space to provide increasing services so we moved to the present location. lEGISlAtIVE GROwtH Prior to 1988 HEAV quietly monitored General Assembly committee meetings for harmful bills. Since that time HEAV has developed a strong lobbying presence at the General Assembly. Beginning in 1989 we actively initiated changes to the homeschool laws by addressing problems between homeschool parents and local officials. We made our issues known to senators and delegates. That strengthened our position and built positive relationships with legislators. In order to put a face on homeschooling we initiated Day at the Capitol in 1995 which brings homeschooling parents and students to the Virginia capitol to learn about the legislative process meet their representatives and share their views. This strategy proved beneficial in improving Virginia s homeschool laws and protecting the religious exemption statute from rumblings of repeal. HEAV also defeated several proposals that would have re- quired homeschoolers to take SOL tests. Among numerous important changes HEAV lowered minimum testing scores from the fortieth to the twenty-third percentile changed option (i) from requiring a baccalaureate degree to a high school diploma and recently clearly defined the meaning of the term curriculum description so there would be consistency throughout the state. Initiated by HEAV Virginia was the first state to have a homeschool license plate. In addition HEAV wrote several proclamations that our governors signed recognizing home education and establishing Homeschool Week in Virginia. OutREAcH GROwtH In 2001 we began the HEAV Homeschool Success Seminars. From How to Begin Homeschooling to Homeschooling through High School these seminars help parents no matter where they are in their homeschool journey. In 2003 we implemented free curriculumcounseling services in addition to fielding the continual phone calls and e-mails that the office staff already handled. In 2008 HEAV began working with museums to arrange homeschool days with discounts. That same year we spoke at several college symposiums about the benefits of accepting homeschool graduates and what to expect on transcripts and homeschool diplomas. In 2010 we implemented a transcript service to help parents navigate high school record keeping and provide a consistent look to transcripts. futuRE GROwtH HEAV has grown and changed and matured through many experiences. We acknowledge with grateful hearts that we did not come to this place alone. It is because of the Lord s mercies--and because of you our faithful friends who pray and give and volunteer--that we are still serving homeschoolers thirty years later. As we look back we re filled with thanksgiving for the things the Lord has done S TA N D A R D I Z E D T E S T S California Achievement Test K-12 The Survey Edition of the CAT covering Reading Language Arts and Math. Tests and scoring 25 Providing affordable simple and comprehensive testing services for homeschools and private schools since 1982 TerraNova 2 Tests (CAT 6) K-12 TESTS SCORED WITHIN TWO WEEKS The most recent edition of the CAT licensed for homeschool use. Available in both the Complete Battery Plus and the (shorter) Survey Plus Edition. Tests and scoring 45 Iowa Tests (ITBS and ITED) K-12 The Full Battery (ITBS & ITED) with official Iowa reports. Grades 9-12 available with the Interest Explorer A tool designed to help students determine career paths suited to their traits and interests. Tests and scoring from 29 GENERAL TESTING Online Algebra Placement Test Test Prep Materials Determine if your student is ready for Algebra 1. 15 1-12 Available for CAT Iowa and TerraNova 2nd Edition. WWW.SETONTESTING.COM 800-542-1066 THE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 7 Patrick Henry college Restoring the American collegiate ideal Education for truth Truth for leadership All for Christ... At Patrick Henry College we re helping our students grow into the leaders of tomorrow by offering the same classical liberal arts curriculum that shaped many of our an emphasis on timeless and a campus country s Founding Fathers. With academic disciplines environment that Patrick Henry College is equipping future the culture fosters spiritual growth leaders to shape and serve the nation. Patrick Henry cChrist & for Liberty ollege For To find out more visit us at 888.338.1776 8 THE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRInG 2013 Patrick Henry College is certified by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia and accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools. 2013 lEGISlAtIVE REVIEw The short but active 2013 legislative session adjourned February 23 and HEAV s legislative team--lobbyist Bob Shanks bill researcher Caroline Barnes consultant Anne Miller and legislative affairs director Yvonne Bunn--worked tirelessly to protect the rights of homeschool families. PARENtAl RIGHtS PASSES IN VIRGINIA initiated legislation that will protect a parent s rights at the highest level--as fundamental rights rather than ordinary rights that can be disregarded for almost any reason. HEAV joined HSLDA and the Family Foundation in actively supporting the House and Senate versions of these bills. Delegate Brenda Pogge (R-James City County) and Senator Bryce Reeves (R-Fredericksburg) are to be commended for developing a legislative strategy that kept both bills moving forward in the face of amendments and opposition. SPORtS AccESS fAIlS Access to interscholastic sports sponsored by Delegate Rob Bell (R-Charlottesville) passed the House with amendments but failed again to pass the Senate Health and Education Committee by one vote--the same as last year. Opposition from the Virginia High School League the Virginia School Boards Association and the Virginia PTA prevailed. Compelling testimony from many articulate homeschool students and parents did not persuade committee members to change their votes. HOMEScHOOl RESOlutIONS HEAV Establishes Home Education Month HEAV requested Senate Education Committee Chairman Senator Steve Martin (R-Chesterfield) to introduce a joint resolution proclaiming the month of February Home Education Month in Virginia. The joint resolution passed without opposition and February of each year will now be Home Education Month. HEAV S thirty years of Service Recognized In a surprise move Senator Martin s office not only drafted the resolution for Home Education Month in Virginia but also drafted and introduced a joint resolution recognizing HEAV s thirtieth anniversary The resolution commends HEAV for thirty years of service to Virginia s homeschool families and recognizes the growth of home instruction as well as milestones in HEAV s history. We are deeply grateful to Senator Martin for this recognition. THE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 9 VALLEY FORGE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE WOODBRIDGE CAMPUS AN EDUCTION THAT HONORS AND ENRICHES YOUR FAITH VFCCWC is certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia (SCHEV) with accreditation through VFCC by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). Easing the financial burden of college is our primary focus without sacrificing academic excellence. Degrees are offered in several academic majors such as Christian Ministries Pastoral Counseling Psychology Theology and Business Administration. VFCCWC is conveniently located in Northern Virginia with easy access to I-95. Small Classes - Varied Schedule Day Evening Online and Independent Study Classes - Advanced Leadership and Discipleship Training - Modern Classroom Technology and Blackboard In addition VFCCWC offers Dual Enrollment to eligible high school students in public private or home school. Get a step ahead of the crowd by beginning your college education now 13909 Smoketown Road Woodbridge Virginia 22192 703-580-4810 woodbridge 10 THE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRInG 2013 RENT ME Take your family on an RV adventure Compare our Super Class C to a typical Class C from national rental chains A much nicer motor home at a lower rate than the national chains. 35 feet long with two large hydraulic slides for extra living space. Bunkhouse model sleeps 8 comfortably up to 10 if you have small children. Hydraulic leveling jacks for easy camp setup (extremely nice feature). Tow hitch for bike rack towing your car or towing a trailer. Chevrolet Kodiak 5500 truck has plenty of power for towing. Tow hitch is high enough off the ground to not scrape. 12 awning (most rentals have no awning). Two air conditioners. Large home-sized microwave oven. LP gas conventional oven great for pizza or casseroles. 5500-watt generator can operate entire camper when dry camping. More comfortable to drive (more leg room) than a standard Class C. Back-up camera (another extremely nice feature). Much more storage than a standard Class C. Fewer stops with much larger fuel propane waste water & fresh water tanks. We are a homeschool family that loves to take long field trips. Few things will knit your family together like the shared experience of an RV trip. We think other homeschoolers would enjoy an RV adventure as well. Death Valley California October 2012 Call AL today for more information & availability 540-309-2443 (Please leave a message if I m unavailable.) H o m e E d u c a t o r s A s s o c i a t i o n o f V i r g i n i a Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar And let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. Galatians 6 9 JeffMyers n No More Walking Away MIkefarrIs Israel Wayne n The Coming Attack Why Kids Leave the Faith n Answering the WhatShould-I-Do-With-MyLife Question n Cultivating Kids Raising Children to Live Fruitful Lives on Homeschooling n The Homeschooling Father n Things to Consider DIanne Craft Before Starting a Home Business n Inside the Brain of a Hyperactive Homeschooler n Identifying Your Child s steve DeMMe n The Family that Joel salatIn n Creating a Food- F REE Rachel Coker Processing Problems n Dysgraphia When a Child or Teenager Won t Write n Kids and Teenagers with Focus Attention Issues n Train Your Child s Photographic Memory Stays Together n Our Father Who Art in Heaven n Seeing Fractions Is Understanding Fractions n Elementary Algebra Taught Concretely Centric Home Production n Child-Friendly Food n The Self-Contained Home n Now That We Can Teach Em What Will We Feed Em introductory how-to-begin sessions n thursday june 6 This seventeen-year-old published author of Interrupted and Chasing Jupiter offers a Q&A session for aspiring young writers Two MovIe preMIers Special Bonus Two Award-Winning Films... Hero by Advent Film Group is followed by a Q&A with producer George Escobar. IndoctriNation is back by popular demand--with a Q&A by Colin Gunn. Don t miss these george esCobar Yvonne bunn n Introduction to Homeschooling n How to Begin What You Really n Know the Law Notifying & More speakers lIke... Need to Know Testing Requirements 12 THE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRInG 2013 Back By PoPular DemanD The Curriculum Doctors AMAnDA BEnnETT nMarIlyn & rICk boyer JOnATHAn BRUSH ntIM ChaMbers nTOM DEROSA DennIs gunDersen nJOYCE HERzOG nDIane kuMMer VIRGInIA LARGEnT nJonathan leWIs nKATHIE MORRISSEY Carol reynolDs nCEDRIC SAUnDERS nZan & Joe tyler nBRIAn WASKO nplus tWo panels & More than 35 exhIbItor Workshops 30th annual vIrgInIa hoMesChool ConventIon June 6 7 & 8 n rIChMonD ConventIon Center Only Special Features... n n n n n n n 79 For The enTIre FamIly There s someThInG For everyone 69 For heav memBers n n n n n n 150 Workshops 350 Booths in the Exhibit Hall Chess Championships Children s Program Single-Parents Luncheon Support Group Leadership Luncheon Young Entrepreneurs n n n Special-Needs Panel Courtship Panel Free Vision & Hearing Screenings Two-Day Cartoon Camp Curriculum Doctors Teen Writing Seminar with Andrew Pudewa Graduation Used Curriculum Sale And much much more Matt Cox Let the mountain come to you The Miracle Mountain Ranch speaking team brings passion and truth to seven action-packed sessions that are relevant in young adults lives. Topics include life purpose faith humility leadership forgiveness responsibility and reason. DonnIe & tonya rosIe anDreW puDeWa heIDI st. John n Conquering Corrupt n R.E.A.L. L.I.F.E. Homeschooling n The Busy Homeschool Mom s DIana WarIng n Exposing the Wizard of Cartoon Camp with Daniel Nuckols Culture by Raising Christian Communicators n The Four Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing Oz--A Christian s Guide to Teaching History GuideTM to Romance n The Busy Homeschool Mom s n History Via the Scenic Route GuideTM to Daytime How to Fit n Box-Free Living Your Size 16 Day Into a Size 10 n Not Just Your n Notebooking & Multi-Level Average Genius Teaching n 10 Marriage Myths That Will Steal Your Joy Like to doodle Turn your doodles into great cartoons. Learn new skills from Dan Nuckols author of Cartooning for the Glory of God. Space is limited. Register early Convention InFormaTIon The Potential to change your life The HEAV convention is a life-changing experience for many. Whether you re just beginning or a veteran homeschooler bring the family and be challenged encouraged equipped and inspired to make a lasting difference in your home. and remember to let others know about HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG THE VIRGInIA this once-a-year homeschool event ColIn gunn It s all online Look online at for schedules registration exhibitors speaker bios workshop descriptions hotels Children s Program info and more. Find downloadable fliers and promotional materials to share with friends neighbors MOPs and church family. Get What you need for your Family Find practical support for every stage of life--from preschool to high school to college and beyond--and relevant information on teaching family life struggling learners getting organized time management and MUCH more. Steve &Annette eConoMIDes Financial Independence the Real World n Raising Real Kids for n Four Keys to Your Family s n When is Enough... Enough Living Like a King n College Knowledge and Finances n Cutting Your Grocery Bill in Half 13 Earn a University of Virginia Engineering Degree From Home Start with a Virginia Community College Associate Science of Engineering degree with a 3.2 GPA . . . then transfer to PRODUCED the UVA on-line engineering degree program. Now through PRODUCED you can change the world . . . from home For more information visit or contact jgroves at UVA Engineering School Charlottesville VA. Application for VA Community College admission is through summer 2013. 14 THE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRInG 2013 - THE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 15 Dropping the Baton Israel Wayne tHE RAcE In a relay race each runner sprints as quickly as he can. When he reaches his partner who is to receive the handoff he stretches his arm forward--baton extended--in every hope that the runner ahead will be able to make the transfer successfully. The next runner begins running. He doesn t look back but extends his arm behind him waiting to feel the baton. As soon as the transfer is made that runner sprints with all his might in the direction of the goal. At that point the first runner s job is done. He has done everything he can do. It is now the second runner s turn to finish the race. If there is a time when the baton will be dropped in a relay race it is almost always at the crucial juncture of handoff. Once the baton is in the runner s hand he rarely lets it go. But teams often fail to hand off the baton and when that happens the results are devastating. In many ways this is a great analogy for homeschooling. We run the parenting race for eighteen to twenty years and then it is time to pass that baton. That baton represents so much that we want our children to receive truth our values and convictions spiritual vitality good study habits self-control Godly character honor good relationship skills and more. fAIlING IN tHE tRANSfER In the Christian homeschooling community I observe an alarming percentage of families who fail in this transfer of the baton. From many conversations I ve had with this group I don t think these are necessarily all bad kids. Many of them are really committed to authenticity. They don t want to throw God out the window in some cases they are very committed to their faith but they desire to express it in very different ways than their parents. Most of their complaints against their parents are related to their parents being too legalistic too controlling overly critical and too eccentric or counter-cultural. While it is hard to know how legitimate some of the complaints are I believe a great number of them might be justified. Some children have resorted to venting their feelings through (in my view) non-productive formats such as public blogs and discussion boards but they do so because they feel that their views do not have a place at the table in the homeschooling world. Perhaps it would help young homeschooling parents to understand the struggles that older families are facing so they can attempt to minimize or remove these tensions from their own future experience. tHE PROBlEMS Many of the first-generation homeschooling parents are also firstgeneration Christians and some have taken extreme positions on issues as a reaction to their non-Christian or liberal upbringing. They don t 16 THE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRInG 2013 want their children to make the same mistakes they made in terms of dating relationships government schooling worldly entertainment immodesty and addiction and so they have promoted a very countercultural lifestyle that has virtually removed any vestige of these influences from their homes. Their motives are to do what is best for their children. They want the children to grow up and embrace their view and values. They want to pass the baton effectively. So there is no doubt that these parents are blind-sided and severely pained by the choices of their children. They simply never saw this coming--they thought their children would always want to live the lifestyle the parents chose for them. cONtROllING PARENtS In some cases parents are very committed to ensuring that their children don t date court or betroth anyone who does not pass their careful scrutiny and inspection. The adult children resent their parents insisting that they need to control the children s relational decisions. For many of these parents the standards they hold for future mates for their children are so high and so strict that for all practicality no one will ever be good enough. At times this causes young adults who hope to be married to despair that they can ever do so with their parents in the picture. Many have watched how the nonSpirit-led involvement of their parents in the courtships or betrothals of their older siblings have caused problems and in some situations resulted in failed relationships that may have worked out otherwise. Some adult children have started dating or gotten engaged outside of their parents will because they simply had no hope that they could navigate the waters of such a process with their parents in the picture. tHE BElIEf tHAt HONOR EquAlS OBEDIENcE Many homeschooling parents have adopted a view that in order for their adult children to demonstrate honor and respect toward them as parents the adult children must obey their instruction. They view it as a spiritual authority issue. In some cases these families believe the adult children should live at home and only become independent when they get married. One matter that complicates this is that many homeschoolers delay marriage so twenty and thirty years old are still living at home. These young people want the right to make their own choices in life but they are not financially independent enough to establish their own hidesy Cspeaker onvention residences (and in many cases are strongly discouraged by their parents from doing so). The parents want these adult children to still be under their authority. They might even quote Ephesians 6 1. However numerous Scriptures classify children as those under the age of twenty years old and delineate those aged twenty and over as directly accountable to God (Exodus 38 26 Numbers 1 and 14 II Chronicles 31 17 Ezra 3 8). It is therefore understood as I Corinthians 11 3 states that upon reaching adulthood the head of every man is Christ. The tension caused by the delay of this hand-off phase often creates resentment on the part of the young adults towards their parents (and viceversa). The problem is that there is no real release point whereby they are able to take the baton and run with it themselves. If a young adult does somehow get married (with or without their parents blessing) the tension doesn t always end there. Many parents still feel a need to exert their authority in the marriages of their children. Over-reaching over-zealous intruding homeschooling parents have the view that they are supposed to be in Godly authority (or at least influence) over their children and they don t handle it well when the young married couple embraces values or choices of which they do not approve. tHERE IS NO APPEAl wHEN cONflIct ARISES Some parents have led their families away from institutional churches but if the children s church experience has been negative or non-existent they might have no one to help them sort through issues when family conflicts inevitably arise. When adult children feel that they have no one to whom they I don t expect my children to think and live exactly like me--I want my children to think and live like Jesus. can appeal their only method of handling the disagreement or difference is to retreat. Some families embrace personal standards on issues such as a vegetarian diet women wearing dresses or skirts only head-coverings keeping religious feasts KJV-only no television very strict music standards no dating etc. My purpose is not to critique these individual choices (some of which I embrace personally) but rather to say that many of these young adults have been forced into adhering to these views without embracing them from their hearts. Some parents insist that they are unquestionably right in their interpretations of Scripture (or in some cases their interpretations of virtually anything) so when their children become adults and begin to question or throw off these views parents treat them as unbelievers for not walking the line they have chosen. The parents come unhinged at what they perceive to be rebellion believing their adult children are leaving the true authentic Christian faith. However in many cases the adult children aren t looking to leave God. In one situation a family had allowed their nineteen-year-old son to work a job out of state. He worked with a crew most of whom were non-Christians. His parents forbade him to have conversations that didn t pertain to work with his co-workers out of fear that they might corrupt him. They wouldn t allow him to spend after work hours with them and didn t want him to ride in vehicles with them which made his work situation extremely tenuous. When they found out that their son had convinced one of his co-workers to start attending church services with him the TOP ZONDERKIDZ BOOTH 50% off all purchases Bestselling books & Bibles for homeschooling Products to enhance your curriculum Sign up to receive our monthly e-Newsletter highlighting new releases & giveaways Learn about exciting new products REASONS TO STOP BY THE OFF ES PURCHAS Can t buy at the convention No worries... Stop by our booth for details. THE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 17 He or she could be suffering from a writing glitch called Dysgraphia or just a Blocked Writing Gate. Hates writing Writing reversals Math problems not lined up Place value or reading clock di cult Omits letters when spelling Can t get thoughts on paper Copying very labor intensive Poor spacing on paper Great stories orally but writes very little Fine motor di culties These kids use more energy for the writing process so they are reluctant to put pencil to paper for anything You can correct this easily at home in 15 minutes a day for 6 months. Does Your Child Seem Lazy Sloppy and Unmotivated Smart Kids Who Hate to Write DVD by Dianne Craft MA CNHP Learn how to identify a child teen with a blocked writing gate dysgraphia or visual spatial problems. More importantly learn how to eliminate those problems using a proven method. This exercise was originally developed to improve eye hand coordination and ball handling ability in sports. Coaches said these students just knew where they were in the eld after doing this exercise. 18 For use with teenagers adolescents and young children. Dianne Craft is president of Child Diagnostics Inc. Denver CO THE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRInG 2013 parents felt threatened because the co-worker was older and they were afraid that the son would be influenced rather than the other way around. They finally insisted that the son move back home to be under his parents authority. They felt he was getting too independent. He refused. They have written him off as being in rebellion and away from the Lord even though he has since led his co-worker to Christ and is discipling him through weekly Bible studies. tHE SOlutION Obviously there are a number of mistakes homeschooling parents can make that are recipes for disaster legalism hypocrisy inconsistency anger worldliness bad company etc. But sometimes there is no discernible reason why adult children choose not to follow in their parents footsteps. The parents and their friends are all scratching their heads wondering what has gotten into these children. The simple fact is they are adults not children. as parents we need to hIlls we dIscern what are wIllIng to dIe on. ExPEct tHEM tO BE ADultS NOt DEPENDENt cHIlDREN The goal of parenting is to raise an adult not a child. When my children reach the age of twenty (give or take a year or two) I hope that I will have successfully instilled into them everything they will need to be prepared for life. For better or worse what I ve taught them by that age is pretty much all I will be able to teach them (in a developmental sense). If I have done everything in my ability to transfer my vision and values to my children then I need to trust my own parenting and that the seeds I have planted will eventually grow to fruition. Even more importantly than trusting my own parenting I need to trust the Holy Spirit to continue to work in my children s lives. I don t want to cushion them from every bad decision. I don t want to micromanage their lives. I don t want to be the Holy Spirit for them. I want them to learn to use their own wings. I want to pray for them and be available to answer questions they ask but I expect them to be adults and not dependent children. If I have raised them to be dependent children then I have done myself--not to mention them--a grave disservice. MAINtAIN PEAcE Sometimes you reach an impasse with an adult child who has decided that he cannot abide with your standards. This can create tension especially if you have younger children for whom you are still accountable. Perhaps the younger children embrace the views of their older siblings and prematurely attempt to exert their independence. In those situations it may be necessary to have a parting of ways between that adult child and the rest of your household. This doesn t need to be a bloody battle ideally it can simply be a mutual understanding that the adult child may just need to find his own place to live. The parent can affirm the adult child s right to make his own decisions and the adult child should recognize his parents right to make theirs. Parting does not need to be viewed either as inevitable at some arbitrary age or as a relational failure. It may simply be part of the baton-passing process. DON t ExPEct cHIlDREN tO EMBRAcE All Of yOuR VAluES When my children are small they must abide by my standards. I am their parent and I am the boss. I tell them what to eat what to wear when to sleep when to get up and what to believe. I do my best to bend the twig in what I perceive to be the best direction. My children don t get a vote. However I am well aware that when my children approach adulthood they need to learn how to reason and discern on their own. I don t want them to adopt my values because they are my values. I don t expect my children to think and live exactly like me--I want my children to think and live like Jesus. I am going to faithfully and without apology live out what I believe the Bible teaches. I fully expect my children to do the same--even if that expression looks different than mine. At the end of the day my fellowship with my adult children is not rooted in our common standards--as much as I hope they may look similar our fellowship will be rooted in our common faith in our common Savior. As parents we need to discern what hills we are willing to die on. For myself I hope that my children will love God with all of their heart mind soul and strength and love their neighbor as themselves. If they do this I will consider myself to be a successful parent. PASS tHE BAtON As I run toward my child trying to pass on my faith and values I don t want to let go of the baton too soon. I want to ensure that my child is in motion arm extended ready to receive it and that he has firmly grasped the handoff before I let go. However when I do let go I want to genuinely LET GO. I don t want to run around the track hanging on to the baton so that my child won t drop it. I don t want to run alongside her yelling instructions about how to run the race. Instead I want to catch my breath and cheer her on. If she starts to run off-track I will send up a prayer and trust that all the training I ve given her will pay off. I will trust that she will quickly regain her view of the finish line and renew her stride. BEcOME A fAN While I am currently my child s coach I look forward to the day when I will be his biggest fan. I want to make the most of my opportunities and I truly hope my children will run well when it is their turn. If they falter or stumble I don t want to give up on them. I believe that God will be merciful to teach them in spite of their imperfections and mistakes just as He has been to me. I don t care if his running style is different than mine what is important is that we are on the same team and that we will someday both receive the prize for having run well. My hope and prayer for all Christian parents is that they will be successful in transferring what really matters (a love for the Lord and others) and will be willing to let go of the things that aren t essential. May the Lord grant us grace to be gracious to one another and successfully pass on the baton--not merely from one generation to the next but from generation to generation to generation--for the glory of God. Israel Wayne is an author and conference speaker who serves the Lord through Wisdom s Gate Ministries. This article is excerpted from Dropping the Baton which originally appeared in Home School Digest. Reprinted with permission from the author. Check out Wayne s new book Full-Time Parenting at and come and listen to him at the HEAV convention in June THE VIRGInIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 19 Yet you do not know [the least thing] about what may happen tomorrow. What is the nature of your life You are [really] but a wisp of vapor (a puff of smoke a mist) that is visible for a little while and then disappears [into thin air]. James 4 14 (AMP) t ime is most precious and it slips through our fingers on a daily basis. I try to slow it down but it is so fast. Everything in life demands more of our time--gardens meals organizing cleaning friendships church responsibilities lesson planning and more. Nothing aside from our Lord and our husband deserves more of our time than our children. God hand-picked this arrangement. As I drove yesterday with five children I was shocked with the realization that sitting in the passenger seat beside me was a man. Only eleven this baby I once held in my arms is now taller than I am and has feet bigger than mine. He can open all the hard jar lids. tIME IS flyING By. Puff. What if I weren t homeschooling him Most days zoom and the clock zips from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. before I know it. What if my man-child was gone nine of those twelve hours I wouldn t know him. Oh I d try as any mother would. I d try to absorb every moment as soon as he d get off that big yellow bus at the end of the driveway. Like my own mother I d meet him with milk cookies and a smile. But I know he d be zombiefied. It s what happens. I remember being a zombie after getting off of that bus. Think of how many hours children who leave for public private school are away from home every day. And this is childhood A few the Can Stock Photo Inc. wacker Gift Time of by Jamerrill Stewart years ago we had two foster children who went to public school. They had to get up by 6 30 each morning to get dressed eat and stand with loaded backpacks at the bus stop by 7 20. The bus didn t bring them back home until nearly 4 p.m. Stepping off the bus in late afternoon sun they had eyes that were glazed over. Before we knew it dinner was calling then evening chores showers and bed. Wake up the next morning do it all again. wHERE wAS tHE tIME I openly share that some days are messy because life can get that way. But even on the messy days I still have my children with me by my side. We have time to talk. Even if we re do- ing housework we talk about big hard thick questions about life the world or Jesus. ( How will I know who God picked for my wife ) We get into the deep stuff over oatmeal. If the math makes the brain hurt we go jump on the trampoline and eat a Popsicle . When tempers flare as brother upsets sister (or more likely sister upsets brother) we talk it out and pray big prayers. A few gifts that homeschooling brings I know my children. I don t have to give them away to the world for forty-plus hours a week. I know their strengths and weaknesses. I don t find out about these areas from a teacher s note SOLs or a report card. With the Holy Spirit s help my husband and I refine their strengths and develop where they are weak. We learn and grow together. Siblings get to know each other. They are not just passing by morning night and weekends. Even if a sibling conflict erupts we handle it as a family. I can say that our children are increasingly becoming one another s best friends. I m seeing it happen. Jesus at the center of family life is our focus. Some days I say to the kids Boy we need more Jesus today--let s get our Bibles out. We play the Word in our house while we work. We re trying to incorporate meal-time devotions. And if we find ourselves really digging into the Word we can linger. Everything else can wait. Even though I feel days rushing past there s still more time than if we were all running in different directions every day. By homeschooling at least we run together. I am enjoying my gift soaking up these days. Jamerrill Stewart loves Jesus fiercely. She and her husband Travis have five children. Jamerrill writes about homeschooling and family living at La In LAMP AND QUILL Families Home Schools Sunday Schools Christian Schools Youth Small Groups Training Hearts One Passage at a Time mp & Quill her as seek If you and search for silver If you her as forseek her treasures will hidden silver of as you Then ... fear the 2 4-5 ... discern Lord 2 4-5 Proverbs the Proverbs Kindergarten l PRE PRE PRE La In mp & Quill her as seek If you and search for silver If you her as forseek her treasures will hidden silver of as you Then ... fear the 2 4-5 ... discern Lord 2 4-5 Proverbs the Proverbs CA l ternationa her as seek If you and search for silver If you her as forseek her treasures will hidden silver of as you Then ... fear the 2 4-5 ... discern Lord 2 4-5 Proverbs the Proverbs TM La In mp & Quill l TM ternationa her as seek If you and search for silver If you her as forseek her treasures will hidden silver of as you Then ... fear the 2 4-5 ... discern Lord 2 4-5 Proverbs the Proverbs TM Prekindergarten La In mp & Quill l TM HS La In ternationa ternationa La In mp & Quill her as seek If you and search for silver If you her as forseek her treasures will hidden silver of as you Then ... fear the 2 4-5 ... discern Lord 2 4-5 Proverbs the Proverbs mp & Quill her as seek If you and search for silver If you her as forseek her treasures will hidden silver of as you Then ... fear the 2 4-5 ... discern Lord 2 4-5 Proverbs the Proverbs Preschool l JR l ternationa TM ternationa TM La In mp & Quill her as seek If you and search for silver If you her as forseek her treasures will hidden silver of as you Then ... fear the 2 4-5 ... discern Lord 2 4-5 Proverbs the Proverbs La mp & Quill her as seek If you and search for silver If you her as forseek her treasures will hidden silver of as you Then ... fear the 2 4-5 ... discern Lord 2 4-5 Proverbs the Proverbs ternationa her as seek If you and search for silver If you her as forseek her treasures will hidden silver of as you Then ... fear the 2 4-5 ... discern Lord 2 4-5 Proverbs the Proverbs l TM La In mp & Quill l TM ternationa mp & Quill La her as seek If you and search for silver If you her as forseek her treasures will hidden silver of as you Then ... fear the 2 4-5 ... discern Lord 2 4-5 Proverbs the Proverbs In ternationa her as seek If you and search for silver If you her as forseek her treasures will hidden silver of as you Then ... fear the 2 4-5 ... discern Lord 2 4-5 Proverbs the Proverbs l TM La In mp & Quill l TM ternationa her as seek If you and search for silver If you her as forseek her treasures will hidden silver of as you Then ... fear the 2 4-5 ... discern Lord 2 4-5 Proverbs the Proverbs La In mp & Quill l TM ternationa 1-5 Coloring g esis Gen Beginnin Book COL 1 thesis d -5 ing In eneGo ...n FAM in G Beg 5 esis 1-... 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