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HERLIFE MAGAZINE TWIN CITIES KEEPING WOMEN CONNECTED COMFY STYLISH IDEAS FOR CELEBRATING EARTH DAY DESIGNER SHOES THAT PAMPER YOUR FEET APRIL 2013 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM EDEN PRAIRIE S K.T. BERNHAGEN MASCARA TIPS HOMEMADE PASTA KIDS AND BUDGETS hot deals cole s salon sBG DesiGns 600 Washington ave n 350 Minneapolis Mn 55401 apricot lane Boutique 952-582-1951 the shops at West end 1669 West End Blvd. St. Louis Park Two fantastic limited time offers Receive 10% off all Clarisonic Equipment and 30 off the fan-favorite Brocato Vibrastrait Flat Iron.Valid at any Cole s Salon location offer expires 4-11-13. HERLIFE readers only 10% off your entire purchase during the Summer Showcase Event on May 4th from 11 00am - 2 00pm at the SBG Designs Showroom. 40% off one regular priced item.Valid until 4-30-13. Cannot be combined with any other offer. tushies anD tails cruise holiDays of eDina 952-922-4800 50th & France Edina MN c est chic 612-339-1600 200 Third Avenue North Suite 109 Minneapolis Mn. 10% off entire purchase with code HL1002. Book an Ocean view or higher stateroom on Royal Caribbean or Celebrity and receive an Onboard Coupon Booklet - 250 value Receive 10% off your European designer finds at C est Chic Boutique during the month of April. Mention HERLIFE to redeem. Expires 4-30-13 siGn up for our hot Deals neWsletter at WWW.herlifeMaGazine.coM herlife contents COVER STORY K.T. BERNHAGEN What do green and concrete have in common K.T. Bernhagen co-founder of Percoa USA is excited about pervious concrete a sustainable earth-friendly product with the potential to protect one of Minnesota s precious resources-- our water. 24 To attain fabulous fringe you want to excel in three areas preparing the eye for mascara applying mascara and most importantly choosing the right mascara. contents 8 12 16 18 20 22 24 28 30 38 40 Welcome health Beauty Spotlight Culinary Mother s Perspective inspirations Green living Trendsetter Working Women Spotlight fine Things home Travel in the City 16 earth Day has become a global annual event over the past four decades observed in 2012 by one billion people in 192 countries. here are some ways you can celebrate in 2013 28 Bad experiences can easily happen when we take travel into our own hands. read how a professional travel advisor can help you to avoid these types of unpleasant mishaps. 42 44 46 48 46 6 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM herlife welcome SPRING APPRECIATION Have an inspirational woman in your life If you or someone you know has a great story that you think should be told please email us at llee We Minnesotans never take spring for granted. In a state where we re never surprised by an April snowfall how could we One of the best parts about calling this state our home is the great appreciation we hibernators have for the renewal of color in our life and the beginning of warm weather I love that 50 degrees in April is considered shorts weather here in the Midwest. But aside from shorts when it comes to fashion spring is the time for getting color back into our wardrobes. Check out our Trendsetter this month for some fun spring fashion ideas because we all appreciate the first nice day we get to break out our new fashion finds My appreciation for spring encompasses so many things fresh rain green trees time to clean simply sitting outside I love it all. All except for spring yard work. Coming off a snowy winter I watch as nature installs a muddy pool in my backyard. Although it will dry and the grass will be ready to mow soon this year I m mindful of something that I don t always think about as the icicles melt...Where does all that water go and what about all of the other stuff Like HERLIFE Magazine on Facebook to stay current on great discounts special events and behind-the-scenes details HERLIFEMagTC that goes with it Motor oil fertilizers pesticides and other substances make their way into the water that runs off our streets and sidewalks which contaminates the ground water and eventually the beautiful rivers and lakes that we all cherish. At times we take for granted that our water resources will remain protected for years to come. Luckily people like cover girl K.T. Bernhagen appreciate the need to protect our water and this high-energy cute mom is making it happen with concrete K.T. s business uses concrete in a way that will help minimize the effects of Help us be green Please share the love and recycle when you are done reading this issue. water run-off into our lakes and rivers. So this spring among the sunny days and bright colors I m also appreciating concrete pho to by mic helle lockw ood ph otogr aph y Lindsey Lee Hutchins 8 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM STAFF AND CONTACTS Editor-In-Chief Lindsey Lee HutcHins llee 952-210-1549 Senior Account Executive dapHne Keute daphne 612-592-1016 Account Executive Lynette MccuLLougH lynette 612-817-3143 Editor MariLyn isaMinger 913-402-6994 Creative Director asHLeigH tHoMson ashleigh Design and Production todd grantHaM todd Art Director eLana BeLL elana Intern Justine tutewoHL Contributing Authors cHandra BLacKweLL ann e. Butenas VicKy giLpin sHerry L. granader KiMBerLy Horg-weBB KatHLeen M. Krueger Linda r. price catie watson Contributing Photographers MicHeLLe LocKwood pHotograpHy cHris Mcduffie pHotograpHy MoMento iMages To contact HERLIFE Magazine 7455 France Avenue South 405 Edina MN 55435 Phone Fax 1-866-827-6851 For Advertising call 952-210-1549 HERLIFE Magazine of Twin Cities is operated locally by LBL Publishing an independently owned and operated franchisee of HERLIFE Magazine LLC. To reach national headquarters call 913-402-6994. 2013 by HERLIFE Magazine. All rights reserved. Although some parts of this publication may be reproduced and reprinted we require that prior permission be obtained in writing. HERLIFE Magazine is owned by LBL Publishing and is a free publication distributed locally and is supported by our advertisers. It is available in selected specialty stores doctor and dental offices medical spas hair and nail salons tanning salons public libraries and numerous other high traffic locations. Please call for a location near you or if you would like copies placed at your business. We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles and advertisements nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised. We welcome your ideas articles and feedback. Subscriptions are available for 20 (for 12 issues). Please go to or mail a check made out to HERLIFE Magazine to the above address. 10 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM SUBSCRIPTIONS herlife health NATIONAl FOOT HEAlTH mONTH by linda r. pr ice D o Alexander McQueen s 10-inch Armadillo shoes turn you on Do you need Blahniks Pradas or Christian Louboutins to feel gorgeous Are you into ballet slippers and flipflops Throbbing feet are a small price to pay for glamorous footwear you say. Not so fast inflammatories relieve the condition in most people. Others may need surgical correction. Bunions and hammertoes are typically caused by shoes that are too wide in the heel and too tight in the toe box. Have both your feet measured and buy shoes that fit the larger foot. Minor surgery may be necessary to correct the problem if over-the-counter pads or cushions do not work. Achilles tendons become permanently shortened from excessive use of stilettos. Athletes who increase their jog or run too quickly are other victims of Achilles tendonitis. To relieve the discomfort rest use ice for 20 minutes four times a day and take anti-inflammatories. Physical therapy and custom-made orthotics may be recommended if the pain has not lessened in about two weeks. The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) estimates that the average person will walk nearly 100 000 miles in a lifetime and many of our problems are caused by poorly fitting shoes. Long-term wearing of stiletto heels can cause permanent damage to tendons shorten calf muscles throw the back out of alignment and produce ankle injuries joint damage osteoarthritis as well as hip and back pain. But it s not just stilettos that cause problems. Wearing thin-soled unsupportive flats can cause shin splints stress fractures and plantar fasciitis. Narrow toe boxes can cause ingrown toenails neuromas bunions and hammertoes. Comfortable Shoes Common Foot Ailments and How to Prevent and Cure Them About 25 000 ankle sprains occur daily many from tripping or falling while using high heels. The ligaments that hold the ankle bones in position become stretched or torn causing the victim pain when trying to use the joint. Remember RICE for immediate relief rest ice (20 minutes four times a day) compression (ACE wraps) and elevation (ankle above heart level as much as possible). Severe sprains are treated with splints crutches and physical therapy. Plantar fasciitis is caused by stretching the ligament that connects the front of the foot to the heel. Improperly fitted shoes weight gain and increased activity can cause the ligament to swell and become painfully inflamed. Treatment consists of stretching exercises custommade orthotics a shot of cortisone and even surgery depending on the severity of the problem. Neuromas are nerve tissues between the toes that become thickened. A common cause is using shoes with a narrow tight toe box. Using roomier and flatter shoes cortisone injections and anti12 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Proper shoes are shoes that have arch support and cushioning to absorb shock with a heel lower than 2 inches high. The number of consultations caused by use of fashionable stilettos increased 75 percent between 2005 and 2009 according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). Even worse some women are demanding procedures (such as the Stiletto Prescription or Pillows for Feet toe tucks and trimming of the little toe) to help their shoes fit better. In a strongly worded statement the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society s (AOFAS) position statement on cosmetic foot surgery condemned the procedures. Cosmetic foot surgery should not be considered in any circumstances and the Society does not condone its practice. Women are on their feet all day and need comfortable shoes. It s a small wonder that doctors are being hired as consultants by shoe designers and are creating their own shoe lines. Dr. Lisa Masterson s Therafit Shoe is designed for women on the go. The shoes have different layers and densities that cushion and support the shock delivContinued on page 14 ered by your foot on impact. Orthopedic surgeon Taryn Rose created the Eponymous line of ergonomically designed footwear made of fine Italian leather and Poron memory foam. Diabetic Foot Care Diabetes is one disease in which the patient must pay close attention to her legs and feet. Nerve damage and decreased blood flow to the feet leading to necrosis may necessitate amputation if not carefully monitored. The American Diabetes Association estimates that 20 percent of diabetics who seek hospital care do so for foot problems. Diabetics must wash and carefully pat their feet dry each day. Feet should be examined daily for dry cracked skin blisters warmth or tenderness when the feet are touched and ingrown toenails corns and calluses. Diabetics need to refrain from exercising when open ulcers are present on the feet. Good shoes for diabetics are those with no inside seams closed toes and heels at least inch extra space at the end of the longest toe firm outer soles and shoes at least as wide as your feet. Never wait to seek medical attention for a minor foot problem. Foot problems are much easier to treat when attended to early. Sources and 14 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Women carving out more of the DIY market DO IT HERSELF Minneapolis MN West North Central Region PROJECT Attic bedroom Deck addition (wood) Siding replacement (vinyl) AVG. COST 50 006 9 774 11 608 11 366 172 913 19 598 57 300 63 228 29 948 5 814 6 850 6 353 96 385 10 884 31 543 33 238 HOME PROJECT INVESTMENT RETURN AVG. RESALE VALUE % RETURN 59.9% 59.5% 59.0% 55.9% 55.7% 55.5% 55.0% 52.6% W ith the softening of the U.S. real estate market in recent years the home improvement industry has been booming... as homeowners either try to make current homes meet their needs or give their property an edge in the market. And the face of those homeowners is changing. According to the National Association of Realtors single women currently outnumber single male homeowners two-to-one. And with a recent study showing that over 70 billion in home improvement purchases are made by women it s clear that the hardware store is no longer the boys club. Women are capable of and comfortable with tackling projects themselves. But the big questions to ask are 1) which projects are worth your money and 2) which ones can (should) you take on yourself Window replacement (vinyl) Two-story addition Minor kitchen remodel Major kitchen remodel Basement remodel SOURCE REMODELING MAGAZINE 2011 12 COST VS. VALUE REPORT less conventional sources like overstock warehouses home recycling centers and the internet. Do your homework. Consider manufactured stone vs. granite stock vs. custom cabinets solid hardwood flooring vs. hybrids or engineered hardwood... and trim thousands off your budget. DIY and save Major projects like home additions and windows are likely best left to the pro s. But even when working with a contractor there are ways to trim your bill and get a great sense of DIY satisfaction. Consider doing some of the tear-down or finishing work. You can often negotiate a discount by removing old flooring mudding drywall seams or doing the final painting or staining yourself. Source your own materials. You might be able to avoid markups and find better deals by getting competitive bids and shopping Financing your fix-up While researching your financing options be sure to check out Wings Financial Credit Union. Wings offers flexible home equity loans and lines at some of the Twin Cities lowest rates. Learn more and apply online anytime at Wings membership is open to anyone who lives or works in the 13-county metro area as well as employees of the U.S. air transportation industry. For more information visit ADVERTORIAL WINGS FINANCIAL CREDIT UNION IS FEDERALLY INSURED BY NCUA. herlife beauty TOP mASCARAS & APPlICATION by vic k y g ilp in choosing the right mascara. E xceptional eyelashes emphasize this season s bold dramatic eye trends whether metallic shadows intense liquid liner or the continued dominance of the smoky eye. To attain fabulous fringe you want to excel in three areas preparing the eye for mascara applying mascara and most importantly some mascaras particularly the extenders that contain fibers can shed color deposits during this procedure. Some people move the mascara wand to deposit color but others move the eyelashes themselves in a winking motion. Another suggestion is to look in the opposite direction for example if you are applying on your top lashes look down. Whether you have your mouth open or closed during the process is up to you no research has indicated benefits of either method over the other but proponents swear by their preference After applying the mascara remove the tissue from underneath the bottom lashes and carefully brush or wipe away the excess powder used before the application. You should be gratified not to see any flecks or smudges on your face. Pre-mascara Preparation How you prepare your eyes before mascara application can prevent problems such as smudges later in the day. This is important for two reasons most women are too busy to check a mirror every five minutes to see if their makeup has gone on vacation and smudged mascara is one of the top beauty blunders that can give others in the workplace a negative impression when it counts such as in an interview or when meeting new clients. First make sure your face and eyes are clean and dry as you do not want to layer new makeup on top of old makeup whose time has passed. Using one of the many high-quality primers available will keep your eye shadow from smudging and reduce oil. You want to apply your primer eye shadow and liner first and then set with powder before applying mascara. Trying to do a quick fix up with liner after applying mascara can cause falling makeup specks. Before beginning mascara application add a layer of loose powder underneath your eye and have a tissue available to hold under your bottom lashes to catch clumps before they hit your face. You might also use an eyelash curler to get the most from your lashes but never use a curler while wearing mascara as that increases the tendency of breakage or snapping. A tool many people find useful is a heated eyelash curler that will neaten and curl your eyelashes prior to mascara application often a necessity for people who wear glasses but also love the modern extending mascaras and don t want makeup on their glasses. So Many Choices Right now is the best time to buy mascara because there are so many choices available However be aware of what you want in a mascara or you are likely to end up with a lot of products in the bottom of your makeup drawer before you find the perfect one for you. A little research goes a long way toward an educated purchase that will satisfy your needs. Looking at official product sites can help you narrow down your selection by learning what the companies indicate about their products. Reading reviews is also beneficial but not all review sites are created equal. A combination of sources with professional makeup experts as well as woman-on-the-street experiences can help you discover what is right for you. For example perusing the Good Housekeeping and Allure sites can help you narrow your search or throw some contenders out of the running. In addition if you see a woman with fantastic lashes ask her what she uses Even in the professional world people like to know they look good and most women are thrilled to enthuse over their favorite products. Maybelline s Great Lash s familiar green and pink container continues to lead the pack in popularity as does Lanc me s original D finicils but Benefit s They re Real is a new favorite. In addition L Oreal s Voluminous False Fiber Lashes combine intense black extreme lengthening and long wear for an excellent combination that can keep you looking your best throughout the day Sources and Mascara Application The application procedure may differ depending on what type of mascara is being used. Read the back of every product as some may require multiple swipes specifying whether or not to let the lashes dry between passes while others emphasize a single swipe to avoid spidery or clumpy lashes. The tried-and-true method of wiggling the mascara brush at the base or roots of the eyelashes before drawing the brush along to the tips of the lash is still an effective strategy but 16 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM herlife spotlight FOR TONIGHT by k a t h le e n m . k rue g e r ph o t o g r a ph y by m ic h e lle lo c k w o o d p ho t o g raphy ite charity you always want to look your best. Wearing the same dress to Julie s wedding that you wore to Kate s a few months ago would be really lame and not nearly as fun as picking out something new. What s a girl to do You might think that only your girlfriends understand the magnitude of these fashion decisions but it s not true. There are a couple of guys in the Twin Cities who totally get what it s all about they ve been working in the women s fashion industry for years. They know just what you d choose to wear FOR TONIGHT and they ve opened up a shop in Calhoun Square in Uptown under that name to help you out. Dan Vargas and Terry Terwedo have both worked in the retail clothing industry for over 18 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM W hat will I wear That s every girl s big dilemma. It doesn t matter if it s a Friday night dinner date the spring prom or a gala event for your favor- 10 years. Terry gave Dan his first job in retail here in the Twin Cities. When Terry returned to Minneapolis after working for several years in Los Angeles Dan returned the favor and offered Terry a job. Eventually they both went into business for themselves Terry as owner of Atmosfere for Women and Dan as owner of VState. Since they have been friends for so many years they decided to quit competing and join forces to test out a new concept in retail fashion. They opened FOR TONIGHT in December 2012 to provide high-end designer evening wear and unique fashion options at prices that are affordable for the average shopper. What s their definition of affordable you may wonder How about paying 15 percent of the retail price tag to take the dress out of the store That s 150 for a 1 000 dress by Basix Black Label or 75 for a 500 dress by BCBG. These are not designer knockoffs they re the real deal What s the catch You have to bring the dress back within three to seven days after you ve worn it. That s right. You can rent a designer dress make a big splash on your special night and then bring it back to the store instead of having it hanging in your closet taking up space. The concept of renting out dresses and accessories for a night out has far surpassed expectations according to Terry. We were expecting to have a lull after the holidays came to a close in January but that hasn t happened. The store is continuing to grow their rental options as they add new designers and styles to fit different types of occasions and their broad range of customers. Our customers range from high school juniors to mature business executives noted Dan. Even with the success they are experiencing with the rental concept that is just a small part of what FOR TONIGHT is all about. We re also a retail fashion boutique said Terry. We specialize in selling dresses and outfits for under 100. The store is also filled with lots of great accessories jewelry belts scarves jackets that you won t find in other retail outlets around town. About the only thing you won t find in the store to complete your outfit is a pair of shoes or boots to go with it. Retail isn t the only area of experience in which Dan excels he is also known in the Twin Cities for throwing grand scale parties. He s the one behind the scenes bringing together large community events like the Crystal Ball on New Year s Eve at International Market Square each year. In other words Dan and Terry are fun guys who like to help people have a good time. In fact they are already making plans for a special event in the fall that they re calling Rumble on the Runway. Keep an eye out for news about this event as the summer draws to a close. Dan and Terry welcome the input from customers about what they d like to see in the shop and ideas that could improve the rental concept. They are still in the developmental stage of their business model and working out the details. This is our test market Dan said. If it works here we may try expanding it to other cities. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 19 herlife culinary HOmEmADE PASTA by s h e rry l. g ra n a d e r for 30 minutes. Rolling and cutting the dough takes another 10-15 minutes depending on how fast you go and if you have any helpers. Treat yourself to this amazing delight and break out the pasta maker that you have stored on the shelf and get rolling. Once the pasta is made you can cook it right away and toss it with some delicious ingredients like grilled shrimp or chicken broccoli or asparagus olive oil garlic and sun-dried tomatoes. Other options include drying it and freezing it for later use. When it comes to cooking fresh pasta it only takes about four minutes in boiling salted water for al dente pasta (with a little firmness). Here is a basic recipe for egg pasta that can be rolled out and cut into any shape you desire. A pasta maker makes this process much easier especially when it comes to making spaghetti flat or W e can thank southern Italy for a wheat-flour dough that comes in a myriad of shapes and sizes equally topped with varied sauces and ingredients. It is actually quite easy to make pasta at home as mixing and kneading the dough takes about ten minutes before letting it rest angel hair noodles. Measure the flour into the bowl make a well in the center of the flour and add the yolks egg and salt. Whisk the eggs with a fork to combine and gradually pull in the flour from the bottom and sides of the bowl. Do not rush this process--it will eventually form into very soft dough. Don t worry if you have not used all the flour. Turn the dough out onto a clean surface and begin to gently fold the dough onto itself flatten it out and fold again. The dough will be very soft at first but will gradually firm up enough to knead it. As you knead the dough add more flour to prevent it from sticking to your fingers or the counter surface. The goal is to create a dough ball with very few air bubbles. If you cut into the dough and see a lot of air bubbles keep kneading until a smooth ball is formed. Place the ball of dough inside a clean bowl cover with plastic wrap or a plate and let it rest for 30 minutes. Please note the dough can be placed in the refrigerator for 24 hours however make sure you bring the dough up to room temperature before rolling it out. Divide the dough into four equal portions dust with flour and cover with a clean dish towel. Keep all the dough well floured to prevent it from sticking to the roller or itself. If you have a pasta machine set it to the thickest setting usually one inch. If not you can roll each section out into a paper-thin rectangle and cut dough crosswise into 1 8-inch strips for narrow noodles or -inch strips for wide noodles. Shake out the strips and let them dry on a towel for about two hours. A pasta machine allows you to feed the pasta crosswise between the rollers once or twice more until smooth. If you like a chewier texture fold the pasta again before putting it through the roller as this strengthens the gluten in the flour. You will need 2 cups all-purpose flour (if you use self-rising flour omit the salt in this recipe) 3 egg yolks 1 whole egg 2 teaspoons sea salt - cup water 20 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Switch from the pasta roller to the noodle cutter and run the sheet of pasta through the cutter and place in a bowl. Toss the noodles with a little flour to prevent them from sticking as you gather them together into a loose basket. Cover with a towel while you finish rolling out the rest of the dough. Please note It is actually easier to roll all the pasta at once before getting into the cutting process. Bring a large pot of water to a boil add about a teaspoon of salt and cook about 4-5 minutes until al dente. If you choose to store your homemade noodles it is important to dry the pasta before storing so lay it out to dry over the back of chairs use coat hangers or a drying rack. Let it dry completely before storing it in airtight containers. It will last for several weeks. You can also freeze the pasta for up to three months keeping in mind it may take a minute or two longer to cook from the frozen state. You can add anything to pasta for a delicious meal almonds herbs chicken or shrimp vegetables olive oil parmesan cheese even toasted bread crumbs. The satisfaction experienced from making something so wonderful out of simply eggs and flour is amazing and there is no comparison to fresh pasta and homemade. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 21 herlife mother s perspective TEACHING YOuR KIDS HOw TO mANAGE A HOuSEHOlD BuDGET b y k im b e rly ho rg -w e b b A 22 mother has many important lessons to teach her children one of them being to manage a household budget. Without the skills of budgeting anyone can get in over their head in debt which can not only be stressful but can ruin credit scores and lead to more trouble down the road. without getting paid. If that is the case then a parent can pay their child for going above and beyond their normal duties. Another way is to set a weekly allowance instead of paying your child for each chore. The goal is to teach children the value of a dollar so it is important for it not to turn into a situation in which children expect to get paid every time they do something. Then when that expected day comes when your child has to have the latest toy or gadget make her buy it with the money she earned. If she only earned 2 that week but the toy costs 15 teach her how to budget by getting three jars or piggy banks one for saving one for spending and the other one for sharing money. When she wants an ice cream make her get money out of the To motivate a child to save the parent must first get their chil- dren to understand that a parent s money is tied to the work mom and or dad does. Mom can make a list of chores and calculate what she will pay for each one. Maybe putting away clothes in the dryer is worth 50 cents or sweeping the floor adds up to 75 cents. This method is controversial for some mothers who think kids should have to do chores HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM spending jar and teach her to put money back into the saving jar for the toy so she can watch the money grow. The sharing jar can be another valuable lesson for children to learn how to donate to a good cause. Since children like to have choices moms can let them decide where their hard-earned money will go. The three jars idea was made popular by the muppet Elmo on the children s television show Sesame Street. Help her calculate how long it will take to save for what she wants. She can have a short-term plan and a long-term saving plan for a big trip or toy. It s important to teach your child how to save money by example so she knows she can do it. Another good way to help make your child s money grow is to start a savings account or college mutual fund. Mom should deposit half of all gift money into the account and teach her to do the same with her allowance. It s important to show her how money grows and the interest is calculated. Statements are a good way to track money. Another plus of saving money in a bank or fund is that people can t get their money as easily as it would be to grab it out of a piggy bank (which might cut back on spur-of-the-moment spending). It can also be a safer place to store it from theft or loss. Get a notepad or use a spreadsheet to calculate your household budget and show it to your child so she can create her own. Make a budget or spending plan that will help you cover all your expenses and saving goals. The three most important factors to include are to know how much money is spent know the projected saving goals and to be able to manage the money. Next think about the sources of income. Where is the money coming from In your case it s work in a child s case it most likely is allowance or gifts. Add the income amounts together and add your fixed expense amounts together such as bills for mom and shampoo or Capri Suns for the little one. Write each down as income total and fixed expense total. Then subtract the fixed expenses total from the income total. This will be the amount left for other expenses. Make a column for other expenses for items such as entertainment snacks and clothes. Add them together and enter your total. When your child compares the total income against the total expenses and sees that she has money left over she can feel good about learning to budget well. This can be a good way for children to learn what they have and what it takes to buy what they want. It s important not to give in to their every whim and equally important to set a good example by not impulse buying. Ask your child if an item or toy is important enough to buy and spend their money on. Make a household budget and let your child see how mom manages the household budget by saving buying items on sale and using coupons. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 23 herlife inspirations K.T. BERNHAGEN didn t develop out of her ten years of teaching dance either. But life is known to throw us unexpected curve balls at times. When this change of direction came speeding into her life K.T. decided to take a swing at it. From all appearances she s hit a home run K.T. is co-owner with Brett Pomerleau of Percoa USA LLC an Eden Prairie firm which produces a patent-pending concrete product that is revolutionary in its sustainable Earth-friendly properties. I never knew a person could get so excited about concrete said K.T. but excited she is Once you get her talking about Percoa USATM it s hard for her to stop. It isn t just a product she sells in K.T. s mind it is a product that is going to protect one of Minnesota s most precious resources our lakes and waterways. K.T. grew up in Prior Lake and has always enjoyed the lakes and waterways that surrounded her. Now that she is a mother of three children of her own she wants her kids to be able to enjoy clean lakes and rivers in the same way that she did growing up but things have changed. In 2012 the Star Tribune reported that the storm water collection ponds created to protect surface water from being polluted in the metro area are reaching saturation points that will generate cleanup costs in excess of 1 billion dollars. The cleanup of just one of the contaminated ponds in Inver Grove Heights was estimated to have a cost of 450 000. by k a t h le e n m . k rue g e r p h o t o g r a p hy by mi c he l l e lo c k w o o d p h o t o g ra p h y h a i r a n d m akeu p by b re a nna s t u rg e le s k i o f s im o n s o n s s a l on a nd spa s h o t o n l o c a t i o n a t t he m u s t a rd se e d M anaging a business that sells concrete slabs was not exactly what K.T. (KayTee) Bernhagen envisioned for her future when she wore her pink leotards to ballet class as a little girl. Concrete products certainly HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 25 only a few commercial applications for several reasons. Traditional pervious concrete has to be poured in place. Pervious concrete contains very little water which means the concrete does not spread out when it is dumped making installation more labor intensive. In addition other issues related to the stability of the product have made it less than desirable for many applications. Percoa s co-owner Brett Pomerlau grew up in Prior Lake as well. It was a high school class reunion that reconnected K.T. and Brett in 2009. Brett had been working out of state and had been a concrete contractor for many years. At the time K.T. was a single mother of two boys and a girl studying communications at St. Catherine University and graduating with honors in 2011. Brett is a natural problem solver according K.T. He s always looking for ways to improve products and applications. Brett s concrete experience included being certified in pervious concrete installation and because of his years of experience in the field Brett was aware of Finding ways to protect our water resources rather than clean them afterward seems like common sense to K.T. That s one of the ways that Percoa is turning concrete green. The product that Percoa USA has developed is a type of pervious concrete. Pervious concrete is made with much less water than most concrete applications and little-to-no sand. Pervious concrete is sometimes referred to as porous concrete because it allows water to filter through the minimal spaces created between the cemented aggregate particles. Instead of water running off the concrete slab as it does with traditional concrete water literally soaks into the slab of pervious concrete. The slab thereby becomes a filter that traps debris and pollutants cleansing the water before it progresses into the ground water. Because of pervious concrete s water-filtering ability the use of pervious concrete has several other benefits for property owners and even entire communities. Pervious concrete installed strategically can decrease or eliminate the need for retention ponds for water runoff allowing more efficient use of land resources. It can also greatly decrease the flow of water and debris into storm sewers. The cost savings realized by avoiding storm sewer expansion in a community can be quite substantial. Pervious concrete itself is nothing new. It has been around for quite some time and its potential benefits as a sustainable product are well established in the construction and landscaping industries. Nevertheless the utilization of pervious concrete has been limited to 26 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM both the benefits and drawbacks of this product. Developing solutions to make pervious concrete a more viable product for mainstream construction was just a natural path for him to take. It was Brett s enthusiasm for the potential of pervious concrete to help protect lakes and waterways that made K.T. sit up and take notice of this concrete product. Brett recognized that the major problems connected with pervious concrete were related to its being poured in place. The solution--precast concrete. PercoaTM s patent-pending process involves creating precast slabs of pervious concrete. This process greatly decreases the labor costs involved with installation and also allows the concrete to cure in a controlled environment improving the stability of the slabs and creating the opportunity for a variation in the load-bearing capacities of the slabs as well. The thought that she could be a part of something that would make a truly significant impact on protecting the environment was a huge incentive for K.T. She plunged forward with full commitment to this fledging business. While Brett had his hands full creating and testing the product K.T. prepared to run the marketing end of the business and to help educate the industry and the public on their new product. If you think this means that K.T. is all head knowledge and no experience you re mistaken. There s no way she could be as effective as she is in marketing Percoa if she didn t understand every bit of the process. She s participated in every step of the process from the precast procedures to the actual installation of Percoa K.T. at a project site in Minnetonka in 2012 slabs. I ve found that I actually enjoy getting involved in the physical process. I look forward to the days when I get to leave my desk and do some hands-on work with our product said K.T. Water runoff from asphalt slabs can be particularly damaging to wetlands. It can carry pollutants like oil from the asphalt itself and when the asphalt is heated from the sun the runoff is warmer than standing water which can also negatively affect the ecosystem. This was exactly the issue that Percoa addressed when the City of Eden Prairie contracted with them to provide Percoa slabs for a parking lot at the Birch Island Conservation Area. The city wanted to make the conservation area more accessible to the public in a way that would not negatively affect the natural environment. Percoa slabs provided the answer. St. Martin s by the Lake recently contracted to have Percoa slabs installed along the side of their parking lot nearest Lake Minnetonka. Contractors and architects in the Land of 10 000 Lakes are particularly excited about this project. Percoa slabs used for patios and driveways on lake property can increase the percentage of pervious ground cover on a piece of property which may allow for additions to homes which previously were limited to their existing footprint. Percoa s green properties also make it popular for the LEED points it provides designers and architects (LEED is a rating system designed by the U.S. Green Building Council to determine the environmental impact of a building). In addition to Percoa slabs being used to safely filter water that seeps down and recharges our groundwater they can also be used to capture and reuse rainwater. K.T. foresees that using Percoa on flat roofs will accomplish this as well. I can see it being used heavily for landscape water features says K.T. The ability for the water to flow out of a water feature and then simply soak through the surrounding Percoa rather than having to accumulate in a pond or other standing water area opens great possibilities in my imagination. K.T. is the typical working mom running in a million different directions to keep up with her kids activities while still working hard to deliver the message of Percoa USA Clean water is a global responsibility. I want my kids and other women to be inspired by what I m doing with Percoa said K.T. We can make a real difference in the world if we re willing to do the hard work it takes to make it happen. 27 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM herlife green living wAYS TO CElEBRATE EARTH DAY b y ki m ber l y ho rg -w e b b by k a thl een m. kr ueger Everything changed on April 22 1970 when an estimated 20 million Americans took part in a massive nationwide peaceful demonstration called Earth Day. The event is seen by many as the beginning of the modern environmental movement leading to the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and passage of the Clean Air Clear Water and Endangered Species Acts. I n the late 1960s environmental problems seriously impacted the quality of life for most Americans. Cars and factories spewed pollution into the air and the large-scale use of pesticides was destroying the nation s lakes and waterways. Litter was a serious problem on city streets as well as rural highways. Earth Day has become a global annual event over the past four decades observed in 2012 by one billion people in 192 countries. We ve come a long way since the 1960s in terms of cleaning up and protecting the environment but there are still many challenges to be met. Population growth greenhouse gas emissions species loss and toxic pollution threaten to undo many of the environmental gains of the past 40 years. By participating in Earth Day activities on April 22 we can send a message to lawmakers around the world about the ongoing need to protect the earth for future generations. There are many ways to demonstrate your appreciation of nature and your commitment to protect the earth on Earth Day. Something as simple as planting a tree in your own backyard is a fun activity that helps the environment by lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Besides improving the appearance of your home an Earth Day tree can become a habitat for birds and small animals. As your tree matures the shade it provides can lower the cost of cooling your home and make your yard more attractive. Planting a vegetable garden is another small gesture that can have a big impact on your personal appreciation of nature. Nothing quite compares to the satisfaction of preparing healthy meals for family and friends that include organic veggies that you grew yourself. Another way to celebrate Earth Day is by joining thousands of people who show their support for the environment by spending the day outdoors. Check your community events calendar for Earth Day festivals and special events. Cleaning up litter or improving a trail at a local park is a great way to show how much you care about your community and the earth. You can also take a nature walk do some bird watching or pack a lunch and enjoy a relaxing outdoor picnic. If you re traveling on Earth Day make an effort to 28 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM leave your car at home and ride a bike or use public transportation. Earth Day is also a good time to make some green resolutions to save energy and conserve water. Unplug appliances when not in use turn off the lights when you leave a room and start using glass or stainless steel water bottles instead of disposable plastic bottles. talk to your kids about protecting the earth and saving animal and plant species from extinction. Expose them to books and movies that teach them about ecology. Make Earth Day special by taking your children to a local zoo aquarium botanical garden or wildlife preserve. If you re not a parent you can help instill an appreciation for nature in children by volunteering for Earth Day activities at a local school or nature center. The first Earth Day grew from the spirit of 1960s activism. If you d like to continue this tradition get involved in an Earth Day fundraiser or rally in your community. You can make a difference in the environment by joining with other activists who are committed to saving the earth. Learn more about government agencies and nonprofit organizations that are spearheading environmental policies and become an advocate for environmental causes that are close to your heart. Actively support energy efficiency conservation and recycling in your local community. You may even want to take on a leadership role and organize your own Earth Day event. You ll find more information about celebrating Earth Day and becoming involved in environmental activism on the Earth Day Network website at Earth Day has become a global annual event over the past four decades observed in 2012 by one billion people in 192 countries. Make a commitment to the EPA s Three Rs Reduce your consumption Reuse instead of replacing and Recycle whenever possible. Did you know that improper disposal of high-tech gadgets is becoming a growing threat to the environment Electronic items often contain lead mercury chromium and other toxic materials so it s important to keep them out of landfills. Contact your local trash collection agency to find out about proper e-waste disposal in your area. Environmental education has always been a key component of Earth Day. Today s children will inherit the earth so it s important to teach them how to preserve our natural resources. If you re a parent Sources Earth Day Network and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 29 herlife trendsetter ROSIE POSIE 6 8 8 0 b o ud in s t re et pr i or l a k e 95 2 .2 2 6 .5 2 4 1 w w w. ro si e posi e .ne t p ho t o g raphy by ch r i s m c du ff i e ph o t o g r aph y m o d e l k a t i e n o val an y o f we h m a n n m o d e l s a n d t al en t i n c. h a ir b y l i z varevi ce o f c o l e s sal o n & spa m a k e up by t i n a h i m o f c o l e s sal o n & spa s i l k t u n i c b y johnny w a s j e we l r y by la vie pa r i si e nne a n d o h pi sh posh 30 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM pink dip dye dress by green dr agon de nim sh irt by ecr u hea dband belt by john n y w as HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 31 herlife trendsetter silk top by ecru white trousers by ecru 32 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM cotton silk embroidered top by johnny was denim by henry & belle jewelry by oh pish posh HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 33 herlife trendsetter silk floral dress by johnny was denim jacket by miss me 34 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM white linen cargo pants by pete & gretta turquoise cotton shirt by green dragon HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 35 herlife trendsetter cotton embroidered top by miss me denim by henry & belle headband by hippie halo 36 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM silk embroidered tunic by johnny was pink denim jeans by m2f jewelry by la vie parisienne and oh pish posh HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 37 herlife working women HOw TO BE AN EFFECTIVE NEGOTIATOR AND ClOSER b y a n n e . b ut e n a s overcome objections and obstacles with ease. In short it comes down to not just knowing what you hope to acquire out of the deal but understanding exactly what it is the other party hopes to achieve. When it comes to the art of negotiating and closing the deal the primary tools you need in your mental arsenal are those of effective people skills. Going into a negotiation be conscious of your words and even your demeanor. Be careful of what you say and how you say it. Set a friendly tone. If the person with whom you are meeting is a stranger develop a rapport. Keep things upbeat and at the end of the negotiation be sure to compliment the other person on how well he or she did and congratulate him or her for the outcome. Before entering into any negotiating dialogue remember that the primary goal is to produce an outcome where both parties are satisfied and to leave the door open for future negotiations. Likewise when going into a negotiation eliminate the thinking that it s a contest with you against the perceived opponent across the table or on the phone. Instead change your perspective to one of collaboration--a joint effort in which the end result is a win-win situation. Stay out of the emotional boxing ring too. This is not the time for verbal attacks upon people. It is not the individual with whom you are 38 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM I have had three jobs in sales all of which were short-lived. Why I was ineffective in my negotiating and closing skills. I used to joke that I couldn t sell water to a thirsty millionaire lost in the desert. However you do not have to suffer the same fate as I. Being an effective negotiator takes practice and with time you can learn to negotiating who needs to be addressed it is the issue at-hand that requires your attention. Instead of laying down all of the differences between you and the one with whom you are negotiating set forth common interests. Develop a rapport. To the best of your ability determine the other party s needs and objectives. Do your due diligence and discover what the other party s needs and wants are through the use of honest and open-ended questions. Through this process of discovery you will learn what the strong and weak points are and what is of most and least importance to that individual. If you handle this part of the process authentically and with genuine curiosity it will demonstrate that you actually care about what the other party thinks and you desire to achieve an outcome that is mutually fair and reasonable. Once you have an understanding of what the other party wants and needs you can address those with a solid and confident recommendation. Provide two or three alternatives and make it clear that these are merely opinions not demands. Let the other party know you are willing to be flexible. By knowing what the other party s needs are you can fine-tune your offer to meet those specific needs. By educating that person on your capabilities demonstrating a complete understanding of what they want and incorporating your point of view you can then hand over the reins of the conversation to that person and let him or her tell you how to make the deal happen. Instead of focusing on just one solution work creatively together to come up with multiple solutions. As for your position decide before going into the negotiation what your lowest point of acceptance will be in the deal. As you consider what the objectives and motivations are of the other party make sure you know and understand what your motives and objectives are as well. Why are you negotiating and what do you hope to obtain as a result Be informed Have all necessary information facts figures costs etc. in place before the dialogue begins. Start the discussion with a point to which both parties will readily agree. When you set forth your proposal assume a leadership role by indicating you will do something for the other party and in return that person will do something for you. This shows confidence and authority. Know when to wrap up the discussion and be prepared to close the deal by having all documents ready to sign. Time is not your friend in these cases. Once you receive a verbal acceptance to the deal move as quickly as possible to the proverbial signing on the dotted line before the monsters of doubt second thoughts competition or unforeseen events begin to take shape in the other party s mind that might suddenly stop that person in his or her tracks. Listen well and offer something of value that eases the other person s pain and creates a positive result. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 39 herlife spotlight H Suzanne Boyer ave you hugged your plumber today In a recent Facebook post from Suzanne Boyer Master Plumber and owner of Xstream Plumbing in Minneapolis she posed that question after having received hugs from three of her clients in a row. Suzanne has been a plumber for 16 years and a Master Plumber for the last 10 years. She started her plumbing career in Chicago in 1997 following her time of service in the United States Air Force. A friend who was a pipefitter encouraged her to give it a try even though her father a general contractor didn t feel that women should be working in the construction trades. Suzanne always having been more of a tomboy than a girly girl found that she did indeed enjoy the hands-on work of a plumber and felt quite comfortable working in a field that was largely dominated by men. After two years of doing residential plumbing in Chicago Suzanne decided to move back to the Twin Cities where she grew up. Here she found herself working more in the commercial plumbing area than the residential side of construction. She s done work in almost every hospital in the Twin Cities many commercial buildings and worked on the plumbing in Target Field. As the recession began taking the construction industry into a downward spiral Suzanne surveyed her options and decided to make the bold step of going into business for herself. Rather than pursuing residential or commercial plumbing contracts she opted to go the route of plumbing service work. Doing service work is very different from the plumbing done in commercial or new residential construction Suzanne explained. You are going into people s homes and businesses. You need to develop a relationship of trust. That s why she chose the first tagline for her business to be Building Relationships on Respect. According to recent labor statistics there are only about 30 licensed female plumbers in the Twin Cities metro area. Half of those are working in the public utilities sector. Suzanne stands alone as the ONLY female Master Plumber that owns and operates her own plumbing business in the Twin Cities. When asked what the negatives have been of operating as a female plumber she said I can t think of any negatives. My gender has been a very positive thing as far as my business is concerned. Some people contact Suzanne because they are intrigued by the idea of hiring a female plumber but most of her work comes through referrals from happy Xstream Plumbing b y k a thleen m. kr ueger p ho to g raphy by momento i m ages s ho t o n location at the koh l er s i gn at u re s tore 40 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM customers. I believe I approach my customers differently than most other plumbers do said Suzanne. My first step is to get to know the homeowner or the business owner. I m not there just to fix a plumbing problem and move on to the next one. I want them to know that I value the opportunity they ve given me to be a part of their project. As a successful general contractor himself Suzanne s dad gave her only one piece of advice about her work as a plumber. He told me to always leave a jobsite knowing that you ve performed the job to the same standard you would have if it was your own home. I ve always tried to adhere to that in all my work Suzanne explained. Xstream Plumbing s very first project in 2010 was a big one. Suzanne was hired by the owners of the Lowbrow Restaurant in south Minneapolis to be the plumbing contractor for their project which took an empty building and turned it into the successful restaurant that it is today. The testimonial from the general contractor on the Lowbrow project demonstrates how highly Suzanne s professionalism is respected. Xstream Plumbing came in on budget finished on time and went above and beyond the call of duty...The bottom line is I wouldn t even consider using another plumber he noted. Suzanne has found that women are generally the ones making the decisions related to plumbing in homes. They know what they want in their kitchens and bathrooms and appreciate having a plumber who can explain things to them in language they understand. Many are mature women in the empty-nester stage of their lives they appreciate Suzanne s upfront flexible and fair approach. While many women might get excited shopping through accessory boutiques Suzanne s favorite place to browse is the Kohler Signature Store in Edina. It s the only Kohler retail shop in the United States says Suzanne. And it s located in my back yard. Although Xstream Plumbing does consume most of Suzanne s time her off time is committed to her daughter (who loves science but is Barbie doll all the way as Suzanne described her) her partner of 14 years Patricia and her two Siamese cats. Some day she may find time to enjoy a few rounds of golf again but for now her clients and their needs come first. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 41 herlife fine things PRETTY DESIGNER SHOES THAT PAmPER YOuR FEET by b re ro a c h 25 000 or 53 per pair. And for what To wear one time for four hours because they were so high and painful that you couldn t bear to walk in them for a minute longer All women have been there. They buy a pair of shoes for a particular outfit that they have in mind with the intention of wearing them with another outfit but after the initial breaking-in of the 6-inch patent black leather ankle boots they go untouched because they never actually broke in. In fact they nearly broke your ankle. It sounds like women aren t thinking logically when they buy shoes that are barely made to be walked in but the truth is that shoes make a lot of women happy. So what s a girl to do with the shoes that shoot her up to model-height but make her feel like she just ran a marathon barefoot The solution is to find fabulous shoes that are cute and comfortable--brand name high heels boots and wedges that offer support while still looking luxurious. It s not too good to be true and with the amount of money women spend on shoes it s important to invest in some that you can wear for years to come. There s no need to compromise style for E very year the shoes get bigger and more fabulous. Glitter and sequins leather and suede a woman s shoes can be her best friend and are undoubtedly her most adorned part of her wardrobe. According to Glamour magazine the average woman will buy 469 pairs of shoes in her lifetime at about comfort because there are shoes out there that offer both. Clarks Michael Kors and Kenneth Cole offer lovely shoes that are trendy and easy to tread in. These designers can be easily found in malls and department stores and offer huge selections. Stuart Weitzman is notorious for making the most comfortable dress shoes around. You can usually find this brand for sale on Amazon and they have a wide range of flats heels and loafers. There s Manolo Blahniks which are a bit more expensive but if you re able to wear them for a decade and never feel discomfort then spending the extra cash can be justified. Many of these designers cre- 42 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM ate an illusion with their shoes by limiting the size of the heel and elevating the front of the shoe to still make it look as though they are several inches high. Many designers also offer an ankle strap or a thick heel for maximum support. All of these brand-name shoes are lined for cushion and stability. When you put on a pair of shoes you re committing to that shoe in two ways expression and protection. Shoes are style to women. We often think of them as an accessory such as jewelry. We use them in our lives as a way to brighten up an outfit. Much the time they are when you put on a pair of shoes you re committing to that shoe in two ways expression and protection. Shoes are style to women. the determining factor in our daily ensemble and we ll spend hours looking for the perfect shoe to purchase. You are what you wear and it s important that these shoes reflect your personality as well as your personal style. As far as protection goes this is often in the back of our minds. Boots are obviously a necessity against the elements but we still have to find the cutest boots and then we get bummed when they don t stand up against the rain snow and sleet like you needed them to. It s necessary to find a solid combination in that shoe one that protects and accepts your foot. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) shoes that are too tight too loose or without enough support can cause stress to the feet ankles lower legs hips and even spine. The AAOS suggests a shoe that has a square or wide toe with a heel that is lower than two inches which is exactly what these designer brands have built. No one would dare tell a woman to lose the heels but if your feet are desperate for a break after a long week at work then there are alternatives that are just as striking as the high heel. There are many flats that are just as glamorous as their taller counterparts. The flat has support that in some brands has been compared to Nike Air tennis shoes. There s nothing more rewarding than being complimented for your style. Luckily designers have answered the call to help women nourish their feet and still look splendid helping you put your foot down on personal style. Treat yourself to a great pair that will make someone else want to walk a mile in your shoes. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 43 herlife home by ca ti e wa tson F HOmE INSuRANCE ESSENTIAlS or most people a home purchase represents their biggest investment and most important asset. Having the correct amount of home insurance coverage protects this investment and provides peace of mind. The cost of home insurance can vary by hundreds of dollars depending on the insurer so it list of furniture appliances electronics clothing tools and other significant possessions and assign a replacement value to each item. Many policies cover the replacement cost of belongings even when you re not in the home such as a camera that s lost or stolen while you re on vacation. If your home is a condominium check with your association to find out how much insurance you need to purchase on your own. The association may cover portions of your structure but you will probably need to insure your home s contents. The third essential for homeowner s insurance is liability protection. This coverage protects the homeowner in case someone tries to sue for damages related to the property. It includes medical expenses for injuries suffered by visitors to your home. It also covers damage that you or someone else in your family cause to other people s property such as a window broken by a child playing ball. The typical liability protection amount is 100 000. Homeowners who have substantial assets in addition to their home can purchase additional protection. The fourth home insurance essential is reimbursement for living expenses in case a disaster forces you out of your home. This usually covers the cost of a hotel stay car rental and restaurant meals. Typically this coverage is equal to about 20 percent of the reimbursement cost of the home. In addition to these four types of basic insurance coverage many pays to understand how this insurance works and to shop around for the best deal. Home insurance (also referred to as homeowner s insurance) should include four essential components. The first and most important is coverage for the structure. This coverage should include repairing or replacing your home when it s damaged by fires storms and most other disasters. Insurance experts recommend insuring the home for its full replacement cost. Some homeowners hire a local building contractor to provide an estimate on the value of their home this information is then used to determine home replacement coverage. Note that this coverage pertains only to the cost of the house and not to the amount paid for the land under the house. The second home insurance essential is coverage for your home s contents. This coverage will reimburse you for personal belongings that are stolen or lost in a fire or other disaster. The typical coverage amount for this insurance is 50 percent of the replacement coverage. Homeowners who think this may not be enough coverage should make a detailed 44 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM homeowners need additional coverage for special circumstances. Earthquake flood war and nuclear accidents are not covered by a basic home insurance. If you live in an area that s subject to earthquakes or flooding ask your insurer about additional coverage that s available through government programs. You may also need extra coverage for valuable artwork antiques or jewelry. When buying home insurance make sure you get the best deal by checking the prices from several providers. A good place to start your search is the website of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners ( This site provides links to state insurance departments as well as a variety of consumer tips and resources. You should also check with your car insurance provider. Many insurance companies give discounts to customers who buy multiple types of insurance. when you re ready to purchase insurance you can save money by opting for a higher deductible. Insurance companies often recommend a 500 deductible but you can save as much as 25 percent by choosing a 1 000 deductible instead. Once you have a list of possible insurers in your area compare rates on an insurance information website like or Besides looking for the best insurance rate be sure to do some background checks with your state insurance department to make sure you are buying from a reputable insurer. When you re ready to purchase insurance you can save money by opting for a higher deductible. Insurance companies often recommend a 500 deductible but you can save as much as 25 percent by choosing a 1 000 deductible instead. After you ve purchased insurance it s important to periodically review your coverage. Adding rooms to your home or making major improvements such as remodeling a kitchen or bathroom could mean it s time to upgrade your coverage. Some additions such as putting in a pool may require extra liability insurance as well as more home replacement insurance. You may qualify for a discount on your insurance if you make your home safer by installing an alarm system or a fire retardant roof. Homeowners may also receive a discount when they reach 55 or retire since seniors are considered by insurers to be a lower risk. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 45 herlife travel wHAT TO ExPECT FROm YOuR TRAVEl ADVISOR by k a thleen m. kr ueg er H the price. ave you ever experienced a travel nightmare One of those times where your flight was overbooked your four-star hotel was in the midst of noisy renovations and you missed out on vacation time because you got lost in a strange city These types of travel experiences can easily happen when we take travel into our own hands. However when you plan your trips whether for business or leisure with the assistance of a professional travel advisor many of these types of unpleasant experiences can be avoided. Today s travel professionals provide much more value to their clients than simply finding low airfares which is something anyone can do for themselves over the Internet. They provide concierge-style planning and assistance for the entire experience from pillow to pillow. Businesses individuals and families who seek out travel advisors to assist them in planning and booking their travel generally expect to gain two things from their travel advisor an exceptional experience and great value for You can t VIP yourself said Anne Scully Certified Travel Consultant (CTC) and President of McCabe World Travel in McLean Virginia. But VIP treatment is exactly what you should expect to gain from working with a professional travel advisor. Upgrades in airline seating and hotel accommodations are just the beginning. The big values gained come from the insider knowledge that help make your trip run smoothly and meet or exceed all your expectations. In order for your travel advisor to provide you with an exceptional experience the very first thing you should expect from your travel advisor is lots of questions. They will ask about the purpose of the trip your priorities and preferences regarding the location of your hotel the accommodations in the hotel and how you plan to spend your days. Who will be traveling with you and what are their ages Are you a seasoned traveler to the location or is this a first-time visit Your travel advisor will want to know as much about you and your expectations for the trip as possible. In addition to asking lots of questions your travel advisor should be a one-stop resource for you when it comes to answering your questions. A seasoned travel advisor will be able to advise you as to which hotel best fits your needs in view of location amenities and your own travel style. For booking cruises they ll be able explain in detail the differences between the rooms on different decks and one cruise ship versus another. They ll provide you with information regarding the best time of year to plan your trip in regard to the weather or to achieve the best discounts. Your travel advisor should be your go-to person for everything regarding the planning and booking of your trip as well as your resource for assistance should questions or problems arise. When choosing a travel advisor look for a certified advisor and determine their areas of specialties. There are several different certifications available to them such as Accredited Cruise Counselor (ACC) and Certified Travel Consultant (CTC). These certifications not only represent training but years of experience in the field. In addition travel advisors may specialize in certain types of travel or travel to certain areas. There are travel advisors who specialize in adventure travel honeymoons guided tours faith-based travel and 46 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM family vacations. They can also specialize in locations such as Europe Asia Mexico or South America. Some of the highest-rated travel advisors also highlight their designation as a member of Virtuoso an elite network of top travel advisors. One of the distinctions of Virtuoso members is that they are very welltraveled individuals themselves. This assures you that your travel advisor provides recommendation based on experience as well as highly qualified personal connections within the travel industry. Because the best travel advisors are on a first-name basis with many of the general managers of the hotels they book with they can often accomplish what the ordinary traveler could not. As a travel advisor who books hundreds of rooms with a hotel every year I have a lot of clout said Anne. When it comes to unique experiences a travel advisor can transform an ordinary trip into the extraordinary by using their influence to provide opportunities not available to the general public. Travel advisors have been known to accomplish small miracles for their clients. Why simply tour the palace when you could gain an introduction to the Prince himself Whether it is keeping a business trip running smoothly and on time planning a romantic getaway or a grand adventure a travel advisor can remove the stress and replace it with a higher level of perfection than you could ever achieve on your own. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 47 herlife in the city APRIl All calendar event submissions must be received by April 5th for the May issue and adhere to our guidelines. E-mail llee for guidelines or to submit entries. Brought to you by HERLIFE Magazine and 2 flashdance DATE April 2-7 TIME Varies LOCATION Orpheum Theater Minneapolis DETAILS Flashdance the pop culture phenomenon and runaway international success is now live on stage It all started with a dream--to be burn dance harder. Now is the time to live the dream all over again. Get your tickets at 6 Spring Ale fest DATE April 6 TIME 2 00pm LOCATION Ukrainian Event Center 301 Main Street NE Minneapolis DETAILS The best part about the Spring Ale Fest is amazing beer with no ridiculous crowds. Enjoy the cool musical interludes of local up-andcomers White Dads and the delicious food truck Nate Dogs the top food truck of the Twin Cities for family-farmed hormone free all-natural heritage pork wieners and brats. Other events and activities at the 2nd Annual Spring Ale Fest will include indoor bean bag toss (cornhole) beer merchandise market free raffle free parking and tons more For more information visit 3 Sweatworking DATE April 3 TIME 6 30pm LOCATION Ivy Spa Club 201 11th Street South Minneapolis DETAILS It may sound a little strange but trust that it works There is no better state in which to network than in a state of...SWEAT It s just you 40 other women a workout class and the opportunity to connect. We re talking real authentic connections Join the Minneapolis Career Girls for the first ever Minneapolis Sweatworking event at Ivy Fitness Club in downtown Minneapolis. You ll have the opportunity to sample classes and equipment at Ivy Club as well as network with incredible women For more information visit 7Bon Jovi DATE April 7 TIME 7 30pm LOCATION Xcel Energy Center DETAILS It s now or never BON JOVI Because We Can - The Tour is hitting arenas and stadiums across the globe including the Twin Cities in anticipation of their upcoming album What About Now soon to be released. For more information visit The Choir of King s College Cambridge DATE April 4 TIME 7 45pm LOCATION The Cathedral of St. Paul DETAILS Founded in the fifteenth century the Choir of King s College Cambridge is undoubtedly one of the world s best-known choral groups. While the choir exists primarily to sing the daily services in King s College Chapel their beautiful voices will be filling the Cathedral. More information is available at events. 4 11 Social Science fermentational inforDATE April 11 LOCATION Science Museum of Minnesota St. Paul mational at Science Museum of Minnesota DETAILS Eat drink and be nerdy. Explore the science of beer brewing and winemaking and roam the museum during a special adult-only evening. Enjoy music games live demonstrations and more and of course all of our galleries will be open for you to explore. For more information go to socialscience. 48 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 13 eNViSiON Artopia Spring 2013 DATE April 13 TIME 9 00pm - 12 00 am LOCATION Graves 601 Hotel 601 N 1st Ave Minneapolis DETAILS The runway show will feature Spring Summer collections from local designers and boutiques. Enjoy multiple runway shows silent auction and live art elements. Proceeds from silent auction benefit Free Arts Minnesota. For more information visit men and women. Featuring locally-made beauty products men s and women s clothing jewelry art eco-friendly products and so much more Meet the Minnesota Makers themselves nibble on food from vendors and food trucks sip vino and samples of local brew. You ll go home with some fabulous local goodies while supporting these amazing small businesses. This is also a crowd-funding event so up to 5 000 in ticket sales will be awarded to one lucky vendor at the show Tickets are 10 in advance or 15 at the door. Find more information at hammsevent. com. 14 C est Chic Boutique Make-up Class DATE April 14th TIME 6 30 - 8 30pm LOCATION C est Chic Boutique 200 Third Ave N 109 Minneapolis DETAILS Grab your girlfriends and stop by C est Chic Boutique for a FREE makeup lesson with renowned French makeup artist Marine Fleurisson. Enjoy wine and appetizers while Marine demonstrates a fresh look for spring Every guest will also receive 10% off their purchases during the event. Reservations are required please call 612-339-1600 or email Pam at pps to reserve your space. A Decade of Smiles Gala Celebration DATE April 20th TIME 6 00 pm LOCATION Aria at the Jeune Lune 105 N 1st Street Minneapolis DETAILS Smile Network International the Minnesota-based non-profit devoted to changing the lives of impoverished children born with cleft lips and palates by providing free life-altering surgeries is celebrating their ten year anniversary. A Decade of Smiles Gala Celebration will be held on Saturday April 20 2013 at Aria at the Jeune Lune in Minneapolis. The gala celebration will feature a special performance by Nicholas David from NBC s The Voice as well as performances by the Twin Cities Community Gospel Choir and singer songwriter John Olson. For more information visit 16 Authenticity at the Speed of laughter Seminar DATE April 16 TIME 9 00am LOCATION Experimental Thinking Centre 824 Hennepin Avenue DETAILS Brave New Workshop s Authenticity at the Speed of Laughter is a 3-hour interactive workshop during which you will fearlessly dive into the world of improvisation and acquire strategies and tactics to improve your presentation skills increase your confidence and exercise your ability to be in the moment. This seminar will help you bridge behaviors and mindset to your life at work and at home. The hope is that by adding the improvisational mindset to your list of skills you will become a better leader change agent innovator collaborator and citizen. For more information go to creativeoutreach. 25 Spring Walk Of fashion DATE April 25th TIME 6 00 pm LOCATION Lakeville Area Arts Center DETAILS See the latest spring fashions and d cor Experience the fashions of Lakeville in this fun spring fashion show. Admission is free but reservations are required. First 50 registrants will receive a special gift bag. For more information visit 20 hamms event DATE April 20th TIME 10 00am 7 00pm LOCATION The Former Hamm s Brewery Shipping Docks 713 East Minnehaha Ave St. Paul DETAILS Join HERLIFE Magazine in support of the Help a Minnesota Maker Succeed (HAMMS) event. This is a one-day dog-friendly market where you can shop 25 000 square feet of fantastic products for both 27 25th Annual Beastly Ball DATE April 27 TIME Party Starts at 5 30pm LOCATION Minnesota Zoo Apple Valley DETAILS A grand celebration of the 25th annual Minnesota Zoo Beastly Ball I recognition of this milestone revelers will toast to the tails claws feathers and paws that call our award-winning Minnesota Zoo home. Always a highlight of this gala are the auctions featuring unique exotic and intriguing items found only at the Beastly Ball For more information go to HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 49 K Red Velvet Carrot Champagne Selection may vary daily. iller MADE FRESH FROM SCRATCH USING TOP-QUALITY INGREDIENTS Chocolate Ganache Filled Champagne Salted Caramel Chocolate PICK UP A CAKE OR A SLICE AND MAKE TODAY SPECIAL. J O Y OF G O OD F O O D THE 9 Twin Cities Locations HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 51 your energy levels set your metabolism on fire and experience the best workout of your life BUY FEM-FIRE EAA XMicronized Amino Acid at 50% Off TM TM and ive rece Chewables with BCAAs A delicious candy-like treat designed to support lean muscle. FREE with any purchase T-Shirt or Shaker or Gym Towel At The Fountains near Dave & Busters. 11635 Fountains Drive (763) 424-0470 MAPLE GROVE 1687 West End Boulevard (952) 657-5721 In the Shops at West End. TWIN CITIES y ...and as alwas s free meal plan and nutrition consultation Not valid with VIP Cards or any other offers. JUST A FEW OF THE MANY BRANDS WE OFFER AT THE GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. 52 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM