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Check your mailing label to see if you are a member if not join today The purpose of the Virginia Home Educator is to provide information resources and encouragement to Virginia homeschool parents. The views expressed in this magazine do not necessarily reflect those of the Home Educators Association of Virginia. All Scripture quotations are from the King James Version unless otherwise noted. The Virginia Home Educator is sent quarterly to Virginia s homeschooling families without charge. To receive a free subscription sign up at To inquire about advertising or submitting an article please contact HEAV at PO Box 6745 Richmond Virginia 23230-0745 or e-mail us at advertising or editor HEAV reserves the right to edit for style and space or to refuse any submission deemed inappropriate for our publication. Permission is granted to reprint any news items from this magazine providing proper credit is given all other material is copyrighted. For reprint permission please contact the editor at editor 2013 Home Educators Association of Virginia SUBMISSION DEADLINES Fall 2013 (Issue 3)--June 15 Winter 2013 (Issue 4)--September 15 Spring 2014 (Issue 1)--December 1 Summer 2014 (Issue 2)--March 15 16 8 14 Features 8 The Key to Education Diana Waring Departments 4 4 6 From the Editor Mary Kay Smith 14 Finding Support When You Homeschool a Child with Special Needs Kathy Kuhl From Our Facebook Page... From the Director of Homeschool Support Yvonne Bunn 16 High School on the Horizon Diane Kummer 7 Freedom Watch 18 Being a Mom An Interview with Michelle Duggar Maureen Bittner 22 Classified Ads 20 The Effects of Omega-3 on Health Behavior and School Dianne Craft MA CNHP Get expert advice from HEAV speakers including Sarah Olbris Joyce Herzog Kathy Kuhl Dianne Craft and others. Check out the special-learner track on page 12 Have a struggling learner Can Stock Photo Inc. jarenwicklund From the Editor Mary Kay Smith S omeone I worked with was once very angry with me. After she talked about all the things she didn t like she delivered the final blow ...and you homeschool your children too While I pondered what this had to do with anything she continued You are raising your children in a bubble. What good will they ever be to the world It was the old socialization argument in disguise. It s true that this lady had sent her own children to public school but what was more fascinating to me wasn t the argument of homeschool versus public school but that this Christian who knew the Bible well thought learning and life preparation doesn t take place in bubbles. Really It seems to me that Moses first wilderness experience was a bubble. Forty years of it God must have thought he needed a few more lessons during that quiet isolated time than he had received in his previous years in the world of the palace. That wilderness bubble probably taught him a few practical skills he d need later too. What could be more of an isolation bubble than spending your days with sheep Yet David must have used that time to work on his scientific skills--understanding the nature and care of sheep his warrior skills--using a slingshot and killing with his hands as well as his artistic skills--playing the harp and writing poetry. Wow A Renaissance man before the Renaissance a king chosen by God a man after God s own heart--prepared in a bubble. Paul s three years in the Arabian desert mentioned in Galatians 2 qualifies as bubble training too I would think. And look at the impact he made So don t ever be concerned about being in a homeschool bubble. It s even okay if that s on someone s list of why she doesn t like you. In-depth learning creativity and character formation take place away from distractions. Use your bubble to form leaders thinkers creators and children after God s own heart. When they emerge watch out world from our Facebook page... finding Your Groove I have three children ages six four and a newborn. Between school feeding my family and doing household chores there just doesn t seem to be time for everything let alone exercising or anything extra. How do you find your groove Elena I wonder if you are being too rigorous in your homeschooling At ages six and four homeschooling should be fun and full of discovery not a matter of trying to fit in subjects. I would concentrate on math with the six-year-old lots of hands-on activities for both children and lots of reading. Use a timeline to connect all of your readings together to give a historical frame of reference--but most importantly relax and enjoy this time because it is SO fleeting Laurie My advice is to concentrate on reading math and English and do other things as you can. Don t stress about keeping your house clean but enjoy the time with your kids. I would definitely find time to exercise--moms need that Deana I have four children ages one two seven and nine. Although I would love to do school in the morning and be done with it I usually wait until the two young ones go down for a nap so we can concentrate in a quiet house. 4 join the online conversation What About the Extras What kinds of budget-friendly activities do you do with your kids during the week--outside of school work --that enhance their homeschool experience Jared Look at nearby community and fitness centers. A lot of places have gym swimming and many other classes to choose from. Nature centers sometimes also offer classes for children during the day. Sabrina We focus on church activities and all our children are on our creative-ministry team at church. As part of the team they do skits sign language and blacklight performances at area churches. We also raise Suffolk cross sheep so our boys are involved in 4-H. You could plant a garden if you don t already have one. Angela Try your local cooperative extension. My girls go to a homeschool 4-H group where they can pick the activities they want to be a part of. We have options like whittling sewing embryology (egg hatching) nature studies community service music chess BB guns archery and probably half a dozen more. Magda Join American Heritage Girls. It is a Christian scouting organization that I highly recommend Catching Up When you get a late start to the day do you... A) Jump right in and catch up B) Decide to progress slowly and see what can get done C) Call it a free day and plan to start over tomorrow or D) Actually I....(finish the sentence). tena I make a list for what each child has to get done for the week and they can work at their own pace. I check each assignment as it is done. Last night before bed they were working on their lists this morning they re not up yet. Jennifer We primarily do the same things in order whether we start at 8 9 or 10 a.m. Lunch is served at the normal time no matter what and anything not finished is completed after nap quiet time. Vicki Do what s most important and let the rest go. Stressing the kids defeats one of the joys of homeschooling learning in a relaxed environment Rebecca Get started. You must show them that in real life you can t just trash the day because you got up late. DIGITAL FORMAT Now get the same great magazine on your tablet & mobile devices--for FREE Visit thevirginia-home-educator. THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SUMMER 2013 Scan Me From the Director of Homeschool Support Yvonne Bunn M any homeschoolers know HEAV for our B-I-G once-a-year convention but this is only one of the ways HEAV serves homeschoolers. Yes we offer dynamic national speakers lots of curricula providers and many workshops that offer practical information and encouragement. Although our convention is a wonderful blessing to thousands of like-minded parents our commitment to you is greater than our three-day convention--our commitment to you is all year long. YEAR-LOnG SERVICE AnD SUPPORt For thirty years HEAV has faithfully provided Virginia homeschool families with year-round service and support. We serve ALL homeschoolers--members and nonmembers--with information and resources that will help their homeschools be successful. We answer hundreds of homeschoolrelated questions by phone and e-mail each week. We provide free homeschool counseling free weekly e-mail Updates with the latest information and news free quarterly magazines with encouraging articles and a free information-packed website. YEAR-LOnG PROtECtIOn Every Virginia homeschool family benefits from HEAV s vigilant protection all year long every year. HEAV was at the General Assembly when the first homeschool law was passed in the early 80s and we have been there every year since to review legislation and actively work with our legislators. Not only do we work to protect a parent s right to homeschool but we actively initiate legislation to improve Virginia s homeschool laws. We also work throughout the year with parents and school districts to resolve any misunderstandings or problems. Through consistent counseling we make sure parents have a good understanding of the homeschool laws and know how to apply them to their situation. COnSIStEnt PRESEnCE All during year long we educate the public about home education through radio television and print interviews. Through the years we have built and maintained positive relationships with our governors the Virginia Department of Education and our legislators. We have successfully reached out to Virginia museums community colleges and universities to help them understand who homeschoolers are and how we can effectively work together. We regularly help new homeschoolers connect with local support groups. Throughout the year we present homeschool seminars across the state for interested parents who need answers to questions like how to get started how to comply with the law or how to teach high school. We maintain a permanent office in Richmond staffed by full-time workers who are ready to serve your needs. In addition we have many at-home staff members working around the state along with hundreds of wonderful volunteers to serve homeschooling families. WE ARE HERE TO HELP yOu THROuGHOuT THE yEAR YEARLY COnVEntIOn We have provided a homeschool convention consistently every year since our organization began in 1983. We bring in nationally known speakers and structure our workshops to directly answer the needs and issues that we become aware of when interacting with homeschoolers on a daily basis. We connect with the statewide homeschool community by providing a formal graduation ceremony for homeschoolers every year. We offer a commencement ceremony attended by 2 800 family members and friends to recognize the successful completion of a major milestone in the life of a homeschool graduate. Knowing these are challenging economic times each year at convention we help homeschool families financially by providing a way for them to sell their used curriculum and purchase used materials at greatly reduced prices. Our used-curriculum sale is a tremendous success for sellers and buyers We offer a familiar family setting for our attendees--no matter where you go whether the registration booth or the information table or one of the many informative workshop sessions the people serving you are Virginia homeschooling moms dads and youths. You know them because you see them every year as a matter of fact you homeschool with them and you serve (continued on page 9) THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 5 nAtIOnALIzED EDUCAtIOn tHE COMMOn CORE We are on the verge of a major shift in education. By 2014 new federal education standards known as the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI or CC) will impact every child-- possibly including homeschoolers. States are being enticed by federal money to accept national standards resulting in a national curriculum and the development of a national test. Despite the fact that the Common Core educational standards for mathematics and English are controversial the most significant change on the horizon is the shift in power and authority--the federal government is taking control away from the states and centralizing educational decisions at the federal level. This power grab removes decision making from states local school boards and ultimately from parents. It s about controlling the agenda and the agenda is more than reading writing and arithmetic. COMMOn CORE DEVELOPMEnt States were offered a total of 4.35 billion if they would adopt Common Core standards through a program called Race to the Top. Some states agreed even before standards were written. Now forty-five financially-strapped states and the District of Columbia have adopted these vague and subjective standards. This includes charter schools and virtual public-school-at-home programs in the forty-five states. In addition to the financial incentive for accepting CC standards there is a penalty for not accepting them--denied access to Title I funding for low-income students. This is a big blow to state budgets. VIRGInIA S POSItIOn The Commonwealth of Virginia did not adopt the Common Core because they have already invested large amounts of money and time in developing Virginia Standards of Learning (the SOLs)--standards they believe to be superior to Common Core standards. The other states that have not adopted the Common Core standards are Texas Nebraska and Alaska. Minnesota adopted English CC standards but refused to adopt the math standards. nAtIOnAL StUDEnt DAtABASE The Common Core is closely related to the development of a nationwide student-tracking system--one that includes personal information on millions of public school students (including charter and public virtual-school students) without their parents knowledge or consent. The 2009 stimulus package included a State Fiscal Stabilization Fund that required developing a longitudinal data system (LDS) to collect information on public-school students. Although student confidentiality laws were established in the 1970s these laws have gradually changed with technology. In 2011 the U.S. Department of Education rewrote privacy laws so a student s information could be shared in a private database called inBloom. Private information such as names and addresses social-security numbers ethnicity gender family income academic records test scores attendance discipline history medical records nicknames hobbies religion political affiliation extracurricular activities attitudes toward school and psychological evaluations can be included. The data can be shared with anyone any company and any organization public or private--anyone with whom the school system chooses to share the information. Statewide data systems must be able to interface with databases beyond education such as military and employment databases and criminal justice and social services systems. So far there are 700 elements identified for data collection by the U.S. Department of Education s National Center for Education Statistics. This massive database is already running with nine states on board Colorado Delaware Georgia Illinois Kentucky Louisiana Massachusetts New York and North Carolina. According 6 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SUMMER 2013 to critics parents in these states have not been notified about the database nor have they been given the opportunity to opt their children out of the program. During the 2013 Virginia General Assembly session HEAV s legislative team discovered and tracked a bill SB 1069 that would have established the Virginia Longitudinal Data System and Advisory Council. According to Legislative Information System s published description the bill would track and examine student progress from early childhood to postsecondary education to the student entering the workforce. The bill passed the Senate but failed in the House Committee on Appropriations...this year. IMPACt On VIRGInIA HOMESCHOOLERS At this time the Common Core does not directly apply to homeschools or private schools. Because of this it s easy for homeschoolers to think they will not be affected by public school standards and database sharing. But that may not be true. There are several ways the Common Core could impact homeschoolers. Homeschoolers must show yearly evidence of progress and a majority of homeschoolers use standardized achievement tests. As states adhere to the Common Core we can expect standardized achievement tests to align with Common Core standards. The same thing will happen with the PSAT for scholarships and the SAT and ACT tests for college entrance exams--Common Core standards will be included in these tests. Homeschool transcripts also might not be viewed in a positive light by admissions officers if they do not include Common Core standards. An even more serious concern is that policy makers and lobbyists might influence state legislators to require ALL students to be taught with the national curriculum and tested according to Common Core standards. It s hard to see this in Virginia s future now but administrations change and new state representatives are elected. COnCLUSIOn Common Core standards are national standards that will strengthen federal control over education and weaken local schools direct accountability to taxpayers and parents. Common Core standards are now being taught in public schools and their affiliates (charter schools and public virtual schools) across the nation without parents knowledge. Intertwined with this is the development of a national database that will store and share children s personal information without parents permission. This shift in power from state and local control of education to federal control is unprecedented. Look for a second article on what is included in the Common Core standards why teachers unions support the standards and what public school parents and homeschoolers can do. Earn a University of Virginia Engineering Degree From Home Start with a Virginia Community College Associate Science of Engineering degree with a 3.2 GPA . . . then transfer to PRODUCED the UVA on-line engineering degree program. Now through PRODUCED you can change the world . . . from home For more information visit or contact jgroves at UVA Engineering School Charlottesville VA. Application for VA Community College admission is through summer 2013. THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 7 W hen you think of the word education what image pops into your mind Do you see a desk a stack of books a chalkboard a report card recess Perhaps your memories run more along the lines of a stern and forbidding teacher or the camaraderie of your school s football games or the anguish of going blank during a test. Maybe you envision a library a university campus or a research lab. Whatever image your mind sees if you never step back to consider the bigger question of what an education really is you will probably create for your children a mini-version of your own school experience. I know I did. At least that was the path I walked for the first three years of homeschooling. I was hoping it was better smells and bells friendlier teachers and classmates but in essence it was simply a school at home. it encourage self-motivation or provide experience in independent study and pursuing topics of interest Truthfully the answer is probably not. For many of us education equals school but as homeschoolers we know there must be something better. Key the to education Diana Waring BESt PREDICtOR Of EDUCAtIOnAL SUCCESS Years ago I heard a speaker say something so absolutely profound that it jolted me. Terry Small a brilliant educator and lecturer known warmly as the Brain Guy presents seminars to governments corporations and educators around the world on the way the brain works and how this affects learning. What he shared that day based on his observations and studies over the years was that one of the best predictors of educational success was having a positive relationship between student and teacher. That knowledge could change our lives We homeschoolers can have a great relationship with our students much more easily than anyone else. If you could translate your love for your kids into educational success wouldn t that make it worthwhile to tweak--or even dramatically change--your approach one of the best predictors of educational success is having a positive relationship between student and teacher. What then will make the difference Where do we start in providing an excellent education for our homeschooled children if we are not going to follow the model we know best--the most common approach even among homeschoolers One EDUCAtIOn DOES nOt EqUAL SCHOOL Sooner or later a good homeschooler will hear in her mind Is that all there is Is following a school s approach the best possible way to learn Does it create a hunger in the student for diving into more difficult books and more challenging subject matter Does 8 teacher. POSItIVE RELAtIOnSHIP BEtWEEn StUDEnt AnD tEACHER Let me ask you about another memory. When you think back to your childhood who was the adult with whom you had the closest relationship Who was the person who made you feel loved and appreciated THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SUMMER 2013 Can Stock Photo Inc. wacker CSpeaker onvention and secure and safe Do you remember ever following that person around asking him or her questions listening to that individual and learning from him or her How much do you remember today about what he or she taught you Probably a lot more than from the person who shamed or frightened you. I remember my grandmother. She taught me that feeding ducks was fun that roses were beautiful and that the piano was precious. All of those little memories are tinged with a warmth in my heart even fifty years later. If my loving grandmother had been the one to guide my day-to-day education learning would have been far more meaningful memorable interesting and relevant than the twelve years without parole that school felt like for me. Now compare those warm relational childhood memories with your current experience in homeschooling. If you are anything like me (ouch ) you have probably been struggling to keep a smile on your face and anger out of your voice when you notice your ten-year-old decorating his math paper with peanut butter your fifteen-year-old rolling her eyes at the literature book that came so highly recommended or your six-year-old doodling instead of decoding. ExtEnD YOUR EMOtIOnS tO YOUR CHILD Being relational does not mean becoming falsely angelic or faking a smile but it does mean extending your emotions to your child instead of to the assignment. In real life that would mean dialogue and interaction like asking with real interest-- not cynicism--whether his math paper is improved with peanut butter whether she sees any hope for the literature book or whether the reading lesson would be easier after lunch. How this desire to have warm relationships translates into educational reality with our flesh-and-blood kids is one of the most profound lessons a homeschool parent will ever learn. Children--unlike fairy-tale fiction or high-tech robots--are unique individuals made in the image and likeness of God. They have strengths and weaknesses quirks and talents and they are constantly changing and growing toward maturity. With the immense challenge this provides we need to recognize that it takes time and experience to sort out how each of our children is wired to learn and how to best provide the environment for each one s success. For both parents and students it must include grace laughter honesty and a willingness to be teachable. In my twenty years of homeschooling and the many years since I have discovered that we want the goal of creating relationships where we honor respect trust love and enjoy one another. In that remarkable place of safety freedom and love our beloved children will be set free to flourish in learning-- and in life. Diana Waring author of Beyond Survival Reaping the Harvest and the History Revealed curriculum discovered years ago that the key to education is relationship. Diana homeschooled her children through high school receiving real-life opportunities to grasp how kids learn. Diana has been enthusiastically received by audiences on four continents. This article first appeared in The Relational Homeschooler January 2012. Come hear Diana speak at the convention From the Director of Homeschool Support (continued from page 5) together in the same local homeschool support and co-op groups. For many attending the HEAV convention is a yearly tradition--a place to review the fundamental reasons for homeschooling and to renew your commitment to disciple and teach your children. SUPPORt HOMESCHOOLInG In VIRGInIA All of our revenue--from convention to memberships to special services and programs--go back into our organization in order to serve you throughout the year. Because of your support with your membership volunteering and participation in our annual HEAV convention we are able to stand strong to protect homeschool freedoms and serve Virginia families all year long. Thank you for supporting homeschooling in Virginia Michael Hoover 703.728.0784 Michael THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 9 We don t compensate for a kid s challenges. We conquer them. At Brain Balance Achievement Centers we tackle your child s learning behavioral or developmental challenge head on -- with a unique drug-free whole-child approach that goes beyond symptoms to root causes. Stop in or call to learn more about the Brain Balance Program and how we can help your child succeed. Call 804.977.2743 lEaRN MORE Visit 15833 City View Drive Midlothian VA 23113 2013 Brain Balance Centers Company Verse Prov 16 3 the mit to Com Prov 16 3 ny Verse ompa ver you do and your plans will s C Lord whate u cceed 10 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SUMMER 2013 30th annual Virginia homeSchool conVention June 6 7 & 8 n richmond conVention center New & exciting And let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. Galatians 6 9 Only 30th anniVerSary celeBration 79 at the dOOr Jim Bob & Michelle duggar n Four Keynotes n Special-Needs and Courtship Panel Discussions n Duggars Book Signing n The Marine Science Consortium n Robotics EXPO n MOPS International n Cartooning Camp n Miracle Mountain Ranch Teen Camp n Teen Writing Seminar with Andrew Pudewa n All-New Children s Program n Music & Arts Instrument Petting Zoo n Homeschool Grads Panel Discussion n Live Milk Cows by Avery Farms n Hodges Family Jugglers n Storyteller Cedric Saunders n Young Entrepreneurs n LEGO Education n And More for the entire family there s something for everyone 89 for non-members matt cox Move That Mountain Discipleship Camp Ever feel like a round peg living in a square-peg world Join Matt Cox and his dogs--along with the whole Miracle Mountain Ranch team--for a MOUNTAIN of fun Discover power and freedom as they share about topics that matter to YOU--relationships commitment success leadership and more. Three life-changing days in June eVeryBody. Bring the Whole Family there S Something For Convention-goers receive n A Virtual Gift Basket full of coupons specials printouts and more n A Full-Year Membership to and n Old Schoolhouse Digital Magazine subscription Keynote C on Friday includes a fun Birthday Party and a special tribute to those who have gone before to establish and support the freedom to teach and train our children at home Jeff Myers of Summit Ministries will deliver the keynote address.You won t want to miss this milestone celebration donnie & tonya roSie ScholarShipS are alWayS aVailaBle Free conVention giFtS (Over 350 value ) conVention FeatureS n Children s Program Heroes of the Faith While learning about the character traits of persever20 3 HEAV 1 CHILDREN S ance helpfulness honor PROGRAM and faith children who participate in this exciting two-day program will experience a fascinating introduction to the true stories of Christian heroes of the faith. n 5th Annual Chess Tournament Prizes awarded for each skill level--beginner to advanced Get details and sign up online. SAT ACT Essay Strategies with Andrew Pudewa Although designed for teens who are preparing for the SAT or ACT this seminar by Andrew Pudewa is a great tool for improving the general writing skills of teens ages 13 and up. n Cartooning Camp Learn how to create great cartoons with Dan Nuckols a professional Christian artist--and the author of Cartooning for the Glory of God. n n If you or someone you know could use a partial or full scholarship please submit your request online (http scholarship) give us a call (804-278-9200) or bring a written request with you to the convention. Please don t let a sincere financial need keep you away We want to bless your family. Single Parents Luncheon Homeschooling alone Join us as our guest We absolutely need YOUR help YOU are our for support encouragement and lunch. hands and feet. Please let your friends church n Leadership Luncheon family MOPS group local media and online Support group leaders gather for a special time communities know about the convention. of fellowship and renewal with special-guest n Qualified Parents of Preschoolers Attend FREE . speaker Heidi St. John. n FREE How-to-Begin sessions on Thursday. n Used Curriculum Sale Put out magazines fliers and Get some great deals or posts online. Ready-to-go remake extra cash by sellsources are available at www. ing items you no longer need. Don t delay--ONLY convention promo. 11 60 000 items may be sold. THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG Every Family Bring a Family Workshops this is a tentative schedule subject to change. Thursday June 6 2 00 6 00 pm Jim BoB & michelle duggar Schedule-at-a-glance Room B-10 Friday Keynote A 8 30 10 00 am Friday Session 1 9 00 10 00 am Beginners Of interest to Teens Men Special Learners Exhibitors Workshops mike FarriS JeFF myerS Friday Session 2 10 30 11 30 am Conquering Corrupt Culture by Raising Christian Communicators Andrew Pudewa iSrael Wayne Friday Session 3 1 30 2 30 pm 11 30 am 1 30 pm LUNCH Dysgraphia When a Child or Teenager Won t Write Dianne Craft ROOMS E 10 A-D 2 00 3 00 pm Introduction to Homeschooling Yvonne Bunn 3 30 4 30 pm How to Begin What You Really Need to Know Yvonne Bunn 5 00 6 00 pm Know the Law Notifying and Testing Demystified Yvonne Bunn Free beginner SeSSionS Ballroom Building Ballroom Building B-15 A Duggar s Video-Stream Seating Duggar s Video-Stream Seating Duggar s Video-Stream Seating Train Your Child s Photographic Memory Dianne Craft A World-Changing Worldview Rick Boyer Duggar s Video-Stream Seating 1 00-2 30 pm Ballroom Building B-15 B Duggar s Video-Stream Seating 1 00-2 30 pm Ballroom Building B-15 C B-11 B-12 B-13 B-17 B-18 B-19 The Great Designer Tom DeRosa Duggar s Video-Stream Seating 1 00-2 30 pm Ballroom Building Equipping Kids to Plan Their Day the Easy Way Accountable Kids Right Start Math Train Them Now for Spiritual Success at College ReCon Defending the Dream Heritage Foundation College the Smart Way CollegePlus Leadership Luncheon Marriott Salon G H I with Heidi St. John 11 30 am - 1 15 pm ROOM E-24 A B 1 00 5 00 pm SAT ACT Essay Strategies Andrew Pudewa ROOM B-16 2 00 6 00 pm Cartooning Camp Dan Nuckols SpeciAl convention FeAtureS v Ballroom Building Learning Science at Home with Apologia Apologia Cornerstone Payment Systems Lapbooking 101 Finding Christ Through Fiction Ballroom Building Latin and Grammar and Latin Oh My Latin Road Phonics Road The Wright Way A Beka A Different Approach to Grammar Analytical Grammar Inc. How to Choose Just the Right Level for K-3 Readers BK Educational Services LLC Ballroom Building Ballroom Building Courting Dating Waiting and Parenting Knight s Book Knook Teaching History the Way It Happened--In Order BiblioPlan for Families Lights Camera Action Shatterpoint Equipping Students for a Digital World Youth Digital The Way You Wish You d Been Taught...Guaranteed Sonlight Curriculum Teach Your Child Music Ebaru Publishing Ballroom Building ROOM E-11 A B C 2 00 3 00 pm Developing a Plan for High School Diane Kummer 3 30 4 30 pm Record-Keeping for High School Simplifying the Process Diane Kummer 5 00 6 00 pm High School Transcript Clinic Practical Tips and Helps Diane Kummer prepAring For HigH ScHool v Ballroom Building B-21 A B C Exhibit Hall Building E-10 A B Keynote A B-21 A B C Ballroom Building Keynote Speakers The Duggar Family Mother-Daughter Q&A with Michelle Duggar and Daughters Keynote b 1 00-2 30 pm B-21 A B C The Duggar Family Teaching Your Children to Think Like Christians in a Non-Christian World Zan Tyler The Four Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing Andrew Pudewa Notebooking and Multi-Level Teaching Heidi St. John Real-Life Homeschooling Heidi St. John Exhibit Hall Building E-10 C D E-11 A Help Q&A for Parents of Struggling Learners Special-Needs Panel Discussion Boys Will Be Men Rick Boyer Hands-On Learning Joyce Herzog Exhibit Hall Building Deadly Weaknesses in the Strong Man Dennis Gundersen How Do I Teach My Young Child to Have a Biblical Worldview Zan Tyler Choosing and Using Curriculum Joyce Herzog Getting Kids Fired Up About Words Denise Eide Training Character into Your Children Kathie Morrissey Exhibit Hall Building E-11 B Learning Accommodations Kenneth Westcott Exhibit Hall Building E-21 A How to Start a Family Farm for Less than 5000 Avery Farms A Legacy of Greatness Inspiring Your Kids to Become Today s Heroes Marilyn Boyer Six Ways to Inspire Your Art Student Tim Chambers Raising Powerful Culture Warriors Through Film G. Escobar Nerf Guns and Shaving Cream Teaching Reading and Spelling to Kids Who Can t Sit Still D. Eide Cartooning Camp Dan Nuckols (Begins 8 00 am) Dual Credit on Steroids The First Year of College for Less than 1000 Jonathan Brush When is Enough...Enough Finding Contentment by Living Like a King Steve & Annette Economides E-21 A B C Hero Movie Preview George Escobar ROOM E-21 B C 2 00 3 00 pm Lesson from the Making of IndoctriNation Colin Gunn ROOM E-21 B C 3 30 4 30 pm IndoctriNation Q&A Colin Gunn FilmmAKing v Exhibit Hall Building E-11 C Q&A for Aspiring Writers Rachel Coker Elementary Algebra Taught Concretely Steve Demme Nifty Tricks Joyce Herzog Exhibit Hall Building E-21 B C E-22 A Learning Styles Not Just Your Average Genius Diana Waring Exhibit Hall Building Can You Really Learn Art Online Tim Chambers The Family That Stays Together Stays Together Steve Demme Being the Homeschool Mom That They Need Amanda Bennett The Scoop on Tests for Teens Diane Kummer Laughter is the Best Medicine Joe & Zan Tyler Things to Consider Before Starting a Home Business Israel Wayne exHibit HAll HourS ThuRSDAy 5 pm 9 pm FRiDAy 9 30 am 8 pm SATuRDAy 9 30 am 6 30 pm v Exhibit Hall Building E-23 A B E-25 A B Exhibit Hall Building teen tracks B-16 Ballroom Building Cartooning Camp Dan Nuckols Cartooning Camp Dan Nuckols Cartooning Camp Dan Nuckols Exhibit Hall Building E-24 A B Discipleship Camp Miracle Mountain Ranch (Begins 8 00 am) Humility Strength Through Yielded-ness Matt Cox and his dog Casey Apprenticeship and Discipleship A Match Made in Heaven Donnie Rosie Leadership Lessons from Abe Lincoln Tonya Rosie dianne craFt SteVe demme Joel Salatin andreW pudeWa heidi St. John diana Waring Saturday Session 5 10 30 11 30 am Box-Free Living Diana Waring colin gunn Saturday Session 6 1 30 2 30 pm 11 30 am 1 30 pm LUNCH SteVe & annette economideS Saturday Session 7 3 00 4 00 pm Kids and Teenagers with Focus Attention Issues Dianne Craft Friday Session 4 3 00 4 00 pm 10 Marriage Myths That Will Steal Your Joy Heidi St. John Friday Keynote C 4 30 6 00 pm Beginners Of interest to Teens Men Special Learners Exhibitors Workshops Room Ballroom Building Saturday Keynote D 8 30 10 00 am B-10 Identifying Your Child s Processing Problem Dianne Craft Getting Excited About Teaching Science T. 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Be ready to rejoice with that parent whose child won the scholarship. Third look for folks who will celebrate our children s progress and perseverance too. Groups differ in their personalities and interests. We may have to try a few groups to find a good fit. looK for online support groups In some situations we may not find a suitable homeschool group. Or maybe it s a great group but no one has a child with disabilities anything like our child s challenges. How can we find people who understand and can support us in our particular situations Look online. it may take time to find the right place and to adjust our expectations but people were made to be in community. Kathy Kuhl h omeschoolers who have children with special needs need help--and we know it We get it too from many experts doctors writers therapists psychologists and special-education consultants. But we also need support from those who have no advanced training. Support groups community groups family and church friends can help us keep going. But what happens when you attend your homeschool support group During the discussion you hear one parent who is thrilled that her child won a scholarship. You are happy your sixth grader just learned to count to a hundred. Will anyone understand your joy Feelings of isolation can cause parents to stop looking for support. Why Keep trying We need people. It may take time to find the right place and to adjust our expectations but people were made to be in community. People need us. Someone else may have a child like ours or know a parent who does. Our sensitivity to those who struggle our humor and our perseverance will encourage others. As Stephanie Hubach says in Same Lake Different Boat Coming Alongside People Touched by Disability Every person is made in the image of God so each one is valuable. Can Stock Photo Inc. jarenwicklund Finding support When you homeschool a child With Special-Needs NATHHAN the National Challenged Homeschoolers Associated Network ( is a group of Christian families homeschooling children with all kinds of special needs. Other groups designed for special needs include the Yahoo Groups Homeschool_SpecialNeedsKidz GIFTSNC and HS-Plus. Some homeschool forums have subgroups for families with special needs. There are online groups for homeschoolers with particular challenges such as the Yahoo groups HSDyslexicKids homeschoolinganddownsyndrome aut-home-fam. Like all groups they vary in their beliefs and personalities. Search them and try one. Post a brief introduction (without your last name or identifying information) read other posts and learn. If you are new to Yahoo groups (or lists ) go to and search for the groups listed above or enter homeschool plus whatever condition your child has. If you find a good group online you may find it addictive. Beware of the artificial intimacy created by sharing concerns with strangers who may not be what they seem. Be wary of sharing last names or other personal information. Virtual communities can t take the place of local communities. Members of these online support groups cannot meet you for coffee or bring chicken soup when you are sick. So don t quit your local group. In online support groups however you are more likely to meet someone with a child like yours which can be encouraging. You may find someone who has tried that unusual curriculum or therapy you have been wondering about. (But not everything works for everyone so be wise ) find advocacy groups Another source of support is parents who don t homeschool but have a child with special needs. Advocacy groups can help us learn and keep going. One mother told me it was easier to explain homeschooling to parents of children with autism than to explain autism to homeschooling parents. Our local attention-deficit disorder group has educated and encouraged us. In any special-needs support group you may find that folks are slow to respond. Don t take it personally. In northern Virginia we formed a local online group GIFTSNVA for homeschoolers with children with special needs. We only meet occasionally. Days go by without anyone posting to our list. We re too busy homeschooling our special children. Keep your expectations reasonable. (continued on page 19) looK for local support groups How then do we approach homeschool support groups First look for common goals. Whatever our children s abilities we all want them to be honest caring people who try hard. 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Still others of you have yet to begin the high school adventure or you may have recently pulled a teen out of public or private school. Regardless of your level of experience I believe there is value for all of us to be reminded of the basics. Teaching high school at home does not need to be a daunting task but can instead be a wonderful opportunity to educate and enjoy your teens. High School on the Horizon Diane Kummer PREPARE fOR tEACHInG HIGH SCHOOL You ll want to prepare for the task of teaching high school by picking up at least one resource book that lays a good foundation and provides many practical tips. These are but a few of the choices n The High School Handbook Junior and Senior High School at Home by Mary Schofield. n Senior High A Home Designed Form U La by Barbara Edtl Shelton. n Homeschooling High School Planning Ahead for College Admission by Jeanne Gowen Dennis. n Homeschooled and Headed for College by Denise Boiko. Information from these books will prove helpful many times throughout the high school years. All of the authors were homeschool parents so they know your questions the concerns you have and the encouragement you need high school is serious business but one of the most crucial aspects is the opportunity to continue building strong relationships with your teens. Teaching or with one who has already graduated one or more children. A free breakfast or lunch may be quite a lure Inviting a homeschool mom or couple either to your home or to a restaurant will give you uninterrupted time for picking their brains. Potential questions may include the following What do you see as the benefits of homeschooling high school (You may first want to ask if they are having a good day ) What curriculum has worked for you and why What curriculum has not worked and why (Both of the preceding questions are necessary so you can compare and contrast curricula that may best suit your teen.) What part of homeschooling high school did you find to be a challenge How did you structure your day Are there any tips that you want to pass on to someone just starting out BE An ExCItED LEARnER In the same way you desire your teen to be excited about the learning experience you ll want to set a good example by investigating and exploring the many aspects of teaching high school. Keep your eyes open for teaching seminars. I ll present five seminars at the 2013 HEAV Convention that give information you need to know such as how to develop a high school plan create a transcript stay on track during the high school years keep good records and know about tests such as the SAT ACT PSAT and others. Although it always takes a special effort to be away from home the information you ll glean from a one-hour workshop at the conference may save you hours of time finding the information on your own. teens. tAkE An ExPERIEnCED PAREnt tO LUnCH One thing I love about homeschooling parents is that most of them want to support and encourage others. Take time to develop a relationship with a homeschooling family who is currently teaching a teen 16 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SUMMER 2013 BECOME SPIRItUALLY EqUIPPED Teaching high school is serious business but keep in mind that one of the most crucial aspects of homeschooling your teens is simply the opportunity to continue building strong relationships with them. The teen years are pivotal ones and you will see your child grow and mature in many ways. Do your best to keep the lines Can Stock Photo Inc. monkeybusiness of communication open and carry on with the training you began many years ago. I recommend an excellent book on the spiritual training of teens by Paul David Tripp called Age of Opportunity A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens. WAtCH AnD PRAY Homeschooling during the high school years is a noble task that may meet resistance from others including your teen When your decision to homeschool high school is challenged it s a good time to remember the reasons you are homeschooling in the first place. Especially during the high school years pray about all aspects of your home education including but not limited to courses to teach curriculum to use activities to participate in and perhaps even changes to the family s routine or schedule relating to mom s teaching responsibilities. Pray for your teen s spiritual growth and relationship with the Lord. Pray for your teen s relationships with friends and his or her character development. Pray about...everything As a precaution although spiritual fruit is a wonderful bonus when homeschooling your teen it should never be the reason you homeschool. If it is then the absence of spiritual fruit will lead to discouragement wea- riness and despair. Rather see your faithful obedience to the task of homeschooling as an opportunity to trust in the Lord s provision and power to take your meager sacrifice and accomplish His purposes in His timing and in His ways. Your focus will then rightly be on the Lord and His faithfulness--not on your child or your teaching. With high school on the horizon you have an opportunity to engage your teens and have front-row seats watching as they meet new challenges develop personal convictions and mature into young adults. A little preparation and planning will build your confidence and set you going in the right direction. Diane and her husband Tom homeschooled their two children from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Diane joined Home School Legal Defense Association and helped to develop the HSLDA Homeschooling Thru High School program and website. She is a conference speaker columnist homeschool math teacher and consultant. Come and hear Diane speak at the HEAV convention This article was adapted from High School on the Horizon originally published in 2009 by HSLDA. Used with permission. 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WWW.SETONTESTING.COM 800-542-1066 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 17 Being A MOM An interview with Michelle Duggar by Maureen Bittner im Bob and Michelle Duggar of The Learning Channel s 19 and Counting will be at this year s convention Recently while cuddling one child with a tummy ache and another recovering from a tonsillectomy--and with music lessons going on in the background--Michelle met for a phone interview with HEAV director of publications and shared her thoughts on homeschooling faith and flexibility. Most homeschool moms struggle with the feeling that they re not doing enough. How do you make sure each child is receiving what he or she needs After twenty-one years I m still at that place As moms we re always second-guessing ourselves. We beat ourselves up by looking over our list and seeing what we did not accomplish. I look back and sometimes worry there were learning gaps but then I remember that God s grace is sufficient. We believe that our life is a classroom and we never stop learning. My children need two things to be successful. The first and most important is to love God. The second is to love others and look for ways to serve them. If they do that no matter what vocation they choose they ll be successful. If they understand who they are in Christ and what He s calling them to do I know He ll equip them for that calling. I give them tools but God empowers them. Earlier you mentioned that you are flexible. What sorts of things are you open to changing and what are you not Well that changes with different seasons. In the early years it s all about getting those thirty-six phonics rules practicing penmanship and teaching them line upon line precept upon precept. When they get a little older we teach accountability. The older children mentor the younger ones who learn that they re answerable to mom or sibling. On Schedules Our day doesn t start very early. After breakfast they each have quiet time. Then we do a quick clean up of the house. It s a big house but we ve got nineteen people who can clean very fast. After that they do their morning studies. We have memory lane after lunch when we memorize songs and hymns. When the younger 18 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SUMMER 2013 CSpeaker onvention J ones go down for naps the older children finish their studies and then music lessons begin in the late afternoon and go until supper. When Dad comes home we have Bible time. On Being Flexible We do have inevitable bumps in the road but these interruptions are the true lessons. I ve learned not to get bent out of shape if things don t go a certain way. Our children are watching us if we have a poor response they see that and learn from it. If we let anger and frustration take hold we become the nagging nitpicky moms none of us want to be. One of my favorite resources is Expectations Ruin Relationships ( It s always about the relationship. Where do you find spiritual encouragement on a daily basis Jim Bob is my soul mate. I pray with him and cry with him because we walk through life together and are one in Christ. I also get refueling encouragement by hearing God s Word. Faith comes by hearing and hearing from the Word of God [Romans 10 17]. I listen to Alexander Scourby on CD while I work out in the mornings too. And I have a prayer friend who lives eight hours away. We text each other each morning and sometimes during the day. Have your children seen you struggle Yes I ve had to ask for forgiveness when I ve overreacted to little things. I ve had to say Okay we re going to do this again and I m going to follow through with this as I ought to. If you re authentic and encouraging you will not go wrong. You will live to regret the times you don t [apologize] because God will resist the proud but give grace to the humble. How are you different now as parent than when your eldest children were young Josh was eight months old when we met a family who homeschooled. I remember thinking Whatever they ve done that s what we want to duplicate the oneness the unity the love the closeness to God. I want that for my family. So when Josh was four--though Jana and John-David were two and Jill was a baby--I was anxious to start. I purchased the ATI (Advanced Training Institute) curriculum and we did every project when the others napped. These were just fifteen thirty or forty-five minute periods at a time but Josh did great and was reading by age five. If I were doing it again though I would be more relaxed and take a longer view. Each child has different gifts and personalities and some are late bloomers. I ve learned to back off until they are ready. What do you wish you had known as a new mom that you know now Time is our greatest resource. The days may be long but they tick by so quickly. I look at my children. My youngest Josie is three and my eldest Josh is twenty-five. Just a blink and they re grown. Grasping the time with each one of them is most important and I must be intentional about it. I ask questions and give them a safe place to share. Making memories and connecting with their hearts is the most precious thing. You ll get around to the dirty house eventually. Especially if you ve got toddlers don t be a perfectionist and let that choke out those sweet moments. Can you give us a preview of what you might share at the HEAV convention Yes The girls and I will talk about mother-daughter relationships and Jim Bob and I will share our journey with the Lord. As God has walked us along there have been a lot of things we ve learned through our mistakes and our victories and we hope those will be an encouragement to others. finding support When you homeschool a child with special needs (continued from page 14) asK friends to help Look beyond formal groups too. A call to a friend even one who has no children with disabilities can give you the lift you need to get through a tough day. Can your extended family help you My father came over to teach his favorite subject history one afternoon a week for years. Several families I interviewed said cousins have been special friends to their special children. Your church can support you. Though some families are unable to attend worship because of their children s needs others have churches that are able to help or are willing to begin a special-needs ministry. You might give Hubach s book All Things Possible (published by Joni and Friends) to your church leaders. count your blessings Finally be realistic. Some of us live where we cannot find much support. Some of us arrive at support groups hoping they can serve us only to find those leaders are barely keeping up. Look for ways to encourage others. Enjoy what resources you can find and be thankful. What a blessing that we can homeschool our exceptional children Kathy Kuhl began homeschooling in 1997 after years of trying to help her son succeed in school despite his learning and attention difficulties. After homeschooling him for grades four through twelve she interviewed sixty-four other homeschoolers for her book Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner. Visit her website and come hear her speak at the convention Patrick Henry college Education for truth Truth for leadership All for Christ... Combining the same classical liberal arts curriculum that shaped many of our country s Founding Fathers with a campus environment of passionate Christian discipleship Patrick Henry College is equipping leaders to shape the culture and serve the nation. Patrick Henry cChrist & for Liberty ollege For 888.338.1776 To find out more visit us at Patrick Henry College is certified by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia and accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools. THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 19 CSpeaker onvention S ometimes a subject comes up that is so wide-reaching in its impact that it can t be ignored. As a special educator for more than thirty years as well as a nutritionist I am always on the lookout for ways to relieve suffering in kids who are struggling with learning or behavior. It has come to the point that evidence of the impact of fish oil on the brain and nervous system of these children is so large that I think it deserves its own article. RECEnt tREnDS The incidence of children diagnosed with food allergies and intolerances (notice all the gluten-free and dairy free items in grocery stores as of late ) asthma autism Asperger s syndrome sensory processing dysfunction ADD ADHD dyslexia and dysgraphia has increased greatly in the past five years. There is a disproportionate number of boys in this increase. Why is this occurring UCLA School of Medicine has found that boys need for DHA is three times higher than that of girls.1 Let s explore this more. DEPRESSIOn The incidence of depression has skyrocketed in children and adults since World War II. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that eleven percent of Americans over the age of twelve take anti-depressants. What is going on Researchers report that blood levels of inflammatory markers such as C-reactive protein are frequently elevated in those diagnosed with depression. Could inflammatory changes in the brain be one of the main drivers behind our epidemic of 20 TheHealth Behavior and School Effects of Omega-3 on Dianne Craft MA CNHP depression This may also explain why antidepressant medications often don t work for people with depression. Emory University in Atlanta confirmed the depression inflammatory connection. Fortunately there are natural ways to reduce inflammation. The most effective way includes a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids specifically DHA in fish oil.2 Dr. Michael Norden a practicing psychiatrist in New York uses essential fatty acids and particularly fish oils for his patients who are suffering from depression. Using fish oil in addition to medication and sometimes without medication Dr. Norden reports impressive relief from depression among his patients.3 Likewise Dr. Andrew Stall a physician from Harvard has found that the DHA in fish oil has proven to be extremely helpful in patients suffering with post-partum depression bipolar disorder ADD and ADHD.4 AUtISM Many studies implicate inflammation of the white matter of the brain as a common thread in children diagnosed on the autism spectrum. However one very unique aspect of fish oil is its affect on the gaze aversion that afflicts so many children with autism. The rods in the retina of the eye are very responsive to the supplementation of DHA. Dr. Mary Megson a developmental pediatrician in Richmond Virginia has found that the reason that children with gaze aversion seem to look away from a parent s face is because when looking directly at the face all they see is a white block. Thus they use their peripheral vision to at least get a glimpse of what they are looking at. With proper amounts of naturally occurring vitamin A and D in cod liver oil this gaze aversion disappears or is greatly reduced. Dr. Megson states strongly that it is important that synthetic vitamin A in the form of retinyl palmitate not be used.5 Interestingly enough I have found this also to be the case in the children in my consultation practice who come to me with gaze aversion. I found that with the proper amounts of DHA for which I use a specific cod liver oil the gaze aversion is eliminated or reduced by eighty-five percent. In fact in the autism conferences at which I speak I have before-and-after pictures of children with autism showing the lack of gaze aversion after giving this vital nutrient. Besides affecting gaze aversion parents report increased socialization speech bladder control and sensory processing after even a short while of this supplementation. It has also helped many children struggling with ADHD dyslexia and bipolar disorder.6 tRAUMAtIC BRAIn InJURY Probably the most dramatic healings reported after the introduction of high amounts of fish oil have come from the healing of traumatic brain injuries that were not responding to other treatments. When Peter Ghassemi s son Bobby was lying in a coma after a severe car accident the doctors reported that although he had survived he likely would be a vegetable the rest of his life. This dad reached out to Dr. Lewis founder of the Brain Health Education and Research Institute for help. The dad urged him to talk with Bobby s doctors about using the same protocol that was used THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SUMMER 2013 Can Stock Photo Inc. yarruta for a young man who had also experienced traumatic brain injury. In that case the young man Randal McCloy was the sole survivor of a mine disaster in West Virginia. McCloy age twenty-six had been trapped in the mine for forty-one hours while the air around him filled with noxious methane and carbon monoxide. His brain was riddled with damage from these potent toxins. McCloy s doctors were looking for ways to stem the tide of inflammation and cell death occurring in his brain. In addition to massive cell death the protective sheath around McCloy s nerve cells had been stripped. The sheath called myelin allows brain cells to communicate with one another. His doctors embarked upon an unorthodox treatment regimen that included high doses of fish oil. Dr. Julian Bailes one of McCloy s doctors said The concept was to attempt to rebuild his brain with what it was made from when he was an embryo in his mother s womb. High doses of omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil)--since they mirror what is already in the brain--would facilitate the brain s own natural healing process. These fats are literally the bricks of the cell wall in the brain. Dr. Bailes referred to the National Institute of Health s research that suggests that omega-3 fatty acids may inhibit cell death and could help in reconnecting damaged neurons. Amazingly with all this damage three months after saturating his brain with high doses of fish oil McCloy was walking and speaking. Armed with this success story Peter Ghassemi urged his doctors to try this same safe protocol with his son. The result Three months after his accident Bobby Ghassemi was well enough to attend his high school graduation. Bobby said The whole place was cheering for me...I took my graduation cap off and waved it around. Peter Ghassemi said His brain was damaged and this was food for the brain. Dr. Lewis concluded The message that I m trying to get across is there s more you can do. If you add the fish oil we can then begin to let the brain heal itself a little more efficiently. 7 DYSLExIA In 2000 Dr. Jacqueline Stordy began to research the connection between DHA and dyslexia. She performed a double-blind placebo-controlled study in which she studied children with ADD dyslexia and dyspraxia. She found that when a protocol amount of DHA (from fish oil) was given over a three-month period statistically significant improvements were made in these children s focusing ability reading ability and coordination and balance.8 tEEtH tOO If you have a child who suffers with multiple cavities you will be interested in Dr. Weston Price s research. A dentist Dr. Price found that one way to prevent cavities from forming in the mouths of his young patients was to make sure that they had adequate levels of vitamin D and the all-important vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 helps to form dentin the porous tooth material underneath the enamel of the teeth. This vitamin can be found in fermented foods butter and meat from grass-fed cows hard cheeses like Gouda and a soybean fermented food called Natto. It is also in supplements. As we know good ole cod-liver oil is a great source of both vitamins A and D. 9 HOW YOU CAn HELP What can moms do to help their children get these brain-healthy fats Begin to reduce the bad fats that block healing by including more good fats into a child s daily diet. Use simple measures like adding some avocado in sandwiches using real mayonnaise and real but- ter instead of margarine (especially if the butter is from pasture-fed cows) eating more whole grains and legumes versus white flour and making raw vegetables and a salad an everyday part of your children s diet. If you choose to give a supplement such as cod-liver oil fish oil or vitamins D3 or K2 it is best to check with the child s doctor before beginning any supplement program. For a list of the amounts of fish oil vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 that was used in these and other studies just type Fish Oil Article in the subject line and send to craft Dianne Craft has a master s degree in learning disabilities and is a Certified Natural Health Professional. She speaks widely at homeschool conventions across the country. Her books and DVDs have helped hundreds of families remove learning blocks in their struggling children. Visit her website for many articles on children and learning. EnDnOtES 1. Melvyn Werbach M.D. Nutritional Influences on Illness. 2. Drs. Kay Judge and Maxine Barish-Wreden Healthy Diet Shown to Cut Risk of Depression October 23 2012. 3. Michael Norden M.D. Beyond Prozac. 4. Andrew Stoll M.D. The Omega-3 Connection. 5. Mary Megson M.D. The Biological Basis for Perceptual Deficits in Autism 6. Dianne Craft MA CNHP Essential Fatty Acids and the Brain 7. Kate Rheaume-Blue N.D. The Calcium Paradox. 8. B. Jacqueline Stordy Ph.D. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Vol. 71 Jan 2000. 9. Stephanie Smith Fish Oils for Brain Injury 305 Bell Park Dr Woodstock GA 30188 Phone 770-516-5000 FAX 770-516-7588 support Bread making appliances and supplies for making fresh bread in your home electric and manual grain mills for freshly ground flour mixers for bread-making (and general mixing needs) food processors bread machines bakeware and utensils cookbooks wheat and other raw grains beans yeast raw-unpasteurized honey dough enhancer lecithin gluten and just about anything else you need to make bread at home Grains and beans available in 6 gallon buckets 1 gallon pails and some items available in 2 lb. bags. 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