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Description: A magazine meant to make you feel damn good! For women 18-35 who want a good laugh, a great read and to feel inspired. It's like a girl's best friend. JULY AUGUST 2013 A top-up for the soul Cover Model Kailyn Bailey Photo by Beauty & Bliss Photography 30 Ways to Make Summer 2013 Unforgettable fabulous Learn the 5 Minute Face in a Flash How to Survive issue Festival Season Adventure The YOUR MAN & Sports How to Play the Game Paddle About On We Get Real Mental Health Letter from the Publisher LIFE LESSONS in a Ketchup Bottle DAY 1 I M MAKING A TOASTED egg sandwich. The onions and butter are sizzling as I cook the eggs and plop two slices of bread in the toaster. Ketchup I reach into the fridge and pull out a bottle of Heinz. After breakfast is cooked and ready to be inhaled I squirt the red stuff on my plate - but nothing comes out. Damn forgot to take the seal off I try to open the lid but my strength isn t enough. What the Just the other day I opened a jar of pickles like a boss Sadness and pain set in after I pull a muscle in my hand. The ketchup bottle remains unopened. The store clerk crazy glued the lid on I m sure of it. beach e giving the Yep That s m se you were ca a hug. Just in the beach dering. I love won DAY 10 I m in need of the red stuff again a hot dog is just screaming for the goods. Forgetting about my last failed attempt I squeeze the bottle - Nothing. Right... With all my might I twist the cap but the only thing that twists is my hand around the stationary plastic topping. I run it under water I wrap it in a rubber glove a dish cloth a sock eventually slamming the bottle repeatedly on the counter in hopes that it ll explode and I can catch ketchup drops flying through the air... but nothing. What s this Mom asks. A curse. I reply I ve tried opening it for over a month but the clerk at the grocery store glued it closed which was funny until I injured my hand. I brought it over so that Dad can open it for me. I turn around to rummage through her cupboards and fridge. I ve been doing it since I was a kid it s a habit and despite the fact that I m not particularly hungry but I can t help it. Maybe the urge is now led by sheer curiosity to see if the contents in her cupboards win over my own. If that s the case a grocery bag will come out of the drawer and I ll stock up. She always wonders where the food goes now that it s just her and Dad. There you go Mom calls from the other side of the kitchen. I look over in astonishment it took her less than a second to twist the lid off. At this point I could mask my jealousy at her capability with a look of disgust but I am thrilled I won t have to throw it out I can enjoy it now I don t even have to wait until dad s home Sometimes we can t do things on our own even simple little things that we feel should be a piece of cake. When we ask for help sometimes an unexpected person (sporting a superwoman cape) shows up to defeat the problem. After my mother slapped on her Popeye arms and set my ketchup free I began allowing myself to accept help from anyone who was willing to offer it and to ask for assistance from people I wouldn t have normally thought to ask. What has happened since then has been a miracle and is why BeautyBliss Magazine is what it is today. Even if you suspect that someone can t open the ketchup bottle give them a shot. They may just be wearing a cape under their clothes. Plus it s okay to ask for help CANDACE ROADKNIGHT Founder Publisher DAY 28 Another failed attempt and I m accepting the fact that I may have to throw the bottle out and buy a new one. I am a single woman who can take care of herself but for some reason opening a ketchup bottle is beyond my talents. DAY 40 I m fed up. This bottle is going to be the death of me but I m not about to give up just yet. Maybe if I bring it to my parent s place my dad will give it a go. He s like Hercules on steroids. He could lift a muscle truck over his head if he had to. Well maybe not but when I was a kid I would have believed it. Embarrassed I place the evilness that is my ketchup bottle down on my parent s kitchen counter. 2 Follow our birdy on Twitter BeautyBlissMag Like us on Facebook beautyblissmagazine SEA by merely STARING INTO THE -Rabindranath Tagore Image by Privizzini s Passion Photography PrivizzinisPassionPhotography Model Jacqlynn Diaz cross a YOU can t WATER. BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 3 Anything I ve ever done that ultimately was worthwhile... initially scared me to death. - Betty Bender Image by Cayton Heath Photography Model Tayler Burke 4 CONTENTS Summer 2013 JULY AUGUST 2013 THEME ADVENTURE On The Cover game Your Man & Sports 42 Muyzka explains how to play the Kyle Paddle On 46 one man became passionate about Why Horoscopes Astro-Numerologist Tara Villeneuve goes deep into the summer babies numbers 75 Summer Babies Fitness Extras Michelle Dionne-Nisbet of Yoga for Today goes into detail about the best beach fitness for getting your Zen on 40 Beach Zen mental health & what he s doing about it July & Aug Numerology Explained 74 Number Mysteries 54 Tiny Footprints 5 Minute Face 50Beauty Expert s beach day glow in five Our quick minutes World Changers Photographers changing the world through unique volunteer work Food Simple summer dishes turned AWESOME 44 Foodie Fix 2 Summer 66 SimplySummer 2013 unforget30 Ways to make table Everything Else Founder and Publisher Candace Roadknight shares what she learned from a ketchup bottle Jamboree Diary 22 to survive festival season. What to How bring and what to be aware of New Features Life Advice Columnist Ilana Zinyk answers your most pressing life questions Publisher Note 27 Life Advice 24 Fit & Fab 16 Cover Model Executive Editor Katie Bickell shares what the Summer issue has to offer 8 Editor Note Kailyn Bailey shares her guilty pleasures plus her fav piece of advice Health & Wellness Columnist Pam Casey helps you stay fit no matter what your schedule is like Feeling Good Summer 1974 56love conquer all of Loveit s forced Can even when apart Find out how this love story ends Photography All about our Contributors plus links to their social media sites 10 Contrib. Highlight Blissful Life Image Contest Winner revealed 29 Blissful Life Contest 30 Fearless Fashion The Wonder Shop 68 Photog. Highlight 6 Let s Get Verbal A special thanks to our Photographers plus links to all of their social media sites Summer Lovin 12 one woman discovered her Myself How inner beauty and bliss through an exciting adventure Featured Photography Spread by Chelsea Dawn Photography BBMag connects with readers via Social Media Beauty 58 CastlesCouture & Photography Spread by Ben Minor Photography featuring CastlesCouture bikini s accompanied by The Wonder Shop accessories for Summer 2013 BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 53 Ask Meg McGuigan helps Beauty Expert Meghan solve the biggest summer beauty dilemmas 5 let s get verbal Connecting with you via Social Media. Join the conversation What summer item could you just not do without Flip Flops I have a different colour for every outfit - Amber M. Sunglasses and Flippy Flops - Tasha A. Aviators hiking boots and cut-offs - Chelsea M. Sangria - Nikita B. I love the new format the photographers are amazing and I can t wait to finish reading all the articles. This is more than just a magazine - it s a top up for the soul and a work of art - Juhli J. I am sooo impressed. You have produced an Oprah kind of magazine for young women Now that s what I call making a difference in the world - Barb R. What s the most adventurous thing you ve done Moved to Calgary to live in a fire camp knowing only one person there But I ve made friends and feel supremely welcomed into this forestry family - Marie W. I lived in India for two months doing compassion work. It was my first time ever leaving home - Alyssa W. I moved to England when I was 15 for two years in order to finish my A-levels. I missed my family but it was worth every minute - Kim M. We decided last minute to take a road trip to nowhere on my husband s motorcycle. It was 2 days of pure BLISS - Amber M. Noteworthy Happenings in our Last Quarter 1. BeautyBliss climbed to 66 of 430 woman s interest magazines on Apple s What s Hot list keep us climbing by rating and reviewing our app in iTunes 2. Reader Karlee Giles won a years print subscription to BeautyBliss Magazine and Cayton Heath won an iPad Mini Don t miss our giveaways Like us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter 3. Beauty Columnist Meghan McGuigan won second place in the Annual ACT5 Cosmetics Competition at the Allied Beauty Association show in Edmonton AB. See photos on page 70 and 71. 4. BeautyBliss Magazine welcomed health columnist Pam Casey and advice columnist Ilana Zinyk to the team. 5. BeautyBliss Magazine s Executive Editor Katie Bickell and Columnist Meghan McGuigan celebrated the Spring Issue release with dinner and drinks and Meg advised Katie on working that angry sunburn (find it on page 53). 7. BBMag Founder Candace Roadknight decided to permanently offer digital copies of BeautyBliss for free and significantly reduced the cost of print subscriptions (click HERE to order your hard copy ). 8. Catch BBMag s Astro-Numerologist Tara Villeneuve on the Creative Possibility - The Limitless Life WebTalkRadio show on July 8th 2013. It s all in the Numbers The Art of Activating Your Personal Power. Don t miss it Tell us your love story in seven words or less Mountains full moon crackling campfire lingering kiss - Stephanie A. Climbed a Chinese Mountain that was that - Nicola R. Saw him said I m gonna marry him - Monique R. Love letters from fans Hey BeautyBliss I just wanted you to know how much I m loving what you are doing with your photography and magazine Its so fun I also wanted you to know that I purchased your last magazine because Stacey Pettitt of Stacey Pettitt Photography is a personal friend of mine and her oldest two girls were the flower girls at my wedding They call me Auntie Cayton and let s just say I was thrilled to say the least about their being featured So thanks for honoring her photography and making this Auntie VERY proud - Cayton H. I d like to think That everyone is an artist with special talents waiting to be expressed... - Meghan M. The Marathon I m training for was behind me - Katie B. My girls and I are walking around Spring Time Gardens Starbucks in hand peacocks and chickens strutting around us while we enjoy time together and the flowers plants and sunshine. - Monique R. 6 BeautyBlissMag beautyblissmagazine Connect via e-mail hello Volumn II - Edition II July Aug 2013 Issue 5 FOUNDER & PUBLISHER Candace Roadknight ARTICLE SUBMISSIONS articles Katie Bickell katie EDITOR FOR ALL OTHER INQUIRIES info ADVERTISING INQUIRIES advertising blog WEBSITE PHOTOGRAPHY INQUIRIES photos TWITTER BeautyBlissMag CONTRIBUTOR INQUIRIES contributors FACEBOOK beautyblissmagazine READ ONLINE FOR FREE magazines PURCHASE INDIVIDUAL HARD COPIES magazines PRINT SUBSCRIPTIONS subscriptions FREE DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTIONS Search for beautybliss in the iTunes Store. Download our FREE iPad app and subscribe BeautyBliss Magazine. All rights reserved. The written and visual contents of this magazine are protected by copyright. No part of this electronic or printed magazine may be reproduced in any way without the written consent of BeautyBliss Magazine. Requests for permission please e-mail info BeautyBliss Magazine is published quarterly online by BeautyBliss Magazine. Digital copies are FREE with option to purchase high quality hard copies. Any tips advice exercise suggestions etc. are to be taken and used at own risk. BeautyBliss Magazine or its Contributors or affiliates do not hold responsibility for any injury or outcome of any kind. Who We are a small group of ridiculously talented enthusiastically motivated and severely determined creatives. That was a mouth full But a very true story We have gone from a one-woman-mission (who clearly had no idea what she was doing in the beginning but somehow managed to figure it out along the way) to a group of pretty cool peeps who all offer very unique talents. What We are a FREE online quarterly magazine offering printed hard copies for purchase online. Want to buy a hard copy Go to magazines What we do Share good news articles and short stories to make you feel good Give you tips and tools to go after your dreams Feature inspiring people and events Show off epically talented international Photographers who are masters at telling stories through their images Show off epically talented musicians that we re crazy about. Latest features included an interview with Sarah Blackwood from Walk off the Earth and Elise Roller from Go for the Eyes. Why Because we are passionate about inspiring people and helping people live the best life possible. Life is about enjoying every single moment and we re here to remind you how great your life truly is and how you can make it even better. We love what we do and we hope that you do too 7 Letter from the Editor UNEXPECTED Adventures SUMMER S BEAUTYBLISS ISSUE is as hot as its dog days. Inside our pages you ll find fearless fashion kayaking adventures sunny recipes beach babe make-up tips and more than 30 ideas on how to make this your best summer yet You ll read stories on summer love and how to love yourself a funny piece on sport-enthused men and how to love them and great advice on living in health and harmony. You ll also read my own article on the non-profit organization The Tiny Footprints Project (pg 54). The Tiny Footprints Project is a group of photographers who volunteer to take newborn photos of premature infants in the NICU. While this is the only article in the issue that isn t obviously aligned with our theme of adventure summer love after speaking with project founder Heather Hartlen I realized hers is the tale of adventure unexpected. Heather didn t set out to create an international nonprofit she didn t plan to connect with hundreds of photographers dozens of NICU parents and thousands of supporters she just wanted to capture the young and then-perilous life of one child Ayla. Following her heart s prompts life led her on a spectacular journey. Unexpected adventures are often disguised as work as risk or even drudgery. They are not glamorous and although they may be fulfilling they are not fun. The traveller spins in whirlpools of anxiety roams unknown territory late at night and must walk through the deserts of self-doubt parching their confidence and burning their egos. A keen sense of direction is imperative on these journeys - there isn t a yellow brick road but instincts and principles are excellent guides. Unanticipated expeditions are the vehicles of growth. In the words of Jeff Rasley You ve got to get lost before you can be found the acceptance of unforeseen adventure tests our character and hones our humanity. This summer I wish you love adventure and growth. Whether the season brings you deep kisses wild waves or world-changing opportunities life is yours for the taking. Enjoy KATIE BICKELL Executive Editor katie 8 Follow our birdy on Twitter BeautyBlissMag and follow me YoungMumKate YMFreelance DREAMS CAN COME TRUETHE IF WE HAVE COURAGE TO PURSUE THEM - Walt Disney Image by Kansas Pitts Photography Models Greyson (age 4.5) Jonathan (dad) Olivie (age 9) ALL OUR BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 9 KUDOS TO OUR NIFTY OUR CONTRIBUTORS are what make BeautyBliss Magazine worth reading from cover to cover. Their stories advice and upbeat attitudes are what motivate us all to live the best life that we can live and to not take life too seriously. A special thanks to our Executive Editor Katie Bickell and all of our Columnists and Contributors 1 Katie Bickell BeautyBliss Executive Editor 1 Articles Fearless Fashion Keep Calm and Paddle On The Tiny Footprints Project Owner of the writing business YMF Writing Services and winner of The Yummy Mummy Club s 2011 writer s award The Voices of Motherhood for her essay The Joy of Being Kicked Katie Bickell is also the author of the books Sunbeams Hope is in Our Hands and the upcoming novel The Last Ordinary Day. Originally from Slave Lake AB Katie lives in Sherwood Park AB with her daughters Cailena and Chloe her husband Freddy and a beagle named Tweak. Katie believes that arts should shine light on what is true celebrate what is good and offer hope to humanity which is what she strives to accomplish with her work. Blog Website YMFWritingServices. Facebook Young.Mum.Freelance Twitter YMFreelance E-mail Katie beautyblissmagazine. com 3 Tara Villeneuve BeautyBliss Astro-Numerologist Tara lives in beautiful Calgary Alberta. She is an Astro-Numerologist Coach and Personal Freedom Advocate with a fierce passion for cultivating and celebrating the uniqueness within the soulful woman. She owns Freedom Creation Coaching where she supports women to become the Soul Creator of their lives through the discovery and embodiment of their authentic creative expression. Website Facebook FreedomCreationCoaching Twitter TaraVilleneuve E-mail Tara beautyblissmagazine. com BeautyBliss Health and Wellness Columnist Pam lives on Vancouver Island where she keeps the streets safe as a RCMP officer but her real passion is for health fitness and good food Pam is an avid runner participating in numerous races throughout the year and she trains a cycling team that raises over 1 000 000 annually for Pediatric Cancer. Pam is married with her first child due in September 2013 two dogs Wilson and Wallace and three chickens Doris Aretha and Chikita. E-mail Pam beautyblissmagazine. com 4 Pam Casey 3 2 Meghan McGuigan BeautyBliss Beauty Columnist 2 4 5 When people ask Meghan how long she s been doing makeup she answers Professionally since 2009 thinking since I was 4 years old . Meghan travels often throughout North America attending makeup classes and has a passion for creativity artistic expression and encouraging others to believe in themselves. Meghan lives in Edmonton AB. If you re ever looking for her she ll likely be doing makeup hanging out with family or back bending at her favourite Bikram yoga studio. Website Facebook MakeupAndMeg Twitter MakeupAndMeg E-mail Meghan 5 Ilana Zinyk BeautyBliss Life Advice Columnist By day Ilana facilitates leadership development training to the leaders and managers within a large provincial organization. When not at work she spends time connecting with friends cuddling her dog Oz listening to music shopping for shoes drinking wine eating cheese and chocolate and enjoying life as it comes. Ilana lives in a tiny vintage-inspired condo in Edmonton AB. E-mail Ilana beautyblissmagazine. com Twitter ruby_reds 10 CONTRIBUTORS 6 Marie Walde Article Diary of a Jamboree-er Marie Walde resides in Calgary Alberta. She enjoys reading planning parties (so she can make custom playlists) and making people laugh. Her first concert was Cher and she has been hooked on live shows ever since. Her passion for music carries over to her blog where she talks about anything music and life related. 10 Michelle DionNisbet Article Foodie Fix Amber lives in Sherwood Park with her husband Adam and daughters Avery (9) and Alexandria (3 months). Cooking being her 1st passion she also enjoys crafting and decorating. Within the next few years Amber hopes to release a cookbook and earn a diploma in interior design. 7 Amber Magee Article Beach Zen Michelle is a graduate of Yoga for Today s 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program and currently teaches Beginner Hatha Yoga and Gentle Restorative Yoga at Yoga for Today. Yoga for Today has been a part of the Sherwood Park AB community for over 14 years. Having grown from a basement studio Yoga for Today has evolved over the years to a three studio room space with over 50 classes per week and hosting many international names in Yoga such as Judith Lasater Michael Stone Jonathan Foust and Kate Potter. None of it could ever have become possible without the incredible community of support that has made Yoga for Today what it is today. Yoga for Today Website 6 8 7 9 10 11 Article Simply Summer Lauren Shanks is a freelance stationary and invitation designer with a background in hospitality interior design. When not designing Lauren is a craft enthusiast knitter and experimental cook. Lauren is an American currently residing in Fort Saskatchewan AB with her husband daughter and Airedale terrier. She writes daily on her blog Sixteen Sunbuckles about mommyhood and everyday living. Website SixteenSunBuckles.blogspot. ca 8 Lauren Shanks 11 Kyle Muzyka Article Your Man and Sports Kyle Muzyka is a journalism student at Grant MacEwan University. Kyle plans on becoming a sports broadcaster. He writes a blog titled The Maple which is complete satire based on ideas that spring into his mind. He enjoys sports and music and was told that he was cool once by his mom. Website 12 12 Sheri Smears Article Summer Lovin Myself Carla is a Vancouver based filmmaker writer and photographer. With a lifelong passion for all things creative she has enjoyed working within the fine art and mixed media field with a specialization in film photography. With her company Dayah Media Carla combines her talents with others to create a production and photography company that produces unique work with a community focus. 9 Carla Ulrich Article The Summer of Love 1974 Sheri lives in Slave Lake Alberta and has for most of the last 39 years. Her days are filled with volunteering gardening and most importantly spending time with family. Sheri and her husband have raised four children and are now delighting in their three (and soon to be four) grandchildren. No matter what the season or weather you will find Sheri enjoying the beautiful land in which she lives with her two German Shepherds. BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 11 Image by Amanda Monday BirdsDream Design Model Mae Van Der Weide 12 SUMMER LOVIN (myself) Images by Amanda Monday of BirdsDream Design Model in all images Mae Van Der Weide By Carla Ulrich Vancouver BC Beer bellies are being prepped barbeques being lit and summer love is on the horizon. It is what summer is all about right - falling in love For a single neurotic Leo such as myself I prefer stubborn jealous Scorpios. Out of my last four relationships three of them were Scorpios. I guess along with neuroticism I also enjoy torturing myself. Don t get me wrong I love Scorpios they re passionate they love to laugh they love to make love and they re good at it Just maybe this Leo should start putting them in the friend zone instead of falling head over heels from now on. BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 13 S O WHAT IF I don t want to fall in love with the dashing Prince that I ve been brainwashed to believe will solve all my problems This year I want to fall for a beautiful complex Princess. This summer I want to fall in love with myself Dude wait... what It sounds cheesy I know But when I look back on my relationships I can see that they were so unsuccessful because I was always walking a delicate balance between making them happy and remaining true to myself but by trying to please others I wasn t being true to myself. So why was I wasting my time trying to please someone else when I was so deeply unsatisfied It s simple I based my self-worth on their approval. How many times had I convinced myself that things would be great once they were happy Once we get a new this once work stress is gone once we earn more income then things will be better. But it never is because I was trying to base the value of my happiness on superficial elements and essentially devaluing it in the process. By believing that another person s happiness creates that same feeling in me I not only set myself up for failure but I also hurt the one person for whom I am truly accountable me. Insanity Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein I would go from relationship to relationship with the notion that I just need to find someone I could make happy and then I would be happy. But the answer is much closer than that we all say it a million times happiness comes from within but do we actually live it I wasn t. I finally realized that I need to stop following the same relationship patterns and expecting things to change I need to find acceptance and love within myself and happiness and balance will follow no matter who I m dating. The Truth Hurts... But Can Also Heal I think the first step to loving ourselves is honesty which is a hard one for me and probably most others. Honesty means unraveling the web of half-truths that we build to protect ourselves it means admitting that we ve been hiding our deepest insecurities from ourselves. For me it meant admitting that I can be a bit of a B sometimes. Many times my Scorpio lovers tried to make me aware of my sometimes-jerky self to which I would always respond Uhhh no I m like the nicest person ever Well no I can be a bit of a B sometimes. I have always had this notion that I need to be the super nice girl that when I should have apologized instead of argued when I should have listened instead of talked. But I also had another realization it s because of my inner sometimes-B that I am able to have the elements that I do love about myself. I pride myself on being a strong woman that stands up for what I believe in a woman that would without hesitation go to bat for anyone being treated unfairly. This is all possible because I have a little jerky Carla sitting on my shoulder saying oh no they didn t. You can t stop the waves but you can learn to surf. -Jon Kabat-Zinn My therapist once told me You can t change him you need to either accept that this is the way he is or leave. That is great advice especially for us women. We can t change who we are to fit into relationships we need to find balance and acceptance. So where does one begin in finding her harmony There are some pretty great solutions for finding balance these days meditation yoga massage therapy actual therapy. But I want to take a different approach this summer I want to dig deep into the meat of my issues. So along with meditation and yoga I am going to start seeing a Bodytalk specialist. Bodytalk founder Dr. John Veltheim defines the program as conscious-based health care and relies on the fundamental principal that the body contains all abilities to heal itself. Practitioners use the energy of the body to tell them what is blocked and essentially re-synchronize the lines of Honesty means unraveling the web of half-truths that we build to protect ourselves it means admitting that we ve been hiding our deepest insecurities from ourselves. everyone loves. I m sure you know the one every time her name is mentioned we fawn Oh her I love her And of course we do she s super nice let s keep loving her But I need to ask myself why am I denying who I am in an effort to be her Suddenly I realized there were moments in my life Image by Amanda Monday BirdsDream Design Model Mae Van Der Weide 14 communication. I know sounds weird right But I like weird and I also find the hypothesis that balance comes from within incredibly empowering. Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. The third thing I plan to start is journaling. If I want to accept who I am I need to learn who I am How do I react in certain situations How do I handle stress joy or change Who do I hold bitterness or resentment for I feel the need to dig deep into my past and expose the lies I told myself to recognize all of the times I let the opinions of others affect my life. Then I need to forgive all of the times when I hated myself. I think most of you can appreciate this we are so hard on ourselves oh no I didn t say the right thing I read the directions wrong I am such an idiot. Forgive yourself. By realizing that we deserve forgiveness we are able to forgive others. Have you ever noticed how sometimes you can t let go of something No matter how hard you try it just sits there festering in the back of your mind. You ve probably told yourself that it s no big deal and that it will eventually go away but it doesn t. I ve done that to myself many times - I was bitter angry hurt but who was affected Me I want to write these moments down honour the emotions they stir forgive and move on. Follow Your Bliss The fourth step on my journey is based on advice from my friend Valerie I m going to follow my bliss. I m going to write out a joy list all the things that bring me joy. One of the first things on Val s list was to get up slower in the mornings I used to jump up out of bed out the door and go for a run. Now I make coffee or tea and give myself space. Yes Why don t we follow our bliss more often The first thing on my list will be to pick flowers. Flowers remind me of my dear Oma she loved flowers and always had a vase full in her home. I can t remember the last time I picked flowers yet they make me so happy So I resolve to make my joy list and follow the bliss somehow it s already making me happier. Gratitude Turns What We Have into Enough. The fifth step on my summer love list is my favorite gratitude Every day I plan Image by Amanda Monday BirdsDream Design Model Mae Van Der Weide to acknowledge the things and people that I am grateful for such as a sunny day or freshly brewed coffee. Then I m going to take it one step further and express that gratitude. I m the kind of person that assumes everyone knows how I feel so I don t have to actually say it. I remember going out with my friend Suzanne one night. She was radiant her blond hair was perfectly after-beach waved and her eyes were glowing like the blue above a sunset in the evening sky. What did I say Nothing Not one thing. Of course she is always beautiful to me and her nurturing spirit is one of the most cherished in my life but I rarely actually say it. So I will make gratitude and expressing gratitude one of my top priorities - even though it will probably be incredibly awkward at first as I almost never do it. But I like the thought of challenging myself which is what this whole journey is about challenging my comfort levels to take me to a place I have never been in love with myself. I ve been single for a while and I have to say it s going very well. Like... it s working out. I think I m the one. -Emily Heller So it begins summer love. I could possibly fail completely or discover that I m actually a really awful person (I m 90% sure that won t happen) but the thing I am most grateful for today is the ability to share what I am learning with you. We are all worthy of unconditional self-acceptance and love so enough about me what s stopping you v BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 15 Beauty & Bliss Photography Model Kailyn Bailey Dream As an aspiring pastry chef having my own business would be an amazing accomplishment. Also writing my own cookbook and creating something unique and truly my own to share with others. 16 Kailyn K MEET OUR COVER MODEL Bailey Images by Beauty & Bliss Photography (Division of BeautyBliss Magazine) AILYN DESIGNED fun bright outfits to represent summer and totally rocked her wardrobe on the beaches and in downtown Powell River. I felt like I had known her for years by the time the shoot was over Candace reports. We just clicked like two old friends. She gives off this positive energy and you can t help but be happy around her. The cover shoot went three hours over the scheduled time and provided over 500 images to choose from but much of the time was spent sharing passions and life goals. I think that the images that I chose really represent who she is Candace says She s a goofball at heart which I love and she s also a sexy confident goddess who knows exactly what she wants and has such a sweet and loveable personality. Kailyn is everything that BeautyBliss represents true beauty and bliss and we are honoured to feature her as Summer 2013 s Cover Model. The bar has been raised jokes Candace Kailyn brought delicious homemade cupcakes to the photo shoot. How is the next Cover Model going to beat that Laughing about the scrumptious dessert Candace finishes signing Kailyn s praises. All jokes aside getting to know Kailyn was a pleasure and I hope she remains in my life for a long time. She s just one of those girls you know One that you hope you ll know forever. And I just know that her dream of opening her own bakery will happen. When it does BeautyBliss will be there to share it with the world. BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 17 Guilty My guilty pleasure is definitely peanut butter by the spoonful and chocolate accompanied by some really dramatic reality T. . such as the V Bachelor. Right now it s Masterchef Love that show 18 Beauty & Bliss Photography Model Kailyn Bailey Taurus I m a Taurus independent & stubborn But I m very loyal to my loved ones and my close friends that are like family. My weakness is definitely procrastination and my sensitive heart I tend to take things personally. However I m easy going and down to earth and I have a very strong persistent drive in life particularly when I want something. Beauty & Bliss Photography Model Kailyn Bailey BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 19 Follow Your Heart I know it sounds clich but the best advice I have ever received is to always follow your heart and do what s right for you. I always have. Even though there were times when it didn t work out I always learned from the experience. Beauty & Bliss Photography Model Kailyn Bailey 20 Exercise My favorite exercise is a nice walk or hike but I love to stay active by running and jogging too. A good kickboxing class at the gym is also a favourite because it s such a great stress reliever. It s important to me to stay healthy and feeling good. It never hurts to make some room for a little dessert either. wink Inspiration If I could tell the world one thing I would say Always have an open heart and open mind because you never know who you might meet tomorrow or what you might learn next. Beauty & Bliss Photography Model Kailyn Bailey BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 21 Jamboree-er By Marie Walde Diary of a (And How to Survive a Summer Festival) THIS IS BIG VALLEY JAMBOREE Canada s largest annual country music festival hosted in Camrose AB. Big name artists (such as country music stars Tim McGraw Luke Bryan Alan Jackson and Terri Clark) and up-and-coming talents come together for a 3 night event that mixes friends fun and a passion for all things country music. As a novice Jamboree-er I didn t know what I was getting into when I arrived that Thursday night but I left a different person on Monday morning... But I m getting ahead of myself Let s start at the beginning Thursday August 2 2012 We make our way to the campground a day earlier than most giving us the luxury of settling in to sip cold ones as we watched others struggle with their tents. This provides us with gleeful entertainment - until the unexpectedly cold night air chills us and we realize that not one of us has packed a pair of jeans. Friday August 3 2012 Almost a year later I still hear horns honking generators blasting through thin tent walls and the hollering yeehaw s of neighbors. There s excitement in the air dust on our feet and the smell of grease in our noses as we encroach the venue... 22 We wake to find new sets of campers surrounding us with RV s pickup trucks and lawn chairs and we realize it has begun Tonight the first shows start and only a fool would miss 2012 s headliner Blake Shelton. After sizing up our neighbors our camps form alliances and the fun begins. As drinking games at 11 00 am are usually a spectator sport for me I decide to get my tan on. Ah the sound of dusty country lyrics in the background the sun on my skin and the laughter of good friends perfect right Nope Ignoring the well-intended warnings to use sunblock I burn to a shade of red never before found on the human body. Ever the optimist I embrace my new look as patriotic now red and white I am Canadian Girl Incarnate. In late afternoon we invite a few plaid shirt-wearing cuties over for Twisted Teas and baloney sandwiches. Despite the sex appeal of their cowboy-hatted bods I m pretty sure they have never roped a cow or broke a horse in their life and we are disappointed by their cosmopolitan nature. Still we can t complain about the view Soon the shows start and Blake Shelton is obviously ready to entertain. The crowd roars as he makes sure to leave no hit out of his blunt-country set and who here wouldn t know every word to Austin Ol Red or my personal favorite God Gave Me You The warmth of the night and twang of the downhome music satisfies our souls and we began the 2 kilometer walk back to camp--made so much longer by the gravel path and an intoxicated bestie in flip flops. Saturday August 3 2012 Hot days equal scary nights in southern Alberta. Sipping this morning s coffee I still shake from last night s intense thunderstorm. I spent the night in desperate prayer as our tent swayed in the wild winds and part of the structure actually ripped off by the force of the wild weather. It was only a year earlier that Big Valley Jamboree experienced its first fatality when an audience member died under a stage collapse due to tornado-like winds so I am sure I m not alone in my anxiety this morning. Ouch I feel my arms and they are on fire Attempting to use them as little as possible we begin what will become our morning routine we leave as pairs to the porta-potties four rows over bringing our own toilet paper and trying not to step into any questionable puddles. It s here that we hear rumors of salvation across the highway air conditioning We decide to suffer the trek hoping to find relief for what has been a blistering start to the weekend. Along the way we find an oasis of tiny showers and instantly we are reborn. This gives us enthusiasm to continue the search for the mythlike air-conditioned building. But no all we find is a little boy dressed like Elvis shaking his hips like they don t lie. Luckily we manage to catch a bus back to camp saving us from repeating the death march. In-your-face who s-your-daddy artist Toby Keith headlines the evening s entertainment which is semi-rained out but perfectly heard in the limited protection of our damaged tent. How to Survive a Weekend-Long Summer Festival Arrive and leave early. You don t want to spend your first day in an anxious-toparty convoy or follow still-intoxicated drivers home. 1. Beat the Crowds Sunday August 4 2012 Much to the chagrin of my fellow campers I abstained from alcohol the previous nights in order to more fully enjoy the experience and save myself from a four-day hangover. However temptation gets the better of me on our fourth day of celebrations and I crack my first aperitif by midday. By afternoon I feel pretty darn redneck country Making my way to the outhouses I ignore the calls of my friends returning to find the battery of my locked car has been removed. Apparently I somehow set the vehicle s alarm off and took the keys with me on my trip. Neighboring country boys prove their handiness quickly when annoyed by constant honking oops After a few more spirits I float to the stage area buying merchandise and making use of a new clean t-shirt. My peeling shoulders are now covered--I will be warm when the sun goes down--and I have a lifelong souvenir. Soon the first soulful notes of my favorite band fill the air--perfect timing (as always) for Rascal Flatts Nothing compares to singing along in a wide open field without anything between band and crowd. The Rascals and I come alive as one--a lover s romance--and when asked what song we want to hear next I whisper hand-to-heart Mayberry. Proving our spiritual connection the song plays next Honoring the bond between band and myself I sing every song heartily and express my adoration through interpretive dance. These are the nights that make Big Valley amazing. Take down is no fun at the end of a boozy weekend so don t bring more than you need. That said rain listens to no camper so do pack something warm as well as tank tops and flip flops. 2. Pack Light (but for all weather ) Bring a solar charger for your cell phone because A. How are you going to Facebook Instagram if it s dead And B. You don t want to kill your car battery just to charge your phone. 3. Think Alternative Power The sun is powerful especially when you re having too much fun to notice your burn. And burns aren t sexy--I have the pics to prove it 4. Use Sunscreen Monday August 5 2012 Although I slept the night before in my vehicle because of the acid reflux sunburn scary weather that continuously woke me my friends and I are surprisingly alert and efficient when packing up later that morning. We aim to leave before other campers rush for place in the great exodus. It isn t fun taking down camp so early but it is worth the effort as I crawl into bed knowing that I ve escaped other zombie-fied campers anxiously trying to leave the grounds at the same time. Speaking of home while unpacking the car we found a lot of unused mini cereal boxes a flat of flavored water and only a can or two of unused booze--accounting for the pain in my skull. But hangover headache sunburn and all Big Valley Jamboree is an experience that can t be missed - and now a BVJ er for life I won t make the same mistakes twice These guys slap on a dirty shirt Wranglers and boots and trick you into thinking they can cowboy up when in fact they just saw their first cow on the drive to BVJ. They might not know how to start a John Deere but they do know how to play the game. PS This goes for all festival men whether they be country indie punk or hippy. 5. Beware of RetinaScathingly Hot Cowboys Think before gorging on greasy food from vendors after a hot day of beer consumption. We learned this one the hard way when tummies gurgled on Sunday night s walk home. The best kind of festival is one you can leave with dignity (almost) intact. v BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 6. What Goes in Must Come Out 23 Image by Privizzini s Passion Photography PrivizzinisPassionPhotography Models Jo Gwin and Jacqlynn Diaz fit & fab no matter what Image by Privizzini s Passion Photography PrivizzinisPassionPhotography Models Jo Gwin and Jacqlynn Diaz 24 By Heath & Wellness Columnist Pam Casey Everyone wants a beach body come summertime but not everyone has the freedom to workout whenever or however they please. Life happens and that includes caring for children nurturing a relationship taking out of town vacations and unexpected challenges that might change summer plans. Here s a few ideas on how to work your rockin bod whatever comes up Exercising while on Vacation Summer vacation is something I look forward to every year it s a time to relax enjoy the people you love (or take a break from them ) and to cross a new adventure off of your list. But it can be awkward to fit in workouts away from home. Here s some ways to stay sexy and sassy while gallivanting Find a hotel with a pool and do laps. If you went all out on your vaca you can swim laps around the swim-up bar inbetween drinks Many hotels have gyms check ahead and find out if yours offers the basics for staying in shape. My favourite place to vacation is Tofino where it s lovely to take long walks on the beach. Use local landscape for adventure and fitness. And don t forget about other local resources Every town offers some recreational activities. Check tourism websites for major attractions and seek local advice at coffee shops and restaurants that you visit. They know the sweet spots mised. This allows you stay toned and strong. Experiment with new activities. When I broke my ankle I rode a stationary bike it kept me in the game Think low impact. Swimming assists many injuries. Stay positive. Keep your mind healthy and your body will follow once healed. Exercising with Children Having children is said to be one of life s best experiences. As a mother-to-be I m told my life is over as I know it. But I see it as a new opportunity for fitness My best friends have children and they are still able to enjoy health and activity albeit in more creative ways Have older children No reason you can t run 5km while they ride bicycles alongside. Use playgrounds to your advantage climb the monkey bars make obstacle courses play tag or run laps around the park. Play at the pool Laps may be out of the questions but wading with a child-in-arms works several muscles. Invest in a good jogging stroller--remember to only run about half of the distance you cover solo to avoid injury. Look into local mommy and me classes such as dancing yoga or skating lessons. Many moms say that just having a kid is exercise The amount of energy spent chasing your child around can lead to many calories burnt enjoy and share in your child s energy and mummy-tummy shouldn t be much of an issue Exercising with Your Man Spending time with our significant others is at the top of most priority lists. But we often sacrifice activity levels for an extra kiss or cuddle. Don t let romance stop you from loving yourself when there are so many romantic ways to work out together Sex That s right I said it. Sex is a great way to enjoy one another while burning calories. Take turns sharing each other s physical interests. One day you take him to yoga the next day you rock climb with him Worried fitness levels are out of sync It doesn t mean you have to sit this one out. I consider myself fit but my husband is a totally different species. When he wants to go on a really hard run I ride my bike and encourage him along the way providing water and holding extra layers as they come off. Be creative Try something that s new for both of you. This can lead to a new passion or a new challenge. Exercising when Pregnant or Injured Don t let a change in your abilities limit your participation. Just because you can t continue on your regular training schedule doesn t give you permission to glue your butt to the couch and eat tubs of ice cream while watching endless episodes of One Tree Hill (OK this may have been me during the fatigue of early pregnancy a few weeks back...). But while chilling out is important to recovery and growth so is exercise. You just have to modify Take it easy. This may include cutting from a daily 10K run to a 5K run or a brisk daily walk. Work around the injury by exercising the upper or lower body depending on what part of your body is compro- Whatever your challenge is this summer think of it as an opportunity to explore new health options. Adventures may not go as planned or provide perfect opportunities for working out but it s about the journey not the destination. Enjoy your summer and keep healthy v BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 25 When a WOMAN conceives her occurs and true self LIFE n. begins agai around her A MIRACLE - Marianne Williamson Image by Privizzini s Passion Photography PrivizzinisPassionPhotography Model Jacqlynn Diaz 26 Ilana on Life TAKING ADVANTAGE Life Advice Columnist Ilana Zinyk answers your most pressing questions. Have a question for our Life Expert E-mail Ilana with your dilemma and she may just answer your question in the next issue of BeautyBliss. Check the Contributors Page for Ilana s E-mail address. Q A My boss often asks me to perform tasks not included in my job description such as picking up coffees fetching dry cleaning or even booking his personal appointments How can I put a stop to this without losing my job Sincerely Fed-up in Fort Macleod Dear Fed It s frustrating when employers abuse positions of authority. However it s likely your boss doesn t realize the impact his actions are having on you or on your professional relationship. Regardless if you re not happy something needs to change. First ask yourself what you enjoy about your current position and what initially drew you to the job. What do you excel at and what skills or new talents would you like to strengthen Reflect on the various contributions you could make if your time was not spent running personal errands and make a list of them. BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 27 Then clearly and respectfully communicate your feelings. Share some of your reflections with your employer and suggest tasks you could take on that would be more suited to your skillset. Maintain your professionalism allow him to share his rationale with you and give him the benefit of the doubt. As I mentioned earlier it is possible that the favor cycle began without him even fully realizing it. Hopefully your employer responds in a way that is supportive and respectful but if that does not happen you may need to take your concerns to a higher authority or pursue a career elsewhere. Stand up for yourself if you don t do it no one else will. With wishes that the only coffee fetched is your own Ilana in a mature manner they will (or will eventually) respect your decision. Remember their concerns stem from love as does your worry about disappointing them. Love will withstand disappointment just as it will withstand a change in your major. With love for continual learning Ilana Q MAJOR COMMITMENT My boyfriend of one year just moved in and he wants to combine our finances. Should I UNEXPECTED CHANGE Q A I m halfway through my degree and I want to change my major. My parents are going to lose it--they paid for my tuition and they ve always wanted me teach What should I do Sincerely Terrified in Toronto Sincerely Twitterpatted in Tofino Dear Terrified It seems as though your parents are very supportive of you. I make this assumption based not only on their financial support but also the fact that they have aspirations for you they want you to be successful and to have a career. But if teaching is not what you want to do you need to be true to yourself. Calmly explain why your goals have changed. Assure them that you will be far happier and more successful in a career that you love rather than one that you don t. Thank them for their support so far and let them know how much you appreciate it. Acknowledge that you feel as though you are letting them down but stick to your instincts. Your parents may need some time to adjust to your decision but if you handle the conversation and your emotions I m halfway through my degree and I want to change my major. My parents are going to lose it Dear Twitterpated This is a very personal and important decision. Listen to your gut what are the potential risks of sharing finances How will spending disagreements be handled How will expenditures be prioritized and how will a budget be decided Money is the most common cause of disagreements in relationships. In my opinion avoiding potentially tumultuous situations in an early relationship is desirable though I understand the temptation to experiment with the unknown. If you decide to share finances try in on a time-limited basis and start small. Some alternatives to total financial merging include splitting bills or contributing a set amount of money into a shared account for a specific goal such as going on a vacation together or purchasing an item you will both use. Whatever the decision experimenting with small amounts of money for a short period of time can bring security and learning to both of you while protecting your individual assets. Promoting pinching at least some of your pennies Ilana v A 28 Image by Cayton Heath Photography Models Grace and Jeremiah Dias BLISSFUL LIFE IMAGE WINNER Cayton Heath Photography This couple Grace and Jeremiah Dias got married on May 18th 2013 in California. I love this picture because not only do they look incredibly happy but the groom was showing the bride his mismatched socks which was a big deal for the bride because she never wore matching socks growing up and he wanted to do that for her as a cheeky surprise on their wedding day. He even had all the groomsmen do it as well - Cayton Heath BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 29 Fearless Fashion Adventurous Summer Style By Katie Bickell Images by Featured Photographer Chelsea Martin of Chelsea Dawn Photography Model Kaitlyn Tremblay Summer fashion is all about looking hot while keeping it cool With the fussiness of nylons and blazers tossed to the back of the closet it s time to embrace light cottons washed denims bright prints and big extras. 30 Chelsea Dawn Photography Model Kaitlyn Tremblay BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 31 The key to any summer look Moisturizing body lotion and a great SPF Let your wild child run free with no-fuss hairstyles and rock an effortless glow with the BBMag s five minute face (learn more on page 53). 32 Chelsea Dawn Photography Model Kaitlyn Tremblay BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 33 Chelsea Dawn Photography Model Kaitlyn Tremblay 34 Summer is a fantastic time to play with materials and trends new to your wardrobe. Here Chelsea Dawn Photography model Kaitlyn Tremblay pairs a denim vest with a suede mini and rocks the indie-boho look with beaded accessories and a leather braid weaved through her hair a gorgeous mix of flower child and rock goddess. BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 35 Be Bold Big bright accessories anchor otherwise light summer outfits and add an eye-catching appeal. Treat yourself to some statement Stella and Dot pieces featured here or DIY it transform a favourite scarf into a bandana mix and match a collection of arm candy or relearn the art of friendship bracelets 36 Chelsea Dawn Photography Model Kaitlyn Tremblay Chelsea Dawn Photography Model Kaitlyn Tremblay BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 37 Looking for the perfect sundress this season Think loose and light whether you lean towards maxis or minis. Leave the more fitted tailored articles for the fall-- you need room to run and play 38 Chelsea Dawn Photography Model Kaitlyn Tremblay However you choose to work your style this season take charge and have fun Adventure awaits Chelsea Dawn Photography Model Kaitlyn Tremblay BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 39 BEACH By Michelle Dionne-Nisbet of Yoga For Today Images by Trisha Poitras of Live Love Laugh Photography Zen 1. Camel (Ustrasana) Benefits stretches front body strengthens back body and improves posture. Cautions high or low blood pressure back injury. Tips Start with hands on block then move them to heels with toes curled under then flatten feet. With time and practice you may eventually get head to mat. 40 2. Upward Salute (Urahva Hastasana) Benefits stretches belly improves digestion stretches shoulders strengthens spine. Cautions shoulder or neck injury - be careful raising the arms. Tips This is a wonderful stretch. This pose is at the beginning and end of the Sun Salutation. 4. Child Pose Extended Child Pose (Balasana) 3. Tree Pose (Vrksasana) Benefits strengthens thighs calves ankles and spine improves balance stretches the groin and inner thighs chest and shoulders. Cautions high blood pressure - don t raise arms overhead. Tips Start off with heel on ankle and toes on mat and work your way up with each pose. Benefits calms the brain and helps relieve stress and fatigue relieves back and neck pain gently stretches hips thighs and ankles. Cautions knee issues pregnancy diarrhea high blood pressure - avoid this one. Tips This is a resting pose but for some it is not very comfortable. Play around with it by widening the knees and or supporting the head with a block or rolled up blanket. 5. Extended Side Angle (Utthita Parsvakonasana) Benefits strengthens and stretches the legs knees and ankles stretches the groin spine waist chest and lungs and shoulders stimulates abdominal organs increases stamina. Cautions neck problems - don t turn your gaze up. Tips start with forearm resting on thigh or use a block. 6. Lord of the Dance (Natarajasana) Benefits stretches shoulders chest thighs groin and abdomen strengthens the legs and ankles and improves balance and focus. Cautions keep the raised foot flexed if cramping occurs avoid pose if you suffer low blood pressure. Tips If balance is an issue begin by raising foot off the ground slowly and a little at a time. BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 41 YOUR MAN & SPORTS How to Play the Game By Kyle Muyzka Images by Privizzini s Passion Photography PrivizzinisPassionPhotography Models Jo Gwin and Jacqlynn Diaz IF THERE S ONE THING men enjoy more than sports its women (though for some it s a pretty tight race.) You ladies seem to think you have us wrapped around your fingers. Generally that would ring true we d probably give up courtside seats just to see you smile but play that game for long and we might just scout for new talent. You see guys are guys you can t train us out of our passion for competition. Why would you even want to when it s so much more fun to play on the same team Not convinced yet Take a look at the smart girl s playbook on sports and the sexes... Image by Privizzini s Passion Photography PrivizzinisPassionPhotography Models Jo Gwin and Jacqlynn Diaz 42 The Play 1 You re at a bar and the guy next to you starts a conversation. He s wearing a Vancouver Canucks jersey so it s obvious he s a sports fan (even if his team choice is a bit poor). ( views are solely those of Albertan writer Kyle What shislastname and BBMag apologizes for them. Never again shall we hire an Oilers fan.) The Play 2 Fast forward a bit you re in a relationship with a sports junkie and he s surprised you with tickets to the Grey Cup. You stifle a yawn. The Play 2 Fast forward a lot You both are old and grey or at least you re in a familiar steady relationship. You are the assist to his goal the fastball to his changeup the wide receiver to his quarterback. Except of course when Hockey Night in Canada is on--then you re just pretty much ignored. The Foul You roll your eyes. I realize it can be difficult to be excited about something that doesn t interest you (that s how I feel about most topics--I thought Kardashian was a type of spice.) However taking interest in (or even just pretending to mildly appreciate) sports will really make your male companion feel valued. After all you expect us to try in our relationships all the time--this is the male equivalent to watching a chick flick The Foul Immediately start talking sports. If you re not naturally the type of girl who s involved in spectator sports faking it will come off as desperate and when women immediately challenge our sports knowledge during friendly conversation it can be a bit scary and or ego-bruising. The Foul You interrupt the game because you need to talk. Or just as badly you dramatically sulk at his lack of affection texting him every 5 minutes Is this game more important than meeeeee I know I know the saying goes happy wife happy life but are you really too insecure to give the man that worships you an hour or two of guy time For the Win Ease into the conversation. Be sincere about your interests and ask him about his--chances are sports will come up. It pays to have a few stats and opinions on hand once the conversation has shifted there so be somewhat prepared. Blow his mind with some unexpected game insights if you have them men generally appreciate valuable input to sports situations. For the Win You channel your inner Danica Patrick start your engine and check your purse for beer money. Trust me he ll appreciate the effort on your part He won t care if you fumble your words a bit he just wants to have fun with you. Sports are how men bond so if you are asked to play or watch sports with your dude jump on that opportunity. For the Win You (the sexy confident independent goddess that you are) give him space to root for his team after all he gives you plenty of time for your own breakaways. You wouldn t make him break his favorite sports routine any sooner than he would cancel your BeautyBliss Magazine subscription Besides you clever lady you you realize if you give him these few hours he owes you big. GAME HIGHLIGHTS Believe me ladies those nights when your man gets rowdy watching the game drinking beer and hollering at television sets like an Irishman are the times he talks about you to his friends (during commercial and intermission breaks). Give him his man-time and they ll hear nothing but glowing reports Failure to do so may result in a demotion to the minors. However if you use this list as a guideline you may find yourself on the top line for a very long time. v BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 43 FOODIE FIX Get Your Summer On By Amber Magee An over abundance of tomatoes and a craving for a Cesar drink inspired this summer salad. 44 SUMMER IS THE PERFECT SEASON TO SHOWCASE OLDIE (BUT GOODIE) DISHES AND GRILL UP PROMISING NEW RECRUITS AS WELL GATHER YOUR LOVED ONES AND BUST OUT THE SPRINKLER--WE RE ABOUT TO GET OUR SUMMER ON Zesty Tomato Salad It s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato. - Lewis Grizzard Last year I planted a small cherry tomato plant in my backyard hoping to make only a few salads throughout the summer. Unaware of their potential more tomatoes popped up in my garden every time I blinked I had so many that I began leaving jars of cherry tomatoes on my neighbor s doorsteps as gifts Anyway I had to actually eat some so I whipped this recipe up with fresh veggies from my local farmer s market (and a slight craving for a Cesar drink). The beauty of this recipe is that you can substitute with whatever veggies you like and prepare the night before serving Ingredients 2-3 ripe tomatoes 1 cup shredded purple cabbage of a cucumber 2 stalks of celery green bell pepper red bell pepper cup feta cheese 1 sprig green onion cup Kraft Catalina dressing (more to taste later) Celery salt (to taste) 1 capful Lemon juice 1. Shred cabbage quarter tomatoes wash and dice all veggies and mix into a serving bowl. 2. Add feta cheese lemon juice and Catalina dressing. 3. Mix together and add more dressing if needed. 4. Sprinkle celery salt over mixture and place in fridge to marinate. When ready to serve give it a bit of a stir and savor every bite An honest mistake turned ordinary corn on the cob into a delicious summer treat Sweet Corn on the Cob Nothing says summer like Corn on the Cob Good corn is bright yellow plump and fully covered by its vibrant green husk. This recipe spurred out of mistaking sugar for sea salt--it turned out to be quite the beautiful disaster and you ll say the same after you taste this Ingredients Corn on the Cob (however many you need 6-8 is good) shucked and washed 2 cups milk (or coconut milk) cup sugar 1 cup butter Water to fill half pot (I use plain tap water but suggest using half water half coconut water for extra sweetness) Butter (or your choice comparison) for spreading after 1. Fill a large pot with half water. 2. Add in corn milk sugar and 1 cup butter. 3. Bring to a boil and boil 7-8 minutes (until cooked). 4. When corn is done roll in butter sprinkle lightly with salt serve and enjoy BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 45 KeepCalmAndPaddleOn Twitter ChadGuenter MEN OF PASSION KEEP CALM and PADDLE on BY KATIE BICKELL IMAGE OF CHAD GUENTER Chad Guenter Battles Wind and Waves for Mental Health Awareness. 46 rustrated by the stigma of mental health disorders following his brother s diagnosis of bipolar disorder river guide and emergency response technician Chad Guenter took on the wild currents of the North Saskatchewan River in efforts to raise awareness for mental health. Guenter talks to BeautyBliss Magazine Editor Katie Bickell on the ambitious journey how depression has affected his life and why it s time to get real about mental health. F Katie Bickell Thank you for speaking with us on this important issue Chad. Last year you crossed 350 kilometers of water on your stand-up paddle board in just 7 days to raise awareness of mental health issues. What made you take on this challenge Chad Guenter I had to do something. My family has been directly affected by mental health issues since before my brother was diagnosed as bipolar 15 years ago. Boarding the river for a week was metaphoric of the daily struggles of those suffering from mental illness there s a loss of control-- the fear of not having a safety net. It s a difficult journey and every day you have to re-choose to keep going. I also wanted to create a safe community in which others can discuss mental health challenges and how it affects them. We have to talk about it we have to lift the stigma. I struggled with this myself when the media started to pick up my story. I didn t want to admit to my own episodes of depression and I wanted to protect my brother. No one wants others to think that they are crazy but it s an illness. If you had cancer no one would judge you no one would be mad at you. But if someone has a mental health disease our society says There s something wrong with that person that s exactly why people don t seek help. KB Can you tell us about your experiences with mental illness CG Seeing my brother deal with bipolar disorder is very hard you can only watch the patterns of the disease so many times before it affects you. As dysfunctional as things can get my brother has an amazing support system in my dad and mom but it still wears on a person. My dad has aged significantly in the last 10 years --he s just emotionally drained. He s doing better now in that he can get a full night s sleep since (my brother s) been on True Hope medication he s been having the best year that he s had in the last 15. Still a good day for my brother isn t everyone else s consideration of a good day. Although I didn t feel like it could possibly happen to me it happened I also had an episode of depression. I was put on medication and I hated it I hated the thought of the drugs doing something to me--of not having control--but you have to trust those that are helping you. Still I watched my brother struggle through so many different medications and I just thought there has to be a better way. That s when I started paddling it gave me a responsibility to look out for myself on the water. Slowly I weaned off of the medication and I started thinking of a way I could encourage others to talk about what they had been through. KB During last year s 7 day trip what was your biggest challenge CG We had very strong headwinds. There were no rest days no floating just rolling waves and wild wind. But I had wanted the trip to represent mental health struggles and the inability to walk away from them. I got my wish it turned out to be far more taxing than I thought it would be. I tried to do as many updates on my Twitter and Facebook page as I could to give my followers reports on the trip but sometimes I didn t have enough service. Again a metaphor I was having such a hard time but I couldn t talk to anyone about it. It was lonely. I wondered is it worth it Will anyone take notice of this BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 47 COMPLETE FAILURE WAS MY BIGGEST FEAR ESPECIALLY WHEN THE WEATHER WAS AT ITS WORST Will I even reach one person Complete failure was my biggest fear especially when the weather was at its worst What if I don t make it What if I pull out It emphasized how important support systems are. My own biggest supporter is my fianc e Ashley. Without her positivity I wouldn t be able to do this. With that realization I really try to pump positivity through the Keep Calm and Paddle On Facebook page. Positivity can only do good even if only for a short pe48 riod of time. It s those little pieces of hope that help people get through some of the roughest days. KB Surely you must have succeeded considering you re taking on the daunting task again this year Can you tell me about the moments that made it all worthwhile CG The night before the last day of my journey I asked on Facebook and Twitter for others to join me on the last leg of my trip but I didn t expect anyone to come. I was so surprised--humbled--when a large group of people came out on the water--my brother being one of them. He had never been out on the water with me before I can t describe how it felt to have his support. I met one girl who had never been on water never mind on a stand-up paddle board I paddled beside her and she completely opened up to me about the mental health struggles in her own life. I never would have expected a girl like her to have had a story to tell. She was so nervous on the board but as she talked she became more comfortable she forgot how outside her comfort zone she was. That was a big moment--I reached that one person it was all worthwhile. KB Have many people opened up to you as that girl had CG I ve had quite a bit of private messages through the Facebook page but I still find it very hard to get people to start talking publically. But there are those who post positivity and support on the page and that in itself is wonderful. A lot of people want to hide from their issues to just bury them--which is fine if they have a healthy support system. But if they don t they need to find help. I just want to be a voice for those who can t speak for themselves while protecting their privacy. KB Can you tell our readers about this year s trip CG This year the trip will begin on August 25 and carry on for 10 days instead of 7. I plan to cross about 450 kilometers. I ll be alone for the first 3 days and then my friend Jasmin from the Cayman Islands will join me. He s paddling to raise money for troubled children and orphaned youth. In the last few days of the trip we d like as many people as possible to join us on the water. KB How can those of us not able to join the trip get involved CG You can join the Keep Calm and Paddle On Facebook page or follow me ( ChadGuenter) on Twitter and Instagram. Please share your experiences with the community it s a safe place--a place not to be judged a place to help someone else just by sharing your story. Post a saying a song anything that might help someone going through a rough time. KB If you could tell our readers one thing what would it be CG To not be afraid to speak up and to look for support when needed. A lot of women are affected by depression and a large following on my Facebook page are female. Surround yourself with positivity it s hard not to smile when good things around you are happening. v A LOT OF PEOPLE WANT TO HIDE FROM THEIR ISSUES TO JUST BURY THEM. I JUST WANT TO BE A VOICE FOR THOSE WHO CAN T SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 49 5 Minute FACE WITH BEAUTY EXPERT MEGHAN MCGUIGAN for rushing out the door Go Go Go You re going to be late for ________________ (insert a beach date patio drinks with the girls summer class dream job interview celebrity car wash (what )). You need to look good - pronto Here s how to get your face on in 5 hot minutes... First don t panic. If you re like me (high energy a bit dramatic and unapologetically lanky) you may be accident prone. Acting like a chicken with your head cut off isn t making time move slower. Relax. Take 10 seconds to take a deep breath and calm your inner crazy lady. Ease your shoulders and drop em Let s go Pat concealer under your eyes with your ring finger. Use the same concealer to correct any redness or imperfections elsewhere. 2 RED BE GONE 1 50 SLAP IT ON Grab your go-to skin product be it a tinted moisturizer foundation or loose powder and slap it on And by slap it on I mean gently message it into your skin with your fingers or a sponge. Both methods allow you to easily correct mistakes with a quick application. 3 Use a giant fluffy brush to apply a matte bronzer under your cheekbones and blend forward. Continue buffing the bronzer along your cheeks doubling as a blush. Be careful to tap off the excess powder first you want a light application not two snicker-bar-esque lines on your face BRONZE IT BABY Half time show Just kidding don t get distracted now. It s not a good time to try a new sparkling purple shadow or attempt winged liner for the first time Go Go Go 4 5 MESSY CHIC Line your upper and lower lashes with kohl eyeliner. Eye kohls smudge easy creating a subtle smoke that thickens the lash line and make eyes pop. If you make a mistake just smudge it with your pinky finger. Messy liner is chic. There s no time for curling your lashes so choose mascara that has a curved wand and a water resistant formula. The less water and the more wax in a mascara the more lifted and curled your lashes will appear. LIFT & CURL ALL IN ONE BONUS 20 SECONDS If you re speedy you may have time for another near-essential Eyebrows. Dip your angle brush in shadow and shade them in quickly. Ta-da You re out the door. Now relax. Don t freak out or stress about whether you forgot something or locked the door behind you. You can t go back in time so pay attention to the present moment now. You look great. If you have the right attitude you ve got everything you need. Be present where you are. Call it new age or hippie but presence is a straightforward concept just focus on what s in front of you. Listen intently to others and give tasks your full attention. After all you ve got your 5 minute face on - let your light shine. BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine WORDS FROM A LITTLE MAKEUP ARTIST CONSTANTLY ON THE FLY 51 If it ain t fun don t do it - Jack Canfield 52 Image by Privizzini s Passion Photography PrivizzinisPassionPhotography Models Jo Gwin and Jacqlynn Diaz K MEG AS Have a questions for Meg e-mail meghan beautyblissma ers your questions han McGuitgan annswFacebook ( BeautyBlissMagazine) or eg Beauty ExpertTwMus ( beautyblissmag) pos your questio on eet How should I cover up sunburn Based on my client s skin the number one determinant of aging skin is sun exposure--it affects more woman even than smoking The SPF count divided by half tells you how many minutes you need to reapply your sunscreen. For example re-apply SPF 30 every 15 minutes. Take care of yourself in the sun and you will age much more gracefully. How often should you reapply sunscreen Let your skin breathe Piling on makeup will irritate the burn or look overdone. Moisturize before and after makeup application. Use foundation that has good-for-your-skin ingredients such as a BB cream (with SPF since you re prone to forgetting ). Apply the product with your fingers. Using a brush to buff foundation into a sunburn will cause micro-exfoliation (read dry skin everywhere ) and more irritation. Bronze the rest of your face and neck to even skin tone and amp up your glow in a good way. Stay away from anything with red tones such as pink or orange blush or red lipstick. Lastly use a hydrating spray throughout the day to combat dryness. Hydrating sprays can be found in both drugstores and higher end cosmetic boutiques. And remember most realistic tans have a bit of redness to them anyway skin tone isn t meant to be all one uniform color like a cartoon character so don t sweat it. Let your real skin show Dry lips are a pain and very hard to alleviate Drinking more water will help long term but for now exfoliate your lips with sugar and generously apply lip chap before hitting the hay. Or for a secret-inside-scoop makeup artist trick Grab some glycerol glycerin from the drugstore. Glycerol is an important ingredient in most moisturizers. Mix this with Vaseline. Vaseline locks moisture in and keeps air out. Again put this concoction on before you go to bed and your lips will be significantly softer in the morning Voila What can I do about dried cracked lips Beach looks are beautiful and effortless Tap a light concealer under your eyes or any other area you d like to cover (around the nose blemishes etc.) and dust the top of your cheekbones forehead the bridge of the nose and anywhere else the sun naturally hits with your favorite bronzer. Curl those lashes and add some waterproof mascara. If your brows are super sparse consider adding a waterproof brow product otherwise skip blush and anything else too fussy because it will melt off. There are some great spray sunscreens out there so you don t have to ruin your makeup while you play safely in the sun v BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine How can I look put together but still natural at the beach 53 Footprints the Tiny project WWW.FACEBOOK.COM THETINYFOOTPRINTSPROJECT By Katie Bickell Images by Heather E. Photography HeatherEPhotography A BeautyBliss World-Changer We re really lucky. She s very sleepy and she s beautiful. I don t know if it s possible but I say her name and she smiles. She sleeps better cuddled with me than in bed and she kicks like crazy. She s so little but so perfect. - Mother of premature infant Evelyn and recipient of The Tiny Footprints Project. 54 HE FIRST months of parenthood are a rush of diapers sleepless nights and family visits. The blur of early infancy makes newborn photos all the more valuable they capture not only what a new child looks like but also the constant changes taking place in front of too-tired-to-notice eyes. However when the first months of a child s life must be spent in hospital newborn photos are the last thing on any parent s mind. That s where the Tiny Footprints Project comes in. The Tiny Footprints Project is a non-profit organization devoted to pairing the families of premature infants with skilled photographers willing to work for free in the NICU. Project Founder and Photographer Heather Hartlen of Heather E. Photography created The Tiny Footprints Project after a client cancelled an upcoming maternity session due to a premature birth. I had just returned home from shooting a live birth when I was shocked by an email from a woman named Cheyenne Hartlen explains Ayla was born at only 26 weeks all I could think was I need to take her photo. Ayla s newborn session was shot three weeks later when doctors deemed it safe enough for others to visit the 600 gram infant. During the shoot Hartlen realised how rare and meaningful it was for the parents of preemies to have professional documentation of their child s first weeks. In March of 2013 Hartlen created the Facebook Page The Tiny Footprints Project inviting local photographers to volunteer their services. Within four weeks the group had grown to 1000 fans throughout North America many of them photographers eager to get involved. At the time of this publication the project boasts almost 1500 fans more than 160 photographers is available in 22 American states and 5 Canadian provinces and enjoys steady growth. Chelsea Martin of Chelsea Dawn Photography was one of the first Tiny Footprints Project Photographers. An acquaintance sent me a link to the Facebook page and I felt it was just meant to be says Martin Some- T thing in my heart was urging me into birth photography--The Tiny Footprints Project came into my life at the perfect time. I thought Yes. This is something I can do. After expressing her interest in the project Martin almost immediately discovered an ex-co-worker s wife had recently given birth to the couple s second child prematurely. Mother and child Carisa and Evelyn were living in the Edmonton Grey Nun s Hospital Neonatal Unit indefinitely. Martin offered to capture the child s first portraits. I was so nervous shares Chelsea What if I trip over a tube or say the wrong thing Should I even touch my own kids that morning What if I make her sick somehow or knock over a monitor Then I saw her she is so beautiful. She s perfectly formed perfectly finished --just small. However while her tiny model provided a wealth of aesthetic value Chelsea found hospital photography a challenge. It s almost impossible shooting in the hospital. It s really hard technically-speaking. I had to go way out of my comfort zone--no natural light ISO I never shoot more than 400 but most of my pictures were 3200. I also had to be very careful to ask if I could move or pose Evelyn at all but we took it nice and slow. In the end we had a great shoot we laughed the nurses were fantastic we got real moments. It was well-worth the challenge For Carisa the project represents adaptation in a time of intense stress. In some ways I felt like I d been robbed Carisa explains her voice shaking and eyes filling with tears I had booked a maternity photo session that I now have to cancel and now I own maternity outfits that I won t get the opportunity to wear. My daughter is in the hospital and we don t know when she ll come home. My husband missed her birth and we won t experience that moment together again. But she smiles wiping away tears even after everything changed we have a perfect little girl and beautiful newborn photos of her and of these intense amazing memories. Even with the feeding tubes I.V s and monitors all you notice is her and she s amazing. v How You Can Get Involved 1. Are you a photographer Offer your services by messaging The Tiny Footprints Project Facebook page TheTinyFootprintsProject 2. Do you know a family who The Tiny Footprints Project could help Message the Facebook Page. 3. Want to help in other ways Like the Facebook page and share it on your timeline. As Founder Heather Hartlen says We can have all the photographers in the world on board but it s useless if families don t know about us The Tiny Footprints Project started as The Ayla Project named after the first photographed newborn. The name has since been changed and the new Facebook Page has been created under The Tiny Footprints Project. BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 55 56 Photo by Lindsey Stump Photography Models Luke and Jessica Hoffman T WAS ONLY my second day at Neoma s that I spotted him walking a gorgeously tanned foxy young guy with long blond hair. My brotherin-law immediately noticed my crush and teased me I knew he d come back from his trip to meet you. His name was Dan and he was squatting in a little log cabin across the road. He had the bluest eyes I had ever seen and I was instantly in love. Unfortunately the beauty of his eyes was lost on my mother (although my infatuation was not) and she was adamant to remove me from the presence of this dope-smoking long-haired Canadian hippy. Panicked I focused feigned attention on my sister pretending Dan and I were no longer interested in each other. Somehow my plan worked and mom allowed me to stay with Neoma 1974 I By Sheri Smears THE SUMMER OF LOVE In the summer of 74 I was seventeen years old and my mother s baby girl. We had travelled from our home in Phoenix to Northern Alberta to visit my older sister. She lived in an unimaginably small community and I thought just about anywhere else would be a more exciting place to be. Little did I know I was about to fall in love for the first and last time in my young life. Image by Lindsey Stump Photography Models Luke and Jessica Hoffman ( just married on June 29th 2013 Congrats you two ) despite having to return to Phoenix for work. It was only minutes after she left that I moved my things across the street and into the little log cabin. The next two weeks were heaven but they passed too quickly. My sister had promised my mother that she d bring me home and so I had to leave. My heart was breaking as I boarded the Greyhound Bus unable to let go of my soul mate s hand. I didn t know how I would get through the pain of losing my first love until he pulled me close and whispered This isn t finished--we ve only just started. His determination in our love gave me faith. Once home my na ve seventeen-year-old self thought she could make my mother understand the desperation of our love but of course she was unmoved under no circumstances would I ever see that boy again. After many whispered phone calls and secret love letters I realized there was only one thing to do I would run away. Dan sent me a plane ticket. I expected Dan to be waiting for me when I walked out of the termi- nal but he wasn t there. Suddenly I felt sick. Tears blurred my eyes as I panicked Should I go home How I have no money Mom is going to kill me... When suddenly a hand pinched my bum and I heard a voice tease Looks like you might need a ride. I turned around to see the happiest blue eyes in the world I threw my arms around Dan and we kissed long and slow while other travellers made their way around us. The next few days were a blur --I was on the adventure of a lifetime Dan introduced me to his real-live hippy friends and took me home to live with him. However our time in our first home was cut short when we learned that my mother brother-in-law and the FBI were coming to find me and arrest Dan Determined to be together we immediately escaped to sunny Mexico where we married. This July marks the 39th anniversary of our marriage and of the most exciting time of my life. v BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 57 The Wonder Shop Sunglasses CastlesCouture Swimsuits Ben Minor Photography BEN MINOR PHOTOGRAPHY PRESENTS CASTLESCOUTURE & The Wonder Shop the wonder shop Swimsuits CastlesCouture castlescouture Twitter CastlesCouture Photography by Ben Minor Photography benminorphotography Shoot Location Ft. Fisher North Carolina Model Chelsea Reeves Hair Makeup Brandy Alexander Groove Jet Salon Sunglasses top and necklace thewondershop CastlesCouture Swimsuit castlescouture Twitter CastlesCouture Necklace The Wonder Shop thewondershop Photography by Ben Minor Photography benminorphotography Shoot Location Ft. Fisher North Carolina Model Sydney Miller Hair Makeup Brandy Alexander Groove Jet Salon CastlesCouture Swimsuits Ben Minor Photography CastlesCouture Swimsuit castlescouture Twitter CastlesCouture Photography by Ben Minor Photography benminorphotography Shoot Location Ft. Fisher North Carolina Model Chelsea Reeves Hair Makeup Brandy Alexander Groove Jet Salon CastlesCouture Swimsuits Ben Minor Photography CastlesCouture Swimsuits The Wonder Shop Sunglasses Top and Necklace Ben Minor Photography the wonder shop Swimsuits CastlesCouture castlescouture Twitter CastlesCouture Photography by Ben Minor Photography benminorphotography Shoot Location Ft. Fisher North Carolina Model Sydney Miller Hair Makeup Brandy Alexander Groove Jet Salon Sunglasses top and necklace thewondershop Kansas Pitts Photography Simply SUMMER By Lauren Shanks Images by Kansas Pitts Photography Model(s) in image 1 Olivie (age 9) Greyson (age 4.5) image 2 Presley Grace (age 3) image 3 Olivie Presley Grace Kansas (mom) and Greyson image 4 Jude (age 3). Kansas Pitts Photography Yesterday I phoned my mother as she was looking through family photos. She asked me if I remembered all of the summer holidays we took as a family. While the trips were meaningful it s the little things we did as a family that I remember most of all. M Kansas Pitts Photography Kansas Pitts Photography 66 Y SUMMER memories don t involve many elaborate plans or details our busy family of four didn t have much time to organize grand adventures we had summer school swimming lessons and our farm kept us busy year round. But I loved celebrating the weekend with a bucket of fried chicken and a picnic on a Friday night--sometimes we d even follow it up with a round of miniature golf across the street On really hot evenings we d juice tomatoes filling the canning jars lined up on the counter. And picking fresh corn from the garden was always a favorite pre-dinner chore. I remember family bike rides around the block and into the woods behind our house--sometimes we would stumble across unsuspecting deer Still summer was never truly complete until Mom took my brother and I to a small ice cream shop by the park where we would fill our bellies with hot dogs smothered in cheese and old-fashioned dipped cones melting in hot sun. Summer is supposed to be a time to unwind but too often our calendars are already full of obligations until fall And how can we enjoy our too-short summers when we don t have time to appreciate the little things So here s the challenge cancel unnecessary appointments toss aside the laundry and forget about the puddles on the floor Pick two Summer Must-Do s each week and create a summer filled with rich simple memories. SUMMER MUST DO S Open up windows. Breathe in fresh air. Hug a little tighter and embrace little summer moments with those you love. Make mud pies Break out the hose for a water fight Plant herbs in the garden and cook dinner with your fresh greens Camp out in the backyard Create a slip n slide with a tarp and the garden hose Make homemade popsicles Host a picnic Roast marshmallows Buy a pi ata even if it s no one s birthday Pick cherries --then make a pie Go for a bike ride on neighborhood trails Color your driveway with sidewalk chalk--take a photo of your masterpiece (send it to BeautyBliss ) Make homemade pizza Take a city map and make it an adventure Visit a Farmer s Market Try a sink or float experiment in the kiddie pool Run barefoot in the grass Pack a lunch and go fishing Go for a walk or hike Look for four-leaf clovers Check out library books and enroll in a summer reading program Let the kids plan dinner Eat snow cones Have a fondue night and sit on pillows around the coffee table for dinner Make root beer floats Play flashlight tag Catch fireflies Tell a story on the porch swing Visit a playground you haven t been to in awhile Have a backyard BBQ BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 67 a SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR FEATURED PHOTOGRAPHERS OUR PHOTOGRAPHERS are not only ridiculously talented but they are beautiful kind souls. They all shoot because they are passionately in love with what they do and that is worth celebrating A special thanks to our featured photog s for bringing such life to the Summer 2013 issue. Beauty & Bliss Photography Images Cover Photo and Cover Model Spread Facebook BeautyBlissPhotography Twitter MyBeautyBliss (A Division of BeautyBliss Magazine owned by Candace Roadknight) CHELSEA DAWN PHOTOGRAPHY BEN MINOR PHOTOGRAPHY By Chelsea Martin Summer Featured Photographer Spread Fearless Fashion Facebook ChelseaDawnPhoto Images Bikini Accessories Spread Facebook BenMinorPhotography CAYTON HEATH PHOTOGRAPHY Images Blissful Life Image Winner of Summer 2013 Photo Contest Quote Page ft Betty Bender Facebook CaytonHeathPhotography Twitter CaytonHeath 68 Privizzini s Passion Photography Images accompanying Your Man & Sports Fit & Fab No Matter What Quote Page ft Marianne Williamson Quote Page ft Rabindranath Tagore Quote Page ft Jack Canfield Facebook PrivizzinisPassionPhotography BIRDSDREAM DESIGN PHOTOGRAPHY By Amanda Monday Images accompanying Summer Lovin Myself Facebook BirdsDreamDesign Twitter KungFuManda1 Instagram Mandylou81 kansas pitts photography Images accompanying Simply Summer and Quote Page ft Walt Disney Facebook KansasPittsPhotography Twitter KansasPitts Multiple Award Winning Photographer LINSEY STUMP PHOTOGRAPHY Images accompanying The Summer of Love 1974 Facebook LindseyStumpPhotography Twitter Lindsey_Stump Instagram LindseyStump HEATHER E. PHOTOGRAPHY Images accompanying The Tiny Footprints Project Facebook HeatherEPhotography LIVE LOVE LAUGH PHOTOGRAPHY By Trisha Poitras Images Accompanying Beach Zen Facebook TrishasLiveLoveLaughPhotography BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 69 Meghan McGuigan of Makeup and Meg wins 2nd place in makeup competition Model Paige LaFrance Photo Troy Young Photography 70 Makeup and Meg Beauty Columnist Meghan McGuigan won 2nd place in the Annual ACT5 Cosmetics Competition at the Allied Beauty Association show in Edmonton AB Model Paige LaFrance Photos Troy Young Photography BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 71 Young MUM FREELANCE The resume of the best professional can be overlooked if riddled with typos spelling and grammatical errors. Wonderful stories can be misunderstood and misrepresented if delivered in a faulty long-winded speech. The most productive of businesses can give one the sense of a two-bit operation if their advertising and newsletters don t flow properly. In these economic times can you risk bad impressions Your words are often the first impression you give the world. Do they best represent you Young Mum Freelance Writing Services (587) 984-9436 Katie_Bickell Facebook Young.Mum.Freelance Twitter YMFreelance YMF Writing Services offers many professional writing services Wedding Toasts or Speeches ( 70) Wedding Vows ( 150) Wedding Ceremonies ( 350) Resumes ( 70) Cover Letters ( 40) Business Speeches ( 70) Articles and Blog Posts ( 70) Eulogies ( 70) Editing Services Business Plans Business Documents Manuals Advertising Content Creative Content such as Business Names Taglines Facebook pages and Website Content Ghost Writing Needs And Much More contact YMF Writing Services for quote YMF is highly recommended by BeautyBliss Magazine Search BeautyBliss within the iTunes Store and download our FREE App Now in iTunes Visit our website Seriously. It s clutter-free and we re funny We ve made it worth checking out. Subscribe to the blog to keep the inspiration flowing between publications. Follow Us BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 73 What s in the Numbers WITH ASTRO-NUMEROLOGIST TARA VILLENEUVE NUMEROLOGY July You worked your cute butt off last month It s time to be open to new ideas and let some magic happen. Despite the fact that you re a hard-working gal this month burst outside the box break all the rules and escape your regular summer routine when inspiration strikes. This 4 month is busy but not without a side of fun thank goodness After the opportunities that last month presented it s time to create the foundation that will support your dreams Get ready to buckle down make a plan and take care of the details step by step. It s a fabulous time to manifest Despite the calling of the summer sun and cool waves you are committed disciplined and focused. You can accomplish a lot right now which brings amazing feelings of fulfillment--especially when you don t compromise on what you desire most. Despite the fact that you re a hard-working gal this month burst outside the box break all the rules and escape your regular summer routine when inspiration strikes. Remember to relax and to have some fun 74 August Go with the Flow is your mantra during this exciting 5 month of freedom adventure and change The buds of mini-beginnings from seeds nurtured last month are bursting forth so don t take it personally or hesitate to make quick decisions if plans fall through. It s a fantastic time to travel. Living in the moment is where you ll find your freedom. After all you worked your cute butt off last month It s time to be open to new ideas and let some magic happen. (You have an amazing unseen support system-- let them help you ) Be mindful not to over-multitask or get impatient or reckless in the process--the unexpected is everywhere and will surprise you if you re distracted by the past or the future. This moment is calling your mind is abuzz with original ideas so follow your intuition take a risk and do at least one thing that you ve never done before to invigorate that soul. Now is all we really have--live it Summer Babies What your zodiac sign says about you with Astro-Numerologist Tara Villeneuve Summer Birthday Trivia By Katie Bickell Cancer (JUNE 21 - JULY 22) You have an amazing imagination feel very deeply and express your feelings directly from the heart. Because you re kind helpful and have a genuine concern for the well-being of others be mindful not to mother too much as it can get in the way of vulnerability in close relationships. Ultimately you re here to learn to be fully emotionally available. Your natural way is to trust receive and love so guard against letting in too many feelings at once as not to overload your emotional circuits. VirgoSEPTEMBER 22) (AUGUST 23 You have an incredible sense of vision and are not easily fooled by illusion. With your deep desire for personal transformation you are the fearless seeker of life s significance and you set high goals to feel a sense of fulfillment. Your work must be meaningful as being of service to others supports your quest of self-discovery. Guard against patterns of self-sacrifice and self-criticism. Being open to acceptance and releasing judgment is the ultimate path to peace and happiness. studies suggest that those born in summer months are at an unexplainable cognitive disadvantage summer birthdays sure didn t hurt Obama Clinton or any of the other famous summer babies listed 1. Although some Leo- AUGUST 22) (JULY 23 With a Leo what you see is what you get fiery passion charisma and radiant self-expression. It s through sharing your unique energy that you ll find your bliss Being present in the realm of love expressing your vulnerability and asking for help when you need keeps you balanced. Guard against feelings of superiority the need to impress and seeking outside confirmation that you re awesome. With your magnetic personality you don t need to pursue love--simply be yourself and love will find you. FAMOUS SUMMER BABIES Will Smith July 1 1981 Sofia Vergara July 10 1972 Lisa Kudrow July 30 1963 J.K Rowling July 31 1965 Cameron Diaz August 30 1972 Ben Affleck August 15 1972 in here Peak babymaking time in ancient Egypt was said to be in July and August when the weather was at its hottest 2. Is it getting hot evidence that children born in summer months will be taller and stronger than their winter counterparts as their mothers receive more of the sun s benefits in late pregnancy. Beach Babes say whaaat BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 3. There is some 75 CastlesCouture Swimsuits Photography by Ben Minor Photography Location Ft. Fisher North Carolina Model Sydney Miller Hair Makeup Brandy Alexander Groove Jet Salon CastlesCouture & THE WONDER SHOP The Wonder Shop Accessories (Top necklace sunglasses)