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Description: Elegant Lifestyle & Living

JULY 2013 Season of the Bathing Suit Healthy Summer Food Makeover Justin Bieber Good Ol Soul Food Fernanda Gratton ALSO IN THIS ISSUE Destination America & Beyond White Sands National Monument Dorita Tolbert Owner Publisher Tom Gonzales Operations Manager Magazine Layout Jennett Anderson Administrative Assistant Eugene Tolbert Human Resources Director Samira Vaziri Event Coordinator Angela Harper Logo Designer Kelly Wagnon Senior Editor Lazaro Pavon Editor Ashley Newkirk Editor Contributors Mark Dudley Lazaro Pavon Ashley Newkirk Kimberly Bratic Christian Arango Jazmine Murphy Thuli Mphasa Dennis Lay Sara Macias Viktor Franovik Fernanda Gratton Trent Garcia The Elegant Dreamers 2 This Issue Time Management Tip Danzon Expectations Mentorship Black Expo The Neighbour Goods Market This is Exactly a Picnic in the Park Building Blocks to Muscle Mass Hot Import Nights Car Show Good Ol Soul Food The Romantic Sale Fantasy Get Ready Get Set Think and Win Healthy Summer Food MakeSeason of the Bathing Suit over White Sands National Monument Speak Out Against Hunger Savannah Fashion Show Value Fernanda Gratton Justin Bieber My Journey with Me Independence Day Facts Star Spangled Baller 4th of July Statistics Processed Meat The Lounge My Heart Attack Experience Stock Photos Courtesey of 3 Time Management Tip The Third-Party Intervention That Will Save You By Kimberly Bratic would be extremely busy and just didn t have time to carry on the small talk. One particular student of mine would without fail show up at my office door on the busiest of days. I spoke with my colleague about my predicament and asked him to do me a favor. If he saw this particular student walk through our area headed toward my office he was to call me on the office phone. He wasn t just giving me a heads up but he stayed with me on the phone for just a few brief moments so that when the student arrived the student would see I was busy and give me a quick Ah you re busy. I ll stop back another time. E ver had someone on the phone that you just couldn t get a word in edge-wise to let them know you needed off the phone Ever have the office roamer show up at your door while you really didn t have time to talk to them Do you feel impolite or maybe you are too shy to cut in to tell them you can t talk or you have to go Send a signal to your spouse or children an instant message to a coworker or some other way of letting a third-party know you need an intervention. When I worked as a college administrator I loved having small chit-chat conversations with my students. On occasion however I 4 Instead of having twenty minutes of time taken away from what I had going on I only had a few brief moments of silence on the other end of the phone allowing me to continue to do what I needed to. The spouse-signal works the same way. Actually I started this trick with my children. HONEY and MOM yelled loud enough would signal to the caller I had other things to handle and would say Sounds like you need to go take care of the family. I ll let you go. Remember this tip should only be used if you are absolutely at your busiest and not to be used on a regular basis. No one likes to feel blown-off all the time and eventually your roamer or caller may figure out what you re up to. G rowing up in a traditional Cuban household I was exposed to various forms of music from the home land. Although Cuba was only 90 miles away from Miami FL the music from the island always took me to a specific place and time. One of my favorite and most intricate dances from the island is the danz n. The danz n developed in 1879 has been an important root for Cuban music up to the present day. The precursor of the danz n is the habanera which is a creolized Cuban dance form. The danz n was developed according to one s point of view either by Manuel Saumell or by Miguel Fa lde in Matanzas. The actual elegance of the danz n transcends the meaning of time. Since its inception it was danced by people of all classes. Its beginning was seen as scandalous since you had to stand toe-totoe with your partner and women chose to wear the most elegant dresses to do this dance. Not everyone can master this intricate dance. The music that goes to this dance usually has no words since the dance is an expression of a story but it definitely gets you to move in that way. For a sample of what a danz n sounds like check out Paquito D Rivera Invitacion al Danz n. 5 Expectations Do They Help You or Hurt You By Jennett A. Anderson Photos by Dennis Lay W e all have expectations and in my experience I have found expectations to be happiness killers. The times in my life where I just followed my heart and did what I was good at everything turned out great. It was only when I started having big expectations of myself in regards to what I wanted that life started throwing me the curve ball. Expectations can really hurt us because we can t predict an outcome. All we can do is do our best living in the now and staying in the present. What is it that we expect from ourselves and others Expecting too much sets us up for disappointment and sometimes failure. So many relationships fail because of expectations we put on the other person and ourselves. When we learn to accept and be grateful for what we have and who we are we let go of our expectations. Living in the now lets us be more aware of the present moment and of experiencing the event. Have you gone to a movie that everyone has raved about only to find you were disappointed You actually hated it and you were so frustrated and let down because of the high expectations you had. On the flip side my parents took me to see The Book of Mormon a new Broadway musical for my birthday. It s funny because I had heard such mixed reviews of the show and I didn t even want to see it. At least a dozen people told me it was raunchy and not so great so I had low expectations. I realized that I needed to let go of my expectations (high or low). Once I did I was so pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed the show. It was funny definitely a little raunchy and four-letter words were in every other line. But it had a brilliant message we all need to reach out help others and make them feel good regardless of race religion or culture. This really proves my theory. Just yesterday my friend Jesse told me how happy she was that she took my advice seeking some therapeutic counseling. She said You know what I always had these expectations of my relationship with my mom. I was blaming her for many things but they weren t all her fault. I was at fault as well and I had to learn to accept her as she is. By doing this we created a great relationship at one point. I have no expectations I just needed a mom to love. So thank you for pushing me. She has helped me salvage this relationship as well as many others. Don t you think it would be better to just live your life experiencing it as it happens By taking this action you really don t have expectations you re just experiencing something as it unfolds. I have started living my life in the now. I must tell you that when I started letting go of all these high expectations I put on myself everything became lighter for me. I even received a phone call from an old friend saying Wow I don t know what you are doing right now but you seem very grounded and peaceful. He is right. I am It was all because of letting go of expectations. Live for today Yes you should still set goals for yourself. Those are healthy. It s the expectations that aren t. Let them go to see if you feel better lighter and more peaceful. You ll soon find out if these expectations help you or hurt you. The best part is I bet you ll feel free having let go of your expectations. See what happens when you try 6 Mentorship By Mark Dudley E Where no counsel is the people fall but in the multitude of counselors there is safety. -Proverbs 11 14 (Kings James Version) very successful person I ve read about has always referred to someone who was their inspiration and key to pursuing their dream. Donald Trump a real-estate investor was mentored by his father who was also a real-estate investor. Tiger Woods was mentored by his father on the sport of golf. Every movie actor actress and musician would mentioned another actor or musician as their source of instruction and encouragement. A mentor is someone who has experienced setbacks and disappointments and has overcome those setbacks and is now in a position to teach someone else what is necessary to achieve their goal. In the Bible there are (2) examples of mentorship Elijah and Elisha. What God was doing through his mentor was an inspiration to Elisha. When Elijah was taken up to heaven Elisha asked for a double portion of the spirit and the Bible declares that he did double the miracles his mentor performed. Another example is Moses and Joshua. The Lord performed many miracles through Moses who led the children of Israel out of bondage. But it was Joshua who brought them to the promise land and as the Lord was with Moses so was He with Joshua. There is someone who has heard what you have not heard seen what you have not seen and know what you do not know. Your success depends on your willingness to be mentored by them. 7 8 Black Expo Kurtis Blow By Jazmine Murphy T he purpose of the Black Expo is to promote economic development through increased exposure for minority-owned businesses. African-American owned businesses have the opportunity to showcase their products and services to the public and procurement officers from major corporations and government entities. It is also an opportunity for major corporations and government entities to develop viable working relationships with minority-owned businesses while marketing their products and services to a growing consumer market. The Expo is Chubb Rock also a forum to educate enlighten and inspire the entire community as a whole and the African-American community in particular. Aside from economic development exposure to cultural resources is a part of the focus for this event. Columbia SC held their 16th annual Black Expo Convention. This three-day event was family-oriented and exposed the community to business opportunities and cultural resources. Business owners had the opportunity to secure exhibitor booths to showcase their products and services. These vendors ranged from the city s local news station to local boutiques. On the last day of the event there was a small concert from Kurtis Blow Eric Benet and Chubb Rock. This event mostly obtained the interest of people that grew up around when these three artists began their career. What a great success I believe that the coordinators of this event were aiming for more of an old school vibe and they absolutely nailed that intention. The crowd was very pleased with the outcome of this event and everyone s face showed they enjoyed every minute Eric Benet 9 This is Exactly a Picnic in the Park W By Ashley Newkirk e are in the full swing of summer right now and it is very fitting that July is National Picnic Month. There is no better time than now to find out how to have the best picnic of your life and to share it with those closest to you. The first step is to find a very nice spot maybe even a spot that is special for you and whoever you choose to go with. This could be a public or secluded park the beach a lake a river or wherever you choose. If I were to go on a picnic with my boyfriend it would be the lake that we found around our fifth date it s a very special place for us that we go to often. The second step is to bring all the things that you will need to make the picnic fun and comfortable for you. Find a blanket that is going to be big enough for you and whoever else is going to be coming with you and maybe even some throw pillows to sit on or lay on if you want to cloud gaze. Depending on your location you will need to bring bug spray sunscreen and a big umbrella--there is nothing worse than having bugs the heat or the sun ruin what is supposed to be the best picnic of your life. The last thing that you will want to bring is games even if it s just you and your sweetheart. Bring one or two of your favorite board or card games or a game that you two have been dying to play. The third step if you do not already have one is a picnic basket. Invest in a good one they will last and you will get great use out of it. You can find them at Target Wal-Mart websites such as Overstock. com or They range in prices from fifteen dollars to two hundred dollars. They also come in a huge variety of styles such as ones that are empty have place settings ranging from two people to six side handles handles on tops specific for wine and cheese big ones and small ones. I personally prefer the ones with top handles that have room on the lid to place your small knick-knacks. Also included in this third step are the essentials such as napkins plates silverware and glassware. The fourth and final step to the perfect picnic is of course the food What kind of food writer would I be if I didn t include some amazing recipes The first is my personal favorite potato salad Momma s Potato Salad 6 medium sized white potatoes 4 eggs cup mayonnaise 2 tablespoons del relish or sweet relish 1 small white onion chopped 1 tablespoon vinegar Salt to taste Pepper to taste 10 Directions Peel cut and boil potatoes until soft but firm Boil eggs once boiled cut and chop until desired size Once potatoes are cooked place into a bowl large enough you will be able to combine everything in Combine eggs and mayonnaise in and stir Combine onions vinegar and relish in with the potatoes Lastly add salt and pepper to taste. As a snack or appetizer I ve included the recipe to Chicken Tortilla Roll-Ups a great bite size snack Chicken Tortilla Roll-up 4 ounces cream cheese 2 tablespoons mayonnaise 1 tablespoon honey mustard teaspoon salt and pepper 3 flour tortillas 1 cup finely chopped cooked chicken cup shredded provolone cheese 3 tablespoons chopped spinach Directions Combine cream cheese mayonnaise mustard salt and pepper in a small bowl until blended Spread the cream cheese mixture evenly on all three tortillas leaving enough room on the outside edge to roll. Then sprinkle the cheese chicken and spinach Roll each tortilla like a jelly roll and cut each roll in 1-1 2 inch slices Along with these two delicious recipes for your picnic you can add these next few food items to make a delicious meal for your picnic Go to your local store and buy a delicious watermelon slice it and pack it along. Buy your favorite loaf of bread and your favorite beverages. With all of the tips and recipes you have before you you are on your way to the best picnic of your life 11 The Neighbour Goods Market The Hub of Joburg s Trendy Student Area W By Thuli Mphasa Photos by Jazmine Murphy e are facing an era of food markets and very often one can finish the experience and feel like they have been in the Land of Oz of foods. Boasting food stalls that can be an amazing experience at all times--filled with a great selection of fresh breads vegetables wines and meats. Now the African market has taken this same avenue by storm they have turned this new trend into a whole new adventure. Not only focusing their energies on food that is freshly grown and picked at the time of the market but they make foods that are wholesome and aren t your ordinary veggies and juice vibe. There lies in the gutter of Braamfontein a place where students and the cool kids alike hang out. This new hot spot is a slice of the Cape Town based Neighbour Goods Market it boasts a gourmet experience of the finest foods found fresh and made fresh for the average foody. This place allows for a myriad of people to enjoy an afternoon of great treatment and allows for them to be given the once in a lifetime experience that a lot of people will usually find in a 5 star restaurant around the world. The Neighbour Goods Market makes different kinds of food from burgers to pastas and all kinds of drinks home-made beers smoothies wines and ale. This isn t like the average market that has products that one can sample and de- cide to buy but they give you the experience onhand where you can actually have the different brands make the food as you sit and wait for it. This place has become a platform for the young urban warriors of a fast growing student suburb to network and make the right type of connections that will help them after school. One can easily compare this place to a modern food market that has a similar experience. Globally we have come to know of the pop store. This here is one other way for our Africa to give it s people the same type of culinary experience with the choice to experience a different type of hub every time they decide to show face here. With a fast growing city the government s initiative to make Johannesburg into a metropolitan tourist destination this is one of the best additions to the city s fast growing vibrant energy and ambience. Apart from the food one can have the great opportunity of enjoying good people music and fashion. All of this is experienced from surrounding boutiques pubs and the whole masquerade. So whenever you happen to be around Johannesburg for any reason take yourself and family to the best place to have yourself a fun filled day worth the buzz and hype on a Saturday afternoon--let all roads lead to the Neighbour Goods Market. 12 Building Blocks to Muscle Mass By Arjun A How much Protein is important to build muscle (180lbs) I will need to give my body 150-200 grams of protein per day in order to fuel the needs of my muscles. You don t need any more than that. Consuming more than that will not add any additional muscle but rather you will see a body fat percentage increase--a big no no Protein is categorized as a macronutrient just like fats and carbohydrates. But unlike fats and carbohydrates the body does not store protein so there is no storage to go to when protein is needed. What is not needed the body will excrete as waste. Again protein does not build up in the body so you should eat protein at regular intervals throughout the day to build muscle effectively. I suggest eating 6 small meals a day instead of the traditional big three and consume a good quality source of protein with each of them. Typically proteins are not used by the body as a primary energy source. The body s primary energy source is carbs when they are available. But when you do not get enough carbohydrates in your body it has no choice but to use your valuable muscle building protein for energy which leaves your muscles shrunken and dry. The best protein sources are derived from animal sources such as meat fish eggs and milk. Secondary sources are protein drinks and or bars. 13 lmost everybody knows or should know that our muscles are made up of protein. Protein is an important element of every cell in our body. Like water protein makes up a large part of our body and our hair and nails are made of mostly protein. Our body uses protein to build and repair tissues to make enzymes hormones and other body chemicals. Protein is an important building block not only for our muscles but also our bones cartilage skin and of course blood. Now with having said that if you don t get enough protein in your diet you cannot build muscle. Yes it s that cut and dry. You have to provide the body the fuel it needs to build muscle. The body uses protein for so many other more important life assisting functions so the last thing it wants to do is use up that protein by building muscle. You will need to supplement and get a larger intake of protein to assist with other bodily functions so that your body can then put itself in a position to add muscle later on after you have worked hard in the gym. On the other hand eating more protein without stimulating the muscles through exercise will not make your muscles bigger either. You absolutely must put in the hard work in the gym. I recommend .75 to 1 gram of quality protein per pound of body weight. For example if I weigh 82kgs Good Ol Soul Food T By Jennett A. Anderson Photos by Jazmine Murphy he term soul food didn t become common until the 1960s. With the rise of the civil rights and black nationalism movements during the 1960s many African Americans sought to re-claim their part of the American cultural legacy. As the terms soul brother soul sister and soul music were taking hold it was only natural that the term soul food would be used to describe the recipes that African Americans had been cooking for generations. According to some sources the term may have first been used in 1962 by civil rights activist and poet Amiri Baraka. In the same year Sylvia Woods opened her now-famous Harlem restaurant Sylvia s. Today Sylvia is known by many as the Queen of Soul Food. Soul food restaurants and cookbooks continued to be popular through the 70s. Th is basic down-home cooking with its roots in the rural South. The principle staples of soul food Soul food ood eF cooking are beans greens cornmeal (used in cornbread hush puppies johnnycakes and as a coating for fried fish) and pork. Pork has an almost limitless number of uses in soul food. Many parts of the pig are used like pigs feet ham hocks pig ears hog jowl chitlins (chitterlings) and pork fat. Pork fat is used for frying and as an ingredient in slowly cooked greens. Sweet cold drinks are always a favorite. To a lot of people all that just sounds like a description of Southern food. The distinctions between soul and Southern are hard to make. In his 1969 Soul Food Cookbook Bob Jeffries summed it up thusly While all soul food is Southern food not all Southern food is soul. Soul food cooking is an example of how really good Southern Negro cooks cooked with what they had available to them. Soul food has its roots in slavery when African Americans had to make do with whatever food was available to them. For the next hundred years after the abolition of slavery most African Americans lived in poverty so recipes continued to make use of cheaper ingredients. Of course this isn t entirely a black white issue historically there hasn t been much of a difference between the foods eaten by poor black Southerners and poor white Southerners. John T. Edge director of the Southern Foodway Alliance once wrote The differences between the foods of Black and White Southerners are subtle. More capsicum pepper heat a heavier hand with salt and pepper and a greater use of offal meat are comparative characteristics of Soul versus Country Cooking. Soul Food Recipes Pan-Fried Fish Ingredients Soul or Southern 2 pounds fresh or frozen thawed fish fillets 2 tablespoons steak sauce 1 1 4 teaspoons salt Pepper to taste 1 2 cup yellow cornmeal 14 1 2 cup all-purpose flour 1 4 cup cooking oil Preparation Mix cornmeal and flour together. Rub fish fillets all over with salt pepper and the steak sauce. Roll the fish in the flour and cornmeal mixture then heat oil in skillet until very hot about 370 . Brown fillets for about 2 minutes on each side reduce heat to low. Cover and cook for about 4 to 6 minutes longer depending on thickness of fish. Fish should flake easily with a fork. Serve with lemon wedges and tartar sauce if desired. Hush Puppies Ingredients Vegetable oil for deep-frying 2 cups self-rising cornmeal mix 3 tablespoons self-rising flour 2 tablespoons finely chopped green onion 1 cup milk 1 egg beaten Preparation In a deep fryer or heavy deep skillet heat 2 to 3 inches of oil over medium heat to 375 . In a mixing bowl combine cornmeal mix flour and onion. Add milk and egg mix well. Let stand for 5 minutes. Drop batter by tablespoons into hot oil. Fry until golden brown turning several times. Drain on paper towels. This makes about 15 hush puppies. Southern-Style Collard Greens Ingredients 2 pounds of collard greens 1 ham hock or 6 slices of cooked bacon 1 medium onion sliced or chopped 1 teaspoon of crushed red pepper 2 to 3 teaspoons Kosher salt Preparation Clean and wash greens well remove tough stems and ribs. Cut them up and place in a deep pot add onion. Wash off ham hock and add to the pot. Add red pepper and salt. Add enough water to cover greens and cook until tender about 1 hour. Taste and adjust seasonings. Serve with sliced tomato and corn bread. Serves 4 to 6. 15 Johnny Cakes Some people think these fried cornmeal cakes were originally called Journey Cakes while others believe they were first called Shawnee Cakes after the tribe in the Tennessee Valley. Ingredients 1 2 cup flour 1 cup cornmeal 1 to 2 teaspoons sugar 1 teaspoon salt 1 egg lightly beaten 1 cup hot milk 1 tablespoon shortening Preparation Mix the dry ingredients. Stir in the remaining ingredients. Drop or pour onto a hot greased griddle or drop in iron skillet. Fry to golden brown on both sides. Serve with butter and syrup as for pancakes or serve as bread with butter. Serves 4 to 6. Ref 16 17 Get Ready Get Set and WIN By Mark Dudley Think O ne of the greatest boxing champions was Muhammad Ali who dubbed himself The Greatest and he proved it over and over again throughout his career. He was well known for his ability to sync out his opponents months before the fight by predicting not only that he would win but also what round he would end the fight. He was quoted saying I saw myself as a champion before I entered the ring. James Allen wrote a classic book entitled As a Man Thinketh which is a passage of scripture in the book of Proverbs. You can never succeed in any endeavor if you think you won t win in life you have to keep a winner s attitude if not you will always loss the battle. No baseball basketball or football coach prepares his or her team to lose. They push their players to believe that no matter who they are playing against they will win. Herman Edwards the coach of the N.Y. Jets Football team (2001-2006) was asked by a news reporter what his strategy was when preparing for the next football game. His team was already eliminated from playoff contention and he had lost his starting quarterback along with other players to injuries. Edwards s response was classic and emphatic You play to win to the game. He was so focused on that plan that he repeated it three times. It has become a classic sport highlight reel. know that no matter what obstacle is in front of you or what hurdle you have to leap over you must have the mindset that you are going to be victorious. So Get Ready Get Set Think like a winner and Play to Win the Game of Life Whatever dreams or goals you are pursuing always 18 T he time is already here and for some of us in the hotter states it s been here. Now that everyone in the US has welcomed summer we can all discuss your bathing suit dilemmas. I want to cover some basic swimsuit tips and tricks to help you to feel your best and most confident this summer at the pool and or beach. Season of the Bathing Suit By Sara Macias that can keep the eye busy and away from the midsection that you may not be too proud of. Don t choose a onepiece that is ruched or has shirring in this area. You ll only emphasize what you re trying to hide. Last but not least for those with large hips thighs or bums mixing and matching would be the best. By this I mean that if you want to wear a two-piece and you have a small bust but a huge bottom that you don t want to emphasize mixing and matching sets are your best bet. It may be a little more money but you ll be happier--I promise. If you have large thighs and are short I would suggest you stay away from boy shorts. Get a bottom that is cut high in the legs to create the illusion that your legs are longer than they actually are I feel that boy shorts make you appear shorter and create something I call stump syndrome. However women with thinner longer legs can get away with boy shorts. Also keep in mind that swimsuits are not made like regular clothing they run smaller. So when trying on bottoms or one-piece suits take a couple sizes in the fitting room with you and see how each fits. Just because you can put it on and it s your normal size doesn t mean it fits. Try on a bottom sit in it and look at yourself in your normal poses. Does it squish fat on the butt leg area or make a muffin top If so you need to try a size larger again any spillage will make the area look worse than it is. Summer is my favorite time of the year and because it s July I want to show some examples of patriotic suits. Keep in mind these are prints but you don t have to go with the traditional all flag print on your suit. Strange as it is those types of patriotic prints remind me of bad beer ads and barns. Here are some ideas if you want to try and pull this style off correctly. For my small chested ladies if you feel a little insecure about this area (which you shouldn t ) let s play up on some distractions and illusions shall we I m going to just quickly say that you shouldn t follow through with the myth that black is slimming in regards to bathing suits. We want to have prints color block beading or something to confuse the eyes. Black will just further prove that you are flat or wide. That is just boring and wrong I will provide some slimming tricks later down the line. If you are going the bikini route and you want to create the illusion of a fuller bust choose a top that has light padding or an underwire to provide as much lift and shaping as possible also a top with ruffles will trick the eyes that the top is bigger than it actually is. Now for my larger chested ladies that want adequate coverage and to minimize the gawking don t wear a top that is too small to hold those things in. Spillage out of the sides or front will just make this area look larger than it is. There is even a chance of wardrobe malfunction. So let s not okay In addition try to avoid a top with any cutouts or keyholes as the coverage isn t that great. Also much like my tip for small-chested women larger chested women should look into a top with good support underwire is also an excellent choice. Midsection help can come in the form of one-piece suits with tummy control panels and choosing distracting prints 19 Destination America and Beyond White Sands National Monument Story and Photos by Dennis Lay 20 hite Sands National Monument is 16 miles southwest of Alamogordo New Mexico. The area is in the Tularosa Basin and is surrounded by mountains. It s a 275 mile wide field of white sand dunes composed of gypsum crystals. The Mescalero Apaches lived there before white settlers arrived. On January 18 1933 Herbert Hoover created the White Sands National Monument. Once a month from May to October they have a program called Full Moon Night which allows visitors to stay until 11 pm. You can also take a sponsored hike or just walk around the park and explore by yourself. If you decide to do this it would be good to either have experience because you can get easily lost. They also have music and lectures as entertainment. These pictures include shots of the park during both the day and from Full Moon Nights. W 21 22 23 Savannah Fashion A t the end of every fashion week Savannah hosts a fashion show but this year there were 2 fashion shows. 11 of Savannah s local boutiques and designers showcase their items at the Lucas Theater on models that have been practicing all month long. It was like the whole town came together and produced an event that will go down in history. Local cosmetologists makeup artists video producers and even students from the Savannah College of Art and Design contributed to make that whole week happen. The Magdalene Project was the charity that received a donation from the directors of the fashion show. Before the show began there was a demo that was shown for the director of the Magdalene Project which takes in women and children and helps them get on their feet from various struggles of life for 90 days. 24 Week Fashion Show Article and Photos By Jazmine Murphy There was that edgy style you see nowadays in every item showcased and you could tell that every designer had their own way of doing things. Handbags clutches and cross body bags were big and bright. Every piece of jewelry had a bold style to it and a foreign tone. These designers were sure to showcase something for everyone including children and pregnant women. Whether you have a conservative style or a fierce one you would have enjoyed every minute of this fashion show. 25 EDM Tell us a little bit about yourself. FG My name is Fernanda Gratton and I m 24 years old. I m originally from Monterrey Mexico but I currently live in El Paso TX. I have a Public Relations and Marketing degree from the University of Texas at El Paso. I work mainly in the entertainment business helping plan and coordinate concerts festivals and various events. I also love writing and exercising so I found a great way to combine both hobbies and started a fitness blog called It s mainly for people that want to go into serious fitness but haven t found the right way to start. Fitness has changed my life and now I m working very hard towards my first bodybuilding competition in a bikini. I m also happily married to my best friend and have two beautiful Chihuahuas that complete our beautiful family for right now. I love giraffes goats and raccoons. I m scared of fans and I sing horribly but it doesn t stop me from doing it in public whenever I feel like. I have seen every single scary movie there is and I love to watch TV commercials specially the ones with talking animals. Questions with Fernanda Graton 26 EDM What are your daily activities FG I do cardio first thing in the morning write on my blog read the news send emails and work meetings if I m planning an event. I work around the house prepare my meals gym in the afternoon share time with my husband and read before bed. I love my days they are never the same and my schedule is very flexible. EDM What made you choose your current career path FG Music has always been part of my life the effect that an artist has on the audience while on the stage is something that I always felt curious about. The lights sound and talent mixed together generate certain magic to the fans to have the opportunity to make that happen is something that I always wanted to do. The stress of the last minute details and the adrenaline rush I feel when an event comes to life is the best. 27 EDM What are your aspirations for the next 5 years FG I m going to support my husband who recently started medical school. I aspire to get my Pro card in bodybuilding in the next 3 years keep working in my career and gain more experience in the entertainment business. I want to become a personal trainer and inspire more people to get fit. I m going to work on my master s degree and buy a house. EDM Who is most important in your life FG My husband for being what a real man should be honest humble loving supportive and perseverant. I thank God everyday for putting him on my life. EDM What is the biggest life lesson you have learned FG Don t take anyEDM If you have one piece of advice for young girls what would thing personally. Always do your best it be FG Don t try to live your life too 100%. Be Impeccafast there is time for everything. ble with your Word. Don t Make AssumpFocus on yourself first nobody tions. The 4 agreewill love you and respect you if you don t do it yourself. Learn to ments. see who your real friends are and not all guys are the same. Workout eat healthy love your body it is the only one you have. Never judge your parents and enjoy every second 28 29 I t s the season for hot weather sunny beaches smoking bodies and most importantly hot cars Whether you re a car enthusiast or a casual driver who has a slight interest in fast vehicles then Hot Import Nights is for you You wouldn t want to leave your camera at home for this trust me. Hot Import Nights is one of the most anticipated events of the year for many people and if you re a big Fast and The Furious movie fan then Hot Import Nights is the closest thing to it Beautiful people live music and some of the hottest import and luxury cars you can see. Sorry ladies no Vin Diesel Hot Import Nights is a touring event so they stop in some of the most popular cities in the nation such as Miami Los Angeles and Houston and even in 30 Hot Import Nights Car Show Article and Photos By Christian Arango other countries like Korea. This event took place in Orlando Florida and was held in the Orlando Racing Complex. HIN has a price of 20- 25 dollars per ticket and you will also find merchandise and concession stands around the event area for any of your wants and needs. If you re already going a little blind from looking at all the shiny cars and their tuned motors then go and check out the Go-Go dancer competition or get an autographed poster from one of your favorite HIN models. You can also chop it up with other car enthusiasts and get into the technical details. Once you feel it s time to see some real action check out the Hot Import Nights drift team that burn rubber and make a lot of smoke as they race around the racing complex. Hot Import Nights is a highly recommended event to visit so keep an eye out-- HIN may be coming to a city near you 31 My Romantic Sale Fantasy Y es As much as we look at it and feel we want that must-have at Top Shop and Zara every other week sometimes it all becomes too much of a mission for one can never keep up with the ever growing trends that the world and pop culture throws at us. You need to step back take a moment and breathe. Never buy that item because it s on sale but buy it because you truly see beauty in it. In the beginning there was fashion true. It was is and will always be there. Whether you think rocking your mom s old frocks or dad s bowler jersey may be a comeback now for the first time after his time you re only taking yourself for a ride. Fashion is evolution and the only thing that grows is the techno savvy way that the fabric has been manufactured. Now the number of stiches decreases and so does the style of your fashionable item. We so seldom realize that a trend will reach three stages of its cycle. 1. Birth 2. Peak 3.Water down and when the dying has been done then another will take over but this in no way symbolizes that someone out there some- By Thuli Mphasa where slept a night s rest and woke up with an ingenious new style of dress if not clothing item. This is the very reason why we have sales. Yes when the third part of a trend cycle happens then so does your romantic sale fantasy begin now you can have what everyone else around you has had a good 3 months ago does this in any way make you a very cheap kind of person who would rather go with price than in style with everyone else I have always had this idea that buying clothes for me would be so much greater if I had the type of clothes I liked in my head at that sale. Maybe because clothes for me are never about what is in fashion or what everyone else feels the trend of times is. Style is eternal after all and fashion so seldom changes but its subscribers do and now I know I m not cut out to be one of them. Fashion is what the catwalks and streets have on display and I rarely go for the everyone s wearing it item. My romantic sale fantasy would be a good outfit that consisted of what everyone should have in their closets these days. 32 1. Confidence you can wear anything and look like a million bucks. With confidence everything is possible and the word impossible belongs to the faint hearted. 2. Love for everything bright and dandy and yes that includes yourself sometimes we tend to give it all away because for some reason we are born into this world thinking that making other people happy is doing good. Not if you can t sleep in peace at night. You re doing it wrong Love cannot be exerted on someone else if it does not begin within for the individual. It is how you discover how selfless you are in order to love one another. This in the simplest manner becomes second nature to you. 3. Compassion If you don t know me by now you will never know me. With this type of attitude compassion is definitely not your type of thing but with compassion a lot can be achieved. You not only learn to treat people in a manner that you would prefer they treat you but you blindly build solid relationships with those around you even when you aren t directly connected to them. People watch even when you aren t thinking of it that way. The world is smaller than you think and when in trouble nothing will touch your heart more than a stranger helping you out because they genuinely thought of you as a nice person after seeing you in the neighbourhood a few times. 4. Drive Yes as much good as one can do and be they also need to have the will to become. You should look at yourself as a wheel that will keep turning until the end of days in all your turning. You have to learn how to keep yourself looking good after keep yourself motivated because no one else will take on the task. Look after yourself because we are blessed with only one body and not nine lives like the cat. 5. Live life is for living. Do it like you have one chance at doing it never let go of your hopes and dreams and all that you wish for your life and those of others. Regret nothing and make no mistakes. If it happens it never should be put in a mishap lost and found box of items. Sometimes it may come in a size or an extra-large but no matter the age of trends or colour of the item there will always be a repetitive manner about the cycle of life. Many have lived it before you and many more will after you. Learn to live your life with self-purpose and appreciation the rest is up to destiny. 33 Healthy Summer Food Makeover For July 4 R ecipes that will rock your taste buds and shape up your heart healthy eating We all love the summertime salads potato salad tuna salad and coleslaw. In order to keep our hearts in great shape we can make a few minor adjustments to that sludge-like mayonnaise. By Dorita Tolbert So let s go ahead and start with our Greek Potato Salad. First use lots and lots of the veggies Greek Potatoes Salad Ingredients Green and red peppers (2 each) Red Onions (1large) Potatoes (5-6 Medium) Grated Garlic (1clove) Salt & Pepper Lemon (1) Feta cheese Kalamata Olives 2 oz. parsley (or less) oz. oregano (or less) Low Fat Greek Yogurt Measuring not needed for most ingredients. Squeeze your fresh lemon on the veggies mix everything together salt & pepper to taste and serve. For other salads such as tuna or coleslaw supplement the mayonnaise with your own mixture of Oil and Vinegar. 34 Oil and Vinegar Dressing Ingredients 1 4 cup red wine vinegar 2 tbsp raw sugar 2 tbsp peanut or vegetable oil eyeball it 1-tsp salt Salt and pepper to taste Add 16 ounces shredded cabbage mix for slaw salads. For a tuna salad prepare as usual and replace the mayo with the healthy dressing. Home Made BBQ Sauce Ingredients 1 cup organic ketchup 2 garlic cloves 2 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce 2 tbsp. Dark Agave Nectar 1 tbsp. cider vinegar 1-2 tbsp. ground chipotle chili powder Course Black Pepper Brush your meat with olive oil. Grill as recommended (par boil prior to remove the excessive grease) about 8-10 minutes and then baste with your savory BBQ sauce. Garnish with fresh lime juice and scallions serve. Ah those Juicy burgers that we all love to cook on the grill During those hot summer months we want to eat eat and eat some more. The problem is when we eat too many calories we get sluggish and want to lay around instead of being active and enjoying those summer days with friends and family. Here is the solution to that problem cut bread and supplement with a hardy salad. Yes a salad You get all the same fixings without all of the unnecessary carbs. 35 Burger Salad Grill 10 mini (2oz) burgers and remember to toss the bread. Serve on top of lettuce tomatoes and onions or any of your other famous veggie fixings. Ditch the cheese for a healthier choice and serve with a hearty mustard dressing. Mustard Dressing Ingredients 1 4c up balsamic vinegar 1 tbsp mustard 3 4cup extra-virgin olive oil Salt and pepper and add your pickle relish to taste. Chips N Dip Everybody loves to eat those crunchy chips and flavorful dip at every BBQ and food gathering during the summer. Here is how you can enjoy those same crunchy chips and a more flavorful yet healthy dip. Ditch the dip for some tasty corn salsa and serve with high fiber chips and some vegetables like carrots celery tomatoes peppers etc. Add mint to give the cilantro a more subtle flavor. Corn Salsa Ingredients 1 (15.25 ounce) can sweet corn drained 1 orange bell pepper chopped 1 jalapeno pepper seeded and minced 1 red onion chopped 1 tbsp chopped fresh cilantro or more to taste 1 tbsp fresh lime juice or to taste 1 2 tsp crushed red pepper 1 tsp honey Stir the corn orange bell pepper jalapeno pepper red onion cilantro lime juice crushed red pepper honey salt and pepper together in a bowl. Chill until ready to serve. Salt and black pepper to taste. 36 Advertising space is now available 37 Speak Out Against Hunger TM S Compiled by Jennett A. Anderson eptember is Hunger Action Month over 50 million people in America face hunger. That is 1 in 6 of the U.S. population--including more than 1 in 5 children. Don t let their struggles go unheard. Join the Feeding America network of more than 200 food banks and Speak Out Against Hunger. Hunger Facts In many ways America is the land of plenty. But for 1 in 6 people in the United States hunger is a reality. Many people believe that the problems associated with hunger are confined to small pockets of society certain areas of the country or certain neighborhoods but the reality is much different. Right now millions of Americans are struggling with hunger. These are often hard-working adults children and seniors who simply cannot make ends meet and are forced to go without food for several meals or even days. It s time to educate ourselves about the causes of hunger in America. Hunger & Poverty Statistics Although related food insecurity and poverty are not the same. Unemployment rather than poverty is a stronger predictor of food insecurity. Poverty In 2011 46.2 million people (15.0 percent) were in poverty. In 2011 9.5 million (11.8 percent) families were in poverty. In 2011 26.5 million (13.7 percent) people ages 18-64 were in poverty. In 2011 16.1 million (22.0 percent) children under the age of 18 were in poverty. In 2011 3.6 million (9.0 percent) seniors 65 and older were in poverty. The overall Poverty Rate according to the Supplemental Poverty Measure is 16.0% as compared with the official poverty rate of 15.1%. Under the Supplemental Poverty Measure there are 49.1 million people living in poverty 2.5 million more than are represented by the official poverty measure (46.2 million). 38 Food Insecurity and Very Low Food Security In 2011 50.1 million Americans lived in food insecure households (33.5 million adults and 16.7 million children). In 2011 14.9 percent of households (17.9 million households) were food insecure. In 2011 5.7 percent of households (6.8 million households) experienced very low food security. In 2011 households with children reported food insecurity at a significantly higher rate than those without children (20.6 percent compared to 12.2 percent). In 2011 households that had higher rates of food insecurity than the national average included households with children (20.6 percent). Especially households with children headed by single women (36.8 percent) or single men (24.9 percent) Black non-Hispanic households (25.1 percent) and Hispanic households (26.2 percent). In 2011 8.8 percent of seniors living alone (1 million households) were food insecure. Food insecurity exists in every county in America ranging from a low of 5 percent in Steele County ND to a high of 37 percent in Holmes County MS. Seven states exhibited statistically significant higher household food insecurity rates than the U.S. national average 2009-2011 United States Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia Mississippi North Carolina Texas 14.7% 17.4% 19.2% 16.2% 17.4% 19.2% 17.1% 18.5% 39 Use of Emergency Food Assistance and Federal Food Assistance Programs In 2011 5.1 percent of all U.S. households (6.1 million households) accessed emergency food from a food pantry one or more times. In 2011 57.2 percent of food-insecure households participated in at least one of the three major Federal food assistance programs--Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as the Food Stamp Program) The National School Lunch Program and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women Infants and Children. Feeding America provides emergency food assistance to an estimated 37 million low-income people annually a 46 percent increase from 25 million since Hunger in America 2006. Among members of Feeding America 74 percent of pantries 65 percent of kitchens and 54 percent of shelters reported that there had been an increase since 2006 in the number of clients who come to their emergency food program sites. Impact of Hunger A critical component to a healthy life is nutrition from birth the intake of vital nutrients is essential to the growth and development of a healthy individual. Good nutrition particularly in the first three years of life is important in establishing and maintaining a good foundation that has implications on a child s future physical and mental health academic achievement and economic productivity. Unfortunately food insecurity is an obstacle that threatens that critical foundation. In the United States more than one out of five children lives in a household with food insecurity which means they do not always know where they will find their next meal. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) 16.7 million children under 18 in the United States live in this condition-- unable to consistently access nutritious and adequate amounts of food necessary for a healthy life. In 2009 the top five states with the highest rate of food insecurity for children under 18 are the District of Columbia Oregon Arizona Arkansas and Texas. 20% or more of the child population in 40 states and D.C. lived in food insecure households in 2009. 40 Physical and Mental Health The potential consequences of food insecurity regarding physical and mental health In 2010 32.6 million adults in the United States experienced food insecurity. Food insecurity can have wide-ranging detrimental consequences on the physical and mental health of adults including more vulnerable populations such as pregnant women and seniors. Lack of access to a nutritious and adequate food supply has implications not only for the development of physical and mental disease but also behaviors and social skills. Physical Health Food insecurity in adults is associated with a variety of negative physical health outcomes. Food insecure adults between the ages of 18 and 65 and seniors over age 65 may receive fewer nutrients which may hinder their ability to live a full and active life. Food insecurity is associated with lower scores on physical and mental health exams. Food insecure adults have an increased risk of developing diabetes. Food insecurity is associated with a range of chronic illnesses such as hypertension hyperlipidemia and various cardiovascular risk factors. Mental Health Food insecurity in adults has a demonstrated relationship with a number of mental health issues and human behavior problems. Food insecure adults may experience higher levels of aggression and anxiety. Food insecurity has also been correlated with slower developing social skills. Maternal Health Food insecurity may be detrimental to the health of expectant mothers as it is associated with a range of physical and mental complications. Food insecure mothers may receive fewer nutrients and experience long term physical health problems. Food insecure women may be at greater risk of major depression and other mental health problems. http 41 Value By Mark Dudley Photo By Dorita Tolbert E phesians 2 10 For we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works which God has before ordained that we should walk in them. Value--To rate in scale of usefulness importance or general worth. The above scripture tells us that we are God s workmanship or handiwork which shows us how our Heavenly Father values us. It s a sign that we should value ourselves the same way God does. Self-conduct determines self-performance you will never act above your own opinion. How you value yourself determines how people value you. Many women who leave abusive relationships would tell you that they stayed because they didn t feel good about themselves and felt that no one could love them. It disturbs me when I see young ladies on television with 42 several different men taking a paternity test to see who is the father of their baby. It s because they didn t love themselves enough to wait for the right person. The Word of God shows us how much our Heavenly Father loves us and He shows it many times. In Matthew 6 25-26 Jesus tells us just as God is concerned about the birds in the air and the fishes of the sea He is concerned about you and me. I encourage you to read the first two chapters of the book of Ephesians that tells us who we are in Christ. Winning in Life begins when we value ourselves not based on other people s opinion but on what God says our value is. In Your Father s eyes you are a masterpiece 43 Justin Bieber By Jazmine Murphy J Photo from Justin Bieber gives back by donating and being associated with more than a dozen charities around the nation. These charities range from issues with children with illnesses hungry cities and countries and also charities dealing with medical reassurance in different countries. He currently is working on his own charity titled BELIEVE. Its motto is you always have the power to make a change. ustin Bieber is a young man who has changed and influenced the minds of many people around the world especially tween girls in the United States. He was once a YouTube phenomenon and had many online fans and followers--because his mother posted video clips of him performing at various competitions and even some home videos--later became the first solo artist to have four singles enter the Top 40 before the release of a debut album Recognizing one for the wrong they may have done Born in March 1994 in Ontario Canada to a single is not the way to live. Just about everyone has done mother Bieber always had an interest in music since things in their younger years that they regret or could he was a toddler. He competed in different competisay I could be dead or in jail because of whatever it tions and had a manager that was very eager to get him is they did. Maturity does not come with age it comes discovered. Flying to Atlanta was where the change with experience. This is exactly why nowadays we in his life was made. There was a competition to get say I could have been dead or in jail for some of the Justin Bieber signed to a recording contract. Usher and dumb and crazy things we did as teenagers. Accept the Justin Timberlake were the ones in the running. Apfact that we are all human look in your rear view mirparently L.A. Reid was on Usher s side and the deal ror and see those few things you did similar to things was better so the tie was broken. Immediately after young teenagers and young adults do today only also that and through the years after Justin Bieber has won adapting to society. over hearts and souls of every walk of life around the world. He has collaborated with huge celebrities such as Usher (of course) Mariah Carey and Luke 6 37--Judge not and ye shall not be judged many more. condemn not and ye shall not be condemned forgive and ye shall be forgiven. 44 WWW.FACEBOOK.COM ELEGANTDREAMSMAGAZINE hTTPS TWITTER.COM ELEGANTDREAMSUS 45 My Journey with Me W ake up and smell the coffee so often we think to ourselves whenever we think we re imagining what s beyond our own capacity. Who said our thoughts are measured by our pasts and circumstances do things both out and in my comfort zone. No obstacle is overcome with hope we have to take action if we want an outcome of anything. Sometimes our gut will tell us if what we do is what we should and sometimes all we have is our mind to guide us in making certain decisions. Whether I am right or wrong only time will tell. Maya Angelou said I ve learned that people will forget what you said people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel. At the very sight of this particular phrase I knew what it was that I wanted to do with my life and that was to live it in the best possible way that I felt fit and one that would impact those around me in such a manner that they too felt that having me in their life was the one thing they felt they needed. As the song says Love me like you ll never see me again. Could it be that this was my beginning the very point in my life that living my life to the full wasn t the best option for me but it was to live my life like it meant everything to the very people that would be a part of it as well Life is for the living and that is exactly what every single person should take into retrospect every time you doubt yourself or look at your life and feel like you hoped it could be traded for something better than what you have at that very moment. Sometimes life will throw you lemons and you don t have to make lemonade every time--sometimes those very lemons are for consumption. That way we learn how to make the best of our bad and great moments in our lives and learn that accepting less of what we think isn t necessarily looking down on ourselves but in fact being grateful for what we go through in the journey with ourselves in order to learn to become the best possible person for ourselves and the world at large. I didn t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth nor did I get the privilege of new clothes every month. It was a good upbringing though no need or want for anything did I ever have. See maybe it was the fact that I was brought up in a manner that my sister and I were taught to appreciate what we had and make do with it. Life throws you a bit of that--things you don t necessarily want but have to accept and make the most of and things that make your life worthwhile. It began with understanding the person I was and wanted to become when those days are dark only you are present and only you can make become a life that you want and choose. Sometimes you have to overcome battles that not even movies depict. I made the choice to take all of situations as they came and allowed myself to wrong if need be to understand the outcome. After all my biggest obstacle was to never disappoint myself. With that being said the only reason I ever make decisions is to benefit my livelihood not likelihood. We all have different dreams but one thing that ties us together is the very fact that we all want to make them happen and hope that they come true. Life isn t a concrete jungle it is what you make it and how you live it. When I realized that I was the only person keeping me from achieving those very dreams that keep me on my toes and waking up every day to accomplish yet another step to getting to that very point jotted down in my mental diary I let go of my fears and decided to give myself that chance to do wrong to understand what s right. Without judging myself I was allowing myself to 46 47 S Independence Day Facts By Trent Garcia 48 Many of us thought the fight was started because of unfair taxes. Why you might ask were we faced with outrageous taxes Well we dragged Britain into the French and Indian War and who Plot twist What if you found out that it went quite benefited from it America. We got a lot of land differently and rich resources from it. What did Britain get for fighting a war we started They were stuck What if our victory wasn t about American Independence at all It may be hard to believe consid- with the bill. Now we had someone who was our ering many of us were taught differently--but it s representation to the Crown--Benjamin Franklin a Loyalist to the Crown. Britain had no idea we true a lot of the events leading up to and includwere so angry about taxes and Ben thought the ing the war itself was about much more than just Stamp Act tax was a great idea even going so far independence. as to give the cushy new job of collecting said taxAmerica was merely a proxy in a war between es to his friend. It is true that Britain did impose France and Britain. When Britain and America taxes without representation but they were so laid went to war France (and later on Spain) saw this back and rarely bothered trying to collect. So peoas a perfect way to fight Britain again. When ple were up in arms about something just about Britain sent over their forces well after fighting all of them didn t even do in the first place. I m through the French Navy in order to cross the sure we would love if the IRS were like that today. Atlantic they sent a mere 40 000 troops to subdue Instead of just losing a portion of your paycheck a rebellion of 2.5 million people over thousands to taxes every month you had to literally hand of miles which by 1776 when we declared money over to an IRS agent who wouldn t chase Independence their forces still didn t touch the you didn t keep record of you and was incredibly six figure mark. A nothing force when compared easy to sidestep. Would you pay that guy to the help we received from the all but forgotten The taxes were all done on trade that s it but French. Throughout the course of the war they the smuggling...oh dear the smuggling. During provided the Americans with over a quarter the French and Indian War American smugglers million men and supplied us with weapons often helped supply the French we (and by we I mostsuperior to those of British Regulars along with ly mean Great Britain) were fighting. Then ev90% of our gunpowder. So even without men ships and weapons our fighting would have been ery new tax was repealed because the Colonists threw a tantrum.Then there was the Boston Tea reduced to nothing more than farmers with pitch forks and musket clubs due to our severe shortage Party. Something we are all familiar with. Do you know how the story goes Regardless of what you of powder. know about it it is most assuredly wrong. History What was our fight about though Surely the is funny that way huh Well. Remember a few minority of Patriots as it were because less than sentences ago when I mentioned smuggling and 50% of people supported Independence wanted probably the first thing you thought of was Han to free ourselves from the tyrant stranglehold of Solo Well that was the issue. British rule. ince we were kids we have all been taught and understood early on that July 4th is our date for Independence. We were also taught that we fought the British the strongest military in the world with farmers and regular folks. A classic David and Goliath story. Again--not so much true as we were originally taught. Smuggling not Han Solo.... Britain thought it would be nifty to keep us happy with their tea which was far superior in quality and cheaper than the smugglers. What an awesome deal Not to people like John Hancock a name you are familiar with who like many were themselves smugglers. After potentially losing the Ohio area to be given back to French Canada by Britain many people like Washington Jefferson Patrick Henry and even Paul Revere did not like their prospects of losing out on quite a lot of money so much that religious intolerance was started and spread around for the fear of the old time sense of THEY TOOK YER JAHB But in the end we made something that had never been done before--Democracy. Caused by ill-gotten deceit perhaps but let us have the lives we currently have. And the twisted irony of fate Three of our first five Presidents died on July 4th. The largest battle of the Civil War Gettysburg ended on July 4th. Grant s six month campaign against Vicksburg ended with the city s unconditional surrender on July 4th who did not celebrate the holiday until after WWII. So perhaps it would be best to find out for ourselves what July 4th means truly to you as a person. How you perceive the events that happened throughout our nation s young history. 49 Written By Ashley Newkirk Star Spangled Baller A lthough the Fourth of July is a day to remember and celebrate our freedom and independence from Great Britain we mostly use this day to cook some great food--from ribs to burgers to store-bought desserts such as sugar cookies or cakes with a flag decoration. I am going to share with you a recipe that is much more different than just your average Fourth of July dessert. It s a little more involved but will look very appealing and taste even better. You will want to make sure you have extremely vibrant red and blue food coloring I suggest a gel or paste food coloring. Wilton makes a gel food coloring that I use all the time. You will also need a cake pop mold to make the colorful cake balls that will go inside the cake. Start off by creating the cake balls with this simple Madeira cake recipe. Madeira cake is denser so it will hold its cake ball form better than if you were to use the following White cake batter recipe. Madeira cake 1 cups self-rising flour 1 cup caster sugar 2 eggs cup of butter (softened) cup milk 1 teaspoon vanilla Food coloring Directions Place butter in bowl sift in flour and sugar. Add remaining ingredients and mix quickly for five minutes. Separate batter into two bowls and place food color accordingly into each bowl. Scoop batter into cake pop molds and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Once baked let cool completely and trim to make even (Tip freeze before doing this step and it will make it easier to trim but let defrost before you bake them in the cake). Now you will want to make a white cake batter that will be lighter than the Madeira cake and that will fill your round cake pans. 50 White cake 2 cups all-purpose flour 2 cups sugar 3 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon salt cup butter 1 cup vanilla 1 cup milk 4 egg whites Directions Heat the oven to 350 degrees Mix together flour sugar baking powder salt butter milk and vanilla Once thoroughly combined add egg whites and mix until combined. Now is when you start to assemble the cake to finish the baking process. Finishing directions In two round layering pans fill the bottom with a slight layer of batter. Place your red and blue cake balls in the desired pattern of your choice. Fill pans with batter covering the cake balls entirely. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes and let cool. The baking is done but the cake is not done yet. Now comes the fun part--assembly and frosting. Once the cake is cooled you will want to trim the tops of each cake to make a flat even surface. Choose your favorite white frosting and put a thin layer on the bottom layer of cake then stack the top layer. Once you have done this you will want to take your knife and trim the outside of the cake to make sure it is all even as well. Now the hard part is done. It s time to let the kids come and help and hope they don t eat all the frosting before you can frost the cake. Ice the entire cake with a nice even layer of your favorite white frosting and then decorate with Fourth of July sprinkles. This cake is not your typical Fourth of July treat but will be much appreciated and much more delicious at your Fourth of July event. 51 Processed Meats Dangerous for Human Consumption By Jennett A. Anderson W ow is this not shocking It shouldn t be So let s take a look at some of our favorite foods something quickly and conveniently served for dinner. Processed foods are killing us Cancer--when we hear this word we get scared (it scared the pants off me). I have done some research and what I have come up with will make you think twice before pulling up in a fast food drive-in or feeding your children hotdogs three times a week. The World Cancer Research Fund recently completed a detailed review of 7 000 clinical studies covering links between diet and cancer. These studies show that processed meats can be dangerous for human consumption and are strongly linked to an increased risk of bowel cancer. What are processed meats Processed meats include bacon sausage hot dogs sandwich meat packaged ham pepperoni salami and nearly all meat found in prepared frozen meals. Processed meats are usually manufactured with a carcinogenic (linked to promote and cause cancer) ingredient known as sodium nitrate. Sodium nitrate is primarily used as a color fixer by meat companies to make the packaged meats look bright red and fresh. Monosodium glutamate is also added on a regular basis to enhance the savory flavor. Sodium Nitrite has been strongly linked to the formation of cancer-causing nitrosamines in the human body leading to a sharp increase in the risk of cancer for those consuming them. A 2005 Hawaii University study found that eating processed meats increased the risk of pancreatic cancer by 67% whilst another study found that it increased the risk of colorectal cancer by 50%. These are scary numbers for those consuming processed meats on a regular basis. The more often your body is exposed to these nitrosamines the higher your risk of cancer becomes. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a second dangerous chemical found in virtually all processed meat products. MSG is a dangerous excitotoxin linked to neurological disorders such as migraine headaches Alzheimer s disease loss of appetite control obesity and many other serious health conditions. Manufacturers use MSG to add an addictive savory flavor to dead-tasting processed meat products. 52 Food items to check carefully Beef jerky Bacon Sausage Pepperoni Hot dogs Sandwich meat Deli slices Ham Frozen pizzas with meat Canned soups containing meat Frozen meals with meat Ravioli and meat pasta foods ...and many more meat products. If it s so dangerous to consume why are they allowed to sell it Unfortunately nowadays the food industry s interests now dominate the actions of the government regulators. The USDA for example tried to ban sodium nitrite in the late 1970s but we were overridden by the meat industry insisting the chemical was safe. Today the food and agriculture corporations hold tremendous influence over the food industry and as a result consumers have little protection from dangerous chemicals intentionally added to foods medicines and personal care products. Ways to avoid the dangers of processed meats Always read ingredient labels Don t buy anything made with sodium nitrite or MSG Avoid eating red meats served by restaurants schools hospitals hotels or other institutions without asking for details Eat more fresh produce and only purchase fresh meats Avoid processed meats as much as possible Spread the word and tell others about the dangers of sodium nitrite and MSG Vitamin C naturally found in fresh fruits and vegetables has been shown to help prevent the formation of cancer-causing nitrosamines protecting you from the devastating health effects of processed meats. The best defense of course is to avoid processed meats all together. 53 What processed food lacks nutrient density Through the excessive heating and cooling processes which are required in order to give processed foods extended shelf life vital nutrients are greatly diminished. Blanching vegetables before they are packaged causes water-soluble vitamins like vitamin B to fall out. Milling grains for breads causes the husk which stores most of the valuable nutrients to fall off. The examples go on and on. Nutrient destruction happens to all fruits and vegetables that are not freshly prepared--leaving your veggies in the fridge for several days will cause the same nutrient depletion. Processed foods also lose a great deal of their flavor as they are altered for longer shelf-lives another downer. What this means is that if you re eating processed foods then you re getting lots of empty calories--calories that come with few or no nutrients that your body needs. So either you re not getting these needed nutrients which is bad for your general health or you need to eat a whole bunch of calories in order to get them. On the other hand if you re consuming nutrient dense foods (fresh foods that aren t processed) then you can get all the nutrients you need with fewer calories. So this is the main thing that processed food is missing--nutrient density. Additives chemicals added to processed food In order to reintroduce flavor that gets removed through processing food manufactures add a variety of substances. Trans-fats (also known as hydrogenated fats ) are one of the most commonly used additives. They are found in margarine vegetable shortenings peanut butter and Oreo filling. These fats are chemically altered to turn a liquid into a soft solid form. Food processors use this technique because it allows for longer shelf-lives and gives foods like peanut butter and margarine an even consistency. Unfortunately trans-fats have been found to increase LDL cholesterol--the form of cholesterol associated with an increased risk of heart disease--and to decrease HDL cholesterol otherwise known as good cholesterol (more to come on this topic in subsequent posts). One of the most common chemicals added to processed meats are nitrites. Nitrites are most noticeable in salami and hot dogs because they give these foods their pink color. These chemicals are used because they prevent bacteria growth but they ve also been found to increase the risk of cancer (when the nitrites form nitrosamines). Other food coloring agents such as the Yellow No. 5 found in Doritos or the Red No. 40 found in Fruit Loops have been associated with numerous side effects (such as cancer in both animals and humans) and the only benefit these agents serve is to make food look more appealing. BHT--one of the most commonly used preservatives--has been found to cause stomach tumors in animal studies. It s worth noting that the animals in these studies ingested high levels of BHT (much higher than is permitted in processed food) but we still have little information about the effects of this widely used chemical and the studies do not look promising. This is one of the main issues with all these chemicals--we don t know what they do to the human body over the long-term use because they haven t been around for that long. As some of you may already know the recent pink slime scandal has exposed many of the other harmful chemicals in processed meat. Grist has a great post on this topic-- Pink slime is the tip of the iceberg. The phrase pink slime itself refers to the substance that s created when meat processors grind up waste meat trimmings and add ammonium hydroxide (the same chemical found in many cleaning products) in order to keep people from getting sick from eating it. Pretty gross huh In addition processed foods constitute for the vast majority of sodium in the typical American diet (roughly 75% according to the Mayo Clinic). The sodium 54 comes from salt and many other sodium compounds that preserve and enhance flavor which are needed because processing takes out most of the natural flavor. Kind of crazy isn t it The circular nature of it all is nasty As most of you know sodium is one of the main culprits of high blood pressure so avoiding processed foods can do a great deal to help you avoid high blood pressure. The processed foods that contain the most sodium include hotdogs deli meats and microwave dinners all foods you should try to avoid. All of this is a long way of saying that processed food is extremely unhealthy and by eating processed food we re putting unhealthy food into our body. So this is the second big thing we don t like about processed food. What we can do about it Some would advocate a raw vegan diet as a way to avoid these harmful elements of processed food which is a fine choice for many people but that s a little too extreme for us here at Dig Inn. Instead we focus on serving fresh food that s made from scratch everyday--this allows the flavor to come from the food itself (instead of additives) and nutrient density to be maximized (we wash our produce in water not chemical baths). We re also very focused on sourcing quality ingredients that are devoid of harmful additives such as our quality meats which are naturally-raised and nitrite- and antibiotic-free. As Adam recently explained the meat here at Dig Inn really is different than what you find at other quick service and fast casual restaurants. But we ll be talking about our sourcing efforts in much greater detail in future posts. For the time being you can rest assured that we re doing our homework and sourcing the best quality ingredients we can. And lastly we understand that buying and preparing fresh food is time-consuming and difficult which is why Dig Inn exists. We re here to make it easy for you to avoid processed food--by providing you with lots of delicious real food Also information provided from Love Your Health with Holly Lee Information by Brooks Host 55 O By Jennett A. Anderson Photo By Christian Arango My Heart Attack Experience the jaw neck shoulders or back stomach discomfort sudden trouble breathing and even flu-like symptoms. At the age of 46 a heart attack was the last thing on my agenda. I said Oh no this can t be happening to me. I remember hearing those words Ma am it s going to be okay You re going to be just fine. Women (and men) who are obese have diabetes high blood pressure high cholesterol or a family history of heart disease should be particularly concerned if they experience these symptoms. The lesson here said researchers is that women need to be more aggressive in seeking care if they experience a sudden onset of any symptom that affects their daily life. Women also need to be assertive with their doctors if they feel they are having a heart attack. Did you know that the warning signs for a heart attack are different for men and women It s vitally important for women to be able to recognize the warning signs of a heart attack because there is only a small window of time after a heart attack before the heart starts dying. Every woman needs to be able to recognize the warning signs of a heart attack. n November 26th 2011 I had a heart attack. I hadn t been feeling good for several days and I had been extremely tired and wanted to sleep all the time. While I was awake I was feeling discomfort in my back and between my shoulder blades. At first I thought that I had the flu because I had the flu symptoms of nausea headache and body aches. I just felt like I had been hit by a truck. That evening my discomfort became a bit more agonizing and there was some bothersome pain down both arms and between my shoulder blades. I started to vomit stomach bile and then nothing was coming up. This went on for about an hour and then I couldn t take the pain any more. By then the left side of my face neck ears and arms started to hurt I could barely breathe. My friend called an ambulance and they were at my house within a matter of minutes. Paramedics assessed me and discovered that I was having a heart attack. I was given nitro-glycerin and next thing I knew I was at the hospital. I was rushed into surgery where the doctor put two stents in my heart. Women often experience many heart attack symptoms yet they do not often experience classic chest pain symptoms during a heart attack like men. Instead according to a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association they may feel less obvious sensations such as pain in The following are the warning signs of a heart attack. Print this checklist and put it in your wallet--it could save your life Chest pain Jaw pain Neck pain Shoulder Pain Stomach Pain Nausea Indigestion Ear ache Dizziness Light headedness Unusual fatigue Shortness of breath 56 57 4 of July Statistics th By Kimberly Bratic The Fourth of July commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. It was initially adopted by Congress on July 2 1776 but then it was revised and the final version was adopted two days later. Three U.S. presidents actually died on July 4. Two of them passed away within hours of each other on July 4 1826 John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. The two had been political rivals and then friends later in life. The other to share the distinction was James Monroe who died July 4 1831. On July 6 1776 the Pennsylvania Evening Post became the first newspaper to print the now-historic Declaration of Independence. The Star Spangled Banner wasn t written until Francis Scott Key wrote a poem stemming from observations in 1814 when the British relentlessly attacked Baltimore s Fort McHenry during the War of 1812. It was later put to music though not decreed the official national anthem of the United States until 1931. http 14844-50-fabulous-facts-july-fourth-declaration-independence.html 58 The Lounge LOUNGE The Power Of God s Word God s Word Is Truth JOHN 8 31-32 Story by Dorita Tolbert To the Jews who had believed him Jesus said If you hold to my teachings you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. Prayer Thank You Lord that Your word is true. Sometimes it s hard to discern truth from a lie or from the half-truths that bombard me daily from the television radio magazines and popular culture. I want to know the truth and live it. Help me to look to Your steady and solid Word not to this world for my life instruction manual. I thank You that You will never lead me astray that You never lie to me and that You always keep Your promises. Choice Books 59 The Ins and Outs to a Photo Shoot I By Viktor Franovik t has been my experience that putting together a photo shoot is not as easy as it seems. I have been part of many shoots. The ones I did not plan and coordinate seem to go badly for me and those involved. I want to go through a few steps that have helped me to ensure an effective shoot. During the planning stages be clear on what you want to achieve--what is the look and feel Pick the clothes you will be showcasing. Will it be indoors or outdoors If indoor get the studio or location confirmed. If it s outdoors have a plan B nature can play tricks on you and some other issues can arise. Also for outdoor events decide if it s early or late in the day. If it s broad daylight make sure you have all your equipment reflectors etc. Your photographer will know what to take and when to take pictures. Speaking about photographers decide who your photographer is going to be. Depending on who they are some could be more experienced with editorials versus runways some specialize or prefer indoor (studio) or outdoor (elements) events. Photographers should have backup cameras batteries lights and any other items they need to do their job. I normally have a long conversation with my photographers for various reasons. First I need to convey my ideas. Secondly I want their input they are artists just like me and their years of experience are valuable to me as a designer-stylist of my company. Next you must consider your hair and make-up artists. Just like the photographer connect with these very essential people. They can make you or break you. Sit and discuss your vision and ask if they can accommodate your ideas creating the looks you need. I also want their input I am not a hair and make-up artist although there were times I had to work on these because the artists did not show up. shoot and also have a couple backup models should something happen--we are human. For every photo shoot you should have a backup photographer backup hair & make-up artists and backup models just in case. While one is shooting work on the others so there is no downtime. Remember time is money. Just remember you should have breaks between shoots. By the way no one gets paid until the job is done. Always think of your models and staff--have beverages and food available. Most if not all shoots run all day. On the subject of food think light small sandwiches fruits snacks water juices and coffee or tea or both. Forget heavy meals (carbs) and sodas it s a shoot the models have to be lean and light on their feet. Your models are the most important element of the shoot. Go through your models and see who will be the right ones for the shoot. Have a few models at the 60 Once all of these things have been done the fun part begins. Bring everyone in. Since I am the do it all type of person I become like Santa making a check list and checking it twice before the day begins. On my shoots I expect everyone to be on time. If you are traveling to the shoot allow extra time. It s better to be half an hour early than five minutes late so allow for delays (that s why I always invite more models). Remember extra time gives you a chance to relax after traveling and to prepare yourself prior to hair and makeup. It s good practice to introduce yourself to the photographer with no pressure to start working immediately. When you meet the photographer makeup artist or other models it s really important to greet them with a friendly smile eye contact and a handshake. When you are shooting it s important to put all your effort into your work. It s your job and you re lucky to be doing something you enjoy so be grateful and make sure you offer the photographer value for money in the form of effort and involvement. Take direction and make suggestions. Be patient be polite and work with the photographer to make sure he gets the images he wants for himself or the client. I like to play music during my shoots. Silences can become long and awkward and this might affect the quality of the pictures I like to have fun at my shoots. I don t like posey posey I like my shoots to be active (walk jump spin sing). I have found that lip-syncing is awesome for picture taking. Some of my best shoots have been when the photographer models and I have laughed all the way through. Models have to be engaged. Because they also get pictures out of the shoot it s in their best interest to put 100% of them in the shots. Time flies when you are having fun so don t be afraid to suggest and play with ideas and poses. The photographer might not have thought of it and will be grateful for your input. In my shoots I like people to participate. We all learn from each other. Always think Elegance Think Elegant Dreams info 61 Come JoinOur Team Writers Photographers Sales 62 Please contact us http