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Description: The September issue is live! Discover top international hotels, find out whether to further your education, and catch up with jewelry designer Sara Cramer. HERLIFE Magazine is a full color publication with the mission of Keeping Women Connected. From the inspirational women we promote to interesting topics such as health, beauty and fashion to what’s going on locally in each community, we strive to keep today’s women connected to the things they need and want.

LOOK YOUR BEST Secrets For Smoky Seductive Eyes HEALTHY LIVING How To Break Your Most Unhealthy Habits SEPTEMBER 2013 Plus... Should You Further Your Education Discover Top Hotels Around The World Travel Top Adventures For Thrill-Seekers hot deals Find us on Facebook for additional information and specials permanent coSmeticS and hair removal tina rodriguez cme cpcp 816-942-3722 Tina.Rodriguez.Permanent.Cosmetics I-435 & State Line St. Joseph Medical Bldg. A indulge Salon & day Spa 913-953-8700 7236 W. 121st St. Overland Park KS 66213 merlot SKin care 1-800-738-0256 Bikini and underarm special for 125.00. Complimentary permanent cosmetic consultation. Mention this ad to receive 10 off 50 or more New clients only. May not be applied with other offers. Get 20% off at with discount code HERLIFE20 May not be combined with other offers. Crown Center Modern Clothes for WoMen size 6-24 vinone S 816-471-7553 MOnkey BIzneSS 913-780-2500 Olathe kS 913-631-7000 Shawnee kS paint glaze & fire ceramicS & coffee houSe 913-661-CLAy(2529) 12683 Metcalf Avenue Overland Park kS 20 off a purchase of 100 or more at regular price when you mention HERLIFE Magazine. 1.00 off OPEN PLAY (reg. 8.00) 10% off parties ( 199.00 & up) in OLATHE 50.00 off parties ( 249.00 & up) in SHAWNEE. Like us on Facebook. 10 off 30 purchase when you mention HERLIFE Magazine. May be combined with 1 2 price studio fee daily specials but no other discounts. Sign up at HERLIFE contents COVER STORY SARA CRAMER Here s a riddle. What s multicolored intricate unique simultaneously new and classic and garnering attention across Kansas City and beyond Look in our Inspirations pages for the answer and to learn more about talented local jewelry designer Sara Cramer who is creating her own direction and style. 32 With a huge assortment of side dishes to accompany any taste everyone should go away satisfied from Hereford House. features 24 30 Spotlight Ask the Expert Inspirations Cravings Spotlight Spotlight Spotlight Trendsetter Spotlight Just Sayin Tie the Knot 42 The heat of the summer may be fading but the hottest styles for fall are just arriving HERLIFE takes a peek at the latest looks for autumn at Two Chic Blvd. 32 42 50 70 80 88 104 114 116 88 Lindsey and Robert I saw Marry Me in Christmas lights propped up in the snow. I turned around and he was already on one knee after the shock wore off I said Yes 116 10 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE contents By its definition a habit is hard to stop. The trick is that daily consistent focus and great determination is necessary to apply and reapply yourself in changing those habits. departments 14 18 20 28 Welcome Favorites Health Beauty Culinary Recipes Wine Book Club Scene and Be Seen Mother s Perspective Green Living Fine Things Working Women Finance Real Estate Home Travel Pets Calendar Star Journeys 20 Intense but universally flattering the smoldering eye can emphasize one of your best features in a way that can easily transition from medium to high impact. 38 46 48 54 56 68 28 Whether you re looking for luxury budget or a romantic getaway we ve found a few of the top hotels in the world that offer a little something for everyone. 74 76 84 96 100 108 76 Heard about your friend bungee jumping off of whatever s near or scaling whatever wall they can find You ll be sure to impress them when you tell them about these bucket list thrills. 110 112 118 120 110 12 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE welcome SPORTS-SCHMORTS and buy a Chiefs shirt for the occasion so I could be festive (I haven t worn it since either ). My husband does love to watch sports and sometimes I will sit down with him to watch. When it s golf I typically fall asleep within thirty minutes because it s so quiet and the announcer s voice is so soothing. I can t stand basketball because the sneakers don t stop squeaking and it gives me a headache. With football I try to understand and ask questions but then my husband gets frustrated with me. I knew it was bad when I was working out at the gym and my trainer mentioned something about Lebron. When I asked if that was a new client he burst out laughing. He said You are kidding right I was confused. When he said Lebron James I knew I d heard that name but I couldn t tell you if it was soccer basketball or football. After he laughed about it with the other trainers and quizzed me to see just how little I really knew I was slightly embarrassed. I did recently learn more about football because HERLIFE s Michelle Carder s son went into the NFL this past spring and I actually turned on ESPN to watch the draft I also like to watch my kids play soccer and just love spending time with the family at the soccer complex. Now I don t know if I will ever be a superfan of anyone other than my kids but I am committed to learning...or at least trying to learn pho to s by heather m or row of h ocu s f ocu s Enjoy I am a smart girl but I must admit that one of my weakest inclinations is sports. I have the same understanding of it that a preschooler would and it never really bothered me not to understand until recently. I did have a Super Bowl party once now I admit that I have no clue who won--or who played for that matter but I did go out Lindsay Aydelotte 2013 Print Publication of the Year 14 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM STAFF AND CONTACTS Lindsay aydeLotte lindsay 913-402-6994 Publisher AssociAte Publisher Candi smith 913-402-6994 mariLyn isaminger 913-402-6994 Editor Senior Account Manager miCheLLe Carder michelle 816-516-9888 Executive Account Manager ann KohLsaat ann 913-638-8507 Account Manager tamara Cundiff tamara 816-723-1594 Creative Director ashLeigh thomson ashleigh Advertising Art Director eLana BeLL elana Contributing Authors ann e. Butenas Lisa taranto ButLer Lisa Chism Jodi Cross hope e. ferguson ViCKy giLpin sherry L. granader KimBerLy horg mariLyn isaminger Jenny matthews heather noBLe dr. gina m. peteLin Linda r. priCe Bre roaCh John sandBaCh haLLie sawyer gaiL siLVerstein Candi smith VeryCuLinary.Com Catie watson Contributing Photographers ron Bower Crissy dastrup. heather morrow nightLifeKC.Com ron Berg photography and ward parKway Center traCy routh photography seeKCrun BrooKe VandeVer VeryCuLinary.Com ViCtoria B photography susan yates and gene starr To contact HERLIFE Magazine 7275 West 162nd Street Suite 107 Overland Park KS 66085 Phone 913-402-6994 Fax 1-866-827-6851 For Advertising call 913-402-6994 2013 by HERLIFE Magazine. All rights reserved. Although some parts of this publication may be reproduced and reprinted we require that prior permission be obtained in writing. HERLIFE Magazine is owned by HERLIFE Magazine LLC and is a free publication distributed locally and is supported by our advertisers. It is available in selected specialty stores doctor and dental offices medical spas hair and nail salons tanning salons public libraries and numerous other high traffic locations. Please call for a location near you or if you would like copies placed at your business. We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles and advertisements nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised. We welcome your ideas articles and feedback. SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscriptions are available for 20 (for 12 issues). Please go to or mail a check made out to HERLIFE Magazine to the above address. 16 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE favorites Heading down to Eureka Springs or Branson to see the beautiful fall colors. The pumpkin patch tailgating and haunted houses Kathy Carreira Account Executive Paige Fisher Associate Art Director Decorating for Halloween watching football and anything outdoors STAFF PICKS Again the seasons shift and cool crisp air and fragrances energize us. We re ready for fall s flavor and savor the activities occurring only this time of year. HerLife staff share their favorite fall pastimes please share yours with us. It s nice to go on a walk kicking up leaves and smelling the earth go to sleep. Sarah Abend Associate Art Director Candi Smith Associate Publisher I love gearing up for the fall festivities We love our fall traditions and they begin with decorating Decorating my house for fall shopping for new boots and sweaters and watching football Lindsay Aydelotte Publisher Michelle Carder Senior Account Manager 18 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 19 HERLIFE health b y he a t he r nobl e phd HOW TO BREAK T UNHEALTHY HABITS uesdays are my longest work days and by the time they end at about 9 00 p.m. I am beyond tired. I arrive home and not far from the front door in the kitchen is a bag of tortilla chips beckoning to me. Quick and easy junk food remains a habit that is hard for me to break. and thoughts that are troubling. Know that when you are stressed the unconscious especially favors quick fixes rather than solutions that align with your long-term goals. Be aware of any triggers and as possible avoid them. Also consider how easily you can access your bad habit. Create good habits that will compete with the bad ones and have them ready to use when a trigger occurs. As possible make it harder to access the bad habit. For me that means I probably should not have the chips in my house or at the least I need to have a readily-accessible snack that is healthier. Even better I should be carrying that healthy snack on me and eating it before I am fatigued and famished to avoid those triggers. You can engage your willpower in this process though you should know that may not be enough at least not long-term. Efforts to remove a bad habit are more likely to fail if the only intervention is depriving yourself of the habit. Short-term there may be success with deprivation. However there is nothing else in place to continually support your efforts. Instead your drive for immediate gratification grows and relapse becomes increasingly probable. Success in changing and eliminating bad habits comes from enriching your life with other benefits and rewards. Engage in healthy distractions by doing something else to bypass and even override the bad habit. In my case I have ramped up my efforts to exercise. The increased investment in my health runs contrary to eating food that is not nutritious and sufficiently fueling my body. Also remember that if you don t feel ready to abandon a bad habit great progress can still be made by Continued on page 22 By its definition a habit is hard to stop. What we often forget is that lapses and relapses are normal and even to be expected. They occur from unanticipated life circumstances and common experiences of fatigue. The trick is that daily consistent focus and great determination is necessary to apply and reapply yourself in changing those habits. To further define and recognize a bad habit look for something you do that results in immediate benefits but with repetition leads to long-term harmful consequences. In actuality our powerful unconscious makes decisions based on short-term benefits. Many times the unconscious is the decision-maker. We go around on auto-pilot. However if you engage your conscious thinking you can make choices for good habits that cause immediate benefits but more importantly long-range and long-term benefits too. Know your harmful habits be honest with yourself. Consider whether the habits align with your values and goals. Especially if any habits run contrary it is time to get serious about change. Track when you engage in the bad habits. What else is happening Consider the full context to know when you are most vulnerable. These can include aspects of your environment particular emotions you experience 20 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM directing your efforts to include healthier habits regardless. When I slip up and eat some junk food I still follow the exercise regimen. Some of our bad habits have multiple benefits. For instance sometimes I make unhealthy choices with eating and drinking while in the company of others as part of the experience of connecting with them. If this sounds familiar it may be time to have a candid conversation with others letting them know your intent for change and asking for support. Be aware that in some social circles there may be some pressure to maintain your bad habit. It can be human nature especially within close relationships to try and restore what feels like balance by your engaging in expected behaviors. If this happens it is not necessarily a recommendation to clean house with relationships but be prepared to assert yourself and to possibly expand your relationship circles to include others who embrace your healthier habits. The process of ending a bad habit is not all about taking away something that has provided you some level of pleasure or relief. Rather think about the process as doing all you can to optimize your health and happiness. Replace bad habits with healthier habits--do not just deprive yourself. Also be kind to yourself in doing this. It is not easy and you do not simply win or lose at it. Focus on walking the path and when stumbles do occur be prepared to brush yourself off and keep walking. For more information 22 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 23 HERLIFE spotlight When Tara Dyer was diagnosed with cancer she wanted to find a physician she could relate to. family and professionally said Dyer. That defines me. On December 27 her world was flipped around in an instant with the phrase that is a familiar battle cry for women of all ages You have cancer. Dyer had her first screening mammogram in March 2011 at age 40. The results showed nothing unusual she went about her routine until the next year s mammogram. According to Dyer that test came back as interesting--and my physician suggested mammos every six months. Late in the fall of 2012 Dyer had her scheduled mammogram--followed by an ultrasound and ultimately a biopsy. The radiologist found a very small lump situated near my chest wall explained Dyer a proponent of breast self-examinations. By the time I would have detected the tumor it would have been too late. Dyer had a lumpectomy at Menorah Medical Center in January 2013. She was impressed by the sense of community at The Breast Center at Menorah and the compassion and care shown to her. In March 2013 Dyer started seeing Stephanie Graff MD medical oncologist. I had heard Dr. Graff was a physician who really took the time to connect and listen noted Dyer. Communication and authenticity are important to me in my life and certainly when it comes to a relationship with a doctor who would treat my breast cancer. Dyer said she has been on a roller coaster of emotions since being diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer and three hospitalizations. Having a doctor who would walk side by side with her during a breast cancer journey was a requirement for Dyer. My relationship with Dr. Graff is very real affirmed Dyer. I am not just another patient or number--she is personally invested in my care treatment and outcome. Dr. Graff known for a warm and patient-focused manner acknowledges that having cancer is one of the toughest things a woman can experience. Having a physician you feel comfortable with at your worst--there will be days when you are sick tired confused scared--is integral to someone s care explained Dr. Graff. Knowing that you can bring all your emop hotogr a p hy b y vict or i a b ph otogr aph y tions and still talk honestly with your physician that they will be there to listen makes it easier to walk through a diagnosis of I t wasn t the way Tara Dyer envisioned 2012 ending. Dyer a 43-year-old Kansas City resident and director of corporate accounts for a company that sells office space globally had experienced a successful year. I believe in striving to be the best I can be personally to my friends and Medical Center An Authentic Relationship Menorah 24 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Five Steps to Raise Your Breast Cancer IQ Stephanie Graff MD medical oncologist and one of Kansas City s leading breast cancer experts thinks information awareness and good self-care are key to empowering women in the fight against the disease. In Dr. Graff s world awareness propels action. And taking the initial step of regular mammograms after age 40 is top on Dr. Graff s list of tips for monitoring and advocating good breast health. Studies show early detection is the best protection when fighting breast cancer and as a physician I know how vital screening mammograms are noted Dr. Graff. That is the first important step for any woman. Early detection can save lives. Get your mammogram. Many women are afraid of the simple process. Let the technologist know your fears--there are many things that can be done to help ease anxiety. If you have a family history you should start getting mammograms earlier than the recommended age of 40. Know your family history. I am amazed by the number of women who don t know their grandparents medical history--and for some it s too late because those people are gone. Ask about both your mom and dad s parents and what their medical issues were. Be informed. breast cancer. Dr. Graff who cares for patients at Menorah Medical Center and Research Medical Center specializes in breast oncology care and treatment options and is fellowship-trained in both hematology medical oncology and breast oncology. In addition she has strong cancer research experience actively leading clinical trials a specialization which ensures her patients have access to the latest in cancer treatments. Dyer says that Dr. Graff s experience coupled with her caring demeanor have made a frightening time in her life a bit easier. I can ask her any question and she will answer--and I usually walk in with a list. Dyer completed chemotherapy in late July and started a five-and-a-half week radiation schedule in August. I am so grateful for early detection and for finding a physician like Dr. Graff noted Dyer. I never imagined 2013 would be a year I was diagnosed with cancer but I have been able to walk through it with caring professionals like her. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 25 Ask questions. When it comes to your health there are never any wrong or for that matter stupid questions. If you don t understand something your doctor is telling you or why you re not eligible for a certain test or unsure about your risk factors ask. And if your physician doesn t know the answer find someone who does. Get healthy and make healthful decisions. It s important to maintain your whole health. Limit alcohol intake implement a regular exercise regimen know your ideal body weight reduce your stress and eat sensibly. Plus there is more and more evidence that smoking increases a woman s risk of breast cancer. Do breast self-exams and know what tissue feels like. Many of my patients have found their own breast cancer--they know something feels different which leads to an ultrasound and sometimes discovery of cancer. The Breast Center at Menorah has literature about how to do breast self-examination. By all means ask your doctor to demonstrate an exam and to teach you what tissue feels like. Know your body. Breast Cancer Prevention Program at Menorah Medical Center The Breast Cancer Prevention Program at Menorah combines the latest medical and scientific knowledge with the most advanced surveillance screening and diagnostic methods for high-risk women including comprehensive risk assessment risk-reduction counseling and patient education resources. This is another service Midwest Cancer Care at Menorah offers for early detection of breast cancer said Stephanie Graff MD board-certified medical oncologist. It is an invaluable tool for women at high risk of developing breast cancer--and it s right in our community which represents a tremendous convenience for women. It is part of Menorah s guiding mission to provide high-quality proactive patient care. The Commission on Cancer accredits Midwest Cancer Care at Menorah Medical Center as a Comprehensive Community Cancer Program. The Breast Center at Menorah is fully accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. You may be at high-risk for developing breast cancer if you have Tested positive for a gene mutation that increases risk of breast cancer development Atypical cells detected during a breast biopsy Any family member (male or female) with breast cancer diagnosed before age 50 Multiple family members with breast cancer and or ovarian cancer at any age Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry with a family history of breast cancer ovarian cancer and or pancreatic cancer Previous chest wall radiation for cancer If you think you may be at high risk for breast cancer and or have received a suspicious mammogram result and need a consultation to discuss options please call the Breast Cancer Prevention Program at Menorah Medical Center at (913) 498-7900. Menorah Medical Center is part of HCA Midwest Health System--Kansas City s largest healthcare provider with eight hospitals throughout the metro offering mammograms. For more information visit or 26 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE beauty SECRETS TO SMOKY SEDUCTIVE EYES b y v i cky gi l pi n T his season s bright colors and funky trends have not diminished the importance of a classic the smoldering eye. Although the smoky eye has been a dominant look for several years each season elaborates on the trend. Intense but universally flattering the smoldering eye can emphasize one to be ignored when producing a smoldering eye you can add a hint of a favorite color at the lid crease to add a touch of fun. A light hand is important because intense eyeliner combined with bright colors over the entire lid might be too much particularly for your professional life unless you belong to the circus After prepping the lid the next step involves the primary focus adding the eyeliner. The best approach for a long-lasting smoldering eye involves layering. Using a gray brown or black pencil eyeliner lets you begin the process of both emphasizing the eye and setting the stage for smudging. Depositing a slightly more intense line than normal allows you to then smudge or smoke the line away from your eye to create more drama. Adding another layer of powder or powder eyeshadow sets the eyeliner and sets the stage to proceed to the next step the intense line. After putting on pencil liner to create definition and the smoky effect an intense liquid liner can be used in layers next to the lashes for extreme intensity. Finally a long-wearing mascara of your choice completes the look. The best part of daytime-to-evening transitions for the intense smoldering eye is that a little daytime smudging is not detrimental to the look. With a little smudge removal powder and reapplication of the intense line if necessary you can re-amplify your look with minimal time and effort. Although you want to find your own favorites that work best for you in terms of wear intensity and flattering colors several products are excellent for the smoldering eye. L Or al s Voluminous Smoldering Liner is fantastic for smudging into smokiness and L Or al s TelescopicTM of your best features in a way that can easily transition from medium to high impact making it an excellent attribute to go from work to play quickly. As with most beauty applications the primary aspect of conquering this look involves awareness of techniques understanding of some of the most effective products and recognition of how to incor- porate it into your own style and environment. Intensity is the key to the smoldering eye whether that intensity is derived from crisp strong lines smokier effects or a combination of the two. This intensity can only be achieved through intention you want to know your goal and you want to prepare so your smoldering eyes of 7 a.m. do not become distracting under-eye smudges by lunchtime. Your canvas should first be gently cleansed so you do not have residue of evening emollients contributing to a downward makeup slide. Next you want to have something for your smoldering makeup to cling to beyond skin. Some women prefer the help of the excellent primers primer-moisturizers or primer-foundations available while others like the simplicity of a facial powder. Long-lasting hold can be achieved through use of an eye primer like the ones available from Urban Decay combined with a favorite powder-based eyeshadow or one of Maybelline s Color Tattoo 24-hour eyeshadows. The rage for bright colors does not need 28 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Precision Liquid Eyeliner in carbon black creates an amazingly intense line that stays all day without cracking or flaking. For a combination of intensity and color the Sephora Pantone UniverseTM has palettes for the smoldering eye but try using a selection from The Emerald Collection rather than black. The bright liquid eyeliner from this collection is phenomenal for its long-lasting appeal and ease of application. Finally only you know what looks can be successful in your work environment. The modern bright colors and smoldering looks for daytime have opened up a number of makeup trends that would formerly only be seen outside of the office so that has provided many opportunities for flexibility in self-expression. Temptalia provides a picture-by-picture tutorial for women who want to use black shadow over the entire lid as a base for the dramatic eye this is an intense and fabulous look but it can be difficult to attain and maintain during the day without constant mirror-checking so it might be best if attempted for evening activities at first particularly if you don t have many opportunities to leave your desk or if you just know you would forget the intensity of your makeup and accidentally smudge it I rely on primers to keep my smoldering eye in place all day so I only think about my eye makeup when I m applying it. Whatever your preference you have the ability to make a smoldering eye work for you Sources and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 29 HERLIFE ask the expert ASK THE EXPERT Do you recommend the HPV vaccination c o u r t e s y o f o la t he w o m e n s c e nte r Should I take hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for menopause A I do recommend vaccination against the Human Papillomavirus with GARDASIL . HPV is a widespread virus that can infect most males and females in their lifetimes. GARDASIL protects against four strains of the HPV virus. This provides partial protection against cervical cancer genital warts and vulvar and vaginal cancer. The injection is available for males and females age 9 to 26 years old. The shot is given in three doses on a schedule over 6 months. A The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists supports the use of HRT for vasomotor symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats. Other benefits of HRT include prevention of rapid bone loss and decreasing hip and spine fractures. However not every woman is a good candidate for HRT depending on certain risk factors. It is important to talk with your doctor about your current symptoms and decide if you are an appropriate candidate for HRT. Do you have a question that you want an expert to answer Please e-mail candi to have your questions answered by top area experts Dr. Gina M. Petelin is a board-certified obstetrician gynecologist. She has been in private practice in the Kansas City area for six years. She joined Olathe Women s Center in spring of 2013 and practices with Dr. Bruce Snider and Dr. Luina Estrada on the Olathe Medical Center Campus. Dr. Petelin provides comprehensive care for women in all stages of life. Her practice focuses on preventive health care visits. In addition Dr. Petelin treats gynecological disorders and cares for normal and high risk pregnancies. Dr. Petelin specializes in minimally invasive surgery performing laparoscopic hysterectomies. Please call (913)764-6262 for a consult or visit us at 30 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE inspirations SARA CRAMER by b re roach pho togr a p hy b y h eath er m or row o f h o c us f o c us hair styling by brenda w at ts of dou bl e take s al on a n d d a y s p a m ake u p by melissa e v an s w a rd rob e p rov id e d b y d o n n a s d re s s s ho p Pinterest tutorials and Etsy shops to test out new crafts. But for whatever reason they never look the same as the original one you saw and loved on your screen. And actually that s okay. Paintings and photographs and jewelry-making should be left to the professionals. Instead of driving to your favorite craft store and scouring the aisles until you find the perfect color of yarn with which you want to braid a bracelet why don t you just go ahead and let someone take the inevitably disastrous craft-attempt off your hands. Instead of DIY let s allow someone to do it for us particularly if that someone is Sara Cramer a local jewelry designer whose work is truly stunning and can t be replicated. We all hear iconic and inspirational stories of people who have known what their future occupation would be since they were four years old. For Sara she didn t know that STYLE VISION SKILL I f you re like many of us chances are you ve seen some incredible piece of jewelry or beautiful oil painting and thought to yourself I wish I could do that. Unique creations abound especially in this era when we have eventually she would be a jewelry designer. In fact she grew up knowing that she d eventually do something within art but that vision was never to design intricate jewelry. In truth Sara started creating for her brand Jewelry Handmade by Sara Cramer as an attempt to keep her mind and hands from going idle after school. She started making jewelry as a hobby and eventually it all made sense to her. She realized that this was what she was supposed to be doing and luckily that experimenting became her first line of defense. In 2010 Sara graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute with a degree in interdisciplinary arts but only after changing her major to this field from graphic design. As most artists know there is stability and monetary confidence in the job market for graphic designers so that s the safe route to go. But Sara wanted to create her own curriculum and her business has allowed her to do just that. College prepared Sara for more than she knew at the time. Shortly after graduation she took a studio in the Crossroads District and was inspired to create she told herself she d create something every day from there on out. She dug around in her old school supplies and found some beautiful glass beads that she transformed into jewelry and viol Jewelry Handmade by Sara Cramer was born in September of 2011. The business allows Sara to play many different roles the creator the photographer the stylist and the businesswoman. She travels monthly to promote her jewelry and gain exposure which is what she really loves. Those lines between work and play are really blurry because my work s really fun Sara smiled. And it is. Her business is more like a lifestyle. How many people 32 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 33 do you know who are able to work eat and sleep in their space That s exactly what Sara does every day. Her studio is her home with her bed and her groceries and her bare feet all sharing the space. But being in her space does have its downsides. It s a constant struggle of self control and self dedication to live in your space Sara revealed. So she s established a routine that is strict and allows her to stay focused on her work. One of the reasons I ve been able to push my brand so far in two short years is because I live in my space Sara said. I m deeply immersed in every aspect. A few years back Sara visited South America and Southeast Asia where she was inspired and eventually used that imaginative impetus to create her jewelry. The ancient ruins started her thinking itching to personally display what the relics meant to her. The beading technique that Sara uses is actually an old traditional practice that she approaches with a modernity and elegance to which people naturally respond. Her styles are intuitive and established by the materials. She doesn t force it and the entire time that she s designing she s thinking about what the woman would be doing while wearing that piece. Sara uses unique color schemes which help her jewelry represent something more than a standard accessory. I believe jewelry is very personal and should be for each individual woman Sara explained. Traveling is one way that Sara gets her name and work publicized in the jewelry industry. She was born and raised in the Kansas City area with her six sisters and one brother so she s established a great support network just by simply knowing many people. To date she s participated in more than 20 First Fridays and collaborates with a different clothing designer each year in the West 18th Street Fashion Show. Sara travels with the Renegade Craft Fair which has been a unique and positive experience for her. The Renegade Craft Fair is something a designer or crafter must be accepted into and it travels to London Brooklyn Chicago Austin Los Angeles and San Francisco every year all of which Sara attends. She s been traveling with them for almost two years now and has had much success. I ve established markets in Chicago and Brooklyn Sara beamed. People are coming back to get my jewelry. While traveling has helped her reach more people with her jewelry design she does know how risky it could be to leave Kansas City since she has so much support here. The city has lifted her up and she even sells her jewelry at The Coveted Home and Birdies Bridal two local shops. She plays fair by giving back to local charities whenever they ask for a donation. Any time I m asked to give to a charity I pull through for them Sara affirmed. It s an important way to give back. Although you can purchase her creations in stores Sara s Etsy store is the best place to view and purchase her jewelry especially if you need to have it shipped as a gift to a friend. She 34 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 35 provides free shipping in order to encourage people to buy her product because to her it should be about paying for the beautiful jewelry not the shipping. Sara can also ship while she is traveling from anywhere in the world. She has a Facebook page and an Instagram through which she can be located from anywhere in the country. Sara s story is a little different in the sense that she gradually evolved into her profession. What started out as a playful practice became her main squeeze and she s 100 percent set on creating jewelry. When you tell people that you want to be an artist they don t take you seriously Sara commented. So she s breaking the mold as she sits in her own chair in her studio space with her groceries a few steps away and her bed not far from that. Let s be honest her creative life- and work-styles could make us a bit jealous. When you re ready to stop DIYing your life and discover one of the talented women who make a living out of creating seek out Sara Cramer. Luckily for us we have her living and designing in our hometown and can all reap the benefits of her beautifully beaded jewelry. We re sincerely grateful for your inspiration and presence in Kansas City Sara. We ll hopefully be seeing you around the neighborhood. For more information on Sara Cramer visit her at or view and purchase her unique jewelry at people saracramer. 36 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 37 HERLIFE culinary IT S GREEK TO ME by s her r y l. gr anader G reek cuisine offers an endless selection of foods with timeless flavors ranging from subtle to robust. Enjoying Greek food is like taking an adventure through a country rich in history the land of the gods of Olympus. Greece is known for producing the wide array of cheeses fruits nuts oils grains vegetables herbs and greens that are the basis for traditional Greek fare. The country s climate is perfect for growing lemon and olive trees two of the most important ingredients in Greek cooking. Herbs and spices such as oregano basil mint and thyme enhance traditional Greek food. Eggplant zucchini and legumes of all types are widely used in Greek recipes. Fish and seafood lamb chicken beef and pork are all utilized in Greek cuisine complemented by an array of wines and spirits. Ouzo a popular spirit is an anise-flavored liqueur that is sometimes enjoyed with a loud Opa that can be a call for attention an invitation to join a circle dance or a cry when the flame is ignited by a waiter in a Greek restaurant serving fried cheese known as saganaki. Many Greek foods have names originating with other cultures including Rome Turkey Venice and even England. For example hummus is a Middle Eastern dish that has become associated with Greek food by catering to local tastes. Cooking has always been important to Greek society. SicilianGreek gourmet Archestratus of Gela recorded in his poem Life of Luxury around 350 BCE the cooking techniques ingredients and the cosmopolitan preferences of the well-to-do Greeks of antiquity in a volume now known as Archestratos. Plus the traditional white chef s hat came out of Greek Orthodox monasteries where it was used to to distinguish them from monks who wore large black hats. Vegetarian cuisine that included ingredients such as bananas spinach potatoes and tomatoes can be traced back to ancient Greece through literature and archaeology. Today the popularity of Greek yogurt has taken the U.S. market by storm. It is definitely thicker than regular yogurt however there are differences in Greek yogurt. Greek-style yogurt that has thickening agents added differs from traditional Greek yogurt. Both start out by fermenting milk with live bacteria cultures. The yogurt is strained 38 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM so the liquid whey can be removed and a thick cheesy texture can be achieved. It takes more milk to create one cup of Greek yogurt making it more expensive than regular yogurt. Greek yogurt contains more protein making it a healthy choice for a snack or meal. During the straining process the yogurt loses some of its sugar and carbohydrates and thus works well for those who are lactose intolerant. Make the switch to Greek yogurt for a delicious thick creamy texture that adds richness to any recipe particularly smoothies or simply add some blueberries to it for a healthy meal that will give you protein and fiber. A slice of traditional Greek baklava is a treat full of gooey flavor. Baklava is created with basic ingredients that include layers of phyllo dough chopped pecans or walnuts butter cinnamon and honey the confection is then baked to perfection. If you bake it at home ingredients can be altered using flavored syrups different nuts raisins or mini-chocolate chips. Phyllo dough is used to make a savory Greek dish known as spanakopita layered pastry filled with spinach and cheese and seasoned with dill. The spinach is blanched squeezed drained and chopped then combined with feta dill parsley green onions eggs and sea salt and pepper to taste. Layering the filling with the phyllo dough is an easy task and the dish is baked until tender. Continued on page 40 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 39 A tomato tart is another Greek delight made with phyllo dough that is layered and topped with onions mozzarella cheese and fresh tomatoes. Parmigiano reggiano is sprinkled between the layers for extra richness the tart is baked to a golden brown and often topped off with fresh thyme. Thin-sliced tomatoes are roasted during baking concentrating their flavor for extra goodness. Another standard in Greek cuisine is the traditional Greek salad made with lettuce sliced cucumbers onions tomatoes and olives. Dressed with olive oil and lemon and seasoned with oregano capers and salt it becomes an American-style Greek salad. Some regional restaurants like several in Detroit Michigan include beets while potato salad is a variation served in other areas including Tampa Florida. Greek salads may vary based on the regional background or tastes of the chef or cook. Some include more of a cabbage slaw dressed with olive oil lemon juice and garlic while others include peppery greens like arugula dressed with olive oil and red wine vinegar. Greek food is elegant and simple with amazing flavors that please any palate. It always includes a variety of textures from smooth to crunchy and falls into the Mediterranean category of healthy and nutritious food. Preparing and eating Greek food is an experience of true joy and timeless flavors to be shared with all regardless of heritage. Sources 40 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE cravings by lis a c h is m p h o t o g r a p h y b y b ro o k e va n d e ve r 42 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM accompany any taste everyone should go away satisfied from Hereford House. Loyal diners from long ago will be delighted to discover that the original Hereford House menu design cut out like a large steer head is making its return this fall. The contents within have not changed much over the years it is still the dependable consistent quality food that steak lovers crave. But some contemporary touches have been added and the chefs intertwine seasonal produce and other ingredients to delight the taste buds. For starters the Sea Hogs Jumbo Shrimp wrapped in bacon and grilled are a must-try. They are served with Hereford House s custom-made tomato horseradish sauce. The Stuffed Mushrooms with a crab shrimp and cream cheese filling are also quite good. You can t go wrong with the succulent T-bone steak. Dipped in melted butter and au jus before grilling it is just the right amount of natural seasoning to truly appreciate the flavors of a well-cut quality piece of meat aged to 28 days for a tenderness that makes the mouth water. You can also enhance any steak with cracked black pepper and melted bleu cheese crumbles or a B arnaise sauce for an additional 2.50. Complement your entr e selection with a glass of red or white wine. The servers here are well-versed in the favorites to highlight flavors of your chosen meal. All entr es are served with one house side dish and your choice of house salad Caesar salad spring salad or cup of soup. The Hereford House Steak Soup is very hearty with tender cuts of steak and mixed vegetables. It is just the thing for a cool day. Admittedly most guests go for a steak at Hereford House but the Country Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy as well as the seafood selections like Oven Roasted Salmon and Broiled Tilapia are also great choices. While beef has gotten a bad rap recently in health circles Hereford House has been proactive in sourcing beef from a new supplier that raises beef known as Simply Omega fed a diet that makes it more healthy but equally as satisfying as any other cut of beef you will find around. All items are of substantial size here. Be prepared to have leftovers go home with you. If you save room for dessert try the Rustic Apple Tart served warm with bourbon caramel sauce and vanilla bean ice cream. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 43 W hile the chefs admit that most people know what they are going to eat before they arrive at Hereford House the menu is full of diverse offerings and ways to customize your meal. With a huge assortment of side dishes to If you are planning a party and need event space Hereford House has more combined banquet space than any other restaurant in town. All locations also have outdoor patio dining for those perfect fall evenings when you want to enjoy the weather and your food. Whether dining for lunch or dinner the varied menu with several price points allows diners to do a regular meal or celebrate a special occasion. The restaurant has gone to great effort to make dining affordable. Their popular four-course dinner for two is priced at 65 and is a great date night option. Two guests get to split an appetizer each gets a salad and an entr e with side dish and then share a dessert. Chocolate lovers beware--you may get into a dueling match over the chocolate tower cake with its multiple layers of cake and chocolate mousse topped with chocolate ganache and served with caramel and chocolate sauce. Hereford House is a family-friendly environment where the kids menu has received some well-deserved attention. Going beyond the normal chicken fingers and mac and cheese found elsewhere it is one of the few places in town to offer a kid s Li l Wrangler menu with items like a four-ounce bacon-wrapped steak medallion grilled just right for only 8.50. All children s meals include a cup of fresh fruit or a salad and an ice cream sundae for dessert. Guests will feel comfortable in business casual or dressier attire. For business lunches nights out with friends a weekend date spot or a family celebration Hereford House is a consistently top-notch choice. Greater Kansas City s four Hereford House locations are Hereford House North Zona Rosa 8661 N. Stoddard Avenue 816-584-9000 Hereford House South in Leawood 5001 Town Center Drive 913-327-0800 Hereford House East in Independence 19721 East Jackson Drive 816-795-9200 and Hereford House West 17244 Midland Drive Shawnee 913-268-8000. Hours vary by location visit to preview menus and daily specials and to make reservations. Growing up on boxed dinners and canned vegetables Lisa Chism was determined to create a more healthy eating lifestyle when she had her own family. She loves to get inspiration from area restaurants and what they serve. Owner of her own marketing communications firm she has specialized in restaurant and hospitality PR for more than ten years. A lifelong Kansas City resident Chism is encouraged by the culinary revolution that the area has experienced recently. When not eating her way across town she is busy with her husband and three young sons chasing a new puppy in their suburban KC home. p hot o p rov i d e d b y b rook e v a nd e v e r - b rook e v a nd e v e r.c om 44 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 45 HERLIFE recipes LAYERED GREEK DIP re c ipes an d phot ograp hy b y v er y cu l i n ar y. com Serves 16 Prep time 20 minutes Chill time 2 hours Ingredients 8 ounce package reduced-fat cream cheese softened 3 cloves garlic minced 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 teaspoon dried Italian seasoning 1 2 medium cucumber (about 1 cup) diced small 2 Roma tomatoes diced small 1 (10 ounce) container hummus 1 (2 ounce) can sliced black olives 1 3 cup crumbled feta cheese 1 scallion stalk chopped Pita chips Directions In medium bowl with an electric mixer beat the cream cheese garlic lemon juice and Italian seasoning until thoroughly combined and smooth. Spread cream cheese mixture into a deep 9 pie plate or shallow serving dish. Evenly spread hummus on cream cheese layer. Top with cucumber tomato olives feta cheese and green onions. Cover and refrigerate for 2 to 24 hours. Serve with pita chips. 46 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM GARDEN MINI BAGEL WITH SCALLION CREAM CHEESE re c ipes an d phot ogra p hy b y v er y cu l i n ar y. com Serves 1 for breakfast 2 for snack Prep time 10 minutes Ingredients 1 tablespoon light whipped cream cheese 1 scallion finely chopped salt and pepper 1 mini plain or whole wheat bagel cup alfalfa sprouts 2 slices tomato ripe avocado thinly sliced 2 slices (about 1 ounce) smoked salmon (lox) Directions In a small bowl thoroughly combine cream cheese the chopped scallion and a tiny bit of salt and pepper. Lightly toast the bagel (optional) and then evenly distribute and spread the cream cheese on both halves. Top with the alfalfa sprouts then tomato salmon and finish with the avocado. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 47 HERLIFE wine ITALIAN WINE AND FOOD by s her r y l. gr anader mous for its food as it is for its creations in the world of arts and fashion. Italians are known for taking the time to sit down at a table whether at home or in a restaurant and share a good meal together in spite of a hectic world. They take great pleasure in discovering new foods and preparing them in new ways while still enjoying traditional cuisine. Eating Italian food in Italy is one of life s greatest pleasures. Restaurants in many countries have managed to master traditional Italian dishes however it can be very difficult to match the pasta and sauces freshly made in Italy. Seasonal foods like fresh vegetables from a summer harvest or fruits in the dead of winter make it possible to enjoy an authentic Italian meal no matter where you live. In fact Italian food is quite healthy and considered similar to the Mediterranean diet rich in fruits and vegetables olive oil nuts fish and wine. Italy is rich in history with an endless variety of regional dishes traditional to modern from which to choose. Many think of red wines and red sauces when they think of Italian food yet Italy s wine and food offer much more. Delicate white wines that are refreshing to sparkling wines and bold reds make any Italian meal a special occasion. One popular beverage before a meal is called the Bellini a combination of sparkling wine fresh peaches and peach liqueur. For a stronger beverage vermouth with its mixture of herbs spices and bark is sipped alone in Italy while it is used to make the perfect martini in the States. The Northern region is famous for its sharp-tasting white truffles found in everything from egg dishes to soup as well as lamb braised beef roasted meats and rabbit dishes. A full-bodied Barbaresco or Barolo will complement all of these main courses. The hard cheeses such as parmesan and asiago are quite popular in this country and pair well with a fruity floral wine like Ribolla Gialla or Tocal. Soaves are perfect with fish and other seafood including fish stew a popular entr e in northern Italy. Mention the region of Tuscany and visions of bread olive oil and wine come to mind. Sangiovese-based wines make the perfect accompaniment to the endless uses of these three ingredients like peasant bread salad or soup. Grilled beef goes perfectly with a glass of Chianti Classico Riserva Vino Nobile di Montalcino or Brunello di Montalcino. Chianti is also the perfect wine for making tomato sauce to add flavor to a dish such as chicken cacciatore or osso bucco. Nor is after dinner the time to stop drinking Italian wines which may range from dry to sweet such as the flavors found in Tuscany s Vin Santo or a semi-sweet wine that is the traditional toasting beverage at the holidays Moscato d Asti. Many Italian dishes contain tomatoes or tomato sauces that are quite acidic and this can make pairing wines with these dishes somewhat difficult especially red wines. The good news is that there are plenty of Italian red wines to complement any Italian meal and elevate I talian wine and food are meant to go together. Just mentioning the combination can make our mouths salivate. And enjoying Italian food with Italian wine is a real treat for the palate. Italy produces and exports more wine than any other country in the world and offers some of the greatest varieties of wines. Of course Italy is also as fa- 48 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM a simple Italian dinner to a new level. One of the best Italian wines that can stand up to tomato sauce is Barbera. It is red wine made from the Barbera grape grown in Piedmont in northwestern Italy. Barbera has high acidity and is one of the few Italian wines that can match the acidity in tomato sauce complementing the Italian food without being overwhelmed. There are several different styles of Barbera and many different producers. A little research and a few tastings will uncover one that will suit your tastes perfectly. The next time you enjoy a pizza or pasta with tomato sauce or perhaps a Margherita pizza with fresh tomatoes basil and mozzarella look for a Barbera wine with about 12 percent alcohol content that has not been aged in an oak barrel. Aging wine in oak softens the acidity in wine especially the Barbera line making it less suitable with tomato sauce dishes. Barbera wines are perfect with meat dishes and those pasta entrees made with meat sauce and this varietal also tastes great on its own. Italian Barbera wine has a soft velvety texture making it a smooth wine to drink on any occasion. Whether you enjoy a complex Italian meal or just a simple pasta dish look for some of these Italian varietals to provide a special accompaniment and fresh flavors for your taste buds. And for your friends as well Sources articles 2011 11 the-puglian-cookbook.jpg and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 49 HERLIFE spotlight O Shea continues that tradition of teaching in her dental practice by sharing her knowledge and experience through handouts TV monitors and clear communication. Using many new technologies Dr. CarterO Shea makes dental treatments educational and enjoyable. With a female s perspective toward providing her patients with gentle and relaxed dental treatment Dr. Carter-O Shea reminds her staff to give them the dinner party experience. Each patient is made to feel welcome given lots of personal attention offered everything possible to make them comfortable and leave feeling happy and satisfied. The office has warm blankets available if a patient is cold and radios with earphones for a patient concerned by the noises of dental treatment. Nitrous oxide also known as laughing gas is even offered at no additional charge to create a totally relaxed experience. Her practice uses state-of-the-art digital radiography to provide more detailed X-ray images using about 80 percent less radiation than conventional X-rays require. Large high-definition viewing screens in front of the patients allow them to see the images. The viewing screens can also display images from inside the patient s mouth using an intra-oral digital camera or even Doppler radar -type scans of their teeth using an instrument called the SpectraTM. The Spectra uses a laser light to measure relative density of the teeth and display by different colors where caries or decay is present. All these visual displays keep the patient involved in their diagnosis and reinforce the high level of trust they have toward Dr. Carter-O Shea. Dr. Carter-O Shea is also very passionate about I f you were to ask Dr. Susan Carter-O Shea what it means to be a Doctor of Dental Surgery in her hometown of Liberty Missouri she might say Being a teacher. The origin of the word doctor actually means teacher a profession she learned of from her mother who taught for many years in the Liberty school system. Dr. Carter- by s h e rry l. g ra n a d e r ph o t o g r a ph y by vic t o ria b p h o t o g ra p h y 50 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM educating patients about how their dental health affects and is affected by their overall health. Good nutrition plays a major role in good dental health and Dr. Carter-O Shea can provide information on damaging and healthier choices in this area. She will also point out certain medications the patient may be taking that can put them at risk for caries or periodontal disease by creating a condition known as dry mouth syndrome. Dr. CarterO Shea can suggest several over-the-counter products to reduce the effects of this condition. Untreated periodontal disease can cause painful bleeding gums and can lead to tooth loss but it can also contribute to cancer heart disease stroke diabetes Alzheimer s and pregnancy complications. For patients with diabetes regular preventative cleanings and exams are especially important because oral health and diabetes are closely linked. Toxins produced by gingivitis and periodontitis types of inflammatory gum disease cause diabetic complications by increasing blood sugar. The poorly-controlled diabetes then reduces the diabetic s resistance to infection so the gum disease worsens and the cycle continues. Regular professional cleanings and a daily routine of brushing and flossing are vital to maintain a patient s oral health. Dr. Carter-O Shea and her staff take the time to educate each patient in proper home care techniques to avoid HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 51 dental and health complications. At the forefront of modern dentistry Dr. Carter-O Shea can screen a patient s dental and health history to detect those who may have sleep apnea a potentially life-threatening chronic condition. Sleep apnea is characterized by irregular or intermittent breathing during sleep resulting in poor sleep quality and daytime exhaustion. Sleep apnea often goes undiagnosed unless a partner or family member recognizes the signs. For this reason dentistry has become more active in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition. After the severity of the condition is determined by a sleep study Dr. Carter O Shea can offer a selection of custom-fitted treatment appliances. Dr. Susan Carter-O Shea graduated from Liberty High School and attended William Jewel College in Liberty Missouri. After graduating from Dental School at the University of Missouri at Kansas City there was little doubt that she would return to Liberty the growing suburban community in which she loves to live and work. Dr. Susan Carter-O Shea with the help of her staff provides excellent dental care and a warm and caring environment that has made her a trusted professional friend and teacher in the community. Dr. Susan Carter-O Shea s dental offices are located at 1504 N. Church Road Suite A Liberty Missouri in the Highland Park Professional Plaza. Call (816) 792-4649 or visit the website at for more information. 52 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE book club THE PARIS WIFE by Pa u l a Mc L ai n rev ie w b y cati e w at s on seen through the eyes of a woman who supports her writer husband in the formative years of his career. Hadley is 28 and on her way to becoming a spinster when she is introduced to Hemingway while visiting friends in Chicago. He is 20 and has recently returned from service as an ambulance driver in Italy during the First World War. An aspiring writer he s ready to take the literary world by storm. At that same time he s haunted by recurring memories of time spent on the battlefields of Europe. Following a brief but intense courtship Hadley becomes Hemingway s wife in 1921. Using her small inheritance the couple embarks to Paris to join the community of expatriate writers who are now known as the Lost Generation. McLain has chosen Hadley as her narrator but the focus is on Hemingway and the glittering circle of literary stars that surrounds the couple. The bestseller status of The Paris Wife (more than one million copies have been sold) attests to readers continuing fascination with 54 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM A uthor Paula McLain has taken a unique approach in her novel about Paris and the Lost Generation of American writers. Her narrator is Hadley the first wife of Ernest Hemingway. The Paris Wife captures the romantic spirit of Paris in the 1920s and the hopefulness of young love as the authors who gathered in Paris following the war including F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda Gertrude Stein Ezra Pound James Joyce and John Dos Passos. Here they are seen through the eyes of Hadley who is often more interested in their domestic arrangements than in their artistic work. McLain relies heavily on historical research including Hemingway s memoir A Moveable Feast to create her portrait of the relationship between Ernest and Hadley. She accurately depicts the troubled backgrounds that may have initially drawn the couple together. Hadley s father committed suicide in the family home when she was 13 and a beloved sister died in a fire. Before meeting Hemingway she nursed her mother through a lengthy final illness. Hemingway was affected by post-traumatic stress after being wounded in Italy. His own father would later commit suicide as would Hemingway himself at age 61. The early days in Paris are happy for the Hemingways despite their worries about money. Ernest disappears each day to a rented room to write while Hadley tries to keep herself busy in their small apartment. He supplements their income with newspaper and magazine articles. Hadley and Ernest attend parties with their famous friends and take trips to Italy Germany and Spain. The relationship soon becomes strained when Hadley loses a suitcase containing the only copies of several short stories and poems that Ernest has been working on for years. Historians say that he never really forgave her for the lost manuscripts. Hadley then decides to have a child perhaps as a way to mend the relationship. Although Ernest is less than enthusiastic about parenthood Hadley gives birth to a son in 1923. In 1925 an American journalist named Pauline Pfeiffer becomes a friend of the Hemingways. Pauline a writer for Vogue magazine is beautiful stylish and wealthy. Hemingway who is working on his novel The Sun Also Rises begins an affair with Pauline. Hadley initially ignores the problems in her marriage realizing too late that Pauline intends to become the next Mrs. Ernest Hemingway. Many readers will find it hard to accept that Hadley allows her husband to be taken without a fight but those were different times. They divorced in January 1927 and Ernest and Pauline were wed in May of the same year. Papa Hemingway was a larger-thanlife celebrity who was equally famous for his hard-drinking macho persona as for his writing. The Paris Wife depicts a younger more sensitive version of the author who is unsure about his talent and is capable of falling deeply in love with a simple and unglamorous woman. Later in life Hemingway seemed to regret his treatment of Hadley. Although he eventually left Pauline and had two more wives he wrote this about his first wife in A Moveable Feast I wish I had died before I loved anyone but her...I loved her and I loved no one else and we had a lovely magic time when we were alone. Hadley Richardson learned the hard way that building a normal family with a temperamental artist may be an impossible task. She seems to have found the long-lasting love she was looking for with her second husband journalist Paul Mowrer. Hemingway earned the fame he so desperately sought but paid the price with failed marriages alcoholism and a tendency for depression that cost him his life. Tragically he seems to have realized in his final years that his Paris wife may have been the true love of his life. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 55 HERLIFE scene and be seen STEMS A GARDEN SOIR E pho to graphy by susan y at es an d gen e s tar r Honorary Chairs. Proceeds from the event support arts and culture in Overland Park the Deanna Rose Children s Farmstead and the Arboretum. Save the Date for June 28 2014 T he Arts and Recreation Foundation of Overland Park celebrated its sixth annual Stems A Garden Soir e on June 22. Nearly 2 000 guests joined the elegant party at the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. Bank of Blue Valley and the Regnier Family Foundation served as Presenting Sponsor while Mayor Carl and Jill Gerlach served as the 56 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM We ll help you see changes in life for what they really are ... potential. Whether you re facing personal or professional changes in life the Life Coaches at Mosaic Life Care can help maximize your potential and help realize your goals. Each Life Coach has in-depth training in transformational coaching and most have extensive experience in the health-related industry as well. Contact us at mylife to set up a complimentary one-hour consultation or to learn more please visit whatislifecoaching. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 57 3279 1 A 100% 100% 4c HERLIFE scene and be seen STORY CULTIVATE KANSAS CITY FUNDRAISER pho to graphy by cr issy das tr u p O n June 21 2013 Story owners Chef Carl Thorne-Thomsen and Susan Thorne-Thomsen welcomed renowned author Mark Bittman to Story as a special dinner guest Mr. Bittman is the lead food writer for the New York Times Magazine and the author of numerous cookbooks including Food Matters and How to Cook Everything. The multi-course dinner was a fundraiser benefiting Cultivate Kansas City. Cultivate Kansas City is a locally-grown nonprofit working to grow food farms and communities for a healthy local food system. 58 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 59 HERLIFE scene and be seen CROSS-LINES BLACK OUT FOR LIGHTS ON 5K WALK RUN pho to graphy by ron b ow er O ur 2nd Annual Black Out for Lights On was held Friday night July 19 at Sporting Park KC. It was a Walk For Hope to keep families together in their homes so that kids could concentrate on being kids. The 5K Walk Run raised funds for Cross-Lines rent & utility assistance program. We had more than 400 attendees who wore neon orange t-shirts and glow in the dark accessories. It was a wonderful celebration in recognition of Cross-Lines 50th anniversary 60 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE scene and be seen INFINITI OF KANSAS CITY GRAND OPENING PARTY pho to graphy by ni ght l i f ekc. com I nfiniti of Kansas City opened its new dealership in Merriam Kansas near I-35 and 67th Street. The newly designed building was customized for customers ease of service efficiency and hospitality. The chic grand opening party served as a special patron s party benefiting Synergy Services a local non-profit offering support programs for families in crisis. The floral arrangements and d cor were created by Dan Meiners and the food was by RA Sushi. Visit for more information. 62 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 63 HERLIFE scene and be seen MAC S SPORTS PUB THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY pho to graphy by ni ght l i f ekc. com ongratulations on three great years to Mac s Sports Pub in Overland Park. Whether it s their great patio area (with TVs) their dozens of TVs for every sport imaginable their great live and DJ entertainment several nights a week or their two game room areas Mac s Sports Pub has something for everybody. C 64 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 65 HERLIFE scene and be seen SEXY SATURDAYS AT VOODOO LOUNGE pho to graphy by ni ght l i f ekc. com O nce a month Saturdays get infused with a Latin twist at VooDoo Lounge where you ll find the best salsa bachata and Latin beats in KC thrown down by DJs such as DJ Zammy and others. Stay up to date on all of the upcoming events at VooDoo by checking out their website 66 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 67 HERLIFE mother s perspective TALKING TO YOUR COLLEGE-BOUND KIDS ABOUT SEXUALITY T by k im b e rly ho rg also provide a confidential atmosphere in which she may address her concerns and learn more about contraception and safe sex. It s important to note that most schools offer health services includingbirth controland testing for HIV as well as other STDs. Remind your teen regardless of whether your son or daughter that you expect him to take his (or her) behavior and its responsibilities seriously. By taking your role in sex education seriously as well you encourage your child to be responsible by taking care of his or her body have self-respect and get information from trusted sources. The advice and information you give now is essentially the building block for a lifetime of healthy sexuality.Providing the useful tools to make good decisions gives your maturing teenager the best chances to do the right thing for herself or himself. Discussing pregnancy before it happens might prevent it from happening the same goes for STDs. It s also important to discuss what constitutes a healthy relationship so that your teen can recognize signs of pressure and avoid situations which might lead to an unhealthy or abusive relationship. If you don t know how to bring up the topic use everyday opportunities to discuss it. For example if someone you know or see is pregnant discuss pregnancy and then birth control.If a couple on TV is dating talk about dating and falling in love. According to Michael Riera educator and author of Staying Connected to your Teenager many parents start the discussion backwards by emphasizing sex instead of emotional and intimacy issues. Parents will tell their teen I don t want you to have sex. Or they put condoms in the bathroom and tell their teenager to use them. But it s his is perhaps a parent s most dreaded conversation The Talk. You know the one when your worst nightmare is just hearing the words sexually active pour out of your innocent baby s mouth. Stepping back into reality a mother can t shelter her child forever and wouldn t want to so when you are both looking into colleges slip a few words of wisdom into the conver- sation. Experts say children benefit from it more than you might expect often reducing the risk of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). College-bound teenagers have many new pressures and choices including the choice of making the decision to be sexually active or to refrain. Parents should educate teens on the risks as well as the reasons why people choose to have sex so they can make their own informed decisions. An honest and open discussion will show them that you care enough to talk about it. It can also help your teenager to make wiser choices about their behavior. Experts say to first have the conversation early on during puberty and allow it to be an ongoing topic through their teen years so they feel comfortable asking you questions. Then when you are packing clothes and school supplies for freshman orientation fill them with useful tips. Moms can start by making a list of what you want to talk about so you go over everything before they leave beginning with pros and cons. If your daughter is sexually active or anticipates becoming sexually active make an appointment with a gynecologist for education about her options prior to her departure for college. This visit will 68 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM also essential to emphasize the quality of relationships the process of getting close to someone and the different stages of intimacy and then raise the issue of sex within that context he said. Persistence is key so even if your teen tries to avoid the conversation find a time when neither of you are in a hurry and talk about it. Long drives can be a good time to bring it up or maybe going out to a favorite restaurant and talking about it over comfort food. Having or not having the discussion is not a decision that should be left up to your child no matter how he or she acts it is something that needs to be said clearly and consistently. Actions often speak louder than words. As a parent nothing hits home harder than setting a good example. If you are in a loving relationship with a partner that is filled with respect you are modeling by example and therefore giving your child the best chance for an equally healthy relationship. It isn t easy and it s worth every ounce of courage it takes to get through the anxiety both yours and your teenager s Michael Riera writes. So as senior year of high school comes to an end and the last weeks of summer pass you by put aside the anxiety and talk about one of the most important issues for your child s maturity. Once you do you can continue on your journey of being a proud parent of a college kid. Sources and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 69 HERLIFE spotlight Vicki Welsh Fund by jo di cross pho to graphy by s e e k c r un E ach year in the United States more than 22 000 women will be diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and more than 15 500 will die from it. That s a statistic that Dave Welsh co-founder of the Vicki Welsh Fund for Ovarian Cancer Awareness knows all too well. In 2006 Dave experienced a defining moment born out of profound loss. In the span of one year he lost both his beloved wife Vicki and his mother Lula Mae Welsh to ovarian cancer. In an effort to move forward and honor the memory of both his wife and mother Dave and Vicki s best friend Deb Grazda formed the Vicki Welsh Fund and has made it his life s work to promote awareness of this silent killer. The mission of the Vicki Welsh Fund is to promote awareness of ovarian cancer communicate recognition of the warning signs support research and support women diagnosed with the disease. The symptoms associated with the disease are often so subtle and vague that they go undiagnosed until the cancer has progressed to a later stage. Ten years ago very few people had ever heard of ovarian symptoms more than 12 times during the course of one month and the symptoms are new or unusual for you. At only age 26 nearly 15 years ago Rebecca Renegar started experiencing some of these symptoms. Not even considering ovarian cancer as a possibility Rebecca who also had lower back pain migraines and nausea sought out a doctor but received no diagnosis. Continuing to feel out of sorts with no answer for more than a year Rebecca scheduled another appointment for a second opinion. At the exam Rebecca s nurse practitioner performed a series of tests including a pelvic exam which led to a stage IIIC ovarian cancer diagnosis. To say the diagnosis was unexpected is an understatement. Ovarian cancer typically strikes in older women not women in their 20s like Rebecca. After battling her way to remission Rebecca says she now hopes to educate others young and old about ovarian cancer. cancer today that s not the case confirmed Dave. The four primary symptoms of ovarian cancer are bloating pelvic or abdominal pain difficulty eating or feeling full quickly urinary symptoms (urgency or frequency). See your doctor if you have these For the past four years Rebecca has walked in the Whisper Walk for Ovarian Cancer Awareness. Along with showing support and celebrating her fight against ovarian cancer her message is one of perseverance. Be your own best advocate listen to your body. The four primary symptoms of ovarian cancer are bloating pelvic or abdominal pain difficulty eating or feeling full quickly urinary symptoms (urgency or frequency). See your doctor if you have these symptoms more than 12 times during the course of one month and the symptoms are new or unusual for you. 70 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM If your doctor won t listen to you change physicians advised Rebecca. When symptoms are caused by ovarian cancer they tend to be persistent they occur more often or are more severe. Unfortunately there is no early testing available for ovarian cancer. For example PAP smears detect cervical cancer not ovarian cancer. In addition many women experience the primary symptoms of ovarian cancer from time to time. However it is when the symptoms persist for two or more weeks that women need to consult a physician and mention a concern for ovarian cancer. Each September during National Ovarian Cancer Month the Vicki Welsh Fund for Ovarian Cancer Awareness holds the Whisper Walk organized to bring awareness to Ovarian Cancer. The walk in its ninth year received its name because of the subtlety of the symptoms and the fact that they often go undetected until it is too late. Since its inception the Whisper Walk has become one of the largest grass roots walks in the area with more than 100 volunteers 2 000 participants and proceeds of more than 80 000 annually. This year the Whisper Walk is set for Sunday September 22 at Zona Rosa. Individual walkers survivors teams and families join together to help raise awareness support research and promote education for ovarian cancer. Knowing your body and paying attention to symptoms that persist for several weeks can help guide your decision to see a doctor. Other things you can do to help understand your risk for ovarian cancer Watch your weight. A body mass index (BMI) of 30 or greater considered obesity increases risk for the disease. Know your history. Women with a family history (mother sisters grandmothers) of ovarian cancer may have a threefold increased risk themselves. Breastfeed. Women who breastfeed their children are at a decreased risk for ovarian cancer Understand your genes. Women with a mutation on the breast cancer gene 1 (BRCA1) and breast cancer gene 2 (BRCA2) may have an increased risk of ovarian cancer before the age of 50. Thus if there is a positive family history of breast cancer you should be tested as well Have a big family. Women with multiple children (especially if the first child was delivered before the woman reached age 30) are at decreased risk for ovarian cancer. Remember your age. Ovarian cancer risk is increased for women age 55 and older. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 71 Whisper Walk Details & Backgrounder Date Sunday Sept. 22 2013 Location Zona Rosa I-29 and Barry Road Kansas City Mo. Time 7 30 a.m. Walk begins at 9 a.m. Registration Online at day-of registration 7 30-8 45 a.m. Cost 25 - Adult Walker (includes T-shirt) 5 - Youth Walker ages 6-12 (includes T-shirt) Children 5 and under free (no T-shirt available) T-shirt guaranteed if registered on or before Sept. 4. History In 2005 Kansas City Whisper Walk was started by the friends of Joy Noyce diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer in the fall of 2004. In 2007 The Vicki Welsh Fund for Ovarian Cancer Awareness took over organization of the Whisper Walk. This year the Vicki Welsh Fund is seeking 501(c)(3) status. The Vicki Welsh Fund has experienced many milestones as it approaches nearly a decade of raising awareness for ovarian cancer. Some of the outreach includes sponsoring public service announcements promoting September as Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month on local NBC stations hiring an ovarian cancer community health educator to work in the community educating the public providing a grant of 10 000 for ovarian cancer research to Dr. Safinur Atay and Dr. Andrew Godwin with University of Kansas Cancer Center for their continued molecular oncology research awarding a 5 000 scholarship to Angela Ziebarth MD an Instructor Fellow for the Division of Gynecological Oncology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Further outreach includes executing the local Turn the Town Teal campaign in support of the national ovarian cancer color. Once a project under the Spelman Medical Foundation 501c3 the Vicki Welsh Fund for Ovarian Cancer Awareness is expected to obtain independent 501(c)(3) status to further their efforts in 2013. Nearly a decade later Dave Welsh is still intimately involved with the organization. He is the heart and soul of the Vicki Welsh Fund. He turned a personal loss into a legacy for his wife Vicki said Megan Stock Public Relations volunteer for Whisper Walk. For more information on the Vicki Welsh Fund or statistics on ovarian cancer visit Sources and 72 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE green living by l i sa tar anto bu tl er GOING GREEN WITH YOUR GIVEAWAYS G Media separately. oing green is the thing and re-hashing rather than trashing is much better when it comes to getting rid of our unwanted items. There are many choices families can make to reuse recycle and replenish without getting complicated or costly. Below are a few family-friendly eco around. What is someone else s cast off could be your found treasure. Buy a sweater book kitchen utensils or a useful shelf to help you organize. The bargains abound and your planet and pocket book will be thankful. If you have a closet full of bridesmaid s dresses or your daughter will just never get around to wearing that bright purple prom gown again think about donating it to a needy teenager. Proms can be costly and without help from others some kids won t be able to go. Look for organizations in your hometown to donate used dresses. You ll not only be recycling but also making a needy girl s prom dream become reality. If you can t find a program like this in your area donate it to a local theater or give to Goodwill. ideas to jumpstart the reusable program in your household while giving your secondhand items a second chance. Electronic equipment and gadgets are the fastest-growing waste flow. Many of us want the latest and greatest cell phone TV or laptop so we are continually buying new updated equipment. Since there are about 300 million computers and one billion cell phones produced every year the waste is tremendous and is expected to grow about eight percent per year. Instead of buying a brand new piece of equipment consider upgrading the hardware or software instead. If you decide to donate your items make sure to delete all personal information from your electronics. If recycling remove any batteries as they may need to be recycled Toys and Household Items The American way can be excessive as many of us tend to buy more than we need and keep more stuff than necessary. Clutter never serves a purpose so make it a family effort to declutter and clean up. Set a date for the entire clan to clean their rooms from top to bottom. Get rid of unused toys clothes and other seldom-seen items. Put all of that good garb into a family garage sale. Ask your neighbors to take part in hopes of a bigger turnout. You will be lightening your eco footprint while earning some well-deserved cash too. Clothing You probably already recycle older children s clothing to their younger siblings but take what is left to a thrift shop or charity after your family has gotten their use. This goes for appliances furniture knick-knacks and other household items. While you are there look 74 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Sports Equipment Tennis racquets shin guards and baseball mitts aren t cheap and less fortunate youth can benefit from our gently used gear. Look online for sports donation organizations like Sports Gift that take used equipment and distribute to impoverished and disadvantaged children around the world. One kid s dropped sport is another kid s athletic paradise. Be a Green Gifter Here s an idea most moms will love. Skip the gift-wrap. That s right. Save time energy and paper by forgoing the fancy wrapping which ends up in the trash anyway. Try packaging your present with the Sunday comics or keep gift bags handy and reuse repeatedly. For kid s gifts cut bags to size and have the little ones decorate. Books Considered by many as one of the greatest gifts a donation of your used books to charity gives the gift of literacy. Books take up a lot of space and how many times will you read that copy of The Catcher in the Rye anyway Get your old or gently-used books in the hands of people young and old who need them by donating them to libraries book donation organizations or your next-doorneighbor. Check out DonationTown online to find a used book charity in your area. Many of them will schedule free pickups at your home. Precycle One way to cut down on the amount of stuff we have is to cut down on the amount of stuff we buy Precycling is keeping packaging and waste reduction in mind before purchasing. Though recycling is popular the best way to give Mother Earth a break is to avoid waste to begin with. While recycling is necessary it also requires time energy and resources. Aim to choose products that have a smaller impact on the earth. Try buying in bulk to reduce packaging excess or purchase items with little or no packaging such as buying used. Most importantly avoid excess. Buy items that will last and reuse reuse reuse Sources and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 75 HERLIFE fine things TOP HOTELS AROUND THE WORLD b y h al l i e s aw y er for everyone. If money is no object there are quite a few from which to choose. One of the best luxury hotels in the United States combines luxe with lush. The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai in Kailua-Kona on the island of Hawai i is just minutes from the airport in Kona. Built on the site of an ancient Hawaiian fishing village Ka upulehu the resort is nestled on the lava flow from the 1801 eruption of Mt. Hualalai and embraces its Hawai ian heritage and culture in everything thing from decor to activities. This resort with its laid-back elegance yet top-notch amenities is a favorite among celebrity couples. A favorite feature among guests is the 28 000-square-foot spa and open-air fitness facility. The resort put the abundance of lava rock to good use as decadent outdoor private showers in guest rooms as well as in the spa. The white sandy beach comes complete with lounging sea turtles and beach chair attendants who stop by often with afternoon ice cream treats and a spritz of Evian water to cool you down. St. Regis Punta Mita located in Nayarit Mexico takes star treatment to another level. They offer a butler service to draw your blinds and deliver your coffee or tea in the morning unpack and pack your belongings and press your clothes when needed. The hotel offers two Jack Nicklaus Signature golf courses along with tennis courts a 10 000-square-foot spa and an adult infinity pool complete with ocean views and high-tech cabanas. Each poolside mini-enclave is equipped with a 37 TV DVD player iPod station phone wireless high-speed internet access minibar and pool butler service. You can also take classes on topics such as making guacamole and instruction in native dance. This is a versatile location as it caters to the adults only crowd as well as families. St. Lucia in the Caribbean offers one-of-a-kind Jade Mountain Resort as a tropical paradise you ll have to see to believe. This is a 76 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM great resort for a romantic getaway or for those who want to be one with nature. The rooms are built into the side of a mountain offering fantastic views and are blissfully missing phones televisions and radios. Each sanctuary room has the fourth wall open to accommodate an infinity pool and unmatched views of the ocean and Piton Mountains. They offer yoga classes scuba and snorkeling right off their beaches guided walks and hikes as well as sailing on the resort s 42-foot-yacht tours around the island. Travel Leisure ranked Singiti Grumeti Reserves in Tanzania as their number one world s best hotel for 2012. A mobile safari camp is the latest addition to four other lodges throughout a 340 000-acre expanse and this one takes camping to a new level. The Singita Explore Mobile Camp puts the guests right where the animals are from sun-up to sundown with staff to handle every need. The other lodges are Sabora Tented (stationary) Camp Faru Faru Lodge Sasakwa Lodge and the Serengeti House. There is no roughing it here. The Sasakwa Lodge offers more of the traditional hotel experience complete with a gorgeous hilltop view tennis courts spa and fitness center. Guests may experience twice-daily game drives to view wildebeests zebra and gazelles. Other luxury resorts to note are The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs Matauri Bay New Zealand Baros Maldives in North Male Atoll The Peninsula Shanghai and Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul. Continued on page 78 O pulent decor amazing amenities impeccable service... what makes a hotel the best of the best Different things matter to different people but whether you re looking for luxury budget or a romantic getaway we ve found a few of the top hotels in the world that offer a little something HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 77 If you d rather not spend your life savings on a vacation here are a few of the best yet budget-conscious hotels. Four Seasons Carmelo located along the Rio de la Plata in Uruguay offers the South American experience with horseback riding local wine tastings or excursions to the surrounding cultural cities of Carmelo or Buenos Aires. If you love to golf why not visit a legend like Turnberry Turnberry Resort located in Scotland is a massive Edwardian estate sited on a rocky bluff with miles of bucolic views a 19th-century lighthouse at land s end and two championship golf courses. Visit the Pacific Northwest in style by checking out Hotel 1000 in downtown Seattle. This 120-luxury-guest-room hotel offers a high-tech yet personalized experience. Even though it s located on the waterfront along Elliot Bay and close to famous Pike Place Market as well as historic Pioneer Square there is as much to do inside as there is outside. They offer a full-service spa and state-of-the-art virtual golf where you can finally play Pebble Beach There s also a 24-hour-access fitness facility library with complimentary coffee each morning and a Microsoft Surface table in Studio 1000. Sumptuous experiences abound across the globe pack your imagination with your passport and head out for exploration Source carmelo hualalai 78 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE spotlight EUROPEAN WAX CENTER by b re roach ph otogr a p hy b y v i ctor i a b ph ot ogra p h y wax experience offering comfortable healthy waxing and the European Wax Center exclusive four-step Comfort WaxTM hair removal system. They are the only wax center in the world to offer this system designed exclusively for optimal guest comfort which has led to a revolution in the quality of waxing. The European Wax Centers located at 11831 Roe Avenue in Leawood and Zona Rosa 8526 Prairie View Road Kansas City Missouri are owned by mother and daughter duo Martha Brown and Curry Brown. The waxing system the center uses was originally designed in France. In the four-step Comfort Wax System the process cleanses protects waxes and rejuvenates the skin all with less discomfort than in typical waxing procedures Curry conveyed. Comfort Wax is a more soothing alternative to traditional wax that gives ultra-smooth results. European Wax Center was founded by David Coba Joshua Coba and Jessica Coba who spent more than ten years developing the Ultimate Wax Experience that features a high-quality wax high-end products a clean professional environment full-privacy Wax Suites and efficient service. Today European Wax Center is recognized as the leader in comfortable healthy waxing and a national brand franchise. European Wax Center was ranked No. 82 in the 2011 Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing private companies and was named No. 1 Franchise and ranked No. 7 in its industry by Inc. magazine. Everything is rooted in the Coba family s values of quality integrity and European style and fun which are the core of who they are and represent the keys to the company s success. European Wax Center offers unique features for client comfort. 80 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM W axing can be an intimate process and a guest seeking this service wants to know that they re in good hands. We want guests to be comfortable relaxed and able to feel connected to the person applying the wax. At European Wax Center you will find the ultimate We want our guests to remember that you do not have to be wealthy to get a professional high-end service. Heavenly skin is always in. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 81 The wax used is a blend of the world s finest polymers 100 percent natural beeswax and contains no alcohol the formulation was developed in Paris exclusively for European Wax Center. The special blend has a cooler melting point and is applied at bath-water temperature it adheres only to the hair and not the skin. It is non-strip works on larger areas and sets quickly. Since the wax is elastic that quality provides ease of removal resulting in quicker more efficient service. At European Wax Center our motto is Waxing For All Curry smiled. We want everyone to enjoy waxing. It doesn t have to be an indulgent treat at a high-end spa or an uncomfortable nuisance in the back of a nail salon. We want our guests to remember that you do not have to be wealthy to get a professional high-end service. Through our pampering services and skin care products we hope to attract modern women and men of all ages with busy lives and high standards and simplify their lives. Heavenly skin is always in. Curry also provided a few words of advice guests may follow to make the process as painless as possible. Make sure the hair length is one-quarter of an inch. The area to be waxed should be clean and free of scrapes or cuts in order to prevent infection. Finally avoid the sun since it will only irritate the skin after waxing. Also at European Wax Center there is no recycled wax. Their wax is formulated and cured in a process wherein they have the wax cut into little beads thus offering their guests the utmost assurance they are being serviced with the freshest and highest-quality wax. Additionally they always maintain an overwhelming healthy supply of fresh wax onsite and their in-house Wax Specialists are constantly adding fresh beaded wax to the heating pots throughout the day often while guests are being serviced. European Wax Center opened their doors in September 2011 and continues to provide heavenly skin and pampering to their guests. Curry and Shelbe encourage everyone to sign up for their guest list to receive the latest news events and promotions. Guests who live locally can take advantage of our tremendous offer by receiving a free wax for being a firsttime guest. Women can get a free eyebrow underarm or bikini line wax while men may receive a free nose ear or eyebrow wax. European Wax Center has a heart for helping local charities and takes part in city events school dances and clubs as well as fundraisers through donation. We strive to have a positive impact on the community Curry added. We attend numerous events throughout the city and love to give back. In a recent non-profit partnership we helped sponsor a fashion show that benefits The Dream Factory of Greater Kansas City. Our guests are of the utmost importance in this business. We strive not only to make them happy but keep them healthy. All we do is waxing and our goal is to make our guests feel sexy confident and beautiful. For more information about European Wax Center visit or follow on Facebook or twitter. To schedule an appointment call the Leawood center at 913-948-5552 or the Zona Rosa location 816-216-1950. 82 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE working women SHOULD YOU FURTHER YOUR EDUCATION b y an n e. bu ten as C a family. the way. ontinuing your education is a big decision to make. No matter if you are single married working or unemployed there are obviously many variables in your life that will determine if you can successfully make the transition into the world of academia while still juggling a full life load. It is a decision not to be taken lightly but once you decide to commit to such an endeavor the benefits can be quite favorable. I decided to pursue a second Master s degree shortly after I got married. The timing was perfect. I had a stable job. My husband was supportive (In fact he ultimately joined me in the endeavor.) and we had no immediate plans to start We enrolled in night classes at a local university and eagerly commenced our studies. I could not wait to absorb all of the material that would soon be presented to me. Within a week however I discovered (surprise ) that I was pregnant. I had two choices quit school or continue as planned. I briefly contemplated the former but embraced the latter with the spirited attitude of If not now when I won t lie. It wasn t easy juggling a new home a job night school and morning sickness (which for me translated into all-day sickness for five months). My husband and I made it through however and by the time we graduated over two years later we had not one but two children and within a year a third was on My point is simple. Education is such an integral part of anyone s life whether acquired by experiences or gained through academic institutions. It s more than just a piece of paper evidencing hard work and determination it can be a ticket to an improved professional life and yes even greater self-esteem and a well-deserved sense of accomplishment. There are several reasons to justify going back to school and completing that degree or earning another one. For some people they simply enjoy learning. Others may appreciate the social interactions it provides. Others still pursue ad- ditional education to further their careers or to improve upon their job skills. If you pursue a degree that is relevant to your current profession you are setting yourself up to be an expert in the field. You will acquire increased knowledge in your field and keep your skills fresh and up-to-date. When you can prove to your employer that you have qualifications in the niche you are in you are evidencing stronger skills to do your job better. Obtaining additional education can possibly set you up for a promotion. If you choose to earn an MBA or take advanced management courses you develop improved people skills that are useful when you are in a position that requires you to manage a team. You may also be seen by your employer as someone who is unafraid to gain new knowledge and skills. If it is a career change you desire or if your current industry or job function is uncertain getting qualified in another field of interest is essentially crisis-proofing your career. However you need to know what specific certification degree or internship your next career might require. Most job listings will set forth the type of degree or certification required. You may also want to seek the advice of a local college advisor as to what type of degree undergraduate or advanced you might need for your next career move. Continued on page 86 84 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Of course there are certain factors that can become stumbling blocks to furthering your education. Do you have enough time Do you have the financial resources to do this What are your current family obligations There are many grants scholarships and financial aid options available and with the increased popularity of online classes you can work your academic career needs around your professional career. As for available educational opportunities you can pursue the standard two-year or four-year programs as well as certifications short-term training programs and internships. Even apprenticeships allow you to acquire on-the-job training specific to a certain trade. This is highly beneficial in that you are learning a specific skill while you are working. Certifications are increasingly popular as they demonstrate a certain skill has been achieved such as a nursing assistant or financial advisor. You may also want to consider an internship where you can gain hands-on experience in the field of your choice. If going back to school for an appreciable amount of time is not conducive to your lifestyle you might consider short-term professional courses that can be completed in a matter of days or weeks. These are a great way to get specialized training to enhance your overall resume. Sources and 86 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Tired of being tired Are you tired of being tired Cranky about everything and nothing Can t think straight or remember things Having trouble losing weight Struggling with low libido If this sounds familiar you may be experiencing hormonal imbalance. You can safely and naturally restore what s missing with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Natural hormone replacement for men and women Thursday September 19 2013 from 6 00 to 7 30 Hear from Gino Tutera MD about SottoPelle hormone therapy Your Hormones Your Health JOIN US 4550 W 109th Street Suite 130 Overland Park KS 66211 913.888.7546 Gynecology Bio-identical hormones - including SottoPelle therapy MedCosmetic medical spa Medi-Weightloss Clinics Your one-stop shop for total wellness HERLIFE trendsetter T WO C H I C BLVD 16070 metcalf avenue overland park ks ( 9 1 3 ) 2 3 9 -9 3 5 6 1 3 5 0 m ai n st . k a n sas ci t y m o (816) 239-9356 t wo ch i cbl m p h o t o g ra p h y b y t r a c y ro u t h ph o t o g r aph y m o d e ls h a i ley w est o n o f e x p o s u re i n c . a n d al ex carder m a k e u p a nd ha ir p ro vid e d by bren n a m u r ph y a n d j u s t i n e s m i t h o f sal o n spi ce m e n s w a rd ro b e c o u rt e s y o f i m ag er y kc s ho t o n lo c a t io n a t ro t ar y yo u t h c a m p l e e s su m m i t m o 88 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 89 90 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 91 92 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 93 94 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE finance REQUIRED RESEARCH BEFORE BUYING A USED CAR by c andi smith the dealership. Imagine my surprise six months later when it was brought to my attention by my long-term independent mechanic that the car had been wrecked the bumper had been replaced and the engine was about to fall out of the car. All that time I was driving a beautiful but deadly lemon As I found out you can t always trust the CARFAX history because not all repairs are reported to them. My car had been sold at an auto auction by a rental car company and purchased by the dealership. Neither the rental car company CARFAX nor dealership ever admitted having knowledge about the wreck. The dealership apologized profusely about missing the fact that the bumper had been replaced and the motor had been soldered but placed the blame on the fact that it was a model with which they were unfamiliar. Fortunately the dealership replaced my car with a newer model that had half the miles at the same price and gave me some free services for the car s lifetime. But it made me wonder--what more could I have done to prevent this The Smart Money website offers great advice to help you get started on making a used car purchase. Know what kind of car you want to buy before you walk into a dealership or contact a private seller. Conduct online research using websites such as Kelley Blue Book ( or Edmunds ( to do comparisons 96 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM I consider myself a savvy shopper so I did thorough research before I purchased a used car. I got a reputable dealership recommendation from my insurance company got consumer recommendations from various websites verified its CARFAX history test drove it extensively and carefully reviewed the 160-point check-up completed by of makes and models. Determine the size of vehicle you want the horsepower you need repair history etc. This is essential before you can begin to negotiate on a car you re interested in purchasing. Set a budget based upon the research you ve conducted to determine a price range you re willing to negotiate. Print off inspection lists to use while you carefully look the car over. Many areas ranging from dings in the paint to doors that are difficult to close can be used to negotiate a lower price. Be sure to conduct a thorough test drive both in the city and on the highway. Consider things such as leg and head room how it accelerates and decelerates odd noises and whether it drives straight or pulls to one side. Ask for the car s maintenance records from the seller. And remember that you get what you pay for. If a car has over 155 000 miles or is over ten years old you might want to keep shopping around. According to Kelley Blue Book besides knowing your car s value get as much history on the car as possible along with a safety report. While I had gotten a safety report from the dealership where I was making the purchase I had not gotten a second mechanical opinion which would have shown me the car had previously been wrecked and was in need of more serious repairs. I trusted the dealership where I was purchasing the car--and learned a hard lesson. Since most used cars are sold as is consider purchasing an extended warranty plan which is usually offered through the dealership you can also find extended service plans from the car s manufacturer that might be cheaper than those offered by the dealership. These warranties usually cover many repairs and services are easily approved and unless your plan has a deductible can save you outContinued on page 98 of-pocket expenses down the road for unexpected mechanical costs. The Federal Trade Commission s Consumer Information website has additional information for before and after you buy a used car particularly if you find yourself in a situation where you have been defrauded. The U.S. Department of Transportation s Vehicle Safety Hotline (1-888-327-4236) and website ( provide information on recalls. Additionally check the Department of Justice s National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) website ( for information about a vehicle s title odometer data and damage history. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) website ( maintains a free database that includes flood damage and other information so you can investigate a car s history by its vehicle identification number (VIN). Shop around for a reputable dealer by contacting your local consumer protection agency ( directory stateconsumer index.shtml) and state Attorney General ( to find out if any unresolved complaints are on file about a particular dealer. Before you buy from a dealer find out the dealer s written return policy and read it carefully. The Federal Trade Commission s Used Car Rule requires dealers to post a Buyers Guide in every used car they offer for sale. This provides important information such as known mechanical and electrical system problems. Sources and 98 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE real estate HOMES FOR THE SINGLE WOMAN by h ope f er gu s on H marry. security. ome ownership is a holy grail for many Americans from the frontier days when families hewed their own log cabins to today s families investments in massive McMansions. Yet until recently women tended not to purchase homes unless they were married or partnered. her condo pre-construction based on the amenities security and desired location. My family is all back east so I am alone here in California but I love it The majority of woman buyers are buying three-or more-bedroom houses not one-bedroom or studio apartments according to Summer Greene of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Florida 1st and a past president of Florida Realtors . Only five percent of women buy one-bedroom apartments. Armed with a Realtor s survey Greene says that 38 is the average age that a woman buys her first home and 60 is the age a woman will purchase her second home. The majority are looking at the quality of the neighborhood convenience to their jobs and overall affordability she said. Twenty-seven percent purchase a home of 1 000 or 1 500 square feet 36 percent move into a 1 500 to 2 000-square-foot home and 25 percent will purchase a home that is 2 000 to 2 500 square feet or larger. Like the market overall there was a slight dip in women purchasers during the recession. But the market is heating up again. Women view real estate as a safe haven that will provide growth in the years to come Greene noted. A survey by Sears Roebuck found that women are enjoying the privilege of home ownership even maintenance. Three out of five [women] would rather receive an hour of advice from Bob Vila than Dr. Phil the survey found. One scary statistic is that at some point in their lives 85 percent of women will be solely responsible for home upkeep due to being a lifelong single or becoming divorced or widowed. The necessity of learning to maintain a home alone applies then to the majority of American women. Continued on page 102 Today the face of home ownership in America has changed. Because of any number of demographic shifts a growing number of women who marry late or not at all the increasing independence and bank accounts of working women and the lifting of the spinster stigma more and more women are buying their own homes. And it s not necessarily starter homes to bide time until they Take public relations professional Alyson Austin who lives in a private upscale condo building in Irvine California. I have never been married I m in my mid-forties so I was not waiting to live in this community until I got married she explained. I don t plan to trade up -- this is pretty much the top of the market and I did it without a husband It has lots of amenities and privacy both of which I was seeking. It has a gated parking structure and there is a 24-hour front desk attendant. I was interested in living in a place with this level of Austin bought her first home in Alexandria Virginia in 1996 when she was 28 years old. It was a condo in a trendy neighborhood. Later I sold that home and purchased a townhome nearby. In 2002 she moved to Phoenix Arizona where she purchased another townhome. When she got another job Austin moved to Newport Beach California and took her time finding a new place. She bought 100 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 101 Debby Dolan 59 of Argyle N.Y. a divorced mother of three grown children downsized after her youngest son graduated from high school. She moved from a 4 000-square-foot house in the countryside to a much smaller 1955 Cape Cod in the village where she has neighbors on either side and can walk to the convenience store. Dolan has hired out jobs like refurbishing her bathroom and a young local man mows her lawn. Her 20-year-old son Doug still lives at home and one reason she bought the house was so that he a firefighter could be near the fire station. Dolan is downsizing in anticipation of eventually moving to Maryland to be near her married daughter and son-in-law in order to help them raise a family. Single women owning homes is a trend that will only grow and become more creative. Margy Rockwood divorced and in her 50s says My friends and I talk often of this topic. We envision almost a pod concept--like a retirement community but with some important differences. We choose who lives there by vote all must be single and of a certain age we hire the chefs together we have our own little apartments but gather in a really cool area for football games meals parties etc. I guess it is a bit like a retirement community but for 50- and 60-somethings without infirmities or a step-down to infirmity system in place. More just for company when you want it and the benefits of having a great chef Sources and 102 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE spotlight Prenatal IMAGING CENTER 104 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM by g ail silver stein photograph y by vi ct or i a b ph ot ogr aph y world. The anticipation and excitement grow along with the expectant mother s abdomen and Prenatal Imaging Centers is there to share in the excitement. Whether it is for diagnostic reasons or memory keepsakes Jeanette Burlbaw sonographer and owner of Prenatal T he birth of a child is often described as one of the best moments in life. For many the joy begins long before the baby enters the interpret the diagnostic exams. When I opened my Women come to see me for an ultrasound to find out if their babies are okay. I m able to show them the anatomy and so much more with the remarkable equipment I have. I m able to show the baby s expression a smile or mad face. office eleven years ago I knew I would find malformations during non-diagnostic exams. That s why it is vital to have an experienced skilled sonographer holding the transducer. In addition to its mission of ethical and personal ser- Imaging Centers captures the very first images of these eagerly awaited babies with her state-of-the-art equipment in her spacious family friendly office. Founded by Jeanette Burlbaw BS RDMS FSDMS FAIUM a sonographer with more than 35 years of experience Prenatal Imaging Centers offers every patient an hour-long appointment in a relaxed unrushed setting. We provide affordable diagnostic exams in addition to the 3D exams. I want to make quality diagnostic sonography available to everyone said Jeanette. It s this personal touch that separates Prenatal Imaging from the competition. In a traditional hospital setting the patient usually has a onetime 30-minute imaging session with a few images to take home. Good luck fitting your family members into the room to view images of your soon-to-arrive newborn. Prenatal Imaging Centers is different. There s seating for nine and two 40-inch monitors to view your captivating little bundle of joy. The cutting edge technology GE s Voluson E8 with HD live captures every detail right down to the baby s expression on the 3D sonogram. Patients receive a quality exam with a DVD of the exam images on a CD and prints. If I see a malformation I immediately address the situation with the patient as well as report it to their attending doctor explained Jeanette who works closely with an experienced obstetrician to HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 105 vice the center has two main goals to make sonography available at the patient s request and to provide medicallyindicated exams that are affordable. Diagnostic sonograms at Prenatal Imaging Centers are only 125 versus the typical 500 or more in a hospital. A case in point is the Amish couple whose midwife felt they could be expecting twins. Their hospital was going to charge the couple 1 000 for a twin exam or 500 per baby. By comparison the exam at Prenatal Imaging cost them only 175. They had beautiful 32-week twins. They allowed me to do 3D and the images were amazing Anatomy and sizes were appropriate and both babies were in separate sacs. The information helped the midwife prepare to have them delivered at their local hospital. They were thankful for the savings and comfortable environment noted Jeanette. To get a true picture of what Jeanette is all about just view a short but informative video on her website. Patients attest to Jeanette s deep passion and high skill level with comments like she doesn t see this as a job and doesn t clock in and out and she gets very excited about what she does. Another client said Her level of perception is higher than anyone else you ll meet in this industry. The website also has incredible video clips for you to view. Jeanette also volunteers her time and service to Alexandra s House a perinatal hospice service providing active management and hope for families pregnant with lethal anomalies and a baby who is expected to die near or shortly after birth. Normally these mothersto-be don t get to experience the routine joys of a sonogram because their pregnancies are high-risk and the sonograms focus on the problems. Jeanette allows them to see their babies on their terms to view the complication or simply see their baby. Women come to see me for an ultrasound to find out if their babies are okay. I m able to show them the anatomy and so much more with the remarkable equipment I have. I m able to show the baby s expression a smile or mad face laughed Jeanette whose passion and dedication to her profession come through clearly. All my patients have touched my life somehow she added. For more information visit Prenatal Imaging Centers at or find them on Facebook (Prenatal Imaging). For an appointment call 816-741-5300. The center is located at 1421 E 104th St. Suite 200 KCMO. 106 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 107 herlife home HOW TO PROPERLY PRunE TREEs and busHEs H by h o pe f e r guson gloves to protect tender skin from thorns. There are different techniques for fruit trees than for ornamental shrubs Fillion continued. You will need to keep the branches parallel to the ground so that fruit will hang properly it also provides better circulation. How often should one prune Every year in late winter while the tree is still dormant. Besides making sure limbs are parallel to the ground also trim suckers tiny limbs or stems that grow from the main limb but never bear fruit since they sap needed energy from the producing limbs. Another consideration is height of fruit trees. Professional orchards keep their trees short for ease of picking whether by customers who enjoy selecting their own fruit or professionals employed by commercial orchards. Have you ever admired those wonderfully-shaped evergreen shrubs gracing certain homes and businesses Those said Fillion are pruned and shaped in the late fall. Pick a shape you like square topped conical or other and then you can get pretty brutal. [But] you don t ever want to prune more than one-third of the bush at a time. It will shock the plant. Bear in mind trees thrive in sunlight and need fertilizer for the best growth she said. When pruning you should ensure that you don t cut the tip of a stem where there s a bud since the bud holds a hormone that keeps side buds from making additional limbs. Cut all the way to the main stem. You don t need to put tar on it as long as you re not cutting off too much and you are making a clean cut. Never cut too close to the collar a round ring where the limb grows out from the trunk. Make three cuts the first 6 to12 inches away from aving a beautiful lawn and garden seems like an unattainable dream for many including yours truly. But a spectacular lawn and garden are within reach if we take time now to learn about our plants invest in the proper tools and then actually do something about it. According to experts you can enjoy a lawn and garden that are both healthy and a delight to the eye by properly pruning your trees ornamental bushes and shrubs. Now that the end of the growing season is upon us it s as good a time as any to review or learn how to do this the right way. I asked Stacey Fillion a buyer for Power Equipment Plus and a talented and experienced gardener and Kenneth Macica who coowns with his two brothers Jerry and Tom Schuyler Farms in Schuylerville New York about how to maintain those glorious ornamental shrubs and fruit trees that we so covet and enjoy. Trees First It all begins with the right tools. First you should invest in a hand-held pruning saw. This tool has a narrow blade and short handle that enables you to get into the close and narrow spaces on a tree especially V-shaped limbs. Fillion also uses a pull saw with a long pull and a chainsaw-type blade. Mine is electric Fillion said. The electric saws are lighter. Do-it-yourself pruners also need a bypass shear that cuts the stem without crushing or shredding. Plants don t have the ability to fight infection so you re going to want to make as clean a cut as possible. You will also need a long-handled pruner for bushes which will give you more leverage. If you re going to do roses you ll need gauntlets or rose gloves she added. Rose gloves are leather gloves that go farther up the arm than other garden 108 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM the collar the second halfway to the collar from the underside and the third right above the collar. That collar is what heals the plant Fillion said. Ornamental Shrubs If you re like me you re thrilled by the lush blooms of ornamental shrubs in late spring and early summer. Ken Macica says the most popular are the aromatic lilacs and hydrangeas both relatively hardy plants that thrive in many climate zones. He also sells azaleas weigela (small pink flowers) and spiraea (white and pink or almost yellow flowers). Lilacs are good because they are very easy to take care of. They like full sun dislike wet feet and you should drain them well. They also should have neutral soil pH. When planting add a little bit of lime and then add some every couple of years thereafter. Macica also recommends fertilizer stakes or Osmocote an inexpensive slowrelease fertilizer. Hydrangeas are pretty similar to lilacs he continued. They prefer a little more shade from the afternoon sun. The acidity of the soil determines the color Macica says. And you really don t need to do anything special to these hardy bushes but fertilize them. Using a few simple tips will surely go a long way toward beautiful trees and shrubs next year. I m game to try. Are you Sources HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 109 HERLIFE travel ADVENTURES FOR THRILL SEEKERS b y bre roach adventure list. If you re the friend who has consistently watched or heard about your friend bungee jumping off of whatever s near or perhaps scaling whatever wall they can find then you ll be sure to impress them when you tell them about these bucket list thrills. Thrill-seekers really appreciate a destination vacation that kicks it up a notch. Take for instance diving with sharks in the Bahamas. Incredible Adventures a company out of Sarasota Florida offers trips that you will never forget. It specializes in high-adrenaline adventures such as the Bahamas shark swim. Departing from Grand Bahama Island the shark expedition boat takes you to Tiger Beach notorious for its dense shark population according to You climb into a cage go underwater and share the area with several different kinds of sharks. Don t worry though a diving instructor is with you the entire time. 110 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM W hen you read the words sky diving your thought process goes one of two ways either YES or NO. It s as simple as that. If you re a thrill seeker and a definite YES to the previous sentence then pay close attention to some locations that are sure to top your Water may not be your thing. Perhaps you aren t afraid of heights and prefer to have the element of air. If this is you then rock climbing is the way to go. There are so many hidden gems in the United States for climbing that there s certainly one not too far from where you are now. Horseshoe Canyon Ranch located in Jasper Arkansas has been featured in several outdoor magazines as one of the best kept secrets of rock climbing. They have certified and experienced guides that you can reserve for a day and who will teach you how to climb. Every skill level is welcome. If you re into roughing it then you can camp on their grounds or rent a cabin. They even feed you and offer horseback rides. That s not too terribly far from heaven for some people. Red River Gorge is located in Slade Kentucky and has enormous climbing potential. Acadia National Park in Mt. Desert Maine has one of the most amazing views according to It earns that title because you can climb right over the waters of the northern Atlantic Ocean. If you want to kill two birds with one stone and enjoy a bit of late-night outing then Red Rock Canyon rock climbing is the place to hit up. It s located in Las Vegas Nevada and is one of the best places to learn how to climb. If you d really prefer to keep your feet on the ground then perhaps the Grand Canyon is the place to go. It has an obvious reputation for being one of the most beautiful places in the world and is really reasonably priced to venture to. There are shuttle buses guided tours and even mule trips to make your trip as convenient as possible according to the National Park Service. The point of this trip is to take in the beauty around you so while you may not be hanging upside down from a cliff (even though it s possible to do so) you can still be hiking and seeing ground that very few have touched. If you decide to get a little wild while you re there have no fear deep in the valleys of the Grand Canyon they offer white-water rafting. Sometimes the United States just won t do it for you and let s be honest sometimes it s nice to get out of the country. If you re brave then you ll travel to Spain and participate in Encierro better known by Americans as The Running of the Bulls. If it sounds crazy that s because it is. The towns section off parts of their streets and let up to one dozen bulls loose and you run away from them like your life depends on it because it does. It s a huge part of the Spanish culture and it takes place in Spain Portugal and even Mexico according to The television stations even broadcast the event so you have physical proof that you participated. Adrenaline junkies can t exactly pinpoint why they enjoy doing things that some people literally cannot watch. If you enjoy skydiving or bungee jumping rock climbing or hiking swimming or diving these are several places that should be considered on your bucket list. Your friends and family may think you re crazy but remind them of the take my breath away feeling that you get when you re thousands of feet in the air or under the sea. While these trips certainly aren t for the faint of heart you can always have a good time watching someone else be daring Sources National Park Services. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 111 HERLIFE pets WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR PET IS EXPECTING by linda r. pr ice F ew things in the animal kingdom are cuter than a baby puppy or kitten. Bringing a new life into the world has been going on for centuries but with pets come obligations. Gone are the days when the mother dog or cat would sneak off into the woods and have her babies by herself. Our pampered pets are out how many puppies to prepare for too As labor approaches the dog becomes anxious and wants to stay near the owner and her whelping box. According to Josh Brown of Far North Kennel a child s plastic swimming pool makes an excellent place for the mother to birth. The dog will turn to look at her tail the water will break and the abdomen will show contractions. Pups will emerge about one hour after the water breaks. The owner should help the mother with drying puppies and setting them to nurse. Many of the best-behaved pets become aggressive at this time so be cautious about letting small children in the whelping area or near young pups. Cats begin their fertility cycles between 5 and 10 months of age. The fertility period is only a few days but occurs several times a year. During the heat cycle the cat may lose her appetite and howl frequently. Pregnant cats will stay close to home sleep more frequently and gain weight. Gestation in cats lasts from 62 to 67 days with 64 days being the average. About three weeks after impregnation the nipples will turn pink and birth will occur about six weeks later. Cats need a quiet dry and warm birthing box lined with towels or blankets. As labor approaches the cat may become uneasy and anxious. Cats frequently hide their litters and may disappear shortly before birth. The kittens usually birth an hour after labor begins. Most dog and cat pregnancies go well but sometimes unexpected or additional medical attention may be needed. Before problems arise it is good to know if you are prepared to spend thousands of dollars to save the mother and or newborn animal says Peter Alberti of Pet- dependent on us to care for them in a responsible and humane manner. Preparation begins by learning as much as you can about the fertility cycle gestation period and characteristics of healthy labor of your pet. By learning the basics you will be ready to make the mother comfortable and help her if difficulties arise. In dogs the fertility cycle consists of the heat cycle gestation period pregnancy and birth. The heat cycle lasts for three weeks and occurs twice a year approximately every six to nine months. Stress may cause the dog to skip a cycle. In the first stage of heat the vulva swells and a blood discharge occurs. During the second phase the discharge changes to a yellowish color and the dog invites breeding. Ask your veterinarian if your dog is of good breeding age since this varies depending on the breed of dogs. The gestation period is between 60 and 64 days depending on the breed. Signs of a successful mating are generally obvious immediately. The dog will be torpid and be off her feed at first. Then her nipples will begin to grow her appetite will return and the abdomen will begin to swell. To be on the safe side you can take your dog to the vet for X-rays to be sure that everything is normal with the pregnancy. You get to find 112 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Birds are fun-loving and highly intelligent pets. Nothing is more charming than a bird that lights on your finger or shoulder and cuddles. Many want to breed birds but Alyson Kalhagen pet bird contributor to suggests that breeding birds is more challenging than most owners realize. She suggests that potential owner-breeders consider whether they have enough time money knowledge and dedication. One of the main points to consider is that birds often become less interested in their owner even aggressive when in the mating-brooding cycle. Some birds such as parrots and macaws can shriek and screech so loudly that the windows rattle If you decide to go ahead talk it over with your avian vet who can give invaluable advice and check the birds out to see if they are in optimal breeding condition. At a minimum the birds need a breeding cage and nesting box filled with shredded paper or similar nesting material and a nutritious diet including supplemental avian calcium. In order to socialize the birds the chicks will have to be removed from the parents and hand-fed with a syringe on a schedule three or four times a day in a brooder until they can be weaned. The age at which the birds are removed from the parents differs depending on the breed. Still want those cute babies Sources and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 113 HERLIFE just sayin JUST SAYIN by j e nny matthews p hotogr a p hy b y ro n b er g photogr aph y an d w ard par kw ay cen ter A few months ago I wrote about my brother. At the time he was a recovering addict and I was so proud of the steps he had taken to gain sobriety. Unfortunately as often happens with addicts he relapsed and passed away from an overdose on May 29 2013. I posted this on my Facebook page the next day. H e used to rip the heads off of my Barbie dolls and tickle my feet until I peed my pants. He made fun of my braces and gave me a complex about the size of my forehead. He once blindfolded me and hid me in his bedroom and told my parents that I ran away. I missed dinner. Did they really go ahead and eat I was missing He was my brother. And he did what brothers do. And I loved him so very much. I wanted to share this note about my brother Jimmy because there will not be an obituary in the newspaper or a large celebration of life ceremony. Only a handful of you even knew him personally. Those who did hadn t seen him or spoken with him for years anyway. My brother was an addict. A lot of people have been asking me lately When did he go downhill That s honestly a difficult question to answer. He was always the bad kid. He always managed to seek out trouble even in the most honest and innocent of situations. It started with a little marijuana here and there and moved to a full-blown heroin addiction by the time he reached his 20s. He traded that for alcohol. He was drowning in it. It breaks my heart that to the rest of the world he was viewed as a low-life a waste to society. When people learn of how he passed they almost nod their heads as though to say Well that explains it. It was bound to happen. Yes it was. Yes it was. And it did. See I knew I d get the call one day. I thought I had mentally prepared myself for it. But I have to tell you it hit me harder than I ever imagined. A person can t really prepare for losing a sibling. He is so much a part of me. There is a bond that only siblings have. If you ve lost one you get it. Even though he broke my heart over and over and over I knew he loved me and I loved him too. That unbreakable sibling bond. He was artistic. He was musical. He was funny. He was smart. He was loved so much by a family who tried everything in their power to help him. He needed to help himself and he just couldn t. I know I will see him again. I take comfort in that. I just wish he could ve known my children. I wish they could ve known their uncle. I do know that as they get older I will warn them about the effects of drugs and killed their uncle. My brother. Life is short. We all get one shot. I hope you ll make the most of yours. I plan to do the same. In the meantime I m going to hold on to the good memories and mental images of my brother. The rest doesn t matter anymore. He is finally free. Jenny Matthews is Mix 93.3 s radio darling She is the host of The Jenny Matthews Show and has been happily married for 7 years to caller number 9 (... ask her about that sometime ) 114 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE tie the knot by tr ac y ro ut h ph ot og ra ph Lindsey & Robert y tied the knot september 22 2012 L and best man. 116 indsey Kreikemeier 25 grew up in Kansas City Missouri. She attended Kansas State University acquiring both a bachelor s and a master s degree in communication sciences and disorders. She is employed with Hallmark Healthcare and Rehabilitation by m ar ily n is am in ge r In December 2010 Robert planned a trip to visit his family in Nebraska downplaying it as a time to get together for holiday celebrations. Lindsey recalls We arrived at his parent s house after the sun had gone down and his sisters Laura and Mary were sitting outside by a bonfire. As soon as we arrived to warm ourselves Laura and Mary went back toward the house with the excuse to grab more drinks. Robert turned to me and said What do you think of my dad s new Christmas lights He did them a little different this year. Looking toward the house I saw Marry Me in Christmas lights propped up in the snow. I turned around and he was already on one knee after the shock wore off I said Yes Lindsey called her parents and brother but no one answered the phone. She finally reached her brother and in mid-conversation Robert called out Lindsey We have some friends here to congratulate us In the living room she saw her parents smiling with arms wide open. They had made the four-hour drive to Nebraska to be a part of the special day. It was a thoughtful and caring proposal that made her love him even more. as a speech-language pathologist. Robert Kreikemeier 25 is from West Point Nebraska. He earned his bachelor s degree at Kansas State University a master s degree in bioethics at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences and is pursuing his Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. He and Lindsey live in Spring Hill Kansas with their cat Mister. Lindsey and Robert met through friends Kelsey and Derek Low. Lindsey remembers Our best friends encouraged us to date. We had known each other in the past but we just needed that nudge to start a romantic relationship. They married three months before our marriage and made our day special by being our matron of honor HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM ph ot og ra ph y Lindsey and Robert tied the knot on September 22 2012 in a ceremony officiated by Reverend Carla Hillyer. Lindsey s Matron of Honor was Kelsey Low and bridesmaids were Jennifer Haag Laura LOCAL BUSINESSES THAT SHARED IN THE LOVE Kreikemeier Mary Kreikemeier Kathryn Lane Holly Eckold Sarah Boleski Chelsy Coen and Hannah Hartsig. Robert s Best Man was Derek Low groomsmen were Greg Lane Harry McDonald Brent Fritzmeier Jeff Schroeder Adam Guenther Anthony Ring Ethan Noll BRIDAL GOWN Harzfeld s Department Store Kansas City 1960 (Heirloom) BRIDESMAIDS GOWNS Lorenda Gray Custom Bridal Wear GROOM S SUIT TUX Men s Wearhouse HAIR STYLING Emily Stubbs Steel Magnolias Salon Spa and Boutique PHOTOGRAPHER Tracy Routh Photography FLORIST Shackelford Botanical Designs WEDDING MUSIC Forte Quartet DJ Light Brothers Mobile DJ Service CATERER Woodyard Barbeque CAKE Just Cakes by CC LLC VENUE Mildale Farm JEWELER The Diamond World Inc. WEDDING COORDINATOR Nora Hildreth and Wade Wilson. The precious flower girl was Maya Zier and ring bearer was Jack Melcher. Lindsey wore the wedding dress that her grandmother mother and aunt wore for their weddings. The dress was perfect for Lindsey it felt like a blessing to wear the dress worn on the first day of so many wonderful lasting and strong marriages in her family. Beautiful Mildale Farm provided a magical spot for the wedding and reception and Lindsey s father surprised the couple by shooting off fireworks when the couple had their first kiss as husband and wife. Willie the Wildcat made an appearance at the reception and family and friends joined on the dance floor in the Wabash Cannonball as Kansas State won against Oklahoma that night. Family and friends lit sparklers to send the couple off. Lindsey and Robert postponed their honeymoon and will spend a week this month at Coral Lodge Resort in Panama. At the resort the couple will indulge Lindsey s longing to stay in a hut over the ocean and will experience jungle rides deep sea fishing touring the Panama Canal and having time to relax in the sun. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 117 HERLIFE in the city All calendar event submissions must be received by September 5 for the October issue and adhere to our guidelines. E-mail candi for guidelines or to submit entries. SEPTEMBER LOCATION 4617 W. 90th Street Prairie Village KS DETAILS Practice ACT Test for any area high school student. 10 for each student and space is limited. Reservations are required with Lisa Booth at 913-754-3633. 7 The Stroke Walk DATE September 7 TIME Doors open at 8 00am walk begins at 9 30am LOCATION Theis Park 4800 Rockhill Road Kansas City MO DETAILS The Stroke Walk benefits the American Stroke Foundation. Register at or call 816-868-1233. CPR Full Course or Challenge DATE September 7 TIME 12 30pm 5 30pm LOCATION 14874 Metcalf Avenue Overland Park KS DETAILS College Nannies and Tutors is offering either a full length or challenge course at their Overland Park Learning Center. The cost for the full length course (5 hours) is 50 and the cost for the challenge course (less than 1 hour and must have had CPR within the past 2 years in order to complete the challenge) is 35. 9th Annual Zona Rosa Arts Festival DATES September 14 September 16 TIMES Friday 5 00pm 9 00pm Saturday 10 00am 9 00pm Sunday 12 00pm 6 00pm LOCATION 8640 N. Dixson Avenue KCMO DETAILS Zona Rosa s 9th Annual Arts Festival features the talents of qualifying artists from across the country. The three-day free public festival showcases a schedule of performances as well as visual artwork such as photography painting sculpture jewelry and more. ACT Practice Test DATE September 7 TIME 8 45am 12 15pm LOCATION 4617 W. 90th Street Prairie Village KS DETAILS Practice ACT Test for any area high school student. 10 for each student and space is limited. Reservations are required with Lisa Booth at 913-754-3633. 14 ACT Practice Test DATE September 14 TIME 8 45am 12 15pm 118 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Does Your Loved One Have a Brain Tumor DATE September 21 TIME 9 00am 2 00pm LOCATION Atrium Conference Room The University of Kansas Hospital s Westwood Campus (Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Care Pavilion Westwood Medical Pavilion) 2330 Shawnee Mission Pkwy Westwood KS DETAILS Learn about treatment symptoms cognitive changes and how to support and care for your loved one during a free workshop from The University of Kansas Cancer Center Does Your Loved One Have a Brain Tumor Registration is required. For more information call 913-588-1227 or visit bewell. 21 Be Well Workshop DETAILS The annual 5K walk is an opportunity for those who have been touched by ovarian cancer to walk in memory of loved ones and to express their support for research and education efforts. This special event raises money and awareness for ovarian cancer education programs through the Vicki Welsh Fund for Ovarian Cancer Awareness a Kansas City-based ovarian cancer awareness fund. Visit for more information. Patrick Lewallen star of the national touring company of the hit musical Rock of Ages and Broadway World s Best Actor Nominee. Emcee is Justin Unell formerly with 41 Action News and now producer at Golf Channel Order tickets by September 21 online at jccb. org or by mail. Contact JCCB at 913-341-4342 or email jccboffice 75 per person includes dinner and two complimentary drinks with live and silent auctions. 28 Johnson County DATE September 28 TIME 6 00pm 10 00pm Leavenworth Start Heart Walk DATE September 28 TIME 8 00am 12 00pm LOCATION Ray Miller Park 4201 S. 4th Street Leavenworth KS DETAILS With the Leavenworth County Heart Walk we create opportunities for people to improve their health by walking and simultaneously raise funds to help fight heart disease and stroke. For more information visit Christmas Bureau Holiday of Hope Gala 22 Whisper Walk for Ovarian Cancer DATE September 22 TIME 9 00am LOCATION Zona Rosa 8640 N. Dixson Avenue Kansas City MO LOCATION The Ritz Charles 9000 W. 137th Street Overland Park KS DETAILS The Johnson County Christmas Bureau (JCCB) Holiday of Hope Gala organizes supports and staffs a nine-day Holiday Shop for 13 000 low-income Johnson County folks This year s entertainment is HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 119 HERLIFE horoscope STAR JOURNEYS by j oh n s a n d b a c h The theme of this month is getting help. First and foremost we need to be open to help and to believe that it can come to us for an expectant attitude always tends to draw in that which we expect. Help can come in many forms and often appears as the impulse to do something which if we follow it leads us to the very circumstances we ve been looking for. Scorpio OCT. 23-NOV. 21 Sagittarius Capricorn NOV. 22-DEC. 21 DEC. 22-JAN. 19 Aquarius JAN. 20-FEB. 18 Pisces FEB. 19-MAR. 20 Aries MAR. 21-APR. 19 Other people may be placing a lot of expectations and desires on you rather than allowing these to disturb or frustrate you just be yourself. This is not a month to compromise but rather a time of affirming deeply who you are and standing by it no matter what others think. Your imagination is so versatile. It can make you money uplift you give you a sense of security. It can be used in negative ways too which is what you need to avoid. Allow your imagination to roam free it is like a mine from which many precious things can be unearthed. Take the high road now. Don t let yourself be dragged down into anything petty or oppressive. You have the ability to better any and all situations you come in contact with by projecting a calm and high-minded attitude. This can draw to you far more good than you might imagine. Latent things are in you that can get activated this month which means that opportunities that have been waiting to open up are now doing it. Everything comes to you in its own good time you may find things arriving on your doorstep that you never knew you were waiting for. There s lots of mutating happening in your life now much of it may be changes you never expected. Although fall begins this month you re going through a kind of spring in which renewal and new growth are happening. Don t make quick decisions now let it all unfold the sorting can come later. It can be difficult now to know what you really want. Something in you is trying to get back on course if you re feeling dissatisfied it s because you need to shift your attention to other things that hold a deeper meaning for you. Don t make decisions until you re sure of yourself. Taurus APR. 20-MAY 20 Gemini MAY 21-JUNE 20 Cancer JUNE 21-JULY 23 Leo JULY 24-AUG. 22 Virgo AUG. 23-SEPT. 22 Libra SEPT. 23-OCT. 22 Sometimes to really figure out where you re at you need to shut out all stimuli as much as possible. Any advice you receive can be confusing now so it s best to consult your own inner instincts for guidance. Getting away from pressing situations can help you gain perspective on them. If something isn t smelling right it s time to look for what s rotten and clean it out. This is a month for purging clearing and refreshing your life energy. If you feel you ve lost contact with something important now is the time to try to recapture it and bring your life back into a feeling of wholeness. When you keep getting the same message over and over it means that it s really important. Look for coincidences this month see if you can interpret what they re saying to you. Exciting opportunities are close to you but to enjoy what they have to offer you need to allow your intuition to recognize them. You may be confronting some fears this month doing so can make you stronger. Rather than avoiding difficult situations it s best to confront them head on for if you take positive action where they re concerned they are more likely to work out to your benefit. At best you become more empowered. You may feel ineffective this month like you re not being listened to taken seriously or being undervalued. Rather than trying to get positive attention or support for what you re doing your best bet is to keep on doing it and to do your best knowing that in the end you will be rewarded. More information may be coming to you that can change how you re looking at everything and which can give you new perspective on life. Your relationship to the past is changing which can help you to gain more freedom. 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