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Description: An exclusive interview with Canadian band, Jon and Roy, and British Artist, Rich Lown, and a highlight on rising actor/model Caleb Provan. Plus stories that will make you laugh and cry, but ultimately make you feel damn good! It's a top up for the soul! Featuring images from Little Loo Photography, Ernesto Sue Photography and Monica Reynolds Photography.

October November 2013 A top-up for the soul the time traveler Fall s Feature Photographer takes us back in time Cover Model Rylee Morse Photo by Little Loo Photography Walking a mile A loved one s life in shoes My roomie s driving me crazy How to repair a friendship Makeup as Sophisticated as The Big Apple new york sexy 7 things Bring Autumn indoors decorating tips He Shouldn t Ask You To Change One woman s efforts at romance backfires in adventure Romanctic Disaster music FEATURES Canadian Band British Artist Jon and Roy Rich Lown Change Embracing We worry about what a child will become tomorrow yet we forget that she is someone today. - Stacia Tauscher 2 Image by MRP Monica Roberts Photography Model Elizabeth Reynolds BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 3 Letter from the Publisher When Enemies become Friends WHEN I WAS 7 the only things that mattered to me were my Barbie s and playing outside. Approaching grade 2 I was both intimidated and excited for what was to come. I made the summer before school started last as long as possible. Two full months were spent making pathways through the forest creating games with my siblings (and re-making the rules over and over again) mastering holding my breath underwater and chasing fireflies in the warm evenings. When September came it was time for change. A different lifestyle - filled with books and unknowingly a minimal amount of homework compared to what I was about to experience as my school career progressed. It was that year that I first recognized human interaction for what it was. With curiousity I observed bullies developing girls purposely tricking other girls into embarrassing moments boys pushing other boys and showing off to their friends. There was a leader in every group and cliques were forming at such a young age. But were they looking up to their leader I observed more closely to discover the fear and amusement that possessed their followers. I spent the rest of my school life either keeping quiet to avoid the brutality of bullying or sticking up for those who were being beaten to the ground. It was an ugly reality escaping the serenity of home to go to this animalistic zoo they called school. I didn t understand life. I didn t understand people. And I most certainly didn t understand how children could maliciously hurt each other so deeply. I was so focused on the depressing reality of human nature that I almost missed out on the beauty of school and the love that was so obviously present. Fast forward to a high school hallway filled with insecure sophomores and overconfident seniors chatting with each other (gossiping mostly). All of a sudden the sea of bodies parts down the middle. A senior shoves a sophomore to the ground and gasps of fear are heard from the sidelines. Seconds pass and that can be heard is the deafening quiet of hearts beating and feet shuffling closer to the lockers for safety. I along with every other person in the hallway stand in shock as one of the bully s followers throws fiery venom-filled words at his leader and bends down to pick up the beaten kid. Sorry about that. He s having a bad day. Not fair that he took it out on you. You alright Love. It glowed like a beam of light. All of a sudden the bully wasn t cool anymore. For a moment he became an outcast - but no one showed him hatred. The love grew stronger as the bully snapped out of his rage and realized what he had done. Mean words and horrible thoughts escaped his consciousness and you could see the change throughout his entire body. An energy flowed throughout the school in seconds as people caught the kindness virus. And for a moment peace. What one simple act can do is astounding. There is beauty in every part of our lives. Throughout my experience even the biggest fights arguments misunderstandings and disagreements can bring the most beautiful gifts. They are not to be looked at as horrible they are experiences. And if we don t resist the change that occurs when enlightenment happens we can experience the blooming of a precious flower in the hearts of our enemies. And surprisingly enemies can become our best friends. Embrace each experience be curious and enjoy the spontaneity of life CANDACE ROADKNIGHT Founder Publisher BeautyBliss Magazine 4 Follow our birdy on Twitter BeautyBlissMag Like us on Facebook beautyblissmagazine No one has yet fully realized the wealth of sympathy kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of every true education should be to unlock that treasure. - Emma Goldman author Image by MRP Monica Roberts Photography Model Elizabeth Reynolds BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 5 Volumn II - Edition III Oct Nov 2013 Issue 6 FOUNDER & PUBLISHER Candace Roadknight Katie Bickell EDITOR GUEST EDITORS Margi Storey Candace Roadknight ADVERTISING INQUIRIES advertising PHOTOGRAPHY INQUIRIES photos ARTICLE SUBMISSIONS stories FOR ALL OTHER INQUIRIES info blog WEBSITE TWITTER BeautyBlissMag FACEBOOK beautyblissmagazine READ ONLINE FOR FREE magazines PURCHASE INDIVIDUAL HARD COPIES magazines SUBSCRIPTIONS subscriptions Search for beautybliss in the iTunes Store. Download our FREE iPad app and subscribe within BeautyBliss Magazine. All rights reserved. The written and visual contents of this magazine are protected by copyright. No part of this electronic or printed magazine may be reproduced in any way without the written consent of BeautyBliss Magazine. Requests for permission please e-mail info BeautyBliss Magazine is published quarterly online by BeautyBliss Magazine. Digital copies are FREE with option to purchase high quality hard copies. Any tips advice exercise suggestions etc. are to be taken and used at own risk. BeautyBliss Magazine or its contributors or affiliates do not hold responsibility for any injury or outcome of any kind. iTunes APP - FREE DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTIONS 6 CONTENTS Fall 2013 OCT NOV 2013 THEME CHANGE On The Cover Photography takes us back in time Traveler 32 The Time Little Loo Featured Photographer of Shoes 82 A Lifetime her grandmother Trisha tells a story about through the lifetime of shoes she wore Triumph 75 Life of Pie A 21 year old police officer weighing 267lbs fights for her life 28 Changing Gears Food Celebrating Cranberry Season with a scrumptious dessert 49 Delightful Sweets Roomie Problems 66Expert Ilana Zinyk talks about roomie Life problems and low self esteem Two women set out to change their lives with one seemingly simple task running and pie Horoscopes Autumn baby trivia and celebrity birthdays 87 Autumn Babies Short Stories forewarning for what s to come 47 7 aThings never ask you 7 things good guy would to change 61 Lordy I m So Hawt The blessings of menopause. A comical Katie Bickell goes through a battle of changes eventually embracing it Everything Else Publisher Note by Candace Roadknight 4 Enemies to Friends 52 Jon and Roy Exclusive Interview with Canadian Band Jon and Roy never before seen video footage and new music video 69 Constant Changes Last Word from the Publisher 85 I Know Nothing 12 You Feel Like Home 8 Contrib. Highlight Lown 20 Richand personal with rising We get close British Star Rich Lown Fashion Beauty Get out for your brisk morning walk your evening s out with friends at the nearby coffee shop or out for Thanksgiving dinner in style Executive Editor Katie Bickell shares news about a big change in her life 31 Fav Fall Fashions 63 New York SexyBig Apple Makeup as sophisticated as The 19 Decorating Tips Bringing Autumn indoors All about our Contributors plus links to their social media sites Romantic 15 was supposed to beDisaster What a romantic A mother s inspiration to create a new fragrance comes from her daughter 71 Fragrances A special thanks to our Photographers plus links to all of their social media sites 86 Photog. Highlight evening turned out entirey different than she had planned One woman tests natural products for the best options 78 Going Au Natural We connects with readers via Social Media 10 Let s Get Verbal BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 7 contributors OUR CONTRIBUTORS are what make BeautyBliss Magazine worth reading from cover to cover. Their stories advice and upbeat attitudes are what motivate us all to live the best life that we can live and to not take life too seriously. A special thanks to our Executive Editor Katie Bickell and all of our Columnists and Contributors 1 Katie Bickell BeautyBliss Executive Editor 1 Article Constant Changes Owner of the writing business YMF Writing Services and winner of The Yummy Mummy Club s 2011 writer s award The Voices of Motherhood for her essay The Joy of Being Kicked Katie Bickell is also the author of the books Sunbeams Hope is in Our Hands and the upcoming novel The Last Ordinary Day. Originally from Slave Lake AB Katie lives in Sherwood Park AB with her daughters Cailena and Chloe her husband Freddy and a beagle named Tweak. Katie believes that arts should shine light on what is true celebrate what is good and offer hope to humanity which is what she strives to accomplish with her work. Blog Website YMFWritingServices. Facebook Young.Mum.Freelance Twitter YMFreelance Article Romantic Disaster Monique Roadknight has been the sounding board business manager and cheerleader for BeautyBliss. If it weren t for my mom BeautyBliss wouldn t have lasted this long. She has been my rock. I can t express how grateful I am for all that she s done and how much she s believed in all of my dreams. - Candace 3 MONIQUE ROADKNIGHT BeautyBliss BUSINESS MANAGER BeautyBliss Health and Wellness Columnist Article Changing Gears Pam lives on Vancouver Island where she keeps the streets safe as a RCMP officer but her real passion is for health fitness and good food Pam is an avid runner participating in numerous races throughout the year and she trains a cycling team that raises over 1 000 000 annually for Pediatric Cancer. Pam is married with her first child due in September 2013 two dogs Wilson and Wallace and three chickens Doris Aretha and Chikita. 4 Pam Casey 2 Meghan McGuigan 2 4 3 5 BeautyBliss Beauty Columnist Article More New York City and My Daughter s Frangrances When people ask Meghan how long she s been doing makeup she answers Professionally since 2009 thinking since I was 4 years old . Meghan travels often throughout North America attending makeup classes and has a passion for creativity artistic expression and encouraging others to believe in themselves. Meghan lives in Edmonton AB. If you re ever looking for her she ll likely be doing makeup hanging out with family or back bending at her favourite Bikram yoga studio. Website Facebook MakeupAndMeg Twitter MakeupAndMeg BeautyBliss Life Advice Columnist Article Ilana on Life By day Ilana facilitates leadership development training to the leaders and managers within a large provincial organization. When not at work she spends time connecting with friends cuddling her dog Oz listening to music shopping for shoes drinking wine eating cheese and chocolate and enjoying life as it comes. Ilana lives in a tiny vintage-inspired condo in Edmonton AB. Twitter ruby_reds 5 Ilana Zinyk 8 6 Margi storey BeautyBliss guest Editor Article Lordy I m So Hawt Margi Storey is based just north west of Cochrane Alberta and is president of NewStart Ventures a small placement agency that evolved from MarBro Consulting & Recruiting owned and operated by Monique Roadknight. Monique now sits as a Director of NewStart and she hired Margi for MarBro (in other words saved her life after Margi was unceremoniously laid off from her retirement job ) in 2008 and taught her the ropes of recruiting. This was a blessing in disguise as Margi finally found her passion in life being a corporate matchmaker Margi and her husband Mike have recently become acreage people and are loving every second of living in the country Margi and Mike have two grown daughters who have young children of their own but their two sons Benjamin (chocolate labraterrorist) and J-Cub (feline mafia boss) still live at home with them. Margi has the panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains from her office and is blessed to be able to work from home. 9 CLAIRE MACPHERSON Article Going Au Natural Never afraid to try new things Claire has been a waitress ski instructor crew on a private yacht construction labourer caretaker for a private island RMT and most recently the owner of a small boatbuilding company. At night she works at fulfilling her dream of writing a novel. Website 6 8 7 Article A Lifetime of Shoes Trisha is the married mother of two. Born and raised in Slave Lake Alberta. She is a soon to be Edmontonian. She owns Live Love Laugh Photography ( and specializes in warm golden natural light photography. She loves running and coaches synchronized swimming. Just like her grandmother Trisha loves shoes 10 Trisha Poitras 9 11 7 KAILYN BAILEY Article Delightful Sweets Kailyn is currently training to become an expert Pastry Chef in Vancouver BC. She has dreams of opening her own bakery and publishing her own cook books one day. She was also recently featured as the Summer Cover Model for BeautyBliss Magazine. Article Baby You re a Song James is an English Literature student at Bangor University in Wales. Despite his young age he has penned several short stories poems and articles for publications and websites. James is also the prolific songwriter of his band What The Dickens and in his solo music which includes his recent The Whole Spectrum EP. Have a listen at JaShuttleworthMusic 11 James Shuttleworth 10 13 8 Lauren Shanks Article Fall Fashions in the Home Lauren Shanks is a freelance stationary and invitation designer with a background in hospitality interior design. When not designing Lauren is a craft enthusiast knitter and experimental cook. Lauren is an American currently residing in Fort Saskatchewan AB with her husband daughter and Airedale terrier. She writes daily on her blog Sixteen Sunbuckles about mommyhood and everyday living. Website 12 ASHLEY SEVERSON Article Fall Fashion Favourites Ashley Severson is a 24 year old fashion enthusiast puppy lover and HR Administrator. She currently resides in Widewater Alberta on a one acre piece of land with her husband and their boxer Baxter. When she s not at work you can find her renovating her house and spending time with her family and of course stealing puppy kisses here and there. Ashley loves organizing and re-organizing her closet every season (actually it s probably more like once a month ). 12 13 JENNY COTE and TINA giamberardino Article Life of Pie Jenny and Tina are best friends living in Edmonton Alberta. They started a blog to share their passion obsession for running dessert and healthy lifestyles. Website Facebook WeShallHavePie Twitter WeShallHavePie BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 9 let s get verbal CONNECTING WITH YOU VIA SOCIAL MEDIA. JOIN THE CONVERSATION Blissflul thoughts from our beautiful readers Sing and dance because I m not good at either but love it. - Barb R. Sept 6th 2013 - Ambrose Darren Casey. Read more about autumn babies like Pam s on page 87. 4. BeautyBliss Magazine would like to wish two-time contributor Lauren Shanks all the best as she and her family relocate from Alberta to Chicago. Please take the time to read Lauren s latest BBMag piece Welcoming Autumn Fall Fashions in the Home and drop by her blog at http 5. First-time contributor James Shuttleworth ( 7 Things a Good Guy Won t Ask You to Change ) has just released a free EP Who . doesn t love a freebie Check out his fun tunes and true Brit accent at http 6. BBMag s Advice Coach Illana has made great strides in her Leadership Development Business. Pass it along our Ilana on Life is the go-to gal for Edmonton s team building workshops and professional Media presents us with a skewed view highlighting mostly of which is negative. I wonder what the world would be like if we cared more about what we fed our minds (as in what we read watch on T.V listen to etc.). What if we considered our minds to be like our bodies and only fed it healthy food like beauty like kindness like... you name it.... - Beth R. Favourite Quotes What you have inside you will see outside. - Swami Satchidananda We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated. - Maya Angelou All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up. - Pablo Picasso The fire that we call loving is too strong for human minds. But just right for human souls. - Aberjhani When a woman conceives her true self a miracle occurs and life around her begins again. - Marianne Williamson Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. - Rumi Share one thing you would change and one thing you love about yourself It s often difficult to admit and accept weaknesses it takes a lot of self-awareness. Keeping it simple I love my hands I think they re beautiful and I couldn t do my art without them. As I get older I d like to dramatize less. I think it s a bit of a young woman trait that I hope to mature out of. - Meghan M. In 7 words or less tell us about your worst date Dropped the popcorn wouldn t buy more. - Lisa D. Smelled like onions bragged about his cologne. - Candace R. Answered door in a towel - left immediately. - Courtney P . Noteworthy Happenings in our Last Quarter development needs. 1. BBMag s Executive Editor Katie Bickell has broken into the literary world with two pieces of micro fiction published as well as one poem. Read them here Four Blue Capsules http read-2035. html Life Death and Reanimation in Suburbia http read-2021. html Between Dreams and Nightmares 2. Beauty Columnist Meghan McGuigan was featured comparing high-end vs. lowend cosmetics on major news station CTV. Watch the full clip here http video clipId 981768 3. Health and Wellness Columnist Pam Casey had a beautiful 6.5lbs baby boy on If you could anything and know that no one would judge you what would you do That is easy. I would hug everyone. - Herb D. Wear pajama pants everywhere I went. - Marie W. Never wear makeup or do my hair again. - Melissa W. 10 Search BeautyBliss within the iTunes Store Follow us Visit our website Seriously. It s clutter-free and we re funny We ve made it worth checking out. Subscribe to the blog to keep the inspiration flowing between publications. Now in iTunes Courage Courage is not simply one of the virtues but the form of every virtue at the testing point. - C.S. Lewis Image by Lisa Weingardt Little Loo Photography Model Rylee Morse BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine THE TIME TRAVELER SERIES 11 Letter from the Editor You Feel Like Home To Me CRISP LEAVES SKINNY JEANS and pumpkin spice lattes Autumn you feel like home to me. Fall is my favorite season for many reasons you ll find listed in this issue. It s a time of long runs in the chilled air bringing our attentions back to our place of comfort and returning to a selfnurturing regime. We don dark layered fashions line our eyes in sultry smoky makeup and meet with friends in coffee houses hosting soulful crooners. It is a time for reunion. Autumn is also a time of great change which happens to be this issue s theme and a fact of life that I usually don t handle with grace but never fail to learn from. This fall meets me with a great change but a necessary one. While I can t begin to list the blessings and lessons learned from acting as BeautyBliss Magazine s Executive Editor for the last six months it is time for me to step down from my role. As a writer one of the major insights I gained as BBMag s editor was how difficult and time-consuming the job is. I must admit I used to imagine editors as dragon-tempered gatekeepers fuelled on coffee and miserable to publish talent that they themselves were without (why else wouldn t they write ). How wrong I was How heavy is the workload how appreciated is the enthusiasm of writers how rewarding is the completed issue However despite the fulfillment of the position my dream has always been to write fiction - a goal very recently coming to fruition (read my recently published stories - links in our noteworthy happenings blurb ). That commitment coupled with my duties to family and the success of my writing business YMF Writing Services has proved too great a load to add editing a magazine to. It is my great pleasure to continue on from here as a sometimes BeautyBliss contributor and an always BeautyBliss reader. It has been a privilege sharing this journey with BeautyBliss staff writers and readers and I am blessed by friendships forged by this publication particularly with that of publisher Candace Roadnight. There are never enough thanks to be spoken. Please enjoy this last love letter from me to you Dear Reader. And one day find my face on the back of a well-loved book and smile. We will meet again. Much love KATIE BICKELL Executive Editor 12 Follow our birdy on Twitter BeautyBlissMag and follow me YoungMumKate YMFreelance Young MUM FREELANCE The resume of the best professional can be overlooked if riddled with typos spelling and grammatical errors. Wonderful stories can be misunderstood and misrepresented if delivered in a faulty long-winded speech. The most productive of businesses can give one the sense of a two-bit operation if their advertising and newsletters don t flow properly. In these economic times can you risk bad impressions Your words are often the first impression you give the world. Do they best represent you Young Mum Freelance Writing Services (587) 984-9436 Katie_Bickell Facebook Young.Mum.Freelance Twitter YMFreelance YMF Writing Services offers many professional writing services Wedding Toasts or Speeches ( 70) Wedding Vows ( 150) Wedding Ceremonies ( 350) Resumes ( 70) Cover Letters ( 40) Business Speeches ( 70) Articles and Blog Posts ( 70) Eulogies ( 70) Editing Services Business Plans Business Documents Manuals Advertising Content Creative Content such as Business Names Taglines Facebook pages and Website Content Ghost Writing Needs And Much More contact YMF Writing Services for quote YMF is highly recommended by BeautyBliss Magazine Please be a traveler not a tourist. Try new things meet new people and look beyond what s right in front of you. Those are the keys to understanding this amazing world we live in. - Andrew Zimmern THE TIME TRAVELER SERIES Image by Lisa Weingardt Little Loo Photography Model Rylee Morse 14 He s in front of me in two quick steps and takes me by the shoulders Why do you do that You always do that ... Romantic By Monique Roadknight As I struggled to get comfortable in an awkward position on the couch with my 8 month old daughter finally sleeping on my chest I reflected back on the day. It was not what I would consider a successful day certainly not the way I had planned it. But here I was at midnight covered with the odd spots of baby vomit and various other smelly stains I care not to identify mascara running down my cheeks from the tears. I was a mess... Disaster W HAT WAS supposed to be a very different outcome had started out with an ambitious plan to enjoy a romantic evening with my husband. Why I would attempt this with three kids under three and still very uncomfortable about my post baby body was beyond me. The early morning agenda started out with buying a sexy outfit - a nearly newborn baby in my arms our one year old daughter in the stroller and our two year old son in tow. Baby brain the only explanation for this absurd idea. Trying something on was certainly out of the question considering the entourage I had in tow so with my poorly functioning brain I purchase an outfit that would have perhaps fit me three children and 5 years ago. Although I was smart enough to include a girdle in the purchase the kind you lay down to do up which has a row of four billion little hook and eyes all the way down the middle. Why did I think this would help the situation Next on the to do list trudge the whole crew through the grocery store to buy something for our romantic dinner - roast beef baby potatoes carrots and the fixings for a Caesar salad which was somehow a success with three fussing hungry tired and fed-up children. Although waning slightly my spirits were BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 15 still high with the thought that I was actually going to be able to surprise my husband. As the evening grew closer my patience was wearing as the kids were proving to be more difficult than I had planned for. But after some persuasion they were fed bathed and plugged with bottles in their beds. Wiping sweat from my brow I breathed a sigh of relief. It was now my turn. I laid my new outfit across the bed and made my way to the kitchen to prepare dinner which went rather smoothly. The roast beef was in the oven the salad ingredients on the kitchen counter potatoes and carrots in their pots ready to be turned on and off to the shower I went. As I stepped out of the shower feeling confident that I could really pull this evening off I heard the baby cry. I went into the room she shared with her sister - two cribs side by side - and picked Shannon up. She felt a bit warm and seemed a little congested but I rocked her back to sleep and laid her back down. Candace only stirred slightly and Joshua seemed sound asleep in his room. So it was back to the task at hand and what a task it turned out to be. Looking down at the outfit small misgivings were beginning to come to the surface. It looked lovely laying there on the bed and somehow my brain was saying Sure you can fit into that But somewhere deep down was a hysterical laughter knowing full well that this was a feat beyond any reality. But alas I plodded on. After styling my hair and applying my makeup I took the girdle and began the arduous task of asking it to do the implausible. The dynamics of lying on the bed to button it up was simply impossible so instead I decided to do it up and pull it over my head. Both arms up in the air girdle wrapped tightly from elbows to chest in a board-stiff lock my hands flailing above trying to wriggle it down far enough that I can even see over it... It was stuck. It was going neither up nor down. Now what And then I heard it... that moaning sound my kids make just before stomach I ran to the girls room to find our youngest covered in vomit and now everyone s awake and no one s happy about it least of all me. Then I smell it THE ROAST I put the baby back down in her mess and sprint to the kitchen smoke billowing from the oven. Upon further inspection I discovered that it s not salvageable. I turn the oven off in a hurry grab the pan out and unceremoniously chuck the whole thing into the sink. And back to the kids... F I come back to the kitchen with my hair standing in all directions clothes so stiff with stains they could have probably stood up on their own... bile projects out of their mouths. I knew right then there was no other option. Bending one arm down and grabbing the top of the elasticised sausage tube I had encased myself in I managed to pull it down enough just to see over the top. Running to the kitchen to the grab the scissors from the knife block I sprinted back to the bedroom arms straight up in the air. All three kids were now in full-blown screaming mode. With my one free hand I began freeing myself from the girdle cutting it down the middle which at the last snip let go with such force that it sent everything on the dresser crashing to the floor. The crash ratcheted up the screams from the kids by a few more octaves. 16 ast forward four hours later. My husband s still not home and I am a complete disaster on the couch. Following a good cry with the baby on my chest I doze off. Sometime after midnight I wake to see my husband (who had to work late) sitting on the coffee table gently rubbing our daughters back while staring at me with an odd smile on his face. He changes his gaze to the baby then back to me and whispers Hi beautiful. He then smiles that melting smile I love so much. My response Beautiful Yah right The spell is broken and with it his facial expression and body language change in an instant. He gets up and grunts his way to the kitchen. Cupboard doors and drawers opened and shut with more force than usual as his breathing rapidly increases. I begin screaming in my head YOU RE MAD You have no idea what I have been through and what a disappointment this day has been and how tired and frustrated I am And YOU RE MAD Despite the anger thrashing inside myself I stand up and gingerly put the baby back in her crib. I come back to the kitchen with my hair standing in all directions clothes so stiff with stains they could have probably stood up on their own smelling horrible with eye makeup running down my face. I walk up behind him and with irritation ask What s wrong with you He turns around and he s in front of me in two quick steps and takes me by the shoulders Why do you do that You always do that He releases me and turns his back on me. I m dumbfounded. My brain is saying Hey wait a minute This is MY mad. Why are YOU mad But all that comes out is a squeak Do what He slowly turns back around and takes my face in his hands. Looking into my eyes he says softly Why do you do that You always put yourself down. I am further stunned into silence by the tears I see well up in his eyes. Why can t you see what I see A single tear rolls down his cheek. As my own eyes fill with tears he whispers Why can t you see yourself through my eyes Though this day did not pan out the way I had planned it was one of the most special days of my marriage. Almost 34 years in I still have a difficult time looking at myself through my husband s eyes but to this day I can look into his eyes and feel like the most beautiful woman on the planet. If only we could all see ourselves through the eyes of those that love us most. What a different outlook we would have. v The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart. - Helen Keller Image by MRP Monica Roberts Photography Model Elizabeth Reynolds BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 17 Image by Beauty & Bliss Photography Model Nefer Owen 18 Welcoming Autumn By Lauren Shanks Fall Fashions in the HOME Yesterday I was busy putting thick layers of sunscreen on my baby and making sure she didn t take off her sun hat while at the spray park. Today a cool breeze rushes by and stirs a small pile of leaves on our morning walk. It s chilly. The days are getting shorter. And all I can do is smile because my favorite season is right around the corner. I can almost smell my hazelnut candle burning on my nightstand and taste that spiced caramel macchiato. My body longs to wrap up in those bulky sweaters and step into those leather boots. My calendar is already filling up with wiener roasts hayrides and fall festivals. Maybe I am a nut but I love to switch out my d cor around the house with the seasons it s the easiest thing to do in order to keep things fresh and interesting. I m not talking your grandma s knick knacks or breaking the budget just a little can go a long way The most important thing about fall is engaging the senses. Sight Isn t that exactly what autumn is all about those big bold colors There is such beauty this time of year. Bring color in with small changes a burnt orange throw pillow or a rich brown blanket. Replace your wooden spoons with colorful new ones. And don t forget the bathroom a bright new hand towel can make this small room very cheery. I love to cut mums and place them in small vases around the house. Don t be afraid to step away from the traditional orange yellow and red why not bring in a deep raspberry purple citron green or denim blue Layering monochromatically with just one color is also a fabulous look. Stick with different shades of red all around the house for the on-trend ombre look. Speaking of different shades variations of gold is super hot right now. This metal finish can add the perfect amount of spice and class to any room. Brass is making a big comeback in 2013 as well as high gloss finishes. I particularly love variations of gold on place settings for a festive dinner party. interest to the eye and as well to touch. Layering and mixing up elements such as feathers animal prints and patterns can create life in a once drab space. A faux fur bolster on your bed paired with a new wool throw will make for a very cozy fall afternoon nap. Smell Mmm it s time to switch out all of your scents around the house goodbye raspberry lemonade in my plug in I keep a bulk of my staples just waiting for this season to arrive. However who says you can only burn spiced apple candles Try something new like black raspberry vanilla or sandalwood. Get creative and mix cinnamon with a floral. Leave the windows open and take deep breaths of that cool crisp air. You might even get the faint smell of a farmer harvesting wheat in a nearby field or your neighbor baking an apple cobbler Touch Sight and touch are two peas in a pod when it comes to home d cor. There are many things that your eyes will visually touch. Bring in natural elements for a harmonious space and peaceful serene living. Wood grain is a timeless element that you can never go wrong with. Layering various textures brings Have fun and let nature be your muse BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 19 We get personal with British Artist RICH LOWN I think it s important to follow your heart. It s incredibly easy to let people persuade you to change for their benefit and not yours. In a commercial world you ve always got to be careful as it can be difficult to keep your integrity. Personally if I keep living my life and exploring the world my music will always follow. Article by Candace Roadknight Image by Chris Mammone 20 BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 21 22 S male International MUSIC ARTIST weet melting melodies and smooth voice tones warm my heart and force my eyes closed. Music - amazing what it can do to the human body mind and soul. Rich Lown an incredible self-taught singer song-writer guitarist and pianist from Britain captured our hearts after receiving a shout out on British artist s Birdy s Facebook wall A good friend of mine is the producer of this new album by the very talented Rich Lown. Please give his wonderful music a listen Xx Having respect and love for Birdy I was curious and took a moment to view one of Lown s videos. And that s where I spent the rest of the day watching video after video sinking into a melodic trance. Not only was his music captivating his lyrics encompassed BeautyBliss love for life and turning seemingly negative experiences into positive learning opportunities. Connecting with Lown was sincerely heartwarming. I felt incredibly blessed throughout our communication because of his down-to-earth compassionate demeanor. You expect an artist especially one with his skill set to be overly confident and cocky but Lown is an old soul - a passionate being who pours his emotions into his music and loves his family and friends with all his heart. He is an inspiration and will continue to inspire thousands of people as he continues to follow his muse. When we asked Lown what he would say if he could tell the world one thing he laughed and said That my surname is pronounced like Town and Brown not Loan (common mistake). A laughable mistake that I had made too Now that that s cleared up let s get to know this musical genius. BeautyBliss Can you tell BeautyBliss readers how your music career began Rich Lown Ironically I started playing guitar and writing songs at a time when I was wondering what to do with my life. I was 17 not enjoying college and on the quest for something fulfilling. I began to write songs to help me through the turbulence of life. It was how other people responded that made me think maybe this is it I m a self-taught guitarist singer pianist and songwriter - something I m incredibly proud of which has also allowed me to find a form of purity in music. Really it s the music that showed me the way BeautyBliss Your family seems important to you and it seems as though they ve had a very big impact on the kind of person that you are today. RL The music industry is a tough world to try and break into. Having people behind you goes a long way. I m lucky enough to be part of a very supportive and creative family. I never had a lot of self-belief when I first started but with each song I was encouraged by my family to write more and as I began to grow into an artist my brothers would chip in with their skills (photography design film) to help me create a professional package that a lot of other artists wouldn t have. My parents are musical - my mum is a pianist and dad s a violin player - so of course they ve been hugely supportive. It s great to have them behind me but even better that we can share ideas and collaborate. During the recording of my third EP Time for Us All my brothers took care of the artwork and video and my father also played the violin on You re My Friend which I thought was a nice touch. BeautyBliss What did that mean to you to have your dad collaborate with you on one of your songs RL He was actually very flattered to be asked. With my brothers being a part of my music with filming videos taking pictures and designing my artwork I wanted my third EP Time for Us All to be very family based. With my dad being a very talented violinist it was a no brainer to ask him to come and play on a song crying out for such input. BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine I never had a lot of self-belief when I first started... I actually wrote a song called My Own Legend for when people face the challenges of self-belief. 23 BeautyBliss You mentioned that you used to lack self-belief. Besides your family what else has helped you gain confidence RL I think every musician has their doubts. It s such a competitive industry and so crowded that it s hard to stand out at times. I actually wrote a song called My Own Legend for when people face the challenges of self-belief. I wrote it for myself so that when I felt down and negative I would listen or play this song to refresh my optimism. I know nearly everybody can relate to the lyrics and the feelings behind it which has made it a very popular song on my album. BeautyBliss In Leave it all Behind you speak about life lessons and spinning circumstances into positive experiences. Do you do that with your everyday life RL Absolutely There s two ways you can deal with bad news Learn from it accept it and turn it into a positive or let it get to you and crash into a downward spiral. A lot of my music is about taking life experiences and turning them into something I can share with the world. We can all learn from each other s lessons. Leave It All Behind is the perfect example of that. BeautyBliss What s the strangest thing you ve ever written a song about RL The greatest thing about having a musical family is the occasional bursts of silly improvisation My brothers and I once opened a book about 3 little ducks and when my nephew was only a couple of months old we started to sing the words from the book with bongos guitars and a ukulele for the pure joy of my nephew It was great fun. He couldn t stop smiling BeautyBliss I noticed that you re not covering other artist s songs which is something that most artists do in order to get recognized and make their way up. What made you decide not to follow their path RL I ve always found my biggest passion is being original and writing my own songs. To be able to get my own feelings off my chest and share them with other people who might be feeling the same way is an incredible feeling and integral to my music. I never seem to get the same feeling in covering other artist s songs. I would rather pick up my guitar or sit Images by Chris Mammone 24 male International MUSIC ARTIST at the piano and be creative that s where my talents lie and I ll always put 100% of my time into defining myself as an artist. I really believe that the biggest reward from writing my own songs is when someone else relates to the lyrics I write. I usually have no idea how my songs make other people feel but sometimes I get incredible messages from fans. I once got a lovely email from a girl who had actually lost her mother to cancer shortly before she discovered my music. She went on to say how much the words from my songs meant to her and how she could relate to my lyrics. She also thanked me for helping her through the most challenging part of her life. It was so overwhelming and I remember feeling incredibly emotional. It s moments like those that remind me why I do what I do. BeautyBliss As more people are discovering you how do you feel about the fame that comes with it RL I think that fame is only useful to the extent that it allows you to reach a lot of people and in this sense I would welcome it. However it isn t something I ve particularly thought about if I m honest. My goal is to simply make a living doing what I love best which is writing recording and performing music. If I achieve this along with good health and all my family and friends around me I couldn t be happier. BeautyBliss Can you describe one of the most memorable moments you ve had in your career so far RL In October 2012 I had the honour of being chosen to support the great Joan Armatrading at my local theatre. Coincidentally I also worked at the theatre at the time so my friends family and colleagues all watched me support a huge name in Joan Armatrading to a 1 000 strong crowd in my home town. It was a fantastic evening and certainly a career highlight. BeautyBliss If you collaborated with anyone else who would you choose RL I d love to collaborate with Birdy. I m extremely thankful for the help that she has given me plugging my album on her social media and bringing me attention from all over the world. She s a fantastic artist and I think we re trying to achieve similar things with our music. Hopefully one day I can make this happen BeautyBliss What life lessons have touched you the most RL It s difficult to speak about any one particular life lesson as life is full of them. But particularly during the evolution of Close To My Heart I felt like sometimes you have to let people or things go when you don t want to but it doesn t always mean they won t be a part of you. BeautyBliss What s the best piece of advice you ve ever received RL Always concentrate on your own path. It s easy to become distracted with other people s progress and development and some people take longer than others to reach their goals. If you stay focused on yourself then together with a bit of luck you won t get lost and you ll always get to where you want to be. I think it s important to follow your heart. It s incredibly easy to let people persuade you to change for their benefit and not yours. In a commercial world you ve always got to be careful as it can be difficult to keep your integrity. Personally if I keep living my life and exploring the world my music will always follow. BeautyBliss What s next for you and how can people find you RL I m currently working on a new EP for a 2014 release and planning a tour in England. I would love to then branch out overseas and play some shows abroad. My debut album has sold in over 20 countries worldwide of which you can find on iTunes and through hard copy on my websites. You can find me on Facebook Twitter Reverbnation and all the common music sites. Google me listen to me watch me and come and say hi v Always concentrate on your own path. It s easy to become distracted with other people s progress and development and some people take longer than others to reach their goals. If you stay focused on yourself then together with a bit of luck you won t get lost and you ll always get to where you want to be. follow BRITISH ARTIST RICH LOWN RichLownMusic RichLownMusic RichLownMusic Lowno BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 25 THOSE WHO LiVE PASSIONATELY THOSE WHO LOVE PASSIONATELY TEACH US HOW TO LOVE. TEACH US HOW TO - Yogananda LIVE. Image by Ernesto Sue Photography Models Tolulope Morayo and Jessica Delovely Hair April Whitley MUA April Whitley Stylist Polymoniker 26 Image by MRP Monica Roberts Photography Model Elizabeth Reynolds BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 27 With the changing of the leaves comes change in our lives. This rang true for one woman when she was faced with an opportunity to make a difference in her life. Amron Russell is a police officer in B.C. In the fall of 2007 Amron was working as a 911 dispatcher when she stepped on a scale and saw three different numbers signaling emergency 2-6-7... 28 A Changing GEARS by Pam Casey through the experience Amron learned of several other family members who had also contracted breast cancer numbers signaling the risk that Amron may also carry a cancer gene. Despite her potential for the illness Amron realized the best way to prevent cancer would be to lead a healthy active lifestyle. This set the wheels in motion the number on the scale was now just a reminder of where she would start this journey. T 21 YEARS OLD Amron had reached the weight of 267 pounds a weight far above healthy for her frame. In high school Amron had been a fit muscular and athletic teenager participating in sports and weighing a lean 150 lbs. As for many women after high school came college a career and stress busyness took its toll on her eating habits and activity levels and her focus switched from fitness to developing her career. Within a few years she had gained over 100 pounds. However the weight increase was so gradual that it wasn t shocking to her until she stepped on the scale. This same year Amron s 49 year old mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Happily after many rounds of chemotherapy radiation and surgery her mother is now in remission. However MAKING CHANGE Amron faced many challenges. The first step she took was buying a gym membership although she didn t use it right away. Instead Amron discovered activities that she could perform comfortably at her current weight and slowly began changing her eating habits. In 2008 Amron finally summoned the courage to use the gym membership she had been paying for months. Embarrassed she wore a hat glasses and oversized clothes in attempts to hide herself. Still she walked on the gym s treadmill for three days each week simply to make a habit of it. Any movement is some movement she would remind herself. Once Amron began to feel comfortable on the treadmill she challenged herself to run for a short time and walk in between sprints. She learned a lot about fitness through watching other gym goers and trying their exercises. Happily making progress at the gym Amron took up sports again just as she had in high school. She enjoyed her contributions to a beer league baseball team and participated in dropin volleyball games. After games she met others for walks bowling and other physical activities instead of indulging in food and drink focused activities. The support of friends was invaluable. Amron didn t want to feel alienated because of her new lifestyle so she surrounded herself with people who celebrated her success - You are who you surround yourself with she advises others. THE FOODIE CHALLENGE Amron didn t have a specific diet to lose weight she simply modified her portion sizes. Amron had heard that eating after a certain time at night was not ideal but as a shift worker strict time-centered guidelines were next to impossible. However instead of completely throwing out the idea she modified it whatever she ate after 8 00 pm would have to be green a whole food or fruits and vegetables. Through trial error and monthly goals Amron learned what worked for her body and what didn t. She cut out creamier salad dressings and chose oil-based. She indulged during special occasions but to a lesser extent than she previously had when the odd birthday came around Amron would eat half a piece of cake instead of the whole slice. She continued living but enjoyed a full life because of moderation. more activities and took up swimming running and biking. Before long she realized she had the potential to fulfill a long-held dream. As an auxiliary member in 2010 Amron was given the opportunity to try out for the Cops for Cancer Tour De Rock team. The Tour De Rock (TDR) is a cycling fundraiser where a team of police officers and media ride all of Vancouver Island over 1100 kilometers raising money for pediatric cancer. Although Amron had always admired the event and its members she considered riding a combined 4 000 kilometers a physical challenge for only those really fit people. Little did she realize through her hard work she had become one of those people Three years after stepping on the scale Amron was chosen as one of the riders for the 2010 TDR team. Amron was the first female rider up Mt. Washington a grueling 18 km uphill training ride. Although it s easy to focus on the athleticisms of the event Amron s focus was always on the children and families affected by cancer. She met many little ones who inspired her to ride harder raise an extra dollar and even shave her head in support To Amron the TDR was more than just a bike ride - it was a way to give back to the cancer community for the continued support while her mother endured treatments. Months after succeeding the event Amron was accepted into Depot Training and fulfilled her life-long dream of becoming a Royal Canadian Mounted Police a feat impossible at her original fitness level. Amron had come full circle. Her mother s cancer changed her life and now physically able to Amron is changing the lives of others and helping them live for the better. compliment. The other main people in my life mom and dad also inspired me throughout. The idea of being healthy enough to have a family of my own one day was a driving force to work toward my dreams and goals. PC What was your favorite activity AR It was taking up team sports again. It was like getting a piece of me back. I enjoy the friendships and the camaraderie that comes along with it. PC What was your least favorite activity AR Modifying my eating habits. As you progress it becomes easier and rewarding. PC Did you encounter any struggles along the way If so how did you cope AR Throughout my journey I had a few injuries but you just have to learn how to modify your activities or try something new. You learn to adapt. PC How did you feel during the journey AR Bliss (I didn t even prompt her to use the word - PC) I was driven and motivated to continue this healthy lifestyle. I can be an overachiever and I always felt that I could be better than what I was last time I had expectations that I would meet and that felt great. I was truly living living for myself. PC How would you reward yourself AR I would go shopping No longer did I have to shop at the special stores or maternity stores. I also rewarded myself after a long run or ride with a bigger dinner or not pass up a piece of cake at a birthday party - I do love chocolate cake PC What advice would you pass on to others AR Start by making a list of activities you enjoy and do those. It s easier to skip an activity when you don t enjoy it. Make these activities routine. Once you re on a roll add more challenging activities. Also don t compare your weight loss body type or physical self to anyone else. Compare yourself to your last best. You will have good days and bad days so always do the best you can for that day. Lastly better yourself not in others eyes but in your own. v 29 Q&A KEEPING THE MOMENTUM Celebrating two years of success Amron s confidence and quality of life had sky-rocketed. Once at a comfortable weight she was able to participate in Pam Casey Who inspired you along your journey Amron Russell The people who I would run into who would say You re looking great or What have you been doing These were the little pats on the back that kept me going. You never know how you can impact someone s day with a BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine Image by Beauty & Bliss Photography Model Nefer Owen 30 favourites Born in September my favorite season has always been fall but for so many more reasons than my birthday When I think of autumn cozy memories come to mind school starting leaves falling the air getting crisp. I look forward to the sun going down earlier the warm drinks flowing the mittens being pulled out for brisk morning walks. And Thanksgiving of course Who doesn t love reuniting with family to eat drink and be merry and there are so many simple occasions in Autumn to celebrate with loved ones Truly fall should be an effortless season of fashion fun. Here you ll find favourite fall staples that any girl can rock for chic effortless style. FALL FASHION By Ashley Severson The Jean Jacket Casual Sophistication Jean Jackets are the ultimate accessory for running errands getting coffee with friends or my all-time favorite autumn activity hay rides in a pumpkin patch Jean Jackets are lightweight and cozy and will keep you warm if the wind picks up. Wear thin long-sleeved tees or blouses under and your outfit is versatile enough that if the sun is shining you can easily lose a couple of layers and still maintain a casual-chic vibe. Heeled sandals add a glam vibe to the look but if you re not a fan ditch em for some super cute flats - you can t go wrong. Keep the look from turning drab with a few fun bright accessories and add a statement bag you re set show your cheerleading side by switching choosing a cardigan in team colors The blazer will keep you cool while the sun is up and warm after it sets. The rubber flats are perfect even in rainy mucky weather and are the perfect complement to boyfriend jeans. Minimize the accessories and choose neutral colors to keep from looking too put together. The whole point of the boyfriend jean blazer combo is it s laid-back and cute just like you The Dress Sweet Chic The Knit Sweater Rocker Fab This is the go-to trend for an autumn date night Cozy up in an oversized knit while sipping pumpkin latt s with your main man at a nearby coffee shop s open mike night. Enjoy the changing of the leaves and the chill in the air without a shiver the material gives any outfit a countryesque vibe while pairing the look with faux-leather pants can take you into the city to party all night long. Add boots as perfect for walking leafed trails as they are for rock and roll and accessorize with chunky pieces for modern style but keep your bag a a neutral color so to not overshadow other statement pieces. Simple dresses are perfect for Thanksgiving Dinner. When I think of fall I think of turkey (and to a lesser extent family. Kidding ). Wear one while over-indulging in sweets drinking hot-cocoa and simply making memories. If the weather permits skip the tights and wear cute socks because socks peeking over boots adorable Keep the colors toned down and cute. Think light pinks greys and neutral beiges soft and simple. Accessorize with girly pieces why not an abundance of bows The Distressed Jeans Classic Style The Blazer Sporty Hot Boyfriend jeans blousy-tanks blazers and flats this is my wear-all-the-time look Wear this to a local football games or while tailgating with friends - heck I know what you re thinking Can I really wear ripped jeans to the office My answer Yes On casual Friday. If you work in a more laid-back office setting opt to wear them whenever but if you follow a dress code skip the denim for some cropped trousers or cute skinny chinos. A polished blazer keeps the outfits from looking too casual while cute boots and a bright belt can bring the cheer. This outfit is also a given for family photos. Keep the accessories bold and bright and have fun with this look v BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 31 fall s Feature Photographer The Time Traveler Series By Little Loo Photography I had just recently done a vintage styled session for my daughters 16th birthday explains Lisa Weingardt (owner of Little Loo Photography) My daughter s photo shoot brought me out of the funk I was in and really rejuvenated my passion and creativity which is why I started Little Loo in the first place. My Time Traveler Rylee Morse saw my daughter s photos and wanted a session to document her birthday. She is not a girly girl at all and pretty much gave me total creative freedom. She s a dancer and had this beautiful costume from a number she performed on stage (which was spectacular ). The idea of the Time Traveler just came to me one day as I tried to come up with something to really showcase the dress as well. I got totally excited about it and immediately called her to see if she would be game and she was My hair and make-up artist Jamie Boisselle met with us ahead of time and did a tremendous job with the vision... 32 Image by Lisa Weingardt Little Loo Photography Model Rylee Morse BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 33 Image by Lisa Weingardt Little Loo Photography Model Rylee Morse The day of our planned session in Vegas continued Lisa was one of the hottest day s of the summer at 118 degrees The original plan called for the entire session to be set at the dry lake bed. We decided at the last minute to change it up a little and visit an old mining town only 10 miles from the dry lake bed. We hoped to utilize some shade. Having visited this location for previous sessions in the past I knew that there would be some amazing antique items we could incorporate into the session. It worked out perfectly 34 The old piano had not been at this location when I stopped by there two weeks before and I just about died when I saw it sitting there. All we did was add the candelabra clocks and some other small items. The piano could not have fit into our theme more perfectly Our timeline put us at the dry lake bed right at sunset which was my original vision for the session. Image by Lisa Weingardt Little Loo Photography Model Rylee Morse BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 35 Time slips days pass years fade And what we came to do on the earth must be done while there is time. - Milan Jed 36 Image by Lisa Weingardt Little Loo Photography Model Rylee Morse BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 37 TIME IS PRICELESS but it s free. you can t own it you can use it. You can spend it but you can t keep it. Once you ve lost it you can never get it back. - Audrey Niffenegger (The Time Traveler s Wife) Image by Lisa Weingardt Little Loo Photography Model Rylee Morse 38 BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 39 A No uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a Yes merely uttered to please or worse to avoid trouble. - Mahatma Gandhi 40 Image by Lisa Weingardt Little Loo Photography Model Rylee Morse BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 41 love - RUMI 42 YOUR TASK IS NOT TO SEEK FOR LOVE BUT MERELY TO SEEK AND FIND ALL THE BARRIERS WITHIN YOURSELF THAT YOU HAVE BUILT AGAINST IT. Image by Lisa Weingardt Little Loo Photography Model Rylee Morse BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 43 The WORLD travel - Saint Augustine and those who do not read only a page. is a book 44 Image by Lisa Weingardt Little Loo Photography Model Rylee Morse BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 45 flashdance SEE FULL FLASH DANCE INSPIRED PHOTO SHOOT SERIES ON WWW. ERNESTOSUE.COM BLOG what a feeling... Image by Ernesto Sue Photography Model Jessica Delovely Hair and MAU Name Stylist Polymoniker Baby You re a Song Won t Ask You To Change. By James Shuttleworth 7 Thing a Good Guy s A Good Guy is a hard person to define. What makes a guy good Where is the split between a Good Guy and a Bad Guy Is there a grey area of Fairly Ordinary Guy betwixt the two I ve considered all of this and come up with seven things a Good Guy would never ask a Great Girl to change. Now let s liken these seven key things to the parts of a song each part is very important and unique without these characteristics all music would be boring and similar. BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 47 Intro Appearance A WOMAN S APPEARANCE should be amongst the least important thing to a Good Guy but generally speaking the first thing that attracts one person to another is something about their looks. Still a Good Guy won t ask you to dye your hair wear less makeup or show off more cleavage. He might comment on something he particularly likes or doesn t like on a particular occasion but he will not ask you to change. Your appearance is the least important aspect of you to a Good Guy just as the intro is often the least important part of a song. will recognise this. As he gets to know you he will learn your routine what you like to do when you like to do it and who you like to do it with. Time spent doing a recreational activity is as important as anything else for any person (this can range from paintballing with friends to sitting at home and knitting - whatever floats your boat ) As long as your hobby isn t something that s directly harmful to those you care about a Good Guy will never ask you to change your hobbies or routine. Even if he d like you to spend Sunday mornings in bed with him rather than playing badminton he won t ask you to give up something you enjoy. an inspiring break with a flat repetitive two-chord affair. A Good Guy wants you to make your own music here. Chorus 2 Emotions A Good Guy will never tell you to stop being so emotional or quit being chicken shit or use any other idiotic term quoted from teen movies. Emotions are key to a person s wellbeing and are quite possibly the most important thing to anybody s personality. I m a fully-grown man (a scary notion in itself ) and even I let my emotions get the best of me every now and then. Since this is coming from an Englishman - a chap from the nation with arguably the stiffest upper lip in the world - I d like to think that it s fairly decent evidence that Good Guys value emotional availability. Verse 1 Attitude Your attitude is what a guy notices immediately after striking up conversation. Whether this be a laid-back worldly attitude a strong belief in family solidarity or a deepseated yearning for anarchy a Good Guy won t attempt to change it. Not radically anyway. A person s attitude is one of the pieces of the puzzle that makes them who they are and even radical attitudes are incredibly important. In fact I consider a radical attitude to be a great feature of a woman it can help a person to feel just that little bit more individual. The first verse of a song helps to set out the direction in which it is going to go - just as a woman s attitude does. This is your song and a Good Guy won t ask you to change your tune. Verse 2 Friends You probably have at least one friend who doesn t completely adore your partner. It s only natural not all people get along with each other. However a Good Guy won t ask you to change your friends. Even if Sandra is a bitch or Julie is an attention seeker - they are your friends and therefore they are yours to choose. A Good Guy will support your decisions in this area as he will in the majority of areas of your life. Your friendships shape who you are thus a Good Guy would not ask you to change your friends as he knows the change could change you in a way he s not keen on. OUTRO HUMOUR So we ve reached the end of the song. There are only a couple of quirky lines left and it s finished to a complete masterpiece. Humour is very important to most men - if they can laugh with you then you re great company. A Good Guy wouldn t directly ask you to change your humour - sure he might tell more nerdy jokes than usually in his comedic repertoire in order to covertly instigate a slight change in humour (like trying to avoid laughing at the likes of fart jokes) but he won t tell you that there is something wrong with your sense of humour. What you find funny is part of what you enjoy about life and nobody should be asked to change that. v Break Aspirations We re reaching the summit of the song We ve hit the awe-inspiring break that moment of euphoria that makes you want to grasp opportunities whenever you can. I m talking aspirations your hopeful plans for future life. A Good Guy won t ask you to change or lower your dreams - it would be like replacing Chorus 1 Hobbies A healthy hobby is vital to maintaining anyone s psyche and any Good Guy 48 DELIGHTFUL Delightful sweets by Pastry Chef KAILYN BAILEY Celebrating Cranberry Season with Mini Cranberry Walnut & Red Pear Galette s BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 49 Recipe and Image by Kailyn Bailey These mini galettes have a rustic elegance and can be served alongside a nice spiced tea or warmed up and topped with a simple whip cream (A new Thanksgiving dessert perhaps ). 50 Mini Cranberry Walnut & Red Pear Galette s Galette Fun Facts These are great because you can make them the day before or store them in the freezer and save for a future occasion The tartness of the cranberries compliments the sweetness of the pears and the walnuts and maple syrup bring a nice crunch and earthiness. A mini galette is a cool twist on a classic tart. The lemon and 7up in the dough gives it brightness and creates perfect sweet pastry dough that s more easily worked. Yield 6-7 Pastries PASTRY 225g flour 100g cold butter (salted) cut into small pieces 30g sugar 1 tbsp lemon juice Zest of one lemon 25-50 ml cold 7 up 1 egg with a splash of cream (egg wash) Directions Sieve flour. Add butter. Rub it in until it turns into a crumb consultancy. Mix in sugar and lemon zest. Add lemon juice and 7-up until just combined. Wrap the pastry and put in refrigerator for minimum half hour. FILLING 2 cups cranberries (fresh or frozen) 2 red pears cut in half and sliced thin (skin on if you like) 1 4 cup white sugar 3 4 chopped walnuts (toasted) 1 tsp cinnamon 1 4 cup brown sugar 1 tsp butter 1 4 cup maple syrup 1 2 cup honey Directions 1. Toss cranberries walnuts and pears in white sugar and cinnamon - you can do this the night before to really sweeten the cranberries and pears. 2. In a skillet over medium heat add butter until melted and then add cranberry pear mix. The cranberries will start releasing juices. 3. Add the maple syrup and brown sugar and simmer for about 5 minutes. 4. Strain the cranberries walnuts and pears from the sauce and put the sauce back on medium high heat. 5. Add honey and simmer for about 5 more minutes. 6. Remove from heat. Keep the sauce for later. Making the Galettes 1. Roll out pastry until it ss big enough to cut six 4 inch rounds out of the dough and then roll out each round individually until it s about 6 inches. You might have extra dough left over to make decorative leafs or an extra galette or you can freeze left over dough for another use. 2. Put about a cup of the cranberry mix into the middle of each round and fold all the way around pinching each corner until it resembles a pretty little pouch. 3. Place the galettes in the fridge for minimum half hour to set. Set oven to 350 degrees. Once preheated take the galettes brush them with the egg wash and sprinkle with sugar. Bake for about 25 minutes until a beautiful golden brown turning halfway to ensure equal baking. When the galettes are finished baking and are out of the oven heat up the sauce that was saved earlier and pour evenly into all the galettes. Serve immediately or store them and warm them up in the oven for another occasion. BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 51 52 JON AND ROY An exclusive interview with Jon Middleton and Roy Vizer from the Canadian Band Jon and Roy. By Candace Roadknight Images by Beauty & Bliss Photography Candace Roadknight BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 53 Canadian BAND Spotlight Jon and Roy Highlighted Success Volkswagen picked up their track Another Noon for a nine-month North American TV advertising campaign. CBC Canada Live broadcasted nationwide their sold out Holiday Special show in 2009. Surf videos the PBS TV program Road Trip Nation and National Geographic programming have all picked up their tracks. Jon and Roy have toured and shared the stage with Canadian Bands like Current Swell and Hey Ocean as well as many other international bands. Jon and Roy played a show every night in a weeklong tour in England with hip hop artist Buck 65 in March of 2012. In 2009 Jon sang the national anthem at an NHL game the Vancouver Canucks vs. the Nashville Predators. rtistic wispy clouds paint an abstract scene on the deep blue west coast sky. The motors of planes and speed boats roar across the water and a light cool wind catches the papas grass in a nearby garden. I m standing at the end of Ogden Point in James Bay Victoria BC awaiting the arrival of band members Jon Middleton and Roy Vizer from the band Jon and Roy. I hear two men s voices and light laughter coming from behind me and turn around catching their sunglass-covered eyes and confident welcoming smiles. Middleton carries an old guitar that s seen a lot of love over the years and Vizer s holding a driftwood shaker and a unique miniature drum pad. Two Canadian guys with a passion for music an appreciation for rustic instruments and simple living a perfect match for their classic folk reggae west coast vibe. Jon and Roy are comprised of three band mates. Jon Middleton is the singer song-writer and guitarist of the trio. His voice is incredibly unique and difficult to describe to someone who has never heard him. It s this unique sound which saves them from drowning in the sea of indie artists. Roy Vizer takes care of drums and percussions adding the perfect beat to Jon s one of a kind songs. Sharing song-creating responsibility Vizer sometimes send his beats to Middleton and from there a song will be created. It s a joint effort of creativity - a musical chemistry that works well for both of them. Louis Sadava is the latest addition to the band. Originally Current Swell s bassist Sadava joined Jon and Roy for their latest album Let it Go. A The trio of musically gifted individuals mesh well and have made a name creating a worldwide fan base which continues to grow. Being a fan of their music for many years it was an honour to meet up with them in person and discover what sparked their passion for music. My dad use to play Johnny Horton songs around the campfire Middleton recalls I think that really got me into the sound of acoustic guitar. Vizer the percussionist recalls The Beatles providing the soundtrack to family road trips but he doesn t remember the pivotal moment that sparked the fire. It kind of just slowly started happening Vizer claims just from my love of music. Thinking on the subject further Vizer states that after high school band he just didn t want to quit playing music. Middleton and Vizer met in University in 2001 through Vizer s best friend Jon was going to the University of Victoria explains Vizer and my best friend came over to UVIC before I did. He was excited about introducing [Jon and I] because I played the drums and Jon wrote songs. So I came over for the weekend and we ended up jamming at a house party and that s kind of when I decided to move over here for school. And then yeah we just kind of jammed at house parties and on beaches for a good couple of years to start out. When people start creating music together for the first time there is a process they go through to find their rhythm and vibe. Jon and Roy seemed to find it quite quickly out of a love for music and eventually started taking it more seriously by sharing their passion with the world. Their most recent album titled Let it Go 54 Image by Beauty & Bliss Photography Image of Jon Middleton BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 55 Canadian BAND Spotlight encompasses that passion for playing for enjoyment s sake and allowing what you love to evolve naturally rather than trying to control it. Let it Go reminds you to let go of outside pressures but most importantly the pressure that you create for yourself internally. When you allow things to evolve naturally pure magic happens and a sense of peace can overcome you. BeautyBliss Has anyone ever tried to steer your music in a different direction Roy Vizer I don t think so. We ve always kind of kept it pretty much as simple as possible and as true to what we want to do as possible. Jon Middleton Yeah we ve always worked with one producer [Stephen Franke] and he s understood from the get go what we re doing. He s had ideas but he s never tried to alter what we re doing. BeautyBliss Writer s block can be an inconvenience for writers. Do musicians get it too JM I definitely get writer s block but I feel like it s more of a state of mind that determines it. Because I feel like sometimes I never have it and I just write constantly. I think it s not so much writer s block but how you re feeling or how you re doing in your life or something that just prevents you from accessing that creative area. BeautyBliss Can you tell us about any memorable show moments RV When we were playing in Nanaimo we had this girl try to steal our bass player s Cowichan sweater while he was playing. She was slowly pulling it off the stage and eventually he realized and stepped on it and pulled it back from her. JM And then it happened again in Cumberland during the same tour. He must have had a really nice sweater. RV Yeah it was a nice sweater. (laughing) BeautyBliss What is your biggest dream for your music career JM I would say my biggest dream really is to have our music continue to go out to the world because we do things pretty casually. We re not a band that is really out there touring a hell of a lot or really trying to go 56 Image by Beauty & Bliss Photography Image of Roy Vizer BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 57 Image by Beauty & Bliss Photography Image of Jon Middleton and Roy Vizer Location Victoria BC 58 Canadian BAND Spotlight for it. But finding as we do this more people seem to be discovering the music we re doing. My personal dream is to see that keep developing. And that s the best part just to have new people find our music and really like it and be like That s pretty awesome especially people that are far away. It s a cool feeling. BeautyBliss Would you ever do a year-long tour JM Maybe if we both got married and then divorced (laughing) and then we were like What are we going to do with our lives now Let s just go on tour The thing that might change my mind is if we were presented with an opportunity we couldn t pass up like opening up for someone great. BeautyBliss If touring isn t something you crave what s the part that you enjoy the most RV I really think that I enjoy every part of it because we don t overdo any part of it in any way. JM That s true RV I really like sitting at home and just practicing. It s great. Or when we go on tour. We seem to do a nice little tour every couple of months and at that point I actually enjoy it. JM Yeah in the past we ve had zones where we feel a little stagnant because we re playing the same songs and we re touring different places and you don t have to but you can lose a bit of vitality. So in a way we ve kind of gotten into a comfortable space right now where it feels like when we do go out on the road we re stoked to be out and playing the shows. It s a balance. You ve got to create for yourself what you want to do. Because some people end up... well they ll end up in a situation where maybe they have an album that s doing well and they ll be forced to tour basically. So they end up hating it. I have some friends like that. And then there s other bands... I feel like Current Swell our friends they re doing really well too and they actually really like being on the road and they ve kind of developed it naturally to be where they are. It s not like they ve been forced to go out. They want to do it. So there s that side of it too. Just different strokes for different folks Different bands have different ways of approaching it. Essentially you want to make it so the music comes first and that s what is driving the whole process. That s definitely what we try to do. RV It s more sustainable that way. It doesn t force you to compromise the reasons that you started doing it in the first place. When asked what s next for Jon and Roy Middleton mentioned that they d like to do a little more touring of their most recent album Let it Go. After that they plan on recording another album but want to allow it to happen naturally. They have also discovered throughout their journey to appreciate every moment. After meeting them I personally felt inspired to take life less seriously and enjoy the natural flow of it. It was a pleasure meeting Jon and Roy and I was pleasantly surprised by their old fashion manners and kindness. By the end of our time together I felt like I had made two great friends. They are down-to-earth honest guys with a passion for music and a chill vibe for life - the kind of people you want to be around. Cranking their Let it Go CD in my car I made my way back through Vancouver Island during sun set with their beats pumping up my soul. v I feel like Current Swell our friends they re doing really well too and they actually really like being on the road and they ve kind of developed it naturally to be where they are. Follow JON AND ROY JonandRoy JonandRoy JonandRoy JonandRoy See exclusive video footage of Jon and Roy s interview new music video filmed by BeautyBliss Magazine BeautyBlissMagazine BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 59 Image by Beauty & Bliss Photography Model Bronte Forgarty 60 I m still hot it just comes in shorter bursts now... HAWT By Margi Storey Lordy I m SO You know those stories we ve all heard about spontaneous combustion You know... when they find remains of a person sitting in a chair and they re just a pile of ashes with none of the surroundings burned Five bucks says they were all menopausal women. Oh. My. GAWD. I swear sometimes... I m surprised I don t actually burst into flames right there on the spot. I remember as a younger woman seeing that TV commercial for an air conditioner... The scene is a cold winter s night. Snow is blowing and you feel cold just watching it. All of a sudden out bursts a rather haggard looking woman in shorts a thin t-shirt and winter boots as she trudges through the snow. She proceeds to kick the crap out of the a c unit. She s definitely not a happy camper. At the time I thought Yikes honey Have a decaf Now... I totally get it. Now... I AM that woman. F or me the change began about the age of 40. I will be 54 by the time this article airs and I m still waiting for the metamorphosis to complete. I m really hoping that I m going to change into a creature that has a reliable thermostat one that stops losing hair one that can laugh sneeze or cough with confidence instead of having to cross her legs and squat quickly one that doesn t always see her own grandmother when she looks at herself in the mirror. Needless to say I m not holding my breath on any of those outcomes. I m learning to accept that the change is just a clever marketing ploy that makes a feeble attempt at fooling younger women into thinking it s something gentle and natural. To that I say pfffft. BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 61 O 62 I m tellin ya these hot flashes ain t for sissies. When they first started they would only happen when I first awoke. It was like someone cranked the heat up to the max - as if my body needed to try to light the pilot light in order to get itself back to full working mechanical order to face the day ahead. I don t know how many times my poor husband was smacked in the face with my covers being thrown in his direction quite often with the TV remote tucked neatly inside just for a little added accidental emphasis. I swear those pillow top mattresses must have been invented by a man. Who the heck can sleep on knitted fabric and NOT get too warm The first few times it happens you think Oh I must have a fever or Oh wow I must have forgotten to turn the heat down when we went to bed last night. After about the 10th wakeup call like this it isn t speculation anymore. You re sure it s a conspiracy thus the throwing of the covers and the immediate OK SERIOUSLY attitude. It s SO frustrating to be SO completely out of control of your own body nce your husband starts gently (oh so gently) commenting that your bedroom is about the same temperature as the beer fridge at the liquor store you might want to look into some other sleeping options. I always wondered why my grandmother had a huge bed with satin sheets and the comforter was always on the chair. She had a room all to herself with windows that were always fully opened when my grandfather had an entirely different room at the back of the house with a big thick quilt on his bed. I rarely remember his windows being opened. NOW I know. Smart lady my Gramma Either that or Gramps got tired of sleeping in a meat locker. Sure there are lots of things on the market that say they control hot flashes. Don t believe it I ve tried them all. I ve slathered yam cream on the inside of my wrists and for a time believed that yam cream was single-handedly going to save my marriage. When in truth what saved my marriage was an incredibly understanding husband who somehow learned how to dig a few layers deeper into his own patience and miraculously find some empathy for me somehow. I am truly blessed. I would have kicked me to the curb many times because of all of the lovely other changes menopause delivers. I even talked my best friend into trying yam cream. Then we found out that it could cause breast cancer. Out went the yam cream and up went the prayers that we hadn t tipped the precarious balance for ourselves (both of us having breast cancer in our family histories). So we add THAT little gem to our List of Things to Worry About . Like we needed to have more things on that list... In the first five years of hot flashes I held on to the hope that someday I would be able to look forward to the muglies (monthly uglies) tapering off soon. Looking back now I laugh at that silly thought. Tapering OFF Baahaaahaaa For what it s worth I didn t stop the muglies until I was 51 a full eleven years after the hot flashes started. And... the muglies sure did NOT taper off in that last year - exactly the opposite. I was sure I was going to bleed completely out a few times during that last very irregular year. OK so that part I don t miss but it s strange... I always thought I would look forward to not having to deal with all that monthly crap but when it s gone you actually miss it on some level (not enough to have to do it again mind you ). You feel like your body isn t really working anymore. Oh... and I also foolishly thought that once the muglies were gone they would take their evil friend the hot flashes along with them. To that I scoff and say nay nay . The hot flashes have now gathered strength in the absence of their mugly friend and appear not only when I m sleeping waking but also spontaneously now when I eat spicy food have more than two cups of caffeine have a glass of wine sit in the bath too long sit in one position too long or chew gum past its prime. That s not an exhaustive list mind you. They continuously find new and inventive ways to trigger You re sure it s a conspiracy thus the throwing of the covers and the immediate OK SERIOUSLY attitude. themselves just in an effort to torture me just a little more. And now it s not just an all over heat I feel. Sometimes now my head starts sweating Now THAT is a lovely feeling. Especially after you ve just styled what s left of your hair Or my chest and neck will get all red and sweaty. Now THAT s just damn sexy. Who the heck ever thought your chest could sweat OR your head all new experiences for me. When I get the head sweats I honestly feel like that witch in The Wizard of Oz when they threw whatever they threw on her... I m melllltinnnnnggggg . Speaking of wine though (we were weren t we ) - it s definitely more economical being in menopause. Wine works a lot quicker now Before I get to the bottom of the first glass I can feel the glow. But of course even just ONE glass of wine now causes insomnia a new friend that moved in with me after the muglies moved out. Two glasses makes me fall asleep much quicker but I still wake up at 2 34am every darn time I have ANY wine. Also the next morning I always have to check my email and any posts I made on Facebook to make sure I didn t make a TOTAL ass of myself. They really should have a wine goggles filter on Facebook. And so younger readers this is just a tip of the iceberg (mmm ice...) that is menopause. Stay tuned for future installments because it just keeps getting better and better Next time we can talk about hair loss bone thinning arthritis or oh yes the many inventive uses of coconut oil. I think we ll call the next chapter Now where the heck did I put that libido Lordy I m SO hawt v Fall Makeup Tips with Makeup Expert Megan McGuigan MORE NEW YORK CITY By Meghan McGuigan After Before The trees in my hometown begin to match the brick wall backdrops. Streets begin to empty as coffee shops fill with conversation and a familiar spicy pumpkin smell. The subways are filled with students we grace each other with smiles as we bump shoulders in transition. Days decrease while I watch sunsets melt behind the next block at dinner. In the evening I wrap myself in the pages of biographies of late heroines and friend-made blankets. I can t wait until the day I get a fireplace. The wind rolls outside this old house and everything here feels a little more New York City. Hello Fall. BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 63 Coral turquois and brights are folded up switched out and packed neatly under my bed. Grey wool socks with red stripes are pulled higher than the edges of my seasoned leather boots. Rich color words like mahogany wine and gunmetal sit on my right brain. I wear a nail polish Lincoln Park After Dark on fingertips. Dark lips full brows jewel hues and cool tones are on trend. Here is a classically-seasonal smoky eye that I created using a dusty grey with a purple sheen. To recreate this look you need three eye shadow colors a skin tone shade a dark shade and a medium shade in the same tone. TIPS AND TRICKS Apply foundation and concealer after creating your smoky eye to clean up any fallen eye shadow. Warm your skin tone with a matte bronzer. Blend blend blend. If you re a more conservative cookie consider using this smoky technique with more neutral shades like medium tone browns. Shimmer eye shadows are always easier to blend but matte is often more grown up and doesn t emphasize fine lines. Mostly my personality is fun and bright but autumn brings out a subtler sexiness in me that s encouraged by darker makeup. Why not get smoldering and bold even if it is an alter ego Layered clothing lattes and sexy sophisticated makeup- how New York City Use a fluffy brush to dust the lids with a neutral skin colored base (you can use a powder foundation for this too ). This will help dark shadows blend more easily. 1 2 BASE IT SMOKE IT Place a dark color (black dark grey brown deep burgundy) on the outer third the lid. With the same fluffy brush blend upward into the crease. Trace the outer half of the lower lash line with the excess color left on the brush. I skipped liner in this tutorial for simplicity sake but you can line the rims of your eyes for an even duskier look if so inclined. 64 3 FINISH IT Think for a minute darling in fairy tales it s always the children who have the fine adventures. The mothers have to stay at home and wait for the children to fly in the window. - Audrey Niffenegger Image by MRP Monica Roberts Photography Model Elizabeth Reynolds BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 65 BBMag s Life Expert Ilana Zinyk answers your most pressing questions Q LOW SELF-ESTEEM Dear Ilana Ilana on life motivation to grow If you re envious of your best friend s active social life why not invite yourself along to some events with her or engage in teams groups or activities where you can build your own network If your sister is a million times more organized than you why not take steps to manage your time and tasks more efficiently such as prioritizing or making lists Identifying enviable traits and qualities in others can be inspiring. Grow in the direction you desire and remind yourself that you are worth it. With dedication direction and purpose you can be whoever you want to be Along your journey remember to keep sight of the amazing person you already are - you have a lot to offer. I ve never considered myself to have low self-esteem but lately I ve been comparing myself to others and putting myself down. A lot of my comparisons are with my friends and I m increasingly resentful over the things they have - they all seem thinner more established or prettier than me. How can I deal with this before I find myself bitter and friendless Signed Down and Out Dear Down It s easy to compare yourself to others and it s also easy to fall into a place where negative thoughts dominate your brain. Focus on your positive attributes and the things you love about yourself and work to strengthen them. What special traits make you who you are What do your friends love about you Maybe you can light up a room with your smile or maybe you give excellent advice. Maybe your dimples add interest to your face your legs are strong or your wit is sharp and quick Perhaps your quiet peacefulness brings others a feeling of calm or your insight helps others feel genuinely listened to and cared for. Whatever your traits are take some time to identify them and really focus on them when you find yourself thinking negatively. Look at yourself in the mirror SMILE big and wide and say I am a wonderful person with a lot to offer. I will treat myself with respect and love because that is what I deserve. A bit of jealousy is normal but rather than letting it add toxicity to your relationships why not harness it as A ROOMIE PROBLEMS Dear Ilana I just moved into my first apartment with my best friend. I thought life would be perfect this school year but I m only a couple of weeks in and miserable. My roomie and I argue about absolutely everything from who will do the dishes to what channel to watch on the television. I am constantly walking on eggshells and I m worried that the friendship will soon be beyond repair What do I do Signed Dealing with a Rude Roomie Dear Roomie Living with someone new can be very trying and often stressful If you feel tension to this extent it s my guess that your roommate does as well. Luckily there are a few possible solutions to this problem not all hope is lost Q A First Talk to your roommate oneon-one. Be open and honest about your feelings and try not to lay blame. Let her know how you feel and take accountability for any actions you have taken to contribute to the hostility. Tell her that you would love to find a way to make your living arrangements peaceful and fun and be genuine when you say it. Second Sit down with your roomie and draw up with some rules to guide your new relationship. It may sound silly but having an actual document (you can even write it in pencil crayon on the back of a receipt - just write it somewhere ) will give you both something to refer to when things spiral out of control. I would include a rationale behind the agreement (probably something like we want to remain friends through this living arrangement ) some ground rules (maybe including things like maintaining open respectful communication who will do what chores and how you will go about paying the bills) and how you will resolve conflict. The document should be influenced by both you and your roommate and should be something you both agree upon. If the first two suggestions don t work don t fret If you find that you simply cannot co-exist with your roomie think about looking at alternate living arrangements finding some extracurricular activities or spending time with other people. This is not a permanent catastrophe and it should not be given the power to ruin your school year. Keep your chin up be the most reasonable rational person you can be and enjoy yourself v 66 Image by MRP Monica Roberts Photography Model Elizabeth Reynolds A person s a person no matter how small. - Dr. Seuss BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 67 Image by Beauty & Bliss Photography Model Nefer Owen 68 Changes By Katie Bickell CONSTANT It wasn t a tough question asked when pregnant Do you plan on breastfeeding Oh I ll try. We ll see. Having to feed an actual baby seemed an eternity away and I was doubtful of my ability to sterilize bottles so yeah. Maybe. Months later my gorgeous Cailena suckled just minutes after birth. That first time was incredible. I felt so powerful after childbirth and now only moments later I was already parenting Suck it Everyone-WhoSaid-This-Would-Be-Hard However subsequent experiences left me anything but confident. With each latch my breast was turning inside out. Hungrily my sweet baby shook me like a dog tearing into a chew toy. My toes curled as I doubled over gasping for breath. It was as frustrating as it was painful I was a total failure. I suck. BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 69 IN TIMES OF CHANGE REMEMBER 1 The song Every Little Thing s Gonna Be Alright. 2 If it weren t for change we wouldn t have butterflies. 3 You are on a journey to your best self. Every day brings you closer. 4 You don t have to be in control. Go with the flow. 5 Rest. 6 Breathe. 7 Change is the only constant life offers. Embrace it. 70 WHEN A NURSE VISITED three days later my nipples showed more blood than milk. Just wait she said. Your milk will come in soon and this will be easier. That night my cup size doubled my husband newborn and I woke milkdrenched along with our king-sized bed and the dog who shared it with us. Gross. Will I ever feel human again As breastfeeding eventually became manageable I forced myself to a torturous pump between feedings and felt a strange sense of pride as my freezer filled with small white bags. Da da da da It s Supermom I d grin remembering my past unable-to-nurse self. Then Caily decided she was fundamentally against bottle feeding and I sobbed as I tossed the milk. What a waste of time I thought considering how pumping had exhausted me to the point of picking fights with my husband and how expensive the pump had been to buy - money we didn t have. I just can t do anything right I told myself I m such a loser. After maternity leave I opened a day home. Caily loved having other children around but when needed she d ask for Quiet Time by bringing me our nursing cover and asking Nuh I adored those feedings they anchored me to my milkdrunk child reminding me to soak up the last moments of babyhood despite the boisterousness of our busy home. Still I would go to bed at night unable to sleep wondering did I give Caily enough love today Is it fair that she has to share me with so many other children Am I a good mom Once Caily began to talk between latches and demanded to be nursed while simultaneously playing with her friends I knew it was time to wean. At sixteen months postpartum a friend and I went on a four day Reclaim your Boobies trip. Despite my aching breasts I laughed drank danced shopped and apologized to my dear friend after my breasts soaked our shared bed. For the first time since I found out I was pregnant I felt like myself again. Oh but how I missed my daughter Spotting babies my eyes would sting and my breasts would tingle. When songs reminded me of her milk dropped like tears. I called home obsessively how could I have abandoned her like that Always my husband assured me that she neither asked for me nor a bottle. She was all sippy cups and Daddy s girl now. Had she ever needed me She was healthy happy thriving. I however was devastated. My identity had cemented into Nursing Mother and I felt lost and useless. No one warned me it would be like this. What did I matter to her now As hormones filtered from my system I noticed a pattern in the personal minicrisises I had experienced over the previous year and a half. I simply wasn t responding to change in a positive way. I hadn t anticipated these constant changes and so I hadn t armed myself with the ability to gracefully accept them. Instead I formed my identity around my new role and I had panicked in selfdoubt when my idea of motherhood even slightly morphed as I expected it to be static. And why wouldn t I When I had announced my pregnancy everyone stressed how altered my life would be but they neglected to tell me that the changes wouldn t stop. No one told me that there were phases of motherhood which would roll over me like water over a rock smoothing my edges yes but also wearing parts of me away. Everyone shared how certain it was that I would have a loss of identity they forgot to share how instantly some part of my life would contradict my new found sense of self once I recovered from the initial shock. With time I remembered a life before lactation. My husband and I started going on child-free dates relieved not to be called home to nurse and I resumed a running routine without having to bind uncomfortably heavy breasts. I felt pride in showing my child how to create nutritious food herself and I learned to enjoy nurturing myself while others nurtured her. I realized that whatever roles a mother plays it is the individual who is needed and loved by her child and not the individual s abilities. I have learned that my value is not tied to another s dependence. As Cailena has grown and developed into a girl who rides her bike up and down the street without my watchful eye I allow myself to feel the loss of her babyness but not the imagined loss of my significance in her life. I reassure myself of my own value not to her or to my family but to myself. I am good I am important I am enough. v MY DAUGHTER fragrances Anderson Image by Loft 50 Photography by Michelle michelle www. Models Janey Ganson with daughter BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 71 If I made a perfume to remind me of you It would be truth love and beauty So your joy could shine through. By Meghan McGuigan I love perfume. The olfactory connection between scent and memory is fascinating a scent can recall sudden memories and evoke powerful emotional responses instantaneously For me I ll never forget coconut and Maui beaches or vanilla and an old friend. HAD THE pleasure of meeting Janey Ganson recent founder of My Daughter Fragrances. I was excited to meet a female entrepreneur and to learn about her journey creating the all-natural scent Joyful. Immediately my attention turned to the packaging. Janey passed me a small emerald box with whimsical fonts and a note to her daughter on the back If I made a perfume to remind me of you It would be truth love and beauty So your joy could shine through. Heart melted. Not to mention the bottle was dang cute Janey s description of floral fields in Paris prompted a girly daydream as well and new bucket list travel destination. The perfumes really are 72 I My Daughter Fragrances Joyful made with love too. See the photo below or her family helping her bottle and package. Janey wanted to create a perfume made with good stuff instead of synthetic ingredients. My Daughter Fragrances Joyful is free of phthalates parabens colorants and animal products. As a makeup artist I am constantly researching products and I know modern natural ingredients give synthetics a run for the money. But I had a few questions are natural perfume ingredients truly as good as synthetics (I love my Coco Chanel Mademoiselle ) Janey Ganson Yes very comparable in terms of quality. Natural perfumes don t smell like a health food store anymore - they are just as complex as synthetic blends. However Joyful may not last on the skin for extended periods of time (over 8 hours on some). Some big brand perfumes claim to last over 12 hours. Janey went on to debunk this claim stating synthetic notes that linger after 10 hours begin to smell stale - scents advertised as long-lasting may not be all they re chalked up to be. What s more about phthalates is that they are a toxic disrupter known to be harmful to our health. Phthalates are used to make plastic more malleable and chemical mixes soft and emollient. Fun (and disconcerting ) Fact you can actually see phthalates on your clothes the resign leaves oily blobs after a spritzing. Joyful leaves no residue just scent. Image by Loft 50 Photography by Michelle Anderson michelle Models Janey Ganson s daughter MAKEUP AND MEG S JOYFUL REVIEW I liked the sweet smell immediately. Joyful is a very feminine goodnatured scent. I would wear Joyful everyday. It s not spicy or seasonal. Classic with notes of sandalwood orange flower grapefruit rose oil jasmine of Grasse spearmint bergamot and lime blossom. Personally I could smell the rose oil and sandalwood after about an hour on my skin. Joyful lives up to its name by its beautiful fragrance and because it is truly a labor of love. To purchase please visit My Daughter Fragrances on Facebook MyDaughterFragrances SO HOW S IT MADE Let s start at the beginning. Somewhat serendipitously Janey met Jessia Buchanan a glamorous tree-hugger from Nelson BC who recently moved to Paris to attend the Grasse Perfume Institute. Cool right Jessica sends ingredients from Paris and Janey mixes the scents in her shoe closet. Janey said the easiest part of her business was choosing the scent. She just gets scents like I get makeup or Bob Dylan gets songwriting. Plus she created a perfume profile in the beginning which helped her focus on the mood personality and idea of perfume she wanted to create through the whole process. Janey was excited for the end result but most of all wanted to show her daughter that she could accomplish anything she set her mind to. She wanted to create a memory with the scent because Joyful is a labor of love for her daughter. FRAGRANCE TIP Does a perfume maker ever get overwhelmed too much to smell Pass the coffee beans Coffee works to both neutralize scents and cleanse the palate. WHAT S NEXT FOR MY DAUGHTER FRAGRANCES Janey is creating a Joyful roller ball for tossing in your purse. Also she is dreaming up another scent possibly more rich and chocolaty. I left our lunch date loving Joyful so much I bought my Mom a bottle. I was also very inspired by My Daughter Fragrance s resourcefulness making the perfume with family. Sometimes motivation feels relative if I m around hardworking people I feel motivated to work more and spend more energy doing what I love. I left Janey with the desire to work harder and think more creatively about my own dream story. v MY DAUGHTER FRAGRANCES GIVEAWAY Go to for details BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 73 Image by Beauty & Bliss Photography Model Kailyn Bailey 74 I thought I was fat ugly weak and unsuccessful. I believed I was never meant to have an extraordinary life and that I would always have to pretend to be happy... By Jenny Cote and Tina Giamberardino Image (left to right) Tina Giamberardino Jenny Cote Life f Pie January 1st 2012 The New Year s 5km Resolution Run Edmonton Alberta. Two friends Jenny Cote and Tina Giamberardino take their first steps (five kilometer s worth actually ) towards a healthy lifestyle conquering doubts and fear to honour loved ones. JENNY A 28 YEAR OLD MOTHER began her journey to meet a fundraising goal for a friend. Most of my adult life being a runner was only a dream admits Jenny I had tried several times to run but I did not believe in my heart that I was ready to take on such a challenge. Running was difficult foreign and most of all I found the thought of it terrifying. It wasn t until a very dear friend was struck by cancer for a third time that I knew I needed to push through all of those mental roadblocks and train to run a 5km run in his honor. From that moment on all of the insecurities holding me back melted away. I was determined to complete my first race when I felt like I just couldn t carry on I thought of Greg and his battle with Cancer. Tina 29 started running for her mom who passed away well before her time. When my mother died suddenly from a massive heart attack it completely devastated me. She was my best friend and I couldn t imagine living without her. Shortly after her passing I vowed to live the life she was meant to but never could. I immediately became a vegetarian and started running. The event also marked a transformation in Jenny and Tina s friendship in which the girls adding the roles of training partners and competitors to their relationship. The race sparked a fire in both of them and after in an effort to increase their capacity as runners they signed up for the St. Patrick s Day 10km in March 2012 sealing their commitment to the new lifestyle. Road races were the start followed by half marathons trail running and even military-themed obstacle courses. There was no looking back. BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 75 Before I started running I perceived myself quite negatively Tina revealed through email I thought I was fat ugly weak and unsuccessful. I believed I was never meant to have an extraordinary life and that I would always have to pretend to be happy. Running has changed all of that When I look in the mirror now I see a strong successful woman that won t let anything get in the way. These past few years have been the best of my life I ve accomplished more than I ever thought I could. Running is who I am it s the reason I get out of bed every day and it s my bliss As a young working mother Jenny finds that running helps her maintain balance in all aspects of her busy life. She continues to sign up and race to remain motivated and happy. That race sparked a fire inside me says Jenny Today instead of wishing I was a runner I am proud to say that I am a runner. After participating in over thirty races the duo found the sport alone was not enough to satisfy their passion for fitness and health. Jenny and Tina wanted to share their story with others in an effort to motivate and inspire so they hit the blogosphere creating their site We Shall Have Pie. By sharing motivational thoughts healthy living recipes training trips and their racing acumen they hope to help others get out there to do what makes them fit and happy even if it is something other than running. They also know training is tough so they encourage everyone to reward themselves once in a while - for these two young ladies that means pie Combining their shared love of running and great food 2013 s May long weekend saw Jenny and Tina organize Edmonton s First Annual Run for Pie with event proceeds going to KidSport HOW RUNNING BLISS It teaches you live in the moment It uncovers the beauty that we unknowingly drive through everyday It provides a sense of accomplishment and pride It promotes health happiness and life balance Running can strengthen friendships motivate and inspire others 5 REASONS TO RUN It gives you energy It boosts your self esteem It lengthens your life span It reduces stress and anxiety It lifts your mood It gives you alone time As people crossed the finish line they were greeted with big smiles and pieces of pie. a charity committed to making organized sports accessible to all children regardless of family income. Over eighty people showed up to participate in the 5km run and walk. As people crossed the finish line they were greeted with big smiles and pieces of pie. The supportive friends and family members of runners weren t left out either all spectators got to join in the fun and help themselves to some treats - not a bad way to spend a sunny day in Edmonton s beautiful river valley Jenny and Tina are already planning to make the Second Annual Run for Pie bigger and better. They plan to keep the run s theme light breezy friendly and accommodating as they are dedicated to appealing to runners and walkers of all abilities. To encourage community building the ladies plan to make it an afternoon-long event with food trucks some live music face painting balloon animals for the kids and of course a bigger selection of pie If you would like more information on KidSport Jenny and Tina or The Annual Run For Pie please follow the ladies at They re friendly and funny and would love to hear from you v 76 Image (left to right) Jenny Cote Tina Giamberardino Image by Beauty & Bliss Photography Model Bronte Fogarty BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 77 Going Au Natural By Claire MacPherson As a general rule I have suffered an overall dissatisfaction with my beauty product options natural expensive or otherwise for as long as I can remember. I was much too old to be breaking out like a high school student yet I was still nuking my face with chemicals before trying desperately to moisturize before the wrinkles set in. All I really wanted was a sensible natural way to clean my face when I came across a blog about The Oil Cleansing Method. It made sense to me at a basic level after all we use an oil to breakdown other oils in our workshop. But the idea of rubbing oil into my acne-prone face Ouch That took some mind-bending But yes I actually decided to try washing my oily face with oil. 78 HE OVERALL IDEA IS THAT by stripping your face of its natural oils every day only to add topical moisturizer you create a self-perpetuating cycle of oil production whether that shows itself in dryness or oiliness. Using a blend of oils chosen for your skin type (and budget) you cleanse with oil rinse and don t need to moisturize. After a period of adjustment (I read some serious horror stories along with the success stories) your face should be beautiful like never before. I decided to give it a shot. Clear moisturized skin is like El Dorado for me worthy of some serious risk-taking. Since I was already risking the possibility of looking pretty bad while adjusting to the OCM I figured I may as well do something about my hair regimen at the same time. I had a pretty low maintenance hair schedule but did have to shampoo my mass of really fine hair every day or it got crazy greasy at least I always thought I did. While doing my research for the OCM I discovered the unfortunately named No Poo Movement (short for No Shampoo). It s the same idea by stripping and then conditioning our hair with chemical products we re actually damaging it instead we should allow the hair to regulate its sebum levels naturally. If anything this was much harder to commit to as I hate having dirty hair. This looked like there was a serious possibility of a harsh and greasy adjustment period. There s no real formula that works for every hair type either. You just mess around with the fairly extensive list of things that have worked for others. I started with a pretty standard baking soda wash and then apple cider vinegar T (ACV) rinse. Since then I ve also used egg honey tea cocoa and cornstarch as well (mostly to see what would happen). Highly important to success they say is a boar bristle brush. While researching everything else I came across another article this one on how to avoid the armpit itchiness you can suffer from with natural deodorants. Since I was already braced to be a bit of an oily horror for a few weeks why not take the risk of being a smelly one too After all it would be a shame to come out at the end of this adventure still using an aluminumbased deodorant. It seems the trick is to balance the alkaline of the baking soda based deodorant with a spritz of an acid or ACV mixed with distilled water. I found a lovely sounding recipe and decided to cook some of that up as well. I m three weeks into this change and I m happy to say that my face had a pretty easy adjustment period I was very lucky it feels great. My hair is good but not great yet. Thank goodness for hats and ponytails and boar bristle brushes. I m still sold on the theory though it s nice to finally have volume and I m told one of these days I ll have fantastic hair again. Most shockingly I actually like the deodorant it works well I m still adjusting to the lack of an antiperspirant though. Theory says I will eventually stop sweating as much though I ll believe it when I feel it. I m thinking overall change is good especially if you research your possibilities. Natural Beauty Care Might Be For You if... 1 2 Remember what you put on your body will eventually end up in your body s cells. You d like less the toxins on in your body 4 Generally you already have many of the tools you need right in your kitchen if you don t perhaps natural beauty care will get you eating healthier as well. I was pretty excited about the space opened up in my shower when I emptied out all the various containers clogging up the shelves. My recycling bin will be happy too. You want to decrease the amount of product and packaging you buy The reason massproduced chemical-laden products have taken hold is that they are easy and pretty fool-proof. Switching to all-natural products involves a lot of trial and error as you discover body s likes and dislikes. You re not faint of heart The natural approach usually dictates that if you wouldn t put it past your lips it shouldn t go onto your body. Honey cocoa avocado oatmeal eggs strawberries cucumbers teas coffee oils - they re all fair game when it comes to natural beauty. 3 Though there may be an initial cost to bumping up you natural product tickle trunk the products you will use the most of are fairly inexpensive (think baking soda honey apple cider vinegar). The more expensive products such as essential oils Argan and Tamanu oils (or other ingredients which must be distilled) are usually used a few drops at a time. 5 You d like to save money You like to play with your food Natural products like to be mixed up fresh or in small batches meaning you can put them in small packages. Bonus if you forget to pack something the odds are you can find it in your friend s kitchen or the local supermarket. 6 You want more room in your suitcase BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 79 Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I ll meet you there. - Rumi 80 Image by MRP Monica Roberts Photography Model Elizabeth Reynolds BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 81 A Lifetime of shoes What will yours say about you By Trisha Poitras In honour of Evlynn Guy Feb. 7 1925 April 28 2009 Top image Trisha Poitras Evelyn Guy (grandmother) Bottom image Jackie Fiddler (Mother) Trisha Poitras Evelyn Guy They say the eyes are a window to the soul but I believe to really get a glimpse of a person s sole we should point our peepers at their shoes My grandmother loved shoes and wore many pairs throughout her life defining parts of her personality and passions... R ubber boots were the choice footwear for most girls growing up on a farm and Evlynn was no stranger to mud and barnyard animals Despite the never-ending chores the farm was a fond memory to her it was there that she built her exceptional work ethic and a go-get- em attitude. As a young woman my grandmother loved to dance I can just see her in a pair of saddlebacks fox-trotting the night away. No doubt the bell of the ball at military dances she eventually met her soldier (my grandfather) who became her first husband and father to their three children. Having children meant she had to put the dancing shoes away for a while instead donning less-glamorous mommy lace-ups necessary for the tasks mothers accomplish each day. After her babies had grown Lynn went back to school and soon put on the first of her many shinny white nursing shoes. These shoes helped her care for many patients over the years from pediatric patients in Edmonton to the elderly in Kelowna. When Grandma retired she found a really good set of walking shoes. One of my fondest memories is watching her walk down an old rural road picking cattails. She walked the beaches of Hawaii to the cobblestones of Europe refusing to settle into retirement like so many assumed she would. With five grandbabies Evlynn had a lot of special occasions to attend. From all of our graduations to our weddings to the birth of our kids Grandma was always there in festive heels of course 82 But I think her favorite pair of shoes must have been her square dancing shoes. Evlynn performed in many festivals throughout Canada well into her golden years. She demonstrated the steps in schools and loved making her costumes but when she slipped on those precious shoes it was like they took on a life of their own. Evlynn also owned many pairs of gardening flats. Her home was rich in floral beauty and her trees produced the yummiest fruit in all of Kelowna. We grandkids used to gorge ourselves pink with cherries when visiting in the summer. In her last independent years her feet were always filling those old gardening shoes - even if just to help neighbors with their own vegetable plots and flower beds. Tending to life s bounty was a passion she passed on to all her kids. Her last shoes were a comfortable pair of slippers although she wasn t limited to them for too long before she was called home. As every year before Grandma spent her last one smiling showing no fear for the adventure which lay ahead. You might think it strange to remember a person by their shoes - those leathery comfy sweaty smelly fabrics that we wear on our feet day in and day out. But in remembering my grandmother s shoes I realize what it means to live a full life to live with courage and determination to be unique and to be happy. I remember that most all shoes just like most all life changes might pinch and hurt at first but that eventually our walk will soften the rigidity creating a perfectly personal fit. v YOGA & WELLNESS RETREAT Join Yoga Instructor Fitness Specialist and Ironman tri-athlethe Lauren Kilian in Join Yoga Instructor Fitness Specialist and Ironman tri-athlethe in April 2014 to relax and rejuvenate. This will be a retreat like no other. Set on Bali s April 2014 to relax and rejuvenate. This will be a retreat like no other. Set on Bali s beautiful landscape you will be able to nurture your mind spirit and body. Come with beautiful landscape you will be able to nurture your mind spirit and body. Come with Lauren to Villa Boreh in one of the beautiful private retreat centers used by the top Yoga Lauren to Villa Boreh in one of the beautiful private retreat centers used by the top Yoga instructors all over the world instructors all over the world The retreat will include The retreat will include 1) 1) 2) 1) 2) 3) 2) 3) 4) 3) 4) 5) 4) 5) 6) 5) 6) ) 6) ) ) 6) ) 9) Approximately 10 group yoga classes Approximately 10 group yoga classes 2 strength and cardio classes Approximately cardio classes classes 2 strength and 10 group yoga One workshop 2 strength and cardio classes One workshop One workshopsession Dance performance Traditional 1 yoga private Balinese One Traditional Balinese Dance performance One Complimentary Massage performance Traditional Balinese Dance Breakfast Lunch andMassage One Complimentary Dinner One nutrition lesson Dinner Breakfast Lunch and Plenty of timelesson One nutrition to explore the wonders of Bali Plenty of time to explore the wonders of Bali Pricing (all fees are in USD) Early bird deadline August 31st 2013 After September 1st 2013 1250 Shared accommodation 1550 Shared accommodation 1350 Private accommodation 1650 Private accommodation Flights and excursions are not included in this pricing. ( a non-refundable deposit of 500 usd is required to reserve your space ) This unforgettable retreat will be held April 13th-19th 2014. For more information or to register please email laurenkilian Image by Beauty & Bliss Photography Model Bronte Fogarty 84 Last words from the Publisher I Know Nothing. I HAVE BEEN STRUGGLING with a massive agenda to change the world for many years. In my journey I have been defeated countless times. What am I doing wrong I continued to ask myself until today when it finally hit me that I no longer wish to change the world... Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself. - Rumi It hit me like a tumbling high rise. All of the walls came crashing down and there left standing in the darkness between the cloud of dust and rubble was emptiness. Looking a little closer I recognized that it was in fact myself an empty weightless entity. Trying to change anyone or anything was saying that I m right and that of which I m seeking to change is wrong. How egotistic and comical I didn t realize the underlying madness of what I thought was a good thing the right thing was actually vice-gripping the very last breath of my life. I didn t realize that what I was doing was actually the opposite of what I set out to do. Hilarious I thought And not cool I m the one that needs to change... When I truly understood the meaning behind Rumi s words I lost all expectations for life and discovered a whole new meaning to it and the answers were not what I expected at all. On a path to find life s treasures or the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow I discovered something else entirely... 1. THAT I KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL Someone once told me to doubt everything I know so I did. It was difficult at first because my mind took over on a race against time to prove that I needed all of my past knowledge in order to survive. You ll never make it without me my mind screamed And then I let go... What I discovered was that knowing nothing actually allows the present moment to blossom in all its glory. Your mind is blank and you enjoy the moment for what it is out of sheer curiosity. You don t expect anything therefore you are not disappointed by any results. And that moment s experience good bad or indifferent is simply that - an experience. On the other hand being in the present moment with preconceived ideas thoughts or knowledge robs the present moment of its true beauty and bliss. It then just becomes a moment (not the present moment but a moment) - stale and colourless. These two to me feel very different. 2. THE DEFINITION OF WISDOM IS NOT KNOWING I THINK How does that even make sense Well I like to think that there is beauty in the emptiness of not knowing a thing. There is no ego there is no right or wrong there is no judgement there is just now and curiosity. That to me is far greater wisdom than any lesson I ever learned in school. Except for one lesson that wasn t a part of the curriculum... I had a teacher who wrote every day on the chalkboard the words Be Here Now She would start each lesson reciting the same thing Be here now. Because right now this very moment you may just learn one of the most important things you ll ever learn in your entire life. What if Be Here Now was it What if that was the most important thing 3. CHANGE MYSELF NOT THE WORLD. This may not be true for everyone but for me trying to change the world has only resulted in feeding my own ego and distancing myself further away from life itself. But changing myself has resulted in new experiences and discoveries and ultimately more happiness because now I see more beauty in the world. When Tom Shadyac (Director of Bruce Almighty Ace Ventura and many more fantastic comedy blockbuster hits) created the world famous documentary I AM he set out to discover What s wrong with the world and What we can do about it What he discovered was what s right with the world. I may not know much (and I truly love that I don t) but I do know that I no longer wish to change the world. My only wish is to share my experiences and provide an outlet for others to share theirs. BeautyBliss is for everyone a place for us to become a community and share our stories with each other on a global scale. If you have a story to share we want to hear it E-mail us at stories CANDACE ROADKNIGHT Founder Publisher BeautyBliss Magazine If you would be a real seeker after truth it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt as far as possible all things. - Rene Descartes Follow our birdy on Twitter BeautyBlissMag Like us on Facebook beautyblissmagazine 85 a SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR FEATURED PHOTOGRAPHERS OUR PHOTOGRAPHERS are not only ridiculously talented but they are beautiful kind souls. They all shoot because they are passionately in love with what they do and that is worth celebrating A special thanks to our featured photog s for bringing such life to the Fall 2013 issue. 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Go ask mom Were you a Christmas miracle or a secret Valentine wink Autumn babies are said to be the happiest babies and destined to be great at sports. Must be all that pumpkin puree Most popular season-themed name You guessed it Autumn Other fall monikers include Apple Leaf Maple Amber Berry Blaze Birch and Hunter. Fall s Flowers are Morning Glory Forget-Me-Not and Aster. Each flower represents a form of love respectively unrequited love true love and hopeful love. Swoon... Sapphires are the precious stones of autumn and are thought to reduce anxiety and improve clarity of thought peacefulness and intuition. Pass the Sapphires please REEVES HARRY Gwen Prince Keanu September 15 1984 October 3 1969 STEPHANI ROBERTS Miranda Julia October 28 1967 November 10 1983 lambert stiller Ben November 30 1965 BeautyBlissMag BeautyBlissMagazine 87 ERNESTOSUE PHOTOGRAPHY PRESENTS ERNESTO SUE PHOTOGRAPHy caleb provan A 19 year old actor and model who has been in films and TV shows such as The Hunger Games - Lionsgate The Remaining - GEM The Long Way Off Revolution and Iron Man 3 . With respect to modeling he has worked with AbercrombiE AND fitch and Hollister. stylist Polymoniker