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Description: December 2013 - The FOOD and WINE ISSUE This issue covers all things Food, Cheese, and Wine. Outstanding recipes from Chef Delight, Top 5 wines under $30.00, the ultimate wine pairing guide, and Christmas shopping safety tips. The December issue also features The Voice Finalist Michaela Paige, an overview of the Real Estate market, featured wedding, Palm Beach Count Veterans Day Parade, and upcoming event

OUT A Palm Beach Lifestyle Magazine Delightful 5 Top Wine & Cheese Pairing Guide Michaela Paige OUT A Palm Beach Lifestyle Magazine Out And About Palm Beach Lifestyle Magazine is dedicated to featuring local talent Events Charities Artists Weddings Fashion Entertainment Food Real Estate Businesses and Palm Beach Living. This magazine is a free monthly publication that is available online. For advertising opportunities please contact us via phone and or email This issue covers all things Food Cheese and Wine. Outstanding recipes from Chef Delight Top 5 wines under 30.00 the ultimate wine pairing guide and Christmas shopping safety tips. The December issue also features The Voice Finalist Michaela Paige an overview of the Real Estate market featured wedding Palm Beach Count Veterans Day Parade and upcoming events. January 2014 - The REAL ESTATE Issue - If you would like to have your Event Wedding Business or Charity featured please submit your information for consideration. Have a story to share Know of a good Artist Business Charity Event or Wedding we should feature Please email us at news Copyright 2013 Out And About Palm Beach Lifestyle Magazine. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the written permission from Out And About Palm Beach Lifestyle Magazine. Neither the publisher nor the advertisers will be held responsible for any errors found in the magazine. The publisher accepts no liability for the accuracy of statements made by advertisers. Ads in this magazine are not interned as an offer when prohibited by state laws mas rist Ch Shopping Safety T ips 30 36 26 4 13 tured BUSINESS Fea ige - NBC s The a Pa Voi ael ce ch Mi Wines Under 30.00 p5 To heese Pairin g Gu and C ide ne Wi 34 21 es dg o 8 11 g in Ev December 2013 41 TATE new s by AL ES E R Ex pe ignature Drink S rth De es cip sse e R rt Re arity spotlight Ch al fit W pro ed Even nR t sp d NDA No otl LE igh CA t nt e 39 Type of Varietal Sparkling Pairs with Fresh goat or Cow Milk triple cr me or Parmesan Mold Ripened Goat Cheese Crisp White Wines Buttery Chardonnay Triple Cr me Cow Milk or Aged Gouda Washed Rind Cow Milk Sweet or Crisp Riesling Lighter Reds-Pinot Noir Sangiovese Semi-Firm or Goat Cheese Manchego Young Gouda Comte Syrah Big Reds Cabernet Sauvignon Aged Cheddar Pecorino Parmesan Bordeaux and Zinfandel and Grana Padano Blue Gorgonzola and triple Cr me Cow Milk Dessert Wine Port When in doubt ask the professionals Use this chart as a guide. Wine and Cheese Pairing guide courtesy of Deb McCarthy The Rustic Cellar ROASTED LAMB Step by step directions on page 38 ic n by Al Writte ia Coll ins nd Ab - Out A out Pa lm B festyle each Li Magaz ine Never mind what others do do better than yourself beat your own record from day to day and you are a success. --William J.H. Boetcker - Real Wedding Ceremony Venue - pueblo bonito sunset beach resort & spa Photographer - Gilda Badillo September 25 2013 -Submit your real wedding to news Event Organizer - Rhonda Davis (RAD Event Production Inc.) Photographer Janis Bucher Grand Marshall - Jerry Klein Guests Mayor Jeri Muoio Congressman Ted Deutch Senator Jeff Clements Representative Bobby Powell Jr. Representative Lori Berman Representative Dave Kerner Congressman Patrick E. Murphy Congresswoman Lois Frankel Several Veterans Organizations JROTC s etc... For post-event coverage please send your event information to Att RonnieD at news Michaela Paige is more than just another singer. She is a 17 year old Sole proprietor. Starting at the young age of 8 Michaela has been performing all over South Florida. Having the talent is one thing but it is how you use that talent that counts and Michaela has it down. From benefit concerts to paid performances she has been working the industry like a pro. For several years she has spent her time performing Jazz Blues and R&B throughout local South Florida businesses and open-mike nights at coffeehouses. On the side she was writing her own music with the goal and intent of using her gift to help and inspire others. She began to outsource her music to the UK in 2005. Since then Michaela s songs have charted in the Top 10 on UK and German Dance charts. On July 19th 2011 Michaela electrified the Audience at Le Poisso Rouge NYC while performing at a Sony Music Jive Records showcase presented by Kevin Harris and D.J. Wayne Williams. Michaela performed 3 songs and the next day was taken directly into Sony Studio 13 to begin writing on a new single at the request of Director of A&R (RCA Jive Label Group) Larry Campbell. Michaela continues to grow as a writer and performer and is continuing on her quest for music stardom.. She has collaborated with artists of many different genres and Michaela s music can be found on over 26 download sites worldwide. Michaela has recently taken on a new venture. She participated in NBC s hit reality TV show The Voice where Michaela not only earned a spot in the Top 12 but graced the likes of USA Today Rolling Stone Access Hollywood and the iTunes Top 100 Chart to name a few. Michaela is also the host of three radio shows on W4CY currently Ranked number one in south Florida and thirteenth in the world for internet radio. Her reach and potential fan basis is global and appealing to many. MichaelaPaigeSings FLASinger1 Youtube. com MichaelaPaigeSings MichaelaPaige the-voice artists michaela-paige Are you a singer song writer We would like to hear from you news hen we first heard about the wine tasting at The French Merchant we honestly did not know what to expect. We imagined the clientele the atmosphere and how it would be run. But it was not anything like we expected. It was an amazing place to simply socialize and taste wines from all over the world. What an incredible experience As we walked into the room it is dimly lit. We sat and heard the song bewitched being played. It was such a relaxing atmosphere. We got up and mingled. We sampled the Moscato and Pineapple. We were simply blown away by the sweet savory flavor and knew Immediately that it would be perfect for a holiday meal. We probably would never have ever tasted or heard about this gem had we not ventured into this event. This wine and cheese tasting event is held every other Friday at The French Merchant 139 N County Road Palm Beach Florida. 561-833-7712. Proprietor Maurice Amiel started the event two years ago. It is a great way for people to shop and to find Maurice s shop said Jennifer Oliver marketing assistant. And it s a great way to sell wines she added. Maurice travels all of over the world to determine what wines he wants for his store. He samples each wine personally before he decides if he wants to add it the inventory or not. When asks how Maurice chooses the wines for each event Jennifer said He picks wines that he wants to introduce to Palm Beach. Jennifer has only been working with Maurice since 2013 and she admits that her knowledge of wines was very limited. She has learned a lot since working with Maurice. It has really opened my eyes to the world of wines she said. Her response is exactly what Maurice hopes to accomplish with his biweekly gatherings. At our wine tasting three were wines from several countries such as Argentina South Africa and Italy. You are able to taste all of them. If you like any of the wines you are able to purchase it when you leave for a reduced price. Here is the list of wines that we had a chance to try 1. 2. 3. 4. Om Delorme Blanc De Blancs Brut Les Rials 2012 Charonnay 2011 Moscato and Pineapple W 5. Moscato and Coconut 6. Malbec 7. Urgate Rioja 2009 8. Chateau De Bonfils Bordeaux 11 9. Tomaoiolo Pinot Grigio 2012 10. Oracle Sav. Blanc. 2013 11. Chimmy Creek Sav. Blanc 2012 12. L Opale Rose 2012 13. Pinot Noir Brugandy 09 14. Pied de Perdrix 2010 15. Tommassi Rafael 11 This is a great way to socialize. There were ladies there for a girl s night out. We saw couples that came dressed up as part of a date night. Also there were people that came out after work to socialize with coworkers. There are an average of 50-75 people per event so it is really an intimate affair. We have regulars that live on Palm Beach said Jennifer Oliver. She said that 75 % of the clientele is generated from sales on Living Social Groupon and Travel Zoo so there is a steady flow of new people. When asked why people should attend Jennifer added simply They will meet people taste amazing wines they never knew or tasted. There were two stations and servers at each table. The wines were displayed and the servers could tell you not only what county the wine was from but also if it was sweet or dry as well as what foods should be served with it. It was like going to a wine tasting class. It was an incredible experience. Divya Khullar an attorney who was invited by one of his clients absolutely enjoyed himself. He has never heard of the event until that night. He said that It was awesome and that it was a great event. We learned from server Daniel Fox that the Tommasi would go well with steak or veal parmigiana and the Les Rials would be best if you were serving grilled chicken or tilapia. If you are looking for an interesting fun and new thing to do with friends or that special someone on a Friday night then why check out The French Merchant. You will not only have a chance to sample wines but have a wonderful time hanging with your friends. Step by step instructions on page 32 Fewer homeowners are in danger of losing their homes When the housing crisis hit the result was that millions of people found themselves in danger of losing their home to foreclosure. The struggling economy created financial hardships for homeowners and many needed to sell their home as a result. However because home values dropped so precipitously they owed more on their mortgages than the homes were worth. These homeowners are called distressed homeowners and in recent years they ve numbered in the millions. Today however these distressed homeowners may find themselves in a much better position. According to the National Association of REALTORS distressed home sales are at their lowest point since 2008 when the foreclosure crisis started. Since most of the distressed properties have been sold off they are no longer having such an intense effect on prices. This means that non-distressed sellers today find themselves in a much better position than at any point since the housing crisis began. Place your AD here 1 2 top ad space 8 Place your AD here 1 2 bottom ad space 9 Fashion forward - Simple Styling Sexy is an up and coming Canadian based t-shirt company. Karim Simon the designer and creator of this young company always loved design. His love of Architecture film and contemporary art is a constant fuel for his personal inspiration. To find these wonderful t-shirts of art visit Simple Simon at smpl.simon smpl_simon smplsimon Place your AD here page Bottom 11 Featured Property MEDITERRANEAN 1 2 ACRE 4BR 3.5BA 3 GAR POOL ESTATE HOME MARBLE FLOORS THROUGHOUT WITH CUSTOM CABINETS & GRANITE GALORE. PRIVATE DOCK WITH TWO BOAT LIFTS 16 000 & 13 000 LBS Event Planning Corporate Events Weddings Let us plan your NEXT event 561-316-7723 954-687-3074 e-mail info radeventproduction Twitter radeventnews Featured Property MEDITERRANEAN 1 2 ACRE 4BR 3.5BA 3 GAR POOL ESTATE HOME MARBLE FLOORS THROUGHOUT WITH CUSTOM CABINETS & GRANITE GALORE. PRIVATE DOCK WITH TWO BOAT LIFTS 16 000 & 13 000 LBS Step 1 Place 1 ripe Papaya into blender Step 2 Add water bananas and strawberries Step 3 Add vanilla extract and nutmeg Step 4 Blend until smooth - chill for 1 hour Hm mm ....Y UM Step 5 Pour and garnish with fresh strawberries Enough This is the last time you will ever put your hands on me No longer will I allow you to strip me of my dignity For years I put up with you and your abuse No No more will I take another beating from you I am done I am through being your punching bag I am not as you often say a piece of dirty old rag I am stronger than that I know exactly who I am And from this day forward I am no longer a battered woman How dare you made me feel less than I am worth Who are you to treat me as though I am less than dirt You are the one with the issues it is definitely not me I know who I am and exactly what I was meant to be I am through with the crying I won t shed another tear No longer will I allow you to make me live in fear So punching me made you feel as though you are the man Well it s my time now you dirty old fool and I am the woman You always made it seem as though I had no choice Well I have looked deep inside and I found my voice Outside on the patio is where you will find your stuff I have simply had--I have finally had enough Place uncooked shrimp into a bowl with salt and black pepper Peal and cut carrots into small chunks Blanch carrots for 3-5 minutes then drain Pour 4-5 Tbsp of olive oil into large skillet over medium heat Add carrots Cinnamon salt and black Pepper Add shrimp - toss for 5 minutes or until Shrimps are cook Serve with rice roasted Squash Turnips and Parsnips Cut Squash Turnips and Parsnips into Chunks place on a baking sheet Sprinkle olive oil Cinnamon and salt Baking Instruction for 12 minutes at 350 F Step by step instructions on page 28 Shelda Hodges Sandals Realty Group Inc. 500 S. Australian Avenue 6TH Floor West Palm Beach FL 33401 Phone (561) 651-4159 Fax 561-422-4829 Cell 561-308-4663 NEW LISTING NEW LISTING S D OL 17293 31ST RD N LOXAHATCHEE FL 33470 17293 31ST RD N LOXAHATCHEE FL 33470 Offered at 109 900 1002 Seminole Palms Drive Greenacres FL 33463 S Offered at 64 900 29 Black Birch Court Royal Palm Beach FL 33411 D OL Offered at 56 900 7202 Glenmoor Drive West Palm Beach FL 33409 Offered at 39 900 2878 Donnelly Drive Apt 206 Lake Worth FL 33462 NEW LISTING C A L L C A L L Offered at 76 000 151 SPRINGDALE CIRCLE PALM SPRINGS FL 33461 BY Meagan Cline Photo by Meagan Cline BY Alicia Collins Bread Knife Dessert spoon Red wine Water glass The Christmas season is upon us Naturally many people have taken the responsibility of preparing Christmas dinner and are gearing up for the festivities. Celebrating with family and friends is always a treat. If you have taken up the challenge of preparing Christmas dinner congratulations your family will love you for it. A large family gathering does not have to be overwhelming nor does it have to be complicated. This article will provide you with helpful tips for hosting a successful memorable Christmas Dinner. Bread place Dessert fork White wine Dinner knife Dinner fork Appetizer fork Appetizer knife Napkin and Dinner Plate Salad fork Soup spoon - The better prepared you are the more successful and less stressed you will be. Let us begin by identifying your goals and expectations. Here are a few helpful questions to help you achieve your goals. v What is the main course how formal or informal will the dinner be Take the time to sit down and come up with a menu. v What decorations dessert entertainment etc. should you prepare v What will your main course appetizers and dessert be v Where can you purchase all of the ingredients Check local store hours in case of an emergency. v Which menu option can you prepare in advance Align silverware one inch from table edge (no more than 2 if using place mats) - Assuming you have decorated your home with holiday trimmings the Christmas tree is the main display. Beautiful lights decorations gifts eggnog chestnuts roasting and Christmas songs lingering in the air are all parts of decorating and setting the stage for a large Christmas dinner. The final touch to your d cor is setting up the table. Show off your entertaining skills by setting up a professional tablescape. - Do not be afraid to ask for help. Ask your family members kids or friends to help with the preparation and assign each person a task and a period to have it completed. As the host of Christmas dinner it is important that you get all of your preparations finished before your guests arrive. You and your home should be properly dressed and ready waiting for your guests to arrive. - Entertainment can be as simple or elaborate as you desire. At our family dinners the kids provide the Entertainment. We watch movies play games and open presents. It is true family time and a great time to relax and enjoy each other. Safety Shopping BY Alicia Collins 1) Do not leave valuables and Christmas shopping bags in your car place them in the trunk safely out of sight. 2) Shop on days when the mall and stores are less crowded such as weekdays or Sunday mornings. 3) Park close to the entrance of whatever retailer you are visiting or near a lamppost. 4) When using an ATM be observant of your surroundings. Do not use an ATM late at Night. 5) Do not keep excess cash on you. Shop with what you need only or use a debit credit card. 6) Shop in pairs groups as a shopping buddy can distract potential robbers. 7) Pay attention to your surroundings and always be alert when in a busy retail environment for pickpockets or purse-snatchers. Always keep an eye on shady characters. 8) If you have 5 or more bags put them in trunk of your car then continue shopping. 9) Keep your credit cards safe by placing them in the proper protective casing. 10) Keep your cell phone close just in case you have an emergency. 11) Have kids Your kids should be supervised closely when shopping if you do not have to bring the kids out let them stay home. 12) If purchasing gifts online make arrangements for the neighbor to receive the package(s) from UPS or make arrangements to retrieve your package from UPS Location. 13) Avoid talking on the phone when packing bags into your vehicle. 14) Most large malls and some retailers have security on staff. If you feel uncomfortable by another shopper or are concerned about exiting the premises at night you can usually ask for an escort to your vehicle. When it comes to the holidays good food and great fun take center stage. For the many people that will be serving wine at their holiday festivities the enormity of the cost of supplying wine for a large crowd can be unnecessarily stressful. Many people shy away from affordable wines believing that the lower cost equals lower quality. I am here to tell you that is not always the case. While I am by no means a wine connoisseur I do pride myself on the fact that I have sampled many affordable wines both for an occasional imbibe and for cooking. Fortunately I have been lucky enough to come across two great brands of wine that meet both needs exceptionally without breaking the bank. First my new favorite wine is flipflop brand wine. Flipflop wines are multiple award-winners and are considered a Best Buy by Wine Enthusiast. Their affordable price makes flipflop an easy choice and the quality is exceptional. Collaborating with distinct winemakers to produce from the source wines that make flipflop a sensation winemaker James Foster is one of the leaders in the industry for affordable wine. One of the great things about flipflop wine is that they are available at many regular retail stores. The product is created to be affordable straight forward and ready to enjoy. On each bottle of wine you will find pairing recommendations as well as a summary of the flavors of the variety of wine you are considering. Simple flavorful wine is what you will get from every bottle. I highly recommend the Pinot Grigio if white wine is your preference. The subtle sweetness and gentle fruit flavors make it a great choice for enjoying alongside a meal or while relaxing afterward. My next venture with flipflop is their line of bubbly which is destined to be a winner if the smooth fruity flavors of their wine is any indication. Another favorite is Barefoot brand wines. Barefoot wine is another award-winning U.S. made wine that has passion and drive behind the brand. Founded by Jen Wall who is also a wife mother and charity supporter Barefoot wine packs a lot of flavor into a reasonably priced and readily available package. Barefoot wine is a fun flirty brand that is designed to be enjoyed with great food and friends. Barefoot wines heartily support consumers of all lifestyles and the brand is dedicated to improving communities all across the U.S. With a wide selection of wines champagne and sparkling drinks everyone will find something that appeals to their palate with Barefoot. Fun flavors such as Tropical Fusion Impression (blend of reds) and Perfectly Pink are great light and crisp wines that will tempt your senses and take your holiday get-together to a completely new level. As a fan of blush and dessert wines the Pink Moscato and White Zinfandel are definite favorites. Barefoot brand offers a variety of unusual red wines including Shiraz Malbec and Sweet Red all of which boast awards. Cut meat into small chunks finely diced rosemary sage garlic and thyme - add salt black pepper & wine in a bowl - Let it Marinate for 1 day INGREDIENTS In a large skillet add Olive Oil meat and Wine - Cook for about 2 hrs or until tender Add wine onions red peppers tomatoes let it simmer on low heat for 1 hour Place broccoli in a skillet with 1 tsp of Olive oil toss until tender Serve with broccoli and rice Step 1 Place room temperature cheese into bowl. Step 2 Finely dice tomatoes and mint into small pieces then place in bowl with cheese. 1 Baguette Step 3 Finely dice hot and spicy salami in small pieces add to mixture with cheese and tomatoes. Step 4 Cut baguette into small pieces brush Olive oil on both sides bake in oven for 3-6 minutes on 350 degree oven Rub garlic on baguette then add cheese Mixture on top of baguette. 6.7 OZ Wensleydale Cheese with Fig and Honey 8 OZ Bite size dry salami hot and spicy 12-20 cherry tomatoes 5-11 Mint 12 tsp of Olive Oil About this Wine A refreshing cocktail with flavors of coconut. Type of Wine Sparkling Wine Country Italy Region Italy Varietal Moscato Brand Villa Jolanda Costs 20.00 About this Wine A refreshing rich fruit flavors Type of Wine White Country France Region France Varietal Other White Brand Lionel Osmin Costs 25.00 About this Wine Fresh fragrant and frizzante with vibrant flavors and aromas of ripe stone fruit tangerines and honey. . Type of Wine White Country Italy Region Italy Varietal Brand Bevlamo Costs 16 About this Wine A refreshing wine flavor with apple white cherry currant and wild plum. Type of Wine White Country Germany Region Germany Varietal Riesling Brand St urbans Hof Costs 18 00- 25.00 About this Wine fruity with flavors of apricot and peach. Perfect with light meals desserts or on its own. Type of Wine White Country Germany Region Germany Varietal Riesling Brand Landshut Costs 8 00- 10.00 45.00 10 Multi-Point Star of Bethlehem Glass Gem Christmas Tree Topper - Clear Lights - 5.39 Gloria Duchin Wine Bucket Ornament 3.37 Sandra by Sandra Lee Winter Terrace Lavendar Feather Ball Ornament 273.37 7.5 700 Clear Light Frosted Christmas Tree 47.99 http 2375.00 Miss Sicily Lace Handbag 525.00 http Aquarius Cuff Bracelet - Genuine Leather Price range 75 - 90 http 196.88 http 195.00 http The Not So Perfect Pairing Wine and Cheese BY Deb McCarthy Ever go to the store and think why not just present a little wine and cheese Only to be met by a selection of hundreds of cheeses and thousands of wines At that point where do you even begin Being part of the wine industry the past ten years I have found it s becoming as complex to select the perfect cheese as it is to find the most delectable wine Cheesemonger Is that even a real word Well of course it is. The cheesemonger is to cheese what the wine maker is to wine an artist. Each with their own passion vision and desire to create a sensory and journey that leaves you wanting more. So where to begin I have found there are a few basics that help us when we create a cheese plate to pair with our wine selection. 1) Keep it simple and limited. Present less than four cheeses. Much like perfume shopping tasting or smelling more then four cheeses can create palette fatigue which only creates a less than satisfactory experience. 2) Choose and pair cheese to increase in intensity just like a wine tasting. The lighter cheese and wine first leading up to the heavy most flavorful. This rule is the same even if you are pairing with all red wines. 3) Know your mission If you have a special bottle of wine you want to drink pair the cheese to the wine. Conversely if you find a cheese at your local farmer s market or cheesemonger that rocks your world find a wine that will only enhance that selection Its important to understand the components of the wine you will be drinking. Acidity tannins oak and alcohol are the components that will stand out and become dominate. These should be your focus when choosing a pairing. Additionally fat salt and texture in the cheese could dictate the success of the marriage of the wine to the cheese. Don t get frustrated There s no absolute or define way to say a certain varietal will go with a certain cheese. Remember our winemakers and cheesemongers are artists-the flavor profile is the one they create for us. You might be asking yourself Ok great but where do I even begin There are a couple of safe options Parmesan and Comte. These will pair naturally with any wine of good quality from Sauterne or Sparkling to a subtle pinot noir or burgundy moving up to a Bordeaux or even the biggest or youngest Napa Cabernet. Just try to make sure neither the wine nor the cheese over power each other. The experience should be a romantic dance on your tongue as the flavors unite When in doubt ask the professionals. When we choose cheese at the wine bar or even when we choose wine for a guest we ask a lot of questions. But as a base line we use the cart on page 4 as a guideline. Then to add a little elegance we like to garnish with roasted olives dried fruit candied walnuts and fruit compote. I hope you enjoy the not so perfect pairing. Deb McCarthy owns and operates The Rustic Cellar Wine Bar in Boca Raton Florida. The Rustic Cellar proudly pours over 200 wines by the glass and boasts wine as the main Course Conveniently located at 409 SE Mizner Blvd The Rustic Cellar is open Monday-Saturday every week. Deb recently obtained her level one with the Court of Masters and is working towards her life long goal of becoming a sommelier. Citrus Fusion 1 Mason Jar Mug 17.5 oz 1 Lime 1 Lemon 1 Grapefruit and 1 Orange Cut a few slices of each Fruit - Add water Let it sit for 2- 24hrs - Remove Fruits Add Ice - Serve - oic es Ch Herbal Fusion 1 Mason Jar Mug 17.5 oz 1 -2 Stems of Rosemary 12 Pieces of Mint Place herbs into water Let it sit for 2- 24hrs - Remove herbs Add Ice - Serve (bruise the mint leaves before placing into jar) Pineapple Fusion 1 Mason Jar Mug 17.5 oz 12 Pieces of fresh apple 12 Pieces of Mint Place herbs into water with chunks of pineapple Let it sit for 2- 24hrs - Remove mint and pineapple Add Ice - Serve (bruise the mint leaves and pineapple before placing into jar) He alt hy Raspberry Fusion 1 Mason Jar Mug 17.5 oz 1 2 Raspberry 12 Pieces of Mint Place Raspberry and mint into water Let it sit for 2- 24hrs - Remove mint and raspberry Add Ice - Serve (bruise the mint leaves and raspberry before placing into jar) B BY Anthony Corvo ring the fun and discovery of fine wines from around the world right to your own home. Invite friends When the financial crisis hit the housing market changed dramatically. In less than a year prices dropped and the equity that homeowners had in their homes disappeared seemingly overnight. Many people who were ready to sell their homes at that time had to put those plans on hold until the market Recovered. No one will tell you that today s market has fully recovered but there are positive changes underway and the changes are happening rapidly. For homeowners who had to wait to sell their homes today may be the day they were waiting for. No one will tell you that market has fully recovered but there are positive changes underway and the changes are happening rapidly. You may now have equity in your home The reason is simple Prices have increased dramatically. Many homeowners may not realize it considering how far the real estate market fell when the housing bubble burst but in the past 12 months prices have actually rebounded at a fairly remarkable pace. In fact according to the Case-Shiller Home Price Index (a composite of prices in 20 major metropolitan area) prices rose 11.8% year over year in February of 2013. This is the biggest yearly increase in prices since November of 2005 when the market was almost at its peak. The result is that people are lining up to buy homes in today s market. So why have prices increased so quickly Provided by SHELDA HODGES PA SANDALS REALTY GROUP INC 500 S AUSTRALIAN AVE 6TH FLOOR WEST PALM BCH FL 33401 561-308-4663 SHELDA SHELDAHODGES.COM http Advertise with us And watch your news Nutrition Summary Calories 440 Fat 31g Carbs 37g Protein 8g There are 440 calories in 1 slice of strawberry cheesecake. Calorie Breakdown 61% fat 31% carbs 7% protein. Sweet T ......... o r maybe not reat INGREDIENTS Add red wine finely chopped rosemary sage thyme salt and black pepper into a bowl Let it marinade for one day Pour inch of olive oil into large skillet over medium heat then add lamb sear lamb on both sides Remove Lamb place lamb onto foil paper add fresh Rosemary Lemon Sage Thyme Butter and wine Place Lamb in 350 degree oven for 1hrs Serve with baby Potatoes Baby Potatoes Wash and cut potatoes into small cubes Place parsley olive oil salt and Potatoes into 350 degree oven for 20 minutes Upcoming Events Submit your event for consideration News Events must be submitted two months In advance. We cannot guarantee all submitted events will be publised. First 75 COUPLES RECEIVE A HONEYMOON STAY FOR ORLANDO FL A portion of show s proceed benefit The Palm Beach County Veterans Committee. Sunday Feb 16 2014 - 1 00PM - 4 00PM RAMADA Conference Center Prizes Prizes CALL 561-316-7723 - http 19uRI7p email info he Palm Beach County Veterans Committee Inc. proudly honor through the Memorial Day Ceremony and the Veterans Day Parade past present and future veterans in this our Country the United States of America. The Annual Palm Beach County Veterans Parade celebrates and honors the valiant courageous service and sacrifice of the brave men and women Veterans and their families. The yearly Veterans Day parade is held on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach Florida and Memorial Day Ceremony is held at South Florida National Cemetery. As Americans we should take every opportunity to continually show our highest level of respect honor and gratitude to our men and women in uniform. The Palm Beach County Veterans Committee is comprised of volunteers from local veteran s organizations and community activists. It receives no grants or funds from any government agency. They rely entirely on private donations to host the parade as well as an annual Memorial Day Ceremony. To make a tax-deductible donation to help defray the costs of the parade please contact Committee Treasurer Aaron Augustus at 561-844-2004. To make a donation using PayPal please visit the Palm Beach County Veterans Committee website at T The committee will be recipients of two upcoming events -- The Benefit Cruise-In which will be held on January 11 2014 from 10 00AM to 2 00PM See advertisement on page 40 as well as the Bridal Show Extravaganza which will be on February 16 2014 from 1 00PM - 4 00PM See Advertisement on next page. Please help us promote these events. Co-Chair Pat Rielly -- offkelly or (561)236-7952 Co-Chair Secretary Charlotte M. Rebillard -- crebillard or (561)758-5420 Treasurer Aaron Augustus -- aron419 or (561)844-2004 Memorial Day Ceremony VA National Cemetery Monday May 26 2014 And City of West Palm Beach Veterans Day Parade Sunday November 9 2014 First A portion of show s proceed benefit The Palm Beach County Veterans Committee. 75 COUPLES RECEIVE A HONEYMOON STAY FOR ORLANDO FL A portion of show s proceed benefit The Palm Beach County Veterans Committee. Sunday Feb 16 2014 - 1 00PM - 4 00PM RAMADA Conference Center Prizes Prizes CALL 561-316-7723 - http 19uRI7p