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Description: Preview of "WINGS Across America" aviation magazine.

Wings across America A salute to American Aviation Four F-16s await refueling over Utah Range DIVIDS Photo - Credit U.S. Air Force SSgt. Stephany Richards Vol. 23 U.S. Naval Aviation-100 years and counting U.S. Navy Blue Angels USAF Thunderbirds Over the grand canyon USAF Thunderbirds Photo Where World War II began... U.S. Navy Photo by MCSN Rosa Arzola ...and where it ended Crewmen man the rails of the carrier U.S.S. Carl Vinson as it passes by the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial where the Arizona was sunk in the attack on Pearl Harbor HI and the battleship U.S.S. Missouri where the Japanese surrendered four years later. Pearl Harbor is one of Hawaii s main tourist attractions and the addition of the giant Missouri which played a major role in the war in the Pacific has added to the appeal of the elements that played such a major role in World War II.