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Description: Annual Review

Eucalyptus an Australian icon EUCALYPTUS AN AUSTRALIAN ICON 1 TAblE of conTEnTs Front cover image courtesy of Jill Redwood About Our Benefactor Chair s Overview About Us Governance Projects Funded Small Grants Case Studies Multi Year Grants Case Studies Special Projects Case Studies Events Finances Looking Ahead 2 3 4 4 5 7 10 11 12 13 13 2 AboUT oUR bEnEfAcToR In 1928 at the age of thirty Klaus Bjarne Dahl ventured from Norway to Australia to take up the position of forest assessor with the Forests Commission of Victoria. In 1946 still with the Forest Commission of Victoria Dahl was appointed Head of the Victorian Forest Assessment Branch of the Commission. In 1948 Dahl became the Chief Australian Paper Manufacturers where he worked until 1961. During this period he travelled extensively throughout Victoria New South Wales and Queensland. Throughout his life Dahl purchased land and managed forests as a private investment and with other fortuitous investments grew his private wealth. During his career Dahl the Australian bush and in particular a love of the Silvertop Ash or Eucalyptus sieberi so much so that he bequeathed all his property to the Forests Commission of Victoria (now the Department of Environment and Primary Industries) to be established as a Trust focused on the promotion and conservation of eucalypts. Dahl recalled I was once a Chief Forester and I owe [the] Forests Commission of Victoria a great deal of gratitude for giving me in 1928 the opportunity to make good in my profession. Dahl died in 1993 and his estate has been professionally managed and grown as directed in his will. chAIR s ovERvIEw Welcome to the 2012-13 Annual Review for the Bjarne K Dahl Trust. Included in this review is an overview of achievements activities and information about the grants awarded in our Grants Programs and some of our plans for the Trust in the next year. This review covers the period from July 2012 to June 2013. Since the launch of the Bjarne K Dahl Trust (the Trust) in August 2010 to the end of the June 2013 the Trust has distributed over 550 000 worth of grants to more than 60 organisations groups or individuals across Australia. This year the Board revised our Small Grants Program to an annual program of two rounds. There was a good response to this revised format from organisations groups and individuals across Australia with a common interest in conservation of eucalypts and the education of the public about eucalypts. this year the Eucalypts of Northern Australia project (see case study in this review). This is a very important initiative for the Trust to be supporting longer-term projects. The Trust was delighted to support and be a part of the Art Gallery of Ballarat s Exhibition Capturing Flora 300 years of botanical art exhibition in 2012 details of this stunning exhibition are detailed in a case study in this review. We continue to be impressed by the quality of work Gums to River Reds a story of eucalypts from Mount Kosciuszko to the Murray River from a small grant awarded in 2011 to the Organisation Slopes2Summit. support was also given to the University of Melbourne School of Botany for the Imaging and Online Access will facilitate herbarium information being available worldwide for eucalypt study. the Castlemaine Event initiated by the Norman Wettenhall Foundation in October 2012. And in December 2012 the Trust held our Board meeting in North-central Victoria where the Trustee s were able to tour the Moolort Landcare area and see native vegetation management projects undertaken over a 30year period including the Moolort Wetlands Project. We congratulate the Royal Botanic Gardens in Victoria We attended the public opening in October 2012. This It is important to thank Daniel Tom our Private Client Advisor of Perpetual for prudent investment of the funds which enables the Trust to function smoothly. I am fortunate to work with a knowledgeable and dedicated Board of Managing Trustees. The Board was joined in June 2013 by two new Trustees Chris Lloyd and Nick Lilley. The dedication of our Executive to the good progress of the Trust. The Board thanks Greg Wilson who served as the Trustee since August 2009 until April 2013 in his capacity as Secretary of Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE). The Board then welcomed Adam Fennessy the new Secretary of Department of Primary Industry and Environment (DEPI) in April 2013 to this role. These changes followed from changes to the Secretaries of the Victorian Government Departments. We wish to thank the Secretary s delegate Kylie White who served us well from September 2010 until June of DSE. We look forward to expanding our work and partnerships please feel welcome to visit our website or about the Bjarne K Dahl trust. Alison Teese Chair EUcAlYPTUs An AUsTRAlIAn Icon The Trust is a member of both Philanthropy Australia and Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network and thank them for their valuable support as we continue with the Trust s activities. 3 AboUT Us bjarne Bjarne K Dahl Tust 2012 13 ANNUAL REVIEW 2011 12 AnnUAl REvIEw GovERnAncE The Bjarne K Dahl Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees. Members of the Board of Managing Trustees Ms Alison Teese (Chairperson) Mr Ken King Dr John Miller AO FCPA Prof. Leon Bren Prof. Pauline Ladiges AO FAA Mr Chris Lloyd (commenced June 2013) Mr Nick Lilley (commenced June 2013) Mr Greg Wilson Secretary Department of Sustainability and Environment Victoria (concluded April 2013) Mr Adam Fennessy Secretary Department of Environment and Primary Industries Victoria (commenced April 2013) Ms Kylie White Delegate to the Secretary Department of Sustainability and Environment Victoria (concluded June 2013) The Bjarne K Dahl Trust is a philanthropic fund established by a bequest from Bjarne Klaus Dahl to focus on the iconic Australian tree the eucalypt . The Trust was formally established in 2007 through an Order of the Supreme Court of Victoria as an independent Trust separate to the Department of Sustainability and Environment of Victoria. In 2009 Trustees were appointed and the Trust formally commenced operations in 2010. oUR vIsIon We envisage a public inspired by and appreciative of eucalypts. 4 oUR MIssIon legacy we will direct our resources towards areas that have the greatest potential for impact in order to promote establish cultivate and conserve eucalypts and educate the public in these matters. oUR focUs The establishment promotion cultivation and conservation of eucalyptus trees and The education of the public in the establishment cultivation and conservation of eucalyptus trees. MAnAGEMEnT Image courtesy of Dr Stuart Blanch PRojEcTs fUnDED 2012 sMAll GRAnTs PRoGRAM in relation to eucalypts. The principal aims of the Small Grants Program are to protect and enhance information and education on eucalypts. The year of 2012 saw two rounds of grants distributed to community groups educational and research organisations and individuals under the Small Grants Program. These grant recipients are implementing highly relevant projects which align with the Bjarne K Dahl Trust objectives both through direct action and public education. In total 147 050 was distributed in two rounds to 13 separate projects across Australia. Round one saw 92 200 distributed to eight diverse projects as follows Charles Darwin Reserve & Eurardy Reserve - Protecting Eucalypts from Fire in Western Australia Bush Heritage Australia Environmental Detectives What Gum is That Bass Coast Landcare Network Gum Nuts Education and Conservation of Tasmanian Eucalypts Greening Australia Enhancing conservation strategies for the critically endangered Eucalyptus morrisbyi University of Tasmania Fire as a tool for restoration of degraded eucalypt woodlands University of Western Australia Enabling volunteers and Landcare groups to restore eucalypts to the Victorian Volcanic Plains Lismore Land Protection Group Cattle Creek Riparian Restoration with Eucalypts Northern Gulf Resource Management Group Book titled Eucalypts of Western Australia Malcolm French (individual) Total distributed in Round 1 15 000 92 200 13 000 EUcAlYPTUs An AUsTRAlIAn Icon 5 8 200 13 500 12 000 13 500 4 500 12 500 15 000 The University of Melbourne Environmental Tacklers Learning Group Mill Park Heights Primary School Prioritising conservation areas in northwest Victoria based on mallee eucalypt species Bjarne K Dahl Tust 2012 13 ANNUAL REVIEW 2 000 15 000 The University of Melbourne Using foliar chemical traits as a tool to help conserve genetic diversity in the threatened species Eucalyptus froggattii The University of Melbourne Genotypic and chemotypic diversity of Eucalyptus moluccana and its role in psyllid-cased dieback University of Western Sydney Total distributed in Round 2 12 850 10 000 54 850 6 GEoGRAPhIc sPREAD of DIsTRIbUTIons 25 % 8% 8% 17% % 21 42% AcT AUsT wIDE nsw qlD sA TAs vIc wA nT 7 PRojEcT fEATURE Charles Darwin Reserve & Eurardy Reserve Protecting Eucalypts from Fire in Western Australia critical habitat for key species including the iconic red-tail black cockatoo and are also home to many reptiles and nocturnal bat species. Together these fauna much of which has been lost from nearby regions due to land clearing. The project included undertaking works at both York gum woodlands and sand plain vegetation communities. The works would not have been possible without the funds obtained through the Dahl Trust s Small Grants program. BUSH HeRiTAGe AUSTRALiA 2012 Small Grants Program - Round 1 13 000 granted a positive and negative way. In 2011 Bush Heritage averted thanks to Bush Heritage Australia s team of management plan. is so crucial for the management of our natural environment. Charles Darwin Reserve in Western Australia contains 23 species of eucalypt and is home to protected species that depend on old growth woodlands for habitat. Eurardy Reserve in Western Australia is home to 19 species of eucalypt including the endangered Beard s Mallee. The York Gum woodlands at Eurady Reserve form Image courtesy of Nathan McQuoid 7 Image courtesy of Bush Heritage Australia Wrigley & Fagg Eucalypts A Celebration 2010 Bjarne K Dahl Tust 2012 13 ANNUAL REVIEW Norton T. W Conservation and management of eucalypt ecosystem 1997 PRojEcT fEATURE Cattle Creek Riparian Restoration with Eucalyptus Camaldulensis 8 NoRTHeRN GULF ReSoURCe MANAGeMeNT GRoUP LTd. 2012 Small Grants Program - Round 1 12 500 granted Cattle Creek is a severely degraded waterway that runs through the Ariga Plain and forms part of the Greater Mitchell River Catchment in far northern Queensland. Degradation in recent years has been attributed to a rising groundwater table and removal of riparian vegetation which in turn has led to high salinity and devastatingly low aquatic biological activity. The Northern Gulf Resource Management Group initially planned to plant 1 500 red gums (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) along Cattle Creek in order to abate these issues but plans changed following engagement with local landowners and Queensland Government hydrology mapping. Two organisations were engaged by the Northern Gulf Resource Management Group to implement the Cattle Creek project. The Mitchell River Watershed Management Group took on a large part of the organisation and promotion of the project and with the help of volunteers and local school children 1 000 seedlings were planted. NQ Land Management Services were contracted to plant the remaining seedlings. Further support was received from Parkerhouse Pastoral who assisted greatly with the land preparation and donated a further 1 000 seedlings to the project. The Cattle Creek project has had many positive effects that reach beyond the groundwater table. It has provided environmental education to numerous schoolchildren generated publicity for the Cattle Creek area and has led to the reformation of the Cattle Creek Landcare Group which had been dormant since 2006. optimal impact on the reduction of salinity and improvement of conditions for riparian vegetation to thrive. Image courtesy of Northern Gulf Resource Management Group PRojEcT fEATURE Herbarium Collection THe UNiveRSiTy oF MeLBoURNe 2012 Small Grants Program - Round 2 15 000 granted In June 2012 Bjarne K Dahl Trust commenced support for an important project being undertaken by The University of Melbourne. This project involves the digitization of the entire collection of eucalypt specimens held by the University of Melbourne Herbarium (MELU) for the purpose of improving accessibility of information to a variety of users and also ensuring that this information is safely stored. Bjarne K Dahl Trust s contribution is focused on the digitization of the University s collection of the genus Eucalyptus comprising 2 151 specimens. support of botanical research. It is envisaged that this database will be accessed by eucalypt taxonomists researchers plant ecologists conservationists students and the interested public It will make an invaluable contribution to the conservation of and education about eucalypts. Image courtesy of Jill Redwood So far the project has digitized over 2 000 specimens of Eucalyptus and is now focusing on the several hundred specimens of the related eucalypt genera Corymbia and Angophora. The project is set for completion in the middle of 2014. When complete The University of Melbourne s around 4 000 eucalypt species. Image courtesy of the University of Melbourne Herbarium EUCALYPTUS AN AUSTRALIAN ICON 9 MUlTI YEAR GRAnTs AwARDED Eucalypts of Northern Australia The environment Centre Northern Territory Total for Multi Year Grants 50 000 50 000 Bjarne K Dahl Tust 2012 13 ANNUAL REVIEW EnvIRonMEnT cEnTRE noRThERn TERRIToRY eUCALyPTS oF NoRTHeRN AUSTRALiA This year Bjarne K Dahl Trust has funded one long-term project. Eucalypts of Northern to restore and conserve the savanna of North Australia with a special focus on eucalypts. As the largest ecologically intact tropical savanna in nationally and globally. The savanna of Northern Australia spans from Cape York Peninsula across to Broome and covers an area of 120 million hectares 98% of which is uncleared. It is rich in biodiversity including eucalypts and home to many indigenous communities. Environment Centre NT is the only major environmental organization based in the north of Australia and as such their role in protecting the eucalypts of this region is important. This project will sit under their major campaign the scale conservation program of national and can be collaboration in the future management of the savanna. Bjarne K Dahl Trust is providing a gift of 50 000 per year for three years. Our funds underpin the implementation of the project and protection of eucalypts. One year into the project some major milestones have already been achieved. Dr Clare Taylor has been appointed as Project Manager and has taken positive steps in forming a stakeholder group to consult on the project. Dr Taylor has a strong history in Northern Australia having focused her PhD on the Fitzroy River in the Kimberley and worked in Northern Australia on many projects. In addition Dr Don Franklin will develop conservation mapping assessment for In the next twelve months it is hoped that there will be a website set up for Eucalypts materials for use in schools will have been developed and trialed. 10 will be undertaken to determine the ecological value of the savanna as well as assessing the introduction of invasive species. The aim of the project is to develop a sound base of information that can be used in planning for the conservation of the area as well as in the building of strong relationships between stakeholders so that there Image courtesy of Professor Pauline Ladiges AO FAA sPEcIAl GRAnTs AwARDED Capturing Flora School Education Program The Art Gallery of Ballarat Exhibition sponsorship The Art Gallery of Ballarat Total for Special Grants 10 000 5 000 15 000 ART GAllERY of bAllARAT CAPTURiNG FLoRA 300 yeARS oF AUSTRALiAN BoTANiCAL ART In 2012 Bjarne K Dahl Trust supported Capturing Flora a highly successful art exhibition held at the Art Gallery of Ballarat from September 25th until December 2nd. The objective of the exhibition exhibition. A Drawing Laboratory was provided for students to further their own creative pursuits. Some of the funding provided by Bjarne K Dahl Trust was used to purchase equipment print a resource and offer the program to schools free of charge. the event with articles in The Saturday Age Herald Sun The Weekend Australian and Voyeur (Virgin Australia magazine) amongst others. The results from the visitor survey conducted were overwhelmingly positive and our sense of achievement truly leapt when we heard that upon visiting Capturing Flora one guest was thoroughly entranced by this exhibition of such exquisite 11 settlement. Art based around Eucalyptus played an important role in this event. The artwork was in a word beautiful. It spanned from William Dampier and the early explorers up to the present day and was displayed with information about each plant and artist. Alongside the exhibition a book was published and released for sale entitled Capturing Flora 300 years of only displays some of the art that was shown at the exhibition but tells the tale of the artists that are credited with the works and how their love for The exhibition had great reach both within and beyond the community of Ballarat with total visitation almost 19 000. School children came to learn about science art and history and participate in an educational program focussed on Australian plant species that was held in conjunction with the Image courtesy of The Art Gallery of Ballarat Bjarne K Dahl Tust 2012 13 ANNUAL REVIEW EvEnTs cAsTlEMAInE RURAl EvEnT This year the Bjarne K Dahl Trust supported the Norman Wettenhall Foundation to present a two-day program in October 2012 in Castlemaine Victoria. The event showcased environmental activities and gave attendees the opportunity to participate experience and learn. Activities Supporting the Norman Wettenhall Foundation to run this event was a great opportunity for the Dahl Trust to work in partnership with another Environmental Philanthropic organisation enhancing both organisations and allowing us to reach a new audience. 12 Costermans and Professor Leon Bren) a botanical drawing class bird watching with experts (including Chris Tzaros from Birdlife Australia) a special talk by Raimond Gaita (author of Romulus My was based and a dinner with guest speaker David The Dahl Trust s contribution for the event included support with planning of the event and leading two activities on day one. These were the drawing session of which the participants openly conveyed their enjoyment and appreciation of eucalypts. Leon Costermans guided eucalypt eucalypt enthusiasts. Image courtesy of April Merrick fInAncEs fInAncIAl REPoRT income tax exemptions. The Trust s assets are managed by Perpetual Trustees as an ethical and socially looKInG AhEAD In 2013-14 we will continue to operate as a grant-making body through our successful Small Grants Program and focussed multi-year grant programs and launch some new activities Launch National Eucalyptus Day a National day to promote the marvel of Eucalypts Open a memorial to our Benefactor Bjarne Dahl at Lake Mountain in the form of a Bring together eucalypt conservation experts and partners to share and discuss the future of eucalypt conservation in Australia. Continue to work with new partners to support projects that help educate the public about the Australian icon eucalypts. EUCALYPTUS AN AUSTRALIAN ICON In the coming year the Trust will continue to work towards the goals set in our 2012-15 Strategic Plan of which a copy is available to download from the resources section of our website. 13 14 Bjarne K Dahl Tust 2012 13 ANNUAL REVIEW EUCLID 2006 15 Image courtesy of Jill Redwood EUCALYPTUS AN AUSTRALIAN ICON Bjarne K Dahl Tust 2012 13 ANNUAL REVIEW FRANCIS DUGGAN The Gum Tree is Australian 16 sTAY In conTAcT Mailing address Level 13 200 Queen Street Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia strategic direction by delivering the activities and programs that are directed by our 2012 15 Strategic Plan. A copy of the All information about the work and activities of the Bjarne K Dahl Trust will be shared online on our website plan is available on our website. Phone (03) 8648 6510 Email enquiries Website