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Description: The Winter 2013-2014 Issue of Carpe Nocturne Magazine is loaded with 300 pages if Views, Interviews, Coverage, Stories and Pictorials of various aspects of "The New Dark Culture" From Music to Belly Dance; from Horror to Arts and Literary and much more!

CHVRCHES Belly Dance HAPPY N EW YEA R Androdika 1 2 Editor in chiEf BoB Donovan Graphic artists spike Lacross From The Editor A New Life For Carpe Nocturne here we are in the beginning of a new year a year i hope is better for all however 2013 managed to kick us in the ass one more time here at carpe nocturne Magazine as the night we were releasing the winter issue our main computer system fried and with it went this issue. this is the reason we are late and it was a rush JoB getting it rebuilt. so if i missed anything any credits anybody or whatever i m sorry Bottom line we are out and we survived anything else can be rectified carpe nocturne Magazine doesn t have good luck with Graphic Designers. they all want to be a part promise us the world and then show us a taste and then disappear. i didn t think our (former) new creative Director was going to be like that but sure enough vascara hood Joshua Durden simply disappeared and won t return calls e-mails or messages. thank the powers that be spike Lacross the founder of a european Dark culture print Magazine stepped in to help out as vascara simply disappeared when we needed him most hopefully spike will stay onboard as he has come through for us & we hope to keep working with him. Graphic Designers wanted carpe nocturne Magazine is an all volunteer run publication since 2005 with readers worldwide. we are seeking voLunteer Graphic Designers with experience in photoshop and in-Design that want to help us out and support the scene and culture interested parties contact editor - subject Designer Jobs. now back to the news.... although our readership is growing again Donations have dropped to only 1 in the past 7 months advertising sales are way way way down too even though we offer incredible supportive rates for some reason many bands and businesses seem to somehow think their little posts on Facebook are all the advertising they need. if this was the case Ford pepsi coke McDonalds and every successFuL business out there would stop spending BiLLions of dollars and simply post a quick blurb on Facebook wake up aDvertise we are supporting you with rates you wiLL not find elsewhere. visibility worldwide to the people you know already live love this culture we need your support to advertise editor subject ad specials to Donate any amount http donate until next issue... THE STAFF Feature editor MichaeL Jack kathy sharkey seth horn sonnett57 troy stover krystaLLe voecks MoLLy B. DenuM Music Feature editor shahinaz GeneiD Mark hickMan BiLLy siLver aManDa MeDina saDLy DeaD Goth Arts LitErAry anthony Mccracken Fish Jones MarGie patton MoLLy shrine trista Quirk cd rEViEWErs Feature editor zahara yasaMan JeziBeLL anat GinGer kewL BeLLaDonna BLack BELLy dAncE Feature editor xxxzoMBieBoxxxx Mario piuMetti Linniesarah kris BLackBurn horror CONTRIBUTING WRITERS oz scEnE rEportErs Dawn wooD MichaeL Jack FairLeyinnocent (arts & Literary sponsor) Carpe nocturne Magazine is an on-line publication. all reviews and coverage expressed in this publication are the opinions of the writer and or those being interviewed and may not be shared by the editor or enlightened Darkness publishing. carpe nocturne is copyright 2010 11 12 and 2013 by enlightened Darkness publishing. visuaL aDJectives SPONSORS Editor contact Bob Donovan editor publisher Feedback 3 Table of Contents Features Music storiEs Winter 2 Cover Image Courtesy of StrobeLight Records Cover Design & Photo Manipulation ViscErA hood all Gone Dead ....................................................... Pg 44 Fear cult .......................................................... Pg 51 santa hates you ................................................ Pg 54 violet tears ........................................................................... Pg 65 type o negative .................................................................. Pg 69 chvrches ............................................................................... Pg 162 Music intErViEWs Doppelganger..................................................... Pg 20 andriod Lust...................................................... Pg 29 c-Lekktor ......................................................... Pg 36 CommeNtary viewpoint - Michael Jack .................................... Pg 169 viewpoint - andy Fereday ................................. Pg 177 chained shadows - sergio Manghina .................. Pg 175 sCeNe report Gothic cruise pt-1 ............. Pg 74 new orleans La ...... ........... Pg 92 hildesheim Germany ........ Pg 98 atlanta Ga ...................... Pg 110 philadelphia pa ............ .. Pg 142 new york city ny ..... Pg 118 seattle wa ................. Pg 126 Minneapolis st paul... Pg 132 phoenix az ............... Pg 150 4 2013-2014 reGulars Vol. 8 - No. 4 Pg 3 Pg 6 From the editor ....................................................... new to you - cD reviews ......................................... the arts art .................................................................. Pg 187 Film reviews .................................................... Pg 202 Literary reviews ............................................... Pg 209 sophie Lancasher s Dark Fashion kittie Grace Dalton (Model) ................................ androdika (Model) ............................................ D.i.y. - Big Floofy net skirt .................................. hair & Make-up ................................................ Drac in a Box ..................................................... Belly Dance ...................................................... DJ vJ Booth DJ night owl .................................................... Pg 154 horror ................................................................. Pg 256 Gothic news (press releases & news) ...................... Pg Pg 215 Pg 219 Pg 233 Pg 224 Pg 229 Pg 236 supporter paGes ...................................................... Pg 294 cLuB ListinGs ........................................................ Pg 292 5 Aestethische Amplitude Zero Synthetic Movement Chrom Dead When I Found Her Rag Doll Blues MAGAZINE THE VOICE OF THE NEW DARK CULTIURE NOTE CD Cover Art images that appear on this page may or may not be that of CDs reviewed in past present or future issues of Carpe Nocturne Magazine. These CD Covers represent top artists in our subculture. 6 Requiem For The Indifferent Epica Poetry For The Poisened Kamelot New To You It s New To You MUSIC REVIEWS INSIDE If The Release Is New Or Old If You Haven t Heard It Yet . . . 7 8 MUSIC REVIEWS 2013 Alfa Matrix New To You Aestethische AMPLITUDE ZERO BY ANTHONY MCCRACKEN THE LATEST EP FROM BRAZILIAN DUO AESTHETISCHE BRINGS THEIR POWER EBM INTO FULL FORCE THEIR LAST RELEASE NACHTBRENNER SOUNDED LIKE A BIT MORE OF A MODERN INTERPRETATION OF EBM THAN THEIR NEW SONGS FOUND HERE BUT I DON T COUNT THAT AS A BAD THING AT ALL. STATEMENT DIVES RIGHT IN TO A DEEP BASS-HEAVY GROOVE AND KEEPS THE MOMENTUM GOING THROUGHOUT. THEIR LAYERING AND COMPLEXITY DON T OVERPOWER THE SIMPLICITY OF DRIVING BEATS. THERE ARE A LOT OF SYNTHS AND TEXTURES TO BE FOUND THAT MAKE IT VERY INTERESTING WHILE BEING VERY CATCHY. AMPLITUDE ZERO STARTS OUT WITH A TRICKLE OF SOUNDS AND EVENTUALLY EXPLODES INTO AN EXTREMELY DANCE-ABLE TRACK. THE BASS WAVES SLIGHTLY ECHO DUBSTEP BUT MAKE IT SOUND WAY MORE AT HOME IN A VERY EBM SONG. THEIR LAYERING IS AGAIN VERY STRIKING HERE WHILE KEEPING IT POWERFUL ATTENTIONGRABBING AND UPBEAT. THE SECOND HALF OF THE EP ARE REMIXES OF THE FIRST TWO TRACKS. EDOBOT TRANSFORMS STATEMENT INTO A VERY EARLY 90S INDUSTRIAL TRACK THAT SOUNDS LIKE OLD KMFDM OR FRONT 242. IT S BASIC AND DARK BUT CERTAINLY A TREAT FOR FANS OF OLDER EBM. THE VOCALS ARE MORE OBSCURED AND SOME OF THE SYNTHS ARE STILL PRESENT FROM THE ORIGINAL BUT EDOBOT REALLY BRING A VERY DIFFERENT FEEL FROM THE ORIGINAL. HALO IN REVERSE TAKES AMPLITUDE ZERO AND TURNS IT INTO A VERY MODERN ELECTRO TRACK THAT TAKES A CATCHY AND SIMPLE APPROACH TO THE BOOMING BASS THROUGHOUT BUT BROUGHT THE VOCALS A LITTLE MORE TO THE FOREFRONT MAKING IT ONE OF MY FAVORITE REMIXES I VE HEARD IN A WHILE. IF THIS IS ANY INDICATION OF AESTHETISCHE S NEW ALBUM COMING UP NEXT YEAR I M ALL FOR IT AND CAN T WAIT 2012 Out Of Line Chrom SYNTHETIC MOVEMENT BY ANTHONY MCCRACKEN SYNTHETIC MOVEMENT IS THE SECOND ALBUM FROM THE GERMAN DUO CHROM. THEY FUSE IMPACTFUL EBM WITH FUTUREPOP TO FORM A POWERFUL AND CATCHY SOUND THAT REMINDS ME OF ASSEMBLAGE 23 AND CESIUM 137. THE ALBUM FOLLOWS THE BAND S DEBUT ELECTROSCOPE WHICH WAS EXCELLENT BUT THEIR SECOND EFFORT REALLY EXPANDED THEIR SOUND TO A NEW HEIGHT. MEMORIES OPENS AND IMMEDIATELY THEIR EVOLUTION IS APPARENT WITH STRONGER PRODUCTION AND THE VOCALS ARE SMOOTHER. MEMORIES IS A PERFECT SAMPLE OF WHAT THE ALBUM CONTAINS AS IT S CATCHY AND SOARING WITH A LOT OF GREAT MELODIES. THEN COMES THE DARKER TRACK SURRENDER THAT S HEAVIER IN VOCALS DARKER IN BASS AND SYNTH AND JUST POUNDS IN THE VERSES BEFORE AN INCREDIBLY MELODIC CHORUS. SURRENDER HAS GOT TO BE ONE OF THE BAND S BEST TRACKS YET THE VOCALS HAVE MORE RANGE THAN MOST EBM SINGERS REACHING SUCH DEEP NOTES AND CLEAR MELODY. IN MY WORLD IS ANOTHER STANDOUT TO ME BECAUSE IT S BEAUTIFUL AND MELODIC AND GENTLE BUT ALSO HAS A CATCHINESS TO IT THAT MAKES IT IRRESISTIBLE. CHROM REALLY GIVES YOU ALL YOU NEED IN AN EBM RECORD. FROM THE DARKER AND ANGRIER TRACKS LIKE SLAVE AND BREAK THE CHAINS TO THE BEAUTIFUL LONELINESS AND YOUR DESTINY THEY KEEP THE MELODIES GOING AND THE ATTENTION TO THE PRODUCTION IS STRIKING NO MATTER WHAT MOOD THEY GO FOR. THE SYNTHS SOUND VERY CONSISTENT TO GIVE A VERY UNIFIED FEEL BUT THAT DOESN T MAKE THE SONGS SOUND OVERLY SIMILAR. THE EVOLUTION OF THE BAND OVER TWO ALBUMS IS ASTOUNDING AND THE EFFORT SHOWS IN SUCH A STRONG ALBUM. CARPE NOCTURNE MAGAZINE 9 Dead When I Found Her RAG DOLL BLUES 2013 Artoffact Records BY ANTHONY MCCRACKEN RAG DOLL BLUES IS AN INCREDIBLE ALBUM THAT IS DARK AND HAUNTING IT S AN ALBUM THAT STRIKES ME AS BOTH COLD AND EMOTIONAL. FOLLOWING THE DEBUT ALBUM HARM S WAY MICHAEL HOLLOWAY S PROJECT DEAD WHEN I FOUND HER RETURNS WITH RAG DOLL BLUES THAT UPDATES OLD-SCHOOL INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONIC APPROACHES AKIN TO SKINNY PUPPY AND EVEN SOME PRETTY HATE MACHINE ERA NINE INCH NAILS. THE PRODUCTION IS VERY CLEAN AND FLAWLESS THE ATTENTION TO DETAIL IS HANDLED WITH SURGICAL PRECISION. FILLED WITH METALLIC PERCUSSION AND EERIE SAMPLES THE MUSIC IS THE PERFECT ENVIRONMENT FOR THE POETIC AND MENACING LYRICS. THE SONGS GET STUCK IN MY HEAD BUT NOT ALWAYS FOR CATCHINESS OF THE SONGS AS A WHOLE BUT SOMETIMES THE PHRASES ALONE STICK WITH ME IN HAUNTING REPETITION. BETTER DAYS AND RAIN MACHINE ARE AMONG MY FAVORITES BUT REALLY EVERY TRACK IS A DARK AND GOTHIC MASTERPIECE. THE VOCALS CONVEY BOTH DISTANCE AND EMPATHY AND SOMETIMES CRIES OF PAIN ECHO IN THE BACKGROUND WHILE THE SINGER CALMLY SINGS AND THE BEATS DRIVE THE DARKNESS ONWARD. MIRRORS IS EXPANSIVE AND DREARY BUT PERFECTLY CATCHY IT CAN BE PERCEIVED AS EITHER PLEASANT OR EVIL DEPENDING ON YOUR MOOD. AT A DOZEN SONGS DEAD WHEN I FOUND HER SUPPLIES YOU WITH OVER SEVENTY MINUTES OF DARK INDUSTRIAL MUSIC THAT BRINGS THE BEST OF THE OLD-SCHOOL STYLE BACK WITH A UNIQUE AND MODERN APPROACH THAT IS POETIC AND BRILLIANT. EACH SONG CONTRIBUTES TO THE LARGER GLOOMY PICTURE THAT DISPLAYS THE DARKER SIDE OF HUMANITY. REVIEW BY TRISTA QUIRK EPICA IS IN SHORT THE DREAM OF A LISTENERS 2012 Nuclear Blast Gmbh QUESTIONING SOUL. THE CHORAL WORK LENDS AN EPIC AND DRAMATIC FEEL TO THE STORIES TOLD THROUGH SOPRANO SINGER SIMONE SIMMONS WORDS. REQUIEM FOR THE INDIFFERENT DISPLAYS THE GROUP S TECHNICAL MASTERY IN THE GOTH OPERA S. HOWEVER THE TITLE IS MISLEADING IN A THOUGHT PROVOKING MANNER. THE TITLE CLEARLY LEADS A LISTENER TO THINK THE SUBJECT MATTER IS ABOUT INDIFFERENCE WHEN EACH SONG IS ABOUT A PERSON QUESTIONING EVERYTHING. REQUIEM FOR THE INDIFFERENT HIGHLIGHTS THE TECHNICAL MASTERY OF DRUMS AND GUITARS AS THE ALBUM PUSHES THE MUSIC THROUGH THE LIMITS OF PROGRESSIVE METAL. SEVERAL SONGS DISPLAY LONG GUITAR AND DRUM SOLOS EMPHASIZING THE GROUP S PROGRESS THROUGH THE YEARS TRULY CREATING A REQUIEM OF MUSIC. THE COMBINATION OF GOTH OPERA AND PROGRESSIVE METAL BLEND PERFECTLY CREATING A DRAMATIC FEEL TO EPICA S MUSICAL MASTERPIECE. THE BEST SONG IS STORM OF SORROW WHICH DISPLAYS EVERYTHING EPICA S LONG TIME LISTENERS CRAVE. THE MELANCHOLY DRAMATICS OF SIMONE S SOPRANO AND BACKGROUND CHORAL WORK BLEND WITH THE SYNTH KEYBOARDING AND INTENSE BASS GIVING THE LISTENERS CHILLS AS THE METAL GRUNTS ADD A DEPTH OF DRAMA TO THE SONGS STORY. Epica REQUIEM FOR THE INDIFFERENT 10 Gothic Horror Is Back . . . WITH A VENGEANCE Delve into the provocative worlD of black magic anD the occult with these spellbinDing novels from author eve lestrange. follow 18th century sorceress christina lafage Down the left-hanDeD path anD beyonD as she sells her soul for the fierce power of the black arts. enter christina s worlD anD join her aDventures in spell casting anD Dark DeeDs. wiDDershins introDuces a strong female character into the horror genre-christina lafage an eighteenth century french girl who sells her soul for the fierce power of the black arts. christina s worlD is filleD with spell casting black magic Distant lanDs anD intense power. the story unfolDs with christina s introDuction into the black arts by a mysterious benefactor that she meets in a wooDeD grove. this benefactor maDame Duchamp takes christina unDer her wing anD teaches her to use the powers of the occult anD benD the laws of nature to her will as they proviDe spells anD services for the wealthy aristocrats of paris. at first she struggles with her newly acquireD power anD with her own feelings of Doubt anD apprehension until a grave situation forces her to conquer fear anD Doubt. christina s power continues to grow anD exploDes into an electrifying series of events that leaD her to egypt where her power is put to the ultimate test. solitary fire continues to follow christina lafage along the left hanDeD path to vienna where wealthy nobleman paul mrzak promises her anD maDame Duchamp unimaginable riches anD a string of affluent clients at his castle in hungary. paul s castle offers much intrigue anD Deception that feeDs christina s own suspicions about paul s true motive behinD his generous invitation. christina s power continues to blossom anD fascinate the nobles of paul s court who flock to her for all manners of occult services. but it is paul s own request anD the promise of a substantial fortune that leaD christina Deeper into the black arts where strange visions anD feelings of Destiny haunt her Dreams. meanwhile paul s plan begins to unravel bringing sinister secrets to light however it is not only paul harboring secrets as christina confronts her master lucien about her intensifying visions. can the intimacy that she anD lucien have come to share prepare christina for the whole shocking truth both books available now at follow eve on facebook eve.lestrange & scribD evelestrange6632 & 11 12 13 KORN THE PARADIGM SHIFT 2013 Prospect Park BY ANTHONY MCCRACKEN CALIFORNIA HARD ROCKERS KORN CONTINUE THEIR EVOLUTION WITH THEIR LATEST ALBUM THE PARADIGM SHIFT. FRESH OFF OF THEIR LAST ELECTRONIC-FUSED ALBUM THE PATH OF TOTALITY KORN REJOINED WITH THEIR LONG-LOST FOUNDING MEMBER (AND CO-GUITARIST) BRIAN HEAD WELCH TO CREATE WHAT IS ARGUABLY THE BAND S STRONGEST EFFORT YET (SAYING A LOT AS IT S THEIR ELEVENTH ALBUM). LOVE & METH AND LULLABY FOR A SADIST ARE THE TOP SONGS FOR ME AND I RECOMMEND CHECKING THOSE OUT FIRST. THE VOCALS AND LYRICS ARE SO PASSIONATE AND DARK AND SHOW JONATHAN DAVIS IS SINGING AND WRITING BETTER THAN EVER. THE SOUND OF THE ALBUM IS HUGE AS IT TAKES THE ELECTRONIC ELEMENTS FROM THE LAST ALBUM AND TOUCHES ON ALL ASPECTS OF THE MIXING AND BRINGS A POWER TO THE BAND THAT SHOWS OFF THEIR INSTRUMENTATION BETTER THAN EVER. THE LAST ALBUM BLENDED THE INSTRUMENTS WITH THE ELECTRONICS SO SEAMLESSLY THAT THE GUITARS SEEMED A LITTLE LOST BUT THIS IS THE ALBUM THAT USES THE ELECTRONICS TO UNDERLINE AND AMPLIFY THE SKILL THE BAND HAS. IT S AMAZING HEARING BOTH GUITARISTS REUNITED. THE ALBUM OPENS WITH A BANG WITH PREY FOR ME AND CLOSES WITH A SOARING AND AMBITIOUS TRACK CALLED IT S ALL WRONG. THE MELODY AND BEAUTY OF THE SONGS SHOW THROUGH EVEN WHEN AT THEIR DARKEST OR THEIR CATCHIEST. NEVER NEVER IS THIS ALBUM S GOT THE LIFE AS A POPPIER SONG BUT THE REST IS BRUTAL AND DARK. THE DELUXE EDITION INCLUDES TWO BONUS TRACKS THAT ARE A MUST FOR THIS ALBUM. THE LAST COUPLE ALBUMS BONUS TRACKS (WHILE GREAT) FELT SLIGHTLY OUT OF PLACE WITH THE REST OF THE ALBUMS BUT THESE GIVE IT JUST WHAT IT DESERVED TO ROUND THE DISC OUT TO MAKE IT EVEN STRONGER. ALSO INCLUDED IN THE DELUXE EDITION IS A DOCUMENTARY RECONCILIATION THAT FOCUSES ON BRIAN HEAD WELCH COMING BACK TO THE BAND AND MOVES INTO ONE OF THE BEST MAKING-OF DOCUMENTARIES OF AN ALBUM THAT I VE EVER SEEN. YOU GLIMPSE EVERY POSSIBLE STEP INTO WHAT IT TOOK TO BUILD THIS ALBUM FROM THE GROUND UP AND IT MAKES YOU LOVE THE ALBUM EVEN MORE 2012 SkyQode MENTAL DISCIPLINE CONSTELLATION BY ANTHONY MCCRACKEN RUSSIA NATIVE ALEX MENTAL REALLY BUILT UP ANTICIPATION FOR HIS PROJECT MENTAL DISCIPLINE WITH THE SINGLE FALLEN STARS IN 2011 BUT NOTHING COULD PREPARE ANYONE FOR THE SYNTHPOP FUTUREPOP BRILLIANCE THAT IS THE ALBUM CONSTELLATION. THE ALBUM IS A VERY POWERFUL AND STRONG CONCEPT THAT SOUNDS STUNNINGLY COHESIVE GIVEN THAT EACH TRACK FEATURES A DIFFERENT VOCALIST FROM A POPULAR BAND OF THE SCENE. THE INTRO OPENS VERY NICELY BUT THE EXPANSIVE SYNTHS AND FULL MELODIES TAKE INCREDIBLE FORMS WITHIN THESE SONGS. FALL TO PIECES IS THE SINGLE FEATURING THE VOCALS OF FELIX MARC AND IT S ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL SYNTHPOP EBM SONGS TO COME OUT IN QUITE SOME TIME. THE CHORUS IS STUNNING SO FULL AND MELODIC AND HEARTFELT. THAT S ESPECIALLY STRIKING OF THE ENTIRE ALBUM IT S VERY HEARTFELT. EACH SONG IS SO FULL OF PASSION AND EVEN INCLUDES A BALLAD OR TWO AMIDST SUCH CATCHY ELECTRONIC DANCE NUMBERS. OVER HORIZON IS INCREDIBLE FEATURING PULCHER FEMINA AND GOD & DEVIL FEATURING COLD IN MAY ARE TWO OF MY FAVORITES I CAN T STOP REPEATING THOSE THE ALBUM IS FACE-PACED AND UPBEAT WHETHER THE SUBJECT MATTER IS BREAKING UP OR LOSING YOURSELF OR YOUR MIND. SPEKTRALIZED MAKES AN APPEARANCE WITH WDYWFM AND IT JUST BEGS TO BE BLASTED IN A CLUB. DIFFERENT LINES FEATURING DAVOS IS EPIC IN SCOPE BUT SO DANCE-ABLE. IF YOU WANT TO OWN ANY SYNTHPOP OR FUTUREPOP ALBUM OF THE LAST COUPLE YEARS MAKE IT THIS ONE IT INCLUDES MANY BANDS TO CHECK OUT IF YOU DON T KNOW THEM YET OR BRINGS A LOT OF FAVORITES TOGETHER FOR ONE SPECTACULAR VISION THAT S REALIZED SO INCREDIBLY WELL IN SUCH A WELL-ROUNDED ALBUM. ALL OF THE GUESTS DON T CONFLICT OR MAKE IT SEEM LIKE A COMPILATION IT WORKS AMAZINGLY WELL 14 15 Robert Marlow THE FUTURE 2013 Electro-Shock Records REVIEWED BY MARGIE PATTON I M A BIT EMBARRASSED TO ADMIT THAT I D NEVER HEARD OF ROBERT MARLOW BEFORE A FRIEND RECOMMENDED THE FUTURE TO ME BUT NOW THAT I KNOW ABOUT HIM I DEFINITELY WANT TO SPREAD THE WORD. WHY IT S SO SURPRISING TO ME THAT HE S FLOWN UNDER MY RADAR IS THE MAGNITUDE OF THE COMPANY HE HAS KEPT AND THE AMOUNT OF TIME HE S BEEN IN THE GAME. A LONGTIME FRIEND OF AND COLLABORATOR WITH MEMBERS OF DEPECHE MODE ERASURE THE CURE AND YAZ MARLOW HAS BEEN MAKING MUSIC (ALTHOUGH OFF AND ON) SINCE THE EARLY 80 S. (VINCE CLARKE HIMSELF EVEN MAKES AN APPEARANCE ON THE EP CONTRIBUTING A REMIX OF NO HEART. ) EVEN IN 2013 THE 80 S SYNTHPOP SOUND IS ALIVE AND WELL IN THE FUTURE WITH CLEAN SIMPLE CLASSIC UPBEAT SYNTH LINES AND INSANELY CATCHY LYRICS DELIVERED IN A EURO-ROBO-STACCATO VOCAL STYLE. MARLOW MAKES IT ALL SOUND FRESH AND MODERN THOUGH THANKS TO KEEPING THE PRODUCTION PURE STREAMLINED TIGHTLY BOLTED AND WELL-OILED WITH NONE OF THE UNCOMFORTABLE CLUNKINESS AND SELF-INDULGENT REPETITION THAT HAS OFTEN BOGGED DOWN ELECTRONIC ARTISTS PAST AND PRESENT. AND WHILE THEIR CONTENT MAY BE PURE FUN THE LYRICS ARE STILL CLEVERLY WRITTEN AND IMMENSELY ENTERTAINING. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE A LINE LIKE I TOOK HER SERIAL NUMBER LIKE A TONGUE-TIED AMATEUR MECHANICAL FOOL WITH THIS EP MARLOW HAS BUILT A GLEAMING AND GLITTERING BLEEPING AND BLOOPING BUBBLING AND BOUNCING SUPER-CHARGED DANCING MACHINE SO GRAB THE SEXIEST ANDROID IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD AND GRIND YOUR GEARS TO THE FUTURE 2013 Nilaihah Records SONIK FOUNDRY TWISTED REMIXES BY ANTHONY MCCRACKEN MAINE-BASED SONIK FOUNDRY S NEW EP TWISTED REMIXES SHOWCASES TWO SONGS FROM THE NEW ALBUM CHAOS. THIS ISN T A VERY TYPICAL EP AS IT S OVER 50 MINUTES LONG AND FEATURES REMIXES SUBMITTED THROUGH A REMIX CONTEST HOSTED ONLINE THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA AND THE BAND S OWN WEBSITE. THE EP OPENS WITH TWO NEW ORIGINAL SONGS. INTO THE STORM IS A CATCHY CALMER TRACK WITH PASSIONATE VOCALS WHILE MIND TWISTER IS A FRANTIC BOOMING TRACK. BOTH NEW SONGS SHOWCASE A STYLE THAT S INCREASING THE LEVEL OF PRODUCTION AS EACH SONIK FOUNDRY RELEASE KEEPS GETTING BETTER. ONE VERY INTERESTING ASPECT OF THE EP IS THAT THE REMIXERS WORKED FROM VOCAL STEMS WITHOUT HEARING THE ORIGINALS UNTIL THEY WERE PREMIERED ALONG WITH THE WHOLE EP SO THE FANS AND BANDS COULD BE AS CREATIVE AS POSSIBLE WHILE INTERPRETING THE TRACKS. EACH RENDITION IS VERY DIFFERENT FROM THE LAST. RUINED CONFLICT S REMIX OF INTO THE STORM IS A VERY DRAMATIC RENDITION THAT REALLY SHOT TO BE EPIC AND WAS PULLED OFF FLAWLESSLY. THE QUIET BEFORE THE STORM RENDITION OF INTO THE STORM BY N1NESTEIN IS VERY LOWTEMPO AND GLOOMY WITH SURPRISING VOCAL SHIFTS AND EXCELLENT SYNTHS. THE TERRORKODE BLINDED VERSION OF MIND TWISTER WAS VERY FAST AND A REFRESHING TAKE ON MODERN AND OLD-SCHOOL ELECTRONICS COMBINED. THERE ARE TRAGIC IMPULSE VERSIONS OF BOTH SONGS I ESPECIALLY LOVED THEIR TAKE ON MIND TWISTER I THINK THE EP SET THE STAGE WONDERFULLY FOR THE CHAOS ALBUM IT ONLY GIVES AWAY WHAT TWO SONGS SOUND LIKE WHILE PROVIDING LISTENERS WITH A VERY UNIQUE EP THAT REMINDS ME OF THE LEVEL OF VARIETY USUALLY FOUND IN KMFDM REMIX ALBUMS WHERE EACH TRACK IS SO DIFFERENT FROM THE ORIGINALS AND FROM OTHER RENDITIONS. IT S HARD TO SPEAK ABOUT ALL OF THE REMIXES BUT EVERYONE DID AN AMAZING JOB. 16 CARPE NOCTURNE MAGAZINE 1996 Sons of Black Mass SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT YEAR ONE THIS IS AN ALBUM THAT EVERY METAL HEAD NEEDS TO GET THEIR HANDS ON IMMEDIATELY YOUR COLLECTION IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL THIS HIDDEN GEM IS ADDED TO IT. RIPPING THROUGH YOUR BRAIN WITH UNIQUE VOCALS HEAVY BASS LINES ROARING DRUMS AND A SCREAMING GUITAR THESE DEVIL ROCKERS HAILING FROM SAINT LOUIS HAVE MADE IT LOUD AND CLEAR THAT THEY DON T MESS AROUND. EACH TRACK IS HEAVIER AND MORE GRUESOME THAN THE NEXT AND IS SURE TO BE A DELIGHT TO ALL YOU HORROR FANS OUT THERE WITH CLASSIC MOVIE SAMPLES THROUGHOUT THE ALBUM. THEY START OUT WITH ROCK ANTHEM WE ARE THE SONS THAT INSTANTLY GETS YOUR HEART RACING AND YOUR BLOOD PUMPING ACTING AS THE PERFECT GATEWAY TO THE TRACKS THAT FOLLOW MAKING IT EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO FIND A FAVORITE. SONGS LIKE YOU VS. ME 1966 SINISTER AND PRINCESS WILL SET YOUR SOUL ON FIRE AS WELL AS BRING YOUR INNER DEMONS OUT THAT HAVE JUST BEEN BEGGING FOR A RELEASE. THIS ALBUM IS UNLIKE ANYTHING YOU HAVE EVER HEARD BEFORE AND WILL FORCE YOU TO KEEP IT PLAYING OVER AND OVER AGAIN FOR MONTHS SYZTEM 7 2012 SkyQode SEATTLE SOUNDS BY DAWN WOOD CARPE NOCTURNE MAGAZINE I RECENTLY SPOKE TO JAYME ABOUT HIS PHOTOGRAPHY AND WORK IN SEATTLE EXPERIMENTAL INDUSTRIAL METAL BAND SYZTEM 7 AND HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO REVIEW THEIR SELF TITLED EP. IT IS CERTAINLY A MUST HAVE FOR YOUR COLLECTION AND IS EXCELLENTLY PRODUCED. YOU CAN FIND THE MUSIC ON REVERB NATION HTTP WWW.REVERBNATION.COM SYZTEM7 1.) SEVERED- THIS IS MY FAVORITE S7 SONG AND IS NOW PART OF MY PLAY LIST. IT IS ABSOLUTELY DRIVING YET HAS CATCHY RIFFS AND MELODIES. LYRICS ARE MEANINGFUL AND MEMORABLE. THIS SONG COULD EASILY BE PLAYED ON ANY ROCK STATION... ANYWHERE. 2.) OPPORTUNITY- GREAT SAMPLES AND BACK AND FORTH VOCALS. THIS SONG HAS GREAT LEAD VOCAL RANGE AND AGGRESSIVE GUITARS AND DRUMS. 3.) FORGIVE AND FORGET- VERY BEAUTIFUL MELODIES SWIRL AROUND THE LISTENER IN THIS SONG YET THERE IS STILL A NICE BALANCE OF DRIVING GUITAR AND FIERCE DRUMS TO RRRRRRRROCK 4.) DEATH FUNDS- THIS SONG HAS GREAT INDUSTRIAL ELEMENTS AND CERTAINLY IS ALSO VERY METAL. VOCALS ARE AMAZING...SOARING AND THE MUSIC IS INTERESTING AND RAPACIOUS LOVE THE BELLS AT THE END 5.) VIOLATE- PROPULSIVE GUITARS DRIVE THIS SONG THROUGHOUT AND VOCALS AGAIN HAVE A INTERESTING RANGE AND DYNAMIC. 6.) GRACE- GRACE (APPROPRIATELY TITLED) STARTS OUT SOFT AND BEAUTIFUL WITH SWIRLING KEYS AND VERBY VOCALS BUT HAS THE SIGNATURE SYSTEM 7 VIGOROUS GUITARS AND DYNAMIC VOCAL RANGE THAT MAKES THIS SONG ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. YOU CAN CHECK OUT SYZTEM 7 ON FACEBOOK WWW.FACEBOOK.COM SYZTEM7BAND FREF TS 17 Kamelot POETRY OF THE POISONED BY TRISTA QUIRK THE GROUP STRETCHED THEIR DARK WINGS 2010 Kamelot Media Group THROUGH THIS AMBITIOUS ALBUM THAT HIGHLIGHTS AND DISPLAYS MUSIC CROSSING THROUGH SEVERAL GENRES. THE VOCAL ABILITIES OF ROY KHAN ARE TRULY AMAZING AND HE IS THE SIMONE SIMMONS OF DARK SYMPHONIC METAL. THEIR COMBINED VOICES ARE PRACTICALLY ORGASMIC AS THEY BALANCE EACH OTHER IN OPPOSING MUSICAL DUELS IN THE SONG HOUSE ON A HILL. POETRY OF THE POISONED IS DARK AND TRUE TO THE GROUPS STYLE OF SYMPHONIC METAL. THE GOTH OPERAS OF KAMELOT CONTINUE TO TAKE LISTENERS ON DARK ADVENTURES AS THEY INTRODUCE OTHER MUSICIANS INTO THEIR MUSIC BROADENING AND STRETCHING THE GROUPS MUSICAL TALENTS. GUEST ARTISTS SUCH AS BJORK AND THE TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA HELP THE GROUP DEVELOP A DARKER AND MORE EXPRESSIVE ALBUM WHILE EXPLORING THE BLENDING OF VARIOUS MUSICAL STYLES. MANY WOULD SAY THE BEST SONG IS THE GREAT PANDEMONIUM AND IT IS BY FAR ONE OF THE BEST SYMPHONIC METAL SONGS. HOWEVER A LISTENER SHOULD NOT OVERLOOK DEAR EDITOR ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE WANTING A MUSICAL ADVENTURE THAT WILL GIVE CHILLS. ROY KHAN SHARES HIS VOCAL TALENTS REMINISCENT OF THE GREAT DAVID BOWIE AND EXCELS PROGRESSIVE METAL INTO THE HALL OF MUSICAL HISTORY THROUGH THIS EPIC ALBUM. 2012 Domino Records KING CREOSOTE & JON HOPKINS DIAMOND MINE REVIEW BY MARGIE PATTON IT S FITTING THAT I DISCOVERED THIS ALBUM THROUGH THE RECOMMENDATION OF HIATUS CYRUS SHAHRAD SINCE DIAMOND MINE AND HIATUS PARKLANDS BOTH SHARE THE SEAMLESS CONVERGENCE OF TWO SEEMINGLY INCONGRUOUS GENRES AMBIENT ELECTRONIC AND ETHNIC TRADITIONAL. WHILE HIATUS WOVE IN VOCALS RHYTHMS AND TEXTURES FROM IRAN THE FOCUS ON DIAMOND MINE IS SCOTLAND SPECIFICALLY A POETIC CONTEMPLATIVE LOOK AT THE LIVES AND MUSIC OF FISHERMAN ON THE TURBULENT BUT BEAUTIFUL FIFE COAST. THAT BEING SAID THIS IS NOT A FORCED ATTEMPT BY TWO INDIE DARLINGS TO FORM A SUPER DUO OR INVENT SOME TRENDY FUSION. THERE IS NOT A SHRED OF PRETENTIOUSNESS SURROUNDING DIAMOND MINE. IT IS A SINCERE AND VERY ORGANIC BLEND OF THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS FROM TWO FRIENDS AND MASTER CRAFTSMEN OF THEIR OWN UNIQUE STYLES. THE SPOTLIGHT IS CLEARLY ON THE VOCALS AND EVOCATIVE STORY-SONGS OF KENNY KING CREOSOTE ANDERSON BUT IT IS THE DELICATE TOUCH OF JON HOPKINS THAT PROVIDES THE GLIMMERING GENTLY ROLLING ELECTRONIC WATERS FOR ANDERSON TO SAIL HIS BOAT UPON. SYNTHESIZERS HAVE JUST AS MUCH PLACE AS ACCORDIONS IN THE ETHEREAL MUSICAL WORLD THE PAIR CREATES A WORLD WHERE SONGS THAT ARE AS A LIGHT AS A FEATHER CAN CARRY THE HEAVIEST OF WEIGHTS. THE SERENITY IS NEVER BORING SINCE THE EMOTIONS OF LOVE PAIN FEAR LOSS AND EVERYTHING IN-BETWEEN ARE SO RAW REAL AND UNIVERSAL. THE STRENGTH OF DIAMOND MINE IS A GENTLE ONE A POWER FOUND FROM CAPTURING THE BEAUTY OF PEOPLE WHOSE LIVES ARE SIMPLE BUT WHOSE STORIES ARE RICH. 18 CARPE NOCTURNE MAGAZINE 19 Interview With The Russian Goth-Rock Act By Kathy Sharkey 20 DoppelgangeR Gothic Rock band Moscow Central Russia By Kathleen Sharkey It was my great pleasure recently to get to interview DoppelgangeR one of Gothic music s longest running and most popular bands in the last 20 years. [Carpe Nocturne] Thank you again for allowing me to interview you. I am very excited about this interview. (Russia) in 1994. On stage we are almost 20 years during which time we have recorded 8 albums and played are many different concerts. We changed a couple of times the lineup. Now DoppelgangeR - it s two people Dmitry Flo (author of the music lyrics vocals and bass) and Black CaT (guitar). We play rock and it s turns out to Gothic all the time ) [Carpe Nocturne] How did you both meet [Dmitry Flo ] We all met due to various life circumstances. With guitarist (Black CaT) I met at the party devoted to HIM in 2003. First she helped with various affairs of band and in 2006 began to play the guitar at DoppelgangeR. [DoppelgangeR] We are very happy with this [Carpe Nocturne] DoppelgangeR can mean many interview and we want to welcome all of readers. different things in different languages and cultures. Why did you pick this name for your band What [Carpe Nocturne] First though DoppelgangeR meaning does it hold for you has been around since 1994 would you mind introducing yourselves to our readers [Dmitry Flo ] Yes. We know that this word is DoppelgangeR Our band was formed in Moscow translated as a double which in mythology is 21 22 an eerie creature with the same name. Our band took its name from the song of the German group DIE KRUPPS from the album I 1992. We just liked the sound of this word we do not invest in it some mystical or occult meaning. [Carpe Nocturne] Your band has become a leader in Gothic Music how do you think the Gothic Scene has changed over the years [Dmitry Flo ] If we have become leaders in Gothic music the scene probably degraded. ))) [Black CaT ] Haha )) I think there was a lot of different electronic music. Earlier somehow more rock bands there. I am glad that the scene is not standing still and all the while developing absorbing more and more new styles of music. [Dmitry Flo ] Yes because now you can safely record at home is well-sounding album so young bands have the opportunity to implement their ideas. Also thanks to the Internet can bring their creativity to bypass of different intermediaries. But at the same time it seems to me that the gothic scene is more commercialized. You are both very versatile artists what made you want 23 24 to become musicians in the first place [Dmitry Flo ] I became interested in rock music at the school and I liked the sound of the bass guitar. [Black CaT ] Dmitry and dream my friend ) He told me one day let s buy you a guitar you learn to play it and become a guitarist DoppelgangeR I m a little thought and agreed. And then a friend told me her dream she at the concert and on stage the band in which I play the guitar. It s definitely strengthened my decision )) At first I took up the guitar at age 25 before that I do not play any musical instrument and signed up for a steep learning teacher on guitar. That s how I became a musician. new album not like the previous ones. I just make music and then we record it. Always create something new. [Carpe Nocturne] What other music do you like to play [Dmitry Flo ] I would love to have played in the hard-core band or country. I have a band called Other in June. I m trying to play it just country songs about brave rednecks who engage in combat with the evil spirit. ))) [Black CaT ] I love to play DoppelgangeR. Sometimes I just fool around and play wacky chords that come into my mind. [Carpe Nocturne] You have an amazing variety of [Carpe Nocturne] What was the first song you albums how has the development of your music ever learned to play sing changed since your first album [Dmitry Flo ] It was a Russian folk song about the [Dmitry Flo ] First we played slowly then quickly Crane . I played it on an acoustic guitar. now here again play fast ) I do not think when composing music that is necessary to make a [Black CaT ] It was a song DoppelgangeR 10 25 JOHNNY CASH and DAVID BOWIE. [Black CaT ] I like to listen to The Cure David Bowie Anathema Type O Negative Editors. [Carpe Nocturne] What places have you enjoyed touring to Are there certain places you would love to tour to [Dmitry Flo ] I like to play everywhere which can be reached by plane or train ) We would like to visit are many different places so far except for Europe and Russia we were nowhere. [Carpe Nocturne] What does your current tour schedule look like [Black CaT ] Now we have planned several concerts in support of the new album in Russia. Maybe next year will come back with a concert in Switzerland. Years . There s the beginning of a very beautiful solo that s it and I learned to play. [Carpe Nocturne] What are your rehearsals like Do you have a set rehearsal schedule or is it more spontaneous [Dmitry Flo ] Schedule of rehearsals as such no. We have the opportunity to rehearse at home in any spare time. Just before the concert we rehearse a few times at the rehearsal base. In Russia there are all conditions for musicians. [Black CaT ] Usually at rehearsals we several times play songs. Some difficult parts of the songs separately parse. [Carpe Nocturne] You are an inspiration to many of the new scene bands who have you drawn your inspirations from [Dmitry Flo ] Now I like to listen to CREEDENCE 26 [Carpe Nocturne] You have a new album coming out soon can you tell us anything about it [Dmitry Flo ] Oh it will be something The album is called Whispers behind of the heaven trees . He has turned out vigorous and noisy we used it Drawbar organ the sound of which is not typical of the gothic rock. And in general we have introduced are many different third-party elements in our music. [Black CaT ] Already now our new album available for streaming on DEEZER or BANDCAMP. [Carpe Nocturne] Would you like to share anything else with our readers [DoppelgangeR] Thank you for taking the time to read our interview. Buy and listen to our albums. END 27 28 ANDROID LUST By Michael Jack Photo Ron Douglas Photos From 29 An experimental sound that feeds the subconscious while rolling out the reality of pain and carnal urges in front of you. You feel as the vocals transition from stifled rage to screaming chaos. The beats are mechanical but so unmistakably alive. The pulses make you grind to release the urges or pull the razor across your your chest to let out the suffering. The imagery is set by the tribal markings on a one woman electro-industrial mastermind named Shikhee. Her project is called Android Lust. Tinman Android Lust released it s first full-length album Resolution in 1998. The CD was dark but did contain a counterbalance of several songs which found it s way onto the dance floors of North America and Europe. Shikhee also released a re-mixed CD under the same label titled Evolution which included a cover a Bauhaus Slice of Life. In 2001 Android Lust released the single The Want under Dark Vision Media as a precursor to the upcoming album The Dividing. The Shikhee D iordna was born in CD was a strong break Bangladesh in the 1970 s but from the purely electronic was sent to school in England sound Android Lust had during a time of political used in the past. Shikhee turmoil. She moved to New began experimenting with York City in 1999 to pursue a real instruments and her music career but her project use of vocals became more Android Lust had begun prior present. Many consider The to that. Inspired by artists Dividing the true beginning of like Trent Rezner of Nine the Android Lust sound. The Inch Nails fame Shikhee set out to create a sound CD caught the interest of major label Projekt who which was emotional and combined elements of re-released it as an enhanced CD which included rock classical and industrial. Her demo entitled a video. The video was for the song Stained and Foreign Body was self released in 1996 and MTV took notice. In 2005 MTV started featuring caught the attention of Tinman records. With Stained on the Real World and Road Rules as well as it s late night show 120 Minutes. The exposure led to the song being used in CBS s prime time series NCIS as well as the song Hole Solution. With Android Lust s popularity on the rise Shikhee released a remixed CD Stripped and Stitched in 2004 and a new single and video titled Dragonfly in 2005. In 2006 Android Lust released Devour Rise and Take Flight under Projekt records. The CD contained 12 new tracks and a bonus song. It would be the last release under Projekt records. Again more live instruments were used but the 30 sound was more aggressive industrial than her previous works. The video Dragonfly once again saw play on MTV and Android Lust became a staple in Goth and Industrial dance clubs throughout the world. All of Android Lust s fame culminated in 2006 with a live appearance at the annual Seattle Goth festival Convergence XI. In the period between Android Lust s third and fourth full length album Shikhee re-released Resolution under her own label Synthellec Music in 2009 and some previously unreleased works titled Rarities Demos and B Sides. In 2010 the fourth Android Lust album Human Animal was released. The CD showed an even darker side to Shikhee with raw sexuality and tortured lyrics. She describes this period of her life as place she never wants to return to yet the music it released with spellbinding. Human Animal combined many city noises and complex sounds into an audibly disturbing yet perfectly blended harmonious framework that are tied together with Shikhee s vocals. The tracks take you through a journey of isolation and pain. For Android Lust s newest release Crater Vol. 1 Shikhee took a different approach to 31 as Shikhee. Discography Resolution (out of print) -- Tinman Records 1998 Evolution (remix CD out of print) -- Tinman Records 1999 The Want (CD single out of print) -- Dark Vision Media 2001 The Dividing (out of print) -- Dark Vision Media 2002 The Dividing (enhanced CD) -- Projekt Records 2003 Stripped & Stitched (remix CD) -- Projekt Records 2004 Dragonfly (CD single) -- Projekt Records 2005 Devour Rise and Take Flight -- Projekt Records 2006 Resolution - Collector s Edition Box Set -- Synthellec Music 2009 Rarities Demos & B-Sides -- Synthellec Music 2009 The Human Animal -- Synthellec Music 2010 Crater Volume 1 -- selfreleased 2013 Interview [Carpe Nocturne] How was the move from New York to Cali Has the new environment altered your mood or creativity in any way funding her project. She used Kickstarter to generate the funds. In fact she generated four times the amount of money needed. This is a testament to the artist and the fan base she has acquired over the near two decades of producing unique quality industrial music. Although the CD features less vocals than she has used in the past the feeling is still there through the music. Android Lust is one of those few projects that constantly evolve and never fails to please it s listeners or bring about an emotional response. Android Lust is mood music for the fatalistically somber and sexually expressive and very few do that as well [Skihee] I feel I ve entered some sort of stasis. Maybe it s that the weather here is always nice and sunlight seems to have the same hue year round. It can be a Twilight Zone type mindfuck - years go by looking exactly the same. For my personal creative process it s made it harder. Nice days don t inspire me to get in the studio and write. For Crater I had to switch my hours and worked in the studio from 11pm till about 4am. [Carpe Nocturne] Are you discovering there are new sounds to capture in California 32 [Skihee] I did a bit of environmental sampling for Crater here. But I already had a large repertoire built up from when I did The Human Animal and I dipped into that a bit as well. [Carpe Nocturne] Congratulations on Crater Vol 1. When might we see volume 2 and how will it be different Thanks. 2014 [Shikhee] if all goes well. I ve been thinking of traveling to gather sounds for vol.2. I d like to have a release based on the sounds and moods of a particular location. I d be documenting the process so It d be a way to combine my love of travel photography and music. [Carpe Nocturne] You used Kickstarter to fund your latest album. Can you tell us about that experience [Shikhee] I was in a particular state questioning many things the continuation of AL being one of them. The experience with Kickstarter was the reassurance I needed then that there are people who 33 34 care about music still. My backers were incredibly supportive and left me feeling humbled and grateful. [Carpe Nocturne] Why the name Android Lust Personally I think Spock [Carpe Nocturne] looked better with a goatee. What do you think [Shikhee] I have to agree. Evil Spock was very sexy. [Shikhee] A friend came up with it in a basement rehearsal space years ago. It [Carpe Nocturne] There just doesn t seem represented electronics with passion long like there are many avenues for Industrial before anyone had heard of some bloody phone. artists (among others) like yourself to gain exposure and the world is missing out on some [Carpe Nocturne] As far as aesthetics many people great music. Do you think this will eventually talk about the tribal paint you use on stage. Where change or will it always be the Big Guys did the idea come from and what does it mean to you controlling what the general population hears [Shikhee] I had this idea and spoke with my friend Paul Komoda who is an artist. We were both in NYC at that time and decided to try it out for a show. The concept was mine but the design was his. It worked beautifully and I love how it looks and breathes and complements the contours of your muscle tone. Despite how great it looks it s time consuming and isn t very practical to do for every show. [Carpe Nocturne] Your music appeals to a very diverse crowd. Are you ever surprised by Android Lust s fan base [Shikhee] AL got its start in the goth industrial scene but my influences have always been pretty varied. It shows up in my music. I am not surprised that people can hear it. [Carpe Nocturne] You are never one to hide female sexuality and many cultures consider that almost taboo. What have been the reactions been over the years to your explicit openness and have they changed [Shikhee] Many cultures including ours here have a lot of problems with being who we are. Making anything taboo does nothing to quash it and people who want to suppress things would do well to examine their real motives. I ve had my share of people going into details about exactly what they re doing while listening to my music other than that there haven t been any specific feedback regarding sexuality. I don t intentionally play it up or down. I write whatever the song happens to need be it aggression moodiness eroticism humor whatever. I am just a conduit. Although I am aware that things passing through me tend to pick up a certain color. [Shikhee] Indie artists have never really had it easy. It s a new era with a new set of challenges now. People who want to find good music still can but they just have to dig harder. Will it ever change Who knows. I don t worry about it. I just do what I do and carry on. END 35 Sitting Down With C-Lekktor By Sonnett57 Photos By Alexander Lepiokhin I went to the club and I heard a track a track that moved me I had to find out who this was. When it was over I took my sweaty body up to the dj booth and asked who created what I had just heard. Reverend 23 looked up and said with a sinister grin That was C-Lekktor. I had to own this and I needed to know about this artist. So when the opportunity arose to research them I jumped on it with delight. I soon was enlightened on everything that was and is C-Lekktor. Falling in love with industrial music at the impressionable age of 15 Markko decided he wanted be a part of this desirable aphotic environment. His obsession grew and he needed to become involved in the creation of this wonderful audio darkness. In 1990 he took what seems to be the first step for most he started playing the music and spreading the sounds -- he became Dj C-Lekktor. Although spinning the music was just for fun Markko still needed to expand his mind. He was determined to evolve musically and wanted to do more than just play other peoples music he wanted to play is own creations. He says it was a necessary step up for me. 36 37 38 to play is own creations. He says it was a necessary step up for me. Thankfully he still loves to jump on the decks and spin tracks from time to time to get those bodies moving. I have heard and seen that many artists fall into a bit of depression when they are writing and producing their music .I am not sure if it is the dark and dreary topics they chose to write about or if it is the aggression in their sounds that take them to these places possibly both. I do know it is a common thread and almost every one of the artists I know and have spoken with go through these trials. Markko also falls into this category when I asked him about it he replied Yeah I am a sensitive person and my moods can change in a few seconds. I can be a bit of a depressed person but I try to deal with it every day. I have come to the conclusion that these feelings that are put into this passionate music is the very thing that many of us relate to and attach our own emotions to creating the intense bond we all have. I needed to learn about the history of the band as they had emerged while I was on my hiatus. I must admit I was impressed by my discoveries. C-Lekktor the band was created in 2000. Although it was in 2003 when everything became official and they played their first live show. Their first release titled Re- A- Gression came out in 2004 and led them to an opening slot for the Canadian act Decoded Feedback. From that point on there appeared to be a high demand for C-Lekktors music and performances Markkos dreams of becoming a known industrial artist were becoming reality. He was touring and filling his heart with what it desired most. C-Lekktor has performed many places across the globe and I wondered which was the most remarkable for them. Understanding that every place has people and a history of its own that makes it an adventure and you leave a piece of you at every stop. Markko replied with this I enjoyed all the places where we have played all these years. We have had good and bad shows in every one we gave everything on stage. I cannot regret any show that we have performed at -- keeping that in mind a place that is very remarkable for me its Russia. It seems the people over there always are so passionate and 39 friendly. I love to play in Russia. When I asked if there were tales of mischief and debauchery to be told Markko informed me he was a bit of a joker and this can lead to mischief at times other than that he says he is truly an angel. Markko also added What happens on tour stays on tour. This statement in itself made me reminisce of the times that I spent on tour with my friends seeing all of the misadventures they stepped into and also hearing their tour stories over the years. Boys will be boys and I will just leave it at that. Many artists are capable of creating their music on their own yet some want to have more members to add influence and style. Markko became the voice of C-Lekktor and added two more minds JMT who 40 composes music for their band and Jamie Nova who often performs live. It seems that Markko may be branching out a bit as has been experimenting with different sounds and has recently started a new side project called KROMAK he describes it as much more influenced by genres of trance music like psy uplifting progressive and he is about to start one more solo project but there are still lot of things to do before it takes off. Do not worry though as he says my main project is and will always be C-LEKKTOR. Everyone has a favorite artist that they would like to tour with and although it was a bit hard for him to answer -- as he admires a lot of musicians. It would have to be Suicide Commando. They have played a few shows together and have some camaraderie success and experience with them. They appear to have a similar influence and sound and feel that they would be the most compatible for spreading their craft. Markko adds People can defiantly hear a difference between the two music styles and he feels it would not be the same type 41 of sound for the entire evening. I know that when I go to a show and hear the same sound repeating it really makes me wonder why I paid cover to hear a bunch of bands that sound exactly the same. I assure you that in this instance this would not be the case. sisters his mother his son and his four poodles. I was delighted to see that such a harsh industrial guy had a huge soft spot for the small dog breed. Markko also adds Family is the most important thing for me. As for vacations he says my life is a bit like one already but for his dream vacation he would choose a place of solitude where he I had to know what events inspired him to create could quietly spend time with his friends drink his music and I was not shocked when he said beer and listen to music. Family friends poodles Anything especially based on my mood and music and beer you can t go wrong with those. definitely life that it s such a bitch I have been doing our releases with a main topic on everyone. In conclusion I discovered a very talented I try to do different things with different thoughts musician a man of few words but a passionate on every cd. Although because they are hoping man. A man who really loves music not only his to keep their current momentum they decided to but others as well. I really do believe the need keep the sound from their last album X-tension In to share and spread the music you are most Progress for their next release Final Alternativo passionate about never goes away. I do believe that will be coming out in January 2014.Next year Markko has caught the fever with no cure and is will be the bands 10th anniversary so look forward in it for the long run. to a remix release and a few shows outside of Mexico. It seems that in the past few years there have been a few artists that would like to separate the fetish and industrial scene. If you take a look back through the history of industrial music you will see that they have always gone hand in hand supporting one another. I wanted to know his thoughts on this. I was delighted that Markko agreed with me saying They are not bad we definitely need more culture in both scenes we need to get more people interested in what they are listening to and what they are seeing. -- I think both scenes can work perfectly together. There are not enough people around to be splitting things up. After diving into the history of the band I needed to know a little bit about who the person was behind C-Lekktor. As much as I want to believe it was music 24 7 I knew there was more to him. As fans some of us eat breath and sleep music and for those who create it the desires are amplified. Sometimes we all need a break from it so I wondered what Markko did when he needs to rest his creative brain and has a bit of free time. He said Well I like to party to meet my friends and get a couple of drinks. I have my family so in a way I never have free time. I wanted more detail on this dedication to his family and what I found out touched even my cold heart -- I became a bit warm and fuzzy. His family consists of his END 42 43 44 Photos By 45 ALL GONE DEAD 46 By Krystalle Voecks One of the problems with being well ahead of one s time is waiting for everyone else to catch up. In some cases this works beautifully and you re called a trend-setter becoming highly popular and sought after by just about everyone. Unfortunately sometimes one can be a little too far ahead of the curve which works to one s detriment. So it goes for All Gone Dead who much like their name have shuffled off this mortal coil and are now pining for the fjords along with so many other bands that had a good thing going before the rest of the world caught up. Founded in 2004 by Stich (formerly and then again of Tragic Black lately of Corvid) All Gone Dead remained a solo project until he moved from Salt Lake City Utah to the strange and distant streets of London England. Once Stich had settled there he found a kindred spirit in MarkAbre who was the first to sign on. Later the band was joined by Barb (Djane Darlin Grave ) on bass guitar and and shortly thereafter Mike Mihai on guitars. What had started with one became four yet after a handful of performances the band pared down to three when MarkAbre was asked to leave the band due to creative differences. With a slowly shrinking lineup on they rolled refining their stage presence and tightening 47 up their performance and cohesion as a band. In 2005 the trio gathered together at Mike Mihai s home studio to put together their first recording A three song demo entitled Conceiving the Subversion. This early offering gave listeners a peek at what All Gone Dead was all about with 80s new wave catchiness layered in atop punchy punky DIY deathrock. Branded one of the most promising newcomers in a write- up for the similarly defunct Deathrock Magazine as well as being lauded as best unsigned goth band by Germany s Gothic Magazine things seemed bright for the future of All Things Dead. Sadly this trio was not to be as Mike Mihai left the band to pursue his own thing leaving Stich and Barb to record the band s only full album and remaining testament to all that was Fallen and Forgotten. This tightly-packed disc is a treat for those who 48 landed them a coveted spot at Wave-GotikTreffen where they gathered a number of new listeners and seemed to really hit their stride as a band. Unfortunately this time period also seems to have started the descent that would ultimately prove to be It was this gift for a musical fast-forward the end of the band with all the members to throwback styles combined with the going their separate ways. incredibly theatrical look of both Stich and Barb--well-established fashionable As the saying goes sometime the stars London deathrock scenesters by then-- that burn twice as bright only burn for half that caught the attention of audiences. as long. So it went with All Gone Dead This in turn helped to propel All Things who while they may no longer be making Dead into a a record deal with Strobelight new music for us to enjoy have at least left us a small audio legacy in Fallen Records. and Forgotten --along with a handful of Around this time it was announced that memories for those who can say I was Steve Pollytrama would be joining the band there when... in order to help them prepare for a larger European tour and shows were booked to END eager audience reception. These shows enjoy the 80s resurgence of bright shiny keyboards tossed in a blender jangly guitars then turned up to 11 given a garnish of many things dark moody. and with and and 49 50 Alternative Indie Rock Electro-Industrial Goth Rock Industrial Writer Artist Editor http fearcultsite2004 index8.htm http By Kathleen Sharkey Fear Cult a name synonymous with the Gothic culture was created by artist extraordinaire Matt Riser. It is not surprising that this amazing musician found that his music was so well liked that it went from a bedroom production to a performance phenomenon. With not only the ability to create amazing scores Riser has an amazing ability to present astounding performances. His ability to transform the darkness of life into his own musical art form is wonderful to experience. His work on albums such as the Unquiet Grave 2000 and Songs Of Terror - A Tribute To Edgar Allen Poe were received with great acclaim as have Fear Cult s additions to 8 other compilations. On top of this Matt Riser has also managed to release 8 personal albums from 1994 to present. These albums include Your Darkest 51 Romance his self released cassette A Bouquet of thrumming vocals harmonize with the electronic sound. By far one of my Songs and a variety of EP favorite of Fear Cult s songs singles releases including is Drop Dead. This song his cover of Girls & Boys. has a slow gentle start and then moves into a discordant Fear Cult s music is as vocal and electronic variation individual as the artist with a wavering electronic himself. His song Gorgeous sound like an opera singer. Shade of Red has a very Then Riser s deep dark distinct vocal change in it. vocals drive the rhythm into The buzzing vocals hearken a challenge to die dancing. back to a 60 s boy band feel The compelling electric but the minor chord music is guitar riffs and background anything but old fashioned vocals help to showcase or boy band for that matter. Riser s amazing vocal ability. His cover of the Blur song Now normally this would be Girls & Boys is a wonderful where an extremely short rendition of the popular music. The way he adds musical review would stop. Matt Riser and Fear Cult strong electronic sound and a synth beat driven rhythm to were are and will always be a part of the gothic culture the popular song is definitely but there is oh so much re-imagined. He even more to it then that. As per manages to make his deep 52 Matt s facebook page (http Matt is A signed recording artist published author former magazine editor art director as well as a photographer and freelance artist. Since 2003 he s gone into hiding in the slums of North Philadelphia only to surface for work food and the occasional...... One has merely to follow the dark rabbit hole to find out what he has been up to. Not only is he one of the most photogenic men I have had the His amazing artistic creation Lola Goth (http ) is beautiful. The concept of the skull cameo which has exploded in popularity also seems to have begun through a collaboration of Riser with Norie Ayukawa in 2006 and was named Hyde s Vice. The rerelease of the Hyde s Vice fashion website (http this year promises new products with the stunning original front and center. Then there is the New Grave magazine (http of which Matt is the editor. This is not an idle man so though he may not be precisely churning out the new album right now his dedication to the Gothic Culture still stands strong. 53 54 55 become known as was so immersed in the lyrics she was writing she never noticed the man approaching. He tapped her on the shoulder and By Michael Jack she screamed. They scared the hell out of each It happened on a dark cold night in Hamburg other. Talking became drinks. As the duo would Germany. Legendary Project Pitchfork frontman say some red wine and an insubordinate attitude Peter Spilles was the wondering around was all they had that night. That s how Santa the Ohlsdorfer Cemetery when he noticed a Hates You was born. young woman taking pictures and scribbling in a notebook. He was intrigued. He decided The name much like the band itself has a layer to approach her. Jinxy as she would later of meaning behind it s obvious dark humor. Santa Santa Hates You 56 is a metaphor for all things good. As a child you are taught that righteousness will prevail and good deeds will be rewarded. As you get older those ideals change. Greed takes over. Good becomes power and wealth and those are the things that are rewarded. It is the adult Santa and he hates you. It s a fact PS and Jinxy will tell you. Like many fans of Santa Hates You I am constantly amused by the wit and morbid humor of these two. Just scroll through the track list and you will come across songs like Watch Out Motherfucker I Know Karate and Pack Your Bags Honey We re Going to Hell. How can you resist songs like that As you may suspect there are deeper meaning to these lyrics. They are rebellious and scream out about what is wrong with society. That said it is still easy to laugh at the words. To be clear Santa Hates You is not a side project for Peter Spilles (PS). Himself and Jinxy form a very real and very unique band. PS is the musical mastermind providing the sound and lending his Jinxy voice to the tracks. is the maniacal lyricist and vocalist. For PS the added female presence gives another 57 58 dimension to his creative outlet that is not available to him in Project Pitchfork. He was captivated by Jinxy s sultry but can be snarled voice and Santa Hates You showcases it constantly. The imagery the band presents is as dark humored as everything else they do. Peter Spilles presents as a sadistic clown or maybe a white faced asylum escapee knocking on your front door. Jinxy offsets this with her strong charismatic beauty but she will also switch to the clown look as in the Raise the Devil video and you know her intentions are evil. It s beauty and the beast or the reason why everyone in the circus turned up dead. The band itself working at night only released it s first CD titled You re on the Naughty List on Halloween 2007. They followed it up in 2009 with the EP Rocket Heart. In 2010 Santa Hates You released the full length CD Crucifix Powerbomb 59 60 61 62 and the EP P.ost A.pocalyptic N.ude I.ndustrial C.orps. Continuing on their tireless path the duo released Jolly Roger in 2011 and It s Alive in 2012. Santa Hates You has also performed live and have made appearances at Wave Gottik Treffen and Infest in England. Santa Hates You is a refreshing alternative in the dark-electro genre. They can make you laugh easily or get you up in arms about what is wrong with society. You can dance to their music and some have even labeled some of their CDs as club oriented. I don t know some bands just don t need to be labeled. Santa Hates You is a great project and I love to listen to them. Some people might not. That s the kind of reaction they usually get and the duo are fine with it. An emotional response either positive or negative is a good thing. They re goal isn t to please the masses but to make great music have fun and speak out. I m hooked and many are too. If all of my nightmares sounded like them Santa could hate me as much as he wanted to. PS and Jinxy can scare me all they want. END 63 64 As Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once opined Music is the universal language of mankind. One can t help but be reminded of that quote when listening to the sumptuously delicious music created by the band Violet Tears. Hailing from the Bari area of Italy the lyrics of Violet Tears are sometimes lost on an ear attuned only to the English language although they have songs both in English and Italian. However what the band does not convey in exact lyrical meaning to a non-Italian speaking listener they easily translate through melody and moodiness transporting the listener into a mellifluous luxuriant darkwave soundscape. Formed in 1998 Violet Tears lineup has changed over the years paring down from their original six members to the current musically tighter four-person incarnation. Lead vocalist Carmen De Rosas winds her way from sonorous droning lows to breathless airy highs with a neoclassical operatic style that manages to remind one of an early Lisa Gerrard. Claudio Contessa lends the male counterpoint vocals to Carmen s lilting feminine lead along with picking up electric acoustic and bass guitars as needed. Indeed 65 it seems that Violet Tears is positively awash with talented multi-instrumentalists as remaining members Claudio Cinnella (guitars keyboards synths bass and programming) and Gianluca Altamura (drums and programming) prove by offering a plethora of different additions on different tracks. To the eager listener Violet Tears most recent album Outside Your Door appears to be fueled by a harmoniously egalitarian method of recording with the members of the band often adding multiple instruments to each song. This ability to work together so well when composing and playing ensures a marvelous balance of both delicate beauty and clear technical ability in the finished product--an achievement most any band would be proud of. While many of us currently only have the ability to experience their music in recorded form Violet Tears insist that they are all about jamming together doing gigs together even getting into trouble together and feel that their live shows are an incredibly important element. The act is very theatrical with a special setting--every detail of which is carefully designed they state. The photos and scant videos of their live appearances seem to bear this out offering a tantalizing glimmer of a gothic rock sensibility given a touch of Italian romance in De Rosas costuming and a stage set festooned with candelabras and flowers. Fans of Lycia will likely embrace Violet Tears as their music plays well along such lines. However we would be remiss at only mentioning one influence as anyone familiar with their music will attest. From the earlier albums Fragments of Broken Dreams Cold Memories and Remains and Breeze of Solitude to the previously mentioned latest album it is clear there are a number of other formative elements at play here. At times their music sounds reminiscent of Disintegration era Cure and at other times it winks slyly towards The Cure s earlier jangly-guitar years without going so far as to be predictable. Indeed the lush layering featured throughout their albums offers a lot for anyone who really enjoys picking apart 66 music and trying to sort out where ideas and inspirations may have come from. One thing is for certain--while Violet Tears may not be a name currently all that well known outside of their native Italy--we expect those who love all things darkly romantic will embrace their music considering tasty sonic treats like Outside Your Door are on offer. 67 68 Type O Negative by Chirality The year was 1993. I was 13 and in my freshman year of high school. I grew up between NY and a rural town in NJ. When I would take the bus to school she would play tapes for us or let us listen to the rock station which at the time was Q104.3. We were eclectic but the main tastes were grunge and early industrial. I remember sitting on the bus and this song came on like no other with a voice unlike anything I have heard before. I was awed and frightened at the same time. I was hooked. Who were these guys This is what started my obsession with Type O Negative. Type O Negative was a gothic metal band based out of Brooklyn NY. They were lovingly called Four Dicks from Brooklyn or The Drab Four. Peter Steele was the former front man for Carnivore. He started Type O with his friend Sal Abruscato who was later replaced by Johnny Kelly Josh Silver and Kenny Hickey. They were signed to Roadrunner Records 69 time in jail. He was fighting a cocaine addiction and his many bottles of wine soon turned to bottles of water. Peter passed away on April 14 2010 of heart failure. This statement was on the band s website the following morning It is with great sadness that we inform you that Type O Negative front man bassist and our band mate Peter Steele passed away last night of what appears to be heart failure. Ironically Peter had been enjoying a long period of sobriety and improved health and was imminently due to begin writing and recording new music for our follow up to Dead Again released in 2007. The official cause of death has yet to be determined pending autopsy results. The funeral services will be private and memorial services will be announced at a future date. We d like to share our thoughts and those of Peter s family below. We are truly saddened to lose our friend and appreciate the tremendous outpouring today from around the world. and released Slow Deep and Hard in 1991. Bloody Kisses released in 1993 launched Type O into a different realm. With songs like Black No. 1 and Christian Woman people began to take notice. How could they not Soon after came October Rust. Peter was tall brooding and handsome with his long black mane and piercing green eyes. He was indeed the Green Man. Peter Steele who wrote about heartache and depression was turning on women worldwide. He posed for Playgirl in 1995 and was on the talk show circuit with Ricky Lake and Jerry Springer. The man who loathed himself was admired by women all over. In 1999 World Coming Down was released and The Least Worst of soon after. Though the Least Worst of was a compilation it also included songs fans had yet to hear. Life is Killing Me (2002) and Dead Again (2009) gave fans a small glimpse into what was going on behind the scenes. Peter was rumored to have some health issues and in one interview said he served some 70 tradition. I even saved a roll of toilet paper they tossed out to the audience for years to which I named Type O TP . I was in love and lust. I was lucky enough to meet Peter in October of 2007. He was larger than life. He was everything a fangirl had hoped for. He kissed me signed an autograph took a picture and then proceeded to bite my head. I loved every single second of it and I still laugh at my goofy smile. Type O Negative means everything to me. Some may not understand and some will know exactly what I am talking about. There are few bands where I can feel every song where I still get goosebumps. RIP Green Man. You are never forgotten. 1962-2010. Sincerely Josh Kenny and Johnny The band decided to split after his death. Kenny went on to play for Danzig and Seventh Void. Johnny also went with Danzig and A Pale Horse Named Death Seventh Void Pist On and Seven Witches. This was not only a tremendous loss to the music world but to the fans. The fans who had and still has Type O in heavy rotation every fall. His memory will forever live on. He will always take our breath away. Type O Negative will forever and always be loved for what they did for the music industry and I doubt there will ever be another like them. They had a presence on stage like no other. Shenanigans to start their set where the fans would think they were about to come on only to have the silly music start to play again. The fans would chant YOU SUCK until Peter would finally come out and say We suck You re the assholes who paid money to see us . Every set was the same usually ending with the crowd singing Black No. 1. Every Halloween season was the same a Type O Negative show. We were lucky. They would play this area the week before Halloween or so and it became a 71 Major 72 Local Happen & nings Nights 73 & Events THE 2013 GO 74 Sponsored In Part By Ca RECap OTHIC CRUISE paRT 1 75 arpe Nocturne Magazine All Genre Travel s Gothic Cruise 2013 CarnEvil By Fairlyinnocent The original Gothic Cruise 2013 CarnEvil set sail September 15 with a return date of September 21 2013 leaving out of Port Canaveral under nasty rainy skies. A large group of cruisers had water logged luggage due to the luggage not being loaded during the torrential rains. The cruise line did dry clean and wash any clothing that needed it at no cost to us and was able to work out damages if any. Good point to ponder when you travel is to make sure you purchase travel insurance so you get compensated for anything that arises like RAIN damage. This is the first day at sea and we do a Gothic Cruise orientation to get everyone acclimated to the ship meet people or catch up with friends from previous cruises. We meet with the bands enjoy an autograph session and later in the evening we have an open deck party. This is the time that most newbies are shy and keep to themselves but as the night progresses with the alcohol flowing they become very relaxed and let go of their inhibitions. The party has officially begun. Second day at sea Zaida owner and travel agent keeps us from becoming bored or rather in trouble by watching a live classical version of VNV Nation with Ronan being accompanied by a pianist. We then get ready for a dance party as well as a side wedding. We do our group photo at this point and enjoy the rest of the evening with one of our favorite things by donning our favorite club wear. This night has a Steampunk theme so all cruisers are encouraged to dress in that attire if possible with dancing until 4 am. Third day of cruise and we arrive in Labadee Haiti but only for a short time. This private island has one of the longest zip lines over water. I was not going to be doing this for a multitude of reasons but I sure 76 enjoyed watching the others flying over the waves lapping at the shore. They come to a very harsh and abrupt stop at the end but not sure if this had any ill effects for the gentlemen. They had shops to browse and trail s to walk which was wonderful. Back on the ship we had a fashion show that had to get underway. Vendors that participated this year were Mystic Crypt Heavy Red Poison Candy and Retroscope Fashions. They all specialize in petite sizes all the way up to the plus sizes to accommodate everyone. Fashion show flyers were done by Gothic Cruise veteran Spike Pittman with cover art being provided by Clint Carney of System Syn. Marshall Camden who was performing with Bella Morte was the MC for us and did a wonderful job and we had Ray Thompson of Rockin Ray Photography taking fashion photos. Later in the day we had Spider Goth where you compete for the best time climbing the rock wall on board the ship. Fastest time won prizes. That evening was performances by 00tz 00tz and Sonik Foundry with DJs providing music after the concerts until 4 am. Fourth day of our journey finds us in Falmouth Jamaica where there were a multitude of tours to go on. I did one that took a tour of the town as well as the oldest 77 Australia s Premire Underground Bi-Monthly Gothic Event 78 church. Very difficult to view how poor the area is and how there is such a need for repair to roads and buildings. This night is themed League of Extraordinary Ghouls with guests dressing up in their favorite super hero or villain costume. Prizes for the door decoration were to be handed out but not enough people participated this year. This is something that gets done every year based on the cruise theme. This year was CarnEvil and cruisers try to decorate their door to match it. Dancing until 4 am is usually every night for the gothic guests especially since we don t usually wake up until after lunch. We need something to occupy our time even if it is just talking dancing and drinking as the cruise lines don t accommodate these late night hours. The fifth day finds us in Grand Cayman and in a little town called Hell Devils Hangout which was named for its appearance. It 79 has black jagged formations coming up from the ground that appeared to some as what they thought Hell would look like. Once there you can buy gifts clothing and postcards with Hell written on them. If you purchase a postcard you can put a local stamp from Cayman Islands and address it to yourself for a great souvenir. Back on board the ship you can be a Surf Punk and compete in the surfing contest. This night s performing bands were Bella Morte and Ayria. Our sixth day is here and we are in Cozumel. A lot of tours to be had here like 80 jeep tours snorkeling historic and trips to the ruins however The Pirate Ship seemed to be a big hit due to having free alcohol shenanigans and a bunch of goths with swords. Tonight on board everyone was encouraged to dress in zombie attire for 81 making new friends and lasting memories. We had a Betty Paige Swing party for our final day at sea and lessons are even provided for those who want to learn basic swing steps. The music clothing and dancing made it so much more authentic and interesting to watch and even the DJs had their suits and hats on. An open deck farewell party was at the end of the evening for a final goodbye. This is where everyone is exchanging phone numbers Facebook pages and e-mail addresses with all the new friends as well as an opportunity to buy band Gothic Cruise and fashion show merchandise and usually at a lower cost because a lot of things are dated for that cruise year and sellers just don t want to pay to have them put on the plane. a Zombie Pub Crawl. This proved to be very entertaining and funny and seeing the looks on non-goth cruisers faces made it all worthwhile. There was a raffle where you could win a free cabin for the 2014 Gothic Cruise and I know it sure would help me if I won. Think of all the souvenir s that could be purchased. The possibilities are endless but unfortunately I was not the lucky recipient of that prize but there is always next year. Final night and it is sad. You hate to go home because you have had so much fun and entertainment for a week as well as 82 83 The DJs this year were Sean from The Castle in Tampa FL and Aesthetic from The Shelter in Atlanta GA and some members from the bands like Ronan from VNV Nation. Fashion show vendors were Mystic Crypt Poison Candy Retroscope Fashions Heavy Red For booking the Gothic Cruise there is no other travel agent to use other then All Genre Travel at because this is the original Gothic Cruise. They have a wonderful reputation with the various cruise lines as a respected full service agent who is always on board each trip making sure all the needs are being met by the cruisers and cruise staff. They have a private shore trip vendor that does all the tours for the Gothic Cruisers to include what we find interesting. They even try to make sure our tours are child free and geared around our band and event schedules to allow the goth s to have the most relaxing and pleasant experience available. Book your next trip with All Genre Travel for 2014 Gothic Cruise or any other trip you have in mind as they are a full service travel agency. HELP CARPE NOCTURNE MAGAZINE SUPPORT EVENTS AND YOUR SCENE Donate What You Can Now CLICK HERE NOW AND DONATE 84 85 Gothic Cruise Fashion Show 2013 86 87 Carpe Nocturne Magazine s GOTHIC CR 88 RUISE FASHION SHOW All Photos By Rockin Ray 89 Carpe Nocturne Magazine s GOTHIC CR 90 RUISE FASHION SHOW All Photos By Rockin Ray 91 92 Scene Report New Oeleans LA Sout G Gothic Festival thern Sponsored In Part By Carpe Nocturne Magazine 93 Out and about New Orleans Southern Gothic Festival Chapter 3 Immortal By Fairlyinnocent Southern Gothic Festival (SoGo) was held again this year Thursday July 11 to Sunday July 14 2013 for the third year. There was a small gathering named Southern Gothic Festival 2.5 last year but consisted of one day of bands and was not the normal 4 day event that has been the norm. Typical New Orleans weather was balmy and warm but that did not dampen the spirits of the SoGo gothlings who come to this gothic mecca to enjoy music all night parties debauchery and pure raucous shenanigans. This year s bands consisted of goth and industrial metal mix. I think one of my personal favorites was Human Factors Lab. They just rocked the place and added some great special effects. Another really good set was from Bug Gigabyte of SINthetic Messiah but all of them were good though. Locations for the bands performances were Checkpoint Charlie s at 501 Esplanade Avenue and Dragon s Den at 435 Esplanade Avenue. I prefer Dragon s Den based on how this club is set up and geared toward bands however it is shoulder to shoulder and could use a little more space but if you need a breather you can venture outside to a little courtyard type of area and have a seat. The nights were ending with some crazy after parties and skinny dipping until dawn. There were two locations to choose from this year- The SoGo House which was a historic mansion had 8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms 4 kitchens outdoor Jacuzzi stripper poles and more. The other location was the St. Vincent s Guesthouse a 100 year old orphanage turned hotel hostel which is touted to be haunted. There are some repairs needed 94 here but you have to be open minded and realize the history and age of this hotel. The St. Vincent s House even had 2 of the SoGo bands Infekt and Basement Angel film their music video s at the closing after party poolside on Sunday. This is a fun filled 4 days that is an annual event so stay posted and 95 Complex Houston DJ Tarnish Baton Rouge DJ Hex Houston. SoGo Bands Kali Ra www. kalira D KONSTRUCT www. dkonstruct Cyberia Organica www.reverbnation. com cyberiaorganica Basement Angel www. basementangel Dead Frail Honesty www.reverbnation. com deadfrailhonesty Synical Deliverance www.reverbnation. com synicaldeliverance SINthetic Messiah www.reverbnation. com sintheticmessiah Human Factors Lab www.reverbnation. com humanfactorslab Sapphire Rebellion www.reverbnation. com sapphirerebellion follow on Facebook https www.facebook. com SoGoFest DJs For This Year s Event Were DJ Ded Sexi New Orleans DJ Argo Tallahassee DJ Lore New Orleans DJ M.I. THE END 96 97 98 Hildesheim Germany Scene Report Photos By Mandy Privenau 99 Photos By Mandy Privenau With two stages a medieval market a fashion show and several diverse stores where By Pamela Gardea Medina you can even get hand-made _enkeli_ personalized fangs the festival has a lot of things to offer and you Photos By Mandy Privenau will always find something to do meanwhile you are there. M era https mandy. Luna festival is held annually at privenau the old Hildesheim airport and Being my second year going to one of the biggest this venue provides a great zone Goth festivals in Europe my emotions were about to relax and have fun under the to explode our trip from Norway to Germany was light of the stars. And also includes proper hygienic accommodations worth every single second of it. water and even a way M era Luna Festival 2013 Photos By Mandy Privenau 100 Thousands of festival attendees gather in this festival every year and 2013 was no exception the emotions and interesting vibes that every person around were emanating has no comparison. This is by far a really empowered festival full of diverse colors amazing make up and elaborated clothing and people that is kind respectful and passionate we were feeling at home. The day before the festival started an immense line of people was already formed some hours prior to the opening of the main entrance then people kept coming the heat rose and the anxiety was down to the skin then they suddenly opened the gate we were now allowed to enter. The excitement to find the right spots to camp to settle our tent and realize that we forgot to bring a hammer was there the start of an unforgettable experience was just beginning. Once we had settled our tent we were ready to immerse ourselves into the Goth environment. Mostly German bands are invited to this festival but we can say that several international renowned bands are also involved in it making it an even richer experience. On Saturday we could see the happiness in the faces of the people surrounding us they were getting ready to start their day with the first bands. We have to remember that as we mention before there are two stages the main stage which is in a open and big area that allows you to appreciate the whole picture then they also have the Hangar stage which as the name indicates is the old hangar of the airport the nature of this second Mandy Privenau 101 Photos By Mandy Privenau stage brings a metallic and industrial kind of environment and allows you to lose yourself in the performance of the diverse artists. In the Hangar stage we enjoyed Eisenfunk with their beats filled with energy and later we entered into a mystical land with Cultus Ferox with their bagpipes and percussions. Then the day in the hangar ended for us with Diorama and their smooth sound and powerful lyrics. It was time to get ready to enjoy the last bands from the Main stage. At the main stage we managed to be in the front line Deine Lakaien started to play with a piano on stage and a classical sound setting the mood for the rest of the night. After them the stage became black and the people from ASP appeared on stage it was our first time listening to them live and it was powerful the people in the front started to lit small sparklers and suddenly all the 102 Photos By Mandy Privenau front area was illuminated creating an environment of unity. Then the closing band for the first day the legendary HIM and one of my personal favorites entered to the stage after several years of absence at M era Luna Ville Valo and his group showed why they are still remaining as one of the favorites with their sense of intimacy they begun to perform their Love Metal and pleased the audience with some old tunes such as Join me and Buried alive by love . Then the people enjoyed the medieval market with their diversity of food and juggling acts the night was set and the mood was relaxing. On Sunday we could enjoy Alexander Spreng reading stories and even though these readings were held in German we could Photos By Mandy Privenau Photos By Mandy Privenau 103 still enjoy the uniqueness of the moment. At the main stage we could immerse ourselves again in the Nordic wave when the Helsinki vampires got on stage. The 69 Eyes presented some songs from their newest 104 Photos By Mandy Privenau Photos By Mandy Privenau album and mixed their tunes with some oldies. We could see Jyrki69 dancing with his well-known rock n roll twist. The Norwegian band Apoptygma Berzerk also performed at the main stage and the crowd were singing along with them they ended their Photos By Mandy Privenau performance and we were ready to enjoy the fire performances made by the dancers when Blutengel interpreted their dramatic and passionate melodies. We closed the last night with another Nordic legendary band Nightwish. With their new singer and their incredible keyboard their performance was powerful and full of emotions the sky got numb and it started to rain Photos By Mandy Privenau 105 106 Photos By Mandy Privenau their tents and said good bye to their new friends and some others just decided to enjoy the night and wait until the next day to start their journeys back home. M era Luna is not an ordinary festival you can find people from all ages families who enjoy to share this experience together it is fulfilling to see grandparents with their Gothic attires and small kids rocking when the bands are playing also people from diverse nationalities made the experience even Photos By Mandy Privenau Photos By Mandy Privenau it was an epic closing of an incredible weekend. But M era Luna is not only about the musical performances as we mentioned before they also have their traditional medieval market where you can practice archery (which I did and it was awesome ) get an ol school hair cut appreciate the blacksmith demonstrations and eat the diverse kind of food they offer. As M era Luna came to an end people started to get ready to finish their journey some of them began to pack Photos By Mandy Privenau 107 better we could appreciate flags from Sweden Photos By Mandy Privenau Spain M xico and many other countries. M era Luna is the place to get together to create new friendships and empower the ones we already have to share an environment of mutual understanding and enjoy a weekend of Gothic music and new memories. Photos By Mandy Privenau https mandy. privenau THE END 108 109 110 Scene Report ATLANTA GA Infestation 2 Halfway to Dragon Con By Fairlyinnocent Infestation came at the end of March 2013 and this was their second year. This was a big night held at The Shelter in Atlanta hosted by Con Tourage and MarksterCon Productions representing the halfway mark to Atlanta s annual Dragon Con. It brought out folks dressed in their favorite Con wear such as Storm Troopers Zombies and any other science fiction horror or comic book character. It was a big party of guests dancing participating in costume contests photo booths and body artists to help with costuming and body paint if needed. DJs were on the decks playing some great music and some of the co-sponsors were there giving out freebies and prizes. Out and about Atlanta 111 Carpe Nocturne Magazine was honored to be one of them. For more information to participate sponsor or just be a spectator please visit the following links and Con Tourage and MarksterCon Productions also has an event at the beginning of May called Bash of The Empire where guest celebrate in Star Wars costuming with partying in the street and contests. There were multiple sponsors for Infestation and 112 113 114 115 ALL PHOTOS BY FairleyInnocent Photography 116 ALL PHOTOS BY FairleyInnocent Photography THE END 117 118 Scene Report NEW YORK NY TRITO - ON FESTIVAL By Chirality 119 - Presents - September marked a huge month for Industrial EBM fans from not only NY but all over. The entire scene was abuzz with Triton Festival a MAJOR Industrial music event spanning three days. September 5th 6th and 7th marked a time of coming together of like minded people for this awesome event that has been on hiatus for some time. People from all over packed the concert halls all three days. Sponsored by VampireFreaks the event came back with vengeance. Wednesday September 4th was the kick off party at Dorian Gray hosted by Kayvon Zand and Anna Evans. With DJ s Jet Annabel Evil and Templar with special guest Lordbone. This was the party to start the massive party and already the scene was abuzz with excitement. 120 121 Thursday September 5th started the event at the Gramercy in NYC. A VIP Meet and Greet was held before the show began. Alter Der Ruine started the event off followed by FGFC820 Nachtmhar Assemblage 23 The Crushadows and Unter Null. Main room DJ s included Dyztort Steve Weeks Vlad Vudu Annabel Evil Jet Cyn Stalagmike and Zircon. Likeness was first followed by Deadstar Assembly Psyclon Nine Faderhead London After Midnight The Birthday Massacre and Dawn of Ashes. DJ s included Zircon Xris Smack Tom Gold and Mike Saga. Saturday September 7th was the last night but certainly not the least. The festival ended in style. Meet and Greets to start the festival and Myprasites Friday September 6th was at Irving Plaza with opening. Life Cried was next followed by God another meet and greet before the show. Ego Module The Dreaming (also played songs from 122 123 Stabbing Westward days) Grendel Combichrist and Ludovico Technique ending the festival with a massive bang. DJ s were Lordbone Octo-Pussy Nero Bellum and Phoenixx. Along with the fantastic lineup was amazing vendors selling off their handmade wares. The weekend was a rivetheads cybergoth heck any goths dream come true. The bands were out of this world and not only were they amazing on stage but they were amazing in person too. Most of them friendly and so happy to be a part of something so huge. Certainly a festival never to be forgotten and I sure as hell look forward to see if there is one for 2014. END 124 125 126 Scene Report Seattle Area 127 128 Seattle Scene Report Unholy Trinity Shows by Dawn Wood The Unholy Trinity Shows was inspired and put together by Westin Halvorson. Westin is the guitarist of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. Westin also fronts Seattle Industrial Rock Band Desillusion Guitarist of Desillusion and Anguisette Drummer of Endless Sunder and also collaborates guest appearances in Seattle Industrial projects Pixel Pussy and Elektronika. For this concept Westin decided to create a show in which three bands (which share some of the same members Desillusion Endless Sunder and Murder Weapons) plan promote and play at a chosen venue. The venue is key in each show because it would be in a venue not typically run by promoters booking agents. Each show features a theme. The Unholy Trinity March 2013 show featured a 90 s Industrial theme and the September 2013 Trinity show paid homage to Repo the Genetic Opera. Desillusion formed in 2007 in Seattle with front man Westin Halvorson rockin hard and heavy with the band s blistering 129 rocktronic industrial metal sounds yielding a hybrid vibe that Exotic Underground compares to Nine Inch Nails Stabbing Westward and early Marilyn Manson. While on a two week tour in 2009 to Hollywood they made connections which led them to return to SoCal to record their first E.P. with producers Steven Bier Jr. (aka Madonna Wayne Gacy of Marilyn Manson) Brian Diemar (Ministry Revolting Cocks) and Rae DiLeo (Filter Army of Anyone Veruca Salt). In 2012 they recorded their 2nd CD which is expected to be released in the Winter of 2014. Desillusion has also just released a video with Think Piece Productions called Mod Me . Endless Sunder is an Electro Industrial Band from Seattle. Asher Vast (keyboard synthist of Desillusion) is the composer vocalist and main producer behind the project. Although Asher had been producing electronic music since 2000 the project Endless Sunder originated in 2007 in Olympia Washington as an Electro Industrial Rock Project stemming from influences like Frontline Assembly VNV Nation Nine Inch Nails and 16 Volt. Asher also has an up and coming video company with his Endless Sunder band mate Kevin Preston called AVAST Productions. Murder Weapons is a shock-horrorIndustrial rock project the brain child of Jesse Orr (bassist of Desillusion) started in 2013. Shock Horror Industrial Noise with Power Vox and Plenty of GORE describes the quintet best. Expect songs about serial killers Vampires and watch out for the splash zone at live shows. Unholy Trinity March 2013 was held at underground Seattle punk club The Morgue owned by Lonnie Bristle. The show featured DJ Noir spinning Industrial 90s band favorites such as Fire performances by several Seattle fire dancers in a courtyard reminiscent from a scene in Mad Max. A 10-foot chain link fence was installed in front of the stage which was climbed upon by Westin and the fans. It also kept the debauchery on stage somewhat contained. 130 Unholy Trinity September 2013 was held in the historic Seattle Columbia Theater. The Columbia City Theater was built in 1917 and is the oldest vaudeville theater in the state of Washington. Having played a major role in the Seattle Jazz boom in the 40s the theater played host to the likes of Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald. During the 50s the theater served as a neighborhood movie theater where neighborhood residents attended Saturday morning movies for kids such as Flash Gordon and the Our Gang series. During the 60s the theater began hosting live events once more and is rumored to be one of the first venues to host the legendary Jimi Hendrix. In the early 80s the theater was a home to much of the DIY punk movement and the touring networks that were created to support it. It has since been an art commune and a place that specifically hosted raves burlesque and local Seattle music shows. September 2013 s Columbia City Unholy Trinity show featured a Repo the Genetic Opera theme . Westin dressed as the Repo Man with a custom- made costume made by violinist Aja Blackmore. Zydrate drinks flowed as each band played their favorite covers of the movie. Check out Desillusion desillusion Endless Sunder EndlessSunder Murder Weapons murd3rweapon5 Photography by Neil Shadowwillfall Photography AC Photography James Miller and Fire Marie. 131 132 Minneapolis St. Paul Scene Report 133 134 By Nathan D. Goettsch Photo Credits John Jonas Photography Kim Cieszynski Photography & Silent Butterfly Photography Scene Report Minneapolis St. Paul Unveiling the Twin Cities Darkside Revival The Forbidden Bazaar presents Octoberlust October 18th at Ground Zero Nightclub People generally think of Minnesota as being a characteristically wholesome place Garrison Keillor s Prairie Home Companion the triumph of the local high school s sports team tater tot hot dish uncle Ole s fish stories and unexplainable thick Scandinavian accents. Akin to overhearing the coming of age stories of a Catholic school girl their curiosities peak when they hear about the heartland s hidden thriving dark side. Subsequently when people come to experience the club scene in the Twin Cities the notorious gothic bondage club in Northeast Minneapolis is always a must-see on anyone s list. Ground Zero has simultaneously become a staple of Twin Cities nightlife as well as a safe haven for the cities blackclad creatures of the night. Its dark heavy industrial interior gogo catwalks dynamic theatrical lighting skeletal statues and eerie artwork are just some of the features adding to its signature sinister style. 135 club scene and the stigma of a live bondage show started scaring off more people than it brought in he ingeniously enlisted the talents the two host DJs of The Saloon s popular Hard Mondays goth industrial dance night in effort to help him revitalize the club and scene at large. DJ Nitrogen(Craig Boyte) & DJ Noise(Skaht Hansen) would then join forces with the resident powerhouse VJ sound guru DJ DV8(Bahb Heddle) and together their innovative tagteam style of mixing kept them from focusing too long on any one specific style or genre broadening the variety of the club s morbid melodies. Steampunk Cybergoth Victorian or Rivethead every goth in attendance now found themselves inevitably drawn to the dance floor during the course of the night. This lead to a greater sense of unity and acceptance amongst the once segregated subgroups within community. This new round-robin way of keeping things fresh also became apparent in the clubs scheduled entertainment lineup. Every Friday they would book new and different acts showcasing the wide-range of artistic talent readily abundant within the cities goth and artistic community. Each week Ground Zero now plays host to a one of multitude of different shows anywhere from hard rock bands burlesque fashion shows to fire dancing and acrobatics. They called it The Next Element. Spacious and versatile as a both a concert venue and nightclub publicly Ground Zero has always had a reputation for its weekly Bondage-A-GoGo dance night and live bondage show whose immense popularity was instrumental in spring boarding the career of the now International Fetish Supermodel Jean Bardot. It has since broken through peoples tenuous boundaries and found a recent resurgence in being the place where any and all who pass through its gates are free to express their once forbidden passions openly. With every new act to come through the club came a whole new host of patrons who would The club owes most of its current success to normally never set foot in the undying diligence of DJ Overdrive(Chuck the infamous dance hall. Batdorf). His dedication to both the venue and the People from all over the Goth community has kept the rusted iron gates of Twin Cities vast array Ground Zero open since a year after its inception of alternative cultures in 1994. He knew the spooky setup and the novelty soon learned about of a weekly interactive bondage show could only the eclectic nocturnal go so far. As the gothic elders retired from the festivities hosted in the 136 With his performance talents as wide-ranging as the entertainment featured at The Next Element he also found himself inspired to gather Twin Cities performing artists both in and out of the scene to produce an event like no other club has ever seen before. Performing every other month he is able to carefully select his performers and draw on the crowds from across the multitude of shows from which he has been featured to create The Forbidden Bazaar. This show would mark the culmination of the resurgence efforts for both Ground Zero and the goth community. More than just a dance party The Forbidden Bazaar is an unparalleled spectacle where everyone is part of show. The latest Halloween-themed edition of the bazaar began with DJs DV8 Nitrogen and Noise ditching their DJ booth and taking center stage with their signature tag-team style of spinning a spectrum of sinister stompy sounds. On top of an epic light show DV8 displayed his technical expertise and haunting hallowed hall. Once they arrived the now tightly knit sense of community found there helped casual clubbers alleviate any apprehension they once had about entering the macabre cabaret. Some even find they feel more comfortable as a part of the morbidly fashioned mob and become scenesters themselves. The most recent influx of new blood came when DJ Rype(Jared Hanson) scene veteran and founder of Hard Dance Minnesota found himself inspired by The Next Element s flexible format inside the versatile venue. This persuaded him to transplant Hard Dance into the creepy club s monthly lineup. With their cadre of both local and touring international Hardstyle DJs bringing Hard Dance Minnesota to Ground Zero introduced a whole new generation of younger clubbers from cities rapidly growing EDM and rave scene to the hospitality of the goth community s dark sanctuary. Also inspired by the venue s resurgence was local performing sensation Justice Draconis. 137 Productions. In direct opposition to her deathly pale pallor her body seemed to come more alive with each article of clothing she removed punctuated perfectly by her last lively tassel twirl. The audience barely had a chance to put their eyes back in their sockets and tongues back in their mouths before their senses were aroused yet again by Fyresnake Shirvana star bellydancer of Ground Zero s own Doctor Farrago s Burlesque Theater The serpent slithering across her shoulders added a touch of slow sensuality to her already mesmerizing movement. The show then shifted gears with the introduction of the ecstatic energy and feminine flare of the co-founder of Foxy Tann s HardCore Pasties Foxy Tann herself with her signature sassy yet seductive style. Eyes then rose to skies as the night s orchestrator Justice Draconis sprang suspended from silk streaming from ceiling. All were in awe as he displayed his aerial acrobatic ability and acts raw athleticism above the audience. Energized by the entertainers event goers soon found themselves in hardstyle heaven as DJ Rype then took command of the decks to give everyone a twisted taste of the Hard Dance Nation. The air itself began to throb and bounce as Rype blasted out the bass. Those in attendance soon understood all meanings of the word hardcore when Ari Darque then arrived onstage adding to the elation with some precision pole-dancing. Entranced by her erotic undulation she had the whole house heaving hot and heavy. Hot as hell and sinfully seduced she surrendered the steamy spotlight back the evening s host Justice Draconis who finished off the festivities with a fiery finale. wizardry by texture-mapping streaming video to both their 3-tiered backdrop as well as the DJ stand itself making the set come alive for all those attendance. Punctual partiers would also find themselves able to take advantage of first hour 2-4-1 s as well as booths from local sponsoring artisans and artists lining the rear of the club where the ill-reputed bondage show would normally reside. Despite the raunchy reputation everyone from alternative clothing shops to hair stylists to local independent filmmakers were eager to set up shop and take advantage of the event s widespread exposure. When the night got into full swing the dance floor flooded with eager onlookers as the three magical musicians continued to provide a seamless soundtrack while they shared the stage with the incoming sensational onslaught of mesmerizing marvels. First a tantalizing tease from Red Bone living dead girl and Producer of Red Carpet Burlesque 138 139 As the end of the night came around the bright lights came on and security began the push to the door. As has become more and more typical at this time for Ground Zero groups of people would linger on the sidewalk outside making plans to continue festivities not wanting the night to end. The stack of flyers for The Forbidden Bazaar s next event Solstice Winter is C ming quickly began to disappear into people s pockets and purses. The exiting crowd was abuzz about who was going to perform and what they were going to at the next one as well as making definite plans to attend. From start to finish though the individual acts came from various different backgrounds the entire event seem to resonate with the same overall theme of embracing the base carnal desires within us all. Not only that but even though not everyone who attended was an active member of the goth community in the Twin Cities all in attendance seemed to radiate the same feelings of acceptance and willing indulgence in their otherwise forbidden passions. It is in this same vein that while other cities boast about having the larger scene having more nightly events or catering to more the specific subgenres the society of Twin Cities darksiders will continue to thrive and grow as other scenes diminish. END 140 141 142 PHILADELPHIA Scene Report 143 144 still two artists that topped my list of Must see before I die. They were The Birthday Massacre and Emilie Autumn. When it was announced the two were embarking on a co-headlining tour together the only words I could say was Theater of Living Arts Oh My God When I saw Philly was one of the eight stops I was beyond excited. I mean Philadelphia PA I was probably difficult to be around. It s all I wanted to talk about. Both artists were offering November 24 2013 VIP packages and that s where things became difficult. Emilie Autumn was hosting a reading of her book and TBM were offering a meet and greet. My wife (who went with me) left the by Michael Jack decision completely up to me. Considering I Looking back upon 2013 I have to say it was year love both EA and TBM equally I had to go with of amazing concerts for me. I saw Ego Likeness the meet and greet. Who knows if I will ever get P nk Ayria and Project Pitchfork. There were another opportunity to meet and have my picture The Birthday Massacre & Emilie Autumn taken with The Birthday Massacre. The lineup for the meet and greet began at 4 45 and it was freezing out. Luckily the wind had died down and our wait was short. We were ushered into the TLA at 5pm and my wife and I were second to last. When it was finally our turn I was immediately greeted by Nate. He was completely laid back and I would quickly learn so was the rest of the band. Chibi even greeted everybody with a hug. The experience was not I can t believe I m standing here with The Birthday Massacre but more like a casual get together where everyone was chatting with you joking and by the way...they did just so happen to be The Birthday Massacre. I loved it. It is amazing how this group of six could immediately make you feel comfortable and welcomed you as a friend. You could tell they wanted to be there as much as you did. I absolutely believe I chose the right VIP package for my wife and myself. Several times throughout the night my wife would even comment on how nice Rainbow was. I don t know if I could single out one 145 but Chibi and Owen are the conversations I remember most. The fact is they were all great. At 8pm the giant screen in front of the stage raised and the intro music began. All eyes were drawn to The Birthday Massacre backdrop. I couldn t wait to find out what song they were opening with. I couldn t wait to hear them perform. Rhim was the first on stage and he took his seat behind the drums. Shortly after Falcore Rainbow Nate and Owen followed. Chibi was last. When they were all ready they ripped right into Red Stars. There was no standing still. TBM was going at you full force and they sounded amazing. From beginning to end the concert would be fifteen songs and I can honestly say there wasn t one song that sounded better or worse than the others. They were all great. Always was the second song followed by Holiday Sleepwalking Forever and Pins and Needles . If you felt that maybe just maybe you might be able to catch your breath for a second you were dead wrong. For the seventh song Chibi announced This one is called Happy Birthday. The place erupted but honestly I don t think it ever stopped. It was just a louder continuation. Alibis Violet and Blue were next. Let me just say Chibi really does make the low growling voice live. It s not effects it s her talent. Control Leaving Tonight and Down followed. At this point Chibi announced they had two songs left and what amazing choices they were. Kill the Lights and In the Dark to end it. Like I said to begin this article this year I saw all of my favorite artists perform live. The Birthday Massacre was my single favorite 146 are going to be disappointed. Perhaps you won t be. What you get when you see EA is theatrical reenactment of her F.L.A.G. CD as she sings the songs from beginning to end. Granted there is no live band but the vocals are live. Again she is giving a show but if you purchased the tickets with the main purpose of seeing EA you probably already knew what was in store. The performance began with Fight Like a Girl. It s track one on the CD. To say the crowd went crazy is understating it a little. I knew Emilie had a new Bloody Crumpet for this tour... Moth and let me say she was excellent. What I didn t realize was that Veronica Varlow would be the only other Crumpet traveling with her. Regardless the show was excellent. Emilie would hit you with several songs in a row then she would break into a more burlesque humored stage show. Plague Rats are familiar with this routine. There were moments I laughed hard and Veronica s corrupting a girl from the audience was extremely entertaining. By the time EA performed the final track One Foot in performance. I m not taking anything away from the other musicians it s just TBM were that good live. Chibi I have long argued has the best pure voice in the industry. That s my opinion. She has a great range can change the sound of her voice and she does it flawlessly and makes it seem effortless. She is every bit as good live as she is on TBM s recordings. The band is tight their timing is perfect and again flawless live. I will go back to see The Birthday Massacre every time they come to the area. As TBM left the stage one thing occurred to me. Emilie Autumn is up next. What I couldn t believe this was really happening. Now to see Emilie Autumn perform live is an experience. It s not a concert it s a show. If you show up expecting to hear Dead is the New Alive or Opheliac you 147 Front of the Other I knew I had just witnessed something completely different. I think I m right when I say you experience Emilie Autumn not just go to see her perform live. My wife and I headed for the door and it was right before Emilie s encore. We both had to work at 8am and we had an hour drive home. I had already witnessed one of the best overall concerts of my life so skipping the last song didn t bother me. What I didn t expect was that we would run into Owen from TBM in the lobby. He remembered us from the meet and greet and asked us what we thought about the show. We talked for several minutes thanked him for the wonderful performance and then it was back out into the frigid air. It is now twenty four hours later and I still can t get over the fact I saw TBM and EA live last night. The smile still hasn t left my face. I m not sure it ever will. END 148 149 PHOENIX Scene Report By Zander Buel It s a bad omen when the cherished club of ages is ultimately relinquished from the pale claws of the Goth scene. In the first week of September it was announced through a local newspaper that Club Palazzo was officially closing its doors to the hundreds of black-clad night crawlers that have so loyally followed its rise fall and rise over the years being taken over by the kinky burlesque company known as Scandalesque. Scandalesque aspired to fill the infamous Gothic hub with their PHOENIX AZ Scene Report production known as The Empress. The weekly club nights of City Madness were set in stone but nothing could ever replace the immaculate Palazzo a palace of Roman and Greek architecture set against a morbid backdrop of sinister projections statues and of course evil melodies blaring through its suspended speakers. From Tranzylvania to Resurrection Palazzo is storied enough to join the ranks of Bar Sinister and even the clubs of Europe. The final night of Palazzo s monthly event Resurrection headed by scene veterans Kevin Krol Suzy Homewrecker and DJ Noiz.Fkr was held on September sixth. With special guest DJ Xian Vox of Los Angeles 150 the last hurrah brought in a pull of nearly 400 people complete with a candlelight vigil on the patio with a dozen of us reflecting on our favorite memories of both Palazzo and the scene at large. The midnight oil was burned well into the wee hours of the morning until it was finally time to say goodbye. But even in the face of such adversity we have moved on. The City of Madness conglomerate kept together by DJs Apollynon and Angel Toxin still keeps the candles alit. DJ Noiz.Fkr has initiated H XAN a doomed discotech at Club 24 a new monthly event every First Friday that invites all the homeless Goths to sway to darkwave music and the new kid on the block witch house. DJ Aleksandr Aeternum s Black Mass now with DJ Noiz.Fkr as a resident keeps second Saturdays morose with the constant flow of old-school Goth. DJ SHE hasn t lost a beat with the industrial-themed Teknoir. Mix Tape recalls nostalgic 80s and 90s dance classics courtesy of DJs LqMercurial and Forge. DJ Beautiful John kicked off a monthly at an outdoor venue known as the Firehouse loading it with an arsenal of performer oddities fire-dancing stripping and well-known DJs within the scene--a night of all our favorite things with a twist. all walks of life with an action-packed New Year s party on the horizon. Shadowplay fronted by DJ Manchester continues to pay respect to the Gods of the old spinning 80s new wave and postpunk--a highlight of which was a night centered entirely around The Cure with DJ Noiz.Fkr as a special guest. Cupcake A Monthly Fetish-Themed Dance Party Horns & Halos Productions conducted its enormous the brainchild of Suzy Homewrecker persists in annual affair known as the Fetish Ball the final being a dance party for freaks and weirdos from quarterly fetish event run by James Bound and Shona Longoria. The Fetish Ball as per usual was a culture shock for the bulk of North Scottsdale s civilians. The rest indulged in the skimpy leather trimmings and exotic accessories that keep the fetish events such a fine break from the norm. Tucson outfit Alter Der Ruine gave the ball a dose of electronic music that spans all over the melodic grid and Aesthetic Perfection headlined the night with relentless industrial carnage. To top it off the fetish-meets-Goth-meets-glamour performer Mistress Persephone dragged a set of turquoise 151 talons across the back of DJ Beautiful John Likeness to the dry and dusty part of the country a after whipping him mercilessly. Horns & Halos mix of dance Goth ethereal and industrial. Productions also brought Faderhead and Ego The cornerstone of this chapter in the saga of the Phoenix scene was undoubtedly the Nine Inch Nails show anyone mired in the club events and shows could spot at least a dozen fellow scenesters in the crowd wailing and moaning to classics like Terrible Lie Wish and the famed Hurt. For better or worse it sealed Trent Reznor s importance in the evolution of many dark hearts that take sanctuary after midnight. Even with an ordeal as radical as the closing of Palazzo there is still much to revel in. DJ Noiz. Fkr has secured Tuesday nights at Stacy s the club formerly known as Sanctum spinning 80s 90s and modern alternative under its Gothic arches and elegant design--a design that mirrors Palazzo. Kevin Krol and Suzy Homewrecker have been devising a new night called Sin-O-Rama still shrouded in mystery but with an arcane hint at something kinky. And with the news that The Empress will no longer be shacking up in Palazzo the future remains to be set. END 152 153 Stockholm Sweden Gothic Rock Postpunk Aggrotech EBM batnightsweden DJ NightOwl 154 My name is Patrik I live in Sweden and I originally come from a small coastal town called Kalmar but moved to Stockholm a few years ago. I have worked as a music manager for 7 or 8 years now and felt that I wanted to do something for the scene. As I started the goth club Bat Night in 2012 the purpose was to give alternative artists and performers a chance to be seen and create activity. A place to be yourself as an alternative and meet others likeminded within the scene without being assaulted for the way one dress or look. As for what keep me busy mainly my own club Bat Night in Stockholm but I have made guest appearances at clubs such as Rocks Tech Noir T nk P D den and PlusOne. In February 14th 2014 Bat Night have it s season premier with postpunk act Principe Valiente Deathrockabill Kombat Katz and Wreckdance from Finland it will especially please the oldschool goth fans. In we have booked Nachtmahr to Nalen for fans of EBM and Aggrotech. Nalen is one of the finest venues in Stockholm I can guarantee it will be a dancefloor club success Favorite Bands I have a very wide taste in music especially one that comes from the dark scene it can range from traditional batcave to modern industrial. While at home in my own sanctuary I love listening to melancholy such as Katatonia My Dying Bride. Tiamat Type O Negative. While at the gym heavier music such as Suicide Commando or Aesthetic Perfection works perfectly Movies I love mysterious movies where one usually has to think not everything needs to be explained in detail generic Hollywood movies can sometimes be a bore. I also love horror movies especially ones with lots and lots of splatter and gore Likes Ghosts cemeteries and bats Dislikes Racism close-minded people and overconsumption of alcohol. Hobbies Interests Other than DJing Studying spirituality and occultism. Taking long 155 walks in nature. Collecting old videogames and similar I am quite a nerd. Dancing at clubs and listening to live music. [Carpe Nocturne] What got you started as a DJ and when [DJ NightOwl] It started in July 2012 when I had fever hallucinations and came up with the idea of the goth club Bat Night together with my previous co-organizer Sophie Granl f. It was meant to be a DJ only night but has since then evolved into something much more having both local and international acts. 156 [Carpe Nocturne] Do you have any preference in decks that you use and why [DJ NightOwl] No usually you have to make due with what the venue have available at the moment but I have acquired a DJ Pioneer DDJ-ERGO-V controller recently which certainly helps [Carpe Nocturne] What are your preferred music genres to spin and are you known for a specific style [DJ NightOwl] Usually I get to play gothic rock postpunk and similar genres I like to mix in modern new acts together with older classics. I sometimes shift and play heavier industrial sets it is usually appreciated and can create a massive dancefloor inferno [Carpe Nocturne] Do you get to spin at many events and if so where have you traveled to in the past year [DJ NightOwl] During Wave Gotik Treffen which takes place in Leipzig Germany I got to play twice both at Moritz Bastei which is an old fortress and Dark flower which is an awesome dark scene club. I had my own gothic hour at the Electronic Summer Festival in Gothenburg I have also traveled to Uppsala and been a guest DJ at their local synth club DMZ. [Carpe Nocturne] What is the furthest you ve traveled to spin your material [DJ NightOwl] Wave Gotik Treffen in Germany it takes quite a few hours to travel there [Carpe Nocturne] What are the biggest events you ve spun at [DJ NightOwl] I got to DJ at Peter Murphy when he performed his Bauhaus set here in Stockholm it was amazingly fun but sadly I didn t get to meet [Carpe Nocturne] How did you choose your name [DJ NightOwl] The Owl is one of my spirit animals and I am a creature of the night it came naturally as a calling. 157 decide exactly what to play and on which terms But I would love to play at Dark flower in Leipzig again [Carpe Nocturne] What do you feel the state of this scene is today and in your eyes has it changed much (and how) since you first started spinning [DJ NightOwl] Since Bat Night started I have him in person. Wave Gotik Treffen at the venue Moritz Bastei which is an old fortress i had an own section for myself during the whole night and early morning My laptop ended up overheating after my almost 8 hour long DJ set there. [Carpe Nocturne] What are your favorite large events [DJ NightOwl] Festivals such as Summer Darkness or Wave Gotik Treffen where they take place in an entire city transforming it into a sort of dream world for the dark minded it is not just about the music but something for the entire subculture. [Carpe Nocturne] Do you have any favorite venues clubs to spin at and why 158 [DJ NightOwl] Bat Night of course I get to noticed a huge difference in the events here from basically nothing and a huge gap there are now lots of goth and synth clubs running each week [Carpe Nocturne] Have you ever appeared in any other publications or on the radio [DJ NightOwl] I was supposed to have my own goth hour at a radiostation in South America but it has yet to premiere. As for publications mostly interviews for my clothing style in local magazines but also for a book about Wave Gotik Treffen where I modelled in Gothic Victorian Attire. [Carpe Nocturne] Do you have any specific bands whose music you really enjoy spinning and why [DJ NightOwl] I love playing the gothrock band 159 160 Elusive from Norway they are brilliant. [Carpe Nocturne] I imagine you ve met many of the artist s whose music you include in your set. DO you have any favorites and why [DJ NightOwl] I enjoy artists that are down to earth and easy to work with. Special credits here go out to Elliot Berlin and Aesthetic Perfection and also the band Two Witches. [Carpe Nocturne] Are there any bands you d like to meet [DJ NightOwl] Carl Mccoy of Fields Of The Nephilim would be an interesting encounter other than that artists are just people albeit creative like any others. [Carpe Nocturne] Are there any Venues Clubs or Events you d really like to spin at anywhere in the world [DJ NightOwl] More festivals and also clubs in Germany the UK or USA [Carpe Nocturne] Any other DJ s you admire and like to spin with [DJ NightOwl] Kitty Lectro definitively a huge inspiration [Carpe Nocturne] What direction do you think our scene is going and do you feel it s positive [DJ NightOwl] I believe that it is changing and ever evolving which I am open to. New music styles and genres will come from this and we are in for some very exciting times. [Carpe Nocturne] Are there any parts of the country world where you would rather be based and for what reasons [DJ NightOwl] Berlin Germany there are so many clubs and events going on there [Carpe Nocturne] What is the scene like in your area and if you travel how does it compare with other parts of the country world [DJ NightOwl] Stockholm Gothenburg and Malm have the most active dark scene in smaller towns you can barely find any alternative people and they can sometimes be assaulted for their styles. I used to live in a small coastal country called Kalmar and it could be dangerous at times to dress up. We are a small country and the scene equally small. It cannot be compared to countries such as the UK or Germany. [Carpe Nocturne] Do you have any new music you are spinning and how is it being received [DJ NightOwl] With gothic music people are a bit conservative and prefer the classics it takes some time and a lot of spins for people to be accustomed with the new music. As for industrial music it is much easier to get the crowd dancing to brand new tracks. [Carpe Nocturne] Are there any new emerging artists you d like to mention and let our readers watch for [DJ NightOwl] Then Comes Silence gothic rock postpunk from Sweden Also I feel that Purple Nail a gothic metal band deserves a mention for their new album Night Lights. [THE END] 161 CHVRCHE By Michael Jacks 162 Photo By Eliot Hazel ES 163 CHVRCHES by Michael Jack I am always on the lookout for new music or bands I haven t I discovered yet. spend hours on YouTube doing exactly this. Somehow the SynthPop band CHVRCHES escaped my radar. Luckily Carpe Nocturne s publisher editor Bob Donovan sent me a link to one of their videos and asked my opinion. What did I think Less than three weeks later I own their debut fulllength CD The Bones of What You Believe and am writing this article. I ve also spent tons of time watching their videos and live performances That YouTube. should give you a clue. CHVRCHES is a trio from Glasgow Scotland and the members each bring a diverse background of experience musical influences and tastes to the synthetic sound they create. Members Iain Cook and Martin Doherty were friends from their university days. Cook was a member of the bands Aereogramme and The Unwinding Hours. He also composed music for TV and films. Doherty was a live member of The Twilight Sad. In October 2011 the two friends decided to create something new together. It was really just a studio project and the studio was a small room in Martin s basement. Cook had known Lauren Mayberry and suggested her to sing on a few tracks they had recorded. Mayberry was a trained drummer and vocalist and was a member of the local 164 their name they liked how Churches The sounded. problem was a Google search would bring up many real churches. Therefore the band decided to substitute the U with a V to avoid confusion. The name is still pronounced as Churches but spelled CHVRCHES. bands Blue Sky Archives and Boyfriend Girlfriend. Mayberry also holds a four year law degree and a masters in journalism. It was from her work with Blue Sky Archives that Cook knew her. Needless to say she agreed to record the vocals. On May 11 2012 the trio released their first demo Lies as a free download through Neon Gold label. It was an instant hit. The band began as an internet sensation. For With the success of Lies the trio began touring and they opened for the Passion Pit. The single would eventually rank at number 28 on NME s best tracks of 2012. On November 5 of the same year CHVRCHES released their first official single The Mother We Share. This song would go on to be Huffington Post s number 51 song of 2012. The success of the band caught the attention of Daniel Glass owner of Glassnote Records. He had previously been sent copies of the songs Lies and Recover. Glass traveled to the UK to watch CHVRCHES perform live. In January of 2013 it was announced his label had signed the band. 165 2013 saw a whirlwind of success and touring for the Scottish band. In March the single Recover was released they performed at SXSW and won the inaugural Grulke Prize for developing non-US act. On June 19th CHVRCHES made their US debut performing The Mother We Share on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. July saw the release of the single Gun and the band opened for Depeche Mode in four European cities. In September the band officially released their first full-length CD The Bones of what You Believe. The album gained international success peaking at number 12 in the US 9 in the UK 13 in Australia and 66 in Japan. If you have not heard of the band CHVRCHES yet it is only a matter of time. This is only the beginning for the trio and their star is rising fast. CHVRCHES has already ranked fifth on BBC s Sound of 2013 for promising new talent and their CD is still new. Their heavy SynthPop sound with catchy hooks and obvious 80 s feel is fresh exciting and they deliver very real lyrics that listeners can relate to. Perhaps the best part of CHVRCHES is the fact retain full creative control and their music isn t watered down by execs who believe they know what the public wants to hear. Lauren Iain and Martin are as hardworking as they come constantly touring and will never be satisfied with putting out a mediocre product. They have every ingredient it takes to become a standard on almost anyone s playlist. They have certainly become one on mine. END 166 167 168 VIEWPOINT by Michael Jack VIEWPOINT Is Written By Various Columnists. These columns are the opinion of the writer and such views may not be shared by the editor publisher ot others involved withthe publication. by Michael Jack and Amara Alexander Acceptance A lesson that can be learned from the Dark Culture There is a certain mystery that surrounds the dark culture. People are both captivated and frightened by it. They try to figure us out and point to reasons why someone would join our ranks as if we were a cult or formal organization. People don t understand. One of the most common theories about the dark culture is we are a society of outcasts. We gravitate towards each other because we belong nowhere else. Nobody wants us. Although false and we all have our reasons for belonging to our culture they are not too far off of the mark for some of us. Let me explain. It is not that we are outcasts or don t belong we all know that is untrue but there is a certain level of comfort being involved in a culture who accepts each of us for who we are. Society judges but most in the dark culture do not. I think it is safe to say we have more diversity in sexual preferences and religion than most cultures in society. The dark culture enjoys more gender freedom and ethnic differences are rarely an issue. I say rarely because even the best trees will grow a few bad apples even though I have never seen one. am a Catholic heterosexual who identifies as a Goth. Amara is a bisexual Wiccan who also identifies as a Goth. We talked a little about religion about sexuality and about gender. We were both interested in what the other had say and never was there a single judgmental or negative comment exchanged between us. Why It didn t really matter what religion or sexual preference the other had. We wanted to hear what each other had to say just because we wanted to understand each other better. Amara and I wanted to find out who that other person was. Although this is a single experience in a lifetime filled with experiences this exchange was by no means unique. I have encountered similar conversations many times within the dark culture but each one was different because everyone is different. What I can say was the same is the reactions the tolerance and the lack of prejudice. Within the dark culture and it has been proven the majority of people who identify with the community are Christian. I m sure this would shock a lot of outsiders. There are even groups and websites dedicated to Christian Goths. A common misconception is we are all Satanists. There are Satanists within our culture just like there For the Fall issue I had the privilege of interviewing are Satanists in almost every culture but they author Amara Alexander. What amazed me was are a minority. We also have a good amount of how alike we were and yet how so totally different. I Wiccans within our culture. I am friends with a lot 169 of witches and I can tell you Wiccans are very discriminated against within the general society. It is a very misunderstood religion. For my friends there is draw to the dark culture because they can practice openly express their religious symbology and never fear being persecuted for it. The dark culture also has a higher than normal amount of agnostics and atheists but we also have Jews Muslims Buddhists and pretty much any other religion you can name. If I can sum up religion in the dark culture I would say it is personal diverse talked about but never discriminated against. I should say almost never. I m sure it happens but again I have never witnessed it. and views are exactly alike. Amara impresses me with her knowledge and understanding of sexuality and gender and I couldn t talk about the subjects nearly as well as she can. I m not going to try. Although I could blend the article together to make it sound like it is coming from one voice I am not going to. We are both individuals with different voices and you should hear both. So this is where I end and Amara begins... Ethnic acceptance is slightly more difficult for me to talk about within our scene because we are not as diverse as some other cultures. We are predominantly white let s face it. That said I have known or seen plenty of black Hispanic Middle-Eastern and Asian Goths Steam Punks etc. They are the minority but not ostracized. I ve talked to them. They are welcomed to the community just like anyone else would be. Never have I heard a single complaint of racism. I even tried to research ethnic diversity within our culture and there is very little info out there. Believe me if we were a prejudiced culture I would have gotten a ton of hits. Basically and being completely honest I have never heard the word racist used or racism being discussed within the scene. Why Because ethnicity does not matter within dark culture. Being interviewed by Michael is like most of my experiences within the dark culture. It has introduced me to another intriguing person that can share new ideas with me and bring about interesting experiences. It is usually a good way of bonding. We already know we have many things in common because we are both a part of this underground subculture. However like Michael says we are a very open-minded and diverse culture. We tend to be accepting of other and even if we don t understand something we still accept the person for who they are and try our best to understand the situation and differences respecting each other s opinions. I know people within the culture of different races creeds religions sexual orientations and genders. Some prejudice seeps through as in all other aspects of the broader culture but our culture does seem to be more accepting than most. 170 There are many ways to look at the dark community. There is the music that inspires it the crowds at the local clubs and goth nights and then there s the internet. All of these have different responses to sexuality and gender. For this article I wanted to co-write it with Within many goth songs there is a longing for Amara. Her background and experiences are other and a romanticism that is as feminine as different from mine. Her personal beliefs and it is sensual. However even though there are preferences are also not the same. Our values many songs that honor and deify the feminine 171 there are plenty that dehumanize it especially in the genre of industrial. I will refrain from calling out particular songs but they re not hard to find. Within the realm of the goth club I see very little sexism. Out of the decade that I have been attending I have only been sexually harassed once at a goth night by a metalhead who actually didn t really fit the typical crowd. There is a lot of cross dressing and gender expression varies with conformability and acceptance by the members of the culture. When looking at the display of gender within the goth community femininity is preferred over masculinity and androgyny is the norm. However online is a whole entirely different world. I think we all know that online people of all crowds are more hate filled contemptuous and judgmental. The darker community tends to be less judgmental and more respectable to the female gender and the gender queer but there is no escaping the broader culture and misogyny and transphobia can be found in all circles. Also in the clubs one can quickly see the difference from the gothic expression of gender and sexuality fairly quickly. I have to admit I have been to a few mainstream bars and clubs. Women are dancing on the tables and are obviously objectified by the men. Women tend to be the dancers on display for the men but when the two collide on the dance floor it looks like sexual simulation. In a goth club both genders are dancing and it doesn t look nearly as sexual though it is often sensual. Women seem to have more control over their sexual expression and choices. Men do not seem at all intimidated or put off by assertive and confident women who take charge and make the decisions of who they talk to and how they are approached. Unfortunately there is the occasional tourist onlooker that fetishizes goth girls and enters the club with the expectation of being aggressively sexual to take control of one of these wild slutty and crazy goth girls. These tourists often get their ideas about fetishizing goth girls from online and the mainsteam media. There can easily be found numerous sites face book fan pages and the like that have sexy goth girls on display for men who have such fetishes. They think that one of these goth girls are going to give them the time of their life even though they are not a part of the culture and have no idea what it is about. However they objectify the goth girl and look no further than that. God forbid they want a relationship with one of these girls because they stereotype them as being completely crazy and bitchy. They believe they are only good for these men s own sexual pleasure and nothing more. Sexuality is just as diverse and accepted within the dark culture. There tends to be a larger crowd of bisexuals than one would find in the general population. Within the clubs I have attended there have been people of all different sexual orientations in attendance. Sexuality seems to be embraced no matter its form with an exception of sexuality that is truly harmful and nonconsensual. However I have been called the f word online from those in the goth community. Again we can t always escape the bigotry of the broader culture. Though like all subcultures ours is no different in that it has flaws the one thing that attracts most of us to this lifestyle is the tendency to be openminded. We of course have the commonality of seeing beauty in the macabre having a fascination with the morbid and romanticizing death. Past that our culture is a very diverse one that tends to accept people of all genders sexual orientations religions races political parties and creeds. The dark subculture has penetrated all corners of the world diversifying it even more. Though this spread into mainstream society by lengthening our reach comes with its downfalls it also brings us together when otherwise we would feel alone and misunderstood and it brings us a variety of experiences and relationships we would not otherwise have. We may be influenced the close-mindedness of the broader by culture but we also learn to accept those who are very different from ourselves that are a part of the culture as well. It brings us together through this shared fascination and experience. END 172 173 174 Chained Shadows By Sergio Manghina involved withthe publication. JIMMY VARGAS & THE BLACK DAHLIAS MY SHADOW BRIDE Released 2000 A Gathering of Things in Noir Style The opinions of the writer and such views may not be shared by the editor publisher ot others tasty recipe is a sauce of crime-jazz and torch songs enriched by a spicy touch of lounge-exotica. Music videos and live-shows however draw a single noir screenplay a unique sardonic and a bit nostalgic glance beyond our mental borders. & DEATH SWINGS Released 2003 CLOCK DVA ADVANTAGE Label Polydor Released 1983 & BRUCE STERLING MIRRORSHADES The Cyberpunk Anthology Publisher Harbor House Released 1986 He lives in Noirsville a parallel world of Hollywood L.A. in the forties. Breaking the time barrier sometimes his smoky smooth crooner voice opens the doors of our perception and the trip begins. There are very few artists alive today who are so distinctive and passionate like Jimmy Vargas His 175 & PAUL VIRILIO OPEN SKY Publisher Verso Released 1997 Chaz Barber aka Brahm is a natural born talent a visionary manipulator of atmospheres with a rich palette of materials who reminds me of another genius like Steven Ellison aka Flying Lotus. They have been the prophets of all things cyberpunk fixing in music ideas and visions of the leader Adi Newton - shared with authors like Gibson Sterling Cadigan Rucker Ballard and the philosopher Paul Virilio - through glacial electrobeats and tribal labyrinths. Advantage is one of their more noir albums and pieces like Eternity in Paris or Sabotage confirm immediately this impression. Anyway my favourite track is Dark Encounter an evanescent night-flight of threatening saxophones and sudden noisy breaks INGA LILJENSTROM ELK Label Groovescooter 2005 SUNSET BOULEVARD by Billy Wilder 1950-2002 Studio Paramount BRAHM A THOUSAND CURVES Label 10101 AM Music Released 2002 Fragments of nocturnal beats drowned into meditative hip-hop litanies and trip-jazz-noir samples. 176 Trip-Hop ambient electronic are sometimes just words or mere talk. This album is something else a true cinematic experience soaked by suggestions worthy of a noir movie like Billy Wilder s Sunset Boulevard . Inga Liljestrom weaves rare and rarefied sound alchemies evoking a symphony of empty rooms closed doors unavowable secrets through a soft silk curtain. VIEWPOINT by Andy Fereday VIEWPOINT Is Written By Various Columnists. These columns are the opinion of the writer and such views may not be shared by the editor publisher ot others involved withthe publication. EDITOR S NOTE I happened across a very informative (old but informative) article posted on the worldwide web. We went to great lengths to search out the author and get permission to use the piece. To our surprise Andy Fereday granted us usage rights as well as added to it and critiqued his own work as a then and now type piece. This will be an ongoing story. until the entire piece is completed. Thank You Andy Fereday Bob Donovan - Carpe Nocturne Editor lidity of science s fanatic obsession with rational orderly laws and their implications. Certain gothic novels have been appropriated by the Goth subculture as artefacts of great cultural value. Bram Stoker s Dracula (1897) and Mary First Americal Shelley s FranEdition Cover kenstein (1818) being two prime examples. Mary Shelley s Frankenstein subtitled The Modern Prometheus sees Victor Frankenstein relating the story of how he created a creature from human parts and then gave it life in so doing creating a murderous monster. The novel voices the concern that modern science will eventually lead us to disaster and warns against modern science s urge to play God - a warning evident in the subtitle. The circumstances under which the novel Frankenstein were written (Mary Shelley was staying at the Villa Diodati outside Geneva with Lord Byron John Polidori and Percy Shelly when Lord Byron suggested that they each write and tell a ghost story for mutual entertainment) importantly link into the appearance of the vampire in classical romantic literature. The first appearance of the vampire in literature is in John Polidori s The Vampyre - published in 1819 in the April issue of New Monthly Magazine . The Vampyre was a re-working of a tale told by Lord Byron at the Villa Diodati. The appearance of The Vampyre inspired an eruption of vampire stories eventually culminating in the publication of Dracula . [Continued From The Fall Issue] Following on from and related to the Victorian element of Goth culture is the fascination with gothic literature in particular the gothic novel which was born in the romantic movement in the latter half of the 18th century. Gothic fiction brought to focus all the emotional and non-rational aspects of the human condition. It questioned society s conventional wisdom as defined by the period of enlightenment. The scientific importance of rationality logic and reason were the primary targets which gothic literature sought to bring to justice. Gothic authors used macabre images horrific monstrosities and supernatural forces as incarnations of abstract Original Cover principles to question It is with Dracula that we see the emergence of the importance and va- 177 ART FROM THE ROMANTIC PERIOD the vampire as it is portrayed in modern popular culture. The vampire image has been adopted by part of the Goth subculture as a cultural icon. The vampire has a very strong image taking the life of others to sustain itself and in so doing living immortally. The vampire embodies both life and death - it is a metaphor for part of society. Those who are in power can only maintain themselves by living off the life force of others. By adopting the vampire as a cultural icon the Goth subculture is metaphorically if not actually drawing power from others with self-sustenance being the ultimate goal. Part 2 Analysis From the Birmingham School As described in part 1 the Goth subculture shows a focus on its own specific activities it shows its distinct beliefs uses of material objects and territorial spaces its traditions customs and rituals. The Goth subculture can be said to be distinct enough from its parent culture and from mainstream culture and therefore fulfils part of the criteria set out by Clarke et al in the definition of subcultures. It is important to examine how the Goth subculture relates to its parent culture. Members of the Goth subculture tend to have middle class backgrounds (this is not always the case but middle class backgrounds do predominate in the Goth subculture). Thus the parent culture as defined by Clarke et al will be the middle class. So how does the Goth subculture relate to the middle class - what values do the middle class hold that are common to the 178 Goth subculture The brief answer is that both the Goth subculture and the middle class show a tendency to uphold liberal democratic political and moral values. Middle class culture is one that values equality of opportunity property ownership and material wealth and the responsibility of the individual towards fellow men and women and society in general. The most concise description of liberal democratic ideology comes from the National Liberal Federation [Liberalism s] aim is to create a nation not of humble though kindly treated workers dependent upon a small Major Writers of the Romanticism Movement Hawthorne Nathaniel (1804-1864) Whitman Walt (1819-1892) Poe Edgar Allen (1809-1849) Shelley Mary (1797-1851) Shelley Percy Bysshe (1792-1822) Wordsworth William (1770-1850) Coleridge Samuel Taylor (1772-1834) Melville Herman (1819-1891) Blake William (1757-1827) Lord Byron (1788-1824) Keats John (1795-1821) Bryant William Cullen (1794-1878) Cooper James Fenimore (1789-1851) Longfellow Henry Wadsworth (18071882) Irving Washington (1783-1859) Lowell James Russell (1819-1891) Whittier John Greenleaf (1807-1892) rich class who alone can enjoy the full benefits of a civilised life and not of proletarians regimented controlled and provided with standardised comforts by a group of dictators or bureaucrats acting in the name of the state but a nation of free responsible law-abiding and self-reliant men and women ... enjoying a real equality of opportunity to make the most and best of their powers for their own advantage and that of the community and to choose the way of life for which they are best fitted having a real share of responsibility for regulating the management of their common affairs and the conditions of their own life and work and secure of suffi- 179 More Literary Works Of The Romantic Period (National Liberal Federation 1936 221-2) It is easy to see that the Goth subculture makes an attempt to emancipate its members from religious and gender based constraints and makes a small scale construction (through its use of space and territory) of a more open tolerant and less authoritarian society rather than one that is based upon outdated illegitimate authority. The spiritual belief systems favoured by the Goth subculture promote an individual responsibility to nature society and fellow men and women and a freedom to pursue one s desires both material and spiritual. A major assumption of the liberal political ideology is that individuals in society are capable of conducting their own affairs with minimal intrusion from Government or the State and that this ability is an innate one given at birth. It is plain to see that the spiritual philosophies favoured by members of the Goth subculture resonate with this assumption. It is also plain to see the commonality between the Goth subculture and middle class culture. The issues surrounding the subculture and how it relates to the parent culture are discussed by Clarke et al and it is theorised that the subculture cient leisure to live a full life and to enjoy the delights of Nature letters and the arts. 180 is presented with the same problematic as the parent culture. The same issues arise from the same sets of circumstances and life experiences in both the parent culture and the subculture. The way in which the solutions to these problematics and life experiences are expressed will differ between the subculture and the parent culture but the same essential problems will remain the same. The way in which the solutions are expressed will differ due to the institutions through which the problematic is expressed - the family the state or education springing immediately to mind. To understand the issues dealt with by the Goth subculture the issues dealt with by the parent culture can be examined. of referral. In the words of Juliet Mitchel We don t think of middle class culture as something separate - it simply is the overall culture within which are inserted these isolable other cultures. However this cultural hegemony by bourgeois thought is not on an absolute par with the domination within the economy by the capitalist class. (Cited in Clarke et al 1976 62.) The bourgeois middle classes have not been immune to the effect of the expansion of the capital economy since the second world war. Rather than being in control of economic production and economic affairs in the capitalist system the bourgeois middle classes have become enslaved to an The problematic encountered by the middle class extent by the capitalist system. in post - second world war Britain is a problematic of capitalism. The middle class bourgeoisie was The middle classes still hold a higher status in soup until the point that capitalism began to enter ciety than the working classes but they no longer its post-war expansion and technological develop- seem to hold ultimate power over economic proment the master of its own culture. Whereas other duction - emphasis on the middle class has shiftclasses were referred to as autonomous the mid- ed from them being the oppressors of the working dle class culture was conspicuous by its absence class to them being an intermediary level in the 181 division of capitalist labour. The middle class is no longer unified but is divided in two - the upper middle class which occupies higher levels of industrial structures and the lower middle class which occupies intermediate levels in the industrial production structures. Clarke et al refer to a range of new professions appearing in modern society to testify to the way in which the middle classes have been effected We have seen the growth of the intermediate white-collar and lower managerial strata the rise of new professions alongside the old a growth in the administrative and welfare-state non-commercial middle classes and new strata connected with the revolutions in communications management and marketing. (Clarke et al 1976 63) They believe that the intricate structure of middle class culture - its emotional restraint and the protestant work ethic - formed a protective husk or complex integument around the developing mode of production. It is argued that with the post-war explosion of industrial production this husk was worn away leaving gaps in the cultural superstructure which mediated between modes of production and intellectual structures having an unsettling effect upon the middle class culture. The new cultural values which were emerging in the post-war era proved to be something of a crisis for the middle classes to deal with - the middle class had always dictated how things were done to the lower class and always adhered to these ways of life themselves. Suddenly the rules of society had changed - women were no longer content to be tied to the household and on personal economic matters the principle of saving had been replaced by the principle of consuming. The cornerstones of traditional middle class values were beginning to be eroded. The middle class counter-cultures opened up to the new ways of life - instead of denying the need for adaptation in the way that the middle class parent culture did 182 the counter cultures embraced the opportunity to adapt and bring forth new modes of being and cultural values and traditions. The dominant middle classes demonised the counter-cultures rather than accepting that the crisis had come from within their own class. The separation of the middle class into two levels has led to the lower of the two experiencing life in a different way to that of the upper middle class. The lower middle class through hard work and education has been allowed to progress only so far. The Upper middle class still for the most part holds power over the lower and dominates over it. It is the site of a cultural hegemony. The concept of Hegemony is one that is central to the continuing domination of the subordinate classes by the ruling class. Drawing from the works of Gramsci Clarke et al emphasise the role that hegemony plays. Rather than being an actively forceful dictation hegemony refers to the way in which the ruling class gains and retains power over the subordinate class by some level of consent. Hegemony uses structures and institutions to suppress the subordinate class and by weakening or incorporating alternative structures and institutions used in defence or resistance by that subordinate class. Thus it is a continuous process of negotiation and re-negotiation. In relation to the lower and upper middle classes the upper keeps the lower in check by providing them with adequate enough scales of pay to sustain a standard of living that is well above the average. The structures and hierarchies of the middle management levels of industry are such that an institutionalised resistance is impossible without the threat of losing employment. Life then becomes a meaningless cycle of consumption and production in which the only value is that of material wealth. The Goth subculture s resistance to the dominance of the capitalist cultural force can be paralleled to the reaction of the romantic movement in the late 18th century and early 19th century to the European Enlightenment movement. The Romantics argued that enlightenment philosophy and empirical science through its overbearing spirit of rationalism repressed the spirit of the human being. The ongoing modernisation of society steadily eroded the basis of human experience and its relation to nature. For the romantics nature was the stage for diverse and impassioned human drama not an abstract phenomena to be observed documented and dissected. Nature was to be lived. For the romantics nature was a complete organism. For the enlightenment scientists nature was an atomistic machine. The romantic movement criticised the industrialisation of production not in economic terms as did Marx but on spiritual and emotional terms. It was not just the methods that were employed by enlightenment thought but rather their whole basis of knowledge and the assumptions on which knowledge and truth can be understood. The enlightenment-scientific standpoint based knowledge on an empirical observation of phenomena. The only way of gaining knowledge of that which is real is by observation - interpretations are not valid as they involve the interaction of the human mind which is fallible. To this the romantics countered that there is no way of observing natural phenomena without making interpretations and to assume so is to delude oneself and others. For the romantics imagination and inspiration were the only true way of living with and experiencing nature. TO BE CONTINUED IN THE SPRING 2014 ISSUE 183 OUT OF THE PAST by Billy Wilder 1947-2004 Studio Turner Home Ent. DOMENEKO NOIR Label Dusted Wax Kingdom Released 2008 Frankly I don t know anything about the artist behind this name except he s Spanish. Anyway this albums is a killer mix of crime-jazz turntablism and perfidious beats worthy of some renowned masters of this genre. Domeneko owns the sacred triad for a musician skills taste and passion. In addition he knows the proper handling of samples creating astonishing noir atmospheres. Robert Mitchum waits for the deadly Jane Greer sit at a table in a Mexican cafe called La Mar Azul..Palais Schaumburg German icons of the 80s Neue Deutsche Welle - have not attinence with Jacques Tourneur s Out of the Past and yet a song included in this album Rosen reminds me - I don t know why - of that scene. Forgetting for a moment their usual dada-avant-garde style this is a stunning piece of bewildered languid nostalgic jazz for smoky clubs and lonely hearts. 184 PALAIS SHAUMBURG LUPA Label Phonogram 1982 NELLI REES JAZZ NOIR Label Candid Productions Released 2003 Russian-born Nelli Rees is one of the most intriguing female artists active in England over the past decade. Her own vision of the Bristolian trip-hop is absolutely original and strongly influenced by an effervescent jazz attitude. In addition her sensual voice is able to paint mysterious shades on the canvas of whatever songs - hip-hop style ( Jazz Noir ) or as sophisticated singer ( Body Greed ) both - already often tinged by some unquiet be bop breaths and a whirling drum n bass. END SUPPORT CARPE NOCTURNE - DONATE Click This Space To Donate What You Can 185 186 187 188 The Elephant House By Amanda Media Edward Gorey (February 22 1925 April 15 2000) http In 1979 Edward Gorey purchased the 200 year-old sea captain s home at 8 Strawberry Lane on the Yarmouth Port Common Cape Cod Massachusetts. The house s nickname came from the house s original weathered shingles that looked like an elephant s skin. After his death in 2000 the house became a museum dedicated to Gorey s life and work and his devotion to animal welfare. The house and its annual Gorey exhibits are open to the public from April through December. 189 and Old Possum s Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot. The museum supports Gorey s interest in animal welfare (he left his money to three animal welfare groups in his will) as well as displaying objects related to his life. Some things have been left as is such as his cat-shredded divan and his raccoon coat is in a display case. The house has been rearranged and cleaned of many of his personal objects since his death. Pictures taken by Kevin McDermott in the week after his death show The mission of the Edward Gorey House is to piles of books and his piles preserve the life and works of Edward Gorey of objects no longer exist. an American author illustrator playwright set and Tony Award winning costume designer. There are scenes from The Gashleycrumb Edward Gorey is the author of more than one hundred books including The Wuggly Ump The Loathsome Couple and Gorey Stories to name a few. His illustrations were numerous including illustrations for such well known works as The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells 190 Tinies throughout the museum. A is for Amy who fell down the stairs B is for Basil assaulted by bears... That initial couplet announcing the untimely demise of twenty-six very unfortunate children has amused and horrified readers for fifty years. When Gorey was described as being gothic his response was If you re doing nonsense it has to be rather awful because there d be no point. I m trying to think if there s sunny nonsense. Sunny funny nonsense for children oh how boring boring boring. As Schubert said there is no happy music. And that s true there really isn t. And there s probably no happy nonsense either. If you re in the Cape Code area in December admission is free on Dec. 8th from 12-4pm. The current exhibit is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The Vinegar Works book collection written and illustrated by Edward Gorey Gashlycrumb Tinies Insect God and West Wing. 191 192 Click Here For More Info 193 Edward Gorey February 22 1925 April 15 2000 194 Edward Gorey (February 22 1925 April 15 2000) 195 196 Nox Arcana which to date is the top selling Halloween album used in theme parks and haunted houses across the country. Visit for more information on Joseph Vargo and to purchase his art music or books. Joseph Vargo By Amanda Medina From music to tarot decks Joseph Vargo contributed to the gothic and fantasy industry for over two decades. At an early age Joseph found a passion for the dark and macabre. Forging his talent through hard work and discipline Joseph stepped away from the style of his idol and icon Frank Frazetta to create a style all his own. Vargo s dark fantasy style of art can be found in magazines tarot decks and album and book covers. After trying the mainstream art industry with little satisfaction Vargo created Monolith Graphics in 1991 to showcase his talents in all forms. The subtle beauty of Joseph Vargo s art can be seen in many mediums. In 2002 a tarot deck was created by the artist to encapsulate his sense of meaning to each card. For instance his Emperor is represented by Dracula. In 2003 after many years in various rock groups Vargo along with composer William Piotrowski created 197 198 199 200 201 FILM Blade Runner Director Ridley Scott Distributed Warner Bros. Released June 25 1982 By Mark Hickman Blade Runner is a 1982 science fiction noir. And the very first of it s kind. The movie stars Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard Sean Young as Rachel and Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty. As stated earlier Blade Runner is the pioneer for the science fiction noir genre which is one of my personal favorites. Harrison Ford played his character brilliantly and so did Rutger Hauer and all the others. For me the highlight and most memorable aspect will have to be the look of the movie. I am just a sucker for those highly stylized science fiction pieces. The music by Vangelis is very catchy and back when I was first exposed to this movie I founded myself listen to the soundtrack pretty often. Really the only problems I have with this movie are the narrations and the final scene otherwise I have no other complaints. Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies and if you haven t seen it definitely check it out sometime. However at this point there are so many different versions of this movie that it s kind of hard to pick if for first timers. If you have the money try the 4-disc or 5-disc set which includes every version or you can just get the final cut version. END 202 The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Director Niels Arden Oplev Distributed Nordisk Film Released 2 27 09 By Mark Hickman This version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo I will be talking about is the original 2009 Swedish version. The movie is based on a book with the same name and is written by Stieg Larsson. The film stars Michael Nyqvist as Mikael Blomkvist and Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander. The story tells of Mikael being hired by Henrik Vanger to solve the disappearance of his niece which happened forty years ago. Also Vanger hires Stieg to find out more about Mikael. The two eventually meet and must work together to solve the mystery. There is much more that happens within the story but this is the basic premise. Every actor plays their part just fine and I have no complaints with the casting side of things. The only thing I will say about this movie though is that it s not for everyone. The movie does have a slow pace to it and will get pretty dark at times. So for those not interested in slow movies or don t really care for crime mysteries may not like this film all that much. However if you can put aside the pacing there s really nothing that can stop you from enjoying this movie. I personally think it s better then the 2011 version. END 203 FILM The Conjuring Director James Wan Writers Chad Hayes and Carey Hayes Review By Amanda Medina Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren work to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in their farmhouse. Out of all of Director James Wan s movies this movie to date is my favorite. Not only does he succeed in that long sought after replenishing of classic horror telling but he keeps true to the story of the real life events plagued by this family. I predict this film will go down as one of the new classic horror films of our time. The use of lighting to enhance depth in scenes and the talented cast have created a deeply sincere rendering of the story of the Perron Family home in Rhode Island In 1971. The Warrens claimed the Perron s Rhode Island home was haunted by a witch who lived there in the early 19th century named Bathsheba Sherman cursed the house. It recalls to mind The Changeling (Peter Medakv & William Gray 1980) with its cold dark images. The simplicity of this film is perhaps what I most appreciate about it. The effects are under stated and often suggested rather than blatant and brutal. This film is definitely a go to if you hadn t already seen it. END 204 Insidious 2 Director James Wan Screenwriter Leigh Whannell Tag line It Will Take What You Love Most. Review By Amanda Medina Insidious Chapter 2 starts where the previous film left off. The Lambert family is still haunted. Josh Lambert is possessed by the spirit of a bride in black. His wife Renai is still in denial until it s almost too late. With the attempt at elements of classic horror such as Poltergeist or Psycho this movie falls short at having a story of it s own to tell nor a retelling of a classic worth the twenty dollars it would take to see in the theater (unless you are lucky enough to have a dollar theater in your area). I will say if you enjoyed the first film you will probably appreciate the wrap up in story line this sequel provides. END 205 FILM Dark City Director Alex Proyas Distributed New Line Cinema Released 2-27-98 By Mark Hickman Recently I got to sit down and watch the original version of the 1999 film Dark City. It is directed by Alex Proyas and stars Rufus Sewell as John Murdoch William Hurt as Frank Bumstead Kiefer Sutherland as Dr. Daniel and Jennifer Connelly as Emma Murdoch Anna. The first element I would like to point out is the production design. The sets and overall look of the movie is amazing I always love these kinds of gothic stylized sets it reminds me of Tim Burton s Batman Movies. But of course the two most important things in any creative work for me are the story and the characters. And I thought the story was really well done. Very creative and unique and I m very glad that the villains of the film were giving a sympathy reason for doing what they do other then just being evil but they are still very very creepy people. Finally I want to talk about the cast. Everyone did a good job on their part even though I ve noticed that Kiefer Sutherland s character talks in a funny kind of way that s hard to take him seriously. If you never seen this movie before go see it and more specifically the director s cut which from I researched is the better version of the two. END 206 Chinatown Director Roman Polanski Distributed Paramount Pictures Released June 20 1974 By Mark Hickman Like many others I believe Chinatown is one of the best neo-noir s out there. Released in 1974 the movie stars Jack Nicholson as Private Detective and former police officer Jake Gittes. The storyline is about Gittes being hired by a woman pretending to be Evelyn Mulwray and she wants him to discover if her husband is having an affair. This husband of hers is also one of the city s water commissioners. Things become more complicated when he is discovered dead and the real Evelyn Mulwray hires Gittes to discovered what happened. What follows is a suspenseful adventure through out the dry California area as Gittes trys to uncover the mystery and the reveal when Gittes confronts Evelyn was one of my favorite scenes. In my head I was literally thinking that s missed up. Then there is the ending dear lord the ending was awesome but tragic. There is one other great scene in the middle where Gittes is nearly killed but survivals only to get his nose cut...ouch. From what I researched there is a sequel called The Two Jakes however I never seen it though apparently I m not missing much as it is not nearly as good as this one (from what I heard). In closer if you love noir movies get this. It really is one of the best. END 207 208 So Pittsburgh-based writer and editor Stephanie Wytovich introduces her debut collection of poetry Hysteria and quite frankly it couldn t be put much better. From A to W (Wytovich organized her poems in alphabetical order) she unabashedly unapologetically haunts readers with gutwrenching stories and tight imagery of everything horrific--from vicious revenge murder to scary stalking to disturbing mental illness to heartbreaking disease--raw people and situations we want to pretend aren t reality she viciously displays right in front of our face. Wytovich spent over two years researching all things horror from performing a paranormal investigation at The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum and visiting the West Virginia State Penitentiary (where she spent most of her time in the psych ward infirmirary) to watching horror and psychology documentaries and even pouring through abnormal psychology text books and reading way too much Freud. A Killer Recipe starts the terror unexpectedly with a parenting warning--broadly relatable though it almost read as a news story-- as parents true nightmare is raising one. She shakes readers with her words ... Perhaps his parents Should have read the Warning label If tampered with Sour language and A taste for sadism may occur If so rinse with regret And repeat until guilt Washes it away Or you re poisoned From the consequences. Other longer tales Wytovich drags readers thru with extreme visuals and just enough mystery to leave imagination soaring with fright and a punch ending as in Bracelet of Blades a stellar heartwrencher AuthorL Stephanie Wytovich Publisher Raw Dog Screaming Press Released 2013 Review By Sally Deskins Hysteria was a muse unlike any other that I ve worked with and she crept inside my mind like an ever-present nightmare that I couldn t get rid of. We spent insomnia-fueled nights together in the asylum as we explored the breaking points of the mind. We looked into the eyes of a killer played inside the head of the deranged and explored the psychosis of the truly insane. She held my hand as we walked down the wards and into the treatment rooms so she could shock me full of reality. Hysteria showed me the truth about people and more importantly she showed me what they were capable of. HYSTERIA 209 ... She sat there Surrounded by old friends As she started to weave Them in and out Of her wrists Wearing them like a New metallic bracelet Adorned in crimson red Immersed among the longer sagas are short sharp poems of merely a haunting impression that too provide mystery and ample between-the-lines room for readers shivers as in Bind I can t get off Unless I m Strapped Down... No Vacancy a mere eighteen-line piece with probably no more than 60 words of a murderous innkeeper (we think) could literally be turned into a movie script. Readers wonder with each chilling line what wretched thing is happening and how it will end. To keep readers on their toes the voice switches from victim to perpetrator and from extreme gore and death endings to mental horror and seemingly open endings as in Tea Party. An externally light narrative a woman has daily tea parties with imaginary friends. Behind the light with Wytovich s words the situation reads hopeless and dismal as the woman is progressively revealed as trapped in an institution doctors constantly on watch. More visual pieces are the majority though like Marketplace (about a cannibal) and Necro-letme-feel-ya one of the creepiest to read. Wytovich describes the process of a sexual attraction to corpses in intense detail ...Scrape the dirt from underneath your nails Adjust your stiff rigid limbs So I can enter you in the grave... Stories of disease bring the horrors of cancer to reality as in Body Suit ...Turning my cells against each other-- Cannibals of red on red white on white engulfing both body and spirit... Body image cheating and domestic abuse make strong cases for feminist cause whether intentional or not. Lipstick is the story of a girl literally making herself bleed for big lips (I hesitate to give away the punch end) On My Terms is a brutal fantasy-like story of a woman killing her ex Shower Scene takes readers thru what s generally assumed to be a cleanse after rape The Cheater is gory revenge to the max Think of Me takes readers on a chilling revenge ride. Vagina Dentata is most apparent and one of the rare pieces regarding an imaginary horror (or is it ) a woman s vagina containing teeth giving fear to the male sexual partner for injury or castration. Admittedly perhaps as a female reader its somewhat amusing to read--typically in culture its the male genitalia described as monstrous ( no genitals in reality should be scary or repelled from outright sine it is fiction its still an enjoyable feminist cautionary tale). And while reviewing Hysteria it might be remiss to ignore the fact that the majority of horror writers are men. Though the poet herself in the book doesn t mention an outright feminist intent creative horror writer Mike Arnzen precludes the book with an 210 211 essay pointing out nicely ...the horror genre has been as maledominated as the field of psychology over the past century and in some ways has also been slowly evolving along with it. Wytovich is a part of that evolution and while Hysteria is not necessarily a feminist book per se it brings a voice into the genre s conversation about identity in a way that I think is fantastic and very necessary. Stephanie Wytovich is working in a tradition of writers that run from Mary Shelley to Poppy Z. Brite--women who have refused to lobotomize the hysterical muse inside and instead have unleashed their dark side on the world. We really need to hear this voice more often... The only vexation in really the whole book ironically comes in this very essay by Arnzen when he writes of feminism in a rather blas fashion first of all by putting quotes around the very loaded term that comes with decades of hard work to gain equality in multiple forms. Arnzen writes I don t want to go so far as to say this is a feminist book since it has higher ambitions than just being some kind of tract asking us to overthrow patriarchy. Interestingly he goes on to describe Wytovich is exploring gender reversals and feminist ideas but she s doing it in a way that may be just as skeptical of feminist claims as it is of anything else as this is what the irrationality of madness can do challenge our assumptions sometimes by cutting right to the heart of the matter and extracting it before our very eyes. Thankfully in an interview Wytovich did for Les Femmes Folles (Full Exposure this is my online journal) in July 2013 when asked Does feminism play a role in your work she appropriately and fittingly elegantly replied to this admittedly deep and loaded question Short answer yes. Very much so. 212 Arnzen s ironical introduction and recognition of this extremely heavy topic aside all of the works in Hysteria could too each be reviewed in detail even the short ones--given the philosophical undercurrents and poignant darkness between the lines. Her uncanny ability to blur the lines between reality and surreality with her downright bluntness and such modest amount of words is rare. She suitably ends the collection with a tale on the horrors of childhood complementing the starting piece about parenting. Words Vomit is a recounting of an all-too-familiar adolescent bus ride with hurtful teasing with an appropriate notso-pretty childhood fantasy ending. This collection in entirety with Wytovich s refreshingly emotionally dynamic language is quite stellar unapologetically raw not allowing any freak thought to escape. Hysteria forces readers to relish these dark corners of the mind--as Wytovich ends her introduction quaintly Madness lives inside of us all. It s just a matter of finding it and knowing how to keep it hidden. Stay Scared Oh we will. 213 214 Kittie Grace Dalton Los Angeles CA 215 Kittie Grace Dalton Los Angeles CA fool for any reason people who take advantage of my kindness. Hobbies and Interests I Love to make cloths out of other cloths Hair pieces Falls Masks I do most of my photos editing Make up Wardrobe . Love to get beautiful scenery shots. Favorite Bands Music Artists Movies Oh god so many bands to go thru Sisters Of Mercy Alien Sex Fiend 1313 Die Form Skinny Puppy Front Line Assembly Hocico Life Cried Lights of Euphoria Scary Bitches Switchblade Symphony Virgins Or Pigeons . And for movies.... to sum up movies anything Tim Burton Produced (Requested Photo Credits But None Were Provided.) Born and raised is Los Angeles Hispanic Come from a supportive family get along with all kinds of people Passion for all life Pride myself on being me and to not following trends . I am indeed involved with the goth scene and life style ways have been even as a child We re the darker version of the Adams Family. I m a supporter of our local events as well as our photographers and artists. I love being educated on all subjects Dancing is big deal to me as I am most active the relieve of stress and bad energy is always uplifting. Fashion and a way to alter it to my own life style always brings joy to me. I very much despise being made to look like a 216 217 218 Androdika New Braunfels Texas https Androdika 219 myself. I m into a vast variety of things that scream goth . From a young age I was fascinated by the subculture and it probably started from being a frustrated prepubescent teen but then developed into something that expressed myself on a deeper level. It goes beyond the pure elegant and ornate aesthetics of the art architecture and fashion that intensely fascinate and define me but also the music literature and history that I feel resonates with me on an emotional level. It s become an integral part of who I am and plays a strong role in my daily life. I am involved in the scene because I often work with and also support the local artists and models who I follow and affiliate with. Whether it be art shows fashion shows supporting bands or just hanging out and watching my friends create masterpieces. I m interested in the arts culture music and the enchanting beauty of forests mountains and waterfalls that occupy our Earth. I love cold weather castles PHOTOGRAPHER CREDITS Just_Jay Stretch Photography Jason Zeman Jade Noir and Five and Dime Photography OTHER CREDITS Rebellious Makeup Timeless Trends Corsets Louise Black Designs and Jupiter Moon 3 I ve been modeling part-time for a few years now and enjoy every artistic rendezvous that I come across. I was strongly influenced by Dita Von Teese Ulorin Vex and Wednesday Mourning back in 2005 . Around that time I would spend hours on end reading article after article on enlightening myself on different Gothic fashions. It was then that I acquired a genuine fascination with Gothic and latex subcultures and have had a strong desire to pursue this in my modeling as well as my future as a fashion designer. Currently I reside in New Braunfels Texas and attend Austin Community College full time while working part time at an English pub all while being a full time mom to my sweet four year old daughter. On the spare time I do have I model as a creative outlet to express 220 221 I m into a variety of obscure and interesting genres but the bands I find myself listening to most are Mind In A Box Qntal Christian Death Bauhaus Joy Division Antonio Vivaldi Autumn s Grey Solace Soft Moon Siouxie and the Banshees New Order Tones On Tail Switchblade Symphony Die Form Rasputina Skinny Puppy E Muzeki Portishead The Animals Felix Da Housecat Talking Heads Little Dragon Leaves Eyes Wumpscut Killing Joke Mission UK and of course Sisters of Mercy. Some local artists I support are Hannah Ghore R. Leukocoria Malediction Wolfhausen Malicia Darling Jose Guadalupe Soto and David de Lara. Some favorite films of mine are Metropolis Amelie The Fifth Element Memento A Beautiful Mind The Labyrinth Nightmare Before Christmas Sunshine Casablanca Moon Stay Shaun of the Dead Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind He Loves Me He Loves Me Not La Vie en Rose and The Last of the Mohicans. I ve had the pleasure of working with several photographers artists and designers in my surrounding area. I ve modeled and have been involved in fashion shows for Timeless Trends Corsets Jupiter Moon 3 Corsets and Rockin Bones clothing. I ve been published in Alt Noir Bella Morte and Pinup Perfection for Jupiter Moon 3 the 2011 catalog of Manic Panic and advertised on the websites of Timeless Trends Corsets and Rockin Bones. I wouldn t be where I am today had those people I mentioned above not given me the opportunity to represent their designs and company. For that I am forever grateful. Well my top interest is my daughter Talia. Four years ago I gave birth to this beautiful girl. Along the way I ve had a lot of ups and downs but I ve learned a great deal about myself. Caring and nurturing someone is a full time job and learning that has been rich and rewarding. It s empowering as a single mom to have the privilege to pour creative energy wisdom and life lessons onto her. dragons (as well as many other mystical creatures) medieval and renaissance anything and fashion from almost every decade. I have a strong passion for classical Baroque music and will learn all of Vivaldi s pieces before I die. I was in choir for eight years in grade school so I also like singing obnoxiously and dramatically in my car. I dislike fast food because I value maintaining a healthy mind and body ignorant and selfish people littering because I believe it s a form of destruction to our natural Earth and the rap you hear on radio these days. I enjoy dancing at the Wax and Brass Monkey for (alternative) 80 s night hanging out with friends conversations over a fine glass of merlot and dark chocolate. I also am really into anything that allows my creativity to flourish such as drawing DIY projects sewing and of course modeling. 222 223 Mascara Timeline By Belladonna Black 224 4000BC Kohl made from ground minerals rocks and herbs applied with a wand carved from wood or bone is used to rim the eyes and darken the lashes both for beautification and for spiritual reasons. This method of enhancing the lashes is successfully used for centuries. 1913-1916 It wasn t until early in the 20th century that advancements in lashes develop. Petroleum jelly mixed with coal is introduced by Tom Lyle Williams inspired by his sister Mabel. It evolves into a less messy soap-based cake sold by his company Maybelline. Not long after while filming the classic silent movie Intolerance D.W. Griffith wants actress Seena Owen to have lashes that brushed her cheeks to make her eyes shine larger than life . A wig maker weaves human hair through gauze and applies them to her lids with spirit gum. 1930 s After several incidents of lash dye causing scarring blindness and even death the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act becomes law. 1957 Helena Rubenstein produces a more user-friendly lotion-based cr me mascara. 225 1960 s The decade of falsies Twiggy wearing false lashes AND Twiggy s drawn-on lashes on the lower lid is named the Face of 1966 . The following year Priscilla marries Elvis Presley reportedly wearing three sets of top lashes and two on the bottom. Also in the 60 s Maybelline creates Ultra Lash the first mass-marketed mascara. 1971 Maybelline introduces Great Lash mascara in the iconic pink and green tube. 1980 s Without my lashes I wouldn t be Tammy Faye. -Tammy Faye Bakker The scandals surrounding Tammy Faye s evangelical empire and her lashes make her a household name. 226 2001 Jennifer Lopez creates a sensation at the 73rd annual Academy Awards with her mink lashes. Her seethrough top almost goes unnoticed. Also Latisse begins selling a popular glaucoma medicine that successfully doubles lash fullness in 16 weeks. 2005 Molded plastic mascara wands make their debut and eyelash extensions hit Hollywood. 2011 Maybelline Great Lash celebrates its 40th birthday reportedly still the best-selling mascara. 227 228 Raising the Vamp in You Drac in a Box By Amanda Medina At first saying the name aloud you may either think hey that s catchy or what are they doing Franchising vampire culture to a fast food world Alas you d be spot on with the conclusion that it s just simply a catchy name. Whether you are looking for a simply addition to your wardrobe or a new addiction you can be sure Drac in a Box has it in stock. Not only do they have the classic go-to s you know... the standard- Lolita striped stockings dark lipstick fashion corsets .not that anything is wrong with that I LOVE my Lolita stripes and dark lips They also have some of the fun more difficult to find items MATERNITY (whhhaaattt Where were these outfits when I was pregnant I mean it realllly got tiresome wearing bathrobes and men s pants. Seriously not flattering) they also have swimsuits I m more of the old school mentality and just avoid the sun altogether but hey In the day of Jacob or Edward or whoever the vampire not sensitive to the sun one is I guess it s acceptable to be seen on the beach. Regardless the swimsuit is quite adorable and is made with fishnet material and decorated with a bat which makes it acceptable in my book. The jewelry is to die for pun intended. The bracelets and spider hair combs happen to be my current favorites feel free to take notes and send gifts at will. They are smart enough to include men s and plus size tabs so no need to ask for them they aren t hidden and are clearly identifiable on the home page. Unfortunately there is only one pair 229 of men s pajamas in their Let s Go to Bed section for men. However what they lack in pajamas they make up for jeans and tops for men. From an Elvira tee to a classic fishnet top they cover the gamut with men s tops and have a wide range of pants for men as well. Their plus size section features bridal wear swimsuits and jeans. These are probably the most varied plus size options I ve seen in gothic wear. GO Drac in a Box The downfall you ask Drac in a Box is located in the UK so (North American customers) be sure you are committed when purchasing and for Tim Burton sake SHOP AROUND... At last check the British pounds convert to US dollars at 1 1.60 so although I love the site and the options they offer I have to wonder how much I like that bat bracelet and whether I can find it closer to home. END 230 231 232 Copyright Antimony&Lace Victoria Gwaed Carmen M. G. Christgau 1998-2007 All rights reserved may not be used without express permission of author Big Floofy Net Skirt This skirt like the others can be made without a sewing machine. It will take some time and patience but it s really not very difficult to make. You will lots of need net or tulle. 5 to 13 yards should be fine (don t worry the stuff is cheap ). If you are a larger goth you may need more however. I use the basic formula of waist size doubled then divided by 13 is how much I ll need per layer in yards. My waist is 24 double that is 48 divided by 13 is 4.8 round it up... I need 5 yards of fabric per layer. I planed on making 2 passes so I got 13 yards... more than enough. You will also need a package of blanket binding to match the net and something like hem tape to pleat the net on. Get some hooks and eyes and straight pins as well and needle and thread of course. When I got all my supplies it cost me a little over 8 including tax. If you get higher quality net it will cost more of course but that is up to you. Cut the hem tape to be 2 inches longer than your waist size. This is going to be the backbone of your skirt and where the net will be pinned to. If the net is very wide you can fold it in half long ways and get two layers with one run of pleats. Make sure the skirt is going to be the length you want it before you start pinning. If you want a shorter skirt you may have to cut the net lengthwise then fold it over. Start pinning the net to the hem tape starting an inch in from the ends. fig.1 Make the pleats as even as possible. The smaller and more pleats you have (and the more fabric you use) the fuller and foofier the skirt will be. Once you have the first layer pinned carefully trim the excess netting off. Fig. 1 Once you have it pinned start stitching the net to the hem tape. If you are doing this by hand make sure your stitches are small and even enough the sew the pleats flat. After you get finished start pinning your next layer if you are doing more than one. I recommend at 233 least 2 layers. Once you have all your layers done you ll want to cut the blanket binding about 2 inches longer that the hem tape. Fold about half an inch in on one side of the blanket binding press it with an iron. fig.2 Fig. 2 Fold it back over the way it came (ugly sides in) and press the crease back into that. Run a quick stitch up the edge to hold it together. fig.3 Keep in mind that this will be the waist band and as such will be visible. Make sure one side of your stitching is pretty and neat as it will show. Do the same for the other end making sure the nice stitches are both on the same side. Fig. 3 Pin the blanket binding onto the skirt. The hem tape and pleats should be nicely sandwiched within the binding. Try to line the bottom of the hem tape with the binding but so the tape does not show. Now you have to sew the binding on. make sure to do pretty neat stitches on the same side as the pretty end stitches are. In order to keep the binding from buckling make your stitches small close together and not too tight. Remember the binding should be a bit longer than the hem tape on one end keep stitching to close the bottom of this end. Now the tricky part closing the skirt. You will have to sew the edges of the net together. You can do all layers in one seam or do each layer independently... which I think makes it hang better. Line up the waist band with the ugly sides out. Start stitching a few inches below where the binding stops and the net starts. fig. 4 You do this so you can get the skirt over your hips. How far down you need to start depends on your waist to hip ratio. Make this seam as neat and unobtrusive as possible ESPECIALLY on the layer that will be the top layer. Fig. 4 Once you have this task done you ll need to try the skirt on. Turn it inside out (so the pretty stitching is out ward and the seams are inward). Mark with a pin where you will need to put the hook and eye fasteners. Sew the hooks onto the overlap- 234 ping bit of binding on the side facing you. The eyes (little loops) go on the outward facing side of the binding on the other side of the opening. fig. 5 Fig. 5 If you want this to have an underskirt you can either sew some light fabric onto the hem tape with the pleats just like you do the net or you can use a skirt you find in a thrift store removed from it s waist band and attached to the hem tape. Want a bit of sparkle Do this in an area where cleanup is easy... as this will make a mess Get a set of those shallow alluminium disposable baking pans. Dump glitter in one in the other spread out a layer of craft glue. Make sure it s the flexible kind for use on fabric. Gather the bottom of the skirt together bunch it up tight so that you can get a good grip on it and have only the very edge poking out. Gently dip the edge of the hem in the glue then dip it into the glitter. Move it a bit to make sure that the glue is covered now pull it out and let go. A shower of glitter will go everywhere I warn you Hang up the skirt to dry. make sure all the layers of net are separated out at the bottom so that they don t get glued together. You may have to toss on a bit more glitter on if any spaces were missed. Once it is dry you will have a sparkly accent at the bottom. This is especially neat if you wear another skirt over it and the glitter just pokes out underneath. END The Publisher of Carpe Nocturne Magazine would like to thank Carmen M. G. Christgau for allowing Carpe Nocturne to utilize her works via her website at http For this particular issue we d like to thank Victoria Gwaed & Carmen M. G. Christgau 235 13 WAYS TO START BELLY DANCING by Zahara s Tangled Web 13 Ways to Belly Dance on a Budget Zahara s Tangled Web Many of us find that our lives and day jobs get in the way of pursuing our art... and belly dancing is no exception. Whether you re experiencing a shortage of funds which keeps you out of regular classes a shortage of free time which prevents you from attending workshops in other cities or a shortage of know-how that keeps you from having amazing costuming there will most likely be a shortage of some valuable resource at some point in your dance journey. But have no fear With a little compromise and creativity you can fill those gaps and continuing doing what you love. 1. Class Discounts - Online classes can be very reasonable and there are a few instructional quick-fixes on YouTube. You may be able to purchase a block of classes for a discounted rate from local instructors and some studios also list classes on Groupon. If you find a great deal on other movement classes consider taking those if your budget can t handle full-priced belly dance lessons at the moment. Martial arts yoga and pilates are all considered complimentary to belly dancing. They ll keep you strong and limber while you re waiting to get back into your regular belly dance classes. This includes any video recordings you have of shows you ve attended. See if your friend has anything to loan you in return. 3. Drum - I suggest drumming because where there are belly dancers there are drummers If you can t find local dance classes or have an injury that s temporarily side-lined you try learning to drum or improving your zill-playing. Some drummers will offer lessons while others will give tips during open drumming sessions. Playing the drums also brings the music into your body even more making you a better dancer. MAYAN RUINS & ZAHARA Photo Credit Jeffrey Topping 2. Videos - Most dancers don t watch the same 4. Barter and Trade - You could barter with a instructional or performance DVD s over and over costuming pro in exchange for something you do again so why not share your videos with a friend particularly well (web-site design graphic arts 236 lessons etc.) You may also be able to barter with a local instructor for private lessons or group classes. for brainstorming drill sessions. There s often no money involved because you can meet in your homes. You could also ask a local instructor to teach a specialized workshop to you and some PLEASE NOTE Not everyone is comfortable with friends or to your troupe in your home (if there s (or even able to) barter so don t take it personally enough space). Most instructors have an hourly if somebody turns down your request. In the past rate so if you split these charges with several I ve taught lessons in exchange for costuming dancers it lowers the individual cost. It s a nice belly dance props and other services such as way to learn new material that you and your video editing. But it only worked when I needed friends troupe could practice perfecting for a few those things and when the student wanted to weeks or more. learn something I was able willing to teach. And of course never offer to barter if there s even a tiny 7. Get inspired - Rent a performance DVD for chance that you won t be able to reciprocate free from the library or watch vintage belly dance erformances online. Take notes on combinations 5. Mind Dancing - If you re sick or injured costuming or anything else that captures your use physical breaks to create and revise attention. You may not have the resources to choreographies in your head. Visualize yourself implement those ideas now... but one day dancing This is very important... you will get back you will to dancing faster if you continue to hold thoughts of yourself belly dancing in your mind. 8. Home Hafla - If you have space in your home or back yard you could host a hafla one evening You can also continue to attend workshops and without spending money to rent a facility. Casual classes if you re injured because there s still much get-togethers where people can share food are to learn and you might pick up new details when great for every budget and it s usually easier to you re watching and listening (versus moving actually sit and chat with everyone because of the around). You could also review notes from classes informal party atmosphere. and workshops you ve attended in the past. You d be surprised what s lurking in those notes from 3 9. Volunteer - As an event organizer I can say that volunteers have helped me tremendously years ago over the years Volunteers are needed at events 6. Partnering - You re most likely not the only belly for set-up tear-down working the door manning dancer who s not taking regular classes for vendor tables emceeing videotaping operating whatever reason. Get together with a dance friend the sound system... you name it somebody has to do it. If there s an event you want to attend but can t afford to do so offer to help in exchange for providing a service. Remember to offer your help early in the process and contact the organizer directly and privately. This isn t feasible for every situation but you can always ask. Just be reliable and helpful (show up on time do what you promised etc.). Organizers sometimes find themselves in the position where they cannot pay for certain services they would like (like photography). So if you can do something to lighten their load AND enjoy a great show go for it Photo credit Laura Eckert Class 237 OUTDOOR HAFLA Photo credit Chuck Stingley 10. Costume and Prop Swap - Every dancer I workshop from the amazing Donna Mejia know has an item or two they d love to sell swap for something else. Many of us have storage boxes full of items we forgot we even own Host a costume swap or just put together a list of items you d like to exchange and email it to some of your friends. Be sure to include veils and other props jewelry unused bindis and fabric. 11. Cheap Reads - Get better acquainted with our dance s rich history by checking out books music & videos for FREE from your local library. You can also find gently used items on ebay Craigslist and Amazon. And speaking of libraries... always check for their annual & semiannual book sales. You can get some amazing finds for very little money And if you re looking for reading suggestions take a DONNA MEJIA Photo credit Emmanuel Adero 238 ( She s got oodles of information to keep you busy. 12. Free Work-Outs - Short on time Looking for some quick easy conditioning and strengthbuilding Exercise during TV commercial breaks. Crunches push-ups floorwork drills plank... they re all effective even in short sessions. Pick 3 exercises and do one of those for the duration of each commercial break. Continue rotating those during your next hour-long show. Or create a few belly dance drills and do those during short periods throughout your day. You ll be improving your technique and staying strong. 13. Enjoy the Break - I realize this option is scary and is probably the one a dancer absolutely does NOT want to hear. But I ve found that it is far less stressful to simply accept the downtime and find some way of enjoying it than it is to obsess and worry about the jingly doomsday prophecies playing out in your mind. Belly dancing will still be here... it s been around for a LONG time And the odds are that there s at least one item on this list to keep you participating on some level. The most important thing is to realize that changes happen and breaks sometimes occur. You may be getting married or divorced having a baby moving homes switching jobs rearranging work schedules taking care of family or battling your own illness or injury. Some form of belly dancing will always be available to you. Hopefully the list above gives you some ideas for keeping yourself busy and sane while you get back on your feet. 239 Belly Dance Connection Writer Jill Bolduc Photos By James Smith Each person walks his or her own path to becoming a belly dancer. The inspirations preparations and stories are all unique. Yet there is a bond between us all. I recently danced and chatted with some lovely ladies from the Mid-Michigan area. I was so impressed I wanted to know what drives them and how they deal with the pressure of performing. All three ladies where asked similar questions but the answers were as individual as each dancer. This is a light-hearted look at the everyday belly dancer. from time to time. Mostly it s because I think of an idea and want to see if I can make it work. This also effects how I choose my music and costumes. Normally my go-to costume is my black gothic and the song Hexes that I dance to with my ball python snake Ludo. [CARPE NOCTURNE] solo or with a group Do you prefer dancing [SHETAN NOIR] I find solo performances easier than running a troupe and choreographing a piece for multiple dancers. I do enjoy running shows and doing performances with lots of dancers and always like to help support the local belly dance community. [CARPE NOCTURNE] Do you have a memorable moment you would like to share [SHETAN NOIR] I will never leave a snake in a cold car in winter so I put my snake bag inside my purse and we went into the cafe. As we all sat chatting one of the girl s boyfriends looks over at me and had a strange look on his face. So we all looked to where his eyes were aimed. There sticking about 5 inches out of my purse was the snake bag and it was moving I had to carefully move Gotham back inside the bag. It was really funny at the time [CARPE NOCTURNE] Do you have any insights [SHETAN NOIR] I try to save myself confusion and hassle by picking 3 songs every year and working with those. If it s a special-themed event or calls for something different I normally try to work with a song I have heard a lot. I keep my costumes in each of their own bags to save time looking for pieces of costumes. Shetan Noir Shetan Noir has been dancing for 14 years. She runs Motorcity Belly Dance has danced with troupes like Detroit Shimmy and Mystica Tribe. Shaten s background ranges from Gothic to Saidi Cane with hints of fusion mixed in . [CARPE NOCTURNE] you to dance Thank you Shatan for sharing with us some of your experiences. I can relate to snake mishaps. I have had a few adventures myself with Earl my ball python. I try to keep my costumes together but I can never seem to stick with it since I plunder What inspires inspired and use different pieces. [SHETAN NOIR] My inspiration to dance changes 240 Kellie Wright sisterhood. I feel so lucky to have had that bond with the other troupe members and teachers. I ve met a lot of wonderful people through dance and was able to go to so many events. Best moments were doing the Arab American Festival in Dearborn when the crowd started singing along with the song we were dancing to. At a Syrian wedding although the younger crowded seemed neutral the older guests came up and complimented us saying that they were so glad to see us no one dances like that anymore they were just so happy. This is what has made this dance so special to me it s that ability to connect with people. [CARPE NOCTURNE] Is there a moment you remember most [KELLIE WRIGHT] One of my most memorable moments was watching a dancer (before I started dancing I might ve had videos at home or something) at MIRF (Michigan Renaissance Festival) . There were some drunk people starting to heckle (they wanted to see half-naked sexy bellydancers and not the folkloric belly-covered traditional dancers.) This dancer came up and she was pleasantly plump . I thought oh no these stupid drunk people are going to start heckling her She started dancing and she was so awesome everyone (even those drunk people) just shut up and watched. I never knew finger cymbals could be played like that. Years later I took classes from her (Elysia Hafsa). Next is Kellie Wright. She is a happy energetic woman who is just plain fun to be around. Kellie had no idea that when she took her first belly dance class for exercise she had found her connection to a sisterhood. Kellie has been dancing since Click the link to check Elysia out http 2003 taking classes and studying under various bellydancemi instructors around Mid-Michigan such as Elysia Hafsa of Carnival Mijnoon and Sue Parker of [CARPE NOCTURNE] Do you have any insights Zingara Music and Dance. [KELLIE WRIGHT] I love movement - that feeling Check Zingara out http[Shetan Noir] www. of the body aligning the weight shift balance flow f a c e b o o k . c o m p a g e s Z i n g a r a - M u s i c - a n d - being able to do certain movements to music. It s an amazing feeling being able to take all that time Dance 111711958881937 spent learning (grueling frustrating mind-numbing time ) and finally it pays off. Those moments you [CARPE NOCTURNE] Why do you dance can just let your muscle memory kick in and have [KELLIE WRIGHT] I love to dance with other fun people either choreographed in a troupe or just having fun. Being in the troupe was like a [CARPE NOCTURNE] Kellie it sounds like you 241 have had fun on your journey. And have been a little awe struck by the power and beauty that is Bellydance. I know I identify with you and I m sure others can too. It s about the struggles then the rewards of hard work because it s not as easy as it looks. go out there and give the audience a show. If I had to give it a name my style would be a glorious mess that somehow looks good in the end [CARPE NOCTURNE] Got any hints on how you choose music or costuming [Daken Samara] Growing up I ve studied different types of dances from African Modern Jazz Salsa and of course Belly Dance. My favorite is African dance (for an example click the lin[Kellie Wright] http watch v B0HLgAtHZLQ ) but since I hurt my ankle a few years back I stick with tribal belly dance since it gives me more range without having to strain my ankle so much. Normally the process of picking music is mindwrecking. I think about the venue and the types of people there and wonder what would they like. I try not to pick music they already know but something that they would feel comfortable with. Picking a costume is much like picking a song. I think about what is appropriate what I think looks right on me and what am I trying to portray. On average it takes me from the time I book it until five minutes before I go on to get ready for a show. Being a Nervous Nelly I hound over what music to pick what costume make-up how does the place look what are the other dancers wearing will I fit in hair style should I make a routine or improv. I go over every little thing just to get my bearings before I go on the stage and I m always a nervous wreck until I m in front of the audience. Then I just dance and before I know it it s all over and I made it through another performance. [CARPE NOCTURNE] Wow cool on the outside and commotion on the inside Your study of many dance styles has combined into a joy to watch and the effort you make to ensure your audience has a good time really shows. Yes these are incredible ladies I met Daken at Zombie.con (Shetan and Kellie one time earlier). In this short amount of time I have learned that we all have a tie with other dancers. Each tie is unique and they bind all belly dancers together in a feeling of family no matter what the style or path. I am proud to call them my sisters. Daken Samara And the third dancer is Dakan Samara. She has had the shimmy bug since she was in diapers and has only gotten better since. Daken has been belly dancing for about 2 years. All her the training creates a beautiful fusion. [CARPE NOCTURNE] What s your memorable moment in belly dancing most [Daken Samara] My fondest memory of belly dancing will always be the RenFaire mishap. I entered the beginners belly dance competition about two years ago when I was only three months into belly dance and my teacher wanted to push me. I was late and was entered into the professional competition. I lost hope and wanted to just do it for fun but once on stage they played the wrong music and rather than give up or go talk to the cd person I just put something together and it came out pretty nicely. I won third place in a competition I had no business being in To this day I love that story. [CARPE NOCTURNE] What drives you to dance [Daken Samara] I try to be the physical embodiment of my dance. I wouldn t say I have much style when it comes to dancing... I normally 242 243 Belly Optional By Belladonna Black There s a popular misconception that a bellydancer has to wear a costume baring her midriff. This sounds right based on the Hollywood version of bellydance with lots of long hair tons of sequins and skin aplenty yet it s a myth. Even bellydancers in Egypt don t perform with a bare belly. In reality there are many reasons why you may chose to dance with your belly covered the music venue or overall mood of the event calls for more conservative or creative costuming maybe you wish to hide some physical imperfections or perhaps you re uncomfortable showing that much skin. You might be dancing as a certain character with specific costuming requirements. Whatever the reason for dancing with a concealed abdomen you have several options for a beautiful and even traditional costume. There are varying degrees of coverage for your belly. A thin veil of coverage can blur the appearance of your abs while actually showing skin. A sheer layer can give the illusion of baring more skin than you are in reality. And of course you can opt for completely opaque coverage. 244 If you just want a veil of coverage to soften your appearance body makeup could be the solution. If you re expert in your application with shading and highlighting you can sculpt additional definition to your abs at the same time. Bronzers and creamy concealers add color to give a slimming effect and have good coverage to hide blemishes but they can melt and start to run once you get that dancer s glow going. Also in an intimate setting subtle shimmer can reflect light and smooth minor skin imperfections but under lights body glitter and obvious shimmers can draw attention to flaws and magnify them. Use all those products with caution. A safe body makeup choice is self-tanner. While it takes some time and practice to perfect the application tanner won t budge even when you re hot and sweaty. Just be sure to exfoliate first apply a thin even layer and allow enough drying time. You can reapply to build to your desired color and layer applications in specific areas to contour your abs. Having a professional airbrush or spray on tan might be easier and can better insure flawless application. When body makeup isn t the best option a pretty and simple trick is long fringe or beading hanging from your bra top to help hide your tummy while you re standing still. Fringe will swing as you dance but your audience will have less opportunity to focus directly on your stomach once you re moving and entrancing them with your dancing. To mask but not hide your belly ready to wear options abound There are gorgeous and sparkly bedlahs with sewn-in net and Egyptian dresses with cutouts for a peek-a-boo look. You can also invest in a body stocking. Body stockings come in a variety of styles with or without sleeves bright colors or flesh tones in lace mesh or sparkles. They also come in different weights or strengths to help smooth and tighten the appearance of your abdomen. Light to medium weight works really well while heavy weight can be a bit thick and distracting when you move but it depends of the look you want to achieve. Lace net and mesh tees are also readily available and can be layered with your costume for a concealing yet texturally 245 excellent choice for a subtle smoothing cover. Get a size bigger than you normally would and cut the For the do-it-yourselfer check out some online legs off a few inches below the crotch. Then either tutorials buy fabric and custom make your own sew the waistband directly to your bra top or attach body stocking. However don t feel limited to power several hooks and eyes so your body stocking net Halloween fabrics with glittery spider webs or can be removed. The hook and eye attachment stars can be a fun option. Another DIY method is method would allow you to use different body to use a smaller hip scarf strategically attached stockings with your costume should you want a connecting your top to your skirt to hide some skin flesh toned stocking one performance and a bright and show some at the same time. Place the point color for another. Definitely try professional weight at the top or bottom depending on what look you dancer hose. They ll be more expensive but will last so much longer than the cheaper regular prefer. wear versions. If you do happen to snag them on You can also alter a pair of pro-weight hose in a sequin or hook from your costume it will create whatever color and style compliments the rest a small hole that won t be visible from the stage of your outfit and body. Hose in a costume- unlike the run that would ruin a lighter weight pair coordinating color in lace or wide fishnet pattern of hose. You can use regular hose but just know can be a fun way to conceal and smooth. Solid they won t last for long. weave hose may cause a shine under stage lighting and a wider fishnet will be obvious even Full coverage for your abs can be achieved by in a color similar to your skin. A small fishnet is an wearing a traditional Beledi dress however if Beledi interesting appearance. 246 choreography and theme you can hide your belly with gauze or muslin mummy bandages larger netting like embellished fishing net to be a captured mermaid or ripped and frayed fabric for a warrior effect. Pull-apart spider webbing over a contrasting solid color cami could also be an interesting alternative. And period costuming such as Victorian or a flapper would automatically give full coverage while keeping you in character. Allow the ideas to simmer. Whatever costuming you chose be certain to practice your entire set in your full costume in front of a mirror. That way you can see and feel how everything works or doesn t work and make any adjustments. With some thought and creativity you can cover your abdomen and still be a powerful sexy beautiful authentic bellydancer. makeupforvampyres isn t your style wear a cami or tank under your top and skirt. You can add some DIY embellishments if you like to give sparkle or layer a lace tee over a cami for added interest. You could even wear a cami in a color similar to your skin tone under a lace tee for the illusion of bare skin. Corsets are also a fun full coverage option just make sure you pick one that allows you to move and breathe. Costume corsets can be less restrictive and some ribbon crisscrossed on a tank top could give a corset inspired look without impeding your movements. For the creative costumer depending on 247 248 RockIt Dance Passionate & Powerful Dancing (All photographs credited to The Hooded Lens ) By Yasaman Vrd dhi [Saskia] RockIt Dance is a style of dance that I and RockIt s co-creator Emma Bates have developed Powerful and energetic two words that open the specifically to suit the energy and aggression of door to Rockit Dance of the UK a very unique and rock and metal music. Its origins come from our creative style of dance inspired by bellydance training which is mainly in tribal bellydance and with the layered effects of rock and metal music we have also adapted it with street and club dance bringing it to life with full body movements to make to develop a full bodied energetic and powerful style of dance that s unique to us. the earth quake with new life. [Carpe Nocturne] Tell us about RockIt Belly Dance [CARPE NOCTURNE] What Inspired the Music choices branded to your style Style now called RockIt Dance 249 something we ve carried on and developed with RockIt Dance. Our technique is big and bold and we don t use isolation in the traditional way. Our aim is to use as much of the body as possible to reflect the power aggression and rebelliousness of rock and metal music. [CARPE NOCTURNE] How many dancers make up your group And who comes up with the Choreographies and music chooses [Saskia] Emma and I created RockIt in 2009 and started teaching it together in 2010. We own the company equally and have overall say in what we do and how we do it. We train and lead a professional performance group consisting of three other dancers. We also run a larger performance group - in which not all the dancers dance professionally but all are highly trained and advanced -consisting of another four dancers. All our dancers are highly committed to and passionate about RockIt and its music and make up some of our closest friends now. [Saskia] Before we created RockIt when Emma and I trained and performed with other troupes we always danced to more traditional bellydance music along with other styles of African music. As much as we enjoyed this we are both huge lovers of rock and metal music and this is what we most enjoy listening to and dancing to at home and in clubs. When we moved on from performing in our teacher s troupe it seemed natural to us to dance to the music we loved most and that we felt best Emma and I choose the music we dance and reflected us. perform to. Until recently we mainly developed choreographies together but now due to Emma and I became friends when we danced time pressures we tend to work on separate together in our teacher s troupe but we became choreographies giving the other input when much closer friends when we started going out to required. This has also meant that we ve been able rock clubs together and drinking and dancing for to develop our style further and create differently fun. We ve always been really energetic dancers themed choreographies. For example Emma has and have loved the power and aggression of dancing to rock music There s nothing quite like it. [CARPE NOCTURNE] [Saskia] how does your dance background effect the stylization of Rockit Dance [Saskia] My main dance training has been with Zehara from North West UK who teaches tribal bellydance fused with other African styles. The style she taught us was bold and energetic and very joyful and fun. The moves she taught were bigger than in traditional bellydance and she used less isolation in her technique. This made the moves bouncier and bigger. This is 250 exquisite timing precision and power in her dance myself. (These days I get help with the mountains and she creates strong choreographies that take of sewing from other members of the group ) I advantage of these skills. One of my strengths was inspired by warrior women and their style. is the momentum and fluidity in my dance and I create choreographies that best showcase these skills. In the last couple of months one of our dancers Gemma has just started choreographing for the group also and she has some brilliant ideas that are adding to our repertoire. She s totally in tune with our style but she s adding her own slant and it s so exciting to see what she has been coming up with She s currently choreographing a song by The Prodigy and this will be our first time performing to electronica not rock and metal but equally alternative [CARPE NOCTURNE] When it comes to costuming where do you ladies come up with your stylization and what inspires it [Saskia] I originally came up with the concept for our dance belts and bras and made them all 251 My aim was to create outfits befitting of strong and resilient women with a rock and metal edge. Our original outfits were predominantly black and silver but I ve just developed some gold and brown outfits that we team with animal print and they have a slight cavewoman cowgirl edge which is really fun and less dark and moody. We like to have our stomachs showing when we dance so that our moves can be seen clearly and we re happy to show flesh when it feels right. We tend not to wear big flowing costumes as we like our moves to be as visible as possible on their own. We ve always been of the opinion that great dancing will shine however plain or minimal the costume of the dancer be that shorts and a vest or leggings and a t shirt for example. In our previous troupe before RockIt we were required to wear very bulky costumes with lots of different layers and although it looked great we felt much weighed down by it hot and uncomfortable. We ve designed our own costumes to be comfortable and practical while still looking striking. Plus the chain mail effect on our bras acts as a built in sports bra and that is very appropriate given the amount we move and the size of our chest lifts 252 [CARPE NOCTURNE] How do you feel about the statements made by some people that what you do is not Belly Dance [Saskia] To be honest these days we don t feel much about it. We used to feel very misunderstood by some people and spend time defending ourselves and our style as bellydance. We realize that many people feel very strongly about what bellydance is and what it is not and in some ways we understand this as this is often borne out of a love for the dance and a wish to defend its origins and the people who developed it. However we have not found it useful or fruitful to label our style as one thing or another. Arguing about what we are or aren t and whether we are bellydance or not this process has always seemed to us to miss the point of dance - which for us is about feeling not thinking. When people say What you do isn t real bellydance we say Ok but do you like it And if they don t that s ok as well. These days we are just known as RockIt Dance. (Aside from on our Facebook page where we re still called RockIt Belly Dance Facebook won t let us change it and we don t want to create a new page from scratch and lose what we ve built up ) [CARPE NOCTURNE] So will your ladies style be just inspired by Belly Dance from here on out or do you consider your style to still be a Fusion style of Belly Dance [Saskia] We consider our style to be a fusion of all sorts of things. We can t really say how our style will develop in the future who knows We are inspired by dancers of all different styles some very different from us. For example I am inspired greatly by Eugenia of Bristol Belly Dance here in the UK an Oriental bellydancer of great passion and elegance. Also Cera Byer from the US who blows me away with her creativity and Moonhoar from New Orleans great friends of ours and our Metal Sisters who we adore for their bravery and creativity. Most of all we find we re inspired by the music that s what it s all about for us. [CARPE NOCTURNE] What are your plans for the future of RockIt Dance [Saskia] It s been a good year for us in which we feel we ve finally gained some more of the recognition we ve been striving for and we have been getting more professional work. We have 253 recently been signed to our first agency and have been working for a UK events company Heresy N Heels that puts on alternative events where we ve been exposed to some fantastic audiences. We d like to continue to perform for and meet excellent alternative people like ourselves and we d love also to do more work with live bands. Whatever happens we ll keep working our Butts off and having fun with it Website http Facebook https pages RockIt-Belly-Dance 272588672761281 Youtube http user RockItBellyDance Twitter https RockIt_Dance END 254 255 256 257 Deadly Nightshade Kat Morris is a Creative Force to be Reckoned With By LinnieSarah ( linnieloowho) I have a secret for all of you Carpe Nocturne readers and it may come as a little bit of a surprise... Prepare yourselves horror is a male dominated industry. SHOCKING right While there have been a handful of hardworking women who have managed to make their name in the genre over the decades for the most part the horror world has remained fairly steeped in testosterone. However in the last few years more women have been busting their asses in every corner of the industry to make a dent be it in critique production distribution or even design. One of these awesome women working at every level of horror is Kat Morris. 258 Kat who is based in Vancouver Canada is a makeup artist makeup prosthetic instructor and creative director extraordinaire. Her company Nightshade Beauty has makeup work ranging from fetish and fantasy to runway and high fashion each with Kat s own alternative horror flair. Her work is both beautiful and unmistakably dark. Yet Kat s amazing talent doesn t end with her work in makeup. a website where a collective of like-minded ladies post about horror films music books and conventions like the wild women they are. (Full disclosure I blog with these badass ladies as the Revenge Honey and love every minute of it.) In 2012 Kat had a dream that there were a website where female horror fans could blog about all things horror without being shackled by the editorial eye of a man. With that goal in mind she started The Horror Honeys (thehorrorhoneys. com horrorhoneys) In an effort to introduce the readers Carpe Nocturne to the force of nature that is Kat Morris enjoy this interview and then find out more about her projects by checking out The Horror Honeys site and the home page for Nightshade Beauty https www.facebook. com NightshadeMUA. [Carpe Nocturne] How did you get started doing 259 260 makeup and effects work [Kat] I ve been obsessed with makeup and effects for as long as I can remember. When other kids were watching cartoons I d be glued to Fashion Television. When I got freaked out by scary movies or war movies with a lot of blood my dad would tell me that it was just makeup which made everything so much easier to watch. Fast forward to me as a teenager doing gross makeup for Halloween with oatmeal pastels and facepaint or fixing crooked eyeliner at school dances. Makeup has always been what I wanted to do with my life but without parental support (love you guys) I went to University and got a degree that really only qualifies me to be super annoyingly badass at Trivial Pursuit (Classics Anthropology and History). When I moved to Vancouver in my mid-20 s I was finally able to afford to apply to a makeup school and keep working full time (Thank you VISA). There was NO way I was getting a student loan and working part time retail for minimum wage...ew. The course I took was the less expensive part time 4 hours a day on the evenings after work. It covered basic beauty airbrushing hair styling and that s about it... which bummed me out but I had rent to pay so there was no way I was going to be able to take a full time course. I started working on photoshoots while I was still in school adding weekend shoots to my schedule on top of full time work and part time school. Since I didn t learn special effects in school I took it upon myself to learn them on my own terms and come up with my own style of application painting and treatment. I now have two makeup companies Nightshade Beauty (https www. NightshadeMUA) and Deadly Nightshade (https DeadlyNightshadeSPFX) one for the pretty stuff and the one that freaks out my mother. I definitely have two sides to my personality and makeup has allowed me to play in both without getting pigeonholed typecast or bored. [CARPE NOCTURNE] What are your favorite kinds of projects to work on 261 [Kat] I love creative projects that end up being unintentionally cathartic. I ve had the good fortune of being able to do work that has been on several separate occasions difficult for the model to work through a revelation for a photographer or something freeing for myself. I try to find a reward in every project but those are my favorites I like helping people discover new things about themselves with something as impermanent as makeup. [CARPE NOCTURNE] What is the strangest grossest prosthetic you ve ever had to apply [Kat] The one that turned my stomach a little...a mock up of a birthing shoot...I had trouble laying down the blood and the final image still gives me the heebs. It s beautiful and painful and raw and every time I look at it I remember how I felt putting down the blood and the bugs putting my handprints on the model s legs. I take a lot of pride in laying blood that has purpose...randomly covering someone in blood isn t art. I m looking at you naked girl covered in blood OMG people. (You can see the picture that creeped Kat out at http Art%20Pieces The%20 Haunted 13 ) [CARPE NOCTURNE] If you could design your own creature from scratch what would it be and why [Kat] There are SO many creatures I d love to re-create that my own original creature would most likely have elements 262 of a lot of them included...after all isn t it true that nothing is original anymore I d probably lean towards something deep sea creature inspired we know so little about them and they re as close to aliens as we re going to get in my lifetime (I hope)...I find them fascinatingly dark. [CARPE NOCTURNE] Tell me about your website the Horror Honeys. [Kat] (Sucks in a deep Ace Ventura style breath) The Horror Honeys are a writing group ladies only no boys allowed. We write about horror horror culture and things that make female horror fans tick. We re brutally honest intelligent and we re unflinchingly badass. I m honored to curate a site that allows female horror writers to have an outlet for their love of horror with no judgment and no censorship. There has always been 263 a female voice in the horror community but we re here to help it get louder. We review films web series books clothing interview personalities and generally write about what we love (and hate) about horror. I currently work with 8 lovely ladies from around North America and a new addition in the UK. Each Honey contributes work in a specific sub-genre (True Crime Monster Zombie Sci-Fi Dark Comedy Revenge Supernatural) or medium (novels games). We got our start on twitter in our current incarnation in May 2013... by live tweeting our experiences at a local convention and it kind of exploded out from there. I have big plans for the site and the future of the Horror Honeys and I won t lie that I m really pleased with how it s kind of eaten my life. I m so excited for the months ahead. We have big plans for our 1-year anniversary and beyond and I m so fortunate to work with such talented and inspiring women. [CARPE NOCTURNE] Do you ever feel like it s difficult being a woman in a male dominated industry like horror 264 [Kat] It s hard to be in any industry that s male dominated. The Finance Industry is the same uphill battle that horror is (expect with higher paycheques) and makeup is (funny right ) but just because it s hard and we have to push harder and be better to be recognized as something special doesn t mean we don t do it and don t kick ass at it. It s a frustrating hill to have to climb but if it was easy everyone would do it and it wouldn t fucking matter anyway. It s 265 interesting to watch how we ve been received in the horror community...we ve been called everything from hacks to fakers to sexists for not allowing male writers and we ve also received support from some of the most iconic names in horror. There s no WAY I d ever let any of that petty shit get in our way now. [CARPE NOCTURNE] Just one more question... What is your favorite scary movie [Kat] This is the HARDEST question ever. The Exorcist is my all time favorite and I watch it constantly but I happily admit that Event Horizon scared me senseless for YEARS. END 266 267 Angeles actress Maria Breese is one such lady who wants to star in horror films for the sheer pleasure of being doused in buckets of entrails. Can you blame her Born in Washington D.C. and raised in Virginia Breese toyed with her love of the macabre early. It is only in recent years as she has further pursued her dream of acting that she has truly been able to embrace her affection for all things horror. I recently sat down with Breese at one of Hollywood s bustling little eateries to discuss her history with the horror genre her current obsessions and her future aspirations in the horror industry. [Carpe Nocturne] Tell me about your first experience filming something that could be considered on the darker side... [Maria Breese] I starred in a dark comedy called Second-Hand Hitman. Originally it was produced to be a part of the 48-Hour Film Festival but it got turned into a full-length short. It s a really funny film about a woman played by me who hires a pyrotechnical engineer as an assassin to kill my husband. But he keeps failing at every attempt he tries to blow up my husband s car but ends up blowing someone else s car. The last attempt is him trying put rat poison in his drink and we think that we ve killed him so we leave his body at the beach. But he survives It s a very funny movie. [Carpe Nocturne] How about horror films She s Ready for Her Chop-Up Actress Maria Breese is Upping her Horror Fame By LinnieSarah ( linnieloowho) 268 [Maria Breese] As far as horror films I have a lot Many MANY actresses spend their fifteen of projects in the works right now. Several friends minutes in the horror spotlight covered in blood are writing different horror films right now that and intestines and then are never heard from they ve asked me to be a part of and I m just dying again. This isn t because they were taken out in to be in them. some nefarious back lot murder scheme no it is because they weren t embraced by horror fans that [Carpe Nocturne] Why do you want to be in horror can tell the difference between an actor in it for the movies money and one in a film for the love of gore. Los [Maria Breese] Because I think they re fascinating and they terrify me And I just really want to see how it feels to play the parts instead of just watch from the audience. But I also love the fake blood I grew up as a kid watching Tales from the Crypt and watching The Exorcist which is still my favorite horror movie and I feel like it would just be really fun [Carpe Nocturne] What are some more of your favorite scary films Maria [Maria Breese] The Excorcist still The classics Nightmare on Elm Street Halloween. And I don t know if it counts as a horror movie but I love Gremlins. I remember watching Gremlins as a kid with my mom and eating Bugles and putting them on our fingers and making funny gremlin noises. And my dad would rent horror movies all the time and let me watch them. It s no wonder I had issues as a kid with having to sleep with a nightlight But now it just makes me want to be in these movies even more because they were such a huge part of my childhood. [Carpe Nocturne] What is your absolute favorite memory about horror from when you were a child [Maria Breese] My best friend and I had watched The Exorcist we were probably in 8th or 9th grade. We were totally freaked out when it was over but we turned the TV off and went to bed like good little girls. Then in the middle of the night I woke up to my best friend hitting me with a pillow and screaming STOP STOP JUST MAKE IT STOP STOP Apparently what had happened was in the middle of the night I had sat straight up in my bed looked right at her and started chomping my teeth over and over. I was completely asleep and I don t remember this at all. We basically cried ourselves to sleep because I was terrified that I had been possessed and she was terrified to sleep next to 269 me. It was a glorious night. [Carpe Nocturne] What is your dream role in a horror movie [Maria Breese] I m just dying to splatter blood all over myself and be creepy and possessed and wear whiteout eyes. I did audition for a really cool movie once called The Appearing which was produced by my acting teacher. Part of the audition was the producer saying One of the people in this room is really possessed. I need you to act like it s happening. I want you to hear it. I want you to see it. And I worked myself up to the point where I was screaming and crying and couldn t stop and the girl next to me is chanting in backwards Latin and bending her body in crazy positions and it was in that moment that I knew I had to do a demonic possession movie. To find out more about Maria Breese you can find her on IMDB or on Twitter mariabreese. You can also see Maria s latest work Project Hollywood online at http www.projecthollywoodwebseries. com. END 270 271 Artist showcase - Old School making Blood look good enough to die for all over again Artist Craig Blake aka the Old School Bogart The ART of OLD SCHOOL Craig Blake has been a rising star in the art community for a few years now. Based out of Allentown PA Blake has created a name for himself with everything from his teenage antics and characters to his cutting edge lines for some of the most amazing collage pieces you can find anywhere. His work has placed him in the forefront for some big time companies as well as some huge conventions. Lately he has been hired to do Batman pieces and acting as an exclusive artist for one of the biggest online websites anywhere. But I promised I would not say which one. 272 and the Evil dead one Blake has brought the tier His passion for the dark side is what caught my of violent beauty to a new level. Blake is preparing eye. Being a fan of AMC s the Walking Dead myself to move his art studio to the west coast and open (the trendy horror thing) I love Blake s signature a reign of artistic pain to the rest of the country piece representing the series in a very old school with his Night of the Living Dead as well as other way that only he can do. Along with his Killer group amazing pieces in the old School style. 273 274 A fan first and a true person not a pretension filled over rated hack Craig Blake is the real deal. He keeps a great attitude and strides to make each new design better than the one before. He has a special feel for light and an evil sinner in his eyes. His steady line work has created a style that no one else can come close to. Now he defiantly has a niche and a way he does things. Collage work is his thing. And he is doing it extremely well. Take a long look at some of Craig Blake s artwork then go show him some 275 horror love and buy some of this epic bloodiness from his website. Because an artist like this does not come around nearly enough and we all need to show why he needs to stay and produce less mainstream bloodiness for us the horror fans. https highevolution END 276 Gothic Horror Is Back . . . WITH A VENGEANCE Delve into the provocative worlD of black magic anD the occult with these spellbinDing novels from author eve lestrange. follow 18th century sorceress christina lafage Down the left-hanDeD path anD beyonD as she sells her soul for the fierce power of the black arts. enter christina s worlD anD join her aDventures in spell casting anD Dark DeeDs. wiDDershins introDuces a strong female character into the horror genre-christina lafage an eighteenth century french girl who sells her soul for the fierce power of the black arts. christina s worlD is filleD with spell casting black magic Distant lanDs anD intense power. the story unfolDs with christina s introDuction into the black arts by a mysterious benefactor that she meets in a wooDeD grove. this benefactor maDame Duchamp takes christina unDer her wing anD teaches her to use the powers of the occult anD benD the laws of nature to her will as they proviDe spells anD services for the wealthy aristocrats of paris. at first she struggles with her newly acquireD power anD with her own feelings of Doubt anD apprehension until a grave situation forces her to conquer fear anD Doubt. christina s power continues to grow anD exploDes into an electrifying series of events that leaD her to egypt where her power is put to the ultimate test. solitary fire continues to follow christina lafage along the left hanDeD path to vienna where wealthy nobleman paul mrzak promises her anD maDame Duchamp unimaginable riches anD a string of affluent clients at his castle in hungary. paul s castle offers much intrigue anD Deception that feeDs christina s own suspicions about paul s true motive behinD his generous invitation. christina s power continues to blossom anD fascinate the nobles of paul s court who flock to her for all manners of occult services. but it is paul s own request anD the promise of a substantial fortune that leaD christina Deeper into the black arts where strange visions anD feelings of Destiny haunt her Dreams. meanwhile paul s plan begins to unravel bringing sinister secrets to light however it is not only paul harboring secrets as christina confronts her master lucien about her intensifying visions. can the intimacy that she anD lucien have come to share prepare christina for the whole shocking truth both books available now at follow eve on facebook eve.lestrange & scribD evelestrange6632 & 277 THE HOSPITAL Directors Tommy Golden Daniel Emery Taylor Writers Jim O Rear Daniel Emery Taylor Stars Jim O Rear Daniel Emery Taylor John Dugan Review By Kris Blackburn While being at the second annual Rapture Horror Expo in Tempe AZ I stepped into the film screening room to check out the indie paranormal horror flick The Hospital. Produced by Deviant pictures. Why does that sound more kinky than scary to me The Hospital Which has been getting solid reviews as well as extra bathroom breaks on the convention 278 scene over the past year has an interesting cast. Not in the order billed but for recognition the film Stars Ghost Hunters International cast member Scott Tepperman John Dugan from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Jim O Rear who also wrote the screen play. All before mentioned were guests at the convention and introduced the film. As the stars pre warned all of the standing room only audience the film is brutal bloody and violent as hell. All the things you look for in a scare flick. Unlike the common mainstream tamed (I do not want to scare anyone films) this one makes people wet themselves. does not know is that the hospital truly is haunted and the restless spirits there are not happy with what he has been doing. The cast also includes Independent Horror actress April Monique Burril of Chainsaw Sally fame Robin Shulte and Jason Crowe all of whom were solid performers. Over all if you are a fan of the main stream common paranormal films such as any of the Paranormal Activity films which takes about 81.5 minutes to actually do anything this film is most likely not So here is the breakdown or plot outline if you will. for you. But if you want brutal in your face indie Old St. Leopold s Hospital has many urban legends film making then step into the Hospital for a fun surrounding it (don t they all) but the residents of gore fest of the paranormal variety. Hell If you do Bridgeport all agree on one thing tortured souls not want to take my word for it The Candy Man roam its abandoned halls. The mystery proves himself Tony Todd called this film scary as hell at to be too much for a pretty young student who a earlier screening this year and that dude scares decides to investigate for her senior class project. his own mom. Plus he keeps coming back in those Unfortunately she does not find ghosts. She Final Destination flicks so he can t be wrong right instead finds Stanley played by Daniel Emery Taylor who also directed the film. Did I mention that his character Stanley is a serial rapist murderer and psychopath And not in that order. As the END young girl becomes Stanley s new pet a team of young investigators descend on the hospital to hunt some ghosts. Stanley sees nothing but fun and games in his future. But what Stanley 279 SPLIT SECOND Director Tony Maylam Running Time 86 Main Cast Rutger Hauer - Harold Harley Stone Neil Duncan - Dirk Durkin Kim Cattrall - Michelle Michael J. Pollard - The Rat Catcher Steven Hartley - Foster Dave Duffy - The Barman Stewart Harvey-Wilson - The Killer Alun Armstrong - Thrasher Pete Postlethwaite - Paulsen Ian Dury - Jay Jay Roberta Eaton - Robin Sara Stockbridge - Tiffany Screenplay Gary Scott Thompson In the near future Earth s global warming has caused massive flooding and pollution so intense that it is a near constant night. In a dystopian London detective Harley Stone is on the search for a killer that tears the hearts out of its victims with its bare hands. Stone a gruff and typical bad cop antihero is obsessed with finding the killer that murdered his partner. It is an old story and we have seen it a thousand times. What makes Split Second such a fun little film to watch however it that it is such an amalgamation of late eighties action films. Take a low budget Blade Runner cross pollinate it with Lethal Weapon add elements of Aliens Predator 2 and every buddy cop film on earth and you have Split Second a largely overlooked film starring Rutger Hauer in his grumpy 280 the creature which despite obvious supernatural tendencies and size seems to come and go at will tear its victims apart and even writes random messages in blood taunting Stone. There is even a taste of Jack the Ripper mystery thrown in for good measure. This film came and went in the theaters and nobody has really heard from it since. If you can locate a copy and you are a fan of 80 s apocalyptic action alien films buddy cop movies and Kim Cattrall topless then this is one for you lumbering tough guy best It isn t a masterful performance like Blade Runner. It is just great fun to watch. All of the old clich s are there. The best cop on the force with severe emotional problems and bad habits constantly yelled at by his captain saddled with a partner he doesn t want because he works alone on and on and on. And it plays all these themes out so joyfully and without remorse that it is a parody of itself. Then there is END 281 SCREAMING DEAD Actors Misty Mundae Rachael Robbins Directors Brett Piper Format Collector s Edition Color Director s Cut Dolby NTSC Language English Rated R (Restricted) Studio E.I. Independent DVD Release Date November 22 2005 The low budget nature of this film is obvious. The acting not immediately stellar. And the obvious skin scenes are well... skin scenes. As the film progresses though the intensity does begin to increase. A film at first easily dismissed begins to take on a certain tension as the subjugation of the characters by an ego maniac photographer begins to increase. And it increases as the ringmaster photographer orchestrates further control over the situation. The film begins to take master and servant overtones reminiscent of (admittedly greater quality) films such as The Story of O. The ghost special effects are special indeed. Downright laughable. There is a charm in their low budget digital nature. However I am of the opinion that the story and the film would have been better for merely suggesting that the setting was haunted rather than confirming it. 282 promising study of dominance and subjugation quickly becomes just a low budget horror thriller. The villain is replaced by another in seconds. From there on it is a fun and cheesy little jaunt from a film-maker that was an obvious fan of both The Pit and the Pendulum and Bloody Pit of Horror. It is worth a watch. The biggest frustration I have with it is this. If the film had not taken a turn in a supernatural direction it could have potentially been so much more. The stage was set for a serious psychological erotic thriller. Instead it becomes a fun but forgettable supernatural monster movie. However there is substance here. And for a low budget film it is a worthy effort. And it has Misty Mundae. So my approval is immediate. Gradually despite the terrible effects the low budget quality of the film begins to dissipate and it becomes something the observer genuinely begins to pay attention to. Sadly the ghost aspect begins to take on greater form. From there on a END 283 World War Z Release Date 2013 Released By Paramount Pictures Review By Mario Piumetti Whatever the zombie translation is for I want money someone at Paramount must have said it when they green-lit World War Z very loosely based on the 2006 Max Brooks novel about a global zombie plague. Whereas the novel gives us a comprehensive look at a global meltdown and recovery the film gives us two hours of running biting screeching zombies. 284 Brad Pitt stars as Gerry Lane a former U.N. investigator living with his family in Philadelphia when the dead rise. After barely surviving a night in an apartment building the Lane s are rescued by the military and taken to a ship at sea for safety only to have Gerry leave to track down the source of the infection in the hopes of manufacturing a vaccine. His trek takes him to Korea Israel and finally England unable to find Patient Zero and apparently unable to find a clue. The film is a tangled mess almost right from the start with cardboard dialogue that made me envy the deaf. The many heroes of the book are concentrated into one globetrotting figure with confusing results. Fans expecting to see the Redeker Plan the Battle of Yonkers or the desperate refugees in Canada are sure to be disappointed. The only character from the novel to appear in the film is Mossad agent Jurgen Warmbrunn but his appearance is measured in minutes. I will give the film some credit for giving the zombies peculiar behavior alternating them from fast to sluggish when prey are not nearby. Still there hasn t been a horror movie this bad since Twilight. Dear God make the hurting stop END 285 Interview with Roy Wooley of Netherworld Haunted House and SyFy s Face Off season three and five Photo By Roy Wooley By Fairlyinnocent [Carpe Nocturne] Let me start by saying I am so excited to do this interview as I have been a fan of your talent since season three of Face Off. [Carpe] Tell me how old you were when you started realizing your fascination with make-up special effects [Roy Wooley] I ve been fascinated by movie monsters as long as I can remember. The bug really hit me after seeing An American Werewolf in London . [Carpe Nocturne] Were your parents supportive with the direction of your career [Roy Wooley] My dad would have preferred a different career choice but my mom has always been supportive. [Carpe Nocturne] How did others react to what you were doing [Roy Wooley] I ve always had a variety of supporters and detractors. Some people would say that s cool Photo By Roy Wooley 286 Photo By Roy Wooley and others would call it silly and say you ll never make a living doing that . [Carpe Nocturne] Have you had any formal education in your craft [Roy Wooley] I ve never had any formal training on the special effects stuff. I did attend Complections International back in 94 to learn beauty make-up. [Carpe Nocturne] Did you ever have any doubts that this might not be the right path for you [Roy Wooley] There were many times. I found there were many bumps and lots of turns on that path. [Carpe Nocturne] How many years have you been doing special effects [Roy Wooley] I started teaching myself when I was 17 so that was about 30 years ago. I ve been working professionally for the last 16 years. [Carpe Nocturne] When did you start working with Netherworld [Roy Wooley] This upcoming season will be my 16th year at Netherworld. [Carpe Nocturne] What other jobs did you have prior to Netherworld [Roy Wooley] I ve had several non industry jobs over the years but they all have helped to get me where I am today. I was a manager for an embroidery company right out of high school. 287 [Roy Wooley] In the past I have been there on the morning of the parade doing make-ups on the sidewalk. This year I have assistants taking on those duties. I will be doing several panels and judging the masquerade. [Carpe Nocturne] Do you have your own personal special effects studio If so is there any tool or prize piece that you can t work without [Roy Wooley] I do most of my personal work out of my home garage and I also have a workspace in the Netherworld warehouse. I do have a couple of sculpting tool that I use on just about everything [Carpe Nocturne] Who were are your biggest inspirations or idols in special effects make-up [Roy Wooley] Dick Smith Lon Chaney Sr. Jack Pierce Rick Baker and Rob Bottin [Carpe Nocturne] Is there any artist you would absolutely love to work with [Roy Wooley] I would like to work with a variety of artists. Currently I would love to work with Greg Nicotero and Ve Neil [Carpe Nocturne] How did you get chosen to do Face Off [Roy Wooley] Just lucky. [Carpe Nocturne] What have been the positives and negatives of participating on the show [Roy Wooley] Positive Having my work being recognized. Negative Having my face recognized [Carpe Nocturne] How did being on Face Off affect your career Have you noticed an increase in available freelance jobs There I learned about digital graphics. Once I moved to Georgia a friend of mine got me a job as a PA shooting videos for BellSouth. From there I learned all aspects of video production lighting camera audio and editing. [Carpe Nocturne] On Face Off it was interesting following you because you appeared to be very relaxed as well as able to do large sculpts and characters in a short amount of time. Is that your normal way of working or did this get perfected over time [Roy Wooley] I ve always been a fast sculptor. I like to get my pieces blocked out as fast as I can. The problem I have is putting that last 10% in. I hate doing detail work. [Carpe Nocturne] Netherworld is always represented at Dragon Con during Labor Day weekend in Atlanta GA. Are you involved in the make-up the characters wear during that weekend And do you do any make-up tracks during the Con 288 [Roy Wooley] I saw a little increase after season 3 aired but now that season 5 is airing I m seeing a lot more. [Carpe Nocturne] What have been your ultimate highs working as an artist [Roy Wooley] Having artists that you look up to and respect say great things about your work is a high but the ultimate high for me is having young boys and girls email me or come up to me and tell me how much I have inspired them to pursue make-up. [Carpe Nocturne] Are there any trademarks within your work that when someone see s it would say that s the make-up of Roy Wooley [Roy Wooley] I do have a couple of tells in most of my work. I think most artist have a style that distinguishes them from other artists. This is not a bad thing. I do try to put enough variety in my pieces so they don t all look like the same alien head sculpt. [Carpe Nocturne] What would be your long term goals [Roy Wooley] My goal is to do this as long as I can. I just completed the first in a series of workshops. I would like to pass on the things I have learned to the next generation of artists. [Carpe Nocturne] What future endeavors do you have in the wings 289 [Roy Wooley] I have a series of workshops that we will be conducting locally and hopefully take them on the road to different cities. I also have a line of prosthetics and props geared for the haunted house industry. [Carpe Nocturne] What would your best advice be to up and coming artist s [Roy Wooley] Never be afraid to fail. You can always start again just a little bit smarter. [Carpe Nocturne] What websites could people find your work [Roy Wooley] [Carpe Nocturne] A warm thank you for doing this interview with me and I am looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future. END 290 291 CLUB NIGH SCARLET Las Vegas Deepest Red Goth Night 1025 S. First Street (at Charleston) Las Vegas NV. (21 ) DJ Style and Morpheus Blak are your musical guides on this journey into the dark. SCARLET is a regular bi-weekly event taking place twice a month at Artifice on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month in Las Vegas. SCARLET is devoted to the classic sounds of Goth Industrial Dark 80 s and Death Rock where the focus is on the time honored and beloved music that the Gothic subculture grew up on. WANT Weekly Bi-Weekly Monthly Tell Us A Little About Your Night and Give Us A Link To Your Page or Facebook We Will be In Touch T DARK SHADOWS The Howlin Wolf - 907 S Peters St New Orleans LA Dark Shadows is a brand spanking new deathrock goth punk night in the warehouse district (New Orleans LA). Come one come all to hear the best in old and new goth rock deathrock coldwave and dark punk On the decks will be DJ Hex and DJ Wrappedinplastic. Cover is five bucks. Credit for this event booking goes to Jenni Field and a big thanks is due to her for all her efforts in setting up this show and promoting it I would encourage those of you in the goth and punk scenes to contact her for show bookings of your own ABSOLUTION NYC Presents THROUGH THE MIRROR 161 west 22nd street (between 6th and 7th ave) Manhattan NY Dress Code Suggestions - CREATIVE AS POSSIBLE. Goth Industrial Fetish New Wave Deathrock Armour Military Medieval Steampunk Gypsy Tango Tribal Punk Glam Pagan or Any Combination Of The Above MINIMUM OF ALL BLACK. Let your imagination take control This is a chance to avoid the hassles of a mainstream venue and experience a PURE ARTISTIC SCENE so be free. 292 HT LISTINGS NOCTURNUM 2 At the Door 21 9pm-2am Every 2nd & 4th Sunday 1519 Main St. The Red Room Boise Idaho Nocturnum is Idaho s longest running night. At 10 years it has been a haven for goths rivetheads and alternative lifestyles. Resident DJ Bones spins everything from the classic goth favorites to some of the newest industrial tracks. With rotating DJ s Go-Go Dancers and vendors from the local goth industrial community. All darklings welcome. YOUR Quarterly Night Listed Free To get Your Information. It MUST BE A Reoccuring Night Contact Us At Listing PLAGUE - every Friday At Asylum 121 Center Street Portland ME 04101 Event Web Sites gothicmaine Cover Charge 5 - 2 before 9 30 Industrial Whatever Gothic Maine is an outlet for the goth industrial scene in Maine. Our focus is to collaborate with all forms of goth industrial musician artist alternative fetish or anyone who wears black to express our culture in Maine. Age 21 Type Night (Music Genre) Goth ATMOSPHERE August GA s Premiere Goth Event 18 To Party - Full Bar Service for 21 Doors Open 9 PM 5 Cover (Cash Visa or Mastercard) Featuring local & regional DJs Performances & Demostrations. Goth Industrial EBM Fetish Carbaret Bellydance Burlesque & other subcultures. Located In Beautiful Downtown Augusta GA at the corner of 8th St and Ellis St Atmosphere Augusta on Facebook. 293 Carpe Nocturne Magaz Please Support Those Who H 294 zine SUPPORTER PAGES Help Us Support Your Scene 295 Please Support Those Who Help Us Support This Scene Carpe Nocturne Magazine SUPPORTER PAGES 296 WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT This Publication Is Run By An ALL Volunteer Staff YOUR Donations & Ad Dollars Make It So We Can Bring You Issues & Support Events CLICK THIS PAGE FOR Info On Ads & Donations 297 298 COMING IN THE SPRING ISSUE As Carpe Nocturne Magazine Heads Into OPur 9th Year Of Dedication TO And Support Of The New Dark Culture We Have Some More Positive Changes For You. Removing Less Popular Features and Adding New and Requested Features and Coverage. 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