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Some e xclusions ap p ly. Not v alid wit h any ot h er o f fer. Not valid on previous purchases. Cannot be combined with any other offer. P h o to s a re for illu s t ra t ion p u rp os e s on ly a n d m ay n ot re f le c t a c t u a l pro duc t . Se e w a r r anty brochure for det ails . Su b ject to cred it ap p roval. Of fer ends 2 8 14. 7 BEST WINTER 2014 Story header RIVERSIDE DRIVE It has the river it has charm and a boatload of developers who want to turn it into Cincinnati s newest place to live. Take a look. Things are changing. CINCINNATI IS HOT. Go here go there implore those who live in the city particularly downtown. Who would have thought if driving through parts of Over-the-Rhine just a few years ago that it would now be the setting for a renaissance of new or upgraded housing new business even a streetcar Who would have thought the same thing about Riverside Drive the 4.2 mile stretch of road that hugs the Ohio between Adam s Landing and its intersection with Delta Ave. one of the gateways to Hyde Park. You can drive it in seven minutes walk it in an hour and 15. Once called Eastern Avenue it was renamed Riverside Drive in 2004. Dean Gregory of the Montgomery Inn Boathouse firmly anchored at the western terminus of the road called the change a new beginning for this area. While not on Riverside Drive but near enough to throw a rock The Precinct Restaurant is at the eastern terminus. BEST Magazine asked writer Donna Poehner Hardy to go down to the river and ask What s going on and why If you haven t been there lately take a drive. Or watch our drive-by movie for a glimpse of the highlights. THE MO SEE VIE 8 BEST THE BEST IN FINE HOMES montgomery inn boathouse The East End nestled between Columbia Parkway and the Ohio River is a neighborhood in flux. For years the main drag here was called Eastern Avenue but a few years ago a portion of it was changed to the decidedly upscale Riverside Drive. As expected other changes followed including the neighborhood s demographics its image among Cincinnatians and a just-added bicycle trail. No longer a Columbia-Tusculum wannabe or a downtown extension it is now coming into its own as a fashionable neighborhood. It tantalizes newcomers with its excellent restaurants its many parks--including the award-winning Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park and its proximity to downtown and all it has to offer. All here is within miles of Fountain Square and the city s entertainment venues including the sports stadiums. But it isn t just the new that is helping give the East End a fresh look. All of Riverside Drive hugs its own upward bend of the one thing that unites most of us in Cincinnati--the Ohio River. People s desire to live near the river goes back to the beginning of time. That s what created the potential and the development activity that we ve seen in the past 15-20 by DONNA POEHNER HARDY ILLUSTRATIONS BY POLLY HART years says Arn Bortz former mayor of Cincinnati and a partner at Towne Properties one of the first companies to develop new projects in the East End. With the new development the neighborhood s architecture has become a pastiche of styles--old Victorians sit next to new four-story single-family homes and multi-story condos sit across the street from small humble houses that have hunkered on the riverside for years. It s not a homogeneous look but it s a work in progress. LIVING VERTICALLY Debbie Welch says the best part of living in her home on Riverside Drive is the river. I m hooked she says. You look at it any day of the year and 9 E S TA B L I S H E D 2 0 0 5 SAINT ROSE church T H E PR I N T MOV I E E DI T ION Issue 26 Fine Homes Winter 2014 16 COVER STORY No Squeeze for Santa Here in this Hyde Park tudor just waiting for another time to party. Cover photo by Steve Ziegelmeyer 7 THE MAIN EVENT Riverside Drive. There s a lot going on between the Boathouse and The Precinct between the Ohio River and Columbia Parkway. 22 FANTASTIC KITCHEN Starting from the Top. Calcutta Gold in all its glory. 29 WIRELESS HOME ENTERTAINMENT Are We There Yet Not quite but just maybe. 40 ANOTHER FANTASTIC KITCHEN Larry McGruder The farmhouse made him do it. FE AT UR ES SEE THE MO VIE you see something new. It s constant energy. Debbie lives with her husband Ken in a nearly new four-story home in a development called Corbin Park located on the western edge of Schmidt Field. Still in the early stages of development Corbin Park has 11 land sites four of which have sold and are currently under construction as three-to-four story single-family homes all designed to take advantage of river views. The sites are selling in the 500 000-and-up range which includes the lot and the house. Comey & Shepherd real estate agent Melissa Brown describes typical buyers in the area as empty nesters from the suburbs looking for lower taxes lower utility bills and simpler living--the type of person who wants to be downtown but doesn t want to be in the middle of downtown. They want to be convenient to downtown but still have their peace and quiet and parking. She says pricing on Riverside Drive can be as low as 200 000 for an existing condo to 800 000 or more for new construction. Debbie and Ken Welch echo this sentiment. They enjoy the bike trail along the river as well as the new bike path on the road. We go downtown and ride in town. It s great fun to walk in Washington Park and be part of the city and living here it s just so close says Debbie. The Welches have been living in the East End for about 10 years but before their move to the river they lived in suburban areas such as Wyoming and Indian Hill--great neighborhoods but no river view. 46 GRANITE Still King of the countertops . . . and growing. 50 ANOTHER FEATURED HOME Covington s 1815 Carneal House. Read the story watch the movie one more time. 56 LAST WORDS Columnist Paul Daugherty takes us into the home of the future. Could this be yours ABOUT BEST BEST is published by Specialty Marketing LLC a Cincinnatibased company that focuses on the showing and sale of fine homes. It is published 3X a year January May and September. Each issue is mailed direct to 13 000 singlefamily homeowners living primarily in Cincinnati s east and northern suburbs. PRINT MOVIE EDITION All of the homes published in this issue along with short movies that showcase each home s best CO M E Y. C features are also included in the online edition of BEST Magazine. The high-definition movies includes a walk-through as if touring the home in person. You can also click on the listing agent s contact info if you d like to ask questions or just see more. THE MO SEE O M VIE AT HOW TO CONTACT US Specialty Marketing LLC 6901 Wooster Pike Cincinnati Ohio 45227 Tel. 513-708-3849 Email maverick5 2014 Specialty Marketing LLC ON THE WEB (continued on page 11) Presented by 10 BEST THE BEST IN FINE HOMES LOVING IT ON RIVERSIDE Debbie and Ken Welch have lived in their four-story Ohio river view home on Riverside Drive now for several years. It is in an 11-site development called Corbin Park that sits just a few hundred feet from the Ohio River and is on the western edge of Schmidt Field. The couple enjoys the convenience to downtown Cincinnati area restaurants hiking along the river and riding their bikes on the new bike trail that now is part of Riverside Drive. The Welches real estate agent Melissa Brown with Comey & Shepherd says typical buyers on Riverside are empty nesters from the suburbs looking for lower taxes lower utility bills and simpler living--the type of person who wants to be downtown but doesn t want to be in the middle of downtown. They want to be convenient to downtown but still have their peace and quiet and parking. SEE THE MO VIE 11 Story riverside header drive FUEL coffee They are no strangers to the gastronomical delights of the area. Restaurants such as Eli s Barbecue and BrewRiver GastroPub are relative newcomers to Riverside Drive but don t forget about other venerable standbys of the neighborhood The Precinct and the Montgomery Inn Boathouse. Fuel Coffee offers commuters a quick morning brew and hosts regular weekend events known as Coffee and Cars. Other notable restaurants--including Allyn s and Green Dog Caf --can also be found on Riverside s parallel artery Columbia Parkway. Many of the homes or condos on Riverside Drive are three and four floors with steep and narrow steps leading from one to the next or built to include an elevator like the one the Welches have. You learn to compartmentalize what you do and you learn when to use the elevator says Debbie. When bringing in bags of groceries from the garage it can t be beat. Living that close to the river you may be wondering about the threat of flooding and potential damage. Most of the new construction in the area including Corbin Park has that problem licked. First of all the ground level is always a garage with four-foot high slabs of concrete the utilities are located above the slab of concrete which is above the 100-year flood plain. Says Melissa Brown They built these homes to flood but it is unlikely they will. But if they do there will be minimal damage--pretty much just airing it out. REBRANDING A NEIGHBORHOOD The Precinct is in the East End but God forbid they d ever admit that And the Boathouse wants to pretend it s downtown says Jackie Weist president of the East End Council who lives at the River Walk condo on Riverside Drive and has been a resident of the East End for about seven years. Her comments highlight the fact though the East End s image is improving it isn t quite there yet. What used to be a scruffy neighborhood (certainly not home to the wealthy unless you go way back to the days of the riverboat captains) is now a melding of cultures--what Jackie refers to as the old guard the folks who have lived in East End for generations and the mostly wealthy people who are moving into new construction. Jackie sums it up We ve got some millionaires here but we ve also got an awful lot of junkyards and everything in between. (continued on page 12) 12 BEST THE BEST IN FINE HOMES While Jackie loves living on the river with her view of the Mt. Washington water tower and the tiara of the Great American Tower she s realistic about some of the problems residents of the East End are facing and does her part to address them. She and other residents recently reported four abandoned buildings to the authorities. She also cites a problem of noise and dust coming from a barge company. Riverside Drive is also the truck route U.S. 50 and U.S. 52. The truck traffic is pretty noisy especially if they re empty says Jackie. However she is pleased with a recent traffic calming project that has narrowed Riverside Drive from four traffic lanes to two adding a bicycle lane on either side of the road. These problems aside Jackie loves her proximity to downtown. As a volunteer at the Mercantile Library and the Taft Museum and a frequent patron of the theater and symphony Jackie can reach these destinations in minutes by bus. ELI S barbecue WHAT S NEXT Towne Properties was one of the first companies to develop land in the East End with its Adams Landing a primarily residential development at the base of Mount Adams. The west end of Towne s Adams Landing Master Plan which was approved by the city planning commission in 2002 starts at the Firehouse at Adams Landing and Riverside Drive and runs eastward to the first railroad overpass. The master plan remains a working document and Towne Properties uses it as they design additional development in the neighborhood. Two of the completed developments Foster s Point and Twain s Point feature three-story condos that now sell at prices around 700 000. In general Bortz says that infill development will continue in addition to new construction on vacant land as well as rehab. He doesn t favor the East End Area Program which aims to reintroduce trains into the East End all the way to the Riverfront area. Diesel trains are inappropriate for the neighborhood and there s no indication that there is a great demand for them he adds. I don t SEE THE MO VIE think it s a good plan. Extension of the bike trail is a good plan. 13 riverside drive RIDING AN UPWARD TREND by DOUG SANDHAGE As they say in the elevator business it has its ups and downs but lately the ups have a significant edge. Many of the newer homes condos on Riverside Drive either have elevators or at least the shafts to place them when the need arises. But actually says David Hand owner of Custom Home Elevator & Lift Co. in Blue Ash elevators are now popular in just about any part of Cincinnati and at an attractive price point. Ken and Debbie Welch (see story on page 10) have an elevator in their home in Corbin Park with stops on all four floors. They love it. Hand says that as land prices have escalated especially in the inner cities homes are going upward not outward. Putting in a home elevator is a very practical thing to do. Or at least planning for one by building the shaft. Who wants to travel up three to four flights all of the time. Instead of putting a dumb waiter in why not an elevator asks Hand who started in the business in 1990 and notes his job is to help people get from one level to the next. His company also sells and installs wheelchair lifts stair lifts and dumb waiters and has offices in five other metropolitan cities. What size to get Hand says that safety codes limit elevators to a 950 lb. load with a 15-foot maximum inside square footage which can handle he adds four people comfortably. Or a baby grand or a refrigerator. Door openings are usually three feet. What price to pay First your builder or remodeler has to design and build the shaft install the electrical and add the phone line (for emergency use). Once that s done says Hand variables include the interior design such as wood species and flooring choices then the exterior (unseen) mechanicals of the cab. A two-stop system equipment and installation only starts at around 18 000. Hand says most stops are two or three but he has seen some fours in Mt. Adams. Hand recommends that just like THE ELEVATOR AT THE WELCH HOME IN CORBIN a car elevator owners need to have PARK. ENOUGH ROOM EVEN FOR A BABY GRAND. them periodically tuned a service his company offers. While the economic downturn certainly affected his new home elevator business Hand said that owners of remodeled homes took up much of the slack in particular those simply planning their lifestyles down the road and where couples might have invited their aging parents to live with them. riverview east academy Bortz says he believes that parks and recreation will be the heart and soul of the area as opposed to concentrated shopping and entertainment. You don t have the density of buildings or population to create a successful multi-retailer environment he says. He believes quality-of-life amenities such as the bike trail picnic areas and parks are more appropriate to the area things that would make people say Hey I could see myself living here because I can hop on my bike and ride to Lunken on a Saturday morning and that s part of my new life style. I m out of the suburbs and back where I belong in the city. Nick Motz believes the East End is on the edge of making a comeback. Motz is a real estate broker who focuses on commercial properties in the area and through leasing has brought in many of the businesses now located there including Eli s Barbecue Wilker Design & Marketing and Mission 5 Fitness. We need to get more of a population base to see the whole area turn around he says and that will require having more destination-type entertainment first. He sees potential in the strip where Eli s is and also at the border of Columbia-Tusculum and the East End where some property owners are pushing for some more entertainment-based business. Residents and developers alike agree that the East End is morphing from the scrappy neighborhood it used to be into a multi-faceted magnet that will continue to attract new residents and businesses. As Jackie Weist says they re going from blight to beautiful --and the East End Council just printed 250 bumper stickers that say Steamin to Greatness. 14 AMBERLEY VILLAGE A once in a lifetime opportunity to own a livable work of art The Frank Lloyd Wright Gerald B. Tonkens House. Set on over 4 private park-like acres features include 11 patterns of concrete over 400 inset windows Philippine Mahogany paneling ceilings gilded in gold-leaf grand 13 6 high living & dining room anchored by a massive fireplace masterfully designed & updated kitchen library gallery entry hall intimate den 3 bedrooms 2 baths and fantastical outdoor spaces including an attached carport and a separate cottage guest-house. MLS 1342743 Offered at 1 788 000 THE MO SEE (513) 979-2685 DIGS LORI WELLINGHOFF DAVID WELLINGHOFF SEE VIE COLERAIN TWP. Picturesque setting on private 9 acre lot. Gourmet kitchen features stainless steel appliances. Other notable features include 4 bedrooms 3 full 2 half baths a family room with fireplace wood floors and wet bar. Lower level rec room with counter bar is great for entertaining while providing tons of storage Enjoy a large 4-season room and a 3 acre lake with boat dock. There is also a heated 50x60 workshop. MLS 1356978 Offered at 710 000 THE MO VIE 513-607-6078 kthorpesells KIMBERLY THORPE 15 See a film tour of each home at Like no other this full-floor penthouse lives like a superb Hyde Park or Indian Hill home only in the sky The entire top floor of the West Tower at Adams Place features panoramic river and city views and over 5 000 sq. ft. of interiors 3 000 sq. ft. of lushly landscaped terraces with multiple fountains and French door walk-outs from every room. This residence features only the finest artisan details & accoutrements including 4 fireplaces a conservatory 3 bedrooms 3 full 2 half baths a 25 x 22 living room with 20 ceilings a gourmet eat-in kitchen with an adjacent covered outdoor dining room a cozy family room an impeccably outfitted library a stunning entry from the elevator with exclusive access to this top floor and much more. The inspired design of this residence is laudable for its ability to accommodate large parties whilst also providing for its owner s need for a private and comfortable place to call home. No expense was spared in constructing this residence with only the finest fits finishes systems and accoutrements yet nothing about this home is fussy or flamboyant. Rooms flow intuitively and are well proportioned without being over-scaled. Classic fixtures and architectural details cohabitate with today s most modern amenities. Adams Place is ideally situated on the eastern edge of downtown amidst the vibrant Riverside Drive Parks network including Theodore Berry Friendship Park Sawyer Point Bicentennial Commons and the 45 acre Smale Riverfront Park between Great American Ballpark & Paul Brown Stadium. Super-full-service building including outdoor lawns gardens and heated swimming pool fitness center 24 7 concierge service limousine service 2 guest suites an in-building salon spa and more. This property includes 4 reserved garage spaces. MLS 1379872 Offered at 3 300 000 CINCINNATI (513) 979-2685 DIGS LORI WELLINGHOFF DAVID WELLINGHOFF 16 BEST THE BEST IN FINE HOMES No squeeze for Santa here. The stage is set as guests begin to arrive. As homeowners Randy and Marianne Olson take care of the finishing touches the sound of laughter and the clicks of approaching heels can be overheard from inside. A winter wonderland awaits as visitors make their way up to the estate. Snow sprinkles down from the moon-lit sky and settles softly upon the outstretched arms of the Evergreens that line the street. Smoke billows up like a night-time cloud from the grand three-story stone chimney. Icicles glisten with a spectacle of color as they decorate the gables up above. Guests proceed past the meandering vines of the first floor stone exterior. The doorbell rings. The festivities begin. Welcome to the Olson s annual Christmas party. H Y D E PA R K Photos by Robin Victor Goetz As the flow of conversation spreads throughout this 1920 s Tudor so does the old-world charm. From the foyer stone and stucco style walls rise from Oak floors as they lead guests from one spacious room to the next. Providing a picturesque backdrop that even Norman Rockwell would appreciate the great room showcases a magnificent centerpiece an Inglenook fireplace. The sight of friends and family forever holding their smiles has been painted into the minds of those who have visited here. Past the 10-foot Christmas tree and adjacent to the great room a sunroom sits at the back. Surrounded on three sides by leaded glass and custom built-ins Randy utilizes an abundance of light in this natural conservatory. A perfect environment to tend to his Orchids and witness a congregation of bird activity outside Woodpeckers Cardinals and Gold Finches to name a few. The aroma of the coming feast fills the kitchen and pushes its way out through the dining room past the foyer and gestures to those converged by the Inglenook that dinner is near. There are many reasons for the Olsons to give thanks this holiday but after living here for more than 15 years Marianne commends the beauty and usability of the gourmet kitchen. You can have 15 people talking and enjoying themselves in here and you can still use 17 FEATURED HOME it as a kitchen exclaims Marianne. This top-of-the-line chef s sanctuary truly has it all. Distressed iron pendants hang elegantly from above and serve to spotlight the food as it is prepped. Complete with their own sinks and off-white granite tops dual-islands allow for easy and spacious preparation. On one side Randy is composing Julia Child pastries from scratch. On the other Marianne is constructing her famous Italian dishes for the 30 or so guests. From the integrated side-by-side Sub-Zero refrigerator to the six-burner range the home s appliances enhance the cooking arena the Olsons have come to enjoy. Radiant custom cherry cabinetry and Italian ceramic tile matched by that of the sunroom round out the kitchen experience as dinner is prepared. Guests make their way from one end of the see-through wrap-around fireplace in the kitchen to the dining room on the other side. As everyone takes their seats a stunning iron chandelier sconces from Normandy and lovely French doors demands that all wait a Kodak moment before digging in. Outside of the French doors found here and around the house there lies a fascinating multitiered bluestone terrace that was built to entertain. Professionally landscaped with towering trees and rock walls the heated pool and spa invites visitors to repose under the sun-drenched sky. Marianne declares You feel like you re in a Italian villa in the summertime. Sitting on just over one-and-one-half private acres a view of the grounds and wildlife can be viewed down below. Homeowners Randy and Marianne Olson 18 BEST As the party winds down those who are staying retreat to the bedrooms upstairs. The guest quarters or children s rooms can be found in the North wing joined to the South wing and its master suite by a finelycrafted study. The North wing includes four well-appointed rooms and two full baths designed to accommodate a plethora of lifestyles. A wealth of multi-functional space allows families with children to be creative. Aside from the bedrooms entertainment and media rooms or even a children s study could be conceived to fit one s needs. On a night like tonight however friends and family sleep easy as the events of the night are replayed in their dreams. It has been written. Another successful Christmas party by the Olsons. And at this hour the master suite grants a level of luxury and comfort that few homes can match. In what was once another bedroom a fabulous walk-in and walk-around closet has been built. In the daytime natural light filters through the leaded-glass and highlights custom details of the Knotty Pine cabinets. A three-way mirror opens up for Marianne on one end while a tie-rack emerges for Randy at the other. For a home of this era explains Randy there is really a lot of closet and storage space. A warm glow emanates from the hand-built gas fireplace in the master bedroom. The glimmer of snow on the Evergreens outside can be observed from the adjacent sitting room. Dual-master baths complete with rainforest shower heads and exquisite tile rewards homeowners with the ability to unfurl simultaneously. Whether it be an annual Christmas party or everyday life the Olson residence gracefully blends the comfortability of a 1920s style Tudor with the modern amenities and touches that are expected today. French iron hardware leaded glass natural lighting and professional stone and stucco walls make this property what it is. Yet it will be defined by the memories that will continue to be made here. SEE THE MO VIE ABOUT THE HOUSE 14 Garden Place Hyde Park. 1.6 acres English Manor styled house on private setting built in 1920s and recently renovated by Dallman & Bohl General Contractors Five bedrooms 4.5 baths Gourmet kitchen with custom cabinetry. Two islands top-of-the-line appliances and a see-through gas fireplace to the formal dining room Extra-large Inglenook fireplace in living room. Abundant windows throughout for natural lighting Master suite with separate his and her baths elevated gas fireplace and expansive walk-in closet Whole house sound system programmable lighting Multi-level slate terrace with pool and spa. Offered at 1 369 000 Carol Harris 513-703-1203 cell 513-561-5800 office 19 FEATURED HOME 20 MLS 410285 Offered at 2 749 900 SEE Recognized as one of the finest specimens of Federalist architecture in the country and has been painstakingly restored to its original grandeur. Noted for its famous visitors from Andrew Jackson to the Marquis de Lafayette the complete restoration was carefully guided to retain its historic integrity while adding every modern amenity. Located only 2 minutes from downtown Cincinnati in the prestigious Riverside Historic District of Covington.This exquisite mansion has retained the opulence of the old South yet new kitchens bathrooms and mechanicals fit seamlessly into the period of this gracious old home. 4 ensuites (including a luxurious Master Bedroom that connects to the portico) 2 family rooms an exercise room elevator geo-thermal heating a Lutron lighting system and a three car garage make this a perfect 21st Century home. THE MO COVINGTON KY VIE (859) 907-1299 SUSAN ASCH sasch SEE SEE THE MO THE MO VIE VIE Picturesque and serene private 2-story with stately iron gate stone wall entrance stone bridge and circular drive on 3.46 wooded acres. Notable features of this fine home include hardwood floors stainless steel appliances 4 fireplaces 5 bedrooms 5-1 baths 4car garage finished walkout lower level with media billiards. Outdoor living offers gorgeous landscaped gardens and a gunite pool that is perfect for entertaining. MLS 1378344 Offered at 799 000 CLEARCREEK TWP. Situated on nearly a half-acre of tree lined beauty this elegant brick home is certain to impress with its quality finishes flexible lifestyle options and an exceptional cul-de-sac placement. 3 448 sq. ft. of living space include 13 rooms gracious formal spaces casual living areas a lavish master suite 3 additional bedrooms with bonus room 5th bedroom and 3 full 1 half baths. Chef s kitchen with every accoutrement family room finished recreation area. Custom crafted built-ins fine moldings & millwork coffered and tray ceilings polished hardwood and fabulous windows. It s all here and ready to be enjoyed by new owners. MLS 1374486 Offered at 799 900 DEERFIELD TWP. (513) 404-1849 ma1hines MARILYN J HINES (513) 300-2518 speters SANDRA PETERS 21 See a film tour of each home at SEE SEE THE MO THE MO VIE VIE Approximately 9 450 square feet of finished living space with 5 bedrooms 5 full bathrooms and 2 half bathrooms situated on the water way in desirable Long Cove. Soaring 14 ceilings in the home with open living and dining areas. Gourmet chef s kitchen with adjoining breakfast area and hearth room with dramatic floor to ceiling stone fireplace. First floor master suite with its own fireplace. Second floor has 3 bedroom suites and a spacious loft area with built ins. Finished lower level features custom wet bar with stainless appliances & granite counters billiard area media area custom temperature controlled wine cellar & 5th bedroom exercise room. Amazing outdoor living with covered porch and courtyard patio with fireplace and built-in grill. 1380390 Offered at 2 050 000 DEERFIELD TWP. Elegantly designed French Chateau home with exquisite finishes by Hensley. Located in desireable Long Cove this spectacular 9100 square foot home offers ornate soaring ceilings hardwood floors marble floors 2 lavish powder rooms fluted and arched doorways custom faux and more Enter the grand foyer with marble floors and curved staircase. Custom gourmet kitchen opens to hearth and breakfast room and a spectacular water view. 1st floor master with 6 bedrooms 5 full bathrooms 2 half bathrooms finished walkout lower level wine cellar media room and billiard room. Amazing outdoor living with a courtyard including fireplace and garden gates veranda dock and gunite pool with waterfall. Set on water ways with amazing views. MLS 1381592 Offered at 1 800 000 DEERFIELD TWP. (513) 300-2518 speters SANDRA PETERS (513) 300-2518 speters SANDRA PETERS FT. MITCHELL KY The main level includes elegant formal living and dining rooms that merge indoor and outdoor living thanks to the gracious screened in porch and dining terrace. The first floor study can be used as a fourth bedroom. The enviable gourmet kitchen is complete with exquisite granite countertops a Dacor commercial range 2 built in ovens and a Subzero refrigerator. A pleasant addition to the home includes an exquisitely paneled library with a beamed vaulted ceiling and is complete with a fireplace surrounded in rare King of Prussia marble. The current owner added molded ceilings to the formal living room and dining room and crown moldings and custom radiator covers to most rooms. Upstairs the Master Bedroom suite boasts a sitting area a custom closet and newly updated bathroom. 2 other bedrooms on the second floor are connected by a jack n jill bathroom. MLS 419180 Offered at 695 000 THE MO SEE VIE (859) 907-1299 sasch SUSAN ASCH 22 BEST HYDE PARK STARTING FROM THE TOP By Doug Sandhage When Ken and Carol found their new old home in Hyde Park a few years ago it was decided to bring back its rich history. It was imperative they told RWA Architects that any renovations fit seamlessly with the Tudor Revival style of the house built on 3-acres of property that was formerly in Nicholas Longworth s Rookwood estate. Except for the kitchen. Carol says the home s original 1926 10 x 10 ft. kitchen wouldn t work with their entertaining requirements--in particular Thanksgiving--nor would it invite the camaraderie that she desired on building relationships and long-remembered experiences for the family. And it needed a center of attention in a space where all could gather un-crammed yet not be in a room too big to be personal. So it was then that Ken decided the centerpiece would be an island topped by a substantial presence and sense of permanence designed to meet the family s requirements. He found one at NK Stone in Newport said to be the only one of its size and top quality grade available at the time in the U.S. Calcutta Gold marble 3 x 10 ft. and at 5 cm thick it was about twice as deep as normal slabs says Ken. Only problem was that it was too heavy for even big men to carry a crane was required to put it in place. HYDE PARK Photos by Robin Victor Goetz 23 FANTASTIC KITCHENS And because a good slab of marble likes good company the same honed Calcutta Gold but at a slimmer 3 cm thick was used as the backsplash behind the Wolf range and on the workspace countertops. The island top says Carol is now the perfect environment to talk to her husband and daughter while preparing a meal and getting help at the same time. I love to cook. I prepare a home-cooked meal five nights a week says Carol while adding that just two weeks prior to our interview she cooked a Thanksgiving feast for 11. The functionality of the kitchen is nice because people really enjoy being at the island. On the front part they can sit enjoy and relax on the other side is where the work is going on. But the island is really like a revolving door. Whoever wants to mash the potatoes can do that (no matter where they are at the island) says Carol. It s also the perfect place to pay the bills and for Ken and Carol s high-school aged daughter to do her homework. The kitchen features custom-made cabinetry with leaded glass and walnut interiors hand-painted in an oil-based white umber paint a SubZero Pro 48 refrigerator freezer (the largest in the company s arsenal of home refrigeration) a 48 Wolf dual fuel range and 30 warming drawer and layered crown molding. I love it (the range) says Carol. It s a complex appliance. I haven t figured it all out yet but I do thoroughly enjoy it. Ken wanted a griddle and I m shocked at how often we use it. Two ASKO dishwashers also help fill out the appliance inventory. Carol says the kitchen is essentially a galley-style layout measuring approximately 13 X 24 ft. One end opens up to the family room the other to a solarium. We ve had many wonderful days and evenings gatherings and parties in the house says Carol and it s the kitchen where people play where the primary activities occur. Perhaps because of the Longworth wine-making history attached to the area and property the couple enjoy their favored white wine on casual at-home evenings. From the large kitchen windows they can look out over where vineyards were once tended and what is now the Cincinnati Country Club in the near distance. The house actually has a title Lilybanks given because daylilies have always been a dominant player on the hillside. Carol said that RWA Architects of Hyde Park were great to work with. Their level of professionalism and attention to detail was fantastic. They think of everything. RWA completed the entire renovation of the home in 2011. While interviewing Carol about this story she noted that Lily the family miniature golden doodle was also enjoying the kitchen while awaiting a belly rub. It is after all a great place to relax. Editor s Note The homeowners asked that we not use their real names in this article. Visit Tisdel Distributing in Mason where our more than 120 Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances make for the finest manufacturer showroom in the Midwest. Call for an appointment today. 7177 Central Parke Blvd. n Mason Ohio 45040 513-339-0990 n 800-426-8589 Visit us on the web at Friend us on Facebook SEE THE MO VIE Who Did It Architecture & Design RWA Architects Inc. Tel. 513-3219506 General Contractor Dallman & Bohl General Contractors Appliances Sub-Zero Pro 48 refrigerator freezer Wolf 48 dual fuel range Wolf 30 warming drawer ASKO dishwasher. Purchased from Custom Distributors Inc. Cabinetry Custom made and painted white umber. Bench Made Woodworking Countertops Calcutta Gold honed marble. Schoenberger Tile & Marble Flooring Random width rift and quarter-sawn White Oak. Bluford Jackson Flooring Lighting Round Lantern lighting by Vaughn (above the island). Of note The house was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. SHOWROOM 24 SEE THE MO Retreat just a short drive from anywhere in Greater Cincinnati This serene setting offers over 100 acres of privacy and the finest amenities for a family or corporate retreat. Features include the Main Lodge with soaring ceilings walls of windows and a floor to ceiling stone wood-burning fireplace. The gourmet kitchen is a chef s delight complete with large walk in pantry and plenty of workspace for large parties. The eat-in area accommodates 20 comfortably. Walk out to the covered patio and enjoy the view overlooking the fully-stocked lake or take a sunset boat ride to enjoy a summer evening. Additionally this retreat offers four private cabins two 2 bedroom cabins and two 1 bedroom cabins. Each cabin has a living area with wood-burning fireplace a kitchenette full bath and walkout to a private patio overlooking the firepit. MLS 1381838 Offered at 1 377 000 CLERMONT COUNTY Picturesque Family or Corporate VIE (513) 295-6425 dgerbus DEBI GERBUS 25 See a film tour of each home at Spectacular Homearama home overlooking incredible views of TPC Golf Course. Ranch home featuring a walk out master suite with a spa bath and pool bath. Gourmet kitchen with granite countertops stainless steel appliances to include Thermador 6 burner range Subzero refrigerator Thermador dishwasher eat in breakfast nook with walkout and sunken wet bar with walkout. Finished lower level with rec area billiard area full bath and 2 additional bedrooms. Amazing outdoor living includes in-ground pool hot tub covered patio metal fence and professional landscaping. MLS 1382982 Offered at 715 000 SEE HAMILTON TWP. THE MO SANDRA PETERS (513) 300-2518 speters VIE SEAN CHMURA (513) 253-1815 schmura SEE THE MO in Hyde Park The owner s luxury residence is approx 3000 sq.ft. and features a dynamic blend of architectural renovation & visual appeal and includes a 4 car garage. Two separate rental income buildings offer charming apartments with spacious interiors wood floors and eat-in kitchens. Enjoy the vibrant livability of Hyde Park and close proximity to downtown and expressways. Minutes away from Cincinnati s premiere shopping restaurants and parks. MLS 1359685 Offered at 750 000 HYDE PARK A rare occurrence --- home income together VIE (513) 702-4632 sheilas SHEILA SIERMANN Location location location. 6 verdant singlefamily-home building lots at the former Monastery on Erie Ave. From .527 to .874 acres. 5 SOLD. 1 AVAILABLE. A once in a lifetime opportunity to build your dream digs in the heart of Hyde Park 5 blocks from The Square. MLS 1375412 Offered at 549 000 HYDE PARK (513) 502-9065 MICHAEL MURTLAND mikemurtland (513) 979-2685 DIGS LORI WELLINGHOFF DAVID WELLINGHOFF SEE THE MO 390 Acres of absolutely spectacular big woods property in Eastern Adams county. The 2600sf custom 4 bed 2.5 bath home is totally secluded tucked way back in a huge Hidden valley. The area and property consist of big hills and encompasses 500 foot tall ridges on both sides. The home sits near the bottom of the valley with about 20 acres of open ground and a creek running thru the middle. The property offers a good stand of harvestable timber making it a solid investment as well as unlimited recreational possibilities and World Class Whitetail Hunting. MLS 1352259 Offered at 780 000 E. ADAMS COUNTY VIE 26 This stately 3 acre home is the epitome of traditional beauty and individual presence. 15 rooms radiate genuine hospitality with meticulous attention to detail and the highest grade appointments. Hallmarks of custom craftsmanship include architectural ceilings copious moldings millwork and judge s paneling 2 handsome fireplaces custom built-ins leaded glass polished granite and hardwood and signature lighting. Every room is open and airy naturally brightened by fabulous transomed windows and glass doors. Gracious formal and genial casual living areas are accommodated by a beautiful and meticulously planned culinary kitchen and the home s service rooms complete with office wet bar and laundry. This level also includes the sumptuous owner s suite and handsome study. The upper level offers 3 additional bedrooms each with a private bath and a sitting area with a Juliet balcony that overlooks the foyer. The fabulous lower level includes a full-service wet bar a media center a game billiard area a full bath and a guest room. MLS 1373531 Offered at 1 375 000 INDIAN HILL (513) 527-3808 bdowling BETH DOWLING SEE THE MO with all utilities with updated kitchen. Gorgeous level rear yard with large paverstone patio off breakfast room. Hardwood floors throughout with all replacement windows and low maintenance exterior. Classic Indian Hill home convenient to shopping and schools. MLS 1375137 Offered at 629 000 INDIAN HILL Charming Cape Cod in central village location VIE with a central village location close to schools and shopping. Lots of level ground for siting your new construction dream home. Mature trees with views to west of blazing sunsets from your great room. Site suitable for walkout lower level. Beautiful land MLS 1373185 Offered at 649 000 INDIAN HILL Three plus acres in an old estate location (513) 608-5800 cnicholson CHRIS NICHOLSON (513) 608-5800 cnicholson CHRIS NICHOLSON 27 See a film tour of each home at 70 year-old majestic pin oaks line the private lane to this gorgeous 3.45 acre lot for this white brick traditional in the heart of horse country. Move-in condition with new custom finished study with box-beam ceilings and a fireplace a second study for her new 50-year dimensional roof new highest quality three-zone HVAC system new high-end marble baths stainless steel Viking range and hood new stainless steel Subzero refrigerator freezer white inset cabinets with emerald pearl black mica granite countertops six bedrooms five full baths finished lower level with white cabinets and bookshelves all new brushed nickel hardware large master bath with large walk-in closet great floor plan. Grotto with smokehouse Offered at 1 499 000 INDIAN HILL SEE THE MO VIE (513) 608-5800 cnicholson CHRIS NICHOLSON INDIAN HILL Perfectly pristine Christopher Robin custom built Traditional. 5 bedrooms gorgeous pool and pool house with full kitchen. Entertainers dream with absolute privacy and stunning grounds. 3 acres. Central village location. SEE MLS 1341711 Offered at 1 599 000 THE MO (513) 527-3808 bdowling BETH DOWLING VIE 28 INDIAN HILL Treetops Farm is a place to escape it all and enjoy life This 32 acre farm is a horse and nature lover s oasis with an exquisite 15-year-old country home designed with European and Santa Fe influences. Includes a 180x80 indoor arena sand ring and 2 stables. This home was built to enjoy sweeping views of the pastures and deep woods beyond. This is a rare find - and can be enjoyed as a horse farm nature-lover s private oasis or developed into 5 acre parcels. The Property is flat and has access to all public utilities. Call us for a tour and more information. MLS 1363447 Offered at 4 995 000 SHEILA MILLER (513) 289-7241 smiller SEE THE MO VIE (513) 703-1203 carol CAROL HARRIS SEE THE MO VIE Former Homearama home in Four Bridges. Featuring sprawling ranch with open floor plan. The luxury of this home is expressed in every detail which includes gourmet kitchen and adjoining breakfast room with walkout to covered patio. The master suite features a double sided fireplace walkout and adjoining luxurious bath. Finished lower level with media area billiard area game area stone wet bar and full bathroom. Amazing outdoor living with covered and uncovered patio overlooking the golf course with beautiful views Enjoy the great amenities Four Bridges offers. MLS 1365120 Offered at 689 000 LIBERTY TWP. Walk to school parks swim club and Mariemont Square. First floor has a den with bookshelves and fireplace screened porch living room w fireplace dining room with built-in china cabinets charming half bath and a gourmet kitchen open to a huge family room with walk-out to the deck and yard. The 2nd floor has 4 large bedrooms and 3 renovated full baths. Gleeming hardwood floors throughout. Large private flat fenced yard with impeccable landscaping pergola deck fountain irrigation a playhouse and more. Partially fin lower level with rec room new carpet fresh paint and a fireplace. Built-in 2-Car garage. MLS 1380465 Offered at 793 000 MARIEMONT (513) 300-2518 speters SANDRA PETERS (513) 979-2685 DIGS LORI WELLINGHOFF DAVID WELLINGHOFF 29 WIRELESS HOME ENTERTAINMENT ARE WE THERE YET Whether you re buying a new home or remodeling one the question we all have is how do I get rid of all these wires especially those hanging from the wall mounted TV to the cable receiver the DVD player the speakers and or to the Apple TV box The simple answer is you can t. All the aforementioned need a power source they need to be plugged in to work. That s the bad news. The good news is that while wires can t be completely eliminated from a home entertainment system they can be significantly reduced and or hidden from view. So let s take a look at some of the real and practical semiwireless solutions for both audio and visual currently available. AUDIO SOLUTIONS In the quest to go wireless or at least have less wires speakers are perhaps the most important area to get started. Traditionally and especially with surround sound systems long expanses of speaker wire have had to be hidden within walls under carpets or left exposed. Those who adopted early versions of wireless speakers learned that they are often plagued by constant skips delays and drops often caused by anything from electronic dog collars and cell phone interference to home alarm systems and walking in front of the signal. Mike Bruemmer general manager of Mt. Lookout Television believes there is now a real and practical solution the Sonos Wireless HiFi Sound System. The difference between the Sonos sound system and others explains Bruemmer is that Sonos has installed Wi-Fi repeaters into their speakers. In effect these speakers act as additional routers that amplify and extend your existing wireless signal. The result A robust and uninterrupted sound that is easy to move and adapt to meet you and your family s needs. Just plug each speaker into an outlet and that s all the wires you need. Plus each individual zone speaker can be controlled by an app on your phone or tablet. VISUAL SOLUTIONS Mainly because there are more options visual wireless solutions can be a bit more complicated. The easiest way to go about it is to get rid of your cable boxes DVD Blu-Ray players and just transmit everything directly from your computer to your television using products like AirPlay and Apple TV. In addition to watching your favorite shows movies using Netflix and Hulu you would gain the ability to use your TV screen as one big computer monitor used for work or surfing the net. In doing so one would gain hardware that plugs into the router and TV but would be able to ditch many of their other devices. In reality though cable and dish are here to stay. There are too many of us who enjoy the ease of watching shows and sports in real-time. Because of that the boxes and wires that are connected with the technology will remain. Yet there is still hope for those who want a clean entertainment experience both on the screen and in the room. Homeowners today are usually opting to hide their entertainment devices in a cabinet or on a shelf nearby. New homeowners can shelter the wiring behind the walls and create a permanent solution. However for those who live in existing homes a wireless media kit provides a unique alternative to internal wiring. A wireless media kit such as one sold by LG gives your television some room. The kit allows images to be streamed wirelessly between the TV and all of your entertainment devices. Meaning you can house all of your hardware on one side of the room while you are left to appreciate an unblemished viewing experience on the other. STAY TUNED We are still very much wired-in to our surroundings. But as Bruemmer states One of the most important sub-systems in a house today is Wi-Fi. Previously we just used the internet for web browsing and checking our email. Today however it can be used to play and transmit audio visual signals to each room of your house. With a strong network that can handle these devices the possibility of experiencing a wireless reality becomes more probable. But for now it appears that wireless is still just an illusion. SEE THE MO VIE You have a legacy to protect. We re in the same business. We know that our clients futures include planning for the generations that follow. So we provide them with sophisticated strategies to achieve today s objectives while searching for tomorrow s opportunities. Because there s an entire world waiting for them. 513.661.3100 32 entry welcomes you to luxurious living in this reinvented plan. First floor guest bedroom new inground pool fabulous kitchen generous bedrooms and closets. Halfway between Madiera s Cental Business District and Mariemont charm easy commute to Hyde Park and Downtown. SEE INDIAN HILL Dramatic two-story THE MO VIE (513) 477-1219 Rocket GINA DUBELL-SMITH LOVELAND Thoughtful First Floor Master plan perfect for year round entertaining with backdrop of lush trees surrounding new inground pool. Open floor plan with Gourmet Kitchen flowing into vaulted Family Room walking out to pool. Generous first floor laundry leads to oversized 3 car side entry garage nestled on quiet cul de sac. Finished lower level with office has left enough unfinished space for indoor batting cage. SEE THE MO (513) 477-1219 Rocket GINA DUBELL-SMITH VIE Direct Connection To Your Agent View and Save Favorite Listings Instant Location Searching Search Trends Data Available Instantly Map Search Our data is more up-to-date and accurate than national portals. Searching for your new home has never been easier. Whether it s in your neighborhood or a brand new one Comey & Shepherd s new app puts the entire market at your fingertips in seconds. A tap takes you directly to each home s profile its address room features nearby amenities directions price and contact with the listing agent. Or just list your criteria and let the search begin. Trending data is here too You can even draw a circle on your monitor to select homes for sale in your specific areas of interest. Then you can track those properties and other newly listed properties in the weeks and months ahead. Sit back relax and download this free app now. It doesn t get any better than this. Download now for FREE to your IPhone IPad and Android at App Store or Google Play Scan for demo 34 SEE THE MO This wonderful historic home has been entirely renovated with a new addition from top to bottom using unparalleled craftsmanship. Architectural character remains yet attention has been given to every detail in creating a modern amenity-filled home. Features include a two story open foyer incredible dining room with fireplace and built-ins gourmet kitchen and amazing master suite with spa like bath. Additional features include an elevator stone surround fireplace and convenient wet bar. Natural light flows throughout the spacious rooms. At day s end relax quietly or entertain friends on the rear patio or on one of the two decks where you can enjoy gazing out over Mt. Adams rooftops high above Cincinnati. Just a short walk to restaurants night life Playhouse in the Park Eden Park and the Art Museum MLS 1385802 Offered at 749 000 MT ADAMS VIE An unparalleled opportunity in the heart of one of Cincinnati s most sought after neighborhoods this stately Mt. Adams residence offers over 2 500 square feet of luxury living. This home includes a builtin garage and driveway space for 4 cars From the moment you step over the threshold you are surrounded by an atmosphere of warmth and cordiality. The vaulted ceiling in the living room highlights the architectural detail of the terrace study above. The open floor plan and generous dimensions allow for effortless entertaining. The exquisite gourmet kitchen is the perfect combination of beauty and function. At the end of the day retreat to the second level and experience the spacious master suite. The adjoining luxury master bath is richly appointed and features granite counter tops and a large custom-tiled step in shower. Perfect for entertaining or a relaxing evening at home the third floor family room is just steps away from the rooftop terrace. Enjoy a quiet evening under the stars bask in the glow of a sunny afternoon or simply marvel at the beauty of the river views which can be seen from multiple vantage points. MLS 1383439 Offered at 579 990 MT ADAMS (513) 235-6759 MICHAEL SWEENEY 35 See a film tour of each home at LOVELAND Enter this home through beautiful double doors into a breathtaking open foyer with a soaring staircase. There is an elegant study with French Doors custom built-in s gas fireplace and crown molding. The formal hardwood dining room features a recessed ceiling wainscoting crown molding and adjoining granite butler s pantry. Dramatic cathedral ceilings abound in the great room with coffered ceiling and wall of windows. The exquisite gourmet granite kitchen boasts soft close wood cabinetry stainless steel appliances a counter bar and adjoins a spacious hearth room with gas fireplace and walks out to a lovely covered veranda with wood burning fireplace. The luxurious walk-out master suite offers a recessed ceiling a gas fireplace and double walk-in closets. The finished lower level features a media room large family room with gas fireplace a billiard area a second study exercise room and 2 additional bedrooms each with their own full bath Custom in-ground pool with stamped paver patio. MLS 1385694 Offered at 1 249 500 SEE (513) 677-5333 kevinhsells KEVIN HILDEBRAND THE MO SEE SEE VIE THE MO THE MO VIE VIE Spectacular custom Heritage Club home The home is situated on over 1 acre private wooded cul de sac lot. Approximately 6767 square feet of finished open living space. Custom gourmet kitchen with granite countertops hardwood flooring and stainless steel appliances. Featuring hardwood floors throughout a 2-story great room 2-story study 1st floor master with sitting room and 5 bedrooms. Finished lower level and amazing outdoor living with gunite pool auto cover patio and pool bathroom. Enjoy the great amenities Heritage Club has to offer. MLS 1376343 Offered at 995 000 MASON This spectacular custom-built 10 000 plus square foot home has it all Open and bright floor plan with gourmet kitchen marble and hardwood floors 2 story ceilings. Professionally finished lower level with walk out - pub billiard fitness studio sauna and indoor basketball racquetball court. Situated on 1 acre private wooded lot. MLS 1363966 Offered at 1 199 000 MASON (513) 300-2518 speters SANDRA PETERS (513) 253-1815 schmura SEAN CHMURA 36 Magnificently finessed entry in this custom Zicka. One owner beauty on a quiet cul-de-sac. Large flat yard Suprisingly detailed finished lower level with wine cellar home theater full bath bedroom workout room and stunning bar. First floor master bedroom with walk out first floor study with built-ins and dramatic hearth room off gourmet kitchen. SEE MIAMI TWP. THE MO VIE (513) 477-1219 Rocket GINA DUBELL-SMITH MONTGOMERY Remodeled gourmet kitchen and master bath by John Hueber. Expansive and welcoming floor plan with hardwood floors and the possibility of a first floor master or in-law suite. Brand new furnace 11 6 13. MLS 1379589 Offered at 565 000 SEE THE MO (513) 477-1219 Rocket GINA DUBELL-SMITH VIE ANY OR ALL SERVICES DIGS DOES IT. Find it. Buy It. Sell It. Plan It. Design It. Decorate It. Renovate It. Add-On-To-It. Landscape It. You Name It. DIGS Does It. Our services can be engaged ala carte or in any combination to make your home dreams reality. Contact Lori Wellinghoff today to find out more. Lori Wellinghoff President DIGS Real Estate David Wellinghoff Mariza C. Cohen Jay Peckskamp Real Estate Multi-lingual Relocation Specialist Office Manager Marti Schuler Real Estate Brian Gibson Design John L. Harrison Design Annette Askam Project Manager Tom Allison Construction Josh Koch Construction Alissa Groth Controller Bridget Henson Office Manager 513.979.2685 DIGS 3524 Edwards Road Hyde Park Square 513.533.DIGS (3447) info 38 IVY HILLS NEWTOWN Absolutely stunning home in this desirable Anderson neighborhood Fabulous open floor plan with golf course views Many upscale amenities such as hardwood on the first floor and a bright & open kitchen with granite countertops. Two story great room with wall of windows. Finished lower level with walkout and full bath. HVAC Systems are new 2011. Sprinkler system. 4 car side garage. Large lot with privacy The perfect home for entertaining both inside & out MLS 1377103 Offered at 599 900 THE MO SEE (513) 608-3368 pam VIE PAM STEINER SEE THE MO VIE SEE relaxing on the screened porch. Dramatic 2 story living room. Retreat to your luxurious first floor master suite. Enjoy the expansive kitchen hearth room with hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances. Outdoor living is enhanced with lush landscaping that features a fountain. Bonus room on 2nd floor with wet bar. Fresh paint and new carpet. MLS 1377176 Offered at 499 900 PIERCE TWP. View the 14th tee at Legendary Run while THE MO VIE (513) 477-2653 kmeyer KAREN MEYER Christopher Robin Home new construction resale nearly 4 000 sq ft on rear flag lot close to shopping and schools. Great floor plan with high ceilings throughout two-story foyer vaulted family room with fieldstone fireplace expansive level rear yard with paverstone patio and fencing for pets. Immaculate condition... move right in. Multiple LL rec rooms with full bath also. All cherry kitchen with granite counter and walk-in pantry. MLS 1372740 Offered at 949 000 SYCAMORE TWP. (513) 254-7733 DEBBIE RENICK WHITTELSEY dwhittelsey (513) 608-5800 cnicholson CHRIS NICHOLSON SEE THE MO able Terrace Park. Many notable features including an inground pool and large screened porch. Walk to elementary school Nature Preserve and Loveland Bike Trail. Great value and ready for your personal updates. MLS 1380285 Offered at 569 000 TERRACE PARK Stately brick 5 bedroom on premium .972ac lot in desir- VIE 39 See a film tour of each home at SYCAMORE TWP KENWOOD Two classic fireplaces a multitude of windows original hardwood flooring millwork and built-ins lends warmth and appeal. The remodeled kitchen serves the formal dining room the gracious living room and inviting family room. From the first floor master suite and family room step out onto a sunny terrace and tree lined yard. A study large mud room and powder room round out the living level. Upstairs is a pair of bedrooms with a full bath. The lower level has a recreation room which could be expanded for a home theater and game area. Exceptional location is also a key feature of this home. Montgomery Madeira and Kenwood are all just minutes away. Enjoy close proximity to Cincinnati s premiere shopping restaurants movie theater historic communities and outdoor rec facilities. MLS 1381975 Offered at 524 900 (513) 703-1203 CAROL HARRIS carol TPC AT RIVERS BEND Spectacular solid limestone estate 13 000 square feet of luxurious living. Notable features include 14 ceilngs on the first floor 12 lower level 9 second floor 3 Sub Zeroes 3 Asko laundry rooms 2 media rooms paneled elevator burled walnut study with ladder grotto style pool stunning bar 2nd kitchen sauna amazing rich poplar stained woodwork and crown molding and detail. Additional amenities include wine cellar and bank style vault or safe room 4 car garage and 8 doors. The current owner s are motivated to sell and their loss is your gain. The replacement cost appraisal is 3.2 Million. SEE THE MO Please call for private showing. MLS 1365181 Offered at 1 499 000 VIE (513) 378-5464 DENNIS KING dennis 40 BEST THE BEST IN FINE HOMES Where the house made the decisions INDIAN HILL By Doug Sandhage There is no doubt that Cincinnati interior designer Larry McGruder is good at what he does. That s why we featured his own home in a 2007 issue of BEST Magazine showcasing in particular eclectic tastes in what he does so well. A few years ago he and his wife Jill got the itch to move and bought a 75-year-old farmhouse in Indian Hill though they didn t think it livable and the kitchen a favored room to this couple who loves to entertain was way too tiny. Jill challenged Larry. I want this house. Can you design it to make it workable Larry accepted. Now the house is nearly completed. Added was 2 000 sq. ft. to the footprint a redo of most rooms an outside terrace and making the kitchen four times larger. Basically we built a new three-room house to live in the kitchen the master bedroom and the family room says Larry. Since he is the designer and the house is his Larry can fairly make his claim that my client was the house. Every time we made a decision on something I would say What would the house decide For sure farmhouse was the operative word. Which brings us to the kitchen. We did not want this to look like a new kitchen but an original farm-working kitchen says Larry. Only upscaled he adds. He shares a photo of the kitchen before his redo. It was indeed tiny. The kitchen is a galley design. One end opens up to both the family room and dining room. The other opens up the back and side yards one window looks out onto a reflecting pond and the 17th hole of the Camargo Club and the other to a terrace the McGruder s favored place for entertaining guests. The centerpiece of the lantern-lit kitchen is an island topped with an Uba Tuba granite slab and a wine storage rack at one end. Below is quarter-sawn oak flooring with wood pegs. Above is a coffered ceiling with inset paneled tin plates just like Larry imagined it might have looked in 1938. But it is perhaps the exterior wall that commands the most attention. A stainless steel Wolf dual fuel range is anchored in the middle with new mushroom colored Rookwood tile as its backsplash and Quality Custom Cabinetry along with a farmhouse sink and Sub-Zero refrigerator in what Larry calls a great working easy kitchen. Larry says the family has now enjoyed three Thanksgiving parties in their new digs which can now accommodate up to 30 guests for a meal without renting furniture. Larry and Jill president and CEO of IFS Financial Services Inc. (a member of the Western & Southern Financial Group) serve on several corporate and volunteer boards which results in a need to entertain on a regular basis sometimes up to several hundred guests. That is why we bought the house as a primary gathering place he says. Since the home was built Larry says they are the fourth owner one about every 20 years. I told Larry that means in another 16 years he ll have to move and do another. He says Florida is where he wants to be when that time comes. Photos by Robin Victor Goetz INDIAN HILL Visit Tisdel Distributing in Mason where our more than 120 Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances make for the finest manufacturer showroom in the Midwest. Call for an appointment today. 7177 Central Parke Blvd. n Mason Ohio 45040 513-339-0990 n 800-426-8589 Visit us on the web at Friend us on Facebook SEE THE MO VIE SHOWROOM 41 FANTASTIC KITCHENS Who Did It Designer Larry McGruder Tel. 513-680-1647 Architect Mark Dunkley General Contractor Dallman & Bohl General Contractors Appliances Wolf dual fuel range with six burners and a griddle SubZero 36 over-under refrigerator freezer purchased from Custom Distributors Cabinetry Quality Custom Cabinetry purchased and installed by Auer Kitchens Countertops Uba Tuba granite Flooring Quarter sawn oak with wood pegs from Bluford Jackson Lighting Lantern lights above island Visual Comfort brand Backsplash Rookwood Tile from Tile Craftsmen Farmhouse Sink Kohler. Photos by Robin Victor Goetz 42 SYMMES TWP. Meticulously designed custom built Hensley home in the desirable and convenient Stonebridge Farm. Situated on a private wooded lot this pristine open floor plan boasts natural light and custom upgrades including Pella windows. Neutral one owner lovingly designed and maintained. MLS 1375203 Offered at 494 900 THE MO SEE VIE (513) 477-1219 Rocket GINA DUBELL-SMITH TERRACE PARK Wonderful open spaces MLS 1383303 Offered at 579 900 define the versatile floor plan of this solid brick ranch built in 1989 on a picturesque lot in the center of the Village. A substantial remodel by the current owner has created an artful blend of refined taste easy elegance luxury and lifestyle. Notable features include hardwood floors cathedral ceiling skylights built-in cabinetry and first floor laundry room. The sun filled interior flows well with living spaces separate from the bedroom wing. The large white kitchen enjoys custom cabinetry counter bar and eating area which is open to the family room. The unfinished lower level provides endless possibilities. A two car rear entry garage circular driveway and deck overlooking professionally landscaped backyard complete the package. This meticulously cared for home with its thoughtful design and sought after location presents a special opportunity within walking distance to everything Terrace Park has to offer (513) 476-1055 amyminor AMY MINOR 43 TERRACE PARK Built in 1999 this home has every amenity and convenience one could want while maintaining the integrity and charm of an older home. Principal rooms include living room with fireplace flanked by bookcases formal dining room wonderful gourmet kitchen with center island high-end appliances and an adjoining breakfast room. The family room is defined by a dramatic stone fireplace a wall of windows and a wetbar. The back entry mudroom and separate laundry room are a bonus In its own wing the private master suite has a sitting area built in entertainment center walk in closet and luxury bath. There are three additional bedrooms two full baths and a loft study with built ins on the second floor. The professionally finished lower level with a large recreation game room craftroom with kitchenette work out room full tile bath and storage room completes the package Notable features include hardwood floors high ceilings deep moldings abundance of windows generous closets zoned heat and a speaker sound system. A three-car garage deck blue stone patio hot tub and extensive landscaping highlight the outdoor space. MLS 1355353 Offered at 899 900 (513) 476-1055 amyminor AMY MINOR bedroom brick traditional circa 1926 enjoys the very best in location just one block from the elementary school. Interior is highlighted by high ceilings yellow pine floors dentil moldings and original built-in cabinetry. Principle rooms include living room with fireplace formal dining room eat-in white kitchen and family room with study nook. The lower level rec room has a built-in entertainment center dry bar and play area. Outside features a wrap around porch private deck oversized two-car garage picturesque yard and a picket fence. This well cared for home enhanced by newer windows roof gutters and freshly painted interior and exterior accommodates formal entertaining and casual family living with ease. This is a wonderful Terrace Park opportunity. Offered at 549 900 TERRACE PARK This classic four (513) 476-1055 amyminor AMY MINOR 44 TERRACE PARK Majestically set on a private 1.25 acre lot this classic railroad home circa 1860 is steeped in history and embraces unparalled grounds in every way. The current owners have done thoughtful updates over the years while original heritage architectural integrity and period details remain very much intact. This home s uplifting personality is evident immediately upon entering Notable features include ten-foot ceilings crown molding transoms extensive built-ins gleaming hardwood floors and an abundance of windows. The private lush grounds showcase mature trees gardens planting beds and a lily pond. A three car garage with studio above summer kitchen back deck and second floor balcony complete the outside. The interior enjoys an updated kitchen private master suite and modern amenities creating the perfect home for formal entertaining or everyday family living. Understated yet elegant this home seamlessly blends space and intimacy. This is a unique opportunity in the heart of the Village MLS 1372592 Offered at 735 000 (513) 476-1055 amyminor THE MO AMY MINOR SEE SEE THE MO VIE VIE Spectacular 13 acre home Approximately 6500 square feet of finished living space with 5 bedrooms 6 full bathrooms and 1 half bathroom. Custom gourmet kitchen with granite countertops slate floors and adjoining breakfast room. First floor master suite with fireplace and walkout to screened in patio. Finished walkout lower level with wet bar game room recreation room 5th bedroom and full bathroom. Two story guest pool house with kitchen living room bedroom and exercise room. Amazing outdoor living featuring gunite pool & spa patio built-in BBQ grill fire pit and beautiful lake with waterfall. This home has geothermal system and features a 4 car garage. MLS 1374746 Offered at 1 199 000 UNION TWP. WALNUT HILLS The St. James of Eden Park Pristine 2 bedroom 2 and a half bath stunner. Southeast corner condo with up-river park and city views. Total renovation. Open floor-plan. New gourmet kitchen. Remodeled new baths. New mechanicals. Designer details throughout. Full service building. 24 7 staffing. Elevators open directly into each residence. Fab pool. Exercise facility. Tennis court. Suite accommodations for residents guests. 2 in-building parking spaces and 2 storage units. Dream digs MLS 1373767 Offered at 675 000 (513) 300-2518 speters SANDRA PETERS (513) 979-2685 DIGS LORI WELLINGHOFF DAVID WELLINGHOFF 30 years Dependable in every way Creative & friendly too or not of you next to a celebrity an d we ll provide wi th the purchase of a custom fra me the UV glass Bring in a photo auto graphed Me & The Pope 100 Best Frame Shops in America by Decor Magazine at no charge. An d as an added attraction we ll als o include letters from famous people such as The Prez KI SS or Robert Redford. February osters eam for P We Scr an d e poster ur fa vorit y Bring in yo ase of an the purch s with an d glas e packag e ram g at custom f y mountin do the dr off. w e ll a t s 50 % e. Half th ore. half pric two or m ant to do You ll w Bring in your fa vorit e photo of your best trip ever an d your second fa vorite an d with the pu rchase of custom fra ming on both the second on e is M y Favorite Vacation SEE THE MO March half price. Or bring in a th ird an d fourth or fif th an d sixth. You get the point. Th e more the merrier . . . it ll make you want to take another trip. April 2940 Wasson Road at Paxton Telephone 513-531-9794 Some limitations may apply though we promise to keep the limitations limited. See store for details. VIE 46 BEST THE BEST IN FINE HOMES Still King of the Countertops. and Growing. By Doug Sandhage The good news about granite is that it s now more affordable than ever. The bad news is that because there is such a plethora of colors textures and vein flow in each slab of granite you might change your mind several times before you make a final decision on what you want for your home. Cincinnati has no shortage of granite suppliers to shop. Jim Roberts area manager for Sims-Lohman a kitchen cabinetry and countertops supplier primarily serving kitchen and interior designers architects builders and remodelers tells BEST that up until the last decade granite was considered a high-end product. We (Sims-Lohman) became involved in granite in 2006 about the time the pricing of granite was starting to come down. He guesses that granite costs are down at least 15 percent. Competition among suppliers the availability of more fabricators and more and better access to granites around the world are all factors. It s now less of a specialty shop type of thing says Roberts a veteran of the building materials industry for more than 25 years. When we started we were doing five to six kitchen jobs a day now we re doing 15-17 jobs a day in Cincinnati says Roberts. Sims-Lohman has four showrooms in Cincinnati including one (exit 9 off of I-75) that features a granite warehouse of more than 1 000 slabs in 100 different colors. Slabs are available from quarries in Italy Brazil China India and in the U.S. from states like Vermont and Minnesota. PRICING AND SELECTION Roberts suggests making an appointment with your granite supplier so that you ll get the time and attention needed it isn t something you can do in 30 minutes. If you choose Sims-Lohman you can visit on your own or with your designer builder. Bring with you the house or your project design plans. It s also helpful to bring your color samples and wood species choices as well as tile samples you might want to integrate. Note Most granite suppliers will only permit adult visitors in their slab showrooms due to safety concerns. Slabs can weigh as much as 1 500 lbs. As you walk down aisles of granite pricing is usually posted and is determined by color and the scarcity of the rock not on quality as all granite is essentially the same caliber. It s kind of like buying artwork says Roberts. The more rare the higher the price. He adds that pricing can range from 50 sq. ft. (level 1) to nearly 200 (level 11). In some cases the supplier might have remnants available at reduced pricing but most remnants will only work for smaller countertops because they won t match with other pieces (such as when seaming is required). In addition to the cost of the granite additional fees may include fabrication i.e. cutting the holes for faucets sinks cooktops and carving the edging you desire installation templating the need for corbels or steel plates for support and delivery. If you are trying to do apples-to-apples price comparison forget it. Few suppliers use the same brand names as their granite competitors some have pricing that includes delivery and installation and some have policies that remnants can be purchased at discounted fees only if you buy your primary kitchen slabs from them. Chances are you won t make a final pick on your first visit. Most suppliers will provide a sample of the granite slab(s) you liked the most. When you do make a choice the supplier will make a template for you based on your designs so that you can actually lay it on the slab and outline what portion you like the best. If more than one slab is needed to complete a particular top (meaning seaming will be required) the supplier will review the flow pattern of the vein portion you choose and try to integrate the overall pattern. Care and Maintenance While granite is very durable it can chip and stain so reasonable care must be taken in keeping it clean and maintained. Roberts says that warm water and soap will eliminate most stains if handled immediately but it is an industry recommendation to have the tops sealed at least every year. It s kind of like waxing a car he says and it s a do-it-yourself project. Roberts says that Sims-Lohman offers alternatives to granite such as marble laminates quartz and solid surface materials such as the Corian brand. But it is granite that remains the star of the show in kitchens as well as many other rooms in the house says Roberts. It is our biggest growing product taking more and more of the market share a fact that has helped the company grow to more than 200 employees. Only Comey can feature your home on the 1 home show in Ohio. Long a popular destination program Comey s Showcase of Homes is designed to feature properties for sale throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Your home will be featured in superb color photography via the strongest advertising medium available--TV. Reaching more than 900 000 homes and 100% of the Cincinnati viewing area we are the only broker in the market that can offer weekly television exposure. Selected by the Ohio Association of Realtors as the 1 home show in the state Comey s Showcase of Homes airs Sunday mornings on WSTR Channel 64. And is also available to view 24 hours a day online at Contact a Comey & Shepherd agent today to see how your home can benefit from the unmatched exposure of television. A PRIVATE ELEGANT & PARK-LIKE SETTING ... ON THE OHIO RIVER CORPORATE PRIVATE EVENTS WEDDINGS REHEARSAL DINNERS PANORAMIC CLUB HOUSE Visit us online and complete our request form for your customized quote. Now booking for 2014 scenic spring and summer cruises and your 2014 special event dates. 513-231-9042 With so many updated and user-friendly features it s no wonder ranks among the Top 10 real estate sites in the country Our website was completely redesigned from the ground up with the goal of providing the easiest and most comprehensive home search tool available for your PC or tablet. From our colorful new user interface to the intuitive smart search on our home page is the only site you need for any of your real estate needs. View every home listed for sale get neighborhood statistics large highresolution photos and even a 360 street level view. Everything you need to make the most informed decision is here. Our information is updated hourly so it is much more accurate than portals like Zillow and Trulia. Don t take our word for it. Real Trends the industry s leading source of analysis and information has ranked at 8 on their list of Top Brokerage Websites for 2013. For your next address visit our 50 BEST THE BEST IN FINE HOMES Lafayette slept here . . . now you can too. The year is 1814 and growth is rampant along the Ohio River. Riverboats run from one bank to the next delivering goods as brick and mortar rise steadily from the earth. To the north Cincinnati is quickly taking shape as a prominent figure in our nation s growth. Alongside Thomas Carneal John and Richard Gano stand on the south bank watching the development from their neighbors to the north. In an effort to attract settlers of their own they purchase 200-acres and call it Covington. Construction begins on a showplace a house that has and will continue to serve as a beacon for travelers. This is that house. Now commonly referred to as the Carneal House and so marked with a historical sign near the street it is the oldest surviving structure on the Licking River. Rich rose brick mature trees wrought-iron fencing and slender columns topped with Ionic capitals flank the recessed two-story portico of the front entrance. Influenced by acclaimed Italian architect Andrea Palladio this ItalianateFederalist designed estate home is a true historical gem. As you walk through this house you really get a feeling that you ve stepped back in time exclaims real estate agent Susan Asch. Beautiful woodwork extraordinary fireplace mantels reclaimed wood floors and expansive windows with arched lintels and Georgian tracery filter light into every impressive room. Smoke bell lighting hangs throughout as iron accents sconces and hardware complement the attention to historical detail. The Marquis de 51 FEATURED HOME As you walk through this house you really get a feeling that you ve stepped back in time. COVINGTON 52 BEST THE BEST IN FINE HOMES The interior of the estate opens with a grand foyer. Here one can imagine parties of the past. Ladies laughing and twirling with flowing gowns while men in waistcoats discuss the day s fox hunt. To one side arched doorways with decorative niches open up to the parlor. Surrounded on three sides by wide-ranging windows the parlor serves as a cozy retreat for both formal and informal gatherings. A fireplace and mantel here is matched historically by another in the foyer. Opposite the parlor a corner study completes the front rooms. Worn after nearly 200 years of multiple uses including once being a bread-and-breakfast the Carneal House underwent complete restoration between 2008-09. In addition to installing new HVAC plumbing and electrical systems architect Rick Koehler of Architects Plus says that the home now has all the amenities that people are looking for in modern homes but it has the charm character and quality of an older home. This house is classically restored to the smallest detail yet is entirely new underneath the veneer. It will serve its new occupants well for many years to come. William Wright Southgate who bought the house in 1825 and who served as a Kentucky State Representative and mayor of Covington built an addition onto the back of the mansion in 1835. Done in the Greek Revival style the addition significantly increased the square footage of the property with room to entertain large crowds. In hosting 80-90 guests for the Preservation Society and political fundraisers the current homeowner says It s very easy to entertain in. It flows very well and it s actually difficult to tell how many people are here. Guests gather in the warm summer months out on the limestone patio. Magnificent nature-filled views of the Licking River border the eastern estate as guests hover near the Yew garden and stone pond perfect for koi or goldfish. Three French doors open up to the solarium and heated limestone floors inside. A great place for my morning coffee the homeowner continues. 53 FEATURED HOME Story header THE MO SEE Being at the heart of the home the kitchen exemplifies the detail and modern touches that were added during the restoration. We live in here and we love it. It s where everyone gravitates says the homeowner. An impressive reclaimed wood-topped island anchors the room surrounded by white cabinetry that includes a built-in Sub-Zero refrigerator and under-the-counter freezer drawers. And in keeping with the old-world style and charm a British 6-burner AGA Legacy Range pays homage to the porcelain French apron sink. White and glass-front cabinetry found here continues in the adjacent butler s pantry. Complete with its own sink ice maker and black granite the pantry doubles as a sublime serving area for guests. The informal dining room patio and back entry round out the first floor. A spacious side yard complete with a natural privacy screen has been used for anything from tossing a baseball to croquet. The original ice house sits in the back and delivers yet another reminder of the past. From the three-car garage beneath the ground floor a three-story elevator provides smooth transportation to the bedrooms upstairs. In addition an arched servants tunnel can be found in the unfinished portion of the basement. Local folklore suggests that it may have been used as part of the Underground Railroad escape network. In addition to four sizable and comfortable bedrooms each complete with its own full bath and walk-in the second floor yields another living room and a laundry room. The eastern facing porches and windows offer more stunning views of the Licking and patio down below. Out front the second-story porch showcases the historic community as well as picturesque perspectives of downtown Cincinnati and fireworks. The true focal point of this historical premise however might be that of the master suite. Situated to the north above the home s original footprint it is a homeowner s dream. Floating from the dual vanities and marble tops in the bathroom one wakes for a moment to warm their feet on the heated floor before stepping into the steam shower. A vast walk-in closet and master bedroom lie just outside. Famous people have been guests here including Henry Clay Daniel Webster and Andrew Jackson. As the homeowner reveals sometimes you stare out at the moon through the trees and you wonder how many generations of people have looked up at the same moon from this very spot. It makes you wonder who will be next. VIE ABOUT THE HOUSE 405 E. Second St. Covington located on a large lot within the historic Riverside Historic Development. Built around 1815. Completely restored and updated in 2008. Architect Architects Plus. Licking River view downtown Cincinnati views. 19 rooms including four bedroom suites 4.5 baths two family rooms exercise room elevator. Geothermal heating Lutron smart lighting system. Three-car garage. Visitors have included Andrew Jackson Daniel Webster The Marquis de Lafayette and Henry Clay. Cell 859-907-1299 Offered at 2 749 000 Susan Asch Email sasch 54 SEE THE MO VIE 6 bedrooms 4.5 baths 8 garage spaces gourmet kitchen and finished walkout lower level. Horse facility includes washing stall tack room office bathroom indoor and outdoor riding arenas. Newly updated bathrooms and refinished hardwood floors. MLS 1380765 Offered at 1 150 000 MIAMI TWP. Beautiful equestrian setting 18 private acres. (513) 295-6425 dgerbus DEBI GERBUS (513) 205-2049 mgraeter MINDY GRAETER BEFORE AFTER Bring the natural beauty of your hardwood floors SEE THE MO VIE Ultraviolet Curing System Are your hardwood oors looking old and worn out McSwain Carpets & Floors can bring the natural beauty of your hardwood oors back to life with little interruption to your busy household. No more waiting days or weeks to regain the use of your living space. McSwain uses a brand new exclusive Ultraviolet technology to instantly cure your oors. You can let the kids and dog run on it put area rugs down and move furniture back in the same day. McSwain s UV process is faster safer and more durable. Brand New Exclusive FASTER Full Use Same Day SAFER Low VOCs DURABLE Long Lasting Instant Cure Minimal Interruption Replace rugs & furniture Kids and pets can run on it Let McSwain bring the natural beauty of your hardwood floors back to life. For complete details or to schedule your FREE consultation call 513.326.4242 Carpets & Floors 56 BEST THE BEST IN FINE HOMES When the kids come back home. By Doug Sandhage Story by Paul Daugherty Illustration by Polly Hart It wasn t so bad at first. Jack would be coming home to live. He d be bringing his wife of six months Diane with him. Jack was 30. We d missed our son ever since he left home (assuming they ever left) at 29 to take a job at a gadgets warehouse where he was vice president in charge of landline telephones and books on tape. That job didn t last. Nor did Diane s. She d worked part time servicing pay telephones. The couple needed a place to live. Just for awhile they said until Jack could get his Master s. My wife and I were more than willing to help out. We could afford it we had the space and ever since we d drawn a chalk line dividing her half of the house from mine empty-nesting seemed to work best as a concept. Can t wait to see you son I said. Jack and Diane arrived in two minivans their stuff bulging from the window s. They d hitched a U-Haul trailer to each. Four million people between the ages of 25 and 34 in the U.S. live with their parents. They ve lost jobs or never found them. They ve gotten divorced. They re crushed by student loan debt. They ve tried to duplicate the lifestyle they had growing up. They ve pretend ed they were the federal government. Their credit cards are so debt-heavy they need shock absorbers and 350 horsepower. Boomerangs they call them. Four million strong. Make it four million and two. Or four million and three. Son who is this I said. Jack and Diane sauntered into the foyer. So did . . . Fred. Dad Fred. Fred Dad Jack said. Fred s a buddy of mine. He was living with us after his trailer exploded in a propane accident. You don t mind Dad do you Jack and Diane moved their stuff into Jack s old room the one he occupie d before moving to the basement when he was a high school senior. Fred decided he liked my den. The room I loved with my golf trophies gun cabinet and antlers on the walls. Dude you shoot animals Fred wondered. Well as a matter of fact . . . How could you do that man That s a living thing. What if that guy had a gun too bro Not wishing to enhance a disagreement I retreated to Jack s old room. Welcome home son I said. I need to tell you something said Jack. Oh. Jack and Diane had a dog. Actually they had three. A Doberman a Mastiff and a St. Bernard that slobbered. They had a couple cats that Jack said wandered into our house when we left the door open a few days last summer. They had ferrets which lived in the sock drawer of the dresser. Jack assured me they d be no trouble. One other thing Dad Jack said. Uh-huh. Me and Diane are in a band now called Drugs For Breakfast. She sings I play drums. I figure if we get good enough we can get some paying gigs. Might help with the food around here. That first night I popped a beer and prepared to watch Monday Night Footbal l with my son. A little Barcalounger bonding with my kid in front of the fire. Just like old times. This wouldn t be so bad. Paul Daugherty is the voice of passion for anything sports and more in Cincinnati. He is a columnist for the Cincinnati Enquirer. Polly Hart is a Cincinnati artist and grad of UC DAAP. To see more of her work go to 57 Last Words watching Housewives of New Jersey. That s when I saw the Mastiff in my chair Fred on the leather couch and Diane Where s Jack I asked. Your bedroom Fred said. Setting up the gear. What gear The band gear Daddy said Diane. y Rocky. They d rehearse a few Sex In an hour or so Jack and Diane would be joined by Sleeze Putrid and Pimpbo they d written themselves My Dog Wants Your Cat. Pistols standards mix in a little Rancid and finish with a song Looking back on it now a year later that was the best night we had. bedroom because he had a fear of sleepIt was nothing compared to when Sleeze moved in and asked to share our master the light on all night. We moved to the basement. ing alone. It was OK that he snored but we drew the line at having led eggs tater tots mac and cheese. Stuff like At dinner time Jack would slide two plates under the door for us. Scramb that. night. Son there is some leftover pot roast in the fridge I offered hopefully one We had to eat too Dad he said. the way I always had. Jack knew this. The money situation was interesting. I d left my wallet in the kitchen drawer fully cut in the basement door. He gave me my wallet through a pass-through he d thought You think I could have my credit cards son I asked. I d have to earn it. I promised to make Jack said he d think about it. Meantime he d be giving me an allowance but my tater tots. People are starving in Africa Dad he said. up the sleeper sofa every day take out the garbage and eat all d. We d built a bathroom down there for In the basement we had entertainment when Drugs For Breakfast rehearse he d maxed out a credit card and needed me to sign for a Jack so there was that. We d even see Jack occasionally after new one. according to the Pew Research Center Our son was living at home for an indeterminate amount of time. He is so. We weren t put-upon parents. I preferred to see us as among the 36 percent of adults between 18 and 31 who do benevolent hosts. You d do the same for your kid in a heartbeat. Right Clip and save as rea rra nge needed. YOUR PURCHASE YOUR REWARD Receive FREE product valued at up to 3 898 when you purchase select appliances BUY OR A select Pro-Style Range BUY & A select Built-In Oven BUY TO RECEIVE A select Cooktop A FREE Dishwasher to the previous purchase a select Built-In Refrigerator ADD ON Your choice of any 1 model in our exclusive collection of Microwaves Ventilation Systems and Undercounter Appliances TO RECEIVE January 1 - June 30 2014 Offer valid January 1 June 30 2014. See Store for offer details and qualified models. Offers only valid at participating Jenn-Air brand retailers in the U.S.A. No substitutions allowed. 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