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HERLIFE MAGAZINE TWIN CITIES THE HOME ISSUE FEATURING MARCH 2014 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM DANIELLE OTTMAN THE MINNEAPOLIS HOME GARDEN SHOW S LEADING LADY ORGANIZING YOUR GARAGE BEAUTIFYING YOUR GARDEN GORGEOUS SPRING FASHION EASY & DELICIOUS BRUNCH RECIPES HERLIFE CONTENTS features 28 14 32 18 36 08 12 14 16 Welcome From the Publisher Home Organizing Your Garage Home Fertilizing Facts Green Living Creating a Beautiful Rain Garden Recipes Grape Waldorf Salad & More Wine Wine Aerators HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 22 24 26 28 32 Spotlight Body Brite Health Toxic Emotions Beauty Beauty Tool Necessities Inspirations Danielle Ottman Mother s Perspective What Your Pediatrician Wishes You Knew Spotlight Jaguar Landrover Minneapolis 36 42 44 46 48 Trendsetter Fashion in Bloom Finance Investment Plans Spotlight Lisa Nelson Designs Travel Creative Destinations In the City March Calendar 18 20 6 34 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 7 HERLIFE WELCOME firsthand experience We have a special kind of insight and appreciation for those things we experience firsthand. I have a special affinity with this month s cover girl Danielle Ottman. As a show manager for Marketplace Events Danielle is the genius and energy behind the Minneapolis Home Garden show. Having been an event planner for seven years I have tremendous respect for what Danielle does and with attendance numbers above 70 000 annually for the Home Garden show I m tired for her. As you ll read Danielle s passion leadership and creativity ensure all the moving pieces (and there are many) come together during the five days of the show. I agree with Danielle that one of the most rewarding aspects of event planning is experiencing the final product after having been a part of the team who put so much heart and soul into making it happen. We can t experience everything firsthand (there s too much and not enough time) and on those nights of being short staffed and spilled on we may appreciate that. At HERLIFE our goal is to share with you up close and personal perspectives from many of our favorite neighborhood ladies. Hopefully reading these stories makes you feel a little closer to the experiences and perhaps inspires you to do something new p h o to by m i c h e l l e l o ckwo o d p h ot o gr a phy I t s commonly said that we establish an even greater affinity for others or their work when we live in their shoes or actually do what they do. It s the classic example I always tip 20% because I waited tables and I know what it s like or is it they don t deserve 20% because I waited tables and I know what it s like Either way you get the point. L ind s ey L ee Hut c hins stay tuned... 8 Follow HERLIFE on your favorite social media site for behind-the-scenes sneak peeks special offers giveaways and more HERLIFEMagTC instagram herlifemagtc twitter herlifemagtc pinterest herlifemagtc HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM staff & contacts Publisher and Editor-In-Chief Account Executive Lindsey Lee Hutchins lhutchins 952-210-1549 Lynette McCullough lynette 612-817-3143 Marilyn Isaminger Paige Fisher paige Sarah Abend Ashleigh Thomson Elana Bell elana Allison Turnberg Lisa Taranto Butler Doug Frost Marilyn Isaminger Kathleen Krueger Kowalski s Cindy McDermott Heather Noble Lindsay Laderoute Linda Price Kowalski s Momento Images 7455 France Avenue South 405 Edina MN 55435 Phone 952-210-1549 Fax 866-827-6851 For Advertising call 952-2101549 Subscriptions are available for 20 (for 12 issues). Please go to or mail a check made out to HERLIFE Magazine to the above address. Sources for all articles can be found online at Editor Art Director Associate Art Directors Advertising Art Director Intern Contributing Authors Contributing Photographers To contact HERLIFE Magazine Subscriptions Sources HERLIFE Magazine of Twin Cities is operated locally by LBL Publishing an independently owned and operated franchisee of HERLIFE Magazine LLC. To reach national headquarters call 913-4026994. 2014 by HERLIFE Magazine. All rights reserved. Although some parts of this publication may be reproduced and reprinted we require that prior permission be obtained in writing. HERLIFE Magazine is owned by LBL Publishing and is a free publication distributed locally and is supported by our advertisers. It is available in selected specialty stores doctor and dental offices medical spas hair and nail salons tanning salons public libraries and numerous other high traffic locations. Please call for a location near you or if you would like copies placed at your business. We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles and advertisements nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised. We welcome your ideas articles and feedback. 10 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE HOME by l i sa ta ra n to b u tl e r organizing your garage room we like to call a garage. But just like any other part of our home organization is very important. Whether yours is a one-car two-car or many-car garage if it isn t well organized there won t be room for any cars. Here are just a few tips to keep the vehicles inside while keeping everything else in its place. Make a Date with Your Garage Organizing one of the most frequented places in your home doesn t take a few hours it may take an entire day a full weekend or more depending on the depth of your project. Schedule your garage cleaning on your calendar and stick to it. Mild temperatures make the best environment for both indoor and outdoor work. Plan to have as many family members as possible around for the big day so they can witness the work as well as the results. Smash It Bash it or Otherwise Trash It A garage can t house your four wheels or anything else for that matter if it serves as a catch-all for the rest of your junk. Just like any other organizing project a garage makeover starts with a thorough purging. Get rid of any unused items old furniture and stuff that scream donation or trash bin. Go through everything completely. That means opening up any boxes you haven t opened since you moved. 12 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM I t happens more often than we d like to think. We re searching for a household item and we ask our family where it might be. Did you look in the garage is a regular response. If dad is missing his screwdriver or mom needs the umbrella the hiding place just might be somewhere deep inside that mass overflow Clean Up Clean Up Everybody Clean Up Once you know the items you will keep make sure they are out of the garage. Move everything out so you can see the floors and walls completely. Sort the items going back into the garage into various categories such as tools sporting equipment and landscaping supplies and put them in stackable clear plastic bins that you can use long after your new garage is complete. Then decide if your garage needs some sprucing. Clean the floors and walls as well as any tables benches or shelves. Garage walls can take some havoc so pick a neutral color and unify the look with a new coat of paint. Plan Your Garage Look Before the organizing get to know your space. Measure the garage s dimensions as well as size and location of windows and doors. Know how much space each car takes up and account for any other larger items that must be stored. Make a simple floor plan by using your measurements and sketch out your greatest (and realistic) arranging desires. Go 3-D Your garage has floors walls and ceilings so why not make use of all of its dimensions The more you have off the floor the more you will be able to store. Plus a clean floor keeps pests at bay. Garage storage solutions and products are a great way to keep your gear in the clear. Choose an organizing system that fits your budget as well as your needs. Do you like keeping things behind doors or out in the open Do you need more long-term storage or more everyday access Let your organization reflect your lifestyle. There are a wide variety of systems to choose from including vertical panelized systems track systems and stand-alone shelving units. Larger hardware stores offer tutorials on the storage systems that they carry. Look online for do-it-yourself videos if you will be installing yourself. Get in the Zone Divide your garage into zones that let you store similar items together while allowing space for small projects. Perhaps you need separate areas for outdoor toys sporting equipment and lawn tools. Maybe you would like to place a small gardening bench and supplies together. When your space is divided into categories it is easier to keep track of your goods. Keep it Pegged Pegboard is standard and savvy. Although pegboard won t hold heavier items like bicycles or large tools it can grasp just about everything else be customized to your liking and keep everything in plain sight. A wide variety of compatible hooks shelves and organizers can be found in most hardware stores and online. Protect Your Project Once you have your garage in tip-top shape keep it that way. Assign each family member weekly tasks such as sweeping cleaning cobwebs and getting rid of unwanted items. Place a broom and hand-held vacuum in an easily accessible spot to tidy up after spills and projects. Once you get your garage organized you will always be able to locate those hard-to-find items and more importantly--your car. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 13 HERLIFE HOME fertilizing facts by m a ri l y n i sa m i n ge r L ush landscapes don t occur accidentally. If you garden you re nodding your head in agreement. If you re developing your black thumb here s some basic information to start you in the right direction. The Skinny on Soil be worked in during the fall. Learn Your Letters N-P-K Seventeen elements are necessary for plant growth. Carbon hydrogen and oxygen are found in air and water. The macronutrients nitrogen phosphorus potassium magnesium calcium and sulfur are absorbed from the soil and are used by the plant in relatively large amounts. Plants use micronutrients the remaining eight trace elements in minute quantities usually without soil depletion. The nutrients most critical to plant growth and thus most likely to be quickly depleted in the soil are nitrogen (N) phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). The label of each bag of fertilizer shows at least three numbers which disclose the NPK ratio and indicate what proportion of each macronutrient by weight is in the fertilizer. For example a 100-pound bag with a 10-10-10 NPK ratio contains 10 pounds of nitrate (nitrogen) 10 pounds of phosphate 10 pounds of potash (containing potassium) and 70 pounds of filler which makes the fertilizer easier to spread. If your soil test reveals deficiencies use a formulation tailored to the needs of the soil or the plants you are growing. Nitrogen stimulates production of chlorophyll promoting healthy leaf growth. Plants need phosphorus for vigorous development of roots stems blossoms and fruits potassium helps plants digest and manufacture their foods. Timing is Key If you have planted trees and shrubs in the fall giving them time to establish their root systems wait until spring to fertilize. If you re planting in the spring wait six to eight weeks to fertilize. Application of a slow release fertilizer around the perimeter of the planting hole will be adequate since newly installed plants are under stress and shouldn t be pushed to grow too Soil whether supporting turf grass ornamental plantings or containers is a complex mixture of diverse ingredients containing all the nutrients that support life. Its texture may be sand silt or clay loam is the good soil that s a mixture of all three and encourages the organic activity that makes most nutrients available to roots. It s the gardener s gold standard but from time to time it still needs to be amended with fertilizers humus and other additions to correct pH levels for plantings. Soil testing sets your green standard and reveals the soil s properties and deficiencies. All states maintain cooperative extension offices that can direct you to the appropriate agency or lab to have your soil sample analyzed. Collect samples from several similar areas to a depth of six to eight inches and place in a clean plastic container use stainless steel or chrome-plated tools to avoid contaminating the sample with other metals. Submit to the appropriate agency or lab and in turn you will receive a report with recommendations for required soil amendments. Know Your Numbers The pH Scale Acidity or alkalinity is measured on the pH scale which goes from 0 (pure acid lemon juice is pH 2.2) to 14 (lye bleach is pH 13). Slightly acid soil about pH 6.5 is best for most plants although a few like rhododendrons need pH 4-5.5 to survive. Acids are produced as organic matter decays so most garden soils that have been amended become more acidic over time. To increase the alkalinity of the soil finely ground limestone may 14 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM quickly. For established plantings use new growth as a guide to determine fertilizer needs. Fertilizer normally isn t needed if new shoots grow more than six inches in one season. Two to six inches of growth indicate that fertilizer is optional. However smaller than normal leaf size poorly colored leaves or leaf drops are symptoms that the plants are hungry for what their soil is not providing. Lawns should be fertilized in the spring when the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit. In most of the U.S. the first feeding should take place about mid-April. Feed again about four weeks later and then every six to eight weeks through October. Putting It All Out There Granular fertilizers deliver nutrients slowly but have the advantage of consistency. Broadcast application can be done with a hand-rotary or a drop spreader. Top dressing is appropriate for beds and containers and can be done by hand or with garden tools. Foliar feeding takes advantage of the large leaf surfaces of trees and shrubs plants can absorb nutrients up to 20 times more efficiently through their leaf surfaces than through their root systems. Spraying liquid nutrients can produce great results spray during critical growth stages such as during transplantation blooming time and immediately after fruit sets. Just remember--as with humans more food is not always better for your plants or lawn. The proper amounts of the correct nutrients applied at the appropriate times will give you a gorgeous landscape that s the envy of the neighborhood HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 15 HERLIFE GREEN LIVING creating a beautiful rain garden S by m a ri l y n i sa m i n ge r that you have. For example if you have sandy soil which will collect water from 200 square feet use a 20 percent factor your rain garden should be about 40 square feet. For an area with loamy soil use 30 percent to 35 percent as the factor and for clay use 45 percent to 50 percent. If you are unsure of what type soil you have a soil test done through your state s Cooperative Extension Office can confirm this. If the test reveals sandy soil you may need to amend the soil with water-absorbing compost and topsoil. Lay the Garden Out The garden should be approximately half as wide as it is long with the long side perpendicular to the slope of the drainage area or facing upslope. Determine the depth of the garden which depends on the slope of the ground. Optimal depth is between four and eight inches. Define the area with a string or paint keeping in mind that curved slightly irregular shapes are visually pleasing. To ensure that the base remains as level as possible put stakes every five feet on the uphill side and corresponding stakes on the downhill side. Tie level strings between each one to act as guides to maintain correct depth through the area. Measure from the string to the ground to maintain a level base. Dig and Fill Sharpen your shovel and get to work If the garden is on a steep incline you ll need to dig out more at the upper level of the garden. Working in sections use the soil you remove to build a berm around three sides of the area leaving open the side into which the water will flow. Continue digging and filling using a tiller if needed to make the work easier. Add compost and other amendments as needed. The berm itself should be rounded on both pring is here the time to put into action the plans you made during the dreary winter months to beautify your garden and improve your landscape. Designing and creating a beautiful rain garden will accomplish both goals and begin your spring fitness program to boot In today s urban and suburban neighborhoods rainwater gushes off roofs through downspouts across sidewalks and pavement frequently carrying with it fertilizers and pesticides from lawns. This water may be diverted into storm drains which channel it into our streams rivers or bays. A rain garden can create a natural filter that will protect the environment from storm water runoff provide valuable habitat for birds butterflies and insects and potentially help your landscape survive the next inevitable drought. Here are a few steps to get your project started. Choose Your Location Experts advise placing the garden at least ten feet away from your home to divert water from the foundation. Don t situate it over a septic field. Avoid areas where water already pools as this indicates a lack of natural filtration the goal is to encourage infiltration. A sunny flat spot away from tree roots will make digging much easier. It s also crucial to call 811 the national hotline for location of underground utilities to verify that your selected site can be safely excavated. Confirm Drainage Area and Soil Type Measure the area that will drain water into your garden. This includes roof area pavement or other areas of the yard that will drain into the rain garden. Multiply this area by the guideline percentages for the type of soil 16 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM sides and compacted well to prevent erosion. Design Your Garden Here s the fun part Plant selections should lean toward native species perennials and even include drought-tolerant plants. In general the garden should contain three zones in concentric rings that correspond to the plants tolerance for standing water. The center section should contain plants that like wet feet as the water will linger longer here. In the next ring place plants that can tolerate occasional standing water. The outermost ring is best for plants that prefer drier climates. Plant in drifts and multiples of three for overall impact. Small evergreen shrubs have good root systems for soaking up water and will provide longer seasonal interest especially blooming shrubs. It s better to use established plants rather than planting from seed and worrying about the seeds washing away. Your local garden shop or Extension Office experts can advise about the best selections for your USDA zone and soil conditions. Polish It Off Encourage grass growth at the upper portion of the rain garden to slow water entering the garden. Plant grass or ground cover on the berm to help keep it in place and then apply a layer of protective mulch to keep weeds down. Heavier mulches such as pine straw or wood chips also will stay in place in the event of heavier rainfall before the plant roots become established. Now you can pour a cold beverage relax and enjoy the results of your efforts HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 17 HERLIFE RECIPES grape waldorf salad Serves 8 ingredients cup organic low-fat plain yogurt (such as Stonyfield Farm) 1 Tablespoon sugar or 1 Tablespoon Kowalski s Pure Honey 2 cups red seedless grapes halved 2 cups green seedless grapes halved 1 cup chopped celery (about 2 ribs) cup golden raisins cup pecan halves toasted 5 oz. organic baby spinach nutrition information per serving Total Calories Total Fat Sodium 142 5g 36 mg directions In a small mixing bowl whisk together first 2 ingredients refrigerate covered. Combine remaining ingredients in a large salad or mixing bowl gently stir in dressing tossing to coat. Serve immediately. HLM b ro u g h t to yo u by Aesthetica Skin Health & Wellness Clinic GO GREEN... GO SKIN PEN...GOODBYE WRINKLES GO GREEN PACKAGE 3 Skin Pen Treatments A natural non-surgical way to stimulate collagen. Laser results at a fraction of the price & downtime. 30-day supply of Chronolift Vitamin C Serum Instantly activated anti-aging serum helps reduce appearance of fine lines and dark spots promotes healthy and brightened skin. Only 899 PH 612.236.7034 18 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM spinach and salmon quiche Serves 6 ingredients 1 (9 ) refrigerated pastry crust 10 oz. salmon cooked cooled and cut into 1 chunks 1 Tablespoon olive oil 1 small onion finely chopped 2 oz. fresh baby spinach 4 eggs beaten 1 3 cup whole milk cup grated Parmesan cheese divided 1 teaspoon kosher salt teaspoon Kowalski s Coarse Ground Black Pepper directions Unroll pastry into 9 pie plate flute edges. Prick bottom lightly with fork and freeze crust 10 min. Put a baking sheet in the oven preheat to 350 . Meanwhile in skillet over medium heat heat oil saut onion until softened (about 5 min.). Add spinach cooking just until wilted (1-2 min.) set aside. In large mixing bowl whisk eggs with milk and about of the cheese season with salt and pepper. Spread onion and spinach mixture in the bottom of crust pour in egg mixture. Top with chunks of fish and sprinkle with remaining cheese. Bake on preheated sheet until filling is just set and pastry is golden (25-27 min.). Let stand 10 min. before cutting. HLM b ro u g h t to yo u by HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 19 wine aerators by d o u g f ro st W out of the bottle. oxygen s helpful impact. a glass decanter. inemaking seems very complicated but is in fact quite simple you squish grapes yeasts convert the grape sugar into alcohol and then you enclose it in a bottle. While there are a million tricks along the way the truly crucial decision for a winemaker is when to bottle it. In other words how much air should go into the wine before it s protected from air Air or more specifically oxygen is important to winemaking. Yeasts need it and the things we like in wine the aromas and flavors arise because of the interplay of oxygen and wine. Air is crucial to winemakers. So it shouldn t really shock anyone to imagine that air is important to wine even after it s Thus we decant. By pouring wine from a bottle into a decanter the wine is immediately saturated with oxygen causing all sorts of aromas to vaporize. It s also true that we decant older wines to remove the potable liquid part from the sediment that can evolve over years spent in a quiet cold cellar. But younger wines too seem to benefit from being dashed into a decanter courtesy many people believe of Now the market has decided to remove the step of decanting there are myriad instant decanters aerators and air infusers for the wine enthusiasts who thought they already had every gadget possible. Each works more or less on the same principle by interrupting the steady stream of wine from the bottle into the glass (through air baffles or the like) the wine is suffused with air mimicking the effect of pouring wine into Now before you protest that you already have a perfectly nice decanter and that it works very well thank you bear in mind that decanters are tools that became popular in the 19th century when dusty bottles of wine were brought up the creaky stairs of some English mansion and that crystalline decanters looked oh-so-much nicer on that 20-foot mahogany dining table than a dirty old bottle. It was purely cosmetic. But unless you ve got a dirty bottle the decanter isn t that necessary. At least that s what these manufacturers ask you to believe. First off what actually happens when you decant a young wine You are drawing off some sulfur dioxide a compound that is used in miniscule amounts (say thirty parts per million) to help preserve the wine s fruit. It s all about oxygen again the sulfur combines with the oxygen in the bottle and that slows down the aging of the wine. If you pour a wine into a decanter the only measurable thing that happens over the first few minutes is that you draw off sulfur and that typically allows the fruit in the wine to become more apparent more voluble. Whether you use a decanter or one of these clever toys the impact is more or less the same. But having tested more than a few of these aerators I find that some work better than others. My favorite for a while has been the SoireeTM aerator which looks like a glass bulb you plug into your bottle. You tip it toward the glass it goes glug glug (and a few other noises) and the wine smells very much like you just decanted it. There are other such aerators (I like those made by Classico or Vinara) that accomplish the same thing with 20 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM a sort of cup you hold over the glass and pour into. The RabbitTM aerating pourer by Metrokane has a cup you plug into the top of the bottle but my experience has been that it is less effective than others strangely (it s strange because everything Rabbit makes for wine is usually the top of the heap). There are also skinnier versions of these aerators such as the Nicholas VinOairTM but size matters it appears and they don t have as great an impact. It s also true with decanters the bigger and fatter the decanter the more quickly the wine takes on air. If you use a skinny little decanter it won t work as well though I have used two decanters and swished the wine back and forth to create a really quick release of the wine s latent character. But let s be honest--few people are going to notice much difference with any of these wine toys. If adding air to a wine really made a huge difference we d all be throwing wine into our blenders and putting them on frapp . I ve tried that and it doesn t do much for the wine. A young wine will brighten up with the use of a decanter or an aerator or even ten or so minutes in a wine glass. Whether you spend the money on a toy so you can act fancy is up to you. I tend to reserve my wine money for more wine not toys. HLM Doug Frost is a master of wine and master sommelier who has authored several books and has been featured on national television. He is the founder and director of the national Jefferson Cup Wine Invitational and the President of the Institute of Masters of Wine North America and selects wines for United Airlines globally. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 21 HERLIFE SPOTLIGHT w ri tte n by k a th l e e n k r u e ge r A p h o to gra p hy by m o m e n to i m a ge s bout seven years ago Europeans began phasing out laser hair removal in favor of a new technique that is much easier on the skin and less expensive for the client. It s called Intense Pulsed Light or IPL. Three years ago Chris and Emmanuelle Hardy brought the concept using this technology to the United States. BodyBrite was already successful in seven countries with more than 200 centers. After the first BodyBrite opened in New York City they opened in Uptown Minneapolis. Today with additional treatment offerings the BodyBrite centers have grown to more than 12 locations across the nation with 15 to 20 more scheduled to open this year including a second center in the Twin Cities area in Eden Prairie. BodyBrite s mission is to provide state-of-the-art luxury services at affordable prices for both men and women. The brand is a refreshing addition to the hair removal and aesthetic services offering a professional and comfortable environment. A lot of people want permanent hair removal but think it s too painful or expensive said Emmanuelle. They are delighted to hear that there is now a pain-free and affordable solution for them. IPL is a technologically advanced therapy that has proven to be the most effective least painful method today compared to traditional laser. Add to that the affordable price and it s no wonder that it has become the standard for permanent hair removal all across Europe. Chris who grew up in Minneapolis and Emmanuelle who grew up in France are passionate about both cultures. Long before BodyBrite came into existence they introduced Curves for Women to the European continent. Within five years they grew Curves into the largest fitness chain in France. With this success in hand these creative entrepreneurs looked for an innovative concept to bring back to the U.S. When they came across BodyBrite they realized they could a fill a gap in the American marketplace by bringing Europe s innovative IPL technology to this side of the Atlantic. IPL treatments deliver rapid pulses of high-intensity light to the area that is being treated. The light energy is converted to heat which destroys the hair follicle from the 22 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM base inhibiting future growth. You can expect to see results after your first IPL treatment but it generally takes an average of nine sessions to achieve complete results. At BodyBrite IPL is also used for skin rejuvenation. The heat created by the IPL light penetrates your skin to restore its elasticity. Your skin will look firmer smoother and younger. Its tone will even out reducing blemishes age spots sun damage and fine lines. BodyBrite has recently added another innovative aesthetic service the DermaOXY O2 treatment. This facial is applied by spraying a natural herbal serum mixed with concentrated oxygen onto your face. It is a natural noninvasive anti-aging routine or an instant boost made popular by celebrities. The DermaOXY O2 treatment is exclusive to BodyBrite. You won t find it anywhere else in the Midwest. What s a beautiful face without a shiny white smile BodyBrite also offers professional teeth whitening that can be done in less than an hour removing stains and lightening your tooth enamel. If you compare their price with what you d pay at your dentist you ll find it amazingly affordable. In addition to their low single-session pricing for IPL treatments and the DermaOXY O2 treatment BodyBrite provides discounted pricing when you prepay for multiple session packages. They even offer special payment plans for those who prefer to spread the cost of multiple sessions out over six or twelve months. The original BodyBrite center is located at 2839 Lyndale Avenue South in the Uptown area of Minneapolis. The second location opening this spring will be in Eden Prairie near the intersection of Flying Cloud Drive and Eden Road. The owners for this location are Teresa and Frederik Borjesson who were looking for a franchise opportunity that would provide strong growth potential with a manageable initial investment. The franchise package created by Chris and Emmanuelle for BodyBrite USA fits those criteria. Teresa is originally from Brazil where permanent hair removal is considered as essential as a woman s daily makeup routine. Having experienced the pain and the high price of laser hair removal she is excited to be offering the low-pain low-price option of IPL through BodyBrite. HLM For more information on BodyBrite services their locations around the nation or franchise opportunities visit them on the Web at or give them a call at the Uptown Center at 612- 353-6013. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 23 HERLIFE HEALTH toxic emotions by h e a th e r n o b l e p h d begin and end within yourself. You started comparing yourself to someone else and using a myopic and self-deprecating lens you viewed this person as having accomplished everything and anything you ve desired. Simply put you ve come up short in your self-assessment and the associated thoughts and feelings bring about raw and painful sensations. You know in such cases you only feel worse but it s hard to stop yourself from feeling this way. Toxic emotions don t just happen however. Somehow you got these feelings started and kept them fueled. The more you know about your reactions the more empowered you will be to buffer yourself from allowing these emotions to reach toxic levels. Begin by identifying your toxic emotions. Consider the following questions and to benefit yourself the most be honest as you look inside yourself for the answers. Do you keep a safe distance from others so that you can avoid vulnerability Did something painful happen to you in the past that keeps you from fulfilling your aspirations in the present Do you often feel irritable and take out your frustrations on others through hurtful words and actions When others first meet you do they hear about 24 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM A t some point someone did something to upset you. That person s words and actions have long come and gone but if you give them much thought your anger is easily reignited and felt just as intensely as ever. Maybe you don t need to think about another s actions the source of your frustration might your life s hardships within the first 20 minutes of becoming acquainted with you Do you tend to compare yourself to others In these situations do you come out ahead or behind Do your obligations to others feel endless Do you avoid emotions through the use of alcohol and drugs or by overeating shopping working watching television or surfing the internet Regardless of how much others support you does it feel as if it s never enough Do you really think that things will not get better Often the most meaningful question is which of these questions struck a chord or irritated you the most Common toxic emotions include shame hurt anger guilt jealousy and hopelessness. If you are experiencing any toxic emotions it s time to stop their brewing. Also keep in mind that this is a time for great caution if you need to make any major decisions or alterations in life. If your feelings are intense and raw you likely do not see the bigger picture. Know what it is you are experiencing and shine a clear light of self-awareness upon it. Such emotions take their worst toll when you do not acknowledge and understand them. However once you know the emotions residing with yourself you are no longer susceptible to unconscious reactions to others and to yourself. You sharpen your clarity by knowing what you feel along with why you feel it and you can then choose what you do with it. Simply having this personal insight is often a major step toward personal growth and no longer being at the mercy of knee-jerk reactions. That is not to say you will rid yourself of emotional reactions including ones that can be quite unpleasant. That would be impossible and arguably unhealthy. Rather you can avoid pushing the emotion back into the dark recesses of your mind trying to pretend that it does not exist and will not impact you. It is not something to fight it is something to know and integrate within yourself. Toxic emotions have the potential to use you or they can be something you use to better understand yourself and the world around you. Then you can make clear choices about how best to proceed. So in the past someone indeed did something that upset you. It did hurt and it might have even damaged that relationship beyond repair. However you are now equipped with better self-knowledge about the pain you may feel and ways in which you can appropriately assert yourself to minimize experiencing those harmful dynamics again. You used your hurt and anger to develop stronger skills for navigating and strengthening relationships. Or you have noticed that you frequently internally play the comparison game with others and it leaves you with insatiable envy and a self-proclaimed label as the loser. This can be an unending game ironically no one ever wins this contest. Know if this is your propensity and be aware when you start gearing up to only put yourself down. This does not need to be a pattern you continue. Acknowledge it for what it is and know that you need to actively channel your energy and focus it into thoughts and activities that leverage your self-esteem and self-confidence. Above all remember that you are human and mistakes are part of life. Avoid compounding toxic emotions by learning from the past regularly practicing self-forgiveness and being thoughtful in how you move forward. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 25 HERLIFE BEAUTY beauty tool necessities by l i n d say l a d e ro u te hundreds of brushes to choose from and so many tools to use where do you even start If you re feeling overwhelmed with the options and have no idea where to start we have you covered. We ve narrowed hundreds of tools down to fewer than 20 beauty tool necessities that will make your face a masterpiece in no time. Let s begin with the base of your masterpiece foundation brushes. The first thing to think about when deciding on a foundation brush is what kind of foundation you use. For pressed powder a kabuki brush is best. The bristles are tighter which allows you to pick up powder from the compact evenly and without flinging it everywhere. Kabuki brushes provide a solid layer of 26 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM A ny work of art needs the right tools to create it. Makeup is just as much art as a Picasso painting and to make it just as great you need to start with the right tools. But with foundation over the face giving you full coverage. Mineral or loose foundation requires a brush with a larger head and looser bristles so that you can grab enough powder but tap off the excess easily. This brush is also best for any kind of setting powder. If liquid foundation is more your style a flat-topped brush with the width of two to three inches is the best choice. A traditional foundation brush one that is narrow and thin can cause streaks and make you look painted on. The flat-top brush will allow you to easily blend build product and create a flawless airbrushed look that still looks natural. To get killer cheekbones the best choice is a medium sized fluffy brush with angled bristles. This will allow you to get more color on the apples and less up your cheeks giving you a natural and even blush. Using cream or stick blush Then you already have the best tools-- your fingertips. Apply stick onto the apples of your cheeks then blend out for cream dip your fingers into the product and slowly build onto your cheeks. To complete your cheeks contour with bronzer and highlighter. The absolute best brush for bronzer is a small very slightly domed brush. This style will easily fit into the crevice under your cheekbone giving you fabulous definition with one swipe. The flat foundation brush that gives streaks is actually perfect to use for any kind of highlighter. It fits perfectly on the top of your cheeks when you smile giving you the best angle for highlighting. Think you need ten different eye shadow brushes to get the job done Think again To achieve alluring eyes you really need only five types of brushes. The first is a medium flat angled brush that resembles the shape of the traditional foundation brush. This does double duty for your base color and highlighter. The bristles are tight enough to allow easy control of color and it is the perfect size for your eyelid and brow bone. To define your crease use a cone-shaped brush. This shape sits perfectly between your eyelid and brow bone giving you the perfect definition every time. Blending is easiest with a medium-sized brush with fluffy bristles they will smooth colors together giving you defined yet soft eyes. If using cream eyeliner a tiny angled brush with tight bristles gives you full control. Smudging and softening eyeliner is simple with a smudge brush the brush that looks like an eraser. Clean up is a snap with a fan brush simply sweep it lightly under your eyes to brush away any eye shadow fallout. Perfect eyelashes depend on two tools an eyelash curler and a brow brush. To get the best volume for your lashes use a lash curler before you apply mascara. To get the most volume from an eyelash curler invest in a heated curler. It acts like a curling iron for your eyelashes giving you the most curl and big volume. Following your mascara use the bristled side of the brow brush to give more volume and the teeth side to separate and define lashes. To get compliment-worthy brows use tweezers that are angled instead of pointed they can get the closest to the follicle and make grabbing the hairs easy. Use some brow pomade with the bristle side of the brow brush and your brows will fall right into place. Adding these beauty tool necessities will guarantee that you create a work of art every morning. With the right brushes and correct tools you can feel confident in creating a beautiful look in no time at all. So forget needing a ton of tools. Using the few described above will get you a perfect face without so much fuss. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 27 HERLIFE INSPIRATIONS w ri tte n b y k a th l e e n kr u e ge r p h o to g ra p h y b y m o m en t o i m a ge s hair and makeup by julie lam of we h m a n n models & talent inc. reality he takes the day off to show his support for his wife Danielle whose greatest passion is the Home Garden Show itself. Danielle Ottman works for Marketplace Events and has been the show manager for the Minneapolis Home Garden Show for the past three years. During the five days the show is open Danielle books a hotel room close to the event to avoid a commute each day that would barely allow her time to sleep. Jon will come for that one day and just be available to help me in any way he can Danielle explained. He s always been very supportive of what I do. Danielle discovered her passion for event planning in her first job after graduating college with a degree in marketing. The job was a sales position with the Women s Expo organization. I loved it Danielle shared. It was so rewarding. Danielle worked with the Women s Expo for three years and left the job only because the family needed to make a temporary move away from the Twin Cities for Jon s job. When they returned she landed a position as the event coordinator for Minnesota Monthly s Food & Wine Experience. Since cooking is one of Danielle s other loves J on Ottman takes a day off from work every year to attend the Minneapolis Home Garden Show. You might assume this indicates a man passionate about his home and landscape. In being able to organize the premier food event in the Twin Cities for three seasons was like heaven to her. Yet as much as she loved that position there was one other event that would truly be her dream job--overseeing the Minneapolis Home Garden Show. The Minneapolis Home Garden Show is one of the largest consumer shows in the nation and has a long history of uninterrupted success. 2014 is the 80th anniversary for the Minneapolis show held February 26 through March 2 an amazing testament to the popularity of the event in the Twin Cities. When her first daughter Alyssa was born Danielle had every intention of returning to work outside the home after her maternity leave but she just couldn t do it. My mother was home with me when I was growing up Danielle explained. I didn t want to miss out on that time with my own daughter. As a result Danielle was a stay-at-home mom for eight years. She didn t decide to go back to work outside the home until her second daughter Bella entered school. Of course taking an eight-year hiatus from your career can make it difficult to step back into it at the same level. She took a job working in another industry for a short time but knew it wasn t really what she wanted to be doing. When a friend mentioned to Danielle that Marketplace Events was looking for someone to fill the position of manager for the Minneapolis Home Garden Show she couldn t pass it up. She immediately applied for the position. Her eight years away from the industry made Marketplace Events reluctant to place her in charge of such a large-scale event so they instead hired her to work in a sales role for the show. Danielle demonstrated her abilities in her sales position when the show manager position became vacant again a year later they offered Danielle the position the very one she had dreamed of holding almost ten years earlier. If you think serving as the manager for one five-day event a year is a part-time job think again. Danielle is the leader of a five-member team all of whom work full time year-round to make this annual event happen. You don t keep more than 77 000 people coming back year after year by simply repeating what you did previously. Every year Danielle and her team face the challenge of coming up with new ideas and concepts to keep the show fresh and full of the creativity that will capture the imaginations of the tens of thousands who walk through the aisles. The two big attractions each year are the Idea Home and the 22 000 square feet of themed gardens. For 2014 the garden theme is Great American Landmarks. Nine different garden spots provide excellent photo opportunities for HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 29 attendees to get shots of friends and family with backgrounds representing places such as the nation s capital and the New Orleans French Quarter. The Idea Home for 2014 was built by Viebrock Construction Inc. Osceola Wisconsin in a rustic luxury style. You never know where an idea will come from Danielle said about the brainstorming that goes on during the planning stages. One of her favorite concepts developed from the popularity of Pinterest and the ways people use it to discover new ideas and bring them into being. Her planning team found creative ideas for the use of plants in apartments and condos on Pinterest then demonstrated the concepts for the 2013 Home Garden Show. DIY instruction sheets were available for show attendees to take home and try. The Idea Home and the themed gardens are filled with inspirational ideas for everything from interior d cor and building materials to flowering plants and unique water features. Cell phone cameras are in heavy use by visitors eager to capture their visual inspirations and share what they ve discovered via Instagram Facebook or other social media outlets. There are approximately 750 vendors on exhibit in the show. It s a great one-stop-shop for homeowners to learn what new products are being offered and ask questions of manufacturers representatives distributors and contractors. Many visitors bring their blueprints or project ideas to the show so they can take advantage of all the expert advice available. For the contractors and suppliers who have display booths at the show the timing at the end of February is perfect for getting a jumpstart on spring orders following the lull of midwinter. The television celebrities on the Lifestyle Stage are another big attraction for those who attend. 2014 programs feature Kevin O Connor the host of This Old House and Ask This Old House on the PBS Network and Matt Muenster from the DIY Network s Bath Crashers and BATHtastic. People line up to get the ear of their favorite remodeling celebrity for a couple of minutes and gain his input on their problem or design idea. For Danielle watching all the pieces come together during the five days of the show and experiencing the dynamic flow of energy as the crowds of people fill the Minneapolis Convention Center are both exhilarating and rewarding. She knows how many creative people have had a hand in contributing ideas and have worked hard behind the scenes to make this happen. Danielle has the privilege of working in the job of her dreams and for five days each year everything else in her life goes on hold. After that she My mother was home with me when I was growing up Danielle explained. I didn t want to miss out on that time with my own daughter. As a result Danielle was a stay-at-home mom for eight years. 30 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM begins again dreaming and planning for next year but it isn t all-consuming. Her favorite pastime these days is watching her daughters play volleyball or just spending time together as a family at home or on vacation trips. And when she s at home her favorite spot is in the kitchen trying out new recipes. Often women fear putting their careers on hold in favor of being at home while their children are young. They have a legitimate concern that they won t be able to reestablish those careers after a significant gap midstream. Danielle s story demonstrates that it can be done sometimes with the happy result of reaching an even loftier goal than you imagined. HLM Krista Wolter Intuitive. Experienced. Real Estate Agent. (612) 247-5106 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 31 HERLIFE MOTHER S PERSPECTIVE wishes you knew by c i n dy m c d e r m o tt what your pediatrician N lifestyle. o matter the medical specialty to get the most out of your healthcare provider appointments you should develop a working relationship with your doctor. In turn your doctor should also be open to developing this relationship with you. Together you can devise the strategy to help you realize a healthy crucial to remember that growth and development are not a race. According to pediatrician Dr. Stephan Cowan it s important to remember that children grow in cycles. There is a rhythm and pulse to each child s life sometimes fast and intense sometimes slow and quiet writes Dr. Cowan. Just as each spring brings a renewed sense of appreciation for life each stage of a child s life is a time of new discovery and wonder. A very critical way parents can guide their child s development is with a healthy diet and exercise. Your pediatrician is a wealth of information on healthy foods portion control and activity levels. But the weight is on you to tackle the problem now and not set the stage for a lifetime of trouble. With more than 30 percent of children in America considered overweight or obese it s an epidemic and something your pediatrician wants you to start thinking about as early as the toddler years notes Julie Revelant freelance writer specializing in parenting health and women s issues and a mother. Good diet and exercise offer children a lot of protection but it s a given that your little one will get sick. However you shouldn t live in fear of your child getting ill because it might be seen as a failure. A resilient immune system is one that learns how to get sick and get better. Living too clean a life robs us of the information necessary to be fully prepared to recover remarks Dr. Cowan. There are natural ways we can support our children to recover from illness quickly and efficiently good nutrition hydration probiot- When it comes to your children the relationship with your pediatrician is even more critical as you take on the role of advocate for your youngster. To get the most out of your child s appointments with his or her pediatrician your doctor should work with you to build a healthy foundation for your child s future. As a team you can construct the plan to realize a significant investment in your child. As in any construction project the best way to build that foundation is with a set of good blueprints that are researched and analyzed. This is much like the preparation you should undertake for your child s well visits. Keep a list of questions or information you want to share with your pediatrician and update it on a regular basis. Use a notebook or folder to house these details and keep it in a handy location. Right before your appointment review your file to refresh your memory. Then share your questions or concerns with your pediatrician at the beginning of the appointment. One of your notes may be about your child s development but it s 32 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM ics rest and exercise. Whether it s a fever or a runny nose a symptom is the body s way of letting us know that something should be altered. Together you and your doctor should determine what the symptom is trying to indicate. Children have taught me that a symptom like fever is actually not the problem. Whatever is causing the fever may be a problem but the temperature is simply the body s way of trying to deal with what s happening reveals Dr. Cowan. Rushing to determine what might be wrong with your child may mean logging onto your computer and searching for answers. But calling your doctor should be the first move you make. Many parents waste valuable time looking for answers when the pediatrician may have a completely different diagnosis or solution notes Revelant. The internet can be a great resource for information but it s important to determine who the author of the content is what their credentials are and if they have the appropriate training to give an opinion. While your pediatrician has the medical training you truly are the expert on your child. One of the most important things I teach new parents is how to trust themselves said Dr. Cowan. Take a tip from your baby. Look into your baby s eyes. Mindful parenting begins by listening with an open heart to your child s life without fear or panic. Studies have shown that a mother s intuition is more powerful than any lab test in picking up problems. Coupling your knowledge and your pediatrician s experience is one of the best ways to draw up the blueprints for a healthy lifestyle for your child. Together you can forge a solid partnership to ensure the well-being of your son or daughter. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 33 HERLIFE SPOTLIGHT jaguar land rover minneapolis carry the same meaning of specialized services usually provided through an elite establishment. Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis believes its customers deserve the benefits of concierge services from their automotive dealer as well. After all there generally isn t a truly convenient time to bring your vehicle in for servicing. The be either a Jaguar or a Land Rover and will also be an all-wheel drive vehicle assuring you have all the traction you need regardless of the weather. Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis believes that car owners who have chosen to buy and drive vehicles as unique as a Land Rover or a Jaguar shouldn t have to settle for anything less even for the short time their vehicle is being serviced and they make sure their customers don t have to. Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis is an exclusive franchise there are no other Jaguar or Land Rover dealers in the state of Minnesota. This means that many of the dealership s customers live outside of Minneapolis. There are a large number of Jaguar and Land Rover owners on the east side of the Twin Cities in St. Paul and its suburbs. Some of the dealership s customers live in the St. Cloud area or across the St. Croix River in Wisconsin. Some live as far as 250 miles away w ritten by kathleen k r ueger dealership s concierge service will pick up your vehicle at your office or home for its service appointment. When the service work on your vehicle has been completed they ll drive it back and drop it off for you. Meanwhile you ve been able to continue with your daily schedule without worrying about how to fit that service appointment into your daily planner. The dealership will also provide you with a service loaner during the time your vehicle is being serviced. That loaner won t be whatever rental vehicle is available either. Your loaner vehicle will W 34 photography by mo ment o im ages hen you hear the phrase concierge service what s your response Does a luxury hotel come to mind Do you think of specialized service and assistance Do you remember a time when a concierge saved you time when you were on a tight schedule The term concierge is no longer limited to luxury hotels but it continues to HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM from the dealership in Sioux Falls South Dakota or Fargo North Dakota. At Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis they believe every customer deserves the same great service. As a result they don t limit their concierge service to the Minneapolis area. They offer the pick up and drop off service package for the entire metro area. But they don t stop there. Jaguar or Land Rover owners within a 100-mile radius of the dealership can also purchase and enjoy the same convenience as those living in the metro area. When establishing their concierge service areas the dealership realized that a 100-mile radius still left some of their best customers outside of the service area. This didn t fit with the overall mission of Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis so they created an extended concierge service area that reaches out to those up to 250 miles away and across the South Dakota and North Dakota borders. Even then they didn t feel that the pick up and drop off service fully met the needs of their more distant customers. To fill this gap they offer a fourth concierge package that includes overnight lodging. Some of our outof-state customers prefer to bring their Jaguar or Land Rover in themselves explained Ted Terp general manager of Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis. When they have the overnight concierge package we ll put them up in the exclusive Minneapolis Club for up to two nights. The Jaguar and the Land Rover are two very distinct vehicles. The Land Rover has been known for years as the world s most coveted luxury SUV a vehicle as rugged and practical as it is comfortable. The Jaguar on the other hand is considered the ultimate in automotive design a true work of art that is gorgeous to look at and a dream to drive. Owners of either vehicle are usually strongly committed to their vehicle of choice though you ll find that many customers at Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis own one of each. Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis is a Luther Family Dealership. The word family here offers a double meaning for customers at Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis. It means that the dealership is part of a network of dealerships that have the excellent Luther Family reputation as part of their foundation. In addition it means that Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis considers all of its customers as part of their family. Every customer near or far can expect the same personal service above and beyond what they would receive anywhere else. HLM Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis is located at 8905 Wayzata Boulevard Golden Valley Minnesota. Give them a call at 763-222-2200 or visit them online at HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 35 HERLIFE TRENDSETTER turn away from dark wintry palettes and look toward nudes pleats pops of color and asymmetrical prints and hemlines for a head-turning look this spring this page tweed and leather baseball jacket 875 silk tuxedo shir t 445 tuxedo pant 425 all pieces by malene birger available at grethen house opposite page blue printed maxi-dress 66 necklace 24 available at primp boutique HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 37 this page m. patmos colorblock cashmere sweater 495 roarke nyc beaded neckpiece 345 mother white jeans 196 available at grethen house opposite page emerald shift dress 48 necklace 16 available at primp boutique HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 39 this page denim vest 34 ivory v-neck tee 20 black pants 30 available at primp boutique opposite page jacket by harvey faircloth 295 dress by les copain 695 belt by malene birger 72.50 available at grethen house photography by momento images model maconnie dukuly of wehmann models and talent inc. hair & make-up by julie lam of wehmann models & talent inc. clothing provided by grethen house 50th & france 952.926.8725 primp boutique four metro area locations HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 41 HERLIFE FINANCE from an investment plan what do men & women want wr i tte n by we l l s f a rgo a dv i so rs to habits and attitudes but assuming that you have mutual financial goals you need a clear road map for reaching them together. You might be surprised to learn that men and women approach investment planning differently. Men are generally more comfortable operating with loose plans says Greg Shiveley First Vice President of Wells Fargo Advisors Strategic Solutions Group. Women tend to want written detailed strategies that they can use to measure their progress. A recent study by Wells Fargo Advisors Personal Investing Attitudes sheds light on how men and women differ when it comes to long-range investment planning. It s critical for both members of a couple to understand the other s needs and goals to successfully collaborate on a clear plan. 42 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM W hen couples live together in a committed marriage or partnership domestic compatibility differences come to light. One leaves the cap off the toothpaste the other insists there s just one way to load a dishwasher. We re not always on the same page when it comes It s not about adopting the other s style but about creating a plan that reflects each partner s concerns and objectives. Where do you begin Try to understand from your spouse s or partner s perspective why he or she set certain goals. Men consider this. Your woman partner feels a need for control over her financial future she also believes that having an investment plan relieves stress and anxiety. Men feel the same way but to a lesser degree. For Shiveley these numbers confirm that women put a finer point on their investment needs than men and that women and men have separate views of what an investment plan is. From a woman s perspective an investment plan is formalized process-driven and resultsoriented. Women say How do we know if we are saving enough Are we on track Men tend to believe that a plan is about having investment instruments in place and making regular contributions. Shiveley suggests three ways for couples to think more in sync about their finances. Start with equal time. Each partner should outline his or her con- cerns and priorities. Women may prioritize saving for long-term goals and men might attach more weight to how best to allocate your family s savings among stocks bonds and cash. Getting these concerns and priorities out in the open is a good first step. Use current financial decisions as a springboard. Start with financial changes that are happening right now. No one gets their financial future figured out in one conversation there s merit in breaking the task down to bite-sized pieces. Keep it simple. The object is to get started even if it means taking small steps. Try using the simple checklist on s Retirement Planning page. You can also find retirement calculators at AARP .com and other sites. Remember the goal isn t to create the plan that s perfect for just one spouse or partner. Both of you are pulling for the same team says Shiveley. You should both have a clear sense of the most important objectives for each of you and how you plan to achieve them. HLM This article was written by Wells Fargo Advisors and provided courtesy of Sharon Krumme Senior Vice President Investments in Minneapolis at 612-342-0561. Investments in securities and insurance products are NOT FDIC-INSURED NOT BANK-GUARANTEED MAY LOSE VALUE. Wells Fargo Advisors LLC Member SIPC is a registered brokerdealer and a separate non-bank affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company. 2013 Wells Fargo Advisors LLC. All rights reserved. 0513-01036 [91289-v1] 07 13 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 43 HERLIFE SPOTLIGHT W the average person. w ri tte n by k a th l e e n k r u e ge r p h o to gra p hy by m o m e nt o i m a ge s hen creativity is fueled with a passion for people the results are amazing That is one of the attributes that sets Lisa Nelson Designs customized jewelry apart from the rest. Lisa Nelson s hands have been busy crafting beautiful things as long as she can remember. With a high school art teacher for a father she learned early on that art was not about coloring inside the lines but about creating new combinations of lines shapes textures and colors. The beauty of art she learned is not found in perfection but in perception. Lisa Nelson Designs always uses the highest-quality metals and findings when creating customized stamped metal jewelry. In the studio she solders every jump ring to prevent the wearer from losing their keepsake. She also guarantees all her work including the chains. If it breaks she ll fix it for free. Going above and beyond what you might find from other custom jewelers puts Lisa Nelson Designs in a class by itself. Offering affordable pricing is just as important to Lisa. She wants her creations accessible to Another way that Lisa Nelson Designs has demonstrated their commitment to serving their clients has been their onsite customization at art shows. They bring their stamps materials and tools to the booth with them so some of their customers can take personalized pieces home with them the same day. We offer a very large selection of fonts and decorative stamps to choose from including Greek and Hebrew fonts Lisa noted. Showing her wares at the art shows is a bittersweet experience for Lisa. Originally she and her father had planned to travel to art shows together he with his paintings and Lisa with her jewelry. Her father passed on before they were able to share that dream together. You don t have to visit her booth at an art show to get your custom piece made. You may design it online through the LND website a convenience that few custom jewelers offer. You can select one of the many designs shown on the site and then add your customizations. You can choose different metals shapes textures beads decorative stamps and fonts to create just the perfect piece. Browsing the Inspiration page provides many ideas about combining shapes metals and layout. If self-design isn t for you just give Lisa a call and she ll be more than happy to work with you in creating that unique piece you re looking for. In addition to the art shows and ordering via the website or phone Lisa Nelson Designs are being offered in a growing number of retail shops. The General Store in Minnetonka was one of their first retailers. You may also discover Lisa Nelson Designs while you re traveling on vacation in northern Minnesota in the Longville area or heading south to Charles City Iowa. Many of the pieces that Lisa designs have personal stories attached to them. Lisa has created personalized pieces of significance for weddings and anniversaries births graduations sobriety milestones and sports achievements. Jewelry is a memento that can be worn as a daily reminder of loved ones and accomplishments. Memorials are another significant part of Lisa s business. Custom pieces for moms and grandmothers are always in high demand. There is no limit to the number of names or ways they can be 44 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM displayed. Since they cut and saw most of their own shapes Lisa Nelson Designs can create pieces in most sizes or shapes. Pets hold a special place in the hearts of their owners and Lisa gets many orders for custom pieces that relate to these furry family members. Some of the pieces are customized tags for pet collars or horse bridles that include a name or phone number others are key chains necklaces or bracelets that demonstrate the special relationship the owner has with their pet. People events achievements and pets are just some of the inspirations behind the custom pieces that Lisa and her design specialists craft. Other pieces may be spiritual in nature or include inspirational sayings. Lisa has also had requests for one-of-a-kind designs that symbolize support for a cause or an individual s stand on an issue of social significance. Some customers have told me that they like the idea of wearing personalized jewelry to make a statement instead of getting a tattoo which is not so easily adjusted Lisa related. All the metals Lisa uses start out flat and smooth. They cut the metal to shape and size. Per the customer s choice they create the design with various fonts decorative stamps and textures. Lisa states that it s the wide variety of choices that makes her jewelry different from others in addition to the satisfaction guarantee warranty. Complete customer satisfaction and happiness is her goal. HLM Visit their website at to create your piece find their retail locations and see their upcoming art show schedule or call Lisa at 763-560-6060. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 45 HERLIFE TRAVEL creative destinations by l i n d a r. p ri c e Adventures has schooner sailing cruises all over the coastline of North America and is recommended by Frommer s and National Geographic Adventure for their adventurous and informative trips. Their small group cruises are cared for by an expert crew a prominent naturalist and a chef. The Bears and Whales Photography Workshop goes to the Great Bear Rainforest and begins with a pre-trip photography workshop. During the trip you will line up shots onboard and ashore. Another exciting tour is the Art Holidays in the Gulf Islands National Park with author naturalist and teacher Alison Watt. Artists will see and have the opportunity to paint spring wildflowers marine mammals and thousands of sea bird congregations. Sundance Resort in Utah is one of the better-known ski resorts in the country. Sundance has become synonymous with creativity as a place where artists of all kinds are welcomed. The Sundance Film Festival is an annual event competitions are held between independent filmmakers both nationally and internationally. Sundance Resort offers single-session workshops in silversmithing or jewelry making wheel-thrown pottery watercolor or oil 46 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM C reative destinations are increasingly favored as tourist agencies and individual venues vie for clients. You can vacation at spiffy sun sea or mountain resorts and explore your creative side at the same time. How about starting with a sailing cruise Maple Leaf painting printmaking photography and charcoal and pencil drawing. There is even a glassblowing studio where you can watch as skilled glassblowers perform the magic of transforming blobs of discarded glass into objects of beauty. The Gunnison-Crested Butte Valley in the Colorado Rockies is home to spectacular scenery and mountain recreational activities such as skiing snowshoeing dog sledding and ice fishing. Several of these events have been paired with photography workshops. One adventure is an overnight cross-country ski tour and photography workshop with a local professional photographer. Another exciting class is landscape watercolor painting outdoors in a winter wonderland. The Gunnison Arts Center offers the AND series of three-hour artistic classes once a month. Recent offerings were Cocoa and Clay and Pinot and Pastels. Open-air painting has long attracted artists but en plein air became especially important in the Barbizon school and Impressionism both of which emphasized natural changing light. Later as paints became available in tubes en plein air became even more popular. The Laguna Plein Air Painters Association builds upon and promotes the landscape-painting heritage of Laguna Beach California with events programs and education. Each year Laguna Beach hosts the Laguna Beach Plein Air Paint Invitational in which top artists compete for prizes and participate in educational events environmental awareness activities and public paint-outs. The culmination of the festivities is a Collectors Party and Public Sale. The Massanutten Resort nestled in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley in McGaheysville Virginia is a year-round resort destination with 14 ski trails 36 holes of golf and a water park. Accommodations are provided through condominium rental and hotel rooms guests may participate in a wide variety of indoor classes. You can learn to make jewelry baskets soap or engage in different glass-making projects. Digital photography classes are also available. DIY Santa Fe March 2014 is a month-long showcase of the rich arts heritage and culture of Santa Fe New Mexico. The program began in 2005 after Santa Fe was named UNESCO s Creative City in the United States. More than 200 artists and artisans conduct workshops for students of all ages and abilities. All workshops have a hands-on learning and discovery component among the possibilities are tinsmithing classes clay sculpting Japanese paper making wool spinning silk painting wheel-thrown pottery photography and printmaking. Workshops are year-round and participating artists may share their best ideas talents and creations in an effort to win a free workshop with one of Santa Fe s best artists. Fredericton New Brunswick is the center for edVentures Atlantic Canada s largest and most diverse vacation programs in craft and culture. Cool Culture & Fun programs take place in July and August each year in the historic district of Garrison. Many different cultural organizations including the renowned New Brunswick College of Craft and Design the Beaverbrook Art Gallery the University of New Brunswick Arts Centre and Kings Landing Historical Settlement combine their efforts to offer top-notch cultural and Sundance has become synonymous with creativity as a place where artists of all kinds are welcomed. Sundance Resort offers single-session workshops in silversmithing or jewelry making wheel-thrown pottery watercolor or oil painting printmaking photography and charcoal and pencil drawing. crafting experiences for the amateur and the more experienced. Among the different disciplines are jewelry making pottery rug hooking knitting felting photography and the heritage program which includes workshops on herbs and medicine flax processing and open hearth baking. Additionally other workshops are available throughout the year. Many of these events trips and tours are held at specific times during the year. Check the websites for more details to see if they fit in with your travel plans better still schedule your vacation to take advantage of these exciting locations and interesting workshops. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 47 HERLIFE IN THE CITY march 1 Minneapolis Home Garden Show DATES February 26-March 2 TIMES Varies LOCATION Minneapolis Convention Center DETAILS It s that time of year again Find innovative products new ideas practical advice and great deals in remodeling home improvement and gardening with 1 000 experts under one roof. From windows and flooring to cabinets and landscaping and much more. Shop compare and save for five days only For times tickets and other information visit Hutchinson Enjoy getting decked out in snazzy attire as you saunter down the red carpet sip champagne and enjoy a night out at The Oscars Proceeds will benefit Smile Network and Aegis Foundation. For more information visit 1 Brides Against Breast Cancer DATE March 1 - 2 TIME 11 00am - 4 00pn LOCATION Millennium Hotel Minneapolis DETAILS All Minneapolis area brides and guests are invited to browse through hundreds of new and lovingly worn designer and couture wedding gowns all at incredible savings. Gowns range from 99 to 3 900 are available in all styles and in sizes 4-18. You will also meet some of the area s top wedding vendors and may enter exciting giveaways all while supporting a great cause. Brides Against Breast Cancer will contribute 2 million this year to help people impacted by cancer. For more information visit Polar Bear Plunge DATES March 1-March 25 TIMES Varies LOCATION Statewide Minnesota DETAILS The Polar Bear Plunge helps raise money for athletes participating in the Special Olympics It s the chillest event of the weekend Check out to find a location near you Public Functionary PRELUDE series 1.3 bfreshproductions Relaunch party DATE March 1 TIME 7 00 - 11 00pm LOCATION Public Functionary 1400 12th Avenue NE Minneapolis MN 55413 DETAILS The PRELUDE series invites non-traditional gallery artists to create site-specific experiences at the Public Functionary. The third in the series is bfreshproductions relaunch party an ultraSENSORY panoramic multimedia expedition featuring the new bfreshproductions. Thematic power-hours are complete with media screenings pop-up musical and movement performances and interactive gallery tours. Indulge in curated food and craft cocktails as past and current collaborators guide us into new territory throughout the evening. Head to to RSVP . 6 Women s Foundation of Minnesota presents The Stir DATE March 6 TIME 5 00-8 30pm LOCATION Marriott Minneapolis City Center DETAILS The Stir is an annual fundraising event of the Women s Foundation of Minnesota. This year s keynote speaker is Cheryl Strayed author of the 1 New York Times bestseller WILD. For more information visit 8 The Sanneh Foundation s 4th Annual Gala for Goals DATE March 8 TIME 6 30pm LOCATION The Depot Minneapolis DETAILS This gala is your unique opportunity to directly support kids within the community nation and throughout the world. Enjoy an exciting evening of entertainment and community as well as an opportunity to celebrate the successes of The Sanneh Foundation s innovative youth programs. Get tickets and find more information at 2 2014 Oscar Experience DATE March 2 TIME 5 00pm LOCATION Muse Event Center DETAILS is proud to be one of the sponsors of this year s Oscar Experience hosted by Minnesota Vikings Steve & Landyn 48 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 8 Irish for a Day 5K and 10K DATE March 8 TIME 9 00am LOCATION Lake Harriet Band Shell Minneapolis DETAILS Not Irish Not a problem Twin Cities in Motion presents 5K and 10K races for all skill levels. Run at your pace have fun with your friends and stay for the after party Register and receive a long-sleeve T-shirt pint glass warm beverages during the race post-race treats parties and more Visit to register 22 The Sound of Music Sing-a-long DATE March 22 TIME 11 30am 6 30pm LOCATION Ordway Theater DETAILS This show is a screening of the classic Julie Andrews film in its glorious full-screen Technicolor with subtitles for audience interaction. Attendees are encouraged to wear costumes for a chance to win prizes in a costume contest which begins one half hour prior to the performance times. For tickets head to 9 Flavors of Twin Cities DATE March 9 LOCATION Hyatt Regency Minneapolis DETAILS Chefs from all over the Twin Cities join together to create a fivecourse dining experience. Each course is enhanced by specially selected beverages and each chef donates their time products and talents to make Flavors of Twin Cities a night of pampered elegance. Proceeds will benefit American Liver Foundation. For tickets and other information visit 23 Rick Springfield DATE March 23 TIME 7 00pm LOCATION Pantages Theatre DETAILS Grammy -award-winning musician actor and New York Times bestselling author Rick Springfield is heading to the Twin Cities Springfield s The Stripped Down Tour will include storytelling a few of Springfield s many hits songs from his latest CD Songs for the End of the World old favorites that the singer has never played live and a question and answer session with the audience following the concert. For tickets visit 12 The 10 Minute Leadership Challenge Book Launch DATE March 12 TIME 8am - 9 30am LOCATION Saint Catherine University Coeur de Catherine Ballroom 2004 Randolph Avenue St. Paul DETAILS Come celebrate the launch of Margaret Smith s first book The 10 Minute Leadership Challenge. Margaret of UXL has pulled from her 30 years of business and leadership experiences to identify ten leadership attributes that she believes are the deal breakers to your success. Each chapter takes ten minutes to read and is meant to inspire you to try a new behavior or action that will make a significant impact on your team s performance your business results and personal effectiveness. Breakfast served. Register at on the book page. 29 Jillian Michaels Maximize Your Life DATE March 29 TIME 8 00pm LOCATION Pantages Theatre DETAILS Jillian takes the stage in this intimate and uniquely personal live experience that provides the tools and motivation to harness potential kick-start goals and live the exceptional life. Imagine. Believe. Achieve. These words define the core of Jillian s message. In an exhilarating twohour show Jillian will awaken you to reignite your passion define your goals and live in your authentic truth. She will teach you how to redefine your self-image dramatically enhance your confidence and self-worth and blast through all internal and external obstacles. For tickets and more information visit 17 St. Patrick s Day Parade DATE March 17 TIME 6 30pm LOCATION Nicollet Mall DETAILS The Minneapolis St. Patrick s Day Association welcomes your family to join this year in celebrating St. Patrick s Day 2014 All calendar event submissions must be received by March 5th for the April issue and adhere to our guidelines. E-mail lhutchins for guidelines or to submit entries. Brought to you by HERLIFE Magazine and HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 49