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We welcome your ideas articles and feedback. 8 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE CONTENTS features 26 22 48 18 68 12 14 16 Welcome From the Publisher Health Toxic Emotions Mother s Perspective What Your Pediatrician Wishes You Knew Green Living Family Outings Without Technology Spotlight Doctor s Hospital of Manteca Beauty Beauty Tool Necessities Cosmetic Surgery Strattice And Chemical Peels 26 30 Inspirations Jamie Butler Integrative Medicine Neurotransmitters And Sugar Cravings Cravings Whisky Barrel Tavern Culinary Top Culinary Schools Recipes Eggs Benedict With Salmon Easy Chinese Orange Beef Stir Fry Behind The Menu Woodbridge Crossing Wine Wine Aerators 42 44 46 48 54 60 62 68 70 Foodies Prime Lodge Getaways For Lovers Spotlight O Connor Woods Trendsetter A Bohemian Wedding Special Advertising Section Bridal Resources She Said Yes Allison and Dave Tie The Knot Jordan and Andrew Real Estate You ve Moved What s Next Spotlight Diane Comporato-Gallagher 72 74 Home Organizing Your Garage Working Women Transforming The Art Of Closing The Deal Finance Advice For Cosigning A Loan Book Club Mother Daugher Me Scene and be Seen Women Wear Red Center Of Attention Lincoln Center Education Reasonable Horoscope Calendar of Events 32 34 36 76 78 80 82 84 86 88 18 20 22 24 38 40 10 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE WELCOME spring cleaning T his month s Home article on Organizing Your Garage has inspired me to start organizing and to begin downsizing on all of the belongings I have been collecting over the years. I started in my closet and ended in the garage. My front yard was also targeted in my frenzy of cleaning and organization. I woke up one offered to help me unload the trailer and I immediately stopped them. To deny a girl of launching years of junk she had been holding on to was just wrong in my opinion. They backed off as I started to unload and I pitched a broken lawn chair like a shot put into the pit below me. I threw each item with as much gumption as the first until I was out of breath and my trailer was empty. I headed home with a sense of relief and accomplishment. Spring cleaning has been a refreshing start to a new season. With help from friends and family I was able to breathe some fresh life into my home and the organization has saved time and alleviated stress in my daily life. I d like to thank my mom the expert in cleaning frenzies and my dad for teaching me how to load and back up with a trailer. Our family trips to The Dump are unique memories I will never forget. I appreciate being treated like one of the boys and always being included in the dirty work. p h o to by st u di o m o h s o h Saturday morning and realized that for the past three or four months with the stresses of being a working mom and over the holiday season I had blinders on. I was so focused on work that I didn t see the weeds in the flower beds. I didn t see that my citrus trees had dropped their leaves because I had stopped watering them. I didn t see that the walls of clutter in my garage were piling up around my car and I didn t notice that the inside of my house needed some attention as well. I was on autopilot and in my survival mode I could only see what my mind thought I could handle. The cleaning gardening and organizing lasted through three weekends. I tackled the inside of the house first which led to several trips to the Lodi House Thrift Store and Goodwill. Once I made my way to the garage I loaded up my dad s trailer and headed out to the county landfill. I will be honest here I rather enjoy going to the landfill or as we call it in my family The Dump. Once you get past the smell the act of throwing everything over the ledge into the piles below is exhilarating. For this particular trip I was alone and happy to have the whole load to dispose of by myself. When I pulled into the shed one of the workers looked at me sideways as I whipped the truck and trailer around and backed up perfectly into my designated space. I hopped out by that point I had an audience. Several workers K i m b e r l y Mu l l e n facebook Herlife of Central Valley twitter HERlifeCali pinterest HERLIFE California 12 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE HEALTH toxic emotions by h e a th e r n o b l e p h d begin and end within yourself. You started comparing yourself to someone else and using a myopic and self-deprecating lens you viewed this person as having accomplished everything and anything you ve desired. Simply put you ve come up short in your self-assessment and the associated thoughts and feelings bring about raw and painful sensations. You know in such cases you only feel worse but it s hard to stop yourself from feeling this way. Toxic emotions don t just happen however. Somehow you got these feelings started and kept them fueled. The more you know about your reactions the more empowered you will be to buffer yourself from allowing these emotions to reach toxic levels. Begin by identifying your toxic emotions. Consider the following questions and to benefit yourself the most be honest as you look inside yourself for the answers. Do you keep a safe distance from others so that you can avoid vulnerability Did something painful happen to you in the past that keeps you from fulfilling your aspirations in the present Do you often feel irritable and take out your frustrations on others through hurtful words and actions When others first meet you do they hear about your life s hardships within the first 20 minutes of becoming acquainted 14 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM A t some point someone did something to upset you. That person s words and actions have long come and gone but if you give them much thought your anger is easily reignited and felt just as intensely as ever. Maybe you don t need to think about another s actions the source of your frustration might with you Do you tend to compare yourself to others In these situations do you come out ahead or behind Do your obligations to others feel endless Do you avoid emotions through the use of alcohol and drugs or by overeating shopping working watching television or surfing the internet Regardless of how much others support you does it feel as if it s never enough Do you really think that things will not get better Often the most meaningful question is which of these questions struck a chord or irritated you the most Common toxic emotions include shame hurt anger guilt jealousy and hopelessness. If you are experiencing any toxic emotions it s time to stop their brewing. Also keep in mind that this is a time for great caution if you need to make any major decisions or alterations in life. If your feelings are intense and raw you likely do not see the bigger picture. Know what it is you are experiencing and shine a clear light of self-awareness upon it. Such emotions take their worst toll when you do not acknowledge and understand them. However once you know the emotions residing within yourself you are no longer susceptible to unconscious reactions to others and to yourself. You sharpen your clarity by knowing what you feel along with why you feel it and you can then choose what you do with it. Simply having this personal insight is often a major step toward personal growth and no longer being at the mercy of knee-jerk reactions. That is not to say you will rid yourself of emotional reactions including ones that can be quite unpleasant. That would be impossible and arguably unhealthy. Rather you can avoid pushing the emotion back into the dark re- cesses of your mind trying to pretend that it does not exist and will not impact you. It is not something to fight it is something to know and integrate within yourself. Toxic emotions have the potential to use you or they can be something you use to better understand yourself and the world around you. Then you can make clear choices about how best to proceed. So in the past someone indeed did something that upset you. It did hurt and it might have even damaged that relationship beyond repair. However you are now equipped with better self-knowledge about the pain you may feel and ways in which you can appropriately assert yourself to minimize experiencing those harmful dynamics again. You used your hurt and anger to develop stronger skills for navigating and strengthening relationships. Or you have noticed that you frequently internally play the comparison game with others and it leaves you with insatiable envy and a self-proclaimed label as the loser. This can be an unending game ironically no one ever wins this contest. Know if this is your propensity and be aware when you start gearing up to only put yourself down. This does not need to be a pattern you continue. Acknowledge it for what it is and know that you need to actively channel your energy and focus it into thoughts and activities that leverage your self-esteem and self-confidence. Above all remember that you are human and mistakes are part of life. Avoid compounding toxic emotions by learning from the past regularly practicing self-forgiveness and being thoughtful in how you move forward. HLM For more information and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 15 HERLIFE MOTHER S PERSPECTIVE what your pediatrician wishes you knew by c i n dy m c d e r m o tt N lifestyle. o matter the medical specialty to get the most out of your healthcare provider appointments you should develop a working relationship with your doctor. In turn your doctor should also be open to developing this relationship with you. Together you can devise the strategy to help you realize a healthy Good diet and exercise offer children a lot of protection but it s a given that your little one will get sick. However you shouldn t live in fear of your child getting ill because it might be seen as a failure. A resilient immune system is one that learns how to get sick and get better. Living too clean a life robs us of the information necessary to be fully prepared to recover remarks Dr. Cowan. There are natural ways we can support our children to recover from illness quickly and efficiently good nutrition hydration probiotics rest and exercise. Whether it s a fever or a runny nose a symptom is the body s way of letting us know that something should be altered. Together you and your doctor should determine what the symptom is trying to indicate. Children have taught me that a symptom like fever is actually not the problem. Whatever is causing the fever may be a problem but the temperature is simply the body s way of trying to deal with what s happening reveals Dr. Cowan. Rushing to determine what might be wrong with your child may mean logging onto your computer and searching for answers. But calling your doctor should be the first move you make. Many parents waste valuable time looking for answers when the pediatrician may have a completely different diagnosis or solution notes Revelant. The internet can be a great resource for information but it s important to determine who the author of the content is what their credentials are and if they have the appropriate training to give an opinion. While your pediatrician has the medical training you truly are the expert on your child. One of the most important things I teach new parents is how to trust themselves said Dr. Cowan. Take a tip from your baby. Look into your baby s eyes. Mindful parenting begins by listening with an open heart to your child s life without fear or panic. Studies have shown that a mother s intuition is more powerful than any lab test in picking up problems. Coupling your knowledge and your pediatrician s experience is one of the best ways to draw up the blueprints for a healthy lifestyle for your child. Together you can forge a solid partnership to ensure the well-being of your son or daughter. HLM Information for this article has been taken from articles written by Dr. Stephan Cowan a board certified pediatrician with 25 years of clinical experience working with children and Julie Revelant a freelance writer specializing in parenting health and women s issues. When it comes to your children the relationship with your pediatrician is even more critical as you take on the role of advocate for your youngster. To get the most out of your child s appointments with his or her pediatrician your doctor should work with you to build a healthy foundation for your child s future. As a team you can construct the plan to realize a significant investment in your child. As in any construction project the best way to build that foundation is with a set of good blueprints that are researched and analyzed. This is much like the preparation you should undertake for your child s well visits. Keep a list of questions or information you want to share with your pediatrician and update it on a regular basis. Use a notebook or folder to house these details and keep it in a handy location. Right before your appointment review your file to refresh your memory. Then share your questions or concerns with your pediatrician at the beginning of the appointment. One of your notes may be about your child s development but it s crucial to remember that growth and development are not a race. According to pediatrician Dr. Stephan Cowan it s important to remember that children grow in cycles. There is a rhythm and pulse to each child s life sometimes fast and intense sometimes slow and quiet writes Dr. Cowan. Just as each spring brings a renewed sense of appreciation for life each stage of a child s life is a time of new discovery and wonder. A very critical way parents can guide their child s development is with a healthy diet and exercise. Your pediatrician is a wealth of information on healthy foods portion control and activity levels. But the weight is on you to tackle the problem now and not set the stage for a lifetime of trouble. With more than 30 percent of children in America considered overweight or obese it s an epidemic and something your pediatrician wants you to start thinking about as early as the toddler years notes Julie Revelant freelance writer specializing in parenting health and women s issues and a mother. 16 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 17 HERLIFE GREEN LIVING without technology by h e a th e r n o b l e p h d family outings its presence. In the living room someone is frequently checking e-mail and social media sites on a laptop. The iPad is especially treasured for watching videos and playing games. In the kitchen another laptop is referenced for recipes. On occasion at the dinner table and probably of worst offense someone takes out a cell phone to read the latest messages and respond to them. The allure of a blinking light a vibration or a sound is just too strong. It beckons us and as long as I am being honest with you I ll freely admit that we are pulled to technology even when we do not receive any notification from it. We are in a deeply intertwined relationship with it. Technology has become our quick medical consultant picture and video recorder for special moments unlimited entertainer educator for our child s interests in science and main method of communication with each other and with loved ones far away. Technology is a faithful member of our family and we rarely leave home without it. When does our involvement with this family member become too much After all it does take something away from our interactions with and enjoyment of each other. Research also indicates that too much technology can lead to sleep disturbance and can inhibit one s natural attention span. Of additional concern is the likelihood that children will be exposed to advertisements and material that should otherwise be avoided. So if you want to minimize the role of technology as we sometimes aim to do what do you focus upon and do instead I f you step inside our home you won t have to walk far before seeing a family portrait with a mother father and son. Yet I ll be the first to admit that we have another family member that s invisible in most pictures. It s a bit embarrassing but technology plays a major role in our family life. You wouldn t have to stay long in our home to witness Get outside and enjoy some fresh air This means leaving the electronics behind. Completely. Relish the sights and sounds of the great outdoors Children are naturally inclined to enjoy being outside and parents often find it thrilling to see the world through their children s eyes. Strolling through parks enjoying the zoo and playing with balls and kites can easily become favorite activities. It s good exercise for everyone involved too. Find a creative and artistic activity Time passes quickly and enjoyably when family members are immersed in drawing sculpting clay or Play-Doh painting and stretching themselves to be architects with blocks and other building materials. The conversations that ensue during these activities can be priceless too. It s an opportunity to laugh at silliness and to revel in innovative creations. Volunteer There are countless ways in which children and families benefit from providing support and assistance to others. Learn more about the people animals and causes that you might be serving. Beyond that volunteering fosters and ingrains the values of compassion and generosity. We make a direct investment in children s futures when we teach them to be committed and involved members of our society. Play in the kitchen Everyone has to eat sooner or later and it can be more fulfilling when we put together our own meals and snacks. This one is a bit tricky because some recipes may come from online sources. Be careful to maintain that boundary just reference the necessary webpage or consider printing 18 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM the recipe in advance. After all it is good to minimize any potential for spilling something on the technological device. Some special masterpieces from the kitchen might come directly from the dessert arena including brownies cookies and cakes. The decorating phase can be especially rewarding. Children love to be creative and artistic and the thought of making a tasty treat may provide great inspiration Set limits around time devoted to technology This process may be especially challenging because likely the limits will need to apply to all family members. Again I will be the first to admit that our family does experience some withdrawal symptoms when we cut back. However it is important. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents limit children over two years of age to only one or two hours per day of quality entertainment from technology. Depending upon the situation including when children are sick the appropriate amount will need to be considered for each unique family. It warrants ongoing consideration nevertheless because we do spend more time connected to devices than we sometimes realize. I know my family benefits from unplugging and I sometimes forget how our efforts to do this are actually a return to the way in which we grew up. We did not have laptops iPads and cell phones at that time in our lives and we grew up quite well. HLM For more information visit and family. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 19 HERLIFE SPOTLIGHT Doctors Hospital of Manteca Quality Medicine with a Hometown Heart L 20 wr it t en by r eb ec c a f l a n sb u rg p h o to s by b ri g g s p h o to gra p hy Another point of pride is their online emergency room registration process that allows incoming patients to secure a place for non-emergency conditions and results in shorter ER wait times. Our emergency room typically has a lower wait time than competing hospitals which makes it well worth the short drive to Manteca cited chief nursing officer Patricia Pidge Gooch MSN RN. An average wait time is updated throughout the day at and online ER registration available through InQuicker on our home page allows patients to save their place online. A recent redesign and reconstruction of the Doctors Hospital emergency department entrance was done to satisfy ADA requirements as well as improve the way the hospital receives walk-in patients in the emergency department. During the construction despite the chaos the staff nurses and physicians in the ER were able to reduce the number of patients that left without being seen to fewer than two percent while the national average is about three percent Pidge confirmed. This constant focus on improving all aspects of how care is delivered is tremendously important to the community we serve. Another example of their commitment to giving back to the community is evident in their extensive volunteerism. Staff at Doctors Hospital at all levels are involved in many community organizations including Sorop- ast year was a very busy year for Doctors Hospital of Manteca. This state-of-the-art hospital experienced 716 births 947 inpatient surgeries more than 27 000 ER visits and a whopping 29 637 outpatient visits. These are all impressive statistics that speak to the hospital s commitment to serving the growing Central Valley community in their greatest time of need. Doctors Hospital of Manteca has been setting the standard of inpatient and outpatient clinical care for citizens of the Central Valley area for more than 50 years. The hospital s mission is deeply rooted in the belief that each patient expects and deserves to be treated in the same manner the hospital staff would want for their own families and loved ones. Working to maintain a feeling of small-town comfort as a high priority Doctors Hospital offers many advanced services such as private patient rooms expanded and enhanced imaging services emergency room services a full-service inpatient pharmacy ICU CCU and obstetrical services. All are designed for the care comfort and convenience of their patients. This busy hospital has also been recognized four years running as a Certified Quality Breast Center by the National Consortium of Breast Centers along with a Level Two Distinction for their Center for Surgical Weight Loss. Doctors Hospital is also recognized as a Cigna Certified Bariatric Center. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM timist International various Chambers of Commerce Rotary Club Boys and Girls Club and Give Every Child a Chance. They also proudly support many of our local non-profit organizations such as Second Harvest Food Bank Hospice of San Joaquin and others. If 2013 was a busy year for this growing medical facility 2014 promises to be even more so. We are proud to be offering additional options to the community in 2014 including services such as interventional radiology. These procedures allow a specially trained physician to use minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat diseases throughout the body added Pidge. Another new and unique service to which patients of Doctors Hospital of Manteca will have access in 2014 is laser cataract surgery. This state-of-the art procedure provides the ease and precision of a laser assisting in the initial steps in the procedure and its technology is very similar to LASIK surgery. We are also excited about the addition of an advanced Wound Care Center revealed Pidge. Our new Wound Care Center is being developed to allow specialized treatment of wounds with hyperbaric oxygen and other procedures closer to home. Because Doctors Hospital of Manteca is surrounded by much larger facilities in the Central Valley this professional team knows they must always strive to stay abreast of the latest technologies and expertise and each staff member commits to doing so with the attention to personal services expected at a community hospital. I am so proud of the tremendous team we get to work with every day affirmed Pidge. Our physicians are top notch and proud members of the community. Our staff members are your neighbors and we take seriously our responsibility to enhance your hospital experience to be the best it can be under sometimes difficult circumstances. We are proud to provide high-quality medicine with a hometown heart. HLM Doctors Hospital of Manteca is located at 1205 East North Street Manteca. Reach them at (209)-823-3111 and learn more at HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 21 HERLIFE BEAUTY beauty tool necessities by l i n d say l a d e ro u te hundreds of brushes to choose from and so many tools to use where do you even start If you re feeling overwhelmed with the options and have no idea where to start we have you covered. We ve narrowed hundreds of tools down to fewer than 20 beauty tool necessities that will make your face a masterpiece in no time. Let s begin with the base of your masterpiece foundation brushes. The first thing to think about when deciding on a foundation brush is what kind of foundation you use. For pressed powder a kabuki brush is best. The bristles are tighter which allows you to pick up powder from the compact evenly and without flinging it everywhere. Kabuki brushes provide a solid layer of foundation over the face giving you full coverage. Mineral or loose foundation requires a brush with a larger head and looser bristles so that you can grab enough powder but tap off the excess easily. This brush is also best for any kind of setting powder. If liquid foundation is more your style a flat-topped brush with the width of two to three inches is the best choice. A traditional foundation brush one that is narrow and thin can cause streaks and make you look painted on. The flat-top brush will allow you to easily blend build product and create a flawless airbrushed look that still looks natural. 22 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM A ny work of art needs the right tools to create it. Makeup is just as much art as a Picasso painting and to make it just as great you need to start with the right tools. But with To get killer cheekbones the best choice is a medium-sized fluffy brush with angled bristles. This will allow you to get more color on the apples and less up your cheeks giving you a natural and even blush. Using cream or stick blush Then you already have the best tools-- your fingertips. Apply stick onto the apples of your cheeks then blend out for cream dip your fingers into the product and slowly build onto your cheeks. To complete your cheeks contour with bronzer and highlighter. The absolute best brush for bronzer is a small very slightly domed brush. This style will easily fit into the crevice under your cheekbone giving you fabulous definition with one swipe. The flat foundation brush that gives streaks is actually perfect to use for any kind of highlighter. It fits perfectly on the top of your cheeks when you smile giving you the best angle for highlighting. Think you need ten different eye shadow brushes to get the job done Think again To achieve alluring eyes you really need only five types of brushes. The first is a medium flat angled brush that resembles the shape of the traditional foundation brush. This does double duty for your base color and highlighter. The bristles are tight enough to allow easy control of color and it is the perfect size for your eyelid and brow bone. To define your crease use a coneshaped brush. This shape sits perfectly between your eyelid and brow bone giving you the perfect definition every time. Blending is easiest with a medium sized brush with fluffy bristles they will smooth colors together giving you defined yet soft eyes. If using cream eyeliner a tiny angled brush with tight bristles gives you full control. Smudging and softening eyeliner is simple with a smudge brush the brush that looks like an eraser. Clean up is a snap with a fan brush simply sweep it lightly under your eyes to brush away any eye shadow fallout. Perfect eyelashes depend on two tools an eyelash curler and a brow brush. To get the best volume for your lashes use a lash curler before you apply mascara. To get the most volume from an eyelash curler invest in a heated curler. It acts like a curling iron for your eyelashes giving you the most curl and big volume. Following your mascara use the bristled side of the brow brush to give more volume and the teeth side to separate and define lashes. To get compliment-worthy brows use tweezers that are angled instead of pointed they can get the closest to the follicle and make grabbing the hairs easy. Use some brow pomade with the bristle side of the brow brush and your brows will fall right into place. Adding these beauty tool necessities will guarantee that you create a work of art every morning. With the right brushes and correct tools you can feel confident in creating a beautiful look in no time at all. So forget needing a ton of tools. Using the few described above will get you a perfect face without so much fuss. HLM Sources HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 23 HERLIFE COSMETIC SURGERY JOSEPH R. BURLIN MD American Board of Plastic Surgery Stanford Trained More than 25 Years of Experience Strattice and Chemical Peels Q. I ve read about a new injectable filler material that is coming out soon that reportedly lasts two years. Is that true A. Physicians have been injecting various materials into lines and wrinkles of the face for many years. The first commercially available injectable was produced in the 1980s and was called collagen. It immediately transformed the landscape of facial rejuvenation by providing a means for physicians to treat deep lines and wrinkles for which there were no decent and or safe alternative options. The biggest problem was that it only lasted about two months. Due largely to the enormous early success of collagen other companies sprang up to capitalize on the idea of injecting substances into the face to improve appearance. Over the next few years the substance hyaluronic acid or HA emerged as the leading filler material due to its high degree of effectiveness and safety. With the passage of time scientists learned how to manufacture the HA to make it last longer and longer within the tissues. The two most common injectable materials available today are Allergan s Juv derm and Restylane by Q-Med. I have more familiarity with Juv derm because that is what we have selected to use in our office. Given the continuous improvement to the product(s) over the last 30 to 35 years we now see much less tissue reactivity and a greatly prolonged duration of action (8 to 12 months). Allergan has just released a new product Voluma which is the first injectable filler to correct volume loss in the cheek area especially over the cheekbone region. A full cheek area is typically a feature of youthfulness. In European clinical studies the effects of Voluma were noted to last 18 to 24 months. Note that Voluma is designed only for deep tissue voluminizing and not for lips cheek folds or wrinkles. ing to correct but a new technology has made a world of difference in the success rate of both eliminating the scar tissue around the breast implants (cosmetic or reconstructive) and making sure that the scar tissue does not return. This technology takes advantage of a special material (acellular dermal matrix grafts or ADMs). I recently discussed this subject in a HERLIFE article. Of note is that the January 2014 issue of the plastic surgery professional journal has an article on the subject. In this study by the Department of Plastic Surgery at the Georgetown University School of Medicine they reported a group of 154 patients with a 95.5 percent long-term success rate using an ADM. Interestingly in my own experience with approximately 110 patients we also show a 97% percent success rate with ADM (Strattice). For patients who have had breast implant surgery and are unsatisfied because the breasts feel too hard or firm there are now treatment options that are enormously successful. Q. A friend recently underwent a medium strength chemical peel. Her skin looks great. Who is the proper person to go to for a chemical peel an aesthetician or a physician A. A chemical peel is the application of a mild acid solution to the face for the purpose of making the skin softer smoother and providing more even coloration. Chemical peel procedures are very commonly performed in my office. There are three kinds of peels based on how deep the acid penetrates the skin. There are superficial or light peels utilizing glycolic lactic salicylic and Jessner s solutions. These peels are typically performed by aestheticians and take about three days for healing and recovery. Next there are medium depth peels which primarily utilize trichloracetic acid or TCA. These peels are somewhat more aggressive and penetrate deeper into the skin. These peels tend to significantly brighten and refresh the skin but take slightly longer about five days for healing and recovery. Medium-depth chemical peels are typically performed only by physicians. Not that many doctors perform deep chemical peels anymore as it takes weeks for healing and recovery the peel is substantially stronger and there is an increased risk for complications and it has been shown that a series of medium peels performed periodically over time is just as good as or better than a single deep peel with only a fraction of the down time. HLM Q. Does StratticeTM really work to correct and prevent scar tissue collection around breast implants A. Approximately 350 000 women undergo cosmetic breast augmentation procedures each year. Of this relatively large group the overwhelming majority of patients do well but about 5 percent of them will develop a situation following surgery in which a thick layer of scar tissue forms around the breast implant devices causing the normally soft and natural-feeling breast to become harder and firmer than desired. This situation is called breast implant scar encapsulation. Traditionally this has been challeng- If you have questions or would like to hear about a certain topic relating to cosmetic surgery or skin care please email your questions to Kimberly 24 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE INSPIRATIONS 26 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM t Jamie Butler Kitchen Class & Fun on the Go wr it t en by r eb ec c a f l a n sb u rg p h o to s by b ri g g s p h o to gra p hy hair and m akeup by m ela n i e c l a rdy o f p e rf e c t b a l a n c e sa l o n & d ay sp a take this fascination of mobile to a whole new level. With the help of a large truck the love of gourmet kitchen accessories and a healthy dose of creativity she has developed a unique kitchen boutique on wheels that offers the latest in high quality home d cor gourmet kitchen gadgets and impressive cookware. This creative business idea that puts a new spin on the food truck trend is not a huge stretch for this forward-thinking entrepreneur. After spending many years as a manager and buyer for a kitchenware store Jamie used her passion and knowledge of quality cookware and kitchen gadgets to fuel the desire to start her own business. She also noted that outlying communities didn t have access to the same resources for gourmet kitchenware that the bigger cities had this fact was instrumental in her decision to take her gourmet kitchen accessory business on the road. When I worked as a buyer I not only fell in love with the great colors and design of kitchen tools but I learned how to appreciate quality cookware as well Jamie confirmed. I really wanted to share that appreciation with customers who also valued quality kitchenware but didn t readily have access to it. Using her knowledge of the gourmet brands and connections to wholesale suppliers Jamie W e ve all heard of mobile phones and even mobile homes but a mobile kitchen boutique As the mobile industry booms and mobile retail stores are popping up all over California owner Jamie Butler of The Butler s Pantry in Escalon has decided to began reaching out to see if they were open to the idea of having their products showcased in a mobile boutique. Not one supplier said no Jamie revealed proudly. I opened The Butler s Pantry in May 2013 and all my suppliers have been 100 percent behind me since day one. With the help of her brother who manages an auto customizing business Jamie used her knack for creativity to design a vibrant and classy mobile kitchen boutique truck that used bold colors and fun graphics to entice potential shoppers. Her mobile store s interior which looks like a miniature version of a higher-end kitchenware shop is filled with the latest in kitchen tools cookware and accessories that are both practical and trendy. Numerous demo stations are available within the truck s interior allowing guests to try the knives kitchen gadgets and even the cookware. It s a unique hands on approach to shopping that her customers seem to appreciate. The Butler s Pantry stocks familiar and well-known brands such as OXO Good Grips Chef n Joseph Joseph Microplane Tovolo Zyliss SCANPAN and Kyocera offered Jamie. Most of the kitchen tools range in price from 5 to around 20. Fun kitchen tools are an affordable way to bring your kitchen to life as well. The best part of my job is getting people excited about cooking and it s amazing how easy cooking can be if you have quality cookware. Jamie spends many hours on new product research and prides herself on carrying innovative cooking products that cannot be found in the average retail store. One of my favorite products on the truck HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 27 is a nonstick cookware line called SCANPAN she noted. SCANPAN in my opinion is the best-performing nonstick pan on the market. It s a PFOA-free nonstick surface that s oven dishwasher and metal utensil safe. This is a must-have in the kitchen whether you are a beginner or a pro. With an eye on upcoming trends she also predicts that the Govina It s not just busy moms and cooking lovers who are flocking to The Butler s Pantry. Lately I ve been asked to attend bridal showers they re a lot of fun and a great idea Jamie shared. For the guests who have been married for a while it s a chance to see what s new for the kitchen plus it helps out the bride-to-be who is new to cooking. By having friends and family around the cookware and gadgets brides can get great advice about what they might find very useful in the kitchen. I m also happy to announce that I will be offering a wedding registry through my website this spring. Despite the uniqueness of her business Jamie s biggest challenge has been finding creative ways to educate clients who are not always familiar with the high-quality brands her boutique carries. Scheduled stops such as the Farmer s Market in Manteca Off the Grid Picnic at the Presidio and the monthly Treasure Island Flea Market combined with private parties and showings have proven beneficial in spreading the word and getting her in front of interested buyers. There is a little bit of perception that because I am a mobile store I am not legit Jamie said. Another misconception is that my prices must be higher because The Butler s Pantry is a boutique. Both couldn t be farther from the truth. Visiting a wide variety of places has helped me show people I am a legitimate business with amazing products that anyone can use. stemless shatterproof and recyclable wine glasses will be a hot seller during the upcoming summer party season. These wine glasses that look and perform like crystal wine glasses are actually made from a food-safe BPAfree polymer that reflects a wine s color and aromatics much like crystal. Govina glasses are perfect for outdoor entertaining or a picnic in the park allowing users to have the class of glass without the worry of breakage. Popular and trendy products aside there is another big reason Jamie s customers are clamoring for more. The ability to take her store to people instead of vice versa is striking a chord with shoppers. Private booking and home parties that allow Jamie to bring the goodness of The Butler s Pantry s amazing products right to a customer s door are becoming more popular than ever. My customers appreciate that they can gather with friends look at touch and even try out new kitchenware without having to leave the comfort of their homes Jamie confirmed. Our home parties are really taking off and the incentive of 100 toward merchandise for the hostess is an exciting bonus too. 28 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM my business works very well with my life affirmed Jamie. I m the William and my husband and I love that my business allows me to spend time with him during another dream of owning my own business. the day yet I can still live out mother of a three year-old son The mobility and flexibility of Improving marketing and visibility are also goals for this young business. Testing different venues and events such as farmers markets and even visits to businesses so that employees can shop on their lunch break have proven successful. Setting her sights on bigger venues in 2014 Jamie will be taking The Butler s Pantry to the Vintage Faire Mall in Modesto and starting in June her mobile boutique can be found every Wednesday at the Oakdale Farmer s Market. She also plans to make a return visit to the Urban Farm Sale in Ripon in May. I m working on creating a more set schedule for 2014 cited Jamie. That will make it easier for my customers to find me and know where I will be next. As many working moms know juggling a successful business and a family is not an easy task. Jamie admits she sometimes struggles to find that balance but feels very blessed by the nature of her growing business. The mobility and flexibility of my business works very well with my life affirmed Jamie. I m the mother of a three year-old son William and my husband and I love that my business allows me to spend time with him during the day yet I can still live out another dream of owning my own business. What advice does Jamie have for other women in business Follow your heart I m proud that I have found the confidence to follow my dreams. I love my job and I love retail. It s crazy to think I can make this aluminum box on wheels into an amazing business but it s also a good lesson that sometimes you need to not be scared to take that first step take a leap of faith and simply follow your dreams. HLM To learn more about The Butler s Pantry visit Jamie s website or connect with her on Facebook. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 29 HERLIFE INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE neurotransmitters and sugar cravings unnatural foods foods not found in nature like refined sugars and flours processed foods of any kinds have become dependent and even addicted to those foods. Sugars in particular can become a slippery slope. When we consume something like candy an unnaturally sweet treat dopamine a neurotransmitter that helps control feelings of reward and pleasure is released. Our brains then make the connection consuming this sugar makes us feel good. This can easily turn into a craving for sugar A s everyone tries to keep their New Year s resolutions of losing weight eating better and getting in better shape I d like to talk about neurotransmitters and sugar cravings. For many people simply eating better won t do the trick for getting your body back on track. In general those of us who consume when we re feeling down stressed upset our brain reminds us that sugar is a quick pick-me-up triggering a craving. The best way to combat and convince your brain to stop craving sugar Stop eating sugar The most effective way is to revamp your diet by following something like the Paleo diet and eating foods that come from the earth naturally your body will stop craving the refined and processed foods that it doesn t need anyways. Quitting cold turkey is realistically the only way to readjust your body s cravings. So drop the processed foods and start dropping the weight Dr. Lisa Hunt Lisa J. Hunt D.O. is the Medical Director of Valley Wellness Center in Modesto whose mission is to build on every level of your health to achieve the best quality of life. She is Board certified in Family Medicine and Holistic and Integrative Medicine. She specializes in anti-aging treatment natural thyroid replacement menopause andropause therapy (including bio-identical hormone replacement) strengthening the immune system neurotransmitter analysis replacement and nutritional support guidance. 30 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 31 HERLIFE CRAVINGS whisky barrel tavern w ri tte n by a d ri a n a b ro g ge r p h o to s by b re b as z l e r are very popular with customers Jerry recommends having them with the (delicious ) macaroni and cheese. One of my favorite meals is a rib eye steak. I love a highly marbled robust ribeye. In fact it s kind of an obsession. I order them everywhere. The rib eye at WBT is an amazing 16-ounce thick cut rib eye grilled to order and served with your choice of side and seasonal vegetables. The steak was perfectly cooked for me and I loved the chipotle compound butter on top. Jerry takes great pride in the highquality meat he serves. We have the best steaks and burgers in town. I know those are big words to say but I stand behind them Next up was the chicken pot pie. I was eager to try it since I know it s a customer favorite. One bite and I can certainly see why. The hearty chicken dish is a deconstructed take on the traditional chicken pot pie. It features Mary s Free Range Chicken raised here in the San Joaquin Valley and packs a ton of flavor The chicken I 32 t s a saloon. It s a bar. It s a restaurant. Yes this is a bar but it s a very nice restaurant as well. With that Jerry Wolfe co-owner of the Whiskey Barrel Tavern in Stockton with Dale Walden summed up his establishment. After a second he added Best food in Stockton and the best bands in the area Located in Stockton s historic Miracle Mile WBT is easily one of the coolest new spots in town. When I first walked in I was impressed with the country chic d cor and attention to detail within the theme. With recycled pallet wood on the walls farmhouse picnic tables and Charlie Daniels playing overhead WBT makes you feel that you ve stepped back into the wild wild West. This place oozes country cool. Back to the food and music. We ll start with the food. The food at WBT is phenomenal The menu features down home honest wholesome cooking. The menu I built is based on the foods I was raised on which are basically home-style comfort foods Jerry said. The cabbage rolls are a recipe from Jerry s German grandmother. They taste like only a recipe handed down through the generations can taste. Perfectly seasoned the cabbage rolls are filled with a mixture of 75 percent ground beef 25 percent ground pork onions and celery and then slow cooked in a tomato sauce. The rolls HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM is mixed with delicious vegetables in a savory broth with a buttery flaky biscuit served on the side. WBT is on a farm-to-fork program to source all ingredients as locally as possible. We also enjoyed the sirloin steak and blue cheese salad. This salad is beautiful and tastes delicious. It s a house steak grilled to order served over spinach with red bell peppers red onions mushrooms blue cheese crumbles croutons and your choice of dressing. This is a very filling salad with tons of taste in every bite. Now for the drinks. What would a restaurant bar saloon be without amazing drinks right WBT offers an outstanding array of drinks in their full bar. Some house favorites that we ll feature here are the Huckleberry Martini the Sin City Bloody Mary and the Bulleit and Brew. Already excited Read on my fun friend. The Huckleberry Martini features Bulleit Rye whiskey with huckleberry liqueur fresh orange sweet and sour shaken and served with a bit of Sprite . The Sin City Bloody Mary is huge. Served with an edible beef straw a slice of jalapeno bacon and a Spanish olive it s a Bloody Mary worth driving for. The Bulleit and Brew is a very popular drink at WBT. Are you ready for it It s half of a Coors Banquet beer in a mason jar and a shot on top. Take a shot and chase it with the Coors. All of these drinks are served in unique house made stemware designed by Jerry and his team. Now for the music WBT hosts live bands and open mic nights plus brings in the best tribute and cover bands in the area. WBT opened their live band weekend with a Van Halen and Bon Jovi tribute. I heard it was epic Led Zeppelin and AC DC tribute bands are also on order. You can check out their Facebook page at whiskybarreltavern for more information and band specifics. Jerry is very proud of the music he offers on the Mile. The bands are here to stay. Every Thursday and Saturday night bands will be playing until 1 00 a.m. If you re into amazing food and great live music you have found a new home at the WBT. Be sure to follow WBT on social media for their latest specials. Right now they re offering two dinners for 20. Sirloin or apple-glazed pork chop and sides are examples of what you can get on this menu. I ll see you there HERLIFERs HLM Whisky Barrel Tavern is located at 151 W. Alder Street in Stockton right off of the Miracle Mile on Pacific. You can reach WBT at (209) 479-1867. One of the Central Valley s leading proponents of all things multimedia Adriana Brogger has worked as a reporter blogger producer host emcee writer and actress performer in local media for more than ten years. She teaches Multimedia Production at San Joaquin Delta College and loves it Born in the year of the monkey Adriana has a clever wit and a magnetic personality. Seriously though she enjoys good comedy spending time with her hubby and four cute boys and of course great food. If you know of a local restaurant that would welcome a visit by Adriana HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 33 please contact Kimberly Mullen at Kimberly HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 33 HERLIFE CULINARY top culinary schools by p a tty c o o k M Colorado any home cooks I know share the guilty pleasure of watching competitions on reality TV cooking shows such as Gordon Ramsay s Hell s Kitchen. But the average home cook knows that their love of cooking will never lead to an audition for a cooking show. Texas A Little Bit of Texas Cooking School in San Antonio has day-long classes with chefs across the state. Call 800-713-9444 to learn about foods of Texas Mexico and the Southwest in an outdoor setting with lunch and guided tours of herb gardens. In Dallas explore the foods of India at Kalachandji s Restaurant and Palace with vegetarian cooking classes that range from one-night to eight-night sessions. Call 214-821-1048 for details. California Based in San Marcos Alchemy of the Hearth explores cooking baking chocolate and candy making etiquette and party planning. Classes are offered for professionals home cooks and kids. Contact them at 760-233CHEF(2433). The Depot Hotel in Sonoma hosts Scuola Rustica Cooking School catering to foodies and lovers of vintage wine. Oregon Hipcooks in Portland offers cutting-edge courses for adults (no minors please) interested in healthy fresh organic food. Hipcooks also has locations in Los Angeles San Francisco San Diego and Seattle. Call them at 503-281-0614. Most cooks with whom I m acquainted learn the same way that Julia Child learned kitchen skills are developed by trial and error. However Julia Child went far beyond the path that most home cooks take. Her book My Life in France co-written with Alex Prud homme chronicles her years as a newlywed struggling to absorb French culture while learning to cook. She went on to attend one of the world s most demanding culinary schools Le Cordon Bleu and attained the highest level it offered the Grand Dipl me. From there Julia went on to teach cooking classes host the first cooking show on TV (The French Chef) and publish the iconic cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking. While few home cooks will ever attain Julia s level of fame their ability to learn is not limited. Culinary schools are within reach in nearly every state in the U.S. Let s take a quick trip around the country to learn about the variety of schools to consider. Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts has campuses in Boulder Colorado and Austin Texas. Like Le Cordon Bleu it offers classes for aspiring chefs as well as home cooks. Classes on weekday nights and weekends are geared to your level of experience. For information on classes in Boulder call 866-249-0305. The Kitchen Table in Greenwood Village a suburb of Denver offers classes lasting about three hours in categories including baking cooking techniques classes for couples and for kids and wine. Contact the school at 303-220-9769. New Mexico The Santa Fe School of Cooking offers classes from three hours to three days focusing on Southwest and New Mexican cuisine as well as Restaurant Walks to popular Santa Fe restaurants. Call 800-982-4688 for information. Washington With single classes for beginners and entire series for more experienced students Bon Vivant School of Cooking in Seattle has the motto Learn skills not just recipes. Classes are taught in private homes (and hosts who volunteer their home kitchen attend for free.) Call 206-525-7537 for more information. Minnesota The Minneapolis suburb Osseo is home to Ethnic Foods Company with classes with classes in Indian Thai and Ayurvedic cuisine. Who would have guessed you could find cooking classes with authentic recipes from around the world in Minnesota Call 952-593-3000 for details. Louisiana Call ahead to Prejean s Cooking School in Lafayette at 337-896-3247. 34 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Classes last a couple of hours and seat up to 50 people ready to learn the secrets of Cajun cooking. Arkansas Eureka Springs is home to Caf Karen where cooking classes focus on good food with fresh ingredients. This school also offers travel packages to France and the Mediterranean. Call them at 479-253-7461 while you decide whether to stay close to home or venture abroad. Nevada You can bet you ll learn new skills in Las Vegas at the Cooking Experience by Mise En Place. Their classes include 90-minute demonstrations 2-hour hands-on courses in cooking and technique and Kitchen Stadium Chef Battles for competitive home cooks to see whose cuisine reigns supreme. Their number is 702-754-4400. Our quick trip around the country has touched on just a few of the cooking schools that can be found nationwide. If you have travel plans do a little research to see what courses are offered at your destination. Call ahead to see if your favorite restaurant or chef offers cooking classes or if a local kitchen store or university schedules lectures with guest chefs. You don t need a Grand Dipl me to cook with class HLM Sources HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 35 HERLIFE RECIPES eggs benedict with salmon Makes 4 Prep time 20 minutes Cook time 5 minutes ingredients cup light sour cream 1 teaspoon lemon juice 1 teaspoons Dijon mustard 4 teaspoons skim milk 4 eggs 2 English muffins split and toasted 4 ounces thinly sliced smoked salmon diced red onion diced scallions freshly ground black pepper directions To make the sauce in a small bowl combine the sour cream lemon juice mustard and milk. Set aside. Lightly grease a deep large nonstick saut pan with vegetable oil fill pan halfway with water. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat to a simmer. Break one egg into a measuring cup carefully slide egg into the water holding lip of the cup as close to the water as possible. Repeat with remaining eggs allowing a decent amount of space in between each one. Simmer uncovered for 3 to 4 minutes or until whites are set and yolks begin to thicken but are not hard. Use a slotted spoon to remove eggs. Top muffin halves with smoked salmon and a poached egg. Spoon sauce over the top and sprinkle with red onion scallions and black pepper to taste. Serve immediately. HLM recipes and p hot ogr ap hy by ver y c ulinar y.c om 36 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM easy chinese orange beef stir fry Makes 4 Prep time 15 minutes Cook time 10 minutes ingredients Zest from a small orange cup orange juice cup brown sugar 2 Tablespoons rice vinegar 2 Tablespoons soy sauce (lowsodium or gluten free) 2 teaspoons chili garlic sauce 2 teaspoons grated fresh ginger 2 teaspoons cornstarch 2 teaspoons vegetable oil pound fresh green beans ends cut trimmed into 2-inch pieces 1 pounds sirloin sliced thinly with the grain and then into 2-inch wide pieces 2 scallions chopped directions In a medium bowl whisk together orange zest orange juice brown sugar vinegar soy sauce chili garlic sauce ginger and cornstarch. In a large nonstick saut pan heat the oil over medium-high heat. Add the green beans and stir for about 4 to 5 minutes until crisp-tender. With a slotted spoon transfer them to a large bowl. Pat the sirloin dry with paper towels add to the pan let cook without stirring for 1 minute. Toss and transfer to the bowl with the green beans. Add the orange juice mixture to the pan cook until thickened about 2 minutes. Add sirloin back into the pan and stir in the scallions toss to coat. Serve over rice. HLM recipes and p hot ogr ap hy by ver y c ulinar y.c om HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 37 HERLIFE BEHIND THE MENU Maureen Laird of Woodbridge Crossing restaurant serving delicious high-quality dishes that partners with local vendors such as Cecchetti Olive Oil Eli s Apples and Jesus Mountain Coffee but they also have spaces available for banquets and special events. Maureen (affectionately known as Mo ) loves every aspect of her involvement in Woodbridge Crossing. From intimate private affairs to renting out the entire restaurant which can house up to 150 people Mo will make it happen for you. Maureen s main focus is making sure every guest is completely satisfied with their experience at Woodbridge Crossing. She shared We pride ourselves in meeting everyone s needs and exceeding their expectations Mo is known 38 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM S p h o to by b re b a sz l e r for making each step of the process easy and stress-free from the very first contact to the actual event. We want the person throwing the party to look good Mo smiled. She truly has an emotional investment in each event and the people involved in it and welcomes them as family. She focuses on perfection customized menus accommodating special off-menu requests redecorating the venue with personal or custom items partnering with Woodbridge Florist to create beautiful arrangements working with vendors such as Rolling Scones to create custom cakes and even reserving horse-drawn carriages if desired. The one item most clients request for their menu Woodbridge Crossing s famous prime rib Growth for Woodbridge Crossing includes offsite catering. Currently we provide lunch weekly to my children s school Lodi Christian. Mo explained. Additionally some of the most successful wineries have begun a partnership with Woodbridge Crossing as their favorite venue to send their clientele for a great experience. The latest addition to Woodbridge Crossing is a 2 200-square-foot self-contained outdoor venue featuring an outdoor eating area a kitchen garden and a full bar which will accommodate up to 200 guests. Not only will this be open for daily business as an outdoor eating area it will also be available for special events-the first of its kind in the Central Valley. Mo is quick to give credit to everyone else at Woodbridge Crossing for the restaurant s success. It truly is a team effort every day and I couldn t do this without the assistance & support of the Woodbridge Crossing family. Stop by and visit Mo at Woodbridge Crossing for your next special event HLM peaking with Maureen Laird Banquet and Event Coordinator at Woodbridge Crossing her passion for her job comes across immediately. Woodbridge Crossing is not only a HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 39 wine aerators by d o u g f ro st W inemaking seems very complicated but is in fact quite simple you squish grapes yeasts convert the grape sugar into alcohol and then you enclose it in a bottle. While there are a million tricks along the way the truly crucial decision for a winemaker is when to bottle it. In other words how much air should go into the wine before it s protected from air Air or more specifically oxygen is important to winemaking. Yeasts need it and the things we like in wine the aromas and flavors arise because of the interplay of oxygen and wine. Air is crucial to winemakers. So it shouldn t really shock anyone to imagine that air is important to wine even after it s out of the bottle. Thus we decant. By pouring wine from a bottle into a decanter the wine is immediately saturated with oxygen causing all sorts of aromas to vaporize. It s also true that we decant older wines to remove the potable liquid part from the sediment that can evolve over years spent in a quiet cold cellar. But younger wines too seem to benefit from being dashed into a decanter courtesy many people believe of oxygen s helpful impact. Now the market has decided to remove the step of decanting there are myriad instant decanters aerators and air infusers for the wine enthusiasts who thought they already had every gadget possible. Each works more or less on the same principle by interrupting the steady stream of wine from the bottle into the glass (through air baffles or the like) the wine is suffused with air mimicking the effect of pouring wine into a glass decanter. Now before you protest that you already have a perfectly nice decanter and that it works very well thank you bear in mind that decanters are tools that became popular in the 19th century when dusty bottles of wine were brought up the creaky stairs of some English mansion and that crystalline decanters looked oh-so-much nicer on that 20-foot mahogany dining table than a dirty old bottle. It was purely cosmetic. But unless you ve got a dirty bottle the decanter isn t that necessary. At least that s what these manufacturers ask you to believe. First off what actually happens when you decant a young wine You are drawing off some sulfur dioxide a compound that is used in miniscule amounts (say thirty parts per million) to help preserve the wine s fruit. It s all about oxygen again the sulfur combines with the oxygen in the bottle and that slows down the aging of the wine. If you pour a wine into a decanter the only measurable thing that happens over the first few minutes is that you draw off sulfur and that typically allows the fruit in the wine to become more apparent more voluble. Whether you use a decanter or one of these clever toys the impact is more or less the same. But having tested more than a few of these aerators I find that some work better than others. My 40 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM favorite for a while has been the SoireeTM aerator which looks like a glass bulb you plug into your bottle. You tip it toward the glass it goes glug glug (and a few other noises) and the wine smells very much like you just decanted it. There are other such aerators (I like those made by Classico or Vinara) that accomplish the same thing with a sort of cup you hold over the glass and pour into. The RabbitTM aerating pourer by Metrokane has a cup you plug into the top of the bottle but my experience has been that it is less effective than others strangely (it s strange because everything Rabbit makes for wine is usually the top of the heap). There are also skinnier versions of these aerators such as the Nicholas VinOairTM but size matters it appears and they don t have as great an impact. It s also true with decanters the bigger and fatter the decanter the more quickly the wine takes on air. If you use a skinny little decanter it won t work as well though I have used two decanters and swished the wine back and forth to create a really quick release of the wine s latent character. But let s be honest--few people are going to notice much difference with any of these wine toys. If adding air to a wine really made a huge difference we d all be throwing wine into our blenders and putting them on frapp . I ve tried that and it doesn t do much for the wine. A young wine will brighten up with the use of a decanter or an aerator or even ten or so minutes in a wine glass. Whether you spend the money on a toy so you can act fancy is up to you. I tend to reserve my wine money for more wine not toys. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 41 HERLIFE FOODIES foodies Woodbridge Crossing We pride ourselves on being the best at all we do... Lunch dinner brunch special events cocktails and your location for live music every Friday and Saturday evening. Your second home 18939 N. Lower Sacramento Rd Woodbridge (209) 366-1800 Juice It Up We are more than just your local smoothie shop. We now offer a full variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that we juice. You can order from the menu or customize any drink to your liking. We hope to see you soon and happy juicing 2533 W. Kettleman Ln Lodi (209) 333-5227 juiceituplodi La Strada 88 Italian-born chef Attilio Siena prepares Italian-inspired dishes made daily with fresh seasonal ingredients purchased locally or grown in-house. From fresh pasta to our famous brick-oven pizzas to fresh fish to prime rib served on weekends We strongly suggest reservations on weekends but are open 7 days a week from 11am-10pm. Book our full banquet facility for your special event 18938 E. Hwy 88 Clements (209) 603-9451 pages La-Strada-88 156268141197656 Thai Spices Chef Bun Khotakoon has long been captivated by the many ways to combine sweet and fiery spices to bring together flavors that mingle and enchant each other. Pair the traditional and monthly special menu items with a fabulous local wine or ice cold Thai beer to create a fascinating culinary experience. 2401 W Turner Rd. Ste. 224 Lodi (209) 369-8424 Whirlow s Whirlow s Tossed and Grilled specializes in build-it-yourself tossed salads cafeteria style or choose from excellent sandwiches burgers and full plate dinners. Don t forget to make us your first call for catering carry out and private parties for the holidays 1926 Pacific Ave Stockton (On the Miracle Mile) (209) 466-2823 Papapavlo s Dine in one of our 5 private banquet rooms or choose our open dining room full service bar or all season patio dining while enjoying our Continental cuisine. 501 N. Lincoln Center Stockton (209) 477-6133 42 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM foodies Rolling Scones Bakery Come join the revolution at Rolling Scones Bakery and Teahouse. Featuring not your average Quiche Richards homemade soups along with some bloody good scones Also serving salads coffee and espresso drinks and hand pies All baked daily for you using fresh seasonal ingredients 322 N. California St Lodi (209) 747-3418 DeVega Bros. Catering for large or small events Semi-private Banquet for all occasions Patio Seating Happy Hour daily from 3pm-6pm 5757 Pacific Ave Stockton (209) 323-4339 515 N Main St Manteca (209) 823-0947 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 43 HERLIFE PRIME by c a ti e w a tso n resorts to rustic hike-in cabins. Old Faithful Snow Lodge Yellowstone National Park Wyoming Yellowstone National Park teems with visitors during the summer but if you plan your getaway for the off-season you and your significant other will feel like you have this 2 million-acre park to yourselves. Historic Old Faithful Snow Lodge located within the park s interior and accessible only by snowmobile or snowcoach is open from mid-December through early March. The massive lodge features heavy timber beams wrought-iron accents and a roomy lobby with a stone fireplace. One hundred lodge rooms offer hand-carved wood furniture and wildlife accessories. During the day you can take a snowcoach tour or try snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. For more information visit Shore Lodge Resort McCall Idaho Shore Lodge offers an idyllic setting for romantics who want to spend days on the slopes and nights in a cozy mountain lodge on the shores of a frozen mountain lake. Located 100 miles north of Boise and a short shuttle ride from the Brundage Mountain Ski Resort the Shore Lodge is set on scenic Payette Lake. This year-round destination features a spa heated saltwater pools and rustic architectural details that include pine logs river rock and hardwood floors. Expansive windows provide breathtaking views of Payette National Forest and Payette Lake. Read more about Shore Lodge Resort at I lodge getaways for lovers El Tovar Grand Canyon National Park Arizona Fodor s Travel has chosen El Tovar Hotel as the best place to stay on the Grand Canyon s South Rim. The hotel which resembles a European hunting lodge is a registered National Historic Landmark. It was constructed in 1905 and updated in 2005. In addition to providing breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon El Tovar offers proximity to the historic Grand Canyon Village district. The hotel has 66 rooms and 12 suites all accommodations include cable television a full bath and air conditioning. El Tovar is also known for its elegant dining room open for breakfast lunch and dinner. Find out more about the El Tovar Hotel at West Shore Caf & Inn Homewood California Maybe you re looking for a more intimate lodge experience. With only six suites and guest rooms this small inn is situated on the Lake Tahoe waterfront and is just across the road from the Homewood Mountain Ski Resort. Rooms feature gas fireplaces slate bathrooms and floor-to-ceiling windows that provide views of the lake and surrounding mountains. The Homewood Mountain Resort includes more than 1 260 acres eight ski lifts and 64 runs. Terrains for beginner intermediate and advanced skiers are available. Read more about the West Shore Caf & Inn at westshorecafe. com. Mohonk Mountain House New Paltz New York If you re looking for a romantic getaway on the East Coast consider the Mohonk Mountain House in the scenic Hudson Valley. This Victorianera hotel which is built on the edge of a mountaintop lake resembles a castle more than a traditional lodge. Surrounded by 2 200 acres of pristine gardens and woodlands the resort includes 85 miles of hiking trails. Spacious guest rooms are adorned with antiques original Victorian woodwork t s hard to top the appeal of a remote lodge in a beautiful setting if you re planning a honeymoon anniversary or romantic getaway. Surrounded by majestic mountains and breathtaking views you may just find yourself falling in love all over again. Here are some of the best lodges for romantic escapes in the U.S. from sprawling lakeside 44 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM and stone fireplaces. In addition to a wide range of recreational activities the resort features an award-winning spa and outdoor heated mineral pool. Room rates are all-inclusive and include meals served in three dining rooms. For additional information see the Mohonk Mountain House website at Crater Lake Lodge Crater Lake National Park Oregon The historic Crater Lake Lodge originally opened in 1915 although it underwent extensive remodeling in 1995 it retains a charming 1920s atmosphere. Open from late May to mid-October Crater Lake Lodge features 71 guest rooms and a Great Hall with lodge pole pillars exposed beams and stone fireplaces. You can find more information about Crater Lake Lodge at Granite Park Chalet Glacier National Park Montana This is the most remote getaway on our list tucked away in the backcountry of Glacier National Park and accessible only by hiking along the top of the Rockies. The historic Granite Park Chalet which is listed as a National Historic Landmark was built in 1914 by the Great National Railway. The chalet includes private rooms and a communal kitchen where guests can prepare meals fresh bed linens can be ordered so you don t have to pack in a sleeping bag. The chalet s operating season dates for 2014 are June 30 through September 7 and advance reservations are required. Centennial celebrations are planned for the chalet s 2014 season so it will be a great year to visit this park. Find out more about the Granite Park Chalet at HLM Sources for this article are and Fodor s Travel. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 45 HERLIFE SPOTLIGHT O Connor Woods Expansion Honoring Seniors with Laurel Pointe Memory Care w ri tte n by re b e c c a f l a n sb u rg p h o to s by b ri g g s p h o to gra p hy noticed that Mom and Dad aren t getting around as well as they used to or maybe they mentioned being lonely. There may come a time when family members need to consider an alternate environment for aging parents luckily that option can be close to home for local residents. O Connor Woods Senior Living in the San Joaquin Valley Stockton area offers exceptional options and a network of services such as independent living assisted living and skilled nursing and rehabilitation. Founded by St. Joseph s Medical Center and the Sisters of San Rafael this sprawl46 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM A s the hubbub of the holiday season fades away many of us are left with memories of the warm glow that comes from being with family during a special time of the year. But perhaps your last visit to Mom and Dad s house left you with a different type of feeling the emotions of concern and worry. You might have ing community has been serving families for more than 25 years. As the only continuing care retirement community in San Joaquin County O Connor Woods is very proud of its multiple winner status as Best in the category of senior services by The Record s Best of San Joaquin 2012. Our mission is to offer choices of exceptional living and a network of services for seniors in our region shared Associate Executive Director Eric Sholty. We strive to support and inspire the human spirit by fostering wellbeing independence and a sense of community. O Connor Woods motto Don t give up your independence maximize it reflects their mission to create a home-like atmosphere for seniors to enjoy their golden years. They offer residents a climate-controlled greenhouse and beds for personal gardening a large vegetable garden is available for residents to use and small pets are allowed in the cottages and one of the apartment buildings. Resi- Our mission is to offer choices of exceptional living and a network of services for seniors in our region shared Associate Executive Director Eric Sholty. We strive to support and inspire the human spirit by fostering well-being independence and a sense of community. dents also enjoy life enrichment activities and events such as themed parties and musical events guest lecturers who provide resources and expertise on a broad range of topics and picnics or concerts in the park. Our mission allows us the opportunity to create a lifestyle for seniors that focuses on how they experience happiness in their daily lives CCRC Administrator Penny Mallette revealed. I think that a daily dose of happy experiences is what counts the most Another important resource for Central Valley residents is the Meadowood Health and Rehabilitation Center on the O Connor Woods campus known as Harmony. This state-of-the art facility was built in 1997 is home to up to 20 residents and provides quality memory care for those living with dementia including medical services not offered in other memory care settings in the area. The nursing staff serves the residents 24 hours a day 7 days a week which allows medical services to be administered based on the residents individual needs. Laurel Pointe the newest addition to the O Connor Woods campus is designed to be a new memory care program a social model focusing on resident-centered care for those with Alzheimer s and other dementia-related conditions. A grand opening celebration is planned in April for Laurel Pointe and the new wing is currently accepting names for the waiting list. O Connor Woods highly trained staff knows first-hand the many losses that can occur through the course of the disease but they also understand that personhood stays intact. With this in mind the mission at Harmony and the upcoming Laurel Pointe will be to not only focus on nurturing and celebrating the wholeness of their residents during each moment of their lives but also to continue the focus on remaining abilities rather than disabilities. Our commitment to this new program is to provide the best possible environment for seniors who are coping with dementia added Penny. We will have dementia support groups for families and care partners and informational seminars on Alzheimer s and the disease process. We are seeing a great need for these types of services as our population ages and healthcare technology advances. We are very aware that in order to provide the best care for those we love who have some form of dementia or Alzheimer s disease it requires a shift in our thinking to view dementia from a positive perspective instead of a negative one. It s an honor to serve our residents and a privilege to be part of an organization that is very committed to ensuring that every decision we make is based on our core values dignity caring joy community peace of mind and teamwork affirmed Penny. This job is amazingly rewarding but there are stressful times too. There are moments when I have stress on overdrive I m working way past dinner time and then out of the blue a resident peeks in my office quietly gives me a smile and drops a banana on my desk then without saying a word blows me a kiss and walks away. Those moments remind me of the best parts of my job. HLM O Connor Woods is located at 3400 Wagner Heights Road in Stockton. For more information call 209-956-3400 or visit the website at to view the full spectrum of amenities and services available for residents. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 47 HERLIFE TRENDSETTER A Bohemian Wedding photographed by newvintage photography by jen flowers shoot concept and styling by annie zunino of az floral design jewelry provided by e.m.pedrini hair and makeup by jessica van ruiten dresses provided by bliss bridal salon 48 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM model taylor kininmonth models taylor kininmonth & adriana baysinger model casey vink models casey vink madeline baysinger taylor kininmonth & mia rogan 50 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM model hayley deutscher model taylor kininmonth models madeline baysinger adriana baysinger & casey vink models mia rogan & casey vink bridal resrouces photo by briggs photography bridal resources You get one chance to make a lifelong memory at your wedding and HERLIFE shares fresh eye-catching products and services with you. Our specialty vendors will make your one-of-a-kind wedding day incredible with a wide variety of options in attire floral caterers venues photographers and more 54 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM bridal resources amber s armoire Amber s Armoire in Lodi is a formal and bridal unique boutique that specializes in formal wear for special events ranging from cruise and Vegas wear prom dresses bridal gowns and specializing in vintage and bridal alternatives. Co-owners mother-daughter duo Katherine Johnson and Amber Dayton are passionate about their business. Their store motto is the cost of an outfit won t keep you from your special event On your visit to their store you will receive a welcoming boutique experience. These two do it all from shopping for and hand-selecting their inventory from all available sources in and out of the state special orders primp and press services closet edits private wedding party appointments event planning and so much more And best of all these boutique services are offered at moderate prices. The multi-generational team recently used their passion and talents to plan the wedding of Amber s daughter Stephenie. Stephenie selected a beautiful champagne and aurora borealis gown by Maggie Sottero that came from Amber s Armoire (all gowns are under 500) her veil was custom made by their seamstress Judy Perkins and she carried a brooch bouquet created by Amber that was made from grandmother great-grandmother and great-great grandmother s brooches. The bridesmaid s dresses were ordered through Amber s Armoire as well as the gowns for the Mother of the Bride (Amber) and Mother of the Groom and grandmother (Katherine). When you are looking for great prices and excellent customer service look no further than Amber s Armoire a formal and bridal unique boutique. Keep your eyes open for their summer fashion event 531 W LODI AVE LODI 209-224-5263 bridal resrouces kevin schimke jewelers brodie jayne s photography A photographer based out of Lodi Brodie Jayne has been in the business since 1996. Brodie is a full-time photographer focusing on seniors families head shots boudoir engagements and weddings. She truly enjoys getting to know her clients before shooting with them and finds that the best images are produced when her clients really come out of their shells and embrace the photo shoot. Contact Brodie Jayne s Photography today for your next special event. 110 S CHURCH ST LODI (209) 333-8863 WWW.BRODIEJAYNE.COM where stockton gets engaged Kevin Schimke Jewelers has been delivering excellent jewelry services to the Central Valley since 1979. Owner Kevin Schimke attended the worldrenowned Gemological Institute of America to earn his gemologist title and he works with his wife Bella and daughter Erika. This Miracle Mile jewel offers wedding rings service and repairs other fine jewelry options as well as custom jewelry designing creating the entire piece from start to finish in their own workshop. Visit Kevin Schimke Jewelers today for your jewelry needs 2349 PACIFIC AVE STOCKTON (209) 464-9904 WWW.KEVINSCHIMKEJEWELERS.COM waterloo club Looking for an excellent culinary experience for your upcoming nuptials Look no further than the Waterloo Club in Stockton. The Waterloo is happy to cater your event specializing in rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions. While the Waterloo Club is well-known for their first-rate barbecue fare they offer a huge variety of menu options available both as offsite catering and at their banquet hall on the property available for parties of 100 guests or smaller. Enjoy a variety of entrees as well as delicious appetizers from a decadent baked brie to fresh homemade pasta served with their famous creamy pesto sauce and everything in between Don t see something on their menu The Waterloo can cater to any special off-menu requests as well. The Waterloo Club takes pride in their quality taking extra care to choose ingredients of the highest quality for each dish they prepare to ensuring each client receives the special attention they deserve. THE WAT E R LO O C LUB 10447 E. WATERLOO RD STOCKTON CA (209) 931-4020 WWW.THEWATERLOO.COM DIMONT VOLCANO.NET bridal resources belle s lodi flower shop A staple of the Central Valley Belle s Lodi Flower Shop has been the first choice for wedding-related floral arrangements for nearly 100 years The Lodi Flower Shop was originally opened by Margarite Reynolds in 1917 and is now owned by third-generation florist Belle Richards. Belle has been in the business for over 46 years and is a certified FTD florist and a member of the Society of American Florists. Along with her fellow designers Jon and Rhonda Belle is dedicated to creating memorable and beautiful arrangements guaranteed to be the perfect finishing touch for any wedding. Belle s Lodi Flower Shop also carries a large selection of home d cor wedding anniversary and birthday gifts and much more. Visit Belle s Lodi Flower Shop for your next special occasion and for the perfect arrangements for your big day 1420 W. KETTLEMAN LN LODI (209) 369-4709 WWW.BELLESFLOWERSHOP .COM 58 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 59 HERLIFE SHE SAID YES Allison and Dave w ri tte n by m a ri l y n i sa m i n ge r p h o to s by b ri g gs ph o t o gr a phy conversation. During the following weeks they became friends on Facebook and then began playing Words With Friends together online. Their competitive spirits made for fun conversations and Allison and Dave spent long hours texting back and forth. Allison shares When I came home to Manteca on a weekend visit from Fresno State I bumped into Dave in the Costco parking lot and there we sat and talked for a long time. From that point we talked and texted every day. Within a short time we were attending hockey A 60 llison Mackey and Dave Lowry met many years ago through a mutual friend but it wasn t until they were re-introduced at a memorial service that the two actually had a games and going to the beach together. It wasn t long before we knew that we were meant for each other. On December 19 2013 Dave got off work early and surprised Allison by taking her to San Francisco to go ice-skating in Union Square. She reveals We enjoyed a delicious Italian meal together and then tried to get reservations at the ice rink. Unfortunately all tickets were sold out until 10 00 p.m. Both Dave and I had to work the next morning so we decided to not wait to skate that late. Instead we strolled around Union Square to enjoy the Christmas spirit. When we arrived in front of the beautifully-lit 80-foot tree in the center of the square we stopped to admire the lights and decorations. Dave started talking about how wonderful the past three years had been how happy I made him and that I was his life-long best friend. Within seconds Dave dropped to his knee pulled out the ring of my dreams and proceeded to pop the question. I was completely surprised and beyond thrilled Of course I said Yes I later learned that Dave had originally planned to propose on the ice rink but in front of the tree was just as romantic Dave and I have many wonderful aspects to our relationship Alison smiles. We are wild fun serious romantic adventurous and loving. We both come from very supportive families and we enjoy being with them as often as possible. We love to sit and talk quietly one minute and then play a competitive game of racquetball the HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM next. We love being together but we also enjoy cultivating our own lives as well. I m currently in graduate school and Dave loves life and thrives on trying new things. He enjoys fishing swimming and playing soccer. Separately we have a great time but together we have an even better time. Being with Dave makes every experience 100 times more fun and exciting. Allison and Dave have set their wedding date as August 23 2014. Both agree The most important part of our wedding day is the opportunity to join our lives together in marriage followed closely in importance by having our family and closest friends there to witness our commitment to each other. Family and friends are such a major part of our lives. We can t imagine starting our new life together without the love and support of those who mean so much to us. We re getting married at the Viaggio Winery in Acampo where it feels as if you re in the middle of Tuscany. I am of Italian descent and have spent time in Tuscany it feels like home as my grandparents kept the Italian tradition alive throughout my youth. We envision our wedding to be a romantic summer event set by a river and surrounded by green flourishing vineyards in a place that feels like home and blessing. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 61 HERLIFE TIE THE KNOT Jordan Andrew tied the knot june 29 2013 w ritten by marily n is am inger photos by chris howar d im ager y 62 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM J ordan Ellsworth Kidd 24 a life-long resident of Lodi graduated from Lodi High School and attended Delta College for a year she hopes to eventually earn a pastry chef certificate and one day open a bakery in Lodi. She loves baking in her spare time and has made desserts for Christmas parties baby showers and birthdays. Jordan works at Panera Bread and lives in Lodi with her handsome groom and their Alaskan malamute Diesel. Andrew Christian Kidd 25 was born in San Jose and graduated from Tokay High School. He attended the police academy from which he graduated at the top of his class. Andrew also became certified as a diesel mechanic for his work at a trucking company however his new lawn care business All American Lawn Maintenance has grown so much that he is able to make it his primary job Jordan and a friend planned to go line dancing one night since Jordan s a big Disney fan in the spirit of the movie Toy Story she wrote ANDY on the bottom of her boot. Her friend pointed out that she would meet a man named Andy that night and would belong to him forever. Andrew showed up with some of his friends they talked for a little bit and he knew there was something special about Jordan. After that night they began seeing each other almost every day until they became inseparable. Andrew proposed January 18 2013 at a dinner with all of Jordan s family present. He knew that her family was a very important part of her life he wanted to make sure that she was surrounded by people who loved her and who could share their special moment. He was so nervous that instead of waiting to propose as he had planned he did it the day he picked up the businesses that shared in the love bridal gown david s bridal tuxedos tuxedos of lodi hair styling kaylyn ellsworth and megan silva TONI&GUY academy makeup delores the dermal clinic photography chris howard imagery videography studio d7 DJ gary arnold caterer de vinci s delicatessen & catering venue oak ridge winery jeweler kay jewelers HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 63 ring from the store The blissful couple tied the knot on June 29 2013. Jordan s sister Racheal Greene shared her happiness as Matron of Honor bridesmaids were their cousins Chelsea Eggert Kaylyn Ellsworth and Janina Kihlthau and Jordan s friends Hannah Addington and Sharon Guerrero. Andrew s Best Man was his best friend Mike Bozzie groomsmen were his brothers Karl and Ken Kidd and friends Bryan DuBois Andrew Nock and Alex Terrill Jordan and Andrew s wedding day was filled with personal hand-crafted touches and the opportunity for some creative thinking. The last-minute cover-up of several flat screen televisions in the reception hall just behind the head tables was a small bump and a bridesmaid had the opportunity to demonstrate her floral design skills by remaking Jordan s bridal bouquet to make it perfect. Jordan smiles We used a chandelier and an old Ford pickup that belonged to my great-grandparents it was wonderful to be able to use something so special. My father also handmade the three six-foot-long distressed and stained wood head tables all with an AK JK carved on top especially for us he also built the arch for the ceremony. My mother made the flowers for the sash I wore and we used handmade and heirloom items small vases and bottles we had bought to use as centerpieces and decorative books frames painted liquor bottles burlap and lace doilies. It was a very Pinterest wedding Andrew shares We decided to go to Monterey for a minimoon to enjoy the nice weather the aquarium and the relaxing environment. Since we both work long hours getting to spend so much time together and just being able to not have a care in the world was an amazing feeling. We would love to go to Hawaii next year but we d like to purchase our first home before taking any big trips. HLM 64 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM L di Living 66 66 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 67 67 HERLIFE REAL ESTATE you ve moved what s next by l a u ra l e i va T he home buying process can feel long and drawn out sometimes but there is one exciting event to look forward to after signing that paperwork--moving day Whether you move into a brand new home or you decide to give a little TLC to a fixer-upper being a homeowner is a real source of pride and joy. Once notice you want to know where the main circuit breaker water shut-off and gas lines are so you can shut them off if needed. Test smoke and carbon dioxide alarms quarterly to ensure they are in proper working order they can truly save a life Map out possible fire exits and create an exit strategy with your family in the event of a fire or emergency. One of the most pleasurable aspects of owning a home is being able to fix things up to match your style preferences or to simply transform a worn down home into a beautiful oasis for you and the family. While the order of improvements can greatly depend on your budget and what you want to tackle real estate agents offer a few suggestions as to what you should purchase first. Window treatments should be one of the first items purchased upon moving into the home. You want an element of privacy and security in the home and window coverings prevent your new neighbors from peeking into the home. Depending on your budget custom window treatments such as blinds shutters and drapes can instantly transform the look of the room. Lower-cost alternatives include vinyl or pleated paper blinds both of which are available at home improvement centers. Depending on your move-in conditions your kitchen could come fully stocked with appliances or be completely bare which means a stove and refrigerator are going to be high on the list of priorities. Even if your home includes appliances it s important to check the condition and determine if you ve moved all your belongings and settled in that s when the real fun of being a homeowner begins Changing around the landscape updating the tile in the kitchen--these are all choices that come with owning a home. So where do you start While having a new home to care for and maintain can seem like a huge undertaking it s ideal to break things down into a manageable list so you slowly become acquainted with your property and transform it into the home of your dreams. Safety should always be the number one concern when moving into any home. Life is full of unplanned situations so you want to be as prepared as possible in the event of a family emergency or natural disaster. Purchasing an emergency kit for the home is essential. A kit should include first aid products an ample supply of ready-to-eat meals or snacks water candles and matches. Customize your emergency kit to fit the needs of your family but always start out with the basics Place important documents into a fireproof safe and copies of your documents and financial statements such as bank or credit card numbers into the emergency kit. Learn where the utility hook-ups are in the house too. At a moment s 68 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM they need replacing. According to kitchen appliances have a general life span dishwashers last approximately 12 years while a standard refrigerator needs replacing every 14 years. If you see the appliances are showing signs of wear and tear replacing them with new models upon move in could save hassles in the end. Maintaining the landscape is always an adjustment for new homeowners and comes with a shopping list of equipment to purchase including a lawn mower and weather supplies such as a snow shovel. Cleaning up the landscape is one of the easiest ways to improve the look of the home curb appeal highlights the style of the house and enhances the overall appearance of the street. Depending on the budget there are countless ways in which to fix up neglected landscape through the addition of fresh sod flowers gravel shredded bark or even new paint on the exterior of the home. Lighting is an essential factor in any home and offers an element of security. Look for sidewalk lighting sconces around the doorway and even a motion-detecting light over the garage. Moving into a first new home is one of the most exciting times of your life but it also comes with a few points of responsibility to ensure your family is safe and secure. Once the necessities are taken care of you can slowly enhance the look and feel of your home by tackling it one room or project at a time. Don t feel the need to rush things--your house will always be a work in progress HLM Sources HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 69 HERLIFE SPOTLIGHT Central Valley Realtor Diane Comporato-Gallagher Living and Loving Life wr it t en by r eb e c c a f l a n sb u rg p h o to by b re b a sz l e r E very day is what you make it so always treat people as you wish to be treated. It s a bold statement and a deep belief of Diane Gallagher a full-time real estate agent for Mel Cantaloupi Realtors of Stockton. It s also a belief that drives much of how she lives her life. Real estate was not always in the cards for this driven business woman. After a 23-year stint in the grocery industry Diane felt the desire to do something different in her professional life. Deciding to leave that industry and start fresh she looked for a new profession that would tap into her love of helping people. After dabbling in several different areas she found herself driving past the same realty office every day and the thought of the real estate profession struck her as a viable and exciting way to make a living. Once I got into real estate in 2001 I dove in head first and hit the ground running Diane affirmed. I pretty much taught myself the industry and I can honestly say I love my job. Diane handles commercial sales along with residential sales and land and has become an expert in short sales. Though she s a veteran Realtor the newest member of the Mel Cantaloupi Realtors team is immensely proud to be part of a real estate and property management company that has been in business more than 45 years. I m a workaholic because I choose to be and I love every second of it Diane continued. I do a lot of short sales and I m unique in the fact that I oversee the whole short sale process myself I don t hand it off to a transaction coordinator. When not in the transaction you can become too detached from the client and the transaction and that s 70 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Every person I work with is amazing and I learn so much from each and every one. I firmly believe that everyone has a story and I love being the person they choose to help them create new chapters in their story of life. There are many things I love about my job forming the relationships and lasting connections with those I do business with is one. not my style. I do what s in my clients best interest. That is my passion and mission in everything I do. A self-described self-motivated person Diane confirms she cherishes her work her team and her clients who remain friends long after the sale. I ve worked very hard to become one of the top Realtors in my area and I pride myself in always being accessible for my clients Diane offered. Every person I work with is amazing and I learn so much from each and every one. I firmly believe that everyone has a story and I love being the person they choose to help them create new chapters in their story of life. There are many things I love about my job forming the relationships and lasting connections with those I do business with is one. Another favorite is what I call the finish line. Some transactions take longer to reach the finish line the journey along the way is always worth it. Every transaction is different and unique but that s what makes it fun. Despite her professional successes Diane is also very aware of the fact that one should not get so caught up in making a living that they forget to make a life. My tenacity hard work and drive are what have gotten me to where I am in my life. I am also mindful that life is short and time is precious. My parents are older and my dad is unfortunately not well. But we are a tightlyknit family and we work very hard to keep our connection to each other alive to live the moment and laugh as often as we can. Diane shares that all of her family including her two brothers lives very close and they work to spend as much time together as possible. I ve reached the point in my life that I cherish my family including my two beautiful and successful daughters Mersades and Cheyenne more than ever Diane added. The two most important people in my life are my parents Anthony and Annetta Comporato. If you know them then you know I am blessed. They are supportive people always filled with unconditional love and caring and are true role models to our family. I am so lucky to be surrounded with positive and supportive people and that includes the wonderful man in my life Randy. He and my family have always been there for me and they continue to be uplifting and encouraging in everything I do. I know I m very lucky. Another valuable life lesson handed down to Diane from her parents is one she chose to share with other women in the Central Valley area. Always know that each day is a new day. When I wake up I know that today is the most important day of my life I live my life based on that belief. I live for today not yesterday for it is gone nor for tomorrow because it s not yet arrived. Today is called the present because it is a gift. Live your life accordingly. HLM Diane Gallagher s office is located at 415 W. Benjamin Holt Dr. D5 Stockton California with MCR Real Estate and Property Management phone (209) 473-1012. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 71 HERLIFE HOME by l i sa ta ra n to b u tl e r I organizing your garage Smash It Bash it or Otherwise Trash It A garage can t house your four wheels or anything else for that matter if it serves as a catch-all for the rest of your junk. Just like any other organizing project a garage makeover starts with a thorough purging. Get rid of any unused items old furniture and stuff that scream donation or trash bin. Go through everything completely. That means opening up any boxes you haven t opened since you moved. Go 3-D Clean Up Clean Up Everybody Clean Up Once you know the items you will keep make sure they are out of the garage. Move everything out so you can see the floors and walls completely. Sort the items going back into the garage into various categories such as tools sporting equipment and landscaping supplies and put them in stackable clear plastic bins that you can use long after your new garage is complete. Then decide if your garage needs some sprucing. Clean the floors and walls as well as any tables benches or shelves. Garage walls can take some havoc so pick a neutral color and unify the look with a new coat of paint. Your garage has floors walls and ceilings so why not make use of all of its dimensions The more you have off the floor the more you will be able to store. Plus a clean floor keeps pests at bay. Garage storage solutions and products are a great way to keep your gear in the clear. Choose an organizing system that fits your budget as well as your needs. Do you like keeping things behind doors or out in the open Do you need more long-term storage or more everyday access Let your organization reflect your lifestyle. There are a wide variety of systems to choose from including vertical panelized systems track systems and stand-alone shelving units. Larger hardware stores offer tutorials on the storage systems that they carry. Look online Plan Your Garage Look Before the organizing get to know your space. Measure the garage s dimensions as well as size and location of windows and doors. Know how much space each car takes up and account for any other larger items that must be stored. Make a simple floor plan by using your measurements and sketch out your greatest (and realistic) arranging desires. If dad is missing his screwdriver or mom t happens more often than we d like to think. We re searching for a household item and we ask our family where it might be. Did you look in the garage is a regular response. needs the umbrella the hiding place just might be somewhere deep inside that mass overflow room we like to call a garage. But just like any other part of our home organization is very important. Whether yours is a one-car two-car or many-car garage if it isn t well organized there won t be room for any cars. Here are just a few tips to keep the vehicles inside while keeping everything else in its place. Make a Date with Your Garage Organizing one of the most frequented places in your home doesn t take a few hours it may take an entire day a full weekend or more depending on the depth of your project. Schedule your garage cleaning on your calendar and stick to it. Mild temperatures make the best environment for both indoor and outdoor work. Plan to have as many family members as possible around for the big day so they can witness the work as well as the results. 72 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM for do-it-yourself videos if you will be installing yourself. Get in the Zone Divide your garage into zones that let you store similar items together while allowing space for small projects. Perhaps you need separate areas for outdoor toys sporting equipment and lawn tools. Maybe you would like to place a small gardening bench and supplies together. When your space is divided into categories it is easier to keep track of your goods. Keep it Pegged Pegboard is standard and savvy. Although pegboard won t hold heavier items like bicycles or large tools it can grasp just about everything else be customized to your liking and keep everything in plain sight. A wide variety of compatible hooks shelves and organizers can be found in most hardware stores and online. Protect Your Project Once you have your garage in tip-top shape keep it that way. Assign each family member weekly tasks such as sweeping cleaning cobwebs and getting rid of unwanted items. Place a broom and hand-held vacuum in an easily accessible spot to tidy up after spills and projects. Once you get your garage organized you will always be able to locate those hard-tofind items and more importantly--your car. HLM Sources and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 73 HERLIFE WORKING WOMEN closing the deal that moment when they have to ask for a commitment or money. With the mere idea of closing the deal looming large in their minds how can women negotiate without all the anxiety This idea of closing gets a lot easier if you stop thinking of The Close as a dramatic moment just before the end of the sales conversation and instead think of closing as something you are doing every moment throughout wrote Janet Ryan in the Thinking Aloud newsletter for women in business and technology. Instead she suggested that women focus on achieving buy-in throughout the conversation getting agreement along the way until all the little agreements add up to an action that can t be evaded. The buyer or potential client naturally and easily gives the desired commitment. In getting customer buy-in throughout the sales process you should start the conversation with thoughtful targeted probing about what your client wants and then ensure that you understand what they want. Next you should further polish and clarify that objective and double-check that you have captured their goals correctly explains Ryan. Obviously if you fail to get agreement at any step of the way you back up and probe and listen and clarify again until the agreement is there. Without it there is little reason to 74 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM transforming the art of by ga i l si l ve rste i n Y ou know the many benefits of your product inside and out. You ve made the pitch and discussed in depth how it will help your prospect. Suddenly your heart starts to pound as you begin to sweat the idea of closing the deal. Many professional women whether in sales or fundraising for a nonprofit dread move forward toward your offering. Finally you could inquire about competitive concerns price sensitivity or any other issue troubling your potential client. If you meet any obstacle to an agreement stop and analyze the situation and work toward an understanding that will let your proposed deal solve that persistent problem. Most buyers hate a hard sell no matter what you re selling. Customers prefer the soft touch in other words they would like to feel that they ve bought merchandise or a service over being closed. So be careful how you use your words according to Thomas Phelps president and owner of PWS Inc. a service-based business that focuses on delivering professional writing sales coaching and consultative services to sales professionals and sales businesses worldwide. Avoid using phrases like close this deal and instead say earn a sale. It may seem trivial but don t underestimate the power of your words. In the art of closing any deal persistence pays off. You ve probably heard the advice to ask for the sale but did you know being rejected once isn t necessarily the end of that interaction It may take as many as three attempts before you can get a commitment commented Phelps who has been in sales sales management and sales training for more than 20 years. If you ask for a sale and receive a no that only means that you either haven t answered all of your prospect s questions or haven t built enough value around your product or service. The problem could be that most professionals tend to stop after the first no. In approaching the close you need to keep building value developing rapport and showing your prospect that you and your product will provide the solution to her needs. Stop after one no and you might as well have not asked for the sale at all. Negotiating a contract is much the same as closing a deal. The secret is to be wise not smart according to Rony Ross founder and executive chairman of Panorama Software a provider of business intelligence software to 1 600 customers in 30 countries. She remarked that the secret to successful negotiating is to take the ego out of the equation. For a woman being ambitious can be viewed as aggressiveness so keeping the focus of the negotiation strictly on results and the best long-term deal for both parties is crucial. By taking the emphasis off the people involved and keeping it on the facts the negotiation is less likely to become hostile stated Ross. Whenever you negotiate whether it s a contract or a campaign pledge remember that it pays to stay calm. Never show that a ridiculously low counter-offer or an annoying delay tactic has upset you. Use your levelheadedness to unnerve the person who is negotiating with you. If the prospect becomes angry or irritated don t take the bait to strike back. Cooler heads always prevail stated Mike Hofman former editor of in his article Five Things You Should Never Say When Negotiating. Remember that in the art of closing the deal or negotiating a contract the relationship between you and the customer doesn t end there. Followup can lead to repeat business or word-of-mouth recommendations to other potential clients. HLM Sources and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 75 HERLIFE FINANCE cosigning a loan by c a ti e w a tso n advice for possibly earn a lower interest rate. It also gives the borrower an opportunity to establish a credit history. Look Before You Leap Agreeing to become a co-signer is a serious decision that needs to be carefully considered. As co-signer you are being asked to do more than provide a character reference for the borrower. You will be promising to take over loan payments if the borrower defaults. In the eyes of a lender there are two basic reasons for requiring a co-signer the applicant is a first-time borrower with no credit history or a borrower with poor credit. According to the Federal Trade Commission when you agree to be a co-signer you re taking a risk the lender won t take. Evaluate how the borrower wants to use the loan before you agree. Co-signing for a luxury purchase like an RV or boat is a bad idea. If you re asked to co-sign for a student loan make sure the student is pursuing a major that will lead to a job that allows loan repayment. Borrowing money to pay for a liberal arts degree from a pricey private college may not be the best idea. Crunch the Numbers The most important thing to consider when asked to be a co-signer is whether you could pay the full loan if the borrower doesn t. You may have 76 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM A co-signer on a loan is someone with an excellent credit history who is asked to help a friend or relative qualify for a loan. The borrower may be seeking financing for a new car or other major purchase a student loan personal loan or home mortgage. Adding a co-signer helps the borrower qualify for the loan and faith in the person who has asked you to be a co-signer but something unexpected could happen. The borrower could become unemployed get sick or even die. In some states you will be responsible for the loan if the borrow declares bankruptcy. If you are unable to fulfill the loan obligation when the borrow defaults your credit rating could be damaged and the lender could sue you. Even if the borrower makes loan payments on schedule and doesn t default the loan you co-signed for will show up as a liability on your credit report and could prevent you from getting future loans of your own. Be Prepared for the Commitment Removing a co-signer from a loan can be difficult so be prepared to assume the responsibility for the life of the loan. Until the borrower refinances consolidates or pays off the loan the co-signing agreement remains in effect. If possible work out a repayment agreement with the borrower in case you end up making payments to keep the loan from going into default. Legal experts advise that you put this agreement in writing and that you and the borrower sign it. If you need help drawing up the agreement talk to a lawyer. Read the Fine Print As is the case with any legal document make sure you understand what you re signing. According to the FTC the lender must provide you with a co-signer s notice that explains your obligations. Find out if the lender can collect the loan debt from you without first contacting the borrower in the event that payments are missed. This practice is legal only in some states. Also before you put up your property such as a car or jewelry as collateral for a loan ask the lender what the consequences will be if the borrower defaults. You could end up losing your property. Protect Your Interests You can protect your interests as co-signer by being vigilant. The FTC recommends that you ask the lender to agree to notify you if the borrower misses a payment make sure to get this agreement in writing. This way you won t be surprised by late fees or collection charges if several payments are missed before you find out about it. If the lender won t agree to keep you informed about missed payments you can periodically check your credit reports from Equifax Experian or TransUnion to see how the loan is being maintained. When a late or missed payment shows up contact the borrower to find out what s going on. Addressing problems before they snowball will help you both avoid future credit problems. The FTC also suggests that you protect yourself in case there s a dispute between the seller and borrower by obtaining copies of all loan documents for a major purchase like a car including the loan contract warranties and the Truth-inLending statement. Despite the risks involved in co-signing for a loan you may decide that the benefits for the borrower are worth it. Just remember that your funds and your credit rating will be in the hands of the borrower. Many friendships and family relationships have been damaged or destroyed due to financial arrangements like co-signing a loan. HLM Sources and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 77 HERLIFE BOOK CLUB me before you by jojo moyes A rev iew by c at ie wat s on lthough Jojo Moyes has written several award-winning novels in the romance genre Me Before You defies easy categorization. A world-wide best seller the novel uses an unlikely love story to examine the question of what it is that really makes life worth living. ents have agreed to his plan knowing that he will try suicide again on his own if he becomes desperate enough. They are counting on Lou to change their son s mind and make him want to live. What began as a job becomes a desperate mission for Lou. She throws herself into the challenge expanding his world by taking him on outings and providing him with a device that allows him to use a laptop computer on his own. She visits the library and learns how to use the Internet spending hours after work on medical websites and in quadriplegic chat rooms looking for tips on Will s condition. The challenge becomes two-sided when Will begins to take an interest in Lou and encourages her to expand her intellectual horizons. Together they watch foreign movies and attend concerts. Will recommends books and Lou discovers that she enjoys reading. Will has discovered his own mission--to launch Lou into a more exciting and fulfilling life. Thinking so much about Will forces Lou to take a good hard look at herself. The thing about being catapulted into a whole new life--or at least shoved up so hard against someone else s life she muses is that it forces you to rethink your idea of who you are. Or how you might seem to other people. She finds herself trying new things that would have surprised the old Louisa Clark. With Will s help she finally faces a dark secret from her teenage years that has made her afraid of taking risks. Jojo Moyes uses both humor and poignancy to draw readers into the real-life dilemmas faced by her characters. She has obviously researched the limitations of life for quadriplegics especially in the United Kingdom where fewer public facilities seem to be accessible and Will s situation is made heartbreakingly real. Unlike typical romance novels that focus solely on a love story Me Before You also examines Lou s journey to self-discovery and the moral questions raised by Will s desire to end his life. A believable cast of supporting characters gives the novel depth and the presentation of small-town life in the shadow of a medieval castle helps us understand why Will encourages Lou to escape. Best of all Moyes is a skilled storyteller who knows how to keep readers engaged by leaving us guessing about Will and Lou s future lives until the very last page. HLM Louisa Clark s small working-class life in a small English town is turned upside down when she accepts a life-or-death challenge. Comfortable and content she still lives at home with her parents and works as a waitress at The Buttered Bun a cozy caf that caters to tourists who come to see the town s historical castle. She feels lost when the caf closes and she is suddenly unemployed but since her family depends on her paycheck she accepts a six-month position as companion to Will Traynor a bitter quadriplegic injured two years earlier in a traffic accident. Will who s 35 once lived a life that was as big as Louisa s is small. A successful London financier who loved crushing his business competition he spent his free time traveling the world and dating leggy model types. Since becoming permanently disabled he uses a motorized wheelchair and his world has shrunk to an apartment in the home of his wealthy parents. His old friends from the city have deserted him and he sees few people besides his parents and the male nurse who takes care of his medical needs. Following a gruesome failed suicide attempt Will s mother Camilla hires Louisa to keep an eye on her son and possibly boost his morale. Although Will initially shows his resistance to her presence through biting sarcasm Louisa sticks with the job because the pay is very good and she cannot afford to quit. The story is told mainly from Louisa s point of view. She describes herself as unremarkable and one of the invisibles but she dresses with quirky flair in bright vintage clothing and is spunky enough to stand up to Will s verbal abuse. She has a long-time boyfriend named Patrick a personal trainer who has become obsessed with preparing for a triathlon but the relationship doesn t seem to be going anywhere. Lacking ambition Louise has been drifting through life without much purpose or direction. After a few weeks of working with Will just as they are beginning to fall into a comfortable daily routine she learns that he plans to travel to a Swiss assisted-death clinic at the end of her six-month contract. His par78 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 79 HERLIFE SCENE AND BE SEEN Women Wear Red he annual Women Wear Red event was presented on February 7th sponsored by Memorial Medical Center Sutter Gould Medical Foundation Memorial Hospital Foundation Heart Education and Training Program and the Stanislaus County Office of Education and highlighted the importance of heart health education. This year s keynote speaker was Zonya Foco RD CHFI CSP and featured presentations from Dr. Amar Pohwai a Sutter Gould Medical Foundation cardiologist and heart survivor Linda Conley. For more information please visit or call (209) 530-3600. HLM p hot ogr a p hy by d e si re e si l va o f su tte r h e a l th T 80 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 81 HERLIFE CENTER OF ATTENTION Zuesters opened in October 2011 and has quickly become a mainstay in Lincoln Center Co-owners and sisters Shaina and Kindra (hence the name Zuesters which means sisters in Dutch) were raised in the restaurant business giving them their entrepreneurial spirit When the chance came to own a store in Lincoln Center Shaina and Kindra jumped at the opportunity They have a passion for affordable fashion and fun for the whole family and share their love for great prices and clothing with everyone who walks in Zuesters door Zuesters has a wide variety of great products to choose from including surf and sportswear active wear school uniforms shoes and accessories. From Volcom to Sweet Lola and Reef to Lenny & Eva Zuesters has a great selection of brands to help you find your perfect fit. Be sure to visit their Facebook page for updates of their newest inventory. Make Zuesters your first stop for clothes accessories and more In 1980 Lincoln Center s long-standing business The Village Flair s owners retired. The building was divided into 2 stores and luckily Carolyn and her husband Lyle were there to sweep up the smaller store and turn it into Flair Boutique. 34 years and two remodels later Flair Boutique has become a fixture in Lincoln Center co-owned by Carolyn and her daughter Starr. Together this mother-daughter business duo buys for manages and operates Flair featuring women s clothing shoes and accessories. The Flair Family has become well known for their above-and-beyond customer service. Starr Carolyn and their amazing staff love giving personal and caring attention to each customer who steps into Flair Boutique. Starr and Carolyn want to make sure their clients always have items of the highest quality and impeccable designs to choose from at Flair Boutique. Visit them today for a high fashion experience with unending customer service. For more information on retailers restaurants and events at Lincoln Center please visit the shopping center at Pacific Avenue and Benjamin Holt in Stockton or online at 82 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE EDUCATION reasonable I was at a great Chinese restaurant in Manteca right by Raley s. I always love the fortune cookies. The messages usually crack me up but this one was a bit prophetic in several ways. I would rather attempt something great and fail than attempt I was going to our Venture Academy Lunch Theater the next day. to do nothing and succeed. they ve had some challenges. The dance instructor has been out which is actually a great thing...she had a baby Our English teacher who drives the content has been out which is actually a good thing... she had a baby too They both just got back not too long ago. If this wasn t enough there were challenges in respect to doing the food they couldn t create the lunch as they had done in the past. One of the key choir teachers was and is out...a huge challenge. Just a bunch of reasons to be reasonable. Postpone. Cancel. The teachers at the academy and the kids did what actors and musicians do... The play must go on. And did it ever. I love all of their productions but this was one of the best because it would have been easy to be reasonable postpone.... to cancel. Instead the teachers modeled what it means to overcome obstacles. The students were willing to risk. They joined together to attempt something great with the possibility of failing rather than attempt to do nothing and succeed. What a lesson learned...a message sent. Mick Founts Ed.D is Superintendent of Schools for San Joaquin County. Foundations our fine and performing arts academy picks a theme and produces a one-hour performance centered on that theme. They have presented theme productions on the Great Depression Broadway shows....a bunch of cool things. There are monologues show choirs a variety of dance groups large choirs solos and...of actual theme-based lunch. I wasn t looking forward to this one. Shakespeare. Don t get me wrong. I LOVE Shakespeare. I am an English major. Shakespeare is the best...the heart and soul of what we do...of what English majors love. One of the most difficult things to do. Normally I would have confidence that our Venture Academy Lunch Theater would breeze through a Shakespearean production however Mick Founts Ed. D. Dr. Mick Founts was elected as San Joaquin County Superintendent of Schools in June 2010. As Superintendent of Schools Founts is charged with the ultimate responsibility for all activities of San Joaquin County Office of Education. Founts was awarded his Doctorate of Education from University of the Pacific in 1995. He obtained his Master of Arts degree in education administrative credential and pupil personnel services credential from California State University Stanislaus. Founts earned his Bachelor of Arts degree cum laude in English from Humboldt State University. During his more than 30 year career in education Founts developed the one. Court and Community School program which is one of the most innovative alternative education programs in the State. He served as the President of Juvenile Court Community and Alternative School Administrators of California and authored the Charter for Venture Academy Family of Schools. He is also on the Governing Board for Doctors Hospital of Manteca. 84 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE HOROSCOPE star journeys With 90 percent of the planets on a forward march this month is going to be a good one for most signs. Even with Mercury in retrograde for the first couple of weeks the forward momentum from the rest of the cosmos isn t going to slow anything down. Financial gains personal gains and achievement of dreams are what this month is all about. HLM by m e l o dy b u ssey Scorpio OCT. 23-NOV. 21 The tendency this month is to overcommit to things and allow yourself to get worn down. If you have taken the time to get in touch with your higher self then the finances will take care of themselves. In many areas of your life you are coming to some decisions where you are going to have to make some hard choices. Taurus APR. 20-MAY 20 You are going to feel pressure to get things done and this is not going to work to your advantage. Be wary of overcommitting your finances toward something. You are going to have constant money flowing to you throughout the year so if you need to pass on something right now do it. With most of the planets moving forward in your Eastern hemisphere it s a great time to move forward with your own personal plans. Sagittarius NOV. 22-DEC. 21 Now is the time to revel in the social nest that you ve been creating. It is easy for you to put others first and you should follow your instincts. Take time to redecorate your immediate area or plan to have a get-together with significant friends and others. Gemini MAY 21-JUNE 20 Up until the 14th your momentum slows slightly. Take this time to clarify what you want. Nearly all of the planets are above the horizon of your chart meaning that you can have most things your way. You will see a fabulous month unfolding for you in the career and financial sectors. News that comes to you on the 6th should be filed away for use later. Capricorn DEC. 22-JAN. 19 This is the month where you will feel the gears shifting in your life. Whereas you ve been a take-charge do-things-my-way kind of person now you will find that you are just the opposite. This is the time to focus on home and family. Cancer JUNE 21-JULY 23 You aren t going to have to work hard to win friends and influence enemies. Most of the planets are moving forward right now allowing you to focus on career objectives. With Mercury in retrograde through the 14th you should take care to double check all electronics and vehicles. If you are single you won t be for long and finances will take a turn for the better around the 20th. Aquarius JAN. 20-FEB. 18 This is a time to slow down and consider your pace and your way of life. If you aren t living the dream ask yourself why that is so. Most of the planets are in the Eastern sector of your chart making your dream very achievable. Leo JULY 24-AUG. 22 Hold off on decisions until after the 14th when Mercury will return to a forward rotation. Things will unfold for you the best if you will not force issues. You will find that there is a conflict between love and work so head it off at the pass and decide some ground rules. Pisces FEB. 19-MAR. 20 This will be a month of realizing how grateful you are for the events that are beginning to unfold. Your energy will be high and a sense of destiny will make you feel invincible. As a bonus you are going to receive a financial windfall toward the end of the month or early in the next month. Virgo AUG. 23-SEPT. 22 March is going to be one of your favorite months so far Virgo This is the month where your projects will yield results. Financially you are strong this month thanks to Venus s close transit to Uranus. Money may literally drop into your lap. Aries MAR. 21-APR. 19 Hold onto your hat Aries because this month s pace is going to be blistering. With all the planets moving forward change and progress are going to happen right before your eyes. You will see your confidence soaring to new heights so take advantage of that to press issues forge new alliances and break new ground. Financially you will begin to have a sense of freedom and stability especially after the 23rd. Libra SEPT. 23-OCT. 22 If you deal with administrators keep in mind that they will test your patience until after the 14th when things will ease up. It is okay to focus on career work and finances during this month as your family will understand and the universe will support your diligence. 86 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 87 HERLIFE CALENDAR march 1 Junior League Twice is Nice Preview Sale Green games hosted by Stockton Thunder. Take part in a Green Fair at both games in which local environmentally friendly organizations will educate attendees on the importance of a wide array of environmental issues and eco-friendly products. For more information or to purchase tickets please visit or call the Thunder main line at (209) 373-1500. DATE March 1 TIME 8 00am LOCATION San Joaquin County Fairgrounds 1658 S. Airport Way Stockton DETAILS Mark your calendars for the 57th annual Rummage Sale held by the Junior League of San Joaquin County This rummage sale s benefits will go toward many charitable causes and non-profit organizations throughout the county. For more information and to purchase tickets for the preview sale please contact Monica at (209) 612-3749 Barbara at (209) 478-0340 or Jenger at (209) 993-9771. 15 2nd Annual Modesto Food and Wine Grand Tasting DATE March 15 TIME 7 00pm-9 00pm LOCATION Grace Lutheran School s Spirit Center 617 W. Orangeburg Avenue Modesto DETAILS Join us for the 2nd annual Modesto Food and Wine Grand Tasting an event showcasing the culinary talent of the Central Valley s best chefs. Enjoy a night of culinary exploration as Modesto s star chefs team up with their favorite winery or brewery. For tickets or more information please call (209) 408-2992 or email modestofoodandwine Manteca Quilter s 35th Annual Quilt and Soft Doll Show DATE March 1 and 2 TIME 10 00am-4 00pm LOCATION MRSP Hall 133 N. Grant Avenue Manteca DETAILS Come enjoy the 35th annual Quilt and Soft Doll Show where you can enjoy more than 20 vendors quilt challenges demonstrations food booths and more. This year s featured artists will be Cathie Hoover and Elinor Peace Bailey known for their award-winning quilts wearable art and soft dolls. Tickets are 7 children under 12 are free. 20 The Wedding Loft Launch Party DATE Thursday March 20th TIME 6 00pm - 9 00pm LOCATION The Wedding Loft 1321 J Street Modesto DETAILS Join us to celebrate the Launch of a NEW and UNIQUE business in Downtown Modesto The Wedding Loft is an upscale wedding and special event resource center. Imagine a place where brides can shop for all of their vendors in one convenient location a place where vendors can connect with their clients in a lavish atmosphere a place where dreams are made into reality. Enjoy a spectacular evening of delectable cocktails appetizers music and networking. For more information visit WeddingLoftDowntown email love or call (209) 451-2292. 2 Wedding DATE March 2 Show Weekend TIME 1 00pm-5 00pm LOCATION The Reserve at Spanos Park 6301 W. Eight Mile Road Stockton DETAILS In one weekend more than 35 country clubs and golf courses will host wedding shows including The Reserve at Spanos Park hosted by Country Club Receptions Enjoy a variety of wedding vendors and enter to win a variety of prizes This event is free but please RSVP to wsw or contact The Reserve at Spanos Park at (209) 477-4653. 21 Tracy Woman s Forum 16th Annual Women s Conference 14 Stockton TIME 7 30pm Thunder Presents Easy Being Green DATE March 21 TIME 9 30am-2 30pm LOCATION Grand Theatre Center for the Arts 715 Central Avenue Tracy DETAILS Mark your calendars for the Tracy Women s Forum s 16th An- DATE March 14 and 15 LOCATION Stockton Arena 248 W. Fremont St Stockton DETAILS Come enjoy the sixth annual Covanta Energy Easy Being 88 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM nual Women s Conference Ignite Your Vitality Live Life Strong. Enjoy keynote speaker Abby Rike contestant on The Biggest Loser as well as talks from Rochele Lawson Tracy local and health and wellness expert and much more Tickets are 55 in advance and 60 at the door. For more information please visit to purchase tickets please visit 22 WOW Science Museum Presents Hippology DATE March 22 TIME 10 00am-3 00pm LOCATION WOW Science Museum 2 N. Sacramento Street Lodi DETAILS Join in with the WOW Science Museum as they kick off their Hippology event. WOW has partnered with All Seasons Carriage Company and will have live ponies and even a donkey inside the museum Kids will get the chance to pet ponies go on pony rides outside and the museum floor will be full of horse-based arts and crafts and fun facts on animals. To learn more about this and other events or to purchase tickets please visit or call (209) 368-0969. 28 Lodi Spring Wine Show DATE March 28-29 TIME Friday 6 00pm-9 00pm Saturday 5 00pm-8 00pm LOCATION Lodi Grape Festival Grounds 413 E. Lockeford Street Lodi DETAILS Mark your calendars for the annual Spring Wine Show Enjoy wine tasting from up to 50 wineries excellent food entertainment vendors and much more Located in the Ole Mettler Grape Pavilion this is a great opportunity to learn more about wine enter to win prizes and more. To learn more or purchase tickets please visit or call (209) 369-2771. 30 Tribute TIME 2 30pm to Frank Sinatra DATE March 30 LOCATION Gallo Center for the Arts 1000 I Street Modesto DETAILS Enjoy a Tribute to Frank Sinatra and the Harry James Orchestra featuring the Don Clarke Big Band with greatest hits from both performed by The Four Lads and special guest star Sebastian Anzaldo. This is sure to be a night to remember To purchase tickets or to learn more please visit or call the ticket office at (209) 3382100. All calendar event submissions must be received by March 1st for the April issue and adhere to our guidelines. E-mail beth for guidelines or to submit entries. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 89 Advanced cancer Lorem. therapy saves lives. I m living proof. I m living proof. Ernest Pontiflet Cancer survivor Ernest Pontiflet learned about prostate cancer the hard way. His pastor who himself was fighting prostate cancer asked Ernest what his PSA level was. Ernest didn t know what that was but he soon found out. His was high--and he too had prostate cancer. At St. Joseph s he received surgery radiation therapy and hormone therapy until finally he got his illness under control and began feeling strong again. Cancer changes the lives of all it touches but Ernest Pontiflet has set about becoming an agent of change himself. And if you re a man over 40 he ll ask you what your PSA level is. Because as Ernest sees it his mission is to get the word out and share the truth. While St. Joseph s is proud to be the area s only accredited Cancer Center we are equally proud of our wide array of support services. We believe treating cancer means caring for the whole person in mind body and spirit. Advancing cancer care with Cancer Resource Navigators Cancer Research and Clinical Trials Collaboration with UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center (209) 943 2000 Cancer 1800 N. California St. Stockton CA 95204 92 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM