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I came to Patrick Henry College because I wanted to be a writer and learn how writing for a living could bring glory to God. I was not disappointed. It may take years for me to process the priceless role of Patrick Henry College helping me to fulfill the writer-dream I ve had since second grade. PHC Alumna Literature World News Group Editorial Assistant Columnist Chelsea Kolz Patrick Henry college For Christ & for Liberty Broad-based classical liberal arts core curriculum Exclusive internships in the nation s capital Vibrant Christian campus community Patrick Henry College points student leaders like Chelsea Kolz toward their brightest future. To find out more visit us at HEAV BOARD & STAFF HEAV Board of Directors Anne Miller President Williamsburg Patrick Ryan Vice President Purcellville Kevin Mulhearn Treasurer Yorktown Linda Linder Secretary Manassas Rick Boyer Board Member Rustburg Cherrie Moore Board Member Virginia Beach Advisory Board Lauren Bell Virginia Beach Yvonne Bunn Murfreesboro HEAV Staff Anne Miller Interim Executive Director office Yvonne Bunn Director of Homeschool Support & Legislative Affairs Lauren Bell Convention Director Helen Wright Finance Manager Lora Howard Administrative Assistant Publications Staff Maureen Bittner Director of Publications & Marketing Mary Kay Smith Magazine Editor editor Melissa Barnes Editor Kathleen Lansing Advertising Director advertising Kathleen Dillie Update Manager Karen Sweeney Update Content Editor update Chris Update Editor Arielle Potter Copy Editor & Above-the-Fold Writer Maya Barnes Update Layout Laurie Sitterding Editor Michael Grice Webmaster Alyssa Mulhearn Web-Content Editor Linda Mesibov HTML Coder Susannah Miller Graphic Designer Sara Hemmeke Graphic Designer Jennifer Covington Social Media Manager Angela Palomo Transcript Editor SEND ADDRESS CHANGES TO Home Educators Association of Virginia 2100 W. Laburnum Avenue Suite 108A Richmond Virginia 23227 Fax 804-278-9202 E-mail office Phone 804-278-9200 or Web For fastest service send your former and new addresses. Check your mailing label to see if you are a member if not join today The purpose of the Virginia Home Educator is to provide information resources and encouragement to Virginia homeschool parents. The views expressed in this magazine do not necessarily reflect those of the Home Educators Association of Virginia. All Scripture quotations are from the King James Version unless otherwise noted. The Virginia Home Educator is sent quarterly to Virginia s homeschooling families without charge. To receive a free subscription sign up at To inquire about advertising or submitting an article please contact HEAV at PO Box 6745 Richmond Virginia 23230-0745 or e-mail us at advertising or editor HEAV reserves the right to edit for style and space or to refuse any submission deemed inappropriate for our publication. Permission is granted to reprint any news items from this magazine providing proper credit is given all other material is copyrighted. For reprint permission please contact the editor at editor 2014 Home Educators Association of Virginia SUBMISSION DEADLINES Fall 2014 (Issue 3)--June 15 Winter 2014 (Issue 4)--September 15 Spring 2015 (Issue 1)--December 1 Summer 2015 (Issue 2)--March 15 10 20 14 FEATURES Derek and Cheryl Carter Gary D. Chapman Ph.D. Melissa Barnes 10 Communication in the Family 14 The Five Love Languages of Children 20 Shifting Perspective DEPARTMENTS 4 5 6 From the Editor Mary Kay Smith From Our Facebook Page... From the Director of Homeschool Support Yvonne Bunn 8 Freedom Watch 22 Coming to Virginia 22 Classified Ads ON PAGE 12 Cover Image kirin_photo From the Editor Mary Kay Smith Several years ago I taught beginning speech. For one of our first exercises I had the students go around the room and say I didn t say you were fat each emphasizing a different word in the sentence and then explaining the implications of the emphasis. There were giggles and outbursts of laughter and lots of comments as the realization set in on how the meaning changed depending on the word that was stressed. Some of our other very basic training included how to shake hands properly how to stand in front of a group and how long to hold a bow. We talked about gestures pauses eye contact illustrations and accurate dynamic word use. We discussed how to avoid being a conversational bore. For the first class I had the kids sit in a circle to talk so they could ease into the idea of speech and we did some silly exercises. By the end of the semester their fear had dissolved and they were self-assured speakers who walked confidently to the podium and gave their speech with no ums scattered throughout. It was an amazing transformation. Ironically I avoided speech class myself in college by taking smallgroup communication instead. I was one of the many typical people afraid of giving a speech because I didn t know what to say in front of an audience or how to go about it. Interestingly once you know your topic well and learn a few tricks public speaking is easy. It seems as though communication is similar whether at work at church or in the home. It s easy to hurt someone s feelings without intending to neglect someone without noticing or go on and on about something without being aware that our audience has tuned out. In this issue Derek and Cheryl Carter share very practical tips to help us with our family communication Gary Chapman writes about finding out our kids love languages and Melissa Barnes talks about using communication to get a glimpse into our children s souls. As with formal speaking communication techniques must be learned acknowledged and practiced. It takes a bit of work but when we apply these suggestions they can have life-changing consequences. MISSION ORIENTED Homeschooling brings a Christian worldview to the classroom. Students are encouraged to remain faithful and to use their God-given abilities to their full potential. Homeschool graduates find a similar environment at Liberty University School of Law. Liberty Law professors are not only well-qualified academically and professionally they are also incredibly caring and godly. They are willing to share their professional experiences and how they remained faithful through challenges. Their insight as well as their examples of grace when facing adversities has taught me more than I could learn in a classroom. --Sean Maguire Liberty Law student FIND YOUR PLACE AT LIBERTY UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW. LawAdmissions (434) 592-5300 4 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRING 2014 from our Facebook page... Trying to Do Too Much Aubrey Help Between health issues and my son s attention span I can t do every subject every day. Is there a better way to divide the work Lisa You can totally divide up the subjects. My son has Asperger s and ADD so we only do two or three subjects a day plus Bible and calendar time. We take twenty minutes for each subject and then take a five- to-ten-minute break. We do school from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. with a thirty-minute lunch. Kristy I would take a more unschooling approach or just get away from a schedule altogether. We have first-grade and pre-K children. Some days we only get to reading and do no math some days we do math for four hours. We do science once or twice a week and are able to focus and have more fun with it. I can t stand trying to get everything in for one day the kids don t enjoy it either. Just try to take a more relaxed approach and don t use a schedule. Know what they need to learn and fit it in as you can. You may need to continue year round but at that age they usually love school no matter when it is. Tammie I feel your pain This year we are doing science in the fall and social studies in the spring. We do our most important studies of math and language arts daily. Be gentle on yourself children can get what they need not only with formal curriculum but also with some afternoon games like BrainPop or XtraMath. join the online conversation Challenges of Homeschooling Onlies Beth It seems like EVERY homeschool family has more than one child... often many more. Are there only-child homeschool families and are there different challenges Faith I am an only child and was homeschooled all the way through school. I am so grateful for the opportunities that homeschooling gave me The biggest challenge is definitely socialization but there are many ways to overcome that. We had a local homeschool support group and I was also involved in other community activities like t-ball and soccer. When I got older I was part of a 4-H club and community choir. I also did a lot of volunteering. Lisa I too have an only child who is now twelve. I found that sometimes I gave her too much one-on-one attention. Find a support group or co-op otherwise it feels that you are in your own world. Mary There are many of us with fewer numbers but we don t have the visual and noise presence that a bigger family brings so it s easy to think we are not out there. Do your thing and don t compare yourself. You are the mom God gave your child. Gwendolyn The biggest challenge you will have to overcome is the misperception of your own inadequacies. Find a support group co-op or community and join in the fun Amy For me the biggest challenges are not taking time for myself and trying to be everything to my child. Socialization is the least of our concerns--it happens naturally if you are involved in church or other activities such as a sports league or homeschool support group. Katie Look up the blog at Lindsay is an awesome homeschooling mama of one Preschool Academics Sara We are starting pre-K this year with my son. What are the most important things he should be able to do by the end of the year academically (letters numbers shapes etc.) as well as with his fine motor skills Laurel Play and lots of it Whatever you have the energy or resources for Play-Doh building blocks climbing running etc. Letters numbers and shapes are good too. Just buy little workbooks from Walmart that have matching games mazes color by number etc. Pre-K and K should not be expensive or complicated. Kathleen I m in my twenty-second year of homeschooling and have graduated three kids. I spent the toddler pre-K years teaching my kids to obey me. If you don t have their hearts you will struggle with homeschooling. They need to do what mom and dad say. Other than that have fun snuggle read books together on the sofa explore the outdoors watch bugs compare the leaves on trees just pour your love in. And keep the TV off. Outside the Box Just the right size to save your spot in your favorite book. Take one jumbo paperclip (the one in the picture is four inches) and four twelveinch ribbons--and your imagination will do the rest Reprinted with permission from Altered to Perfection http LETTERS TO THE EDITOR DIGITAL FORMAT Now get the same great magazine on your tablet & mobile devices--FREE Visit thevirginia-home-educator. Reading the editorial in the Winter 2013 magazine got me to thinking about what all we home-educator veterans should consider doing after our last child has graduated. In addition to serving others where we can one very personal way to serve our children is by homeschooling our grandchildren. Maybe our home-educated son married a public-school gal who hasn t the desire or clue how to homeschool. Maybe they feel compelled to be a dual-income family and thus don t see a way that would allow the mother to home educate their children. So if we veteran homeschoolers live close to our grandchildren we should consider assisting in that way. Joe Guarino THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 5 Scan Me From the Director of Homeschool Support Yvonne Bunn W e saw a remarkable sight when my husband and I were waiting for our flight to depart from O Hare in snowy Chicago Every seat and most of the floor area was taken by passengers waiting to board--all of them using some type of electronic device. The floor space surrounding the outlets was prime real estate. Even the parent across from me assisted her restless two-year-old daughter with her own pink tablet and ear buds. Communicating with all types of devices is commonplace now. Sharing information is important to every person every family every institution and every business. And communication is important to homeschoolers as well. We ve come a long way from the early days of phone lists and phone trees (thank goodness). I remember thinking when my son brought home his first Commodore computer (early 1980s ) Why would I ever want to use one of those bulky machines Silly me It s a must to be connected. And it s strange to think our children have never known anything else Now we can communicate instantly (well almost) to register for an event act upon legislation or learn about timely news. Whether it s a field trip registration or legislation that could change the way you homeschool--homeschoolers must stay informed EFFECTIVE YEAR-ROUND COMMUNICATION MAKES HOMESCHOOLING STRONG Because HEAV operates year-round we have our finger on the pulse of home education in Virginia. We communicate with individual homeschoolers on a daily basis answering hundreds of phone calls each month. We listen to questions hear concerns and work to meet individual parents home-education needs. We continually share how-to-homeschool information and law information with new homeschoolers and parents who are interested in making an educational change. We listen to support group leaders who tell us about local issues and school-board policies. We answer important questions about the Virginia homeschool law and clarify how the statute applies in different family situations. We share practical and encouraging information with leaders who are not only homeschooling their own children but also serving others. HEAV communicates with state and local education officials from the Department of Education to local superintendent s offices. We EFFECTIVE YEAR-ROUND COMMUNICATION MAKES HOMESCHOOLING STRONG. HELP Is your child or teen working too hard to learn for Kids Teens with Dyslexia Dysgraphia Math Issues Memory Problems Auditory Processing Problems Speech Issues ADD ADHD Sensory Processing Problems Autism Aspergers The COMPLETE PACKAGE of Dianne Craft Products (at a discounted price) Now you can use the same program that Dianne Craft developed when working with bright hard working struggling learners 1st-8th grade to achieve a 2 year growth in reading writing and math in one year. Remove Blocked Learning Gates using this highly successful THREE PRONGED APPROACH Brain Integration Therapy Right Brain Teaching Strategies Targeted Nutritional Interventions Includes Lesson Plans for three daily teaching tutoring sessions (45 min each) for remedial Reading Spelling Writing and Math. This replaces the child teen s regular curriculum until he tests at or above grade level in these subjects. Use a totally di erent approach and watch the progress. Make this the breakthrough year for your child or teen Dianne Craft is president of Child Diagnostics Inc. Denver CO 6 For use with teenagers adolescents and young children. THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRING 2014 offer clarification when there may be a questionable application of the homeschool law. In turn some officials call us when they have concerns or are not sure how to respond to a family who wants to homeschool. Throughout the year HEAV shares important information with the media and public officials. We participate in radio television and newspaper interviews. We speak with legislators and the governor on homeschool issues and legislation--not only during the legislative session--but throughout the year. HEAV is here to communicate with you all year long. Our purpose is to share information that is important to your success as a homeschooling family. We also want you to know immediately about anything that could threaten your homeschool freedom. We work hard to make it easy for you to have important homeschool information. GET CONNECTED Stay on the cutting edge of homeschool information in Virginia for FREE by staying connected to HEAV. Copy these links in your browser to receive the free resources we provide to ALL homeschoolers throughout the year. It s so easy Virginia Homeschool Update Sign up for our free weekly newsletter at http virginia-homeschool-update to learn about upcoming events seminars resources and cool homeschool websites. New convention information will be posted here first Website Use the HEAV website at as a resource for up-to-date information and practical helps. It is a powerhouse of information on hundreds of homeschool topics HEAV Legislative Update Sign up for HEAV s Legislative Updates to make sure you know the status of legislation that could impact the way you homeschool. Legislative changes happen fast so read these updates as soon as they arrive in your inbox. Go here to sign-up http virginia-homeschool-update. HEAV Office Call the office at 804-278-9200 five days a week from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Our office staff and phone counselors will help you understand the homeschool law and its requirements assist you with curriculum selection answer general questions or provide membership information. Virginia Home Educator Magazine Subscribe to HEAV s free quarterly magazine to know about the upcoming 2014 Convention to read encouraging articles and to learn about the newest in curriculum from our advertisers. Subscribe here http the-virginia-home-educator. Facebook Hear what homeschoolers are discussing on HEAV s Facebook page by going to Home Educators Association of Virginia (HEAV) at HEAV provides these resources free of charge to ALL homeschoolers-- members as well as non-members--and works year round to protect the rights and freedoms of all homeschooling families in Virginia. Your membership allows us to continue this important work. For just 35 per year you can help protect your freedom to teach your children at home and help others learn about this successful educational alternative. Call our office or go to http joinrenew heav-member-benefits to join or renew and see the many membership benefits THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 7 Prior to the start of the 2014 General Assembly session legislative researcher Caroline Barnes alerted HEAV to several bills that could negatively impact homeschoolers. RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION STUDY HJ 92 Delegate Tom Rust (R-Fairfax Loudoun) proposed HJ 92 a resolution requesting the Department of Education to study the religious exemption (RE) statute and make recommendations for changes. HEAV viewed this resolution as a potentially serious threat to religious freedom anticipating follow-up legislation that would attempt to either amend or eliminate the statute. The Department of Education would gather information regarding (i) how each school board determines religious convictions (ii) if the student s convictions are also evaluated (iii) if convictions are ever reviewed again and how often (iv) and whether educational progress is monitored. Delegate Rust presented HJ 92 in the Rules Subcommittee on Studies. The chairman asked for supporting testimony but no one responded. The first witness opposing the measure was an articulate college student who had been successfully educated under RE. She referred to newspaper articles that had drawn negative attention to RE homeschool families and graciously refuted the accounts as inaccurate and incomplete. Scott Woodruff of HSLDA Parrish Mort of VaHomeschoolers and Bob Shanks of HEAV then spoke in opposition to the measure. Two other young professionals educated under RE also stood to show opposition. The committee agreed by voice vote to lay it on the table meaning no other action would take place. (Failed) STANDARDIZED ACHIEVEMENT TESTS HB 447 HEAV and Home School Legal Defense Association requested that Delegate Randall Minchew (R-Leesburg) delete a section of a large SOL testing bill that included new requirements for homeschool achievement tests. The main purpose of the bill was to reform the SOL testing structure but the bill also inserted wording that would require homeschool parents to use the most recently normed standardized achievement tests for yearly assessments. Delegate Minchew did not understand that this would add ad- ditional costs for homeschool families and require them to use tests aligned with the Common Core standards--standards that HEAV opposes. Delegate Minchew returned the bill to its original language thus protecting homeschool testing choices. HOMESCHOOL TAX CREDITS HB 239 At HEAV s request Delegate David Ramadan (R-Dulles) introduced taxcredit legislation for homeschoolers. The bill will allow a tax credit for the cost of homeschool-related materials and services for parents who have complied with the home-instruction statute. The credit will equal the amount actually paid or 500 per child whichever is lessnot to exceed 2 000 per taxable year. The bill was left in the Finance Committee. (Failed) SPORTS ACCESS HB 63 Delegate Rob Bell (R-Charlottesville) again introduced a sports-access bill known as the Tebow Bill. It passed the House of Delegates with a good margin and little debate in committee because of familiarity with the arguments from previous years. A sixth-grade homeschooler from Manassas passionately described her desire to participate in gymnastics but with the changes in the makeup of the Senate Education Committee the bill was passed by indefinitely (9-Y 6-N). (Failed) 8 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRING 2014 COMMUNICATION in the Derek and Cheryl Carter S o you re saying I don t do anything around the house and that I m that what you re saying Actually I (Derek) was not sure what she was saying at that point. Ever been in the middle of an argument and not even know it Worse yet you do not know how it all got started. Cheryl believes that disagreements often happen because I (Derek) don t listen. Listening is the cornerstone of communication. Many people think you re a great communicator if you convey a worthy message however nothing is further from Family work. The kids and I jumped all over Derek as soon as he walked in the door. One child was on his neck while another clung to his leg and briefcase the contents of which went flying as soon as he stepped in the door. Obviously that did not work. Then I heard a sermon that stated that men need quiet contemplation when they get home. So I told the kids to leave Daddy alone. Give him lots of space. At first Derek was quite surprised. He went into the bedroom and at the end of the evening he sighed and exclaimed with frustration Why is everyone avoiding me Favorite Open-Ended If you could meet anyone in history and talk to him her what would you say and why If given a billion dollars and one year to spend it how would you spend it Questions Gifted communicators are first and foremost effective listeners. the truth. Gifted communicators are first and foremost effective listeners. James 1 19 admonishes us to be quick to listen and slow to speak. Training the whole family in some practical communication skills can reduce conflict. DEVELOP YOUR LISTENING SKILLS Listening is a skill we have to develop. Our selfcentered flesh generally likes to be heard. We like giving our opinions postulating out propositions and masterminding solutions. This is especially true for men. It is hard for us to be quiet--but effective listening only happens in quiet. Sometimes we do not want to listen because we fear we will be faced with something we do not want to know. LISTEN FOR UNDERSTANDING The ultimate goal of listening is understanding. Once I (Cheryl) read a book that said men should be greeted enthusiastically when they arrive home from 10 Derek I exclaimed we were trying to give you your space. I thought that was what men needed. Why not just ask me what I want he said. That taught me (Cheryl) not to lean on a method but to trust the relationship. We tend to like methods that are easy and broad and do not require much on our part. Listening for understanding is hard work but produces profound joy in any relationship. LISTEN WITHOUT DISTRACTIONS We must become keenly aware of the things that distract us. The distractions may be our job church activities unpaid bills volunteer work household repairs a friend s problem unforgiveness anger hatred marital problems or other things. As we are aware of the things that distract us we must actively work to silence them. We must make a quality decision to listen to the person with whom we are speaking. Remember the stereotypical dad at the breakfast table who muttered responses shielded If you could be in anybody s shoes whose shoes would you choose and why What would you consider a perfect day and why If the Bible were going to be taken from us and never given back which Bible verses would you memorize and why THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRING 2014 monkeybusinessimages by his morning newspaper Today that dad is answering children s questions while pounding the computer keyboard sending e-mail or scratching memos on his iPhone We are still not listening until we stop and genuinely acknowledge the speaker. USE ACTIVE LISTENING Active listening shows outwardly that we are genuinely interested in what the other person is telling us. If we are sitting we lean forward and make direct eye contact. We pay attention to spoken and unspoken cues. We make meaningful comments to show that we understand what is being said as well as the emotions behind the words. If we misunderstand the speaker we back off and accept correction when he repeats what he really means. When we practice active listening with children we need to give much more nonverbal affirmation cues such as nods or reassuring touches to urge them on. Their thoughts are often more disjointed and unclear and therefore take longer to express. LISTEN WITHOUT INTERRUPTING Never interrupt or assume you know what the other person is going to say. This especially applies when someone is recounting a story to friends. Another family member is often apt to just butt in and correct the other one instead of allowing him the freedom to relate the story the way he remembers it. LISTEN WITHOUT JUDGMENT The value of listening is not in knowing the information that someone tells you but rather in giving her the freedom to express her thoughts in the family. Just listening gives people valuable affirmation and esteem. Do not get angry or show intense emotion or disgust for what someone may say to you. A friend who works with Christian teens practices the art of no surprise. No matter what the teens privately confide to her her facial expression does not change. Over the years she has heard some shocking confessions but she has found her therapeutic yes go on stance quite effective in getting the young people to open up to her. Avoid the lectures--you know the ones about you walking to school uphill with holes in (continued on page 18) your shoes during snowstorms. Children will tune your lectures out. Bayside has the CAT 6 for you It s the California Achievement Test 6th Edition the test everyone s been asking for to replace the CAT 5 the most used and popular achievement test ever for homeschools. Just 50 Per Student Choose CB Grades K-12 (The SV is shorter but not easier than the CB ) (Use SV Grade 4 or Grade 6 for Grade 5) (Most states accept CAT 6 some require proctors) VA and NC Approved You CAN Do It Yourself or SV Grades 2-4 6-12 THIS IS BAYSIDE 24 years supplying tests worldwide (Missionary & Expat families count on us) (SV available March - June) Easy ordering available all year GENUINE CTB McGraw-Hill Scoring FREE Practice Exercise Grades K-8 FREE Priority postage to you (USA) Scholarship assistance available (Write or email for more information) SPRING HOME SCHOOL DAY MAY 2 Mail a check or money order with your name address phone test form (CB or the shorter SV ) and your test week. Tell us the grade level for each student. Note that you agree to follow all of the CTB and Bayside instructions. Or visit us online Prices subject to change. Orders may be revised but there are no refunds or cancellations after we ship tests. Check out our website email your questions and we ll get you answers right away ORDERING IS EASY orders PO Box 250 Kill Devil Hills NC 27948 800-723-3057 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 11 H o m e E d u c a t o r s A s s o c i a t i o n o f V i r g i n i a Jeremiah 29 11 FUTURE H O M E E D U C AT I O N AND A GARY THOMAS TOM CLARK n Teenage Math - What to n Is Math Straining Your PHIL DOWNER Teach and How to Teach It n Dad s Irreplaceable Role n Developing a Plan for DENISE EIDE VICKI BENTLEY Time Management for Busy Moms n When Life Broadsides Your Homeschool n Getting Kids to Help at Home n Homeschooling on Shoestring Budget n Organized (Well Almost ) Relationship with Your Children nTeaching Mathematics as a Language What Gets Lost in Translation nWhat Is Critical Thinking and Can Anyone Do It Sexual Purity in Your Homeschool Family n Giving Homeschool Teens a Vision to Change the World n Purity and Accountability for Fathers and Sons (ages 13 and up fathers and sons only) n Soaring Not SUSAN KEMMERER Struggling n Preparing Toddlers and Preschoolers to Become Strong Readers n Help My Tongue Is On JOEL SALATIN Fire and I Can t Put It Out n Is Your Homeschooling C.H.A.O.S. n Secrets of Homeschooling Boys n Exploding the Supermom Myth n Developing a Child-Centric Business n Nook-and-Cranny Farming n City Sustainability MORE GREAT SPEAKERS LIKE... WOODY ROBERTSON CHRISTOPHER PERRIN MELINDA BORING SARAH OLBRIS n n n NEW MUSIC COMPETITION HEAV s first music competition is sure to be a delight for both the audience and the musicians Limited space available. Apply today at Violin - Moemrik DR. KENNETH WESTCOTT EVONNE MANDELLA n SONIA SHAFER n KRISTIN ECKENWILER CARL KERBY DR. TERRY MORTENSON DR. LAINNA CALLENTINE RICK & MARILYN BOYER LEE BINZ TYLER HOGAN n JAMES STADDON n KAREN DEBEUS JUDI MUNDAY n ADAM ANDREWS TRACK n n Science fun for everyone Dinosaurs brain and eye dissection creation and more. Led by renowned scientists these workshops are sure to engage you--AND your children. DR. LAINNA CALLENTINE CARL KERBY What is the Best Evidence God Created Biblical Answers to Common Questions Our Youth Are Facing n Teach Your Child to Think Critically About Fossils SPRING 2014Child to n Teach Your Answer Skeptics n n DR. TERRY MORTENSON Creation vs. Evolution n Fearless Teaching Why It Matters Science Without Fear Millions of Years Where n Asking the Pediatrician and Did the Idea Come From Advocating for Your Child n Dinosaurs Have You n Don t Short Circuit Exploring Been Brainwashed the Eye-Brain Connection 12 THE Through Hands-on Discovery n Noah s Flood Washing VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR Away Millions of Years INTRODUCTORY HOW-TO-BEGIN SESSIONS nTHURSDAY JUNE 5 n Introduction to Homeschooling n How to Begin What BUNN n Know the Law Notifying You Really Need to Know & Testing Requirements 31ST ANNUAL VIRGINIA HOMESCHOOL CONVENTION JUNE 5 6 & 7 n RICHMOND CONVENTION CENTER 69 FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 59 FOR HEAV MEMBERS THERE S SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE VODDIE BAUCHAM MICHAEL FARRIS n 140 Workshops n 385 Booths in the Exhibit Hall n NEW Silent Auction n NEW Special Buddies Program n NEW Music Competition n Chess Championships n All-New Children s Program n Single-Parents Luncheon n Support Group Leadership Luncheon n Instrument Petting Zoo n Young Entrepreneurs n Curriculum Doctors n Teen Writing Clinic n Graduation n Used Curriculum Sale n Photography Workshop n Science Dissection Labs nRobotics Expo nAnd much much more INFORMATION It s All Online Look online at for schedules registration exhibitors speaker bios workshop descriptions hotels Children s Program info and more. Find downloadable fliers and promotional materials to share with friends neighbors MOPs and church family. Get What You Need for Your Family Find practical support for every stage of life--from preschool to high school to college and beyond-- and relevant information on teaching family life struggling learners getting organized time management and MUCH more. The Potential to Change Your Life The HEAV convention is a life-changing experience for many. Whether you re just beginning or a veteran homeschooler bring the family and be challenged encouraged equipped and inspired to make a lasting difference in your home. And remember to let others know about this once-a-year homeschool event TRACY KLICKA MACKILLOP n The Power of Mercy SARITA HOLZMANN in Parenting n I Think I ll Quit Homeschooling n One More Chapter BARRY STEBBING ART at Home ERIK WEIR Please --Developing Life-long Readers n A Grand World View Give Your Kids a Heart for the World n Building a Legacy Pursuing the Homeschool Path n Teaching Children n Learning to Draw n To Whom Much Is Given n Business Basics n How To Be a Successful Learner n CEO or Dad Leading with Faith and Love for Christians n Financial Planning COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS CHRIS HOGAN Join Chris Hogan a relationships counselor and the founder of Noble Call. Learn to connect with your family resolve misunderstandings learn four biblical models that help each family member participate in the all-important decision-making process and much more n Connecting Conversations n Courageous Conversations n Collaborating Conversations n Answering the Four Core Questions NEW A TEEN WRITING CLINIC Join Brian Wasko as he debunks the myth that writing an essay is a painful experience. Learn some secrets to writing well with form and structure but in a fun dynamic way. iAdvocate Mock Legislative Session Think you can make tough decisions iAdvocate will give you the chance to draft and advocate legislation. Find out firsthand what your legislator goes through. NEW GENERATION JOSHUA S TEEN PROGRAMS BRIAN WASKO NEW iCommand Presidential Crisis Simulation Generation Joshua offers a choice of TWO teen pro- How would YOU handle a crisis Find out as you face a grams--each running Friday & Saturday--and each simulated foreign policy crisis in iCommand. Test your equipping and inspiring your youth own idea THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR of how the U.S. should respond. 13 WWW.HEAV.ORG D 5 LOVE LANGUAGES OF CHILDREN Gary D. Chapman Ph.D. Eleven-year-old Matt was asked On a zero-to-ten scale how much do your parents love you Without blinking an eye he answered Ten. When we asked why he felt so strongly he said Dad is always bumping me when he walks by and we wrestle on the floor. And Mom s always hugging and kissing me although she has stopped doing it in front of my friends. Physical touch is a powerful communicator of emotional love. WORDS OF AFFIRMATION Use words to build up the child. I love you you look nice in that dress you did a good job making your bed great catch thanks for helping me wash the car these are words of affirmation. The writer of Proverbs said The tongue has the power of life and death (Proverbs 18 21 NIV). Nowhere is that demonstrated more than in the words that are exchanged between parent and child. I love you is like gentle rain falling on the soul of a child while harsh cutting words spoken out of short-lived frustration can damage a child s self esteem and be remembered for a lifetime. Record the words you speak to your children for one week and see if you are giving them life or death. QUALITY TIME By quality time I mean giving the child your undivided attention. With the small child it is sitting on the couch reading a book or lying on the floor wrestling. With the older child it may be taking a walk through the woods where the two of you look listen and talk. Sitting on the floor rolling a ball back and forth to a three-year-old is quality time as is taking a teenager on a camping trip or to a ball game or playing ball in the backyard. The activity is not as important as the fact that the two of you are together focusing on each other. Twelve-year-old Jeremy said I know my dad loves me because he spends time with me. We do lots of things together. Eight-year- o your children feel loved Notice I didn t ask Do you love your children I asked something far more important Do your children feel loved Most parents love their children but thousands of children do not feel loved. Few things are more important in parenting than learning to meet your child s emotional need for love. Dr. Ross Campbell Christian psychiatrist who is the co-author of my book The Five Love Languages of Children says that inside every child there is an emotional love tank. When the child s love tank is full the child grows up normally. But when the love tank is empty the child grows up with many internal struggles and in the teenager years the child will go looking for love in all the wrong places. But that need not happen. You can learn to effectively love your children. You can keep their love tanks full. After thirty plus years of counseling I am convinced that there are only five basic languages of love. All of them can be used to communicate love to a child but one of them will be more important than the other four. Each child has a primary love language. If you discover this language and speak it often your child will genuinely feel loved. Let me briefly share the five love languages. PHYSICAL TOUCH We have long known the emotional power of physical touch. That s why parents are encouraged to pick up babies and to hold and cuddle them. Long before the child understands the meaning of love the child will feel loved by physical touch. You may remember that Jesus demonstrated this love language when he said to his followers in Mark 10 (NIV) Let the little children come to me...and he took the children in his arms put his hands on them and blessed them. Physical touch includes hugs and kisses but it also involves a pat on the back a hand on the shoulder holding hands as you cross the street wrestling on the floor or touching them as you walk out of the room. 14 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRING 2014 dejanristovski old Bethany said I know my dad loves me. He took me fishing last week. I don t know if I like fishing but I like being with my daddy. GIVING GIFTS A gift says Daddy was thinking about me. Look what he got for me. Gifts need not be expensive they can be as simple as a stone you picked up walking down the street or a flower you picked in the front yard. Obviously we cannot give our children everything they request. In our consumerbased society children are bombarded with things they should have. Saying NO can also be an expression of love but a carefully selected gift given with the spirit of excitement and love can speak deeply to a child. To make the most of gifts as an expression of love even school clothes should be wrapped and presented as a gift from parents. A true gift is never given because a child makes up his bed or kept his room clean. Such a gift is actually payment for services rendered not a true gift at all. Gifts are given because parents love not because a child deserves. Fifteen-year-old Michelle said I know my parents love me because of all that they provide for me. They have given me not only the essentials but far more than I needed. In fact I share things with my friends whose parents can t afford them. ACTS OF SERVICE This language is spoken by parents the day the child is born. We begin to serve the child by changing diapers feeding and responding to the child s physical needs. Over the next eighteen years life is filled with preparing meals washing clothes putting on band aids repairing bicycles and a thousand others acts of service. In serving you are teaching your child to serve others. In Matthew 20 26 Jesus indicated that serving others is a sign of greatness. When fourteenyear-old Melanie was asked How do you know that your father loves you She responded Because he helps me with my homework. This year he has really put in a lot of time in my algebra. I couldn t believe that he could remember all that stuff. Acts of Service done with a loving attitude communicate deeply to children that we care. 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Every effort is made to ensure a safe action-filled experience for each camper. Activities include swimming sailing waterskiing and wakeboarding archery riflery high ropes giant swing climbing wall crafts model rocketry canoeing low ropes and more The Christian lifestyle is demonstrated by a carefully selected staff and taught through Bible study devotions music and times of personal interaction. Our program is available to rising 3rd grade through 12th grade students without regard to race color national origin gender limited disabilities or religious preference. Please contact us today for more information to register or to be added to our mailing list. Registration is on a first come first serve basis. Please visit our websites for a full listing of our camp weeks. & DISCOVERING YOUR CHILD S LOVE LANGUAGE In the first three or four years of a child s life it is impossible to know their primary love language so I encourage parents to speak all five love languages and to ensure they will meet the child s need for love. But as the child develops his or her primary love language will surface. It may be observed in the way in which the child expresses love to you. If for example the child is always coming up and hugging you this may be an indication that her primary love language is Physical Touch. If the child is often praising you Mommy you are such a good mommy perhaps the primary love language is Words of Affirmation. They are expressing love to you in the language they would most like to receive. Another clue is to listen to their requests. What they request most often is an indicator of their primary love language. Daddy can we take a walk in the park Mommy will you read me a story Daddy can we play together are all requests for Quality Time. The child wants your undivided attention. How does my art look Did I do a good job are requests for Words of Affirmation. In my book I discuss other ways to discover a child s primary love language but most parents will be able to discover their child s primary love language by the two clues I have just shared. SEE THE DIFFERENCE When you discover and speak your child s primary love language you will see a noticeable difference in your child s attitude and behavior. Remember much of your child s misbehavior grows out of an empty love tank. Giving them heavy doses of love in the proper language will meet this need. Children who genuinely feel love have less need to seek attention in negative ways. I am not suggesting that your child will be perfect if you meet their need for love discipline will continue to be required. But if you understand the child s primary love language and speak it before and after the discipline the child is more likely to receive the discipline in a positive way. Few things are more important in parenting than learning to meet your child s emotional need for love. A child whose love tank is full will reach his her greatest potential for God and good in the world. Discovering and speaking your child s primary love language on a regular basis will enhance your effectiveness in meeting your child s need for love. Dr. Chapman leads marriage seminars and is author of The Five Love Languages of Children and Five Signs of a Loving Family. For a schedule of Dr. Chapman s marriage seminars or information about his books visit This article is a reprint from TVHE Spring 2005. 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These kinds of questions yield a broader more probing response as the individual has to give some thought to answer. They help reluctant conversationalists to open up. Most people like to talk especially about themselves we just need to give a bit of encouragement and motivation to spur on the process. We often assume we know those who live in our homes but sometimes they are the very ones we take for granted. We should ask family members open-ended questions on a regular basis. Why not see who can come up with the most probing questions That is a fun way to build family unity. BE EMOTIONALLY AVAILABLE Finally the most important part of listening is to be emotionally available to your family. This is something I (Derek) had to do. I did not realize it but I would come home in a disconnected mood. I was not angry or cruel but rather simply disconnected from what was going on at home. I came in the door and needed my space and while I did not articulate this clearly the kids knew I was not emotionally available to them. The Lord convicted me and I began to listen to praise-and-worship music and pray on my drive home (instead of listening to the news and traffic reports). I found myself bursting with energy when I walked through the door. I had learned to disconnect from work and connect with God and this made all the difference in the world. I am now able to be there spirit soul and body for my children and to actively listen without tiredness or distraction interfering with my home ministry. It is so important to actually be there with your children in the moment. USE WORD PICTURES One technique we use to get others to listen to us is word pictures which help us to understand things emotionally. Jesus used them all the time in the agrarian culture discussing planting sowing and reaping to help people understand the kingdom of God. The Old Testament prophets used word pictures to hammer abstract concepts like truth repentance and forgiveness. The most notable use is that of Nathan when he visits King David. After David has Bathsheba s husband killed Nathan visits him and tells him a story about a man with a beloved ewe lamb who is wronged. Remember David had been a shepherd and cherished sheep. Nathan paints such an exact picture that David feels the pain of the man whose sheep was taken away. Once David feels the pain Nathan delivers the blow You are the man David actually convicts himself. He comes face-to-face with his sin and truly repents (2 Samuel 12 7). That s the power of word pictures. When our son was in third grade I (Cheryl) changed his math curriculum quite a few times. Jarrett who was and is a gifted mathematician was growing frustrated with my insistence that he master every little detail in each new book. Finally one day he said Mom ever go on a long car trip (we had taken several that year) and get excited when you see the sign saying New York ten miles only to be sent back in a circle With that one analogy I got it I stopped crisscrossing math concepts. Jarrett could have said Mom you are frustrating me going back over stuff I already know. But relating it to a personal experience made it much more potent. Third Annual Homeschoolers Appreciation Weekend May 16-18 2014 at the Virginia Beach KOA Come for a well-deserved break build family memories and hang out with other homeschoolers in a family-friendly environment fts and Giant ds mes cra laygroun t amily ga F Two p y Hun courts ght Cand & Flashli Game eaches lose to b uarium unk Tank re C D onfi Aq Toasty B me Virginia Roasty e with ho re of -friendly A tim ily & pet oo nal Q& Fam Optio xpert Cherrie M school e pressions in VB x Moore E Deluxe C abin comfort s for no-hassle & conve nience DES oo KEND INCnLU Swimmingpping lsillow WEE p fu jum s for ping Cabin ustic Cam experience R g the campin Your hosts Keith & Barb Stachurski Christian homeschoolers of two teens RV & Te n t camps ites Virginia Beach KOA Cost 18 Reserve ahead by calling or booking online. RESERVE CABINS EARLY If online type Code HS in Special Instructions box--free night discount will be applied afterward THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRING 2014 Pay for 1 night of any campsite or cabin & the 2nd night is FREE 1240 General Booth Blvd. Virginia Beach VA 23451 757-428-1444 800-562-4150 LISTEN FOR DISCERNMENT Good listeners effectively communicate their ideas. When we think of noteworthy leaders such as Winston Churchill Dr. Martin Luther King or Sojourner Truth we point to their communicative prowess. But what placed these persons at the helm of the history books was not the elegance of their words--it was their ability to discern what was in the hearts of their listeners. Once they understood the hearts they could address those heart concerns and then motivate the people to move on to the next challenge. LISTENING CREATES SUCCESSFUL COMMUNICATORS It comes down to this Successful communicators are first and foremost effective listeners. They use active listening without judgment distractions or interruptions. This allows them to express empathy and understanding. When they do so they are able to inspire people to a higher place. These are great skills for a harmonious family. Derek and Cheryl enjoy speaking writing and encouraging other homeschool families. Portions of this article are based on their book Seven Biblical Foundations Every Family Should Build On. Visit or for more information. 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Ste 102 Apex NC 27502 Ph. 919.387.7004 orders Toll free or fax order 1.877.8.GET TEST (1.877.843.8837) 19 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG SHIFTING PERSPECTIVE Melissa Barnes D o your kids ever disappoint you Not just in little ways like model How often do we let pride defensiveness and embarrassan unmade bed or a forgotten jacket or even an unde- ment for our kids shortcomings cause us to overreact or underserved push to a younger sibling. I mean really disappoint react How often do we judge one another s parenting failures you--maybe even embarrass you instead of rallying to support our sisters I was privileged to share moments with and brothers in Christ WHEN OUR KIDS two fellow homeschool moms whose kids Perhaps we simply need to shift our perlet them down in pretty big ways. Both were spective to one of gratitude. When our kids DISAPPOINT US humble and honest. Both were hurt and undisappoint us we have a rare opportunity sure about what to do to help their children. to see directly into their souls the parts of WE HAVE A RARE Both shed tears and both sought answers them that wage war over who controls their to the character issues their kids displayed. life--Jesus or self. It is an opportunity to OPPORTUNITY These women modeled true Christ-like come alongside Christ in the sanctification TO SEE DIRECTLY humility to me--no pride no excuses no process to know how to pray specifically for defensiveness--just love for their children our children and to model Christ s unconINTO THEIR SOULS. and a desire to help them. I realized that ditional love in their lives. this is what God feels for me...every day... Society tells us we fail when our kids fail when I fail him in little ways and when I exhibit the darker character that we should be ashamed or embarrassed but as believers we should flaws that always lurk beneath the surface. His heart breaks for me know better. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and He wants to help me. He loves me despite the disappointment. (Romans 3 23 NIV). That s you and me. That s your kid and my How often in our homeschool circles do we fail to follow Christ s kid. Anyone who thinks otherwise has forgotten two critical truths 20 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRING 2014 Can Stock Photo Inc. creatista about every single human being who walks this earth We are all sinners and we are all created in the image of the God of the universe and loved deeply by Him. Nothing we do or say can change either of those truths. Because we are sinners we all stumble and we are all unworthy. As it is written There is no one righteous not even one (Romans 3 10 NIV). Because we are created in God s image and are loved by Him we are valued and loved despite our shortcomings. But God demonstrates his own love for us in this While we were still sinners Christ died for us (Romans 5 8 NIV). How do we reconcile these things The only way we can the grace of Jesus Christ. When your kids disappoint you or you witness someone else s child fall resist the sinful responses judgment shame pride embarrassment anger. Instead respond with gratitude not only for the opportunity to help another human being along the road to sanctification but also for the opportunity to exhibit the grace humility and love Christ modeled for you. Melissa Barnes is a homeschool mom of eight who faces failure daily--most frequently when she looks in the mirror. She is grateful that God sees her through the lens of Christ and she prays for increased capacity to see others through His lens as well. Does your child suffer from chronic ear infections MED-1021-Shaia_HEAV_3.6x4.8.indd 1 1 27 14 4 06 PM THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 21 JOIN HEAV TODAY Want to advertise here HEAV members receive a free ad Check your mailing label to find if you are a member and when your membership expires. 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