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Description: Welcome to Sarasota Pet—the only pet publication exclusive to Sarasota and Manatee counties on Florida's beautiful Gulf Coast! Now in its eighth year, the award-winning magazine is proud to feature articles from area veterinarians, community spotlights on local pet businesses, a calendar of events of fund-raisers and events in the local pet community, and so much more! For advertising information, please visit Sarasota Pet May June 2014 Meet the Winner of Our Online Cover Contest Gideon Sarasota & Manatee County s Happiest Pet Enter Our Cutest Kitty Contest Details on Page 4 Adopt Don t Shop Saving one dog won t change the world but it will change the world for that one dog. Jeanine s Nationally Certified Dog Trainer SarasotaDogTrainer (941) 371-5174 863-491-MUTT (6888) Thunderstorm Phobia Consultant 1480736 WINNER Best Agility Trainer Sarasota Pet s Choice Awards 2013 DogStreet Pet Photography DO GS HAVI NG F UN Family Fun & Competition Classes Also Available Beginners Welcome Paint a Portrait of Your Pet Book Your Party Today For Upcoming Classes & Events Call 941-321-9672 Training Facility Located at West Coast Veterinary Center 7910 SR 72 (Clark Rd) two miles east of I-75 Small Classes Group & Private Training 15 Years Experience 941-822-0357 5543 Palmer Crossing Circle Sarasota http sarasota Sarasota Manatee Pet Vol. 8 No. 2 Sarasota Bradenton Palmetto Lakewood Ranch Venice Nokomis Osprey North Port A Local Magazine for Animal Lovers Serving DRIVEN BY COMPASSION 2011 2012 & 2013 Publisher & Founder Candace T. Botha 6329 Robin Cove Lakewood Ranch Florida 34202 Sarasota Pet s Choice Awards 2011 & 2012 Natural Choice Awards For The Love of Animals 2010 E-Mail Address SarasotaPet (941) 405-4468 941-592-5131 24 HR 365 DAYS YR VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED Emergencies Regular Vet & Specialist Visits Web site Best Friends Pet Photography Phone (941) 924-6007 Photographer Connie Summers Web site I can tell you that in my hour of absolute greatest need you were possibly my source of greatest comfort. I am so thankful for you and the service you provide. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your quick response and compassion You are an angel Transport to from Boarding Day Care Grooming Compassionate Home Pick-Up of Pets That Have Passed Affordable Help When You Need it the Most FREE Transport After Emergency Care Bradenton Veterinary Emergency U E R N IVE R S I T Y PA R K . L Graphic Designer Tara Ann Rader Account Executives Judith Black Horn Sue Vipond Jolly Tuttle Cover Photo by Connie Summers ALL RIGHTS RESERVED COPYRIGHT 2014 No part of this publication can be reproduced or duplicated without the publisher s permission. Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 941-955-0136 3 .C L . F O W ith the publication of the March April issue of Sarasota Pet and Manatee Pet I realized after the magazine went to press that I completely bypassed mentioning a significant milestone. In April of this year Sarasota Pet celebrated its seventh anniversary What an honor it has been to share this journey with our local pet owners volunteers and champions of local animal groups and owners of community pet businesses for the past seven years. I am truly blessed by all the caring and compassionate people that I have met--many who have become cherished and lifelong friends--because of my ongoing work with the magazine. There have been many changes in our local animal community in the past seven years but one thing always has remained constant--the steadfast commitment to the well-being of the animals--and the birds--with whom we share our lives. So many people work so tirelessly on behalf of the abandoned the Candace T. Botha publisher homeless the injured and the neglected. I am so proud to be a part of this community and to be able to with her three pups Toby Lucy share their stories with you our loyal readers. & Rikki. Photo by Liana Roman Truly the highlight of my career as publisher of Sarasota Pet and Manatee Pet took place on Saturday March 15 when Cat Depot held its annual gala Caturday Night Fever. I was fortunate to attend the fundraiser with my two daughters and my sister. My good friends Connie Summers and Susan Marie of The Doggy Diva Show also were there to enjoy this wonderful celebration of all the good work Cat Depot does in our community. The food was delicious and we all danced to classic disco songs that brought back so many memories...including a visit to Studio 54 in New York City in the 70s. Yes I do love disco music Much to my amazement my dear friends and colleagues at Cat Depot presented me with an award for my work in the local animal community. And while I am so very humbled and beyond grateful for this recognition I will reiterate what I said that evening--I am merely the storyteller who has had such an amazing opportunity to spotlight the extraordinary work that is being done for animals in our community. My deepest thanks to Cat Depot for this incredible honor it was an evening I will never forget. On to business With the success of our online contest for the Happiest Pet in Sarasota and Manatee counties that brought in hundreds upon hundreds of votes we re doing it again for the July August issue This time however the search is on for the cutest kitty in our community Cat owners and animal groups alike are welcome to submit photos of adorable kittens and cats online at The deadline for all submissions is Sunday May 25. Online voting will be held the following week and the winner will be photographed in early June. If you have a gorgeous kitten or cat that you would like featured on the cover be sure to enter the contest Finally please remember--the key to Sarasota Pet and Manatee Pet s journey into the eighth year of publication and beyond is the support the publications receive through advertising dollars. Each and every time you visit one of the businesses or use one of the services advertised in these pages please tell the owner or proprietor that you saw their ads in Sarasota Pet and Manatee Pet. And if the businesses you visit are not advertisers ask them why Enjoy this s chock full of enlightening and entertaining information Until next time-- Photos Connie Summers Waggin Set Your Tail a Waggin Too Tails Grooming We GroominG Day Care Boutique We Offer No-Appointment Nail Trims -- Now Offering-- Small Dog Day Care 15 for a Full Day Cage-Free Grooming We Use Only Natural Biodegradable Products That Are NOT Tested on Animals Herald-Tribune Readers Choice Winner 2012-2013 First Place Award for Pet Groomer in a Loving Environment Blue Buffalo Do Treats & An g Food tlers Pet Odor Ex terminator Candles & Sprays Zymox Skin Products Angel Eyes Natural Ga rden Soaps Professiona l Grooming Tools &M uc h More -- We Carry -- Come Play s U With 3688 Webber Street Sarasota Florida 941-924-4462 May June 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet (Just East of Beneva Road) 4 Summer s Comin Eat Healthy... THE AREA S BEST SELECTION OF NATURAL PET FOODS NEW Location in Bradenton 5770 Ranch Lake Boulevard Bradenton FL 34202 RIVER CLUB PLAZA 941-753-PAWS (7297) 713 Honore Avenue Sarasota FL 34232 941-378-4367 WWW.HOLISTICFORPETS.COM Check out our Website for Monthly Specials Like Us on Facebook for Online Specials Join Our New Text Club Text HFP to 87804 to receive exclusive weekly savings ...and Play Like There s no tomorrow On All Primal Pet Foods Expires 5 31 14 SAVE 20% Expires May 31 2014 Freeze Dried Frozen Wholesome Raw Foods for Dogs & Cats Holistic for Pets...Natural Pet Food and more... HEALTH ALERT Heatstroke in Dogs Dr. Lara de Courtivron CriticalVetCare By Lara de Courtivron VMD CriticalVetCare H Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center eatstroke is a serious life-threatening condition and one of the most tragic and preventable causes of death in dogs. As the days start becoming increasingly hot and humid it is important for owners to understand that heatstroke is not just caused by leaving a dog in a hot car. It can happen on a routine walk while dining outside with your dog at an outdoor caf when your dog is romping with other dogs in a dog park or even in an air-conditioned car where your dog is in a sun-filled back seat with no A C circulation in that area of the car. These are all case scenarios that I have seen working as an ER veterinarian and heartbreakingly owners were never aware of the dangers of heatstroke or the fact that it could prove fatal in such a short period of time--often minutes to hours. What is Heatstroke Unlike us dogs do not have sweat glands aside from those in their foot pads. They keep cool primarily through evaporation (panting) and conduction (lying on cool surfaces) which are increasingly ineffective cooling mechanisms as ambient temperature and humidity increases. Heatstroke is a severe form of non-fever hyperthermia that occurs when the body s normal heat-dissipating mechanisms prove insufficient at accommodating excessive external heat. It is usually associated with a body temperature greater than 106 degrees which can rapidly progress to denaturation of proteins cell death and multi-organ failure if not recognized early and treated immediately. 9 Risk Factors You Should Know Why Dogs are at Risk Heat-dissipating mechanisms include evaporation (vaporization of water) conduction (transfer of heat between two objects in direct contact) radiation (loss of infrared heat waves) and convection (heat loss via air flow). 1. ANY dog is at risk if exercised in hot humid weather or left outside with limited access to fresh water shade or cool surfaces. 2. Compromised upper airway--Most notably brachycephalic breeds (those with flat pushed-in snouts) dogs with laryngeal paralysis and dogs diagnosed with a collapsing trachea which all essentially cause some degree of permanent upper airway obstruction. This results in inefficient panting heat exchange and requires extra work to move the same amount of air. The hotter these dogs become the more heavily they will pant to try and cool themselves which often leads to inflamed and swollen airways and progressive obstruction. It easily can become a vicious cycle 3. Obesity--Overweight dogs are more likely to suffer heatstroke. 4. Coat--Long hair dark coats or thick undercoats puts a dog more at risk. 5. Predisposing health conditions--heart disease chronic respiratory disease or hyperthyroidism 6. Age--Puppies and geriatric dogs are more at risk. 7. Dogs not yet acclimated to hot or humid weather whether those traveling from cooler states or those not used to the first warmer days of spring. 8. Dehydration 9. Previous history of heat-related disease Signs & Symptoms Here s what to watch for Heavy panting Restless or anxious behavior Excessive thirst Bright red tongue Excessive drooling Thick stringy saliva Red or pale gums Increased heart rate Vomiting Diarrhea Blood in vomitus or stool Wobbly uncoordinated gait Weakness collapse Changes in mental status Seizures Photo at left Reddogs Illustration 123rfcom natbasil March April 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet What to Do if You Suspect Heatstroke Remove heat source. Move the dog into a shady area or into air conditioning. Hose dog down or immerse in COOL or TEPID water (NEVER COLD ) then place in front of a fan and or onto a cool surface. Apply cold packs to underarms and inner thighs intermittently. Call your veterinarian or local veterinary emergency clinic to let them know that you are on your way in treatment of any secondary complications and generally requires 24 to 72 hours of hospitalization. Since heatstroke causes cell death multiple body systems are affected however the extent of organ damage may not manifest itself immediately. Even if your dog cools down and appears to be acting normally it is essential that he be examined by a veterinarian as soon as possible. Minimizing Risk Factors What NOT to Do DON T use ice to cool your dog this can cause constriction of blood vessels at the surface of the skin and actually trap heat inside the body leading to an increased core temperature. DON T use wet towels as these also can trap heat and compromise cooling. DON T force your dog to drink water if he is not interested in doing so. DON T OVERCOOL Rebound HYPOTHERMIA also can be lifethreatening and can occur quickly. STOP cooling efforts when rectal temperature reaches 103 degrees (A dog s normal body temperature ranges from 100 to 102.5 degrees.). IMPORTANT TIP All pet owners should own a digital thermometer and know how to take a rectal temperature. If you are not sure how to do this please ask your veterinarian. Don t walk your dog at the hottest times of the day and avoid walks completely if it is seems too hot or humid. Bring a spray bottle and collapsible water bowl on walks. Avoid hot pavement. Not only does it create excess heat but it burns your dog s feet Avoid hot humid or poorly ventilated environments which include parked cars--even with windows open or air-conditioning on Avoid muzzles. Keep your dog well groomed to remove thick undercoats and to keep skin surface clean. Many people opt for a shaved coat in the summer but avoid trimming any shorter than 1 inch. THE BOTTOM LINE Heatstroke is a TRUE EMERGENCY Knowing how to prevent it what signs to look for and when to intervene could very well save your dog s life Open 24 7 for your pet s needs CriticalVetCare is located across from The Landings south of Proctor Road at 4837 S. Tamiami Trail in Sarasota. For more information please call 941-929-1818 or visit Follow-Up Veterinary Care Statistics show that only 40 to 65 percent of dogs will survive an episode of heat stroke even with aggressive treatment and monitoring. Survival depends mainly on early intervention and Photos Published Worldwide Connie s photography has been published internationally in books calendars & magazines Baron s Educational Series Cover Photography for National Magazines As Seen in the Brand New Editions of Meet the Breeds an official publication of the American Kennel Club Pet Friendly Prices n n n n n n FREE Initial Exam Complete Wellness Care Diagnostic & Medical Care Dentistry & Surgery Soft Tissue Surgery Ultrasound Medical Boarding WINNER For new clients only. Not to be combined with any other offer. Up to 2 pets per household. Expires 03-31-12. (Cashier code 700.500) 06-30-14. Call us for an appointment or visit us TODAY Also specializing in People Portraits Pet portraits Nature Photography VCA Lockwood Ridge Animal Hospital 359-3800 (941) 444-2088 3802 N. Lockwood Ridge Rd. Sarasota FL 34234 RCF Best Friends Pet Photography 941-924-6007 bestfriendspetphoto Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Mon - Fri 7 00 am to 6 00 pm Sat 8 00 am to 12 30 pm 7 Tracheal Collapse in Dogs By David T. Smith DVM Sarasota Veterinary Center The trachea is the windpipe through which dogs-- and all of us--breathe. It is a tube that is held open with circular rings of cartilage just like the rings that hold up the play tunnels through which young children crawl. When those rings break down and can no longer hold the windpipe open it will collapse. The pressure caused by our breathing will collapse the trachea just like a paper straw collapses when someone pulls too strongly when drinking. The condition is genetic but not fully understood and often does not show up until middle age. It is more common in toy breeds such as Yorkies Poodles Pomeranians and Maltese as well as Pugs Lhasa Apsos Shih Tzus and Chihuahuas. However it can show up in any breed and at any age. vomiting of saliva and mucous that the throat secretes in an effort to soothe itself. Any exertion that causes more rapid breathing can cause the trachea to collapse. Unfortunately pets often get scared and anxious which causes them to breathe more rapidly and it becomes a vicious cycle. The best thing an owner can do is to hold and calm the pet until the breathing quiets and the dog begins to relax. The rapid breathing that results in the collapse and cough can be brought on by a number of factors--excitement exercise eating or drinking too fast irritation caused by cigarette or other smoke dust or pollen and heat or humidity. In addition an overweight pet is much more at risk and will have more trouble recovering from episodes than a leaner pet. Dr. David T. Smith Sarasota Veterinary Center. Photo by Keith Millard What You Can Do Signs & Symptoms In a case of tracheal collapse a pet owner will hear a harsh honking cough coming from the dog who appears to be trying to cough something up as if there is an object caught in his throat. However there is no object the irritation to the throat lining causes inflammation that produces that sensation. There also may be some gagging or In addition to avoiding the risk factors mentioned above pet owners should ask their veterinarians about medical management. Radiographs or other tests may be required to definitively diagnose the problem and to see if there are other medical issues that are complicating the problem such as an enlarged heart or respiratory disease. Oftentimes a dog with a collapsing trachea will not show any symptoms until another medical problem exacerbates the issue. Lifestyle changes and medical treatment minimize the effect of tracheal collapse on a pet s quality of life and prevent the condition from shortening his life span. Simple changes such as using a harness instead of a leash avoiding vigorous activities taking walks at times of day that are less hot and humid and avoiding exposure to smoke and other irritants can make a significant difference. Your veterinarian can prescribe cough suppressants to use as needed and possibly bronchodilators in certain cases. Cortisone for short periods of time if needed can reduce inflammation. At left using a harness on dogs that are at risk of tracheal collapse is one step pet owners can take to minimize the chance this condition will develop. Photo Erik Isselee Occasionally antibiotics are given if a secondary infection has taken advantage of the situation. Lower oxygen levels related to tracheal collapse have been shown to impact the liver negatively. Consequently your veterinarian may wish to monitor a pet s liver values and prescribe liver-supportive medications as well. Although there are surgeries to alleviate this condition the overall success rate is poor for older dogs and dangerous for younger dogs. These procedures should only be attempted by a board certified surgeon after much discussion with the pet owner regarding dangers and expectations. The bottom line is that the condition will always be present and will likely progress as your pet ages but by working with your veterinarian you can minimize the problem and give your pet a great quality of life. Regular follow-ups combined with easy lifestyle changes and medical intervention as needed will keep your pet happy and enjoying life with you for a long time. Dr. David T. Smith has been a veterinarian in Florida for 26 years. His practice is the Sarasota Veterinary Center on Cattlemen Road south of Bee Ridge Road and next to Burlington Coat Factory. Dr. Smith is a past president of both the Southwest Florida Veterinary Medical Association and the Broward County Veterinary Medical Association. He also was the medical director of two emergency and critical care centers as well as several veterinary hospitals in Broward County. Dr. Smith can be reached by phone at 941377-3031 for questions or inquiries or contacted online at May June 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 8 Sarasota s Premier Grooming Spa & Pet Boutique E G RO Owner Groomer Diana Booth Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet W OM LA RG E &S MA LL DOG S Ask about Our Puppy Boot Camp Offering A la Carte Services & Custom Spa Packages No-Cage Heat Drying Mud Baths FURminator Shed-Less Treatment 941-925-7906 6564 Superior Avenue Sarasota FL 34231 In the Gulf Gate Shopping Center We Proudly Use Only the Finest All-Natural Grooming Products to Truly Pamper Your Pets PawshBoutiqueSpa 9 When It s Time to Say Goodbye By Robert W. Rill Jr. VMD University Animal Clinic T he most difficult decision we are faced with in a relationship with our pet family member is that of euthanasia. When we are presented with an acute unexpected crisis with a beloved pet such as a severe injury or acute terminal illness that cannot be medically or surgically corrected or stabilized to a point of comfort or quality of life the decision although tragic may be the only humane option and is easier for us to accept. Often we are presented with a more insidious decline with our older or chronically ill pets. It is heart wrenching when medical and home support can no longer maintain our pet in the same manner that we are used to observing in his or her daily lifestyle. This is when we often question if our pet is enjoying life. Animals accept infirmaries much better than people and continue to adapt and truck along with their lifestyles. This is why the three-legged blind diabetic or deaf pet generally seems to be content and exhibit a quality lifestyle as long as we are able to make the necessary adjustments for them. Acting with Compassion How do you know when a pet has lost quality of life and is just existing or even struggling each day Your veterinarian certainly can be helpful in advising and evaluating your family pet s condition and determining how he may be experiencing life on a daily basis and if pain anxiety or frustration are matters of concern. Also professional veterinary advice can be offered regarding a pet s anticipated immediate future other possible support options or signs of more serious decline. A veterinarian only can offer advice and recommendations the decision and appropriate time for euthanasia is ultimately with the owner. Dr. Robert W. Rill Jr. University Animal Clinic. Photo courtesy of University Animal Clinic As owners we know our pets--how they behave and enjoy life--better than anyone. Each pet and family is a unique situation and blanket benchmarks cannot be made for quality-of-life evaluation. In addition all of us have established strong emotional attachments to our pets whether its a Golden Retriever or a guinea pig. It is very difficult to let go and for some individuals it also is very stressful to make this decision even when it is apparent that no other option is viable. The most kind and unselfish help we often can give our pets is sparing them from a declining quality of life in which they suffer pain or disorientation. We need to assure ourselves we are doing this FOR our pets not TO them. We at least have the ability to provide our beloved family members a painless and peaceful goodbye in which they can feel the support and comfort in the arms of those who love them when that time comes. Your veterinarian also can provide sources for grief counseling and support groups for comfort and acceptance. Our pets are NEVER FORGOTTEN and the love and companionship that we have shared always will be in our hearts Specializing in the medical and surgical treatment of cats dogs pocket pets and exotic animals Dr. Robert W. Rill Jr. owns University Animal Clinic an AAHA-Accredited veterinary clinic that is located at 8239 Cooper Creek Boulevard in University Park. For more information or to schedule an appointment please call 941-355-7707 or visit the clinic online at May June 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet A Dog s Prayer Treat me kindly my beloved master for no heart in all the world is more grateful for kindness than the loving heart of me. Do not break my spirit with a stick for though I should lick your hand between the blows your patience and understanding will more quick teach me the things you would have me do. Speak to me often for your voice is the world s sweetest music as you must know by the fierce wagging of my tail when your footstep falls upon my waiting ear. When it is cold and wet please take me inside for I am now a domesticated animal no longer used to bitter elements. And I ask no greater glory than the privilege of sitting at your feet beside the hearth. Though had you no home I would rather follow you through ice and snow than rest upon the softest pillow in the warmest home in all the land for you are my god and I am your devoted worshipper. Keep my pan filled with fresh water for although I should not reproach you were it dry I cannot tell you when I suffer thirst. Feed me clean food that I may stay well to romp and play and do your bidding to walk by your side and stand ready willing and able to protect you with my life should your life be in danger. And beloved master should the Great Master see fit to deprive me of my health or sight do not turn me away from you. Rather hold me gently in your arms as skilled hands grant me the merciful boon of eternal rest - and I will leave you knowing with the last breath I drew my fate was ever safest in your hands. Treat me kindly my beloved master for no heart in all the world is more grateful for kindness than the loving heart of me. --Beth Norman Harris 10 Making Dreams Come True... The Time is Right to Buy a Home Suncoast K9 Concierge Professional Loving Care for the Critters in Your Castle Serving Sarasota County East Manatee County & Lakewood Ranch c LLC -- Pet Owners -- Looking to List Call Me c c c c c c c c c c Insured c Bonded c Certified in Pet CPR & First Aid Dog Walking c Potty Breaks Daily Visits Kimberly Mills Realtor Lots of Love & Play While You re Away The Boarding Alternative for Your Pets 941-725-8658 Pho c t UPd o & tex t ate eac s at c h Visit c c c c c c Jessica Murphy Your Pet & Home Concierge c c c c c c c Direct 941-321-9601 941-758-7777 kim A Portion of Commissions are Donated to the Animal Rescue Group of Your Choice c c c c The Doggy Diva Show NEW TIME Pet Salon Metro 418 Central Avenue Sarasota FL 34236 (941) 955-7701 21 Years Experience in Show-Style Grooming Sarasota Obedience Training Club (SOTC) Classes in Obedience Rally Flyball & Agility For all Dogs & Owners Bradenton Veterinary Emergency c c c c Positive Reinforcement Techniques Puppy and Beginner Daytime & Evening Classes Advanced Obedience Rally & Flyball Classes Agility Classes for 6 Levels 7 5 0 5 C R 6 7 5 M a n a t e e C o u n t y F L 941-377-5984 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet ( H w y 7 0 & C R 6 7 5 E a s t o f L a k e w o o d Ra n c h ) 4th Avenue West 29th Street West 30th Street West 31st Street West Veterinary Emergency Bradenton Manatee Avenue West 11 I m ready for my ultrasound An ultrasound exam is a way of looking inside your pet s body (liver kidneys and intestines) without having to perform a surgery. It allows us to examine internal organs for location size shape texture and blood supply. It is not uncommon to find masses within the organs being examined. Although many of these turn out to be normal changes further tests may include an ultrasound-guided aspirate of a mass. ...tummy ache be gone We check your pets inside and out. V CRITICALVETCARE VETERINARY SPECIALTY & EMERGENCY CENTER (941)-929-1818 4937 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota FL 34231 Passion to Care Mission to Cure Proudly Bringing Our Customers the Highest Quality Healthiest Products Made in the U.S.A. Food Treats Toys Beds c Holistic Foods Treats & Supplements c An Extensive Selection of Raw Foods c Natural Flea & Tick Treatments c Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies c Environmentally Friendly Toys & Bedding Many Made From Recycled Materials petpantry HOURS Mon to Fri 10am to 6pm Sat 10am to 4pm Closed Sunday Blackburn Point Plaza 1078 S. Tamiami Trail Osprey FL 34229 (941) 244-2260 Noninvasive Allergy Testing & Treatment (NAET) Acupuncture Homeopathy Applied Kinesiology Nutrition Geriatric Medicine Prolotherapy Routine Wellness Care Now Practicing At West Coast Veterinary Center 7910 S.R. 72 (Clark Road) Sarasota FL Using Holistic Medicine to Complement Conventional Wisdom With a combination of conventional and holistic medicine Dr. Howard Rand is committed to keeping pets healthy throughout every phase of their lives. Get your puppy or kitten off to a healthy start with a holistic approach that will help ensure many years of happiness. Please call or stop by one of our two convenient locations--or visit us online--to learn more about Dr. Rand s unique approach to veterinary care. Ranch Animal Hospital 11105 Corridor Place Lakewood Ranch FL 941-926-0788 WEBSITE FACEBOOK Please visit us online at 13 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Rabies--Just the FAQs By Tamara Powell DVM VCA Lockwood Ridge Animal Hospital R abies is a virus that causes severe neurological symptoms and death. It is found in most nations of the world with few exceptions. All warmblooded animals are susceptible as are human beings. The virus is typically transmitted through saliva and anyone handling or bitten by infected animals is at risk. The most common carriers of the disease include bats raccoons foxes and skunks. Here are five critical questions about rabies along with answers you need to know. Treatment must be given before symptoms of rabies disease develop. Once symptoms appear it is too late and the disease is almost invariably fatal Therefore any suspected exposures to the rabies virus must be taken very seriously. This treatment is only available for humans it does not work for dogs and cats Since pets do not have treatment available following exposure to the rabies virus prevention via vaccines is crucial. 3. 1. Is Rabies a Public Health Concern Yes rabies is a significant public health concern. That is why rabies vaccinations for pets are a legal requirement in most jurisdictions of the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) every year more than 55 000 people in the world die of rabies disease less than ten of these individuals are American. Routine vaccination of dogs and cats is part of the reason why the risk is so low in the United States. 2. Is There a Treatment Available There is a treatment available for humans who have been exposed to the virus this is a series of injections that are given following an exposure such as an animal bite. In the United States approximately 40 000 people per year receive this treatment. While there is a phenomenal success rate for treating the disease there are two important things to remember Are Indoor Pets at Risk Yes all pets are at risk. Living indoors will significantly decrease the risk. However there are some ways in which indoor animals can encounter wildlife and risk exposure Most dogs do not spend 100 percent of the time indoors as they do go outside to do their business. Unfortunately we have seen cases in which dogs fight with raccoons in their own backyards. While rare occasionally wild animals can find their way into a home especially considering the fact that rabid animals do not behave normally. I know of one instance where a bat entered a seventh story apartment. It is possible for pets who spend all of their time indoors to get outside accidentally. This is especially true during hurricanes or other natural disasters. Dr. Tamara Powell VCA Lockwood Ridge Animal Hospital 5. Is There a Test Available There is only one definitive test to confirm that an animal is infected with rabies virus. Unfortunately this test only can be performed once an animal has died as the required testing sample is a deep part of the brain tissue. Sometimes there is confusion as to availability of a blood test. The rabies titer test as it is called only tests for the level of protection or antibodies from a rabies vaccine rather than for the disease itself. The legal requirements may vary by location in regards to vaccination of pets procedures concerning animal bites and suspected rabies exposure. You may check with your local animal control office and your regular veterinarian for more information. Also be sure to contact a physician as soon as possible should any animal bite a human. With proper knowledge and planning the risk of this terrible disease can be minimized. Tamara Powell DVM is one of the veterinarians on staff at VCA Lockwood Ridge Animal Hospital located at 3802 N. Lockwood Ridge Road in Sarasota. Additional information about the veterinary practice is available online at lockwood-ridge. To schedule an appointment please call 941-359-3800. At left skunks raccoons and foxes along with bats (pictured top left) are the most common carriers of the rabies virus. Photos at left Eric Isselee Photo of bat Valerii Kirsanov May June 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 4. What Are the Symptoms of Rabies Most people associate rabies with aggressive behavior and excessive saliva or foam at the mouth. These symptoms occur in some cases but they certainly are not the only possible symptoms. Additional signs can include changes in attitude or mood strange behaviors such as wandering or confusion disorientation seizures incoordination difficulty eating or paralysis. Sudden death also can be a symptom of infection with the rabies virus. 14 Beverly Hills Dog Multi-award Winner Four Years in a Row Suds & Roses Grooming Full-Service Grooming Doggy Day Care We GROOM CaTS TOO Only High end Hypoallergenic Organic products used professional Styling Done to Your Requests nail Trims ear Cleaning and anal expression Included in Full Groom Service Adopt a GREYHOUND A Classic 45-mile-per-hour Couch Potato We re C eleb Our 5th A rating nniversary Visit Our OPEN HOUSE Second Sunday of Every Month 1 00 - 3 00 p.m. Retired racing Greyhounds make wonderful pets. To find out how you can make a difference in the life of a Greyhound call 941 359-FAST (3278) or visit 2030 Bispham Road Sarasota FL 34231 Located south of Gulf Gate Drive one block east of South Tamiami Trail in Gulf Gate 941-822-0888 Best Pet Groomer Best Doggy Day Care Favorite Groomer Favorite Day Care Favorite pet-Friendly Business of the Year Sarasota pet s Choice awards nattie awards mspeejay -- See OuR COupOn FOR a FRee Spa paCKaGe On paGe 53 -- 1801 Verna Road Myakka City SEE THE FILM. JOIN THE MOVEMENT. 2542 17th Street Sarasota Florida 34234 941-366-2404 Open 7 Days a Week Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Our Retail Store is Open Daily 15 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet In Praise of Older Pets By Charlotte B. Sherrell DVM Laurel Oak Veterinary Hospital odern medicine has made great advances in healthcare enabling humans to live much longer lives than our ancestors did 100 years ago. The same is true for our four-legged friends-- the dog and the cat. Because humans and animals are living longer we are faced with new challenges. Geriatric pets can develop some of the same physical conditions that humans face as they age including cancer urinary incontinence diabetes heart kidney and joint disease and senility (decreased cognitive function) among others. Owning an older cat or dog can be wonderful. We just have to make adjustments so that the aging process is as stress free as possible. In the article I wrote that appeared in the March April issue of Sarasota Pet and Manatee Pet I spoke of my 13-year-old dog Precious. I mentioned that Precious had a bout of vestibular disease and also has lost most of her vision to a genetic condition. I am happy to say that her condition has improved greatly. The vestibular disease has almost resolved completely although she was left with a barely noticeable head tremor. She is able to go outside and do her business alone and still loves to harass the rabbits that inhabit my back yard. Because she does not see well I am careful to make sure there is plenty of M lighting in the yard and in the house. She has adjusted well and does not appear to mind that she cannot see as well as she did when she was a little pup. I ve also changed a few things in the house to make her life a little easier such as placing a set of steps in front of the sofa to make it easier for her to get onto the sofa to cuddle while we watch television. Precious is fed a canned food diet that is formulated especially for the senior dog with lower amounts of phosphorous and salt. This should help to keep the kidneys and heart healthy. The geriatric pet will need more frequent visits to the veterinarian. Regular vet visits should be scheduled twice a year instead of annually so that signs of illness can be detected and treated early. Your veterinarian will be able to see physical changes that you might assume are oldage changes and may recommend blood work or increased dental care. Twice yearly visits make it easier for the veterinary staff to monitor your pets weight. Weight loss or weight gain can indicate metabolic disease or pain in the oral cavity which both need to be addressed as soon as they are detected. Arthritis is frequently a problem in senior pets. Your veterinarian may mention that your dog is limping and may find upon examination that your pet has arthritis. Even though arthritis is often a part of the aging process for many pets it often goes unnoticed until the dog or cat is reluctant to walk or attempts to bite when he or she is handled. Simple changes at home can make life easier for cats and dogs with arthritis. Bedding with extra padding for example will make a huge difference in your pet s comfort level as he or she sleeps. Special orthopedic mattresses are available at most pet stores. Raised feeding bowls also can be beneficial for arthritic pets relieving stress to the neck while eating. This is especially helpful for bigger dogs who often will not eat as much due to the discomfort that can result from bending down to eat. Remember that cats also can develop arthritis. Even though they often appear to be lithe and graceful throughout their Charlotte B. Sherrell DVM Laurel Oak Veterinary Hospital Photo by Cindy Reno senior years they too can experience joint pain and stiffness as they age. Cats however are able to hide their symptoms longer and will often suffer in silence. It is critical that cat owners pay extra attention to their feline friends as they grow older. They may become reluctant to jump and may sleep more. Supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin can help to reduce arthritis pain. NSAIDs also can reduce the inflammation of arthritis but must be monitored closely by your pet s doctor. Your veterinarian can provide these medications and others that can help both cats and dogs suffering from joint pain. Do not discount the effects and advantages of regular exercise. Older pets still will enjoy a leisurely walk and the benefits of remaining active. Pets that exercise regularly also will be less likely to develop senility and are more likely to remain alert during their golden years. Even indoor cats will appreciate the fresh air of an evening outside in an enclosed area such as a lanai. Having an older pet does not have to be a chore. It may have its challenges but making small changes around the house can make a difference in the health and well-being of your aging pet. Charlotte B. Sherrell DVM is the owner of Laurel Oak Veterinary Hospital located at 8282 Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota. She has practiced veterinary medicine for 15 years. Her special interests include dentistry and feline medicine. For more information or to make an appointment call 941-342-PETS (7387) or visit May June 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet At left Older pets that exercise regularly are less likely to develop senility. Photo 123rf. com Daniela Jakob 16 Scoop Up Early-Summer Savings at FOOD OF T H E MONTH Save 20 % Off All FROMM Foods During the Month of May OFF 20% Ends May 31 2014 5275 University Parkway University Park 941-359-1010 Monday - Friday 10 AM - 6 PM Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM Closed Sunday Locally Owned HOURS c Lovingly Operated If you think Going GREEN is for the DOGS you re EXACTLY right Rust Free Maintenance Friendly Made in the USA Built to Last Using the Finest Recyled Plastic BARKITECTURETM is the world s first and only dog park system made from 99% PCRP (Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic). So say Good-Bye to dog parks that rust splinter & develop sharp edges & points posing risk of injury to our waggy-tailed friends... ...and say HELLO to BARKITECTURETM. Project Innovations Inc. 743 Wesley Avenue Tarpon Springs FL 34689 Visit our Web site for more information Toll Free 855-650-6818 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 17 The Big C ... A Frightening Diagnosis By Dr. Anne Luther DVM MS BA CVA Sarasota Animal Medical Center ancer is a scary word especially when it involves your loved ones. Unfortunately cancer is becoming more and more common in both people and animals. According to the American Cancer Institute. cancer is now the leading cause of childhood death in the United States with 13 500 new diagnoses each year Why is this happening Diet is of course a huge factor in the increased cancer rates in pets and people. Vaccinations also are implicated as risk factors in the development of cancer. Additionally there are many toxins in our environment that are known to contribute to increased cancer risk. I believe just about everyone is aware that eating fast food and pre-packaged foods are bad for your health. For pets it is no different. Most grocery store brands are as bad as eating fast food maybe worse. Both are full of artificial ingredients known to be carcinogenic. Both contain hydrogenated vegetable oils sugar and genetically modified ingredients. All of these substances are very inflammatory leading to numerous health issues including cancer. What s more a vast majority of food manufactured in the United States is tainted with pesticides. As documented by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) residues of numerous carcinogenic pesticides are commonly found in most fruits and vegetables. Additionally factory farm meats also are contaminated with these pesticides as well as antibiotics and growthstimulating hormones. Even our water isn t safe to drink. There are chemicals and toxins in our water as well. The contaminants of most concern include arsenic asbestos radon agricultural chemicals and hazardous waste. Of these the strongest evidence for a cancer risk involves arsenic which is linked to cancers of the liver lung bladder and kidney. The use of chlorine for water treatment may also account for a substantial portion of the cancer risk associated with drinking water. The by-products of chlorination are associated with increased risk of bladder and rectal cancer. Drinking pure filtered water is safest for you and your pet. You also must be careful about the products you use on your lawn and the household cleansers you choose. Remember that your pet s nose is 18 C closer to the ground than yours. If your pet rolls around on it walks on it and then licks himself or his paws he may be ingesting toxins. Vaccinations also play a role in causing cancer. Cancer is often diagnosed within a month after a pet s annual vaccinations. In cats vaccine-associated sarcomas are well documented. A vaccineassociated sarcoma (VAS) is a type of malignant tumor found in cats (and rarely in dogs and ferrets) that has been linked to certain Anne Luther DVM MS BA CVA. vaccines. These sarcomas have Sarasota Animal Medical Center been most commonly associated with rabies and feline leukemia virus vaccines but other vaccines and injected medications also have been implicated. While certain core vaccines such as rabies distemper and parvo are necessary they certainly don t need to be repeated annually. Rabies is required by law and it must be given every three years but only to healthy animals. However other vaccines are not required by law and should only be given on an as-needed basis that can be decided by you and your veterinarian. When a pet develops cancer early diagnosis and aggressive treatment are necessary to minimize side effects and to prevent further spread of the disease. For many skin tumors excision is often curative if performed early enough. However certain types of tumors are invasive and spread rapidly and early diagnosis and removal is imperative to prevent reoccurrence. Breast tumors are commonly seen in unspayed female dogs and about half of these tumors are malignant. Other common tumors are bone cancer anal sac tumors and spleen tumors that often have a poor prognosis for long-time survival. In my practice I have seen many forms of cancer. I often am presented with cases that have had numerous surgeries chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Many of these patients have been given only a short time to live with no further options for treatment. I have had extremely good success in many cases using a combination of surgery dietary therapy homeopathy herbal and nutritional therapy and neoplasene (a plant extract). I believe a combination of conventional therapies as well as natural treatments provide the best results for longer happier healthier lives for our best friends. Anne Luther DVM MS BA CVA is the owner of Sarasota Animal Medical Center 3646 Birky Street in Sarasota. In addition to office appointments Sarasota Animal Medical Center also offers veterinary house call services. To schedule an appointment call 941-954-4771. For more information visit At left feeding pets your grocery store brands of pet food is equivalent to eating fast food...or worse. Loaded with artificial ingredients these foods also contain unhealthy hydrogenated vegetable oils sugars and genetically modified ingredients--all known to contribute to cancer. Photo Patryk Kosmider May June 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet The BradenTon hound A SHOPPING ADVENTURE FOR DOGS AND THEIR HUMANS Come DisCover The BraDenTon hounD Inside THE HOUND you will find an unrivaled assortment of collars leashes and harnesses... vintage and antique bowls...bedding of all sorts...and a bakery chef on premises making fresh organic biscuits that humans and hounds can share. Humans will discover the World of Dog through antique vintage and contemporary paintings drawings and sculptures lovely china crystal books stationery precious dog-themed clothing for their human babies and jewelry created by Sarasota s own Barb McSweeney. Adventure Awaits in the Unexpected... The Discovery of Things Not Anticipated Waiting to be Found Inside THE BRADENTON HOUND 6650 CORTEZ ROAD WEST BRADENTON Next Door to Anna Maria Oyster Bar & The Sage Biscuit Caf in Cortez Plaza Hours Thursday - Monday 10 am - 5 30 pm Closed Tuesday & Wednesday 941-251-5984 WWW.THEBRADENTONHOUND.COM Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet bradentonhound 19 Spay & Neuter Vaccines LowCost Exams Animal Rescue Coalition (ARC) 1408 State Street Sarasota FL 34236 941-957-1955 Ext. 4 Mon. - Fri. 8 30 - 5 Sat. 9 - 12 Cat Depot 2542 17th Street Sarasota FL 34234 941-361-2404 Mon. - Fri. 11 - 7 Sat. & Sun. 11 - 5 Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch 7334 Trade Court Sarasota FL 34240 941-361-1071 Wed. - Fri. 11 - 6 Sat. - Sun. 11 - 4 Kickapoo Rescue Inc. (Horses & Geriatric Dogs Only) Sarasota FL 941-323-0118 kickapoorescue Not Open to the Public St. Francis Animal Rescue 1925 S. Tamiami Trail Venice FL 34293 941-492-6200 Mon. - Wed. 1 -5 Thurs. 4 - 7 30 Sat. 11 - 5 Sun. 12 - 4 Sarasota County Animal Services 8451 Bee Ridge Road Sarasota FL 34241 941-861-9500 Mon. - Fri. 9 - 4 30 Sat. 10 - 4 30 Sun. 12 - 2 Sarasota in Defense of Animals (SDA) PO Box 15653 Sarasota FL 34241 941-924-2505 Feral Cat Reservations 941-342-1575 Satchel s Last Resort Sanctuary Sarasota FL 34241 941-924-5070 The Humane Society of Sarasota County 2331 15th Street Sarasota FL 34237 941-955-4131 Tues. - Fri. 11 - 6 Sat. 10 - 4 Venice Cat Coalition Venice FL 34293 941-525-4568 Traps Available Sarasota County Food Bank Spay & Neuter Vaccines LowCost Exams Animal Network Inc. Bradenton FL 34207 941-749-3067 Bishop Animal Shelter SPCA of Manatee County 5718 21st Avenue West Bradenton FL 34209 941-792-2863 Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri. & Sat. 9 - 4 30 Gulf Shore Animal League Po Box 14291 Bradenton FL 34280 941-747-2284 Manatee County Animal Services 305 25th Street West Palmetto FL 34221 941-742-5933 Downtown Adoption Center 1002 B Manatee Avenue West Bradenton FL 34205 941-742-5824 pets Tues. - Sat. 10 - 4 The Ranch Adoption Center (Nate s Honor Animal Rescue) 4951 Lorraine Road Bradenton FL 34211 941-747-4900 Wed. Thurs. Fri. & Sun. 11 - 4 Sat. 10 - 4 The Humane Society of Manatee County 2515 14th Street West Bradenton FL 34205 941-747-8808 Mon. Wed. & Fri. 11-5 Sat. 10-5 Spay Neuter Clinic--Mon. - Fri. 8 - 5 UnderDog Rescue of Florida PO Box 351 Bradenton 34206 941-746-WOOF Traps Available Manatee County Spay & Neuter Vaccines LowCost Exams Animal Welfare League 3519 Drance Street Port Charlotte FL 33980 941-625-6720 Every Day 11 - 5 EARS Animal Rescue 145 West Dearborn Street Englewood FL 34233 941-475-0636 Tues. - Fri. 10 - 5 Sat. 10 - 4 Services Sarasota & Charlotte counties Suncoast Humane Society 6781 San Casa Drive Englewood FL 34224 941-474-7884 Tues. - Fr. 9 - 5 Sat. 9 - 4 Services Sarasota & Charlotte counties Traps Available Charlotte County Cat Depot is located at 2542 17th Street in Sarasota. For more information call 941-366-2404 or visit Food Bank Food Bank Keeping Pets Cool During the Dog Days of Summer By Lisa Burns Backyard Getaway othing beats the Florida heat in summer like taking a dip in the pool. The same is true for your dog. Most dogs enjoy splashing in the water at the beach in a lake or pond or in a pool at the local doggy day spa. Why not create a water play area for your pet in your own backyard The size of your dog his age and agility should be considered before you begin your pond project. Another consideration to keep in mind is whether he prefers to simply get his feet wet or dive into the water and how will he access the pond. When creating a swim pond for your pet at home it is important to know how to keep your dog safe from harmful bacteria and other dangers. For small- to medium-sized dogs the simplest way to add a splash area would be to buy a kiddie pool. Keep in mind however that stagnant water will harbor bacteria attracts mosquitoes and may grow algae. Be sure to empty a kiddie pool after every use then turn it upside down to keep it from filling with rain water. Active and big-breed dogs may require a larger space to play. An in-ground liner pond can be installed over one or two weekends depending on the pond s size. A proper filtration system is essential to any permanent pond installation it will help keep the pond safe for pets that enjoy swimming. The filtration system should include a recirculating pump an external bio-filter and a UV sterilizer or an ionizer. An external pump is preferred over a submersible pump keeping the cord and plumbing on the outside of the pond will keep dogs from getting tangled in them while swimming and out of site from dogs who like to chew. The bio-filter will help remove muck and debris from the water during recirculation. There are two popular choices for sterilizing the water--a UV sterilizer or an ionizer. A UV sterilizer allows water to pass through a chamber around an ultraviolet bulb killing dangerous bacteria and green water algae. An important note The bulb in a UV sterilizer will need to be replaced once a year. Ionization is a process in which microscopic ions of copper silver and zinc are introduced into the water controlling organic growth such as algae. Mineralized water not only is safe for animals but it actually promotes healthier living conditions in the water. If you do not want the added expense of a sterilizer there are other options. Running your pump and filter 24 7 keeps the water recirculating and will help keep bacteria and mosquitos at bay. You also could add chlorine to your pond but that could irritate your dog s skin and eyes. A better choice would be to use a saltwater system similar to what is used in swimming pools. The salt will kill bad bacteria. N Lisa Burns co-owner of Backyard Getaway in Myakka City When choosing a pump and filter system be sure to size them according to the number of gallons of water your pond will hold. Getting in and out of the pond should be easy for your pet. Zero entry at one end with a gradual drop is a good choice for small or nervous dogs. A dog ramp or stairs work well for deeper ponds. Remember--dogs have sharp nails. If your pet likes to dig you may want to protect the liner by mortaring flagstone to the sides and bottom of the pond or use gravel in the bottom. Not only is swimming fun for your dog it is beneficial as well. Did you know that 15 minutes of swimming is equivalent to 60 minutes of running for a pup Older dogs especially those with joint issues will benefit from this non-weight bearing therapeutic form of exercise. Even a dog who doesn t know how to swim can join in on the fun by wearing a doggy life jacket. Summer will be here before you know it. How will you keep your dog cool during the dog days of summer Lisa is the co-owner of Backyard Getaway a family owned and operated pond service and retail pond and water garden supply business offering professional and personalized water garden and pond design installation and pond maintenance services. Open by appointment only Backyard Getaway is located at 2807 S. Duette Road in Myakka City. For information or to schedule an appointment call 941-752-POND (7663) or visit Photo top left tobkatrina bottom left Photo by Lisa Burns March April 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 22 Animal Eye Care Inc. Without Eyesight the World is a Scary Place. animal medical center Holistic and Traditional treatments for your pets Acupuncture HomeopAtHy cHinese medicine LAser tHerApy surgery dentistry VeTerinAry orTHopeDiC MAnipulATion Also oFFering VeTerinAry House CAll serViCes SaraSota take 10 off your firSt exam new Clients only expires 6 30 14 Business Hours Monday Tuesday Thursday & Friday 9 00-5 00 saturday 9 00-12 00 Over 25 years experience 941-954-4771 3646 Birky Street SaraSota Anne luther BA Ms DVM CVA (formerly Anne Hyle) All Breeds of Dogs and Cats Too Less stress for your Pet Personal Attention from one of our professional Groomers. Grooming Mon-Sat Areas Serviced Manatee Sarasota & Charlotte Counties 941.322.9168 Aussie Pet Mobile - Suncoast FL Email aussiepetka Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 23 Fairy Tails & Happy Endings... By Special Contributor Barbara Bounds Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory I recall one Sunday afternoon after church services had ended not long ago when my elderly friend chin trembling and voice quivering had approached me and asked if I had time to talk about her dog. Immediately I assumed that her beloved pet had been ill and had either passed or was about to. I was certain that her questions were going to include a few What if s and What can I expect But this was not the case. Glenda my friend s beloved dog was ill. Being elderly and living only on social security payments and other forms of public assistance my friend was stressed--her dog needed care and she knew that even minimal diagnostics were going to be costly. She reached out to me for help in finding a veterinarian that would work with her on the financial end. I eased her worries by agreeing to call a couple of veterinary clinics that I knew had reputations for being cost conscious. I assured her that we would find someone who would be willing to examine her dog and offer fair pricing. After making a couple of calls it was apparent that finding affordable care would be difficult. Not wanting to abandon my friend I reached out to Candace Botha publisher of Sarasota Pet. She immediately put me in contact with Rhys Miller founder of Fairy Tail Endings. Inc. After listening to my explanation of the situation Rhys was able to find a veterinarian who was willing to examine diagnose and treat the dog the same day I had asked for assistance. For those who are unaware Fairy Tail Endings Inc. is a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps qualifying pet owners in Sarasota and Manatee counties receive necessary treatment for their animals when families are facing financial struggles. Founded several years ago the organization is committed to keeping wanted pets with their loved ones. Within two days my friend s dog received a diagnosis and was being treated with medications...all thanks to Fairy Tail Endings. What a relief it was to have a helping hand. Some people may disagree with the fact that assistance was given to a pet owner who had so few funds to take care of her own pet. Let me assure you that was not true. Glenda was up to date on her vaccines and treatment and my friend even went as far as to produce all medical receipts generated for Glenda s nine years of life At this point in time my friend was just in a difficult place in life and needed short-term help. If pets are not current on vaccines and heartworm preventative Fairy Tail Endings will update them at the time of treatment. In cases with significant diagnostics treatments and surgeries pets will be heartworm tested and provided six months of preventative to start. In accepting assistance pet owners must agree to continue to be medically compliant and financially responsible for the diet and or treatment plan recommended by the veterinarian once the initial assistance by Fairy Tail Endings ceases. The benefit of receiving help from Fairy Tail Endings was two fold. It gave Glenda a chance to live out the remainder of her natural pet life and it gave a local senior citizen much-needed help. Without the assistance she received the initial diagnosis and treatment would have been financially out of reach and in all probability Glenda would have gotten sicker and eventually would have been euthanized. A helping hand for the senior pet owner and for Glenda and a good start to continue the care she needed--I call that a win-win situation. One last thought to consider when speaking of senior citizens and pet ownership. Did you know that for many having an animal compan- Barbara Bounds Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory ion decreases loneliness increases daily exercise decreases blood pressure and can momentarily take away aches and pains often associated with old age These are just a few of the powerful benefits of being a senior pet owner. Have you ever wondered why so many nursing homes call in therapy animals to visit its long-term residents It sounds like a magic pill to me. How many times during the course of our human lives are we flush with funds while others are lean No matter how hard we try to plan the unexpected can happen. We don t know what tomorrow brings and life here on earth holds no guarantees. What a blessing it is to have the kindness and generosity of an organization such as Fairy Tail Endings to help ease the financial difficulties that life sometimes deals us and our beloved animal companions. For more information about Fairy Tail Endings visit For 25 years Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory has been serving the veterinary and animal community on Florida s Gulf Coast by providing dignified after-care services that include pet cremations grief resources and personalized pet products. Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory recently celebrated the grand opening of its new larger pet memorial center which is located at 2122 Whitfield Park Avenue in Sarasota. For more information call 941-751-5044 or visit May June 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 26 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 27 Agility--The Power of Two The Story of Ray and Jill By Hera & COZ OceanWolf Agility ampa Bay Ray of Hope is a big name for a little Pug from Bradenton Florida. He goes by the name Ray because he is a ray of sunlight that came into the life of Jill Chodelka at a time when storm clouds had gathered on her horizons. Jill already had another Pug named LuJack who had been her constant companion for several years. They did everything together. Jill and LuJack attended the Pug Parade went out to dinner and did agility every weekend. In 2012 Jill adopted Ray and the two Pugs quickly became the best of buddies. That same year after a heroic battle Jill lost LuJack to cancer (please see Sarasota Pet s October November 2012 issue) but she had Ray to help her though those dark times. Jill adopted Ray from Safe Haven Animal Rescue of Florida in Bradenton after her friend Karen Skoyec found the Pug listed on Petfinders. Jill says she fell immediately in love with Ray and knew it was meant to be. Ray was just nine months old when h was adopted and he spent his first three days with Jill and LuJack at an agility trial in Arcadia Florida. Jill realized when climbing the bleacher steps T learned about the sport by volunteering at the club s agility trials. She began taking classes offered by the club at first just for fun because she did not think she ever would compete in the sport. Jill not only competes every weekend she can but she now is an agility instructor Hera Kai and COZ at SOTC. OceanWolf Agility Ray started agility competitions in April 2013. He competed at the Dog Agility Club of Florida s competition in July 2013 and won the trophy for best 12-inch Novice Dog. Ray is currently the 1-ranked Pug in American Kennel Club (AKC) agility in the nation and has qualified for the AKC National Agility Tournament to be held in Nevada in March 2015. As the top AKC agility Pug for 2014 Ray will receive an invitation to this year s AKC s Invitational Agility Tournament. This competition pits the top dogs of each breed against one another at an event in Orlando Florida. And just as Jill predicted Ray became a champion. He earned his Master Agility Cham- that Ray had never seen stairs before. Everything was new for Ray those first few days but Jill says he took everything in stride and responded positively to the cheering and applause at the event. Jill thinks it was at this time that Ray decided he too would be an agility dog. When first adopted Ray had some puppy fat which he quickly lost working with Jill who is extremely athletic and works out regularly. Ray turned his puppy fat into solid muscle in no time. Jill says Ray was the best behaved puppy ever. When Jill first began training Ray she told him he was going to be a champion The slimmed-down version of Ray now enjoys salmon sweet potato watermelon oranges dehydrated liverwurst and pepperoni as training treats. At home he can be found curled up among pillows or snuggling with Jill. Ray loves to sing and even can say I Love You. Jill first learned about agility as a member of Sarasota Obedience Training Club (SOTC). Members of SOTC must volunteer to work at club activities to keep their memberships active and Jill 28 pionship (MACH) title on April 9 2014 after spending less than a year in the sport. Most dogs take two to three years to move from Novice through Open and Excellent into Master before earning a MACH title so Ray is well positioned to earn many more championships throughout a lengthy career. Ray s full name is MACH Tampa Bay Ray of Hope CGC MXJ MJB MX MXB NF T2B2 but to those who know his sunny disposition he simply is RayRay or Baby Ray the agility champion. Hera and COZ teach agility at West Coast Veterinary Center. Beginners are welcome and competition classes also are taught. For information about OceanWolf Agility or to schedule private classes or group training visit or call 941-3219672. Photo top left Ray snuggled in pillows and blankets. Photo by Jill Chodelka At center Jill and Ray share a happy moment. Photo by Furry Fotography Photos above Ray navigates the agility field with the skill of a champion. Photos by Furry Fotography Photo above right Ray happily cooling off next to his fan. Photo by Jill Chodelka May June 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Promote Your Pet s Brain Healt h & Overall Nutrition with QPets Does Your Dog or Cat Suffer from Hides During Thunderstorms or is Frightened During Fireworks Becomes Difficult Around Visitors or Strangers Experiences Nervousness Anxiety or Depression Key benefits c Stress c c Includes quality vitamins minerals and amino acids specially formulated for cats and dogs Available in a chewable wafer that s easy for pets to consume and digest Provides Total micronutrient support for cats and dogs EMPowerplusTM has been helping people manage mood and mental health for more than 17 years. The same micronutrient is now available for your furry family members Because your whole family Community-Minded & Competitive Pricing deserves to Just FEEL Better Welcome Your Questions & Concerns & We http Solutions for All of Your Pet s Special Nee 3 off 2827 University Parkway Sarasota FL 34243 (941) 358-7644 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Enjoy Savings on Any Size Bag...Any Flavor Expires 6 30 14 29 By Dr. Michael Reinhart Jacaranda Animal Hospital Ask the Vet but none of the side effects known for steroid use occur. It actually blocks the attachment of elements to a nerve ending that makes the nerve tell the brain to itch. Unlike steroids there are no immune depressions or liver issues with the use of Apoquel. Dogs have been on the drug constantly for more than two years while having their blood checked every 90 days and there were no problems. The drug is completely out of the system in 24 hours so the safety factor is high. Finally I have access to a drug that can solve the allergy problem indefinitely and not harm the patient. Hopefully your veterinarian is aware of the drug and will use it in the future. If so life will be better for both you and your dog. Dr. Reinhart my wife and I are at odds about what kind of chew treats to give our dog. Do you have an opinion about what treats are best --Ralph Well this certainly is a loaded question. There always are lively debates about this question with no real winning Dr. Michael Reinhart Jacaranda Animal Hospital Dr. Reinhart I have an eightyear-old Cocker Spaniel that is seasonally bothered by an allergy problem. She chews her feet and scratches until she bleeds. My vet gives her shots and that solves the problem but its frequency seems to be increasing. Now as the itching increases she is urinating quite a lot she pants heavily at night and she is gaining a lot of weight. Is this all part of the allergy and is there any way to help it --Pete Well Pete there is the possibility that the symptoms you described are not really because of the allergy but could possibly be related to how you treated it. Urinating and drinking excessively as well as panting and weight gain are all signs of an endocrinological problem called Cushing s syndrome. This is caused by excessive steroids either made by the patient himself from a tumor or from overuse of shots and pills by a clinician. As the condition further develops it possibly can produce calcium mineralization in the skin and liver failure. So it can be a pretty serious issue. The condition becomes even more serious if it was caused by an excessive effort to stop an itch and not by a tumor. The misuse of steroids has become far too common but with a recent launch of a new drug those days should be over. The emergence of the drug Apoquel has solved the allergy problems without causing harm to the patient. In studies the anti-itch effect was as good or better then prednisone (a steroid) Q A answer. Rawhides although loved by most pets have gotten a bad name due to obstructions they can cause when swallowed. However the staff at my practice has found a rawhide product that has an enzyme in it that will make it dissolve fast when swallowed avoiding obstruction so with that I feel there is some safety in its use. If you are interested in finding out more about these rawhide products please contact my practice by calling 941-4971676. Antlers are readily enjoyed by pets and do Q A last an inordinate amount of time. However they have been shown to potentially cause fractured teeth. Cooked bones are very risky because they are more prone to splinter. This is not good for the G.I. tract and a recent article by a veterinary dentist suggests they are of no value for the teeth. Pig ears are pretty fatty and the calorie content is higher than you think. This treat also has been indicted as a cause of pancreatitis. In addition there definitely have been cases of human salmonella from people handling pig ears. Those are the issues now...choose your corners and come out swinging. Dr. Michael Reinhart is the owner of Jacaranda Animal Hospital located at 725 Shamrock Boulevard in Venice. For more information or to schedule an appointment call 941-497-1676 or visit Pet-related questions for Dr. Reinhart can be sent to Ask the Vet Jacaranda Animal Hospital 725 Shamrock Boulevard Venice FL 34293. Or send your questions via e-mail to doc While rawhide bones can cause dangerous obstructions when swallowed Jacaranda Animal Hospital has found a rawhide product that dissolves quickly and eliminates lifethreatening obstructions. Call the clinic for product details. Photo of puppy at left Vitaly Titov photo of rawhide bones Rodeen Visser-Ludick May June 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 30 The Bates-Buchanan Law Group P.A. We are the & Savitsky Big Enough to Fight for You...Small Enough to Care E-mail Us for More Information About How to Lady Lawyers of Florida Get Your FREE Pet Trust Today With 15 Years Experience Weekend Evening Home & Nursing Home Appointments Available (941) 799-3015 LadyLawyersFLA 522 9th Street W Unit 2 Bradenton FL 34205 The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based only on advertisements. Before you decide ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience. ALL PHOTOS Sherri s Island Images Photography Call Us Today at in the Following Legal Areas Family Law Estate Planning Animal Trusts Bankruptcy Contract and Real Estate Law Dawn Marie Bates-Buchanan Susannah C. Savitsky Foreclosure Defense Consumer Defense Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediators in Family Circuit Civil & Foreclosure cases Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 31 The ABCs of Training Getting Puppy Off to a Good Start Puppy A our kindergarten class is for younger puppies between the ages of 9 and 15 weeks. The Puppy B class is for pups between 16 and 21 weeks. SOTC students do not have to take Puppy A before taking Puppy B although it would be a great start if you can. Both of these classes offer wonderful opportunities for your puppy to socialize with other dogs of the same age as well as with people while providing a new environment with fun activities and learning experiences. Your puppy will learn both basic obedience techniques and manners. Motivational and positive methods are used in our classes at SOTC. You will learn the basics in our puppy classes including how to get your dog s attention as well as fundamental commands such as sit down stand and come along with other fun and positive exercises. We also provide recall instruction in each class which is teaching the puppy to come to his or her owner. At SOTC we want all of our exercises to be a positive experience for you and your puppy. Each class includes problem solving. If students are having an issue with their puppies we encourage them to address the problems in class so we can help both the student and other dog owners who may be having the same problem. In our Puppy B class we offer the STAR (Socializaton Training Activity and Responsibility) Puppy Program. This American Kennel Club (AKC) program includes purebreds and mixed breeds. Students are given a pamphlet from AKC that explains the STAR Program which includes 20 steps asked of puppies and their owners. The class instructor will administer the test during the six weeks of class. Upon passing the test students are given an application to submit to AKC for enrollment in the STAR Puppy Program and will receive a puppy medal and a certificate from AKC. Also in our Puppy B class we introduce puppies to various types of surfaces steps and an agility tunnel to help build confidence. During the class puppies also will be introduced to heeling wait and other exercises that are useful in day-to-day experiences with a new companion. P By Special Contributor Marylou Carafello Sarasota Obedience Training Club uppies puppies puppies Who doesn t enjoy a cute little puppy At Sarasota Obedience Training Club (SOTC) we love puppies and we want to help you with the newest member of your family so he or she stays in his or her new home forever. Socialization is a key factor in training your new puppy. Get him out in his new world and provide him with lots of fun places to visit and experience. We welcome you and your new puppy to our puppy classes at SOTC. Here we offer two puppy classes--Puppy A and Puppy B. Both classes are offered in sixweek sessions. Pictured above Marylou Carafello SOTC instructor with her two Austrialian Shepherds Cassie (at left) who is 9 and Tug who is 3. While enrolling in SOTC s puppy classes can help you communicate and bond with your puppy we encourage our students to take their puppies on adventures outside of class for socialization too. There are numerous places in our community that are dog friendly. For example we have an extensive variety of restaurants that have outside seating that welcome dogs. What a great way for you to have fun and bond with your puppy. Discover the events and activities that interest you and then determine what you and your dog will enjoy together. In addition to puppy classes SOTC offers classes in a variety of dog sports including obedience agility flyball freestyle (dancing with your dog) and tracking among others. If you do not see a class you in which you would like to participate ask any of our instructors. Have fun with your puppies...they grow up so fast Enjoy every moment with your new lifelong companion. Marylou Carafello has been training dogs since 1982. She has been a member of SOTC for nine years and has been assisting in puppy classes at SOTC for the past eight years. She has two Australian Shepherds Cassie who has her CGC and her RE in rally and Tug who graduated in the STAR Puppy Program has his CGC and continues to take classes at SOTC. Photo top left Daisy sprints through the tunnel. Center photo SOTC s Puppy B Class students (left to right) Pete Holland and Daisy Sophie Walker and Lucy Tessa Walker and Oliver Janice Rowntree and Fergi Kerri Whitehead and Barksdale and Elizabeth and Tyler Knack and Indi. Bottom photo Tyler and Indi practice stepping through the rungs of a ladder to develop coordination and confidence. May June 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 32 DOG GROOMER DOG BATHS NAIL TRIMS HAIR CUTS FLEA REMOVAL Karen Haddad Proprietor Karen s Pet Place Find Us in Gulf G ate LLC Yorkshire Terriers MINIMAGIC YORKIES Adorable Tiny Teddy Bears 12 Years Experience (941) 400-2562 6545 Superior Ave. Sarasota FL 34231 Experience You Can Trust Who Says You Can t Buy Love NOW AVAILABLE Pure Golden Yorkie Puppies Specializing in All Sizes Teacup - Mini - Standard Feel Free to Visit & Check out our Great Selection Overnight Stays Daily Walks & Visits Healthy & Affordable Meet Your Puppy s Parents Home Raised European Champion Bloodlines c Christine Merkent Breeder for 40 Years 941-322-6709 941-773-0723 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c ANIMAL CLINIC c c c c c c Voted Veterinarian BEST c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c University 33 H owl-oooo my fellow divas .... My sister Sophia the Doggy Diva was so honored to have been a member of this active and passionate animal community for many years. She had such respect and high regard for those who work tirelessly for the animals--giving of themselves--believing in the cause and paying it forward. Candace Botha is one of these people. She was recently recognized by Cat Depot who presented her with a well-deserved award for Outstanding Contribution to Animal Welfare. Congratulations Candace On a sadder note the animal community in Sarasota and Manatee counties lost one of our most recognized advocates-- Nancy Coffey. She was a smart kind funny passionate woman who adored her beloved Greyhounds. My sister Style was adopted through Fast Friends Greyhound want to send some flowers...pup shaped like me (kind of cute and my mom loves them ) My sisters and I love the a -DOG - a ble arrangements at Ms. Scarlett s Flowers in Bradenton ( Your Mom s floral arrangement can be delivered in the shape of a pup Check out Ms. Scarlett s Web site for the dog-shaped Mother s Day floral pup in a wicker dog bed with a Mom Rules magnet and a little tote...too cute Whatever flowers you send your Mom... or if you decide to pick them from your garden...please be sure they are pet safe Or maybe you may want to make a relaxing day of it by dining and shopping all afternoon. You could take Mom to dine at Sage Biscuit Caf (very pet friendly) then visit The Bradenton Hound next door for some great gift ideas The Bradenton Hound ( has both human and doggy merchandise (this diva loved it ) dog-themed cloth- the Canine Contessa Francesca Sophia the Doggy Diva Voted 1 Pet Radio Show in Sarasota Pet s Choice Awards Four Years in a Row The Doggy Diva Show from Francesca the Canine Contessa Adoption--my Mom and Dad were volunteers with the nonprofit group for 10 years. Nancy was the founder of this group more than 20 years ago and placed hundreds of dogs into loving homes...she knew them all. Sadly we bid farewell to the Godmother of Greyhounds ...but please know that both your two- legged and fourlegged friends will always love you...and we are sure there were many there to greet you as you reached the Rainbow Bridge... As I speak of these two Divas--both so respected in our community and both such strong women I want to remind everyone about the fact that May 11 is Mother s please honor the woman in your life--your mom. You may 34 Diva Delights ing paintings china books jewelry and delicious homemade organic treats The restaurant and shop are located at 6650 Cortez Road West in the Cortez Plaza in Bradenton--it could truly be a relaxing and fun dining and shopping experience for doggy divas and their mommy divas As always the gift that keeps on giving is the gift of paying it forward. You can make a difference in an animal s life by adopting fostering volunteering or donating to your favorite rescue or shelter. For Mother s Day you also can make a difference in your Mom s life as well by donating to a local animal group or sponsoring an animal in her name. Better yet visit a shelter or check out the Rescue Me section of adoptable animals that begins on page 54 of this issue. I know all too well that some of the best moms are foster moms They are very important to every rescue organization... and every adoptable animal s life. June is right around the corner so don t forget Father s Day on June 15. Oh and foster fathers are important too On another note...June also is the beginning of hurricane season SO PLEASE BE PREPARED A national poll by the ASPCA has revealed that more than one third of cat and dog owners do not have their disaster preparedness plans ready and in place According to the ASCPA here are the top six ways to keep your pet safe during hurricane season s Always keep your pet indoors at the first sign of a storm. s Make sure your pets wear collars with id tags with current information. Microchipping your pets provides a more permanent form of identification. s Have a rescue alert sticker by your front door to let rescuers know how many pets are inside your home. s Keep pet emergency kit and supplies handy (medical records water pet food medications first aid supplies). s Arrange a safe haven for your pets in case of evacuation. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS BEHIND. s Choose a designated caregiver who can take care of your pet if you are unable to do so. My own tip I would like to add is for those of us who are a little fearful of the thunder (Yes that is me ) You may want to get your pet a Thundershirt (www. I love mine If you do not have one I have a few creative diva friends who have tailored one of mom or dad s T-shirts to snugly fit around their bodies (Ahhh...comfort ). And here is a clever idea from Reader s Digest ( You can ask Mom or Dad to wrap an Ace bandage around your body to relax you...interesting Whatever helps to calm your anxiety. we say--Go for it Also please speak to your vet about Composure bite-sized chews as sister and I love these. Stay Safe and Happy Mother s Day and Father s Day Love and Kisses Francesca Francesca s gown designed & created by Ramona Loves Dogs photo by Connie Summers May June 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Advanced Diagnostics Surgery Digital Radiography Acupuncture Chiropractic Care Dentistry Full Boarding Bathing Brand new Online Pharmacy Equine Small Animal ask us fOr deTails ning D.V.M. ah M. Brow Ter z D.V.M. ees-Hernande oorh Marguerite V own D.V.M. abeth L. Br Eliz VeTerinary Care canine feline equine The Very BesT in West Coast Veterinary Center 941-925-2262 941-926-8985 Braden River Equine 7910 s.r. 72 sarasota fl (Clark Road) Cara Wrig ht D.V.M. Terah M. Browning D.V.M. Elizabeth L. Brown D.V.M. 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For the past three and a half years Dawn has worked as the manager of Poochie s Pampered Pups located at 7672 South Tamiami Trail. And since adopting the pup last December Giddy as Dawn likes to call him frequently is found playing at the South Sarasota doggie day care facility. Although Dawn originally hails from Dayton Ohio she considers herself a true Floridian because she has lived here since she was nine years of age when her family left the frigid cold weather of the Midwest behind. I d be fine if I never saw snow again Dawn says with a laugh. A longtime resident of Sarasota Dawn is a firm believer in rescuing animals which she has done throughout her life. I never have bought a dog and I never will she says adamantly. Rescues rock Don t shop...adopt is the philosophy by which she lives. In fact in recent years Dawn has had two dogs that she has adopted from the Humane Society of Sarasota County (HSSC). Daisy May a Golden Retriever mix was her constant companion until June 2013 when the 16-year-old dog passed away. Back in 1999 I spent a year working at HSSC as a kennel assistant Dawn says. Daisy May was one of the dogs at the shelter waiting to be adopted. I would visit her every day and spend as much time as I could playing with her. Eventually the staff just handed me an application and told me You need to bring this dog home. And I gladly did. Dawn was heartbroken when she lost Daisy May and she took the time she needed to grieve. When she was ready to adopt again however she asked her friends at HSSC to keep their eyes open for another Golden mix. Six months after Daisy May passed away I received a phone call from one of the volunteers at HSSC who told me that there was a Golden Lab mix that had been brought in to the shelter Dawn says. I left work as soon as I received the call and drove straight there. When Gideon walked in the room for our meet and greet I immediately fell in love Dawn adds. And it seems so did he. He walked right up to me and gave me a hug. Tears were streaming down my face Dawn continues. There s just this feeling that you get when you know you re meant to be together he just fit. From the moment he entered Dawn s life Gideon did fit right in--both at home and at Poochie s. While there he loves to play with his two best friends Stitch and Sooky Roo and the pup who now is almost 2 1 2 years old also has two girlfriends Reigni and Lady. Gideon loves to play with big dogs and small dogs Dawn says. He s such a great dog and he truly is happy all the time. Perhaps as so many people who work in animal rescue know that happiness comes from the gratitude Gideon instinctively feels in knowing that his life was saved and that he is so very lucky to be loved finally fitting in with a family and a forever home of his very own. By Candace T. Botha W hen Dawn Marie Shank of Sarasota first saw the post on Facebook in late March about Sarasota Pet and Manatee Pet s search for the happiest pet for the cover of the May June 2014 issue she just knew she had to submit a photograph of her dog Gideon. There were in fact 19 adorable contenders entered in the cover contest that only was promoted on Facebook. Hundreds upon hundreds of votes were cast not only by animal lovers throughout Sarasota and Manatee counties but also by friends and family members of the canine and feline contestants. Gideon literally won the contest by a nose--he only had four more votes than the first runner up a one-year-old brindle Boxer named Aries who is the beloved canine companion of Beth Anlas. When Dawn received word that Gideon was the contest winner and would be photographed for the cover of the May June issue she simply was ecstatic. Gideon is the happiest dog I have ever met and when he smiles he even has dimples I just had to enter him in the contest she says. Chances are if you live in Sarasota or one of its surrounding communities both Dawn and Gideon may have familiar faces. ...Winner of Our Happiest Pet Contest 38 May June 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Specializing in a safe gentle & stress-free grooming experience for your pets We Groom Cats Too OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE mfortable ore Co ou Mour Pet at Home Y Are ving Y lace a Tr y t Your P a Le ive ACE a G 30% OFF Best New Pet Business Finalist in Sarasota Pet s Choice Awards 2013 In-Home Pet Service Provided by ACE s Certified Team of Professionals Bonded Insured American Red Cross Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR 941-870-5756 316 S. WASHINGTON BOULEVARD SARASOTA Debbie Expert Care...With All the Comforts of Home 941-921-4355 Michael Reinhart DVM Our Comprehensive Services Include Surgery Anesthesia Radiology Ultrasonography Laboratory Dental Emergency Care Pain Management Preventative Medicine Bathing & Boarding Nutritional Counseling Pharmacy Housecalls Pet Pick-Ups What s Your Pet Really Thinking Needing Animal Communication by Wendy Wendy Cooper MSW 725 Shamrock Boulevard Venice Florida Voted Best Animal Communicator 2013 (941) 497-1676 941-349-0009 wendy Contact Wendy from any location all sessions are completed by phone Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 39 On March 26 an always bright unwavering light dimmed in the animal community in Sarasota and Manatee counties with the passing of Nancy Coffey founder of Fast Friends Greyhound Adoption Inc. For more than 20 years Nancy was a vocal advocate for retired Greyhounds and worked tirelessly to find forever homes for the dogs she absolutely adored...even when a task as simple as taking a step or breathing became nearly impossible. To Nancy With All Nancy was gracious dedicated precious kind thoughtful funny loving tireless and hard working in the adoption of Greyhounds. She would be so excited every time a Greyhound was adopted She will surely be missed but somehow I know in spirit she will always be helping those beautiful dogs. God Bless. --Mary As a volunteer for Fast Friends it is with warm feelings that I will remember Nancy for helping me find the three Greyhounds that fit perfectly in my life. She had so much love and caring for these dogs and finding homes for them. She will be missed and remembered by so many of the people whose lives she touched. The Greyhounds also have lost a dedicated advocate. --Diane For many--both volunteers and friends--the loss is profound. Yet the memories of this woman--who was small in stature but larger than life in her generosity and her zest for living--continue on as shared here on these pages by a handful of those who loved admired and respected her. It is rare in a lifetime to meet a person with the passion dedication and determination that Nancy had. She had many talents. She was able to organize people and events juggle many jobs at one time work with tireless devotion and she did it all with a smile and a special twinkle in her eye. I feel blessed to have worked with her and to have known her. Greyhounds are such wonderful souls and they had Nancy helping them find forever homes after they finished racing What a legacy. --Beth Nancy Thank you so much for our special Moose and our beautiful Lexi . I we will truly miss you. Thank you for being you... --Louise The first day I met Nancy I had lunch with her...after recently losing a Greyhound. We spoke about it during lunch. I left that day with a beautiful Greyhound named Style. That lunch was 10 years ago in January and Style is now 12. Style sure does love and remember Nancy she enjoyed visiting her even years later... Nancy is unforgettable Style John and I always will love her. She is a special lady---to us and to so many others. The world would be a better place if there were more people like Nancy Coffey. --Sue & John I had the great honor of meeting Nancy Coffey in 2009 on the last day of racing for that spring season. One of my nearly 15-year-old Lhasas had just crossed the bridge and while looking for another small dog three people in four days passionately urged me to call Nancy and adopt a Greyhound. When the third person spoke I had to look to the sky and acknowledge that divine intervention was at work and I immediately called Nancy. She met me at the track two hours later and brought PDQ Turquoise out to meet me. We looked into each other s eyes and Nancy declared that my Chloe had chosen me Thus I became like so many others addicted to Greyhounds and all because of Nancy. Her devotion to the rescue of these dogs was fierce as was her passion for living. My admiration for Nancy and her dedication and boundless energy will remain in my heart forever. -- Kim Whenever I think about those people in my life--and especially those women in my life--who I admire and consider heroes I think of Nancy Coffey. As an ever-vigilant Greyhound advocate Nancy made a real difference in the lives of hundreds of Greyhounds--AND their people. She was responsible for bringing immeasurable amounts of love and happiness into my life for sure. I have been lucky to have shared my life with eight Greyhounds over the past 15 years (I currently have three) all of who have come into my life because of Nancy. Smart strong committed and funny-- Nancy remained truly devoted to her mission until the end. I will always think of Nancy each time I experience the boundless love devotion and affection I have for my beautiful Greyhounds and I feel so fortunate to have been truly blessed by her life. --Gail Nancy delighted in her annual Valentine Greyhound Reunions seeing many of the Greyhounds she had placed into their forever homes. They remember me she would say with a smile as the Greyhounds instinctively leaned against her looking at her with their soulful eyes as if to say Thanks. She conveyed her passion & dedication for Greyhound adoption to those of us who were privileged to work with her. She was a wonderful inspiration. --Donna Greyhounds lost their best friend with Nancy s passing. She was an extraordinary woman who worked tirelessly to find loving homes for hundreds of beautiful dogs including our own beloved Noel. We--and the dogs--will surely miss her. - Lois Our Love...Always Photo by Connie Summers Even though Nancy knew her time was running short she never stopped to worry about it. Five days prior to her death after working in the Fast Friends office she asked me to take her up to play poker in the casino at Sarasota Kennel Club. We look for gems in life those of us fortunate enough to know Nancy found a DIAMOND --Ray October 1 1928 - March 26 Nancy Coffey 2014 Dear Nancy Thank you for matching hundreds of retired racing Greyhounds with their loving families...I am so Greytful to be one of them. Love you forever Style (Adopted into her forever home in 2004) Nancy was a very special lady. We were curious about Greyhounds after seeing them with a foster parent downtown so my husband suggested we take a drive to the track to gather information NOT to adopt he was just curious. Needless to say we met Nancy and there was no way she was going to let us leave without one of her beloved dogs She answered all our questions and chose the perfect dog for us. She knew people and knew her dogs. She will be sorely missed. --Lorraine I first met Nancy when I decided I wanted to adopt a Greyhound. Instead of going through another Greyhound adoption organization I decided to go directly to the track not knowing if it were possible to adopt from there. I was directed to Nancy and after a long discussion with her I went home with the second Greyhound I ve ever adopted. I was so impressed with Nancy and her dedication to the lovely dogs I asked if I could volunteer in some way. That began a 10-year friendship with Nancy. I have since had four Greyhounds in my life and I fostered several other dogs until they found their forever homes. Nancy so impressed me with her selfless way she devoted all her life to the Greyhounds I only wish I had half of her compassion. --Mary Nancy was a wonderful person. She would do anything for her Greyhounds. She worked long hours to get the Greyhounds ready for adoption. I will never forget when Kurt and I went to get our first Greyhound from Nancy. We mentioned that we wanted a small one. She said I have the perfect one. She went back and brought out this big boy named Ventura. I said to Kurt He s big and Nancy replied He doesn t take up much room and he is so gentle. Needless to say he was the perfect Greyhound for us She will be missed by many people who had the chance to meet her. --Barbara and Kurt My husband told me if he could get me to Sarasota to meet Nancy Coffey we would go home with a Greyhound. I met Nancy and we went home with our first Greyhound Nancy was such a special person we entered into years of volunteering to help her any way we could. She saw us through three adoptions. We thank God for all her compassion and wonderful work through the years. We were truly blessed knowing her and forever grateful for all of her selfless and tireless giving of time and self for the love of the Greys. --Susan University Animal Clinic Receives Re-Accreditation as One of the Top Veterinary Clinics in the US By Candace T. Botha For athletes around the world winning an Olympic gold medal symbolizes the epitome of excellence a coveted prize that represents years of arduous work and rigorous training while validating that they have indeed reached the top of their game. In the veterinary community there is a similar distinction that demonstrates that an animal hospital or clinic has achieved the highest level of veterinary excellence by adhering to exacting standards that have been defined by an internationally respected organization that is committed to improving pet care. That distinction is accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) a small animal veterinary association established in 1933 that develops ever-evolving standards of excellence in the practice of veterinary medicine. Currently only 3 400 of approximately 227 000 veterinary hospitals in the United States and Canada have achieved AAHA accreditation which is considered the benchmark of quality care in advanced veterinary medicine. University Animal Clinic owned by Robert W. Rill VMD is among the select veterinary hospitals in our community--and in the United States--that has earned this distinction. Since first opening his own veterinary hospital 21 years ago Dr. Rill s goal has been to build a high-quality practice that offers the most advanced diagnostic and surgical services while providing the most compassionate care for pets and their families. And early on in his career Dr. Rill realized that there was one goal--his own Olympic dream --he knew one day he needed to achieve to excel in his field. Originally from Lancaster Pennsylvania Dr. Rill studied at the University of Delaware before earning his doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Pennsylvania. During his years as a veterinary student he completed an independent study at Washington National Zoo in Washington D.C. and an internship at a veterinary practice outside of Philadelphia. After finishing his studies Dr. Rill began practicing veterinary medicine with his brother-in-law at a clinic in Carlisle Pennsylvania. A love of scuba diving--and a desire to live in a warmer climate--eventually led Dr. Rill to leave his home state of Pennsylvania and relocate to Florida. Pictured above University Animal Clinic located at 8239 Cooper Creek Boulevard in University Park. Photo by Connie Summers AHAA Accreditation--The Gold Medal in Veterinary Medicine While Bonaire in the Caribbean is Dr. Rill s favorite place to scuba diva he also has visited other exotic locales around the world where he has both taught scuba diving and enjoyed developing his skills in underwater photography. But for Dr. Rill and his wife Sandy who now serves as the practice manager at University Animal Clinic veterinary medicine--and especially the care of small animals and exotics--always has been the couple s passion in life. After leaving Pennsylvania Dr. Rill spent the next 10 years doing relief work for other veterinarians in Southwest Florida. I covered vacations and filled in for other veterinarians when they were unable to work Dr. Rill remembers. In 1993 the Rills purchased University Animal Clinic which originally was owned by Dr. Mary Smart and located on the corner of University Parkway and Lockwood Ridge Road. As the veterinary practice grew the need for a larger facility quickly became apparent and the Rills moved the practice to its current location in University Park at 8239 Cooper Creek Boulevard just minutes from I-75 and University Parkway. With 3 400 square feet--and four times more space than its former location--the veterinary practice has grown to include its own state-of-the-art laboratory and surgical center equipped with the latest technology with advanced ultrasonography also available. As a full-service veterinary practice University Animal Clinic treats small animals and exotic pets providing unparalleled diagnostic medical and surgical care. In addition to dogs and cats the clinic treats birds reptiles amphibians hamsters gerbils hedge hogs rabbits guinea pigs ferrets rats snakes pot-bellied pigs and fish. The practice now has a staff of 13 including 2 fulltime veterinarians a relief veterinarian 9 veterinary technicians and a financial manager. Specializing in small and exotic animal medicine as well as surgery Dr. Rill shares veterinary duties Pictured above from left to right Dr. Robert W. Rill and Dr. Tyrene Fellman of with Dr. Tyrene Fellman whose expertise is in internal University Animal Clinic. Photo by Connie Summers medicine oncology and exotic medicine. Together the two veterinarians provide a complementary and Since first establishing his own veterinary clinic Dr. Rill was comprehensive spectrum of veterinary services--from routine determined to build a high-quality practice that provided vaccinations to urgent and emergency care--for pets in Saraoptimal care for pets and their families. To that end he sought sota Bradenton Lakewood Ranch University Park and other AAHA accreditation which University Animal Clinic first earned communities in Manatee County. in 2007. Achieving this prestigious accreditation is no simple task. There are 900 quality standards--filling six binders--that must be met in order to receive designation as an AAHA-accredited animal hospital. According to Sandy Rill These quality standards go above and beyond basic state regulations ranging from patient care and pain management to staff training and advanced diagnostic and surgical services. It takes a while to get your ducks in proper order so to speak ANIMAL CLINIC University Continued on Page 44 Dr. Rill adds. There is paperwork documentation and in-house reviews and audits that must be performed before an AAHA examiner schedules a full day at the clinic to conduct a final inspection. This year in fact the AAHA examiner that visited University Animal Clinic told Dr. Rill s veterinary team that they rocked and should apply for AAHA s Hospital of the Year award Because veterinary medicine is continually evolving so too are the standards established by AAHA. Every three months we receive a new set of standards from AAHA Dr. Rill says. Consequently maintaining these benchmark standards is an ongoing process. Above the University Animal Clinic team. Back row Susan Griffen and Erika Trail. Middle row Dr. Tyrene Fellman Melinda Rutherford Theresa Fredenburg Megan Ware and Dr. Robert Rill. Front row Nicole Unger and Laura Carey. Photo by Connie Summers Earning accreditation also is ongoing. When a veterinary clinic is first accredited it must be re-evaluated in two years. Thereafter the re-accreditation process is every three years. Continuing education also is an integral part of AAHA accreditation and in the program veterinarians are required to complete 50 hours of continuing education each year. Ultimately Dr. Rill says receiving AAHA accreditation gives qualifying veterinary clinics a seal of approval. At University Animal Clinic we are meeting our industry s standards of excellence for high-quality medicine he says. I am glad that our staff is committed to maintaining our AAHA accreditation Dr. Rill adds. It makes us a better practice and better veterinarians. For pet owners selecting an AAHA-accredited veterinary clinic offers assurance that their beloved animals are being treated at one of the top veterinary hospitals in the country. AAHA hospitals are similar wherever you go in the United States or Canada which is especially important for pet owners that travel with their pets Dr. Rill says. Clients can expect the same level of excellence in care at every AAHA-accredited veterinary practice. Exclusively offered to veterinary practices in the past AAHA accreditation also is now available for veterinary specialists and animal emergency clinics. Recognition of Dr. Rill s commitment to excellence exceeds AAHA accreditation. In 2009 he was voted Best Vet of the Suncoast by Creative Loafing and in 2009 and 2010 he was named the 1 veterinarian in Lakewood Ranch in the annual contest sponsored by Living out East (now Living on the Suncoast ). In addition University Animal Clinic was voted Best Veterinary Clinic in Sarasota magazine s Best of awards in 2008. Just last year Dr. Rill was the first veterinarian to be nominated for Manatee Small Business of the Year jointly presented by the Manatee Chamber of Commerce the Bradenton Herald and BB&T. He also was the first veterinarian to become one of the top ten finalists for this esteemed award. In truth it is neither accreditation nor awards that have defined Dr. Rill s career as a veterinarian. It is he says the personal satisfaction he experiences in knowing that he has done the best job possible for the pets in his care and their owners. And while Dr. Rill enjoys working with all animals birds and reptiles if pressed he will admit that dogs can be counted among his favorite patients. In fact the Rills who have been married 42 years have six dogs of their own. But their own love of animals doesn t end there they also have three cats one bird one tortoise and lots of fish. At one point we had more than 70 pets Sandy says with a laugh. What is it about dogs that Dr. Rill enjoys most As a veterinarian when you treat a dog--or any family pet-- for many years you grow very attached to him or her he says. Dogs are so responsive and they give back so much more. I have seen many many tears shed by our veterinarians and staff for dogs that have passed away from illness injuries and old age Sandy adds. We are all animal lovers here Dr. Rill explains and we fully appreciate the fact that pets are now considered family members by most of our clients. We treat every pet as if he or she is one of our own. Clearly it is that level of compassion--along with accreditation as one of the top animal hospitals in the country--that keeps University Animal Clinic in the forefront of veterinary medicine in our community. Located at 8239 Cooper Creek Boulevard in University Park just minutes from the intersection of I-75 & University Parkway at Exit 213 University Animal Clinic is open Monday through Friday from 8 30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information or to schedule an appointment call 941-355-7707 or visit the animal clinic online at Our Resort & Spa Amenities Indoor&outdoorDoggyDaycareroomsequippedwithtoys&activitiesand alwayssupervisedbyourprofessionalstaff WehaveflatscreenTVs& OnlineDoggie camerasinourPremiumSuites Fullgroomingserviceswithanexperiencedandcaringstaff Threegrassyacresforlongwalksoutdoors Free-roaming cat playroom with an aquarium & toys Activitiesforanyenergylevel CertifiedCanineMassageTherapistavailableonsite Transportationservicesavailable Photo Connie Summers 8154 N. 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Made by Olewo GmbH in Germany these supplements have been available in the United States for about 15 years. Our customers always are pleased to know that Olewo supplements have been proven and trusted for more than 35 years says Manatee County resident Ina Schielke who is the exclusive distributor of Olewo products in the United States and Canada. Thirty-five years is longer than most pet product manufacturers have been in business and a track record very few companies can offer for their products Ina says. Olewo supplements were developed long before natural products were common which makes the Olewo manufacturer in Germany a leader and not a follower. Dogs actually need some vegetables in their diet because they contain many important health-promoting nutrients. Many of those nutrients often are lacking in commercial pet foods. Olewo supplements are made from two of the most nutrientrich vegetables--carrots and red beets. Rich in beta-carotene vitamins B C D E and K and a plentiful source of calcium manganese phosphorus and potassium Olewo Carrots for dogs are made from 100% fresh premium carrots that have been preserved naturally through dehydration. Although best known for reducing and eliminating diarrhea in dogs--often after just two feedings--Olewo Carrots also can cure stomach upset and loose stool while relieving itchy skin and adding a healthy sheen to a dull coat. They also are an effective all-natural dog dewormer ridding the intestines and colon of unhealthy parasites. Equally impressive in its ability to counteract a range of common health conditions in dogs Olewo Red Beets are not only rich in antioxidants and fiber but like Olewo Carrots they are easy to digest. Made from 100% fresh premium red beets--not beet pulp--Olewo Red Beets are nature s own antidote for skin allergies hot spots and itchy skin because they offer effective detoxification and anti-inflammatory support when added daily to a dog s diet. The supplement stimulates the appetite of even the most finicky eaters and also promotes a healthy metabolism while aiding in weight management in dogs of all sizes and breeds. Jam-packed with nutrients Olewo Red Beets are rich in betalain folate Vitamin C and manganese and are an excellent source of iron potassium magnesium and other important nutrients. Savvy pet owners are certain to ask If carrots and At left Ina Schielke the exclusive distributor of Olewo supplements in the United States and Canada visits with canine campers at Four Paws Doggie Day Camp in Bradenton. All photos by Connie Summers more than ever as dog owners realize the critical importance of wholesome nutrition in the overall health well being and longevity of their beloved four-legged friends the foods and supplements that are provided to nourish them have taken on an even greater significance. At times the choices seem not only endless but also confusing even for well-educated pet owners who want--and demand-- only the very best for their dogs. But what if you were to discover that there actually is a simple solution to improve the health of your pets with what Mother Nature provided us with long ago What if there were all-natural food supplements that could be added to your dog s current diet to alleviate digestive issues resolve diarrhea relieve itchy skin inflammation and allergies eliminate intestinal parasites boost the immune system and metabolism control weight issues and improve the skin and coat...naturally Sound too good to be true And if it is true could this be the global pet industry s best-kept secret Or is it that such simplicity if promoted would interfere with the growth of commercial pet food manufacturers or the pet industry in general The good news is such supplements do exist and what s more they are 100 percent natural and free of additives and preservatives. And if you have not yet heard of these supplements the name you need to know is Olewo. For more than 35 years Olewo (pronounced o-leave-o ) allnatural pet food supplements have been added to the daily diets beets are so nutritious wouldn t it be best to just give dogs raw vegetables The problem with raw vegetables is that the vitamins and minerals are embedded in cellulose a carbohydrate that is difficult to digest therefore the dog s body will not be absorbing the valuable nutrients Ina says. Olewo Carrots and Olewo Red Beets are easy to digest allowing dogs to absorb and utilize the amazing nutrients in these vegetables. The vegetables used to make Olewo supplements are especially nutritious because they are grown in the flat terrain of Northern Germany known for its extremely fertile soil. The vegetables are grown on farms dedicated to Olewo pet products and they go directly from the fields into preparation to avoid the loss of any nutrients. Olewo vegetables have been tested to exceed farming standards required for vegetables produced for human consumption--and they are NOT genetically modified In fact during one of Olewo s recent shipments from Germany the Food and Drug Administration lab tested a batch of Olewo Carrots upon entry into the United States and absolutely no chemical residue was found. Being a discerning dog owner and having gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about animal nutrition with more than a decade of experience in the local pet community Ina believes that despite increased attention to the role nutrition plays in good health in recent years many dogs are still undernourished due to the fact that most dogs receive commercial foods. Our pets simply are not getting enough natural nutrition Ina says. Even many of the holistic foods now on the market are still lacking in nutrient levels because they are highly processed just like the other brands with lower quality ingredients. In addition synthetic vitamins are added after the high heat processing to meet the minimum nutritional values established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Pet food manufacturers are continuously updating their pack- aging showing the fresh meats poultry fish vegetables and fruits with which they have been made Ina adds. But what goes into making the food is not as important as what is left in the food after it has been highly processed--which is far from its natural state. Ina strongly believes that even raw diets and home-cooked foods also can be lacking in important nutrients. There still can be a gap in the nutrient levels she says. However Olewo food supplements can close that gap with the added natural nutrition they provide while ensuring that your dog is receiving the nutrients he or she needs to enjoy optimal health be vibrant and thrive. Most dogs are lacking nutrients from a natural source and the great thing is that every dog can benefit from the natural nutrition in Olewo supplements Ina continues. No matter what food you are feeding your dog--whether it is a raw or a homecooked diet a premium holistic dog food or if it is a big brand dog food from the grocery store--Olewo supplements significantly will increase the food s nutritional value. As Olewo s exclusive U.S. distributor Ina has more than 10 years experience in the local pet industry with a background in business administration and sales. Born and raised in Germany Ina traveled to Texas in 1985 for a 12-month assignment at the Corporate Office of the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) she was working for at the time in Germany. What was intended to be a one-year stay in the states became a permanent move when she met the man she ultimately would marry. After living in various cities throughout the country the couple moved to Florida s Gulf Coast where they eventually opened Petropolis a small specialty pet store in downtown Sarasota. Whether stocking harnesses and leashes or supplements and treats we were very selective about what we carried at Petropolis Continued on page 48 and only sold products in which we believed Ina says. Ina first became familiar with Olewo when one of her customers at Petropolis requested the company s products. Back then distribution of the products in the United States was being handled by another company in Georgia Ina says. At the time one of Ina s own dogs a black Lab mix named Wilma who she adopted from Bishop Animal Center was suffering with severe skin allergies. Wilma was biting scratching and itching constantly Ina recalls. She actually chewed holes in her leg We took Wilma to several veterinarians and spent thousands of dollars on allergy testing Ina continues. The more tests we did the more conflicting results we received. Poor Wilma suffered for nearly three years until we found an answer. That answer was Olewo Red Beets. Within just a couple of weeks of taking the beet supplement with her food Wilma s biting scratching and itching completely stopped Ina says. Personally I was sold on the supplements and we began sharing them with our customers at Petropolis. Olewo quickly became one of our best-selling products. Ina--who now has two Dachshunds littermates Trudy and Gerry--lost another Dachshund Waldi who was the first dog she had prior to learning about Olewo supplements. Waldi suffered from ongoing colitis Ina recalls. We gave him the best dog food we carried at Petropolis but couldn t get the condition under control with diet and treatments from our veterinarian and we felt he died prematurely. I often think that if I had only been able to give Waldi Olewo Carrots at that time I know he could have stayed with us longer. Ina s success in treating Wilma s skin allergies with Olewo Red Beets inspired her to learn more about the company and its supplements. On one of my visits to Germany I met with the CEO of Olewo who ended up offering me an opportunity to take over the Olewo distribution because of issues the German manufacturer had with the current U.S. distributor at that time Ina says. When Petropolis lease was up after five years in business Ina decided to pursue the new venture as the United States distributor for Olewo and she founded Olewo USA with the mission of bringing Olewo supplements to even more pets in this country to help improve their health. We knew that we would be able to reach many more pet owners than we were able to reach with our small pet store in Sarasota Ina says. That was three and a half years ago. Now available in all 50 states and Canada Olewo has a loyal following. Olewo Carrots and Olewo Red Beets are specialty products that have not been distributed through the traditional channels mainly because of how the previous U.S. Olewo distributor of 12 years was distributing the products Ina says. Olewo Pet Food Supplements primarily have been sold via the Internet. However as awareness of Olewo products is flourishing a growing number of customers want to be able to purchase the products at their local pet stores so the company is now further expanding into the retail market from coast to coast. To date Ina says the entire company mainly has been built by word of mouth. Pet owners try the supplements and are blown away Ina says. They then share them with friends and family members who also have pets and they are equally amazed at the results. Testimonials from loyal Olewo customers--some who own or manage local pet businesses or work in animal rescue--abound. According to Mark Wyman one of the managers of Pets Plus 8 to 10--if not more--of the customers that come into the Parrish pet store complain that their dogs have allergies...each day Where to Buy Olewo Carrots & Red Beets Amy s Natural Pet Pantry - Blackburn Point Plaza 1078 S. Tamiami Trail Osprey - 941-244-2260 Bone Appetite - 5275 University Parkway University Park 941-359-1010 Holistic for Pets - 713 Honore Avenue Sarasota - 941-3784367 5770 Ranch Lake Boulevard Bradenton - 941-753PAWS (7297) Pet s Life Naturally - 523 8th Avenue West Palmetto 941-723-1715 Pet Supply Center - 3558 Webber Street Sarasota 941-925-4376 Pets Plus - 8943 US Highway 301 North Parrish 941-776-0770 Perks 4 Pets - 7228 Manatee Avenue West Bradenton 941-795-PETS (7387) Important Note Not all stores carry a complete inventory of Olewo supplements. Please call in advance to check on availability. Nearly every customer to whom we give an Olewo sample comes back and buys the products Mark says. People give it to their pets and then recommend it to their friends and it sells like wildfire simply because it s a good solid product that works. Cheryl Tuttle and Heike Caspary of Four Paws Doggie Day Camp in Bradenton also are avid proponents of Olewo supplements. The camp which is designed to give young dogs an opportunity to socialize and learn how to play under the supervision of professionals has a roster of more than 75 campers who frequently suffer from allergies and digestive upsets. Cheryl and Heike s first line of defense recommending Olewo Carrots and Red Beets. Cheryl a professional dog trainer who also is the owner of The Last Paw Dog Training first was introduced to Olewo products six or seven years ago. A friend of mine recommended using Olewo Carrots when one of my dogs had diarrhea Cheryl recalls. It worked so well in regulating his stools that I always kept a bag in the cabinet. After meeting Ina and learning about the health benefits of Olewo Red Beets Cheryl began adding them to her Pug s diet. At the time Mercedes was suffering from severe environmental allergies and also had a yeast issue that affected her skin. She Above Ina Schielke (center) with Heike Caspary (left) and Cheryl received medication every day but it was not helping. Tuttle (right) at Four Paws Doggie Day Camp share samples of Olewo Once I added the Olewo Red Beets to her diet her skin issues Carrots with eager campers. Photos on these pages by Connie Summers subsided. Using the beets didn t stop the allergen but it did significantly reduce the inflammation Cheryl adds. I love Olewo weeks for about a year and a half to help control his allergies products I highly recommend them because they are both safe Jessica says. He suffered terribly with itchy red skin and bald and effective. spots from chewing his hair out. Heike who like Ina also is from Germany learned firsthand Heike told me about Olewo supplements and I started givabout the value of adding Olewo supplements to her Great ing Bentley the carrots and beets Jessica continues. After two Dane s diet about four years ago. weeks he was less itchy and within a month all of his symptoms Typically a Dane has soft stool which makes it difficult to were gone. scoop Heike says. Adding Olewo Carrots to the dog s diet Olewo supplements have worked miracles with Bentley I made the stool firmer and easier to pick up. truly believe they are great products Jessica says. I wish I had As Heike read more about Olewo she realized the full specknown about them before Bentley received the steroids. trum of health benefits of its supplements. So in her current role What s most appealing about using Olewo supplements is that as a board member for Southwest Great Dane Rescue Heike says a small daily serving packs a powerhouse of nutrients. Serving that every dog that is surrendered to the nonprofit group is given sizes are based on weight and range from 1 2 teaspoon to 2-plus Olewo supplements for a week or two to flush out the system tablespoons daily to add healthy all-natural nutrition to a dog s and boost their antioxidant levels. diet. And of course Heike adds Olewo Carrots and Red Beets to How confident is Ina that Olewo supplements can remedy a her own dogs diet at home. range of common health issues in dogs My dogs love them. If I forget to add them to their food they Every company says their product is the best Ina says. But look at me as if to say Hey something is missing Heike says they don t have the track record of Olewo supplements. with a laugh. What truly amazes our customers is that they actually can see Mary Lupi founder of Safe Haven Animal Rescue of Florida a difference in the health of their pets after adding Olewo Carrots Inc. has been a loyal Olewo customer for years. She too says and Red Beets to their dog s diets for a short amount of time Ina that every dog that comes through the local nonprofit group adds. You typically don t get these kind of results with other pet receives Olewo Red Beets and Olewo Carrots as part of their diet products. to ensure optimal health before they are placed in new homes. Olewo supplements are truly the best products you can buy to Jessica Anderson owner of Happy Hounds Pet Sitting and make a difference in the health of your pet. Grooming is another firm believer in the natural healing powers of Olewo supplements. Jessica who also works as an assistant at Olewo Carrots are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 1 Four Paws Doggie Day Camp has a five-year-old Beagle named pound bags to 33 pound bags. Olewo Red Beets are sold in sizes Bentley who suffered from severe skin allergies. Her veterinarranging from 1 pound bags to 16.5 pound bags. Carrot and beet ian determined the allergies were environmental and not diet supplements for horses and small animals also are available and can related and prescribed steroids to relieve Bentley s extreme be ordered online at For more information about discomfort. Olewo USA and Olewo products please call 941-322-9638 or Bentley was receiving steroid injections every four to five visit The Bradenton Hound...Where By Candace T. Botha ucked away in a bustling shopping plaza in Bradenton just a stone s throw from the Anna Maria Oyster Bar and adjacent to The Sage Biscuit Cafe is a charming new shop that is unlike anything our local animal community has ever experienced. Overflowing with a wide array of goods that are designed to appeal to shoppers who share their lives with furry four-legged friends this is by no means a pet store. Instead it is more of an emporium that is home to an eclectic collection of merchandise that captivates attention and delights and surprises customers from the moment they enter the store s bright blue double-wide doors. Located at 6650 Cortez Road West The Bradenton Hound is the realization of an idea that first was envisioned a little more than a year ago when the store s proprietor Lee Boone Dages decided to open a shop that merged her own love of animals--particularly dogs--with a lifelong passion for art vintage collectibles and antique furnishings. In its 1 800 square feet of space The Bradenton Hound offers a mesmerizing mix of antiques and contemporary collectibles all hand selected by the shop s discerning owner. But don t be fooled by the shop s size it will literally take an hour--perhaps even longer--to explore all that is waiting to be discovered inside. Clearly there should be a sign on the door that reads Welcome to a Pet Lover s Paradise because of the wealth of riches that are artistically arranged on every table and found around every corner. Of course there are some of the customary finds one would expect to see including leashes collars and harnesses water and food bowls pet beds blankets and even strollers. Like all of the merchandise in the shop these items however are not cookie cutter but unique and unparalleled in quality yet still affordably priced. Any similarities to other pet stores end there. The Bradenton Hound goes far beyond to bring customers a diverse array of the unusual the extraordinary the unforgettable. Animal sculptures. Cookie jars. Lamps with linen shades. Umbrellas and totes. Wall art plaques and paintings. Picture frames and plates. Rubber stamps and ink pads. Needlepoint pillows and table linens. Ladies scarves and men s ties. Clocks and candles. Jewelry and key chains. Greeting cards stationery and note cards. Books bookends and yes even bookcases. The Bradenton Hound also sells one-of-a-kind furniture--from end tables and beds to hutches and benches and everything in between. If you can imagine it chances are you ll find it at The Bradenton Hound. On any given day customers may find breed-specific selections including totes with images of Golden Retrievers or an adorable pair of Boston Terrier bookends. But these items often are in high demand and typically don t linger on the shelves long. In furnishing her shop from floor to ceiling Lee says I try not to carry anything that can be found in a big box store. In fact early on in stocking the shop Lee vowed that she would never carry any apparel for dogs. That didn t last long Lee says with a laugh. I have since discovered exquisite handmade dresses sweaters and jackets with such beautiful detailing that I just couldn t resist. While The Bradenton Hound only has been open since January of this year Lee actually has been in the pet business for about 14 years when she first launched her own line of dog biscuits. At the time we had a Rottie named Sherlock Holmes who was diagnosed with an incurable intestinal disease which is similar to Crohn s disease in humans Lee explains. Holmes who was only five years old at the time could not digest anything with animal protein. Above left The hand-crafted sign that hangs above the front door at The Bradenton Hound located at 6650 Cortez Road West in Bradenton. At left Lee Boone Dages proprietor of The Bradenton Dog with her two rescue pups Honeybun and Ike who actually is The Bradenton Hound. Photos by Connie Summers T Shopping is an Adventure A conventional veterinarian in Chicago told us we should consider putting Holmes down after exploratory surgery confirmed the compromised state of his digestive system Lee adds. We knew the steroidal approach was not working and in fact was complicating an already complex situation. So I set out to find alternative options and was soon amazed by the vast world of holistic medicine. The common thread that ran through everything holistic was nutrition. With the help of a holistic veterinarian in New Jersey Lee was able to successfully manage Holmes disease through diet and a range of holistic modalities. The diet changes were a bit disappointing for Holmes because he suddenly was left without treats. It really is amazing how many dogs love the process of being given a treat Lee says. I tried giving him small amounts of the food I was preparing for him but he wasn t fooled by this. While researching diet options for Holmes I had come across Quinoa and was using a form of this amazing herb in his meals. I turned to Quinoa in flour form and combined this with several other ingredients that would support Holmes nutritional requirements. I ended up with an organic gluten-free treat that he loved. Holmes lived three years after his diagnosis and enjoyed a great quality of life Lee says. The Quinoa treats were soon being used by the veterinarians involved in Holmes care. After he passed away Lee explains many of these veterinarians encouraged me to continue making these biscuits and so I did. This is where our company name came from... Once Upon a Dog. We would continue to tell Holmes story in support of holistic medicine for animals for years to come... Holmes was our once upon a dog. A new business venture-- Once Upon a Dog The Original Quinoa Dog Biscuit --was born and Lee began packaging her dog biscuits and selling them in three heart-shaped bite sized and large. Beautiful hand-pressed shapes made to commemorate holiday celebrations also are available throughout the year. Although the dog biscuits are still made by Lee s baker in Chicago they are one of the mainstays at The Bradenton Hound where they line antique plates and fill vintage glass jars on one of the counters in the rear of the store. There dog lovers also will find an array of homemade cakes and muffins that Lee makes in the fully stocked kitchen at the back of the shop. Her best seller she says is Pumpkin Hound Cake made with buckwheat walnuts and cranberries but the Oatmeal Crunchy Mini Muffins are a close rival. All of The Bradenton Hound s baked goods are gluten free and made with organic ingredients Lee says. No doubt there also is a generous sprinkling of love in each batch of goodies baked at The Bradenton Hound. Originally from Chicago Lee and her husband Kevin first took up temporary residence in Florida seven years ago when their oldest son Lucas who was then in the eighth grade enrolled at IMG Academy in Bradenton to pursue his passion for tennis. He now studies and plays tennis at Purdue University in Indiana. Lee s youngest son now 16 also attends IMG Academy. Sam who is amazing in math and loves history chose a different sport to pursue he plays football at the academy. After suffering a serious health issue that changed my way of thinking Lee turned her focus from the dog biscuit business to her sons and immersed herself in her family focusing on her sons lives and school activities for the next six years. But then as fate would have it she visited The Sage Biscuit Caf in Bradenton in early 2013. While dining at the charming eatery that offers an appetizContinued on Page 52 Above right Once Upon a Dog The Original Quinoa Dog Biscuit the proprietor s own brand of dog treats are available by the box and in creative holiday shapes. At right A vintage hutch draped with colorful leashes and chock full of an assortment of other goodies for dogs and their owners. Photos by Connie Summers ing selection of vegetarian and traditional freshly prepared dishes she noticed the vacant storefront next door. Out of curiosity I walked around the space and imagined opening up a bakery to sell my dog biscuits. Lee remembers. The space needed so much work. My husband couldn t stop saying Honey the walls are orange and the floor is bare concrete. Lee leased the space on Cortez Road last May and in the months that followed she and her husband oversaw a complete overhaul of the interior space to create the welcoming and home-like ambiance she envisioned. We gutted the building Lee says. We installed dark-stained wood plank floors and renovated the interior to create lots of nooks and crannies to display the merchandise. While Lee s original idea was to move the bakery from Chicago to Bradenton the space she rented inspired new possibilities to combine her love for animals and her passion for home and family. Lee is you see a firm believer in spending memorable time together as a family. Typically families come together twice a day--for breakfast and dinner Lee says. When children are grown you want them to remember these moments and pass on family traditions when they are raising children of their own. Gathering around the table is a way for families to connect Lee adds I wouldn t change that for the world. In fact I would like to inspire other people to share those moments with their children and their families. To that end Lee always has had an interest in collecting glassware and dishes that have been handed down from generation to generation. Years ago I set my table using dishes that belonged to my grandmother s mother the entire kitchen was glowing with a feeling of family Lee says. That feeling carries over when I bring an 80-year-old dish into my house it s like I am bringing a piece of history into my kitchen or dining room. I will never buy another plate that s new Lee says. There are so many beautiful home furnishings that are rich in history just waiting to be found. And patrons of The Bradenton Hound can find them as well. Lee s prized collections of antique and vintage dishes glassware and tea sets beautifully dress the glass-topped dining table and line the shelves of the cupboard and side tables that stand near the back of the shop. Truer words are never spoken than when Lee says Visiting The Bradenton Hound is more like walking into someone s home than into a store. Where does Lee find her treasures I buy from everywhere she says. I attend estate sales visit antique shops throughout the country and even shop in the kitchens and homes of family and friends she says with a smile. Lee also has discovered some of the shop s collectibles online but says shopping on the Internet can be tricky because it is far more difficult to gauge quality and authenticity without actually seeing or touching an item. It is in fact the hunt that most inspires Lee in her quest to bring her customers the very best. Adventure waits in the unexpected is the motto by which she lives and works and she willingly and eagerly will search for items that her customers request. Not long ago a young woman came into the shop and was looking for the perfect basket in which to store her knitting Lee says. I had an antique basket from Vermont that was painted with cows sheep and a barn--very folk-artsy--that I had placed in a corner of the shop with hopes that someone would one day see it. The woman discovered the basket and was thrilled Lee continues. And for me there was nothing like the feeling of making someone so happy. Hopefully that customer will keep the basket for years to come and maybe even pass it down to her children Lee adds. This is such a satisfying feeling for me it s so much fun when customers leave my store with treasures they ve been looking for to fulfill a need or to fill a special spot in their homes. Lee also is proud to spotlight hand-crafted items from area artisans. Since opening the shop she graciously has hosted several trunk shows for Sarasota resident Barb McSweeney owner and designer at Barb McSweeney Jewelry. And some of the wall Above left Books bookcases sculptures and more abound in The Bradenton Hound. Center The heart of the home--and The Bradenton Hound the family table abundant with collectible dishes and vintage glassware. At left beautiful glasses tea sets and serving dishes in hues of blue. Photos by Connie Summers art and paintings displayed in the store have been created by local artists. While the shop has a definitive canine theme as its name suggests Lee caters to all animal lovers with unique offerings for people that fancy felines and admire horses. I brought two beautiful paintings of horses into the shop that didn t last more than two weeks Lee says. What may be surprising to some visitors who cross the threshold of The Bradenton Hound is that there also is a corner near the front of the store that is filled with delicate furnishings and accessories for babies--the two-legged kind There s truly something here for everyone Lee says. The Bradenton Hound is so much more than a dog store instead it s an inviting place to buy gifts for friends and family that will be cherished for years to come. As would be expected of someone who has built not one but two businesses that cater to canines and other cherished pets Lee and her family have two dogs of their own--Ike and Honeybun. Both dogs are rescues each has a unique story. We rescued Ike from a shelter outside of Chicago when he was approximately 11 weeks old Lee says. He was such a fearful puppy with a very weak immune system all of which was attributed to being separated from his mother at an early age. Ike--who is The Bradenton Hound pictured on the sign outside the shop and in the eye-catching oil painting just inside the front door--is a Red Bone Coon Hound Bassett Hound mix. Lee knows this because she had Ike s DNA tested after he had eaten two chairs and a couch. I just wanted to know what kind of hound loves the taste of furniture so much she explains. The Dages family s other dog is a Rottweiler who Lee and her younger son spotted rummaging through trash in a Bradenton alley one night when they were returning home from a movie. Honeybun was heartworm positive Lee says. She also was diagnosed with pyometra and needed emergency surgery. She clearly was looking for a new home because when my son opened our Jeep door she hopped right in. That was four years ago and Honeybun who is now approximately six years old is a cherished family member who spends most work days at The Bradenton Hound. In the short time that The Bradenton Hound has been in business its proprietor already has become immersed in local animal rescue efforts. Lee has sponsored events for area animal groups donated gift baskets for raffles and has even fostered a dog or two. She also generously has funded medical care for animals in need to help them become easier to place in forever homes. It s more than evident that this gentle woman loves dogs...and all things related. Customer service has been key to the fledgling shop s flourishing success. Lee greets each guest with genuine warmth and hospitality as if he or she is a long lost friend. And if the new arrival is accompanied by a four-legged companion (leashed dogs are of course welcome in the shop) more often than not she quickly dips her hand into a jar on the counter to offer the pup one of her own dog biscuits. Among its other amenities The Bradenton Hound also provides complimentary furniture delivery for customers that live in close proximity to the shop. Custom gift wrapping and worldwide shipping also are available. Lee encourages animal lovers from Florida s Gulf Coast--especially Sarasota and points south--to make a morning of it by stopping first at The Sage Biscuit Cafe next door for a scrumptious breakfast or lunch where everything is fresh with a healthy offering of vegan and organic selections and then taking the time to stroll through the store and explore all the wonders of The Bradenton Hound. As she slowly looks around the shop that was little more than a vision just a year ago Lee says It s definitely a shopping experience unlike any other and a fun adventure for all. Located at 6650 Cortez Road West in Bradenton The Bradenton Hound is open Thursday through Monday from 10 a.m. to 5 30 p.m. The shop is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. For more information please call 941-251-5984 or visit For information about the origin of and ingredients in Once Upon a Dog The Original Quinoa Dog Biscuit visit Above right A vintage hutch filled with glassware provides an exquisite backdrop for beautiful dresses pillows beds bags and other fun accessories. Center The baby corner features quilts blankets pillows and more for little ones. At right A set of vintage Boston Terrier bookends hold a collection of books neatly in place. Photos by Connie Summers Me Rescue Photo by Tyler Wampler Photo by Tyler Wampler Ace Sponsor 6 Years Old Male Shepherd Mix The Office of Drs. Still & Strumpf Mary Sponsor 1 Year Old Female Catahoula Leopard Mix Humane Society of Sarasota County http 941-957-3311 941-266-0526 Humane Society of Sarasota County 941-955-4131 Flash 941-955-4131 Winter Photo by Tyler Wampler Photo by Tyler Wampler Sponsor 10 Years Old Male Chihuahua Mix Sponsor 5 Years Old Female American Bulldog Mix 941-266-0526 Mention this ad & receive 20% off your 1st visit Humane Society of Sarasota County 941-955-4131 Humane Society of Sarasota County 941-918-2222 941-955-4131 Brandy Photo by Tyler Wampler 3 Years Old Female Pit Bull Mix Offering personalized yoga programs & life coaching Hunter About 3 Years Old Male Chihuahua Mix Sponsor Jamie Molnar YOGA Life Coach Sponsor Humane Society of Sarasota County 941-735-2939 941-451-PETS Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch 941-955-4131 Superman Sponsor 941-361-1071 About 1 Year Old Male Domestic Short Hair BooBoo Sponsor 3 Years Old Male Chihuahua 941-795-PETS (7387) All Kitty Korner landerson53 Safe Haven Animal RescuE of Florida Inc. 727-421-5505 54 941-301-4875 May June 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Jasmine Photo Emilee Fuss Photography Dewey About 9 Years Old Male Chocolate Miniature Poodle Sponsor 13 Years Old Female Dachshund Sponsor Vintage Paws Sanctuary Inc. Lisa Hu mmel Vintage Paws Sanctuary Inc. 941-921-4355 Zipper E DIAN S ADAM OR TAY L THE Photo Emilee Fuss Photography Sponsor 13 Years Old Male Dachshund Mix author of The Healer of Wounded Souls Duke Ellington Sponsor 941-921-4355 22 Months Old Male Great Dane Diane Adams Taylor WOUN R OF HEALE OULS DED S Vintage Paws Sanctuary Inc. 330-730-0450 Sarasota 941-378-4367 Bradenton 941-753-PAWS Southwest Great Dane Rescue 941-921-4355 Big Daddy Sponsor 813-689-2485 2 Years Old Male American Bull Dog Princess Sponsor 5 Years Old Female Chihuahua Kickapoo Rescue www.HolisticPetCareSRQcom 941-925-2262 941-926-8985 Kickapoo Rescue 941-351-0730 Victor Sponsor 941-926-8985 10 Years Old Male Shepherd Mix Juno Sponsor 3 1 2 Years Old Female Pit Bull Mix Kickapoo Rescue 941-355-2884 941-795-PETS (7387) Moonracer No Kill Animal Rescue http 941-926-8985 941-345-2441 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 55 Lady Sponsor 3 Years Old Female Bull Terrier Mix Howie Sponsor 3 1 2 Years Old Male American Bulldog Staffordshire Bull Terrier Satchel s Last Resort Sanctuary 941-323-1330 941-924-5070 Satchel s Last Resort Sanctuary 941-244-2260 Hobbs Sponsor Samantha Sponsor 941-924-5070 1 Year Old Female Boxer Mix American Bulldog Daisy s Dancewear 2 Years Old Male 6549 Superior Avenue Sarasota 941-924-8222 Dr. Nan Rosenberry 941-366-2275 Bay Road Animal Hospital Satchel s Last Resort Sanctuary Satchel s Last Resort Sanctuary 941-924-5070 941-924-5070 Cassidy Sponsor 11 Months Old Female Chihuahua Mix Rocco 7 Years Old Male Jack Russell Terrier Sponsor Canine Castaways 941-359-1010 Canine Castaways 863-491-MUTT 863-491-MUTT Bentley Sponsor Finnegan Sponsor 5 Years Old Male Boston Terrier 1 1 2 Years Old Male Border Terrier Mix Clothes for a Cause 10% of All Proceeds From Sales Benefit Local Animal Groups Canine Castaways 6561 Superior Avenue Sarasota (in Gulf Gate) 863-491-MUTT Canine Castaways 941-351-0730 863-491-MUTT 56 May June 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Laurel Oak medicine c VETERINaRy HOSPITal Surgery c dentistry 8282 Bee Ridge Road Sarasota Florida 34241 Phone (941) 342.PETS (7387) Fax (941) 342.7388 lovhospital On-site LabOratOry On-site Pharmacy Full-Service Veterinary Hospital Offering Wellcare Screening - Physical Exams Preventive Medicine Internal Medicine Vaccinations Dental Exams & Oral Care Surgical Services - Including Spay Neuter Digital Radiographs Diagnostics - Blood Panels Blood Pressure Measurements Skin Care Dietary Management Senior Care Flea & Tick Control Prescription Diets Microchipping Feline Vaccinations Feline Medicine Nutrition & Pain Management charlotte b. sherrell dVm Former Medical Director of Humane Society of Manatee County & Humane Society of Naples We cater to cats Strikes for Seniors Saturday May 17 6 to 8 pm Lace up your bowling shoes to support abandoned senior dogs Prizes Raffles Auctions 25 Donation Per Person -- Includes Shoes Lane Fees 1 Drink Ticket & 1 Raffle Ticket -- Reserve Your Spot Today by Calling 941-921-4355 or Register & Pay Online at AMF Gulf Gate Lanes 7221 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 57 Bark (& Purr) Out Loud It almost seems as if it is a miracle--a Jack Russell Terrier who spends a lot of time playing outdoors and enjoys hiking with his family has been bitten by a Pygmy Rattlesnake not once but at least four times--and survived The treatment given following each bite A dose of Benadryl to minimize swelling at the site of the bite. Wait just a minute--Aren t Pygmy Rattlesnakes poisonous And don t rattlesnake bites cause serious and often lethal injuries to thousands of dogs each year Absolutely. Why then has this dog survived The terrier who is a patient of Dr. Robert W. Rill Jr. owner of University Animal Clinic has survived these deadly bites because he has received the Red Rock Rattlesnake Vaccine. Not only does University Animal Clinic keep the vaccine in stock but the University Park practice is one of the only veterinary clinics to keep anti-venom in supply. Originally developed by Red Rock Biologics based in California to protect against bites by Western rattlesnakes the vaccine also has been found to be effective in minimizing the potentially deadly dangers of bites by Copperheads Eastern Diamondback and Pygmy Rattlesnakes. However the vaccine does not offer any protection from bites by Water Moccasin--or Cottonmouth--snakes. According to Dr. Rill the vaccine protects dogs against both systemic and local reactions to venom and in some cases may eliminate the need for the administration of anti-venom. There can be pretty serious and potentially toxic local tissue reactions to snake bites Dr. Rill warns. While treatment with anti-venom following a snake bite may increase a dog s chance of survival there are no guarantees. It also can be quite expensive. Most emergency veterinary clinics do stock anti-venom Dr. Rill adds. However the cost for each vial of anti-venom is approximately 500 or 600. A large dog that has been bitten by a snake may need up to three vials of anti-venom which means the pet owner suddenly could be faced with a bill of 1 800-- which doesn t included the costs of emergency care. The cost of the rattlesnake vaccine on the other hand is only 30 plus the veterinarian s examination fee. Sarasota Pet and Manatee Pet are pleased to include Bark (& Purr) Out Loud a special feature that spotlights important events & happenings in our local pet community. If it s making headlines you ll read about it here Rattlesnake Vaccine Saves Dogs Lives From Deadly Bites State law prohibits veterinarians from treating an animal or administering any vaccines or medications without an examination and in the absence of a client patient relationship that already has been established during the past year Dr. Rill explains. Consequently an office visit examination fee also is part of the vaccine protocol. For small- to medium-sized dogs Dr. Rill adds the rattlesnake vaccine may mean the difference between life and death. It may be somewhat reassuring to know that 22 percent of snake bites are dry bites which means no poisonous venom is released at the time of the bite. If the snake has bitten another animal the venom needs time to regenerate Dr. Rill says. But there is no way of knowing whether or not a snake bite is dry or toxic. Consequently Dr. Rill urges pet owners to seek immediate medical attention at a veterinarian or emergency veterinary clinic if a dog has been bitten by a snake. Do not pass Go Dr. Rill says adamantly. Why the urgency Symptoms do not always appear immediately after a bite the cumulative effects of venom may take 24 to 48 hours to appear and depend on five factors the size of the dog (larger dogs have a greater chance of survival) the size and species of the snake how much time has passed since the bite and the amount of venom that has been released. Time is of the essence when treating snake bites because a full reaction to the venom doesn t exhibit for several hours Dr. Rill adds any hesitation in seeking medical help can be deadly. According to Dr. Rill rattlesnake toxins can cause interruption with a dog s blood system leading to blood loss tissue damage and a breakdown of red blood cells. Bites from Water Moccasins and Cobras are more neurotoxic he says and can seriously affect a dog s nervous system. Administration of the rattlesnake vaccine differs from other animal vaccines. Dogs must receive two immunizations--larger dogs require three--followed by a booster shot every six months. With a standard vaccine the body has a memory systems from prior vaccinations that enable the body to muster antibodies when needed Dr. Rill explains. With the rattlesnake vaccine antibody levels must be maintained at all times so that they already are in circulation and available if a snake strikes. In northern states boosters are given once a year because snake bites are rarely a concern in areas that experience freezing temperatures Dr. Rill continues. Here in Florida where snakes are a year-round threat the vaccine is given twice a year. A question of concern among all pet owners is of course whether there are any side effects to the vaccine. Although not common some dogs will develop a bubble or abscess at the vaccination site that will disappear on its own May June 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 58 within four to six weeks. It is neither hot or painful for the dog nor is it typically accompanied by fever. Dr. Rill also cautions that 1 in every 10 000 dogs may have an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine. Typically dogs that develop any side effects from the rattlesnake vaccine however have similar reactions with all vaccines. Does Dr. Rill recommend that every dog receive the rattlesnake vaccine Not at all. The decision to administer the rattlesnake vaccine is based on activity and threat of exposure Dr. Rill says. If for example your dog spends a lot of time outdoors in neighborhoods where venomous snakes have been spotted or have bitten other animals or if you frequently take your dog on hikes in wooded areas then it would be wise to consider vaccinating your dog. This is not a core vaccine recommended for all dogs it is administered on a selective basis he adds. If however the likelihood of exposure to a snake bite is severe it is prudent to administer the vaccine Dr. Rill says. The vaccine manufacturer also recommends that dogs that have received the rattlesnake vaccine still see a veterinarian following a snake bite as a safety precaution in case additional treatment or antibiotics are needed to prevent an infection. Dr. Rill who has been using the vaccine at his clinic for the past seven years suggests asking your veterinarian if he or she stocks the vaccine--which is readily available--and to discuss administering the vaccine to your dogs. After all it could be a matter of life and death. For additional information about the Red Rock Rattlesnake Vaccine contact University Animal Clinic by calling 941-355-7707 or visit Photo of Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake opposite page Life on White Kill a Beer Save a Dog at The Lucky Dog Beer Festival Slated for Saturday May 24 at McKechnie Field A Fund-Raiser to Benefit Animal Network The 7th annual Bradenton Beer Festival is going straight to the dogs That s right--this year the much-anticipated yearly event that has drawn thousands of attendees from throughout the state is supporting local animal rescue. The Lucky Dog Craft Beer Expo presented by the 7th Annual Bradenton Beer Festival will be held Saturday May 24 from 3 00 p.m. to 7 00 p.m. at historic McKechnie Field located at 1611 9th Street West in Bradenton. The slogan of The Lucky Dog Craft Beer Expo which is sponsored by Beach Veterinary Clinic in Bradenton is Kill a Beer Save a Dog. And attendees will have an opportunity to do just that More than 80 craft beers from Florida s finest craft breweries will be the focal point of the festivities with a thirst-quenching collection of select offerings from Brown Distributing Micro Man Distributors and JJ Taylor Distributing. The Saturday afternoon event which will feature live music and food trucks also will include a 50 50 drawing a prize wheel and much more. All proceeds from the event will benefit Animal Network a private non-profit organization based in Bradenton that has been committed to helping people help animals since it was first founded in 1999. The funds specifically will support the 501(c)(3) organization s No Kill Medical Fund. Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet We ve re-invented the craft beer festival says Sue Kolze vice president of Animal Network. Spend a fun afternoon at the ball park enjoying craft beers while supporting the No Kill Manatee Medical Fund. Beer baseball and dogs Sue adds. What could be more fun Tickets are 35 each if purchased in advance and 40 the day of the event. VIP tickets available for 55 each will entitle event goers to enjoy a private beer tasting one hour before the gates open. Purchase of tickets to the Lucky Dog Beer Festival also will entitle attendees to receive free vouchers for the 2014 Florida State League All-Star Game that will be played at McKechnie Field in June. Information--including a list of all of the craft beers that will be available at the event the live bands that will be playing directions to the field and how to order tickets--can be found online at Ice cold beer...delicious music...adoptable dogs--is there a better way to spend the day Come out and kill a beer ...all for a good cause 59 Cat Behaviorist Sara Goldenthal Publishes New E-Book to Help Cat Lovers Reduce Feline Fear & Anxiety Imagine if cat owners and community shelters had simple tools to eliminate anxiety fear and stress that overwhelm kittens and cats and make them difficult pets or impossible to adopt Sara Goldenthal a Sarasota-based cat behaviorist has developed a proven method to address these issues all detailed in her new e-book No More Scaredy Cat The Easy Step-by-Step Program that Puts an End to Stress Fear and Anxiety for the Cats You Love. With more than 14 years experience working with hundreds of cats in both private homes and shelters Sara has created a program that can be used by virtually anyone who has a cat of his or her own and at local shelters where fearful and anxious cats are all-too-often euthanized because they are deemed unadoptable. As a certified practitioner in Bach Flower Essences and Tellington Touch or TTouch for more than a decade Sara has combined these cutting-edge therapies to develop a program that is easy to follow and simple to implement. The program includes using Bach Flower Essences especially Rescue Remedy complemented by a gentle and calming yet specific method of therapeutic touch that together are aimed at relieving anxiety and fear and eliminating behavior issues. It was a job at a shelter in Maine 14 years ago that inspired Sara s journey as a cat behaviorist. At the time I had a basic cat care position cleaning cages at a highkill shelter Sara remembers. I was shocked by the number of animals that were being euthanized especially cats that were either shy or scared. Around the same time a cat with fear aggression as well as emotional and behavioral issues followed Sara home. He was a stray cat that Cat behaviorist Sara Goldenthal with Bacardi a shelter cat wandered in off the street hid under my couch for three days and then declared my bedroom his new home Sara writes in her e-book. The cat who she named Tucker opened Sara s eyes to all special needs cats. I didn t know anything about cat behavior at the time but from my own experience with Tucker who was very affectionate with me I realized there must many cats with similar issues that can make amazing companion animals but so often are killed right away Sara says. In the years that followed Sara--who also is the author of Tucker the Spirit Cat and The Earth Laughs in Flowers --developed her own simple method to eliminate fear and anxiety in shelter cats. She used the program both at animal shelters and with private clients in her home state of Maine. According to Sara McNamara shelter president at Homeless 60 Animal Rescue Team (HART) in Cumberland Maine Sara s work with the cats at the HART shelter has been phenomenal. She has made a big difference in the behavior of many of our shy shelter cats and 10 have been adopted already These cats have been given the gift of adoption and a life in a loving secure home. Since relocating to Sarasota in October 2013 Sara has continued her work with cats at area shelters and with cat owners and she continues to receive accolades for her work. Just last year Catster an online magazine that reaches a global audience named Sara a Catster Hero in a popular column that spotlights individuals or organizations doing exemplary work with cats. Then in early 2014 she was named one of Catster s Top 5 Heroes of 2013. When I first became a Catster Hero I was blown away Sara says. I suddenly started getting dozens and dozens of e-mails from all over the world some to congratulate me and some to ask me how I do what I do. I realized that there was a need to put this information out there. While not a quick fix to correcting behavioral issues the techniques Sara shares in No More Scaredy Cat can be implemented by everyone. The key to success she says is time and patience. Anyone with a frightened or traumatized cat--whether in a shelter or at home--can benefit from this program Sara says. There are so many amazing stories about shelters cats and semiferal cats that never would have been adopted but have found forever homes after applying the techniques explained in my e-book Sara says. Case in point Fluffy a cat that had been living in HART s semiferal room in Maine for at least 10 years. No one had ever been able to touch her or even get near her Sara recalls. But after working with Fluffy she soon allowed shelter volunteers to pet her and touch her. Sara encourages individual cat owners who may be struggling with the thought of relinquishing a cat with shyness or behavioral issues to first give her techniques a try. My method helps reduce a cat s stress which is beneficial for kitty s overall health Sara says. It s a really neat way to work with your kitty and increases the bond that you both share. No More Scaredy Cat is available on Amazon Kindle Barnes & Noble Nook Apple iTunes and other major retail Web sites. 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A great deal of health benefits have been noticed not only for pets but also for humans who use Ted s aloe cactus juice. What really has me wondering is this Why are there so many seniors suffering from Alzheimer s Just recently there was a study about how the brain cells shrink when we are sleeping. It is during these few hours when we are in our deepest sleep that our immune system cleans out all of the toxic garbage including a protein known as amyloid. It is this surplus protein that is hanging around the brain that damages the brain cells causing Alzheimer s. It was during years of working with the juices of the aloe vera plant and nopal cactus that I learned that there is a certain enzyme called protease. The function of this enzyme is to get rid of all the unwanted protein. Amyloid is one of the proteins--the same one that damages the brain cells. I cannot make a claim stating that this enzyme will do the cleansing but I do wonder if it is possible I wish that there were more studies on using our natural food for healing rather than the chemicals made in labs --Ted Kassay Purchase Ted s Aloe Vera at Booth 191 at the Red Barn Market in Bradenton or online at Ted Kassay 1554 Council Drive Sun City Center FL Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 813-634-7294 aloe4pets 63 calendar EVERY SATURDAY EVERY MONDAY EVERY TUESDAY 64 ONGOING EVENTS IN MAY & JUNE Doggy Play Days at Poochie s Pampered Pups--Enjoy an indoor play date with your pup Join the fun along with hot coffee and fresh donuts. LOCATION Poochie s Pampered Pups 7672 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota. TIME 10 am to 12 pm. COST 5 per dog which will be donated to local animal rescue groups. For details call 941-312-4969. temperament excellent focus with its owner and be in control in all circumstances. The dog also should not have any aggressive tendencies and should love being petted in all situations. Dogs must be evaluated to determine if they are ready for therapy work in hospitals nursing homes schools churches and private homes. LOCATION Poochie s Pampered Pups 7672 South Tamiami Trail Sarasota. TIME 7 30 pm. For fees and class details call 941-232-3300 or visit It s Only Paper Beginner and Intermediate Watercolor Class Taught by Nancy Colby-- Artists of all skill levels are welcome to attend this class that is designed to help develop and fine tune skills to produce the work you desire. Subject matter is the artist s choice. Basic skills and techniques will be taught along with basic color and composition theories. Classes meet for 6 sessions and are ongoing and pro-rated if students come in the middle of a session. LOCATION Venice Art Center 390 Nokomis Ave. S. Venice. TIME Two classes are offered--9 30 am to noon OR from 1 to 3 30 pm. For class fees and more details or to register call 941-4857136 or visit AKC STAR Puppy Classes Taught by Jeanine s Professional Dog Training--For dogs 9 to 15 weeks old the AKC STAR Puppy classes focuses on Socialization Training Activity and Responsibility. Dogs that complete the class receive an AKC certificate. LOCATION Poochie s Pampered Pups 7672 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota. TIME 6 15 pm. For class fees and more details visit or send an e-mail to SarasotaDogTrainer Cat Depot Hosts PetProtect Vaccination & Microchip Clinics--Vaccinate and microchip your cats and dogs at Cat Depot Special prices will be offered on vaccines and deworming. Microchips are only 20 each. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 9 to 11 am. For more information and vaccine prices visit http www.catdepot. org userfiles files Petprotect%20VACCINE%20 PACKAGES%20and%20price%20list.pdf. Volunteer Orientation and Cat Socialization Level 1 Training at Cat Depot--Learn what you need to know to become a valued volunteer at Cat Depot This class is required for all volunteers and is divided into two parts the first half includes volunteer orientation and a guided tour of Cat Depot s facility. The second half is Cat Socialization Level 1 training. A volunteer application is available online at and must be completed and submitted at the training class. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 1 to 3 pm. If you would like to attend register online at or call Corey at 941-366-2404. Low-Cost Vaccinations Offered at K9 Korral--Take advantage of great discounts on pet vaccinations offered by Healthy Pets--in air conditioning This is not a substitute for veterinarian care. It is an alternative for families on a budget whose pets would otherwise go without vaccines. LOCATION K9 Korral 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. TIME 3 30 to 4 30 pm. For details call K9 Korral at 941-915-8181. EVERY WEDNESDAY EVERY SATURDAY (by Reservation) FREE Puppy Playtime & Meet the Trainers at Poochie s Pampered Pups Hosted by Jeanine s Professional Dog Training and Positively Simple Dog Training--Bring your 9- to 18-week-old puppies to Poochie s for an hour of playtime that also provides an introduction to socializing your puppy. Puppies must be up to date on all veterinarian-recommended vaccinations. Come meet the trainers and ask us questions while your new puppy socializes Community residents are welcome to meet the trainers and ask questions even if they don t have puppies. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. Reservations must be made by 5 pm Friday. LOCATION Poochie s Pampered Pups 7672 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota. TIME 12 to 1 pm. COST Free. To make a reservation e-mail SarasotaDogTrainer or info Family Manners Classes Taught by Jeanine s Professional Dog Training--Train and play in these obedience classes designed for dogs 16 weeks and older. LOCATION Poochie s Pampered Pups 7672 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota. TIME 6 15 pm. For class fees and details visit or send an e-mail to SarasotaDogTrainer Watercolor Classes by Award-Winning Artist Nancy Colby--Open to all levels of skill--from beginner to experienced--Nancy Colby provides individual instruction based on skill level as well as class instruction. Each class meets weekly for six sessions. Classes are ongoing and pro-rated if students come in the middle of a session. LOCATION North Port Art Center 5950 Sam Shapos Way North Port. TIME Morning and afternoon sessions--9 am to noon OR 1 to 4 pm. For details including fees or to register call 941-423-6460 or visit Drop-In Puppy Kindergarten Classes Offered at K9 Korral--This is an introductory class for puppies under 16 weeks of age. Owners will learn many of the same skills that are taught in puppy preschool with more emphasis on manners and behaviors. Handlers can begin the class on any Tuesday and complete 6 consecutive weeks. TIME 6 pm. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941915-8181 or visit Ongoing Therapy Dog Training Classes Offered by Positively Simple Dog Training-- This class helps prepare an already well-mannered dog to negotiate a variety of situations. A therapy dog must have a calm and gentle EVERY THURSDAY TUESDAY MAY 6 FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH Run Throughs Offered at SOTC--Handlers and their dogs that compete in Novice Open and Utility can do a run through with a club member to evaluate their competition skills. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 6 30 to 8 30. COST Active SOTC members--Free New members 3.00 Non-members 5.00. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Monthly Meeting of PET (Pet Entrepreneurs Together)--Open to all pet business owners PET is a group of pet professionals that meets monthly to promote support and build member businesses and the local animal community. LOCATION Perkin s Family Restaurant 5921 Fruitville Rd. Sarasota. TIME Breakfast begins at 9 30 the meeting begins at 10 00. For details call Sarasota Pet at 941-405-4468. SATURDAY MAY 10 & SUNDAY MAY 11 SECOND THIRD & FOURTH FRIDAYS OF EVERY MONTH Members Practice at SOTC--SOTC s building and training fields are open for active members that wish to train on their own. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County FL. TIME 6 30 to 8 30. COST Active SOTC members--Free Nonactive members 3.00 Honor System. For more information visit or call 941-377-5984. -- MAY 2014 -- SATURDAY MAY 3 Low-Cost Vaccinations Offered at Waggin Tails Grooming--Enjoy great discounts on pet vaccinations LOCATION Waggin Tails Grooming 3688 Webber St. Sarasota. TIME 8 to 9 am. For details call 941-924-4462. Cat Depot Hosts Mother s Day Kitten Shower --Spring and summer ushers in Kitten Season once again and Cat Depot is flooded with new litters The Kitten Shower is a fun way to spend the day while helping Cat Depot provide for multiple litters of kittens. As part of the festivities there will be activities for kids a book signing information about fostering a raffle and plenty of kittens to cuddle Attendees are asked to bring a donation from Cat Depot s Kitten Gift Registry which includes KMR powder formula bottles nursing kits snuggly stuffed animals small digital scales thermometers nail clippers beds and toys. Most items are available for purchase in Cat Depot s Supply & Gift Store. View the entire gift list online at events kitten-shower. LOCATION Cat Depot 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 11 am to 5 pm. For details visit www. or call 941-366-2404. SATURDAY MAY 10 Woof Gang Bakery Hosts National Pet Adoption Event to Support Animal Rescue-- Your May June 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Neighborhood Pet Store is hosting its first company-wide Adopt-a-Thon during National Pet Week. Forty Woof Gang Bakery locations throughout the country will be opening their doors to local animal groups who will have adorable pets available for adoption Two local shops--Woof Gang Bakery at Bee Ridge and Woof Gang Bakery in Lakewood Ranch--will be participating in the nationwide event. LOCATION Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming 8278 Bee Ridge Rd. Sarasota and 8314 Market St. Lakewood Ranch. TIME 9 am to 6 pm. For details visit http Sniglet s Dog Bakery Hosts Dog Adoptions-- Sniglet s Dog Bakery welcomes Underdog Rescue a local animal group that will have dogs available for adoption. LOCATION Sniglet s Dog Bakery 2827 University Pkwy. Sarasota. TIME 10 am to 2 pm. For details call Sniglet s Dog Bakery at 941-358-7644. Leash Walking Class for Cats Hosted by Cat Depot--Cat Depot visitors can learn techniques on how to walk adoptable Cat Depot cats on a leash and harness to provide the cats with physical and mental stimulation. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 12 to 1 pm. ONLINE REGISTRATION REQUIRED. You must register online at http education cat-socialization.aspx or send an e-mail to Cody at codyc talk to animals. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education & Activity Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME Noon to 5 pm both days. COST 150 per person. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. To register call Mary Getten at 941752-5761. Low-Cost Vaccinations Offered at Waggin Tails Grooming--Enjoy great discounts on pet vaccinations LOCATION Waggin Tails Grooming 3688 Webber St. Sarasota. TIME 8 to 9 am. For details call 941-924-4462. SATURDAY MAY 17 Founded in Honor of Bentley a Beloved Boy & Loving Friend FREE SUPPORT GROUP for Community Residents Suffering the Loss of a Cherished Pet Held the Third Thursday of Every Month 7 00 to 8 00 pm SUNDAY MAY 11 Racing Dog Rescue Project Hosts an Open House--Retired Greyhounds make wonderful pets Come see the Greyhounds available for adoption at Racing Dog Rescue s Open House which is held the second Sunday of every month. LOCATION Racing Dog Rescue Project 1801 Verna Road Myakka City. TIME 1 to 3 pm. For details call 941-359-FAST (3278) or visit TUESDAY MAY 13 Volunteer Orientation and Cat Socialization Level 1 Training at Cat Depot--Learn what you need to know to become a valued volunteer at Cat Depot This class is required for all volunteers and is divided into two parts the first half includes volunteer orientation and a guided tour of Cat Depot s facility. The second half is Cat Socialization Level 1 training. A volunteer application is available online at and must be completed and submitted at the training class. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 5 30 - 7 30 pm. If you would like to attend register online at www.catdepot. org or call Corey at 941-366-2404. THURSDAY MAY 15 Bentley s House Pet Loss Support Group-- Area residents grieving the loss of a beloved pet are invited to attend this support group that meets monthly. Walk-ins are welcome. LOCATION Unity of Sarasota 3023 Proctor Rd. Sarasota. TIME 7 to 8 pm. For details call 941-955-3301 Ext. 23. SATURDAY MAY 17 & SUNDAY MAY 18 Cat Depot Hosts a Two-Day Workshop on How to Communicate with Animals -- Learn how to open your telepathic abilities and Vintage Paws Sanctuary Hosts Strikes for Unity Church of Sarasota Seniors --Lace up your bowling shoes to 3023 Proctor Road Sarasota support abandoned senior dogs in a special fun-filled fund-raiser that will benefit Vintage Paws Sanctuary. In addition to bowling the evening will include a variety of raffles and For More Information Please Call 941-955-3301 Ext. 23 auctions. Prizes will be awarded for bowlers in first second and third the Animal Network-- Kill a Beer Save a Dog place. LOCATION AMF Gulf Gate Lanes 7221 is the theme of this Saturday afternoon fundS. Tamiami Trail Sarasota. TIME 6 to 8 pm. raiser when the 7th Annual Bradenton Beer COST 25 donation per person shoes lane Festival hosts The Lucky Dog Craft Beer Expo fees one drink ticket and one raffle ticket are presented by Beach Veterinary Clinic. Enjoy included. Reserve your spot by calling 941more than 80 craft beers along with food 921-4355 or visit 50 50 drawings a prize wheel and more. All proceeds benefit Animal Network. LOCATION TUESDAY MAY 20 McKechnie Field 1611 9th St. West Bradenton. Painting With a Twist Hosts Paint Your Pet TIME 3 to 7 pm VIP pre-crowd tasting 2 to Event --Spend a fun evening with fellow 3 pm. COST 35 pre-sale 40 the day of the animal lovers as you paint your pet s portrait event 55 for VIP tickets. For details visit www. Bring your own wine or beverage and snacks and explore the artist in you in a relaxed yet creative atmosphere. The talented artists at SUNDAY MAY 25 Painting With a Twist will sketch your pet from Cat Depot Hosts Foster Training & Bottle a photograph you send via e-mail before the Feeding Class--Interested in helping Cat Depot session. During the party they will then guide save more lives RSVP to attend this informayou in creating your own masterpiece Bring tive session on fostering kittens and cats at your friends have a ball LOCATION Painthome. The class includes bottle baby teching With a Twist 5543 Palmer Crossing Circle niques how to manage a mom and her new (on the corner of Clark Rd. and Honore Ave.) litter adult cat care Cat Depot s 3-3-3 program Sarasota. TIME 6 30 to 9 30 pm. COST 55 and hospice care. LOCATION Cat Depot s per seat. To register visit https www.paintingEducation Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. sarasota or call 941-822-0357. TIME 11 am. Attendees must RSVP online at http education fosterbottleSATURDAY MAY 24 SUNDAY MAY feeding.aspx Foster_Class_Registration or send 25 & MONDAY MAY 26 an e-mail to stacyj AKC Agility Trial Hosted by Dog Training Club of Tampa--Area dogs will be competing SATURDAY MAY 31 for ribbons and points in this agility event. LOLow-Cost Vaccinations Offered at Waggin CATION Mosaic Arena at the Manatee County Tails Grooming--Enjoy great discounts on Fairgrounds 1402 14th Ave. W. Palmetto. For pet vaccinations LOCATION Waggin Tails starting time and details visit Grooming 3688 Webber St. Sarasota. TIME Online entries 8 to 9 am. For details call 941-924-4462. Walk-Ins Welcome SATURDAY MAY 24 The Lucky Dog Craft Beer Expo to Benefit Cat Depot Hosts PetProtect Vaccination & 65 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Microchip Clinics--Vaccinate and microchip your cats and dogs at Cat Depot Special prices will be offered on vaccines and deworming. Microchips are only 20 each. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 9 to 11 am. For more information and vaccine prices visit http www.catdepot. org userfiles files Petprotect%20VACCINE%20 PACKAGES%20and%20price%20list.pdf. Cat Depot s Community Food Bank Opens Its Doors--Cat Depot s Community Food Bank helps community residents supporting feral cat colonies or in need of wet and dry food for their personal pets. Cat Depot has Basic Requirements that must be met to be eligible. LOCATION Cat Depot 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME Check-in begins promptly at noon. For details as well as income requirements and other resources for food please visit For further questions send an e-mail to info Low-Cost Vaccinations Offered at K9 Korral--Take advantage of great discounts on pet vaccinations offered by Healthy Pets--in air conditioning This is not a substitute for veterinarian care. It is an alternative for families on a budget whose pets would otherwise go without vaccines. LOCATION K9 Korral 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. TIME 3 30 to 4 30 pm. For details call K9 Korral at 941-915-8181. pet vaccinations LOCATION Waggin Tails Grooming 3688 Webber St. Sarasota. TIME 8 to 9 am. For details call 941-924-4462. Leash Walking Class for Cats Hosted by Cat Depot--Cat Depot visitors can learn techniques on how to walk adoptable Cat Depot cats on a leash and harness to provide the cats with physical and mental stimulation. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 12 to 1 pm. ONLINE REGISTRATION REQUIRED. You must register online at http education cat-socialization.aspx or send an e-mail to Cody at codyc Sniglet s by calling 841-358-7644. MONDAY JUNE 23 THROUGH FRIDAY JUNE 27 SUNDAY JUNE 15 Racing Dog Rescue Project Hosts an Open House--Retired Greyhounds make wonderful pets Come see the Greyhounds available for adoption at Racing Dog Rescue s Open House which is held the second Sunday of every month. LOCATION Racing Dog Rescue Project 1801 Verna Road Myakka City. TIME 1 to 3 pm. For details call 941-359-FAST (3278) or visit Cat Depot Hosts Critter Camp for 8-10 Year Olds--Join Cat Depot for a fun-filled week of learning games arts and crafts and visits with animal experts. Explore responsible pet care animal communication and pet safety. Keep company with Cat Depot cats and kittens to make their stay a little brighter while they are waiting for adoption. Camp T-shirt and snack provided. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 1 to 5 pm. For details or to register please contact Corey Roscoe Volunteer and Education Manager by calling 941-366-2404. SATURDAY JUNE 28 & SUNDAY JUNE 29 Agility Trial Hosted by Dog Agility Clubs of Florida--Area dogs will be competing for ribbons and points in this agility event. This competition is for all agility clubs in Florida. LOCATION Osceola Heritage Park Silver Spurs Arena 1875 Silver Spur Lane Kissimmee. MONDAY JUNE 16 THROUGH FRIDAY JUNE 20 SATURDAY JUNE 28 -- JUNE 2014 -- TUESDAY JUNE 3 Monthly Meeting of PET (Pet Entrepreneurs Together)--Open to all pet business owners PET is a group of pet professionals that meets monthly to promote support and build member businesses and the local animal community. LOCATION Perkin s Family Restaurant 5921 Fruitville Rd. Sarasota. TIME Breakfast begins at 9 30 the meeting begins at 10 00. For details call Sarasota Pet at 941-405-4468. Cat Depot Hosts Critter Camp for 8-10 Year Olds--Join Cat Depot for a fun-filled week of learning games arts and crafts and visits with animal experts. Explore responsible pet care animal communication and pet safety. Keep company with Cat Depot cats and kittens to make their stay a little brighter while they are waiting for adoption. Camp T-shirt and snack provided. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 1 to 5 pm. For details or to register please contact Corey Roscoe Volunteer and Education Manager by calling 941-366-2404. Low-Cost Vaccinations Offered at Waggin Tails Grooming--Enjoy great discounts on pet vaccinations LOCATION Waggin Tails Grooming 3688 Webber St. Sarasota. TIME 8 to 9 am. For details call 941-924-4462. Cat Depot Hosts PetProtect Vaccination & Microchip Clinics--Vaccinate and microchip your cats and dogs at Cat Depot Special prices will be offered on vaccines and deworming. Microchips are only 20 each. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 9 to 11 am. For more information and vaccine prices visit http www.catdepot. org userfiles files Petprotect%20VACCINE%20 PACKAGES%20and%20price%20list.pdf. Cat Depot s Community Food Bank Opens Its Doors--Cat Depot s Community Food Bank helps community residents supporting feral cat colonies or in need of wet and dry food for their personal pets. Cat Depot has Basic Requirements that must be met to be eligible. LOCATION Cat Depot 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME Check-in begins promptly at noon. For details as well as income requirements and other resources for food please visit www. For further questions send an e-mail to info Low-Cost Vaccinations Offered at K9 Korral--Take advantage of great discounts on pet vaccinations offered by Healthy Pets--in air conditioning This is not a substitute for veterinarian care. It is an alternative for families on a budget whose pets would otherwise go without vaccines. LOCATION K9 Korral 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. TIME 3 30 to 4 30 pm. For details call K9 Korral at 941-915-8181. THURSDAY JUNE 19 FRIDAY JUNE 20 SATURDAY JUNE 21 & SUNDAY JUNE 22 SATURDAY JUNE 7 Sniglet s Dog Bakery Hosts Dog Adoptions-- Sniglet s Dog Bakery welcomes Underdog Rescue a local animal group that will have dogs available for adoption. LOCATION Sniglet s Dog Bakery 2827 University Pkwy. Sarasota. TIME 10 am to 2 pm. For details call Sniglet s Dog Bakery at 941-358-7644. Cat Depot Hosts Area s Premiere Film Showing of The Paw Project a Film About Declawing Cats--This film is an important documentary that chronicles the efforts of a veterinarian and the grassroots movement she founded to protect cats both large and small. Sponsored by Diana and Patrick Maloney the showing of this film is a must see for all cat lovers LOCATION Lakewood Ranch Cinemas 10715 Rodeo Drive 8 Lakewood Ranch. TIME 4 30 pm. COST 5 per ticket sold exclusively by Cat Depot. SEATING IS LIMITED. To purchase tickets visit https weblink weblink. aspx name E164361&id 17 AKC Agility Trial Hosted by Calusa Dog Agility Club--Area dogs will be competing for ribbons and points in this agility event. LOCATION Turner Agri-Civic Center 2250 N.E. Roan St. Arcadia. For details visit THURSDAY JUNE 19 Bentley s House Pet Loss Support Group-- Area residents grieving the loss of a beloved pet are invited to attend this support group that meets monthly. Walk-ins are welcome. LOCATION Unity Church of Sarasota 3023 Proctor Rd. Sarasota. TIME 7 to 8 pm. For details call 941-955-3301 Ext. 23. SUNDAY JUNE 22 SATURDAY JUNE 14 66 Low-Cost Vaccinations Offered at Waggin Tails Grooming--Enjoy great discounts on Cheryl Brady Hosts PET CPR & First Aid Class at Sniglet s Dog Bakery--Certified American Red Cross instructor Cheryl Brady founder of Vet Care Express an emergency ambulance transport service for animals will be holding a Pet CPR and First Aid class. Participants will receive either a cat or dog first-aid book and DVD as well as an American Red Cross certificate. LOCATION Sniglet s Dog Bakery 2827 University Parkway Sarasota. TIME 12 to 3 pm. COST 80 per person. Preregistration is required space is limited. To preregister call Cheryl at 941-592-5131 or contact Jennifer at DOG TRAINING CLASSES -- MAY 2014 -- FRIDAY MAY 2 Basic Obedience 1 Classes Offered at HSSC-- Learn how to teach your dog how to behave in May June 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet your household. Positive reinforcement is used to teach your dog commands such as sit down come and stay while also focusing on training your dog to walk on a leash. LOCATION HSSC 2331 15th St. Sarasota. TIME 11 am. COST 80 for six consecutive sessions. For details or to enroll in the class visit or call 941-955-4131 Ext. 124. MONDAY MAY 5 Rally Novice Class Offered at SOTC--Learn how to compete in rally novice courses in this fast-paced and fun team sport Classes are 50 to 60 minutes. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 6 30 pm. Limit 6 students per class. COST 95 for six sessions. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Rally Advanced Classes Offered at SOTC--This class expands on the skills learned in Rally Novice classes. Dogs must have earned a Novice Rally title or be approved to participate in the class. Limit 6 students per class. SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 7 45 pm. COST 95 for 6 sessions. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Basic Obedience 2 Classes Offered at HSSC--Earn a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate and build on the skills learned in Basic Obedience 1 while learning commands that require more concentration for your dog. These lessons include how to accept a friendly stranger sit politely for petting walk through crowds react to other dogs and more. LOCATION HSSC 2331 15th St. Sarasota. TIME 5 45 pm. COST 80 for six consecutive sessions. For details visit or call 941-955-4131 Ext. 124. Remembering Buck & Bill... THURSDAY MAY 8 Flyball One Classes Offered at SOTC--Learn the basics of one of the fastest growing team sports for dogs Dogs preferably will have a Beginner 1 Level Obedience Class and or Really Reliable Recall training and be 5 months of age or older. Limited to 6 students per class. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 6 30 pm. COST 95 for 6 sessions. For details visit send an e-mail to flyballregistrar or call 941-377-5984. Advanced Flyball Classes Offered at SOTC--This class is designed for dogs who have completed Flyball One and offers dogs and handlers advanced skills in Flyball. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 7 45 pm. Limited to 8 students per class. COST 75 for 6 sessions. For details visit send an e-mail to flyballregistrar or call 941-377-5984. Save Buck & Bill from being killed ...The Fight for Justice is Far From Over. SATURDAY MAY 24 SATURDAY MAY 17 Beginners Level 1 Classes for Dogs 5 Months and Older Offered at SOTC--This class teaches handlers to train their dogs using basic cues in group situations. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 9 15 am. Limit 8 students per class. COST 95 for six sessions. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Beginners Level 2 Class with CGC Skills Offered at SOTC--This class expands on Level 1 skills while teaching Canine Good Citizen Skills. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 10 30 am. COST 95 for 6 weekly sessions. Limit 8 students for class. For details please visit or call 941-377-5984. Agility 1 Class Offered at K9 Korral--The goal of this six-week class is for dogs and handlers to have fun and learn to work together in a positive environment as dogs learn basic agility. TIME 11 30 am. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-915-8181 or visit -- JUNE 2014 -- MONDAY JUNE 2 Basic Obedience 1 Classes Offered at HSSC--Learn how to teach your dog how to behave in your household. Positive reinforcement is used to teach your dog commands such as sit down come and stay while also focusing on training your dog to walk on a leash. LOCATION HSSC 2331 15th St. Sarasota. TIME 5 45 pm. COST 80 for six consecutive sessions. For details or to enroll in the class visit or call 941-955-4131 Ext. 124. O-Gility Plus Classes Offered HSSC--Use the skills learned from O-Gility 1 to master advanced courses chutes and the table. Dogs must have passed O-Gility 1 and know basic obedience commands to participate in this class. LOCATION HSSC 2331 15th St. Sarasota. TIME 10 am. COST 80 for 6 sessions. For details or to enroll in the class visit or call 941-955-4131 Ext. 124. Recall Class Offered at K9 Korral--This is an intensive class that focuses on teaching and maintaining a Really Reliable Recall. PRE-REQUISITE Puppy Kindergarten or an Obedience Dog 1 class. Classes are 60 minutes and meet for 6 weekly sessions. TIME 7 15 pm. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-915-8181 or visit MONDAY MAY 19 New Agility Classes Begin at SOTC-- Agility classes for all levels are slated to start today. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. Visit or call 941-377-5984 for class times and costs. Obedience 101 Classes Offered at K9 Korral--This introductory class is designed to teach obedience skills to dogs of all ages as well as puppy class graduates. TIME 6 pm. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-915-8181 or visit WEDNESDAY MAY 21 Beginners Level 1 Classes for Dogs 5 Months and Older Offered at SOTC--This class teaches handlers to train their dogs using basic cues in group situations. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 10 am. Limit 8 students per class. COST 95 for six sessions. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet TUESDAY JUNE 3 Beginners Level 3 - Intermediate Class Offered at SOTC--This class is for handlers and dogs that have completed Beginner 2 or for those not needing the CGC class. Instruction includes an introduction to competi67 TUESDAY JUNE 10 Adopt. K itte n s . Foster Manners 201 Focus with Distraction Classes Offered by Positively Simple Dog Training--This class is designed for dogs of any age with a basic knowledge of come sit stay etc. but who need to refine these skills. Learn positive basic obedience techniques to help dogs behave better around distractions such as humans other dogs children cats etc. The leadership & relationship building skills you will learn in FOCUS will help you become the kind & benevolent leader your dog needs to easily distinguish between appropriate & inappropriate behaviors. Classes meet weekly for 6 sessions. TIME 6 30 pm. For class fees and location details call 941-232-3300 or visit WEDNESDAY JUNE 11 Shy & Fearful Dogs Classes Offered by Positively Simple Dog Training--This is a class designed to teach owners to help dogs overcome shyness & fearfulness which is often exhibited through timidity or inappropriate responses to strangers other dogs unfamiliar surroundings noises etc. Help your dog become the CALM CONFIDENT dog he is meant to be Classes meet weekly for 6 sessions. TIME 6 30 pm. For class details call 941-232-3300 or visit THURSDAY JUNE 12 Really Reliable Recall Class Offered at SOTC--This class teaches dogs to come every time they are called even when they are distracted or in dangerous situations. PREREQUISITE Beginner Level 1. Classes are 50 to 60 minutes offered in 6 weekly sessions. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 10 am. COST 100 (includes book). For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Puppy Level A Classes for 9 to 15 Week Olds Offered at SOTC--Puppies learn basic obedience skills in classes that are 50 to 60 minutes and meet for 6 weekly sessions. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 11 15 am. COST 95. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Dedicated to saving lives Cat Depot a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) no-kill free-roaming facility is recognized for its progressive design and commitment to helping homeless abandoned and injured animals. 2542 17th St. Sarasota Florida 34234 941.366.2404 info MONDAY JUNE 16 tion obedience with an emphasis on new skills and an intro to jumps. Skills needed for AKC Rally proofing stays and adding distractions and building dog attention will be covered. Limit 8 students per class. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 6 30 pm. COST 95 for 6 sessions. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Obedience 101 Classes Offered at K9 Korral--This introductory class is designed to teach obedience skills to dogs of all ages as well as puppy class graduates. TIME 7 15 pm. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-915-8181 or visit Utility Class Offered at SOTC--This class is for handlers and dogs who have their CDX and are working on earning a Utility title. Beginner to advanced students are welcome. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 7 45 pm. COST 95 for 6 sessions. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Beginners Level 1 Classes for Dogs 5 Months and Older Offered at SOTC--This class teaches handlers to train their dogs using basic cues in group situations. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 6 30 pm. Limit 8 students per class. COST 95 for six sessions. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Beginners Level 2 Class with CGC Skills Offered at SOTC--This class expands on Level 1 skills while teaching Canine Good Citizen Skills. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 7 45 pm. COST 95 for 6 weekly sessions. Limit 8 students for class. For details please visit or call 941-377-5984. TUESDAY JUNE 17 Basic Obedience 1 Classes Offered at HSSC--Learn how to teach your dog how to behave in your household. Positive reinforcement is used to teach your dog commands such as sit down come and stay while also focusing on training your dog to walk on a leash. LOCATION HSSC 2331 15th St. Sarasota. TIME 5 45 pm. COST 80 for six consecutive sessions. For details visit or call 941-955-4131 Ext. 124. Puppy Level B (STAR) Classes for Dogs 16 to 21 Weeks Offered at SOTC--Puppy B class is an AKC STAR (Socialization Training Activity and Responsibility) puppy class taught by certified STAR instructors. Classes are 50 to 60 minutes offered in 6 weekly sessions. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 6 pm. COST 95. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Puppy Level A Classes for 9 to 15 Week Olds Offered at SOTC--Puppies learn basic obedience skills in classes that are 50 to 60 minutes and meet for 6 weekly sessions. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 7 15 pm. COST 95. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. WEDNESDAY JUNE 4 Obedience 101 Classes Offered at K9 Korral--This introductory class is designed to teach obedience skills to dogs of all ages as well as puppy class graduates. TIME 6 pm. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-915-8181 or visit Obedience 102 CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Classes Offered at K9 Korral--This class builds on the skills already learned in Obedience 101 and prepares dogs for the AKC s CGC test. TIME 7 15 pm. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-915-8181 or visit MONDAY JUNE 30 SATURDAY JUNE 7 Beginners Level 1 Classes for Dogs 5 Months and Older Offered at SOTC--This class teaches handlers to train their dogs using basic cues in group situations. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 10 am. Limit 8 students per class. COST 95 for six sessions. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. 68 Obedience 101 Classes Offered at K9 Korral--This introductory class is designed to teach obedience skills to dogs of all ages as well as puppy class graduates. TIME 6 pm. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-915-8181 or visit May June 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Sarasota Pet s Community Marketplace Sarasota Pet is pleased to sponsor the Community Marketplace a special advertising section for business owners who are not necessarily in the pet business but love animals just the same What makes this section unique is that for every ad sold a donation of 10 is made to the animal rescue group of your choice Please support our fund-raiser by advertising your business or service here Your donation can save an animal s life For details send an e-mail to publisher Kinsey s Produce The Best Produce in Town Located on the Corner of 1st Street & Lemon Avenue Opposite Whole Foods Every Saturday at the Sarasota Farmers Market 941-780-6903 J. Campbell & Associates The Accounting and Financial Planning Specialist WLSS News Talk 930 AM Sarasota Candle Company Handmade Candles Here in Sarasota See Us at the Sarasota Farmers Market at Main Street and Lemon Avenue Every Saturday 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. JOHN CAMPBELL EA CFP President Listen to John Campbell 7 00 a.m. the 1st Saturday of each month to answer all your tax & financial planning questions Come Visit Our Warehouse 1134 Vilas Avenue Sarasota 1800 Second Street Suite 753 Sarasota Florida 34236 Call for Details Open Thursday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 941-720-0274 (941) 906-1760 Fax (941) 330-8018 Email john design. innovative. original. affordable. ads rack cards flyers brochures business cards logos newsletters & more by the creative team at Sarasota Pet 941-405-4468 For samples of our work visit design Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 69 A Life Without Love is Criminal . SHARE Your Heart and Home... Adopt a Rescue Safe Haven Animal RescuE of Florida Inc. A 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization For More Information Please Call 941-301-4875 Nearly 7 000 Has Been Raised to Help Sick & Injured Animals Families With Pets & Sarasota & Manatee County Animal Groups in Need Since April 2013... ...And We ve Only Just Begun. fund-it Crowdfunding for Our Local Pet Community 70 May June 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Photo Michelle Donner Photo Michelle Donner Pu ies pp UNIQUE GIFTS FOR PETS... AND THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE THEM Nature s Miracle for Pets INCLUDES BATH DRY NAILS EARS CLEANED & HAIRCUT -- Full-Service Grooming -- Woofstock...It s Getting Closer Ask About Our Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Products for People & Pets 1465 Main Street Sarasota Florida 34236 941-388-DOGS (3647) info Member 1486761 http naturesmiracleforpets. Cat Hospital of Sarasota Andrew G. King DVM Sarasota Manatee & Charlotte Counties Only Full-Service Veterinary Hospital Exclusively for Cats AdorAble AKC YorKshire Terrier bAbies home-rAised WiTh loTs of love & soCiAlizATion Suzanne Quick suzieQ Buy From a Reputable Breeder Medicine Surgery Dentistry Senior Care Vaccines Blood Pressure Screening Customized Treatments for Kidney Diabetic & Thyroid Patients Now Boarding Available in Our Clean Quiet a Avail ble 941-921-4040 (Opposite AAA Building) CO2 Laser Surgery 941-758-0958 Kitty Bed & Breakfast 3845 Bee Ridge Road F E R UN OPEN WHEN YOUR VET IS NOT Serving Sarasota and Manatee counties IVERSITY P K AR L. 941-355-2884 8237 Cooper Creek Blvd. University Park FL 34201 MOnDAy THrOugH FriDAy 5 pm to 8 am SATurDAy THrOugH SunDAy & HOLiDAyS 24 Hour Round-the-Clock Care Professional and Courteous Full-Service Emergency Veterinary Care DVMs and Technicians On Site During All Open Hours State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Surgical & Life Saving Equipment Soft Tissue Surgery Endoscopy Oxygen Support Fluid Therapy Stabilization Emergency & Critical Care TREATMENTS L. C. In House Lab Radiology Blood Pressure EKGs Critical patients can and do arrive at any time. Emergencies are treated in order of severity. O Connect with Us Animal Er http AnimalERofUniversityParkLLC AnimalERofUnivPk DIAGNOSTICS now Providing Animal Transport via Sarasota Veterinary Center Offering a Full Array of Veterinary Services All in a Loving Environment -- Boarding & Grooming Available -- Because Pets are Family Too 1st Veterinary Visit FREE for All Rescue Animals Adopted from Animal Services or the Humane Society of Sarasota County 4019 Cattlemen Road Sarasota I-75 & Bee Ridge Rd. by Burlington Coat Factory 377-3031 Fast Friends Greyhound adoption inc. at sarasota Kennel club FAMILY OWNED NATURAL & ORGANIC UNIQUE GIFTS for Pets & People Home of Bradenton s Best Natural & Organic Pet Products y ers Photograph FAVORITE PET STORE ISLAND SUN NEWSPAPER 2014 WINNER ARE YOU HURRICANE READY START PREPARING FOR HURRICANE SEASON BY ASSEMBLING A DISASTER SURVIVAL KIT FOR YOUR PETS BE SURE TO INCLUDE NOW OFFERING LOW-COST VACCINATION CLINICS CALL US FOR DETAILS IMMUNIZATION & MEDICAL RECORDS D RECENT PHOTOS OF YOUR PETS D A CRATE OR CARRIER D FOOD AND WATER FOR FIVE DAYS D A WEEK S SUPPLY OF MEDICATIONS D LITTER BOX LITTER SCOOP & GARBAGE BAGS D LEASHES & HARNESSES D BEDS & TOYS D TREATS D BOWLS D ID TAGS Foods & Treats Connie Summ D ALL for Individualized Service Perks 4 Pets 941 c 795 c PETS (7387) Asia Chyna Rowdy 7228 MANATEE AVENUE WEST BRADENTON FL 34209 Samurai Maya WWW.PERKS4PETSFL.COM