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Description: Ontario Podiatric Medical Association Annual Report for Financial Year Ending December 31, 2011.

A NNUAL R E P O R T ANNUAL REPOR T Financial Year Ending December 31 2011 for Financial Year Ending December 31 2011 ct pa im e of ienc Sc O PM A D I R E C T O R S EX E C U TI V E S President Bruce Ramsden DPM Vice President Kevan Orvitz DPM B O A R D O F D IREC T ORS Martin Brain DPM Neil Naftolin DPM Karl Nizami DPM Stevan Orvitz DPM P A S T P R E S I D EN T S Bruce Ramsden DPM 2010 Present James Hill DPM 2008 2010 Martin Brain DPM 2006 2008 Kel Sherkin DPM 2004 2006 Millicent Vorkapich-Hill DPM 2002 2004 Peter Stavropoulos DPM 1999 2002 Bruce Ramsden DPM 1997 1999 Hartley Miltchin DPM 1995 1997 Robert Chelin DPM 1993 1995 Neil Koven DPM 1991 1993 Anthony Zamojc DPM 1989 1991 Neil Naftolin DPM 1987 1989 Lloyd Nesbitt DPM 1985 1987 David Greenberg DPM 1983 1985 Robert Goldberg DPM 1981 1983 Sheldon Freelan DPM 1979 1981 Ontario Podiatric Medical Association Vice President Stephen Haber DPM Past President James Hill DPM Secretary Martin Brain DPM Treasurer Peter Higenell DPM Kevan Orvitz DPM Kel Sherkin DPM Eddie Yuen DPM Robert Chelin DPM Stephen Haber DPM Peter Higenell DPM James Hill DPM Millicent Vorkapich-Hill DPM Tom Stevens DPM 1977 1979 Robert Davidson DPM 1975 1977 Chris Hastings DPM 1973 1975 Thad Zarras DPM 1971 1973 John Foote DPM 1969 1971 Robert Brain DPM 1967 1969 Edgar Ryan DPM 1965 1967 AGEND A 88th Annual General Meeting Ontario Podiatric Medical Association Doubletree Hotel October 19th 2012 I. II. III. IV. V. VI. Call meeting to order Environmental Update The CG Group Business Arising from Minutes of the AGM 2011 Meeting Openfordiscussion Approval of Minutes President s Report Committee Reports Treasurer Convention Mediation Foot Health Awareness Month Special Olympics Nursing Homes HARP HPRAC Publications Peter Higenell DPM Hartley Miltchin DPM Neil Naftolin DPM Kel Sherkin DPM Kel Sherkin DPM Karl Nizami DPM Karl Nizami DPM Bruce Ramsden DPM David Roth DPM Bruce Ramsden DPM VII. VIII. VIV. National & International Report FIP Robert Chelin DPM New Business Adjournment Annual Report for Financial Year Ending December 31 2011 P RES ID EN T S R E P O R T Colleagues My and your Board s principal occupation over the past year has been preparing ourselves as best we can for the review by the Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council (HPRAC). That review is scheduled to get underway and perhaps even completed in 2013 and if we are successful the review will ultimately result in the establishment of a full-scope podiatry model of foot care in Ontario and the end of the podiatric cap. By we I mean the OPMA working with our College and the OSC because we are all on record as committed to securing a full scope podiatry model for Ontario. The OPMA has spent considerable time collecting podiatry legislation and information about podiatry models from other jurisdictions such as the Canadian provinces and US states that have embraced full scope podiatry. I warn that getting the results we want from the HPRAC review are anything but preordained. A few other health care professions and elements of the chiropody profession do not share our objective or propose a different--and in my view a much more limited--model. Accordingly the HPRAC review will be very demanding for the profession.TheOPMABoardwillbeaskingindividualmemberstotakeonspecific tasks to contribute to the joint effort. I ask each member for his or her support in this endeavor bearing in mind that if successful our legacy will be the creation of a full scope podiatry model for the benefit of Ontarians and for current and future members of our profession. Members will of course be aware that podiatrists position with respect to OHIP billings remained unchanged during the last budgetary cycles. I think it says something about the OPMA s efforts and the government s perception of the importance of podiatrists services that every health care profession except podiatrists and physicians have been delisted or partially delisted from OHIP over the last decade. The OPMA also took a prominent position in moves to modernize the Healing Arts Radiation Protection Act (HARPA). In particular we (along with other health care colleges and associations) submitted a Petition to the Ontario Legislature in support of an initiative by Liberal MPP Dr. Reza Moridi to modernize and improve HARPA. Current indications are that the review will get underway towards the end of 2012 and the OPMA intends to participate in that review as actively and proactively as we can. On behalf of the OPMA I signed a very brief submission to Health Canada supporting theproposeddefinitionof podiatrist intheNewClassesofProfessionsRegulation underthe(federal)ControlledDrugsandSubstancesAct.Thedefinitioniscompletely consistent with what the OPMA College and OSC are on record as wishing to achieve Ontario Podiatric Medical Association P RE S IDE NT S R EPORT throughtheHPRACreview.Oncetheso-called NCPR comesintoforceandeffect and there is a collateral regulation change in Ontario we will be able to prescribe dispense and administer narcotics and other drugs regulated by the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. My expectation is that the necessary regulation changes in Ontario likely won t happen until after the HPRAC review is completed. I must say thatIwasalittlesurprisedthattheOPMAwastheonlybonafidepodiatryassociation to comment on this latest draft of the NCPR. The OPMA also participated in joint submissions to HPRAC pertaining to the sexual abuse spousal treatment provisions of the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) the regulation of dental assistants and the regulation of physician assistants. We are very pleased that HPRAC recommended that spousal treatment be exempted from the sexual abuse provisions of the RHPA. We hope that the government will adopt HPRAC s recommendations or at least provide a mechanism or process by which podiatrists may treat their spouses without risk of being charged with sexual abuse. Time will tell but it s something that the OPMA Board continues to watch very closely. The OPMA also initiated a large number of complaints to the College against chiropodists advertising practices. We have witnessed a distressing trend among chiropodists to use terms such as podiatric podiatry podiatric medicine and so on in their advertisements. The objective is clearly to mislead members of the public into believing that they are in fact podiatrists or that chiropodists and podiatrists are the same. While we completely understand why chiropodists want to attach themselves to podiatrists coattails like previous Presidents I think it incumbent upon the OPMA to do whatever it has to do in order to protect the podiatry brand in Ontario. I also believe it important in order to get what we want out of the HPRAC review. If chiropodists are allowed to appropriate the podiatry descriptors and brand they could well lose the incentive to work with us and the College in the HPRAC review. It is been my great pleasure to serve as your President for the past year. I wish to thank the OPMA Board of Directors for its support. The OPMA and the podiatry profession in Ontario stand on the cusp of major and long-awaited (and long overdue) changes. I hope the next President s Report has very positive news to share about the future of our profession. Annual Report for Financial Year Ending December 31 2011 COM M I T T E E R E P O R T S TR E A SU RE R Wehave47fullmembers onesecondyearandthreefirstyearmembers. As of September 20 2012 our current bank balance was 35 610.35. We have received 4500 US from Langer labs over a four year period for sponsorship of brochures. The initial cheque for 1125 was received in April. We have received 3141.81 (USD) from the Midwest Podiatry Conference for 2012. We have three term deposits. Short term investment Term deposit Term deposit Respectfully submitted Dr. G. Peter Higenell Treasurer Balances shown as at August 22 12 26 549.69 31 021.78 26 261.48 CON V EN T I O N I was asked to take over the responsibility of planning the 2011 Annual OPMA conference after a much needed hiatus. Reluctantly I accepted and was given the arduous task in January of 2011. With passion commitment and a great deal of work I was able to plan and execute the four day conference in September. Approximately 65 practitioners consisting of 50% Podiatrists and 50% Chiropodists attended. There were also 35 assistants and 35 exhibitors. As usual the venue was perfectly suited for our needs and the staff was wonderful and welcomed our return. I dalsoliketothankmyclinicstaffforfieldingthemanycallsfromexhibitors. According to the feedback the exhibitors were extremely pleased by the interest and sales generated as well as the organization hospitality extended to them. The practitioners and assistants were very pleased with the quality and content presented by the various lecturers and the lecture content. Ontario Podiatric Medical Association CO MMITTE E REPORTS CON V E N TI O N C O NT I N UE D... The CPMA AGM and delegates were accommodated accordingly were quite impressed with the level of hospitality and enjoyed the hospitality suite and meeting rooms available to them. We also had the distinct pleasure of hosting both the APMA president as well as the incoming president. Utilizing the feedback forms from registrants I hope to continue to improve the conference in future years. Overall I believe the 2011 conference was brought back to the familiar standard we have all become accustomed to and I would consider it a major success. I encourage you to register assistants by making it a mandatory requirement. The assistants are rewarded both with gaining pertinent Podiatric knowledge as well as camaraderie amongst their colleagues. Respectfully submitted Hartley Miltchin DPM ME D I A T I O N The Mediation Committee is composed of three podiatrists and one lay member. It meets to help resolve misunderstandings between patients and Podiatrists. Frequently these misunderstandings are merely a matter of poor or non-communication. The Committee attempts to create this avenue of communication to bring matters to a reasonable end. The previous referral from last year has been dealt with. This year there were two new referrals to the Mediation Committee. Both have been successfully dealt with andconcluded.Thefirstcomplaintdealtwithapatientbeingunsatisfiedwiththe outcome of orthotic devices a common reason for referrals. The second dealt with another common cause for referral. A patient complained because the Podiatrist after making a diagnosis and recommending orthotic devices refused to provide the necessary documentation so that the patient could go elsewhere to obtain the devices and be covered by their insurance plan. This situation has been discussed on different occasions with members at our general meetings and within our committee. Annual Report for Financial Year Ending December 31 2011 COM M I T T E E R E P O R T S ME D I A T I ON C O N T I NU E D. . . The following was our response to the patient There is no requirement by the Ontario Podiatric Medical Association or The College of Chiropodists of Ontario (the governing body for chiropodists and podiatrists in the province of Ontario) for a Podiatrist to provide a prescription for another party to make the orthotic devices. Insurance companies require that not only are the devices medically necessary but also that they are designed and fabricated so that they function properly. A thorough assessment and evaluation goes into the production of a proper orthotic device. The Podiatrist would have no control over theproductionandoutcomeofdevicesmadebyanothersource. Often individuals will make this request for just the prescription for the orthotic devices atthetimetheybooktheirappointment.Ifyourofficepolicyisnottocomplywith sucharequest theCommitteesuggeststhatyoushouldtellyourofficestafftotell patients this right away and not make an appointment. Respectfully submitted Neil Naftolin DPM. Chairman Members Bruce Ramsden DPM Cary Collis DPM Thom Norris (lay member) Ontario Podiatric Medical Association CO MMITTE E REPORTS FO OT H EAL T H AW AR E N E S S MO NTH 2 0 1 2 As has been our custom the OPMA and New Balance Toronto teamed up again duringMaytorunfreefootscreeningclinicsatthefiveNewBalancestoreswhichare located in the Greater Toronto area. Clinics were operated for both the morning and afternoon. A relatively good turnout of the general public had the opportunity to have a free examination and assessment of their feet and lower extremities. Each person examined was handed the brochure What is a Podiatrist together with the OPMA s toll free line. All those who attended were very appreciative of the free podiatric advice they received. This year we ran a statistical analysis of all those who were screened. The following werethefindings Normalfeet 40% PesPlanus 40% PesCavus 20% As always success of these ventures are greatly dependent upon the volunteerism of our members. With that knowledge heartfelt thanks are extended to the following members who helped make the screenings a success and spread the word about our great profession Dan Rosenthal Jeff Leibman Moe Zoladek Al Frankel Stan Sweet Bruce Ramsden Neil Naftolin Ron Klein Cary Collis Respectively submitted Kel Sherkin DPM Chairman Foot Health Awareness Month Annual Report for Financial Year Ending December 31 2011 COM M I T T E E R E P O R T S FIT F E E T H E AL T HY A T HL E T E S P E CIAL O LYMP ICS 2 0 1 2 In June 2012 the Ontario division of Special Olympics held its annual provincial spring games. Over 600 athletes attended from across the province. The Healthy Athlete division provided free screenings and evaluations for the athletes. The professions who offered their services included physicians (Med Fest) optometrists (Opening Eyes) and podiatrists (Fit Feet). The event was held in Kingston at Queen s University. Fit Feet screened approximately 125 athletes. The following podiatrists provided their time and expertise to ensure that the athletes received the best foot screenings possible Martin Brain Pierre Dupont David Greenberg Stephen Haber Kel Sherkin Respectively submitted Kel Sherkin DPM Hockey Hall of Famer Doug Gilmour is the Honourary Games Coach for the 2012 Special Olympics Ontario Spring Games. Beside him is a local athlete Brian Secker who competing in the bocce event. Ontario Podiatric Medical Association CO MMITTE E REPORTS NURSING HOMES There were a number of enquiries from long-term care homes this year for Podiatrists to provide services to residents. These were forwarded to interested OPMA members. Regulations under the Long-Term Care Homes Act 2006 that included rules etc... for people providing health care and other services in long-term care homes are now in force and effect. There were no other legislative changes affecting podiatry and this area. Respectfully submitted Karl Nizami DPM H A RP There has been no material change this year. The OPMA submitted petitions in support of the initiative by Dr. Reza Moridi MPP to set up an independent advisory committee to review and update the HARP Act. Although we don t know the form of the exercise we do understand that the Ministry intends to launch a review in the fall of2012.TheOPMAwillparticipateinthatexercise.HARPissuesspecifictopodiatry will be addressed during the HPRAC review. Respectfully submitted Karl Nizami DPM HPRA C Member of Provincial Parliament for Richmond Hill The HPRAC review of the chiropody and podiatry professions and the podiatric cap is supposed to get underway when the other reviews currently in the pipeline have been completed. That will be sometime in 2013 and the Ministry will ask for (and hopefully receive) funding for the review in Fiscal Year 2013-14. There have been no suggestions from the Ministry that it may drop the review or postpone it again. The OPMA remains fully committed to the objectives set by the College and endorsed by the OSC and OPMA through the tripartite agreement namely recommending to HPRAC that Ontario convert to a podiatry model of foot care adopt full scope podiatryreflectingthemostextensivepodiatryscopesofpracticeinCanadaand remove the podiatric cap. Annual Report for Financial Year Ending December 31 2011 CO M M I T T E E R E P O R T S H PRA C CO N T I NU E D. . . There is a lot of work to do and HPRAC s review will be robust and rigorous probably more so than if the review had been conducted when originally scheduled. The HPRAC Committee is setting up various interprofessional working groups to coordinate anddotheresearchandanalysisnecessarytoputtogetherafirst-rateApplication with the objective of being as well-prepared as possible for whenever the review begins. If you are approached to head or be a member of a Working Group I urge you to get involved to the fullest extent of your time and abilities. We caution that HPRAC is only an advisory body. It will ultimately be up to the government to determine what to do with whatever HPRAC recommends and when to do it. This means there is another cycle of work after the HPRAC review. Respectfully Submitted Bruce Ramsden DPM President PUBL I CA T I O N S Thisyearbothbrochures( WhatYouShouldKnowAboutPodiatrists and WhatYou ShouldKnowAboutOrthoticDevices )werereprintedwithsomeadjustmentstothe texts. Thanks again to Langer Biomechanics for their continued support in sponsoring the reprinting of ten thousand copies of both brochures. Over the last year nineteen hundred (1900) brochures were shipped to OPMA members. Respectfully Submitted David Roth DPM Ontario Podiatric Medical Association NATIO NAL R EPORT C A N A D I A N P O DI AT R I C M E DICAL AS S O CIATIO N Since attending the OPMA conference last year the CPMA has been hard at work on issues that impact our members. One of our key priorities was and continues to be insurance coverage and insurance companies. We heard from members in each member province about the many changes that were taking place and made communication with insurance companies a priority. Over the past year CPMA board members and our executive director have reached out to the major insurance companies across Canada. We met with them in person and through conference calls and discussed changes in coverage sought clarificationwhereneeded providedadviceandcreatedgreaterawarenessabout podiatry and its value for insurance companies. We also expanded our communication efforts in other areas such as eblasts to members every month regularly scheduled conference calls for the Board to discuss matters and face-to-face communication with members across Canada. As well we developed or expanded communication and relationships with a number of key stakeholders such as the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association and the Canadian Health Care Anti Fraud Association and several medical-related organizations. Additionally since raising our hand to host a future World Congress of Podiatry we have been busy with Montreal Tourism to put together a PowerPoint presentation which will be shown at the upcoming FIP AGM in October. Communication communication communication it s our mantra and we plan to continue with it. I encourage you to be part of the communication too. Get involved talk to your Board representatives and share your ideas comments and concerns. On behalf of the CPMA Board I hope to see you at this year s Annual General Meeting which takes place November 10 2012 at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre in Vancouver British Columbia. It is exactly two years to the day that the current executive was elected. It seems like just yesterday but when I think back aboutallwe veaccomplishedoverthosetwoyears wereallyhaveputinsignificant effort on behalf of CPMA members. Respectfully submitted Joseph Stern CPMA President Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Annual Report for Financial Year Ending December 31 2011 IN T E RN A T I O N A L R E P O R T F I P FIP 2012 This year has been a very active and productive one for the FIP. The FIP Board met in Washington DC to celebrate with the APMA its installation of Dr. Joseph Caporusso as the APMA President. Dr. Caporusso currently is acting Vice President of the FIP. Following that meeting the Board retreated to Alexandria to focus on its meeting where a new roadmap was planned for the organization s future. This year the FIP AGM will take place on October 14th 2012 in Glascow Scotland where we will be celebrating the U.K. Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists 100 year anniversary. Following that meeting the FIP will conduct its business. This year three countries will be joining the FIP family (Brazil Chile Poland) bringing our membership to 35 member organizations. Dr. Joseph Stern the CPMA President will be representing the CPMA at that meeting. Elections ofnewofficerswilltakeplaceandDr.JosephCaporussowillbetheincumbenttotakeover the Presidency immediately following that meeting. Immediate-Past- President Robert Chelin DPM will be stepping down from the Board after his 10 years of service. The 2013 FIP World Congress of Podiatry will take place next year from October 17-19 in Rome Italy at the Sheraton Roma Hotel & Conference Center. The meeting will be co-hosted by the FIP and the national Italian organization (AIP). We look forward to any Canadian colleagues who are interested in submitting a paper or a poster abstract. Registration will be free for the authors of any papers or abstracts that are selected. Early bird registration will be available for all those interested in attending the Congress as a registrant until February 28 2013. For more The FIP website has been one of the major ways it communicates with its members as well as the public. This year the FIP was been working on rebranding and as a part of that rebranding effort it decided it needed to change its URL. Last year in Geneva at the 2011 AGM it was voted that the FIP (Federation International de Podologues) would also officially adopt its english equivalency as part of its name namely IFP (International Federation of Podiatrists). To be consistent with its new name the FIP adopted a new URL With this change we would like all OPMA members to re-register on the FIP-IFP website so that they will be able to access the member site and receive up-to-the-minute e-blasts and news of the upcoming World Congress information as well as our soon-to-be launched new on-line education programming for FIP members. Remember that all OPMA CPMA members are FIP members. Membership does have its benefits likeitsreducedratesatworldcongressesaswellasreducedratesforouraffiliate journal TheFoot . Respectfully submitted Robert C Chelin DPM Immediate Past President Ontario Podiatric Medical Association Glascow Scotland 2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2 O P MA ME MBERSHI P MEMBERS Martin Brain DPM Robert Chelin DPM Edward Chung DPM Cary Collis DPM Michael DiLonardo DPM Pierre DuPont DPM Joanna Faloon DPM Julie Fraser DPM Allen Frankel DPM Sheldon Freelan DPM Robert Goldberg DPM Arnold Goldman DPM Lee Goossens DPM David Greenberg DPM Stephen Haber DPM Chris Hastings DPM Peter Higenell DPM James Hill DPM Andrew Klayman DPM Mark Kleiman DPM Ronald Klein DPM John Lanthier DPM Paul Leszner DPM Jeffrey Liebman DPM Irving Luftig DPM Alan Lustig DPM Arnold Marcus DPM Hartley Miltchin DPM Lara Murphy DPM. Sheldon Nadal DPM Neil Naftolin DPM Lloyd Nesbitt DPM Karl Nizami DPM Barry Noble DPM Kevan Orvitz DPM Stevan Orvitz DPM Bruce Ramsden DPM Danny Rosenthal DPM David Roth DPM Stuart Sackman DPM David Shaw DPM Kel Sherkin DPM Alan Silverstein DPM Mark Slome DPM Peter Stavropoulos DPM Robert Sterin DPM James Stewart DPM Stan Sweet DPM Millicent-Vorkapich Hill DPM Peter Walpole DPM Robert Warner DPM Shael Weinberg DPM Eddie Yuen DPM Tony Zamojc DPM Morris Zoladek DPM L IF E M E M B E R S Robert Brain DPM Edgar Ryan DPM Annual Report for Financial Year Ending December 31 2011 Ontario Podiatric Medical Association 900 - 45 Sheppard Avenue East Toronto ON M2N 5W9 Tel Fax 416-927-9111 Toll-Free 1-866-424-6762 E-mail contact