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Description: CHOIS Connection is a publication of Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State. This issue is the after convention, summer issue, full of wonderful ideas for home school families.

SUMMER 2014 5 Things The 2nd Generation of Homeschoolers Need From The 1st Jacinda Vandenberg Descent into Darkness Barry Peters PLEASE DON T ASK ABOUT MY CHILD Carol Barnier Renew Your Subscription Today A MAGAZINE FOR IDAHO HOME EDUCATORS YOU RE AN And we you OVER ACHIEVER Here s your next challenge go to college while still in high school. You re smart. Hard working. A go-getter. So why wait to start your college career Take classes now and start earning credits toward your next diploma. NNU EXPRESS EDUCATION offers full college courses to high school students who want to do just that. With tuition at a fraction of the cost getting ahead just makes sense. Register for summer fall or spring 2 CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 Summer Fun Homeschool Friends Whether or not you take a school break for summer we know you look Enjoy Bright Beginnings know that her Cup of Encouragement CHOIS Have a wonderful summer we really need it Linda Patchin EDITOR Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION 3 CHOIS Connection is published quarterly by Christian Homeschoolers of and are intended to provide information that may be useful to Idaho of the unique circumstances of any particular situation and must 4 CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 Summer 2014 6 10 Once lost our liberties will be contents 14 can still have children who 18 preschooler an academic 22 care and attention children don t raise themselves and community doesn t happen Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION Featured Article things the 2nd generation of Homeschoolers need from the 1st By Jacinda Vandenberg Vision Histor y Guidance i lit y nsi b e sp o R ye r Pr a CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 Vision secondary method of Christian education reserved for those who cannot afford History you knew who homeschooled and how If you teach us that the purpose when we realize that it is more important to If you teach us that the purpose of Guidance wouldn t have been so worried I wish I had hadn t started them to home education decided that because I wish I hadn t stressed over their when we discover that the sin in the world lives within each of our children just as it there are other alternatives to I should have spent time at However if you teach us that hard to make sure the kids were discipleship based upon the biblical principles of parental authority and so that when history repeats itself can borrow from the wisdom of Responsibility For real life heroes fathers and mothers who years you have planned the Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION when you lie down and when you rise up decisions that would seek to limit our liberty embraced them mentored them offered your shoulder to cry on and told us that Prayer journey and mercifully He has promised of home education and the debt of and most of your children have left the We would impress upon our children the necessity of a that if we become too comfortable in our dependence on your leadership we will be lost when the time comes to pass the Christ and understand that only q generation homeschooler Is there anything you would add to this list How do you bridge the age divide between older and younger homeschoolers in your own life We would curriculum teach a written simple and We would practice God s We would seek to protect the souls minds and bodies of our Make us part of your committees involve We and our children would be able to defend the faith and can help preserve the freedoms for which Our children s hearts may be in your house when you walk by the way in love to reach all the riches of full q Jacinda Vandenberg is Brad s bride a second-generation homeschooler to three passionate homemaker lover of medium roast coffee and a sinner who is deeply thankful for Grace. She blogs at www. a site dedicated to gospel-centered family building holistic homemaking and wholehearted homeschooling. J O I N U S F O R F R E E 3 - D AY T R A I N I N G C O N F E R E N C E S It s a pep rally a Bible study and teacher training--all rolled into three days Join veteran homeschooling parents for three days of encouragement and inspiration as we seek to understand the classical model of education and learn how to apply it. While you learn your children learn too Affordable and fun academic day camps are available for students of all ages. Advance registration for student camps is required. For dates locations and registration please visit our website. How can I find out more Contact Kelly Fadeley or visit our website. KFADELEY CLASSICALCONVERSATIONS.COM Cultivating the Conversation THE ART OF RHETORIC IDAHO EVENTS May 28 30 2014 Idaho Falls July 22 24 2014 Post Falls July 28 30 2014 Boise C lassical onversations Classical Christian Community K FA D E L EY C LASSICALC ONVERSATIONS.COM CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 PARENTPRACTICUM.COM Christopher Gilliam GRI Associate Broker Realtor Graduate of the Realtor Institute Licensed as an Agent in 06 as a Broker in 09 Dad of 3 homeschoolers - Ages 9 12 & 14 Buyers Full Service Broker but you don t pay Sellers - FREE What s My Home Worth report EXPERIENCED - PROFESSIONAL - SINCERE o Old and new homes o 70 000 to 700 000 homes Christopher Gilliam GRI 208-899-0779 FREE to CHOIS Connection Readers Search the MLS Like an Agent at The market has changed Interest rates are low It s time to make a move... Summer 2014 CHOIStoday Call Christopher CONNECTION Legislative Update DESCENT INTO DARKNESS The Enlightenment and the irony in the tactical decision Manipulated masses on a rampage against people and institutions of faith. Academic elites and a complicit media smugly assuring us that we re on the path to a new and better society an era of true liberty equality and fraternity. Tragically political discourse in this country has begun to resemble eerie scenes from Les Misrables. It is both sad and frightening that the only thing missing seems to be the guillotine. First Freedom our nation s founders proposed a radical Constitution which was supplemented with Bill of Rights. In that Bill of Rights Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. . . One s faith and conscience are neither to Two-Pronged Test a person whose actions or words were thereafter bound by the same principles No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States. state interest if a less intrusive or restrictive Indeed that was the time when in order Back of the Bus Smith 10 CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 Code only if it demonstrates that application Idaho s RFRA In response to the Flores case the Idaho considered and passed Idaho s own Free Exercise of Religion Act involved another constitutional liberty such as freedom of speech or the press a less restrictive standard would apply unanimously the Senate with just three With the stroke of the pen the Supreme Idaho Code now states that Government may substantially if it demonstrates that application of the Flores Case pantheon of fundamental constitutional carte blanch to pass laws that went far The Sniping Continues such liberties continue their search for new be permissibly constrained in ways that Flores case the Court could only protect people of faith from the court s view states cities and counties continued to be free to interfere with Congress Responds Only states could tie their own hands and United States Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION 11 Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION 11 Supreme Court ruled that Elaine s Conclusions Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again. While our courts academia and the media have attempted to suffocate our couple s celebration of their relationship case because the state itself was not lesbian couple somehow Elaine s liberties be compelled to compromise the very room in her home to help make ends meet of Enlightenment Supreme Court has now declined to accept Elaine s appeal of that decision to the city s satisfaction as a condition of at the root of their strident accusations of is only one side that seeks to completely Assault by Idaho Cities conscience has already taken root here in 12 CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 WEBSITES online interactive publications newsletters R E I D ADVERTISING Logos g graphic des hcd de a graphic design firm SIGN COLLATERAL liberties we must be bold to speak in support of those efforts even when that means web design PRINTMEDIA DIA A Just launched editorial design t Direction Failure to do so will complete Idaho s WEBSITES ADVERTISING ISING SIN a small-business website owned by a homeschool family Barry Peters is an attorney in private practice legal advisors for both ICHE and CHOIS. His law practice focuses on the areas of wills trusts probate and real estate contracts. social email sr phone 208.659.8408 Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION 13 Featured Article & Convention Speaker A bout By Carol Barnier don t ask Please my child for a while and then here it comes--the question you ve been O f course you know precisely about--the one who surprised how s your little Bobby doing Is he still sending all his money to that orphanage in the Sudan [Raise eyebrows indicating eager anticipation. Wait for listener to launch into the Bobby-Praise report.] I completely understand if the truth them these two made perhaps the most severe of mistakes one for which we ve all God as the perfect father truly--a perfect father can have children who in spite of catastrophic choices what makes you You are now at a crossroads in this conversation. How will you respond WELL YOU COULD CHOOSE PATH A--TELL THE TRUTH. My kid is in deep spiritual trouble. Her father and I are heartbroken. It s been incredibly painful to watch her make so many poor choices. It s even possible that we will not see the face of our child in heaven. And what s more we re worried it might be our fault. Thanks for asking. OR YOU COULD TRY PATH B AND DO THAT LITTLE CHURCH-SPEAK DANCE. determine what it is God wants of her at this point in her life. We re still hoping she ll that may be more our wishes than God s. [Insert quick laugh.] We ll just have to wait and see. [Now insert a quick redirect.] So chance that if you open your heart and share your pain transparently with this sister that I mean she may be very quick to let you know that you must have screwed up somehow or your child would have Indeed it s our job to do our very best to _______________ But I m here to tell you that it isn t always so. . .that sometimes good parents can still have children who make very bad choices. _______________ 14 CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 doesn t seem to be the sort who comes on at home who will never breathe a word And what do we do while we wait for our prodigals the son who was lost who has now come been mentioned till after his death--the child reaches a point where they _______________ You know what This person needs to hear truth from you. _______________ oldest son complained that he d never the ability to choose poorly often in spite stop . . . decide it s time to choose truth . . . and turn toward God . . . had continued in the business of life and Carol Barnier will be a CHOIS Keynote speaker this June. Many of the ideas in this article appear in her newest book Engaging Today s Prodigal . Join Carol s free online coaching community for parents with highly distractible kids at or check out www. Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION Discover Idaho European Flair with by Connie Seward An Idaho Staycation T For those unable to visit the museum is necessary for this free event hosted at Center located in downtown educational opportunities for people of all posters instruments music and other props workbook and supplemental activities for Collections consist of oral history archives a library records and tapes manuscript provides a workbook for each student if Interactive museum displays include pm the public is invited to watch a live houses and fronton courts will open on tournament hosted by French players House which is part of the museum symposium presented by professional Irish house host free tours accompanied by live shop where Wendy with her lovely homeschooling but still enjoy discovering Idaho together. On a recent trip to the Basque Museum exceptional deal on a unique educational surprise she is sure her grown kids will enjoy discovering in their Christmas stockings. CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 Curriculum Connections War Science History Franco Era in Spain Field Trip Information Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION the best way to begin by Copper Webb I I found my mom and settled back into What s the best way to prepare my Several years later as I studied years is critical because that is when brain development allows vocabulary to be acquisition in later years relies heavily on READING ALOUD BUILDS YOUR PRESCHOOLER S VOCABULARY READING ALOUD MAKES YOUR PRESCHOOLER PHONOLOGICALLY AWARE her own seven children my mother had vocabulary that they wouldn t encounter to manipulate the sounds of spoken sound patterns will help your child spell CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 books that contain the letter name accompanied by pictures of objects READING ALOUD ALLOWS YOUR PRESCHOOLER TO PRACTICE LISTENING crucial skill that your children will use for What a beautiful gift to give your child a planted seed that will bear much fruit when they are required to read more arduous material. I could continue with many more wonderful that allows my kids to see the colorful front a new habit start with short picture books READING ALOUD INSTILLS A LOVE FOR LITERATURE your preschooler stimulates the pleasure connection between the child and BUILDING A HABIT to your child from infancy and when they are preschoolers they should be read to Make connections between the book and to be used and display them in accessible Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION CURRICULUM SPOTLIGHT SPOTLIGHT O T receive a prize and a new bookmark to start Before Five in a Row preschool curriculum that opens up the errand routine and my preschoolers love creative play and builds a solid foundation children s literature this curriculum BUILDING A LIBRARY home has a direct correlation to the future report recommended that households sweet to see how precious books become In conclusion mom of little ones if and have an infant that loves to tear paper and a toddler that is a compulsive Sharpie readiness activities intended to be used kitchen at the store at bedtime bath time Copper Webb is a second generation Idaho homeschooler. Copper and her husband Mike read to their four children in their Meridian Idaho success home. 20 CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION 21 social media to keep up with friends I can t The Chair T Two women met for coffee. They talked about life-things they were working through and things they were learning. They showed each other grace and gave each other courage. Even though neither of them had all the answers they knew that God sure did. So they laughed and cried and shared their lives. And in the end when their mugs were empty . . . their hearts were full. 22 CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 by Angela Snodgrass beautiful stylish or even particularly will often call and say I need to come sit possibly even homeschool successfully without the support of other homeschool If you drop by my house I ll offer you the The chair represents community. line Facebook connection but the kind that allows you to look into someone s eyes over a cup of coffee and hear what about what someone had for breakfast or where they vacationed and we feel we re we wish we had rather than our current HOW BEAUTIFUL Floral desig n care and attention children don t raise themselves and community doesn t Be intentional. Live life on purpose. Cultivate community. available the coffee is always fresh and A floral design company for weddings and events Contact Emily about your upcoming wedding or event to develop your vision and put shape to your floral ideas. Emily Patchin DESIGNER Angela and her husband Mike love their crazy life with four kiddos and will graduate their oldest next year. In her free time she enjoys DIY decorating projects copious amounts of coffee and blogging about a variety of random subjects at http Emily 208.921.4593 Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION 23 Res Piece MOUSE TRAP more complicated versions have attempted to render obsolete these minimalist inventions each THE MINIMAL THE MEASURABLE For academic evaluation there are has rendered them not only incapable of them to attack and to even kill one standards the educational method was THE IRREDUCIBLE educated students the most appropriate is the achievement test which measures on a collection of minimal standards for which the students must demonstrate under the same conditions caused mice from the sound of minimalist music they repetition of minimalist music was even more destructive to mice and plants than instruction on those students who are not THE MAXIMAL What about the minimalist impact on services the methods are vast but the numbers of students do not meet the million copies in circulation to a population the tests or on the standards themselves there is a point at which that system will become as useless as a mousetrap without at colonial kitchen tables the primer was responsible for the literacy of our nation colonists typically chooses a different children labored played worshipped and were tutored at the side of their parents THE CREDIBLE 24 24 CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 computers and more volunteer church decades percentile homeschool points composite the test Idaho Code is clear that home education is not under the purview of the State THE CRUCIAL For three decades homeschoolers have Our freedom to home educate without above national often validates what parents already a window into more subtle areas of a shoulder that burden in your place until selection and help chart direction for the three irreducible components to our opportunity for annual practice is prudent Res Peters is the State Testing Director for the Idaho Coalition of Home Educators. makes the other two components so TESTING KEEPS US FREE Scores also may qualify students for public Our composite scores when compared with public school scores make the case further info at have made this annual event their favorite Home School Foundation 10535 Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION Don t Let Mosquitos Poke Holes in Your Outdoor Adventures By Ken Frederick miserably from muskweetoes Clark nearly of mosquitoes have been found infected to a major distraction and even a health WHAT ATTRACTS MOSQUITOS TO PEOPLE who likes the outdoors know about WHAT What do you need to know about mosquitos HOW BAD CAN MOSQUITOS BE IN IDAHO Mosquito densities depend on time of the TIME OF DAY AM I MOST LIKELY TO GET BITTEN BY A MOSQUITO attractant and draws mosquitoes from include sweat lactic acid body heat and some variations in when they prefer to feed but typically you will deal with mosquito mosquitos have thermal receptors on their antennae which help them locate you WHAT KIND OF MOSQUITO IS BITING ME thankful we do not live in Florida Mosquito and barrier islands have recorded So how can you keep mosquitos from getting too friendly when you are visiting the outdoors CAN I GET SICK FROM A MOSQUITO BITE chemicals are sold as insect repellents several diseases Idahoans should be HAVE MOSQUITOS ALWAYS PROBLEM IN IDAHO BEEN A CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 SLAP WHAT ABOUT ELECTRONIC GADGETS on the market but researchers say these devices just do not work so do not waste CONCLUSION more insects that prey on mosquitos versus Mosquitos are pests but they are a fact Occasionally you will hear or read that mosquito repellent apply the sunscreen In reality controlled laboratory studies Opinions are divided about the Ken Frederick presents workshops with educational insight practical knowledge and years and has taught outdoor skills to groups ranging from middle and high school students to the Boy Scouts and the Civil Air Patrol. Ken is a graduate of Eastern Washington University and Denver Seminary. He is employed with the Bureau of Land Management. He and his wife Marylin live in Meridian Idaho and homeschool their four children. mosquitos but for shorter periods than Second keep informed on when and If you would prefer to not use chemical Choose a repellant and use it especially Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION ICHE BULLETIN BOARD May 1 to August 1 2015 Testing Registration Open Tests not aligned with Common Core Testing keeps us free. See Mousetrap on page ____ Online registration mail-in forms and further info at 5th through 12th grade scores may qualify for Who s Who Among Idaho Scholars 9th through 12th grade scores may qualify for graduation honor cords and Summa Cum Laude Scholars ____________ The Internet of Things F Computers tablets smartphones web routers databases music videos controllers security alarm systems and fans major appliances space heaters electricity in some way then I am that a device on the Internet does not have to be a computer with someone sure someone out there has built an May 1 2014 Test Results & Honors Certificates Mailed If your envelope has not arrived contact registrations ____________ family room that you control with an information like its current state or June 6 to 7 CHOIS Convention Workshop Register at middle man that can take info from Race to the Bottom Tyranny of the Common Core Presenter Barry Peters ICHE President High-sounding rhetoric cannot disguise the woeful deficiencies of the new Common Core State Standards. Learn about the stealthy way the standards were adopted the deficiencies in the system and the blowback onto homeschoolers that will jeopardize our freedoms and impair the academic excellence that homeschoolers have traditionally enjoyed. CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 4 Renew Your SUBSCRIPTION Today YES City State Email board member. I would like to continue my subscription By Ken Barnes the state of some device based on of the channels allow for some sort of customization the possibilities truly are many of them do not even require a out and see what cool recipes you can come up with Oh and did I mention it Mail this form and or go to to subscribe online connected so please accept a complimentary subscription if you CHOIS IS SPRING CLEANING In an effort to be good stewards CHOIS is cleaning up our mailing list. We will no longer be mailing the magazine to our current list. If you want to continue to receive it you will need to renew your subscription by mail or online at http chois connection subscribe . We ask our subscribers to cover the cost of their own printing and postage by paying 10 for an annual subscription. Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION Ken Barnes is a software developer and homeschool co-op He and his lovely bride Cindy have been home educating their 4 uniquely NELSON LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE Harvey Breaux 208-573-1157 25 Hartman Boise ID 83704 harvey Erik Nelson - owner 208-871-6216 northwestlandscape Services include mowing edging trimming spring fall clean-up fertilzation weed control prevention tree pruning trimming and tractor services including mowing and discing. The Learnables The most affordable and successful Foreign Language curriculum now available on CD-ROM and DVD for Spanish and French level 1. Our commitment to a high quality and affordable foreign language curriculum is what separates The Learnables from other courses. The Learnables is the original picture system of instruction that teaches foreign language through the use of the comprehension method. Serving the needs of the homeschooling community and used by thousands since 1976. 30 CHOIS CONNECTION Summer 2014 Oh Taste And See Recitals 559-4660 eil And Susanne Buckle Graduation Showers Weddings Milestones Homeschooling Takes the Cake Summer 2014 CHOIS CONNECTION 31 Christian Homeschoolers Of Idaho State P.O. Box 45062 Boise Idaho 83711 T HIS IS YOUR LAST ISSUE UNLESS YOU HAVE RENEWED YOUR SUBSCRIPTION IN THE LAST 90 DAYS . D ON T MISS A SINGLE ISSUE RENEW TODAY Please renew by mail (see page 29) or online at http chois-connection subscribe us not grow weary while doing good for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. Galatians 6 9 And let HARVEST HOME EDUCATION 16th Annual Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State A Bountiful June 5th-7th 2014 STATE HOMESCHOOL CONVENTION At College Church of the Nazarene Nampa Idaho