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Description: Sarasota Pet and Manatee Pet are the only local pet publications exclusive to Sarasota and Manatee counties on Florida's Suncoast. Each issue includes community profiles, health and wellness articles written by area veterinarians and local pet experts, a calendar of upcoming events and fund-raisers, a "Rescue Me" section of adoptable pets and so much more! For additional information about the magazines, please visit Sarasota Pet July August 2014 Community Spotlight Michael Vistia & the KromaLife Style of Dog Painting Meet Cheeto Winner of Our Cutest Kitty Contest Adopt Don t Shop Saving one dog won t change the world but it will change the world for that one dog. Jeanine s Nationally Certified Dog Trainer SarasotaDogTrainer (941) 371-5174 863-491-MUTT (6888) Thunderstorm Phobia Consultant 1480736 WINNER Best Agility Trainer Sarasota Pet s Choice Awards 2013 DogStreet Pet Photography DO GS HAVI NG F UN Family Fun & Competition Classes Also Available Beginners Welcome DOG GROOMER DOG BATHS NAIL TRIMS HAIR CUTS FLEA REMOVAL Karen Haddad Proprietor 14 Years Experience Karen s Pet Place LLC Find Us in Gulf G ate For Upcoming Classes & Events Call 941-321-9672 Training Facility Located at West Coast Veterinary Center 7910 SR 72 (Clark Rd) two miles east of I-75 Professional Grooming Since 2000 Small Classes Group & Private Training 15 Years Experience (941) 400-2562 6545 Superior Ave. Sarasota FL 34231 Experience You Can Trust Sarasota Manatee Pet Vol. 8 No. 3 Sarasota Bradenton Palmetto Lakewood Ranch Venice Nokomis Osprey North Port A Local Magazine for Animal Lovers Serving DRIVEN BY COMPASSION 2011 2012 & 2013 Publisher & Founder Candace T. Botha 6329 Robin Cove Lakewood Ranch Florida 34202 Sarasota Pet s Choice Awards 2011 & 2012 Natural Choice Awards For The Love of Animals 2010 E-Mail Address SarasotaPet (941) 405-4468 941-592-5131 24 HR 365 DAYS YR VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED Emergencies Regular Vet & Specialist Visits Web site Best Friends Pet Photography Phone (941) 924-6007 Photographer Connie Summers Web site I can tell you that in my hour of absolute greatest need you were possibly my source of greatest comfort. I am so thankful for you and the service you provide. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your quick response and compassion You are an angel Transport to from Boarding Day Care Grooming Compassionate Home Pick-Up of Pets That Have Passed Affordable Help When You Need it the Most FREE Transport After Emergency Care Bradenton Veterinary Emergency U E R N IVE Account Executives Judith Black Horn Sue Vipond R S I T Y PA R K . L Tuttle Cover Photo by Connie Summers ALL RIGHTS RESERVED COPYRIGHT 2014 No part of this publication can be reproduced or duplicated without the publisher s permission. Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 941-955-0136 3 .C L . F O It never ceases to amaze me even now in the eighth year of publishing Sarasota Pet and Manatee Pet how many truly fascinating and talented people are in our local community I recently had the opportunity to meet two incredibly talented people who make their home in Nokomis--Michael Vistia one of the founders of the KromaLife Style of Dog Painting and Ann Marie Siegel an artist who handcrafts exquisite jewelry from intricate watch parts for her collection Details in Time. Christine Baer owner of Wet Noses in downtown Sarasota originally suggested that I meet Michael and Ann Marie and feature an article about them and their work in the magazines. Expecting to spend no more than 90 minutes at the interview and photo session for the article our time together lasted nearly three hours What an inspiring experience it was to meet these two people who believe in creating magic each and every day. I encourage you to the read the profile on Michael and Ann Marie and discover how talented these two extraordinary people truly are the feature begins page 40. Candace T. Botha publisher with I am sure that you will agree that there are two names in our local animal community that never will be forgother three pups Toby Lucy & Rikki. ten--Buck and Bill. Making headlines in local news--and around the world--for more than 15 months while the Photo by Liana Roman lives of these two beautiful Australian Shepherds were in jeopardy after a first-bite offense in Manatee County the story had a tragic ending when both dogs were euthanized on March 27 2014. Although we have not yet met in person I have spent hours on the phone with Karen Kay Erskine the courageous woman who fought so tirelessly for so long to save the lives of her two beloved Aussies. For Karen the fight for justice is far from over. Despite unbearable heartache she has rallied to assure this never again happens to animals and pet owners in our community by launching Second Wind Foundation a brand new organization that is committed to rebuilding the relationship between our canine companions and the communities in which they reside. In our most recent conversation Karen spoke openly about how she is coping with her devastating loss and what now motivates her to get out of bed each morning. Please take the time to read her story which begins on page 46. It s contest time again at Sarasota Pet and Manatee Pet Following on the heels of the success of our recent Happiest Pet Contest and Cutest Kitty Contest there is a brand new way to win BIG in your favorite local pet publications On page 62 of this issue there is a photo of a local pup that has quite a following in Sarasota and Manatee counties. Do you know the name of this beautiful black Lab If you do visit and click on the Do You Know My Name tab at the top of the page. Fill in the dog s name on the page along with your contact information and click Submit. One lucky winner with the correct answer will receive a 50 gift certificate to Holistic for Pets AND a FREE private agility lesson from OceanWolf Agility The contest deadline is Sunday August 10 at midnight so be sure to enter. And watch for an article on this very special dog in an upcoming issue Did you know that subscriptions for Sarasota Pet and Manatee Pet are once again available That s right--you can have the magazine delivered right to your mailbox or sent as a gift to friends and family members The price is 14.95 for six issues a year sign up online at or use the subscription form you ll find on page 31. I would like to remind you to please support our advertisers and let them know that you saw their ads as you patronize their stores or use their services it is after all their advertising support that makes publication of Sarasota Pet and Manatee Pet possible Enjoy your summer and stay safe Until next time-- Photos Connie Summers Waggin Set Your Tail a Waggin Too Tails Grooming We GroominG Day Care Boutique We Offer No-Appointment Nail Trims -- Now Offering-- Small Dog Day Care 15 for a Full Day Cage-Free Grooming We Use Only Natural Biodegradable Products That Are NOT Tested on Animals Herald-Tribune Readers Choice Winner 2012-2013 First Place Award for Pet Groomer in a Loving Environment Blue Buffalo Do Treats & An g Food tlers Pet Odor Ex terminator Candles & Sprays Zymox Skin Products Angel Eyes Natural Ga rden Soaps Professiona l Grooming Tools &M uc h More -- We Carry -- Come Play s U With 3688 Webber Street Sarasota Florida 941-924-4462 July August 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet (Just East of Beneva Road) 4 A Lifelong Friendship... THE AREA S BEST SELECTION OF NATURAL PET FOODS NEW Location in Bradenton 5770 Ranch Lake Boulevard Bradenton FL 34202 RIVER CLUB PLAZA 941-753-PAWS (7297) 713 Honore Avenue Sarasota FL 34232 941-378-4367 WWW.HOLISTICFORPETS.COM Check out our Website for Monthly Specials Like Us on Facebook for Online Specials Built on a Lifetime of Optimal Health. all Precise Holistic Complete Dog and Cat Foods 20% OFF Discount Expires 8 31 2014 WHOLESOME NUTRITIOUS PET FOODS MADE IN-HOUSE WITH UNSURPASSED QUALITY FOODS ALSO AVAILABLE FROM PRECISE c SMALL BREED c LARGE BREED c SENIOR c PUPPY PROUDLY MADE IN THE U.S.A. BY TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS A FAMILY-OWNED COMPANY SINCE 1930 Vimago By Anne E. Chauvet DVM DACVIM CriticalVetCare the Revolutionary CT Scan Now at CriticalVetCare begin treatment which may include surgery. This simple and quick transition from diagnosis to advanced treatments is not only more efficient and safer due to reduced anesthetic risks but in some cases life saving. Anne E. Chauvet DVM DACVIM The Vimago is safer CriticalVetCare for our patients Now we can perform an entire body scan in less than a minute with 80 to 90 percent less radiation than a high-end conventional scanner. Because of the speed it shortens the time the patient is under anesthesia. In summary the Vimago produces a higher level of image quality that enables our doctors to provide a more accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment plan. This means faster answers and better outcomes. C Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center riticalVetCare is the first and still the only clinic within a 50mile radius of Sarasota to have an in-house MRI for pets. In keeping with its mission to be at the forefront of technology for veterinary medicine CriticalVetCare is proud to announce the arrival of the Vimago--the most innovative CT scan for pets. Computer Aided Tomography (CAT or CT scan) is very useful when looking at parts of the body such as the lungs and thorax nasal passage and sinuses ears abdomen and some orthopedic structures. As in the human field the CT often replaces the use of ultrasound procedures for abdominal diagnostics because of a wider angle and a clearer detail of the area being examined. The Vimago however is not just another CT scan. It is the most advanced Robotic High Definition Computed Tomography Fluoroscopy and Digital Radiography platform. In layman s terms the Vimago can take X-Rays to see the inside of the patient while awake and still produce crystal clear CT scan images...Revolutionary The Vimago breaks new ground in imaging for several reasons It is the world s first and only HD (High Definition) CT which means Pictured above left The Vimago the most innovative CT Scanner for pets is now available at CriticalVetCare. Above center a three-dimensional image of cat s head that was generated by Vimago. Above right a 160-pound Mastiff one of the first Vimago patients. Photos courtesy of CriticalVetCare a higher resolution down to 0.1mm in three dimensions which is 30 times better than conventional CT. This is obtained by using a combination of image-acquisition techniques and merging data in a way similar to HDR photography. The Vimago is the only imaging platform designed to meet the demands of a diagnostic and interventional system. Thanks to the mobility and the combined CT speed and Fluoroscopy system the doctor can make a diagnosis and immediately be in a position to 6 We are so excited and proud of this new addition to our veterinary clinic. We invite you to visit the Vimago and send us any questions about this sensational diagnostic tool for your pets Open 24 7 for your pet s needs CriticalVetCare is located across from The Landings south of Proctor Road at 4837 S. Tamiami Trail in Sarasota. For more information please call 941-929-1818 or visit July August 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Photos Published Worldwide Connie s photography has been published internationally in books calendars & magazines Baron s Educational Series Cover Photography for National Magazines As Seen in the Brand New Editions of Meet the Breeds an official publication of the American Kennel Club Pet Friendly Prices n n n n n n FREE Initial Exam Complete Wellness Care Diagnostic & Medical Care Dentistry & Surgery Soft Tissue Surgery Ultrasound Medical Boarding WINNER For new clients only. Not to be combined with any other offer. Up to 2 pets per household. Expires 03-31-12. (Cashier code 700.500) 08-31-14. Call us for an appointment or visit us TODAY Also specializing in People Portraits Pet portraits Nature Photography VCA Lockwood Ridge Animal Hospital 359-3800 (941) 444-2088 3802 N. Lockwood Ridge Rd. Sarasota FL 34234 RCF Best Friends Pet Photography 941-924-6007 bestfriendspetphoto Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet NEW Mon Fri - Fri 8 00 6 00 6 00 Sat Sat 8 00 12 30 pm HOURS - Mon 7 00 am toam topm pm 8 00 am toam to 2 00 pm 7 HEALTH ALERT The danger is that a pet owner may falsely believe that his pet is now safe from periodontal disease when nothing could be further from the truth. ists--that travel from town to town offering non-professional dental scalings on animals that have not been sedated. I cannot emphasize enough how stressful and painful this is for your pet but also how it does not offer any long-term or even short-term health benefits. The cause of bad breath and potentially life-threatening heart and kidney problems is the bacteria in the plaque that is under the gumline. Periodontal disease originates in these deep odor-producing pockets that require probing and scaling with sharp instruments. There is a reason why our dentists sometimes use nitrous oxide (laughing Background photo Scott Griessel from getting into your pet s lungs where it potentially can cause a number of problems. People can close their throats and swallow but an anesthetized animal cannot. A restrained animal who is fighting and breathing rapidly is equally at risk of breathing in bacteria. Veterinarians have done a great job of educating pet owners about the imperative need for preventative dental care for their four-legged family members. And here s why it is so important--by three years of age approximately 85 percent of dogs already have periodontal disease that needs medical attention. In fact many popular toy breeds roper dental cleanings for pets are exactly the same as they are for humans. People however understand what is happening during the procedure and hold still even if they don t like the way it feels. Our pets however do not understand and typically will not hold still. They have to be forcibly restrained which not only is traumatic and stressful but also may lead to injury of the pet or the person who is attempting to restrain the pet. The truth is that non-anesthetic dental cleanings are not the same as traditional dental cleanings in fact they do not even come close to a true dental cleaning. Instead they are more cosmetic in nature and simply remove as much of the visible tartar and plaque build-up that is possible with this type of procedure. In recent years a cottage industry has evolved that takes advantage of pet owners fear of having their pets placed under anesthesia. Sometimes it is groomers offering to brush a pet s teeth which realistically doesn t accomplish anything useful (Imagine if you only brushed your teeth once every four to eight weeks ). There also are individuals--occasionally veterinary technicians or dental hygien- P By David T. Smith DVM Sarasota Veterinary Center Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleanings Do More Harm Than Good gas) and novocaine shots while they are working under our gum lines this degree of probing and scaling which is necessary to complete a thorough cleaning can be quite painful. The danger is that a pet owner may falsely believe that his pet is now safe from periodontal disease when nothing could be further from the truth. In fact the risk of developing this disease could be made worse by the scratches left on the teeth by the instruments used. Bacteria and plaque will find their way more quickly into those tiny scratches. That is why our dentist always finishes a cleaning by using a high-speed polisher on our teeth. Dr. David T. Smith Sarasota Veterinary Center. Photo by Keith Millard The Misunderstood Truth About Anesthesia What most pet owners don t understand is that anesthesia actually is considered very safe. A recent study conducted nationally revealed that only one in 10 000 veterinary patients had an adverse experience when placed under anesthesia. The American Animal Hospital Association will not certify any veterinary hospital that does not perform dental procedures under general anesthesia with intubation. Intubation refers to the breathing tube used in anesthesia. Use of this tube is critical in keeping the bacteria scraped off the teeth lose permanent teeth as early as five years of age if preventative dental care is not performed. The new challenge for veterinarians is to prevent pet owners from being lulled into a false sense of security by these non-professionals who are offering an ill-advised procedure. In a recent article Dr. Jan Bellows a Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College stressed the following key points about veterinary dentistry Because pets age rapidly veterinar- ians should examine the teeth of their patients twice a year. Proper teeth cleaning requires anesthesia. Non-professional teeth cleanings are primarily cosmetic and do not address moderate-to-advanced periodontal disease and other health issues. Dental care without anesthesia can be stressful and painful for pets. Dr. David T. Smith has been a veterinarian in Florida for 26 years. His practice is the Sarasota Veterinary Center on Cattlemen Road south of Bee Ridge Road and next to Burlington Coat Factory. Dr. Smith is a past president of both the Southwest Florida Veterinary Medical Association and the Broward County Veterinary Medical Association. He also was the medical director of two emergency and critical care centers as well as several veterinary hospitals in Broward County. Dr. Smith can be reached by phone at 941-377-3031 for questions or inquiries or contacted online at Sarasota s Premier Grooming Spa & Pet Boutique E G RO Owner Groomer Diana Booth Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet W OM LA RG E &S MA LL DOG S Ask about Our Puppy Boot Camp Offering A la Carte Services & Custom Spa Packages No-Cage Heat Drying Mud Baths FURminator Shed-Less Treatment 941-925-7906 6564 Superior Avenue Sarasota FL 34231 In the Gulf Gate Shopping Center We Proudly Use Only the Finest All-Natural Grooming Products to Truly Pamper Your Pets PawshBoutiqueSpa s simply About sAving lives. All You Need is a Spare Bedroom or Bathroom Food Supplies & Training are Provided Fostering is a Short-Term Commitment... ...Only 4 Days to To 8 Weeks is Required Foster Families are Needed Will YOU Lend a Hand to Save a Life Students Can Earn Community Service Hours for Fostering Kittens & Cats See the article on page 54 for details 2542 17th Street Sarasota Florida 34234 941-366-2404 Open 7 Days a Week Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Our Retail Store is Open Daily 9 Don t Let Your Pet Go to Pot By Robert W. Rill Jr. VMD University Animal Clinic ARIJUANA that is Marijuana toxicity in dogs and cats is on the rise. Even in states that have not yet legalized the use of marijuana for either medical or recreational use more cases are being presented to veterinarians for treatment. The active ingredient in Pot is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Pets can be severely affected and more often poisoned by ingestion rather than the inhalation of THC. The active ingredient targets the brain and interacts with many of its neuroreceptors causing a variety of symptoms. According to the Pet Poison Helpline dogs and cats that either ingest or are exposed to the second-hand smoke from marijuana can experience these life-threatening symptoms blood pressure and hypothermia. Onset of these symptoms can develop in as little as five minutes or make take up to four days. THC is primarily absorbed into the pet s body fat persisting for days. In human use benefits are claimed to be appetite stimulation and nausea control. In pets any benefits from THC have yet to be proven. MARIJUANA IS TOXIC to pets and as responsible and compassionate pet owners individuals inclined to use THC or other drugs need to be diligent to prevent any possible access to these substances. Although most cases of pet THC ingestion are not fatal if supportive care is provided many toxic pets will require one to four days of hospitalization until their hydration body temperature and ability to eat and drink is re-established. Dr. Robert W. Rill Jr. University Animal Clinic. Photo courtesy of University Animal Clinic Lifesaving Steps Incoordination Listlessness Stuporous behavior (walking as if drunk) Dilated pupils Vomiting Slowed heart rate Urinary incontinence Severe depression Lethargy Low blood pressure Respiratory depression Coma Hyperactivity Vocalization Seizures What should an owner do IMMEDIATELY if their pet suddenly ingests that THC-laden brownie or hidden stash Until signs of sedation occur within the first few minutes vomiting can be induced with diluted peroxide or ipecac. Activated charcoal in liquid or tablet form may help reduce absorption. If profound signs develop DO NOT ADMINISTER any oral medications to prevent aspiration pneumonia. The pet should be TRANSPORTED IMMEDIATELY to his or her veterinarian or emergency veterinary clinic in a secure warm manner for evaluation. pot ingestion to aid their veterinarians in establishing a rapid diagnosis. Veterinarians are primarily interested in helping the pet not in passing judgment. Marijuana usage is in fact not a reportable situation. As Cannabis ( Pot ) appears progressively to be more prevalent throughout the United States pet owners need to be aware of its potential harm to their pets and be responsible for their exposure and not let them go to pot. Specializing in the medical and surgical treatment of cats dogs pocket pets and exotic animals Dr. Robert W. Rill Jr. owns University Animal Clinic an AAHA-Accredited veterinary clinic that is located at 8239 Cooper Creek Boulevard in University Park. For more information or to schedule an appointment please call 941-355-7707 or visit Photo Roman Strelchenko Honesty Matters Approximately 30 percent of pets will develop infected mucus membranes low Diagnosis is based on the clinical signs and history of exposure. Reference laboratory testing of body fluids such as urine can be confirmatory for THC exposure. Marijuana toxicity resembles several other central nervous systems intoxicants and owners need to be forthcoming about 10 July August 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Making Dreams Come True... The Time is Right to Buy a Home Suncoast K9 Concierge Serving East Manatee County & Lakewood Ranch c c c c c c c c c c c LLC Professional Loving Care for the Critters in Your Castle Insured c Bonded c Certified in Pet CPR & First Aid -- Pet Owners -- Looking to List Call Me Dog Walking c Potty Breaks Daily Visits Kimberly Mills Realtor Lots of Love & Play While You re Away The Boarding Alternative for Your Pets 941-725-8658 PHO c T UPD O & TEX T ATE EAC S AT c VISITH c c c c c c Jessica Murphy Your Pet & Home Concierge c c c c c c c Direct 941-321-9601 941-758-7777 kim A Portion of Commissions are Donated to the Animal Rescue Group of Your Choice c c c c The Doggy Diva Show NEW TIME Pet Salon Metro 418 Central Avenue Sarasota FL 34236 (941) 955-7701 21 Years Experience in Show-Style Grooming Sarasota Obedience Training Club (SOTC) Classes in Obedience Rally Flyball & Agility For all Dogs & Owners Bradenton Veterinary Emergency c c c c Positive Reinforcement Techniques Puppy and Beginner Daytime & Evening Classes Advanced Obedience Rally & Flyball Classes Agility Classes for 6 Levels 7 5 0 5 C R 6 7 5 M a n a t e e C o u n t y F L 941-377-5984 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet ( H w y 7 0 & C R 6 7 5 E a s t o f L a k e w o o d Ra n c h ) 4th Avenue West 29th Street West 30th Street West 31st Street West Veterinary Emergency Bradenton Manatee Avenue West 11 I just had a CAT scan Computed Tomography Imaging (CT or CAT scan) uses X-rays in conjunction with digital X-ray detectors and computer processors to image the patient providing better differentiation of soft tissue than conventional x-rays. As in human medicine CT is most useful for full chest and abdomen scans helping diagnose diseases that radiographs and even MRI cannot. A whole body scan with full 3D reconstruction can be obtained in just minutes joke We check your pets in HD. V CRITICALVETCARE VETERINARY SPECIALTY & EMERGENCY CENTER (941)-929-1818 4937 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota FL 34231 Passion to Care Mission to Cure Proudly Bringing Our Customers the Highest Quality Healthiest Products Made in the U.S.A. Food Treats Toys Beds c Holistic Foods Treats & Supplements c An Extensive Selection of Raw Foods c Natural Flea & Tick Treatments c Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies c Environmentally Friendly Toys & Bedding Many Made From Recycled Materials petpantry HOURS Mon to Fri 10am to 6pm Sat 10am to 4pm Closed Sunday Blackburn Point Plaza 1078 S. Tamiami Trail Osprey FL 34229 (941) 244-2260 Noninvasive Allergy Testing & Treatment (NAET) Acupuncture Homeopathy Applied Kinesiology Nutrition Geriatric Medicine Prolotherapy Routine Wellness Care Now Practicing At West Coast Veterinary Center 7910 S.R. 72 (Clark Road) Sarasota FL Using Holistic Medicine to Complement Conventional Wisdom With a combination of conventional and holistic medicine Dr. Howard Rand is committed to keeping pets healthy throughout every phase of their lives. Get your puppy or kitten off to a healthy start with a holistic approach that will help ensure many years of happiness. Please call or stop by one of our two convenient locations--or visit us online--to learn more about Dr. Rand s unique approach to veterinary care. Ranch Animal Hospital 11105 Corridor Place Lakewood Ranch FL 941-926-0788 WEBSITE FACEBOOK Please visit us online at 13 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet HEALTH ALERT Dementia in Dogs time when affected dogs might wake up in the middle of the night and wander or bark. You might notice changes in your dog s attitude and activity level. Affected dogs may become more anxious or irritable. On the other hand some pets become more affectionate and clingy with their owners. Depending on the dog activity may be increased or decreased. Sometimes decreased energy and decreased curiosity are noted. In other instances symptoms can include restlessness pacing or compulsive behaviors such as excessive licking. Dogs with CDS may also forget previously learned skills some forget their house training and consequently have accidents in the house. A pet s behavior can give us clues that they may be developing CDS. However there are medical conditions with symptoms that can mimic those of CDS so it is best to determine if there is a treatable underlying cause. For example loss of vision or hearing can cause disorientation that appears very similar to CDS. Certain organ failures can cause disoriented behavior and metabolic diseases can affect attitude and activity. Also painful conditions such as arthritis and dental disease can cause increased anxiety and irritability. Likewise urinary or fecal accidents in the house could be caused by a number of different medical conditions. By Tamara Powell DVM VCA Lockwood Ridge Animal Hospital any of my clients ask me if it is possible for their pets to develop dementia as they age. The answer is yes it is possible for pets to develop a condition similar to dementia. In dogs and cats this condition is known as cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS). CDS can encompass a wide variety of symptoms. In this article I will discuss the symptoms that commonly develop in dogs. By the age of 12 years approximately 28 percent of dogs will develop at least one sign of CDS. By age 16 the number increases to 68 percent of dogs. Mild symptoms will eventually become more frequent and more severe but the time line for this progression can vary between dogs. There may be a genetic predisposition although the condition is not known to be associated with a particular breed or gender. A common symptom of CDS is disorientation This can include getting lost in familiar environments such as the house or the yard or tending to wander off. You also may notice confusion or difficulty navigating through familiar routes such as going to the wrong side of the door to go outside. Confusion is especially common at night- M Dr. Tamara Powell VCA Lockwood Ridge Animal Hospital It is important to have your pet examined by a veterinarian and possibly to have blood work or imaging (x-rays or ultrasound) performed to determine if there is an underlying medical condition causing the symptoms you are seeing. Some conditions can be treated allowing for a good quality of life. If other medical conditions are ruled out and it is determined that your companion has CDS there are some therapies that may be helpful. While there is no cure for CDS some options can help to slow the progression of the syndrome. This may be as simple as a feeding your pet a special prescription diet or providing certain daily supplements. In some cases prescription medications may be beneficial. Unfortunately there are instances where the disease can progress and lead to a poor quality of life for a dog. However with awareness proper intervention and ongoing support often we can provide your pet with a good comfortable life for months or years to come. Tamara Powell DVM is one of the veterinarians on staff at VCA Lockwood Ridge Animal Hospital located at 3802 N. Lockwood Ridge Road in Sarasota. Additional information about the veterinary practice is available online at lockwood-ridge. To schedule an appointment please call 941-359-3800. At left dementia known as cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS) affects 28 percent of dogs by the age of 12 years and 68 percent of dogs 16 years of age and older. Photo at left Mythja July August 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 14 We re Celebrating Christmas in July at Beverly Hills Dog Pleasing Pups & Their Parents Since 2008 Full-Service Grooming Doggy Day Care We Groom Cats Too Experience Our Winter Wonderland Adopt a Festive Music & Decorations Holiday Goodies for Pets & People Book an Appointment in July for a FREE Chance to Win Our Holiday Raffle Visit Our OPEN HOUSE Second Sunday of Every Month 1 00 - 3 00 p.m. GREYHOUND A Classic 45-mile-per-hour Couch Potato Who Know s It May Even Snow at Bever ly Hills Dog Retired racing Greyhounds make wonderful pets. To find out how you can make a difference in the life of a Greyhound call 941 359-FAST (3278) or visit 2030 Bispham Road Sarasota FL 34231 Located south of Gulf Gate Drive one block east of South Tamiami Trail in Gulf Gate See Our New Client Coupon for 2000 Off on Page 55 1801 Verna Road Myakka City 941-822-0888 mspeejay It s time to try Beverly Hills Dog If you think Going GREEN is for the DOGS you re EXACTLY right Rust Free Maintenance Friendly Made in the USA Built to Last Using the Finest Recyled Plastic BARKITECTURETM is the world s first and only dog park system made from 99% PCRP (Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic). So say Good-Bye to dog parks that rust splinter & develop sharp edges & points posing risk of injury to our waggy-tailed friends... ...and say HELLO to BARKITECTURETM. Project Innovations Inc. 743 Wesley Avenue Tarpon Springs FL 34689 Visit our Web site for more information Toll Free 855-650-6818 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 15 HEALTH ALERT Summer Pet Hazards For the safety of your pet it should become a family policy to NEVER leave a dog or cat in the car...PERIOD. An overheated pet will feel warm to the touch and may be either conscious or unconscious. If at all possible attempt to decrease your pet s body temperature by applying cool (not cold) water to the body and get to a veterinarian as soon as possible. By Charlotte B. Sherrell DVM Laurel Oak Veterinary Hospital S ummer is a great season to spend more time with your pet and enjoy the outdoors. However along with the warmer weather come hazards that can hamper pet fun and compromise safety. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you enjoy the summer heat. Heading Outdoors on Foot You Auto Know... Even though Fido may enjoy riding along in the car as your run your errands a road trip in the summer can become deadly. During the summer your car can become an oven for your pet. On a day when temperatures reach 80 degrees the temperature inside a car with closed windows can skyrocket to as high as 154 degrees in a matter of minutes. When the outside temperature is a mild 72 degrees the temperature inside a car can reach 117 degrees within 20 minutes depending on the position of the sun. Leaving the windows cracked open does not reduce the temperature enough to significantly diminish the heat--many pets have succumbed to heat stress in a car with the windows cracked. Even a dash into the grocery store can lead to a fatal car ride if the pet owner becomes distracted and is in the store too long. Death can come quickly and even if the pet is found alive the risk of damage to the organs and nervous system is high. Daily walks are an excellent way to provide exercise and stimulation for companion animals. Regular walks help keep joints strong aid in digestion and increase mental acuity. Even the oldest pets seem to look forward to a walk no matter how far the distance or what kind of weather. It is important to pay particular attention to the type of surface on which your pets are walking. Asphalt and metal can retain a significant amount of heat during hot summer days and these surfaces can burn the pads of your pet s feet. Licking the paws reluctance to walk and limping are signs that there may be damage to the paws after an outdoor summer stroll. Walking your pet during the early morning hours or later in the day can help prevent painful burns to the pads of a pet s feet. Charlotte B. Sherrell DVM Laurel Oak Veterinary Hospital Photo by Cindy Reno young animals are those that are at particular risk for heat stroke. The short-faced cats and dogs such as Shih Tzus Boxers and Pugs also are at risk because they do not pant efficiently and have a difficult time controlling body temperature when exposed to excess heat. Heavy panting excessive drooling excessive thirst lethargy incoordination vomiting and a purple tongue are signs that your pet is unable to handle the excessive heat. If these symptoms develop in your pet seek veterinary care immediately. Hot fun in the summertime with pets can be safe if you follow these simple guidelines The Sun s Scorching Rays Outdoor play and walks on the beach can sometimes cause sunburn even in your pets. Although animals are commonly covered by fur pigmented skin or hair prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can result in damage by ultraviolet rays. Areas most likely to burn are those around the head including the ears and nose and along the animal s back. Applying sunscreen can help protect the skin and lessen the effects of sunburn. Speak to your veterinary professional about the type of sunscreen recommended specifically for your pet. Provide plenty of fresh water and protec- Heat stroke also can occur during summer walks in extreme heat. Dogs and cats do not have a special tolerance for the heat and will often walk until they no longer are able to. While all animals can be affected by high temperatures geriatric and very When Hot Weather Turns Deadly... tion from direct sunlight whenever your pet is outdoors. Remember to apply sunscreen formulated for dogs and cats if your veterinary professional has determined that your pet has sensitive skin. Summer sidewalks can be hot if you would not walk on the surface without shoes limit the time you walk your pet on that same surface. Remember to never leave your pet in the car when the temperature is warm. Charlotte B. Sherrell DVM is the owner of Laurel Oak Veterinary Hospital located at 8282 Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota. She has practiced veterinary medicine for 15 years. Her special interests include dentistry and feline medicine. For more information or to make an appointment call 941-342-PETS (7387) or visit Photo at left amiga2005 July August 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet at FOOD OF T H E Meet Olivia Grace Livy adopted from Racing Dog Rescue Project MONTH Save 20 % Off NATURAL BALANCE Foods During the Month of August The Food For a Lifetime OFF 20% Ends August 31 2014 5275 University Parkway University Park 941-359-1010 Monday - Friday 10 AM - 6 PM Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM Closed Sunday Locally Owned HOURS c Lovingly Operated Mobile Pet Grooming All Breeds of Dogs And Cats too Call Aussie Pet Mobile and make your pet happy Special Services Summer Clips or Shave De-Shedding Treatments Flea Tick Baths Less stress for your Pet PlaqClnz Teeth Cleaning 941.322.9168 Less stress for your Pet Personal Attention from one of our professional Groomers. Grooming Mon-Sat Aussie Pet Mobile - Suncoast FL Areas Serviced Manatee Sarasota & Charlotte Counties Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 17 Photo by Connie Summers We re Celebrating Our Newest Family Member with Savings What Everyone Needs to Know About Pet Food By Dr. Anne Luther DVM MS BA CVA Sarasota Animal Medical Center More Disturbing News... J ust as with humans your pet s diet largely determines his or her overall health. Today s commercial pet food is a far cry from your dog or cat s ancestral diet which they thrived on for thousands of years. Instead they are full of highly processed toxic ingredients certainly unfit for consumption by either humans or pets. The obvious reason for this is cost. Grains and carbohydrates are often used as a cheap source of protein replacing more appropriate sources such as meat. You ll commonly find rice corn barley potatoes and starch added to cat and dog food as cheap sources of energy and calories. Corn a staple in most pet food is one of the most frequently genetically modified foods. Studies have consistently shown that these products are not healthy for you or your best friend. Commonly you ll find meat meals in pet foods. Since only about half of every animal can be used as food for human consumption the remaining parts or the by-products consisting of heads feet bones feathers blood intestines organs fat scraps and even unborn fetuses are used in pet food. Meal has been cooked at high temperatures that damage proteins and destroy natural enzymes. In addition to food animal scraps this meal can include grocery store-expired meat (Styrofoam wrapping intact) road kill diseased and disabled (and dead) cattle and even euthanized pets. Meat meal does not contain the nutrients found in real meat and is used to increase the protein content on the pet food label thus pushing the cost down but keeping the protein level acceptable. From a health standpoint denatured proteins from high-processing temperatures can lead to food allergies and intolerances as well as inflammatory bowel disease. If your pet food label states that the food contains one or more meats such as chicken or lamb they are not by-products. However they still are mostly leftover scraps and bones. Chicken consists of backs spines and ribs with minimal meat left on the bones. Unless the label on your pet s food states that the food is safe for human consumption you can bet the protein source is less than optimal. As if poor quality ingredients aren t bad enough there are currently no laws or regulations that limit the amount of toxic heavy metals toxic chemicals artificial substances or fillers in pet food. For decades manufacturers of pet food have gotten away with selling the most contaminated polluted and toxic food imaginable. Low quality toxic contaminated pet food is killing our pets Because of these manufacturing practices we are currently experiencing an Anne Luther DVM MS BA CVA epidemic of pet cancer liver Sarasota Animal Medical Center and kidney disease thyroid disease and diabetes. Pet diseases are at an all-time high and just as with humans these life-threatening illnesses are caused by lowquality foods and high levels of food contaminants. What Pet Owners Can Do The good news is there are several things you can do right away to improve the quality of the diet you feed your cat or dog... If you don t like to cook there are numerous commercial fresh frozen diets that mimic your pet s ancestral diet that can be purchased at your local pet food store and even at Whole Foods. You also can prepare your own pet food with wholesome preferably organic fresh ingredients. Many veterinarians advise against feeding a homemade diet to pets simply because most pet owners do a poor job of preparing a well-balanced diet for their dogs or cats. Just because you toss together meat and a vegetable or two you do NOT have an appropriately balanced diet You can cause more harm than good to your pet if you don t know what you re doing. Even though your pet may look healthy from the homemade diet you re feeding nutritional deficiencies can easily go undetected. Be sure to either buy a raw diet that is labeled nutritionally complete or work with an animal nutritionist to formulate the best diet for your pet. But do it now before your pets encounter serious possibly irreversible health issues. As a practicing veterinarian with nearly 30 years experience I am convinced that most of our pets diseases can be traced back to a poor diet. Make the decision to change your pet s diet today. Prevention is so much easier than treatment Anne Luther DVM MS BA CVA is the owner of Sarasota Animal Medical Center 3646 Birky Street in Sarasota. In addition to office appointments Sarasota Animal Medical Center also offers veterinary house call services. To schedule an appointment please call 941-954-4771. For more information visit the clinic online at What s hiding in your pet s food Without laws or regulations that limit toxic heavy metals toxic chemicals artificial substance or fillers in pet foods many manufacturers are risking our pets health in an effort to cut costs. Photo tompet80 July August 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 18 The BradenTon hound A SHOPPING ADVENTURE FOR DOGS AND THEIR HUMANS Come DisCover The BraDenTon hounD Humans will discover the world of dog and country living through antique and vintage pieces for the equestrian antique and vintage furniture and paintings exquisite china and crystal unique books and stationery organic blankets for human babies and lovely fresh water pearl jewelry designed by Barb McSweeney. Hounds of all makes and sizes will discover an unrivaled assortment of collars leashes and harnesses by Puppia UpCountry Preston and Coach clothing and necklaces by Oscar Newman unique bedding and an organic biscuit bakery that features treats both humans and dogs can share. Adventure Awaits in the Unexpected... The Discovery of Things Not Anticipated Waiting to be Found Inside THE BRADENTON HOUND 6650 CORTEZ ROAD WEST BRADENTON Next Door to Anna Maria Oyster Bar & The Sage Biscuit Caf in Cortez Plaza Hours Monday 10 am - 5 pm Tuesday Closed Wednesday Closed Thursday 10 am - 5 pm Friday 10 am - 5 pm Saturday & Sunday 10 am to 3 pm 941-251-5984 WWW.THEBRADENTONHOUND.COM bradentonhound for Your Energy Healing Companion Animals D By Susan Blake Gonzalez Bear Creek Veterinary Alternatives What are the Chakras oes your Golden Retriever seem lethargic Is your cat grooming excessively Does one of your dogs bark constantly After first checking with your veterinarian for any medical issues the next thing to do is to consider energy work. Most people have heard of energy work perhaps because we ve had acupuncture or Reiki treatments. Everything alive has chi or life force energy. Our world is made of energy. Optimizing our energy and keeping it flowing through the body helps us to stay healthy and function at our best. According to physicists atoms and electrons make up everything. What it means is that this field of energy radiates through and connects everything that exists. Through their instincts our animals pick up energy from the earth their food and on an emotional level from their owners. They hold in their body and emotions past abuses or traumas as well as fear and anxiety which can lead to physical and behavioral problems. A New Old Approach to Healing Many forms of energy work exist. We will talk about one that we use in our practice. Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) is a holistic approach to influencing health and well-being though energy and intention. It was first taught in 1996 by Carol Komitor for use with companion animals. Used by more than 75 000 human healthcare practitioners worldwide healing touch is recognized by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Now that you know it s backed up by science energy work in many forms has been used for thousands of years by indigenous shamans and healers in many cultures. Studies that show people being helped by prayer at a distance are healed because of the energy of thoughts and intention. The sacred connection to plants the land the rivers and oceans and the animals is part of who we are as humans. HTA works primarily with the chakra system. Chakras are energy centers that humans dogs and cats all have to assimilate life force energy. When these centers are Susan Gonzalez and Dr. Jaime Gonzalez open the chakras work in Bear Creek Veterinary Alternatives harmony. HTA promotes a deep relaxation enhancing all the systems of the body and allowing them to function more fully. The immune and endocrine systems are stimulated. The result is a happier and healthier animal with a deeper bond to his or her human. Blocked overactive or underactive chakras may cause psychological or physical problems. The lower chakras correspond to basic survival needs and the upper chakras are psychological and spiritual in nature. Blocks occur from stress illness physical or emotional abuse fear grief and anxiety to name a few of the primary causes. Animals and humans have seven major chakras (Please see the sidebar below left). HTA is one way to bring balance back to these energy vortexes. A Case of Giving Up What Do Chakras Do Each major chakra governs an area of the body and has a color correspondence. The list shows behavioral and physical attributes and imbalances (in italics) Root (or base) red related to survival grounding pecking order security trust and courage. Fear lack of trust blood and bone disorders arthritis. Sacral (sexual) orange all aspects of reproduction absorption of food life force energy and vitality. Spay neuter and breeding issues confidence low energy. Solar plexus yellow center of power confidence and communication with humans. Digestive issues depression immune system issues nervousness lack of confidence. Heart green unconditional love human animal bond blood and physical life force within the body. Anger aggression blood disorders emotional issues unresolved grief abused and rescued animal issues. Throat blue all aspects of communication and expression. Excessive or inappropriate barking metabolism thyroid issues. Brow (or third eye) indigo - insight and telepathy the way animals communicate. Depression headaches hearing loss hyperactive skin allergies. Crown violet or white life force connection with divine wisdom service. Grief depression fear eyesight issues pining senility separation anxiety. One of our patients Harry was referred to us because he was not eating. This little dog was adopted and suffered several illnesses and many rounds of antibiotics. After he started to feel better he was neutered. He was severely depressed and stopped eating. He received holistic medical treatment to stimulate his appetite and the owners had to feed him with a syringe. Medically there was nothing else to do. They were afraid he would die. Since they loved him very much they tried HTA treatments. During the initial session he communicated his anger at being neutered. We used essential oils and HTA to balance his solar plexus root and heart chakras and to remove blockages. During the second session he took some food. After the third session the owner was able to easily wean him off the canned food and quickly he was back to his happy playful self. Many other modalities including music and color therapy essential oils massage Reiki and acupuncture can positively influence the energy body. All these techniques enhance the quality of life for our animals. In this way we return a small portion of the love and healing they so willingly give to us. Bear Creek Veterinary Alternatives is a holistic specialty practice in Sarasota that is co-owned by Jaime Gonzalez DVM CVA and Susan Blake Gonzalez. Dr. Gonzalez has 25 years of conventional holistic and emergency medicine experience. Susan practices energy medicine and other shamanistic modalities. Please visit us online at or July August 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 20 What a Difference a Healthy Diet Can Make. The Area s Best Selection of Natural Pet Foods NEW Location in Bradenton 5770 Ranch Lake Boulevard Bradenton FL 34202 RIVER CLUB PLAZA 941-753-PAWS (7297) 713 Honore Avenue Sarasota FL 34232 941-378-4367 WWW.HOLISTICFORPETS.COM Check out our Website for Monthly Specials Like Us on Facebook for Online Specials 20% OFF Premium Quality Dog Food for Your Pets for All Life Stages all Zignature Dog Foods Discount Expires 8 31 2014 Completely Chicken Free Potato Free & Grain Free -- Great for Allergy Dogs By Lisa Burns Backyard Getaway Do Luring Songbirds to Your Backyard Pond Native aquatic plants Water lilies rocks and insects that gather in the pond will help create shelter and food for all types of wild birds. Be sure to extend the landscape around the water feature to include native seed and berry Lisa Burns co-owner of plants for additional Backyard Getaway in Myakka City food sources. If your pond is in full sun additional landscaping will help provide shade. Don t forget nesting boxes and bird houses for shelter outside of the pond. Where you place the bird pond also is important. A pond placed at the edge of the garden will seem more secluded and safer to the birds. you enjoy the chirping of songbirds in your yard One of the easiest ways to attract birds to your garden is with water. For both drinking and bathing water is essential for all birds. Many birds who normally do not visit bird feeders will not be able to resist a pond especially if the water is in motion or has that telltale sound of flowing water. While a waterfall certainly adds to the beauty of your pond it also functions as a way to keep the pond cleaner and healthier for the birds while providing a perch for them as well. If you are planning a pond water garden stream or pond-free waterfall with the idea of attracting birds and other wildlife to your yard there are a couple of things you should consider Create a shallow wading area for bathing this will help birds stay cool as well as remove dirt and help them stay clean. Add perches at the edge of the water level where the birds can stand to drink. Maintaining Your Pond It is just as important that you maintain your water feature for birds as you would a Koi pond. A healthy wildlife pond should be similar to a natural pond with native plants and a bit of debris on the bottom. Of course a small man made pond will need a bit of help with the use of a pump filter system. Clean recirculating water that is pulled through a pond filter is more attractive and healthier. It also will need to be cleaned less frequently than the still stagnant water in a birdbath. Be careful when adding chemicals to your water feature including those used to control algae. Make sure to read the labels carefully to see if they are safe for birds. If you prefer to treat algae using a natural source try barley straw or barley straw pellets. Algae growth should not be an issue if you have the proper filtration plenty of aquatic plants and gravel at the pond bottom for beneficial bacteria to grow. If your pond has fish keep feeding to a minimum. Pesticides should not be used in the landscaping surrounding your water feature not only will they make the plants berries and seeds unsafe to eat but these chemicals easily can run off into the pond making it toxic for the birds. Your pond can become home to many wild bird species by utilizing these few simple steps. Lisa is the co-owner of Backyard Getaway a family owned and operated pond service and retail pond and water garden supply business offering professional and personalized water garden and pond design installation and pond maintenance services. Open by appointment only Backyard Getaway is located at 2807 S. Duette Road in Myakka City. For information or to schedule an appointment call 941-752-POND (7663) or please visit Photo of sparrows at left archeophoto Background photo elenathewise animal medical center Holistic and Traditional treatments for your pets Acupuncture HomeopAtHy cHinese medicine LAser tHerApy surgery dentistry VeTerinAry orTHopeDiC MAnipulATion Also oFFering VeTerinAry House CAll serViCes SaraSota take 10 off your firSt exam new Clients only expires 8 31 14 Business Hours Monday Tuesday Thursday & Friday 9 00-5 00 saturday 9 00-12 00 Over 25 years experience 941-954-4771 3646 Birky Street SaraSota Anne luther BA Ms DVM CVA (formerly Anne Hyle) Now in its 10th Year THE TENTH ANNUAL RON GORDON S HUMANE SOCIETY GOLF TOURNAMENT Saturday October 4 2014 The Meadows Country Club 3101 Longmeadow Sarasota Benefiting the Humane Society of Sarasota County Support the Cause Sponsorships Available For details send an e-mail to hsscgolf For Information and to Register visit our Web site Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 25 There is a Light at the End of the Tunnel... As By Special Contributor Barbara Bounds Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory Asking how he or she is doing Asking what if anything he or she has Offering an opportunity to talk about his or her grief Remember to be patient and generous with your time. Expect the person trying to cope with the grief to repeat some aspects of the heartbreaking event several times. The number one request hurting people have is to be heard and they want assurance that whatever decision they had to make at the end of their pet s life was the right one. On the day that my friend decided it was time to euthanize her beloved dog she called me. It was going to be very difficult for her to make the drive to the veterinary clinic knowing that she would not be returning home with her dog. She also had told me that because she lived in an apartment she would not be able to bury her pet yet she could not afford the cost of a private cremation. It made her immensely sad that she couldn t provide the kind of resting place she wanted. I felt and understood her grief. For several days in a row I phoned my friend to ask how she was dealing with the passing of her pet. It was hard for her to realize that the dog was gone and never coming back. She felt guilt regret and very alone. As a final tribute I admitted that I had privately cremated her pet and if she wanted she could choose an area to scatter the cremains. I told her that I would be with her to do this if that was her wish because I knew she was struggling with how to handle her dog s final disposition. She accepted the offer and expressed tremendous relief. Together we located a peaceful area under a shady oak tree on our church s property and without exception when she returns to attend services every week she visits the resting place of her beloved dog. It was definitely worth the effort to help a grieving friend. done to feel better the owner of Belspur Oaks I help pet owners every day who are either enduring or about to experience the loss of a beloved pet. I have realized that everyone responds to grief in his or her own way and the move along that journey takes a different amount of time for each individual. Recently a friend of mine endured the loss of her beloved dog. Her pet had been ill for less than two months and during that time I was able to witness firsthand the difficult choices she had to make leading up to and beyond the passing of her pet. Prior to her dog s euthanasia she called and told me what she was preparing to do. Her mind was set. I listened carefully supported her decision to put her dog down but did not make the decision for her. I knew that she was heartbroken and truly wanted what was best for the dog. Grieving a pet can be a tough road and getting beyond it for some can seem like an arduous and convoluted task. When faced with helping either a friend or family member in a situation like this remember to be nonjudgmental lend a listening ear and do whatever is necessary to help them move along their journeys. For some the overwhelming sadness and despair can be too much to bear. They reach out searching for a sympathetic ear wanting to know if what they are feeling is normal and real because after all it s a pet that they are grieving not a human. And they have more than likely been told It was only a dog and to get over it. Simple ways to help someone grieving would include these recommendations Barbara Bounds Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory After the loss of a pet it often is hard to foresee any relief from the grief. It is important to assure the grieving that as time goes on they will experience more good days than bad. Without a doubt there will be an occasional bad day but it will begin to happen less frequently. As time passes and we move on the void in our life becomes filled with activities. We discover that immersing ourselves in these activities helps to ease the pain of grief that we feel and we begin to see that there really is light at the end of the tunnel. For 25 years Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory has been serving the veterinary and animal community on Florida s Gulf Coast by providing dignified after-care services that include pet cremations grief resources and personalized pet products. Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory recently celebrated the grand opening of its new larger pet memorial center which is located at 2122 Whitfield Park Avenue in Sarasota. For more information please call 941-751-5044 or visit July August 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet A phone call or visit 26 Photo badmanproduction Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 27 Agility--The Power of Two The Story of Sabrina & Darlene Fort Myers with her Sheltie when she first laid eyes on agility equipment. Curious she inquired and found the facility also was offering agility classes and so she signed up first with her King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and later with Sabrina. Agility training quickly became a regular part of Hera Kai and COZ Sabrina s life. With OceanWolf Agility eight dogs in the household Darlene feels it is important to have some one-on-one time with each dog and agility became Sabrina and Darlene s special time. The sport has brought the two of them closer together and taken them to new heights. In 2011 Sabrina became the first Skye Terrier in history to represent her breed at the American Kennel Club (AKC) Invitational Tournament an annual affair that pits the top five dogs in each breed against one another. In October 2013 Sabrina attended the Skye Terrier Diamond Jubilee (75th Anniversary) Specialty in Pennsylvania. Sabrina gave a virtuoso demonstration of agility in front of a crowd of devoted Skye owners who had never heard of or seen a Skye do agility and S By Hera & COZ OceanWolf Agility abrina the Skye Terrier is very unique looking and an extremely rare breed of dog. The breed originated on the Isle of Skye in Scotland where it was bred to hunt vermin. There are less than 3 000 in the world today and it is the most endangered breed in the United Kingdom. They are low to the ground and twice as long as they are tall with a long beautiful coat. They are fiercely loyal dogs and delightful companions. To find a Skye Terrier at an animal shelter is highly unlikely but that is exactly what happened to Darlene Sumner of Fort Myers Florida one day in late May 2006. Darlene received a call from a representative at Lee County Animal Services saying that they had one of her Skye Terriers. She doubted this as all three of her Skyes were right in front of her and given the scarcity of the breed she doubted they had a Skye Terrier at all. Previously committed to attend an agility trial with one of her other dogs Darlene sent a friend to look at the shelter dog. When it turned out to be a Skye Terrier Darlene immediately adopted the dog. Things were tough at first. Sabrina was thickly matted when she came into animal services and the shelter had opted to shave off her trademark coat. Sabrina also was Top left Sabrina relaxes at home. Photo by Darlene Sumner Above Sabrina proudly wears her winner ribbons as she and Darlene pose at the 2013 AKC Agility Invitational. Photo by Jan Remmel At right Sabrina clears the bar at an agility event. At left Sabrina gracefully soars through the air during practice. Photos at left and right by Andrea Denton frightened and not particularly friendly. When Sabrina first entered Darlene s house she immediately picked a favorite perch on the foot support of Darlene s husband s recliner. This is where Darlene s husband who is an insulin-dependent diabetic checks his blood sugar daily. Darlene wonders if there is a connection between the two because each time he checks his blood sugar Sabrina barks for him to sit down and put his feet up so that she can have her favorite spot. Darlene who at any given time has several canine companions in her household gradually worked Sabrina through her trust issues. With so many dogs in the house Darlene has to work hard to keep them all active. Darlene was taking Rally Obedience classes at K9 s Come 1st in 28 they were amazed when they saw Sabrina of Sumner Court MX AXJ MXP MJP2 NFP handle the course with ease. Back in Florida Sabrina is gearing up for her fourth appearance at the AKC Invitational Tournament in Orlando Florida this December and she regularly can be seen at agility events at the Manatee County Fairgrounds in Palmetto Florida. She is not hard to find with her long flowing locks. Hera and COZ teach agility at West Coast Veterinary Center. Beginners are welcome and competition classes also are taught. For information about OceanWolf Agility or to schedule private classes or group training visit online or call 941-321-9672. July August 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Our Resort & Spa Amenities Indoor&outdoorDoggyDaycareroomsequippedwithtoys&activitiesand alwayssupervisedbyourprofessionalstaff WehaveflatscreenTVs& OnlineDoggie camerasinourPremiumSuites Fullgroomingserviceswithanexperiencedandcaringstaff Threegrassyacresforlongwalksoutdoors Free-roaming cat playroom with an aquarium & toys Activitiesforanyenergylevel CertifiedCanineMassageTherapistavailableonsite Transportationservicesavailable Photo Connie Summers 8154 N. Tamiami Trail Sarasota Florida 34243 info 941-351-0730 ROSEMARYVET BIG CITY HOURS SMALL TOWN TOUCH BIG CITY HOURS SMALL TOWN TOUCH Compassionate pet care at YOUR convenience MONDAY-FRIDAY 4 30 p.m. - 11 00 p.m. SATURDAY-SUNDAY noon - 6 00 p.m. hours are Our S VENING DS E WEEKEN & 29 Comprehensive Veterinary Services 941.366.3800 650 Central Avenue 2 Sarasota FL 34236 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet By Dr. Michael Reinhart Jacaranda Animal Hospital Ask the Vet Lyme disease which has a delay in transmission Powassan is immediate. We have NO cure and of the 50 people in the United States that have been infected with the virus 5 have died. The initial symptoms of Powassan virus include Q A Dr. Reinhart my wife and I have been having a discussion about the tick problem we recently have had with our Cocker Spaniel. My wife only is concerned about how gross they look and not about how harmful they can be to our dog. Could you enlighten her --Robin Well Robin this concern of yours may be more important than you think. Yes those ticks sure are ugly and they make you squeamish but more importantly they come with tons of baggage that cause some pretty bad diseases. For your dog there s ehrliciosis a bleeding disorder that is easier to treat than it is to spell. Then there is another bleeding disorder anaplasmosis that is easier to spell but is more difficult to treat. Then there is the run-of-the-mill Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease both of which we can share with our pets (It s so nice of them to not be selfish with these tick things ). But--and this is a BIG but--a recent article has blown all of those concerns out of the water. There is a virus the Powassan virus that is carried by the deer tick and is transmitted immediately through feeding. Unlike Fever Nausea Headache Occasional confusion Weakness If left untreated symptoms can worsen and lead to meningoencephalitis a lifethreatening condition that causes infection and or inflammation of the meninges (the central nervous system s membranes) and the brain. There was no mention in the article about pets but the Powassan virus is considered a zoonotic disease meaning it can be transferred from animals to man. It s lucky for us that the deer tick is not found in Florida...yet. Dr. Reinhart I am interested in scent training my dog . I m not sure about how to do this but I am told that people who scent train their dogs use oils to encourage them to track. What oils should I use and what do you know about it --Mark Mark I must admit my background in this is limited. I know getting a dog to do nose work is to train it to target an object typically using scented oils like birch. But you should know that a recent study by Michigan State University found that there are highly toxic concentrations of methyl salicylate in birch oil. This causes vomiting diarrhea anemia acute kidney failure respiratory depression gastrointestinal ulcerations and seizures and can even lead to death. Dr. Michael Reinhart Jacaranda Animal Hospital Q A A further complication is that this birch scent is commonly used in sugar-free gum. These products contain xylitol to replace sugar and we all know how toxic xylitol is to dogs. An ingestion of a few pieces of this gum has resulted in liver failure and death in dogs. The suggestion is to use floral scents that will not promote tracking food with similar scents. So there is a hidden danger in this practice and it might be smart--and safe-- for you to do a thorough investigation before you start. Dr. Michael Reinhart is the owner of Jacaranda Animal Hospital located at 725 Shamrock Boulevard in Venice. For more information or to schedule an appointment call 941-497-1676 or visit Pet-related questions for Dr. Reinhart can be sent to Ask the Vet Jacaranda Animal Hospital 725 Shamrock Boulevard Venice FL 34293. Or send your questions via e-mail to doc Ticks have become an even greater concern for both humans and pets with the identification of a virus--the Powassan virus--that produces a range of immediate and potentially life-threatening symptoms. The virus which currently has no cure has been classified as zoonotic which means it can be transmitted from animal to man. Photo of tick at left Warren Rosenberg July August 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Only 14.95 a Year Lucylocks Pet Styling Boutique is Proud to Present... Multiple Award Winning Styling Specializing in Bichon Frise Hand-Stripping & Designer Breeds Airbrush Stencils Glitter Stencils Temporary & Semi-Permanent Colors You Snooze...You Lose Don t Miss a Single Issue of the Only Pet Publication Exclusive to Sarasota & Manatee Counties Published Six Times a Year Our 100% All-Organic Veggie-Based Colors are Completely Safe for Pets Ask Me About Customizing Your Dog with Your Business Logo Subscribe Today Name Street Address City State Zip Open on Sundays Fun for All Occasions Affordably Priced Mail this form and a check for 14.95 to Sarasota Pet 6329 Robin Cove Lakewood Ranch FL 34202 Or Subscribe Online at 6526 Gateway Avenue Sarasota FL 34231 941-929-PAWS (7297) Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 31 NOW OPEN Nature s Embrace Aromatherapy SHAMPOO CONDITIONER FLEA CONTROL HEALING CREAMS ODOR CONTROL All Natural Quality Products Sold in Fine Pet Stores 100% Pure Botanicals and Essential Oils Excellent for Skin Allergies Years of Prom g oting Celebratin istic Health & Well-Being Hol 11 -- Overnight & Weekend Boarding -- c Fun Safe & Supervised Doggie Day Care c air-Conditioned indoor Play areas c Fenced-in Outdoor Play areas c Outdoor agility Games Toys & Pools c Birthday Parties Proprietors KiP & Tya KraNE (and Dog Lovers ) 3424 17th Str eet Sarasota FL 34235 Made in the USA with minimal recyclable packaging 941-429-1994 Ulti Lovin mate gC for yo are ur Pets WINNER vOTED ONE OF THE BEST PET SITTERS IN SARASOTA PET S CHOICE AWARDS Free Consultation & Get Acquainted Meeting Fully Bonded & Insured All Sitters are background checked & drug tested one-On-One Loving Care & Attention Pets Stay in Familiar Surroundings & On Their Regular Schedules Professional Pet and Home Concierge LLC Limited In-home Boarding--Your pets live as one of the family Medication Visits FOR DOGS CATS EQUINE & LARGE ANIMALS--including insulin shots pills LIQUIDS & sq FLUIDS NOW OFFERING A Full Range of home Concierge services Visit Our Web Site for Details furnanny 32 July August 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet (941) 315-1156 Where the L ve is. The Institute of Canine Behavior Dog Training & Pet Supply Center Downtown Sarasota s Only Dog Training Center Offering Private Lessons & Group Classes A.K.C. Star Puppy Kindergarten Obedience 101 Canine Good Citizen 102 Agility Level 1 Fun Class Really Reliable Recall Help Your Pet Live a Happier Healthier Life With Natural Food We Offer an Extensive Selection of Kibble Canned Raw Diet & Organic Natural Food & Treats Specializing in U.S.A.-Made Products for Your Pet -- NOW CARRYING -- FROMM Four Star Nutritionals Grain-Free Varieties Available Toys Collars Leashes Harnesses Crates Bowls Water Fountains & So Much More -- PLUS -- K9 Korral will honor t to ns (no o coup s etitor p our com Try Our Doggy Day Care & Boarding be co other ith an ed w mbin nt) discou 10% OFF Any Size Bag of FROMM Dog Food With This Coupon One Coupon Per Client Not To Be Combined With Any Other Offer Expires 8 31 2014 Pet Food Store & Training Center 2001 Princeton St (North Downtown Sarasota just off US 301) Downtown Sarasota s 941-915-8181 When Animals are Hit-and-Run Victims By Shelley Thayer Executive Director Cat Depot ne million animals are killed on our roads every day. This alarming statistic includes domestic dogs and cats wild animals and birds. Whether you see an animal that has been hit by a car or find one lying in the road it is always an emotionally wrenching scenario. As a pet owner it s common to think What if this were my animal Accidents happen and animals escape from their homes. Or you may be helping an abandoned or stray animal. So it s best to have a plan in place to offer assistance. What You Can Do to Help O Use Caution If the Animal is Deceased Move your vehicle to the side of the road away from traffic and turn on your flashers. Being cautious of traffic move the carcass to the side of the road using gloves a flattened box or a towel. Contact animal services to report the exact location for pick up. Animal services will scan the animal for a microchip look up information on the animal s tags and contact the owner. Carry a small shovel for rabbits birds and small wildlife. Move the animals a safe distance from the road. By doing so you will save the lives of birds and other animals who are searching for a meal. Also never touch the animal or wildlife without wearing gloves. Depending on the animal and the injury use leather gloves a large towel or blanket a flat box or a folded box or carrier. For song birds a paper bag may be used for transport. Cover the animal and slide or lift it into the box or carrier. Do not give the animal food or water it may cause him to choke. Many injured animals are in shock and eating or drinking can make Shelley Thayer it worse. Executive Director Cat Depot During transport turn the radio off roll up your windows and keep conversation low and to a minimum. When to Call for Back Up If the Animal is Injured and Alive Turn on your flashers and pull safely to the side of the road. Signal to cars to slow traffic and prevent further injury to the animal. Hopefully someone will pull over to help if not you ll be on your own. With your own personal safety in mind cautiously approach the animal. Remember a sick or injured animal can behave unpredictably. A sudden move--even the opening of your car door--can cause a frightened animal to bolt into oncoming traffic. Speak in a reassuring and soothing voice and move slowly making sure the animal can see you at all times. Create a barrier between you and the animal by using a carrier or large towel and assess the situation. For wild animals or birds call a local wildlife professional immediately. Even small animals can scratch bite and injure you. If you are not able to safely remove the animal call animal control or a local rescue agency. Provide precise information regarding road names mile markers or landmarks. Stay on the scene keeping an eye on the animal until help arrives. If you place an unrestrained animal in your vehicle call for back up. An injured dog may become frantic or aggressive. Cats may do the same or they may try to hide under the car seat. In this scenario do not attempt to transport the animal but wait for help to arrive. If you can provide transport take the injured animal to your veterinarian or an emergency clinic. Call ahead if possible. Be prepared to pay for services. Should you decide instead to take the animal to animal services please keep in mind that the facility may not be able to provide expensive surgery. In severe cases animal services may humanely euthanize the animal to relieve his suffering. For minor injuries the animal may be held for the mandated stray period. What More Can You Do To care for an injured or deceased animal that you find on the road carry the following items in your trunk. A folded cardboard box (with holes) or a carrier (You can purchase a cat box for 2.50 from Cat Depot) Garbage Bags Leather gloves Dog leash(es) A soft tie to use as a muzzle (only if you know how and when to muzzle) A blanket or large towel A pet first aid kit (not to be used in place of veterinary care) A small shovel Be Prepared for a Roadside Emergency Use your cell phone to take photos of the animal s face and any distinguishing features. Take positive photos only. Use them to make signs to post in the area where the animal was injured. This will help the owner find his or her pet. One Final Thought... 34 Store the following information in your cell phone Sarasota County Animal Services - 941-861-9500 Manatee County Animal Services- 941-742-5933 The Wildlife Center of Venice - 941-484-9657 Your Veterinarian s Phone Number Phone Numbers for Local Emergency Veterinary Clinics Think about your own animals. If they were victims of a hit-andrun driver wouldn t you want a Good Samaritan to help them with veterinary care as well as signage to find them At the same time be reasonable about what you can afford if an owner is never found. Finally no animal should ever be left to suffer. So thank you for helping animals in need who have no other means of support. Dedicated to saving lives Cat Depot a nonprofit 501(c)(3) freeroaming facility is recognized for its progressive design and commitment to helping homeless abandoned and injured animals. Open seven days a week Cat Depot is located at 2542 17th Street in Sarasota. For more information call 941-366-2404 or visit Cat Depot online at July August 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Specializing in a safe gentle & stress-free grooming experience for your pets We Groom Cats Too OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE re Comfortable u Mo r Pet at Home Yo u Are ving Yo Your Place a Tr y at a Le ACE e Giv 30% OFF Best New Pet Business Finalist in Sarasota Pet s Choice Awards 2013 In-Home Pet Service Provided by ACE s Certified Team of Professionals Bonded Insured American Red Cross Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR 941-870-5756 c c c Voted 316 S. WASHINGTON BOULEVARD SARASOTA Debbie Expert Care...With All the Comforts of Home 941-921-4355 Veterinarian BEST c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c ANIMAL CLINIC c c c c Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c University 35 An Introduction to the Sport of Conformation Dog Shows Showing dogs can be a great sport for anyone who loves dogs. Dog shows are exciting to attend--there are so many different breeds to see and you can meet other people with the same breed as you. If you purchase a purebred dog and the breeder tells you it is show quality that is how most people get involved in showing dogs. Usually the breeder becomes a mentor for you and can help you to get started. Pictured above Nancy Griffin SOTC You also can learn more member with Quinn Ch. Wheaten about showing dogs by atLane s Heart of Gold who is two tending handling classes. years old. Photo by CTBotha In Manatee County handling classes are conducted by Manatee Kennel Club at Sarasota Obedience Training Club (SOTC). Once you acquire a show puppy you are ready to begin your journey. Your breeder will give you detailed information on feeding and training as well as what supplies you will need in order to properly care for your puppy. The first few months are busy crate and house training building your puppy s confidence and developing proper grooming techniques. A show puppy needs to learn to be on a grooming table especially if you have a breed that requires a great deal of grooming. The puppy also has to learn to allow you to look in his mouth and touch his feet. While on the table it is a good idea to teach the puppy to stand properly and to be handled and touched. It is important to feed your dog a good diet and make sure he has the right amount of exercise. When you show your dog he should be in the healthiest condition possible. If possible prior to showing your own dog attend a few dog shows without your dog to watch how your breed is shown and be sure to talk to other owners and breeders. You can discover the type of lead and collar you will need for showing dogs and you can watch the ring process. Remember Even if you do not decide to participate in conformation but you love dogs you can have a good time at a dog show Nancy Griffin is a member of SOTC and Charlene Foeller is a member of Manatee Kennel Club and SOTC. Both Nancy and Charlene participate in the sport of conformation showing two interesting and diverse breeds Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers and Belgian Malinois. Photo of conformation dog show at left July August 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet S By Special Contributors Nancy Griffin and Charlene Foeller Sarasota Obedience Training Club howing dogs is a great sport for you your family and your dog where the thrill of competition is combined with the joy of seeing and potentially breeding beautiful dogs. The dog show scene is much like a country fair with lots of hustle and bustle. There are handlers--from juniors and retirees to professionals--who run in and out of rings and there also are kiosks where people sell various dog items. It can be a lot of fun but it is definitely a lot of work There are NO money prizes and this is not a beauty pageant Since the finest dogs are the future of a breed we participate simply to showcase our dogs and select dogs that refine our breeding programs. Conformation is a sport in which only purebred dogs can compete. Each breed competes exclusively against other dogs of the same breed. The one that wins Best of Breed for each breed competes in their group later that day. There are seven groups in which the First Place Winners compete in Best in Show. Only one of these seven dogs becomes the top dog or Best in Show. In conformation dog shows the dog is judged based on how well he embodies the American Kennel Club (AKC) Breed Standard ( breeds ). Conformation shows help maintain breed quality. It s not enough for a dog to simply look beautiful he also must behave and be wellpresented structurally sound and conform to the breed standard. It s important to note that neutered dogs cannot compete in AKC conformation. Each breed has a national breed club that has established an official breed standard. If you would like to show your dog familiarize yourself with your breed standard and learn instructions for show grooming including the rules and regulations regarding conformation shows. For information about shows in your area visit showinfo showCal.htm. You also should speak with reputable breeders about purchasing a show-quality puppy. A reputable breeder should be willing to help you get started teach you the basics of showing and grooming your own dog and offer training tips. There are three types of conformation dog shows Specialty--Only one breed is shown Group Dog Shows--e.g. Herding Group only All Breed Shows--All recognized breeds are invited to participate 36 Advanced Diagnostics Surgery Digital Radiography Acupuncture Chiropractic Care Dentistry Full Boarding Bathing Brand new Online Pharmacy Equine Small Animal ask us fOr deTails ning D.V.M. ah M. Brow Ter z D.V.M. ees-Hernande oorh Marguerite V own D.V.M. abeth L. Br Eliz VeTerinary Care canine feline equine The Very BesT in West Coast Veterinary Center 941-925-2262 941-926-8985 Braden River Equine 7910 s.r. 72 sarasota fl (Clark Road) Cara Wrig ht D.V.M. Terah M. Browning D.V.M. Elizabeth L. Brown D.V.M. Braden riVer equine we Provide quality equine Care in the field or at our Clinic digital radiography & ultrasound for horses H owl-oooo my fellow divas...Whew It is sure getting a bit hot - hot HOT So as all cool Divas know the absolute worst thing is to let them see you sweat...oh no--not a dainty divalicious Diva To the rescue I am going to offer some hot tips from the ASPCA to help Divas and Dudes beat the heat while enjoying a happy and a healthy summer For most of us summer is full of tail-waggin activities like traveling playing in doggy parks early morning and early evening walks and those good old summer barbecues. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for safe--and enjoyable--summer fun s Visit your vet to make sure your pet is up to date on necessary vaccinations heartworm testing prevention and flea and tick protection. s Keep your pet cool and hydrated... NEVER leave your pet in a parked car and please make sure your pets have plenty of water especially if they are outdoors. s Paw pads can burn so don t let your dog linger on hot asphalt. It is best--and safest--to take your pet for walks early in the day or later in the evening. s Contact your veterinarian if your pet s s s s the Canine Contessa Francesca The Doggy Diva Show from Francesca the Canine Contessa experience symptoms of overheating that include increased heart and respiratory rate drooling excessive panting or difficulty breathing seizures and a body temperature higher than 104 degrees. s Summertime may be the best time for barbecues but please remember that the food and drinks that you serve your guests may be poisonous to your pets. Avoid grapes raisins onions and choco38 Diva Delights s s late as well as anything with the sweetener xylitol since these foods can be deadly. A good idea is to have the Pet Poison Helpline (www.petpoisonhelpline. com) information on hand. Call 1-800-213-6680 for questions and concerns representatives are available 24 7 (There is a 39 incident fee.). If an emergency arises you also can call your veterinarian. Do not leave your pets unOur 10th Anniversary guests from left to right Lisa Chittaro supervised around a pool... Mary Fab Cheryl Brady with Lily Lori Michel Candace Botha Susan Marie with Francesca and Mary Lupi some Divas only look sensain case some Divas decide to do a little tional in their swimwear but partying on their own cannot actually swim If you take your dog boating please Speaking of Partying Divas sisters equip your pet with a floatation device. and I want to honor our favorite Diva--our Leave your pets at home if you are sister Sophia The Doggy Diva. In celebracelebrating at a location where there tion of The Doggy Diva Show s 10th Anniverwill be fireworks. Pets love a safe nice cozy room. If your pets become stressed sary and Sophia s contribution to our local animal community--the community she at the sound of fireworks consider a loved so much--a star in the sky has been Thundershirt ( named in her honor with the International or a natural stress reliever like Rescue Star Registry Remedy or Composure. In cases of Thanks to Barbara and Ray Bounds Cheryl extreme stress you may want to discuss Brady Connie Summers Monica Leighton Sophia Mary Lupi and Candace Botha the dream the Doggy Diva of a little rescue dog who wanted to help spread the word of animal awareness will live on forever as a star ...a real star Remember when you look up and see a shining star please pay it forward and adopt (see the Rescue Me section that begins on page 50). You also can--and should--foster Voted 1 Pet Radio spay neuter and microchip Show in Sarasota Pet s That shining star you see just might be Choice Awards Orion RA 5h 4m 49s D 12 9 better known Four Years in a Row as Sophia the Doggy Diva --an official star in the constellation. Thanks to all of our guests who stopped by and called in to the WTMY 1280 AM studio to celebrate our 10th Anniversary with our Doggy Diva family--what a fun day A special bark out to Sniglet s Dog Bakery ( for the yummiest treats medication with your veterinarian to for our special day...we love Sniglet s help your diva doggy. What a special day...what a special comDrown out the scary sounds of fireworks munity...thank you so much for sharing and with calming music or by playing your celebrating 10 wonderful years with us. Let s pets favorite show on the television. continue to celebrate and always remember When you leave home please make that we have a special star shining upon us sure windows and doors are securely Love and Kisses shut ID tags are attached to your pets Francesca collars and your pets microchip informaFrancesca s gown designed & created by tion is up to date. Better to be safe just Ramona Loves Dogs photo by Connie Summers July August 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Michael Reinhart DVM Our Comprehensive Services Include Surgery Anesthesia Radiology Ultrasonography Laboratory Dental Emergency Care Pain Management Preventative Medicine Bathing & Boarding Nutritional Counseling Pharmacy Housecalls Pet Pick-Ups Yorkshire Terriers MINIMAGIC YORKIES Adorable Tiny Teddy Bears Who Says You Can t Buy Love NOW AVAILABLE Pure Golden Yorkie Puppies Specializing in All Sizes Teacup - Mini - Standard Feel Free to Visit & Check out our Great Selection 725 Shamrock Boulevard Venice Florida (941) 497-1676 Healthy & Affordable Meet Your Puppy s Parents Home Raised European Champion Bloodlines Christine Merkent Breeder for 40 Years 941-322-6709 941-773-0723 AVAILABLE AT THESE FINE STORES A Family Pet Center Sarasota Osprey NATURE S MIRACLE FOR PETS Amy s Natural Pet Pantry Bark & Bath Sarasota Ellenton The All-Natural Way to Treat HOT SPOTS FLEAS & TICKS ITCHY SKIN ALLERGIES Best Friends Pet Salon Come See Come Save Bradenton Sarasota Bradenton Holistic for Pets Perks 4 Pets Bradenton Bradenton Palmetto Parrish MADE WITH ORGANIC ALOE VERA NOPAL CACTUS JUICES & FLAX SEED Aloe 4 Pets Anti-Bacterial Anti-Inflammatory Pet Goods Pet s Life Naturally Pets Plus Stop in at the Red Barn Market to meet the founder of Aloe 4 Pets on Friday Saturday & Sunday Booth 191 OUR ALOE VERA IS USA-GROWN All-Natural Food Supplement Topical Itch Relief Call Ted Kassay at 813-634-7294 or e-mail aloe4pets Visit Us Online at Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 39 Art from the Heart... For Michael his seemingly instinctive skills are anything but. As an ardent believer in gifts brought with us from past lives he is certain that his talent has evolved from the infinite number of lives he previously has led. In this life however the talent he has groomed through decades of self-instruction has an added and unmistakable dimension. Talent he says is as simple as breathing. It s all about loving what you do. For this grounded man who always has been an entrepreneur who has built a successful and contented life by immersing himself in his art love is the core of every word spoken and every action taken. For me paintings are a bridge to be able to share a loving state of being that is as pure and from the heart as possible Michael says. I love to have the opportunity to get in front of people and my paintings always have enabled me to connect and communicate with others and infuse them with goodness and positivity with a smile and love that is connected from the heart. In fact there isn t a time in his life that Michael cannot remember using art as a means of communication. As a young boy my very first interest was painting he remembers. I started to communicate through drawing before I even began speaking. I wouldn t be surprised if I popped out of the womb with a paintbrush in my hand he adds with a laugh. Before reaching his teenage years Michael honed his artistic skills into a successful business. By the age of 12 I was an airbrush expert Michael recalls. I created album covers and airbrushed T-shirts. I always was the guy with the bag of T-shirts in school selling them to all of my friends and classmates he adds. Michael s early artistic skills spilled over into music where he excelled at playing the guitar again without any formal lessons or instruction. After his high school years were completed he took to the road playing in bands and touring throughout the country. Pictured above Michael Vistia one of the founders of the KromaLife Dog Art Collection relaxes in his Nokomis studio where he spends his days painting. Photo by Connie Summers By Candace T. Botha I magine standing before a blank canvas with a paintbrush in your hand. You have never taken an art lesson nor have you had any formal education to learn either the skills needed to mix and blend paints or the strokes that are essential in bringing an image to life. And yet somehow standing before that canvas an innate talent begins to unfold and the brush expertly glides across the surface as you masterfully create works of art that are admired by many and appreciated by all. And so it is for Michael Vistia an accomplished Ohio-born artist who is one of the founders of the KromaLife Style of Dog Painting. While there may be area residents who are still unfamiliar with the name of this innovative and refreshing style of painting if they have seen a print or canvas from this ever-evolving collection of art it is quite simply unforgettable. Rich vibratory colors. Bold yet fluid black lines. Playful in composition and dramatic in interpretation. It is not surprising to see why devotees around the globe have declared that the pieces in the KromaLife Dog Art Collection have the power to raise the vibration of any room. An Exclusive Interview with Michael Vistia Michael credits music with helping him to overcome an acute shyness that plagued his childhood. The guitar took me out of a lonely and isolated existence Michael recalls. I played 12 hours a day and music brought me great comfort. My experience on the road eventually opened me up my personality popped out and I truly began to connect with other people. While Michael humbly admits that he is perhaps more skilled as a guitar player than he is as an artist it is his art that has become his life s work and even more importantly his reason for being. Through my painting I discovered that I can bring joy to people Michael says. The better I become the more people I seem to attract. So I continually worked to make myself better and better. By perfecting my skills I was able to get in front of a lot of people and open their worlds to new possibilities. With more than 30 years experience as an artist Michael has experimented with a variety of mediums including acrylic and oil as well as decorative concrete in his work as a sculptor. I can take anything and create art from it he says enthusiastically. As an example his artistic eye recently inspired him to look up into the branches of a palm tree. I spotted a seed pod shaft in the tree and I thought I can use that Of course I had to figure out how I was going to get up the tree to get my hands on it he adds with a smile. While most of us would see what seems to be nothing more than the dead discarded remains of a palm tree Michael s innate creativity is contagious as he envisions not a seed shaft but a long fish that he promises to paint in bright vivid colors in the near future. With a heart filled with gratitude and an eternally optimistic spirit Michael believes that each of us has the power to create our own reality through positive thought. In his own life he has reigned in destiny by first envisioning what he wanted and then believing it would happen. It was while attending an art show in Chicago about 10 years ago that Michael finally met the woman with whom he had envisioned he would journey through life--Ann Marie Siegel. From the first words we spoke to one another Ann Marie and I both realized that our meeting was destined and our lives would merge Michael says. Ann Marie is a talented artist in her own right. Born in the state of New Jersey she spent her childhood years taking apart anything and everything she could find--from appliances and cameras to her mother s costume jewelry. It was however a fascination with the inner workings of her father s pocket watch that would one day motivate Ann Marie to launch Details in Time a one-of-a-kind collection of watch part jewelry that includes belts bracelets earrings cuffs pendants cuff links necklaces and more. Each piece which is handcrafted is created using vintage watch dials that date back from 1930 to 1970. A mix of other intricate watch parts--including rose gold crowns balance gears rachet wheels and other movements--along with a sprinkling of genuine Swarovski crystals makes each piece both eye-catching and unique. Ann Marie s exquisite artwork--which she says is divinely guided and two decades in the making--is a tangible reflection of her own personal philosophy in life-- Live in the moment not by your wristwatch. Sharing an affinity for the arts Michael and Ann Marie participate in art shows around the country throughout the year. Last year they attended 10 shows this year 20 are on the couple s schedule. Our art leads us to different places where we have a chance to show our work introduce Continued on Page 42 Pictured at right Included among the 110 prominent breeds in the ever-evolving KromaLife Dog Art Collection are the Australian Cattle Dog (top right) the Chihuahua (center) and the Maltese (bottom right). Photos courtesy of KromaLife of the KromaLife Style of Dog Painting more fun into our lives and share that fun with others Michael says. You create magic when you have fun. It was a love of salt water and the creatures that inhabit the seas that inspired Michael and Ann Marie to move to Florida six years ago and leave bitter-cold weather behind. I love heat and warmth and all the beauty that lies within Florida s waters intrigues me Michael says. And the climate here offers freedom of a sort it s so liberating to be able to walk around in a pair of shorts year-round. Making their home in Nokomis which they now share with Sachie a black rescue cat who found us Michael and Ann Marie are committed to a healthy lifestyle. It s all about living as cleanly and naturally as possible Michael says. We go to the beach we meditate we exercise and we only eat healthy foods. for animals. These beings are our closest companions in life Michael says. Our goal in creating the collection was to capture the inner essence of each of the breeds on canvas and in a sense reveal the soul of the animal. The vivid colors we use are not only symbolic of the vibration of the Florida lifestyle but they also correlate with the body s chakra centers Michael continues. It s as if the paintings illustrate what exists inside these animals which is the gorgeous absolute unconditional love that they always show us. We re painting dogs from the inside out he adds. And when people see our work it brings a smile to their faces and brightens their vibration. For Michael even the chosen name of the business has special significance and relevant symbolism. Chroma means color Michael explains. We simply changed the C to a K and the name KromaLife embodies colorful life. Painted in acrylic the KromaLife Art Collection currently includes 110 of the most prominent dog breeds and continues to grow. And the collection now includes cats too with Abyssinian Main Coon and Tabby Cats playfully painted in KromaLife s signature colors. Beginning with a blank canvas the artists sketch the subject It s not unusual for the couple to pause from their work at day s end to sit outside and watch the sun set from their front yard. Not long after moving to the Florida Suncoast the couple met Alexander Dimou who like Michael is a self-taught artist. Michael is convinced that meeting Alex also was destiny at work. Yin to his Yang Alex is considered both family and an equal partner. He also is the numbers guy responsible for overseeing the business end of the flourishing art enterprise. Alex s background in Contemporary Art was the perfect complement to Michael s passion for Realism. As a brotherhood and a partnership evolved a new style of painting also was born. The Kromalife Dog Art Collection represents not only the synergistic blend of the two artists individual styles of painting but also their shared passion Pictured above Artists Ann Marie Siegel and Michael Vistia stand between two original paintings from the KromaLife Dog Art Collection. At left Cuff links and bracelets made from vintage watches are among the pieces Ann Marie creates in her Details in Time collection. Photos by Connie Summers before applying multiple layers of acrylic paint to create optimal vibrancy of each of the eight colors used in the full color works. With a steady hand black lines are then added to create dimension and separate the color shapes on the canvas. Automotive metal flakes that reflect light and cast an effervescent glimmer are then applied to select shapes in the painting and to the background. Each piece is finished with a protective high-gloss automotive grade clear coat that blocks ultraviolet light damage and is both waterproof and chemical resistant ensuring that the colors will retain their vibrancy for years to come. Each of the prints in the KromaLife Dog Art Collection can be purchased online at in two sizes--11 x 14 inches or 16 x 20 inches. Individuals also can commission custom portraits of their own pets--or any subject--in the KromaLife style. While Michael prefers to paint in the studio of the Nokomis home he shares with Ann Marie he and Alex also rent a studio and storefront in Tampa located at 408 North Dale Mabry Highway. Customers can either stop by or call the Tampa-based creative hub of KromaLife to place orders for canvases that range in size from 16 x 20 inches to 36 x 45 inches or larger if desired. We are able to produce canvases in a wide variety of sizes to meet all of the needs of our customers Michael says. Orders can be placed by phone by calling 813-377-4521. And it also is here in Tampa that new additions to the KromaLife Dog Art Collection are now in development. We are expanding the collection to include T-shirts mugs and rugs bowls and blankets and other home accessories for animal lovers Michael says. Michael also has become immersed in his newest art collection Borne Blue which are acrylic paintings of aquatic life including sea turtles sport fish sea horses and even mermaids. It s no surprise that the KromaLife style of painting has captured national and international accolades for the joy light and love they both embrace and reflect. Clients have included not only Fortune 500 companies sports celebrities and politicians but also private collectors from around the world. Above At work in his home studio Michael layers the paint to achieve optimal intensity of color. At right As the exclusive retail distributor for the KromaLife Dog Art Collection in downtown Sarasota Wet Noses located at 1465 Main Street carries a wide selection of prints and canvases. Photos by Connie Summers Christine Baer owner of Wet Noses in downtown Sarasota is one of countless Suncoast residents who has been captivated by both the artist and his work. At what seemed to be a chance meeting with Ann Marie and Michael at Whole Foods in Sarasota but was--Chris believes-- actually another destined moment in time an instant connection and lasting friendship developed between the shop s proprietor and the artists. Meeting Michael and Ann Marie was a life-changing day Christine says. While they both are amazingly talented beyond words it is their spirit and love for one another and for all mankind that is a valuable lesson for each of us. They are beautiful people and I love them with all of my heart. Of Michael in particular Christine says His artwork is phenomenal and his talent is beyond brilliant but it truly is his spirit that is what separates him from others. Continued on Page 44 It wasn t long before Christine generously offered to showcase the KromaLife Dog Art Collection in the charming pet store and grooming spa which is located at 1465 Main Street in Sarasota. Wet Noses is now the only shop in Sarasota that has exclusive rights to feature the artist s work. Proudly carrying both prints and canvases from the collection the shop also serves as a liaison for special-order work for community residents that would like to commission Michael to paint portraits of their own pets. With a seemingly endless number of projects in the works Michael wakes up each morning and asks What is it that I feel like doing today When I begin a project I feel an excitement and I can envision a smile on the client s face he says. And then I think I can t wait to do that it s going to be cool. I work on a project because I want to not because I have to Michael continues. Yet everything always gets done in perfect timing I am never behind schedule. When asked what is the most important thing that he would like people to know about his work Michael thinks for a moment and then responds by saying I want people to know they are loved. When people see my art I want them to smile to feel good and to know that they matter and that they are special Michael explains. It s not about the fame Michael continues. I don t care about becoming well known. It s simply about sharing the love that everyone deserves. I want people to know that they can experience the same joy light and fun in their lives that Ann Marie and I are so grateful to have in ours that s the reason I am here that s the reason I paint. And in perfect synchronicity Ann Marie adds It s how many lives you touch that s the bottom line. For more information about KromaLife visit send an e-mail to info kromalife. com or call 813-377-4521. For information about Details in Time visit Top left The painting of the Maine Coon cat is a favorite among feline lovers. Center and bottom left The Lionfish and Sea Turtles are two of the paintings in KromaLife s new Borne Blue collection of aquatic life. Photos courtesy of KromaLife Meet Cheeto... T By Candace T. Botha here was just something about the photo of the orange tabby cat that caught the attention of hundreds of voters in Sarasota Pet and Manatee Pet s Cutest Kitty Contest that was held this past June. Perhaps it was the comical way he seemed to be howling at himself in the mirror. Or is he belting out a tune in the bathroom The kitty s owner Whitney Glaser of Sarasota always loved this photo she says because it looks as if he is gargling at the sink Maybe it was even his name--which certainly is very fitting for an orange cat--that voters found irresistible. Whatever the reason for his popularity Cheeto won the contest with nearly twice as many votes as all of the other feline contestants Both Cheeto and his brother Lucky had a very unusual--and dramatic--start in life. After Lucky fell from the roof of a house in Bradenton at just six weeks of age the homeowners discovered that the two kittens had been living alone on the rooftop with no momma cat in sight. Fortunately Lucky survived the fall without any injuries but the owner of the home was unable to keep the kittens because she was allergic to cats. So she spread the word among neighbors and friends that both kittens were available for adoption. It was when Whitney picked up her eight-year-old daughter Sarah from school in Bradenton that she first heard about the two kittens. At the time we were thinking of adopting another kitten so I asked Sarah if she would like to go and meet them Whitney recalls. Cheeto--who was so small that he fit inside a plastic firefighter hat Sarah had been given when she toured a fire house with her Brownie Troop--found his new family that day. Before bringing him home Whitney headed directly to her veterinarian s office to be sure the kitten was in good health. While waiting to see the vet Whitney and Sarah chose the name Cheeto for the tiny orange tabby. Thankfully the rooftop kitty received a clean bill of health. Cheeto is now one of four pets that are a part of the Glaser household. His furry siblings include Elly a Papillon mix who will turn 13 in December and Buddy a four-year-old cat that David adopted from Cat Depot and brought home to Whitney on Christmas Eve in 2010. Photo top left Cheeto s contest photo taken and submitted by Whitney Glaser of Sarasota. At right Cheeto and Whitney enjoy a quiet tender moment. Photo by Connie Summers And then there s Charlie the family s guinea pig who is six years of age. It s apparent that this local family loves animals. A resident of Sarasota since she was just three years old Whitney cannot remember a time in her life when she did not have pets. At one time early in her life she even considered becoming a veterinarian. Instead she chose law and became a personal injury attorney. While she now only takes personal injury cases on a part-time basis Whitney works as an instructor in the paralegal program at State College of Florida and does Guardian Ad Litem work. I review the cases of children that have been injured and make recommendations to the judge serving as the representative for each child she says. Obviously someone who enjoys staying busy Whitney also recently accepted the position of president of the Southwest Florida Figure Skating Club at Ellenton Ice and Sports Complex where Sarah who is 14 is pursuing her passion to become an Olympic figure skater. Although a bit camera shy Cheeto who is now six years old is very animated. Cheeto is a larger-than-life cat with a big personality Whitney says. He talks back to us when we speak to him and he always follows us around the house. What s more the tabby prefers his water straight from the tap Whitney adds and his favorite place to take a snooze is on her husband s lap. And that s perfectly okay with David Glaser who serves as the director of communications for Tidewell Hospice he is an animal lover too For the lonely kitten who started life on a rooftop Cheeto too was lucky. We simply cannot imagine our family without him Whitney says. Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet ...Winner of Our Cutest Kitty Contest 45 A Candid Revealing Conversation with By Karen Kay Erskine & Candace T. Botha It tries to cope with the devastating loss of her two beloved dogs. SP Explain to us Karen why you have described Buck and Bill as your legacy. Karen For the past 25 years Aussies have been the guiding force in my life. I always have been enamored by dogs but after getting my own first Aussie Trigger when I lived in Hawaii in the early 90s the course of my life was forever changed. Because of him and the adventures we had in a basic obedience class (lol ) I started my career as a dog trainer as an apprentice to a master instructor in the training club in Honolulu. Although I had graduated with a degree in engineering from Georgia Tech and worked in public government and urban planning for years I fell in love with working with dogs professionally. I started my own training business which later expanded into offering day care and pet-sitting services. I wanted to understand everything that dogs and humans go through in their relationships and so I was determined to learn every job that was related to their care. In the years that followed I learned every aspect of the dog industry. I worked part time jobs as a kennel tech emergency vet tech and groomer became a distributor for holistic pet foods designed working leashes for therapy dog handlers partnered with a national dog supply to bring the best training equipment to my clients helped to create test and implement a training program model that is now used in a national pet retail chain worked with Rio (Buck s grandmother) at a children s educational farm taught dog obedience for a junior college recreation program worked as a liaison between the Department of Psychiatry and the Chaplain s office at a major Army facility in a therapy dog program helped to write the foundational doctrine for training volunteer therapy dog-handler teams at that same facility founded the first dog park on a military installation (which I believe is still in existence after nearly two decades) and worked as a consultant contractor for several humane organizations. After moving to Kansas I developed a real interest in training and trialing working dogs. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to train with the top people in the world in the fields of obedience agility herding and stockdog and ranch dog work. My dogs and I were blessed with over 50 titles in herding agility and obedience in three venues (AKC ASCA and AHBA). I was honored that two of my dogs received their Working Trial Champion Ranch Trial Champion and Post-Advanced Trial Dog titles. For a period of 10 years my Aussies always ranked in the top 10 percentile of our breed in their standings and at one point CJ (Buck s mom) was the number two dog in the nation in post advanced stockdog work. Originally I went to evaluate Bill for a client but I fell in love immediately wrote a big check and drove to Oklahoma to pick up another dog for my Buck is the son of Bill and CJ and he was born on my pillow in South Dakota. Every one of my Aussies has held a significant role shaping the course of my life. Each had a special talent or ability that opened another facet of my experience with dogs. They always led me to a place where I wanted to do more and learn more and as my best partners they showed me the way in both my career and my life. Like all of the dogs that preceded them Buck and Bill were the major reason I got Above left A bag of bones is all that remains of Buck and Bill. Despite being granted a court order that would have released the bodies to Karen for burial her beloved dogs were incinerated-- not cremated--in the Bone Bucket in Manatee County July August 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet is a day that animal lovers in Sarasota and Manatee counties will never forget. For one woman in particular it is a day that is too excruciatingly horrific to remember. March 27 2014...a Thursday that seemed like any other until that dreaded hour when after 457 days of confinement and isolation in a dog pen intended for only one the fate of Buck and Bill--two young healthy and handsome Australian Shepherds that had captured the hearts of literally thousands of people throughout the country and around the world--was determined. The time was 6 59 p.m....much too early especially when the final deadline was legally still set at 11 59 p.m. Phone calls were still being made e-mails frantically were being sent and the governor s office still had not responded to a desperate plea for a pardon. All the while a group of exhausted yet determined supporters held their vigil outside the gates of Manatee County Animal Services (MCAS) where the dogs had been sentenced to die. In the final hours as the last threads of hope faded the unthinkable happened deadly needles were filled snuffing out lives that could have been--that should have been--spared. In a single moment not two but three lives tragically ended. For Karen Kay Erskine the woman who fought so tirelessly to save her two boys (Buck only 7 years of age and Bill who was 11) life simply will never be the same. The only reminder she has of her 25-year legacy of faithfully working with and training Aussies--of the scores of first- and second-place titles in agility obedience and herding and of the memories of the countless people whose lives have been blessed by these dogs--is a zip-lock bag of crushed bones that sits in a box on her bedside table. That s right...a zip-lock bag. Three months later the tears still flow easily and the heartbreak is unfathomable. But beneath the all-too-fragile emotions there also is an unbreakable resolve to never let this happen again to another pet owner in our community. Karen is intent on changing laws annihilating corruption in local government and above all protecting animals through her new organization Second Wind Foundation. Here Karen responds to several very direct questions about her life with Buck and Bill and how each minute each hour and each day she 46 Karen Kay Erskine Mom to Buck & Bill up and out of bed every morning...because these dogs were never my pets they simply were my Aussies my family my touchstone with the world and my blessings from God. Without them I do not know who I am anymore at times...I suppose we will all find out soon SP What happened on that tragic day in December 2012 Karen Although my home is in Sumter County I was living at a friend s house in Panther Ridge during the holidays in 2012 working part time while enrolled in a graduate program for mental health counseling (I am completing my studies to become a psychotherapist have finished my certificate in addictions counseling and I am working toward attaining my certificate in animal-assisted therapy.). After finishing a four-hour work shift on Christmas Eve and driving back to Panther Ridge I received a phone call from my friend who owned the house. He told me that Buck and Bill had gotten out. Of course I panicked and I immediately called the Sheriff s Department. I stayed on the phone with dispatch the entire time--20 minutes--it took me to get to Panther Ridge. I was assured that my dogs were safe and that they would be there with the deputy when I arrived. When I reached the house however I was greeted by a hostile deputy. There also was a blue tag on the door that said the dogs had attacked someone and that they had been taken from the property by MCAS. The deputy told me that Bill loaded himself in the sheriff s car for a ride but Buck ran back into the home. The animal control officer then entered my home illegally (breaking in through the back door) in order to take Buck and I was in shock and disbelief. It is against county state and federal law to enter a home without a search warrant and I didn t even know who the hell really had my dogs. After the deputy left I called the number for MCAS on the blue tag. I was told by the officer who took my dogs that a six-year-old boy had been airlifted to All Children s Hospital and was possibly dying in surgery from a dog bite. This statement was not at all true. Stunned and reeling I called All Children s Hospital and the nurse I spoke to was appalled by what I had been told. She then revealed that it was a 13-year-old boy that had been bitten and that he was not dying. Sobbing I left her my phone number so that I could speak with the family when they were ready to do so. When I finally was able to enter the home I discovered that the screen was destroyed and the entire room in which I left the boys and the front hallway looked (and smelled) like total chaos...there were urine markings and signs of distress everywhere. It showed complete evidence that two well-behaved dogs had been in a panic. I knew that the house I was living in had been robbed several months before but I found out a few weeks later that a house just a couple of streets over was robbed a few days prior to that Christmas Eve. I always was convinced that someone was trying to get in the house and or presented themselves as a threat to the home in some way. How could two dogs possibly lift a heavy double-hung window I was not able to see Buck and Bill until December 27 three days after the incident. That was the first time in seven years that we had been apart for more than 24 hours it was the worst Christmas Eve ever. I didn t know if I even would live through Midnight Mass... SP Did you ever expect that both Buck and Bill would be euthanized for a single bite that also was a first offense Karen Never. Throughout the entire 15-month ordeal the attorneys continued to lead me to believe that there was no way that we would not win this because we were on the right side of the law. So many mistakes were made in how the case was Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Karen with Buck and Bill during happier times in Colorado handled from the very beginning starting with when the deputies allowed animal services to enter the house without a search warrant. Laws were broken from then on because only if my dogs died would this case go away. I feel that the entire system is have to realize that not one but FOUR judges took no consideration that my constitutional rights were violated that dogs classified as dangerous do get to go home and have lives (the statute even allows dangerous dogs to compete in sanctioned events) and that my right to due process was denied. SP Were you led to believe that Buck and Bill would be released at any time during the 15 months that your dogs were contained at MCAS Karen I originally was told my dogs would come home on January 2 2013 after the 10-day county-mandated quarantine period ended. Later I was informed that the decision was made to kill them on December 26 even before I had been given a hearing and this is against the law. The dogs had to be declared dangerous at a hearing first and it was within my rights to have a hearing to appeal that decision if the dogs were considered dangerous. Instead we went straight from zero prior offenses to euthanasia. In March 2013 I was told again by my second attorney that if I met all the conditions for kenneling and supervising the dogs they would be allowed to come home after a first-bite offense. I spent more than 1 000 in three days to roof the kennel and secure my property in Sumter County where I live. After the work was completed I had two rigorous county inspections that determined that the property met and exceeded all the state and county requirements for housing dangerous dogs. Up until the very minute my boys were euthanized I still believed that they would come home it was the only way I could get through this. Continued on Page 48 47 After their death I still thought I could bring their bodies home...but no. The county fought me on this last (and lawful) request and incinerated them in what is known as the Bone Bucket at MCAS. So I have this ziplock bag... SP What has your life been like since that fateful night on March 27 of this year when the boys were euthanized Karen My life thanks to Manatee County has been Above the final photo taken of Buck and a living nightmare Bill on Thursday March 27 2014 and my heart is shattered. I think in some sense my heart is permanently damaged and I still have constant flashbacks and dreams of rescuing the boys. We--Buck Bill and I--went through an incredibly insane and cruel period of 457 days in which the dogs and I were subjected to such mental physical and emotional abuse by the county that it would take a book to document it all (which I am writing). I will say though that if it weren t for the care and concern exhibited by certain individual staff members at MCAS none of us would have made it through that time. To this day I still haven t recovered from the horror shock and grief surrounding the death of my dogs. Receiving the zip-lock bag of their bones was so insulting and so painful...because that damned bag now represents the end of 25 years of my life s work and of a deep and long-standing love. I will never ever forget the incredible impact of that moment and it has forever changed my life. SP What are you doing to try to find the silver lining in this horrific event Karen I created the Second Wind Foundation (SWF) which is what is giving me my own personal second wind as I try to move on. The foundation was in fact named to honor Buck and Bill who knew some of their happiest moments at my former Second Wind Farm. Buck s full name is Second Wind s Dakota 6 and Bill s full name is Just Bill of Second Wind. As a nonprofit organization SWF has three imperative goals that must be achieved to protect animals in our communities (Please see SWF s mission statement below left.). SP How do you think the foundation will be able to promote change in Manatee County Karen What many people do not realize is that from this point on every county that wants to kill a dog will use Buck and Bill as a precedent. In essence every dog in this country is now at risk. Hopefully SWF will be instrumental in lobbying for change in the way our state statutes are written concerning animals. People have to understand that pets are regarded as property rather than as sentient creatures and members of our family. Until the time when these laws are changed we have to be forceful in our efforts with respect to local governments and the rights of animals under the current law. We have to educate both appointed and elected officials concerning these issues but we also have to let them know that we will not settle for misinterpretation of the statute misrepresentation of its intent or subversion of the laws governing the jurisdiction of animal control of animal abuse or of animal neglect. SP What would you like to say to all of the people that have supported you during this long journey Karen To those who have supported us I will tell you that your loving kindness and generosity have made it possible for me to continue to get out of bed each day and to keep moving forward. I consider each and every one of you a direct blessing from God because you remind me daily of His presence amidst all this pain. Many have dried my tears held my grief as their own and reminded me that I am deeply loved. I am honored and humbled by this experience and I vow to pay all of this forward. It is my now my life s mission to do unto others what you have done for me...and that is the core philosophy of the Second Wind Foundation. SP How can community residents help you and the foundation make an impact in Manatee County Karen There are three ways that community residents can help. First consider the power of your vote at election time. Ask yourself if you really want your tax dollars to continue to pay the salaries of the elected and appointed officials who allowed this to happen. Second make your voices heard but demonstrate peacefully for change in support of the no-kill agenda rather than protest against any specific person or group with any intent of harm or violence. Third stick with us through the beginning stages of putting SWF into action. We are working on a Web site a donation page a continual silent auction a scholarship fund and a host of really fun events. The next event will be on August 17 2014 which is Buck s birthday. Please watch our Facebook page for details and plan to join us (https pages Save-Buck-Bill-from-beingkilled 465274933545968). Donations to the foundation (while we are creating a donation page on the Web site) can be made online at http help-a-neighbor with-love-to-karen 146874. My blessings to all of you--Karen Scan the code at right to make a donation to Second Wind Foundation July August 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Second Wind Foundation s Mission Statement The Second Wind Foundation will operate as a nonprofit organization dedicated to rebuilding the relationship between our canine companions and the communities in which they reside. Our goals are threefold. The first is to work toward initiating new legislation which will clarify the manner in which dogs are classified as dangerous held by animal control services and or subjected to euthanasia without proper discretion. The second goal is to work toward improving the conditions under which canines must live while awaiting decisions about their fate while incarcerated by county city or municipal agencies. The third and most important goal is to sponsor programs dedicated to improving the human-animal bond. This task will be achieved by joining at-risk dogs with at-risk youths in training programs geared toward improving communication across all levels of experience - i.e. spiritual physical mental and emotional. 48 Big City Hours Small Town Touch F By the team of RosemaryVet testing in an effort to provide a inally there is a veterinary fast and accurate diagnosis of clinic open after hours and your pet s medical condition. we are thrilled to announce We ve included blood chemistry our existence in our pet-loving and hematology analyzers with city Welcome to RosemaryVet convenient rapid results as part of where your pet s care and your our laboratory to meet the needs convenience are top priorities of our clients schedules. and thus our veterinary hospital At RosemaryVet our experiis open seven days a week with enced and dedicated veterinarians evening and weekend hours to and staff will treat your pet like accommodate your busy schedfamily and take the responsibility ule Yes we provide technologiof his her healthcare very seriouscally advanced veterinary services ly by providing excellent medical between 4 30 p.m. and 11 00 p.m. care while embracing the value of during weekdays and noon and the human-animal bond. 6 00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday Another benefit of our hospital We are conveniently located in is our fee structure. Our fees are the heart of Rosemary District a within the standard for general diverse growing neighborhood in veterinary medicine. While we downtown Sarasota surrounded are open evenings and weekends by art galleries restaurants and our fees are the same as most newly opened locally owned general practices open during small businesses. We chose this standard business hours. We do location in an effort to support not charge more for being open our community by contributing at night. Additionally because we to the growth of the art district of are open late we also are here for our city. Additionally our proximPictured above RosemaryVet located at 650 Central any emergencies your pet may have. ity to the downtown life allows you to Avenue Unit 2 in downtown Sarasota. Below left An While we do prefer a call beforedrop your pet off before you head to exam room at RosemaryVet. Below right RosemaryVet s hand walk-ins are always welcome-- the movies or dinner and pick him her operating room. Photos courtesy of RosemaryVet after all RosemaryVet is here to take up later that night. Now your pet can care of your pet when get the care he needs it s most convenient without you having to to you Surgeries and alter your work schedule anesthetic proceor evening plans dures of course have The mission of our restrictions but if it is practice is to provide possible to safely anesquality compassionate thetize your pet and we veterinary care to small can accommodate you animals. We believe that we certainly will. modern veterinary care We are excited to and old-time warmth serve the Sarasota go hand-in-hand and community and look your pet s care comfort forward to getting to and well-being are our know you and your pet. priority We are commitWe invite you to ted to increasing client come by and see us. education and providWe are located at 650 ing an affordable and Central Avenue Unit stress-free environment 2 Sarasota Florida by emphasizing preven34236. Our phone tive medicine wellness number is 941-366-3800. You also can visit us at www.RosemaryVet. care and dental care for our patients. In addition to thorough physical com e-mail us at rosemaryvetsrq and be sure to like us examinations we use state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques includon Facebook. ing digital full-body radiographs (x-rays) ultrasound and laboratory Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 49 Me Rescue Big Daddy 2 Years Old Male American Bull Dog Sponsor Princess Sponsor 5 Years Old Female Chihuahua Kickapoo Rescue 941-355-2884 941-926-8985 Kickapoo Rescue 941-925-2262 941-926-8985 3 Years Old Female Staffordshire Terrier Mix Sponsor Sponsor Candy Dolly 2 Years Old Female Australian Cattle Dog Mix Deb Dunbar Nate s Honor Animal Rescue Nate s Honor Animal Rescue 941-488-0363 941-747-4900 941-747-4900 Lola Sponsor Talladega Sponsor 11 1 2 Years Old Female Rat Terrier 4 1 2 Years Old Female Labrador Retriever Mix Nate s Honor Animal Rescue Sarasota 941-378-4367 Bradenton 941-753-PAWS 941-225-1855 Nate s Honor Animal Rescue 941-747-4900 941-747-4900 Mabel Special-Needs Dog Mabel is deaf Dooley Sponsor 10 Years Old Female Terrier Mix About 2 1 2 Years Old Male Miniature Pinscher Chihuahua Mix Sponsor Lynn Watts Nate s Honor Animal Rescue 941-747-4900 50 941-451-PETS Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch 941-361-1071 July August 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Ryder Sponsor Howie Sponsor 6 Years Old Male Dachshund Mix 4 Years Old Male American Bulldog Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dr. Nan Rosenberry Bay Road Animal Hospital 941-366-2275 Satchel s Last Resort Sanctuary Satchel s Last Resort Sanctuary 941-244-2260 941-924-5070 941-924-5070 Mighty Mike Sponsor 9 Months Old Male Hound Mix Daisy s Dancewear Hobbs Sponsor 3 Years Old Male American Bulldog 6549 Superior Avenue Sarasota 941-924-8222 Satchel s Last Resort Sanctuary 941-924-5070 Satchel s Last Resort Sanctuary 941-323-1330 941-924-5070 Cody 7 Years Old Male Abyssinian Mix Sponsor Green Sponsor 3 1 2 Years Old Male Greyhound 941-795-PETS (7387) All Kitty Korner landerson53 Racing Dog Rescue Project 941-359-1010 727-421-5505 941-379-3278 Shiro 3 Years Old Female Chihuahua Sponsor Tinkerbelle 5 Years Old Female Hound Mix Sponsor Canine Castaways 941-795-PETS (7387) 863-491-MUTT Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Moonracer No Kill Animal Rescue http 941-345-2441 51 Dewey Sponsor About 9 Years Old Male Chocolate Miniature Poodle Belle Sponsor About 11 Years Old Female Pit Bull Mix The Office of Drs. 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Judith e Photographer Photo by Emilee Fuss Photography 941-921-4355 Vintage Paws Sanctuary Inc. http 941-957-3311 941-921-4355 Duncan Sponsor Sandy 1 Year Old Female - Lab Hound Mix Sponsor About 14 Years Old Male Chihuahua Mix Vintage Paws Sanctuary Inc. 941-351-0730 941-921-4355 Humane Society of Manatee County 941-747-8808 Barnaby 1 Year Old Male Retriever Mix Sponsor Thunder Sponsor Mention this ad & receive 20% off your 1st visit 4 Years Old Male Labrador Retriever Mix 941-266-0526 Humane Society of Sarasota County 941-955-4131 Humane Society of Sarasota County 941-918-2222 941-955-4131 Daisy 4 Years Old Female - Australian Cattle Dog Mix Sponsor Ace 6 Years Old Male Shepherd Mix Sponsor Humane Society of Sarasota County 941-351-0730 941-266-0526 Humane Society of Sarasota County 941-955-4131 941-955-4131 52 July August 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Sunday December 7 2014 NEW BIGGER LOC ATION 11 am to 5 pm 2050 Adams Lane Sarasota Payne Park Cat Depot Hosts the 1st Pawpurr s Walk--a Family Stroll to Raise Funds For details or to register for the walk visit For Sponsorship & Vendor Details Visit Bark (& Purr) Out Loud Sarasota Pet and Manatee Pet are pleased to include Bark (& Purr) Out Loud a special feature that spotlights important events & happenings in our local pet community. If it s making headlines you ll read about it here Need Community Service Hours Cat Depot Can Help As more and more middle schools and high schools in our community require students to complete community service hours in order to graduate Cat Depot s foster family program offers young people an easy way to earn community service hours while caring for cats and kittens that need a temporary residence prior to adoption. For parents of school-aged students in need of fulfilling these educational requirements Cat Depot s foster program allows young people to earn their community service hours at home so Mom and Dad don t have to spend additional time on the road driving back and forth to yet another school-mandated program. Becoming a foster family and earning community service hours with Cat Depot couldn t be easier All that is recommended is a spare bedroom or bathroom that has ample room for the short-term residents. Everything that is needed to care for the cats and kittens--including dry and wet food a litter box and litter a bed toys and a flea comb--is included in the foster kit given to each family. Training also is provided for all foster families. In addition to group classes that are held in the Education Center--which is on the second floor of Cat Depot s state-of-the-art adoption facility located at 2542 17th Street in Sarasota--one-on-one training with a cat counselor also can be arranged. Foster training focuses on the three criteria needed to properly care for the cats and or kittens feeding cleaning and providing plenty of socialization so the cats become acclimated to living in a family environment. Fostering is a great way for a family to become involved as volunteers in an effort to help Cat De 54 Calling All Students pot save more lives says Lynn Rasys director of communications for Cat Depot. It also enables families to share a close bond as they work together in giving cats and kittens the loving care they need to prepare them for adoption. According to Lynn teenagers can earn two community service hours a day to care for an adult cat and three community service hours a day to care for a momma and kittens. Fostering frequently is a short-term commitment that can range from just a few days to up to eight weeks. Consequently a student could earn up to 60 community service hours if caring for an adult cat and up to 90 community service hours if caring for a momma and kittens in just one month--and in the comfort of their own homes We couldn t save as many lives as we do if we didn t have dedicated foster families to take in momma cats and their kittens Lynn says. We get phone calls every day from people who have found abandoned litters of kittens and we rely on our foster families to provide care until they are old enough to be brought back to Cat Depot where they will await their new homes. Because new foster families are always needed all community residents are welcome to participate in the fostering program at Cat Depot. For more information about earning community service hours or becoming a foster family at Cat Depot contact Stacy at Cat Depot by sending an e-mail to stacyj or by calling 941-366-0404. Dedicated to saving lives Cat Depot a nonprofit 501(c)(3) freeroaming facility is recognized for its progressive design and commitment to helping homeless abandoned and injured animals. Open seven days a week Cat Depot is located at 2542 17th Street in Sarasota. 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(Just North of Downtown Sarasota Off US 301) 2001 Princeton Street Cage Free Smoke Free 1 Groomer in Town Readers Choice Winner - 2007 2008 2010 2011 Th groo groo 941-915-8181 941-496-4095 2017 S. Tamiami Trail Suite A Venice FL 34293 in the Ark Plaza -- Dog Waste Removal -- Doody Free EXPIRES 8 31 2014 941-925-7906 6564 Superior Avenue Sarasota FL 34231 (In the Gulf Gate Shopping Center) 1-855-FL-DOODY (353-6639) PawshBoutiqueSpa Dog Training & Pet Supply Center Heavenly Pet Salon Where All Pets Are Treated Like Angels 2827 University Parkway Sarasota Florida 34243 5646 Swift Road Sarasota Florida 34231 (941) 358-7644 56 www.HeavenlyPetSalonofSarasota 941-923-2830 July August 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Indoor Play Park Professional Grooming c Treadmill Trainer c Day Spa Packages c Private Patios c Specialty Spa Services c Massage Therapy c Individualized Care c Field Trips to Bayside Pet Resort & Spa c c Luxury Day Spa for Dogs Ask About Our Convenient Shuttle Service To & From Bayside Pet Resort & Spa for a Full Day of Play 7 30 a.m. - 6 30 p.m. 9 00 a.m. - 4 00 p.m. Monday - Friday Saturday Hours 8405 Honore Avenue University Park Florida 34201 info 941-355-DOGS (3647) Sunday Closed Alzheimer s NATURE S MIRACLE FOR PEOPLE Aloe Vera Ted s For the past 23 years I have been marketing Aloe Vera products as a food supplement for people and also for pets. A great deal of health benefits have been noticed not only for pets but also for humans who use Ted s aloe cactus juice. What really has me wondering is this Why are there so many seniors suffering from Alzheimer s Just recently there was a study about how the brain cells shrink when we are sleeping. It is during these few hours when we are in our deepest sleep that our immune system cleans out all of the toxic garbage including a protein known as amyloid. It is this surplus protein that is hanging around the brain that damages the brain cells causing Alzheimer s. It was during years of working with the juices of the aloe vera plant and nopal cactus that I learned that there is a certain enzyme called protease. The function of this enzyme is to get rid of all the unwanted protein. Amyloid is one of the proteins--the same one that damages the brain cells. I cannot make a claim stating that this enzyme will do the cleansing but I do wonder if it is possible I wish that there were more studies on using our natural food for healing rather than the chemicals made in labs --Ted Kassay Purchase Ted s Aloe Vera at Booth 191 at the Red Barn Market in Bradenton or online at Ted Kassay 1554 Council Drive Sun City Center FL Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 813-634-7294 aloe4pets 57 calendar EVERY SATURDAY EVERY MONDAY EVERY TUESDAY 58 ONGOING EVENTS IN JULY & AUGUST Doggy Play Days at Poochie s Pampered Pups--Enjoy an indoor play date with your pup Join the fun along with hot coffee and fresh donuts. LOCATION Poochie s Pampered Pups 7672 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota. TIME 10 am to 12 pm. COST 5 per dog which will be donated to local animal rescue groups. For details call 941-312-4969. sive tendencies and should love being petted in all situations. Dogs must be evaluated to determine if they are ready for therapy work in hospitals nursing homes schools churches and private homes. LOCATION Poochie s Pampered Pups 7672 South Tamiami Trail Sarasota. TIME 7 30 pm. For fees and class details call 941-232-3300 or visit www. glet s Dog Bakery welcomes Underdog Rescue a local animal group that will have dogs available for adoption. LOCATION Sniglet s Dog Bakery 2827 University Pkwy. Sarasota. TIME 10 am to 2 pm. For details call Sniglet s Dog Bakery at 941-3587644. EVERY THURSDAY MONDAY JULY 7 THROUGH FRIDAY JULY 11 EVERY SATURDAY (BY RESERVATION) FREE Puppy Playtime & Meet the Trainers at Poochie s Pampered Pups Hosted by Jeanine s Professional Dog Training and Positively Simple Dog Training--Bring your 9- to 18-weekold puppies to Poochie s for an hour of playtime that also provides an introduction to socializing your puppy. Puppies must be up to date on all veterinarian-recommended vaccinations. Come meet the trainers and ask us questions while your new puppy socializes Community residents are welcome to meet the trainers and ask questions even if they don t have puppies. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. Reservations must be made by 5 pm Friday. LOCATION Poochie s Pampered Pups 7672 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota. TIME 12 to 1 pm. COST Free. To make a reservation e-mail SarasotaDogTrainer or info Family Manners Classes Taught by Jeanine s Professional Dog Training--Train and play in these obedience classes designed for dogs 16 weeks and older. LOCATION Poochie s Pampered Pups 7672 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota. TIME 6 15 pm. For class fees and details visit or send an e-mail to SarasotaDogTrainer Watercolor Classes by Award-Winning Artist Nancy Colby--Open to all levels of skill--from beginner to experienced--Nancy Colby provides individual instruction based on skill level as well as class instruction. Each class meets weekly for six sessions. Classes are ongoing and pro-rated if students come in the middle of a session. LOCATION North Port Art Center 5950 Sam Shapos Way North Port. TIME Summer Session 1 30 to 4 30 pm. For details including fees or to register call 941-423-6460 or visit Drop-In Puppy Kindergarten Classes Offered at K9 Korral--This is an introductory class for puppies under 16 weeks of age. Owners will learn many of the same skills that are taught in puppy preschool with more emphasis on manners and behaviors. Handlers can begin the class on any Tuesday and complete 6 consecutive weeks. TIME 6 pm. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-915-8181 or visit Ongoing Therapy Dog Training Classes Offered by Positively Simple Dog Training--This class helps prepare an already well-mannered dog to negotiate a variety of situations. A therapy dog must have a calm and gentle temperament excellent focus with its owner and be in control in all circumstances. The dog also should not have any aggres- AKC STAR Puppy Classes Taught by Jeanine s Professional Dog Training--For dogs 9 to 15 weeks old the AKC STAR Puppy classes focuses on Socialization Training Activity and Responsibility. Dogs that complete the class receive an AKC certificate. LOCATION Poochie s Pampered Pups 7672 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota. TIME 6 15 pm. For class fees and more details visit www. or send an e-mail to SarasotaDogTrainer FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH Cat Depot Hosts Critter Camp for 11 & 12 Year Olds--Join Cat Depot for a fun-filled week of learning games arts and crafts and visits with animal experts. Explore responsible pet care animal communication and pet safety. Keep company with Cat Depot cats and kittens to make their stay a little brighter while they are waiting for adoption. Camp T-shirt and snack provided. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 1 to 5 pm. For details or to register please contact Corey Roscoe Volunteer and Education Manager by calling 941-366-2404. Cat Depot Hosts Foster Training & Bottle Feeding Class--Interested in helping Cat Depot save more lives RSVP to attend this informative session on fostering kittens and cats at home. The class includes bottle baby techniques how to manage a mom and her new litter adult cat care Cat Depot s 3-3-3 program and hospice care. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 5 30 pm. Attendees must RSVP online at http education fosterbottle-feeding.aspx Foster_Class_Registration or send an e-mail to stacyj Run Throughs Offered at SOTC--Handlers and their dogs that compete in Novice Open and Utility can do a run through with a club member to evaluate their competition skills. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 6 30 to 8 30. COST Active SOTC members--Free New members 3.00 Non-members 5.00. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. WEDNESDAY JULY 9 SECOND THIRD & FOURTH FRIDAYS OF EVERY MONTH Members Practice at SOTC--SOTC s building and training fields are open for active members that wish to train on their own. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County FL. TIME 6 30 to 8 30. COST Active SOTC members--Free Nonactive members 3.00 Honor System. For more information visit www. or call 941-377-5984. FRIDAY JULY 11 THROUGH SUNDAY JULY 13 -- July 2014 -- THROUGHOUT THE MONTH OF JULY Beverly Hills Dog Hosts Christmas in July --In appreciation of Beverly Hills Dog s loyal customers the doggy day care facility and grooming spa will be turned into a winter wonderland during the month of July. There will be holiday music and decorations festive treats for people and pets and grab bag prizes for every client that books an appointment during the month. Be sure to join the celebration TIME 7 30 a.m. to 6 pm Monday through Friday. LOCATION Beverly Hills Dog 2030 Bispham Rd. Sarasota. For details call 941-8220888 or visit www.beverlyhillsdognet. AKC Agility Trial Hosted by Sarasota Obedience Training Club--Area dogs will be competing for ribbons and points in this agility event. LOCATION Turner Agri-Civic Center 2250 N.E. Roan St. Arcadia. For details visit Online entries SATURDAY JULY 12 Low-Cost Vaccinations Offered at Waggin Tails Grooming--Enjoy great discounts on pet vaccinations LOCATION Waggin Tails Grooming 3688 Webber St. Sarasota. TIME 8 to 9 am. For details call 941-924-4462. Leash Walking Class for Cats Hosted by Cat Depot--Cat Depot visitors can learn techniques on how to walk adoptable Cat Depot cats on a leash and harness to provide the cats with physical and mental stimulation. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 12 to 1 pm. ONLINE REGISTRATION REQUIRED. You must register online at http www.catdepot. org education cat-socialization.aspx or send an e-mail to Cody at codyc Monthly Meeting of PET (Pet Entrepreneurs Together)--Open to all pet business owners PET is a group of pet professionals that meets monthly to promote support and build member businesses and the local animal community. LOCATION Perkin s Family Restaurant 5921 Fruitville Rd. Sarasota. TIME Breakfast begins at 9 30 the meeting begins at 10 00. For details call Sarasota Pet at 941-405-4468. TUESDAY JULY 1 SUNDAY JULY 13 SATURDAY JULY 5 Racing Dog Rescue Project Hosts an Open House--Retired Greyhounds make wonderful pets Come see the Greyhounds available for adoption at Racing Dog Rescue s Open House which is held the second Sunday of every month. LOCATION Racing Dog Rescue Project 1801 Verna Road Myakka City. TIME 1 to 3 pm. For details call 941-359-FAST (3278) or visit www. Sniglet s Dog Bakery Hosts Dog Adoptions--SniJuly August 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet THURSDAY JULY 17 THROUGH SUNDAY JULY 20 AKC Agility Trial Hosted by Calusa Dog Agility Club--Area dogs will be competing for ribbons and points in this agility event. LOCATION Turner Agri-Civic Center 2250 N.E. Roan St. Arcadia. For details visit -- AUGUST 2014 -- SATURDAY AUGUST 2 Sniglet s Dog Bakery Hosts Dog Adoptions--Sniglet s Dog Bakery welcomes Underdog Rescue a local animal group that will have dogs available for adoption. LOCATION Sniglet s Dog Bakery 2827 University Pkwy. Sarasota. TIME 10 am to 2 pm. For details call Sniglet s Dog Bakery at 941-358-7644. THURSDAY JULY 17 Bentley s House Pet Loss Support Group--Area residents grieving the loss of a beloved pet are invited to attend this support group that meets monthly. Walk-ins are welcome. LOCATION Unity of Sarasota 3023 Proctor Rd. Sarasota. TIME 7 to 8 pm. For details call 941-955-3301 Ext. 23. Sniglet s Dog Bakery Hosts Cat Adoptions--Sniglet s Dog Bakery welcomes Cat Depot a local animal group that will have kittens and cats available for adoption. LOCATION Sniglet s Dog Bakery 2827 University Pkwy. Sarasota. TIME 10 am to 2 pm. For details call Sniglet s Dog Bakery at 941-358-7644. Founded in Honor of Bentley a Beloved Boy & Loving Friend FREE SUPPORT GROUP for Community Residents Suffering the Loss of a Cherished Pet SATURDAY JULY 19 SATURDAY JULY 26 Low-Cost Vaccinations Offered at Waggin Tails Grooming--Enjoy great discounts on pet vaccinations LOCATION Waggin Tails Grooming 3688 Webber St. Sarasota. TIME 8 to 9 am. For details call 941-924-4462. Cat Depot s Community Food Bank Opens Its Doors--Cat Depot s Community Food Bank helps community residents supporting feral cat colonies or in need of wet and dry food for their personal pets. Cat Depot has Basic Requirements that must be met to be eligible. LOCATION Cat Depot 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME Check-in begins promptly at noon. For details as well as income requirements and other resources for food please visit For further questions send an e-mail to info Low-Cost Vaccinations Offered at K9 Korral--Take advantage of great discounts on pet vaccinations offered by Healthy Pets--in air conditioning This is not a substitute for vet care. It is an alternative for families on a budget whose pets would otherwise go without vaccines. LOCATION K9 Korral 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. TIME 3 30 to 4 30 pm. For details call K9 Korral at 941-915-8181. THURSDAY JULY 31 THROUGH SUNDAY AUGUST 3 AKC Agility Trial Hosted by Tailwaggers Agility Club of South Florida--Area dogs will be competing for ribbons and points in this agility event. LOCATION Turner Agri-Civic Center 2250 N.E. Roan St. Arcadia. For starting time and details visit Monthly Meeting of PET (Pet Entrepreneurs Together)-- Open to all pet business owners PET Unity Church of Sarasota is a group of pet pro3023 Proctor Road Sarasota fessionals that meets monthly to promote Donations Accepted support and build Walk-Ins Welcome member businesses and the local animal community. LOCAFor More Information Please Call TION Perkin s Family Restaurant 5921 Fruitville Rd. Sarasota. TIME Breakfast begins at 9 30 the meeting begins at 10 00. For details call Sarasota Pet at adoption at Racing Dog Rescue s Open House 941-405-4468. which is held the second Sunday of every month. LOCATION Racing Dog Rescue Project 1801 THURSDAY AUGUST 7 THROUGH Verna Road Myakka City. TIME 1 to 3 pm. For SUNDAY AUGUST 10 details call 941-359-FAST (3278) or visit www. AKC Agility Trial Hosted by Obedience Training Club of Palm Beach County--Area dogs will be competing for ribbons and points in this agility event. LOCATION Turner Agri-Civic Center SATURDAY AUGUST 16 2250 N.E. Roan St. Arcadia. For starting time and Sniglet s Dog Bakery Hosts Cat Adoptions--Snidetails contact the event secretary June Ebert by glet s Dog Bakery welcomes Cat Depot a local sending an e-mail to astibug animal group that will have kittens and cats available for adoption. LOCATION Sniglet s Dog Bakery 2827 University Pkwy. Sarasota. TIME 10 SATURDAY AUGUST 9 am to 2 pm. For details call Sniglet s Dog Bakery at Low-Cost Vaccinations Offered at Waggin Tails 941-358-7644. Grooming--Enjoy great discounts on pet vac- TUESDAY AUGUST 5 Held the Third Thursday of Every Month 7 00 to 8 00 pm 941-955-3301 Ext. 23 cinations LOCATION Waggin Tails Grooming 3688 Webber St. Sarasota. TIME 8 to 9 am. For details call 941-924-4462. SUNDAY AUGUST 17 THURSDAY JULY 31 Bone Appetite Hosts An Open House & Evening with Olivia--Spend the evening with animal lovers at Bone Appetite and meet the newest addition to the Bone Appetite family Olivia Grace Livy a beautiful Greyhound adopted from Racing Dog Rescue Project. Bring your pups and enjoy a glass of wine and special sales throughout the store along with a few surprises LOCATION Bone Appetite 5275 University Parkway University Park. TIME 6 to 8 30 pm. For more information call 941-359-1010. Leash Walking Class for Cats Hosted by Cat Depot--Cat Depot visitors can learn techniques on how to walk adoptable Cat Depot cats on a leash and harness to provide the cats with physical and mental stimulation. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 12 to 1 pm. ONLINE REGISTRATION REQUIRED. You must register online at http www.catdepot. org education cat-socialization.aspx or send an e-mail to Cody at codyc SUNDAY AUGUST 10 Racing Dog Rescue Project Hosts an Open House--Come see the Greyhounds available for Second Wind Foundation Hosts a Special Fundraiser to Celebrate Buck s Birthday--Second Wind Foundation a new organization launched by Karen Kay Erskine in memory of Buck and Bill to rebuild the relationship between our canine companions and the communities in which they reside will host a fund-raiser on the day that would have been Buck s eighth birthday. Money raised at the celebration will be used to fund the new foundation as it strives to change county and state animal laws to protect the rights of pet owners and their animals. LOCATION & TIME To be determined. For additional information about the event stayed tuned to Facebook by visiting https www. pages Save-Buck-Bill-from-beingkilled 465274933545968 ref br_tf. Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 59 THURSDAY AUGUST 21 THROUGH SUNDAY AUGUST 24 941-955-4131 Ext. 124. TUESDAY AUGUST 5 AKC Agility Trial Hosted by Calusa Dog Agility Club--Area dogs will be competing for ribbons and points in this agility event. LOCATION Turner Agri-Civic Center 2250 N.E. Roan St. Arcadia. For starting time and details contact the event secretary Jeff Boyer by sending an e-mail to jboyer012 THURSDAY JULY 3 THURSDAY AUGUST 21 Bentley s House Pet Loss Support Group--Area residents grieving the loss of a beloved pet are invited to attend this support group that meets monthly. Walk-ins are welcome. LOCATION Unity of Sarasota 3023 Proctor Rd. Sarasota. TIME 7 to 8 pm. For details call 941-955-3301 Ext. 23. Flyball One Classes Offered at SOTC--Learn the basics of one of the fastest growing team sports for dogs Dogs preferably will have a Beginner 1 Level Obedience Class and or Really Reliable Recall training and be 5 months of age or older. Limited to 6 students per class. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 6 30 pm. COST 95 for 6 sessions. For details visit send an e-mail to flyballregistrar or call 941377-5984. Advanced Flyball Classes Offered at SOTC--This class is designed for dogs who have completed Flyball One and offers dogs and handlers advanced skills in Flyball. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 7 45 pm. Limited to 8 students per class. COST 75 for 6 sessions. For details visit www.sotcdogtraining. com send an e-mail to flyballregistrar tampabay. or call 941-377-5984. Puppy Level A Classes for 9 to 15 Week Olds Offered at SOTC--Puppies learn basic obedience skills in classes that are 50 to 60 minutes and meet for 6 weekly sessions. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 6 pm. COST 95. For details visit www.sotcdogtraining. com or call 941-377-5984. Puppy Level B (AKC STAR) Classes for Dogs 16 to 21 Weeks Offered at SOTC--Puppy B class is an AKC STAR (Socialization Training Activity and Responsibility) puppy class taught by certified STAR instructors. Classes are 50 to 60 minutes offered in 6 weekly sessions. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 7 15 pm. COST 95. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Obedience 102 CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Classes Offered at K9 Korral--This class builds on the skills already learned in Obedience 101 and prepares dogs for the AKC s CGC test. TIME 7 15 pm. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-915-8181 or visit SATURDAY AUGUST 23 Low-Cost Vaccinations Offered at Waggin Tails Grooming--Enjoy great discounts on pet vaccinations LOCATION Waggin Tails Grooming 3688 Webber St. Sarasota. TIME 8 to 9 am. For details call 941-924-4462. Low-Cost Vaccinations Offered at K9 Korral--Take advantage of great discounts on pet vaccinations offered by Healthy Pets--in air conditioning This is not a substitute for vet care. It is an alternative for families on a budget whose pets would otherwise go without vaccines. LOCATION K9 Korral 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. TIME 3 30 to 4 30 pm. For details call K9 Korral at 941-915-8181. WEDNESDAY AUGUST 6 TUESDAY JULY 22 Obedience 101 Classes Offered at K9 Korral--This introductory class is designed to teach obedience skills to dogs of all ages as well as puppy class graduates. TIME 7 15 pm. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-9158181 or visit TUESDAY AUGUST 19 SATURDAY AUGUST 30 & SUNDAY AUGUST 31 SATURDAY JULY 26 AKC Agility Trial Hosted by Treasure Coast Kennel Club of Florida--Area dogs will be competing for ribbons and points in this agility event. LOCATION Turner Agri-Civic Center 2250 N.E. Roan St. Arcadia. For starting time and details contact the event secretary Lori Ainbinder by sending an e-mail to 3gr8labs Agility 1 Class Offered at K9 Korral--The goal of this six-week class is for dogs and handlers to have fun and learn to work together in a positive environment as dogs learn basic agility. TIME 11 30 am. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-915-8181 or visit Basic Obedience 1 Classes Offered at HSSC-- Learn how to teach your dog how to behave in your household. Positive reinforcement is used to teach your dog commands such as sit down come and stay while also focusing on training your dog to walk on a leash. LOCATION HSSC 2331 15th St. Sarasota. TIME 5 45 pm. COST 80 for six consecutive sessions. For details or to enroll in the class visit or call 941-955-4131 Ext. 124. Flyball One Classes Offered at SOTC--Learn the basics of one of the fastest growing team sports for dogs Dogs preferably will have a Beginner 1 Level Obedience Class and or Really Reliable Recall training and be 5 months of age or older. Limited to 6 students per class. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 6 30 pm. COST 95 for 6 sessions. For details visit send an e-mail to flyballregistrar or call 941377-5984. Advanced Flyball Classes Offered at SOTC--This class is designed for dogs who have completed Flyball One and offers dogs and handlers advanced skills in Flyball. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 7 45 pm. Limited to 8 students per class. COST 75 for 6 sessions. For details visit www.sotcdogtraining. com send an e-mail to flyballregistrar tampabay. or call 941-377-5984. THURSDAY AUGUST 21 SATURDAY AUGUST 30 Cat Depot s Community Food Bank Opens Its Doors--Cat Depot s Community Food Bank helps community residents supporting feral cat colonies or in need of wet and dry food for their personal pets. Cat Depot has Basic Requirements that must be met to be eligible. LOCATION Cat Depot 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME Check-in begins promptly at noon. For details as well as income requirements and other resources for food please visit For further questions send an e-mail to info MONDAY JULY 28 Recall Class Offered at K9 Korral--This is an intensive class that focuses on teaching and maintaining a Really Reliable Recall. PRE-REQUISITE Puppy Kindergarten or an Obedience Dog 1 class. Classes are 60 minutes and meet for 6 weekly sessions. TIME 7 15 pm. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-915-8181 or visit WEDNESDAY JULY 30 DOG TRAINING CLASSES -- JULY 2014 -- TUESDAY JULY 1 Basic Obedience 2 Classes Offered at HSSC--Earn a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate and build on the skills learned in Basic Obedience 1 while learning commands that require more concentration for your dog. These lessons include how to accept a friendly stranger sit politely for petting walk through crowds react to other dogs and more. LOCATION HSSC 2331 15th St. Sarasota. TIME 5 45 pm. COST 80 for six consecutive sessions. For details visit or call 60 Obedience 101 Classes Offered at K9 Korral--This introductory class is designed to teach obedience skills to dogs of all ages as well as puppy class graduates. TIME 6 pm. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-915-8181 or visit -- AUGUST 2014 -- MONDAY AUGUST 4 Obedience 101 Classes Offered at K9 Korral--This introductory class is designed to teach obedience skills to dogs of all ages as well as puppy class graduates. TIME 6 pm. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-915-8181 or visit FRIDAY AUGUST 29 Basic Obedience 1 Classes Offered at HSSC-- Learn how to teach your dog how to behave in your household. Positive reinforcement is used to teach your dog commands such as sit down come and stay while also focusing on training your dog to walk on a leash. LOCATION HSSC 2331 15th St. Sarasota. TIME 11 am. COST 80 for six consecutive sessions. For details or to enroll in the class visit or call 941-955-4131 Ext. 124. July August 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Sarasota Pet s Community Marketplace Sarasota Pet is pleased to sponsor the Community Marketplace a special advertising section for business owners who are not necessarily in the pet business but love animals just the same What makes this section unique is that for every ad sold a donation of 10 is made to the animal rescue group of your choice Please support our fund-raiser by advertising your business or service here Your donation can save an animal s life For details send an e-mail to publisher Kinsey s Produce The Best Produce in Town Located on the Corner of 1st Street & Lemon Avenue Opposite Whole Foods Every Saturday at the Sarasota Farmers Market 941-780-6903 ads rack cards flyers brochures logos & more innovative. affordable. design. J. Campbell & Associates The Accounting and Financial Planning Specialist WLSS News Talk 930 AM JOHN CAMPBELL EA CFP President Listen to John Campbell 7 00 a.m. the 1st Saturday of each month to answer all your tax & financial planning questions 941-405-4468 by the creative team at Sarasota Pet 1800 Second Street Suite 753 Sarasota Florida 34236 (941) 906-1760 Fax (941) 330-8018 Email john Enhance theBeaut y & Value of Your Home Photos Connie Summers Professional Tile Installation Walls Backsplashes Floors Bathrooms Lanais Grout Cleaning & Staining Also Available You ll Value the Craftsmanship David Summers Inc. E-mail davidsummersinc -- Call Today for a FREE Estimate -- 27 Years Experience Insured Phone 941-960-4925 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 61 Do You Know My Name A New Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Photo Contest Pictured at left is a local canine celebrity who is well known throughout Sarasota and Manatee counties Do you know this dog s name and why he--or she--is so popular Here are several hints straight from the pup I am a Black Labrador Retriever I love to hang out at the beach I am the spokesdog for a large foundation in Sarasota I also am a trained service dog I have helped to raise more than 60 000 for charity If you know the name of this beach-lovin Lab enter the contest for a chance to win a 50 gift certificate to Holistic for Pets in Sarasota or Bradenton and a free private agility lesson from OceanWolf Agility To enter visit Click on the Do You Know My Name tab type the dog s name in the form on the page and click Submit. One winner will be chosen from all of the correct entries and will be announced in the September October issues of Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet. The entry deadline for the contest is Sunday August 10 at midnight. SPOILER ALERT Watch for an article about this very talented pup in an upcoming issue Laurel Oak MEDICINE c VETERINARY HOSPITAL SURGERY c DENTISTRY 8282 Bee Ridge Road Sarasota Florida 34241 Phone (941) 342.PETS (7387) Fax (941) 342.7388 lovhospital ON-SITE LABORATORY ON-SITE PHARMACY Full-Service Veterinary Hospital Offering Wellcare Screening - Physical Exams Preventive Medicine Internal Medicine Vaccinations Dental Exams & Oral Care Surgical Services - Including Spay Neuter Digital Radiographs Diagnostics - Blood Panels Blood Pressure Measurements Skin Care Dietary Management Senior Care Flea & Tick Control Prescription Diets Microchipping Feline Vaccinations Feline Medicine Nutrition & Pain Management Charlotte B. Sherrell DVM Former Medical Director of Humane Society of Manatee County & Humane Society of Naples 62 We Cater to Cats Walk Ins Welcome July August 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Photo Michelle Donner Photo Michelle Donner P upp ies Judith e Photography Metal Prints Create Lasting Memories of Your Pets on Metal More Vibrant Colors Lightweight Scratch Resistant Mention Sarasota Pet in an E-mail & Receive a FREE Sitting ( 25 Value) 941-351-2692 Metalphotography 20% of a Portrait Purchase is Donated to the Rescue Group of YOUR Choice Cat Hospital of Sarasota Andrew G. King DVM Sarasota Manatee & Charlotte Counties Only Full-Service Veterinary Hospital Exclusively for Cats AdorAble AKC YorKshire Terrier bAbies home-rAised WiTh loTs of love & soCiAlizATion Suzanne Quick suzieQ Buy From a Reputable Breeder Medicine Surgery Dentistry Senior Care Vaccines Blood Pressure Screening Customized Treatments for Kidney Diabetic & Thyroid Patients Now Boarding Available in Our Clean Quiet a Avail ble 941-921-4040 (Opposite AAA Building) CO2 Laser Surgery 941-758-0958 Kitty Bed & Breakfast 3845 Bee Ridge Road F E R UN OPEN WHEN YOUR VET IS NOT Serving Sarasota and Manatee counties IVERSITY P K AR L. 941-355-2884 8237 Cooper Creek Blvd. University Park FL 34201 MOnDAy THrOugH FriDAy 5 pm to 8 am SATurDAy THrOugH SunDAy & HOLiDAyS 24 Hour Round-the-Clock Care Professional and Courteous Full-Service Emergency Veterinary Care DVMs and Technicians On Site During All Open Hours State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Surgical & Life Saving Equipment Soft Tissue Surgery Endoscopy Oxygen Support Fluid Therapy Stabilization Emergency & Critical Care TREATMENTS L. C. In House Lab Radiology Blood Pressure EKGs Critical patients can and do arrive at any time. Emergencies are treated in order of severity. O Connect with Us Animal Er http AnimalERofUniversityParkLLC AnimalERofUnivPk DIAGNOSTICS now Providing Animal Transport via Sarasota Veterinary Center Offering a Full Array of Veterinary Services All in a Loving Environment -- Boarding & Grooming Available -- Because Pets are Family Too 1st Veterinary Visit FREE for All Rescue Animals Adopted from Animal Services or the Humane Society of Sarasota County 4019 Cattlemen Road Sarasota I-75 & Bee Ridge Rd. by Burlington Coat Factory 377-3031 FAMILY OWNED NATURAL & ORGANIC UNIQUE GIFTS for Pets & People Discover Only the Best Natural & Organic Pet Products at Perks 4 Pets ers Photograph FAVORITE PET STORE ISLAND SUN NEWSPAPER 2013 WINNER HURRICANE SEASON IS HERE -- NOW THROUGH NOVEMBER 30 -- D PET OWNERS--BE PREPARED D ASSEMBLE AN EMERGENCY KIT FOR y Foods & Treats Connie Summ YOUR FAMILY AND ONE FOR YOUR PETS D PLACE PET INSIDE DECALS ON YOUR LOW-COST VACCINATION CLINICS AVAILABLE HERE CALL US FOR DETAILS DOORS & WINDOWS. INCLUDE THE NUMBER & SPECIES OF PETS IN YOUR HOME TO ALERT RESCUE WORKERS. PICK UP YOUR PET INSIDE DECALS AT PERKS 4 PETS STAY SAFE for Individualized Service Perks 4 Pets Asia Chyna Rowdy Samurai Maya 941 c 795 c PETS (7387) 7228 MANATEE AVENUE WEST BRADENTON FL 34209 WWW.PERKS4PETSFL.COM