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Description: Women of Distinction: These women are leaders in their community and field.

wod 2014 women of distinction MAGAZINE . . www nadprofessionals com Learn what makes these women so SUCCESSFUL It brings me more joy that I can express in words to create a garment for a woman that makes her look and feel empowered and beautiful marlene franke chief design officer marlene atelier In 1987 political consulting firms had not fully acknowledged the importance of targeting women candidates and Diane Cromer Enterprises was one of the first onehundred percent woman-owned consulting firms. - Ortell Diane Cromer Tutus Divine Paula Drake 630-513-6321 balletnanna g women of distinction magazine contents... Issue 1 Volume 1 Industry Experts Staff Marissa Bacchi editor-in-chief 86 24 head writer editor 6 101 Holli M. Narvaez Angie M. Hoffman writer featured Cynthia Johnson .......................................... 11 Debbie Sue Moore ........................................ 16 Ortell Diane Cromer ................................. 19 Dr. Elise Bourne-Busby ............................... 29 Marilyn Lee .................................................. 34 Yvonne Ludwig ............................................ 39 layout graphic design Tony Farfan editorial coodinator Rachael Raffna Anne Chilar selection committee selection committee Kimberly Diehl selection committee Women of Distinction Published by National Association of Distinguished Professionals 560 Broadhollow Road Ste. 310 Melville NY 11747 Phone 631-465-9024 Fax 631-465-9035 http Rebecca Valuch BarBara L. Cox PT Physical Therapist Maryville TN T he desire to help others is what gave Barbara L. Cox PT the incentive to work in the medical field. With the advent of World War II and a nationwide polio epidemic during the 1940 s and 1950 s physical therapists were in greater demand than ever before and by 1961 Barbara had earned herself a Bachelor s Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Texas Medical Branch. She was well on her way to a great career in healthcare one in which she was confident would reap many rewards both on a professional and personal level. I have been in physical therapy for over 52 years now Barbara said about her longevity in the field. I have worked in many different areas and the variety has allowed me to have an interesting and successful career. The occupation of physical therapy which helps patients regain motor skills and regain control of their physical lives was officially formed in 1921 and those studying it did so at the American Women s Physical Therapeutic Association. By the end of the 1930 s the Association had changed its name to the American Physiotherapy Association and by that time men too were being admitted to the program. Membership at that time grew to just under 1 000 men and women. Immediately after college Barbara began working in acute care at St. John s Hospital in Tulsa Oklahoma. After a year she relocated to Baptist Hospital in Beaumont Texas where she remained for several years learning about many different medical conditions. She continued her practice in an acute care setting. She helped rehabilitate patients learned the importance of healing disabilities and how patients would return to a normal lifestyle after therapy. Currently Barbara works part-time taking shortterm assignments when needed. She enjoys After working in acute care Barbara switched to consulting to improve efficiency and morale in home heath for a short time. She then worked for departments that are experiencing problems and several years doing pediatric contracts with area enjoys working with patients and doing public schools. When working with children she said education. physical therapists have relied upon an impressive array of techniques to treat musculoskeletal Throughout her career Barbara has had the problems and improve the mobility of children pleasure to meet people and teachers that have facing numerous health conditions like cerebral provided her with guidance and motivation in palsy traumatic brain injuries chronic pain cystic the field of physical therapy. She remembers fibrosis cancer scoliosis developmental delays Ruby Decker the most who was the director of and movement disorders resulting from premature the physical therapy program at the University of birth. Texas Medical Branch. Ruby was dedicated to providing all the necessary tools to become good An interest in obstetrics led Barbara to become a quality clinicians. She never failed to motivate certified Lamaze instructor in 1969. She began the others to be their very best. Some of the greatest Prepared Childbirth Program at Baptist Hospital in advice she gave Barbara which stuck with her Beaumont Texas where she happily remained throughout her career was that physical therapists for 17 years. After much consideration she gave cannot treat a patient unless they can touch them up the obstetric part of her practice because it was and feel the tension in their muscles. She said very time consuming and took too much time away that when a student finishes school all you will from her family. really know is what textbook to open in order to look something up and that your real education Though the next phase in Barbara s physical truly begins when you go out into the real world. therapy career was managing a private practice clinic which enabled her to develop increased Still Barbara s biggest motivator when it comes to business knowledge and skills she wasn t quite physical therapy has always been in the joy she sure this was where she wanted to remain long- experiences as the result of witnessing many of term. Having a strong interest in geriatrics her patients recovering and the appreciation of combined with a curiosity in tempomandibular their families who love them. joint therapy her practice began to shift. Barbara returned to home health and geriatrics at Covenant Barbara attributed her success to her professional Home Care in Knoxville Tennessee and not long demeanor and demonstration of confidence. after their CEO asked her to manage the Rehab Though she is vertically challenged or short Department. She accepted and the experience as she says new patients often do not feel safe gave her the ability to manage a multidiscipline or confident that she could effectively work with team with speech pathologists occupational them. But Barbara has always been able to put therapist and physical therapists. After retiring her patients minds at ease by talking openly about from Covenant Homecare Barbara was offered her techniques and expertise to gain their trust. the opportunity to manage the Rehab Department at Asbury Skilled Nursing Facility in Maryville Thinking back to a time when a patient had come Tennessee which allowed her to continue her to her requesting a guarantee that he d be cured geriatric interests and be more involved with her with her help Barbara had to be really honest with father s care. him like she is with all of her patients. She told him that the only guarantee she could give him Variety has always kept my career from ever was that she would do her best. Unfortunately getting boring Barbara said. My husband used he thanked her and walked out because he did to say I treated patients from the womb to the not like her answer. An hour later he came back tomb. It s been wonderful. and asked that she treat him anyway because he appreciated her honesty. Bachelor s Degree in Spanish. He currently works in the business office at the University The best advice I could offer a new physical of Tennessee Hospital in Knoxville. Clay is a therapist is to be professional confident and physical therapist assistant and is working toward friendly. If you gain your patients confidence his Bachelor s Degree in Business. He is married and put them at ease your treatment will be more with a 13-year-old daughter and a nine-year-old successful she said. I would also suggest son. exploring all of the various dimensions of the profession to make an informed plan for a career I strive to live a life where others path. With the belief that continued education is vital to longevity in the field of healthcare Barbara is constantly taking advantage of the many courses available to her. She also believes in being a people person which is invaluable in her opinion. A good bedside manner can go a long way. Working with many many patients and families throughout her career has made Barbara feel as though they were all an extension of her own family. She s be privileged to work with many talented professionals some of which she will never forget. But spending time with her family has also been very important to her too. Having an appreciation for just how fragile life is she enjoys quality time with them and traveling with them as often as possible. She also loves to correspond and stay connected with friends via email in her down time. Always wanting to give back Barbara has mentored several students throughout the years. She is a contributor to Susan G. Komen for the Cure St. Jude Children s Research Hospital March of Dimes and local organizations. Participating in Alzheimer s walks in particular is most satisfying to Barbara and her family since having to care for her father for eight years while suffering from dementia and eventually passing away of cancer. Barbara also loves to tend to her house plants and read and she recently took up quilting though it s coming slowly. She is also active in church work which is extremely important to her and has always been a great support system in her life. Barbara and her husband Murray Clinton Cox Jr. were married for 45 years before his passing in January 2012. Together they had two sons Brian and Clay and they both live in Maryville Tennessee. Brian is a journalist who holds a women of distinction magazine will see me as someone who cares about people and goes the extra mile to help others. My faith guides my life and I hope I am viewed as a guide to others. What is the most important personal attribute a person must have to succeed in this profession Compassion and an understanding of the effects that illness and injury can have on an individual and their family is very important. independence with additional skilled training. Long-term residents can frequently benefit from a short course of therapy to restore them to a previous functional level following an illness which leads to a decline. What types of settings have you worked in and How are the educational requirements how long have you been a physical therapist changing in the field I began my career in an acute care hospital and The educational requirements are increasing then moved to nursing home care home health frequently with most physical therapy programs public school contracts Lamaze training private and now require a master s degree or a doctorate practice and home health management. I have of physical therapy. An individual should know been a physical therapist in excess of 50 years what to expect before beginning their career track. and have never gotten bored with my work. What are the advantages of physical therapy as a career option Personal satisfaction with your work is number one. There is a diversity of options within the field too. For example sports physical therapy pediatrics geriatrics orthopedics work ergonomics obstetrics and hippotherapy are just a few that a physical therapist can choose after entering the profession. What types of treatments do physical therapists offer The variety is almost endless. We use modalities such as heat ultrasound electrical stimulation and massage for pain control and to increase relaxation. Joint mobilization exercise balance training gait training functional activities and workplace ergonomics are additional areas we are involved with depending on the setting he she is employed in. What do you think is one of the strong points of physical therapy as a career It allows you to apply your ability to evaluate a patient with your creativity to implement a treatment program for that individual to attain optimal results. You have to use your knowledge and be a creative thinker who adapts the treatment to the patient s personality. What are your concerns about the profession I have only two educational demands which are becoming excessive and eliminating some potential therapists due to increasing costs and governmental intervention in medicine. How would you sum up your career I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to meet some wonderful people and be a part of their lives in good and troubled times. It has been a privilege to feel that I have made a difference in some small or prominent way. I am richer for the lives who What does a home health physical therapist have touched mine and allowed me to walk with provide them for a time. Training in functional activities transfer training gait training and balance activities are some of the tools used to help the patient return to optimal freedom and independence in the home setting. We provide training and education for the family on how to be effective caregivers. Why do you provide physical therapy in nursing homes Many of the residents have not reached their maximum potential when they are transferred to a skilled care facility and can gain improved National Association of Distinguished Professionals Cynthia Fabian writer & educator - somerset nj http D escribing herself as the heartbeat of her small business Cynthia Fabian created Fabianwriter LLC in 2012 as a way to further her writing career. Having formerly taught English and English as a Second Language to high school students for 10 years Cynthia had the opportunity to write curriculum and lesson plans which only made her more intrigued by the writing process. After each school day was done she would spend her down time writing for herself. Her writings soon became more than just a hobby and Cynthia found herself heading in a completely different direction professionally. Since that time Cynthia has transitioned from a fulltime teacher to author and speaker. She goes on writing assignments and speaking engagements all over New York and New Jersey and writes children s books in between while also marketing them for sale. She hosts her own website where she blogs often on various topics and provides information about upcoming events. She is in love with her career and sometimes it s hard to believe that she s been in business for 10 years already even though the LLC wasn t officially formed until last year. With her teaching days now long behind her Cynthia focuses all of her time on her writing career. She doesn t ever believe in sitting still unless of course she s in writing mode. She s constantly on the go which in her line of work is considered a prerequisite if you want to thrive. I never waste time it s too precious she admits. Television doesn t relax me and the news just keeps me up at night. So usually I put on some music and just start working. It is amazing how quickly you can get your work done when you designate time for it. To date Cynthia has written four children s books. The first which was published in 2009 through Publish America entitled Those Sweet Nothings is a collection of vignettes depicting dates gone wrong. It s an assortment of funny and stark interviews that prove that not all dates were meant to be. She declares chemistry as the prime component of a very successful or very miserable ending to a date. Her second book published in 2010 through Strategic Publishing Company Second Hand Art features the life of an artist that works in a recycled medium. It s a book intended for all ages with beginner and intermediate reading levels as a way to help individuals overcome whatever obstacles they may be encountering in life. The main character Henry who suffers a stuttering problem is teased and bullied by his sister. With the help of a great artist Allen Henry learns how to believe in himself. women of distinction magazine In 2011 Cynthia released Orchestra in Our Brain through Strategic Book Publishing which uses musical metaphors to explain epilepsy. Orchestra s main character Robert has epilepsy. The plot focuses on the child and how his teacher helps him to cope with his seizures by using musical metaphors to demonstrate how the brain works while he s having one. This book was inspired by the fact that Cynthia too has struggled with epilepsy her entire life. She wanted to address the topic so that children of all ages would better understand the condition and not be afraid of the effects it has on those with the disorder as well as those witnessing it. Community College Kingsborough Community College and Staten Island College. She s also held various positions as a writer copywriter publication writer proofreader assistant editor and editor with firms like Working Woman Magazine Alert Publishing Company Healson Communications and ACE Community Technology which spanned the course of 10 years. The former teacher has also proudly written numerous op-ed pieces for various publications including New York Newsday. She has been involved in consulting projects dating back to 1986 that included work with Prestwick House Princeton Review and WNET-Channel 13. She is always Finally Can t and Able Cynthia s most recent available as a ghost writer for other authors too book which was released in July 2012 also which she admits is an interesting way to keep through Strategic Book Publishing is a book for her skills sharp . She s written lesson plans for readers five years of age and up. It speaks of the Channel 13 Online ( and has ever-popular topic of bullying by using metaphors broadcasted live on over 50 radio stations to date to help children understand what bullying is and as a relationship expert. In short there isn t much how to stop or prevent it. Cynthia hasn t done in respect to her work. I write books to try to help others. Inside me is the desire to show others how to embrace English and love of reading just as I had always done she said. I love what I do. As a writer it is crucial for Cynthia to set realistic goals. Of all the fields out there writing requires you to target in on your goals make sure they are realistic and also be very organized in not only your thought process but also how you lay it all out on paper to be successful. She believes in staying consistent making six months goals creating tasks for yourself and sticking with those tasks because those tasks will constantly change. Rather than wasting time Cynthia values the importance of making time to market herself and her work. Cynthia also served as an adjunct professor while she was a full-time school teacher. She taught Basic Skills and ESL for five years at Queensboro When she thinks about the importance of mentoring one friend Barbara Rudel comes to mind and she happens to be a grief worker speaker and writer. Something Cynthia values in her is her ability to work with others in order to get past their negative mental state. As a relationships expert and motivational speaker Cynthia can relate in that she speaks with others that are going through various types of pitfalls and everyday issues in regard to their relationships. Cynthia spent some time at a local library talking about her first book which was about relationships. Those Sweet Nothings gave her the opportunity to reach out to others between the ages of 20 to 80 in which they asked her for advice on how to solve their personal relationship issues. Although Cynthia isn t a counsellor she was able to talk to the attendees and help them find new romance. When Cynthia isn t writing either for herself or someone else and when she s not out in the National Association of Distinguished Professionals Cynthia Fabian Cont... field marketing her books speaking or giving relationship advice she tutors students from ages five to 21 privately in English and English as a Second Language. She provides supplemental individualized instruction in reading writing study skills phonics and related areas. She tutors in parts of New Jersey and all throughout the five boroughs of the city. Born in California but raised in New York City Cynthia attended Queens College where she earned her Bachelor s Degree in English Writing. She followed up with a Master s Degree in TESOL at St. John s University also located in Queens New York. She is a member with United Federation of Teachers American Federation of Teachers and the International Association of Speakers Bureaus which is a non-for-profit trade membership organization founded in 1986 and is made up of speakers bureaus lecture agencies and speaker management companies located around the world. She also likes to get involved with her local community when she has the time. She s volunteered at her local soup kitchen by stocking the shelves with food which she found to be a very humbling and rewarding experience. She also donates canned goods to the kitchen on a regular basis and to several other charitable organizations close to her heart. One of her favorite things to do though is speak to the children and adults at area libraries. Topics of discussion include Taking Pride in Oneself Don t Dis My Ability AntiBullying Workshops How to Have a Relationship After Sixty and Love It and Having Fun at Any Stage in Your Life. At the end of the day though it is up to Cynthia to make the best of her career the direction she s taken and what she s brought to the table. She plans to continue writing and publishing children s books but even more importantly it s about inspiring others to pursue their hopes and dreams. It s a teacher s way of thinking and no matter how far she has strayed from the classroom she ll always be a teacher at heart. women of distinction magazine Cynthia Fabian Somerset NJ President Chief Executive Officer Fabianwriter LLC fabianwriter http National Association of Distinguished Professionals Some oF Cynthia S PubliShed WorkS... Robert a five-year-old with epilepsy has a seizure at school. The students don t understand what a seizure is all about and one child even makes fun of Robert. To make Robert and the other students understand what happened the Coach gives the children a lesson in music describing it as an Orchestra in Our Brain. He illustrates just how the brain works by using musical metaphors. Robert s brain decided to play the wrong note so he had a seizure. The orchestra in his brain was slightly off key. This book s simple and non-graphic way to explain epilepsy to children is one that will allow kids to understand seizures and to learn about people who are different than themselves. Previously a teacher Cynthia Fabian now speaks in libraries and schools. I have had epilepsy my entire life and have always had to overcome obstacles in many ways. This book is more about making yourself the best by keeping a positive attitude than anything else. She lives in Somerset N.J. and is writing her next book Can t and Able using star metaphors. Illustrator Bio Daniel Stevens has a B.A. in Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute. His experience ranges from designing clothing and furniture to creating children s illustrations. He has also worked for Disney and MTV and is the artist for Second Hand Art the author s previous book about recycled art. Publisher s Website http title OrchestraInOurBrain.html Ten-year-old Henry wishes he could stop stuttering and be as good as his sister Melba. Henry his sister and their mother live in Rockaway Queens near the beach and Henry loves to escape to the boardwalk. He never knows what he will find there. One day there might be a band playing music he s never heard. Another day he might see a person riding around on a strange thing that looks like a giant tricycle but has four wheels instead of three. And some days Henry finds Allen a local artist who uses recycled materials to make beautiful works of art and doesn t mind talking to kids. Those are Henry s favorite days. But the best day of all is the day Henry realizes what Allen s Second Hand Art can teach him about himself Once they were broken and abandoned but they can become beautiful in time. Sometimes they even create a shape that resembles a flower. It is this metaphor that beauty in life and broken dreams can yield positive results. -Henry Allen Stevens Jr. Author Cynthia Fabian teaches English to speakers of other languages. When she is not teaching she can be found crafting writing of all varieties. Children stories are her favorite genre. Henry Allen Stevens Jr. is an artist who works with emotionally challenged children. He is a vocalist and has four young adult children of his own. Illustrator Daniel Stevens Publisher s Website http title SecondHandArt.html Could it be that right this very moment you are waiting for a date in a bar a restaurant or even some fancy coffee house Well pay close attention as there s no rhyme or reason as to how people meet or why some dates fail miserably. Sound like a commercial Actually there is this strange thing we all call chemistry --as if this is what makes or breaks love. Dating can be a painful process and love is often elusive. But I have compiled many interviews that prove that not all dates have a happy ending. So if you are finding your dates to be less than perfect hang on to your selfconfidence and read this pocket book. It is guaranteed to make you laugh aloud. So raise up your glass of caf latte safe sex on the beach (a great drink with a sense of humor) or simply some frosty beer and shout cheers All are available on women of distinction magazine Assistant Professor and Director of Principal Certification Gonzaga University- Spokane WA Lifelong educator Cynthia S. Johnson started her teaching career in 1995. While she did not originally set out to become an educator her interactions with some remarkable people led her down that path. Education is in dire need of people that truly care about kids advocate for them and are willing to develop the best culture for teaching and learning even when there are financial or other restraints limiting their options Cynthia said about her profession. Educators set the foundation for students to explore dream pursue their fields of interest and shape future career choices. The children along with a deep desire to develop better schools are the two main reasons I am still working in the field today. After earning her BA in Elementary Education Cynthia started her career at Tieton Middle School in Washington as a teacher. The school principal showed her how extraordinary school leaders should be was fortunate enough to work with amazing educators and had wonderful children to teach. uring this time Cynthia went back to Heritage University to earn an MA in both Special Education and School Administration. Her degree gave her the opportunity to then become principal in a remote area of Washington State that had a large community of at-risk learners. Cynthia S. JohnSon D Two years later Cynthia moved to south Texas and became assistant principal then principal in a small town outside of Corpus Christi for the next six years. She attended Texas A&M University during that time and earned her Doctorate in Educational Leadership. Today Cynthia is back in Washington working as an assistant professor and director of principal certification in the School of Education s Department of Educational Leadership at Gonzaga University. To ensure that she is providing the highest quality of education she participates in both the School of Education and Gonzaga University committees works collaboratively with colleagues on program development and change writes about educational issues and presents at conferences. Cynthia has worked to develop an online program for principal certification that provides learning opportunities and direct application in the field. Her main focus is to develop leaders that know how to build trusting relationships make data driven decisions around the various needs of students develop a culture of teaching and learning that values cultural diversity and addresses the need to close the achievement gap. Also working on an online principal academy that focuses on strategies and practices to turn around struggling schools Cynthia s goals are to create positive school change and build capacity in others National Association of Distinguished Professionals through trusting relationships and collaboration. Her hope is to reach practicing administrators in the region nation and worldwide that want advanced learning opportunities. To see a principal academy take shape would be extremely rewarding for Cynthia. She would like the academy to become a learning center that has a deep impact on leading authentically developing rich and meaningful learning and placing the needs of students first when making school or district wide decisions. works hard to push herself passed her own perceived limitations. Cynthia has faced all of her leadership positions with the knowledge that much of the learning will come through trial and error. She has gained the most experience when taking risks stepping out of her comfort zone and at times failing. By making mistakes she has as a result learned how to be more effective. Know who you are and always work towards being your best self. If you live by integrity and know your values you will never be ashamed of the person you are Cynthia said with conviction. T As a leader Cynthia strives to be a model of positive change. She never asks anyone to do something that she wouldn t do herself and makes every effort to be authentic transparent and Throughout her career Cynthia has worked with courageous allowing herself to make a difference and supported students with two books Improving take risks and impact the field of education. Writing Quality Through Self-Assessment and Journal Writing in Math Why Not She is currently here are several motivational factors working with two more students on two additional Cynthia attributes to her success in books which have already been accepted for higher education. The first include publication Using Light and Color When Designing three remarkable women Dr. Deborah Classrooms and Utilizing Projects to Engage Booth Dr. Janet Brougher and Dr. Students. Through collaboration with colleagues Jerri Shepard. These women believed in her and students as well as on her own she has more that she believed in herself and provided written publications that can be found in Academic her the opportunity to grow professionally utilize Research International Reclaiming Children and her talents and expertise and work in an area that Youth International Journal of Humanities and she is passionate about. Social Science and Curriculum in Context. The second and probably the most important motivation are the students teachers and administrators. As a leader in education Cynthia also participates in conferences. Some of the topics she addresses include problem solving for educational leaders utilizing action for school improvement Students are the core of the profession and approaching problems as possibilities for should always be the main focus of any decision transformation transformational learning through made in schools Cynthia said. The talented and technology and action research. As a continual proactive teachers and administrators that I ve student herself Cynthia s research interests worked with and learned from throughout the years include action research in the school setting have kept me inspired challenged and driven to school leadership technology and online blended be better both professionally and personally. learning effective teaching teams and school morale and team building. Being a caring and supportive individual Cynthia works with others to achieve their professional Cynthia was a finalist for the Texas Principal of the goals and aspirations. She has a strong work Year award presented in Austin Texas in 2007. ethic and wants to provide the best educational She was also awarded the Leading for Professional opportunities for everyone she works with. When Learning Award in Boston Massachusetts and the professional expectations seem daunting and Jeanne Foster Wardian Leadership in Education beyond her abilities she doesn t quit but instead Award from the School of Education at Gonzaga women of distinction magazine University in 2013. Outside of work Cynthia enjoys traveling gardening exercising and most importantly spending time with her husband and children. She values what little free time she has and loves to relax at home. Whenever possible she participates in locate events such as the MS Walk and other activities that support the community. Cynthia is an editorial board member with EdTechnology Journal and the Journal of Arts and Humanities an executive member of Northwest Washington Educational Leadership Consortium and an active member with American Association of University Professors and Washington Council of Educational Administration. Married to her husband John for 20 years Cynthia and John s daughter 19-year-old Jessica attends the University of Washington and is studying business with a concentration in marketing and accounting. Their son 16-year-old Andrew is a sophomore at Mount Spokane High School who is very passionate about baseball. I strive to do my best work and to inspire others to do the same. I care about people and encourage others to take risks to reach for their dreams. National Association of Distinguished Professionals How do you stay current with the changes and shifts in education I do a lot of reading. I have memberships with organizations that keep me informed with educational changes and trends from around the country and the world. How do you measure success in your role I measure the success of my role with the program through feedback candidate interest enrollment and the hiring of interns into administrative roles. Have you discovered a pattern of common qualities that are present in the interns who are ultimately employed as administrators principals after graduating from your program Each person is unique but I do see some common characteristics and beliefs. They have this innate ability to motivate empower and inspire staff. How do you know when you have arrived in this position I don t think a person ever fully arrives if they continue to strive for personal and professional growth. Describe the part of your work that you find the most rewarding and why Working with interns on their internship experiences and watching them have that aha moment when they know they have made the correct career choice. Cynthia S. Johnson Assistant Professor and Director of Principal Certification Gonzaga University Spokane WA Business Phone 509-313-3650 johnsonc2 Students are the core of the profession contact women of distinction magazine s and should al ol wa ys ho be sc in th em de ma ain ion focu s of any decis How do you see the program evolving in the next 5-10 years This is a hard question to answer and the truth is I don t have one. I hope that the program is going strong evolving and providing an outstanding learning experience. Do you ever serve as a consultant to schools or principals Yes and I would love to do more of it. I enjoy working with school leaders that have the strong desire to improve their own professional practice. Based on what you have seen in your role what are the predictors for a principal candidate s future success within the program The predictors for success would be strong organizational skills the capability to advocate for themselves and a willingness to get involved in all learning opportunities. How do you support principal candidates when you know it is not the right career for them and their future I begin speaking with them right away and work toward understanding the perspective of where they are and how they see themselves in this role. I also connect with their mentor and gain their perception based on conversations and interactions. Do you have any regrets working in your current position Absolutely not. My learning curve has been enormous and I would not have had the challenges and the growth without it. National Association of Distinguished Professionals debbie s. moore owner and photographer photos by debbie fox island wa Confident and proud to show off her accomplishments Debbie S. Moore found that photography is her true career niche. Early on while trying to figure out what she wanted to do in her career Debbie explored different professions from the funeral services industry to working at an IMUSA shipyard to the US Army. But something always told her deep down that she still wasn t doing what she was meant to do and she often found herself being pulled toward photography. I have been fascinated with cameras ever since I could figure out how to look through the view finder and click the button back in the late 1960 s Debbie said about her early love for photography. From that moment on I was the person who took all the family vacation reunion and wedding photos. You name it I was the one with the camera. Debbie has kept her passion alive working as a photographer for Porpoise Publications Magic Photography and O Connor Studios. Because Debbie had to start small and work her way up to where she is now she believes it has made her a better success. Having had to take on other odd jobs outside of photography and working for other photographers prior to getting to where she is today it was those experiences that now gives her the savvy to understand why her passion for photography is so strong and why she s been able to excel at it. Today Debbie is owner and photographer of Photos by Debbie located in Fox Island Washington. With the exception of her husband s help from time to time Debbie does everything herself from sales photography customer service photo processing and anything else that needs to be accomplished to get a photo shoot done both effectively and efficiently. As a one person business Debbie is always pleasant and does her best to listen to her customers. When they have a particular like or dislike she ensures they are comfortable in order to receive the best quality photos possible. Learning from experience when customers aren t happy it shows in their pictures. But while she Graduating from the University of Maryland maintains an open mind and ear to each of her Debbie has kept up on her photography by taking clients she also doesn t let them try to influence classes from Tacoma Community College and her to do anything less than her best. Pierce College. She started molding her career by doing small shoots for friends in the 1970 s. women of distinction magazine Thanks to today s ongoing technology photography gets tougher and tougher with each new gadget. For this reason Debbie is constantly practicing and following all the changes in the field so that they don t pass her up. Staying relevant is everything. Happily married for 26 years Debbie has two beautiful daughters who have given her the most blessed of grandsons. She is a smiling redhead who always tries to bring positive messages to others whether through her time spent writing or while taking photos of her clients. To date Debbie has authored two children s books Penelope I try to run my business within the means of what the Peculiar Purple Porpoise and Carlton the the economy is doing. To me it s not about the Calamitous Cross-Eyed Crab which can be money Debbie explained about what drives her purchased by either sending her an email or in this field. It s about making people happy by through Barnes and Noble. providing them memories they can look back on through photos. To do this I volunteer my I have a big heart and like to make people happy services for events and don t charge an hourly fee Debbie shared about herself. I try to live by for individual or family photo sessions. believing in what I want and having faith in my beliefs. I followed my dream to be a photographer As an adult leader and captain for the Tacoma and I didn t let anyone try and talk me out of it. Sea Scouts Debbie is the official photographer for their events and activities. She also participates in photographing the Tacoma Waterfront Association Tacoma Maritime Fest Foss Waterway Seaport Museum Community Performing Arts Theatre US Army Special Forces Group Association and several others. It s about happy by makIng people Inspired by the great late painter Bob Ross Debbie still loves to listen and watch him on TV. Even though he taught painting he s been able to capture Debbie s passion of photography and help her to learn what to look for when taking photos too. Debbie doesn t go anywhere without her camera but in her free time she enjoys doing crafts crocheting knitting on a loom reading and writing. She dabbles with painting in oils and acrylics volunteers as a mentor in a reading and math program for two elementary schools and volunteers by teaching maritime industry and bringing in photography in whenever possible. She also admits to making rubber band jewelry all the while taking pictures. Along with her photography degree Debbie attended the University of Maryland Pierce College for funeral services. She is also a certified senior instructor for the United States Army. provIdIng them memorIes they can look back on through photos National Association of Distinguished Professionals 1. Whenever you leave home do you have a camera with you No matter where I go I always take a camera with me. Depending on where I am going and what I am doing I will take my professional camera with me and at least two different lenses. 2. Do you have a studio I can set up my studio wherever I am making me a mobile photographer. I rarely use my home studio and almost always set up on a location of my client s preference inside or outside. 3. What is your favorite subject I love it all. But babies tend to give me the best challenge and I do love a good challenge. 4. How do you improve yourself as a photographer to take better pictures Practice and classes. There are lots of photography groups and I try to involve myself with anything that is going to improve my end product. 5. What kind of gear do you use When I was younger I used Nikon but now I am a Canon fan. I think it is what I get comfortable with that I tend to stick with. 6. Are you a 9 to 5 photographer or a 24 7 photographer A 24 7 photographer of course. You cannot set a time limit to photography if you want perfect photos. 7. Where do you see your career five years from now Professional photography has taken a big hit with the digital age and with cameras in almost everything electronic. I think I will be even better than what I am now because people still need an unbiased extension to capture the moment without cutting out the person who must man the camera. 8. Where does your inspiration come from I love to oil paint and write stories as well as shoot photos. When I take photos I always take enough photos to tell a story and I can paint a story onto canvas if I am so inspired. 9. Have your inspirations taken you beyond the photography field I have published two children s books and sold several paintings. I am hoping to have an art show that includes all of my works because I love to see people happy with memories that last a lifetime. 10. Are you just a photographer or do you cover pre- and post-production I do the pre-sales customer service set up photo shoot tear down touch-up photos and everything else involved with the photography business. I love it all and wouldn t change it. women of distinction magazine ortell diane cromer founder diane cromer enterprises (dce) National Association of Distinguished Professionals ortell diane cromer founder owner diane cromer enterprises (dce) founder senior managing partner cromer group serbia I enjoy the challenge of helping everyone come together and see the big picture goal... F aced with the challenge of either accepting a position with a CBS affiliate in Harrisburg Pennsylvania as a news writer at the end of her junior year in college (an entry level job into her desired profession) or dropping out of school Ortell Diane Cromer negotiated a way to accomplish both. The act of transforming challenges into opportunity has become a signature skill underscoring Diane s professional career. In 1972 the 70 per week position was the opportunity of a lifetime and too good for her to pass up. Not long after she went back to school to complete her BA at Catawba College by taking night and weekend courses. It was the beginning of a great future for her. communications and executive development for public private and non-profit organizations and their leaders. Twenty years later in 2007 Diane founded The Cromer Group a Belgrade Serbia-based workforce and professional development company that also works with public private and non-profit organizations and provides educational programs human resource consulting and executive and leadership development. The initial mission was to consult for women political candidates. In 1987 political consulting firms had not fully acknowledged the importance of targeting women candidates and Diane Cromer Diane has worked in communications her entire Enterprises was one of the first 100% womancareer. She s spent time as a Pennsylvania owned consulting firms Diane explained. Capitol Hill bureau chief and correspondent as director of communications for the Pennsylvania Notably during the 1990 s and 2000 s Diane had State Department of General Services as the opportunity to take these same skills to Eastern communications and marketing director of a newly Europe Africa the Middle East and Southeast created Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Asia to help democratic candidates break new Violence as founder and manager of broadcast ground in their countries. services for the Pennsylvania State Legislature and as general manager for Metro-Intergroup Politically DCE delivered training and strategic Marketing a political polling and market research planning services for the democratic reform company that worked with candidates at the federal campaign teams in Zimbabwe and Palestine and state level as well as major commercial developed training and facilitated planning clients. But by 1987 Diane was ready to go off on sessions for President s staff in Tanzania and her own. She had 15 years of experience by now Kyrgyzstan and trained democratic political and she was ready to spread her wings. parties in Indonesia and Malaysia. Working with international development agencies DCE has Diane Cromer Enterprises (DCE) is a strategic worked on numerous business issues including planning and communications consulting firm change management privatization bankruptcy that focuses on leadership and organizational commercial court reform SME development women of distinction magazine financial management management. and emergency believes in. For the past 30 years Diane has done pro-bono work with the Pennsylvania Women s Campaign Fund to write and deliver a campaign training school for women planning to run for the state legislature. She s contributed similar services to the National Campaign Fund. She s also spent 10 years as an advisor to the Women s Information Network from 1990-2000. Noting that friends and family are a very big part of her life Diane also enjoys spending time outdoors. She is a long-distance bicycler loves to hike cross-country ski and enjoys various water sports. These activities allow Diane to recharge her battery which helps her maintain perspective. Keeping a clear focus is what helps Diane repeatedly enter new environments to organize support coach and energize others. It is also how so many of the people she s crossed paths with throughout her career have become lifelong colleagues and friends of hers. Diane recognizes the importance and significance of treating all people with respect. In her work every project means bringing a diverse group of people together to achieve a short-term goal that if successful will result in long-term change for everyone. In most cases these people have never worked together have loyalties to different leaders and are often accustomed to carrying out specific instructions instead of being an instrumental part of a solution. I enjoy the challenge of helping everyone come together and see the big picture goal and to get them to respect the significance of every job s contributions she explained. When this foundation of respect is set and expectations are clear it is not unusual for key solutions and exceptional results to come from people who never before had a voice. For Diane it really is a very special process that is quite humbling. She feels privileged to have worked with citizens willing to work so hard for their vision. National Association of Distinguished Professionals The international work was the opportunity of a lifetime Diane emphasized. To participate with leaders and citizens carving entirely new futures for their countries government and economy is just not what we have to do in the US. The professional growth for the company was immeasurable it also helped me view the significance of the accomplishments of generations of Americans and our future responsibilities in a more global perspective. As owner of Diane Cromer Enterprises Diane is the CEO and lead consultant. Launching a Serbian corporation was an opportunity to help a group of young people she trained leading up to the 2000 electoral defeat of Slobodan Milosevic become entrepreneurs in Serbia s nascent market economy. Cromer Group Serbia like DCE targeted an underserved market the development of companies workforces as businesses moved from state ownership to private enterprises competing for profits. orking internationally both in global business and international development requires Diane and her team to understand different cultures to better manage global business noting Too often that need to understand cultural differences is defined as manage as its best and control at its worst. To achieve results understanding cultural values and beliefs as well as some fundamentals of language supplies the information critical to building a team motivated and committed to your goals. Throughout her career Diane confronted the numerous obstacles common to strong competent women working toward or in leadership. She s been criticized for being too young or not young enough too feminine or not feminine enough too tough or not tough enough too middle-class or too upscale too liberal or too conservative and so on and so forth. The challenge she said has always been to be accepting of her strengths and weaknesses and continuously improve both while not compromising who she is and what she W What are the benefits of using HR consulting services An outside firm offers a fresh eye and can deliver a 360 degree perspective that can be easily obscured in a company s daily pressures. Outside firms are partners to management and can take on responsibilities that the HR department cannot handle outside its day-to-day workload. What are the benefits of executive coaching In today s performance and result-driven management executive coaching helps companies develop the managers who in turn know how to develop and motivate their people. Executive coaching is a critical form of management and leadership development. How does a manager deal with a culturally diverse workforce This used to be a question only for those managers being sent out of the country for a management assignment. Today cultural understanding should be a standard part of any leadership development program because of the increasingly diverse workforce in the United States and elsewhere in the world. What are the keys to becoming a manager that can motivate a culturally diverse workforce Listening is paramount learning the values and expectations of each culture will guide managers in how to communicate and motivate their teams. Why would small and medium companies that What are the keys to a successful relationship have struggled through this tough economy between a company and a consultant spend money on executive coaching There are three Partnership the company s When profit margins are the tightest is when goals are the consultant s goals Communications leaders have to deliver the most. Conservatively regular reporting and ongoing conversation research has shown ROI of executive coaching in and Trust developed over time to help the client the range of 6-to-1 it is a major factor in retention avoid group think or risk yes responses from loyalty and motivation. direct reports. If a company doesn t pay for executive coaching When should a company hire an Executive should individuals consider it personally as Coach part of a professional development plan Executive coaching has a role on an ongoing Absolutely. It makes sense for a young person basis but three milestones are indicators to consider building relationships with a trusted for providing support for managers when a coach that they can work with from time to time change management project is planned when throughout their career. It is no different than implementing a leadership development program athletes who now use trainers nutritionists and or when promoting technical staff to management others to help them enhance and prolong their positions. careers. Why do change management initiatives fail so frequently Lack of preparation failure to plan and lack of measuring progress are the most common reasons. The number one reason is the failure of senior and middle managers to communicate the vision goals and expectations of the change program. What can executive coaching do for technical experts managing highly technical projects The new manager must focus on organizing people time and money rather than being the expert. This transition can be challenging. women of distinction magazine contact Ortell Diane Cromer Founder Owner Diane Cromer Enterprises (DCE) Founder Senior Managing Partner Cromer Group Serbia Business Phone 202-285-0211 Business Phone 381 (62) 491-233 http dcprise National Association of Distinguished Professionals owner and Head designer TuTus divine drake Paula I am passionate about ballet and have tremendous admiration for the dancers... L ittle did she know but when Paula F. Drake walked into the Tuzer Ballet School in Dallas Texas with her threeyear-old daughter Jennifer for dance lessons she was also entering into a future business venture for herself in dance. When it came time for her daughter s annual recitals Paula had a difficult time appreciating the recitalgrade costumes. She was left feeling upset and frustrated. Several years later when Jennifer was about seven- or eight-years-old she auditioned and was cast in Tuzer s annual Nutcracker. When they picked up her dress from the costume shop Paula wasn t overly impressed so she asked if she could fix it and make the necessary improvements so it would properly fit her daughter. After extraordinary results Paula was then asked to join their costume committee. And of course she said yes that there were three types of costumes for ballet dancers recital pre-professional and professional costumes. Recital costumes are cheap mass produced and low quality. They are designed to last for only one performance and are made out of low-grade material and embellishments. Preprofessional costumes are a step up from recital costumes are mass produced and are usually prettier but lack design quality and custom fit. Professional costumes are designed to do the two things that every great costume should do help the dancer tell their story and elevate the dancer s emotional attachment to the role in which they are dancing. These costumes are custom fit and the materials used are of the highest quality. In 1999 Jennifer needed professional-grade costumes to compete in a particular ballet competition. After searching through every contact Paula came up short. Even several of the major companies that did work for the ballet company couldn t supply what Paula needed. The During her time on the committee Paula discovered struggle that Paula went through to find a costume women of distinction magazine is what pushed her to form her own custom costume design business Tutus Divine. Tutus Divine has been in operation for almost 15 years now. They provide classical and contemporary costumes head pieces as well as children s and men s designs. It is their mission to support the artistic efforts of dancers teachers studios and companies. Paula believes that dancers that endure years of training long rehearsal hours and aching bodies and feet deserve the best when it comes to costume design and she just cannot understand why anyone would take the stage in the wrong costume. Therefore Paula believes that customers deserve the best products available and she vows to provide the best. Her business motto is Respecting the art by dressing the part . I am passionate about ballet and have tremendous admiration for the dancers Paula said about what inspired her business. I love what I do and will spend hours researching ballets and historical periods to ensure that my design interpretation is accurate before I start building a costume. aula handles every aspect when it comes to designing costumes of her high-caliber standards. She starts with an understanding of what the performance entails before taking into consideration performance and rehearsal timelines and setting budgetary parameters. Next comes a very precise set of measurements coupled with discussion on colors textures and materials. Once she s ready to begin working on a particular costume she takes the project and only that project from conception through completion before starting her next costume making effective time management crucial to her success. an artistic director s needs. The biggest challenge she faces though is artistic differences that accompany working with parents of dancers who may not always understand the importance of the correct costume for their dancer s role and age. It is my job to give the same level of excellence that the dancers and others artisans give which is usually everything they possess Paula explained about her creative expectations of herself. Dancers ask for very little and give everything they have for the love of dance. For this reason I could never give anything less than my best with every piece I design. During her college years Paula majored in speech and drama which afforded her limited stage performance experience. She did learn however the importance of understanding that a costume must jump off the stage to really impact an audience. It must create a mood or touch an audience member in some way in order to really be effective. According to Paula a dancer s confidence in his or her costume can produce magic and a form of poetry on stage. Paula took all this knowledge and translated it into her business. Not only does Paula create elegant products for Tutus Divine she also has many pieces that can be rented for ballets such as Sleeping Beauty Coppelia Cinderella and Swan Lake. All of her costumes are designed so that they can be altered to fit a range of sizes. She also understands that customers may not have the budget to procure brand new costumes which is why Tutus Divine also offers tutu refurbishing. Working with the artistic staff in recreating new magic with existing costumes tutu refurbishing requires exceptional creativity. P Whether she is working on a costume that will be represented in a competition or a stage performance piece Paula knows based on experience either Although her business picked up rather quickly what the judges will be looking for or how to satisfy since she first opened its doors all those years ago National Association of Distinguished Professionals Paula always maintained a very strict rule regarding the level of quality she intended to use for all fabric trim and other necessary components. Cash flow however can sometimes be challenging because of this. Without compromising the sustainability of her business it is imperative that she always remain loyal to what she believes in quality merchandise because ultimately it is her name that goes on the final product. While it was initially her daughter that inspired her to start Tutus Divine Paula gets her daily inspiration from many different sources. Creativity comes in many forms and for her it can be something very simple or something quite complex. Inspiration can be found in many forms from outdoor elements to a textured piece of fabric. She also looks to her family for strength and inspiration at times too. Most of Paula s professional career was actually spent in pharmaceutical sales. The basics of sales she says are pretty much the same for every product or service and success usually goes to the one who is first to understand a customer s needs. Paula s former experience has been invaluable in teaching her how to deal with everything from a difficult client or artistic director to being able to effectively read emotions of those she is working with. of giving everyone the opportunity to view professional dance in an affordable setting. They have staged high quality ballet and contemporary dance in many small towns outdoor parks high school auditoriums and in studios. The Dance Theatre has even been well reviewed by many critics. Yet like any new art organization the financial pressures for Dance Theatre were immense. After much consideration Paula took a hiatus from her own business and decided to spend two years designing and donating costumes to help her daughter and DTT in their productions. It was incredibly rewarding to see these dancers on stage and know that I had a small part in telling their story Paula said about helping her daughter s and the new ballet company get off the ground. Paula feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her daughter and the DDT dancers especially the youngest among them. Very seldom do these dancers get the financial rewards they so greatly deserve which is why Paula was so glad she was afforded the opportunity to be a part of the process. When Paula loves something she loves it deeply and completely. She always gives 100% and does it at full speed with a lot of enthusiasm. When it Paula is a strong supporter of obtaining formal comes to dance it is more than just movement. education in fashion to learn the many intricacies The artful ballet tutus ballet costumes and other and elements of building garment pieces. Despite dancewear you see on stage are all custom the fact that her training wasn t so much formal designs whose purpose is to help portray a story. her mother was actually the one that taught her Paula s love for dance her daughter and her to sew as a child by first making quilts by hand. business mean the world to her. Tutus Divine will She quickly became quite creative learning all stop at nothing to make sure that all the details about folk art and tole painting too. But for Paula of every costume is beautiful full of quality and her real education began hands-on when she got made with the care and the art that the artists into costuming. Currently she attends as many deserve. The love that is put into each and every workshops on areas such as tutu making couture beautiful ballet costume and stagewear piece is sewing and corset making that time and money what Tutus Divine is all about. will allow her. It is my wish that my costumes will still be dancing Four years ago in Nashville Tennessee Paula s long after I stop and that my bun heads still smile daughter was asked by two other friends in the with joy when they put on their tutus Paula said dance world if she would like to dance as their laughingly. When I get to heaven I will be able principal dancer in a new company they were to throw up my arms and know that I used every forming called Dance Theatre of Tennessee (aka talent God gave me. DTT). The company was built on the premise women of distinction magazine Why do your costumes cost more than mail order retailers I will not compromise the quality of my components or the manner in which they are engineered. Crystals cost more than rhinestones imported laces are expensive cording is handmade I prefer steel boning to plastic and I never use cheap fabrics. Personalized costume consultations with parents artistic staff and the fact that my costumes What is the hardest part of coming up with a are made to last for years also contribute to my costume design pricing. Cookie cutters are for making cookies Since I guarantee every customer a custom one- and not as a business plan for a designer. It s of-a-kind costume it is difficult not repeating a important for me that my own signature should design when you have to build so many of the shine through and it be known that the costume is same role units. a Tutus Divine costume. Paula is married with seven children and 10 grandchildren and she has four darling dogs. She and her husband have been married for 33 years and they look forward to the day when they can retire and move back to Texas where they are originally from. They like to travel extensively and needless to say Paula buys fabric and trim wherever they go. She just can t help herself. How long does it take to complete a tutu I ask for a six-eight week turnaround schedule. This gives me time to do the proper mock-ups of the measurements discuss colors laces brocades etc. design the costume source all the components and have the tutu made ready for shipping. What is the hardest part of your job Having to put a limit on the number of costumes that I can build is certainly the hardest part of my job. It is difficult to have to tell a dancer or a mother that I can t fulfill their dreams. How do you handle inappropriate requests for costumes based on the role or the dancer s age If after talking with the parent artistic director or choreographer I can t get them to understand that the costumes set the visual tone for the production and not just dressing someone up in pink because it s pretty I will not take the order. To me it would mean doing a disservice to the dancer. I never want to see one of my dancers wearing an inappropriate costume that my company made. What is the most important aspect of your job as a designer Do you have problems sourcing quality fabrics The most important aspect as a designer is making and trims for your costumes sure that this art form stays relevant and alive in Somewhat. Between New York Chicago Dallas a world of good enough and mass production . and Los Angeles I have been able to establish You must have a certain knowledge of the history great resources. With the economic downturn of this 200-year-old art form. It deserves to be several years ago the garment districts have been preserved and honored. reduced and the ones still open have raised their prices accordingly. How do you stay current as a designer I am continually inspired everyday by common How do you promote your company things such as upside down flower petals as tutu At first we relied on advertising in magazines to bases and the like. In my library I also have get our name out there. We now have a strong extraordinary books ballet and dance videos returning customer base and word of mouth fashion history books and books related to design referrals. I also donate tutus to the winners of the and color theory. major national and international competitions. Who are your primary customers Ballet schools competitive dancers and regional ballet companies are who I work with most. National Association of Distinguished Professionals It is my wish that my costumes will still be dancing long after I stop and that my bun heads still smile with joy when they put on their tutus. -paula f. drake contact Paula F. Drake Owner and Head Designer Tutus Divine Business Phone 630-513-6321 http balletnanna women of distinction magazine Dr. Elise Bourne-Busby reTired eLemenTary sCHooL PrinCiPaL M otivated to be a successful role model for her children Dr. Elise BourneBusby was always determined to continue her professional growth and education. A native to the islands of Trinidad and Tobago West Indies Elise moved to the United States in 1963. As a single mother of three young girls it was important to her to show that success can be accomplished through education. I have been personally involved in the success of students who I have taught or who I have influenced or mentored through familial or friendly relationships for over 40 years Elise said when thinking back on her career in education. Their tangible successes kept me in the field of education all that time. Elise earned her BA of Social Studies from Misericordia University a Catholic university in Dallas Pennsylvania in 1967. Then she attended Howard University in Washington DC earning her MA in Education. While studying for her master s degree she worked at Merrill Lynch in the bonds department both in New York and Washington DC. After graduating from Howard Elise taught GED courses at the United States Department of Agriculture Graduate School and at Prince George s Community College in Maryland. It was then that Elise was recruited by the government of Trinidad and Tobago to spearhead the changeover of the education sector from the English System of Measurement to Metric Measurement. During this time she co-authored a book titled Metric Practice Test for Everyday Use along with colleague Dr. Sair Ali Shah. She spent five years (from 197580) teaching metric measurement before returning to the United States. Upon her return Elise spent two years (from 198082) as a kindergarten teacher at St. Anthony Catholic Elementary Middle School in Passaic New Jersey and four years (from 1982-86) as an elementary and middle school teacher in the New York Public School district. During this period she wrote articles and co-edited a book Praying at School with a Catholic nun Sister Aloysius Ashby. In 1986 Elise returned to St. Anthony and spent the next six years as their school principal. Elise went back to teaching elementary students at Hawthorne School in Teaneck New Jersey for two short years before spending the remainder of her career as principal at Longfellow School Whittier School and Bryant School. Elise had many roles as a principal including administrator supervisor head teacher counselor National Association of Distinguished Professionals role model and supervisor of safety. She followed state rules and regulations Board of Education polices and mandates and developed specific school goals schedules and timelines to achieve those goals. Elise also designed implemented and monitored the necessary tasks and duties of the teaching staff and developed motivational strategies that kept staff interested and hungry for success. the elementary school population about Caribbean countries and cultures. It is usually shown in June in conjunction with the celebration of Caribbean month. She also developed a form Becoming Self Smart based on the theory of multiple intelligences originated by Howard Gardner. Gardner s theory states not only do humans have several different ways of learning and processing information but these methods are relatively independent of one another. Elise encouraged students to use the After some time as a principal Elise became very forms as self-reflecting tools to change behavior. skilled at discerning the tried and true advice from At Whittier School the data gathered showed that useless chatter without displaying any disrespect a 40% decrease in disruptive behavior occurred to the speaker. As a leader she had to focus among elementary school students who used the on the solutions of a variety of problems. Elise form between 2001 and 2008. In 2004 Elise was listened to everyone s opinions until she slowly invited to present her disciplinary program at the learned to sort and sift the information that people Joan L. Curcio International Women s Leadership were giving her. Conference at Exeter College Oxford University England. s a principal in a leadership role Elise always tried to listen attentively gather Elise was also part of a team of Whittier School many versions of the same story teachers who responded to Montclair University s incident or activity and if possible visit Call To Action research. The team devised a the scene before making a statement about it. pilot which applied an innovative package of She also learned to be slow to judge. These skills special education literacy strategies to a group of contributed significantly to her overall success. struggling students. The data revealed that every child improved their literacy performance by the Elise was awarded the Outstanding Administrator end of the school year. Award by the United Passaic Organization in 1990. That same year she was the chairperson During her last two years as principal of Bryant of Communities in Schools a national dropout School data revealed that more than 84% of prevention program. Misericordia University kindergarteners in 2012 and 2013 successfully awarded Elise the Alumni Achievement Award the met and exceeded the benchmark assessment in following year. literacy in preparation for first grade. This data also included the performances for special needs In 1997 Elise earned her Doctorate of Education students. In 2012 Bryant students between the Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. ages of three- and six-years-old read some 27 000 Her research focused on improving success in books. In 2013 it increased to 28 000 books. kindergarten by implementing an appropriate component of the Communities in Schools The Bryant School has decided to rename its program. She was awarded the Geraldine R. library in Elise s honor. A formal ceremony will Dodge Fellowship Award for Principals in 1997 take place in 2014. Throughout her career Elise too. has been acknowledged with several different awards including four Community Service Awards Elise developed a DVD entitled Caricom which two from Trinidad and Tobago Independence means Caribbean Community and Common Celebrations one from New Jersey Carnival Market in collaboration with the staff of Whittier Committee and one from the Jamaica Trinidad School and members of the Teaneck Technology and Tobago 50th Independence Celebrations. Department. The DVD features all the Caribbean She received a Humanitarian Award from Mt. countries of Caricom and is a visual aid to inform Aloysius College and the Educator s Award from A women of distinction magazine Montclair State University. She also received a Years of Service Award from the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority s Iota Epsilon Omega Chapter as one of the African American principals in Bergen County New Jersey. Friends and the City of Passaic usually conduct an annual outdoor bookfest in a city park and last year collaborated with Health First and Radio Disney. They invite children from pre-school to fourth grade and assign volunteer adults to read and sometimes act out stories to groups of Embrace and celebrate small student successes children by age and grade level. The children are Elise suggests to others in the field. Be prepared treated to free snacks and every child gets one or for support as well as opposition respect and two books to take home to read over the summer. disrespect from unexpected places be humble as A lot of Elise s free time is spent raising funds for you encounter missteps and sometimes failures. the group s activities and collaborating with the Pick yourself up with dignity dust yourself off and American Cancer Society as a Reach to Recovery start all over again with a smile. volunteer to support other survivors. Elise tries to follow Best Selling Author Don Miguel Ruiz s code for life which he talks about in his 1997 book The Four Agreements Elise s three girls were always her motivation to be successful. They were resilient despite their unstable lives of living in two different countries moving from a two parent home to a single parent Be impeccable with your word home as young adolescents and enduring a Don t take anything personally socioeconomic disruption as their financial status Don t make assumptions sometimes wavered between middle class and Always do your best poverty. The girls didn t let any of this disrupt their academic studies they remained conscious of As a cancer survivor Elise is very interested in school obligations and were successful at every maintaining good health and good friends. Before stage of their educational journey. going into school she would seek high quality nutritional foods to maintain an increased level of Elise s oldest daughter Nakeisha Hill is a physical stamina. She continues to find a spiritual Commander in the United States Coast Guard at emotional psychological or humorous source that the Leadership Development Center in Groton can replenish her psyche daily and protects her Connecticut. She and her husband Dale Hills who from stress related illnesses. owns a shipping business have three children. Trinay Thomas is Elise s middle child. She is an lise is a founding member and co- associate director of field work and a lecturer at chairperson of a non-profit organization the School of Social Work at Rutgers University called More Than Friends. This group in Newark New Jersey. Her youngest daughter primarily supports cancer survivors Charisse Torres is an occupational therapist in and is a Caribbean Latino American initiative the New Jersey Public Schools and is married to that seeks to strengthen family life through Christopher Torres a culinary arts teacher. programs that promote health awareness quality education community involvement and economic Winston Thomas Elise s first husband and father empowerment. In keeping with their mission their of her children is a retired environmental specialist. current projects are donating Sharing and Caring She is now the widow of Kenneth Busby her Baskets to cancer patients who are undergoing second husband who passed in 2008. treatments providing transportation and assisting the uninsured and underinsured with medication Noting that her immediate family is not the sole needs and financial issues. influence in her life Elise thanks God for the blessing that the Women of Distinction honor Since many of the members of More Than Friends brings to her and her family as first generation are educators they also included a component to immigrants to the United States. She is also serve students during the summer. More Than grateful to the Teaneck Public Schools where National Association of Distinguished Professionals E she recently retired as they provided her with a respectful work environment that allowed her the opportunity to be innovative and successful in her career. Last but not least as the present matriarch of her extended family Elise is most grateful to her parents Reginald and Ivy Bourne (deceased) and her siblings and their spouses for their continued support as she acquired these achievements. Her sister Norma and husband George Arnold another sister Ethel and her husband Desmond Edwards and her brother Martin and his wife Edla Bourne comprise her supportive network. Elise s parents who were originally from Guyana were well-known for overcoming adversity and being community helpers as they wove a wealthy family tapestry of love respect close interaction support education spiritual moral guidance a high work ethic and a small but consistent savings. Elise and her siblings have continued to pass these values and principles on to their 10 children and their spouses. This second generation of adults she says currently display lifestyles that continue family tradition by transferring these intangible pearls of wealth to the next generation thus contributing positively to leaving this world a better place than they met it. Another great passion of Elise s is writing poetry. Here are two of her favorites... Bald and Bold By Dr. Elise Bourne-Busby 2003 Proudly I wear my bald head as a badge of honor This visible sign shows I m a cancer survivor A powerful statement about successful chemotherapy That this medicine has cleansed my entire body Sorting good and bad cells with high-level sophistication Getting rid of some while others do cell rejuvenation Loss of my hair is a small price to pay To regain health and strength and live another day The advances in medical research and technology Could not be possible without help from you and me A positive attitude contributes to physical wellwomen of distinction magazine being To celebrate survival gives my life its true meaning Dance sing play laugh live without fear Take care of yourself and you ll live another year Staying Healthy By Dr. Elise Bourne-Busby 2007 Make a change today to stay healthy Good health is not cheap so reassign your money Good nutrition before Macy s and Bloomingdales Get regular health checks especially the males Your immune system is the core of your being Your body is designed to do self-healing The doctor only treats you you must help the process Exercise a little more eat a little less You need your health so you must remember Don t leave the doctor without your health numbers Ask for your glucose cholesterol and blood pressure And when you go home take your waist measure But this advice refers only to your body What about your emotions your spirit your psyche We all feel anger hurt frustration and shame Disappointment anxiety depression self-blame Sometimes you ignore sometimes you dwell on these feelings But you also have the power to change irrational thinking Good health is not only important it is mandatory So fire your doctor if necessary Regardless of religion status culture gender ethnicity We all need a little help to stay healthy So get your regular health checks without any fear If you stay healthy we ll see you next year Why is data collection important in the classroom It is a mechanism that helps a teacher gauge specific student needs. The teacher can continuously compare a student s assessments then tailor specific lessons to meet the needs of each student. Are all parents aware of the positive long-term effects of pre-school education No. Parents should vigorously seek pre-school placements for young children because research shows that an early start usually guarantees a successful educational journey for all children. In the light of recent violent incidents at How important is parent family involvement schools what do you know about school with school leaders and school safety Research shows that parent family involvement Emergency preparedness knowledge and is paramount for student success so schools implementation activities are state mandated of continuously create many interventions to include all school leaders so practicing student drills and families as partners in their children s education. active monitoring of school premises with local authorities are now standard procedures. What do you think are the essential ingredients that lead to consistent school success Do schools with diverse populations deserve Principal leadership validates effective and more funding and resources than schools differentiated teacher strategies parents with populations that reflect the same gender collaborate with school policy and student religion culture special needs ethnicity etc. performance is consistently monitored Yes. Diverse schools must not only accommodate acknowledged and celebrated by the community student needs but must also provide access to at large. differentiated instructional strategies to help them attain higher levels of progress along varied What do you think are the essential ingredients learning paths. that lead to student success Supportive school leaders teachers and families What advice can experienced educational must consistently help to motivate student leaders offer new leaders in this industry participation and facilitate growth of confidence in They should attend workshops conferences etc. students to assist them in performing to the best that teach the fundamental principles of setting of their abilities. clear direction being organized compassionate and supportive of teaching and learning. Why must school curricula reflect global thinking Technology continues to shrink the world therefore in order to prepare for the future students must acquire technological thinking and performance skills to communicate and trade with other countries at global levels. Are all parents of special needs students fully aware of the resources and services that are available from federal health education and community agencies for their children Not all. Some families are unaware of important resources however recent data shows that pediatricians federal agencies schools etc. are publicizing access to the available services for special needs children. contact Dr. Elise Bourne-Busby Teaneck NJ Retired Elementary School Principal Bryant Elementary School elisebournebusby National Association of Distinguished Professionals ParTner CoLLeCTive FrequenCy - PHoenix aZ Marilyn Lee ... if only one person can learn from my example than I am successful in life. I The Camp of God s Tears is a book that took Marilyn Lee five years to complete. Working full-time and teaching college courses at night it was finally released on in October of 2011. It also happened to be a Pulitzer Prize candidate that same year. t all began in 2006 when Marilyn and her friend experienced something mystical . Something had happened to both of them but they didn t know exactly what it was or how to describe it until they started doing some research. After agreeing to put it all on paper and write a story about the event Marilyn was in charge of all the writing while her friend would research all the details. Low and behold all the information her friend came across which was validated as physical evidence as reported in archeological and other academic journals were all factual events that happened long long ago making for a great book. God s Tears explores this mystical experience this vision they had centering on the history of mound builders a civilization that existed and disappeared by 325ce. The book tells about Marilyn and her friend s amazing experience with the inclusion of 398 bibliographic references and an Afterward providing addition documentation. Interestingly I have much help from the other side of the physical experience Marilyn explained. I realize that this sounds strange but alas it is true. As I became actively involved in researching and writing this book members of these people came to me in spirit form. They sometimes gave me actual words to write and provided visions for me to see and describe as I wrote the story. Oddly enough 16 years prior in 1990 Marilyn had a dream where a Native American woman came to her. The woman and she had a long conversation in this dream and the woman informed her that she was from a thriving civilization from North America that also dated back to 325 ce. This story too turned out to be factual pieces of history that Marilyn brought back to life but this time in a dream. With the intent to tell this woman s story Marilyn made several attempts to write a book about it but because she was so busy with her career she decided to put the project on hold until later in life. She has yet to do so. women of distinction magazine Marilyn has held numerous different titles over the years but the opportunity to add writer to her resume actually happened by accident literally. In 2011 she needed back surgery that prevented her from teaching anymore. As a result she was able to focus more time on the completion of God s Tears. Unable to stand and lecture Marilyn s health issue turned into a blessed opportunity to finish her book. Her earlier years admittedly included many mistakes after marrying at just 19-years-old. And although she later had two beautiful daughters with her then husband a divorce would eventually follow 18 years later making her a single mom and having to start all over again. I was always behind the eight ball scrambling to work and keep food on the table and a roof over our heads Marilyn remembers. But my daughters both grew up to not only graduate from high school but they each went on and got college degrees one in finance and one in international relations. hen Marilyn initially married she worked in life insurance for seven years. But after becoming pregnant with her first daughter she quit to be a stay-at-home mom. After her second daughter was born she started an at-home day care which lasted for five years until they were both in school. She then took the opportunity to pursue her own education earning a degree in communication with two minors one in education and one in English. But because she couldn t find a teaching job right away she went back to insurance becoming licensed in four lines of business and opening her own agency with State Farm Insurance. Not long after Marilyn ended up divorcing and the idea of running her own business full-time and raising her two daughters full-time was no longer appealing to her. It was then that she decided to work for someone else again this time in medical insurance. In 1996 Marilyn earned an MA in Communication from Arizona State University. During those two years as a graduate student she served as an editing manager for two academic journals Omega and Journal for the Aging. She was also a respite volunteer for patients in hospice. She began teaching college classes part-time upon graduation at Mesa Community College and later at Glendale Community College and Estrella Community College. She simultaneously worked at a hotel gift shop part-time as well. Later she held an analyst position with PetsMart which was eventually eliminated as a banker in the investment arm and also earned her Series 7 and Series 66. Marilyn has since opened and federally trademarked her business Collective Frequency where she now spends most of her days. Although a small operation consisting of just herself her partner and their assistant it is within these four walls where she dedicates much of her time to writing and publishing her creative works. God s Tears was her first attempt at fiction and she has since written and published two more books both non-fiction Speaking Through Your Heart and SOUL. The first of the two is a simplified and enlightened version of her lecture notes comprising of exercises. It is highly recommended for direction and wisdom for someone looking to improve their relationships. The second book is a collection of inspirations that have come to her over time each segmented by topic. Regardless of the number of avenues Marilyn has travelled professionally she believes that the most important elements in anyone s success include time and energy. She also believes that discipline coupled with a passion to pursue her goals are also two major ingredients in her recipe for success. You must be passionate about what you want to do and what you choose to do Marilyn said. Without a passion the hard work is just that hard work. Passion provides a light and a driver that can keep you going and can fuel your commitment to do what you really want to do in life. Although she never remarried (Marilyn divorced in 1983) her life is anything but boring. In fact she doesn t know what free time is . She spends time with her daughters and grandchildren on a weekly basis but she also volunteers whenever National Association of Distinguished Professionals W she has the time including with Aunt Rita s an organization that supports AIDS victims. Now in physical therapy for over a year-and-a-half due to her previous back surgery Marilyn used to be very involved in golf and yoga. The good news though is that she has gone from a hospital bed to a wheelchair from wheelchair to walker walker to cane and is now standing and walking on her own again after all this time. My life has all been about courage she said proudly courage to overcome obstacles that can stamp failure on your forehead unless you are willing to face yourself to find that tiger within. You have to speak the truth follow your instincts be ethical and passionate and take a stand for yourself. My life exemplifies this. If only one person can learn from my example than I am successful in life. As above so below The Essence of each is identical in Heaven so on earth The Essence of each is identical women of distinction magazine In The Camp of God s Tears the authors circumscribe an untold journey of ancient Native American culture with teachings of wisdom love and respect for nature. A highly evolved civilization almost unknown to history thrived in North America for centuries long before the coming of Europeans.The Camp of God s Tears is a tragic tale about this civilization as it ended. This story is grounded in fact according to archeological genetic and linguistic data as reflected in the Afterward which presents supportive information and a bibliography of nearly 400 sources. This saga is told as a narrative by Gray Wolf who begins his story during his late adolescence and follows through six generations until he becomes a great-grandfather.The Camp of God s Tears reveals the high level of sophistication of this culture which was far more advanced than many cultures of the same time period circa 300 AD. More importantly it articulates the depth of their spirituality and moral codes by which these people lived. While the mysterious ending of a great culture is heart-rendering the story ends on a note of hope for contemporary times. The story came to me in a dream. It was told to me by Falling Star. She answered a myriad of questions I asked. She showed me the locations of where the events in the story took place. She showed me her People who wore exotic clothes made of finely woven textiles decorated with pearls copper and other artistic ornaments. She showed me strongly built homes their villages and their expansive farms. I saw their social organization was powerful yet simple a few shaman elders and no real leaders. She intrigued me with their immense earthworks which demonstrate accurate astronomical alignments to the Sun Moon stars and galaxies. The organization of labor engineering skills mathematical and astronomical knowledge required to build these phenomenal earthworks amazes modern researchers. I asked Falling Star why she showed me all of this. She said her People wanted their story told and asked me if I would tell it. Of course I said and then I asked her why. She said her People were so deeply spiritual so in tune and in touch with the Creator that they actively lived the principles of Oneness. Their ways demonstrated what being one and at one with the One . . . looked like in real life. She said the people of my time need to know these principles and to learn to live them because humankind is struggling to regain balance in a troubled world. Available on National Association of Distinguished Professionals Speaking Through Your Heart - How to Improve Relationships with Loving Communication Skills When you Speak through your Heart following the guidelines in this book and the exercises you will improve relationships with your partner your family and other relationships. These ideas and exercises are easy to follow and you will increase your peace and joy. You can t always choose what happens to you. You do though have the choice on how you respond to what happens. That is definitely up to you. You cannot blame anyone or anything on how you feel or what you feel. If you are not feeling the beautiful sense of inner peace and the joy that comes with that peace you can change what you do to increase your peace and joy. Changing your perspective changes your perception and your thought and your emotional response. It takes practice to apply the tools discussed here to resolve all areas of conflict resolution. Available on contact Marilyn Lee Phoenix AZ Partner Collective Frequency http women of distinction magazine yvonne chandler ludwig Owner Ludwig International Collection of Kinships (LICK Enterprises) San Antonio TX fter becoming inspired by her husband Lester upon researching their family history in 1978 Yvonne Chandler Ludwig decided to take her new found hobby to the next level and make a career out of it. As owner of her organization Yvonne is the sole employee responsible for researching historical markers writing articles for newspapers genealogy magazines newsletters and books. She does this by taking advantage of her husband s remarkable skills in map reading and his ability to read old script. Research is like a puzzle she said. You have to be accurate in your notes. A written mistake will be copied recopied and eventually accepted as fact. When that happens you have changed history. Yvonne s husband is a dedicated historian who has researched his family back to the 1600 s. His fantastic memory and the patience needed for deciphering never goes unnoticed making them a great team. In the 1970 s Yvonne explained that courthouses churches cemeteries libraries and personal interviews were the only resources available at that time. Her husband willingly walked cemeteries stayed in the courthouses until they closed for the day and drove endless miles into unknown territory for personal interviews. Research has taken them both to all 50 states and A to Europe twice which has benefited the both of them. Having been credited for correcting a small town s historically advertised error dating back to the 1800 s Yvonne has also been able to correct family stories to true facts has installed state historical markers in both Bexar and Medina counties and has collaborated donated and shared information for many books and publications in the genealogical and education fields. In July 1996 Yvonne held a Sanctification of Graves in St. Louis Catholic Cemetery and has had many of her articles printed in both the Hondo and Castroville newspapers. Both of these newspapers have covered all her dedications. Channel 4 TV News in San Antonio Texas used the Idlewild Texas dedication as their lead story and a half-page coverage was given in the San Antonio News on one of her dedications. Even a Houston Texas newspaper picked up on the history and demise of the established town of Idlewild Texas due to her research. A historical organization in Georgia placed some of Yvonne s newsletter research findings into their newspaper because they thought they were significant. Together Yvonne and her husband restored a 1915 mausoleum which was recognized with a full-page story in Today s Catholic. They also placed a recognized historical marker on the jail in LaCoste Texas that was built shortly after the railroad came through in the early 1900 s and National Association of Distinguished Professionals caused the renaming of the town. Brother Wood from St. Mary s University knew of Yvonne s research in a particular town and contacted her to see if she could find a family from that area. She did and Brother Wood had her return an important bible to the descendants of that family. designer special education teacher and Sunday school teacher. She s written and published an international newsletter has authored 10 books and contributed to 10 others. Her authored books date back to as early as 1971 and include Bring Science Into Your Kindergarten The Gross and Vonflie Families from Gundolsheim The Yvonne has been fortunate enough to be able Sanctification of the Graves of Romanus and to tell some incredible stories and details of her George Gross From Alsace to Texas The Gross research. Her research is never boring and she and Vonflie Families Their Destiny Fulfilled The is constantly intrigued by the history she is able to Ihnken Family Cemetery Restoration of the Ludwig uncover and bring back to life. Mausoleum Idlewild Historical Marker Dedication Castroville Texas 1844-1899 Idlewild Texas Research is unending. Once started it seems to and The LaCoste Jail. All of her books have been create an addiction for your need to find out one published through LICK Enterprises with the more detail then another and another Yvonne exception of Bring Science Into Your Kindergarten said about her undying passion. Once started which was published through the Association for the desire to find out more never ends. I doubt that Childhood Education. anyone who truly starts into research ever stops. et Yvonne s true passion is history As a researcher accuracy is always Yvonne s something she shares deeply with her number one priority. By using spiral notebooks to husband. She s a dedicated friend keep her work in order she uses Roman numerals and volunteer within her community for each spiral with the date she began working member of various local organizations including in that particular notebook. Once full she will The Daughters of the Republic of Texas Friends then mark it with an end date. Every time she of Landmark Inn Save Texas Cemeteries El works she will date a new page and the location Camino Real Market Trail and the Grand Lodge of her research (for example Castroville Library of the Order of Sons of Hermann in the State of Castroville Texas). If something is found she Texas and is a past member of Texas Education records the name and page numbers used from Secretaries Association. She is a life member the book for the selected information. At the same with Castro Colonies Heritage Association Texas time she will photocopy important information for State Florist Association and Texas State Retired future references. Teachers Association. She has served as vicepresident for the San Antonio School Archives I ve never learned to type Yvonne admitted about Association as a travel coordinator for the San her somewhat antiquated way of doing things. Antonio Retired Teachers Association as a This inability has slowed my work tremendously. participant with German Texas Heritage Society While I have picked up speed through the years as an attendee for The 8221st AU Association what I lost has cost me a precious commodity and as a substitute committee member for St. John time. the Evangelist Catholic Historical Association Southwest Texas Genealogical Society and the In her particular field Yvonne has learned over Association for Childhood Education. Yvonne has the years that some will take credit for another s earned numerous awards throughout her career research. She feels sorry for those who do this most of which she says are due to her volunteer however she likes to hope that this deceit is work including a Teacher of the Year Award unintentional giving them the benefit of the doubt. Award of Merit and several recognition awards. She believes that knowledge needs to be shared though it is best to do so with at least two or more Every organization that Yvonne has been a part of people at the same time. has had a significant impact on her. She believes Yvonne has worked as a bookkeeper floral that being a part of an external community outside Y women of distinction magazine of work is very beneficial to your profession. No matter what position one takes member or officer you ll learn how to lead cooperate have priorities and be dependable. You will also learn good business sense while serving the needs of that group. As a member of a good number of organizations herself Yvonne knows first-hand just how valuable they are. In fact as a member of the Association for Childhood Education it was they who inspired her to write her first book Bring Science Into Your Kindergarten which not only brought money into the organization but actually helped the teachers bring science into their classrooms. Soon after San Antonio College became interested in the book giving Yvonne her first speaking engagement. Having led a very fulfilling life Yvonne married her high school sweetheart after graduating from college. They were each other s first dates. She and Lester who worked in wholesale greenhouses did landscaping and special services for businesses on the side. They built their home together. Shortly after he was called to serve in the Korean War. Upon his return home they started a family being blessed with two boys Lester Jr. and Bradley Wayne. Lester Jr. graduated from Cornell University and holds a PhD from the University of California at Berkeley. He s an inventor of 167 patents with more than 91 applications pending and currently owns his own business. Son Bradley Wayne who has two children of his own worked for Eagan and McAllister Associates Inc. and was fortunate enough to retire at the young age of 49. he daughter of Lorine Irene Cecilia Kauffman and Percy Chandler Yvonne s parents were the owners of San Antonio s well established floral community owning both a floral shop and wholesale greenhouse. Notably the name of Yvonne s business Ludwig International Collection of Kinships or LICK Enterprises was inspired by her mother s first names. Each of the first letters in her name represent the same first four letters of her company. One of Yvonne s favorite hobbies still includes cleaning neglected cemeteries with her husband. A very dedicated and loyal friend she has kept in contact with friends both locally and with those that have moved away over the years. It s very important for her to keep relations with those that have touched her life in some way whether they were school friends neighbors business associates or people she met through local organizations. They too are a very important part of history her history. Why do you use the written word for communication It is my way to share the past with others. Why is history important Ken Burns producer of DVD s for Civil War Times said it best History is our greatest teacher of the past present and future . Why are you working in genealogy It is important to understand why our ancestors came to America and why they endured the many hardships when here. We can protect our future with this knowledge by not repeating their mistakes. Why do you put up historical markers and grave markers in cemeteries When great events happen they should be recorded and marked for posterity. We put up grave markers out of respect. Why do you share your research No one owns knowledge. It should be shared so that errors may be caught and wrong information corrected. What are the drawbacks to what you do It is time consuming and expensive. Don t you make your money back by selling books I don t. I round the printing costs with the cost of the number of books I plan to donate to libraries to determine the cost of the book. T National Association of Distinguished Professionals Why don t you use on the internet The only information you can get from Ancestry. com are people s names dates and relationships. You cannot bring people to life with just a name date and or relationship. Also it is not your work so you can t be sure how accurate it is. Can anyone become a genealogist Yes but not for a year or two. A true genealogist is a dedicated person who makes a lifetime commitment to the research. Where would one go to verify a fact The courthouses will have the records you are looking for as well as old newspapers and books written in that time frame. research is unending. once started it seems to create an addiction for your need to find out one more detail then another and another women of distinction magazine mausoleum before cleaning Mausoleum After Cleaning contact Yvonne Chandler Ludwig San Antonio TX Owner Ludwig International Collection of Kinships (LICK Enterprises) mrsludwig National Association of Distinguished Professionals amanda adrian CLePPer BarreTT Adjunct Faculty Northwestern Oklahoma State University F rom the very first day Amanda Adrian Clepper Barrett entered the field of education she knew it was where she belonged. Her belief that students are the most important aspect of education and having the ability to cultivate successful students is what has kept her inspired for so many years. and information obtained in her field she had the chance to again teach as an adjunct faculty member. Currently Amanda is an adjunct in the Education Department of Northwestern. She is obligated to maintain a level of professionalism that will not only reflect the high standards of education expected After completing my master s degree I had the of such higher education institutions but also opportunity to teach as an adjunct professor at the that of other public and private schools. Through same university where I had graduated Amanda innovative techniques utilization of technology said which was a dream come true. I knew that within the classroom group discussion and education was where my career path was headed performance assessments Amanda is able to and that I would continue to grow and flourish in ensure that the students achieve that high standard the field. of education they so truly deserve. Amanda began working in an educational facility shortly after graduating with her BS in Business Administration from Northwestern Oklahoma State University. She worked in several different areas including as activity fund custodian treasurer in student services and working with curriculum. It was after her youngest was in high school that Amanda decided to go back to school to earn her master s. Upon completion of her degree in 2011 combined with utilizing the ideologies On a daily basis Amanda designs lesson plans and assignments for her courses. She sets up and maintains Blackboard accounts and keeps open communications with her students. She coordinates items needed for both online classrooms as well as main classrooms and computer labs. It is important to Amanda to uphold the mission and vision of the University by providing quality educational and cultural opportunities to students women of distinction magazine with diverse needs and cultivating ethical leadership and service critical thinking and fiscal responsibility. It is also her objective to provide a student-centered classroom that encourages and motivates students to use their critical thinking skills. manda treats her students with the utmost respect and consideration too. In fact she believes that the greatest gift an educator can receive is seeing a student succeed. She feels that a student is like a seedling if you place a student into a nurturing environment water and fertilize them with knowledge and encouragement they will grow to become a successful member of society. I have had students thank me for my patience and understanding during their educational process Amanda explained. I ve always kept in mind that I too was once a student who needed a little extra motivation to succeed. Seeing students succeed and become productive members of society is what continues to fuel my desire to remain in education. American Educational Psychologist Benjamin Bloom has greatly influenced Amanda as an educator. His many contributions to the world of education include classification of educational objectives the theory of mastery-learning and the development of exceptional talent. Notably the first volume of Bloom s Taxonomy has become a critical component to her instruction into the analytical and evaluative areas of study. According to Amanda Mr. Bloom s six levels of learning build on one another. A student must master one area before they can move on to the next. In graduate level work Amanda s students are expected to have reached these levels of analyze evaluate and create. Mr. Bloom s work and achievements have inspired Amanda to continue challenging students intellectually. Students who are planning to go forth and teach in a higher level learning institution must realize the different levels of intellectual behavior and their importance to the learning process and development of critical thinking skills. A Amanda is a member of the Oklahoma Association of Career and Technology Education Oklahoma Historical Society and SkillsUSA. She also volunteers for a yearly canned food drive but spends most of her free time studying and implementing new ideas for the five core master s courses she teaches. She has been married for 27 years to her husband Keith and they have two grown daughters Samantha and Sandra. Seeing students succeed and become productive members of society is what continues to fuel my desire to remain in education National Association of Distinguished Professionals What does the word pedagogy mean in reference to higher education Pedagogy is the method and practice of teaching especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept. What method of teaching do you find most influential in a classroom setting in higher education Interactive teaching methods including interactive lectures that involve questions and answers from the students case study examinations and problem-solving activities. How does a teacher determine the method of teaching to use in higher education The method of teaching that any educator will utilize should be determined by the educator s instructional goals. What is meant by interactive lecturing Interactive lectures can be used by the educator to promote brainstorming discussion and problemsolving activities. Interactive lectures will help the student better understand the topic at hand if implemented correctly. How are case studies used in a classroom setting Case studies used by the educator are effective to allow the student to place the information obtained into a real-world setting as well as reinforce to the educator what if any information that the student has obtained in the course. What are some advantages of the interactive teaching methods concerning online instruction Online courses as a teaching method allow the student the opportunity to access the course at the time that best fits their schedule. How can educators restructure their classroom Faculty must be willing to give up classroom control to allow the students to become empowered as they should be to incorporate learning methods such as integrative learning and problem-based learning. How can we develop more successful educators in the higher education setting The most critical point to make considering learning methods is that faculty must be trained and implement the learning methods to be more effective teachers to their students. Is it possible to develop comprehensive curriculum that will challenge students The purpose of Bloom s Taxonomy was to develop a more reliable procedure for educators to assess students and the outcomes of educational practice. Is teaching worth it It takes heart soul determination and patience but the reward of seeing a student become a successful member of society is priceless and makes it all worthwhile. contact Amanda Adrian Clepper Barrett Woodward OK Adjunct Faculty Northwestern Oklahoma State University http women of distinction magazine I am a marIne and always wIll be... amy roznowski AH-1W Pilot United States Marine Corps U this country s military Amy emphasized. The opportunities that I have been afforded by being a Marine Corp officer and aviator have never let me feel stagnant in my profession. The Marine Corps continuously pushes its personnel to improve through internal qualifications within an officer s specialty and overall professional development. During her fleet tour Amy earned the qualification of night systems instructor and was deployed three separate times in support of OIF OEF. She took her experience to the H-1 training squadron where newly winged aviators are taught how to operate the AH-1W. While Amy s primary military occupational specialty National Association of Distinguished Professionals nited States Marine Corps Pilot Amy Roznowski always knew she wanted to be a military pilot. During her sophomore year of college Amy was accepted as an Officer Candidate in the US Marines and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in May 2001. Two years later she earned her Wing of Gold and from flight school she was selected to fly the AH-1W an attack helicopter. I believe in the values of the Marine Corps and am passionate about what it means to serve in is AH-1W pilot she often has a secondary job within the unit in order for it to fully function. Some of the other jobs Amy has held are airframes division officer adjutant tactics officer quality assurance officer assistant operations officer assistant NATOPS instructor flightline officer aviation safety officer NATOPS officer AH-1W program manager NATOPS evaluator and air operations officer. Since joining the Marine Corps Amy s drive come from the marines she works with. From enlisted marines that work on the aircraft the marines that she supports from above to the true leaders that Amy wants to emulate they are all the touchstone of her devotion and loyalty to duty. Amy is a lifetime member of the Association of Naval Aviation (ANA). The mission of the ANA is to educate the public about the overall Amy is currently assigned to the USS Peleliu military status of the United States to encourage as the air operations officer. She is responsible widespread interest as to the importance of Naval for planning and coordinating every aircraft that Aviation in the defense of the United States and operates within the ship s airspace. While she its allies to stimulate the collection preservation is deployed she manages the daily airplan that and display of historical material concerning the is executed by the ship s air department and the naval aviation and to encourage scientific and embarked aircrew. technical development of naval aviation. Amy often participates in local events and causes The constant learning curve that is placed on all sponsored by the ANA. US Marines is what Amy attributes her success to. The minute she earns one qualification In 2001 Amy earned two Bachelors of Science she immediately enters another gauntlet. The from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. The challenges Amy faces are not unique to just her first was in political science and the second was but not every Marine handles those challenges the in public administration with an emphasis in public same. Amy is thankful to have a great peer group policy analysis. Since commissioning she earned and mentors that have allowed her to rise up to all her Expeditionary Warfare certification from the challenges she has faced. Marine Corps University in 2008. Two years later she earned her certification to become an Aviation Amy has been fortunate enough prior to and Safety Officer from the Naval Safety Center. throughout her career to have an amazing mentor. A career Naval officer she has been a I am a Marine and always will be Amy noted. sounding board for any question Amy might have The life I have and the values I believe in will be and her voice of reason. Amy strives to follow in carried on with each new Marine the same as I her footsteps. carry on the legacy of the Marines that have gone before me. women of distinction magazine What is your greatest professional accomplishment Knowing that my training and skills as a pilot effectively supported Marines on the ground. In your opinion what was the most challenging part of becoming a military pilot Flight school is where everyone who is there is used to being the top of their class or the all star and at the end of the day someone is still going to What bit of advice do you most commonly be the best while someone else has learned what reflect upon it s like to not be the best. The bitterness of not Never let them see you sweat. being on top and continuously competing against myself and my peers was the hardest challenge to How do you see being a successful leader face yet the most rewarding. in the military will carry over into the civilian sector Is the best leader the fastest and the smartest Leading subordinates in any profession is about Good leaders may be the fastest and the smartest fostering an environment where everyone has a but the best leaders are the ones that make timely sense of ownership in accomplishing the mission. decisions based on sound advice and experience and react in proportion to the situation. What is the most common question you are asked about being a Marine What is it like to be a woman in the Marines This question is one of my least favorite questions to be asked. Upon retiring from the Marine Corps what do you think will be the biggest challenge After identifying myself as an active duty Marine for so long it will be difficult not having a profession that is all-encompassing while being as fulfilling. Who is the most influential person in your life My brother because he continuously pushes me to be a better person. What advice do you give to anyone who wants to join the Marines specifically women who want to join Forget about trying to be twice as good as your male counterparts. Bottom line do your job without making a spectacle of yourself for being a woman doing the job. Strive to be the best period. What has been the most unexpected challenge being in the military I assume it is similar for any business traveler it has been difficult to be away from friends and family for months at a time and then be expected to assimilate back into the fold immediately upon return. contact Amy Roznowski AH-1W Pilot United States Marine Corps National Association of Distinguished Professionals bobbie J. player PoeT - Texarkana Tx O ver the last 54 years Bobbie J. Player has held many different jobs from a salad girl at a restaurant to a real estate professional. And at each one there was one thing that never changed Bobbie was a dedicated hard worker. In each company where I worked I started at the ground level and worked my way to higher positions by taking on more responsibilities than my job description called for Bobbie remembers. I asked questions about other positions within the company. Regardless of the company I was working for I wanted to learn everything about all operations. always proved them wrong and she enjoyed doing it. She refused to give up and these situations only made her stronger. Regardless of the industry she was in Bobbie always educated herself in the history and expectations of what she would be doing. She spoke with others that knew policy and procedures. But most importantly she prayed about it. After working for 41 years under the umbrella of different companies Bobbie took the advice of her late husband Victor Coach Player Jr. Coach encouraged her to publish her writings. In August 2011 she submitted Because of You Victor I Write to Xulon Press. She received the first copy of her Bobbie made sure that her shift hours reflected book in November that same year. Because of her working hours. If she was scheduled to work You Victor I Write is a divinely inspired true love 40 hours that week Bobbie worked at least that story presented in poetic form based on the life many. Many times she would make suggestions of Bobbie and Coach. Today Because of You for various improvements that would result in her Victor I Write is available to purchase online from company saving money. Amazon and Barnes and Noble. In her experience Bobbie has been exposed to many different situations. She has learned how to deal with rejections exclusion from activities sexual harassment and withholding information. But none of that discouraged Bobbie from becoming successful. She has had supervisors that tried to break her because they didn t feel that she should be in her current position. But Bobbie women of distinction magazine In June 2013 Bobbie was recognized by the Texarkana Alumnae Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. The sorority presented This Affair A Cabaret at the Delta Caf in the Truman Arnold Center. They honored Bobbie as a local African American who has excelled in the arts as a poet. At the age of 72 years and seven months Bobbie enrolled at Texarkana Community College. She is expecting to earn her degree in behavioral science. can do all things through Christ who gives her strength Philippians 4 13. B Bobbie has volunteered her time at a soup kitchen since 2009. She serves meals to the homeless at the Church of Truth of Texarkana four days a week. She enjoys doing Sudoku visiting the sick cooking and baking. She also enjoys creating What are your goals in life and work new dishes many of which she names Victor My goals are to remain obedient to the word of after her husband. God and allow others to see Christ in me in all that I do both personally and professionally. God blessed Bobbie when He brought her together with her husband. Never had she experienced so Why did you write Because of You Victor I much love joy peace and contentment. Although Write they expressed their true feelings to each other I wrote the book to fulfill the request from my daily they could see the love in their eyes feel husband during his lifetime. Writing the book was it in their touch and hear it in their voices. They 90% of my healing process after his demise. taught each other how to appreciate the love given to them. Bobbie and Coach gave their very best What do you expect others to gain from reading to each other for eight years two months and 10 your book days and for that Bobbie is forever grateful. Hopefully readers will be able to feel the love that generated between Victor and I and want the obbie has one son and two step-sons. same for themselves. Her son Steve A. Johnson is a Senior US Probation Officer for the Eastern Do you plan to write additional books on District of Texas. He is Bobbie s poetry greatest motivator and supporter. He has always No. I enjoyed writing poetry to Victor because I encouraged her in whatever position she took. wasn t afraid for him to look into my heart. I have no desire to publish a book on poetry but will write Bobbie also has five grandchildren and one great- a poem periodically. granddaughter. Bobbie s oldest grandson James Daniel Johnson 21 graduated from Bethany Do you plan to write other books University in spring of 2014. Her granddaughter Yes. I am now in the process of writing my first Jasmine D. Johnson is a Certified Nursing novel that will emphasize the beautiful life that Assistant at an assisted living facility in Corinth Victor and I lived. Texas. Bobbie s great-granddaughter Jordyn D. Johnson is three-years-old attends Pre-K and When do you plan to publish your novel is very active in dance soccer basketball and Hopefully I will publish my novel within the next T-ball. year or when God says it is time. Bobbie feels very blessed to have lived and experienced so many different things in her life both negative and positive. Through all of Bobbie s life experiences she hopes to have shown others that they can overcome anything if they remain focused on God and develop a forgiving and loving spirit. She attributes her success both professionally and personally to Him. As a servant of God with a mission and purpose she has learned that she What determines your ability to write Spiritual discernment gives me the ability. I am guided and directed by the Holy Spirit as to when and what to write. What contribution do you expect to make to society through your writing I would like to share with others the importance of knowing who you are but more importantly National Association of Distinguished Professionals to know whose you are. This is a contributing factor for me. What is your expected date of graduating from college I am in my freshman year therefore should everything remain on schedule the expected graduation date should be in 2017. Do you plan to continue working after graduation I have no plans to reenter the workforce. It will be expected of me to incorporate my degree in behavior science with my spiritual awareness to glorify God by assisting others. I enjoy this more than anything else. Our Lives We ve had our storms frustrations and pains We ve has some sunshine but mostly rain. We were brought together by God above He knew that we needed each other to love. To share our worlds tho different they may be It was only God that could set us free. We will walk together from this day forward For these are the steps that God ordered. Although our roads have been rough indeed He knew that together we would be freed. We ve shared our love and exchanged our vows-- To cherish and adore each other until we die. The circle of our rings Only a symbol of unconditional love. We know in our hearts God united us from above. He anointed and ordained us before we were born Destined for this time Just to say that you re mine August 5 2000 Submitted by Bobbie & Victor Player Jr. contact Bobbie J. Player Texarkana TX women of distinction magazine Dalonnes Kay Roemmich reTired musiC TeaCHer BismarCH nd B ecause of her love of music Dalonnes Kay Roemmich spent 40 years as a music teacher. She enjoyed the challenges excitement and appreciation that came along with teaching. But above all she loved working with the students seeing them mature in the field of music seeing them appreciate music in their own way and witnessing their success in music. Having a good administrator and parents that support the teacher is the key to making the job very enjoyable Dalonnes said about her teaching career. I was fortunate enough to have experienced both throughout my career making my teaching job very rewarding. After graduating from Dickinson State University in 1972 with a BS in Music Composite Dalonnes attended the University of North Dakota at Grand Forks. She earned her MS in Music as well and spent the next 40 years teaching vocal instrumental and general music for kindergarten thru 12th grade in North Dakota s public schools. As a teacher Dalonnes has had many proud moments including when the North Dakota governor selected her high school mixed choir to be the North Dakota Governor s Choir with her as their director. Another was when her group sang the Star Spangled Banner for the state basketball and volleyball tournaments which were televised. National Association of Distinguished Professionals Dalonnes received letters emails and calls on how wonderful her group was when performing. She was also filled with pride when a top-notch music salesman told her that he was proud to have her students play on his high-end instruments. Unfortunately Dalonnes s music lessons classes or sessions would often be cancelled on days when the schools would have pep rallies homecoming activities teacher in-service days lyceums state testing and other activities. But to be a successful teacher she was always prepared and learned how to go with the flow. Dalonnes didn t become a music teacher for the money or the glory of success. The money music teachers are paid could never cover the extra time that they put into their music programs as Dalonnes did. She became a teacher truly for the love of the job and her students. Educators Association Society of General Music American Choral Directors Association and the North Dakota Music Educators Association where she received the 15 and 25 Year Career Achievement Award. Dalonnes received the National Registered Music Teacher Award the National Certified Music Teacher Award and the Golden Apple Award during 2004-2005. Her group received Outstanding Performance Awards and was the Mark of Excellence National Choral Honors - State Level North Dakota Winner in 2009. D Presently Dalonnes is a member of the North Dakota Retired Teachers Association and the Bismarck-Mandan Retired Teachers Association. She enjoys cooking baking and playing the piano and loves to travel and spend time with her family. Being raised on a farm in North Dakota with cows chickens ducks pigs cats and dogs Dalonnes Now retired Dalonnes can look back on her career milked cows and drove the truck for her father and know she worked hard was encouraging while he combined the wheat. She is a down to positive understanding considerate available earth God believing born again Christian who practical open to ideas a great disciplinarian in enjoys and appreciates life. Her parents Edmund control and always raised her bar high for success. and Verna were farmers near New Salem North She made an effort to get along with everyone on Dakota. Later her father drove the school bus for the staff while staying humble and remembering the local school district while her mother became that her program wasn t the only program in the the head dietician for Elm Crest Manor an elderly school. nursing home. Her two brothers are Loni a retired postmaster and Ross a retired school principal. uring her career Dalonnes wrote She has three nieces and five nephews. articles for the North Dakota Music Journal. She was also asked to present Dalonnes tries each and every day to live by a session at the North Dakota Music the following bible quote Preach the Word be Education National Conference Convention while prepared in season and out of season correct her junior high mixed group was asked to perform rebuke and encourage with great patience at the convention. and careful instruction 2 Timothy 4 2 New International. As a piano accompanist for many years Dalonnes played for the Bottineau Women s Community Choir Bethel Chapel in Carrington Grace Lutheran Brethren Church and Century Baptist Church. She also played the clarinet in the North Dakota Centennial Band. While she was teaching Dalonnes was a member of the Sykeston Hazen Carrington and Bottineau s Educators Association as well as a member of the National Educators Association North Dakota women of distinction magazine Why is music in the school curriculum It is in the curriculum to provide the education necessary to become a well-rounded student. Music is an important subject in the school system. Why is music being cut in many schools Music is being cut because of budget cuts. But I feel it shouldn t be because it is such a valuable asset to students. What is the value of music to a student The student becomes more aware with his her aesthetic values. The student will also see success through hard work and determination which they can use in their life long skills. Why do you feel that music is important in today s world Our world is becoming more and more agitated with our society. Music can t solve the problem but it can calm a person it can soothe the nerves it can bring out the good and kind feelings of mankind it can make a person find the goodness of our society and it can develop long life skills such as hard work and determination. It can also bring togetherness (being able to work with people) with concerts and music performances. Music can bring out our feelings whether happy or sad. What kinds of jobs can you acquire as a musician Is music a sluff-off course Teaching isn t the only music occupation. You Unfortunately some think it is. Music classes uses can work as a music dealer or composer of music science math and English which is a perfect you can fix instruments teach music privately be common core outcome. an opera performer be a professional director and performer be part of an orchestra or any kind What does music do for the brain of band performer a vocal performer be in any There are proven tests that say music increases television back-up music or work in music therapy the use of the left right brain. I have found that in hospitals or nursing homes. most music students are usually your top students. What is the value of reading music as an instrumental or vocal student Another proven test has shown the act of reading music and singing or reading music and playing an instrument increases the development of the brain. Again that is why music students are usually your top students. Why is teaching music a burn-out job In a small school system there are so many things a music teacher needs to do within the school day during the school night and also during the weekends. It takes a lot of time to do the job properly. The extra assignments might make a teacher feel burned out. Why shouldn t we neglect the musically inclined student in the school system Unfortunately some students are being deprived of their love for music because of music cuts and his her parents can t afford private lessons for their child. contact Dalonnes Kay Roemmich Retired Music Teacher Bismarch ND National Association of Distinguished Professionals deBra a. Freed executive director government relations director paralyzed veterans of america (new england chapter) walpole ma W hile serving active duty in the US Air Force as a jet engine mechanic Debra A. Freed suffered a back injury. Due to her injury she began using a wheelchair for distance and events that required sitting for extended periods of time. She had been an unemployed college graduate who couldn t even babysit for family or friends and depression had quickly set in. In late 2003 Debra attended a Women Veteran luncheon where she met Social Worker Shirley Jackson. Shirley suggested that Debra attend her clinic on spinal cord injury. She did and things slowly started looking up. In 2004 Debra met the late chapter president of the New England Chapter of Paralyzed Veterans of America (NEPVA) Ken Medeiros in Roxbury Virginia. Mr. Medeiros invited her to the chapter office to help out and she did. Soon after there was a board of directors opening he nominated her for the position and she was approved. I don t know why Mr. Medeiros liked me or what he could have seen in me that I didn t see in myself she admitted. I didn t know how any of it worked either but I wanted to give it a try. Later that year Mr. Medeiros offered Debra a paid position for NEPVA as their government relations director. She had no idea what she was in for but it was a job a paid job. She wanted to learn and be good at it. It was also an opportunity to advocate for others like herself to become contributing members of their communities. Debra was elevated from Government Relations Director to Executive Director in 2012. They provide programs and services for spinal cord injured diseased veterans and members of their communities. Their programs include advocacy and legislation education and research community outreach hospital liaison services and sports and recreation. Debra assists with all fundraising endeavors and recently their chapter was able to start a transportation program in just under two years going from five clients to 75. Because of this program their chapter was selected from nine nominations at the 2013 NEPVA Convention to receive its first ever NEPVA President s Award for Outstanding Service. It was also the first time in the history of the 66-year-old organization that the women of distinction magazine chapter received this award. Eager to now assist getting the transportation program up and running Debra understands what a great achievement it would be on behalf of the organization. Because of the competition applying for grants can be a daunting experience so the challenge is to really stand out. Since 2008 their chapter received three grants for transportation totaling more than 120 000. They now have a bus that holds eight wheelchairs and a combination bus that can accommodate up to 14 people plus the driver. In 2012 the also received a minivan. a difference in the lives of those she serves. My goal was always to advocate for those who could not advocate for themselves. O Debra is one of six natural born siblings. Raised in Meriden Connecticut she joined the military in 1981 and was honorably discharged as an E4-Sergeant four years later. She has seen and experienced more than most including a mastectomy and chemotherapy just a few years back. She and her partner Joy have been together for almost 18 years. She believes that she is You have to work hard be patient and try not to who she is in part because of Joy s love trust compare others to how you do things Debra said and faith and support of family extended family about her future with the NEPVA non-profit. It s longtime friends and since 2004 Paralyzed important that you also show compassion for your Veterans of America. coworkers and volunteers. ne of Debra s biggest lessons learned so far has to do with educating oneself. If you are applying for benefits whether local state or federal do the homework yourself. Do not rely solely on others to help you. Most importantly be accountable for your actions and reactions. A member of numerous organizations Debra represents all of these chapters in some capacity mostly advocacy and legislation. She also volunteers her time for NEPVA at various events. She holds two degrees a Bachelor s in Library Science from Southern Connecticut State University and a Master s in Administration with a Concentration in Health form Central Michigan Extended Learning Program plus a paralegal certificate through Mass Bay Community College. Born with a cleft palate and lip Debra was raised by a foster family. Realizing how lucky she was to be able to stay with the same family for 17 years it was instilled in her at a young age that anything she wanted to do in life she would have to work for. Her foster mother always advocated on her behalf. So now it only feels right to be an activist for others. Why did you join the military My current supervisor would not allow me to move up within the department and run away from my problems . The military taught me to face them instead. You met the social worker affiliated with the Spinal Cord Injury Clinic at West Roxbury Virginia. How can one get in the clinic A person must have a spinal cord injury or disease to be followed in the SCI D Clinic. I suffered two serious falls while on active duty that required three back surgeries over three years. I would start using a wheelchair in 1994 to get around. How does one become a member of the PVA One has to have been in the military and have served active duty for at least 181 days as state and federal benefits require. It also requires a discharge of general under honorable conditions or higher. I left with an honorable discharge. How did you become unemployed Maintaining the mantra that when one door closes I was a secretary for the Radiology Service and another opens has always been my motivator in 1980 my supervisor did not allow me to move Debra said who works hard every day to make up. I had earned a master s degree and knew that National Association of Distinguished Professionals Grade 6 s didn t go far. So I thought going to law school would allow me to advocate for others. very different but also very rewarding. Do you believe that you have or are able to You don t mention law school in your article. make a difference through the programs and Why services you provide I failed my first year of law school and was unable Yes. Our Chapter has been around for 66 years. to either get rehired within the VA or even find a We hope one day not to be needed but until job outside of VA. that day comes we will do our best to work with Congress to serve our members veterans and How difficult was it being unemployed for so the disabled community until a cure for SCI has long been found. Very difficult. I didn t want to be a long time babysitter for family or a professional student . What and or whom do you owe your success to How did you survive financially being As stated I believe when one door closes another unemployed opens. I had people who believed in me. I have I was receiving compensation from the VA but an outstanding support system that includes my back then it was only 60%. Although Joy had a partner of 17 years my family friends and now steady job I was running up debt. I applied for those I serve. SSDI and was awarded. Then after meeting the National Service officer I was awarded a temporary 100%. How is being executive director different than any other positions you have held While I was a supervisor in several jobs throughout my working life the day to day management is Debra A. Freed Executive Director Government Relations Director Paralyzed Veterans of America (New England Chapter) Walpole MA Business Phone 800-508-1181 women of distinction magazine denise romanchok Educator - North Royalton OH N oble is the single best way Denise Romanchok can describe what it s like choosing a career in teaching. Teachers influence the beginning formative years of future adults and they also impact the future doctors lawyers presidents and all future leaders of society. She cannot think of one other career that has so much impact on our future. math classroom which provides smaller group instruction for students who have a Specific Learning Disability (SLD) in mathematics or are Emotionally Disturbed (ED) yet are learning in a regular classroom setting. To help her students function at their highest capacity Denise plans instructional lessons and activities that activate a student s prior knowledge to be able to absorb new content and apply it to new types of problems. During an intervention period she works intensively Denise still remembers being in the first grade and with students who have difficulty in math and need just how much she wanted to teach as a child. Her small group re-teaching and or remediation. She Aunt Judy Romanchok who was also a teacher also works with her other students who have was her role model and mentor throughout her questions about the current classroom concepts. childhood and long into her adult life before passing away shortly after retirement. There is certainly a delicate balance that every teacher has to get the hang of and only experience My aunt was very influential on me but I also can teach a good teacher how to do that. Denise had very significant kindergarten and first grade says it can sometimes be tough to handle the teachers as well Denise remembers. I was discipline and family issues that go along with the occasionally given jobs in the classroom helping prevention of a student from attaining maximum teachers grade papers and helping struggling success in the classroom. students. I have since used my experiences as a child to help mold what I did and did not want to be Politics are also getting more and more influential like as an educator. in education as lawmakers are making decisions without ever having stepped into a classroom to Deeply dedicated to her profession most of her life experience the career firsthand Denise said. Denise now teaches mathematical Common Core Therefore there are sometimes obstacles that standards for the state of Ohio. She provides initial can inhibit how and what you teach which can be instruction review and remediation opportunities very frustrating. in pre-algebra and algebra skills. She also works with an intervention specialist in a cooperative Denise holds a BS in Education with certifications National Association of Distinguished Professionals in elementary education and secondary mathematics education from Bowling Green State University. She also has a Master s Degree in Education in School Guidance from Kent State University. In 2000 she earned an Educational Specialist Degree with a certification in School Counseling also through Kent State. While attending Bowling Green she purposely selected an area of concentration that would lead to an extra area of certification allowing her to teach grades one through eight in any subject and also teach grades seven through twelve in math. Not only did these areas cover her favorite subject and classes but she was fortunate enough to land a job teaching eighth grade math where her two certifications overlapped. She s been teaching in this capacity since graduating with her bachelor s in 1994. Facebook and YouTube. Any prospective educator has to make sure that he or she is willing to deal with the professional challenges that accompany this very rewarding and fulfilling career. This passionate perfectionist believes that there is always more that she can do to be a better teacher. Not interested in fame or fortune Denise plans to continue spending her days improving herself her teaching methods and her students one student at a time. L How do you motivate students With 13 and 14-year-olds you need to make learning relevant to them so I try to take abstract New standards and curriculum are always being math concepts and show them how they are implemented in the classroom. The current applied in various careers. curriculum in place now has teachers like Denise having to prepare students to take the Ohio How would your students describe you Achievement Assessment. Each year Denise Many students have said I am funny smart and has to update her teaching content in order to very helpful. meet and exceed the challenges provided by the increased difficulty and complexity of the How would your colleagues describe you standardized testing. Many colleagues have commented on my strong work ethic my consideration of situations from ikewise technology is constantly being a variety of viewpoints and my willingness to reinvented year after year. In addition improve my skills. to dealing with students being distracted by their cell phones and other forms What is the toughest aspect of teaching today of entertainment there are also many positive Things I can t control Political influences emphasis advances in technology that aid the teachers and on testing over teaching added responsibilities students. This year for example Denise received given to teachers that take time away from a Smartboard for her classroom which is an instruction and more. interactive whiteboard and had to learn how to build lessons and utilize its numerous interactive How have you emphasized the development of features. basic skills I try to have students work out basic problems I would advise anyone who is interested in without a calculator to keep their thinking skills education to make sure it is the career path they fresh and also help to reinforce patterns that lead want to have for their lifetime she said. Although into algebraic understanding (where calculators it is a very noble career it is also a very challenging may not be useful). one. More and more students are spending less and less time doing homework and preparing for What is the role of homework tests a result that I believe is due to more time As a math teacher I believe the skills I teach are spent doing other activities and being distracted learned through repetition and my students need by technology like the tablet and social media like to practice and reinforce these patterns in order to women of distinction magazine What have been your most positive teaching experiences It is easily when a student says that after years of How do you maintain communication with a struggling mathematically they finally understand vast number of parents guardians math because of my teaching and help. Many parents like the teachers can be difficult to reach when they have time and privacy to discuss their child s achievements. I have found that putting extra comments in our online parent access grade program and posting all class lessons and homework assignments online can alleviate many problems. Of course phone calls can be a necessity too. be able to retain them (like athletes with muscle memory ). How do you get respect from students When a teacher can demonstrate that he she knows the content works hard and truly cares about the students and their futures most teens will respect the teacher. Why is your field important for a student to study A lack of algebraic skills can prevent a child from being able to consider future careers in many areas of math science and technology. contact Denise Romanchok 8th Grade Pre-Algebra and Algebra Teacher North Royalton OH denise.romanchok National Association of Distinguished Professionals drid williams Writer Former Dancer Teacher Choreographer Rockford MN B orn in Baker Oregon in October 1928 Drid Williams has spent more than 85 years proving to herself and the world what she is made of. The PhD graduate of social anthropology has worked in numerous capacities and fields in her lifetime but it s her story of how she became who she is today that is so fascinating. in the UK in 1975. It was during her doctoral studies that she became very much interested in the linguistic cultural and aesthetic aspects of dancing which then led to the study and development of semasiology. Semasiology is a theory of human body language postulating that human actions are learned and that inquiry into dances or dancing requires a different paradigm of explanation than kinesiology or anatomy provides. At the age of just 15 Drid knew that she wanted To put it simply the word semasiology signifies to teach dance choreograph it and even write the study of meanings . about it. It never occurred to her to do anything else. Years later Drid is doing what she always Soon after the completion of her PhD Drid taught dreamed of writing. for five years at New York University before venturing overseas to lecture at the University of I never had a career in the usual terms Drid said. Australia then at Moi University in Eldoret Kenya When I studied social anthropology it was always and finally at the United International College in with the aim of being able to write about the dances Zhuhai China before moving back to the United of other people and so forth. I am still convinced States to teach Anthropology of the Dance and today that there are few fields of human endeavor Human Movement part-time at the University of that are as misunderstood as dancing wherever Illinois Urbana-Champaign. As her teaching days it is found in the world. It is a huge subject and became less and less frequent Drid began to extraordinarily complex. write more and more. By 1980 she had founded and still holds the position of senior editor for the Retiring from teaching dance classes in 1970 Drid Journal for the Anthropological Study of Human went on to pursue higher education. Impressively Movement in which she still writes for today. Drid would earn her PhD from Oxford University women of distinction magazine There have been two consistent influences over the writing and the dancing that Drid has maintained throughout her career teaching and anthropology. There is so much that the general public doesn t know when it comes to the art of dancing that it was no difficult task for her to attempt teaching about it to readers when she began writing on the topic. Plus the general knowledge about dance forms and their performers that the general public is aware of is unfortunately limited to maybe one or two western dance forms such as ballet. Is it possible to make lots of money in the fields of dance and human movement No. Teachers of dancing dancers and choreographers do not by present-day standards make very much money. D Why is the field of dance and human movement so confusing to the uninitiated Because there are countless dance styles e.g. ballet tap jazz modern dance folk- dancing belly dancing Swing Latin and many others. Each style evolves its own history subfields schools Acknowledging the fact that the unknown art of and audience. dance has somewhat been lessened over the past 50 years due to things like television and more What is ethnic dancing sophisticated film techniques Drid is glad to see The dances of other cultures i.e. African Asian that people can better understand no matter how (including Indian Chinese Japanese Balinese) superficially they may view the topic of dance the and many others. However all dances are ethnic richness and cultural meaning behind it. because all of them are of a people. rid had authored four books to date. Designed as teaching texts Anthropology and Human Movement The Study of Dances (1997) and Anthropology and Human Movement The Search of Origins (2000) were both put together for use in any course or set of lectures aiming at providing an anthropological perspective on the study of dances. Both can be used for graduate courses or for third and fourth year undergraduate courses. Her other two books include Ten Lectures on Theories of the Dance (1991) and Teaching Dancing With Ideokinetic Principles (2011). Of the four Drid does not favor one over the other. She is proud of all of them and believes that address important ideas that they are capable of contributing equally to the growth and continued health of the field. I have been writing about dancing and dances for 22 years Drid noted. Because my books are about little known ideas about the dance I hope that readers knowledge of the subject is increased. The benefits of increased knowledge are greater understanding hence appreciation enhanced perceptions hence greater enjoyment and finally more favorable opinions of dances and dancing hence greater satisfaction and pleasure. How and where do I get information about employment in the dance field There is a wealth of information available on the internet. Key in the word Dance combined with universities employment history and others. Is it possible to get an academic degree in dance Yes. Several colleges and universities offer degrees in the subject and information is readily available online. What is one of the big problems with the dance field in the US One of the biggest is the lack of consideration of the physical hazards involved. There is nothing comparable to sports medicine for dancers and teachers aren t licensed in any way to teach. What are some other problems in the field Perhaps the biggest problem is lack of knowledge in general. There are many kinds of dancing and many skill and training levels involved plus the fact that the field is still basically looked upon as entertainment. What is the most damaging misconception about dance The separation of body from mind and of doing from thinking. Such compartmentalization National Association of Distinguished Professionals has caused untold damage in many ways. Are there good discussions of these problems available Yes. Best David. 1978. Philosophy and Human Movement. Allen and Unwin London and Best David. 1985. Feeling and Reason in the Arts. Unwin Hyman London. Of all the possibilities in this field what have you enjoyed doing the most Teaching has been a most rewarding activity for me. contact Drid Williams Writer Former Dancer Teacher and Choreographer Rockford MN women of distinction magazine Eddye Seabrooks-Langston reLaTed voCaTionaL insTruCTor - maCon ga E ddye Seabrooks-Langston initially began her career in the Bibb County School System as a paraprofessional. Deciding to go back to school Eddye enrolled at Georgia College and earned her Master s in Special Education Mental Retardation in 1976. She then earned a second Master s in Special Education Interrelated from Mercer University and certification in related vocational instruction. After earning both degrees she began working at the high school as a vocational and special education teacher. She had found the career she loved more than 30 years ago. The challenges that students faced on a daily basis the joy of working with them and the love I have for them are all factors that kept me in teaching Eddye said about her career in education. I always felt that I could make a difference in the lives of these youth. s a vocational specialist Eddye individualized and modified instructions and lessons. She established each student s learning style to facilitate successful learning experiences and planned and executed lessons to meet the needs of each student. Eddye was involved with after-school sessions that were held on a regular basis to assist students who were unable to grasp the concepts during the normal class period and to also enable those who desired additional time for personal enrichment and advancement. Cognizant that children are not machines Eddye s flexibility and adaptability were the driving forces behind her success. She understood that the love and nurturing of children was of utmost importance. A positive attitude and smile always made for a successful day for her as well as the students. During Eddye s education the encouragement she received from her teachers was beyond reproach. While at the same time she also found it very difficult to work with many teachers who had given up on students and thought that they shouldn t be mainstreamed. For this reason Eddye felt the need to become an advocate for her students. The students motivated her daily they worked diligently and she often felt that she had learned as much from them as they learned from her. This inspired her by advocating for physically National Association of Distinguished Professionals A and mentally challenged students. Minnie Seabrooks Eddye s mother was her biggest inspiration to pursue a career in teaching. Her mom s dream was for Eddye and her other children to have a better life than she and her husband did. She felt that an education was the only way to achieve that goal. Eddye was fortunate enough to have had several teachers who also served as mentors while she was in school. They too encouraged her academically and helped prepare her for her future both in and out of the classroom. Eddye authored the first Southeast High School Character Education Book and in 1992 was voted Southeast High School Teacher of the Year. She currently serves as secretary of the Walter P. Jones Elementary School PTO the school her grandchildren attend. She is the president of Jones School council and a member of the Title I Intervention Program. Eddye is also a member of the Bibb County Teachers Retirement Association. Striving to live her life by demonstrating love joy peace longsuffering gentleness goodness faith meekness and temperance Eddye hopes she has been a positive influence on those around her. I enjoy life and am happy every morning that I open my eyes. I appreciate all the opportunities that I have been given and have learned not to sweat the small stuff because life s too short Eddye explained. I enjoyed my teaching career and gave it my all. The most important aspects of my life are and have always been God family and career. children Ny Arie 10 Jailyn 7 and Kairi 4. Do you feel that all students can learn Obviously it appears that all students can learn. What we have to access is the ability of each student s capacity to learn. Why do you think that education is so important Education is important to the world it is the universal language of communication. It binds us together through ethnic interpretation. Everyone can learn more than one language. Why do you feel that some teachers dislike collaborative teaching Some teachers may feel intimidated or feel inadequate to work with another teacher. There are a few teachers who may be territorial and would prefer to teach alone. Do you think that mentally challenged students can be successful employees Most definitely so when given the proper training. They may not do well at multi-tasking but overall they can become loyal dedicated good employees. What course do you feel will benefit all high school students It should be mandatory that all high school students take a course in what I would call life skills . This course would include financial planning parenting techniques and career planning. It would teach the students skills in making wise choices which make for greater success in life. Why do you feel that discipline problems have Eddye is recently widowed after 35 years of increased in schools marriage to her husband Curtis Langston. In One of the reasons is that parents may not be 2009 Curtis was a recipient of a liver transplant involved as they should be in the discipline and and she is now a huge advocate of organ donation. social interaction with their child. The lack of Thanks to a selfless individual in Brazil Eddye home training certainly should be considered a was fortunate to be able to spend three additional factor also. years with her husband before his passing. Why do you feel that teachers are not respected Together Eddye and Curtis had two children today as they were in the past Curtis Jr. and Erin. Curtis Jr. is a graduate of Society has fallen to a level of decadence where Georgia State University and works for Georgia the parent-teacher relationship is not what it Power. Erin is a stay-at-home mom of three should be. Most parents will believe the truth to women of distinction magazine be whatever their child says without listening to the teacher. Why do you feel that ninth graders are the largest drop-out class in the state of Georgia Ninth grade is the beginning or the commencement of a serious curriculum educational process. Many of the students fail classes and realize that they won t get graduation credits so they make the choice to quit. Why do you feel that parental involvement is imperative Parental involvement is the foundation of a child s educational development which must begin at home. Parents assisting their child at home with reviewing repetition and studying are important assets to their child s total educational development. Do you think there are advantages in parental involvement in a child s educational development Yes. The parents will know the child s educational performance weaknesses strengths and conduct in the classroom. It is very important that this involvement is mutual. contact Eddye Seabrooks-Langston Related Vocational Instructor Bibb County Board of Education Macon GA Business Phone 478-501-2759 Business Phone 478-746-3617 National Association of Distinguished Professionals Publisher CMP Publishing Group LLC Elderberry Publishing Imprint - Okanogan WA edna siniff ...a child who is shown respect learns to have respect E dna M. Siniff began her career with the formation of The Country Messenger newspaper in 1986. The small office located above the general store in Marine on St. Croix Minnesota was where it all started. As the circulation and subject matter grew employees were added and more space was needed. To accommodate those needs Edna relocated her office to her farm home. Edna s position as owner and publisher had her responsible for every phase of the newspaper. Country Messenger Inc. expanded its services adding graphic design bookkeeping a business support center and book publishing which began as an elder writing project. The expanded services became Swift Enterprises Inc. when she sold the newspaper. Edna continued this business after relocating to rural Washington State. in 2001. And in 2004 the Country Messenger Press was reorganized and renamed Country Messenger Press Publishing Group LLC (now CMP Publishing Group LLC) with new partners. In 2007 Edna sold her mountain home and moved back to Minnesota. There she volunteered in a second grade classroom teaching students the elements needed to write a book. Three books China Adventures A Journey to Madagascar and Our Day in Australia were the end result of her three-year volunteer classroom teaching experiences. Edna continued the Elder Writing Project as a volunteer at the White Bear YMCA. Three books have been published from that group and many participants are writing and gathering photos to pass on to their children and grandchildren. To learn her new community in Washington Edna Today Edna s role at Country Messenger Press spent two years as a reporter for Omak-Okanogan (CMP) Publishing Group is meeting with potential County Chronicle. authors and working with them to develop their product. She shares her knowledge within the Edna continued the publishing business in company to help find new ways to hold readers Washington State and changed Swift Enterprises interest. A major component of publishing today is back to Country Messenger Press. We the People to foster the creative nature of the business while The Federalist Papers in Today s World was developing innovative new products. published under Country Messenger Press imprint women of distinction magazine T So that CMP Publishing Group stays innovative and creative Edna and her partners have developed EWFMarketing and a platform CafeRenew which leverages forward thinking technology and internet marketing strategies to monetize the athome artist author musician or digital content creator. Through CafeRenew s membership site the partners are able to promote creative works maintain inventory process transactions on the internet and send orders to the creator for fulfillment. Do you believe traditional paper books are a thing of the past No. There is a place for them in our world. eReaders add variation but can t totally replace all traditional copies. Why is it important to have strong independent publishers in the marketplace today Developing new authors is no longer the focus for traditional publishers. The independents are now supporting new and aspiring authors. The writers of the future will be self-published if the publishing his model is the brainchild of a whole team world doesn t cultivate new authors. of creative people. Years of research into the struggles that artists Where is the greatest challenge have selling their goods for book publishers today and a plethora of unique mixtures Marketing. The whole marketing between technology and marketing system is in flux. Innovation and know-how make CafeRenew the creative thinking are changing the optimum resource for the future. sales model. No stone can be left unturned. Edna graduated with a BA from Michigan State University in 1959. Where do you see growth She completed advanced studies opportunities for book in the teaching of reading and publishing how people read. She has and In the world of big business. continues to volunteer her time The corporate world is changing to many different organizations. strategies in their marketing plans. Today she works at the Minnesota We will see more use of stories as Twins games to generate funds for they move into a more creative youth service projects. She also mode for sales. volunteers and mentors physically challenged persons. What differences has technology made in book production Not being able to ignore injustice or abuse of Absolutely a huge difference. Book production power Edna has participated in efforts to cause software and personal computers speed up the change locally and nationally. process. These combined with the internet make it possible for home-based technicians to be employed. Every person has value. A child who is shown respect learns to have respect Edna stated. Why does CMP Publishing Group LLC use Encourage the positive live with love and walk book-at-a-time printing facilities each day as if Jesus is at your side. First print-on-demand frees up money that was once tied up in inventory and it eliminates the need Edna was married for 31 years. She has three for large storage capacity. daughters L. Cathleen Darley Sherri Clysdale and Nancy Parson. Will you ever have your books printed on presses in Asia or other low labor cost countries No. We believe press technicians working in National Association of Distinguished Professionals the United States have a right to hold their jobs. We do not support printing books on ships as they cross the Pacific Ocean because there are no environmental protection laws governing or enforced on the open oceans. How do you print and bind book orders that exceed 1 000 books Our printer has the capacity to print and bind on traditional presses. Large book runs will be printed on its presses. Do you accept manuscripts from unknown authors We will consider most works that are submitted using our guidelines. All manuscripts submitted are required to be a final draft. Every writer needs a good editor. We expect submissions to be clean and well edited. What impact do the self-publishing authors have on traditional publishing venues A well-written properly edited self-published book is an equal competitor in the open market its presence enhances sales for all. Unfortunately a vast majority of self-published books lack the quality demanded by the book reading public making the opposite true. Every person has value. A child who is shown respect learns to have respect contact Edna M. Siniff Publisher CMP Publishing Group LLC and Elderberry Publishing Imprint Okanogan WA http edna women of distinction magazine Ellar Duff reTired 3rd JudiCiaL CirCuiT CourT Judge madison CounTy iLLinois O ver the course of her adult life Ellar Duff observed actions and events that left her questioning the fairness of the legal system in the US and the consequences of not having knowledge of how the legal system worked. In 1978 she decided to pursue a career that would help those that were not able or allowed equal access to the system. I was thoroughly frustrated with how the judicial system continued to fail those that it was created to serve Ellar explained. Friends and I were victimized with no voice in the system. Knowing how the system was supposed to work gave me the desire to do something about the injustices surrounding me. I truly believed that things could be as they should and that I could make a constructive difference. After graduating from the University of Missouri with a JD in 1981 Ellar began her legal career as a Reginald Heber Smith fellow at Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation Inc. representing the poor. In 1987 she was given the opportunity to serve on the Circuit Court bench in Madison County Illinois. Of the near 32 years that Ellar spent representing her community 24 were on the third judicial circuit bench. Before retirement she presided in the areas of family law juvenile law traffic misdemeanor forcible entry and detainer small claims LM and eminent domain. She became certified in civil mediation through the National Judicial College in Reno Nevada. Never forget that judges are servants of the people and have an absolute duty to serve with accountability honesty and fairness Ellar said without regard for an individual s status in the National Association of Distinguished Professionals community. As impressive as Ellar s career has been she s also spent many years involved with numerous organizations within her community. She s a life member of the University of Missouri Alumni Association and National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and is secretary of the Alton Section for National Council of Negro Women Inc. She s affiliated with the Illinois State Bar Association Alton Wood River Bar Association Phi Alpha Delta legal fraternity and Returning Citizens Coalition is treasurer of Metro East Bar Association is an officer of the Madison County Bar Association is on the New Judges Committee of the National Association of Women Judges is a life member and president of the Hawks Alumni Organization and currently serves on the boards of the YWCA of Alton and Girl Scouts of America of Southern Illinois. She is also an arbitrator for the Third Circuit Judicial Circuit of Madison County Illinois. Prior to earning her JD Ellar earned a BS in Elementary Education in 1970 and an MEd in Curriculum and Instruction in 1976 both from the University of Missouri and she became certified in K-8 as a life teacher through the state of Missouri. She worked as an instructor at the University of Missouri Laboratory School from 1972-1978 and served as a Reginald Heber Smith fellow for the Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation Inc. from 1981-1983. orn to a father who was a farmer and a mother who was a teacher Ellar believes it is most inspiring for young people to know that hard work and perseverance have some of the greatest rewards and that those born into poverty can achieve the same as those of privilege if they work hard enough to create opportunities for themselves. I was born into and grew up in extreme poverty Ellar explained about her upbringing. My first job was chopping cotton and beans on the David M. Barton Plantation at the age of 10. The hours were from sunup to sundown at 50 cents per hour. I graduated from an impoverished segregated high school in 1965 and enrolled in the University women of distinction magazine of Missouri. The eldest of five children Ellar has three sisters and one brother. She has two sons of her own Kehven Williams BS MS an interim director of Student Support Services at Lewis and Clark College and Sean Williams BA JD LLM an assistant State Attorney in Madison County Illinois. Ellar enjoys arts and crafts reading gardening playing golf and amateur photography. And sometimes when it s quiet when she has a chance to reflect back on her lifelong career in justice she tells herself that she did all she could to make the best of a system that s often viewed with jaded attitudes abuses and inequities. B Why did you stay in the field of law for such a long time The legal field is structured such that it can be a lifelong commitment. As long as the mind functions a legal career doesn t have to stop just because one no longer has a particular title or specific task. I have a strong belief and knowledge that the system can and has a duty to serve its constituents much better. Who or what have you called on for inspiration to work in government I often think of the challenges and injustices that my parents and predecessors of African and Native American descent endured and worked through. I find great joy and fulfillment in using my experiences and resources in serving others in a positive manner knowing that the judicial system in our country can be much better than it is. things are possible with God and that nothing is impossible without Him. Can you give any words of wisdom when it comes to career Trust that tiny voice within that guides you along the proper path. Poverty gender and race are not reasons to fail. Hard work and perseverance have their own priceless rewards. Do you have any regrets professionally Though my career was rife with bias and inequality I have absolutely no regrets. Was your career stressful Much of the stress that I experienced during my career was self-imposed because I have no tolerance for mediocrity. I endeavor to always give my best and to treat others fairly given the circumstances and I expected the same from What types of obstacles have you encountered others. in your career as a judge I have faced unfair perceptions and labels due When did you decide that it was time to retire to my race and gender which is what ultimately Serving on the bench has certain limitations. In drove me to do better and be the very best that I order to be more productive it becomes necessary could be at all times. to step out of one s comfort zone. Retirement allows me to be more productively involved in the What rewards have you experienced during community. your career My rewards have been numerous. Recently a former fifth grade student shared that he barely remembers his college or law school professors but he remembers his grammar school teachers very well. Along those lines I often cross paths with individuals who have appeared before me in court. I cannot begin to count the numbers who have thanked me for something that I said or did that positively affected their lives or caused them to make better choices. Can you offer the younger generation any advice on what it takes to be an honest and fair governmental official Power and money are quite seductive. Always do the correct thing regardless of the short-term cost. Who or what do you count on every time for support in your professional life My personal and professional foundation is solidly grounded in my faith. I firmly believe that all contact Ellar Duff Retired 3rd Judicial Circuit Court Judge Madison County Illinois Edwardsville IL National Association of Distinguished Professionals gail hiller lee ParTner Bernard a. HiLLer inC. uniondaLe ny lthough she had no intention of getting into the family business Gail Hiller Lee has spent the last 29 years working at her father s insurance brokerage firm Bernard A. Hiller Inc. Because of the quality of their working relationship Gail has been able to work side by side with her father seamlessly which says a lot considering they spend over 10 hours a day in the office. A Involvement with her clients which include everything from human resource managers to firm owners and the insured employee Gail is always purely professional. But because they all have their own personal issues Gail must find a balance that meets the needs of each individual so they can gain a level of comfort that they deserve. Gail has also since taken over the employee benefit division where she takes an active role in the rules When I approached my father about working and regulations of the Patient Protection and together he immediately sent me to three Affordable Care Act (PPACA). She understands insurance carriers to get an inside view of the importance of accurate information and how products claims and proposal calculations so the PPACA affects each client depending on I would come back to the office with knowledge company size home office state payroll and from a different perspective Gail explained about benefit design they offer. the very beginning of her career working with her father. Recently Gail was featured on a public access television show to discuss health insurance and About four years ago Gail was promoted to partner. explain PPACA. She s also addressed the As a successful broker she knows the importance Health and Human Services (HHS) committee of a strong relationship with clients who rely on twice at Federal Plaza in New York City with eight her to deliver every option available. She gives pages of detailed information on the unintended continuous advice regarding compliance and the consequences of PPACA an analysis of essential complexity of deciphering new legislation that may benefits and the cost of a one size fits all system. affect their business and has the ability to assist with claim appeals and external appeals on behalf This is a difficult time to move into employee of each insured. benefits especially on the health insurance side women of distinction magazine Gail said. You need to understand the legal ramifications of your advice delve deeply into each regulation and stay informed about changes under PPACA and how it affects insurance carrier options and your clients. on a women s hockey team on Long Island. She also volunteers with Habitat for Humanity NY Cares and Long Island Cares. K nowledge and education is the backbone of a successful broker. Yet Gail can overcome almost any uncomfortable situation by enlightening the client with information that will ultimately benefit his or her company. Educating the client is equally as important. While accompanying her father on an appointment to see a client in the Financial District in Downtown New York 29 years ago Gail watched her father insist that the client understand what he was insuring and why. When the client s response was Just do it if it s important her father insisted they take the time so the client understood completely what he was insuring. That experience was eye opening Gail learning how essential it is to make sure your client is well informed and educated. A graduate of New York Institute of Technology Gail earned an additional insurance degree as an Advanced Chartered Benefits Consultant from the National Association of Alternative Benefits Consultants. She s written numerous articles and has been responsible for the coordination of the New York Metro Chapter of the National Association of Health Underwriter s Annual Day on the Hill Meetings with New York Legislators and the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) members in Albany New York for two years. She s also a member of the NAHU and has been on the local board of both the NAHU and National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. Gail continues to reach out to assemblymen and senators to offer vital information and volunteer her time to speak to their constituents about changes under the new healthcare system. Married for 25 years Gail s husband is a partner at a national law firm specializing in energy law. They have two children a son who will soon hold a master s in opera performance and will sing with the Cincinnati Opera Company and a daughter who just graduated from Middlebury College. Gail is an avid Rangers fan and plays back-up goalie How has PPACA affected the insurance industry Because of its complexity our government seemed to have rushed into signing a 2 000-page document before it was fully understood. While there are many changes under the Affordable Care Act that are beneficial to many Americans it forced hundreds of thousands to lose the benefits they already had which was a broken promise. How have you attempted to reach out to government to explain the issues under the ACA Aside of speaking directly to members of the health and human services committee twice I have submitted comments on a multitude of proposed regulations to the Department of Labor Internal Revenue Service Department of HHS and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. What were your recommendations to the HHS regarding essential health benefits We spent a considerable amount of time developing a chart showing what we felt was essential at a minimum and offering several buy-up options for those who didn t want or need everything covered. What makes your office unique Our dedication to each and every insured. Whether we have a two life group or a 200 life group every insured receives equal attention and has access to a response from 7am until we close our eyes for the night. What is the reason you don t offer every type of plan to every client Every employer has a different relationship with their employees with needs that vary greatly. There is never a one size fits all solution. National Association of Distinguished Professionals What are some of the new options available There is the Exchange option through states offering health insurance and the federal option for those states that do not offer their own Exchange that have some merit but alternative options like Health Reimbursement Account s (HRA) Health Savings Account s (HSA) and benefit stores where a flat dollar is contributed to an employee s benefits and the employee chooses the level of benefits that fits. Can you share one objection you have with others in your field Brokers tend to keep to themselves and focus solely on their own book of business. We need to be a more cohesive group and stand together if we are to accomplish what seems to be impossible. What are you trying to accomplish Brokers need to continue to challenge portions of the law that hurt rather than help the public. Brokers need to address the constant inaccurate statements in the media. What do you do to address this issue Since attending many national association meetings in Washington DC and Albany New York I have met and stay in daily contact with several dedicated brokers that share ideas challenge our representatives and join me in trying to fix what s broken. What do you see as the future of group health insurance Depending on government involvement I believe the Private Exchanges allowing employees various options will continue to thrive and allow employees to choose how to use their benefit dollars. Fifty Charles Lindbergh Blvd. Suite 420 Uniondale New York 11553 Phone 516 - 794-4777 Fax 516 - 794-0168 Gail.Hillerlee GAIL HILLER LEE INSURANCE BERNARD A. HILLER INC. women of distinction magazine Dr. Jacqueline Dansby L direCTor uPward Bound Pre-CoLLege Program - san anTonio Tx Mathematics and Chemistry from the University of the Incarnate Word in just three years by taking an overload of courses and attending summer school. She began tutoring participants in the St. Mary s Upward Bound Program in mathematics and science in 1969 while still attending college as an undergraduate. She subsequently earned a Master s Degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Texas-San Antonio and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Educational Administration from Texas A&M UniversityCollege Station. Jacqueline went to work fulltime for Upward Bound as the assistant director becoming director in 1977 and executive director in 2013. The Upward Bound program helps select high school students become better prepared to succeed in college. In a nurturing environment on National Association of Distinguished Professionals iving her dream of giving back to her community by opening doors to higher education Dr. Jacqueline Dansby always wanted to help students attain a college education. An adjunct faculty member who is also the executive director of the Upward Bound Pre-College Program at St. Mary s University in San Antonio Texas is known for making a lasting impact on many lives each day especially young minds. As a first generation college student attending an inner city high school the inequities in educational opportunities placed Jacqueline at serious risk for not succeeding in postsecondary education. With a determination to make her educational dreams a reality she was the salutatorian of her high school graduating class. Jacqueline earned her BA with a double major in a college campus participants receive numerous educational advantages. professions. She previously served two terms as president and chairman of the board of the San Antonio Women s Hall of Fame held the office Recent research clearly shows that students who of president and chairman of the board of the complete the Upward Bound program are four Texas Association of Student Special Services times more likely to earn an undergraduate degree Programs regional director of the Black Former than their peers from similar backgrounds who did Student Network of Texas A&M University south not participate in this premier college preparatory central regional director of Alpha Kappa Alpha program. Upward Bound s successful impact Sorority and board member of the Council of results from personalized instruction and guidance Opportunity in Education. In 2012 Jacqueline by teachers and staff like Jacqueline who care and was recognized as an Exemplary Scholar by the communicate well with students. The program Friends of the Carver Library. She is an alumna of keeps small class sizes encourages student Leadership Texas as well as Leadership America involvement and provides quality services. and regularly serves as a keynote speaker and workshop presenter across the nation. It is a joy to have the privilege to live a life dedicated to service Jacqueline said about her Most recently Jacqueline has been selected current profession. to the faculty and board of directors of WE LEAP (WEllness Leadership Ethics Applied The native San Antonian who also teaches economics and Professionalism) a program Social Psychology and Group Dynamics to implemented by the Patient Institute in San Antonio undergraduates at St. Mary s has been involved to prepare future physicians and other healthcare in all aspects of education including grant writing professionals to become more effective caregivers and funding managerial operations hiring and advocates for their patients. In this volunteer supervision and the design of various educational capacity she has supported this effort by sharing programs. her knowledge skills and expertise through the presentation of workshops. Knowing no bounds this adjunct professor practices what she preaches. Her unparalleled passion and One of Jacqueline s proudest moments was when dedication has earned her numerous awards she had the opportunity to present a scholarly paper including the Dr. Alice Wright Franzke Feminist in 2011 co-authored with her sister Dr. Gloria Award in 2004 a Marianist Heritage Award in 2012 Dansby-Giles at Oxford University in England. a Teaching and Leadership Excellence Award The presentation and paper were received with from the National Institute of Staff Organizational accolades by a panel of scholars and researchers Development was named to the Gamma Delta Phi across the globe who were in attendance at the National Honor Society Educator s Hall of Fame Oxford Round Table. The paper entitled High and received the Dr. Walter O. Mason Award from School Graduation Rates A Qualitative Study the Council for Opportunity in Education at their was selected for publication in the International most recent annual conference in 2012. Coming Journal of Public Policy Forum. as no surprise the Lambda Beta Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma International Honor Society Jacqueline continues to serve as a positive role for Key Educators recognized her in March 2013 model in the lives of many students which as for exemplary service to the community. everyone knows is the most important element on her life s resume. Active in the community Jacqueline seeks to maintain a meaningful difference through I have always felt a strong sense of responsibility service. She was recently elected to serve as to succeed Jacqueline said. president and chairman of the board of directors And succeed she did. of SA 100 a non-profit organization comprised of women leaders from a wide cross section of women of distinction magazine What excites you most about your profession I have an opportunity to truly make a meaningful difference in the world through enabling my students to more fully achieve their potential. They represent the future brainpower that will lead our nation forward in the next generation. What are your future professional goals I want to write books and make more presentations. What have been your greatest challenges or obstacles The process of writing grant proposals has become increasingly competitive over the years. It has How would you describe your leadership style been a big challenge to write grant proposals to With an emphasis on service and a focus on keep a program funded continuously for more getting a job done I would describe myself as a than 40 years. servant leader. How do you balance your professional How do you stay on the cutting edge of your obligations with family responsibilities and profession service to the community I attend and serve as a presenter at professional Because I have high standards for performance development conferences. I am also an avid in my profession finding balance in other areas reader of books and scholarly articles. of my life is a constant challenge. I would best describe this area of my life as a work in progress. What do you find most interesting about your profession I continue to be amazed by the capacity of youth to exceed all expectations when caring professionals believe in them and guide them to cultivate their skills. They have resilience to overcome past limitations when provided high quality educational opportunities and other services in a nurturing environment. How did you become involved in Upward Bound While in high school I was selected as a participant in the first cohort of Upward Bound at Texas State University where the late President Lyndon B. Johnson is considered the institution s most distinguished graduate. I subsequently served as a tutor in math and chemistry and head resident assistant as an undergraduate. How do you stay motivated There are always areas where an individual can grow professionally. I set personal goals and challenges for myself to ensure that I keep growing professionally. contact What aspect of your professional life brings you joy While administrative tasks are a necessity I enjoy personal interaction with students. I make it a point to stay connected with my students. Dr. Jacqueline Dansby Director Upward Bound Pre-College Program St. Mary s University San Antonio TX Business Phone 210-436-3206 jdansby National Association of Distinguished Professionals Janet l. schmidt Fiscal Operations Officer ServeNebraska Lincoln NE You can never be concise enough when communicating to someone else when it comes to being a successful grants manager. ensuring that employees are given the appropriate computer email and state system access. She oversees anything that has to do with managing payments and tracking expenditures deposit processing and tracking revenue processing contracts office operations program fiscal fter accepting a position at monitoring reconciling financial records grant ServeNebraska in 2003 as a staff financial training and grant reporting and budget assistant Janet learned the ins and outs oversight and forecasting. of grants management and was able to land her current position. As a grants manager you have to use critical thinking skills to correctly interpret grant conditions Today Janet serves as the fiscal operations officer rules and regulations as well as come up with for ServeNebraska where she is responsible for effective ways to assist grantees in remaining records management and systems administrator compliant Janet explained also noting the A women of distinction magazine importance of excellent writing skills. In her line of work it is essential that she is focused on the job at hand. Janet has learned that to be unprepared and uninformed can be embarrassing and it can also hinder career advancement. She also stresses the significance of active listening to enable effective communication and learning how to handle and resolve conflict in a professional way. Janet has always been fortunate to obtain positions that she felt made a difference in other people s lives whether directly or indirectly. She credits the late Debra Hartmann previous executive director of ServeNebraska for encouraging her to not limit her potential set high goals and standards make the most of any opportunity and to push herself beyond her comfort zone. anet is an active member of the Certified Grants Management Specialist (CGMS) Credential Commission is on the editorial board for the National Grants Management Association Journal and is chair of the CGMS Commission Finance Committee. She s a past member of the Certified Grants Management Specialist Credential Development Task Force serving as a subject matter expert and served as a CGMS inaugural trainer at the NGMA 2011 Annual Grants Training Conference. Janet also authored an article published in the Journal of the National Grant Management Association entitled Financial Management Best Practices for Subgranting Organizations. Janet has been married for 22 years to her husband Lyle who works for the Lincoln Regional Center. They have a son Daniel a daughter Emilie and three grandchildren. I d like to believe that through my work in grants management and my membership in the NGMA that many lives have been and will continue to be touched by federal programs that are managed well and meet the needs of many Janet said about her career thus far. I d also like to think that I ve had a small part in validating grants management as a profession. J What are the most valuable tips you can give to a young person entering the workplace for the first time When you are beginning your first job or any new job it is important to dress appropriately for your position get to work on time and practice active listening. Listen carefully without interrupting the other person when you are given an explanation training or work assignments so that you do not miss something vitally important to your success at the job. Is there anything you would change as far as type of education or professional development that you think would have allowed you to move ahead more quickly in your career Helping others and giving a helping hand to those Looking back over the years it would have been in difficult circumstances is what gives meaning to more helpful to me to have taken additional Janet s life. Volunteering is extremely important accounting finance public administration and to her especially through her local church and organizational development classes and obtain a she is quite active in her local community as well. second degree in one of these areas. She has served on the Lincoln Lancaster Crop Walk Planning Committee for over 10 years. She What is the value of belonging to a professional enjoys art and creative writing. association The single most important thing is the ability to Giving her all is what Janet is all about. She is very network with others in your chosen profession passionate about meeting new people and learning across the country to learn share and perhaps new things. She holds a BA in Human Relations take advantage of the opportunity to create from Doane College and earned a Certified Grants stronger professional standards of excellence for Management Specialist credential in May 2012. your profession. National Association of Distinguished Professionals What is ServeNebraska s role in state government My agency coordinates and supports community involvement by Nebraskans that address the needs of Nebraska s communities. the effects this type of life has on family life and personal mental physical health. What do you do to maintain a balance between your work life and home life Volunteering to help others keeps me grounded What is the value of AmeriCorps national and I like to write novels about strong characters service programs supported by ServeNebraska figuring their way out of difficult circumstances. to residents of the state of Nebraska Writing allows me to be as creative as I want to be. AmeriCorps programs engage dedicated individuals in addressing pressing local community Looking over the past 20 years of your career needs through non-profit and public organizations. what is the most important thing you feel you It also provides an opportunity for individuals who have learned enroll to be AmeriCorps members to make an I have learned that you have to work with many impact and effect positive change in the lives of different types of people. It is wise to take time to others in Nebraska communities. understand what makes them tick and what makes them crazy. This will in the long run help you Why do you feel a credential for today s grants determine how best to work with them effectively managers is important and efficiently even though you may not like them There are over 900 grant programs offered by personally. approximately 26 federal grant-making agencies. The need for competent grants managers is high. The CGMS professional credential provides formal recognition of a grant manager s expert level of knowledge across the full lifecycle of grants management. If the credential is maintained it demonstrates that the grant manager is truly dedicated to the highest standards of competency as a grants management professional. Do you enjoy your work Please explain why. Yes. I really enjoy the variety of tasks interaction with others and I learn something new every day. What type of volunteering opportunities have you enjoyed most Many years ago I committed to be a mentor companion to a low income single mother for one year. We remained friends for five years before she moved away and I learned a great deal from the relationship about living on limited resources Janet L. Schmidt Fiscal Operations Officer ServeNebraska The Nebraska Volunteer Service Commission Lincoln NE http women of distinction magazine contact marilyn keeton CERTIFIED GRAPHOLOGIST NORCAL HANDWRITING ANALYSIS - REDDING CA I n the 1980 s Marilyn Keeton s curiosity piqued as to why people had different handwriting so she started reading books on graphology. After two years of college at Kearney State in Nebraska she received her associate s degree in mathematics. Marilyn then decided to study with the world renowned Felix Klein the founder and president of the National Society for Graphology in New York. After years of analyzing experience Marilyn became a certified graphologist in September 2003. hesitation marks and many other indicators to arrive at a conclusion of one s whole personality. Marilyn believes that what someone writes is not as important as how someone writes it. Used in education analyzing handwriting can be essential in detecting dyslexia it can be used for drug screening or in recognizing signs of depression rage and anger and can detect suicidal tendencies. In a psychological evaluation Marilyn s findings in conjunction with other psychological tests are an important tool Graphology is an exciting profession and I enjoy for understanding the human psyche. Marilyn being involved in the art and science of the can look at a handwriting sample and get a rapid knowledge behind reading handwriting Marilyn grasp on what makes a person tic and can see said. There are different avenues one can pursue their strengths and weaknesses. in the industry including court witnessing working with the sheriff or working with banks all the while Giving about 15 presentations a year to various analyzing handwriting from around the world. organizations and schools Marilyn teaches the importance of graphology and how analyzing As the owner of NORCAL Handwriting Analysis handwriting can reveal problems before they Marilyn offers her graphology consulting services get out of control. She also teaches graphology to aid in handwriting analyzing for murder cases classes at her local library to educate inform and fraud identification couples counseling and make people aware of the possibilities handwriting marital compatibility employee screening career analysis can bring to their business. counseling business or personal analysis and for psychologists who want a quick read on their patient. We communicate in various ways through speech When Marilyn looks at a person s handwriting she behavior and the actual physical movement is analyzing space form pressure ticks dots involved in the act of writing Marilyn explained. National Association of Distinguished Professionals If I inspire one person to learn the science behind graphology I will be happy. Marilyn belongs to the worldwide American Association of Handwriting Analysts (AAHA) and since 2002 has been the director of accreditation of the organization. Marilyn supports the AAHA missions to increase public understanding and acceptance of handwriting analysis by promoting graphology and educating its members to encourage a professional practice of this remarkable science. Now in the process of finishing a book on graphology 101 Things to See in Handwriting Marilyn has two published fiction books. Quest for Forgiveness is a romance drama where the main character is a handwriting expert who uses her talents to solve mysteries. A Compilation of Shorts consists of 24 short drama inspiration mystery and children stories. Marilyn lives in California with her husband of almost 49 years. She is a mother of five and has eight grandchildren and one great-grandson. She enjoys painting with acrylics walking and writing. Isn t graphology like reading your palm No it has no connection to the occult. Graphology is a fascinating tool that instantly records feelings mood swings even physical highs and lows. Handwriting reveals character. It is energy that will change to reflect our anxiety or fear. It is an empirical science just like medicine and many other sciences that rely on observation and experimentation. It s called brain writing the pen is directed by the hand. I m analyzing patters energy rhythms passion and temperament that frame the letters. I write differently when I write my grocery list than when I write my lover why Because it depends on your mood. Handwriting is energy and will change to reflect anxiety and what you are thinking about at that moment. How can I use graphology You can see what motivates people beneath the fa ade they show the world how they are likely to behave in any given situation whether they are likely to achieve their goals or you can look at your children s handwriting and see if there are problems. What does it mean if handwriting has tangled lines Line spacing and alignment is how we organize and fill our time and is determined by how we space and pace ourselves. Tangled lines may say you try to get 36 hours of work into a 24 hour day. The writer craves activity but needs to slow down and smell the roses. Can you see dishonesty in writing Of course. Remember the brain tells it like it is. If you are concealing something hiding something or covering something up you will have cover strokes extreme t bars secondary thread extremely wavy baselines and many counterstrokes in addition to many other indicators. I don t cursive write I print. Can you still analyze it Yes. The writing slant depth of pressure overall size as well as word and letter spacing will reveal volumes about how you approach your environment. Does it make a difference if I m left-handed No. There is a right and left part of the brain. Is graphology becoming more popular here in Sequential brain pattern is the left side and the US intuitive spatial functions are the right side. Left Yes. In the past 30 years it s been used more handers are logical and right handers are intuitive. than ever before. People see the benefits of the Logical thinkers rarely jump to conclusions instead different ways it can help them. they rely on evidence when making a decision. The intuitive thinker speaks in ideas not whole sentences and thinks in terms of impressions and feelings. women of distinction magazine Why is cursive writing important The difference between cursive and printing are the connections between each letter. The connections are our emotions. You see a sad situation today in this electronic age of hand held gadgets. What s lacking is that no one is connecting emotionally with others. My signature is bigger than the writing. Why is that When their writing appears to have been done by two different people in a sense it was the public person and the private one. The writer reveals himself slowly preferring to adopt a different personality for his public image. Consider a dutiful secretary who becomes a powerful authoritative parent at home. contact Marilyn Keeton Certified Graphologist NORCAL Handwriting Analysis Redding CA Business Phone 530-474-4509 http marilynk National Association of Distinguished Professionals marlene franke The passion to craft impeccably made custom garments has been in Marlene Franke s soul since the age of seven when her mother would take her to a weekly sewing group in New Jersey to create suits and dresses together. While she saw it as an activity she loved she wondered if it would be practical as a career choice. chief design officer - marlene atelier - chicago il omen in Marlene s business network she had known over the years began As a result a series of events after college led asking her Where did you buy that Marlene to the accounting field where she would fabulous suit and How can I get run a successful practice for many years. Yet for one for myself When Marlene told them she had all the positive strides she had made in this arena actually made the suits her friends and associates Marlene couldn t ignore the feeling inside her that were shocked. They implored her to start her something was missing from her career she just own business making such custom fitted suits wasn t happy. She decided to sell the practice for women. Fresh from leaving one business as creating a crossroads in her life unlike anything an entrepreneur Marlene questioned if she was she had ever known. ready to jump back into business ownership. women of distinction magazine W While pondering her next career move Marlene filled her transition period by designing a wardrobe of suits with vintage patterns from the 1950 s and 60 s that she had collected over the years. And then something amazing happened. Still the inquiries grew more frequent. As she researched the market to discover if there was truly an opportunity to create custom suits for women Marlene couldn t believe what she found tailors across the board were making men s style suits for women Where were the classic feminine designs Was anybody willing to listen to today s contemporary woman and create designs just for her Marlene wondered. believes in committing deeply to her business. Being bold thinking long-term and following her heart s desire are what helped her succeed thus far. Marlene sits on the Professional Advisory Committee for the Chicago Foundation for Women. She is also on the board for Almost Home Kids where a portion of Marlene Atelier proceeds are donated to further their efforts. The Incredibly nobody was filling that role. This Illinois-based non-profit s mission is to provide combined with consistent requests for her suits transitional care in a home-like setting to children was all the justification Marlene needed to start with highly complicated health needs training for her business. Even more encouraging a chance their families and respite care. encounter in the elevator of a downtown Chicago advertising agency led to the introduction of her Married to her husband Jeffrey Marlene and he master tailor Gidal. and reside in Chicago. She has a close relationship with her father who lives in Indianapolis and her Finally on September 20 2012 with over 350 sister and her family who live in Orlando Florida. people in attendance the Marlene Atelier line was launched. I believe that all the combined experiences I have had in my career and in my life have led me to Marlene is involved in both the design and this moment Marlene said when thinking back on business development of the company. Marlene her decisions. Everything I do reflects a legacy Atelier focuses on developing intensely personal that my mother started so many years ago and a relationships with its clients. Her clients include passion that I had all but forgotten. I know I will do high-level female corporate executives who lead this for the rest of my life and I plan on dying with incredibly busy lives who often demand the kind a needle and thread in my hands. of deeply personal attention they simply can t find anywhere else. Marlene s private showing experience accommodates the best of both worlds one that is flexible for the client s schedule while still making them feel as though they are the only person in the room who matters because they are. These showings along with the relationships Where do you get the inspiration for your suit Marlene forms with her clients help her create designs customized one of a kind creations. My designs are inspired by the fashions of the 50 s and 60 s. I was tired of seeing such masculine It brings me more joy that I can express in words suits for women and wanted to bring back the soft to create a garment for a woman that makes her feminine lines of that time period. look and feel empowered and beautiful Marlene admitted. Each client holds a special place in Do you tailor your own suits my heart not because of what I have given them No. I have a third generation European tailor but what they have given me the opportunity to Gidal who is so amazingly talented. He does all create something beautiful. the cutting and tailoring by hand. Two historical women have played a role in the development of Marlene s philosophy in both her personal and professional life Gabrielle (CoCo) Chanel and Queen Elizabeth I. Like them Marlene How long does the process of getting a custom suit take Because each suit is made specifically for each client it takes about six to eight weeks. National Association of Distinguished Professionals What is a private showing This is a one-on-one consultative meeting with our client. We help her select the design fabric colors lining and buttons and then take over 20 different measurements. What happens after the private showing We order all the material and once received my master tailor and I have a design meeting to discuss how the suit will be constructed. Then he makes his initial cut and bastes (large loose sticking) the suit together. We are then ready for the first fitting with the client. How many fittings does it usually take Usually two. We want to make sure that the suit not only fits perfectly but is flattering to our client s figure. Where do you get your fabric We are very particular about the quality of fabric we offer our clients. The majority of it is imported from England Italy and France. We noticed that all your suits are shown with skirts. Do you make pants Yes. If a woman prefers pants we can customize any design that she would like. Do you have a boutique where your suits are displayed No. Gidal and I work out of our Atelier (workshop) which is located in the Gold Coast in Chicago. Will you be expanding the line to other offerings Yes. This spring summer we will be introducing a series of silk charmeuse blouses and next year we are looking to expand the line further to include capes and coats. These will be offered in standard sizes and available for purchase on our website. Marlene Franke Chief Design Officer Marlene Atelier Chicago IL http m Business Phone 312-399-2729 contact women of distinction magazine Professionals speaking to and about professionals Executive Broadcasting Channel is the newest way to have your voice heard. You will be able to reach a vast network of executives and professionals spanning all markets and industries. Ever thought about your own Podcast Consider your prayers answered For more information call (855)893-NADP National Association of Distinguished Professionals marn J. boulware CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER POWERPALS PRODUCTIONS BEVERLY HILLS CA S eeing the need for an increase in freelance compliance representatives Marn J. Boulware founded Power Pals Productions. With her combination of energy optimism flexibility and patience along with the joy she finds in working with new people and gaining new experiences game and reality show compliance is a perfect match for Marn . In 1993 Marn started her career as a broadcast standards and practices executive at ABC Inc. Disney. For the next five years she interacted extensively with senior counsel at ABC. She then left ABC to pursue a creative position at CBS as a development and children s programs executive. Then in 2000 Marn started Power Pals. I formed Power Pals on the premise that expertise and experience in show development and production are the pillars of cost-effective compliance Marn explained about the decision to start her company. This assures the fair competition and adherence to standards rules contracts and legal requirements. As founder and CEO of Power Pals Marn oversees all of the projects that networks require compliance services for. She selects the best person to cover a specific game show or reality show and either personally trains the new representative or will set the pace with a returning representative. She reviews and revises all documents that are needed for the show and once her representatives are on location or in the studio she makes herself available to answer any questions that may arise. In addition to focusing on compliance Marn brings accumulated knowledge of development issues women of distinction magazine standards practices and practical approaches related to keeping projects on schedule and within budget. Her pragmatic approach is effective in addressing many issues during development. In regards to game and reality show compliance Power Pals advise and adjudicate on compliance issues with network and cable executives producers and attorneys. For movies made for television and feature films they offer services to assure appropriateness for viewers of all ages including identification of derogatory violent and sexual content language alternatives and substitution recommendations standards compliance and instructions for editors and labeling for viewer decision-making based on FCC Guidelines. Power Pals also evaluates children s programming recommending eliminating or modifying visual images and language that are objectionable for young viewers. The services include providing the network with recommended labeling for parents educators and other individuals who select programming for young children. With extensive knowledge earned from more than 12 years of experience in widely varying compliance services Marn and her team at Power Pals have expert communication skills concentrated focus and practical problem-solving capabilities that rescue situations save money and get the job done right. ower Pals Productions has been engaged in a variety of roles for reality shows including Split Ends The Big Cut Off American Ninja Warrior Challenge Miss America Countdown to the Crown Party Monster Cabo Endurance Discovery Body Challenge Dr. Phil Sandblasters Groomer Has It The Singing Office Master of Dance Top Shot and Opposite Worlds. They ve also been involved with numerous game shows including Trivial Pursuit America Plays Jeopardy Wheel of Fortune Deal or No Deal Starface and Merv Griffin s Crosswords as well as the award shows like the Academy Awards the Emmy Awards and the American Music Awards. By staying a step ahead Marn is able to avoid women of distinction magazine obstacles and manage them more easily when they do arise. It is important for her to be able to solve a problem on the spot by assessing the priority of what steps need to be taken first. To do this she stays calm in the midst of the chaos and pressure and most importantly she doesn t give up or allow for defeat. Marn has learned to live a joyful meaningful and fulfilling life by following the example of her mentor and greatest inspiration in life Daisaku Ikeda. Daisaku is a Buddhist leader peace builder a prolific writer poet educator and founder of a number of cultural educational and peace research institutions around the world. Not only in career but also in personal life Marn understands and appreciates the value and importance of developing and strengthening herself by learning different skills. When asked about what is important she quotes her mentor Daisaku Ikeda saying that the answer is true capability it is vital to develop all kinds of strengths and abilities such as an inquisitive mind specialist skills mental strength and flexibility. Marn earned her BA Degree in Psychology at Hampshire College in 1984. In 1995 she earned her MBA in International Business from National University. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family seeing movies exercising and volunteering at her son s school. I ve been able to develop myself and my company because of the time and effort I ve put in Marn said about her personal growth and growth of her business. I have a husband and son that are always there for me providing assistance behind the scenes and I m truly thankful for their support. P ...It Is vItal to develop all kInds of strengths and abIlItIes such as an InquIsItIve mInd specIalIst flexIbIlIty... skIlls mental strength and How did compliance become important for television Compliance is important due to the 1950 s game show scandal. It is a federal offense to try to rig the outcome of a game show or a reality competition show. How do you make sure the games are fair We test the games over and over again to ensure fairness. Do you think that game shows and reality shows will be around in another 10 years Yes I do. Some game and reality competition shows are wonderful because they are authentic and they provide the common individual with the opportunity to triumph. Not all shows are reflective of the positive trait but when a show exhibits an authentic moment I think it is inspiring. How do you stay aware of all of the new trends in game and reality television I set my DVR and watch to see what is going on in each season. What would you say to people that make fun of or hate reality television They do not have to watch reality TV and the main purpose is entertainment. How do you get through a challenging day on the set or in the studio At first I address the issue with common sense. I think of all the perspectives and I seek out the fairest solution for all involved. Then I find a way to laugh or smile about something and share some levity and brevity with a co-worker. What makes you so effective in the field I assist in bridging the gap between the network How do you find your compliance the production and the contestants and I keep representatives the best interest of all three parties in mind. I find representatives through referral only. They need to be detail oriented have location How did you choose good legal advisors experience and the ability to focus and remain I have legal advisors who have network experience calm under pressure. and they have learned to apply their knowledge creatively. It s important to be able to say yes and no creatively while maintaining the integrity of the game or challenge. How do you keep yourself and others motivated if they are having a challenging day at work I remind myself and others that with sound thinking reason and effort they will definitely get through the situation. contact Marn J. Boulware Chief Executive Officer Power Pals Productions Beverly Hills CA Business Phone 818-388-4207 http http marne National Association of Distinguished Professionals missy sue mastel cpa PrIncIPal ForensIc audItor and owner mass-tel communItcatIons san FrancIsco ca W omen can get on a path of math and science in the most circuitous way. Missy Sue Mastel had always been interested in justice and fair play and was often the one mediating games and conflicts among her childhood peers. By the 1990 s as a student at Georgetown University Missy recognized a serious dearth of accountability and justice in corporations and the government so auditing seemed like a great field to explore how companies governments and people conducted themselves. among firms telecom and data carriers whose main business objective was percentage of market share so that customer service billing accuracy and customers needs wouldn t fall by the wayside. By showing the savvy CFO or telecom manager that they could hire someone like herself with outside expertise she d be the one to pay attention to the details and get a healthy dose of financial justice for them. Sharing this vision of justice with her clients has altered the way that businesses view their vendor relationships distinguishing core competency After four years of auditing with KPMG in San in IT from best practices in organization and Francisco California and Perth Australia I design. Missy also began sharing vision with her founded Mass-Tel Communications in 1996 Missy employees asking them to embrace not only the said about starting her firm. My focus is creating kind of confidence they could provide to clients but the best practices in auditing and accountability also what the company could do for its believers for organizations that use telecommunications and local community. services and products. Governments and firms change CIOs regularly The vision Missy had for her company in the bringing in new philosophies and structural ideas. beginning was to create a sense of accountability This is innovation and it s fantastic. But making women of distinction magazine those work Deciding to move a company to the cloud or between carriers requires not just a vision but a best-practices execution with an eye on the resources of the company Missy said about the complexities of her job and the dedication it requires. Missy enjoys playing electric guitar in her family band and has a pet pig Luna who would be the best topic for a children s book if she ever retires to write it. M Governments and firms change CIOs all the time bringing in new philosophies and structural Evolution in telecom happens all the time and it ideas. This is innovation and it s fantastic. But is the needs of customers that drives much of that making those work Deciding to move a company change. Eventually something revolutionary will to the cloud or between carriers requires not just happen that will change the way a company does a vision but a best-practices execution with an or should do business. Missy has restructured eye on the resources of the company Missy said and redesigned telecom infrastructure for a wide finally about the complexities of her job and the variety of clients from Fortune 20 companies to dedication it requires. bowling alleys cookie companies and microlending institutions. She has also assisted states in developing robust and welcoming telecom programs for other state agencies and their citizens. Many people would say that telecom connectivity is a commodity with no growth. Without forensics and fraud controls people Why do you still do it may think they are cutting corners for the good of Telecommunications reinvents itself all the time. their shareholders not recognizing the detriment Just look at Google glass. Very smart people invent to another stakeholder group Missy said new devices incorporate new technologies and about the importance of forensics auditing. In then other people like myself show businesses telecommunications in particular market share how to use them to their advantage. is such a compelling metric that authenticity and accuracy gets marginalized. It isn t easy to What is the most exciting thing you ve seen be a rules enforcer but companies are grateful recently for people who can approach such a job with The most exciting thing I ve seen recently are compassion and humility. A different perspective new industries and the faces of the people who can be useful to find errors or better ways for lead them. Communication is at the heart of companies to tackle their issues. every organization it is like the nervous system and these new companies are building synergy issy was invited to write the seminal in their companies by being creative with their book on telecommunications auditing communication. Telecom Audit published by McGrawHill and believes it has contributed to her success How do you feel about Google by getting her name out there and introducing Google is great but innovation is happening accountability in the field of IT. It also solidified everywhere. Google just mass produces it. So their offering and helped create the program that even a small company can put two great minds has saved organizations and citizens millions of together by using connections and create dollars. something bigger and better than they had before. Having graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor s in Accounting and International Management in just three-and-a-half years Missy then earned a Master s in Theology. She and her husband have two children and share the motto that says If you can envision it we can do it . Is it unusual to be a woman in telecom There are plenty of women in telecom but I admit they do not make much of a splash. I think women overall are challenged to operate and innovate just like men but are judged poorly when they are not supportive and nurturing in their roles. It s a National Association of Distinguished Professionals Do you have any other advice Don t try to choose a career choose work you love. Choose work that doesn t feel like work. If Do you balance the dichotomy between you start every sentence with Everyone knows innovation and nuturing that... consider the demographic and statistical Telecom is exciting and innovative and consulting analysis. If you cringe when you read typos really offers me an opportunity to be a thought consider editing. Try to be who you are and get leader while still supporting and nurturing my paid for it you will relish the opportunities to learn clients and staff. But making a splash is really and truly enjoy your successes. about writing and teaching for me. Where will Mass-Tel Communications be in the What have you written in your field future Actually I have written quite a few articles and Right here. The larger the large companies done a fair bit of speaking and lecturing over the grow the harder it is for them to get to the edge years. Some people think that Telecom Audit was of their universe. Consultants give corporations my first book but I actually wrote one in college a highway to the edge to see best practices in on Women and Theological Practice. I m finishing the marketplace and how to get there. As long another text on Cloud decision management as companies sell connectivity Mass-Tel will be really honing in on forensics of the cloud a word there to keep things fair and just. that is still too sexy for people to be paying much attention to the costs and opportunity costs. tough place to be but I know some women who can do it well. Is it hard to find the time to write consult and live a life too I believe that if you find interesting projects and really invest yourself in the moment whatever it is that you are doing you stop worrying about the past or the future and that time almost expands. Thus you keep doing things you really love doing and time never runs out. What advice do you have for young people entering the workforce Pay close attention to the socio-economic gap between the upper and lower classes. It will be the game changer for your generation. Every job functions as a redistributor of wealth and getting your arms around who you really make money for will determine your success or failure. Missy Sue Mastel CPA Principal Forensic Auditor and Owner Mass-Tel Communications San Francisco CA Business Phone 415-820-9070 http missysue women of distinction magazine contact Sharon Lee Moyer auTHor moTivaTionaL sPeaker reCording arTisT - His radianT gLory Henderson nv B y never giving up on her dreams and maintaining the necessary perseverance and belief that she can reach her life goals Sharon Lee Moyer has found success. In 2004 Sharon had a divine intervention to start writing. Today with the support and encouragement from her husband she is a published author. In addition to writing Sharon teaches writers conferences in Las Vegas Nevada with her publisher the director of Glory Bound Publishing Sheri Hauser. Sharon recommends that new writers be persistent and start out by writing booklets or short stories before getting into writing full length books. Sharon is also the founder of His Radiant Glory My greatest inspiration has been my wonderful Ministries and she travels as a motivational husband Robert Sharon happily admits about speaker recording artist worship dancer and her motivation in becoming an author. He helped published author with her husband. Both she by printing my booklets for me long before I was and Robert became ordained through World picked up by a publishing company in 2010. Wide Ministries in 1992 with their licenses at Full Gospel Ministries. They have traveled to 20 US Today Sharon has over 90 booklets and four states plus parts of Canada doing ministry work published books. His Radiant Glory Explosive since the early 90 s. Prayer Restoring the Tabernacle of David and Outpouring of Healing were all published by Also the president of Healing Streams Aglow Glory Bound Publishing Company many of which Lighthouse International Sharon helps women have been donated to Africa England Cuba who have been devastated by trauma sickness Philippines and Canada. and hopelessness. She presents teachings from National Association of Distinguished Professionals her inspirational booklets and prays with these women twice per month from her home. The women come to her with tears in their eyes but they leave with hope in their hearts faith joy and laughter. Through the glory of Jesus Christ she is able to help heal and restore their broken lives. California for 10 years. Sharon and Robert work great together as a team something many don t get to witness every day. I believe that the success of many years of happy marriage comes from our faith and trust in God and the overpowering love and respect that we As a former ballet and tap instructor Sharon was have for each other. Neither of us have ever had able to take her love of dance and use it in her to compromise or give up on our dreams or our ministries. In 1990 Sharon earned a Certificate of visions and we have always supported each other Dance Ministry from Crystal Cathedral in Garden in everything we set out to do Sharon said about Grove California and today she holds dance her lifelong commitment to her husband. workshops along with her healing seminars during her ministry travels. In 1995 she danced with Married since 1966 Sharon and Robert enjoy three other worship dancers before an audience getting away sometimes. A retired US Marine of 8 000 at Aglow International Conference in Robert met Sharon in Las Vegas Nevada. Today Anaheim California. When she has the free time he performs weddings in Las Vegas wedding she loves to attend classes in line dancing and tap chapels. He s also a published author of his dancing. first book Bulldog Faith. The two of them enjoy watching old movies together going to shows As a solo artist Sharon recorded a CD entitled dining and dancing and spending time with their Midnight Cry. She is active in the Anthem loving family. Together they have a daughter Performing Arts Club sings in karaoke clubs with Tracey who works for the Venetian Palazzo Hotel various other performers where she enjoys the and a son Robert Jr. who is a real estate agent in style of The Platters Judy Garland Connie Francis San Francisco California. Their grandson David and Frankie Valle and sings in song concerts attends community college in Las Vegas. with Choraliers. At the end of 2013 Sharon was blessed to compete in Anthem s Got Talent Show with many other performing artists from Anthem Performing Arts. It was a great experience for her. Sharon attended State College of Arkansas where she majored in speech and drama. Years later she earned diplomas in both practical and advanced theology at International Seminary in Orlando Florida. She has earned numerous certifications and ordinations from Love Christian Fellowship World Christian Outreach Ministries Echoes of Faith Ministries and World Evangelistic Association to name a few. She is a certified behavioral consultant and counselor and is also certified in administrators training through Accredited Christian Education. Having previously served as vice-president of outreach for Aglow International Ministries and as vice-president of Fresh Manna International Sharon also sat on the World Evangelism board as public relations director with her husband. They also both served as prison chaplains in women of distinction magazine Do you have a desire to write booklets books Do you know your greatest strengths and or short stories weaknesses Yes. I have the desire to write booklets. Yes. One of my greatest strengths is that I never give up and continually pursue my visions and What goals are you desiring to reach in your dreams of seeing my books being highly promoted. life One of my greatest weaknesses is that at times I I would like to reach higher levels in the Literary have difficulty guarding my mind from distractions and Performing Arts field. depression and disappointments. What forms of support do you utilize in order to stay focused and positive I know that by having faith in God and by reading the Bible will help me reach my goals. Have you taken extension classes outside of high school or college Yes I have taken and completed courses at International Seminary in Orlando Florida. I ve also received credits in Advanced Theology in 1996. Do you give yourself time to rest and be refreshed after finishing a project I love to take getaway trips with my husband see stage shows in Las Vegas where I live and visit family. Are you able to stay focused on your ultimate goals I try to stay focused but sometimes I get distracted. I sometimes get phone calls or people contacting me to help with their projects. Have you been involved in extracurricular activities I have been involved in performing arts in the past such as line dancing tap dancing and singing with Choraliers. How do you stay encouraged and keep persevering for your goals instead of giving up I do this by surrounding myself with positive people. Do you believe that you can be a success in life I do. I never give up and I have great visions and dreams with my writings and my family. contact Sharon Lee Moyer Author Motivational Speaker Recording Artist His Radiant Glory Henderson NV http http hisradiantglory National Association of Distinguished Professionals Veronica M. Donnelly CNHP CNC ND Naturopath Hydrotherapist - Port Huron MI eronica M. Donnelly CNHP CNC ND and hydrotherapist started her career in the health field after her children were grown. She has been interested in healthy living for several years and believes and teaches that good health is a journey a lifetime commitment. V is believed that whatever blood type you have determines your susceptibility to certain illnesses. There are also certain exercises that are better for some types than others. For more information on blood typing you can visit Veronica s website ( Our bodies are approximately 70% water. Stressing Healthy living has changed my life Veronica the importance of water consumption Veronica admits. I like teaching people how to get well has several suggestions. Here is her formula for and stay well and love seeing positive results in how much to drink each day if you weight is 150 others. lbs. divide that number by two which 75 and you should be drinking 7.5 8-ounce glasses per Veronica does not diagnose treat or claim any day. If at all possible drink steam distilled water. cures however she tries to be an example to Upon arising in the morning drink 8 ounces of family and friends. She likes seeing positive warm steam distilled water mixed with one or two results when people make healthy choices. Some tablespoons of fresh squeezed organic lemon or of her suggestions are listed in detail below. organic lemon juice. Veronica does not suggest drinking warm water from the tap and if steam Knowing our blood type helps us maintain certain distilled water is not available use cold water and food choices that are beneficial to our body. It boil it because there are too many contaminants women of distinction magazine in tap water. After the first glass wait at least 10 minutes and drink a glass of room temperature steam distilled water. Then throughout the day drink four ounces of steam distilled water until you reach your quota of water. You will urinate quite often but the body will adjust and urination will become less. People who have weak immune systems are more prone to illnesses and allergies says Veronica. A good immune system starts with good digestion healthy flora. Blood type probiotics may help strengthen the digestive tract. health food store does food demonstrations in her home (Veronica s Kitchen) attends seminars in the health field is a certified food handler with the Health Department nationwide and is a distributor with Nature Sunshine. As a stay-at-home-mom Veronica started her career in naturopath in 1990. Under the guidance of Dr. Shasky ND (deceased) a good friend Jacquie (also deceased) and her 90-year-old sister Dolores she went back to school. She attended Trinity College of Natural Health becoming a Certified Natural Health Professional in 1998. In 2004 she received her diploma as a Doctor of Naturopathic. In 2007 she became certified in iridology. It is also important to know what you are allergic to. People who have a weakened immune system may be more susceptible to allergens either in the environment or food and sometimes both. Crossword puzzles and challenging computer Veronica suggests keeping a food journal. games are some of the things Veronica enjoys doing in her down time. She helps serve breakfast Veronica teaches that we are all mind body and to the community every Sunday at a local church spirit. When one is not functioning well it puts a which is one of the highlights of her week the burden on the other two. A holistic approach is a Sabbath being her first. She s also a past health method that treats the whole body. and temperance leader at her church and was a volunteer driver for the American Cancer Society. Here are a few more suggestions that Veronica adds Veronica and her husband have been married chiropractic adjustments which help for 58 years. They have seven children seven the body heal itself naturally grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Four muscle testing a non-invasive of their children live out of state and they love procedure by which a practitioner applies traveling to visit them. Several of them are also in a slight pressure on an extended arm to the health field. detect energy blockages weak organ functioning nutritional deficiencies and I love life and people have a strong set of food sensitivities Christian values and a sense of humor Veronica iridology which is an alternative said. I am a loyal and faithful friend. The caption procedure that helps the iridologist look into under my high school picture was Cheerleader the eye view the iris the colors markings and leader of good cheer. and state of the body and weak areas and colon therapy which Veronica says is very important and boldly says that death begins in the colon . (national What is a naturopath website http A naturopath assists their clients in a holistic manner treating mind body and spirit helping Last but not least have faith in God. them to achieve their goal for a healthy balanced lifestyle which is homeostasis. We don t need a strong faith in God but we need faith in a strong God Veronica said. How long have you been in the health field I have been a naturopath since 2003 but started Veronica holds monthly meetings at her local my quest for healthy living in 1962. National Association of Distinguished Professionals How did you get started It wasn t just a one-time decision there were many small steps along the way. I have many people who helped and influenced me. What is iridology Iridology is an aid to the practitioner to help them determine what is going on in the client s body by studying the iris. What is hydrotherapy Hydro (water) therapy is a treatment with water which you can easily do at home and it s inexpensive How does hydrotherapy help It helps with circulation stimulates and detoxifies by using hot and cold applications. What does CNC stand for CNC stands for Certified Nutrition Counselor. I help clients with their nutritional choices which helps them achieve their goals. What is blood typing There are four blood types type O (the oldest) type A type B and type AB. These types guide the practitioner to assist the client to maximize their health. How do I find out what my blood type is Do I need to see my doctor There are tests that you can buy and take in the privacy of your own home or you can call your doctor and he may have it in your file. How can I become a naturopath I am willing to help you get started and can give you all the information you will need coaching you along the way. Veronica M. Donnelly CNHP CNC ND Naturopath Healthy Solutions Veronica s Kitchen and Hydrotherapist Port Huron MI Business Phone 810-982-4319 http doctord http http www.veronica http affiliates veronica.php vmdnd76 women of distinction magazine contact INGRID BOYD real estate ProFessIonal nest seekrs InternatIonal new york ny W ith an expertise in both hospitality management and marketing Ingrid Boyd transitioned seamlessly into real estate in 2010. Through the suggestion of a friend Ingrid became a real estate consultant loving the potentials and almost limitless advantages that came along with a real estate career. thick of the Hamptons real estate market and the firm is certainly on the rise already known as one of Manhattan s most elite. Furthermore Nest Seekers has international affiliates in Europe Asia Latin America and the Middle East. By expanding their network globally rather than limiting the field domestically this real estate company has created immense exposure for all property listings in effect allowing for prospective buyers in any country to express interest which can only benefit their clients. Real estate thrives on popularity and integrity and I do my best to spread both Ingrid said about her success in real estate. I try to be patient honest and most importantly driven. I have aligned myself with successful leaders in the real estate Nest Seekers is featured on the BRAVO TV industry and learned the skills I need to become program Million Dollar Listings. The team of successful and disciplined. brokers and professionals from the firm are featured throughout the different seasons and the Ingrid currently works at Nest Seekers International exposure has greatly improved the show s ratings in New York City. The agency does not solely deal and a very positive image of the agency as well. in New York but has offices in Beverly Hills East Hampton Southampton Bridgehampton Water As a real estate consultant Ingrid does both Mill Metropolitan New York as well as Miami residential and commercial rentals and sales Florida. Nest Seekers has entrenched itself in the domestically and abroad. Her job is to educate National Association of Distinguished Professionals clients and learn as much as possible about their preferences so that she can help them find and secure the best match available present valuable and feasible options and ultimately make her clients dreams a reality. Foundation. As a humanitarian Ingrid believes that every life is unique and therefore valuable. A primary goal is to contribute to the positive change in the different communities she is affiliated with. Having a greater Ingrid is extremely loyal to her clients. She strives passion for youths she tries to be a part of things to give them the best options and her honest that inspire them to believe that the sky is not the opinion and when she gives her clients her word limit there is a beyond. they can take it to the bank. She is a professional and very good at what she does working to exceed While most of her time is filled with building her expectations and deliver what her clients expect career Ingrid does enjoy sports meditating and and then some. occasionally entertaining. She is a great emcee too. As an avid reader and someone who likes Each of my clients deserve the same treatment watching movies and documentaries Ingrid pulls no matter the size of the deal Ingrid said about professional inspiration from those who have gone treating each client fairly. I only have one before her that were defiantly successful. reputation so I need to steward it well. I haven t yet fulfilled all my goals Ingrid notes. I New York is a unique market and inventory is very may lose a couple of times before I get there but limited. Ingrid establishes goals and boundaries I never quit with each client to avoid wasting her time as well as her client s. Time is one of the most valuable Ingrid comes from a big family. She has an assets in this industry. Ingrid has seen first-hand extremely large extended family who are mostly deals that were made or broken in a matter of hours still living in Jamaica but she does have some or even minutes. The real estate market does not family in Europe Canada and the United States wait for anyone it is first come first serve. as well. In 2005 Ingrid graduated from Excelsior Community College in Jamaica with an Associate s Degree in Tourism Hospitality and Entertainment Management. Several years later she migrated to New York and completed her Bachelor s Degree in Hospitality Management at Monroe College in New Rochelle New York. She graduated cum laude and was an Honor Award recipient for Superior Academic Performance. Involved with several organizations in her local community some pertain to real estate such as the Real Estate Board of New York and Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. Acknowledging that involvement in any organization will benefit Ingrid s career through networking she is also a member of the Mid-Manhattan Branch of the NAACP and the Reel Sisters Society of New York City. Ingrid also tries to volunteer at least twice monthly for programs such as NYC-ACTSO High School Enrichment Program BBCN Bronx Bethany Church of the Nazarene and the Cystic Fibrosis women of distinction magazine What do you like mostly about your job I like being right on the money. After my client has described what they are looking for and I offer options when they become elated I m happy. Which is your favorite Manhattan neighborhood I find each community to be so unique. I like working in the West Village but for living I think I d choose the Upper Eastside. Why do you like the West Village It is relatively small very dynamic and always alive. People are always out and engaged in some pleasant activity. Why do you like the Upper Eastside It has everything more space and less distractions. It comes very close to a residential community all around. What is the biggest mistake out-of-towners make when they migrate to New York City New York City is unique in every way. They assume that real estate in New York is the same as what they are used to. What is the biggest problem with renters For residential it is having a guarantor. For commercial it is key money or having an extra security deposit. What is your best advice for your clients Be prepared. Have all of your necessary documents ready to secure your ability to take it off the market. What kind of documents must you have Generally a photo ID proof of income and security of funds. Each landlord varies but these are the basics. What documents should a sales client have ready Cash is King. But if they require financing get a pre-approval from their bank or lending institution. Inventory is limited and sellers don t entertain unpreparedness. What do you enjoy most about the City No two days are ever alike. There is always something new happening somewhere so you won t ever get bored. contact Ingrid Boyd Real Estate Consultant Nest Seekers International New York NY Business Phone 917-946-8740 http http agent ingrid-boyd ingridboydnewyork National Association of Distinguished Professionals BarBianne r. davis rn registered nurse - heritage valley health system - sewickley pa R egistered Nurse Barbianne R. Davis wanted to work in a job that would be both special and impactful in her community. She started nursing after graduating from the Community College of Allegheny County in 2006 and feels so very lucky to now have the opportunity to love people every day for a living. Pennsylvania in the progressive care unit. As a staff nurse her responsibility first and foremost is to care for her patients. Knowing that each patient deserves her undivided attention Barbianne works hard to make sure they get it. Whether she has 30 seconds to give someone water or several minutes to check a My title is registered nurse but in reality my role is patient s status all of them feel like her number that of a caregiver comforter educator secretary one priority at that moment. and assistant among other things Barbianne said about all the different hats she wears while Her passion for serving others is the drive that has nursing. I do my very best to encourage and kept her in her field. Nursing is hard and emotional support my patients and their families at a time but Barbianne strives to be the kind of nurse she when they are most vulnerable by being a nurse would want her parents to have. People come to who tries to use hospital resources wisely and by the hospital in their weakest moments and trust supporting the physicians the best I can. her with their lives and the lives of their families. After graduating Barbianne was hired at UPMC Presbyterian in the neurosurgery unit. After taking an 11 month maternity leave she started at Heritage Valley Health System in Sewickley Co-workers that don t share in her passion for their job is one of Barbianne s biggest challenges she has to face. Occasionally she comes across a nurse doctor or manager who has forgotten women of distinction magazine B that her patients are the number one priority. But learning how to deal with those attitudes help her better understand people and how to better meet the needs of all types of personalities on the job. arbianne understands the importance of continuous learning in her career. She will look to a senior nurse and ask for help or talk things over with co-workers when faced with a tough decision. Nurses must work as a team and Barbianne works hard at finding that balance between being a people pleaser and a leader. Recently Barbianne was one of five recipients selected to win the Inspired Comfort Award from Cherokee Uniforms. This award is given to healthcare professionals annually based on excellence in nursing and inspiring others. charter school. She is the primary caregiver to her handicapped mother Carolyn too. While Barbianne doesn t have a lot of free time she enjoys going to at the park with her son and tries to largely be involved with the ministries at her church. I do my best to love people the way Jesus calls us to love and I want people to see that Barbianne said. Making money and getting accolades is all well and good but at the end of the day my goal in life is to encourage people to love each other. What impact do you feel nursing has in society Currently Barbianne is a part of the Pittsburgh as a whole Advocacy Committee for the American Diabetes I feel that nursing impacts society in its service to Association. She communicates with the members people. It is one of the few caring professions left of congress about the importance of continued in our culture that truly speaks to the meaning of funding for the work they do as well as reaching out caring for others. and educating the community about diabetes and the American Diabetes Association. Barbianne What is the hardest part about being a nurse has worked on diabetic projects at the hospital Nurses are pulled in many directions at a time helped create new policies and procedures and is the hardest part is not forgetting that the patient currently working on a patient education resource is the priority. The focus has shifted to money and for diabetics. resources so much that patients needs are often put at the end of the long list of required tasks. Growing up poor Barbianne s single mother worked very hard to get out of poverty and give How does being a nurse impact other parts of her family a better life. Barbianne learned a great your life deal about life from being poor that define her life Other than people asking medical questions the and career today. She s learned that not having biggest impact is the automatic pull to take care of things do not define self-worth that the type of others. Most of the time this is fine but you can clothing you wear doesn t really matter and how forget to care for yourself. to do a lot with a little which she imagines her bosses can appreciate as a life skill. She s also What are some ways you avoid getting burnt learned that every person needs the same things out when they are sick regardless of economic status. Given that I care for people at work and at home I Barbianne holds their hand when they need it have worked hard not to burn out. I ve learned to gives them their medicine with love and washes spend time with family and friends who can spot their back with respect and that s what matters the burn out coming so they can encourage and most to her patients. support me when I need it. Talking about my day while complying with privacy rules with someone I Barbianne is also a single mother to her seven- trust so that my concerns are not weighing on my year-old boy Christopher who attends a local mind also help. National Association of Distinguished Professionals How do you deal with patient deaths At first it was hard but I have learned that by holding a hand or touching a cheek during the last few moments of life can be as therapeutic for me as it is for them. I also allow myself to be sad. I have cried with families and have even had them say to me that it has helped them. I am human and that doesn t go away when I am at work. What is your dream for the future of your nursing career My ultimate dream for nursing is that I would get caregivers in the industry back to caring about each other instead of stepping on each other to get ahead. Nurses are smart and strong and when we work together there is so much we can do to improve people lives not just make them better when they are sick. Do you think there should be laws about nurseto-patient ratios Yes and no. I think that nursing is so specialized from department to department that realistic ratios cannot be blanketed in laws. But I do think there needs to be some accountability for safe staffing. I am not sure exactly what that should look like but I believe that seven cardiac patients is far too many for one nurse to safely and effectively care for. Can you give an example of something you learned that surprised you Honestly there are things that surprise me every day. I ve learned that warm blankets and cool washcloths make a big difference. All those things our moms did when we didn t feel good as kids like jello popsicles and ginger ale... those things still make patients feel better as adults. Were you scared when you first started out in your career Terrified It s a huge blow when you realize that you are suddenly now holding people s lives in your hands. Although I m not afraid like I was then I do still feel that fear when a patient hits a rough spot. An instructor told me once that when you have a patient that needs critical interventions and you aren t a little scared then it s time to choose a new career. my title is registered nurse but in reality my role is that of a caregiver comforter... contact Barbianne R. Davis RN Registered Nurse Heritage Valley Health System Sewickley Campus Sewickley PA women of distinction magazine founder speaker caring hearts ministry - irwin oh karen Boerger T he emotional physical and spiritual toll that caregivers endure can be overwhelming at times. During her 24 years spent in teaching and administration Karen Boerger also worked as a caregiver on seven different occasions and knows first-hand just how taxing it can be. So upon her retirement from education in 2007 she knew exactly what she wanted to do with the rest of her life and in 2009 Caring Hearts Ministry was born. The organization which was established to help other caregivers through encouragement and support serves the community by enabling other professional and family caregivers to attain just that support. be a good listener. Often we want to interject our own experiences into the conversations but it s better to just let them talk. It allows them to reach deeper to pull out the thing or things that may be bothering them. Karen s speaking engagements take her all over the country plus she co-hosts a monthly caregiver support group for the County Senior Services Agency located in Marysville Ohio. Each presentation is somewhere between 45-60 minutes long. Speaking topics include My Story a topic that addresses Karen s personal experience as a caregiver The Heart of JOY-filled Caregiving (The Emotional Side) addresses how caregivers can manage stressful feelings of the ones they Karen speaks to caregiver groups and those that are caring for The Joy of Caregiving speaks want to help caregivers and their loved ones. She about successful ways in which a caregiver can writes monthly e-newsletters for caregivers and be uplifting during challenging times The JOY maintains her website where others can go for of Instant Stress Busters is all about tips and free advice. techniques that can help calm the stress in one s life The JOY of Showing You Care 101 Ideas Often times talking about their problems or which is based on readings in the Bible specifically situations is what helps caregivers the most Matthew 25 40 provides over 100 ideas on how to Karen said. Verbalizing their thoughts usually show you care and How Can the Church Help the lightens their loads. But a good leader should also Growing Caregiver Population explains how the National Association of Distinguished Professionals churches can aid caregivers in their congregation. Keeping an open mind and being flexible are two very important elements that Karen has learned over the years while working with caregivers. With so many different kinds of care giving and varied personalities of caregivers the needs have to be individualized for each caregiver. Karen is the co-author with Annetta Dellinger of three books to date two of which are aimed at helping family caregivers and one which encourages cancer survivors Joy-spirations for Caregivers Blessings and Prayers for Caregivers and Blessings and Prayers for Those with Cancer. They can all be found on Annetta also speaks at numerous events that Karen holds through her organization. She is her biggest supporter and encourager and her creative ideas and ability to brainstorm keeps Karen on her toes. Karen holds both a Bachelor s Degree in Education from Wittenberg University and a Master s Degree in Education from Wright State University both of which were earned after her children were already in school. A member of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association Karen is also a member of the Union County Retired Teachers Association where she serves as their newsletter editor. She enjoys reading historical fiction and non-fiction books and traveling with her husband Marvin of 47 years. Marvin is a retired farmer who turned over the family farm to their younger son John. They have an older son Warren who is head of Syngenta Business Services North America and a daughter Crystal who followed in her mother s footsteps and is a teacher at Concordia Lutheran High School in Fort Wayne Indiana. They have seven grandchildren ages four to 16 that are big into sports music dance and academic events keeping them young and busy. Why do family caregivers need help Caregivers care for their loved ones 24 7 and place an emphasis on their loved one s needs above their own. Consequently the caregiver s health begins to suffer. What are some statistics There are over 65 000 000 caregivers in the United States which means one out of four households is caring for someone over the age of 50. How do you reach out to help family caregivers We emphasize the physical mental and spiritual side of caregiving. Caregivers must take care of themselves or they won t be able to take care of their loved ones. In what ways do you help caregivers with their physical health We help them to learn simple exercises calming foods and ways to de-stress. How do you help with their mental health We speak about the anger guilt loneliness depression and lack of self-worth that can come into a caregiver s life. Helping caregivers understand that it s normal to have these feelings is important so that they can incorporate ways to help fight these emotions. How do you help with their spiritual health Through our books we help caregivers gather strength from the true source of joy. Clinging to your faith is vital when circumstances seem to overwhelm. Where do you go to speak We speak at church events hospitals nursing homes parish nurse events and wherever we are asked to speak to help family caregivers. Why did you write a book for cancer survivors While we were writing two books for caregivers my co-author and I both had family and friends diagnosed with cancer it was like an epidemic. We both had to do this for those whom we loved. women of distinction magazine Are you currently working on a book I have ideas for some books but I write a monthly newsletter for caregivers plus am a guest writer for a blog. Along with my speaking these writings keep me busy with all the other activities that I do. What caregiving diseases or disabilities have you helped with loved ones Severe depression Alzheimer s and dealing with an unscrupulous home health care aide were the most stressful for me. I also dealt with Parkinson s lung cancer a long distance caregiving situation for my aunt and the effect that HIPPA had on her care and her husband s recent back surgery. contact Karen Boerger Founder Speaker Caring Hearts Ministry Irwin OH Business Phone 740-506-2840 http Joy4caringhearts National Association of Distinguished Professionals Kelly Burdett owner - Cassidy s TransPorT inC. LeCanTo FL s a woman who started her own freight broker company Kelly Ayn Cassidy Burdett has had her share of challenges. But she operates her business with integrity a code of ethics and is fair and honest in all her dealings. As a certified transportation broker with the Transportation Intermediaries Association Kelly Kelly got into the freight business when her arranges or offers to arrange the transportation sister Dolly hired her at All-ways Transport of property by an authorized motor carrier. She Inc. a company Dolly owned with her partner. also oversees all employees in operations Kelly was initially hired as a dispatcher and did assisting them with any questions or direction accounts payable and receivable duties payroll they may need with their position payroll and all and invoicing. When Dolly s partner retired Kelly accounting. When Kelly has new hires she makes stepped in and learned all the aspects of operating sure to train them herself knowing the importance the freight brokerage business. in being trained correctly as she had been. I really enjoyed my job. It was a pleasure speaking with people all over the county Kelly said about learning the ins and outs of the business. I also established a lot of friendships with other dispatchers and owners. When Dolly became ill Kelly and her nephew took over running her company. They made sure the company thrived to ensure Dolly had an income and health insurance. Unfortunately she passed away in 2008 leaving Kelly and her nephew women of distinction magazine Cassidy s Transport is a third-party logistics company that moves domestic and international freight. They are Certified Transportation Brokers with Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) and a Diamond Broker ( 75 000) with Internet Truckstop. They are registered with System for Award Management (SAM) and the government. The company is very capable of fulfilling those commitments. Kelly started small and has grown slowly. She A owning partners. They ran the company together for two years before parting ways allowing Kelly the opportunity to start her own freight brokerage Cassidy s Transport Inc. understood not to take on more than she could handle to ensure she could always fulfill her commitments. She also was not afraid of hard work and long hours that came along with starting a new company. Although she now has employees working for her Kelly continues to work in dispatch booking loads and setting up with carriers when she is needed. With her sister as her inspiration Kelly has been able to run her business successfully. She has always followed her sister s advice and learned from her mistakes. Kelly believes that everything will work out the way it is meant to be as long as Have you ever felt like you could better serve she stays strong and has faith. your customers and earn more money if you had better technology software Kelly is a member of the local Chamber of Absolutely. There is software that interacts with Commerce to build relationships and referrals to the posting services that also enables you to have help promote her company. In her free time she access to more carriers to cover your loads. There enjoys relaxing at home next to her waterfall that are some out there that do many other things as her husband William built. She likes watching well. I have not made that transition yet. I currently movies with him and spending quality time with use a basic system that costs 65.00 per month. their dogs and cat. She also enjoys spending time A good software system is going to cost much with her stepson daughter and two grandchildren. more about 400-600 per month. If you have a dream or just have something you want to do go ahead and take a leap of faith and you just may be surprised Kelly said with a smile. I did it and so can you. Have you ever had a carrier refuse to do a load for you because you just started operating your company and lacked credit history for them to base their decision on as to whether or not you re a high risk Of course. What I chose to do was open an account with Comdata who charges a small fee on all transactions and pay them via comcheck. They would request either half up front and call it a fuel advance and then the remaining balance would be due upon delivery after sending me the proof of deliver bill of ladings. we deLiver PeaCe oF mind Have you ever thought about what might happen to you if your biggest customer went bankrupt The thought may have crossed my mind but part of that is out of my control. I don t let customers get too far behind on payments. Having a contract with customers is always a good idea. Have you ever thought about losing your biggest customer and not having enough other customers to sustain your company and all of your employees Unfortunately this is the position I am in. What I mean by that is having most of my eggs in one basket is not a safe and reassuring situation. It s a balancing act. I have lost some employees and had to hire new ones and the process of training begins all over again. It has set us back by preventing my operations manager Heather Wilde to get out of operations and into sales and marketing in order to get us more customers. Would your business be more successful overall if you had better support Yes. This would apply to employees being able to National Association of Distinguished Professionals perform their job accurately and have the ability to have speed and negotiate the best deal possible for all parties involved. Your carriers need to perform their job to the best of their ability in order to give you excellent service which makes your job easier and your customer satisfied. Have you thought about what you could do with another 30 000-50 000 per year in commissions There are many ways to utilize additional monies in this industry. I could purchase a more efficient technology software program build an office and invest in sales and marketing to build my customer base. Utilizing the money in order to benefit the company and employees would be a win-win. Is freight brokering a solid realistic and attainable business As a freight broker you will find shippers who have cargo to transport and you will contract the motor carriers who are ready willing and able to haul the loads. What do you say to a potential shipper customer on your fist call I d say something like May I speak with your transportation manager please or whoever handles your shipping Hi my name is Heather I m with Cassidy s Transport Inc. Then I would ask how they are doing in order to get them talking. I d then say Cassidy Transport is a 3PL company and we are in business of helping people move their freight. We represent thousands all over the US Have you ever considered the money you and we can handle any kind of load or equipment. could be making if most of the big shipper I was calling to see if you have any freight needs accounts weren t already protected by other or if I could help you by moving any of your freight. broker agents This is a very competitive cut throat industry. Every customer is fair game even if they are secured by another broker. You can continue to get your name and contact information out there and if whomever they are using fails them one day they may call another broker. That is one way to get your foot in the door. Some shippers will give you an opportunity to give them a quote and if they find it to be cheaper than who they are currently using they may give you a try. It s all a matter of you selling yourself and your company s services to them in order for them to give you a chance. What type of services do you offer You need to call a freight broker whether you re moving a truckload pallet intermodal or ocean container. We have access to any type of equipment needed to perform any service a customer may need in regards to the transportation of their freight. Kelly Ayn Cassidy Burdett Owner Cassidy s Transport Inc. Lecanto FL http info Business Phone 352-503-2017 contact women of distinction magazine Cynthia Harris Ceo CLassiCaL enTerTainmenT inC. Lasvegas nv F or Cynthia Harris being anything other than a musician was not an option. Even at the young age of eight she knew that music was her calling. Today she is the CEO of Classical Entertainment Inc. a music consulting and contracting business in Las Vegas Nevada. With access to the incredible talent that makes Las Vegas the Entertainment Capital of the World she acts as a booking agent for corporate and social events held in many of the fabulous Las Vegas resorts and specializes in creative music design for lovely brides from all over the world who choose Las Vegas as their wedding destination. As a little girl she watched her father s work ethic daily productivity and dedication to his consulting business. She attributes her success to her father s wisdom passed down to her which in turn came from his father. In addition to the long hours and dedication that the hospitality and entertainment industries demand she would like to be known for consistently providing quality of product and integrity in service . While in high school Cynthia attended the Interlochen Arts Academy a high school for the performing arts. She continued her piano performance studies at North Texas State But it s Cynthia s job association with the Bellagio University the University of Memphis and Las Vegas s AAA Five Diamond Resort that eventually the University of Nevada Las Vegas. makes her smile. One of the featured attractions at the Bellagio is the Conservatory and Botanical Cynthia spent several years as adjunct faculty Gardens. In the midst of the Conservatory is a teaching music at the College of Southern Nevada stage which features a wide variety of superbly as well as performing as a collaborative pianist talented musicians who perform live on a daily within the realms of opera ballet and musical basis as a prelude to the dinner hour. Cynthia theatre. is responsible for the creative music design as well as the management implementation and Most certainly the highlight of my performing days supervision of this concert series. has included my involvement with Cirque du Soleil productions from being a keyboardist in the KA Cynthia comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. orchestra to playing ballet classes for the dancers National Association of Distinguished Professionals of Mystere Zumanity and Celine Dion s first How do you combine music and business production A New Day. The combination of the artistic side of business and the commerce side of music requires a Working in the hospitality industry planning balance of time focus and nurturing professional special events and moments that are celebrations relationships. Managing the time constraints of and milestones of a lifetime facilitating the music the two is difficult but quite frankly I like my work putting together the musicians and sometimes being the musician is why I greet every day with a How do you determine the right type of music smile and think What do I get to do today in planning an event It is all about listening to the vision of the client. The client will reveal exactly what they are looking for even if they cannot describe it. What qualities do you look for when selecting a musician to represent I look at the entire package how well they perform their physical appearance and their interaction with others. Most importantly I consider if this artist is a fit with my companies standards and professional brand. Please explain what you mean by Creative Music Design . Creative Music Design is the creation process and begins with the initial concept from the client. I create the initial music design and together with the client we come up with the final concept. What steps do you take in selecting music for an event The first step is to determine the type and size of the event in order to select a general music style such as jazz classic rock contemporary etc. Musicians are then hand-picked assigned a customized playlist and then the event production begins. What questions should a perspective client ask you when selecting music After the initial conversation(s) with the client it is usually I who will be asking the client questions to clarify and gather more event details. I welcome all questions but I will do all the heavy lifting when it comes to music selection. How can you tell if your product is the right fit for the client I can tell right away if there will be any production or budget constraints or whether or not I can draw from my talent pool in order to meet their needs women of distinction magazine when a client begins to express their vision. These reality checks determine if I am the right fit for the client. What steps are involved in selecting music for a wedding In listening to the initial ideas of the bride and groom I must first determine whether or not live musicians can produce (or reproduce) the type of music selections they desire. I specialize in custom music for wedding ceremonies and have yet to come across something that I cannot figure out how to produce. Why should a client choose to do business with your company At Classical Entertainment my goal is to procure repeat business. When a client values the trait of creating a quality product coupled with outstanding personalized service then they will know that I am the right fit. Cynthia Harris CEO Classical Entertainment Inc. Las Vegas NV http classicalent Business Phone 702-558-2973 National Association of Distinguished Professionals betty cooper enTerTainer - goLdsBoro nC ctress model singer and writer Betty A. Cooper has been perfecting the entertainment industry for years. While many in the field do so for the love of the arts or the money or the fame Betty only seeks one thing to positively influence others in their lives. After graduating high school in 1981 in Clayton North Carolina Betty successfully completed a television and film course at the John Casablanca School for Modeling and Talent Management in Cary North Carolina. It s been more than 30 years now and she still has that same passion as ever. A is today. The next book The Healing Hands of Jesus tells the story of the early period of Betty s life and how she overcame many challenges through her faith in God. Their Lives Were Unexpectedly Turned Around Parts I and II involves two wealthy black families in North Carolina. It tells how events shape them and how their lives entwine over the years. In this love story the family s lives become unexpectedly turned around. She s also co-written two books with Thomas Cook Kelly and the Tin Man and The Final Call of the Traveling Soldier. Kelly and the Tin Man follows the story of a little girl and her imaginary friend who helps her though life s journeys. The Betty has written eight books to date. The first six Final Call of the Traveling Soldier include stories books are based on Betty s negative experiences of Betty s father Clayton and aunt Donna Mae. as a child and what she has had to go through as Having received Clayton s blessings Betty and an adult to heal. The first book is Through Life s Thomas wrote this book which speaks of one boy s Storm There is Still Hope and Victory Volume I desire to see people treated fairly and equally in II and III. It is the story of 10 abused children and North Carolina during the 1930 s and 1940 s. the life of Betty and how she came to be who she women of distinction magazine Betty s desire to get into writing began as a young child although nothing really came of it until later in life. Her experiences have given her the opportunity to explore her talents by staying focused and never losing sight of her dream. Being the oldest daughter my brothers would sometimes share secrets with me Betty remembers. But things took a turn for the worst and they turned on me. I began to write in the hopes to tell my story. Although she doesn t divulge exactly what happened to her as a young child Betty has been writing to make sure her story gets to the masses. Along the way she realized just how much she truly enjoyed writing and that she actually had a talent for it. And despite her being told by many that she wasn t smart enough or talented enough to write it motivated her even more. organizations to talk about her struggles and how she overcame them. She does book signings and passes out business cards to promote herself. She also leans on her co-author a great deal to help her with her computer and publicity work. Also greatly influenced by her family most importantly her grandmother Emma Jane McKey and her two sons Rodrick Jenkins and Lamont Lynn Betty continues the fight to not only be successful in her writings but to also get her message out. Married for 27 years to Ronnie Cooper together they own Cooper Masonry founded in 1998 in Clayton North Carolina. They are proud grandparents to four girls and two boys and they love spending time with their family. Betty loves to cook and is delighted when her family enjoys a meal together. She also volunteers during her free time with the Boys & Girls Club of America and Social Services Angel Tree who provides gifts for foster children and children in the Adolescent Parenting Program. When Betty has new ideas she is fortunate enough to have many great sounding boards. Her pastor Timothy L. Dutch and her co-author Thomas Cook along with her sons daughter-inlaw and grandchildren have given Betty worthy Betty is a compassionate person. She loves advice and counsel. meeting new friends and sharing her life story with them. She puts her heart and soul into everything If writing is your dream never lose sight of what she does. She loves people. Most importantly she you need to do and stay focused Betty suggests. loves being a positive influence on young people No matter what obstacles you encounter or and she tries to do so often. negativity you face hold onto your dream. My goal is to leave the world a better place For Betty to stay focused and on course she Betty said. If can prevent just one person from attends Eastern Free Will Baptist Church on a experiencing some of what I had to I feel as if I regular basis. She makes a conscience effort to have accomplished that goal. rid her life of negativity and people who purposely try and knock her off course. Betty also has a quiet place to write making it easier to concentrate. Betty visits area churches prisons and various Betty A. Cooper Entertainment Writing Goldsboro NC cooperbett42 National Association of Distinguished Professionals contact wellington PresidenT direCTor - moreno vaLLey Ca glenda R egistered Nurse Glenda Wellington began her career in nursing and healthcare as a critical care nurse for a large trauma center in California. Remembering her very first patient who had come in with 36 gunshot wounds the environment had Glenda questioning if she had made the right decision about her career choice. But thanks to the help of a preceptor she was not only able to stabilize her patient she was also able to gain some perspective into what it really meant to work in healthcare. Giving her a great sense of satisfaction Glenda pushed on and continued to pursue a career in nursing. She s been very happy with her decision and hasn t any regrets. Glenda is now serving as the administrator director of patient care services at Luxe Homecare in Pacific Palisades California while building her home health consulting practice Best Practice Consulting Services. Her practice which works closely with home health owners and administrators assists agencies become compliant with state and federal regulations. Glenda s role has been to provide operational and clinical oversight to office staff and field clinicians which include RNs physical occupational and speech therapists medical social workers and certified home health aides. Her long-term goal is to become established as a consultant in the industry so she has taken on various positions After rotating through different units at the trauma with struggling poorly ran agencies to gain some center Glenda wound up working as an ER nurse additional experience in all areas of the home until one of her group members persuaded her to care industry. She s also begun reorganizing and try working in home health. She was apprehensive restructuring agencies to include both mom-andat first but after visiting these patients in the pop and hospital-based agencies. comfort of their own homes Glenda had never felt so appreciated. Throughout her career Glenda has put together an impressive resume. She has been a field I love the satisfaction of caring for people and nurse supervisor director and administrator. because of the baby boomer community there is Of her 25 years of experience in nursing 19 a big need for home healthcare Glenda said. I of them have been as a home healthcare have the skills necessary to work with seniors and director. Unfortunately she s had to deal with am capable of tolerating the rules and regulations workplace politics discrimination threat of license that come with the job. suspension unethical management and threat of agency de-licensure. But each struggle has taught women of distinction magazine her a great lesson and she is very thankful for that. Glenda earned an AA in Nursing a BS in Psychology and an MS in Nursing. She and her husband of 28 years have three children and are expecting their first grandchild. Why would you encourage someone to work in the industry Home health usually caters to seniors and caring for them is a struggle for most working middle-aged adults. Home health has been a great solution and it helps keep America s healthcare cost down. What type of services does home health provide Skilled nursing physical therapy occupational Why should I call you instead of the next therapy speech therapy medical social worker consultant services and bath aide services to clients in their I care about your success and will stick with you place of residence. until you have achieved your goal. What is the difference between home health Are you current on all of the issues in home and home care health Home health provides the services of licensed I currently work as an administrator director of professionals while home care provides nonpatient care services and also as a field nurse to licensed services such as personal care errands keep my hands on the pulse of the business. and transportation. What can you offer as a home health consultant Services include everything from an initial startup interim management clinical and operational management services restructure and reorganization and educating staff. How does one qualify for home health services They must have a prescription a skilled and intermittent need and be homebound. What does one need to start a home health business You ll need an office application fees proof of What has been your biggest challenge as a capitalization and an experienced consultant. home health consultant My clients usually want to hire me and it becomes awkward. How long have you consulted I ve consulted for over 20 years professionally for five years. contact Glenda Wellington President Best Practice Consultant Services Administrator Director of Patient Care Services Luxe Homecare Moreno Valley CA bestpracticeconsultant01 http Business Phone 951-522-4918 National Association of Distinguished Professionals Jean s. drake reTired eduCaTor - Luray va S chool was the one constant and safe place for Jean S. Drake as a child who unfortunately grew up in poverty. Because of the many positive and memorable experiences she had during her early years as a student she felt compelled to provide that same nurturing atmosphere for the next generation. In 1972 Jean began teaching as an elementary school teacher working in a very poor section in the state of Virginia. Jean remained at the same school for a very long time 37 years to be exact because she knew she truly belonged there. She loved the children and enjoyed teaching them even more. It was exhilarating to see them progress throughout the years and witness them become successful all the way through high school and beyond. Some of her students went on to become lawyers nurses veterinarians police officers even teachers so for Jean it was completely gratifying. or work as she did. Although Jean s mom passed away just six weeks before seeing her youngest graduate high school she made her children believe in themselves. All of Jean s siblings went on to college and Jean in particular earned a BS in Elementary Education at Madison College (now James Madison University) and a Master s in Curriculum and Instruction at Eastern Mennonite University. During her time as a teacher Jean served as grade level chair and chairman for many committees including school renewal textbook selection advisory and social. She also worked on many projects such as the School Business Partnership that earned a Governor s Award in 1992 the science fair and the living history museum to name a few. She was also an SCA sponsor and PTA officer. She organized activities for Math Month which included the St. Jude Matha-thon that led to donations of over 60 000 over My greatest motivation in life was my mother the years and supervised projects that bought Jean remembers proudly. She had to quit school new stage curtains a school camera and funded after the seventh grade to work. She wanted to many trips. As a parent of a deaf child she also become a nurse but that wasn t a choice she was worked to get a hearing impaired program started able to make. She worked very hard throughout in their county. She was very hands-on. the years and she stressed education to her children because she didn t want us to have to live Being a teacher was often challenging for Jean women of distinction magazine too. As a divorced mom of a gifted daughter and a son who was deaf and mentally retarded she always had her hands full. As she worked to try and get her son what he needed within the school system she was putting her own career in jeopardy because the state had to be the one overseeing what was and wasn t required in the schools. She pushed on however and continued to work with the state eventually securing both his needs and her job but it was a long road. I started with nothing in life Jean admits and I was still able to become what I consider one of the most important jobs a teacher. I had many obstacles to overcome one of which was an abusive father. I knew that whatever I did I would be on my own in doing it. Fortunately for me I had teachers who helped me believe that I could do whatever I set out to do. Jean believes that anyone can make it if they just keep trying. It is the philosophy that she believes I learned over the years to never give up. The so much in it s also what she s instilled in her two kids count on you and you have to be there for children and her students time and time again. them no matter what Jean said. I set goals for And she thanks God every day for having blessed myself to be the best teacher and that required her with a mother that instilled those same values working on extra projects and always saying yes in her so long ago as a child herself. when administration asked you to take on extra responsibilities. I had to do all these things and at the same time make sure that my own children received what they needed. Now a substitute teacher since retirement Jean still gets to enjoy classroom time but without all the stress and responsibility that goes along with it. She s also a member of Alpha Delta Kappa a fraternity for outstanding women educators which she s been part of since June of 1992. She s a charter member of the local chapter and has served in several offices and as district president. They work to help education by increasing world understanding excellence in teaching and altruistic projects from the local level and beyond. She is a past PTA PTO member of 40 years where she served as secretary and was also a previous Lion s Club Junior Women s Club and Girl Scouts of American member. Jean hopes to write children s stories someday to serve as a voice for all those children who feel they have no one to speak up for them or to love them. She plans to continue doing good work within her community especially with her church where she donates her time to the Main Street Meals program providing meals for the needy every Saturday. She also plans to continue working with the retired teachers organization and to continue raising money for scholarships through various other organizations. But most importantly she is concentrating on helping her son adapt to having recently lost his sight. I set goals for myself to be the best teacher... contact Jean S. Drake Retired Teacher Page County Public Schools Substitute Teacher Luray VA National Association of Distinguished Professionals wendy luk sPiriTuaL CoaCH - vanCouver BriTisH CoLumBia T he untimely ending of her 3D animator position due to economic crisis in 2008 turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Wendy Luk. Looking to improve her health relationship and expand her spiritual path Wendy enrolled in some courses about meditation and energy healing for self-help. She didn t know it at the time but Wendy would soon find herself working in a completely different field as a holistic practitioner. Healings. She offers Intuitive Energy Healing Spiritual Regression Past Live Regression Crystal Medium Light Language Channeling and Numerology Readings. All of Wendy s sessions are designed to balance clients in four directions physical mental emotional and spiritual. She offers them a comfortable and supportive environment in which to reach harmony and release while renewing from the inside out. Wendy has an innate gift of sensing the energetic I thought I was learning for self-use Wendy field inside and outside of the body. She lets explained on why she started taking classes. I clients know about the blockages and influences discovered my gifts and talents along the way and from physical mental emotional or unconscious now I use them to help others. Assisting people level. However not all of Wendy s clients are open in balancing body mind and spirit has been a to getting in touch with their past acknowledging fulfilling and rewarding experience. I am grateful their wounds or figuring out the root cause of their and very happy with what I do now. pain. Some people come to Wendy expecting a pain killer magic pill or the expectation that she Wendy started out as an associate energy can fix them immediately. While an energetic practitioner at Healthways International an field does change almost instantaneously it takes organization who offers comprehensive solutions cooperation from the client and sometimes takes that improve well-being decrease healthcare several sessions. There are different underlying costs enhance performance and generate causes of the issues and it may not be optimal to economic value for their clients. After earning duel with everything at once. Most of root causes her Natural Healing Art Certificate through them problems are unconscious. It is best to balance in 2009 Wendy decided to go into business for and tune up our body and mind first while working herself. on the root causes. Getting certified in both consulting and clinical hypnotherapy Wendy started Compassionate women of distinction magazine Being self-employed Wendy is actively involved with social media participates in local community events and trade shows and hosts workshops to share wellness awareness. Continuing selfgrowth and assisting others to reach their full potential is the driving factor in her success. Each interaction with a client is a new experience and sometimes fascinating. It is heartwarming to see the transformation in people s reaction after a session. As her career continues to grow she looks forward to connecting many more people. give hand out donations. On a monthly basis Wendy attends a local wellness fair and facilitates workshops to share and support energy healing spirituality selfempowerment and self-growth. While she loves helping her clients she would love to assist people on a bigger scale in the future by sharing the awareness and knowledge that Attributing her success to practice and experience anyone is capable of balancing their energy. She Wendy continues to work on her strengths would also like to connect people globally through developing her intuition and skills. She is the development of eBooks and recordings. comfortable and confident in explaining who she is and what she does and knows when to ask for Very much into skiing swimming hiking salsa advice from others in areas that she is still working dancing and live music Wendy has also had a on. secret passion for food ever since childhood. She loves to cook gourmet dishes and many people Helping her mother s chronic pain is Wendy s tell her all the time that she could be a chef for motivation for ongoing growth and exploration in a living. Though she has considered opening a different healing modalities. Wanting to understand small restaurant she would much rather open a the cause and effect in the way of life has been her non-profit healthy soup and salad kitchen. inspiration throughout her career. Wendy s initial knowledge of energy healing energy medicine Born and raised in Hong Kong Wendy moved to and energy psychology were studied directly Powell River British Columbia Canada at the age under her teacher Dr. Sharon Forrest who helped of 17 as an international student leaving behind her first venture into her own self-healing journey. two very supportive parents and an older brother. That journey has been an invaluable experience When she turned 19 she relocated to Vancouver. for Wendy teaching her through both personal Though moving was particularly tough at times experience and by witnessing others suffering Wendy used her experiences to gain inner from past trauma abuse and hurt that they can strength. Overcoming challenges has become an eventually gain peace. anchor to her success today. Wendy donates a portion of her proceeds at Compassionate Healing to Paskay. Located in Sacred Valley of Peru Paskay is a charitable non-profit organization that accepts donations for those in need and to create better communities. The word paskay means metamorphose to break free to become all you can be. Paskay is nurturing educating empowering and inspiring underprivileged children to reach their full potential and make a difference in the world. The organization has been giving back for the last 20 years. They have built foodlines greenhouses bathrooms and furnished schools in several impoverished areas with the intention to install more school and green houses in all of the high mountainous communities. Wendy s even been to Cusco Peru personally to visit their schools and Self-care is very important in this giving and caring industry Wendy said. I am constantly working to improve self-love self-respect self-growth and self-appreciation. I take extremely good care of myself and in turn I can take good care of my loved ones and clients. National Association of Distinguished Professionals karen williams rn regisTered nurse - CovingTon La G randmother knows best and in the case of Karen Williams RN this was certainly true. While Karen wanted to become a secretary her grandmother Lena Magee was encouraging her to follow in her footsteps and become a nurse. Through Karen worked for a short time at the court office she realized that typing all day long certainly wasn t for her. She even thought she could be a basketball coach having been offered a spot on the basketball team in college. But after talking it over with her father he talked her out of that option as well. Instead he encouraged her to go to nursing school like her grandmother had advised. Taking a chance on her father s and grandmother s advice Karen enrolled in nursing school at Pearl River Community College in 1977. Her lifelong career in nursing had begun. I love to make patients happy to take care of them and send them home well Karen explains. To assist in the hospital s functionality to create a positive impressions anticipate customer needs respect patients staff and others and efficiently deliver service and safety is extremely important. Karen has worked at St. Tammany Parish Hospital for 12 years. She currently works in the critical care unit with cardiology patients. Karen removes arterial sheaths and holds pressure on groins for up to 20 to 30 minutes or until the bleed stops. It is a great joy to see a patient recover so quickly after having their heart repaired and still be able to get up and walk six to eight hours later. Cardiology wasn t Karen s first specialty. Initially she worked at Highland Park Hospital OB GYN but knew it wasn t the right fit for her. She also Karen graduated with her associate s degree in tried telemetry but again it just wasn t for her. In 1980. Becoming a nurse she s loved learning and 1988 she transferred to Riverside Medical Center working with others who share in her enthusiasm and was trained and worked in the intensive of caring for others. It has given her pleasure ever care unit the emergency room and supervision. since to be able to help someone in their time of While she enjoyed working in these departments need. she always found herself gravitating back to the cardiology unit. Cardiology was her calling. women of distinction magazine The cardiology unit at St. Tammany Parish Hospital usually has their patients recovered and going home within 24 hours. This requires a lot of paperwork for Karen on a daily basis. Admitting that it has been difficult for her to get used to the advancing computer usage she s progressed. When Karen was trained in nursing school and early on in her career nurses did not use computers. Today they use a computer on wheels which follows the nurses into the patient s room. The computer scans the patient s identification armband and the medication label. While using the computer is safer and more reliable when distributing the correct medications to the correct patients Karen has felt the learning curve. It is safer and more accurate but sometimes takes more time and can get frustrating. This biggest lesson I have learned from taking care of someone is to be kind to the patient and treat everyone as you would want to be treated Karen said. I strive to be a kind and compassionate person. You never know when you will be on the other side. was having a heart attack as well. To be able to confidently take care of her family and friends is something Karen takes comfort in. Whether the patient is family a friend or a stranger she always puts their needs first. She is always willing to help people in their time of need. Karen enjoys volunteering her time both within the hospital and through other organizations. St. Tammany Parish Hospital organizes walks that Karen participates in often. In the past they have promoted awareness for heart health and exercise. Karen is also a member of The Interact Club which her daughter Jessica is the president of. The club raises funds for Washington Parish schools. She also recently participated in the Dream Factory by making and selling candy bags to benefit sick children. The money raised helped send he children to Disney World. Outside of nursing and volunteering Karen loves to fish and swim. In the summer she enjoys doing work in her yard and gardening. She and her husband have just one daughter and she is attending Southeastern Louisiana University For Karen nursing is a wonderful field one that studying speech therapy. She will be graduating she would encourage anyone to enter into. You in 2017. Karen s family has always been her have to work hard take care of patients and the greatest inspiration. doctors. You also have to try to remember to treat others in the best way possible. Recently Karen s sister-in-law called her asking her to take her to the hospital. She told Karen she thought she was having a heart attack. While Karen was wheeling her into the emergency room they passed another one of Karen s friend. She ...strive to be a kind and compassionate person. You never know when you will be on the other side. contact Karen Williams RN Registered Nurse St. Tammany Parish Hospital Covington LA kwilliams 985-575-3225 National Association of Distinguished Professionals kathryn bartSCht Artist - Johnsville NY Self-taught Artist Kathryn Bartscht has been painting now for over 36 years. Ever since she was a kid Kathryn loved to draw. Her favorite gift was always a box of crayons and a picture to draw and color. Her crayons soon turned into paints and she fell in love with the way she could bring a new life to what she already loved to do. Kathryn has since turned her hobby into a successful career. I love the joy painting brings me when I create and bring a canvas to life with the places flowers animals and things I have seen Kathryn said. It is my hope that others will enjoy my art as well. For the last 15 years Kathryn has been painting professionally. She teaches oil painting classes at a local art center in New York as well as in her studio. She often tells her students that they can paint for the pure joy of it or if they want to be a master artist learn from as many different artists to find what it is they want to be painting. This might take time and lot of paintings but they will learn more about what works for them and what doesn t. Every day is different for Kathryn. Sometimes she knows exactly what she wants to paint but there are days that she just looks around for something to inspire her. It could be anything from a picture of somewhere she s visited or a flower outside her window or maybe just a piece of fruit sitting on her counter. If Kathryn is still having trouble getting inspired she will often take a walk outside to get fresh new ideas. Often artists spend their days alone. It also takes determination and self-discipline to fill out the next show application or start that new piece but Kathryn understands this well and attributes her success to the fact that she keeps pushing forward even when she doesn t feel very motivated. Over the years her inspiring artists have changed but her first and greatest was and still is Norman Rockwell. Kathryn is mainly self-taught through art books and DVDs and she recently completed an online master s class with Daniel Edmondson to gain more insight. She is the recipient of many awards for her paintings including the 2010 Masters Award and Best Adirondack at the View Museum. You can find Kathryn s work at several different location in New York including Picture Perfect Gallery Frame Shop and Colorful Collections. Kathryn is a member of the Sacandaga Valley Art Network and the View Museum. When she isn t in her studio or teaching she enjoys reading hiking canoeing camping and spending time with family and friends. She is married to a wonderful man who always encourages her and is there for her whenever she needs support. She has three grown children that have made her extremely proud of them with their life choices as well as four grandchildren. women of distinction magazine Peaches Daisies and Pansies - Oil Kathryn s children and grandchildren live all across the country from Alaska to Florida. This has afforded her to travel through 48 states and Canada many times. She s seen firsthand just how much beauty there is in both the United States and Canada and she tries to capture the beauty in some of her paintings to show those who may not have the chance to see those places for themselves. At the end of the day Kathryn hopes to have inspired others to enjoy art and know that art matters. Never give up on what you love. It s not always an easy road but if it s something you truly want stay at it Karen said. You ll find time to create even if you can only do a small painting and you will learn from it. And who knows you may even sell it. contact Kathryn Bartscht Artist Johnsville NY http http National Association of Distinguished Professionals dee taylor ProFessionaL sPeaker B orn again Christian Dee Taylor has built a successful career based entirely on her life experiences. A compelling speaker expert caregiver self-published author and poetess Dee is a retired vice-president executive producer host for cable television and radio and has served on numerous state and community boards. Early on in her life Dee experienced several losses of immediate family members. Having to deal with the untimely deaths Dee pulled strength from her faith. These experiences helped her to form her writing career and her amazing caregiver expertise. Dee s book titled A Walk to the Other Side You Can Know What Dying Will Be Like was written with first-hand knowledge as a caregiver for eight of her family members as well as her biblical understanding and acceptance of ones appointed time of death. Along with A Walk to the Other Side Dee wrote and published a book based on her own testimony as a Christian titled Seven Simple Steps to Know How to Hear God. Her next book was Media and Public Relations Tips and Tools. Here she helps non-profit and small businesses learn how to get public relations and media attention. Her first true short story Skydiving on the Wings of an Angel was published in the book I Remember I Remember. Dee also writes poetry. She published her first book of poetry Family Gems in 2008. A piece of her work Turning the Pages of Her Own Life s Story was selected to appear in the Best Poets of 2005 and was read at the International Poets Convention in 2006. Dee received an award and gold metal for her unique style of writing. She has also been recognized by the National Poetry Association many times from 1999 through 2006. Currently working on two more books the first is With long hours of caregiving and help of hospice geared for corporate managers First Breath Last I was awakened to the truth that God has a divine Breath and Somewhere In-Between. The other is plan for our lives Dee explained. His love and a caregiving book entitled You Can t Buy Love. purpose for each of us was put into motion the day Love is based on her experience providing longwe were born. We discover that we will not only term care to her husband s aunt and uncle. continue to learn new things but will even have work to do as we are dying. Dee gave the eulogy for her grandson John on women of distinction magazine Thanksgiving Day in 2005. At the age of 32 John died from a drug overdose and heart attack. She sat by his bedside as his caregiver while he lay in a coma until ultimately being taken off life support. In 2007 Dee gave the eulogy for her daughter Sabrina John s mother when she died from cancer and diabetes. Dee was a caregiver for her too. Award for Audio in 2002-2004 for the broadcast. In 2004 Dee helped the Texas Department of Aging in launching a new live interactive radio program that addressed aging issues. Aging Texas Well with Dee Taylor reached Christian listeners in Texas Oklahoma Louisiana and Arkansas. Back in 1999 Dee made two senior aerobic videos with the Plano Senior Center s Fun Fit Crew Very active in her church Dee is not only a aerobics instructor. The Good Life Part I and Stephen Minister and Alter Care Minister she is Part II were distributed nationwide. In 2001 Dee also a church greeter has served in the nursery was one of the first of 10 senior women chosen and children s church and sings in the choir. Dee by the Cooper Institute of Dallas to participate in is an original member and teacher of a Ladies a five-year study on how exercise impacts women Discipleship program and has been teaching bible between the ages of 45 and 75. Dee was at the study twice per month for the last 15 years at an top of the group for her own physical fitness and assisted living home. good health. Dee sits on the Board of Directors for the Plano Wellness Center for Older Adults and the Platinum Leadership Council. She is the leader of caregiving classes at Encore Memory Day Care Center and is currently caregiving for her uncle. Earlier in her life Dee served as the president and executive producer of Prime Time Productions Inc. a non-profit organization. She hosted and produced her own television show Sizzlin Seniors Your Voice of Choice as You Age. The 30-minute show was broadcasted daily for 10 years on Comcast Cable and was seen in approximately 1.5 million homes. It was recognized by the National Office of NCPSSM as an innovative National Award winning model project for senior infotainment. Dee was also awarded the prestigious 2002 Creative Arts and Successful Aging Leadership Award the 1999 DCTV Crystal Award and for nine consecutive years the Communicator Awards for exceeding the industry standards. In addition to television broadcasting Prime Time field-tested a radio show Your Prime Time with Dee Taylor Your Voice of Choice as You Age. The show was a 30 or 60 minute show airing at 12 noon and 6 30pm reaching approximately 6.2 million people in Texas and Oklahoma. Like the television broadcast it gave seniors and their caregivers much needed information and education. Dee received the Communicator As a multi-media talent Dee also wrote a monthly column for Senior News Source Magazine. The magazine was distributed to approximately 250 000 people in the Dallas Texas area. She also contributed monthly for 10 years to a senior column called Ask Dee for the Dallas-Fort Worth Community Newspaper. Twice she was awarded with The Communicators Award for Print for her work. Dee s passion to help others her life experiences and her supportive husband all contributed to her reaching success during her career. Dee became a professional Speaker because of this so she could touch others lives with her knowledge and wisdom. contact Dee Taylor Author Talk Show Host (TV and Radio) Caregiver Expert Consultant Professional Speaker http yourprimetime 214-407-7038 National Association of Distinguished Professionals annette mcphee cibtac itec inTernaTionaL LaunCH manager Treskinrx K nowing first-hand how painful and embarrassing certain skin conditions can be Annette McPhee CIBAC ITEC started her journey in search of answers and ways to treat the conditions many men women and children suffered from. Being that she had always loved dabbling in fashion and makeup and was constantly on the hunt for skincare products to treat her various skin disorders Annette decided to study beauty therapy makeup application and international aesthetics. In 1988 Annette s husband was transferred from their home in Athens Greece to Singapore. Annette chose to attend a beauty therapy and cosmetology college approved by Cidesco International (Zurich) while her children attended international school. has become Nationally Board Certified in World Masters International Beauty make-up artistry aesthetics massage and advanced clinical aesthetics. In addition to being her own boss Annette also worked for several companies when she and her husband were in the United Kingdom. One was a golf and country club health spa the other was a 5-Star beauty spa. She was also privileged to teach teenagers in skincare and fashion make-up as part of the International Baccalaureate syllabus while living in Holland. In 1999 while in the United Kingdom Annette took a break from beauty therapy and went back to college to study social care and social science. As part of the social care certification syllabus she was required to gain work experience. She Little did I know this was the start of a career chose to volunteer in the local middle school that that has now spanned over 25 years. It s allowed her daughter attended at the time. When her me to work wherever we lived including Asia volunteer work placement was complete the head the Middle East United Kingdom Europe and teacher offered her a job as an assistant to the America Annette said about her career in health Head Special Needs Coordinator. She worked and wellness. with children in both a classroom setting and individually depending on how much schooling While sometimes it was a challenge for Annette the child had missed usually due to an illness or to stay in the same profession for so many years hospitalization. On occasion she would travel to she was driven by her dedication to helping people a child s home and take them specific lessons if and her ability to make a difference in others lives. the child was strong enough to leave the hospital Over the last two-and-a-half decades Annette but not strong enough to attend school yet. women of distinction magazine Annette found this to be an extremely rewarding experience. Today Annette lives in Tampa Florida where she is the international launch manager for TreSkinRX a direct sales company specializing in organic 100% medical grade aloe vera based skincare products. This FDA approved non-prescription skincare line helps reduce the pain of burning itching and swelling caused by severely inflamed skin. As part of the newly formed Leadership Team she is constantly combining her international knowledge and insight to spot every possible opportunity to expand the business in new territories across the United States and eventually worldwide. traveling the world she doesn t have to travel to snap amazing photos. On a daily basis her garden is visited by exotic birds families of deer and incredible butterflies. In her pond she ll find turtles fish and even a small alligator that she named Snappy. To stay in shape Annette enjoys taking Pilates occasionally combining it with Yoga and Jazzercise. She also loves to entertain family and friends when they visit from Scotland and England. And while she enjoys cooking she loves trying out new restaurants in Tampa as well. Annette and her husband Tom have been married for 37 years. Tom is working as head of customer Being passionate about the results she has seen service for a global leading provider of automated and personally experienced after using TreSkinRX cell culture and fermentation systems for the it is Annette s mission to share TreSkinRX with bio-pharmaceutical and regenerative medicine everyone. By providing the means to lessen industries. Together they have three children inflammation it is also her duty to educate clients who are all professionally independent. Her two on how to best deal with their individual situations sons both own successful businesses and live such as acne rosacea eczema dermatitis and in England while her daughter lives in Florida numerous other skin conditions. growing her own consulting business. Many people are already benefiting from the use of TreSkinRX reducing their skin condition including cancer patients and those who have gone through skin graft surgery. Others that have also benefiting from the reduced risk of infection and inflammation are those suffering from the effects of permanent make-up a tattoo or piercing. Of all the titles Annette has held so far her favorite and most recent is Nana McPhee. Her first grandchild Adrienne Ella was born in August 2013 and was named after Annette s mother. I am thankful every day that I ve had the opportunity to travel the world and experience different cultures Annette admitted about her husband s Annette is also using her niche to educate others in many relocations. I never stop learning and try to the beauty industry by lecturing and demonstrating meet as many people as I can as this has allowed hands-on the amazing results that each product me to come up with some of my best ideas and can deliver. With her desire to make a difference suggestions for my business. in people s lives by sharing her TreSkinRX story she is dedicated to teaching others about skin health and making them look and feel great. It s important to find your niche be passionate and enjoy what you do Annette says about choosing a rewarding and fun career path. If you treat your business like a hobby it will pay off like a hobby. If you put in the hours you ll get positive results and your business will grow. Living in Florida Annette has found photographing wildlife to be therapeutic. Although she adores Annette McPhee CIBTAC ITEC International Launch Manager TreSkinRX Celtic Day Spa Tampa FL http annette 813-841-4880 National Association of Distinguished Professionals contact anne pasquier Tenured ProFessor LavaL universiTy - queBeC Canada T he best teachers have the ability to arouse intellectual curiosity among students a change of scenery of what they think they know even cause a feeling of strangeness leading them to an interest and love of a particular subject. This is the philosophy of Anne Pasquier 18-year tenured professor at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Sciences at Laval University. We cannot know something well if we don t love it and vice versa. Education at this level and work on ancient manuscripts require many years of training and reflection Anne said about her expertise in the field. Hired in 1995 at the University Anne also became a member of a research group working in the translation and editing of Egyptian manuscripts from the first centuries of our era. She teaches numerous courses including The History of Christianity Ancient Christian Literature Ancient Literature Literary Analysis of Ancient Literature and Narrative Analysis. She also writes and gives public lectures to clarify today s relevance of the research she does at the University explaining that the study of the past gives the opportunity to better understand what we live at the moment . Anne is part of a team that translates ancient texts from the Nag Hammadi Coptic Library. First written in Greek these texts were then translated into Coptic the last stage of the written Egyptian language. She s also authored several books The Gospel According to Mary Eugnostos Letter on the Transcendent God and The Gospel of Truth and has contributed to numerous collective works as well. Anne holds four degrees three of which were earned in Paris from 1980-88 and a PhD in Religious Studies through Laval University where she currently teaches. Also a wife and mother Anne is part of the Anglican Church of the Diocese of Quebec. Her favorite hobby is traveling where she has the opportunity to discover new towns and different ways of living. It is an exciting work because you discover little by little some unknown aspects of our history Anne said about her many years of research and lecturing. Reading old documents from the beginning of our era and trying to understand them makes me feel a little bit like Sherlock Holmes. You often have to find the key to the riddle. women of distinction magazine claudia williams 2nd grade TeaCHer easT orange CommuniTy CHarTer sCHooL easT orange nJ I n 2001 Claudia William s oldest son started kindergarten. Claudia s interest in learning about her son s school launched her career. She spent her days in his classroom volunteering while working nights. Because of her love of interacting with students and staff Claudia found herself staying at his school all day. She then decided to inquire about the requirements for becoming a teacher. have a passion and patience for the profession. As a teacher Claudia is a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the Association of Supervisors for Curriculum and Development. She is also a member of the Charter School Association and sits on the board of directors for a community book club. She is a cub master for Pack 682 of East Orange Community Charter School and a policy council member for a head start program. Claudia went back to college in 2007 and earned her Maters of Science in Reading and Math from Walden University. Two years later she earned her Claudia attributes her success to her life Supervisory Certification and Principal Certification experiences. She was in the US Navy during Desert of Eligibility and Education Candidate. Storm and served as an engineman second class for five years. She also worked for the Covenant Today Claudia is a second grade teacher at East House NY Under 21 Mother and Child program for Orange Community Charter School. She provides the last 10 years as a residential advisor to young and implements differentiated instruction to a runaway mothers and their children. variety of students from all backgrounds. In her free time Claudia loves to bowl cook and I have remained in education for the love of learning travel. She is an avid reader and likes to dance and the interactions with students parents and the and listen to music. You ll also find her working on community Claudia admits. I am fascinated with her dissertation being a mom and helping others the future of my students and how our children will in need. Claudia is a caring person who always have equal equity and access to quality education. tries to treat others the way she would like to be I am still in education due to the social impact that treated. I make and continue to make within my society. Through teaching Claudia hopes to enhance and It was difficult for Claudia having no education impact as many lives as possible. She believes background or experience. But Claudia s the more lives she can effect positively the better determination perseverance and hunger for the society and world can be. knowledge led her to attain her aspirations of teaching. It is also what has helped in the success Education is an art Claudia believes. Educating in her career. She would encourage anyone in the is a gift to use wisely. same situation to obtain practical experiences and National Association of Distinguished Professionals michelle a.m. van ostrand mediCaL BiLL Coder BiLLer - HonoLuLu Hi H awaii native Michelle A.M. Van Ostrand s started working for ACS State Health Care in 2006. It was her job to review Medicaid claims and verify the services provided were correctly paid by the state. If she found a discrepancy the claim was turned over to the Deputy Attorney General in attempt to collect the amount from the recipient and pay back the state of Hawaii. Michelle found this work intriguing and it inspired her to take steps towards her current career. She completed a medical bill coding course through Allied Schools and registered with the American Academy of Professional Coders and the American Medical Billing Association. I have always found research and medical information interesting and intriguing Michelle admits. The ability to constantly be challenged and to continue to learn has always been what has kept me motivated and interested. Today Michelle works for Care Options where she is a medical bill coder and biller. Her daily tasks include scheduling appointments for the caregivers entering patient information into the database maintaining current and accurate health records doing bi-monthly checks of Medicaid member eligibility and of course submiting claims. When she receives rejected claims Michelle must do the proper research to verify the services are correct and not missing any detail needed to be coded properly. There are still many things Michelle to learn in her career. There are new come out every year and she must other various specialty fields in the industry. still needs codes that learn from healthcare To be successful in the medical billing profession Michelle suggests to learn as much as you can whether through an educational entity or field experience. Ask as many questions you need so you are clear about information and details. And take proper notes to assist you to learn the job requirements correctly. Good verbal and written communication skills are also important. Michelle has been fortunate both at ACS State Health Care and Care Options to work with staff that she admires. Their work ethic and ability to maintain professionalism despite the challenges experienced in the daily work environment have been inspiring. Having recently earned her Associate s Degree in Organizational Management from Ashford University Michelle is now studying to earn her Bachelor s in Healthcare Administration. She has been asked to become an assistant swim team coach and is looking into the requirements. Michelle has been married for 15 years to an active duty Army sergeant and currently resides in Hawaii. Growing up and marrying into a military family Michelle and her family have been able to travel the world. She enjoys experiencing new cultures and food from all over the world. Together Michelle and her husband have two sons and a daughter. Her eldest son is 20. He works as a mechanic trainee at Firestone to earn enough money to pay for his own college. Her middle son 14 and daughter 11 both compete on the swim team and have earned many ribbons between them. They are also part of the Asian Lion Dance Team. women of distinction magazine stacey law auTHor arTisT soLe ProPrieTor seLF-emPLoyed ny I t didn t become evident until 2003 that Stacey Law was bound to be self-employed doing what she loved. Working in retail for seven years followed by another six years in insurance while also moonlighting in hospitality as a banquet staff member and waitress Stacey gradually started spending more time doing what she enjoyed most poetry. overseeing her writings time spent advertising managing submissions and participating with book signings. She does art shows occasionally and hopes to create a few masterpieces in her lifetime. Beauteous Be Poesy is the name of Stacey s first book which she self-published through Trafford Publishing in 2012. It can be found on amazon. In the beginning of 03 Stacey wrote and compiled com and She s a member her first book entering one of her poems in of two poetry societies plans to join another soon an international contest. Her poem entitled and collects petty funds at book signings for her Significance Of Beauty published immediately in endangered species cause. Her plan is to adopt a the first anthology of Invoking the Muse through tiger at the Syracuse Zoo by the end of 2014. She the International Society of Poetry. She was also spends time crocheting cooking and touring also nominated for Poet of the Year twice for The casinos. Brain The Image and Purity of a White Rose. Earning several Editors Choice Awards and being Certified in banking and finance since 1990 a competitive semi-finalist for Oppose Calamity and bookkeeping since 1995 Stacey attended Stacey continued writing. After several more Central City Business Institute where she studied publications in many anthologies she also earned management and Tompkins Community College a Creative Writing Skills Award and several Poetry for accounting. She attended Americorp in 1997 Pins. for firefighter training and search and rescue. She s also participated in numerous art classes I had a strong dedication to mark this as my including a miniature art chalk pastel class in 2004 career and publish my own anthologies Stacey at Jefferson County Miniature-Art Art Gallery said who allows her patience and ambition lead a drawing class at Clayton New York Library in the way. It s my goal to expand on my readers 2008 a painting class in 2011 and a drawing class percentage and explore the art world to also land in 2012 both at the Munson Williams Museum. a contract with a traditional publisher. I have strong opinions of the word poet and But successfully landing a publisher can be tough. poetry being of elegance of writing style beautiful Stacey says that being positive and persistent and language and use of it Stacey said who is not allowing oneself to get discouraged are critical deeply moved and inspired by Edgar Allen Poe. I because not everyone is going to like your work. chose this as a career loving music loving poetry Everyone has a different style. and loving art to work as an imagist poet. My viewpoints are to continuously learn and improve Stacey also paints when she isn t consumed with my skills. National Association of Distinguished Professionals erica l. kennard Ceo and Founder - Language Ladders inC. ProaCTive Books PuBLisHing ComPany kennard CoLLeCTion desoTo Tx Come climb the language ladder with us R ecovering from a major automobile accident in 1999 Erica L. Kennard had the desire to become bilingual. With a broken neck and wearing a halo Erica utilized the public library in Desoto Texas and taught herself how to speak Spanish. A year later Erica received a call from the principal of a school in Dallas Texas offering her the opportunity to interview for a bilingual position. The principal Mr. Hinojosa was given her name through a mutual friend. Erica was offered and accepted a job as a World Language teacher. there is no limitations to what a person can learn and achieve. As a lifelong learner herself Erica believes there is nothing she cannot accomplish if she is determined and passionate about it. She earned her Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies from Texas A&M University. In 2009 she earned her Maters of Bilingual Education from Southern Methodist University. Erica also has her general education and bilingual certification from the McNeil Principal Certification Program. As an educator Erica is a member of the American I have a passion for seeing people learn to become Federation of Teachers Organization the National bilingual Erica admits. It brings me much joy Alliance of Black School Educators the National to see my students learn Spanish with such ease Association of Professional Women and Zeta Phi through the unique techniques and teaching style Beta Sorority Inc. She is also a member of the that God has given me. Desoto Public Library advisory board. Erica was an educator in Dallas Independent School District for 15 years. She held the positions of regular education teacher academic coordinator bilingual teacher and bilingual librarian. Today Erica is the chief executive overseer and stewart for a company she founded Language Ladders Inc. She is the visionary for the company. Erica develops curriculum and is the instructional leader. She creates company policy and oversees every department. Through Language Ladders Erica wants to ensure people have the opportunity to get a competitive edge in the global market by language development. She teaches that with dedication women of distinction magazine Erica enjoys writing when she isn t teaching language. She is the owner and founder of Proactive Books Publishing Company. To date she has written and published Sacred Thoughts Knotted Knowledge and Ladder 1. Erica also likes to salsa dance listen to reggae and read the Bible. Along with her two sons Eric and Xavier she bowls and likes to go to the movies. Seek God to make sure you are on the right career path Erica suggests. If you successfully ignore the negative feedback from naysayers you can fulfill your dreams and continue to be a successful lifelong learner. evril h. powell ms lsw inTerim adminisTraTor deParTmenT oF Human serviCes division oF JuveniLe JusTiCe youTH reHaBiLiTaTion CenTer - sT. Croix usvi T Never compromise your individual happiness because happiness matters. her compassionate role has earned her more personal rewards than she could ever ask for. his social services worker has seen it all when it comes to children and she has learned first hand how important it is to help people understand that experiences both good and bad must be accepted for what they are and use them as lessons in order to grow and learn from them. Stemming from her parents Evril has learned to appreciate the value of hard work because nothing in life comes easy. She doesn t believe in giving up when life throws you a curve ball because success isn t immediate. Plus you get For 22 years Evril has worked with at-risk and to appreciate your success more when you ve troubled youth helping make a positive difference worked hard for something because you earned in young lives to help them overcome adversity and it. become productive citizens within the community. As interim administrator she oversees daily facility Evril obtained her BA in Human Services from operations and maintenance programming Alabama State University. She later took it upon financial planning budgeting managerial staff and herself to go back to school years later to obtain training and development. As director of treatment her Master s Degree also in Human Services of programs she oversees the treatment staff with a specialty in Counseling Studies from program development of the youth and volunteer Capella University to further her career. Having programs. been out of college for 19 years and also having to juggle work and school she found it to be quite I always make an effort to ensure that all clients and a challenge but she graduated in 2011 and was staff needs are met with very limited resources appointed to her current role shortly thereafter. Evril said. about working for the Department of Human Services Division of Juvenile Justice At the end of the day Evril is pleased with her Youth Rehabilitation Center But I ve learned to achievements and all she s accomplished. She become innovative and creative in order to get the loves waking up every morning and going to a job done. place where she knows she is making a difference. Evril admits that although her job isn t the most financially rewarding her true motivation is in knowing that she s able to make a difference in the lives of those she serves. Her dedication has earned her a membership nomination on the State Advisory Board of the Law Enforcement Planning Commission. She s also been honored by presenting at a local Juvenile Justice Conference on Gender Specific Programming in 2007. Yet I have a deep passion for serving my community and our youth specifically troubled youth Evril said. I have a strong belief that we all make mistakes in life and without proper guidance we will continue to. Because of my belief I ve made the commitment to work with this population with the hopes of making some type of difference in their lives helping them become productive successful members of our community. National Association of Distinguished Professionals tara J. mack Casino HosT sHiFT manager moHegan sun aT PoCono downs - wiLkes-Barre Pa C atholic School Teacher Tara J. Mack was forced to find a new job when her school closed due to declined enrollment. Her journey started in April 2011 earning a position at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs. A great place to work Mohegan Sun has a philosophy of striving to make all guests feel welcome which Tara does on a daily basis. complimentary offers based on guest play at either the slot machines or table games making customers not only satisfied but eager to come back. As a casino host Tara feels her job is a lot like being a coach. She reads and listens to many of the top motivational speakers so that she can motivate and encourage her staff to do well. This is a very important aspect of her position. Building relationships with the guests is a lot of She also looks for guidance and inspiration from fun. When you strive to make others happy it in some of the best in the field and at Mohegan Sun turn makes you happy Tara said about her career Kara Fox-La Rue is one of those people. Kara change. Gratitude compels you to think of others. also has a big heart and is always willing to listen Helping others keeps me striving for perfection to others not just at her level but at all levels within because there is always some challenge to handle the company. Tara is always appreciative for the when dealing with the public. hard work that her employees give her and her gratitude is contagious. Tara s lustrous career began in the marketing promotions department of the Players Club as Tara has always believed that being kind is more a marketing representative. Keeping guests important than being right. A guest feels more knowledgeable of the many interesting offers welcomed when they are treated kindly and with available to them at the casino was very interesting. respect. She has learned that life is what you make As Tara s awareness of monthly promotions of it. Tara goes to work every day telling herself expanded so did her goal for interacting with that she is spreading her light to others and will guests. Her high energy and enthusiasm led not let anyone bring her down but instead strives her to a promotion of dual rate supervisor for the to make others happy through her kindness. department after just one year of being employed with them. The best advice is to always have fun Tara exclaimed. You have to enjoy your work to be Recently Tara has been promoted yet again this the best you can be time as a casino host shift manager. Overseeing the host team for the evening shifts she and the Tara currently holds a BS in Psychology and entire host staff work to build relationships with Communication from Wilkes University and an guests to ensure that each experience is better MA in Elementary Education from Marywood than the last. They are even authorized to give University. women of distinction magazine e. Jane tolman batz hJorth HigH sCHooL FamiLy and Consumer sCienCe TeaCHer HeaLTH TeaCHer Two rivers HigH sCHooL ogden uT T he mother of nine and high school teacher of family and consumer science and health at Two Rivers High School grew up on a ranch in central-eastern Idaho learning the value of hard work quite young. Molded into a good Christian who lives by example and values her family friends coworkers and students Jane spends each day loving life and enjoying the many experiences life has to offer. Dependent on her positive attitude Jane knew that when she went to college she wanted to study teaching. Graduating in 1974 with a BS in Education from Utah State University she took continued education courses and later earned a health endorsement from Utah State Education Association. But upon marrying just six months after earning her degree Jane took time off to raise a family. With six children married and three still at home she found herself as a single mother. She decided to begin teaching in the Head Start program taught preschool and substitute taught in the public school system. In 2004 she updated her teaching certificate and began working as a full-time high school teacher in the fall of 2005. Whether you are in the private or public school system a mother grandmother relative or friend there is always opportunity to teach either verbally or by example she said. As a teacher myself I draw from personal experiences growing up and being educated in the public school systems. I try to exemplify the excellent examples of coworkers and district administrators and am continually inspired by the many acts of kindness and concern shown by those around me. Conceding that as the old saying goes you can t teach an old dog new tricks Jane admits that keeping up with technology and learning how to apply it in the classroom can be difficult. She also finds difficulty in helping eliminate personal and family challenges that so many of her students face and blessing them with the love encouragement and positive experiences they deserve. She doesn t believe in judging first impressions has learned that everyone has a story and that there is good in everyone. When Jane wasn t working as a full-time teacher she worked as a certified nursing assistant a dietician in a hospital a cook a housekeeper both As a member of the Two Rivers High School faculty privately and in a hospital setting as a long-term Jane enjoys sharing ideas and teaching methods substitute teacher for elementary and high school to improve their effectiveness as instructors. With students as a seamstress and as a teacher in no competition among them they work together religious affiliations. In her spare time she loves with one common goal to care for and teach their to garden quilt sew cook and visit family and students preparing them for the world and adult friends especially her 18 grandchildren six greatlife. grandchildren and six step-grandchildren. National Association of Distinguished Professionals kris yvon yenney mm orCHesTra direCTor & eduCaTor PaLo aLTo Ca here have been many a - h a moments for Kris Yvon Yenney over the years that have contributed to who she is today as a musician. But one thing has remained constant and that is the joy and personal fulfillment she receives every single day working in music. At the age of eight Kris s mother Dorothy surprised her with a half-sized cello and private lessons with a local teacher. Her mother had played cello all through school and wanted to provide her daughter the opportunity to enjoy the instrument as much as she had. As a result of that early start and support Kris became so passionate about playing that two years later she joined the cello section of the Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra s (PACO) Junior ensemble. Kris later went on to earn her Master of Music degree from the New England Conservatory and has continued her post-graduate studies in the States and abroad throughout her career. The group s founder director William Whitson instilled in us an intractable sense of ownership responsibility and fun which has never left me Kris said enthusiastically. I now direct two of the five levels at PACO the SuperStrings and the Prep Ensemble plus the occasional Festival Orchestra and Chorus. By the time Kris was 12 she was giving private cello lessons for just 2 each. At 17 she joined the San Jose Symphony (and Musicians Union). And in 1998 she was asked by Maestro William Whitson PACO s founder to take on the younger ensembles. Carrying on the PACO legacy Kris embodies PACO s mission for instilling a lifelong passion women of distinction magazine T for musical enrichment in its young members their families and the greater community. She is directly responsible for programming directing rehearsals and performances coaching chamber groups mentoring young coaches facilitating communications auditions and promotions and administration work. There s a magical alchemical transformation that takes place as humans of any age make beautiful music in concert. There are vibrant and artful people in my world both young and old who keep me on my toes and ever-inspired Kris said. When Kris isn t directing or giving private cello lessons she and her colleagues enjoy bringing chamber music to diverse audiences in hospitals assisted living communities open-air festivals and school assemblies. She also frequently donates her services to benefit other community organizations. She can regularly be heard performing as cellist nyckelharpist and singer in many diverse ensembles throughout the Bay Area. Highlights have included conducting PACO in Prague Vienna and Budapest and concertizing with such luminaries as New York Jazz Pianist Fred Hersch and Cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Since receiving the gift of music from her parents and mentors Kris is continually blessed enriched and rewarded personally through sharing her insights enthusiasm and teachings. Rather than dwelling on the occasional missed opportunities or set-backs Kris chooses to reflect reboot and change direction when necessary. She endeavors to leave any rehearsal concert or season better than she found it. Most of all music is her gateway to being her best self bringing out the best in others and enjoying the process. fran oise everett T Business & LiFesTyLe CoaCHing aTLanTa ga aking a completely different approach Fran oise Everett wanted to design her lifestyle first and then build her business around it. Realizing that she could blend her corporate background with her healing experience she ended up pursuing a career in coaching. At first Fran oise was focused on helping mothers with conscious parenting but slowly her work evolved into helping entrepreneurial mothers with conscious parenting and successful business building. For the past two years Fran oise has been building on this concept. As the founder of her primary role is success coaching. She also handles the marketing and sales connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs and putting systems into place to grow the business. Her small team is always looking ahead to implement the next component of their strategy to success and she is enjoying every part of the process. What I love most in coaching entrepreneurial moms is helping them find the balance and the boundaries to thrive in both business and motherhood. It s fulfilling to mentor a client to succeed on her own terms by her own design Fran oise said. Prior to starting her coaching business Fran oise spent 12 years at The Boston Consulting Group where she grew tremendously on both a personal and professional level. But after just one year into motherhood after adopting a baby girl in China she was ready to leave all that behind and pursue other dreams. She took up yoga healing and martial arts. Then she entered the world of network marketing opening up the entrepreneurial world to her. With the help of a few mentors and deep vision work began to take shape. The secret to Fran oise s success includes studying the masters in the transformational world and believe it or not getting a coach because you cannot be a good coach without first having one of your own. Each person will have a unique approach and it takes time to develop that. When hers clicked it was clear motherhood money and mindset. Believe it or not there is overlap in successfully raising your children and successfully building your business she said. There is a foundation that is at the core of doing both successfully. The art of enrollment vision contribution and serving is amazing. As a founding member of Women s Prosperity Network in Atlanta Fran oise also speaks at engagements on the topic Ask for What You Want Guilt Free and Get It . She holds a BS from Babson College and an MS from Simmons College. Fran oise has worked with women in the US Europe and Australia. Surprisingly most women she speaks with feel guilty for so much of their everyday life and she is amazed that it is so embedded in the fabric of their lives. Yet she feels that women are strong and resilient and that with decision determination and courage each can go a long way creating a path to a life on their own terms. If I can do it any woman can absolutely do it too she added. National Association of Distinguished Professionals Janice baylis phd auTHor & reTired eLemenTary and CoLLege eduCaTor LinCoLn eLemenTary sCHooL CyPress CommuniTy CoLLege etired Powerful Messages. Though Janice never quit her full-time job as a teacher once she began dream study her passion elementary and allure for dream dynamics and decoding has school and led her to be much more active in society on the community topic. She became a founding member of the c o l l e g e Association for the Study of Dreams (ASD) in the i n s t r u c t o r early 1980 s served as a presenter for ASD at Janice Baylis PhD began her lifelong study of several of their international conferences and is a dreams after a funny thing happened to her on her contributing writer for their magazine DreamTime. way to work one day nearly 55 years ago. During her time in education Janice spent 14 In 1959 I was a third-grade classroom teacher. I years teaching elementary students 22 years as carpooled with a coworker Mabel. Each morning a reading specialist and 10 years as a dreamI picked her up at a local strip mall parking lot study instructor at Cypress Community College. Janice explained. One morning she phoned She also taught as a weekend dream workshop me at 6am and asked me to meet her around the instructor for the A.R.R. in Orange and Los corner instead. Without question I did. As she Angeles California counties. A.R.E. is a nonwas getting into my car we heard a loud crash. profit organization that was founded in 1931 by We drove back past the lot where Mabel would Edgar Cayce the famous American psychic who have been parking her car at that time to meet me. studied not only dream interpretation but intuition We saw a small airplane that had just crashed in spirituality and other psychic forms. our corner of the lot. Admitting to having suffered most of her life from It turned out that Mabel had experienced a being introverted Janice was still an active member precognitive dream the night before which ended of Toastmasters for years. By participating in their up saving both their lives that next morning. trainings she was able to deal with her shyness Janice was so intrigued by Mabel s dream that she which later gave her the big boost she needed to couldn t let it go. Janice s new fascination quickly be able to speak not only in the classroom but became a topic of research and study that would also to the masses on the topic of dream study. last the rest of her life. Born in Beloit Wisconsin in 1928 Janice moved Janice has since written six books on dreams to Burbank California with her parents and older Sleep on It The Practical Side of Dreaming sister when she was 14 years-old. She was married Dream Dynamics and Decoding An Interpretation for 29 years had three sons and is now the proud Manual Personal Dream Journal Sex Symbols grandmother of five and great-grandmother of and Dreams Relationship Dreams Insights four. to Family Friends Co-Workers and Dream Dynamics and Decoding Personal Practical R women of distinction magazine nina dembin mlis F Learning resourCes CenTer manager LiBrarian sTrayer universiTy LawrenCeviLLe CamPus LawrenCeviLLe nJ Nina has a great passion for what she does. She is extremely motivated w h e n students give her credit for their success in their college career. She considers herself privileged to work with students who never thought they would be going to college. Many of her students come from all over the world with varying learning styles and abilities. Librarians are important. In a field that is becoming so computerized Nina is faced with the challenge of educating people to understand the need for librarians. Not everything can be found on a search engine. Search engines are biased through previous searches and with so much information available a librarian can help. A person needs databases to provide them authoritative unbiased information. or Nina Dembin MLIS library science is a second career. While working full-time in doctors offices Nina decided she wanted a career not a job. In 2008 she returned to school began as a reference desk assistant and started down the path learning her new career. Being a librarian integrates my passions working with people researching computers and of course books Nina stated. It is wonderful to be able to help people especially those who come from other parts of the world and inner cities to achieve a college education. Nina graduated in 2010 from Long Island University earning her Master s in Library and Information Science. While she attended classes she worked at the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library at the reference desk. After graduating she got an internship at Stony Brook Health Sciences Center in their access services and medical archives. The following year was filled with blogging attending conferences networking guest information literacy teaching and job seeking. Soon after Nina she accepted her current position as a manager librarian in the Learning Resources Center at Strayer University Lawrenceville campus and she is now currently pursuing a second master s degree in education. Nina is a member of Beta Phi Mu International Library Science Honor Society American Library Association and the American Association of College and Research Libraries. And up until they As part of the academics team at Strayer Nina decided to disband due to political change Nina and her colleagues are a family who work well had been the organizer and chair of the Kol Emet to assist students along their way to earning Library Reorganization Committee. their degree. She personally helps them with their research needs serves as an officer at the When students come to me for help I am able to Strayer Toastmaster club and helps with resumes show them the way to get the information that they and cover letters. She also gives workshops seek. I feel that this is my destiny Nina explained. and information literacy lessons. And when the I get very close to my students and share in their campus has information technology needs Nina joys and woes. We are a small campus and we all is always available to help. feel like a family. National Association of Distinguished Professionals tiffanie l. gilbreth fter graduating college in 1993 Tiffanie L. Gilbreth started her career in the medical device industry. The vast variety of positions she held over the next 20 years led to her success in opening her own consulting company. I enjoyed working on technologies and procedures that bring faster safer and more effective solutions for patients Tiffanie explains. After earning her Bachelors of Science in Biology from Abilene Christian University Tiffanie worked for Zimmer as a full line orthopedic sales representative. From there she spent 18 months working clinically as a surgical assistant for a general surgeon. This on-the-job training was great experience and it helped her with her next role as sale associate for US Surgical. At US Surgical Tiffanie was a full line sales associate managing a teaching center of excellence and had almost four million dollars in sales. She was awarded the Rookie of the Year and earned Chairman s Council two years in a row. From there Tiffanie went to Stryker Corporation where she held increasing roles of responsibility in marketing product development and strategic development. After Stryker she started working for Covidien as the director of global marketing development for Bariatrics. Tiffanie also worked for several start-up companies in the cardiovascular and colo-rectal market before deciding to start her own consulting company. Today Tiffanie is the owner of TGILBRETH Consulting LLC. She helps other companies with clinical activities such as clinical trial and scientific advisory board management as well as procedural A PrinCiPaL TgiLBreTH ConsuLTing LLC keLLer Tx development. Additionally with her marketing experience she can help with all aspects of marketing products events or procedures. These companies benefit from the knowledge and experience she has gained working in many different areas of the medical device industry as well as her strong relationships with medical and corporate thought-leaders around the world. All of these attributes have made her an invaluable asset to any team. Tiffanie is also listed as an author on one publication Focus Group on Laparoscopic Colectomy Education as Endorsed by the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons and The Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons Diseases of the Colon and Rectum 2006 49 1-5. Having always been an extremely hard worker Tiffanie has strived to do her best in every role she has had in her career. But she also recognizes that ultimately life isn t all about her job. She and her fianc have raised his children for the last seven years. They are now 16 13 and eight-years-old. While her career is important the children and her fianc have become the most important part of her life. I am a person who has been extremely blessed in my life and career Tiffanie admits. Through all things good and bad God has a plan. I have trusted in Him and watched my life flourish. women of distinction magazine Jan henryson direCTor CenTer For FinanCiaL eduCaTion sioux CenTer ia E ducator Jan Henryson has always had an interest in personal finance. This led her to Iowa State University Extension and talking a position as a money management consultant in the Money Wise program. Four year later she left to open her own financial education center. Seeing the joy of people becoming debt free and responsibly handling their finances has been very rewarding Jan explains. I love when I see families stay together because they are no longer struggling with money. Along with her husband Bruce Jan founded the Center for Financial Education in 1999. The Center provides education for individuals and families in responsible money management. Today their main location is in Sioux Center Iowa and they have five other branches in Iowa and South Dakota. lessons along the way. Jan attributes the success of the Center to a staff that is patient and encouraging. They inspire people to make changes in their lives that will benefit them and their families. Through the skills they teach and the encouragement they give people have the opportunity to find hope. Jan and her staff are always ready to learn listen and grow as individuals and as leaders. Jan s father has been one of the most important inspirational aspects in her life. He taught her to responsibly handle money by example each day with integrity. The other vitally important piece of inspiration would be her faith and her relationship with Christ. Jan s faith has encouraged her to share hope with each and every person she works with. In her free time Jan enjoys reading and learning Being the executive director Jan works directly and both listening to and playing music. She loves with staff members to train them to counsel and to spend time with her friends and family. She and encourage struggling families. She also works Bruce have been married for 38 years and have with creditors to make agreeable payment four children and three grandsons who all live in arrangements. Another large part of Jan s day Iowa. is hands-on counseling. It is important that she and her staff find creative solutions to very difficult My faith my family and my friends are the most situations. Jan is also involved along with the significant parts in my life Jan admits. But my board of directors in planning and implementing heart desires to help others find contentment and community educational programs and fundraising. to be able to use their resources wisely for their families and communities. Being a non-profit organization fundraising has been a challenge. As Jan and her staff have tried new and creative ways of meeting this challenge they have grown as a team and learned many National Association of Distinguished Professionals Joan williams krueger owner Forever sPrays LLC Forever Love anTiques BasTroP Tx T he thrill of picking meeting new people going to auctions and storage wars... sounds like a premise to a great reality show. But these are some of the reasons Joan Williams Krueger loves her career. She spends her time buying and selling antiques. Antiquing hasn t always been rainbows and sunshine for Joan. While starting Forever Sprays Joan was taken advantage of through an online scam. She ending up losing several thousand dollars. Location was also difficult. Choosing the right area to deal her antiques turned out to be harder than expected. She suggests that anyone In 2011 a close relative passed away Joan trying to start their own business be patient and explains. During my healing process my creative do research. Be persistent and willing to do what juices began flowing and Forever Sprays LLC is necessary to succeed. Learn how to market the was born. business to its fullest potential as Joan has. Joan is the owner and sole operator of Forever Sprays which is growing bigger by the day. She enjoys finding rare antiques and learning their history. Her goal is to make her customers happy by fulfilling their search with each sale. Joan s respect for others honesty and integrity all help her business thrive. Loving every aspect of what she does Joan strives to be the best and keep her business thriving. The foundation of Joan s professional work ethic was instilled in her by her mother. Even as a teenager Joan knew what it took to run her own business. It was called Mothers Little Helper where she assisted mothers around her neighborhood with household chores. She attributes the creative side of her nature to her grandmother though. But the number one drive for her success is providing the very best for her children. I am a simple person with goals dreams and inspirations. I love my family and friends. No matter what your education level stance in life or hardships faced with continuous efforts you can make all your dreams come true Joan believes. Gain the wisdom and knowledge you need of understanding the world we live in. Today Joan rents a booth at Blue Hills Antique Mall in Geronimo Texas. She spends most of her time working her business. The rare free time Joan does have she spends with her husband three children and their animals. Besides her husband her mother is her closest friend. Joan feels extremely lucky to have such a supportive family and one that will even join in her antiquing ventures. Her life if filled with love joy antiquing and all the essentials she and her family need to be happy. women of distinction magazine captain lynn l. beach md usn H direCTor For CLiniCaL suPPorT serviCes navaL HosPiTaL JaCksonviLLe FL director after being transferred to Naval Hospital in Jacksonville Florida in 2006 and at Naval Hospital Guantanamo Bay Cuba the following year. Next she took a joint services position with the US Air Force as laboratory medical director and was selected as associate director for Clinical Support Services back at Naval Hospital Jacksonville before entering into her current position. As director for clinical support services since February 2011 Lynn has been overseeing services for the laboratory radiology pharmacy and physical and occupational therapy departments. She was also promoted to captain that same month. Lynn is a board certified clinical and anatomic pathologist. She is a previous member of the Executive Committee of the Medical Staff chair for the Tissue and Transfusion Committee and member of the Decontamination Team Alpha. Her awards include Joint Service Commendation Medal Navy Commendation Medal and multiple unit service and campaign awards. Having earned her Bachelor s Degree in Biology from Augustana College in Rock Island Illinois in 1988 Lynn then pursued her Doctorate of Medicine from Southern Illinois University graduating four years later in 1992. Lynn and her husband who happens to be a retired US Navy man have five daughters and one grandson together. She lives each day striving to be someone that her children and grandchild can respect and be proud of when it comes to her professional accomplishments. Providing inspiration for them to work hard and pursue their life s dreams is really important to her. National Association of Distinguished Professionals aving the opportunity to visit places and do things most civilian physicians would never experience is just one of the reasons Captain Lynn L. Beach MD USN has had such a rewarding career. Having completed medical school in 1992 under the US Navy s Health Promotion Scholarship Program she entered active duty. Before I completed my residency in pathology I did a General Medical Officer tour as a physician aboard ship Lynn explained about how she got started in her career. That tour was very rewarding and it reinforced my love for this nation and the military personnel that serve our country. In 2003 Lynn was part of the first fleet hospital to deploy into enemy territory in support of Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. There she was faced with the challenge of providing care in a deployed status. Not only did she learn a lot about herself when it came to her professional capabilities and limitations as a physician but she learned about all of her capabilities when it came to external and environmental stressors. Lynn learned that living and providing care in tents with desert-like conditions and completing mission-essential tasks required thinking outside the box. Following deployment Lynn assumed the Laboratory Department head position and continued with her operational involvement as co-chair for the Fleet Hospital Planning Board for Training. She organized mass casualty drills hands-on tactical convoy training multiple live helicopter operations and numerous other training opportunities for fleet hospital staff during her tenure. Lynn assumed the position of laboratory medical margaret barenblit exeCuTive direCTor THe seLF reaLiZaTion CenTer san diego Ca R ussian native Margaret Barenblit is the executive director of The Self Realization Center in San Diego California. The Center s purpose is bringing people together from different nationalities to enjoy various cultural and health conscious events. medical offices. She also worked in health spas in San Diego and all over the country. Margaret even did volunteer work for the Jewish Community Center of San Diego. She was also the representative of the Russian Community at the board of Jewish Family Service. Working I really enjoy helping people and seeing the there gave her the needed experience to be able joy that entertainment brings to people s lives to work at the Self Realization Center because of Margaret admits. I love meeting and interacting all the promoting she did in showing Americans the with new people and I always stay in touch with Russian culture from famous writers to singers the friends I have made from the events we have ballets and orchestra. done. Margaret attributes her success to her ability to Margaret s roll in the Center is to put all the events be open-minded and learning everything she can together do the marketing sell tickets send out from other experienced people in the field. To emails and make phone calls to let the public work in her industry Margaret suggests that you know about upcoming events. need to be patient intelligent a quick learner and polite. These skills will give someone the ability Margaret was born in St. Petersburg Russia. After and confidence to be able to put events together graduating from Moscow s Paleographic Institute successfully. she worked as an editor of foreign and Russian literature. From there she worked for 17 years as Margaret has been married for 42 years. Her an editor at a TV Station. But it wasn t until she husband Mike has worked at Solar Turbines graduated from a medical college as a Holistic as a quality test technician for the last 25 years. Health Practitioner that she found her passion. Margaret has always been inspired by watching As a holistic practitioner she worked at a special him work so hard at something he loves to do. clinic for musical composers. Their oldest son Leonid is a program engineer. Their youngest son Alexander is a financial In 1988 her family moved to the United States. consultant and medical biller. Margaret started studying English in order to continue her career in America. A short time later I like to help people find their way in America she passed her exam and received her license to Margaret explains. It makes me extremely happy become a holistic health practitioner to be able to when my advice helps others succeed in this practice in California. Margaret started working country. in chiropractic offices adult health centers and women of distinction magazine valerie brian anderson murphy CHrisTian menTaL HeaLTH aCTivisT Pa usa H aving experienced God s healing of her schizophrenia Valerie Brian Anderson Murphy now uses her spiritual gifts to help others become healed of their mental illness. A mental health activist Valerie helps raise awareness in Christian evangelism as well as remove the stigma associated with mental illness. To help heal others I use my music art writing evangelism generosity administration mercy faith and my gift of miracles Valerie explained about how she lets God work through her. I do it for the love of God the joy of helping others and for my gratefulness of God s salvation through Christ in saving me. Valerie began by making the choice of heaven not hell and became a born again Christian in 1988. She works hard in seeking God s face and immerses herself in the bible. Her growth has come mostly through obedience of God s word meditation staying away from evil confessing her sins and having a kind loving heart. Witnessing people being healed and repaired like she was is Valerie s biggest reward as well as experiencing the joy that God can give after getting saved. She has published several books to help show others what she has experienced with her mental illness and what it was like being healed and saved through Christ. Her books include Five Lost Years A Personal Exploration of Schizophrenia The Witness Book Sensitive Stories of Christian Outreach The Dream of Golivia Jonquil Reflections on the Word in Black and White and Dream Dynamo Tailspin. Her artwork has appeared in several publications including Art Business News and the New York Art Expo. You can also find Valerie s work in an online gallery at and in juried shows with Artexchange and Upstream People Gallery where she has received special recognition awards. Valerie has produced a Gospel CD sung by Ray Jones an ex-NFL cheerleader and professional model. She has two singles one of which was reviewed in Billboard Magazine and she is also a flute scholar from Jenkintown Music School. She s received a Pennsylvania State Senate Citation for her work plus an award in education from the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Chester County. She speaks often in her field and has had the privilege to speak at the National Alliance on Mental Health annual state conference in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and at Doylestown Hospital. While her greatest inspiration has been the Lord God almighty Valerie s husband of 15 years Remington Morris Patrick Murphy Jr. has been extremely loving and supportive. She has had many people in her life that have assisted and motivated her including her now deceased therapist Dr. John Paul Brady good friend Dr. Alfonz Lengyel and Pastor Robert Ramsay. As a born again Christian I owe everything to God Valerie said. I hope that the whole world becomes born again and finds the joy and healing that I have found. National Association of Distinguished Professionals charlotte e. kelso Ceo & PresidenT aCTPHerd inC. manassas va W hether working with college or elementary students Charlotte E. Kelso has always known she wanted to help others succeed. She started her career as a graduate student working in the athletic department at Tennessee Tech University. She was awarded a full scholarship for graduate school and had the opportunity to work with the head women s basketball coach as head women s athletic trainer. From there Charlotte went to Southern Arkansas University and held her first head coaching basketball position. Later Charlotte was the head athletic trainer at Mount Olive College in North Carolina and Morgan State University in Baltimore Maryland. students and colleagues at local state and national education associations. Charlotte s received recognition from her peers and colleagues by earning and renewing her National Board Certification. On the state and district AAHPERD level she was named Recreation Professional of the Year for both 2006 and 2007. Being a female in a predominately maleindustry has never stopped Charlotte. Serving in leadership roles has been tough but her stubbornness and determination to be the best has led to her success. When you are out in front you are an easy target. My mother always told me if I had haters I must be doing something right Charlotte said. It is those people who disagree with what you are doing that make you stronger. They always keep you evaluating what you are doing and why. It wasn t until Charlotte started teaching at the public school did she find her niche. She was hired as an elementary physical educator in the Roanoke City schools and as head athletic trainer at William Fleming High School. Today she is Charlotte has spent 28 years volunteering in teaching in the Arlington County public schools the fire service. She became an adjunct state where her motto is elevate your classmate . instructor while serving as a volunteer firefighter in Roanoke County Virginia. And in 1985 she I have a passion for learning and assisting was awarded Firefighter of the Year. She has also students or colleagues to be successful both in volunteered for Prince William County Volunteer the classroom and in life Charlotte states. There Company 15 where she taught for eight years at are many occupations but education is where the the academy. impact and change happens. When the passion is for learning and assisting others to be successful In her free time Charlotte loves to fly airplanes the rewards are unmeasurable. run or hike and go camping. She enjoys being outdoors. Ultimately Charlotte would love her As well as teaching coaching and training name to appear on a scholarship or hanging on a Charlotte is the CEO and president of ActPHERD wall or a building where people go to have fun and Inc. where she promotes successful programs for enjoy life. teachers to enhance student learning. She finds educational programs and will bring them into the schools. Her support brings these programs recognition and distinction. She also represents women of distinction magazine tabetha marie pritchard PresidenT iLLinois organiZaTion oF moTHers oF Twins CLuBs inC. FarmersviLLe iL T wins usually means double the feeding double the diapers and little to no sleep. But for Tabetha Marie Pritchard getting pregnant with twins meant the start of her volunteering career. It started in 1998 when she joined the local multiples club. The following year she started volunteering. Since then she has held many different positions both locally at the state level and nationally. Not everyone gets a chance to do something big in life but we all have the chance every day to do a lot of small things for those around us Tabetha believes. I hope to do just that one life that touches others in some way. Volunteering is the most rewarding experience you will ever feel outside of being a mother of course. In 2013 Tabetha was awarded the highest honor a volunteer in the United States can receive. The President s Volunteer Service Award is a nationally recognized award. She was acknowledged with the gold level award receiving a personalized certificate of achievement a congratulatory letter from President Obama and an official President s Award pin. She feels truly humble to be recognized in doing something that comes so naturally to her. Volunteering is a tremendous part of Tabetha s life. But as much as volunteering means to her family comes first. She s had to learn how to balance the time that she gives others with time she gives her family. Tabetha credits her willingness to volunteer and help others to her parents. Although they are Currently Tabetha is the president of the Illinois both retired now they still volunteer. Her mother Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs. Her role earned her Doctorate Degree in Nursing the year is to mentor and provide tips to other parents of her twins were born and her father is a retired multiples deliver meals to new moms or just be minister. Both their professions had them helping an ear for overwhelmed parents. It is important for others 24 7. new parents to have a support group and to make connections with others that are going through the Volunteering is all that I have ever known same things. Tabetha makes sure her members Tabetha said thanks to her mom and dad. know that someone is always just a phone call or email away. The organization s goal is to provide support that feels genuine personal and unique. National Association of Distinguished Professionals anna m. cordova ith a few years these skills have translated to an online presence maintaining a blog Facebook Twitter and other media accounts. Meanwhile Robert handles most of the technical and financial duties. groundbreaking When Anna started the company 25 years ago discovery in the both she and Robert were new to the entertainment e n t e r t a i n m e n t business. As unknown new-comers they were industry Anna M. telling the industry that they knew a better way to Cordova and her compete with filmmakers in the market. Getting business partner their foot in the door and making a name for Robert Faber themselves however was a bigger challenge that founded FILMLOOK Inc. During a time when many they initially expected but it ultimately contributed in the industry looked down upon shooting with to their success in becoming a household name. video instead of film they just didn t understand why anyone would want to make video look like FILMLOOK s acceptance into the television it was shot on film. Roberts s patented invention entertainment industry for Anna officially came did just that initially drawing in clients that were in 1992 when the TV Academy recognized her thinking outside the box. Today FILMLOOK is a and her partner with a plaque for Achievement household name in the entertainment industry for in Engineering Development and the process being on the cutting-edge of technology. found a market in TV productions that wanted a cinematic feel. As a creative person myself being with and working with other creative people is exactly Anna is a member of the American Film Institute where I want to be in my career Anna said. My National Association of Professional Women and partner inspired me to be more assertive and has Women in Faith. Through services provided by taught me a lot of the technical aspects needed to FILMLOOK Anna has donated to various non-profit empower myself in a man s industry. Because of organizations that have film projects including these acquired skills clients recognize me as the Make a Film Foundation The National Women s face of FILMLOOK. History Museum The Legal Aid Foundation and Dancing with N.E.D. FILMLOOK provides full post production services including audio post color grading online and Branching out her creativity Anna has published offline editorial encoding D-cinema packaging a book consisting of 68 poems and haikus called Blu-ray and DVD mastering closed captioning The Flight Within and she soon hopes to start duplication and quality control. Projects have producing podcasts for her poetry and other included theatrical features and trailers television writings. Anna has a second book in the works series and miniseries TV specials documentaries called Taking Flight which will explore other parts music videos short forms commercials and of her life including her flight with FILMLOOK. special segments for top rated networks. A graduate of California Polytechnic State As co-founder and vice-president Anna s expertise University-Pomona Anna resides in California lies within the strategic marketing of the company and loves visiting museums and entertainment along with building the clientele relationships venues. She enjoys traveling nature and learning locally nationally and internationally. In the past about different genres of music. women of distinction magazine W Co-Founder viCe-PresidenT FiLmLook media PosT Professionals speaking to and about professionals Executive Broadcasting Channel is the newest way to have your voice heard. You will be able to reach a vast network of executives and professionals spanning all markets and industries. Ever thought about your own Podcast Consider your prayers answered For more information call (855)893-NADP National Association of Distinguished Professionals index anna m. cordova Co-Founder Vice-President FILMLOOK Media Post Burbank CA anna http 818-845-9200 erica l. kennard anne pasquier Tenured Professor Laval University Quebec Canada anne.pasquier.1 418-656-2131 ext. 8601 CEO and Founder Language Ladders Inc. and Proactive Books Publishing Company and Kennard Collection Desoto TX languageladders proactivepublishing kennardcollection http http http 1-888-618-6336 claudia williams evril h. powell ms lsw 2nd Grade Teacher East Orange Community Charter School East Orange NJ cwilliams http 973-996-0400 ext. 402 Interim Administrator Department of Human Services Division of Juvenile Justice Youth Rehabilitation Center Christiansted St. Croix US Virgin Islands powell_2368 340-773-7123 fran oise everett charlotte e. kelso CEO & President ActPHERD Inc. Manassas VA actpherd 571-332-9630 Motherhood Money and Mindset Coach Atlanta GA francoise http 678-361-8525 e. Jane tolman batz hJorth High School Family and Consumer Science Teacher Health Teacher Two Rivers High School Ogden UT Jan Henryson Director Center for Financial Education Sioux Center IA cfedirector http JaniCe BayLis PHd Author stacey law Joan wiLLiams krueger Owner Forever Sprays LLC Forever Love Antiques Bastrop TX foreversprays http Author Artist New York staceylaw70 http http 315-542-1439 tabetha marie pritchard kris yvon yenney mm Director Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra SuperStrings Preparatory Ensemble PACO Festival Chorus and Orchestra Palo Alto CA http http President Illinois Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs Inc. Farmersville IL tabethapritchard http tara J. mack CaPTain Lynn L. BeaCH md usn lynn.beach Director for Clinical Support Services Naval Hospital Jacksonville FL Casino Host Shift Manager Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs Wilkes-Barre PA tmack 570-706-8789 tiffanie l. gilbreth miCHeLLe a.m. van osTrand Medical Coder Biller Honolulu HI mvanostrand http Principal TGILBRETH Consulting LLC Keller TX tiffanie 817-897-0985 margareT BarenBLiT valerie brian anderson murphy Christian Mental Health Activist Pennsylvania Executive Director The Self Realization Center San Diego CA nina dembin mlis Learning Resources Center Manager Librarian Strayer University Lawrenceville Campus Lawrenceville NJ nina.dembin http 609-406-7629 A book about a girl with muscular dystrophy Cynthia Fabian This book and others are available at and other online retailers am Dre Find Your P e ro p rty in N e w Y o rk