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Description: Leaders Magazine is a publication featuring leaders in their industry. It profiles them and discusses how they got to where they are today.

Profiling Elite Professionals from All Aspects of the Professional World Leaders Regardless of your race culture differences situation or technical training everyone has the ability to work hard and create success -Chiwhei Richard Chou Dr. Dan anDreae I hope that I shall someday leave a legacy that emphasizes that learning is a lifelong process... Da vid R. Preller Jr. Special Education Teacher La Feria Independent School District La Feria TX Leaders Magazine fea tured Marissa Bacchi Editor-in-ChiEf Veronica Donnell y hEad WritEr Editor Holli M. Narvaez 10 Chiwhei Chou Angie M. Hoffman WritEr Layout GraphiC dEsiGn Tony Meneses 13 EditoriaL Coodinator Rachael Raffna Anne Chilar sELECtion CommittEE Lorrie Ser a v ti sELECtion CommittEE Leaders Across America Magazine Published by National Association of Distinguished Professionals 560 Broadhollow Road Ste. 310 Melville NY 11747 Phone 631-465-9024 Fax 631-465-9035 http Rebecca Valuch 31 Dan Wester t JD vel 15 Dr. Dan Andreae Professor University of Guelph-Humber Adjunct Associate Professor Rension University College University of Waterloo Toronto and Waterloo Ontario CAN CONVINCED THAT IN ORDER TO SUCCEED in the teaching profession that one must not look at students as mere numbers on a page or be viewed as an educator as simply a receptacle for information and knowledge Dr. Dan Andreae believes in viewing both educators and students alike with similar ambitions fears goals and desires. He has dedicated his career to encouraging students to express themselves freely too because by sharing thoughts in a safe atmosphere they can gain confidence gradually and feel respected and valued. We can never sacrifice the human dimensions of teaching without depriving students of a full education Dan said. I have witnessed on so many occasions students beginning to blossom when they gain ownership of the educational process. Dan first earned his Bachelor s Degree in Psychology in 1977 at York University followed by a Master s Degree in Social Work in 1980 at Wilfrid Laurier University. Twenty years later in 2000 he completed his Doctorate Degree in Education at the University of Toronto and has since completed a certificate in Clinical and Applied Psychophysiology from the Behavioral Medicine Research and Training Institute in Port Angeles Washington and has earned an Advanced Diploma with distinction in Stress Management and Consulting from an organization based in Cornwall England. Born in Canada Dan always knew that someday he wanted to teach it was a natural calling for him. He has always enjoyed the interactions with students and making education come alive for them. His motto that education is most relevant and remembered when the head meets the heart is something that he doesn t take lightly and he is very very passionate when it comes to making curriculum both stimulating and thought-provoking. Learders Magazine Having begun his teaching career in 1994 first at an area college then at several different universities Dan has to date taught over 45 different subjects in social sciences health sciences liberal arts and social work. He s been honored with numerous teaching awards including a Prestigious Distinguished Teaching Award from the University of Waterloo a Faculty of the Year Award in two different departments from the University of Guelph Humber and a University Mentors Award from the University of Guelph Humber given to one faculty or staff member annually for outstanding support of graduating students. Dan also earned several other awards not specific to his teaching career. In 2007 he was awarded with an Honorary Doctor of Law Degree from Assumption University for his contributions to healthcare. In 2012 he was chosen by Wilfrid Laurier University as one of the recipients of the 100 Most Exceptional Graduates of the Century for 1912-2012 from among 80 000 students. He also received numerous accolades pertaining to his the various organizations he has been affiliated with over the years including a Champion of Change Award from the chair of the International Alzheimer Society an Outstanding Leadership Award also from the Alzheimer Society an Outstanding Leadership Award from Canada Cares a national organization related to caregivers The Award of Merit from The Brain Injury Association of Canada a Recognition Award for service to psychology from the Psychology Foundation of Canada an Outstanding Volunteer Award given by the Premier of Ontario and an Ontario Medal of Citizenship presented by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. psychology and medicine. He teaches at the University of Waterloo in Optimal Health with his highly regarded and talented colleague Leona Chase who possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in practical techniques to reduce chronic pain. In addition to academic teaching they conduct seminars workshops and lunch-and-learns mentoring and coaching on stress and ways to achieve optimal health from a variety of perspectives. Spending most of my time with students one piece of advice I would impart to them is that not knowing what they want to do is just as important as knowing what they want to do Dan said regarding choosing the right path for one s future. For them deciding on future directions is a process and many believe that if they try something and find out it is not a good fit or fail at it means that they can never succeed. Reframing it for them and reassuring them that this is a normal experience that many go through can help to instill or reclaim their self-confidence. And indeed they look back and see that what they have gone through has a positive side. When Dan was pursuing his master s degree at Wilfrid Laurier University he recalls having met a supervisor by the name of Dr. Eva Phillip. Dr. Phillip is a creative and brilliant psychotherapist who besides being a compassionate individual has a talent for connecting the dots among events and concepts that place things into perspective. Dan says that she was a patient teacher who inspired by example and her wisdom and guidance has stayed with him all these years throughout his professional teaching career. It also helped him realize the importance of being a good mentor not just a teacher to students. Dan also gives credit to one of his school teachers when he was younger that he will never forget Jack Schaffter. He had a way of making history education come alive by using innovative techniques that always kept Dan and his classmates intrigued. I remember the year of the Great Fire of London as 1666 by making the sixes look like the plumes of smoke Dan said. Being interested in politics too certain figures with the gift of expressive rhetoric such as John F. Kennedy or Winston Churchill made me realize the power of communication in reaching people. Admitting that securing a job in teaching at a college or university is much more competitive than ever before even as far back as 10 years ago Dan counts his blessings. Cutbacks and online technologies are making it increasingly difficult to break into the field with each new year. To those currently pursuing a degree in education he recommends choosing an area of expertise that he she really enjoys and finding a mentor at their chosen institution to guide them through the process. Volunteering is also quite helpful. Volunteering at a local organization or agency that has an educational focus will help students focus and learn strategies and techniques that they can apply to teaching. It also helps them become a more well-rounded individual. The lifelong journey of education in one way or another NOW A PROFESSOR at the University of Guelph- Humber an innovative school in Ontario Canada where students receive both a diploma and university degree after four years of study. The University offers seven programs business early childhood family and community social services justice studies kinesiology media studies and psychology. Teaching for the Faculty of Psychology Dan teaches several psychology courses including personality educational social abnormal and thesis. Dan has been part of the University faculty since 2004. Dan is also an adjunct associate professor at Rension University College which is affiliated with the University of Waterloo located in Ontario. Teaching in the areas of Social Development Studies and the School of Social Work Dan has been a part of their faculty since 1998. Lecturing and mentoring students in their careers he has developed curriculum including an innovative course on optimal health. The course considers health from a holistic in-depth perspective that includes biological psychological social economic environmental and even political dimensions to understanding health conditions. The course is based on his studies at the Benson Henry Mind Body Institute which is associated with Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Dan is currently exploring the area of biofeedback and heart rate variability (HRV) as a technique to reduce stress through the coherence of heart rate and breathing to achieve optimum relaxation as well as studying the emerging field of energy has always played either a direct or indirect part in Dan s life. Prior to teaching at the university level Dan served as an executive director of a health education agency that launched a national eating disorder information center at one of the Toronto hospitals. They also held education evenings for the public on a range of topics and made complex information available to the public in understandable terms. DAN HAS BEEN INVOLVED IN NUMEROUS OTHER ORGANIZATIONS throughout his career too. He served While Dan was serving as president of the Ontario Association of Social Workers he had the opportunity to discover what perseverance was all about. While striving to achieve statutory recognition Ontario was unfortunately the only jurisdiction in continental North America without any form of legalized standards in place. All 50 states and nine of 10 provinces had it and people said for various reasons that no initiative would succeed in Ontario. I stuck with it through many ups and downs Dan remembers. Through three changes in government several different ministers and after a long 10 year campaign we still succeeded. Supporting establishments of Fellowships at the Donald K. Johnson Eye Centre at Toronto Western Hospital is also something of great importance to Dan. After his late mother was treated at the Centre under the watchful eyes of an amazing eye surgeon Dr. Allan Slomovic Dan has established these fellowships which are devoted to working with corneal stem cell research and treatment. In fact Dr. Slomovic recently cured a young man who dropped out of the university because of excruciating eye problems that resulted in legal blindness. According to Dan the prognosis was grim but Dr. Slomovic was able to take the stem cells from the cornea of the patient s sister and transplant them into his eye to see again. The breathtaking scope of what stem cell treatments can evoke Dan says is remarkable and progress is happening in several areas such as with the eye and the heart. He is so pleased to be contributing to the advancement necessary for research and treatment. While Dan may consider himself just an ordinary man he is viewed by many as someone doing extraordinary things. Teaching is what he loves and he does it with such great passion. He is a lifelong learner something only an educator can truly appreciate. Contributing to society to create positive change is very significant to him like being active with the Alzheimer s Society or getting involved with the Brain Injury Association. He also never takes for granted all of the blessings he s personally been awarded either. He loves to read mostly topics on history politics psychology medicine health and biographies. He also enjoys travelling going to the movies getting together with friends discovering new restaurants taking continued education courses to keep him sharp and volunteering to benefit causes near and dear to his heart. His talents and interests are endless and his zest for life empowering. as the first executive director of the Alzheimer s Society of Toronto where a key element of the job was explaining and understanding what the disease was and helping people get the assistance that they needed. While in that position Dan led the organization through such growth that the formation of a counselling program resource center support for research family support programs advocacy and public and professional education all began to form. The Alzheimer s Society was also the first society formed anywhere in the world making it that much more extraordinary for him. From 1993-2000 he was the longest serving president of the Ontario Association of Social Workers. During that time he led a province-wide campaign to achieve statutory regulation of the profession which involved working closely with elected officials senior bureaucrats allied health professionals and the media. This campaign lasted for 10 years. From 2010-13 he was the chairman of the Patrons Council of the Alzheimer s Society a group of influential citizens who support the Society monetarily and through opening new doors. He s a past trustee of the Psychology Foundation of Canada an organization known for innovative programs such as Kids Have Stress Too bringing psychology to the public. He s also the co-founder and co-chairman of the Social Work Doctors Colloquium which holds an annual dinner to honor a non-social worker for his or her contributions to Canadian Society with a theme. He also participates as a member of the Harvard Medical School Post Graduate Association for Continuing Education and is a founding member of the Coaching Institute in Boston Massachusetts. Contact Dr. Dan Andreae Professor University of Guelph-Humber Adjunct Associate Professor Rension University College University of Waterloo Waterloo Ontario CAN 416-485-9502 aleonachase I HOPE THAT I SHALL SOMEDAY LEAVE A LEGACY that emphasizes that learning is a lifelong process he said with hope in his heart. To coin a philosopher that wisdom lies in knowing how little we really know we are always at any age and stage able to expand our horizons. Most importantly education can lead to self-awareness which greatly enhances the quality of our lives. Learders Magazine Linda Renee Beckham Retired Educator Wichita Falls TX FOR 28 YEARS LINDA RENEE BECKHAM worked in classrooms of public education. She taught in a variety of different settings including early childhood high school technology resource math and for all subjects in a selfcontained deaf education class. She covered every grade level from parent-infant home-based instruction to high school seniors. Each year brought new assignments and a new set of students and Linda loved every minute of it. I really thrived on being able to help struggling students become active participants in the classroom Linda remembers. I felt a special connection with my students and loved seeing them make progress watch them overcome subjects they struggled with and see how my teaching strategies and methods made a difference in their lives. The more my struggling students progressed and excelled the more I enjoyed teaching. The reason Linda felt a special connection with struggling students was because at the age of 49 just five years shy of retiring she was diagnosed with dyslexia. Looking back Linda always had to study harder than most of her peers to get the same grades and was never able to master even the simplest of spelling rules. She found great empathy for those students who suffered similar learning disabilities and was able to see things from their point of view. Learning techniques that worked for Linda were often the same techniques that worked for her students too. Starting out as a long-term substitute teacher Linda work in elementary junior high and high schools for deaf education teachers in Illinois Wyoming and Colorado. In 1985 Linda started working full-time in Brownwood Texas for Pre-K through 2nd grade students in deaf education self-contained programs and then with mainstream junior and senior high school students with resource math part-time. Moving to Wichita Falls Texas in 1993 Linda spent the next 20 years teaching many grades and subjects in several locations. She started in a preschool program with non-verbal 3- and 4-year-olds before transitioning into an itinerate deaf education teacher role for the next five years covering seven counties across 500 miles each week with up to 17 students weekly in outlying areas. From there she was placed in a junior high self-contained deaf education classroom with just four students. After two years at the junior high Linda decided it was time for a change and she moved into the technology field where she began teaching mainstream TechLab classes. These classes were an overview of many software programs and hands-on learning activities at the junior and senior high levels. After six years teaching in this capacity the district moved Linda back to elementary level to instruct basic math and dyslexic reading methods for the last five years of her career. It was during this teacher-training period that Linda was finally diagnosed with dyslexia. An analytical educator Linda could look at a problem and break it down into steps to solve it. If her first attempt didn t work she would try something else until she found a solution. This was especially helpful with struggling students because she did not give up until she found a method that worked. Linda was often able to watch a child work a problem or try to do something and come up with a strategy that would make the process more successful for them. This learning strategy put Linda in a mentoring role with other teachers fairly frequently. An innate part of who she is Linda has always been passionate about sharing what she knows with others. While teaching she designed a database for the simple purpose of keeping up with paperwork. Before she knew it the entire district was using it. Linda also designed a multiple colorlined gridded paper that she used to help dyslexic students master handwriting. She freely shared it with others knowing that it would make writing so much easier for her students. My success lied in the children that learned to talk read or work math problems because of my effort Linda said happily. For me teaching was not something I needed to be taught or that I had to learn but a part of who I was inherently designed to be. There are some of us who will teach until we die because that is just who we are. Linda earned her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from the University of North Colorado in March 1980 her Master of Arts in Deaf Education in December 1980 and has since earned a Tech Apps Certification and Industrial Tech Certification. She completed several hours towards her PhD but was unable to complete it due to the difficulty she had encountered with the spelling and reading comprehension caused by her dyslexia. There were many teachers during Linda s formal educational years that did not give up on her and was able to see past her undiagnosed learning disability. They saw an intelligent child in spite of the fact that she had given up on herself. Her teachers worked hard to find a way to get through to her even when she was the last student in the class to catch on. Those teachers are Linda s heroes. Looking back she was able to become the supportive effective teacher she always wanted to be and in turn was able to give her students everything she had like creativity effort and insurmountable energy. pianos guitars drums keyboards and CDplayers or computers so the people in the congregation hear just the right blend of sounds at the right volume. She likes to scrapbook read knit crochet sew and do pretty much any other type of handiwork that involves a needle. She was also recently named Woman of the Year for National Association of Professional Women in 2014. Married for 33 years to Walter Neill Beckham they have two daughters Faith and Emily who live in Wichita Falls and Grand Prairie Texas. Linda recently became a grandmother for the first time in July 2014 to a beautiful little girl and she looks forward to showering her with love for many many years. LINDA NOW VOLUNTEERS at her church in the baby nursery. She is also chairman of the Sound Committee a group of 4 to 5 people who oversee all services mixing the input from anywhere up to 32 input devises like microphones Learders Magazine What do you see as the most important aspect of education Reading and math are the most important subjects. If you learn those you can use them to learn many other subjects. are there any special techniques you used to teach math I used a lot of grid paper and erasable colored pencils to help show children where numbers belonged and how they got their answers. Where do you see education heading in the future I see an increased dependence on technology as funds become more and more limited. This will limit teacherstudent interaction and increase teacher-student ratios that is unfortunate for many students. hoW do additional duties affect the moral of teachers hoW do you see this shift to technology taking Additional duties make it difficult to meet individual student needs in that they take up planning time and availability before and after school for teacher student interaction. They also limit parent interaction. place I see an increase in computer-aided instruction. I also see tutorial type programs taking on more of the direct instruction with self-paced activities that move students as mastery is achieved. hoW do you see technology affecting students With special needs Many students with special needs are very attuned to technology and do well with this type of instruction. However other students need the personal attention and instruction of a real person. Each student s needs should be individually assessed and then advocated for by a concerned parent. What advice can you give to a parent Who thinks their child may have a special need Do your research read about the problems you think your child is having and then talk to your teacher with specific examples of the problems and ask what can be done to help. Be sure you are diligent in trying to help with homework every day or make sure someone is if you are not able. hoW can you incorporate music and art into the curriculum Children learn best when many senses are used to learn. This means singing information acting it out drawing or making pictures of what they are learning. This brings music and art together with content and reinforces content at the same time. hoW can We make history a more memorable part of education When children are allowed to participate in historical reenactments they put themselves into the event. What they do they remember so much more than what they memorize or just read. Contact Linda Renee Beckham Retired Educator Wichita Falls TX Why do dyslexic children not learn to read With their peers The pacing of the phonetic instruction is just too fast. They require one sound at a time and must master that sound before they can move on. The classroom often groups similar sounds and introduces them together. Heal thy living has changed my life Veronica M. Donnelly CNHP CNC ND Naturopath Hydrotherapist - Port Huron MI Naturopath Veronica M. Donnelly CNHP CNC ND started her career after her children were grown. She was always interested in healthy living and she recognizes and teaches that good health is certainly a journey. Healthy living has changed my life Veronica admits. I like teaching people how to get well and stay well and I love seeing positive results in others. Veronica teaches that we are all Mind Body and Soul or Holistic. When one is out the other two suffer which is why we need to treat the whole body. There are several different ways that Veronica suggests to do this. First it is important to know your blood type O A B or AB. This encourages people to eat certain foods and avoid others based on their blood type. It is also believed that your blood type also determines your susceptibility to certain illnesses and how you should exercise. Second Veronica stresses the importance of water consumption. Our bodies are made up of 70% water so if you take your body weight and divide that number in half that s how much water you should be drinking per day. For example if you weigh 150 pounds you need to drink 7.5 eight ounce glasses of water. My suggestion when it comes to drinking water is to drink one eight ounce glass of lemon water first thing in the morning using organic lemons or organic juice and steam distilled water Veronica explained. And please please don t use tap water. Wait five minutes or so and drink a second eight ounce glass followed by four ounce glasses throughout the day. At first you will urinate quite often but as your body adjusts to the water intake it will get better. It is also important to find out if you are allergic to anything. Allergies are an abnormal response of the immune system. People who have allergies have an immune system that reacts to a usually harmless substance in the environment or a substance being digested. Veronica suggests keeping a food journal to help track what you eat. Muscle Testing is another holistic practice that Veronica recommends. Muscle testing is a noninvasive way of evaluating the body s imbalances and assessing its needs. It involves testing the body s responses when applying slight pressure to a large muscle to provide information on Learders Magazine energy blockages the functioning of the organs nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities among other things. Veronica also says to add regular chiropractic care. Chiropractors use hands-on spinal manipulation and other alternative treatments. The proper alignment of the body s musculoskeletal structure particularly the spine will enable the body to heal itself without surgery or medication. Being a certified iridologist Veronica sees the eyes as windows into the body s state of health. Iridology is an alternative medicine technique that claims that patterns colors and other characteristics of the iris can be examined to determine information about a patient s systemic health. Practitioners match their observations to iris charts. The chart divides the iris into zones that correspond to specific parts of the human body. Veronica also suggests Colon Therapy because death begins in the colon. Their national website is http and they can also be reached at 210-366-2888. And finally the last and most important thing Veronica recommends is to have faith in God. Self-employed Veronica goes to seminars to stay informed. It s important that she be a good example to family and friends and tries to be friendly helpful and positive when working with others. While some are much more pessimistic and negative than others Veronica does her best to explain that it is our own responsibility to get healthy and that everyone needs to work to be less dependent on medication and other drugs. Veronica holds monthly meetings at her local health food store. She also does food demonstrations featuring a variety of healthy recipes at her house through another business she started called Veronica s Kitchen. She recently became a consultant to Thrive Shelf Life and plans on sharing this through her Veronica s Kitchen website as well. She is also a certified food handler for the Health Department. As a stay-at-home-mom while her children were young Veronica didn t start her career in naturopath until 1990. Under the guidance of Dr. Shasky ND a good friend who happens to be her nearly 90-year-old sister she went back to school. She attended Trinity College of Natural Health becoming a Certified Natural Health Professional in 1998. In 2004 she earned her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine. Finally in 2007 she became certified in iridology. Crossword puzzles and challenging computer games such as Words with Friends are some of the things Veronica enjoys doing on her down time. She helps serve breakfast for the needy every Sunday at a local church which is the highlight of her week. She s also a past health and temperance leader at her church and used to volunteer as a driver for the American Cancer Society. Through prayer and her faith in God Veronica made a positive difference in the corner of her world. She loves Jesus her faith in the Triune God and the Bible. She believes that by helping others she will be helped too. Two key thoughts she tries to live by are 1) It s nice to be important but it s more important to be nice and 2) People don t care what you say or do but how you make them feel. Veronica and her high school sweetheart husband have been married for 59 years. They have seven wonderful children seven precious grandchildren and four sweet great-grandchildren. Four of their children live out of state but they love traveling to visit them. Several of them are in the health field too so Veronica is happy that her legacy will live on. i love life and people have a strong set of christian values and a sense of humor Veronica said. I am a loyal and faithful friend. The caption under my high school picture was Cheerleader and leader of good cheer. Veronica M. Donnelly CNHP CNC ND Naturopath Healthy Solutions Veronica s Kitchen and Hydrotherapist Port Huron MI 810-982-4319 http vmdnd76 Learders Magazine Chiwhei Richard Chou AS A YOUNG BOY CHIWHEI RICHARD CHOU had company s patent lawyer. In 2000 Chiwhei s employer was bought out by a German company. Although he was offered to stay onboard in his position he opted for the one-year severance package instead. Chiwhei then got into the construction business as a general contractor and designer and planned the construction of million dollar homes in New Jersey. When the NASDAQ crashed as a self-proclaimed bull and stubborn fool he lost most of his net worth. Nervous about his finances and the million dollar home market Chiwhei decided to go back to school to get his MBA. He got a job and worked his way back up again eventually getting his net worth back to where it was before the stock euphoria. In 2006 Chiwhei was hired by his current company as engineering manager before being promoted to vicepresident of engineering at DHS Technologies LLC in New York. Founded in 1984 under the name Deployable Hospital Systems (DHS Systems) the company initially specialized in providing quickly deployable lightweight field hospitals. Since then its extensive line of Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelters (DRASH) have become the sheltering system of choice among emergency response agencies and military units around the world. Recently DHS Technologies created a standard mobile power utility trailer for battlefields and was forced to deliver the system to the field an active war zone while they were working in the research and development stage. After the company went through the most stringent testing at a strong curiosity of how things worked. He was amazed to see how rail car automatic couplings functioned and was even more excited when he later learned that they were invented by a Chinese engineer over a hundred years ago. That curiosity coupled with a desire to improve upon it is what ultimately led Chiwhei into the mechanical engineering field and has kept his interest all these years later. As a Chinese immigrant I started with almost nothing and worked hard to achieve the success I have today Chiwhei said about his accomplishments. Earning a decent living with a good reputation in both my professional and social realm I have created value to my family and society with positive net present value that I can pass over to my next generation. A graduate of Mississippi State University Chiwhei earned his Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1980. His first job after college was for NASA Space Shuttle Test Site in Mississippi as a lead mechanical engineer working on energy conservation projects. He saw all five space shuttle engines being tested on a huge test stand and can still remember feeling the earth shake the surrounding buildings two miles away. For the next 14 years Chiwhei held the positions of technology development manager director of engineering and engineering program manager in Texas Colorado New Jersey and New York. During this time he disclosed three product ideas and all three were found patentable by the Aberdeen Test Center they completed it successfully and were awarded a military contract of 340 million for the next five years. The mobile power utility trailer became the Army s system of choice and increased the delivery to total 1 billion plus over seven years. AS CHIEF ENGINEER AT AN EXECUTIVE LEVEL Chiwhei finds that people s problems are usually more challenging than the technology issues. It has been a learning experience for him to pull an effective team cutting through dissonance and getting the best output from everyone on the team. Managing people s ideas is his most important task in product development and it requires decisive execution and persuasion to lead. When under time and budget pressures Chiwhei weighs out his options noting the pros and cons and their consequences. He always chooses to do the right thing first and do it the right way each time. He finds that each crisis will soon disappear things will become manageable again and the problem will usually take care of itself. He has also learned that there are circumstances under his control where he can make a difference and there are also circumstances he cannot control. All he can do is offer advice or try to influence others in the right direction. Chiwhei is licensed as both a professional engineer and research and development project manager. In 2001 he went back to college attended Rutgers University in New Jersey and earned himself a second master s degree this time in business administration. Over the last 15 years Chiwhei has volunteered his time promoting the Chinese Service Center. He has served as a chairman president and treasurer helping second generation immigrants and Americans that want to learn the Chinese language. This also afforded his children to learn to speak read and write in Chinese. Daphne Chiwhei s wife is a real estate sales agent. Their son Frank is a swim coach for the YMCA and works for Starbucks. Connie their daughter attends the University of Maryland as a marketing major. She also co-ops with Unilever for supply chain and marketing consumer products. Regardless of your race cul ture differences situa tion or technical training ever yone has the ability to work hard and crea te success -Chiwhei Richard Chou. He is living proof Contact Chiwhei Richard Chou Vice-President of Engineering DHS Technologies LLC Orangeburg NY 845-499-4357 http rchou Learders Magazine Daniel Dan e. Westervelt JD Core Adjunct Professor National University Greensboro NC WHILE HIS CAREER HISTORY is best described as unconventional Daniel Dan E. Westervelt admits it has also been quite amazing. He has held positions as a stock trader clothing salesman law clerk vice-president for a professional corporation government program designer art salesman professional artist regional and area sales manager professional speaker and author. Now a university professor at National University Dan s vast background has been a canvas of many colors and textures but has one common denominator the successful sharing of ideas with others. I am a student of human behavior and being in sales has given me the opportunity to stand before an ever changing audience my entire career Dan said. I have watched the retail business undergo bone crushing changes as the Baby Boomers were replaced by younger generations of much more tech savvy customers. With professional expertise in sales and marketing Dan s last four years at National University have served him well teaching various courses as an adjunct and now core adjunct professor. He brings a real world set of challenges to all of his students by employing a case study method. He also develops courses for both the bachelor s and master s programs primarily in the sales and marketing areas. Having faced failures both personally and professionally throughout his life Dan has always found that it is less about the failures and more about the information that the failures can provide because it s crucial for personal growth and career progress. While something might be perceived as a failure or as a negative it also holds some valuable insight. The challenge Dan says is to get past the pain of the failure to learn from the hidden lessons that are there. In his case failing the California Bar Exam was a game-changing event. Yet he views it as one of the greatest blessings he was ever given because it pushed him into a different direction entirely. After he failed the Bar Dan spent the next 23 years pursuing a very successful career as a fine artist product designer author and public speaker. Aside from creating and selling thousands of original images he also enjoyed success as a publisher with over 70 images in print. In addition to posters his designs were produced as greeting cards commercial ads rugs fabrics tapestries housewares tableware and hand cut wooden jigsaw puzzles. Dan has appeared as a professional speaker at numerous corporate and trade conventions. He did so while serving as a member of the Speakers Experts and Consultants panel of the prestigious Color Marketing Group the industry group that selects future color palettes. During that time he also served as a contributing editor for Rug News as well as authored two books on color s role in the selling process The 40 (Insider) Secrets of Color Selling and Yes No Maybe So Making Today s Shoppers Into Buyers with Warren Tyler. Warren is known as a member of the National Speaker s Hall of Fame. These books are still available on Amazon and eBay and come in e-book form and 40 Secrets is also available as an audio book directly from Westervelt Fine Art of North Carolina. Pepperdine Law School where he finished in the top 10 of his class. That same year he earned a Lifetime Teaching Credential to teach law at the community college level in the state of California. Dan is a current member of the North County Philanthropic Council of San Diego The Eagle Scout Alumni Association Mensa and his local Greensboro Toastmasters organization. He has served as the national tournament coordinator for the Golf Tournament Association of America and created their professional certification course. He was for several years a proactive fund raiser for numerous charity golf tournaments throughout southern California as well as a volunteer with the Experience Unlimited organization in Irvine California. Having just relocated Dan moved to Greensboro North Carolina with the love of his life Terie and their dog Buddy an English Shepherd. Terie was formerly the HR director for Hampton International Products of Foothill Ranch California. Dan has a daughter Erin who is a registered nurse and the mother of two sons Justin and Collin. Dan is the oldest of three siblings. His brother Derek is an Emmy winning producer for the Ellen Show and sister Tracy is a senior vice-president of First American Title Company. DAN IS GRATEFUL for the years of loyal support for his artwork under the name of Phillip Jaeger. He is likewise very thankful for the support he has received in his many other ventures as well including writing. Gratitude is an emotion that is not expressed frequently enough these days and so I gladly add my voice to any chorus of thanks. If any of my books or art works have brought enjoyment enlightenment or even just a smile then the time that was spent creating them was indeed well worth it Dan proclaimed. Not surprisingly Dan s educational experiences closely resemble his career path. He began his studies at Florida State University where his ongoing misadventures resulted in his flunking out. However he recovered just a year later when he talked his way into the Wharton Business School. He eventually earned his Bachelor s Degree in American Studies at Cal State Fullerton and went on to study law at Contact Daniel Dan E. Westervelt JD Core Adjunct Professor National University Greensboro NC 714-349-3449 http http http dwstrvlt Learders Magazine Deborah Gelson Personal & Group Fitness Trainer Life Wellness Coach Beauty Consultant Parlin NJ FINDING BALANCE BETWEEN MENTAL AND PHYSICAL work is something that Deborah Gelson is a strong believer in. It is especially true for her because she has two careers one during the day in corporate administration and one at night as a fitness trainer and life wellness coach. Raised on a farm with a strict military family Deborah learned at a young age that her father demanded structure within his household. Her upbringing made her strong on the inside and perpetuated strength on the outside. By the time she was 17 she became very fond of weightlifting and training. By 1988 Deborah was presented with an opportunity to teach fitness classes at Spa Lady a ladies-only gym. That was the beginning of what she says led her on a very long journey with a never ending hunger to excel more in this field of work. My perseverance and desire to be so much more still to this day pushes me to higher goals for bigger success she said. I have always been inspired by the passion to perform at the highest level of fitness and the way it made me feel. It s something I feel deep in my heart and soul. Deborah has developed a strong client base over the years by working with people to help them feel better about themselves. In addition to providing training she is also involved with her local YMCA and does group presentations for the public with the facilities upon request to promote group fitness classes. One of the biggest testaments to Deborah s career centers around her passion. She says that you truly have to love what you are doing to be good at it and this is in every job field not just hers. But in order to teach and tell a client to do something with conviction you must be willing and able to do it yourself as well. With a broad range of studies from fashion design to baking Deborah is working on writing a recipe book for those with food allergies. A recreational baker herself Deborah too suffers from food allergies so she hopes to incorporate healthy meals that everyone can enjoy. She is working on the design of fitness clothing accessories and jewelry as well. She already has experience designing gowns dresses suits and other attire and yearns to design workout clothing that is both fashionable and practical. Also focusing on skin and hair care Deborah is doing beauty consulting and marketing of organic and wild-crafted skin and hair products. She personally tested the products which produce the best results without toxicity to reduce aging and she is even incorporating face exercises into her routines to tighten up the facial muscles. Certified in Life Wellness Coaching Personal Fitness Training Kickboxing Advanced Aerobics Slide Step and Cycling through American Aerobic Association International and Piloxing through the Piloxing Academy Deborah began her training back in the 1990 s. She takes annual courses to maintain all of her certifications including CPR and First Aid through the American Red Cross. She s also studied homeopathy herbs and nutrition to be well-rounded in the field and has worked for several well-known exercise facilities earning the experience she needed to go off on her own including several YMCA s Champion Fitness Spa Lady Powerhouse Woodbridge Community Center The Aquatics and Fitness Center and Karate & Fitness Center. Believing that health and fitness is the key to a better life Deborah is dedicated to helping those that share similar goals and she is constantly inspired by them. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing her clients become more health conscience more fit and most of all happier with themselves on the inside and outside. Deborah s career in fitness has been gaining more and more recognition over time. She hopes to expand her business and have it blossom into a full-time career eventually so she no longer needs to juggle two jobs. But no matter how big or small her business she plans to always remain in total control so she can constantly maintain a great rapport with all of her clients. She also has several ideas for future workshops and trainings to assist clients and guests on their road to personal growth in fitness and health as well as a fitness class video including a fitness invention. Deborah has held numerous corporate positions throughout her career including administrative roles a supervisor role overseeing debt collections budgets and telecommunications a corporate administrator position as well as roles in design beauty and sales. Her mom is one of her greatest supporters and always has been throughout this journey of hers. Success however she says can only be measured by how you feel about where you are in life and if what you re doing makes you happy . And to do that you must be able to find balance between mental and physical work because if you can t you will never be able to reach your full potential. I have always been InspIred by the passIon to perform at the hIghest level of fItness and the way It made me feel. somethIng I feel deep In my heart and soul. It s contact Deborah Gelson Personal & Group Fitness Trainer Life Wellness Coach Beauty Conslutant & Marketer NJ debbiespecialty http in debbiespecialty Debra S. W allin Senior Quality Assurance Systems Analyst Wells Fargo Charlotte NC INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND COMPUTERS have been the wave of our future for quite some time now. In the 1970 s Debra S. Wallin remembered hearing that computers would someday put people out of work. So at the age of 10 Debra decided she would enter the computer industry so she would always have a secure and bright career ahead of her. Debra was recruited in 1983 by 1st Source Bank in Indiana. Although she still had one semester left to complete her Associates Degree in Computer Technology at Purdue University she accepted the position and juggled work and school until she earned her degree. Though she only remained in that position just under four years she gained an immense amount of experience that would carry her into the future. I originally started down the path of climbing the corporate ladder but soon I determined that it made more sense to grow my knowledge sideways Debra explained. I worked diligently to increase my breadth of knowledge so that I could do a variety of job functions depending on the needs of the company. It s helped me avoid downsizing and organizational displacements and has kept me from getting burnt out doing the same things over and over. Playing to her strengths Debra enjoys working out details and logically putting ideas and concepts into workable formats that teams can digest and act upon. Because of this her career has blossomed and remains satisfying to her all these years later. Working for Wells Fargo bank since June 1995 in their Charlotte North Carolina location Debra is a Senior Quality Assurance System Analyst who works closely with the business analysts and technical teams to make sure that the applications they build and test actually match the business partners requirements. Making sure they are also creating compliance documentation that proves they are in fact building what was requested and that they ve tested the applications thoroughly prior to implementing them into the production environment is a big part of her job as well. She also reviews test case coverage facilitates test script reviews manages the defect resolution process and creates detailed metrics of every test cycle all the while promoting teamwork and participating on diversity and inclusion teams to raise awareness on cultural competence and strategies for communicating with offshore employees and teammates of different work styles. The Diversity Council of the Carolinas which Debra is an active member of has given her the opportunity to lead discussion groups and attend numerous workshops. She is the president of the Charlotte Chapter of The National Diversity Council of the Carolinas where she offers her talents with organization event ideas networking and event planning and execution. Early in her career Debra was faced with being a young female working in an industry that was dominated mostly by men. For this reason she wasn t always taken seriously. To overcome the dilemma she found that it was best to consistently be the employee that produces results that she could show to her managers. Quickly becoming the go to person and proving to her male co-workers that she had what it took to survive the information technology age she became a self-confident woman and leader later on. While working in several capacities throughout her career the hardest yet was surely in 1995 after Debra s divorce. As a single working parent she decided it would be best to relocate and start anew. Picking up and moving away from everyone she knew with a three-year-old in tow certainly wasn t easy but she had a responsibility to herself and to her daughter. I had to balance the demands of a new position and being the best parent I could be Debra remembers. With no support group I needed to work diligently at my career while also making sure the needs of my daughter were being met. Although Debra s daughter had to attend daycare and preschool in the beginning it made both mom and daughter stronger and more resilient. Debra learned how to multitask at work and at home and she is proud to say that she never missed a single tennis match basketball softball or soccer game game or school presentation. She also continued to excel at work and completed tasks on or ahead of schedule. Debra has excelled at time management and prioritization is extremely organized and always focuses on results. It has all contributed to her improved communication skills and ability to create solid teams based on respect compassion and patience. Recently she served as one of the main contributors to the creation of her company s Technology and Operations Test Methodology including Test Strategy Test Plan Test Results Summary Detailed Test Metrics and Daily Test Execution Progress templates. She has also authored a Defect Management Methodology that was used to help create the Enterprise Defect Management Methodology. She now teaches and mentors others in the step-by-step process needed for quality assurance during a System Development Life Cycle which include peer and team reviews of Requirements Design Test Cases and Defect Resolution. Debra s also authored numerous articles for her business unit s Diversity Newsletter ranging from interviews with disabled employees to reporting on community diversity events and discussing strategies to be more inclusive of everyone they encounter or need to collaborate with in the workplace. Debra comes from a large family with three sisters and three brothers. Three very important elements of her life include fitness nutrition and the outdoors. She s previously coached her daughter s little league teams for several years played softball for 20 years and trained in Tae Kwon Do achieving her third degree black belt in 2005. She s a member of the Women s National Book Association the Society of Children s Book Writers and Illustrators and the Charlotte Writers Group. Though her father and step-father have passed her 83-year-old mom and Debra are very close. Her daughter graduated from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington in May 2013 with a Bachelor s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources. She currently works at Disney World. Contact Debra S. Wallin Senior Quality Assurance Systems Analyst Wells Fargo Charlotte NC http debra.wallin Learders Magazine Publisher CMP Publishing Group LLC Elderberry Publishing Imprint - Okanogan WA eDna siniff ...a child who is shown respect learns to have respect WHILE HELPING A FRIEND WITH HER DYING WISH of publishing her book Edna M. Siniff discovered a job she would love to do for the rest of her life. Another friend of Edna s a production specialist volunteered to sit with Edna a few nights a week to teach her every facet of the book publishing business. Then in 1987 Memories of the Pasque and Prairie by Mary Ames was published. I love reading and seeing new and aspiring authors reach their goals Edna admits about her career in publishing. I enjoy turning a manuscript into a book and discovering new ways to create readers. Edna began her career with the formation of The Country Messenger newspaper in 1986. Due to the need for a local newspaper in her rural community so that local governments could publish legal announcements she and Stephen her future son-in-law started the 12-page weekly newspaper. The small office located above a general store in Marine Minnesota was where it all started. As the circulation and subject matter grew more space was needed. To accommodate those needs Edna relocated her office to her farm home. Her position as owner and publisher had her responsible for every phase of the newspaper. After selling the newspaper she added Harriet Hopkins as a partner and Edna taught her the newsletter business. Harriet continued working for Swift Enterprises Inc. until her death. Swift Enterprises enveloped the graphic design and book publishing business. Edna sold her farm too before relocating to Washington State. Once in Washington Edna and her daughter purchased 40 acres of land approximately 3 000 feet above sea level on the Collville Reservation. She and her daughter s family built homes there with beautiful panoramic views of the Cascade Mountains. Edna s house was built using straw bales and was heated with wood. For several years it was the only home in the Cameron Lake Loop area with high speed wireless internet. While in Washington Edna spent two years as a reporter for Omak-Okanogan County Chronicle. She covered the city of Okanagan the Okanogan school board county government and the irrigation district as well as the tribal government in Nespelem. The two years following she became production manager and writer for Okanogan Times a short lived alterative newspaper in the Okanogan Valley. Today Edna attributes her success as a publisher to the knowledge of the printing and publishing business she learned so long ago. She has continuously studied all the facets of advanced software and the changing publishing business. Her love of people and their stories and her endless interest in history keep her motivated. Edna continued the publishing business in Washington State and changed Swift Enterprises back to Country Messenger Press. We the People The Federalist Papers in Today s World was published under Country Messenger Press imprint in 2001. And in 2004 the Country Messenger Press was reorganized and renamed Country Messenger Press Publishing Group LLC with new partners. In 2007 Edna sold her mountain home and moved back to Minnesota. There she volunteered in a second grade classroom teaching students the elements needed to write a book. Three books China Adventures A Journey to Madagascar and Our Day in Australia were the end result of her three-year volunteer classroom teaching experiences. Edna also began the Elder Writing Project at the White Bear YMCA. Three books have been published from that group and many participants are writing and gathering photos to pass on to their children and grandchildren. At present Edna s role at Country Messenger Press Publishing Group is meeting with potential authors and working with them to develop their product. She shares her knowledge within the company to help find new ways to hold readers interest. A major component of publishing today is to foster the creative nature of the business while developing innovative new products. So that Country Messenger Press Publishing Group stays innovative and creative Edna and her partners have developed EWFMarketing and a platform CafeRenew which leverages forward thinking technology and internet marketing strategies to monetize the at-home artist author musician or digital content creator. Through CafeRenew s membership site the partners are able to promote creative works maintain inventory process transactions on the internet and send orders to the creator for fulfillment. This model does not rely on any single magic bullet but rather is the brainchild of a whole team of creative people. Years of research into the struggles that artists have selling their goods and a plethora of unique mixtures between technology and marketing know-how make CafeRenew the optimum resource for the future. Edna graduated with a BA from Michigan State University in 1959. She completed advanced studies in the teaching of reading and how people read. She has and continues to volunteer her time to many different organizations. Currently she is working at the Minnesota Twins games to generate funds for youth service projects. She also volunteers and mentors physically challenged persons. Not being able to ignore injustice or abuse of power Edna has participated in efforts to cause change locally and nationally. As a 10-year-old she remembers refusing to leave her desk until someone acknowledged the fact that her Seminole friends couldn t attend public school in Florida. After college she spoke against segregation of schools at a teacher s convention in Biloxi Mississippi. She even served as a legal advocate for battered women during the early 1970s. And as a farmer Edna stood with other small farmers at the state capitol and lobbied for change in Washington DC. Every person has value. A child who is shown respect learns to have respect Edna stated. Encourage the positive live with love and walk each day as if Jesus is at your side. Edna was married for 31 years. She has three daughters L. Cathleen Darley Sherri Clysdale and Nancy Parson. Contact Edna M. Siniff Publisher CMP Publishing Group LLC and Elderberry Publishing Imprint Okanogan WA http edna Every person has value. A child who is shown respect learns to have respect Learders Magazine James L. Haluck upper school science instructor boys latin school of maryland baltimore md WHEN JAMES L. HALUCK WAS A KID his little brother suffered an accident that triggered learning difficulties during his preschool years. James being the loving brother that he was wanted to help so he began tutoring him to keep him from getting too far behind in school. Not only did he improve but James also found great satisfaction in helping his brother learn. Meanwhile James quickly took a liking to the sciences while he advanced into his high school years. He had the opportunity of obtaining a Chemical Technology Certificate from Forbes Technical School before graduating and went on to study chemistry in college earning a BS in Chemical Education from California State University followed by a master s equivalency through the Maryland Department of Education three years later. The profession of education requires knowledge of your subject matter but more importantly it requires social interaction with a diverse group of children James said. A sense of humor and patience combined with a positive outlook are essential but you cannot expect your salary to represent success. James realized over the years that students need more models than critics. As an instructor you must be able to hold yourself to the standards set for your students. Each day is a learning experience for the teacher as well noting that teachers always have an opportunity to interact with interesting young people of diverse interests talents and personalities. Yet many of James s challenges have had little to do with the students. External issues such as budget cuts integration heavy student loads and school system restraints like a limited time for content development or insufficient resources were always his biggest gripes. Teaching at an all-boys private school James teaches chemistry honors chemistry physics advanced placement chemistry and honors forensic sciences. He plans delivers and assesses daily lessons for upper school students and is responsible for providing experiences for young men to develop a complex understanding of their world at an atomic and molecular level. I like to provide experiences in the application of science concepts in the real world James said about his teaching style. Most of these experiences are highly interactive lab investigations or projects. MAKING LEARNING FUN NEVER GETS OLD regardless of how old your students are. But more importantly James hopes that he s able to inspire his students to enter scientific fields after they graduate and contribute to society in a way that will positively shape the field long after his existence. Prior to teaching at the Boys Latin School of Maryland James was a 2006 retiree of the Anne Arundel County public school system in Maryland. He taught for thirty-three years in the public sector. He s also had the pleasure of serving as athletic coach athletic director science department chair and in various committee memberships. Though he lost his wife in 2010 James does enjoy spending every spare moment with his three children six grandchildren and his great-grand child. When he s with them he gets to teach them about life something far more important than any school subject. i like to proviDe experiences in the application of science concepts in the real WorlD Contact James L. Haluck Upper School Science Instructor Boys Latin School of Maryland Baltimore MD 410-377-5192 jhaluck Learders Magazine Evangelist Jan F. Whitaker program specialist & social Worker louisiana healthcare connections shreveport la EVANGELIST AND BESTSELLING AUTHOR Jan F. Whitaker strives to make people s lives better. As a social worker at Louisiana Healthcare Connections it is her job to evaluate the needs of their members. Her assessment provides information for primary care physicians and specialists. She also determines whether they need basics like food housing clothing dental transportation or any other medical or social needs. God spoke to me and told me I would be working in a profession that helps others Jan explains. I get much joy and satisfaction from being able to help others become the best they can be and what God would have them to be. Jan is also the owner president of Jan s Book Writing Services and is a bestselling author. She has written three books since she started in 2005. How I Got Over was a bestseller and was number nine in the nation for paperbacks in 2010. SHHH Are You Listening and her most recent Revitalizing Inspirational Thought Conditioners can be found on Jan s writings are based on her life experiences. She dropped out of college at 19-years-old to get married. She left her home of loving parents and seven siblings to go to an abusive and violent one. For the next 20 years she stayed in a marriage filled with lies and deception. With God as her strength at 39 she took her four young boys with just the clothes on their backs and left. Through her faith in God she was able to start over take care of her children and put herself through college. She earned her Bachelors and Masters of Science and a Masters of Social Work at Grambling State University. Years later she went back and earned her Masters of Christian Counseling at Greenwood Acres Christian College. The road was not easy but she trusted God and He helped her every step of the way. It is because of what Jan and her family went through that she feels compelled to help others now. If you can believe it in your heart you can achieve it Jan believes. Never allow anyone to define who you are. And never give up on your dreams. Today Jan lives in Bossier City Louisiana. Her sons Roderick Cameron Korey (and formerly Jeremy now deceased) and her six grandchildren also live in Louisiana. In her spare time Jan loves to volunteer her time attend sporting events and spend time with her family and three best friends of 30 plus years Juanita Lisa and Joyce. She also hosts a weekly radio show Success Through Action UpClose and Personal and is a member of Greenwood Acres Full Gospel B.C. in Shreveport Louisiana under Bishop Fred A. Caldwell Sr. who serves as pastor and teacher. if you can believe it in your heart you can achieve it Contact Evangelist Jan F. Whitaker Program Specialist & Social Worker Louisiana Healthcare Connections Shreveport LA 318-518-4996 http Learders Magazine Jarvis Gene E. Saunders founder chief executive officer project lifesaver international port saint lucie fl BECOMING A POLICE OFFER IN 1968 with the Chesapeake Virginia Police Department Jarvis Gene E. Saunders served in every command including narcotics patrol investigations and training and communications all while working his way up to captain. He established the Special Operations (Special Weapons and Tactics Unit) which was also in charge of Search and Rescue operations serving as its commander for 23 years. In 1992 this function was transferred to the Sheriff s Office and Gene went along as a volunteer commander of the unit. Most of the searches they conducted were for Alzheimer s patients but sadly their rescue record was not very good. I had the idea that we could improve our efforts on locating missing Alzheimer s patients if we could supply them with a radio tracking bracelet that could be accessed should they become missing Gene said after learning of the idea in 1997 thanks to a brochure the sheriff had sent him regarding radio tracking of wildlife. After contacting the manufacturer I visited a local hospital foundation that after several tries agreed to fund a pilot program. The program ended up being so successful that other agencies began contacting me so it could be implemented in their area too. Founded in April 1998 and serving as founder and CEO Project Lifesaver International has been serving a good and necessary purpose in protecting not only Alzheimer s patients but all those at risk giving families some sense of security. The one-of-a-kind non-profit organization helps adults and children of all ages including those suffering with autism Down syndrome dementia and other cognitive conditions. Located in Port Saint Lucie Florida and Chesapeake Virginia the organization works hand-in-hand with trained public safety agencies with a primary mission of providing a timely response to save lives while also reducing injury. Gene has served as the organization s CEO since inception 15 years ago. He oversees daily operations develops budgets strategies and new products for use in the program oversees the development and implementation of training and certification programs for member agencies conducts training classes and gives presentations and lectures on searching for missing adults and children with cognitive disorders. He serves on several boards involved with Alzheimer s Autism and other disorders and frequently serves as a consultant to organizations with those involvements. He also works with manufacturers in the development of new technology for locating missing persons. It s extremely gratifying to read the after action reports of someone being rescued and returned home safely to their loved ones due to our program Gene said. The biggest lessons I ve learned though is to surround myself with good people I can trust keep my eye on the target and never let anyone or anything deter me from my goal no matter how rough it gets. While many had told him that they didn t believe his idea would work Gene pushed forward because he believed in it. One of the toughest obstacles was when for-profit companies continuously tried to push him out of the picture because they saw a great market for his product. Seeing right through their agenda after partnering up with a few of them Gene quickly severed ties because profiting was never his motive. Project Lifesaver s goal was always and is always to protect those who need it deserve it and perhaps cannot afford it. Project Lifesaver does not have celebrities speaking on their behalf to entice donors nor do they have a glamorous appeal of doctors doing research for a cure. They don t throw lavish parties with notables attending either. That s just not what they re about. Gene graduated from Norview High School in Norfolk Virginia in 1963. He served in the US National Guard from 1963-66 and again from 1967-69 attended Old Dominion University in general studies and graduated from the Southern Police Institute-University of Louisville in police administration in 1968. He worked as an assistant manager for the Airport Motor Inn in Norfolk Virginia from 1964-65 as a professional musician from 1960-64 as a meter reader for Virginia Power Company from 1965-66 and as a credit manager with American Finance from 1966-68 before entering the police force in 1968. Throughout Gene s career he earned numerous certifications including police instructor-general pursuit and emergency driving instructor firearms instructor master special operator freefall parachutist master helicopter flight officer master electronic search specialist airborne electronic search specialist and electronic search specialist instructor (airborne). He s also the recipient of numerous awards including a Legion of Honor award and three Silver Star for Valor awards both from American Police Hall of Fame a Local Hero Award from Bank of America and a Leadership Award from Chesapeake Virginia Police Department. CURRENTLY ON THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS for the Alzheimer s Global Initiative Organization Gene is also an active member of Pilot International National Sheriff s Association UTD SEAL Association National SEAL Museum and International Association Chiefs of Police. He previously served on the board of directors for the Alzheimer s Foundation of America for eight years and was also on the International Chiefs of Police Alzheimer s Initiative Committee. Though Gene has been able to dedicate himself full-time to Project Lifesaver since retirement on the force in 2001 he s also had more time to dedicate to his wonderful family. Married to his wife Jean for 37 years and sharing four sons and eight grandchildren every day spent with family is a blessing. Gene and Jean also enjoy travelling sightseeing and just enjoying everything that life has to offer. After spending most of my life in law enforcement and special operations I entered a completely different type of business for which there was no one that had come before. I had to learn as I went and develop the organization in the same manner. I was able to do this and continue to do so. If I can do what I did anyone with a vision that is worthwhile can do the same Gene said. I just hope that my efforts made a difference and that my blueprints for others to follow will continue to assist those in need in the future. Contact Jarvis Gene E. Saunders Founder Chief Executive Officer Project Lifesaver International Port Saint Lucie FL 772-446-1273 757-546-5502 http saunders Learders Magazine John JP Smith consultant - smith ent llc - honolulu hi BEING WORLDLY WELL-ROUNDED AND EXPERIENCED in many different fields is the secret to withstanding a successful fulfilling career in consulting. John JP Smith has spent his entire professional career building up to what he now calls Smith Enterprise his small consulting firm based out of Honolulu Hawaii that provides consulting work in matters of business government health and education to name a few. While there are many consulting firms throughout the United States JP s firm is unique and is founded on several principles that set him apart from all the rest. I wanted to help people by providing a business service that was only previously afforded to larger businesses JP said. I believe that the more people and businesses are doing well in this country and the world the healthier our society will be overall. Serving the community by providing services to both organizations and individuals alike JP s firm offers much lower rates than most consulting firms. Dealing primarily with the US and Asia JP is bilingual in English and Japanese and can provide written translation services in dozens of international languages. Although he utilizes support services from time to time which can include clerical and research work from other organizations or individuals JP primarily does most of his own work himself. This is especially true when it comes to his correspondence because he wants to always ensure the security of the information for each and every client. JP also prides himself on providing free services to nonprofit organizations that cannot afford the pricy services of corporate style consulting firms. He makes himself available to local charitable events often and offers an ability to pay option allowing those in need to pay what they can afford. Some of the not-for-profit organizations he has worked with have included the Hawaii Kidney Foundation Hawaii Cancer Research and the Hawaii State Department of Human Services. JP s career officially started when he decided to serve his country in the United States Air Force. From 1979 to 1984 his active duty classification was missile officer with a job description on base as a special projects officer. After being honorably discharged after just five years he began working as a civilian. He first worked in retail as an assistant to the president for the Ritz department stores buying merchandise conducting quality control and advising the president as to how all the different departments were functioning. But by late 1985 JP had decided to go in a different direction pursuing a career in government yet again. But this time he would work for the Honolulu Metropolitan Police Department as a police officer. As part of a street crime unit JP worked as an undercover cop for a year collecting intelligence on the cocaine business in Hawaii as well as operations concerned with curtailing the sale of military weapons to civilians on the island of Oahu. However by 1988 he realized that due to safety concerns of himself and his family it would be in his best interest to leave the force altogether. JP spent the next 10 years in sales of insurance and insurance investigations before taking a position at the Honolulu Youth Correctional Facility a maximum security youth center as a youth corrections officer. He remained at the youth facility for seven years before deciding that it was time for him to get back to serving the community and less fortunate. This was when Smith Enterprise was formed. It was 2008. In my current profession I willingly help those regardless of the compensation that is given JP said about being a consultant. As with any job I was prepared to start out at the bottom in order to progress. All major companies have made horrendous mistakes in the beginning of their businesses. It is not necessary to make huge mistakes but the likelihood is very high that one might make a lot of small mistakes. When all is said and done however it is all about the power of cooperation because as JP would put it cooperation has taken over competition no matter the circumstance business or personal. Currently JP holds a Bachelor s of Business Administration from the University of Southern California with a double emphasis in marketing and management which he earned in 1983. He is the recipient of a 1985 Off-Duty Pistol Competition Award and was also named Top Rifle Marksman while in his Honolulu police academy class. At the young age of 12 JP was certified by the Korea Tae Kwon Do Ji Do Kwon Association the Black Belt First Dan which is one level above a regular black belt. When JP isn t buried in his work he likes to spend his time working out at the gym and enjoying an occasional swim session at the beach which he says keeps his head clear and his body healthy . He also likes to volunteer with Common Cause Hawaii whose motto is Keeping Big Business in its Place . The non-partisan grassroots organization is dedicated to creating an open honest and accountable government that serves the public interest and empowers everyday people to make their voices heard in the political process. For almost five years now JP has been working tirelessly to make the community a better place through his consulting firm Smith Enterprise one client at a time. The single father of a teenage daughter JP lost his wife to leukemia in July 2002. He takes each day one day at a time and never takes a single day for granted. He is thankful for every opportunity he has been given and is looking forward to many more years in the industry. at the enD of the Day you have to Do What you feel is right for your community anD this WorlD Wealth anD other reWarDs only give temporary satisfaction. Jp saiD. if one Does not enJoy anD feel fulfilleD about Contact John JP Smith Consultant Smith Ent. LLC Honolulu HI 808-554-2446 http smith33 What he or she Does for a living then they neeD to finD something else to Do. Learders Magazine Lorrie Suenram Servati Author Administrator Advocate - Oklahoma City OK A s a parent of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Lorrie Suenram Servati s most important job has been and will always be to advocate on her son s behalf. In the spring of 2008 Lorrie s youngest boy Nathan who was almost 5-years-old at the time was diagnosed with autism. It was at that point that Lorrie began her adventure advocating for Nathan and eventually for all children with ASDs. When my son was diagnosed with autism there was no turning back. I am his advocate for as long as I am his mother Lorrie said about the continued advocacy she does in support of her son. In fact my son is what motivates me and keeps me constantly thinking outside the box to find ways to help him accomplish his goals and become the wonderful man that I know he will be when he grows up. Lorrie has learned so much about herself in the last six years since her son was diagnosed with autism helping her to identify with most of the challenges that Nathan has faced and will face in the future. Some of those challenges include having extensive difficulty with the basic social behavior that comes easily to most neurotypical (NT) children when interacting with others difficulty in being able to tell the difference between literal and figurative speech and being bullied by peers in the school classroom on the playground and within the neighborhood. Having experienced these unfortunate situations firsthand Lorrie is the perfect person to advocate for him while also teaching him how to advocate for himself. Lorrie started her own blog Nathan s Voice three years ago. As author and administrator of the website she has documented her son s progress since his autism diagnosis. She has since added resources features guest posts by other bloggers and offers information on how everyone can advocate for those loved ones whom have ASDs. Although her son has high-functioning autism (HFA) she is always willing to become more knowledgeable about how autism affects other families on various other levels on the spectrum. In support of Autism Awareness Month in April Lorrie contributes as an annual guest writer for the Our Parenting Spot online parenting community. She is also a quarterly contributor for Special Happens a wonderful online collaboration of various articles written by talented authors to help special needs families. Lorrie s family team Nathan s Voice hands out goodie bags to service providers in the local community to promote autism awareness as well. Lorrie is also involved with a local non-profit organization that offers a unique type of support to families across the state of Oklahoma. They have recently launched a campaign called Think Differently which will help everyone to understand Autism better. Its concept is similar to the social media site Pinterest but specifically features articles phrases and heartfelt stories that are written by families friends supporters and of course individuals with autism. In 2012 Lorrie was designated as an AutismOKC. org support group leader where she helps to provide families with answers to questions whenever they are in need of assistance support and resources to help their families. She coordinates the monthly support group meetings publishes the monthly newsletter volunteers as a monitor for the closed and secure Facebook parent social media group and has started an annual Christmas Store hosted by her own family team Nathan s Voice for these special children to be able to shop for gifts to give their siblings (who can also participate) parents friends and other family members in a more comfortable and less overwhelming environment. In the fall of 2013 Lorrie became the new coordinator for the Easter Seals Oklahoma Sibshops. Many great organizations such as Sooner Success OU Children s Hospital and Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council have partnered to make it possible to offer these Sibshop sessions to families in the Oklahoma City area. Lorrie volunteers her time by helping each of the families with the registration process on the day of the scheduled Sibshop session and gets the word out about the surrounding Sibshops that are available to families in the social media by way of emails Facebook Twitter and word of mouth. When Lorrie isn t advocating or volunteering for the cause she is working at a middle school as a personal assistant in the Oklahoma City Public Schools Special Education Department. She started working for the district in 2010 as a special education substitute teacher. Her own son Nathan is looking forward to attending the middle school where his mother currently works next year. Every day is a new day and one should never let anything discourage them no matter how difficult a day week or month they are experiencing Lorrie suggested to those supporting an individual living with autism. It is extremely important to stand strong because these children and adults need to know that we are there to guide and support them ultimately promoting a ThinkDifferently way of how society interacts with them. When working to help a child or adult with autism it is necessary to have unlimited patience plenty of time to listen to what he or she has to say and the desire to make a difference in their life. Lorrie s goal is to help the society in which we live to think differently creating worldwide autism awareness understanding and acceptance for individuals and families that have been affected by ASD. When Lorrie has free time she loves to connect with her friends and makes it a priority to spend as much time as she can with her family. She and her extremely supportive husband of 13 years have two boys together a 12-year-old who is on the school s robotic team and 11-year-old Nathan who is continually making progress celebrating his life of autism and is always thinking differently about everything around him. Lorrie also has a son and daughter from her first marriage and two energetic grandchildren with whom she loves spending time with every chance she gets. More recently Lorrie has embarked on an adventure of her own making. She has just returned to college and has taken on a journey to acquire her teaching certificate in special education. It is extremely exciting for her and she knows that it will take a little longer to accomplish this goal especially since she is currently working full-time and still caring for her young family. Lorrie has been told by several individuals that she will make an awesome teacher but more importantly it will most likely be the most rewarding job that she has ever had outside of being a mom to her four children of course. Learders Magazine Michael J. Schmitz Retired Disaster Solutions Specialist - South Bend WA Michael J. Schmitz completed the first part of high school at Allen Park Junior and Senior High School in Michigan and the latter half at Stranahan High School in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Michael a Florida varsity tennis letter holder at the time quit high school half way through his senior year but he never let it stop him from educating himself throughout his lifetime in science and disaster solutions relating to the weather. Now a retiree residing in South Bend Washington Michael spent much of his life in the Fort Lauderdale area. As a longtime resident of the state of Florida one lives through and endures a lot of bad weather particularly hurricanes. With a strong interest in the study of what makes a hurricane tick he began to study the science behind them and wondered how he could prevent hurricanes from touching land. he tried one more time sending his proposal to Governor Chris Christi of New Jersey on the eve of Hurricane Earl in August 2010. According to Michael Governor Christi adhered to his advice went out and purchased what was needed and implemented his instructions overnight. The next day the governor had pushed Hurricane Earl back out to sea destroying it as a hurricane and turning it into a tropical storm instead. One week later it had built itself back up to a category-one hurricane so Michael had sent his solution to the Canadian Government where the storm was then picking up speed. Michael s hobby of studying weather patterns and coming up with solutions is something that he thoroughly enjoys. By researching certain patterns of specific weather conditions or subjects as he calls them as much as he can Michael then comes up with a plan of attack to destroy each. In addition to studying natural disasters Michael is also very much interested in stamping out global warming. Thinking back to 2008 while watching the news on television about forest fires he remembers watching the smoke just separate into nothingness. After much research and experimentation he was able to prove how this process can be forced by man to happen at just about 70 feet above ground. By doing this it would rule out the ozone being blocked he said proving that nature protects Earth from all non-solids and as a result the environment has nothing to do with global warming. I FIGURED IT ALL OUT Michael said remembering a particular event. I once researched the exact movement of a hurricane and a friend years ago put it on a computer to see if it was actually feasible. It was not only possible but it actually pushed one back out to sea. Then at a certain point it destroyed the hurricane by turning the 100 to 200 miles per hour winds into itself. Then it was history. In 1999 Michael sent a proposal to President Bill Clinton when he was in office then to President George Bush and all the governors from Texas to Connecticut in 2000 but none of them were interested in his hurricane theories. So finally Another one of Michael s ideas include the study of earthquakes and tsunamis. Figuring out that if he took all the seismic labs readings on the last eight big earthquakes both for direction and depth where they came from it would help to find the source. After pinpointing it to New Zealand he realized that earthquakes need a solid to move through similarly to tsunamis. Michael sent proposals in 2007 to Ban Ki Moon the eighth and current secretary-general of the United Nations in an effort to help prevent the occurrences of tsunamis from forming in the state of New York but unfortunately they went on deaf ears. It was during that time that New Yorkers were raising concerns about the possibility of these natural disasters from happening locally and were looking for preventative measures to take. From 1999 to 2012 he sent his tsunami solutions out worldwide to help others. THE STUDY OF NATURAL DISASTERS CAN INCLUDE ANYTHING from a hurricane tsunami earthquake tornado flood or volcanic eruption. Natural disasters leave people dead injured homeless jobless depressed and more. While some areas are more vulnerable to natural disasters such as California is to earthquakes and Florida is to hurricanes man does not often enough give credit to those who not only study the patterns that take place prior to or during a disaster but those that often risk their lives in order to save others. In 2012 there were 905 natural catastrophes 93% of which were weather-related disasters resulting in almost 200 billion in damages and 70 billion in insured losses. I have solutions for everyone on this earth for their protection Michael said with confidence who knows he needs to continue pressing the issues at hand and be adamant about making change. Michael is one of four siblings. He has two sisters and a brother. His brother lives in Raymond Washington. Michael spent 23 years working for The Boeing Airplane Company in Washington and is a current member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1950 located in Enumclaw Washington. Contact Michael J. Schmitz Retired Disaster Solutions Consultant South Bend WA 360-875-4173 Learders Magazine michael koWalski President South Coast Autos - Houston TX Mechanic Michael Kowalski has always liked to tinker and fix things. At the age of 13 he installed an automatic garage door opener by himself while his father and grandfather were in the house reading the instructions. He then spent 22 years as a General Motors automotive technician and today is the president of South Coast Autos a pre-owned car dealership in Houston Texas. There is a certain satisfaction in facing a mechanical problem and correcting it Michael explains. I could never do a job that involves moving papers around and being involved in some sort of mental gymnastics no matter how profitable. At the end of the day I need to be able to say When I came in this morning something was broken and now it s fixed . In 2010 Michael opened South Cost Autos. His niche is finding showroom quality automobiles and selling them at a competitive price. To keep them out of harsh weather he keeps his collection of top-quality cars in a 15 000 square foot warehouse. Although Michael is the owner the company is small enough that he gets plenty of hands-on activity. He certainly oversees the mechanics function but spends most of his time evaluating which vehicles to buy and how to sell them. Although these activities aren t as enjoyable as solving a complex mechanical problem Michael knows they are critical to the success of the business. On any given day you ll find Michael monitoring online auctions signing for parts deliveries processing loan applications at his desk and helping his mechanic. He often works 10-hour days six days a week. His approach of putting some elbow grease into his work is the key to the business running at capacity. Michael s expertise as a master mechanic translates into honest and dependable evaluations of all the cars. His tell it like it is sales approach is appreciated by all his clients. They also appreciate his thorough knowledge of cars and honest approach of talking about exactly what he knows about the pre-owned vehicles in his inventory. After working on cars for so long he knows them inside and out. He is more than happy to discuss specific cars in detail is very real and doesn t use a whole lot of fluff talk to fill in the gaps that less experienced sales people might tend to rely upon. Most of the customers who buy from South Coast Autos are car enthusiasts and are generally looking for a specific make and model. Most people find Michael s dealership online and through word of mouth from previous satisfied customers. He has a virtual storefront and sells cars online by providing relevant detailed information along with a lot of photographs of the cars inside and out. Michael attributes his success to attention to detail combined with a sense of urgency. He has seen a lot of very smart and capable people fail because they fall short in these two areas. Michael has seen a lot of changes in the automotive business over the last two decades. The diagnostic systems now endemic to the industry seems to be like a very different world when compared to the 80 s or early 90 s. Success today demands a total familiarity and comfort with the electronics both in every vehicle and the external analysis equipment critical in almost every vehicle project. It is no longer enough to be able to recognize the mechanical components and know what to do with them. Originally from Rochester New York Michael loves to golf and fish for salmon in Lake Ontario. He tries to visit his old town at least one long weekend a year to fish. Most years he tries to time his trips during the Spring Derby which he loves to participate in. Michael was married for 20 years before divorcing in 2009. He has two children Daniel 28 and Kayla 22. Today Michael is engaged to fianc Robin. Son Daniel moved to Houston Texas in 2005 when he started his own car detail business. Being an outgoing person with a wide circle of friends it didn t take long for this to translate into networking relationships with other up-and-coming young adults involved in the automotive industry. With his love and passion for great cars combined with his knowledge of mechanics and his ability to read market trends calculate and make buying decisions quickly Daniel has become a great used car buyer. He started buying in 2008 and after a short while convinced his father to move from Rochester to Houston to open South Coast Autos. Daughter Kayla was born and raised loving all things outdoors. She had her first English horse riding lesson at the age of seven and fell in love. She started entering hunter jumper shows right away was cleaning stalls by the time she was 10 and adopted her first horse at 16. At 18 she starting working for Finger Lakes Race Track in Farmington New York. Today Kayla is a professional exercise rider in the Texas thoroughbred racing circuit. I strive to be a stand-up hardworking family man and good neighbor. Bottom line I try to be a great role model of integrity and success for my kids. Contact Michael Kowalski President South Coast Autos Houston TX 832-767-6912 http http http user scautostx michael Learders Magazine Paul Troy Senior Vice-President MasTec Network Solutions Atlantic Market - Cary NC LEADING BY EXAMPLE and adapting to his environment director and vice-president of support operations all of which have led up to today s role. When Paul was hired to work as the senior VP with MasTec in 2010 it quickly became his responsibility to oversee multiple markets and offices by ensuring that they are process driven to identify the gaps and update the process. Coupled with continuous training Paul is in charge of North Carolina South Carolina Tennessee Kentucky Virginia West Virginia Washington DC Maryland and Pennsylvania all which make up the Atlantic Market. Overseeing all phases of projects from inception through post completion he is also accountable for the P&L of the entire market. His specialties include revenue generation contract negotiations multi-site management supply chain strategic planning and systems application engineering and is recognized by his peers as a true leader and problem solver. The field of telecommunications forces me to continually strengthen my base learning in all the different areas of telecom such as wireline optical wireless transport and microwave Paul said about how the industry pushes him every day to be the absolute best he can be. Constantly kept on his toes Paul also admits that he will forever be obliged to deal with demanding customers at every turn. They have not only been critical to his success but they have also taught him how to deal with a variety of situations on a daily basis. But dealing with customers demands aren t the only tough aspects of the job that Paul must tackle. Being in a position that puts him at the forefront of company demands as well he has everyday stressors that require not only patience but thick skin and a very strong sense of self. He has also learned over the years that the biggest secret to being good at what he does is in positioning himself in the top 10% of his at any given time are what Paul Troy contributes to the respect he s garnished from peers executives and subordinates in a field that has him constantly challenged. As senior vicepresident for MasTec Network Solutions Atlantic Market a wireless telecommunications company based out of Coral Gables Florida Paul has learned single-handedly that hard work and honesty really do pay off. My father is really the person who provided the inspiration and ethics for me to succeed Paul admits. And there have also been several mentors both past and current that continue to help me grow like Rick Suarez our group president Oscar Primellas our chief operating officer and John Vento our executive vice-president which is who I directly report to. Looking at his career as a journey a stepping stone to what s ahead Paul always tries to learn as much as he can to strengthen his knowledge in the field so that he can continue to grow while he climbs the corporate ladder. He doesn t believe in always looking for a promotion however but rather the experience and know-how that is so vital in order to do so. Paul got his first start in the military. Having served as an electrician for four years in the US Air Force followed by three years in the US Marine Corp he landed his first civilian job in 1987 with Northern Telecom in the field operations department. He went on to work for Nortel Networks Ltd. General Fiber Communications Inc. Goodman Networks Inc. and was even self-employed as an executive consultant for over three years before landing his present position with MasTec. He s worked as a quality manager model engineering manager of process and training senior manager of engineering and quality senior operations director vice-president executive consultant regional peers. By doing this he feels that he will not only continue to stand out but he will always remain employed. The National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center has also been a key component in Paul s keeping in step with his constantly evolving field and overall development. He has completed a 10- and 30-hour OSHA certification training is a certified ComTrain climber certified ComTrain Climber for the non-climber and is certified in RFR safety adult child and infant CPR emergency first aid cognitive AED skills basic concepts for Weapons of Mass Destruction incidents WMB terrorism awareness for emergency responders public works WMB basic concepts is a certified quality manager and has taken numerous courses including Consortium for Supplier Training and Instructional Techniques Workshop. Paul earned his Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Corporate Communication from Duquesne University in 2004. During his college years he was a member of Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society and Gold Key International Honor Society. He is now an active member of the Carolina Wireless Association and American Society of Quality a past member of the American Society of Training and Development and the American Legion and has previously served as a board member with Eris Technologies. a wonderful and well-balanced work life for Paul. BELIEVING IN GIVING BACK TO HIS COMMUNITY it all started for Paul upon exiting the Air Force as a senior airman and the Marine Corp as a staff sergeant. He enjoys volunteering with organizations that represent matters that he believes in such as Habitat for Humanity Toys for Tots Central Carolina Food Bank and United Way. Hoping to continue leading by example for many more years to come it s Paul s wish to continue providing a strong sense of stability values and integrity within his own family as well. Married to wife Anne for 30 years together they have raised two beautiful children Joshua and Jessica. Joshua 29 is working in Durham North Carolina as a site acquisition specialist. Jessica 28 works in the same city as dad in Cary North Carolina as a corporate counsel. They are a close-knit family who believe in family first making for Contact Paul Troy Senior Vice-President MasTec Network Solutions Atlantic Market Cary NC 919-674-5831 http paul.troy Learders Magazine Richard W. Taylor president global capital advisors llc president m&a consultants ltd. milWaukee Wi THE DREAM OF BECOMING A PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL PLAYER wasn t that far-fetched for Richard W. Taylor. Granted a full academic scholarship to attend Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania Richard was being tracked by many professional baseball teams selected as MVP in a summer baseball semi-pro league and was even named Outstanding Athlete by his college during his junior year. But luckily for him he did have a back-up plan. During his senior year while messing around with a fraternity brother of his Richard injured the shoulder of his throwing arm ending his baseball career. help with a troubled overseas subsidiary. He subsequently worked for a number of years with privately-owned companies in the US after this as CFO for businesses in the 100-200 million sales range but by the mid 90 s he was educated and confident enough to start consulting. Today Richard holds an Executive MBA from the University of Wisconsin is teaching an Intermediate Finance course one night per week to undergraduate juniors and seniors as an adjunct professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and for the past 15-plus years has been providing corporate financial advisory services for privately-held businesses that are resource constrained or have problems where he feels he can be of assistance. Global Capital Advisors LLC and M&A Consultants Ltd. are both based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin. Global Capital Advisors is a full-service corporate financial advisory firm that serves privately-owned companies while M&A Consultants is a niche M&A firm focusing on lower middle market transactions both buy-side and sell-side. Richard serves as president for both. A member of the Association of Corporate Growth an international organization focusing on corporate transactions and M&A activities Richard is also active with the Turnaround Management Association another worldwide organization made up of business executives specializing in the turnaround field. He has co-authored a research paper with a Marquette University professor on mergers and acquisitions entitled Beyond the Numbers published by The Graziadio Business Review Graziadio School of Business Pepperdine University. He s also had articles published in local business newspapers on cash flow management financial planning and other financial subjects and was After graduating from college with a degree in accounting Richard began working as a certified public accountant for Arthur Andersen & Company a firm that he still believes today was the best of the best . Though he didn t work there indefinitely he did take away some fantastic learning experiences and has continued on to build an amazing career in finance. I realized early on that I really enjoyed helping companies navigate through financial challenges and taking advantage of opportunities not just doing number crunching Richard said about his initial experience in the field. After leaving Arthur Andersen Richard took an assignment with a Fortune 500 company where he would live and work in Brussels as their European Controller for three years. Having thoroughly enjoyed the international arena he then became director of finance for a privately-owned company in Genoa Italy for two years. This international background led Richard to be selected by a Fortune 200 company as their international finance manager helping the corporate controller in international accounting matters and being a special ops guy for a group of vice-presidents that needed recently published in a worldwide magazine by AcquisitionInternational. EXPERIENCED IN SERVING AS A FINANCIAL OFFICER for both large and small businesses and as a former owner of his own business Richard feels that everyone should work for someone else before they ever consider working for themselves. In fact working in public accounting lends a great deal of opportunity for learning various business models. He also believes in finding a good mentor and is a firm believer in meditation to free up one s mind and refocus after a hectic day. One of the most influential people in my business career was an attorney at Quarles & Brady in Milwaukee. His sage guidance and experience were most helpful. I have also been impressed with several clients who went through bankruptcy only to bounce back and do well the second time around. Their perseverance and fortitude was indeed impressive Richard said. While he admits that the words free time are hard to come by Richard does try to find time to enjoy the simple things in life. He tries to maintain good health enjoys sports and is a big fan of the Green Bay Packers and enjoys foreign languages. Fluent in French and somewhat in Portuguese thanks to his days spent overseas he would really like to learn his wife s native Russian tongue in the future. He admits that it s a bit frustrating not being able to understand or communicate with her when she speaks it and is bothered by how difficult it is to learn an entirely different alphabet in Cyrillic. Also considering working toward his PhD online though it bears no relevance to his field it is a personal goal that he d like to achieve someday. He s also active on LinkedIn occasionally and is proud that his college students enjoy his teachings as he tries to stay as relevant as possible by bringing the real world into the classroom as much as possible. Richard has four children two from his first wife and two from his second. They range from ages 44 to 26. He also has five grandchildren and they all live in either California or Arizona. Time spent with them is just never enough. His wife is a very savvy business woman who owns her own business and from time to time Richard helps out where he can. The business revolves around connecting Russian business executives with their US counterparts when they visit the US and guiding a group of Russian college students every year to visit the best universities in the US along with business excursions to Silicon Valley-based companies. Despite Richard s and his wife s cultural difference and age difference of 15 years they are quite compatible and he is blessed to have her in his life. Contact Richard W. Taylor President Global Capital Advisors LLC President M&A Consultants Ltd. Milwaukee WI 414-963-9373 http rtaylorconsul rtaylor Learders Magazine Stancil Stan A. Williams Sr. oWner stan Williams investigative service phoenix aZ RETIRED FROM BOTH THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE and the police force Stancil Stan A. Williams Sr. has always loved working in a field where he could help people especially those unable to help themselves. This desire which started when Stan was a young child still continues today. With the knowledge and experience he gained in law enforcement over the years Stan decided to open his own investigation company. Ellsworth Bunker the Ambassador to Vietnam David K.E. Bruce the Ambassador to the Paris Peace Talks and many other military men that were responsible for running the Vietnam War. Stan also had the opportunity to meet Charles Conrad Alan Bean and Gordon Cooper the second set of astronauts that walked on the moon. Meeting all those in that two-year period educated him profoundly on how to handle individuals in high places. After leaving the Air Force Stan had no doubt there was more for him to do in law enforcement. Earning a Bachelor s of Science in Criminal Justice from New York Institute of Technology Stan went to work for the Long Island Rail Road in Jamaica Queens New York as a police officer. After 22 years as an officer he was promoted to detective and remained in that position for eight years before deciding to retire in 2001. Upon his retirement Stan and his wife moved to Phoenix Arizona. He enjoys religion history and anything and everything having to do with airplanes. Because of his fond interest in airplanes he really loves being surrounded by the several smaller airports that happen to be in the Phoenix area. I was able to see a WW11 Bomber fly all over the neighborhood recently Stan said with excitement. I have seen many planes of that time period fly since I have settled in Phoenix. In 2013 Stan came out of retirement to start Stan Williams Both the military and law enforcement provided me with the experience and formal training I needed to start my own investigation business Stan said about being prepared to run a successful company. I understood that starting a new business would take time energy money patience and hard work. When I mixed all these attributes together I created a recipe for success. Stan enlisted in the US Air Force in 1967 as a security policeman. During his four years serving in the military Stan was able to meet and work with all different types of people from across the United States and the world. He spent his first year in North Dakota before being assigned to Thailand for a year. While in Thailand he gained valuable law enforcement experience and learned various procedures where he ultimately acquired a real thirst for the investigative services field. The remaining two years of Stan s enlistment were spent in Japan where he was assigned to the Protocol Section just outside Tokyo. His stay in Japan allowed him to meet many of the prominent world leaders of that time including Investigative Service. As a licensed bonded and insured private investigator Stan is experienced in both criminal and civil matters. He provides background investigations for companies hiring new employees assistance in domestic or matrimonial issues by conducting discreet surveillance lost person investigations workman s compensation cases assists in corporate theft and burglary investigations and does security consultations and surveillance. When appropriate Stan provides his clients the supporting documentation and photos with the utmost discretion. As an honest man he gives his best to his clients and is truthful in all matters. Stan also offers personal escort personal protection and chauffer services in style and luxury. Whether his clients need a safe ride after a night out enjoying themselves or a ride to the airport Stan ensures reliability and security with comfort. If needed he will also accompany his clients to events to prevent or eliminate any negative incidents that might arise. As the sole owner and operator of Investigative Services it is Stan s responsibility to not only conduct private investigations but also publicize the company and prospect new clients. He is always in search of new ways to make the company more well-known within the community. My time in the military taught me to never give up and to never stop and think that it is too difficult too expensive or too time consuming Stan explained. When I start something I complete it no matter what it takes or how long it takes me. My business is no different. Stan strives to do his best in every aspect of his life. He is a good husband father grandfather and great-grandfather. Married for 30 years Stan and his wife have five children. His wife is a case manager for the state of Arizona and helps disabled youth with programs that are available to them. One of their daughters lives in Bermuda and is a paralegal for their local government. Both of their sons live in Las Vegas Nevada. One works as a security professional and one is a banking professional. Their other two daughters live in the Phoenix area not too far from mom and dad. One of them is a nurse who tends to patients in a nursing home while the other is a financial advisor at the local college. Stan and his wife also have eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Life is good. Contact Stancil Stan A. Williams Sr. Owner Stan Williams Investigative Service Phoenix AZ http stancilWilliams Learders Magazine steven W. chung Founder Honors Alumni Network Bergen Community College Paramus NJ WHILE SERVING AS PRESIDENT OF THE HONORS ASSOCIATION a student club in Bergen Community College (BCC) Steven W. Chung saw a very evident issue that many academically talented and honor students experienced when preparing to transfer to a four-year university a lack of finances. He also saw the absence of former honor student alumni support to currently enrolled students. Steven made it his mission to change both issues by founding the Honors Alumni Network in the summer of 2013. the BCC community or elsewhere and updating the page with new photos and statues. Steven and the work he has done through the Honors Alumni Network has already been recognized and nominated for the 2014 Grinnell College s Young Innovator for Social Justice Prize and the 2014 New York University s Silver Citizenship Award. Realizing just how many accomplished students experience financial difficulties that impede them from going to prestigious educational institutes Steven wanted to ease that financial burden on his fellow classmates. While still enrolled at BCC in 2012 Steven became the first non-alumni student in history to create his own scholarship. Through the BCC Foundation he formed the Steven W. Chung Honors Scholarship and donated 1 000 to be awarded to an honor student the following year. He then created the annually reoccurring Steven W. Chung Poetry Prize through the Academy of American Poets donating 2 500 so that BCC could become a participant with the Academy s annual poetry contest. That same semester he also donated 2 000 to New York University for an incoming social work transfer student. His donations have meant more to him than he could ever imagine. It was a way for him to give back to others what was given to him. Steven dropped out of high school at the age of 15 and soon after joined a gang on the streets of Queens New York. Though he later graduated with the help of his parents from The Honors Alumni Network along with the Office of Alumni Affairs increases the level of activity by providing enjoyable opportunities for alumni and students to participate in builds professional relationships shares academic experiences and raises funds to create and provide scholarships to students involved in BCC s Honors Program and honor societies Steven said about the formation of his new organization. As founder of the Honors Alumni Network Steven oversees their social media content on its Facebook page and answers questions from interested alumni about joining the group. But Steven s main focus revolves around posting articles and notes that other honors alumni have published obtaining ratings and reviews from students he has consulted with regarding their transfer essays and processes whether from a Missouri Christian high school he found out that the school and his diploma were not accredited. As a result he had to return to school to earn his GED. Despite suffering Attention Deficit Disorder Bipolar Disorder and a potential learning disability Steven received his GED through the Bergen Ciarco Learning Center in Hackensack New Jersey in April 2011. In spite of this news Steven was undaunted and continued to persevere by enrolling at BCC that following summer. I had decided to major in social work to help others as I had been helped Steven explained. As for my scholarship donations I wanted to financially assist the recipients and ultimately inspire other students to engage in philanthropic work as well. In addition to being president of the Honors Association and setting up two scholarships while attending BCC Steven was awarded with a Divisional and Curricular Award for Social Work was a member of Phi Theta Kappa and published a poem in an issue of The Labyrinth the college s literary journal. Steven also volunteered his time as an Intercultural Conversation Partner where he properly communicated with international students to effectively improve their use of the English language. He earned his Associate s Degree in Social Work and graduated with honors in 2012. Transferring to New York University Steven attended classes full-time in pursuit of his Bachelor s Degree in Social Work was featured as a poem presenter for New York University s Edgar Allan Poe Uncloaking Poe Reading Event and was the recipient of both the Silver School CCTOP and Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships. He simultaneously took courses at Columbia University School of Continuing Education for a Human Rights Certificate and at the New York Film Academy to obtain an Acting for Film Diploma. He earned his Professional Certificate in Conflict Management with honors Cum Laude from Sullivan University a Certificate of Achievement in Effective Communications and Human Relations a Certificate of Achievement in Leadership Training for Managers and the Breakthrough Award all from Dale Carnegie Training. Steven has volunteered his time to several different organizations to assist others in furthering their education. In the fall of 2012 Steven was a development intern for Haiti Medical Education Project and conducted grant writing and research from the Foundation Center to benefit medical school students in Haiti. He volunteered as a Child Sponsor through Compassion International by providing finances to a child in the Dominican Republic by recycling bottles for a year. He also volunteered as a tutor at the University Settlement Society of New York to assist children with academic related assignments. In 2013 he worked with BuildOn to raise funds with other top-tier schools to build a school in Africa. Lastly he worked as an intern for the Ali Forney Center in Harlem New York to provide services to homeless LGBT youth and assisted in creating an online gallery for clients to publish their artwork and creative writings. Philanthropy is often associated with the actions of successful established individuals Steven said. I think students should collectively serve each other for the greater good so that they can continue on to great pathways despite their financial difficulties. Contact Steven W. Chung Founder Honors Alumni Network Bergen Community College Paramus NJ http BCCHANetwork http community alumni-network alumni-groups honors-alumni-network Learders Magazine Peter J. Malandrinos founder chief executive officer - hybrid galactic rancho palos verdes ca THE DREAM OF GOING INTO OUTER SPACE is something that the common man will most likely never be able to do in this lifetime. But dedicated Entrepreneur Peter James Malandrinos has begun his journey in making the impossible possible for generations to come. By dedicating his days to the limitless possibilities taking a trip to outer space may not be so far in the distant future after all. Peter is the founder and chief executive officer of Hybrid Galactic which is located in Rancho Palos Verdes California. Having studied applied marketing advanced business market structure and design at Los Angeles Harbor College he started his business in 2012 to make space travel more affordable for the middle class. The very first step in this process included researching the subject very vigorously. It was like a dream since I was a little child Peter said about making his vision into a reality. Anyone is capable of becoming what they see themselves as. It doesn t matter how big or how small your goals are in life all men and women were created the same. It s just a matter of how hard you work on your project. I never gave up and I never intend to. Working hard at his project is just what Peter is doing too. Conducting research is just the tip of the iceberg. Peter is working on company development which includes outsourcing commercials to get the word out as well as overseeing all projects tasks and final revisions of proposals so that they are completed successfully for potential investors. In order to help take mankind s giant leap forward investors are key. And to acquire as many investors as possible Peter must coordinate numerous fundraisers throughout the year speak of company benefits to the public and potential investors and constantly be in contact and promote Hybrid Galactic by giving presentations to potential investors. Hybrid Galactic is the first free-energy perpetual motion that is combined with rocket fuels to offer safer and more affordable adventures into space. By making this huge project successful Peter hopes to aid students and their families in being able to take part in the youth s new Space Frontier. High schools would be capable of getting big discounts and if they were capable of maintaining a 3.0 GPA they would pay only half price to travel into space. Peter believes that students would not only be inspired to do better in school but they would be rewarded with an opportunity of a lifetime should they so choose to participate in the program. You have to have a passion for the aerospace industry and the desire to do every task in the name of science Peter said about the very real possibility of affordable space travel. You also have to be prepared to hit a lot of speed bumps along the way and always have your fingers crossed. Being prepared to take on all of the necessary research and development on his own at all times can be stressful for Peter though. There are so many areas and tasks that have to be properly afforded that he has to be careful as to how he spends his company s dollar. With much of his focus on investors Peter says that there is a lot of trial and error involved too. The first rule of thumb in the industry however is all about having your facts and numbers prepared because that is always going to be the first thing that potential investors want to see on paper. He has to be overly prepared with blueprints and itemized lists and even more importantly he has to be able to show the seed fund and the return on investment they would be receiving. And hopefully the investors are fond of science. Because if they aren t then the chances are not good that they would even consider investing. There are a lot of variables but Peter continues to push forward toward his end goal. ONE OF HYBRID GALACTIC S GOALS is to launch its first test in 2014 so that they can begin manufacturing a fleet of hybrid shuttles. In the meantime Peter continues to work tirelessly to meet his deadline. To date Peter has made several inventions pertaining to science and space travel an invented commercial brand rocket that has aid of perpetual energy an astronomical vehicle that has solar cells embedded into the wings a fusion fuel engine for space and freefall shield converters that convert the heat back into energy. At the young age of just 22-years-old when he ventured into this very complex industry Peter began making great strides in raising money conducting research and preparing his company for the future of space travel ability. He believes that space travel should not be looked upon as such a futuristic concept but rather much more realistic now than ever before. With the understanding that the more investors he is capable of taking on board the less it will cost for each traveler to go to space. And the future of those wishing to travel into space opens even more doors too. It will afford a mass amount of job opportunities while also lending a hand to multiple space travel tourism business opportunities as well. With research to back his theory Peter knows firsthand that space travel and tourism is capable of becoming a billion dollar business if not more that can generate lots and lots of revenue and exploration. For these reasons he feels it would be senseless and a shame for Hybrid Galactic to not continue in this business venture. Always turning to his parents for advice comfort and inspiration Peter has always had a great amount of support from family. Unfortunately though he lost his mother in 2012. Dad however continues to support him in all of his endeavors when it comes to both business and pleasure and Peter is very grateful for that. Peter also holds one very successful business man in very high regard and his name is Richard Branson. I have never seen a man work so hard and become so successful Peter said of Richard Branson who is best known as the founder of Virgin Group and is comprised of more than 400 companies. He started with a record company and as years pass Virgin is now offering commercial space travel. It s unheard of. Sir Richard Branson makes all things possible. He is a great role model for every young entrepreneur. Born in the South Bay city of Torrance California and raised in Rancho Palos Verdes California where Hybrid Galactic is also located Peter s family originated from Aegina Greece although Peter was born in the United States. Peter grew up with a love and great interest of sports swam competitively played football water polo and wrestled. He accumulated over 600 medals and more than 20 trophies during his time playing sports some of which he earned multiple MVP awards for. He also set several swimming records and was recruited to the Junior Olympics the precursor to the National Olympics. Peter was also quite smart growing up. By the age of eight his father had taught him binary a complex form of mathematics which is now mostly only taught in college courses. Father James who graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in accounting was also known to tinker with science and was considered a scientist by many. James worked in government as a sheriff and later worked his way all the way up to becoming an IRS agent. Mom Margaret who was college educated as well was also a great influence on Peter and his education. Not only was she a teacher but she worked in the design fabrication and testing of US Air Force F16 and F18 fighter jet radar systems in her earlier years which of course Peter is pretty impressed by. Peter has a dedicated website for Hybrid Galactic which speaks of all the great accomplishments he has achieved thus far and all of the future endeavors he hopes to take the company in the near and distant future. He is fervent about the future of space travel and is optimistic that his hard work and diligence will soon pay off. The skies the limit. Contact Peter James Malandrinos Founder Chief Executive Officer Hybrid Galactic Rancho Palos Verdes CA 310-977-5927 http http http http petermalandrinos Learders Magazine in 1968 man said that s one small step for man one giant leap for mankind... 9 4 2013 Virgin Galactic breaks the speed of sound in the first attempt of rocket to the north star Hybrid Galactic is the first free energy perpetual motion is combined with rocket fuels to offer a safer and more affordable adventure into space. In 2012 Hybrid Galactic begun its research secretly. http Akshay Singhal vice-president engineering inc. neW york ny Akshay Singhal started his computer programming career in Pune India after graduating from Goa University with a Bachelor s of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications in 2006. Using technology as a means not an end goal Akshay believes solving the right problem is the most important aspect for a successful computer and software programmer. It is an amazing feeling to know that something you created is simplifying things for other people Akshay shared. I enjoy solving problems and I believe software programming or technology in general is useful when it is simple to use and yet solves complex problems. Starting his career at Cognizant Technology Solutions as a programmer helped Akshay choose the career path he is on today. With an excellent training program his time at Cognizant initiated him into the software service industry working on projects centered mostly on manufacturing and logistics clients. In 2009 Akshay worked briefly at Zycus Inc. a product company in Mumbai India as senior software engineer specializing in spend management. A year later he took a position as technology manager for Uniken Inc. overseeing many varied software services and product development teams. In 2012 Akshay was hired as a consultant for uSell. com an online ReCommerce marketplace that connects customers to professional buyers of used goods. The company allows users to trade their used electronics like phones and tablets for cash in a safe and convenient way. In 2013 he was promoted to vice-president of engineering for the company and transferred to New York New York. AS VICE-PRESIDENT AKSHAY PRIMARILY MANAGES the development team and ensures high product quality. He works closely with the product team to define the product vision and ensure it translates into technology solutions that do exactly what they are supposed to do. As part of the leadership team he also works directly with the executive team to help evaluate new opportunities to expand business and provide better service to customers. In an industry with tight deadlines and complex requirements Akshay has learned the importance of managing expectations. Being able to narrow down on the problem and communicate it to all participants involved is critical for the success of any software solution. Other critical aspects needed to succeed in computer programming is passion and a good base knowledge of the industry. Akshay suggests doing this by reading experimenting and learning the inner workings of software or programming languages. Regardless of how new or cutting edge a particular programming language is the fundamentals stay the same. Because software development is inherently a team activity Akshay has had the pleasure of working with some amazing teams over the years. He has been coached and mentored by a number of people throughout his career and feels they have taught him more than any book or degree ever could. There is always something new in the world of computing which constantly feeds my desire to learn more and do more Akshay said about the everchanging industry. Learders Magazine Arinze Nwogu customer service agent hallmark aviation services flushing ny CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT ARINZE NWOGU PRIDES HIMSELF in taking care of his customers while also working well with colleagues. Employed by Hallmark Aviation Services Arinze is trained not only to deliver superior customer service but to become an extension of Hallmark Aviation s client airline staff. By doing so Arinze can deliver upon the important standards set by the company which differentiate them as superior world class carriers. of their company s policy but also on the importance of delivering consistent superior customer service. Arinze has a personal ability which he s used in conjunction with the many tools of the trade that s been provided to him to properly represent the company and be able to give airline customers the many expectations they deserve and demand. As a customer service agent Arinze is required to be bright creative and energetic and possess values like integrity and honesty a willingness to embrace the company s Peace of Mind concept eagerness to take on new challenges and see them through accountability for commitments and results quality to customers the ability to have an open mind respect toward others and committment to personal excellence and self-improvement. I have learned that in this industry one must listen to their conscious while also doing their work to the best of their ability Arinze said in relation to working in customer service. It is also helpful to get along with those you work with. Arinze earned his Bachelor s Degree in Theater Arts from York College City University of New York in 2011. He is hopeful to return to school to achieve a PhD in Philosophy in the near future. He enjoys reading novels taking long walks playing sports cooking exercising and dancing. In the customer service industry as well as in his personal life Arinze strives for honesty humility and hard work in every endeavor. In the customer service field it is extremely important to work well with others communicate listen and understand the passenger Arinze explained about his industry. It also helps that I am a dedicated worker and I don t give up easily. As a customer service agent Arinze is an expert at greeting guests checking passports and boarding passes and going over reservations and information with travelers. An employee of Hallmark Aviation since 2012 Arinze is dedicated to meeting customers travel needs. Hallmark Aviation has created a niche market providing premium class above-the-wing services to some of the world s finest carriers including Qantas British Airways Singapore and Eva Air. As a company they have received many awards from these airlines such as Preferred Service Provider Customer Service Excellence Award 1 Station System-Wide and 2 Worldwide Station. Arinze is one of over 800 employees at Hallmark Aviation who are trained not only on the procedures and standards Burton Phil Rolfe Jr. founder and chief games engineer rolfe logic softWare san diego ca UNBEKNOWNST TO HIM at the young age of 15 Burton Phil Rolfe Jr. had begun laying the foundation of a successful career in game software. In 1982 his mother brought home a Commodore 64 and needed help using it. Phil started writing various short games and role playing game utilities from then on. Finding and following your passion in life is the most difficult and the most rewarding thing you will ever do Phil believes. After several projects in computer repair audio engineering and software I realized my passion was in game development. Having written software with all kinds of technologies Phil tries to stay open to new and innovative ways of solving problems instead of sticking with one proven approach. This strategy along with his love of exploring new technologies is what has helped him adapt and succeed throughout the changing market. After graduating from high school in 1985 Phil started working for AudioTel Corporation a banking software company as a programmer and database administrator. Over the next 26 years Phil held the positions of senior software developer and expert software developer for XTRA Online Peregrine Systems Extra Online and Hewlett-Packard. He has created proprietary tools for performance testing automated testing and automated deployment which helps with his current development efforts. In 2012 Phil founded Rolfe Logic Software and is currently the chief games engineer. He maximizes his time by testing for quality as he develops games and by following the Agile software development methodology. By working on small chunks of the work at a time and verifying that the work was completed correctly before moving on it makes it easier for Phil to complete a project in a reasonable amount of time with minimal issues at the end. Phil started Rolfe Logic Software with the dedication of much needed research contingency plans tireless amounts of time and a shoestring budget. The game development industry is not just about slinging a bunch of code he said. You are creating and marketing an enjoyable user experience through a user interface to a cold piece of glass plastic and metal. It takes a whole lot of passion sweat and magic to get it just right. Phil has experienced unexpected challenges and sometimes has had to reevaluate his plans. He attributes his success to his ability to adapt and find solutions that work. With three sons under the age of seven and a wife that works fulltime one of the biggest challenges he faces is learning to be flexible and to work in small-time windows throughout the day and night. This crazy schedule however has allowed him to enjoy more of a balance between work and family. Ultimately Phil would love to create a revolutionary award winning game that impacts gamers in a positive way for decades to come. It is his hope that his upcoming space simulator real time strategy game will be just that. He would also like to be able to form a charitable foundation similar to that of his inspiration Bill Gates and give back. Learders Magazine Carol Falk oWner creator entrepreneur bitter bits of Wisdom hockley tx AFTER BEING DIAGNOSED WITH POLYMYOSITIS in 2008 Carol Falk was forced to retire from the medical field where she had spent 25 years. A year later her 30-year marriage ended she suffered a brain aneurism and stroke and became paralyzed on the right side of her body. I had to learn how to walk again and was just happy to be alive Carol remembers. I had to live like I was dying because I was. After Carol s stroke she spent a year in five different hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. She had to have her head shaved three times and was unconscious for several months. When she woke up she could barely speak and she didn t recognize her family or friends. After extremely painful physical therapy and with the love and support of her loved ones she was able to get over her illnesses. Carol s two children mother and three siblings were adamant about Carol not being alone. Today she is independent living in the guest house behind her father s house in Hockley Texas but is still dealing with many hardships related to her stroke. Because the right side of her throat is still paralyzed Carol has a feeding tube and has to bolus feed herself three to four times a day. Her biggest hurdles are her speech physical limitations and confidence to believe in herself again as a woman. While recovering Carol took several online classes including social media typography accounting basics and book writing. She joined the NADP Cambridge Association of Professionals Texas State Business Network Showcasing Women and National Association of Professional Women who voted her Woman of the Year in 2012. To deal with her divorce Carol started journaling in 2009 to help ease the pain. Wanting to help others who were also struggling Carol created funny divorce greeting cards for men and women. Alas her online business Bitter Bits of Wisdom was born. She now has over 40 cards available for purchase on her site. Carol built the company website herself and oversees all the search engine optimization. As a self-proclaimed control freak organization nut and knowledge hog Carol hopes to expand her online greeting card business into retail stores soon. Also the author of a book titled I Am Not Broken the nonfiction publication will soon be distributed by Author House and includes a guide and cookbook for tube feeders. She enjoys gardening reading crafting sewing and spending time with Sandy her rescued SharPei. I WANT TO BE VIEWED AS A PERSON WHO NEVER GIVES UP IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY an understanding person and one who shines her light so others will see that their Savior is Jesus Christ. He is all you really need to be happy Carol said happily. I greet each day with gratitude and take nothing for granted. Carol J. Wellwood author yukon ok AUTHOR OF THE TRUE STORY OF THE HOPE WITHIN Carol J. Wellwood wrote her first book as a testimony to God and how he played such a significant role in her life when everything looked very dismal. Having been able to remove herself from the tragedies that she suffered this non-fiction book is a reminder to her just how great the power of God can be. challenges to recon with. A widow since 2002 Carol has one son and daughter-in-law who live in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. They too have a son of their own. Carol also had a daughter that she lost in 2005 in a tragic motorcycle accident which she speaks about in her book. No matter the tragedy Carol believes that it is important to focus on your ideas your needs as a human being and your strengths and to ask for God s help along the way. The Lord and her daughter have been the biggest inspiration in not only writing her book but in life s journey as well. I ve learned to have compassion for my fellow humans. By reading the Word listening to what God has to say through His word and by following Him you can t go wrong Carol said with confidence. Help those however you can. Carlo s book gives readers an insight to all of her life s experiences allowing for a true understanding of who she is as a person where she came from and the suffering she had encountered. It also gives hope to others that are facing their own personal challenges in life and reassurance that things can and will get better if you have faith. Ever since the Lord got hold of me nine years ago I have been following Him. Before that I was doing my own thing which led me to destruction. But since He came along and showed me the way life is much better now. I have learned a valuable lesson Carol explained. The True Story of the Hope Within was published in 2012 through Xlibris. You can find her book on her website at Carol studied business administration at the College of the Redwoods and studied psychology locally in Phoenix Arizona. She has been an advertising account executive for many years and is a substitute teacher at area schools from time to time. Since her book has been published she also takes time out to constantly update her website chat with buyers and sell books. She has learned quite a bit about the editing and publishing process something she says are Learders Magazine Charles A. Lobosco co-founder the visionop group llc cincinnati oh CHARLES A. LOBOSCO CSM CSL has a mission to take the challenges and lessons learned throughout his 40year corporate career and help others succeed. Starting at the bottom in 1973 Charles has built a successful and accomplished career and today he s coaching training and giving back. guidance from five virtual mentors. Charles makes a point to say a mentor must be selected not assigned. He shares his selections and the research that found them. The book became the foundation of an award winning workplace seminar called C.A.R.E certification . This is a shared leadership model that creates partners out of resources. C.A.R.E. certification means you re accountable for delivering results but not at the expense of others. In 2012 Charles received a President s Award for Service. The award states During these challenging economic times the only way to move forward is to be a teammate. This is shared leadership this is C.A.R.E. When C.A.R.E. is the motive teamwork and leadership are one in the same. A member of American Seminar Leaders Association Charles also hosts a weekly internet radio show Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva. The mission is to use all collaborative powers to make a difference in the workplace even as one person. Charles has two beautiful daughters one granddaughter and is married to Eva Lewandowski the co-founder of the VisionOp Group LLC and co-host of Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva. Eva is a corporate survivor software consultant certified life coach voiceover talent and active member of the Screen Actors Guild. Charlie is a certified Scrum Master and seminar leader of the C.A.R.E. shared leadership model and he actively participates in several leadership and teamwork groups and speakers networks loves running pacing shadow boxing biking and speaking. I want to make a difference in the workplace. I ve seen many changes in technology since I began my career but not much in our behavior which at times can be very toxic. This needs to change Charles said about his desire to help others. I co-founded my consulting company to coach train and help others deliver results but not at the expense of others. As co-founder of The VisionOp Group LLC Charles s job description is to make a difference within a company organization team project or individual career. How By empowering resources to become teammates in a quest to make a difference in the company they chose to work for. VisionOp will bridge the gap between the corner office and the cubicle the people manager and the individual contributor and the workplace professional and the person. They become teammates on site and equally accountable for delivering results but not at the expense of others. VisionOp will never tell you what to do but will provide the tools needed to do what you do better. Charles is the author of C.A.R.E. Courage to take Action Relevant to Everyone. This is based on his experience as a consultant and conversion specialist combined with Charles J. Webb oWner mitten sports llc farmington hills mi LOCATED INSIDE FOUNDERS SPORTS PARK in Farmington Hills Michigan visitors will find a golf course basketball courts soccer and baseball fields sand volleyball bocce ball cricket video games camps an afterschool youth center and an ice arena. It is in the ice arena however where you ll also find Mitten Sports LLC a sports retail and repair shop that caters to ice hockey players figure skaters and skateboarders. For the past seven years Owner Charles J. Webb has been living his dream as an entrepreneur at the age of just 25. When Charles was a teenager he held a part-time job sharpening skates at the rink. After quickly picking it up he was soon trusted to run the store at just 17-years-old while still in high school. Knowing from experience that there was a great future in this business he opened his own shop when the opportunity presented itself. My passion for hockey has been the driving factor in keeping me in the industry he said. I love what I do and I do not see that changing. Having been fortunate enough to be mentored by a few of the best in the business Charles admits that the hockey and figure skating communities can be two very stubborn groups to cater to. In the beginning it was hard for him to earn their loyalty and generate a customer base within the store because this type of clientele is generally loyal to whomever they originally started doing business with. When it comes to sharpening a customer s skates you have to be sure to take your time and do the best you can because a bad reputation will follow you and prevent repeat business. But sharpening blades isn t all that Charles does. He s also in charge of his staff overseeing daily operations from open to close and he isn t afraid to get his hands dirty mopping the floors or stacking shelves to maintain the shop s appearance. There is no greater satisfaction than when a customer comes up to Charles and tells him how great of a job he or his staff did on their skates and that they will only come back to him in the future. To be that guy the one that everyone knows to be the best is not only the greatest compliment but also an essential component to building and maintaining devoted customers that will last for years to come. He prides himself on not forcing his business on people but rather proving it through great customer service and fantastic work. Mitten Sports LLC donates and supports Susan G. Komen for the Cure annually. They also plan to get involved with local skating clubs to give back through promotional giveaways to help raise money for their teams. For Charles it is important to always stay involved and give back to the community whenever he can. Learders Magazine Dr. Charlotta E. Sanders PE oWner sanders engineering associate research professor of nuclear engineering university of las vegas-nevada las vegas nv Growing up in the vicinity of a nuclear power plant in Sweden Dr. Charlotta E. Sanders was both curious and comfortable in the nuclear arena due to the high standards shown by the industry. Beginning her career as a reactor physicist at the Material Testing Reactor R2 located just outside of Nykoping Sweden in 1998 Charlotta began the first of many exciting and rewarding job opportunities in the nuclear industry. CHARLOTTA EARNED HER DOCTORATE IN NUCLEAR REACTOR PHYSICS from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Previous to this she pursued and completed her Master of Science Degree in Nuclear Engineering from Texas A&M University in the United States. She is currently an associate research professor of nuclear engineering for the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. She is also the owner of Sanders Engineering a nuclear engineering consulting firm also based out of Las Vegas. Nuclear engineering has often been thought of as a man s world Charlotta said. When I first began my studies over 20 years ago there were only one or two other female students in my classes. Now as a professor it is exciting to see so many more female students studying nuclear engineering than ever before and to watch them excel in this field. Active in numerous organizations a secret that she says is a great way to really get involved in your field as a newcomer Charlotta has served as the technical program chair for national meetings and as chair for the Radiation Protection and Shielding Division of the American Nuclear Society (ANS). These as well as other opportunities for service have helped her to strengthen her professional development through which she has earned. In 2011 Charlotta received the ANS Presidential Citation in recognition of her contributions made to the organization s response to the accident that occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster in Japan after being struck by a tsunami. She as part of a small selected working group to represent the society ensured that credible information about nuclear science and technology was provided to the media decision-makers and the general public. Charlotta also had the distinction of being the first professional nuclear engineer to be licensed by the state of Nevada in the state s history. She was honored at an award ceremony in 2004. As Charlotta continues to make great strides in education and nuclear engineering as an educator and consultant she hopes to bring about a sense of trust to the public many of which are skeptical of the safety of nuclear power. By contributing her part in educating the future workforce with an understanding of the importance of safety in all aspects of nuclear activities she also stresses to the public that there is indeed a strong safety program in place and that she and her fellow colleagues at the University are doing everything they can to add this important aspect to the curriculum. Christopher Cherrett vice-president coastal business services group inc. lacey Wa WORKING supporting individuals with disabilities in both residential and employment sectors immediately after college Christopher Chris Cherrett quickly saw a significant amount of inefficiencies in productivity use of resources and data. Collaborating with upper management Chris worked to help develop a data connection between all locations throughout the county. Next he accepted a job with a company that was on the cutting edge of document scanning and database development. I was brought on the team due to my high level of success in operational management and quickly put together an operational shop that could handle large volumes of documentation to be converted and organized by individual corporation requirements Chris explained. I had caught the bug and have been involved in this industry ever since. Today Chris is the vice-president of Coastal Business Services Group Inc. a company that helps their clients find more economic and smarter ways to manage their business information. Employed with them since 2002 Chris is responsible for all operational aspects of the company including human resource and technology acquisition plans in the document management division. Also the company s certified HIPAA and corporate safety officer he s constantly working with the changing skill set on the production floor putting together the most efficient project templates for assignments as they are each taken on. Chris oversees all sales development and contract negotiations too. Depending on the volume of closed sales and contract specifications he allocates resources and levels to complete tasks within contract obligations while keeping a tight control on excessive spending. IN THE NON-PROFIT INDUSTRY An easy-going individual that strives for excellence Chris expects the same from his team members. He is very personable and supportive however with that support comes the expectation to push each individual to give their best at all times. He always tries to listen to his team weight out their opinions and perspectives and provide a fair and supportive environment for everyone to work in. Keeping current with technology while balancing a career and family is challenging at times. While Chris firmly believes in continuing to learn he also knows that it s impossible to know everything. The key is synergy. By identifying the right tools and people to align with much more can be accomplished. Work is great it gives you a strong sense of accomplishment and goals Chris stated. But so does having a social and private life. The key to a successful career is finding the balance between the two so that they accentuate each other. During his free time Chris enjoys sailing rafting golfing and volunteering with Partnership for Animal Welfare. He is a board member of South Sound Council for Career and Technical Education and is a member of Association for Information and Image Management Association of Records Managers and Administrators and Thurston County Chamber. Chris s wife Pei Ching Hsu is originally from Taiwan having moved to the United States as a young teenager. She currently works for the State of Washington in Child Support Enforcement. Together they have a daughter Jamie 7 who loves gymnastics and dance. Learders Magazine Christine Cloyd co-founder and president hope ministry goldthWaite tx DURING MISSION WORK IN MEXICO Christine Cloyd was exposed to hardworking people in abject poverty living in cardboard houses and walking barefoot without coats in freezing temperatures. This deep sadness and empathy sparked Christine to pursue studies on what causes such hardship and how it affects families. She learned that almost 30 000 people a day die from poverty related causes and that 20% of the world s population is using 86% of its resources and has 70% of its wealth. Believing that there is something wrong with the world economy Christine decided to do everything she could to help others escape poverty by providing fair markets and business opportunities for all. Knowing that one sale of a fair trade item often gives a family more income than a week of hard labor is all the gratitude I need Christine said about the results of her labor. A typical wage in many countries is the equivalent of 1 per day when the average wage in the United States is 105 per day. Originally Christine s mission work was implemented through churches where her husband pastored. Unfortunately every time she moved her projects would not continue on. For this reason Christine founded HOPE Ministry which stands for Helping Overcome Poverty Everywhere so she could maintain control over projects even after she moves. It also gave her a broader base to work within many churches simultaneously. Christine is in charge of ministry operations and decides what products to sell and where the earnings will go. She established a storefront in Goldthwaite Texas and warehouses in both San Antonio and Austin Texas. Most of her earnings come from her traveling booth which Christine brings to churches or other groups to do presentations about missions and to sell fair trade products. HOPE s main mission is to provide a lifeline of livable wages for hundreds of needy families all over the world. In addition all of HOPE s profits are invested into more projects that improve lives such as water well drilling Imagine No Malaria orphanages feeding programs and much more. Another goal of HOPE is to eliminate waste by getting leftover supplies to those who need them. For 10 years HOPE has been heading up leftover school supplies drives at the end of each school year where they collect crayons pencils paper glue and many other items that are thrown away by students and teachers. In 2009 HOPE collected enough supplies to fill two large moving vans. They were delivered to schools in Mexico that had no supplies at all. In addition to her work with HOPE Christine studies natural healing and has a certification in aromatherapy and herbs from Nature s Sunshine. She currently holds a BS from Texas A&M University and plans to soon work toward a second degree in natural healing. Married for 30 years she and her husband Edwin Carlos Cloyd have three children. Their eldest son is a musician who helps with HOPE their middle daughter teaches chemistry and their youngest daughter is about to enter college. All three children have been on mission trips to Mexico alongside mom and dad. Christine Ferguson massage therapist victoria s day spa yorktoWn va After getting a divorce and moving out of state Christine Ferguson relished the idea starting life all over again. Thanks to the help of her sister Christine researched a number of massage therapy schools and decided on one that she thought would give her the best foundation and pave the way to a great future. Knowing that God had given her a gift when it came to her hands it was time for her to start using them. Seventeen years later she is still happy with the choice she made and is now an experienced excellent massage therapist to many. I GIVE MY CLIENTS THE VERY BEST and try to not only relieve their pain but also educate them on the root of it and ways in which they can eliminate or reduce their discomfort by changing bad habits Christine said. My passion for helping people gives me the opportunity to educate not only my clients but the people I work with every day too. Christine loves the satisfaction it gives her to know that what she does for a living truly impacts peoples quality of life in many cases for the rest of their lives. Her clients are a constant inspiration for her and have encouraged and uplifted Christine to continue working in the field doing what she does. Although many people view massage therapy as a luxury therapeutic massage is a health-maintenance habit that is best practiced regularly. With high stress levels of everyday life and lack of proper exercise massage therapy is vital in providing a host of beneficial results. It is Christine s responsibility to not only provide the proper services but to also educate her clients as to why such therapy is so important. Christine is a registered message therapist who also received her National Certification for Therapeutic Message and Body Work. Her drive for continuous education has resulted in many additional certifications over the past 17 years as well. With the understanding that knowledge is the best way to help others Christine has taken courses on understanding fibromyalgia psychology of the body advanced therapeutics neck and back pain assessment management and prevention myofascial release preand post-natal message hot stone aromatherapy and Swedish message myokinesthetic systems and release reflexology touch for health hypnosis for health and relaxation psychoneuroimmunology psychobiology of mind body health and sports massage for pre- and post-event. Christine admits however that one of her favorites is postnatal massage where she has the ability to help women that would otherwise have low back and hip pain after childbirth due to end of pregnancy hormonal influences. Christine s eagerness to help others spills over into her personal life too. She volunteers for International Cooperating Ministries and is a tutor for inner city children with a local group from her church. She s also affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America. Raised in Idaho with her 14 siblings Christine and her brothers and sisters all have post high school educations. Married for 27 years she has three sons and four grandchildren. Learders Magazine Cindy Crawford Garrett author - portales nm Children s Author Cindy Crawford Garrett started writing in October of 2012. After leaving the workforce in the medical field and working with her son in his business she was looking for a way to help out in society. Her answer was by writing children s books. Before Cindy decided to write she did a lot of searching in the genre she wanted to write for. Picking children s books she then did research on what her printed work would cost. Getting several opinions before publishing Cindy said is always a good idea. Even though Cindy was born with health issues she is a true believer that the more individuals think about others the less they feel sorry for themselves. In return individuals are more productive and happier in life. Cindy has made her fair share of mistakes but has tried to learn from them. She believes they have helped her grow and become a better person. Today Cindy and her husband live on a ranch in Dora New Mexico. While working on the ranch to care for her animals and writing take up most of her time she also enjoys gardening camping and playing the guitar and piano. She has also volunteered for hospice. Between her and her husband who is retiree of the US Air Force they have five children and two grandchildren. All of them except their youngest son still live in their home town of Navarre Florida. Through life I have tried to help instill values morals and good work ethic which were taught to me Cindy explained. We can do anything we put our minds to. If we follow the rules of the good book and try to make a difference whether big or small we will be enlightened in our time and we can be content within. I LOVE WRITING and have thoroughly enjoyed this chapter of my life Cindy admitted. It is my hope that children will enjoy and learn life s lessons through reading lessons that they will keep with them throughout life. Cindy has three children s books out currently which are all part of a series. Each book teaches life s little lessons with silly animals living on the ranch. For the two additional books coming out one of the characters Sassy the cow explains to her calf Trooper about different jobs in society that involve both animals and people. In another book the story centers around a nightmare that the animals gather around to talk about which actually ends up being just a dream. Getting her inspiration from children grandchildren and others Cindy writes or records anything that comes to mind when she has thoughts or ideas for a book. She feels extremely blessed to have a wonderful illustrator for her stories but Cindy does everything else from the writing to the marketing and social networking. Dan Boehm Vice-President Spectrum Corporation Houston TX The business of sales certainly isn t for everyone. But during his freshman year in college Dan Boehm realized that sales was his ticket to success. After graduating in 1983 with a BBA from the University of Wisconsin he was ready to jump right in. I LOVED THE CHALLENGE OF SELLING Dan remembers. Each sale can be a unique experience depending on how far you take that potential customer interest. It s up to you to understand customer personalities and adjust your response to grow the sale. Now working in telecom as the vice-president of the sales and marketing teams for Spectrum Corporation based in Houston Texas Dan works with people all around the world on a daily basis. The cultural differences their use of the English language and customized use of products and services make Dan s sales more challenging yet exciting nonetheless. As VP Dan makes sure that his employees understand that customers have their own challenges and that it s their responsibility to recognize those problems. Dan works to help his employees expand business with existing customers and monitors their activities to make certain they are using their time accordingly and that they are capable of managing multiple levels of projects simultaneously. When it comes to marketing Dan writes monthly newsletters updates the websites and handles the PR work advertising blogs and social media. The telecom industry has about 100 different sub-industries or product categories within the industry Dan explained whose current company is a leading provider of call center reporting software. In my field you have to understand that you ll never be able to completely learn each of these categories. Instead learn one and learn it to the best of your ability and don t try to be the expert of everything within the industry. Dan started out with Spectrum as a sales rep and within just six years he was named VP of sales. He s since written 45 newsletters which have been read by over 75 000 readers on Slide Share and 100 000 on e-newsletters. He takes himself very seriously when it comes to business and he especially takes his customers seriously tending to each of them in a unique manner as no two customers are ever the same. Learning from his mistakes and missed opportunities is very important to Dan s success. By exploring negative experiences Dan is able to learn what could or should have occurred instead so he can gain better insight into future sales. An avid reader Dan reads approximately 50 to 60 books each year. He also volunteers his time with persons suffering from head injuries one patient at a time. Currently Dan is working with a young man that is overcoming an altered personality. Dan s lived a great life of opportunity and blessings. He s learned to never ignore the many changes and chances that life brings tries to take advantage of every opportunity and always uses his skills to help someone else in need. Learders Magazine David R. Preller Jr. special education teacher la feria tx AFTER SERVING 20 YEARS IN THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE David R. Preller Jr. moved to Harlingen Texas and prepared to find his first civilian job. Unfortunately because he was not bilingual it proved to be much harder than he initially thought it would be. After taking the advice of his wife David decided to back to school and complete the necessary courses to become a teacher instead. He did passing the state certification test to become a special education teacher. David went from serving God and his country to serving his local community s children. has a lack of respect for others in the classroom it usually stems from a lack of respect at home. Many parents do not give their children the support they need after school hours claiming that they are too busy or do not understand the homework. Children often times enter into an empty house after school which has a direct impact on them as well. With the increase of technology and government required testing David has found that students are expected to learn more than previous generations. While David is required to teach a specific curriculum he tries not to teach the test and instead goes more in-depth to teach each subject with a lot of detail. By teaching this way students get a better understanding and knowledge base of that particular subject matter. While serving in the US Air Force David earned his Associate s in Business from Brandywine Junior College and a second Associate s in Munitions Systems from Community College of the Air Force. In 1997 he received his BS in Professional Aeronautics from Embry Riddle Aeronautics University. David is a member of the Foreign Legion Disabled American Veterans and Veterans of Foreign Wars. He volunteers his time working at food lines and with the Girl Scouts of America and enjoys reading traveling and movies. Married in 1997 David s wife Rhonda is also a teacher. They have one daughter. The most rewarding part of being a teacher is seeing my students faces when that light bulb comes on and they finally understand something David explained about the many blessings of teaching. I love knowing that I m making a positive contribution in their lives. During his 15-year tenure teaching in Texas David has taught 3rd grade through high school and has spent one year teaching for the Disciplinary Alternative Education Program. He currently teaches at La Feria Independent School District working with high school students that have learning challenges and emotional and behavioral disorders. The hardest part of David s transition from military life to the classroom has been self-discipline. Discovering quickly that children don t react to orders in the same way soldiers do he had to learn patience. But with the problems in schools today like lack of respect violence and pregnancy David also tries to enforce rules and suitable consequences in order to be a positive influence on them. If there was one thing David could change about education it would be the general involvement of parents. When a child Didier Guigon Chief Financial Officer Amzak Capital Management Boca Raton FL French native Didier Guigon has served as Chief Financial Officer of Amzak Capital Management in Boca Raton Florida for almost two decades. This family owned business has diversified its portfolio in a range of industries both domestically and internationally and over the last 19 years Didier has been involved with buying and selling companies and getting bank financing something that he has truly enjoyed. The Kazma family are the sole owners of Amzak. Gerry Kazma the father is the chairman of the company and his son Mike is CEO. Didier has great admiration and respect for this family. Working with them has been a privilege. Amzak has very successfully owned operated and sold many cable companies throughout the United States Caribbean islands Venezuela and Central America. MY ROLE AS CFO IS to monitor all the investments of the company and prepare all reporting to the board and banks Didier said. But my role is not limited to looking at numbers I try to spearhead any project that could benefit the company and improve its financial situation. And that s the part I enjoy the most. DIDIER S ROLES IN AMZAK HAVE EVOLVED over After graduating from college in France in 1984 Didier spent a year in the military. He was stationed in a NATO headquarters in Germany. In 1985 Didier was hired by Ernst and Young in the Paris France office as a junior auditor. Three years later he was selected to be part of an exchange program and was sent to the Chicago Illinois office for two years. After Didier completed the program he returned to the Paris office as a manager. Even though he was progressing very well within Ernst and Young Didier decided in April 1994 he wanted to be closer to the operation and running of a business. That is when Amzak presented a great business opportunity to do just that. He was hired to become the controller for the cable TV system that the company was going to build in Martinique a French island located in the Caribbean. When he told friends and family in France he was thinking of leaving Ernst and Young to join Amzak they thought he was crazy. the years. Starting as the controller in Martinique he was the liaison between the local management and Amzak. He was heavily involved in the day to day operations. He then became regional controller for Central America and eventually CFO. When investing in foreign markets Didier learned how important it was to understand and respect each market he s worked in and their culture which has been key to his success. Involved in an organization dedicated to providing food to underprivileged families Didier s also on the finance committee at his church and volunteers for his twin daughters school. This past summer Didier and his family moved back to Chicago. Although he s still an employee with Amzak during this transition period the company hired a new CFO to take over but he s enthusiastic about his next business venture in the Chicago area. Learders Magazine Donald Don R. Ira vice-president of sales harrah logistics group ingleWood ca FOLLOWING IN HIS FATHER S FOOTSTEPS who s first position was with Airborne in 1957 Donald Don R. Ira also decided to get involved in the transportation business in his adult life. His dad was an intelligent man who really understood the business and Don wanted to do the same. The transportation business has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember. I truly love what I do for a living Don said about working in transportation. I enjoy the challenges involved with finding intelligent solutions for our clients its intellectually stimulating and at times does not feel like work at all. Currently Don is the vice-president of sales for Harrah Logistics Group a transportation logistics company he has been employed with since 2008. Harrah provides both expedited and non-expedited logistics services regardless of a shipment s size or service level. Don considers Harrah s team of logistics specialists to be among the best in the industry. Harrah Logistics Group is dedicated to cost effective on-time delivery and outstanding customer service. In his role Don is in charge of business development. Because Harrah is a compact organization he may sometimes be tasked to do many other things besides sales and he is okay with that. A good reputation and public perception are extremely important to Don and he believes his biggest contribution to the company is his work ethic and stubborn attitude towards not failing to deliver on service. When dealing with a client vendor or employee Don s most important attribute is his integrity and he tries to surround himself with people he can trust in any situation. While he knows he is not endowed to change the way others think feel or act it is important for Don to hold up his end of any agreement. He also feels very fortunate to have business partners at Harrah that share a similar view of the importance of both personal and business integrity. As a fair minded man who has a genuine passion for the business Don is always educating himself. He also uses both positive and negative past work experiences to his advantage in attempt to emulate the positive and eliminate the negative. DON ATTRIBUTES HIS SUCCESS to his continual accountability to his clients and to Harrah. He never gives less than his best and if he sometimes falls short he takes responsibility and corrects the situation to the best of his abilities. Don also knows it is very important to show gratitude towards those who deserves thanks. To keep both a healthy spirit and mind Don is an avid golfer and fisherman. He enjoys trout fishing in several locations in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range in the spring and fall and finds solitude on the golf course. He loves to travel with his wife Elaine and enjoys spending time with his two grown daughters Alyssa and Grace. Don is very grateful for having such a wonderful family and he tries to remember to tell them that he loves them often and every time they part ways. Doug Dawson chief executive officer daWson group champaign il CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER DOUG DAWSON has spent his entire career in the transportation industry. After 10 years gaining knowledge and experience in the field Doug decided it was time to open his own company. But prior to launching his current organization Dawson Logistics he had already four failed businesses under his belt in just three years. Using these failures as life lessons however Doug molded himself and his business into a true success story. As Doug continues to grow his business he recognizes how imperative it is to also expand networking opportunities. For that reason he is very active in professional organizations including Distribution and Logistics Professionals Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Supply Chain Management Practitioners and Experts Logistics and Supply Chain Professionals and Supply Chain Management Consultants. Doug believes that being a good leader isn t necessarily a reflection of intimate knowledge of the inner workings of your industry. Instead he says it s the ability to recruit and surround yourself with those who specialize in a particular skill set needed to drive an organization toward a strategic vision. He relies on a good set of ethics and a moral compass to lead the way and is confident knowing that everything he does professionally has been done correctly because he d rather fail with character than succeed with shame. It s important that one gains a foundational understanding of information technology and global supply chain design if they want to get into this industry Doug said. Companies will continue to race to be the first to the market with their cutting edge technology-based supply chain solution designs so having a skill set that consists of a great global vision supply chain design experience and synchronization skills will be of great value as a logistics professional. Doug has three daughters ages 20 17 and 14. His biggest joy is attending their many sporting events. When it comes to his own personal life he loves to golf play baseball exercise likes to go boating and often volunteers with the Haiti Project. I have absolutely enjoyed the evolution of the transportation industry and the growth opportunities associated with it Doug said about his longtime career. Over the past couple decades logistics has transitioned and technology has become a significant component which has created an exciting dynamic in my career. Doug began working in logistics while still in college in 1991. As a senior studying marketing at Millikin University Doug worked for United Parcel Service in the call center and supported the sales team with presentation design. After graduation he went to work for RPS which was subsequently purchased by FedEx as an operations coordinator sort manager and sales representative. It wasn t for another nine years that Doug founded Dawson Logistics with business partner Josh Hobick in 2000. While Josh serves as president Doug is the company s CEO working to develop corporate strategic design company acquisition strategy and financial budgeting. Doug is sure to stay close with all key customers relative to the business s performance while also ensuring that their corporate strategy and visions align. Learders Magazine president general manager drp associates llc haymarket va READY TO MOVE ON AND EXPLORE NEW OPPORTUNITIES Dubois Porchia took an early worked as a senior project manager for CACI International for just over two years and finally as principal for SRA International for three-and-a-half years until he decided to go off on his own and open DRP Associates. But it was the time spent in Europe while in the Army that he was able to lay a strong foundation of what would become of him now. As an intelligence officer Dubois learned and practiced essential leadership and management skills that he continued to utilize and improve upon for many years. Once he began his career in the private sector he began learning all the technologies and process methodologies associated with IT software development and hardware systems integration which helped him gain a greater confidence in his current role. I m an American citizen who is deeply concerned about the quality of leadership and management in both government and business in this country and I want to help improve it for the benefit of everyone Dubois said about his most recent career move. I m passionate and committed. I ve learned that success only comes from hard work preparation flexibility taking advantage of opportunities that come your way learning to work effectively with others and luck. Dubois earned a BS in Political Science and International Studies from Western Michigan University an MA in International Communication from American University and became a certified Project Management Professional through the Project Management Institute (PMI). A member of PMI the Association of Former Intelligence Officers and the 2nd Calvary Association Dubois is also married to Rosilene and has one son Jehan-Luc. Dubois Porchia retirement from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) where he had risen from the analysts rank to senior manager (GS15). Although he had a great career that spanned more than 20 years he knew it was time. I love leading and managing people and helping them realize their full potential. I enjoy meeting the various challenges associated with leading and managing organizations no matter the capacity. I also love helping organizations become better than when I initially joined them Dubois said about applying his skills and experiences in his current entrepreneurial role. As president and owner of DRP Associates LLC a management consulting firm located in Haymarket Virginia since April 2012 Dubois s minority-owned business is dedicated to providing quality management solutions and technical resources to clients in the areas of strategic planning and program and project management support that includes Program Management Office (PMO) start-ups geospatial information support services and cyber security engineering solutions. Because it is a relatively small business he also serves as business development manager and task order manager. His current focus is building appropriate strategic partnerships and marketing his company to potential clients at federal state and local government agencies. Prior to opening his consulting firm Dubois spent six years serving in the US Army from 1978-1984. Once he returned to civilian life he spent another 22 years with the CIA then Eduard Edy K Kochoumian vice-president ksW mechanical services inc. long island city ny Eduard Edy K Kochoumian knows the importance of followup in order to ensure efficient and effective performance especially with the Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry being a very demanding challenging and stressful business. Putting in long hours and assuming duties well above and beyond his job description are just two of the many reasons Edy K has become successful. Every day in the HVAC industry is different. I am constantly learning and meeting new people Edy K said about his trade. The daily challenges success and satisfaction of having contributed to the erection of so many structures in the New York Metropolitan area is very gratifying. As a trade manager Edy K begins by meeting with the owner and professional team to understand the project criteria and how they expect the HVAC system to operate. He and his team then review the preliminary design development drawings and utilize their past value engineering experience and knowledge to identify alternatives and cost saving measures which if accepted might satisfy the owners requirements at an overall lower cost. They also look at how the project might be subdivided to obtain minority participation and encourage participation by smaller competent subcontractors. Throughout his career Edy K has grown in the industry because he has listened to the knowledge of both his peers and superiors. He has learned from his experiences and mistakes made by either himself or others around him is hard working fair honest and determined. He knows the importance of not making promises he cannot keep and that keeping his word is everything in business. Belonging to the Society of American Engineers Edy K is also an active alumni member of Polytechnic University of New York. He loves to travel fish and read. Married with two children his wife is a vice-president credit risk analyst for a European investment bank with a branch in New York. Edy K s son graduated with an architectural degree from New York Institute of Technology and is currently working as a project manager in the healthcare division for Lend Lease a large construction management company. His daughter is completing her second year at New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. EDY K STARTED AS A DRAFTSMAN at JEK Engineering while working towards his BS in Mechanical Engineering at Polytechnic Institute of New York. On completion of his degree Edy K became project manager for Jaffie Mechanical who was then bought out by John Grace Corporation. When John Grace closed their doors in 1992 he was hired as project manager by his current company KSW Mechanical Services. Serving as vice-president of KSW Edy K was recently promoted to president of their Trade Management division a sub-division within the company that offers services like value engineering to the HVAC industry. His responsibilities include managing multiple mechanical trades in the same discipline allowing for a faster completion of projects. Participation in aggressive scheduling especially in hospitals projects research laboratories airport terminals and energy plants is the key to any successful project. Learders Magazine Frank Alan Gajes-Dadulla master control operator television services portland public schools portland or TEACHING PEOPLE HOW TO THINK VISUALLY isn t easy but having the ability to use visual media wisely to reach your target audience can create a lasting impression on others. Graduating from the University of Oregon in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication and Film Frank Alan Gajes-Dadulla was advised to get into the business field for video production rather than the typical television station setting since it s such a competitive field. Heeding the advice Frank became a master control operator for Portland Public Schools. I see my role as primarily a support service. We assist teachers and administrators in delivering a message Frank explained. I help create videos and broadcast informational videos over the cable TV network in the city as well. I like working with the variety of people and especially enjoy working with the students who have an interest in getting into the video production field. Frank specifically handles video production for the Portland Public School s (PPS) Education Access Channel videotaping workshops for PPS staff professional development videotaping and editing of school plays and advises and lends assistance in video programs produced by students of all ages. He loves every opportunity to be creative which is the single source of inspiration necessary to do his job successfully. Because there is always more than one way to get a message across creativity is crucial in his line of work. Celebrating his 29-year anniversary working for the school system this year Frank has learned to take criticism with a grain of salt to learn from his mistakes and never repeat them twice and most importantly how to have fun at work. If you don t enjoy what you do for a living do something else because life is just too short he says. In fact much of Frank s words of wisdom come from Jim Fay a much sought-after parenting consultant and Joseph Campbell a renowned American writer and lecturer whose best known for his work in mythology and comparative religions. Their teachings gave Frank a better understanding of how to view life as a whole as well as how to deal with all sorts of people. WHEN FRANK ISN T BUSY AT WORK he enjoys serving as a board member for the KIAKO Foundation. The foundation s goal is to share the Hawaiian culture in the metro Portland area. Established by Oregon residents with ties to Hawaii KIAKO strives to educate and touch the hearts of families. Notably Frank was born and raised in Honolulu Hawaii. Frank is married to wife Argion who is an information technology administrator at a design company. They share a daughter Franjelica who just completed the third grade. Franjelica is very active loves playing tennis golf and basketball and Frank enjoys chauffeuring her around for ice skating lessons swim lessons piano lessons soccer games and whatever else pops up in her very busy schedule. When he finds time Frank also squeezes in some gardening and home improvements. Professional Salvor and Appraiser George E. Nardone Jr. has been conducting salvage operations for commercial insurance carriers and self-insured businesses for over four decades throughout the US and overseas. His former experience both in the field and in the US Air Force contribute greatly to George s tenured knowledge and sense of confidence today and he finds great satisfaction in meeting and working with some of the best in the business from all over the globe. Working closely with the insurance industry and fellow business owners whom have suffered a loss George covers a wide range of duties as the president and CEO of Nardone and Company Inc with managerial financial aspects training marketing and field operations all playing vital roles to the company s success. With the simple belief of never asking personnel to do anything he wouldn t do himself George works hard to lead by example. He is a doer and believes wholeheartedly in being very hands-on. George E. Nardone Jr. President Chief Executive Officer Nardone and Company Inc. President GCL Aviation Severna Park MD MY INSPIRATION COMES FROM WITHIN George said. I attribute my values to three factors my upbringing my grandfather s words If the day ends in a y than it s a work day and my military career of flying all over the world. Nardone and Company Inc. was founded in 1993 with an original location based in Severna Park Maryland. Since inception George has opened offices in Massachusetts New Jersey Minnesota Florida Louisiana Texas and California. Completing studies in aerospace and aeronautical technology before serving four years in the US Air Force from 1965-69 George was working toward a degree in business management from Salem State College in 1978. He was also a branch manager of a large national salvage firm working in Boston Massachusetts before being transferred to Baltimore Maryland in the late 1970 s. Throughout his career George has handled over 10 000 commercial losses one in excess of 160 million. In addition to holding an FAA Airline Transport Rating George is also a certified professional aircraft appraiser endorsed through Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. He s conducted numerous training seminars for the insurance industry over the years and is an active member of numerous professional organizations pertaining to his field including the Property Loss Research Bureau and the Loss Executives Association. The former Air Force veteran has flown C-130 aircraft all over the world including over 250 combat sorties in Vietnam and has received numerous awards and air medals during his time in the military. Failure is not an option George says in relation to his unending drive motivation and desire to be a great leader. Stick to your principles have honor get it right the first time and be lucky enough to find talented personnel who subscribe to the same principles. Married for 36 years and now widowed George enjoys spending his free time boating fishing reading watching and playing sports flying and enjoying his grandchildren. He has four children two boys and two girls and he s spent a lifetime teaching them all about what it s like being just a regular guy who has always worked hard and enjoyed life. Learders Magazine Ian Sanchez founder oWner purposeful entrepreneurship charleston sc To address the challenge of creating profitable ventures that have an environmental or social benefit Ian Sanchez formed a business that would bring together great minds with the experience and resources to build social innovative projects. He founded Purposeful Entrepreneurship in 2007 and since that time has been inspired by game changing entrepreneurs that have dedicated themselves to building enterprises that create financial natural and human prosperity. Working with various for-profit and non-profit businesses over the years have given me a broad range of experiences Ian explained. As I look back over the numerous projects I have been involved in there seems to be a reoccurring theme of getting involved with people who are passionate about engaging education and purposeful entrepreneurship. Having been involved in several projects to further environmental education and social entrepreneurship the Web of Water Project won an Innovative in Education Award from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for its collaboration between public and private organizations to create interactive education about the South Carolina watershed. The Outdoor Economy is an ongoing project that Ian has been involved in to build support for ecotourism and the outdoor industry and he has coordinated funding for several projects throughout the state of South Carolina that promote healthy lifestyles environmental awareness and clean fuel technology. A member of South Carolina EE Capacity Consortium South Carolina Environmental Literacy Plan Barbados Carolina Legacy Foundation and Charleston Stem Field Studies Ian also volunteers his time with South Eastern Environmental Education Alliance Palmetto Clean Fuels Initiative Charleston Social Entrepreneurs The Environmental Education Association of South Carolina and South Carolina Great Outdoors Project. Since 2003 Ian has been co-founder and partner of OM Biofuels LLC and Chicora Investments LLC and Executive Director of The Lowcountry Environmental Education Program. Strengthening his bonds with family and friends is important to Ian and often involves music and outdoor activities. Although he was born in the United States he comes from a multi-cultural family with roots in the Caribbean. In his Charleston South Carolina home they speak both English and Spanish and together with his wife and daughter Ian aspires to learn French and Mandarin. BEING A PART OF PROFITABLE BUSINESSES that have a positive impact has been the driving force behind Purposeful Entrepreneurship. Ian identifies what needs to be accomplished makes a strategic plan and pulls the people and resources together to get it done. Focused and dedicated to his mission Ian does not try to undertake projects on his own. He leverages his efforts through collaborations and has a knack for finding people much more talented than himself. By working together and taking a long view that extends beyond his lifetime Ian believes this will overcome fatal misconceptions cultural differences and destructive ideologies to create long-term prosperity that will benefit people and the planet. James Womack lieutenant office of professional standards paris texas police department paris tx With the humble conviction that he is merely just an average person that goes to work every day while trying to be a good example for his kids and his community James Jimmy Womack always wanted to work in a field where he would have the ability to make change. AFTER BEING DISCHARGED FROM THE US MILITARY Jimmy decided to move back to Paris Texas While working over the Office of Professional Standards which includes internal affairs and as training coordinator for some 89 employees the position allows Jimmy to meet the needs of his community and the department. He s able to identify areas that need improvement while also training officers. Though Jimmy feels that internal affairs is often viewed as a bad thing he believes it helps to ensure that they are providing the best possible service. If there s one person in Jimmy s life that has given him the most support and guidance throughout his career it s his wife Ashley who s convinced him that there is nothing he cannot accomplish. They have a fantastic marriage and a big family with seven children. They love spending quality time together as much as possible and that s something Jimmy will never take for granted. The 1996 East Texas Police Academy salutatorian is a BAAS Summa Cum Laude graduate who s now working toward his MS in Applied Criminology at Texas A&M University-Commerce. He s also simultaneously studying at Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas Sam Houston State University and graduated in the spring of 2014. and seek a career in law enforcement. Hired in 1996 by the Paris Police Department he s still with them today serving as a lieutenant. Throughout the course of 17 years he has progressed in rank ranging from patrol officer corporal sergeant and lieutenant to special weapons tactics SWAT and field training officer community oriented police officer school resources officer gang resistance education and training instructor and is now heading the Office of Professional Standards. I love my job Jimmy said enthusiastically. There are days when I ve wanted to just walk away but the thing that has kept me going is the ability to make a difference in the lives of others. Policing is truly a rewarding profession. Jimmy s career in law enforcement actually began in 1991 while working part-time for the New Orleans Criminal Sheriff s Department as an About Face instructor for a juvenile boot camp program which was developed to assist youth with criminal convictions. He also worked in the Orleans Parish Prison during the early 1990 s working in central book-in patrol and foot patrol for special events like Mardi Gras. He found this experience to be exhilarating and once he had completed his stint in the US Navy he was ready to get right back into police work. my aDvice to anyone looking to make change can be summeD up With a quote by mahatma ganDhi We must be the change We Want to see in the WorlD Jimmy saiD. i believe this is easy to say anD remember but is very Difficult to live by. Learders Magazine JerriFaye Thomason author our World in poetry vincennes in ...Life has deaLt you a few Low cards and each one has Left a scar touch them LightLy and trace them too smiLe a memory they re part of you... WITH A LOVE AND RESPECT FOR WORDS JerriFaye Thomason finds writing to be second nature for her. Writing since the sixth grade Rockport Indiana native JerriFaye turned her love into a career in 2003 by forming Our World in Poetry a web-based poetry site. Our World In Poetry is my way of giving back. It is a tribute to our world and poetry JerriFaye explained about her written work. My poetry is an international news site and my way of trying to keep poetry alive. For as far back as she can remember JerriFaye s mother read poetry to her. The rhythm was lyrical and soothing and it had a calming effect that to this day she can still remember. The overwhelming feeling of security and love she felt as her mother read intensified as the rhythm and her mother s heartbeat became one. Her appreciation today for the art of poetry certainly stems from her mom and it continues to live on every day in her writing. Having developed her own style JerriFaye writes in plain English with no hidden meanings. With the understanding that people like to read about topics they are familiar with she writes poetry on the many issues of today as well as the past. Finding her place in the poetry world is a journey that she hopes someday will fill in the gaps between truth and wonderment. She also hopes to evoke many emotions along with our history as much of her poetry has been written to help readers understand and gain insight to many untold truths of the past. For JerriFaye poetry has truly been a labor of love. The painted cave walls of early man taught future generations about past generations. I would like Our World In Poetry to enlighten those who follow JerriFaye said with hope. I want them to feel the hurt and pain we felt during tragedies like September 11th not just know the facts. I want the poetry to flow as the emotions of mankind cross all barriers. Our World In Poetry Book I Today s News Is History Tomorrow is JerriFaye s first book a lifelong dream of hers to put it on paper. She also authored the Red Skelton Poem which was matted framed and presented to Mrs. TolandSkelton the widow of Entertainer Richard Bernard Red Skelton. Red was an American entertainer best known for being a national radio and television comedian who also happened to be from JerriFaye s town in Vincennes Indiana. During a tribute to Red on his 100th birthday her poem was honored by Dr. Philip Summers the emeritus president of Vincennes University. She is also the recipient of numerous awards including an American Legion Award and was named to Top 200 Best Poems and Poets 2003. My hopes for those that have a copy of my book is to save it for their children s children. Leave a piece of yourself inside a family picture a note how some events touched you. It will become an appreciated heirloom. They will follow your lead. This is my wish JerriFaye said wistfully. Joshua L. Holm Founder Steel Hope - Fort Worth TX WOUNDED VETERAN Joshua L. Holm began speaking at various places publically making him quickly realize that it was more than just a passion. He wanted to do it professionally as a life coach. Founding his non-profit organization Steel Hope Steel stands for Standing Transforming Encouraging Enlightening Loving while Hope stands for Helping Others Problems Erase. Formed on the belief that when someone helps and encourages others their pain and problems seem to no longer hinder them but help fuel challenge and encourage them to take on the characteristics of steel. I thought I would be in the military until retirement until a severe traumatic brain injury and stroke-like symptoms put me in a wheelchair three separate times Joshua admitted. I worked until it almost killed me literally. I had to give up my business and had no choice but to ask others for help. This was the breaking point of Joshua Holm and the making point of Steel. With the support and love of his wife Crystal Joshua recovered. Today she is his rock as well as the CEO of Steel Hope. The organization s five focal points are warriors rehabilitation education missions and special needs. These focal points are centered around the slogan Our Heart Beats for Others . As the voice and visionary of Steel Hope there is not one task that Joshua has not and will not do for the organization. The non-profit s vision is to build recreational facilities that are all handicap accessible and work with people with disabilities both veterans and non-veterans while providing them a life coach and helping them fulfill their goals in life. To do this they link arms and hearts with people who want to make a difference in the world one step and one person at a time. Through his healing process Joshua has learned to embrace his scars instead of hiding them. He is focused on his why and centers his vision on his passion. He has surrounded himself with people that can help him accomplish his goals like Crystal and Dave Roever the founder of The Roever Foundation. Like Joshua Dave has an amazing heart for veterans and for seeing the wounded restored. Joshua volunteers his time to assist and speak at golf tournaments and other events to help restore the wounded through Operation Warrior Reconnect a division of the Roever Foundation. He is a member of National Association of Christian Ministries and the Destiny Center. Joshua loves to sing spend time with his wife and two children feed the homeless and support various others missions. An avid writer Joshua has a published book Some of My Life Lessons which was published in 2011 through Publish America. IT S NOT WHAT YOU GO THROUGH BUT HOW YOU GO THOUGH IT THAT COUNTS Joshua emphasized. I want to see people rise up and live a life that is fueled by a desire to fulfill their life with purpose and humility. We are here to be a pillar of strength beacon of hope and a symbol of freedom to show the world there is Steel Hope Learders Magazine In the early 1970 s Karyl Maier traveled the world as a stewardess for TransWorld Airways better known as TWA. She flew out of New York City for several years when TransAmerica in Oakland California offered her a position doing voiceovers for pilot training tapes. By the late 1980 s Karyl was living in Palo Alto working at Stanford University in the Research Library Network Control Room. During that time she completed a supervision management credential at San Jose College. Later she was hired by Toshiba Corporation to write technical manuals before becoming a contractor working for United Technologies Quantum ROLM LSI Logic and Beckton Dickinson. In the 90 s she returned to Minnesota and became a licensed English as a Second Language and elementary teacher working for Saint Paul Public Schools. Having earned a BS Degree in Science and Communications from Winona State University Karyl went on to pursue her Master s Degree in Education from Hamline University graduating in 1996. Now in her nineteenth year in the classroom her love for her students and desire to help them learn has been her biggest motivator. You have to be student-centered if you want to survive as a teacher in this field Karyl said about the many challenges teachers face today. It s all about passion and determination. teacher saint paul public schools realtor edina realty Writer saint paul mn Karyl Maier Growing up Karyl began to stutter in the first grade. Though she overcame her impediment with time it was a period in her life that left a lasting impression on her. She was also surrounded by entrepreneurs in six family businesses. Because her parents worked around the clock she and her babysitter were essentially responsible for raising her two younger brothers. WITH THE BELIEF THAT SHE COULD OVERCOME ANY HURDLE Karyl began to write later in life. Now finishing her first novel entitled For All The Carol s Out There which is based on her life s obstacles and achievements she has also written three children s books and two lyrical books. When Karyl isn t teaching or focusing on her writing she does grant and technical writing contracts edits Graduation Standards for the Minnesota Department of Education and is a licensed realtor for Edina Realty. In addition she loves to write music lyrics and poetry some of which has been published and she loves photography too. Karyl is the mother of two children and is very active in her community. Not only is she a member of the advisory board for the Minnesota Department of Education she is a member of the Minnesota Disability Association. Karyl also volunteers for Midwest Animal Rescue a cause very dear to her heart. natural child birth educator lamaZe certified child birth educator carolina community maternity center mills sc Originally from Haiti Katia Sem worked in office management for a shipping company for seven years in Florida before deciding that she wanted to pursue something she was more passionate about. After switching jobs Katia got into the healthcare field as a patient coordinator. She then began going to school at night at the International School of Midwifery graduating in 2010. Moving to North Carolina she met up with an old classmate who ironically not only graduated from the same midwifery program as she but was also beginning her career in midwifery teaching birth classes at the same facility the Carolina Community Maternity Center. It s only been a few years but Katia has had a deep interest in labor and deliver since 2005 when she herself was pregnant and embarking on an adventure of natural childbirth. Now a mother of four it s her job at the Center to educate expectant mothers what to expect from themselves their birth and their healthcare team. She emphasizes the role of the midwife explains certain procedures teaches patients coping skills and hopefully lays some of their fears to rest. I love assisting women who may have been told dozens of horror stories of what childbirth is like. I feel privileged to be able to ease women s fears and help them gain confidence and certainty in their choice Katia said. Katia stresses that taking childbirth classes are meant to empower and educate expectant mothers and their partners not to pass judgment for their birth choice. As an educator these misconceptions can be frustrating. Often times people have very rigid ideas of what should happen and how it should happen in the delivery room. However the journey is just as important and flexibility is key. The registered Lamaze International instructor is also an independent educator out of her home office in the Charlotte Mint Hill area. She plans to earn her PhD in Psychology so she can provide mental counseling and crisis management to women of all cultures and backgrounds. She s currently involved in an organization called MidwivesforHaiti which combats infant and maternal mortality in rural areas. Volunteer midwives and OB doctors are sent to Haiti to help formally train birth workers and Haitian midwives in the area. Katia is also a member of Dining for Women an organization centered on helping women globally live better. For me childbirth classes and midwifery is not just about reaching a pregnant woman but making women just a little bit stronger to face pregnancy birth parenting and beyond. I want every woman standing strong proud and functional for themselves and their families she said. Busy tending to her four kids with the help of her husband Katia is often found squeezing their soccer practice basketball and other activities into her daily routine. She s also very active and loves hiking dancing kickboxing and volunteering at her children s school. She s even starting a new chapter of ChickTime an organization that works with teenage girls for a better tomorrow by keeping them focused on education and personal growth. Katia Sem Learders Magazine Kris W. Shaw quality program director teleflex medical durham nc Kris W. Shaw has been working in quality improvement ever since he graduated from college. He started part-time at Marriott Corporation doing process mapping which led to a quality director job overseeing customer service and quality. Today he works at Teleflex Medical in Durham North Carolina as a quality program director. QUALITY PROFESSIONALS HAVE BEEN A RARE BREED but growing with tremendous opportunity Kris said in relation to his field. I consider myself in the upper tier of knowing how to improve a process quickly while mentoring others at the same time. I love that part and it s the bread and butter of what keeps me intrigued. Massachusetts Lowell Kris played Division I ice hockey. During that time he was close to the professional hockey players and played with many of them on the 1980 Olympic team. A shoulder injury however ended his career and sent him home to finish his degree at Mercy College. Today he continues to coach ice hockey to high school students a passion of his that has never died. Involved with the American Society of Quality Kris suggests that others in his field also join this organization or a similar one. Even organizations on the local level can provide guidance tools templates and networking in total quality improvement which is always a plus. Kris is also a certified master black belt and volunteers his time with a local hospice to give back. Kris and his family live in North Carolina. His wife works with autistic children in Raleigh and absolutely loves her job. Their youngest son is a senior in high school and hopes to attend a North Carolina state school to major in computer science. Their twin sons are both successful business men and their daughter recently passed all sections of her CPA exam and is working for a firm based in Raleigh. I am extremely passionate about quality improvement and have been for many years Kris admitted. My advice for others that share in my passion is to never give up and always be proactive. Quality is a subject many do not think about when it comes to the foundational work. As a director of quality Kris documents all processes that exist in Teleflex and exposes the opportunities for improvement. He does this through cost analysis long-term support to quality systems and by reducing variation waste and cycle time all linked to the short- and long-term profit and loss statements. Kris earned his degree in management and finance at Mercy College in White Plains New York. He is considering publishing Eight Steps to Root Cause Analysis. The book s concept uses basic tools and drive solutions and results in as little as three to six weeks which is preferable in a field where people believe six months is too long get it done tomorrow . Beginning his college career at the University of Lanny Priester oWner lanny priester music tampa fl Although Lanny Priester s background is in welding his deep rooted love of country music has always taken president. Raised in the country music business as a child Lanny traveled to many shows with his father who played in various classic country music bands in the 1960 s. Since that very influential time in his childhood Lanny has never given up on his dream to work in the music industry. Lanny got his first break when he was offered the opportunity to record an album for Misty Records in 1996. His country music career had officially begun. Lanny was fortunate to open shows for Nashville stars like Little Jimmy Dickens Jim Ed Brown and Don Williams. His music has since been compared to artists like Little Jimmy Dickens Merle Haggard and The Legendary Marty Robbins. In 1998 Lanny started his own recording studio Lanny Priester Music. He was very careful to get into the business properly while not stepping on anyone s toes that might cause problems for him down the road. Now a recording artist for over 30 years Lanny has been overseeing all aspects of the recording studio producing engineering and playing music singing and handling marketing and promotions. He does all the vocals mixing of tracks and producing from start to finish. Although he does not have any formal training he has learned the industry by trial and error. He has an ear for what sounds right and that has proven to be enough. While I played in several bands over the years I now get to entertain fans that truly enjoy my music and what I have to offer. I am a one man show Lenny said. Finding country music inspiration from artists like Merle Haggard Ray Price and Johnny Paycheck Lanny does a lot of research to produce a good product when he s working in the studio. Although he prefer studio work he does still do gigs every now and then mostly performing at local benefit concerts for people with health problems or for those who have lost homes for one reason or another. He also enjoys listening and supporting different country bands and artists locally. LANNY IS WORKING ON A NEW CD which he hopes to release soon. As a song writer Lanny belongs to Broadcast Music Inc. and he s ranked number six in ReverbNation where you can find 12 of his songs and one music video. The proud father of three children six grandchildren and one great-grandchild Lanny likes to going hunting and fishing when he has the time. Content in the direction his life has taken him Lanny s years spent trying to keep traditional country music alive. Whatever it With it anD Don t give up lanny saiD. but the reWarDs are great. takes harD Work anD DeDication you Dream may be stay Learders Magazine Laurie Davis chief executive officer eagleWing productions inc. buck lake alberta cn AFTER SPENDING 14 YEARS AS A CLASSROOM TEACHER Laurie Davis was itching to go off on her own and form her own business. By 1992 her simple idea quickly turned into a complete line up of products programs and services using many forms to deliver information via the internet radio television and movies. Laurie s business focuses on those experiencing low selfesteem issues. The realization of self-worth is the ultimate goal with every client she works with and she works assiduously to show compassion while at the same time helping each of them find themselves again through a variety of different strategies and methods such as learning circles. Teaching facilitating and mentoring others for over 40 years now Laurie is passionate about making a difference and knows that healing and knowledge is power. She is compassionate but tough. She takes big risks by asking difficult questions. Yet she values everyone she meets regardless of their circumstances. self-esteem and her first challenge was the psychology community. She was presenting a new way of looking at symptoms like alcoholism eating disorders and suicide but once she began getting results from those that had been in therapy counseling and rehab things began to shift. Now working with adults youth and young children in their personal development her credibility and qualifications that were once questioned have changed drastically thanks to the amazing results she has been able to provide clients. We came into this world with value and somewhere along the way we learn from others that we are not good enough not pretty enough not smart enough Laurie said. I want us all to leave this world the same way we came in with our self-esteem intact. That is the work we do with our clients each and every day. Even a highly paid professional can have self-esteem issues holding them back. Laurie authored a program called Personally Empowered People or PEP which was approved licensed and trademarked in 2000 by Industry Canada. She s a certified empowerment facilitator and has hosted seven radio talk shows. She s also been published in numerous publications throughout her career. Recently Laurie was featured as a cast member in the film The Gratitude Experiment which was released on April 17 2013 ( She broadcasts live each week on Hawk Radio and can be received in any area by streaming the show online at hawkradio.html. She s also been approached to produce a TV reality show which she plans to dive into right away. The show Couples Unite will be based on the work that she does with couples. When i saiD. see the light bulb go on When a client has maDe a connection it is so reWarDing in the WorlD. it laurie keeps me inspireD to continue my Work Over the course of her career Laurie has worked with clients from many well-known organizations including Kraft Foods Hewlett Packard Prudential Insurance and Weight Watchers just to name a few. Her portfolio is quite impressive. When Laurie first started out she addressed that losses setbacks and disappointments in life were the root of low Often considered to be the necessary evil department in corporations Lyle Thornton has worked in this division his entire career communications and he has no regrets. Even though communications technology has saved businesses considerable amounts of money in employee cost they seem to not want to invest their money into technologies that could save them even more money and as a result be more efficient. communications technician dcp midstream llc midland tx Lyle Thornton As a communication technician for DCP Midstream LLC Lyle s role is to maintain the radio systems and their networks. In other words fix what s broke. He also spends a lot of time researching and making improvements to their systems to make them more efficient. He believes in always doing his best and he is not afraid to express his ideas and opinions when he deems necessary. Though Lyle spent four years working for himself as a consultant for his own business in the mid 2000 s much of his involvement in the field has been dedicated to working for large scale organizations including White Sands Missile Range Shell Pipeline Union Pacific Railroad Mobile Oil Corporation ExxonMobil and now DCP Midstream. While working for White Sands Missile Range as an electronics technician which was his first job in communications dating back to 1966 Lyle had the opportunity to work on a microwave system that had been specifically designed for an application at White Sands. After working on the system for a while he was asked to host a class for the other technicians he was working alongside. That experience was a pivotal moment in his career when Lyle learned just how sound his aptitude for the system really was. Known to be quite the car buff Lyle also enjoys shooting hunting and photography. A member of the Commemorative Air Force he volunteers for several events throughout the year and supports the maintenance and operations of vintage war birds. Married with two daughters he and his wife also share three beautiful grandchildren. Perhaps this is because some higher-ups don t understand communication technology but Lyle certainly does. A master certified telecommunications technician through the International Association for Radio Telecommunications and Electromagnetics since 1986 he has spent many a late hour and extensive travel mastering his craft and has always favored the hands-on approach in learning any given system. It s important to learn as much as you can about the communications industry not just the area that you are directly involved with Lyle said about his 47 years of experience in the field. I have a curiosity for the new and different ways that have developed over the years. This ever-changing technology is what has kept me going all these years. Also motivated by the opportunities he s had with various positions in communications Lyle has been fortunate enough to not only travel and experience different parts of the country but he has felt for the most part content in that he s always been able to provide for his family thanks to the career path he chose so long ago. Learders Magazine Malcolm Skip Harsch director commission on sexual orientation and gender identity american bar association chicago il with such LGBT greats as Camilla Taylor Chris Clark and James Madigan. Skip had solidified his place in the LGBT legal community long before he graduated. He took his diversity and turned the tables making it the driving factor in his success and ultimately defining his entire career. After graduation Skip was elected board member of LAGBAC and became one of the National LGBT Bar Association s American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division (ABA YLD) representatives. As a YLD representative Skip was able to help the ABA pass the same-sex marriage resolution. It wasn t long after that he realized he wanted to call the ABA home. Today Skip works for the ABA. He loves interacting with the members while also staying up-to-date as an attorney in the legal world. He is currently the director for the ABA s Commission on Sexual Orientation (SOGI) and Gender Identity. The ABA s SOGI Commission leads the Association s commitment to diversity inclusion and full and equal participation by lesbian gay bisexual and transgender persons in the Association the legal profession and society. The SOGI Commission seeks to secure equal treatment in the ABA the legal profession and the justice system without regard to sexual orientation or gender identity. One I began working at the ABA it became apparent that association work was what I wanted to do with the rest of my life Skip said. I ve found that the best way to make lasting connections is to get out there volunteer network and get involved. Skip sits on numerous association boards and is entering his second term as association secretary of the LAGBAC. Inspired greatly by his father who is also an attorney Skip s very close with his parents and siblings. His partner Matthew Killen is also an attorney. LIKE MANY COLLEGE STUDENTS Malcolm Skip Harsch graduated without an inkling as to what he wanted to do with his life or his degree in biology. But after much consideration he decided to take the LSAT and go to law school. Having come out to his family and friends just a year earlier Skip s essay for law school was centered on who he really was as a person. It would later also solidify his inevitable place in the legal world as a Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) attorney. Writing a statement about being gay defined who I was to DePaul University where I attended law school Skip explained about the impact his statement had on him. It gave me a title before I even started orientation which is where my LGBT experience really began. While at DePaul Skip worked for a professor wrote for a newsletter and joined numerous student groups becoming really active in one in particular called DePaul s Outlaws. It was through DePaul s Outlaws that Skip was introduced to the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago (LAGBAC). The LAGBAC ended up awarded him a scholarship for an internship giving him the opportunity to meet and work AS A VISIONARY AND SOMEONE DETERMINED to leave his mark for generations to come Marcus Warren got into film production. Warren started his career after graduating in 2001 as a film major at Los Angeles City College. Since then he has been committed to creating bodies of timeless work. I love the art form and craft of filmmaking Marcus said about film production. I work with a supportive team that matches my commitment and dedication to create artistically. Marcus started his career as a videographer and director of video content for Sterlin World Records were he worked on content such as DVDs music videos and documentaries. He then worked as a freelance artist doing everything from gaffer and camera operator for Silas World Pictures to editor of independent music videos. With the experience he had in the film industry Marcus decided to open his own company Keylight Productions LLC. As owner and founder of the company Marcus not only has the responsibility of keeping the daily operations moving forward but he also oversees the development of all current projects as well as being a producer writer and director. Keylight is a creative and dynamitic independent film and commercial production company. Located in Los Angeles California the heart of the movie and entertainment industry Keylight has produced and developed numerous independent films and commercials. In addition to providing film and video productions services Keylight also offers animation editing and creative writers that perform the highest quality of work. With the new addition of Glasographix skillful animators and web designers give clients a complete hardworking team for all their production needs. Starting the company from the ground up has proven to be challenging at times. When finances are low for a certain project Marcus has learned to work with what he has. He is committed to his work and his clients embracing both artists and actors as family. In 2010 Marcus and his team at Keylight produced a short film A Rose for a Rose which was selected in the Ventura Film Festival. They are currently working on the development of four feature films and the first scheduled to be finished is a martial arts fantasy action film entitled Ancient Scroll. It s through Marcus s hard work that he has been able to develop a creative niche. Knowing that nothing happens overnight he is focused and patient. He admires filmmakers like Steven Spielberg George Lucas Spike Lee and Zhang Yimou and often gets inspiration from watching their masterpieces. I think that it is important in life to be humble sweet and kind and I strive to live this way on a daily basis Marcus said. Through my interactions with others and through my work I want to leave behind a legacy of fun love and art. Marcus Warren oWner founder keylight productions llc los angeles ca Learders Magazine Mary Christine Andrews private learning specialist for science and mathematics 21st century academic excellence neW york city ny Mary Christine Andrews remembers teaching the game of chess to her younger brother when she was eight-years-old. Her guidance and ability to explain the rules enabled him to reach such a high level of proficiency for it later in life that when she reflects back she realizes what an important role she played in his grasping the game. Mary was a naturalborn teacher. After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in chemistry Mary attended graduate school only to realize that she did not want to do chemical research. The obvious choice for her since she was more of a people person than anything else was to teach. She landed a position at St. Paul Academy in St. Paul Minnesota and after just one semester in the classroom she was advised by the school s science chair to pursue her master s in education so she could teach chemistry and math. Mary heeded that advice and in 1987 earned her Master s in Secondary Science Education. NOW AS THE SOLE PROPRIETOR of her tutoring business Tutoring4xcellence most of Mary s time is spent preparing for upcoming lessons. But she also works on marketing her business and sends out monthly newsletters written with parents in mind on various topics she feels will be most beneficial to them. Living and working in New York City Mary dedicates much of herself to her business. It s great to be able to spend a lot of time preparing for one student s lesson which isn t possible in a classroom setting. The kids the variety of each day the ability to be infinitely creative and her love of learning something new has always been Mary s driving force. She gets a kick out of being around her students. They keep her young optimistic and energized about her own life and she considers herself very fortunate to be able to make such a difference in their lives. Prior to private teaching Mary taught students in grades 4 -12 in schools throughout New York City and at the university level at Ohio State University and the University of Minnesota. One of Mary s goals as an educator was to teach and work abroad which she finally did in 2006 spending two years in Krakow Poland teaching English language instruction. Living in New York City for 27 years now Mary is presently residing on the upper west side. She has two brothers one in Philadelphia and one in Minneapolis a niece in Virginia and many relatives in Minnesota. OVER THE NEXT 10 YEARS Mary taught at the Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn New York. It was her very first teaching job and it proved to be the most wonderful years of her career. During my sabbatical I received a phone call from a parent who was looking for a chemistry teacher to work with her daughter privately Mary remembers. I found the oneon-one teaching experience rewarding and in this setting there was an environment and opportunity to accomplish things that weren t possible in a classroom. This began the beginning of my private teaching business. Mehdi Imanian Managing Director Infinix Inc. Sunnyvale CA Never viewing his career as being far separate from his lifestyle Mehdi Imanian admits that information technology (IT) is just part of who he is. Always fascinated with technology Mehdi has been fortunate enough to work in a field that he truly enjoys. My career started shortly after graduating and I found myself working in Silicon Valley in a junior role Mehdi remembers. Since then I ve held many different positions with several companies and loved them all. For the last 30 years Mehdi s been employed with Infinix Inc. a company that provides cost-effective technology solutions specifically tailored for small- to medium-size businesses based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Infinix offers enterprise-class proven technologies that have gained major recognition for their security reliability and ease of use. Mehdi is a managing director for Infinix where his main focus is to look after everyone from employees to partners and clients. His IT skills help him remove obstacles while also providing the freedom for others to achieve their goals. Overseeing a team that is efficient and productive Mehdi knows how to convey the importance of time management. Although sometimes challenging the team s ability to manage their time efficiently and to reprioritize their workload as a result of unscheduled activities and unexpected interruptions is crucial. In 2008 Mehdi took his experience in IT consulting architecture design deployment and management of data centers and IT infrastructure and became an independent consultant. He s worked with many companies of various sizes including startups and maturing high growth companies operating in a variety of verticals. His consulting work has helped them to enhance their core business processes through the use of smart scalable secure and reliable IT infrastructure. A graduate of University of California-Berkeley Mehdi earned his BS in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. He then obtained an MS in Telecommunications from the University of San Diego. Mehdi also had the opportunity to teach at a Berkley extension a few years back and the experience was fascinating. He learned a great deal from his students. By using his father s integrity as a guide Mehdi always tries to do the right thing professionally the first time around while also motivating others to do the same. Through his involvement with Pars Equality Center Mehdi s been fortunate to have been able to mentor and hire a number of young entry-level immigrants in networking and computer fields. He also enjoys participating in technology seminars and events often. You might not get something right the first time but as long as you are persistent and believe in doing the right thing you can achieve success Mehdi said. I try to inspire others to do the right thing stay positive and not allow failures to stop them from achieving their goals. Mehdi has been married for 27 years and his wife also works in the IT field. They have two children a daughter who graduated with a BS in Chemistry and Bio-Chemistry and a son who is currently in high school. Mehdi enjoys taking long walks playing racquetball and skiing. Learders Magazine Dr. Michael Troop founder p.r.e.p.a.r.e. to keep kids safe llc evanston il THE DESIRE TO MAKE SAFER SCHOOLS is what based on six core principles prompted Dr. Michael Troop to found P.R.E.P.A.R.E to Keep Kids Safe LLC. Surrounding himself with experts Michael gives seminars to teachers so that they are prepared for mayhem in the event of an emergency. By having a specific plan in place Michael instructs teachers how to follow that plan think clearly and keep panic from setting in. As long as individuals continue to attack schools I will remain vigilant and dedicated to protecting and empowering teachers and administrators Michael said. Children s safety was my inspiration for founding P.R.E.P.A.R.E. and it continues to be my greatest motivation. With the realization that schools across the country have little to no knowledge or experience in school shooting preparedness Michael founded P.R.E.P.A.R.E. in 2012 as a way to help implement a plan for teachers. Based on the number of previous shooting events across the country recently schools plans are grossly inadequate. Between 2010 and 2012 there were 12 active shooter cases in the United States accounting for 35% of the total cases within the last 12 years. Since 1980 297 people have been killed in school shootings with the worst shooting incidents occurring at Columbine High School in 1999 Virginia Tech in 2007 and Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 which totaled 72 lives lost. As founder Michael does research and consults on the best practices in emergency management in regards to active shooters in schools. He has trained many teachers and school personnel on how to react in the event that an active shooter enters school property. He has also developed a mindset and survival framework based on research from experts in the field that he applies to every training seminar P Psychological readiness R React immediately and decisively E Enforce protocols P Protect yourself and your students A Attach as necessary for survival R Respond to the wound (if safe) E Evolve to meet the demands of uncertainty Michael spends his free time training in CrossFit and Krav Maga a style of hand-to-hand combat. He and his wife have been married for almost 12 years have four children and a dog. I am dedicated to empowering teachers and school faculty to make their schools a safe place to work learn and grow Michael said about his dedication to P.R.E.P.A.R.E. When I put my mind to something I go all out and I work hard to be the best I can be for the benefit of others. Michael started his career as a high school science teacher at Amundsen High School in Chicago Illinois. He then taught at the Academy for Urban School Leadership also in Chicago as a science curriculum coordinator before taking on his current position as the assistant professor and director for alternative teacher licensure at National Louis University. Michael holds a Doctorate in Human Learning and Development from National Louis University and is expected to finish his certificate in Emergency Management and Continuity Planning from University of Illinois in 2015. Mirela Nazarbechian associate cadd bim and technology director kallen & lemelson consulting engineers llp neW york ny AS A WOMAN WORKING IN A FIELD DOMINATED BY MEN Mirela Nazarbechian has had to overcome many obstacles over the years to achieve the success she has today. Coming to America at the age of 24 and unable to speak good English was just one of those obstacles. Not only did she learn common grammar she learned the technical terminology to do her job and advance in her career in information technology. I came into information technology as a fluke Mirela explained about how she got started in her career. I started as a drafter for a consulting engineering firm and one day my computer stopped working. I took it apart fixed it and 20 years later here I am. For the last 17 years Mirela has worked for Kallen & Lemelson Consulting Engineers LLP and is currently a technology director and a CADD BIM (computer aided design and drafting building information model) associate. Over time she has been assigned increased responsibilities and more difficult assignments gaining the experience and know-how to handle each of them. Today Mirela is responsible for all of her firm s technology including network infrastructure and server operating systems telephone and network communications end-user hardware and software end-user and client support and training and hiring of IT and CAD BIM personnel. She also oversees the development implementation communication and monitoring of the organizational risk assessment information security strategy and policies and procedures to promote secure and uninterrupted operations. Graduating with honors Mirela earned her MS in Civil Engineering with focus areas on hydroelectric power and water treatment plants from Polytechnic University in Timisoara Romania. Then from 1993 to 1997 she attended New York University and earned certificates in ComputerAided Design using AutoCAD HVAC Design and Business Technology. MIRELA HAS BEEN INSPIRED BY A MULTITUDE OF PEOPLE through her career but especially by women that have achieved different levels of success. She was extremely mesmerized by Ping Fu s story and accomplishments. Ping Fu is a Chinese-American entrepreneur who co-founded the 3D software development company Geomagic and was its chief executive officer until February 2013 when the company was acquired by 3D Systems Inc. Like Ping Fu and other successful women Mirela defines her goals finds her targets and creates a path to achieve those goals. An avid reader Mirela has an eclectic taste. She enjoys gardening volunteering for children related causes and does charity work for various cancer organizations. She is a divorced mother of two teenagers living in Long Island New York. Her children attend a private catholic school and are both honor students who love sports like volleyball and wrestling. I have overcome being an immigrant having a language barrier being a woman in a man s field and divorce and I continue to be successful she said. I hope to pass along my drive knowledge and wisdom to my children and grandchildren. Learders Magazine Ramon Muhammad LMT oWner manager natural healers health and Wellness clinic llc laWrence ks Thanks to the help of family and friend and a lot of hard work dedication and perseverance Ramon Muhammad LMT began his career in health and wellness. Thanks to a good friend of his who owned a Curves franchise and was in need of a massage therapist Ramon decided tp pursue a diploma in massage therapy at Anthem College and get into the health field. Today he is healing the world one soul at a time. learned to follow his heart. He wakes up every day and works hard to get what he wants. His motivation to succeed has been instilled in him by his mother and father. His mother is a strong woman rhaving raised Ramon and his five siblings by herself. Ramon s father always had words of wisdom which has guided Ramon through life such as Use your mind not your muscles . As a member of Lawrence Area Partners in Aging an organization of multiple companies that come together once a month to share new programs and ideas that will help the aging population Ramon informs the group of the health benefits of massage therapy. He is a member of 1 Million Coups of Coffee an organization for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs and the American Red Cross. He also volunteers his time at 5K marathons such as the Garmin Marathon and the Pumpkin Run in honor of Jared Coons a resident of Olathe Kansas who was 10-years-old when he passed away on October 5 1998 after his courageous battle with leukemia. As someone who has struggled and battled cancer since the age of nine Ramon s road has been long and hard. He tries to live his life by encouraging all those that are suffering. Ramon is currently single with three children in college and one in middle school. His mother and the majority of his siblings live in Kansas City Missouri while he resides in Lawrence Kansas. THE PASSION I HAVE TO HELP OTHERS my outstanding skills and my loyal clients have been the key to my success Ramon explained. I have been blessed with a great spirit that others love and enjoy being in the presence of. Through sacrifice and saving Ramon started Natural Healers Health and Wellness Clinic LLC. Ramon delivers a highly professional and therapeutic massage that give clients an alternative to western medicine via message therapy steam therapy and aromatherapy while maintaining a high professional code of ethics. Ramon has built a professional atmosphere by developing an inviting retreat for his clients. He attributes his longterm success to the sacrifices he has made as well as his understanding of cash flow and money management knowing what to spend money on when to spend it and how much to spend. With a real fondness of health and wellness Ramon has founder and president tectonic group international pembroke pines fl From a very young age Raof Shams would accompany his father a contractor to his construction sites. It was during those very influential years that Raof s dad would teach him all about his business and that as a contractor engineer designer or architect the finished project would make you appreciate something that if designed and constructed properly would last for a long long time. Raof knew he wanted to be just like his dad and he knew that he too wanted a career experiencing those same end results and satisfaction that his father got to enjoy. In 1981 with his father s help and guidance Raof founded Tectonic Group International (TGI). The company which specializes in all aspects of construction engineering services and management is a global business that focuses on solutions and services for its customers. Seeing more and more monuments such as bridges highways and rail systems that connect people of all backgrounds has been a very motivating aspect throughout my career Raof said about the love of his work. And most importantly I have been fortunate to meet and work with some of the world s best and greatest professionals from the USA to Canada Dubai Abu Dhabi Qatar and beyond. consultant and owner representative from planning tendering constructability scheduling execution and inspection to final acceptance. Some projects he has worked on include Mega Rail System underground tunneling elevated cut and cover pre-cast cast-in-place incremental launching balanced cantilever methods with travelers high level segmental bridges conventional bridges bascule bridges roadway and asphalt inspection buildings residential commercial projects and Interstate Highway System with toll and bridges. With 32 years of engineering and construction experience including 14 years on various engineering construction inspection projects and 18 years of executive and general supervision on construction of mega infrastructure projects worldwide Raof has built quite a name for himself. He has extensive experience in program construction management with experience in private-public partnerships design and build finance and construction management at risk construction engineering and inspection safety and the QA QC program. As a member of several organization Raof is involved with the American Society of Civil Engineers Engineers without Borders American Concrete Institute Project Management Institute American Society for Quality and Design-Build Institute of America. Of all his roles and responsibilities the most important is that of a husband and father what he says is the best thing that ever happened to me . He enjoys family time gardening scuba diving volunteering reading and racquetball. Raof Shams AS PRESIDENT OF TGI Raof is actively involved in the direct day-to-day operations of the business. As TGI s leader he is responsible for providing the highest level of service in a safe and quality manner to worldwide clients and partners. He is also the author and lead auditor of the firm s proactive quality and safety processes. Raof oversees all phases of construction as contractor Learders Magazine Shawn M. Hescock partner and bim specialist indivirev portland or Enjoying his hobby of drafting and building cabinets Shawn M. Hescock attended ITT Tech with the expectation of starting a career in computer drafting and design. But in 2009 Shawn was hired as an electrical drafter for a Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) firm in Portland Oregon where he was afforded the opportunity to expand his abilities as both a drafter and designer. It was then that he began dabbling in Building Information Modeling (BIM). currently working as a professional assistant social media marketer and office manager for him too. A career in BIM support is constantly evolving and Shawn thoroughly enjoys seeing so much of that change occur in such a short time period. Desiring to always be at the forefront of the industry he learns absolutely everything he can spending evenings and weekends doing work to become proficient in his expertise. Although Shawn s job can be demanding he invests his time wisely. He s been told by others in the business that he s the best electrical Revit user in Portland. He attributes this success largely to his forward thinking and utilization of the Revit program to help with documentation and design. In addition to earning an Associate s Degree in Computer Drafting and Design Shawn is in the process of earning his Bachelor s in Electrical Engineering from Oregon Institute of Technology. He is also an Autodesk Certified Professional for Revit Architecture. Shawn lives in Beaverton Oregon with his wife 2-yearold son Michael and the newest addition to the family son Daven. With a life that revolves around work and family Shawn is focused on being productive whether in developing and growing IndiviRev raising his children or spoiling his wife. He also enjoys spending time with his father going hunting fishing and camping and he hopes to soon follow in the tradition by doing the same with his two boys someday. IN 2013 SHAWN HAD THE OPPORTUNITY of working at McKinstry as an electrical designer and sole BIM modeler on the largest project in the history of the company. He was responsible for building the electrical BIM library and templates and training his peers. His position at McKinstry along with the people he worked with there helped him grow his career and he eventually found himself paving his way to entrepreneurship. Because of my interest and knowledge of BIM support I decided to start my own business providing BIM support and consulting for the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. McKinstry is a wonderful place to work and I will miss it and the people Shawn said. I very much enjoy working with good knowledgeable and personable people that are in the engineering and construction industry. As a partner at IndiviRev Shawn is responsible for a little bit of everything that contributes to the business s success. He helps manage the Portland office is involved in marketing and does the majority of the day-to-day operations when it comes to the services they provide. Shawn s wife Caitlin is Steven M. Ayer managing director hightoWer advisors harrison ny MOST KIDS DREAM OF BECOMING A DOCTOR OR LAWYER when they re little. Steven M. Ayer however proclaimed in his sixth grade yearbook that he d someday become a stockbroker. Many years later he not only lived up to that promise but he went on to pursue a fantastic career in the finance and wealth management field. And yes he did in fact start out as a stockbroker right out of college in 1994. Market analysis is like music to Steven s ears. He absolutely loves the business and has a huge appetite for helping people financially. A strategic thinker Steven is well educated in alternative investments particularly in precious metals and he enjoys a good challenge which is why he s stayed loyal to the industry. Considering that Steven endured his fair share of challenges since the turn of the economy he continuously pushed forward. Starting out at Olde Financial as a stockbroker and manager he has since worked his way up into a financial advisor role with Smith Barney has been employed as a managing director for Hightower Advisors in Harrison New York for the past three years. Ninety percent of the people who begin in this career field fail and there is a reason for that Steven said. You have to be prepared for the most difficult challenge of your life and you cannot take the job lightly. The economy gave Steven a terrific insight into who he was and who he wanted to be in the future. The opportunity to learn from his mistakes and become better led to him writing his first book which explains how to go about making better choices in the aftermath of economic decline. Choosing Simplicity was published in 2011 and is available through Amazon. Risk management is an area that has proved most beneficial to Steven over the years. Feeling as though traditional asset allocation and risk analysis are not sufficient enough in the world we live in today it s his goal to continue working in this particular area educate himself as much as possible and produce better outcomes for clients. It s also important that Steven continues to do what he advises others to do which is to practice what he preaches. Whether in business volunteer work or in giving of himself through time or money it is of utmost importance that he help others make positive change. A deacon at his local church Steven also serve as a finance committee volunteer with his local United Way. A Southern Connecticut State University graduate Steven earned his BS in Finance. He is a certified investment management specialist through Invest Management Consultant s Association where he is an active member and is an accredited investment fiduciary through F1360 the premier organization for understanding and practicing fiduciary responsibility. Steven likes to spend as much time as he can with his family. Married with five children all under the age of 10 his eastern Connecticut home is never boring. Quiet time usually consists of outdoor activities that include hiking exercising tennis fishing and spearfishing. Learders Magazine Steven Harrison Petter senior director of global operations teradyne north reading ma After graduating from the University of MassachusettsAmherst Steven Harrison Petter pursued employment with Teradyne for eight months. His persistence paid off and in 1980 during a recession they finally hired him as an expediter. Over 30 years later Steven is still with Teradyne and he has since worked his way up from expediter to senior director of global operations. I think three things have contributed to my 30-year career at Teradyne Steven said. First my work has always been challenging. Second I have always been able to create change that has had a positive impact on the business. And third I have been rewarded in terms of teamwork recognition and compensation. Teradyne is a leading supplier of automatic test equipment used to test semiconductors wireless products data storage and complex electronic systems that serve consumer communications industrial and government customers. As senior director Steven is responsible for delivering the company s revenue target by way of satisfying customer demand. He does this by strategizing planning and executing to meet his goals. centered on preserving value with less work. The company transformed itself with LEAN techniques first inside the factory then in the supply stores. This reduced the required headcount by 70% space by 50% and material lead times that met an on-demand schedule via pull systems using strategic supplier raw material inventory at 35-65% lower liability costs. Steven also introduced advanced planning tools that are now staples across the company configurator software that is used on every shipment and temporary workforce to meet business swings. He has implemented demand management skills and techniques for infrequent and highly variable demands and integrated operations for best practices and efficiencies. Steven s strategies goals and execution helped open a plant in Shanghai China and was able to outsource one of the most technically complex products produced in China today. I always have a contingency plan and see my responsibilities to the end Steven noted. This is very important when working in operations. I have instilled in the organization that once we accept our goals we never ever give up Steven is certified in Total Quality Management is a LEAN Champion and a Six Sigma Champion. He manages stress by working out in the gym every morning before work and on the weekends he spends his time in the White Mountains either skiing or hiking. EARLY IN HIS CAREER when Steven was moving up the rank as manager it was difficult because business would increase by 300% and then decrease by 90% within a 13week period. It took a terrible toll on the organization as the lead times for hiring and training as well as procuring material was 26 weeks. Steven introduced LEAN a process Steve Sample oWner sample security and investigation inc. akron oh BEGINNING HIS CAREER IN THE US ARMY in 1978 in the Military Police Division Steve Sample had the opportunity to work undercover in a drug operation where he experienced his very first investigation. The year was 1979. Since that time Steve had always been fascinated by the investigation aspect of his job as a police officer. Upon retirement from the force after 36 years he decided to open his own investigation firm to continue doing what he loves. I ve been really fortunate to have had such a rewarding career in law enforcement Steve said. After retiring from the Summit County Sheriff s Office I was really ready to start my own company. After leaving the United States Army in 1981 Steve was invited to work at Interfirst Bank in Dallas Texas as a security supervisor. Several years later he was hired as a private investigator for Professional Law Enforcement until he joined the Summit County Sherriff s Office in 1990 as a deputy and later detective. Retiring from the Sherriff s Office in 2012 Steve founded Sample Security and Investigation Inc. out of Akron Ohio. As owner and lead investigator Steve oversees every facet of the business. His day to day operations include installing security cameras covertly overtly consulting businesses on security needs providing training for corporations on robbery and bomb threat situations investigating internal fraud and theft cases as well as workman s comp fraud completing background and pre-employment checks doing interviews and surveillance. Understanding the justice system early on in his career has contributed to Steve s professional achievement later in life. His ability to deal with various personalities including criminals and offenders has also helped him perform interviews and investigations in an effective manner. Highly trained Steve is certified in Incident Command Systems Training for Disaster both natural and manmade Economic and High-Tech Crime Money Laundering Foreign Travel Intelligence-Tactical Operators Course for Weapons of Mass Destruction WMD PAPR LANX Installing Maintaining and Tracking GPS Surveillance Equipment Master Diver for Emergency Response Operations Highway Interdiction Emergency Response Driving S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons and Tactics) Advanced Tactical Concept - Colt AR15 M-16 M-4 Preliminary Night Firing Techniques and Training Operations Clandestine Laboratory Investigation Safety Law Enforcement Officers Flying Armed and Narcotics Investigation including Airport Narcotics Interdiction Gang Seminar and Videography for Law Enforcement. Steve is also a Medicolegal Death Investigator for Ohio Mortuary Operational Response Team and is a member of the Ohio Association of Security and Investigation Services. Having received numerous letters of appreciation recognition and various other awards for outstanding performance law enforcement and attendance Steve s greatest inspiration and reason for joining the military was his father. A Marine drill sergeant Korean War veteran and a firefighter Steve s father worked hard his entire life while remaining dedicated to his family. Steve is proud to model his own career after such a great man. Dedicated and honest Steve treats everyone fairly and with respect while being courteous yet earnest. He enjoys fishing camping swimming gardening being outdoors and spending time with his family. Residing in Ohio with his wife they have three daughters and two grandchildren. Learders Magazine Suzy Graven chief executive officer savvy Woman productions llc cave creek aZ LISTEN AND LEARN about everything that goes on around you stretch yourself and when an opportunity comes along accept the challenge. This is how Suzy Graven feels about the power of being your best self. After entering college in 1969 and pursuing fashion merchandizing a very up-and-coming field at that time Suzy learned the ins and outs of the business of fashion communication project planning marketing advertising organizing and how to run a business. Although fashion is what initially lured her in learning the business of aspect was where she found her niche. After accepting an offer by the president at Denver Dry Goods to participate in their executive training program it was clear exactly which direction she was headed. There are times to push your way through and times when you let others lead the way Suzy said about what she s learned about business. Knowing when to make that shift is always a process. My greatest challenge is me getting in my own way. Suzy s career led her to found her own non-profit and was recruited by civic organizations business entrepreneurs and global companies for her insight and ability to make things happen. Impressively some of her projects and portfolio work includes businesses like The Australian Trade Commission CIBIS Federal Ernst & Young Management Consulting Korn Ferry International and Multi-family Consortium. Savvy Woman Productions LLC to produce documentaries about these women. Her coaching experience combined with her documentary skills now serve as a platform for a series of leadership forums for women called Woman Behind the Brand. As series creator writer and host Suzy finds that indelible thumbprint and identifies universal principals values and dynamics to convey stories of the American woman. She offers coaching to those from the forum who seek a placeholder until they get their footing by building their own support system. My experience and research reveals that there is a need for leadership mentoring programs to achieve all levels of success Suzy explained. Women control a believed 12 trillion of the overall 18.4 trillion in global consumer spending and influence purchases in a much broader distinction. Explaining that the women in her documentaries the change-makers and trailblazers bring their stories and connect their experiences as society moves forward in areas of influence service communication relationship building community and self-expression yhey are inspiring women to populate the leadership void with other trailblazers who then serve as mentors in their spheres-of-influence and coach future groundbreakers. Thankful to some very inspiring individuals including her parents Charles and Lois Imm Suzy has everlasting gratitude that by God s grace there is always enough rope recognizes that outcomes are not always packaged as we envisioned and that womanhood is an asset not a cause. USING HER 30-PLUS YEARS OF BUSINESS EXPERIENCE and training in corporate coaching to branch off on her own Suzy developed her own strategy coaching programs for high achieving women in 2006. By 2010 her coaching practice paved the way to her current organization Theresa E. Stokes PhD founder and director gxp international concord ma AFTER HITTING A GLASS CEILING yet again in her testing strategies. Teri has published several books Computer Validation A Common Sense Guide The Survive and Thrive Guide to Computer Validation and Good Computer Validation Practices Common Sense Implementation. She s also been a contributing author to four other books has written numerous journal articles and various publications in her field and currently produces a blog based on her most recent work. When she isn t consulting or writing she speaks at conferences teaches webinars and seminars and maintains her website. Teri s professional memberships include the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers American Society of Quality and Drug Information Association. As a divorced single parent Teri s been through some difficult times including being fired for refusing the romantic advances of a vice-president and being held back from advancement because management wanted men in those positions. But Teri has always pushed forward and she s been able to enjoy new experiences elsewhere in the corporate world and also in Europe learning new skills and enriching her capabilities along the way. It s important to see the world full of opportunities no matter what your current situation she said. Every life event has the seed for growth or decline. Sometimes you have to look hard to find the growth seed but it s worth the effort. career while working for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) one of Theresa E. Stokes managers gave her some sound advice. With her skills he advised her to get a PhD publish a book on the topic of her expertise and become a consultant because as quickly as she could be removed from her position thanks to corporate politics no one could ever take away her education and experience. Teri went on to earn a MS in Applied Management in 1987 followed by her and PhD in Administration in 1991 and published her first book in 1994. In 1996 she left DEC to start GXP International a global computer validation consultancy to the pharmaceutical biotech and healthcare industries with clients in Europe North America and parts of Asia. I really like what I do and enjoy working with people around the world Teri said about working for herself in consulting. It feels good to demystify regulations and computer validation concepts for people and to help them understand best work process-based approaches to the quality assurance of computers in regulated environments. Providing three types of services for her clients (auditing training and coaching validation projects) Teri offers worldwide onsite audits at regulated clients or their suppliers to GCP GLP GMP standards including Part 11 and Annex 11 compliance of computerized systems and electronic data handling. She provides internal or external training on computer validation practices and relevant regulations via onsite webinar Go To Meeting or through conference workshops and coaches mentors clients with a hands-on approach that include required documents and Learders Magazine Terry Leigh Hulsing oWner dreamers maltese graham Wa AS A BREEDER OF MALTESE PUPS Terry Leigh PROVIDING A NEW FAMILY MEMBER to customers is a big deal to Leigh which is why she works hard to understand the industry as much as possible. By making the breed better and better with each new litter she has learned to grow patience with not only the pups but also with the business because there will always be setbacks. Concentrating on the puppy s health and socialization are always key. Leigh was previously involved in AKC sanctioned confirmation dog shows in the mid 1990 s. Though she admits that she enjoys breeding over showing dog shows taught Leigh the specific of each breed standard and how to care for the dog s coat. In her earlier years Leigh worked as a lead machine operator with employees working under her direct supervision. It taught her patience honesty and how to treat people with respect. She love doing photography and painting landscapes. In fact her love of photography actually started with her dogs since she takes all of her dogs photos herself. Married to her wonderful husband they each have four of their own children from their previous marriages. Together they have 10 amazing grandchildren. Hulsing first discovered the breed in 1986 when she decided to purchase one as a pet. Two years later Leigh s furry friend had given birth to her first litter. It was the beginning of a career in breeding that Leigh still does today. Producing these adorable little white snow balls brings joy to so many families not to mention the personal satisfaction I get to experience as a breeder Leigh said. Leigh is very hands-on from choosing the lines she wants to produce puppies from to the grooming the healthcare socialization advertising photography contracts and making sure that all documentation is in order along with each puppy kit that includes a blanket outfit toy treats sample bag of food and care information packet. She also provides a stud service gives each new owner some of her personal expertise and tips and tricks and makes herself available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise. Providing the best quality dog according to breed standards set forth by the AKC is very important to Leigh. She likes to keep it simple when it comes to how many litters she is producing at a time because it means more to her to be able to give her personal touch and attention to each puppy than anything else. Relying on word of mouth to stay in business Leigh is involved in both the AKC sand the BBIR which is a registry for the Biewer German Yorkie. I stand behind all of my dogs and take pride in dealing honestly with my customers to the best of my ability Leigh said about working in the breeding business. I ve been fortunate to not have any of my dogs returned to me due to illness or health issues. Tiffanie L. Gilbreth principal tgilbreth consulting llc keller tx After graduating college in 1993 Tiffanie L. Gilbreth started her career in the medical device industry. The vast variety of positions she held over the next 20 years led to her success in opening her own consulting company. She helps other companies with clinical activities such as clinical trial and scientific advisory board management as well as procedural development. Additionally with her marketing experience she can help with all aspects of marketing products events or procedures. These companies benefit from the knowledge and experience she has gained working in many different areas of the medical device industry as well as her strong relationships with medical and corporate thought-leaders around the world. All of these have made her an invaluable asset to the business world. Tiffanie is listed as an author of a publication called Focus Group on Laparoscopic Colectomy Education as Endorsed by the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons and The Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons Diseases of the Colon and Rectum 2006 49 1-5. Having always been an extremely hard worker Tiffanie has strived to give noting but her best in every role she s ever had. She also recognizes however that life isn t all about her job. She and her fianc have raised his children together for the last seven years. They are now 16 13 and 8-years-old. While her career is important the children and her fianc have become the most significant part of her life. I am a person who has been extremely blessed in both my life and career Tiffanie admits. Through all things good and bad God has a plan. I have trusted in Him and watched my life flourish. I ENJOYED WORKING ON TECHNOLOGIES AND PROCEDURES THAT BRING FASTER SAFER AND MORE EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS FOR PATIENTS Tiffanie explained. After earning her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Abilene Christian University Tiffanie worked for Zimmer as a full line orthopedic sales representative. From there she spent 18 months working clinically as a surgical assistant for a general surgeon. This on-the-job training was great experience and it helped her with her next role as a sales associate for US Surgical. At US Surgical Tiffanie was a full line sales associate managing a teaching center of excellence and achieved almost 4 million in sales. She was awarded the Rookie of the Year award and earned Chairman s Council two years in a row. From there Tiffanie went to work for Stryker Corporation where she held increasing roles of responsibility in marketing product development and strategic development. After Stryker she started working for Covidien as the director of global marketing development for bariatrics. She also worked for several start-up companies in the cardiovascular and colo-rectal market before deciding to start her own consulting company. Today Tiffanie is the owner of TGILBRETH Consulting LLC. Learders Magazine oWner vysions by valda ltd. Wadena saskatcheWan can Valda Schulte VALDA SCHULTE ALWAYS KNEW that someday she would own her own business. With an eye for fashion Valda opened the doors to Vysions by Valda in 2004 bringing stylish plus-size clothing to the public. By providing customers a sense of self-confidence by incorporating lots of trendy options Valda brings the fun back into shopping. We do a lot of themed events at the store that involve excessive decorations food and beverages Valda said about making shopping a positive and memorable experience. I try to create a unique form of shopping and savings for my customers. Vysions also carries regular and petite women s clothing for three generations as well as shoes jewelry men s clothing and other accessories. Valda tries to appeal to everyone although her main focus is on the plus-sized woman and it s great to have a store where teenagers parents and grandparents can all shop together. Valda oversees all of the logistics of running her business including buying all of the merchandise doing the advertising and social media handling payroll budgeting and dealing with customers. She s also working on some new designs that she hopes to add to her selection within the next year or so. But more important than anything else Valda makes sure to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for her patrons to not only bring new customers into the store but to also keep the loyal ones coming back. With her family close by to encourage her Valda is lucky to wake up every morning and enjoy a career that she absolutely loves. Though it takes a lot of time and effort to make her store successful Valda makes sure to make every day fun. She is extremely dedicated. To run a successful store however Valda also knows what a delicate balance she must keep. She must love being around people listen to her customers offer advice and be patient. Valda worked in the retail fashion industry for seven years before opening Vysions 10 years ago. She s been involved in many fashion shows over the years and they ve included both her designs and the other labels she now sells. She also spent two years at Yvonne Yuen School of Design graduating with honors in 1995. Vysions is located in a small town in Saskatchewan Canada. With a population of only 1 600 people Valda gets involved in many aspects of her local community either by donating time or money or doing a sale at the store to benefit an area event. As a mother of a four-year-old daughter Valda s time is limited but she enjoys painting drawing designing and reading when she can. She is very close to her family and spends a lot of time with them too. Being a bigger girl doesn t mean that you need to dress in black or wear elastic waistpants Valda said. My philosophy is that if you like it than you should wear it. It s more important to be confident and feel good about yourself. No one should ever be afraid of color. Valerie Brian Anderson Murphy christian mental health activist abington pa HAVING EXPERIENCED GOD S HEALING of her schizophrenia Valerie Brian Anderson Murphy now uses her spiritual gifts to help others become healed of their mental illness. A mental health activist Valerie helps raise awareness in Christian evangelism as well as remove the stigma associated with mental illness. To help heal others I use my music art writing evangelism generosity administration mercy faith and my gift of miracles Valerie explained about how she lets God work through her. I do it for the love of God the joy of helping others and for my gratefulness of God s salvation through Christ in saving me. Valerie began by making the choice of heaven not hell and became a born again Christian in 1988. She works hard in seeking God s face and immerses herself in the bible. Her growth has come mostly through obedience of God s word meditation staying away from evil confessing her sins and having a kind loving heart. Witnessing people being healed and repaired like she was is Valerie s biggest reward as well as experiencing the joy that God can give after being saved. She has published several books to help show others what she has experienced with her mental illness and what it was like being healed and saved through Christ. Her books include Five Lost Years A Personal Exploration of Schizophrenia The Witness Book Sensitive Stories of Christian Outreach The Dream of Golivia Jonquil Reflections on the World in Black and White and Dream Dynamo Tailspin. Her artwork has appeared in several publications including Art Business News and the New York Art Expo. You can also find Valerie s work in an online gallery at and in juried shows with Art-exchange and Upstream People Gallery where she has received special recognition awards. Valerie has produced a gospel CD sung by Ray Jones an ex-NFL cheerleader and professional model. She has two singles one of which was reviewed in Billboard Magazine. She is also a flute scholar from Jenkintown Music School. She s received a Pennsylvania State Senate Citation for her work plus an award in education from the National Alliance on Mental Health of Chester County. She speaks often in her field and has had the privilege to speak at the National Alliance on Mental Health s annual state conference in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and also at Doylestown Hospital. While her greatest inspiration has been the Lord God almighty Valerie s husband of 15 years Remington Morris Patrick Murphy Jr. has been extremely loving and supportive. She has had many people in her life that have assisted and motivated her including her now deceased therapist Dr. John Paul Brady good friend Dr. Alfonz Lengyel and Pastor Robert Ramsay. As a born again Christian I owe everything to God Valerie said. I hope that the whole world becomes born again and finds the joy and healing that I have found. Learders Magazine William M. Gorlmy president cipf ltd. dallas or IMPECCABLE INTEGRITY COMES FIRST everything else is secondary. These are the beliefs of William M. Gormly President and Owner of CIPF Ltd. an investment banking firm that he formed over 30 years ago in November 1982. Following in the footsteps of his father who was a very successful banker in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for PNC Bank William wanted to make his mark in the world. It all began by pursing his Bachelor s in Economics from Dickinson College in 1963 followed by his Master s in Senior Executive Bank Management from The Stonier Graduate School of Banking at Rutgers University the oldest banking school for executives in America. Entering the workforce William worked for five commercial banks including Wells Fargo and took on many challenging roles like serving as deputy head of national accounts for the Arizona Bank. He also held senior positions in commercial banking dealing with large companies which is what eventually got him interested in investment banking. He has already closed more than 1.2 billion including one deal for approximately 30 hospitals which was at that time the largest healthcare deal in history ( 500 million) in the US and took him three years to complete. I was contacted many times by investment bankers and had discussions with them about what they were doing for my customers William explained. It became increasingly apparent to me that investment banking was very attractive to me so I started my own investment banking business. Working for himself William develops news business opportunities through referrals and by advertising in the International New York Times. Working with clients from beginning to end overcoming any and all obstacles as they surface the biggest challenge he always faces is the constant risk of market collapse which would put pending deals on the back burner and have some pulled off the market completely. William explains that investment bankers must be able to persuade clients not to panic and keep everything in perspective which can be tricky. Some bankers advise their clients to buck the trend so to speak and go to the market anyway because a delay in a deal that s actually going on the market may be less attractive. He also notes that inexperienced bankers frequently give their clients bad advice when they should advise their clients that rates from a historical sense are far better than they used to be and are probably not as high as they will be. Another professional risk he says is that the client can turn out to be dishonest and if so he never hesitates to end the relationship. William is hoping to soon land a very large deal in Europe the Middle East and or Central Asia. He s already accomplished this in the US. Because the infrastructure overseas is either nonexistent or inefficient and none of these countries have what he would call a capital market it will certainly be difficult. But William is always up for a challenge. Zack Schoeningh oWner lesterlid sonoma ca FOUNDED IN 2011 THE COMPANY LESTERLID based out of Sonoma California got its name from Zack Schoeningh s mother s name Lesley. Owner Zack was so close to his mom who s nickname was Lester that he wanted to do something special by naming the business after her since she was the one true inspiration for the business. My mother was my motivation for starting the business. She worked three jobs as a single mother for many years. So with her help I wanted to bring my vision to market Zack explained. Unfortunately she passed away before we got the chance to start the project. With her in mind and heart I was not going to quit until I finished our dream. The company which is based on a new revolutionary hard hat is a lightweight form-fitting hard liner that was designed to instantly make the hats fit better be safer and feel much more comfortable. Designed for simple field installation and removal the LesterLid is made of sweat-wicking fabric and features an elastic terrycloth sweatband that results in a cooler more comfortable wear. Zack came up with the idea in 2008 though the road to product development was three years in the making. Searching for the right material combinations in order to get it to the market wasn t easy but he knew that once this great product reached the public it would be worth the effort. Trying to transform it into a viable product while also working full-time and raising a family was a lot more difficult that he had planned for too. As inventor designer marketer accountant salesman and owner Zack currently outsources manufacturing. But the rest of the business is solely his responsibility with a website proven to give buyers confidence in the LesterLid at a price that will please. Dealing with ERB Industries Inc. a large distributor that he works closely with Zack does a lot of business through and several other online safety distributors in addition to his website. Now that the LesterLid is becoming more popular he is now in the works to bring on some investors to extend his product line to complete his original vision which will include various patterns and accessories. Wearing a hard hat all day every day is tiresome and uncomfortable. My goal was to make it a bit more tolerable and enjoyable Zack said. Plus I wanted to give customers more choices and offer the opportunity for self-expression. Very much involved in his family s extracurricular activities Zack and his wife enjoy participating in their children s sports. They both coach the majority of the teams they play on and when their weekends aren t consumed by sweaty uniforms and traveling from one game to the next they relax together as one big happy family. At the young age of 39 Zack just considers himself a middle-class working man who with a wife four children and responsibilities as a husband father coach and now entrepreneur can start a new profession and be good at it because... it s never too late to try something new . Learders Magazine Executive Broadcasting Channel is the newest way to have your voice heard. You will be able to reach a vast network of executives and professionals spanning all markets and industries. Ever thought about video production or a multimedia press release Consider your prayers answered For more information call (855)893-NADP Alex Matthew Dicpinigaitis financial services agent neW york life neW york ny Twenty-one-year-old Alex Matthew Dicpinigaitis has already set the bar pretty high when it comes to what he wants out of his career. The recent college graduate of CUNY Baruch College earned his Bachelor s in Business Administration in 2012 and started in the insurance business the following year in January 2013 with New York Life. After completing the company s training program where he attained the necessary licensing requirements Alex began working as one of their financial agents responsible for generating leads conducting follow-up on calls with clients making sales and writing paperwork to ensure that he is handling clients professionally and efficiently throughout the entire process of acquiring each new client. As a financial agent I produce the first line of business from the client to the company Alex explained. I put a lot of hours in to help the company function and I work every day as if it s my first day with a hunger and a desire of every perpetual new agent. Fascinated by what he does for a living Alex enjoys helping people get themselves organized and in good financial health. By staying hungry and never getting complacent he can appreciate a positive mindset that one must have to work in this industry. Persistence and balance in work and life are also important. The recent college grad and previous food industry worker also enjoys the occasional down time when he can fit it into his busy schedule. While there is no typical 9-to-5 work week where Alex can loosen his tie and quickly head out the door when the clock strikes five he does enjoy de-stressing by playing sports exercising and cooking. A member of the Nesconset Chamber of Commerce Alex is in a committed relationship and comes from a very loving family with supportive parents and two brothers that he considers his best friends. He likes to think of himself as a professional and a gentleman both at the office and when he leaves for the day whatever time that may be which to him go hand in hand. I would love for any guy that I influence to follow my lead and behave as a gentleman. To me that means being reliable dependable punctual and courteous. When you behave in this way it leads you to a lot more opportunities for personal and professional growth. office manager legal assistant griffin t. garnett iii attorney at laW pllc arlington va Working as a part-time patent proofreader in 2008 after being an administrative assistant for two years Alison M. Schneider was eventually able to land a full-time position at an intellectual property firm as a legal assistant. Located in Arlington Virginia Alison is not only a legal assistant for Griffin T. Garnett III Attorney at Law PLLC she is now overseeing day to day operations as their office manager. As the entire support staff for her solo practicing attorney Alison processes billing and accounts receivable manages correspondence drafts pleadings researches case law and statuses and serves as a notary public and witness on official documents. There is always something new to learn as a staff member in a law firm. Every type of law has a unique set of rules and processes so it s never boring Alison said. Alison s boss has really shown her what being a good attorney is all about. He leads by example and is highly regarded within the Arlington legal community for his integrity and jurisprudence. Many attorneys seek his advice on their cases because they know he will give them the best advice on the matter. For me my boss is a prime example of why a barrister s true value has more to do with his character than his ability to argue or win a case Alison added. Believing that office culture is very important in determining whether or not a person will be properly suited for the position Alison says that many big firms are more than happy to chew up and spit out legal staff because they are focused more on generating revenue than ensuring that their employees have a positive work environment. It can make a great paying job total misery and can limit what an employee is capable of learning. Alison however feels truly blessed to be working for such a stand-up attorney. Alison earned her Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts at Northern Virginia Community College in 2002. She then transferred to the University of Virginia where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Foreign Affairs in 2006. Finally in 2013 she earned her paralegal certificate from Boston University. When she isn t busy at work she likes to paint and do photography. She is even working on building her own artist s website where she will be able to promote her work. Alison M. Schneider Learders Magazine Azucena Susan Montenegro entrepreneur - chesterfield va Mexican native Major Azucena Susan Montenegro has shed blood sweat and tears through her military service defending this country to earn our freedom and rights. In 1991 Susan enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and nine years later she enlisted in the United States Army. The military provide me excellent opportunities for travel education and career development Susan said about her time spent serving in the US Marines and US Army. It was a great honor to serve this country. Decorated with many awards during her military career Susan took part in the restoration efforts at Camp Al Asad Iraq in building Camp Mejid and assisting the 7th Iraqi Army with the training and execution of extracting the fuel that helped to improve their life support and sustainability. Although the military taught Susan that failure is not an option she has also learned that it is inevitable. How she deals with failure is what has made her a stronger person with perseverance determination and motivation pushing her to keep on going and improve upon herself. After 22 years of service Susan retired in November 2013. As an entrepreneur she recently started AzMonetengro LLC a home-flipping business with her husband. She is also a realtor for New Generation Realty Inc. a renovation designer with Combat Renovators S-Corp (which will soon be open for business) and is an independent beauty consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics. Surrounding herself with positive people Susan understands the importance of networking and building solid business relationships as a business owner. These people have similar goals and are willing to provide her with useful resources and mentorship. Susan holds an Associate of Arts Degree from Columbia College a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management from the University of Maryland s European Division and is currently pursuing her Master s in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from Trident University. She is also very active in her community and is volunteering in the Chesterfield Senior Advocate Program and the Salem Church Middle School Mentorship Program. She s also taken part in Toys for Tots fundraising the Boy Scouts program and has coached kid s soccer teams. Residing in Chesterfield Virginia with her husband US Army Major Milton Montenegro and children Milton and Julisa Susan hopes to one day return to her hometown of Dallas Texas to help veterans and low-income families by providing affordable housing options and helping revitalize the community. registered nurse heritage valley health system seWickley campus seWickley pa Registered Nurse Barbianne R. Davis wanted to work in a job that would be both special and impactful in her community. She started as a graduate nurse right out of school in 2006. She feels lucky to now have the opportunity to love people every day as her job. My title is registered nurse but in reality my role is that of a caregiver comforter educator secretary and assistant among other things Barbianne stated. I do my very best to encourage and support my patients and their families at a time when they are most vulnerable by being a nurse who tries to use hospital resources wisely and by supporting the physicians the best I can. Today Barbianne works at Heritage Valley Health System in the progressive care unit in Sewickley Pennsylvania. Her passion for serving others is the drive that has kept her in her field. Nursing is hard and emotional but Barbianne strives to be the kind of nurse she would want her parents to have. People come to the hospital in their weakest moments and trust her with their lives and the lives of their families. Barbianne understands the importance of continuing to learn in nursing. She will look to a senior nurse and ask for help or talk things over with co-workers when faced with a tough decision. Nurses must work as a team and Barbianne works hard at finding that balance between being a people pleaser and a leader. Recently Barbianne was one of five recipients selected to win the Inspired Comfort Award from Cherokee Uniforms. This award is given to healthcare professionals annually based on excellence in nursing and inspiring others. Being a single mother of a six-year-old boy and the caregiver to her handicapped mother Barbianne doesn t have a lot of free time. She enjoys spending many hours at the park with her son and tries to largely be involved with the ministries at her church. Barbianne R. Davis RN Dawna Michelle Lawson president elite oral health solutions llc neWport beach ca Not every high school graduate knows what direction they want to take when they leave the classroom but Dawna Michelle Lawson knew exactly what she wanted to do she wanted to change lives in the health arena. But rather than enrolling in a four-year college Dawna went straight into the workforce. It was 1977. Her first job was as an insurance biller. She worked really hard and within just five years she worked her way up into a management role. Since that time Dawna has proved herself to various organizations taking advantage of her passion and willingness to learn the ropes. Now the president of Elite Oral Health Solutions LLC in Newport Beach California the organization provides outstanding marketing services administrative training and strategic staffing for dental practitioners. Their services also include a variety of marketing and brand solutions for the medical industry such as video campaigns multimedia strategy micro targeting and branding campaigns. I am a hands-on person Dawna said. I do it all and then teach it to others so they can duplicate me. I always give it my all. Dawna s secret formula to working in such a competitive market as hers is to not only have passion for what you do but also remember that you are not selling products or services you are selling yourself. If you can remember that you will always rise to the top. You must believe in yourself first. Another great aspect of working in dental healthcare includes being active in your local community. Dawna is involved and currently serves as the health chair for the Orange County NAACP bringing awareness to the community. She sponsors health events locally and hopes to participate even more in the future. Mentoring and volunteering are very dear to her heart. Dawna is also a member of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs and Heartlink Network is a participant of Women s Network and is an annual attendee of SCORE a non-profit organization dedicated to helping small businesses get started grow and meet their professional goals. While living the corporate life can be physically demanding and draining at times Dawna always keeps a positive attitude. As a single mother of two to Taylor 20 and Stephanie 17 she has all the reason to make the most of every day and she always does it with a smile. Carla E. Sledge CPA CGFM retired chief financial officer charter county of Wayne michigan detroit mi Shifting gears from a successful 12-year career in education to working in accounting was something Carla E. Sledge didn t see coming. But after teaching a new bookkeeping course for a few years Carla fell in love with the subject matter so much that she ended up leaving the classroom altogether to join a firm as a para-professional. She then attended Wayne State University to gain the requirements necessary to sit for the CPA exam. Carla spent 27 years in accounting retiring in October 2013. She worked in numerous capacities in accounting throughout her career most recently as chief financial officer for the Charter County of Wayne Michigan. Collaborating with the CEO Carla served as CFO for 18 years. Like millions of others I was committed to serving the public a high calling that is grounded more in personal values than market values Carla said. It involved looking out for the collective best interest of all rather than a narrow interest in a few. The former working mother and woman of color says that we as women are more frequently defined by what we do than by who we are in America. She believes that it should be a goal of all women to plan their work around their life rather than vice versa. She says it s also important to recognize that a career should not be your entire life and that you should never put all your energy into one area. Carla is a member of National Association of Accountants Michigan Association of Certified Accountants American Association of Certified Accountants among others. She s served as a member president and chairman for several of organizations as well. Black Public Public board these Earning her BA in Music Education and MA from Eastern Michigan University Carla became a certified government financial manager and a certified public accountant in 1989. In July 2014 she will celebrated her 40-year wedding anniversary to her husband Willie Sledge. Willie and Carla have two sons Arian and Ryan Sledge a daughter-in-law Alexandria and a beautiful young granddaughter Jordan Ashley. Even though I m retired I m looking forward to the opportunity to reach out and do more for others Carla said who is a strong advocate of volunteerism. In my mind retirement has nothing to do with no longer working. I ve met some wonderful people over the years and each of those relationships has helped me grow. Learders Magazine Diana Zuege nurse manager froedtert hospital milWaukee Wi Having been a trauma patient herself with multiple surgeries Nurse Diana Zuege knows what it feels like to be the patient. Having the perspective from the other side Diana s experience as a patient has increased the enjoyment and pride she has for the healthcare field. She takes great measures to ensure that all those she cares for receive not only the best care possible but also an improved quality of life. I always knew I wanted to help people. I was fascinated with the medical field and those that were able to provide quality of life to the very ill or injured she said. I wanted to be a part of the healthcare industry since I was a kid never wanting to do anything else. After her own injury in 1995 Diana started as a home health aide for patients with dementia multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer s while attending nursing school. Two years later she earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing with a minor in psychology from Carroll Columbia College of Nursing. Furthering her education she earned her MBA from the University of Phoenix and became a Certified Medical Surgical Registered Nurse from the Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses. Today Diana works for Froedtert Hospital as a nurse manager for a trauma acute care surgery and oral surgery unit within their Level I Trauma Center. She focuses on service quality performance oversees unit operations and cost control achievements the lead and support committee trans-disciplinary and hospital-wide initiative leadership and support. She also encourages and ensures staff development. With all the changes in healthcare today Diana remains positive and looks at what is really important making sure that every patient has safe effective quality care. She takes care of each individual as if they were one of her very own loved ones. She also has clear concise and effective communication skills and prioritizes with all of the current and upcoming changes that go along with working in this very fast-paced and evolving field. Diana is a member of the Society of Trauma Nurses and the Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses. She has four active children who keep her very busy. Ages 12 10 7 and 5 she attends as many of their sports extra-curricular activities and school functions as possible. She has learned to be flexible both at work and at home which is perhaps why she s able to do great work as not only a nurse manager but as a mom too. Elizabeth Awuor Oyieko lecturer project manager administrator siaya kenya Drawn to the many challenges of the world it was during Elizabeth Awuor Oyieko s time spent interning with World Vision Kenya that she realized she could make an impact back home when it came to education. Feeling a sense of empathy since she too didn t have much growing up Elizabeth knew that she could help her surrounding communities by using her knowledge and skills earned giving others a chance to thrive. As a lecturer project manager and administrator in Washington DC Elizabeth worked in various capacities ensuring that events ran smoothly in order to reach target goals. Being an organizer always had its pros and cons but she always found her career to be quite rewarding. My greatest inspiration is in working with people and in seeing that after a long walk with them I can impart them positively and create change for the better Elizabeth said about working as an educational development specialist. Working with the disadvantaged in the community can test your patience at times but Elizabeth always has her eyes set on end goals because it is always more fulfilling to see what s ahead rather than what s in front of you at the time. Elizabeth has worked as an education and community development facilitator for Millennium Villages Project as an educational advisor for Netherlands Development Organization and as a lecturer for Teachers Service Commission. She formed two women s groups of 10 members each in her village in Kenya with the intention of education and economic empowerment. She was also the first woman investor in her region to become one of the first bank agents for Equity Bank a venture that was meant to bring the bank closer to the people and ensure that individuals especially women and youth can secure active bank accounts. I am a very innovative person who thinks outside the box Elizabeth said. I am not confined to one line of thought which allows me to blend very well. In November 1998 Elizabeth earned a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education from Ng iya Girls High School. She later earned a Bachelor s Degree in Education specifically Home Science and Technology from Moi University in Eldoret Kenya in 2004 followed by a Master s of Science Degree in Project Management from the University of Liverpool in the UK in 2012. Married to an aviation specialist he and Elizabeth have one son. Coming from a big family Elizabeth is one of eight siblings two of which were adopted. Guillermo Magana operations planning manager fruit of the loom inc. boWling green ky As head of production planning for Fruit of the Loom s sewing facility in his country Guillermo Magana started his career in 2004 while finishing his Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering at Catholic University of El Salvador. With a lot of hard work and natural talent Guillermo was promoted several times within the company s offshore organization. By 2008 he was transferred to work out of the Worldwide Headquarters in the United States. I am motivated by the sense of achievement to make God and my family proud of my success Guillermo said. I like to concentrate on the facts do the work and execute. I lead by example so my actions must be valuable. At Fruit of the Loom s corporate location in Bowling Green Kentucky Guillermo started as assistant planning manager for production capacity and planning systems. Soon after he moved to plan the Polybag Supply Chain and in 2010 became supply chain manager for the Russell Brands Team Sports Apparel line for the company. That same year he also graduated from Western Kentucky University with a Masters of Business Administration. Today Guillermo is the production capacity planning manager for both Russell Brands and Vanity Fair Brands Fruit of the Loom s performance gear and lingerie line respectively. He is responsible for directing and monitoring both lines supply chain production capacity and controls the execution of strategic short-term and long-term production plans with a focus on balancing plant resources and optimizing inventory levels to meet financial goals and service the business. Knowing the importance of giving back Guillermo volunteers with Hispanic Organization for Promotion of Education (HOPE) a non-profit organization that works to encourage higher education among the Hispanic community. He helps the non-profit by organizing events to raise funds for grant scholarships for low income Hispanic students that want to attend college. Guillermo comes from a wonderful family. Giving credit to his mother as the pillar of strength and encouragement his father is now a retired and accomplished pediatrician. His older brother is a finance executive and attends Harvard Kennedy School for his MC MPA while his sister works as a marketing director at Cinemark International for Central America and the Caribbean. Where you are from or where you live does not make you who you are much less dictate what you are able to do Guillermo said. Work hard and seek further because life is too short to live with excuses and procrastination. Jeffrey Young branch manager paychex inc. san jose ca While Jeffrey Young enjoyed working in customer service in the hotel industry he missed being more involved with the financial management aspect he previously had as an assistant controller. Deciding to look for an opportunity to marry these two aspects of his career exertise together Jeffery found himself employed with Paychex Inc. I have always gotten a lot of satisfaction in serving others and it is rewarding to know that I have the ability to help others succeed Jeffrey said about his latest role. Jeffrey started at Paychex as a line employee where he learned the aspect of the business that relates to client needs. He quickly became a branch manager and is now responsible for customer satisfaction profit and loss management revenue growth and market penetration in the San Jose California area. Within just two years as a branch manager Jeffrey led his location from last place in Key Performance Metrics to first place in one category and to the top third overall. He has also been successful in counseling and developing staff members for personal and professional development opportunities and career growth. Jeffery plans forecasts and reports on sales losses and expenses through budget planning. He also plans and develops systems and procedures to improve quality service and monitors and reports on activities trends and results at which time he will make recommendations regarding payroll and human resource employee benefit services in order to ensure that Paychex maintains the essential client business partnership. With a great deal of passion for learning and development Jeffrey wrote and implemented a leadership program. This year-long program was designed to give high potential future managers exposure to real world business challenges that managers face on a daily basis. Jeffrey earned his BA in Organizational Management from Ashford University in 2013. He is married with two children and one grandchild. Passing his love of education down to his family they are all actively enrolled in college currently. Jeffrey enjoys biking reading and listening to jazz music. In order for me to grow in my professional career I had to have enough confidence to go out and take risks in order to be successful Jeffrey said looking back. There were times when I failed but I always learned something from those failures and they really became a part of the reason why I succeed today. Learders Magazine Mahmoud Bahrami deviation and logistics manager micron technology manassas va Growing up in a family that valued education Mahmoud Bahrami quickly became inspired by the learning process only to become a driving force later in life. After earning his Bachelor s Master s and PhD in Electrical Engineering from Howard University Mahmoud finally got started in his engineering career in 1984. For the last 30 years I have enjoyed the challenge of learning and gaining hands-on experience on how to manufacture integrated circuits in large volumes with high quality Mahmoud explained. Because the semiconductor industry is a vast career field I focused on the area I was most interested in and became an expert. Since 2011 Mahmoud has been employed by Micron Technology located in Manassas Virginia. He was hired as a senior lithography engineer who in 2012 became a deviation and logistics manager for the company. Mahmoud s main focus is to manage deviated material with potential reliability concerns and risks to customers determine the root cause of deviations through methodical application of problem solving techniques ensure proper disposition of material to minimize and eliminate risk to customers and deploy prevention plans. During his career Mahmoud has published papers on silicon reliability physics and failure analysis as well as Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) device modeling and characterization. He has significant teaching experience has delivered many presentations on his work and has participated in joint university and industry cooperation and partnership programs. Prior to working for Micron Technology Mahmoud worked for Advanced Micro Devices Inc. Digital Equipment Corporation Intel Corporation and Intel-Micron Flash Technology. Looking up to the likes of Steve Jobs for leadership and innovation Mahmoud believes that anyone can achieve their highest of goals if they have the desire and passion to do so. He also believes in learning from failures because it is those failures that one can build upon for future success. Mahmoud is married with two daughters that are presently in college. Passing on the importance of education Mahmoud s eldest is attending graduate school at Simmons College in Boston Massachusetts while his younger daughter is studying sociology at Marquette University in Milwaukee Wisconsin. When he isn t working or spending time with his wife and girls he likes to garden and enjoys time with friends. He also likes to support his local community by donating money and time to various organizations dear to his heart. Paul Radomski atlanta ga After serving six years as a Naval Officer Paul Radomski started his supply chain career at General Electric in 1995. The everyday pursuit of building a world class supply chain organization that better served its customers suited Paul well. During my career I have enjoyed taking on varied roles and working for demanding organizations to achieve success Paul admit proudly. The challenge of achieving success has always motivated me. The success he has realized has given Paul the confidence to assume any role and overcome any obstacle in any organization. He believes in himself has confidence in his abilities and always makes things happen. Paul spent 12 years in various leadership roles with General Electric before moving to HD Supply. His experience going into his new position included supply chain operations and sourcing logistics leadership change management supply management profit and loss strategic planning global sourcing and cross-functional team management. As a very passionate and determined person who loves a good challenge Paul has always strived to make a difference in every role and organization he has worked for while also helping others achieve their own success. Most recently Paul served as a regional vice-president where he provided strategic direction motivation and operational excellence to return the business to a profitable entity. Prior to that position he was vice-president of supply chain for an organization that drove significant costs out and improved the processes of the business to increase its overall profitability. Having confidence in your abilities is what s most important Paul said about what he has taken away from his many years in his field. Don t let anyone tell you that you won t succeed and always always believe in yourself. Paul earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics in the United States Naval Academy. He then attended the University of Louisville and received his Master s Degree in Business Administration. Also a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt and Certified Purchasing Manager Paul is actively involved with the Naval Academy Alumni Association. In his down time he enjoys exercising and volunteering in youth sports. Rebecca L. Montrone oWner president Wondrous roots inc. keene nh Holistic Healthcare Provider Rebecca L. Montrone remembers reading a copy of her mother s book when she was a teenager written by Author Adelle Davis called Let s Have Healthy Children and thinking to herself just how interesting nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle was. Born into a family with a former US Navy lieutenant registered nurse for a mom and a dad who was a legendary compounding pharmacist Rebecca was surrounded by medicine and healthcare and was pretty much destined to follow in her parents footsteps in some capacity. Much of Rebecca s work today stems from her mother s unfortunate early passing at the age of 58 due to Alzheimer s a disease that she believes is preventable. She has worked for various health practitioners for over 20 years beginning as a medical transcriptionist. But by late 2005 she officially launched her business Wondrous Roots with the hopes of making a difference and improving peoples health. Dedicated to providing innovative information and resources to clients when it comes to improving and maintaining health Rebecca said After providing them a very lengthy nutritional wellness questionnaire I sit down for at least 90 minutes for an interview before putting together a multipage consultation report with a review impressions and recommendations. As a consultant Rebecca is often presented with a very diverse and complex variation of cases. She has clients all over the world does virtually no advertising due to the success she has had through word of mouth and even works with clients via Skype or by telephone when necessary. She also formulates herbal medicine products and uses vitamin mineral and amino acid therapy. One of her products Wondrous Skin which was originally intended as an allnatural face cream for skin health and anti-aging she is particularly happy with because she came to learn through one of her cancer patients that it actually blocks burns from radiation treatment. Rebecca is a 1981 graduate of Word of Life Bible Institute and a 2005 Bachelor s Degree graduate of Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health. Married to her elementary school sweetheart Rebecca wed the first boy she ever kissed Dale Montrone in the eighth grade. They ve been married now for 32 years he works as a vice-president of engineering and operations and they have a 25-yearold daughter Krista who is a professional dancer with the Koresh Dance Company in Philadelphia Pennsyvania. Ryan Bir principal oWner chief operating officer arbor2 inc. mountain vieW ca After graduating with a BA in Financial Economics from Ohio University Ryan Bir not only stepped out into the workforce in unfamiliar territory but he moved across the country from Cincinnati Ohio to the tech epicenter of the world Mountain View California where he quickly realized that he was not in Kansas anymore . Ryan prides himself in his ability to adapt and evolve. Known to be a very optimistic person Ryan tries to use his positive energy and make it contagious. He looks at problems holistically and focuses forward on possible solutions rather than the problem itself. Having studied financial economics Ryan s knowledge in theoretical and analytical applications prepared him to work in an industry that required a lot of ambition. In April 2013 he began working for Biocodex a boutique pharmaceutical company that manufactures and distributes a daily probiotic supplement. As the sole finance and economics analyst he was the key driver of analytics responsible for creating intuitive visualizations for their executive team and was involved in projects pertaining to sales trends purchase forecasting retail mapping market segmentation brand tracking and product market acquisition. For Ryan it wasn t long until he realized the skills he had been so tirelessly honing for years would finally lead to something bigger. My ambitions led me to ask myself the question Why not rather than Why Then I try to answer the question How in order to put my best foot forward Ryan explained. In March 2014 Ryan separated from Biocodex and is now the principle owner and operator of a successful real estate investment company Arbor2 Inc. with his father an architect with over 30 years of construction experience. The other half of Ryan s genome is based in structural engineering and Ryan sights this combination of backgrounds as fuel for his burning desire to create and build. Ryan has aligned himself with multiple networks of national investors for acquisition and liquidation of investment residential and commercial properties land contracts trusts tax liens and more. He is a cash buyer and when it comes to investing he consistently pays double digit returns to private money and hard money lenders. Ryan spent his high school years as a triple sport athlete. He s since taken up golf and loves to travel especially to Tahoe Yosemite or Big Sur but he also loves the city life. Ryan s passions extend into astronomy physics biology meteorology and technology. Learders Magazine Sean Huckstep vice-president of sales sales rabbit provo ut It takes a certain kind of person to work in sales. Meeting new people and talking to strangers can be somewhat uncomfortable for many but not for Sean Huckstep. In fact it was those very same qualities that helped Sean excel in door-to-door sales. Just last summer in fact while selling pest control to a client he had an idea of building an application that would automate and streamline the door-todoor sales industry. This idea quickly became the foundation of what is now Sales Rabbit. I ve grown very fond of the door-to-door industry that I ve been in for the last several years Sean said. It s created a passion for what I do now in developing apps that will help make life in the industry much more efficient. Sales Rabbit s mission is simple make technology an asset for businesses. By creating simplified efficient cloud-based mobile software Sales Rabbit helps companies revenue grow by increasing per- rep average production. Companies have seen on average a 23% increase in per-rep averages and decreased the sales time by over 50% by using this mobile app. Some of the features of the software include area management lead management user tracker location reports help with training and motivating sales reps sales materials and tools e-contracts and a dashboard. Sales Rabbit fixes problems like tracking leads assigning areas tracking results establishing credibility and much more making it the best single tool in the industry for field sales reps and canvassers. As vice-president of sales Sean oversees the business and marketing aspects of the company. He manages the website to help drive traffic and bring in more leads trains and manages the sales team and contacts new potential customers all while maintaining great relationships with the current customer base to ensure retention. Sean believes that he inherited his ambition and desire to succeed from his father who owned his own business. His dad worked very hard and was good at everything he did. Sean said that it was his father that led him to become the person he is today. A 2013 graduate of Brigham Young University Sean holds a Bachelor s in Exercise and Sports Science. He played soccer in college which was also where he met his wife. After getting married in Denver Colorado they moved to Provo Utah. He and his wife still enjoy playing soccer and they love going camping hiking and being outdoors as much as possible. Susan Sotiros president and oWner jerome ghost pepper company jerome and sedona aZ After losing her job in Boston Massachusetts Susan Sotiros decided to take a leap of faith and move to Prescott Arizona in January 2013. Looking for an opportunity to start her own business Susan came across Jerome Ghost Pepper Co. a retail store that specialized in hot sauces. It seemed like a perfect fit for her. So in November of that same year Susan bought the company after discovering it was up for sale and she and her husband now have two storefront locations. Living in Arizona is a wonderful new place Susan said about her recent move. I operate the Jerome location while my husband runs the Sedona location. Owning and running a business with him is a great way for us to spend time with each other and grow together and we haven t looked back. Besides hot sauce Jerome Ghost Pepper Company carries rubs spices jellies Bloody Mary mixes barbeque sauces and salsa many of which you cannot find in grocery stores. Their products can be found in mild medium and hot but the biggest draw comes from the hot pepper that gave the company its name. The ghost pepper or Naga Bhut Jolokia comes from India and is said to be the hottest pepper in the world about 200 times hotter than a jalapeno pepper. Susan s education has been the biggest inspiration in taking on the challenges of being a business owner. In 2004 she earned a double Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology from Stone Hill College in Easton Massachusetts. She is currently pursuing her Master s Degree in Management of Aging through the University of Massachusetts and is expected to finish in May 2015. Susan believes that through her education she has been provided the tools needed to be a leading female business owner who will be able to build her confidence and ultimately follow her dreams. Susan has five children including a set of triplets and a four-year-old granddaughter who still live in Massachusetts. She hopes to be an example for her family of what can be accomplished if you dare to dream. Susan lives by a quote from Marsha Norman that says Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing and Susan continues to write her own chapters every day. Tommy Dille author laborer tommy dille and associates cleveland oh Construction Laborer Tommy Dille has worked in the industry for over 25 years. He joined the union in 1996 and today runs his own company Tommy Dille and Associates. With a strong interest in both construction and business owning his own company that focuses on his trade specialty is a perfect fit. With every project I work on I take on different roles tasks and positions Tommy said about having his own company in the construction field. Seeing a barren piece of land developed into something usable is very fulfilling and the opportunity to see projects completed is what has kept my in the industry for so long. Tommy has done union work at nuclear power plants as a radiation worker carpenter tender fire watch signal person rigger and confined space entrant and attendant. He also worked as a quality control and health and safety officer during the Kincheloe AFB Michigan base closure. With his expertise lying primarily in inspections Tommy has done asbestos inspections for Elisabeth City Coast Guard Station in North Carolina at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport Cleveland Public Power Station and other locations throughout the state of Ohio. He was in charge of project oversight in various school systems in Ohio and was the superintendent of the Asbestos Abatement Project in the East Cleveland schools where he provided cost estimations for numerous asbestos abatement and interior demolition projects. While finding work can sometimes be a challenge in the construction industry Tommy stays in it because his interest in the field is so strong. And when the work is good the financial benefits are great too. He believes that success truly lies in having work to do no matter what the task and building his pension is always his biggest long-term goal. Being in the union for 18 years Tommy has learned not to rock the boat and to always have a group to back up any dispute that may come his way. Tommy published a book to provide others insight into unions and how they work called The Facade of Professionalism. Published in 2012 you can find and purchase a copy at BarnesandNoble. com or Tommy has previously done coursework in business management at the University of North Dakota and is currently working towards his Bachelor s in Business Administration at South University knowledge he plans to utilize in his everyday business. He also looks forward to down time and loves to play golf and go hiking. William Diehl founder snoWfury studios inc. irvine ca Hungry to develop products that consumers will love William Diehl uses his skills and creativity to design software hardware cloud platforms and most recently big data platforms. Driven by this amazing field William founded SnowFury Studios Inc. in 2012 and less than a year later he was able to leave his full-time job to focus solely on his company. I was disappointed with the quality of games developed for mobile phone and tablet platforms so I set out to create a company that focused on developing multiplayer mobile games with the kind of in-depth story and visuals one would expect from a console or PC title William explained about his business plan. In addition to games I also developed a multiplayer mobile optimized cloud platform that enables other developers to easily build multiplayer mobile game experiences. William s vision of the model is that SnowFury will offer the platform to developers for free or close to it in exchange for a percentage of their In Application Purchases which currently make up over 70% of the 8 billion mobile game market. He has recruited and managed a global team of creative engineering talent that spreads across the United States Canada the United Kingdom Poland and Austria. This virtual team allows William to have a scalable cost structure consisting of more than 50 2D and 3D artists engineers writers and musicians. Prior to founding Snowfury William held many positions in the software engineer and architect field including vicepresident of product management and user experience senior director of product management research and design and business unit manager. Impressively he has had 15 patents granted in technology usability and design with a number of additional patents pending. Although he doesn t have a lot of time outside of work William enjoys fishing cooking building and constructing. He also likes to lead social computer games where teams of 10 to 25 people are focused on reaching a common goal. At my core I am a creative problem solver. I enjoy positions that give me an opportunity to apply that creativity in a diverse way and drive products to the market William said. I founded SnowFury because the game industry has always been interesting to me and is the ultimate in combining creativity problem solving and execution. The industry also presents a great challenge for me. Learders Magazine Professionals speaking to and about professionals Executive Broadcasting Channel is the newest way to have your voice heard. You will be able to reach a vast network of executives and professionals spanning all markets and industries. Ever thought about your own Podcast Consider your prayers answered For more information call (855)893-NADP akshay singhal Vice-President Engineering Inc. 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