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THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 1 Join our city of dreamers idealists rebels and loyalists. t here s a movement to victory in the Revolutionary City...Townspeople dreaming of freedom amidst the uncertainty of war. Bring your family to Fall Homeschool Days September 6 21 2014 and experience daily life throughout this 300-acre city. Play the newest chapter of our spy game revQuest the old enemy plus enjoy exclusive homeschool programs and tours Homeschoolers still enjoy exclusive pricing all year. stay and make some History.TM To plan your trip or make reservations call us at 1-800-280-8039 or visit homeschoolers. 7 14-TIS-9766133 2014 The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation 2 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR FALL 2014 HEAV Board of Directors Anne Miller President Williamsburg Patrick Ryan Vice President Purcellville Kevin Mulhearn Treasurer Yorktown Linda Linder Secretary Manassas Rick Boyer Board Member Rustburg Cherrie Moore Board Member Virginia Beach Advisory Board Lauren Bell Virginia Beach Yvonne Bunn Murfreesboro HEAV Staff Anne Miller Interim Executive Director office Yvonne Bunn Director of Homeschool Support & Legislative Affairs Lauren Bell Convention Director Helen Wright Finance Manager Ann Miranda Office Manager Lora Howard Assistant Office Manager Lisa Workman Director of Special Events HEAV BOARD & STAFF Publications Staff Maureen Bittner Director of Publications & Marketing Mary Kay Smith Magazine Editor editor Melissa Barnes Editor Kathleen Lansing Advertising Director advertising Kathleen Dillie Update Manager Karen Sweeney Update Content Editor update Chris Update Editor Arielle Potter Copy Editor & Above-the-Fold Writer Maya Barnes Update Layout Laurie Sitterding Editor Michael Grice Webmaster Alyssa Mulhearn Web-Content Editor Linda Mesibov HTML Coder Susannah Miller Graphic Designer Jennifer Covington Social Media Manager Angela Palomo Transcript Editor SEND ADDRESS CHANGES TO Home Educators Association of Virginia 2100 W. Laburnum Avenue Suite 108A Richmond Virginia 23227 Fax 804-278-9202 E-mail office Phone 804-278-9200 or Web For fastest service send your former and new addresses. Check your mailing label to see if you are a member if not join today The purpose of the Virginia Home Educator is to provide information resources and encouragement to Vir ginia homeschool parents . The views expressed in this magazine do not necessarily reflect those of the Home Educators Association of Virginia. All Scripture quotations are from the King James Version unless otherwise noted. The Virginia Home Educator is sent quar terly to Virginia s homeschooling families without charge. To receive a free subscription sign up at To inquire about advertising or submitting an article please contact HEAV at PO Box 6745 Richmond Virginia 23230-0745 or e-mail us at advertising or editor HEAV reserves the right to edit for style and space or to refuse any submission deemed inappropriate for our publication. Permission is granted to reprint any news items from this magazine providing proper credit is given all other material is copyrighted. For reprint permission please contact the editor at editor 2014 Home Educators Association of Virginia SUBMISSION DEADLINES Winter 2014 (Issue 4)--September 15 Spring 2015 (Issue 1)--December 1 Summer 2015 (Issue 2)--March 15 Fall 2015 (Issue 3)--June 15 10 16 12 FEATURES 10 Nurturing Your Marriage Heidi St. John Rick Boyer DEPARTMENTS 4 5 6 8 From the Editor Mary Kay Smith 12 Boys & Heroes 14 The Giving Machine Flo Feldman 2014 Convention Wrap-Up From the Director of Homeschool Support Yvonne Bunn 16 Apprenticeship & Mentorship Making a Comeback Mike Cheney Freedom Watch 22 Coming to Virginia 22 ClassifiedAds 18 Why We Just Can t Stay Organized Cheryl R. Carter Virginia Beach Chesapeake n Saturday September 13 Northern Virginia Arlington n Saturday September 20 Cover Image Monkey Business Dollar Photo Club THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 3 or many years I enjoyed a trumpet vine growing along our side arbor. Hummingbirds loved the flowers doves loved the nesting site juncos loved the seeds and I loved the fact that the vine blocked the view of my neighbor s house just yards from my kitchen window. Then something happened. Miniature vines started popping up elsewhere--in the lawn in the basement window wells between the veranda floorboards. The vine was out of control it had become a weed. I pulled I sprayed I dug. Finally we cut the mother vine down and I m hoping we will eventually gain control of the little vines that still pop up. When it comes to pruning I am pretty ruthless. Trees roses vines shrubs stuff activities curriculum jobs ministries conversations even occasionally relationships all get pruned. This happens if they become too big for their allotted spot and crowd something else or if they throw the garden or life or school design out of proportion. It also happens if something becomes barren or diseased or if it starts to grow wild. It happens to increase the size or number of flowers. Sometimes it happens because plants positions programs or activities don t perform as advertised and they really can t take the heat or the shade or the water. Pruning is a valuable thing. It s good to evaluate--to ask ourselves if that curriculum is still working if those activities are still useful if our house is the way we want it if we ve dealt properly with that behavior if we re giving enough attention to our kids or our marriage. It s also good to put our activities and relationships to the Philippians 4 8 test. Are they true noble right pure lovely admirable excellent or praiseworthy Gardening is a great delight. It s fun to plan plant watch and enjoy. But it also takes a lot of work and perseverance--pruning cutting watering amending mulching feeding dividing transplanting digging out. We have to know which when what how how much and how often. And as I learned with my trumpet vine before we start something new we should find out what the end result could be years down the road. Maybe we ll love how it grows and matures--it might be exactly what we hoped for. But if it has the tendency to escape its boundaries we could end up weeding and spraying unwanted results for a very long time. A CHAMPION IS MORE THAN A VICTOR -- a champion is an advocate and a defender. FIND YOUR PLACE AS A CHAMPION AT LIBERTY UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW. Liberty teaches law from a distinctively Christian worldview which is very different from other law schools. I was looking for a school that taught natural law and recognized where the law comes from as well as how it affects us today as attorneys. 2012 Alumnus Legal Director Liberty Center for Law and Policy -- Mark Trammell Working with the Liberty Center for Law and Policy Mark uses his education to advocate for religious liberty protect the sanctity of life and preserve the biblical view of marriage. Mark also believes in and defends the rights of homeschooling families. LawAdmissions (434) 592-5300 4 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR FALL 2014 Africa Studio Dollar Photo Club F FROM THE EDITOR Mary Kay Smith FUTURE H O M E E D U C AT I O N The highlight of the year for many families--the HEAV convention--was held June 5 6 and 7 2014. Whether you come for inspiration information or tools and resources to embark on or continue your homeschooling journey it is our privilege and passion to meet your diverse needs. One parent who comes year after year calls the convention a vital part of our homeschooling journey. We are humbled by that and grateful for your continued prayers support and attendance. We look forward to serving you for many years to come. AND A YOU SPOKE-- AND WE HEARD YOU HEAV convention planners pour over the convention survey for your insight ideas and concerns--and always seek to incorporate those ideas into the upcoming convention. In 2014 for the first time the convention offered n Free parking and shuttle-bus service n A Special Buddies program for children with special needs n The first HEAV music competition n A silent auction with more than 100 items up for bid Many of these are shaping up to be perennial features Hundreds of bidders participated in the silent auction and in the live auction that followed on Saturday at noon. Many families took advantage of free parking at the Diamond and shuttle-bus service straight to the convention door. The music competition showcased the talents of nearly 40 homeschooled vocalists pianists and instrumentalists--and the winners in each category presented their selection at a keynote session. As always we welcome your feedback so feel free to contact convention Stay tuned as we continue to work together on improvements for next year JUNE 11-13 2015 From the Director of Homeschool Support Yvonne Bunn I have to admit it s not too often that I get excited about a dictionary definition but that s exactly what happened when I first began thinking about homeschooling our young children. I found a definition that changed the way I thought about education. Noah Webster s original 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language defines education in a simple but profound way--a way that can benefit all parents today. Education is the bringing up of a child...Education comprehends all that series of instruction and discipline which is intended to enlighten the understanding correct the temper and form the manners and habits of youth and fit them for usefulness in their future stations. Wow The bringing up of a child. Instruction and discipline. Enlightening the understanding. Correcting the temper. Forming manners and habits. Fitting them for usefulness. What an all-encompassing definition and what a responsibility I honestly couldn t see any other form of instruction that could address this type of education other than parent-directed education in our home. From that moment on I understood that homeschooling was more than reading writing and arithmetic--it was a lifestyle. We wanted education to be part of a family-integrated lifestyle. We wanted a family that communicated with one another enjoyed each other cared for each other and one that loved learning and working together to reach our family s goals. This was a remarkable goal but with God s help I believed we could do it I believed that God would equip us to educate the children He had given us. And that s just what He began to do--equip us. It wasn t long before we realized that we had to take deliberate steps in order to establish a solid foundation. We did this as a family by connecting with others in meaningful ways we had like-minded friends in support groups we participated in a growing fellowship of believers and we attended practical and encouraging seminars workshops and conventions. Our purpose was for the whole family to grow together in the same direction. ENCOURAGING FAMILIES HEAV recognizes that home education is about equipping the whole family. For this reason the convention has grown into an event for the entire family with sessions and activities for parents as well as children and teens. And while this once-a-year convention is a great source of encouragement we realized there is also a need for mid-year support. This is why HEAV is working with two great organizations to bring you additional encouragement and fresh ideas to equip your family--not only in June but when you re in the midst of your school year and might need it the most. RAISING KIDS TO DO HARD THINGS HEAV is working with Gregg Harris and the Nobel Institute to host Raising Kids to Do Hard Things a one-day workshop for entire families to learn how to make your home the launching pad of life for your children. This family workshop offers biblical wisdom on the development of good moral character time management home businesses finances dating and courtship and marriage. This full-day workshop will provide more than just information about parenting--it will help you help your children do hard things. Raising Kids to Do Hard Things Virginia Beach Chesapeake n September 13 2014 Northern Virginia Arlington n September 20 2014 THE FAMILY ECONOMICS & MENTORSHIP CONFERENCE HEAV is also hosting the Family Economics & Mentorship Conference a conference that will incorporate a biblical vision for your family s economics on all levels. This includes your family s work budget finances higher education and vocational training health care and your overall financial vision. This vision-packed nutsand-bolts conference is for the entire family. You ll understand how a household-based business can produce work that is integrated into family life and discipleship. Young men will be challenged fathers encouraged mothers equipped and daughters inspired. You will be able to develop a unified vision for where you will be in five ten and twenty years. The Family Economics & Mentorship Conference Bethel Church Hampton n November 6-8 2014 You re invited to join HEAV at these high-quality events. Our hope is that they encourage and strengthen your family. Look for registration information on our website at or call the HEAV office at 804-278-9200. Letters Leadership Conference I really enjoyed the Leadership Conference this weekend. I learned quite a bit that I hope to be able to apply right away both in my support group and in my HEAV position. Thank you for hosting a professional conference with a strong warm-and-friendly element to it. The professional aspect reminds us that we are doing real work that affects real people and the warm-and-friendly part reminds us that relationships are the key to our effectiveness as leaders. I look forward to the next conference Jennifer Jessen The HEAV Leadership Conference was held March 14-15 2014 in Williamsburg. The next conference will be in the spring of 2015. 6 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR FALL 2014 Many many thanks for a lovely weekend Delicious food thought-provoking fellowship challenging talks helpful insights and laughter were a refreshing delight Thank you for spoiling us. We pray often for you and all at HEAV. Keep pressing on Love in our Lord Barby Mouring IRD ARLY-BIAL E SPEC ONLY lies fami t 99 8 31 e firs y for th gister b re to 119 199 FAMILY ECONOMICS Hampton November 6-8 2014 & MENTORSHIP CONFERENCE Changing our approach to business mentorship & ministry --one family at a time SPEAKERS INCLUDE Steve Riddell Erik Weir Kevin Swanson Mike Cheney Dave Tucker Daniel Craig Join us November 6-8 2014 for this vision-packed nuts-and-bolts conference on family economics and mentorship--for the whole family Through the dynamic speaker lineup the interactive panel discussions and the opportunity for one-onone encouragement you will be equipped to take the next steps in incorporating a biblical vision for your family s economics education and life preparation on all levels. 1 4 Reasons to Attend the Family Economics Conference 3 2 4 Register Now and SAVE at BOTETOURT COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD SEEKS RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION CHANGE The Botetourt County School Board approved and submitted a formal proposal to Virginia School Boards Association s (VSBA) Legislative Positions Committee asking them to consider a change regarding 22.1-254(B)(1) the religious exemption statute. The board proposed an addition to VSBA s legislative package that would require religiously exempt parents and their children to certify annually that they are conscientiously opposed to attendance at school. Botetourt County Superintendent Tony Brads commented to the Roanoke Times Dispatch We have been advised by legal counsel that the board should revisit these religious exemption approvals as the student ages. The proposal s Rationale for Changes states Adding the annual renewal part of the statute will enable the school boards to have more authority [emphasis mine] when students and families seek renewals.... This advice is based on a 1984 attorney general s (AG) opinion that suggests there should be an annual family review however AG opinions do not carry the weight of law. The law does not specifically state that school boards can review a family s beliefs on a yearly basis. HAMPTON CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT EXPANDS NOTICE OF INTENT REQUIREMENTS The Hampton City school board has adopted a policy that requires homeschoolers to submit a Home School and Non-Religious Exemption Application for Exemption from Compulsory Education in lieu of a Notice of Intent form or letter. This requests information that goes well beyond what the law requires and should be of concern to all homeschooling parents in Virginia. The application states If you wish to apply for an exemption you must fully complete the following form for consideration by the School Board of the City of Hampton. The application must be signed under oath by the parent(s) and pupil (if age ten or older) and notarized by a Notary Public...An incomplete application will not be processed and failure to provide all of the required information will result in a denial of the exemption. VISIT US AT THE HEAV CONVENTION BOOTH 726 Achievement Cognitive Career & Practice Tests National standardized achievement tests The Iowa Tests Stanford 10 (paper and online) TerraNova2TM - California Achievement Test Brigance Woodcock-Johnson III Strong Interest Inventory Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI ) CogAT OLSAT (paper and online) Career Tests Practice Tests for Iowa Stanford CLEP TerraNova California CogAT OLSAT S pecializing in Group discounts available Some restrictions apply Your Child is Uniquely & Wonderfully Made Triangle Education Assessments LLC 5512 Merion Station Dr Apex NC 27539 Ph. 919.387.7004 orders Toll free or fax order 1.877.843.8837 8 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR FALL 2014 The form asks for additional information including the student s date of birth grade level and details about alternative program enrollment. COMPLYING WITH THE LAW It is important for parents to know exactly what the law does and does not require. When filing a Notice of Intent to Provide Home Instruction parents are not applying for permission to homeschool but rather they are NOTIFYING the superintendent of the way in which they have complied with the homeschool statute. The law does not state that a particular form must be used or that any form at all must be used--a parent could comply by writing a letter. The Virginia homeschool law 22.1-254.1 requires that parents provide evidence that they have met one of the four options listed in 22.1-254.1(A). A parent may homeschool if he has a high school diploma is a certified teacher provides a program of study or curriculum which may be delivered through a correspondence course or distance-learning program or in any other manner or provides evidence that he is able to provide an adequate education for the child. The law does not require parents to submit a child s date of birth in order to homeschool. Children s names with identifiers such as birth dates or social security numbers can be used as a means of tracking students and many states are developing databases to track them from birth to the workforce without parents permission. Access to these databases can be shared with anyone as determined by the school system. The law also does not require that a Notice of Intent form be notarized nor does it require a student to sign the form. HEAV has been in contact with the homeschool liaison Dr. Copeland from Hampton City Schools and has requested a meet- ing with the superintendent Dr. Copeland and the school board attorney to clarify the requirements of the law. WHAT ACTION CAN WE TAKE We suggest parents cautiously review NOI forms provided by a local school division. They often request information beyond the scope of the law. You may download and print the NOI form on HEAV s website. Pray that God will work in the hearts of our legislators to protect our religious freedoms and rights to educate our children at home. Also take time to schedule a short appointment with your state legislators and make yourself known as a homeschool constituent. If legislators know homeschoolers personally they are more likely to vote for legislation that will protect our rights. You could ask them to protect our religious freedoms thank them for their service and ask if they have any questions about homeschooling. If appropriate you could offer to help with their next election campaign. It s also a good time to invite them to speak at your support group or co-op meeting. They are glad to visit their constituents and share information about how state government works. Not sure who represents you in the Virginia General Assembly Go to and click on the bar at the very top of the page. After typing in your name and address you ll find contact information for your state and federal representatives. Please e-mail me at support and let me know the outcome of your visit Keep up to date on all important legislative news affecting homeschoolers. Subscribe to HEAV s FREE Legislative Update at http sign-up-for-free-resources. Cover Spotl A MAGAZINE Your Guide to Farms Museums Aquariums Nature Centers Resorts State Parks Historical Sites and much more Get up-to-date info including photos articles news special events and fun facts See a sample online of the Virginia Field Trips Magazine Visit - No login or sign-in necessary. V to... guide e 14 Volum ield Trip irginia F 3 Number INC SD LUDE C s ight LE S TTESVIL CHARLO E COURSE at NG CHALLE C CAMP TRIPLE y on see stor 10 pag e Spring 2014 Inside ue this iss ... Visit the site anytime from anywhere and find pages of helpful information. 5 . . PG ..... 6 tiles . . . . PG rine Rep ..... 8 ic Ma ..... . . . PG Gigant nts . . ..... Trip Gra ..... Field Park State New VA 16 . . PG ..... ..... . PG 19 ge. . . Trip . owled 23 l Field . . PG Tree Kn cessfu ..... a Suc ..... Tips for nners tte Ma Etique .V ir gi www ni aF ie ld Tr ip s. co m Over 1 400 hotlinks to field trip venues in Virginia DC and border states Field trip memories last a lifetime FREE HOMESCHOOL ISSUE AVAILABLE FOR 2014 Virginia Fi Volum e 14 Number 4 Request a copy of the Virginia Field Trips Magazine and receive a complimentary copy of the current Virginia Festivals Magazine while they last Cover Spotlight GET A FREE COPY of Virginia Festivals Magazine also. Homeschoolers families teachers educators and anyone seeking real educational adventures - discover dozens of great field trip venues get your free copy of the exciting 2014 Homeschool issue Spark your imagination Email publisher or visit Inside A guide to... Homesc INCLU DES DC Summe hool Edition r 2014 eld Trips publisher s see story on page 7 tdo Learning or Center at Horizon the Ou this issu e... 2014 Event s & Home Llamas. school Gatherings ...... ...... . . page ...... 15 ...... . . . . . page 5 Find Great Virginia Festival Information Visit for complete calendar listings of upcoming Virginia events Featured Festivals classified ads (events seeking vendors) as well as links to hundreds of Virginia and Carolina events. This is a Free Website - no fees or passwords are requested or required. Virginia Fes Volume 14 No. 2 Great Place s and Even ts tivals INCLUDES June-July-Au gust 2014 Summer 2014 D.C. Luckett August Leesbu (see Pag rg Virgin e 6) 16-17 20 ia s Fair 14 Classifieds Now ONL INE ONLY Oysters Peaches Blueberrie & s Bluegrass Heritage & Festivals Highlands and High landers Complet ww w.V irg ini aF iel All 37 Virgin ia State Virginia Parks Listed Field Trip ...... Locator . page 12 Map . . . . . pages 8&9 e Virginia Event Cale ndar & Loc ator Map dTrip for Top s.c om Events THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 9 I YOUR MARRIAGE Heidi St. John spending any extra energy on their husbands is overwhelming. And I get it. Motherhood is demanding. It s often 24 7 diapers dishes and discipline. It s enough to bring a woman to her breaking point. That s part of the reason I m so passionate about moms encouraging other moms. We need each other Only a mother can truly understand the demands and pressures of another mother. But here s the thing we can t let motherhood rob us of one of life s greatest blessings--and that s a healthy marriage. I ve often said that I believe the marriage comes before mothering. I ve taken some heat for it because some take that to mean that I don t care about the kids. This is not the case. Here s why The marriage is the primary relationship at home. Many moms believe that their children should come first after all their husbands are grownups I understand the reasoning behind this but I believe it s based in a misunderstanding of God s design for marriage. The intent of the mom who puts her children before her marriage is noble but it lacks vision for the greater picture of a truly healthy family. Have you ever heard a flight attendant as she instructs passengers before take off She ll say something like In the unlikely event of a loss of cabin pressure SECURE YOUR MASK FIRST BEFORE ASSISTING YOUNGER PASSENGERS. This is because everyone knows that if the parents pass out from lack of oxygen in most cases the child is rendered defenseless. Your marriage is a lot like this situation. Think of nurturing your marriage in the same way you might think of securing an oxygen mask to yourself and your husband. Breathe life into your marriage every day. Keep your marriage physically and emotionally healthy. If we create a child-centered home to the neglect of our marriage and the marriage falls apart or if we only give the marriage fifty love being married I really do. But it s not always easy and it always requires nurturing. Making marriage the priority relationship at home is important because the fact is simply this most marriages do not end because of adultery they end because of neglect. Over twenty-four years of marriage I have learned some valuable lessons. I m still learning. Every time I make a mistake or stumble it s an opportunity to learn something. Here are four things I have found to be foundational in my marriage--four things anyone can start doing TODAY. LIVE ENTWINED LIVES Entwined living is the opposite of something I call parallel living. It means that instead of just being roommates with our husbands we purpose to be intentional about doing things together. For some couples it comes easily. When I first started living this principle with my husband years ago it was difficult. Our lives were being pulled apart in so many ways--the church pulled at us with its myriad of weekday activities work pulled us apart and school activities and obligations left little time for meaningful interaction. Eventually we found ourselves with a so-so marriage instead of a great marriage. Entwined living means we live like that cord of three strands that Solomon talks about in Ecclesiastes. Our lives weave in and out of each other s space and time through meaningful interactions activities and a commitment to intimacy in our marriage. REMEMBER THAT MARRIAGE COMES BEFORE MOTHERING This means that your marriage needs to be the priority relationship in your home. It should take priority over all your other relationships. I hear from moms every week who are so weary that the idea of 10 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR FALL 2014 MOST MARRIAGES DO NOT END BECAUSE OF ADULTERY THEY END BECAUSE OF NEGLECT. Subbotina Anna Dollar Photo Club percent of the oxygen it needs and the marriage suffers the children of that marriage will suffer too. MAKE INTIMACY A PRIORITY How can we do that as busy moms Here are a few ideas to bring the wow back into your relationship Take time to unwind at the end of the day. A quiet bath with some wonderful-smelling Epsom salts is high on my love this list. Prepare yourself mentally for intimacy. Think about your husband. What do you find attractive about him What is it about him that brings a smile to your face Most husbands don t need mental preparation. They are like microwaves. We are like crockpots--think six hours on low. Talk to your husband. What does he need Does he know what you need in order to be more available for him Sometimes just talking about what we need is the key. For example it really blesses me when my husband puts the kids to bed while I try to unwind from the stress of the day. Talk to your husband. He ll be happy to hear that it matters to you. BE A TRUSTWORTHY FRIEND Be the kind of friend to your husband that provides for emotional intimacy. Share your dreams. Nurture his dreams. Have shared dreams and goals and go for them together. Marriage was God s idea busy mom Nurture your marriage-- it s one of the best things you will ever do for your children Heidi St. John is a writer and speaker. The principles in this article are found in her book The Busy Homeschool Mom s Guide to Romance. You can visit Heidi at Christ-centered. Student-focused. Service-driven. l l l l l l Small class sizes Breathtaking natural setting Personal faculty mentoring Dynamic Honors Program Family-like campus community 99% of students receive financial aid Montreat North Carolina apply or call 1 800 622 6968 Home School Ad3.6.x4.8-14.indd 1 7 17 14 2 19 PM THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 11 O BOYS Rick Boyer pressmaster CanStockPhoto ne of the casualties of political correctness is the concept of moral excellence. That is there are absolute and definable values of good and evil and some actions and attitudes are better than others. There used to be such things as good people and bad people who did good things or bad things. Now youngsters are not taught to think in terms of right and wrong but in terms of their own values. Hence they don t learn ethics but values clarification in school. Heaven forbid (if you still believe in Heaven) they should endorse one person s values over another s--let alone assert that there are absolutes of good and evil. Today moral judgments are considered out of bounds. This is a far cry from earlier days when it was generally recognized that God was the judge of good and evil and that the only values that matter are the values that God places on things. It was understood that no man had the right to determine morality for himself but had to bow to the Creator of all things and His valuation. FALSE HEROES Today we worship people who pretend to be other people in movies though their personal lives are moral cesspools. We esteem people who are good at something they do though the worthiness of certain roles (particularly in sports and entertainment) has been elevated beyond their real 12 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR FALL 2014 value. These people may or may not give a rip about what s right and wrong in fact they may be selfish rude promiscuous boorish and abusive--but they sure can throw a ball through a hoop. We admire those who invest years of discipline into playing games that only entertain yet scarcely recognize others who have made the world better for the entire human race. Everybody knows who Tiger Woods is. He bumps little balls into holes in the ground. How many people know who Jonas Salk was He developed the vaccine that eliminated polio. Think about it. striving for. Purity of character that was a reward in itself. The heroes of my childhood had a grip on me. THE VALUE OF HEROES What is the value of heroes in our lives Why does the Bible say so much about honorable people who stood out Why is a whole chapter--Hebrews 11--devoted to chronicling the lives of people who did great things--not just remarkable things but admirable things And they re referred to as men of whom the world was not worthy. I think it s because heroes remind us that there really is such a thing as greatness. While the rest of the world looks for discount-store-price satisfaction kids who want their lives to amount to something look to people--living and long gone--for examples. Their heroes both raise the bar and at the same time show the way to get over it. To have a hero is to be inspired to rise above the ordinary. It is a constant reproof to laziness low standards and unworthy attitudes. Truly great people make us dissatisfied with ourselves impatient rather than comfortable with our faults and ashamed of complaining about our difficulties most of which pale in comparison to those once shrugged off by our heroes. Many of our heroes--the real ones I mean--came from humble circumstances but were raised by virtue to dizzying heights of honor and achievement. Boys who get to know them aspire to rise above their own circumstances too. To dream of being worthy of honor is an honorable thing in itself. It is surely the most direct path to becoming a hero to some other kid who will come along in a future day. BOYS NEED HEROES Boys will be men. They need men worthy of the name--and women too--to look to for a picture of greatness. In our day of small men casting long shadows it s worth the trouble for parents to find heroes past and present who will challenge their sons to become the men our society needs to lead us back to the way of our fathers. Rick Boyer and his wife Marilyn parents of fourteen children have authored several books on homeschooling and Christian parenthood. He was a recent speaker at the HEAV convention. Read more from Rick at TO HAVE A HERO IS TO BE INSPIRED TO RISE ABOVE THE ORDINARY. Today more than ever a boy needs heroes to look up to. His first hero normally is and should be his father but many boys are growing up in fatherless homes. Even more common is the home that exemplifies our society s addiction to shallow entertainments mostly of the electronic variety. Families enjoy sitcoms in which Dad if he s there is an imbecile and movies in which even the good guy isn t good. HEROES WORTH EMULATING I had heroes. I gravitated to books about George Washington Davy Crockett Daniel Boone Francis Marion John Paul Jones Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. If my family had been Christian I hope I would have grown up reading about John Wesley George Whitefield William Booth Hudson Taylor David Brainerd George Muller and Jonathan Edwards too. These were men worthy of a young boy s emulation. They were generals presidents preachers and explorers. They took great risks and made great sacrifices. They did things worth doing. Yet they were as humble as they were brave. Those men made me want to be a MAN. I wanted to grow up to be good and strong and wise and brave. My most formative years left me indelibly imprinted with the knowledge that there was something more and something better. There were achievements worth THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 13 Mypurgatoryyears ing from all those around them They think that life should be a daily encounter with the good fairy whose job it is to grant their every wish. And they get VERY unhappy and angry when their wishes are not granted. Life owes me is their attitude. And if a real problem mars their indulged life they figure the cause must exist somewhere outside themselves--the giving machine is faulty. If the giving machine does not operate in a satisfactory way these people attempt to manipulate it to get it to rev up and start producing again. Their life is an ongoing attempt to keep the giving machine or machines around them fully functional or everyone around them suffers the consequences of their obnoxious behavior. Because life does not work that way the entitled ones often have a very hard time when really difficult things happen. ACCEPTING CHALLENGES Now let s shift our focus to the kids who didn t have it so easy growing up. These are the ones who were required to cook clean do yard work farm work and so forth. These are the ones who were required to give in order to receive. Maybe they never had lavish birthday parties. Maybe they wore a winter coat that didn t fit perfectly or was not in style. Maybe they had physical limitations. Maybe they went without many things they really wanted. Yet they have smiles on their faces and gratitude in their hearts for the cakes their mothers baked and the one gift they did receive. These are the folks who have learned that they have to work to get what they want and even then they don t always get it. These are the folks who know life is really tough at times but they also know they will get through it okay. These are the folks who expect challenges and defeats at times. They don t complain because they know what life is about. They are the truly blessed ones who have not been victims of the giving machine. So if you want to bless your children and prepare them for life don t be a giving machine. Let your children experience a few hardships difficulties and challenges. Make them get a job. Have them wait for gratification. One day they will thank you for it Flo Feldman former convention director for HEAV is the owner of Clearly Organized Inc. She has been a professional organizing consultant for more than 25 years and offers personal consulting as well as workshops for homeschool groups and churches. Visit her at Bayside has the CAT 6 for you The California Achievement Test 6th Edition is the test everyone has been asking for to replace the CAT 5 the most used and popular achievement test ever for homeschools. (Most states accept CAT 6 some require proctors) VA and NC Approved You CAN Do It Yourself (The SV is shorter but not easier than the CB ) Just 50 Per Student Choose CB Grades K-12 or SV Grades 2-4 6-12 (Use SV Grade 4 or Grade 6 for Grade 5) THIS IS BAYSIDE 25 years supplying tests worldwide (Missionary & Expat families count on us) (SV available March - June) Easy ordering available all year OUR PRICES INCLUDE FREE Priority postage to you (USA) GENUINE CTB McGraw-Hill Scoring FREE Practice Exercise Grades K-8 Scholarship assistance available (Write or email for more information) THE H MACHINE Flo Feldman NO Extra or Hidden Costs ORDERING IS EASY Order online right from our website Or mail a check or money order with your name address phone test form (CB or the shorter SV ) and your test week. Tell us the grade level for each student. Note that you agree to follow all of the provided instructions. Prices are subject to change. Orders may be revised but there are no cancellations or refunds after we ship tests. Check out our website email your questions and we ll get you answers right away ave you ever noticed that the people who have it easy have the hardest time when challenges come These are people whose large house overlooks the ocean or a beautiful vista whose closets are full who have access to everything they want yet are miserable and full of complaints. They have the car house jewelry and easy life but are just never happy. On the other hand there are people who are beset with difficulties who take it in stride are pleasant and have grateful attitudes. WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT I suspect one thing it may be about is getting everything too easily. It may be about not having demands and responsibility as a natural part of life especially during childhood. EXPECTING ENTITLEMENT When children are coddled pampered and put on pedestals they can come to expect that they are entitled to a continual outpour14 orders PO Box 250 Kill Devil Hills NC 27948 800-723-3057 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR FALL 2014 At PHC I spent four years in a highintensity environment discussing business ideas tearing apart philosophies and hashing out what it looks like to live as a Christian professional. Though I didn t know it at the time I was being equipped with the tools I needed to found own and operate my own business now a thriving graphic and web design firm. - Jennifer Olmstead Graphic Designer Patrick Henry college For Christ & for Liberty Patrick Henry college is pleased to announce the launch of a new major in Economics and Business Analytics (or EBA) to equip students to think critically in areas of business management growth and market analysis while preparing them with the integrity and ethics to succeed in all aspects of business. To find out more visit us at Certified to operate by State Council of Higher Education Virginia THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 15 Mentorship includes the teaching of basic skills--the how (apprenticeship)--but also encompasses careful instruction in the why (doing whatever we do in an excellent manner as unto the Lord). This would include character development by speaking into the life of the apprentice and by demonstrating the proper handling of challenges on a day-to-day basis. MENTORSHIP COMES IN MANY FORMS I was fortunate to have my son Corey mentored by two strong men of God. He and several other young men spent two to three days per week under the direct training of these men. Their course of study included biblical training and business instruction as well as the practice of the one-another skills required when working in close quarters. This particular mentorship project is entering its fourth year. Later Corey had the privilege of living with another family for several weeks as he worked under supervision on the Indoctrination film project. This mentorship helped him more fully develop the skills required for his video-production business. MINI MENTORSHIP The level of commitment required for regular mentoring was very daunting to me and I felt ill-equipped for the task. My circumstances however allowed me a low-key approach to mentor a young man in the real estate business. His father had called previously to ask me about mentoring his son. As I was already working with my own son in this regard we included the other young man in our daily work flow on the days when it was mutually convenient. We ended up spending one to two days per week together for a few weeks. This young man eventually launched his business and still calls me every few weeks just to chat or ask a question. That was my initial foray into mentorship of someone other than my own family. I plan to do it again from time to time. Someone coined the phrase mini mentorship to describe what I did and I think it fits very well. There is no particular template that defines mentorship. The resources in short supply are wise men and women who are willing to invest respectively in the lives of their younger brothers and sisters in Christ HOME-BUSINESS MENTORSHIP Family businesses are excellent venues for nurturing the spirit of mentorship and apprenticeship. In 2008 we moved from the & MAKING A COMEBACK Mike Cheney I n the 250 years since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution when the fragmenting of the family into individual labor units began in earnest the concepts of apprenticeship and mentorship largely disappeared from the American culture. The common practice of children being trained up for their lives work by parents relatives and likeminded friends has been replaced by another sort of vocational orientation--one that may or may not teach the basic skills of the job and one that often severely lacks the training in wisdom and knowledge of God. THE COST OF A COLLEGE DEGREE The good news is the Apprenticeship Mentorship model is making a comeback. The environment for its return is being aided somewhat by current economic conditions. For instance according to some articles I read a college education has become prohibitively expensive for many increasing at twice the rate of inflation since 1982.1 In some cases it is also immediately less valuable in producing a related job for the graduate as graduates twenty-five years and younger are facing a joblessness or underemployment rate of between twenty-nine and fifty-three percent. 2 3 4 I am not making the claim that a college education is not required under any circumstances or that no one should seek a degree. Some fields rightly require degrees that follow rigorous courses of study. However not all young people want to continue studying past high school or are even cut out for college. Mentoring might be the perfect match for them. And according to Jordan Weissman of The Atlantic For an education to be worth anything these days it needs to impart skills. 2 Well apprenticeship and mentoring are all about developing specific skills--for a family business for a high school job or as training for future employment--and they come without a hefty price tag. ENTER MENTORSHIP Mentorship can be a great alternative. Part of the process of learning a task is repetition under the watchful eye of a master. Upon sufficient instruction and correction from the master the apprentice learns the job. For the Christian however simply learning the basic skills is not enough. The how is insufficient without the why. In the long term the how will not sustain us through the difficulties that will be encountered along the way. The grouchy boss nitpicking customer lazy coworker tough working conditions etc. can all become stumbling blocks to one who knows how to do the job but does not know why he is doing it. 16 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR FALL 2014 Geber86 iStockPhoto suburbs to a rural area buying a home on a small acreage where we began to raise goats and chickens. My wife Roxie and daughter Annie take care of the animals--selling eggs milk cheese soaps lip balm and craft products through our company called Blue Barn Products. I have been in the real estate business in one form or another for a long time. The real estate business continues to grow as well so Annie has begun to work with me on a regular weekly schedule in addition to her other duties with Blue Barn Products. Corey is now in his fourth year in the video production business through a company called Provident Media Group Inc. He is about to hire a part-time employee. Roxie works with all of us keeping everyone moving in the right direction. We work together when applicable with each of us helping the others along the way and we hire other people on a contract basis from time to time. Ours is just one example of an integrated family economy. WHERE TO BEGIN The AME website is one place to start exploring opportunities for mentorship. Complete and submit the application. It is self-explanatory and takes only a few minutes. Upon approval you will receive credentials to access the database. From there you can review the apprenticeship applications to learn whether any of them fit your circumstances and then contact the apprentice family to begin the conversation. Also AME and Generations with Vision--in conjunction with HEAV--are hosting a Family Economics conference in Hampton on November 6-8 2014. We will share both the vision and practical application for apprenticeship mentorship and the family economy. You can visit for more information and to register. FOR THE CHRISTIAN SIMPLY LEARNING THE BASIC SKILLS IS NOT ENOUGH. THE HOW IS INSUFFICIENT WITHOUT THE WHY. Mike Cheney is the director of the AME program (Apprenticeship Mentorship Entrepreneurship). He and his wife Roxie and their grown children live on a small family farm in Elizabeth Colorado where they pursue several entrepreneurial ventures. He served as operations director for Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC) for eleven years. Reach Mike at mike 1. September 2011 article by Michelle Crouch advice saving-money 10-things-every-parent-should-know-about-college 2. business archive 2012 04 53-of-recentcollege-grads-are-jobless-or-underemployed-how 256237 3. http 2012-05-12 business bs-bz-jobscollege-grads-20120512_1_college-grads-graduates-job-market 4. 2012 04 22 job-market-collegegraduates_n_1443738.html HSF Ambassadors help families homeschool through hard times. Visit volunteer to learn more. Home School Foundation ... the charitable arm of HSLDA 10535 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 17 CAN T STAY ORGANIZED Cheryl R. Carter Africa Studio Dollar Photo Club M any mothers tell me how frustrated they are because they get organized but then go right back to their disorganization. It is not enough to get organized if we cannot stay that way. In fact that just breeds more frustration and discouragement. Maintaining organization takes skill tact and determination. ADDRESS THE ROOT CAUSE OF DISORGANIZATION Addressing the roots of why we are disorganized will help us. Many women embarrassingly confess that they are closet organization-book junkies. They keep reading thinking something will stick. They try new methods and become frustrated. Then they buy another book convinced that a new technique will help them get organized. But if we want to break the cycle from messy to organized we have to get to the root of why we fluctuate and cannot stay organized. It is not laziness. I have rarely met lazy people. I have met overwhelmed discouraged stressed and unmotivated people but few lazy people. NUMBER YOUR DAYS Psalms 90 12 states So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. It all begins with an appreciation of time. We cannot control the way time flows in or out but we can manage ourselves and live more purposefully so we get more out of it. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF Honesty is at the core of any significant change. In order to stay organized we must look at our bad habits and adapt systems to take them into account. For instance if I have the tendency to throw my clothes on the bedroom floor I might ask myself what the circumstances are that cause me to carelessly toss my garments. Am I tired stressed or just plain uninspired I have to address the reason and then adapt a system that will help me with that behavior and give me incentive not to engage in it. No one can do this for me. I must be honest with myself. ADAPT TO CHANGE Change is inevitable. We have to anticipate the changes and adapt to them to keep ourselves organized. A mother with an active toddler must childproof her home in ways she never could have imag18 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR FALL 2014 ined when that child was an infant who liked to be held. If we insist on operating as we did when our children were infants we will frustrate ourselves. Changes in our lifestyle no matter how slight should trigger changes in the way we organize our environments or manage our homes. IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO GET ORGANIZED IF WE CANNOT STAY THAT WAY. MAINTAINING ORGANIZATION TAKES SKILL TACT AND DETERMINATION. RECOGNIZE YOUR STRESS Stress affects our productivity because it inhibits our ability to reason effectively and it takes a toll on our bodies. All of us live with some degree of stress it is virtually unavoidable. However we need to be aware when we are under stress and adjust ourselves accordingly. High-stress quotients have been assigned to some things like having a baby moving starting a new job and applying for credit. When we are engulfed in stress we need to change our systems or relax our standards so that we can still be effective. Once we recognize stress we are able to realistically determine our limits and organize ourselves around those limits. Once when we were going through major renovations on our home I realized that my meal-management system had to be altered because I did not have time or space for meal preparation. I adapted to a different meal plan instead of beating myself up about not being able to cook like I used to. GET AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER We have accountability groups for almost every problem today except organization. That s a shame because most of us just need a bit of motivation to clean up our acts. After all the last time you had company you probably cleaned your house from top to bottom. The embarrassment motivated you to get the job done no matter how tired you may have been. A pact with a friend can be a real catalyst for getting organized and staying organized. DON T ENGAGE IN SELF-DEFEATING TALK Social scientists have long told us that if we say something often enough we began to believe it. In Proverbs it states that as a man thinks so he is (Proverbs 23 7). Sometimes we say things like I ll never be organized I was born this way. This kind of unfruitful conversation seals our doom because we see ourselves as a failure and then we fail--our own words have produced an image of impossibility for us. DEVELOP YOUR OWN SYSTEM People do need systems to help them stay organized. Systems are a way to approach something and to know what to do before events happen. But the key to a successful system is that it must be individually tailored and easy to implement. It must take into account our frailties and natural tendencies. Years ago I got hold of an organization book in which the author suggested purchasing index cards and writing all our household tasks on them. I was not even aware of what household chores I was supposed to be doing in my home It took me considerable time to figure that out--and then I lost the cards. It was someone else s system and it did not work for me. This is the biggest reason people keep buying organizing books. They are trying to use someone else s systems instead of using them as springboards to develop personalized systems. Remember to use any ideas as a launching pad for your own personal system. DON T GET CAUGHT IN THE BLAME GAME When we think our problems are other people s fault we look for them to change. We make ourselves victims and immobilize ourselves with this thinking. Many women come to my workshop and tell me their problems are entirely their husband s fault or that of the kids or the old dog. You can motivate other people to change you can invite them to change you can even beg them to change--but the only person you can actually change is yourself. KEEP A REALISTIC VIEW While a perfectly ordered house may be desirable it might not be possible if you have several children are homeschooling and are running a home business. Therefore you have to relax your standards and adapt to those things you can order. Sometimes we are so idealistic that we do not see reality. BE RELATIONAL BUT SET BOUNDARIES The main reason I see mothers failing to stay organized is they do not realize their jobs are relational. It is easy to handle papers numbers and stuff but our kids don t come in neat little packages to be organized. Children are messy unpredictable and illogical. One client once told me she was constantly annoyed by some of the work-at-home maga- F TO CHANGE Cheryl R. Carter irst we become aware that we need to change. We recognize the pain of our disorganization. It may be lost opportunities unfulfilled relationships or simply a lack of peace. Next we acknowledge that need to change. We are honest with ourselves and then we confess our fault to others. This is essential because no one can change when she is in self-denial. Twelvestep programs hinge on this fact. Until a person admits a problem exists he or she can never be truly free. You cannot heal a thing by saying it does not exist. Last we must engage a plan to change. Good intentions do not help us. Each of us needs applied persistent action or steps to reach our goal we must have a realistic plan of action birthed in prayer that is simple to implement and will guide us into developing new habits. Complicated plans only frustrate us. THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 19 zines she saw that showed angelic toddlers sitting on their mothers laps while they typed. Her children were reckless she confessed. They banged on her keyboard rolled on the floor to get her attention and wanted her to read to them at least five times a day. As we talked she realized that she had not been spending enough time with them and she hadn t established boundaries that toddlers could understand. Toddlers understand literal physical barriers and concrete measurable time frames. I suggested using a timer that they could look at and scheduling reading times. She also set up a play office for them. It was simple once she had accepted that toddlers vie for attention she was able to spend time with them and adapt her schedule so that they everyone was happier. FEEL THE HURT This is the harshest concept to accept. Sometimes our disorganization gnaws at us but it is not bothersome enough for us to really change. We read a book or take a class but make no effort to change because it is not a major issue in our lives. It is like the story about the farmer and the old hound dog who is sitting on the porch howling in pain. A neighbor passes by and asks why the dog is howling--obviously he is in pain. The farmer replies that he is sitting on an old nail. Why doesn t he get up asks the neighbor. I guess it does not hurt enough yet remarks the farmer. Our disorganization has to hurt us enough to make us really want to change then we will do anything to resolve the issue. Cheryl R. Carter is a reformed messy who occasionally still falls off the proverbial organizing horse. This excerpt is a portion from her organizing book for mothers How to Get Organized and Stay Organized. 1 to 4 Years Behind in Reading Make a Two-Year Leap in One Year Using A Totally Di erent Approach to Reading Right Brain Reading Package Become Your Child s Own Reading Specialist 1. Brain Integration Therapy Easy Checklists to identify which of your child s Four Learning Gates is blocked Daily brain midline exercises to start the reading session Powerful once-a-week specific Brain Training Sessions to re-connect the brain hemispheres eliminating reading reversals eye tracking problems and auditory memory problems. 2. Right Brain Teaching Strategies Discounted Unique Right Brain Phonics Cards that are SO easy to remember Price Delightful Zany Right Brain Sight Words that stick with no effort Right Brain Phonics Book that takes the fear out of reading long words You re not alone. 3. Daily Reading Lesson Plans 4 days week 45-60 minute sessions. Email questions to craft 4. Colored Reading Transparencies that take the strain o the eyes and visual system Make THIS the year your struggling reader actually breaks through the reading barrier No rules No writing No memorization This Right Brain program works when all others have failed even with my most dyslexic students 3-4 years behind in reading. - Anna A. Reading Specialist 20 For use with teenagers adolescents and young children. Dianne Craft is president of Child Diagnostics Inc. Denver CO THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR FALL 2014 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 21 COMING TO VIRGINIA JOIN HEAV TODAY BEGINNER PIANO LESSONS My name is Jacob Staton. I am currently in college and have been teaching beginner piano lessons for about two years from my home in Mechanicsville. I have been professionally trained to teach by Delane Floyd. It is 50 month for 30-minute lessons. Contact 804-238-4332 J.T. VIOLINS LESSONS J.T. Violins studio offers violin and viola private lessons from beginners to advanced students. Yasha Tulchinsky has over 40 years of teaching experience and graduated from the prestigious St. Petersburg Conservatory. Some of his students have been accepted to music colleges in the U.S. 804-740-6674 or 804-356-5061 to schedule a free initial lesson. NORTHERN VIRGINIA KINGS FOOTBALL TEAM If you are a homeschooled student in Northern Virginia who wants to play football then the KINGS is YOUR football team A Christian non-profit competitive varsity-level high school football team comprised of homeschoolers from all over Northern Virginia. Website Facebook pages Northern-Virginia-KingsFootball-Team 260021980698160 AVON PRODUCTS sbrewer GIFTS MADE BY SURVIVORS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING RIJI Green is a business committed to fight slavery through fair trade. We are beyond fair trade our survivors receive fair wages healthcare daycare literacy training and a supportive network. Gifts that keeps on giving 12 - 30. Shop & Empower at For information about these HEAV-sponsored events please see our webpage at http events. SEPTEMBER 6-21 Jamestown Yorktown & Colonial Williamsburg 13 Raising Kids to Do Hard Things Chesapeake 17 Virginia Air & Space Museum 18-19 Biltmore Estates 20 Raising Kids to Do Hard Things Northern Virginia 24 Monticello OCTOBER 3 Frontier Culture Museum 17 Mariners Museum NOVEMBER 1 11 Mt. Vernon 6-8 Family Economics Conference 10-16 Luray Caverns 14 21 Pamplin Park Want to advertise here HEAV members receive a free ad Check your mailing label to find if you are a member and when your membership expires. KAMUT BRAND KHORASAN WHEAT EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL COFFEE BLENDS HANDCRAFTED GOAT S MILK SOAP FARM FRESH EGGS NON GMO PRODUCTS SHOP.LOCAL KNOW YOUR FARMERS STRENGTHEN YOUR COMMUNITY GARDENING SUPPLIES NON GMO LIVESTOCK FEED WWW.MILLHOUSEWORKS.COM F lexible one and two year programs designed exclusively for you as a home school high school student. Exciting on-mic web conferencing allows for personal interaction and relationship between you other students and faculty from around the world. Biblically based curriculum avoids the pitfalls of secular education. Generously scholarshipped for homeschool students. Online Dual Enrollment Exciting and Personal Contact Mari Fredericks for more information mfredericks 601-951-0747 22 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR FALL 2014 A Top-Ranked Academic Home as Remarkable as Her First Hope Ammen grew up in an environment where academic challenge and a spirit of inquiry were celebrated and encouraged. Today the former homeschooled student is experiencing the same in her classes at Regent University. She s enjoying new opportunities new friends and professors who believe in her. Ready to join our family Learn about Regent s homeschoolfriendly admissions policies and tuition discounts for HSLDA members. AssociAte s BAchelor s MAster s DoctorAl on campus & online A rated. top 2% Nationally. American council of trustees and Alumni. Hope Ammen Cinema Television CAS140542 Apply TodAy. homeschool 888.718.1222 Christian Leadership to Change the World 23 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 2100 W. Laburnum Avenue n Suite 108A n Richmond VA 23227 Non-ProfitOrganization U.S. Postage Permit No. 297 Richmond VA 23230 PAID SCHOOL Time to renew your HEAV membership. Train up a child in the way he should go... 24 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR FALL 2014