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Description: Welcome to Sarasota Pet, the local magazine for animal lovers! Published bimonthly, Sarasota Pet is the only pet publication exclusive to Sarasota and Manatee counties on Florida's beautiful Suncoast! For advertising information, visit Sarasota Pet September October 2014 Community Spotlights Ted Kassay of Ted s Aloe Vera Products Paint Drink & Be Merry at Painting with a Twist Meet Ralph & Molly New BFFs Adopt Don t Shop Saving one dog won t change the world but it will change the world for that one dog. Jeanine s Nationally Certified Dog Trainer SarasotaDogTrainer Adopt Me Adopt Me 863-491-MUTT Adopt Me (941) 371-5174 (6888) Thunderstorm Phobia Adopted WINNER Best Agility Trainer Sarasota Pet s Choice Awards 2013 DogStreet Pet Photography Consultant 1480736 DO GS HAVI NG F UN Family Fun & Competition Classes Also Available Beginners Welcome For Upcoming Classes & Events Call 941-321-9672 Training Facility Located at West Coast Veterinary Center 7910 SR 72 (Clark Rd) two miles east of I-75 Small Classes Group & Private Training 15 Years Experience Sarasota Manatee Pet Vol. 8 No. 4 Sarasota Bradenton Palmetto Lakewood Ranch Venice Nokomis Osprey North Port A Local Magazine for Animal Lovers Serving DRIVEN BY COMPASSION 2011 2012 & 2013 Publisher & Founder Candace T. Botha 6329 Robin Cove Lakewood Ranch Florida 34202 Sarasota Pet s Choice Awards 2011 & 2012 Natural Choice Awards For The Love of Animals 2010 E-Mail Address SarasotaPet (941) 405-4468 941-592-5131 24 HR 365 DAYS YR VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED Emergencies Regular Vet & Specialist Visits Web site Best Friends Pet Photography Phone (941) 924-6007 Photographer Connie Summers Web site I can tell you that in my hour of absolute greatest need you were possibly my source of greatest comfort. I am so thankful for you and the service you provide. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your quick response and compassion You are an angel Transport to from Boarding Day Care Grooming Compassionate Home Pick-Up of Pets That Have Passed Affordable Help When You Need it the Most FREE Transport After Emergency Care Bradenton Veterinary Emergency U E R N IVE Account Executives Judith Black Horn Sue Vipond R S I T Y PA R K . L What s Your Pet Really Thinking Needing Animal Communication by Wendy Wendy Cooper MSW Voted Best Animal Communicator 2013 Cover Photo by Connie Summers ALL RIGHTS RESERVED COPYRIGHT 2014 No part of this publication can be reproduced or duplicated without the publisher s permission. 941-349-0009 wendy Contact Wendy from any location all sessions are completed by phone Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet .C L . F O 3 utumn always has been my favorite season and this year promises to be no exception It almost seems as if our local pet community comes back to life in September after hibernating all summer as all kinds of events and fund-raisers begin to fill the calendar In this issue Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet s Calendar of Events which begins on page 56 is bursting with exciting activities that are being held in September October and early November Pet blessings...Golf tournaments...Wine events...Halloween parades...Anniversary celebrations...there s even a Dogtoberfest festival to benefit Southwest Great Dane Rescue Did you know that Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet also post events and fund-raisers on our website Often announcements are e-mailed to me after the magazines go to press so to keep you in the know about everything that s happening all news I receive is posted online Be sure to check out Candace T. Botha publisher to stay up to date on what s going on in our community. with her three pups Toby Lucy I am sure most of you are aware by now that Sniglet s Dog Bakery in Sarasota has closed its doors. After & Rikki. Photo by Liana Roman four successful years in business owner Jennifer Rebokus-Scott decided to focus on family and friends. While many of us miss Sniglet s happy greeting and unstoppable kisses each time we walked in the front door there also is a definite void in our pet community with the closing of the dog bakery. From the outset Jennifer hosted pet adoptions and holiday gatherings and she also sponsored pet events and generously donated her store-baked cookies and treats on numerous occasions. I wanted to take this opportunity to publicly thank Jennifer her husband Doug and of course Sniglet for their very valuable contribution to our community. Sniglet s Dog Bakery most certainly will be missed. On another sad note there was news in August of the unexpected passing of Beth Ealing former owner of Max s Dog Bakery & Shaggy Chic Boutique. For many years Beth and her charming downtown Sarasota shop were a vital part of the local pet landscape. Beth was in fact one of the first in the area to host the always-popular Yappy Hour that brought out dozens of community pet owners for a Friday evening of fun and camaraderie. She also helped to both sponsor and organize pet events in our community and frequently shared news about the latest bling on air with The Doggy Diva every Saturday morning. Beth s passing is truly a tragic loss for the many friends she had here in Sarasota she most certainly will always be remembered. Finally I would be remiss if I didn t point out that plans already are underway for the Fourth Annual Jingle Paws Jubilee Sarasota s largest holiday pet event will be held in a new and larger location--Payne Park near downtown Sarasota on Sunday December 7. But there s even more excitement in store this year Cat Depot will be hosting the First Annual Pawpurr s Walk to raise money for homeless and abandoned kittens and cats as part of Jingle Paws Jubilee Come walk your dog or walk with friends to raise money for a very important cause All the traditional festivities--including adoptions by our local animal groups holiday gifts for people and pets photos with Santa animal communicators pet blessings agility demonstrations and of course the Doggy Diva Holiday Costume Contest--will be included along with some special surprises so be sure to mark the date on your calendar. I hope to see you there Until next time-- Photos Connie Summers A Waggin Set Your Tail a Waggin Too Tails Grooming We GroominG Day Care Boutique We Offer No-Appointment Nail Trims -- Now Offering-- Small Dog Day Care 15 for a Full Day Cage-Free Grooming We Use Only Natural Biodegradable Products That Are NOT Tested on Animals Herald-Tribune Readers Choice Winner 2012-2013 First Place Award for Pet Groomer in a Loving Environment Blue Buffalo Do Treats & An g Food tlers Pet Odor Ex terminator Candles & Sprays Zymox Skin Products Angel Eyes Natural Ga rden Soaps Professiona l Grooming Tools &M uc h More -- We Carry -- Come Play s U With 3688 Webber Street Sarasota Florida 941-924-4462 September October 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet (Just East of Beneva Road) 4 IT S A SIMPLE EQUATION Nutritious Foods Natural ingredients Happy Healthier Pets THE AREA S BEST SELECTION OF NATURAL PET FOODS 5770 Ranch Lake Boulevard River Club Plaza Bradenton FL 34202 941-753-PAWS (7297) 713 Honore Avenue Sarasota FL 34232 941-378-4367 WWW.HOLISTICFORPETS.COM PREMIUM FOODS WITH ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS Check out our Website for Monthly Specials Friend Us on Facebook for Online Specials 20% OFF % LiveFree 20 OFF & Discount Expires 9 30 2013 ALL Nutrisca Discount & Treats Frozen Raw Freeze DriedExpires 10 31 2014 DOG & CAT FOODS Imaging in Veterinary Medicine No By Dawn Martin DVM DVSc DACVIM Internal Medicine CriticalVetCare Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center one likes to go to the doctor s office least of all our pets. However when they are ill your veterinarian s office is just a phone call or visit away. An initial visit that includes a thorough physical examination can help determine the course of action to help get your furry friend on the road to recovery. Initially most sick animals will have blood work and a urine analysis performed that can indicate a variety of illnesses such as infections diseases of the organs (kidney or liver for instance) or even some forms of cancers particularly leukemias. If this testing does not give us the entire picture as to why a patient is not feeling well the veterinarian may recommend further testing. Usually the next step will be some form of imaging that will allow further visualization of the internal organs. An initial test that may be recommended to investigate the internal organs is radiographs or x-rays. Your veterinarian may recommend that the thorax (chest) or the abdomen be investigated based on the symptoms that the patient is exhibiting at the time of presentation as well as any changes that were noted on the veterinarian s examination. Usually radiographs can be performed right at the office during the same visit. Mild sedation may be required to minimize stress in some patients. As most of us know from experience having radiographs taken is a relatively simple procedure that can yield a lot of information. Chest diseases such as pneumonia asthma heart disease or tumors can be identified using radiographs. Abdominal radiographs might reveal that your pet has eaten a foreign object (such as toys or rocks) or may identify enlarged organs or tumors. If there is something noticed on the abdominal (belly) radiographs your veterinarian may want to send you to a specialist for more precise information using an abdominal ultrasound or CT (CAT) scan. Both of these tests are excellent ways of looking at the abdominal organs including the liver kidneys spleen pancreas adrenal glands bladder intestines and the lymph nodes. The ultra- sound can detect subtle changes in the size shape or texture of the organs that can indicate diseases. If the ovaries and testes are still present (such as in a breeding dog) these organs also are evaluated. Both ultrasound and CT scan are excellent tests to determine if there is a problem that might require surgery medications or further testing via biopsy. The specialist may then use the ultrasound or CT Dawn Martin DVM DVSc DACVIM scan to perform a guided Internal Medicine CriticalVetCare biopsy of the abnormal organ to provide even more information about the disease. A report of all findings and recommendations is provided to you and to your veterinarian and any other members of your pet s health care team. A big advantage of CT scan is the ability to create images of the lungs which cannot be seen using ultrasound. The CT scan is an excellent test when a change is noted in the lung via radiographs especially if the x-ray could be a tumor or an infection as these are very important diseases to differentiate. A contrast agent can be used as a special dye for further information. The disadvantage of CT scan is that a general anesthetic is required but new machines can perform studies in minutes Another type of specialty imaging testing is an MRI. This test often is used to investigate neurological diseases of the brain and the spinal cord. It frequently can be used to help determine whether a cancer can be removed from the abdomen or if a lump is cancerous or benign. All of these tests are safe and effective for our pets. Some may require your pet to be sedated or placed under general anesthesia to achieve ideal results. Using these methods your veterinarian and your imaging specialist can help you and your pet with decisions regarding his or her health. At left Dr. Martin performs an ultrasound on a patient. Photo courtesy of CriticalVetCare Dr. Dawn Martin is a specialist in veterinary internal medicine at CriticalVetCare a veterinary specialty and emergency center located at 4937 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota. Open 24 7 for your pet s needs CriticalVetCare is across from The Landings south of Proctor Road. For more information call 941-9291818 or visit 6 September October 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Nationally Recognized for Expertise in the Medical Care of English Bulldogs Also Specializing in Boston Terriers Greyhounds & Pugs We Are Pleased to Welcome Dr. Jill Jackson to Our Practice Offering the Best in Contemporary Pet Care including General Health & Wellness Care Internal Medicine Surgery & Radiology In-House Lab Services Dental Care Allergy Testing Grooming & Boarding Microchipping Pet Food & Supplies W. Steve Koch DVM Jill Jackson DVM Tuttle 1090 N. T uttle Avenue Sarasota (T uttle & 12th Street) Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 7 941-955-0136 How-tos for Bathing Your Pet Properly By Dr. David T. Smith Sarasota Veterinary Center T here is more to bathing a pet than just soap and water The most important consideration is how your dog or cat responds to a bath and what you can do to make the experience as pleasurable and pain free as possible. Most cats are not fond of water so it is a good idea to use a slip leash around their necks that you also attach to the faucet of the sink or tub that you are using. For your own safety I would recommend trimming their nails prior to the bath as well. Whether you are bathing a cat or a dog try to have the water at the right temperature before you begin and always turn the water on slowly and quietly allowing the pet to acclimate to the noise and feel of the water. Begin slowly from the tail and work your way up to the neck and head wetting his or her entire body. Place your hand over your pet s face to prevent any discomfort from water getting into his or her eyes. Sometimes it is better to use a cup to pour water over the pet other times a hose sprayer from the sink or a shower attachment will do the trick depending on the size and anxiety level of the pet. It is not a bad a idea to use a leash to control your dog during a bath so you don t have a wet dog running around your house. Choosing a shampoo is the next most important consideration. Not all shampoos are created equal--far from it What many people do not know is that the skin of dogs and cats is much more sensitive than a person s skin. Pets have hair to protect their skin but the actual thickness of their skin is significantly less than human skin. For this reason soaps and detergent shampoos can 8 strip all the oils from your pet s skin leaving it dry and flaky. Soap shampoos also can make your pet s hair coat dry and dull. I would recommend consulting with your veterinarian about what kind of shampoo to use. While there are many choices most of the products you see on the shelves at pet stores in the pet aisle at supermarkets and at large retailers are soap-based shampoos (I use the word detergent) that will dry your pet s skin and hair coat. Most people have their own favorite shampoos and can tell the difference if Dr. David T. Smith Sarasota Veterinary they use something else. They usually can Center. Photo by Keith Millard differentiate between high- and low-priced products too. I can promise you that the cause discomfort and your pet will not enjoy pet shampoos available at most retailers are bath time anymore. not using the higher-priced soaps. If your pet has a skin condition your veterI tell my clients to use a soap-free shaminarian can recommend specific medicated poo on their pets. I take it one step further shampoos to help and may even suggest a by recommending a soap-free shampoo that conditioner to use afterward since the medialso is a moisturizing and or conditioning cated shampoos are harsher on the skin than product. a soap-free moisturizing shampoo. Through the years I have had many clients Once you have shampooed your pet leave tell me that they use no-tears baby shampoo the product in place for at least five minutes for their pets because if it is gentle enough (longer for medicated shampoos). Then lightfor a baby it must be good for their pets. ly wet the pet and use your hands to rub the Once these same clients try the shampoo hair and skin again before rinsing completely. that I recommend they are amazed at how There is no need to rinse and repeat. That much better their pets hair coats look and is just a way to get you to use twice as much feel. That is because it is specially formulated product so you have to buy more shampoo. for a pet not a baby. Because your pets have sensitive skin it Now that you have chosen a shampoo is not recommended that you bathe them and gotten your pet wet the next step is to more often than once a week. You be the put a little shampoo on your hands and begin judge of how often you want to shampoo rubbing it onto your pet. There is no need your pets depending on how dirty they get to waste a lot of shampoo by squeezing it from playing if they begin to smell or how directly onto the pet. A quarter-sized amount their hair coats look. It is a personal decision in the palm of your hand is more than between you and your pet enough for a small dog. Start on the lower back of a larger dog and Dr. David T. Smith has been a veterinarian use a second quarter-sized amount if and in Florida for 26 years. His practice is when you need to. Only a very large dog will Sarasota Veterinary Center on Cattlemen need a third drop of shampoo. Road south of Bee Ridge Road and next I must tell you that soap-free shampoos to Burlington Coat Factory. Dr. Smith is do not produce a lot of suds so do not waste a past president of both the Southwest product by trying to work up a lather. The Florida Veterinary Medical Association and important thing is that the shampoo gets the Broward County Veterinary Medical worked into the hair coat and skin. Association. He also was the medical When you get to the neck and top of director of two emergency and critical care the head be very careful around your pet s centers as well as several veterinary hoseyes. Soapy shampoos can cause a chemical pitals in Broward County. Dr. Smith can be burn on the surface of the eye resulting in a reached by phone at 941-377-3031 for corneal ulcer. These are very painful and exquestions or inquiries or contacted online pensive to treat. They also can lead to more at severe complications in the eye. Soap-free Photo at left shampoo is not as harmful but would still Eduardo Gonzalez Diaz September October 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Ask about Our Puppy Boot Camp POSITIVELY PURR -FECT ADOPTION SPECIAL Daily George FIV-positive & animal cruelty case cats EACH ADOPTION FEE INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING FREE SERVICES IN THE FIRST YEAR c Vet Exam c Dental Cleaning c Rabies Vaccine 2542 17th St. Sarasota FL 34234 Rescue Adoption Education Resource Center 941.366.2404 Hours M-F 11 am - 7 pm S-S 11 am - 5 pm Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 9 What s New in Pet Pharmaceuticals R By Dr. Robert W. Rill Jr. University Animal Clinic ecent developments in the field of veterinary medicine are certain to have a negative impact on how veterinarians are able to treat patients in need of chronic pain management and allergy control. Both of these developments involve often-prescribed pharmaceuticals that have been widely accepted in the veterinary community not only because of their effectiveness in controlling and minimizing symptoms with little or no side effects but also because of their affordability. Let s take a close-up look at these two medications to better understand the implications of these changes. Tramadol (Ultram) record logs reviewable by the DEA. Even though the DEA has determined that Tramadol has a low potential in man for abuse and dependency the enforcement agency has decided that control was indicated. In rare cases owners have abusively used their pets prescriptions for personal treatment. Effective August 18 2014 the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has scheduled Tramadol to become classified as a controlled substance C-IV. Tramadol (brand name Ultram) has been widely prescribed for dogs cats and other species for pain relief. The drug is classified as a mild opioid (morphine family). Tramadol can be used as a stand-alone pain medication or combined with What Happened to Apoquel In early 2014 Zoetis (Animal Pfizer) released Apoquel. This revolutionary medication can treat most types of allergies in dogs including Dr. Robert W. Rill Jr. University Animal Clinic. Photo courtesy of University Animal Clinic NSAIDs (Rimadyl Previcox Metacam Onsior etc.) Corticosteroids (Prednisone Medrol etc.) Nutriceuticals (Condroitin Glucosamine MSM etc.) As Tramadol tends to have less dramatic side effects and potential organ effects it has become a significant and affordable tool for chronic pet pain management. So what does this DEA scheduling change Tramadol must now be dispensed as a narcotic or controlled substance requiring additional labeling. Prescriptions can not be shared between household pets. Only veterinarians with a DEA registration can dispense or prescribe this drug. Tramadol will be subject to strict dispensing and Contact Dermatitis Atopy (inhalant allergy) Food allergy Flea Allergy Benefits of this drug include rapid onset little to no side effects compatibility with most other medications lack of necessary blood monitoring and affordability for small and large breeds. The product can be used either short or long term. The vast majority of canine allergies respond quickly to Apoquel without the side effects of other anti-inflammatory drugs such as increased drinking urination weight gain etc. So what happened that this product essentially has become unavailable Zoetis horribly underestimated the success and need for their pharmaceutical and almost immediately could not fill veterinarians orders. Only a trickle of supply is intermittently available to veterinarians who had initially ordered Apoquel so that these veterinarians can try and maintain those pets initially started on this medication. General available supply is not predicted until mid 2015. What a shame that such a novel and effective product is still only on the horizon for most dogs with allergies. Specializing in the medical and surgical treatment of cats dogs pocket pets and exotic animals Dr. Robert W. Rill Jr. owns University Animal Clinic an AAHA-Accredited veterinary clinic located at 8239 Cooper Creek Boulevard in University Park. For more information or to schedule an appointment call 941355-7707 or visit the clinic online at 10 September October 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Pet Play-Cation 716-563-0880 Call Kathy Dennis at Beverly Hills Dog Multi-Award Winner Four Years in a Row Serving Venice Osprey Sarasota Pet Sitting & Overnight Stays Morning Jogs Evening Strolls Beach Walks Play Time & Cuddle Time Too We Pamper Your Pooch We re Grooming for the Throughout October A Portion of All Pet Grooming Proceeds in October Will Be Donated to Breast Cancer Awareness All Groomed Pets Will Receive a Breast Cancer Awareness Bandana PINK Cure PetPlayCation The Doggy Diva Show Full-Service Grooming Doggy Day Care Only High End HypoAllergenic Organic Products Used We Groom Cats Too NEW TIME Professional Styling Done to Your Requests Nail Trims Ear Cleaning and Anal Expression Included in Full Groom Service Award Winner Four Years in a Row 941-822-0888 2030 Bispham Road Sarasota FL 34231 Best Pet Groomer Best Doggy Day Care Favorite Groomer Favorite Day Care Favorite Pet-Friendly Business of the Year Sarasota Pet s Choice Awards Nattie Awards mspeejay See Our Coupon on Page 53 Sarasota Obedience Training Club (SOTC) Classes in Obedience Rally Flyball & Agility For all Dogs & Owners Bradenton Veterinary Emergency c c c c Positive Reinforcement Techniques Puppy and Beginner Daytime & Evening Classes Advanced Obedience Rally & Flyball Classes Agility Classes for 6 Levels 7 5 0 5 C R 6 7 5 M a n a t e e C o u n t y F L 941-377-5984 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet ( H w y 7 0 & C R 6 7 5 E a s t o f L a k e w o o d Ra n c h ) 4th Avenue West 29th Street West 30th Street West 31st Street West Veterinary Emergency Bradenton Manatee Avenue West 11 Not feeling like yourself At CriticalVetCare we are dedicated to giving your family compassionate high quality specialty and emergency care in our 24-hour hospital. Our mission is to combine the latest state-of-the-art medical technology with the skill and knowledge of highly trained caring veterinary professionals to provide comprehensive medical services. ...we can fix that We re here for whatever you need whenever you need us V CRITICALVETCARE VETERINARY SPECIALTY & EMERGENCY CENTER (941)-929-1818 4937 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota FL 34231 Passion to Care Mission to Cure Food Treats Toys Beds Supplements Holistic Foods Treats & Supplements Natural Flea & Tick Treatments Environmentally Friendly Toys & Bedding Extensive Selection of Raw Foods Herbal & Homeopathic Remedies Most Products Made In USA Amy s Natural Pet Pantry Blackburn Point Plaza 1078 S. Tamiami Trl Osprey FL 34229 Hours Mon-Fri 10am-6pm Sat 10am-4pm Closed Sunday Noninvasive Allergy Testing & Treatment (NAET) Acupuncture Homeopathy Applied Kinesiology Nutrition Geriatric Medicine Prolotherapy Routine Wellness Care Now Practicing At West Coast Veterinary Center 7910 S.R. 72 (Clark Road) Sarasota FL Using Holistic Medicine to Complement Conventional Wisdom With a combination of conventional and holistic medicine Dr. Howard Rand is committed to keeping pets healthy throughout every phase of their lives. Get your puppy or kitten off to a healthy start with a holistic approach that will help ensure many years of happiness. Please call or stop by one of our two convenient locations--or visit us online--to learn more about Dr. Rand s unique approach to veterinary care. Ranch Animal Hospital 11105 Corridor Place Lakewood Ranch FL 941-926-0788 WEBSITE FACEBOOK Please visit us online at 13 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet HEALTH Addison s Disease in Dogs ALERT By Tamara Powell DVM VCA Lockwood Ridge Animal Hospital A ddison s disease is a condition caused by insufficient hormone production from the adrenal glands specifically the outer portion of the adrenal glands known as the cortex. The adrenal glands produce cortisol a crucial stress hormone (and part of the fight or flight response) and aldosterone a hormone involved in regulating the body s electrolyte balance. The full name of this disease is hypoadrenocorticism but it is more commonly referred to as Addison s disease. How Can a Dog Develop Addison s Disease The disease is primarily an autoimmune disorder meaning that the body s own immune system decides to target and destroy adrenal tissue. We don t know all of the reasons why this occurs. In some cases Addison s can occur secondarily to--or as a result of--another disorder. This can include cancer of the adrenal glands or severe trauma or infection that damages the adrenal glands. Another possibility is that the disease can occur as an unintended side effect of the medical treatment of certain other conditions particularly any treatment that involves long-term steroid use or the treatment of a condition known as Cushing s in which too much cortisol is produced. The disease is more common in female dogs than in male dogs. It most commonly occurs in middle-aged dogs but it can affect any age from juveniles to seniors. Also certain breeds tend to be predisposed. This can include but is not limited to Standard Poodles Portuguese Water Dogs and Labrador Retrievers. lethargy vomiting diarrhea weight loss weakness increased thirst or urination or tremors. Often symptoms can be mild or they can come and go for several weeks before becoming more severe. Sometimes symptoms can be quite severe resulting in dangerous weight loss and dehydration severe vomiting and diarrhea Tamara Powell DVM as well as extreme VCA Lockwood Ridge Animal Hospital weakness collapse or even death. The sudden onset of these conditions is referred to as an Addisonian crisis which is an emergency that can result in death quickly if not treated appropriately. How is Addison s Disease Diagnosed The definitive diagnostic test is known as an ACTH stimulation test which measures cortisol levels before and after an injection of a cortisol-stimulating medication. Often an initial diagnosis is made based on changes seen on a more common blood profile specifically electrolyte imbalances. The electrolyte imbalances often can be so severe that they result in death through dehydration or through abnormal heart rhythms. These characteristic blood changes along with your pet s medical history and clinical signs provide a lot of important information in terms of a diagnosis of Addison s disease. In many cases x-rays or an ultrasound may be recommended to rule out any other causes of your dog s symptoms. What Is the Treatment for Addison s Disease Clinical signs are often nonspecific meaning that they are symptoms that can be associated with a number of different diseases. Common symptoms can include What Are the Clinical Signs of Addison s Disease While certain breeds including Labrador Retrievers Standard Poodles and Portuguese Water Dogs are predisposed to developing Addison s disease it is a serious illness that can affect any breed. Portuguese Water Dog at left 123rf. com Eric Isselee 14 Fortunately long-term care typically is successful in managing the disease and allowing your dog to live a good quality of life. Typical protocol involves treating both the cortisol (stress hormone) deficiency as well as the aldosterone (electrolyte balance hormone) deficiency. Options include monthly injections and daily pills and usually involve a combination of both. Your veterinarian will discuss the best option for your pet. Treatment should be monitored with routine blood work to ensure that your dog is receiving the appropriate dosage and frequency of medication. Often during times of stress or excitement additional supplementation of cortisol is needed. Generally with appropriate treatment the prognosis often is very good. Tamara Powell DVM is one of the veterinarians on staff at VCA Lockwood Ridge Animal Hospital located at 3802 N. Lockwood Ridge Road in Sarasota. Additional information about the veterinary practice is available online at lockwood-ridge. For more information or to schedule an appointment please call 941-359-3800. September October 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet The BradenTon hound A SHOPPING ADVENTURE FOR DOGS AND THEIR HUMANS Come DisCover The BraDenTon hounD Humans will discover the world of dog and country living through antique and vintage pieces for the equestrian antique and vintage furniture and paintings exquisite china and crystal unique books and stationery organic blankets for human babies and lovely fresh water pearl jewelry designed by Barb McSweeney. Hounds of all makes and sizes will discover an unrivaled assortment of collars leashes and harnesses by Puppia UpCountry Preston and Coach clothing and necklaces by Oscar Newman unique bedding and an organic biscuit bakery that features treats both humans and dogs can share. Adventure Awaits in the Unexpected... The Discovery of Things Not Anticipated Waiting to be Found Inside THE BRADENTON HOUND 6650 CORTEZ ROAD WEST BRADENTON Next Door to Anna Maria Oyster Bar & The Sage Biscuit Caf in Cortez Plaza Hours Monday 10 am - 5 pm Tuesday Closed Wednesday Closed Thursday 10 am - 5 pm Friday 10 am - 5 pm Saturday & Sunday 10 am to 3 pm 941-251-5984 WWW.THEBRADENTONHOUND.COM bradentonhound HEALTH Kidney Disease A Common Killer ALERT K By Dr. Anne Luther DVM MS BA CVA Sarasota Animal Medical Center idney disease is a very common problem seen in a surprisingly large number of cats and dogs. While we see this devastating disease primarily in older animals it also may affect younger animals and it is especially common in cats. While chronic renal failure is easily detectable through laboratory testing moderate disease is more common and not usually recognized until the damage is severe. Early detection is important to help prevent further damage and possibly reverse some of the damage. There are two types of renal (kidney) failure acute and chronic. Acute Renal Failure (ARF) This form of kidney failure happens quickly and is often caused by nephrotoxins. Common toxins and poisons that are well known to cause kidney failure include certain antibiotics antifreeze nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) raisins and grapes and the Easter lily plant (cats only). Anything that decreases blood flow through the kidney can cause renal failure. When renal failure is acute the symptoms arise suddenly and are often quite severe. Vomiting lethargy and loss of appetite are the most common symptoms. Lack of urine production may be seen especially in cases of urinary obstruction. ARF is a very serious condition and must be treated immediately in order to save your pet s life. The good news is that ARF can be treated successfully if caught early enough. Unfortunately in some cases it becomes chronic and is more difficult to treat. tion. Bad breath and changes in the coat such as dry and flaky skin often begin at this stage. These increases are gradual and may be missed which is why it is recommended that laboratory tests--including blood tests and a urinalysis--be performed annually or semi-annually on older pets. Usually evidence of kidney disease shows up first in the urinalysis with an increase in protein. Early detection allows your veterinarian to help slow the progression of the disease. Later Symptoms Anne Luther DVM MS BA CVA Sarasota Animal Medical Center Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) CRF is the gradual loss of function of the kidneys most commonly seen in older pets. A number of factors can contribute to the development of CRF. Vaccination has been implicated as a prime suspect especially in cats. Other possible factors include infection high blood pressure kidney trauma and kidney stones. As the disease progresses the pet loses the ability to concentrate the urine and this results in an increase in urine production. At this stage the pet has lost approximately two-thirds of the nephrons in the kidneys--the functional units that remove waste and extra fluids from the blood. Usually the only noticeable changes in your pet at this time are the symptoms of increased drinking and urination. Eventually the disease progresses and when three quarters of the nephrons are not functioning the blood work starts to reveal changes. The first changes are an increase in Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine. At this stage your pet may have anorexia nausea and vomiting as well as foul-smelling breath. His or her coat may appear dull and your pet may have some weight loss and lethargy even sunken eyes. Unfortunately this often is the stage that many pets are presented to the veterinarian. They usually are depressed and dehydrated. These pets often are hospitalized and receive IV fluids until their BUN and creatinine come down to an acceptable level. This is stressful for the pets and expensive for their owners which is why early detection and prevention are so important. Early Symptoms The first symptoms of CRF are an increase in drinking and urina- Conventional Treatment 16 Conventional treatment is aimed at lowering the level of protein in the blood by feeding a prescription diet low in protein. This keeps the BUN and creatinine from increasing dramatically because they are the byproducts of protein metabolism. Unfortunately this treatment just masks the problem and does not really treat the kidney disease. Reducing the protein level in the diet actually may reduce the effectiveness of the kidneys because the amount of blood filtered through the kidneys is related to the amount of protein in the diet. Reducing the protein therefore reduces filtration which in turn reduces excretion of toxins. Reduction of protein intake is only necessary when the kidney function decreases to a point where the toxins build up and cause moderate symptoms such as vomiting mouth ulcers and anorexia. At left increased lethargy and depression could be telltale symptoms of acute or chronic renal failure. Photo Kanjanee Chaisin September October 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine Most conventional treatments for renal failure only marginally slow the progression of the disease. Fortunately there are alternative treatments that often are very successful at arresting or reversing the disease. In my practice acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as well as nutritional supplements have successfully reversed CRF. While cats respond most favorably to these treatments I have successfully prevented and even reversed the progression of the disease in dogs as well. Suncoast K9 Concierge Serving East Manatee County & Lakewood Ranch c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c LLC Professional Loving Care for the Critters in Your Castle Insured c Bonded c Certified in Pet CPR & First Aid Dog Walking c Potty Breaks Daily Visits Preventing the Disease Lots of Love & Play While You re Away The Boarding Alternative for Your Pets 941-725-8658 PHO c T UPD O & TEX T ATE EAC S AT c VISITH c c c c c c Prevention rather than treatment of kidney disease is ideal. This may be done by limiting or eliminating the number of vaccines anesthetic procedures and drugs given to your pet which will reduce the number of toxins the liver and kidneys have to process. Also feeding a balanced species-appropriate diet rather than commercial pet food will supply your pet with adequate nutrition to support organ function. Highly processed commercial kibble does not provide optimal nutrition for your pet and should be avoided. If your pet has early kidney disease do not wait to begin treating him with an improved diet and Chinese Medicine. If the disease is found early enough you and your best friend may enjoy many more happy years together Anne Luther DVM MS BA CVA is the owner of Sarasota Animal Medical Center 3646 Birky Street in Sarasota. In addition to office appointments Sarasota Animal Medical Center also offers veterinary house call services. To schedule an appointment please call 941-954-4771. For more information visit the clinic online at Jessica Murphy Your Pet & Home Concierge c c c c c c c Pet Salon Metro 418 Central Avenue Sarasota FL 34236 (941) 955-7701 21 Years Experience in Show-Style Grooming If you think Going GREEN is for the DOGS you re EXACTLY right Rust Free Maintenance Friendly Made in the USA Built to Last Using the Finest Recyled Plastic BARKITECTURETM is the world s first and only dog park system made from 99% PCRP (Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic). So say Good-Bye to dog parks that rust splinter & develop sharp edges & points posing risk of injury to our waggy-tailed friends... ...and say HELLO to BARKITECTURETM. Project Innovations Inc. 743 Wesley Avenue Tarpon Springs FL 34689 Visit our Web site for more information Toll Free 855-650-6818 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 17 Travel Bugs By Shelby Koch & Dr. W. Steve Koch Tuttle Animal Medical Clinic The Importance of Disease Prevention While Traveling feeds off of the animal s blood resulting in anemia diarrhea and in severe cases disinterest in food. Hookworm infestations can be diagnosed with a fecal test and treated with a dewormer such as Strongid or Panacur. They can Shelby Koch and Dr. W. Steve Koch be completely Tuttle Animal Medical Clinic avoided however with the monthly application of a product such as Heartguard which clears the body of any larvae your pet picks up. Leptospirosis is another disease that your pet can be exposed to while traveling. This bacterial infection can be contracted through dirt infected water or through contact with infected animals. Once the animal is infected the bacteria multiply inside the body infecting organs such as the kidney. This results in bloody urine fever and tiredness. Treatment includes antibacterial medication antibiotics and fluids. This disease can be prevented with the yearly administration of a Leptospirosis vaccine. Like hookworm infestations Leptospirosis also is transmittable to humans. Finally Lyme disease is a tick-borne disease often seen in the South where ticks are prevalent. While rest areas in Florida are typically sprayed for ticks areas in surrounding states such as Georgia or Alabama are not. Lyme disease is a microplasma that infects an animal when a tick burrows its head into the animal s skin in order to feed. The microplasma spreads throughout the body affecting joints in particular and also resulting in swelling soreness and lack of appetite. Lyme disease can be treated with antibiotics or preferably prevented with a yearly vaccine. A monthly application of a veterinarian-recommended flea and tick prevention also will help. The diseases on this list may seem scary and they are far from all the risks your pet may face. However with routine checkups and vaccinations provided by your veterinarian as well as appropriate preventative medication you can ensure that your pet will remain happy and healthy as you visit friends and family this season. With aspirations to follow in her grandfather s footsteps and become a veterinarian Shelby Koch is the granddaughter of Dr. Koch who specializes in the treatment of Boston Terriers English Bulldogs Greyhounds and Pugs. Dr. Koch also is the owner of Tuttle Animal Medical Clinic located at 1090 North Tuttle Avenue in Sarasota. In his practice Dr. Koch integrates holistic and conventional medicine. To schedule an appointment please call 941-955-0136. For more information visit Photo at left Susan Richey-Schmitz September October 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet W ith Thanksgiving just around the corner and Christmas on its way many of us are traveling long distances to visit friends and family and planning on taking our pets along for the ride. Traveling with pets is quite an undertaking and many things must be considered while preparing for a trip. For instance you must pack proper food supplies and water for your pets and remember to make frequent stops at rest areas so they can stretch their legs and relieve themselves. Our own food options suddenly become limited to drive-throughs and other quick stops as pets should never be left alone in a hot car. Perhaps the most often forgotten aspect of pet travel is making sure that your pet is properly protected against disease. Not many people realize this but places such as rest stops gas stations and any other area that experiences high animal traffic can become breeding grounds for parasites and disease which can infect and pose severe risks to your pet. Treatment often is long uncomfortable and expensive and even the most careful traveler runs the risk of exposing his or her pet to a variety of diseases. Luckily all of the common diseases pets face are now easily preventable with the administration of vaccines and the use of monthly flea tick and heartworm prevention. Here are some of the most common travel-related diseases and simple steps you can take to prevent them. Canine Parvovirus or Parvo is a scary name in the veterinary world. This disease is a mutated species of Coronavirus. It is highly contagious and can remain dormant in the grass for up to six months. Symptoms of Parvo include bloody diarrhea with a very distinct odor vomiting lethargy weight loss and even sudden death in young or newborn puppies. Parvo infects the area of the animal that is experiencing the most cellular reproduction. In extremely young puppies this area is the heart while in adult dogs it is the intestine. The virus then works its way into the bloodstream where it becomes deadly. Treatment for Parvo typically involves intravenous fluids antibiotics and around-the-clock care. Canine Parvovirus can easily be prevented however with the administration of a yearly vaccine. Hookworms are a parasite that can infect both dogs cats and even humans if they are exposed while traveling. Hookworm eggs are shed in the feces of an already infected animal. As the egg hatches it crawls into the dirt searching for a new host. Consequently hookworms can be especially prevalent in areas specifically designated for dog walking due to the high amount of feces in the area. When an animal is infected the hookworm attaches itself to the wall of the small intestine where it grows and 18 Brings You a Bounty of Fall Savings FOOD OF T H E MONTH OFF 20% Pure & Natural Holistic Pet Food Save 20 % Off Pure Vita Foods During the Month of September for a long & healthy life. Ends September 30 2014 5275 University Parkway University Park 941-359-1010 Monday - Friday 10 AM - 6 PM Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM Closed Sunday Locally Owned HOURS c Lovingly Operated Mobile Pet Grooming Aussie Pet Mobile Less stress for your Pet Less stress for your Pet Personal Attention Professional Groomers Grooming Mon-Sat All Breeds of Dogs and Cats Too Fall Special (9 1 14-10 31 14) 10 off PlaqClnz Treatment Keep em Clean n Cute Servicing Manatee Sarasota & Charlotte Counties 941.322.9168 Email aussiepetka Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 19 Photo by Connie Summers The Importance of Preventative Care P By Marc Pacelli Practice Manager RosemaryVet reventing disease or catching it in its early stages is far better than treating it once it has had time to progress to a more severe stage. Early intervention is the key to providing a long and healthy life for your pet. Consequently preventative care is the most important factor in maintaining your pet s health. The benefits of preventative care include Extending the life of your pet. Detecting and treating potential life-threatening medical problems. Slowing the progression of any long-term medical conditions. Allowing your veterinarian to develop a familiar and personal relationship with your pets thereby making it easier to track medical issues. There are five important components to preventative health care that will be addressed here Annual Wellness Exams Regular exams performed by a veterinarian reduce your pet s risk for illness and keep your dog or cat in top physical form. A lot can change from year to year so annual wellness exams for all pets are highly recommended. During a wellness exam a veterinarian will perform a comprehensive physical examination obtain a fecal sample to screen for parasites and perform routine blood work. These procedures help to spot developing illnesses before they cause obvious symptoms. Additionally routine wellness exams allow veterinarians to specifically tailor an individualized preventative program based on your pet s unique circumstances. well as for the health of your family. Fleas and Ticks are troublesome parasites of the skin. Prevention is important because these pests do not just cause itching and skin infections they also are able to transmit a number of life-threatening diseases to your pet. Fortunately there are many safe and highly effective products which will treat and prevent flea and tick infestations. Regular use of one of these products year Mark Pacelli Practice Manager round will effectively prevent RosemaryVet fleas and ticks from becoming a problem for your pet. Ask your veterinarian for the recommended product and dosage. Heartworm disease is a serious problem in our area. Fortunately it is completely preventable. There are a number of excellent monthly heartworm preventatives available. These products when administered year round provide outstanding protection against heartworm disease and protect against several other intestinal parasites that can infect dogs cats and people. Nutrition & Exercise Vaccinations Vaccinations play a key role in your pet s overall wellness health care plan. They protect your pet from diseases such as kennel cough rabies and distemper. Dogs even can be immunized against Lyme disease and canine flu. Your veterinarian will be able to determine which vaccines are best suited for your pet based on age health status and exposure. One of the keys to lasting health is balanced nutrition. Keep your dog on a high-quality diet that addresses their specific health needs age breed and activity level. Regular exercise will keep your dog in lean body condition while providing a bonding experience. Work with your veterinarian to create the right nutrition and exercise plan for your dog. Dental Care Parasite Prevention and Control Unfortunately not only dogs and cats are susceptible to a number of parasitic infections but people can become infected too. Therefore parasite prevention is important for the health of your pet as Taking good care of your dog s teeth is important in maintaining overall health. Infections that start in the mouth can spread to other parts of the body. Plaque and tartar buildup not only cause bad breath but also can lead to loose teeth that eventually fall out or need to be pulled. Brushing twice weekly with an edible toothpaste is recommended to keep the teeth clean and prevent problems. With a little practice and training many pet owners are finding that brushing their dogs teeth can be a rewarding experience. Your veterinarian should be able to recommend a personalized wellness plan for your cat or dog based on your pet s breed age lifestyle and overall health but it is a team effort to keep your family companion in tip-top shape year round. Photo Aekcahap Epmoaeb 20 RosemaryVet the area s only strictly after-hours general veterinary practice is open seven days a week from 4 30 to 11 p.m. on weekdays and from noon until 6 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. It is conveniently located in downtown Sarasota at 650 Central Avenue. For more information call 941-366-3800 or visit the clinic online at September October 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet The Area s Best Selection of Natural Pet Foods 713 Honore Avenue Sarasota FL 34232 941-378-4367 5770 Ranch Lake Boulevard RIVER CLUB PLAZA Bradenton FL 34202 941-753-PAWS (7297) Visit for Monthly Specials and Coupons Mention This Ad for 10% Off Your First Purchase Like Us on Facebook for Online Specials Good Eating. Good Living. Good Loving. It s the Natural Way. Aloe 4 Pets The All-Natural Way to Treat Ted s 20% OFF Ted s Aloe 4 Pets Discount Expires 10 31 2014 Hot Spots Fleas & Ticks Itchy Skin Allergies By Linda Slavin Co-founder Cat Depot Pet Preference Personality Profiles Gosling s profile of cat people reveals that one third are more likely to live alone twice as likely to live in an apartment and they often are single women. In contrast dog people are more likely married with children living in a home. A study at Ball State University indicated that people believe their own personalities are similar to their pets and that cat people saw themselves as more independent while dog people saw themselves as more friendly. According to Professor Richard Linda Slavin Wiseman of the University of Co-founder Cat Depot Hertfordshire pet owners often show a physical resemblance to their pets. He suggests that over time pets may even adopt their owners personalities and visa versa. Wiseman concludes that pets are a reflection of ourselves. A poll suggests that dog people are 50 percent more If asked would you say you are a cat person a dog person or both Whatever your pet preference may be it could say more about you than you realize. But when choosing a pet an animal s disposition heritage and length of domestication can influence your pet decision-making process. By nature canines are more sociable animals and were first domesticated in Europe more than 18 000 years ago. They worked together in packs to hunt but in their evolution their need for social interaction was altered by becoming man s best friend. Walking a dog provides socialization for both humans and their animals. Because cats don t have a social hierarchy that allows humans to take the alpha role their domestication didn t occur until 5 300 years ago. New archaeological evidence suggests that Chinese farmers developed a working relationship with them to protect their crops. In the wild cats are solitary proud nocturnal hunters who take orders from no one. But cat lovers today enjoy their pets independent personalities not needing to walk their pets and finding time to interact one on one. Do we select our furry friends because they have similar character traits as us Dr. Sam Gosling a social personality professor at the University of Texas in Austin conducted an online survey of 4 500 people. His study s intent was to match shelter animals with the best possible prospective adopters. Participants were asked to identify themselves as dog people (46%) cat people (15%) or both (28%). They were given a 44-item assessment that measured their personality inclinations in five areas. Dr. Gosling s findings below suggest there are significant differences in major personality traits between dog and cat people. Gosling s study indicated that dog people are more extroverted (15%) more agreeable (13%) and more conscientious (11%) than feline lovers. Canine people are loyal direct kind faithful and team players. He also described dog lovers as more conventional traditional and more often men than women. People who had both cats and dogs tended to be more similar to people owning dogs only. Cat lovers scored higher in neuroticism (12%) and are more open in a diversity of things than their dog counterparts. They were described as graceful independent intelligent thoughtful and mysterious. According to Gosling A cat person is more likely to have something unconventional on the walls like original works of art. 24 Photos by Cody Carlson likely to be conservative and both dog and cat people are equally likely to have four-year degrees but 17 percent more cat people had graduate degrees. If a lost kitten is found 67 percent of dog folks would take him or her to the pound while 21 percent of cat people would rescue it. But no matter what your pet preference is pets give us unconditional love and so much more. According to Jackson Galaxy a cat behaviorist and a Hollywood star who has both a cat and a dog it is possible to love both cats and dogs. As he so aptly puts it I m a cat guy I m a dog guy. I m bi-petual. What are you Dedicated to saving lives Cat Depot a nonprofit 501(c)(3) free-roaming facility is recognized for its progressive design and commitment to helping homeless abandoned and injured animals. Open seven days a week Cat Depot is located at 2542 17th Street in Sarasota. For more information call 941-366-2404 or visit Cat Depot online at September October 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Animal Eye Care Inc. Without Eyesight the World is a Scary Place. animal medical center Holistic and Traditional treatments for your pets Acupuncture HomeopAtHy cHinese medicine LAser tHerApy surgery dentistry VeTerinAry orTHopeDiC MAnipulATion Also oFFering VeTerinAry House CAll serViCes SaraSota take 10 off your firSt exam new Clients only expires 10 31 14 Business Hours Monday Tuesday Thursday & Friday 9 00-5 00 saturday 9 00-12 00 Over 25 years experience 941-954-4771 3646 Birky Street SaraSota Anne luther BA Ms DVM CVA (formerly Anne Hyle) Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 25 Pet Memories--To Have & To Hold By Special Contributor Barbara Bounds A wide range of items can be placed in the memory box and customarily consist of Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory ypically when we think about the different ways to commemorate the passing of a pet our thoughts immediately turn to a pet memorial product such as an urn or a casket. But did you know that the creation of a pet memory box is one of the best ways to preserve the memory of a beloved and cherished pet To begin creating your pet memory box you will need a shoe box small plastic storage box an unfinished wooden box or even a large mailing envelope. You can begin accumulating items to place in the storage container at any point during your pet s lifetime or after your pet has passed. Deciding on what items to place into the memory should be done totally at the discretion of the pet owner. Feeling pressured to create a memory box based on someone else s likes and dislikes will not create a box that will be cherished or enjoyed for years to come. Children too who are dealing with the loss of a pet may also benefit from creating a memory box of their own. Begin by utilizing a shoe box or by purchasing a simple cardboard box at a local craft store. The child can get started on working through the grief process by decorating the outside of the box with markers crayons stickers and drawings. Let the child take the lead in creating his or her own design and be sure to keep in mind that this is a therapeutic process. Assembling a memory box as a way to express grief works especially well for both children and adults if the family animal simply disappeared and there are no pet remains to bury or cremate. T pet collars identification tags show awards medical records photographs fur clippings and or a favorite toy. A permanent marker should be used to write down important dates names and other details of the items going into the box. Sympathy cards received from friends and family members also can be included bringing comfort for years after the pet has passed. Placing your pet s certificate of cremation in the box is a good idea too. Children and adults can benefit by writing something about their pets. It can be about anything--feelings fun time spent together or about the day the pet was adopted. Prompting a child to write about what he or she enjoyed most about the pet special activities shared or simply that he or she loves and misses the animal is a simple way for them to work through the grief process as well as have something to place into the memory box. Nothing should ever be considered too odd or insignificant to help preserve the memory of your pet. For safekeeping the memory box should be stored in a cool dry spot and checked periodically for the possibility of updating. Realize that creating and customizing your own pet memory box takes very little time and is a simple inexpensive and therapeutic way to help you remember and enjoy the memory of your pet. Barbara Bounds Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory last months or years after the pet s passing Locally pet owners have an opportunity to share the memories of their pets with other animal lovers by attending Bentley s House a pet loss support group in Sarasota that is held in a safe nonjudgmental and supportive atmosphere. Attendees who are welcome to participate free of charge are surrounded by compassionate individuals who have experienced--or are about to endure--the passing of a pet. It is very common for those in attendance to share photos and stories of their beloved pets. Pet loss support groups help the pet owner heal and move along the grief journey. Bentley s House Pet Loss Support Group meets on the third Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. at Unity of Sarasota 3023 Proctor Road in Sarasota. As a way of preserving the memory of your beloved pet I hope that you will consider either participating in National Pet Memorial Day or creating a pet memory box. And never forget that love s greatest gift really is remembrance. A National Day of Remembrance Did you know that for the past 40 years National Pet Memorial Day has been held on the second Sunday in September as a way to honor our pets both past and present This designated day is important because it offers animal lovers an opportunity to remember the love memories and joy their pets have given them throughout their lives. Participation in National Pet Memorial Day which will be commemorated this year on Sunday September 14 also is a helpful way to bring closure to the departure of our pets. 26 For 26 years Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory has been serving the veterinary and animal community on Florida s Gulf Coast by providing dignified after-care services that include pet cremations grief resources Experiencing Grief s Journey and personalized pet products. Belspur Are you aware that for some the grieving Oaks Pet Crematory recently celebrated process can be particularly difficult and may the grand opening of its new larger pet At left an example of a pet memory box memorial center which is located at 2122 available from Belspur Oaks Pet Whitfield Park Avenue in Sarasota. For more Crematory. Photo courtesy of information please call 941-751-5044 Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory or visit September October 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Our Resort & Spa Amenities Indoor&outdoorDoggyDaycareroomsequippedwithtoys&activitiesand alwayssupervisedbyourprofessionalstaff WehaveflatscreenTVs& OnlineDoggie camerasinourPremiumSuites Fullgroomingserviceswithanexperiencedandcaringstaff Threegrassyacresforlongwalksoutdoors Activitiesforanyenergylevel CertifiedCanineMassageTherapistavailableonsite Transportationservicesavailable Free-roamingcatplayroom furnishedwithan aquarium scratchingposts&plentyoftoys 8154 N. Tamiami Trail Sarasota Florida 34243 info 941-351-0730 Laurel Oak VETERINARY HOSPITAL MEDICINE c SURGERY c DENTISTRY 8282 Bee Ridge Road Sarasota Florida 34241 Phone (941) 342.PETS (7387) Fax (941) 342.7388 lovhospital ON-SITE LABORATORY ON-SITE PHARMACY Full-Service Veterinary Hospital Offering Wellcare Screening - Physical Exams Preventive Medicine Internal Medicine Vaccinations Dental Exams & Oral Care Surgical Services - Including Spay Neuter Digital Radiographs Diagnostics - Blood Panels Blood Pressure Measurements Skin Care Dietary Management Senior Care Flea & Tick Control Prescription Diets Microchipping Feline Vaccinations Feline Medicine Nutrition & Pain Management Charlotte B. Sherrell DVM Former Medical Director of Humane Society of Manatee County & Humane Society of Naples We Cater to Cats Walk Ins Welcome Ask the Vet By Dr. Michael Reinhart Jacaranda Animal Hospital Q A Dr. Reinhart could you please help me My wife has banished me from my house because our cat always is in the room while I am smoking. She swears the cat will die of cancer. What harm is it --Troy Well Troy this is a deep pit you have dropped yourself into and I can t give you a ladder A recent study by researchers at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University has concluded that repeated exposure to smoke doubles the risk of your cat developing malignant lymphoma. Considered one of the leading causes of death in cats lymphoma is a cancer of the lymph system. Granted lymphoma is commonly connected to the feline leukemia virus but smoke also is a major factor and repeated smoke exposure doubled the risk factor for lymphoma. Besides the allergies and inflammation associated with the irritant of smoke particles nasal and pulmonary cancers have been reported. Smoke also can cause fatal oral cancers in your pet. In 2006 the Surgeon General did mention that smoke puts animals at risk but tobacco manufacturers failed to put that warning on the packages. Philip Morris the nation s leading cigarette manufacturer believes cigarettes cause disease and produces second-hand maladies that require caution but according to David Sylvia spokesperson for Altria Group the parent company for Philip Morris We haven t taken a stand on the potential impact on pets. Symptoms of illness or disease pets may experience as a result of exposure to tobacco smoke include Coughing Loss of appetite Drooling Breathing difficulties Bleeding Discharge from the nose Dr. Michael Reinhart Jacaranda Animal Hospital Dogs with white fur or thin coats are mostly at risk as are hairless breeds. If however the skin of these dogs is heavily pigmented (or a darker color) there is less reason for concern. Collies in particular are known to develop nasal solar dermatitis and even cancer from prolonged sun exposure. To protect your pet from the dangers of the sun make sure he or she has a shady place to spend time outdoors. If you wish to use waterproof sunscreen use SPF 30 or higher. Zinc oxide works but I think it s too greasy. The moral of the story is No tanning salons for your white-haired or hairless pets If your pet develops any of these symptoms they may be signs of cancer in your pet and you should seek medical assistance immediately. A WORD OF WARNING Don t think you can get off the hook by using e-cigarettes because it s been shown that the nicotine from these tobacco alternatives is highly poisonous to pets. In the short time that e-cigarettes have been popular there already have been animal fatalities from incidences in which the pets have chewed the plastic containers that contain the liquid nicotine used in the e-cigarettes. As far as banishment from your home own that one but I know a great Realtor who can find a good apartment for you Pet-related questions for Dr. Reinhart can be sent to Ask the Vet Jacaranda Animal Hospital 725 Shamrock Boulevard Venice FL 34293. Or send your questions via e-mail to doc Dr. Michael Reinhart is the owner of Jacaranda Animal Hospital located at 725 Shamrock Boulevard in Venice. For more information or to schedule an appointment call 941-497-1676 or visit At left White-haired dogs and hairless breeds like the Chinese Crested dogs are particularly at risk of sunburn. All breeds however are susceptible around hairless areas such as the ears and the bridge of the nose. Photo at left BigStockPhoto. com Life on White Q A Dr. Reinhart since my white dog spends a lot of time outside in Florida from June through October I am worried about sunburn. Can it be a problem for white dogs --Stephanie Yes Steph you should be worried All dogs and cats are prone to sun exposure especially around hairless areas like the ears and the bridge of the nose. September October 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Healing power for people & pets...naturally. Q A What ingredients are in Ted s Aloe products Ted s Aloe 4 Pets is an all-natural remedy for Ted s Aloe products are made with organtreating hot spots itchy skin and allergies ic USA-grown Aloe vera and nopal cactus while also preventing infestation of fleas juice. Ted s Aloe 4 Pets also includes flax seed ticks and other pests. The product can either extract which nourishes a pet s skin and hair. All of our products are specially formulated to provide be applied topically--and liberally--to treat affected areas or added to food daily to add vital nutrients to an extensive array of natural vitamins enzymes and a pet s diet. amino acids required to maintain a healthy body prevent disease and promote longevity. What health benefits does Ted s Aloe Vera Juice offer people Q A Q A How can taking Ted s Aloe 4 Pets benefit my pets Q A How is Ted s Aloe 4 Pets effective in flea and tick control Since biblical times Aloe Vera has been praised and respected for its extraordinary healing properties. Blended with Nopal cactus juice Ted s Aloe Vera Juice can be taken daily to treat these common health conditions Acid Reflux Arthritis Cholesterol Colitis Constipation Diabetes Digestion Eczema Hair Growth Liver Cleansing Tumors Ulcers Weight Loss Recent studies suggest that Aloe vera may play a role in preventing Alzheimer s disease which causes the build-up of protein plaques in the brain. The enzyme protease--in abundant supply in Aloe Vera--dissolves protein...could there be a connection Ted Kassay founder Fleas ticks and other pests are attracted to the protein in a pet s blood. However the blood of an animal in optimal health does not store protein because a healthy liver already has sent the protein to the proper cells via an enzyme called protease. A daily serving of Ted s Aloe 4 Pets mixed into your pet s food is the best way to keep your pet healthy and prevent pest infestation which can lead to Flea Allergy Dermatitis Lyme disease Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever tick paralysis and a host of other life-threatening and potentially fatal illnesses. Aloe 4 Pets MADE WITH ORGANIC ALOE VERA NOPAL CACTUS JUICES & FLAX SEED Ted s Aloe Vera Juice MADE WITH ORGANIC ALOE VERA & NOPAL CACTUS JUICES Ted s Available at these fine stores A Family Pet Center Sarasota Amy s Natural Pet Pantry Osprey Bark & Bath Sarasota Best Friends Pet Salon Ellenton Come See Come Save Bradenton Holistic for Pets Sarasota Bradenton Perks 4 Pets Bradenton Pet Goods Bradenton Pet s Life Naturally Palmetto Pets Plus Parrish Stop in at the Red Barn Market Booth 191 to meet Ted Kassay Friday Saturday & Sunday throughout September and October All-Natural Anti-Bacterial Anti-Inflammatory OUR ALOE VERA IS USA-GROWN 813-634-7294 aloe4pets H owl-oooo my fellow divas Happy Howl-o-ween Tis the season to be dressed in your best glitter and glitz This pumpkin did not fall far from the diva pumpkin patch My sister Sophia The Doggy Diva loved Howl-oween It was her favorite time of year to dress up in her glamorous costumes and share glitter and glitz with her many diva friends as they gathered together at local costume events to strut their stuff They knew if Sophia was hosting the event there was a good chance a trophy would be in their future Although I know that Sophia was--and always will be--the ultimate costume contest diva I am honored to be assuming the role of host at all future events As the queen diva of glitter and shiny trophies Sophia will still be with us at every event and contest She could not give up on her passion for sponsoring and supporting events to promote animal awareness. Her divalicious Sophia the Doggy Diva image will be forever embossed on all of the trophies (Thank you Don at The Trophy Case in Bradenton ) to congratulate costume contest winners Sophia always aspired to pay it forward during her she can continue her work with a little help from her family and friends who will assist her in promoting the adoption of homeless animals into their own fur-ever homes as well as spaying and neutering our pets and encouraging a greater awareness of animal rights in our community. I can just picture it Contestants in their glittery and festive costumes celebrating with their fur-ever families and sharing their adoption stories of unconditional love as they walk the catwalk the 16th Annual Canine Christmas in Bradenton on Saturday November 15 and the 4th Annual Jingle Paws Jubilee on Sunday December 7 These spectacular adoption and holiday shopping events promise to be fun and festive for all And of course I will be hosting the costume contests at both events so I hope you will be Our Belove there wearing d Lilly all of your holiday bling Be sure to check the Calendar of Events which begins on page 56 for other Halloween fall and early holiday festivities. While we are celebrating please remember that each year on the second Sunday in September pet lovers come together nationally to celebrate and honor their beloved pets both past and present. On National Pet Memorial Day Sunday September 14 pet companions can share with others the importance their beloved pets play and have played in their lives. Here are some suggestions on how you can honor your pets sDonate to your favorite rescue or shelter in your pet s name or in memory of your pet. sCreate a garden memorial with plants trees or flowers in your pet s memory or in remembrance of a friend s pet. sVisit Belspur Oaks Pet Crematory s website to post an online tribute to your pet. If you are blessed to still have your pets with you...please give them an extra hug on September 14 Saturday October 4 is World Animal Day and The Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi the patron saint of animals. Please check out the Calendar of Events for local celebrations and pet blessings that will be held in our community. October is such an important month...yes it is a great month to celebrate fall festivities but even is the perfect opportunity to pay it forward and change a shelter or rescue animal s life fur-ever because October is Adopt-A-ShelterDog Month Please visit your local shelter or rescue group and check out the Rescue Me section that begins on page 60 and Adopt Adopt Adopt You also can foster a pet or make a donation to your favorite animal group or shelter. Remember that each homeless pet hopes that you can make a difference in his or her life. On a final note I want to say goodbye to a special diva angel my sister Lilly. She is with Sophia now--two little divas in my family have made their way over the Rainbow Bridge. An angel sent by an angel...goodbye sweet Lilly. We all miss you. Hugs and Kisses Francesca Francesca s and Lilly s gowns designed & created by Ramona Loves Dogs photos by Connie Summers the Canine Contessa Francesca Sophia the Doggy Diva Voted 1 Pet Radio Show in Sarasota Pet s Choice Awards Four Years in a Row from Francesca the Canine Contessa and perhaps win a trophy WOW Sophia would be so proud I am confident knowing that Sophia always is with me...I just can look up in the sky...she is a shining star now thanks to a group of very special people (very special ) One of the first events I will be hosting will be held on Saturday November 1 Please come celebrate Howlin Halloween at Blalock Park located at 401 West Venice Avenue in Venice from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. It promises to be a great family event that is being organized by Monica Leighton practice manager at Jacaranda Animal Hospital and owner of Professional Pet Sitting in Venice The Costume Contest is scheduled to begin at 10 30 Please come join me early to register and be a part of the fun Two other events you won t want to miss The Doggy Diva Show 30 Diva Delights September October 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet NOW OPEN Nature s Embrace Aromatherapy SHAMPOO CONDITIONER FLEA CONTROL HEALING CREAMS ODOR CONTROL All Natural Quality Products Sold in Fine Pet Stores 100% Pure Botanicals and Essential Oils Excellent for Skin Allergies Years of Prom g oting Celebratin istic Health & Well-Being Hol 12 -- Overnight & Weekend Boarding -- c Fun Safe & Supervised Doggie Day Care c air-Conditioned indoor Play areas c Fenced-in Outdoor Play areas c Outdoor agility Games Toys & Pools c Birthday Parties Proprietors KiP & Tya KraNE (and Dog Lovers ) 3424 17th Str eet Sarasota FL 34235 Made in the USA with minimal recyclable packaging 941-429-1994 Ulti Lovin mate gC for yo are ur Pets WINNER vOTED ONE OF THE BEST PET SITTERS IN SARASOTA PET S CHOICE AWARDS Free Consultation & Get Acquainted Meeting Fully Bonded & Insured All Sitters are background checked & drug tested one-On-One Loving Care & Attention Pets Stay in Familiar Surroundings & On Their Regular Schedules Professional Pet and Home Concierge LLC Limited In-home Boarding--Your pets live as one of the family Medication Visits FOR DOGS CATS EQUINE & LARGE ANIMALS--including insulin shots pills LIQUIDS & sq FLUIDS NOW OFFERING A Full Range of home Concierge services Visit Our Web Site for Details furnanny 32 September October 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet (941) 315-1156 Where the L ve is. Dog Training Center Offering Private Lessons & Group Classes A.K.C. Star Puppy Kindergarten Obedience 101 Canine Good Citizen 102 Agility Level 1 Fun Class Really Reliable Recall Downtown Sarasota s Only Help Your Pet Live a Happier Healthier Life With Natural Food We Offer an Extensive Selection of Kibble Canned Raw Diet & Organic Natural Food & Treats Specializing in U.S.A.-Made Products for Your Pet Toys Collars Leashes Harnesses Crates Bowls Water Fountains & More K9 Korral honors all competitors coupons (not to be combined with any other offer) -- PLUS -- The Institute of Canine Behavior Try Our Doggy Day Care & Boarding Pet Food Store & Training Center Downtown Sarasota s 2001 Princeton Street (North Downtown Sarasota just off US 301) 941-915-8181 Why Join a Dog Club By Leslie Morton Obedience Registrar Sarasota Obedience Training Club E stablished in 1962 Sarasota Obedience Training Club (SOTC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the training of dogs and improving canine-human relationships. As members we volunteer our time to a cause in which we believe. This cause is to help people become happy responsible dog owners and to assist dogs in becoming happy healthy and socially acceptable. All of our members are a vital part of the club. Through their suggestions and effort we become stronger and more knowledgeable each year. We are sanctioned by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and will soon be sanctioned by the United Kennel Club. We also conduct two AKC Obedience Trials and three AKC Agility trials annually where dogs can earn AKC titles. Each year we send a team to the Dog Obedience Clubs of Florida (DOCOF) competition as well as to the Dog Agility Clubs of Florida (DACOF) competition. In fact in 2009 the SOTC Our instructors regularly attend seminars to keep current on the most effective ways to train dogs using positive training methods. Several of our instructors are accredited by national training organizations. We encourage you to visit our website for more information. If you would like to come visit a class we would love to have you The contact section on our website lists the names and e-mail addresses of people to contact about our Leslie Morton SOTC s classes for specific dates and times. Obedience Registrar New members always are welcome. with her dogs Daisy Our monthly General Meeting is held the (left) and Sophie second Wednesday of every month (except December) at 7 00 pm at our facility which is located at 7505 SR 675 Manatee County. If you are interested in finding Sarasota Obedience Training Club s training facility is located at 7505 SR 675 in Manatee County. Classes are offered indoors in the air-conditioned training facility (at left) and outdoors on the agility field behind the building (at right). Photos by Leslie Morton Speedsters were the DACOF competition s champions. There is more to SOTC than competitions Members of our club are involved in several activities each year. In addition to the obedience and agility trials the club offers fun days seminars and demonstrations for the public and tests for companionship and temperament. We also support several nursing homes and local schools with our Pet Therapy program. We donate classes to foster families for various rescue groups and offer discounted classes for dogs from the Humane Society of Sarasota County and the Humane Society of Manatee County. SOTC has even outfitted a few police dogs with bulletproof vests. SOTC has many different classes from which to choose and you do not have to be a member to enroll. We work with you whether you are training the family pet or working with a competitive dog. There are Puppy Preschool Obedience Rally and many advanced classes as well as Freestyle Agility and Flyball classes. 34 out more about our club or becoming a member you are welcome to attend our General Meetings. Bottom line If you love spending time with your dog and want him to be a happy well-mannered companion if you would like to meet other dog-minded people or if you would love to compete with your dog SOTC is for you. Come visit our facility on Saturday November 22 when we host our Responsible Dog Ownership Day--also known as the SOTC Open House. It will be held from 10 00 a.m. to 4 00 p.m. at our facility in Manatee County. There will be dog sport demonstrations Canine Good Citizen testing photographs with Santa raffles food and much more Be sure to stop by Leslie Morton is currently serving as the Obedience Registrar at Sarasota Obedience Training Club. For more information about the club or for a schedule of upcoming classes call 941-377-5984 or visit September October 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Join Us in Celebrating Your Greyhounds It s Our BIGGEST Event of the Year 7125 Fruitville Rd. Sarasota (just East of I-75) Greyhounds only please. No flexi-leashes. Comfortable M o re You Your Pet at Home Are ving r Place a Tr y at You L ea ACE e Giv 2014 Greyhound Gathering Saturday November 15 2014 11 00 a.m. - 2 00 p.m. A Classic 45-mile-per-hour Couch Potato Retired racing Greyhounds make wonderful pets. To find out how you can make a difference in the life of a Greyhound call 941 359-FAST (3278) or visit In-Home Pet Service Provided by ACE s Certified Team of Professionals Bonded Insured American Red Cross Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR Expert Care...With All the Comforts of Home 941-921-4355 c c c Voted Veterinarian BEST c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c 941-355-7707 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c ANIMAL CLINIC c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c University 35 Is it bad luck for a black cat to cross your path No way In fact it s good luck according to author artist musician and poet Carole Stevens Bibisi a native New Zealander and the author illustrator of Tails of American Bronte and My Alphabet. Carole wrote her children s cat lovers books from the perspective of her cat Miss Bronte a black cat she adopted from a shelter 12 years ago. Coming from a country where black cats are considered good luck and often the first to be adopted you can imagine the shock Carole experienced in this country to see rooms full of nothing but black cats waiting to be adopted While living in Australia Carole fell in love with her friend s sleek black cat with a long tail named Bronte (pronounced Bronty). She was so inspired by Miss Aussie Bronte that after moving to America in 2002 she adopted a look-alike black cat she dubbed Miss American Bronte. Carole who is a professional singer studied art design and lettering in col- An Ode to Black Cats lege in New Zealand and worked in the commercial art and advertising field. When she moved to the United States she focused completely on art. But it was her volunteer work in animal shelters that motivated her to write and illustrate her picture books. Of course Miss Bronte herself was her muse and inspiration. Many famous people in history including King Charles Winston Churchill and John Lennon to name a few have owned black cats. Folklore About Black Cats & Good Luck Actors believed a black cat in the audience on opening night indicated a successful play. Fishermen s wives kept black cats in their homes to prevent danger from occurring to their husbands at sea. The cats were considered so valuable that they often were stolen. One wives tale states that a bride will have a happy married life if a black cat sneezes near her on her wedding day. According to an English proverb Whenever the cat of the house is black the lasses of lovers will have no lack. To follow is a poem Carole has penned about the plight of black cats in the United States and the rescue of Miss American Bronte. BLACK CATS Written By Carole Stevens Bibisi and Miss American Bronte Through metal bars I sit and stare I ve been here for over a year I sit in the corner on a mat that s because I m nobody s cat. My name is Bronte pronounced Bronty I m black and beautiful (no pedigree) but I m a cool cat don t you agree and isn t America the land of the free I m a shelter cat I got dumped in a park I was lucky to be found in the pitch dark. The humans who rescued me are kind I just don t like being confined. I m confused and feeling very sad someone said black cats are bad I look around can t help but see there s mostly black cats here like me. Is it our color have we done wrong Is this why we ve been here so long I m popular yeah on Halloween night me and the witch will give you a fright Humans are hard to understand do some of them live in voodoo-land The color of their hair do I care or even notice if there s any there I played in my cage and meowed hello over here humans don t you know that I m purrfect and very clever Adopt me I m your friend fur-ever But they pass me by when they see I m black. Stop take me home Come back They didn t smile or give me a pat said they didn t want a bad luck cat. In some countries the opposite is true I bring extreme good luck for you. Is superstition and prejudice what s really behind all of this Ruled by ignorance and fear in the seventeen hundreds or near history told that a Pope decreed black cats and dogs they did not need. Black is evil they preached and drilled belonging to Satan and must be killed. Is that why friends would disappear one day here the next not there They weren t adopted I surmised is that what it means to be euthanized A home and family I ll never know if I m the next on death row. Then a miracle happened yah hoo in the form of humans Carole and Lou With a sleek black cat like me in mind they came to rescue and to find Oh look she s lovely the best by far a magical Le Chat Noir Wow was I hearing that right I purred with love and sheer delight. I couldn t believe it was me they picked. You really want me I m not being tricked They held me close I snuggled back. Meow They loved that I was black They thanked the shelter then took me away. It certainly was a happy day. I found a home I m no longer sad. I finally found a Mom and Dad. There are humans who understand who don t live in voodoo land. No evil suspicions that control and nag they think outside the paper bag Unconditional love hey that s wow deserves another me-ow Four paws up to them I say kudos to the black cat devotee I fancy myself as a fine bit of fur a proud black cat a panther NOT a witches cat for Halloween fright a source of ridicule hate and spite. Black cats bring good luck you know like a horseshoe or a rainbow so don t believe a hateful decree adopt a lucky black cat like me Copyright Carole Stevens Bibisi 2012. Illustrations at left by Carole Stevens Bibisi. Photo above by Maria Lyle Photography 36 Be sure to check out Carole s Catz POP Art with Cattitude and her NEW Lucky Black Cat Collection of Artwork on her Web site Carole s books and art are available online at and locally at Wet Noses 1465 Main Street in Sarasota and The Bradenton Hound 6650 Cortez Road West in Bradenton. To request a signed and personalized copy send an email to artharmony A percentage of books and art sold promotes black cat adoptions and supports animal rescue. September October 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Advanced Diagnostics Surgery Digital Radiography Acupuncture Chiropractic Care Dentistry Full Boarding Bathing Brand new Online Pharmacy Equine Small Animal ask us fOr deTails ning D.V.M. ah M. Brow Ter z D.V.M. ees-Hernande oorh Marguerite V own D.V.M. abeth L. Br Eliz VeTerinary Care canine feline equine The Very BesT in West Coast Veterinary Center 941-925-2262 941-926-8985 Braden River Equine 7910 s.r. 72 sarasota fl (Clark Road) Cara Wrig ht D.V.M. Terah M. Browning D.V.M. Elizabeth L. Brown D.V.M. Braden riVer equine we Provide quality equine Care in the field or at our Clinic digital radiography & ultrasound for horses Yorkshire Terriers MINIMAGIC YORKIES Adorable Tiny Teddy Bears Overnight Stays Daily Walks & Visits DOG GROOMER DOG BATHS NAIL TRIMS HAIR CUTS FLEA REMOVAL Karen Haddad Proprietor 14 Years Experience Karen s Pet Place LLC Find Us in Gulf G ate Who Says You Can t Buy Love NOW AVAILABLE Pure Golden Yorkie Puppies Specializing in All Sizes Teacup - Mini - Standard Feel Free to Visit & Check out our Great Selection Professional Grooming Since 2000 (941) 400-2562 6545 Superior Ave. Sarasota FL 34231 Experience You Can Trust Healthy & Affordable Meet Your Puppy s Parents Home Raised European Champion Bloodlines Christine Merkent Breeder for 40 Years 941-322-6709 941-773-0723 ROSEMARYVET atCompassionate pet care your convenience BIG CITY HOURS SMALL BIG CITY HOURS SMALL TOWN TOUCH TOWN TOUCH Our hours are evenings & weekends 4 30 p.m. - 11 00 p.m. MONDAY-FRIDAY noon - 6 00 p.m. SATURDAY-SUNDAY Comprehensive Veterinary Services (941)366-3800 650 Central Avenue 2 Sarasota FL 34236 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 39 A Man with a Mission and a Message-- At By Candace T. Botha a time in life when most men his age are enjoying the rewards of retirement Ted Kassay has chosen instead to spend his golden years sharing a critical and often life-saving message with each and every person he meets. For more than 25 years the Sun City Center resident has dedicated his life to the pursuit of optimal health...naturally. This energetic and unstoppable man who now is in his eighth decade of life is the founder of Ted s Aloe Vera--an extensive line of natural food supplements juices and skin cremes that heal rejuvenate and nourish the bodies of both humans and animals. Most people are aware that the clear gel extracted from the leaves of the Aloe vera plant can be topically applied to a burn to promote swift healing and soothe pain. But more often than not the average person s knowledge and understanding of the curative properties of this succulent plant end there. Aloe vera has long been called the plant of immortality and its use as an herbal medicine dates back to the beginnings of the first century A.D. Historically recognized for its natural healing soothing and rejuvenating powers this plant has proven time and time again to be Mother Nature s own antidote for an array of health issues in people and pets. So just what is it that alternative and holistic health care practitioners have known about this plant for centuries but has continued to be overlooked or intentionally ignored by the modern-day medical community Why do we continue to consume synthetic and man made vitamins minerals and medicines when exhaustive studies by respected researchers have revealed that the healing of a host of diseases and conditions can happen naturally with the consumption or application of Aloe vera extracts Clearly there is a reason why throughout time Aloe vera also has been called the wonder plant the miracle plant and the medicine plant. Sharing what seems to be the global health care industry s best-kept secret has been the cornerstone of Ted s mission and his message for more than a quarter of a century. Based on years of the extensive study of a wide range of professional medical journals and nutrition books Ted is convinced that his own unique and original formulation of organically grown Aloe vera Nopal cactus and flax seed extract--which he believes was inspired by divine guidance many years ago--can naturally counteract a wide range of modern maladies that plague people and their pets. Acne. Arthritis. Indigestion. Obesity. Diabetes. Depression. High Cholesterol. Ulcers. Fatigue. Hair Loss. Acid Reflux and other digestive issues. And yes even cancer and Alzheimer s disease. These are among numerous health conditions that can be addressed and potentially alleviated by taking Ted s Aloe Vera Juice as a daily supplement. For our four-legged friends Ted s Aloe 4 Pets which also contains USA-grown Aloe vera Nopal cactus and flax seed extract eliminates flea and tick infestations while treating hot spots itchy skin and allergies. The product can either be applied topically to an animal s skin fur and paws or given daily as a food supplement. What is it about Ted s own formulations that have earned his products the designation of Nature s Miracles for People and Pets The combination of ingredients that are used in Ted s Aloe vera products provide an abundant amount of natural and digestible vitamins minerals amino acids and essential enzymes Ted says. In addition to their nutritional value these ingredients also have anti-viral anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that effectively treat a host of common health conditions. At a time when our diets universally consist primarily of highly processed foods as well as and fruits and vegetables that have been treated with pesticides or genetically modified most people are seriously deficient in the nutrients their bodies need to achieve optimal health. As a result our immune systems no longer can function properly leading to the development of an array of chronic and life-threatening health issues. It is Aloe vera s innate ability to boost the body s immune system by adding critical nutrients back into our diets that may just prove to be the key to its medicinal powers. The impressive nutritional benefits of Aloe vera blended with Nopal cactus juice has garnered nationwide awareness after recently being featured on two segments of Dr. Oz s television show. While Ted is pleased that representatives of the medical profession and the general public are beginning to take notice and pay attention it is the testimonials he has received from hundreds of clients through the years that either personally have used his products or have given it to their pets that are truly telling of the often-miraculous outcomes that people and animals have experienced. Case in point A customer suffering from severe breathing difficulties started adding Ted s Aloe Vera Juice to his vaporizer each day. In less than three months all of his breathing issues disappeared. A 20-year-old boy suffered from epilepsy experiencing up to five seizures every 40 September October 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Meet Ted Kassay Founder of Ted s Aloe Vera day. His mother told Ted that if her son drank Ted s Aloe Vera Juice daily his seizures completely stopped. A woman bitten by a brown spider broke out in sores at the site of the bite and on her arms and shoulders. Her doctors were baffled but after beginning a daily regimen of Ted s Aloe Vera Juice the sores virtually disappeared. cleans out all of the toxic garbage including a protein known as amyloid. It is this surplus protein in the brain that damages its cells causing Alzheimer s. The Aloe vera plant and Nopal cactus juice both contain a enzyme called protease that is responsible for eliminating unwanted protein and amyloid is one of those proteins Ted continues. I cannot make a claim stating that this enzyme will do the cleansing but I do wonder if it is possible. Above Ted Kassay founder of Ted s Aloe Vera. A 2013 study conPhoto by Connie Summers ducted at the University of Miami s School of Medicine and published in his quest to educate and enlighten others. in the Journal of Alzheimer s Disease shows Born and raised in Niagara Falls Canada that Ted s thinking is right on track. During Ted began a lifelong career as an entreprea one-year period the scientists discovered neur at the young age of seven when he when Alzheimer s patients were given an sold magazines on the street corner in his Aloe vera supplement during a 12-month hometown. His commission One penny for period 46 percent of the patients showed each magazine sold. cognitive improvement reduced neuro-in At the end of my first year I bought my flammation and an overall decline in the mother a Westinghouse washing machine symptoms of Alzheimer s disease. Ted recalls. At the age of eight I won an As awareness of Aloe vera s healing powContinued on Page 42 ers continues to become more prevalent a proliferation of juices and other Aloe vera products have made their way into the marketplace and now can even be found on the shelves of big-box retailers where they often sport less-expensive price tags. But Ted cautions not all Aloe vera juices and products are created equal. There are cheaper products now on the market that are made with a less-potent or diluted juice Ted explains. The Aloe vera used in all of my products is organically grown in the United States and made with pure whole leaf freshly processed Aloe that offers optimal potency and health benefits. A late-in-life career selling a line of Aloe vera products certainly was not what Ted had envisioned for his retirement years but his unwavering passion and conviction in the far-reaching healing power of his collection of products is what continues to propel him 41 Pet owners also have reported similar success stories Superficial tumors often near the base of a dog s spine have dried up and literally fallen off within weeks. Pet owners battling fleas and ticks witness these pests actually jumping off of their dogs and cats Dogs with bald hot spots have experienced restored hair growth within days. A dog living in New York was blinded by cataracts for more than two years. After taking Ted s Aloe 4 Pets for six weeks his owner told Ted that the dog s sight had been restored One of Ted s favorite pet testimonials came from a woman in Canada whose dog was suffering from a full-blown case of Lyme disease. Unable to walk on his own the dog s veterinarian had recommended putting the dog to sleep because his bacterial count was 385 and there was nothing more she could do. I gave the dog s owner a bottle of Ted s Aloe 4 Pets Ted remembers. In addition to its anti-bacterial properties this formula contains all of the minerals and natural vitamins a pet needs to stay healthy. Much to the veterinarian s amazement within three weeks of beginning the daily regimen of Ted s Aloe 4 Pets the dog s bacterial count dropped from a dangerous 385 to 8 and the dog was completely cured. Despite the hundreds if not thousands of testimonials Ted has received during the past 25 years he still is both frustrated and perplexed that the mainstream medical community remains focused on pharmaceuticals. But he is hopeful that change is on the horizon especially in treating diseases like Alzheimer s. Recently there was a study conducted about how our brain cells shrink when we are sleeping Ted says. It is while we are in our deepest sleep that our immune system Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet serious trouble but tacted a representative of the Department of I was cheated out of Agriculture in Texas who directed him to a 250 000 by German farm in the southern part of the state where investors Ted reorganic Aloe vera was grown. calls. The bank was Twenty-five years later Ted continues to foreclosing on my do business with the same farm in Texas. He house and the town visits every three or four years and has develshut off water in the oped a lasting friendship with the owners. village due to nonTed began selling Aloe vera plants and payment at home. Aloe vera juice blended with Nopal cactus It was during juice at a local flea market in Pineville. this crisis that Ted s Not long after through divine inspiration father passed away Ted developed his first Aloe vera product for unexpectedly. domestic animals. When I got home One night while sleeping I had a vision from my father s of chickens along with rows upon rows of funeral I discovered Aloe vera cactus and flax seed Ted says. I that the power at developed a formula using these three ingreAbove Ted Kassay s booth at the Red Barn Flea Market home had been shut dients that proved to significantly improve in Bradenton. Photo by Connie Summers off Ted says. The the health of chickens. Continued from Page 41 real estate market I even approached a major fried chicken award for the best salesperson in Canada. had tanked and I had no income for months chain about using the product to supplement As a teenager Ted drove a milk truck for on end. The only option left was bankruptcy. their chicken feed Ted adds. Initially they three years before working as a sanitation To say I was depressed was an underwere interested but the company wouldn t engineer. At 19 he opened a butcher shop statement Ted continues. It got to the fund the study needed to gain approval for which he managed for 15 years. He then sold point I wanted to say Goodbye cruel world. use of the product. the business which had evolved into a large I devised a plan to turn on the oven and just Because of the vast nutritional and healing supermarket with 20 employees. end it all and I was serious. benefits the formula provided Ted soon real I held on to the building that not only I wrote a note to my son instructing him ized it worked equally well for family pets so housed the supermarket but also had to take good care of his mother Ted adds. he bottled the product as Ted s Aloe 4 Pets. apartments that earned rental income Ted I reached for the knob on the stove...but He brought a dozen bottles to a pet store in recalls. I could have retired at the age of 35 even that didn t work. The gas company had Charlotte and within a matter of weeks the with the rent from that property. turned off the gas that very morning. store sold out and placed another order. Instead Ted chose to obtain his real estate That moment proved to be a spiritual Within four months nine stores in the license and he worked as a broker selling awakening for Ted as he realized God loves area were selling Ted s Aloe 4 Pets and after houses in Canada for nearly two decades. you don t be foolish. 10 years in South Carolina Ted finally had In the late 1970s Ted began purchasing Despite his renewed faith Ted s financial the financial resources to head to Florida. abandoned buildings in the community on troubles lingered. He left Canada for Florida Around the same time Ted first formulatthe outskirts of Niagara Falls in which he was but he ran out of money in South Carolina. ed Ted s Aloe 4 Pets he also developed an raised. Within three years he owned five He lived there for the next four years home- anti-aging cr me to nourish and soften skin blocks of properties which he then convertless and sleeping in his truck. and firm breasts naturally. Formulated from ed into a Bavarian Village. It was during this time that Ted opened a organic Aloe vera juice cactus juice flax seed Complete with German restaurants children s clothing shop at Jim and Tammy extract avocado oil and fenugreek Ted s Bavarian shops and street bands the village Bakker s PTL Christian resort in Pineville. Classic Cr me rejuvenates and nourishes skin flourished for the next two years. But tragWhile there he first was introduced to Aloe cells firms and moisturizes the skin and gives edy struck when Canada experienced The vera and began doing extensive research on the skin a youthful glow. Depression of 1980. Mortgage rates skythe plant s extraordinary health benefits. After spending a year in Tampa selling his rocketed from 6 percent to 20 percent and After three or four years at the resort Ted new products at flea markets Ted headed Canadians could no longer afford to vacation. still was without a home of his own and he back to Canada where he continued to marIt was during this time that the regional was sleeping in a wedding chapel. After clos- ket his products for the next 10 years. government in Canada fired the entire police ing the clothing shop due to poor sales he In 2011 Ted s daughter and granddaughdepartment in the community in which Ted turned to prayer for divine guidance on how ter joined the business which soon began had built the Bavarian Village. One part-time he could pay his monthly expenses. to flourish with distribution of Ted s Aloe 4 policeman then patrolled the streets on I remember opening a copy of a Christian Pets evolving from 30 pet stores to 1 000 pet weekends but he could not control the vanpublication Charisma Magazine that I found stores and health food stores throughout the dalism that began to plague the village. in the chapel Ted says. The first article I United States and Canada. Many of the tenants soon left because of turned to was titled Heal My Children and Two and a half years ago Ted returned to the burglaries Ted says. Every weekend I I thought about Aloe vera and its healing Florida and settled in Hillsborough County. spent 500 to replace broken windows. powers. I knew at that moment that this was In addition to visiting with store owners Life quickly began to fall apart for Ted. the answer to my prayer and my destiny. throughout the region and processing Not only was the Bavarian Village in As his interest in Aloe vera grew Ted cononline orders through his Web site 42 September October 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Ted mans his own booth at the Red Barn Flea Market in Bradenton three or four times a week--depending on the season--where he sells all of his Aloe vera products. This month Ted is launching a new skin cr me specially made for people with tattoos. Formulated from Nopal cactus juice Aloe vera juice and a gel from the Aloe vera plant that all have been blended with three essential oils Ted s Tattoo Enhancer is designed to prevent tattoos from fading while adding vibrancy to their colors. Ted is proud of the achievements he has made but knows that there still is a long way to go in helping people realize the full health benefits of Aloe vera--for themselves and for their pets. Every day I receive e-mails or have conversations with people who say thank you for restoring their own health or for help in treating their pets Ted says. I literally have received hundreds of positive comments. Pharmaceutical medication is not the answer for achieving optimal health Ted continues. The answer is old-fashioned nutrition that is what is going to heal people. Before I leave this planet I hope that someday the medical community seriously will begin to look at natural foods and plants rather than medications for healing Ted adds. I think it is going to come about it s just a matter of time. And when it does happen only then will I believe I have done my job and I can go fishing. For more information about Ted s Aloe 4 Pets and Ted s line of Aloe vera products or to place an order call 813-634-7294 send an e-mail to aloe4pets or visit You also can meet Ted at the Red Barn Flea Market in Bradenton Friday Saturday and Sunday now through October 31 and Wednesday Friday Saturday and Sunday from November 1 through April 30. Ted s Aloe Vera Products Products for Pets & Horses Ted s Aloe 4 Pets Ted s Aloe 4 Horses Ted s Aloe-Horse Skin Creme BRAND NEW Ruff Spots Hot Spot Skin Sore Creme for Pets Products for People Ted s Aloe Vera & Nopal Cactus Juice Ted s Aloe Burst Juice Ted s Nopal Cactus Juice Ted s Original Creme Ted s Classic Anti-Aging Creme Ted s Anti-Aging M Creme Acne Creme Psoriasis Creme Men s After Shave Creme Firefighter s Skin Creme BRAND NEW Ted s Tattoo Enhancer For more information about Ted s Aloe vera products visit Photos Published Worldwide Michael Reinhart DVM Our Comprehensive Services Include Surgery Anesthesia Radiology Ultrasonography Laboratory Dental Emergency Care Pain Management Preventative Medicine Bathing & Boarding Nutritional Counseling Pharmacy Housecalls Reserve a Date for Your Holiday Pet Portraits WINNER Pet Pick-Ups 725 Shamrock Boulevard Venice Florida Private Studio Sittings Available by Appointment 941-924-6007 (941) 497-1676 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 43 Discover Your Inner Picasso By Candace T. Botha It and instruct. This one simple yet innovative concept which focuses on fun art not fine art has taken communities from coast to coast by storm. It s called Painting with a Twist. Since the concept of hosting painting parties first was conceived seven years ago the company--which was started by two women who are entrepreneurs at heart--has been featured on CNN CNBC Fox News and Oprah Winfrey s network in The Wall Street Journal and Woman s Day and online at AOL and The Huffington Post. Most notably this year in Entrepreneur magazine s list of the top 500 franchise businesses Painting with a Twist ranked 1 in its category. And just this past July the Louisiana-based company which has been coined the largest paint-and-sip franchise in the United States achieved an impressive milestone when it reached two million partygoers. Headquartered in New Orleans Painting with a Twist was originally launched under the name Corks N Canvas in 2007 by Renee Maloney and Cathy Deano--two friends who shared an entrepreneurial spirit and a background in fund-raising. It was in fact a tragedy of monumental proportions that inspired the two women to is a simple that never even had been imagined before. Gather friends family members and neighbors together for an afternoon or evening of fun and give every guest a blank canvas a paintbrush and a palette of paints. Wine or beer is poured appetizers or sweets are enjoyed and beautiful personalized masterpieces are created with the guidance of a skilled artist who is there to both entertain give friends and neighbors in their own community in Louisiana an opportunity to de-stress while learning to paint drinking wine and relaxing in an amiable atmosphere. That tragedy was Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Both women suffered personal losses in the devastating storm but they were determined to help people in their community recover. Within two years the partners opened three additional locations in the Greater New Orleans area and began franchising the business under the name Painting with a Twist in 2009. The idea behind the launch of the first location which was to pair instructional art with friends wine and a lively instructor to produce individual works of art still holds true seven years later. Now however there are franchise locations nationwide with new openings in cities nationwide each month. Here in Sarasota the Painting with a Twist franchise is owned by Sarasota resident Sheri Penxa and Bradenton resident Hope Kinney. Both women are thrilled with the company s growth in just the past year. In 2013 there were only 75 franchises in the United States Sheri says. The total number of franchises has doubled in the past year and now numbers 162. Born in Canada Sheri has been a Florida resident for the past 43 years. Before opening Painting with a Twist with Hope in February 2013 she enjoyed a successful career in the financial industry while also working for several nonprofit organizations. Originally from Kentucky Hope moved to Florida 15 years ago to take advantage of the Suncoast s welcoming weather and inviting beaches. Her background includes both program management and nonprofit work. In fact it was while working at a local nonprofit organization that Sheri and Hope first met several years ago The two women quickly became friends spending time together both at work and in their free time. Not only friends Sheri and Hope are now family. Several years ago after Hope s stepson met Sheri s daughter the young couple fell in love and married. Also in-laws Sheri and Hope are now grandmothers as well It was an outing in the summer of 2012 that changed the career paths of both women. We attended a Painting with a Twist party in St. Petersburg and had so much fun that we went back again the following month Hope says. Of the experience Sheri remembers that the three-hour party was both relaxing and therapeutic. It is an experience that takes you out of your normal dayto-day craziness and gives you a chance to have fun and unwind with friends or family she says. It s cheap therapy Hope adds with a laugh. In its relatively short history the company has produced and copyrighted more than 3 500 pieces of original art created by its instructors. Each piece was created with a specific goal in mind to build a collection of easy-to-duplicate art for people with little to no experience with a paintbrush. Painting with a Twist partygoers can choose from a selection of landscapes cityscapes florals animals sea life and abstracts when creating their own masterpieces. Here in Sarasota community residents also can choose from artwork that has been designed specifically to capture the colors of the Suncoast including Starry Night over Sarasota a Siesta Key landscape and even a painting of an alligator. Sheri and Hope were drawn to the franchise because of the sense of family they experienced after meeting with the founders in New Orleans in 2012. They also were impressed with the company s commitment to community involvement and its focus on giving back which was very much in keeping with their personal backgrounds in community service. In February 2013--six months after Sheri and Hope attended their first Painting with a Twist party--the two women opened their own studio which is located at 5543 Palmer Crossing Circle in the Palmer Crossing Plaza on Clark Road in Sarasota. The premise of a Painting with a Twist party actually is quite simple Schedule a date invite friends family or coworkers bring along appetizers and or dessert and a bottle of wine beer or a nonalcoholic beverage of your choice and spend two or three hours creating a painting of your own to bring home at the end of the afternoon or evening. We host parties in the day or evening seven days a week Sheri says. If we have an opening in the schedule we are happy to host a party for you. Parties either two or three hours in length can be held for special occasions--including birthdays bridal showers reunions and anniversary and graduation celebrations--or just for an out-of-the-ordinary Girls Night Out. Local companies including both businesses and schools also have taken advantage of the casual laid-back camaraderie of the Painting Continued on Page 46 Photo opposite page top left Painting with a Twist s Sarasota location at 5543 Palmer Crossing Circle in Palmer Crossing Plaza. Above from left to right Sheri Penxa and Hope Kinney owners of Painting with a Twist in Sarasota and Bradenton. Below from left to right Painting with a Twist partygoers participate in a Paint Your Pet session which is held in Sarasota every five or six weeks. All photos by Connie Summers with a Twist parties to host motivational team-building gatherings for their employees. Painting with a Twist also will hosts parties for kids which are 90 minutes in length and private parties for groups of 10 or more people. Of special interest for area pet owners are the Paint Your Pet parties that are held at Painting with a Twist every five or six weeks. Unlike the other parties where all guests paint the exact same artwork from the collection these gatherings give pet owners an opportunity to create portraits of their own pets. In order to participate in these parties Paint Your Pet attendees must e-mail photos of their pets to Painting with a Twist one week prior to the party. The class instructors will then draw the basic outlines of each of the animals on canvases which will ready and waiting for the pet owners to apply paint when the party begins. The next Paint Your Pet party is scheduled for Thursday September 25 from 6 to 9 30 p.m. at Painting with a Twist in Sarasota. Call 941-822-0357 to reserve your spot Key to the success of every Painting with a Twist party are the instructors who are Hope says 70 percent entertainers and 30 percent artists. The instructor is the entertainer for the afternoon or evening event Sheri says. He or she is here to guide you with step-by-step instruction and take away any anxiety you may have about putting a paintbrush to canvas. And if it takes singing or dancing to motivate the partygoers they will do it At Painting with a Twist there is no right or wrong way to paint Sheri adds. It simply is about having a good time. Seven instructors are on staff in Sarasota many are recruits from Ringling School of Art and Design. And while having the artistic skill to replicate the paintings from the company s collection is an important criteria an effervescent personality and an ability to lead the gathering with enthusiasm are equally essential. What s especially interesting to note is the fact that in just seven years Corks N Canvas in Louisiana and Painting with a Twist in cities throughout the country have achieved the distinction of becoming the largest employers of aspiring artists in the United States. Acrylic paints in a complete spectrum of colors are the medium of choice at Painting with a Twist because of their quick drying time. The goal is of course that all paintings are completed and dry by party s end. On the off chance partygoers do not finish their works of art SOS Sessions are offered free of charge. Everyone is invited to come back in to finish or fix their paintings Hope says. Paints are in abundant supply and one of our artists will be here during the SOS Session which typically is held on a Saturday to offer help if needed. In 2013 Sarasota resi- dent Sue Vipond celebrated her 50th birthday at Painting with a Twist in the company of some of her closest friends. The experience was more than just an enjoyable night out Sue says. It is an everlasting memory of a celebration with the people that mean the most to me. There were 12 of us altogether and we painted Siesta Key beach Sue adds. Each time I look at the painting which I proudly have displayed in my home I not only think about happy times I have spent at the beach but I also am reminded of the fun we had at the party that evening. In keeping with the corporate commitment to give back to the community Hope and Sheri host a fund-raiser once sometimes twice a month donating proceeds to local nonprofit organizations. In just 16 months Painting with a Twist in Sarasota has raised just over 14 000 through the company s Painting with a Purpose program. Collectively franchises throughout the country have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the work of nonprofit organizations nationwide. To date local beneficiaries have included the Neuro Challenge Foundation Big Dog Ranch Rescue Loveland Center Children First InStride Therapy Inc. and Girls Incorporated of Sarasota County. Area nonprofit organizations interested in participating in Painting with a Purpose are welcome to submit an application. Manatee County residents will be happy to hear that Hope and Sheri will be opening their second Painting with a Twist franchise in Bradenton this September. Centrally located in Suite 209 at 5917 Manatee Avenue West the new location also promises to offer a unique afternoon or evening out for all who attend. For people young and old Painting with a Twist is a chance to explore their creativity have fun with friends and try something new Sheri says. Some come for the painting others come just to party. But everyone undoubtedly has a great time. And Hope adds I continue to be amazed at how many people--even those who are skeptical when they first walk through the door--are happy at the end of the party and cannot wait to come back again. Painting with a Twist is located at 5543 Palmer Crossing Circle in Sarasota and 5917 Manatee Avenue West Suite 209 in Bradenton. For more information or a schedule of upcoming classes or to schedule your own painting party call the Sarasota location at 941-822-0357 or contact the new Bradenton location by calling 941-795-7928. Additional information can be found online at http sarasota. Photo above Leisa Young one of the Sarasota instructors demonstrates techniques in painting a dog in the Paint Your Pet session. At left an array of acrylic paints are available offering a spectrum of bright colors and quick drying time. Photos by Connie Summers Sarasota Pet s Community Marketplace Sarasota Pet is pleased to sponsor the Community Marketplace a special advertising section for business owners who are not necessarily in the pet business but love animals just the same What makes this section unique is that for every ad sold a donation of 10 is made to the animal rescue group of your choice Please support our fund-raiser by advertising your business or service here Your donation can save an animal s life For details send an e-mail to publisher Kinsey s Produce The Best Produce in Town Located on the Corner of 1st Street & Lemon Avenue Opposite Whole Foods Every Saturday at the Sarasota Farmers Market 941-780-6903 We-Care Pharmacy Phone 941-893-3050 Fax 941-893-3051 Minesh Patel M.S. R.Ph. Free Same-day Delivery Prescription Compounding All Insurances Accepted Guaranteed Best Cash Prices in Town Wide Range of Over-the-Counter & Healthcare Items Monday - Friday 9 am - 7 pm Saturday 10 am - 3 pm Closed Sunday J. Campbell & Associates The Accounting and Financial Planning Specialist WLSS News Talk 930 AM JOHN CAMPBELL EA CFP President Listen to John Campbell 7 00 a.m. the 1st Saturday of each month to answer all your tax & financial planning questions 1800 Second Street Suite 753 Sarasota Florida 34236 (941) 906-1760 Fax (941) 330-8018 Email john 5561 Palmer Crossing Circle Sarasota FL 34233 Making Dreams Come True... The Time is Right to Buy a Home -- Pet Owners -- Looking to List Call Me Kimberly Mills Realtor Direct 941-321-9601 941-758-7777 kim A Portion of Commissions are Donated to the Animal Rescue Group of Your Choice We ve Got Your Stuff Logo Imprinted Merchandise from a Company You Trust ...Sarasota Pet Doggy Hoodies Doggy T-Shirts Leashes Bandanas Collapsible Water Bowls Reflector ID Tags Poop Bag Dispensers Food Scoops Feeding Bowls Kitty Litter Scoop Every Item You Can Imagine sarasotapetstuff Sarasota Pet 202-256-0686 47 Custom Items Upon Request Call Sue Vipond at Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Sarasota Pet and Manatee Pet are pleased to include Bark (& Purr) Out Loud a special feature that spotlights important events & happenings in our local pet community. If it s making headlines you ll read about it here Bark (& Purr) Out Loud PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors Hosts Nationwide Photo Contest Win 1 000 Pounds of Dog Food Yes you read the headline right Now through the end of November PlexiDor based in Bradenton will be giving away 1 000 pounds of Black Gold Premium Dog Food to a lucky winner or to the animal rescue of the winner s choice. Contest runners up will win Dunkin Donuts gift cards. Entering the contest is super easy. Visit Plexidor online at contest-2014 and submit a photo of your dog using any dog door. It doesn t have to be a PlexiDor. And if you don t have a dog door it s okay to improvise. Be creative Photo entries can be submitted now through November 30 2014 so there is plenty of time to take a photo. Only residents of the contiguous 48 US states can participate. PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors are available through a nationwide network of authorized dealers with prices ranging from 163 to 1 249. Visit to locate a dealer near you or call 1-844-698-6472 to request a PlexiDor catalog. About PlexiDor PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors has manufactured high-quality pet doors since 1985 at its facility in Bradenton Florida. PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors are professionally engineered and manufactured from high-quality materials made in the United States and provide years of safe trouble-free service for consumers and their pets. PlexiDor Pet Doors do not require costly vinyl replacement flaps and their frames are made of heavy-duty anodized aluminum that will not rust bend crack or warp. Engineered with K9 COMPOSITETM energy-efficient panels PlexiDor Pet Doors reduce energy costs and are ideal for extreme climates. PlexiDor also offers a five-year limited residential warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee. Bear Creek Veterinary Alternatives to Host Healing Touch for Animals Training Save the weekend of October 17 through October 19 2014 and join Bear Creek Veterinary Alternatives for the Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) training in Sarasota. The course teaches easy-to-master techniques designed to enhance your companion animals health and well-being through energy medicine and intention. HTA combines techniques and applications to promote energy balance of the chakra system and energy field while providing physical emotional mental and instinctual stability. Stabilizing the energy system allows the natural regulation of the immune sys48 tem which encourages the body s own healing process. HTA uses energy medicine therapies--recognized by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)--to integrate balance and clear the energy body. HTA works by releasing endorphins to establish a deeper state of relaxation and ease of being allowing the body to function at a greater level. By allowing muscles to relax circulation is increased sending more oxygen nutrients and hormones into the body to support healing. HTA techniques work on all levels physical mental emotional and spiritual. These techniques allow the animals to come into a deeper instinctual presence and knowing of their bodies and help establish a more heart-centered connection with their people. Whether you want to receive professional certification or simply learn for your own animals healing these techniques are truly beneficial and life-changing. To register please go to http and choose Level 1 Sarasota. If you have questions or would like more information please email susan Bear Creek Veterinary Alternatives is a holistic specialty practice located in Sarasota. Jaime Gonzalez DVM CVA combines 22 years of conventional emergency medicine experience and alternative modalities. Susan Gonzalez is co-owner and an HTA practitioner. For more information about Bear Creek Veterinary Alternatives please visit or call 941-312-6825. September October 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet The 1st Annual Dogtoberfest Save the Date of Saturday October 25 for an Authentic German Fund-Raiser to Benefit Southwest Great Dane Rescue Inc. It just wouldn t be autumn without an Oktoberfest festival and Southwest Great Dane Rescue Inc. (SWGDR) is planning a special late-October fund-raiser with all the authenticity of the timehonored German tradition On Saturday October 25 SWGDR will host its own version of the world s largest annual festival held in Munich Germany for nearly 200 years and now celebrated in cities around the world. The 1st Annual Dogtoberfest will be held from 2 00 to 6 00 p.m. at Four Paws Doggie Day Camp located at 261 Gates Creek Road just minutes north of SR 64 in Bradenton. Heike Caspary who co-owns the day camp with Cheryl Tuttle of The Last Paw Dog Training also serves on SWGDR s board of directors. Of German heritage Heike is helping to organize the event and she is planning an authentic German menu that is certain to make mouths water Heike s husband Matthias who also was born and raised in Germany will be serving as one of the grill masters at the festival. We will be serving customary Oktoberfest fare including bratwurst brisket sauerkraut and German potato salad as well as chicken and several vegetarian dishes Heike says. Both beer and wine will be available and live music will be playing throughout the afternoon. In addition to a 50 50 drawing there also will be raffle prizes and a silent auction with spectacular offerings. All proceeds will benefit SWGDR. Established in 1998 SWGDR is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization staffed exclusively by volunteers. In the past 16 years the group has placed more than 500 Great Danes in area homes. Because of the size of the breed--an adult Great Dane can stand up to six feet tall on its hind legs --both food bills and veterinary expenses can be significantly higher than those for smaller dogs. SWGDR is responsible for all of these costs as well as spay neuter fees and up-to-date vaccinations as they prepare the dogs the group takes in for adoption. We need to help as many Danes as possible find forever homes and our expenses in providing the care these dogs need before they can be adopted can mount quickly Heike says. All of the Danes that come into rescue receive a complete wellness check. If needed they are dewormed vaccines are updated and they are spayed or neutered. Some are heartworm positive and need treatment and others have health problems that require expensive medical care. We are hoping Dogtoberfest will help us raise the money needed to provide the care these gentle giants need Heike adds. Limited tickets which are priced at 25 per person are available. We encourage community residents to come out and enjoy the festival while supporting SWGDR Heike says. I love to party and we are planning a fantastic fun-filled event so people certainly will want to come back again next year To purchase tickets in advance visit or call 941-504-6278. Tickets also are available at both Holistic for Pets stores--713 Honore Avenue in Sarasota and 5770 Ranch Lake Boulevard River Club Plaza in Bradenton. There s never been a better reason to spend a mid-autumn morning out on the links On Saturday November 15 you can play a full round of golf while lending your support to the life-saving work of Vintage Paws Sanctuary a local nonprofit animal group that gives displaced or abandoned senior and terminally ill dogs a loving home of their own to live out the remainder of their lives. Now in its second year the Second Annual Vintage Paws Sanctuary Golf Tournament once again will be held at Bent Tree Country Club 4700 Bent Tree Boulevard in Sarasota. In addition to 18 holes of golf the fund-raiser also will include early-morning bagels and coffee lunch a silent auction and an array of exciting raffle prizes. Tournament play begins at 8 30 a.m. with a shotgun start. All players also can participate in the second annual closest to the pin and closest to the line contests held during the tournament. Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Vintage Paws Sanctuary Hosts Second Annual Golf Tournament on November 15 Trophies will be awarded to first- second- and third-place winners. Sixty-eight golfers participated in the inaugural tournament in 2013. This year Jennifer Hummel founder of Vintage Paws Sanctuary and the organizer of the tournament is hoping to double the number of players. Despite morning showers last year everyone had a wonderful time at the tournament Jennifer says. We are hoping that even more golfers in our community will come out and show their support for our senior dogs this year. Entry fees for the tournament or priced at 85 per person. All proceeds from the tournament will benefit Vintage Paws Sanctuary a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to providing a sanctuary for displaced dogs to live out their lives with dignity surrounded by the loving care they deserve. A variety of sponsorship opportunities for the tournament are available. If you are interested in becoming a trophy beverage cart or hole sponsor please contact Jennifer by calling 941-921-4355. Online registration for the tournament is available by visiting 49 cat depot DOG TRAINING Beverly Hills Dog It s Tee Time For The 10th Annual Ron Gordon s Humane Society Golf Tournament is Set for Saturday October 4th Sarasota resident Ron Gordon 2014 is a momentous year that commemorates the realization of a pledge he made 10 years ago when he and his wife Karen Kerlin first decided to host a golf tournament to raise funds for the Humane Society of Sarasota County (HSSC). I made a 10-year commitment when my wife Karen and I started the tournament in 2005 says Ron who is a Realtor with Xena Vallone Realty Inc. in Sarasota. I had never organized a golf tournament before so who figured that I would ever fulfill that commitment But I set a goal and I made it and here we are Ron continues. We have raised 70 000 for HSSC in nine years and we have done a good job in building awareness of the life-saving work that is done at the humane society. This year Ron Gordon s Humane Society Golf Tournament will be held on Saturday October 4 at Meadows Country Club located at 3101 Longmeadow in Sarasota. Registration for this year s tournament begins at 7 00 a.m. tee-off times start at 8 30 a.m. The event includes early-morning range balls a Continental breakfast and a hot buffet lunch complete with hamburgers hot dogs chicken and an ice cream bar. Free snacks beer water and soda also are available throughout the day. Following the tournament s annual tradition there will be special golfing competitions including long-drive and closest to the pin contests for men and women as well as raffles and a 50 50 drawing. Goodie bags will be given to each golfer and of course there will be trophies awarded at a special presentation in the afternoon. First- and second-place trophies will be awarded to the top men s mixed and women s teams that play in the tournament. A variety of raffle prizes and giveaways--including a parasailing adventure for two--also will help to raise funds for HSSC. We will have several surprise giveaways this year Ron says. Open to all community golfers the tournament has proven year after year to be one of the area s most affordable. The fee is only 90 per player. Ron is quick to admit that the support of community businesses has been key to the success of the golf tournament each year. It is the contributions of our players and local businesses that have made this event successful Ron says. Local business owners are encouraged to get involved by either donating raffle prizes or becoming tournament sponsors. As in years past there are 12 different sponsorship levels ranging from a 50 Snack sponsorship to a 500 Putting Green sponsorship. Priced at 100 each the hole sponsorships offer community businesses an affordable way to advertise their products or services. All sponsors logos as well as links to their own websites are posted on the tour- Pictured above Golf Tournament Organizer nament Web site Ron Gordon of Xena Vallone Realty Inc. and for a full year. Kristi Dorman HSSC s executive director Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Complete descriptions of the different levels of sponsorship can be found online at the tournament website In 2013 a record number of golfers--132--participated in the tournament. This year Ron is hoping for even more. Our goal is to raise another 10 000 or more for HSSC this year he says. There are so many good people in the local animal community and the real estate community that help us it s a terrific event. I am proud of what we have accomplished Ron continues. And my wife Karen has been instrumental in the ongoing success of the event. Without someone who is truly willing to help it is very challenging to do this kind of work year after year. For the past decade my motto has remained the same Ron adds We are not asking you to do it all we are asking all to do a little. It was HSSC s heroic efforts in sheltering homeless animals following Hurricane Charley that first inspired Ron and Karen to organize a golf tournament to raise funds for the county s largest no-kill shelter. But Ron s involvement with--and commitment to--HSSC extends even further than just organizing the annual golf tournament he also has served on HSSC s board of directors for nearly five years. Our organization is second to none Ron says. We have been working diligently to update our facility adopt more animals and provide the best care for our guests until safe loving homes are found. Now that Ron has fulfilled his initial 10-year commitment to HSSC what does the future hold My plan is to keep going to continue organizing the tournament Ron says. There always will be a need to raise money to help HSSC in caring for homeless and abandoned animals in our community. I will keep doing it until someday there no longer is a need. For additional information about the tournament to register to play or to become a sponsor visit You also can contact Ron directly by phone by calling 941-266-0526 or by sending an e-mail to hsscgolf Coupons Coupons Discover Your Inner Artist Book A Party Today Beverly Hills Dog Multi-Award Winner Four Years in a Row Paint a Portrait of Your Pet Sign up for a Class & Bring in This Coupon to Receive a Special Gift One Coupon per Customer Expires 10 31 14 Save 20 00 on a Full Day of Day Care or a Full Groom -- New Clients Only -- Must present this coupon to receive savings Throughout the month of October we re Grooming for the Cure Doggy Day Care Expires 10 31 14 Complete Spa Day Full-Service Grooming Please See Our Ad on Page 11 EXPIRES 10 31 2014 Under New Ownership Where the L ve is. 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Up to 22pets per household. Expires 03-31-12. (Cashier code 700.500) pets per household. Expires 10-31-14. (Cashier code 700.500) Call us for an appointment or visit us TODAY Safe Haven animal ReScue of floRida inc. 941-301-4875 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 3802 N. Lockwood Ridge Rd. Sarasota FL 34234 RCF NEW NEW Mon Fri - Fri 8 00 6 00 6 00 Sat Sat 8 00 12 30 pm HOURS -Mon 7 00 am toam to pm pm 8 00 am toam to 2 00 pm HOURS Mon - Fri 8 00 am to 6 00 pm Sat 8 00 am to 2 00 pm 55 calendar EVERY MONDAY EVERY TUESDAY EVERY THURSDAY 56 EVERY SATURDAY Doggy Play Days at Poochie s Pampered Pups-- Enjoy an indoor play date with your pup Join the fun along with hot coffee and fresh donuts. LOCATION Poochie s Pampered Pups 7672 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota. TIME 10 am to 12 pm. COST 5 per dog which will be donated to local animal rescue groups. For details call 941-312-4969. Family Manners Classes Taught by Jeanine s Professional Dog Training--Train and play in these obedience classes designed for dogs 16 weeks and older. LOCATION Poochie s Pampered Pups 7672 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota. Time 6 15 pm. For class fees and details visit www.JeaninesProDogTraining. com or send an e-mail to SarasotaDogTrainer Drop-In Puppy Kindergarten Classes Offered at K9 Korral--This is an introductory class for puppies under 16 weeks of age. Owners will learn many of the same skills that are taught in puppy preschool with more emphasis on manners and behaviors. Handlers can begin the class on any Tuesday and complete 6 consecutive weeks. TIME 6 pm. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-915-8181 or visit Ongoing Therapy Dog Training Classes Offered by Positively Simple Dog Training--This class helps prepare an already well-mannered dog to negotiate a variety of situations. A therapy dog must have a calm and gentle temperament excellent focus with its owner and be in control in all circumstances. The dog should not have aggressive tendencies and should love being petted in all situations. Evaluation is required to determine if dogs are ready for therapy work in hospitals nursing homes schools and other settings. LOCATION Poochie s Pampered Pups 7672 South Tamiami Trail Sarasota. TIME 7 30 pm. For fees & class details call 941-232-3300 or visit AKC STAR Puppy Classes Taught by Jeanine s Professional Dog Training--For dogs 9 to 15 weeks old the AKC STAR Puppy classes focuses on Socialization Training Activity and Responsibility. Dogs that complete the class receive an AKC certificate. LOCATION Poochie s Pampered Pups 7672 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota. TIME 6 15 pm. For class fees and more details visit or send an e-mail to SarasotaDogTrainer -- SEPTEMBER 2014 -- TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 2 Monthly Meeting of PET (Pet Entrepreneurs Together)--Open to all pet business owners PET is a group of pet professionals that meets monthly to promote support and build member businesses and the local animal community. LOCATION Perkin s Family Restaurant 5921 Fruitville Rd. Sarasota. TIME Breakfast begins at 9 30 the meeting begins at 10 00. For details call 941-405-4468. SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 6 Cat Depot Hosts PetProtect Vaccination & Microchip Clinics--Vaccinate and microchip your cats and dogs at Cat Depot Special prices will be offered on vaccines and deworming. Microchips are only 20 each. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 9 to 11 am. NO APPOINTMENTS ARE NECESSARY. For more information and vaccine prices visit http www. userfiles files Petprotect%20VACCINE%20PACKAGES%20and%20price%20list.pdf. Low-Cost Vaccinations Offered at Waggin Tails Grooming--Enjoy great discounts on pet vaccinations LOCATION Waggin Tails Grooming 3688 Webber St. Sarasota. TIME 2 30-3 30 pm. For details call 941-924-4462. Benefit Gimme Shelter Pet Adoption--This year s event will feature a magical enchanted garden theme. The Crosley Estate in Sarasota will be transformed into a magical wonderland Festivities will include a hookah lounge psychic readings tarot card readings animal communication mini massages henna tattoos and more. DJ IMMINENT will spin hypnotic beats attendees will dine on lite bites from Cafe L Europe and Simply Gourmet. The evening s highlight the Amazing Hair Show featuring fashions from Bohemian Bliss. LOCATION The Powel Crosley Estate & Museum 8374 N. Tamiami Trail Sarasota. TIME 7 to 11 pm. COST 25 per person in advance 30 at the door. To purchase tickets visit SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 20 Low-Cost Vaccinations Offered at Waggin Tails Grooming--Enjoy great discounts on pet vaccinations LOCATION Waggin Tails Grooming 3688 Webber St. Sarasota. TIME 2 30-3 30 pm. For details call 941-924-4462. THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 25 SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 13 Pet CPR First Aid Class Hosted at Cat Depot-- Taught by Rodney Millspaugh and Mandy Hicks of CMR CPR & Supply Pulse Educators of Sarasota this training helps pet owners provide temporary urgent care to pets until they can reach a veterinary or emergency clinic and shows pet owners how to care for animals before during and after an emergency. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 9 am to 12 pm. COST 60 ( 5 is donated back to Cat Depot). Register online at http cat-depot.html. For details or to register by phone call 941-363-1392. Leash Walking Class for Cats Hosted by Cat Depot--Cat Depot visitors can learn techniques on how to walk adoptable Cat Depot cats on a leash and harness to provide the cats with physical and mental stimulation. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 12 to 1 pm. ONLINE REGISTRATION REQUIRED. You must register online at http education cat-socialization.aspx or send an e-mail to Cody at codyc Bone Appetite Offers Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleanings by Doggie Dentals--Make an appointment to have your pup s teeth cleaned without anesthesia A 25 deposit is required to reserve an appointment. LOCATION Bone Appetite 5275 University Pkwy University Park. To make a reservation and for cost details contact Bone Appetite by calling 941-359-1010. Cat Depot s Community Food Bank Opens Its Doors--Cat Depot s Community Food Bank helps community residents supporting feral cat colonies or in need of wet and dry food for their personal pets. Cat Depot has Basic Requirements that must be met to be eligible. LOCATION Cat Depot 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME Check-in begins promptly at noon. For details as well as income requirements and other resources for food please visit For further questions send an e-mail to info SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 27 SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 28 FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 14 Run Throughs Offered at SOTC--Handlers and their dogs that compete in Novice Open and Utility can do a run through with a club member to evaluate their competition skills. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 6 30 to 8 30. COST Active SOTC members--Free New members 3 Non-members 5. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Racing Dog Rescue Project (RDRP) Hosts an Open House--Retired Greyhounds make wonderful pets Come walk with the Greyhounds and meet our wonderful volunteers. Open your heart fall in love and adopt a forever friend. Beverages and light snacks will be served. LOCATION Racing Dog Rescue Project 1801 Verna Road Myakka City. TIME 1 to 3 pm. For details leave a message at 941-379-3278 or visit Bentley s House Pet Loss Support Group--Area residents grieving the loss of a beloved pet are invited to attend this support group that meets monthly. Walk-ins are welcome. LOCATION Unity of Sarasota 3023 Proctor Rd. Sarasota. TIME 7 to 8 pm. For details call 941-955-3301 Ext. 23. The Fifth Annual Hair of the Dog Fund-Raiser to Cat Depot Hosts Foster Training & Bottle Feeding Class--RSVP to attend this informative session on fostering kittens and cats at home. The class includes bottle baby techniques how to manage a mom and her new litter adult cat care Cat Depot s 3-3-3 program and hospice care. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 11 am. Attendees must RSVP online at http education fosterbottle-feeding.aspx Foster_Class_Registration or send an e-mail to stacyj Unity of Sarasota Presents The 6th Annual Interfaith Blessing of the Animals--In honor of St. Francis of Assisi the patron saint of animals Unity of Sarasota will host an afternoon of activities including animal adoptions agility demonstrations pet portraits local pet vendors and food by Goodfellas Pizza. NEW THIS YEAR A short interfaith outdoor service for animal lovers held at 1 10 p.m. Individual blessings will be offered by Unity s prayer chaplains who will give small gifts to each pet. LOCATION Unity of Sarasota 3023 Proctor Rd. Sarasota. TIME 1 to 4 pm. ADMISSION Donations of unopened pet food cat litter new gently used toys or bedding and towels to be donated to local animal groups. VENDOR FEE 20. For details or to reserve a vendor space call 941-955-3301 Ext. 23. SECOND THIRD & FOURTH FRIDAYS OF EVERY MONTH THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 18 Members Practice at SOTC--SOTC s building and training fields are open for active members that wish to train on their own. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County FL. TIME 6 30 to 8 30. COST Active SOTC members--Free Nonactive members 3 - Honor System. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. September October 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet -- OCTOBER 2014 -- Beverly Hills Dog is Grooming for the Cure -- October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Beverly Hills Dog in Sarasota is donating a portion of all per-grooming proceeds to Breast Cancer Awareness throughout the month. All groomed pets will receive a Breast Cancer Awareness bandana To book an appointment and support this important cause call 941-822-0888. LOCATION Beverly Hills Dog 2030 Bispham Rd. Sarasota. THROUGHOUT OCTOBER Charity Shopping Pass at Cat Depot 2542 17th St. Sarasota. For details contact Cat Depot by calling 941-366-2404. Leash Walking Class for Cats Hosted by Cat Depot--Learn techniques on how to walk adoptable Cat Depot cats on a leash and harness to provide the cats with physical and mental stimulation. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 12 to 1 pm. ONLINE REGISTRATION REQUIRED. To register visit http education cat-socialization.aspx or e-mail Cody at codyc SATURDAY OCTOBER 4 Founded in Honor of Bentley a Beloved Boy & Loving Friend FREE SUPPORT GROUP for Community Residents Suffering the Loss of a Cherished Pet The 10th Annual Ron Gordon s Humane Society Golf Tournament--Enjoy an autumn day on the golf course while raising funds for the Humane Society of Sarasota County (HSSC) In addition to 18 holes of golf the outing will include a Continental breakfast a hot buffet lunch and free snacks beer water and soda all day. Enjoy golfing competitions a 50 50 drawing raffle prizes and giveaways. All proceeds benefit HSSC. LOCATION The Meadows Country Club 3101 Longmeadow Sarasota. TIME Registration 7 am tee-off times start at 8 30 a.m. COST 90 per player. For details to become a sponsor or to register to play visit send an e-mail to hsscgolf or call 941-266-0526. Cat Depot Hosts PetProtect Vaccination & Microchip Clinics--Vaccinate and microchip your cats and dogs at Cat Depot Special prices will be offered on vaccines and deworming. Microchips are only 20 each. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 9 to 11 am. NO APPOINTMENTS ARE NECESSARY. For more information and vaccine prices visit http www. userfiles files Petprotect%20VACCINE%20PACKAGES%20and%20price%20list.pdf. Pet Fair and Blessing of the Animals Hosted Church of the Trinity MCC--Enjoy a fun-filled fall day when Church of the Trinity MCC hosts this special event featuring local pet vendors local groups with adoptable cats and dogs contests demonstrations refreshments and a Blessing of the Animals in the morning. LOCATION 7225 Lockwood Ridge Rd. Sarasota. TIME 9 am to 12 pm. For details contact the church office by calling 941-355-0847. Low-Cost Vaccinations Offered at Waggin Tails Grooming--Enjoy great discounts on pet vaccinations LOCATION Waggin Tails Grooming 3688 Webber St. Sarasota. TIME 2 30-3 30 pm. For details call 941-924-4462. Florida Boxer Rescue Inc. Hosts Wine Down Unity Church of Sarasota for Boxers Fund-Rais3023 Proctor Road Sarasota er--Spend an evening with dog lovers when Donations Accepted Florida Boxer Rescue Inc. hosts a special Walk-Ins Welcome fund-raiser that will include wine tastings hors For More Information Please Call d oeuvres live music by Georgia & Mike a silent auction and raffle gift baskets. LOCATION The Landings Clubhouse Low-Cost Vaccinations Offered at Waggin Tails 5350 Landings Blvd. Sarasota. TIME 6 30 to 9 pm. Grooming--Enjoy great discounts on pet vacciCOST 20 per person PLUS a bottle of wine. The nations LOCATION Waggin Tails Grooming fee includes wine and hors d oeuvres and five raffle 3688 Webber St. Sarasota. TIME 8 to 9 am. For tickets. Tickets can be purchased online at www. details call 941-924-4462. Limited tickets will be available for purchase at the door so buy your tickets in advance Held the Third Thursday of Every Month 7 00 to 8 00 pm 941-955-3301 Ext. 23 SUNDAY OCTOBER 12 THURSDAY OCTOBER 23 Racing Dog Rescue Project (RDRP) Hosts an Open House--Retired Greyhounds make wonderful pets Come walk with the Greyhounds and meet our wonderful volunteers. Open your heart fall in love and adopt a forever friend. Beverages and light snacks will be served. LOCATION Racing Dog Rescue Project 1801 Verna Road Myakka City. TIME 1 to 3 pm. For details leave a message at 941-379-3278 or visit TUESDAY OCTOBER 7 Monthly Meeting of PET (Pet Entrepreneurs Together)--Open to all pet business owners PET is a group of pet professionals that meets monthly to promote support and build member businesses and the local animal community. LOCATION Perkin s Family Restaurant 5921 Fruitville Rd. Sarasota. TIME Breakfast 9 30 the meeting begins at 10 00. For details call 941-405-4468. THURSDAY OCTOBER 16 Sarasota in Defense of Animals (SDA) Celebrates its 25th Anniversary--Help SDA celebrate 25 years of caring The evening s festivities will include dinner drinks music dancing a live and silent auction a 50 50 drawing and raffle prizes. Nathan Runkle president of Mercy For Animals will be the guest speaker. LOCATION Phillippi Estate Mansion 5500 South Tamiami Trail Sarasota. TIME 6 30 to 10 30 pm. COST 150 per person. For details or to reserve your tickets please call 941-915-0302 or visit Cat Depot s Community Food Bank Opens Its Doors--Cat Depot s Community Food Bank helps community residents supporting feral cat colonies or in need of wet and dry food for their personal pets. Cat Depot has Basic Requirements that must be met to be eligible. LOCATION Cat Depot 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME Check-in begins promptly at noon. For details as well as income requirements and other resources for food please visit For further questions send an e-mail to info The Humane Society of Manatee County and Bayside Pet Resort Spa Host the 2014 Dog Olympics & Adopt-a-thon--Now in its second year this fun-filled family event gives dogs a chance to showcase their skills and win ribbons Bentley s House Pet Loss Support Group--Area residents grieving the loss of a beloved pet are invited to attend this support group that meets monthly. Walk-ins are welcome. LOCATION Unity of Sarasota 3023 Proctor Rd. Sarasota. TIME 7 to 8 pm. For details call 941-955-3301 Ext. 23. SATURDAY OCTOBER 25 SATURDAY OCTOBER 18 SATURDAY OCTOBER 11 Macy s Charity Shopping Day to Benefit Cat Depot--Make a 5 donation to Cat Depot and receive a special savings offer valid only at the new Macy s in University Town Center along with a chance to win a 500 Macy s gift card See the new Macy s before the mall s official opening and enjoy music and entertainment. One hundred percent of each 5.00 donation goes to Cat Depot Purchase your Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet Cat Depot Hosts PetProtect Vaccination & Microchip Clinics--Vaccinate and microchip your cats and dogs at Cat Depot Special prices will be offered on vaccines and deworming. Microchips are only 20 each. LOCATION Cat Depot s Education Center 2542 17th St. Sarasota. TIME 9 to 11 am. NO APPOINTMENTS ARE NECESSARY. For more information and vaccine prices visit http www. userfiles files Petprotect%20VACCINE%20PACKAGES%20and%20price%20list.pdf. 57 in a variety of non-competitive Olympic games. Local animal groups will be on hand with dogs and cats available for adoption. There also will be a variety of pet vendors and refreshments. LOCATION Bayside Pet Resort 8154 North. Tamiami Trail Sarasota. TIME 10 am to 2 pm. For details contact HSMC by calling 941-747-8808 or visit Celebrate Dogtoberfest an Authentic German Fund-Raiser to Benefit Southwest Great Dane Rescue Inc. (SWGDR)--Celebrate a special Oktoberfest festival and help raise money for SWGDR In addition to a delicious spread of authentic German fare there will be beer wine and live music along with raffle prizes a silent auction and a 50 50 drawing. All proceeds benefit SWGDR. LOCATION Four Paws Doggie Day Camp 261 Gates Creek Rd. Bradenton. TIME 2 to 6 pm. COST 25 per person limited tickets are available. For details or to purchase tickets visit call 941-504-6278 or purchase tickets at Holistic for Pets 713 Honore Ave. Sarasota and 5770 Ranch Lake Blvd. River Club Plaza Bradenton. dog commands such as sit down come and stay while also focusing on training your dog to walk on a leash. LOCATION HSSC 2331 15th St. Sarasota. TIME 8 45 am. COST 80 for six consecutive sessions. For details or to enroll in the class visit or call 941-955-4131 Ext. 124. Basic Obedience 2 Classes Offered at HSSC--Earn a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate and build on skills taught in Basic Obedience 1 while learning commands that require more concentration for your dog. Lessons include how to accept a friendly stranger sit politely for petting walk through crowds react to other dogs and more. LOCATION HSSC 2331 15th St. Sarasota. TIME 10 am. COST 80 for six consecutive sessions. For details visit or call 941-955-4131 Ext. 124. O-Gility Classes Offered at HSSC--This fun class combines agility and obedience. Introduce your dog to simple agility obstacles including the tunnel and jumps. These skills combined with obedience commands make this a fun interactive class. PREREQUISITE Dogs must have basic obedience skills. LOCATION HSSC 2331 15th St. Sarasota. TIME 11 15 am. COST 80 for six consecutive sessions. For details visit or call 941-9554131 Ext. 124. MONDAY SEPTEMBER 22 Obedience 101 Classes Offered at K9 Korral--This introductory class is designed to teach obedience skills to dogs of all ages as well as puppy class graduates. TIME 6 pm. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-915-8181 or visit TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 23 Puppy Level A Classes for 9 to 15 Week Olds Offered at SOTC--Puppies learn basic obedience skills in classes that are 50 to 60 minutes and meet for 6 weekly sessions. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 7 15 pm. COST 95. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Puppy Level B (AKC STAR) Classes for Dogs 16 to 21 Weeks Offered at SOTC--Puppy B class is an AKC STAR (Socialization Training Activity & Responsibility) puppy class taught by certified instructors. Classes are 50 to 60 minutes. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 6 pm. COST 95 for 6 weekly sessions. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. -- NOVEMBER 2014 -- SATURDAY NOVEMBER 1 Howlin Halloween Returns to Venice --Come out and enjoy the Canine Costume Parade hosted by Susan Marie of The Doggy Diva Show There will be pet vendors pet portraits and Halloween activities too LOCATION Blalock Park 401 West Venice Ave. Venice. TIME 9 am to 1 pm. For details contact Event Organizer Monica Leighton by calling 941497-1676. Satchel s Last Resort Sanctuary Hosts the Third Annual Pars 4 Paws Golf Tournament--Come out and support Satchel s Last Resort Sanctuary on the links Enjoy an 18-hole shotgun longest drive and closest to the pin competitions raffles a silent auction and an award ceremony. LOCATION TPC Prestancia 4409 Tournament Players Club Dr. Sarasota. TIME Registration Lunch & Range Balls Noon Shotgun Start 1 pm. COST 100 per golfer 375 per foursome. Each player will receive 50 in gift certificates from local businesses. For details visit or call 941-705-2385. TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 16 -- OCTOBER 2014 -- MONDAY OCTOBER 6 Beginners Level 1 Classes for Dogs 5 Months and Older Offered at SOTC--This class teaches handlers to train their dogs using basic cues in group situations. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 6 30 pm. Limit 8 students per class. COST 95 for six sessions. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Beginners Level 2 Class with CGC Skills Offered at SOTC--This class expands on Level 1 skills while teaching Canine Good Citizen skills. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 7 45 pm. COST 95 for 6 weekly sessions. Limit 8 students for class. For details please visit or call 941-377-5984. Basic Obedience 2 Classes Offered at HSSC--Earn a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate build on skills taught in Basic Obedience 1 and learn commands that require more concentration for dogs. Lessons included accept a friendly stranger sit politely for petting react to other dogs and more. LOCATION HSSC 2331 15th St. Sarasota. TIME 5 45 pm. COST 80 for 6 sessions. For details visit www. or call 941-955-4131 Ext. 124. Agility 1 Class Offered at K9 Korral--Dogs and handlers will have fun and learn to work together in a positive environment as dogs learn basic agility. TIME 11 30 am. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-915-8181 or visit Beginners Level 3 - Intermediate Class Offered at SOTC--This class is for handlers and dogs that have completed Beginner 2 or for those not needing the CGC class. Instruction includes an intro to competition obedience with an emphasis on new skills and an intro to jumps. Skills needed for AKC Rally proofing stays and adding distractions and building dog attention will be covered. Limit 8 students per class. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 6 30 pm. COST 95 for 6 sessions. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Novice Open Competition Classes Offered at SOTC--This class is designed for students actively pursuing their CD or CDX titles. The class is structured around the needs of the students in class. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 7 45 pm. COST 95 for 6 weekly sessions. Limit 8 students per class. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. TUESDAY OCTOBER 7 DOG TRAINING CLASSES -- SEPTEMBER 2014 -- TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 2 Obedience 101 Classes Offered at K9 Korral--This introductory class is designed to teach obedience skills to dogs of all ages as well as puppy class graduates. TIME 7 15 pm. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-9158181 or visit WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 17 Obedience 101 Classes Offered at K9 Korral--This introductory class is designed to teach obedience skills to dogs of all ages as well as puppy class graduates. TIME 6 pm. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-915-8181 or visit SATURDAY OCTOBER 11 SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 20 WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 3 Obedience 102 CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Classes Offered at K9 Korral--This class builds on the skills already learned in Obedience 101 and prepares dogs for the AKC s CGC test. TIME 7 15 pm. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-915-8181 or visit Beginners Level 1 Classes for Dogs 5 Months and Older Offered at SOTC--This class teaches handlers to train their dogs using basic cues in group situations. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 9 15 am. Limit 8 students per class. COST 95 for six sessions. For details visit or call 941-377-5984. Beginners Level 2 Class with CGC Skills Offered at SOTC--This class expands on Level 1 skills while teaching Canine Good Citizen Skills. LOCATION SOTC 7505 County Road 675 Manatee County. TIME 10 30 am. COST 95 for 6 weekly sessions. Limit 8 students for class. For details please visit or call 941-377-5984. MONDAY OCTOBER 13 SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 6 58 Basic Obedience 1 Classes Offered at HSSC--In this class positive reinforcement is used to teach your Recall Class Offered at K9 Korral--This intensive class focuses on teaching and maintaining a Really Reliable Recall. PREREQUISITE Puppy Kindergarten or an Obedience Dog 1 class. Classes are 60 minutes and meet for 6 weekly sessions. TIME 7 15 pm. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-915-8181 or visit September October 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet TUESDAY OCTOBER 14 Obedience 101 Classes Offered at K9 Korral--This introductory class is designed to teach obedience skills to dogs of all ages as well as puppy class graduates. TIME 7 15 pm. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-915-8181 or visit The 6th Annual SATURDAY OCTOBER 18 Basic Obedience 1 Classes Offered at HSSC--Learn how to teach your dog how to behave in your household. Positive reinforcement is used to teach your dog commands such as sit down come and stay while also focusing on training a dog to walk on a leash. LOCATION HSSC 2331 15th St. Sarasota. TIME 8 45 am. COST 80 for 6 consecutive sessions. For details or to enroll in the class visit or call 941-955-4131 Ext. 124. Basic Obedience 2 Classes Offered at HSSC--Earn a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate and build on the skills taught in Basic Obedience 1 while learning commands that require more concentration for your dog. These lessons include how to accept a friendly stranger sit politely for petting walk through crowds react to other dogs and more. LOCATION HSSC 2331 15th St. Sarasota. TIME 10 am. COST 80 for six consecutive sessions. For details visit or call 941-955-4131 Ext. 124. O-Gility Classes Offered at HSSC--This fun class combines agility and obedience. Introduce dogs to simple agility obstacles including the tunnel and jumps. These skills combined with obedience commands make this a fun interactive class. PREREQUISITE Dogs must have basic obedience skills. LOCATION HSSC 2331 15th St. Sarasota. TIME 11 15 am. COST 80 for six consecutive sessions. For details visit or call 941-955-4131 Ext. 124. Blessing of the Interfaith Animals Animal Adoptions Agility Demonstrations Pet Portraits Pet Vendors Refreshments from Goodfellas Pizza WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 29 Obedience 101 Classes Offered at K9 Korral--This introductory class is designed to teach obedience skills to dogs of all ages as well as puppy class graduates. TIME 6 pm. LOCATION K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center 2001 Princeton St. Sarasota. For class fees and details call 941-915-8181 or visit Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 59 Rescue Me Harper Sponsor Winnie About 9 Years Old Female Rat Terrier Sponsor The Office of Drs. Still & Strumpf 9 Years Old Male Beagle 941-251-4093 Vintage Paws Sanctuary Inc. Vintage Paws Sanctuary Inc. http 941-957-3311 941-921-4355 941-921-4355 Dewey About 9 Years Old Male Poodle Sponsor 4 Years Old Female Miniature Pinscher Chihuahua Mix Sponsor Estelle Vintage Paws Sanctuary Inc. 941-795-PETS (7387) 941-921-4355 Moonracer No Kill Animal Rescue http 941-345-2441 Cookie Sponsor 2 Years Old Female Domestic Shorthair Cyndi 1 Year Old Female Pit Bull Terrier Mention this ad & receive 20% off your 1st visit Sponsor 941-266-0526 Humane Society of Sarasota County 941-955-4131 Humane Society of Sarasota County 941-918-2222 941-955-4131 Willow Sponsor 2 Years Old Female Bulldog Running Bear About 5 Years Old Male Domestic Short Hair Sponsor 941-266-0526 Humane Society of Sarasota County 941-955-4131 941-795-PETS (7387) All Kitty Korner landerson53 727-421-5505 September October 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 60 Amy Sponsor Howie Sponsor 5 Years Old Female Lhasa Apso 4 Years Old Male American Bulldog Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dr Nan Rosenberry . Bay Road Animal Hospital 941-366-2275 Satchel s Last Resort Sanctuary Satchel s Last Resort Sanctuary 941-244-2260 941-924-5070 941-924-5070 Hobbs Sponsor 3 Years Old Male American Bulldog Lucy Sponsor 5 Years Old Female Pekingese Satchel s Last Resort Sanctuary 941-323-1330 Safe Haven Animal RescuE of Florida Inc. 941-924-5070 941-301-4875 Munchie Sponsor 2 to 3 Years Old Male Chihuahua Mix Gidget Sponsor 4.5 Months Old Female Chiweenie Timea Kepecz LMT Licensed Massage Therapist 941-928-8196 Canine Castaways Safe Haven Animal RescuE of Florida Inc. 941-359-1010 863-491-MUTT 941-301-4875 Cricket & Griffin Cricket 6 Months Old Female - Chihuahua Griffin 5 Months Old Male - Shih Tzu Chi Mix Steffie 4 Months Old Female Mixed Breed Sponsor Sponsor Canine Castaways 863-491-MUTT Canine Castaways 941-351-0730 863-491-MUTT Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 61 Big Daddy 2 Years Old Male American Bull Dog Sponsor Princess Sponsor 5 Years Old Female Chihuahua Kickapoo Rescue 941-355-2884 941-926-8985 Kickapoo Rescue 941-351-0730 941-926-8985 Oliver 14 Years Old Male Poodle Sponsor Mr. Wiggles Sponsor 2 1 2 Years Old Male Doxie Mix Kickapoo Rescue 941-925-2262 Bradenton 941-753-PAWS (7297) Nate s Honor Animal Rescue 941-926-8985 941-747-4900 Lulu Sponsor Bosco Sponsor 1 1 2 Years Old Female Terrier Mix 1 1 2 Years Old Male Labrador Retriever Pit Bull Mix Sue Devries Nate s Honor Animal Rescue Bosco will receive continued training with The K9 Coach Nate s Honor Animal Rescue 1-888-598-3267 941-747-4900 941-747-4900 Mabel Special-Needs Dog Mabel is deaf Cooper Sponsor 10 Years Old Female Terrier Mix About 1 1 2 Years Old Male Maltese Mix Sponsor Lisa La mpel Nate s Honor Animal Rescue 941-747-4900 62 941-451-PETS Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch September October 2014 Sarasota Pet & Manatee Pet 941-361-1071 Photo Michelle Donner Photo Michelle Donner upp P ies Dog Whisperess 25 Years of Professional Training Experience Cindy Skarda Specializing in Practical Obedience & Animal Behavior Private In-Home Training & Group Classes Seminars & Training Clinics Therapy & Service Dog Training 941-567-4554 Cat Hospital of Sarasota Andrew G. King DVM Sarasota Manatee & Charlotte Counties Only Full-Service Veterinary Hospital Exclusively for Cats AdorAble AKC YorKshire Terrier bAbies home-rAised WiTh loTs of love & soCiAlizATion Suzanne Quick suzieQ Buy From a Reputable Breeder Medicine Surgery Dentistry Senior Care Vaccines Blood Pressure Screening Customized Treatments for Kidney Diabetic & Thyroid Patients Now Boarding Available in Our Clean Quiet a Avail ble 941-921-4040 (Opposite AAA Building) CO2 Laser Surgery 941-758-0958 Kitty Bed & Breakfast 3845 Bee Ridge Road F E R UN OPEN WHEN YOUR VET IS NOT Serving Sarasota and Manatee counties IVERSITY P K AR L. 941-355-2884 8237 Cooper Creek Blvd. University Park FL 34201 MOnDAy THrOugH FriDAy 5 pm to 8 am SATurDAy THrOugH SunDAy & HOLiDAyS 24 Hour Round-the-Clock Care Professional and Courteous Full-Service Emergency Veterinary Care DVMs and Technicians On Site During All Open Hours State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Surgical & Life Saving Equipment Soft Tissue Surgery Endoscopy Oxygen Support Fluid Therapy Stabilization Emergency & Critical Care TREATMENTS L. C. In House Lab Radiology Blood Pressure EKGs Critical patients can and do arrive at any time. Emergencies are treated in order of severity. O Connect with Us Animal Er http AnimalERofUniversityParkLLC AnimalERofUnivPk DIAGNOSTICS now Providing Animal Transport via Sarasota Veterinary Center Offering a Full Array of Veterinary Services All in a Loving Environment -- Boarding & Grooming Available -- Because Pets are Family Too 1st Veterinary Visit FREE for All Rescue Animals Adopted from Animal Services or the Humane Society of Sarasota County 4019 Cattlemen Road Sarasota I-75 & Bee Ridge Rd. by Burlington Coat Factory 377-3031 FAMILY OWNED NATURAL & ORGANIC UNIQUE GIFTS It s Our Second Annual for Pets & People Thanks 4 Giving a Pet a Home Event FAVORITE PET STORE ISLAND SUN NEWSPAPER 2013 ers Photograph WINNER Saturday November 1 11 am - 3 pm Animal Adoptions Pet Vendors Treats for People & Pets Special Sales Throughout the Store Foods & Treats Connie Summ y LOW-COST VACCINATION CLINICS AVAILABLE HERE CALL US FOR DETAILS for Individualized Service Perks 4 Pets 7228 MANATEE AVENUE WEST BRADENTON FL 34209 WWW.PERKS4PETSFL.COM Asia Chyna Rowdy Samurai Maya 941 c 795 c PETS (7387)