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Description: CHOIS Connection is a magazine published by Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State with the sole purpose to encourage and equip Christian Homeschoolers by providing information about education, resources, events, support groups and teaching children.

Fall 2014 DAD Great Teacher Of Units Too Jessica Hulcy Parenting by grace Israel Wayne to comPare Snare Jeannie Fulbright A MAGAZINE FOR IDAHO HOME EDUCATORS NEXT GENERATION EDUCATION Northwest Nazarene University delivers the flexibility of a fully online Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies built on a century long legacy of Christian education. online 2 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Fall 2014 .................................................................................................................................... WEBSITE Please visit us at Homeschool Friends I like the relaxed pace of summer but it s the new beginnings of autumn that I adore. There is something so exciting about brand new school books full of fresh ideas just waiting to be consumed by eager learners I love buying school supplies during the deep discount days of back-to-school. Freshness abounds as everything starts anew in the fall. Do you have any special traditions for the first day of school I had an end of summer tradition where my children and I would spend an entire day on our bikes riding from one city park to the next. We would play volleyball in the sand court at one park we would have a picnic lunch in another. We would play in the playgrounds of each park. We would stop and swim in the river. We would stop to buy ice cream. We would stop for photo opportunities. We would just stop. Stop doing our everyday routine and enjoy God s creation together without an agenda. I think that my now-adult children would tell you that this is one of their fondest childhood memories. I hope you have an extra day to give this idea a try On our first day of school I would always take a picture of each child and record their height and weight. It s fun now to look back and see how they grew. We would have a special breakfast and each new book would be introduced to them slowly as we discussed our goals for each subject together. Obviously the first day of school was something of a marathon but we all knew that the second day would be more efficient and that by the end of the week we would be back in our streamlined routine. I hope that you savor each moment of this new school year with your children. Have fun with it Build memories together. Enjoy the smells sights and sounds of fall and don t forget to jump in some piles of leaves now and then. It s good for the soul. Have a great new school year ................................. LIKE US A faithful community where we share our days with you. CHOIS FOLLOW US Get on-the-go homeschool updates and see what we are up to. CHOIS PIN US Check out our boards on the things many homeschool moms love. CHOIS WAYS YOU CAN HELP Spread the word about CHOIS to family and friends. Like us on Facebook and encourage your friends to Like us too. Collect Box Tops for Education for CHOIS. Donate to the CHOIS Silent Auction. Join us in our effort to connect the whole state. Check out the website for volunteer needs. Pray for the CHOIS Board of Directors and volunteers we really need it Linda Patchin Crunchingly Linda Patchin edItOr Fall 2014 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 3 Copyright 2014 by Christian Homeschoolers Of Idaho State. CHOIS Connection is published quarterly by Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State. 2014 CHOIS Connection. All rights reserved. No material may be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of the publisher. CHOIS is solely responsible for its content. DISCLAIMER The articles contained in this publication have been prepared for and are intended to provide information that may be useful to Idaho home educators. The reader must evaluate this information in light of the unique circumstances of any particular situation and must determine independently the applicability of this information thereto. COLUMNISTS The views of guest columnists do not necessarily reflect the views of CHOIS. .......... SUBSCRIPTION Subscribe by mail (see page 29) or online at http choisconnection subscribe ADDRESS PO Box 45062 Boise Idaho 83711. Phone (208) 424-6685 WEBSITE ADVERTISING Rates are available upon request by email at advertising or by calling (208) 424-6685. CHOIS reserves the right to refuse without explanation any advertisement it deems unsuitable. Moving Please send your new address to info so that you can stay Connected PUBLISHER CHOIS EDITOR Linda Patchin MAGAZINE LAYOUT AND DESIGN Diana Childress 4 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Fall 2014 Fall 2014 contents CHOIS CONNECTION 6 ....... 8 ....... 10 ....... ALL I HAVE NEEDED To God be the glory great things He has done PARENTING BY GRACE God proved Himself to be sufficient for us in every way. THE SNARE TO COMPARE Believe you are the mom God chose for your children. 12 ....... 14 ....... 20 ....... THE POWER OF THREE If we are each faithful to this task we may all retain the priceless heritage of the power of three--our freedom. DAD GREAT TEACHER OF UNITS TOO LEARNING LETTERS WITHOUT WRITING A wise wife seeks ways to involve her husband and make him successful. A few ideas to help eliminate tears of frustration as you teach letters in your homeschool preschool. IN EVERY ISSUE Outwards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 A Cup of Encouragement . . . 18 Discovering Idaho . . . . . . . . 22 Advise from a Geek . . . . . . . 24 Newsworthy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Fall 2014 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 5 Featured Article by Israel Wayne PARENTING BY GRACE BY ISRAEL WAYNE I was sitting on the platform of a Christian parenting conference looking out over the audience. This was one of those endof-the day Q&A sessions where all of the exhausted main speakers field questions and try to think on their feet. One of the other speakers had the microphone and was replying to a question by waxing eloquent about the wonderful virtues of fathers being leaders in their homes. His general synopsis was that if dads would not get involved in leading their wives and children and take seriously their responsibility to raise their own children we could expect to see an entire generation of young people go off the deep-end spiritually and morally. He cited statistics of what happens to young people who are raised in homes where the dad is not actively involved in their lives. He raised the issue of the breakdown of the American family and how divorce was wreaking havoc on young lives. He stated how children are much more likely to be involved in violent crime experience unwed pregnancies experience domestic abuse in their marriages get divorced themselves and on and on if the parents are divorced and or the father is not actively leading the family. It was a rather surreal moment for me. Knowing that the microphone would soon be passed to me for my comment my head was spinning. I found myself wanting to nod my head in approval and shake it in protest all at the same time. On the one hand he was so right. As a chaplain in the Juvenile justice system I ve asked about 300 young men about their relationships with their fathers. Most of the time they never knew their dads or their fathers were completely absent from their lives. I only remember one or two cases where a young inmate said he had a good relationship with his father (and those were first-time minor-incident offenders). I heard just this morning on the radio that 70% of all juvenile offenders have had no positive involvement from their fathers at all. The facts seem clear to me young men with proactive fathers just don t end up in juvenile crime. He was so right. In spite of my general agreement another part of me felt really awkward. If this view was correct then without a godly father in the home children are doomed to languish in spiritual lethargy and or moral decadence how could I explain my situation My parents divorced when I was six. My mother who was not a Christian at the time remarried and I lived with a very physically abusive stepfather for the next nine years until he found someone else and moved on with his life. We were not exactly the poster family for godly Full-time Parenting I could identify experientially with everything the other speaker was saying. At fifteen years of age I too was becoming a statistic. I was becoming angry violent and bitter. Our family was a mess and getting worse all the time. Even though we were being homeschooled it didn t solve all of life s problems. So I thought I guess the other speaker is right. Without a good dad in the home you are just up creek without a paddle. Something kept nagging at me though as I listened. He s forgetting something I thought to myself. Then it hit me. I could sum up in one word what was missing from his worldview. Grace. When I was twelve my mother met God. She wasn t out looking for Him. He just intervened in her life in an amazing and powerfully transformational way. Her Damascus Road experience was enough to get the attention of myself and my five sisters. I ve never seen anyone get as sold out to Jesus as my mom did. She s still the most radical Christian I know (after nearly 25 years ). When she met Jesus we were living in poverty fear and defeat. We had been through welfare batteredwomen shelters and homelessness. We knew what it was like to be dysfunctional. We had no idea what it meant to be a godly family. Even churches didn t want us showing up for services because we made them look bad. Now so many years later I hardly recognize us as the same people. The difference is 180 degrees. The fact that God has seen fit in His divine providence (and sense of humor) to give us a national ministry to families is beyond comprehension. In God s great mercy and kindness He allowed my wife Brook and I to start our marriage off on the right foot. We had a 6 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Fall 2014 B u t H e g i v e s a g r e at e r g r a c e . t H e r e f o r e i t s ay s g o d i s o p p o s e d to t H e p r o u d B u t g i v e s g r a c e to t H e H u m B l e . J a m e s 4 6 clean slate and have had no regrets in our marriage. We have seven beautiful children (so far) who bless us every day. We are excited about teaching and training them in the ways of the Lord. We are blessed that we get to teach other people the Biblical principles that we have learned about godly family relationships. I m spoiled rotten. I can trace all of these covenant blessings back to one decision and it wasn t mine. My mother looking at the prospect of raising six children all alone with no husband and no financial security decided to trust God with her whole heart. Proverbs 3 5-7 are verses that she has lived out consistently. Everything that I have received in my life from the hand of God began initially as the result of her faith. My mother humbled herself and received God s grace (James 4 6). When God intervenes in a situation He does the impossible. He uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. He uses the weak things of this world to confuse the strong. He can take a family that is messed up full of bad choices and mistakes and He can make something beautiful of all the mess. It just takes absolute surrender. It takes throwing yourself on the mercy of God. It takes giving up and refusing to try to run your life one day longer. It means letting Christ take control of every facet of your existence. He wants complete total and final Lordship of everything that you are. Now don t get me wrong. I m not down on men taking leadership in their homes. Because of what I ve lived through I think I am way more intentional about taking my place as head of my home than most other men I know I m intense about fathers leading their children in family worship and being godly role-models. I m all about Malachi 4 6 and seeing fathers turn their hearts to their children What I ve learned however is that if God uses a man to lead his family in paths of righteousness and his children learn to walk in truth through his instruction and nurture that is a work of grace. If God raises up a generation of men who are not going to wimp out like the generations before them (and I see this happening all over the country ) that is a work of grace. If the Christian community is carried into the next generation on the shoulders of Godly men who love their families and lay down their lives for their wives and children... that is a work of grace. The point is it really isn t about us as fathers at least not ultimately. It s all about grace. It isn t about faithful single parents who lead their children as the lone sanctifying spouse. It isn t about Christian mothers trying to do their best while living with abusive ambivalent or non-Christian husbands. It s all about grace. As much as I love my mother and thank God for her faithful really isn t about her. It s all about grace Anything good that we have in life is an undeserved gift from God s hand. The way we avail ourselves of that grace is through humility. We have to come to the end of our rope and admit that there is a God and we are not Him. When we are finally broken and surrendered to His will alone He will raise us up. Whether you are a single-parent or a faithful Bible-teaching patriarchal leader of your home it isn t ultimately about you. It s all about God and His marvelous grace. Throw yourself on the merits of Christ and watch in amazement what He can do in and through you and your family. We found God to be the husband to widow and father to the fatherless (Psalm 68 5). God proved Himself to be sufficient for us in every way. Those that honor God will be honored by Him (1 Samuel 2 30). My mother had nothing going for her except the fact that she trusted God completely. She didn t even finish 9th grade She had no job skills and no means for making a living. When she became a single parent we didn t even own a car We had no chance at all of making anything of our lives. There was only one word that stood between us and utter ruin Grace. Israel Wayne is an author and conference speaker. He is the Director of Family Renewal LLC in Michigan. His books include Homeschooling from a Biblical Worldview Full-Time Parenting A Guide to Family-Based Discipleship and Questions God Asks. Fall 2014 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 7 Featured Article by Jeannie Fulbright Compare To S o I m bopping along happily living my little homeschool life when Slam Bam Out Of the Blue I m a failure. I m worthless. I slump my shoulders in defeat. What happened I got caught in a snare-- the snare to compare. Yep. Happens all the time. It s part of the homeschool journey. It s something we have to watch out for because it s always around the corner ready to take us down. In this case I was trying to form a middle school girl s Bible study. One mom called me begging to have her elementary daughter in the group. My goal was for my daughter to develop close friends on a spiritual level as she moved into high school. So I was resistant to include the younger girl. Oh but Jen is much more mature than her older sister. In fact after our morning devotions... I haven t been faithful with morning devotions. She s so much better than me. More disciplined. More spiritual. When the children are working on their memory verses... When was the last time we did memory verses I m a terrible mom. Jen will go into her room for her personal quiet time. I can t get my children to even read their Bibles. My children aren t as spiritual as her children. It s all because of me. I m a failure. And she ll write pages and pages of thoughts she has about the Scriptures we re studying. Ugh. Is there any reason for me to ever get out of bed again I don t think so. Snare The by Jeannie Fulbright Anytime we converse with other homeschool moms we re vulnerable to becoming ensnared. Here s why As homeschoolers we need validation. We re doing such an amazing but difficult thing every single day. Yet there s so little to encourage us. Often the only encouragement we receive is from the small successes we experience along the way. Those successes mind you are framed with a great many struggles in areas where we--and our children--are frightfully flawed. But when we meet up with other homeschoolers we smile and seek validation by sharing those few areas of success failing to mention the flaws. Bobby won first place I ll leave out the part where he punched his sister in the face on the way home. Kelly is four years ahead in math. Let s not mention she is begging to go to public school and recently told me she hates me. Jerry is so kind to his siblings. He wakes up and makes breakfast every morning. But he s always sneaking off to play video games instead of doing school. Shhhh. My friend didn t mean to make me feel like a failure. That was not her intention at all. Yet as she spoke I Yeah. It happened juSt lIke that. the Snare gOt me. 8 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Fall 2014 shrank lower and lower. Then I remembered that Jen s the girl that s always sullen and angry. She pinches her siblings when I m driving them to Awana. She s not perfect. Thank goodness because it sounded like she was for a second. And that s what happens. When we share our successes we inadvertently give off the impression that every area of our life or our children s lives is amazing and wonderful. It s innocent and unintentional. We aren t trying to discourage others by implying our children are perfect. We simply need someone to see that we are doing something right--that one thing one small thing is going well in our lives. After this conversation I realized that my tendency to feel small in the face other people s successes is because I m believing a lie. The truth is however that other people s success is not my failure. The snare to compare is deceptive. You see no one has the perfect homeschool family. There s not a mom around that s doing it flawlessly. No one has a perfect life perfect children a perfect husband or a perfect home. Perfection simply doesn t exist. In a world where the enemy reigns we re all on the battlefield--experiencing some successes and some failures every single day. So next time you re looking in the window of someone s beautiful homeschool life just remember You re only getting to see the room they are showing you. Don t forget you also have areas of success. Your children have triumphs of their own. They may be different but they are just as valuable and important as other children s accomplishments. We shouldn t feel inadequate or defeated because others are doing a great job in some area or another. There is no need to stop everything we ve been doing to try and emulate someone else s homeschool because we ve been misled to believe theirs is better. The Lord called you to homeschool because He has a plan for your children that is unique to them. For we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. (Ephesians 2 10) So it s foolish to compare our children s journey and areas of success and weakness to others. If we do we ll be tempted to take a different course than the one we felt peacefully led to take. We ll be enticed to believe we re not doing a good enough job and will add extra pressure and stress to our schedule in an attempt to remedy our fear of failure. We may even find ourselves trying to fit our children and family into a mold God never intended. The snare to compare can truly trap us if we are not aware. Let me encourage you with a Scripture translation from the Message. I m not saying that I have this all together that I have it made. But I am well on my way reaching out for Christ who has so wondrously reached out for me. Friends don t get me wrong By no means do I count myself an expert in all of this but I ve got my eye on the goal where God is beckoning us onward--to Jesus. I m off and running and I m not turning back. So let s keep focused on that goal those of us who want everything God has for us. If any of you have something else in mind something less than total commitment God will clear your blurred vision--you ll see it yet Now that we re on the right track let s stay on it (Philippians 3 12-16). Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. Don t let them stray. Stay the course focusing on the goal. Don t fall into the snare to compare by looking to the right or to the left distracted by what others are doing. Trust God s unique plan for your homeschooling. Believe you are the mom God chose for your children imperfect as you are. Rest in the truth that you ve been called by God to help your children become what He has intended them to be--even when other moms around you are doing it differently. Jeannie Fulbright is a homeschooling mother of four and the author of Apologia s Young Explorer series Exploring Creation. It s her love for God s Word her family homeschooling and other believers that inspires her to continue writing and speaking. She has a heart to encourage homeschoolers everywhere. She can be found on Facebook Pinterest and Twitter sharing homeschooling ideas and inspiration. Visit Jeannie online at www.jeanniefulbright. You can also find her at her blog http . You can homeschool. We can help along the journey. To know God and to make Him known Communities in Idaho Boise Bonners Ferry Burley Cascade Coeur D Alene Idaho Falls Moscow Mountain Home Nampa Post Falls Sandpoint Twin Falls For more information contact KFadeley W W W. C L A S S I C A LC O N V E R S AT I O N S . C O M Fall 2014 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 9 All I Have Needed It happens every year. Six notes of Pomp and Circumstance and my eyes start welling up with tears. I don t even have to be a parent of a graduate. Love. Pride. Apprehension. Joy. Gratitude. My heart is full. The homeschool graduation represents a remarkable achievement. Whether homeschooled from the beginning or only a few years parents have committed much time energy and heart. The ceremony expresses the conviction that their student has completed a high school course of study and that they are ready to embark on college and career. At the conclusion of my youngest child s graduation ceremony my heart swelled with gratitude to my God. I wanted to boisterously sing my favorite hymn. Great is Thy faithfulness Great is Thy faithfulness Morning by morning new mercies I see All I have needed Thy hand hath provided-- Great is Thy faithfulness Lord unto me When I was weak He showed Himself strong. When I had questions He provided answers in His perfect timing. When the road ahead seemed dark and uncertain He went before me and lit the path. He provided Textbooks and tutors fellowship and phonics. Everything. All the time. Here are some suggestions for the new members of this club the present generation of homeschooling families so that this movement that you have invested so much in will continue to grow and flourish. Y oung moms He will do the same for you. Trust Him. You are the mom God chose for your children. He gave your children to you as a blessing. He will equip you for the task of educating them. You plus Jesus are enough His hands will provide. He is faithful. Each morning brings a fresh perspective as you find new mercy for the day. Look forward to this new school year with anticipation knowing that God will unfold His will for your days and years as you diligently trust and serve Him. He will reveal Himself in the Grammar the Math and especially in the Science and History lessons. Teach your children to look for the unmistakable signs of His presence in each subject and how to use each of their assignments as an opportunity for glorifying God. But now what is to become of us... ahem...older moms What does a retired homeschool mom do Take a knee If you have just graduated your last homeschooled student then please take a few minutes for yourself. Live a little Enjoy a long hot shower. A soak in the tub. A few warm meals. Organize your closets. Clean your garage. Have your nails done. And when you have done all of the things you have been wishing you had time to do these last twenty or more years remember that the team still needs you out on the field. The defensive strategy Get back in the game Now more than ever your presence is needed in the greater homeschooling community. All of the multiplied years of accumulated wisdom that you have gained in the refining crucible of your home is too valuable to waste. Share it with If you have been homeschooling for any length of time then you are familiar with the defensive plan that Idaho homeschoolers have practiced for decades in the political arena. We participate in voluntary standardized testing so that we have an answer for lawmaker s questions about how our children are doing academically. Hundreds of volunteer hours are invested in the process. Remember how much work it was to get yourself and your kids to testing on time with clipboards reading book snack and water bottle Let s be a part of removing burden from younger moms by participating behind the scenes. Learn more about how you can get involved with the Idaho Coalition of Home Educators at 10 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Fall 2014 CHOIS Tidbits by Linda Patchin To God be the glory great things He has done The offensive strategy A strong defense is necessary but sometimes it feels good to score one for the team. Be a part of furthering our freedom. Take the time to call elected officials to share your thoughts on issues. Stay tuned to the play-callers so that you can help execute the strategies that will lead our team to victory. Continue to renew your membership in ICHE and HSLDA so that you will get updates on issues that affect homeschooling. autonomy and secondly by removing our guiding hand too abruptly. Find a balance that works for your family. Guide without taking over. Listen more than you talk. Buddy Building Nurture your marriage. This relationship may have suffered neglect in the midst of homeschooling. Shore it up. Get reacquainted. From where I stand at the finish line I can boldly proclaim that God provided all and more than I needed to fulfill the calling He placed on my life to educate the children that He gave me. As I take my place on the sidelines I want to do what I can to encourage others on their journey offering a refreshing cup of water and a high five as they make their way across the line to join me. See you there Linda Patchin and her husband Paul homeschooled their four children for twentyfive years until their youngest son graduated. They still serve on the CHOIS Board of Directors and Linda enjoys tutoring other people s children. Find your game plan Join the coaching staff For me one of the most difficult aspects of finishing homeschooling was redefining myself. Who was I apart from being my children s mom For twenty-two years I was more than a mom I was a Homeschool Mom. I am still a mom but mothering adults is a very different ballgame than mothering children who are under authority. Investing my extra time in my church body brings me joy. I love to serve the many young homeschool families and feel a part of their great adventure. What are your dreams Discover new passions. Find something for your hands to do and give yourself heartily to that work. It s your turn now You will be blessed. CHOIS exists to encourage equip and train parents in how to educate their children at home. We are always looking for mentors willing to assist younger moms. Perhaps you have exactly the right answer for another mom s compelling question. Don t squander your homeschool wisdom gained through decades of experience Use it or lose it. If you are interested in joining the team please drop us a line at info Keep your eye on the ball Just because you have completed your child s formal education at home does not mean that you are finished parenting. While it is important for young adults to discover their own way suggestions are appreciated. Homeschool graduates sometimes need a little extra advice on navigating college career and relationships. Be there with a listening ear and a few well-timed words of advice. Remember though the thing about advice is that the person getting it can take it or leave it and after giving our advice we must allow room for them to succeed or fail without comment. There is a fine line between hovering and helping. The goal is fully-functional independent adults. We can hinder the achievement of this goal in two ways. First by smothering their natural desire for Fall 2014 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 11 Featured Article by Jessica Hulcy of units By Jessica Hulcy Great Teacher DAD TOO Husbands are good unit teachers if wives let them in on the game plan before handing them the ball. E aster was just around the corner. Four grown sons and their families were coming for Easter lunch and an egg hunt for 11 grandkids. But I wanted our Grandchildren to know the real meaning of Easter going back to the Passover celebrated by the Israelites. A Jewish Seder like the one I had written about in KONOS History of the World Ancient World would be perfect. When writing I purposed not to spend a week on the Assyrians the Babylonians the Phoenicians etc. and miss the story of the Hebrews God s chosen people. Instead I wove all of the parallel cultures plus all the feasts Jews were required to celebrate into the eight-week study of the Hebrews. I wanted my Grandchildren to understand that God had not only given Moses the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai but God also gave Moses all the feasts the Jews were to celebrate. God had such purpose in these required Holy Days. They not only pointed to the coming Messiah but they pointed to the rapture of the church and the Lord s kingdom established on Earth. How could I teach all this at Easter lunch I decided to have the Grandchildren three weeks before Easter for a day of preparing the Seder plate and the symbolic items on the plate and then having an actual Seder meal. We also hunted for crumbs in the house the way that Jewish children did in an effort to clean the house of all yeast (sin) before Passover. Since fathers have a special cushioned chair for Seder and fathers traditionally conduct the Seder dialogue my husband Wade would lead the Seder. I was sure he would be delighted...maybe. Knowing any husband might find it difficult to switch gears from work to teaching a unit study a wise wife prepares and guides her husband. This is what I did with Wade. Rather than hand him the dialogue I d written the day of the Seder I asked him weeks in advance giving him a chance to read it make changes and suggestions and walk through the entire Seder. Everyone performs better if prepared. Planning together allowed us to break up the entire day s activities. I INVOLVING FATHERS would oversee food preparation and the painting of the Seder plate and Wade would oversee hunting for crumbs and leading the Seder. Husbands are good unit teachers if wives let them in on the game plan before handing them the ball. Many dads are naturals at cutting sawing drilling and building things whether the job is helping to build a tabernacle or constructing a Pilgrim Stock for punishing bad Pilgrim children. Other husbands who are computer savvy can help students with PowerPoint presentations computer graphics or programming. But moms beware The male gender brings a special approach to projects. Years ago while teaching American History and preparing costumes for a Civil War Ball I solicited my husband to supervise four sons making Confederate soldiers USING YOUR HUSBAND S GIFTS TALENTS AND INTERESTS 12 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Fall 2014 TEN TIPS FOR WIVES TO INVOLVE HUSBANDS By Wade Hulcy 1. Realize the value of fathers teaching kids. (To both the fathers and the kids.) 2. To avoid an absentee homeschooling dad encourage your husband from the beginning to participate. 3. Assess your husband s gifts interests and attempt to find activities that match his skill set. 4. Know that men hate to look foolish in front of their kids. Help them be successful so they become willing participants. 5. Understand most men are willing to help but haven t the foggiest idea where to begin without guidance. 6. Ask your husband to do specific projects rather than waiting for him to volunteer out of the blue. 7. Build up your husband so much that he cannot refuse. First ask how he would do a project then smile and say winsomely You are very clever. Would you do this with the kids next Saturday 8. Encourage your husband to let the kids do the project. Explain no matter how messy or wrong a project turns out the PROCESS not the PRODUCT builds thinking brains. Long after the PRODUCT is in the trash the PROCESS remains filed in the child s brain. 9. Expect husbands to do activities much differently than wives. Wives need to be content with the unique masculine approach. 10. Rejoice that the time spent between dads and kids is bigger than the academic project it is relationship building. jackets. I bought the supplies which included Goodwill jackets gold braid and expensive gold buttons and left explicit instructions. Smiling I went shopping. I returned to a room filled with testosterone and the smell of hot glue. I naively thought they would sew the buttons on the jackets however the masculine way was to snap off the backs of the buttons and hot glue them to the jackets I was surprised and shocked but it worked I am teaching KONOS History of the World American History again and Wade just finished teaching two hours on the stock market to the class in preparation for the coming chapter on the Great Depression. Feeling like the students needed to know what the stock market actually was before it crashed Wade printed stock certificates and waved them in the air like New York Stock Exchange brokers of old. Earlier in the year Wade used his army experience and played the part of Baron Von Steuben as he drilled the students during the chapter on the Revolutionary War. In the early 1900 s soda fountains were the rage and I was lamenting that the old-time soda fountain I had visited with previous classes had closed. But with Wade s help we were able to recreate one. On class day when the students headed to lunch in the kitchen there was Wade dressed as a soda jerk complete with apron and paper hat making sundaes for the kids. A wise wife seeks ways to involve her husband and make him successful. Units are perfect vehicles for husbands to teach their children to the benefit of both the husband and the kids. The sidebar includes tips from Wade for ten ways wives should solicit help from their husbands. Jessica Hulcy co-author of KONOS Curriculum the first curriculum written for homeschool is an educator author and formerly popular national homeschool speaker prior to her near-fatal wreck in 2009. A graduate of the University of Texas mom to four grown sons and Grandear to eleven grandchildren Jessica lives with her husband Wade on acreage in Texas. Recently Jessica and Wade started the ultimate on-line help for homeschooling moms called Homeschool Mentor. Visit and Fall 2014 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 13 Learning Letters without Writing by Copper Webb lIke ChOIS On faCeBOOk fOr Learning Letters without writing prIntaBle Set With my children tucked into bed and a mountain of laundry to fold I turned on the television. After flipping through several channels I settled on a reality show featuring a homeschooling family. As I matched socks I watched a four-year-old girl dissolve into tears as she tried to write the letter E. It s too hard she cried. I can t do it The scene unfolding on the flat screen was all too familiar. A few weeks prior I had opened my e-mail to see a message from a friend and fellow mom of preschoolers. Help she wrote. Homeschooling is way harder than I thought I tried to teach my daughter to write a few letters but we both ended up in tears. I don t think I can homeschool. I can t even teach my daughter to write her own name A couple years earlier my oldest son had hung his head tears dropping onto his worksheet. I don t like the letter S I can t do it I had reassured my son that he could write letters and to try again just like the other moms had encouraged their daughters. But inwardly I felt like a failure and so did my five-year-old boy. What I didn t realize at the time was that my son s struggle to write was only natural and in line with his current stage of motor development. In a way my son was right he couldn t make that S. He wasn t physically ready to write with a pencil. With our dual roles of parents and teachers it is key that we understand the four patterns of motor development 1) CEPHALOCAUDAL Development progresses from head to toe progressing downward. For example an infant first can control their head and neck before they develop muscle control in their shoulders and then arms. Development progresses from the trunk outward so sitting precedes throwing a ball. Large muscle control precedes small muscle control so children can throw a ball before they can draw a picture. The ability to isolate muscles for movement is a gradual process. 2) PROXIMAL-DISTAL CURRICULUM SPOTLIGHT Little Hands to Heaven is a collection of 33 units based on stories from the Bible. Each unit contains activities (letters math art music dramatic play active exploration devotional topics) that coordinated with the daily Bible stories. Written for ages 2-5 all letter activities use large motor skills with the intent of encouraging the development of fine motor skills. You can find out more about this curriculum at 3) GROSS TO FINE MOTOR 4) MASS TO SPECIFIC 14 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Fall 2014 When we examine these principles we see that a child s ability to use their fingers independently is one of the last stages of muscle development. It is no wonder that preschoolers attempting to write letters often end up i n tears Researchers have determined there is a natural progression in the pencil grasp that is directly associated to the development of fine motor skills. It is generally agreed upon that it is detrimental to have a child attempt to hold a pencil with three fingers before they re developmentally ready as a poor pencil grasp is substantially hard to unlearn. Here are a few illustrations to help you evaluate your child s hand function child to put their natural wiggles to good use as a memory enhancement. One of the easiest ways to do this is to teach your child a letter and its associated phoneme (sound) with a hand motion. For example rub your belly and say Mmm when you hold up a flashcard of the letter M. When you display the letter V say Vvv and pretend to vacuum. During the school year if you visit our home you ll find several feet of masking tape on our foyer floor marking out the shape of the letter of the week. I do this so that before my children are even ready to hold a pencil they can become familiar with a letter s shape. We walk hop tip-toe and scoot along the large letter shape all the while saying the letter s sound. We ll also walk baby dolls and stuffed animals or drive toy cars along the outline of the letter. Of course cars that drive on the letter S do not say Vroom as they can only say Sss Another way I familiarize my children with letter shapes is by printing from the computer full-page sized letters. I have the kids glue things like macaroni dried beans cereal yarn etc. to the letter printed on the page. I keep the pages in a three-ring binder so that later we can trace the letters with our fingers and feel the shape. You can add another sensory level of learning by sprinkling spices or Jello powder over glue on a letter shape or even finger painting with chocolate syrup. Later when traced these mediums will release a scent. My preschoolers think it is fun to be able to smell a letter. Once your children are notably familiar with the shape of a letter you can put a granular substance such as sand salt sugar or cornmeal in a shallow pan. Using the index finger of their dominant hand children can practice writing letters in the pan. Along these same lines a quart-sized freezer bag filled with dish soap or hair gel creates a fun writing pad for practicing letter shapes with your index finger. These are just a few ideas that have helped eliminate tears of frustration as we learn to write letters in our homeschool preschool. I hope they will assist you in turning those little cries of It s too hard into Hey Look what I can do Copper Webb is second generation Idaho homeschooler. Copper and her husband Mike officially became homeschooling parents with the birth of their first child in 2007. In the rare event of uninterrupted time at the computer Copper writes at Static Quadripod Tripod Grasp Ages 3 1 2 - 4 1 2 Most movement has moved to the whole hand with fingers moving in unison. It is termed static because the small muscles of the fingers are not generally responsible for controlling the movement. Movement is initiated from the wrist. Movement comes from gross motor skills (i.e. the shoulder). This grasp does not allow for small isolated strokes. Fisted Grasp Ages 1 - 2 The most efficient grip. It involves the thumb index and middle fingers controlling pencil movement while the arm and wrist are used to maintain positioning. The hand is in optimal position to produce smooth movements. Dynamic Tripod Grasp Ages 4 1 2 - 6 Palm is facing down. Most movement is from gross motor action (i.e. the elbow) but control is moving closer to the fingers. Pronated Grasp Ages 2 - 3 Until a child can easily maintain the Dynamic Tripod Grasp writing with a utensil is difficult inefficient and frustrating. The question is how then if a child s fine motor skills are still developing can we teach them letters The solution is to put a child s large motor muscles to use. Research shows that when the body moves the brain remembers. Allow your Fall 2014 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 15 Homeschoolers MEET THE AMERICAN LEGION Last winter my family sat in folding chairs in the Meridian Idaho American Legion post waiting for my daughter to take her turn in a speaking contest. Before the contest began the post commander took a moment to introduce to the audience a special member of the post an elderly man named Jack Stuart. This man was one of the few surviving World War II veterans still active in that American Legion post. Jack proudly wore his American Legion cap and he was clearly pleased to be recognized. After the event I took a moment to introduce myself to Mr. Stuart and to talk with him. I also wanted to introduce my children to him. That day we got to visit with Mr. Stuart and hear his tales of what it was like on the island of Bouganville and other places in the South Pacific during World War II. It was a rare treat. Jack Stuart s reminiscences are precious. By the time my children are all young adults few World War II veterans will still be living. According to a Veteran s Affairs statement several years ago the average age of living World War II veterans was then 92 and according to recent statistics from the U.S. Veterans Administration about 550 World War II veterans pass away every day. Late this year the National World War II Museum predicts that the number of surviving WWII veterans will dip below 1 million. That is out of over 16 million men who served in uniform during that conflict. That incredible generation is passing. It is important that my kids be able to remember meeting some veterans of that great conflict when they are adults--just as I can remember meeting two men who were World War I veterans when I was a youngster. My wife and I want our children to have a personal link to this part of our nation s history and identity. In this edition of OutWords I am taking a break from my typical ruminations about the Great Outdoors and how home educating families can enjoy and learn about God s creation. Instead I would like to introduce (for many homeschoolers) the American Legion. This organization helps preserve that important link to our nation s history and identity. I had heard of the American Legion of course but I knew very little of what this organization is and what it stands for. Getting involved with a terrific American Legion program this year has taught us a lot about this organization. OUTWORDS BY KEN FREDERICK National Americanism Commission Chairman Joseph E. Caouette speaks to the crowd contestants and judges after the final round of competition was completed. Photo by Eldon Lindsay The American Legion. The American Legion is a non-political service organization started by and for military veterans. Today the American Legion exists to mentor youth and sponsor wholesome programs in our communities to advocate for American patriotism and honor to promote strong national security and to support fellow service members and veterans. Why should Idaho homeschoolers consider involvement with the American Legion After all how is the American Legion any different than other service clubs and organizations and divinity schools. Further the American Legion also believes in strong families a vibrant patriotism and our country s special place in history. Many in the homeschooling community share and appreciate these values especially as such values continue to be swept aside by the media politicians and other voices in our culture. THE AMERICAN LEGION TAKES THE NOTION OF CIVIC The American Legion DUTY SERIOUSLY. and the homeschool community share some important values. Although the American Legion is not an overtly Christian organization institutionally the American Legion embraces a strong belief in God. For God and country are the first four words in the preamble to the American Legion constitution. American Legion meetings and events start with prayer to God offered by the post s chaplain. Ironically the American Legion is arguably more Christian than some seminaries The American Legion is built on the concepts of service and civic duty. The Legion was founded in the waning days of World War I when military and civic leaders realized that the United States needed to do a better job of supporting veterans. The American Legion was not then and is not now a government agency. Instead it was chartered by Congress as a private organization that would serve the needs of veterans and fulfill other important roles. American Legion members care about the future of our country our freedoms and our way of life. The men of the American Legion all served our country in uniform and they continue to serve today. 16 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Fall 2014 The American Legion offers many opportunities for kids to broaden their knowledge and skills. For example the American Legion s High School Oratorical Scholarship contest gives students the opportunity to win scholarships by presenting memorized speeches about the U.S. Constitution. (In fact homeschooled students comprised about a third of the competitors in the Legion s 2014 Oratorical Scholarship contest s national finals.) Boys State and Girls State are participatory programs that teach soon-to-be high school seniors about the rights privileges and responsibilities of franchised citizens. American Legion Baseball is an amateur baseball league founded on the principles of sportsmanship good health and active citizenship. The American Legion also sponsors shooting sports which train youth in firearm use safety and marksmanship. These are just a few of the opportunities offered by the American Legion. It sponsors many other programs and efforts that contribute to healthy families patriotism and American culture. For more information go to Tribune Outwards NelsoN laNdscape MaiNteNaNce Erik Nelson owner 208-871-6216 northwestlandscape Services include mowing edging trimming spring fall clean-up fertilzation weed control prevention tree pruning trimming and tractor services including mowing and discing. Photos from the 2013 Junior Shooting Sports final in Colorado Springs Colorado. Photos by Eldon Lindsay The American Legion. In IdahO and aCrOSS the COuntrY the amerICan legIOn IS SeeIng and appreCIatIng the reSultS Of hOme eduCatIOn . The people involved with the American Legion are impressed by the character the citizenship traits and academic excellence many homeschooled youth possess. The members of the American Legion that I have met would be thrilled to see more homeschooled students participate in Legion programs. I am not a member of the American Legion and it is not my goal to unreservedly endorse every American Legion policy and program but I would say that homeschooling families and the American Legion could be natural partners in a number of areas. Plus it is a great place to meet men like Jack Stuart. Ken Frederick and his wife live in Meridian Idaho where they homeschool and train their four children. Ken kindly acknowledges the contributions of Mr. Jack Youngs to this column. Mr. Youngs is one of the leaders of American Legion Post 118 in Meridian. Harvey Breaux 208-573-1157 25 Hartman Boise ID 83704 Photos from the American Legion World Series Game 14. Louisiana vs Washington. harvey Fall 2014 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 17 My Life Pie GRABBING HOLD Simpler Life by Angela Snodgrass I came that they may have life So busy homeschool and have it abundantly. John 10 10 OF A mom what should your pie look like I like pie. Chocolate buttermilk banana cream peach. Come to think of it I don t believe I ve ever met a pie I didn t like. Except for maybe that mincemeat pie I was forced to eat one time when I was 12. What WAS that stuff But I digress. Pie is often associated with the early American dream. Baseball hotdogs and apple pie brings us back to a slower time a time when the pace of life wasn t quite so breakneck. When moms and dads sat on the front porch sipping iced tea and waving to neighbors while the kids chased fireflies after dinner. A time when life seemed... simpler. Whether we admit it or not most of us crave a simpler life. Our souls are weary. We run to catch up only to discover even more that needs tending to. We lament how busy we are but struggle to find a way off the crazy cycle. A counselor once told me that life is like a pie. You choose the flavor but whatever it is everything in your life must fit into that pie. As I sat in his office listing off all the things I was involved with at the time he just shook his head at me. You have enough to fill at least two pies. No wonder you re struggling Ha He had me figured out within the first twenty minutes My pie was turning into a giant sticky mess controlling my life to the point of depression. Something had to change. Taking a good hard look at my life pie I decided homeschooling four kids and running a large support group took up at least half. Making my marriage a priority took up another quarter. That left me with just one quarter to fill with everything else. Wow What an eye opener I looked at my list and realized how overcommitted I was. None of the things on my list were bad. In fact they were quite good but it didn t necessarily mean I was supposed to be doing ALL of them. It was time to declutter and reprioritize. Some serious soul searching ensued and I began to practice saying NO. I ll be honest. That was tough. It was not a word I was too familiar with but as time went on and I began to see the positive impact of balance in my life saying no became easier...and my pie became less crowded and a whole lot more enjoyable. That s a question only you can answer but if you re willing you can trim your life down to a manageable size. With a few positive steps you can hop off the crazy cycle and move from wishing for a simpler life to truly living one. First surrender your pie to the Lord. Ask him to show you his intent for your time talents and resources (James 1 5). Did you pray about each thing as you added it to your pie or did you pick it up and run with it on your own Or maybe someone handed it to you and you felt you didn t have a choice. Seek his will for your life and he will show you the right path. Look straight ahead and fix your eye on what lies before you. Mark out a straight path for your feet then stick to the path and stay safe. Don t get sidetracked keep your feet from following evil. Proverbs 4 25-27 Next be willing to be honest with yourself...really honest. Do the hard thing. Examine your life...your marriage homeschool friendships 18 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Fall 2014 SIX STEPS TO GRABBING HOLD OF A Simpler Life ....... 1. Surrender 2. Be honest 3. Check your motives 4. Share 5. Clean house 6. Leave white space ministry opportunities hobbies and ask yourself how much time each of these requires. Draw out your life pie. I m visual so seeing how much I had going on helped me finally wrap my head around it enough to make the necessary changes. Along with looking at your list of commitments take a hard look at your motives. WHY are you involved in certain areas Guilt Fear that if you don t do it no one will Are you doing it because your best friend is involved or simply because you ve always done it Motives are powerful things driving us in ways we often don t even recognize. Understanding why you re doing something is important in assessing whether or not it s healthy or necessary. Talk to your husband and share your pie with him. Ask for his perspective and share your desire to simplify. Being on the same page with your spouse will bring further peace solidify your decisions and give you the courage you need to move forward. This is where the rubber meets the road. Once you ve discerned what should and should not be a part of your pie it s time to clean house. For some that may mean stepping out of commitments completely or scaling back your involvement rearranging schedules or simply refocusing on your priorities. It won t be easy especially if you ve been operating this way for many years. Keep in mind that some things in our lives are meant for a season. The problem many of us have is letting go when the season draws to a close. Maybe the season holds memories you cherish or has helped you heal in some way. Maybe you re holding on simply because it is familiar and comfortable. Clinging to the past prevents us from moving forward. It hinders us from God s best for ourselves and our family. You wouldn t continue wearing your ski jacket through the blistering summer months so why continue being involved in something once that season is past Let it go. A word of caution Along with all the things you re DOING don t forget some time to just BE. Leave yourself some white space. As moms we re often afraid of down time or even worse feel guilty for it. DON T Are you empty Burned out Trying desperately to muster courage for the coming year You can t give away what you don t have. Taking time daily to fill yourself up is essential for you to be able to minister effectively to those around you. It s not a luxury busy mom it s a necessity. Allow yourself time to sit on the porch and watch a sunset to laugh with a friend savor a mocha or read that book you ve wanted to get to. Leave yourself room to breathe. John 10 10 reminds us that Christ came that we might have an ABUNDANT life. Not abundant in the sense that our life pie is filled to overflowing or to the point it leaves us exhausted overworked and depleted of joy. That is not His intent. Homeschooling and all it entails is not meant to be a burden. The yoke of teaching your kids is not supposed to weigh you down. As you rest in the Lord allowing him to teach you he will show you what things He has planned - just exactly what things he intended for your pie . Then Jesus said Come to me all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you because I am humble and gentle at heart and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy to bear and the burden I give you is light. Matthew 11 28-30 Pie may bring you momentary happiness (especially if it s alamode ) but learning to balance your life according to His plan will help you find the rest and slower pace your soul so desperately craves. Angela and her husband Mike love their crazy life with four kiddos and will graduate their oldest next year. In her free time she enjoys DIY decorating projects copious amounts of coffee and blogging about a variety of random subjects at http Fall 2014 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 19 Res Piece a neighborhood for them. This is the most valued service you can give them. With early voting candidates will begin campaigning in earnest in September. You can often do door drops for all three of your preferred candidates simuntaneously. If you are able to gather other families to join you all the better. You will become each candidate s friend and expert on home education. And after personally knowing you your friends and your children it will be very difficult to vote against your homeschooling issues. Taking this a step further candidates or legislators would also welcome an invitation to your home for a dessert to speak to homeschoolers on an aspect of government. They willl gladly teach your children the process of how a bill becomes a law the challenges they expect to face if elected the impact on their family or how to run a campaign. Give them the topics in advance and prepare the students ahead with engaging questions to ask. The Power of Three The number of hours the average child watches television per day. The percentage of home educating fathers holding doctorate degrees. The number of grade levels the typical homeschooled fifth grader reads above the national average. Rapid Response Three is also the number of lawmakers representing your family at the Statehouse. Two representatives and one senator. And three is the number of votes your family can influence this session to maintain the right to home educate without restriction in Idaho. Just one of those votes might be the tipping point. Starting Blocks Next become connected informed and responsive. Read the weekly ICHE News & Update email apprising you of current issues affecting home education. When challenged a rapid response by you and other homeschoolers will be key to maintaining our unprecidented freedom. Passed in 2009 Idaho Code section 33202 clearly protects homeschooling apart from state oversite and public school requirements ... a parent or guardian shall either cause the child to be privately instructed by or at the direction of his parent or guardian or enrolled in a public school or public charter school including an on-line or virtual charter school or private or parochial school... Yet for decades the National Education Association (NEA) has strongly opposed parental choice and private homeschooling calling for state licensed instructors state approved curriculum and passing of state assessment testing to ensure adequate academic progress for all students. The past President of the Idaho Education Association (IEA) in her 2003 address to the Idaho teacher s union Annual Delegate Assembly boasted We single-handedly elected Dr. Marilyn Howard Superintendent of Public Instruction. We know we did it and we are proud of it ... We changed the face of the legislature by electing more friends of public How does your family make that connection Easily since your legislators are eager to know you particularly in this election year. Farmers businessmen homemakers and veterans they are our neighbors with a heart to serve. Some have never even known a homeschooling family. And if that is the case they often visualize a stereotypical caricature readily dispelled by you. Start by comparing the candidate statements concerning homeschooling at For further positions on other issues go to No candidate is likely to be perfectly aligned with your views but one candidate is going to win. You have an obligation to your family in determining who will be the most effective in blocking damaging policies and in enacting positive ones. And prior to the election is when you will have the most influence on your candidates all of whom greatly desire your support. Next contact your preferred candidates and offer to donate one morning for your family to distribute campaign material in powerful number. Two is the number of bills that could have profoundly affected home educators this past session. One held in committee by the chairman and one withdrawn courageously on the floor by Representative Luker to protect our religious liberty after his bill was hijacked by efforts to amend it. One is the number of times your family needs to meet your legislators to become that influential voice representing homeschooling. One family is often all that is needed to convince a legislator of the legitimacy of what we do. 3 is a very 20 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Fall 2014 education--and boy that has saved our bacon time after time this year. We elected a record eight IEA members to the legislature...These wonderful people are our champions. A decade later their friends in the legislature have continued to increase while forging coordinated alliances with likeminded local and national organizations. Those who oppose us are wellorganized well-funded and wellrepresented in our legislature. From bullying statutes to bathroom bills they have been marching forward aggressively to curtail rights of conscience religious liberty and parental rights. Valiantly sponsored by homeschooling grandfather Senator Grant Ipsen RFRA has protected us for 14 years. And should all else fail RFRA could safeguard our right to teach our children at home based on religious convictions. Your family has the power to persuade with its presence. If we are each faithful to this task we may all retain the priceless heritage of the power of three--our freedom. VOTE NOVEMBER 4 elect eleindex.htm Candidate Information CONNECT & RESPOND Join ICHE for Updates & Alerts IdahoCoalitionOfHomeEducators ICHE_Idaho Saving our Bacon This election matters for Idaho and our nation Stopping the advance of Common Core with a repeal Protecting our children from predatory harm Guarding our Idaho Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) What will your family do to save our bacon this year to be our champion Will you invest just one morning to cultivate three key relationships with your two representatives and one senator RES PETERS is the State Testing Director for the Idaho Coalition of Home Educators. She resides with her husband Barry in Eagle. Fall 2014 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 21 Discover Idaho Trailing of the Sheep Festival by Connie Seward T he Basque Museum and Cultural Center located in downtown Boise provides a look into Basque heritage through collections exhibits and tours. The cultural center also provides a gathering place for events and educational opportunities for people of all backgrounds. BMCC was established in 1985 and is the only Basque museum in the United States. Situated in the middle of the lovely Basque Block amidst ethnic eateries and historic buildings the BBMC is centrally located with public parking areas within walking distance. Collections consist of oral history archives a library records and tapes manuscript materials artifacts and photographs. These resources are available to students interested in researching Basque history and culture. Interactive museum displays include exhibits on sports art historical culture 22 and sheepherding. In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Boise s JacobsUberuaga boarding house and the 100th anniversary of Boise s Anduiza fronton court two new exhibits featuring boarding houses and fronton courts will open on June 5th 2014. Visiting as a family or scheduling a tour is a great way to learn about Basque culture in a fun educational environment. Basic tours begin with the museum and gallery before advancing to the JacobUberuaga House which is part of the museum complex. Built in 1884 just one year after the founding of the city the Cyrus Jacobs-Uberuaga House is the oldest brick structure in Boise. The house first belonged to the Jacobs family before becoming the Uberuaga Basque boarding house from 1910 to 1969. The tour also includes time in the Anduiza Fronton Court Boise s only Basque ball court where students can try their hand at the exciting sport. For those unable to visit the museum staff are available to give presentations to groups at your choice of location. Presentations include Basque history and activities such as playing musical instruments and dancing. Costumes posters instruments music and other props will be included. Cost is 55.00 per class or 3.25 per student. Educational Traveling Trunks are also available. Each trunk includes a workbook and supplemental activities for students to follow in 5 lessons. All items in the trunk can be used in hands-on lessons and activities. Topics in the activity book include Introduction to Basque Culture Immigration to Idaho Sheepherding and Preserving the Culture. The museum provides a workbook for each student if requested at no charge. Trunk rental cost is 10.00 plus shipping for a maximum of 2 weeks. The Basque Museum and Cultural CHOIS COnneCtIOn Fall 2014 Curriculum Connections Get your new school year off to a great start by taking time to savor our wonderful fall weather with a field trip to The Trailing of the Sheep. This first hand experience will enhance your curriculum in multiple ways. Agriculture Science - Sheep Husbandry Art - Woolen creations and open air painting. Camp Living Sheepherder camp skills through all four seasons. Canine Handling Training herding dogs Domestic Engineering - Cooking with lamb History Spanish migration northward American Homesteading in the Wood River Valley Basque Scottish and Peruvian sheepherding. Music and Dance - Ethnic folk music (Peruvian Basque Polish Western American). Philosophy - Land use - private versus public and residential versus agricultural wild animal re-introduction into domestic herding habitats. Center offers free weekly events and education opportunities covering dynamic and diverse topics. For budget-conscious families this is a fantastic deal considering you receive free museum admission AND a special learning experience. Some of this year s offerings included a field trip to a working sheep farm during lambing season unique Basque films a Joko Garbi game tournament hosted by French players lectures by Basque authors or professors and a two-day Scott-Irish genealogical symposium presented by professional Irish genealogists. The museum and boarding house host free tours accompanied by live music on the first Thursday of each month from 5.30-8.30 pm. Offerings on the second Thursday of the month usually cover author lectures field trips or movies. Each third Thursday of the month focuses on Herria Dantza which are different dances that are popular at Basque festivals in Boise or surrounding areas. No experience is Field Trip Information Home school Group Tours Reservations are required at least one week in advance. Tours easily accommodate up to 30 people at one time though larger groups can be managed with adequate staffing. Special needs can also be accommodated. Strollers are welcome in the main museum area but are not allowed in the boarding house due to stairs. Tours take approximately 1-1 2 hours for the museum Jacobs-Uberuaga boarding house and the Anduiza fronton court. Specialized tours can be arranged to address specific topics. Nametags are highly suggested. Each adult is asked to read the tour group rules at basquemuseum. com visit group-tours. Cost is 50.00 for a group of 30 which averages to about 1.65 per attendee. For smaller groups it may be more cost effective to pay the regular admission rates. Tour Group Contact Annie Gavica 208-577-2250 50.00 for a group of 30 Regular admission may be applied for smaller groups. BBMC Contact Information 611 W Grove St. Boise Idaho 83702 208-343-2671 BBMC Hours Tuesday Friday 10 00am 4 00pm Saturday 11 00am 3 00pm Closed Sunday Monday & holidays Memorial-Labor Day Jacob Uberuaga House open daily Labor Day-Memorial Day Jacob Uberuaga House open only Saturday or by request. BBMC Admission Rates Adults - 5.00 Seniors (65 ) & Students - 4.00 Children 6-12 - 3.00 Children under 5 free Parking Boise City parking is free on weekends but there is a charge during the week. Look for several available lots on 6th street as well as a small lot directly across from the BBMC on Grove Street or directly behind the fronton court. liturgical dances. Check the website www. for more information. The Sheepherders Ball has been held for almost 90 years each December at the Basque Center with current information available at Jaialdi an international Basque festival is celebrated in Boise every fifth year. Look for details of their upcoming 2015 celebration at Don t forget to stop in the BBMC gift shop where Wendy with her lovely Scottish accent will greet you warmly. The shop is full of educational treasures or gifts sure to please everyone. necessary for this free event hosted at 5.30 by the Basque Center next door to BBMC. In addition dancers are invited to perform at Boise s annual San Inazio in July. The fourth Thursday is devoted to lectures from community experts or from local professors in Boise States Basque Studies program. Check out all upcoming offerings under the event tab on the BBMC website. If there is a charge for supplies etc. the cost will be listed with the event. The local Basque community in conjunction with BBMC and the Basque Block also host several cultural events throughout the year. San Izazio is held on the last Thursday of July each year. The 60th annual San Izazio street festival will take place on the Basque Block on July 26th 2014. There will be music indoor and outdoor dancing sports food and demonstrations from 11-4 pm. After 4 00 pm the public is invited to watch a live Mass at St. John s Cathedral complete with Connie Seward and husband Quentin homeschooled their children through high school in Boise Idaho. Their family continues to enjoy the many hands on learning opportunities available in Idaho. h Fall 2014 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 23 advice from a geek I am sure every one of you is aware of the financial impact of choosing to homeschool. Both parents work very hard but only one usually brings home a paycheck. So we often look for additional sources of income. Maybe raising chickens to sell eggs. Maybe one or both parents takes on a part-time job. Maybe the family watches another family s children during the day. And I am sure many of you have done other things too. So what would you do if your chosen method of earning extra income wound up costing you a couple of thousand dollars instead of bringing in anything I want to tell you a story of a family I know who nearly fell prey to a scammer but noticed some inconsistencies before losing any money. You may ask What does that have to do with technology Mr. Geek The reason I am writing about it in this column is because this family (I ll call them the Smiths to keep them anonymous and to make it easier to refer to them) started this journey by advertising on CraigsList the worldwide online classified ad website and involved a bunch of emails and even text messages. Mrs. Smith decided that she would try earning some money without leaving home by watching another family s children. So she placed an ad on CraigsList. She heard from a couple of families but for one reason or another the situation was not right for those families. Then she was contacted by a single mother from Canada who was going to be working a month-long contract job in the area and needed some daycare for her precious little girl during that time. A price was agreed upon and Mrs. Smith was excited that she was finally going to earn a little money even if only for a month. Now as odd as that situation already was it was about to become even stranger. The mom would not be bringing her daughter to the Smith s house each day. She hired a driver to bring her instead. Her financier was willing to pay for the monthlong childcare up front and also needed to pay the driver up front but for some reason could only write one check. Like Mr. Smith I bet you are getting suspicious right now are you not So Mrs. Smith was asked to deposit the check keep the part for the childcare and send the rest to the driver. When the check arrived (it was supposed to be a certified check but was just an ordinary check) the Smiths noticed that it 24 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Fall 2014 YES Name Street Box City State Phone SUBSCRIBE I would like Today to subscribe to CHOIS Connection 1 YEAR 10 Zip Code Email By Ken Barnes Mail this form and checks to CHOIS P.O. Box 45062 Boise ID 83711 or go to to subscribe online came from Minnesota the check was drawn on a California bank the excess money was supposed to be wired to the driver in Maryland (to drive someone around southwest Idaho ) and the phone number given to the Smiths to contact the mom had an Alabama area code. By now it was clear that the scammers expected Mrs. Smith to deposit the check and wire the funds to Maryland only to have the check bounce. So the Smiths would not be earning any money for childcare and would have just sent a huge chunk of money that they could not spare to someone they do not know. Fortunately they realized what was going on before losing any money. But their story should be a lesson for us all. I think very highly of CraigsList and this is by no means any kind of indictment of them. But no matter what site you are visiting on the web beware of contact from anyone you do not already know. CHOIS does not want financial hardship to keep anyone from being connected so please accept a complimentary subscription if you are unable to pay. CHOIS exists to inspire Idaho parents to educate their children at home to promote parent-led family-funded relationship-based home education and to preserve homeschool freedoms. We are a non-profit organization committed to encouraging homeschooling families. The CHOIS Connection a quarterly magazine seeks to provide encouragement and help for Idaho homeschooling families. WEBSITES online interactive publications newslet ers R E I D ADVERTISING Logos graphic design a graphic design firm SIGN AGE COLLATERAL web design PRINTMEDIA Just launched MAGAZINES editorial design Art Direction ADVERTISING a small-business website owned by a homeschool family social WEBSITES Ken Barnes is a software developer and homeschool co-op board member. He and his lovely bride Cindy have been home educating their 4 schemers (not as bad as scammers) since 2003 email sr Fall 2014 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 25 phone 208.659.8408 Idaho homeschool Bloggers have great things to say IdahO hOmeSChOOlIng lawS TRUE AIM great freedOmS dual- parEntIng & EducatIo 4 of I m Janine a mom ver the helping you disco g and True Aim of Parentin on - ensuring you Educati hit your have what it takes to mark. n In Idaho parents are allowed to be parents deciding what when and where our children learn. Although attempts are constantly made to restrict Idaho homechoolers (for our own good we are told) our freedoms and protections have actually increased in recent years. We are not required to report to anyone that we are homeschooling. Statutes allow us to determine our own teaching schedule and curriculum. Idaho law does not specify the number of hours days or weeks that parents must provide formal instruction. enrOllment Idaho law guarantees our right to dualenrollment. That means that we can use specific public school resources as a supplement to our homeschools. So as long as there are openings our children can participate in classes sports band debate or any other public school activity. homeschooling-in-idaho More Posts in this Series homEschoolIng In Idaho Idaho EducatIonal FIEld trIps support convEntIons and FrEE rEsourcEs If you need help support or would just like to meet other Idaho homeschoolers go to Don t forget you can always contact your local church for even more groups. There are so many educational adventures for homeschoolers in Idaho Of course there are popular places to go like the zoo science center and art museum but you ll also find many destinations unique to Idaho. Find some great ideas to get you started on my blog other BLoggers You Love Email us at info with your favorite bloggers. We will be highlighting some of our favorite Idaho Homeschool bloggers each issue. Be sure to include a link to their blog. 26 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Fall 2014 I ve partnered with homeschoolers across the nation to gather the laws resources and everything else you would like to know about homeschooling state by state. So no matter where you are in the US you ll know how to get started homeschooling in your state. Oh Taste And See Recitals Neil And Susanne Buckley 559-4660 Graduation Showers Weddings Milestones A Homeschool Family Fall 2014 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 27 Newsworthy I can do things through who strengthens me. Philippians 4 13 ALL CHRIST iDAho homeschool GrADuAtion clAss of 2014 Back Row- L-R David Hileman Cale Worley Aaron Sweet Connor Speiser Trevor Blank Jeremiah Cecsarini Joshua Thompson Alexander Perkins Andrew Van Vleck Taylor Frech Row 4- L-R Estevan Masis Lindsey Jackson Jamie Siewert Madeline Kircher Karis Liston Sally Rains Rachel Hooper Dominique Barrett Olivia Diaz Levi Watson Row 3- L-R Ryan Wilson Carly Kowallis Lauren Rust Melissa Nichols Julia Hubbard Melanie Beers Julia Olsoe Emmalee Stanley Jake Wright Row 2- L-R Matthew Liscinski Rebecca Bollinger Patience McCulloch Hannah Brown Hannah Rose Grace Sterling Rebecca Nebeker Marissa Emerson Lydia Jones Ryan Beers Front Row- L-R BreAnna Alley Kristi Samuelson Jenna Caven Lidya Ostyn Esther Frederick Madison Barno Tara Felzien Adelie Gruver Taylor Hansford Angelica Paul 28 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Fall 2014 treAsure VAlley homeschool GrADuAtion clAss of 2014 Back Row- L-R Stephanie VanPatton Jovanie Arroyo Miriam Sorenson Brandon Buck Julian Mocan Emily Jane Traub Whitney Chiles Stephanie Norris. 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Box 45062 Boise Idaho 83711 F hfulness ait is thy Great June 4th-6th 2015 T state homeschool convention 17t Annual h he steadfast love of the Lord never ceases His mercies never come to an end. Lamentations 3 22 Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State