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Description: Experts for various industries open up about how they got where the are and answer questions about their industry

Ian Sanchez Founder Owner Purposeful Entrepreneurship Charleston SC contents... 5 17 19 15 features 8 Debra Wallin Senior Quality Assurance Systems Analyst Wells Fargo Charlotte NC Taylor 10 richarD- Global Capital Advisors LLC President M&A Consultants Ltd. - Milwaukee WI WellWooD 12 carol- Yukon OK Author 13 charles lobosco Group LLC - Cincinnati OH Co-Founder The VisionOp 14 Owner Sanders Engineering Associate Research Dr. charloTTa sanDers Professor of Nuclear Engineering University of Las VegasNevada - Las Vegas NV Also available as Digital Download on your device Industry ExpErts Is your company missing that next big marketing tool MAGAZINE Editorial E d i t o r - i n -C h i E f Marissa Bacchi Contributing WritErs businesses thrive when they have professional videos to help explian who they are what they do Holli M. Narvaez Felix Pons Angie M. Hoffman & Production ProduCtion dirECtor Antonio Meneses Contact us to see how we can help you market your business with video production Editorial Coodinator Rachael Raffna sElECtion CommittEE Anne Silar Kimberly Diehl Rebecca Valuch Women of Distinction Published by National Association of Distinguished Professionals 560 Broadhollow Road Ste. 310 Melville NY 11747 Phone 631-465-9024 Fax 631-465-9035 http Robert Arthur Barbeau First Vice-President Asset-Based Lending Group Manager Community Bank Ontario CA FOR OVER 35 YEARS ROBERT ARTHUR BARBEAU HAS WORKED IN ONLY ONE FIELD. Diving into the workforce after finishing community college in 1972 as a mailroom supervisor for Wells Fargo Bank in El Monte California Robert later applied for an auditor position but instead was offered an accounts receivable auditor job. Although he had no formal education in banking or finance he knew that the position was a once in a lifetime opportunity so he had to work hard to prove that he had what it took. He didn t want to let his boss down nor himself. After enduring some intensive training Robert landed on his feet. It was the beginning of a career that would last a lifetime. My boss s name was Richard Meamber Robert recalled. He took a chance on me and was willing to train me on a career that I still do today. I am very grateful. Robert continued to progress in the world of commercial banking after that very first promotion. While serving as auditor he acquired knowledge of how to audit books and records which led to him to another promotion as the bank s inventory specialist. In that capacity he set up policies and procedures for auditing inventory and learned to classify inventory by type. Upon leaving Wells Fargo after thirteen years Robert went on to work for several other banks and organizations before landing a job with his current bank Community Bank in Ontario California. He worked at Security Pacific Business Credit Inc. as an auditor at Sanwa Bank and City National Bank as both an assistant vice-president and later as a collateral relationship manager and at First Trust Bank as an assistant vice-president of corporate banking where he established their asset-based lending department. Robert then started RAB Audit Services where he conducted sub-contract audits for various lenders. At East West Bank he worked as an assistant vice-president of asset-based lending as well as new business auditor and audit manager. Taken on board with Community Bank in November 1999 as vice-president of the their Asset-Based Lending Group and as audit manager Robert eventually worked his way up to his current title of first vice-president and asset-based lending group manager in 2011. My major role is to lessen bank exposure as it relates to monitoring new and existing loans he explained. I am also responsible 5 for my staff to make sure that the collateral for the bank s loan is monitored accurately. Robert also works with relationship managers and business center managers as it relates to structuring an asset-based loan (ABL) and does ongoing training of new relationship managers. His years of experience in business loan banking have given him the opportunity to interact with different businesses and gain expertise in the full realm of asset-based lending. From being an auditor collateral analyst collateral relationship manager and eventually becoming asset-based lending manager in his present position Robert has been very fortunate to have been able to learn so many different areas of the business. Enjoying each opportunity that he has to teach and educate others on the unique complex field of finance and commercial banking Robert has conducted Robert Morris Associates seminars along with internal bank seminars on asset-based lending. He once gave a seminar on the various financing groups at the prestigious Pepperdine University in Malibu California where he discussed financing options such as purchase order financing factoring and asset-based lending. It was a very rewarding experience for him to be asked to speak by such an honorable institution. Some of his best advice however when it comes to venturing into the world of banking and business doesn t stem from his personal experience of how he got to where he is today. Looking back he says that being proactive is always the better bet. He suggests exploring educational requirements that are deemed necessary such as accounting and finance courses and to perhaps work or intern with a subcontract audit firm to learn firsthand exactly how audits are conducted to be sure that it is truly what you want to do. Throughout the course of Robert s career he has learned to acclimate to various economic conditions that have set the tone for how involved the monitoring aspect of the job will be. Thankfully in his 35-plus years being in this business he is proud to be able to say that he has never worked for an institution that has ever taken a loss and has been able to exit unwanted credits in a timely fashion. There is a lot to be said for that. A member of the Commercial Finance Conference of California and The National Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Robert is also a Certified Real Estate Appraiser (CREA) and Notary Certified Construction Inspector and Environmental Inspector. He is an El Monte High School 1971 alumni and also holds an associate s degree from Rio Hondo Junior College located in Whittier California in 1971. Robert is married with three grown children. His daughter is a dance instructor his eldest son works in a warehouse drives a forklift and is a very hands-on employee while his younger son is anticipating his bachelor s degree in fire science with the hopes to become a building inspector before working his way up to arson investigator. Having always instilled to their children the importance of hard work Robert and his wife take active roles in their family s successes. For Robert personally working hard getting the 6 job done and taking care of his family were and forever will be his first priority. Integrity means a lot to me Robert said. What you see is what you get. It comes as no surprise that Robert is also a strong supporter of both human and animal rights. When he has time for himself he takes advantage of it by staying active. He loves to go jogging swimming and hiking. He also enjoys working on his cars in the garage. What is an asset based loan An asset-based loan (ABL) is where the lender or finance company consider assets such as accounts receivable and inventory as collateral which supports the line of credit. A UCC-1 filing is done to secure those assets. What is an advance rate on an asset-based line of credit Advance rates are given based on lendable assets such as accounts receivable less any ineligible as calculated by the bank. Inventory is also considered as well in some instances. What are the advantages of an asset-based line of credit Advantages include the ability to negotiate discounts from suppliers which are in some instances less than the interest paid on the line of credit. How are asset-based lines of credit monitored Asset-based lines of credit are monitored by ongoing collateral analysis and collateral audits in which books and records are examined. What is done on a collateral audit The auditor verifies the assets in which the bank has as their collateral for the loan such as proof of shipment or service to validate accounts receivable and inventory test counts cost test and gross profit test on various products sold. What are the qualifications to become a collateral auditor Being an accounting major in college is recommended or having significant bookkeeping skills. What are the qualifications to become an asset-based lending manager Accounting skills along with supervisor skills and years of experience in the industry are all qualifications. Having a full understanding of all asset-based lending procedures are also necessary. Why join various affiliations It is good to network with other professionals in the industry to learn what is new and or cause for concern based on local or world events. Why appraisals on inventory or fixed assets real estate etc. To know the appraised value of an asset is necessary in the course of a liquidation bearing in mind that an appraised value is conducted at the time the report is generated. Integrity means a lot to me. What you see is what you get. Why do you like being employed with Community Bank It is a great organization that has a professional environment second to none. 7 Debra S. Wallin Senior Quality Assurance Systems Analyst Wells Fargo - Charlotte NC INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND COMPUTERS HAVE BEEN THE WAVE OF OUR FUTURE FOR QUITE SOME TIME NOW. In the 1970 s Debra S. Wallin remembered hearing that computers would someday put people out of work and that scared her. So after high school Debra decided she would enter the computer industry so she would always have a secure and bright career ahead of her. Debra was recruited in 1983 by 1st Source Bank in Indiana. Although she still had one semester left to complete her associate s in computer technology at Purdue University she accepted the position and juggled work and school until she earned her degree. Though she only remained in that position for three-and-a-half years she gained an immense amount of experience that would carry her into the future. I originally started down the path of climbing the corporate ladder but soon I determined that it made more sense to grow my knowledge sideways Debra explained. I worked diligently to increase my breadth of knowledge so that I could do a variety of job functions depending on the needs of the company. It s helped me avoid downsizing and organizational displacements and has kept me from getting burnt out doing the same things over and over. Playing to her strengths Debra enjoys working out details and logically putting ideas and concepts into workable formats that teams can digest and act upon. Because of this her career has blossomed and remains satisfying to her all these years later. Working for Wells Fargo bank since June 1995 in their Charlotte North Carolina location Debra is a senior quality assurance systems analyst who works closely with the business analysts and technical teams to make sure that the applications they build and test actually match the business partners requirements. Making sure they are also creating compliance documentation that proves they are in fact building what was requested and that they ve tested the applications thoroughly prior to implementing them into the production environment is a big part of her job as well. She also reviews test case coverage facilitates test script reviews manages the defect resolution process and creates detailed metrics of every test cycle all the while promoting teamwork and participating on diversity and inclusion teams to raise awareness on cultural competence and strategies for communicating with offshore employees and teammates of different work styles. 8 The Diversity Council of the Carolinas which Debra is an active member of has given her the opportunity to lead discussion groups and attend numerous workshops. She is the president of the Charlotte Chapter of The National Diversity Council of the Carolinas where she offers her talents with organization event ideas networking and event planning and execution. Early in her career Debra was faced with being a young female working in an industry that was fostered mostly by men. For this reason she was rarely taken seriously. To overcome the dilemma she found that it was best to consistently be the employee that produces results that she could show to her managers. Quickly becoming the go to person and proving to her male co-workers that she had what it took to survive the information technology age she became a self-confident woman and leader later on. While working in several capacities throughout her career the hardest yet was surely in 1995 after Debra s divorce. As a single working parent she decided it would be best to relocate and start anew. Picking up and moving away from everyone she knew with a three-year-old in tow certainly wasn t easy but she had a responsibility to herself and to her daughter. I had to balance the demands of a new position and being the best parent I could be Debra remembers. With no support group I needed to work diligently at my career while also making sure the needs of my daughter were being met. Although Debra s daughter had to attend daycare and preschool in the beginning it made both mom and daughter stronger and more resilient. Debra learned how to multitask at work and at home and she is proud to say that she never missed a single tennis match basketball softball or soccer game game or school presentation. She also continued to excel at work and completed tasks on or ahead of schedule. Debra has excelled at time management and prioritization is extremely organized and always focuses on results. It has all contributed to her improved communication skills and ability to create solid teams based on respect compassion and patience. Recently she served as one of the main contributors to the creation of her company s Technology and Operations Test Methodology including Test Strategy Test Plan Test Results Summary Detailed Test Metrics and Daily Test Execution Progress templates. She has also authored a Defect Management Methodology that was used to help create the Enterprise Defect Management Methodology. She now teaches and mentors others in the step-by-step process needed for quality assurance during a System Development Life Cycle which include peer and team reviews of Requirements Design Test Cases and Defect Resolution. Debra s also authored numerous articles for her business unit s Diversity Newsletter ranging from interviews with disabled employees to reporting on community diversity events and discussing strategies to be more inclusive of everyone they encounter or need to collaborate with in the workplace. Debra comes from a large family with three sisters and three brothers. Three very important elements of her life include fitness nutrition and the outdoors. She s previously coached her daughter s little league teams for several years played softball for 20 years and trained in Tae Kwon Do achieving her third degree black belt in 2005. She s a member of the Women s National Book Association the Society of Children s Book Writers and Illustrators and the Charlotte Writers Group. Though her father and step-father have passed her 83-yearold mom and Debra are very close. Her daughter graduated from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington in May 2013 with a bachelor s degree in business administration with a concentration in human resources. She currently works at Disney World. 9 Noah Craig McArthur Chief Executive Officer Negotiator Facilitator Noah & Associates Dallas TX NOAH CRAIG MCARTHUR S undying faith relentless pursuit of excellence and ever-growing desire to know more and be the best in his field is what has continuously kept his career moving foward. Something he calls Intense Focus or IF Noah s philosophy is If I don t do it who will Beginning his career in sales working for Ameriquest Mortgage Noah became the company s highest producing executive. After switching careers and going to work for Citi Group CitiBank Mortgage his last place of employment where he felt his skills of negotiating selling relationship building branding marketing and most of all redirecting business to other entities Noah decided to go off on his own. Forming L&M Industries in 1992 a not-for-profit organization a serious business detour had him suffering enormous financial loss. But after regrouping and restrategizing Noah founded Noah & Associates. It was then that his quest for success had officially begun. As the CEO of Noah & Associates in Dallas Texas Noah does his best to maintain business generation in financial transactions such as instrument purchases or sells acquisitions leveraging privatized opportunities and trades and he does this all by creating relationships across regions and countries to create more solidarity as an entity. By placing other organizations in positions to grow their bottom line and receive exceptional rewards Noah s organization can also grow theirs. I have learned to be patient remain persistent and stay prayerful and focused Noah said the ups and downs of owning his own business. This is not an industry of immediate gratification but it is an industry that creates generational change and wealth. It s tough weeding through the bureaucracy and minutia and it takes a whole other level of ingenuity and creativity but it also teaches you to rely on greater discipline of your craft while diminishing your trust in bureaucratic foolishness that comes with the territory. Noah has since built a strong team beneath him something he believes is a very wise thing to do. Forming a team that is solid excellent and has expertise to shore up your own strengths as the business owner and accommodate your weaknesses is critical. It is a proven fact he says that teamwork makes dreams work . Recently Noah was granted a trademark for his name through the United State Patent and Trademark Office. 10 N-O-A-H or Nothing Ordinary About Him holds a mentoring group where he gives 100 hours annually to business owners in their second year. He has written several books one of which has already been published has been featured in the Flight to Freedom event where some of the most affluent PhD s inventors investors and philanthropists are recognized for making a difference and is sharing the stage with the Custom Clothing Designer David August Noah is (what are you doing exactly designing clothing ). He is completing the acquisition of a television station for greater reach across the globe for business opportunities and to forge more relationships across barriers and cultures. An active board member at his church Noah is also a board member of his local Chamber of Commerce and a newly active member of International Christian Chamber of Commerce. He is a personal supporter of Belize formed by the prime minister s wife and he also contributes to their country s educational system. For nearly five years now Noah has been leading a personal devotional every day and has since taken to internet radio too. It gives him the opportunity to stay connected to others and the many realities of life s many issues. By dialing in to 641-7153200 and entering pin number 465222 you can listen to Noah speak. A graduate of Southwestern Christian College with a degree in religious education Noah is now pursuing his MBA at (what school ). He is also a certified life coach business coach through (what organization ). With family always at the forefront of Noah s mind all of his life s work is in an effort to better their lives any way he can. He is a proud father to Ashleigh 17 Aaron 14 Kamdon 4 and Maddison 1. They are his greatest assets. Does non-regulated investments pose more risk that regulated investments Any all investments have a factor of risk. What mitigates the risks are the safety measures i.e. due diligence reputation of entity performance history and insurance of capital invested. Why is it that oil prices seem to have nothing to do with supply and demand but rather the whims of a traded market Oil prices are pushed by demand yet by a market that is traded. The trading end has to do with the volatility which in fact keeps things stable as oxymoronic as that may sound. Is there an age related formula for balancing a portfolio between stocks and bonds I would not consider a formula but practicality is powerful. You should know three things to balancing your portfolio 1) your threshold of risk loss 2) your flexibility for change and 3) your preparation for reward. Is forex trading a valuable element in a portfolio Forex trading in and of itself I would not consider as the only element for one s financial portfolio. Forex trading is more along the lines of generating capital liquidity in a more immediate fashion. Are penny stocks truly risky Penny stocks can be as risky as much as they can be rewarding. The real risk lies in the lack of due diligence put forth when investigating the penny stock. Any investment is risky yet with little to no due diligence the risk is exponential. Which organization in today s economy serves the consumer best traditional banks credit unions or investment money market type accounts Today s economy has caused such a frazzled conscience in consumers the best answer is the entity that will offer you the consumer the best benefits for your personal needs. One will offer what another doesn t but the reward lies in you receiving what you need most. How does one take advantage of the services of a private type broker and what risks are there This is a loaded question for sure. Private brokers are out there request resume performance history that is verifiable request legal counsel representing the individual group and lastly ask if there is a liability clause to what is being offered to protect or secure you and the transaction. This maintains the integrity of the transaction. Is it ever a good time to change investment strategies There are times to reevaluate your portfolio. Check the ebbs and flows of returns loss and gains. Allow the chart established from such research to reevaluate and implement a more effective strategy. My question to the reading audience Are you exempt from services offered by private brokers entities or institutions to invest I d love to hear from you noah It is my faith that keeps me going. It is as vital to me as air is to breathing Noah said lastly. A man is not known by where he is but where he is journeying to go. What is the difference between you and your organization and a name like Meryl Lynch The difference is regulated investments and non-regulated investments. For example entities like that you have mentioned have regulations to licensing for offering investments within the Scope of Meryl Lynch. Non-regulated is based on private offerings. Security measures operate within escrow attorneys legal representation on both sides of transactions. 11 Richard W. Taylor President - Global Capital Advisors LLC M&A Consultants Ltd. - Milwaukee WI THE DREAM OF BECOMING A PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL PLAYER WASN T THAT FAR-FETCHED FOR RICHARD W. TAYLOR. Granted a full academic scholarship to attend Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania Richard was being tracked by many professional baseball teams selected as MVP in a summer baseball semi-pro league and was even named Outstanding Athlete by his college during his junior year. But luckily for him he did have a back-up plan. During his senior year while messing around with a fraternity brother of his Richard injured the shoulder of his throwing arm ending his baseball career. After leaving Arthur Andersen Richard took an assignment with a Fortune 500 company where he would live and work in Brussels as their European Controller for three years. Having thoroughly enjoyed the international arena he then became director of finance for a privately-owned company in Genoa Italy for two years. This international background led Richard to be selected by a Fortune 200 company as their international finance manager helping the corporate controller in international accounting matters and being a special ops guy for a group of vice-presidents that needed help with a troubled overseas subsidiary. He subsequently worked for a number of years with privately-owned companies in the US after this as CFO for businesses in the 100-200 million sales range but by the mid 90 s he was educated and confident enough to start consulting. Today Richard holds an Executive MBA from the University of Wisconsin is teaching an Intermediate Finance course one night per week to undergraduate juniors and seniors as an adjunct professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and for the past 15-plus years has been providing corporate financial advisory services for privately-held businesses that are resource constrained or have problems where he feels he can be of assistance. Global Capital Advisors LLC and M&A Consultants Ltd. are 12 After graduating from college with a degree in accounting Richard began working as a certified public accountant for Arthur Andersen & Company a firm that he still believes today was the best of the best . Though he didn t work there indefinitely he did take away some fantastic learning experiences and has continued on to build an amazing career in finance. I realized early on that I really enjoyed helping companies navigate through financial challenges and taking advantage of opportunities not just doing number crunching Richard said about his initial experience in the field. both based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin. Global Capital Advisors is a full-service corporate financial advisory firm that serves privately-owned companies while M&A Consultants is a niche M&A firm focusing on lower middle market transactions both buy-side and sell-side. Richard serves as president for both. A member of the Association of Corporate Growth an international organization focusing on corporate transactions and M&A activities Richard is also active with the Turnaround Management Association another worldwide organization made up of business executives specializing in the turnaround field. He has co-authored a research paper with a Marquette University professor on mergers and acquisitions entitled Beyond the Numbers published by The Graziadio Business Review Graziadio School of Business Pepperdine University. He s also had articles published in local business newspapers on cash flow management financial planning and other financial subjects and was recently published in a worldwide magazine by Acquisition-International. Experienced in serving as a financial officer for both large and small businesses and as a former owner of his own business Richard feels that everyone should work for someone else before they ever consider working for themselves. In fact working in public accounting lends a great deal of opportunity for learning various business models. He also believes in finding a good mentor and is a firm believer in meditation to free up one s mind and refocus after a hectic day. One of the most influential people in my business career was an attorney at Quarles & Brady in Milwaukee. His sage guidance and experience were most helpful. I have also been impressed with several clients who went through bankruptcy only to bounce back and do well the second time around. Their perseverance and fortitude was indeed impressive Richard said. While he admits that the words free time are hard to come by Richard does try to find time to enjoy the simple things in life. He tries to maintain good health enjoys sports and is a big fan of the Green Bay Packers and enjoys foreign languages. Fluent in French and somewhat in Portuguese thanks to his days spent overseas he would really like to learn his wife s native Russian tongue in the future. He admits that it s a bit frustrating not being able to understand or communicate with her when she speaks it and is bothered by how difficult it is to learn an entirely different alphabet in Cyrillic. Also considering working toward his PhD online though it bears no relevance to his field it is a personal goal that he d like to achieve someday. He s also active on LinkedIn occasionally and is proud that his college students enjoy his teachings as he tries to stay as relevant as possible by bringing the real world into the classroom as much as possible. Richard has four children two from his first wife and two from his second. They range from ages 44 to 26. He also has five grandchildren and they all live in either California or Arizona. Time spent with them is just never enough. His wife is a very savvy business woman who owns her own business and from time to time Richard helps out where he can. The business 13 revolves around connecting Russian business executives with their US counterparts when they visit the US and guiding a group of Russian college students every year to visit the best universities in the US along with business excursions to Silicon Valley-based companies. Despite Richard s and his wife s cultural difference and age difference of 15 years they are quite compatible and he is blessed to have her in his life. Carol J. Wellwood Author - Yukon OK Author of The True Story of the Hope Within Carol J. Wellwood wrote her first book as a testimony to God and how he played such a significant role in her life when everything looked very dismal. Having been able to remove herself from the tragedies that she suffered this non-fiction book is a reminder to her just how great the power of God can be. With a dedicated website for her book Carol is able to give readers an insight to all of her life s experiences allowing for a true understanding of who she is as a person where she came from and the suffering she had encountered. It also gives hope to others that are facing their own personal challenges in life and reassurance that things can and will get better if you have faith. Ever since the Lord got hold of me nine years ago I have been following Him. Before that I was doing my own thing which led me to destruction. But since He came along and showed me the way life is much better now. I have learned a valuable lesson Carol explained. The True Story of the Hope Within was published in 2012 through Xlibris. You can find her book on her website at http Carol studied business administration at the College of the Redwoods and also studied psychology locally in Phoenix Arizona. She has been an advertising account executive for many years and is also a substitute teacher at area schools from time to time. Since her book has been published she also takes time out to constantly update her website chat with buyers and sell books. She has also learned quite a bit about the editing and publishing process something she says are challenges to recon with. A widow since 2002 Carol has one son and daughter-in-law who live in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. They too have a son of their own. Carol also had a daughter that she lost in 2005 in a tragic motorcycle accident which she speaks about in her book. I ve learned to have compassion for my fellow humans. By reading the Word listening to what God has to say through No matter the tragedy Carol believes that it is important to focus on your His word and by following Him you can t ideas your needs as a human being and your strengths and to ask for go wrong Carol said with confidence. God s help along the way. The Lord and her daughter have been the biggest Help those however you can. inspiration in not only writing her book but in life s journey as well. 14 Charles A. Lobosco Charles A. Lobosco CSM CSL has a mission to take the challenges and lessons learned throughout his 40 year corporate career and help others succeed. Starting at the bottom in 1973 Charles has built a successful and accomplished career and today he s coaching training and giving back. I want to make a difference in the workplace. I ve seen many changes in technology since I began my career but not much in our behavior which at times can be very toxic. This needs to change Charles said about his desire to help others. I co-founded my consulting company to coach train and help others deliver results but not at the expense of others. As co-founder of The VisionOp Group LLC Charles s job description is to make a difference within a company organization team project or individual career. How By empowering resources to become teammates in a quest to make a difference in the company they chose to work for. VisionOp will bridge the gap between the corner office and the cubicle the people manager and the individual contributor and the workplace professional and the person. They become teammates on site and equally accountable for delivering results but not at the expense of others. VisionOp will never tell you what to do but will provide the tools needed to do what you do better. Charles is the author of C.A.R.E. Courage to take Action Relevant to Everyone. This is based on his experience as a consultant and conversion specialist combined with guidance from five virtual mentors. Charles makes a point to say 15 a mentor must be selected not assigned. He shares his selections and the research that found them. The book became the foundation of an award winning workplace seminar called C.A.R.E certification . This is a shared leadership model that creates partners out of resources. C.A.R.E. certification means you re accountable for delivering results but not at the expense of others. In 2012 Charles received a President s Award for Service. The award states during these challenging economic times the only way to move forward is to be a teammate. This is shared leadership this is C.A.R.E. When C.A.R.E. is the motive teamwork and leadership are one in the same. A member of American Seminar Leaders Association Charles also hosts a weekly internet radio show Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva. The mission is to use all collaborative powers to make a difference in the workplace even as one person. Co-Founder The VisionOp Group LLC - Cincinnati OH Charles has two beautiful daughters one granddaughter and is married to Eva Lewandowski the co-founder of the VisionOp Group LLC and co-host of Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva. Eva is a corporate survivor software consultant certified life coach voiceover talent and active member of the Screen Actors Guild. Charlie is a certified Scrum Master and seminar leader of the C.A.R.E. shared leadership model and he actively participates in several leadership and teamwork groups and speakers networks loves running pacing shadow boxing biking and speaking. Dr. Charlotta E. Sanders PE Owner Sanders Engineering Associate Research Professor of Nuclear Engineering University of Las Vegas-Nevada - Las Vegas NV GROWING UP IN THE VICINITY OF A NUCLEAR POWER PLANT IN SWEDEN Dr. Charlotta E. Sanders was both curious and comfortable in the nuclear arena due to the high standards shown by the industry. Beginning her career as a reactor physicist at the Material Testing Reactor R2 located just outside of Nykoping Sweden in 1998 Charlotta began the first of many exciting and rewarding job opportunities in the nuclear industry. Charlotta has served as the technical program chair for national meetings and as chair for the Radiation Protection and Shielding Division of the American Nuclear Society (ANS). These as well as other opportunities for service have helped her to strengthen her professional development through which she has earned. In 2011 Charlotta received the ANS Presidential Citation in recognition of her contributions made to the organization s response to the accident that occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster in Japan after being struck by a tsunami. She as part of a small selected working group to represent the society ensured that credible information about nuclear science and technology was provide to the media decision-makers and the general public. Charlotta also had the distinction of being the first professional nuclear engineer to be licensed by the state of Nevada in the state s history. She was honored at an award ceremony in 2004. As Charlotta continues to make great strides in education and nuclear engineering as an educator and consultant she hopes to bring about a sense of trust to the public many of which are skeptical of the safety of nuclear power. By contributing her part in educating the future workforce with an understanding of the importance of safety in all aspects of nuclear activities she also stresses to the public that there is indeed a strong safety program in place and that she and her fellow colleagues at the University are doing everything they can to add this important aspect to the curriculum. 16 Charlotta earned her Doctorate in Nuclear Reactor Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Previous to this she pursued and completed her Master of Science Degree in Nuclear Engineering from Texas A&M University in the States. She is currently an associate research professor of nuclear engineering for the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. She is also the owner of Sanders Engineering a nuclear engineering consulting firm also based out of Las Vegas. Nuclear engineering has often been thought of as a man s world Charlotta said. When I first began my studies over 20 years ago there were only one or two other female students in my classes. Now as a professor it is exciting to see so many more female students studying nuclear engineering than ever before and to watch them excel in this field. Active in numerous organizations a secret that she says is a great way to really get involved in your field as a newcomer Dan Boehm Vice-President Spectrum Corporation Houston TX THE BUSINESS OF SALES CERTAINLY ISN T FOR EVERYONE. But during his freshman year in college Dan Boehm realized that sales was his ticket to success. After graduating in 1983 with a BBA from the University of Wisconsin he was ready to jump right in. I loved the challenge of selling Dan remembers. Each sale can be a unique experience depending on how far you take that potential customer interest. It s up to you to understand customer personalities and adjust your response to grow the sale. Now working in telecom as the vice-president of the sales and marketing teams for Spectrum Corporation based in Houston Texas Dan works with people all around the world on a daily basis. The cultural differences their use of the English language and customized use of products and services make Dan s sales more challenging yet exciting nonetheless. As VP Dan makes sure that his employees understand that customers have their own challenges and that it s their responsibility to recognize those problems. Dan works to help his employees expand business with existing customers and monitors their activities to make certain they are using their time accordingly and that they are capable of managing multiple levels of projects simultaneously. When it comes to marketing Dan writes monthly newsletters updates the websites and handles the PR work advertising blogs and social media. The telecom industry has about 100 different sub-industries or product categories within the industry Dan explained whose 17 current company is a leading provider of call center reporting software. In my field you have to understand that you ll never be able to completely learn each of these categories. Instead learn one and learn it to the best of your ability and don t try to be the expert of everything within the industry. Dan started out with Spectrum as a sales rep and within just six years he was named VP of sales. He s since written 45 newsletters which have been read by over 75 000 readers on Slide Share and 100 000 on e-newsletters. He takes himself very seriously when it comes to business and he especially takes his customers seriously tending to each of them in a unique manner as no two customers are ever the same. Learning from his mistakes and missed opportunities is very important to Dan s success. By exploring negative experiences Dan is able to learn what could or should have occurred instead so he can gain better insight into future sales. An avid reader Dan reads approximately 50 to 60 books each year. He also volunteers his time with persons suffering from head injuries one patient at a time. Currently Dan is working with a young man that is overcoming his altered personality due to his head injury. Dan s lived a great life of opportunity and blessings. He s learned to never ignore the many changes and chances that life brings tries to take advantage of every opportunity and always uses his skills to help someone else in need. George E. Nardone Jr. President Chief Executive Officer Nardone and Company Inc. President GCL Aviation Severna Park MD Professional Salvor and Appraiser George E. Nardone Jr. has been conducting salvage operations for commercial insurance carriers and self-insured businesses for over four decades throughout the US and overseas. His former experience both in the field and in the US Air Force contribute greatly to George s tenured knowledge and sense of confidence today and he finds great satisfaction in meeting and working with some of the best in the business from all over the globe. Working closely with the insurance industry and fellow business owners whom have suffered a loss George covers a wide range of duties as the president and CEO of Nardone and Company Inc with managerial financial aspects training marketing and field operations all playing vital roles to the company s success. With the simple belief of never asking personnel to do anything he wouldn t do himself George works hard to lead by example. He is a doer and believes wholeheartedly in being very handson. My inspiration comes from within George said. I attribute my values to three factors my upbringing my grandfather s words If the day ends in a y than it s a work day and my military career of flying all over the world. Nardone and Company Inc. was founded in 1993 with an original location based in Severna Park Maryland. Since inception George has opened offices in Massachusetts New Jersey Minnesota Florida Louisiana Texas and California. Prior to opening the first location George was transferred to Baltimore Maryland in 1978 as a branch manager of a large national salvage firm originally hired in Boston in 1974. Throughout 18 his career he s handled over 10 000 commercial losses one in excess of 160 million. He s accomplished quite a bit. Completing studies in aerospace and aeronautical technology and then serving four years in the US Air Force from 1965-69 George was working toward a degree in business management from Salem State College in 1978 before being promoted and transferred. In addition to holding an FAA Airline Transport Rating he is also a certified professional aircraft appraiser endorsed through Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. He s conducted numerous training seminars for the insurance industry over the years and is an active member of numerous professional organizations pertaining to his field including the Property Loss Research Bureau and the Loss Executives Association. The former Air Force veteran has flown C-130 aircraft all over the world including over 250 combat sorties in Vietnam and has received numerous awards and air medals during his time in the military. Failure is not an option George says in relation to his unending drive motivation and desire to be a great leader. Stick to your principles have honor get it right the first time and be lucky enough to find talented personnel who subscribe to the same principles. Married for 36 years and now widowed George enjoys spending his free time boating fishing reading watching and playing sports flying and enjoying his grandchildren. He has four children two boys and two girls and he s spent a lifetime teaching them all about being just a regular guy who worked hard and enjoyed life. Ian Sanchez Founder Owner Purposeful Entrepreneurship Charleston SC TO ADDRESS THE CHALLENGE OF CREATING PROFITABLE VENTURES that have an environmental or social benefit Ian Sanchez formed a business that would bring together great minds with the experience and resources to build social innovative projects. He founded Purposeful Entrepreneurship in 2007 and since that time has been inspired by game changing entrepreneurs that have dedicated themselves to building enterprises that create financial natural and human prosperity. Working with various for-profit and non-profit businesses over the years have given me a broad range of experiences Ian explained. As I look back over the numerous projects I have been involved in there seems to be a reoccurring theme of getting involved with people who are passionate about engaging education and purposeful entrepreneurship. Being a part of profitable businesses that have a positive impact has been the driving force behind Purposeful Entrepreneurship. Ian identifies what needs to be accomplished makes a strategic plan and pulls the people and resources together to get it done. Focused and dedicated to his mission Ian does not try to undertake projects on his own. He leverages his efforts through collaborations and as a knack for finding people much more talented than himself. Having been involved in several projects to further environmental education and social entrepreneurship the Web of Water Project won an Innovative in Education Award from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for its collaboration between public and private organizations to create interactive education about the South Carolina watershed. The Outdoor Economy is an ongoing project that Ian has been involved in to build support for ecotourism and the outdoor industry and he has coordinated funding for several projects throughout the state of South Carolina that promote healthy lifestyles environmental awareness and clean fuel technology. A member of South Carolina EE Capacity Consortium South Carolina Environmental Literacy Plan Barbados Carolina Legacy Foundation and Charleston Stem Field Studies Ian also volunteers his time with South Eastern Environmental Education Alliance Palmetto Clean Fuels Initiative Charleston Social Entrepreneurs The Environmental Education Association of South Carolina and South Carolina Great Outdoors Project. Since 2003 Ian has been co-founder and partner of OM Biofuels LLC executive director of The Lowcountry Environmental Education Program and the co-founder and partner of Chicora Investments LLC. Strengthening his bonds with family and friends is important to Ian and often involves music and outdoor activities. Although By working together and taking a long view that extends beyond he was born in the United States he comes from a multihis lifetime Ian believes this will overcome fatal misconceptions cultural family with roots in the Caribbean. In his Charleston cultural differences and destructive ideologies to create long- South Carolina home they speak both English and Spanish and together with his wife and daughter Ian aspires to learn term prosperity that will benefit people and the planet. 19 French and Mandarin. Joshua L. Holm Founder Steel Hope Fort Worth TX WOUNDED VETERAN JOSHUA L. HOLM began speaking at various places publically making him quickly realize that it was more than just a passion. He wanted to do it professionally as a life coach. Founding his non-profit organization Steel Hope Steel stands for Standing Transforming Encouraging Enlightening Loving and Hope stands for Helping Others Problems Erase. Formed on the belief that when someone helps and encourages others their pain and problems seem to no longer hinder them but help fuel challenge and encourage them to take on the characteristics of steel. I thought I would be in the military until retirement until a severe traumatic brain injury and stroke like symptoms put me in a wheelchair three separate times Joshua admitted. I worked until it almost killed me literally. I had to give up my business and had no choice but to ask others for help. This was the breaking point of Joshua Holm and the making point of Steel. With the support and love of his wife Crystal Joshua recovered. Today she is his rock as well as the CEO of Steel Hope. The organization s five focal points are warriors rehabilitation education missions and special needs. These focal points are centered around the slogan Our Heart Beats for Others. As the voice and visionary of Steel Hope there is not one task that Joshua has not and will not do for the organization. The non-profit s vision is to build recreational facilities that are all handicap accessible and work with people with disabilities both veterans and non-veterans while providing them a life coach and helping them fulfill their goals in life. To do this they link arms and hearts with people who want to make a difference in the world one step and one person at a time. Through his healing process Joshua has learned to embrace his scars instead of hiding them. He is focused on his why and centers his vision on his passion. He has surrounded himself with people that can help him accomplish his goals like Crystal and Dave Roever the founder of The Roever Foundation. Like Joshua Dave has an amazing heart for veterans and for seeing the wounded restored. Joshua volunteers his time to assist and speak at golf tournaments and other events to help restore the wounded through Operation Warrior Reconnect a division of the Roever Foundation. He is a member of National Association of Christian Ministries and the Destiny Center. Joshua love to sing spend time with his wife and two children feed the homeless and support various others missions. An avid writer Joshua has a published book Some of My Life Lessons which was published in 2011 through Publish America. It s not what you go through but how you go though it that counts Joshua emphasized. I want to see people rise up and live a life that is fueled by a desire to fulfill their life with purpose and humility. We are here to be a pillar of strength beacon of hope and a symbol of freedom to show the world there is Steel Hope 20 Lanny Priester Owner Lanny Priester Music Tampa FL Although Lanny Priester s background is in welding his deep rooted love of country music has always taken president. Raised in the country music business as a child Lanny traveled to many shows with his father who played in various classic country music bands in the 1960 s. Since that very influential time in his childhood Lanny has never given up on his dream to work in the music industry. Lanny got his first break when he was offered the opportunity to record an album for Misty Records in 1996. His country music career had officially begun. Lanny was fortunate to open shows for Nashville stars like Little Jimmy Dickens Jim Ed Brown and Don Williams. His music has since been compared to artists like Little Jimmy Dickens Merle Haggard and The Legendary Marty Robbins. In 1998 Lanny started his own recording studio Lanny Priester Music. He was very careful to get into the business properly while not stepping on anyone s toes that might cause problems for him down the road. Now a recording artist for over 30 years Lanny has been overseeing all aspects of the recording studio producing engineering and playing music singing and handling marketing and promotions. He does all the vocals mixing of tracks and producing from start to finish. Although he does not have any formal training he has learned the industry by trial and error. He has an ear for what sounds right and that has proven to be enough. 21 While I played in several bands over the years I now get to entertain fans that truly enjoy my music and what I have to offer. I am a one man show Lenny said. Finding country music inspiration from artists like Merle Haggard Ray Price and Johnny Paycheck Lanny does a lot of reach to produce a good product when he s working in the studio. Although he prefer studio work he does still do gigs every now and then mostly performing at local benefit concerts for people with health problems or for those who have lost homes for one reason or another. He also enjoys listening and supporting different country bands and artists locally. Lanny is working on a new CD which he hopes to release soon. As a song writer Lanny belongs to Broadcast Music Inc. and he s ranked number six in ReverbNation where you can find 12 of his songs and one music video. The proud father of three children six grandchildren and one great-grandchild Lanny likes to going hunting and fishing when he has the time. Content in the direction his life has taken him Lanny s years spent trying to keep traditional country music alive have proved him well. WHATEVER YOU DREAM MAY BE STAY WITH IT AND DON T GIVE UP LANNY SAID. IT TAKES HARD WORK AND DEDICATION BUT THE REWARDS ARE GREAT. Marcus Warren Owner Founder Keylight Productions LLC Los Angeles CA AS A VISIONARY AND SOMEONE DETERMINED TO LEAVE HIS MARK for generations to come Marcus As well as providing film and video productions services Keylight also offers animation editing and creative writers to perform at the highest quality. With the new addition of Glasographix skillful animators and web designers give clients a complete hardworking team for all their production needs. Starting the company from the ground up has proven to be challenging at times. When finances are low for a certain project Marcus has learned to work with what he has. He is committed to his work and his clients embracing both artists and actors as family. In 2010 Marcus and his team at Keylight produced a short film A Rose for a Rose which was selected in the Ventura Film Festival. They are currently working on the development of four feature films and the first scheduled to be finished is a martial arts fantasy action film entitled Ancient Scroll. Through Marcus s hard work he has developed a creative niche. Knowing that nothing happens overnight he is focused and patient. He admires filmmakers like Steven Spielberg George Lucas Spike Lee and Zhang Yimou and often gets inspiration from watching their masterpieces. I think that it is important in life to be humble sweet and kind and I strive to live this way on a daily basis Marcus said. Through my interactions with others and through my work I want to leave behind a legacy of fun love and art. Warren got into film production. Warren started his career after graduating in 2001 as a film major at Los Angeles City College. Since then he has been committed to creating bodies of timeless work. I love the art form and craft of filmmaking Marcus said about film production. I work with a supportive team that matches my commitment and dedication to create artistically. Marcus started his career as a videographer and director of video content for Sterlin World Records were he worked on content such as DVDs music videos and documentaries. He then worked as a freelance artist doing everything from gaffer and camera operator for Silas World Pictures to editor of independent music videos. With the experience he had in the film industry Marcus decided to open his own company Keylight Productions LLC. As owner and founder of the company Marcus not only has the responsibility of keeping the daily operations moving forward he oversees the development of all current projects as well as being a producer writer and director. Keylight is a creative and dynamitic independent film and commercial production company. Located in Los Angeles California the heart of the movie and entertainment industry Keylight has produced and developed numerous independent films and commercials. 22 Mary Christine Andrews Private Learning Specialist for Science and Mathematics 21st Century Academic Excellence New York City NY Mary Christine Andrews remembers teaching the game of chess to her younger brother when she was eight-years-old. Her guidance and ability to explain the rules enabled him to reach such a high level of proficiency for it later in life that when she reflects back she realizes what an important role she played in his grasping the game. MARY WAS A NATURALmy private teaching business. Now as the sole proprietor of her tutoring business Tutoring4xcellence most of Mary s time is spent preparing for upcoming lessons. But she also works on marketing her business and sends out monthly newsletters written with parents in mind on various topics she feels will be most beneficial to them. Living and working in New York City Mary dedicates a lot of time to her business. It s great to be able to spend a lot of time preparing for one student s lesson which isn t possible in a classroom setting. The kids the variety of each day the ability to be infinitely creative and a love of learning something new has always been Mary s driving force. She gets a kick out of being around her students. They keep her young optimistic and energized about her own life and she considers herself very fortunate to be able to make such a difference in their lives. Prior to private teaching Mary has taught students in grades 4 -12 in schools throughout New York City and at the university level at Ohio State University and the University of Minnesota. One of Mary s goals as an educator was to teach and work abroad which she finally did in 2006 spending two years in Krakow Poland teaching English language instruction. Living in New York City for 27 years now Mary is presently residing on the upper west side. She has two brothers one in Philadelphia and one in Minneapolis a niece in Virginia and many relatives in Minnesota. 23 BORN TEACHER. After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in chemistry Mary attended graduate school only to realize that she did not want to do chemical research. The obvious choice for her since she was more of a people person than anything else was to teach. She landed a position at St. Paul Academy in St. Paul Minnesota and after just one semester in the classroom she was advised by the school s science chair to pursue her master s in education so she could teach chemistry and math. Mary heeded his advice and in 1987 earned her Master s in Secondary Science Education. Over the next ten years Mary taught at the Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn New York. It was her very first teaching job and it proved to be the most wonderful years of her career. During my sabbatical I received a phone call from a parent who was looking for a chemistry teacher to work with her daughter privately Mary remembers. I found the one-onone teaching experience rewarding and in this setting there was an environment and opportunity to accomplish things that weren t possible in a classroom. 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