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PRINT MOV IE EDITION W INTER 2015 5 FI NE HOM E S TERRACE PARK What it s like to live here BUILDING GREEN Good news all the way around GREG HOARD Best dog . . . ever CINCINNATI KITCHENS FANTASTIC PR E SE N T E D BY What are you looking for in an investment partner Alignment of interests Financial strength Stability of investment teams Breadth and depth of experience Fort Washington Investment Advisors is a member of Western & Southern Financial Group. At Fort Washington we believe aligning our interests with the interests of our clients allows us to be an investment partner not just a money manager. Cris Collinsworth Western & Southern Spokesperson Spokesperson is a compensated endorser. Steven K. Kreider PhD CFA Chief Investment Officer Maribeth S. 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Of fer ends 2 7 15. 7 BEST WINTER 2015 TERRACE PARK BY JACK HEFFRON SEE WELCOME TO LIFE IN THE MO VIE 8 BEST A trim woman in her thirties jogs down a quiet tree-lined street right down the middle of it her footfalls creating a steady pop-pop-pop-pop that faintly echoes in the cocoon of silence on this warm Saturday morning. She waves to an older man setting up a sawhorse in his driveway for some weekend carpentry. He returns her wave as she passes. Nearby two boys around seven or eight years old play in a well-groomed yard one pitching a Wiffle ball to the other who swings at it with a tennis racket. Around them birds sing in the trees. On the next block a young father pedals down the street followed by several kids on bikes. On sidewalks dog-walkers abound. If you didn t know where you were you d swear you had been transported to a movie set a fabricated Rockwellian village designed to exude an idyllic heartland hometown. Though I knew very well I was in Terrace Park Ohio as I strolled along streets named Home and Floral and Poplar I sometimes felt a flicker of doubt about the reality of the place. With its rich array of homey homes ranging from quaint to handsome to downright stunning many of them bordered by white picket fences most of them nestled among tall trees and landscaped with colorful flowers Terrace Park looks like a dream of place. Pure Americana. If Andy Griffith s Mayberry had actually existed it might have looked much like Terrace Park. Among Cincinnatians the village with a population of roughly 2 200 residents is known as a nice upscale place to live but many of us don t know quite how nice. Unless you live there or know someone who does you have no reason to drive its streets and find out for yourself. In its 1.22 square miles you ll find not a single restaurant or place for entertainment. Retail forget about it. Other than a United Dairy Farmers Terrace Park is primarily homes schools and parks. You would think that Terrace Park might draw a bit of recognition as the hometown of United States Senator Rob Portman. He and his wife Jane are residents of the village where they raised three children. His name has arisen as a vice-presidential candidate for the Republican ticket in the 2008 and 2012 elections and president for 2016 though he just recently withdrew his name for contention on this one. His success in national politics however hasn t drawn inordinate attention to the quaint village where he lives. And though Wooster Pike (State Route 50) cuts right through the western edge of the village many drivers remain cautious about using it as a connector to Milford and areas farther east. With good reason. When you enter the village the speed limit quickly slows to 35 miles per hour and they re not kidding. You re likely to see a police cruiser idling near the road to make sure you abide by that limit. If Terrace Park can be compared to Mayberry you don t want to meet its Andy and Barney. In this quaint suburban village peace and quiet are strictly enforced. 9 T H E PR I N T MOV I E E DI T ION Issue 29 Fine Homes WINTER 2015 16 COVER STORY Views water great house peace and quiet-- all in one place. Cover photo by Helen Adams FE AT UR ES 7 THE MAIN EVENT Terrace Park What s it really like to live here. 22 FANTASTIC KITCHEN One cool looking contemporary kitchen-- for eight 29 GREEN HOMES Building a home Go Green. The facts prove it s worth it. 40 ANOTHER FANTASTIC KITCHEN All good kitchen design starts with the right goals. 46 YOU COULD BE IN THE MOVIES BEST magazine and Comey & Shepherd are now making movies about Cincinnati communities. Watch for audition dates 50 BEST HOME Tranquility is the operative word in this home. 56 LAST WORDS Columnist Greg Hoard decides Best dog ever. Find out who won. SEE THE MO SEE O M VIE THE AT ABOUT BEST BEST is published by Specialty Marketing LLC a Cincinnati-based company that focuses on the showing and sale of fine homes. It is published 3X a year January May and September. Each issue is mailed direct to 13 000 single-family homeowners living primarily in Cincinnati s east and northern suburbs. PRINT MOVIE EDITION All of the homes published in this issue along with short movies that showcase each home s best CO M E Y. C features are also included in the online edition of BEST Magazine. The high-definition movies includes a walk-through as if touring the home in person. You can also click on the listing agent s contact info if you d like to ask questions or just see more. MO VIE HOW TO CONTACT US Specialty Marketing LLC 6901 Wooster Pike Cincinnati Ohio 45227 Tel. 513-708-3849 Email bestmagazinecincinnati 2014 Specialty Marketing LLC ON THE WEB Presented by 10 BEST FROM MOUNDS TO SUMMER COTTAGES But Terrace Park isn t one of those outlying suburban communities that a generation ago was little more than cows and corn. Incorporated in 1893 it has a rich history much of which is captured in a small book published by the Terrace Park Historical Society in 1992 titled A Place Called Terrace Park by Ellis Rawnsley. In the latter part of the 19th century well-to-do Cincinnatians built summer cottages here along the Little Miami River which forms the village s southern and eastern borders to escape the heat smell and noise of the city. Some of those cottages still stand and their quaint charm influenced the architecture of the village s homes. If you go way back in history -- say 3 000 years -- the area was part of lands settled by the Adena culture of Native Americans. Their earthworks and mounds can still be seen in and around Terrace Park. But the most colorful and often-told tales of the village s history involve the Robinson Circus a touring company that for decades made its winter home in Terrace Park. Locals sometimes would see an escaped elephant or camel sauntering down their cozy streets. The circus shut down in 1916 but the lore of those times continues to be passed on and to inform the village s sense of itself as a unique locale with a deep heritage. That heritage however remains largely within the borders of Terrace Park as do the many things that make it special. This insularity has sparked a reputation for exclusivity but seven-year resident Emily Parker begs to differ. Some people might feel like people in Terrace Park are snobs but I could not disagree more she says. I ve met the kindest most generous people here. She and her husband Matt grew up on the west side of Cincinnati and she says she d never been to Terrace Park before. In fact she found it by mistake. Matt a periodontist was meeting with his soon-to-be partner in a dental practice still located in Milford. While waiting for the meeting to end Emily decided to mosey around the area to assess housing possibilities. I d never even heard of Terrace Park she recalls. But I took a wrong turn onto Elm and was just amazed. It was such a bucolic place. Like something out of the 50s. There were bikes strewn across the front lawns -- no locks. There were grand homes and modest homes. Everybody was out walking and they were on the corners talking. You could tell this was a real community. I went back to the meeting and told my husband You really have to come with me and see this. The Parkers bought a home near the Little Miami River. While raising their two children they haven t regretted the decision to settle in Terrace Park Emily says. I don t know of a place where you have such a naturally beautiful environment and a top school district and a community of such caring people. For us it was a marriage of all the things we were looking for. LOOKING OUT FOR EVERYONE ELSE Like many residents of the village the Parkers enjoy the outdoor activities offered by the river from canoeing and kayaking to birdwatching and family rides along the scenic bike trail. It s a very leisurely place Emily says. You feel like you re on vacation. But she speaks most often and most excitedly about the feeling of community close knit but not exclusionary. We are very welcoming she says. And we all really do know each other. When you re raising a family it s good to know everyone is looking out for everyone else. An affluent big-city suburb with small-town friendliness Stop me if you ve heard that one before. But as I amble along the sidewalks where not a person knows me I draw a surprising number of neighborly waves from drivers passing by. Rarely does a jogger or dog-walker go by without greeting me. I feel caught in some kind of time warp half-expecting to see Potzie Richie and The Fonz shambling to the local malt shop. My stroll takes me past Terrace Park Elementary School on Elm Avenue a two-story flat-roofed red-brick building surrounded by spacious lawns and large trees. Through the years additions have been made to the original schoolhouse built in 1913 and as it looks well tended in the way so many places in Terrace Park do -- cared for but not in a fussy manicured way. Part of the Mariemont City School System Terrace Park Elementary though quiet on this summer Saturday is a hub of community activity. The center of most activity however is the village Green located a couple of blocks farther down Elm. With its wide flat lawn picturesque trees and landscaping requisite flag and canon I again wonder if this place is real or simply the work of a sentimental painter. Only a few residents trot its walkways as I arrive and yet another Golden Retriever trots in front of a resident out for a brisk morning walk. I take a seat in the gazebo that stands at the heart of the green. Built in 1989 it s the iconic centerpiece of the Green which is the centerpiece of the village. Though at the moment I can enjoy the peace and tranquility the chirping of birds that dart from one large leafy tree to the next the chirring of crickets the faint warm breeze I know that at many times throughout the year this is the busiest spot in Terrace Park. For most community celebrations residents gather here. This is where the Memorial Day and Labor Day parades end. Where Fourth of July and Christmas events are held. 11 TERRACE PARK Terrace Park looks like a dream of place. Pure Americana. SEE THE MO VIE THE BEST IN FINE HOMES 12 BEST 13 TERRACE PARK ECLECTIC MIX OF HOME STYLES SEE One of the locals who helped support the gazebo s construction and one of the village s most ardent ambassadors Rick Koehler has lived in Terrace Park since 1976. Like many before him and many since he had little knowledge of the place before finding a home here. He grew up in Indian Hill but had only been to Terrace Park once until he decided it was the perfect place to settle down and raise a family. He and his wife Sandy did just that. Their six children are all grown and gone now and through the decades he has watched the village evolve. He notes that the elementary school s enrollment has nearly doubled and that the age range of residents now skews younger than in earlier times when lower property taxes allowed empty nesters to stay in Terrace Park. Though his own nest is empty he has no plans to leave. We ve thought about downsizing but if we do we re staying in Terrace Park he says. We ve definitely been drinking the Kool-Aid long enough. A successful architect he notes that the village offers an eclectic mix of housing styles with a strong bias toward frame homes rather than the large brick ones common in other affluent neighborhoods. He adds that it s not unusual for people to buy an older home and then tear it down to build a new one on the property allowing them to enjoy the amenities and functionality of a contemporary place along with the color character and community as well as the great school system of this genteel village. As for what makes Terrace Park so special he invokes the comparison to the mythical town patrolled by Andy Taylor and Barney Fife. It has the Mayberry feel he says. It s that thing where I m cutting grass and the guy across the street is cutting grass. Then we stop and talk to each other for a while and catch up. He s 20 years younger than I am but that doesn t matter. Then after we talk for a while we get back to cutting our grass. You don t find that everywhere. That feeling of life in a small-town community is part of what drew him to Terrace Park and is a large part of why he has stayed for so long. It had that feeling when we moved here he says and it still has that same feeling today. VIE THE MO JACK HEFFRON is frequent contributor to BEST Magazine. He has authorized and ghostwritten a number of books including the The Writer s Idea Book Coral Castle and The Local Boys Hometown Players for the Cincinnati Reds. 14 AMBERLEY VILLAGE A once in a lifetime opportunity to own a livable work of art The Frank Lloyd Wright Gerald B. Tonkens House. Set on over 4 private park-like acres features include 11 patterns of concrete over 400 inset windows Philippine Mahogany paneling ceilings gilded in gold-leaf grand 13 6 high living & dining room anchored by a massive fireplace masterfully designed & updated kitchen library gallery entry hall intimate den 3 bedrooms 2 baths and fantastical outdoor spaces including an attached carport and a separate cottage guest-house. MLS 1342743 Offered at 1 200 000 513.979.2685 DIGS LORI WELLINGHOFF DAVID WELLINGHOFF SEE THE MO ANDERSON This distinguished traditional home wrapped in 88 acres of unspoiled greenbelt is picture perfect for the buyer with a reverence for nature privacy and an esteemed lifestyle. The home mingles with beautiful landscaping bursting with a profusion of seasonal color and textures complementing the home s classic brick fa ade. A balcony topped portico protects the entry door and extends a warm welcome to visitors. Inside 15 engaging rooms radiate classic architecture inviting living spaces and an exuberant d cor. Enduring features also include volume ceilings custom built-ins fabulous mullioned windows dressed with custom treatments 2 fireplaces a wet bar a breezy side porch and sunny back patio. VIE MLS 1429191 Offered at 679 900 513-518-8081 513-518-8080 rdorger mdorger BOB DORGER MARY DORGER 15 This full-floor penthouse lives like a superb Hyde Park or Indian Hill home only in the sky The entire top floor of the West Tower at Adams Place features panoramic river and city views and over 5 000 sq. ft. of interiors 3 000 sq. ft. of lushly landscaped terraces with multiple fountains. This residence features only the finest artisan details & accoutrements including 4 fireplaces a conservatory 3 bedrooms 3 full 2 half baths a 25 x 22 living room with 20 ceilings a gourmet eat-in kitchen with an adjacent covered outdoor dining room a cozy family room an impeccably outfitted library a stunning entry from the elevator with exclusive access to this top floor and much more. Adams Place is ideally situated on the eastern edge of downtown. Super-full-service building including outdoor lawns gardens and heated pool fitness center 24 7 concierge service limousine service 2 guest suites an in-building salon spa and more. MLS 1379872 Offered at 2 930 000 CINCINNATI 513.979.2685 DIGS This superbly outfitted 3 251 sq ft 3 bedroom 2 full 1 half bath penthouse delivers on the urbane lifestyle you ve been dreaming of. In the heart of it all yet set peacefully in verdant Lytle Park adjacent to the Taft Museum a short stroll from Reds Bengals games the fine & fun dining scene the Aronoff & CAC and the Queen City & University Clubs. Features inlcude Mt Adams & City views from huge windows a gourmet kitchen w Wolf & Sub Zero appliances granite counters & enormous island plus a substantial pantry w Sub-Zero wine tower. This penthouse also features fabulous hardwood floors high ceilings lighting systems tremendous closet space 2 storage units & 2 reserved in-building parking spaces. This super-service building has front desk staff roof-top terrace reservable guest suites fitness center & party rooms. Turn the key & travel or enjoy this sublime location for fun-in-the-city staycations. MLS 1426463 Offered at 1 250 000 LORI WELLINGHOFF DAVID WELLINGHOFF CINCINNATI 513.979.2685 DIGS LORI WELLINGHOFF DAVID WELLINGHOFF 16 BEST THE BEST IN FINE HOMES If it s views water a great looking house and peace and quiet that you want well . . . By Jack Heffron STANDING AT THE TOP OF THE STEPS ON HIS WIDE BACK PORCH Tom Schneider gazes at his property. To the right an in-ground pool. To the left an entertainment area that includes a changing room and wood deck wrapped around a magnificent three-hearth stone fireplace. Straight ahead -- the Little Miami River. Huge old-growth trees near the back of the yard don t obscure the view. Instead they enhance it. Asked what he ll miss most about living in his beautiful Terrace Park home Tom stretches his arms wide and says simply This. Kathy Schneider agrees adding Living in this home is like being on vacation. Tom recalls that some years ago they d discussed building a summer home in Michigan but after thinking about the idea for a while they decided there was no need. They already had everything a vacation house could offer right in their own backyard. The house is located at the confluence of the Little Miami and East Fork rivers and offers easy access for kayaking and canoeing. Tom also enjoyed fly-fishing in the river and frequently invited friends to join him. Because the river is shallow in that area Tom says you can walk well out into it before the water rises about your waist. The Schneiders also love the varied wildlife they see from the porch. Blue heron and osprey eagles and deer. Tom says that usually just before sunset beaver swim across from the heavily timbered banks on other side of the river where the Terrace Park Country Club is located to nibble on the willows. There s always some activity on the water Tom says. I love watching it. It can be mesmerizing. They speak so enthusiastically about their home and property that you wonder why they re selling it. The two sons they raised here are now grown and gone -- one in Denver the other in New York -- and the Schneiders are recently retired. Tom worked as president of a marketing research firm while Kathy was a psychotherapist. Because they love the outdoors they are moving to Boulder. No matter how much they ll miss their house it s time to move on. We re not necessarily downsizing Kathy says because even with just the two of us here the house never feels cavernous. She credits local architect Jane Yancey for the open yet cozy feel of the place. When you pull into the driveway you might assume it was built sometime near the turn of the last century. The wide white-columned wrap-around porch traditional architectural style and elegant character suggest an earlier more gracious time. But you d be wrong. The house was built in 2000. So while it offers the high ceilings and distinctive appointments of an older home it provides the functionality and efficiency of a new one. Jane did a great job Kathy says. Pointing to the expansive pantry she adds I thank her for this. I m really going to miss this. The wide-open design of the large kitchen includes an eating area that flows naturally into the family room allowing guests to move easily from one room to the next. Kathy adds that their home has been a great place for parties. We ve had friends suggest having a large party and then ask if they can have it here she says. A native New Yorker Kathy recalls a special Thanksgiving dinner when Tom s large family joined Kathy s family visiting from the east -- in all a group of more than 40 guests. She says the house accommodated the group easily. SEE THE MO VIE 17 FEATURED HOME TERRACE PARK 18 BEST The second floor accessible from front and back stairways offers an equally unique design with the four bedrooms arranged at angles along a zigzag hallway that creates a sense of privacy. A large third-floor room can be used as an office den or even as an extra bedroom. Kathy says that when her sons were in school they used it as a study a place to do their homework. Both boys attended Terrace Park Elementary and then moved on to Country Day exceptional schools that the Schneiders agree are a significant benefit to the home s location. Their enthusiasm for the schools however is more than matched by their love for the Terrace Park community. There s really nothing else like it in Cincinnati Tom says. The Schneiders moved to Elm Avenue in Terrace Park from Hyde Park in the early 1990s and when they heard about the remarkable house being built next to the river on a private drive they moved again. He says he d never before moved such a short distance from one place to the next in the same community but he says that such moves aren t uncommon in the village where residents feel rooted in a way that is rare today. If the location affords privacy as well as a strong sense of community the Schneiders agree it also provides convenience with easy access to highways and Columbia Parkway. We can see a show at the Aronoff that ends at ten and be home by ten-thirty Kathy says. Before they retired Tom commuted downtown Kathy to Clifton and they say travel was never a concern or frustration. Their favorite type of travel however is in a kayak paddling along the rivers. And when they leave for Colorado that s what they ll miss most. There s always something to do on the water Tom says. Always something to see. I ll miss living next to water next to that river. 19 FEATURED HOME ABOUT THE HOUSE SEE THE MO 513.476.1055 amyminor AMY MINOR 901 Miami Ave. Terrace Park. Mariemont Exemplary School District. 1.2 fully landscaped acres overlooking the Little Miami River and Terrace Park Country Club golf course. 5 550 sq. ft. home 3-car detached garage. 4 bedrooms 4.5 full baths. Master bedroom features luxury bath 3 walk-in closets and a separate dressing room. Living and dining rooms overlook the rose garden entry and expansive front lawn. Family room includes gas fireplace corner built-ins French door opening to the porch room and large eat-in kitchen with center island. Game and TV room with built-in cabinets and mini fridge. Three-season glass screen porch room with gas fireplace opening to front wrap-around porch and back deck. Massive covered front porch. Pool house with oversized Trex deck covered seating and wood-burning fireplace. 40 x 20 foot heated Gunite Pool with 10-ft deep end and diving board. Pool deck pergola and outdoor shower. Alarm system zoned HVAC system Phantom sound system sprinkler system electric dog fence stone walkways 3 fireplaces (2 gas 1 wood burning). Offered at 1 699 900. VIE TOP 25 SALES FOR 2014 Comey & Shepherd has long been the leader in the upper end of Cincinnati real estate. Our exclusive affiliation with Christie s International Real Estate extends our reach and provides us with a connection to the national and international residential luxury market. The exclusive properties below were listed and or sold with a Comey agent. PROPERTY ADDRESS 6755 Alberly Lane 3500 Michigan Avenue 6855 Alberly Lane 6 Beaufort Hunt Lane 1141 E. Rookwood Drive 20 Far Hills Drive 5745 Drewry Farm Lane 1117 Carney Street 1214 Louden Street 8545 Ivy Trails Drive 6725 Miralake Drive 8 Camargo Pines Lane 1135 Fort View Place 1 Green Meadow Lane 8420 Shawnee Run Road 7750 A Graves Road 672 Stanley Avenue 9035 Whisperinghill Drive 1 Abbington Ridge 3503 Holly Avenue 6680 Miralake Drive 7860 Annesdale Drive 14 Garden Place 30 E Central Parkway 398 Baum Street Source MLS SALES PRICE 2 225 000 2 200 000 1 990 000 1 820 000 1 735 000 1 550 000 1 420 000 1 400 000 1 375 000 1 350 000 1 350 000 1 330 000 1 325 000 1 300 000 1 300 000 1 284 575 1 260 000 1 258 000 1 250 000 1 212 000 1 200 000 1 200 000 1 200 000 1 200 000 1 195 036 SUBURB Indian Hill Hyde Park Indian Hill Indian Hill Hyde Park Hyde Park Indian Hill Mt. Adams Mt. Adams Anderson Twp. Indian Hill Indian Hill Mt. Adams Indian Hill Indian Hill Indian Hill Mt. Lookout Indian Hill Indian Hill Hyde Park Indian Hill Indian Hill Hyde Park City Mt. Adams LISTING AGENT Carol Harris Sheila Miller Kathy Comisar Carol Harris Sheila Miller Beth Dowling Annie Partusch Castle Chris Nicholson Bob & Mary Dorger Pam Steiner Beth Dowling David & Lori Wellinghoff Beth Dowling Bobbi Hart Steve Sylvester Carol Harris Beth Dowling SELLING AGENT Carol Harris Sheila Miller Bob Dorger Bobbie Stephens Beth Dowling Bob Dorger Bob Dorger Carol Harris Bob Dorger Chris Nicholson Amy Minor Beth Dowling Sharan Hinkle Tom Canning Shirlane Nelson Kate Kenny Bobby Stephens Chris Nicholson Carol Harris Steve Sylvester Steve Sylvester Michael Sweeney Only Comey can offer the powerful marketing resources and worldwide network of Christie s International Real Estate and Leading RE. If you are looking to purchase or sell a prestigious home click or call Comey today 21 Park. 5 Years New with tax abatement. All three floors enjoy high ceilings and big bright beautiful windows & walk-outs that drink in the expansive Big-Sky and Lunken-Valley views. Features include 4 Bedrooms 3 Full & 1 Half Baths an open floor plan gourmet kitchen grand great room masterful master suite amazing mostlyfinished walk-out lower level with home office exercise room a large rec media room & guest bed bath laundry in both the lower level & 2nd floor and a built-in 2-car garage. If you ever dreamed of side-by-side living with a family member or friend this is your chance. Both 5097 & 5099 Shattuc Avenue are available. Offered at 693 000 each MT. LOOKOUT Private setting near Ault 513.979.2685 DIGS LORI WELLINGHOFF DAVID WELLINGHOFF HYDE PARK 6 Pinehurst is a private 3 (or 4) bedroom 4 full 1 half bath Riviera retreat off the Grandin Lane Goldcoast. This transitional 2-story enjoys breathtaking river city views & breezes. Highlights include bright beautiful windows & walk-outs galore as well as generous room proportions & terrific flow. 32 x12 Living Room w inlaid hardwood floors and a striking marblesurround fireplace. 18 x15 Dining Room w vaulted ceilings & skylights. 25 x10 Kitchen w gourmet appliances granite counters custom cabinetry & incredible 11 x8 Breakfast Room. 24 x20 wood-paneled Family Room with an exquisite bar & cozy fireplace. 26 x16 Master Bedroom w private deck ensuite spa-bath walk-in closets & an incredible view to wake up to. This home was artfully designed w stone terraces gorgeous large gunite pool fountain wall mature plantings expansive auto courtyard (for easy entertaining) built-in oversized 2-car garage & an elevator. Not too big. Not too small. Not to be missed. Offered at 2 200 000 513.979.2685 DIGS LORI WELLINGHOFF DAVID WELLINGHOFF 22 BEST THE BEST IN FINE HOMES Contemporary style insures no cramped quarters for this family of 8 By Doug Sandhage THE KREIMER FAMILY IN WHITE OAK LIKES TO THINK BIG . . . and outside the box. For instance take the kitchen. Where most kitchen designs tend to be more compact for ease of maneuvering between work stations the Kreimers have up to eight feet (more than double the usual they tell me) between the island sink and the stove. This leaves ample room for plenty of people to do food preparation to get in and out of the refrigerator without bumping into each other and for 3-legged camera tripods to help get the photos you see on these pages. Plenty of people in this household is eight. There s Mom Melissa Dad Tim and children Sydney Jared Morgan Tori Adyson and Dirk ages 3 to 17. I spend the majority of my day in the kitchen the most important room in the house and I need it to function well says Melissa who says the builder largely designed and coordinated the room construction all by herself--including driving three hours several times with her hand-drawn cabinet designs to an Amish cabinet maker in West Salem. The Amish craftsman does not drive nor use a telephone. The Kreimers who previously lived in Miami Heights bought this 10-acre mini-farm with lake nearly a decade ago. It had an existing older house that was good enough to call home while builder Alan Gerbus began construction on its replacement. The family moved into their new digs in September of last year. Because their prior home had what Melissa calls a soft contemporary style and featured Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances she had a preconceived experience-knows-best notion of what she wanted to see in her new place. Gerbus recalls Melissa telling him it was not to be a cookie cutter kitchen and he can now attest that a few of the room s features certainly passed that test. For example a rectangular shaped cavity within a large canopy above the main island mimics the size and shape of the island -- if the canopy were lowered the island would fit nicely within. Melissa says that the kitchen design-- aesthetics was my 1 priority --is a compendium of many ideas she has either seen experienced or imagined over the years. Some have come from photos in magazines some from the internet site and some by simply driving around and walking into houses under construction including one by an architect she then hired to work with her. I wanted a contemporary home but I wanted it to stand the test of time not be over-the-top contemporary. And the kitchen needed to integrate with the dining area and living room since they are largely all in one room demarcated only by a wall near the front door that creates in effect a foyer. While the design of the kitchen changed in some ways throughout its construction--Gerbus called it some simple twisting and turning --the basic footprint remained what was originally envisioned says Melissa. I thought about this house as much as anyone could. The choice of appliances were clear front runners from the beginning she adds. In fact the Sub-Zero and Wolf models she has now are basically the same as the ones she bought when she remodeled her prior home. I like them so well. The Wolf is the only range that comes with a double griddle I know I checked them all out. A single griddle is not enough space when cooking for eight. As for the Sub-Zero I like the clean lines perfect for a contemporary clean-line kitchen. She says her favorite meal is breakfast because the griddle offers so many different food preparation options. So how did the rest of the family take to the look the clean lines and the wide-open spaces Quite well says Melissa who adds that her kids helped make some of the color decisions and her sisters offered plenty of helpful advice. The standing joke in the house she says is that my husband got the garage and the exterior. I got to design everything else. He definitely had opinions but he trusted my vision. 23 FANTASTIC KITCHENS Ditto on that from builder Gerbus. He says that Melissa was no doubt the designated in-house designer the driver and that his primary role was to serve as general contractor meaning that he helped in offering structural advice--what would work what wouldn t. I kidded with Melissa that the combo kitchen family room and dining room could also serve as a roller rink--given the largely obstacle free space and hardwood floor. But then she adds the space isn t so big in other parts of the house. The bedrooms are small (two kids per room). The rule she says was simple add space where it is most needed such as the kitchen the closets the family room. We utilize the space where we live everyday. WHITE OAK Builder Alan Gerbus said the canopy above the island-- which owner Melissa Kreimer notes was needed for its visual interest--took some extra planning in particular because the cavity in the canopy needed to exactly mimic the rectangular shape of the quartz-topped island. Only after lots of measurements and adjustments from there to get the angles just right did we bring in the framer says Alan. Visit Tisdel Distributing in Mason where our more than 120 Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances make for the finest manufacturer showroom in the Midwest. Call for an appointment today. 7177 Central Parke Blvd. n Mason Ohio 45040 513-339-0990 n 800-426-8589 Visit us on the web at Friend us on Facebook SHOWROOM Builder General Contractor Alan Gerbus. Homes by Gerbus Inc. ( Kitchen Designer Homeowner Melissa Kreimer in consultation with Alan Gerbus. Cabinetry Custom cherry. Made by Amish furniture maker Sam Hostetler West Salem Ohio. Flooring Oak with whitewash stain. Purchased from J.P. Flooring Appliances Sub-Zero 48 side by side refrigerator 24 undercounter refrigerator ice maker. Wolf 48 dual fuel range with griddle and a pro chimney wall hood. Purchased from Custom Distributors Inc. Countertops Quartz Iceland color. Purchased from Helmart Co. Pendant lighting above island Purchased from Keidel Supply Backsplash Crushed glass tiles above counters glass subway tiles above range. Purchased from Ohio Tile & Marble. WHO DID IT 24 two-story traditional completely neutralized located deep in walking neighborhood with newer stainless steel appliances and granite countertops in kitchen. Larger lot at 1.55 acres with all utilities present including natural gas underground electric service sewers. Short walking distance to schools. Great floor plan with gleaming hardwood floors and cr me paint throughout... just move in. Large lower level features two recreation rooms. MLS 1411219 Offered at 699 000 INDIAN HILL Move-in condition 513.608.5800 cnicholson CHRIS NICHOLSON Christopher Robin Home new-construction-resale nearly 4 200 square feet with an additional 1 596 finished square feet in the lower level sited well off the road on rear flag lot close to shopping and schools. Great floor plan with high ceilings throughout two-story foyer and vaulted family room with floor-to-ceiling raised hearth fireplace fabricated on site by a stone mason out of granite stones with a limestone flat hearth. All cherry kitchen with granite counters walk-in pantry and an island offering a large clean surface for food preparation with a radius cut counter bar for seating. The kitchen and breakfast room have ceiling mounted speakers with an individual room volume control. Multiple lower level rec rooms with full bath. Expansive level rear yard with paverstone patio gorgeous knock-out roses and full viburnam bushes among other mature specimen ornamental plantings that are all thriving and healthy and fencing for pets. Immaculate condition. Move right in. MLS 1372740 Offered at 899 000 SYCAMORE TWP. Gorgeous CHRIS NICHOLSON 513.608.5800 cnicholson 25 This classic Indian Hill stone and clapboard home is located on a much sought-after central Village street. It features 4 bedrooms 3 full and 2 half baths 4 fireplaces a large formal living room family room 1st. floor study with fireplace and a beautifully remodeled kitchen with stainless Thermidor appliances and quartz counter tops. Fresh paint inside and out and numerous other updates. Move right in Tall windows mature trees and an elevated setting on the private 2-acre property provide wonderful views throughout the house. Garage space for 4-5 cars shake roof and copper gutters are just some of the amenities you would expect in a home of this quality. MLS1422771 1 199 900 INDIAN HILL KATE KENNY kkenny 513.518.1775 BOBBY STEPHENS bstephens 513.703.9965 Turn of the century 1895 Queen Ann style three story farmhouse sited on 1.1 acre lot. Notable features include newer Gilkey wood-double hung insulated windows upgraded newer 200 amp electrical service zoned HVAC systems aluminum siding for low maintenance newer hardwood floors on first floor and high ceilings throughout. This home offers elegant charm and character rarely found in Indian Hill. Outside offers a carriage house used as garage on main level with automatic garage door driveway on right to lower level storage area to rear with room for more cars or garden storage loft storage on second floor. MLS 1398645 Offered at 449 000 INDIAN HILL 513.608.5800 cnicholson CHRIS NICHOLSON 26 INDIAN HILL Located on a sought-after street in a beautiful setting of open spaces and mature trees this thoughtfully updated colonial boasts many modern features and amenities while offering classic appeal. Inside the five-bedroom eight-bath home s very well maintained interior features sophisticated appointments and modern living spaces designed for both comfortable family life and elegant entertaining. Exceptional appointments include vaulted ceilings judges paneling crown and dentil molding and hardwood floors throughout. Outside the wood shingle exterior is enhanced by the long circular drive bluestone walkway three-car attached garage and expansive front yard. There s plenty of room to relax and enjoy the outdoors from the rolling back yard and bluestone patio to the swimming pool with pool house. Enjoy privacy from the road with mature pines and white fencing. MLS 1421384 Offered at 2 295 000 513.703.1203 carol CAROL HARRIS SHEILA MILLER 513.289.7241 smillerih Sophisticated rooms prosper from luxurious comfort high style decor and rich architectural detail. Examples of fine craftsmanship include polished wood granite and marble dramatic ceilings custom built-ins 6 fireplaces front and rear staircases extensive millwork oversized moldings and dimensional wainscoting. Gracious formal rooms meld beautifully with comfortable casual areas and outdoor living spaces. All are served by a first class culinary kitchen. The master wing includes a private sitting room and the master bedroom is pampered by a lavish marble bath. Children s wing also enjoys a tastefully appointed playroom and an outstanding spa bath. Situated on 5 picturesque acres. Expansive decking sunny patios and a gazebo surround the azure pool. These extraordinary outdoor living spaces view the gently rolling terrain that meets acres of pristine woodlands. This is a home for all seasons--perfect for relaxing with family and friends or entertaining on a grand scale. INDIAN HILL 513.703.1203 carol CAROL HARRIS SHEILA MILLER 513.289.7241 smillerih 27 SEE INDIAN HILL This home is a combination of unconstrained elegance and architectural distinction. Twenty glorious rooms artfully meld exquisite craftsmanship impeccable taste and thoughtful updates. The estate overlooks four private acres that include formal gardens fountains a Trumpet vine-laden English Haddonstone limestone pergola koi stream and pond pool and spa and charming patios. A sampling of noteworthy features includes a two-story paneled library with a capacity of 20 000 volumes two hidden 60 inch HDTV s a 360-degree fireplace and a wet bar. A speakeasy type entrance leads to a lower level 1450-square foot wine cellar. The Media room includes a 106 projection screen and a state-of-the-art sound system and has ample room for a sizable workout area. The Kitchen Suite is luxury fitted with chef quality appliances that are integrated into the custom cabinetry. It includes a hearth room and breakfast area. The home enjoys eight fireplaces a variety of exquisite chandeliers and custom trims and molding. The sophisticated security and sound system are integrated throughout the estate. Fabulous MLS 1414311 THE MO VIE 513.258.9565 shinkle This spectacular estate combines elegance luxury amenities and privacy with wonderful family gathering spaces for an unparalleled Indian Hill lifestyle. Set on 10-plus acres of picturesque beauty this distinguished property which includes seven well-appointed bedrooms and eight full and three half baths has been thoughtfully redesigned and upgraded with unparalleled craftsmanship quality and attention to detail. Inside the gated entrance a winding drive leads to a motor court and porte-coch re at the side entrance of the authentic brick Georgian residence. A bluestone and brick front entryway and beautifully custom designed front door set the tone for the tasteful elegance to be found inside. Fine appointments include handcrafted floors and millwork imported accents and antique accessories comfortable gathering spaces such as the gourmet chef s kitchen elegant master suite authentic English pub and state-of-the-art theater make this an unforgettable property. MLS 1391563 Offered at 5 950 000 SHARAN HINKLE INDIAN HILL 513.703.1203 carol CAROL HARRIS SHEILA MILLER 513.289.7241 smillerih 28 INDIAN HILL This rare treasure has metic- ulous attention to detail and outstanding architectural charm. Gorgeous grounds include a barn stable and a wonderful two bedroom guest cottage. This gracious home is as inviting and comfortable as it is elegant and sophisticated. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hoffman originally purchased the land sometime in the 1920 s and used the original white farmhouse that is now part of Ravenswalk as their weekend retreat. Designed by the noted architect Walter Rapp this incredible residence was built by Hoffmans between 1929 and 1931. When Ravenswalk was developed the main estate was purchased by Dr. and Mrs. Jason Lemon in the late 1980 s so this outstanding residence has been lovingly maintained by only two families. The Lemons added a great room off the back and made some other changes but took great care to try to maintain the integrity of this magnificent structure. This is truly an amazing home SEE THE MO VIE MLS 1406216 Offered at 2 999 900 SUSAN LEMON LEHR 513.576.6110 lehrsusi Warm and welcoming 8-year-new stone and clapboard home on a quiet lane in the heart of The Village features flat lawns 4 (or 5) bedrooms 4 full & 1 half baths a first-floor master suite terrific room flow with lovely large & bright living room dining room study and gourmet kitchen open to a family room. Highlights include architectural details galore wide plank hardwood floors abundant bright beautiful windows and French door walk-outs 2 fireplaces 1st-floor laundry finished basement with exercise media and recreation rooms. Circular drive and a 3-car garage. Bright and pristine. Offered at 853 000 INDIAN HILL 513.979.2685 DIGS LORI WELLINGHOFF DAVID WELLINGHOFF 29 C mon people now. Go green in your home. by Doug Sandhage A green homeowner IN MOST CASES THERE ARE FOUR MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT BUILDING A GREEN HOME. 1. It will be ugly like a yurt. 2. Additional costs will exceed that of a new Mercedes. 3. It needs to be built underground. 4. Keeping records and filling out the forms to be recognized to LEED green certification standards will take days and a truckload of paper. We did it and we can report that our house is stylishly modern additional costs did not exceed 15 000 we are above ground except for two sides of the basement and the record-keeping paperwork took weeks not days. If you build a new home within the City of Cincinnati and it achieves LEED certification you will get a property tax abatement for 15 years on a part or all of the value of the house. For us we expect the overall abatement to be worth about 125 000. Compared to our less than 15 000 extras investment to net at least 110 000 in savings--hey I ll take that. PLUS you will save money on your utility bills because green means a more efficiently powered home. And a healthier lifestyle. There are some obstacles. One is to get your chosen builder to help and encourage you to participate and there is a cost to choose a LEED certified consultant architect or designer to make sure all of the requirements are met. Some builders frown about the amount of time and paperwork required but it s your money that is being lost in translation. It really isn t that hard. it drought resistant and the plants non-invasive) and the distance your home is located from area shopping. On the latter the thought is that the closer you are to shopping the less driving you will do and perhaps even walk or bike to get the groceries or work out in the gym. You also get points and I love this part for bragging about your new green home. The concept is simple on this one tell others and hopefully they ll do it too. Bragging can include having an open house for neighbors writing an article and getting it published (like this one) or making a movie about the process (like the one you can link to on this page). There are some required meetings between the LEED raters the builder and some of the sub-contractors. Education is key to the process. It is important to note here that LEED certification does require much in the way of verification. You can t just say you used foam insulation in the walls the LEED folks have to see it. You can t just say your house is energy tight against air leaks the LEED folks have to test it. They want to see that you sorted the trash leftover from construction and that as much as possible went to a recycling station. There are four levels of LEED certification the first and lowest level is a simple certification the second is silver the third is gold and the highest is platinum. If you build in the city of Cincinnati and reach the platinum level you get a full tax abatement on the value of the house. So if the house costs 10 million you won t pay any property tax for 15 years. Cincinnati is the only city in the USA with such a rich program to promote sustainability. For the other three LEED levels there is a cap on the tax abatement you can be awarded. (Note changes are made each year to the city s program. Check for updates). The platinum level requires a substantially larger investment on your green purchases which could include geothermal heating rainwater harvesting solar panels and more efficient use of living and outdoor space. The lower level certification rating it should be noted includes energy saving items services that many home builders already provide. Go to and find the link to see our LEED for Homes Project Checklist specific for our home in the Columbia-Tusculum area of Cincinnati. While at the time of this writing the paperwork was not yet completed all indications are that we ll get the Gold certification one of only a handful of homes to be awarded that level so far in Cincinnati. We welcome any phone calls regarding what we did to reach LEED status and will welcome visits from those seriously contemplating going green. You can contact Doug Sandhage via email at dsbc SEE THE PROCESS It s fun and it s reasonably easy. To start first understand what LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is and how it works. Go to click on LEED and go to LEED for homes. Then start searching your internet browser for green homes and products and it ll take you from there. Know that some items labeled as green may not be (scammers have no soul) so some homework will be required. Be prepared to ask lots of questions and to do some comparison shopping. Once you ve got a pretty good idea of what you want contact a local LEED certified rater. Again search the internet for individuals and companies who provide this service. We chose SOL Design Consulting in Cincinnati working in particular with owner Sanyog Rathod and project managers Nate Steeber and Chris Dwyer. In brief obtaining a LEED certification means getting points for items identified by the LEED folks as being green oriented. There are the obvious items such as extra insulation energy efficient windows HVAC and water heating systems the square footage of the house and lighting. Then the not-so-obvious such as the amount of trash left over after building where the building materials came from your landscaping (is THE MO SEE THE MOVIE Take a 20-minute breather and watch the movie about how we made our own house green. Go to VIE Local yes. Global s One-of-a-kind listings in Cincinnati s most desirable neighborhoods. That s where you ll see the Comey & Shepherd sign of excellence. No other local realtor knows the market better. And none will represent your interests with more passion and drive to sell As an affiliate of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and Christie s International Real Estate we ve expanded that vision to market your property to the highest possible number of discerning and motivated buyers at home and abroad. Results-oriented agents. Local expertise. Powerful marketing. A world of opportunity. Visit or call your Comey agent today. The highest standards of client service. That s an expectation we share with you. At Johnson Investment Counsel we embrace our duty to put your goals ahead of our own. Since our founding in 1965 we ve earned our clients trust over generations with personal advisors who know your objectives for today and your plans for tomorrow. 513.661.3100 32 Former Homearama Hensley Custom Ranch home overlooking the 4th hole in the exclusive private Heritage Club Golf Community. Spectacular golf and lake views. This 4 bedroom 3-1 bath home features 3 bedrooms on the main floor and 1 in the lower level. Gourmet kitchen with granite countertops stainless steel appliances adjoining hearth room with stone fireplace. Living room with fireplace. Finished lower level with recreation room 4th bedroom full bath and wet bar. Outdoor living with all season room and patio. Spacious .63 acre lot. Close to Highways 71 and 75. 4 788 square feet with 1 500 square feet in lower level. MLS 1422455 Offered at 849 000 THE MO MASON SEE THE MO VIE SEE VIE 513.300.2518 speters SANDRA L PETERS Spectacular one-of-a kind Daniels custom built home featuring approximately 10 705 square feet of well-planned living space. Features include Travertine flooring circular staircase domed ceiling breathtaking views from the two story living room two studies family room breakfast room and master bedroom. This home has lots of intricate detail work and high level finishes throughout. All bedrooms are custom in design and layout. Walkout lower level features a media area with built-in 100 screen and surround sound wet bar exercise room two bedrooms and a private bath. Outdoor living at its best Featuring Gunite pool with spa & waterfall built-in outdoor grill and extensive landscaping all overlooking an amazing lake and the exclusive private Heritage Club Golf Course MLS 1428963 Offered at 1 625 000 MASON SEE THE MO VIE 513.300.2518 speters SANDRA L PETERS Truly custom transitional home in sought after Heritage Club. Fabulous for entertaining with open floor plan. Soaring 12 ceilings. Spacious gourmet kitchen with granite counters. This home features hardwood flooring and 3 fireplaces. Spacious master suite on first floor has fireplace and sitting room. Finished lower level with office recreation play area & full bathroom. Great outdoor living with wooded lot stamped patio and professionally landscaped. This home features Direct Grid-tie Solar PV system installed by current owner. 5 362 square feet of finished living space. MLS 1426152 Offered at 792 000 MASON 513.300.2518 speters SANDRA L PETERS 513.300.2518 speters Elegant five bedroom five bathroom custom executive retreat built for entertaining Open floor plan with designer kitchen with stainless steel appliances hearth room with stacked stone fireplace and breakfast room. First floor guest suite with full bathroom. Sought after 2nd floor bonus room. New finished lower level with 9 ceilings. Exquisite outdoor living oasis situated on 1.2 acres including heated salt water pool with auto cover extensive landscaping providing privacy and beauty and almost 3 000 square feet of stamped concrete surrounds heated pool. Dual HVAC and water filtration system. Sound system. 50 acre Fleckenstein Park adjacent to subdivision. SANDRA L PETERS DEERFIELD TWP. SEE THE MO VIE MLS 1389259 Offered at 850 000 Local yes. Global oui One-of-a-kind listings in Cincinnati s most desirable neighborhoods. That s where you ll see the Comey & Shepherd sign of excellence. No other local realtor knows the market better. And none will represent your interests with more passion and drive to sell As an affiliate of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and Christie s International Real Estate we ve expanded that vision to market your property to the highest possible number of discerning and motivated buyers at home and abroad. Results-oriented agents. Local expertise. Powerful marketing. A world of opportunity. Visit or call your Comey agent today. 34 SEE THE MO VIE you move into this remarkable 3-story home. The enviable location is literally steps away from the attractions that are the fabric of this highly desirable neighborhood. This unique Italianate structure has been completely transformed balancing its history with contemporary brilliance. The garage is spacious allowing for storage of two vehicles in tandem and providing easy inside access to the first level. The engaging 1st level entry introduces the exquisite contemporary design of the 4 000 square foot interior space. Beauty and substance define the open light-filled space. Ten-foot ceilings highlight the spacious surroundings while the open stairway guides you to each level of your home with elegance and sophistication. Stainless steel stair components and red oak woodwork and flooring are the perfect combination of richness and warmth. The kitchen is a chef s dream and represents the perfect mix of beauty and function. It is situated in the center of the second level providing uninterrupted access to guests. The double island featuring SolarisTM granite surfaces incorporates a breakfast bar along with a service island. This ideal design allows the chef to engage guests while keeping an eye on what s cooking. It is outfitted with top of the line stainless appliances including a Sub-ZeroTM refrigerator GE ProfileTM stove and microwave and BoschTM dishwasher. Ample storage is integrated into the design to ensure everything is within reach. MLS 1424751 Offered at 995 000 MT ADAMS Discover all that Mt. Adams has to offer when 513.235.6759 MICHAEL SWEENEY 35 A word often used to describe a jewel or rare piece of artwork... and equally suited to the Palisades of Mt Adams offering unmatched downtown and river vistas plus all the amenities you d expect in a lifestyle residence. Walkability is today s marker for Cincinnati chic. An easy walk to The Banks stadiums and dining choices on both sides of the river plus the Mt. Adams entertainment district the Playhouse and beautiful Eden Park. Unit 6 boasts 4500 square feet of flowing open interior space on a single level with finishes by Cincinnati s own John Harrison. Viking appliances quartz countertops a see-through fireplace and more. You ll welcome the advantages of a 10-unit property with no more than two residences per floor two reserved indoor parking spaces and extra storage in the heated garage. MLS 1377586 Offered at 1 375 000 SEE MT. ADAMS STUNNING THE MO VIE 513.378.5895 513.919.5005 513.703.9965 ThePalisadesTeam KATHY COMISAR LARRY FLEMER BOBBY STEPHENS SEE THE MO This exceptional stone and brick custom home is ready for today s most discriminating buyer. Up to date d cor and meticulous attention to custom detail throughout soaring coffered great room ceilings fine millwork custom bookcases leaded glass entry door plantation shutters and gleaming hardwoods throughout the first floor are just some of the gorgeous features. The open first floor master floor plan is ready for today s lifestyles. Gourmet granite kitchen with porcelain backsplash is open to the sunny morning room and bar area. The finished lower level is truly an entertainer s dream. The media area and granite bar are great places to relax next to the cozy fireplace. A billiard room fitness room and a guest suite with en suite bath complete this exceedingly well designed lower level. This superior .65 acre property boasts a professional quality putting green as well as extensive professional landscaping and fire pit. Situated on a quiet cul de sac in the coveted Chestnut Hill neighborhood the home is steps away from green space and park with ponds walking paths tennis and playground. A distinctive pool community-Chestnut Hill is a great place to call home. MLS 1424095 Offered at 770 000 MASON VIE 513.509.6647 nsones NANCY ANDERSON SONES 36 Spectacular 8-year-new tax-abated limestone & brick townhome on one of the finest streets on The Hill with panoramic up-and-down river views from every floor features 2 (or 3) bedrooms and 3 full 1 half baths. Remarkable architectural details & designer touches throughout. Open floor-plan living dining & kitchen. High ceilings. Abundant bright windows and French doors. Sitefinished hardwood floors. Built-ins galore. Crown molding. Light & sound systems. Bright white gourmet kitchen with marble counters and professional-grade appliances. Handsome paneled den. Stunning office suite. Magnificent master suite with spectacular marble bath & his hers walk-in closets. Exercise room. Two elevators. Superb large roof-top terrace with knockyour-socks-off river city & Eden Park views. Three-car garage. Nothing but the finest. Offered at 1 499 000 MT. ADAMS 513.979.2685 DIGS Welcome to this stately stone mansion situated on 1.2 acres. Located in the gaslight district of North Avondale and surrounded by other historically significant homes. Stunning mahogany and oak built-ins beams pocket doors and paneling. Updated eat-in kitchen with butler s pantry. Four fireplaces two screened porches rear deck and garden. Zoned heat and air conditioning. Detached three-car garage. Carriage house with guest apartment. MLS 1400492 Offered at 750 000 LORI WELLINGHOFF DAVID WELLINGHOFF NORTH AVONDALE HEATHER HERR 513.708.7770 hherr Local yes. Global aye One-of-a-kind listings in Cincinnati s most desirable neighborhoods. That s where you ll see the Comey & Shepherd sign of excellence. No other local realtor knows the market better. And none will represent your interests with more passion and drive to sell As an affiliate of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and Christie s International Real Estate we ve expanded that vision to market your property to the highest possible number of discerning and motivated buyers at home and abroad. Results-oriented agents. Local expertise. Powerful marketing. A world of opportunity. Visit or call your Comey agent today. 38 SEE SEE THE MO THE MO VIE VIE Amazing former Homerama home in sought after Long Cove. Stone exterior with great curb appeal. Open floor plan with gourmet kitchen including double island stainless steel high end appliances and adjoining hearth room with fireplace. Finished walkout lower level with wet bar true theatre room 4th bedroom study exercise room. Per auditor 5 600 square feet of finished living space. Great outdoor living with covered porch front and rear cul-de-sac location and private fenced yard. Home has views of lake and fountain and backs up to green space for privacy. MLS 1412047 Offered at 899 000 DEERFIELD TWP. The iconic Samuel Hannaford designed Northside Methodist Church recently renovated into a modern open living space and recording studio. This beautiful neighborhood landmark has new mechanics to accommodate the entire building as well as professional grade fiber optics. Top of line security systems that can accessed with one touch of your smart phone have also been implemented. An architectural marvel historic infrastructure updated with state of the art technology and modern finishes - designed to exceed the expectations of today s high-tech modern lifestyle. MLS 1423329 Offered at 395 000 NORTHSIDE 513.300.2518 speters SANDRA L PETERS EMILY BUZEK VALENTINO evalentino 513.602.7414 513.379.4881 KATE BRIDGMAN katharinebridgman Fabulous North Avondale Tudor offering sophistication and comfortable living. Inviting grand living and dining room with walkout. Hardwood floors and historic details throughout. Terraces of wonderful outdoor entertaining spaces. Great third floor for office teen or guest suite with full bathroom. Attached 2 car garage. Beautiful landscaping and gardens. Near Xavier downtown and hospitals. MLS 1414022 Offered at 584 950 THE MO NORTH AVONDALE SEE VIE 513.708.7770 hherr HEATHER HERR 39 SYMMES TWP. This luxurious home is beautifully set on a cul-de-sac lot with a wonderful view. Other notable features and details of this home include bright open space architectural art niches wrought iron railings and 3 fireplaces. Outdoor living includes a deck that overlooks private pool and hot tub. A finished walkout lower level adds to the expansive living space. MLS 1420201 Offered at 850 000 THE MO SEE VIE 513.702.8219 MARK MAYER mmayer TERRACE PARK Set on a picturesque half Offered at 699 900 acre this wonderful home is recognized as one of the oldest properties in Terrace Park. Extreme attention to detail has been taken in recent renovations expansions ensuring architectural integrity and period details remain very much in tact. First floor principal rooms include formal living and dining rooms library dramatic family room with custom built ins a light filled study and a custom kitchen with high end appliances and adjoining breakfast area. The second floor hosts the dramatic master suite with luxury bath and dressing room and two other bedrooms share another bath. The fourth bedroom with its own bath is on the main floor. Completing the package is the coveted first floor laundry room and a bonus room studio above the garage. Interior appointments include 10 ft ceilings beautiful hardwood floors built-in cabinetry sophisticated lighting speaker system skylights and zoned HVAC systems. The professionally landscaped grounds include a paver patio stone patio pathways mature trees lush gardens and plantings. Every detail has been considered in the thoughtful design of this special home allowing formal entertaining and everyday family life with ease. This is a wonderful opportunity within walking distance to everything the Village has to offer. MLS 1415993 513.476.1055 amyminor AMY MINOR 40 BEST THE BEST IN FINE HOMES KITCHEN PLANNING Starting over getting it right By Doug Sandhage Remodeling a kitchen might seem easier than starting from scratch in a new home. The structural supports are already in place the water electric and gas lines the windows and doors. Enter the game changer the homeowner who decides that in their old kitchen a) There was never enough storage. b) It wasn t easy to get from point A to B either because of distance or a blockage of some sort. c) The refrigerator was too small and looked old the range was less than functional. d) The island was barely large enough to lay out the bare essentials and e) The kitchen space needed to be more than that i.e. the kitchen family room homework central home office entertainment space Fido s food and water cubby breakfast bar--all together yet still within a cozy comfortable convenient design. This writer just completed visiting nearly 100 recently completed kitchens in five Midwestern states--the best of the best--whose designers wished them to be entered into the biennial Sub-Zero Wolf Appliances kitchen design contest. About 30 of those were new the rest were remodels. Each entered kitchen required the designer to answer five significant questions the primary being What were the homeowner s top design goals they wanted in their kitchens Nearly all of them stated a-d above and all or parts of e to be the overall goal. 41 FANTASTIC KITCHENS Project Architect Stephanie Johnson Architects Plus. Interior Designer Joelle Ragland Cecitino Home Cabinetry Custom made using soft maple wood for the painted cabinets glazed and top coated with a clear lacquer cherry wood for those stained and clear coated. Zaim Halilovic Accents in Wood. Appliances Sub-Zero 30 All Freezer and 30 All Refrigerator Columns Wolf 48 Dual Fuel Range. Purchased from Custom Distributors Inc. Lighting Corsica Lanterns from Currey and Company. Flooring Stone purchased from Louisville Tile. Countertops Taj Mahal granite from Mees Distributors. Backsplash tile made by Artistic Tile purchased from Louisville Tile. WHO DID IT WHITE OAK FOR EXAMPLE HERE S ONE The owner of this 20-year-old Symmes Township home called in Stephanie Johnson an architect with Cincinnati s Architects Plus to design her kitchen. The job was a complete gut a do-over kind of like having a blank slate (like a new home) but still having some fixed walls that needed to remain intact. I love to cook to entertain. I spend more than half of my time in the kitchen so I wanted it to be comfortable to be bright to be functional the homeowner told me. As a medical professional with her husband and three children the kitchen had to be the home s center of attention. Yes the kids have their own bedrooms but the owner said she didn t want them only hanging out there but instead near me talking helping to prepare food doing their homework at the island so I can see what they are doing. As such the kitchen needed to be significantly larger than it was before so that nobody was on top of each other. The three-month construction portion of the project was completed in April of 2014. It is unique yet elegant says the owner adding that she is particularly pleased with the appliances including a 48 Wolf dual fuel range and a 30 Sub-Zero all refrigerator column a 30 Sub-Zero all freezer column. The Sub-Zero doors were hand-crafted using antique mirror glass designed and fabricated by Accents in Wood thus permitting an armoire-style furniture treatment. I like the clean cut and the functionalVisit Tisdel Distributing in Mason where our more than 120 Sub-Zero and Wolf ity she says. Plus a Sub-Zero undercounter refrigerator allows the kids to appliances make for the finest manufacturer showroom in the access their drinks and snacks without them having to open up the main Midwest. Call for an appointment today. refrigerator every 5-10 minutes. I am happy. 7177 Central Parke Blvd. n Mason Ohio 45040 Architect Johnson says her personal goals in the project included chang513-339-0990 n 800-426-8589 ing the color scheme from dark stained cabinets with dark tops to lightVisit us on the web at er colors designing a more classic look and creating more storage for Friend us on Facebook small appliances cookware and provisions. The entertainment value of the kitchen has worked well based on actual experience says the homeowner. We ve had 25-40 people in here at one time without it feeling crowded. Guests she adds including a guest chef for one event speak without hesitation of the kitchen s pleasing design SHOWROOM and functionality. 42 TERRACE PARK This stunning sun-filled transitional takes full advantage of its exquisite private culde-sac setting. Wonderful open spaces define the versatile floor plan of this home. Quality finishes add a sophisticated flair with well-proportioned rooms that accommodate grand scale entertaining or relaxed family living. Notable features include volume ceilings skylights an abundance of windows three fireplaces hardwood floors throughout first floor laundry mud room and fresh neutral d cor. The gourmet kitchen which boasts cherry cabinets stainless steel appliances and a central island with breakfast bar is open to the new family room with cathedral ceiling fireplace and a wet bar. The formal living and dining rooms have custom woodwork and molding and provide picturesque views of the backyard. The first floor master suite has a private deck a walk-in closet and a tasteful spa bath with heated floors heated towel racks furniture-style double vanity and an oversized shower. Three additional bedrooms and a full bath are on the second floor. The finished lower level has a large rec room study and full bath. Enjoy a peaceful private deep backyard with lush landscaping and a tranquil pond with waterfall. This casually elegant home is within walking distance to everything Terrace Park has to offer. MLS 1424583 Offered at 625 000 513.476.1055 amyminor AMY MINOR EAST WALNUT HILLS Three levels of phenomenal river views and versatile space make this gorgeous East Walnut Hills home a haven for sophisticated living and all scales of entertaining. This wonderful home beckons with elegant appeal from the traditional brick exterior with refined millwork to the lush landscaping paver sidewalk and patio and grand covered front porch featuring bluestone pillars and a tongue and groove ceiling. Curved walkways lead around the house to exquisite grounds which include an impeccably landscaped flat yard and an enchanting corner terrace with sweeping river and city views. Inside open spaces extensive updates and thoughtful details combined with a gourmet kitchen family room with a custom designed bar and private master suite with dressing room and its own terrace accommodate all styles of living with ease. This lovingly cared for home perfectly blends old world character with every modern amenity one could desire. MLS 1418487 Offered at 1 495 000 513.476.1055 amyminor AMY MINOR 43 SEE THE MO Just 12 miles east of Historic Downtown Loveland & the Loveland bike trail this beautiful historic colonial known as Pleasant Run Farm sits on ten acres with multiple outbuildings & gardens. A 3-stall horse barn with Dutch doors oversized attached garage an adorable potting shed and fabulous in-ground pool with new surround & outdoor kitchen grilling area. Inside historic charm abounds with unbelievable upgrades including a 1900 square feet addition family room with stone fireplace & guest suite with full bath and private walkout new master bath with heated flooring travertine tiling and much much more. WAYNE TWP. VIE 513.477.1219 Rocket GINA DUBELL-SMITH TERRACE PARK This classic 1948 Colonial enjoys the very best in location just two blocks from the Elementary School and across from the Village Green. Thoughtfully expanded and updated in recent years this home is the perfect balance of original character and modern amenities. The crisp clean interior enjoys hardwood floors crown molding an abundance of windows and a versatile floor plan. Principle rooms include an oversized living room with wood-burning fireplace formal dining room updated kitchen and a comfortable family room with a bay window adjoined by a full bath. Upstairs you will find three generous bedrooms and another bathroom. The walkout lower level has a playroom office and numerous storage opportunities. Exterior highlights are a large flat picturesque lot a screened-in porch paver patio and attached two car garage. This meticulously cared-for home is enhanced by new Marvin windows new roof and gutters and freshly painted interior and exterior. Curb appeal location and function in the center of the Village makes this a wonderful Terrace Park opportunity. MLS 1428569 Offered at 439 900 513.476.1055 amyminor AMY MINOR 44 SEE Homes over 7100sf featuring a dramatic architectural entry with a two-story rotunda & iron railings custom ceiling details throughout limestone and hardwood floors Gourmet kitchen with an adjoining Hearth room. First floor Master Suite & luxury bath with exquisite finishes. A gorgeous lower level to entertain family and friends includes a large custom pub style wet bar media room & gaming area with full bath. Outdoors entertaining features a beautiful covered patio and stone fire pit. 4-car garage. MLS 1390920 Offered at 829 900 WEST CHESTER Spectacular custom design by Artisan Estate THE MO VIE 513.505.7971 cgrubb THE MO CAROL GRUBB SEE VIE SEE THE MO Truly Custom Stone & Brick Built Carmelle Wood Estates home situated on cul-de-sac with high end finishes. Double leaded glass doors lead to open wood floor entry. Living Room with Boxed Beam Ceiling & Fireplace. Chef s Kitchen with granite tops & stainless steel appliances open to cozy Hearth Room with Stone Fireplace & walk out to screen porch. Luxury First Floor Master Suite. Bonus Room or 5th bedroom. Finished Walk out Lower Level with media wet bar exercise play room full bath. 4947 Square Feet 6 years new. Extensive Landscaping. Community Pool. Convenient to Hwy 71 & Shops. MLS 1391160 Offered at 675 000 MASON VIE 513.300.2518 speters SANDRA L PETERS Breath taking inside and outside. Spacious open floor plan. Gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances granite counters and adjoining breakfast room. First floor of home has all hardwood flooring. 3 fireplaces. Master oasis suite with fireplace and sitting room. Walkout finished lower level with wet bar recreation room media room exercise room and bathroom. Amazing outdoor living with covered deck patio wood and lake views set on 0.5449 acre. 7 223 square feet of finished living space. MLS 1414585 Offered at 788 500 WEST CHESTER 513.295.6425 dgerbus DEBI GERBUS 513.300.2518 speters SANDRA L PETERS Solid family values and a strong work ethic have guided the company from the beginning. Originally founded by Walter Gerbus Sr. more than 50 years ago today the Gerbus family operates three companies Homes by Gerbus Inc. Gerbus Remodeling and Gerbus Land Development Inc. The result of four decades of family-based values is scores of thrilled homeowners. Past customers praise the Gerbus team for taking the time to answer all of their questions listening to their concerns and providing a comfort level they hadn t experienced during previous home purchases. Building is a partnership between the customer and our company states Alan Gerbus. We take care of the technical details but ultimately selection and design are the customer s decision. Communication between the builder and customer is the key to making the home building experience a positive and enjoyable one for all involved. This has always been the foundation of Homes by Gerbus. HOMES BY GERBUS 30 years Dependable in every way To find out why see us at SEE THE MO VIE 100 Best Frame Shops in America by Decor Magazine 2940 Wasson Road at Paxton Telephone 513-531-9794 46 BEST THE BEST IN FINE HOMES WANT TO BE IN THE MOVIES WE NEED SOME GREAT STORY TELLERS SEE THE MO Julie Koehler helped us tell the story of living in Terrace Park which can be seen via the digital edition of BEST Magazine then clicking on the See the Movie icon on page 7. VIE What s it like to live in Mariemont Wyoming Avondale Westwood Montgomery Mt. Auburn Northside Delhi Over-the-Rhine Or in any of the dozens of other communities in Cincinnati each made of neighborhoods that many call home. We are looking for someone among those many eager and willing to tell what it s like to live where they do. BEST Magazine in conjunction with Comey & Shepherd and Half Moon Productions is making a series of professionally produced community movies to be released in an on-line digital format in 2015. The overall objective is to tell a great story on each one to include community features and events. Telling a great story is best done via a great storyteller a community spokesperson reasonably well versed in the good things a community has to offer to its residents and to its visitors. Beginning in February we will announce audition dates and locations to help us select storytellers for each community. Applicants must a) Have lived in the community for at least 5 consecutive years b) Be generally familiar with the design and architecture of homes in the community c) Be reasonably active in the community and know well the community s assets including schools parks public events and retail businesses d) Be personable passionate and articulate in being able to tell why it s great to live in their community and e) Be available 4-6 hours to participate in the movie shoot within one or more locations within the community. We cannot accept applicants who own or operate a business in the community or elected officials. All decisions on what is to be in each movie and how it is edited is at the sole discretion of the movie producers. In the digital edition of this issue of BEST Magazine we present a prototype of what the movies will generally look like (go to click on the BEST magazine cover go to page 7 of the issue and start watching the movie) though we expect the content of each to be unique in one or more ways. So while we may have a basic plan we are open to ideas from those we audition for each movie. There is no written script for our movies since they are being presented in an interview documentary style. Each movie will play between 7-10 minutes. All those appearing in the movies will be named when they speak and within the ending credits. It s a great way for participants to share a great story with lots of others. Filming will be between February and October of 2015. For the dates times of all auditions check the home page of community-based websites or newsletters and or social media that regularly speaks to community interests. All movie shoots are produced by Rory Sandhage of Half Moon Productions. He appeared in more than a hundred TV shows and movies while living in Hollywood and produces the home movies as currently featured on the website. GOT SOMETHING YOU WANT TO SHARE We are in need of high resolution digitized photos videos that showcase every day living community features and events. All selected submissions will receive a credit in the movie. Tell us what you have by emailing us at halfmoonproductionscincinnati Half Moon productions With so many updated and user-friendly features it s no wonder ranks among the Top 10 real estate sites in the country Our website was completely redesigned from the ground up with the goal of providing the easiest and most comprehensive home search tool available for your PC or tablet. From our colorful new user interface to the intuitive smart search on our home page is the only site you need for any of your real estate needs. View every home listed for sale get neighborhood statistics large highresolution photos and even a 360 street level view. Everything you need to make the most informed decision is here. Our information is updated hourly so it is much more accurate than portals like Zillow and Trulia. Don t take our word for it. Real Trends the industry s leading source of analysis and information has ranked at 9 on their list of Top Brokerage Websites for 2013. For your next address visit our A PRIVATE ELEGANT & PARK-LIKE SETTING ... ON THE OHIO RIVER CORPORATE PRIVATE EVENTS WEDDINGS REHEARSAL DINNERS PANORAMIC CLUB HOUSE Visit us online and complete our request form for your customized quote. Now booking for 2015 scenic spring and summer cruises and your 2015 special event dates. 513-231-9042 ANY OR ALL SERVICES DIGS DOES IT. Find it. Buy It. Sell It. Plan It. Design It. Decorate It. Renovate It. Add-On-To-It. Landscape It. You Name It. DIGS Does It. Our services can be engaged ala carte or in any combination to make your home dreams reality. Contact Lori Wellinghoff today to find out more. Lori Wellinghoff President DIGS Real Estate David Wellinghoff Mariza C. Cohen Marti Schuler Real Estate Multi-lingual Relocation Specialist Real Estate Brian Gibson Design John L. Harrison Design Annette Askam Project Manager Tom Allison Construction Josh Koch Construction Bridget Henson Office Manager Alissa Groth Controller 513.979.2685 DIGS 3524 Edwards Road Hyde Park Square 513.533.DIGS (3447) info BEST Historic Victorian hosts a bit of Monticello Mt. Vernon and a whole lot more By Jack Heffron THE FIRST WORD that comes to mind as you approach the Burgess graceful Victorian home in Terrace Park is tranquility. Maybe it s the sound of water flowing from the fountains in their two ponds that creates the soothing sense of peace about the place. We re big water people Doug Burgess says. We enjoy the sound of it. Doug and Debbie also enjoy being in it. One of their favorite pleasures is sitting in the hot tub next to the back deck on a snowy evening relishing the water and the warmth even on a cold night. They also enjoy gardening and their yard bears testament to that enjoyment. Since they bought the home in 2007 they have planted countless perennials from roses to black-eyed Susans to hydrangeas to legacy ferns. Debbie s love of history she s working toward a PhD on that subject at the University of Cincinnati led them to visits places like Thomas Jefferson s Monticello where they bought hibiscus and hyacinth seeds and George Washington s Mt. Vernon which provided seeds for peonies. In spring and summer the property blooms with rich colors and throughout the year the landscape is quietly spectacular. We get a lot of compliments on our yard Debbie says. It s been a lot of work but it s beautiful. They could make the same claim about the house itself. According to the metal plate hanging by the front door it was built circa 1895. Ever the historian Debbie explains that village and county records disagree about the year thus the circa. She says it was built when the spur line was being laid connecting Milford to Cincinnati. They knew the home well before buying it because they lived just six doors away in a bigger home where they were raising their five children. After the kids grew up and left leaving only Matthew the youngest Doug and Debbie decided to downsize but wanted to stay in the community. It s a typical Terrace Park thing Debbie says. People here just move from house to house. They don t want to leave. The charming four-bedroom three-bathroom Victorian on the corner they say caught their eye but Debbie adds It needed some TLC. And so they spent several years providing just that with a keen sense of making the home more SEE THE MO VIE FEATURED HOME It s a typical TERRACE PARK thing. People here just move from house to house. They don t want to leave. and up-to-date while respecting its history and unique Victorian character. We didn t want to sacrifice its charm Debbie says. They remodeled the master bedroom even adding two windows and the striking master bathroom was completely redone. The hardwood floors that are in nearly every room got some love too. But the biggest project was the kitchen which Debbie explains they took down to the studs. The result new custom wood cabinets contemporary appliances an expanded eating area and quartz countertops among other amenities will be tough to leave behind they say. I m going to miss this kitchen Debbie says. She loves to bake and the family loves when she does. The sweet aroma of her chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven frequently filled the house with the smell and feeling of well tranquility. Not that the place has always been peaceful. Doug and Debbie fondly recall hosting a number of parties there and they agree it s a great place to entertain. With three wide porches a deck and .3 acre corner lot it can easily accommodate a large gathering. We ve had over 40 people here and no one felt crowded Debbie says. And finding even more space not to mention tranquility is as easy as walking across the street where the Little Miami River lolls along its banks. With their love of water they enjoy taking evening strolls near the river at the end of a long day. Doug has spent 35 years in the banking business while raising a large family and likes to come home now and just relax. This home he says BEST Terrace Park is special. It s sort of a hidden gem. And it s a great place to raise kids. There are so many activities but it s also small enough that kids can participate in anything they want to. 53 FEATURED HOME Story header Debbie Burgess Like so many people in Terrace Park they also evangelize about the community in which they ve resided for more than 20 years. All five children have attended Terrace Park Elementary and Mariemont High School and Doug and Debbie who obviously value education rave about the experience. Doug says It s a great neighborhood for kids very safe and convenient. Terrace Park is special Debbie adds. It s sort of a hidden gem. And it s a great place to raise kids. There are so many activities but it s also small enough that kids can participate in anything they want to. She says the same is true for adults noting the many community groups in the village from the garden club to the historical society. You can be as involved or not involved as you want to be she says. Doug and Debbie have lavished their love of gardening and history on their home preserving its charm and enhancing its natural appeal while making it more functional and easy to maintain. Which is why they say it s going to be very hard to leave it behind. After the years of hard work Doug says We ve got it just the way we want it. But they also agree that they re happy that new residents will be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor and that the home will provide a place for new memories to be made as well as of course a wonderful sense of tranquility. SEE THE MO ABOUT THE HOUSE 202 Harvard Ave. Terrace Park. Victorian style home. Newer kitchen with custom cabinets quartz counters Kohler farm sink hardwood floor stainless steel appliances wine rack and two large window seats. Complete master bedroom remodel including hardwood floors two new windows and two-story master bath with walk-in shower custom-made furniture style vanities all Kohler fixtures and large walk-in closet. Picturesque backyard with covered Trex deck porch and gorgeous landscaping. Four bedrooms 2.5 baths. Newer roof furnace new first floor AC tankless water heater painting. Six-person hot tub with Bose speaker system. Professionally installed pond. BOB DORGER MARY DORGER Offered at 575 000. 513.518.8080 513.518.8081 rdorger mdorger VIE DISCOVER SOMETHING Everything But The House is Cincinnati s premier online estate and consignment sale company. Visit to browse and bid on items from across the region - right from your computer or smartphone. Enjoy the thrill of an auction without leaving the comfort of your home. BROWSE. BID. DISCOVER. All items start at 1. SEE THE MO VIE Have an estate to sell Visit us online or call us at 513-242-3284 to schedule a free consultation. Bring the natural beauty of your hardwood oors FASTER Immediate use of your home Less odor than urethane finishes DURABLE Long Lasting Minimal Interruption Replace rugs & furniture same day Kids and pets have immediate access exclusive ultraviolet curing system Traditional finishes require 28 days to cure to full hardness. McSwain Carpets & Floors can bring the natural beauty of your hardwood oors back to life with little interruption to your busy household. No more waiting days or weeks to regain the use of your living space. McSwain uses an exclusive Ultraviolet technology to instantly cure your oors. You can let the kids and dog run on it put area rugs down and move furniture back in the same day. McSwain s UV process is faster with less odor and more durable. To view the UV Finishing Process scan the QR code or visit our website. Carpets & Floors SEE THE MO VIE For complete details or to schedule your FREE consultation call 513.326.4242 BEST THE BEST IN FINE HOMES THE BEST DOG. BY GREG HOARD NOT A DAY PASSESmoment. Then it s quiet each of us remembering the moments we shared with her. There was a time when a voice would crack or break and someone would say Damn it. Now four years since her passing there are only smiles and laughter. Dear God how we loved her. She was as much a part of the family as any one of us. She was our dog my friend always my companion a shiny black Lab with almond eyes sturdy frame and complete devotion so gentle with the family so steadfast and loyal. It was an odd thing her coming to us. In February 1995 my father died. Two months later she showed up at the family farm in Indiana just showed up out of nowhere. My mother called me right away. I have something for you and the family she said. She s a Lab. Black as night. I ve named her Schwartz. She s a good dog not much more than a pup. That spring Schwartz came to live with us. She played ball with the twins and a form of wild doggie tag tearing up the lawn with quick turns and fast starts much to the dismay of my wife. I reminded her borrowing words from Hall of Fame Baseball Player Harmon Killebrew We re raising a family not grass. She relented and joined the games. that we don t think of her. Something always sparks a memory. We smile for a Greg Hoard was a sports writer for the Cincinnati Post and Cincinnati Enquirer from 1979 until 1990. He spent 15 years in television as sports director first at WLWT and later at WXIX. He s the author of five books including Joe Rounding Third and Heading for Home a regional bestseller and the critically acclaimed Voices in My Head The Gary Burbank Story. He lives in Cincinnati and for the moment is dog-less though he continues to search for the perfect Basset Hound. 57 LAST WORDS My daughter was only three years old when Schwartz joined us. Schwartz slept by her door at night. She ran with my wife and each day we would walk together sometimes as much as four or five miles. She waited patiently for the kids to come home from school and me to come back from work in the middle of the night. Often we took long midnight walks through the neighborhood and even on dark cold nights she offered some comfort some enjoyment that to this day remains hard to explain. She passed October 10th 2010. But she still romps around through our memories and our hearts and forever will. She taught us so much. You see Schwartz came to us at the perfect time. She was the perfect pet for where we were in life. The house was filled with energy and while we were all going our separate ways with different concerns there was always someone in the house for her. She was never alone. There was always someone to give her the attention love and exercise she needed and in turn she rewarded us with her love and loyalty. I grew up on a 200-acre farm in Southern Indiana. Dogs came and went. My earliest memories are filled with dogs lots of them. For the most part they were farm dogs and watchdogs. Some were pets. Others just chased around running the horses and rabbits and varmints through the thickets. Some were hunting dogs. Some were mutts. All were loved in one way or another but none filled our lives. Maybe there was too much work too many demands. I don t know. But years later came Schwartz. She taught our family that owning a dog is like having a child. A dog is not an ornament. It is not a statement on one s position in life. Owning a dog is a commitment that requires maturity and understanding and above all else time. I once had a friend who was an accomplished trumpet player. He was single working two jobs and trying out for one orchestra after another. He lived in a one-bedroom apartment in Clifton. He bought a dog named him James. He did his best but he always complained about James s behavior. We were having beers at Arlins on Ludlow one night when the topic came up. I don t know he said. I guess I m gonna have to give him up. I said nothing for a time just let it all roll around awhile. Well I said what do you expect You work 10 hours a day. You re home maybe two hours when you re not sleeping. You need a cat or a fish not a dog. Maybe a plant. I had a plant he said. It died. Weeks later my friend moved to New York. I don t know what happened to James. I never asked. I ve seen this scenario come about way too many times great dog bad situation. It seldom turns out well. I would like to see every dog in the world rescued. I would like to see everyone have the kind of relationship we had with Schwartz but it s not an easy or casual thing. Like every relationship it s work and the first step is assessing where you are in life. Do you have the time and freedom to give of yourself Do you have the energy to keep up with a German Shepherd a Doberman Do you have the will and strength to handle a Rottweiler Do you have time to play For years now I ve been trying to bring myself to get another dog but haven t been able to do so. The time and place just wasn t right. The boys are 26 now trying to make their way in the world. My daughter is 22 heading in her own direction. My wife works a lot and likes a clean house and a nice lawn. For my part I m in my 60s bad knee bad back bad neck and I like to read and watch baseball games. I m thinking if I get a new dog it will be a Bassett Hound. That would fit perfectly a dog that s happy to hang out and take naps. Bassett Hound yeah perfect fit. Best time to adopt a pet No time is better than Valentine s Day and the day after. Anybody who knows Rebecca Worple knows that she is one of the city s best photographers not only because of her skills but because she has a special knack in bonding with her photo subjects to create very personal images. While most are people many are dogs. When Rebecca contacted BEST to help promote My Furry Valentine how could we say anything but Yes. Kate Rebecca and Boo My Furry Valentine the region s largest annual animal adoption event will be held on Saturday and Sunday February 14 & 15 2015 from 10 a.m. 5 p.m. at the Sharonville Convention Center 11355 Chester Road Cincinnati OH 45246. The mega-adoption event finds homes for hundreds of adoptable pets each year by bringing together animal rescues and shelters from all over the region to showcase adoptable pets to potential pet owners at one location on the Valentine s Day weekend. Over the past three years the event has found homes for more than 1 300 animals. My Furry Valentine a non-profit organization founded in 2012 is hosted by phoDOGrapher and presented by Iams and Tri-Country Mall. My Furry Valentine is focused on spreading the word that pets in local shelters rescues are wonderful pets and that shelters rescues should be the first place potential adopters look when finding their new best friends. Visit for more information. The perfect place to find the perfekt kitchen. Step Up to Bosch Now through Mar. 31 2015 10% Rebate With the purchase of 3 or more Bosch kitchen appliances. Visit to see the complete 2015 Bosch kitchen line. This is the perfect time to step up to Bosch. Upgrade your home and your life with the perfekt kitchen today. The 2015 Bosch kitchen. Perfektion in every detail. 2014 BSH Home Appliances. Mail-in rebate via Bosch VISA prepaid card. Cards are issued by Citibank N.A. pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and managed by Ecount a Citibank company. Cards can be used anywhere Visa Debit Cards are accepted. Offer not valid at Lowe s Sears and Best Buy. SEE THE MO VIE SEE THE MO VIE