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HERLIFE MAGAZINE TWIN CITIES FEBRUARY 2015 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM KEEPING WOMEN CONNECTED THE WEDDING ISSUE FINE THINGS. TRENDS IN BRIDAL FASHION BEAUTY. MAKEUP FOR YOUR BIG DAY FINANCE. CREATING A WEDDING BUDGET HERLIFE CONTENTS features 26 12 44 24 08 12 14 16 Welcome From the Publisher Health Eat Like a Caveman Mother s Perspective Eat Like a Caveman Beauty Flawless Beauty for Your Wedding Day Spotlight Moms Rock Expo 22 24 Spotlight VirtualOffiCenters Recipes Three-Cheese Beer Soup and More Inspirations Building a Love Foundation Green Living Green Weddings Spotlight Simonson s Salon & Spa 34 Finance Creating a Budget for Your Wedding Trendsetter Bridal Fashion Fine Things The Latest Trends in Bridal Fashion Tie the Knot Kaitie and Josh In the City February Event Calendar 36 44 16 26 30 32 46 48 18 6 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE WELCOME farewell F or three and a half years I ve had the privilege to celebrate Twin Cities women in the pages of HERLIFE Magazine. It s with a heavy heart that I share with you that this will be our last issue. Due to financial and other circumstances we don t have the means to continue and have limited this issue to online only. As difficult as this is I m inspired by the stories our readers cover girls and business owners have shared with me over the years about life changes and career redirections and I look forward to the next challenge which will come first in the form of caring for a new baby girl. I ve been incredibly fortunate to have met so many amazing men and women through this journey. I m so grateful to the long-standing advertisers who found value in our magazine and to the local business owners who contributed their time talents and beautiful products to our fashion spreads and spotlight pieces as well as those who welcomed us into their stores so that our readers could pick up the magazine each month in thousands of locations. I m continually wowed by our incredible photographers writers designers contributors and interns who devoted such positive energy and hard work to the magazine. I m humbled by the cover women who so graciously shared their stories from TV personalities doctors small business owners professional athletes civil servants stay-at-home moms and CEOs of local organizations you ve left a lasting impression. And to our amazing readers I can t tell you how rewarding you ve made this experience for me. You are the reason we did what we did each day. Please know that your enthusiasm kind words and support over the past years have filled my heart. Twin Cities women you re an inspiration worthy of celebration It s been so fun sharing your stories and I know we ll continue to stay connected. p h o to by m o m e n t o i m a ge s L ind s ey L ee Hut c hins stay tuned... 8 Follow HERLIFE on your favorite social media site for behind-the-scenes sneak peeks special offers giveaways and more HERLIFEMagTC instagram herlifemagtc twitter herlifemagtc pinterest herlifemagtc HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 9 staff & contacts Publisher and Editor-In-Chief Editor Art Director Associate Art Directors Advertising Art Director Interns Contributing Authors Lindsey Lee Hutchins lhutchins 952-210-1549 Marilyn Isaminger Paige Fisher paige Kathryn Creel Ashleigh Thomson Elana Bell elana Alexandra Henderson and Jessica Reiersgord Lisa Taranto Butler Hope E. Ferguson Rebecca Flansburg Judy Goppert Laura Leiva Linda R. Price Allison Turnberg Robert Evans Michelle Lockwood Momento Images Taylor Tupy Vick Photography 7455 France Avenue South 405 Edina MN 55435 Phone 952-210-1549 Fax 866-827-6851 For Advertising call 952-2101549 Subscriptions are available for 20 (for 12 issues). Please go to or mail a check made out to HERLIFE Magazine to the above address. Sources for all articles can be found online at Contributing Photographers To contact HERLIFE Magazine Subscriptions Sources HERLIFE Magazine of Twin Cities is operated locally by LBL Publishing an independently owned and operated franchisee of HERLIFE Magazine LLC. To reach national headquarters call 913-4026994. 2015 by HERLIFE Magazine. All rights reserved. Although some parts of this publication may be reproduced and reprinted we require that prior permission be obtained in writing. HERLIFE Magazine is owned by LBL Publishing and is a free publication distributed locally and is supported by our advertisers. It is available in selected specialty stores doctor and dental offices medical spas hair and nail salons tanning salons public libraries and numerous other high traffic locations. Please call for a location near you or if you would like copies placed at your business. We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles and advertisements nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised. We welcome your ideas articles and feedback. 10 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 11 HERLIFE HEALTH eat like a caveman the benefits of a paleo diet by l i sa taranto butler prehistoric way of noshing on grub is getting lots of attention but what is it exactly and what are the benefits of nourishing your body much like our primitive ancestors did What is the Paleo Diet The typical American diet is often chided as being carb laden sugar heavy and overly processed. Believing that much of our modern-day diet is the root cause of most of our disease and ailments Dr. Loren Cordain an exercise physiologist developed the concept of the Paleo Diet in the 1980s and has written extensively about it. The diet goes back in time (about 12 000 years) to the Stone Age when hunting gathering and eating fresh meats fish fruits and vegetables was the way of life. Not on the prehistoric menu were dairy products grains legumes sugars and processed foods. So when noshing the Paleo way you basically eat like cavemen ditching Little Debbies and Big Macs for fresh meats and veggies. Paleo-Friendly Foods The Paleo diet involves eating whole unprocessed nutrient-dense nourishing foods. Paleo eaters typically opt for grass-fed meats wild-caught fish and seafood eggs and vegetables. Nibbling on fruit nuts and seeds is fine as long as caveman-like portions are avoided. When choosing oils stick to healthy oils such as olive walnut flaxseed macadamia and avocado. 12 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM I f you haven t heard about the Paleo diet then perhaps you have been living in a cave. The words eat like a caveman are taken pretty literally in this Paleolithic program that has been gaining popularity over the last few years. The What Foods Are No-No s A good rule of thumb with Paleo is to gather food from the outside aisles of the grocery market. No healthy-eating caveman would make very many trips down the middle aisles the ones full of packaged processed goodies. The Paleo diet also leaves out legumes (including peanuts) dairy soy potatoes salt and some common cooking oils such as soybean oil canola oil and cottonseed oil. For comprehensive lists of Paleo-friendly foods visit and ultimatepaleoguide. com. What Are the Benefits of a Paleo Diet A clean diet without additives preservatives and chemicals is considered easier on our insides so our bodies don t have to work as hard to digest food. The anti-inflammatory benefits from the plant nutrients in fruits vegetables oils nuts and seeds aid our everyday function while eating more meat means more iron is absorbed to build strong muscles and cells. Cold water fish (such as salmon) is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids helpful for the eyes heart and daily brain function. With a Paleo palate a feeling of fullness or satiety is likely because of the higher intake of protein and fats so the chance of getting hungry between meals decreases. And of course with the limited number of food choices most people will lose weight on this plan. Are There Any Risks to a Paleo Diet As with most diets eating pure Paleo does have some downturns. If you take away foods and nutrients and don t find suitable replacements you can create a nutrient imbalance. While eating lean meat is good choosing fatty meats and too much red meat may lead to high cholesterol and possible heart issues. Bones are at risk if very few dairy products are consumed and not eating grains can deplete the body of energy. And if you are watching your wallet this way of eating may be pretty pricey considering the high percentage of meat included. If you re vegetarian you may want to think twice before going Paleo. Since the plan excludes beans protein is hard to come by on this diet. Who Should Choose a Paleo Diet If you re trying to lose weight and your energy levels seem low then a Paleo diet might be just what the caveman ordered. And since the Paleo diet doesn t have you counting calories it might be more convenient than other weight loss programs you might have tried in the past. Long-term Paleo Eating Paleo isn t easy. Since this diet strays from dietary carbohydrates you may feel slow and sluggish at first because you are not eating sugar and pasta. But if you can make it past this period of yuck you will probably feel better in the long run. As with any diet or change in eating patterns check with your doctor first. Just as with any other diet being vigilant is important while trying not to overdo it. Think about abiding by the 80 20 rule. Eat healthy and smart 80 percent of the time so the other 20 percent of the time allows you room to relax. We don t live in the Stone Age and it s comforting to know that we have a little more help than our prehistoric ancestors. Check online for apps and websites that share Paleo grocery lists recipes and tips. There s no need to look for answers on cave walls. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 13 HERLIFE MOTHER S PERSPECTIVE distracted driving by j u dy go p p e r t over for the horse and buggy. Now as then driving that moving vehicle whether it s a lifted truck snazzy convertible or family-sized SUV is a responsibility like no other. The metal surrounding you can be referred to as a weapon of destruction if not handled with the respect it warrants. Driving is primarily a thinking task and you have many things to think about when you re behind the wheel watching the road conditions keeping track of your speed and position observing traffic laws signs and signals following directions being aware of the cars around you checking your mirrors and the list goes on. Staying focused on driving and only driving is key. When texting first came along we all jumped on the bandwagon. The problem is that texting behind the wheel has created havoc ranging from fender benders to untold horrors. But distracted driving is not limited to texting. When drivers are distracted by any activity their attention is diverted making it more likely that their inattention will endanger the lives of passengers bystanders and themselves. In fact multitasking while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle is one of the most dangerous things we can do. As reported by The New York Times drivers talking on their cell phones are just as likely to have an accident as someone with a blood alcohol level of .08 percent which is the equivalent of driving after having four beers. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration s website additional distractions that 14 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM advice for everyone on R emember the first time you started a car and put your hands on the steering wheel What a feeling of freedom. The excitement has been the same since motorized vehicles took can lead to serious injury or death are eating and drinking talking to passengers grooming reading using a navigation system watching a video or adjusting a radio CD player or MP3 player. A recent Virginia Tech Transportation Institute study shows that engaging in visual manual tasks such as reaching for a phone dialing and texting increased the risk of getting into an accident by three times. Text messaging doubles the risk of a crash or near-crash and results in the driver taking their eyes off the road for an average of 23 seconds total. At 55 mph that s like driving the length of a football field completely blind In 2012 an estimated 420 000 people were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving a distracted driver and the under-20 age group has the largest proportion of crashes due to distracted driving. Impact Teen Drivers began as a California- based program that partnered with the California Highway Patrol to deliver the teen safe driving message to California high schools and it has developed into a nationally respected program working with various first responders educators health professionals and traffic safety advocates throughout the United States. Impact s website states that the organization s mission is to change the culture of driving forever thereby saving lives not only in this generation of drivers but also in all future generations of drivers. Their What Do You Consider Lethal campaign is an easy-touse free program for teachers safety educators law enforcement students and parents designed to bring home the facts to teens about reckless and distracted driving. Its interactive website encourages teens to take the lead in fighting the battle of preventable car crashes and to sign the The pledge against distracted driving on is good advice for all of us. Here is the behavior that it encourages. For my future--for life s big dreams and little comforts I hereby make a conscious commitment to safe driving. For my friends my family and anyone else who may have fond feelings toward me I pledge not to drive distracted or recklessly. For every person I may never meet but share the road with I pledge to give driving the 100% attention it deserves. I vow not to text eat or do anything that causes me to take my hands off the wheel or my eyes off the road. I commit to speaking up to a driver who is driving unsafely. I commit to wearing a seatbelt and making sure everyone in the car does the same. I commit to SAFE DRIVING. I commit to THE LAW. I commit to MY LIFE. pledge at The X campaign sponsored by AT&T encourages teens to text X to their friends when they re about to drive letting them know they will be unavailable until they arrive. The website itcanwait. com also offers an app that silences message alerts and auto-replies and it offers a pledge to stop texting and driving that as of this writing had 5 590 910 commitments. Similar pledges may be made on and As parents we do our best to model appropriate and safe behavior to our children and their peers. When it comes to reckless or distracted driving the best and basic rule of thumb for us to model is to drive. Period. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 15 HERLIFE BEAUTY by l a u r a l e i va flawless beauty for your wedding day your getaway with your new spouse at the end of the reception. Throughout the ceremony and reception friends and family will be taking pictures of you so you want to make sure your hair and makeup remain flawless from start to finish. Look the absolute best on your wedding day whether you re using a professional to create your bridal style or doing it yourself These expert tips ensure your hair and makeup will stay beautiful until the very last minute. Healthy skin is always the perfect foundation for bridal makeup. Two months before the wedding make an appointment with a dermatologist or facialist to go over any trouble spots such as dry patches fine lines or wrinkles or uneven complexion. Through a series of treatments a skin care expert will clean and minimize pores rejuvenate tired-looking skin or brighten up the appearance through exfoliation microdermabrasion or glycolic acid peels. It s important to start these treatments at least two months in advance in order to give the skin time to show signs of improvement and to 16 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Y our wedding day is finally here After months of planning and preparing it s time to step into that gorgeous gown and walk down the aisle. All eyes will be on you throughout the day beginning with the photographer s capturing intimate moments of you getting ready with your favorite women all the way down to calm down any potential redness or irritation after an invigorating facial. In the days leading up to the wedding keep skin hydrated by using moisturizers and serums that contain hyaluronic acid which attracts and retains water in the skin or glycerin which pulls in water and locks it in with a protective barrier to keep skin supple and refreshed throughout the day. Drink plenty of water to keep facial puffiness to a minimum and help skin stay hydrated. When choosing your bridal look it s important to enhance your own natural beauty and accentuate only one part of the face to prevent appearing overdone. Want to wear a dramatic red lip with your vintage-inspired gown Keep eye makeup to a more neutral or classic style or add drama and glamour to the eyes while complementing them with a nude or pale pink lip. Choosing the right foundation shade is also key what looks good in the cosmetic store might appear too light or too dark in natural daylight. Beauty experts recommend applying foundation to the jawline and stepping outside to see it in sunlight if the makeup disappears into the skin it s the right shade Shimmery shadows and bronzers add a beautiful glow to the skin but only if applied correctly. When there is too much shine on the skin it tends to look oily or sweaty which is not something you want showing up in your photographs. Limit the amount of shimmery highlights or powders used on the skin experts suggest applying it only in one place such as along the cheekbones or highlighting the brow bone to keep the look more natural. One essential tip shared universally by bridal beauty experts is to choose waterproof cosmetics from the foundation primer right down to the mascara. Whether you think you ll get teary-eyed or not waterproof makeup stands up to sweat as well ensuring you ll look stunning even after showing off those dance floor moves. While many brides pay close attention to makeup the hair is another important component of a bridal look. Choose a style that s appropriate for the wedding style and makeup. Getting married on the beach A loose style with chic waves or a casual chignon is still elegant while staying true to the destination. For more formal weddings a sophisticated updo or sleek style is perfect. The day or two before the wedding shampoo the hair and avoid conditioning to give your hair as much texture as possible to hold long-lasting curls. Conditioning the hair softens it too much preventing it from staying curled throughout the day. Additionally bridal hair experts recommend not overdoing the hair products as too much hair spray (or other product) weighs the hair down and causes it to look dull and oily in your photos. For those who have short or fine hair using extensions to boost volume or length is a great way to infuse new life into a hairstyle. Opt for extensions that use real hair (as opposed to synthetic) to give the hairstyle a natural seamless appearance. Hair experts also suggest keeping a stylist on hand for touchups as brides often get ready hours before the actual wedding begins. This allows the stylist to make any last-minute fixes before the bride walks down the aisle. Creating a flawless bridal look from head to toe is essential because as they say pictures last forever HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 17 HERLIFE SPOTLIGHT sha r o n s suppor t team p ic t ur ed ab ove s har on and her d aug h te r ra e . pi c t u r e d below s haron rae and s har on s mom am and a w ri tte n by re b e c c a f l a n sb u rg p h o to gra p hy by tay l o r tu py MOMS WITH STYLE Rock ExpoTM a unique and innovative gathering that will provide Minnesota moms with the opportunity for access to information resources camaraderie and tools for living a better life. 18 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM I ve wanted to create an event like Moms Rock Expo for the Twin Cities area for some time Sharon Smith-Akinsanya event creator and founder shared. When I moved here from St. Louis Missouri 23 years ago to do marketing and promotions work for singer-songwriter Prince I had it in my head that I would only stay two years before moving on. I ll never forget the day Prince looked at me and said You ll never leave and he was right Once I lived here for a while I fell in love with Minnesota because it is a great place to live work and play. As her love of the area grew so did her desire to better the lives of those around her. My mother always taught me to add value and be of service whenever you can in life Sharon confirmed. So I decide that if I was going to make Minnesota my home I needed to really focus on enhancing the lives of those around me. I ve always been in love with fighting for and working I t s no secret that Minnesota women are a smart savvy and creative bunch who work hard and struggle to juggle the elusive work life balance. On May 2 and 3 the Minneapolis Convention Center will be host to Moms towards women s issues and things that elevate women moms and girls. That has always been a passion of mine. I also knew that if Minnesota was to remain a great place to live work and play we needed to do a better job of elevating moms and supporting working families. We need to be aware that 72 percent of children in our state have a mom who works outside the home and an estimated 44 percent of area moms have to work to keep the family together. I want to raise the issue that we all need to work together to support our moms and that includes government corporations and communities. That passion and knowledge of the facts fueled me to create a venue in which moms could come together learn grow and celebrate each other the Moms Rock Expo. Armed with a seed of an idea and a vast knowledge of creating events and promotions Sharon created the Moms Rock Expo in 2013 and it has been full steam ahead ever since. This first weekend in May is not only packed with expert panel discussions fashion shows cooking demonstrations and break-out sessions there is an impressive line-up of celebrity keynote speakers all of whom happen to be moms with real-world parenting experience. The event s keynote speakers include celebrities and thought leaders such as actress Tamera Mowry-Housley CBS contributing reporter Lee Woodruff and Jaime Primak-Sullivan star of Bravo TV s Jersey Belle series and Lisa Lillien founder of I want to provide real-life resources that moms can use Sharon affirmed. Moms have so many responsibilities and I want every woman who attends to walk away with new information on hot topics such as healthy meals fashion and creating designer looks for less getting your child ready for college online safety and cyberbullying dealing with divorce and grief tips for step-moms and so much more. This event will also be a place where moms can connect with policymakers during our Town Hall gatherings to ask those hard questions and be heard. My goal is to provide moms with access to the best tools tips and advice to keep it all together so that they can live life easier and still have time to honor themselves as well As this upcoming event grows Sharon that revealed her Moms Rock Expo project is definitely a family affair. My beautiful daughter Rae Akinsanya is an 18-year-old getting ready for college but she is also a huge help to me on this project she added. Not only does she help with social media she has also been an amazing project manager for me as well. My mother Amanda Smith also helps and is our go-to person for mailings and other promotional tasks. As a strong advocate for women one who is dedicated to the wealth and overall success of moms women and girls everywhere Sharon admits she is optimistic and excited for her upcoming event. I am so proud of how the Moms Rock Expo has grown and come together we ve received such great support from sponsors U.S. Bank 3M and Microsoft and our media partners KARE 11 and MyTalk107.1 to help make this happen she noted. I m also thrilled to be providing a gathering place that will help to ensure moms have the information they need to achieve a happy healthy and prosperous balance between work and family. This topic is a passion for me and this event is a truly a dream come true. HLM To learn more about Moms Rock ExpoTM and to purchase tickets for the event visit them on the web at or check the Facebook page at momsrockexpo. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 19 20 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE SPOTLIGHT Lo ri Sp i e ss o f V i r tu a l O f f i Ce n te r s Mi n n e a po l i s I n five strategic locations within the heart of the Minneapolis area is a vibrant hub of community resources and collaboration for small businesses. Proudly serving the Metro area business community since 1981 VirtualOffiCenters OffiCenters offers a full range of business solutions to entrepreneurs as well as regional national and international companies. Lori Spiess Owner and President of VirtualOffiCenters OffiCenters has been dedicated to the office support service industry since 1981. She is a past and the first female president and recent board member of the Office Business Center Association International (OBCAI) the trade association for the office business center industry representing thousands of business centers worldwide now known as Global Workspace Association (GWA). She and her staff collectively represent years of knowledge and skills providing clients with the confidence they seek when selecting a home office for their business in Minneapolis and the surrounding metro area. VirtualOffiCenters OffiCenters locations include St Louis Park Eden Prairie Bloomington Minneapolis and Edina. VirtualOffiCenters OffiCenters is a place where small businesses can do their best work declared Lori. June 1 2015 will mark my 34th year of working within the office support arena and during that time I ve been very lucky to be able to have seen so many successful businesses come through our doors. I feel we offer something to our members that is beyond four walls. I am so very enthusiastic about my busi- VIRTUALOFFICENTERS OFFICENTERS IS A PLACE WHERE SMALL BUSINESSES CAN DO THEIR BEST WORK. photography by mic helle loc k wood wr it t en by r eb e c c a f l a n sb u rg ness as well and I believe that is what sets us apart from the competition. More than 95 percent of the businesses created today are small office home-office based and I am very proud to provide the resources community and support for these businesses to help keep them on the path to success and growth. VirtualOffiCenters OffiCenters service packages include office space business support services and conference facilities for use by the day week month or longer. Solopreneurs and business professionals also have the option of full-time serviced offices as well as virtual office packages shared spaces meeting rooms and training facilities that can be used in as little as 30 minute increments. Members also benefit from energy-filled networking groups educational and business services and a listing in CONNECT VirtualOffiCenters OffiCenters B2B Directory. Another member benefit is the ability to use any of the company s five locations for one price. Our newest services cater to the home-based business community Lori added. We want to let home-based businesses know that they can work at home but they don t have to go it alone. We understand that finding a work life balance is tougher when working from home. Many struggle to be productive and professional. We can add a different element to working from home by offering services such as professional phone answering a business address and use of our meeting rooms with one of our virtual office plans. Our members never have to worry about staffing issues thanks to our admin support services. We handle that and let them do what they do best. In the early days of our business we were always looking for one butt for every seat or one worker for every office Lori revealed. Now we celebrate home officing as a lifestyle choice. We ve successfully made the transition from one person in one office to a collaborative work environment. All of our members not only strive to do business with each other but we also host monthly networking functions and special events designed to encourage that collaboration and camaraderie even more. We now have 35- to 50-person co-working spaces working together in conjunction with our full-time office clients all of which is supported by OffiCenters staff. We were one of the first hybrid business center co-working spaces in the U.S. and in 2013 we were named Most Innovative Workspace by the Global Workspace Association. People come from all over the country to see what we are doing in Minneapolis and I ve also been lucky enough to travel and see business centers all over the globe. I bring what I learn back to my team and my members so we can all continue to do our best work. A recent cancer survivor Lori shared that she has a new gratitude for her success and an optimistic vision for the years to come. I am so grateful for having the great team of people around me that I do she affirmed. I am living proof of how valuable it is to have support staff around you to keep your business humming even when you are not able to be there. It s been an awesome and incredible year and I am so blessed. It also reaffirmed to me that we have a great recipe for success here at VirtualOffiCenters and OffiCenters. It s going to be a bright 2015 and I can t wait to see what s next. Our attitude is life is short work someplace awesome HLM Visit their websites at and or officenters to learn more about their services and locations. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 23 HERLIFE RECIPES chocolate-almond steel cut oatmeal Serves 4 Prep time 10 minutes Cook time 5 minutes ingredients 1 cup Steel Cut (Quick and Easy) Irish Oatmeal teaspoon salt 1 Tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder cup brown sugar 1 large ripe banana sliced cup chopped almonds or hazelnuts cup chopped semi-sweet chocolate cup heavy cream directions In a medium pot bring 3 cups water to a boil. Add oats and salt reduce heat and simmer uncovered for about 6 minutes stirring frequently. Remove from heat and stir in cocoa powder and brown sugar. Divide among 4 bowls and top with sliced banana and 1 tablespoon each of heavy cream almonds and chocolate pieces. Enjoy while it s hot HLM recipes and p hot ogr ap hy by ver y c ulinar y.c om 24 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM three-cheese beer soup Serves 8 Prep time 20 minutes Cook time 20 minutes ingredients cup unsalted butter 1 medium sweet onion finely diced 1 medium carrot sliced into thin rounds (or finely chopped) 2 green onions thinly sliced 3 cloves garlic minced cup all-purpose flour teaspoon dry mustard 5 cups low-sodium chicken broth 1 cup bottled or canned beer 1 cup whipping cream 1 cups frozen diced hash brown potatoes 1 cups small broccoli florets 1 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese room temperature 1 cups shredded white cheddar cheese room temperature 1 (3 ounce) package bacon pieces 1 3 cup grated Parmesan cheese teaspoon hot pepper sauce teaspoon Worcestershire sauce directions In a 4-quart Dutch oven heat butter over medium heat until melted. Add onion carrot green onions and garlic. Cook for 8 to 10 minutes or until vegetables are tender stirring occasionally. Stir in flour and dry mustard (mixture will be thick). Add broth cook and stir until bubbly. Add beer and cream stir in potatoes and broccoli. Bring to a boil reduce heat and simmer uncovered for 5 minutes stirring occasionally. Gradually stir in sharp cheddar and white cheddar cheeses stirring after each addition until cheeses are melted. Stir in bacon Parmesan cheese hot pepper sauce and Worcestershire sauce until combined. Ladle into bowls and enjoy HLM recipes and p hot ogr ap hy by ver y c ulinar y.c om HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 25 HERLIFE INSPIRATIONS BUILDING A LOVE FOUNDATION w ritten by r eb ec c a flans b ur g photogr ap hy by m ic helle loc k wood tect all are words that describe the life and business of Twin Citian Kailen Rosenberg. As a veteran in the business of love for more than 20 years her focus is on helping people experience love on a global level and teaching her clients how to experience healthy long-term relationships based on authentic genuine love. What is a Love Architect I am someone who comes into people s lives whether they are married or single and teaches them how to build the love life that they deserve Kailen informed. I help each client create a foundation that is healthy and one that includes openness and honesty. I firmly believe that relationships need a strong foundation in order to flourish and thrive. Relationships are like buildings if a strong foundation is missing everything built on top of it will be unstable. Sometimes the walls within our relationships are toxic and need to be torn down and replaced by healthy ones. I help my clients build that foundation and find the happiness in relationships that they deserve. Kailen admits her aha moment in choosing this unique career path began many years ago when she was a little girl being raised by her grandparents. My grandparents had a really beautiful union of marriage and friendship she remembered. Now I realize that their relationship back then was the kind that many couples dream of having now. Their marriage was filled with respect admiration and commitment. On the flipside my mother had a very free-spirited hippielike view of love and how it should be shared with everyone which unfortunately led her to men who weren t exactly the best for her. At a young age I saw two very different black-and-white examples of love which inspired me to want to learn more about what true love was. Things were not all smooth sailing just as Kailen was entering her teenage years a lifechanging event occurred. When I was 12 my R elationship expert celebrity life coach advice columnist author television host entrepreneur change-maker elite matchmaker and Love Archi- IN ALL CASES I BELIEVE IT S CRUCIAL TO HONOR WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU DESERVE. BEING ABLE TO KNOW AND LOVE YOURSELF FIRST THEN YOU CAN LOVE OTHERS MAY SOUND CLICH BUT IT TRULY IS KEY IN ALL RELATIONSHIP SUCCESS IN LIFE AND WHERE MOST MISS OUT. grandparents decided to spend more time in Florida but I wanted to stay in Minnesota and be close to my school and friends she revealed. It was at that time that my mom came back into my life and for the first time she and I lived together full time as mother and daughter. It didn t work out as I had hoped and I was removed from her home and placed at St. Joseph s Home for Children. It was a traumatic event that also revealed to me the other side of life and love. I ll never forget my roommate at St. Joseph s. She was a homeless 13-year-old prostitute who had been found wandering the streets. As I sat with tears in my eyes and listened to her story I knew that she had never once experienced love the type of family love that I had been blessed with from my grandparents. I was extremely humbled and could feel her pain. At a time when teenager girls tended to be catty and rude I just wanted to show this young girl love sisterly love. I wanted her to know she had value that she was beautiful and that she would have happiness and love in her life no matter what. After a month I left St. Joseph s and went into foster care but I took that deep sense of compassion and empathy for others with me. Kailen is incredibly grateful for the lessons learned during this and other challenging phases in her life and she encourages others to pull strength and inspiration from her story. I know there are many people who have shame because they feel they don t come from the perfect life. They feel that because they didn t come from money or a certain educational background that they don t have much of a chance or that that they may never amount to anything. It s my hope that they see where I ve come from in childhood along with being someone who s experienced being a divorced and single mom to where I am now and they will see that it is absolutely possible to experience your greatest dreams to be truly happy and to have beautiful love. Fueled by her life lessons and desire to help others and after spending 15 years in the dating and coaching business Kailen created another successful business The Love ArchitectsTM in 2009. As a Masters Certified Life Love and Relationship Coach a renowned relationship expert and Oprah Winfrey s official Love Ambassador HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 27 Cosmopolitan Marie Claire CBS Radio Public Radio East Huffington Post The TODAY Show Good Morning America CNN Lifetime TV s The Daytime Show and many more. All of these successes led to one of her proudest career moments being selected by the Oprah Winfrey Network to star alongside Oprah herself in a very special award-winning television series called Lovetown USA. Kailen attributes her success to the inspiration and guidance that come from those who are closest to her. She and her husband Lance have been married for 13 years and together share three wonderful sons. Lance is an amazing man. I ve grown and have grown up a lot since we ve been together and that s because of him she confirmed. In many ways he s the co-relationship expert in our lives because I have learned so much from him and through him. Like any couple we ve had tough times but we could never grow apart as much as we have grown together. We ve learned that we need to humble ourselves enough to not always have to be right. We focus on what it is we need to learn especially about ourselves to keep our relationship strong and healthy. As an entrepreneur focused on love Kailen continues to explore a variety of avenues and ventures that come her way to share her message of Kailen has made love her business and endeavors to bring healthy and happy relationships into this world one successful single person married couple and family at a time. The greatest misconception about my business is that it s a dating and matchmaking service when in fact the work that The Love Architects does is about love on a universal level Kailen advised. It s about teaching people how to love themselves first thus how to love others especially when the right one comes along. My clients include successful singles seeking their soul mates married couples people in crisis and entire family units. In all cases I believe it s crucial to honor who you are and what you deserve. Being able to know and love yourself first then you can love others may sound clich but it truly is key in all relationship success in life and where most miss out. I think the hardest part for people who are trying to form a better relationship is allowing themselves to be raw real and vulnerable. Being able to answer the tough questions as to why it is hard for them to get love right is where help and 28 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM guidance from experts like The Love Architects team and me can be so life changing. Kailen s aspiration for helping others extends beyond the walls of The Love Architects office. Her wildly popular podcast The Love Happy Hour on the Tom Barnard Network (on iTunes and Libsyn) serves up a fresh take and sound advice on love life and everything in between to loyal listeners. Her highly acclaimed book Real Love Right Now was released in September 2013 and is touted as a 30-day blueprint for finding your soul mate. Her latest venture The Little Pink Book by Kai-len is a private online community of hand-selected healthy-minded successful relationshipready singles who are ready for a new approach to finding love. In the age of online dating and social media the greatest thing people seek now is truth and authenticity. she noted. The trend of the future is verified and truthful dating services sites and apps that allow people to trust first and then fall in love. Kailen has also contributed her message of love in more than 400 print online radio and television interviews including healthy relationships. I am committed to spreading the truth on what keeps us from love and most importantly how to change it so we can all have amazing love in our lives. In 2015 Kailen will take on three major roles in three separate projects focused on love two of which involve national television and working alongside a client who happens to be a celebrity. She also has signed on to be the chief spokesperson and matchmaker for a new online matchmaking and dating app called SparkStarter. I m incredibly humbled by each and every opportunity that continues to come my way she added. It s an honor each and every time I have the chance to teach someone how to have joyful love in their life. I have a very strong faith in God and I believe He created this path for me to take. I couldn t be more grateful and blessed and I can t wait to see where the path unfolds next. HLM To learn more about Kailen Rosenberg and The Love ArchitectsTM visit them on the web at I THINK THE HARDEST PART FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO FORM A BETTER RELATIONSHIP IS ALLOWING THEMSELVES TO BE RAW REAL AND VULNERABLE. HERLIFE GREEN LIVING green weddings by a l l i so n tu r n b e rg T The Ring he wedding day is one of the most important celebrations in a person s life. But it also tops the list of one of the most wasteful events it s estimated that each wedding in the United States the ring. It should be a reflection of your personality and values so if being eco-friendly is important to you you should pay close attention to what your ring is made of and where it came from. Try choosing a ring made from recycled materials and lab-created gemstones for example. If your heart is set on diamonds find a jeweler that uses only conflict-free ones meaning they are certified ethically sourced and traded. And if you re so blessed that a family member has shared one of their stones with you so much the greener The Dress The single most important dress of your life should make you feel good inside and out. Be- fore you set your sights on this season s newest fashions consider a vintage gown. A lot of fabric is wasted making a wedding dress and certain man-made materials aren t always good for Mother Earth. Better yet ask to wear a relative s gown and check off your something borrowed category. Gown restoration companies can refresh the vintage gown to look brand new or redesign it to fit your own personality. After you ve got your dress covered make sure your bridesmaids can go green as well. By allowing them to wear different styles and shades of dresses you re increasing their likelihood of using a dress they already own or buying one they produces around 600 pounds of garbage and 62 tons of carbon dioxide. Throwing the perfect wed- ding doesn t have to mean harming the environment keeping your nuptials eco-friendly can be green and chic. Before you throw the most important party of your life consider these tips to ensure you don t scorn Mother Earth in the process. All wedding planning starts with one thing Use local vendors whenever possible to keep your wedding s carbon footprint down and promote the local economy. Think local food photographers flowers and clothing designers. The shorter the distance traveled the better. 30 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM truly will wear again unlike that chartreuse frock that hides in your closet. Go Digital Moving wedding communications to the Internet is a trendy paperless way to make your wedding a little greener. Find a tech-savvy friend or hire a company to make electronic invitations and a wedding website. After sending out your save-the-dates and invitations electronically you can direct guests to the personalized website housing your engagement photos RSVPs information updates links to registries and more Say goodbye to snail mail this is a faster more reliable way to ensure your RSVPs are received plus guests can update their head count if need be. If you ve already said I do to more tangible communications opt for recycled paper or paperless materials for your correspondence. Personalized Glassware Give your guests a wedding favor they ll actually use and one that s better for the environment. Make a day out of DIY-ing some personalized mason jar glasses (or another kind of glass for that matter) for your guests. This way they ll never lose their drink and they can reuse the same cute glass all night conserving much of the energy and water that would be used to wash hundreds of once-used glasses. Pro tip the glasses can double as place cards if you re really feeling green. Keep It Local Use local vendors whenever possible to keep your wedding s carbon footprint down and promote the local economy. Think local food photogra- phers flowers and clothing designers. The shorter the distance traveled the better. As a bonus local vendors usually take more care with their products and aren t as likely to use pesticides or other harmful processes. Do Yourself a Favor No one needs another koozie with your great aunt s daughter s son s name stamped on it. Consider donating money to a charity on behalf of your wedding guests instead of wasting money on favors. If your heart is set on favors though choose ones that are the least likely to be wasted. Local treats like honey cookies or candy are sure to be eaten while your guest is waiting for dinner for example. Plantable favors such as tree seeds or sprouted herbs are another great option your guests are sure to enjoy. Twice-Green Flowers Flowers are one of the largest item of the wedding budget and one of the most transient. If you re leaving town for a honeymoon enlist the help of friends to repurpose your flowers into smaller bouquets that can be distributed to nursing homes hospitals or hospice patients. Making your wedding as green as possible is a great way to make your wedding unique it s all about being creative. Even the smallest changes have an effect and will stick with you and your new spouse as you start your life together. You might even inspire your guests to incorporate similar changes into their own lives. Whether you choose just one of these tips or hire a green wedding planner to cover every detail you re making a difference in our planet s (and your own) health. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 31 HERLIFE SPOTLIGHT THE RISING STARS w ritten by rebecca flans b ur g photography by moment o images SIMONSON S SALON & SPA A s Simonson s Salon & Spa approaches their 32nd year in business this flourishing beauty enterprise with metro locations in Maple Grove years tenure are genuine energetic and reliable and stay true to the world-class service the company has long been known for. Rising Star Miranda Brown is a proud 3S Manager at the Coon Rapids location. I love this industry and I have been working in it for over 15 years she shared. I ve had every job one could possibly have within this industry including receptionist aesthetician cosmetologist nail tech educator independent business owner and now salon manager. I love going to work and enjoying the relationships that you develop with not only your team members but the clients as well. What continues to inspire me is knowing that I m part of an industry that helps women look and feel better about themselves. It s rewarding to see how much someone s countenance changes when they walk out the door. Melisa Hasselius has been a stylist at Simonson s Coon Rapids location since 2012. Her Plymouth and Coon Rapids has much to reflect upon and celebrate. This awarding-winning salon and spa has made a comprehensive menu of hair face body and nail services and products available to women and men since 1983. To Twin Citians the Simonson s name represents a commitment to create and deliver an experience of perpetual renewal. Not surprisingly their longevity is attributable in large part to the nearly 200 remarkable team members they employ. Simonson s agrees that they have many stars within their organization and have chosen to identify one Rising Star from each department. These Rising Stars represent technicians and support personnel who have less than three Teamwork is the key The whole is greater than the sum of its parts is a common saying that can illustrate the benefits of teamwork...Each member of our team specializes in a certain area and contributes something unique to the Simonson s experience. When these individual strengths are identified and brought together in synergy the results are exceptional. 32 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Seanna Crosby has been a massage therapist at the Maple Grove location since 2014. Seanna brings an enthusiasm for helping guests feel better through her skills with relaxation deep tissue hot stone and pregnancy massage. My passion is to get to the bottom of my client s concerns. I love catering to the needs of each individual client and listening carefully to what outcome they would like from their massage. My favorite part of my job is making connections and hearing how happy people are and feel when they get out of a massage or spa treatment. It s the best feeling to see what we call massage face Vivien Rommes is an aesthetician at Simonson s Plymouth location. A team member since 2014 Vivien s areas of expertise include anti-aging treatments and facial massage. Vivien also holds advanced certifications in skin biology and peels nutrition and skin health facial massage and hydrafacial. I have advanced training in facials massage and more than 25 skincare multiple areas of expertise include blowouts trend coloring and cutting cosmetic makeup applications men s hair and more. Fashion and style have always been a passion of mine Melisa revealed. For me it s not only about how the guest looks but how they feel about themselves. My favorite part about being a stylist is making a client look amazing and then watch them leave feeling renewed. Ashley Lease is a nail technician at the Plymouth location and has been a team member since 2012. Ashley specializes in diabetic pedicures nail art and shellac. My creativity and attention to detail are the two main things I bring to Simonson s Salon & Spa Ashley noted. I love getting creative with nail designs by adding that special touch to my client s nails. My favorite part of my job is making the client feel good about their nails after their services. I believe it s always important that our guests leave happy and 100 percent satisfied. Jenni Puumala is a guest services representative (GSR) and a GSR Educator at the Maple Grove location. A team member since 2013 Jenni enjoys coaching and identifying ways the Simonson s team can work together to be successful. Teamwork is the key The whole is greater than the sum of its parts is a common saying that can illustrate the benefits of teamwork she affirmed. Each member of our team specializes in a certain area and contributes something unique to the Simonson s experience. When these individual strengths are identified and brought together in synergy the results are exceptional. lines she confirmed. If I were to give any advice to anyone toying with the idea of some me time I would encourage them to carve out time for themselves. I know it is always a challenge to find that time but relaxation improves immune function productivity mood and overall well-being. Stellar staff is part of our brand promise to clients chief executive officer and founder Kyle Simonson summed up. It s our team that brings our brand to life. For those who are in search of a truly rewarding salon and spa experience in the Twin Cities area we would be honored to have them as our guest HLM For more information on Simonson s Salon and Spa visit them on the web at or on Facebook Simonsons. Ashley Melisa Jenni Seanna Miranda HERLIFE FINANCE creating a budget for your wedding by h o p e e . f e rg u so n club wedding seem to be passing say experts. Bride Mallory Holman 27 knew she wanted an outdoor wedding with a vintage country feel. After researching outdoor venues she and husband Chris 30 decided on a private homestead in the Adirondacks. The couple rented a tent for dinner and cocktails and used pretty mismatched vintage dishware that they collected at garage sales both on and offline scoring savings on rentals. They hired a DJ who was versatile enough to play 50s standards during cocktail hour and later switch it up with the alternative music the couple enjoys. Destination weddings are popular says Hector Rubio director of catering and conference services at Four Seasons Resorts Lana i. People are now marrying later in life. They have traveled a bit more and want a memorable experience important day of their lives. The age of first marriages has been rising as have the costs 30 000 is the national average so it s no surprise that couples who may pay for their own nuptials want the day to be something that is uniquely their own. Instead of deferring to their mothers decisions most brides have definite ideas of their own says Karen Petit wedding director at The Mitchell House and Gardens in Lexington South Carolina. Couples are more likely to have a theme that showcases their individual style. An upcoming event at our venue will feature the traditional wedding and a masquerade reception with elaborate decorations. However Petit cautions Wedding shows have given some brides an unrealistic 34 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM T for everyone involved in this special moment. he only rule for weddings today is that there are no rules. Today s brides have a multitude of choices and concepts from which to draw to plan and accomplish their vision for the most expectation of what they can get with their budget. A reality check can be in order for some The no-rules concept also includes the guest list. Smaller weddings with guests who have all had a role at some point in the couple s life and have contributed to who they are today are more the norm than the exception says wedding and event designer Sasha Souza. The guest list isn t full of have-to invites it s 100 percent an A-list. A big trend is in weekday weddings says Souza. Couples are willing to marry on a weekday if it means that they can afford more get the site of their dreams or have the perfect combination of dates such as 12-13-14. Nevertheless a couple s stewardship of their resources requires making choices about cost allocations. Here are some ideas that modern brides and planners have shared that allowed them to have the day of their dreams. Selecting the Venue The days of the traditional church or country Invitations Brides are choosing invitations that are less formal and more creative Petit says. Instead of the thick ivory paper with black calligraphy brides can choose from a variety of paper weaves colors and embellishments as well as fonts. Or handmade invitations allow brides to express their creativity and allocate resources to another segment of their budget The Dress A quick look at Brides Magazine shows that brides are getting braver about color although the dresses that aren t white tend to be champagne blush mint green silver or other soft colors. Many brides also are forgoing the long formal dress for something shorter and more flirty says Petit. Brides on a strict budget can find bargains in consignment shops online or in better department stores allowing them to splurge more on the caterer or cake. Flowers Floral arrangements are one of the largest components of the wedding budget. Metropolitan brides want bold colors says Alix Astir of Trellis Fine Florals. They want compact tight formal arrangements that are bold jewel colors such as ruby emerald deep violet. We complement these with a vibrant orange orchid or a wild berry. Other choices are to ask your florist to use local in-season materials or minimize flowers and accentuate other features of your venue. The Photographer and Videographer Hiring a great photographer and or videographer is a must for many brides to make sure their memorable moments are recorded. Or guests can use their cell phones or disposable cameras for candid shots. Your photographer should be clear about what her role is and what she will allow during the festivities. Taste for All Seasons Multi-format menus are increasingly popular with guests versus a traditional plated meal says Rubio. He suggests trying a hands-on cooking demo led by a chef for the first course followed by an action station and then a family-style arrangement. Couples are opting for elegant and very long communal tables that foster rich conversation and engagement with the entire party. Creativity extends to cakes which can either be anything from artfully designed cupcakes to a dessert spread. Weddings today reflect the personalities style culture and dreams of each couple. With good planning your special day can be all you want it to be HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 35 HERLIFE TRENDSETTER BRIDAL FASHION photography by robert evans hair by julie swenson beauty makeup by tawneesh mcgahee makeup assistant allison weber styling by girl friday models libby branham lalita zapata emily hayes madusha mayadunne of wehmann models & talent inc. photographed on location at rudy s event rentals HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 37 this page tufted chair rudy s event rentals bouquet wisteria design studio bridal gown che bella bridal opposite page amber goblets foxglove market table linens glassware place settings dining chairs apres party and tent rental table centerpiece and candles wisteria design studio HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 39 this page bridal gown che bella bridal jewelry che bella bridal florals wisteria design studio opposite page bridesmaid dresses flutter boutique jewelry che bella bridal table linens place settings glassware dining chairs apres party and tent rental florals and candles wisteria design studio stationary paper paper thick ink twine foxglove market HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 41 chocolates ganache acrylic menus a milestone paper co. table glassware sequin tablecloth couch rudy s event rentals dining chairs place settings apres par ty and tent rental centerpiece and candles wisteria design studio 42 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM bridal gown che bella bridal bridesmaid dresses flutter boutique jewelr y che bella bridal bouquets wisteria design studio HERLIFE FINE THINGS bridal fashion by l i n d a r. p ri c e tails that make each dress special and unique. The lovely new dresses spotlighted on the runways for the spring and fall highlighted many new trends. Off-the-shoulder necklines were one of the romantic looks featured by different designers. A Grecian-inspired gown by Marchesa with an A-line silk chiffon skirt and lace trim was one of the beautiful gowns. Carolina Herrera designed a lovely off-the-shoulder gown with a lace bodice and three-quarter-length lace sleeves. Both dresses have slim bodices with flowing skirts. Color is an important trend for 2015 bridal gowns. Monique Lhuillier dramatized color in her collection by using lavender pink mint pistachio rose gold blush and even black as well as traditional white ivory and the latest trends in W hen choosing her bridal gown every bride wants the same thing to look her best on her special day. Most brides feel that only the traditional white gown with long flowing trains and a sparking tiara will do. Still fashion is a revolving door of changing styles with numerous de- cream. One dress was a pale pink sleeveless gown with a draped bodice and back. Another Lhuillier gown was pale mint tulle with a sweetheart neckline tiered skirt and draped bodice. One Theia innovation was a spruce-printed A-line dress with a sleeveless lace bodice and transparent skirt. Tulle was the fabric of choice for skirts that ranged from full overskirts to layered tulle skirts. Cristos showed a blush tulle ball gown with a layered tulle skirt and miniature floral details. Vera Wang presented a minimal dress with a plunging back V-neckline wide straps and a touch of tulle overskirt. Several innovators dramatized their designs by adding capes. Naeem Khan used silver honeycomb to bead a full-length cape with three layers of ostrich feather trim. Another of her fabulous capes featured beaded organza shown over an A-line organza dress with a high sleeveless neckline. Angel Sanchez created both a jewel-back cape and a full-length cover-up cape in his collection. High necklines with collars turn the wedding dress into a regal gown that flatters everyone. Galia Lahav s Florentina is an evocation of chic. Her belted halter dress has a heavy lace collar thin chiffon sleeves with tiny button trim and heavy lace cuffs that repeat lace in the collar. Wtoo designed a tulle wedding dress with an illusion high neckline and short sleeves emphasized by lace details. Jenny Packham winner of the 2015 British Bridal Designer of the Year showed innovative use of sparkle. Her designs were quietly understated but lavishly decorated with crystals and beading to capture the glamour of the 30s. She adds both sashes and empire waists to her floor-length designs in crepe tulle and chiffon. For the destination wedding designers created breezy wedding dresses for a romp on the beach. Theia presented a gown with a crop top and a full skirt while Reem Acra exhibited crop tops with slender skirts. Oscar de la Renta created a beautiful bikini in cotton eyelet with a matching overskirt to be worn by the barefoot bride. Fall trends include fringe and feathers. The short fringed dresses offer freedom of movement and are lovely party dresses for the reception. Theia showed a sleeveless V-neck sheath wedding dress with fringe covering the entire dress while Hayley Paige created a two-piece crop-top look with fringe covering the bare midriff and finished with a slim sheath. Metallic was popular with designers who did not limit themselves to gold silver and bronze. Johanna Johnson presented a knee-length metallic dress with short sleeves and a scooped neckline. The neckline sleeves 44 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM and hem were trimmed with metallic bands but the waistline was touched with a lighter trim. Cutouts whether at the waist bodice or skirt were shown by Reem Acra Angel Sanchez Christos Costarellos and several more. Several designers made pants rompers and jumpsuits for the bride to wear at her wedding. Victoria Kyriakides created a two-piece silk pantsuit with a longsleeved jacket and tailored pants. The ensemble includes a floor-length train. Sheer skirts or translucent overlays on both long and short dresses are another trend for this year. Liancarlo s strapless lace sheath with a sweetheart neckline and lace over a sheer skirt was one such gown. Gemy Maalouf s sleeveless lace and tulle short gown with a long sheer skirt and deep V-neckline was a different interpretation. Pronovias daring illusion lace and tulle mermaid dress left little to the imagination For the traditionalist full-skirted dresses abounded. Oscar de la Renta created a stunning ball gown with silver threadwork embroidery over a flowing full-length skirt. Vera Wang wowed with a draped sweetheart bodice and full tulle skirt with lace details worn with boots or men s wear oxfords. Carolina Herrera s understated charm lies in the details of her slim skirts and intricate lace detailing. The discerning bride will choose a gown that reflects her personality for her wedding day. Whether she chooses a daring gown a glamorous one with a hint of sexy or a traditional gown the choice is hers and hers alone. It s her special day. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 45 HERLIFE TIE THE KNOT TIED THE KNOT MAY 31 2014 businesses that shared in the love photography vick photography videography a.b. rich films wedding planner julia lacroix wedding planning & event design florist wisteria design studio venue calhoun beach club caterer d amico catering d cor apr s party & tent rental band the sevilles lighting prime time dj bridal gown posh bridal couture bridesmaids gowns jcrew hairstyling mani mela cake and pies how sweet it is invitations paper inc. dee dee widdes jeweler j. b. hudson jewelers wedding favors knudsen caramels K group in Edina. scene. w ritten by m ar ily n is am inger p hot ogr ap hy by v i c k p h o to gra p hy son and Travis Larson as Co-Best Men his groomsmen were the bride s brother Patrick Gaddie college friend Erik Ulness and his former coworker Kevin Porterfield. We wanted a rustic luxe theme for the wedding and reception shares Kaitie. Our goal was to achieve a balance between what we love about the outdoors combined with the elegance of our city life. The Calhoun Beach Club was a perfect venue with its beautiful historic brick building. We anchored the room with a huge wood farm table adorned with a lace runner. We planned beautiful and elegant floral arrangements that were set in either satin- or birch bark-wrapped boxes. Amongst the flowers were birch bark-wrapped candles burlap-wrapped vases with floating candles and mercury votives to create an abundance of candlelight. We wanted great food and had huge rustic pies from How Sweet It Is with a simple elegant white cake that was decorated with different leaf designs and wrapped with a rustic twig. Our hometowns were represented by the pies cake and calligraphy all from Duluth and our guests left with caramels from Knudsen Caramels in Red Wing. Kaitie and Josh honeymooned on Vancouver Island just off the coast of Vancouver British Columbia. It was the perfect melding of the outdoors and luxury which is what we love Kaitie smiles. We spent two days exploring the Pacific Rim shoreline at a bed and breakfast and then spent two days sailing around the Clayoquet Sound and then back for two nights at an absolutely beautiful hotel the Wickaninnish Inn. HLM aitie Larson 28 attended the University of Minnesota and has a BA in biology. She attended graduate school at the University of Iowa and has a master s degree in physician assis- tant studies. Kaitie currently practices with a surgical Josh Larson is 33 years old and attended Luther College earning a BA in biology. He then attended medical school at Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and is now in his fourth year of general surgery residency in Minneapolis. Kaitie and Josh live in downtown Minneapolis with their British lab Summit. They love the outdoors and spend most of their extra time both downhill and cross-country skiing hiking backpacking canoeing the BWCA and spending time with family at the lake. They also enjoy craft beer and exploring Minneapolis ever-expanding restaurant Kaitie and Josh met at a local hospital where they were both working at the time. It s a sentimental place for them where they chose to take their wedding day first-look photos. Josh proposed during a walk around Lake of the Isles one of their favorite spots. They stopped to sit on a park bench for a few minutes and that s when he proposed. Naturally Kaitie said Yes The blissful couple tied the knot on May 31 2014. Kaitie s Maid of Honor was her sorority sister Christine Broder and her bridesmaids were sorority sisters Dana Clark and Nina Darling her sister-in-law Alex Gaddie and her dear hometown friend Lindsey Whitlinger. Josh chose both his brothers Tony Lar- HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 47 HERLIFE IN THE CITY february Artists from Fort Marion DATE February 5 TIME 6 30pm LOCATION Minneapolis Institute of Arts DETAILS The Minneapolis Institute of Arts Native Art curator Jill Ahlberg Yohe will facilitate an engaging conversation on the MIA s collection of these works with contemporary ledger artist George C. Levi (Southern Cheyenne Arapaho) and Michael Jordan a leading expert on historic ledger art. For more information visit 5 The Papers Speak Drawings by Cheyenne & Kiowa 8 3rd Annual Twin Cities Grammys Celebration DATE February 8 TIME 5 00pm LOCATION The Pourhouse DETAILS You don t have to travel to Los Angeles to enjoy the GrammyTM Awards this year. The Grammy Awards celebration will feature a live telecast of the awards door prizes discounted cocktails and small plates. The evening will be hosted by Shannan Paul with live music performances from Ryan Daniel and Joe Fessler Band. Guests should dress in their rock n roll best to sashay down the red carpet and pose for photos with fellow stylish Twin Cities musicians and artists. This event is for all ages. For more information visit 7 The 2015 Arc Gala DATE February 7 TIME 5 30pm LOCATION Minneapolis Marriott City Center DETAILS The 2015 Arc Gala focuses on innovative transitional and education services to prepare children with disabilities for a future full of possibilities This year s gala features a silent auction as well as dinner and live entertainment For more information visit 12 Date for Life 2015 DATE February 12 TIME 6 00pm LOCATION Muse Event Center DETAILS Dating meets fundraising at the fun feel-good event featuring the Twin Cities most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes Date for Life benefits Children s Cancer Research Fund as singles and couples alike come together to meet mingle and make a date to save a life For more information visit Twin Cities Snowshoe Shuffle DATE February 7 TIME 8 00am LOCATION Long Lake Regional Park DETAILS The Twin Cities Snowshoe Shuffle is the biggest snowshoe race in Minnesota Join participants from around the country in any of four courses a 5K and a 10K track set up for the racers and walkers a 5K dog walk and a fun run course set up for the kids For more information visit 14 Healing Haiti s 4th Annual Sweetheart Ball DATE February 14 TIME 5 00pm - 11 30pm LOCATION Crowne Plaza Riverfront DETAILS Celebrate this Valentine s Day at Healing Haiti s 4th Annual Sweetheart Ball with Jerry O Hagan s 14-piece orchestra and a photo booth with props that allow you to capture memories with your loved ones. Help raise money for a great cause all while having an incredible night with family and friends For more information visit Healthy Life Expo DATES February 7 and 8 TIME 10 00 am - 5 00 pm LOCATION Minneapolis Convention Center DETAILS Nutrition fitness and longevity Explore 200 exhibitors offering everything for health balance and success in all areas of life. Three stages of on-going speaker presentations demos sampling hourly seminars entertainment and great shopping all weekend long For more information visit 2015 Bal Karnawalowy DATE February 14 TIME 5 30pm - 1 00 am LOCATION The Saint Paul Hotel DETAILS The Polish American Cultural Institute of Minnesota is hosting their signature carnival ball Bal Karnawalowy. The formal event includes a threecourse dinner cultural dance performances an awards program a live band social dancing and a silent auction of Polish and non-Polish items. For more information visit 48 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Winter Concert Series III Carmen s Passion DATES February 14 and 15 TIMES Vary by date LOCATIONS Vary by date DETAILS Looking for something to do with your Valentine Join us as the Minnesota Sinfonia presents a classical concert featuring violinist Eric Silberger. Admission is free and children are always welcome. For more information visit 24 Macbeth DATES February 24 to February 26 TIMES Vary by date LOCATION Guthrie Theater DETAILS The Acting Company in association with the Guthrie Theater presents William Shakespeare s Macbeth directed by Devin Brain. This accessible 75-minute presentation is not only perfect for Shakespeare buffs but for first-timers as well. For more information visit 19 Third Thursday A Royal Affair DATE February 19 TIME 6 00pm - 9 00pm LOCATION Minneapolis Institute of Arts DETAILS Visit the Minneapolis Institute of Arts exhibit The Habsburgs Rarely Seen Masterpieces from Europe s Greatest Dynasty. While you re there snap a portrait in the photo booth learn some Viennese Waltz steps and make a modern-day coat of arms. For more information visit new. 26 The Campbell Brothers John Coltrane s A Love Supreme DATE February 26 TIME 8 00pm LOCATION McGuire Theater DETAILS February 2015 is the 50th anniversary of John Coltrane s A Love Supreme and to celebrate the occasion the Campbell Brothers will be revisiting his work in their signature style sacred steel African American gospel with electric steel guitars and soaring vocals. For more information visit calendar. Dancing with the Twin Cities Celebrities Annual Charity Ball 21 DATE February 21 TIME 6 00 pm LOCATION Minneapolis Marriott City Center DETAILS Arthur Murray Dance Centers is teaming up with Twin Cities stars to dance for a cause DWTTCC is a charity ball that benefits multiple charities in the community. Enjoy VIP meet and greets silent auction dinner and a night of fabulous dancing For more information visit 27 Girls Only The Secret Comedy of Women DATES February 27 to April 19 TIMES Vary by Date LOCATION New Century Theatre DETAILS Girls Only is an original comedy that celebrates the honor truth humor and silliness of being female. With a two-woman cast and audiences full of raucous laughing ladies the show is a unique examination of all things girly For more information visit Hearts of Hope Gala DATE February 21 TIME 5 30pm - 12 00am LOCATION Radisson Blu Mall of America DETAILS The Hemophilia Foundation of Minnesota Dakotas dedicates themselves to advancing the quality of life of individuals and families affected by hemophilia. Enjoy a night of fine dining auctions dancing music and more For more information visit 2015 Winter Ball DATE February 28 TIME 5 30pm - 10 00pm LOCATION Marriott City Center DETAILS Straighten the black ties click your high heels and step aboard a luxurious flight around the world Experience world-class cultures and wishes for one exclusive night only with an evening of bidding dining dancing and making program showcasing wishes come true For tickets visit EduKaytion Golf Golf 8.5 Education Tour DATES February 21 - March 1 TIMES Vary by date LOCATION Crowne Plaza Minneapolis DETAILS EduKaytion Golf will be visiting Minneapolis on their Golf 8.5 Education tour The 16-hour course consists of classroom and hands-on instruction long and short- game techniques and lots of other materials to help you improve your game. For more information visit All calendar event submissions must be received by February 5th for the March issue and adhere to our guidelines. 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