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Description: Online & mobile e-ZINE addressing issues, trends, events, activities for Metro-Orlando 50+ professionals, boomers, seniors, caregivers and their families.

Central Florida s 50 Lifestyle e-Guide 50 F YI PLUS February-March 2015 e-ZINE Cover Story VOLUNTEERism Find Your Passion... Make a Difference Information you can easily access when you need it To reach this issue s FYI Topic Florida s Long-term Care Ombudsman Program New in this issue... FYI Click here. Each FYI topic will address a different potential need. This FYI topic is Ombudsman Program. Each FYI topic will be available on our website after it has been viewed in that issue s e-ZiNE. TABLE OF CONTENTS Quick Links 28 Scam Alert Gift Card Scam 32 Crossword Puzzle 24 The Psychic Experience Growing Your Potential 22 Miss Jacqueline Jones 20 Orange County Commission on Aging Schedule Senior Sensitivity Training NOW 18 Flu You Protect Yourself Against the Flu 17 HealthWise Kidney Stones . . . ouch 14 Old Time Rock n Roll Glen Campbell 12 League of Women Voters Update 10 Three Wise Guys LIFE--Sometimes a Hard Road COVER STORY 6 VOLUNTEERism Find Your Passion...Make a Difference VOLUNTEERISM Find Your Passion... Make a Difference What s your passion Maybe it is making sure young children learn to read or that no senior spends the holiday season alone. For others it is feeding the hungry educating an adult or helping . . . Read more . . . COVER STORY 30 Ask the Connections Coach This Issue s 38 FYI Florda Long-Term Care Ombusdman 42 50 Friendly Discount 37 Humorology 101 33-36 Volunteer Opportunities Public Libraries Senior Centers SIG Special Interest Groups Hotlines & Helplines Support Groups Florida s Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program Make a Difference -- Become a Long-Term Care Ombudsman Volunteer Florida s Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program was founded in 1975 as a result . . . Read more . . . FYI the 50Plus FYI Resource Network. No part of this e-zine may be reproduced without publisher s written permission. Publisher reserves the right to edit sub ing copy. Publisher is November-December 2014 by advertisers or writers. All information and advertising is published as a service for our readers 4 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE not liable for statements made 50Plus FYI Resource Network is a Florida 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving the resource information needs of th Gift Card Scam How NOT to use a gift card-- Thinking about getting a fancy new gadget If so you might be tempted by an ad for hightech at a low price. But . . . Read more . . . Scam Alert Three Wise Guys LIFE Sometimes a Hard Road Here s a truth that every religion affirms sometimes the road of life is hard and difficult It is as certain as the fact that breathing is required for living. . . Read more . . . Miss Jacqueline Jones J.J. s Spotlight You would not believe the way this year has taken off I m juggling Mom Grandma Miss Jones and Jackie needs some rest . . . Read more . . . Hotlines & Helplines Special Interest Groups Support Groups Important resources and contact information for associations local clubs helplines special interest and support groups. . . Read more . . . The Psychic Experience Grow Your Potential Curious about the psychic realm Einstein was extremely interested in psychic abilities and on his visit with Mrs. Gene Dennis a popular psychic . . . Read more . . . Rumor Has It... 50 Friendly Discounts Each issue we will give you a list of businesses that have been rumored to offer special discounts to those of us in the more mature (but wiser) demographic. Details . . . he 50 community of Central Florida. 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE is issued bimonthly by Checkmate Publications Inc. exclusively for bmitted materials and refuse advertising. The publisher assumes no reponsibility for errors or misprints in copy or in any customer approved advertisand inclusion does not constitute endorsement by publisher or staff. 2015 -- Contact 50Plus FYI 407-265-0534 or ReachUs e-ZiNE 5 November-December 2014 50Plus FYI Cover Story VOLUNTEERism Cover Story Orange TV Serena Fisher Find Your Pa by Charlotte N. Merritt MPA Director of Programs Volunteers for Community Impact What s your passion Maybe it is making sure young children learn to read or that no senior spends the holiday season alone. For others it is feeding the hungry educating an adult or helping a troubled teen. The statistics are everywhere and they are astounding. In Orange County last year more than 5 400 children grades K-12 were not promoted to the next grade level. Likewise according to Second Harvest Central Floridians sought hunger related services more than 3.7 million times in a single year. Volunteers are needed today more than ever and can be a major part of the solution. For many organizations several in your community volunteering is already making a tremendous difference The Corporation for National and Community Service a U.S. federal agency that engages more than five million Americans in service through its core programs-- Senior Corps AmeriCorps and the Social Innovation Fund-- released their annual Volunteering and Civic Life in America report in December 2014 which states that last year one in four Americans volunteered and two-thirds of Americans helped their neighbor within the last year. In Orlando specifically more than 400 000 residents volunteer each year. Together Americans spent annually more than eight billion hours volunteering. The same report states that Older individuals who volunteer demonstrate greater health benefits than do younger volunteers due in part to the fact that volunteer activities by older individuals are more likely to provide a purposeful and social role. 6 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE February-March 2015 assion . . . Make a Difference February-March 2015 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE 7 Although many think of volunteering as serving a disadvantaged client volunteers receive plenty of benefits in return sometimes without even realizing it. Volunteers frequently report that when they are giving back they receive just as much back in return if not more. Studies have proven that volunteers Have lower mortality rates Feel a strong sense of accomplishment A greater sense of purpose for retired or older individuals A strong sense of life satisfaction Lower rates of depression and better physical health Volunteers for Community Impact (VCI) a nonprofit organization based out of Orlando puts your experience talent and interests to work for you. Since 1977 our programs and opportunities have been targeted at caring individuals who are ages 55 and above and today are inclusive to anyone who cares about making Central Florida a better place. This allows us to focus on you a lifetime of experience or looking to try something new. All VCI volunteers are comprehensively screened receive training and annual recognition. In the past year alone VCI volunteers have given over 356 000 hours of volunteer service to the Central Florida community--this is more than 8 million worth of voluntary service re-invested into our local community. 8 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE February-March 2015 Volunteers for Community Impact 407-298-4180 What do VCI volunteers really do They feed the hungry by cooking packing and serving meals for local food pantries. They mentor and tutor at-risk youth beginning as early as age three within various local school systems and beyond. They visit patients at local hospitals and hospice centers providing an additional source of comfort. They combat homelessness and crime through community rebuilding projects. They interact and socialize with home-bound or limited mobility seniors who need a friend. Don t know how to get started Volunteer opportunities are available if you have 20 hours of week or just an hour every few months available to give back. Volunteering is always completely free to you. We have partnered with 100 other community organizations in five Central Florida counties to find the best fit to give you a great experience. We will even train you for the new position if you are learning a new skill. Are you ready to put your passion to work for you and help make your community a better place Ready to get started For more information on how to begin making a difference in your community today contact us Volunteers for Community Impact at (407) 298-4180 by emailing us at Volunteer or by visiting February-March 2015 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE 9 Read this to me Three Wise Guys on Spirituality and Aging LIFE Sometimes a Hard Roa Here s a truth that every religion affirms sometimes the road of life is hard and difficult It is as certain as the fact that breathing is required for living. Moses Jesus and Muhammad --just to name the three great leaders in the Abrahamic faith traditions--all agree that there will be difficult times throughout our lives. For Moses it went like this Remember the long way that the Lord your God has led you these forty years in the wilderness in order to humble you testing you to know what was in your heart whether or not you would keep God s commandments. (Deut. 8 2). The long journey through the desert was a hard road. Jesus was reported as saying So do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today s trouble is enough for today. (Matt. 6 34) Each day brings its own set of worries. We don t even have to start worrying about tomorrow s problems today s worries are sufficient for today s hard road. When the Prophet Muhammad returned home from a necessary battle waged to stop the killing of innocent people including women and children he said to his men We have returned from the lesser war to the greater war. He meant by this that the struggle that goes on within every human being to become a better person is the more difficult battle--the internal struggle to love God and neighbor can be a very hard road. We could go on quoting get the point. Life can b of our control. We wou pain for others or oursel fort for others and ourse Divine is not a magic wi antidotes to life s proble What maturing faith und times we are not alone troubles we face. The G with us. We can find st comfort too. We can be creates a space for our God can calm the anxiou Yes the journey of life s trails filled with soul-jarr and turns. But faith in th --or whatever name we offer us strength peace road is hard but we do n with us is sufficient to o into a new year may ou whatever may come 10 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE February-March 2015 Here s a truth that every religion affirms Sometimes the road of life by The Three Wise Guys by The Three Wise Guys ad The Three Wise Guys Rabbi Steve Engel the Rev. Bryan Fulwider and Imam Muhammad Musri can be heard each week on the radio program Friends Talking Faith airing on Tuesdays at 6 30 p.m. on Central Florida s NPR affiliate 90.7 WMFE FM serving Orlando Melbourne and Daytona Beach. g from other religious leaders. But you be difficult. There are things that are out ld do almost anything to alleviate the ves yet we cannot. We pray for comelves but faith soon teaches us that The sh machine or a dispenser of miraculous ems. derstands is that while life is difficult at in the struggle the wandering and the God of ultimate love and compassion is trength in that presence. We can find e upheld by a Spirit of peace which hearts and minds to heal. This Spirit of usness and temper our responses. sometimes wends its way down difficult ring bumps and heart-wrenching twists he divine love of YHWH or God or Allah e may invoke in our own tradition--can e comfort and a renewed vision. The not travel alone and the One who travels our every need. As we make the journey ur faith give of strength and hope for The Three Wise Guys is hard and difficult Read this to me CLICK HERE Florida League of Women Voters Counts Victories By Adrienne E. Katz Katz League of Women Voters of Orange County Speakers Bureau WE did it The Florida League s strong advocacy work in support of Amendment One and against Amendment Three showed a remarkable margin of victory I Amendment One passed by a resounding 74.93% (Water and Land Legacy Amendment). I Amendment Three failed and was opposed by 52.1% of voters (proposed change in the appointment of judges by outgoing governor). Led by our Natural Resources Chair Chuck O Neal League volunteers gathered Amendment One petitions all across the state of Florida spoke to groups wrote letters to editors and one by one explained the critical importance of the Water and Land Legacy Amendment to Florida voters--and they responded with an extraordinary and resounding YES Likewise our opposition (and we were the only group to formally oppose Amendment Three) laid the groundwork for a definitive slapdown by Florida voters. The League historically has opposed all efforts to change the balance of power among the three branches of our state government. In addition to personal letters to the editor and one-on-one communications with fellow Florida voters our success on Amendment Three is attributable to the incredible work of the League Board directors Lisa Hall and former Republican Senate Majority Leader Alex Villalobos and to a combination of editorial board visits media conference calls and editorials. Click here to read more . . . 12 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE February-March 2015 February-March 2015 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE 13 Lee Douglas Officially Hosts and FREE Podcast tc 2668 I FREE Blog Welcome to the World s Largest Oldies Podcast Over 1.5 million listeners and downloaders 120 000 song playlist over the last seven years 8th year of our network of podcast and Internet stations Host Lee Douglas uses his personal 120 000 song library to spin the classics as well as the obscure songs of the 50 s 60 s and early 70 s. Whether its Doo Wop Rockabilly Rythym and Blues or Pop Old Time Rock n Roll has it all. Listen and be transported back to a time when the biggest problem we had was getting a date for Saturday night. Rhinestone Cowboy -- Glen Campbell Glen Travis Campbell was born on April 22 1936. During his 50 years in show business Campbell has released more than 70 albums. He has sold 45 million records and accumulated 12 RIAA Gold albums four Platinum albums and one Double-Platinum album. He has placed a total of 80 different songs on either the Billboard Country Chart the Billboard Hot 100 or the Adult Contemporary Chart--29 in the Top 10 of which nine . . . . Click here to read more. 14 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE February-March 2015 To hear Glen s music CLICK audio button above. SRA 50Plus FYI RESOURCE DIRECTORY 2014 2015 The Little Black Book of Resources For easy searching keep it on your PC Mac desktop iPad e-reader iPhone & Android Smartphones. Digital Edition Best version to use -- always updated Go to Click on the Directory Choose online or desktop viewing OR Download the PDF 2014-2 015 This comprehensive Yellow Pages of resources for Central Florida older adults their families and caregivers is FREE at FYI Unlike a print edition your digital edition is always where your left it . . . No one walks off with it Download yours FREE at Click Here to Download Free Adobe PDF Reader. February-March 2015 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE 15 Business SHOWCASE 407-855-9732 Call us today ROBERT BRYANT FUNERAL & CREMATION CHAPEL Serving you with a Simple Alternative www. 321 E. Michigan Street Orlando FL 32806 Dawn Whitestone M.A. L.M.H.C. 407-240-6080 Call for Free Brochure Your Ad Could Be Here 407-265-0534 Increase joy. Improve relationships. Love your life 407-967-1409 50PLUS FYI April 24 2015 WWW.50PlusFYI.ORG EXPO DETAILS Your Info Could Be Here 407-265-0534 Questions about MEDICARE I can help you understand how Medicare works... understand your Medicare options... choose a Medicare plan that is right for YOU It s not too late Get your FLU shot FLU The FREE unbiased Medicare info S.H.I.N.E. 407-514-1823 Click Here for Current SHINE Free Seminar Schedule Red Fish Trout Full range of architectural services Over 40 years experience in architecture LIC AA0002811 Architecture Company 407-312-8299 Florida Inshore Fishing Charters Full Day Half Day Split Day US Coast Guard Licensed Fully Insured Live Artificial Bait 352-223-7897 Mosquito Lagoon Indian River Canaveral National Seashore 407-401-2276 Call C. Maureen Williams Today Independent Agent Locally owned and operated since 1991. Companions Sitters Homemakers C.A.P.S. Certified Aging in Place Specialist A Second Pair of Hands of Florida Inc. 407-855-0468 LICENSED BONDED INSURED HCS227575 RICHARD C. MIGLIACCIO P.A. 660 W. FAIRBANKS AVE. SUITE 1 WINTER PARK FL 32789 407-539-1120 ELDER LAW ATTORNEY 16 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE February-March 2015 HealthWise Kidney Stones . . . ouch What is a kidney stone A kidney stone is a solid piece of material that forms in a kidney when there are high levels of certain substances in the urine. These substances are normally found in the urine and do not cause problems at lower levels. A stone may stay in the kidney or travel down the urinary tract. Kidney stones vary in size. A small stone may pass on its own causing little or no pain. A larger stone may get stuck along the urinary tract. A stone that gets stuck can block the flow of urine causing severe pain or bleeding. February-March 2015 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE 17 Want more info . . . CLICK HERE Attention Central Florida Help Protect Yourself Against the F Older adults are an important part of our Central Florida community. We all want to protect the health of our aging community as much as possible. Influenza (commonly known as the flu ) is a serious and potentially life-threatening disease that can cause severe complications that can lead to hospitalization and even death. The best way to help protect against the flu is through annual vaccination. Simply get a flu shot. No matter how healthy or youthful we feel as we age our immune system weakens leaving people 65 and older more vulnerable to the flu and related complications. In fact each year in the United States nine out of 10 flu-related deaths and roughly six out of 10 flu-related hospital stays occur in people over the age of 65. This makes the flu vaccination for older adults especially crucial. The flu can make existing health conditions worse and it is especially dangerous for people with lung disease heart disease diabetes kidney disease and cancer conditions which commonly affect older adults. People with these conditions are more likely to develop complications from the flu that can result in hospitalization and even death. Nationwide 86 percent of adults 65 years of age and older have at least one chronic health condition and approximately 66 percent of Medicare beneficiaries have two or more chronic conditions putting them at increased risk of the flu and flu-related complications. Educating older adults abo From the National Council o Learn more ab catching the f can be prevente best vaccine o Check out ww ARE YOU OF AGE O In partnership with 50Plu and the Orange County The good news is adults over the age of 65 now have three vaccine options available to help protect against the flu--the traditional flu shot (which helps protect 18 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE February-March 2015 a Residents 65 and Older lu this Season by Getting Vaccinated against three strains of the flu virus) a quadrivalent vaccine (which helps protect against four strains) and a higher dose vaccine that was designed specifically for adults 65 and older. By improving the production of antibodies in older adults the higher dose vaccine can provide a stronger immune response to the flu than traditional vaccines. Anti-bodies are the soldiers of the immune system that help protect us against infection when we are exposed to the virus. Flu 65 YEARS R OLDER All flu vaccines are covered as a Medi-care Part B benefit which means there is no copay for Medi-care beneficiaries 65 years of age and older. Richard Birkel PhD MPA NCOA Senior Vice President for Healthy Aging and Director of NCOA s SelfManagement Alliance urges older adults to be vaccinated as soon as possible. The CDC recommends an annual flu vaccine as the single best way to protect yourself from the flu yet a third of people 65 and older still don t get vaccinated. As NCOA continues to educate older adults about the flu and the potential severity of the illness we hope to encourage more people to protect themselves and their loved ones by getting an annual flu shot. bout the risk of flu and how it ed including the option for you. out influenza and prevention on Aging and Sanofi Pasteur us FYI Resource Network y Commission on Aging The Senior Resource Alliance and Orange County Commission on Aging join the National Council on Aging and urge older adults to talk to their health care provider about the dangers of the flu virus the importance of annual vaccination and available vaccine options. For more information visit Flu. February-March 2015 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE 19 Orange County Commission o Schedule Senior Sensitivity If you work with older adults care for elders or just want a fun experience consider scheduling a FREE senior sensitivity training class from the Orange County Commission on Aging. The Eyes of a Senior or Th EYES training program gives you a hands-on opportunity to experience how limitations in vision hearing and touch can affect your ability to comprehend information. What You Will Experience Vision -- Wear special glasses designed to mimic extreme cases of five common eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration -- and experience how vision loss can impact your ability to read or manage medications. Hearing -- Listen to prerecorded conversations that mimic the common types of hearing loss and learn how this loss can affect your hearing in different types of community settings. Touch -- Gloves give you an opportunity to experience a reduction in motor skills that can make it more difficult to perform many activities of daily living. What You Will Learn This training also gives you an opportunity to discuss stereotypes about aging and explore techniques in conversation use of language and how changes in print documents can help avoid misunderstandings and encourage dialogue with older adults. Whether you work in the field assist the public in responding to their inquiries or offer presentations to the community this class is sure to teach you a few new techniques Class Information Classes are typic groups of 12 to 30 Volunteer trainers w often able to accom Who Has Taken th Communication Elder services p Government sta Hospital health Human resourc Members of fai Nursing home s Youth groups an A Special Thanks This program wa Committee of the C of elder services int Many of the volunte members of this co Feedback from Par Just yesterday was going so s training. I just t had the training around me c I realize patien It was great T For more info or to schedule a FREE training sess 20 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE February-March 2015 y Training NOW on Aging UPDATE cally 90 minutes in length and are scheduled for people but there is flexibility in the program. who lead these community training sessions are mmodate evening or weekend requests. e Training ns and public relations professionals providers aff care workers es staff th communities staff nd college students as developed by the Community Partnerships ommission on Aging a group open to providers terested in building elder-friendly communities. eer trainers for the Th EYES program are active mmittee. rticipants y I almost got really frustrated with this older driver who was in front of me because she low and I was in a hurry. Then I remembered what I learned at the (Senior Sensitivity) took a deep breath backed off from her and drove...with patience. Even months after I g it keeps helping me to understand and respond differently with the actions of seniors omments a government employee. nce is needed to give older adults time to complete activities reports a hospital employee. This training should be mandatory for all new employees states a health care employee. sion contact Mimi Reggentin at 407-836-6563 or mimi.reggentin February-March 2015 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE 21 J.J. s Spotlight by Miss Jacqueline Jones Singer Dancer Actress and Our Entertainment Muse Hello Darlings You would not believe the way this year has taken off I m juggling Mom Grandma Miss Jones and Jackie needs some rest Thank God for good stuff. Finding specific events is a little difficult because of recovery from the Holidays BUT we ll do our best. First is the opening of DR. PHILLIPS PERFORMINIG ARTS CENTER downtown WOW what a sight to behold If you re not interested in a ticket right now that s OK. Go stroll around or take one of the guided tours In fact I ll be there at the end of February performing in Toudh anc Go Check out Where to be and what to see for my event picks and more info on Greater Orlando events February celebrates Black History Month and Mardi Gras. Continuing into March 2015 are more celebrations for you to check into. There will be lots of media on all. Oooh don t forget to save this date April 24 2015. It s the next 50Plus FYI EXPO. I will be there...More in next issue Onward & Upward Darlings Jacqueline 22 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE February-March 2015 Where to be and what to see . . . Sanford Jazz Ensemble presents Love Your Shorts Film Festival Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center 201 S. Magnolia Ave. Sanford 32771 Feb. 12-15 2015 Info 407-321-8111 Lift Every Voice Humanities (Part VII) Say Yes Majestic Event Center 801 N. John Young Pkwy. Orlando 32804 Feb. 13 2015 Info 407-476-8121 Touch and Go Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts 445 S. Magnolia Ave. Orlando 32801 Feb. 21 2015 (two performances) With Miss Jacqueline Jones Info 844-513-2014 or 800-448-6322 80th Annual Bach Festival Rollins College 1000 Holt Ave. 2763 Winter Park 32789 Feb. 13 28 2015 Info 407-646-2182 Orlando Ballet Battle of the Sexes Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts 445 S. Magnolia Ave. Orlando 32801 March 6 8 2015 Info 407-426-1739 or 844-513-2014 Motown The Musical Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts 445 S. Magnolia Ave. Orlando 32801 March 10-15 2015 Info 844-513-2014 or 800-448-6322 Uptown Art Expo Cranes Roost Park 150 Cranes Roost Blvd. Altamonte 32701 March 28-29 2015 (FREE) Info 407-592-0002 Jazz Tastings 164 Lake Ave. Maitland 32751 Miss Jacqueline Jones & Band Live Jazz Fine Wines Gourmet Tapas Style Cuisine 3rd Thurs. & 4th Wed. each month Info 407-661-1190 Miss Jacqueline Jones is a Diva Extraordinaire She has entertained in Russia as diplomat entertainer for the Forum for US Soviet Dialogue The North Sea Jazz Festival three-month tour of Tokyo Japan New York Chicago California Vegas Canada Atlantic City New Orleans and USO Tours in the U.S. and overseas. A survivor of major surgery in 2000 Miss Jones returned to the perfomance arena in the lead role of the Mickey Carroll musical production Mother J and the World Church and in a one woman show written especially for her by Ellen Jones called A Little Moonlight Celebrating Billie Holiday. Miss Jones was honored by Universal Studios as Queen of Mardi Gras in 2001-2 Women s Summit Award 2001 Grand Divas 2002-2003 of The Central Florida Jazz Society and SCAC Artist of the Year 2009-2010. E-mail Miss Jones at missjackiejones45 or visit her Web site at February-March 2015 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE 23 By Marcia Gervase MscM A.S. Private Investigation Services The Psychic E Growing Your Marcia Gervase is a psychic medium and handwriting analyst. She received her Minister of Metaphysics degree in Los Angeles. She has published the groundbreaking reference manual The National New Age Yellow Pages and has been featured in Omni magazine. Her A.S. in Private Investigation affords her the foundation to work with law enforcement. Marcia s class The Psychic Experience which helps students develop their own psychic abilities is offered at the Renaissance Senior Center (3800 S. Econlockhatchee Trail Orlando 32829). She also consults with parents whose children show signs of early psychic abilities. Marcia can be reached by e-mail at ThePsychicExperience 24 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE February-March 2015 Clairvoyance clairaudience clairsentien fer mediumship synchronicity ghostly experiences are the illustrative foundatio in a completely non-judgmental atmos This new column will be your passport things psychic. Having to choose a tit Mind Over Matter or Psych You Out Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long crossed my mind but trust me only brief with the clarity of The Psychic Experienc course I have taught for three years a Senior Center in Orlando. Understandably space a topic will be touched on defined an experience from my own life. Curious about the psychic realm Eins interested in psychic abilities and on his Dennis a popular psychic in his day he told me things no one could possibly kno I have been working and she demons power to do things I cannot explain. The best way to explore your own psyc adventure for you. NEXT Issue Clairvo Experience Potential stein was extremely visit with Mrs. Gene e was quoted She ow things on which strated she has the questions that have gone unasked for years due to fear of ridicule. The smorgasbord of psyskill exercises presented in class help people discover psychic abilities they have an affinity or talent for. t into the realms of tle for this column t or the traditional gleggity Beasties fly--I chose to stick ce--the name of the at the Renaissance y limited by column and illustrated with nce empathic transencounters . . . My on for class content. sphere we discuss From my Psy Vault Favorites I was handed a rock to psychometrize. Immediately I felt (clairsentience) as if I were holding a beating heart. I wrote death pit and massacre. The rock It had come from the grassy knoll at Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas -- where John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Notice it came from the grassy knoll not the Book Depository across the street from where the shots were said to have come. What do you feel that means Law enforcement sometimes calls upon a psychic s abilities when the leads on a case dwindle though admitting psychic assistance is rare to infrequent. PSYCHOMETRY (from the Greek meaning measure of the soul ) is a basic psychic skill and is often applied first in psychic investigations. Simplified you would take an object in hand calm the mind so you may receive information (visuals sounds physical sensations etc) about that object and report them. chic abilities is to meet regularly with like-minded people. Let this column start that yance February-March 2015 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE 25 26 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE February-March 2015 The Area Agency on Aging of Central Florida The Senior Resource Alliance 407-514-1800 Brevard County Orange County Osceola County Seminole County Provides older adults and their families easy access to information services and resources. Improves the quality of life and work for older adults and their families through education counseling and health promotion programs. Administers state and federal funds for senior services. Conducts outreach and partnership development to expand services. 988 Woodcock Road Suite 200 Orlando FL 32803 February-March 2015 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE 27 Scam Alert Don t Let This Happen to You by Investigator Barbara Fore ECPP FCP FCPP (Retired) Elder Crimes and Services Seminole County Sheriff s Office How NOT to Use a Gift Card Thinking about getting a fancy new gadget If so you might be tempted by an ad for high-tech at a low price. But if a merchant other than asks you to pay using an Amazon gift card it s probably a scam. In fact Amazon s gift card terms don t allow you to use Amazon gift cards to make payments anywhere besides and a few specific sites. Here s how the scam happens You discover a website that sells new HDTVs GPS devices and other gizmos for deeply discounted prices. You haven t heard of the site so you do some research. You find a few reviews from satisfied customers so you go for it. Buying an Amazon gift card to make a payment is NOT the same as using Amazon Payments which provides some protections for buyers. Amazon Payments is a feature that allows Amazon members to pay for merchandise on other websites by logging in and using a payment method they ve stored on their Amazon account. For example if you use a credit card stored in your Amazon Payments account you re still using your credit card to make the purchase and you get certain protections when you use a credit card. You don t have the same protections when you pay with a gift card--virtually or physically. It could be tough to trace the money or get it back if something goes wrong. Of course that s not a problem if you re sending the gift card to a friend or family member as a gift. These scammers know that bad reviews scare people away so they may post a few positive reviews about the site. They shut down the site before people post complaints--usually in less than a month--and open under a new name somewhere else. Source Federal Trade Commission 28 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE February-March 2015 FYI Consumer Fraud Seniors vs Crime Program Offers Free Help to All Seniors vs Crime The Seniors vs Crime Project a special project of the Florida Attorney General s Office serves as the eyes and ears for the Attorney General. It allows seniors to volunteer and actively assist in consumer protection investigations. These volunteers have been responsible for recovering over seven million dollars for seniors who were victims of con artists. The program launched in 1989 allows senior citizens to become involved in not only their own protection but also that of their fellow citizens. Volunteers work in satellite offices located primarily in law enforcement venues. More than 3 000 in number and growing Seniors vs Crime volunteers provide important assistance to the crime-fighting effort at the local level. The program focuses on unethical businesses and or individuals who believe that our senior citizens are helpless and it assists anyone who has been taken advantage of regardless of age. Florida Seniors vs Crime 407-219-5532 (Orange County) 407-571-8462 (Seminole County) Call for hours locations appointments. Additional State and Local Fraud Resources Central Florida Better Business Bureau 407-621-3300 Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation 850-487-1395 Florida Department of Financial Services Division of Insurance Fraud 800-378-0445 fraud Florida Attorney General 850-414-3300 Medicare 866-407-2078 fraudabuse howtoreport.asp Orange County Consumer Fraud Unit 407-836-2490 fraud Orange County Triad 407-254-7375 (search for triad) Seminole County Triad 407-265-0534 February-March 2015 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE 29 Ask the Connections Coach Dawn Whitestone is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Coach with a passion for connecting people. Dawn has appeared as a guest expert on television and radio and enjoys speaking to groups. To learn more check out her website at Dear Connections Coach Help I m a busy mom with elderly parents and a teenager. I m stressed out about my parents and it seems like all my daughter and I do is yell at each other. How can I get back to having a GOOD relationship with my daughter Stressed Sandwich in St. Cloud Dear Stressed I feel your pain I have a teenaged daughter myself and sometimes it s like trying to communicate with a brick wall. Don t give up. There is hope I recommend focusing on two areas Daily Communication and Problem Solving. Daily Communication Good communication with your teen starts by taking a little time every day to have a positive encouraging conversation. One of the best ways I ve found to do this is by remembering to STOP LOOK and LISTEN STOP and be in the moment with your teen. Reduce distractions by turning off the TV and ignoring your phone. Think of something you appreciate until you can 30 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE February-March 2015 really feel the appreciation. (This is important because eye contact conveys whatever we are feeling in the moment. If parents are feeling worried or upset that s what will be communicated and what the child will feel too.) LOOK your child teen in the eyes and tell them something positive such as I love you or I m glad you re home from school. LISTEN to them by asking an open question like What are you looking forward to today or What was weirdest thing that happened at school today Or What is the most challenging thing you re facing right now Listen to everything they want to say about it and ask more questions just like you would with a friend or a colleague. While this may at first feel like it takes too much time it actually saves time and energy by keeping communication on an even keel. Positive daily communication establishes an open healthy relationship with your teen. It helps her to be comfortable with you which sets the tone for bringing up problems. This is the beginning. The next important step is to deal with issues that come up by practicing good problem-solving skills. Problem Solving Remember that the person is not the problem. Resist the urge to blame the person. c l w b t C D 5 Volunteer Opportunities 50Plus Resource Network 407-265-0534 Alzheimer s Association 407-228-4299 Alzheimer s & Dementia Resource Center 407-843-1910 Central Florida Zoo 407-323-4450 Community Care for the Elderly 407-628-2884 Florida Ombudsman Program 407-228-7752 or 1-888-831-0404 Foster Grandparents Program 407-298-4180 Friends of the Library 407-830-8041 Seminole County 407-647-7700 Maitland Library Habitat for Humanity 407-648-4567 Greater Orlando 407-616-5855 Seminole County 407-688-8874 Thrift Store Humane Society of Central Florida 407-351-7722 Meals on Wheels Etc. 407-333-8877 ext. 103 Orange County Regional History Center 407-836-8500 Orlando Science Center 407-514-2223 The Sharing Center 407-691-3138 Samaritan Care Hospice 407-514-1300 Second Harvest Food Bank 407-295-1066 Seniors First 407-292-0177 ext. 260 SHINE Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders 407-514-1823 February-March 2015 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE 31 Define the problem. Example We argue all the time about how to get the dishes done. Brainstorm TOGETHER for possible solutions. It s okay to have fun with this and write down even the crazy ideas. Examples 1. One person always does the dishes. 2. Eat out all the time so there are no dishes. 3. Create a schedule. 4. Hire a housekeeper. 5. Use paper plates. Discuss the pros and cons of the possibilities. Choose a solution to try. After a set time--maybe a week or two--evaluate how well it worked. What did we learn When parents establish positive daily communication and practice good problem-solving skills most teens will respond with respect because they know they are being heard. Got a question or a great idea for the Connections Coach E-mail Dawn Whitestone at ConnectionsCoach You may see your question along with Dawn s answer in the next issue of our 50PlusFYI e-zine Crossword Puzzle 2015 50Plus FYI Resource Network Puzzle Software provided by 1. Part of the verb to be 3. Characterized by rain 7. Least fresh 9. Prefix meaning not 11. Cushions 12. The Lion 13. Providing 15. Plural of I 16. Ten decibels 17. Male swan 19. Finishes 21. Serbian folk dance 23. Lair 24. Large cask 25. Prefix meaning without 27. Perform 28. Exploit 29. Exclamation to express sorrow 31. The ratio between circumference and diameter 32. Approximately globular 34. Show emotion 35. Objective case of we 32 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE February-March 2015 ACROSS DOWN 1. Near to 2. Chart 3. Advise 4. Donkey 5. Neuter singular pronoun 6. Ceded 7. Slender piece of wood 8. Legal science 10. Negative vote 12. Grant temporary use of 14. Flirting 16. To exist 18. Sky color 20. Headband 22. Not off 25. Drug-yielding plant 26. Arrest 28. Toward the top 29. High-pitched 30. Former coin of France 32. Depart 33. Unconscious part of the human psyche Click here for puzzle solution. Public Library . . . Check it out Pick up a free copy of the 50 FYI Magazine at any of the public libraries below. L The Orange County Library System..............................407-835-7323 101 E. Central Boulevard Orlando FL 32801 For more information call 407-835-7480. L The Osceola County Library System.............................407-742-8888 Hart Memorial 211 E. Dakin Ave. (Kissimmee) Poinciana 101 N. Doverplum Ave. (Kissimmee) Veterans Memorial 810 13th St. (St. Cloud) Buenaventura Lakes 405 Buenaventura Blvd. (Kissimmee) West Osceola 6070 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy. (Kissimmee) Kenansville 1154 S. Canoe Creek Rd. (Kenansville) Narcoosee 2700 N Narcoossee Rd. (St Cloud) L The Seminole County Library System...........................407-665-1500 libraries 215 N. Oxford Casselberry FL 32707 L The Winter Park Public Library System ........................407-623-3300 460 E. New England Ave. Winter Park FL 32789 Call for fees and schedule of Lifelong Learning Institute Programs. institute or 407-623-3279. L Altamonte Springs City Public Library ..........................407-571-8830 information library.asp 281 Maitland Ave. Altamonte Springs FL 3270 L Maitland Public Library ...................................................407-647-7700 501 S. Maitland Ave. Maitland FL 32751 February-March 2015 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE 33 Senior Centers The following include senior centers parks & recreation facilities and neighborhood centers. BREVARD COUNTY Greater Palm Bay Senior Center 1275 Culver Drive NE Palm Bay FL 32907 321-724-1338 Martin Andersen Senior Center 1025 S. Florida Ave. Rockledge FL 32955 321-631-7549 http martinasc North Brevard Senior Center 909 Lane Ave. Titusville FL 32789 321-268-2333 npr nbsc Wickham Park Senior Center 2785 Leisure Way Melbourne FL 32935 321-255-4494 Fran Carlton Senior Center 1 North Forest Avenue Apopka FL 32703-4307 407-703-1741 407-703-1784 departments recreation recreational-facilitylocations fran-carlton-center Beardall Senior Center (City of Orlando) 800 S. Delaney Ave. Orlando FL 32801 407-246-4440 fpr html Centers Beardall.htm 34 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE February-March 2015 ORANGE COUNTY L. Claudia Allen Senior Center (City of Orlando) 1840 Mable Butler Boulevard Orlando FL 32801 407-246-4461 fpr html Centers LClaudia.htm Maitland Senior Center 345 S. Maitland Ave. Maitland FL 32751 407-539-6251 Marks Street Senior Recreation Complex (Orange County Parks and Recreation) 99 East Marks St. Orlando FL 32803 407-254-1066 http Renaissance Senior Center at South Econ Community Park Orange County Parks and Recreation 3800 South Econlockhatchee Trail Orlando FL 32829 407-254-9070 http Thomas Ison Senior Center 1701 Adair Street Ocoee FL 34761 407-905-3180 ext. 5301 407-592-4498 Departments PR SeniorPrograms.htm Winter Garden Jessie Brock Community Center 310 North Dillard Street Winter Garden FL 34787 407-656-4155 resident recreation brock Senior Centers Senior Centers Winter Park Senior Activities Winter Park Community Center 721 W. New England Avenue Winter Park FL 32789 407-599-3275 Senior Center Tab Lake Mary Senior Center Municipal Building P.O. Box 958445 911 Wallace Ct. Lake Mary FL 32746 407-585-1466 senior_center.cfm Longwood Community Building Senior Activities 200 W. Warren Avenue Longwood FL 32750 407-260-3484 Riverside Park Senior Activities Oviedo Parks and Recreation 1600 Lockwood Blvd. Oviedo FL 32765 407-971-5591 Sanford Senior Center 401 E. Seminole Blvd. Sanford FL 32771 407-688-5129 index.html Winter Springs Senior Center 400 N. Edgemon Ave. Winter Springs FL 32708 407-327-6554 EN web dept pr seniors.htm Please check with each location for activities and to obtain a schedule of classes class availability fees and requirements. Check out each Web site for the most up to date information. February-March 2015 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE 35 OSCEOLA COUNTY Osceola Council on Aging Barney E. Veal Center 700 Generation Point Kissimmee FL 34744 407-846-8532 St. Cloud Senior Center 3101 17th St. St. Cloud FL 34769 407-957-7392 Altamonte Springs Eastmonte Civic Center 830 Magnolia Dr. Altamonte Springs FL 32701 407-571-8813 Westmonte Park 624 Bills Ln. Altamonte Springs FL 32714 407-571-8740 Therapeutic Pool 407-571-8735 for class schedule Casselberry Recreation Center 200 N. Triplet Dr. Casselberry FL 32707 407-262-7700 x1575 SEMINOLE COUNTY Important Special Interest Groups -- S.I.G. Hotlines & Helplines SUPPORT GROUPS Alcoholics Anonymous (407) 260-5408 Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Greater Orlando (NAMIGO) (407) 253-1900 Alzheimer & Dementia Resource Center-- Support Groups (407) 843-1910 Alzheimer-dementia Support Group (Atria) 1-800-272-3900 Alzheimer s Association Support Groups 1-800-272-3900 Alzheimer s Caregivers Support Group -- Oakmonte Village (407) 732-5800 Amputee Support Group Orlando (407) 359-5500 (407) 836-2680 Bereaved Survivors of Homicide Support Group (407) 254-7248 Bi-polar Support Kissimmee (407) 846-0023 Breast Cancer Support Group (407) 303-5715 (FL Hospital) Care for the Caregiver Support Group Miller Center (FL Hospital) (407) 303-5999 Caregivers Support Group FL Hospital (407) 897-5715 Central Florida Concerns of Police Survivors Inc (C.O.P.S.) (321) 436-8500 Central Florida Stroke Club (407) 222-8494 More Support Groups . . . CLICK HERE AARP 55 Alive Mature Driving AARP 1-888-227-7669 1-866-595-7678 (FL) African Violet Society of America 1-888-687-2277 (National) AARP Foundation Senior American Sewing Guild Community Service Employment orlando Program -- Work Search Barbershop Harmony Society Orange & Osceola Counties BASSharmonySingR 407-852-1608 Beach Boppers of Orlando Brevard County (407)-695-4360 321-956-1444 (Advocacy) Bromeliad Society of Central Fla. Advocacy Center for Persons lisasbromeliads with Disabilities (323) 558-3223 1-800-342-0823 Casselberry Chess & Checkers AIDS Information Hotline Club 1-800-352-2437 (English) (407) 388-0636 1-800-545-7432 (Spanish) Central Florida Accordian Club 1-800-503-7118 (TTD) 1-866-455-2322 Al-Anon - Alateen Central Florida Anthropological 1-800-292-6489 Society Alzheimer & Dementia kagidusko Resource Center (321) 948-3994 1506 Lake Highland Drive Central Florida Bonsai Club Orlando FL 32803 407-843-1910 Central Florida Button Club Alzheimer s Association Central (386) 761-1801 and North Florida Chapter rlaama 1-800-272-3900 Central Florida Cavers of the American Council of the Blind National Speleological Society 1-800-424-8666 American Diabetes Association (407) 644-9444 1101 N. Lake Destiny Road Central Florida Chapter of the Maitland FL 32751 Coca Cola Collectors Club 407-660-1926 centralflcccc American Red Cross (24 7) Central Florida Chapter of the 407-894-4141 National Railway Historical American Heart Association Society 407-843-1330 (407) 656-0559 1-800-242-8721 More Special Interest Groups . . . CLICK HERE More Hotlines & Helplines . . . CLICK HERE Linda Cavanaugh Executive Director 50Plus FYI Resource Network Susan Bierman Vice President of Communications 50Plus FYI Resource Network February-March 2015 Vol. 23 No. 1e Publisher Editor Humorology 101 Need a Laugh Contributing Authors Rabbi Steven Engel Rev. Bryan Fulwider Iman Muhammad Muri The Three Wise Guys Adrienne Katz Katz Florida League of Women Voters Board Member Orange County Dawn Whitestone MA LMHC The Connections Coach Jacqueline Jones Singer Dancer Actress and Our Entertainment Muse Resource Liaisons Mary Kettler Mary Karen Stein-Ferguson BS MBA JD Web Master Paul Walters IT Advisor HaHa 1 A busy business executive in route to Europe parks her Rolls Royce and enters a New York bank. She requests an immediate loan for 5000. The loan officer at the bank says What do you have as collateral for the loan The businesswoman offers the bank her keys to the Rolls Royce. The loan officer accepts the keys and then promptly has the car moved to the safety of the bank s underground parking garage. The bank processes the loan hands the woman 5000 and the traveler is on her way. Two weeks later the businesswoman returns from Europe and goes back to the bank. She tells the loan officer she has come back to settle her loan. She hands the officer a check and says Here is my check for the full balance of the loan including the principal ( 5000.) plus interest ( 16.50.) The loan officer accepts the check and says to the woman We did some checking on you after you were here last and discovered that you are a millionaire. Out of curiosity could you tell us why you needed to come here and borrow 5000 The businesswoman quickly replied Where else could I have parked my Rolls Royce in New York for two weeks for under twenty dollars HaHa 2 You can say what you want about the South but you never hear of anyone retiring and moving North February-March 2015 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE 37 Office 407-265-0534 220 Freeman Street Longwood FL 32750 50Plus FYI Long-Term Care Ombudsm by Shannon Knowles Communications Director Florida Long-Term Care Ombudsman Make a Difference Become a Long-Term Care Ombudsman Vo Florida s Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program was founded in 1975 as a result of the federal Older Americans Act which grants a special set of residents rights to individuals who live in long-term care facilities such as nursing homes assisted living facilities and adult family care homes. The program is housed within the Florida Department of Elder Affairs. In the state of Florida a long-term care ombudsman is a trained volunteer who helps to improve the quality of care and quality of life for residents of longterm care settings like nursing homes assisted living facilities and adult family care homes. Ombudsmen are community members from all walks of life who are passionate about improving the life for residents living in long-term care facilities. They are trained to work with residents and their family members to communicate concerns and resolve problems by providing advocacy support education and empowerment. These volunteers simply want their time and talents to make a difference in improving the lives of people who may be elderly and or disabled. Volunteer ombudsmen spend thousands of hours each year in licensed long-term care facilities working to identify investigate and resolve the concerns of residents and their loved ones and performing annual assessments of every facility in Florida. The program consistently empowers residents to know their rights and often provides a voice for those who may not be able to speak up for themselves. 38 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE February-March 2015 man Program Program FYI Information When You Need It Sponsored by Florida Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program 1-888-831-0404 olunteer Volunteers are also trained in resident s rights problem solving communication intervention negotiation skills and working with long-term care staff. They advocate for improving the quality of life for residents by listening to the concerns of residents and their loved ones and working with them and the long-term care staff to assist in resolving their unmet needs and concerns. In sections 400.022 429.28 and 429.85 of the Florida Statutes individuals rights are specifically outlined as they relate to nursing homes assisted living facilities and family adult care homes and may be accessed through our website at the following link-- http ResidentsRights.php. Those living in long-term care facilities can expect to maintain basic rights that include but are not limited to Right to Participate in One s Own Care Right to Privacy and Confidentiality Right to Dignity Respect and Freedom Right to Visitors Right to make choices and be involved in the community Right to be free from abuse neglect and exploitation. February-March 2015 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE 39 FYI Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program Ombudsman volunteer helps educate EXPO attendees about the Ombudsman Program. Ombudsmen receive and investigate complaints on behalf of nursing home residents and their families and serve as a voice for residents in ensuring that the facility meets mandated legal standards for every person receiving long-term care services. Examples of common issues in nursing homes include discharges and evictions medication administration and matters of personal hygiene. Common issues in assisted living facilities and adult family-care homes include menu quality quantity and variation medication administration and general housekeeping or cleanliness. Ombudsmen work to resolve residents concerns to the best of their abilities and all services are provided at no charge and all complaints are confidential. It is important that long-term care facility residents and their caregivers or family members know and understand the rights afforded to them under state and federal law. Having a better understanding of the law by both residents and long-term care facilities helps to avoid unnecessary miscommunication and provides a better living environment for the resident. We are proud to be a unique program whose success depends on the commitment courage and compassion of volunteers. Ombudsmen are the heart of our program. These special individuals dedicate thousands of unpaid hours each year to ensuring that the voices of Florida s long-term care facility residents are heard and problems resolved. 40 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE February-March 2015 Sponsored by Florida Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program Ombudsman volunteer assists resident. You can be trained and certified as a State of Florida Long-Term Care Ombudsman and make a difference in the lives of people living in nursing homes assisted living facilities and adult family care homes. In addition to having the satisfaction of knowing that you are improving the care of long-term care residents you will have the opportunity to make new friends and increase your understanding of aging and the aging process. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and would like additional information please visit our website at http Volunteer.php or call toll free 1-888-831-0404. February-March 2015 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE 41 Rumor Has It . . . There are Discounts Each issue we will give you a list of businesses that have been rumored to offer discounts to those of us in the more mature (but wiser) demographic. Central Florida has lots of discounts for older adults and all you have to do is ask Click here for this month s list of discounts-- It s FREE too Note While every attempt has been made to verify the accuracy of these listings offers are subject to change. Terms discounts and age requirements may vary from location to location so call to confirm the availability or ask before purchasing. Know of an offer that belongs on this list Click here to e-mail us with the details. 42 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE February-March 2015 Tell everyone you know who is 50plus to sign up for our FREE e-ZiNE. February-March 2015 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE 43 We hope you enjoyed this e-ZiNE and found it informative. Watch for the next issue April-May 2015 Stay current on 50Plus happenings at February-March 2015 50Plus FYI e-ZiNE 44